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My seven nights of delights 7.

That night we slept a restful peaceful sleep like never before, Charlady laid cuddled in my arms and I must confess, I was falling in love with my submissive little slut. I tenderly kissed her good night when she said, “Master, I love you more then life itself and I thank you for releasing my inner soul free!”

“Oh, my Charlady, I love you too but I think you are confusing love and lust, for I think you are in lust with me and love me like a father figure!” I replied. Weakly she smiled and snuggled even closer to me as we settled down for the night.

I woke next morning with my usual morning glory of an erection and found my cock already trapped between charlady’s delicate thighs, although not in either her cunt or her arse, I gently began thrusting my cock where it lay and was soon rubbing up against her cunt lips from behind.

With out opening her eyes, Charlady moaned so softly and her breathing became laboured. I could feel the tell tale traces of her cunt juice on my throbbing cock. I moved position ever so slightly and my next thrust had my cock head past her open cunt lips and pressing against her vulva. A couple more thrusts had me half buried in her cunt as she turned slightly showing me her nipples were already erect.

Suddenly she turned her head towards her left shoulder and found my mouth as we exchange saliva in a passionate French kiss. Dreamily she moaned, “morning my wonderful benevolent master!”

“Morning my ever ready little slut!” I replied. For the next forty minutes we both enjoyed a leisurely fuck and I teased and caressed her nipples as she began climaxing, during which she repeatedly called my name.

Finally as my twitching cock announced its pending cum climax, I whispered into her ear, “Here comes my baby making seed, slut, take it deep inside your fertile little cunt and watch my baby begin to grow inside of you!” I also added “What a present to take back to Scotland, whore, a baby boy, an exact duplicate of your cunt fucking Master”

Charlady became extremely excited at the thought of being impregnated by my spunk, or maybe it was just her love of being called a whore and a slut, or more likely it was the fact that yet again she had become my personal cum bucket accepting every load of spunk I chose to direct her way.

We bathed in the after glow of our sexual activities as we considered the plans for today, Charlady wanted to go shopping again but I told her I had other plans for her, although they would not start till 3 pm. I agreed to her going shopping on her own provided she was back home by 2 pm and she completed a few little tasks as she went.

Even before I told her the tasks I expected her to complete she agreed to carry them out. I then explained that she was to wear bare minimum of clothing and as she would be travelling by public transport where ever possible she was to flash her cunt and arse by walking upstairs on the buses with a guy right behind her.

Also in three different shops she was to get a shop keeper to sign in biro her left breast with their name and the name of the shop, but here was the crux of her task the last thing she would be allowed to remove was her blouse. This obviously meant that she would have to be naked to get her breast autographed. Charlady still agreed to accept the challenge and hurried to the guest room to select her clothing for the shopping trip. Shortly thereafter she appeared in the living room wearing a short bright red miniskirt which barely covered her crutch area and a silver translucent blouse which clearly showed off her dark areola and her erect nipple.

She was eager to get off shopping but before she went I gave her some final instructions, when naked she was to allow the person to examine her cunt and even play with it up to a point, however she was not allowed to cum nor was she allowed to accept anything in to her eager cunt. So she could be licked, rubbed but not fingered or fucked. Also when she was getting the breast autographed, she was to ask for a number to be printed alongside the name and shop name so I could phone to confirm that they had actually signed her breast.

I thought biro was a good idea because I could clean it off her breast where as felt pen may become permanent and a possible problem once back home in Scotland. I also had plans for later which would need Charlady naked and hygienically clean, so felt tip pen would ruin that idea.

With a quick kiss and rub of her cunt I sent her off to start her shopping adventure and I began to clean up the hose, moving furniture as needed preparing for the party to end all parties tonight.

Whilst alone at home, I also prepared some strawberry jelly, cold thick custard, fresh double whipping cream and a range of fresh fruit was cut up and placed in the fridge. This fruit included Strawberries, grapes, sliced banana, sliced apple, pear and orange segments as well as halved cherries, in fact I placed four cherry stalks on one side for something of a laugh later.

I was so busy preparing everything I did not have time to think about what Charlady was up to; but later she told me this was how her shopping adventure went. Charlady walked carefully from my front door and down the street and was accompanied by John my next door neighbour, who apparently was on his way to work. As they walked along John asked her where she was going and why. She told him I was too busy to go with her but she was going shopping for some last minute presents to take home to Scotland and added that she had to complete a few tasks set by her master Ray.

