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07-19-2006, 11:59 PM
Blood Sisters (FF/F+, nc, v, sn, sci-fi)
by Meatlover (address withheld by request)


Two sisters rape torture and snuff a female victim in
the distant future.


First in a series of stories describing the tales of
Tristy and Christy, a pair of identical twins who have a
lust for blood. These stories take place in the remote
future. The sisters were born on June 8th, 2856, and as
this story begins, they are celebrating their 23rd
birthdays. They murder people as a hobby, which in the
year 2879 is a socially accepted pasttime. In my fantasy
world, murder is legal, but nobody "wants" to die. They
always fight to the bitter end.


Remember that these stories are fantasy only and you
should not attempt any of this in real life. If you have
trouble seperating fantasy from reality, you should not
read this story.


Part I: Trash Day

The ignorant statuesque blonde secretary sat in the
corner of the basement on her bare ass. Her arms tied
painfully tight with twine behind her. Knees and ankles
similarily bound. Her sheer black nylons had runs in them
where the twine bit into her legs. The delicate pink
panties she had been wearing were wrapped around her
right ankle, and her black patent leather pumps were
falling off her feet. The blindfold was beginning to fall
down and gave her a view of the dark room. But the tight
red ball-gag in her mouth kept her silent except for an
occasional muffled complaint.

Tristy and Christy got up from the bed on the other side
of the room to watch their struggling victim. Both girls
were totally naked and wet from perspiration. Christy,
the hard-bodied redhead laid back down on the bed. "Awe
Tristy, her blindfold is coming off. It's so cute how she
keeps struggling like that. We should do her soon, don't
you think?"

Tristy was Christy's identical twin except that she had
had breast enlargement surgery and her hair was dyed jet
black. Tristy walked over to their victim and crouched
down to look at the terrified girl.

"You are such a cutie. Christy! This girl is going to be
a lot of fun." The girl struggled in vain as Tristy put
the blindfold back in place. Tristy ran her fingers
through the waist-long blonde sweat-soaked hair and then
walked back to the bed and laid down beside her sister.

"Oh boy Christy," Tristy whispered to her sister, "This
is going to be fun tonight. Any thoughts about this one?"

"I like her all tied up like that Tris, you really tied
those legs up good. She's even starting to bleed a little
around her ankles. You are really good at these games. I
could just eat you up you make me horny."

Tristy smiled at her sister and then rolled over to kiss
her gently on the lips. She curled her tongue and flicked
it across her sister's big soft lips, then she dove her
tongue into Christy's eager mouth. Christy gently bit
down on her sister's tongue as it played with her own

The two naked sisters embraced and made passionate love
for several hours while their pathetic victim sat in the
opposite corner on the cold cement floor. Waiting for
someone to help her.


Christy rolled over and flicked the light on. The
florescent lights came on after a few seconds. She poked
her head up over her sister's breasts to look for the
waiting blonde in the corner. The victim was still there
but she had fallen over onto her side and fallen asleep.
"She must have cried herself to sleep. Pathetic

"Tristy, wake up." Christy shook her sister till she woke

Tristy was half asleep. "Wa? Can't I sleep some more? I'm
tired, you wore me out."

"Well, you can sleep if you want, but I feel like
starting up with our catch of the day over in the corner.
You up for treating that girl to some sweet painful

Tristy's eyes opened a little further and she nodded.
"Yeah, we should get her started, shouldn't we? A little
pain before breakfast?" Tristy glanced over in the
blonde's direction. "I'll go get a hammer. You gonna wake
her up?"

"Yeah, I'll get the bitch up" was Christy's enthusiastic
response. Both girls got up out of bed. They both put on
a pair of baggy sweat pants. Christy walked over to the
victim while Tristy walked into a different room in the

"Okay my child, its morning. Time to wake up and face
reality." Christy said as she stood by the bound girl's
head. Christy used her bare foot to nudge the girl's
head. She put her foot on the girl's forehead and moved
her head till it banged against the cement wall behind
her. The blindfolded figure on the floor began to stir
and shortly Christy could hear the familiar sounds of a
terrified woman. Christy bent down and pulled the
blindfold off her head.

"I'd take your gag off too, but it's too early in the
morning to hear your screams. After breakfast, okay?"
Christy seemed to be waiting for the girl to nod in
agreement. "Okay?" Christy said as she looked into the
horrified woman's deep-blue eyes. Christy picked the
woman up off her side and propped her bound form against
the corner again, exposing her vagina between her svelte
toned legs.

