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HP-6014 The Naughty Bride by David Ingram

Chapter 1

The tall, muscular boy got out of the car and stood in the
light from the open door. The girl leaned heavily against the
opposite door and watched him slowly unzip, ceremoniously take
out his cock, and start to piss. She saw the stream arch into the
darkness and heard it splash in the dirt. She didn't know why but
the sight always excited her.
The boy finished and gave his prick several healthy shakes and
climbed back into the car, leaving the door standing open. He
looked at the girl huddled in the seat and palmed himself. His
prick looked white and delicate against his big hand.
"Tonight, Eva?" he asked, "You said we would do it tonight."
"I said, maybe." Eva answered softly.
"Come on, honey, you promised." He looked at her longingly. "I
have a strange feeling that if we don't do it tonight, we never
Eva felt a pang of fear at his subtle threat. "Play with it a
little and get it hard while I think." she said.
With growing excitement, she watched his cock swell in his
slowly moving hand. Many times before she had watched him
masturbate, but tonight, it somehow seemed different. For many
months she had implied, without actually saying so, that when he
graduated, she would give him a present that he would never
forget. Less than an hour ago, he had become a high school
Eva Goodwin and Ted Baxter had been going steady since she was
a sophomore and Ted a junior. Their love play had progressed from
necking to groping each other through their clothes until one
night Ted got a little tight and showed his prick to her. She was
both shocked and excited. After this, he always exposed himself
to her on their dates, and finally jacked off in front of her.
Her eyes had widened with amazement when the cum had spurted from
the end of his cock. It became ritual for him to stand where she
could watch while he pissed, and then get back in the car and
jerk off.
For a long time Eva wouldn't reciprocate. She let him feel her
up through her clothing, and would lay her hand on his hard-on
when it was inside his pants, but was afraid to go any further.
Then one night when she was particularly passionate, she let him
take her hand and put it around his bare prick. She grew very
excited and was soon moving her hand up and down, continuing
until he poured out over her shaking hand.
Things picked up after that, and on their next date she let
him feel inside her panties. She guided his fingers with her hand
and it felt so much better than when she played with herself that
she let him continue until she climaxed. From then on, she would
remove her panties, and as he moved his hand under her skirt, she
would reach over and grasp his cock. The mutual orgasms were
Still, Eva had refused to let him fuck her, or even to look at
her pussy. She let him open her blouse and remove her bra and
gaze at and even kiss her titties, but below the waist was feel
Eva had intended to let him raise her skirt and remove her
panties himself and gaze to his heart's content at her pussy;
that was the present she had hinted at, but now she was afraid
that it wouldn't stop there. Immediately after graduation they
had driven to their secret hiding place and started drinking
beer. Eva wasn't used to so much beer and she got drunk quickly.
She stared longingly at Ted's prick, now standing tall and
hard in his hand. She felt giddy and lightheaded, her panties
were wet. She knew what she wanted and fought against it.
"Do you want me to hold it?" she said, reaching towards him.
"I want you to kiss it." he said.
"You know I won't do that ... ever. Not even when I'm drunk."
"You're not drunk."
"I am a little, but I won't do that."
Ted went into an immediate sulk, slouching down in the seat,
his hand leaving his cock. "Shit." he said.
Eva felt a panic in her breast. She could see their beautiful
evening going down the drain. "Would you like to take off my
Ted straightened up a little. "You mean me take them off?"
"Yes." she said, "and my skirt, too."
"Boy, would I."
Eva stretched her legs out towards him and let her head fall
back against the seat. "Then do it." she said softly. "Take all
my clothes off if you want."
Ted's fingers trembled as he fumbled at the catch on her
skirt; he was all thumbs, but he got it undone. She raised up and
let him push it over her thighs and down to the floor. Her pussy
bulged under her tiny panties, wisps of brown hair curling out
around the edges.
She opened her legs wide for him.
"Take them off, Ted, and get a good look at my cunt-you've
wanted to for a long time."
She raised up again and let him pull them down her legs. When
they were off, she settled back onto the seat and opened her
thighs. "Do you like me?" she said.
"Oh, God, honey, you're beautiful!" he gasped.
It didn't embarrass her like she thought it would; it thrilled
her. She liked having him look at her, and while he struggled
with the buttons on her blouse, she took his cock in her hand.
When she was completely naked, he started kissing her. First
on the mouth, then her neck and down over her tits. She had large
breasts for a seventeen year old, and the nipples grew hard under
his mouth. When both nipples were standing at rigid attention, he
moved his lips to the undersides of her tits, and after a short
stay, slipped wetly down her belly to her deep navel.
Eva was moaning softly, her desire growing heavy in her belly.
"Oh, Ted, you're making me so hot!" she cried.
He resumed his course downward until he was at the fringe of
her soft pubic curls. She twisted and jerked at the feel of his
warm breath so close to her cunt. He moved into the hair and his
tongue snaked out, probing warily at the puffy beginning of her
"No, Ted, no ... you mustn't." she moaned. Still, her legs
opened and her hands dropped softly to the back of his neck,
gently urging his face deeper into her crotch. "Stop honey, stop
before it's too late."
It was too late. His mouth was over her cunt and his tongue
dipped into the sweltering hole. She grunted like a bitch in
heat, hunching her crotch roughly against his face. His tongue
found her clit and laved it.
"Lick it, lick it!" she screamed. "It's good, honey, it's so
damn good ... don't stop!" She jerked her head from side to side
and rolled her hips in an effort to increase the stimulation.
"I'm going to come ... darlingggg!"
She fell limp after the orgasm subsided, one hand still
stroking the back of his head. "Oh, honey, I love you for that."
she said. She knew she couldn't refuse him now, and besides, what
she had just had seemed like only a taste of better things to
come, and she wanted more. "Do you have a blanket in the car?"
she asked softly.
"Yes." he said, raising his face from her moist cunt.
"Take your clothes off first, and-and I'll let you fuck me."
She blushed in spite of her lust and opened the door and got out.
It was a warm spring night, brightly moonlit with not a breath
of stirring air. She stood and watched him frantically tearing
off his clothes, and then reach over the seat to retrieve the
blanket in the back. She felt a familiar urge and moved out a few
feet and squatted. When she finished and looked up, Ted had the
blanket spread and was sitting watching her.
"That's a beautiful sight." he said, "sitting there with a
hard-on watching a girl take a piss."
"I'll bet." she retorted, her skin still wanting to
blush."Come over here and lay down. I want you, baby."
"I want you, too." Eva said. She lay down on the blanket on
her back and opened her legs wide. "Do you really want to fuck
me, Ted?"
"Oh, God, do I ever!" he snorted, rolling over on top of her.
She pulled him down onto her, the insides of her thighs
snuggling softly against his hip. "Be gentle, honey. I'm a
Ted jabbed awkwardly at the wet slit between her legs and
cursed softly. "I can't get it in." he said.
"Oh, you boys are so helpless." she sighed, her hand sliding
down between their bodies. She grasped his cock and guided the
throbbing gristle into her cunt. The head went in easily and then
stopped. "Unghhh!" she cried, "easy, honey, easy." The virginal
membrane was a thin one and broke easily. She let out a sharp
little cry of pain and felt him sliding smoothly into her pussy.
It was done; she was no longer a virgin. She was being fucked-
-only seventeen and being fucked.
The discomfort passed quickly and she pulled him closer, his
cock sliding in deeper. It felt better than anything she had
imagined, and she wondered why she had held him off so long. When
he was completely imbedded, she wanted more, but there wasn't
"Fuck me, you son-of-a-bitch!" she cried lustily, "fuck me
He fucked her ruthlessly, knowing he could only last minutes,
anyway. The minutes went all too quickly and he felt himself
emptying gobs of jizz inside her. He had a lot stored up, and he
gave her all of it, milking himself sensuously against the
slick-tight walls of her grasping pussy.
Eva knew that girls weren't supposed to come their first time
out, but she came anyway, grunting and groaning and jerking. She
was glad she wasn't a compulsive masturbator like some of her
girl friends, because it made fucking so much better. She was
glad, too, that she had held him off until tonight, because
everything had its right moment, and this just had to be the
exact right moment for her to lose her cherry. The subsiding
ecstasy in her belly told her that.
Ted finally let his cock fall free and rolled off her onto her
back. "Jesus, that was good." he said.
"Yes, I loved it." Eva said.
"You shouldn't have held out so long, honey. We could have
been fucking all this time."
"I enjoyed it enough tonight to make up for all the times we
didn't." she said. She sat up and drew her knees to her chest,
hugging her legs. "Why don't you get us a cigarette."
Ted grumbled good-naturedly and went to the car. He returned
with two lighted cigarettes. Eva took one and sat puffing
"My folks aren't expecting me home early tonight, do you think
we could do it again?" she said.
"You really liked it, didn't you, baby?"
"Yes, I really liked it." She rolled over against him and took
his cock in her hand. "You're all sticky." she said.
"I'm all sticky from you." Ted grinned.
"And you'll be even stickier before I finish with you,
mister." she said with a giggle, her hand pumping at his flaccid
They drank the rest of the beer and smoked another cigarette
before Ted decided that he could do it again. He stood on the
edge of the blanket and took a much needed piss. Eva came up and
slipped her arms around him and held his cock while his piss
arched out into the darkness. When he finished, she pressed her
pussy against his back and caressed his cock until he was hard.
"I want that hard cock in my cunt." she said.
They fell back onto the blanket and he moved between her open
legs, getting inside her without any help. His hard cock sailed
easily into her depths. She was a little sore at first, but the
deep, gut feeling of a cock in her cunt soon made her forget any
pain. She moaned and undulated with his eager thrusts.
"Take it easy, honey." she said, "make it last the rest of the
night." Her legs went up around his back. "Oooooh, that's good
... don't stop ... do it, do it ... fuck me, baby, fuck me and
make me squeal. I love it, I love it!"
Ted lasted longer this time, and they were both covered with
sweat when he began to come. Eva had already made it and lay
grunting and panting when his jizz started squirting. She came
again when she felt his cum filling her and somehow knew that her
desires would not be easy to fulfill. Her pussy was beginning to
sting, and yet she didn't want him to stop.
"I'm a wanton." she moaned unintelligibly, "and I'll never get
enough. Fuck me, Ted, and never stop!"
But he did stop. He stopped and pulled out. "God, Eva, I'm all
fucked out." he groaned, falling limply onto the blanket beside
Eva lay back and let the tingly feeling seep out through her
pores. She knew her mother would scream and rant and rave if she
ever found out and probably get hysterical, but she had liked it,
more than liked it, and knew that she could no longer control
herself now that she had screwed. They would fuck again, and she
knew it. But so what, she thought, we're in love, we'll be
getting married in a year or so.
But they didn't get married in a year or so. Ted went to
college in the fall and when he returned for Christmas vacation
it was over. Eva didn't know it but Ted did. She had remained
faithful, a high school girl in love with her first boy friend,
while Ted had moved on. He had outgrown her.
Eva was heartbroken. She nursed her heartbreak with a
vengeance, avoiding dates with boys like the plague. Her senior
year in high school was a misery. She didn't date and she didn't
get fucked. She wanted very much to get fucked, but it took a boy
to fuck her, and she hated boys. Ted had taken her cherry and
spent three idyllic months fucking her almost nightly. She wished
now she hadn't taken the pill and had gotten pregnant; he'd have
had to marry her then.
She never admitted that during that wonderful summer she had
looked at other boys and wondered what their cocks looked like
and how they would feel rammed inside her tight, cock-loving
cunt. No, that was a memory erased by the thought of how Ted had
stolen her virginity and then cheated her, dumped her on the ash
heap of love after he had gotten what he wanted. Of course what
he had wanted was also what she had wanted. She dreamed all day
of when it would get dark and she could engulf his cock, suck it
up into her cunt and devour it with greed and lust. Of course,
she conveniently forgot all this when the rotten bastard jilted
Her mother worried but her father was relieved when she
wouldn't go out. He knew what young men were after, and his
daughter was a beautiful, over-developed girl. Even he could see
that, and if she didn't go out with boys, it stood to reason that
they couldn't get in her pants. Her mother was sure she would be
an old maid, a miserable old maid.
And then during the summer vacation after she graduated, while
trying to decide on a college, she met John. He was just right
for her: ten years her senior, a, solid citizen, already
established, and ready to settle down. Her parents were
And when she married, she never admitted she was still on the
Chapter 2

