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My seven nights of delights (2)

As per her Master's instructions, Charlady was to disembark the train and then make her way through the platform gate before stopping by the arrivals board. She was then to place her right foot up on the bench, which stood there and await her master's arrival. She was to keep her gaze fixed on the arrivals board and not turn round if approached. Charlady almost expected her master to test her by sending a man over to try to distract her.

As the Arrivals board was facing away from the platform she had just left, it meant that she was facing the passengers as they came streaming from the train. So it was obvious that she would see Agnes and Jim as well as Cassandra as they passed her position. Sure enough Cassandra was first to pass and actually blew a kiss in the direction of Charlady and smiled when she saw the reaction from Charlady.

Some minute or so later she saw Agnes and Jim coming towards her and it appeared they were arguing. In fact when they passed her she heard Agnes say "Well you did not have to let her in to the toilet! Did you!"

Charlady laughed to herself as she imagined Jim pleading his case about not being able to resist such a sexy looking lady offering an illicit blowjob to someone she had only just met.

Just then a hand patted her arse, she was just about to turn round and tell the pervert to fuck off, when she heard the familiar voice of her Master say, "Look straight ahead and don't move!" The hand then slid up under her skirt and between her legs from the back. She gasped as she felt the hand clutch her cunt and jiggle it. This caused the Ben Wah balls suddenly lurch causing intense pleasure to erupt in her cunt.

The same voice then said, "Why you horny little fuck toy, your cunt is dripping wet, you fucking randy whore!" Charlady managed to breath a yes master as she was suddenly told to keep looking ahead but to allow herself to be led to the car park, she was warned not to try to sneak a look at her master or she would be stripped naked and made to ride through London on display to his home.

With extreme difficulty, Charlady allowed herself to be guided, fighting every step of the way the urge to look at her master's face. When they reached the car park she fully expected to be able to see her master as she went to sit in the front of the car, but Master Ray had thought of this and made Charlady stand beside the car as he slipped a blindfold over her eyes and helped her sit in total darkness in the car.

Before starting the engine, Master Ray demanded that Charlady open all but the bottom two of her blouse buttons. He then slipped his hand inside her blouse and pinched and tweaked her already erect nipple. Although Charlady could not see, she mentally saw her upper body, with her tit hanging out of her blouse and on view for anyone caring to look. This excited her beyond her wildest expectations but also scared her.

Master ray then adjusted her skirt and she sensed her panty gusset was now on full view to her master. He then clicked the seat belt into place the vertical strap falling between her tits and almost serving to highlight their freedom from a bra. The Car's engine kicked into life and immediately she let out a lustful groan. Her master had not told her that his car seats included a massage unit which caused the seats to vibrate and this was now playing havoc with the Ben Wah balls currently spinning like a satellites in orbit inside her cunt.

Master Ray had known what the effect of the massager would be on her cunt, so he simply leaned forward and said, "Is your over excited cunt, causing you concern my little horny fucker!" and he added, "Just remember that if you make a mess on my car seat, you will have to spend time on your knees on a car mat licking up any mess you make!" he then added as an after thought "and to boot you would be stark naked whilst doing it"

Charlady just about managed to answer her master with a yes Master, I will try not to make a mess, sir!" A little disappointed in the manner of her reply, Master Ray teased her a little by getting her to embarrass herself by referring to herself as a bitch cock sucker or an always horny whore. He knew she was uncomfortable about saying these things about herself but she eventually did call herself a cock starved whore as a way of avoiding further stimulation in the railway station car park.

As they pulled away from the car park, Master Ray instructed Charlady about when they arrived at his house, she was to remain as she was now, he said as his hand dropped into her crutch and began to probe her cunt with his finger through her panties. When he had taken her luggage indoors, he would return to collect her where she would remove her clothes fully before being led to the front door. Once inside the front door she would bend over and reach back to pull her arse cheeks apart to exhibit her anal ring to her master. Once he had examined her fully she would then be allowed to remove her blindfold but only when told to do so.

Charlady was hovering between the atmospheric worlds of pleasure and lust, trying her very best not to climax whilst feeling her master's finger trying to poke a hole in her panties and force its way into her sodden cunt.

Master Ray watched excitedly as she bit her lip to stave off an orgasm but her trembling thigh muscles told him how close she actually was to cumming. Reluctantly he stopped his probing finger and simply drove on towards his home.

When they arrived, he left charlady sat there, whilst he emptied the boot of her luggage and he stood back for ten minutes watching his ward, anticipating his return, he thought she looked great if a little worried as she reacted to every slight sound around her. He thought about teasing her by saying aloud, "Hi Jimmy, come and meet my lady friend her. Charlady" but he resisted the urge.

