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At ten pm I released Charlady from her bonds as she had by that point been restricted for nearly five hours, I allowed her to walk round and ensured her circulation was properly restored before ordering her to go shower or take a bath if she preferred.

Meanwhile Master Ray, prepared a small snack by way of supper as the desert he had carefully licked from Charlady’s aroused body was less fortifying than I had anticipated and I was peckish. I assumed that Charlady would also be peckish, rightly as it turned out.

After eating we retired to bed around eleven thirty pm and cradled each other to sleep. In my sleep I must have been dreaming for I found myself waking up with my lips around charlady’s engorged nipple. I think it was Charlady’s moans which woke me from my vivid dream of drinking breast milk direct from a lactating nipple.

I soon nestled up to her and we both settled into a deep contented sleep only waking around three am when Charlady requested permission to go to the toilet, sleepily I agreed.
It was then eight thirty in the morning before I stirred, Charlady was still sleeping and I carefully disentangled myself trying not to disturb her.

I slipped off to the toilet and then went down to the shower room where I took a hot shower before making breakfast for Charlady and myself. I gently nudged her until she stirred and with a smiling face she said, “Morning, Master, thank you for a wonderful dream last night!”

I offered her the breakfast tray and she said, “Master it is my job to do the menial tasks like cooking and preparing breakfast for you!”

I replied, “Yes but you looked so peaceful as you slept and believe me you have a busy night ahead of you tonight, so maybe it would be better for you to save your strength!”

Charlady looked puzzled but said nothing. After sharing breakfast in bed, I ordered Charlady to dress conservatively and to meet me in the living room. Because we had a good understanding of my rules and dress codes, Charlady knew that conservatively dress meant that she was to wear bra and panties beneath moderate clothes; In other words to dress prim and proper and not like a slut.

Because she was so dressed, Charlady knew it was safe to ask questions as it was clearly not a playtime. “Ray, what have you got planned for this morning?” she asked.

“Charlady, we are going to visit some friends of mine and I want them to see the real normal you not the inner slut you become!” I offered.

An hour later we arrived at a friend’s house, “Hi George!” I called as the man answered the door. “Hi Ray, and who is this charming young lady?” he responded.

“Oh this is Charlady, Charlady meet George, George meet Charlady!” I continued. “Has Tom and Alan arrived yet George?” I enquired.

“No not yet, Ray; but they phoned they are on their way!” he replied as he showed us into the living room.

As George went to make us some drinks, the doorbell suddenly rang and he called out, “That’s them now as Tom was going to pick Alan up!” suddenly both the new arrivals were stood before us and introductions all round followed. Alan then said “Wow, Ray you told us she was a beauty but not this good looking!”

Charlady blushed and I could see that she was wondering what else I may have told them, but she was reluctant to ask in front of these strangers. As we sat talking Charlady sat extremely close to me and tried to follow the conversation which was difficult because of the London accents and also we were talking about people she did not know. I tried my best to explain until, George suddenly said “So come on, Charlady, let’s see you properly!”

I ordered charlady to stand and then to do a turn so all four of us could look her over. Comments from the other three men kept Charlady, suitably blushed. Alan then asked me, “What are her vitals?”

I simply told charlady to answer him, she hesitated as she told him her statistics were 40 – 36 – 40, to which Alan whistled. Without looking at Charlady I simply said “Green for go!” which was our code for playtime to begin. As I did not receive a reply which indicated her compliance, I continued, “Slut, remove your blouse and skirt!”

Charlady knew better than to hesitate so she immediately began unbuttoning her blouse and soon after it hit the floor her skirt followed suit. She now stood in front of four men wearing only a lacy black bra and lacy black panties. Again she was told to turn around and show off her body to us. Tom asked if they were to be allowed to see her naked tits, I saw Charlady slightly shake her head, so I ordered her to allow Alan to remove her bra, then Alan would be allowed to remove her panties and George our host would be allowed to check whether her cunt was soaking wet or not.

Charlady had to kneel in front of Tom, but facing away from him and facing me, she had that sexual hunger in her eyes which told me she loved what was happening to her. Slowly and deliberately Tom made a meal out of removing Charlady’s bra, he slipped his hands through beneath her arms to hold her bra against her tits, but this was his way of fondling her tits as I saw him pinching her already erect nipples. I coughed and Tom realised that it was time to reveal Charlady’s tits to the other two eagerly waiting pairs of eyes. So with a deft flick he whipped her bra away and the two guys sucked their breath through their teeth as they admired her fine tits.

I told charlady to turn round and show Tom that which he had so recently had a grip on and that she should thank him for releasing them, also not to forget to kiss him properly for being so kind.

