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LLP-972 Parole Passion by Regina White

Chapter 1

Alfred Bombannente was a parole officer who worked for the city of San
Francisco, and for the most part he did an excellent job of making sure
paroled prisoners walked the straight and narrow. He did such a good
job, and his methods were so completely effective, it was decided he
would be moved from male parolees to female parolees. For some reason,
women were harder to rehabilitate than men. In spite of Womens' Lib
wanting to make certain there was no discrimination between the sexes,
the state of California found no pleasure in sending women to prison,
making them hard, bitter, and useless members of society. If anyone was
capable of rehabilitating them, Al Bombannente was the man.

Al was a handsome looking fellow. He stood at five-feet-ten inches in

Al had dark-brown hair, cut short and combed straight back. He had a
straight nose, a handsome face, and though he looked slightly roly-poly,
under the little bit of excess weight he had a firm, solid body.

Al Bombannente hated no one. He was not the kind of man capable of
carrying a grudge. By the same token he didn't love anyone, either,
because he knew love led to complications, especially in his line of
work. To marry would mean to make himself, and his wife, vulnerable to
attacks from the occasional dissident convict who didn't want to be
rehabilitated. Now that he was working with women, it would have been
even more difficult, since a wife would have automatically been jealous.

This didn't mean that Al was lacking for female companionship. On the
contrary, Al had more feminine companionship than he was capable of
handling. Some of the women all but forced themselves on him, while
others had to be coerced a little, but Al had all the feminine
companionship he would ever need. Just where he got it from will be
explained more fully, shortly.

Al always went out of his way to help his female parolees, finding them
better-than-menial jobs at better than minimum pay since many of them
had abilities that would elevate them above the norm.

Four different women had become fashion models because of Al
Bombannente. All four had been thrown into prison while in their late
teens, their basic crimes being, associating and being caught with known
criminals while said criminals were in the act of performing a felonious
act, such as smuggling hash or marijuana, or even cocaine from one state
to another. They had been young, out for kicks, wanting a good time,
aching to have a man care for them and spend money on them.

Al had many connections in many fields, and he had been able to convince
each of these girls, at a different time, to accept model training, and
from there they went on to become highly paid models, making two, three,
and even four-hundred dollars an hour.

Each of the models showed her gratitude to Al by "convincing him" to bed
down with her. This, Al did, more than happy to accept the grateful
showing of each of the women.

But for the most part Al got jobs such as those of waitress, counter
girl in a cleaning establishment, and worker in a day nursery for these
women. He kept constant tabs on each woman for a year after he got her
the job, even after she was no longer on parole, and his rehabilitation
rate with females was almost forty percent better than that of any other
parole officer.

One of the reasons for it was the fact that he would brook no nonsense
from a wisecracking woman just released. He had his own method for
making sure those who strayed, but were still capable of rehabilitation,
came back into line.

Chapter 2

Ella Montefusco was one of Al Bombannente's "girls." That is, she was
part of his caseload. Ella, as she was known by everyone acquainted with
her, had served an eighteen month term at one of the heavy security
womens' prisons for having attempted to stick her brother-in-law with a
butcher knife. It seemed Ella had developed a heroin habit, and her
brother-in-law had been her supplier. Lucky for Ella the man had gotten
greedy when she was into the habit less than two weeks, or she would
never have been broken of it.

Where methadone was the prescribed treatment for most junkies, because
Ella had been on it for such a short length of time, she had gone the
cold turkey route. She hadn't wanted to go that route, but during her
days in the city jail, waiting arraignment--since no one had put up bail
for her--and while she was on trial, no one had supplied her, so by the
time she went to prison, she had been broken of the heroin habit.

Her brother-in-law, her sister's husband, had wanted much more than
money from Ella, and when he had insisted she give him her body, as
well, Ella had gone into a rage and had attacked him with the butcher
knife. She had stabbed him three times before he had gotten the knife
away from her and called the police. When the officers arrived, they
found no evidence to support Ella's claim that her brother-in-law had
been her supplier, though they did find track marks on her arm. So she
was arrested for assault with intent to kill, and her brother-in-law had
testified at her trial against her.

It was only because the man had been arrested sixteen months later that
Ella's five-year sentence had been reduced, since he had been caught
with two kilos of pure heroin on him. It took two more months for the
courts to decide that Ella should be allowed out on parole, provided her
temper didn't get the better of her.

She was an absolutely lovely little redhead, standing at five-feet-two
inches in height, with bright, bluish-green eyes, a very tiny upturned
nose that was covered with freckles in summer, and a cute little
heart-shaped mouth. She had been the littlest bit plump when she had
first gone to prison, but the fat had been taken off her in a hurry, and
she had a perfect shape, now. Her apple-shaped breasts were thrust out
against her pink dress the morning she was in Al Bombannente's office in
such a way that made every man who looked at her want to bite into them.
She had pa slim waist, no more than twenty-one inches around, and her
hips, though not boyish, were not quite full, even though her small,
tight fanny was very round.

Ella had been sour about the fact that she was on parole. As far as she
was concerned, the fact that her brother-in-law had been picked up as a
narcotic's peddler substantiated her story about his attempted rape of
her. Al explained that although it lent more credibility to her story,
there was still no proof of the attempted rape, while her stab wounds on
her brother-in-law's body had been definite proof of attempted murder.
The fact that her sentence had been reduced and that she was out on
parole was the best the court system was able to do.

For three weeks Al worked with Ella, trying hard to explain to her that
she had to stop trying to find kicks and look for a decent job in order
to make a living. He even found her a job, working as a clerk for the
local office of the Pruriental Insurance Company.

Al checked with the company every week and learned Ella was reporting to
work regularly and though she was somewhat slow in learning, she was
definitely learning. Nevertheless, the redheaded girl seemed resentful
each time she reported to him, until the end of the third week. That was
the time she had suddenly been all smiles, and Al Bombannente was
suspicious. Girls like Ella didn't simply change overnight.

When she left his office, Al had one of the other workers take over the
rest of his caseload for the day, and he followed Ella. He followed her
to downtown San Francisco, near Chinatown, where he saw her speaking
with different men. She was still on her lunch hour, so she was not
violating her parole. Not only that, but she stayed away from bars, out
in the open.

It was when she stepped into an alley with one of the men with whom she
had been talking that Al became alert. He waited until the man came out,
and Al noticed the man was putting his wallet away. This meant the man
had either taken money out of the wallet or had put money into it.

Ella had been in the alley for too short a time to do anything sexual
with the man, so Al assumed the girl had bought something. He waited
while she came out and crossed the street to an outdoor phone booth. She
didn't see him sidle up to the booth and listen as she called the
insurance company and claimed she wasn't feeling well that day.

She hailed a cab after that, and Al managed to get another cab. He
followed her to the small rooming house where she now lived. She had a
small set of rooms in the basement of the house with her own private
entrance. It was when she unlocked the door to walk in that Al forced
his way in, grabbing her arm, frightening her with his sudden

"Wh-what do you want?" she gasped, as he pushed her inside, shutting the
door behind him.

They were in the combination living room cum bedroom of Ella's small
living quarters. In the far corner, on top of a cabinet, she had a hot
plate where she occasionally cooked when she didn't want to join the
rest of the roomers for meals. There was a large sofa-bed, still open,
though properly made up, off to the right, and though it was somewhat
dark down here since it was partially below street level, Al saw Ella
had managed to keep the place fairly clean.

Turning on a lamp, Al hurled the lovely little redhead onto the
sofa-bed, her green coat flapping open, revealing her pink dress again.
He took off his own heavy winter coat, it being the middle of December,
and without a word he grabbed her purse.

Ella gasped as he opened it, turned it upside-down on a small table, and
took out a "nickel bag." It was a small, glassine envelope the size of a
postage stamp filled with white powder.

"You know, Ella," he said to her. "If I open this and taste it and find
its heroin, you'll be right back in state prison, and there'll be no
parole, this time. This is a definite violation of parole. Have you used
any of this shit, yet?"

"No," she whimpered. "This was my first connection. I was going on a
high to end all highs. I need something--anything."

Al watched as she leaped to her feet and walked to a small cabinet at
the far end of the room. She took out a bottle of Chianti, saying, "What
the hell, if you're going to bust me for using H. then my taking some
wine won't matter much."

There was a small sink in the corner, probably a laundry sink at an
earlier time, and she took a glass sitting in the sink, washed it out,
and poured herself a quarter of a glass, tossing it down quickly. She
did it a second time and Al watched, saying nothing.

"Considering the hell you went through while you were inside," he said
when she had finished her second glass, "I'd think you'd be smart enough
to do the right thing in order to stay outside."

"Hah!" she laughed. "What the hell does it matter? Do you know I almost
killed my brother-in-law for trying to rape me? That was why I was sent
to prison. Once I was there, the women did it for him, raping me with
broom handles a dozen different times."

"If you're looking for pity," Al said to her, "you're looking at the
wrong man. There's only one rule I relax for girls on parole, unless
they're hookers, and that is, I let you date. What's more, I allow you
to make love--that is, I sort of turn my back if I ever find out about
it. You're human, and I figure you have human needs. Hell! A good lay is
all any woman needs if she wants a real high. She definitely doesn't
need this kind of garbage," he told her, holding up the glassware

Ella was hardly listening to Al at this point. Right now, she was doing
her best to contend with the effects of the wine she had consumed on an
empty stomach. Since her belly had neither food nor an olive oil or milk
coating, the effects of the alcohol were almost devastating. Already her
feet and fingertips felt numb, whereas the rest of her body was
keyed-up. Her heart had started pumping wildly in her chest and that odd
sensation she had felt when all those other women had "handled" her in
prison began lurking at the base of her belly.

She returned to the sofa-bed, sat down, eyeing Al Bombannente warily. He
put the smack bag down on a little counter near the sink and walked over
to her, sitting on the bed beside her. His hand gripped her arm to keep
her from toppling backward while the dizzying effect passed.

Ella wanted the man to take his hand away, because she was starting to
feel terribly excited. No man had ever aroused this kind of feeling
inside her. It was all so different from the last time she had been
touched by a man. Her brother-in-law had repulsed her, and the mere feel
of him had sickened her. Not so, this man. He might have been her parole
officer, but he was an exciting man. This, added to all the wine she had
suddenly ingested, had made her lose all control over herself.

He was still talking to her, but she barely heard what he was saying. It
finally came through to her that the man was telling her that he was
considering not sending her back, yet.

"Just what am I supposed to do, show my gratitude?" Ella asked.

"I don't do things with women because I want them to show me gratitude,"
he replied. "Most of the women with whom I make love do it with me
because they want to. In fact, some whom I would normally not even
consider as love partners even beg me for it. But on occasion there
comes along the type who has to be shown, plainly and simply, that sex
is the highest high you can go on. Even though it's been known to be
habit-forming, at least it doesn't debilitate the body as heroin does.
You can only become eventually stronger from a good fucking."

"Just what the blazes are you trying to tell me?" Ella asked, shuddering
all of a sudden. She tried twisting away from him, saying, "If you're
going to bust me, let's go ahead and get it over with. I'll be damned if
I'm going to put out for some slob who'll put me away, afterward. What's
more, I'm not going to use my body as a bargaining tool, either."

"I'm not making bargains with you," Al snapped. "Before I leave, I'll
flush that little bag down the toilet. I'm telling you in no uncertain
terms, you stay away from that shit, or no matter what happens between
us. The next time I'm going to slap you right back inside, and you know
I'm serious."

"Just what the hell do you mean by, no matter what happens between us?"
she gasped.

"I'm going to fuck you," Al smiled, steadily staring at her. "What's
more, you're not going to try stabbing me with a butcher knife, because
if you do, they'd put you away for life, this time. Life!"

"Oh God! No! No!" Ella cried, weeping softly, holding one hand palm out,
at arm's length in the hope of warding him off.

Al brushed the arm aside, this time pulling her very close to his body,
his arms around her as he said, "I'm not doing this to teach you some
kind of lesson. You're loaded with tension, and this is the best way I
know to get the tension out of you. Stop trying to upset yourself even
more. You did a stupid thing picking up that H. You need something else,
honey, and right now I'm about the only one able to supply your needs.
You'd better believe it."

The words struck terror into the shuddering redhead, and yet, at the
sound of what he was saying, Ella felt herself overcome by a violent
series of thrills that shook her body as if she had been touched by an
unshielded, ungrounded electrical wire instead of the solid, muscular,
beefy frame of her parole officer.

"Mr. Bombannente, please ... no ... don't do this ... don't talk like
this. My God! You're supposed to be helping me, not taking advantage of
me. You can't expect me to ..."

"Sure I can," Al murmured, pulling her closer. "Would you rather I
simply sent you back to prison? Tell me, how would that help you? Honey,
I have what's good for you. What's more, deep down I think you know it."
His arms encircled her lovely waist smoothly, firmly. "What's more,
there'll come a time in the not-too-distant future that you'll be more
than grateful to me for this! Any other parole officer would have you in
the can right now, and within two days you would be on your way back to
the big place. I'm not only giving you one more chance, but I'm showing
you how to get your highs without having to harm yourself."

"You'll make me pregnant!" she gasped.

"No way!!" he told her. "I'm sterile. Don't mistake that for impotent.
I'm plenty potent, just sterile."

His being so direct let Ella know he fully intended using her. She was
still dizzy from the effect of the wine hitting her empty stomach and
she wanted to scream and call for help. The problem was, the boarding
house was empty at this time of day. Even the woman who ran the place
would be out, shopping.

Ella sent up a silent prayer for help, consciously aware of the
quivering in her knees. What frightened her most of all was not the fact
that the man was holding her, ready to kiss her and bend her to his
will, but the fact that she was inwardly almost willing. He was so
totally different from her brother-in-law. Where the latter had inspired
nothing but repulsion in her, this man was every bit as magnetic as he
claimed to be. She was feeling a series of acutely thrilling sensations
charging through her shuddering body. Why? Why should she feel these

He was drawing her toward him, smiling at her, disregarding her small
hands as they tried hard to push against his barrel chest. The man's
powerful arms were crushing the lovely redhead firmly against him as his
heatedly eager mouth came down very suddenly, anxiously searching for
hers. He found it with no trouble at all, pressing his lips wetly
against those of the lovely parolee, all but cutting the insides of her
lips against her teeth he drove into her with such force.

Ella groaned and began struggling feebly for an instant, sudden panic
charging uncontrollably through her as she became aware of the strong
man's heavy, large hand pressing solidly into the firmness of her soft
and tender breast. She gasped, quaking as she realized that any protest
on her part would be futile at this point. The man had her where he
wanted her. Hell! She didn't want to go back to prison--not for
anything. If it meant giving him her body, then she would do it. She
allowed herself to go limp, more surprised than ever at the little
butterfly-like sensations that once again began fluttering through her
trembling belly.

Al lifted his lips from those of the lovely redhead, and he whispered,
"There now, that wasn't really so terrible was it?"

His hand continued lightly stroking the fullness of her round breasts
through her pink dress. Moaning in desperation, the beautiful redhead
realized there was no way for her to fight him. The man was too strong,
and now her own body, so often abused by the women in the prison where
she had been, was, for the first time in her life, beginning to betray
her. Perhaps it was the wine, or possibly it was the man, himself, as
she realized her raw and open nerve-ends were frayed, and her fogged
mind was rapidly losing control over all of herself.

Hell! Why not! Ella knew she wasn't a virgin in the technical sense, any
longer, even if no man had ever put his hands on her
twenty-three-year-old body before. Anything to stay out of prison. If
the man was telling the truth and he was sterile, she didn't have to
worry about becoming pregnant. Hell! She would only have to put up with
him until she was off parole. Then she would be able to go her own way
and lead her own life.

"Oh!" she gasped out loud, realizing how helpless she was, making no
effort to stop him as he unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it
from her shoulders. She even got to her feet and helped him remove the
garment, after which she took off her underthings of her own volition.
She lay down on the bed again, this time totally naked, her creamy white
flesh seeming to stare at him as much as he was looking at her. Her
pink-rippled breasts with their large areolae looked like two large
staring eyes as his hands slowly closed over them. Tiny licking flames
of thrilling passion crawled enticingly through her awakening flesh.
Small pinpricks of delicious sensation began racing through the tips of
her pliantly smooth breasts, the velvety surface rolling beneath his
fingers as they reached for her hardened nipples. He compressed each
budding pink extension between a thumb and forefinger.

Ella was well aware of the burning heat of her insistent parole
officer's panting breath as it wafted against her ear. She had never
expected to physically succumb even though she had decided to allow him
to have his way. Then the man's mouth was once again moving toward her
face, his lips locking on hers, wetly and strongly. His tongue flicked
between her lips.

Ella was unable to keep herself from responding, her own tongue leaping
out and thrusting forward into his mouth in response to what he was
doing to her. She reacted automatically, kissing as she had never kissed
a man before as she realized how delightfully overwhelming and thrilling
this man was.

Al sucked her tongue all the way into his mouth, greedily anxious for
more of her. She was unquestionably one of the most thrilling and
arousing women he had ever met. He ground his mouth against hers, and
Ella felt as if his kisses were liquid fire.

Al eased his head away from hers, and he said, "Believe me, I'm doing
this as much for your good as for my own. You'll love it, you'll see."

Chapter 3

Abruptly, the realization of what was about to happen to her suddenly
seeped into the young redhead's mind. What had been done to her with
wooden broom handles was about to be done to her with flesh and blood
and muscle. She thought of possibly breaking away from him and running
upstairs. He wouldn't dare follow her. But no, even if she did get away,
he still had that glassine envelope, and he would be able to use it to
put her away again. Besides, she was so shaky at this point, she was
more than certain her legs wouldn't bear her weight.

She remained lying on the bed as he released her and got to his feet.
Then he was hurriedly undressing. Ella stared and wondered what was
there about this man that almost made her want to do this.

She shuddered by the time he had removed all his upper clothing. He had
a lot of hair on his chest, though it was by no means a forest. He
stopped for a moment, leaned down and embraced her solidly, holding her
slender, shivering nakedness against his body. The boiler, in the next
room, went on, and flooded the room, which had been cooling down, with
heat. Ella's hands pressed flatly against his chest and rubbed his
masculine nipples, the soft curls of silken hair tickling her palm.

Then the man's mouth was once again pasted to hers, once more parting
the barrier of her lips, his tongue easily gliding between them, past
the barrier of her sharp teeth. She found herself sucking on the oral
organ while jabbing furiously at it with the tip of her own tongue.

Unconsciously, she allowed her hand to slide over his chest, as well,
her fingernails raking through his hairs, touching one of his small,
masculine nipples, and then she grabbed the nipple and began squeezing
and rolling it between her fingers as he had done to her nipples.

The more-than-slightly dizzy young redheaded woman felt her parole
officer's hand slowly tracing a path up the tremblingly heated flesh of
her shuddering thighs. The heat coming from the boiler washed over the
two of them, until, momentarily, her breath suddenly caught in her
throat as his fingers continued sliding upward. They parted the
sensitive fleshy flanges of her vibrant pussy and slipped carefully,
tenderly into the heated wetness to find the quivering inner labia that
enshrined her extended clitoris.

It was at that moment that her head was filled with visions of her
lascivious brother-in-law. The sight of the repulsive man loomed up in
Ella's brain as if he were somehow or other standing in that room with
the two of them, staring down at them, a contemptuously knowing sneer
scrawled across his face, contorting his already ugly features. As a
result, Ella froze. When she finally did come to life, she began
squirming and struggling, doing her best to tear the flesh from her
parole officer's naked back.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Al gasped, leaping up
and pulling himself out of reach of her sharp, clawing fingernails.
"What the hell has gotten into you?"

"Get away from me, Mr. Bombannente," she gasped. "I don't want you to
ever try touching me again!" She was shrieking at the man now, yelling,
"You're nothing but an animal!"

He reached out and caught her wrists, gripping them and holding them
tightly as he leaned over her and then slowly allowed his weight to sink
on top of her trembling white body, almost crushing the breath out of
her. He lay there, unmoving, remaining that way until she was unable to
struggle any longer.

"Please, oh please ... please ..." Ella sobbed. "When I was a little
girl my parents always told me about how wrong all this was. Now you, a
man who enforces the law, is suddenly forcing this on me," she gasped,
heated tears streaming down her lovely white cheeks as the man's heavy
hands grabbed her roughly by her shoulders.

"It's all right to destroy your body with heroin, but it's wrong to
fuck. It's all right to attack a man with a butcher knife and try to
take his life from him, and it's all right for you to buy garbage, that
will destroy your body, from him? It's wrong to feel good in a natural
way, but it's all right to pump junk into your system that will kill
you? Wake up Ella, your sense of values is topsy-turvy. What's right is
what feels good as long as you don't hurt yourself or anyone else in the

He was aware of the full ripeness of her lovely, rounded thighs as well
as the softness of her flaming pubic hair covering her pubis when he
raised his stomach to fumble with his pants and slide them impatiently
down his masculine hips. He kicked his shoes off in order to yank his
pants off that much more easily, and that was when Ella caught a glimpse
of his long, thick penis. God! It might not have been as long as a broom
handle, but it sure looked one helluva lot thicker! Oh God! He was
forcing his way between her slender white loins, spreading her tender
thighs unmercifully as he guided his lasciviously distended member
closer and closer. She bounced her buttocks on the bed in an attempt to
pull away, and he simply used his knees to jam her thighs even farther
apart. When she bucked her body upward again, he was ready, and he
shoved a cushion under her loins, keeping her up high. Now he was able
to use the rubbery head of his throbbing cock to part the moistly
clasping lips of her sucking vagina.

Ella began whipping her head from side to side in a wild frenzy,
shutting her eyes tightly, quaking with uncontrolled horror as she
became aware of the soft, electrical contact against the
ultra-sensitively palpitating edges of her involuntarily moistening
cunt. Taking a deep breath, she held it for what seemed like forever,
now petrified with horror in utter subjugation beneath him.

"OHHHHM ... HHHUUUNNNHHH ... NO ... DON'T!" she uttered as she became
aware of the initially solid pressure against the tightly contracted
opening of her swollen, puffy and pouting vaginal lips. "WNNNNHHH ...
NNNOGGHHHAAHHH!" she began gasping as the massively bulbous tip slipped
carefully into her, stretching her far more cruelly than any broom
handle had ever done. Her tightly resilient soft, inner passage widened
until she felt as though her trembling loins were going to literally
tear from the unbearable pressure.

UUNNNHHH ... HURRRRRTIIIIINNNNG MEEEEEEE ..." she said, as she felt the
first solid shove of his thrusting cock.

Opening her eyes, she looked up and saw neither cruelty etched in the
man's features, nor joy. All she saw was a look of concentration as he
continued to slowly but surely sink his throbbing penis into the depths
of her helplessly exposed vagina.

Then the grin twisting his face into a tormented look of intensified
consolidation disappeared as he smiled a soft smile at her, and said,
very simply, "Relax, and it'll feel good. Don't fight it, Ella. I told
you, this is as much for you as it is for me."

She was helplessly defenseless beneath him. Utterly and completely
exposed, she stared at the way the head of his cock was already inside
her trembling body, and little by little the log-like shank was moving
deeper and deeper inside.

"D-DON'T ... PLEASE DON'T ..." she gasped.

"For your good as much as my own!" he panted.

He came down very heavily on top of her, his solid masculine weight
crushing the beautiful redhead firmly into the mattress beneath the two
of them. He began pushing his hips forward, using the same motion as he
sent his sleekly penetrating penis sliding that much deeper into the
tightness of her sucking cunt. He pushed harder, harder, harder, and as
a result it felt to Ella that the cock was charging into her with a
roaring, uncontrolled fury, pushing the wet, inner velvety flesh of her
vaginal walls in constantly pressured and rippling waves before it.
There was no stopping him. The hot cock sank deeper and deeper until,
with a loud groan, his weighty, wrinkled scrotum sac slapped heavily
into the upturned cheeks of his desperately resisting parolee's

"Unh! Ahhhh! Oh damn, help me!" Ella cried, wailing beneath him, her
pain-wracked vaginal tunnel feeling as if his plunging penis had ripped
the fleshy walls into a thousand shards. She had always worried about
splinters from the broom handles and had been lucky enough not to get
any, but at the moment, the flesh and blood cock felt to her as if it
was splintering her interior.

Al speared into the lovely redhead without mercy, knowing he wasn't
going to injure her. He had fucked dozens of women and had not caused
any damage to any of them in spite of the length and breadth of his
swollen cock. There was that wonderful thrill of her sucking wetness
surrounding his throbbing cock-head, covering him over completely as his
burning length seemingly filled every part of her tenderly burning,
impossibly stretched vagina.

Al lay there, not deigning to move for the moment, wanting her interior
to accommodate itself to his breadth. He knew she would shortly be
feeling nothing but pleasure. Ella also remained immobile, afraid to
stir for fear of feeling more stabbing torment inside her. There was
nothing but silence except for their labored breathing and the throbbing
of the oil burner in the next room.

