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BSS-613 The Rancher's Wife by Agatha Kristenson

Chapter 1

The late afternoon sun was still blazing hot. Kate Sutherland wiped
the sweat from under her ponytail and bent again to pull tender green
onions from the crusted earth of the garden. The flies and bees sped
by in a monotonous tune of buzzing through the corn stalks and over the
tomato plants. It hung in the still heat that shimmered over the
fields beyond.

Kate straightened again and wiped her brow, looking out over the green-
gold rolling plains through the big poplar that stood guard over the
edge of the garden. It was almost a blinding color, the wheat gold
that burned the eyes and leeched their moisture in a Van Gogh painting.
Arles must have been very much like South Dakota she decided.

She moved over to the cucumber patch and pulled three big ones for
dinner, feeling their slick green silky length in her hand. Cole would
be home tomorrow. She blushed then, realizing those phallic vegetables
had made her think of her husband. Well, it had been a long time. Six
weeks in France while she'd been here alone on the ranch except for the
hired hands.

Kate wandered over to the strawberry patch, her basket almost laden now
with vegetables, the good things she grew every summer in this
unpromising earth. If the foreman hadn't been so new she could have
gone with Cole. She still didn't quite understand what was that
special about a Limousin bull but Cole studied every night after
dinner, the breeds, the blood lines, the beef per pound, the
proportions of bone and gristle and fat. A Limousin bull was finally
what he had to have ... and so he'd gone.

There were times when she almost hated the pedigrees and charts of the
cattle that Cole studied. He kept meticulous records and knew every
calf and the day it was born and who its great great grandparents were.
For this was the excuse he used every time she mentioned adopting a
child. "Hell no! I know too much about genetics. Adopting a kid from
one of those agencies would be like buying a bull or a heifer without
knowing the pedigree. You're liable to get stuck with anything! A
runt or worse!"

A sigh of apprehension escaped Kate's dry lips. What was Cole going to
say when he got home tomorrow and found out about the two high school
boys she'd hired to help for the summer. They were not of the "best"
bloodlines certainly. From the inner city, not much better than
foundlings. Hard tough city boys who knew nothing about ranches or
ranch life.

But that ad in the magazine had been irresistible. In her frustrated
maternity, she mothered everything, Cole said. Even the calves and the
cats and the dogs and the geese. Stubbornly she clung to the idea that
it was a good thing to give a high school boy a job, particularly boys
from the city who'd wind up on the street and get into trouble if
someone didn't help.

A small voice in her head whispered that she also wanted to convince
Cole that genetics weren't all that important. If she could make this
experiment work this summer. If Cole got fond of the boys, then maybe
he'd listen to reason about adopting a child.

Here she was, surrounded by all the fruits of the earth and she had no
bounty of her own. All the animals on the ranch gave birth and
multiplied and she alone was barren. Actually she really didn't know
if she was the culprit. When the doctor had wanted to do further tests
on both of them, Cole had adamantly refused.

Kate straightened up again and blew a long strand of chestnut hair from
her sweaty forehead. The angled sun sent an elongated shadow of her
across the ground. Short shorts and a sleeveless jersey did not
distort the ripe sensuousness of her body. Long, long shapely legs,
sleek curved hips, narrow waist and breasts that looked as though they
were made for suckling a man's children.

It was two years ago she'd decided there weren't going to be any. Even
the fertility drugs hadn't helped. It had been then that she'd started
her campaign to adopt a child but for two years now Cole had remained
stubborn and refusing.

Their whole relationship had been affected. Kate walked back toward
the house, past the willow and the fish pond. Lately even their
lovemaking. Cole didn't want her as often and when he did it was as
though he were only going through the motions. A few times when he was
drunk he'd even wanted her to do awful things ... lurid, debasing
perverted things. She'd have done even that if it would have given her
a baby ... but those ... well, "positions" couldn't possibly give her a
baby. It was physically impossible.

Kate stopped at the fish pond and looked down at the glinting darts of
gold flashing through the water. She popped a strawberry, warm from
the sun into her mouth. There was mama goldfish and papa goldfish and
three babies shooting through the clear green water. Stop it, she told
herself. Everywhere she looked everything reminded her that Kate
Sutherland had no child ... and all her brooding through ten years of
marriage had not brought her one ... nor all the tears ... nor all the

The gate squeaked and Kate looked up to see the two boys coming through
it toward the house. She smiled and waved. They lifted a hand
halfheartedly. Poor things, they looked exhausted. City boys weren't
used to hard ranch work.

Kate hummed to herself as she washed the vegetables in the sink. She
could hear Eric Petersen and Angel Orellio in the office-family room a
few steps down. They were sighing and slapping their knees and
talking. It was almost like listening to horses or bulls snort when
they were hot and tired. She rushed down to refill their beer glasses.

"How about another beer, boys?" They both nodded dumbly, sprawled in
the leather director's chairs with their shirts off and their legs
spraddled out in exhaustion. Kate took their beer mugs and held them
in front of the spout on the old brown refrigerator door. The beer
refrigerator was indispensable on a ranch and Cole liked it here in the
office where he could get to it without having to go to the kitchen.

She poured theirs and then reached inside to get an icy glass for
herself. They hardly looked at her, just stared vaguely into space,
getting their breath.

"There you are. A few beers and a shower and you'll feel better."

Angel snorted, his black eyes snapping. He was a dark Indian looking
Mexican American boy, wiry and strong looking but with the concave
chest of the perpetual sloucher ... terribly handsome in spite of his

"It will take more than a few beers. That heat will kill a man," he
said bitterly.

"Stop beefing," Eric advised, grinning. He had the quiet smiling
blondness that indicated his Nordic ancestry. A giant of a boy at
eighteen. He had fair almost white blonde hair and deep blue eyes that
crinkled when he smiled. Already his fair skin had reddened and burned
and was now turning to a deep tan. His shoulders were immense and his
hands like two rather dirty hams.

He was going to be fine. The foreman had told her that Eric worked
with a slow measured intensity and that he was strong as a bull. No,
it was Angel that was going to be a problem. He'd complained from the
moment she'd picked them up at the bus station. But then, heavens
knows what he'd had to endure in the city. Living in a ghetto with too
many brothers and sisters and only his foster mother to feed them with
a too small welfare check. Kate felt a rush of pity for him. She must
remember to tell Frank to go easy on him. And then she remembered.
Cole would be home tomorrow and he wouldn't go easy on anyone when it
came to working.

If only somehow she could make Cole see that the boys really could be a
help to him for the summer. There was so much to do. Cole complained
that the few hands that drifted through were really no help. Somehow
she had to make it work ... and if she did ... maybe ... just maybe she
could get Cole to realize that a stranger in the house wasn't so
terrible. A little stranger.

The dinner table was laden as usual with all the good things the ranch
grew, a big stew full of beef and green peas and beans and parsley and
potatoes and carrots. Platters of icy cucumbers and red tomatoes and a
cut glass tumbler sprouting crisp green onions. Two huge pans of hot
corn bread were passed and mounds of sweet butter. Tall glasses that
held at least a pint each were full of amber iced tea to wash all the
food down. An enormous strawberry shortcake stood waiting in the

The men ate with silent absorption making occasional grunting noises
and sighing a little. They wolfed the food as though it might be their
last, their faces trickling sweat despite the air conditioner. Kate
didn't mind their silence in the least; she had someone to talk with--
Gwen Carter--at the other end of the table. The two women chatted
gaily with each other and left the men to their eating.

Gwen was their new school teacher and would start teaching in the fall.
She was a sweet girl, but Kate felt she was completely out of place
here in South Dakota. As the Sutherland woman looked down the table at
her petite figure, daintily eating her food, she marveled once again at
the Dresden doll quality of the girl. Although Kate was only five
years older than the 23 year-old school teacher, she felt as if Gwen
were still a high school girl. She was perfect--in miniature!--but
like any fragile work of art, pretty unsuited for the rough life of the
plains. The girl obviously had come from a green house, sheltered
environment, and she frequently blushed when one of the ranch people
forgot about her and cursed a blue streak about something. Gwen had
said she came to South Dakota for the summer, before the school term
began, to learn about "real" people. Kate knew that if the young
teacher didn't watch her step with some of the ranchers, Sandy Gayman
the Meacham Ranch foreman especially, she might learn more about "real
people" than she had bargained for.

"Think you're going to last the summer, Gwen?" Kate asked.

"Oh, Kate, I'd never have made it this long if it weren't for you ...
but I think so ... maybe." She stopped and wiped her lips daintily with
her napkin, glancing involuntarily at the crude table manners of the
men and their rude silence. Delicate eyebrows lifted faintly in their
direction. Her blonde hair was twisted high on her head and her fair
skin was exposed by the scoop necked flowered cotton dress she wore.
Simple as it was, it was much too dressy for summer on a ranch.

Kate shook her head slightly at Gwen, glancing down the long table at
the ravenous males, bunched over their plates. No matter how few she
thought she had for dinner, she always wound up with a full house.
Frank, the foreman usually ate with them, then the boys, Eric and
Angel, then there was the tractor salesman who'd conveniently stopped
by at supper time to see Frank. Old Joe showed up frequently too, an
Indian who still trapped up north when he could and who wandered all
through the ranch country for free meals. Usually he managed to do
some odd job of work before he left. Then there was Frank's no good
cousin who just happened by. In the country you fed whoever "happened
by." It was an unwritten law. Anything else would have been

The men went out on the front lawn to smoke after supper and to swap
stories and belch. Gwen helped Kate clear the table and load the

"You know, Kate, I really want to help children ... but sometimes I
think the whole thing was a mistake, especially after I had all that
trouble with the ghetto kids. They just didn't seem to care about
school. I guess maybe that's my fault ... but no matter what I tried
with them ... it just didn't seem to work."

Kate turned from the dishwasher to take the stack of plates from Gwen.
"Well, you have to remember they haven't had any contact with what you
and I think of as civilized things. All they know is the slum and its
values ... so nothing else means much to them.

"My folks tried to warn me ... I guess that's why I want to do well

Suddenly there was music coming from the living room, gay guitar music,
Mexican music. Gwen and Kate went running in, drying their hands on
towels, to find Angel strumming and picking away on Cole's big golden
guitar. He held the instrument as though it were alive and sensuously

"Angel ... that's wonderful!" Kate cried out appreciatively.

Immediately he stopped and looked up sullenly.

"Don't ... please."

He drew himself up and leaned the guitar against the piano in the
corner of the room. "It was for myself ... not for anglos." Without
another word he brushed past them and went outside.

"Oh, dear," Kate sighed in spite of herself.

"That's the kind of defensiveness I can't seem to get used to with the
children," Gwen retorted, somewhat angrily. They went back to the

"Well, we just have to work it out, that's all," Kate answered
determinedly. She was going to make it work. She had to. She loved
Cole dearly but there came a time when a woman had to have a child too.

There was a shrill screech of tires on the gravel driveway and a squeal
of brakes. "I think you've got more company, Kate. Here, let me do
those pots."

Kate blew the stubborn strand of hair from her eyes and shook her head.
"No. Frank's out there. Probably someone to see him anyway." She
scrubbed the pots harder. "How's the coffee doing? They'll be
bellowing for a cup soon, even in this heat."

A few minutes later the sound of heavy feet on the steps coming up from
the office caused Kate to twist around from the sink, her hands still
immersed in the soapy water.

"Cole ... oh, Cole!"

A tall handsome dark man stood grinning at her. His hair was styled in
a longish cut with thick sideburns, the suit was a rich brown that
matched his twinkling brown eyes. South Dakota had never been exposed
to a suit like that. Why, it was ... well ... voguish and smart and
showed off his handsome broad-shouldered, lean-hipped physique to

Damn, damn, damn! Why did he have to come a day early and surprise her
like this? Kate felt like a fool in her old shorts and jersey, up to
her elbows in suds. And she'd bought that lovely slinkly jumpsuit for
his homecoming. Damn him!

Gwen smiled and slipped out. It must be wonderful to have a man of
your own ... your very own. And she could have too. Peter Miller
wanted to marry her before she left New York ... but no, she'd had to
prove herself, had mostly to prove to her father that his art galleries
weren't the world ... the real world ... where it was with real people.
But, so far, the only one she'd found was Kate. Ironically Kate was an
artist too.

Kate just stood there as the tears welled up in her eyes. Damn Cole.
He looked so smart and elegant, a new suit, new side burns and hair cut
and here she was all hot and sweaty and house-wifey looking. No make-
up, her hair stringing. "Damn you!" she finally blurted aloud.

"For what?" Kate felt his arms wrap around her from behind and his lips
brush her temple. "Hello, wife woman."

"Ohhhh ... just damn ..." she wailed.

Cole dropped a kiss on her neck and tightened his arms around her slim
waist. "I can go back where I came from, you know. Those chicks in
Paris thought I was pretty hot stuff," he teased.

"It's just that I wanted to be all dressed up and pretty for you ...
and you have to go and spoil it all ... barge in and find me looking
like a hag ... and ... oh, hell ..." She was sniffling now, not only at
how she looked but the apprehension over hiring Eric and Angel and how
Cole might take that. She'd never interfered with the operation of the
ranch before.

"Go on. Go on outside and let me get cleaned up at least.

"Okay, baby. I'm going to get a drink and you grab a shower while I
get rid of the delegation ... and then ..."

"Ah ... don't go ... oh, Cole ... I'm so glad you're home!"

For answer he twisted her face around and kissed her soundly, then
whacked her bottom affectionately with a resounding slap of his hand.
"Hurry up."

When he'd gone, Kate just stood for a moment at the sink. He looked
fit and wonderful but different ... younger, more attractive, like a
swinger. She wondered about that. What had happened while he was in
Paris? Had he really been just teasing about the chicks? Was it all
just a haircut and a new suit or had something else happened?

Shaking herself from her speculation, Kate dried her hands hurriedly
and left the pots to soak. She raced up the stairs to their bedroom,
flinging off shorts and jersey as she went. Frantically she jerked off
bra and panties too on her way across the beige carpet to the bathroom.
She felt sticky and sweaty all over. Even her skin glowed a little
from the sheen of perspiration as she stood before the mirror in the
bathroom untying her ponytail. Damn. Even her hair would have to be

Quickly she showered and shampooed. Standing on the carpet dripping
now, she dried her naked body quickly. One good thing about not having
had any children, her figure was still remarkable. Slim and supple,
her legs were still firm and shapely and long, her hips taut and
curved, waist narrow and lithe and her breasts as tanned as the rest of
her, thanks to the sunning spot down by the lake that was hidden by the
brush from everyone but low flying planes and they didn't get many of
those in South Dakota.

She wrapped her dripping long chestnut hair in a thick towel and
twisted it into a turban. Then she smoothed her whole body with lotion
and touched perfume behind her ears, between her breasts, and into the
fold of each elbow.

Carefully then Kate made up her face, still standing naked before the
glass. A little liner to accentuate her large blue eyes, mascara for
the long lashes, a hint of blue eye shadow in the crease of the lid. A
blushing gel for a little color in her smooth cheeks and lipstick. She
was beginning to look like herself ... or rather like herself when she
bothered with make-up. Feeling a little giddy now from the excitement
and the repressed apprehension, she giggled and touched the blushing
gel to her nipples too. They hardened instantly to the touch.

She stood back and looked at herself. Cole couldn't have done too much
better in Paris, she thought smugly, except that she didn't really have
that smoldering sex look that the French movie stars affected. Well,
he was just going to have to make do with the gal next door type that
he'd married.

Laughing, Kate shook the towel from her wet hair and bent forward from
the waist to rub it dry. She rubbed and brushed vigorously, feeling
the blood rush to her face. Suddenly she stopped, listening to the
voices outside in the still air. Not a single word could be understood
from up here.

As she used the hand held hair dryer to blow her hair she heard a lot
of door slamming. The muscles in her naked stomach knotted. If only
there'd been time to tell Cole gently about Eric and Angel. She'd had
it all planned for tomorrow night ... but he'd taken her by surprise.
It had to be all right. It just had to!

Suddenly she heard the bedroom door fling open and then slam. Kate
grabbed her yellow silk kimono from the back of the bathroom door and
threw it on. Damn! She wasn't quite ready for Cole yet.

"Where are you, baby? Getting all prettied up for the old man?" There
was a vicious sneer in Cole's voice. Kate rushed into the bedroom, her
breasts bouncing under the thin silk.

"Yes. I was, darling. I'm not quite through yet. My hair isn't dry
..." Her voice trailed off. Cole was leaning against the closed door
he'd slammed shut, a drink in his hand, his tie off and his jacket

He looked at her coldly, his eyes hard and flinty. Kate felt her
stomach tighten. He looked furious. Oh God. What was she going to
do? She couldn't very well send those boys packing.

She'd known he'd be mad but not this vicious tight-lipped mad that was
so palpable she could almost feel it hanging in the room like heat.

"Well, that's mighty kind of you ... seeing as how you took care of
yourself pretty well while I was gone. How are those two young studs?
Pretty good bucks?" Kate could see that either he'd had a lot of liquor
before he came home or he had simply turned the bottle up and guzzled
downstairs. He was drunk and he was livid!

"Oh, Cole ... how could you think such a thing? Eric and Angel are
just high school kids ... I thought they'd be permanent help for you
during the summer. The bunk room in the basement was empty ... and
they've never had any ranch experience ... but Frank says they work
hard ... I ..."

"Help for me ... or for you, baby?" he sneered, finishing his drink in
one gulp.

"I won't listen to such talk, Cole." Kate whirled and went toward the
bathroom. "It's too ridiculous." She'd been so worried that he'd see
she was trying to get him to agree to adoption through the boys ... but
to have him think that she ...

Cole set his glass down and with one lunge caught her and jerked her
around against his chest. His hands bit into her arms through the silk
like iron claws. "You'll listen to anything I want to tell you!
What's more ... you'll do anything I want you to, bitch!"

Kate's head was shaking faintly and the tears sprang to her eyes. A
terrible pain like a knife was splitting her breast bone. Cole had
always had a temper and didn't hesitate to use it ... but she'd never
seen him so angry. She'd so looked forward to his homecoming and now

The tears trembled on Kate's lashes and fell down her smooth cheeks,
her shining chestnut hair tumbled around her face and the pain in the
huge blue eyes was unmistakable. Her mouth trembled, slightly open and
moistly rosy with fresh lipstick. Cole could see the smooth tanned
flesh in the V to her waist where the yellow silk parted, showing the
curves of those majestic high tilted breasts. His anger suddenly
plunged like quicksilver and galvanized his cock, strengthening it and
hardening it to an iron hook inside the confines of his shorts. Her
mouth opened to speak and Cole covered it harshly with a low moan,
crushing the length of Kate's beautiful flesh into his own desiring
rock hard penis.

Kate accepted Cole's mouth gratefully, a little sob escaping around his
brutal foraging tongue, feeling the strong maleness of his huge rod
bruising into her belly and the commanding strength in his arms and
hands that held her so close, fusing her into him. Her hands crept up
his broad shoulders and she could feel the great muscles in smooth
planes under his shirt. God, it had been so long. He wanted her.
Even if it was in anger ... it was all right. She'd missed him so

She tasted all clean and sweet and womanly, her soft wet mouth
accepting him as his tongue fucked viciously into her mouth, his hands
bruising her smoothly rounded buttocks as he clenched her silk covered
cunt up to his beating pole that threatened to burst the cloth of his
new suit pants. Christ! He'd had a great time in Paris but Kate felt
new and luscious to him after six weeks away from home. Still pressing
her into him, one hand searched for the robe's tie and jerked it loose.
His hand found the smooth milkiness of her flesh and slid up to grasp
one large full pointed breast. The nipple was hard as a tiny plum seed
in his hand, sprouting under his harsh palm and the breast itself
seemed to swell even larger under his warmth.

"Oh, darling ..." Kate said softly as she felt Cole's hand on her naked
breast and his mouth sliding down the column of her throat where a
pulse was beating insistently. She could feel the faint twinging
between her legs and moisture began to seep from deep within her
vaginal sheath. God, it was so wonderful to have him home! The ache
within her was finally going to be filled and she ground her fevered
impatient pelvis in invitation against her husband's thigh.

God damn, Cole thought, that's better! He had begun moving his thigh
in and out between her legs when suddenly there was the wild sound of a
fast Mexican guitar almost under their window. What the hell? He tore
his mouth away and went rushing over to look out. That damned kid!
Angel Orellio was sitting calmly under a tree by the fish pond
strumming away on Cole's guitar. The sight of a strange hand on that
golden wooden box that he played himself sometimes in the evening,
suddenly made connection in his alcohol fogged brain with the feel of
Kate's full breast in his hand just a moment ago. That god damned
Mexican ... had his hand been on Kate's breast too? Had he not been
drunk Cole might have seen the connection his white hot anger had to
his own guilt. Paris had been full of women ... the best of them that
crazy streaked blonde who kept telling him they were destined to meet

"Cole, darling ... Please ..."

He let the drapes fall and turned. Kate was standing where he'd left
her, naked except for the yellow kimono that hid her slender tanned
arms and shoulders but fell free and open over her voluptuous tanned
body. The chip hard rosy nipples winked at him and the chestnut curls
of her triangular cunt hairs that pointed downward to her naked pussy
like a marker or an arrow. In his mind's eye he could see another
pussy, a black-haired one that showed every time that flamenco dancer
had whirled to the beat of the music while his cock had beat under the
streaked blonde, Mela's, hand hidden by the tablecloth. He shook his
head ... for suddenly he saw that boy's dark hand on his wife, Kate's,
beautiful breasts. If Cole had taken advantage of Paris for what he
couldn't get at home ... then why wouldn't Kate have gotten a little?
God knows, he'd neglected her the last couple of years ... but he'd
gotten so goddamned tired of this baby crap. And there'd been the
terror that Kate would somehow find out that it might be his fault ...
and leave him for a man who could give her a child.

Suddenly everything whirled in his head and he swayed a little. The
room turned briefly and then righted. When it did ... the flaming
sheet of anger was in front of his eyes again. It was all Kate's
fault! Christ ... she wouldn't even let him eat her and treated him
like a beast if he wanted her to suck his cock. He'd never been enough
for her ... she had to have a baby! The wild music outside beat in his
head. Cole's hands tore his shirt and trousers of! with shaking
fingers. His cock was beating in time to the savage music.

As he strode the few steps across the carpet, his great huge rod
bounced like a thick tree trunk out from his lean, hairy loins. Kate's
eyes widened as he came toward her, his brow dark as a black sky before
a tornado. He was angry again. It was the music. Angel outside
playing the guitar. Oh God! Cole looked angry enough to hit her.
Instinctively her hands clutched the robe closed around her.

"That goddamned kid's got my guitar ... and I'll bet he's fucked you

The yellow silk screamed in his hands as he viciously ripped it from
her in tatters and threw the remains on the floor. Kate stood naked
and cowering, trembling at what he would do next.

"Oh no ... No, Cole ... No ... you must believe me ... I just wanted

"You just wanted what, baby?" Kate could see his teeth almost bared now
between the hard lines of his lips and Cole's brown eyes blazing redly
as though there were coals of fire in their depths. His hands reached
out and caught handfuls of hair as he jerked her to him to sear her
with the blaze in his eyes.

"I just wanted to ... help you ... and I thought ... maybe you'd learn
to like the boys." Tears again welled up and poured down her cheeks.
"That maybe then you might let me adopt a baby when you saw that ... it
wasn't so terrible to have ... strange youngsters in the house ... I
just wanted ... to ... help ..." She sobbed helplessly.

He shook her by the hair then, the dreadful frustration and anger
rising in him like a terrible tide that threatened to choke him. Her
mouth was open and the tears were streaming down her beautiful face and
that moist red "O" of her mouth made a haven he had to have.

"You just goddamn well let me run the ranch! I don't need your help!
I've done all right so far! And we don't need anybody else's snotty
nosed kids! That's final!"

The bones seemed to melt in Kate's legs and she sank, sobbing
helplessly to the floor, Cole's hands still in her damp hair. A moan
stripped from her throat as she felt him jerk his hands, painfully
pulling her head up to him by the hair.

"And there's something else that's going to be my way, too. "You're
goddamn well going to be a real wife ... Open your mouth, bitch! Open
your hot-shit little mouth and suck my cock!"

Kate's eyes opened to great blue saucers. Cole's crude words seemed
insane with his enormous vein fretted penis jutting out and pulsating
obscenely in front of her face, the purpling head oozing a droplet of
seminal fluid ... a one eyed monster drooling hungrily at her! She
could see it twitch and jerk as though controlled by some inner strings
... the great, thick length of it looked as though it was full of wires
and cords. The head of it bulged, blunting the end of his menacing
weapon. She couldn't remember ever seeing it so close and she wondered
dimly how she'd ever contained it's awesome length so far up inside her
stomach. She shuddered involuntarily. Her hair jerked painfully

"This time you're going to, bitch ... I've waited too long! Open your
mouth before I ram it down your bossy throat ... I'm going to fill your
belly with my cum until you choke ... choke on your own joy ... you
snooty, prudish bitch ...!"

"Ohhh, Cole ... darling ... Please ... please don't ..." she sobbed,
the pain from her hair roots paling to insignificance beside the pain
from deep in her breast. She was right ... something had happened to
him in Paris ... something terrible ...!

"Take it ... open your mouth and suck my cock ... or I swear I'll ram
it straight out the back of your head!" Cole spread his legs and
crouched slightly, leading with his hips and touching the sensitive
head of his prick right against her tightly closed, freshly painted

Kate almost gagged. She could feel the sticky liquid and feel its
slipperiness against her mouth and a pulse beat in the huge rod like an
extra heart beat. Cole's hands tightened in her hair until she was
almost screaming with the pain. Sobbing helplessly, she opened her
mouth obediently and felt him shove the lurid head of his penis between
her teeth. The hot male odor of his male secretions hit her nostrils,
a pungent, musky smell. Outside the window she could hear the
abandoned music Angel's hands drew from the guitar, and she wished she
had never brought the boys here ... had never interfered ... had never
taken things into her own hands. She knew dimly that Cole's anger had
been welling up though for a long time ... that she had provoked it by
nagging about a baby ... and now she was reaping the crop of her
terrible discontent.

A deep groan of appreciation ripped out Cole's mouth as he saw his
wife's full red lips open and slip warmly over the head of his aching
cock. Her lips closed over it softly and he felt the sensual stab of
ecstasy shoot up his cockhead to his loins and his balls twinged. Oh

As she knelt on the carpet, naked and defenseless, Kate felt Cole's
mammoth, pulsating shaft sliding further down her throat! She could
taste the semen, heady and male and hot with his body's fierce heat!
He was making her do this depraved act she had always avoided. He was
making her perform like an animal ... as low and debased as the
animals! Worse ... for they obeyed only instinct and had no conception
of right and wrong. He was using her like a common whore! Oh God!
And she had looked forward so to his homecoming! She'd been a fool to
think that things could ever be any different!

The sight of his helplessly kneeling wife's ovaled mouth locked so
wetly around his swollen cock, her eyes closed and the breath coming
raggedly through her nostrils flared as wide as a frightened mare's,
sent salacious stabs of rapture shooting through him. Jesus! He
thrust his hips forward, watching the long, thickened length of his
massive hardness disappear into the wet cavern of her warm soft mouth.
Christ! No one else's mouth had ever felt so good. He'd waited so
long for this! Ten years the bitch had made him wait for this while
all she could bleat about was a squalling baby!

Baby, hell! He wouldn't have wanted one even if he could. As long as
he refused to go to the doctor no one could be sure it was his fault
anyway. How in hell could a cock this big and this competent not make
babies anyway? The only clue he had ... and it was one he kept hidden
in the mists of his memory most of the time ... was that year in Korea.
Chin La Mak had been his woman for over a year ... funny moon faced
little thing with her tiny hands and tremulous smile and big grave
eyes. All the guys shacked with their musee maids, most of them steady
... and many married them when they got pregnant. Chin La Mak had
finally left him, explaining that all her girl friends got babies from
their soldiers. He'd never thought any more about it until Kate
couldn't get pregnant and then it had come back to haunt him. But ...
if he never went for tests ... she couldn't prove it was his fault.
And by God, he was never going! If he found out for sure ... Christ!
He might not even be able to get it up again! It was unthinkable.
Even his poorest bulls could impregnate half the cows in the whole
country with one ejaculation.

Cole looked down at the heavy rigid thickness of his lust-bloated cock
sliding lasciviously in and out of Kate's mouth with her tears
trickling down each side of her widely stretched mouth. No, by God!
He was never going to find out for sure. Besides, no one could have a
prick like his and not be fully fertile.

Kate thought surely she would choke for the immensity of her husband's
swollen penis was filling her mouth so completely ... the head of it
brushing all the way back to her tonsils! Her breath still came in
little sobs. How could he want her to do this depraved thing? ... his
own wife ... groveling at his feet and sucking at him like a street
whore might! Her head eased back a little for she felt surely she
would faint and her tongue felt for a place to move in the cramped
confines of her flesh filled mouth.

"Oh God! That's it, baby ... that's it ... suck me ... Ohhhh ..."

Kate felt Cole's hands smoothing her cheeks and his words encouraging
her as though he were in a private rapture that only she could bring
him to.

Cole crouched slightly, bending his knees and brushing the kneecaps
against the thrusting full breasts that hung below him like ripened
fruits. Jesus! Nothing had ever felt so wonderful! Kate's complete
subjugation and subservience as she knelt naked and helpless before him
on the carpet, sucking his massive pole was driving him right up the

Kate sucked on the massive flesh, solid as an iron rod and hot with his
passion, with renewed vigor for she found that she could almost control
her husband and bring moans of bliss from his lips by moving her tongue
over and around his heavily throbbing cockhead. Her tears had stopped
as though a well had run dry and she couldn't remember when or how.
Her nipples twitched and tingled when his kneecaps brushed them lewdly
as he crouched closer to bring his pelvis and darkly curling pubic hair
ever nearer her nose. Something strange and unbidden was happening to
her body! It was all mixed up with knowing that Cole was getting such
pleasure from her mouth on his gigantic shaft sunk into her mouth, that
her tongue could elicit such moans of sheer bliss from deep in his
chest! Kate could feel her own moisture seeping down between her
thighs and a deep twinging had started again in her vagina as though
the huge pole impaled in her mouth were there between her legs already!

"Ohhhhh ... GOD, baby ... you just don't know how good that feels ...
ohhh, Jesus ...!"

Cole rocked on his feet, nuzzling his now more intensely sucking wife's
reddened nipples with his knees and fucking the full length of his
throbbing pole, that was pulsing wildly now, deep into the warm,
saliva-filled wonder of her mouth! His hands reached out to cradle her
beautiful face, the skin of Kate's throat and cheeks and jaws like
silk, the waving chestnut hair soft as satin. He guided her face and
mouth even deeper over his lewdly throbbing hardness and his hips did
an abandoned pelvic gyration of fuck-in, fuck-out, fuck-in, fuck-out.

He watched in fascination as he saw his rigid length of penile flesh
disappear into her soft and provocative mouth, and then slowly slide
out again and appear, glistening from the wetness of her saliva and his
own oozing seminal juice. His proud and shining pole of hard, ruthless
flesh! Cole felt the incredible bliss of Kate's tongue swirling around
the bloated head and laving the trunk of his wildly excited penis!
Christ! He could take this every night!

Kate's hands voluntarily crept up her husband's spread calves, hairy
and strong with bunched muscles, and then up his thighs to the steel
chunks of his buttocks, pulling from behind and pressing him ever
closer to her working mouth. She labored over his beautiful
sensitively pulsing prick and suddenly, oh god, she wanted to do it!
It was no longer an enforced labor, a revolting exercise to be gotten
through ... but a labor of love, a pleasurable task she wanted and
needed ... for it was beginning to awaken her own sexually starved
body. Her nipples were twitching with the rubbing of Cole's hard
knees, her cunt was seeping warmly down between her thighs now and her
gut was churning with the joy of bringing Cole so much rapturous

The feel of his wife's hard erect nipples, fiery under his kneecaps and
the sight of her full lush breasts like bursting melon halves only
increased the gyrating sensuality that had completely commandeered his
whole body! Cole knew he'd been pretty drunk when he walked in here
hut now he felt that clear, penetrating high where you know you're
seeing clearer and feeling more and knowing things that were hidden to
you before! He knew, for instance, that it had been his own goddamned
fault that he hadn't insisted before ... that he hadn't exercised his
masculine right about just what kind of sexual relations they had.
Jesus! Kate was sucking him like he was a divinity come to life and
she a worshiper gaining absolution! He'd thought he had to go to Paris
for this when it was available right here all the time ... right here
in his own house!

"GOOOOODDDD ... Ohh, baby ...!" Kate heard Cole scream softly as she
experimented by digging the tip of her tongue into the tiny opening in
the head of his cock, burrowing like a fierce little animal nose
straight inside his huge hardened organ! He tasted male and strong,
pungent and virile! Moaning softly now, she swirled her tongue around
the smooth, desire-bloated head that was like an enormous blunt ended
hammer in her mouth and she could see the visible reward of her work as
his whole body vibrated, the muscles rippling upward from his hairy
loins as he stood slightly crouched in the stance of a Judo expert,
rocking his hips forward and back with every change of balance on the
balls of his feet.

Shivers ran through Kate's nerves like fine white hot needles, slicing
through her flesh in fiery stabs! Her hands came around to cup Cole's
heavy sperm laden balls delicately as though they were porcelain and
infinitely precious, which they were! What a fool she'd been to deny
him ... to deny herself this exquisite pleasure when they could have
been enjoying this for years! She marveled now at the terror she'd
felt and the joy that had resulted from his angry insistence. Kate
withdrew her mouth slowly, sucking her demanding husband's rock hard
rod to the tip, savoring the taste and sight and smell of him. Gravely
she observed the fantastically swollen member and she began licking it
in wide stripes of her wet tongue from tip to base, slowly like a
kitten licking rich cream from an offering finger.

Christ! All those whores in Paris. They had nothing more to offer
than Kate ... and she'd been here all the time! He could kick himself
for having been such a fool! He groaned as she ran her hotly swirling
tongue all along the underside and then flicked it rapidly back and
forth along the corded ridge as though she was plucking the tender,
sensitive strings of his very essence. God! He was going to lose his

Cole could feel Kate's hands cupping his balls that felt as though they
were cement loaded and spring set. Her nails grazed the tender eggs
like sheathed claws, very gently and erotically. Goddamn! What she
lacked in expertise she made up for in native talent! The sight of his
beautiful wife, kneeling in abasement and subjugation, slathering and
slaving over his rigidly burning cock sent scintillating shudders of
impassioned sensation shivering through his nerves and muscles and
brain! He could feel the insistent beat of the guitar outside. Even
that didn't seem so bad now. Hell, maybe he'd let the kids stay ...
but by God, no baby! That was final! If they had a squalling brat to
worry about Kate couldn't be blowing him right now! She'd be tending
to the kid. Hell no! Kate was his ... his to keep and fuck as he
wanted to!