John was almost tempted to ask what the tasks were but knew better; instead he asked are you supposed to flash at some people. Her blush told him the answer with out her saying a word and John added, well you can begin by flashing me your charms, when you bend to tie your shoe lace. Charlady replied, but I am not wearing shoe laces! John laughed and said, I know but who cares.

So Charlady walked a few paces in front of John and bent straight open legged allowing him to see her anal ring and her already puffed up cunt lips. As she straightened up she felt his hand touching her cunt and she immediately said, Master has forbade me from having anything inside my cunt until I have returned home, but he did allow me to be rubbed or licked.

As they walked along John gently rubbed her cunt till his two fingers were awash with her sticky cunt juices, where upon he made her lick them clean and as they parted company at the bus stop, he leaned forward in front of two women and kissed Charlady goodbye, but in doing so he made sure to pinch her right nipple quite harshly, causing Charlady to almost gasp for breath.

Happy to be on the bus, she was followed closely up the stairs to the top deck by a man in his mid twenties and she was convinced he could see and smell her aroused cunt. When she sat down, he passed her smiling and sat a few seats further back. When she reached the shopping mall, she looked around for the type of shop she could achieve her tasks in and then went off to complete her proper shopping, planning on returning to those likely shops after she had got the presents she wanted for home.

After completing her present shopping, charlady entered the shoe shop and asked for a male assistant to help her choose a pair of fuck me high heels, as the assistant asked what size she required she asked if it was possible for him to measure her feet as she had been having problems with her regular shoes.

So kneeling down in front of her he placed her foot in the measuring guide and in doing so lifted her foot from the floor which gave him a split second glimpse up between her legs. Of course unbeknown to him, Charlady had exaggerated this action and kept her legs open allowing him to see her aroused wet cunt.

The assistant asked if she had experienced any pains in her calf muscles as she slowly sensually felt his way up her legs. Charlady took a deep intake of breath as she replied no not in my calf muscles but I was having a few funny feelings higher up. The assistant suggested that she may be more comfortable in one of their special assessment cubicles where she could have privacy as they tried to work out what needed to be done to supply her with the comfortable shoes she wanted.

They moved into the cubicle and as soon as the door was closed and bolted, the assistant asked her to tell her exactly what her problem was and where. She said with quivering voice, “I have a master, who has commanded me to get three signatures, shop names and telephone numbers on my right breast before I return to him so he can call the numbers to confirm the details!” she paused trying to gauge the assistants reaction, “The question is if I undress to reveal my breast as my master demands, will you sign it and give the other details he wants!” she asked.

Quick as a flash the assistant replied, “Why yes of course I would be only too happy to sign your breast for you!”

“Yes but wait, I have not told you all my instructions!” Charlady continued, “I am to remove my clothing in such a way that I am to stand naked in front of you in order to get this signature!” she added.

The sales assistant rubbed his hands with glee, as he replied, “I like the sound of your master! He seems a real sport having such a willing partner as yourself and allowing you to show off your charms so!”

Charlady cut him short as she added, “But I am not allowed anything inside my cunt or arse, the only concession I can give is to let you rub or lick my cunt, but not to me climaxing!”

“What about you giving me a blow job in exchange for my signature, though” the assistant asked.

“Master never mentioned anything about my mouth!” Charlady replied, “Maybe I should phone him and ask?” she added.

Fearing the chance of a blow job may just pass him by, the assistant said, “Why make out you’re a dumb blonde, surely your master left out such instructions to give you an initiative test!”

Without another word being said, Charlady slowly removed her skirt and then her blouse, the assistant stepped forward and duly signed her right breast Geoff Small, Shoefayre, and added the shop phone number. He then slipped his trousers down and released his impressive nine-inch cock which Charlady swallowed like she was starving. After a few minutes Geoff spurted his cum deep into her throat and Charlady swallowed it all happily.

Then quickly dressing she slipped out the cubicle as Geoff told her any more such problems please don’t hesitate to come back and see me. Charlady licked her lips and wished she could have had that fine specimen of a cock buried up to the hilt in her cunt but she was not about to disobey her Master.