"Lets see, we're going to go for breakfast soon, but we
should get you started with something before then. So
I'll grab these," as she picked up a handful of rusty
six-inch spikes from the countertop in the other corner
of the room. The spikes were sharp at one end but had
very wide heads on the other end. "Bring a knife,

Just then Tristy came from the other room with a hammer
and a large hunting knife. "I think these will do",
Christy said to Tristy with pride holding up the rusty

"Wonderful Chris! Where are we gonna put them?"

"I know exactly what we can do with them. Give me the

Meanwhile the pathetic blonde on the floor was wide-eyed
in fear. Glancing from one woman to the other in complete
horror. She started to scream through her gag as Chris
walked toward her with the hammer and rusty spikes. She
eve tried to kick at her as she got close, but Chris
laughed and pushed her bound legs to the side and knelt
down beside her. Then, grabbing her by the knees, she
straightened out the blonde's legs and placed them on the

Chris looked at the sexy blonde's feet. She was wearing
black patent leather high heels, so placing her feet flat
on the floor was very painful to the bound woman. She
struggled in her bindings to no avail. Chris caressed the
woman's feet through her nylons. "I'm gonna 'shoe' this
girl. Sort of like they used to do centuries ago with

Tristy had a puzzled look on her face. "Horses?"

Christy looked at Tristy and explained that horses were
animals that were tamed by human and used for
transportation and agricultural work several centuries
ago. They had been extinct for nearly two hundred years.
"They used to nail iron shoes to the hooves of the horse.
I'm gonna nail this girl's shoes to her feet. That way
they won't come off, and she'll be in lots of pain!"

"Wonderful idea sis!"

Christy turned back to the terrified blonde and smiled at
her. She took one of the rusty spikes and placed the
sharp end on the top of her right foot, a few inches up
from her toes. Holding her feet steady wasn't easy but
she managed. Then she brought the hammer down onto the
head of the spike and sent it an inch into the screaming
girl's foot. Christy let go of the girl and she kicked
violently. When she had calmed down a little, Christy
grabbed her foot again and continued to hammer the spike
through her foot.

She encountered a little resistance when the spike hit
the girl's shoe. One more shot with the hammer and the
spike cleared the sole of the shoe. The head of the spike
was now flush with the top of her foot and the tip was
poking through the bottom of her shoe. Christy then took
the claw on the other end of the hammer and bent the
emerging tip of the spike, covered with rust and blood,
bending it to a 90-degree angle so the spike was
permanently in place.

"There. That shoe won't come off. Unless we take the
whole foot off! But later babe" she said as she gave the
blonde girl a kiddish slap on her sweating face. "Next!"
Christy called out as she did the same to the other foot.
The left foot was done in much the same fashion except
that the first time she tried, the rusty spike broke
apart after it had been driven through the foot. Christy
just pulled it out and inserted another spike into the
hole in her foot and shoe and bent it into place.

Christy got up from the floor and patted the victim on
the head. "There Tris. Lets go shower and have some
breakfast. I'm starved!"

The two girls kissed and embraced then walked upstairs.


Meanwhile, the blonde victim sat in her corner focused
one hundred percent on the burning pain in her feet. She
kicked her legs violently in sporadic fits of pain and
fear. She heard the water in the pipes as the girls
showered, then she heard the girls in the kitchen making
noise and talking. Then she smelled the aroma of fresh
fried eggs, ham and toast.

And then....

The blonde victim's eyes opened wide when she heard
footsteps coming down the stairs. Then she saw the girls
walk down the stairs. Both were wearing red high-heel
pumps, short black miniskirts with no nylons, and black
leather bras. They both wore dark sunglasses so that the
victim in the corner would not be able to see their eyes.

"Delicious breakfast Christy! I'm stuffed. Now we need to
work off all those calories!" Tristy said with a giggle.
"Look, she's still here, still awake! Are you in pain,
little girl? Awe, look Christy, the poor thing is in
pain. Should we put her out of her misery?"

Christy stepped forward and pointed a finger at the
blonde on the floor. "This worthless piece of meat
doesn't deserve to live. But I want her to feel death
before it takes her and sends her soul to hell."

Tristy walked over to the counter and grabbed the large
hunting knife. "I think this long hair will come in handy
later, but it's just going to get in the way now." She
grabbed the blonde woman by the hair and using the
hunting knife cut all her hair off. The long strands of
hair in her hands were about three feet long, but the
hacked up hair left on her head was about 3 inches long.