Charlady turned to Tom and said, “Tom, thank you for being so good as to release these from their confinement, for they were becoming a little achy!” With that she leaned forward and French kissed him, I saw that they were exchanging tongues as they kissed. After some five minutes I ordered Charlady to stop her kissing and I told Tom to stop playing with her nipples.

I then ordered Charlady to stand facing me in front of Alan, whilst he removed her panties. Both Tom and George came over to sit beside me in order to get a better view of her cunt when it was revealed. Alan slowly felt Charlady’s hips as he forced his thumbs into the side bands of her panties. He suddenly said “Well my fine young bitch, it’s time to show us all your wet slut’s cunt!” and promptly pulled his hands downwards, Charlady’s panties obviously went with them as to a chorus of cheers Charlady revealed her innermost charms. The boys were fascinated by the fact she had a clit ring inserted. Alan sneaked his hand between her legs and played with her clit ring.

Without my prompting, Charlady turned to Alan and said, “Alan thank you for being kind enough to expose my wanton cunt to the fresh air and the view of my superiors, I hope my little jewellery meets with your approval!” again she leaned in to Alan and French kissed him, I noted his hand working on her cunt as they kissed and again after five minutes, I called time on their activities.

Charlady knew what was coming next and immediately sat on George’s lap with her legs wide open, as she said to George, “Please George, check my cunt, to see if it is soaking wet the way my master loves it to be?” George wasted no time in sinking two fingers deep inside her.

As he finger fucked Charlady, George said, “You naughty little slut, your wanton cunt is so wet you could scuba dive in there. You’re really just a horny little whore!” I watched as he fingered her and used his thumb against her clit, Charlady’s breathing got faster and shallower as she gave in to her excited state.

Again after five minutes, I ordered Charlady to come and sit beside me. She immediately French kissed George as she had the other two, before meekly standing and returning to my side. The guys suddenly asked me for permission to fuck her but I told them that she had to save herself for the party tonight however I was sure that Charlady would love to wank them off and would allow them to shoot their loads on to her face and tits.

I ordered charlady on to her knees as the three guys took out their cocks, which ranged from six inches to over ten inches and thicknesses ranging from thumb thickness to almost the size of her wrist. The guys moved to surround Charlady as they began to stroke their own cocks right in her face. Charlady leaned forward and managed to suck one cock as her hands found the other two. Then she went to work sucking and wanking them until one by one they delivered their loads. They sprayed their spunk on to her face, in her hair and eyes and watched as it dripped down on to those still fully erect nipples.

George was just about to offer her a towel when I stopped him and simply issued the command “Skin tone”. Charlady immediately began to rub the spunk into her skin and soon all that was left was the traces of white streaking in her hair. Then she dressed and we bade farewell as we left to go home to prepare for the party planned for tonight.

Charlady still sported the drying streaks of sperm in her hair as we arrived back at her master’s home. As soon as she entered the house, Master Ray, ordered her to shower and then go to the guest room where he would have laid out a change of clothing for her. Charlady nodded as she entered the wet room for her shower and was suddenly stopped in her tracks as she heard her master say “Remember Slut, no playing with your tits or cunt for they belong to me!”

With that she entered the wet room, whilst Master Ray went upstairs turned on his pc and started recording the action in the wet room, before entering the guest room and preparing the layout of clothes for Charlady.

He selected a black satin Basque, which would force her tits together and up creating the impression of an even bigger cleavage. Also he selected a pair of black lacy panties, a short black skirt, white extra long stockings and high heeled shoes to finish. He knew the skirt would show off the stocking tops and the gusset of her panties but decided as they were not really going out anywhere it would be a nice distraction till party time.

Returning to the computer room he sat and watched as Charlady showered, mainly to ensure she did not play with herself unduly, but also because he had to admit to himself he was becoming extremely fond of his slut and he just loved to watch her without her knowledge.

After some forty minutes, the shower shut off and Charlady emerged to wrap herself in the thick white soft towel. She struggled for a little while trying to get her wet hair to stay inside a towel turban, before switching everything off and exiting the room. Master Ray stopped the recording and switched off the pc before stepping out of the room to meet Charlady.

He immediately slipped his hand between her legs and pressed it tight to her cunt, he could feel the hardness of her clit, the rigid form of the clit ring and watched as Charlady began to shallow breathe. This was a clear sign she was still highly turned on and proof she had not eased her condition in the shower. Master Ray smiled at her and leaned forward to kiss her. As soon as her arms went up to encircle his neck he broke the kiss and turned to open the guest room door. As they entered Charlady saw the garments laid out for her to wear and smiled to herself, she thought that this was obviously the clothing she was going be wearing at the party tonight and she thought it was perfect as it enhanced her natural attributes.