He took a deep breath and began flexing his hard cock inside her. For
the first time, Ella became aware of throbs within her body as the
breadth and length of his heatedly jerking, pulsating shaft slammed into
her the last half-inch. He pushed, flexing again, wanting to make sure
he was all the way inside her narrow vagina.


Clamping the heaviness of his lustfully searching mouth over that of the
lovely redhead, Al began a slow, careful rocking motion between her
widespread, trembling white thighs. There was still pain for Ella, who
was not used to this kind of breadth, and the agony was like tiny little
explosions of searing gunpowder within her narrow depths. Her inner
membranes felt burned as the man's continuing motion widened the tightly
narrow feminine passageway with each short, smooth stroke. She continued
groaning helplessly beneath him, letting him know she was his to do with
as he pleased.

Without realizing it, the redhead found her body moving as if all
connection with her mind had been severed. She was responding to the
beefy man's thrusts in an involuntary motion. Through the slowly
disappearing pain she felt lewd flames of uncontrolled desire coursing
through her, and she realized she no longer had any will to fight
whatsoever. She had lost the initial battle, and in so doing, she was
also going to lose the war. She was about to surrender her slender young
form totally and completely to the drives of her parole officer, almost
enjoying the way his broad penis continued thrusting itself into the
tunnel between her widespread thighs. The mere thought that she would
enjoy this after all, sent wild chills running along the base of her
shuddering spine as she felt the slow rhythm of Al's driving penis
continuing to hungrily skewer itself wetly into her.

Her entire physical being began writhing, squirming and twisting beneath
the weighty man. All the while she continued to incessantly groan into
the hollow cave of his mouth, shoving her tongue with almost
uncontrolled abandon into the depths of his throat. Faint mewls of
thrillingly animalistic, servile acceptance rose from her throat in
torrents, and her face was wrung with passion, mouth toiling, neck
straining, perspiration breaking out all over her forehead in
multitudinous beads. Her red hair was wet as well, plastered to her

Al slid his hands very slowly over the lovely length of her nakedly
white body, caressing the curve of her hips. Then he slid his fingers
beneath the smoothly undulating white moons of her roundly moving
buttocks, cupping them harshly, squeezing tightly as he began
uncontrollably thrusting back and forth with an even greater urgency.

The wine-impassioned, red-haired parolee found herself flexing and
unflexing the muscles in her shapely buttocks while her handsome parole
officer clutched her to him that much more tightly, sinking his fingers
into the firmness of her quaking flesh. He jerked her all the harder
against his own body, and of her own volition Ella pulled her knees back
toward her chest a bit more, the sopping wet opening spreading that much
wider to receive his excitedly pummeling penis, pulling it in that much
more deeply, now.

The maddening pain had totally passed by now, and her legs, jerking
uncontrollably on either side of the gigantically impaling penile shaft,
were shaking and quivering in an abandon she was unable to control. Oh
God! What was happening to her! She tightly shut her lovely blue-green
eyes, slavering her tongue wantonly into the man's mouth as low hums of
velvet pleasure numbed continually through her gaping throat. Ella was
well aware the cords in her neck as well as those in her thighs were
standing out, tensed and hard as she continued wriggling beneath her
parole officer. Fervor was overcoming her and the lovely redhead was
unable to stop herself. There was no longer any thought of right or
wrong, nor did her mind dwell on the pleasure she would have received
from taking heroin. All she cared about was lying where she was,
directly beneath the man who, for the present, had complete control over
her life, fucking her against her conscious will, yet fulfilling the
desires in her subconsciousness. She thrust back at him, giving him
exactly what he was giving her, lunge for lunge.

Al worked hard, actually slaving above the beautiful Ella, changing his
thrusts from short, choppy plunges to long, smooth strokes. Each
backward movement almost carried his hard cock out of her vagina to
where her lips had to grab his corona to keep him from getting away.
Then he would sink his hard prick all the way inside her again, slamming
into her uplifted young belly until she felt the thrilling slap of his
driving balls slamming against the exposed credence of her puckered
little asshole.

"FEELING IT?" he asked.

"Y-E-E-E-E-E-SSSSS!" she rasped.

"There's more!" he assured her.

Reaching down with his right hand, he rubbed her buttocks, using his
fingers to seek the narrow crevice between them. Without warning, he
pulled her asscheeks apart and then began thrusting with his forefinger
until he had penetrated the rectal rictus. For a moment it hurt Ella,
and she gasped, the groan tumbling from her lips in agonized protest. He
was thrusting all the harder now, taking pleasure in her responses,
certain now that she would be more than happy to welcome his advances,
the next time.

"HHHUUUNNNGGGHHH!" Ella gasped, bouncing her body all the more vibrantly
in response to both, finger and driving penis.

Al smiled, intent on making her enjoy everything to the utmost. He
continued working his extended index finger around and around inside,
stretching the elastic softness wider and wider as he continued grinding
his cock into her. He would get her so used to this, from now on there
would be nothing but thrills.

Ella was aware of a second finger now working into the tightness of her
rear tunnel, seeking its way in, stretching the narrow opening even
wider as her moans of pleasure became louder and louder. Her anal
constriction became more and more accustomed to the strangely unnatural

Al brought his other hand around to where his driving phallus was
sliding smoothly in and out of the lovely lady's tightly clasping
vaginal opening. She shuddered as she felt his fingers fondling her
quivering, hair-lined lips until more muted, unrestrained groans formed
in her throat and escaped her. Her widening vaginal tunnel seemed to
gape open in greedy desire, swallowing the entire of his massively
pulsating stiffness as he continued plunging mercilessly to the very
core of her feminine being.

He speeded up his shoving thrusts now, slamming into her with hot,
pulsatingly deep drives. The wonderfully tormenting agony of delighted
pleasure caused her to thrash uncontrollably beneath him as she suddenly
felt him pull his probing fingers from the tightness of her anal
passageway, their loss suddenly disconcerting to her.

Abruptly his hands were under her knees, lifting them, then pushing them
back, her knee caps all but digging into her shoulders. In this
position, her wet, pink cunt was almost aimed straight up, and he
slammed his cock vibrantly downward into her, creating even stronger
feelings in the beautiful red-haired girl.

... OOONNNHHH ... UNH ... HUNH ... HARRRDERRRRR ..." the lovely woman
chanted beneath him, her beautiful face now so contorted it had become
an unrecognizable mask of insanely wild passion.

Again the handsome parole officer quickened his driving strokes into
Ella, grunting and groaning, grinding the full length of him deep and
hard, his throbbing penis boring into the hidden recesses of her
trembling womb. She was a mass of inundatingly exquisite wetness, and
her trembling loins blazed with a thrillingly primitive passion
consuming leer unthinking mind for the moments Overpowering all thought
other than that of the magnificent pressure continually building up
inside her. She was vaguely aware of his hands running over her like
searing tongues of burning fire. She was more aware of his kissing lips
than ever before, and she was just as aware of the hot friction of his
body rubbing against hers as he continued squirming and pummeling
against her. She suddenly felt sensations she had never realized existed
in her body. Thrilling feelings clambered about within her, building
needling delights to an unbearable pitch. The redheaded woman suddenly
realized she was on the verge of experiencing an orgasm--a climax the
likes of which had been totally unknown to her before.

She panted and writhed, then heard the man's wailing gasp. His driving
penis became an uncontrolled animal that continued moving in and out of
her shuddering body, raging and hurtling into her, making her quakingly
tingle all the way from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.


She jerked and twisted and writhed against him as her orgasm washed over
her, thrilling her with sensations she'd had no idea existed in the
human body. She was higher than high, higher than heroin would ever take
her, climaxing and reaching for new plateaus, unable to stop herself,
going to the moon, and then beyond.

She continued writhing and squirming against him, feeling his throbbing
penis distend once again as it began pumping his hot, thick sperm all
the way into her orgasmically quivering belly.


Their juices mingled inside her, and there was such an abundance of
flowing liquids, it almost immediately began backing out, flooding his
pelvis and hers, washing over his bloated balls, and dripping between
her buttocks. But Ella was unconscious of anything and everything other
than the passion this man had awakened in the depths of her quivering
belly. She was feeling sensations she hadn't believed existed, and
because Al Bombannente had awakened them in her, she imagined herself
suddenly very much in love with the man. Like so many female parolees
before her, she was now willing to do anything and everything he told
her, not because the law said she must, but because this was what she
wished to do.

When it was over, Al rolled off Ella and lay beside her. Both were out
of breath. Both rested for more than an hour, and then her hand, of its
own volition, began stroking his limp, sticky cock, and she smiled at
him and said, "One more time ... please!"

Far be it from him to deny her such a healthy feeling. Smiling, he
rolled onto her, and once again drove into her.

It was a good feeling in more ways than one for Al Bombannente to know
Ella Montefusco would straighten out. First of all, she would stay away
from drugs of any kind from now on, because he had taught her there was
something more natural that was a lot more fun. He had an idea she might
try it with one or two other males, but he would turn his back if she
did. He knew she would always compare these men to himself, and he was
well aware he would never suffer by comparison.

Chapter 4

Al spoke with Rona in his office once a week for two months running, and
it was exactly three days after the Friday he had spent with Ella
Montefusco that he knew Rona was set to make another big buy. She had,
against his express orders, left San Francisco that weekend, and he knew
she had gone south of the border.

Monday morning, having cleared his calendar, he paid a direct visit to
Rona Everson's home. She lived in the Nob Hill area, and once again had
a bevy of servants at her beck and call.

Rona, dressed in a blue negligee, met with Al in what was termed the
receiving room, and Al said to her, "Let's stop playing games, Miss
Everson. I know you left San Francisco this weekend."

"Oh?" Rona asked, her hand going to her throat.

"I warned you what would happen if you tried anything like this. What
you've done is a violation of parole. If it can be proved that you had
anything to do with drugs, they'll put you inside forever this time,
throwing away the key."

"Come with me," she insisted, and led him to a private theater-like room
in the house. It had a lot of sofas in it instead of theater seats, and
there was a huge projection video screen set up against the far wall.

Looking at the walls, Al realized the room had been soundproofed so that
whatever it was Rona chose to watch on her projection-video screen would
not be heard beyond this room. She turned on the screen after slipping a
cassette into one of the new six hour tape recorders. She showed Al all
kinds of statistics concerning crime and how most of it in the area was
committed by junkies.

Rona told him it was her mission in life to help these poor wretches,
easing their misery, and at the same time preventing them from hurting
others, since it was the victims of their crimes who were hurt in the
long run.

"Miss Everson," he told her when she had finished. "I don't think you
understand. What you're doing is making things not only easier for known
junkies, but some of the stuff you supply goes to turning young kids
into hopheads, as well. I have to insist that you stop this at once, and
in addition, turn over the name and location of the man you buy your
stuff from so he may be apprehended.

"Mr. Bombannente, I don't know who or what you think you are, but you do
not control my life. You will not tell me what to do, nor will I allow
you to interfere with what is my mission in life."

"One call from me, and you'll be back behind prison walls," he

"Maybe," she nodded, "but my work will go on." Yet she shuddered.

"Why? Because you'll sign over your money to someone else whom you think
will continue this rotten practice for you? I'll have the state lock up
your fortune and keep it locked away until you die in prison, and the
money will then either go to your legal heirs, or be donated to some
charity. No, Miss Everson, you are definitely a danger that has to be
stopped. I've had men trailing you this weekend. Pretty soon I'll know
just where in Mexico you went, and when I do, I'll sever that connection
completely. In the meanwhile I'll have you tossed back into the

"No!" Rona gasped. "Look, I'll stop this. Don't you see, this isn't all
I'm doing. I also have homes set up for unwed mothers. I'm doing a lot
of good and you mustn't interfere."

"Miss Everson, for every bit of good you're doing, you're doing twice as
much harm. Even if you were to stop your dope dealing now, I think we
should stop this fooling around and send you back to prison where you'll
be safe."

"No!" Rona gasped, her lovely face a mask of horrified emotion. "I was
bluffing, before. I don't want to go back there. I'll do anything at
all. I'll stop dealing dope, I'll give you the names of the people who
have sold it to me and where to locate them."

"It's much more than that," Al told her. "You claim to have a religious
calling, but quite frankly I think it's some devil speaking to you
rather than God. You claim to be chaste in the name of your beliefs, and
yet in your chastity you have performed more evil and you have done
greater harm than any prostitute I know. I'm not one to tell you to give
up your belief in God. By all means, go on and prove you're worthy of
God by doing good rather than evil. But for the love of heaven, woman,
you have to learn there are times when you simply cannot have your way
because you claim you heard some mystic voice tell you to do whatever it
is you want to do."

"But it's true!" Rona gasped. "I swear it!"

"No!" Al snapped at her. "It's not true. I'm as God-fearing as any man,
but I'm going to prove it isn't true by going against the so-called
wrath of what you believe to be the deity that spoke to you."

"What do you mean?" Rona asked.

"I mean I'm going to have you commit a sexual act!" he replied.

"I refuse to sleep with you!" she gasped, standing upright.

"Sleep with me?" he laughed. "Don't be silly. That would be too easy.
You would like it so much, you'd start whoring and claim you had a
religious experience. No way, honey. What I'm going to do is teach you
that when I give you an order, you will obey."

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"I'm going to order you to undress, come over here, get down on your
knees, and suck my cock."

"Mr. Bombannente! That's utterly disgusting! You leave here this moment
or I'll ring for the servants and have them inform your superiors just
what it is you expected me to do."

"Go right ahead," Al said, sitting on one of the sofas, smiling at her.
"Ring for a servant and make whatever claim you wish. I've already
informed my office that I came here today because I suspect you've been
violating your parole. Now if the people I've had following you are
called on to testify, it'll prove violation, and as far as the court
will be concerned, your claim concerning me will look like an attempt to
discredit me. All this will do will be to get you in more hot water than
you're in, right now. So you go ahead and call your servant."

"What kind of rehabilitation do you call this?" she asked, turning her
back to him and looking at one of the walls.

"It's my own brand of therapy," he replied. "The thing is, it works. So
it's up to you to decide whether you're going to call your servants or
do things my way."

"Why must it be this way?" she asked. "Surely you didn't expect this
when I was first paroled and sent to you."

"When you were initially paroled, I looked on you the way I looked at
all my other female parolees. The majority of them finish their parole
and go back out into the world without my touching them or even looking
at them. However, every now and again one comes along who either thinks
she knows it all, or wants to prove that she's above the law, or simply
feels a vengeful attitude toward me, personally. Mind now, I'm not
talking about those women who are simply incurable. Those I send back to
prison. I don't think of you as one of those. I do think you have to be
straightened out, and I seem to have to be the one to do it. The first
thing you have to learn is, when your parole officer gives an order, you
obey unquestioningly, no matter how degrading you think it is."

Rona turned to face him, took a deep breath, approached him, stopped,
then exhaled, and finally said, "Very well, what do you want?"

"I told you, Miss Everson. For starters, I want you to suck my cock. I
do not want you to merely use your mouth on my penile appendage. I want
you to -SUCK MY COCK-!"


"Because it's something you would normally never do in your lifetime.
Even if you were to get married, you would insist your husband not force
you to indulge in oral sex. Well to prove to me that you're going to do
everything I tell you to do from now on, you're going to do the one
thing you would never do with any man, namely, the sucking of my cock,
the eating of my peter, the slurping of my prick."

"You're disgusting!" said in a low voice, her body trembling all over
with humiliation. "This isn't therapy. This is just your way of
humiliating me. You want me to lower myself, not learn any kind of

"That, as you will eventually learn, is not the case. I want you to have
humility without being humiliated. But with your supercilious attitude
you'll always think of yourself as being above the masses. That what you
do you do because you're higher than everyone else, indeed as if you're
some kind of goddess. You aren't a goddess. You're a human being, and no
one human being has the right to try and decide the fate of any
multitude of beings."

"Well listen to you," Rona sneered. "Isn't that precisely what your job

"I don't make judgments in my job," Al replied. "My job is to help
without thinking of myself as some angel from heaven. Most of the women
I help, go out into the world and make their own way, afterward. You
happen to be lucky in that you have a lot of money. But that doesn't
give you the right to manipulate other people's lives. The time has come
for you to understand that not only can you suffer big things, like
going to prison for a length of time and thereby having a portion of
your life taken from you, but like all the little people you can suffer
little things, as well. You're one of us, Rona, one of the little
people, no matter how much money you have. I'm going to make you
understand that."

The lovely brunette closed her eyes tightly as a tremor of total shame
charged through her slender shape. This had to be some kind of
nightmare. Here she was, trapped by this horrible man, being offered the
frying pan or the fire. Either she did as he suggested--she was unable
to bring herself to even think the words he had used--or he would send
her back to prison.

"No other man in your position would do this thing to me," she sobbed,
the tears falling from her cheeks onto her robe.

"By now, any other parole officer would have had you canned and locked
away. I'm the only one in the world who thinks you can still straighten
out, and I'm giving you this opportunity to prove it to me. Sucking my
cock, while pleasurable for me, will, I think, prove excellent therapy
for you."

Rona was sobbing now. She was a romantic at heart, and she had always
pictured herself as single-handedly curing the ills of the world. She,
chaste, pure, virginal, would go through life aiding and abetting the
downfallen, and at the same time making life safe and secure for the
menial middle class, as well. Unfortunately the state had taken a dim
view of her activities, and they had imprisoned her, making her think of
herself as a martyr. But one can only sacrifice oneself just so much.
Rona knew she would never be able to stand another prison term. Things
were obviously not going to go as she had initially expected, but if she
was to do same good yet in this world, for the moment she would have to
sacrifice herself to this cretin, this heathen Yahoo!

"Now!" Al continued as if nothing had happened, smiling, lighting a
cigar as if intent on being very casual himself about everything, "I
think we should enjoy ourselves while all this is happening. To begin
with, it might be a nice idea if you take off all your clothing, you
know, the negligee, the nightgown, and let me see what no mortal man
since the doctor who assisted at your birth has seen, your naked body."

Chapter 5

His latest words were absorbed silently by Rona, who was almost numb at
the thought of doing what this man wanted her to do. She watched him
puffing on his cigar, and she supposed he expected her to suck on his
... she wasn't able to bring herself to say the word ... in the same way
as he was smoking his cigar. Her eyes stared at him with emptiness, a
trace of inner bitterness crossing the fullness of her rich, red, thin
lips. He wanted her to disrobe. Well what the hell did it matter now? He
had her totally in his power--totally and completely. Unless this was
one of the tests God had sent. No one ever had a smooth road, and yes,
it made sense for her to think that this might indeed by a holy test,
and in performing what this man asked, she might eventually prove her
worthiness to again continue the good work she believed she had been
doing prior to her arrest. All prophets and worthwhile people had
stumbling blocks. Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Ghandi, Martin Luther
King--all of them.

Or perhaps this was a punishment being visited on her by the Almighty
for being indiscreet in the way she had gone about her work. Had not God
punished Moses for smiting the rock when he was supposed to have merely
spoken to it to have it bring forth water? All right, she would accept
it, whether it was a test or punishment, and she would prove how well
she would undertake this punishment.

"All right," she said aloud, her voice sounding properly dull. "I'll do
whatever you tell me to do."

"Excellent!" Al nodded. "I see this is more than just a TV room. I
notice you've some fine stereo equipment here, as well," he smiled,
shocking her by suddenly starting to remove his clothing then and there.

"Yes!" she nodded.

With Rona in front of him, Al nakedly padded over to the stereo console,
looking at all the expensive equipment. There had to be between ten and
twenty-thousand dollars worth of stereo playback equipment there. He ran
his hands through the racks of records that popped out when the right
button was pressed on the console, and he found what he was looking for.

"This," he told Rona. "Put it on the turntable," he said, pointing to an
old Rek-o-Kut turntable, which had to have been the finest turntable
ever made. The company was no longer in business, which made the
turntable a collector's item.

She put the record on. It was an album of striptease music, and the
sound came through the huge Stentorian speakers, filling the
theater-like room.

Al walked back to the sofa, but stood near it, putting his cigar in a
nearby ashtray, keeping his body between Rona and the locked door of the

"Now," he said, "keep time with the music and take it off, take it all

Obediently, her courage coming from the belief that this was either a
just punishment or a test, Rona slowly, in time to the music, undid her
negligee, stepped out of it, and draped it on one of the other sofas.
Then she removed her nightgown revealing she had nothing at all on

Al had to admit she had one stunning body. Her legs were a little thin,
but the rest of her was gorgeous. She had nice, full breasts which, in
spite of her age, had not yet started to sag. The tan nipples And tan
areola were centered perfectly, both of them dancing with Rona's body
movements as if suspended by invisible wires. Her pubic hair was
bountiful, but trimmed very neatly. Al wasn't the least bit ashamed to
ogle her and enjoy the sight of her.

"Now," he said, "to make you understand that in the eyes of the Creator,
anyway, you're no better than the lowest whore, I want you to keep time
with that music and start swinging your body as you walk around the

"What do you mean?" Rona asked.

"I mean, make like a whore. Pretend you're trying to sell that body to
me," he smiled, his hand reaching down, the fingers lightly tapping the
top of a telephone receiver.

"I can't do anything like that," Rona said, aghast at his suggestion.

"You sure as hell can," Al nodded. "Come on, do it, honey. You have a
lovely body. Pretend you're a slave at an auction and you want me to buy
you. Come on, you can do it!"

Rona felt her face reddening with shame. This man was truly demeaning
her in every way possible. He wasn't trying to spare her any kind of
humiliation. As far as she was concerned, this man had to have a sick
mind to make her do such horrible things. For all she knew he might be
completely insane. Unfortunately, there was nothing she was able to do
about it. To complain to the parole board might well land her right back
in prison.

She felt repulsed, though she did have a strong stomach and so felt no
nausea. She knew she would have to see this horrible thing through,
right to the end, and then she had to hope he wouldn't renege and give
her away, anyway. If she did give him the name of her connection in
Mexico, and the man was put out of business, then Al Bombannente would
no longer have any kind of hold over her. Then she would get back some
of her own.

Lifting her lovely head, desperately trying her best to compose herself,
the lovely brunette squared her shoulders, her heart continuing to
helplessly triphammer in her breast, and she began slowly walking around
the room, keeping some sort of rhythmic time to the music hoping she
would at least please the man enough so that he would simply get on with
all this.

"Is-is this what you want?" she asked.

"Come on, Miss Everson, you're supposed to be a slave girl who is
enticing me to buy her. Right now you're walking around as if you're
covered with plaster. Swing those hips, honey, get me all heated up so
I'll have the urge to buy you."

Chewing on her lower lip to hold back a continually mounting tide of
hatred burning inside her, Rona slowly began swinging her hips from side
to side as she walked around the room. She shut her eyes, trying to shut
out the degradation she felt.

"That's much better," Al told her. "Now face me, come close, and use
your hands to press your breasts tightly together. Yeah, that's the way,
so there's almost no space at all between the nipples."

Rona was beginning to feel the rhythm of the music, and she swayed her
body from side to side before starting to walk around the room again,
her hands pressing against the sides of her full, rounded breasts,
squeezing them firmly as she ran her tiny pink tongue over her lips.

"That's not bad, not bad at all," Al told her. "You know, if you work at
it long enough and hard enough, you might fit very nicely into some
man's harem." He was taunting her, she knew, reveling in the power he
had over her.

Al sat back on one of the sofas and took another puff from his cigar
before letting it rest in the ashtray. He didn't have to stroke his
penis. It stood straight up in the air, a mighty, white tower of power
with a purple-pink head that was already leaking the colorless fluid
that was lubricating it. He smiled, noting how easy it was for any
woman, even a prude like this one, to imitate a whore. Yes, she was
going to be a good one, all right.

Inwardly his mind swelled as he felt another triumph. This woman hated
him at the moment, he knew that. But before they left here, she would
learn to love him as all the other female parolees had learned. For a
thin woman she was voluptuous, and in spite of her age she was still
innocent. Al always rationalized that when he fucked a woman like this,
he rid her of an innocence she ought not to have had in the first place.
In reality, he was doing her a favor.

Another reason for making her go down on him was, quite simply, that the
sight of her did over arouse him. He knew if he tried fucking her, he
would climax too quickly, and all she would have from the experience was
pain. If he made her blow him first, and then he grew another erection
and fucked her, by the time he was finished with her, she would be so
overjoyed with what he did to her, she would do anything and everything
he told her to do, and she would do it all willingly.

"All right, all right, now stand still right in front of me," he
ordered. "I'm going to do something not even the doctor who helped bring
you into the world ever did, I'm going to take a good, long look at that
lovely pussy of yours."

"That's disgusting!" Rona gasped.

"You know, I'll bet you've never even gone to a gynecologist because you
hate the idea of a man looking at you down there," Al said to her.

"I go to a female gynecologist," Rona said defensively.

"Yeah, well who would know more about a cunt than a female. Okay, honey,
let's see that cunt of yours."