Despite the air conditioning, Kate could feel tiny beads of
perspiration forming on her forehead and Cole's huge, sperm swollen
testicles felt almost clammy with the heat in her hands. His great
burgeoning penis hard and immense in her mouth was blazing with more
than the heat of the room! It blazed in her mouth with the force and
energy of all the atoms of his body, actively focused into this one
life giving instrument! She sucked harder, drawing her cheeks in as
his giant shaft wormed hotly into the back of her now warmly welcoming
throat! Her lips were stretched to whiteness around the great purpling
head, that wept oozing droplets of pre-cum into her throat that
actually tasted like her man! He was back! He was home! Oh God ...
it was so good to have him home! And he wasn't angry any more. He
loved the homecoming she was giving him! Kate increased the pressure
of her lips around the heavily pulsating flesh sunk so deeply into her
mouth and laved it wetly with saliva, her lips clamping even harder,
her tongue titillating and tasting and licking and prodding in
slavelike abandon! Oh God! She loved it! She actually loved sucking
his cock!

The thought came that was never far away ... that she wanted this man's
child, she wanted his seed shot deep in her belly. She wanted to feel
it grow inside her, feel it kick to life. It was becoming an

But then, unexpectedly, Cole gave an increased shove and a groan tore
out his chest as he shoved the pulsating shaft nearly down her throat
and it was stabbing back against her tonsils so she could hardly
breathe. Defensively, Kate's hands closed around the trunk and she
eased it out a little. Then, teasing the head with hungry sweeps of
her tongue, her slender hands worked the outer skin up and down, the
flesh rippling like a surface current on a fast stream!

"JEEEEEEEEEEESSSSUUUUUSSS!" Cole screamed, his hips lewdly thrust
forward, his hands tangled in the silky chestnut hair. He could feel
every tiny movement that soft wet tongue made all the way up through
his groin and up in his spine like tormenting fingers of lust! Even
his head prickled with the creeping lascivious sensations of Kate's
wetly caverned mouth and the slaving tongue that slathered over his
genitals with mostly rising excitement! Christ! If Kate would just
let up on the baby crap ... there was nobody like her! He looked down
at her slavishly laboring face, the lips ovaled and stretched widely
around his hugely distended penis. Even this way, contorted with
passion and a wild lust he'd never seen there before, she was so

The breath was whistling out his lungs in great heaves, like an engine
building up steam, the pressure was building in his balls to the
unbearable capacity where something was going to have to give soon!
Cole could hear the guitar beating and the rhythm rising to a faster
throb and his head felt like a great balloon imprisoned in his skull
and threatening to burst, too! Christ! His naked, luscious wife was
sucking the very soul out of his body through his aching prick that was
going to burst down her throat in fiery sparks any minute!

"That's it, baby ... that's ittt ... Oh God! ... Suck harder ...

Kate heard her hovering husband's salacious cry and it spurred her to
greater intensity. Her lips clamped ever tighter around the huge
length of his penis that thrust in and out her mouth in a wildly
building rhythm and Cole was almost bouncing on the balls of his feet
as he fucked it in and out, his thighs obscenely spread and his hands
smoothing and clutching her throat and head, guiding her hotly clasping
mouth over his pulsating hardness that seemed to grow ever larger with
her every sucking motion. Oh, she loved doing this for him! He was
shaking and shuddering and moaning with the rapture that her wetly
sucking mouth was bringing him.

She, too, could hear the guitar outside and it seemed to be rising with
their passion, the trills climbing and the chords growing more
intricate and the beat faster. Her knees felt numb on the thick carpet
and the breath rattled through her distended nostrils as she strove to
suck the mammoth prick, vein laced and quivering, completely down her
working throat. Kate could feel that her upper thighs were wet and
slightly sticky with her own moisture that was seeping down from deep
within her achingly hollow body. She ached for that huge thickened
hardness inside her, deep inside her! Any moment she expected Cole to
throw her back on the carpet and take her. She could see the tightly
curled dark pubic hair right in front of her eyes and on the hard
thrust of Cole's hips that sent his cock so deep' into the roundness of
her mouth, her nose almost touched the dense mat, the forest above his
genitals. His anger was gone now for she could hear him almost
crooning to her in his raging animal lust as he tried urgently for
relief from the clutch of passion that held him bound like a prisoner.

Cole was throwing his hips now in an agonized dance of delicious
desire. His head was swimming and his beautiful Kate was increasing
the pressure moment by moment, making a vacuum of her lips and throat
and mouth! Suddenly her soft hands closed around his obscenely
grotesque and distended penis and her lips closed and milked his cock
like a miniature vacuum cleaner, sucking him as she slowly drew the
stalk of his prick out so there was two way pressure! Oh Jesus! He
couldn't hang on much longer!

The guitar grew more insistent as though Angel were out there reminding
her of his presence. Maybe Cole would let them stay now. He wasn't
angry any more. Oh God! She couldn't stand it when he was angry with
her. But it was going to be all right now. Somehow it was going to be
all right.

Kate sucked her husband's blood-engorged cock hungrily, her elastic
tight lips sucking with all her might as he fucked the rigid prick
deeper and deeper in her throat. Her cheeks expanded obscenely on the
instroke and hollowed on the outstroke, as she labored with mouth and
hands. Her fingers teased the sperm-bloated testicles to ignite. She
knew they were nearing the bursting point for Cole was groaning and
grunting and screaming for release.

Head bobbing wetly along Cole's thick cock, Kate's face was innocently
beautiful, little streams of warmly trickling saliva dripped from the
corners of her mouth and ran down her chin and on down her throat to
her nakedly aching breasts, swollen and red nippled.

A wonderful and marvelous sensation was creeping through her loins, a
spreading, warming, leisurely lassitude that competed for attention
with the hugely pistoning cock in her mouth. Cole's cock ... his
wonderful organ that had given her so many hours of pleasure and love.

Suddenly, she realized that her sucking would or, at least could,
detonate it right in her mouth, that her slavering could bring on his
orgasm inside her throat! Oh God! She'd been so sure that he would
withdraw and put it where it belonged ... deep up inside her achingly
tormented vagina ... but every second was bringing his ejaculation
closer. A long low howl crept up from her cramped toes and escaped
with an indescribable bubbling, babbling over the sides of the cock
buried heavily in her mouth!

Cole watched in fascination as his lewdly distended penis sank out of
sight between his wife's soft wet lips and his hands dug into her
tender naked shoulders, his testicles slapping against her upturned
chin. He heard her bubble and moan around the unnatural invasion of
her mouth, as he thrashed his swollen penis deeper and deeper into her
hotly receptive throat!

Hoarsely panting as he thrust and bucked it into the wetness and
tightness of her mouth that clung to his pole like it was a delicacy
that she could never get enough of, Cole knew that be would never
believe again that she didn't love him. Christ! His beautiful angel
was devouring him, as though she could engorge all of him if he dived
in after his eager prick.

"Suck it, baby ... oh God. Yes. Suck it ... it's all yours ..." he
groaned raggedly, his breath coming in heaving gasps out his open
mouth. It was as though even his breath was gathering with the jammed
sperm in his gourds, packing down and readying for the impending

Cole realized dimly that the alcohol had gotten to him. He probably
would have cum already except for that. It slowed all the processes a
bit, stretched out the delicious, salacious sensations that bombarded
his joins and balls and gut and brain! But soon now ... he was going
to spew gallons of his gathering semen straight down her beautiful
gullet and into the waiting haven of her now hungering belly.

He could feel the muscles bunching in his calves as he crouched
slightly Cole eased his knees even further apart and caught his wife's
lovely slaving face in his hands and his feet found space beside her
bent legs where she knelt in supplication.

A twang of the guitar outside brought the young Mexican-American boy
back to his consciousness. By God, he'd kill Kate if he ever found out
she had fooled around with that damn kid or anybody else. Paris seemed
very far away and right now completely irrelevant. He'd gotten what he
went for and now he could admit to himself that it was for more than
the Limousin bull. And all the time there'd been no need to go. Kate
was right here. Oh, Jesus!

He felt her teeth gently rake the sensitive skin of his grotesquely
bloated cock that he fucked in and out of her lovely mouth now as
though it were a tiny hairless cunt. Maybe it was a good thing he had
gone to Paris. This might never have happened otherwise. They might
still be going through the motions of fucking and not really reeling a
damn thing.

"Ohhhh, baby ... keep on ... suckkkk ... Suckkk ... Harderr ... rr ...

Dimly Kate heard the lewd words grate painfully out of Cole's mouth as
he shoved his huge prick again back against her tonsils and she was
almost choking with the obscene length and strength of it deep in her
mouth and throat. Suddenly she was frightened! He was holding her
head so hard in his big hands that she couldn't move and he was fucking
her mouth with a building intensity and almost gagging her with every
vigorous thrust of the mammoth shaft!

Cole's balls felt tightened and hard in her hands as though they had
become as rock hard as his great stiff organ that rammed through her
open lips so furiously. The lewd sounds of his glistening member
fucking her mouth as she sucked and strained filled the room. The beat
of the guitar outside was increasing as though it knew what was going
on in the room, as though it were an unseen spectator and was playing
music to suit the action.

Kate felt her own excited moisture almost trickling down her upper
thighs now. Oh God, when was he going to lay her back on the carpet
and fall between her legs and fuck her the way she wanted him to do.
She needed it so! Needed to feel his hugeness fill her and fulfill
her. She wanted her husband to fuck her now as she never had before!
Her breasts felt as though they were bursting! She needed his mouth on
the nipples to drain them of the heavy honey that felt as though it had
gathered inside and bloated them so.

She felt Cole's gigantic cock slithering in and out along her tongue
that she couldn't manipulate much when he was so urgent and frantic.
His hands were a vise that held her head immobile, his pulsating shaft
a piston that slid in and out in an oiled beat, harder and harder and
deeper and deeper! She was gasping around the enormous rod and tried
to pull away. The fear was in her like a coiled snake now, threatening
to strike out. Oh God! He was going to do it! He was going to cum in
her mouth and spew his sperm down her throat. She'd drown in it! She
knew it!

Agonized groans were spilling from Cole's mouth and the hairs on his
bulging thighs seemed to stand out individually in front of her eyes
and she could feel the muscles straining. Her knees hurt from kneeling
too long in one position on the carpet and the aching between her legs
was unbearable and her belly was churning and hurting with the terrible
need that was on her like a plague!

A series of crashing chords on the guitar outside triggered something
inside of him. Cole felt the whole intricate male mechanism begin to
mesh and click into place. His balls were two blazing orbs of fire and
his gut was paining like a knife was sunk there! He saw Kate's lewdly
distorted mouth locked band-tight around his cock and her eyes
fluttered closed and it was as though she were beginning an orgasm.
Her face had that look but he knew it was only a vicarious thing.

Suddenly everything shifted into place and Cole almost came right off
the carpet and levitated! He felt the beginning roar as the semen
began to rush down the constricted tunnel of his penis and deep inside
his wife's hotly submissive mouth! Oh Christ! A scream tore out his
throat as he felt the exquisite pleasure take over his nerves and brain
and loins and wash him in a tidal wave of agonizing bliss!


He was orbiting the whole fucking universe! Rushing to the outer
limits like a speeding light that lit the heavens with the birthing of
a new sun! Cole felt the rush of ecstasy spew with the speed of light
down his cock, emptying his balls in great bursts of hot roaring sperm
that cascaded out like molten lava!

Kate was not prepared. The scalding stream of sperm hit her tonsils
like a white hot searing oil that was drowning her in a fiery drink
that would cauterize her very flesh! She bubbled and choked and gagged
but it kept coming straight down her throat and Cole was jamming it in
even harder until she knew she was going to die, drowned in his
creaming cum and burned by its heat to a charred cinder! Oh God!

She swallowed furiously and frantically tried to drink it down swiftly
for her breath was gone and she was going to choke to death! She knew

Cole watched Kate's beautiful face as it contorted even more in a
fevered effort to take all of his pumping hot cum into her greedily
accepting belly! Her Adam's apple bobbed and jerked obscenely as she
gagged and labored to swallow all of it and she was choking and
bubbling as the burning stream spewed on and on deep into her throat!

"SSUUUUCCCCKKKKKK it, baby ... OHHHH, suckkkkkk ... Jesus ...

Kate tried for she dimly heard her husband screaming as he frantically
kept fucking into her upraised face and the great hosing continued, the
whitely heated streams spilling into her mouth in hotly increasing
gushes and she swallowed and gulped as best she could to take it all
deep into her hungrily absorbing stomach! The guitar outside had gone
mad and the hands drew out great crashing chords and intricate runs
that were a cacophony of sound that beat against her ears as the flow
of molten sperm spewed furiously down her working throat.

On and on, the rapturous explosions of liquid bliss erupted in Kate's
still sucking mouth until at last, Cole could feel them lessening and
the spurts were further and further apart and the streams smaller and
smaller. Kate's beautiful eyes were blissfully closed and the sweat
glistened on her forehead and he could see two tears stealing down her
cheeks. He held her face tenderly, looking down at her naked
loveliness, his hands still smoothing her face softly and one last
twinging wracked his body and his hips thrust forward and his dying
cock spewed out a last few droplets ...

"Damn ... GODDD ... ohhhh, baby ...!"

Kate looked up then tremulously proud of taking all he had, and she
felt the wet of her tears trickling down her face. Cole straightened
and his still heavily thickened cock slipped from her lips with a soft
wet popping sound and he stood looking down at her, his brown eyes
unreadable, the pupils black and huge. A thin white line of his cum
still connected them where it looped from her so well fucked mouth to
the slowly deflating head, it was still almost hard even though
emptied. Kate heard him groan again and then she was pulled roughly to
her feet and crushed to his heaving hair covered chest and his mouth
came down to bruise her mouth, his tongue plunging inside to taste the
strength of his own orgasm.

Kate's bones were limp and lifeless and she felt herself pressed into
his hot flesh until she thought their bodies would melt together in the
rapture of his homecoming! The guitar outside had lowered to a long
rill that hung in the night air like a faint breeze across the prairie
and somewhere a single owl hooted a lone and questioning "Whoooooo."

Chapter 2

"For Christ's sake, haul your asses out of bed!" Cole roared from the
doorway of the basement bunk room. "If you're going to work for me
you'd better know right now that we start at five!" He watched the two
sleepy bodies spring up and begin to throw on jeans. "The pancakes'll
be ready in five minutes. Get a move on."

Breakfast was very silent. Angel was sullen and his brow black with
hatred. Eric tried valiantly to make conversation between bites of hot
cakes and syrup and gulps of scalding coffee. Cole just grunted and
ate, quickly and efficiently. Finally, even Eric's good nature
couldn't surmount the chill and he ate in silence too.

Things had changed since last night. Kate had seemed so happy to have
them here but her husband sure wasn't. It would help if Angel were a
little more cooperative. If he didn't shape up they might just get
thrown out on their asses. Eric determined then, one way or the other,
he had to divorce himself from Angel for his own protection. The
thought of going back to the city in the fall was already a dread
prospect, but he'd be damned if he was going to be done out of his
summer here. A plan was already forming. Eric told himself that if he
worked well and hard enough to suit Cole that maybe he wouldn't have to
go back to the city at all.

Cole got the boys started pouring the concrete footings around the new
fence posts. There was a lot of catching up he had to do with his
foreman, Frank. It felt so damn good to be back home! He felt in
control again. For a while he'd almost given up there in France, so
bogged down in red tape he'd felt he was choking to death ... but he'd
hung on and now he'd have the Limousin blood line he wanted.

He paused for a moment after he'd finished with Frank and looked out
over the fields and corrals, one foot on the bumper of the pickup.
Already in his mind's eye, he could see the field filled with the thick
short-legged Limousins, the great humps of beef around their shoulders,
the broad heads, the slightly shaggy coats. The beautiful bull he'd
bought wouldn't be there but his sons and daughters would. Cole had
found a way around the goddamned government regulations on bringing in
foreign cattle.

For a while it had been nip and tuck ... but it turned out there was no
restriction on bringing in sperm and by God, that's just what Cole
would do. He'd had the Limousin bull shipped to Calgary, up in Canada,
to be hoarded and cared for. That bull could do just as good a job of
stud service there as he could here, thanks to artificial insemination.
Cole could bring in all the thousands of vials of sperm he wanted,
impregnate his own cows and soon he'd have a whole new breed ... the
first Limousins in this country. Hell, just selling the extra sperm at
fifteen bucks a vial would bring in a lot of extra cash and he was
going to need it. He and the two other ranches who were in on it with
him had about $50,000 tied up in the bull but conservatively, Cole
figured they could get $150,000 for the sperm alone ... not to mention
improving their own herds enormously. Hell, they couldn't miss.

"Need a little rain but this country always needs some rain this time
of year," Frank said as he ambled up to stand and look with Cole at the
fields stretching away in gentle slopes.

"Yeah ... but we'll make it all right. Thought I'd better get over to
Meacham's and Gardner's. They own a third of that bull and they'll
want to know about it."

Frank gave him a curious look. "Didn't you hear? Old man Meacham had
a bad heart attack while you was in France, Cole. He died pretty

"Died?" Cole stared at him stupidly.

"Yeah. Just keeled over in his north field one day ... 'bout three
weeks ago. We heard his daughter come back from Europe and aims to
settle up the ranch ... probably sell it." Frank lit a cigarette and
looked up at Cole again with the embarrassed curiosity of country

"Sell it?" Cole's hands clenched and unclenched. It was as though
Frank had suggested he sell Spring Hollow. He swung up into the
pickup. "Hell, they can't sell it!"

He roared off in a cloud of dust. Why the hell hadn't Kate let him
know? Cole ground the engine through gears and took off down the
gravel road to Meacham's. Christ! This could change the whole thing.
What if that daughter wanted her money out of the bull right away?
Sometimes Kate acted as though she didn't have a lick of sense. Not
even telling him about Meacham dying and hiring those damn kids for the
summer. It was a good thing he'd come back. A few more weeks and he
might not have had a ranch to come home to. It wasn't that Kate wasn't
smart. She was ... but sometimes Cole thought it was all book
learning. Well, by God, she'd learned something last night that wasn't
in any book! And that's the way it was going to be from now on!

* * *

A slow smile spread over Mela Meacham's face when she saw Cole
Sutherland alight from the big pickup truck and come toward her
automobile. She'd known it wouldn't be long. She leaned her elbows on
the window frame of the red convertible and waited, her long legs
thrust out, breasts straining at the cloth of her filmy pink shirt.
What fun it would be to see Cole's face when he got close enough to
recognize her.

Like most Americans in Paris, Cole had been anxious to establish right
away just what part of the country he was from. It was as though in
identifying his small section he could be accorded something more than
the anonymous label "Yankee." He'd even thought she was Parisian at
first ... since she'd been with a somewhat international group at the
nightclub. Cole had left his party of stolid French cattlemen from the
provinces and cut her out of her party as though she was a cow in a
herd. The young blonde heiress had known from his first three
sentences who he was, for her father never wrote anything to her that
wasn't ranch news. It had been a game then not to let Cole know who
she was. She'd even refused to tell him her name and insisted he
simply call her M.M.

Mela looked up at Cole striding toward her purposefully. When he was
almost to her he pulled his creased old hat off impatiently as though
he didn't have time for any nonsense.

"You must be Meacham's daughter. I'm mighty sorry to hear the sad
news, ma'am ... you see, I've been gone for ... a ... while ... Jesus
Christ!" His voice trailed off incredulously as he recognized the
mocking smooth face with the big green eyes and the straight streaked
blonde hair that hung over one speculative eye. "What the ..."

"I told you we were destined to meet again," Mela said slowly, her
smile spreading. "I'm never wrong."

"But ... But ... I mean ... I--"

She laughed at his confusion and the complete consternation in his
face. It was fun to get any man that off balance, so taken aback that
his mouth fell open like a beached fish. Mela looked him over, taking
in the dusty boots, the tight jeans, the plaid shirt. Even in his work
clothes he looked better than the fairies and pseudo fairies she'd run
into all over Europe. He moved like a man and those two nights in
Paris had proved beyond any doubt that he was a man ... a real man.

"I could think of something better to do with your mouth than just let
it hang open like that." Mela laughed deep in her throat as she saw a
slow flush redden Cole's face from his open shirt up to his forehead
that was striped where his hat cut off the sun.

"I don't like being made a fool of. Why the hell didn't you tell me?"

"You'd gone to Paris for something you couldn't get at home ... there
was no point in telling you I was from home ... now was there?"

Cole could feel the blood heating his face, the fury pounding in him.
God damn it! She was laughing at him, enjoying his looking like an
ass! The memory of the feel of the young heiress's body came into his
hands even though it was only his eyes that touched her. The jutting
breasts, the sensuously slender body with the curved hips and long legs
in the tight jeans that left nothing to the imagination, the narrow
hands with the long pale pointy nails like claws. He felt the blood
begin to pulse in his loins just looking at her, despite his
discomfort. A thousand confusions and difficulties sprang to mind.
She was Paris ... there was no place for her in South Dakota or the
part of him that lived here. To make matters worse ... now that
Meacham, was dead ... she even owned a third of his bull.

Mela reached down behind her into the car seat and pulled out a
cigarette. She lit it slowly, watching his confusion turn to anger and
frustration and dismay. Blowing the smoke out in long wreaths, she
looked up at him and felt the jolt again of his frowning eyes.

"It's damned awkward," Cole blurted, putting his hat back on to shield
his eyes from Mela's green ones that glittered and mocked him in the
sun that was beginning to beat down on the prairie. "I mean ... well,
your Pa and I had formed a corporation. That bull I went to France to
buy ... it was for the corporation."

"Then that makes us partners, doesn't it partner?" Mela whispered
softly. Abruptly, she turned and twisted the door handle and slid into
the white leather seats of the convertible. "I was just going to take
a drive ... look over the place. Come along and give me some advice.
Since I haven't been home for years, I don't really know what Pa has

"There was some talk of your selling the place."

"That's one of the things I have to decide, maybe you can help me."

* * *

Kate took a huge basket of fruit out to the station wagon. It was hot
already and she wasn't sure she could even be back in time to get the
big meal on the table right on time at noon. Well, if she didn't
finish with the old ladies this morning she'd just have to do some of
them tomorrow. After last night Kate didn't think she'd better invite
her husband's wrath about anything for a while and he wanted his meals
on time.

She knew the back roads so well that she drove automatically. Getting
the hand crafts from some of the local women had been a good idea,
despite Cole's derision The old fashioned quilts and the real Indian
beading she ferreted out around the countryside were selling well in
the little gallery she'd started in town. For the hundredth time she
wondered why Cole always seemed to deride her efforts.

But Cole had always done that. It was as though he couldn't bear for
her to have anything of her own. A child was the one thing he was
going to make sure she didn't have of her own--or anyone else's.

He'd changed though. Cole was harder, more defensive than ever. Last
night hadn't proved anything really except that he could terrify her
with his temper ... that he could force her to abandon any principle
just to placate him. Mostly it had proved that she was willing to go
to any lengths to get a child ... any child. She wondered what he
would demand next, knowing she'd do anything that might change his mind
about a child. Kate blushed and shuddered a little remembering the
perverted act Cole had forced on her. It was as though he had the whip
hand and wouldn't hesitate to use it now.

But a woman shouldn't have to plead and cajole and connive to talk her
husband into a child. He ought to want one too. It wasn't natural
that a man didn't want children too ... if he cared about his wife.
Kate caught her breath. Maybe she'd have to face that too. Maybe Cole
was behaving naturally for a man who didn't care about his wife. No.
It wasn't possible. They'd been married ten years. They'd worked so
hard together to build the ranch.

* * *

Sandy Gayman looked up as the red convertible went roaring out the
driveway. Looked like Cole Sutherland's pickup parked out there.
Hell, he wasn't due back 'til today, Kate had said. Must have come
home early on account of Meacham dying like that so quick.

Sandy walked out of the barn doorway into the blazing sun, watching the
red car become a speck. The big sandy-haired man wiped the back of his
hand across his forehead leaving a streak of grease from the tractor
he'd been repairing. Mela probably had to go into town to see the
lawyer again. Probably Cole had to go along on account of the deal on
the Limousin bull. But, goddamn it, Mela ought to tell him what she
was doing and why. A foreman couldn't handle things properly if he
didn't know what was going on.

Turning back to the barn, Sandy wiped his hands on the greasy rag.
Maybe he'd been too careful of Mela's mourning over the old man. He
hadn't wanted to rush her and ruin everything but maybe it was time he
made his move; after all he'd done all the work for a long time now.
Meacham had leaned on him more and more until Sandy couldn't imagine
the ranch suddenly belonging to someone else. By God, it wasn't going
to either! He'd always known that someday Mela would come home and
he'd marry her. She just had to get her running around over with ...
and he had accepted that. Hell, she wouldn't make much of a ranch wife
if she didn't. He'd seen many a good woman ruined in ranch country
because she married too soon before she'd had her fill of seeing the

But the time had come now for him and Mela. Sandy lit a cigarette and
it dangled from his wide mouth as he went into the barn to get rid of
the grease. Old man Meacham had thought they'd marry too. Made a
whole lot of hints in that direction ... had sort of advised the
foreman to be patient and he had. But there was something about Mela
going off like that with Cole without even telling him that stuck in
his craw.

* * *

Kate moved the blue and white quilt she'd picked up from old Mrs.
Watson to the back seat of the station wagon and slid across the seat
to the passenger door, feeling the heat of the leather against the back
of her bare thighs. The blackberries along here were too tempting.
The bushes along the road here were heavy with them. They'd make
really good deep dish pies for supper tonight. Sliding down the little
ditch with her basket she made her way into the thicket and began

* * *

The sun was so hot and the air so Still that Cole could hear the whine
of the flies and the bees. It was as though that buzzing whining
urgency was in his loins and the heat and strength of the sun had gone
straight through him all the way to his painfully hardening cock locked
inside his tight jeans.

"Funny, isn't it," Mela whispered, her hand quivering on Cole's sun-
bronzed neck, "how you think you'll find just what you want a long way
from home. I kept looking and looking and I find it right here in
South Dakota ..." The young blonde heiress was still trembling, her
full, melon-like breasts heaving under the pink cotton shirt, from the
hotly passionate kiss they had exchanged.

"This is crazy ... you know that ... let's get the hell out of here,"
Cole growled, not really sounding sincere.

"For a man who lives close to the earth you've got a strange uptight
conscience," she whispered, her green eyes burning him. Cole tried to
look away from that mocking expression daring and teasing him.

"Look ... we had our fun in Paris ... I didn't expect ..."

"You didn't expect to find me here. I know ..." Mela's pearl-lacquered
fingernails slid down Cole's shirt front coming to rest right on the
thick bulge of his penis straining against the prison of his jeans.

"I thought a big hard-on like you've got had no conscience," she
whispered, her hand closing around the throbbing hardness that beat
telltale beneath the cloth.

A strangled groan tore out of Cole's mouth as he felt her soft hand
close on him. He could see the upthrust curve of her full young
breasts heaving against the shirt where a button had come loose. She
leaned against him on the hot leather seat, her breath coming quick and
unevenly, her eyes like a jade green fire beckoning him into the depths
of a fiery, unknown hell.

"Why lie, Cole? You want to fuck me here just as much as you did in

The hell of it was, he did! Sitting so close to her he could almost
smell the excited female heat of her eager young pussy. Still, though,
he hesitated. The bees buzzed and droned monotonously by the
blackberry thicket and the whole world was still and waiting.

"Goddd ..." He groaned suddenly and his muscular arms snaked around her
pliant body and his lips came down hard on her half-opened pink-lipped,
moist mouth goading him and laughing at him. He had to crush that
smirk off her face ... wipe it out ... obliterate it!

Mela could feel his hand bury itself in her soft hair as his hungry
mouth sought hers. She took his tongue gratefully. To hell with the
Latin lovers and French lovers and English gentlemen, she thought.
There was nothing like this roughneck South Dakota rancher who used her
like a bull did a cow. She would have come home even if Pa hadn't
died, for Cole Sutherland was here and none of those sweet smelling
pansies in Europe could ever match the likes of him. She knew. She'd
tried them all.

Fucking his tongue into her soft wet mouth, his hot lips bruising her
unmercifully, Cole's hand slid up her rib cage to lift the heavily
trembling softness of her breasts. The shirt was all she wore on top,
for he could feel the soft resilient warmth, the yielding, melting
flesh quiver under his palm. Jesus Christ! What did you do with a
woman like this? You fucked her! That's what you did. You fucked her
'til she screamed for mercy!

Crushed against him, Mela kept her hand on his slowly rising hardness,
growing and swelling obscenely in his pants. She trembled and gasped,
feeling the heat of the man blazing far hotter than the sun that beat
down on them in the field so harshly. The muscles in his arms were
bunched into hard chunks of rock, and she whimpered deep in her throat.
The fevered, vertical little mouth up between her legs was growing into
a hotly pulsating opening that had to be filled with the hardness that
was springing from his loins.

Their tongues dueled for long minutes, their eyes closed against the
brilliant sunshine, hands busily exploring and caressing and smoothing.
Cole's hand slid inside the cotton shirt to cup the magnificent swell
of the heiress's eagerly palpitating breast. He trembled like a
stallion in spite of himself at the feel of the hot naked flesh against
his palm, the hardened nipple leaping out to nuzzle into his gripping
hand. God damn! She was like a bitch in heat! He squeezed the soft
firm whiteness of her breast, full and voluptuous and heaving with the
rampant passion that rippled through it like hot summer lightning.

With a muffled moan, Mela tore her lips from Cole's and pulled his warm
voracious mouth down to her excitedly quivering nipple. "Oh God ...
suck it ... suck my tit ...!" She jerked her shirttail out and fumbled
with the remaining buttons of her shirt as his head began to burrow
into her chest and his hungrily seeking mouth found the ripe succulency
of the hardened erect nipple. As his wetly ovaled lips enclosed the
luscious half-sphere and his rapacious tongue flicked hotly on her
flesh, Mela screamed softly, "Oh ... baby ... that's it ... suck it ...
suck it!"

The heady sweet smell of crushed gardenia petals in the hot sun hit his
nose as Cole buried his whole face in the soft pillow of her full
heaving breast. His madly licking tongue and warm moist lips clamped
down hard on the sensitive nipple, and he heard the lewd urgings spring
from her lust-constricted throat. She acted as if she were trying to
ram her tit down his mouth, he thought. Hell, he hadn't fucked a broad
in a car since he was a green kid. Well, this one wouldn't wait and he
couldn't! He could feel his balls, sperm-bloated and aching, his
impatiently pounding cock almost bent double inside his pants. How
could it have any conscience? It was screaming for release. It was
like this was a last chance at life, at Paris, at fucking!

Pulling his hungry mouth into her desperately trembling flesh, Mela's
head fell back against the hot leather seat, her throat, breasts, and
upper torso naked to him. She could feel the expectant quivering
extend down her rippling belly and deep inside her excitedly
reverberating loins as Kate's husband's mouth drew on her goose-bumpled
nipple and sucked it hard and viciously into his ravenously heated
mouth. Two nights of fucking in Paris with him hadn't been enough.
She was never going to get enough ... not of this! Her hands flew to
his belt and she struggled with the waistband as he leaned against her
eagerly agitated breast, licking, sucking, and nuzzling. She felt his
hot breath on her like a flame!

"Oh God," Mela cried; "Help me, Cole. Where is your big, beautiful
cock?" The rancher heard the young, excitedly writhing girl moan in
despair as her hands clawed almost maniacally at his crotch. He
straightened up, ripped his belt loose, and then jerked the zipper
down, frantically working his jeans down his legs. Cole felt her hands
feverishly unbuttoning his shirt, and he heard little mewls and moans
bubbling desperately out her mouth.

When finally his shirt was off and his Levi's down around his knees he
turned to help the wildly excited young heiress, only to find she was
way ahead of him. She was jerking her jeans and black nylon panties
down but they had caught on her boots.

"Give me your foot," he panted. She turned to him in the seat with one
boot toward him, and he could see the soft hair-fringed vaginal slit up
between her firmly rounded young thighs open like a flower, showing the
tiny dewdrops of moisture that welled from deep inside the depths of
her love-starved pussy. Christ! She was all pink and swollen, with
her glistening cuntal lips wide open in invitation.

Mela could see the giant throbbing penis jutting up from his loins like
a bull's. The dark curling pubic hair was a mat above its long sinewy
length, the fleece above the sword that looked as though it could
service a cow or a mare with no difficulty. His prick was ridged and
purpling, thick as her wrist and she couldn't even estimate its length.
Inches meant nothing anyway. That prissy little Frenchman had been
hung as well, but was so selfish and inept that he may as well have had
a baby's prick. Her breath caught at the magnificence that awaited
her, its cyclops eye drooling in anticipation.

"Ohhhh ... lover ..." she cried and pressed her suddenly hungering lips
downward in subservience toward the hardened rod of flesh that pounded
and beat as if it had a life of its own. Her widely ovaled, lipstick-
rimmed mouth closed hotly over the warm spongy head of it and she
plunged her head downward, trying to take all of his cock into her
mouth at once.

"CHRISSSTTTT!" Cole almost came right out of the car. His hips lunged
up, driving his thick, aching hardness almost through the back of her
streaked blonde head. His hands came out to keep the greedily working
mouth on his thick fleshy rod jerking deep now into the wetly waiting
entrance to her throat. Jesus! She wanted cock as much as he wanted
pussy! If only his wife had ever shown such enthusiasm. Hell, last
night he'd had to make Kate suck him off, had even been forced to
threaten her before she would do it. But not this hot little bitch.
Christ, she'd eat him alive!

Mela swirled her tongue expertly around the hungrily throbbing tip and
tasted with delight the pungent maledom seeping from the thin vertical
slit of his cockhead. Her warm slippery saliva flowed freely as her
head bobbed furiously up and down, and she sucked as though she were
milking another woman's tit with her mouth ... a mammoth, milk-filled
tit that was oozing forth its slowly rising liquid of love. Her lips
smacked hard together as her mouth in its eager passion slipped
accidentally off the head and a lewd silver sheen of saliva shone
glisteningly on her chin.

