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03-16-2008, 04:15 PM
My seven nights of delights 6.

After all the sexual activity of yesterday, I decided that charlady deserved a lie in and we snuggled up till just before midday. As I awoke I was aware of a lovely warm wet sensation between my legs, Charlady was laid and leisurely alternating between sucking and kicking my rapidly hardening cock.

After a long leisurely fuck, we discussed our plans for the day although there was a tinge of sadness for Charlady’s stay was coming to an end and we only had three more days left. I told charlady my plan for to day was a little sex au natural al fresco so to speak.

This intrigued Charlady and she pumped me for more information, I decided to cater to her interest but only part way. On the outskirts of East London is a 48 hectare wood which is protected by conservation orders and is called Epping Forest. In all true senses of the term it is indeed a densely covered forest originating in the 16th century with many pathways which lead to very private copses.

I then ordered her to dress with bare minimum of clothing; a short skirt and blouse would suffice. Twenty minutes later we were in the car and heading for Epping Forest, I ordered Charlady to unbutton all but two of her blouse buttons and to raise her skirt up so I could clearly see her shaven cunt. I knew that if I could see her cunt other drivers in Lorries and buses would also be able to see it.

Soon after we began our journey I noticed her nipples were very erect and poking through the flimsy fabric of her blouse. Something which was not helped by my comment that the bus driver who had been trying like mad to keep up with us must be enjoying his view of charlady’s exposed cunt. I ordered her to give him a wave and blow him a sexy kiss. Before we drove off leaving him tuck at a bus stop.

I slipped my left hand between her thighs and found, just as I expected, her cunt was awash with juices and her hard little nub of a clit poking forth from its silver ring. A few quick flicks of my fingers had Charlady grasping for air and her tits bouncing so much they threatened to break free from their flimsy hiding place.

By now we were on the outskirts of London’s east end and still 5 miles from Epping, Charlady looked distraught when I commanded her to remove her blouse. As we continued, she blushed a couple of times when she was tooted and cheered by lorry drivers passing our car. Clearly they approved of her display of naked tits and cunt.

Then we turned left into light woodlands and I announced we were entering Epping Forest, Charlady excitedly scanned the surrounding woodlands and with a tremor in her voice she asked what my plans were for her now we were here. I simply replied with out a second’s hesitation saying wait and see my randy little fuck slut.

Deeper and deeper into the forest we drove until we approached a place known as High Beach, where I parked the car. I instructed Charlady to replace her blouse but not to button it up; she could however tie it to cover her tits. I removed from the boot of the car a holdall retrieved a vibrator from it. Then I inserted the small vibrator into her cunt and turned it on to its max, tossed a pair of her panties at her and instructed her to put them on. I stressed that she would not have them on for long but they were to prevent us losing her vibe in case it fell out.

Slowly we walked down a well worn path leading into the ever thickening surrounding trees. Charlady found it difficult to walk as every step she took moved the vibe buried in her cunt and triggered even more ripples of pleasure emanating from the very core of her sexual being.

Further and further we went into the forest, the trees now beginning to obscure the sunlight, I then led Charlady off to the right of the path and an almost idyllic spot suddenly opened out before us, It was as if some great being had simply pulled up several trees to create an almost perfectly round open space and then laid a lush green lawn. Again almost perfectly two strong sapling trees had taken root almost in the centre of copse, and they were ideally parted by about four feet. These would make perfect pillory posts to tie Charlady to.

Taking from the bag a travel rug, I spread this on the floor just before the two saplings and instructed Charlady to remove all her clothes except her panties. Eagerly she did so, and willingly allowed me to blindfold her. Suddenly there was a loud cracking sound, which startled Charlady until my comforting voice told her not to worry it was just me making a temporary spreader bar from a piece of a tree.

I ordered Charlady to kneel on the rug and then I tied her ankles to the temporary bar forcing her legs wide apart. Next I tied her arms behind her back forcing her to thrust forth her magnificent tits. I knelt before her and leaned forward taking each of her nipples in my mouth in turn; there I would suck harshly whilst flicking her nipples with my tongue. The effects of this were to have Charlady moaning louder and louder. Her moaning reached fever pitch as I began to gently run her cunt through the old panties keeping the vibe in place.

When her panties were well and truly soaked in her cunt juices, I reached into the bag and retrieved a sharp knife. The first Charlady knew of this was when she felt the cold steel against her thighs and felt the panties being cut away. Once her panties were gone, I removed the vibe and laid it on the rug, forming the now destroyed panties into a ball, I ordered Charlady to open her mouth and popped the panties in, telling her to suck her own cunt juices from them.

Charlady shivered slightly as the gentle breeze wafted over her naked body, although I suspect it was in anticipation as much as it was because of the breeze. Suddenly Charlady heard voices getting closer and closer and began to panic, I calmed her fears by announcing her comes our audience right on cue.

