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Here is the final chapter in this series.......

My seven nights of delights 9.

Master Ray, please find my enclosed email of my train travel home.

Master Ray,

I begin this email at the point where I was leaning out of the window of the train waving goodbye to you, with tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart. I could feel this guys eyes burning into my arse and I realised I must be showing him an awful lot of my rear end.

As you disappeared from sight and I pulled my upper half back inside the train, and suddenly felt these hands on my backside. I turned around and was confronted by a man I later discovered was called Jerry and was travelling up to Newcastle. He invited me to share his coach bay. I agreed not wanting to be alone at that moment because I was still missing you.

I sat opposite him and felt him staring at my crutch area, knowing your orders for the tasks to be completed before arriving back home in Scotland, I must confess I allowed my legs to part showing him more of my panty crutch than before.

As we chatted, I let slip the reason for my sadness was leaving behind my dearest benevolent Master, and this sparked interest in Jerry knowing more about our relationship. I told him all about the set tasks, and the time scale of completing them.

Jerry agreed to help me complete the tasks, on condition that I was to give him the first blow job and at the end before he got off the train he was to be allowed to fuck me. Knowing you did not forbade me from fucking, and usually you gave me great leeway to complete the designated tasks, I agreed to his demands.

Jerry and I slipped off to the toilet and slipped inside. With me sat on the cold steel toilet, Jerry quickly slipped his trousers down. As his pants followed suit, I felt a little disappointed. His soft cock looked tiny and hardly worth the effort of being sucked. However I had agreed and lowered my head and began licking his hairy balls and Master, you know what! His cock began to swell and harden, as it did so it lengthened and it impressed me no end that from such small beginnings developed a reasonable rigid length of cock.

By the time I was licking the underside of the head it was about four and a half inches long. Poor Jerry, he obviously really needed a quick relief because as soon as my hand pulled back his hood of his uncircumcised cock and stuck my tongue into the eye of his cock head, he jetted forth his white thick spunk and it tasted lovely.

He rather embarrassingly quickly dressed and red faced he ducked out of the toilet leaving me the chance to play with my overheated cunt. I quickly pulled my panties off and pulled out the Ben Wah balls, delighting in popping them inside my mouth to suck off the delicious cunt juice. I was almost on the verge of cumming when I heard a knock on the door and a female voice whisper, “Charlady, Let me in, Jerry has sent me!”

I reached up and unlocked the door when it swung open just enough for a young looking woman to slip inside. She stood staring at my lacy panties on the floor and my swollen cunt lips with the clear sign of the juices starting to run down my legs. With the door now closed and Sharon here leaning back against the door she hissed, “Well you fucking whore, are you going to fucking suck my cunt or what, Bitch?” As she said this she thrust her hips forward and I quickly reached for the hem of her skirt. I raised it up to find she was not wearing panties and her cunt like mine was shaved and already soaking wet.

As she rasped, “Suck it you fucking slut, I want your tongue inside my honey pot, cunt!” and she grabbed me by the hair, pulling my head down between her legs. In the split seconds before my lips met her cunt lips my nose was filled with the delicate aroma of a well juiced cunt. I managed to part my lips as she mashed my face to her cunt and my tongue snaked out and flicked her clit. I began drinking in her juices and as she rocked her cunt against my face I was flooded with the deep desire to stick my entire head up her cunt. I almost imagined what it would look like in my mind’s eye, her stood here and me knelt in front of her with my head up her cunt.

I could feel my own cunt bubbling away as Sharon began to pant her cries of passion, suddenly it was like my head was caught in the shower as her cunt jetted forth a shower of juices, covering my face and blouse in wet patches.

Sharon gasped her thanks as she slipped from the toilet and I was left to reflect. I could not believe I had just sucked off one guy, which was bad enough but then to have sucked a strange woman’s cunt and a squirter like me to boot. My main concern at that moment was my soaking wet blouse and how to dry it with out it smelling like a whorehouse.

I slipped off my blouse and rinsed it through in the small stainless steel sink, I wrung it out as best as I could and began fearing I may have to stay here till I arrived at my hometown. I decided that the best I could do was put on my slightly over damp blouse and hope no one would notice.

Carefully I walked back to my seat, passing the woman Sharon along my route, she blushed slightly as I passed and she realised why my blouse was wet. I approached Jerry who commented on my wet blouse, my dare aerolae clearly showing and my erect nipples pushing the limits of my blouse. I was just about to answer him when the section door opened and the ticket collector asked for my ticket, I blushed a deep red as I knew he was looking at my blouse.

Jerry did not help matters by telling me to remove my wet blouse and replace it with a dry one from my baggage. I thought I could bluff my way out of this until after the Collector had gone, but Jerry and Alfred, the collector suddenly began urging me on to change my blouse before I caught my death of cold.

I figured that Jerry had spoken to Alfred, and warned him about me submissive nature, Master, what could I do? I looked at the floor as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and finally removed it. I was about to turn to get a dry one from my bag when Jerry demanded I turn and let Alfred have a closer look at my nipples. Alfred immediately took my rock hard nipples into his rough fingers, pinching and twisting them with obvious delight. Suddenly I felt his lips on my nipple and his tongue flicking at the nipple. Jerry ordered me to raise my skirt so he could see my shaved naked cunt. Alfred quickly released my nipples and stood back to look, he then stuck out his hand and brushed its roughness against my tender cunt lips. I noticed the trail of wetness my lips left on the back of his hand.