The young girl bent again, kneeling now on the white leather, and her
hands came around the heavily pulsating cock as her lips touched it in
a long loving kiss. The helplessly aroused girl feverishly worked at
her partly loosened boots with her heels, rubbing them together and
trying to scrape the offending leather from her.

"Ohhh ... goddamn ... goddamn!" The words grated out Cole's tightly
clenched teeth as he felt her ovaled lips teasingly come down on him
again. He could see the rounded half-moons of her naked buttocks
quivering where she knelt over him; they had a narrow band of white,
inviting flesh at the bottoms of them where her skimpy bikini bathing
suit bottom was normally worn. Streaks of fire were spiraling up his
rigidly swollen cock and his sperm-loaded balls felt as though they
weighed two tons and were filling up more every second!

Thick hot moisture was drooling down Mela's smooth upper thighs on the
inside, slipping from deep inside her hotly steaming loins like a
seeping spring. The sun beat down on her back through the opened pink
shirt, and her buttocks felt as though a blast furnace had been opened
on them in the convertible for they were totally naked to the open sky.
Her heavy breasts, dangling like ripe fruit, felt enormously full and
filled with the growing seed about to burst open. The soft silken
blonde hair swung down like a flaxen tent over the rancher's lust-
tightened testicles as she sucked on the warm hard flesh of his cock.
She could feel his darkly curling pubic hair tickling her nose.

Reaching down Cole caught her face and pulled her head up to him; "Ohh
... Baby ...!" He plunged his tongue deep into her warm moist mouth
that still tasted pungency of himself. Now his own urgent screaming
need created even more liquid inside his aching loins. The hoarsely
breathing young girl's naked breasts felt incredibly warm on his chest
as he pulled her excitedly quivering body to him, fiercely mashing the
soft, fleshy tits against him, while he fucked her whimperingly
imploring mouth with the hardness of his tongue.

Mela felt him effortlessly lift her and place her tremblingly bare
buttocks in a sitting position on the top of the white leather seat.
He kneeled between her wide-spread knees with his throbbingly erect
cock pressed against the back of the seat, and ran his hands
wonderingly over the smoothly rounded mounds of her ass. His tongue
slid like hot lava down her throat while his hands jerked the flimsy
pink shirt off her arms and threw it into the back seat of the
convertible. The huge rough hands were all over her excitedly writhing
body as he hunched down to rip the jeans the rest of the way off her
long tapered legs for the obstinate boots had finally been kicked off.
Then, she was completely naked!

Cole's eyes moved up the beautifully tanned flesh with the breasts and
lower loins whiter than the rest of her sun-browned body. The panting
young girl's legs were spread wide out to brace and balance her on the
top of the car seat, and Kate's husband, his face inches from her
nakedly pulsating vagina, knelt in homage between them, his hotly eager
eyes devouring her like a starving man who hadn't eaten in weeks.
Goddamn! What a broad! The muffled cries of his conscience were long
since dead and silenced.

"Oh God, Cole ... Do something soon ... I'm dying ..." Mela heard the
moans coming out her own lust swollen throat as Cole's greedily working
hands found her hotly seething breasts and held them up like two
succulent melons to his voraciously licking mouth. He was up on his
knees on the seat sucking them hungrily, and deep gurgling sounds of
intense passion came out of his bronzed muscular chest. To him nothing
else in the world existed or mattered as he squeezed and sucked and
licked. Unbelievably sensual explosions, soft silent explosions, went
off in the frantically moaning girl's flesh every time his teeth nipped
teasingly at her eagerly erect nipples. "Ohh ... yessss ... bite them
... bite them, lover ... bite them hard ..."

Supporting the twin peaks with his hands, Cole slid his rapaciously
craving tongue down the heiress's smooth, tautly rippling belly to the
curling blonde pubic hair below. His tongue dug through the soft
fleece like a plow furrowing a field. He proceeded further, hunching
down to get at the perfumed pink mouth of her passion drenched pussy
and, with a low cry of victory, his hungry mouth found the proud, ruby
little lips of her cunt, slickened and moist with the excitement of her
secretions. His nostrils flared as they caught the scent of her cunted
fragrance, and he could feel her hands twisting in his hair pressing
him ever inward to the hotly hidden depths of her lurching young body.

"Ohhhhhh ... God ... God, Cole ... ahhhh God!"

His hands moved to the nakedly silken hips and he eagerly pulled them
to his face in order to get his tongue deeper into the trembling wet
succulency up there between her smooth inner thighs. Mela arched up to
him so strenuously that her feet kept slipping on the sweat streaked
leather seat. Stiffening his tongue to a hard point, Kate's husband
rammed it mercilessly into the young blonde's hotly pulsing pussy and
felt the restlessly rippling muscles deep inside the frenzied girl's
vagina begin to grab and clutch at it, trying to capture the wet,
teasing invader and draw it deeper up inside.

* * *

Sweat was rolling down Kate's cheeks as she picked over the blackberry
bushes. The basket was almost full now. Her hands were stained and
her lips, too. The fat juicy berries were too tempting not to eat your
way along. Hot with the sun and sweetly ripe, she ate another and
moved on down between the tangle of bushes. She shouldn't have taken
the time to go berrying. It was getting close to noon. Well, for once
the ranch hands could eat sandwiches for lunch. There were plenty of
cold cuts. For supper there'd be blackberry pies, and that ought to
make up for the uninspired mid-day meal.

Suddenly, from the other side of the thicket, she heard the loud
quavering moan of a woman ...

* * *

Tasting the musk-scented secretions of Mela's insanely demanding young
cunt, Kate's husband rammed his tongue deeper inside the elastically
clasping walls of the young girl's quivering pussy while his hands
boldly roamed up and down the warm satin skin of her long shapely
thighs, then up and around the smoothly curved buttocks before reaching
her ripely voluptuous breasts. He felt her fingers playing with his
ears and then her hands frantically plunged into his hair, turning and
tangling as they pulled his laboring mouth ever deeper into her
desperately heated cunt. The blonde heiress was so turned on now that
she was crying a ragged moan of ever increasing urgency with each hot
flick and stab of his hotly teasing tongue!

* * *

Sandy cut the motor and got out. That was Kate's station wagon parked
there by the side of the road, and it looked like there was no one in
it. The big foreman walked across the gravel road and looked inside
... just some stuff, a quilt, some packages, her purse. Hell, she
couldn't be far! He walked around the car and saw the little rubbled
path down the ditch as though someone had slid down. Of course. The
blackberry tangle down there. Cole's wife must be down there picking.

"Kate?" Sandy called out from time to time as he went through the mass
of bushes. When he finally found her, he almost stumbled over her, and
for a moment he thought she had hurt herself. She was standing as
though frozen, deaf and dumb to everything except what she was staring
at through a break in the bushes. The basket laden with blackberries
dangled lifelessly from her hand.

"Kate? ... You all right?"

She turned a pained and frozen face toward him blindly as though she
were a robot whose power source was fading.

"What's the matter? You feel bad?" There was something wrong with her.

Cole's wife didn't answer but turned away from him to stare again at
the scene beyond the thicket. Sandy bent so he could see what she was
staring at. His breath caught sharply in his throat. Jesus Christ,
God Almighty! Down in the edge of the field a little below the
blackberry thicket was a red convertible. A naked blonde girl was
sitting on top of the seat of the car, and a naked man was hunched down
between her wide-spread thighs, eating her hungrily grinding young
pussy as though he had gone stark raving mad. There was no other red
convertible for miles around, and no other streaked blonde hair like

Involuntarily the big foreman's hands reached out and bit into Kate's
arms. She shook and quaked, and he pulled her violently trembling body
back against him, for strangled, muffled moans were bubbling out of her
throat. The pain in his chest was tight and unrelenting. That was
Mela down there with her legs spread out like a goddamn French whore
and Cole Sutherland eating at her young, blonde-fringed pussy like a
maniac! God damn! Sandy's hands bit deeper into Kate's arms as though
they were her husband's throat. Jesus! A murderous rage was rising in
the big sandy-haired man that literally blurred the naked bodies with a
red haze.

"Ohh, noooo!" Kate moaned and the moans were bleats of anguish that
tore from her chest to come out in pitiful small agonized sounds. She
wasn't sure whether they came from her or from Sandy whom she hung on
to as though he were a lifeline. She would have fallen without him.
There seemed no way to contain the pain that ripped through her body so
unmercifully. It went on and on with the inevitable certitude of a
chill that racked one with the shivers of the damned. Dimly she
wondered how long she could endure such pain.

Her eyes were glued to the nakedly writhing and groaning bodies. She
didn't even know the girl ... had never seen her. Cole had come home
from France only last night, and today he was burying his face in
another woman's vagina and sucking up between her lewdly spread thighs
as though he was actually enjoying the wickedly perverted act. The
woman was pulling his face into her as if she could never get enough of
his scorching tongue. Oh God! What have I done, Kate wondered, to
deserve this kind of hell?

Sandy held Kate's limp but straining body back hard against him. It
seemed like her inner fiber was quivering with agony under the limp-
with-shock muscles. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the salacious
spectacle any more than the rancher's wife could.

He could see Kate's husband's big hands come up to cup and massage the
beautifully naked breasts that Sandy'd thought were going to be only
his, could see Cole's hands sliding like they owned it over the eager,
nakedly writhing body that should have been his right! God damn it!
He'd kill the sonofabitch! He'd kill them both! It was as though his
whole life had been spent on a turn of the cards and that he'd known
for sure he was going to win but now a sneaky bastard had cut him out
and his whole life was going down the drain and there'd be no other

Suddenly Mela's whitely tapered legs shot straight out, and the two
naked bodies came together in a heap as the seat fell back, making a
bed out of the car's interior. In her frantic twistings Mela had hit
the seat button with her foot.

Silent sobs were shaking Kate now and the foreman felt her shudder
against him. Sandy wrapped his arms around her slender body and held
her against his chest. Poor Kate. That bastard Cole hardly home and
here he was licking another woman's pussy. His woman's pussy!

Breath came out of Kate in tiny gasps of pain as she watched with
stricken eyes the cavorting bodies of her husband and the unknown girl.
They were laughing at being thrown so unexpectedly back. With the seat
all the way down, the woman still was spread wide, only now she was
lying on her back where she'd been sitting before and Cole was
crouching over her with his massively throbbing penis, that great
purple headed instrument hanging down powerfully under him, enormous,
ready, hard, long and thick. That girl was going to get the penis up
inside her that Kate had been denied last night. Oh God! She had to
get out of here ... but the obscene spectacle did have a strange
unearthly fascination, masochistic in nature. If she stayed she would
be hurt even more by what she witnessed. Kate knew she was powerless
to move. She had to see this played out ... the lewd and lascivious
pageant of her husband's betrayal.

Sandy saw Mela reach up and grab his neighboring rancher's cock; her
hand looked small and white against the bruising white rod. It was
glistening and wet and ponderously erect. He could see Mela stroke it
expertly--as though she had been jacking off men all her life and cup
the sperm-bloated balls with her other hand. A moment later, holding
her breath, she pulled him down on her by pressuring his stiffly
pulsating cock forward until it rested tightly against her wetly
quivering cuntal lips! Oh Christ! If only she was doing that to me,
Sandy thought. The foreman's arms tightened convulsively around Cole's
wife, and his hand of its own accord found the fleshy fullness of her
breast, shaking and quivering in despair and shock. His other hand
clutched the curve of her hip, and he ardently pulled her back into him
and onto the long rigidness of his throbbing cock which had grown
heavily in his jeans just from watching the obscene performance down
there in the car.

"Ohhhh ... oohhhh ... noooooo!" Kate whimpered in her pained agony, her
arm coming up to struggle feebly with the hand enclosing her breast so
fiercely. It couldn't be! Sandy's hand didn't belong there ... but it
felt good ... it felt almost the way Cole's hand used to ... the way
her husband's had looked on that strange young girl's breast. Kate
wanted desperately to close her eyes and open them to find it was all a
terrifying nightmare It had to be! It couldn't be real. She'd just
been picking blackberries; muffled sounds had come through the thicket
and then she'd seen a flash of red; and when she squirmed closer she'd
seen it ... the whole horrible degrading scene. A nightmare! At first
she hadn't even recognized her husband with his face buried so hungrily
in that blonde girl's naked vagina, and then he'd raised his mouth and
face, and a knife had plunged into her heart, and she felt as though
she was bleeding internally and the flow went on and on and it hurt
more and more!

Behind her, the foreman's hand hungrily squeezed at her fleshy tits,
but somehow, that didn't hurt ...

* * *

Cole poised on his toes, the head of his aching cock touching Mela's
eagerly throbbing pussy. He could feel her incredibly soft pubic hair-
-like a rabbit's fur--and the swollen, moistly slickened flesh of her
fevered cuntal opening nibbling hotly at the head of his cock. Jesus!
He was going right out of his mind! There was something wildly
exciting about fucking a woman out here in broad daylight with the bees
and flies buzzing and the stillness of the earth around them and the
air hot on their sweat-streaked bodies ... God ... it was indescribably

Arching her hips, the wide-eyed and panting young heiress let go of
Cole's thick fleshy rod and slid her hands around his hips, feeling the
flexed muscles of his powerful buttocks like iron heated to a white hot
heat. She looked up at him and groaned pleadingly. If eyes could fuck
... his were actually fucking hers now as he hung poised above her, the
angrily pulsating head oozing impatiently against her hotly twitching
cuntal lips. Suddenly his cock took the cue of his eyes, and he lunged
forward with a loud groan of rapture, shoving his hips forward at the
same time, causing the huge muscular pole to slip through the elastic
rimmed tightness of her pussy's outer lips and ram without hesitation
deep into the smooth fleshy walls of the warmly convulsing passage.
When he hit bottom, his penis buried to the hilt in her wildly writhing
body, he simply opened his mouth and groaned out his passion.


"OOOhhh ... Goddd ... Yess ... ss ... It hurts sooooo!" Mela screamed
as Kate's husband drove the full pulsating length of his hotly
distended cock far up into her madly undulating belly with one great
lunge! Oh God ... nothing but Cole Sutherland's magnificent penis had
ever filled her so deliciously and so completely. She had to have his
rampaging cock and she would never, never let it go! Mela felt him
lash his hotly moistened tongue into her wide open mouth with the same
animal ferocity as his warmly throbbing penis had driven down into her
pussy. Down there she felt his cock pulsating like an idling
cylindrical engine that was ready to fire into action!

* * *

Oh Jesus! He was in her now. Cole Sutherland had his prick driven to
the hilt in Sandy's woman ... where the ranch foreman had always wanted
to be. From the very first minute Sandy had gone to work years ago for
old man Meacham he'd wanted to pull down Mela's panties and shove his
own aching cock into her hot little cunt. At sixteen she'd wiggled
that curvaceous little ass around like she was a professional whore
advertising her wares, and old man Meacham had sent her to that
finishing school in Switzerland to keep her out of trouble. In the six
years since, she'd only come home briefly. It was as though the girl
couldn't stand the ranch once she had tasted Europe. Sandy hadn't been
able to see that she needed much finishing when she went away, but he
had to admit that each time the girl came home she was a little more
poised and polished, and a helluva lot more seductive. Only now it was
high class seductiveness, not school girl instinct. At sixteen Mela
had been a child to the ranch foreman's thirty-one years ... a
provocative child ... but at twenty-two she was a woman not at all too
young for his thirty-seven. And now there she was out there fucking in
her convertible with that goddamned Cole Sutherland who already had a
ranch and a wife ... damned nice wife too ...!

Sandy's hand closed tighter on Kate's breast. Christ ... with all that
going on down there in the convertible and his own balls aching like
they had a million needles in them ... he couldn't keep his hands to
himself. Cole's wife was crying now and the sobs that she tried to
stifle shook her whole body. Sandy pulled her even closer back against
him and his head went down against her sun warmed throat.

"Shhh ... it's all right ... shhh, Kate, baby ... don't carry on so ...
shhh ... it's going to be all right ..." he whispered against her hair,
smelling of sunshine mixed with the faint scent of honeysuckle. From
this angle the foreman could see the straining tops of Kate's full
fleshy tits above the scoop-necked blue gingham shift she wore. His
suddenly eager lips trailed along the graceful curve of her neck, and
his hand brushed over the swelling mounds of both breasts, squeezing
them together through the cloth; but even his big hand couldn't contain
the fullness of the two firmly protruding mounds.

It wasn't his idea ... it was the situation and the degrading scene
below them ... and the betrayal! That bastard Sutherland deserved it!
By God! Why not? Cole and Mela were having their fun ... fucking
themselves into oblivion right out there in the hot open sun. Why
shouldn't he and Kate have a little? Hell, yes! His hand was already
ahead of his brain, and it slithered inside the loosely gaping top of
Kate's cotton dress where it insinuated itself inside the soft nylon
bra to cup the lusciously heaving breast. He felt the tiny rubbery
nipple harden and pop out immediately into his palm.

"No, Sandy, we mustn't," she groaned, and then shuddered. The foreman
couldn't tell whether the movement came from fear ... or the excitement
of his hand locked tightly around her naked tit.

* * *

The writhing bodies on the white leather seat blurred before Kate's
disbelieving eyes as the tears coursed down her cheeks in torrents.
Dimly, she heard Sandy's words and felt his hands and arms, hard and
yet strangely soothing in this hour of need. A tiny corner of her mind
was screaming in warning about the strange hand on her bare breast, the
strong male lips moving boldly on her throat. And then another hand
began gently caressing her taut belly; it stroked down to her
helplessly trembling thighs as though reassuring her, and then came
back up again lifting the hem of her dress, revealing her long slender
legs and the yellow satin bikini panties that clung tightly to the
smoothly rounded buttocks. Behind her she felt Sandy shift his weight
and then an impatiently grinding bulge was pressing into the tightly
clenched crevice of her ass cheeks. That tiny voice of conscience was
receding and growing fainter and fainter as wave after wave of sensuous
feeling roared like a hot implacable tide from firmly flexed buttocks
to the throbbing hungry pit of her belly.

* * *

The sun was beating on Cole's back in a slow pulse that seemed to bear
down in time with his long powerful thrusts into the hot, wetly sucking
hollow up between Mela's insanely quivering thighs. Her legs were
wrapped around his naked buttocks, and she used her heels like spurs to
urge him on to a deeper penetration. Cole arched up, pulling his
throbbing thick length of cock flesh almost all the way out as his
hands caught the young girl's frantically bobbing breasts. He began
licking them in rhythm with his wildly pulsating cock beating like a
maddened metronome just inside the warm damp entrance of her open cunt!

"Ohhh ... Lover ... lick me ... suck me ... ohhhh!" The writhing blonde
heiress chanted softly, undulating her hips tip in the age-old twist of
the belly dancer in an effort to force the long, beautiful length of
Cole's commanding hardness back up deep inside her belly where she
wanted it most. His rapacious tongue licked the hardness of her
nipples and the surrounding softness of her tit, and she felt the tiny
radiating explosions start from the warmly wonderful wetness of her
nipples and spread through her flesh in wildly bursting flowers of
lust! Oh God! He was a good fucker ... the best ... and he was going
to be hers! She didn't care a damn if he was keeping three wives ...
he was going to be hers alone. She had searched for the likes of him
all her young life and now she'd found him!

"Goddamn! ... Oh baby ..." Cole gritted through tightly clenched teeth
as his desire-hardened cock worked its way deep and deeper up inside
her hungrily rippling belly. Christ! Her hot little cunt closed on
him like a vise ... a hot, wet, tight, clasping, clenching, milking
vise. The vaginal muscles up between Mela's widespread thighs rippled
and squeezed and clutched, massaging him like the million practiced
fingers of a masseuse ... pulling voraciously at the hotly building
sperm in his testicles whether he wanted it or not ... and oh GOD! He
wanted it! He could feel the seething pressure in his balls, and his
prick was on fire with the spirals of flaming lust that encased and
surrounded his pulsating solid pole of flesh sunk so deeply and so
tightly into her greedily pulling vagina!

Mela felt the hot, hard-muscled back under her hands and the mammoth
pulsing hardness fucking deeper and deeper into her belly, so deep that
it felt like Cole was ramming it up out the back of her throat, as
though he had impaled her whole body on his giant cock, and she was
helplessly impaled all the way through! Her eyes were closed against
the terrible sun but she needed no sight to know what was happening to
her body! She could feel every ridge and muscle and straining action,
every inch of him. Even so, she wanted more; her heels came up to lock
behind his calves that clenched and worked tightly in his labor, and
her thighs closed around his lean stone hard hips, male and aggressive
as the rest of him!

The words came tumbling out her throat and lips, kissing the words into
the bronzed neck and ear, "Fuck me ... oh, Cole lover ... fuck me like
you never fucked before ... fuck me hard ... harder, lover ... harder
...!" The young heiress's hips gyrated and rotated wildly to squeeze
every ounce of his solid male flesh into her hotly seething depths as
his wildly thrusting cock pumped in and out in a fevered rhythm of
uncontrolled passion that was building every second. "You're my man
... my man, lover ... and I'm your woman ... Oh God ... FUCKKK MEEEE!"

* * *

Kate's eyes fluttered and the sobs shook her from head to foot as she
heard the young girl's wanton shriek. She could see even through her
tears that her husband, Cole, was humping that woman ... fucking like
one of his bulls might and snorting like an animal in his lewdly
building pleasure! How could he feel such erotic passion with another
woman? And then her own flesh answered her. Sandy's big hands were
cupping her naked breasts from behind, and she could feel the
lasciviously traitorous sensations shoot through her. Her nipples
popped out like tiny sensitive noses into his palms and the strange
breathless calm that precludes a later raging storm was sweeping over
her! Oh God! What was happening? How had she gotten here with Sandy
Gayman? And then she knew! Vengeance grew deep inside her as she
heard the woman down there cry out in her passion ... cry out as Cole,
her Cole, fucked her almost into oblivion! By God ... two could play
at that game!

Sandy held the hurt, angrily trembling body of Kate and pressed her
beautiful, curvaceous softness back into the hardness of his cock that
thrust and strained against the bindings of his jeans. Christ! He was
so hot now that he could think of nothing more than laying her down on
her back and fucking her right on the grass under the blackberry
bushes. He wanted to rip away the clothes that separated them and
plunge his vengeance minded cock up into her! It would ease the pain
and bitter gall in both of them. That bastard, Cole, and the bitch
whore Mela, deserved it. No one ever deserved it more!

Suddenly Sandy turned Kate in his arms and crushed her to him,
struggling to get the whole supple length of her pressed into his
fiercely burning flesh. His lips came down hard on her half open
mouth, and his hot tongue met hers as it darted into the warm wet cave
of her mouth. He tongue fucked her for a long minute, his hands
clutching her soft, thinly covered ass cheeks through her panties as he
ground his pulsating rod into her rapidly awakening cunt like the end
of the earth was at hand!

The kiss triggered something wildly exhilarating in Cole's wife,
something that never had been there before with any man other than her
husband. She wanted it ... she wanted it terribly! Her arms went up
and her hands found the back of Sandy's strong thick neck; she flaunted
herself into him, feeling the pain easing and being obliterated in the
overwhelming wave of lust that was on her like a sudden summer thunder
storm. Yes! This was what she needed! A man who understood her
anguish and her need. She felt his big capable hands frantically
kneading the smoothness of her buttocks and his fingers were like mitts
of fire burning through her flimsy panties. Then, without warning, his
hotly foraging hands found her cool bare skin and they slid inside the
yellow satin panties to cup her nakedly quivering pubic mound. She
pushed up tight against him, not really knowing whether she was trying
to trap the hand and hold it motionless ... or cooperate!

"To hell with Cole and Mela ... let's get out of here, Kate ... let's
get out of here and go someplace ..." Sandy urgently whispered against
her temple as his other hand gently stroked up her naked back.

"Mela? ... Mela Meacham? ... Is that who?" Kate drew back in dismay,
staring up at him.

"That's her ... the old man's daughter ... come on, Kate, honey ...
let's go ... back to my place."

"Oh my God!" She burst into sobs again.

Sandy could see that Kate's tearful eyes were stunned. She was as weak
and defenseless as a kitten when he half carried, half dragged her as
quietly as he could back up through the blackberry thicket. When
finally they got to the road where her wagon and his pickup were
parked, they were panting and the sweat was pouring down their faces.

Kate leaned weakly against the fender of his truck. The big foreman
put the basket of berries into the car for her while she stood there,
breathing heavily and watching him. She could feel the slippery
moisture seeping down the insides of her still trembling thighs and
could not fool herself that it was all sweat. She looked at him ... a
big, lean-hipped man, so like her husband, with his huge shoulders and
work hardened hands and thick neck burned by the sun. What would it be
like to be fucked by him? God knows she wanted someone. Then she
gasped. Oh no, it was wrong! Terribly wrong! Paying Cole back by
letting another man fuck her wasn't the way. What good would it do to
lower herself to the level of those nakedly straining bodies back
there? She'd be forever sorry and remorseful, and she could never look
their neighbor, Sandy Gayman, in the face again if she did what her
traitorous body was screaming for her to do. No! She mustn't.

Quickly she walked around the car and got into the driver's seat.
Sandy came around and leaned on the door frame, his hand coming in the
open window and cupping her face. She flinched, knowing they must have
been insane back there in the blackberry thicket.

"See you in a few minutes, Kate ..."

"No, Sandy ... no ... not now--not ever!" Her face had closed, and
Sandy could see that she couldn't even look at him. She fumbled in her
purse for the car keys.

"We have to forget this ever happened ... forget what we saw back
there. Decent people don't act that way."

"But, Kate ... it ain't right. And you need it, bad as me."

"Two wrongs never made a right, Sandy. I'll be going now."

The lean, rough-hewn ranch foreman stood in the middle of the road
swearing softly to himself and watching the dust fly up in a cloud from
Kate's swiftly spinning wheels. Goddamn women all to hell anyway!
They were only good for one thing, to lay on their backs and fuck, and
by God they welched on that every chance they got! He slapped his hat
against his dusty thighs and climbed in the pickup.

* * *

Cole Sutherland dug his hands under Mela's hotly grinding ass cheeks
and strained her violently gripping cunt hard up against his pelvis,
for the heat was in him like a boiling vat of oil that threatened to
spill over at any moment! He wildly, insanely fucked his heavy, lust-
inflated cock in and out, increasing the rhythm and pounding harder and
deeper up between her wide open thighs with every thrust. The blonde
young ranch heiress was babbling incoherently and her disheveled flaxen
hair tossed wildly as her head thrashed uncontrollably from side to
side. Cole sensed her time was nearing. A flush had spread over her
shoulders in mottled patches, and he knew she was only moments away
from cumming for he could feel the burning, churning pressure bubbling
up in his own balls almost to the screaming point! Then the wet
licking sound in his ears was her tongue fucking desperately into the
sensitive opening, whining and moaning into it lewdly and lasciviously
as his huge, blunt headed hardness beat solidly like a hammer into her
wide-splayed young pussy.

"Come on ... fuck back, baby," he panted. "Fuck back ... oh Jesus ...

The sweat was pouring from their naked bodies and Mela could feel the
slippery flesh of Cole's huge muscular back, and her thighs were
slipping and sliding around his hips as she clutched and arched and
bucked around him.

"OOHHHH ... OOHHHH GOD ... OHHHH!" Mela screamed and Cole felt her legs
clamp tighter and more possessively around his waist as the young girl
opened her heatedly pulsating vagina as wide as she could to his hard
driving prick. He looked down between them and could see his wetly
glistening penis disappearing into the incredible softness of the hair-
fringed pussy locked around his cock, milking it so salaciously, so
wildly. His hips drove harder and his ass muscles clenched, driving
the huge wedge of solid flesh up into the writhing girl's belly with
the force of a jackhammer.

Suddenly he felt Mela arch up and quiver with her legs locked octopus-
like around him. Her scream of orgasm would have wakened the dead.


The sweat poured into his eyes and he was deafened, and then the
echoing roar was coming from deep inside his own body, and the whole
damn tucking world split as the mighty stream of dammed up liquid lust
came screaming down the tightly constricted channel of his bursting
cock to explode like a stick of dynamite far up inside her greedily
accepting little belly.


Mela heard Cole's strangled cries of pleasure mingling with the animal
screams of lust boiling out her own laxly open mouth. They were verbal
expressions of the tumultuously churning rapture bursting inside her
own flesh, and she vaguely thought the sun overhead must have surely
orgasmed with them, and the whole fucking universe was orbiting with
them, and frankly, she didn't care if the world ended right now!

The boiling white hot spurts of sperm hosed deep up inside the young
girl's body to pool and mix and swirl with her own flood gushing hotly
through her cock-filled cunt. But still it continued to come on, and
her wildly thrashing body was undergoing a never-ending climax that
seemed to go on and on and on. Jesus! There'd never been a fuck like

Mela could feel their bodies still jerking spasmodically against each
other, bone slamming on bone and flesh into flesh and cum and love
juice raining all around in all-consuming blissful rapture. God!
Nobody could fuck like Cole Sutherland! She wondered vaguely what his
wife' was like, and if Mrs. Sutherland knew that she was going to lose
her husband to a better woman.

At last Cole felt himself thrusting slower and slower, and the streams,
of cum, creaming deep up in the young blonde's belly, subsiding and
receding. His now emptied balls had almost spent themselves and were
slapping softer and softer against her still slowly, hungrily grinding
ass cheeks, and the world was rapidly coming into focus again. He was
at peace.

Mela took a deep sigh. She looked at him, squinting against the glare,
and she whispered softly, "Together we're going to have the biggest
ranch in South Dakota, partner."

Chapter 3

Angel Orellio looked down at the pile of sandwiches resentfully.
Sandwiches he could get in the city. All the God damned gringo
sandwiches he wanted. But who wanted the soggy, bread thick mess?
Tortillas and beans would have been better and cheaper, too, if the
senor was stingy. Working hombres like he did, they needed a hot meal.
Angel looked up to watch Kate Sutherland pouring the iced tea. Her
face looked different, as though all the spirit had been drained out of
it. Maybe it was her who didn't want to cook. Well, by God, he didn't
come here to eat slop!

"You got the tortillas?"

Kate looked startled. "Well, yes ... but they're down in the freezer,
Angel. I ... Ah ... I didn't want to heat up the kitchen at lunch

Angel shrugged and bit into a thick ham sandwich. Frozen tortillas.
Jesu Christo! That was what was wrong with the whole damn country.
Wrap it up, store it away, freeze it, mash it, make it instant. No
time for anything to make a man comfortable. Even his drunken, almost
screaming foster mother took more time and more care. He wouldn't even
be here if it wasn't for his mother. It was either this, or working at
the damn shoe factory like his parole officer had wanted him to do.
Fuck 'em all! He looked up to find Eric frowning and shaking his head
at him when Kate's back was turned.

They ate and it was pretty quiet. The grande had not come for lunch
today. Only the foreman Frank and Eric and the woman, but no one else.
The weather-beaten Frank was going on about how nice it was to have Mr.
Sutherland back home again. Angel thought his woman did not think so.
She looked tired and her smile was automatic and closed. Angel
wondered if she hadn't liked the homecoming fuck the big rancher must
have thrown her last night. While he played the guitar by the fish
pond Angel had known what was going on upstairs in the bedroom. Later
he had gone down to the barn and unloaded his wad in a yearling cow.
Dios Mio not even any puta whores in this damned country. But the
little school teacher! The one who had eaten there last night ... she
was soft and white, and old enough so that if he made it look right
they couldn't possibly get him for rape. That one he would luck soon
and then he could go back to civilization where girls and tortillas
were easy to get.

Kate went wearily up the stairs alter they'd gone and took off the
fresh dress she'd put on before lunch.

Cole had not even called to lie and say he wouldn't be home at noon.
She looked at her naked body in the mirror and wondered if her heated
flesh would have led her to really betray her marriage vows if the
circumstances had been different. Would she have thrown her naked body
into Sandy Gayman the way that woman ... Mela Meacham, he'd called her
... had done with Cole? Kate shuddered for she knew how close she had
come to doing just that in the pain and anguish of seeing her husband
fucking old man Meacham's daughter.

With her back to the mirror, she put on a blue swim suit. She couldn't
bear to even look at herself, remembering Sandy's big hands and where
they'd been on her nakedly quivering flesh.

How could Cole have done it? How could it have happened so quick?
Through the years they'd heard now and then that Meacham's daughter was
home from Europe for a short vacation but they'd never seen her. The
girl had come and gone so quickly that it almost seemed the old man
didn't want anybody to see her ... even though he spoke of her proudly
once in a while. How could her husband, who had never seen her before
today, be out there fucking that Meacham girl only a few minutes after
he'd met her?

A cold apprehension clutched Kate's heart. Maybe Cole had seen her on
her brief visits home. Oh God! Maybe he'd been fucking her when she
was home. Maybe that's why no one ever saw her. Kate tried
desperately to remember if her husband had ever been away when the
Meacham girl had been home, but it was useless. She couldn't even
remember the last time the poor old man had mentioned that his daughter
was home.

Her thoughts continued to churn as she walked downstairs and went
outside. Fifty yards away, Eric looked up, straightening his back. He
wiped the sweat from his dripping brow. He set the cement bucket down
and stretched, looking out at the shimmering heat that lay like a
blanket over the fields. His alert eyes caught the slim figure walking
down the gentle slope of lawn from the house. It was the boss' wife
going for her afternoon swim. It was too far away to see much, but the
long easy stride of her tanned legs and the shockingly tight blue swim
suit caused Eric's groin to tighten in desire. Someday, he would have
a good woman like that! He was still daydreaming about her when she
disappeared behind the trees a few moments later ...

The water was soupy and warm on the surface from the sun, but it was
cold and clean underneath. Kate swam and dove and drove herself back
and forth across the pond until she was exhausted. But even underneath
the cold green water she could see those nakedly writhing bodies before
her eyes. Oh dear heaven, what did you do when you found your husband
fucking another woman! How did you ever ease the pain?

At last she climbed wearily up on the little pier where they moored the
row boat. She lay panting for long minutes while her body dried. At
last, she made her way through the bushes to her secret sunning spot
that was hidden from the driveway, the house, and even the barns. Her
geese were still swimming lazily around, happily pulling the lettuce
leaves from the banks where she'd scattered them earlier.

"Here, Goosey ... here, babies ... here Goosey ..." But they ignored
her and went blithely floating away from her. They were still babies
and ordinarily followed her everywhere; over in the pond, however, they
became independent little devils. She always had a terrible time
getting them out and back up to the house.

