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Next morning, I untied Charlady very carefully making sure not to disturb her sleep; I then gently placed my cock at the entrance to her mouth and slowly nudged it to her lips. Without opening her eyes her tongue snaked out and tasted the tip of my cock and she simply opened her mouth allowing its access freely. Soon her tongue was flicking the underside of my cock head as she tried to swallow my length into her throat.

She made soft gurgling sounds as she sucked my man meat and dreamily opened her eyes, she tried to say good morning, master but this was difficult with a mouthful of cock. I smiled down at her as my hand sought out her nipple and with a quick sharp twist; I demanded she serve me my breakfast in bed. She reluctantly released my cock and meekly climbed out of bed, looking round for her dressing gown. I informed her I wanted tea and toast and she need not bother with her dressing gown as we were alone.

Charlady quickly left the room for the kitchen, as I planned arrangements for the beginning of the day. I already had a plan forming in my mind that today would be a training day for my submissive slut. In fact it would be a day she would remember for a very long time, I intended to push her self control to the very limits and would punish any failings reasonably severely.

Just then I heard Charlady coming back upstairs, she entered the bedroom naked carrying a tray with two slices of toast and a mug of tea. She placed the tray on the bedside cabinet before picking up the mug to hand to me. Instantly the back of my hand was pressed against her cunt lips, I uttered one word, rock, and she began rubbing her cunt lips against my hand, trying her very best not to spill my tea. I reached over with my other hand and took a slice of toast, leisurely eating it as Charlady continued to rub her ever increasingly wet cunt against my hand.

By the time I had eaten both slices of toast, her thighs were trembling, and a sure sign of her approaching orgasm, so I withdrew my hand and made her lick it clean as I drank my tea. Charlady was then allowed to go get her breakfast but all the time she was naked. I eventually arrived in the kitchen to find her just finishing her coffee. I ordered her to place the crockery in to the dish washer and follow me.

I led her into the wet room, where the day before she had squirted so magnificently, only this time she was again tied to the shower chair and taking the shower head in my hand, the shower was turned on. I adjusted the shower head to a medium warm spray but a sharp invigorating force. This was then directed between her open legs, the force and stinging effect of the water directed on to her clit. I knew this would feel like a thousand little needles hitting her clit and would excite her beyond her wildest dreams. But again I withdrew the effects before she had a chance to climax.

I then soaped up her body, especially her tits, spending a great deal of time playing with and teasing her nipples. Before applying the soapy hand to her cunt area, I could not resist slipping two soapy fingers into her cunt as my thumb massaged her clit. Charlady looked up to the ceiling moaning but clearly fighting the urge to cum. After several minutes of this I hosed down my little Scottish whore and released her to allow her to dry herself off. I meanwhile dried off the shower chair before re tying her to it only this time she faced the back of the chair and her hands were tied low down on the rear legs, her own legs spread by the four foot spreader bar leaving her arse and cunt open to my ministrations. I loved the way her large tits hung down like udders on a cow ready for milking. I teased them as they hung by simulating milking a cow’s udder on each nipple. I noticed at this that she had some cunt juice just beginning to trickle down her inner thigh.

I asked, “Is my number one bitch, getting sexually excited?” “Does my whore, need a fucking big hard cock to suck or fuck?” I teased. “Bet you would like several cocks right now, one to fuck your waterfall of a slutty cunt, maybe an even bigger fatter cock to fuck your tight arsehole and definitely the biggest one for you to suck with your cock loving mouth till it spewed is load deep inside your mouth and throat for my cum loving slut to swallow!” I chided her.

Between the moans and groans, Charlady mumbled, “Oh yes, Master as many cocks as you would allow your cock loving whore to accept!”

Because I was behind her, she did not see me raise my hand, nor did she hear the swish as it flew through the air but she certainly did feel its force as it impacted on her arse, the hand remained in contact with her flesh till the warmth of the sting spread delightfully across her cheek and brought a glorious deep pink blush to them.

Charlady’s reaction was not one of pain, but of stepping up a level of eroticism, her moaning and groaning for cock reached a new higher level. In fact by the time the sixth spank landed her thighs were again trembling. Such was the height of her passion that she failed to calm down; instead she unleashed a long strong spurt of her cunt juice as she screamed her way through a five minute orgasm. I advised her that yet again she had cum without permission and would need more serious punishment.

Behind her back, charlady did not see the web cam recording all her reactions. I untied her and made her get down on her hands and knees; threatening her that I ought to make her lick up this spillage she had put all over the floor without permission. She was just about to do exactly that when I stopped her and ordered her to give me a blow job. As she sucked my cock, I told her that as my personal sex slave whore, she would have to make sure my cock was constantly satisfied either with her mouth or any other hole her body had.

When I felt the strong urges of my approaching orgasm, I made her stop sucking and kneel there with her mouth open as I wanked my cock to its spasming climax. Watching as the strands of spunk spurted forth and landed all over Charlady’s face. I was well pleased with the results picked up by the web cam which Charlady had still not spotted.

It was only later when I made her watch the recording did she know she had been filmed. She was embarrassed as she watched and heard her actions and begged for me to erase the recording. I informed her that I would indeed erase it but only on the last day of her visit, by which time there would be a few others to go with it.

