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03-29-2008, 04:00 AM
An episode from my wife’s diary of true sexual encounters.

The night I went out with the girls, was a very strange night, some of the things I do remember are exciting and frightening! I don't remember meeting any one at the bar or on the way home. I do not know how I ended up at the local convenience store when this episode was over either. So I will start by telling you what I do remember.

The first thing I can recall from that night is being in a car with two guys, who they were or how I happened to get there, I really don't know. Here I was sitting between two men that I did not know. It was a little on the scary side. Hands were gently caressing my shoulders and neck. We were parked somewhere but I do not remember where it was. I felt the driver’s breath against my ears and neck. The other mans hand was working down my neck and slowly working down towards my breast. My nipples were so hard that I could feel them straining against the material of my blouse. He started teasing me with his tongue, working it around my neck and then sliding down on the outside of my blouse started sucking my tits through my blouse. I started rubbing my hand between his thighs and up towards his balls. I felt him slide his hand under my blouse and rub my nipples. He then slid his hand down and unfastened my jeans, and slid down the zipper. He had his hand on my belly for a moment and then worked it down onto my throbbing clit. I could feel chills all over my body. He told me to lay my head down into the drivers lap, and I did. He them removed my shoes and my jeans. He stuck his finger into my cunt and was finger fucking me so nice. I moved my head around in the drivers lap so I could plant my face onto his cock. It felt so hard. I reached down and played with my clit as the other guy pushed his fingers in and out of my cunt. I was so wet and he was so good with his fingers. I reached around and started to rub my hand on the drivers cock through his pants. I then unsnapped his pants and slid down his zipper so I could slide my hand onto his hot bare cock. His hardness felt so good.

We continued in this fashion until I heard the motor shut off. We continued to sit in the car and by this time I had the drivers cock in my mouth. I loved running my tongue around the head of his cock. I continued to suck his cock until he came in my mouth. The other guy was still fingering my cunt with one hand and he had his other hand stroking his cock. The driver got out of the car. The other guy that was fingering me slid up on top of me and was teasing me with his cock. I told him how much I wanted to feel him inside of me, but he continued to tease me. I wanted him so much. I finally told him to Fuck me, put your cock in my cunt and fuck me good! He said he would but that we had to get out of the car and that I had to sit on the hood. I did as I was told and he said that he would be right back.

The driver was the first one back and he sat down on the car next to me and told me to lay back. He said he heard that I was hot and looking for a hard cock. He got up and slid off of the car and pulled my ass to the edge of the hood. He bent over and started licking my cunt. He sucked my clit and he moved his fingers in and out of my cunt. The other guy returned and soon I had a cock in my mouth again. He moved his cock deep into my mouth. I was told again to move my ass to the edge of the car again. I was told how they were going to fuck me to death, with that I felt a cock slowly entering my cunt. He teased my with only the head for a while, I told him more how I needed much more. He fucked me hard until I came.

He then pulled out and switched places with the other guy. My ass was being licked and I felt him fingering my asshole. He stood up and started to rub his hard thick cock against my legs. He pulled me down onto his cock and grabbed my ass and he moved me up and down on his hard cock. He played with the cheeks of my ass and then plunged his finger in to my asshole. Now both of my holes were being fucked together. It felt so good. Pretty soon we both came. He continued to hold my ass and held me close to him. The driver came back and stood behind me as he reached around me to grab my tits and told me that I was not done yet. I was told to suck his cock, so I knelt down and started licking his balls, while stroking his cock. After placing is cock in my mouth, I was told not to suck any cum from his dick that he wanted to cum all over my tits. Right before he came he pulled his cock from my lips and rubbed he cock on my tits then exploded his cum all over my chest.

I remember getting back into the car and we rode, then the next ting I remember is waking up next to the local convenience store with my panties at my ankles…

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But you enjoyed every hot horny minute of your drunk body being entered and played with.

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Of course she enjoyed it! She always enjoys having her cunt reamed by strange cocks...

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Hmmmmm, been there!