Eva Goodwin was the talk of the town. Though not from a poor
family, she was definitely not of the social register, and to
land John Richardson was a fantastic stroke of luck. John, at
twenty-nine, was a junior partner in his father's prestigious law
firm. They were wealthy upper crust people, not usually given to
mingling with common folk, yet Eva's marriage to this man of
substance was now less than two weeks away.
Eva steered her car into half a parking space in front of
Janice's house. Janice was her best friend and Eva knew that when
the girl called and asked her to drop by her house, that it was
for a surprise bridal shower. On the way to the door, she
practiced her best actress's face, knowing there was no way she
could feign surprise.
The surprise that Eva was so sure she could never carry off
was there, nonetheless, written all over her beautiful young
face. It came from the sight of her future sister-in-law, because
her presence at a gathering of the common people was a shock, but
her condition was an even greater shock. No one in their right
mind would ever expect to see Nina Richardson Price in this
condition. She was pregnant. God, was she pregnant; she looked
like she had a basketball under her dress.
The last time Eva had seen Nina was almost six months ago, the
night she had been invited to John's parents' house to break the
news of their engagement. She had looked so tall and slim and
athletic that night, and now she looked so ... so like she had
swallowed a balloon. She was still beautiful, though, probably
even more so, Eva grudgingly admitted.
Nina Richardson Price--she had insisted on retaining the
Richardson--was two years younger than her brother, and very
protective of him. She was a beautiful woman; tall, brunette, and
very athletic-looking. And she was very athletic, an excellent
tennis player, horserider, scratch golfer. Also rich. She had
married Mosely Price III when she was twenty, a man twelve years
older, also a lawyer and descendant of a wealthy legal family. He
was a big man, not handsome, but quite sensual-looking.
Eva had been around Nina only half a dozen times, and wasn't
yet sure how to take the woman. She was sure that Nina didn't
like her. She had met Mosely only once, at the family dinner, and
was sure that he did like her. He had literally devoured her with
his eyes. Eva suspected that he was a lewd man.
"It's a pleasant surprise to see you, Nina." Eva said, almost
sputtering. "I didn't know-"
"That I was pregnant." Nina finished for her. "Well, it's
rather obvious that I'm knocked up higher than a kite." she added
Eva almost shivered from the cold waves. Nina was as rude and
aloof as always. Eva decided she didn't like her. Being an
expectant mother hadn't warmed her up a bit. She wondered why
they had waited seven years.
The shower lasted almost two hours with Eva receiving the
usual booty of a bride-to-be. They were all Eva's friends with
the exception of Nina, who spent the evening sitting in an easy
chair chain-smoking and drinking Janice's father's Scotch. She
was obviously bored.
"I was sure surprised to see Nina here. How did you happen to
invite her?" Eva whispered to Janice.
"Since she is John's only sister, I thought it the proper
thing to do." Janice said with a shrug.
"I'll bet you were surprised when she accepted."
"Was I ever. If I'd have thought for a minute she'd come, I
wouldn't have invited her."
Just before the party ended, Janice poured small brandy
glasses full of whiskey and all but Nina toasted the bride. As
Eva was about to leave, Nina called her aside.
"Daddy is having a little pre-wedding party and asked me to
tell you to drop by. It will just be some of 'Our' friends. You
don't have to come if you're tired."
"I'm not tired. I'd love to come." Eva said.
Eva could see the anguish on Nina's face. "Do you have a way."
she said coolly.
"Yes, I have my car. Do you need a lift?"
"No. Someone is picking me up."
"Your husband? It's been ages since I saw him."
"No, a friend. Mosely is working tonight." she said.
The doorbell rang and Eva saw a tall, very handsome young man
step inside. He looked to be twenty-four or twenty-five.
"It's my ride." Nina said, and went to the door and took the
man's arm.
Janice's eyebrows went up as she looked at Eva. "I'll bet he's
younger than she is." she whispered to her friend.
"No doubt." Eva said, stifling a giggle. "Look how she walks.
Graceful Nina waddling like a duck." Both girls laughed. "I have
to get, Janice. I'll see you tomorrow and gather up the loot. And
thanks for the swell party."
As Eva started to open her car door, she noticed the couple
two cars up the street. It was Nina and her "ride" and they were
kissing. She could see them plainly in the pale moonlight; the
man had his hands around her ass, and he was pulling her bulging
tummy tightly to him. Eva covered her mouth to keep from making
any sound. She saw them get into the car and kiss again. The man
hadn't pulled the door completely shut and the dome light bathed
them for all to see. They necked for several minutes and then
drove off.
Eva got into her car, shaking with excitement. "The slut, the
shameless slut." Eva said, yet the thought of a married woman,
and pregnant at that, making love with a man other than her
husband excited her terribly. She wondered how far Nina would go
with the man, not imagining for a minute that it would go beyond
a few innocent kisses. "Surely she wouldn't let him fuck her, not
in that condition." she said to her car. The goose bumps rose up
on the insides of her thighs. It had been a long time since she'd
had goose bumps on the insides of her thighs; John didn't believe
in any pre-marital foolishness. Good breeding ruled such nonsense
She was still tingling when she pulled into the long circular
drive leading to the Richardson mansion, and it was indeed a
mansion. The butler met her at the door and led her down a long
hall to a three-steps-down, low-slung game room. It was a paneled
room, complete with billiard table, trophies on the wall, and a
fireplace with logs ablazing. Joseph Richardson, John's father,
saw her at the door and jumped up and came over and took her
"Eva, darling!" he exclaimed, "I've been waiting for you. Come
in and I'll introduce you around."
Joseph Richardson was not a large man, yet exuded the
impression of towering strength. At sixty-four he was energetic
and had a full head of hair, all of it white. In his part of the
state, he was a power to be reckoned with in business and
politics, both church and state.
"Where is John?" Eva asked demurely.
Joseph slipped his arm around her slim waist. "He's working.
We have a brief that must be ready in the morning, and he is low
man on the totem pole." He held her tighter and flicked a quick
wink. "He'll be along later, but let's sit on the divan. I'll get
you a highball."
Eva could tell that her future father-in-law had been at the
highballs himself, and she was surprised. He was an active elder
in the city's largest church, and had always acted so pious in
the past, yet here he was almost drunk.
Four other couples were there and she was dutifully introduced
to each and every one of the rich snobs. She wanted John there
and wanted to pout, but her boozed-up host wouldn't allow it. He
plied her with drinks until she felt giddy and no longer out of
place. By midnight, everyone was drunk, and she no longer noticed
when the old man hugged her tight after a ribald story or kissed
her on the cheek or patted her gently on her leg.
"I just realized, that Nina isn't here." Eva said to the old
man. "Where in the world can she be? She left the shower ahead of
"She called and said she would be detained. She'll be along
presently." Joseph said.
"I'll bet she was detained . . . and how." Eva said, and broke
into a series of foolish giggles.
"You're getting silly, my dear." he said, and kissed her, this
time full on the lips.
Eva stopped giggling and sat up straight. It unnerved her for
the old man to kiss her like that. She didn't know whether to
scream or kiss him back. She did neither.
He jumped gingerly to his feet and took her hand. "Come with
me, Eva. I have something to show you."
He guided her down the long hall, his arm once again around
her waist, his nervous hand resting just below her breast. They
passed through a heavy, carved doorway into what appeared to be a
plush office.
"This is my office away from the office." he said, pushing the
door closed behind them. "This is where I make all my money. I
don't show everyone this room. See that lion's head over there? I
shot him myself." Actually his guide had shot the lion while he
was sleeping off a bender in his tent, but it made a good story.
"My, you must be very brave." Eva exclaimed.
"Yes, very brave." he said, and sat down in a huge stuffed
chair. "Very brave, indeed." He still held Eva by the hand and
pulled her down onto his lap, then kissed her on the mouth. She
wanted to protest, but his tongue was in her mouth.
Eva knew the old man was way out of line, but was afraid to
make waves; he was a powerful influence in John's life and she
feared repercussions either way she went. She felt nothing when
he kissed her, and decided to let him have his way. Besides, he
was drunk and couldn't be completely responsible. She was drunk,
too, and kissed him back.
"You'll make an excellent addition to this stuffy old clan.
Put a little youth and class in the old place. You're a mighty
beautiful young girl, Eva." Joseph said.
She was sorely touched by his compliment, and said nothing
when she felt his hand slide to mid-thigh under her skirt. Her
head was spinning from all the booze and she felt excited, a
feeling she knew she had to fight.
His hand stopped a few inches from her crotch, and when she
made no effort to push his hand away, he moved on up to the edge
of her panties. He was glad she wasn't wearing panty hose; warm,
soft flesh was so much nicer, especially when it was so young and
Eva trembled as his fingers neared her cunt and she
involuntarily opened her thighs.
His hand moved to her crotch and he gently cupped her cunt,
watching her face all the while. The light was dim, but he could
see that she looked pale and was biting at her lower lip, yet she
made no effort to get away. He kissed her again then, and was
amazed at the frenzy of her mouth. She grunted into his mouth and
hunched against his palm. Joseph was surprised at the ease of the
whole thing. She had seemed so shy and prim when she was with
John. But it was obvious now--get a few drinks in her and turn
her on and she was a push over, an easy lay. Yes indeed, a quick
fuck for an old man who lusted for tight young cunts. His son's
young wife would add much to his reclining years.
He took his hand from her cunt and with both hands grasped the
bottom of her sweater. She instinctively raised both her arms to
let him pull the fuzzy garment up and over her head. She looked
maddeningly-erotic with her blonde hair rumpled and her bulging
tits trying to squeeze out of a tiny bra that did little more
than cover her nipples. He jerked the loops off her shoulders and
pulled the bra down to her waist without unhooking it.
"Lovely, lovely." he gasped and dropped his face into the
hills of soft flesh. Her nipples rose large and hard inside his
mouth, first one and then the other.
While he suckled on her tits, his hand opened the side of her
skirt. "Stand up." he said, raising his face from her tits.
Without a word she got to her feet, and he quickly pulled her
skirt down her legs. Her panties were nothing more than a silken
strand around her hips holding up a tiny patch of sheer nylon
that barely covered her pouty cuntlips. The hair was abundant,
especially so for a blonde, and stuck out in profusion around the
edges. The filmy garment plainly revealed that her bush was
darker than the locks on her head, but grew blonder as it crept
up her belly in a thinning line toward her navel.
He gasped at her loveliness and reached out, one hand gripping
her ass, the other sliding between her legs. She stood motionless
while he caressed the nylon tightly into her groove. He quickly
tired of this and yanked the panties down her thighs. She let
them fall to her feet and stepped free.
Eva felt a thrill as the old man's eyes devoured her naked
body. She had forgotten how much she enjoyed it when Ted had
looked at her, and revelled in the excitement now. She was drunk
and excited and knew her resistance was only a blur somewhere in
her subconscious. Her hands went to her hips and her legs opened
in a brazen display of exhibitionism. She hoped he would come out
of his chair and bury his face in her cunt because she remembered
now how much she had loved it when Ted went down on her.
Instead, the old man opened his fly and took out his cock. It
was Eva's turn to gasp--his cock was huge, completely out of
proportion for a small man, and it was rock-hard, the thick
foreskin already rolled a third of the way off the angry red
g1ans. The hole in the end gaped open and a clear ooze stood in a
heavy bubble and then broke and slid down the groove on the
"Straddle me." he said, "and take it in your hand."
She stepped up to the chair and put a knee on each side of his
hips, raising herself to hover over his huge cock. Her tiny hand
reached down and grasped it.
"Guide it to your hole." She lowered a little, nuzzling the
slick prick into her thick, wet cuntlips. "Jesus Christ, ease
down and let your cunt skin it back." he groaned.
His cock was much larger than Ted's had been, and she was
afraid it would hurt, yet she did as he said. She was thrilled by
its throbbing hardness, and sobbed with a mixture of pain and
pleasure as the fat knob spread her open. The tip went into her
cunt, and as her weight forced the massive cock into her pussy,
she felt the lips of her cunt slowly peeling back the thick
"Oh!" she cried out, not sure she could take it all. But still
it went deeper until she felt his trousers with the fleshy part
of her rump. It was in to the hilt. Still she hunched against him
until she felt the cold zipper cut into her soft cuntlips. She
grunted like a bitch in heat, her arms around his neck, and found
his mouth, her hips rutting against him in an effort to get more.
"It's good, it's good!" she moaned, "Don't come for a long, long
He felt the youthful tightness of her pussy and knew he
couldn't last as long as she wanted--he knew he couldn't last at
all when he felt the tightening in his groin. He prided himself
in his lasting power, yet here he was, about to shoot off like a
simple teen-ager. He wanted to tell her to stop all motion, but
it felt too damn good. The cum rallied in his balls and a gusher
of jizz spurted into her belly. He grunted and hunched wildly.
"Ooooh, you came too soon. . . I felt it." she cried.
"Just shut up and keep humping." he said.
If she kept him hard, kept fucking, the sick feeling in his
belly would pass and he could make it again, he knew, he had done
it before. She bounced against him; he stayed hard.
"Get off and lay down on the floor." he said.
She reluctantly pulled herself off and quickly spread out on
the carpet. The old man stood and pushed his pants and shorts
down to his knees got between her legs. His hard cock went into
her easily.
She moaned and flailed about beneath him. "I'm coming ... it's
so good ... I'm coming! Fuck me you old bastard, fuck me!"
The old bastard pushed all the way in and fucked her. Her
orgasm subsided and her legs went up around his back, her hips
rotating slowly as his shaft plunged hungrily in and out.
"Where is John's mother?" Eva asked, knowing the moment she
said it, that it was stupid.
"She's at her sister's. I didn't want her here tonight."
"You planned this, didn't you? You had Nina ask me over here
tonight so you could fuck me."
They fucked slowly, easily, both enjoying the mounting
excitement. "Yes." he said, "just so I could fuck you. You're a
good fuck, Eva. Have many men had you?"
"Only one." she said.
"Was it John?"
His questions embarrassed her, still she hunched to his
thrusts and grunted with pleasure, marveling at the delicious
feeling his cock gave her. "No, it wasn't John. He doesn't
believe in pre-marital sex." she said.
"He's a fool. I believe in pre-marital sex, especially between
you and me. And I believe in post-marital sex between you and
"I do too ... now." Eva said. She wished he would shut up and
just fuck.
He liked talking with her while they fucked; it made it last
longer, and added to the excitement. "You didn't want me to fuck
you, did you?"
"Not before you did it ... now I'm glad. I'm getting close
again, speed up ... I'm almost there, honey ... make me come
She felt the fantastic thrill of another come and wondered how
she had held out so long, and more important, why? So Ted had
jilted her--in a manner of speaking--he didn't have the only
prick in the world. She was feeling one now, and it felt good, so
very good.
"Oh, goddamn! I'm coming again!" she screamed, and came for
the third time.
Joseph Richardson felt the exquisite cunt muscles of his
future daughter-in-law tighten around his cock and spurted his
jizz into her belly again. The Richardson seed, he thought with
satisfaction, as his balls emptied.
They got up from the floor and moved to the huge leather couch
and she sat on his lap and held his limp prick tightly between
her soft thighs while they necked. Eva finally slid off his lap
and took his sagging cock into her hand. It felt soft and squishy
and was still sticky from her cunt. It excited her to squeeze his
flabby prick in her fist.
"Will you fuck me again?" she asked.
"If you can get it hard."
"Will it get hard if I jack you?"
"I doubt it now, but it will if you suck it."
She let go of his prick as if it were a snake. "Oh, no, I
can't do that."
"Why not?"
"Well ... I just can't. I never have."
"You'll never hold your man if you won't suck his cock." the
old man said calmly.
She looked down at his prick; it had risen a little just from
talking about it. She lowered her head and looked closer. "I just
can't ... I can't." she said softly, and then it was in her
The old man pushed against her face, his cock swelling inside
her mouth. "Suck it easy, honey, make it good and hard."
Eva felt her stomach tumble and wanted to gag, but she
repressed the sensation until it passed. It really didn't taste
bad once she got the slime off and it felt so alive and pulsing
there inside her mouth. She wasn't aware when her feelings
changed, but she rather liked it all of a sudden, and it made the
desire grow in her loins like nothing had before. She closed her
eyes and imagined how it had looked when Ted's jizz had spurted
up into the air, how milky it had looked, how slippery it had
been on her fingers. She wondered now what it tasted like and
started jacking him off while she sucked.
"Hold it, girl!" the old man cried, pushing her face away. She
looked like a baby about to cry when his prick pulled free of her
lips. "I want it in your belly where it belongs." he said.
The old man moved up onto the couch and stretched out on his
back. "Get on top of me, fuck me, make me spill inside you
Eva obediently crawled on top of him, reached down between
their bodies and found his cock. It was good and hard again, and
she easily slid the fat prick inside her cunt. Her sense of loss
faded as her cunt took him in.
"Oh, oh, oh." she gasped. "It's so big and it feels so good!"
She knew immediately that she would come and started moving
faster and faster until only the thick head was in her cunt and
bobbing wildly between her puffed-out pussylips. She clutched
tightly to him, her orgasm tearing hungrily at her insides. And
she didn't stop, but kept jerking wildly. "I'm coming!" she
grunted, "I'm coming again!" And she came again.
She let her weight down against him, yet continued moving, and
his cock pushed in deep. "Ahhhh, Jesus, that's good!" she moaned.
The old man lay still and let her do the work. Her young pussy
was so tight, so vibrant. It was exhilarating to feel her working
so lustily on top of him, grunting and groaning like a bitch in
heat. She was a hot little piece, all right, and would give him
lots of good fucking in the years to come.
And then she was coming yet again. She sat upright on his
crotch, slamming his hard cock into her cunt, and bounced against
him like a creature gone mad. Her face was contorted with a
mixture of pain and pleasure.
When Joseph came, he was in so deep he swore she could taste
it. His cum spurted into her for the third time and she fell limp
on top of him, sobbing softly.
He showed her the bathroom where she dressed and freshened up
as best she could. Her golden hair was wet with perspiration so
she pulled it back into a pony tail. When she stepped from the
toilet, the old man was dressed and looked as spry as ever. She
thought she had probably fucked him out, but it was the other way
around; she felt strung out, and the guilt of what she had done
was inside her. How could she face John after wildly fucking his
father? It frightened her to think how wanton she had been, how
completely she had lost all self control. It must never happen
They walked down the hall to the den, the old man's step
bouncy and light. Eva felt like her legs were filled with lead.
The party had broken up in their absence and everyone had gone.
Eva blushed at the thought that they all knew the old man's
habits, knew that he was in another room balling his son's
fianc?. She decided the upper crust of society was composed of
depraved people, not the cream.
Then she noticed that Nina had returned. The young society
matron was sprawled awkwardly in a chair in the corner, obviously
dead drunk. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back.
"Ah, you're back, Nina." the old man said, as they stepped
into the dimly lit room. "Can I mix you a cocktail?"
Nina roused for a moment, her bleary eyes half-open. "Where's
Mosely? Where's goddamn husband?"
"Mose called before you returned, said he would be detained
quite late. You can spend the night here and he'll pick you up in
the morning." her father said.
"Dirty sombitch, fuckin' bastard." she mumbled, and passed out
Eva and Joseph approached the girl. "She's a good girl, drinks
a spot too much from time to time, but a good girl." Joseph said
of his daughter. He reached down and patted her bulging tummy.
"A little Richardson in there. A Richardson to the core." He
looked at Eva and gave her a knowing wink. "All Richardson." he
Eva blanched at the inference. Could he possibly mean ...
could her own father ... no, it was out of the question.
Eva looked at the lovely young woman. Her long, slim legs were
bare, now devoid of the panty hose she had worn at the shower.
Her skirt was bunched up high on her thighs, revealing the
whiteness of her fine skin almost to her crotch.
Her father took the hem of her skirt in his hand and lifted it
up, displaying her naked cunt. It was covered with a fine, light
brown hair that formed a perfect triangle as it crept up her fat
belly. "She's a splendid-looking young woman, isn't she?" he said
Eva gasped at the man's unnatural audacity. "Yes, she's
beautiful." she said, almost breathless at the sight.
He lifted the skirt higher. Her stomach rose bulging and
majestic from her hairy pussy. She moaned softly and her legs
spread wide, opening her wet and inviting pussylips.
"Need 'nother fuckin' dring." she mumbled.
The old man dropped her skirt and went to the bar. He returned
with a tall glass, something she certainly did not need. He held
the glass to her lips. Her mouth opened and she gulped
convulsively at its contents. He reached down and lifted her
skirt again and let his hand slide into the furry nest between
her legs. She swallowed hungrily as he tipped the glass and
moaned and rolled her hips gently while his fingers nuzzled at
her gaping cunt.
Eva stood rooted to the spot, her mind trying to disbelieve
what her eyes were seeing. Her cunt, raw and sore from the old
man's ravage, started to tingle. The sight was obscene beyond
imagination and made her hot all over again.
Joseph had two fingers in his daughter's cunt and was slowly
finger-fucking her. She hunched lewdly against his hand, little
gasps and moans escaping her lips between swallows.
"Good, Daddy, so good ... make me come." she cooed.
Eva closed her eyes. The sight of the pregnant woman hunching
against her own father's hand was almost too much, still it
turned her on like she would never have believed. She wanted
desperately to reach under her own skirt and play with herself,
but her clit was so tender now and she knew it would just make it
hurt more tomorrow and controlled her urges.
Nina came with a scream of divine pleasure and knocked the
glass from her father's hand. "I'm so horny, Daddy, I'm so horny
all the time now." she cried.
At the sound of the front door opening, the old man jerked his
hand from her cunt and pulled down her dress. He bent down and
picked up the glass and went to the bar in the corner of the
John Richardson stepped into the room. "Father, Eva!" he said,
looking perplexed. "What are you doing here, Eva?"
"Your father invited ... a party ... I thought you." she
"I thought you had a shower tonight." John said.
"I did. I dropped over afterwards." John shrugged. Then he saw
his sister. "What in the hell!" he shouted.
"She came home drunk." Joseph said.
"Where is her confounded husband?"
"He's working. He'll pick her up in the morning."
"Well, for God's sake, rouse the maid, get her in bed." John
shouted. He looked again at his precious sister. "No, better not.
She looks like a whore sprawled out in that chair. You put her to
bed, father."
Eva watched with horror at the confrontation between the two
prominent men in her life, the father more in her life than she
had ever imagined possible. And to her surprise, the old man went
meekly to his daughter and tried to rouse her. She had never seen
Joseph Richardson meek before.
"Drunk in her condition." John snorted with disgust. He
watched his father try to get Nina to her feet. "Here, I'll do
it." he said curtly, and went her the limp girl and lifted her
from the chair.
Holding his sister in his arms, he turned to Eva. "You wait
here. I'll put her to bed and then drive you home. You look
terrible, Eva. You should be more careful of your appearance."
"I have my car. I can drive home." Eva said.
"I said I'll drive you home. You can get your stupid car
tomorrow." He stomped from the room, carefully cradling Nina in
his arms.
Eva watched him leave, shrugged her shoulders and sat down.
"The boy can be a real bearcat when he wants to." the old man
said. He grinned at Eva and rubbed his crotch. It bulged