The next shop Charlady entered was a lingerie shop and she picked out an older mature female shop assistant, they talked for a while and then the assistant called Mary led Charlady off to the changing rooms. Mary quickly returned with a couple of sample bra sets and slipped into the cubicle beside Charlady. Charlady was already naked when she entered and upon turning to face Mary, she showed her the signed right breast. Mary shocked, whispered why this signature on her breast was.

Charlady quickly explained her tasks and asked Mary to add her own name, shop name and phone number to it. Mary asked what payment Charlady gave to this guy Geoff in return for him signing her breast. Mary made charlady give her all the details once she knew Charlady’s payment was a blowjob. Mary insisted on hearing in great detail what Geoff cock looked and tasted like. Then without further ado, she demanded charlady suck her cunt in exchange for her adding her signature. Charlady reluctantly agreed and was about to kneel before Mary when she was stopped.

Mary said, not here, its too vulnerable, come with me to our staff canteen which is empty till later and you can do it there. Charlady turned to grab her clothes and was about to begin dressing when Mary again stopped her saying, no need to redress for the door to the staff room is just over here and I am sure you will not be seen.

Just as Mary drew back the curtain, one of the younger Sales assistants almost bumped into Charlady. The girl never batted an eyelid as she apologised and made it seem a common occurrence for a female customer to be out in the shop as naked as the day she was born.

Quickly Charlady slipped into the staff room and as soon as Mary closed the door, charlady had her hands up under Mary’s dress pulling her knickers down. Mary managed to get to the table and lay back having hauled her dress up to her waist. Charlady now looked down upon jet black hairy bush of the older woman’s cunt. Suddenly she felt Mary’s hands on her shoulders as her head was pulled down towards this gaping cunt. As soon as charlady’s tongue touched Mary’s clit the older woman began calling charlady a brazen hussy and a common whore. In fact Mary was becoming so vocal; charlady feared it could be heard outside in the shop.

This was sort of confirmed when the young sales assistant opened the staff room door and slipped in begging Mary to be quiet. In the finish, the young assistant simply raised her skirt and with panties still in place lowered her own cunt over Mary’s shrieking mouth effectively muffling the sounds coming from it.

Suddenly Mary began shaking as her climax crashed through her body and the young sales assistant had to lean forward to French kiss Charlady as her own climax broke caused through Mary’s ranting mouth on her own clit. A very shaky Mary stood up and happily signed Charlady’s right breast and also told the young assistant that she had passed her test and would become full time and a team leader to boot.

Charlady slipped from the room leaving Mary and this young assistant kissing, she found her changing room and checked the two signatures and details in the mirror before dressing. Just as she was about to leave, the curtain was pulled open and there stood Mary, who said “Thank you, my cunt licking slut, because of your actions today, I have finally got into Tracey’s panties. Please accept this panty set as a token of my gratitude.

Charlady thanked her and left the shop. Charlady was in agony, she desperately needed to cum but knew her master would not approve so she went to the café and tried to calm down whilst having a cappuccino. But her mind had other ideas for it kept replaying the events of the day before her eyes, only in her mind as she sucked Tracey’s young fresh cunt, Geoff was fucking Mary up the arse and she in turn was licking Charlady’s cunt with extreme accuracy.

Of course these metal images refused to allow her to calm down and only made any further delay harder to accept, so she got up paid for her coffee and left. She walked towards the female clothes shop she had pied earlier and this was her last port of call before heading back to Master Ray.

Walking into the shop she looked around for a sympathetic shop assistant but she could not see one who looked likely to agree without demanding anything in return. Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder, as she turned an old sounding voice asked, “Can I help you, Madam!”

Charlady nearly burst out laughing when she finally looked at the man the voice belonged to, for the owner of that voice was easily 63 years old almost triple her age. Charlady wondered how come an old man like this was working in a young woman’s clothing shop. She was just about to ask him when a young sales girl passed by saying, “Everything, ok Mr Patience?”

It then clicked with Charlady, this shops name was Miss Patience’s Boutique. So this guy must own the shop but why Miss? Her curiosity got the better of her and she asked, “Are you the Patience that owns this shop?”

“Why yes my dear, I originally bought it for my daughter hence the Miss Patience name but she was not interested after leaving school so I sort of took over running it and it keeps me mentally young dealing with up and coming ladies!” he replied.