Obediently, the unhappy brunette stopped before the handsome parole
officer who was sitting forward on the sofa, his throbbing penis angled
out and down now, almost out of her sight. Rona was surprised to realize
she was almost anxious to look at the masculine appendage.

"Push that body of yours forward, Miss Everson, and spread those lovely
legs of yours."

Rona sighed and did as the man instructed her to do, letting him lean
forward and peer into her vaginal slit. He breathed deeply, then looked
up at her face and said, "For a virgin who knows nothing about sex, at
least you know how to keep a clean pussy."

The humiliated woman said nothing, swallowing hard, hating him for doing
this to her, yet she didn't fight him when he took her hands and placed
them between her thighs, using her fingers to pull back her pussy lips.
She understood what he wanted, and when he let go, she continued keeping
her labia pulled apart.

Rona didn't know why, but underneath the shame she felt something else,
something stronger. Deep down, she was as proud of her body as any
woman, but her upbringing had always been so strong that she had never
consciously admitted it before. True, she did occasionally pose naked in
front of a mirror when she was alone, admiring the fact that for a woman
of her age she was still well built. But this was the first time she was
actually exposing her inner vaginal self to anyone, male or female. Not
even her female gynecologist was looking at her cunt with the interest
this man was showing, and though she knew she hated him, she also knew
she was indeed enjoying all this.

"That is one beautiful vagina," Al said, sitting back again. "You know,
it's a shame it's gone to waste all these years."

"What do you mean?" Rona asked.

"I mean, vaginas were meant to contain penises. When a penis doesn't
continually make use of vaginas, it withers after awhile. When a vagina
isn't used by at least one cock with a certain regularity, it, too,
internally shrinks. However, you may be one of the lucky ones. You may
still be saved. I'll eventually have to plumb your feminine depths and
find out for myself."

"You wouldn't!" Rona gasped.

"We'll see," Al laughed, sitting back. "I've noticed the way you've been
looking at my cock."

Rona turned red, not wanting to discuss it. She said, "I just looked out
of curiosity."

"Well I'll settle your curiosity by telling you it's longer and thicker
than the average cock."

"I didn't ask,', she said.

"I know, but I'm telling you, anyway. Tell me, considering this is your
first look at a penis, what are your impressions?"

"I ... uhhhhhh ... don't know what to say," she replied.

"Other women have fallen in love with it, you know," he told her,
taunting her. "I suspect that deep down, that's precisely the way you
feel about it, too."

"Please stop trying to act nauseating," she insisted.

"Come over here!" he snapped.

She came closer to him, standing directly in front of him again. He
grabbed her hand, reached down, and made her wrap her fingers around the
throbbing organ. Then he held her hand in place, saying, "Do you feel
the palpitations?"

"Y-yes!" she admitted.

"That's the heart of my cock. Do you know why it's beating so strongly?
I'll tell you, it has fallen in love with your orifices, Rona. It wants
to investigate at least two of them."

Rona shuddered and tried pulling her hand back, but Al held her hand
firmly in place. "Know what else? It knows you love it. You do love my
cock, don't you, Rona?"

"Please ... I ... uhhhh ..."

"Say it, Rona, say it! I want to hear the words coming from your mouth.
I want to hear how you love and adore my cock."

"I ... unnnnhhhhh ... well, that is ... I mean ..."

"Come on, Rona, I can sit here all day, if that's what you want. The
sooner you say it, the sooner things will come to a head, if you'll
pardon the pun."

"Pun?" she asked, innocently.

"Never mind," he laughed. "Just say the words."

"I ... unnnnhhhhh ... well, that is ... I mean ..."

"Come on, Rona, I can sit here all day, if that's what you want. The
sooner you say it, the sooner things will come to a bead, if you'll
pardon the pun."

"Pun?" she asked, innocently.

"Never mind," he laughed. "Just say the words."

"I ... adore your ... you know ..." she gasped.

"You're a big girl now, Rona," he laughed. "You can say the word. "Come
on, come on, out with it."

"Your cock!" she finally gasped.

"What about my cock?" he asked.

"I love your cock."

"Good, good, that wasn't really so hard, especially since, deep down,
you really do love my cock. You know, if you weren't so damn
self-righteous, you would have made some man one helluva wife. If that
had happened, you would never have gone to prison, and the chances are
you and I would never have met. The Lord works in mysterious ways, Rona.
I guess he wanted us to meet, as he wanted this to happen. Don't you

"Yes, yes, I suppose so," Rona said, looking down, taking her hand from
his penis.

"Of course this is so," Al continued, teasing her. "Now, since you've
told me that you love my cock, you want to please both, yourself and my
cock, don't you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come, come, what would you like to do to my cock to make it happy,
Rona, and don't tell me you'd like to cut it off."

"I don't know what you mean," she said, almost weeping.

"What fruit would you say my cock resembles most?"

"A b-banana," she replied.

"That's excellent. Tell me, Rona, what do you do with a ripe banana,

"Y-you eat it," she gasped.

"Precisely, and that's what I want you to do with my cock. Without
actually biting into it, I want you to eat it, to suck it. Now tell me,
wouldn't you just love to do that?"

"No!" she gasped.

"Rona, this is the last time I'll ask. If the answer is wrong, I'll get
dressed, leave here, and before two hours are gone, you'll be on your
way back to prison."

"All right, all right," she gasped. "Yes, yes, I love it, I love it, I
want to ... eat it."

"Dear lady, come here and kneel down between my thighs." She did as he
instructed, her eyes locked the penis, hypnotized by it as a bird might
be by a snake. "Now plead with me, Rona. Tell me how much you ache to
suck my cock."

The beautiful, regal brunette wondered how much more of this shame and
humiliation she was going to be able to stand. Oh God! This was far
worse punishment than she deserved. It had to be a test, it just had to
be a test, and she had to prove she would be able to pass the test.

Her hands were now resting on Al's bare knees, her eyes locked on the
throbbing length of his organ as it twitched, the head expanding and
receding again and again, emitting colorless droplets of seminal oil. It
looked like some awe-inspiring vision.

"I'd love to suck ... your cock," she said, weakly, her voice catching
in her throat.

"You still don't understand, do you," fill snapped at her. "You staying
out of prison, your getting another chance to be rehabilitated, your
last opportunity to do good in all the other fields you've chosen hinges
on one thing, and one thing only; your sucking my cock, provided I'm
willing to let you do it. Your whole future is dependent on my allowing
you to do it."

"I see," she nodded, and then, coolly said, "Mr. Bombannente, I would
very much deem it a privilege to be able to ... suck your ... cock."

"I don't know, now," Al teased, and she knew he was teasing.

"Oh please," Rona whimpered, her two hands coming together in an
attitude of prayer as she knelt before him. "Please let me suck your
cock. I'll do anything you wish if you'll let me suck it. I'll beg,
plead, anything, but let me suck that wonderful cock of yours. I'll do
my very best, you'll see."

The lovely forty-year-old brunette was suddenly almost incoherent with
fear and shock. Her mind began spinning deliriously out of control, and
she found tears running freely down her cheeks, pleading as if she
really wanted to do this horribly monstrous thing. "For the love of all
that's holy, you must allow me to suck your cock." Yes, this was to be
her test, and she mustn't fail it. She had to prove herself not only
willing, but capable. "If you have any compassion in you," she all but

"You're so eloquent, so expressive, it would be criminal of me not to
allow you to do so. But remember now, you promised to perform to the
best of your ability. I know this is your first time and I don't expect
miracles, but I do expect you to put your heart and soul into it."

"Oh yes, yes, yes, thank you," Rona whimpered. "You're so good to me.
Thank you so very much."

He left the cigar in the ashtray as he got to his feet and stood
towering over her, arms akimbo, legs spread apart, an overlord with his
lovely female slave kneeling before him, his eyes burning with fiery
lust. He had her precisely where he wanted her.

Her lovely face now hovered precisely in front of the huge, purple-pink
head as it swelled and receded continually with strong throbs. To Rona
it looked like a hooded cobra, the head widely swollen with lust rather
than fear or hate, the little slit in the tip leaking its own colorless
sap instead of venom. Al held the organ steady for her, pulling back the
protective foreskin, his own breath coming heavily, for he knew he had
her where he wanted her, and this excited him as much as what she was
about to do.

"Go on, Rona," he said, softly. "Go on and suck me off! Suck until I
shoot, and when I do shoot, make sure not one drop is wasted. You have
to swallow everything ... everything!"

"Yes, yes, of course. Thank you so much for this opportunity," she
gasped, her eyes tightly shut now, kneeling in trembling humiliation,
the tears still falling from beneath her eye lids.

"Look at my cock when you suck it!" he commanded, reaching out and
grabbing her dark brown hair, forcing her face up.

Slowly Rona opened her lovely brown eyes and found herself staring
straight into the tiny glistening opening cut into the tip of the
penis's smooth, bulbous head. Lord! This close it looked so thick she
actually wondered if it was humanly possible to open her mouth wide
enough to fit the penis inside. Suddenly terrified by the sight of it,
she almost pulled back, horrified and fearful of the thickly throbbing,
massive monster as it moved closer and closer to her tightly clamped

"Let's not waste any more time," Al said to her. "To do so would be to
deprive you of all the pleasure you'll know when you start sucking. So
go ahead and enjoy."

Rona suddenly found herself uncontrollably crying, the tears pouring
down her lovely cheeks. She was conscious of the pressure of her knees
in the carpet, and she was aware of the thudding of her heart beneath
her full left breast. Her eyes were glued to the thick length of the
huge penis, watching the way it salaciously enlarged and receded as
blood continued pulsing through it. The head was that strange mixture of
lavender and pink, and the trunk of it, originally all-white, now had a
pinkish hue to it as blood flowed heavily through it. She saw the huge
blood vessels winding their way through the base, as well as the network
of tiny vessels.

The thick base of his hard phallic lance disappeared into his pubis,
shadowed by a heavy growth of dark-brown hair, and beneath the gigantic
staff was the huge gunny sac of his testicles. It was all wrinkled and
also covered with hair. The two spheres encased in the sac seemed, to
Rona, to be as heavy as tennis balls, and as the dazed maidenly woman
continued staring at them, it seemed to her that the two spheres
actually jumped up and down in the sac holding them. Pulsing menacingly,
they appeared to swell and enlarge, as if letting her know in advance
they were manufacturing more and more semen just so she would be able to
swallow it. Soon, lewd torrents of the gumbo-like fluid would be oozing
down her lovely throat, and the mere thought had the helpless woman
inwardly gagging with loathing. She had never conceived of having to do
such a humiliating thing, even with a husband, if she had ever
considered getting married. The mere idea of allowing him the use of her
feminine opening between her thighs seemed, to her, more than enough
compensation. Yet here she was with a man to whom she was not married, a
man with whom she would never marry, and she was going to do things with
and for him she wouldn't do for a husband. How ironic! It seemed like
the most horrible act imaginable, and she decided she was unable to pass
this test. She wasn't worthy to continue the work she had set for

Rona raised her large, tear filled brown eyes and stared at the handsome
parole officer, mutely pleading with him and begging for mercy, but his
only response was a steady stare at her. To Rona, the man was arrogant
and evil, and the glittering in his eyes was the light of Satan. She was
suddenly shocked out of her religious reverie when he gripped her hair
all the more tightly and pulled her beautiful face forward, placing his
thickly quivering penile head against the lipsticked wetness of her
narrow, tightly drawn lips.

"Since you begged so hard, I feel it incumbent upon me to make you do
this, should you suddenly change your mind," Al said, his voice still
soft and smiling. "Open that lovely mouth or I'll have to force it open,
and if I do that, it'll only mean that much added pain. You know that!"

Rona realized at this point she simply had no choice. She simply had to
comply with this man's cruel demand. Against her will she slowly parted
her trembling, narrow lips, and gulping back spasms of utter
humiliation, allowed the throbbing head of his pulsing cock into the
narrow tunnel of her widely opened, helpless mouth. The moment the head
touched inside, Rona pulled back, a drop of warm, colorless lubrication
falling on her extended organ. She gasped, leaving her tongue outside
for the moment, afraid to pull it into her mouth, knowing she would
automatically swallow once she did.

Al smiled as he again gripped her brown hair strongly. It had come
undone and was now hanging loosely, allowing him to get a better grip on
it. Instantly she pulled her tongue into her mouth and swallowed, but
before she was able to close her lips, the man had pushed half his broad
penile head between them. It was literally dripping with seepage from
the tip, and his hands now clapped themselves around her cheeks, working
her face from side to side, letting his oils smear themselves all over
the insides of her lips.

"You're not sucking!" he admonished in an almost sing-song voice.

Feebly the helpless woman tried hard to work her thin lips around the
rubbery hardness, but no matter how hard she attempted to do so, she
found the penis was even thicker than it had looked. It was stretching
her lips to the limit, and the incredible bulk looked as if it would
never fit inside her widely stretched mouth. He was going to choke her
with it!

Al was thrilled because of what she was doing. He was so aroused all
semblance of reason temporarily left his lust-aroused mind. He was
impatient and one of his hands now gripped the shank of his throbbing
cock, while the other hand got a firmer grip on the kneeling woman's
long, dark hair. He took a deep breath then simply rammed his cock
forward, pushing so hard, he almost dislocated the lovely woman's jaws,
forcing them wider yet, shoving almost half the length of his cock into
her mouth. Her white teeth raked almost painfully along the man's
thickly rigid masculine stiffness, making him moan like an animal in

The sharpness of her teeth thrilled him, enhancing his lustful ardor
that much more, and his body began quivering in salacious enjoyment of
it all.

Her mouth was entirely filled with his broad length. The head of his
cock had penetrated right to the narrow gullet of the helplessly
kneeling woman. Yet half his cock remained unsucked, and Al had no
intention of letting this woman get away so easily. She was gagging and
choking, and he patiently waited until the coughing subsided. Then,
suddenly, with a deep grunt from somewhere inside his chest, he plunged
his penis forward again, holding her lovely head firmly in place,
sticking every last inch of his aching cock into her narrow mouth,
shoving the head of his penis into her gagging pharynx. She choked and
tried pulling back, but he yanked on her hair, holding her firmly in
place as he pushed, pushed, pushed, making certain she had every last
inch of cock inside her esophagus. He held it there as she continued
hacking and gagging, and little by little her throat opened and accepted
the monstrous gag as she breathed through widely dilated nostrils.

Rona shuddered when his heavily pendulous testicles thwacked against her
chin. The hairy sac, wrinkled though it was, felt so soft and delicate
against her rounded chin, she almost felt a shuddering thrill. For some
unexplainable vile reason, she almost enjoyed this horrible thing. Her
nostrils continued to flare widely in order for her to breathe, and she
inhaled the clean pungence of his groin. Fresh tears sprang to her
lovely helpless eyes, this time caused by another wave of helpless
gagging and choking. The man was cruelly rotating the length of his cock
around and around in the depths of her gullet, trying to widen it. Her
slaver came dribbling out, and though much of it clung to the long,
thick obtruder in her mouth, some of it fell in strings to her knees and
on the carpeted floor, as well. When Al thought his hard penis was wet
enough and her throat was open enough, he began slowly pulling his cock
out. When the head was only halfway out of her mouth, he shoved it all
the way back down her throat again. In, then out, in, then out.

Rona continued sobbing. She was undergoing this test whether she chose
to or not, and humiliated as she felt, she realized she was able to
endure this horror as his strokes continued urgently increasing. She
relaxed her lips and her gullet and came to realize this eased the
tension in her and helped her to stop choking. Fierce resistance would
only hurt her! The lovely woman began to understand that by allowing
herself to surrender totally to this obscene man, she was at least able
to spare herself acute discomfort, much less actual pain. Al immediately
sensed the lovely woman's oral surrender. As a result he loosened his
grip on her hair.

Instantly relieved at not having her hair tugged to the point of nearly
being pulled out of her head, Rona realized now that she was forced to
undergo this test of her courage, she would prove herself worthy, and
she would pass it, after all. To do this meant pleasing the man, and
toward this she made a conscious effort, knowing the better she did this
vile thing, the sooner it would all end.

She was surprised to realize that her mouth was reacting in time to the
strip music still playing in the room. Of its own volition her lips
began sucking as if involuntarily, reacting to the relentless burrowing
hardness, keeping perfect time with a movement of their own. They
opened, then closed, opened, then closed, moving wetly around the
roughly intruding thickness. Her tantalizing tongue moved of its own
accord, darting tentatively at first to the tiny slitted opening each
time the penis pulled back, while her lower front teeth continually
grated against the length of his urethra, that tube in the underside of
his hard cock, continually pressuring it ever so gently, sending fresh
thrills running, surging madly through the handsome parole officer's
vibrantly moving loins. The lust-driven man now moaned, feeling all
kinds of thrillingly licentious pleasure.

Rona was very suddenly startled to realize she possessed an almost
instinctive urge to please. She was no longer repulsed by what she was
doing. On the contrary, she found she came by it very naturally, and as
a result was making all kinds of lewd, wet, smacking noises as her mouth
began rapidly taking on an unbelievable deftness.

Somewhere hidden in the depths of her subconscious was the natural
knowledge of how she was able to orally please and satisfy a man. Using
her mouth no longer seemed vile, but rather appeared very natural. Now
this lurid information hidden in the back of her mind was charging into
the forefront, into her conscious being, taking complete control of her
physical as well as her mental self. Grateful she was somehow or other
being relieved of a part of the shameful burden she'd had to endure,
Rona allowed this hidden, almost barbaric part of her inner being to
have complete control of her entire being. Then, as if in ultimate
yielding, as if showing how willing she was to perform this obscene act,
her small, delicate hands reached up and anxiously gripped the
continually flexing muscles in the man's weighty thighs.

Al Bombannente's heart was pounding like a triphammer at the moment as
he continued to fuck his throbbing cock ever deeper into the tight
rictus of her narrow mouth. He slammed in with an ever mounting
intensity, letting the sensitive head rasp harshly, violently against
the woman's palate as if attempting to tear off an outer layer of
sensitive skin. Al moaned with an animal like satisfaction as he
continued pressing the lust-thickened lance of his powerful penis
solidly against the smoothness of her gullet. Shivers of lurid ecstasy
continued coursing through his nakedly arching body.

Rona was aware of the rapidly mounting thrills within her own body.
Excitement filled her again and again, pulling her spinning mind from
its inundation of shame and guilt. All that was washed away as she found
herself eagerly and anxiously running her fingers over his buttocks, his
thighs, his testicles, and when her head pulled back, over the exposed
base of his shaft. She was sucking eagerly now, and little mewls of
pleasure came from the depths of her taut throat. For some unexplained
reason, each time the penis pushed its way into the depths of her
esophagus, she actually felt herself being built higher and higher
toward the summit of a feeling her body had never known. Was it
possible, was it vaguely possible this was more than a test? Was this
the Lord's way of letting her initially discover just what it was all
other women raved about the orgasm? Her feminine instincts became more
and more vibrantly attuned to the lascivious cadence of the man's
eagerly thrusting loins.

More aware than ever of the lovely woman's increased fervor, Al knew he
had been right in his assessment of Rona Everson. This caused his own
licentious delight to swell enormously, and his body became sizzlingly
hot as every inch of his powerful, full fleshed frame filled itself with
passionate desire as he continued ramming his wetly swollen cock almost
insanely into the depths of her hungrily sucking oral cave. The man
continued straining his loins forward with a barbaric strength and lust.

The now hungrily sucking, beautiful dark-haired woman found herself
thrilled beyond belief at the sensations continuing to mount inside her
as she rapidly became enveloped in a torrent of thrilling,
all-encompassing sexuality. A heatedly tingling warmth ran uncontrolled
through every part of her nakedly kneeling body as she found herself
awed by the delighted way he continued fucking her mouth. Now she was
absorbed, thoroughly and totally, in helping the man achieve his sexual
culmination, for she was certain that she would also achieve her own
inner satisfaction at the same time, a satisfaction she now wanted as
much as her mind had been repelled by the idea all the other years of
her life.

There was an incredible feeling mounting in her body. It had started in
her throat, and then, as if a telegraph line had been strung from her
mouth to her vagina, she felt the heat in her worm through her belly and
actually reach into her vagina. Her hot cunt walls were throbbing
heatedly in delighted, sympathetic arousal, continually growing wetter
and wetter with leaking feminine secretions. Her softly pulsing vaginal
lips now flowered open like soft petals in a breeze, the full, hair
fringed lips of her sucking vaginal mouth continually expanding and
contracting, moving as if it, not her oral mouth, had the penis within,
and yet, down there she was still a virgin. Wasn't that another irony?

mewling around his cock-flesh as it continued to heavily intrude into
her oral depths.

Rona's slender loins were rotating and spinning with an extraordinary
sense of timing, as if she were performing on a stage, keeping a perfect
beat to the strip music still playing on the LP she had on the Rek-o-Kut
turntable. The woman was thrilled to hear the moans and gasps coming
from the man's gasping throat as he moved in wanton abandon, towering
over her kneeling form, slamming his pubis solidly forward into her
lovely face so that her nose was constantly buried in his pelvic hairs.
He moved with the steady, repeating force of a steam driven jackhammer
as he continued to jam his wetly excited penis deeper and deeper into
her now eagerly receptive mouth and throat.

"Oh Jesus!" he gasped. "You are fantastic! Nobody'd ever believe this
was your first time ... Ohhhhhhhhhh ... yes-sssss ... thattawayyyy ...
Rona ... Rona ... Rona, you were born to suck cock! To think you wasted
so many years not doing this!"

Al knew he was going to shoot his load, and very shortly, too. Nothing
in the world was going to hold it back. His heavily bubbling balls,
continually slapping against her chin, were churning with a deep, aching
sensation. What he didn't know was that Rona was also going to climax,
though if he had known this, he would have been even more thrilled. He
had never had a woman actually achieve satisfaction while in the act of
fellating him. Aware that his moment of triumphant release was not that
far off, he began redoubling his fucking activity, slamming all the more
vibrantly into the tightly narrow depths of her oral orifice while the
woman, now utterly blind with thrilled passion continued digging her
fingers into his buttocks with powerful abandon, sucking voraciously at
his throbbing penis like a hungry child at the banana to which she had
likened his cock not too long before.

Dimly Rona was very much aware she was acting like all those gutter
sluts with whom she had been incarcerated for the past eight months, and
yet, as repulsive as her enforced cock sucking had initially seemed, her
feverishly wracked body was now continually responding with uncontrolled
abandon as she realized just why all those other women seemed to enjoy

The obscene demands put upon her by this parole officer now began
thrilling Rona in ways she had never imagined possible. Even if it was
shameful and degrading--everything she had been brought up to believe
wrong--it was wonderful, and her mouth continued sucking and slurping as
her saliva continued dribbling onto her knees. She didn't even think
about the fact that she had first been forced to suck the lust-swollen
cock of a man she despised. She was doing it willingly now, actually
enjoying it, feeling her own inner thrills mount with every passing
moment. This was her way of finding out what she truly wanted to do in
life. Instead of feeding the dope habit of addicts, she would work with
those who were rehabilitated, giving her body to those men truly trying
to overcome their addiction, showing them real pleasure in this world
need not come from some chemical, but rather from within themselves.
Yes, now she first understood the true meaning of the words, "from
within one's self."

Hot liquid was seeping heavily from her contracting vaginal depths,
trickling shamelessly down her inner thighs, and her clitoris throbbed
insistently though it had never once actually been touched. Her orgasm
was building, and Rona wanted it; she wanted it more than anything in
the world, for this was her reward for having accepted the test that had
been visited on her.

she gagged as thrill after thrill wracked its way through her quivering
self. Her head bobbed back and forth all the more anxiously now, excited
at the pressure his ballooning cock was creating in her gullet as charge
after charge of delight continued moving uncontrollably through her
quaking body. She was so thrilled by her own feelings, she was totally
unaware of the bliss charging through Al Bombannente.


He was there, all right. Thick jets of heavy white sauce began spurting
from the hole in the tip of his throbbing cock, shooting relentlessly,
continually into the beautiful woman's wide-open, definitely receptive

At the first blast of the hot semen, Rona was momentarily shocked from
her own state of torpor, but a moment later she realized the heavily
gushing sperm shooting down her throat merely enhanced the feelings for
her, and she swallowed hungrily, needily, gulping, drinking, anxious for
more as the rich effluvium of the semen filled her nostrils. Wave after
wave of sperm fed her gullet, and she drank unendingly, feeling herself
slowly becoming aroused all over again. By the time she was finished and
his penis had half-shrunk, she was on fire with need, all over again.

Her head began bobbling on his limp cock, sucking hungrily, and the
power of her jaws eventually raised a new erection. But this time Al
threw the woman on her back and pushed his penis into her tight cunt,
not sparing her virginity, thrilling to her screams as her hymen
snapped, while at the same time she began a string of unbroken climaxes
that lasted ten minutes--until he came once more.