Chapter 3

The week following Eva's orgy with old man Richardson passed
quickly and without further incident. She pondered the evening
with a mixture of misgivings and exciting fantasy. They were a
bizarre family, to say the least; John was a Victorian if ever
one lived, and his old man was a lecher, and a hypocritical
lecher at that, and Nina ... God, what about Nina? She was
knocked up higher than a kite, possibly by her own father, and
out drinking and fucking with a young man who was not her
The idea of Nina out fucking, bulging belly and all, sent
tremors of lewd excitement racing down Eva's spine. She didn't
know why, but it did.
Eva chain-smoked, lighting one cigarette from another, and
finally went to the kitchen for her father's jug. A snort or two
would calm her down, not get her drunk, heaven forbid. Tomorrow
was her wedding day and a hangover was not in her plans, but just
a nip to settle the nerves. She tipped up the bottle and drank it
At her suggestion, her parents had gone to the movie. She
wanted the evening alone to brood and cry and rant and rave like
all pending brides do. She had the jitters and nagging doubts of
pre-marriage and she wanted to wrestle with them alone. And God,
was she alone; it was driving her mad. She took another slug from
the jug and sat down in one of the stiff-backed kitchen chairs.
After her third jolt, she decided she felt better, calmer,
more relaxed, and maybe even a bit tipsy. It was a good feeling.
The good feeling was interrupted by the insane jingling of the
door bell. She got to her feet with remorse for her lost mood and
stumbled through the house to the front door. She pulled the door
open to a young man standing there with his hands in his pockets.
"Hi, Eva!" Ted Baxter said.
She stared at him standing in the eerie glow of the little
yellow bug light her father had installed. Her hand went to her
mouth. "I thought you were away at school." she said.
"I'm home between quarters." the young man said. "Aren't you
going to ask me in?"
"Go away. Leave me alone." Eva said.
"Aw, come on, don't be a sorehead. I just came over to
congratulate you on getting married."
Eva looked at her old lover cryptically, her eyes not quite
focusing like they should.
"I really shouldn't. I hate you, you know. Well, okay, but
just for a few minutes."
She pushed the screen door open and let him step inside. They
stood in awkward silence for a minute before she went on into the
living room and sat on the couch. Her mind was in a jumble. She
didn't want to see Ted now ... or ever. He started to sit beside
"Not so close!" she shouted.
"Gee, baby, you're really edgy." he said, and sat on the other
end of the couch.
Several minutes of silence passed before Ted took a bottle
from his pocket. "I brought a little something to toast the
bride." he said, and took a drink. He then held it out to Eva.
"Your turn."
"You know I don't drink much." she snapped, hoping he hadn't
smelled her breath.
"You must not be very proud of what you're doing, won't even
toast your own marriage." He continued to hold the bottle at
arm's length.
Eva took the bait, even though she suspected he just wanted to
get her drunk and have his way with her. "Oh shit!" she spat, and
grabbed the bottle. The toast turned into a long drink. She
needed it; her nerves were shot again. It warmed immediately in
her belly and she burped, her face turned red.
Ted laughed. "Good stuff, huh? That was for good luck. Now
let's have one in honor of Eva's wedding night." he said, and
took another nip.
"That's cute." Eva said, giggling foolishly, and reaching out
for the bottle.
Ted slid halfway across the couch to hand it to her. The
bottle went quickly to her lips.
The small talk started then, about old times, things that had
happened since, the bottle going steadily back and forth. They
both talked inanely, knowing what the other was really thinking.
Finally the last swallow in the bottle arrived and Ted held it
up to her lips. Her head tilted back and she drained the bottle.
Ted was sitting very close to her now, and he had his arm tight
around her shoulders. Eva was drunk, and she knew she was drunk,
and she liked his arm around her. What harm could there be in
that? They had been lovers once.
Ted dropped the empty bottle to the floor and kissed her,
kissed her hard on the lips. Eva told herself that it meant
nothing and let him kiss her again. Somehow, she couldn't imagine
how, her arms went around him and her mouth was open receiving
his tongue. She suckled hungrily on the meaty thing, a feeling of
wetness creeping between her legs as if she needed to piss and
couldn't quite hold it all.
"You mustn't, Ted, you mustn't, you mustn't." she moaned
softly when she felt his hand cupping her sweating breasts
through her blouse.
"God, honey, I love you, I really do. I don't want you
marrying someone else." he said, sliding his hand up her thigh.
Eva grabbed his hand and pushed it away. "No, Ted, no." she
cried, taking his hand and laying it at her crotch outside her
skirt. "Maybe outside my clothes, but that's the limit."
Ted felt her heavy tits with one hand and groped futilely at
her cunt through her skirt. "Come on, honey. I love you so much.
Let's do it for old times' sake."
Eva knew it was bullshit. He didn't love her. He just wanted
an easy piece of ass. "No!" she said firmly.
They continued kissing. Ted's hand was back under her blouse
and he felt her mid section and then her tits, which hung loose
and free under her blouse. He cupped the swelling globes and she
wished she had a bra on. It excited her too much the way he
fondled her bare tit and rolled the nipple into a peak of
hardness. His other hand felt the wet crotch of her panties. She
wondered how he'd sneaked under her skirt again. She opened her
legs a little and let him feel, her own hand playing lightly over
the hard lump in his trousers.
"Come on, honey, let's ball. I need you so bad, I'm starting
to hurt." Ted pleaded.
"No! Goddamn you, I said no!" Eva cried, jerking her hand off
his erection.
"Christ, honey, at least take it out and jack me off. I'm
starting to get the stone aches, and you know what they do to a
guy. It ain't going to hurt your fucking fianc? any for you to do
Eva bit at her lip until it hurt. She wanted very much to feel
his prick in her hand and maybe make it squirt its gooey jizz, up
into the air. Besides, what Ted had said was true. It wouldn't
hurt John any if all she did was hold it in her hand and play
with it a little. It wasn't like she had never felt his cock
before. She had jacked him off many, many times, and loved it.
She slowly pulled down the zipper. She hesitated for an
instant, and then slid her hand inside. His cock came out long,
and hard, just the way she remembered it. She started pumping up
and down, the angry head bulging redly just above her fist.
Eva's hand moved faster, and she wondered if she could go fast
enough to make it squirt up to her face. She blushed, thinking if
she leaned her head a little, the monster might spit right
against her lips, and if she opened her mouth ...
Eva thrilled to her lewd thoughts, thrilled to the feel of his
wonderful throbbing cock in her hand again. It was so hot and so
hard and so alive. She loved it. She knew she didn't love Ted
anymore, but she loved his prick, and the thought crossed her
mind that maybe she could love any man's prick.
Her legs had spread wider as she masturbated him, and his hand
had crept under her panties and was fondling her cunt, two of his
fingers slowly moving in and out between the wet, puffy lips. Her
cunt was on fire and she squirmed against his fingers, the rising
sensation almost blurring her obligation to John. Almost.
Ted could tell she was hot and wanted to fuck, but she still
refused to let him screw her. Ted knew what would change her
mind; it had worked when all else had failed that first time she
spread her legs and let him fuck her, and it had worked every
time she was reluctant for a whole summer--go down on her and she
would flip.
It felt so good with her hand on his cock that he hated to
stop her, but he didn't want to come in her hand. He wanted to
come in her cunt and wanted to prove to himself that he could
fuck her any time he wanted to, even now that she was engaged. He
wanted her to get married so he could prove he was right and fuck
her then, too.
She squealed with disapproval when he jerked from her, pulling
his throbbing flesh from her grasp. She felt giddy and
light-headed and completely out of control of the situation when
he quickly pushed her legs apart and dropped to his knees, his
lips going to the soft, tender flesh of her thigh. She moaned in
protest, her legs opening wider, as he kissed upwards.
"Oh, Jesus, Teddy, don't do that ... it feels so good! I love
it so much!" she cried when, his mouth met the soggy crotch of
her panties.
She begged him to stop what he was doing and lifted her ass up
so he could skin her panties down. Her legs closed to let them go
over her knees and down her thighs, and sprung back open the
instant they cleared her feet. She grasped his head and pulled
him back between her legs. He pulled back to her knees, raining
wet kisses on the inside of her thighs, his upward climb
agonizingly slow.
"You bastard, you dirty bastard." she groaned, "kiss me there,
way up high ... suck me, suck me off!"
When he got to her succulent pussy, he lingered, kissing and
tonguing the little hollows and grooves that were laden with
perspiration and the slick juices from her cunt. He went from one
leg to the other, tasting of her delicious flow.
"Eat me ... eat me, Ted! I'll do anything you want if you make
me come!" she screamed.
Ted lifted his head. "Anything?" he said.
"Anything." she cried, pushing his head back into her crotch.
He parted the wet hair with his fingers and pushed his tongue
into the deep cleft between her cuntlips, swabbing the length and
then back again and finally curling it into her juicy cunt hole.
"Oh, Ted ... Ted, it feels so good! Don't ever stop!" She
hunched against his mouth each time his tongue probed in, her
hands holding his head firmly in place. "I've missed this, honey,
I really have. I didn't realize how much I need you."
Ted slid his tongue up to her clit. His mouth was getting
tired and he wanted to get her off. She squealed and moaned, her
breath coming in deep sobbing gasps as his coarse tongue moved
back and forth across her sensitive button. She grunted like an
animal and went stiff when her sensations peaked and sent the
sexual thrill deep in her gut. It rocketed to her alcohol-fogged
brain and she slipped into semi-consciousness and imagined she
was in heaven. To be drunk and feeling good all over and then to
come, to orgasm, to get your gun like you never got it before was
heaven, she decided. It must be one long drunken sexual orgy; to
stay potted all the time while getting sucked or fucked or some
such thing. God, that had to be heaven.
Ted knew she had had a good one and stood up, his cock jutting
straight out of his pants. "Okay, baby, and now for that anything
you promised." he said.
Eva came down off her climax slowly, her eyes glassy and a
stupid, satisfied grin on her lips. "Oh, Teddy darling, that was
wonderful. You made me come so hard." she said, her eyes fixed
hungrily on his rearing prong. "As a reward, I'll do something
you always wanted me to do, but I never would."
She placed her hands on his hips and her head moved forward,
her precious lips opening in a perfect oval. His throbbing cock
slid easily into her mouth. It was only her second time, and it
thrilled her more than she thought it would, even though she had
imagined it happening again ever since the old man. It felt all
spongy and alive and hot and she took it deeper.
"Oh Christ!" Ted groaned, "You never would do this before." He
had really wanted to fuck her, but this was too good, and he
decided to hold her in place and shoot his cum all the way to her
stomach. She had his cock all the way in her mouth, the head
shoved deep into the confines of her throat and he knew he would
be quick in coming.
Eva thought she would gag with him in so deep, but she didn't.
It was too thrilling, too exciting. He was fucking her throat
like it was her cunt, and she thought she might come again. And
then she felt him stiffen and ram deeper. She wanted to pull
away--he was coming! She let him hold her tight to his groin
until his coarse pubic hair was plastered against her face. She
wanted his jizz in her mouth and down her throat.
The throbbing prick exploded and a huge gob of wet, slick cum
invaded her throat. More poured out as he fucked her face until
his cock backed up into her mouth. It was hot-tasting and salty.
She swallowed the jism and sucked for more until the last, long
string oozed down her throat.
When he pulled his fat cock from her throat, she came again,
not violently like when he sucked her, but a slow, satisfying
come like she had never before experienced.
Ted stood gasping, his cock leaking onto her bare breasts.
"You never did that before, baby. Goddamn, that was good!"
"Do you want to fuck me now?" Eva said softly, wanting him to
fuck her now.
"What with?" he giggled. "This piece of spaghetti?" His cock
was hanging like an old inner tube.
The sound of footsteps on the porch sent Eva to her feet. "My
God, Ted, it's mom and dad home from the movies."
Ted stuffed himself in and fumbled hastily at the zipper on
his pants.
"Ted, they can't find you in here with me alone. It won't look
right, and you know my dad."
"Indeed I do." Ted cried. He had gotten more than one ass
chewing from her old man just for bringing her home a little
late. He was wild man when he was mad. "I better get out the back
"They'll see you in the hall. Quick, into my bedroom. We'll
turn the lights out and they'll think I'm asleep. You can slip
out after they go to bed."
Ted dashed for her room. Eva followed, then stopped, went back
and grabbed her panties from the floor, also the half-empty jug
from the couch. She heard her father's voice in the hall. Her
heart pounded wildly when at last she pushed the door to her room
closed behind her.
Ted lay down on the floor on the far side of the bed, his
heart beating a tattoo against his chest. Her sonofabitchin' old
man would kill him if he found him in here.
Eva crossed the room quietly and crawled onto her bed and
under the covers.
They heard quiet talking for a while, and then a soft rap on
the door. The door opened and her father looked in. "She's sound
asleep." he said, and closed the door.
A gasp of relief dribbled wetly from Ted's trembling lips.
With effort he calmed his shaking body and finally lay quietly in
the darkness.
Eva's hand crept over the edge of the bed and found his face.
"Come up in bed with me." she said.
"Are you out of your mind?" Ted hissed.
"He won't come back." she reassured him. "It's more
comfortable up here with me."
Ted lay still for several minutes listening to her heavy
breathing and finally got to his knees. His hands searched for
her under the covers. They found her. She was naked, and she was
playing with herself. She felt his hand on her belly and reached
up and pulled it into her hairy crotch.
"Fuck me, Ted." she said softly, nuzzling his fingers into her
"Are you kidding?" he said. "I don't think I'll ever be able
to get it up again, besides, I'm getting the hell out of here."
"You'd better wait a little while to be sure they're asleep.
Come on up here with me."
He reluctantly got up and crawled under the covers, clothes,
shoes and all. Her hand went immediately to his fly and unzipped.
He was soft and limp, even in her warm, moving hand.
"Ouch! You got the hair caught in the goddamn zipper." he
cried, pulling away from her.
"You talk a little different, now that you've had your way."
"You pulled it all out of me, baby."
"I sure did, didn't I?" she said proudly. "Kiss me."
"Not after what you did."
Eva sat bolt upright. "After what I did?" she cried.
"You sucked me off, kid. You're a cocksucker."
"You dirty bastard. You said you'd never call me that when you
used to beg me to do it to you."
"Well, you sucked my cock. Didn't you?"
"Yes, but-"
"Then you're a cocksucker. Plain and simple."
"You rotten son-of-a-bitch." she cried, her voice getting
shrill and loud.
"Shut up or you'll get your old man in here."
"Like hell I'll shut up-"
He pulled her back down and kissed her, anything to close her
yapping mouth. She relaxed immediately, her bare leg going over
his hip. He felt a stirring in his loins.
"I'm getting the hell out of here. I'm too young to die." he
said, struggling out of her grasp and onto his feet.
He eluded her lunge and went around the bed and gently opened
the door. It looked clear so he tiptoed down the hall to the
front door. It opened quietly and he was outside before he
realized she was right behind him. She followed him across the
porch and down the steps, where he finally stopped and turned.
"Christ, Eva, get back in the house. You're bare ass naked!"
She threw her arms around his neck. "Don't leave me now,
Teddy. I need a fuck!" she cried.
"Get away from me, you nutty broad. You're drunk and all
screwed up." He struggled to get away from her, but she clung to
his neck. They were almost to the street when he finally went
down in the grass, flat on his back with Eva on top of him.
"Now I've got you, Ted Baxter, and I'm going to fuck you." she
said, her hand tearing at his fly.
It was a bright, clear moonlit night with the crisp coldness
of winter nearing. She looked like a sex goddess bathed in the
pale yellow moonlight.
Ted looked at her heavy tits and then down at his crotch where
his cock was rising from his open fly. It was hard as a iron bar.
"Okay, baby, fuck me." he said, "Fuck me right out here in the
street where all your neighbors can watch."
She groaned, pointing his prick toward her cunt, and slowly
let her weight down on him. His cock sunk to the hilt in her wet
cunt. She lay across him and started humping, lifting up until he
was almost out and then back down to engulf his cock all the way.
"God, Ted, it's so good, just like old times. Let's go all the
way, even if I'm not on the pill now. Fill me up with your spunk
and make me a baby. God, make me a baby! Shove it into me, Ted...
fuck me, fuck me, knock me up you bastard! It feels so damn good,
Ted agreed, it did feel damn good. Her cunt seemed to open and
close around his cock without ever letting go. "Are you really
going to marry this John guy? He's a jerk." Ted said.
Eva wished for a minute that she had his cock in her mouth so
she could bite it for saying such an ugly thing. "Yes." she
moaned, "yes, he's my true love." She increased her speed,
feeling her orgasm near, her whole body tingling at the
"You don't have a true love, unless it's a hard cock, any hard
cock. You're a little slut, Eva, a cock-hungry slut and you'll
never be faithful to him." Ted said, feeling the jolt nearing in
his own balls.
He's just trying to hurt me because I'm marrying someone else,
she thought, his cock filling her with a thrilling excitement.
And I will be faithful to my husband, I know I will. Ted is just
"Stop for a minute, Ted. I don't want you to come yet." she
said, lying perfectly still. "Let's roll over so you'll be on
top. I want you to be fucking me hard when you come, and I want
it all inside me."
They rolled over, the cold grass sending chills up her spine.
"Fuck me hard, honey, it's the last time for us." she said,
throwing her legs up around him.
"Last time, my ass." Ted growled, ramming roughly into her.
"I'll bet that the first time I see you after your marriage
you'll open your legs to me."
"You'll lose, Ted. I won't ever cheat once I'm married." she
said, rolling her hips to meet his thrusts. "What do you want to
"I'll bet ... I'll bet a good cunt-lapping against a first
class blow-job like you gave me earlier."
"You bastard, you can't lose a bet like that." she giggled,
"But you're on, it's a bet. Oooooh, honey, fuck me. ... faster,
I'm about to come!"
The thought of Ted mouthing her cunt after she was married was
bringing her off, even though she knew she would never let him do
such a thing. And she imagined she could still taste his stringy
cum in her mouth and what it would taste like if she lost her
bet, which she wouldn't, and started coming. She jerked wildly,
little grunts of pleasure slipping from her lips as the heavenly
feeling that she needed so much now tore into her quivering
Ted felt her cunt tighten around his prick and started coming,
his jizz splashing into her cunt. Eva felt the wet stuff filling
her and came again.
"Oh, Ted, that was wonderful. I love you, darling." she
moaned, still hunching against him.
Ted jerked out. "Sure you do, baby. Like so much shit." he
sneered. "You love my hard cock, that's what you love." He got to
his feet and tucked himself away, carefully zipping up his pants.
"Next time I'm in town, I'll drop by when your husband is gone
and fuck you again ... for old times' sake. And if I feel up to
it afterwards I'll collect my bet." He walked down the street to
where his car was parked and drove away.
Eva lay on the damp grass for several minutes before she felt
the icy cold against her bare backside. She got to her feet and
went back into the house.
In the safety of her room, she started to cry, deciding that
Ted was a real bastard, a first class son-of-a-bitch. He had used
her, used her for his own male gratification. She was an innocent
pawn, raped and defiled, unfit to enter her marriage dressed in
She found the half-empty jug and lay down on her bed and took
a long drink. It was hot and raw, burning all the way down; she
took another. Too much whiskey did strange things to her. Her
mind seemed disjointed and fuzzy, unable to separate the real
from the fantasy. She opened her legs and nudged the thick lip of
the whiskey bottle into her cunt. She hunched eagerly against the
cold, glass, prick-like thing and wondered what John was doing,
certain that he hadn't spent the evening like she had.
The bottle came from her cunt to her mouth and she took
another long pull on its contents. She found her pussy again and
pushed the long glass cock back into her cunt.
"Oh, honey, that's nice ... feels so good." she moaned. Deeper
and deeper it went.
The tears came back to her eyes and she wondered why a nice
boy like Ted Baxter would force his way into her parents' home
and rape her on the eve of her wedding, rape her like a wild
beast, force her against her will to behave like a wanton slut.
Her hand was moving rapidly now, the bottle deep in her hairy
cunt. "Oh, Teddy, darling, that feels so good. Fuck me, fuck me,
fuck me, fuck me ... never stop ... make me come!" she cried.
Her orgasm started hard and ended hard, sending her body into
a spasm of pleasure. "Oh, goddamn, I love that feeling!" she
screamed, the last of the whiskey draining from the bottle into
her soggy cunt.

Chapter 4

The wedding was small but lavish, a good deal more expensive
than Art Goodwin could afford, but he only had one daughter to
give and she was marrying a rich man. He had his pride.
The bride was beautiful, and she wore a gown cut low at the
bodice and done in white lace. Her huge, innocent blue eyes
proved her virginity; her sensuous, cherry-red lips told it was a
lie. She was badly hungover, too, but that didn't show.
A select few attended the wedding, but the reception held at
the Richardson mansion was a throng of sweating, talking bodies,
most of them friends of the Richardsons. After all, John
Richardson had finally taken a wife, a gorgeous young creature
who was the picture of innocence and virginity. Of course, even
pictures lie sometimes.
In the reception line, where Eva was well kissed, she wished
her gown hadn't been so low cut. Her ample tits squeezed up into
the scoop neckline as though both boobies wanted out, and the
homage paid by most of the men and even some of the women seemed
directed to the deep valley lying between the smooth hills.
Later, on the dance floor, she wished it was cut even lower. The
look in a man's eye that was kindled by a fat, smooth pair of
tits turned her on, and she was realizing more and more that she
liked to be turned on.
Eva fantasized about the men as they kissed her. The best man
kissed her lightly on the cheek, yet she was sure he would be
fan-fucking-tastic in bed. The pretty boy who had taken Nina
home from the shower held her cheeks in his palms and kissed her
hard on the mouth, but he was surely a phony gigolo, maybe even a
queer. And then there was Mosely Price III, Nina's husband, a
big, ugly brute of a man, yet excitingly masculine; he kissed her
on the mouth, too, and had the audacity to use his tongue. She
chided herself because it excited her. Yet the biggest surprise,
was her newly acquired sister-in-law, Nina, who took Eva's hand
and placed it on her swelling tummy and then kissed her on the
lips, her tongue gliding softly softly out for an instant. "I
think I like you, after all." Nina whispered.
When the line ended, her mother-in-law patted her on the cheek
and her father-in-law held her soft hands and kissed her lightly
on the opposite cheek. The dirty, hypocritical old goat, Eva
thought, feeling his finger slide back and forth against her
With the preliminaries out of the way, the champagne flowed.
Several brimming glassfuls did wonders for Eva's hangover. It
made her feel good, and sensual, and desirable, and she wished
her bodice was even lower. She liked to be admired by male eyes.
There was a grand march, and then the first dance with her
husband. He held her tightly and told her he loved her. She told
him she loved him, too, and would make him a good wife. And then
she danced with her father-in-law Joseph, who pinned a
hundred-dollar bill to her snow white gown and kissed her, this
time on the lips. After that, it was a mad whirl, a glass of
champagne and a dance with another man and then another glass of
bubbly. By the time Mosely Price III got his turn, her gown was
covered with green bills. She smiled foolishly and her lipstick
was badly smeared.
He pinned a five-hundred-dollar bill on the swell of her left
breast, his fingers drifting momentarily onto the soft skin and
into the deep cleft. "I've been saving this for you, honey, ever
since I first saw you. And you're going to be worth every cent."
he said, pulling her into his arms.
Eva was sure she knew what he meant and blushed, and then
rejected the idea completely. As they danced she imagined she
could feel his heavy cock against her thigh through the lace and
many petticoats, and tried to reject that, too. But that was more
difficult to reject, because she could feel his prick--it was
long and it was hard, and it excited her.
For some strange reason, not even known to herself, she had
worn no panties or underwear of any kind under her wedding gown
and she felt the moisture from her twitching cunt wetting the
insides of her thighs. When the music stopped she curtsied low,
and Mose Price looked flagrantly down the front of her gown. She
looked wickedly into his eyes and without thinking, said, "Do you
like what you see?"
"Very much," he replied, "only I want to see more, much more."
"Perhaps ... another time, another place." she said
Eva knew she was being foolish, but the champagne had made her
feel so giddy, and besides, a little harmless flirting was a
girl's right, even on her wedding day. He would know she was just
teasing and meant nothing by it. She was a married woman now and
off limits to all these drooling men. It did thrill her, though,
to think that she could excite them so much.
And then it was time to go, time to change from her white gown
and flee with her husband to consummate her marriage, a ritual
that little Eva was more than ready for. Nina was to help her get
ready, but Nina was nowhere to be found.
"She went up to lie down. The poor darling was exhausted from
all the excitement--her condition, you know." a fat, matronly
aunt told her, giving her a good imitation of a bear hug. "She
said she will be in your room and just to rouse her. Would you
like for me to come with you?"
"No, thank you. I'll find her." Eva said.
Eva raced up the circular stairway and down the long hall to
the room where her trousseau was waiting. Nina wasn't there. Eva
bit at her lower lip; where could Nina be? She knew she could
never get ready in her condition, and then she heard the sounds
from the adjoining room. The door was ajar. She stepped to the
door and found Nina.
Nina wasn't lying down. She was on all fours. And she
certainly wasn't exhausted, not yet at least. She was getting
fucked ... bare ass naked on all four getting fucked doggy-style.
The pretty young gigolo that Eva had thought might be gay, was
also naked, and he was on his knees behind Nina, sawing his long,
hard cock slowly in and out of her juicy cunt. He lunged in to
the hilt and then pulled out until only the head was lodged, only
to slowly push all the way in again. Nina moaned loudly each time
he went in and then again when he pulled out. His cock was very
"My God." Eva mumbled softly, "his prick is so long. It ... it
must feel wonderful." She swallowed hard, a tingly lump of
excitement forming in her belly, and she felt wet and sticky
between her thighs. "Oh, my God." she said again.
The gigolo was slumped over her now, fucking hard, his arms
around her, a fat drooping tit in each hand. Nina grunted and
hunched back against his every thrust.
"Fuck me, Dougie, fuck me hard." Nina cried. "Make me come,
honey, please make me come ... I want to come so bad." She was
rocking back and forth on her hands and knees like a wooden hobby
horse in full tilt. "I love it so ... I'm hot for it all the time
now. The pregnanter I get, the hotter I get! Fuck me, you
bastard, fuck me, make me come! Oh, sweet Jesus Christ, do it
faster, faster ... I'm getting close!"
Eva was so enthralled by the wild sight that she didn't hear
Mose Price come up behind her. He reached around her from behind
and cupped her breasts in his big hands.
"Wild, huh?" Mosely said, forcing two fingers into the front
of her gown. "The most exciting thing in the world is to watch a
beautiful woman in rut."
Eva couldn't turn, he held her too tightly, but she knew who
it was. "She ... she's your wife, and she's pregnant." Eva
"Yes." Mose said. His two fingers were caressing her nipple.
It grew hard and hot.
She tried to jerk free and failed. "Mose, please let me go.
John will be waiting. I have to get ready for my honeymoon."
"Your honeymoon has already started, honey." Mose said. He
pushed her blonde locks to the side and pressed his mouth to her
neck. Eva gasped, her round little ass going back against his
Mose pushed the strap off one of her shoulders and forced the
front of her gown over her breast. The scanty uplift bra offered
little restraint and the soft globe popped free. The nipple stood
out dark and hard.
"Mose, stop ... stop. You'll tear my gown." Eva cried.
"Not if you stop struggling." he answered, one hand cupping
her free tit, the other pushing the opposite strap off her
She had stopped struggling the moment his big hand had cupped
her breast.
He had both of her tits free now, her gown and bra pushed down
to her waist, her hands pinned to her sides by the straps. He
nuzzled at her neck and shoulder, both of his hands gently
massaging her heaving breasts.
"You're so lovely, Eva. I've wanted you from the instant John
brought you into this house. We've got to do it. I have to be the
first of your married life."
Eva turned her head and Mose's lips met hers. It was awkward,
yet a deep and satisfying kiss. She jerked her mouth free. "No,
Mose, no! We mustn't." she cried, knowing her resistance was all
but gone.
She tried to drown the consuming fire between her legs by
looking into the next room. It didn't help; Nina was obviously
coming. She was jerking wildly and crying out and the drool was
running from her mouth.
"She's coming, Eva. Look at her! She loves it, and you will
too." Mose whispered, hunching against her ass. "Look at that
long-cocked bastard fuck her. Watch it, Eva. Watch him push that
prick up her pussy until you're so hot you can't stand it to have
yours empty."
"I can't stand it now." she blurted. Her hands, pinned to her
sides, had inched backwards until both were on his thighs, and
then she held his rigid cock through his trousers. It was
massive, a long, thick gristle like she had never imagined. It
was the biggest cock her hands had ever felt.
Mose released one of her tits and reached down and opened his
pants. He got his cock out and let fall into her waiting hand.
"Watch them, Eva. He's about to come, too." he said, the feel of
her so hand marvelous as she pushed the thick foreskin over the
knob of his g1ans.
In the next room, Doug stopped just before he came and jerked
out. He pushed Nina off her knees and rolled her over. Moving
quickly over her body, he straddled her, pulled on his prick, and
started spurting onto her face. Nina opened her mouth and grabbed
at his jerking prick. She got it in after only two spurts and
drank hungrily of his slippery goo.
"Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God!" Eva gasped, her hand
moving up and down on Mose's cock.
"Are you ready for my cock, Eva?" Mose asked.
"Oh, yes, yes, I want it. fuck me, Mose! " Eva cried.
He released her and turned her to face him. "Pull your arms
free and put them around me. Your honeymoon is about to begin."
She did as he said, her arms going around his neck to pull his
mouth down to hers. She suckled hungrily on his tongue, which was
long and thick, and hunched herself against his groin, imagining
his cock going right through her wedding gown. She had only felt
it and wanted to see it and kiss it and suck it.
"Undress me, Mose! Bare my body and then fuck me!" she cried.
Mose led her to the bed and then bent over to grasp the hem of
her gown. "No, Eva, I'll just lift it up. I want to fuck you in
your wedding dress, then when you take it out a hundred years
from now for old times' sake, you'll remember your first wedded
fuck ... and me." He straightened, bringing the dress up with
him. He gasped. "My God, you're naked under there! You got
married to John Richardson without any pants." He held the dress
high, laughing, crisp bills falling to the floor, and pushed her
back onto the bed.
She was hidden by the full skirt, except for her long legs,
wide apart, and her furry cunt, shining wet and open for action.
"First a kiss." he said, kneeling, "but only a short one--we
haven't much time." His face went between her open legs and his
mouth to her cunt.
Eva cried out as his tongue entered her pussy. She then pushed
against him, her legs spreading even wider. But he stopped and
lifted up. "Don't stop, please, do it some more." she moaned.
"No. Now I fuck the little bride." he said, and came down on
top of her.
He fitted his cock into the mouth of her cunt and pushed in.
The fat g1ans spread her pussy lips and plopped inside. He pushed
on into the slippery tunnel until there was ten inches of fat,
hard prick inside her cunt.
"You weren't a virgin, little bride, you weren't a virgin." he
"Oh, Mose, that's good ... so good." she moaned softly, her
hips moving in time with his slow thrusting.
She hadn't gotten to see it, and she had wanted to see it, but
she was feeling it. Oh, was she feeling it, and that was what it
was all about. It felt so good it almost hurt, and she enjoyed
that, too. Her pussy was made for a prick; she knew that now, and
lay back and let the good feeling consume her.
Her eyes were closed and she imagined his huge cock, long and
hard, the huge veins standing out in relief and the head all red
and shining and monstrous looking, the big hole in the end
covered with its cum, sticky and wet. She could almost taste it
and wanted it against her lips spitting its awful goo into her
slavering mouth.
Her first orgasm left her with a hollow and empty feeling, and
the second, coming very quickly, left her tingly and excited and
anticipating the third. The third one held off, lingering
hungrily in the pit of her stomach until she was screaming for
its release. She jerked wildly, trying to get him deeper, until
his zipper cut cruelly into her soft thighs. The greedy bastard
didn't even take down his pants, she thought, but soon forgot
about it as her third and most satisfying orgasm split her open.
Her legs went around his back and she hunched into him like a
wild mare fighting the bit--only she wanted it in, not out. His
ten inches only made her want more.
Mose felt the charge from his balls and grunted. The thick
jizz spurted into her cunt in huge white gobs. He pulled out
until only the glans was still buried. "You get every drop, baby,
every last drop goes in your tight little cunt." he gasped,
milking the thick knob back and forth in her pussy. Her puffy
pussylips clung to his cock and sucked at the few remaining
strands of cum, drawing them out and swallowing them up deep into
her belly.
"You're one fine fuck, little Eva! That John is a lucky man."
he said, rising to his feet. "We'll have to do this again
Eva sat up and stared at his prick. it was still huge, though
shriveling fast. "Anytime you say." she said, still under the
hypnosis of sex. She reached out and encircled his pecker. "It
was good, Mose, God, but it was good."
He reknotted his tie while she fondled his prick. "You're a
hot little cunt, baby. I really think you could get me up again,
but your husband is going to start wondering where you are, so I
think I'll split."
Eva sat on the edge of the bed and watched him walk from the
room. She sat silently for several minutes, trying to remember
just how it had happened. "Well, Eva, you did it again." she
finally said aloud, a feeling of repugnance making her shiver.
"And this time on your wedding day, before you even got out of
your wedding gown. I didn't want him to do it, but I actually
enjoyed it, thrilled to it. Is there no end to this insanity?"
Eva continued to sit, slowly rationalizing her most recent
infidelity. Mose had attacked and seduced her. It wasn't her
fault. Actually, it was really quite harmless. She hadn't
instigated it, and it didn't hurt John; she wasn't a virgin,
anyway. Maybe she couldn't have enjoyed it so much, but hell,
fucking was fun.
Besides, the harm was already done, if there was any harm, and
she certainly wasn't going to make a practice of it. It was a
one-time accident, just one of those innocent things that seem to
happen. She wasn't loose. Not really, and she was determined to
be a good wife. Wasn't she?
She got to her feet then, feeling better, but her legs felt
wobbly and she almost fell. She leaned against the wall and let
her wedding gown fall back in place. The slimy cum of Mosely
Price III slowly leaked from her cunt, wetting the insides of her
thighs. She knew she should wash, but decided not to; she liked
the wet feel between her legs with the hair all curly and moist.
She stripped the gown from her body and left it in a heap
beside the bed. Luckily, the clothes for her wedding trip had
been laid out across the foot of the bed and were not mussed up
from her recent fucking. She pulled on the brief panties and let
the waist band snap against her flat belly. The crotch soaked up
immediately. What a marvelous feeling, she thought.
She was sitting at the mirror brushing her hair when Nina came
into the room. Nina's eyes opened wide. Eva was still wearing
only her panties.
Nina was once again dressed in her fantastically chic
maternity suit and walked over to Eva as if nothing had happened.
"My, you have a marvelous figure, Eva." she said, her eyes slits
of jealousy, or perhaps of lust.
Eva looked up at her new sister-in-law and wondered if she
knew, wondered if she and her gigolo had stood and watched like
she and Mose had done. She felt very nervous and started to
"Here, let me do that." Nina said, taking the brush from Eva's
hand. "You'd better hurry. John will be wondering where you are."
Eva decided that she liked her new sister-in-law after all.
When she was ready and found her husband, he was chattering
with a group of older men. He noticed her after she had been
standing at his side for several minutes. "You ready already,
dear? Looks like I married myself a fast little gal." he said.
Nina, who was standing beside Eva, covered a gagging sound
with a cough.
"We'll have a toast to the newlyweds before you go." old man
Richardson said, summoning a servant to bring the champagne.
The toast turned into two and three and then four. Eva felt
the drink revitalizing her urges. She snuggled up to her husband
and pulled his head down to her lips. "I'm getting drunk, John,
and I feel passionate. Take me to bed." she whispered.
"We'd better wait until we get to the hotel." he said with a
laugh. He turned to the men standing with champagne glasses in
their hands. "And now, gentlemen, we must go." he said.
He took his bride by the arm and ushered her from the room. He
was feeling his urges, too.