Charlady decided this kindly old man would be just as good as any of the other salespersons, so she asked about a dress which she had seen in a catalogue somewhere and wondered if this shop may stock it. When she described the dress the old man’s eyes lit up for she described the dress as thus. It is obviously one piece but it has a short skirt bit which stops well about the same place on my thigh as this one does, the torso piece has a low cut frontage and there are fine lacy see through side bust line panels, whish would clearly show your not wearing a bra. Then she added as an after thought, a little like me just now.

The old man asked Charlady to escort him into a back office and if she could draw what she was referring to he would have one made for her in three days. Charlady explained that in three days she would be back home in Scotland, but she was happy to go with him to draw the design for him.

As they entered a large plush office, she turned to the old man and said, “Now we are alone, you may be willing to help me with another problem I have?” “My Master, Ray, has set me a task to complete before I return to him and I have completed two thirds of that task, I just need one more signature and details to confirm my completing the task set for me.”

Mr Patience said, Well my dear, no problems just give Roger here the item to be signed and I will happily sign and include any details you will need.”

“Oh No Roger, I can not give you the item that needs your signature for my master demanded I get my right breast signed by three different people and shops with their phone numbers so he could verify the signings.” Charlady confessed.

Roger Patience’s eyes lit up for a second time as he said, “Very well my dear, it is a strange request for me to sign your breast but if your willing to display it to me I am more than willing to sign it!”

Charlady asked Roger to sit on the large leather sofa situated by the window wall of the office, and as he did so she quickly slipped off her skirt before discarding her blouse, Suddenly Roger stood up and moved over to the desk, he picked up the phone and said, “Jennifer bring me the sexy slut range of clothing in size, here he paused until Charlady told him her size was 16, yes the entire range in size 16!” he finished saying into the phone.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the office door and a quick come in from Roger was enough to have the same young salesgirl that had spoken outside staggering in to the office her arms full of what appeared to be bright red material. “Put them all on the sofa, Jennifer!” Roger commanded. As Jennifer stood back up from depositing the clothes on the sofa, she turned to ask if there would be anything else and froze unable to speak as she began to blush as she was obviously staring straight at Charlady’s erect nipples.

Roger quickly dismissed Jennifer telling her to come back in twenty minutes, as Jennifer closed the office door, Roger strode over to Charlady and examined her right breast, I see you went to Shoefayre and lacylots before coming here. Charlady nodded but standing here naked in front of a man old enough to be her granddad had made her mouth so dry and yet her cunt so wonderfully wet.

Roger then spoke to Charlady, “My dear, your so sexy, you may choose any four items from this range, but only if you allow me to fuck your sweet sexy cunt!”

“Oh sir, that is very generous but I think I should have explained more fully for my master has commanded me to do what ever is necessary to obtain these three signatures on condition that I do not accept anything into either my cunt or arse! So I would have to decline your offer or betray my benevolent Master!” Charlady confided.

“Good Girl, I am well impressed that you are true to your master and I will still allow you to choose the items if you can offer me some sexual fun without breaking your word!” Roger commented.

“OH Sir, that is easy, I could offer you a blowjob as payment for signing my breast with or without your offer of these sexy clothes!” Charlady ventured.

Roger then said, “Deal and double deal then my fine young slut, in fact I will trade you. You suck my cock to erection and help me get it inside young Jennifer, and I will sign your breast and give you all those clothes there.”

Charlady agreed and quickly slipped her clothes back on, She then explained her plan to Roger, who heartily agreed and headed back to the phone. He called Jennifer back into the office and she cautiously entered, but soon relaxed when she saw Charlady clothed. As she closed the office door, Roger said, “Jennifer, this lady is in a dilemma, she does not know which of this range to buy, which do you recommend?”

“Oh Mr Patience, I really could not say for it all wonderful and so silky and sexy!” Jennifer stuttered.

“Well young lady!” began Charlady, “why don’t you slip off all your clothes and model these things for me!” she concluded.

Jennifer looked from Roger to Charlady, stuttered as she tried to protest but was silenced as Charlady snapped, “what you think it is fine to barge in on me when I am naked and having intimate measurements taken but your above me seeing you butt naked!” Charlady was surprised by the sound of her authority in her voice.

