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My seven nights of delights 5.

Next morning Charlady stirred slowly and untwined herself from her master’s arms. Carefully so as not to disturb me, she climbed off the bed and disappeared from the room. I began to stir as I heard footsteps descending the stairs, I was about to go investigate who was making the noise when I realised, Charlady was missing from beside me.

I decided to wait and see what happened, for I thought charlady was about to return the favour of making breakfast. This in fact proved to be the case and after sharing a lovely breakfast we planned on the arrangements of the day. Charlady had previously said that she wanted to go shopping today and I had agreed on the understanding that she would dress as I wished and would agree to flash at certain times during our expedition.

I told Charlady what I wanted her to wear for her shopping trip and hesitantly she agreed, she wore a semi transparent white blouse, mid thigh wrap around skirt, and a short jacket which was to remain open at the front. There was to be no underwear what so ever and she was to make a big thing about flashing as she sat down anywhere or she was to flash on command.

After she dressed, I slipped my hand up under her skirt and gently rubbed her clit until my fingers and back of my hand were soaking wet. I knew that this would leave her cunt open and juiced up. She was keen for me to bring her to a climax, but I told her I would sort out her climax only when we returned and only then if she did exactly as she was told while we were out.

We then left to go shopping and Charlady complained that the breeze kept lifting the back of her skirt and she was sure people walking behind us were getting a right eyeful. As we left the house, John, my next door neighbour, also came out and wolf whistled at Charlady as he winked in my direction. He deliberately stood behind Charlady and coughed when a gust of wind showed him her panty-less arse.

We said our goodbyes as we walked off towards the bus stop, I ordered charlady to flash three people between my house and us getting off the bus at the shops. She turned and said “John counts as the first!”

“No, John knows what you are from last nights party so he does not count in your task of three flashes!” I chided her.

As we approached the bus stop she saw a young man stood at the end of his path leading to a house, she stopped and remaining straight legged she bent forward and adjusted her shoe. As she rose, she glanced at this guy and saw he was blushing, so she turned to me and smiled as she said “One, see he is still blushing from being caught looking at my open cunt!”

I never replied but smiled as I nodded, her second flash was to the bus driver as we got on the bus. She stumbled deliberately forward as she stepped up on to the bus and made sure to flick her skirt up to reveal for the briefest of moments her shaven cunt. She turned and was about to say something until she saw me shaking my head. As we went to take our seats, I whispered to her that this did not count as the flash was all over inside a split second and therefore would have not allowed her cunt to be properly seen.

As we took our seats and in order to help her with her two remaining flashes, I allowed her to sit on the aisle side of the seats while I sat on the window side. This led to her flashing an old age pensioner as he sat on the side seats, she slowly raised her open legs as she watched his face. She nudged me to show that he was looking directly at her cunt, I whispered that she should give him a little display as she slipped two fingers deep inside her cunt before slowly raising them to her mouth and sucking them clean.

This Charlady did with a clear cheesy grin on her face. She quietly explained she would flash the driver properly as we went to get off and that would complete her three flashes. Soon we stood up to get off and I held back as Charlady walked slowly down towards the driver. The old age pensioner who she had flashed to suddenly tapped my arm and quietly said “You lucky bastard, your slut is one hell of a great fucking tease!” I nodded and turned to look in Charlady’s direction, the old age pensioner also followed my gaze.

By the front door of the bus, Charlady appeared to be in discussion with the bus driver as she slowly raised her skirt allowing him to follow each and every movement she made. Again she slipped at least one finger up her cunt and seconds later she held it out for the driver to sniff before withdrawing it and slowly and seductively licking it clean.

Then the bus stopped and as soon as the front door opened she skipped of the bus and walked towards the rear of the bus where she waited for me. I quickly thanked the O.A.P. for his comments and soon joined Charlady.

As the bus slowly pulled away from the stop, I slid my hand up her skirt and found her cunt so wet, I actually thought she was pissing herself. I then turned to her and said “Now for your shopping tasks, we will visit three clothes shops and you will get a female assistant to help you try on a dress or skirt in each shop. This will result in you displaying your cunt to her for three minutes minimum at very close quarters, and if they ask why your not wearing panties she should tell them her master waiting outside has forbade her from doing so.

She should then whilst naked from at least the waist down, slide open the curtain enough to point me out as her master. I knew this risked her being seen by many others, but her the ultimate aim of these three tasks was to try to get the shop assistant to feel her cunt and to taste her juices. However she was not allowed to ask her to do anything, she had to try to demonstrate her willingness by actions alone.

I also told Charlady to expect to go shoe shopping and to display her cunt to some male shoe shop assistants. But that was for later, so we entered the first clothes shop and made our way over to the skirt section. Charlady selected a couple of dresses and then approached a mature woman assistant and asked about using the changing room and she would need some help.