Chapter 5

The newlyweds got into their car, which had been carefully
hidden, and roared from the garage, making a clean getaway. Eva
watched him gear the powerful machine down to drive carefully
through the heavy city traffic, but once on the freeway he mashed
his foot to the floor. The sleek automobile went quickly to
They were to spend their honeymoon at a posh, very selective
resort hotel in the mountains a hundred or so miles from the
city, and John was in a hurry. He had bottled his urges long
enough, and now that she was his, the bed that awaited them
seemed much too far away.
The low slung sports car was made for speed, and at a hundred
and ten, the outside world was nothing more than a blur. John
seemed like a different man behind the wheel, no longer the
conservative, intense young lawyer.
The combination of too much champagne and too much speed
excited Eva terribly and she felt isolated belted to her bucket
seat by herself.
"If that damn console wasn't in the way, I'd be all over you,
John Richardson." she cried, reaching out to grip his thigh.
"If I had known that, I'd have ripped it out before we left."
he said. He noticed the flushed look on her face and knew the
speed was exciting her; it had always worked on other girls, why
not Eva? He took his foot from the accelerator. "I'll stop and
take the top off. It's more exciting that way.
John steered onto the soft shoulder and slammed on the brakes,
the car fishtailing and chewing dirt for fifty feet. Eva's heart
pounded; she had never ridden in a car so fast or stopped so
"Unbuckle and stretch your legs, honey. This will take a few
minutes." he said.
John was not quite the prim, mousy creature that he had led
Eva to believe. He had used his money and manners and good looks
to lay quite a few chicks along the way, usually when he was out
of town. But none of them had affected him like Eva. She seemed
so pure and sweet, so damn untouchable. It had only been in the
past few days that he had begun to suspect any differently.
Things he had heard--which he refused to listen to--and then
little mannerisms and things she said herself. Perhaps she wasn't
quite the pure little cherry that he had been holding up there on
that pedestal. So what? He still loved her and could forgive and
forget any foolish transgressions she had committed before they
met. After all, he hadn't been perfect himself.
He finished with the top and got in his seat. Eva crawled into
her seat on her knees and, leaning across the inhibiting console,
put her arms around his neck and started kissing the side of his
face. The gear shift pressed into her just below her belly button
and felt like a hard cock with a massive head. The knob ground
into her belly, making her hotter. She let one hand slide down
his chest and over his stomach to his crotch. "I want you,
mister." she said.
"I want you, too, but we're less than an hour from the hotel.
We can wait until then." John said.
They kissed passionately, and somehow the knob on the gear
shift got under Eva's dress between her thighs. She pressed
herself against the hard intruder, moaning into her husband's
mouth. The knob spread her cuntlips and pushed the thin panties
deep into her slit.
"Oh, darling, I'm so hot. I want you so much." she hissed.
John was hot too, his hard-on pressing against her hand. He
wanted her so bad he was beginning to hurt, yet he held back,
afraid to discover too soon that she wasn't the virgin he had
once thought. And if she knew how to get into a position to take
his cock in a car this small, well ... she knew too damn much,
and he didn't want to know.
"Sit back down and buckle up." he snapped.
She gulped and pulled away, letting the gear shift knob slide
through her wet slit. Breathing hard and within inches of an
orgasm, she settled into her seat and hooked the buckle on her
safety belt. Damn him, she thought, if he doesn't want it, he
could have at least let me finish myself off on his car.
The dirt and gravel flew for a hundred yards as the machine
ripped back onto the I pavement. It snapped Eva's head back like
a solid punch on the jaw. When they entered the foothills that
would soon turn to ragged mountains they were going over a
hundred miles an hour. Eva sobbed with excitement as the powerful
racer cornered the ever increasing curves.
John looked at his bride and grinned knowingly. He was
beginning to like the idea that maybe she wasn't the prudish
little cherry that he had thought. "If you want a real kick, open
the little vent there in front of you and then slide down a
little and pull your pants off. At this speed, it really feels
good." he shouted above the howling wind.
Eva looked at him as if wondering if he was testing her, then
pulled open the vent. The wind blew her thick blonde hair
straight back as she unhooked the belt. Without a glance in his
direction, she reached under her skirt and jerked her panties
down her legs. She slid down and her skirt flew up. She drew in a
gasp of air, her feet pushing to get the restricting panties down
her legs. She slid down and her skirt flew up. She drew in a gasp
of air, her feet pushing to get the restricting panties off, and
then opened her knees. John got his first look at his wife's
delicious muff.
She's no prude, he thought. He reached over and laid his hand
on the fluffy mess of soft hair.
"I like that, John, but you'd better keep both hands on the
wheel at this speed." she yelled, lifting herself against his
"A hundred and eighteen." he corrected.
They hit a hairpin curve at that instant. John hit the brakes
and jerked the wheel. The car went into a spin, sliding into soft
dirt, inches from the tiny barricade separating them from a
hundred foot drop, then back onto the asphalt. They spun around
three times, the tires screaming in protest, white smoke
billowing behind them. On the last spin he hit the gas and the
car lurched straight ahead.
"That was a close one!" John said, softly, gripping the wheel
so hard his knuckles were bone white.
Eva had her head thrown back, her eyes closed, and she was
gasping through clenched teeth. "Oh, John!" she cried, "I'm ...
I'm wetting myself!"
He looked over. She had slid forward, her ass completely off
the seat, and she was pissing. He had never seen a girl pee
before, in any situation, and it excited him. He erected
"Don't hold it back, let it go." he cried.
She let the air out of her lungs and sat up. "I'm done now. My
legs are all wet and I made a mess of the car." she said.
"Eva, you're marvelous." he said.
They topped a crest then and saw the hotel. It stood grandly
in a fine haze just a couple of miles away. John slowed to
seventy-five and banked the vehicle into the long, curved drive.
He hit the brakes and slid the last seventy feet to the main
The doorman stood aghast. John got out calmly, walked around
the car, and opened Eva's door. The doorman stared. "Pull down
your skirt, dear." John said. He turned to the doorman. "Send our
baggage to our rooms and have the car washed out. We spilled a
can of beer on that last turn." he said, then taking Eva's hand,
"Come along, dear."
The hotel was sumptuous beyond anything Eva had ever imagined.
She gawked open-mouthed.
"Close your mouth, dear." John said, and went up to the desk.
"John Richardson here. My key, please." he said to the clerk. The
clerk, his mouth open, handed John his key. John took Eva's hand
and led her to the elevator.
The hotel was sprawling. They had a suite of four rooms on the
fourth and top floor. Their suite had a large living room with
one wall entirely window, a dining room, a dressing room and
bath, and an elegant bedroom with a huge four poster bed and a
balcony. The balcony was directly over the swimming pool, which
was carved out of a huge shelf of granite almost level with the
third floor. A good diver could plunge into the pool directly
from their balcony.
Eva took a quick, breathless tour of the suite, her eyes wide
with awe. She stopped in the bathroom and stared at the massive,
sunken bath tub.
"Maybe I'd better take a bath first thing." she said, turning
to her husband, who was standing in the door grinning. "I feel
all sticky ... you know where."
"No, I want to go to bed first. You can bathe later." he said.
"But John, it's only four o'clock. I'm not sleepy." she
John stepped into the bathroom and pulled her into his arms.
He unzipped the back of her dress while he kissed her hard on the
mouth. "I'm going to take off all your clothes and throw you on
the bed and fuck you." he said.
Eva pulled free of his grasp. "John! You're awful." she cried,
and blushed. She was delighted that she could still blush; a
bride was supposed to blush. "You'll have to catch me first." she
squealed, and rushed past him and out the door.
He caught her two steps from the bed and yanked her dress down
over her shoulders, pinning her arms to her sides. She remembered
the same thing had happened with Mose earlier, and felt a thrill.
She was wearing the same tiny uplift bra, too.
John buried his face between her bulged-up breasts. They were
hot and firm and tasted of sweat. He curled his tongue down into
the cups in an effort to get at her nipples.
"Take it off, John, take off my bra." she moaned.
After a minute of fumbling, he released the catch and her tits
popped free. His mouth closed over a nipple while his hand moved
up under her dress to cup her bare pussy.
Feeling his fingers on her cunt, she remembered that her
panties were on the floor in their car, probably in a pool of
piss. She blushed again, wondering what they would think at the
He slowly pushed her dress over her hips until it was at her
knees, and then pushed her backwards onto the bed. She lay
motionless, staring at him.
"I can't open my legs like this." she said.
He grabbed the rumpled skirt and pulled it off and threw it to
the floor. "You can now!"
She was completely naked now and slowly opened her legs,
trying desperately to look shy and inexperienced. John stared at
her luxuriant muff and then at the red, velvety lips slowly
spreading as her legs went farther apart. He dropped to the bed
beside her and took her in his arms.
"Eva, Eva, you're so beautiful, so sexy and beautiful." he
gasped, pressing his mouth to hers. "I've waited so long for
"I know." she said softly, her fingers working on the buttons
of his shirt.
Her hand went inside his shirt, into the thick hair on his
chest. Her other hand rested softly against the bulge in his
pants. She wanted to reach in, to feel its hot life in her hand,
but she didn't want to appear too forward, too experienced.
He felt her hand resting softly on his cock and the desire
hammered at his temples. The need for her, for the use of her
body, was stronger than anything he had ever experienced. He knew
without ever entering her that she wasn't a virgin, and he was
glad; there would be no need to be gentle. He could ram into her
cunt and ejaculate with one wild lunge if he felt like it, and he
felt like it.
"Take it out," he said curtly, "take it out and feel it."
Eva buried her face against his neck and pulled at his zipper.
The blood pounded in her temple, too, then she slipped her hand
inside and wrapped around the rigid cock. She drew in a quick
breath of air. It was bigger than she thought it would be. With
proper exercise, she thought, it will be as big as his father's;
it's harder right now. She held his cock firmly there inside his
trousers and, in spite of her resolve to play with it innocently,
started to slowly masturbate him.
He gasped with pleasure as her delicate hand caressed him.
"Pull it out, baby, I need you now!" he cried.
She tugged his cock out. "Take off your pants. I need you,
too!" she exclaimed.
"I can't wait that long. This one will have to be for me--your
turn will come later."
And then he was on top of her. He found her slit and pushed
in, her cunt peeling back his foreskin. Eva moaned and lifted to
meet his thrust, eager to get his prick all the way inside her.
This one was for her, too, even if he didn't know it. They were
all for her.
As he sunk deeper, Mose and his huge cock were forgotten; the
cock at hand was the important one. "A prick is a prick is a ...
and oh, God, I love it so." she mumbled incoherently.
She had his shirt open and he liked the feel of her big, soft
tits flattened against his hairy chest, and she was so sweaty,
even in this air-conditioned room. He pounded into her savagely,
and quickly felt the urge start in his nuts. He stopped, halfway
pulled out.
"Go ahead, come. I want to feel it." she gasped, already near
her own orgasm.
"No! I don't want to..."
She locked her legs behind his thighs and pulled him back in.
"Come, dammit, come!" she rasped.
He came with a grunt, his cum spurting into her cunt in wild,
uncontrolled gobs. She felt the wetness and humped against him,
but he was wiped out and she didn't quite make it.
John knew she didn't make it. After all, it's the first time
for us together, not separately, he thought. What does she
expect? He rolled off of her and lay on his back, inhaling huge
gulps of air, afraid to look at her, not wanting to see the look
of disappointment he was sure was on her face. Unless a man is
sure of himself, he shouldn't marry a slut, he thought. Already
she was a slut, and he knew nothing of her past.
Eva snuggled close to him, her hand sliding across his belly.
"I love you, John." she said.
"What . . . " he muttered.
Her hand went to his crotch. She grasped his slippery, still
half-hard prick. "You're so big, honey. It felt so good in
He rolled to his side and took her in his arms. "Oh, baby, I
love you." he said. "I'm sorry I came so quick. I just couldn't
hold it. I've wanted you so long."
"I know. And it's all right. I almost made it, and we have so
many times ahead of us." She looked at him and wondered if she
should say it. "You're a good fucker, Johnny, a really good
fucker." she said.
He kissed her hard, forgetting that she was a slut. She made
him feel ten feet tall, and he was a good fucker. He was just
over anxious this time.
"I have to take a leak." he said.
She held his cock so it pointed straight up. Go ahead." she
"You mean right here?" he said.
"Right here. You watched me, now it's my turn to watch you."
John relaxed and let it go. The heavy stream arched up into
the air and fell back onto his belly, onto her hand, onto the
bed. They started laughing and he pissed some more. It excited
Eva to watch a man piss, and even more so when she held his dong
while he did it.
They took a bath together and dressed and went down to dinner.
They followed dessert with a couple of drinks. "Should I have
some champagne sent up to our room?" John asked.
"No, I think ... I think I'd rather have Scotch. Champagne
makes me pee." she said.
They went into fits of giggling and everyone in the dining
room stared.
"I'm glad we didn't get killed back there on that curve. We'd
have missed all this." John said.
"Me, too." Eva said.
When they got back to their suite, it was only seven o'clock.
An elaborate bar had already been set up with liquor of all
kinds, especially lots of expensive Scotch.
They had a drink and then John got restless. "Let's go for a
walk. I need to work that big meal down. I'm not used to eating
so heavily at night." John said.
"I am." Eva said. "I like the heavy, drowsy feeling it gives
me. You go ahead and take your walk. Maybe I'll take a little nap
while you're gone.
"You're sure you don't mind?" he asked.
"Mind? I insist." she answered.
After he had gone, Eva looked at the bed and saw the stained
spread. She grabbed it by one corner and gave it a jerk, letting
it fall in a heap on the floor. "We don't need this thing,
anyway. He'll find a way to keep me warm." She flopped onto the
She tried, but couldn't sleep and finally got up and went to
the bar and mixed herself a strong Scotch and water with no ice.
The liquor warmed her immediately. She liked the feeling and
quickly finished the drink. She made herself another and stepped
onto the balcony.
Sounds from the pool drifted in the thin mountain air. She
went to the edge and looked down at the dozen or so people in and
around the pool. It struck her how safe and secure she was in her
ivory tower above them all, and then she took off her blouse, and
then her bra. It thrilled her to think that if anyone looked up
they could see her. She removed her panties and lifted her skirt
to the cool evening air. It was very exciting.
She went back inside and mixed her third drink, leaving her
skirt on the floor behind the bar. She slipped into a pair of
heels and put on a short, frilly dressing gown. It was sheer and
very close to see-through. She was pleasantly drunk now, and
wondered when John would return.
There was a knock at the door and she giggled. "The silly boy
forgot his key." she said. She quickly downed her drink and went
to the door, swaying slightly.
It was a bellboy.
"What-what do you want?" she said, a blush burning her cheeks.
"I-I-I," the boy stammered.
Eva felt the excitement churning inside her body. "Well?" she
said, trying to sound stern.
"I-I was just checking to see if there was anything you
needed." he said.
"No." Eva said, "not right now, anyway."
The boy stood and looked at her. Eva knew her cherry nipples
were plainly in view, especially the way they were thrusting out
all hard and excited. And her precious hairy mound was there for
him to look at, too; maybe a little indistinct and wispy, but it
was there.
"You're staring." she said.
"I'm sorry, ma'am, I ... well." he sputtered.
He called her ma'am. She giggled. He was only eighteen or
nineteen, the same as she, and he called her ma'am. "You'll have
to go. My husband will be back soon." she said.
The boy's face was red, and he turned to leave.
"Wait!" Eva cried.
The boy turned back to face the door. Eva took the bottom of
her gown and lifted it up above her navel. He stared at her
displayed cunt. She slammed the door shut, her heart pounding
with wild excitement.
She went to the bar and poured some Scotch into her glass, her
hand shaking, and then went to the bed and sat down.
"The nervy little bastard! He just stood there and stared at
me." she said. One of her hands had crept between her thighs. She
felt the wetness and pushed a finger into her cunt. "He was kind
of cute, though."
She finished the Scotch and took off the gown and lay back on
the bed. She lay on her back with her knees up and her feet
squarely on the bed and masturbated slowly. As the delicious
tendrils of sexual excitement moved through her belly, she
decided not to tell John what had happened; he might not
When John returned she was lying naked on the bed. He looked
at her all spread out and felt a thrill. The urge to do something
he never had, but had wanted to, hit him. He wanted to kiss her
pussy. She was asleep and would never know. It was a perverted
thing to do, but he wanted to desperately, and she would be none
the wiser.
He eased to his knees at the foot of the bed. Creeping up over
the bed, he gently opened her legs and lowered his lips to her
thigh. It was terribly thrilling and he started kissing first one
thigh and then the other, pushing her legs farther apart as he
moved upwards.
"Ummmm." Eva moaned, instinctively lifting her ass from the
bed. She had passed out, but the feel of a man's lips near her
pussy started her juices flowing. Her cunt came open like the
petals of a flower, ready to receive his tongue.
John smelled the delicious aroma of sex and slid his tongue
into the narrow groove where her legs joined her torso. He wetted
it freely and then moved across her puffy cuntlips to the groove
on the other side. Eva's cuntlips were already open and waiting
when he finally slid his tongue into the deep cleft. It was wet
and slippery in there and strong to the taste.
Eva's hips started moving with his licking and she was moaning
softly, her hands coming down to tangle in his thick head of
My God, she likes it; the little slut likes it, John thought.
Nice girls aren't supposed to even know about things like this,
let alone enjoy it. He disregarded the fact that he was enjoying
it, too, and that he was the one who had his mouth glued to her
And then she was coming. He knew she was coming--her ass
lifted from the bed, her legs clamped against his face, she was
moaning and crying out. Eva was coming from the stimulation of
his tongue, and she was coming hard. He pushed his tongue deeper
into her pussy and sucked in the juices flowing from her cunt.
When she went limp, he raised to his feet. He stood beside the
bed, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her face up to his.
"Kiss me, you cunt." he said, pressing his slime covered mouth
against hers. Her eyes remained closed, her body limp.
"You're drunk, dead drunk." he cried. "You got loaded while I
was gone!"
Her eyes fluttered open. "Loaded, got loaded, she muttered.
"Need 'nother drink, honey. Get Eva 'nother drink."
"I'll give you a drink, you bitch." John snarled, tearing open
his fly. His prick was hard and rearing. He looked down, almost
surprised that he was stiff. "If you want something to drink,
take this and maybe it will give you something." He held her up
by her hair and prodded at her lips with his cock.
Her mouth opened to his cock, her arms closing around his
thighs. The head of his cock slipped easily into her mouth, and
she instinctively started sucking, her tongue pulling his
foreskin back off the head. It seemed a rich man like John
Richardson could afford to be circumcised, she thought, although
she liked it this way. His cock had such a strong taste and it
was so pleasurable to push his foreskin back and reveal the
crimson head all naked and alive.
Eva's numbed brain knew she was sucking a cock and she knew
the reward for sucking a cock was what she wanted--the hot,
sometimes salty, taste of jizz. One arm released its grip on his
leg and her hand found his prick. She started masturbating the
portion of his prick that wasn't in her mouth.
"You filthy bitch," John stormed, "you want me to come in your
mouth, you filthy, drunken bitch!" He had intended to piss in her
mouth, but his hard-on wouldn't let him. And then he wanted to
come in her mouth, wanted to come in her mouth, wanted to look
down on her and watch her swallow the cum that poured from the
end of his cock, wanted to see her degrade herself by drinking
his sexual juice.
Eva felt his cock grow rigid and push deeper into her mouth;
her reward was at hand. And then his cum filled her mouth, gob
after gob spurting wildly into her precious gullet. She swallowed
and sucked for more while he scoffed at her with filthy words and
fucked into her mouth like it was the cunt of a whore.
He pulled free of her suctioning mouth and looked down at his
prick. It was still standing erect from his trousers. Eva fell
back on the bed, her mouth opening and closing. He wanted to
smash his fist into her face, but he went to the bar instead and
poured whiskey into a glass.
"Here's your drink, you slut, you filthy cocksucker." he said,
again lifting her by her hair. He put the glass to her lips and
she gulped convulsively, her hands coming up to grip the glass.
"Fuck me, John. I'm so hot. Fuck me now and make me come." she
said over the rim of the glass.
She remained upright when he let go of her hair, holding the
glass to her lips, gulping at its fiery contents. When it was
empty she fell back, the glass falling to her belly and rolling
off onto the bed and then to the floor.
John had his pants and shorts off by then and he looked down
at her spread-eagled and ready. He felt the urge to urinate and
pissed onto her golden, body. He directed the stream ' over her
belly, her tits, and then onto her face. "You whore, you wanton,
cock-hungry whore, you piece of shit." he yelled, his eyes full
of tears, " . . . I love you."
He fell on top of her, his fingers finding her cunt. He was
hard again and his prick went into her gash. It was wet and ready
and swallowed all he had to offer. He hated her because he hadn't
made her come the first time he had his cock in her belly, and a
man is supposed to make his woman come with his cock.
"I'll fuck you, Eva, fuck you until you scream for mercy!" he
cried, although he knew he couldn't.
"Yes, fuck me, John. I love you ... now fuck me."
What a marvelous day it has been, she thought, feeling his
stiff prick deep inside her. It was a beautiful wedding, her
wedding, and then an exquisite fuck before she even got out of
her gown, and not with her husband, but with his brother-in-law
while his pregnant sister got it doggy-fashion in the next room.
And the wild ride up the mountain side. What a thrill to go over
a hundred miles an hour. She had to try it with herself behind
the wheel sometime ... soon. Even the pleasant little screw,
though unfulfilling after they arrived here had been good. And
now he was on top of her again, his prick throbbing in her cunt,
her John, her own private fucker. He was fucking her and it felt
good, so very good.
Her eyes were closed and she imagined it was the cute bellboy
fucking her. It didn't do any harm to fantasize while her husband
fucked her; he didn't know, and it made her a more excited fuck
for him. The whole idea was to stimulate him and make him come.
Her passions were aflame. Drunk as she was, she could coast
like this for hours, always on the crest of a shattering orgasm.
And if she slipped over the edge into the never-never land of
sexual bliss, it was never quite the peak she wanted and would
start the climb to the top all over again.
"John, John, John," she moaned, almost incoherently. "Fuck me
some more, make me come again! Oh, Christ ... I'm there! Do it,
do it, don't stop!"
John knew she was coming and felt a sense of pride, yet he was
having difficulty making it himself. He felt the contractions in
her cunt when she made it.
"Goddamn, goddamn, goddamn ... never came so many times
before!" she wailed, easing into still another and stronger
orgasm. "Love cock, love fucking!"
John raised up and jerked out. He rolled her over onto her
stomach. She went limp like a soggy washrag. Lust twisting his
face, he spread her tender ass-cheeks apart and pushed his slimy
cock against her tight asshole. He didn't know it, but he was
finally getting his cherry--the only one she had left--her virgin
The pucker string was tight, but he pressed savagely until his
fat cock burst inside. He grimaced with pleasure; it was so
tight, so excruciatingly tight.
Eva moaned with pain, yet lifted her ass to meet his insistent
pressure. A perverse pleasure accompanied the pain that cried at
her tender asshole, and she knew she could come even like this.
John knew he would come, too, but he wanted his cock all the
way in first and lunged into her. When he knew he was in to his
balls, he started fucking, long hard strokes, and then he was
coming, coming like he never had before.
Eva felt his warm jizz spurting inside her ass and raised up
to deepen her impalement. She giggled into the pillow, feeling
like a cherry on a skewer, even though she wasn't a cherry any
more, anywhere. "Come some more," she moaned, "it feels so good."
She didn't know if there was any difference between an anal
orgasm and a pussy come, but thought there must be because it
felt different. Good, but different. It didn't peak and then
taper off. It made her feel good all over, warm and tingly.
"Don't stop now ... do it some more," she said.
But he did stop. John had drained his balls and all he felt
now was disgust, good old Midwestern Puritan disgust. It felt so
good while he was doing it. Why did it feel so bad after he was
"Sock it to me, baby," Eva said. "My ass wants some more."
John thought he would get sick. He pulled out. He got to his
feet and went out on the balcony. "Don't leave me, darling. Fuck
me some more." he heard Eva say.
He sat in a big chair. She wasn't a virgin when they got
married. She was one well-fucked broad. Only nineteen and
probably fucked more times than he had. He still wore his shirt
and fished for a cigarette, the vision of his virginal bride
fading into nothingness. He lit the cigarette and imagined a man,
any man, lying on top of Eva, his stiff cock thrust up inside
her. She moaned and wriggled with pleasure, trying to get the
man's prick deeper, and then all of a sudden he had pulled out
and she was sucking it, sucking another man's cock. The man
grunted and hunched against her beautiful face and came, pouring
his filthy slime into her mouth. Eva moaned with desire and
swallowed it.
John drug deeply on his cigarette and looked down at his
crotch. He was surprised to see that he was erected. His hand
wrapped around his turgid meat. God, he thought, I haven't jerked
off since I was sixteen. His hand, slid slowly, lovingly up and
down on his prick. He imagined Eva when she was nine years old--
she was beautiful even then--she was at a dance class in tight,
red leotards, her tits straining in the thin fabric. Girls of
nine don't have tits, he thought. She was standing in a corner
with a little boy; she had his cock out in her tiny hand and she
was masturbating him. The little boy squirted his white stuff
onto her red leotards at the same instant that John squirted his
cum onto his hand.
He heard a noise and turned. Eva was at the bar. She's a drunk
as well as a whore, he thought. He saw her drinking straight from
the bottle and then she fell down. She didn't get up. He sat for
a long time before he got up and went in to where she lay.
John pushed his wife over with his foot. She was so lovely, so
desirable, even passed out cold, maybe even dead--he didn't
really care which.
She lay motionless, totally inert, while he fucked her there
on the floor. It was impossible, once a night had been his best,
yet he was hard and throbbing inside her juiced-up pussy. He
imagined he was someone else, maybe a stupid, worthless bellboy,
and ejaculated inside her. He was in a state of shock and fucked
her until he came again. This time he was a pony; no, a stallion
with a huge red and purple cock that split her wide open.
Afterwards, he got to his knees and hit her in the face with
his fist. When he laid her gently on the bed her nose was
bleeding. He hit her again.
He went back to the balcony and sat down. The tears wouldn't
stop; he cried like a baby. He decided that he was a monster. He
had used his fists on a woman, his own wife, beaten her up
because she liked his prick. It was natural for a woman to like a
man's prick; that's what it was all about. He had taken his
little virgin bride and broken her cherry and when she liked it,
he hated her for it. She was much too good for him, he decided,
and fell asleep.