Chapter 6

Like Ella Montefusco and so many women who had traveled "the same road
before her," Rona Everson became a model parolee. Once a week she
visited Al Bombannente in the privacy of his small office and always
begged for the privilege of blowing him. After locking the door to his
office, Al always complied. Here, in the office, when he came, he had to
be silent about it. Luckily Rona always came too, and her gullet was so
filled with his cock, her muffled gasps were never heard beyond the

Rona Everson not only abandoned her previous habit of helping dope
addicts by either giving the dope away or selling it to them at cost,
but threw herself into her new role of rehabilitator. She went to work
for one of the small clinics that helped those addicted to dope who
wanted to break the habit. She used her vagina and her mouth to truly
telling effect, and men who had been incapable of potency because of the
drug habit, became aroused because of the different sexy ways Rona did
things. Not only that, but she made sex so thrillingly enjoyable for
them, she was actually able to get more than ninety percent of the men
she worked with to stay away from heroin. Considering the normal rate of
addicts truly rehabilitated throughout the country was less than five
percent, Rona was achieving remarkable success.

When she confided what she was doing, to Al, he told her, "I'm not
supposed to hear any of this, so I'm going to forget you've told it to
me. Just be careful, honey. Unfortunately, the law frowns on such
behavior, no matter how good it is, and no matter how much good it does.
Just be discreet and pick your addicts with great care."

"Mmmmmmm!" Rona nodded, her mouth crammed full of his cock.

Chapter 7

Al Bombannente wasn't the only parole officer who rated sex high on his
list of cures for parolee ills. Judy Borgen, one of the female officers
who worked in the same office as Al, also believed in it. Though she
wasn't the kind who was able to swing bi-sexually, she often worked out
an arrangement whereby some of her male parolees and some of her female
parolees took out their frustrations on one another. The only thing she
insisted on was being there to make sure the male didn't harm the female
in any way, or vice-versa.

Judy was a short girl, well-built, endowed with a pretty face, a
charming disposition, and an innate knowledge of people. She had short,
curly brown hair, bright, glistening eyes which she hid behind dark
glasses so no one was able to see the veiled lust in them, a small nose,
a full pair of lips, and a long, slender neck.

At the present time she was trying to rehabilitate one Albert Karnstein,
a short, weasel-faced man with a long nose, curly black hair which he
kept long enough to cover his stuck-out ears, and a small Hitler
mustache which he thought would make his nose look smaller. Bert, as he
was known non-affectionately by everyone who came into contact with him,
was a three-time loser, and this was his last chance. If he went back in
the next time, it would be for good. The only trouble was, Judy was
unable to get this across to the five-foot-five-inch megalomaniac.

Although Judy had not used her sex treatment on Bert yet, she decided,
as a last resort, if this didn't bring the man around, nothing would. It
went without saying that the thought of such a slimy, pimple-faced
weasel putting his hands on her was something she would never tolerate.
However, she did have one girl who had just come under her control, and
the girl, who was plain, though not unattractive, needed reassurance.

Ann Mason had only one boy friend in her entire life, and he had proven
his affection for her by leaving her with some stolen money when the
police came looking for him. The police knew the money was in her
possession, she was booked as an accessory.

Ann had served two years, and when she came out, her hair had started
turning white. She was still slightly overweight, though she had lost a
considerable amount of weight inside. Her breasts were soft and lumpy,
yet they somehow managed to hold up, and by some miracle her waistline
had pinched in, even if her belly was slightly rounded.

Bert Karnstein had never had a woman. Granted, he had always thought of
himself as something super-special, megalomania running rampant in his
entire family, but hard as he had tried to get a woman, he had been
unsuccessful in his short span of thirty years. Considering that he had
spent ten of those years in different prisons, it was not too
surprising. He had committed three robberies, had been caught each time,
and had gone to prison each time. The first time he had served a year of
a three year sentence. The second time he had served three years of a
seven year sentence, and the third time he had served six years of a
fifteen year sentence. However the parole board never seemed to learn,
and Bert was back on the streets again, out on parole, this time
assigned to Judy Borgen. Judy Borgen was almost certain rehabilitation
with this man was futile, but she was going to give it one last try.

Chapter 8

Bert didn't know what to expect when he followed Judy Borgen into the
run-down apartment building. His mind was on the trim, luscious form of
the twenty-eight-year-old parole officer, and he would have given
anything if she had let him bang her. Hell! Maybe that was why she had
brought him here. He was always the supreme egomaniac, certain that one
day he would meet a female who would see in him all the things he saw in

When Judy pushed open the door to apartment 3C, what Bert saw was
something beyond what he had expected. This was the apartment in which
Ann Mason now lived.

The apartment, though small, was considerably larger than the one-room
dump where he was presently flopping. It had a kitchen, a living room,
and a bedroom with a single gigantic king-sized bed in the middle of the
room, looking like an enormous playground. The room itself was painted a
garish purple, and there were red, blue, and purple light bulbs in
unshaded lamps all over the room.

What really made Bert's eyes pop was the white-haired woman, obviously
not much older than himself, in the middle of the bed. She was
bare-assed naked, and she was rhythmically pumping a thick, gleaming
white cylinder in and out of the still brown-haired V between her
slackly splayed thighs. She was pumping it in and out in time to a tune
she was humming.

The steam radiator in the corner was hissing, making the room feel like
an oven. Bert took off his black leather jacket, revealing his cheap
blue shirt and black pants underneath. Judy also removed her coat, and
she was clad in a gray-green dress with long sleeves and a matching
jacket. The psychedelic colors in the room made Ann Mason's gleaming
white naked body look good to Bert Karnstein. She lay on the bed,
totally concentrating on her lewd manner of self-fulfillment. She didn't
pay much attention to Bert's and Judy's entrance.

"Ann," Judy snapped, "didn't I tell you not to do things like that? You
know, you might damage yourself."

Ann merely smiled and pulled the slick, shiny cylinder from her tight
pussy, and Bert realized it was a long, thick Christmas candle. The
juicy pink lips of her clamping cunt seemed to cling to the candle like
a sucking mouth, and when she plunged it back into herself, she grunted
with a certain satisfaction. From time to time she took a drag from a
cigarette, and Judy realized, from the smell of it, it was pure tobacco
and nothing else. Ann had no intention of doing anything that would send
her back inside.

Today was Saturday, and in the privacy of her own apartment she was able
to do anything she wished, including masturbating with a convenient
candle. Not even Judy Borgen was able to stop her from doing that, and
when Judy had phoned earlier to tell Ann she was coming over with a
surprise, Ann had decided to surprise Judy by stripping down and letting
the parole officer see her naked body on the bed, this way. She hadn't
expected Judy to bring a man with her, but when the man had come in and
Ann had finally become aware of him, she knew what Judy intended.

Bert felt his limp cock solidly lurch in his pants as it began swelling.
He stood there, wide-eyed, salivating hungrily and observing just what
it was the white-haired woman was doing. She was shamelessly
masturbating to a climax. Bert saw the woman was really getting hot now
because of the way her pelvis was starting to snap upward on every
driving instroke of the candle as it continually vanished between her
thighs. She grunted each time she pushed the candle out very slowly, its
wetly glistening length shining as she prepared to ram it into her all
the harder.

Though Judy shuddered at the thought of touching Bert Karnstein, she
knew he wouldn't really make a move until she did something to let him
know it was all right for him to act. He was shaken up when he felt her
hand unzip his fly. He was even more shaken up when she reached into
said fly and pulled out his small penis, already as long and as hard as
it was going to grow, and she began tugging it back and forth, keeping
perfect time with the way Ann was fucking herself with the candle.

Reluctantly, the man tore his eyes away from the thrillingly lascivious
sight on the bed and looked down at the way Judy's hand was gripping his
cock. The beautiful curly haired woman was grinning mischievously at him
with sparkling eyes that looked unbelievable now that she had taken off
her dark glasses. There was no question that Judy was a knockout,
prettier by far than the white-haired woman with dark circles under her
eyes who lay on the bed. Still, the nakedness of the woman on the bed
made her look unnaturally sexy, so suggestive of total and complete
erotic abandon, that he felt himself drawn to her.

"Well will you look at the present my parole officer has brought me,"
Ann Mason said aloud.

Bert Karnstein stared at the bed and the woman lying on it, and he
dribbled a little. The white haired woman was watching him with an
amused smile on her prematurely pouchy face. She had stopped jerking the
candle in and out of her vagina, but with the candle inside, and with
her legs widely splayed, he was able to see part of the candle sticking
out from the hairy lips of her sucking cunt.

"Come on over here, whatever-your-name-is," she said to Bert, beckoning
to him. "Let's see what you have between your legs, and then maybe I can
spare this candle for another time. It doesn't look like much from here,
but I think it'll fit."

As if he were suddenly being tugged by some powerful magnetic force, the
man walked away from Judy Borgen and moved toward the woman who was
lying on the bed amidst a series of colorful throw pillows. His thinly
distended cock was jutting out of his fly, pointing the way before him.

As he neared the bed, Ann rolled from the middle of the bed to the edge
to take a closer look at the penis. Prison had hardened her, and because
she no longer looked attractive to most men, she had come to the point
where any cock, any cock at all, looked good to her.

"Oh, I like the look of that," she purred appreciatively, and she
reached out a slender hand, white with prison pallor to touch the
dome-shaped head of the skinny little man's throbbing penis. It was the
second time in as many minutes that a feminine hand had touched his
cock, and it took all Bert Karnstein's willpower not to shoot. Ann gave
the tip a sharp little pinch which sent a lightning flash of mixed pain
and delight charging through every tingling nerve end in Bert's
shuddering body. Jesus, the bitch really knew how to touch a guy just
right. She must have seen him ready to boil over with lust, and instead
of grabbing his cock and making him shoot, she had pinched him in just
the right place to make the feeling inside him recede. Bert had no idea
who she was or why Judy had brought him together with the white-haired
woman, but he was willing to bet the broad had already learned more ways
of giving and taking pleasure sexually than he would ever learn. The
white hair and the young, albeit pouchy face made her look mystical,
almost witch-like, and there was that look about her that made him
associate her with dark practices and strange, secret rites. Yet she was
young, he was sure of that, younger than himself. She darted a
quizzical, challenging look up at him from under her grey, arched brows,
and said, "YOU tell me, man, do you know what to do with this pecker of
yours besides piss?"

"I'm sure if I don't, you'll be more than happy to teach me, won't you,"
he said.

"I want the two of you to enjoy each other," Judy said to them. "I think
if you like one another and want to live together--without my knowledge,
of course--it might be enough to straighten out both your lives. How
about it?"

"I'm willing," Ann said. "Now it's up to skinny here with the Hitler
mustache. Hey, you know Judy, you're all right. You really know what a
girl needs, don't you. Hell! I'll bet not many parole officers can look
into a person's soul and see what it is he or she really needs. Tell me,
are you gonna hang around and watch, or d'you think we can be left

"I'm responsible for all this," Judy replied. "I don't dare leave the
two of you alone, at least not right now. If you do decide to move in
together, then it'll theoretically be without my knowing about it, and
the two of you can do whatever pleases you. But right now, I have to
make sure my bringing the two of you together wasn't a mistake, and so
no matter how it bothers you, I'm going to have to watch."

"Does that bug you?" Ann asked Bert.

He wasn't about to let the women know that being watched bothered him.
Heck! The last thing in the world that he wanted was for any of them to
find out he was still a virgin. He had to act like a knowledgeable man,
so he swaggered a little, and said, "Heck, she's already grabbed hold of
my cock and felt it. I don't see why her looking at the two of us ought
to bother me."

"Right on, man!" Ann nodded. "Well, let's not waste any time. I'm not
allowed to have any alcoholic beverages here, so all I have in the place
is some Coca Cola. Notice, I can't even use the word Coke. It's in the
refrigerator if you want to fortify yourself before coming to bed."

"Why the hell should I need to be fortified?" Bert asked. "A chick like
you looks mighty good to me."

Jesus! He was hotter than hell! He wouldn't have cared if she looked
like Godzilla, but the truth was, in his eyes, anyway, lying there
totally naked, she wasn't a half-bad-looking woman, and he knew he'd be
able to spend his time with her, at least until he was ready for the
bigger and better things he was always anticipating.

His eyes roved hungrily, lustfully over Ann Mason's gleaming chalk-white
form, following the curves of her overripe, soft breasts and her
somewhat fleshy waist, although the waist wasn't really that bad. His
eyes inevitably returned to the juncture between her thighs where the
white candle was still embedded. As he watched, she used her shoulders
and heels to lift her body from the bed, and then she began contracting
the muscles of her buttocks and little by little the candle began oozing
out of her, sliding from the depths of her cunt, filling the air with
the rich, musky aroma of her interior. It was almost all the way out
when Ann began rotating her hips around and around in an undulatory
motion and to his amazement the candle slowly but surely was sucked
right back into her again, disappearing bit by bit until only the end
stuck out. He almost felt the pressure of her nibbling vaginal lips
around his own throbbing cock, and Bert almost lost control of himself,
then and there. It took total willpower not to climax.

"I'm a total-action, man!" she boasted, a mocking glint in her eye,
gazing up at Bert, letting him see the fever glittering there. "I think
it's time you gave me a try, buddy," she told him, and she clenched her
vaginal muscles tightly. The candle suddenly shot from her cunt as if it
had been fired from a gun. She swiveled her hips so that her pelvis was
now directly pointed at him, and then she reached down with both hands
to part the sparsely-haired lips of her sucking vagina, lasciviously
exposing her dilated vaginal opening and the swollen bud of her clitoris
pulsating in the steaming furrow of glistening pink pussyflesh.

"Ever eat pussy, man?" Ann asked him softly.

"Huh! Why ... uhhhh ... yeah, sure, I'm the greatest pussy eater
around," Bert boasted, as he boasted of being the greatest anything and
everything around. The truth was, this was the first naked pussy he had
ever seen, much less having done anything else to it. He looked at Judy
once, for confirmation, and Judy nodded. Then, with a low, animal-like
moan, completely forgetful of anything and everything else in the world
for the moment, he dropped to his knees on the bed and buried his face
in the soaking depths of Ann's bubbling vagina, his tongue frantically
licking, letting her exuding oils smear all over his lips and face,
sucking frenziedly at the fluid as if drinking it would give him life
the way blood would give life to a vampire. He had been so starved for
the feel of a woman. He had never had one before, and being able to glut
himself this way so suddenly, thrilled him. He smelled the aroma of her
as he licked, unable to believe such delicious pleasures really did
exist in this world, after all. His entire life had been one big lie,
and this was the kind of truth he was able to face very easily. With a
truth like this around, he began wondering for the first time in his
life if lying was necessary.

Immediately Ann's clutching hands reached down and tangled themselves in
the man's black, curly hair, her fingers pulling loose strands, letting
her see that intermingled in the black he, too, had white hairs. She
guided his mouth until she felt his tongue touching her clitoris, and
then she rubbed her extended nubbin back and forth against the flat oral
organ, regulating the sucking and impetuous licking. As his lips closed
around the moistly pulsating little bud, she gave a low, abandoned moan
and her pelvis began a fluidly serpentine motion against his hungering,
open mouth. Bert instinctively followed and accentuated her rhythm, his
sucking lips and swirling tongue delving into the same pussy he had seen
the candle move in and out of, and it was as if he had done this all his
life--as if this was the most natural thing in the world for him to do.
It was almost as if the two of them had been fated to be together since
the beginning of time.

That was it! Yes, that was it! Bert Karnstein knew for a fact the two of
them were perfectly attuned to one another, and he knew that when the
time came for him to fuck her, he was going to really blow his top.
Shee-ittt! This was a real woman, and he was going to bury his cock
where his tongue now delved. Jesus! It would be one helluva lot better
than fucking his fist, that was for sure. It was as if this white-haired
broad and he were made for one another--one of those wonderful moments
he had waited for all his life but had stopped expecting to happen,
after awhile. He seemed to know precisely how to give her pleasure.

The girl's entire body began twisting and jerking and shuddering when he
drew his tongue up and down the center of her pink wet vaginal crevice,
and then began rotating it around and around as if he had done this all
his life. He washed the smooth, wet velvet of her cunt, nibbling just at
the opening in the beginning, then sliding his tongue farther and
farther inside. He heard Ann moan yearningly now, and he was aware of
the muscles in her vaginal canal clinging as hard as possible to his
obscenely protruding tongue. It seemed to no longer be a part of him,
but rather became a part of the woman's body, fluttering with the rapid
pounding of blood pumping through her shuddering arteries. Not caring he
was barely able to breathe, Bert pushed his nose even deeper between the
flanges of her sucking cunt, thrusting the full length of his tongue
into the woman's ravenous vaginal tunnel. He inhaled deeply, and the
smothering odor of her vagina almost totally overwhelmed him. He reveled
in her passionate response to the ministrations of his obviously
adequate oral organ.

You must wait, he was thinking. Honey, you wait until you feel the full
length of my cock driving all the way up inside your cunt. You'll see
how adequate it is, and you'll never want another cock for the rest of
your life. In spite of the fact that he was the one on his knees,
groveling like a slave between her tender thighs, he was once again
filled with an exaggerated amount of self-importance. He felt a sense of
mastery over this white-haired woman he had only just met and whose
pussy seemed to suddenly become the limits of his new universe. He was
well aware of his cock straining and expanding to an enormous thickness
for it, that is, as he anticipated the wild fucking he would shortly be
enjoying with this woman. All the while Bert continued to taunt and
tantalize her with his driving tongue until her gasps became sobs and he
felt her hands tugging at his head.

"It's time!" Ann cried out. "It's time! Come on, shrimp! Come ahead and
fuck me, and let's see if your cock is at least half as good as your

Bert jumped up and began pulling off his clothing. His eyes caught a
glimpse of Judy, sitting on a vanity bench off to the side, apparently
indifferent to what was going on as she watched. She sat with her legs
raised and her arms folded, as if very pleased with the way things were
going. Well hell! He was more than pleased.

Totally naked now, he hurled his skinny, underweight body between the
white-haired woman's outflung legs. She stopped tossing her head from
side to side long enough to look between her breasts at the hardness of
his twitching penis, and then she reached down with her right hand to
guide the swollenly bulbous head into the hair-surrounded dimple that
was her aching cunt. Simultaneously, as one person, the pair of them
heaved toward one another so that their loins smacked wildly together
and his near-bursting cock was buried to the hilt far into the soft
depths of her hungry feminine flesh. It sank all the way on the first
lunge, but then, it was neither long nor thick, and Ann's cunt had been
dilated by the candle so that she had been more than ready.

"UMMMMMMM! YESSSSSS ... THAT'S GOOD!" Ann gasped, panting heavily as she
laced her smooth arms around the man's skinny shoulders and his narrow
back. "Don't you move, yet, lover. I want to feel all of you inside me
for awhile!"

Ann was smiling into his face, her lips dry and parched, and that was
when Bert became aware of the intense heat emanating from her motionless
body, as if the woman was burning up with fever.

For the first time Bert realized how deep the dark circles were under
Ann's eyes, and he knew it wasn't just from a lack of sleep. The woman
had suffered, much as he had suffered. He wondered if she had served
time, too. Then, gradually, his body began to absorb the heat emanating
from her, and it seemed to him he was able to distinctly feel every
delightful square inch of her trembling body where his own flesh touched
hers. It was as if the two of them were blending, then melting together.
Currents of strange, never-before-felt sensation began eddying through
his shuddering flesh, although neither of them was moving. He wanted to
wet her dry lips with the tip of his tongue, yet he sensed this was no
time for the "ordinary motions" of love. He continued staring into the
depths of her dark and knowing eyes, feeling very nearly a sense of
inner fear. It crossed his mind that somehow this woman whom he had only
recently met was casting a bewitching spell over him.

Then everything began.

The feelings within him were incredible, and they went on endlessly,
ceaselessly, ecstatically and unbelievably, an elastic rippling wave
movement of the inner muscles of her squeezing vagina that began milking
the full length of his near-bursting cock, a little at a time, from the
hard, aching rubbery head down to the thick base where their pelvic
hairs had become slickly entwined. He did his best to pull back in order
to start fucking her, but Bert found himself powerless to move as the
wildly spiraling motions of her inner vaginal muscles built up an
irresistibly delirious thrill of delightful rapture in the depths of his
sperm-filled testicles, and he realized that even if this woman sucked
the very life from his body, he had to go on with this unbelievable
sensation he was feeling.

With a sob of bitter frustration he let his face fall onto one of the
multicolored cushions beside her head and allowed Ann to continue the
strangely weird and unnatural theft of his masculinity because with part
of his mind he realized this was precisely what she was doing. He was
totally and completely helpless--like a newborn babe lying in its crib
with a cat on its chest about to suck the breath from its body.

bellowed, and it was his last shout before the violence of his release
from this unbearable delight made him black out. His mind went totally
blank as his lust-tensed testicles reached the limits of human
endurance, exploding jet after seething jet of sperm into her insatiably
sucking depths, draining him for what felt like forever.

"That was nice for starters," Ann said to him, waiting for his
convulsive jerking to gradually subside as his hoarse panting
diminished. Her cunt gave his rapidly shriveling little cock one final
squeeze and then she imperiously ordered, "Fuck me!"

"Oh my God! I can't!" he gasped. "I can't!"

He flopped off her and rolled to the side as Ann said to Judy, "What
kind of a bum did you bring me? What the hell do I need with Mr. Softy?"

"Give him time to recover," Judy said to her. "I think you'll find him
very adequate."

"I hope so," Ann yelled.

So do I, Bert thought.

Chapter 9

It was late in the afternoon when Judy left Ann's place. Bert Karnstein
was so washed out Judy knew there was no way he would be able to hurt
Ann, and Ann had enjoyed enough pleasure from Bert so that she had
agreed to let him move in with her

The trouble was, watching all that action--and not participating--had
made Judy tremendously aroused. Unfortunately she had made no
arrangements for the upcoming evening because of her job, and so she
thought she would end up alone.

Her drive home took her through the Golden Gate area, and she knew Al
Bombannente lived somewhere nearby. It was from listening through a
small hole in the wall that separated their offices that Judy had
learned about Al's unorthodox methods when it came to parolees, and
because of his success, she had tried it herself, though using women
like Ann Mason rather than giving herself to the ex-cons. She wondered
if Al was busy that evening.

Her car seemed to guide itself through the streets and suddenly it was
parking in front of the apartment house where she knew Al lived. It was
a nice neighborhood, very quiet, which for San Francisco was a rarity
since most of the city was almost always in some kind of turmoil or

Getting out of the car, she felt the cold wind from the nearby ocean
whipping her coat, cutting through her, making her entire body shudder.
Entering the apartment building, she looked at the mail boxes and
discovered Al lived on the fourth floor. That seemed to be the perfect
floor to live on in a high-rise like this one. There were no fire
escapes outside his window, though there was one at the end of the hall,
and he was too high for robbers to reach him from the ground, while too
low for them to come down from the roof.

Finding Al's apartment, Judy pushed the door buzzer and waited. Less
than a minute later, Al Bombannente opened the door and smiled at her,
saying, Yes?"

He was wearing dark slacks, a white long-sleeved shirt open at the
collar, no shoes, and he had a bourbon in his hand.

"Is that the way you greet all visitors?" she asked.

"Only those with whom I'm very familiar," he replied. "Come on in, Judy.
Tell me, what brings you to this neighborhood, especially at this time
of the day?"

"I'm lonely," she replied. "I just finished working with two parolees."

"On Saturday?"

"Well, it's not the kind of treatment the state would exactly smile on,
if you get my meaning."

"Suppose you explain," he said, leading her into his large living room,
a place too tastefully decorated for him to have done it by himself.
Either he had paid an interior decorator, or he'd had a lady friend come
in and do it. Judy later learned he had rented the apartment furnished,
and this was the way the former tenant had done it before passing away.

"Al, our offices are separated by a thin wall, and there's a slight
crack in the wall that lets me hear everything that goes on in your
office. When I say everything, I mean everything. Since you've been so
successful with parolees, I've taken to imitating you, but with a
difference. Instead of using my own body, I usually mate a male and
female parolee in desperate need of one another. That's what I did

"You're taking a big chance," he said to her. "If one of them tells on
you, you'll not only be fired, but possibly prosecuted."

"Don't be silly," Judy said to him. "I'm not nearly as personally
involved as you are. Even if a dissatisfied parolee complains, they'll
never be able to prove anything against me. You, on the other hand,
might literally get caught with your pants down."

"You know better than that," Al said to her. "Can I get you a drink?"

"That might be a good idea," Judy nodded. "By the way, am I intruding?
If you have plans for tonight ..."

"No," he told her. "I was thinking of taking in a movie, though to be
truthful I haven't been to the movies in more than fifteen years. Hell,
with all the golden oldies on TV, who wants to see the junk they show in
the theaters today, and pay four bucks a throw? Hell, not me."