Kate picked up the old leather bound book and tried to memorize the
poem she was planning to read to the poetry group. Cole had laughed
about that, too. "Now how the hell do you think you're going to get a
bunch of ranchers and their wives interested in poetry?" he'd snorted.
But she had to do all the things she did. The loneliness of this
country would drive you mad if you were a woman and didn't have the
hard physical labor of the men at their work. The gallery in town, the
theater group, and the poetry group had saved her sanity many a time.
Her husband didn't need any hobbies, she thought bitterly ... he had
his women! It wasn't the baby she wanted that had turned him off these
past two years. It was other women. For all she knew he might have a
whole bevy of them scattered around the countryside.

The book fell from her hands and Kate lay back on the towel in her
bower of bushes and reeds and trees. A little wind fluttered the
pages, hiding Browning's poem, My Last Duchess ... Kate couldn't erase
the memory of the character portrait and wondered about the vivid Duke
and his dead Duchess. Was she, herself, like that poor young woman in
the poem ... "She had a heart--how shall I say?--too soon made glad ...
t'was not her husband's presence only, called that spot of joy into the
Duchess' cheek ... she liked whate'er she looked on and her looks went
everywhere ..." Kate turned and rested her chin on her hands. Was it
really her fault that Cole had gone off with another woman ... had she
failed him inadvertently as that poor young woman had or rather as her
husband thought she had? Was Cole really trying to tell her something
important when he objected to her projects and groups and activities.
Was he really saying that she didn't pay enough attention to him ...
that he was jealous of her time spent on other things and other people?
Oh God, she didn't know! If only she hadn't seen him naked with that
girl ... if only she could erase the awful memory from her brain.
Kate's hands gripped her skull that was aching; her face came down
against the towel and her tears slid silently down into the colorfully
printed terrycloth.

The events of the morning had badly shaken her composure. Really, how
could she blame her husband for what he had done when she, herself, had
come so close to doing exactly the same thing with Sandy Gayman. The
handsome foreman would never know the monumental self-control that had
been required to get into her station wagon and drive away from him,
while all the time her loins and hotly seeping, shamelessly aroused
vagina had been pleading that she remain. Even now, over three hours
later, she still could feel those strange hands familiarly caressing
her heatedly straining breasts and buttocks. Well, she thought dully,
I'll get over it ... and so will Sandy. At least he has the ranch
chores to keep his mind off it.

Kate, however, had no way of knowing that instead of cooling off, the
sandy-haired foreman had found that his anger and need to fuck her in
revenge was growing more painfully intense with each passing second.
Christ, he still had the goddamned hard-on! Then everything blew up
all at once when he came out of the horse barn and saw the red
convertible racing down the road toward town and Mela's long bright
hair streaming behind her. That son of a bitch, Cole Sutherland, was
driving! Five minutes later, his face dark with rage, Sandy crunched
up to the Sutherland's sprawling ranch house. He knocked and called
"Kate," several times without success. The wagon was there ... she
must be around somewhere. Finally, he opened the door to the kitchen
and stepped in. "Kate? Hey, anybody home?" By God, if she was
upstairs taking a nap, he'd fuck her right there and not give a shit
how much she yelled.

The silence of the empty house echoed in his own ears.

It was the tall blonde kid with the eastern accent, Eric, he said his
name was, who told Sandy that Kate was swimming. The big man didn't
even mutter "thanks" as he spun on his heel and made for the pond. By
the time he found her, his anger was cooling, but his painfully
throbbing erection had grown to monstrous proportions.

Kate sensed someone's eyes on her even before she heard the rustling
sound in the bushes. She looked up and saw Sandy Gayman standing there
with his hat in his hands just staring hotly down at her. Kate could
feel the tension immediately growing like a live thing between them
again as he stood staring into her eyes.

At last he spoke, dropping down beside her on the towel. "You've been
crying some more?" He plucked a spear of grass and chewed the end of it
as Kate nodded dumbly.

"Don't think I'd waste my tears if I was you." Sandy lay back in the
grass, one hand pillowing his head. "I been thinking ... I don't
rightly see how ... what we saw could have happened so fast ... I mean
I didn't think they even knowed each other before. But now ... I think
they must have. I don't know when or where ... but they knew each
other before today. I'd bet my life on it."

"But where? How? When?" Kate whispered, sitting up.

"It wasn't here at the ranch. I been here for years ... ever since
Mela was first sent to school in Switzerland. I been here when she
come home now and then. Never was here more'n a week. No, I think
they must have met up when Cole went over to get that bull ... in

"Of course!" she said eagerly. "I think you're right. That would
explain it."

"Fact is," the big foreman continued, "I was figuring on marrying Mela
myself when she got this running around out of her system ... I watched
her since she was a kid."

"Oh, Sandy ..." Kate's hand went out in quick sympathy to Sandy's arm.
"I didn't know ... I didn't know that you were hurting inside as much
as I was ... back there ... I'm so sorry for what my ... my husband

Sandy, lying flat on his back, looked up into Kate's sympathetic face.
The loose chestnut hair was still damp around her shoulders, the tanned
fleshy swells of her breasts were almost spilling out of the deeply
plunging blue swimsuit, and her blue eyes still had tears trembling on
the edge of the thick lashes. Grabbing her hand he pulled her down
across his chest and caught her wetly trembling mouth, murmuring
against it before he kissed her, "No use being sorry ..."

Kate squirmed and fought against the hard arms that had caught her by
surprise and held her captive. He'd seemed so kind and sympathetic,
but he only wanted to continue that madness they had indulged in when
they were hurting so this morning. No! It was all wrong! They'd only
be perpetrating the horrible example they'd seen.

Holding her easily with his greater strength, Sandy kissed her 'til
her' soft, warm lips finally opened slack under his and her breath was
whistling out her mouth in unintelligible little moans. Just like
taming a reluctant mare, he thought, and sat up with Kate in his arms,
holding her across his chest and lap. She was so limp be thought she
was going to faint.

It took all of her will power for Kate to tear her mouth from Sandy's
and all of her strength to fight her way out of his arms. Then she
tried to scramble away from him, but he easily reached out and caught
her again by grabbing the breast band of her swim suit. "Come back
here, woman. Don't you think we got a right after this morning?" he
whispered fiercely. Kate felt the big man pull her down against his
chest again, then his arms were holding and cradling her and he was
rocking her back and forth as though she were a child.

Sandy smoothed her hair with his free hand and whispered to her,
gentling her as he would a calf or a frightened horse. There was a lot
of woman here and he held her close against him, crooning hypnotically
and murmuring as his lips brushed her hair, temples, eyelids, cheeks,
and ear lobes.

The big hands were soothing and surprisingly gentle as Kate felt them
tracing down the tight fullness of her breast and thigh and then back
up again. Sandy's fiery lips burned her even though they brushed
lightly, and the rancher's wife could feel her trembling body, denied
relief for so long, responding immediately. The shivers started on her
skin and swept through her in swift jagged little streaks, and she
could hear his words echo in her head over and over again, "Don't you
think we got a right? Don't you think we got a right?" Only unlike an
echo that fades, these words grew louder and louder until they were a
deafening drumbeat in her mind.

Catching her face with his free hand Sandy looked deep into Kate's eyes
so close below his. "The only comfort in the world for what ails us is
this," he whispered, and his hot wet mouth came down hard again on her
helplessly trembling lips. He could feel her shiver in his arms as
though she had a chill. Christ! It was good to hold a woman like
this. If he couldn't have Mela for his, then he'd have that bastard
Cole Sutherland's woman, by God!

Kate could feel her helpless shivering becoming uncontrollable, and a
deep sob that couldn't come out sent a terrible ache through her
rapidly heaving chest. Now Sandy's mouth became as brutal as his hands
had been gentle; she could feel the hotly probing tongue working deeper
and deeper into her mouth, and she was letting him. Mad! She had to
be as mad as Cole to let this happen with a man who wasn't her husband.
Why hadn't she sent the big foreman away when he first came? Because
she liked it! Oh God, maybe she'd secretly wanted this to happen all
along ... that's why she hadn't sent him away! Perhaps she'd known
that he would try to strip her naked again. Oh God, she was as bad as
her own husband!

The scent in Sandy's nostrils was of sweet grass and sweet clean woman,
faintly damp and breathing life and hope into him. Goddamn, but she
tasted good, and the long swelling curves of her fit into him so well.
In his mind's eye he could see the way the skimpy swim suit clung to
her like a second skin, cut so low in front in a deep "V" that her full
fleshy tits were more than half out, so low in the back that the lower
beginning curves of her moon-shaped ass cheeks showed. His wildly
throbbing cock was beating painfully in his jeans, and by God this time
he was going to finish what he started!

Lying on her side, cradled in his arms, Kate couldn't help but be aware
of the fiercely pounding rod that throbbed like a second heart against
her side. Everything about the neighboring ranch foreman felt hard and
male and oh so good. The all-watching monitor in her brain was
screaming warnings to her, but her traitorous flesh was ignoring it by
sending out tiny building ripples of hot implacable lust all through
her. Suddenly, her arm moved up of its own volition under his shirt to
caress his broad hard back; and her other arm wrapped itself around his
neck, urging him down to her. It was so good to be in a man's arms who
wanted her ... really wanted her for no other reason but that he wanted

The breath was rasping in great shudders out Sandy's widely flared
nostrils as his hot wet mouth moved hungrily down Kate's throat. His
big band slid off one shoulder strap, and he kissed the warm nakedness
of her shoulder as he eased the top of the swim suit down even further
until the white, heavily ripened breast was freed. The naked fleshy
tit hung there for the plucking like a mouth watering fruit that had
fully matured. His hand came up to weigh it and cup its warm firmness;
his thumb grazed the timidly cringing nipple until it burst out
involuntarily like a quickly sprouting seed.

"Oh God, Kate ..." She heard him groan and his breath seared her like
fire as his hotly voracious mouth bent to suck in her eagerly erect
little nipple. The flame of his tongue licked out and struck lightning
flashes through her flesh!

"Noooo, Sandy ... noooo ..." she whispered, pushing feebly against his
brawny shoulders with her hands, and all the time her betraying breast
seemed to swell under his mouth with the hungrily searching nipple
peaked into a concentrated point of blissful sensation! Jagged streaks
of needle sharp pleasure radiated from his warmly wet lips and tongue,
an overpowering sensation that spread rapidly through her breast to
heat up her whole body. It was then that Cole's wife knew she was
close to losing a battle that never should have begun.

"Mmm ... mmmmmmmm," Sandy gurgled as he took the whole tip of her
softly quivering tit into his ravenously working mouth and sucked with
such fierce pressure that Kate began trembling helplessly in his arms!
His hand held the warm silken heaviness up to his hungrily searching
mouth, and he tasted the clean woman sweet flesh; it fed him, swelling
his impatiently pounding prick to a monstrous size that his tight,
heavily strained Levi's could never accommodate.

Oh God, Kate thought, what was happening to her? She'd frozen with
pain at the sight of her husband with another woman, but here she was a
few hours later, her nakedly eager breast in another man's voraciously
sucking mouth and the animal lust stirring in her flesh like an evil
phoenix rising from the ashes of her lost union with Cole. She'd never
wanted another man ... not ever since she'd been married, and here she
was moaning and writhing uncontrollably as the neighboring ranch
foreman teasingly sucked her, his hot hands all over her and his man's
words echoing in her head like the gospel, when she knew all along they
were only words of the moment, expedient words to achieve his purpose.
Suddenly she stiffened for one condemning word exploded like a flash
bulb in her head. Adultery! My God, she was very close to committing

Suddenly, Sandy felt Cole's wife go rigid in his arms. The next second
she'd sprung to her feet and looked wildly down at him, her long hair
in disarray and the large white rounded spheres of her naked breasts
quivering in anguish. The only thing that kept her from being
completely naked was that dangling strip of nylon clinging to the
ripely flaring curves of her hips.

Quickly, before she could run, he reached up and jerked the suit down
her thighs. He gasped as his hungry eyes saw the softly curling
strands of chestnut cunt hair triangling down between her legs.
Christ! Sandy realized for the first time that she was tanned all over
... even her tits and buttocks ... a smoothly tanned, hot-blooded
woman. She stared at him in horror, her eyes as wild as her hair. For
a split second she gained down at his hand, holding the blue nylon
cloth around her knees, and then she turned to run, frantically trying
to twist free of his grasp.

"Let me go ... let me go ... leave me alone ... oh, please," Kate
panted, trying to run from this man who would make her an adulteress.
Sandy, however, hung on, and when she tripped, he simply pulled her
back onto the blanket, then yanked the flimsy swim suit panties off her
feet as though he were peeling a ripe luscious banana. She rolled away
as he sought to return her to his arms and, breathing heavily, regained
her feet and ran.

Jumping up, he tried to catch her but she plunged away, sobbing and
whimpering as she ran straight for the water. His arms flailing, the
big foreman beat his way after her. He had already started to grab
when she dove into the pond. Suddenly, he was murderously angry! God
damn prick tease! Twice in one day was too goddamn much! He jerked
his clothes off, cursing when he struggled with his boots, but finally
he was free and as naked as Kate, and he plunged into the cool green
water after her.

The breath was pumping laboriously through her lungs as Kate swam in
long smooth strokes. Behind her, she could hear Sandy cursing on the
shore but she didn't look back. Get away! Just get away somewhere
before the ruggedly handsome man caused her to sink to Cole's degraded
level and become the same kind of wantonly writhing animal as that girl

Cleaving the water expertly Sandy came relentlessly after her, he
wasn't letting Cole's wife get by with this crap! By God, he was going
to fuck her silly if it was the last thing he did!

The geese came swimming toward Kate, making little clucking gurgling
noises of recognition. "No, Goosey ... no ..." Kate gasped, trying to
shoo them away and losing her momentum as a result. Almost at once her
foot was grasped and her arms flailed frantically as she realized that
Sandy had caught her. Oh God, what now? She struggled to free her leg
but it was no use. It simply gave him an anchor to pull himself up to
her. Screaming was no use. The barns were a long way off, and even if
by chance someone heard her how could she ever explain being naked in
the pond with Sandy Gayman? Kate felt his arms slide around her
nakedness and her heart almost stopped!

"No, Sandy ... it's wrong ... it's terribly wrong ... please!"

Sandy was panting and blowing, his chest heaving from the chill water
and the sudden exertion and the anger. His feet scissored the water to
keep them both afloat. "No ... it's only fair ... Cole fucked my woman
... I'm going to fuck his," he growled, trying to hold Kate and keep
them both afloat. His groin tightened like a knife twisting as she
held her nakedly cool flesh against his own throbbingly hard nakedness
under water. "Besides ..." he jerked her even closer, mashing her
full, wetly streaming breasts against his chest, "you want it as much
as I do. Stop being a hypocrite! I'm going to fuck your teasing
little cunt, baby ... whether you like it or not!"

Her mouth was captured in a vise-like kiss, and Kate felt Sandy's
massively rigid penis pressing like a huge hot knife against her
heaving belly. His hand slid boldly down under the water to touch the
moistly quivering lips of her vagina. Finding the narrow wet slit, he
wormed his thick middle finger through the cringing cuntal opening and
was rewarded with a loud moan of unsuppressible rapture. A whirlpool
seemed to be sucking her into its very center, into the depths of a sin
she'd never even imagined that she'd be tempted by. A blackness, too,
was sucking her, and that blackness was her own cravenly wanton flesh
that ignored and deceived her very decency--a decency that was crippled
by desire now and therefore utterly useless. She was impaled on that
hard thrusting finger that stabbed like a substitute penis into her so
brutally, but what made it worse was that she could actually feel her
own hotly rippling vaginal walls closing hungrily around it. His other
hand was kneading the fearfully trembling fullness of her buttocks.
Even under water, her nipples had been tempered to hardness by the
scraping of his powerful chest, and she had to cling to him or drown.

When the big foreman finally felt the sandy bottom beneath his feet, he
picked her up and carried the violently shaking body back to the
rumpled blanket. He could see tears of helpless submission on her
cheeks, and her ripely curved body lay limply in his arms. All the
fight had gone out of Cole Sutherland's wife, and he cradled her in his
arms like a prize he had won. He wasn't tired any more! His proudly
erect cock rubbed hotly against her nakedly trembling buttocks with
each step back to the blanket. There he laid Kate's limp, defenseless
body on her towel and dropped down beside her, propping him self up on
one arm.

Kate lay crying quietly; her eyes closed, willing her body to faint, to
melt into the blackness of unconsciousness so this nightmare would end.
But the awareness of her shamelessly aroused flesh would not permit her
this solace. She could feel their neighbor's hungry eyes staring down
at her nakedness and hear the harsh labored breathing of him beside
her. Oh dear God ... what had brought her to this? Had wanting a
child so badly started a chain of events from which there was no
returning, a long vicious chain that was ending in her becoming an
adulteress? Her head thrashed weakly and she moaned, "No ... no ...
no," as she wrestled hopelessly with the traitorously rising passions
of her body.

The lush curvaceousness of Kate Sutherland's body lying helplessly
beside him was a sight that Sandy would have etched into his eyeballs
if he lived to be a hundred! His eyes devoured the fleshy fullness of
her breasts, the reddened erect nipples puckering up to him like
incredibly warm rubies, the fertile sweep of her tautly quivering
belly, the wetly curling chestnut pubic hair above the sensuously
curved thighs ... all of it tanned to a warm earth color that begged to
be kissed and tasted and bitten! Sandy could feel the urgent drawing
in of his testicles, and the hotly impatient growth of his cock
standing up at the lascivious sight of his neighboring rancher's naked
wife. By God, he'd tame this happily married little bitch if it was
the last thing he ever did! Jesus Christ! It had been a long time,
waiting for Mela, with only whore cunts to occasionally ease him. If
Mela's pussy was going to be a used one when he finally got her, then
it was only fair if that bastard Cole Sutherland got his cunt rights
violated, too.

"Ohhhh ..." Kate hissed between tightly clenched teeth as she felt
Sandy's warmly wet mouth slide stealthily down her throat and arm. It
was as though a flame had licked her shivering skin. Then holding her
breath, she waited as the ravenous mouth caught her straining nipple
and the big foreman's tongue rasped over its sensitive tip resulting in
an explosive flame that went straight into her flesh and spread a hot
glow all through her! It gradually became a battle of wills. She
absolutely refused to look at him, but still felt all of his passion
through her, wildly excited flesh. In areas where she least expected
it, hotly wanton kisses rained on her cringing body ... the inside of
her elbow ... her little toes ... her palms ... the temple ... behind
the ear ... the armpit ... Kate suddenly couldn't stand it any more.
He'd won. Men always won! Her own eagerly writhing flesh could no
longer stand the strain of this intolerable torment; she knew the
result was inevitable. Her body crumpled in the sweet agony of his
teasing and her own volcanically overpowering desire which was rapidly
reducing her to the mindless wanton state of that terrible young blonde
creature with Cole this morning. She had become something less than a
rational human creature, and all she could think about was getting
relief. She opened her eyes for the first time and cried out in a
voice distorted with lust, "Do it! Do it to me and get it over with!"

She felt him gather her in his arms and roll over on top of her, and
the heavy weight of him was a blessing that pressed on her from above.
His eyes were ablaze with animal hunger and they burned deeply into
her. She saw his expression harden and become almost brutal as he
lewdly stared down. "Do what?" he demanded hoarsely, his mouth
scarcely an inch above hers.

"You know what!"

"No, tell me exactly what you want me to do to your hot little cunt."

"Fuck it," Cole's wife hissed bitterly. "Go ahead and fuck it! It's
what you want to do! Use me like one of your dirty prostitutes!"

Suddenly Sandy felt his control slipping and anger flared in his mind.
There was something about the way the words came out of Kate's lips, an
almost imperceptible snarl of sarcasm and disgust in a voice that was
usually so kind. Now he was really madder than hell again. Rich
stuck-up bitch; he'd show her. He jerked her violently trembling legs
brutally apart with his knees and shoved his tongue deeply into the hot
wetness of her mouth. His hand went down to guide his wildly throbbing
cock toward her passion drenched cunt. And ... with that first contact
between his eagerly pulsating cock and her helplessly quivering pussy,
he simply went mad. He ground his long, lust-hardened rod vengefully
in among the softly curling pubic hairs that fringed the lips of her
nakedly throbbing cuntal opening. She had closed her eyes again as if
she couldn't bear to look at him.

"Open your eyes, you little bitch," he snarled. "Open them and see the
present big Daddy's got for you." Hell, he knew for sure now what was
wrong with her; she thought she was too goddamned good to be fucked by
a mere foreman. That was it! She was a ranch owner's wife and a
common foreman wasn't good enough for her! Well, by God he'd have her
begging for it ... and not sarcastically, either. Oh, she'd beg and
plead and moan and cry to be fucked before he got through with her.

Cole Sutherland's wife felt the violently throbbing hardness of his
penis searching for the previously unviolated opening to her restlessly
stirring vagina. Each jab of the huge, pulsating head of the
neighboring foreman's cock against her sensitive cuntal opening
resulted in new and ever greater waves of unwanted ecstasy to surge
throughout her entire being. He was like an impatient stallion unable
to find the mare's hole at first time. She fought the insane urge to
reach down there and assist him. Then, abruptly, he found it. The
lust-hardened head sank through the tight elastic opening and, without
hesitation, rammed unmercifully into the heated depths of her cringing
cunt, sending a shock wave of wildly excruciating pain roaring before

"Aaaaagghhhh," she screeched, frantically pushing her hands up against
Sandy's powerful chest and twisting her hips desperately around in a
vain effort to escape the brutal impalement of her open pussy.

The force of her neighbor's thrust into the tightly resisting walls of
Kate's vagina brought a long sustained howl from her throat a noise
which he quickly muffled with his mouth Then there was the sound of his
own guttural moan as he felt the head of his cock slam hard into her
cervix and hit rock bottom! Christ! It was like diving into a warm
bottomless pool and hitting concrete instead of water. The jar went
all the way through his throbbing penis from the head on back! God
damn! He hadn't meant to ram quite that hard. No wonder she was
yelling. But, oh God! How good her pussy was! There was no other
goodness in the world like being deep inside a hot, moistly clenching
pussy again. Maybe he liked this one of Kate's so much because he'd
had to fight for it. Whores didn't put up any fight, so when you got
through you hadn't accomplished much ... but this filly ... oh Christ!
Cole Sutherland couldn't have used this little snatch too much lately.
It was warm and close and as tight as a fur-lined, vaseline greased
glove ... so tight it was almost painful. He held still for a moment,
then made his cock jerk in the warm liquid depths of her now wide
stretched belly and felt an agony of pleasure race through him like a
forest fire raging through virgin timber. He flexed his fleshy
hardness again and was rewarded with a low answering moan from her.
She liked that, he thought, and did it once more which caused her eyes
to blink suddenly open.

"Now I'm going to give you the fucking of your life, baby," Sandy
rasped, raising his head from her open, stunned mouth and looking
straight into her frightened eyes, the pupils huge and staring.

Kate lay under the great hard body of Sandy Gayman, feeling the pain of
his enormous throbbing shaft sunk into her flesh as far as it would go.
It filled every tiny millimeter of space, and, even more, for it
pressed painfully in her, stretching her tortured insides further than
they were made to be stretched. Thought and sensation collided in her
like crazed animals in a closed space, bumping and butting blindly
against each other. But one overriding thought emblazoned itself in
her brain. Cole Sutherland was the only man she had ever known before,
the only man who had ever made love to her for he'd taken her a virgin.
There was now a strange penis deeply imbedded in her flesh, a strange
manhood stuck far up inside her body. This ranch foreman would be the
second man she had ever had ... and she wondered bitterly if her
husband could even count the women he'd known.

Suddenly all the hurt and all the agony of this morning came pouring
through her in a raging, blinding, overwhelming surge of hatred and
hurt and vengeance. Cole had fucked a woman ... lots of women ... and
by breaking his wedding vows had dragged their marriage and their love
through the slime. Now she wanted her own back! She would pay him
back! Another man was inside her; he was going to fuck her in broad
daylight under the open sky. Here he was--this other man--lying now
between her legs with his hotly throbbing prick stuck in her like a
bull's in a cow, and she didn't care ... she wanted him there! Kate
Sutherland wanted Sandy Gayman to fuck her! She felt deliciously lewd,
for his invading hardness in her vagina was sending rapturous
sensations through her; and she loved and wanted it! She would have
it! Now!

"Ohh, yes, Sandy," she breathed into his warm open mouth, "fuck me ...
fuck me now!"

"Like you never had it before ... never before, baby," he said, pleased
at the suddenness of her surrender.

Sandy could feel the tightly gripping hole of Kate's moist vagina
throbbing with an urgent need as the hot walls of her cunt massaged his
lust-inflamed pole, squeezing inward around his hardness in little
spasms of lascivious pleasure. Teasing, Sandy pulled his fleshy rod
all the way out and heard Kate catch her breath in disappointment.
Grinning, he shoved his' hips forward again and his prick slid into the
ranch owner's wife like a saber into a well oiled scabbard, the
smoothly moistened muscles of her pussy once more slipping around him
like a tightly skinning sheath!

"OOOOHHHH ... Yessss," he moaned in ecstasy as he began to fuck into
her with slow deep strokes. The fiery warmth of her insides, deep up
there in her tightly clenching belly, was radiated to him through the
wetly, heated walls of her cuntal passage. Her Joins moved eagerly
upward against him, opening all the way to receive him, her lithe
strength coming up to him and her hips beginning to grind around
hungrily as she began fucking lewdly back at him in earnest.

Kate's arms went up to wrap tightly around her neighboring foreman's
neck, pulling him even closer to her as she felt his hands dig under
her frantically pumping buttocks and cup her crotch up tighter to his
testicles. His lean muscular body, even bigger than Cole's came down
against her breasts, mashing their roundness between them. His chest
roughly scraped her nipples, and she was struck by the contrast between
its male hardness with her softly yielding femininity. All she could
feel now was erotically sensitive flesh: his hard, rigidly demanding
penis buried deep in her soft, warmly welcoming vagina.

"Ohhhhhh ... Ohhhh God ... soo good ... Oh, darling ..." Sandy heard
her chant huskily as he established a rhythm, fucking into her in deep
powerful strokes, boring his hard, pulsating thickness into the softly
quivering slot of Kate's now wide-open pussy. At each downstroke he
felt her lift to him so that bone met bone and pubic hair met pubic
hair in a union of violence that shook them both. Every cell of their
high-pitched, sensually heated flesh keened with the pleasure of their
coupling! Oh Goddamn! Mrs. Kate Sutherland wasn't so snooty now, by
God! She was just another hot-blooded woman being fucked half to
death. She wanted his hot throbbing cock in her so bad she was
crooning and begging him on and squirming her tight little pussy up to
him like he was an animal in heat.

The ranch owner's wife was lost now in a morass of sexually lewd
sensation that overrode her accusing brain and left her a wantonly
willing vessel for Sandy's plundering cock. Her hands feverishly
kneaded the foreman's buttocks, those steel hard chunks of lean male
muscle, pulling him deeper and deeper into her as her talon-like nails
frantically dug into his naked flesh, urging him on like the tips of a
spur, a goad to incite even more vigor in the delectable fucking of her
still heatedly unsatisfied cunt. There was nothing in the world, she
thought, like the incredibly beautiful sensation of being fucked by a
passion maddened man! It had been so long since she'd had any ... and
Cole, just home, was doing it with another woman. But now, she didn't
care. She had a man, a man with a huge, hard penis that sent wild
waves of never-ending pleasure racing hotly through her flesh; the
foreman's cock was a thick fleshy surgeon's needle stitching up her
gaping wounds of loneliness and need.

Sandy covered Cole's wife's lust-contorted face with feverish kisses as
he mercilessly thrust into her gluttonously embracing pussy. This
wasn't the faking and feigning of a cold-blooded whore, but the real
and desperately urgent need of a hot-blooded woman in heat. Kate was
moaning and writhing under him, her hips rotating now in tiny, ever
tightening circles of entreaty that drove him wild with the ecstasy!
Jesus Christ! There'd never been anything like this!

He flicked his hips forward, flexing his ass at the same time and
causing a reflexive jerk of his aching cock buried hotly inside her
belly where there was no room for any movement; the confining flesh of
her fevered womb gave before him, and an agonized cry of joy escaped
her whimpering mouth. She was tuned and quivering, vibrating like a
tuning fork with his every motion and echoing his rapture in wailing
animal mewls of pleasure. Jesus! She seemed to be going out of her
mind; she must be close to cumming. His balls were constricted and so
tight with pressure they felt as if there was no safety valve and they
were going to explode and split his scrotum wide open before he could
empty them out in her hotly clenching little cunt!

The foreman once again slid his hands under Kate's wildly pumping
buttocks, feeling their pliant warm strength cupped in the palms of his
hands as he raised them off the soaked towel to obtain even greater
access to that raging fire deep within her fiercely undulating loins.
Reaching under her, he felt the warm, viscous droplets of her vaginal
secretions dribbling down the widespread cleft of her soft, hair-lined

Christ! She was flooded with the stuff. It felt almost as if he had
already shot his load into her. His finger slipped down the shadowy
crevice until he felt the tiny puckered hole of her anal opening. It,
too, was inundated by the lubricant. Without interrupting the
established rhythm of his fucking, he moistened the tip of his finger
in her warmly flowing vaginal juices and slowly began pressing inward.
The tight elastic opening reluctantly began to give and suddenly the
tip of his finger popped smoothly into the spongy softness and slid
into the warm rubbery passage all the way up to the first knuckle.
Kate's body, jerked forward beneath him and she gasped with the shock
of pain. "Ahhhh ... AHHHHHH ... It hurttttssssss!"

Kate felt him worm his finger deeper and silenced her protests as she
realized that the pain in her backside, although excruciating, was
somehow lewdly exciting. Her passionately trembling legs jerked wide
apart to wave, frantically, in the air above them as she automatically
squirmed her cringing buttocks back and away from that shuddering,
searing pain in her anus. The foreman pressed in again and began
worming the tormenting finger in even deeper.

In spite of all her groaning, Sandy felt the ranch owner's young wife
tentatively screw her buttocks down onto his probing finger and it
slowly worked further and further, far up into her until it was sucked
into her wildly flailing flesh all the way to the palm of his hand. He
began to rotate the invading finger, moving it around and around in the
warm buttery depths of her virginal rectum. He listened, pleased, as
her groans gradually changed to whimpering moans of undisguised

"AAAAaaaaaggggg! OOOOHHHH! AAGGG!" Kate squealed as she wildly pumped
her loins up against him. The pain was lessening and with it came an
even higher level of lasciviously rising rapture in her straining body.
Oh God! She was worse than Cole ... she was depraved and perverted to
feel this good ... she was lost and wanton ... and she didn't care!
She wanted it ... wanted whatever Sandy gave her, for she had to have
that wonderfully life giving cock inside her forever!

Grinding down into her with all the powerful strength of his hips, back
and thighs, Sandy could feel the hotly pulsating lips of her feverishly
working cunt clasping and unclasping like a feeding fish's mouth around
his huge fleshy cock. He fucked into her with everything he had,
straining to ram the last fraction of an inch of his plundering prick
up into her widespread cleft. New wails of blissful pleasure gurgled
from her as he maintained the same savage rhythm with the thick finger
deeply sunk into her greedily sucking rectum.

"That's it, baby," he groaned. "Fuck ... fuck it ... Oh God, fuck,
fuck ... FUUUCCCCKKK! Christ! Fuckkkkkkk!" Jesus Christ, he'd never
last at this rate.

"OHHHH ... AAHHHAAGGG ...!" Kate grunted and screamed alternately as
she felt him boring into her, fucking her in perfect cadence with cock
and finger, feeling the bloated sensitive head of his penis slide past
his blunted finger in her asshole, with only the thin wall of membrane
separating them inside the fiery depths of her lust inflamed body.

She was lost now in a morass of lewdly perverted, but beautiful, sexual
sensations from the dual ravishment of her loins. A masochistic
pleasure filled every part of her from her violently quivering vagina
to the top of her wet brown hair. She could hear the sound of naked
flesh smacking on naked flesh as their wetly sweating bodies worked
rhythmically together, and heard a loud moist sluicing noise with each
jackhammer stroke of his hugely swollen cock and driving finger as they
slammed into her wildly wanton body with ever-increasing fury. Oh God!
She was so close to cumming. She tried to inform the fiercely laboring
foreman that she was close, but no intelligible words could break free
of her desire-tightened throat. She did tell him in other ways though,
by twisting and turning, every part of her naked loins beneath him
expressing the obvious ecstasy she was experiencing as she jerked her
widespread knees back up to her shoulders and opened to him her now
completely exposed cunt to do with as he would.

Sandy's long thickened prick expanded even more and he could feel the
burning sensation deep up in his loins that told him release was not
far away now. Wildly, he drove harder, plunging in ravaging thrusts
deeper and harder into her hotly churning depths that were clasping and
milking him frantically!

"Sandyyyyyy ... Deeeeperrrrrr ... Yessssss Ohhh, fuck me ... HARDDDD
... OOHHHHHHH ... Godddddddd ... AAAAAGGGGGGHHH!" she screamed, feeling
it finally happening to her. She was cumming! Oh God! She was
cumming ... and it was soooooo wonderful!

Sandy jerked his finger from her wildly clenching asshole and clutched
her desperately to him, her flowing cunt taking all of his giant
battering cock up into her as he plunged harder, deeper, faster!

"NNNNNOOOOOWWWWWW ... AAAAGGGGHHH," she shrieked piercingly; the
unbearable rapture of the truthful moment contorting her beautiful face
and her nails unmercifully raking his back in deep furrows of bloody

Sandy felt the convulsions of her furiously jerking body thrashing
under him, and the realization that it was he who had brought on this
powerfully exploding orgasm, that it was his, Sandy Gayman's, cock that
had given Cole Sutherland's wife this fuck of her life. He fiercely
gripped the smooth rounded cheeks of her ass with crushing strength,
and with surging strokes he pistoned in and out of her, oblivious to
everything but that demanding, desperate need in his sperm-bloated
balls. Sweat pouring from his brow, teeth gritted, eyes closed, he
cried out a toneless groan that he didn't recognize as his own voice,
"I'm CUMMIINNGGGGG!" His violently exploding penis hosed boiling white
sperm down the long hard length of his pulsating shaft and hotly spewed
into her, splattering the scalding liquid deep up into the hotly
convulsing depths of her womb! Jerking and pumping like a lassoed wild
stallion, his crazily jerking cock continued to shoot out its cum,
streaming and gushing and squirting on and on and on.