I walked slowly behind the pair as they disappeared into the changing room area, The two of them then disappeared into a changing room and the shop woman closed the curtain. I heard a little whispering as I assume Charlady told the woman which skirt she wanted to try first. Suddenly I heard hurried whispered sounds, which I assumed was the woman’s first look at Charlady’s shaved cunt. Just then the curtain opened about two inches and was amazed, there was this mature lady on her knees with her hand between Charlady’s thighs and Charlady was smiling at me as she nodded.

Then it was Charlady’s turn to be shocked as the woman suddenly replaced her hand with her tongue and was lapping at Charlady’s rapidly juicing cunt. I slipped into the changing room and nearly gave the occupied woman a heart attack as I asked if she was enjoying herself.

A muffled reply seemed to indicate she was, but she soon hitched her own skirt up around her waist to show me her soaking wet panties. I then ordered her to stop licking my slut and to stand up. Slowly she did, I slipped my hand into Charlady’s hand and brought both our hands up between the saleslady’s thighs. Instantly the woman began humping our hands pressed against her covered cunt.

She bit her own lip as she stifled a moan announcing her orgasm. Flushed and embarrassed she apologised but soon shut up as I told her that my slut had two more flashes to perform. Charlady tried on the skirt and was just about to take it off when the woman told her she could keep it on as she had earned it for making today the fantasy come true day for her.

We picked up her own skirt and as we left I slipped my mobile phone number into the woman’s hand. Smiling between us we walked out of the shop and on to the next clothing shop. In this shop we went to the lingerie section and began looking at sexy panty sets, when a young sounding voice said “Hi, Can I be of assistance to you?”

Charlady turned to see a young girl of around sixteen or seventeen, long blonde hair, a slim waist but small petite breasts. Charlady looked at me to see if I was eying her up but was disappointed to find me looking directly back at Charlady. Charlady asked where the wrap around skirt section was as she wanted to look for a skirt and maybe even try on one or two.

The young girl pointed towards the back wall and said “Shame, that is not my section but ask for Susie, she will be able to help you!”

We approached the section and found Susie, she smiled when we explained that the young girl told us to ask for her. “Oh Robin, that little slut, bet she was hoping that you wanted to try on a bra or two, she always wants to help you with the fittings!”

Charlady picked out a skirt and asked for the changing room, Susie escorted us to the area and told me that I would have to wait outside, then smiling and without charlady hearing she added that if I wanted she could leave a little gap for me to watch through.

I smiled but said, oh no, my sexy little slut here has her instructions and I don’t really need to watch to know whether she has carried them out. Susie looked wide eyed at me and smiled, “In that case be my guest about standing inside the changing room!”

Inside the changing room, I ordered Charlady to remove all her clothes and just as she put down her skirt and was standing there stark naked the curtain swished back and there was Robin, who asked if we needed help. I pulled her in and closed the curtain again. I quickly told Susie and Robin to remove their tops and then they were to each suck on a nipple of Charlady. In sixty seconds flat both shop girls were naked from the waist up and had their mouths pressed against Charlady’s nipples. Charlady suddenly moaned and it was such a loud moan, I thought they whole shopping mall must have heard her, the two staff even panicked and quickly dressed before disappearing from the cubical.

Charlady rasped to me, “Oh master I really need a good fucking right now!” I refused and five minutes later Susie returned and as she helped Charlady into the skirt I noticed she spent a long time with her hand between her thighs. Charlady later told me she had been rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Once Charlady had redressed we left with me buying the skirt and both Robin and Susie asked us to ask for them if we were ever to return. Robin even added that Thursday nights around six pm was the quietest times and we would be less likely to be disturbed.

As we walked down the mall, Charlady confessed that she was so horny now that if she had to go into a changing room again she would positively rape me. I decided to allow her time to calm down, so we went for a bite to eat and then towards the shoe shops.

I picked out a pair of high heeled stiletto shoes for her and a young man went to fetch them from the stock room, when he returned I asked him to try them on Charlady so we could see if she could actually walk in such high heels. As he knelt at her feet I tapped her thigh, a sign for her to open her legs wider, soon the guy had forgotten about the shoes as he stared up her short skirt at her soaking open lipped cunt. I broke his spell by saying, you can touch it if you want but don’t get caught with your hand up her skirt.

Tentatively he slid his hand up her skirt and I saw Charlady stiffen as he obviously touched her clit ring. Ten seconds later he stood up and looking round, he said, “Damn why the hell, don’t we have a samples room where you could try other styles of shoes!” I pointed out with my eyes the fact that he had a classic looking bulge in his pants. Charlady blushed and we made excuses to leave. The guy rather than being annoyed we were leaving without buying anything actually thanked us for calling in.