Christy laughed at the blonde. "Worst hair I've ever
seen. tsk, tsk." She shook her head and as Tristy put the
long strands of hair down on the counter, she stepped
forward in front of the blonde. She reached down and
grabbed the girl by her shoulders and picked her up to
stand on her feet.

Since their victim had been crouched down in the corner
for nearly twenty four hours, her knees could not take
the pain and they buckled, sending her falling to the
floor, face first on the cement. Both Christy and Tristy
laughed at the pathetic girl. "I wonder if it was her
knees or the nails in her feet that did that. That's just
too funny."

Christy continued laughing as she knelt down to the
blonde's face. She saw that the girl's nose was obviously
broken. Blood poured freely from the impact of cement on
cartilage. Christy put a knee into the small of the
girl's back and dug it in hard. The girl twitched in pain
as she stretched her back and pulled her head up off the
floor. With her knee in the girl's back, Christy undid
the harness on the ball gag and let it drop out of her
sore mouth and onto the floor. The stunned woman on the
floor moved her mouth to get circulation back into her
lips and face.

"Got anything to say for yourself, whore?" Tristy yelled
in the victim's ear.

"You bastards! You can't do this to me! I didn't do
anything to you!" Was all that came from the girl's lips.
She obviously was screaming hard, but in part due to the
pain she was feeling and the knee in her back, she
couldn't muster any more than a hoarse coughing sound.

Christy laughed and pulled the girl to her feet by the
hands tied behind her back. The pain of her arms being
stretched in a direction they weren't meant to stretch
caused her to scream again.

Christy held her by the arms while Tristy stepped in
front of their victim. "You got it all wrong Miss. We can
do it to you, and you're right, you didn't do anything to
deserve it. You just happened to be in the wrong place at
the wrong time! Don't they ever tell you about the buddy
system? Never ever get caught after dark in a parkade by

"Especially if your gonna be dressed like you were last
night," added Christy.

"That's right. You gotta be a pretty stupid girl." Tristy
walked over to the counter and picked up a pair of
pliers. "Now Miss. We're sick of listening to you. Open
up wide!" With that, Christy held open the girl's mouth
while Tristy stuck the pliers into the open mouth of the
blonde woman, fishing for her tongue.

When finally she had the tongue in the grips of the
pliers, she yanked out hard, pulling the tongue out
several inches, beyond it's normal capacity. Tristy
deftly brought the blade of the hunting knife between the
girl's face and her own face, swiftly cutting the wet red
muscle off nearly at its root. Blood spewed out of the
blonde's mouth, spraying Tristy's chest with red.

Then Christy forced the blonde to her knees. With blood
pouring down the girl's face and chest, she was pushed
backwards so that her knees were forward but she lied on
her back, facing the ceiling. Tristy grabbed a paid of
the rusty spikes and quickly nailed them into the tops of
the girl's thighs. The spikes penetrated the femurs of
the girl's legs and she writhed in pain.

Then she placed a spike under the victim's left breast
and pushed hard until it penetrated the girl's flesh and
passed through the fatty mammary tissue. Soon it erupted
from the top of the girl's breast and Christy took the
pliers and bent the spike to ninety degrees so it
wouldn't come out of the fatty tit.

Tristy walked over to the counter and grabbed the long
strands of hair that had been removed from their victim.
She wrapped the hair around the hapless victim's neck and
tied it off so tight that the girl was surely not able to
breathe. They threw her prone torso up and forwards to
land on her face again. The girl twitched and spasmed.
She tried to free her arms to untie the hair around her
neck, which was slowly strangling her to death. Her legs
kicked and her jelly butt jiggled.

As she thrashed on her belly, Tristy kicked her hard in
the ass. Christy walked around and kicked her hard in the
side of the head, seemingly knocking her unconscious.
"Careful Christy, no need to get violent!" Both girls

They rolled the girl over onto her back. Christy bent
over and licked the girl's face from her chin to her
broken nose, over her eyes, and her ears. "Oh my god this
girl is making me so hot!"

"Is she dead yet?" Christy put her head to the girl's
chest to listen for a heartbeat. "I think she's still
with us, but barely. She's suffocating very nicely!"
Christy looked into the blonde girl's dying eyes. She
held the right eyelid open and licked the eyeball,
coating it with her saliva. "Yum, yum."

When the sisters were quite sure that their victim was
dead, Tristy got up and brought a tray from the counter
with several items placed on top of it. She grabbed the
hunting knife and cut the twine that held the dead
woman's knees and ankles together. She pushed the
stocking covered legs apart to expose the hairy blonde
pussy between them. She knelt close to the dead woman's
snatch and sniffed the bitter sweet aroma of sweat and
piss. Then she brought her tongue to the outer lips of
the spent woman's vagina and tasted the woman's sex.