Kate had felt his cumming deep up in her belly and it triggered her
second orgasm. Her body convulsed and expanded, and her flesh seemed
to melt into the grass as the stars blew themselves up in blinding
flashes of light while the universe orbited with the speed and heat of
a million comets colliding at once deep inside her cum flooded vagina.
The kaleidoscope wheeled on and on, and the changing color and bits of
time montaged to new patterns of crystal clear light. The world was
good. Then, wearily, there was nothing ... the bliss and peace of

Chapter 4

The windows were wide open and the curtains stirred feebly at the
openings for the small breeze was fitful. The Grange Hall was like a
furnace even though it was getting dark. Kate looked up at the gay
streamers draped from the light fixtures to the walls. There were
still the flags to put up but her back was aching. Pies still had to
be baked at home too, and put in the freezer for the dance.

"I think I'm going now. We'll just have to finish this later. I still
have pies to do at home."

Gwen brushed her hair back from her forehead and looked up at Kate.
"There's still the flags. Why don't I finish up for you?"

From on top of the ladder Angel heard. "Senora Kate ... I can stay and
help to finish up."

Eric looked up, amazed that Angel was actually offering to do anything.
Then he got it. That stupid idiot thought he was going to get to be
alone with Gwen Carter. Damn fool! Did he think a 23-year-old
beautiful girl like that, an educated teacher, would look at a 17-year-
old Mexican kid from the slums? Let him find out for himself. Besides
Eric wanted to ride home with Kate anyway. He needed to study her.
Someday he was going to have a wife exactly like her. If he worked
hard, kept his nose clean, got a business for himself, then he'd go
looking until he found one.

From the top of the ladder Angel heard the station wagon drive away and
the sound of it recede down the road. The big hall echoed with the
slightest sound. He watched Gwen moving around below him. In spite of
the fact that she wasn't five feet tall, she was built ... really
built! Angel never had cared for tiny girls before, but she was so
tasty that he just had to try it. Her blonde hair was caught in two
parts and tied behind her ears. From this angle he could see the tops
of her warmly swelling breasts, for she wore a white peasant blouse
that bared her creamy shoulders and a short full-flowered skirt that
revealed her legs from mid-thigh on down. Every time she bent over to
pick up another flag he could see the fleshy twin mounds, and his palms
itched as his groin tightened.

"You through up there, Angel?" She peered up at him, her white throat
lifting as her head bent back to look up at him. It was now or never,
he thought. He was going to have that white meat and shove his lonely
deprived cock into some real blonde cunt hairs. The only blondes he'd
had in the past turned out to have black muffs. But this one!

"Si ... I am finished."

"Then come down and give me a hand with the flags, will you?"

"For you ... si, I will come," he said, slowly climbing down the
ladder, never taking his eyes from her face. He saw her expression
change from cool politeness to one of puzzlement just before she looked
away. There was a faint disdainful shrug to her white shoulders and he
smiled darkly, secretively, as he gazed down at the top of her head and
on into the flimsy blouse.

Twenty minutes later, the last flag was hung. Gwen stayed standing up
on the chair inspecting it critically, then heard Angel stirring
restlessly below her. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't like
the boy. He made her uncomfortable, those black eyes never leaving
her. They enveloped her, closing her into a visual cocoon that she
wanted only to break out of. And in addition, he disconcerted her by
always impudently staring at her breasts and legs, just as he was doing
now. With a sudden shock she realized he could see her panties up
under her skirt. Quickly she started to get down and then felt her
balance going. It was as though the chair had been deliberately
rocked. "Oh," she gasped and began falling. Angel caught her, but the
force sent them both to the floor in a wild tangle of arms and legs.

"Oh dear ..."

The wiry young Mexican felt the softness and warmth of her small,
curvaceous body in his arms, and they tightened around her as he hit
the floor with her on top of him. He looked up into that beautiful,
earnest white face and then hungrily kissed the full red mouth as he
fiercely pulled her down to him!

Oh no! ... was the boy mad? Gwen felt the dark lips heatedly close on
hers and the hard wiry arms holding her tightly imprisoned against his
chest. In revulsion she twisted her head to get away, and felt his
hand come up and yank her back. She struggled frantically as his hands
bit into her flesh like steel claws, then finally getting a little
leverage she rolled across the smooth wooden floor coming to a stop
with the smirking Youth on top of her. He looked small but he was so
strong, and she could feel the bunched muscles under her hands as she
shoved and pushed as hard as she could.

"Angel! Stop it ... stop it right now ... let me go," she gasped when
finally she was able to' tear her mouth away for a moment. In reply,
his hotly eager lips went down her throat and over her shoulder in
swift burning kisses.

"Stop?" he murmured. "How can I stop when you are so beautiful?"

"You're insane ... let me go ... this instant."

The wild black eyes slitted viciously and in answer he pulled the top
of her peasant blouse down a bit and buried his face between her
swelling breasts. Gwen gasped at the gall of the boy! The feel of his
hard body was not that of a boy, though! She jerked and rolled once
more and he rolled with her. Oh God! This was insane! It couldn't be
happening. She had to get out of here! Oh why had she let Kate leave?

"I'm going to fuck you, gringa ... fuck you ... you will like it ... I
am good ... my cock it is full and hard for you ... feel." He grabbed
her hand and held it on his long, rigid erection making a huge bulge in
his pants.

Gwen was shaking with the enormity and the surprise and the inability
to understand these people. But this boy wasn't a ranch hand, He was
from a city! The moment he put her hand on his obscenely distended
penis, she cunningly resorted to subterfuge by clasping the lurid bulge
and pretending to make an effort to get his pants open. Angel was so
enchanted with this that he tried to help her with his other hand, and,
abruptly, the tiny figure was up and out the door like a shot.

Angel leaped up and ran, banging the door on its hinges behind him.
Bueno! He was in time Gwen was frantically struggling to start the
car. He jerked the passenger door open and jumped in beside her.

"Get out of here," she screamed, her wide blue eyes staring with fear
as her hands continued to fumble with the ignition. He reached for her
and she jumped out the car door. Angel could hear her sobbing, her
breath coming in little jerking sobs. It was good. He liked to
completely subdue a woman. The white little cock-tease would see.

Angel caught her, whirled her around, and slapped her across the mouth.
Her hand came up to cover it and her eyes stared in terror.

"What's the matter ... you too good for a Mex to fuck, you think?"

Gwen's head shook and she pulled away sobbing. "Oh, please ... Angel,
you don't even know me ... how could you want to ... Oh God, don't
touch me!"

The youth jerked her to him and spat the words into her horrified face
that still smarted from the slap. "I will touch you ... I will touch
you so you scream for more, you whore!"

His expression was vicious and hard and alien. There was something in
his eyes that terrified Gwen far beyond the possibility of rape. His
eyes held a hatred she'd seen in rioters on television. The real world
was what she'd wanted, Gwen thought wildly. Well, she had it now! The
bitterness of the situation and the warnings of her father came back
now to haunt her. Oh, why hadn't she listened to him! Why had she
been so sure that she knew better than he. Why had she been so sure
that poor uneducated people only needed love to make them happy and
productive and well-fed? For the first time, she realized that her
father and his world were real too. She was so grateful that they
were. It was comforting now to realize this even in the extremity of
knowing that if she protested too much Angel Orellio might kill her as
casually as he would rob or extort. She prayed that she'd find the
strength to do the right things and come out of this alive!

Gwen swayed in his arms and his face came down. She felt his lips
catch her mouth and the tongue push between her teeth in a deeply
intimate kiss; his tongue was orally fucking her, and she was almost
gagging as it hotly scoured her mouth.

Survive, her brain screamed frantically survive!

Suddenly, he let her go. "You gringos ... you think you know what we
want ... you give with one hand and take with the other ... we want
what you have ... we want women ... and cars ... and money ... and most
of all we want to fuck ... fuck ... you, you white bitch!" he screamed,
his face contorted in anger and resembling the ancient masks from
Mexico that her father had in his gallery. The youth reached out then
and jerked her blouse all the way down. The elastic in the top was
stretched beyond its capacity and the cotton fell away, exposing a
white strapless bra that held the rounded fullness of her breasts in
thin flimsy nylon shells.

The teacher's arms came up to cover her nakedness; Angel batted them
away, and with strong brown hands savagely tugged at the two halves of
her bra. Her firm young breasts popped free, all white and pink
nippled in the dim light of the approaching darkness. Gwen turned;
unable any longer to stand his boldly staring eyes that burned into her
flesh. Not even her fiance, Peter, had seen her naked like this ...
gentle Peter ... he seemed an eternity away. Frightened now, with
hands shaking, she turned away and tried to pull the ripped white
blouse up from the waistband of her little skirt.

Angel saw her take a step with her back half to him. He closed in and
his hands came around her slim whiteness from behind to crush the full
white breasts cruelly. His aching prick was buried in the fullness of
her skirt right against her quivering buttocks, and it beat there
impatiently as his hotly working hands manipulated her warm, fleshy
tits. "You be nice to me and I'll fuck you nice ... you act like a
bitch ... and I promise you ... it won't be so nice."

Refusing to answer, the frightened young teacher felt the hard brown
hands tighten menacingly on her sensitive breasts and the huge bulging
penis dig at her buttocks through her skirt. Her heart was almost
beating right out of her chest. "How do you get out of this?" she
asked herself. "How do you use love to handle a boy man who thinks
rape is his right to get even with us? How ... how?"

"All right," she whispered, "I'll be nice, lets go back to the car."
Time, she thought desperately ... she had to gain time ... for it was
almost dark. The chances of anyone going along this road now were
pretty dim. If somehow she could get the car started she might have a
chance, but it would have to be done quickly, locking the doors
immediately, so he couldn't get inside. It was worth the chance.

"Okay. Come on," Angel said, relaxing his grip on her tits. They had
taken only two steps when she broke loose and ran to the car door. The
Mexican youth was right behind her, and the moment the door slammed he
wrenched it open again, with a new anger rising in him now like a blood
red shower before his eyes.

"Bitch! Tease! Whore!" he screamed, yanking the tiny teacher by the
arm and flinging her down at his feet in the grass by the car. Her
skirt flew over her back as she landed hard on hands and knees. Angel
could see the gently curving white thighs gleaming in the prematurely
rising moonlight and the flimsy white nylon panties covering her fully
rounded young ass cheeks. Still screaming every filthy name he could
think of, he ripped his belt open and flung his pants off, letting his
raging cock spring out to a fearfully throbbing freedom. No more
waiting! The sight of those large full moons of her tight young ass
inflamed him, and the rage was in him like a fever, demanding that he
debase, humiliate, and rape this prissy little white teacher who
thought her cunt and asshole were too goddamned precious to receive the
cock of a nobody from the slums.

"Oh, please ... please ... Angel ... please let me go ... I won't tell
... just let me gooooo."

Gwen sobbed as the pain in her chest and the terror at what he would do
worked in her like a dull knife twisting deep in her intestines.

Angel dropped to his knees and slowly rolled the soft white panties
down over the curved roundness of her fearfully quivering hips, pulling
them down off her feet. Breath was rasping heavily through the
frightened young girl's flared nostrils, and racking sobs shook her
whole body, still kneeling down on hands and knees as though in pain
and agony.

"Back your hot little ass up to me," Angel snarled. Gwen heard him
dimly through the pain and wrenching sobs, but she didn't understand at

"Back it up to me or I'll hit you, whore!" Gwen felt hard alien hands
brutally digging into her hips and the soft grass by the side of the
road touching coolly against her bare knees, as Angel began pressuring
her backward toward him. Her nakedly quivering young buttocks were
exposed completely now to his hungrily devouring eyes, for he'd pushed
her skirt all the way up over her head. Oh God! There was no way out!
She was going to be raped right here in the road, and there would be no
one to help her, for the hushed stillness of the prairie night had
closed in around her.

Her gleaming young buttocks glowed from the light of the newly risen
harvest moon as the triumphantly grinning boy hungrily guided them back
toward his eagerly pulsating prick. His cock, swollen and bloated to
immense length and thickness, jerked powerfully in anticipation. With
no thought of mercy, he kneeled in closer behind her and with his own
knees he roughly spread the knees of the terrified young woman and
began fervently working his fingers up and down the shadowy, tightly
clenched crevice between her buttocks. Soon, his finger found the tiny
crinkled asshole and it was dry and spongy. So it was going to hurt
the aristocratic little bitch ... so what! He grasped his heavy,
thickly ridged penis and pressed its huge, impatiently throbbing head
to the puckered little opening, and laughed as he heard her gasp.

"Oh God! Noooo ... Angel ... ohhh nooo! Plu-ueeze!"

The cowering young blonde school teacher helplessly on all fours before
him couldn't believe what she was feeling as he prodded relentlessly at
the small, defensively clenched mouth, trying to work into her there
with his vengefully throbbing penis! Was this what they meant in the
dirty jokes about dog fashion? Oh God, this couldn't be happening to
her! He was straining and humping, trying to get that rigidly hardened
penis into her tiny defenseless anal hole! Oh God! Rape would have
been terrible, but to be raped there! It was unspeakably horrible,
perverse beyond any imagination.

Cursing, Angel strove mightily but couldn't get the blunted head of his
cock into the frantically clenched little opening. In desperation the
boy reached under Gwen with one hand and parting the soft blonde curls
of her pubic hair, wormed his middle finger up into her startled and
totally unprepared pussy. The school teacher arched her back and
screamed at this intimate invasion but, paying no heed to her
entreaties, the youth savagely rotated it around in her blonde-fringed
cunt sliding his finger back and forth up and down the quivering
sensitive opening. Within seconds, he could feel the juices forming in
spite of her screaming and shaking. The tiny clitoris began to harden
and, with a keen sexual prowess gained from the back alleys of the
slums, he concentrated on the little magic button. She bucked under
him as his finger moved over it, rubbing and circling and teasing.
Soon her juices were flowing out from the depths of her automatically
responding body, juices that felt warmly silken, copious and sticky.
They formed for Angel just as they would for any man. Moments later
his finger was squishing back and forth, rubbing and smoothing,
stabbing and fucking hotly up inside. The whitely kneeling young body
quivered confusedly and moaned pitifully.

"Please ... please ... don't do this ... please," she sobbed
helplessly. Gwen could feel her own impending arousal at this dark
maniac's plunging, teasing finger ... responding even though she hated
him, was terrified of him and loathed the very thought of his touching
her! Still, though, her body reacted as if he were a lover she
welcomed! Oh God!

Angel wormed his fingers teasingly in and out of the now wetly
accepting pussy and then pressed some of the hotly seeping juices
upward from her vagina to moisten over the fleshily crimped little
asshole. The feel of the tender readying flesh in his hands sent his
cock jerking wildly! God damn little white bitch! His hand caught his
impatiently throbbing prick jutting out from his loins like a machete,
and pressed the slippery head against the frantically cringing rectal

"NOOOO ... OHHHH ... Pleeeeeease ..."

Gwen screamed as she felt the prodding probe against the edges of her
naked rectum. The pressure was unbearable as she felt the monstrously
beating tip trying to invade her flesh. She'd die ... no one could
stand or take the enormous prick that the young ghetto youth was
attempting to ram into her anus in his anger! It was perverted,
depraved ... a debauchery that only the insane could want! That was
it! He must be unbalanced ... completely insane! Oh God! How ... who
could deliver her from this hell?

Angel drove harder, feeling the tight, defensively clenched little
opening beginning to give before his massive cock as he pressed deeper
and harder at the tightly resisting passage leading to the virginal
depths of her rounded white ass. Then with a quick wet plopping noise
audible even above Gwen's low, soulful groans, the plundering head
popped hotly up inside. The anal ring muscles were so tight as they
slipped warmly up over his cock tip that he gasped with pain, for they
were as hard and rigid as steel! It was like being caught in a bear
trap! His hands came around and grabbed the heaving white breasts to
give him additional leverage for ramming his prick straight into the
heated depths of the violently trembling young blonde's body. Jesu
Christo! A white asshole was even tighter, he'd bet, than a white
cunt. But then again, it was well known that some Anglo cunts were
small and constricted. Sometimes they couldn't even have their babies
normally ... had to have them cut out of their bellies.

He stopped thinking and simply reacted as he felt the overpowering
sensations being transmitted the entire long throbbing length of his
penis. The wildly pulsating head was lodged just inside her tight
little asshole and he could feel the heat and the convulsively
squeezing muscles trying to expel him. He laughed harshly as he
realized she was actually trying to shit him out. What the teacher
obviously didn't know was that all she had done by her struggles was
take the intolerable pressure off and expand the tiny cringing aperture
to a greater width. With a loud grunt of victory, he lunged forward,
driving his massively beating male cock far up into the hotly velvet
depths of her rectum. Paying no heed to her shrieks of pain, he ground
away inch by inch, until he was buried to the hilt and his heavy,
sperm-filled testicles were slapping down against her helplessly
flowered cunt below.

"AAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHIIHHIIHH ... GGAAA ..." Gwen felt that her body must
have been split open. The pain was searing her quaking flesh as the
great ramming prick sliced her helplessly upturned buttocks in two! It
simply couldn't be possible to survive such excruciating pain! The
enormously hot stalk of flesh had stretched her tiny little anal hole
so that every organ inside seemed to be mashed to ribbons! Oh God!
She wondered if she was bleeding internally. What a terribly
humiliating way to die .... debased and rectally raped out in the open
road at night! She could only pray it would be quick ... there seemed
no way to make it painless, for the agony was increasing moment by
moment as he pounded into her like a maniac.

"Si ... it is good, senorita," Angel grunted, feeling the tightly
squeezing channel embracing the whole rigid length of his maleness from
head to hilt. The muscles far up inside the little white teacher's
asshole were frantically moving on and about his prick. Jesu Christo!
It was better than he would have ever believed it could be. The
churning in his painfully bloated balls increased as he pulled out a
little to look down with satisfaction at his mammoth cock in the tiny
virginal hole of the loudly squealing girl.

"GOOOOOOOOODDDDD ... HHHHHH ... pleeeeeease ... you're killing me!" she
sobbed. Gwen was almost unconscious with the sheer intensity of the
pain that swept her now in brutal waves of agony! Her long blonde hair
had become dampened from tears as she swung her head protestingly from
side to side. Deep shuddering sobs racked her and behind her she could
hear Angel grunting and groaning in lewd passion as he then began
fucking relentlessly in and out of her anus. The horror of what she
must look like hit Gwen then ... with that young boy's lust-hardened
penis impaled deep between her violently resisting buttock cheeks, his
huge dark rigidness stuck into her like a sword in a loaf of bread.
Now his cock flexed heatedly far up inside her and she shrieked again,
"Aiiieeee--you're killing me."

Angel laughed harshly and in delight. "Do not be foolish, gringa.
Have you never looked at your own shit. Your turds are bigger than
this." He made his prick jump again, laughing at her pleadings and the
obscene words he was subjecting her to. Then he looked down in
fascination as he pulled back, leaving only the head of his cock inside
the tightly puckering nether ring, watching the thinly stretched little
ridges of velvety brown flesh pull out with him. Enough! He brutally
lunged forward then back into the heated depths of the girl's writhing,
clenching asshole. Man ... it was a good fuck! Worth waiting so long!
The intense pressure was beautiful as he hammered it far up into her
rectum again; her muscles were so tight that they deliciously skinned
back the hard flesh of his prick, clutching around it like a warm,
ever-tightening fist. She was screaming loud and long and that gave
him pleasure too. It was good to give the anglo some pain.

Gwen knew the inhuman wailings and ravings coming out her throat were
the screams of a tortured maniac. She couldn't help it. They were
completely unintelligible. Would she die a raving maniac? Death began
to seem sweet and welcome for the pain had not lessened ... but went on
in agonized extensions! She could feel the boy begin to fuck into her
rectum in earnest now, obscenely thrusting his heavy prick in and out
of her loudly protesting, pain-wracked body. It was no use to scream--
no use at all! Completely subjugated now, tasting the humiliating
dregs of her own degradation, Gwen's head came down and she attempted
to hide her face.

The tears were like acid pouring from her eyes, and the sobs were
brutal explosions of pain in her chest, and they were expressions that
could only begin to intimate the terrible havoc that was being
perpetrated back there on her defenseless anus! She thought about who
might find her mutilated body lying in the road ... but it did not
matter ... for she, Gwen Carter, would no longer be there. There would
only be the remains, the husk, the discarded shell of her former self.

"AHHH ... Teacher baby ... Puta ... it is good ... a good fuck," Angel
crooned as he felt the lasciviously spiraling sensations of her asshole
sheathed muscular wall clenching his hungrily throbbing cock ever so
tightly. He shoved in gleefully, watching the hotly pulsating little
brown mouth devour his manhood so hungrily! After he was finished he
would turn her over, make her suck it hard again, and then he would
fuck her pussy until she screamed and fainted from joy. The tiny,
aristocratic little bitch would not get away with just one fuck! No
... all night ... he felt like he could fuck the whole world ...

Gwen waggled her bottom vainly as she felt the hands that had been
manipulating her bruised breasts slide down her heaving belly and close
over her softly curling vaginal hair. One lewd finger parted it and
slipped easily inside the cringing folds of genital perfumed flesh and
sought the hotly aching little vertical mouth there. Oh No! Not that
again! She didn't want to respond!

"NNOOOOOO ... Stopppppp ... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH," but it was no use.
The finger imperiously slid into her vagina and wormed back and forth,
up and down the hotly slickened slit until she felt her belly start to
tingle and her traitorously responding vagina closing eagerly inward on
the invader. The Mexican boy's hand moved up to her already fiercely
erect clitoris and pressed it like a button; all the alarms in her head
rang out shrilly, and she felt the buzzing reverberate through her
ragged nerves and all her rapidly awakening flesh began to pulsate in a
rising passion! No matter how hard she willed herself not to feel the
delicious sensations that Angel's finger was eliciting from her vainly
protesting torso, the obscene responsiveness went on and increased with
every movement of her tortured young flesh. Oh God! She was as
perverted as he if she could feel any passion whatsoever for this brute
who used her so casually and viciously!

"We going to fuck all night ... Baby ... fuck and fuck and fuck ... you
and me ..." Angel worked two fingers up inside her heatedly flooding
cunt and curled them inward in the viscous hollow between her wide-
spread legs as he continued to murderously fuck far up into her now
defenselessly stretched asshole from behind. He felt her attempt to
back away from his fingerfucking hand which only impaled her further on
his pillaging cock smoothly fucking and ramming her like a well oiled
piston in the rectum.

"OOOHHHHHH ... NNNNNOOOOOOOO ..." Gwen sobbed as slowly she felt a
wonderfully warm lassitude creeping unwantedly through her from his
experienced fingers fucking into her front just as voraciously as his
hotly throbbing penis was fucking her from behind! Her sweltering
loins were firing up under his skillful probing and her clitoris was
quiveringly erect. She could feel the torrid pleasure signals flashing
and radiating out from her wetly agitated vagina. It was too much ...
each new humiliation ... but it was unthinkable that she could feel
sexual excitement with this dark, lascivious boy.

"That's the way, Puta ... back it up to me it is the best ..."
Fingering her cunt harder now Angel could feel her suddenly hungrily
clenching young pussy tighten around his hand as her helplessly
writhing body began to slowly, involuntarily, respond to his finger
fucking. Soon the little teacher would be screaming for another
reason, he thought smugly ... screaming for more of Angel Orellio! And
he would give it to her! Oh, how he' would give it to her! He would
use her so she would never forget that Orellio was the best ... the
dark ghetto youth whom she had disdained at first would be forever
branded in her memory, and when she was getting older and her limp-
peckered white husband could no longer satisfy her hunger, she would
remember and masturbate herself in the bathroom while she imagined it
was Angel Orellio!

Gwen felt the pain lessening and could not believe it. Was she growing
used to the terrible sodomizing? Was her flesh now so distended that
it could never spring back to shape again ... forever be stretched by
the mammoth male hardness that rammed into her behind so mercilessly?
She felt the night air come up and cool her hot breasts dangling below
her. She was naked except for the bunched skirt and blouse being held
around her waist by Angel's one hand, while his other ravaged her pussy
so passionately.

Her full ripe breasts, heavy now with growing desire, tingled and her
vagina was intolerably smoldering from his lecherous manipulations as
she felt him maniacally finger fucking her shamelessly aroused cuntal
flesh! The fucking in her backside was now beginning to bring her an
undeniable masochistic pleasure intensified by the Mexican youth's
salaciously cunning fingers! She could feel her breath coming raggedly
now, but not from terror ... oh God ... she was lost and debauched
beyond repair, and her mind must truly be gone to be enjoying this!

No matter which way Gwen arched her body she felt the debased needles
of fire stitching into her flesh and her nerves tingled and quivered!
Oh, it felt so good, and abruptly she wanted it to go on! The hungry,
now hotly pulsating hollow between her legs was greedily drawing inward
on Angel's fingers delving into her depths so expertly. Both of her
desperately quivering orifices were voraciously sucking in on the
dually fucking instruments within them ... sucking in, in blissful and
forever rapturous enchantment.

beneath his hotly plundering young cock, and a suddenly grinning Angel
rammed it to her harder than ever as the kneeling white teacher, her
hair swirling blondely around her head began writhing and twisting in
undisguised pleasure. So ... the puta liked it now ... She liked his
fucking her twice at once, his filling her tight neglected little cunt
and asshole. That's why she was so tight! She'd hardly been used at
all! Now she would not be able to do without it ever again. The
summer would not be so bad after all. She would come crawling back for
more ... and he would supply her. He looked at her white body
subserviently hunched down on all fours in the moonlight and it was
good. The glistening full moons of her ass gleamed whitely at him as
he pounded into them with long powerful strokes again and again,
feeling his balls becoming heavier and heavier with the fiery semen his
body manufactured inside his belly. He rammed harder just thinking
about the huge volume of long stored cum he would shoot far up into the
little white bitch's aristocratic bowels!

"HAAAAAAHHHHH ... OOOOOOHHHHH ... AAAAA," Gwen threw her head back and
wailed at the harvest moon like an animal.

"Yessssss ... Cry out ... so I know ... it is good for you, Puta ...
cry for me ... fuck it back to me ... that's it!"

His depraved obscenities reached Gwen's ears but she gave no heed for
her wildly laboring body was too busy as she arched to meet the
barbarous fingers that were so passionately ravaging her flesh and then
shoved back to warmly greet the huge, throbbing penis fucking into her
stretched but blissfully filled asshole.

Her mind had snapped. She knew it, for otherwise she could not feel
this erotic, ecstatically rising bliss that emanated from the alien
invasions of her body! She was reaching out of sight for some nirvana
that would be peace and contentment and joy such as she had never
known! This was real ... whatever else was false ... this was real!
Was this what she had come all this way to find, this earthy,
provocatively sensuous rapture that was sweeping over her so
deliciously that she cared for nothing but its lewd continuance? Oh
God ... she didn't care! She had to have it! It was a heaven she must
never be with out again!

Angel could feel his orgasm coming faintly ... like the long lonely
wail of a freight train when it was very far away but with the sound
growing stronger by the minute! He knew the time was here, but the
machinery within his body had started so slowly and so unobtrusively
that he was only now aware that within seconds he would gush like a
geyser into the girl's now hotly milking asshole and empty out his
balls in a thunderous eruption of teeming cum! His fingers dug harder
and he heard her whimper beseechingly as she bucked and twisted
shamelessly beneath him now. The puta would cum with him. It was
obvious that her time was near also, and then he would kiss her because
she wanted it ... because she would beg.

The hotly layered flesh of her pussy was voraciously sucking on his
fingers as though it had not been fed for so long that it couldn't get
enough now that the moment of gluttony was here. The muscular walls of
her desperately laboring ass channel were sucking inward too, warmly
squeezing in around his pounding hardness as though never to let it go.
He panted and pumped harder and harder.

Suddenly he felt the kneeling young teacher arch and hump almost off
the soft grass, rising on her arms as her head tossed from side to
side. Her whole body shook convulsively and all her muscles and
tendons stood out like strings of agony, as she raised her head and
grunted out her orgasm, "AAGGHH ... I'M CUUUMMMIIIINNNNNNGGG ...

The straining body on all fours beneath him triggered that far off wail
of the train, and he could feel the screaming roar hurtling through his
body! Angel was going to smash against the wall of flesh that devoured
him so, and he clenched the curves of her nakedly churning hips and
braced himself with his toes as he fucked furiously into her now
forever stretched rectum ... and he was flying and roaring, and the
train was screaming down the track and there was no way to avert the

mighty scream it was upon him and the fast freight was hurtling from
his balls and shooting the streams of steaming hot cum deep in the
madly convulsing tunnel of her bowels in great pools of liquid
lightning! Dios Mio! It was too good, and he whimpered and groaned as
the spurting continued far up into the heated depths of the
spasmodically jerking young blonde's rectum.

Gwen heard his delighted mewlings through the waves of bliss softly
washing over her, and became aware that her sated flesh was flowering
into strange and beautiful shapes, and there was only the real! The
real ... she had been right all along ... real people needed only love
after all ...

A few minutes later she was to discover just how much love some people
needed, including herself, as she felt her naked young body turned
limply over on its back and the smooth, muscular young buttocks of the
boy straddling and pressing down into the fullness of her breasts. His
half soft penis dangled loosely before her laxly held lips.

"Now suck it good teacher," he grinned triumphantly down at her ... And
... there was no way in the world she could refuse anything he asked at
this moment ...

Chapter 5

All through dinner Sandy watched Mela until he knew she was
uncomfortable. The young blonde heiress moved restlessly, toying with
her food. Her head kept coming up and turning toward the living room.
Her mind was on many other things, Sandy knew. That bastard Cole for
one, God damn him! The big sandy-haired foreman took his time,
purposely not releasing her for an instant. He ate slowly, talked
about the old man a lot, but his eyes deliberately talked another
language. Right now she was too distracted to get his messages but she
would, by God! It had taken a while with Kate this afternoon too ...
but it had been worth it and at least he felt he'd paid Cole back in
kind. But this was his own woman ... had been since she was sixteen
and it was time she knew it. In a way it was probably his own fault
that Cole had got to her. He should have spoken sooner. At twenty two
a woman needed fucking hard and often.

At last Mela could stand it no longer! All the talk about her father!
Who cared? She'd hardly known him. For six years she'd only seen him
a few times and those times as brief as she could make them. She
didn't give a damn how devoted Sandy Gayman had been to him. She threw
down her napkin.

"I'm sorry, Sandy. I have a headache. If you'll excuse me ... I ... I
think I'll go out on the porch a while."

He watched her leave, the long flowing flowered pajamas fluttering
around her thighs. The big screen door sprang shut behind her and
Sandy began to gulp the rest of his dinner, finishing his steak in a
few huge bites. He heard the creak of the porch swing.

"Pretty evening," Sandy put his feet on the balustrade and leaned
against the porch column.

"Yes," Mela answered absently.

"I like this time of evening best. You can kinda feel the whole world
settling down and easing off."

Out of the corner of his eye Sandy saw Mela stir restlessly in the
swing again. "There's nothing to do in this place," she complained.
"Have you got a cigarette?"

Sandy lit one for her and handed it to her, taking the opportunity to
move in beside her in the swing. "There's lots to do once you get used
to the rhythm of living on a ranch. Tomorrow night there's a big dance
at the Grange Hall. Everybody around will be there. Thought we'd go
over and let you meet some people."

Mela turned to look at him. Her eyes showed the first spark of
interest. "Oh, that sounds all right. Thank you, Sandy. I'd like to

"I was hoping you'd say that. When you've been home before I never had
much chance to take you places around here. You was always gone so
quick." He leaned back in the swing and sent them gliding back and

"I didn't know you wanted to take me places, Sandy," she laughed.

"Well, you've growed up some," he countered, looking her over boldly.
"Filled out a little."

The young girl looked up sharply. For the first time she really looked
at the big man beside her. Tall, broad-shouldered, lean-hipped, eyes
crinkled at the corners from squinting in the sun. She wondered idly
what he would look like in city clothes. He had the build for clothes.
Maybe she'd been missing something.

"Girls are supposed to fill out when they grow up."

"Mm ... well, you sure did it just right, Mela. No doubt about that."

The swing creaked as they glided, and the night air was almost gone.
It was still and breathless. "What do you say I bring my portable
radio out here on the porch and we practice up a little for the dance.
I'm kinda rusty," Mela murmured, mentally laughing at what she had
said. "Rusty" hell, she had danced every night for months, until her
father's death two weeks ago.

Moments later as a slow tune filled the porch, the foreman held out his
arms and she came into them as though she'd been doing it for years.

The big foreman pulled her close against him and started off slowly.
Almost immediately Sandy felt his groin tighten and draw in. Jesus!
She didn't have a stitch on underneath those flowered thin pajamas and
top. He could feel the softly rounded breasts mashing into his chest
and the tips of his fingers on the small of her back couldn't feel any
panties at all. He pulled her even closer until she fitted every curve
up to him, and his jaw was pressing against her temple. The smell of
her perfume floated in his nostrils and somehow it was part of the slow
music. Goddamn, this might be easier than he thought.

They didn't speak, just swayed and glided slowly to the music. Sandy
was caught up in the spell of the moment, and he let the music fill his
body as he concentrated on the feel of the young girl in his arms. Yes
sir, so far he'd handled it right. Now if he could just keep it up.

"You're a good dancer, Sandy," she murmured.

"Naw ... you follow so good you just make me look that way."

He turned and dipped with her deliberately, pushing his thigh between
her legs and feeling her bare cunt through the thin pajamas when they
straightened up. "Yeah ... South Dakota is a pretty good place to be.
No riots or crowding or shoving."

"I'd go crazy here," Mela burst out.

"You're not going crazy now," Sandy whispered against her cheek. "But
you're driving me crazy. I've been crazy 'bout you, Mela, since you
were a kid."

"But that's silly, Sandy I don't think you ever paid any attention to
me before."

"Wrong. It was you didn't pay no attention to me. I watched every
move you made since you were a kid."

Mela was quiet in his arms as he whirled her around. It was true.
He'd been a fixture at the ranch for years. She hadn't paid any
attention to him ... but why should she ... he was only the foreman.
Cole, though, was a rancher ... and she had plans. A restaurant they
would build in Denver was only the beginning. She'd get Cole away from
this God forsaken country! They'd travel! With the two ranches they
could afford to. The restaurant would be a success, too. She knew it.