He suddenly reached in and took her hand, telling her to undo the seat belt, then he slowly and carefully helped her out of the car. "Strip!" was his one word command and without hesitation Charlady removed the few items of clothing she was wearing, although her body did react when a slight breeze wafted across her body. Slowly he led her naked body over to the front door, once inside he commanded her to expose herself.

Charlady immediately bent over and pulled her arse cheeks apart exposing her anal ring and cunt to Ray's gaze. Master Ray then leant forward and lightly blow on her anal ring before tracing a feather light path with his finger from her anal ring to her clit and made sure he spread her cunt lips as he went. Charlady groaned as she felt the light touch tease her flesh.

Suddenly Master Ray hooked his finger inside the loop that hung off the Ben Wah balls and pulled sharply. The balls lurched inside her cunt walls and suddenly plopped out swinging against his finger. He then took these and pressed the silver balls against Charlady's mouth ordering her to lick them clean. Then the moment that Charlady had been eagerly anticipating happened as Master Ray allowed her to remove the blindfold.

Charlady removed the blindfold and as her eyes adjusted to the light she looked up to the friendly face of her master. "You may kiss me if you wish!" Master Ray stated. Suddenly charlady had her arms wrapped around her master's neck as she French kissed this man over twice her age.

As part of the past teachings, Charlady instantly knew what was expected of her when Master Ray demanded a cup of tea. She picked up her skirt and replaced it before slipping into the kitchen. She returned to the living room some ten minutes later with her master's cup of tea. She had learnt ages ago that her master demanded his tea served topless from his sub's and as always it was strong, white with two sugar's.

She moved beside him and held out his cuppa, he slipped his hand between her legs and said "Rock". Again almost as part of her conditioning she simply rubbed her cunt lips across the back of her master's hand, trying to gauge the level of pressure she could exert without pushing his hand away from her cunt lips. Several times she pressed too much and he withdrew his hand a little till she found the correct levels of pressing. She was already rubbing sufficiently to cause her breathing to become ragged. A clear indication of her nearing orgasm, but before she could manage to reach the point of no return he with drew his hand and simply drank his tea, laughing at her desperate attempts to hump fresh air and reach her impending orgasm.

Suddenly he felt a little compassion for her efforts and instructed her to remove her skirt, retrieve her vibrator from her bag and meet him in the wet room. There he had he sit on the chair and fuck herself with her vibrator after calling her his horny cock sucking bitch and slutty cum queen. He stood back taking digital photo's of her as she tried to obtain a really fast orgasm. The climax when it broke was so strong that she sprayed her cunt juices some six or seven feet from her cunt.

Now feeling calmer she was allowed to dress in her skirt and blouse but nothing else and she was shown to the guest room. She seemed upset by this and asked if she was not going to be allowed to sleep with her master. Master Ray replied by pointing out that just because her clothes were in this room it did not mean she was sleeping there but it was more an indication of her having a room she could retire to in order to contemplate her position and training as I stressed it would be her bolt hole and I would only enter as a friend not a master.

I then showed her to the master bedroom or rather Her Master's bedroom, the large pine bed had already received a few adjustments in the days leading up to her visit. There were straps fastened to each of the four bedposts and they terminated in restraints for fastening hands or ankles in.

I told her that upon entering this room she stopped being a lady and became a sex starved slut and a wanton whore. I further explained that her cunt, arse and mouth were mine to fuck, suck and abuse. By way of demonstrating this, I order Charlady to strip and bend over the foot of the bed, securing her hands in the restraints, I announced that she would receive six spanks as a sample of how she would be treated if she refused or hesitated in any of my commands.

I already knew that charlady loved the idea of receiving punishments as foreplay to being fucked, and as such she would occasionally deliberately misbehave in order to receive these spankings. I placed my hand on her arse and then leaned forward to whisper in charlady's ear. "Well my little fuckster, you are going to have your arse spanked and my little wanton cum slut, you will count out the spanks and thank me in between each one. Do you understand, you slutty bitch!"

Charlady simply replied yes Master Ray, and tensed in anticipation of the first spank landing. Seeing this I delayed and delayed starting the spanking instead I began to rub the tip of my finger against her anal ring. Charlady began to moan and beg for me to begin her punishment.

I laughed and reminded her that I was the master and I decided what she would receive, how hard and when. She apologised instantly and as she relaxed I raised my hand bringing it firmly down across her buttocks. My hand remained in contact with her arse as I felt the heat rise to the surface and heard Charlady say, "One, Master Ray, thank you for loving me enough to correct my attitude!"

My finger sought out her anal ring again and I applied a little pressure till my fingertip disappeared inside her ring. Then I withdrew my finger and then raised my hand pausing before I brought it back down to deliver the second slap. I waited till she relaxed again and then delivered the second spank. Instantly Charlady replied "Two, Master, your cum slut needs to be shown the error of her ways, my lord and Master!"

