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03-21-2008, 09:29 AM
My seven nights of delights 8.

Just before the alarm went off, I woke to the sound of muffled crying. At first I was not sure whether I was dreaming or not, until I turned towards the sound and found Charlady dabbing her eyes. When she saw I was awake, she immediately tried to hide the fact she was crying, I did not need to ask why she was crying for I too felt true sorrow knowing that Charlady would be on the train at 4 pm back to Scotland and our wonderful week would be all but a memory.

I slipped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her to me as I kissed her tears away. I explained that whilst I would be sad to see her leave, I had still planned a special day for her and that day needed us to get up and dressed right now. Charlady put a brave face on things as she went off to the bathroom.

I, meantime, phoned a few friends to remind them of the planned event later. I arranged for them to be here by 12 noon. I went to the guest room and laid out two very similar sets of clothes for Charlady, Her favourite red short skirt and silver blouse for the special event and a black short skirt and white semi transparent blouse for travelling home in.

When Charlady exited the bathroom, I told her to wear the silver and red, I gave her instructions to wear no underwear and then come to the master bedroom in exactly 25 minutes. I disappeared into the other room to prepare the scene. When Charlady entered the master bedroom, I ordered her to lie on her back on the bed. Nervously, she climbed on the bed and lay as she normally did when going to sleep. She was a little perplexed when I told her to move into the middle and move further down the bed until her knees were overhanging the foot of the bed.

Then I tied her hands to the straps fastened to the top of the bed, this led to her hands being spread wide and held tight above her head. Next a leather belt was fastened around her waist and this was then fastened to the straps fastened to the foot of the bed. Now the final straps were fastened to her ankles and then tied to the same bed posts as her hands. This in effect pulled her ankles up above her head and the waist belt pulled her hips towards the bottom of the bed.

I told Charlady to open her mouth and I slipped a mouth spreader into place and cranked it open to stop her from closing her mouth. This also meant that she had difficulty in talking and constantly need to swallow the excess saliva. I then attached nipple clamps to her nipples through her blouse; the chains to the clamps went round behind her upturned arse before returning to the other nipple.

I slipped her skirt down around her waist exposing her cunt and arse fully. Now her cunt and arse were almost above her mouth and ideally placed for her mouth to catch any dripping juices, whether cunt or cock.

Just then the front door bell rang, I immediately left Charlady alone to answer the door; Just as I was leaving I could not resist a playful slap on her arse. I could imagine Charlady straining her ears to try to find out whom and how many were at the door. I took the guys into the front room and quietly explained my plan for the next hour or so.

In effect this was that, they would remove their clothes here in the living room and would quietly in pairs enter the master bedroom have their fun with Charlady before swapping with each other. I told them the idea was to give Charlady as many orgasms’s as she could take in the next two hours and if that meant she had to accept load after load of cock juice then so much the better. I also explained that as she was tied now, she would not be able to offer much in the way of interaction but she was providing a double target for the spurts of spunk, her cunt/arse and her held open mouth.

Then very quietly, they tossed coins to arrive at the proper pecking order and silently climbed the stairs. They entered the guest bedroom and the first pair crept across the landing. They quietly followed me in to the bedroom and as soon as they saw how Charlady was tied, they were upon her. John buried his tongue deep inside Charlady’s cunt making sure to flick her clit as he played.

Roger wiped his cock over Charlady’s cheek threatening to slip it into her held open mouth. Charlady was already excited waiting for what she thought was going to be just the two of us, and now she was surprised with three cocks to deal with; little did she know about the rest hiding in the guest room.

Then Roger and John positioned themselves either side of Charlady’s upturned cunt, almost simultaneously they began slipping their cocks into her cunt and arse holes. Soon Charlady’s cunt was full of Roger’s cock while her arse bulged with the thick length of John’s. They then seesawed their cocks in her holes, alternating between John’s cock thrusting in to arse just as Roger’s cock was withdrawing from Charlady’s cunt.

Soon their rhythm was such that charlady began making unintelligible sounds as her climax broke. Still the guys pounded her holes as her first orgasm gave way to her second. Suddenly Roger pulled from her cunt and sprayed her pubic area with his seed. Shortly afterwards John pulled out and added his spunk to the white sticky mess now dribbling its way towards dropping on to Charlady’s face.