Sandy's mouth slid down her face and he caught her mouth with his. She
stiffened in his arms and tried to pull away but he held her closer and
finished the kiss to his satisfaction before he let her go.

"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded.

"Kissing You. I've wanted to ever since you were sixteen. Took me a
long time, but I made it."

"Well, I think I've had enough dancing practice for one evening," she
drawled sarcastically.

"We've hardly started, woman," he said softly, pulling her back in his
arms and whirling her around and around.

"Let me go! What'll the help think anyway?"

"I don't give a damn what they think," he growled. The outraged young
heiress pushed against him with her fist but he caught the slender hand
and kissed each of the fingers separately. He could feel her
lusciously ripe breasts rising against him with every breath. "You may
as well settle down, Mela. You were off gallivanting all day but
tonight it's my turn."

"What gives you the right to tell me what to do, Sandy Gayman?"

"This." He pulled her against him hard, thrusting his voracious mouth
on hers and catching her completely by surprise. His eagerly questing
tongue probed the whole warm wet surface of her mouth inside; and he
held her head easily in his big hand when she twisted and tried to pull
away. His arms were like a vise and he held her slenderness, cupping
one softly supple buttock so sensuously covered with thin silk. She
mumbled and moaned unintelligibly under his hard mouth. By God, she
was going to learn who ran this ranch and everything on it. It was
going to be his and her with it!

Gradually Sandy heard her protesting moans turn soft as he went on
orally fucking into her softly pliant mouth. His rigidly erect cock
was hard against her young quivering belly, and he could feel the
breath catching in her throat as he ground his straining bulge against
the thin lounging pajamas, searching the soft warm wonder of her
trembling body. Finding her breast with one hand and cupping it close
in his big palm, he could feel the hot hard nipple pop out like an
automatic button.

"You're just a little lonely running around the world ... when the
world's right here waiting for you." he whispered.

"OOhhh ... Sandy ... Please ..." she whispered back.

"You don't need to be ... honey ... Why, I'd give you anything." His
big hand slid inside the loose flowered top to hold her fully ripened
breast, naked and hot; his thumb and forefinger rolled the hardened
nipple gently and felt the budded end growing.

Mela felt limp and excited ... limp from being so close to that hard
masculine body that seemed to know all the ways to entice a woman, and
excited because he was a new man ... one she'd never had before. She
could feel his wildly throbbing penis pounding against her belly; it
felt huge! She tried to imagine how large it would be if it were
released. Cole Sutherland had been wonderfully big and she couldn't
imagine any man being better, but Cole wasn't here. He was home with
his wife!

You never know ... you just never know, she thought in pleased
surprise. It had never occurred to her that Sandy, her own ranch
foreman ... but his cock did feel so deliriously good, and his hands
did do all the right things. Her earlier bored restlessness was gone;
she felt a sweet lazy fatigued feeling as her bones turned soft from
Sandy's hot mouth wetly tonguing her ear, and his big hard hands
deliciously kneading the cheeks of her ass, and his enormous erection
grinding masterfully against her belly. The wild anticipation was
rapidly building into a heated incandescence in her loins when the
foreman stopped.

"Come here, little girl," he muttered, effortlessly lifting her to his
arms and carrying her over to the swing. He laid her out full-length
on her back and stood for a long moment looking down at her. The
flowered lounging pajama top was open revealing the white delectable
succulency of a naked breast gleaming like warm ivory in the moonlight.
He reached down, slipped the remaining buttons loose, and drew the top
away so he could view the twin fleshy mountains whose peaks were capped
with reddened erectile nipples. In all, he thought, right now her tits
look like two big scoops of ice cream, each generous scoop topped with
a cherry. She lay still, one leg propped up and the other scraping
gently on the floor with the fluid motion of the swing.

The air felt cool against her naked breasts as she looked up at the big
foreman and saw his face was a mask of barely repressed lust, his eyes
glittering and his mouth hard. "So you wanted to kiss me since I was
sixteen?" she asked softly, her tone a flagrant challenge.

"That isn't all I wanted to do." Sandy knelt between her trailing leg
and the swing, burying his face in the warm white softness of her tit.
Suddenly he was conscious of his rasping beard against the sensitive
skin. No matter how often he shaved it, it seemed there was always a
little left. "I didn't mean to scrape you."

"A little whisker burn never hurt a girl," the young girl breathed,
clutching his hard face to her again, her fingers twisting in his hair.

Goddamn! Sandy moved his mouth across the nakedly hot breast and
captured one rust-coloured nipple in his mouth and sucked it like a
thick malt coming reluctantly through a soda straw. He heard her groan
softly as her breast hardened more and strained up to his hungry mouth!
She began shaking like a clothes line in a high wind!

"Ohhhh ... Sandy ..."

He sucked harder, swirling his tongue tantalizingly over the rigid
nipple quivering so salaciously. The young girl arched her back and
raised her chest, eagerly offering both trembling mounds of flesh to
his hotly devouring mouth. To Sandy they were like warm divinity candy
as they heaved under his hand and mouth. Sandy could feel his cock
wildly beating in his jeans, throbbing with a fiercely possessive beat
that threatened to obliterate his careful plans to seduce her slowly
and well! His mouth moved over to the other neglected nipple and began
a long, slow sucking of it too.

Mela began to rationalize her position, her big foreman's mouth on her
tits, the inevitable fucking she knew that was going to take place.
After their wonderful day how could Cole Sutherland have gone off like
that back to his wife? If he cared he wouldn't have left her. He'd
have found a way. A long time ago Mela had vowed that no man would use
her. She would use them ... like the female spider used the male.
That way you couldn't get hurt. You always held the whip hand. Like
now! Sandy would have to do anything she told him to do. She was the
boss ... and right now the boss wanted to be fucked!

"Go on, Sandy ... suck my tits ... suck them hard ... Yesss ... bite
them ... it hurts so good! Bite them!" she commanded, feeling the
heady exhilaration of knowing the power she held over this man.

Again and again Sandy sank his teeth into the white softly pliant
flesh. He nibbled the tender budded nipples and then laved them with
his tongue, soothing and sucking until she was a writhing mass of
impatiently whimpering lust! His hands found the drawstring which was
all that held the silken pajama pants in place; he jerked it open all
the way down to the crotch, exposing the softly curling hairs of the
blonde pubic triangle between her thighs. He'd long ago decided in
school when they read the story of Jason and the golden fleece that it
wasn't a sheepskin Jason searched for ... but a golden muff of pussy
hair. Just like this one!

"Let's go inside ... someone may see us." Mela ordered, as she felt the
cool night air on her naked belly, and then felt a momentary irritation
because he ignored her command. The anger quickly faded, however, when
Sandy's tongue wetly dug into the depression of her tiny navel. It was
like a red hot needle shafting straight through her body and the
rapturous blood poured through her loins like molten lava shooting from
a deep inferno. This was the only time she'd ever been in South Dakota
that she hadn't gone crazy in a few days because there were no men ...
no fucking. But now ... oh God! There was going to be some real
fucking. She shoved up against his head and said sharply, "Dammit,
Sandy ... I said let's go inside before someone sees us."

Sandy lifted his head and jerked her around in the swing; his eyes were
hot coals searing her flesh, his hands like steel bands. "I don't give
a damn who sees us ... you're my woman ... you been my woman for a long
time now ... and tonight you're going to know it ... you can forget
running off to the lawyers ... we're going to get married ... there
ain't no cause to sell the ranch. I can run it like always ... you
hear me?" Mela felt him shake her and she liked that, but his confident
words and the domineering way he spoke angered her. Who in the world
did he think he was? Another Cole Sutherland?

"What ... what do you mean ... get married what gives you the right to
talk to me that way?" she sputtered, trying to come back to reality
when her body was still warmly encased in the web he'd spun with his
hands and mouth and strong male body.

"This ...!" His head dropped between her wide-spread thighs and his
warmly quivering tongue shot out and with one wet, curl-parting lick
cleaved her moistened vaginal slit from anus to clitoris, slicing the
thin, hair fringed groove with the fire of his raging lust! That
tongue was a white hot knife slicing her genital flesh in two! But, oh
God! How she loved it!

Sandy tasted her sweetly flowing cuntal juices on his tongue, her
softly pulsating lips of pussy flesh aromatically hot and delectable.
Christ! This was real eating pussy, even if Cole Sutherland had been
fucking it! The golden fleece that hid the treasure! His mother's
voice came to him out of his childhood. "Don't try to get above your
station, Sandy ... you're gonna get hurt. You're always trying to get
with the uppity folks. They's different. You'll see!" Hell, they
weren't different! Pussy was pussy! The only different thing about
this pussy was it was hot and ready and it was attached to the ranch
that had become his life. He wanted it ... and by God he was going to
have it!

The eagerly writhing young blonde could smell the leather and tobacco
aroma of the big man whose fervent tongue was buried hotly in her cunt,
and the masculine scents only set her juices flowing freer! Oh God!
He was eating her alive! She could feel his wickedly gluttonous tongue
shoving deeper into her depths like a small stiff prick just as his
hands came up to fondle her shaking breasts. She could hear the swing
squeak softly with each downward bob of his head, his nose rubbing
hotly against her clitoris as the long tongue stabbed deeper and deeper
into her deliriously opened pussy.

She gazed down at her naked loins, thrilled at the lewd sight of her
glisteningly spread vaginal lips twitching on each side of Sandy's
hungrily rooting nose and warmly digging tongue. Her pelvis lunged
forward against the foraging face of her foreman, and her hands came
down to press his lasciviously laboring tongue even deeper into the
seething depths of her cock-hungry cunt.

"Mm ... mmmmm ... mmmmm ... mmmmmmm!" Sandy sucked and licked
feverishly, savoring the hot woman nectar, lapping it like syrup and
relishing its heady aromatic flavor. He looked up to see Mela's head
thrown back against the porch swing, her voluptuous breasts quivering,
her smooth naked belly rippling, and her legs violently trembling like
someone with palsy. The opened blouse and pants of flowered silk
framed the beautiful satin flesh in crushed flowers. Her eyes were
glazed with a film of sensual, carnal expectations, and he chuckled
deep in his throat. God! She heated up hotter than a poker! He was
going to eat her alive and then take her upstairs in that fancy, frilly
bed of hers and fuck her senseless! By God ... when he got through
with her she was going to think that bastard Cole Sutherland was not
only impotent but had the pecker of a rabbit.

Sandy lowered his face again but her quivering thighs had caused the
offending cloth to slip up too far, partially covering her cuntal
mound. He grabbed the fragile material and impatiently ripped it along
the seam so that the whole of her moistly glistening genital cleft was
now open to him. Two pieces of filmy silk dangled enticingly half-way
down her wide-spread thighs. He grunted with satisfaction as he
lowered his head, puckered his lips, and began sucking the hard little
clitoris into his hotly watering mouth.

"Oohhhh ... Ah God, Sandy ... Ohhhh ... that's it ... oh, Jesus God
Almighty ... my pussy ... my pussy, my pussy ... I can't stand it!"
Almost frantically, she raised her thighs and slid them over his
shoulders, making a shamelessly lewd offering of everything she had up
between her legs.

Sandy's tongue shot out to swirl wildly around the smooth fleshy sides
of her tightly clasping vaginal walls inside the hungrily milking
cavern. The bands of muscle leaped to enclose his tongue, squeezing it
and sucking it as though they were devouring it in their frantic effort
to relieve their carnal misery! Her hips were wildly gyrating as they
insanely ground the inflamed pussy hard up against his laboring face.

Oh God, Mela thought. The more she was eaten, the more she wanted! It
had been that way ever since she was sixteen and went to Switzerland.
Eating pussy was the favorite pastime of the girls at the sedate
school, and the heiress had acquired her taste then for oral
gratification ... but she liked it even better from a man than from
woman! It had been two years now since she had indulged in any lesbian
fucking. Anything a woman could do to her, she found, a man could do
better! And her foreman was doing it better than most males. God
Sandy, with just a little coaching, you'd be the best of all, she
thought with considerable amazement. She looked down at her fingers
entwined in his thick sandy hair. He didn't seem to have felt her
frantically twisting his hair, even she had not been aware of it. It
was simply a reflex action of her tortured body crying out in any way
it could for release. And the release was so close!

The young girl continued to squirm and buck as his teeth gently took
the erect and sensitive clitoris and bit it very softly while his mouth
sucked it heatedly up so his tongue could moistly dance around it. She
shivered and moaned as his curling tongue deliciously licked and then
rammed impossibly deep into her fevered cunt, writhing lasciviously as
Sandy orally fucked her so greedily. The excited secretions from deep
within the secret recesses of her body trickled out in warmly debauched
rivulets and creamed on his already glistening face!

The big foreman lapped up the sultrily sweet sexual liquids where they
mixed with his own saliva as he teasingly laved her cunt, and then his
tongue moved on down to the tiny puckered ring of her anus, indrawn and
defenseless. Once, twice, three, four times he slowly licked the tiny
puckered little opening, deliberately tormenting her, and then shoved
his stiffened tongue hard into the cringing passage.

blonde boss groaned out in rapture as he wormed his lubricious tongue
deeper inside her violently quivering asshole. He continued to burrow
further into the sweetly pungent fissure until Mela's breath caught and
she arched her body up to him as though it were a tightly drawn bow
with an unfired arrow. Quickly, then, because he knew she was close to
orgasm, he turned his attention back to her cunt and began to
mercilessly drive his stiffened tongue in and out of her wetly clasping
pussy. The girl made little gurgling noises in her throat, seemingly
gagging with her own saliva.

Sandy's cock was going absolutely wild, beating and throbbing and his
balls were on fire under the pressure until he thought they might burst
of their own accord just from the sight and smell and taste and feel of
Mela's beautifully flooding, sexually frenzied pussy! Then she was
there! It was as though a gag had been ripped from her mouth and her
joyous screaming filled the quiet prairie night.


Her buttocks clenched and unclenched in his hands before her pelvis
began wantonly gyrating and rotating in wild abandonment. She was
going crazy!

Sandy continued to lick and stab and pierce her wildly thrashing,
convulsing cunt as her hands tried to pull his whole face and head
inside the furiously sucking depths of her crazed vagina! Now it was
as though she wanted to swallow him whole, suck all of him deep up
inside her desperately quaking body.

"Oohhh ... Goddd ... OOOOOHHHHHAAA ..." The piercing wails spilled from
her lust-constricted throat and she couldn't stop! Such wild,
unrestrained, ecstasy could not be contained within the narrow confines
of her flesh but spilled out her mouth in agonized screams of bliss!
She could feel the waves washing her higher and higher and higher until
she thought she would burst apart with the exquisitely engulfing
sensations! Oh God! Oh God! It never stopped ... just when she
thought the incredible orgasm was subsiding ... another started up ...
carrying her higher than the last until she was just a limp mass of
exhausted flesh pitifully begging her triumphantly grinning foreman to

Goddamn, Sandy thought, she must have cum four times at least! His own
unsatisfied lust had built to such a heated point that his cock was
dribbling cum inside his shorts. Christ! If he didn't unload soon he
was going to cream his shorts for sure! This morning he had seen Mela
was a hot woman, but not anything like this! The blonde was as limp as
a rag doll ... her sexually sated face a mirror of joyful ecstasy and
relaxed, deep peace.

Sandy stood, easing his cramped knees, then bent down and scooped her
naked body up in his arms. As he walked across the porch, cradling her
against his chest, she stirred and her eyes fluttered open. "You're
something else, friend," she said languidly, then snuggled in closer to
his massive chest.

"We're just going upstairs to your bed, baby," he whispered against her
hair. "But when I'm in it, it's my bed. Understand?"

"Yes ... boss," she replied, then yawned like a kitten before the fire,
and closed her eyes in silent, blissful expectation ...

Chapter 6

The moment Kate drove into the driveway after coming from the Grange
Hall she saw that Cole's pick-up was gone. Gone again to that woman!
Her nerves were already shot and she felt them tighten even more.
After their neighboring ranch foreman, Sandy Gayman, had forced himself
between her nakedly spread legs down by the pond and emptied his
passion into her she had come wearily back to the house, showered, and
slept for the rest of the afternoon. A sleep that was like the sleep
of the dead. Then she'd rushed around making a huge dinner, baked the
blackberry pies, and did the last minute things she did every day to
feed a lot of mouths. She was feeling shaken but composed enough to be
just coolly silent with Cole when he finally came in. Every time the
guilt had begun gnawing at her vitals she'd looked at her husband and
remembered what he had done with the Meacham girl, and what she herself
had done with Sandy. Thank God there'd been the Grange Hall to
decorate. This had been one evening she couldn't possibly have spent
at home ... not after what had happened. All the way home from the
Grange with Eric she'd wondered how she was going to face Cole. Now
that he was gone she could be relieved and angry at the same time.

Work, she told herself, as she marched into the kitchen. Get the pies
done. You'll be so tired by then you can fall into bed and not think.
She looked up at Eric lounging in the doorway as she got the flour and
sugar and pie pans out of the cupboard. "Don't you want to watch
television?" she asked.

"Rather stay here with you, Mrs. Sutherland."

"How about letter writing. Don't you have a girl back home?"

"Never even had a date ... maybe if I could find one like you ..." He
looked down at her shyly.

She smiled. "Well, you look around a little and you'll soon find
someone. Meanwhile, you can help me with the pies. How about peeling
some apples?"

The giant blonde youth seemed pathetically grateful to be allowed to
help, and Kate's heart went out to him. He was so nice ... a nice
clean-cut boy. Then she forgot all about him as she began reliving the
scene in the blackberry thicket.

"You worried about something?" Eric asked as he stood by the sink,
washing the apples.

Kate looked up startled, her hands covered with flour. The big
breadboard was covered with pastry rings she was rolling out. "Why ...
oh, I don't know, Eric. I guess we all have worries from time to time

"I think maybe our being here, I mean Angel and me ... may have caused
you some trouble with Mr. Sutherland. He seemed like ... well, he
keeps going off. I mean, it doesn't seem natural, seeing as how he's
been gone so long. I wouldn't want to cause you any trouble. You've
been so good to me. I'd like to live here ... just stay here forever."

"That's sweet of you, Eric. I'm glad you like the ranch so much. As
for Cole ... well, he's busy and he had a lot on his mind. That
Limousin bull cost an awful lot of money and he's just worried, I'm
sure." Why was she reassuring the boy, she wondered. He couldn't
really care one way or the other. But she knew it was herself she was

Eric turned to her and looked straight into her eyes boldly. "It's not
the ranch I like so much, Mrs. Sutherland." It's you. You are the most
wonderful woman I've ever met," he ended softly.

"Oh ... well ... you'll find a wonderful girl--someday, Eric ... After
all, you just needed some mothering and ... that's the one thing I seem
to be good at," she ended, her voice dying away in her own reverie, her
brows knitting in confusion.

"You're good at everything!" Eric protested fervently. "You're kind
and good and ... I can't stand it when you're unhappy!"

Kate looked at the blonde giant of a boy, touched that he saw such
saintly qualities in her. It was more his age than anything else. At
eighteen everything was either terribly good or terribly bad. All
black and white. No compromises, no grey areas. Yet, she knew that
life was mostly made up of the grey ... with very few really black or
really white moments. She thought guiltily of this afternoon with
Sandy ... so charcoal grey as to be black ... but so pale and beautiful
as to be almost white. Oh God ... what a mess she'd made of things!
Kind and good Eric said ... and he believed it, his eyes blazing
loyally. She could never be good again. She was an adulteress! No
matter how she tried to justify it ... that's precisely what she was!

"You're good and wonderful," he repeated, persisting.

"Don't say that!" she admonished sharply, rolling the dough

"Say what? That you're good ... that you're unhappy ... that I ..."

"Oh, stop it, Eric! I can't stand it. I'm not good! I'm anything

"You were crying this afternoon. I saw your eyes when I came in.
Whoever it was made you cry ... I'd like to kill them!"

"Please Eric!"

"If you were my wife, I would!" he insisted stubbornly.

Kate steadfastly refused to discuss it any more. When the pies were
finally done, it was almost midnight. Cole hadn't called and she kept
listening, but no sound of a car. Her nerves were pretty shot. Eric's
talk about her goodness had unnerved her and brought back the
afternoon's guilt ten fold.

"It's terribly late. I think I'll turn in. You'd better get some
sleep, Eric."

"But the pies ... don't they have to cool and be put in the freezer?"
he asked desperately, trying to think of some excuse to keep her with
him a little while longer. It was the first time he'd had a chance to
really be alone with her for more than a few minutes.

"I can do that in the morning. Put out the lights except for the
office light, will you?"

"Mrs.--Mrs. Sutherland ...?" There was a plea in his voice that made
Cole's wife turn at the foot of the stairs.

"What is it, Eric?"

"Would you come downstairs for a second there's something I want to
show you.

"Can't you show me tomorrow? I'm terribly tired."

"It can't wait, Mrs. Sutherland." His handsome young face was
agonizingly earnest and he seemed quite desperate ... as though he were
hurting inside.

In the bunk room downstairs, Kate turned to him wearily. "All right,
Eric. What is it you want to show me?"

His whole body was tensed to the breaking point. Somehow he had to do
it. He had to find the courage. With no warning, he forced himself to
reach out and grab her, crushing her beautiful body to him and finding
her lips awkwardly. She smelled of apple pies and a delicate flowery
perfume and her lips were soft and full under his. A surge of power
went through him! He was kissing her! Jesus! He actually was kissing

Kate gasped as she felt his arms go around her, pulling her against his
hard young powerful body. His lips were soft and then desperately hard
and passionate. Oh God! She should have guessed. He had a terrible
case of puppy love! How stupid of her not to see it. She knew how
damaging her laughter could be to him at such a vulnerable age. He was
feeling everything so acutely. It hadn't been that long since she had
been a teenager and she remembered vividly the agonies of adolescence.

She pulled away gently. "Eric, no ... you'll find a girl your own age

"I don't want a girl my own age. I want you. Oh, Kate ...!" His brain
felt as though it were going to explode! He'd kissed her and for a
moment, just a moment, she'd kissed him back! Oh, Jesus, his whole
groin was on fire! It had never been so bad! A strangled whimper tore
out his chest and he pulled her to him roughly, pressing her whole
delectable body into his, feeling the fleshy fullness of her soft
breasts mash into his heaving chest. "Please, just let me kiss you
again ... I've never kissed a girl before."

Before Cole's wife could stop him, she was imprisoned in the young
giant's powerfully muscled arms; his warmly eager mouth followed her
twisting face till he caught her lips again. Moans were coming out his
massive chest and in his eagerness he was almost whimpering in pain ...
the exquisite pain of holding this older woman in a deeply intimate

The first time, he had said. A surge of pity swept through Kate,
remembering the agony and sweet need of being eighteen. And because of
this, she responded unthinkingly, parting and softening her lips under
his and wrapping her arms around the trembling young giant's slim-
hipped waist. After all, it was only a kiss, and what harm can it do?
She was totally unprepared for the boy's fervent reaction or for the
strange thrill of forbidden excitement that abruptly shot through her
gradually awakening body. I'd better stop him, she thought, then
decided to give him just five more seconds. She started mentally
counting the seconds, but only got to three before she stopped counting
and tightened her arms around his waist.

"Oh, Kate," the boy moaned, "let me be good to you ... let me love you.
Mr. Sutherland doesn't care about you. He's awful to you and you re so
wonderful. Let me be good to you ... oh God!"

His hotly zealous young mouth was suddenly sliding down her throat,
blazing a trail of sensation so wildly intense that Kate was stunned by
its impact. Oh God! She knew she must stop him at once, but yet she
felt an overpowering reluctance to break this ill-advised embrace.
Kate could feel her nerves and skin deliciously tingling, and her
suddenly hungry loins were beginning to ache. He was so hard and
strong, and his young male body was setting her own wanton flesh
alight! "Depraved slut," she mentally told herself. Letting a young
boy like this kiss her ... leading him on ... being too nice to him ...
using him as a decoy to get her way with Cole about adopting a child!
She must be mad! Her head was whirling and her bones were turning to
jelly as the young boy held her crushed against his huge maleness.

"Stop ... no, Eric ... it's wrong. Oh God ... let me go ... we mustn't
... we can't!" she whispered, not moving her arms from around his

"I'm never going to let you go ... never ... Oh, Kate!" Eric felt her
beautiful lips open wide under his mouth, and thrust his tongue into
the warmly wet cavern where he tasted her moans and womanly sweetness.
Abruptly, kissing was no longer enough. He had to hold her big,
wonderfully soft tits that were mashed against him! His hand timidly
pressed between their bodies and closed over the heavy roundness that
was her woman's flesh! Oh Christ! It was so hot and firm and full; he
squeezed it hard, wanting to crush its loveliness to his watering
mouth! Even through the cotton shirt and bra he could feel her rounded
globe quiver in his hand, and the nipple growing hard and erect.

Kate moaned as she felt the boy's hand close over her breast in a
rapturous clasp. His touch sent sensually thrilling licks of flame
spiraling from her nipple outward, and the fire was setting her vagina
ablaze as well! No! No! No! The word screamed inside her skull in
an insistent shriek but her flesh was wantonly ignoring it, quaking and
swaying under his clutching hands and tenderly fucking mouth! Oh God,
she was a slut to let this teenage boy ... to lead him astray ... and
yet ... it was so sad that his young masculine giant's body was so
deprived ... that he'd never even kissed a girl before! There was a
strange vanity in being the first ... in initiating such a strong
virile young bull! Oh God! Stop it! Stop thinking about it!

At last she tore her mouth away with a supreme effort. How could she
even think such thoughts? Yet it had seemed so natural to kiss this
handsome blonde giant who thought she was a saint! Saint? It was he
who was the saint. Unsullied, virginal, clean ... and strong. She was
a slut ... she knew that now ... an abandoned harlot!

"Ohhh, Kate ... I've never felt anything so good in my whole life ...
until now ... Ohhhh, God ... don't leave me ... let me love you ...
I'll die if you don't ... Please ... ohhhh, please!"

Kate shook her chestnut hair, the breath gasping out her flared
nostrils. She pushed hard against his great muscular chest. She had
to escape this boy who had aroused her so violently. But physically he
wasn't a boy ... he was a man ... a hard masculine, huge man!

"You're so sweet, so good ... please don't leave me now ... I can't
stand it," he said, moaning into her hair.

"No, don't say that ... I'm not good ... I'm horrible ... horrible to
let a decent young boy like you kiss me and try to ... Oh, Eric."
Suddenly the tears came pouring out her eyes and the pain in her breast
was a knife. "Can't you see that I'm just a ... a rotten whore ... or
worse ... Oh God ... let me go!" Her head came down in her hands, and
all the anguish and frustration and hurt came pouring out in scalding
tears on her tightly clenched fingers.

Eric looked at her agony and made up his mind. It was as though
something snapped into place inside him; he wouldn't ask her now. He
would tell her! In one swift motion he bent and lifted her in his arms
and turned toward his bunk. His cock was painfully beating, a huge
enlarged second heart inside his tight Levi's, and every step was
agony. He laid her gently on his bed. "Don't cry, Kate ... it's all
right, darling ... shhh," he crooned to her softly, as he tore his
clothes off and with shaking fingers swiftly unbuttoned her shirt. She
lay sobbing as if her heart were splitting in two.

The young boy sat naked on the bed, his massive prick upstanding like a
stone phallus except that it quivered and beat and was impatiently
seeping at the tip of its swollen head. He lifted his boss' limply
sobbing wife by the shoulders and pulled her blouse gently from her
shaking shoulders, unhooking her bra as he went, whispering and kissing
her while he worked. As her suntanned breasts popped free, his breath
wadded painfully in his chest! Jesus! It was okay to look at tits in
a magazine, but pictures couldn't begin to capture the warmth and
lusciousness of the real thing. In reverence, both his enormous hands
came out to gently cup them, and the warmly silken weights were heavy
and beautiful in his hands. "Ohhhhh, God, Kate," he breathed, and
burrowed his face between the heatedly trembling mounds, using his
hands to scrape them against each side of his face.

Kate felt the sandpaper contact of Eric's beard stubble between her
heaving breasts, and she moaned as wildly racing, jagged streaks of
ecstasy began flashing across her quaking body! She felt as though her
head was a mass of crossed signals and confused connections! The feel
of the ardent young mouth between her breasts sent scintillating
sensations raging through her, and strangely enough within the last
three or four minutes, she no longer cared whether this was right or

She was already an adulteress, had already hit the bottom layer of hell
... how much farther could she sink?

Her arms went out of their own volition and held the young boy close
against her shaking breasts, and she lay for long minutes running her
hands down his heavy muscled, brute-strong young back. She listened to
his anguished whimpering and felt his hot hungry breath burning against
her naked flesh, and felt sorry for him because he had never even held
a woman in his arms before. Well, then, let him see it all, let him

Kate dug down and found her skirt zipper. Frantically she jerked the
skirt down and kicked it off her feet; then she arched her back,
lifting her hips, and peeled the soft flimsy whiteness of her panties

Eric sat up, the breath coming out his mouth now in great gulps like a
beached fish, staring at her as she suddenly lay nakedly in all her
curvaceous splendor on the bed before him. His expression was as if
all the treasures of the earth were spread out for his taking. "Ohhhh,
Gooooddddd, Kate ... you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Slowly, as if in a trance; Kate held up her arms to the young boy, her
eyes holding his locked. With a deep groan he fell across her, his
yearning mouth wetly enclosed her breast, and she jerked and arched her
chest up to it fiercely. Young, but oh so good ...

"Yesss, Eric, darling ... Yesss," she hissed, feeling her full, firmly
matured tits swelling even greater under his greedily devouring mouth.
Ohhh God ... whore, slut, harlot, Jezebel! She called herself every
dirty name she could remember, but they were only words and words no
longer mattered with her flesh in such fiery rapture!

The young boy sucked the warm silken nipple into his watering mouth,
and he thought surely heaven was within his grasp! Kate! His woman
... his first ... he was going to have his first woman! He was going
to be a man at last! No shit from anybody anymore ... He was going to
be a man!

He could feel her respond and arch against his exploring mouth as his
hands slid down the satin sides to her gently quivering thighs. It was
every schoolboy's dream ... all the wet dreams he had ever had rolled
into one ... only it was real ... real and here and now! No boy
anymore! A man!

Sucking strongly on the throbbingly erect nipple standing at attention,
Eric felt as though he were worshipping at the shrine ... it was a
ritual ... gaining his manhood and it was an act of charity ... Kate
was giving him the priceless gift! He didn't have to ask now! He
would take ... take her passionately, gluttonously!

Kate pulled the boy closer into the bed beside her, his mouth still
heatedly attached to her heaving breast, his tongue pulling and sucking
and slathering, drawing the very soul out through her abandoned flesh
that rapturously writhed and vibrated to his every touch! The heat of
his hot male body was burning through her whole side, and she could
feel his massively pulsating instrument--that gigantic, rigid, velvet-
skinned cock--pressed into her flesh like a fiery brand! It was
burning straight through her body! She marveled at the instinct that
led him to her flowing breast like a parched man to a hidden spring.

"Ohhh, Kate ... Christ! ... You're the most beautiful ... OHHHHH ...
Jesus," Eric moaned, as his eagerly seeking mouth moved over to the
neglected breast and his big hands began kneading the glistening
softness of the other tit. His wildly throbbing cock was jerking like
a wild beast, blinded and starving and enraged, so blood-engorged that
it had swelled to monstrous size as it pounded at the woman's satin-
skinned hip. He wanted to devour Kate whole, eat her alive! His
tongue shot out and began hotly licking her shivering nipple hard as a
chipped diamond and glistening with his saliva, until it shone like a
polished marble stone sculpture!

Whimpering, Kate reached down and found the mammoth fleshy organ along
her hip and enclosed it softly in her hand. It jerked and pulsed like
a thing alive ... so huge and questing that she could hardly hold its
immensity! Oh God! She squeezed. It was as hard and rigid as steel
... a steel rod that was going to ram her to heaven and back!

The first contact between her wonderfully warm hand and fingers on his
aching cock sent the young boy rising almost off the narrow bunk!
"Goddd ... Oh, Goddddd!" Instinctively, he thrust forward in her hand,
feeling the skin sliding deliciously back and forth under her tightly
gripping fingers.

"Eric, it's beautiful," she crooned, "a big beautiful hard cock."

The lewd words spilled from her mouth before she could stop them. Oh
God ... she was truly depraved, depraved and lost, and her wanton body
was leading her into even more wicked actions It was as though once
lost, she kept sinking into the depths of a lurid lust that controlled
her, body and soul. Shivering streaks of hungry anticipation streamed
through her heated flesh at the touch and feel of the young teenaged
body lying beside her. Her pelvis had begun to frantically undulate,
and her filled and straining breasts were on fire from his
instinctively sucking mouth. Ooooooh God, she had to have it!

"Oh, Kate. Can I ... Can I ... I ..." he whispered, afraid to voice
his request, and in his youthful innocence unsure of what to do next
with this experienced and beautiful woman.

"Ooooooh, yesss, come here, Eric, my baby!" Kate purred as she took his
trembling hand and placed it over the soft resilient curls of her
warmly quivering vaginal mound. Automatically her hips began moving in
impatient little circles. "Feel here ..." She guided his outstretched
middle finger to her gently pulsating cuntal lips and let him feel the
moistly heated love juice seeping from within her depths.

"Oh Jesus! You're all wet there ... All slippery and hot and wet ...
Ohhhh ... Kate!"

His finger needed no more guidance but went exploring on its own,
sliding the tip of his middle finger up and down the swollen thinly
bearded slot of her lust-enflamed pussy. At his touch, more and more
lubricant flowed out of her heated cunt until a small viscous stream
was dribbling and oozing down over her smooth inner thighs.

Suddenly Eric sat up and looked down over the voluptuously naked body
of the older woman laid out for him in offering. He saw the full
fleshy mountains of her wondrously quivering tits, the smooth taut
plain of her rippling belly, the "V" shaped forest of her softly
curling chestnut pussy hair, and the fertile "Y" of her eagerly
trembling thighs. He watched his own hand exploring the warm cuntal
cavern up between her firm legs; this was the promised land of his own
manhood test ... a battle ground where both opponents would emerge
victorious. A great surge of restless hunger shook him, and he groaned
as he leaned down to kiss the moistly puckering pussy mouth.

Kate felt the boy's hot mouth gently and tenderly kissing her heated
vaginal lips. It was too unbelievably exquisite to be true. "Ohhhhhh,
God," she moaned loudly, lifting her knees and wantonly spreading her
thighs, "yessss that's it, Eric ... kiss me there ... suck it ...
ohhhhh ... shove your tongue in there ... hurry Aaaagggghhh!"