Meanwhile, Christy picked up a device with a long plastic
tube that had been sitting on the tray. She kissed the
dead woman's lips and then placed an open end of the tube
against the woman's left eye. The tube created a seal on
her face around her eye. Christy pressed down to maintain
the air-tight seal while she activated an air pump on the
other end of the tube.

The mechanical air pump created a vacuum within the tube
and within seconds the girl's eye began to swell. Slowly
the eyeball could be seen bulging unnaturally out of its
socket until eventually it popped out of its socket with
a sickening sucking noise.

Christy immediately turned the air pump off and broke the
seal around the woman's extracted eyeball. The eyeball
laid on her cheekbone and was still attached to the
socket by a short twisted cord of optic nerves. Christy
picked the eyeball up between her forefinger and thumb
and twisted it around to see all sides of the soft little
orb. She knelt down and kissed the woman on the cheek,
and then kissed the iris of her eyeball.

Finally she sucked the eyeball into her mouth and licked
the blood from it. She suckled on the round optic orb for
several minutes until she popped it out of her mouth.
Then she snaked her tongue into the dead woman's vacant
eye socket. She greedily licked the empty socket clean,
swallowing any blood and other loose tissue from the
inside of the socket.

Then Christy took her long middle finger and with the
slender red-painted nail she dug into the thin wall of
tissue seperating the two eyeballs and eventually managed
to push the other eyeball from its socket. She had
created a large hole between the two eye sockets right
behind the bridge of the dead blonde's nose. She licked
the other eyeball and eye socket clean with her tongue
and savored the flavor of blood. Both eyeballs now laid
on the girl's cheeks, hanging grotesquely.

Christy grabbed a long flexible dildo from the tray and
motioned to Tristy to come take a look. Tristy smiled at
Christy's handiwork, examining the dead girl's face.
Christy took the eighteen inch long black rubber dong and
placed one end of it in the empty left-socket of their
dead victim. She moistened the tip of the dildo with her
tongue before inserting it into the vacant hole. Tristy
smiled at Christy and ran her fingers through her hair.
"You turn me on so much when you mutilate their faces
like this, Christy. I could just fuck you silly right

Christy returned her sister's smile. "In just a minute we
can fuck each other. I'm really horny right now." As
Christy finished speaking, she managed to get the tip of
the dildo into the through the hole adjoining the two eye
sockets, effectively skewering the dead girl's face
through her eye sockets. Christy pulled on the end of the
dildo until about seven inches of black rubber dildo
protruded from each eye socket. "Now we can share this
double dildo and fuck each other through this dead cunt's
head." She smiled at her sister as she rubbed the end of
the dildo against her outer pussy lips.

Tristy did the same with her end and soon both girls had
all seven inches of rubber inside their cunts, and began
to fuck each other, grinding their pubic regions into the
cheek bones of the dead blonde on the cement floor. As
they writhed in ecstasy on the floor, the dead woman's
head was forced side-to-side and around depending on
which sister was pushing harder. The dead woman's large
breasts jiggled as the two sisters jostled her head with
their cunts.

Christy reached down between her creamy thighs and rubbed
her clit while she fucked herself on the dildo. She
ground her pubic bone into the cheek and eyebrow of the
dead blonde. Then she put the dangling eyeball between
her fingers and began to rub the iris of the extracted
eyeball along her clit. As she mashed the eyeball into
her clitoris she began to explode in a violent orgasm.
Tristy watched with lustful eyes as her sister came on
the dead woman's crushed eyeball. With the dildo deep
inside her own pussy, she felt the vibrations of her
sister's orgasm as it ran through the eye sockets of the
dead victim.

Christy wasted no time after her orgasm finished and
slipped her cunt off the large black dildo. She grabbed a
hacksaw from the table while her sister continued to frig
herself on the other end of the amazing rubber dong in
the dead woman's head. Christy began sawing through the
left ankle of the dead body. She quickly sawed through
the limb and held the nylon-covered foot, spiked to the
black patent leather high-heeled shoes. She licked the
top of the pretty foot and brought the foot near her
sister's cunt.

Christy licked the area where the dildo met her sister's
sex, then she suckled and deep throated the 5-inch heels
of the shoe spiked to the severed foot. She moistened the
heel with her saliva and then slowly inserted the full 5
inches into Tristy's tight puckered brown asshole. As she
did this, Tristy shook with a massive orgasm that rocked
her body for several minutes.