"Especially on the kind of money we earn, Judy nodded.

"What's a pretty lady like you doing by herself on a Saturday evening?"
Al asked, handing her a bourbon and water.

"I knew I would be busy today, and didn't know what time I'd be
through," she told him, "so I didn't make any dates for tonight.
Besides, I really wasn't in the mood to go out and go through the
courtship rigmarole with some guy I don't particularly care for. I knew
I'd be aroused as hell after watching what went on between those two

"You actually stayed and watched them?"

"Of course! Did you think I would turn him loose on her without some
kind of supervision?"

"Well I take it as a compliment that you came here for my company after
you finished your observing, or is it that you merely wish to
commiserate with a fellow worker?"

"Don't be cute," Judy said, standing. "Look, I'm not in the mood for
bourbon. I know this sounds ridiculous, but do you have any chocolate
mix around? I'm in the mood for hot chocolate. Not coffee, hot

"In the kitchen," he nodded, pointing to the little kitchenette which
was really part of the living room.

Judy walked into the little kitchen area and went to the cabinet Al
pointed out to her, and she took out a can of cocoa mix. She found milk
in the refrigerator, and she put some into a pan and opened the can.
With a spoon she dished out some of the powder, but in doing so she
spilled some on the floor.

"Sorry," she said, and wetting a paper towel, she bent, with her back to
Al, and began washing up the chocolate.

He wondered whether she had spilled the powder on purpose. The way she
was bending caused her dress to ride up much higher than it should, and
as a result he was able to see the bottom of the cheeks of her white,
round ass, covered with the barest pink bikini panties.

"Come on, let me help," he said to her, and moving over to her, he
squatted facing her. She knelt now, supporting herself with one hand
while she finished washing up the powdered chocolate with the other
hand. Her dress, while not exactly scoop-necked, was loose at the top,
and with Al kneeling in the position he was in, directly above Judy, he
was able to peer down and see the fullness of her brassiere-encased
breasts. They weren't large, but they were nice and round, and the way
they pushed her dress out made them look like a pair of artillery shells
in a sling. Two nubby nipples pressed into the fabric and pushed at her
dress, as well.

Judy looked up to catch Al looking down her dress. Instead of blushing
and turning away, she remained where she was, and Al, not the least bit
fazed, continued looking a little longer, enjoying the sight. Then he
met her eyes and gulped a little, yet didn't look the least bit
embarrassed. He smiled at her, and she smiled back.

"I guess we're beyond the blushing stage," she said to him.

"I guess," he nodded. "Did you get all the chocolate?"

"Uh huh!" she nodded, standing. "I always wondered if men ever reached
the stage where they stopped looking down a woman's dress when given the
opportunity. Now I know."

"Hell, you were offering them to my eyes on the proverbial silver
platter. What was I supposed to do, look away like a gentleman? You have
one nice pair of tits there, lady."

"I'm glad you finally noticed," Judy smiled, throwing the paper towel in
the garbage and heating up the chocolate-flavored milk. You were always
so wrapped up in screwing those female parolees I often wondered if you
scored with any other women."

"I used to and I suppose I'd still be able to if I really wanted to," he
admitted. "But I find this a lot easier. The girls do what I want, when
I want it, and believe it or not, they're all better human beings
because of it. It's nice to know I'm doing a service for humanity by
simply screwing."

"Haven't you ever had the desire for one permanent woman?"

"I've never found a permanent woman who was willing to meet my .."


"No, conditions. You see, even if I did marry, the woman would have to
understand my job, and she would have to understand that I wouldn't
change my methods of, shall we say, rehabilitation."

"Well suppose your wife was in the same business. Would you allow her to
do the same thing?"

"I don't know," he admitted. "You see, I'm still old-fashioned enough to
believe in the double standard."

"Why?" Judy asked, turning off the stove and pouring the cocoa into two

"Well a man is external, whereas a woman is internal. So no matter how
many times a man dips his wick, he can still take it out, wash it off,
and unless he's contracted some kind of venereal disease, be in
excellent shape for the woman he loves. With a woman, she can't, in
essence, see the part of herself she's cleaning after she's finished
with a man. So there's always the possibility of ... uhhhh ... there
being something of the man left over inside her. I don't think I'd like
going into a woman whose vagina might still contain the residue of
another man."

"You're really not being fair to the woman."

"I suppose not," he admitted. "Which is the reason why I've never
married. This way I don't have to make excuses."

"You're a damn chauvinist," Judy said, sipping her chocolate.

"Yeah," Al nodded, putting his cup down on the small kitchenette table.
He looked at her for a long, long time, waiting for her to finish
drinking her cocoa, and then he stared into eyes which were staring
right back at him. "I have to admit," he told her. "You're one of the
goddamned sexiest women I've ever seen. I'd sure love to get it on with

"I'll just bet you would," Judy nodded, wiping her mouth with another
paper towel and throwing it in the garbage can. "Tell me, are you a tit

"Not necessarily," he shrugged. "Oh hell, if you want a compliment I'll
give it to you and tell you you have one gorgeous set of jugs. But I'm
interested in the woman as a whole."

"How do you spell that last word?" she asked.

"With a W." he replied.

"Well, at least that makes you different from any other man I've ever

"Not really," he replied, trying to act bored. "There are lots of us
around. Have you had supper?"

"It's a little too early for supper," she replied.

"Don't you think so?"

"Let's not mince words," he said to her.

She walked over to the sofa, which she suspected was a bed at night, and
she sat. Then she surprised him by cupping her hands under her breasts,
saying, "I have very sensitive breasts, Al. Few men know how to caress
them correctly. Most try mangling me. All I really need is a touch."

Her hands very lightly ran over her taut nipples, as if showing him how
she liked to be fondled. Then she slowly unzipped her dress, stood, and
stepped out of it. Tossing it off on a chair nearby, she once again
cupped her hands under her brassiere-encased breasts and said, "I don't
like masturbating, Al. There's no pleasure in it. It's been quite some
time since a man's hands have touched me."

He was standing near the sofa himself, now, and he slowly sat, watching
as she kneeled in front of him. All the while she continued fondling her
full, rounded breasts, pushing them up.

For some reason, Al felt almost like a young kid all over again. He
ought to have felt sorry for Judy. She was baring more than her flesh
before him, she was baring her soul. Yet he didn't feel sorry for her
because she wasn't trying to get pity from him. On the contrary, it was
obvious she was letting him, in essence know, that she wanted to get it
on with him, though she wasn't blatantly coming right out and saying it.

There was pleasure scrawled all over her face as she fondled her breasts
while looking at him. He reached down and removed her dark glasses, put
them on a nearby end table, and for the first time he was able to see
her glistening eyes. They were half-shuttered at the moment beneath long

Al found his hands reaching forward, and suddenly his fingers were
following the paths traced by her own hands. After a few long minutes of
that delightful activity, he realized he was becoming more than slightly
aroused, and he suddenly moaned, allowing himself to jerk as he gave
each oval a solid squeeze.

"Oh my, that feels good!" Judy gasped, purring softly hunching her
smoothly rounded shoulders and then closing her eyes. "OH YESSSS ...
I've been aching to feel a man's hands touch me for the longest time,
Al. it's been so long ... so long."

"That sounds like your fault more than anyone else's," Al whispered,
breathing heavily, enjoying the contact of her full, swollen breasts
immensely, thrilling to the pressure of her nipples through her

"I'm particular," she gasped. "I'm not going to give my body to just any
man, just as, I'm sure, you're particular which parolees enjoy what you
do to them."

"I'm glad," he murmured softly. "I'm very glad. I wouldn't expect a
woman like you to be a virgin, in fact I'd be downright disappointed if
you were, but I'm glad you're careful and particular."

"Being particular also makes me a pretty lonely woman," Judy sighed as
his hands continued massaging her paps. "Men don't like going out with
women who won't give them what they want, especially when the woman is
my age."

"You sound like you're old," Al said, laughing softly. "Jesus, you're
not even thirty, yet. Hell! I'll tell you this much. If I ever did have
me a permanent girl, she'd be a lot like you. You're a woman I can
respect, Judy."

"I wouldn't have come here if I thought otherwise," she said to him, her
eyes flying open. She looked at him with an almost predatory stare. Her
tongue came out as she nervously licked her sensuous lips, and then she
said, "Just for tonight, do you think you might be able to pretend I
belong to you? I'm not going to hold you to anything permanent, Al. But
for this one night, I'd like to make believe someone really cares about

"I'd like that," Al told her, continuing to feel her breasts. "Let's
pretend we're married."

"Fine!" she nodded. "What do married couples do on a Saturday night?"

"Well, like you said, it's too early to go out for supper or to a
nightclub. Look, for openers, let's just sit here on the couch and
relax, and maybe watch a little TV, and sort of let nature take its

"That sounds like one terrific idea," Judy said, and she got to her feet
and turned on the TV set. Then she walked over to him and snuggled
beside him on the sofa, her feet drawn up under her as she felt the
circle of his right arm holding her close.

She pressed her body so firmly into his, his hand was able to sneak
under her arm and caress her breast. His other arm came across his
waist, enabling him to touch her other nipple, and now he was caressing
both breasts, giving them his full attention with fingers and thumbs.

He knew she was staring down at the growing package of heated,
stiffening cylindrical meat inside the tight pants he was wearing. He
played a game with her, pretending to be furtive about it, adjusting his
pants down there, moving the swelling organ into a more comfortable
position. It was upright now, burning against his flat stomach.

Moaning and writhing herself, Judy raised her lovely face to his with
her deep, tantalizing eyes closed. When she had wiped the cocoa from her
mouth she had also removed her lipstick, and Al was more than happy to
kiss her unrouged lips. It moved sensuously beneath his, and her hand
reached over to clutch at his hip. There was nothing accidental about
the way her forearm pressed itself solidly against the upright,
throbbing bar of his shuddering cock. Her arm moved back and forth, as
if trying to tear open the fly to his pants.

Al moaned and shifted his legs slightly, ostensibly to escape from the
delightful pressure, but in reality making his cock rub all the harder
against her pressuring arm. He shoved one hand down inside her
brassiere, cupping her left breast, while his other hand slid underneath
the B cup of the other mammary, pushing it up and out of the way. He was
squeezing the solidity of her naked breasts. They were hard, and their
crests were full, very swollen. She bit at his lip, and then she
squirmed. She moved as if jolted by a bolt of lightning, and she was
moaning very loudly as her hand sprang from his hip to fasten very
tightly on the throbbing rod inside his pants.

"HHHAAAUUUNNNHHHH!" Al gasped, his body responding with a jerk.

As a result, his hands squeezed her nipples unduly hard, and now both of
them felt like two marbles that had fallen from a Chinese Checker board.

"Is this what husbands and wives do?" Judy asked, giggling, her hand
continuing to squeeze his erection.

"Not being married to anyone other than you at the moment, it would be
kind of difficult for me to reply," he told her.

Judy liked the way he was playing the game. He didn't fall out of
character in spite of the fact that she had, for the moment. He was a
good man, a very good man, and she had the feeling that a relationship
between the two of them might very well develop. At this stage of the
game it was no longer up to her. Just because a woman wanted to get laid
didn't mean a relationship had to form. The truth of the matter was, it
was up to him.

"Tell me," she demanded, "when I'm not around, does my darling husband
sometimes take the situation in hand--like this?" she asked, squeezing
his cock, hard. Her hand jerked up and down on the organ even though it
was inside his pants.

"Jesus! You have some hand, there. You're driving me out of my mind.
Keep it up, and I'll shoot a load in my pants."

"Does that mean you won't have anything left over for me?"

"Not until after supper."

"Well then, we don't want to get your pants messed up, do we. We'll just
have to take them off."

While Al continued writhing on the sofa, she pulled his pants open. Then
she tugged them down, pulling down his undershorts, as well. He hoisted
his buttocks from the sofa so she was able to pull them to his knees.
His mighty erection suddenly sprang up as if from a trap and stood
there, trembling, looking enormous and fighting mad. Judy caressed the
throbbing length of it with her palm, letting cool air from between her
pursed lips blow all over it. In the meantime, Al continued squeezing
her malleable breasts.

"My God!" Judy gasped, staring at his throbbing organ. "Is that all one
penis, or is it three penises pushed one on top of the other. I've never
seen anything quite that long or that thick."

"I've found it more than adequate," Al laughed nervously, shuddering as
her hand squeezed it. She was the first woman to ever make him jittery.

"I'll say," Judy nodded. "Say, slipping out of my play acting role for
the moment, I just want you to know I take precautions, so you don't
have to be afraid of firing inside me."

"I'm not worried," Al told her. "I'm sterile, and though I can go all
day and through the night, I can't make babies."

"In any case, I'd love to feel that wonderful instrument playing a solo
inside me," Judy said to him.

"I'm just as agreeable," he nodded, enjoying the feeling of being the
one seduced for a change instead of having to be the seducer.

Al found himself trembling and twitching as if he were a nervous
teenager about to experience his first woman. Certainly she was the
first woman he'd ever known for whom he felt such need rather than mere
lust. She had created the need by coming to him and seducing him in this
rather outlandish fashion. His hands clamped on her rounded breasts all
the more tightly, and the pulling pressure of his hands caused her
brassiere to lift up and hang around her neck. He squeezed her breasts
as if he meant to pull them off. They weren't quite the size of
grapefruit, but they felt just as solid.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she hummed, rubbing her hod against the pressure of his

"Like?" he asked.

"You know I do," she nodded. "I like playing games too, but there are
games, and there are games. Let's you and I get down to the playing of
real adult games."

"I'm for that," he nodded. "But first, don't you think it'd be a good
idea if both of us stripped down. Maybe some men prefer their women
partially clothed, but I like my females baby-naked."

So she pulled away from Al and got to her feet, proceeding to pull off
her clothing, while Al stood up and kicked his pants from around his
feet while removing his shirt and undershirt as well.

Al sat back on the sofa and looked as Judy finished shucking the last of
her undies. She was a vision, she was, small, but well-shaped. There was
nothing about her that was too large or too small. Her full breasts were
the perfect size for a woman of her height, and they stood up so nicely.
The nipples were a light tan, as were each of the small surrounding
areolae. She saved the removal of her panties for last, turning away
from him and bending forward a little, poking her rounded asscheeks in
his direction, revealing the dark cleft between them, making her
asscheeks stand out like two small snow banks.

She turned to face him again when her panties were down around her
ankles. Al simply stared, taking all of her in, gazing with unfeigned
admiration and lust, looking at the furry playground between her
slender, pillarly white thighs.

"You are something," he said to her. "You are really something. If I
were to ever become serious about a woman, it would have to be a woman
like you."

"Why a woman like me?" Judy asked. "Why not take the real thing, me!"

"Why not!" he nodded.

The small, full-breasted lovely woman walked toward him, then squatted,
sitting astride his thighs, moving forward until the brushed thicket of
curling brown hair tickled the tip of his shuddering penis. Then she
rose up on tiptoe, leaned forward, reached back and under her with one
hand, and with her thumb and her forefinger she tilted the head of his
throbbing cock into her waiting chalice.

"GGGHHHUUUNNNGGGHHHAAAGGGHHHH!" she gasped, her weight now on her knees
as she sank all the way down, shaking all over.

Al was aware she had enjoyed an instantaneous climax, and this with just
a single thrust of his fleshy wand into the willowy softness of her
feminine vale. Her arms wrapped themselves tightly around him, and she
clung to him, squirming and rotating her vagina all the more solidly
against his groin, kissing his pubis with her cuntlips as she rubbed her
rounded ass against his thighs and balls.

Pressing down on her knees, she lifted her body up only to sink right
back down on his throbbing cock-length, her rubbery buttocks once again
hitting his legs. Her mouth had fallen open, and her brilliantly shining
eyes had a faraway look in them Al had never seen in the eyes of any
other woman. Judy was special, all right. He knew that without even
thinking about it. His arms were around her slender waist, firmly
holding her as she sat there trembling, squeezing the walls of her
trembling cunt that much more tightly around his throbbing cock.

She had needed that! She had really needed that! Her body was quivering,
and she was perspiring heavily, and she knew this was only the
beginning. She needed more, much more.

Her arms pushed between them, and her hands pressed on his shoulders,
signaling to him that she wished to sit back. He released her waist and
let her all but recline, with his stiff staff still solidly implanted
inside her vaginal depths. His hands reached up and filled themselves
with the round fullness of her lovely breasts.

He cupped them, bunching the lovely mammaries and lifting them into
globe-like piles of fleshy putty, all white and smooth. His digging
fingers kneaded both spongy spheres, sending constantly fresh surges of
overpowering passion visibly charging through her quivering body. The
cock-stuffed woman was still quaking, and groans escaped from her throat
as she found herself in the grip of a sensual thrill. She surged her
breasts forward into his manipulating hands, wriggling on his lap,
feeling his upthrust pike massaging her inner walls and building new
heat ever higher in her shuddering body.

For a long while she sat perfectly still, riding her cock-horse. Al did
all the work, mostly with his hands as he continued massaging her
marvelous tits.

Then Judy pressed her hands into his shoulders and tugged back, slowly
lifting herself, carefully starting to fuck the seated man. The pressure
inside her was unbelievably thrilling.

Al enjoyed the way his seductress was riding him, moving with steady,
gliding strokes that continually sheathed his rearing length of hard
cock all the way into the depths of her sucking pussy over and over
again. He hunched forward and up, ramming his hips to meet her descent
each time, his hands now pressed into the sofa on either side of him.
The panting woman was gasping at the new ramming power of the
gigantically thick mast she was riding so wildly and happily. The lovely
brown-haired woman began pumping herself on his throbbing cock with an
uncontrolled fierce passion.

Her firm breasts, solid as they were, flopped up and down with the
wildness of her movements, jiggling as if attached to slinky springs.
Her nipples looked like two cocked fingertips. The curly haired woman's
open pussy was trickling clear, heavy liquid around the hard length of
his well-clasped masculinity.

Passionately fucking now, Judy continued uncontrollably bouncing, wildly
riding him with firm, short up-and-down strokes, her movements combining
with a full-hipped undulatory action that scoured every inner surface of
her oozing vagina's accordioning tissues. Her cheeky rear-end rapped
solidly down on his thighs with voluptuously fleshy concussions that
made her breasts continue to bounce as she engulfed the full length of
his masculine horn.

Al was astonished by this woman. He was astonished by the intensity with
which she was fucking, and he was astonished by the need that was in
her. In the office she was always so cool, almost reserved, one would
never guess there was so much fire inside her.

He reached down with his right hand, fumbling between them as if unsure
as to what he was really doing. His hand was instantly drawn to the
gaping brown-fringed cave that was giving him such delightful pleasure.
He fondled the pouchy bulge of her outer labia, somehow managing to
grind a knuckle against her shivering clitoris. The immediate climax she
had undergone when she had initially sunk herself onto his cock made him
realize just how sensuous this woman really was. Hell! She was one lusty
wench, as he suddenly realized she was gritting her teeth to keep
herself from crying out as the combination of his long cock in her cunt
and his knuckles against her clitoris was setting her off again. Gasps
burst from her panting lips and her beautiful eyes opened wide, becoming
glazed as yet another climax seized her. This one she was unable to hold

She went limp, falling forward, letting her body lie against him. The
man twisted and pivoted his buttocks against the sofa cushions, pulling
her against him, twisting, and finally getting her back on the couch
with one of her legs draped over his shoulder and the other planted
flatly on the floor to give her leverage.

Now it was Al's turn to fuck, and fuck he did, slamming his cock into
her as if there would be no tomorrow. He pounded solidly into her
jerking body, making her quiver with tensed-up passion and bliss while
he continued prodding her sucking cunt.

"Shoot, damn you!" she gasped at him. "I have only one more climax left
in me before I need rest."

Al pounded vibrantly into her sucking cunt and she slammed her one foot
against the floor while digging her heel into the nape of his neck,
tugging his cock that much more deeply into her sucking feminine morass.
Her vaginal muscles gripped and pulled like none he had ever known and
none he would ever know again, other than this same woman whom he would
be fucking relatively steadily from then on. He pumped into her over and
over and over, slamming his cock into a tunnel the like of which he was
unable to believe truly existed. He was aware of her interior
distending, and he knew she was about to climax one more time.

Hurrying his strokes a bit, Al realized his own culmination was finally
there. Gasping, sweating so heavily the perspiration fell from him like
rain, he continued pounding into her, and then he was there.

bellowed, firing as he jerked in intense passion and bliss, prodding the
narrow depths of her sucking pussy with driving hardness, then shooting
it full of the viscous white fluid manufactured in his prostate.

and loud this time.

She pulled him down flat on top of her, taking his weight, thrilling to
the firing of his sperm inside her. When it was over, she waited for him
to roll off, and when he did so, he smiled at her and said, "That was
one hell of an appetizer. What say you and I go out and have ourselves
one whopping meal. Then we can go to a nightclub."

"How can you afford a nightclub on what they pay us?" Judy asked.

"I can't," he told her. "It's just that I hardly ever go out, and I've a
little money saved up, over and above what I have in my I.R.A. account.
Come on, let's do the town tonight."

"Okay!" she nodded.

Chapter 10

San Francisco was a town one was able to do in style. There were all
kinds of terrific restaurants, nightclubs, and if the theatrical
entertainment didn't quite rival that of New York, it was still good.

Al and Judy had one helluva good time, and afterward, they returned to
his apartment where Judy spent the night. They experimented with every
position he had ever known, and a few neither had ever heard of, before.
Sleep finally came to them at seven on Sunday morning, and they slept
right through until five o'clock the following morning. Both had the
good sense to abstain from any more physical contact, knowing if they
started, they would never get through the working day.

"I'd like to see you on the weekends from now on, if you have nothing
else planned," he told her.

"I'd like that," she nodded. "Look, I know what you're used to, so let
me be the one to say it. No commitments, no entanglements, no promises
until both of us feel we want it."

"That's fine with me," Al nodded. "I'm glad you came."

"So am I," she nodded. "I never had the nerve to do it before. I guess
if I don't go ahead on out and do things by myself, they'll just never
get done. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It's an old saw, but no
truer words were ever spoken. Look, in the place, you know, where we
work, let's keep things cool. I don't think it'll benefit either one of
us to let them know there's something between us."

"Fine," Al nodded. "Want me to drive you home so you can change

"I have my own car here, remember?" she reminded him.

Chapter 11

The Kaufmann twins were something Al Bombannente had never experienced.
They did everything together, which included an attempted bank holdup
together eight years earlier which landed the two of them in prison for
what seemed like forever. Both had been model prisoners, and as a result
both had been put in the same cell. They were able to protect one
another from the bulldykes who wanted them, and they discovered what it
was like to make love to another female when they listened to all the
other women in adjoining cells doing it in the dark, after which they
experimented, themselves. They wondered if it was truly classified as
incest when between two sisters. Since they were twins, fraternal, not
identical, that made it even more interesting.

Linda was the taller of the two. She was also slightly heavier than
Debbie her sister. Linda had blonde hair and blue eyes. She had full
breasts, a fleshy waist, large hips, and a really large posterior.
Debbie didn't look the least little bit like her sister, and one would
never have mistaken them for sisters, much less twins. Debbie was very
slender, and the one place where she resembled her sister was in the
cannon-shell shaped breasts that coned out the front of her dress.

Both girls wore wine-red skirts and grey blouses with wine-red jackets.
They reported to Al every Monday, and he knew they were two hot and
horny bitches. Neither had made a secret of wanting him to ball her, but
Al knew to agree to one girl and not the other would wreak havoc. Yet he
knew it was imminent that he would be screwing them, though he had no
idea in what order. They were purposely giving him a hard time. Their
employer, the owner of a small diner, complained ceaselessly to Al that
the two women either harassed or propositioned his customers all day
long. True, their propositioning brought many customers back, but if one
of them tried walking out with a customer, the other would yell her head
off, and as a result, neither girl actually got any action.

They were sitting across the splintery desk from Al and he sat back with
his feet up, his hands in his pockets, saying, "You girls are just
begging to go back inside, aren't you. Hell! You're out, be smart and
stay out."

"Just what the hell are we supposed to do, knuckle under to being horny
the rest of our lives?" Linda asked. "You know, Al ..." both called him
by his first name, "... if Debbie and I wanted to go the dyke route, we
would have finished our term in the penitentiary. There was plenty of
that in there. We're out, we're free, and we both need a little action
to calm us down. The problem is, we can't both get it at the same time.
Hell! If I see Debbie trying to turn on to a guy, I scream my head off,
and if she sees me doing the same thing, she starts throwing dishes.
Look, how about you putting an end to our misery by screwing at least
one of us."

"If I pick one, the other one'll scream her head off," Al pointed out.
"Remember? Besides, I'm a parole officer, not a stud."

"Bet you could be both if you wanted," Debbie said, sidling over and
sitting on the corner of his desk.

"Look, I want both you girls to go to work today and not make trouble.
Tonight, I'm going to stop by and talk to the pair of you at your
apartment. I want both of you there."