Eric heard her lewd mewlings and they freed him to do what he wanted to
do. His eager tongue tasted the slippery syruped moisture of the
heatedly quaking flesh between her legs and then curled and snaked into
the perfumed depths of her pussy. "Mmmmmmm ... MMMMMMmmmmmmmm!
Beeeeee-u-teefullllll!" It was an obscene shriek of forbidden rapture.

Kate did not know what had prompted her to order the young boy to lick
her pussy that way ... she only knew it had to be. Cole had begged her
to let him for years, but somehow it had always seemed so animal, so
beastly, so depraved ... and now she knew why he wanted to ... it was
the most glorious feeling she could ever remember ... that hot
stiffened young boy's tongue ramming into her seething vaginal depths
in the ages old primeval oral fucking that even the ancients had

Oh, what a fool she'd been ... what a stupid priggish fool! She was
beginning to understand why her husband had gone to another woman. She
must have seemed so puritanical and stiff and rigid to Cole who knew
what delights were to be had this way. Her hips arched up closer to
Eric's beautifully kissing, probing, sucking mouth. It was driving her

"That's itttt ... suck it, Eric ... suck my cunt ... suckkkkkkkk itttt
... Loverrrrr ...!"

The young boy lapped and drank from the warmly welling pussy spring
like a dying man finding precious water in the desert! He wanted to
bury his whole face in the heatedly clasping cunt and dive in after it!
It never occurred to him that it might be a lurid and secret way to
make love. If Kate wanted it ... it had to be good ... and it was good
beyond his wildest dreams'. It was actually happening ... all of it
was real, and he wouldn't wake shaking and unfulfilled as he did every
night, the bedclothes sticky with the dreaming cum that shot out of his
prick in his sleep.

Through the seething maelstrom of her obscene lust, Kate felt her own
mouth beginning to water as she thought of a way to repay the young

"Oh God, Eric, give me your cock ... turn around," she panted, the
breath lurching through her tortured lungs in great gasps. "Up there,
where I can suck it for you ... oh, give it to me, lover ... put your
great big beautiful cock in my mouth ... I want to suck it!" The crazed
words, lusting and lewd, came out her mouth with an advance warning in
her head ... but once said, she was glad and knew she wanted it ... she
wanted that virile young cock flesh pulsating deep in her throat ...
while his mouth sucked her pussy alive and screaming!

Reaching up, Kate impatiently pulled the strong hairy thighs over her
head and saw the jutting immensity of his fantastically hard shaft
throbbing like a stallion's only inches from her face.

Oh God! She wanted it, wanted to lick his masculine young pre-cum from
the tiny hole at the tip of the velvet-textured head, wanted to taste
the boy's liquid love seeping out for her. Lifting her face up to it,
she fervently kissed the jerking head right on the end and then ovaled
her hotly glistening lips wide to slip them up and enclose it warmly
and wetly in her already hungrily sucking mouth.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH ... OH, KATTTTTEEEEE," Eric screamed into her wide-open
pussy, his mouth blowing his words into her open cunt in hot,
incredibly sensual, blasts. The feel of her warm, saliva filled mouth
around the head of his almost bursting cock, sent the boy crazy with
lust. The fire of need was in him and spreading so fast he was going
to cum before he could ever get to fuck her at all!

Kate's mouth was stretched wide to accommodate the fantastic thickness
and length of the rigidly throbbing hardness as she frantically began
using her tongue around the hotly swollen tip and sensitive underside.
Her cheeks hollowed and she began a fierce sucking, alternating the
sucking with gentle nibbles and swipes of her tongue. She felt his
fevered return to her vagina and his vigorously worming tongue driving
in so deeply. Her hands reached up and found his buttocks, hard and
muscle-fretted to iron slabs of strength and, pulling urgently, she
forced the boy's powerfully pulsating staff deeper into her willing
throat. She could feel the soft curling blonde pubic hair tickling
against her nose as she struggled to get the whole of his warmly
throbbing cock into her cum-hungering throat! She wanted ... she
wanted to taste all of him, and love him, and give him his first
beautiful experience. She wanted to burn herself into his memory so
that all consequent experiences with women would be tinged with her
presence! He would always remember her. She was giving him a fiery
birth--a new life--his first.

Eric soon realized that a rhythm had developed, his tongue shooting
into the sweetly heated depths of his boss's wife's hotly quivering
pussy, while her wet worshipful mouth sucked and tried to swallow his
painfully beating prick! Christ! If this kept up he was going to
shoot off before they really got started! He could feel the drawing in
of his balls, the swollen pressure almost bursting them already! How
could he possibly hold back? ... how, when her soft lips and warm, wet
mouth were sucking and loving him beyond his wildest dreams.

Scouring the whole of her cunt like a gluttonous bee searching for
honey, the boy could feel her jerk and moan around his stiff prick; so
stuffed into her mouth that even her moans were muffled to oblivion!
Her beautiful soft throat was stabbed with his pulsating fullness and
it was going to drain him! Oh God! Was he supposed to let go right in
her mouth? He didn't know. She'd drown if he did! But the thought of
shooting his steaming load of pent-up cum into the back of her throat
and down into her beautifully smooth belly was driving him insane. Oh
God, he wanted to ... He had to ...

Kate's hotly watering mouth began working even more vigorously on the
young boy's cock as she sensed he was close to orgasm. She tightened
her lips around it and then began bobbing her head, stretching her
mouth up and down its long pulsating length; her tongue flicked
provocatively along the corded ridge on the underside and then swirled
experimentally around the huge seeping head.

" ... Godddddd ... Honeeyyyyyyy!" Eric groaned, his head coming up for
a moment from the violently quivering depths of her succulent tasting
pussy. The exquisite feel of Kate's tongue on his rampaging cock drove
him right up the wall! He had to let her know; he couldn't cum in her
mouth! The boy arched his back and attempted to pull his prick from
her wetly laboring mouth. "I'm close to cumming," he said.

There was no answer from Kate; she loved the feel and the taste of
young Eric's warm fleshy rod in her throat. She simply reached up and
using the softness of his sperm-loaded testicles as a handle, pulled
the prick even deeper into her mouth. Her saliva flowed freely, mixing
with his pre-cum seminal secretions, and she lapped hotly, voraciously
at the male pungency as she made a strong, rounded vacuum with her
lips. She sucked harder than before, and almost at once she felt Eric
arch and cry out in wonder.


Eric felt the dam give and the whole pressurized boiling cauldron of
his balls began shooting down the wildly throbbing length of his penis
sunk so deeply in Mistress of the house's desperately sucking mouth.
The heavy, animal-like sounds coming out his throat were an
unintelligible tribute to his first orgasm and this woman's soft,
beautiful mouth! It was his first shared orgasm of any kind! ... and
the singular jacking off seemed a pale substitute for the real thing!
The great nozzle of his spewing cock went on and on and the rapturous
ecstasy spurted hotly ... Deeply ... into the ovally rounded circle of
her tightly locked lips.

Kate wasn't ready for his tremendous pulsating eruption that flowed
heatedly deep into her desperately working throat, and she choked and
sputtered and gagged at first. Her mouth filled and overflowed with
the teenage boy's creamy white cum and in desperation she swallowed to
keep from drowning! On and on the spewing bursts came in thick streams
which she voraciously gulped. Oh God! Her Adam's apple bobbed lewdly
as she tried to swallow it all, for there was a great sense of pride
and accomplishment at taking it all. She wanted his fresh, virile
young semen in her body! She wanted it all ... deep inside her belly!

Then it was over and the heavily breathing boy collapsed beside her,
his eyes closed, his head pillowed on her breast, one thigh flung
across her slender tanned legs. Gradually, he eased back to earth on a
cloud that hit with a great thud, and he must have dozed off
momentarily for he couldn't recall how he came to be beside Mr.
Sutherland's wife and holding her so close and half under him. Then he
remembered. He was a man ... by God! His body felt lethargically
alive and alert and the fabulous warmth of a good woman lying in his
arms seeped into his very bones!

Kate's hand stole out to touch the young man's cock lying over her
thigh, and she picked it up and held it like a wounded bird, cupping it
gently and squeezing it very softly. Immediately it responded and came
alive. My God! It started to get hard again! Ah, youth ... youth ...
he was a beautiful youth, too. His hugeness contrasted with her
fragilely rounded curves, and, as she looked down at his hard young
body, she felt her unsatisfied vagina restlessly twitching in hunger.
Her hand began moving the still wet foreskin back and forth, and felt
powerful new life surge into the rapidly growing flesh. She whispered,
"It's getting hard again, Eric!"

The young man, and he was a man now, masterfully turned her face to him
and fiercely kissed her, pressing her naked beauty into his as though
he would never get enough of her lush ripeness. His tongue, with only
a little practice now, thrust aggressively into Kate's waiting mouth
and she accepted it gratefully.

Eric moaned deep in his throat at the taste of his own orgasm there
still lingering in Kate's mouth! The thought drove him wild! Oh, God,
he couldn't let her go ... never ... He had to have this woman ...
nothing and no one else would do! His penis was growing huge again and
throbbing already just from holding her voluptuous nakedness against
his own hard nudity. He had to have her again ... and this time he
wanted to shove the length of his rigid prick straight into that
pulsing little pussy.

"Ohhhhh, Eric ..." Kate breathed. "Ohhhh, please. It's hard enough."
She pulled him over her and spread her trembling legs out wide to
cradle his immense, hard young body. "Put your cock in me, Eric
darling, put your huge beautiful prick straight into my vagina ... I'm

"God, yes ... Oh, Kate, darling ... You're so sweet ... so good ... so
good for me ... my sweet good Kate!"

Dimly Kate thought there were different kinds of good as she felt the
massive log of Eric's excitedly jerking young cock slide into her
wildly thrilled cunt, filling her lonely belly so completely ... and so
well ... Different kinds of good ... Gooood ... Goooood ... Goooooood

Chapter 7

It was well past two in the morning, and the moon was high and yellow
in the breathless prairie night as the last of the crowd began drifting
out the big Grange Hall by twos, their arms around each others' waists.
Music still floated out through the open windows, occasionally muted by
the sound of a pickup truck or car coughing to life and gunning down
the dirt road.

Angel flicked his cigarette over the railing and watched reflectively
as the butt made a long glowing arc in the darkness. It hadn't been a
bad dance at all; not like the ones back in the city, of course, where
there was lots of pot and ass for the taking ... but not bad. He'd
come against his better judgment, come only because the dance was the
only entertainment within fifty or sixty miles, and had fully expected
to have a lousy time and hate everyone. Instead, most of the people
seemed to be sincerely friendly with him, and practically all the
ranchers--even including his boss Cole Sutherland--had included him
when they passed the whiskey bottles around. It took a little time for
it to sink in, even longer for him to evaluate the implications, but
finally he had put it into words, "These people let Angel Orellio drink
out of the same bottle as they do. They do not mind that I am Mexican,
and they freely offer the bottle ..."

Another zephyr of thought rippled on the surface of his consciousness.
The little white school teacher, Gwen! She bad really surprised him
the night before when he had taken her at first by force. He'd told
her she would beg him and cry out for his cock before the night was
over; he had said it, not truly believing she would. But she had, and
it had been very good indeed. Before that long, unbelievable night was
over, she had surprised him once again when she dropped him off at the
Sutherland ranch by taking his face in her soft hands and speaking to
him in his own native tongue--Spanish.

She confused him thoroughly. In his cold jungle of brutally hard
sharply jagged edges she was a softly rounded alien object, both
emotionally and intellectually. Today, as the hours dragged on his
disbelief had grown until he was positive that it had all been an act.
Tonight, though, she seemed to prefer him over the dozen or so single
ranch owners who tried to make out with her. Oh, she danced with them,
but watching her from a distance, he thought it seemed as if not all of
the school teacher was there ... all of her was there only when she
danced with him.

Angel turned as Eric came out onto the darkened porch and said, "Oh ...
there you are. Gwen was asking if I had seen you."

The Mexican boy shrugged, "So? Fuck her. She's not my boss. The
little bitch know where to find me." At once he regretted saying it.
He didn't think of the girl that way at all, hut here he was once again
trying to show his friend how tough and untouchable he was. It was
this exact thing that had gotten him into trouble five different times
with the cop--had made him steal cars, pull knives and shoplift.
Still, though with other guys you just didn't dare to let your guard
down for a minute or someone would have a shiv firmly planted six
inches in your back.

Eric stretched and looked back over his shoulder. "Boy, are they ever
getting smashed in there. Mr. Sutherland's been dancing almost all
night with Miss Meacham, and her foreman, Sandy Gayman, is about to
slug him."

"So? Let them kill each other."

Eric snorted at the remark. It was so typical of the Mexican kid. All
day long he had sensed there was something suddenly different about
Angel, and it had occurred to him that maybe the dark youth really had
made out with the aloof young school teacher. Each time he had
laughingly dismissed it from hi mind as being a complete and utter
impossibility, but then he remembered Kate Sutherland's hotly ovaled
mouth around his own cock and how impossible that also seemed until the
magic moment she had actually sucked him off!

It was really funny, he thought. All day long he had thought he was in
love with her and maybe he still was. Yet, dancing with the other
girls and women tonight, each time one of their bodies would press
itself invitingly into him he would feel the wild surges of sexual
thrill shooting through him in tiny waves of sexual desire. The other
women had felt just as good in his arms as Kate had, and it didn't take
long before he started thinking that maybe it wasn't just her ... that
any hot bodied female could turn him on ... and from the way they
looked at him while dancing, he thought he knew which ones wouldn't.
That knowledge had come full-blown and clear after the one night with
his bosses' wife, instinctive and clear.

Eric heard the door open behind him, and as the light spilled out he
saw Gwen blinking in the dimness. "Oh, there you are," she said
brightly to Angel.

The big blonde youth moved over slightly so the petite schoolteacher
could stand between them. It was obvious that all of her attention was
focused on the Mexican boy, however. She said something softy to him
in Spanish, and his fluid voice came back. Eric didn't understand a
damned word they were saying, but he did manage to pick up Gwen's
pleading "mi casa," to Eric--from the way she said the words--it
sounded as if she wanted Angel to take her home.

Eric saw the Mexican boy's face when he answered and even if he didn't
understand the words, he was quick to catch the meaning for Gwen
immediately turned toward him, her face falling from embarrassment.
She barked something in Spanish and Angel threw back his head and

"Do not worry," Angel said in English. "Eric does not understand
Spanish. Do you, my friend?"

Eric shook his head negatively.

Angel turned back to the lovely young blonde girl and raised his
eyebrows as he shrugged and said again in English, "You see, se-orita,
he did not hear you begging me to take you home where we could make
love, and he did not hear me say that I would rather take you into the
back seat of senora Kate's station wagon and fuck you again as I did
last night, and perhaps if you are good, I will let my friend fuck you

"Oh," Gwen gasped in flustered dismay and anger, "You're horrible! How
could I have ever thought that you had any sense of decency or ..." Her
words were choked off as, without warning, the Mexican boy reached out
and pressed her softly yielding body toward him. His hot mouth closed
wetly over hers, and her muffled words finally sputtered off into
silence, as after a slight hesitation she wrapped her arms
subserviently around his waist.

Eric watched with a rapidly growing cock as he saw Angel's left hand
snake down to the hem of the young blonde teacher's mini-skirt and pull
it up barely an inch, revealing the full rounded tops of her tapered
white thighs. The dress came up again another inch or two until the
thinly divided crotchband of her flimsy nylon panties were uncovered.
Then, the dark-skinned hand dropped to lewdly cup the softly quivering
mound of her pussy, his middle finger worming itself teasingly under
the thin white legband to insinuate itself arrogantly in the blondely
curling fleece of her sparse young pubic hair.

With the heated touch of his hand against her naked flesh, Gwen rapidly
came back to her senses and began struggling against his wiry hold. Oh
God, she thought, her mind practically useless from the violent
turbulence of her own rising sexual need and the shattered remnants of
her former chaste modesty. What am I doing? What has happened to me?
Two days ago, it would have been laughingly unthinkable that she would
be on a darkened porch with a Mexican boy fondling her shamelessly
aroused vagina while his friend stood by watching. Or that the Mexican
youth would be six years younger than she ... and had already done all
sorts of perverted sexual things with her less than twenty-four hours
earlier! It was all too unthinkable ... all to horribly real!

Then, suddenly, last night's emotions came rushing back to her and she
remembered how glorious his virily throbbing young penis had felt deep
up inside her. Oh God! She was again so close to permitting him to do
what he wanted. She really didn't want to fight him. Anyway, she
probably would never see these boys again and no one else would ever
know. She rationalized that her cravingly aroused body needed this
wiry young boy ... needed him as much as oxygen and water, for she was
experiencing a new growth ... the process had germinated in the moist
heat of her hungry vagina last night, and now ... now the hunger
demanded to be fed.

Eric saw the young teacher's deeply ingrained moral resistance crumble
as she wrapped her arms once again around the boy's waist and stood
there trembling submissively as he slowly used both dark hands to reach
up to the tight elastic waist band and peel the little bikini panties
down over the gently flaring white flesh of her quivering buttocks;
reaching mid-thigh, the panties slipped of their own accord on down to
the floor. The blond boy's breath caught in his throat as he saw the
creamy warm lushness of her naked ass gleaming in the dim light ... and
the inviting shadowy cleft between the two cur mg mounds. The heat
ignited with an incandescent brightness in his loins as he saw Angel's
extended middle finger worming its way into darkly inviting vaginal
slit from behind, and the girl's sudden movement outward with her
buttocks as she lowered them slightly and assumed an eagerly
cooperating half-crouch.

Gwen moaned deep in her throat as she felt Angel's hotly searching
finger sliding into her already feverishly moistened slit from behind.
With the first contact between his finger and her erectly quivering
clitoris, she wanted to scream; it was so beautifully rapturous, so
thrillingly right. Her morals, upbringing, and inhibitions were all
promptly shattered by a far more powerful new set of ruling values;
need, desire, and sensation. So heated was her need, she made only a
token protest when she felt the other boy's big hands behind her begin
stroking--timidly at first and then with rapidly growing confidence her
helplessly trembling thighs. Angel, her beloved Angel, was digging his
wetly quivering tongue deep into her welcoming mouth, and she felt
thrill after thrill shoot through her as she was reminded of his cock
heatedly plunging in and out of her tightly ovaled lips last night.
Feeling the coolness of the night air hitting her naked back, she only
then became aware that the huge young boy in back of her had unbuttoned
her dress and was now attempting to pull it over her shoulders. She
did not resist, even when his hands stole familiarly over her naked

Angel knew his mind had split into two completely different parts.
One section retained his old hatreds and old beliefs that the world was
against him. The other, new, section wondered in awe at the fact that
the preciously stuck-up, white school teacher seemingly thought of him
as a man, her man!--and his swarthy complexion made no difference to
her ... indeed she seemed to think it added to his handsomeness. Last
night, speaking Spanish, she had said he was a "beautiful" man who
could easily be a "movie star". That had been a thought--an alien
thought which rapidly blossomed. In a way, he supposed he liked her
very much--far more than any other woman he'd had in the past but still
he had sense enough to know that it could only be a summer thing with
him--if it lasted even that long! With her feeling this way, though,
other women would be bound to feel the same way ... rich women in a
soft world who would give him what he wanted so he wouldn't have to
steal or fight for it. In that world, he would be as tough as a tiger-
-as untouchable as an eagle soaring on an updraft--for it was a known
fact that these soft women surrounded themselves by flabby, easily
frightened husbands. He dreamed of the immense possibilities as he
continued with his tongue to wetly probe the heated insides of the
young blonde teacher's willing mouth, while his finger wormed its way
along her hotly seeping pussy lips. His drifting mind rapidly came
back to reality with a lurch as he realized Eric had almost stripped
the girl naked while he was daydreaming.

For a minute anger flared in his brain, had the other boy forgotten
this was his woman? Was he trying to take over Angel's territory?
Then abruptly he was laughing out loud. Hell, she would always be
there when he wanted her. This wasn't the only woman in the world.

Gwen had been lost in a delirious maelstrom of ever growing sensual
sensation as she felt Angel's tongue warmly fucking in and out of her
mouth and his hotly worming finger caressing her love starved vagina,
at the same time the young boy in back of her was stripping her of all
clothing. Oh God, it was so salaciously and wickedly beautiful. The
thought of what they must look like sent wanton shivers of forbidden
excitement cascading through her already intolerably overheated loins.
It was then she groaned in disappointment as she felt Angel's moistly
heated mouth leave her lips. The Mexican boy had pulled back from her
and was laughing. She realized she was trembling like a frightened,
hoarsely breathing wild animal as Eric stripped off her bra and
carefully hung it over the porch railing. She was completely naked
now--more naked than she had ever been before in her life because there
were two of them seeing her.

Her small perfectly formed breasts rose and fell with each shuddering
breath she took as Angel critically inspected her body. Without
removing his eyes from her, he said, "Take off your clothes, Eric."

"Oh, no. You can't," she whimpered, knowing what was coming. "Please,

"Shut up, teacher," he snarled, his hot hard eyes burning like laser
beams into hers. "You shall do as I say."

"Please Angel ... please. I want only you."

He laughed again, cruelly and unmercifully. "You will have me when I'm
ready for you. But first, my friend will fuck you. After all, he has
paid me two dollars if I will let him soak his prick in your pussy." It
was a lie, but a successful one for the cowering girl recoiled as if
she had been struck in the face by a whip, causing a new peel of
sardonic laughter to bubble from the boy's cruel lips.

Gwen could not believe what she was hearing. Oh, God! How dare he
sell her to his friends? How disgustingly contemptible he was! How
could she ever have thought she loved him! Anger and desire jostled in
her mind for supremacy and the anger won out. She straightened, her
eyes blazing. "I won't do it!" she said through tightly gritted teeth.
"What do you think I am?"

"I already know what you are," he grinned with ominous softness. "You
are the woman who sucked my cock last night, who came like a whore when
I fucked her asshole, and who came and came and came when I finally
permitted my prick to enter your pussy."

"Oh, Jesus," Eric moaned lowly, becoming more wildly excited from the
lewdly worded obscenities as he frantically kicked off his undershorts
and stood nakedly beside the pitifully trembling figure of the petite
schoolteacher. It was true, all true, he could tell that by the way
she acted. She had sucked cock, and fucked ... just like his boss
wife, Kate, did!

Angel had fixed the girl with his cruel stare. His tongue came out and
slowly wet his lower lip; that gesture was more threatening than if he
had balled up his fist or flicked out a knife blade. "You do not want
to fuck for two dollars?"

Suddenly tears of fright and humiliation were streaming down the
stricken girl's face. "Please, Angel. Do I mean nothing more than ...
than that to you?"

The Mexican youth paused, then nodded. "Yes ... I guess you are worth
more to me."

A tremulous smile of relief had already started on Gwen's face when
Angel turned to Eric and shrugged his shoulders. "You see how it is,"
he said, holding out his hands palm upward. "I must ask three

"Oh ... no!" Gwen screamed in defiance. "God, you can't be that cruel
to me!"

"Can I pay you tomorrow?" Eric asked quickly.

"Of course, my friend. Go ahead, fuck her as you wish." He laughed
loudly and moved with all the litheness of a ballet dancer as the
shattered young blonde tried to dart nakedly past him on the porch.
Grabbing her wildly struggling figure tight around the waist from
behind, he held her captive until the giant youth stood in front of
her. His massively pulsating cock slanted up like a telephone pole
from his naked abdomen.

Gwen made one more tearful effort to plead with Angel. "Please ...
don't," she whispered, then froze in fright as the Mexican boy roughly
shoved her into Eric's arms. She was so small in relation to his
powerful height that his eagerly heated penis was pounding and beating
just below the swell of her full young breasts. Her eyes widened in
horror as she saw for the first time the enormity of the fleshy rod.
God! He would rip her into a thousand shrieking pieces if he tried to
force that up her tiny, seldom used vaginal opening.

"Angel," she screamed, imploringly, and tried to twist away but to no
avail. Both boys were holding her brutally now. Last night at first
she had been afraid Angel would kill her if she protested, but tonight,
she knew she would die if he made her go through with his obscene
suggestion. Her humiliation deepened and congealed as she heard them
calmly discussing the best way for his friend to fuck her. Angel said,
"She is very tiny, your 250 pounds would squeeze the life from her if
you laid on top. I would suggest dog fashion, but she fights too much.
Perhaps you should sit back and let her sit on your cock."

Oh, God. How calloused they were. Had they no sense of decency? Why
did they exalt in this cruel humiliation of her? All she had done was
offer her pure unsullied love to a loveless boy, and he had taken
advantage of her and sold her to one of his friends for use as a
prostitute. There was no sense in pleading with them; the experience
of last night made her realize that begging for mercy only increased
Angel's satisfaction in dominating her. To make things worse, tonight
both boys had been drinking and there obviously would be no help from
the only four people now remaining inside the Grange Hall because they
were all drunk--probably too drunk to hear her cries for help above the
incessantly pounding dance music.

The nakedly stripped young teacher pushed feebly against Eric's massive
chest as he effortlessly lifted her by the armpits and carried her over
to the top step of the porch. She struggled with increased fright as
she felt him gingerly sitting his naked buttocks down on the step. Her
ankles were tightly grasped by the Mexican boy from behind and pulled
outward, forcing her wide-spread thighs to press downward on the other
boy's legs. Then he sat completely down, while Angel firmly guided her
feet to the second step and put his hands on her naked hips and pushed
down, forcing her defenseless spread loins closer and closer to the
hotly throbbing staff which would impale her like a fiery spear. She
never stopped her frantic, silent struggles--not even when she felt the
velvety smoothness of the other boy's huge cockhead rubbing hotly
against her tightly clenched belly.

To Eric it was like trying to hold a madly thrashing calf, and her
fingernails had dug long bloody furrows down his chest. Each time he
reared up in an effort to thrust his painfully pounding cock in the
depths of her desperately cringing young pussy, she writhed away from
him--even with Angel pushing down with all his wiry strength. Goddamn,
he would soon go out of his mind unless he got it up inside the wildly
struggling little bitch!

It was Angel who, in disgust, settled matters.

"Hold her tight," he ordered, then bent down and peered up at the
thinly bearded, nakedly squirming mouth of her pussy. For the life of
him he couldn't figure why she didn't cooperate; it was obvious that
she wanted to be fucked because her coral-hued little cuntlips were
glistening with tiny dew drops of moisture from her earlier arousal.
Right below the little wet opening to her pussy he could see the
massively throbbing head of Eric's cock. Prior to working on the ranch
he never would have thought of doing what he did next, but part of his
duties entailed working in the breeding shed where the prize bulls
sometimes had to be helped in mounting a cow. Without embarrassment,
he reached out and wrapped his fingers around the throbbing length of
Eric's cock, feeling it grow harder as he touched it, and guided it
toward the helplessly cringing opening to Gwen's vagina. Then, he
pushed down with all his might against the fullness of her buttocks and
saw the distance shorten between cock and cunt ... shorten until the
pulsing head was actually touching the thin, warmly quivering lips.

Gwen groaned loudly as she realized that all her struggles had been in
vain, as she felt the heatedly pulsating penis teasing against her
vaginal lips. The pressure on her back from Angel's hand was
intolerable. Her muscles had begun a violent trembling as they drew on
their last sources of resistance. The intolerable pressure at the
fevered opening of her tightly clenched young pussy grew and grew as
the awesome head attempted to make its brutal penetration. Finally,
with a loud sob of desperation, she felt her shuddering leg and back
muscles giving way, and the heavy fleshy thickness forcing itself just
up inside her vainly resisting cuntal cavity.

Oh God! Nothing had ever stretched her so wide up between her legs
before. It was like an axe handle being hammered up between her
thighs. She screamed once more as Angel released his hold on his
friend, Eric's, lustfully throbbing cock and put both hands on her
futilely squirming buttocks and pushed down.

"Aaaaaaggghhhh," she yelled, feeling the hotly jerking rod burrowing
slowly, but surely up into her tightly resisting vagina. "Please ...

Gwen might as well have asked for mercy from a bull elephant, for
Eric's eyes were glazed and unreasoning from the overpowering lust that
swept like a forest fire through his young mind at the thought of
fucking his second woman, one who was actually fighting him with all
her strength. Her wetly clasping young cunt was far tighter than
Kate's his boss wife's, had been; it felt better in one way, not as
good in another. He could tell that she was close to the end of her
strength for her entire body was shaking from the effort she was

Suddenly with a loud groan of defeat, the young blonde went limp and
moaned loudly as his rigidly pulsating shaft moved inexorably up, up,
up deep into the heaving pit of her no longer resisting belly. Gwen no
longer had even the strength to voice a protest, but she was profoundly
grateful when she realized it had gone as far up inside her as it could
go; she could feel her own naked buttocks resting hard against the top
of his huge muscular young thighs.

Oddly enough, it was not as painful as she had thought. She was
filled; she had never been more filled before ... and she could feel
every musculared ridge along the entire long heated length of it
pressing into her frantically working vaginal walls. She sobbed and
grunted helplessly once, feeling the black fog of despair and
humiliation creeping in around her. Oh God! Why had she ever become
attached to the Mexican boy. She should have known he would not
understand the gift she was offering him. How could he, when even she
didn't understand it. Never before had she given so completely of
herself--given her all emotionally and physically. It was a gift that
should be cherished! Instead he had used it for his own sadistic
purposes, had sold her for three dollars to this young teenage giant as
though she were some common little street whore. She felt the boy's
throbbing cock flex deep up inside her painfully filled depths, and
silently groaned not wanting to give Angel the pleasure of hearing her
shriek any more. Besides, if she were honest, she would have to admit
that the pain was rapidly leaving her, being replaced with a dull,
lethargic feeling of growing need as Eric began to slowly thrust in and
out of her wide-stretched, suddenly unexplainably tingling vagina.

Angel grinned as he saw Gwen turn her face to the side, biting her
lower lip and at the look of awed concentration on her face. From his
point of view behind and below on the steps, he could see Eric's
hardened glistening rod moving surely in and out of her widely parted
vaginal lips ... the pink outer layer of pussy clung to his blue-veined
shaft as though it were reluctant to let it go. He was still watching
as her nakedly quivering buttocks made their first tentative little
movement of cooperation, and then she was abruptly with it, and began
energetically fucking down on the wet fleshy pole as though she could
not get enough of it.

The two were so engrossed in the wildly thrilling sensations of fucking
that neither was aware that Angel had walked past them and was standing
by the window looking in to see what the drunken gringos were doing for
kicks. They were still dancing, if you called that drunken shuffle
"dancing". His eyes flickered with amusement as he saw Cole
Sutherland's hand surreptitiously massaging the Meacham girl's tightly
clad little ass. That ought to be pretty good stuff, Angel thought,
then glanced at Kate Sutherland's promising body and felt the first
real desire of the night as he thought about the possibilities of
fucking her, too. He paid absolutely no attention to the deliriously
groaning, wildly thrashing bodies of the young blonde school teacher
and his friend, Eric, fucking each other as though it were the end of
the world on the top step of the hall.

Inside, the air was hot with old cigarette smoke and the savagely
pulsating beat of the music spilling out of the stereo speakers. Kate
was exhausted, unhappy; she wanted to go home, had wanted to leave two
hours ago. She looked up at Sandy, thinking it was like dancing with a
zombie. He wasn't paying the least bit of attention to her, and hadn't
been for the last twenty minutes.

"Look at that son of a bitch Cole," Sandy said thickly, missing a beat
in the music.

Kate stumbled drunkenly against him. "Calm down, Sandy. Don't make a
scene. All he's doing is dancing with her."

"What's he trying to do ... break up our happy homes? He's danced
almost every dance with her! Mela's my woman ... and he better get it
through his head."

Kate knew it was the alcohol talking in him, but knowing what it was
didn't make Sandy any easier to handle. There'd been a lot of going
out to the cars and pick-ups for quick snorts. This was common enough
at the Grange Hall dance, but Sandy had gotten drunk quicker than most
of the men. Kate felt a little woozy herself and she'd only had half a
dozen drinks, but it got so hot dancing that the alcohol seemed to get
to you.

"Forget about Mela ... and Cole ... just concentrate on dancing with
me," she said, not wanting to dance with Cole. She didn't care if he
spent all night with Mela Meacham. When she'd finally stolen wearily
upstairs from the teenage boy, Eric's, bed last night, Cole still
wasn't in. She'd crawled between the sheets and went immediately to
sleep. This morning her husband had been gone to the barns before she
was up and she hadn't really seen him alone since. She could only be
grateful, for she didn't think she could ever face him again after
being fucked senseless by two other men yesterday. She hated him and
herself. The guilt had been in her like a cancer all day and it was
devouring her now ... what had happened meant an end to their marriage.
It was painfully obvious that he was more interested in Mela Meacham
than his own wife.

Sandy could feel the rage in him rising like the red line of a
thermometer. Just when he had Mela almost ready to go and get the
license, he sure as hell wasn't going to let Cole Sutherland get to
her! The ranch was going to be his, by God! Cole already had one and
sure as hell didn't need another! Then he looked over at the other
dancing couple and froze, his body like a ramrod.

Puzzled, Kate turned and felt she had just been hit by a mammoth fist
in her belly. Cole and Mela weren't dancing any longer. Their lips
were welded drunkenly together, and even as she watched, the young
ranch heiress pulled Cole's hand from her hips and guided it up to her
breast. The brazen hussy! She was suddenly thrown bodily back as,
with the loud bellow of an enraged bull, Sandy shot across the floor
and savagely slugged Cole right on the point of his chin! It was as
though the whole thing were in slow motion, a film, a cowboy movie.
Kate watched in horror as Cole flew six feet backwards, slammed his
head heavily against a table, and fell flat on his back on the floor.

Only then did Kate's muscles begin to function. Oh God! Sandy had
killed him. Cole was lying so still, and there was Mela Meacham
laughing at Sandy's murderous expression.

Without thinking, Kate ran across the floor to her husband's body,
cradled his head in her arms, and tried to wipe his damp brow. She
covered his face with kisses, trying to bring him back to
consciousness, and abruptly the tears came flowing from deep within her
as she realized for the first time exactly how much this man meant to
her. She didn't care what he had done! She knew now that Mela had
seduced him. It wasn't Cole's fault! He'd been seduced, pushed beyond
his endurance ... just as she had, she realized. Oh God, Cole had to
be all right ... he had to! What a fool she'd been, trying to get back
at him, tit for tat. Oh God, if he ever found out ...! Tears flooded
down both sides of her face as she murmured, "Cole, Cole darling. Are
you all right, Cole ... Honey, oh, darling." She rocked hopelessly with
his head in her arms, crushing his face to her breast.