Chapter 6

When Eva awakened the next morning, John was already up and
gone. She tried to roll over and cried out. The slightest
movement hurt, and her mouth was dry and her head was splitting
and she needed to piss. It took several minutes to get enough
courage to raise herself to a standing position. She wasn't sure
what all had happened to her, but her cunt felt like hamburger
and walking was a royal pain--a royal pain in the ass.
After relieving herself, she went to the mirror and cried out
again at what she saw. Her upper lip was crusted with dry blood
and she had a black eye to end all black eyes. She washed away
the blood, careful not to touch her shiner because it was badly
swollen and hurt even without touching it.
Bewildered and disillusioned, she filled the huge sunken tub
with hot water and let her aching body down into the soothing
warmth. She was immersed, her eyes closed, when John returned to
the suite.
He was standing beside the tub when she heard him. Her eyes
flew open. "John! What happened to me? Look at my eye. It hurts!
I'm hurt!" she cried.
"You, uh ... you got terribly drunk last night, darling. You fell
and hit your face against the arm of a chair."
She felt confused. Why hadn't he cleaned her up and taken care
of her. Why was he gone when she woke up? "And my head is
splitting." she said.
"I said you got drunk. Are you too stupid to figure out that
you have a hangover?" he said curtly.
That's it. He's angry with me for getting drunk on our wedding
night. He hates me. "I'm so ashamed of myself." she said.
John turned so he wouldn't have to look at her. He was
ashamed, too, but he had started the charade of what happened and
he would have to carry it through.
"Would you get me an aspirin or something?" she asked timidly.
"Of course, darling." he said, and then looked at her coldly.
"You're sorry, aren't you?"
"Yes. I'm sorry, darling."
"Never again." she said softly, looking down at the water to
avoid his glaring eyes.
When she emerged from the tub, John was still standing in the
doorway. "We're going horseback riding as soon as you're
dressed." he said.
"I can't go horseback riding. I feel terrible, and besides, I
don't know how to ride a horse."
"You can learn." he said.
He sat and smoked while she got dressed to go riding.
On the way to the elevator, Eva stopped. "I forgot something
in the room. I'll be right back." she said.
"Well, hurry it up. We're late now."
She went back to the suite and went straight to the bar. "The
hair of the dog." she said, and gulped down two shots.
By the time they got to the lobby, she felt better, but John
wouldn't let her eat any breakfast. Said there wasn't time; if
she expected breakfast she shouldn't lay in bed all day. It was
John was an expert horseman and they rode until noon. They had
a light lunch when they got back to the hotel, and even though
Eva was starved, she didn't mind because it hurt so bad to sit
down that she couldn't eat, anyway.
"We'll rest for forty-five minutes and then play some tennis."
John said as he finished his tea.
"I don't know how to play tennis." Eva said.
"I'll teach you." John said.
Exactly forty-eight minutes later, they were on the tennis
court. He tutored her for an hour. Eva learned quickly and was
doing quite well, but John was an outstanding tennis player and
was soon bored. He told her to sit down and rest while he played
a set with a more experienced player. The more experienced player
turned out to be an attractive, very rich widow of forty-one. The
set lasted until six that evening. Eva lay on her stomach in the
grass and watched, seething with jealousy.
John invited the woman to dine with them and afterwards they
played bridge. Eva didn't know how to play bridge, either, and
sat watching until nine, when John got up from the table and
announced it was bed time; they had to get an early start in the
morning. He didn't fuck her that night.
The next day started at six a.m. and was a repeat of the day
before, except they played golf instead of tennis. The widow was
an excellent golfer, as was John. Eva played along behind. The
bridge game lasted until ten, and again John didn't fuck her. He
turned his back at the far side of the bed and went immediately
to sleep.
By the end of the third day, horseback riding no longer chafed
the insides of her thighs raw; she was an expert at watching a
tennis game and tagging behind on a golf course, and she could
eat all she wanted at dinner because John didn't notice--his
attention was focused on the widow's pearly smile and the
cleavage the big-titted woman flaunted. Eva wouldn't have been
surprised if he had spent the night in her bed, but he didn't. He
went dutifully to bed with his bride, though he didn't touch her.
Eva was miserable. She was lonely and jealous and bored. And
she was horny.
She couldn't sleep on that third night, and it was after
midnight when she crawled from bed and went out onto the balcony.
She looked down at the inviting pool shimmering in the pale
moonlight and decided she wanted to go swimming. Eva loved
swimming, but they hadn't been near the pool because John didn't
care for the water.
She went back into the bedroom, checked to make sure John was
asleep, and slipped into a tiny white bikini that covered little.
She went to the bar and downed a couple of shots of whiskey, then
grabbed the bottle and slipped silently from the room.
When she got to the pool, it was no longer deserted. There was
a lone swimmer coursing through the brilliant water. Eva stood at
the edge, clutching her bottle, watching him streak through the
water. He completed four laps before he noticed her standing
there. He swerved to the edge and hung in the water looking up at
"Hi, Kind of late for you to be out." he said, looking behind
her. "Where's your husband?"
"What are you doing in the pool?" Eva said coldly. "I thought
you were one of the help."
"I have a couple of days off and since the paying customers
usually don't swim at this hour, thought I'd take a little
workout before driving down to the city for some action. Come on
in. The water's fine."
Eva looked down her nose at the bellboy who had stood and
watched her in her doorway. He is good-looking, she thought, but
such a peasant. She tilted the whiskey bottle to her lips and
took a long drink, set it carefully beside the pool, and plunged
into the water.
When she broke the surface at the other side, the bellboy was
already waiting for her. "What took so long?" he said.
Eva tossed her hair with a flip of her head. "Go away, sonny,
you bore me."
"Where's hubby tonight. You're usually tagging along somewhere
behind him.
"He's in bed--asleep."
"Who with? That rich widow with the big tits?"
Eva spit at him, catching him in the face.
He grinned, wiping the spit from his eyes. "Hit a sore spot,
huh?" he said.
"I hate you."
"What you really mean, is that you love me."
"Shit!" Eva said, and kicked away from the edge. He swam
beside her to the other side.
"That's a nasty shiner you have. Hubby give it to you?" he
said, easing up close to her.
"For your information, I tripped over one of your lousy rugs.
Crummy help around here doesn't keep the damn place up properly."
He treaded water beside her and put his hands on her hips.
"Keep your hands to yourself." she said, pulling away. His
touch sent a thrill up her spine. It had been three days since
her husband had so much as touched her.
She moved several feet away from the boy, grabbed the edge of
the pool, and turned back to face him again. "Why did you come up
to our suite the other day? We hadn't ordered anything."
He moved close to her, his arm draped in the drain trough. "I
saw you when you first came in and then when I saw your husband
back down in the lobby without you, I decided to get another look
at you without him there. I didn't expect to see quite that much
of you." He had his free hand on her hip again.
Eva blushed at the memory. "Fuck you, too." she said.
"That's what I wanted to talk to you about." he said.
"You're a nasty boy. In fact, you're terrible."
They were very close in the water. He had his arm around her,
his hand moving up and down on her back, yet she didn't move
away. She remained motionless when he kissed her. "You shouldn't
have done that." she said. When he kissed her again, his hand
slid inside the back of her bikini, his finger resting deep in
the cleavage of her ass. Still she didn't move away.
He knew she wanted to fuck as bad as he did, and he wanted her
to show it. But she didn't. She remained unmoving. His cock was
hard and pounding, and it was bent uncomfortably inside his brief
trunks. He finally decided she wasn't going to give him the
satisfaction he sought and moved away in the water. Snooty little
bitch, he thought, and pushed his trunks down his legs. He went
under water for a moment and when he came up his trunks were
slowly sinking to the bottom.
Eva watched him, not sure what he was up to. When he came to
her again, and his cock touched her leg, she knew. "You're
probably the dirtiest boy I've ever met." she said.
"Call me Bob, and I'll call you Eva." he said.
"How do you know my name?"
"Bellhops know everything."
The water was warm, but chills ran up her spine. The feel of
his hard prick against her thigh was too much, and her hand moved
under the water until she could circle his cock with her fingers.
"You're despicable. Go away and leave me alone." she said, her
hand tightening its grip.
"I can't. You're holding me too tight." He was grinning. He
knew he had her now.
His prick was quite long, though perhaps a trifle slender, and
incredibly hard. "Bob! It's so long." she said.
"All the better to fuck you with, my dear." he answered.
Eva wanted him to fuck her, wanted it desperately, yet she
moved her hand furiously on his cock, well aware of what it would
"Not too fast, baby, you'll make me come." he cried.
"Yes!" she hissed.
"Stop, stop! I'm almost there!" And then he was there. His
jizz spurted out and trailed off into long strings under the
water. She kept pumping. Bob kept coming.
"Jesus Christ," he snorted, pulling away from her, "why in the
fuck did you do that?"
"So you'll leave me alone, you stupid prick." she snarled. She
pushed away from the pool edge and turned to swim the long way.
Because I lost my head, you dummy, she thought bitterly. I didn't
want you to come, either. She directed her venom to her swimming.
Bob pulled himself onto the bank. "Stupid, crazy, fucking
bitch," he said, and then he noticed her bottle. He picked it up
and took a long, hard pull.
Eva lapped the pool twice and then stopped in the middle. She
floated loosely in the water, watching him drink from her bottle.
The top to her bikini came off first. Her head didn't go under
while she pushed down the bottoms. She looked down into the water
and watched them sink to the bottom, and then swam to where Bob
was sitting.
She came up between his legs, which were dangling over the
edge, and raised herself enough to get her hand on his prick.
"You won't get any satisfaction from that." he snarled, "You
made damn certain of that."
"I might." she said, lifting herself further from the water.
Her head came level with her hand. She drew him into her mouth.
He looked down with astonishment to see her face buried
tightly in his crotch. "Baby." he groaned, "you might at that.
Suck it good, honey." He felt her warm mouth surrounding his cock
and knew he would get hard again. "I knew you were easy when you
opened your robe the other day, that's why I was so surprised
when you jerked me off in the water. Hot broads usually want
theirs first. Suck it good, baby, he's coming up."
Eva was thrilled to feel his prick in her mouth, and it was
always better to start with it soft, to feel it stiffen and grow
hard and pulse. It was pulsing now, and she eased down on it
until the knob was almost in her throat. She had the urge to
vomit, but suppressed it and let it go deeper.
"Jesus Christ, baby, you're gonna make me come again!" he
She pulled back then, letting his cock swing free. "Let me get
out of the pool. We can do it on one of the lounge chairs."
She moved to his left and pulled herself out of the water. She
got quickly to her feet. "Bring the bottle." she said, and walked
to one of the big, cushioned deck chairs.
The young man watched her walk away, her hips swaying, her ass
bobbing. Christ, he thought, this has got to be one great fuck. I
never saw a broad built any better. He got to his feet and picked
up the bottle.
She lay spread out, her knees bent open to display her pussy.
"Sit down beside me. I haven't decided if I want to go all the
way. And let me have a drink."
He handed her the bottle. "Who in the hell do you think you're
kidding, baby?" he said. "You want it worse than I do."
She took a long drink of whiskey. "Do you have any
cigarettes?" she asked.
"Over there in my robe."
"Would you get me one?"
"Christ on a crutch!" he snarled, yet he got up and walked
around the pool to get his cigarettes. He had two already lit
when he got back. She reached up and took one.
"Sit down beside me." she said. Her hand wrapped around his
cock, which was soft again, when he sat. "Play with my cunt."
He let his hand slide across her belly and down to her pussy.
Her thighs closed against him. Her hair was still wet from the
pool, but her cunt was wet from arousal. It was all slick inside
and opened to receive his finger.
"That feels good. Push it all the way in. Ooooh, honey, that
feels good ... sooo good!" she said, squeezing his cock. It was
good and hard again.
"Since I've worked here, I've seen a lot of rich bitches with
hot pants, but you're the hottest yet." He had two fingers in her
"Are they always married women?"
"Not always. Several have been young gals with their parents.
One was only thirteen, and did she ever want it bad. So I gave it
to her, compliments of the house.
"Once I had a mother and daughter in the same night. The old
lady walked in while I was balling her kid. She was sixteen or
seventeen and her old lady must have been fifty. She had been
down in the bar for three hours while her old man went off riding
or something and she was crocked to the gills. She flew into a
hell of a rage when she caught us, but it was a cover-up because
she hadn't been able to pick up a man in the bar. I ended up
fucking her in the ass while her innocent little daughter
Eva squirmed against his hand, so hot she knew she had lost
control. She wanted to be fucked and knew she would be fucked,
yet had to play the game with herself. What's the use, she told
herself, I've already been unfaithful to John. One more time
won't hurt, but this is positively the last time. She was young,
only nineteen, and in need of a man, a vibrant, hard man. John
seemed so old all of a sudden, and he hadn't touched her in three
days. She felt like she was all cunt.
"Let's fuck now." she said.
He continued finger-fucking her. "The married ones are always
the best lays, though. Hotter and always more willing to do
odd-ball things. You're on your honeymoon, ain't you?"
"Yes." Eva whispered, feeling ashamed. "Why don't you just
shut up and fuck me?"
"I never had one on her honeymoon before. They're usually too
starry-eyed." He was teasing her now. "What's the matter? Your
old man having trouble getting it up?"
Eva sat up, his fingers still deep inside her cunt. "That's
not funny. I think I'll go back to my room."
He roughly pushed her back down. "Don't get huffy, baby, or I
might not screw you."
Eva gasped when his fingers came from her cunt. She sighed
when he quickly got on top of her and pushed the head of his
prick against the wet cuntlips. Her arms went around his hips and
her legs opened wider to let him in. He pushed and the fat head
popped inside, followed quickly by the long, hard stem.
"Jesus, you're wet and slick in there." he said, feeling his
cock slide easily all the way in.
"Yes, yes," she hissed, "my husband, who can't get it up,
fucked me royally just before I came down to the pool." She felt
she had to lie to him to save face, and hunched her ass to try
and get more cock. There wasn't any more cock to get. She had it
all. "Fuck me hard." she cried.
"You are one hot pussy." he said, starting a steady fucking
Her cunt clasped his prick hungrily. He was amazed that she
would be so tight; it went in so easily that he thought she would
be a slop job, but her cunt was as tight as an asshole. He knew
he couldn't last long and hoped he could bring her off before he
He really didn't have to worry, because she coming already.
She moaned and twisted against the big, moving thing thrusting
into her belly.
"You know," he said, trying to slow his pace, "your husband
could be up there on his balcony watching us."
"Yes ... he could, but don't stop." she gasped. She was on the
verge of coming again. "Oooh, that's so good. Keep fucking, keep
fucking!" Her legs had gone up around his back.
"I'm getting close." he gasped.
"Okay ... okay ... okay." she cried. I'm there, too. You can
come inside me, I want to feel it." Her legs had gone straight up
in the air, her arms wrapped around his neck, her ass lunging up
to meet each thrust. And then she felt his wet, slick cum
squirting inside her.
He pumped several times and went limp. "Ah, baby, that's what
I call fucking." he gasped.
"Yes." she whispered, putting her mouth on his. She felt
wonderful, relaxed and wonderful, and finally admitted it to
herself. she liked being fucked more than anything else in the
world and with any man. To hell with all the bullshit that always
fucked up her mind. This was what it was all about; A stiff cock
and a wet and ready pussy to take it in. She wanted him to fuck
her again, right now.
"Can you do it again?" she asked.
"Actually, I'd have to say no." he said. "Besides, I have to
get down to the city. Have commitments there."
"Surely you have time for a drink?" she said sarcastically.
"Not really," he said, sitting up, "but I'll take time,
anyway." He picked up the bottle and took a swig and handed it to
Eva. She followed suit and passed it back.
They talked and passed the bottle back and forth until it was
empty. They were both quite drunk.
"How you gonna get back up to your room?" he said, tossing the
empty bottle into the shrubbery.
"Take the elevator. How else?"
"It could be embarrassing. You're naked and your suit's at the
bottom of the pool."
"I'll dive in and get it." she said.
"It's in eight feet of water: You'll drown."
"Like shit." she said, getting to her feet. She raced for the
pool, almost fell, and went awkwardly into the water. She came
back up sputtering. "Too fuckin' deep." she said, barely getting
to the edge of the pool.
Bob was standing beside the pool now. "My suit should be right
down here somewhere."
"I think it drifted down to the middle with mine." she said.
"Shit." he said, then shrugged. "What the hell. I live in a
cottage behind the hotel. I can get there without being seen, but
you got a problem."
"Ever fuck a girl in the water?" Eva said.
"No, can't say that I have."
"Now's your chance."
He looked down at her, her boobs halfway out of the water as
if they were water wings holding her up. "I think I'll pass,
baby. I have to get into town, and I couldn't get it up again,
anyway." He waved at her and turned and walked away.
She watched him go into the tall shrubbery and pass from
sight. She thought again about trying to retrieve her suit, but
gave up the idea and pulled herself from the water. It might be
tricky getting up to her suite, but it was late and she could
take the stairs.
She got to the fourth floor and inside her door. Breathing a
heavy sigh, she pushed the door shut with her ass. She went to
the bar and poured herself a drink. The liquor went down easily
hitting bottom heavily. Her head started to spin.
"Eva, is that you?" her husband's voice came from the bedroom.
"Yes, it's me." she said quickly.
"Where the hell have you been?"
"I-I couldn't sleep. I went for a walk." she said. And got
fucked, you bastard, she thought.
"Don't you know it's dangerous to wander about at this hour?"
his voice said, still from the bedroom.
"I thought it would be safe here." she said.
"You're probably right. Nothing could happen to you here. Now
come on to bed."
She finished her drink, took another straight from the bottle,
and staggered in to her bed. John was already back asleep. Eva
crawled under the satin sheet and quickly passed out, a silly,
satisfied grin on her face.