"Sure, Al baby!" Linda said, smiling. "We'll make supper for you."

Chapter 12

The little walk-up apartment where the Kaufmann twins lived had seen
better days, but it was still a long way away from being classified as a
slum. The girls lived on the second floor, and when one reached the top
of the stairs, one had to U-turn and walk to the end of the hall to get

Al Bombannente got to the apartment house at six-fifteen, and when he
got to the apartment, the girls had the door open and waiting. The smell
of tomato sauce drifted out into the hall, and Al saw they were
preparing spaghetti.

Linda was in the kitchen stirring the sauce and Debbie smiled and led Al
into the living room, shutting the door. She sat him in the one
overstuffed chair in the furnished apartment, took a cigar from his
pocket and popped it into his mouth. Then she took a lighter from her
purse, and bent over in front of him to light the cigar. She was no
longer wearing the dress she'd had on earlier in the day, but instead
wore a black peignoir. As she lit his cigar, her hand reached down and
squeezed his huge cock.

"Hey!" Al shouted, almost dropping the cigar from his mouth. "What the
hell do you think you're doing?"

At that moment Linda came fluttering in. She was wearing a lacy blue
peignoir, and it fluttered about long white legs, letting him know
neither girl was wearing anything underneath.

"Anything wrong?" Linda asked, carrying a tray with a single bourbon on
it. Somehow the girls had found out what it was Al liked to drink.

"Yeah," he muttered, trying to brush down a cowlick that had suddenly
popped up on the back of his head. "How does a guy get a square meal
here without being raped?"

"Debbie, you sweet horny bitch," Linda sang out. "Keep your hands to
yourself. Remember who this man is."

He gave Linda a steady, unsmiling gaze as he took the bourbon from her.
He sipped it, nodded, and said, "I don't know what kind of a game you
girls are playing, but I know what the hell's going on in your minds.
You invited me here for more than supper, and you think I'm going to
choose between you. Obviously Debbie wanted to hurry my decision along,
so she gave my cock a squeeze, which, by the way, is something I do not

"Hey now wait a minute," Linda said, coming to her sister's defense. "We
know we're on parole, and we know we have to toe the mark. Sure Debbie
touched your cock, but it isn't because we're trying to make points with
you, Al. The truth of the matter is, we both of us think of you as one
helluva sexy man. We'd love to score with you. Are you going to tell us
you don't find us attractive?"

"Hell! You're both beautiful!"

"Are you going to hand us some wild tale about having to be faithful to
a wife?"

"No, I'm not married, engaged, or otherwise encumbered."

"Are you going to hand us the shit about it not being right for a parole
officer to do things like this? We're not babes, Al. We know the score.
We know right from wrong, and wrong is when you hurt someone else. Right
is when you do something to make yourself and others feel good, no
matter what the law says. You know it, and so do we. We know you're a
good man at your job, but we also know you don't always go by the book.
So don't hand us crap about what's right and wrong."

"I'm not going to hand you anything," Al told her. "As a matter of plain
honest fact, I came here to fuck; the both of you. I'm capable of it,
you know."

"You came here expecting to fuck?" Debbie asked, her eyes wide open. Her
long brown hair flowed down her back like a waterfall, and her small,
turned-up nose was twitching.

"You got it!" Al told them.

"Well then, all that remains is to decide, which of us goes first,"
Linda said.

"Oh no!" Al told her. "You're not getting off the hook and sticking me
with that decision. I'm sorry, ladies, but that's something you'll have
to decide for yourselves."

"You're a mean bastard, Al," Linda snapped. "Come on, let's eat, and we
can talk about fucking, afterward."

The meal was surprisingly good, and Al was able to understand why Linda
had starting putting on a few pounds. There was Italian bread with
butter instead of margarine, and they had even bought a bottle of red
wine which neither of them drank. Al enjoyed almost a quarter of the
small bottle.

"Now," he said, after they had finished eating and putting the dishes in
the sink, "suppose you girls tell me just what's on your minds."

"You said it before," Debbie told him. "We both want to get laid. We're
tired of clicking one another with a broom handle as we used to do in
prison. We want a real cock."

"I--want more," Linda insisted. "I want to get ass fucked. I used to do
it all the time when we were kids, letting some of the local guys fuck
me up the ass so I'd be able to save my pussy for my one true love. As a
matter of fact, I'm still cherry. But I'm getting tired of shoving a
finger into my rear when I'm alone in the shower or convincing Debbie to
ram that broom handle up my ass."

Al smiled and said, "You girls aren't the least little bit shy, are you.
Do either of you have any hang-ups?"

Linda smiled at him and said, "Except for the idea of saving my
virginity for my husband, I don't have a one."

"Jesus! The guy who marries either one of you is really going to have
his hands full. You're both trouble."

"Don't you think you're man enough to handle us?" Debbie asked.

"Oh I can handle the two of you, all right," Al nodded. "I'll even admit
that's just what I'd like to do. However," he said, without looking at
either one of them, sipping some of the bourbon he had left in the
living room when he had gone to the kitchen to eat dinner, "you girls
might not like my way of doing things. For instance, suppose I said I
like the idea of anal intercourse too, but its Debbie's ass I'd like to

"I've never really tried it," Debbie admitted. "But it might be fun. If
that's what you want, that's what you'll get."

"While I'm doing it, to make things even more interesting, suppose we
tie up Linda, stripped naked of course, and let her sit in a chair and
watch the whole thing."

"Wow! Debbie gasped. "Are you into B and D?"

"A little," he nodded. "On the other hand, it might be fun to tie you up
and force your sister to fellate me. Have either of you ever sucked a

"We both have," they nodded.

Debbie was pouting a little, slightly angry that he might want to keep
her out of the action in the beginning. Her face was flushed with anger,
and she fixed herself a glass of soda water, which she drank down so
quickly, she burped very loudly. Still angry at the thought of Al
possibly choosing her sister instead of her, she turned her back and
poured another glass of soda water. Al looked at Linda and gave her a
quizzical smile. Linda shrugged. Al beckoned to her, and the blonde
hurried over to him.

When Debbie turned around again, her yellow-haired sister, with her neat
black peignoir up around her thighs, had her naked ass curled in Al
Bombannente's lap, and with her teeth she was nibbling at the man's
earlobe. Her thighs were wide apart, and though she was still a virgin,
it didn't bother Al to rub his finger up and down in her vaginal slot,
making her cream. He had tugged her panty crotch-band to the side, and
then he finally pulled the panties down past her knees. She was
wriggling furiously, and she had one hand opening Al's zipper and
dipping inside.

"Now come on!" Debbie yelled. "It isn't fair leaving me out like this."

Al cocked an eye at her and smiled, saying, "If you let one of your
jealous rages get the better of you, and I'll shove the broom handle up
your ass and make you ride it like the witch you're pretending to be."

"Oh my, that would be fun," Linda giggled, once again nibbling on Al's

Instead of saying anything to the blonde, he merely poked a fingertip
into her anus. She shuddered expectantly, and kissed him solidly on the
mouth. It wasn't that often that he came across two female parolees he
really wanted to fuck who were initially so willing. But knowing the
history of these two, he was able to accept it.

"All right, the two of you, let's cut the crap. I can take the both of
you on at once. Now suppose we stop crapping around and all three of us
climb into a nice wide bed."

They went into the bedroom, and sure enough, there was a nice, wide bed.
The two girls slept together, since sleeping apart would have given
either one of them the opportunity to score while the other might be
asleep, and neither of them was able to stand the thought of her sister
getting laid while she was sleeping.

All three got undressed and went to bed. Al had to admit, for twins the
two were as dissimilar as women could be. Linda had round breasts with
pink nipples and small areolae. Debbie had large, pear-shaped breasts
with tan nipples and large areolae. Debbie's flesh had a natural tan to
it, while Linda's was white. The hair on Linda's pubis was as golden as
that on her head, and almost lush, while Debbie's brown pelvic thatch
was sparse, revealing so much more of her pink-lipped cunt. True, both
women had full, pouting cuntlips.

"Don't let's lie down yet," Debbie said and, standing, pulled Al to his
feet. Linda also got to her feet.

The two girls moved in concert, one standing in front of Al, the other
standing behind him. They kneeled and pressed their faces against him.

While Debbie proceeded to smoothly suck his cock and finger his balls,
making the man groan with lust, Linda also rubbed his testicles, feeling
her sister's fingers as well, and then began licking his ass crease. As
far as Al was concerned, this was fabulous. He had never been worked on
by two women at once, and the idea thrilled him immensely. He felt like
a sultan in control of two ever-so-willing harem slaves.

Time seemed to fly by. After about five or ten minutes, Debbie started
to get to her feet, but Al pressed his hands on the top of her head,
intent on keeping her right where she was. He thrust his ass back at
Linda too, who was doing a superlative job of licking his anus. It was
all too damned good to end just now. Right now he was in charge, and he
was going to enjoy all this to the utmost.

So Sultan Al Bombannente stood there in the bedroom, which had one
yellow light shining from the center of the ceiling, while a cock-loving
brown-haired beauty continued sucking his throbbing penis and licking
his balls, and an anally inclined blonde knelt behind him, holding apart
his flat, slightly hairy buttocks with her two hands while she ran her
soft, wet tongue steadily, libidinously, almost dutifully up and down
the crack between his rear cheeks.

Turning his head, Al discovered he was able to see himself and the heads
of the two ladies in the mirror mounted on the wall above the dresser.
So he watched.

"Debbie angel, would you be a darling and lie down on the bed?" he

Debbie was more than happy to comply, and with a wicked grin on her
face, stretched out on her back and widened her legs as the man so
ordered her to do.

Taking a step forward and turning, Al gripped Linda's round breasts in
his hands and signalled her to stand by tugging on them. She got to her
feet, and he once again fondled her pussy, and then ran his finger
through her asscrack.

"So," he said, "and just what was it you and your sister used to do on
those cold prison nights? Did you indulge yourselves like almost all the
other women in prison?"

A great turned-on shudder charged through Linda's whitely naked frame as
she smiled at him and said, "I cannot tell a lie to my parole officer.
We did just about everything possible between two women who didn't have
any kind of dildo."

"Well then, you go ahead and do it to Debbie, honey," he all but
whispered in her ear while his arm held the lovely woman tightly against
him, and the hand at the end of that arm moved up and down between her
roundly jiggling buttocks. Her ass cheeks were softer and larger than
Debbie's. He pressed his mouth to her ear and said, "I want you on your
knees, with your face in Debbie's cunt and this pretty, ever-so-empty,
rear-end sucking right up in the air ... if you follow me."

"OHHH HUH--YESSSSSSS! You do that to me, and I'll suck my sister dry,
you'll see."

"With a girl like Debbie, that'd take a lot of sucking."

The tall, broad-hipped blonde found herself unable to leave Al without
initially giving him a kiss. Her lips pressed against his and her tongue
flicked against his, as her sister called out, "Come on, you two. I
don't dig lying, here like this while the two of you make out on your

Linda smiled and kissed Al's chest, kneeling and letting her tongue wash
all over his hard cock, depositing heavy globs of saliva on it,
lubricating it while caressing his egg-shaped balls with her teasing
fingers. Then she rose and kneeled on the bed, turning to her sister,
staring directly into her eyes.

"Debbie," Al said, his eyes locked on the lovely little brown-curled
vaginal bulge, "you are about to have that tasty little pussy of yours
gobbled whole."

"Again?" Debbie asked, almost disgusted. "Linda always does that."

"Be still and enjoy for the moment. Your turn for a cock will come very
shortly. Linda?"

The blonde looked at Al over her shoulder with glittering eyes, smiling.
Al reached out to cup the bottom curve of her rounded asscheeks, using
the tip of his thumb to tantalize her puckered little anal opening. He
noticed how fastidiously clean both females were in their lower area.

"I'll be tight and dry in there," Linda reminded him.

"Oh? Well then we have to make a minor correction in our plans. Debbie,
be good enough to turn over, huh."

Debbie made a wry face and turned over, lying on her belly, asking,
"Just what weird idea do you have in mind?"

"You'll see," he told her. "I'll be right back. You lovely young ladies
stay like that."

Nakedly, he hurried from the bedroom, through the living room, into the
kitchen. He opened the refrigerator, and sure enough, he found a bunch
of carrots inside. Selecting the thickest one of the bunch, he washed it
off, then hurried back to the bedroom. Without a word, pushed the cold,
wet carrot into Debbie's tantalizing pussy from the rear. He push-pulled
it in and out, getting it lathered with her secretions, and then pulled
it out. Then he pressed the thoroughly oiled plug into the tight
snugness of Debbie's asshole. Because of it's tapered shape, Debbie,
though unused to being penetrated back there, found herself able to take
the yellow vegetable. Al pushed until almost all the carrot was inside
the brown-haired twin. Only about two inches of it protruded. He patted
the tightly clenched asscheeks, then slapped the left one. Debbie

Al stepped back, ordering her to turn over onto her back again. She did
so, biting her lip and widening her eyes when the pressure of her ass
against the bed pushed the carrot a bit deeper into her narrow rectal
tunnel. Smiling down at her, Al slid an arm around Linda and said,
"That'll give you a feeling of anal fulfillment for the moment while I
take care of your sister. The both of you may be tight, but neither one
of you is going to be dry. Neither will I, ladies, neither will I." He
flexed his arm and Linda returned to her position, kneeling between her
sister's forked thighs.

Al watched the round blonde's fingers tweak her sister's full-blooded
tan nipples, and this made Debbie writhe and squirm against the bed,
pushing the carrot in a little deeper. Slowly Linda bowed her body,
lowering her lovely blonde head. She looked like some kind of worshiper
belonging to a strange nudist cult, her arms reaching out in front of
her, above her head, her fingers continually fondling the firm pair of
swollen nipples, her head bowed as low as possible.

Debbie's lurching and guttural moans told the overseeing parole officer
just when the beautiful blonde's lips were pressing against the inner
labia surrounded by a nest of brown sparse fleece.

"Tell me how it feels, Deb," he ordered.

Debbie's panting voice was a gasping sigh as she said, "Linda's trying
... unnnggghhh ... to get her tongue all the way up and tickle my ...
uhhhhh ... navel from the inside. I swear it, I swear it! AAANNNHHH! I
can feel the bridge of her nose pressing against my clitoris. Ooooooh!
She's licked me before, but never like thisssss!"

The brown-haired sister's hands reached down in an attempt to feel
Linda's breasts, moving, squirming, wriggling like so many octopus

Al smiled a broad smile, staring at the lovely blonde's rear-end, seeing
how her tightly rounded asscheeks gleamed in the room's dim
lighting--how her kneeling posture parted those lovely buttocks all the
wider, as if deliberately attempting to tease him with the narrow divide
that separated them from top to bottom.

Linda sighed and moaned when she felt Al press his knees into the bed
and slowly approach her. Her bent-over body trembled and shook, and her
well-parted buttocks began quaking all over. Directly behind the lovely
blonde now, Al reached in under her to brush his fingers lightly over
her soft pussy--the virgin nunnery he was forbidden to enter. Again the
lovely blonde quaked, and a wet dribble came from her vagina, proof of
her excitement as it fell into his hand. He flattened his palm and drew
it slowly up between her rounded asscheeks, wetting down the gaping slit
of her ass with her vaginal sap. He then proceeded to repeat this
action, which was at once, titillating and arousing to the pair of them,
since Linda's reaction was to slam her face that much deeper into her
sister's dimpled pinkness. At the same time, the oil he was smearing
from her vagina against her anus was starting to lubricate the narrow
little orifice.

Moving closer now, he used his hard cock, running the length of it
through the long slit of her vagina, back and forth, making her leak
even heavier wetness. The head of his hard penis rubbed the extended
nubbin of her clitoris again and again.

"OOOMMMMPHHHH ... AAAWWWFFF ... HHHHMMMMPHHHHH!" she gasped blissfully,
her mouth sending the sounds into the open and thoroughly soaked vaginal
tunnel through which her tongue was now furiously working.

With slow, measured back-and-forth thrusts, with long glides of his
hips, Al Bombannente pushed the thick bulk of his throbbing phallic
lance in and out of the tightness of her vaginal slit, careful to keep
his cock from actually entering her narrow womanly tunnel. He noted the
way Linda was waggling her hips, silently letting him know if he wanted
to deflower her, she was, at that moment, more than willing. But Al knew
better than to even try something like that. She might like it now, but
she would never forgive him in the future for taking the one treasure
she had left to offer the man who would one day marry her. Al smiled,
seeing the slippery oils her soaking cunt had smeared all over his tumid

It was time to get to the business at hand. With his left palm he
directed the huge plum-like head of that swollen penis to the dainty,
puckered little brown opening of her narrow anus. Her reflexes closed
the narrow opening very tightly.

"Relax, darling," he whispered in a very soft voice.

"Darling?" Linda said, her voice muffled in her sister's pussy.

"Of course," Al told her. "You're a darling woman, but then you know
that. You've gone all tight, so relax, open up, and take the full length
of this nice, thick malebone in the tightness of your sexy ass. As soon
as I fit the head inside, push back with all your might. But then, you
know that. Once I'm past your sphincter, your ass will suck my cock the
rest of the way inside."

Linda lifted her glistening wet mouth from the soaking lips of Debbie's
shining pussy, noting the vaginal orifice was wide open and sodden.

"OOHHH," she gasped to her sister, "this is one very sexy and loving
man. Wait until it's your turn."

"Debbie!" Al asked. "What do you think about your sister at this

"OOOO!" Debbie gasped, her breath coming in short pants. "She has the
sexiest, most terrific mouth in the entire country."

And in the cunt-try hole! Al mused as he pushed his cock forward.


The swollen knob of his throbbing cock opened the blonde's tight anal
ring as it moved with a steady forward motion and a forceful dissension
spreading the labia.

"Oh yeah thatta girl, Linda!" he gasped, caressing her quivery white
flanks. "That feels like someone just slipped a noose over the head of
my cock and pulled it taut. Push, baby push ... push hard!"


That she was! The throbbing head of his powerful prick vanished into the
tightness of her ass. The thick, white staff slowly began to follow,
inching in a little at a time. He moved slowly, taking care, letting his
throbbing organ slip very slowly into the tightness of her, giving her
cock-loving, broom-handled asshole plenty of opportunity to tell the
difference between a wooden stick and a hard cock. He wanted her to
relax and groove on what it was getting and accept it with pleasurable
delight. The way was easier, much easier than even Al had expected. In
almost no time he had totally embedded the full length of his throbbing
and long cock in the tightness of her rectal tunnel. Every last
millimeter was inside her, and he felt the tattle ring of her anus
kissing his pelvic hairs as he ground the thick organ around and around
in the tightness of her bottom.

"You're one helluva girl, Linda!" he gasped. "I'm all the way into that
lovely tight ass of yours."

She responded with a groaning sigh and began squeezing his throbbing
cock. His hand stroked her rounded buttocks, holding her tight wedge
wide open all the way back to his uptight balls. Tugging back the
littlest bit, he pushed forward, then pulled back a little more, and
once again pushed forward, doing this to widen her narrow interior with
gentle leisurely strokes designed to make sure she felt no pain, only
amplified pleasure.

Al wondered if Judy was capable of appreciating being ass-fucked. Hell!
He was willing to bet she was one woman who wasn't afraid of trying
anything if she liked the man enough. He knew for a fact that she liked
him enough. Next time he would have to try it with her.

Slowly, lingeringly, he ground his hips around and around. His front
thighs flattened out against the lovely kneeling blonde's jutting,
springy rear globes while the full length of his swollen phallic javelin
continued writhing about inside her distended rectal interior. The
valley down the center of Linda's beautiful bottom broadened that much
more. She sighed gustily into her sister's cunt as her mouth continued
slurping and lapping, thirstily, drinking the oozing cream therein. Her
creamy white, enticing rear-ovalled cheeks spread themselves wide apart
to accommodate the full length of his drilling masculinity, happily
submitting to the fabulous length and breadth of the expanded rod of
flesh and muscle with which he was delightfully buggering her.

There was no question but that Linda loved the continually relentless
rearward invasion of the man's pulsing penis, thrilling to the way it
rushed in and out of her tight, narrow rectal channel, exploring the
hot, tautly resisting constriction of her anus. Delighted cries and
whimpers of pure, unadulterated bliss trembled from her lips and were
muffled by the other woman's writhing, squirming pussy. The pretty
blonde's broad hips continued grinding back unabashedly for a further
expanding of her narrow rectum.

The woman was extremely tight in her rear passage, so tight in fact,
that her rectum and her anus--the vising mouth of her ass--became
formfitting, like a sleeve designed perfectly and especially for the
man's throbbing cock. Every stroke filled him with total sensation and
made him jerk and shudder in delighted pleasure. He did his best to make
it last for Linda's sake. Al was well aware she was getting thrilling
enjoyment from all this, and he was certain that any woman who actually
went so far as to take broom handles up her ass was capable of attaining
an anal climax. He found himself making solid, virile thrusts into her,
tunneling into the innermost depths of her narrow asshole.

Now he began pushing his penile head deeply into her, it reached into
her colon, and that, apparently, was what Linda had wanted. She
responded by slamming her buttocks back so solidly, Al was afraid he
would break some pelvic bones. The pressure was becoming overpowering in
her anus, and Linda was unable to restrain herself any longer. She
pushed back again and again, her mouth crammed firmly into her sister's
seething cunt, her hands squeezing the fullness of Debbie's cannon
shells, and then she was climaxing.

HHHLLLRRRBIBBLLLMM MFIFMMMKERRGGGHHH!" she bellowed into the depths of
her sister's dribbling pussy, her raspy tongue rubbing against Debbie's
clitoris so repeatedly, it was Debbie's turn to climax. She came anally
as well, because of the carrot.

HHAAANNNGlIGHHHUUURKRGGGHliHI" she shrieked, writhing all over the bed,
her head slamming against the pillow beneath a multitude of times.

Now it was Al's turn. He pumped hard into Linda's ass, and he began
firing violently into her asshole, squirting blast after blast of
burning jism into her. It flooded into the heatedly pliant shelter of
her rectum and colon as Al, unable to yell, merely gasped with groans of
pleasure so poignant it was almost painful.

His hotly gripped penile organ continued spitting jet after jet of
flaming seminal fluid into the helplessly kneeling blonde, and she loved
every firing squirt of it. Dimly, he heard the mingled squeals of both
women. He thought it was fabulous that the two women were climaxing at
virtually the same time as himself. It was as if all three of them were
linked together, somehow.

He remained hunched weakly over the lovely blonde's back for some time
before allowing his body to slip sideways so his limp cock pulled out as
he lay on the bed next to the women. Both women kissed him, kissing his
mouth, his body, and his groin, sweaty as he was at the moment. Debbie
removed the carrot, dropping it on the floor.

Al slid his body upward and clamped his hands on Debbie's lovely head,
forcing her beautiful face into his crotch. She licked his sticky cock
again and again, cleaning it of its adhering sheen of sperm--sperm that
had backed up out of her sister's asshole.

The three of them began toying with one another, now. To begin with, Al
played with Linda's breasts and vagina while Debbie's wonderfully expert
mouth slowly brought his cock to a brand-new erection. Linda gasped when
she saw it, amazed he was capable of growing one so quickly. Then Debbie
rose, rolled Al onto his back, climbed onto his cock, and rode it until
she had climaxed three separate times, Al not shooting at all. Then she

Debbie finally rolled off him and fell asleep. Wearily, Al got up and
staggered into the bathroom. He emptied his bladder and flushed, shaking
off his penis, then washing it with a handful of soap and water when
Linda entered the bathroom. The two of them looked at each other for a
moment, and then her eyes flicked to his extended penis, still as
rock-hard as ever. She walked over to him and gripped his throbbing cock
as if it were a lever, and the two of them began kissing and fondling.
The hard, hot bar of throbbing cock rose between them. It burned against
both their bellies. Smiling, Al turned her. Linda got the message
immediately and bent at the waist. She stood that way, her hands planted
on the closed toilet lid, and he again pushed into her sperm-slick
asshole. Standing, he fucked it slowly and rhythmically. Linda, who had
been aroused at the mere thought of this again, popped off two rectal
orgasms, one after the other. Then it got to Al and he speeded up his
tempo, ready to deliver another blast into her ass.

At that moment the bathroom door opened, and Debbie stood there,
cursing, saying, "Damn both of you! You're giving it to her again! You
didn't shoot into me! I'm entitled to this load of sperm."

"When you're right, you're right," Al told her, and pulling his cock
from Linda's asshole, he grabbed Debbie by the hair, forced her to her
knees, and shoved his cock down her throat just in time. Two strokes
later, he was firing his next load of seed down her gullet. The pressure
of his cock wasn't enough to make Debbie climax, and before he left the
apartment, Al had to make her peak with his mouth.

When he finally did leave, both women were smilingly asleep. He knew the
two of them would straighten out, now.