Cole tried to open his eyes, but they felt as if they were weighted
down with lead. His jaw hurt, really hurt. Gradually, as the other
sensations returned to his body, he became aware that his face was
being pillowed on something softly yielding. He laboriously opened one
eye and saw his wife's tear-stained face.

Kate saw his confused eyes looking up at her and she began weeping

"Oohhh, darling," she gasped through her sobs, "you're all right? Oh,
please be all right! Please, I love you so ... don't leave me ...
please don't leave me for Mela ... I won't even beg for a child anymore
... just don't leave me ... forgive me ..."

"S'all right, honey. I'm okay, I think. Just want to lie here a
minute," Cole mumbled. His head was fuzzy. Must have had a lot of
booze. He could hear the muffled thudding of Kate's heart under the
fleshy fullness of her soft breast. She was really worried about him.
It was nice to have her worried about him! That damn bitch, Mela, sure
as hell would never worry about him. She was a taker. Kate was a
giver! Everything had gone wrong since he came home ... and it must be
on account of Mela. Cole pulled his cramped arm away and slid it
around his wife's slender waist, burying his face a little deeper into
the lush ripeness of her breast. Good kid, his wife. Worried about
him. Shouldn't have treated her so bad. He looked over at the loud
commotion a few feet away, and grinned as he heard Sandy angrily
yelling at a wildly laughing Mela.

"You're drunk! You hot cunted little bitch!" Sandy shouted, the fury
in him like a forest fire out of control. "You're drunk and you keep
your goddamned hands off that bastard Cole Sutherland ... you hear me!"
His hands jerked the young girl up to him by the dress front.

Mela sneered, then said sarcastically, "You don't own me yet, lover ...
don't forget it. I'll put my hands where I damn well please! And when
I say Come here frog, you hop!"

"Like hell!" The foreman yanked and the whole front of her dress came
away in his hands, splitting down the front with a shriek of cloth.
Mela shrank back from him in momentary fright as he stood stupidly
holding the tatters of her dress in his big hands. She looked down at
her naked breasts jutting proudly above her smooth white belly and the
white panty clad hips below. Suddenly it was all terribly funny. The
whole thing was too funny for words. She laughed shrilly again,
whirling and dancing away from Sandy. The ruined dress slipped off her
shoulder and she let it slide, stepping out of it and leaving it in a
crimson puddle on the floor.

Pirouetting around the deserted dance floor, Mela frugged alone to the
music still blaring from the untended phonograph. The rush of cool air
felt wonderful on her naked breasts and she reveled in the freedom of
going without clothes. Suddenly even the flimsy bikini panties were
too much. She stopped on the raised platform and, turning toward Sandy
near the rear of the hall, slowly and tantalizingly began pulling down
her thin, flimsy panties, writhing and undulating her firmly rounded
young buttocks lewdly in time to the frug music. She could see Sandy
standing there stunned, his mouth open like he had a lead weighted jaw
and his eyes about to pop right out of his head, as she finally waved
the panties high above her head and then carelessly threw them back
over her shoulder. She spread her thighs and ground her golden-haired
vagina forward and backward in time to the music in the mock motions of

Sandy began staggering toward the lewdly writhing figure on the stage.
Stark naked! Jesus Christ, that crazy young girl was stark naked! His
prick was already painfully beating inside his pants. Goddamn her
anyway! She was so crazy ... but by God she was his! Wouldn't get
away from him, no sir. He passed Cole and Kate on the floor. They
were wrapped up in each other like lovers. Guess they must have made
up. Damn good piece of ass, that Kate. But Mela was a good piece and
had a ranch too. Just had to tame her a little. Wild thing. Time he
really branded her for good.

Great peals of laughter were spilling from the young heiress's throat
when her ranch foreman stumbled onto the stage with her, almost falling
flat on his face. He bumped heavily against her and steadied himself
by grabbing her madly undulating hips. While he stood there looking
foolish and angrily undecided, she yanked at his shirt front and the
pearl buttons popped, falling like broken teeth on the stage floor.

"What're you doing, woman?" Sandy asked, trying very hard to sober up
as he blinked down and watched the young girl pulling his trousers and
underpants down over his naked buttocks.

"Helping you, lover. Let's show the whole world what there really is
to do in South Dakota."

Sandy's anger abruptly evaporated as he felt her small, perspiration
dampened hand close in on his thick penis. He kicked off his boots,
stepped out of his pants and undershorts, and then smoothly slid his
hand up between Mela's heatedly spread thighs.

The girl began moaning and mewling into Sandy's mouth, reaching up on
her tiptoes to get closer to his hotly throbbing cock burning against
her hotly perspiring abdomen. His penis felt deliciously wonderful--as
though it were a big felt-tipped drum stick wildly pounding against her
kettle drum belly. But that wasn't where she wanted it ... it was
inside her that she needed it ... deep up inside her hungrily aching
cunt, which was pulsing and throbbing on its own hollowness until the
warmly seeping pussy juice was almost flooding down the smooth insides
of her hairless inner thighs. She could actually feel the slow trickle
as the hot flowing rivulets oozed down toward her knees.

"OHHH, God! Sandy, lover ... fuck meeee," she moaned loudly; and her
words carried to the back of the hall, and Kate heard the lewd request
even above the music and the pounding of her own heart covered by
Cole's gently massaging hand.

"Cole, darling ... please ... let's go home," Kate said, as she
realized the young girl and her foreman were completely naked and
heatedly stroking each other's vagina and penis.

"Mmmmmmm ... mmmmmm ..." Cole answered, his hand still inside her
ruffled dress, cupping the ripe warmth of her heavy breast.

"Don't ... not here ... Sandy and that Meacham girl are still here."
Kate made a halfhearted attempt to pry his hand loose and found her
eyes being drawn repeatedly back to the salacious scene on the stage.

"Who cares about them," Cole mumbled against the warmly swelling mound
coming out the top of her dress. "You're my woman ... don't want
anybody else ... trouble ... just trouble, that's all ... just want my
Kate!" he mumbled thickly.

Oh God! Now down there on the stage, the Meacham girl had placed both
hands on the foreman's huge quivering penis and was wildly milking it
back and forth. Suddenly there were responding vibrations in Kate's
body. She remembered the velvety feeling of Sandy's and Eric's pricks
heatedly pounding like living animals in her hand. She could almost
feel them now! Cole's fingers were hungrily moving all over her naked
breasts, and she had the insane urge to be freed of all clothes ... to
be as free as Sandy and Mela.

Vaguely aware that it really was the alcohol dissolving her
inhibitions, Kate leaned down to hesitantly zip down Cole's pants and
began worming her fingers through the opening of his shorts ... finding
at once the madly throbbing hardness of his cock! She glanced up once,
worrying about the other couple and wishing that the lights were out,
but what she saw so stunned her that she stiffened.

"What's matter?" Cole asked, his words muffled, speaking with his mouth
full of one of his wife's nakedly quivering nipples and not really
giving a damn about anything else except this wonderfully succulent
mouthful and Kate's warm tingling fingers wrapped around his eagerly
thumping prick.

"Oh God, Cole! Look up there, darling!" she whispered in a heavy
breath, feeling a wild excitement beginning to grow in her heated loins
as her disbelieving eyes froze on one of the most salacious scenes she
had ever seen in her life.

"Goddamn Sam," Cole whispered in awe, then shook his head as if to
clear it of alcoholic vapors. Up there on the stage the foreman and
the young girl were doing a stand up sixty-nine, with Sandy rotating
his torso around in time to the torrid rhythm of the music. The
Sutherlands could see Mela dangling head down with her glistening red
lips rapidly moving back and forth over the long wet length of Sandy's
eagerly throbbing cock; her long blonde hair swirled down around the
foreman's ankles. The big man easily held the slender figure upside
down by the hips with her wildly thrashing thighs spread wide up and
scissored outward over his shoulders; his bull neck was bent and they
could see his curling red tongue voraciously licking the coral-hued
pussy lips while his nose seemingly was attempting to push its way into
her crinkled little anal opening. Their loud animal mewls of lewd
pleasure could be heard floating sensuously above the music.

Kate moaned, it was an involuntary sound reflecting her own suddenly
craving desire; beneath her hand, Cole's rigidly pulsating prick jerked
like a harnessed animal eager to begin its journey home.

"I gotta fuck you, baby," Cole said. "Fuck you right now or I'll die!"

"Yes ... yes, darling." Her eyelids fluttered and she tightly clenched
her thighs, scraping them together and feeling the sensual delights of
her own heated smooth flesh rubbing against heated smooth flesh all the
way from trembling knees up to her feverishly moistened cuntal lips.

Frantically the two Sutherlands stood and ripped their clothes off,
throwing them haphazardly away from them, then groaning, nakedly sank
back down again to the dance floor.

There's nothing wrong with Cole's jaw now, Kate thought, as he caught
her mouth in a deep kiss, his familiar tongue wetly sliding deep into
her open mouth while his hands kneaded the fleshy fullness of her
eagerly trembling buttocks. Her hand dropped and found his massively
throbbing hardness again, and she began rapidly stroking it with
tightly squeezing fingers that could not encompass its girth.

Cole couldn't stand the torment any longer. Jesus, it was bad enough
to watch Mela and her ranch foreman cannibalizing each other's cock and
cunt that way, but here was his Kate acting like a completely new and
different woman--about to go right out of her fucking mind, frantically
tugging on his prick and moaning loud enough to wake the dead. He
could feel his naked cock screaming silently in jerks and quiver, as he
rolled over on his back and held up his hands for her. His woman was
here and ready, and she'd do anything he wanted her to do now. "Ohhhh,
baby," he crooned, "Come on here and sit down on big Daddy."

Panting in eagerness, Kate immediately straddled him. She had never
fucked in this position before and excitedly wondered if it would be
good, then her mind reminded her that every way was good! She knew her
vagina was sopping wet and had been even before Mela and her foreman
had begun staging their lewd sixty-nine at the end of the room. Still,
though, as she put her thumb and forefinger down to separate her hotly
quivering pussy lips, not even she was prepared for the puddle of
heated moisture between her legs. She shuddered deliciously as she
felt her own fingers opening her hotly sensitive cuntal mouth, then she
pushed her pelvis slightly forward and brought her hungry vagina into
contact with the madly throbbing pole jutting from Cole's groin. When
she took her fingers away seconds later, the whole wonderful head of
his prick was just barely inside her. She flexed her buttocks causing
her cunt lips to tighten and squeeze, and was thrilled when Cole
groaned loudly and rolled his eyes in pleasure.

Cole could feel the head of his cock softly enfolded by his wife's
heatedly quivering cuntal lips. Jesus, nothing had ever felt so good
before. It felt almost as if she had sucked it up in her mouth, and
her pussy muscles played around his cockshead like a teasing,
tormenting tongue. Although almost frantic with need, he decided to
let her take the initiative, and put his hands behind his head in a
phony act of nonchalance. Staring up at her above him, he saw the two
mightily straining mounds of her tits hanging down like great golden
pears and her hair swaying sensually back and forth across his chest as
she wove her head from side to side in closed-eyed sensual wonderment.
Her ass was moving in tight, voraciously growing little circles,
circles that gradually became wider and wilder as she slowly and
deliciously slid her cunt down the long throbbing length of the fleshy

Kate had worked about half of Cole's hotly jerking rod up into her when
she finally could stand the waiting no longer. With a loud groan of
expectant ecstasy she simply let go and permitted her excitedly
quivering pussy to slide wetly down the wondrous shaft all the way
until her vaginal lips were nibbling hungrily against the darkly
curling pubic hair surrounding his testicles. She was filled
completely and fully. Oh, God, it was so beautiful! Cole, her Cole
was inside her again! The way it used to be! He would never leave her
because she knew now that he was far more important than a child. Cole
was her world, her real world. She'd do anything to keep him.

Whimpering, Kate could feel all of the ridged flutings of his wonderful
penis throughout all of her sensitive cuntal sheath. She squeezed down
with her abdominal muscles and could tell that he found pleasure from
that movement, then, straining heavily she pulled upward with her
bladder muscles and heard him moan loudly.

The feel of Kate's warmly familiar pussy squeezing and milking him so
lovingly and excitedly made Cole feel as if he were truly home for the
first time. Goddamn, he thought, this is Kate at her best--better,
really, than she had ever been before! No one could match her, and
that was because she was his woman--personally selected by him
originally, just like he had picked the Limousin bull, and the only
woman he had ever married ... or would probably ever marry! He sensed
now that a lot of his discontent during their marriage had been his own
fault. Hell, he should have laid down the law years ago. A woman
needed to be trained; they could be taught to like anything. But now,
no real training was necessary for he knew Kate would do it any way he
wanted it. He knew it!

And when the time came to test her, he was positive she would respond.
Tonight was the first time she had ever fucked from the female-above
position, and she was awkward in her movements. Well, that was easily
enough solved.

"Put your knees right up here under my arm-pits, baby," he commanded.
When she did as he told her, he added, "Now see if that isn't better."

Kate found that the new positioning enabled her to slide her vagina
more easily up and down the heatedly pulsating length of his lust
hardened cock, and soon established a natural rhythm that gradually
increased in tempo until she was bucking on top of him crazily as if
she was riding a steer or a Limousin bull. Oh God! It was so
fantastically beautiful!

Frantically working now, the rich creamy fullness of her ass rotated
insanely above him, while her heavily straining tits lunged and danced
as though they were trying to tear themselves off her chest.

These frenzied lunges downward made Kate realize she was deliberately
hammering her heated cervix against the blunted head of Cole's prick
... and each time her uterine opening slammed against his hammer-like
cock it was as though a temple gong had been struck, and the sensuously
powerful reverberations rippled throughout her entire body.

Once in a moment of delirious joy, she screamed like a Banshee, and the
cry of exaltation was heard by the still standing, still hungrily
sucking big foreman on the stage who lifted his voraciously feasting
mouth from Mela's insanely twitching pussy. He blinked in bewilderment
several times, trying to focus his eyes, then said in amazement, "Jesus
Christ! Look at 'em go!" He pulled at the upside down girl's hips,
trying to yank his cock from her hotly sucking mouth, but she refused
to relinquish it ... clinging to the warm shaft like an unweaned calf
sucking on a life-giving teat. Sandy was finally forced to shove his
knees together and lower her to the floor before her wetly compressed
lips plopped loudly loose.

"Oh God! Why did you stop?" Mela angrily demanded, as she felt her
head touching the floor. God! Just as she was getting so close to
cumming, this drunken jackass had to stop--leaving her dangling in
midair. And he hadn't cum yet, either!

Sandy kept lowering her until she was stretched out flat on her back on
the stage floor. Mela, thinking he wanted to have sexual intercourse
with her this way, eagerly spread her legs out wide and impatiently
raised her knees to her chest. Sandy Gayman, however, was not even
looking at her. Furious, the heiress turned to see what he found so
interesting, then she blinked and scrambled to her feet to stand
nakedly beside him.

"Jesus," Sandy repeated wonderingly, "look at 'em fuck!"

Mela realized she was holding her breath at the unexpectedness of the
lewd spectacle. Wow! she thought, you expect to see things like this
in some parts of Europe, but in South Dakota? Unbelievable!

It was so unbelievable that she reached out and took hold of the
foreman's hotly pulsating prick and, using it as a halter, led him down
the steps and across the floor to where the Sutherlands writhed and
moaned in tightly locked intercourse; it was as though they were the
only people in the world, madly fucking to populate the planet.

"Goddamn," Sandy breathed in awe, looking down at the rounded
sensuousness of Kate Sutherland's nakedly pumping buttocks as she rode
insanely up and down her husband's long wetly glistening cock.
Goddamn, he thought, there was something about watching another couple
do it that sent your own temperature soaring. Now old Cole was really
pouring it to her now, his lust-hardened prick fired in and out of her
hotly clasping cunt like a well-oiled piston in a machine ... a fucking
machine! Hell, he must be drunker than he thought. That was the guy
he'd slugged a few moments ago for feeling Mela up and now Sandy didn't
wish him anything but a good fuck, which he was really getting!

Mela was staring in equal fascination, watching the wetly shivering
shaft of white flesh go in and out of Kate's pink mouthed pussy. Her
little red tongue came out to lick her lips, and her hand tightened
around Sandy's prick. The fires were in her like an inferno! Oh, God,
there was a growing burning desire within her to join them in a real
old-fashioned orgy. Quickly she relinquished her hold on Sandy's
wildly throbbing penis and said softly, "Let's join them ... come on,
baby ... let's really have a party."

Cole looked up hazily as a soft insinuating voice said, "Mind if we
join you ... looks like fun! The more the merrier, I always say!" His
eyes met an opened golden hair fringed pussy, the lips swollen and
slick and glistening, the pink folds parting, layer by moist layer
right over his face. God! Drunk! He'd never been this drunk! He was
even hallucinating! He had to be. Kate, his own wife, was right here
riding his prick, and that just couldn't be another pussy slowly
lowering over his face!

Kate's hands dug into Cole's strong muscular forearms in order to get a
better grip and ride his stabbing cock without losing her balance. As
she looked up she saw Mela with her face toward her lowering wide-
spread thighs around Cole's head! Oh dear God! It couldn't be! That
hussy would do anything! Kate shook her head to try and clear it but
the vision of the nakedly blonde cunt rapidly sinking down over Cole's
face would not disappear. Well, I will feel better to Cole, Kate
thought, I'll feel so good to him that he'll never forget it. Quickly,
then, she began concentrating on doing the best job she could by
flexing and unflexing muscles she never before knew existed.

Mela groaned aloud, then shrieked in pleasure as she ground her splayed
pussy straight into Cole's face and felt his tongue curl out to stab
into the heated depths of her churning body, ramming a deliciously
surging thrill of sensation to her raw nerve ends and setting her whole
abdomen on fire! Ohhh, it was beautiful! The young heiress looked up
to see Sandy standing where she'd left him, looking slightly puzzled.
"Find a seat, lover ... join the fun," she taunted, then her voice
gurgled off incoherently as Cole's teeth clamped down on her violently
erect clitoris.

The music had finally stopped now and, standing just outside, all Angel
could hear was the deliriously moaning, nakedly fucking couple on the
steps and the wildly stimulating sucking sounds coming from within the
hall. Never before in his life had he seen or imagined anything as
salacious and lust inciting as this. It was all too exciting, and his
heated desire suddenly boiled over. Quickly he stripped off all of his
clothes, then grabbed Eric's powerfully working shoulder. He had to
shake the boy a couple of times before he got his attention. Gwen, her
eyes dully glazed with an animal lust, stared at him dumbly and acted
as if she were impatient with his interruption. "Come on," the Mexican
boy demanded.

"What'd you mean, 'come on'? I haven't cum in her yet!" the young
blonde giant protested, continuing to thrust his throbbing shaft into
the hotly clenching depths of the teacher's cunt.

"Pick her up and let's go in and join the orgy!"

That got their attention. Gwen's eyes widened in alarm, and Eric
looked at him in shocked disbelief.

"Come on," Angel insisted, tugging impatiently at the boy's arm.
"Let's join them."

Eric stood up effortlessly as Gwen, uncertain of what to do and not
really wanting to go inside--yet unwilling to be deprived of that hotly
pulsating staff which was bringing her so much delirious joy--wrapped
her legs tightly around his hips and held on to his neck with her arms
as the boy walked to the door. Her back was to the dance floor, and
she didn't see the lewd spectacle until she heard Eric's sudden hiss of
breath and his whispered, "Jesus Christ." When she turned, it took
several seconds for the lewd scene to penetrate her consciousness.
There was Cole Sutherland with his face buried in Mela Meacham's wildly
undulating young vagina, while his wife, Kate Sutherland, writhed in
total abandonment on his glistening thick penis. A naked Sandy Gayman
stood there with a powerfully beating erection, looking puzzled ...
drunk. At once the school teacher wanted to leave; she didn't want to
be a part of that wickedly perverted scene. What they were doing
wasn't right, it was dirty! But even as she was thinking this, the
first powerful jolts of excitement were hitting her right in the middle
of her still heatedly pulsating belly. Oh, God, it was so terrible and
yet, in another more primitive way, so forbiddenly beautiful!

Angel wasted no time in leading the young giant across the room; Eric
continued to madly thrust into the young blonde teacher's wetly
drenched vagina, and with every step he took it seemed as if he was
going deeper, higher up into her taut little belly. The three of them
were nakedly alongside the others before Mela spotted them. The
Mexican boy saw the young heiress's eyes widen and then begin glowing
with an even hotter excitement.

"Well, welcome to the party," Mela breathed, sultrily, then said, "Lie
down beside Cole, quick!"

Obediently Eric did as he was instructed. Gwen, though, was so
distracted and embarrassed that she almost lost her desire, but the
loss was only momentary because Eric--with a solid floor beneath his
back could finally get leverage in the upward thrusts of his now
insanely pounding cock as it drove relentlessly into the little blonde
teacher's heatedly milking cunt.

Angel watched with a desirous and a growing need of his own as he
watched the five writhing bodies, two wetly ramming penises slamming
into two frantically clenching pussies, and one cunt being licked like
it was the end of the world. He waited for an invitation to join--any
invitation! He'd like to try out the Sutherland woman's asshole or the
Meacham girl's mouth. Either way ... it didn't really make much

Beside him, shaking his head like a big shaggy dog, Sandy blinked his
eyes and reached out a hand into the empty space around him to steady
himself. Jesus! Christ! What was happening? Now there was another
goddamned couple fucking on the floor beside Cole. It was that kid
Eric and ... and ... he bent down, blearily peering into the face and
then stepped back rapidly as he saw who it was. That little stuck-up
snotty schoolteacher! Hot damn! There she was being fucked out of her
mind, with her nicely rounded young ass cheeks rising and falling as
she sought to grind down and cram the boy's heavily thickened cock all
the way up her belly and out her throat. He could see the tiny
puckering flower of her hairlessly flexing asshole, nicely browned and
tightly clenched. Son of a bitch, he thought wonderingly well, son of
a bitch! Unsteadily, he took a step forward pushing Eric's legs apart
and then knelt between the boy's wide-spread thighs, holding his
eagerly jerking cock in his hand as he leaned forward. Asshole was one
thing he hadn't had in a long time. "Join the party," Mela had said,
and by God he planned to do just that.

Gwen felt the tip of something smooth and rubbery prodding hotly
against her naked flesh from behind and she tried to straighten up and
turn her head to see. The big foreman's drunkenly grinning face leered
down at her as his hands came around and down over her back and caught
her nakedly quivering breasts. He squeezed them hard, eliciting a yelp
of fright and pain from her.

"Hell of a party, Gwen, baby," he said. "It's time old Sandy joined
the party. You got the sweetest little asshole I seen in a long time,
and I'm aiming to have some."

"Oh, noooooo," she wailed, remembering the excruciating pain of the
first entry from the brutal sodomizing she had received the night
before. "Angel, help me ... don't let him, please, Angel."

"I'm sorry, my little whore, but he has paid me four dollars to cum up
in your asshole." There was no mercy, no softness, in his mockingly
glittering eyes. This was something he wanted to see and before it was
over she would thank him.

"Kate ... help me," Gwen cried out, beginning to wildly thrash against
Eric's chest. She saw the Sutherland woman open her eyes and look over
toward her; there was almost a drugged, dreamy expression on her face
as she rose and fell ecstatically on her husband, Cole's wetly driving

Abruptly Gwen felt her breasts being pushed down flat against Eric's
chest again. Her violent struggles only succeeded in angering the big
foreman who slapped her quivering buttocks a couple of times, then as
if relishing her yelps of pain began striking both of his calloused
palms against her tender fleshy globes, rapidly turning them a blushing

Kate abruptly became aware that Gwen was repeatedly calling her name.
What did the stupid girl want? Couldn't she see that this was not a
time for interruption? She blinked, trying to clear her eyes and
looked over toward the pleading teacher. A sudden shock went through
her as she saw Sandy reaching down and moistening his fingers on the
huge fleshy rod burrowing up into the wildly writhing girl's cunt from
below, then, slipping them higher in the violently trembling crevice
between her buttocks he tensed them around the tiny puckered lips of
her anus. Even so, it was not until she heard the big foreman tell
Eric to hold the girl tightly that she realized with a sudden shock
that he was lubricating her there and what he was planning to do to
her. Oh God! He was going to sodomize the girl. Kate looked around
for help, but the only non-involved person was the cruelly smirking

Sandy grinned in obscene anticipation down at the naked young teacher
cowering against the young giant's chest and slowly drew apart the soft
white mounds of her buttocks. Gwen groaned loudly in fear and tried to
tightly clench them together again, but the big foreman dug his fingers
hard into the full fleshy cheeks and, rather than suffer the pain, she
relaxed and let him do as he willed.

Kate felt the birth of a new and even hotter excitement in her loins as
she saw the tiny puckered ring of the small blonde's rectal mouth come
into view. Sandy used the thumb and widespread fingers of his left
hand to hold the trembling cheeks apart then tentatively pressed his
fingertip at the little brown opening. Gwen, squealing loudly, tensed
her buttocks together in a desperate, but futile, effort to escape this
unnatural invasion. Then, with one relentless thrust, his thick
worming finger popped through the tightly clenched opening and sank
hotly up to the first knuckle.

"Aaaaaaggghhhh," Gwen gasped, breathing heavily and in pain, as she
flexed her ass cheeks together as tightly as possible trapping his hand
between them.

Sandy grinned even more lewdly, then pushed in with a greater pressure;
the finger sank in to the second knuckle and, as the defeated girl
began groaning in piteous submission, his thick finger was in all the
way to the flat of his palm.

Kate excitedly watched as the ranch foreman mercilessly ground his
middle finger around in the helpless girl's tortured anus, widening the
tiny hole in preparation, all the while energetically stroking his
wildly throbbing prick with his other hand. A moment later, he spread
her helplessly trembling buttocks wide again and placed the huge round
bulbous head of his cock against the defensively puckering little anal
opening. The thick full length of his penis pounded hotly into the
crevice of her ass, with the tip resting against the tiny hole wet from
her vaginal juices and stretched wide from his finger. Pushing his
hands under her thighs, he stretched her wide apart then directed his
lust hardened rock-like staff straight into the tightly clenched
orifice of her ass.

Kate simply could not believe what she saw happening. Gwen's tiny
little anus could not take that monstrously large prick. It couldn't!
After all, the girl was less than five feet tall, and she already had
Eric's mammoth rod fucking into her vagina from below. Cole's wife
waited with bated breath as she saw Sandy's hips slowly pressuring
forward, and then she groaned loudly in sympathy as she saw the huge
throbbing head suddenly pop through the tight restricting little ring
of flesh.

"Aaaaaagggghhhh," the shrill scream of pain caught Cole's attention and
he used his hands to push Mela's still hungrily grinding pussy away
from his face. He turned his head and then snorted as he heard Sandy
Gayman say drunkenly, "Boy ... what a tight little, asshole." A second
later, Gwen was howling again as the foreman's huge invading cock began
hammering its way up into the warm rubbery depths of her rectum. Soon,
Gwen's strengthless body simply collapsed down against Eric's chest and
the heavy hardness wormed on in unimpeded, mercilessly hammering its
way up, up, up, until it was all the way to the hilt.

Once Sandy felt his balls touch the sides of widespread buttock cheeks
there was no waiting. Within seconds the two giant pricks had
established a punishing rhythm as they rammed in and out of the
helplessly writhing girl's cunt and asshole. Cole heard his wife groan
and flex her vaginal muscles with what he recognized as an even greater
excitement, then saw the obviously painfully aroused Angel standing
watching them with a defiant look on his face. What the hell, everyone
else was having a go at it ... why not him? "Come on son, join the
party. Take your choice ... anyone but me." He grinned to show it was
a joke, then pulled Mela's sweetly clasping pussy down over his face
again. His tongue shot out in one hot lick and he was rewarded with
her shrill scream of rapture.

Kate watched in open-mouth amazement as the petite schoolteacher began
abruptly moving in eager cooperation with the two big men. She looked
like a rag doll being buffeted between them, but there was no denying
the intense pleasure she was receiving from them. Gwen had begun
mewling loudly and seemed almost out of her mind with an implacable
desire that drove her to frenzied abandoned motions that were so
sensually exciting to watch that Kate began to feel incomplete herself.
She had to have it just like Gwen was getting it. Nothing else would
satisfy her but Angel ... she'd had every male here but him, and her
own steaming desire made her cry out, "Angel ... fuck me from behind.
Quick ... just like Sandy's doing to Gwen!"

The Mexican boy needed no other encouragement, but he did take four
steps away toward the deserted dining table and picked up a gob of
half-melted butter which he spread all over his eagerly throbbing cock.
Then he dug his hand in the butter plate and came back, fingers all
golden, to smear it in and around Kate's expectantly raised little oval
mouth. Even before he got his hotly hammering cock into Kate, Gwen was
already screeching out an orgasm, a chant of fulfillment that was
rapidly picked up by the madly thrashing Mela.

Angel quickly knelt between Cole's wide-spread thighs and placed the
throbbing, blood-filled head of his dark penis against his wife's
hungrily quivering anal opening and then thrust forward with all his
wiry young strength, driving in one stroke all the way in to the hilt,
feeling his balls slap against the backs of her trembling thighs and
against the top of Cole Sutherland's balls down below.

"Ohhhh ... Jesus ..." Kate hissed through tightly clenched teeth. Oh
God, that really hurt! And yet, as Angel immediately began grinding
his desire-hardened cock in long heated strokes in and out of the warm,
buttery slickened depths of his boss' wife's rectum, she could feel the
deeper rectal and vaginal muscles beginning to move in harmony
together, and she could feel her body rapidly soaring toward the long
sought orgasm. Eric came with a loud cry of delight, Gwen continued to
orgasm--furiously convulsing under the two male figures sandwiching her
between them--and her frantic movements of release triggered Sandy's
pent-up energy and the foreman came with a bellow that shook the hall.
Then Angel was throbbing hotly up into the furthermost regions of
Cole's wife's rectum filling the whole of her bowels with his lust-
heated cum. That left only Cole and her. And he was about there too!

Arching like a great bull, the whole formidable strength of his
straining body behind the effort, Cole lifted from the floor as he
drove the spike of his manhood deep into the heatedly pulsating vitals
of his wife and the whole fucking world was taking off! He noted with
some satisfaction that only he and Kate were still fucking, the others
had thrown in the towel and shot their wads. Suddenly, he felt it give
... the entire tremendous volume of his dammed up cum streaming out in
great hosings of sperm, shooting in hot spewings into Kate's arching,
bucking body. Goddamn! Once he'd turned her on there was no one could
match his Kate ... As Cole felt the gushing ecstasy go on and on, he
remembered dimly the line of print on a page in a book Kate had left
open on the corner of his desk ... what was it "MY LAST DUCHESS." By
God, yes ... Kate would be his last duchess ... the only one he ever
wanted ... the best ... and the first heifer out of that Limousin bull
he'd call Duchess!

Kate felt the streams of white hot cum pouring into her exhausted body
and it was like the whole world was showering love into her as though
she were the great earth mother of all time. Her tightly constricted
belly expanded then into one blinding, searing, exultant flashing of
sensation that seemed too immense for her brain to register in its
glory, and she was bursting with the love she felt had been contained
too long in her own selfishness. Oh God ... she was born and died and
conceived and spent and destroyed and reborn again in those few brief
seconds, and she was the mother of the whole world ... the whole hot
breed that peopled the universe!


Cole Sutherland wheeled the station wagon out of the Grange Hall side
road and began driving back toward the ranch, shielding his eyes
against the glare of the rising sun. Jesus, what a night! What an
orgy! It hadn't been his first, and it definitely wasn't going to be
his last, but it had been the first involving seven turned-on people.
He shook his head in silent amazement. Man, oh man, alive! What a
night--starting out as a mean drunken bash with everyone slashing at
each other like steel-spurred fighting cocks and then turning into
something that had changed everyone participating. Mela Meacham, that
crazy bitch, had decided to marry Sandy Gayman in order to stick around
and see what happened--because in her mind Paris wasn't the swinging
scene--it was right here in South Dakota. That meant the Limousin bull
partnership was settled. She had some good ideas, the restaurant in
Denver, for one! Christ, they'd all be double-millionaires in ten

Cole glanced over as the giant sleeping figure of Eric restlessly
stirred beside him in the front seat of the station wagon. Good kid,
that. A nice clean-cut kid. Kate had said he had no parents. Well,
he had a couple now if he wanted them! He was a damned hard worker and
likable; practically all the South Dakota people who had met him had
liked him ... and it might be nice to have it known that Cole
Sutherland's adopted son was going to get a piece of the action when he
got out of school. He grinned wryly as his mind formed the phrase "a
piece of action". Yeh! Really, yeh! Gwen had asked Kate if she could
move into the Sutherland ranch for the rest of the summer. That meant
first thing this morning after he woke up he'd have to order a helluva
lot bigger bed. As a matter of fact, better shove two king-sized beds

Cole glanced up in the rear view mirror. The only person awake was the
Mexican kid who had Kate asleep on one shoulder, Gwen on the other.
Cole caught the kid's eye and winked. The boy grinned back at him--a
nice friendly grin with a little bit of something else in it. Hell!
He would adopt him, too, but Cole didn't think the boy would be around
much longer.

In the back seat Angel Orellio pretended to close his eyes. It
wouldn't be right for Mr. Sutherland to see him fighting back tears.
The rancher had called him "son" during the orgy, and now winked at him
as if they shared some secret, Oh, Jesus Christo! It was such a
goddamn gringo cornball thing. Lousy, shitty, cornball! No one,
absolutely no one, had ever called him "son" before in his life--and
the word stuck in his throat and made his eyes burn. He felt Gwen
tremble once as she slept beside him. He looked down at the top of her
head, feeling a great wave of tenderness for her wash over him. He
guessed the little white schoolteacher had taught him as much as he had
taught her. He would miss her when he stole Mr. Sutherland's beautiful
golden guitar and took off for California next week.

That would be the last time he ever stole anything, though, the last
time he ran away ... And he knew instinctively that this would be the
first time he had ever run away toward something only vaguely seen in
the future.

Beside him, a soft wondering smile lit up Kate's face as she dreamed
... dreamed of the future and all the beautiful things to come ...

The End

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