Chapter 7

When John awakened at six, Eva was sprawled nude, half on the
bed, half off. He looked at her with distaste and went into the
bathroom and turned on the cold water in the shower. Exactly
eleven minutes later, he left the suite. He had hot tea and
unbuttered toast in the coffee shop and then went directly to the
stables. As he crossed the courtyard, he saw Roxanne waiting for
him. She smiled and waved.
John had learned a great deal about Roxanne DeWinter in the
past three days. She was forty-one years old and a widow. She
married Abraham DeWinter when she was twenty-two and he was
sixty-seven. He died of a stroke at eighty-four, leaving her a
wealthy woman. It had been a good marriage as May-December
marriages go, and since Abraham had been active up to the end,
her sexual contacts outside her marriage had been few, yet she
wasn't the frustrated widow she led John to believe. She had a
seventeen-year-old son who was a robust, sexually advanced boy.
He called his mother Roxy and she called him Ronny darling.
Roxy was quite the opposite of Eva, with dark brown hair,
flashing brown eyes, and a chubby face with deep dimples in both
cheeks. Her body, naturally, was much fuller than Eva's, though
it was apparent that Eva would be built much the same when she
reached her forties.
John was first attracted to her by her skill on the tennis
court, and then her talent for bridge. He completely ignored his
wife that night in bed. The next day, Roxy proved an excellent
horseman and that afternoon she almost beat John at golf. Eva
tagged close behind, seething with jealousy. At bridge that
night, she let her knee slip between his thighs under the table
and it excited him so that he forgot about his young bride. He
fantasized about Roxy the whole sleepless night.
On the third day, Eva wasn't so persistent in keeping up, and
he kissed Roxy for the first time. It was in the rough on the
fourth hole; they were looking for Eva's ball. Roxy melted her
lush body against him and gladly let him kiss her. They played
footsie through the whole bridge game that night.
John felt the stirrings of illicit passion in his loins as he
crossed the sunny courtyard. She was a magnificent-looking woman.
"Where is little Eva this morning?" Roxy said, when he came up
to her.
"She got drunk again last night. She won't be going with us."
he answered.
"I'm glad." she purred, stepping in close to him. Her hands
came up to the side of his head and pulled his face down to hers.
After a long, hard kiss, she pulled back. "My late husband drank
a good deal, too." she said.
John felt the blood pounding in his temples, and he was glad
that Eva was up on the bed drunk. The drunker the better. He
slipped his arm around her waist and directed her into the
stables. "Let's get our horses and go." he said.
Roxanne was wearing skin-tight riding breeches and a white,
long-sleeved blouse that was open at the neck where she wore a
red silk scarf. Her large tits bulged against the white material,
the nipples sticking out like little knobs.
"I felt naughty this morning and didn't wear a brassiere." she
"Yes, I noticed." he said.
"Do you like me this way?"
"You can't imagine how much." His hand had moved up until it
was against the bottom of her heavy tit. He turned her to him and
kissed her again Her mouth was open this time, and his tongue
moved in as if it belonged there.
"Oh, John." she moaned, "I wish I had met you before Eva."
"I do too." he gulped. He could feel her pussy mashing against
his hard-on. He gripped her ass in his hands and pulled her
She moved her belly back and forth against him, exciting him
even more. As they hunched and kissed, she moved him backwards
towards an open stall; she didn't bother to push the door closed.
There was a horse blanket conveniently spread across a pile of
straw and she pushed him over backwards and came down on top of
him. She straddled him lewdly and started dry humping, her mouth
covering his. She knew he would play hell getting her breeches
off, and it excited her. She enjoyed it when a man had to work to
get at her pussy.
"I think I love you, John." she said. "The catch and zipper is
on the side."
"Oh, Jesus!" John said, his hand groping. He got the catch
open and fumbled clumsily at the zipper, finally working it all
the way down. She kept humping against him as he tried to push
the breeches down her wide hips.
"Hurry, John, hurry." she gasped. "I need you so bad."
He was sweating profusely when he finally got them halfway
down her thighs. He gripped the cheeks of her generous ass, his
fingers sliding into the deep cleft and almost accidentally
probing at her tight, puckered asshole.
"Oh, God, that feels good. I never wear panties under riding
pants. The coarse material feels so good against my cunt when I'm
on horseback. I can actually come that way. I'll raise up so you
can get unzipped and take your prick out."
"Oh, Jesus." John said, fumbling at his fly. He got it out,
but it wouldn't go between her thighs they were pressed together
so tightly by the pants.
"You'll have to take them off." she said, rolling off him onto
her back.
He got to his knees and tugged at her pants. "You'll have to
take my boots of first, darling." she said. He got her boots off
and then finally her riding pants. She spread her legs open and
placed a hand on each fat thigh. "Kiss it, honey." she said.
John looked at the great hairy gash and hesitated.
Well, at least take your pants down and put something in it."
she demanded.
He got his pants down to his knees and dropped on top of her.
She found him with her hand and guided his cock into the wet,
hairy mass between her thighs. Her cuntlips opened and sucked his
cock inside.
A squat, ugly young man stood at the door to the stall
watching, his massive cock sticking from his dirty jeans. He
grinned and wrapped his hand around his prick and stroked the
thick foreskin off the huge, bulbous head. He knew that John
Richardson would get it good; the widow DeWinter was one fine
fuck. He knew because he had fucked her here in this same stall
the day that John and his bride had arrived and then again each
night after the bridge game had ended.
Roxy gasped with pleasure as John's cock pushed in to the
hilt. "Ooooh, it's been so long, darling, so long since I've had
this." Her thighs came up against his hips as she locked her
ankles behind his back. "Get it all in . . . I need it, I need
Her cunt closed like a vise around his cock and he knew he
couldn't last long. He felt cum rising from his balls like a
garden hose filling with water.
"Not yet. . . not yet!" Roxy gasped, driving her cunt up to
meet his insipid thrusts. But it was too late, John's cock was
spurting jizz in gobs of saved-up lust.
She moaned with despair when he pulled out and his cock
shriveled to nothing before her eyes.
"We'd better leave separately." John said, getting to his feet
and adjusting his trousers. "We wouldn't want to be seen."
"Of course not." Roxy said, her cunt aching with desire.
"Light me a cigarette before you go."
John lit a cigarette and stepped over and put it in her
waiting fingers. And then he was gone. Roxy sighed and drew
deeply on her cigarette.
She lay with her legs open and inviting, her mouth on the
cigarette, when the ugly youth reappeared. His cock still hung
from his open pants. It was easily ten inches long and not
completely erect.
Roxy looked up at him and smiled. "Come in and close the door
behind you." she said. "How long have you been watching?"
"For a while." he said, and giggled foolishly.
"Come here and kiss me, darling." she said, raising her knees
and spreading the lips of her cunt with her fingers. "You're not
afraid to kiss my cunt, are you?"
He came to her and kneeled between her legs. His ugly, pimple
covered face lowered into her crotch. It was pungent and oozing
John's cum.
"Eat my cunt, Donny, suck the rich man's jizz out of my pussy
and make me come." she cried hoarsely.
"Eat the rich man's jizz." Donny said, and pressed his mouth
to her cunt. His tongue was thick and rough as it pushed up into
her hole and one of his fat fingers had already found her
Roxy grunted with animal pleasure, holding him tightly by the
ears as he ate her out. She came very hard and pushed his head
away. "Now use that magnificent cock on me!" she pleaded.
Donny got to his feet. "Have to piss first." he said. He stood
where she could watch and peed until there was a large puddle,
then he pulled at his cock until it stretched out to an
unbelievable twelve inches. It jutted from his grimy jeans like
an obscene club, its huge glans, bloated and purple, still
half-sheathed in the thick foreskin.
"Lay down on me, Donny. Get it in quick ... I need it!" Roxy
cried, her eyes fixed on the huge column.
"Rich man not very good?" Donny asked.
"Rich man terrible, a bum fuck. Now do it like it's supposed
to be done."
The ugly boy came down on top of her and pressed his fat lips
to her mouth. She opened slightly and his coarse tongue rolled
inside. Her hands grabbed at his monstrous cock, pressing the
huge knob to her cunt. He hunched roughly and she squealed with
pain and pleasure as her cuntlips gaped open and peeled back his
"My God, you must be bigger than the horses you tend." she
gasped when eight inches had been imbedded inside her.
"Big mare in next stall think so." Donny grunted hunching for
more penetration.
"Not really?" Roxy cried.
"You've got to let me watch ... ooh, that hurts!"
"Can't. Wrong time of month. Mare won't let me." He was
pushing in the last two inches.
Roxy's legs splayed further apart. "Oh, Jesus, Donny ... I
think I can take it all this time. God, but it's good! Push it
all in!" She felt the cold, sharp metal of his zipper and knew
she had the whole foot inside her.
Donny liked it when he could get it all in. Most women
couldn't take it all. He had better than nine inches when he was
fourteen and had been fucking grown women since he was ten.
Roxy lay beneath him moaning, tears running from her eyes.
After the second orgasm she had lost count, going into a daze of
sexual bliss, one massive orgasm that didn't seem to end. She
slipped slowly from reality, her body loose, yet still lifting to
meet each thrust.
"Gonna come, gonna come, gonna come." Donny chanted, drawing
part way out and then slamming back in. He felt the massive load
of jizz swell his prick and yanked out, and with the expertise of
practice, guided his cock to her face where he squirted gob after
gob of his thick, pasty slime over her lips. Her lips opened and
he pressed his cock in and jacked off until he was dry.
The brutish boy stood and grinned at the job he had done, his
teeth spaced like a picket fence. He grasped his cock and
stretched the foreskin back into place, wiping the ooze with his
hand and then onto his pants. He left the stall, stuffing his
monstrous organ back into his pants.
Roxy roused from her stupor, her cunt still twitching, and
struggled back into her skin-tight riding pants. Her pussy was
sore. A hot tub and a gin and tonic were in order.