Christy continued to fuck her sister's tight asshole with
the black leather shoe during her orgasm. When Tristy was
finished, she laid back to regain some energy. Shortly,
she got up from the floor and put on a strap on dildo.
She buckled the straps around her waist and hips. Then
she got back on her knees and climbed aboard the chest of
the dead blonde. Christy got behind the dead girl's head
and violently pulled the long flexible dildo from the eye
sockets. The dildo popped out of the dead woman's head
with a loud hollow-sounding "pop!"

Christy picked the head up off the floor by the short
hair on the top of its skull. In this position, the eye-
less face was now facing Tristy's menacing strap-on
dildo. She brought the tip of the plastic dildo towards
the right eye socket. She used her hand to guide the head
of the dildo into the eye socket. "Oh, this is going to
be a tight fuck!!!"

She pushed harder to get the dildo further inside. When
the tip hit the back wall of the eye socket, Tristy
pushed hard, and Christy held the head firm. Soon, the
dildo penetrated the soft tissue wall and sunk deep into
the brain of the deceased blonde. Sickening squishing
sounds were heard as the two sisters pushed against each

Tristy smiled gleefully as she fucked the dead woman's
skull through her empty eye socket. She reached down and
put her finger inside the empty left eye socket. She dug
with her long fingernails through the soft tissue wall in
the eye socket and used her fingers to play with the soft
brain tissue. She brought her fingers out of the brains
and put them up to her sister's mouth. Christy licked her
fingers clean, swallowing the bloody gray matter.

Christy reached down for the hunting knife and used it to
cut the twine holding the woman's arms behind her back.
The dropped the knife on the floor and threw the arms out
to the sides of the corpse. Then Christy reached over to
the tray beside the body and picked up a large hacksaw.
She brought the hacksaw between herself and her sister
and she gingerly licked the serrated blade, moistening it
with her saliva.

Then she brought the blade down onto the right shoulder
of the dead girl's body and bit into the flesh with a
slow stroke away from her. Tristy smiled at her sister as
Christy began to pump the hacksaw in tune with her own
skull-fucking rhythm. As Tristy fucked into the dead
skull, Christy pulled back on the hacksaw. As Tristy
pulled out, Christy pushed the hacksaw forward.

Soon Christy had sawn through the bone and only the soft
skin on the dead woman's shaved underarm held the sexy
arm to the rest of the corpse. With one more powerful
stroke, Christy cut through that last remaining
resistance and the arm fell off the corpse and landed on
the floor. A little blood trickled out of the stump and
created a small puddle.

Christy put the hacksaw down and picked up the severed
arm. She brought the hand up in front of her face and
studied the long, sexy fingers. The fingers of the dead
woman's hand were stretched out straight. As the woman
died of asphyxiation, her entire body had tensed up. The
long fingernails were painted a dark shade of red.
Christy sucked the forefinger into her mouth and tasted
it. It tasted like salt to her and she licked it clean.
She pulled the finger out and her saliva made the skin
glisten in the dim light of the basement.

Christy put the finger back in her mouth and forcing it
to the back of her throat, making sure not to invoke her
gag reflex, she managed to get the whole finger in. Then
she bit down hard on the finger and broke the skin. A
little bit of blood swelled around Christy's lips and
trickled down the severed arm.

Christy closed her eyes and savored the bitter taste of
the blood. She brought the stump of the severed arm to
her sex mound and rubbed the bone into her clit. Wrinkles
appeared on her forehead as she came violently on the
severed stump of the arm. She dug her teeth into the skin
all around the base of the long bony finger and as she
finished her orgasm, she pulled back on the skin and
removed all of it from the finger. The skin remained in
Christy's mouth and bones of the finger remained upright,
still attached to the hand.

Christy fished into her mouth and pulled the long red-
painted fingernail from the skin and threw it aside on
the floor. She chewed on the skin and savored the taste
for a few minutes before spitting it out and throwing it
on the floor. Tristy, having watched her sister skin the
finger continued to fuck the corpse's skull, never
missing a stroke.

Christy still held the severed arm in her hand and she
reached over for the large hunting knife. Placing the arm
down on the floor, palm-up, she brought the knife down
hard on the wrist, stabbing right through the middle of
the narrow target. Then she pulled the blade down between
the two bones of the forearm until she reached the elbow.
She set the knife down and put her fingers into the slot
she created. She gripped both of the bones of the forearm
in her hands and tugged a little. They were quite thin
but fairly firm.