Chapter 13

When Ann Mason came to see Judy Borgen, she was tearful and her face was
puffy, as if she had been crying. Judy knew Ann had been behaving
because she'd had a good report from Ann's employer, but she wondered
what would make Ann behave so.

"It's Bert," she said, referring to Bert Karnstein, one of her other
parolees, who had moved in with Ann less than a week earlier.

"What about Bert?" Judy asked, remembering the short man had only
reported to her the previous Monday after his Saturday tryout with Ann.
It was now Wednesday.

"He's doing something wrong, I know it," Ann insisted, her hands folded
in the lap of her green dress.

"I've spoken to Bert's employer," Judy replied. "He has no complaints."

"You don't understand," Ann told her. "He comes to the apartment, does
his thing with me, and then insists that I cover for him if anyone
should ask about him. He leaves and doesn't come back until after
midnight. He started it Sunday, the day after he moved in. So last
night, I followed him."

"Where did he go?" Judy asked. "is it another woman?"

"Oh no!" Ann sobbed. "If he went with another woman I'd have known that
without following him. He's as virile as ever every evening. But he went
to a warehouse, and I managed to get a look inside. I saw him hanging
around with a whole bunch of men who would be considered unsavory. I
don't want Bert to go back to prison, but if I tell him I know where
he's been going, and that I think he's planning something illegal, he'll
either move out on me, or he might tell the men he's with, and they'd
possibly hurt me."

"Well then, it seems Bert is going to have to go back and finish his
prison sentence. He ought to know he isn't above the law."

"Oh no ... no ..." Ann gasped. "I only told you so you might find a way
to stop him from doing whatever it is he's planning. I don't want him to
go back inside. If you do put him away, he'll know I'm the one who told
you, and when he gets out again, he won't come back to me."

"Ann, he's violating his parole. I'm obligated to do this," Judy
explained to the frustrated white-haired woman.

"Talk to him," Ann pleaded. "Let him know you're aware he's doing
something wrong, and if he continues he'll be put away again."

"I really shouldn't," Judy told her.

"Please!" Ann begged. "You finally gave me a reason to stay straight. I
know he's not much, but he's all I have. Now that you've given him to me
don't take him away."

Judy looked at the white-haired woman and realized she didn't want to be
the cause of any additional white hairs.

"All right," she nodded. "I'll talk to him tonight. I'll let him know
that what he's doing is wrong."

"Thank you," Ann sobbed. "Oh thank you, Miss Borgen."

It was late afternoon when Ann left Judy's office, and the curly
brown-haired woman had no more appointments for the rest of the day.

She met Al outside, and the two of them had supper at a restaurant, and
she told Al what she was going to do. Al disagreed, but when she
remained adamant, he let her have her way.

After supper, she left Al and went to the apartment house where Bert
Karnstein now lived with Ann Mason. She was about to go in when she saw
Bert down the street, walking away, and she decided to follow him.

Bert was walking at an easy pace, unaware he was being followed, though
his yellow muffler and blue jacket stood out plainly in the darkening
evening. He walked for almost a half hour with Judy following until he
came to the waterfront area of San Francisco.

Judy often wondered why anyone wanted to do anything crooked in this
particular city. It was the one city in the U.S. that was easier to
bottle up than any other. There were only two roads leading out, one
large airport, and one seaport. Anyone trying to get away with the
police hot on their trail hadn't a prayer of escaping.

The dock area looked deserted at this time of night. A car quietly
passed Judy and Bert, made a right at the corner, and disappeared, and
Bert continued his sauntering walk, totally unaware of the car's

They had crossed the last street now, and were actually walking on the
dockside, Judy some fifty feet behind Bert, who hadn't once looked back,
he was so cocksure of himself. He was headed for a large warehouse, and
Judy stopped in the shadow of a nearby building, watching as Bert opened
a small wooden door in the side of the warehouse, went inside, and shut
the door behind him.

She hurried over to the warehouse and began walking around. She found a
window with a broken pane of glass. Peering inside, she saw Bert with a
half-dozen unsavory individuals, and she heard Bert saying something
about a bank as they all stood around a table poring over a diagram.

"Whatchoo lookin' at, Honky lady?" a voice asked, and Judy turned to
face a mean, ugly black man.

Chapter 14

Like a razor-sharp cutlass the Black man's icy words had cut into Judy's
concentration. She hadn't even been aware of his approach, but from the
look on his face it was obvious he had intended joining the group of men
inside. She backed cautiously away from the man, but in so doing moved
toward the little door through which Bert Karnstein had disappeared some
minutes before.

Suddenly the door opened and a multitude of faces were peering at her.
Before she was able to move, the Black man was shoving her through the
door, into the warehouse. It was heated with infra-red heaters hanging
from the rafters.

Her heart trip-hammering in her breast, Judy turned to Bert, and said,
"You won't get away with this, Bert. Give it up and leave right now, and
I won't say anything to anyone."

"All my life I've been trying to score big," Bert Karnstein snarled.
"This is my big chance, and I'm not gonna let you or anyone else louse
it up. One big hit, and I'll have enough money to take off for Argentina
and live the rest of my life like a king. You and that shitty Ann can
both go to hell as far as I'm concerned."

"I'm going to have to report you," she insisted.

She tried moving toward the door to get out, but one of the men blocked
her way, saying, "No you don't, lady. You aren't going anywhere. I vote
that we cut your pretty throat and toss you into the bay. By the time
they find you, we'll have finished our business and be long gone."

"No!" Bert shouted. "If she's killed and I'm found missing, they'll know
I had something to do with it. I don't want a murder rap hanging over my
head, even if they can't get to me. Who knows? They might change the
extradition laws, and then I'll be up the creek. No killing."

"So then we have to hold onto her," one of the other men said.

"Yeah," Bert nodded, and he began salivating. "What's more, since she
broke in and interrupted us, I figure I can make nice use of her. We
can't break into that bank for another two hours, yet. My parole officer
and I are gonna put on a nice show for you guys. I'll bet all of you'll
love it."

Judy tried struggling, but hands held her tightly. Bert walked up to her
and his hand caressed her face.

"Don't!" she gasped.

"But I will," he insisted. "Boys, get her coat off."

Two men pulled her coat off, yanking her purse from her shoulder at the
same time. Bert reached out and grabbed at her shoulder. Judy tried
pulling away as his finger, with a long, jagged nail, snared the thin
fabric of her blue blouse. He pulled, ripping it down the middle as if
it was tissue paper. The garment fell away in two tattered halves,
exposing the white firmness of her twin breasts resting in the half-cups
of her brassiere.

"Well will you guys look at that!" Bert gasped.

"How about alla us gettin' in on the action," someone yelled.

"Sure," Bert nodded. "But you guys wait for me to go first, huh. After
all, she's my parole officer. I deserve first dibs, since she probably
came down here because of me."

"No!" Judy shouted. "You can't do this! It's rape!"

"Yeah!" Bert nodded, and the arms of two of the men suddenly snaked
around her, and in a quick, deft move, suddenly undid the snaps of her
brassiere. One of them yanked the undergarment away, tearing the
shoulder straps in the process, throwing it across the warehouse floor
in his frenzied excitement.

Bert's eyes widened as he stared at the brown-haired woman's full, ripe
breasts, two bulging, pink-tipped mounds, so perfectly formed, just
waiting for his lips. This time it wouldn't be that dumpy looking Ann.
This time it was going to be this luscious pussy, and she belonged to
him, to Albert Karnstein.

"Get over here," Bert ordered, his voice growling, and this time Judy
knew she had no choice other than to obey. Anything else would merely
invite more manhandling by the other men, first, before the inevitable
happened. Bert was eagerly staring at her, tearing off his clothing.
Stark naked, he revealed that his penis was at its full, stiffened

"Whatever happens tonight," he told her, "I'm gonna end up with the
memory of having fucked you, Miss Borgen. No matter where I go, it'll be
a pleasant memory to take with me."

Judy tried backing away from him, but the other men were in her way and
there was no chance of her escaping. She looked from side to side but
suddenly found herself in the frenzied, sex-hungry clutches of the
short, dark man with the Hitler mustache. He clung to her tightly,
dragging her into the middle of the warehouse where the men formed a
circle around them. Two of the men found an old alfalfa-stuffed mattress
and dragged it into the middle of the place as Bert locked his lips
hungrily on hers while his rough tongue began darting between her teeth,
heatedly exploring the wet recesses of her quivering mouth.

His rough tongue darted between her even white teeth, exploring the
inner recesses of her mouth. When he took his head from hers for a
moment, he said to her, "I hope you enjoy my rangy breath, Miss Borgen.
"I just finished eating Ann's pussy before coming here, and I'm sure the
flavor is being passed on to you."

Judy struggled, doing her best to pull away, trying hard to break his
grip, but Bert clung tightly to her with his sweaty hands clamping them,
like vises onto her forearms, pinching the muscles so painfully she felt
the circulation starting to slow in her hands and wrists. He was kissing
her chin and neck now, then his mouth slowly moved down the white
expanse of her lovely chest.

The horrified woman felt her blood running cold in her veins as Bert
Karnstein's voraciously sucking mouth neared the fleshy swell of her
lovely, agitated breasts. Another instant passed, and they were heatedly
clamped around the pinkish-brown halos surrounding her nipples. His
hungrily slick tongue glistened as it swirled noisily across the
hardening tips of her two quivering mammaries. His sharp teeth were
biting, not at all playfully, on her swollen nipples, enjoying the
rubbery sensation.

God! She felt as if she were being treated like some depraved
prostitute. All she had done was try and bring a little sunshine into
the life of two of her parolees, and for this she had to pay because she
had misjudged this man. He was pure evil itself. He deserved to be put
away once and for all. If there was ever a way to put him back in
prison, she would go out of her way to put on his record that no way
should he ever be considered for a parole. Judy was only slightly aware
of being maneuvered toward the alfalfa mattress.

She was still on her feet, but the room seemed to be spinning, a
whirling, dizzying kaleidoscope of horrible faces and colors heightened
by the red color coming from the overhead heaters. Her feet were
suddenly backed against the mattress, and with a hard shove from Albert
Karnstein, she suddenly found herself being shoved, falling back across
the mattress, the skirt she was wearing bunching up around her slender
waist. Losing her balance, she found herself flat on her back, and the
skinny little man with the almost-kinky black hair and the short, black
mustache seemed to tower over her for the moment, looking more like a
giant than the shrimp he was. True, his chest was muscular in spite of
his skinniness, but that was because of the rough treatment he had
undergone in prison, being used like a woman by all the studs.

"Please don't ... please ..." Judy whimpered, her voice futilely
pleading. She, herself, knew that all the begging in the world would go
unheeded by this horrible monster she had tried to reform. Nothing was
going to stop him, now.

Bert leaned forward and lay on top of her, nibbling at the fullness of
her breasts. Then he began licking a path down her belly, smiling,
intent on letting her feel a little of his oral expertise. All the pussy
eating he had done with Ann had, he felt, turned him into an expert

He licked all the way down her right leg to her dimpled knee, then
reversed direction and began working his way up, up, up ... stopping
just short of the flimsy panties at the intersection of her firm,
fearfully trembling thighs. He was tasting nylon, and he hated that, and
realized she was wearing pantyhose. With some quick pulls, he yanked the
pantyhose from her and began licking her bare white flesh. Judy tried
fighting the feeling starting to mount in her, for in spite of the
horror taking place, arousal was starting to course its way through her.
Still, she didn't want to give this rotten animal the satisfaction of
seeing her respond to his lustful advances.

In spite of her intentions, the lovely woman found herself rapidly
losing control of herself. She started moaning as the man's hot lips
began nibbling steadfastly in one spot, mere inches away from the
sparsely haired furrow of her vagina, protected only by a thin strip of
blue panty crotch. His wicked hands slid easily over her tautly smooth
belly now as he loosened her skirt and pulled it down over her hips, She
didn't struggle any longer. All that stood between her cunt and his
mouth right now were her panties.

His hands slid across her body and fastened on her jutting breasts,
squeezing with his open palms and pinching her tender flesh in ridges
between his fingers.

Judy's mind was reeling. She had been prepared for the worst--for
agonizing pain from a man as evil as this one, for abject humiliation
and sordid degradation, but she had not expected this. Ann had
apparently taught him something of the art of seduction, and he was
using this knowledge on her, now.

The female parole officer's legs were parting of their own volition,
opening up and revealing the richness of her wetly pink slit which, even
though covered by her blue panties, was easily visible to Bert's hungry
stare since her panties were made of such transparent nylon.

Her rich, pink cunt looked like a long sought after treasure to him, and
he inhaled the richness of her interior fragrance, enjoying it.

"You even smell better than Anne," he told her.

"Go on Bert," one of the other men laughingly yelled, "She's split her
thighs for you. Go on and eat! That's what she's begging you to do. Eat,

"Take those panties off!", Bert ordered, and Judy knew she had no
alternative but to do as he ordered.

Her hands slid down the sides of her body, and she tugged her panties
down, pulling them off. She was surprised at the gentleness of Bert
Karnstein's hands brushing apart the softly curling hairs of her tender
vagina, using his thumbs to spread the heatedly wet layers of inner
flesh. He leaned forward at the same time and without warning suddenly
clamped his hungry mouth over the pink, pearl-shaped bud of her


Judy's entire body suddenly arched off the mattress, inwardly shattered
with a searing blast of animal desire she was unable to control It
wasn't that Bert Karnstein was such a great lover as he supposed. Her
body had been awakened to the true need for sex by Al Bombannente, and
the two of them hadn't gotten it on together since the previous Sunday
morning. Here it was Wednesday night. Her body was more than starved for
sex, it was in dire need of it.

Again Bert began the tormented nibbling of her tender clitoris, while at
the same time his hands were anxiously massaging the flat of her tender
white belly.

MORE, MORE ..." she begged.

But her cry was more than one of anguished helplessness. It was a plea
that thrilled Bert Karnstein, making him think his was the greatest
cuntlapping mouth in existence. His quivering tongue began snaking into
the depths of her heatedly wet, womanly tunnel, worming between the
soft, almost-soluble inner walls, slurping out the juices she was
emitting, then licking along the wet furrow outside until he was lapping
at her clitoris. One of his hands was shoved underneath her, rubbing the
two rounded cheeks of her bouncing butt; one of his fingers pressing
against the puckered ring of her anus. The other hand was climbing back
up to the damp slit of her widely stretched vagina, and on reaching it,
he slid his outstretched middle finger easily into the warm shelter of
her violently trembling vagina, pushing back the tight, fleshy walls
that closed so heatedly around it.

"Christ, Miss Borgen, you have to have the tightest pussy I've ever
fingered," Bert gasped, as if he were an expert on vaginas instead of
having touched only one other one. "Man, it's gonna be something to pump
into this hot cunt of yours."

He tugged his finger momentarily from her wetly heated inner tunnel and
spread even wider the ragged pink lips of her empty cunt. Then he pushed
his face against it, his tongue sinking inside, licking hungrily at her
wetly perfumed vaginal slash, lapping at her oozing vaginal juices and
swallowing everything eagerly down, relishing the taste of her

Judy opened her mouth, wanting to cry out against all this, but all that
came from her throat was a soulful whine--a moan. She was writhing
frenetically now, quivering at his agonizing touch, slamming the whole
of her lust-heated loins solidly against the small man's anxious face,
inundating his mustache with her juices.

Her body was empty even with his tongue licking away at her, and she was
inwardly aching for more, aching to feel a penis driving inside her. It
was the only thing that would answer the lustful torturing sensations
raging hotly in depths of her writhing, naked belly. She needed to be

Bert used his hands to grip her two ankles as he came up for air and
settled back on his knees. With a single twist he made Judy roll over on
her belly, and then commanded, "Up on your knees, Miss Borgen."

Judy instantly obeyed. She would have done anything and everything
possible to curb the frenzied need rippling incessantly in the depths of
her wanton vagina. The alfalfa mattress was soft, so soft she almost
felt the floor through it as it gave with her weight. Still, she gripped
the edges securely, bracing herself as she rose to her elbow and knees,
her naked white buttocks waving like a signal flag, semaphoring a
message of lust to the tiny man now on his knees behind her.

Bert gripped the soft flesh of the lovely woman's rounded buttocks and
dug his fingers into them, hoisting her up and turning her wetly
glistening vagina up at an even more acute angle. Judy felt one hand
slip away from her vagina, and then realized he was spreading the soft,
pliable lips of her cunt even farther apart.

Bert looked down at his slenderly throbbing little wand, poised as it
was, a mere inch from the opening of Judy's pink-lipped pussy. Never
once taking his eyes off his rigid staff, he watched with glee as the
rubbery head slowly but surely moved closer and closer to her teeming
pussy, millimeter by millimeter. Her vaginal lips quivered in
anticipation, waiting, aching, needing, yet hating the man for having
done this to her.

The skinny little man with the mustache eased himself forward onto the
tensed body of the young parole officer as she remained on her hands and
knees. Eagerly his pulsating cock touched the lips of her vagina, and
then slowly but surely slipped into the tightness of her sucking pussy,
parting the tenderly soft pubic hairs with the skinny little tip of his
throbbing penis. The moment the head pushed between her inner labia and
probed into her vaginal tightness, the resilient folds of her flowing
cunt closed tightly over the bulbous tip, making him hold it there,
immobile. It was barely inside her, and Bert Karnstein knew this was
going to be the greatest lay of his life, though he had only one other
cunt with which to compare this pussy. He remained on his knees, rocking
his cock back and forth, teasing her, intensifying the uncontrollable
desire continuing to build in her wantonly wiggling body.

Jesus H. Christ! What a tight, fucking pussy! He found it difficult to
believe there was a cunt in the whole world tighter than that of Judy
Borgen. It felt so delightful gripping his aching cock, squeezing it
like a strong fist, tugging and yanking him that much deeper into the
sucking interior of her anxiously devouring vaginal grotto.

Bert maintained his rigidly long penis inside her for several minutes, a
mere inch or two of it nestled in the wet tightness of her vaginal
passageway. He continued rocking it in and out of her, a little at a
time, driving the lovely woman insane with the insistence of his
rhythmic strokes. The tightly clasping walls of her shuddering vagina
seemed to have come to life, constantly throbbing, pulsating, gripping
at the length of his invading maleness, desperately trying to tug the
length of it into her narrow, shamelessly aroused passageway. His
teasing was driving Judy out of her mind.

HARD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" she groaned in desperation, her mind
spinning wildly out of control. Judy was well aware of why she was
feeling this way but she felt no affection for Bert Karnstein, nor did
she blame Al Bombannente. If it hadn't been Al, if would eventually have
been some other male who would have brought her repressed sexuality to
the surface. The lovely young woman's constant plea acted as a goad to
the heavily perspiring skinny little man kneeling behind her, and he no
longer cared about taking his time taunting, or teasing. Now nothing
counted other than feeling the pleasure his penis would receive ramming
into the depths of her starving inner feminine tunnel.

With a quick, smooth snap of his hips, the little man sank his slender
wand to the hilt into Judy's aching vagina, slamming his loins solidly
forward until his weighty balls slapped between her thighs. Judy gasped
out loud, unleashing an animal cry of totally wanton pleasure, then
panted even more heavily as he began moving his tiny cock in and out all
the more rapidly. Oh God! She wished the penis were longer so it would
be able to reach to the deepest part of her. Still the savage way he was
driving in and out of her trembling body thrilled her as he tried
sinking his little wang farther into her quaking belly. Her entire
physical self was jerking in total obscene abandonment, a constant cry
escaping from her half-open lips, her face a mask of contorted features
looking primitive with savage lust as insanely raging desires took total
control of her quivering body. Heavy beads of perspiration ran down her
smoothly naked thighs and mingled with other rivulets of heavy sweat
pouring from the body of Bert Karnstein.


The anguished woman was completely mindless of the fact that she was
being observed by seven other men. She continued chanting and begging
Bert to ram his cock that much harder and deeper into her.

Bert had known Ann to be a wild woman, but Ann was tame compared to the
female parole officer he was presently fucking. The bitch was so aflame,
she seemed ready to explode. He yelled, "You asked for it, honey, so
here it comes!"

Bert groaned, grasping the fleshy curve of her pouting pelvis, tugging
hairs loose in the process as he forced her to thrust her body all the
harder toward his loins. This caused her to cry out all the more shrilly
as she was thrillingly skewered on what little length he had. He
thrilled to the raw, smooth flesh of her soft vagina tightly clenching
and unclenching in perfect time with his violently plundering thrusts.
It sucked heatedly on the short, slender length of his tiny cock. The
beautiful woman's breasts were being pushed into the alfalfa mattress,
mashed, while her buttocks continued to obscenely wave in the air. Her
eyes and nostrils widely flared like those of a crazed animal.

For all his shortness of size, Bert Karnstein was a strong man, and he
reached under Judy and lifted her bodily off the mattress as she
continued to push back solidly against him, forcing every iron-solid
inch of his short, white shaft deeper and deeper into her squeezing

The hot eyes of their staring audience were wide with astonishment as
everyone watched the glistening little poker continually slithering in
and out of the tightness of Judy's squeezing pussy.

"Attaboy Bert, give it to her good!" one of the men cheered out loud
amidst the partings of the others.

Judy knew she was rapidly nearing her orgasm, and though she hated the
man giving it to her, she needed that climax very much. Her wildly
gyrating buttocks swung uncontrollably from side to side in a madly
savage passion as the man's slender but powerful arms--muscles bunched
and rippling under his skinniness--tugged her writhing ass all the
harder against his nearly bursting, lust-inflamed penis.

suddenly screamed.

Bert didn't slow his virulent strokings for a single instant. Instead,
he rammed each violently long probe of his cock to the hilt inside her,
straining his aching loins forward so that not one little bit of it was
left outside the naked white body of the lovely female parole officer's
hungrily sucking pussy. Her beautiful body arched, her nakedly gleaming
white behind going high in the air as she pushed up and back; against
her uninvited lover.

She shrieked like an animal gone mad as her orgasm continued building
because the tiny penis was incapable of making her feel the completely
overwhelming sensation all at once. The impaled woman continued
convulsing, quivering all over as her orgasmic juices washed over the
throbbing length of his steaming cock, the oils flowing over his
testicles and running down the tender insides of her thighs.

Bert Karnstein knew his own orgasm was there, Jesus! He hadn't thought
he would be able to hold out this long, but he did. However there was a
painful tide in his balls that refused to be held back any longer. His
harsh fingers bit into the soft, fleshy cheeks of the lovely woman's
buttocks as he felt the pain intensify in his testicles. His strokes
grew more and more vicious, faster, deeper, harder, longer, louder ...

punctuating his every thrust with a loud, soulful cry, continually
grinding her upturned buttocks back against his slender masculine,
hairless loins. Then, with a loud, relieved, "OHHHHHH ...
the wildly throbbing penis exploded inside the impaled lips of the
wildly drugged-with-sex young woman, filling her tender belly with heavy
torrents of seething sperm. The fluid shot as far as possible into her
womb, and at that moment Judy was grateful she was on the Pill. Over and
over again his short, rigidly throbbing penis fired into her with
spasmodic jerks, shooting into her wetly clasping inner passageway.
After a seeming eternity, with a sudden grunt, he pulled out and flopped
onto the floor.

"Hey, it's my turn now," the Black man yelled. "I found her outside,
listening to us. Lemmee into her."

Before anyone else was able to say anything, a bullhorn sounded outside
the warehouse, and a voice was heard saying, "You people in the
warehouse. This is the police. All of you, come out with your hands up.
You have sixty seconds to reply."

"Cops!" Bert Karnstein gasped. "I should've guessed you wouldn't come
here alone. Okay, guys, we're ready for this. Come on!"

The eight men ran to various parts of the warehouse and pulled back
cloths, revealing trunks, boxes, and containers. They broke open the
boxes and pulled out rifles, pistols, and gas masks. Bert Karnstein was
hurriedly struggling into his clothing while the naked Judy lay
helplessly on the floor. Once he was dressed, he grabbed her and pulled
her to the rear of the warehouse.

"Now!" he yelled at the other seven, and they poked their guns through
various windows and began a fusillade of heavy firing. There was no
return fire for the moment, and Bert Karnstein led Judy to a side of the
warehouse where there was a trapdoor. "Everyone out!" he yelled.

The others all ran to the other side of the warehouse and opened a door
directly over San Francisco Bay. There was a motor launch waiting down
there, and they jumped in as tear gas bombs were lobbed through the
broken window.

Bert dragged the naked Judy through the trap-door nearest them, and he
led her down a flight of steps so that they were under a pier.

"One word outta you," he told be pointing the pistol he was carrying at
her, "and I'll blow your fucking head off. This is all your fault. Well
I'm not gonna rot in another prison, this time. They're gonna have to
kill me before they'll take me back, but before I die, I'm gonna let the
whole fuckin' world know how my sweet parole officer introduced me to
other women so I would be able to fuck them. When they see you all naked
like this, they'll think you were so hot for my body, you came with me,
even knowing what I was gonna do. When they see my jism in your pussy,
they'll believe it. Even if I don't get to say a word, they're gonna
wanna know why my parole officer was with me, out here, all naked. I got
you good, you bitch!"