* * *

Eva was still in bed when John returned. He decided he really
hadn't enjoyed it with Roxy like he thought he would. It had been
too quick, and she had been too aggressive, and the pangs of
guilt gnawed at him. He felt even worse after he got Eva up and
watched her bent over the stool. She was a very sick girl.
It was almost noon when he got her dressed and down to the
coffee shop when he forced her to eat a soft boiled egg and drink
several cups of black coffee. It didn't seem to help. She still
felt terrible.
Roxy saw them in the coffee shop. The bath had done wonders;
she felt marvelous. "You look terrible, Eva." she said. "What you
need is a drink."
"My God, Roxy, that's what's the matter with her now! Too much
to drink." John exclaimed.
"Sometimes a little hair of the dog is the only remedy." She
took Eva by the arm. "Come along, Eva, Roxy will make you feel
Eva wobbled to her feet and followed Roxy into the bar. She
was too sick to do anything else.
The bar was deserted. Roxy pushed Eva into a booth and ordered
her a double shot. Eva gagged and almost threw up, but she got it
down. She was working on her second one when John arrived.
"Slide. in here beside me, John." Roxy said
He slid in, a worried look on his face. "Is she going to be
"She'll be fine." Roxy said. She half-turned and put her mouth
against John's. Her tongue glided into his mouth.
He jerked back. "Roxy, don't. Not in front of... His voice
trailed off.
Roxy dropped her hand under the table and put it on John's
knee, inching upwards until her palm rested softly on his cock.
An hour ago, she thought she had had enough for one day, but it
was terribly exciting to make a play for John with his sick
little bride watching. She pulled his hand down under her skirt
onto her bare thigh.
John puffed back at first, but then relaxed and let her push
it up her thigh to her crotch. She hadn't worn panties and her
legs opened.
"Play with me," she whispered, "but be gentle, I'm a little
sore. You're so big down there."
John felt a stupid pride as his male ego swelled. He massaged
her softly, probing at her hairy hole. He soon had two fingers
deep in her cunt, his guilt forgotten. Roxy smiled with pleasure,
moaning softly, while Eva, oblivious to it all, nursed at her
third whiskey.
"I have an idea. Let's all go swimming, it's such a nice day,"
Roxy said, leaning back and enjoying John's fingers in her cunt.
"Oh, I don't think so. Eva feels so bad." John said.
"I'm feeling better." Eva said, looking up from the table.
"Yes, I think I'd like to go swimming."
They went to their respective suites to get ready. John was in
his trunks, getting the towels when Roxy came in. She came right
in the bedroom. She was wearing a tiny white bikini that covered
nothing but her big brown nipples and most of her pussy hair, the
rest of which crept out around the edges. She had a marvelous
tan. Her body was so full that it was breathtaking, yet not bulgy
and hanging with loose fat. Everything, as much as it was, seemed
to be necessary. Her long brown hair flowed to the middle of her
back. Her huge tits bulged and flopped and looked like they would
pull her over onto her face.
She approached John and put her arms around his neck. "Kiss
me, darling." she said.
"Eva will be out of the bathroom in a minute." John said.
"Kiss me." she said again.
He kissed her hard on the mouth, and before he knew what she
was doing, her hand was inside his trunks. She grasped his cock
and thrilled at the feel of it swelling in her hand.
Eva came out of the bathroom. "Oh." she said softly.
John jerked back, pulling her hand from his trunks. He turned
away and pushed his cock back in place. Eva wasn't looking at
John, though. Her eyes were on Roxy.
"God, you look sexy." she said.
You're not too bad yourself." Roxy said with a smile.
Eva's bikini was red, and if it didn't reveal as much as
Roxy's, it was only because there wasn't as much to reveal.
"Let's go." Roxy said, taking John's hand.
Eva quickly took his other hand.
They found a table at poolside and Roxy and John sat down.
"I'm going in." Eva cried and raced for the pool.
"I hoped you would." Roxy said.
"I hate the water and I don't swim very well." John said. "I'm
staying right here."
"I hoped you would." Roxy said.
The waiter came by the table and Roxy ordered martinis for
"You'd better slow it down, Roxy. Eva will get drunk again,"
John said.
"Yes," Roxy answered. "Very drunk, I hope."
John realized what she was doing and gave her a strange look,
yet he didn't change the order.
"Eva seems to be having such a good time in the water, why
don't we go for a walk?" Roxy said.
"I'm afraid it would be a little too obvious."
"More obvious than this?" Roxy said, leaning forward and
putting her hand on his crotch.
"My God, Roxy, not in public." John cried.
She pulled her chair closer and pushed a finger inside the leg
band of his trunks. "I'd let you fuck me right here and now if
you wanted to." she said huskily.
She didn't remove her finger when Eva came up, dripping wet.
Eva glanced quickly, noticing both the finger and the bulge in
her husband's trunks. She diverted her eyes to the martini on the
table. "For me?" she asked, and lifted it to her lips. "I'm going
back in." she said when the glass was empty. "A couple of boys
found a pair of swim suits on the bottom of the pool."
"How did they get there?" John asked.
"Looks like someone took a midnight swim, or something. One
was a boy's suit, the other a girl's." Eva answered, her eyes
"Right here in the pool?" Roxy said, her finger curling down
under John's cool balls. "It's terrible what some people will
"Order me another drink. I'm going-back in to see if they find
anything else." Eva said. She knew they wouldn't, but it was
embarrassing to stand there while Roxy tickled her husband's cock
with her finger. She plunged back into the water.
Roxy waved at the waiter with her free hand.
John moved back, pulling her finger from his trunks. "Roxy,
you've got to stop that."
"I wish you'd let me take it out right here."
"Well, I won't." John said.
"If you would, I'd get down on my hands and knees and suck
The waiter had arrived and John turned red. Roxy looked up and
said, "Another martini, please." She smiled, and put her hand
back on John's crotch. "Just one." she added.
The waiter walked away unruffled. He had watched the decadent
rich play their perverted games many times before. His cock
bulged hard against his pants.
When Eva returned, John had scooted his chair away from
Roxy's. "Let's go and get dressed." he said.
"I have a full drink." Eva said, taking the glass in both
"Well, then, drink it. I'll get sunburned if I stay any
longer." he snapped.
Eva poured the drink down and took John's hand. "Okay, let's
go." she said. "I feel great now, and I'm starved. I want to take
a shower and then we can have lunch."
Roxy got up and took John's other hand. "I'll come up with you
while you change." she said.
John opened the door and Eva went to the bedroom. Roxy stopped
and took John's arm, pulling him around to face her. He stiffened
for a moment, then stepped close to kiss her.
"Wait." she said, stepping back, and pushed the straps off her
shoulders. Her huge tits were bare when she stepped close and
pressed them against his hairy chest.
"Roxy, don't! Eva will suspect something." he said stupidly.
"Kiss me, John."
While her tongue slid into his open mouth, she put her thumbs
inside his trunks and pushed downward.
"Roxy! We can't ... not now ... not here." he gasped. His cock
was already sticking straight out, his trunks bunched just below
his balls.
"Just let me feel it." Roxy whispered, her hand already
manipulating the foreskin.
Her other hand undid the tie at the side of her bikini. It
came loose and went quickly to her ankles. She spread her legs
for an instant and then closed her fat thighs around his hard
"We're standing in the hall ... we haven't time..."
"I know, darling, but it will make it better for later, after
Eva is good and drunk."
"Roxy, Roxy," John gasped, feeling his cock brush against her
"We'll get her bombed and then have the whole night to
ourselves while she sleeps it off."
"Yes, God yes." John gasped, nuzzling his hard cock in the
thick, wet hair.
Roxy grasped his cock. "Put it in, just a little." she moaned.
She already had it in, just a little; she wanted a little more.
John pushed her against the door and grasped an ass cheek in
each hand and gave her a little more. With her arms locked around
his neck, she lifted herself and hooked her feet behind his
calves, splaying her cunt.
"Fuck me, John, fuck me!" she screamed, hunching against him.
John closed his eyes and sighed. It was wonderful the way her
cunt pulled his foreskin all the way up when she lifted, and the
way it peeled it back down when she let her weight push him to
the hilt.
"You don't have to hold back. I'll come quick like this." Roxy
said, gasping for breath.
"I couldn't hold back, anyway." John snorted. Roxy was almost
there when they heard Eva's voice calling from the bedroom. "Oh,
my God." John said, and jerked backwards, pulling his prick from
her sucking pussy. He pulled up on his trunks and dashed for the
Roxy gasped for air, her face, a mask of disappointment and
hatred. "Run, you, chicken shit bastard." she snarled at his
retreating ass.
When John rushed into the bedroom, Eva was just pulling the
pants to her pant suit up her legs. She wore no panties and the
dark patch of hair was almost visible through the white slacks.
She giggled, "Don't want a panty line to show." Then she looked
at John. "You're still in your trunks."
"Uh, yes," he said, "go and have a drink. I'll be right out."
Eva checked herself in the mirror and stepped into the living
room. She stopped, a gasp on her lips. Roxy was sitting in a
chair facing the door. She had pulled the tiny top to her bikini
back into place, but the bottom was still out in the hall, and
she sat with her legs pulled up, her hand between her legs. The
thick hair spilled between her fingers as she jacked off.
Eva stood watching, her mouth hinging open. Roxy looked up,
her breathing hard and fast. "Can I get you a drink, Eva?" she
said without stopping her hand.
Eva was dumbfounded, still she said calmly, "You seem to be
busy. I'll get you one." She went to the bar and half-filled two
glasses with whiskey.
Roxy got up from the chair and went behind the bar. "You're
sweet," she said, taking the glass. Then she put her mouth to
Eva's and kissed her lightly. "And you're a beautiful child."
"You're--you're beautiful, too." Eva said, not sure how she
felt. She tingled, she knew that.
Roxy kissed her again, harder this time, and took Eva's soft
hand and pressed it to her cunt. Eva bit her lip, but didn't pull
back. "Feel it, darling, it's all excited." Roxy said.
"John won't approve of this." Eva said softly, her fingers
timidly feeling the wet hair.
"Probably not but do it anyway. He's in another room."
Eva closed her eyes and put the glass to her lips while her
hand slid through Roxy's hair into the deep groove between her
pussy lips. Eva had never felt another woman's cunt before, and
it was exciting. When Eva put her glass on the bar, she already
had one finger pushed into Roxy's wet, slippery hole.
Roxy bowed her legs and gripped the bar with one hand. "You
sweet, adorable child." she hissed. "Finger-fuck me! Make me
Eva felt her own lust rising and her clit tingle and harden.
"Reach into my slacks and feel me, too, and I will." she gasped,
thrusting a second finger inside Roxy.
Roxy thrust her hand inside Eva's slacks. She moved through
the hair and found the slit wet. She moved into her cunt and
found it slippery. The two women stood grunting, hunching against
the other's hand, finger-fucking like the wantons they were.
"I got John's prick where your fingers are while you were
taking your shower." Roxy said.
Eva's eyes were closed. She was already getting close and, in
her condition, didn't really give a damn about John.
"We were still in the hall, and he had it all the way in,"
Roxy gasped, heaving her hips against Eva's fucking fingers. "You
called out and he jerked out and went running. He didn't come ...
neither did I." She had her eyes closed too, and was panting.
"He's my husband, he loves me." Eva said. "Ooooh, Roxy, I'm
coming! It's GOOD, good, good!"
The two women embraced and kissed, hard and long. "Me too, me
too!" Roxy mumbled. They quivered and melted into one, each with
two fingers buried in the other's cunt.
When the thrill had passed, Roxy backed away and said, "I'd
better get the rest of my suit on. John will be out any minute."
Her face was flushed and she was still short of breath.
Eva watched Roxy's plump ass wag as she raced for the door.
Her fingers came to her nose and she sniffed. Almost
unconsciously, she slipped the fingers into her mouth, sucking
the pungent juice. She was still very excited and picked up her
glass and drained it.
When John stepped from the bedroom in white slacks and blue
blazer, Eva was sitting in a chair, another drink in hand. Roxy
stood behind the chair, gently massaging Eva's shoulders.
"You two go and eat. I'll dress and meet you in the dining
room." Roxy said.
By the time Roxy joined them, they had finished lunch and were
in the bar. John saw her enter and ordered three fresh drinks.
The lunch had sobered Eva, but John ordered every time she
emptied her glass and she built up a head of steam fast. They
spent the rest of the afternoon in the bar, and John was a little
high himself.
"My God, she holds a lot of booze." Roxy whispered.
"We'd better get her upstairs. She's really loaded." John
said. He had a little trouble getting to his feet.
"You better slow down, John." Roxy said.
Eva was really plastered and they had to all but carry her.
Her eyes were glazed and half closed, and she mumbled
incoherently. John was puffing breathlessly when they finally
tumbled her into a large chair.
"Kiss me, John." Roxy cried, throwing her arms around his
"Not here, not in front of Eva."
"She's out of it, honey. She'll never know. I've wanted you
all afternoon."
They kissed hard, their tongues mingling wetly. John felt
woozy. He felt Roxy's hand at his fly. His cock slid from his
pants into her hand.
"John, I want you to fuck me right here in front of Eva." Roxy
"No, no, not in front of Eva." John gasped.
"Yes, yes, in front of Eva!" Roxy pushed him backwards and he
went over onto the floor. She was on top of him instantly, a leg
on each side of his hips. She lifted her skirt and pulled the
crotch of her panties to the side. John moaned helplessly as she
pushed his cock into her cunt.
Roxy knew she would come this time. She always came quick when
she was on top. She rammed herself onto his cock, wondering why
the more she got, the more she wanted. It was a quick come and
not too satisfying. She knew she would need more.
She left John lying on his back, his hard cock waving in the
air, and went on hands and knees to where Eva was slouched. "Did
you see it, Eva? Did you see John's prick in my cunt?"
Eva's eyes popped open. "Saw't." she snorted. Her eyes closed
"Did it make you jealous?" Roxy asked.
Eva's eyes remained closed. "Need drinkee."
"I'll get you one." Roxy said, getting to her feet.
She brought a glass of whiskey and pressed it into Eva's limp
hand, then she knelt again and slowly peeled Eva's slacks down
her legs. She pushed Eva's legs apart and lowered her head to her
"Ooooh." Eva moaned as Roxy's tongue glided into her cunt, and
dropped the glass of whiskey. She hunched against the tongue
fucking her cunt, mumbled a string of obscenities, and had an
intense orgasm. She passed out cold immediately.
"You have such a sweet pussy." Roxy cooed, lifting from the
dripping slit.
John sat dumfounded, his cock in his hand still hard.
"You-you-" he stammered.
"I kissed your wife's cunt and made her feel good. Now put
your prick away and come on. We'd better get some food down you.
I have big plans for you tonight."
John followed her meekly, glancing guiltily at his young wife
sprawled half-naked in the chair.
They went to the dining room and ate a big dinner. When they
returned, Eva was exactly as they had left her. John and Roxy
stripped and went into the bedroom and fucked wildly. She got him
up one more time by sucking his cock and they fucked again.
When John awakened the next day, Roxy was gone. He went into
the next room and found Eva still slouched awkwardly in the
chair. Waking her gently, he helped her to her feet. He gave her
a hot bath and had a light breakfast sent up. He sat on the edge
of her bed while she ate sparingly. The arrows of guilt sank
deep. He was an honorable man; how could he have done such a
Eva wallowed in his attention. She couldn't be mad at him
because she really couldn't remember what happened. All she knew
for sure was that she had gotten terribly drunk and was paying
dearly for the luxury.
By evening, she felt much better and John told her that they
were leaving. They would go back to the city in the morning and
then fly to Paris or some such exotic place for the remainder of
their honeymoon. He didn't mention that Roxy had already gone
back to the city.
"I heard about a quaint little tavern not far from here, less
than a mile." he said. "We can eat dinner here and then go and
have a drink, just one, mind you, and dance."
"Oh, John, it sounds wonderful."
"It's close, so we can walk and on the way back hold hands and
neck and make love ... anything that comes to mind."
After dinner, they trudged hand in hand down the dusty road.
It was a clear, moonlit night and the air was cool and
refreshing. The tavern had a small dance floor and a live
three-piece-band. They had their drink and danced, snuggling
close and necking openly on the postage-stamp floor. They were
the only couple.
John's guilt had not gone away and he drank heavier than usual
in an attempt to drown his conscience. Eva drank very sparingly,
nursing each drink at least an hour.
As he got drunker, John grew horny and took many liberties
with his young wife. Eva didn't try to stop him, even though they
were the only ones there and on display for all the employees. He
had never been so ardent, even alone. He put both arms around her
waist and gripped the cheeks of her ass on the dance floor, and
sat close to her at their table, running his hands up under her
skirt. She went to the women's room and removed her bra and let
him kiss her nipples through her blouse. She got very hot and
wanted to go, but John continued drinking.
By midnight, he was out of it. His eyes grew glassy and he
slumped forward and passed out with his head in his arms. Eva
wanted to cry. She went to the bartender for help. Bartenders are
always sympathetic and helpful.
"My husband has passed out." she said.
"That's tough, lady." the bartender said.
"But we walked over here from the hotel. How will I get him
"You could drag the bastard by his feet. He ain't too big." He
sucked on his soggy cigar and continued wiping glasses. "Or
better yet, you can let him sleep it off where he's at and come
in the back room with me."
"That was uncalled for, Harry." the piano player, who had just
walked over, said. "The lady has a problem. You don't need to get
nasty." He was a big man of about forty, good-looking except for
his nose, which was bent to one side like a fighter that had
taken one punch too many. Actually, he was a high school English
teacher. He came up here every summer to earn extra money.
In deference to the English teacher's size, the bartender
scowled and moved sullenly down the bar.
"I heard your problem and perhaps I can be of assistance. I
have a car and I'll be glad to help you get your husband back to
the hotel. It's a dead night anyway, and we'll close up early."
He took one of her tiny hands in his. "Now climb up on that bar
stool and have a drink. We'll play another medley and call it a
"But my husband--"
"He's fine where he's at." The big piano player took her by
the waist and lifted her easily onto the stool. "Bring the lady a
drink, Harry." he called to the bartender.
The band played for another hour, and Eva had five drinks. She
grew very talkative and gay, dancing with each of the band
members and even finally consented to dance the last number with
the bartender. The bartender held her very tight, apologized for
being rude, and then cupped her left tit in one of his beefy
hands. She slapped his face, but giggled when she did it, and let
him kiss her and feel the other tit while the band packed up
their instruments
"My name is Alex, and I'm an English teacher by profession,
not a piano player," Alex said after he had loaded John into his
back seat.
Eva got into the front seat with Alex, her head spinning with
excitement. "I just knew you were more than a piano player."
"What's wrong with being a piano player?"
"Oh, nothing, I guess. But, well, it's so much more dignified
to be an English teacher."
"Swell." Alex said.
With the car in motion, Eva relaxed. She liked riding in a car
at night. "Don't let me fall asleep." she said, "I'm just a
little drunk."
"You're just a whole lot beautiful, too." Alex said.
Eva blushed. "Thank you." she said softly. It was different
with this man, at least different than with the fat bartender,
who she could let kiss her, and even feel her tits, but this man
made the heat rise in her belly and the juices flow in her cunt.
"Are you married?" she said.
"Yes. I have a wife and three kids."
"Oh." Eva said, "Well, so am I ... married, I mean. No kids."
"I know you're married." Alex said, jerking his thumb towards
the back seat. "At least you said he was your husband."
"Oh, he is. We're on our honeymoon." She giggled again. "He
made some pretty romantic promises for tonight."
"And now he can't perform." Alex said.
Alex pulled the car into the hotel driveway. "We're here
"Oh." Eva said.
"Is there a back stairway? It would be more discreet."
"Yes, over by the pool. Just keep going, don't turn here."
With Alex's help, she got him upstairs and into bed. They even
undressed him and tucked him in. Eva looked down at her husband
and turned off the light, and taking Alex by the hand, tiptoed
from the room.
"You've been so kind, Alex. Can I get you a drink before you
"I could use one." he said.
"Scotch on the rocks okay? It's good Scotch."
"Scotch is fine." he said.
Eva brought the drinks and sat beside him on the couch. He
really was rather handsome, in spite of his nose, and he was so
big and masculine. A tiny shiver raced down her spine.
They made a toast, something about people helping other
people, and emptied their glasses. She poured two more, sitting a
little closer when she returned.
His arm, resting on the back of the couch, dropped to her
shoulder, his hand gripping her soft arm. She went willingly into
his arms. If he wanted to kiss her, she wouldn't object. He
deserved something for his trouble. He kissed her hard, his hand
sliding under her arm to cup one of her tits. While his tongue
played between her lips, she let him fondle her, but when his
other hand dropped on her knee, she closed her legs. She pulled
away and got to her feet. The fire was building inside her, the
fire that always destroyed her will power and ended with a wild
fuck session.
"I'd better check on John." she said, her face flushed.
Alex leaned back, unprotesting. He knew she was hot, knew she
needed what her husband couldn't give her. It would take a little
more time, but he had all night. She was hot for a fuck, even the
sloppy bartender could fuck her if he was sitting here now. Alex
knew that.
Eva stood, brushing her skirt down with both hands, calming
her wobbling knees and then went to the door of the bedroom. John
was sleeping peacefully, like an angel unaware of the sin around
How could she cheat on him after he had been so sweet? It
wasn't his fault that he had drunk too much; she was all too
guilty of that sin, too. And then she thought of the brazen widow
DeWinter, and vaguely recalled seeing John lying on the floor and
the buxom hussy pulling up her dress and getting down on top of
him and slowly easing down over his cock. She closed her eyes at
the memory of her big open pussy swallowing up her husband's
prick. "No, he wouldn't." she said softly, and went back to the
bar and mixed two more, and with a throaty growl went back to the
"Is he okay?" Alex said, taking the drink from her hand.
"Sleeping like a baby." She held up her glass and clinked it
against Alex's. "To us." she said. She smiled at him with her
eyes over the rim the glass, waiting for him to put his arm
around but he didn't. Instead, he looked at his watch and said,
"Hey, it's getting late."
After Alex had gone, Eva lay beside her husband, fondling his
limp prick and loosely sacked balls. Married life agreed with
her, she decided. Married sex was so much better.
Chapter 8

After the doctor left the examining room, she sat on the cold
table deep in thought, the little white gown barely covering her
charms. She giggled and fondled her pussy. It didn't feel any
different, but the doctor had said the magic word: pregnant. Eva
Richardson was pregnant.
She sat on the cold table and tried to count back. After that
first week they had flown to Paris and stayed a whole month, and
then back to the city to a new sumptuous apartment for the past
two months. God, had it been two whole months? The time went so
quickly. And John had been a changed man after that first
disastrous week, so kind and attentive and virile. She had seen
practically no one since their return except John. They made love
and went to the theatre and ate at expensive restaurants. It had
been one romantic whirl.
Her first clue that something was amiss was when she started
waking up feeling irritable and nauseous. John told her to see
the doctor. She hadn't even noticed that she hadn't had a period
since her marriage. Eva was a careless girl.
She lifted the gown and looked at her tummy, still smooth and
flat, and then thrust her leg out straight. It was a fine leg,
and she wondered if she had excited the doctor. Probably not. He
saw naked women all day long, but he was a man, and she was a
woman. Oh, was she ever a woman.
Eva had been a faithful and loving wife for three whole
months, yet the thought of seducing the doctor crept stealthily
into her mind. He really wasn't bad looking, in a stuffy
middle-aged way, and she was sure he had a prick. All men have
pricks, and her pussy needed a prick. John was on a very trying
case and he had neglected her three lonely days.
Eva decided that she must be like her sister-in-law, Nina.
Being pregnant made her fee, horny. She wasn't by nature
promiscuous, the last three months proved that, and here on her
first visit she wanted the doctor to fuck her.
The door opened and a tough-looking nurse stuck her head in
the room. "You can get dressed now. Make another appointment on
your way out." she said. The door slammed shut.
Eva slid dismally from the table, the floor icy cold against
her bare feet, the hungry itch between her legs slowly withering
away. She dressed quickly and went to her car.
On the way home, she realized that she didn't know whose baby
it was. "Let's see..." she mused, "my father-in-law fucked me,
and Ted fucked me, and Mose-oh, that marvelous prick--fucked me,
and the bellboy fucked me. That's four possibles, not counting
the titty widow, but fingers don't count." She giggled and lifted
her skirt and put her hand on her slightly swollen tummy, at
least she imagined it was slightly swollen. "You little rascal,
whose can you be? Surely not my husband's. Yes, you could be my
husband's. I almost forgot, he fucked me, too. That's five."
When she told her husband, he was less than pleased. He didn't
want to start a family so quick, and if there was anything that
turned him off, it was a pregnant woman. He knew he wouldn't
touch her again until after the baby was born. "Why in the hell
weren't you taking the pill?" he asked angrily.
But it was a different story when they told his parents later
that evening. Joseph Richardson was rapturous. "Another
Richardson, at last." he crooned. "It will be a boy. I know it
Eva knew the old man thought it was surely his, but she
doubted it. He was only one out of five that had a crack at it,
and the odds favored her husband; he had fucked her the most.
Besides, she was putting her money on Mose and his monstrous
hose, even if it had been a quickie.
She managed to seduce her husband that night, but the
following days turned into misery. He lost all interest in her
sexually, and slept well on his side of the bed. He gave her a
peck on the cheek upon retiring, and went immediately to sleep.
It was two weeks later when her sister-in-law came to call.
"Well, well, well, little Eva, it's your turn now." Nina said,
bursting into the apartment. "My, what a lovely place you have."
Eva stood holding the door, staring at her lovely
sister-in-law. Nina's confinement was over; she had had a girl,
and she was once again sleek and trim and very, very chic. Eva
felt drab in her presence. She was wearing a smock, a maternity
smock, though she didn't yet need it, and that was all, barefoot
and naked except for the smock. And though it was an expensive
smock, she still felt like a country cousin beside Nina.
"Close the door, darling, and get me a drink." Nina said.
"Oh, yes." Eva said, and closed the door.
"You do have something to drink?"
"Of course. What would you like?"
Nina glanced across the room and saw the bar. "On second
thought, you sit down. You're the one who's pregnant now. I'll do
the honors. What would you like?"
Eva had never had the nerve to argue with her domineering
sister-in-law and went to the couch, her heavy tits wagging free
under her smock, and sat down. "Just a Coke, please."
"You need a drink, dear, I can tell."
"It's not good for the baby."
"Nonsense, pure fabricated nonsense." Nina said. "I was drunk
for the entire nine months, and you should see my little angel.
She is perfect in every way, and beautiful beyond description."
"Whiskey and water." Eva said timidly.
They were on their fourth drink and both quite high when Nina
moved to the couch beside Eva and told her what a lovely young
woman she was. "You know, after I got pregnant I was so turned on
that I wanted to be fucked all the time, but it's back to normal
now ... dull."
Eva blushed and said nothing. She was shocked to hear Nina use
four letter words, even after knowing how she acted while she was
"You know, I never really cared much for sex; there was always
so much else to do, and even after I got married, Mose could
always get it elsewhere, anyway. Incidentally, I watched him fuck
you after your wedding."
Eva reddened again. "Well, I watched your gigolo fuck you,
too." she snorted defensively.
Nina sipped from her drink, unperturbed. "After several years
daddy started nagging for us to have a baby. I didn't tell him
that Mose and I had decided that it was time and that I was
already pregnant. Poor daddy, he thought it was his until she was
born. She is the picture of Mose." Nina glanced furtively at Eva.
"I've never told anyone this, Eva, but I have to get it off my
chest. A few days after I found out I was pregnant, I stopped by
the house when I was very drunk and he fucked me. Yes, my own
father fucked me. I'd always known that he was terribly lewd, and
that he cheated on mother all the time, but I never suspected he
would stoop to incest. The worst part was that I enjoyed it
immensely. I was so ashamed." She glanced again at Eva, expecting
to see disgust; she saw none. "It only happened once, but I have
to admit I wanted it to happen again. After that I couldn't get
enough prick. You'd better not let him get you alone, Eva, or
he'll fuck you."
"He already has." Eva said.
"God, I should have known." She put her hand on Eva's knee.
"You really like to fuck, don't you?"
"Yes, and not just when I'm pregnant." Eva said defiantly,
brushing Nina's hand off her knee.
"Well, you're not very pregnant yet. You don't show at all."
"But I do! Look!" Eva exclaimed, jumping to her feet and
lifting her dress high above her waist.
"Eva, you're lovely." Nina gasped.
Eva blushed redder than before and dropped her dress. "I
forgot, I'm not wearing any pants."
"You weren't the last time I saw you, either."
"Neither were you."
Nina laughed. "No, I guess not. God, that pretty boy has a big
prick, but not that big. I don't like them too big. Here, let me
get us another drink."
Eva handed Nina her glass. "Okay. I feel good for the first
time in weeks, and I want to feet better.
Nina returned with the fresh drinks. "I want you to feel
better, darling." She sat very close to Eva. "You know, Mose's
cock is really too big. I always hurt afterwards."
"I felt wonderful afterwards. Weren't you angry when you saw
Mose fucking me?"
"No, I wasn't angry, but I did rather envy you at the time.
You know, for enjoying my husband's prick so much when I had
never enjoyed it. I almost ran down the stairs to tell my brother
to come up and see what his sweet little bride was doing... but
of course I didn't."
"I'm glad you didn't. The difference between you and me is,
you're hot to trot when you're pregnant, but I'm that way all the
"Maybe we aren't different at all." Nina said, her hand again
on Eva's knee.
"But you said--"
"Maybe I was wrong." She moved her hand up under Eva's dress
until she was an inch from her cunt. "I think I'm a Lesbian. Or
maybe I'm bisexual, because I know I'll let the right men fuck me
now that I've found I like it, after all. But for now, I have to
find out how I feel about girls." Her hand moved up into the hair
between Eva's thighs.
Eva remembered the thrill when Roxanne DeWinter masturbated
her, a knot of excitement growing in her pussy. "Don't, Nina ...
you shouldn't."
"I think I should." Nina said, sliding her finger slowly back
and forth in the deep slit. "When I was a sophomore in college,
my roommate and I used to lay in bed and jack each other off. We
didn't even take off our pajamas, and we never went any further,
but I wish that we had. I want you to go down on me, Eva, I want
you to eat my cunt."
Eva gasped and spread her legs as Nina's finger pushed up into
her pussy. "I'm not that way, Nina." she said.
"You're any way I want you, darling, as long as it concerns
sex, and you know it. Now I'll just remove my skirt, since it's
too tight to pull up, and you get on your knees in front of me."
Nina stood up and pushed her skirt down her slim legs. "As you
see, I came up here for the sole purpose of getting my pussy
eaten, and I came prepared. "I'm not wearing panties, either."
Eva gasped at the sight of Nina's hairless cunt.
"They shaved it when I had the baby and I liked it so much
that I've kept it this way. It's beautiful, don't you think?"
Eva nodded dumbly as Nina fell back on the couch and opened
her legs wide. She slid off the couch and crouched between Nina's
legs and, with a hand on each of her sister-in-law's legs,
dropped her mouth wetly to the inside of one thigh. She moved
upwards until she was almost to her cunt and then skirted around
it to play her lips lightly over the flat, firm belly, sinking
her tongue into the belly button and then down again to the deep
cleft between Nina's legs, but never quite touching her pussy.
"Oh, Jesus, God, wonderful, wonderful." Nina moaned, her hands
going lightly to the top of Eva's head. "Tease me, taunt me, make
me want it terribly!"
Eva's tongue danced lightly along the edge of Nina's cunt and
down her legs. She came back up licking and kissing, moving
slowly, closer and closer. And then she spread Nina's cuntlips
open, filled her mouth with saliva, and closed hungrily over the
reeking cunt. The drool ran out as her tongue went in, and then
out, and then up the groove to her throbbing clit.
Nina sobbed with pleasure, her hips moving against Eva's
licking tongue. "Oh, Eva darling, it's good, good, good." she
cried, nearing orgasm.
And then Eva stopped and pulled away. Nina grabbed for her
head, getting nothing but air. "Don't stop, don't stop!" she
Eva got to her feet, her lips and chin shining with saliva and
the juices from Nina's cunt. "It's your turn now, dear." she
said, smiling sweetly.
"What do you mean?"
Eva pulled her dress up over her head and threw it to the
floor. "Take the rest of your clothes off, and then you can taste
my pussy. It's all covered with nasty hair, not shaved clean like
"No, I don't want to." Nina said softly, shrinking back
against the couch.
Eva grabbed Nina by the hair and pulled her to her feet. "I
said get naked, bitch!" she screamed.
Nina was surprised at Eva's strength; she couldn't get free,
and it hurt terribly. She slowly unbuttoned her tailored jacket,
and her blouse, and pulled them off as one. Eva let go of her
hair and put her arms around her, her hands busily undoing her
brassiere. When the bra fell to the floor, Nina gasped as Eva's
heavy tits pressed against her own small, firm mounds, and they
fell over backwards onto the couch, their mouths coupled.
"I can taste my cunt on your mouth." Nina said.
"Wouldn't you rather taste mine?" Eva said.
"Yes, yes!"
Eva lowered her cunt down onto Nina's face. Nina hesitated for
an instant and then thrust her tongue up into Eva's pussy. Nina
had always known that she would like the taste of cunt, and she
was glad that it was covered with nasty hair. It was a nasty,
hairy monster, sweet and foul, wet and slippery.
Eva reached down and fingered her clit, since Nina favored her
cunt juice, and knew that she would come very quick. She groaned
and felt it start, the juices from her cunt almost flowing. It
was so strong that it soon turned to pain, yet she continued to
abuse her clit, and Nina continued to fuck her tongue in and out
of her cunt. It hurt so bad that it felt good, and she started
coming again.
She finally could stand no more and they fell off the couch in
a heap. Nina came down on top of her. "Now taste your own pussy,
pregnant little Eva." she said, and pressed her open mouth over
Eva's. "Make me come now, Eva."
Eva made her come several times. It was her first time with
another woman, but she knew instinctively what to do. She sucked
and licked and kissed until Nina was humping and rolling and
screaming for joy.
When John called and said he would be detained all night at
the office, Eva wanted to go out and pick up a couple of men, but
Nina declined. Instead, they both got very drunk, and Eva used an
ornately carved hairbrush on her sister-in-law. First, she used
the flat side on her ass, spanking until her butt was crimson,
and then pushed the long, bumpy handle into her cunt and fucked
her silly. They fell asleep in the sixty-nine position.

