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03-22-2008, 10:37 PM

Our car was at the garage for repair and they didn't have a spare 'loaner', so my wife, Brenda, (who is a beautiful, petite 20 year old) and I had to travel into town on the commuter train. We were grumbling about the train being quite full and having to stand. We didn't know how well off we where, at the next station dozens more people got on and we where packed in like sardines.

In the crush, Brenda and I where separated, I could see the top of her head over the crowd. There where mostly business men on the train so it wasn't surprising that Brenda was surrounded by men.... but the funny thing was that they where all facing Brenda, you would expect a group to be facing different directions. The train lurched and a gap appeared momentarily and I could see that Brenda's mini skirt was around her waist and her panties were pulled down by her knees. One guy was fingering her cunt, another was fondling her bum. Her top was pulled up (she doesn't need a bra) and 2 more where playing with her tits.

I was surprised at my reaction, I had a terrific hard-on, here was my sweet young wife being molested by a group of strangers.... and I was enjoying it. I reached down and started to rub my cock through my trousers. I didn't get the chance to see any more of the show but as a guy was getting off, he whispered to me. "There's a hot little bitch over there, go and get a feel before she gets off."

The trip had taken about 30 minutes and as we approached our station, Brenda made her way over to me. She looked a little flushed as she said "It's certainly packed in here." I agreed that it was and we got off and went off to work. During the 10 minute walk to where we parted company, (we work in opposite buildings) she made no mention of what had happened, nothing about the men interfering with her. We met for lunch and again she said nothing about it, just made small talk and gossip from the office.

We met up at going home time and made our way to the station. "I wonder if the train will be as packed going home?" was the only comment that she made. The train was indeed just as packed. I allowed myself to be pushed away from Brenda by the crowd but I managed to swing around so that I was standing behind the men that were behind her. I recognised some of them from that morning, the same men who had groped my wife. There were some different men but I was sure that they would follow the lead of the others and join in with playing with this, more than willing, beautiful sex-toy.

Sure enough, within minutes of leaving the station one of the guys was pulling up her skirt. I was surprised to see that she wasn't wearing any panties, she had come prepared. She was having her cunt fingered again and her tits played with and sucked. I reached between the guys in front of me and sliding my hand across her bum and between her legs, I took a turn at fingering her cunt. It gave me a peculiar sensation to be clandestinely finger fucking my own wife as though she was a stranger. My arm was soon pulled out of the way as other guys wanted a turn at playing with her cunt.

Pretty soon she was writhing and moaning. She had her arms around some guy’s neck and was kissing him whilst the others were bringing her to a climax.

As her climax subsided, she just sort of hung there on the guy’s neck, exhausted. Someone lay a briefcase flat on the floor and lifted her by the hips so that she was standing on it. She is quite small and this brought her hips up to a height that made it easier for her to be fucked. With a hand on each of her hips, the guy pulled her back onto his hard dick. I watched mesmerised as I saw this stranger's dick entering my lovely wife's cunt. The guy who my wife was hanging onto, lowered her down so that her face was level with his crutch. He opened his zip and pulled out his cock and pressed it to Brenda's lips. Her delicious mouth opened and let the stranger's cock enter. At first the guy was going gently but as the fucking she was getting from behind started to get harder, she was pushed forward onto the cock in her mouth and pretty soon she was having her throat fucked as well.

The guy fucking her came quickly and before he could withdraw his cock, he was pulled out of the way as another guy rammed his cock up her and fucked her furiously for about 30 seconds and another load of spunk was shot up my lovely wife's cunt.

By the time we got to our station, she had been fucked by 8 men in the cunt and as many shot spunk down her throat. I had taken a turn at fucking her myself and as I had never been part of a gang bang before plus the fact that it was my wife being fucked by all these strangers, I had the most explosive climax that I can ever remember.

She was completely out of it, what with all the fucking and all the climaxes that she had experienced, she didn't know what or where she was. I rearranged her clothes quickly and got her off the train.

That was the start of our group activities. We have lots of gang bangs at home and at saunas and sex cinemas where she loves being the centre of attention. But still her favourite is being used on the train. We always travel to work by train now but since that first time she is a little bit more discrete, she will 'come on' to only one or two guys at a time. Her favourite is to get into a corner, kneel down and suck cock. She enjoys swallowing spunk but sometimes she likes it sprayed over her face. When she does this, I have to be ready to clean it off before anyone notices. I usually lick it off then we kiss and swap the spunk from mouth to mouth. ;drool ;drool [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

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Great to see you back with us again...Sorry so late to post....:)

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Very enjoyable story.

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Filthy and fabulous! Thank you!

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awesome story- nice mental images

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loved the story, got me good and hard

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This is one story on this site I can not read..the writer writes in yellow and it can't be read on my phone..lol the first comment I ever left.. sorry dude never know if it's a good story..

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Sorry about that shaggy...the background used to be darker and I thought I had fixed all the colored stories...hope you check back to read it.