"Care to make a wish, Tristy?" Both girls smiled at each
other. Christy brought the severed arm in front of her
sister. Tristy reached into the forearm and grabbed one
of the bones, Christy grabbed the other. Tristy
momentarily stopped her skull-fucking as the two sisters
pulled hard against each other. In a few seconds a loud
*CRACK* echoed through the basement both girls went
flying backward.

Tristy laid on her back with her bloody strap-on dildo
standing proudly in the air. In her hand she still held
the bone of the forearm and attached to that was the hand
and the upper arm. Christy flew backwards too, but all
she had was the arm bone she had grabbed. "Shit!" Christy
said and threw the bone to the floor. "I hope you wished
for something good, Tristy!"

Tristy got up and smiled. "Wouldn't you like to know!"
She laughed and threw the arm on the ground. Tristy then
grabbed the hunting knife and cut away the dead victim's
hair, which had been used to strangle her. She was
careful not to cut into the skin of the neck. "Christy,
grab that hacksaw. I think it's time we got inside this
lovely woman."

"Okay sis!" Christy picked up the hacksaw again and
kneeled on the floor beside the corpse. Tristy picked up
the dead woman's head and held it steady with one hand on
the forehead and the other on the back of the head. She
curled some of the short blonde hair around her fingers
to gain a little extra control. Then Christy brought the
saw down on the top of the head and began to saw into the
skull. She used as much force as she could to get the saw
blade through the hard bone. With each stroke she managed
to get through about half an inch.

Occasionally she had to stop for a second to rest,
leaving the saw embedded inside the dead woman's head. As
she continued, she sawed down behind the eye sockets and
through the soft area of the temples before hitting the
bony beginnings of the jaw-bone.

To make it easier to cut through the jaw bone, Christy
grabbed a heavy hammer and smashed it into the jaw in the
area immediately ahead of her path through the woman's
head, crushing the bone into smaller fragments. Then she
continued to saw through until the blade exited under the
woman's chin.

Carefully Tristy placed the head back down on the floor
and smiled at her sister, who was now sitting on her ass,
breathing hard from her exertion, still holding the
hacksaw in her hand. She was sweating hard and needed a
break, so she sat there and smiled at Tristy.

Tristy turned back to the corpse and smiled at the vacant
eye sockets, and the bloody tongue-less mouth. She snaked
a couple fingers from each hand into each of the empty
eye sockets and pulled upward on the face, lifting the
entire face, bone and skin, from the rest of the head.
She saw where the hacksaw had cleanly cut through the
brain, it was flat and flush with the edges of the bone.
She saw the massive hole in the brain behind the right
eye socket, which she had made with her strap-on dildo.
She touched a portion of the brain with the smooth
surface made by the hacksaw. She dug in a little with her
long fingernails and picked a little bit out and put it
in her mouth.

"Mmmm, this is delicious stuff Christy. Come have some."
Tristy placed the top half of the corpse's head down
beside the bottom half. The back of the face cut by the
hacksaw sat flush on the floor.

Christy crawled over to sit down beside the corpse and
looked inside the head. She saw what her sister had seen,
and she too reached in with a finger and coated it with
brain matter. Then she sucked it off her finger. She was
still breathing hard from her hard work and her breasts
heaved with every heavy breath.

The two girls sat on either side of the corpse and dined
on the dead woman's brains for nearly half an hour. They
chatted a little about what they had done to the woman so
far and also about what they might yet do to her. When
they finished eating, nearly three quarters of the
woman's brains were gone, the skull creating a large
bowl-shaped basin lying on the floor.

Tristy picked up the top half of the head, her face, and
with a violent shake, the portion of the brains which had
remained with that part of the head slurped out and onto
the floor. She put the face in front of her own and
peered out the empty eye sockets at Christy, using the
dead blonde's face as a mask. "Peek-a-boo!" Both girls

Tristy brought the face mask down towards her strap-on
dildo and suddenly her face changed from one of goofiness
to one of sexual need. She slowly put her strap-on
through the mouth of the face mask so that it emerged
from the pouty lips. Then, staring at her sister, she
laid back on the floor and motioned Christy to come for a
ride. Christy took the cue and crawled over to her sister
and mounted her. Christy reached down and caressed the
face mask which was now impaled on her sister's plastic
cock. Then Christy began rubbing the slit of her pussy
lips up and down the length of Tristy's strap-on, making
it slick with her love juice.