Master Ray then had a wicked idea, he had seen John’s van as they had pulled up and he knew john could be trusted for John was his next door neighbour. He also knew john had a roving eye where women were concerned and just fleetingly wondered what he would make of Charlady. So Master Ray, left Charlady with the instruction to get dressed and report downstairs in the living room in 15 minutes maximum and he went downstairs and popped next door to see john.

Fifteen minutes later, Charlady appeared at the living room door wearing the Basque as a blouse and Ray was right with each step Charlady took she flashed her panties and stocking tops. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and instead of Ray going to answer it he sent Charlady. As she opened the front door a man was stood there and he instantly looked her over from head to foot. He smiled as he said “Is Ray at home, as I need to speak to him!”

“Yes John, I am home, come in! Charlady bring John in!” Master Ray announced from the living room. Charlady felt John’s eyes on her arse as she led him into the living room, she sensed he was looking at her stocking tops and panties. Instead of annoying her she saw it as a chance to show off for her Master and lengthened her strides so she showed more. John walked up to Master Ray and shook his hand, “What was this message I got about not being home tonight”, he joked.

“Oh yes, I am having a few people round to meet Charlady here, and it could get a little boisterous!” I explained. “Oh by the way, John this is Charlady, Charlady this is John my next door neighbour” I added. Charlady and John exchanged greetings before I ordered Charlady to not be so shy and give John a welcome kiss. John winked at me as he stepped forward and as Charlady offered a little peck of a kiss he grabbed her and pressed his lips to hers, forcing his tongue into her reluctantly opening mouth. At the same time his left hand was pulling her lace panty clad arse tight to his body and he had managed to get his right hand just in the right position to feel her already erect nipples.

As they parted, Charlady looked blushed and confused, she seemed unsure as to whether to complain about Johns treatment or not, until that is, John turned to me and said “You’re right she is a great little slut! Otherwise I would have had my face slapped for that!”

Slowly it dawned on Charlady she had been set up by her master, and she now smiled at these two men. “Oh John if you only knew the half of it, she loves to expose herself to strangers and to have them feel her cunt at the slightest opportunity!” I said.

“Wow, I wish I could see that!” john responded. I looked at Charlady and simply nodded. She slowly raised her skirt showing John the full extent of her lacy panties and spread her legs so he could clearly see her cunt outline through them.

“Go on John, check out how wet the bitches cunt is!” I offered. John stepped closer and slipped his hand down the front of her panties. I could see movement inside her panties as he tried to get his hand into position to slide a finger up her until I pointed out that he was only supposed to be checking how wet she was. After he withdrew his hand, I ordered Charlady to remove her panties and show John her cunt jewellery. Charlady stood legs wide open and had her fingers spreading her cunt lips to show off her clit ring to a man she had met for the first time less than five minutes ago. To say her cunt was on fire was an understatement; she was so close to orgasm without being touched. I ordered her to cover herself up and to calm down or she would not last the night out.

I showed John to the front door and whispered that he was invited to return to the party around 8 pm. I returned to Charlady and instructed her on what was needed to be done before the party could start. Together we prepared everything for the part from the nibbles to the arrangement of the furniture to create a centre staged area for Charlady to occupy.

As soon as 7 pm arrived, I instructed Charlady to go upstairs and remove all her clothes and I would be up in a moment to personally dress her for tonight’s do.

I entered the guest room and Charlady was already stood there naked and waiting. I took her crimson lipstick and applied a tiny amount to her nipples, before telling her to apply it heavily to her lips. Next I produced a knee length red see through plastic rain Mac, and told her to put it on, then I placed the halter neck of the lacy white apron over her head and tied it off behind her waist. I told her this was her uniform for tonight and as each guest arrived she would offer them a drink, but in such a way that they would be under no misconception that they could touch her anywhere they wished whilst being served but she was to stress to them that they could not make her cum or continue after the first drink had been served to them.

We had a dummy run, with me playing the part of a guest. Charlady approached and said “Good Evening sir, My name is Charlady and I am here to serve you in any way I can. My master has told me I am your plaything for the duration of me serving you this first drink, however you may not make me cum or you will be asked to leave the party forthwith!”

I nodded and asked for a glass of orange juice and as she served me I slipped my hand against her clit and slowly tickled her clit and ring. Her hips started to tremble so I immediately stopped and drank my juice.