He led her to the rear of the underside of the pier, and they crouched
and waited. Judy was shivering in the cold as she heard the sound of the
speedboat pulling away with the others in it. She saw lights from
another part of the water, and she realized the police had called in one
of their own patrol boats, and it was trying to head off the speedboat.
The seven men in the speedboat began firing at the patrol boat, and the
police continued chasing them without firing back.

"They think you're out there in that boat with those guys," Bert
Karnstein explained. "That's why those dumb cops aren't shooting back.
They don't wanna risk hitting you. They don't know I got you down here.
Now come on!"

He tugged her along with him and they crossed from beneath one pier to
yet another, and then to a third. It was hard going because cold water
was lapping at Judy's feet, and in the shivery December temperature, she
felt as if her feet were encased in ice.

When they finally emerged from beneath the docks, they were a block away
from the police cordon. Bert Karnstein shoved the naked Judy in front of
him, and they would have gotten away had he not pushed her under one of
the few dock street-lamps. The light, shining on her white skin, made
her stand out for a moment, drawing the attention of three policeman
standing on the fringe of the cordon.

"Hey, you!" one of them shouted. "Halt!"

The three policemen began running toward them, and Bert tried forcing
Judy to run with him. Her feet were frozen and she was barely able to
move. He decided he would be better off trying to run by himself, and he
threw her to the ground.

"I'm not gonna shoot you," he told her. "It'll be a lot more disgraceful
for you to try explaining why you're naked this way, to the cops. So
long, Miss Parole Officer."

Judy lay there, unable to move, watching the little man run. He was
fast, but the police were just as fast. When a squad car pulled away and
took after him, he whirled and began shooting. As a result, the
policemen, seeing him alone, fired back.

Bert Karnstein was a hardy man. It took five bullets to bring him down,
and all five were in potentially lethal areas. Two had penetrated his
lungs, one had burst his spleen, and a fourth had smashed one of his
kidneys, and the last one was lodged in his liver.

Blood bubbled from his mouth, and while he was dying it was impossible
for him to make any kind of statement. He lay there and died while one
of the policemen took off his jacket and wrapped it around Judy.

Chapter 15

Judy felt ashamed. Some clothes had been found for her and she was now
sitting in a precinct house, not knowing what to say, certain the police
would believe everything Bert Karnstein had said to her. No one had said
much to her other than to give her a cup of hot coffee. One officer did
tell her a stenographer would be in to take her statement.

"Feeling better?"

She looked up and saw Al Bombannente there.

"Al? How ...?"

"Did you think I was going to let you go off by yourself that way?" he
asked. "I followed you in my car. I even drove by you when you followed
Karnstein to the warehouse. Then I hurried to the nearest police station
and told them you had gone to see a parolee on your own to keep him from
getting into trouble, and it was my belief that he was going to harm
you. I explained ahead of time that you were interested solely in trying
to rehabilitate the parolee, but he was one of those mean ones. Had he
been one of mine, he would have been back inside weeks ago. I explained
that you were trying to turn him into a useful citizen, but I was afraid
he would attempt to abuse you. We would have gotten there about fifteen
minutes sooner had these clods listened to me right from the start. They
had to go checking through the files first, looking up Karnstein and
then looking you up to make sure you were who I said you were. Don't
worry. As far as they're concerned, you're just an overly conscientious
parole officer who tried a little too hard, although you'll be commended
for sending me to the police to tell them about all those men meeting in
the warehouse."

"What about the other men?" Judy asked.

"Once the police were able to ascertain you weren't in the fleeing
speedboat, they blew it out of the water. No survivors!"

"Dear Lord! I feel as if I'm to blame ..."

"For what? For stopping a bank robbery? The police found all the
diagrams and what was left of the weapons cache at the warehouse. You
did your civic duty, and if anything, you'll be commended for having the
foresight to take me along."

"The foresight to ... Al, did you tell them it was my idea that you come

"Certainly," Al nodded. "After all, the man was part of your caseload.
Theoretically, I knew nothing about him, and so you're the one to be

A police officer came along after awhile and took Judy to another room
where she gave her statement, leaving out the fact that she was aware
Bert was living with Ann Mason, whom she also left out. All she said
was, she had received an anonymous tip that Albert Karnstein was going
to attempt another bank holdup or robbery, she wasn't quite sure which.
In any case, she tried to go to see Bert Karnstein at his place of
residence, but saw him outside, heading toward the docks. She followed
him with Al Bombannente, a fellow worker with whom she was having
dinner, then told him to go call the police when she saw Bert entering
the warehouse. She tried to peer in and see what was going on inside,
was caught, and was raped.

When asked if she wanted to go to the hospital for treatment, she
refused. She said she just wanted to go home.

Chapter 16

"This is a lovely little place you have here," Al said to Judy when she
let him into her apartment. He had driven her home afterward, and would
take her to pick up her car the following morning.

"Thanks," she said, as he looked around the small but neat apartment.

It was a two-and-a-half room unit, with bedroom, living room, and tiny
kitchen off to the right as one entered. The living room was furnished
tastefully in second-hand French provincial furniture with blue
coverings to match the blue carpeting. There were little ceramic dolls
all over the place.

"You know, you didn't have to drive me home," she told him. "The police
would have done it. I suppose now that that animal put his hands on me,
you won't want anything more to do with me."

"Stop talking like a dummy," he said to her. "Look, why don't you go
take a shower."

"Are you leaving?"


"Are you staying because you feel sorry for me?"


"Then why?"

"Because, if you're not too shaken up by your experience, I would very
much like to go to bed with you. It's too early for me to say I love
you, but I sure as hell feel very strongly about you."

Judy smiled and took to the bathroom where she had a long, hot shower.
Then she came out wearing a robe, just as Al was hanging his coat and
jacket in the closet. She went to the kitchenette, found the bourbon,
and made them two drinks, using very little water. She handed him one
glass, lifted her own glass to her tempting lips, and said, "Let's drink
to sex, Al. It's here to stay, one way or another, whether we like it or
not, and I'm not ashamed to admit, I like it."

"To sex!" he agreed.

They touched glasses and drank, after which he said, "Why should you be
ashamed? So few women really like sex."

"But I even enjoyed it when that animal Bert Karnstein touched me," she

"It wasn't Karnstein you enjoyed, but what he was doing to your body,"
Al replied. "That merely makes you more of a physical being than most
women. There's nothing wrong with being a physical woman."

"Are you certain it doesn't make you like me any the less? I mean, I'm
not going to get gushy and talk about things like marriage. It's just
that I don't want you thinking of me as, well, some kind of tramp who
... you know ..."

"Tramp? That's just a word, Judy. You're a total sexual woman. My
feelings toward you have only intensified, if anything. If there is
marriage in the future for us, it hasn't been changed by what happened.
You didn't go looking to be raped, but at least you had the good sense
to enjoy it when it did happen. Another woman might have panicked and
caused her attacker to kill her. I'm grateful you did what you did."

"So you say," Judy told him, putting her glass down on a nearby coffee
table as he did the same thing with his glass. "But why don't you prove
it by going ahead and undressing--while I watch."

"Okay with me," he nodded.

Al hastily began removing his clothing, discovering a definite enjoyment
in stripping before her watchful eyes. His cock was already throbbingly
hard with blood, making if difficult for him to remove his undershorts.
He finally got the Midways off, allowing his long, thickly throbbing
member to leap from his body at an angle, stabbing the air, the swollen
penile point already wet with his secretions as more viscid tears formed
in the tiny slit.

Judy turned her back to him and led the way into her tiny bedroom, a
small room with a large bed that took up so much space, she barely was
able to open her closet doors. She lay down on the bed with her long
robe still covering her, and her breath was quickly indrawn as she felt
her heart beating all the more quickly in her breast. She was surprised
to realize how she still needed and wanted more sex, even after what had
happened. She had actually believed she was going to be turned off by
sex and had put on a false front, partly to test Al, but more to test
herself. Now, looking at the man's solidly throbbing hardened rod, she
knew she was more aroused than ever.

"UMMMMMM!" she nodded. "Now I can really appreciate it."

Her eyes took in the long, thick rigidity of the cock, and she realized
she loved it. Not merely because it was attached to Al Bombannente, but
because it was the one cock that had given her so much unbelievable
pleasure, did she love it. She found herself unable to take her eyes
from the throbbing, blood-bloated tip as it shone a rich pinkish-red,
only half-exposed by the retracted foreskin.

"Bring it here!" she whispered, swinging her slender legs over the side
of the bed. He approached the bed and stood stark naked, tall and round,
long and thick and hard before her.

Al felt all kinds of thrillingly uncontrolled spasms shooting through
his body, the tremors charging electrically through every bit of him,
shooting out through his fingertips and toes. He shuddered when her hand
reached out and touched his cock. God! In spite of what he had gone
through with the Kaufmann twins he had to admit there was no woman like
this one. Her slender fingers encircled the pulsing stiffness, sliding
the heavy outer skin away from her to fully reveal the inflated bulb of
his glans to her anxious gaze. Her other hand slid between his weighty
thighs and began to gently squeeze his testicles, holding them gingerly
in the palm of his hand, kneading and caressing them. He shuddered as he
saw her pretty pink tongue dart from between her tantalizing lips to
lick the tiny tears continually flowing from the split in his penile
point. Catching one droplet after another on her lingual digit, Judy
proceeded to give the entire head several licking swirls. The
ultra-sensitive head began to pulsatingly respond to her oral
stimulation. His desire for her mounted with every passing second. Al
groaned aloud with the sweetly thrilling sensations of her wet tongue on
him. It was almost unbearably delightful. Whether he liked it or not, he
was infatuated with Judy, as if the two of them were school kids.

He groaned as the beautiful woman gently drew him toward her, the
pressure of her hands and availed lips making it unmistakable what her
intentions were. Then the hard cock was in her hot mouth, her turned-in
lips slowly sliding down, down the length of the throbbing organ. He
stared in utter disbelief again, always amazed at how so narrow a mouth
was able to stretch just enough to encompass his breadth. In total
fascination he watched as her lovely face moved back and forth, her
licking tongue doing marvelous things to him, causing delightful shivers
to travel up and down his spine. Oh God! She was good! He needed her and
he knew it! This wasn't the one-time fling he had initially feared it
might be. Hell, no!

At last, after what seemed like long minutes of communion with his
aching cock, Judy withdrew her lovely head. She looked up at him with
that wondrous twinkle in both her eyes.

"Al, do you really want me ... I mean, do you want me for myself and not
just for the simple act of fucking me?" she asked.

"I've never wanted anyone else as much as I want you," he told her. "I
feel like a kid, all set to prematurely climax."

"I'm just as hot as you are," she assured him. "There's something about
you that gets me all heated up. God! Help me get this robe off."

She leaped to her feet and opened the robe, and he pulled it from her
shoulders, tossing it on the floor. Then she rolled on her back onto the
bed, her arms and legs wide, openly inviting him to bury himself inside
her, and not for one moment did Al Bombannente think of her as anything
other than utterly desirable.

He picked up his drink and drained it--he had brought it into the
bedroom with him after adding a bit more to the glass. God! She was
absolutely beautiful! He told her as much.

"You're the most lovely, fascinating female I've ever known," he said.
"I won't kid you and tell you I'm going to turn monogamous, but if ever
there was a woman worth just about anything as far as I'm concerned,
that woman has to be you."

A soft whimper came from her petulant lips as she began undulating her
hips, allowing her legs to splay open a little wider. The very obscenity
of it all thrilled Al that much more. The sight of her soft, gently
throbbing vagina filled his lust-bloated gaze. He stared as her slender
red-nailed fingers moved to her own breasts, caressing and kneading the
berry-like nipples, then her hands cupped the full roundness of her
breasts, lifting the rounded mounds, offering them to him. Her hands ran
smoothly down across her ribs, running along the flat hardness of her
belly, coming to rest on either side of her tantalizing vagina, tugging
at her outer labia, exposing the interior of herself to him as she
murmured, "Please Al, please darling ... please ... love me ... love me
... don't just fuck me ... love me! I need to know that I'm loved! Oh
God! I need to know it more than anything else, right now!"

"You're loved," he assured her.

Her brilliant eyes were now glazed. She held her arms out to him
coaxingly, and he crawled onto the bed between her slender thighs to lie
half on top of her, his hand moving out to run hungrily over her satin
flesh. He stroked her from the swell of her full breasts to her hips as
his hungrily seeking mouth finally found her lips. There was that
familiar excitement again as he sank his tongue into her mouth, his lust
mounting rapidly, his love for her increasing steadily, almost

He kissed into her mouth as their tongues worked around each other,
"You're the most wonderful woman I've ever known, Judy."

His hands continued to caress the velvety soft, warm flesh of her flat
abdomen. Then one of them drifted down to the silky hair-covered mound,
shaped like a triangle, that pointed the way to the fleshy lips of her
sopping vagina. He trailed a finger along the coral-colored, sparsely
hair-lined slit nestled between her tantalizing thighs, back to the warm
crevice of her undulating buttocks, and she gasped into his face,
feeling the wanton sensations he was once again creating inside her. Her
hot breath in his mouth made Al shudder and tremble as he tasted the
sweetness of her. He found himself unable to get enough of her delicious

Desperately, he anxiously ground his ever-solid, cement-hard cock
against the roundness of her hip. All this did was intensify his need
for the lovely woman. All the while he continued caressing and massaging
her softness, enjoying the wonderful magnificence of her body, and his
brain whirled with need for her.

The more he held her, the more he loved her and the happier he was that
Bert Karnstein had died a horrible death for having violated her. This
was a woman meant for love, lots of love. Sex was a part of love, but he
felt more than mere animal desire for her. She was the most spectacular
female he had ever known, and Al had known more than his share of them.
He was unable to comprehend how a woman like this hadn't been snapped up
by some other guy. As far as he was concerned, it was a fantastic piece
of luck that he had discovered her before she had become attached to
some other man.

Her need for him wasn't merely physical. She had a strong emotional
requirement, and he realized now he was the first one to satisfy it. He
might not be the only one, but he was certainly first, and he knew now
that no matter what happened, where she went and who she met, she would
always come back to him as long as he wanted her.

Now Judy had his throbbingly thick prick in her right hand and she was
squirming beneath him, maneuvering him above her, trying to probe with
his fleshy sticker between her widespread thighs, aching to ram the man
all the way home inside her heatedly wet vagina while mewling sounds
emitted from the depths of her throat, incessantly.

He responded to her, moving between her tantalizing thighs, forcing his
hands beneath her shoulders and sliding them down the soft curves of her
back and hips. He was aware of the slightly raised ridges of her spine
as she moved against the fingers of his hand in almost imperceptible
undulation, her body rising to meet his in a slow, teasing sexual
rhythm. The muscles of her lithe form continued to ripple under the
satin that was her white flesh, and Al had the impression that for all
her delightful femininity, there was a hidden strength in her not even
he had previously known. He felt the thrilling tension of the sinewy
cords in her thighs as they firmly pressed themselves around his hips,
remembering how strongly she had gripped him the previous weekend when
they had fucked. She had been insatiable then, and he didn't doubt for a
moment she would be equally insatiable, now, when he finally plunged the
full length of him into her tight little belly.

"Oh yes! Al ... don't hold back!" she begged. "Ram it into me as hard as
you can ... all the way ... all the way ... shove it deep inside me ...
fuck me ... fuck me, hard!" she gasped.

"Right now!" he assured her, "right now!"

He deliberately attempted to slow down, wanting to wait just a little
bit longer to bring himself under better control. Hell! He didn't want
to fire the moment he rammed into her. His own release was much too
near, damn it! He didn't want to fail this lovely woman, now. Even if he
hadn't the courage to tell her he loved her verbally, he wanted to show
her as much.

His hands slid further down under her, reaching below and cupping the
rounded fullness of her smooth, white asscheeks, filling his palms with
them. His strong, thick fingers kneaded her softly pliant flesh, tugging
her nakedly hungry groin solidly against his own feverish loins. His
long, throbbing, thick penis now lay against the slit formed by her
pressed-together inner labia. Al flexed his buttocks once, twice, moving
his hardened rod of flesh back and forth a few times. He pressed the
head of his more-than-sensitive penis against the ultra-sensitive bud of
her growing clitoris. He was aware of the woman's ever-increasing
wetness, and felt the thrillingly convulsive shock in her as he teased
the seat of her sensuousness. Her loins began an even more urgent
rotation against his constantly pressuring member, and it became too
much for the both of them. This was merely teasing, and they had to get
down to that which they needed.

Her lovely face contorted in an agony of need as Judy begged, "AL ...
... OHHH, AHHHH, YESSSS!" she whimpered, begging, pleading for him to
fuck her.

Splaying her slender thighs widely out on either side of his body, she
placed her strong, curving calves against the backs of his lean,
muscular thighs and did her best to muscularly tug him into her body.

Al brushed a kiss across her sweetly puckered lips, the same lips that
had sucked the cock he was about to sock into her cunt, and forced a
hand between their straining bodies. He grasped and guided the
blood-bloated tip between the passion-wetted lips of her sucking pussy.
Judy's body trembled from top to bottom in aching need of what he was
offering and she cried out with relief, her loins arching up to meet
him, the voracious mouth of her greedy vaginal maw seeking ever so
desperately the blood-swollen, lust-inflamed, throbbing head of his
swelling penis. It probed at the tantalizingly open, ready portal of her
vaginal passageway.

Al groaned out his own passionate need as he felt the softness of her
wet silky hairs grazing the head of his throbbing cock. Her body was in
continual motion beneath his, rotating, aching for him to bury himself
inside her, and Al knew it was pointless to wait another second. This
had to be it. HE HAD TO FUCK HER, NOW!

He took a deep breath, sucking the air into his chest, and then he
thrust his hips solidly down. He was aware of her wetly throbbing inner
walls surrounding his cock like a sucking whirlpool drawing him down,
down, down, sheathing every last bit of his long, hardness. He drove
into her without mercy, furiously filling her in a single smooth motion,
burying himself to the testicles. His heavy balls smacked against her
perineum and asshole, and Judy squirmed her loins upward, her ass
bouncing on the mattress momentarily.

"Oh yessss!" she gasped. "Finally! Finally! I knew there would be a
difference. I just knew it."

At that point her hungrily clasping vaginal maw began going to work on
his throbbing length of stiff cock. Her muscles were more and more
developed with each passing second, and her inner cunt felt like a fist
gripping his throbbing organ, pulling on it the way a milking machine
would drain a cow. He had never felt anything like it before. The
sensations generated in him were wild ... wilder than those he had felt
the entire weekend he had spent with her. He knew he was going to blast
his balls off at any second. For the first time in his life Al
Bombannente didn't seem to have any control over himself.

He tried to set some kind of working rhythm as he continued sinking his
long, thick penis all the way into the receptivity of her heatedly
slippery, nibbling tunnel, but her vagina, sucking and nibbling like
some tiny bearded mouth was too much for him. She sucked his cock into
her as if it were meat being pulled into a grinder. He thought he was
going to be sucked inside-out. His balls were starting to swell and
enlarge, and the head of his throbbing cock was growing even larger,
throbbing with the sweet pain of imminent ejaculation as he continued
grinding his loins solidly into hers.

Al felt the flood within him begin. His asscheeks tightened and his
asshole constricted, and he knew now the dam was going to burst and he
wouldn't be able to control it, damn it! God help him! He was going to
shoot, already! Things like this had never happened in his life, before.
He had always managed to hold back until the woman came first. But not
this time! Damn it! This time he was in love! Yes, that was the only
explanation. He was in love.

Al's face began to contort with all kinds of delightful anticipation as
he felt his building orgasm swelling inside him. For the first time in
his life he was feeling a sense of failure inside him. He was not going
to be able to satisfy her, and there was no way for him to hold back.
Even if he pulled out, he would be spurting all over the place. He was
long past the point-of-no-return.

"CAN'T ... UHHHH ... STOP MYSELF!" he gasped. "CAN'T HOLD BACK ... GONNA

"It's all right, darling," she panted. "Just keep moving ... don't stop
now ... not for anything ... keep on fucking ... shove it in as far as
it'll go ... fuck meee ... fuck hard ... fuck! Come on ... shoot it all
inside me, my love ... I'm waiting for it ... I want it ... yes ... yes
... I want it from you more than I've ever wanted anything."

She continued chanting at him, drawing her legs back by sweeping his
arms under them and pressing her knees against her shoulders, lifting
her cunt and her ass so he was plunging straight down inside her. Her
calves hooked over his shoulders and she used them for leverage, lifting
her ass up to meet his downward thrusts, countering his strong movements
with upward slamming jabs of her own.

"OHHHH, AHHHH. Can't hold back!" he gasped.

"Shoot damn you, shoot! I'm ... YYYYAAAAGGGGHHHH ... THERRRRE ...

He pumped all the faster now, feeling the way her interior had opened as
she had climaxed. He fucked deep and hard into her, his throbbing prick
plunging in and out of her wildly sodden pussy like a runaway
pile-driver now that it was lubricated all the more with her excess
lubrication. Then, he came!

fucking her as he had never fucked before while shooting wild blast
after wild blast into her interior. Gushes of white-hot semen hosed
through her interior again and again, filling her with floods of

Al heard himself grunting like a boar, feeling thrilling sensations of
satisfaction tearing through him. Gasps of pure carnal pleasure filled
the room as he realized she was weeping with thrilling enjoyment. She
had climaxed as wildly as he, and yet he knew in a short time she would
be needing more. He didn't question his own abilities. He knew damn well
he would be able to provide whatever it was she needed.

Her pussy continued tightly sheathing his cock, pulling, tugging,
refusing to let go of his penis as he pumped out the last dregs of sperm
into her. Even when he went flaccid, her vaginal grip was so tight, she
managed to keep the cock inside her. Her muscular inner action told him
in a little while she would be making him stiffen again. He had never
met a woman so perfectly suited to him before and he knew he would
probably never meet another one again. He collapsed on top of her and
lay there for a long time, and she silently bore his weight without a
murmur. Then the pulling action of her cunt caused his throbbing penis
to once again rear its head, and it began swelling all over again, once
more filling her interior, and Al knew it was going to be another long

Chapter 17

Al Bombannente, on only three hours of sleep, managed to get up and
drive Judy to her car. She, in turn, got to work at the same time as he,
and she waited for Ann Mason to show up. She knew, even though Thursday
was not Ann's day, Ann would be there.

The white-haired woman was there less than ten minutes after she had
settled into her small cubicle.

"I read about what happened," she said to Judy. "I'm sorry, I'm truly
sorry. If I had known Bert was going to attack you as he had, I would
never have begged you to go after him."

"I know that," Judy nodded. "Look, Ann, the whole world didn't come to
an end for either one of us, last night. Bert was a bummer. Such things
happen now and then. There are other men, and what's more, I have just
the perfect man for you. I want you to meet him this evening. Today is
his parole day, and I've arranged for him to come here at four-thirty.
This way, if he's been toeing the mark, at five, when the place closes,
I'll bring him to meet you. I don't want you saying a word about Bert.
Bert is dead in every way. He never existed ... never. Do you

"Yes!" Ann nodded.


Ann left, feeling somewhat better than she had felt for more than twelve
hours. Judy had forgiven her, but more important, she was finding
another man for her.

The man was Perry Morton, who, while not nearly as young as Bert
Karnstein had been, was more suited to Ann. He had been in prison only
once, on a forgery and counterfeiting rap, because his social security
wasn't enough to cover what he needed because of the cost of living. He
would have been willing to spend the rest of his life in prison, but
prison didn't want him. He had been paroled and Judy had been his parole
officer. She had assured him she would find him someone with whom to
live so he would be able to share expenses and continue collecting his
social security. As a result Perry did not return to forging five dollar
bills, which he did relatively well. He had been caught simply because
of the paper. He had gotten poor quality paper. He had known how to
overcome it in the future. He would bleach one-dollar bills white, and
then use his plates, which no one had ever found, to print new
five-dollar bills.

When Judy introduced Perry to Ann, he decided he would delay his
counterfeiting activities for awhile. Between his social security and
what she was earning, they would be able to afford the rent on her
apartment, and still have enough money left over to buy food and

That evening, Judy met Al Bombannente for dinner, and then the two of
them decided she would move into his apartment. They weren't kidding
themselves. Even if they weren't going to get married for awhile, they
knew they wouldn't be able to live apart. Judy was smart enough not to
interfere with the way Al "reformed" his female parolees, but by the
same token she never felt the need for another man. It had nothing to do
with a lack of independence on her part. Al, for all he was giving his
female parolees, was still more than enough for her. Besides, anything
less would have been just that ... less, and she had no intention of
accepting less.

The End

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