Time was getting on by now and I still had plans for back at home, so we cancelled the rest of the shopping trip and headed home. Charlady was almost begging me to fuck her brains out when we got home, I never said yes or no, but I did have a plan.

As we walked in through the front door I ordered charlady to strip and immediately tied her hands behind the small of her back, I then fetched the nipples clamps and the Ben Wah balls. Firstly I attached the nipple clamps to her rock hard nipples and when she saw the Ben Wah balls she begged me not to slip them inside her. I replied, “My bitch has no say in this, you my over sexed little fuck toy, will wear these and be happy to accept your master’s wishes!”

Charlady immediately shut up and lowered her head in submission, further more without being told she opened her legs and waited. I took my time making sure the nipple clamps were firmly attached and in the process I gently tugged on her nipples. Suddenly a groan of anticipation escaped Charlady’s lips, I was slightly taken back so I asked, “Did you fucking say something my little cock mad whore?”

With a shake of her head, Charlady answered my question. I then parted her cunt lips between my index and forefinger, her clit was stiff and erect like a little prick and was seated just above the silver clit ring. I flicked this erection and Charlady bit her lip to avoid another moan escaping her lips. Then slowly but firmly I pushed firstly one of the balls up her cunt and inserted my finger to ensure it was fully embedded in there. This of course caused the ball to begin its actions as the off centre weight it contains began to spin.

I waited a little while, my fingers still holding her cunt lips wide open and my thumb now nudging her clit, when I said, “Well my cock loving slut, you will beg me to slip this other ball inside you and you had better make it convincing or not only will you not be allowed to cum but you will be punished in the back garden right now, whilst it is still light enough for people to see everything!”

“Oh, Benevolent Master, please use your slut’s cunt to look after your wonderful toy, it feels so good when they are inserted and I know I am cherishing your wishes to be your sex slave and toy!” she answered.

I laughed as I said, “Very good bitch, but why would I want to place these wonderful toys up such a wet cunt as yours?”

“Master, your worthless slut, does not deserve them to be placed there, however I know you want them well looked after and I promise to guard them with my life!” she responded.

I slowly inserted the second ball and followed this with my finger making sure they were comfortably seated inside her cunt. I withdrew my finger, slowly and deliberately raised it to my nose and took a long sniff. I then held it out and said “Slut lick it clean as if it was my cum covered cock!”

Charlady opened her mouth and lovingly sucked and licked my finger. She was suddenly taken aback when I demanded that my bitch start jogging on the spot, we both knew the effect this would have on the Ben Wah balls and nervously she began to run on the spot.

After five minutes of this jogging, I ordered her to stop and released her hands. “Run along upstairs and lay on my bed, but be sure to fasten your feet into the bindings there!” I instructed her. Charlady literally turned and jogged off upstairs, whilst I popped out and went to see John next door.

Ten minutes later I slipped into the bedroom and the first thing I did was to apply a blindfold and ear plugs to Charlady, now deprived of sight and sound I secured her hands above her head and immediately inserted three pillows beneath her arse cheeks raising her whole cunt area up and making both her cunt and arse much more accessible.

I kissed Charlady on the lips before tiptoeing out of the room. I let John and Mary Lou, his Girlfriend, in at the front door and asked if he had informed Mary Lou, of what was about to happen. He nodded and Mary Lou added that she was looking forward to helping out. Mary Lou stood five foot six tall slim build with what looked larger than average tits, these were exaggerated because of her slim frame.

John turned to Mary Lou and told her to strip off as she was going to need to be naked when we got upstairs anyway. She blushed but slowly removed her clothes as John said, “Ray, I wish you could teach Mary Lou here to be as submissive and obedient as Charlady is!”

I looked at Mary Lou and said, “Well I am sure I could punish her into submission for you but the real fun is in the training of your own slut to your own standards.”

Mary Lou looked up at me and smiled as she said, “Yes I would find it an interesting challenge to resist your training and I am sure eventually you may succeed but it would be a long battle!”

I responded, “It may be a long battle but I guarantee that you would have an arse that was spanked so much and so hard that it would rival the moonshine at night!”

Again she blushed as she removed her panties and I commented on the fact she was not shaved, I told John the first thing would be to ensure she was clean shaven and in its way deprived of a sense of maturity. For shaven cunts represent the young pre pubescent girl which deprives the submissive of her rights of a mature woman.

John simple informed Mary Lou that from now on she would be expected to shave her cunt and would be spanked each day he found hairs covering her cunt.

Almost silently, the three of us climbed the stairs and entered the bedroom, charlady still unaware I had left the room was in mid sentence about please master I need to feel your cock in my cunt. I motioned for John to remove his clothes and I took hold of Mary Lou and took her to the bed side and made her bend over so her lips were close to Charlady’s right nipple. I told her quietly not to move till john was ready on the other side and then together they should begin to nibble at her tits before sucking her nipples into their mouths.