I told charlady to take a shower, as I left the wet room and headed upstairs, in the guest room I went through her luggage picking out her attire for the day. I selected a silver coloured blouse, because I liked the way it was tailored to sculpted to her upper body, thus showing off her fine large tits better, I selected a dark blue short mini skirt which I figured would show off just enough of her stocking tops and cunt, finally I added extra long silver coloured self supporting stockings.

I had just laid these out when Charlady came up the stairs calling for her master, I informed her I was in the guest room and she soon joined me. Immediately her eyes took in the attire I had laid out and she quickly looked at me as if to ask if we were staying in or not. I informed Charlady we were going to do a little sightseeing and she had ten minutes to get ready.

Nervously she coughed and meekly asked, “Master, do I really need to wear that skirt as it is very short on me because of my height!” reaching into her case she retrieved a black short skirt which was maybe 4 inches longer than the blue one and said, “This one will still show off all that you want shown off but only when you want me to and not all the time!”

I chided her about challenging my decision but accepted her explanation as to why she had done so, and agreed to allow her to swap the skirts. Ten minutes later she was sat beside me as we drove off into the centre of London, of course she had her bare cunt on view to me and any one else who chose to look closely enough. We continued along our journey and parked near by the London eye. She accidentally flashed a group of builders as she got out the car to great whoops and hollers of get em off from the guys.

We walked to Westminster bridge passed the St Stephens tower (the Tower that holds the bell of Big Ben), on past the Westminster palace (Houses of Parliament) on along the side of Westminster Abbey and further on the Cathedral of the same name and turned right to Buckingham Palace Road, passing Buckingham Palace as we entered Green Park (The green belt area north of Buckingham Palace) we bought some cold drinks and sandwiches and decided on an impromptu picnic.

Finding a place just off the pathway and making sure Charlady faced this path, we sat down on the grass and began to eat the sandwiches, Charlady was soon fidgeting and when told to sit still she complained the grass was tickling her bare cunt. Just then she realised that she had been sat with her legs slightly open and anyone looking properly could see her wet cunt clearly on display. In fact a group of five guys were jockeying for position on a triple seat park bench to stare up her skirt.

Charlady tried to close her legs till I ordered her not to and I told her to make a big thing about standing up as we were leaving. She was true to my word, and flashed her full charms to all the guys and two women. One of the women walked passed us muttering “Slut”. But I quickly told Charlady she was just jealous because she looked to be at least fifty six years old and haggard with it. As we passed the guys there were several comments heard but I must confess the one I liked the best was, “What a fucking lucky bastard to get to fuck that slut every night!”

I turned to the guy who made the comment and called him over, whether it was bravado in front of the others or whether he did not realise I had heard his comment he began to come forward. I quickly whispered to Charlady that when he got to us she was to take his hand and press it tight against her cunt before letting go of it. The guy approached and almost defensively said “What do you want me for?”

I never replied as Charlady took his hand and he immediately looked down at her hand holding his by the wrist, he watched transfixed as she pushed his hand up under her skirt and a broad sheepish grin broke out on his face as I suppose his hand made contact with Charlady’s soaking wet cunt.

I watched closely and as soon as I saw her thighs begin to twitch I told him to remove his hand, as he did so Charlady, grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand up to her mouth and immediately sucked on two of his fingers. Then she licked clean his hand and released him, we both turned away and without a single word being said we walked off. I suddenly burst out laughing and Charlady enquired, “What are you laughing at, Master?”

I simply said, “Imagine he gets back to his office and his work colleague says what did you do this dinner time?” and added, “I walked in Green Park where a tall blonde lady took my hand and pushed it under her skirt against her naked wet cunt and I slipped a finger up her before her man told me to remove my hand and the slut only raised my hand to suck my hand and two fingers clean!”

Charlady also laughed at this before adding “Almost correct except he had two fingers up my cunt, Master!”

I glanced over towards the guys and he was showing his hand to the other guys sat at the bench and they were all looking in our direction. I told charlady she had managed to acquire five more fans for her sexy fan club.

Quickly we walked through Green Park and then on towards Horse guards parade, I whispered to Charlady that she had one more flash to do, then went on to explain that the sentries on duty outside Horse Guards parade were not allowed to speak or move unless for an act of terrorism. I further instructed her to stand four feet in front of one of these guards and then turn sharply round so her skirt would rise and flash the fact she was naked beneath before with her back to the sentry she spread her legs and bent forward from the waist.

Excitedly Charlady agreed to do this flashing task and sure enough she did exactly as she had been instructed, I mentioned to her that as we walked away from there the sentry seemed to have another weapon now bulging in his pants.

We passed the Cenotaph and walked back over Westminster Bridge, pausing mid way across while Charlady leaned over to look at the River Thames whilst all the time showing off her bare arse and cunt to all comers.

Back in the car, I ordered Charlady to raise her skirt so I could play with her clit as we drove but also instructed her to unbutton all but the bottom two buttons of her blouse. Before pulling away I stuck my hand inside her blouse and tweaked her nipple till she was softly moaning.