Once again as my hand contacted her now pinkish arse, I waited to feel the renewed surge of warmth and the slipped my finger down between her ass cheeks but this time beyond her anal ring to her cunt lips. The slut's cunt was already soaking wet and getting wetter by the second. My finger nudged Charlady's clit ring and rubbed against her clit tip. Again she moaned her lust through gutteral sounding noises. As my hand retraced its way back to her arse I paused over her anal ring and sank my finger in to the first knuckle, wiggling my finger inside her anal chute.

Once more I then withdrew the finger and raised my hand, waiting till Charlady was least expecting the slap and then instantly delivering it, before stroking her cunt lips, clit and forcing more of my finger into her anal ring. "Three, Master Ray, thank you for loving me enough to correct my attitude!"

This was repeated again and her response was "four, Master, your cum slut needs to be shown the error of her ways, my lord and Master!" by the time I reached six she was taking two fingers fully into her anal recess and was squirming as I wiggled them inside her anal chute.

Her cunt was awash with juices as she gasped her responses to my spankings. I then removed my fingers and stuck them under her nose for her to smell. I must confess she shocked me a little when she sucked them into her mouth and lovingly bathed them with her saliva and tongue.

Before releasing her hands from their bonds, I took a small butt plug and made her suck it to wet it before slowly but firmly sliding it into position up her spread arse cheeks. I then told Charlady that it was to remain there until I removed it. "Master, may I ask a question?" she asked.

I nodded as she asked, "What if I need to go to the toilet for a shit?"

"Simple, my cum slut, you will ask me, politely of course, to accompany you to the toilet and then again after you ask me properly I will remove the plug and I will remain whilst you have your shit before putting this back into place" I responded.

"You mean I will have no privacy, master?" charlady asked.

"Sluts do not warrant privacy, your body is mine to do with as I see fit, as is any bodily function!" I replied.

That night after Master Ray had cooked a delightful meal, Charlady was instructed as to what would happen over the next weekend. She was told she would be the centre of a special party on the Sunday night, but tonight and Saturday night was their nights to get to know each other so much better.

Under her breath, Charlady breathed a sigh of relief, for she loved the thought of being a wanton slut for many men but had developed a special feeling for her master. No it was not love more like a special lust for he was the one who could bring out her most erotic desires with just a command of his firm voice.

The thought of being his personal slut for the next two nights, and having to submit to him and him alone; caused butterflies starting in her excited cunt and rapidly flooding her stomach. The thoughts of his touch on her tits and cunt or the thought of feeling his cock spreading her anal ring and filling her arse began to flood her mind which added to her excited state.

Master ray told Charlady, to go bathe and freshly shave her amorous cunt. Charlady had to remind her master that she still had this thing stuck in her bottom. Master pretended not to know what she was talking about until she described it as he wanted. "But Master I have the butt plug wedged up my tightly filled arse!" she finally exclaimed.

With that he simply escorted her to the bathroom where as she waited for the bath to fill, he simply made her bend over and instead of simply pulling the plug from her anal ring he twisted it this way and then that, each twist caused further lustful jerks of her hips as she neared yet another hard cum. Finally he slipped from her arse and looked at the spread wide anal ring, he was tempted to stick his cock straight up her arse there and then but decided to wait till later. Tossing the butt plug into the now full bath he said it needs washing as well. Master Ray told Charlady she had 45 minutes to soak and relax before he would come and get her.

Whilst charlady soaked in her scented bath oils and prepared herself for her first night with her master, he was busy in the master bedroom, preparing the things he intended to use on his willing sub. He made sure there were extra pillows to raise her arse, the sex toys he intended to use were concealed in the bedside cabinet and he checked all the batteries on those toys, which needed batteries.

Finally he laid out a silver coloured Basque; which he knew was a size smaller than the size normally worn by Charlady. He figured this would squeeze her waist in and press her tits higher and fuller, creating an even deeper looking cleavage. With this he laid out a silver blindfold, a ball gag and steel silver handcuffs. To finish off this ensemble, he laid out bright red crotch-less panties, self supporting silver stockings and the final touch was a tube of crimson red lipstick.

When Charlady's 45 mins were up, he simply walked into the bathroom without knocking and finding Charlady laid there with her eyes close and her legs wide open, he reached carefully in between her legs and the first she knew of his presence was when she felt the finger pushing its way into her still over excited wet cunt. She gave a startled groan, as her eyes flew open and she finally focussed on her master's smiling face.

When she got out the bath, Master Ray wrapped her in a large fluffy white towel and began patting her dry. He turned to her and kissed her passionately on the lips, his tongue forcing its way inside her mouth and fencing with her own tongue. Instinctively she raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck as she melted into the kiss.