As Mary Lou was bent over, I took the opportunity to slide my hand between her legs from the rear, she never flinched until my hand made contact with her damp cunt and my thumb pressed against her anal ring. John then informed me that she did not like anything to do with anal sex and she would always get the hump if he tried anything.

I told Mary Lou that if I was to train her I would soon have her over her dislike of anal because I would make her wear butt plugs all day long and these would steadily increase in size until she was taking one as wide as my cock, then once she was used to feeling her anal ring stretched that wide she would enjoy the sensation of a real cock fucking her shit chute and coating her anal walls in spunk.

I then nodded and both Mary Lou and John, simultaneously began to suck on Charlady’s tits. This caused her to gasp out aloud in surprise, she murmmered, “master, who and how many are here with us now?”

I laughed for with the ear plugs in place, Charlady would not have heard my reply even if I had given one and shouted it at that.

I leaned over and lightly allowed my tongue to lap at her clit, with in seconds she was moaning and her hips were trembling. Her moans began rising in crescendo and suddenly she was spurting her clear cunt juices high in an arc as she lost control of her climax. Mary Lou looked on in amazement as she said she had never seen such a wonderful display of a hard cum.

I indicated that they could now explore Charlady’s body for awhile but warned John he was not to actually fuck Charlady as she had toys inside her cunt and they were to remain till much later. I wandered off to make myself a cup of tea as Mary Lou replaced my tongue as she lapped heavily at Charlady’s cunt. As I left the room, John was touching his rigid cock against Charlady’s mouth, silently encouraging her to open her mouth and suck his man meat.

When I returned forty minutes later to find streaks of white spunk on Charlady’s black blindfold and in her hair, Mary Lou was still lapping at her cunt but now John was fucking Mary Lou from behind. He quickly explained that after charlady had given him such a wonderful blow job he needed a cunt to fuck and as Charlady’s was out of bounds he decided that he would urge Mary Lou on as she continued to lap at Charlady’s cunt.

I moved Mary Lou away from Charlady’s juice soaked cunt and slipped a finger deep inside, I hooked the Ben wah ball string and firmly pulled them out, with a plop plop the two balls emerged slick in Charlady’s juices and she soon open her mouth to clean them.

Mary Lou looked on jealously as she watched charlady clean the balls, almost wishing she had been allowed to suck the cunt juice from them. I smiled at Mary Lou and then took out my cock and pushed it towards Mary Lou’s face, eagerly she sucked on my cock but it was not as good as my own slut charlady’s efforts.

However I figured that with a little training she could be a good cock sucker but that was down to john. Meanwhile John was grunting his way to a climax up Mary Lou’s cunt. When he spurted up her cunt, Mary Lou trembled as her own climax erupted deep inside her, and then they hurried from the room. Downstairs they dressed and thanked me before leaving. Mary Lou hung back and said, “With John’s permission I would not mind a few training sessions under you!”

I returned to the bedroom with my cock still rigid and slowly pushed it into Charlady’s cunt, a few deep thrusts and then I readjusted my aim as my cunt juiced cock parted Charlady’s anal ring and ploughed a deep furrow into her arse. The bed where I was kneeling was soaking with Charlady’s cunt juice but it did not stop me from really fucking her arse hard as I leaned forward and removed her ear plugs. I then began calling charlady all the filthy names she loves so very much.

So it was that I fucked her arse until my own climax began to appear, when I suddenly pulled out and sprayed my white jism all over her writhing body. I then allowed her to rest before untying her and leading her off to a well earned joint shower.

After much persuasion, Charlady later told me that the three people she was with but could not see had systematically played with her cunt, her tits and on more than one occasion had made her suck cock. She was sure that one of the people had been a woman from her scent and the way she had licked her cunt. Embarrassingly she admitted it turned her on, no end, the fact that she could not see or hear the people torturing her body in such exquisite ways. Although she did not really like it when she was rimmed and she thought it was the woman’s tongue that flicked at her anal ring.

Poor Charlady was convinced that during her session, I had been present all the time and had even participated in the action. She was sure I was kidding her when I informed her I had in fact left them to it for the majority of the hour she had been bound and blindfolded.

Charlady asked who had been present and was a little upset when I told her she should have known who one of them was for she had not only sucked his cock previously but she had taken his cock up her cunt and arse.

Eventually I told her of the threesome she had defencelessly endured with Mary Lou and John. All Charlady asked was whether I had done anything with Her, Mary Lou, She clearly was jealous of the fact I could have had sex with another woman especially in her presence and her not knowing who.

I did tell her that I had a rather poor blow job compared to those which she normally gave me and she seemed much happier after that.