I also noticed the bulge forming in Alfred’s pants and my juices began flowing even more. Master, why am I such a slut that the mere hint of a man’s hardening cock turns my cunt into a literal river.

Jerry must have seen where I was looking and suddenly began teasing me with, “Why, look this randy fucking bitch, wants even more cock? She was not content with having swallowed mine at our first meeting! Why Alfred why not let her show you her oral talents and she need not worry about her blouse this time!”

Alfred licked his lips and nodded, Jerry instructed Me to lick and suck Alfred’s cock and further more to swallow his spunk. Alfred released his rock hard cock and smiled as he said, “Well Slut, time for another cock feed! Maybe I should just fuck your wanton whorish cunt and have you sit in my spunk all the way home!”

Master I could not help myself, I knelt before him and sucked the life force from his cock until I was gulping down his thick salty seed. Alfred had a generous cock, it was a good seven inches in length and quite a thickness about it, also he must have been fairly celibate as he delivered such a generous load I could not swallow it all in one go. Jerry kept telling me I looked like the true slut bitch of a cum whore I was.

I was then allowed to replace my blouse whilst Jerry rigged a unique way of drying my wet one. He tied some string to each arm and fastened the other end around the window fastener and tossed my blouse out of the window to blow dry in the wind.

I could not believe it one and a half hours out of London and I had already sucked two cocks and one woman’s cunt. I hardly had time to draw breath as the thought of finding another two cocks and a wet sticky cunt to lick.

After some twenty minutes Alfred returned and spoke quietly to Jerry, every so often the pair of them would look in my direction and smile, suddenly Jerry spoke, “Hey Bitch, you still want to suck cock and if I am right you still have two more to do and another cunt to be licked before we arrive at your station.”

I nodded.

“Good then come with us, Alfred has found a couple who are also as randy as you are and they have agreed to allow you to help them over come this state!” Jerry continued.

Alfred, Jerry and I, with me topless, made our way down to the first class carriages where I was suddenly pushed into a salon car. Inside were a coloured guy and a white woman. As I entered Leroy demanded his white bitch remove her clothes to match my topless state, whilst he reached over and harshly manhandled my tits.

Out of the corner of my eye, master I saw Leroy pay some money over to Alfred, so I was being sold as a whore and that made me feel even more whorish and slutty. I was then told to suck Jayne’s cunt and her cunt, Master, was so hairy, I had to part the hairs to find her slit.

I must confess, Master Ray, I was not impressed with the white woman, whose name was Sandra, her cunt was not very pretty or nice to taste. But not wishing to fail in the tasks you set me, I persevered and managed to bring a climax from this demanding woman. Leroy then ordered me to remove all my clothes, Sandra looked at me with disdain and jealousy.

Soon Leroy pulled his eleven inch cock from his trousers and ordered Sandra to suck his cock, He kept telling her that she was to get it good and hard for him to fuck me with. I tried, Master, to explain that I would only suck him off and not allow him to fuck me, but he just laughed and said “We will see!”

Suddenly Leroy’s fat black finger’s were probing at my cunt which betrayed me, for the juices seemed to cascade from my stretched cunt. I almost passed out as my breathing became so shallow and raggard. When Sandra finally released Leroy’s cock, I was staggered for it had grown to nearly fourteen inches in length and I could no longer resist for I wanted it deep inside my over excited cunt.

Leroy had Sandra get on her hands and knees and pulled me closer to him. He then laid me over Sandra’s back with my legs held high and wide and rubbed his cock head along my bubbling cunt lips.

Very slowly he began to push his monster cock into my cunt hole, I swear I felt every single vein on its length and at one point thought it must surely be about to pop out of my mouth, it felt so long. Master, I have had some cocks but his was the largest, although and I am being totally honest here, your technique is far better than his for he was only interested in pleasing himself.

But what he lacked in technique he made up for with length and ferocity. I could not help but spray Sandra with my cunt juices. Leroy simply laughed as he watched his girlfriend drenched in my cunt juices.

Thankfully, he pulled out as he shot his load coating my face and hair in his thick seed but also poor Sandra got blasted as well and to be honest I could not tell who was worse off her or me. I quickly excused myself and left putting my skirt on as I hopped down the Corridor. At the first toilet I came to I slipped inside and cleaned myself up although I confess that I scooped the spunk from my skin and swallowed its salty taste.

I was just about to exit the toilet, still topless, when a young hunky looking guy almost burst in to the toilet, he slammed the door behind him, trapping me in the room with him and he quickly released his cock and began pissing. Suddenly he realised I was still there and with slurred speech, he said, “Sorry Lady, I was just bursting and if I didn’t empty my bladder right now I would have pissed myself!” Then he realised I was topless and began smiling as he ogled my tits.

I could not help but notice his cock was rapidly rising to the challenge and his circumcised cock grew to six and a half inches. When he reached over and began to pinch my nipples I surrendered myself and grasped his cock. A couple of quick wanks and I was on my knees sucking his cock. Master, your slut was about to complete her task in grand style, for I was in my natural feeling position of on my knees with a stiff cock in my mouth and loving the feel of its roughness against my tongue. I was soon swallowing his load and realised I thirsty from all this salty spunk and the train had not yet reached Carlisle.

I slipped out of the toilet and quickly retrieved my now dry blouse and after putting it on, I made my way to the buffet car where Alfred smiled at me and actually bought me a drink. As we chatted for a while I felt he was trying to get my address or a phone number from me, But Master, no one apart from you yourself will ever get that from me.

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Good work

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I've followed similar orders myself and quite enjoyed the experience.