Suddenly Jennifer silent and ashamed began to undress, when Roger spoke, “No Jenny, come over her so we cam see you better as you undress!” she knew it was now pointless to resist so she came and stood in front of charlady as she undressed, all the time keeping her eyes down on the floor.

When she was naked, she was just about to walk over to the sofa to select the first item to model when Charlady snapped, “Stand still, you were not given permission to move!” again the aggressive nature of her own voice startled Charlady. Jenny instantly froze and out of the corner of her eye she saw Charlady removing her clothes again, Jenny shivered at the thought that Charlady may try to touch her or worse try to make her lick her cunt or tits.

Jenny breathed a sigh of relief when she saw charlady go kneel in front of Roger Patience, that relief turned to disbelief when she saw Charlady unzip Roger’s pants and pull out his cock. The disbelief turned to amazement when she watched Charlady begin sucking the cock and watched as it grew longer and harder.

Then Charlady instructed Jenny to come closer to her and as charlady continued to suck Roger’s cock her hand slipped up between Jenny’s quivering legs. Charlady’s thumb now rubbed gently against the erect clit of Jenny as Roger now joined in by coaxing Jenny verbally with comments like, “Wow, Jenny wouldn’t you like to be sucking on my cock like this slut is doing right now!” without waiting for a response he continued, “I want so much to stick my cock into your virgin cunt, fuck you like the slut I know you want to be and then I want to take your anal cherry too!”

“I will make you my shop manager if you will agree to become my sex slave for the next six months!” Roger promised her and as Jenny began to get excited from charlady’s thumbing of her clit, she suddenly agreed. Charlady then stopped and stood up taking a biro from the desk, she got Roger to sign her breast and then collected up all the clothes on the sofa and included Jenny’s knickers she dressed and left blowing a kiss to Roger as she left.

On the bus back to my house, in her extremely excited state Charlady flashed two men on the top deck of the bus and a woman who came and sat beside her, this woman as bold as anything simply dropped her hand in between Charlady’s thighs and rubbed her clit ring until charlady could not stand it any longer. Charlady got off the bus three stops early to avoid cumming before her master permitted her to.

When she arrived home the house was in darkness and as soon as she let herself in and walked into the living room a host of voices screamed out cheering Charlady. The living room light was then turned on and Master Ray ordered Charlady to strip off. She was then led over to a table covered in just a plastic table cloth and made to lie down on it. Her legs and arms were quickly tied down and wide open.

Then a circle of people surrounded her and they proceeded to place things on her body as they slowly moved around in a circle. There were two women there one was putting red jelly on to charlady’s body while the other woman was doing the same with cold custard. Master Ray was dropping thick white double cream on to her body whilst other men were scattering all kinds of fruit about her body. When Ray got to her cunt area he put extra cream on her pubic mound and the partially filled her cunt with some more of the cream. Before he moved on he took the four cherry stalks and pressed them into the cream on her pubic mound.

When George asked why, he replied well there are no cherries on the end of them, and as we all know charlady here lost her cherries years ago. The whole group simply burst into peals of laughter.

When all the foodstuff had been spread all over Charlady, Master Ray announced stop and everyone present sat down on to their knees surrounding Charlady. Ray then announced we thank thee lord for what we are about to eat! As one they all began licking and eating the food from Charlady’s body, with Ray himself feasting on her cunt and all that cream. Suddenly it proved far too much for Charlady as her frustrations of the day were swept aside in a series of rapid climaxes.

When dinner fort he guest was over, charlady was allowed to clean herself up a little before being fed her food direct from each man’s cock, her food was a **** of pure spunk freshly made and delivered in time honoured sluts tradition.

Then afterward with the phone on speakerphone I called all three numbers written on her tit and asked the person the other end to describe how their phone number had come to be on my fucking bitch of a whore’s tit.

By 4 am everyone was fucked out and charlady and the two other women had taken gallons of sperm either down their throats, up their cunt’s or arse’s or indeed over their faces and tits.

I ran charlady a bath before we literally crawled into bed and grabbed a few hours much needed sleep. Neither of us remembered anything till we woke at 10 am next morning, as usual I had a eager wet mouth planted on the end of my cock at that time.

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wow that was great its been awhile since you've posted....nice to read your stuff agiain
keep em cumming