As we drove I would frequently place my hand against her clit and probe her cunt lips with my finger, always stopping before Charlady had a chance to climax. She was so frustrated when we got home that she begged for us to go in the wet room and asked me to watch her as she frigged herself to a much needed orgasm. I, of course, being the gentleman refused and simply told her to go change into her dark blue skirt and return without playing with herself.

Charlady was not expecting me to creep upstairs to check on her until I burst in to find her with three fingers buried in her cunt. I immediately told her she would be punished and the punishment would have been four spanks for each finger up her cunt, but because she had deliberately disobeyed me it would be six for each finger.

I ordered her down to the wet room and tied her hands together before stretching them above her head and placing the loop in a ceiling hook. She had to stand almost on tiptoe to touch the floor. The first spank landed as intended right on her left nipple causing her to sway backwards. As was the usual custom she counted off her punishment, “One, Sorry Master, your worthless whore has let you down again!”

I commanded her to shut the fuck up as that was only part of her first spank, I then informed her that each round of the eighteen rounds of spanks she would receive would consist of one on each tit, one on her cunt and arse. She suddenly exclaimed, “But Master that’s seventy two spanks in all!”

I responded “I did not know you were good at maths……hahaha!”

The next spank then landed on her right nipple and then her arse and finally in round one her cunt. She danced on tiptoes as the spanks continued and I knew each spank was taking her closer and closer to her much needed climax.

In fact by the time I began round ten, she was trembling from head to toe and her cunt was convulsing as she sprayed her juices all over the wet room floor. She begged me not to increase her punishment for Cumming without consent and I smiled as I said “No, no, it would be unfair for me to do that to you after all you have gone from 6.00 am this morning to 4.30 pm being teased and not Cumming!”

By now my cock was rock hard and aching to be freed from my trousers, so I slipped them off and turning Charlady around I slipped my cock between her legs, rubbing it as I did so against her clit and its lovely ring. A couple of thrust and she began spraying again even more forceful than before. Now my cock was slicked up with her juices I slipped it slowly but firmly into her anal ring whilst tweaking her nipples as I did so. I fucked her hard and fast and just managed to pull my cock from her cunt as I spurted my load over her rosy pink arse cheeks. Charlady must have suddenly been drained of all her energy because she sagged on the hook and to be honest looked like a heavenly slab of meat as she was kept upright only by her hands being fastened to the ceiling hook.

I unhooked her and helped her sit down, after she had recovered a little I took her upstairs and fastened her spread eagled on the bed with cushions under her back and butt. I left her to sleep for a little while whilst I prepared the evening meal. This meal whilst edible was gooey chocolate and fresh whipped cream and unbeknown to Charlady she was not only going to be the plate to eat it off but her cunt was going to be a deep dish for me to suck the mixture from using a straw.

Charlady was also going to have to be spoon fed the mixture from her own body and I decided that I would share her cunt mixture by sucking it up through the straw and swapping it from my mouth to hers. Charlady squirmed as I spooned the mixture on to her stomach and actually moaned loudly as I smoothed the cold mixture over her tits. The moans became urgent pleadings as I ice bagged the mixture into her cunt.

Once she was covered and filled in my creamy desert, I spoon fed her some of the mixture from her stomach whilst I sucked the filling food from her left breast and nipple. Observing charlady’s cunt from close range I noticed her cunt lips
Had puffed up as she became aroused once again and they opened like the petals of a flower. I could see without touching her cunt that she was also juicing up a treat and Charlady eagerly sucked the spoonfuls clean.

Once Master Ray had finished sucking her left breast he nipped her nipple in his teeth and gave it a little tug. Quickly he released the nipple and moved over to start sucking her right breast; he lowered his head and flicked at the mixture covered nipple. Charlady’s moaning rose an octave and her stretched thighs quivered indicating her approaching orgasm. Master Ray noted this and immediately stopped his licking of her nipple and slowly inserted a straw into her cunt. Then he began to gently suck on that straw until he had a mouthful of the mixture, which had started to melt, quickly he moved up to kiss charlady and forced at least half of the mixture in his mouth into Charlady’s mouth. Several times he repeated this before removing the straw and firstly cleaning all the skin area he could reach with his tongue, he then went on to clamp his wide open mouth over her cunt opening and sucked hard. He felt the mixture being hovered up into his mouth and combined with the sweet taste of Charlady’s cunt juice he could not resist swallowing rapidly until all the mixture had been removed and he was finally tasting only her cunt juices.

It was at this time that Charlady suddenly begged to be allowed to cum, even Master Ray could not deny here this right after what she had endured during the day, so he gave his consent before clamping his mouth back over her cunt. Flicking Charlady’s clit with his tongue soon had her Cumming extremely hard. Ray had difficulty in swallowing all her gushing juices quickly enough.

Finally Charlady went limp as she finished her orgasm which took almost five minutes to run its course, Master Ray then moved up and quickly used his mouth to clean off her right breast. Then fetching a warm wet cloth I cleaned Charlady up as she cat napped before allowing her to rest till later, however I did not release her from her bonds as I wanted her to be used to long periods of confinement especially with what I had in mind for tomorrow.

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