Christy reared up on her hips, over the plastic cock and
down again. She rubbed her pussy into the dead woman's
nose, making it slick with her sex nectar. Then Christy
reach back and placed the head of the strap-on at the
tight opening of her asshole, never bringing her clit off
their victim's nose. She pushed down on the strap-on
until finally it pushed into her anus and she ground
herself furiously into the plastic phallus and the dead
flesh of the blonde's nose.

Tristy fucked her beautiful sister through the blonde
girl's dead face, grabbing Christy's hips as she gyrated
into sexual ecstasy. Soon, Christy was cumming violently
on the dead face, covering it with the aromatic love
juice from her pussy. Christy laid down on top of Tristy
and hugged her and kissed her and rested for awhile.
"Wonderful Sis.... you're so wonderful."

When Christy climbed off her sister's strap-on dildo, She
pulled the face mask off her plastic cock and kissed the
open mouth, then licked with her tongue to the empty left
eye socket. She stuck her tongue through the eye opening
and licked the edges.

While Christy made out with the dead face, Tristy moved
back towards the rest of the corpse. She picked up the
hacksaw and kneeled down beside the midsection of the
corpse. She put the hacksaw on the top of the right
thigh. She looked down the length of the dead blonde's
sexy leg. The sheer black nylon stockings came up to
about half way between her knee and where she had the
hacksaw blade. The stockings were a little ripped around
her knee where she had been tied before. And the sexy
foot with the spike driven through it to keep it attached
to her black patent leather spiked stiletto heels.

Tristy began to saw through this delectable piece of meat
and easily got through the skin and muscle and sinew of
the nicely toned leg. When she struck bone, a loud
grating sound filled the basement and entire corpse
vibrated. Tristy put extra effort into sawing through
this, the largest bone in the dead woman's body. It took
several minutes of intense labor for Tristy to cut
through the entire diameter of the femur.

Once through, she paused for a few seconds and shifted
the leg to bend at what would normally be an impossible
angle for a leg to bend. The leg now stuck out at nearly
a ninety-degree angle from the rest of the corpse. Tristy
quickly sawed through the less resistant sinew of the
hamstring and pushed the leg away from the corpse.

Tristy crawled after the leg and lay down on her back.
She pulled the foot to her snatch and began rubbing the
open toes of the limb into her pussy. She got herself and
the dead foot soaked in her juices and then moved the 5-
inch heel of the shoe to her pussy. She rubbed the hard
heel directly onto her clit and frigged herself.

Tristy was oblivious to the fact that Christy approached
her and with the hunting knife, she cut away all the meat
from the thigh and quadriceps of the severed leg. Then,
also on her back, Christy began frigging herself off on
the stump of the femur at the other end from her sister.
Both girls frigged themselves adding more pleasure to the
other from vibrations traveling through the dead severed
leg. Both girls seemed to reach a crescendo together and
came violently; forming small pools of sweat and sex
juices on the floor around them.

Both sisters lay on the floor with the two ends of the
severed leg still inside of themselves. They both fell
asleep and remained like that for several hours.

When Christy woke up, she found herself using the soft
abdomen of the dead blonde as a pillow. She turned her
head and felt the icy-coldness of the dead body against
her cheek. The pungent aroma of rotting flesh was also
beginning to fill the basement. She moved her arm and
felt the stump of where the right leg should have been if
Tristy hadn't sawed it off. With her fingers she traced
the large bone and played with the softer muscle tissue
around it.

Tristy was still sleeping, so Christy got up and used a
wet towel to clean her face. Then she picked up a large
heavy garden spade and stood over the corpse. She
surveyed the corpse. The face was gone, leaving an empty
brain-case. The right arm had been sawed off at the
shoulder. The right leg had been removed from the hip,
and her left foot had also been removed. Around the room
she saw the pieces of the woman, which were no long
attached to her corpse. Most notably, the severed leg
still between her sleeping sister's thighs. The heel of
the shoe still pressing against her sex.

Christy stood beneath the dead woman's crotch. She put
the tip of the spade on the corpse's abdomen, immediately
underneath the sternum. She gripped the handle of the
heavy tool in both hands and lifted it up. With all her
might she brought it down on the soft belly right
underneath the dead woman's ribcage. The blade of the
shovel sunk easily into the cold flesh and Christy felt
violent vibrations as the spade hit bone (spine?) or
possibly the cement of the basement floor.