Everything was now ready and we awaited the first of the guests. Charlady was a little apprehensive about how many would be coming ad if any other women had been invited. I remained tight lipped and would only comment “Wait and see!”

I sat leisurely in my favourite armchair but Charlady was like a caged animal pacing up and down waiting for the first door bell of the evening. On a couple of occasions I had to tell her to calm down or she would be blowing a fuse before she blew any of the guests……lol

Just then at 8.05 pm the door bell rang and Charlady went off to open the door, she led a man into the room and he immediately made his way over to me offering his hand as he did so. “Hi Paul, so glad you could make it! Would you like a drink?” I said.

Charlady immediately approached and went into her speech. Paul ordered his drink and as he sipped it he was pinching her nipples through the plastic raincoat, when the door bell rang again. Charlady excused herself and went to open the door as Paul came over and began telling me how lucky I was to find such a sexy willing slave as Charlady.

She then reappeared into the living room, followed by three men. They were George, Alan and Tom from earlier. She sorted out their drinks having already given them her speech, they surrounded her and obviously had hands everywhere as she nervously kipped from foot to foot and tried not to drop the silver coloured tray she was holding. It was only when the door bell rang again that these three acknowledged me and soon Charlady led in John. Again she got him a drink and had to stand still as he played with her. She was almost relieved when the door bell rang once more. She walked off in a highly aroused state to answer the door, before leading back Cleve and Karen an inter-racial couple. Cleve was a typical black male boastful and self assured, his partner Karen was white a little self conscious and quiet.

Karen actually surprised me in two ways as Charlady gave her final speech of the night, as she actually encouraged Cleve to have a good feel of this sub now serving them and she herself slipped her hand under Charlady’s apron and almost squealed, “My god, Cleve she had a clit ring and her cunt is sopping wet”

Suddenly the room was silent and everyone was staring towards Charlady, Karen and Cleve. I broke the silence by saying “As everyone who was invited has now turned up, I declare Charlady’s Debutant ball is officially open!”

Someone turned on the music and other drifted off to little groups to chat. Charlady circulated with the drinks although I did notice she tried to avoid Cleve and Karen as much as possible, but I think that was a touch of jealousy as she wanted to be the only woman there amongst all those horny stiff cocks.

At 10 pm after everyone had a little to drink, I declared the time to be right to unveil our debutant and ordered Charlady to come into the centre of the group.

She was then instructed to remove her apron in a sexy a way as she could and this was soon followed by her raincoat. She now stood naked in front of her master, six males and one female. The males then lined up and Charlady was told to open their trouser and remove their cocks but she was only allowed to use one hand and her mouth. I saw Cleve look at Karen and suddenly Karen dropped to her knees before John and she followed Charlady’s lead in using one hand and her mouth to release the pricks from the trousers.

Soon there was only my cock and Cleve’s to be released, I half expected Karen to make a bee line for Cleve’s but he waved her towards me so I repeated the gesture to Charlady and so it was that Cleve’s girl had her hand inside my trousers and her mouth on my cock as Charlady did the same to Karen’s man Cleve.

The rest of the group cheered as they two women finally sat back to admire the range of cocks now on display. I then explained to Karen the real reason of tonight’s party was to fill Charlady’s cunt, arse and face with as much spunk as possible. I told her it was going to turn out to be a spunk bath for Charlady before asking if she would mind not being involved in that.

Cleve then joined the conversation by saying well why don’t you, Karen, suck the cocks until they are hard and then let them loose on Charlady to accept their full loads. Karen eagerly nodded and as she started to suck on Paul’s cock Cleve told me he was trying to get Karen to become as submissive as Charlady obviously was.

One after another Karen sucked cock and then these cocks fucked Charlady’s cunt or arse until on the brink of jetting forth their baby making loads which were all delivered on to Charlady’s face or tits. By the end of the night at 3 am, Karen was suffering jaw ache from her duties of sucking cock and Charlady was a mask of white spunk, there was not one inch of her face and upper body that was not plastered in the white sticky mess delivered from one f the six cocks present.

Off the guys present only myself and Paul could still muster an erection although I don’t know about him but I knew my cock was stiff but sore from all the activities that evening.

By four am everyone except myself and Charlady had left, but not before they had thanked us profusely for the fun which they seemed to have enjoyed that night. I helped Charlady’s tired but still aroused body into the shower room where we took a slowly leisurely shower together before heading for bed. I managed to fuck Charlady once more that night before we drifted off to a deep contented sleep. The last thing I remembered was Charlady, kissing me and thanking me for being a benevolent master and for giving her such a wonderful night as a cum queen slut bitch.

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