She started to say something but my curt voice telling her to remain silent cut her short. Suddenly all around her were voices proclaimed their greetings to one another and she must have found it difficult to count the different voices. I called out for everyone to be quiet as I announced a little game of Russian sexual roulette.

I explained the rules, which were simply; the six guys strip off and then they would form a circle around Charlady, she would then have two minutes sucking time on each cock before turning clockwise to the next. So this goes until the first cock shoots its load over her and that guy is out. The winner or the one who is last to cum gets to fuck Charlady first after she is tied to the two saplings. They are also told that any hole is available to their wishes. Also the others get to fuck her in reverse order of their climax in the circle. However the two who come first may not fuck her in the ass. All guys would wear condoms when actually fucking her and once these were used they would be tied and handed to me.

The guys quickly stripped off, and formed the circle. I stepped forward and quickly removed Charlady’s blindfold. As her eyes adjusted to the light she saw the same crowd from her welcome party on Sunday night. As she licked her lips, I ordered her to choose a cock to start with and on command stop would immediately stop sucking and turn clockwise to the next available cock. I reminded her she would be punished if she did not stop when told to and she was only allowed to use her mouth. One of the guys pointed out to great hoots of laughter that with her arms tied as they were, what else would she be able to use.

On my command of begin charlady began sucking the first cock, this happened to be Tom’s and as I timed the two minutes, it was clear tom was beginning to enjoy his turn. Suddenly I called stop and Charlady immediately stopped turned clockwise to John’s cock and recommenced her oral ministrations. Round and round she went cock sucking to her hearts delight when suddenly George’s cock spurted out its load all over Charlady’s face. A rather sad George stepped out of the ring.

Next to climax was Tony, followed by Tom, John, Trevor and the winner was Paul. Charlady’s face and upper body was a complete mask of white spunk, it was in her eyes, her hair, dripping from her chin and dropping on to her rock hard nipples.

Paul asked if she was going to be cleaned up before he was allowed to fuck her and I pointed out we had no water to clean her with, but George suggested we piss over her to clean her off but I said no, instead I untied her hands and ordered her to scoop up the cum and eat it. Twenty minutes later and with every male including myself sporting a hard on, charlady was reasonably clean and we helped her up from her knees and tied her between the two saplings. The temporary spreader bar kept her legs wide apart allowing easy access to her cunt and arse and whilst George handed out the condoms, I disappeared wearing some heavy gardening gloves.

When I returned, Charlady saw I had a sprig of nettles in my hand and she sensed what was about to happen. Firstly I brushed them firmly over her cunt lips and then each of her nipples before walking around behind her and whipping her arse cheeks with them. Five minutes later with no one touching her she was already moaning as the stings from the nettles reached their peaks, she was literally being attacked from all sides as the stinging feelings sent her senses into over drive.

Paul donned his condom and walked up behind Charlady, she looked pleadingly in my direction and was about to say something when I beat her to the draw, “Tell us all my wanton whore of a cock sucking slut, do you want Paul here to fuck your sopping wet cunt or you’re tight but so delectable anal chute!” I demanded.

“Oh Master, My arse is just for you and your cock!” she wailed.

“Oh no bitch, your body and with that every hole is mine to give to who ever I choose for as long as I choose! You have just heard me say that they may choose which hole of yours to fuck! Now are you going to disappoint your master by making me a liar?” I demanded.

“No Master, they may fuck your slut in the hole of their choice!” Charlady admitted in defeat.

For the next two hours, Charlady was constantly fucked in either her arse or her cunt and had a total of four foot of cock at her disposal, from seven different males. Her cunt was dripping cunt juices as the number of used condoms mounted and finally totalled nine. Charlady sagged from the sheer exhaustive activity of taking on so many pricks and at one stage unbeknown to Charlady she had been watched by a group of four male joggers.

I approached charlady and announced, “You have done very well, my cock hungry slut! But there is just one more job for you to carry out, I have here nine condoms filled with everyone’s spunk. All you have to do now is accept their contents over your body!”

With that, I handed out the condoms and the guys all broke them open pouring te contents over Charlady’s tits or face. For the second time that afternoon she was shrouded in a mask of white baby making seed. This time though she had to wear it all the way back home.

Later at home we talked about the events of the afternoon and Charlady confessed she loved the feeling of being such a slut and thought that the stinging nettles were the icing on the cake for even now three hours later she could still feel the stinging sensation on her nipples. She was shocked and surprised when I told her of her unscheduled audience and of some of the comments they had passed, like what a lucky set of bastards fucking such a lovely slut whore.

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Another great story Niteowluk2003 . Had me wonder for a monet how that vibe was going to stay in .lol

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good story