Both guys without a word immediately left as I scooped up some of their spunk and ladled it into her mouth. Charlady began breathing easier thinking that she was two thirds of the way to satisfying us all. Her eyes flew wide open again, as two more guys entered the room. At first she thought Roger and John had returned but suddenly realised this time it was Sam and Steve. Again they soon began by Sam fucking her cunt as Steve teased her nipples and once Sam had shot his load over her cunt area, he with drew and Steve dived in to the sloppy seconds of charlady’s cunt.

I began teasing her verbally calling her a cum bucket of a slut, a fucking wanton whore of a come loving bitch. Sam remained watching her taking Steve’s cock up her cunt telling her that her slit was being split in two by her favourite thing a big fat cock. Charlady tried to wail as her third orgasm gushed through her body and was so hard that she actually spurted her cunt juice up against Steve’s pubic bone before it dripped quickly down on to her face. A lot of it ended up falling into her mouth and she had no option but to swallow.

Finally Steve added his load to that already dribbling slowly towards her face, before they both left and the final couple of guys entered. George berated Charlady as being a fuck slut who was cock crazy and he was sure going to give her what she really wants and good fucking and he was saving his load of spunk for her tits. Trevor never said anything but soon had his cock buried deep in Charlady’s arse.

Then as he began fucking her like an express train he suddenly announced he wanted her to accept his spunk deep in her womb and hoped she would become pregnant with his bastard child, just so every time she breast fed the baby she could think of Trevor sucking on her milk laden tits. Suddenly charlady felt the first spurt of his scalding semen hit the walls of her arse and the send one spurted forth and hit her right between the eyes.

George climbed onto the bed and eased his cock into her cunt where he thrust as fast as he could for twenty minutes bringing a couple of Climaxes from Charlady, before he grunted his approaching orgasm. He quickly pulled his cock out and his spunk plastered itself all over Charlady’s face.

I released Charlady’s mouth spreader and immediately had her suck my rigid cock, telling her I was going to coat the throat of my favourite cock sucking whore, my little suck bitch, the number one cum slut. I fast fucked her mouth until I coated her tongue and teeth in sticky white baby seed.

Noticing the time, I had to tell Charlady her fun was at an end and she would not even have time for a shower, so with a warm wet cloth I cleaned her up as much as possible and sent the guys home. Once untied and released, Charlady was escorted to the guest room and ordered to remove her wet sticky clothes and replace them with the black skirt and white blouse. She was still not allowed to wear underwear.

As I drove her to the station I had me hand buried in her lap and my finger deep inside her cunt whilst my thumb flicked at her clit. When we pulled up outside the station, it was fairly quiet so I took her case from the boot of the car and in doing so I retrieve a pair of bright red lacy panties. With her case on the pavement I pulled her to me and slipped my hand in my pocket pulling out the Ben Wah balls.

Without Charlady seeing them, I then slid my hand between her legs and slowly popped one of the balls up her cunt as we kissed passionately. Seconds later the second ball popped into her cunt and I ordered to slowly put on her red panties.

As she stepped into the panties an elderly couple walked past the woman was making out she was disgusted with Charlady’s actions but the guy could not tear his eyes from Charlady as her panties made their way up her legs. In fact he almost collided with a lamp post just as Charlady raised her skirt to access pulling her panties into place.

With a wave and a smile she blew a kiss to the stunned guy, before we disappeared into the station. As we waited for the barrier to open so she could board her train, I gave her some last minute instructions for the homeward journey. She was to give four blow jobs to different men in the toilets and was to suck at least two cunts to orgasm before arriving back home. Then she was to email me all the details like prick sizes, colours and how she managed to carry out her tasks also I wanted details of the two women she sucked ages, sizes and whether she got to see and play with their tits, also whether they were shaved or not.

As we stood so close, I had my hand up the back of her skirt stroking her cunt lips, and as males would pass if they looked in our direction I would raise her skirt just enough for them to see me fondling her ass. The looks I got back convinced me that they were thinking what a lucky old bastard, to e playing with such a young cunt as that.

All too soon, the barrier to the platform opened and charlady had to leave. With sad farewells we promised another Holiday real soon would take place either in Scotland or here in London. Unsurprisingly Charlady begged for it to be here in London. But then she would for her favourite fantasy actually happened here in London, the nettles in Epping Forest.

I must admit I too was feeling tearful as we said our last goodbyes before the train started to pull away. The last vision I had was Charlady leaning as far out of the train as she could waving frantically at me, no doubt with some lucky bloke staring at her exposed panties as she did so.