She pulled the spade from the wound. The wound remained
wide open. She could see the grayness of internal organs;
there was no blood or any kind of fluid to speak of.
Christy walked around to the head of the corpse and stood
with each foot on either side of the gaping hole of the
skull. She put the tip of the spade this time on the
lower abdomen, below the navel, slightly above the pubic
bone and her little bush of blonde pubic hair. The tip
was directly between the protruding hip bones. Again she
gripped the spade tightly and lifted it high. She brought
it down with incredible force, and this time she knew she
had severed the spine and hit cement floor.

Christy used the spade to finish cutting through the
corpse at both sections. She brought it down on her hips,
finishing the cut through the lower abdominal section.
Then she brought it down a few more times just below the
ribcage. With satisfaction she stood beside the corpse.
With her foot, she rolled the mid-section of the
abdominal part of the corpse out from where it laid. The
piece of the torso easily rolled out sideways from the
corpse, the internal organs and intestines remaining
inside the soft but firm cold dead abdomen of the once
beautiful dead blonde.

Christy walked around to the other side and surveyed the
section of the corpse she had just removed. She saw the
intestines from the lower cut and how they snaked and
curled around each other. She touched one of the tightly
packed curls. Gray and cold. Then she looked at the upper
cut and saw the stomach. She touched it and for some
reason realized that the dead woman hadn't eaten or had
anything to drink for over twenty four hours before they
killed her. Then she thought of stuffed Cannelloni, the
Italian pasta dish with long round noodle tubes stuffed
with meat and sauce, and how this dead woman's belly
reminded her of that.

Christy stood back up and with a girlish grin on her
face; she jumped up and stomped on the soft belly of the
removed abdominal section. Intestines and organs squished
out either end of the tube of flesh. The belly flattened
and laid on the cold cement floor.

At the sound of Christy's giggling, Tristy woke from her
restful sleep and saw what she had done to the dead
woman. "Christy! I love what you've done with her! She
looks so much more sexy now." She looked down at what
remained of the corpse and saw a space of about sixteen
inches between the ribcage and the hips. The hips had
only one leg attached to them, clad in black sheer
stocking, minus the foot.

"Hungry?" Christy asked Tristy.

"I am starving, Sis."

Christy got down on her knees in front of the gaping hole
below the dead woman's ribcage. She sunk her arm into the
huge wound right up to her elbow and began feeling around
in the sticky mess of the chest cavity. When she got a
grip on the cold heart, she pulled on it to loosen it.
Then she used the hunting knife to cut the large arteries
and freed the organ from the corpse. "Lets have heart
stir-fry tonight. My treat Tristy!"

Both girls laughed and went upstairs to have dinner. When
they came back downstairs a few hours later, they pulled
out a large red plastic bin marked "City Garbage
Collection: Human Remains Only!". They picked up all the
little scraps of girl meat laying around the basement
floor and dumped them in the bin. They carried it outside
to the curb. As they set the bin down at the curb, they
saw Mr. Quick next door carrying out an identical red bin
in front of his house.

"Hello Mr. Quick! I see you had some fun today too!"

Mr. Quick was a married man of about 45 years old. His
wife was very sexy for her age, and both Christy and
Tristy had slept with her occasionally, although they
weren't sure if Mr. Quick knew about his wife's lesbian

"Yeah. A lot of fun today." As he dropped the bin on the
ground, the girls looked in the bin and found a young
girl about fifteen years old. She'd been dismembered. Her
arms and legs laid alongside her torso. They saw that the
girl was not yet dead, and she blinked as she
hyperventilated. The poor teen's mind was obviously gone
with the pain and horror of what had been done to her.

Mr. Quick started walking back toward his house when he
continued talking. "Goddamn it. I told her I'd kill her
if she got pregnant before her sweet-sixteen." That's
when both sisters recognized the dying girl in the red
garbage bin as Mr. Quick's teen daughter Michelle.

Christy smiled at Tristy and said, "Lets stay here and
watch her till she dies, okay?"



An epitaph for the dead blonde in this story:

Christy and Tristy really never saw the dead woman in
this story as a living person. They only really saw the
skin, muscle, bones, blood and brains of a human body. A
sex toy.

What this woman did in life, the fact that she spent
close to a quarter of a century building memories, making
friends, and working to make a good living meant nothing
to the Blood Sisters. The only thing that meant anything
to them was that she would die. And that she would make
them cum.

The pieces of her corpse laid amongst a large pile of
other pieces of other corpses. Baking in the mid
afternoon sun, the pungent aroma of rotting flesh was
dangerously toxic to anyone not wearing a gas mask.

This was her final resting place.

What once was a beautiful statuesque blonde now laid in
many pieces in a large pile of other corpses, all having
suffered similar fates. She was more than dead. She had
been destroyed.

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