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My seven nights of delights…(1)

Charlady was a 21 year old submissive with a 50-year old dominant Master called Ray. Their relationship so far was an Internet based one, which resulted in several web cam sessions as Charlady began to reveal her inner most needs and desires. The distance between this pair was prohibitive of regular meets, but that was about to change if only for a week.

Charlady had arranged a visit to London from her Scottish hometown, more importantly she had agreed to be her Master’s slut for the week and would do her very best to carry out the orders she expected to be given.

The build up to her travelling down to London had began seven days ago as her master had informed her of what she was allowed to bring with her and what she had to bring with her. Master Ray’s plan was to build up Charlady’s needs so that she would be primed from the very moment they were to meet.

On subsequent days Charlady’s master had primed her urges without letting her release the building passions. He had demanded that she play with her tits but not letting her play with her cunt. She had endured several close calls towards orgasm without fully getting there. Knowing that being called the names she craved turned her on, he had christened her his anal loving cock crazy sluttish whore.

Finally the day arrived for Charlady to travel to London, and as per her Master’s instructions she had left off her bra and inserted the Ben Wah balls into her cunt before putting on her flimsy lacy panties, over the top she wore a semi transparent white blouse and a red short mid thigh skirt.

To say Charlady was nervous would have been an understatement, but more than her nervousness was her underlying horniness, she could taste cock and needed it real bad. Several times that morning she had been tempted to disobey her master and fuck herself with her vibe. She knew if she did she would never be able to lie to her master and she almost dreaded the punishment he may impose. Deep in her mind she even feared he would merely send her back home to Scotland and have nothing more to do with her.

Whilst the relationship had been thus far one of master voyeur and submissive porno star, Charlady deeply need what her master provided verbally and now she hoped to experience the physical side as well.

This unmentioned fear, persuaded her to endure the urges her body was now stressing and wait for her master Ray’s permission to cum. The Ben Wah balls were not helping as every single move she made seemed to make them roll around in her cunt and their off set weights causing strong ripples throughout. By the time she reached the train station she had fought off two climaxes already, much to her consternation and a few funny looks from the women on the bus. Although they could not possibly know she had these things inside her cunt she often wondered if they did actually know something.

As Charlady looked around the train carriage, she imagined every pair of eyes could clearly see the silver round balls causing her cunt to do somersaults. She wondered if her faced looked as flushed as she assumed it was, there was no mirror around with which to check. She re-checked her ticket and found her seat, she was a little concerned that she was sat beside a youngish looking woman who seemed very stand offish, as she squeezed passed to her window seat. Opposite her she noticed an elder gentleman and what appeared to be his wife.

So these were the people she was going to share a four and a half hour journey to London with. As she sat the gent and his wife smiled in her direction. It was the man’s wife who spoke first, “Hello my dear, are you going all the way to London?” she asked.

Hardly daring to speak, in case her excited demeanour gave itself away she simply nodded. “My name is Agnes and this is Jim, my husband of some thirty years” she continued.

Carefully trying not to disclose her excited feelings, Charlady replied “My name is Charlie, but I prefer my nickname of Charlady.”

Jim spoke next “pleased to meet you, Charlady!” and continued “I hope we can become friends during our journey together!”

“Well it would make the time pass quicker!” smiled Charlady. Really she was thinking that it could take her mind off this building sexual frustration now centring inside her soaking cunt. Just then she saw a little smile flick briefly across Jim’s lips and she instantly wondered if he had seen up her short skirt to her now soaking wet panties. Another thought that worried her was that could these fellow travellers smell her over active cunt aroma.

Everything settled down and everyone took their seats, but the jolt of the train came as quite a shock to Charlady. The sudden movement of the train caused mini explosions of activity inside her already over excited cunt, Charlady almost gave herself away with a stifled almost silent groan. She quickly glanced around her three travelling companions and was alarmed to see an almost telling smirk slip from Jim’s lips. Charlady was now even more convinced that Jim was aware of something going off inside her screaming cunt.

She immediately excused herself and slipped passed the stand offish woman who she now knew as Cassandra, as she walked down the aisle towards the toilet another dreaded thought emerge from her subconscious, what if her knickers were so wet as to cause a wet patch on the back of her skirt, being a bright red any such patch would soon turn a much deeper shade of red.

Hastily ducking into the toilet she quickly removed her skirt and checked it. She visibly breathed a sigh of relief as she saw no tell tale signs of a damp patch appearing, but upon removing her knickers to use the loo she was all to aware of their soaking wet gusset. Gently she removed the Ben Wah balls as she had been allowed to do but only for the period of her using the loo and then they had to be popped back inside.

Charlady was on the verge of a hard orgasm and yet she was only ten minutes outside her home town and a more than four hours from her destination, she quickly realised that she was going to be spending lots of times travelling to the loo for relief from the exquisite torture she was feeling in her cunt. She knew she was going to have to try to do a deal with Cassandra about swapping seats or she would be forever disturbing the woman.

Slowly she walked back to her seat and quietly asked Cassandra, “I wonder if you could do me a rather big favour?” she began. “This is a little embarrassing but you see I have this weak bladder and it always seems worse whilst travelling, rather than me having to keep disturbing you, could we not exchange seats so I can sit aisle side?”

To her surprise, Cassandra simply nodded and moved over to what was originally Charlady’s seat. Again Charlady breathed a sigh of relief as it had been easier them she had anticipated to change seats. She almost stopped breathing though when Cassandra leaned over and whispered, “Would it not be easier to simply remove the item and have a more restful journey!”

Charlady not wishing to make a scene simply responded by whispering. “My master would not like that!” Cassandra moved closer to Charlady and quietly asked “Would you mind telling me a little about your relationship with this so called Master?”

So quietly almost in whispers Charlady explained how she had found this man who understood her inner feelings and began corresponding over the Internet and she was now going to meet him for the very first time. It seemed to Charlady that Cassandra had mellowed, and was showing a genuine interest in the situation Charlady found herself in.

The Conversation whilst not changing the subject from her building feelings did help the time pass, although both Charlady and Cassandra had the feeling that Jim was taking more than a passing interest in their conversation. At one stage as Jim stood to go to the toilet, Cassandra nudged Charlady and as she followed Cassandra’s gaze she saw Jim sporting a rather impressive bulge in his trousers. Suddenly Cassandra stood and squeezed passed Charlady before following Jim down the aisle.

Twenty minutes later Jim returned his hard on had disappeared and two minutes later a smiling Cassandra returned to her seat. Charlady just happened to catch a glimpse of Jim mouthing a thank you to Cassandra. She leaned over to Cassandra and asked what was that for.

Cassandra simply turned to Charlady and licked her lips. She then whispered she had joined Jim in the loo and had enjoyed giving him a blowjob for she loved to swallow a man’s load.

Just then their concentration was disturbed as the train speaker announced their arrival at London Euston. Charlady bade farewell to Cassandra and gave Jim a knowing smile as she gathered her things and made her way to the carriage door and to the waiting arms of her Master.

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