Suddenly he broke that magical kiss and told her to go dry herself properly and to put on the clothes and only the clothes he had laid out for her. She meekly trotted off to the master bedroom and stared wide eyed at the range of clothes her master had selected. She wondered how he knew her size as she had never seen these things before. In fact she was almost called out to him that the Basque was too tight but thought better of it. She managed to squeeze into it and could not help but notice how much larger her tits looked cramped up in the top.

She eventually called out to her master that she was ready, and he entered the room, he then took the ball gag and firmly fastened it into place. He asked her a question and once satisfied that she could not speak properly with the ball gag in place he turned his attention to the handcuffs. With both hands behind her back he snapped the cuffs on her wrists and slid his hand around the front to her cunt. Now with very little effort his fingers found the open where the crotch should have been and slipped a finger deep inside her bubbling cunt. As he finger fucked her his thumb made sure to rub against both her clit and its ring, doubling the sensations she was now feeling.

After five minutes of this, Charlady's hips where thrusting in unison with his finger thrusts so he suddenly stopped with his finger deep inside her cunt, now flicking his fingertip he made contact with her g spot and he spent a little time massaging this area. Suddenly Charlady moaned, "O M G, I am Cumming!"

Master Ray's hand and part of his fore arm suddenly became soaking wet as her cunt juice spurted forcefully from her cunt lips, drenching his hand and arm. Master ray brought his other hand up behind Charlady and grabbed her hair, firmly but excessively so, "What bitch, you have the ordasity to Cum with out my permission!" he declared. He forced her over to the foot of the bed and forced her to bend over the rail. He grabbed the restraint and fastened it around her right upper arm before attaching the other to her left arm. She was now immobilised and unable to prevent his punishment.

Charlady pleaded, "Master, I am so so sorry, I could not help myself, your magic fingers took me beyond my self control limits and it just happened! Please Lord and Master forgive your worthless slut for making this mistake!"

"You will learn self control either by easy means or via punishments, the choice is yours, you wanton fucking whore. I bring you into my home to teach you your rightful place and you reward my patience with this. You fucking Cum just as you wish, you slut. You knew the rules I gave you that my fucking bitch cums only when I say she can fucking let loose her spurting cunt juice!" Master Ray snapped.

Calming down a little he then announced that Charlady had a choice, she could sleep outside in the garden naked until I chose to let her in, in the morning but she would be tied to the clothes drier, in full view of any neighbours who may come out into their gardens, or she could accept the proper punishment here where she was bound right now. Meekly she asked what her punishment would entail, "What ever I deem to be appropriate, you cock sucking whore!" I replied.

She chose to accept the punishment where she was now tied and I decided it would be six spanks. But six spanks on her tits, her arse and her cunt, or more appropriately her clit. I did not tell Charlady the decision I had made, but released her and turned her over before re tying her down. I then located a spreader bar and secured her ankles four feet apart and looped three restraints together before pulling her legs above her head and tying it off to the bed head.

Whack, the first spank landed on her right tit, quickly followed by a second on her left tit, then I spanked her hard on the arse and a slightly lighter one made contact with her clit. "Round one" I declared, Charlady was sobbing but her cunt and tits belied her cries as the showed obvious signs of arousal by the time I had completed round five. She was relieved when I announced that at the end of round six, this was the completion of her punishment. Instead of releasing her though I stripped off and placed my cock to her mouth, instantly she opened wide and sucked my cock head in, bathing it with her tongue. She sucked me further inside until I was touching the back of her mouth with the tip of my cock, she seemed happy to leave it at this but I wanted the remaining two inches of my cock inside her mouth and a quick thrust had her gagging as she tried to adjust to get air into her throat.

After twenty minutes of her sucking my cock was rock hard and I pulled it from her and slipped it in one firm push all the way into her cunt. I then pounded her cunt like there was no tomorrow before again pulling out and slipping it slowly up her anal ring, her arse accepted my cock like a glove accepts a hand.

Soon we were fully joined together with my cock deep and snug inside her anal chute. I leaned forward and began to call her names, "You fucking cum drenched slut, your just a wanton fucking whore who can't live without tasting cock, you're a cum bucket bitch, you would like nothing better to have your cunt arse and mouth full of men's spunk, you would like a cum bath with it all over your whorish body, in your cum plastered hair and all over your slut's face, wouldn't you?"

Charlady panted her replay "OH yes, Master your worthless cunting whore loves cocks and their loads!" Just then as I felt the normal twitching in my balls that announced my impending orgasm I pulled my cock out of her arse and wanked it till it shot its jism all over her body. I then moved back and watched as the strings of cum ran down between her tits and dripped from her chin, I watched as it cooled and dried on her freshly bathed skin.

By now it was bedtime so I simply released her from her bonds and the re-tied her in bed next to me so I could play with her tits, arse or cunt as I wished. I leaned over her and whispered "Goodnight, my cum laden horny Scottish cunt"

She sigh a goodnight master as we both drifted off into a deep dreamy sleep.

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Another good chapter