Chapter 9

Eva wasn't completely turned on to Lesbian love, but it was
sex and she looked forward to Nina's return. It was three weeks
before Nina dropped by again, and she brought her baby. They
didn't make love. Nina looked at her caustically and said,
"Frankly, dear, now that you're showing so much, I'm turned off."
Eva sizzled and called her a hypocritical bitch.
Even her husband, John, was ignoring her. Oh, he was kind and
thoughtful and concerned, but other than a peck on the cheek, he
hadn't touched her. They weren't even sleeping together, since he
had moved to the spare bedroom so as not to disturb her. She
couldn't seem to get it across to him that she wanted to be
Over breakfast one morning, John told her that Nina had found
a tennis partner, female of course, and gone on a tennis tour.
"God, that cunt-sucking, ass-kissing, pious, hypocritical
Lesbian." she said, but not so John could hear, of course.
Another month passed. She felt like a prisoner, and worse,
felt awkward and ugly and unwanted. She saw her mother
occasionally, and went for long walks, and read a lot of books,
but that wasn't what she wanted. She didn't miss girl sex, since
she had only tried it once, and could jerk off for relief, which
she had, two and three times some days, but she realized that she
wanted a man, even in her bloated condition.
One day, after window shopping for almost an hour she decided
she could walk no further and, seeing a theater, decided it was
as good a resting place as any. She crossed the street and bought
a ticket, not so much as bothering to see what was playing.
In the cool darkness, she went about a third of the way down,
went to the middle of the row, and sat heavily into the welcome
cushion. Her shoes came off first, and then she fidgeted about in
her seat until she was reasonably comfortable before directing
her attention to the screen. The feature was in the middle and
she had no idea what was going on, but she was bored with
everything, anyway, so it didn't really matter.
From the corner of her eye, she caught movement and looked up
to see a man settling into the seat next to hers.
"Uh, this seat isn't taken, is it?" the man asked.
"No." Eva answered, looking quickly back to the screen.
Every other seat in the row was vacant, and every seat in the
next row, and the next, and the next. In fact, there were less
than a dozen people in the whole theater.
Eva stared straight ahead for several minutes, pondering where
she had seen the man before. Then it came to her; she had caught
a glimpse of him from the corner of her eye when she was window
shopping on the next block. She remembered now that he had been
staring at her. She had thought nothing of it at the time, but
now she realized that she had had the feeling of being watched
for some time. Her heart quickened and missed a beat. The man had
followed her into the theater and had the nerve to sit in the
seat next to her. Her pulse pounded in her temple. She wanted to
take another look at him in case she had to identify him later,
but didn't dare.
"I've been dying to see this picture." he said. "It really
should be fabulous. Don't you think?"
"Yes, I guess so." Eva answered without turning her head. She
could hear him fidgeting around in his seat.
They sat in silence for five, maybe ten minutes.
"I hope it follows the book. It's a fabulous book. Have you
read it?" he finally said.
"No." Eva answered, again without looking at him.
"You should. It's well worth the time."
"Yes, I suppose so." Eva said.
"Am I annoying you? Would you like me to move?"
"No, it's all right." she said, taking a quick glance at him.
He was young, probably younger than she, and rather good-looking.
Her mouth felt dry and she licked at her lips.
"You're ... you're beautiful, ma'am. I think women are at
their prettiest when they're, well..."
"Yes, go on." Eva said, her face flushing, her heart pounding
"When they're ... when they're carrying a child." he blurted.
Eva smiled and looked into his eyes. "You can say it, pregnant
isn't a naughty word."
"Yes, pregnant. I should have said it to start with. You must
be pretty far along, ma'am."
"Oh, only the sixth month or so." She giggled then. "I still
have a ways to go."
"I'm just fascinated with women in your condition, pregnant I
mean." he said. Eva felt his arm brush her neck as it crept
stealthily across the back of her seat. "Gosh, I'd have bet that
you were more than six months along." His arm was around her now,
and he let his hand drop lightly onto her shoulder. Her heart
pounded beneath her swollen breast. "Could I ... would you mind
if ... you wouldn't scream if I put my hand on your tummy, would
"No, I guess it would be all right, she said hesitantly.
He put his hand flat on her stomach. "I probably shouldn't say
this to you, but I get terribly aroused when I see a pregnant
woman." he said, moving his hand gently back and forth.
"What do you mean, aroused?"
"You know, sexed-up. It gets hard. I've been like this for
quite a while."
"What do you suppose causes it?" Eva asked.
"My mother, I guess."
"Your mother?"
"Yes, when I was twelve years old she was carrying my sister
and she would let me feel her big stomach. My mother was very
beautiful. She still is."
The boy was getting very excited, his hand moving in a
circular motion, a motion that slowly hiked her dress higher and
higher until her legs were bare almost up to her crotch.
"How old was your mother then?" Eva asked. She was enjoying
his affair with his pregnant mother.
"Oh, about twenty-five, I think. When she was in the late
months she got to ... well, needing it, I think."
"Needing what?" Eva said, knowing full well what he meant.
"Sex." the young man said.
Eva was in a daze of excitement. I'm needing it, too, she told
"You probably won't believe this, but one day she opened her
blouse and let me feel her. She sure had big ones. Yours look
big, too."
She turned her face up to his. "God, honey, kiss me." she
moaned. He kissed her long and hard, and expertly, too; not like
the timid youth he appeared to be. While his tongue worked inside
her mouth, she undid the buttons on her blouse. When they broke
the kiss, she had her blouse all the way open. "God, honey, suck
me." she cried, her hand going behind his head.
Her tits were huge, round and swollen with milk. The boy
gasped and leaned toward her tit, quickly taking a nipple into
his mouth.
"Oooooh, I like that." Eva sighed. "It's been three months
since I was loved. Pregnant women turn my husband off. He won't
come near me."
The young man raised his head. "The fool." he said. "Would you
like to come to my place? There's no one there."
"Yes ... no, I wouldn't dare." she said. "Just play with my
tits and make me hot."
His hands cupped her tits while his mouth caressed the nipples
into hard knobs. She closed her eyes and let her head hang back,
her breath coming in short gasps.
"My mom couldn't control herself, finally," the boy said, "and
just took all her clothes off in front of me. She laid down on
the bed and had me kiss her ... you know, between the legs."
"Oh, Jesus, Jesus!" Eva cried excitedly. "Put your hand
between my legs!"
The boy felt his breath catch in his throat. He had been
following pregnant women for years, but nothing like this had
ever happened before. He put his hand on her thighs and slid it
up to her crotch. She was naked under the skirt.
Eva saw his look of surprise and smiled. "I haven't worn any
undies for weeks. They're too uncomfortable. Oooh, I'm so hot,
honey. I wish I bad the nerve to come home with you, but I
She spread her legs apart and he moved into the hair. It was
soft and fluffy on her mound, but very wet around the lips of her
cunt. He put one finger between the fat lips, nuzzling gently
until he found her pussy.
"Push it in deep, deep." she moaned.
His mouth moved over her neck, her ears, her throat, her
breasts, and then up to her lips, his finger plunging slowly in
and out of her cunt. She moaned again and thrust against his
fucking hand when the second finger went in.
"My dad was gone a lot and mom really had the hots." he said,
nipping first at one nipple and then the other. "I shouldn't tell
you this, but a couple of weeks before she had my sister, she got
so hot she couldn't stand it any longer and she ... she let me
fuck her."
"Oh God, oh Jesus ... you bad, bad boy." Eva moaned. Her hand
fumbled at the heavy lump in his lap. "Would you like for me to
... to play with it?" she whispered.
"Yes, yes!" he said.
She got his fly open and brought out his hard cock and started
slowly jacking him off. She almost swooned. It had been so long,
and she so loved the feel of a man's cock in her fist. It felt so
hot in her palm, and pulsed and jerked when she slid up and down
the shaft. His prick was big and long and so hard, and she
realized how much she had missed feeling a prick. It was unfair
of her husband to hold out on her, and he deserved what she was
doing now. She liked his cock, too, but she realized she liked
this cock better, at the moment, at least.
She started coming and hunched against his hand, unable to
suppress the grunts and groans. And then when he pushed a third
finger all the way into her cunt, she came again, hard and almost
painful, but wonderful, excruciatingly wonderful. Her hand flew
on the boy's prick.
The boy straightened in his seat and went rigid. When she felt
the first hot spurt run over her hand she lost all self-control
and started to cry. She bent over and took his cock in her mouth,
the tears running from her eyes, her mouth puffing the boy's
sweet cum from the end of his cock. With the taste of jizz in her
mouth, she came again, even harder than before.
The boy pulled his fingers from her cunt and shoved them into
his mouth, sucking away her pussy juice while he hunched wildly
into her drawing lips.

Chapter 10

The next day, Eva put on a one-piece smock and a pair of red,
flat-heeled shoes. She had fought with herself against going to
the theater again, but she lost, and she carefully combed her
golden hair and made up her face. She had been drinking all
morning knowing that it would weaken her resolve not to go, and
she took another stiff belt just before she left the apartment.
She saw him standing in front of the store next to the movie
when she was still a block away. He looked at her and she waved.
"I was afraid you weren't coming." he said.
"I don't walk very fast." she said, looking down at the
ground. She knew why she was here and felt awkward. "Let's not go
to the movie today. Let's go right to your apartment." she said
"Okay, but it's a house, not an apartment."
"You have a house?"
"I still live at home. It's my parents'."
Eva looked at him, a startled look on her face.
"They aren't home. It's okay." he said.
"Do you still ... you know, with your mother?"
"No. She won't let me. I tried a couple of months ago and she
slapped me." His face reddened.
"You poor darling." Eva said, taking his hand. "Let's go. I
won't slap you." She let her finger tickle his palm. "I'll fuck
"Oh Jesus, Eva." he said, and tried to kiss her.
"Wait until we get to the car." she said.
In his car, a beat up old Ford, Eva moved very close to him,
resting her hand on his lap, and waited to be kissed. She felt
unusually horny even for Eva, deciding it was caused by the
anticipation of knowing she was going to let him fuck her, and
the delicious warm glow from drinking since early morning, and,
of course, the feel of her young lover's cock, already hard and
throbbing under her hand.
She didn't unzip him and take it out, but continued to fondle
him through his pants, rubbing it briskly and then gripping it
tightly as it stretched long and solid. The tingle in her cunt
was growing, and she lifted her skirt up above her swelling,
stomach to show him she was naked under her dress.
"Put your hand on my stomach." she said.
He glanced down and then put his hand on her belly.
"Feel it all over, honey, and then play with my cunt"
He circled his palm slowly,, working downward until he was
nuzzling in the soft hair. It felt soft and fuzzy like it had the
day before, once again turning wet and sticky when he got down
between her thighs. She was completely lubricated, her cunt a
froth of slick juice.
"Push it in and finger fuck me, but do it slow and easy." she
said. "I want to save my first come for your fat prick."
She almost couldn't, though, because the instant his finger
entered her cunt, she almost made it. "Easy, baby, easy." she
moaned, putting her hand over his to direct his activity. For the
rest of the ride to his house she luxuriated in a warm glow of
sexual ecstasy, floating exquisitely on the fringe of a
tremendous orgasm.
It was a cozy-looking place, a white frame building with a
picket fence. They climbed from the car and went inside, where it
was as homey as it was outside, and as neat as a house could be.
"Do you have anything to drink?" Eva asked.
"I think there's some beer in the fridge."
"Let's skip the drinks, then, and go in the bedroom." she
said, taking his hand. "Beer makes me fart."
In the bedroom she immediately turned down the bed and pulled
her dress up over her head, leaving her naked. "Do you like me
naked and pregnant?" she asked.
He only stared and gasped, so she lay back on the bed and
spread her legs. "Kiss my pussy, Tommy, and then take off your
clothes and lay down beside me."
He came down on the foot of the bed and put his face between
her thighs. Parting the wet hair with his fingers, he spread her
pussy lips and thrust his tongue inside and started slowly
licking her.
Eva moaned and grabbed wildly at his head. "God, Tommy, I
didn't say to mouth-fuck me! I can't hold out if you do that.
Just kiss it good, all over, and then get naked and come to bed
with me."
Tommy kissed her wetly, roving from her clit down to her
tightly puckered asshole where he spread the cheeks and lapped
eagerly. Eva shuddered and moaned, pushing his head away. "Take
your clothes off. I need you!" she said.
She fingered herself while he stood and peeled off his
clothing, keeping herself aroused, and took him eagerly into her
arms when at last he lay naked beside her. They kissed wetly, the
taste of cunt strong on his mouth.
"I want your cock inside me." she said. "But don't get on top.
You'd be too heavy on my stomach. Let's lay side by side, so you
can get it all the way in and you can feel my belly and tits. I'm
just so turned on that I can hardly stand it."
He positioned himself and pushed his cock into her pussy. It
went in easily, first an inch, then two, and finally all the way
"Oh, God, Eva, it feels so good." he gasped "I've wanted to do
this ever since mother was pregnant, but no one would let me."
Eva felt his rigid prick all the way, her pussy clasping
hungrily at every inch of the throbbing shaft. "Don't come for a
long, long time, honey. Just fuck me slow and easy, and play with
my tits. It makes it better." She moved against him with each
thrust, the urge to climax growing stronger. "Tell me about
fucking your mother." she said.
"I told you that she had me eat her. Well, after that she kind
of avoided me for several days, but one day when I came home from
school, she called to her bedroom. I went in and she was on the
bed, completely naked. Boy, did I ever get a hard-on, She had me
come over and lie down beside her, and she took my prick out. It
wasn't too big then, but it was sure hard. She jacked me off for
a while and finally said that she wanted me to fuck her. Dad had
been gone for two weeks and she was really horny." Tommy was
thrusting with determination now.
"Stop for a minute and just let it soak." Eva said.
Tommy stopped. "I stood by the bed and she draped her legs
over the edge and I fucked her. It was my first time and I came
real quick, but I did it again after a little rest.
"I slept with her that night, and every night until dad came
home. We just fucked all the time. I don't know if she came, I
was so little then, but I sure came a lot."
"You're not little now, and I'm going to come." Eva cried. "Do
it, do it, fuck me fast, honey!"
Eva came hard, her eyes going glassy and her body shuddering
with lust and passion. It might have been several comes, but it
felt like one long blast, maybe the best she'd ever experienced,
she wasn't sure. She felt squishy like jelly when she felt his
hot cum spread inside her cunt. It was a feeling she adored; wet,
slick, jizz sliding and splashing around and then seeping out to
spread into her hair and over her thighs.
Tommy fell away from her, gasping, his prick still leaking
long strings of cum. "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful." he
muttered, clutching at his cock. "I could hear dad fucking her
when I lay in bed at night. I hated myself because I would lay
there wishing that dad was on the road and not at home fucking
mom. I'd lay there and I take my prick in my hand and jealously
jack off and come all over their picture. It was on the stand
beside my bed and I'd curse them and smear my messy jizz all over
their faces. He fucked her the night she went to the hospital
because I heard it, and she came, I know that, too, because she
told him so."
Eva changed her position and put her face between his legs.
She sucked in his prick, wanting to feet it in her mouth while it
was soft and wrinkled and sticky.
Tommy continued, enjoying her hot, active mouth. "I only
fucked mom one time after that. It was a couple of months after
she had my sister and dad was on the road again. She was sitting
in a big chair and she really must have had the hots because she
called me over and had me sit on the floor front of her. She was
nursing my sister, if you can believe it, and she lifted her
dress up and spread her legs out. She wasn't wearing any pants
under that dress, and she looked at me and said, 'Suck momma's
pussy, honey.' That's all she said. Well, I really ate her and
she came hard.
"That same night she came into my bedroom naked and got on top
of me. I had jacked off just before she came in and she had to
suck me to get me back up, but I really lasted a long time
because of it. She made it several times. She told me so, but it
was the last time she ever let me screw her."
Tommy was good and hard again, his cock seeping milky water
into Eva's sucking mouth. He pulled out. "Get on your knees, I
want to fuck you from behind, doggy-style." he said.
Eva dropped reluctantly to her knees, not sure that she was
ready for another penetration so soon. He draped over her body,
his hands going to her heavily loaded tits, and slammed his cock
into her cunt. "You're a slut, Eva, a slut like my mother.
Fucking with me while you carry your husband's baby." he shouted.
Eva liked to have his hard cock inside her. "What makes you think
it's my husband's?" she said, rolling her ass in a circular
And then he jerked out, leaping wildly from the bed.
"Don't stop now!" Eva cried, "It's good, good!"
"There's a car in the driveway! My mother's home!" he gasped,
thrusting a foot into his pant's leg. "Just stay in here. I'll
try and get rid of her somehow."
Tommy rushed to the kitchen and saw her through the window in
the back door. She wasn't alone--there was a man with her. The
man kissed her while she opened the door. He had his hands under
her dress. He was very surprised when he saw Tommy.
"I didn't know you were home, Tommy." Evelyn said.
"Obviously." Tommy said.
"What the hell." the man said.
"You'd better leave." Evelyn said, "I'll call you."
"You said . . . "
"You'd better go, Paul." Evelyn said sternly.
The man left in a huff, slamming his car door and peeling
rubber all the way out of the driveway.
Evelyn looked at her glowering son. "So I met an old friend
and he drove me home. So what?"
"Old friend, my ass." Tommy said. "Where's your car?"
"In a parking lot. It's not far. You can be a good boy and go
get it for me." She had a package in her hand.
"What's in the package?" Tommy said.
"Jesus Christ, what is this, an inquisition?"
"What's in it?"
Evelyn stripped the sack open. "It's a bottle of whiskey. I
like a drink now and then. Is that okay?"
"You were going to get drunk and let that guy screw you."
"Jesus Christ!" Evelyn yelled. She opened the bottle and took
a drink. "Here, have a drink and then go get my car."
Tommy took a swallow. He grimaced. "You know I hate the
stuff." he said. He took another drink, grimacing again.
Evelyn brushed past her son and went into the living room.
Tommy followed, bottle in hand. "Here, Mom, have another slug.
Get drunk and we'll ball. I may not be hung like that guy, but
I'll do my best." Tears of rage streamed down Tommy's cheeks.
"You're a dirty little bastard." she said, still she took the
bottle and took a long pull. "Where's your shirt?"
"I was taking a nap." Tommy said, remembering Eva was in the
Eva peeked from the bedroom. Evelyn wasn't as pretty as she
had imagined, but she was sexy, sexy as hell. She watched the
buxom woman sit on the couch and take another drink.
Evelyn looked at her son. "Sometimes I get lonely when your
father's away." The booze made her feel light-headed and warm all
over. Her voice was syrupy. "Come and-sit by momma, honey."
Tommy came over and sat down. He put his hand on her leg and
moved it up under her skirt.
"Don't, honey, you'll get me all turned on." she said.
Tommy pushed her skirt up. She was naked underneath. When he
felt her cunt, her legs opened.
"Don't, honey, please." she cried softly.
"How often do you see other men?" Tommy said.
"Only when your father is out of town."
"Every time he's gone?"
"Sometimes." she said.
Her legs were splayed wide. Tommy had two fingers inside her
cunt. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed. "How often?"
Tommy persisted.
"Whenever he's gone ... every time." she blurted. "That feels
so good, Tommy, don't stop."
"Even when you were pregnant?"
"No. No one wanted me then."
"I wanted you."
"Yes, darling, and you had me. Do you want me now?"
"Why did you make me stop?"
"I thought it was bad for you."
She was gasping for breath and went over easily onto her back.
Tommy had his pants off. His cock fit nicely in his mother's
"Fuck me, Tommy, fuck me hard." she moaned.
Tommy wallowed in the heat of his mother's body. He was deep
in her wide, hairy crotch, his prick in to the balls, and her
legs had wrapped snugly around his slim waist. His hands fumbled
at the front of her dress.
"Let me do it." she said, quickly opening her dress. She wore
no bra. "Keep fucking, honey, just keep fucking." she moaned.
His chest sunk into her soft, pillowy tits. He felt swallowed
up in soft, warm flesh. As he thrust into her cunt she seemed
bigger than he remembered, but decided that he liked it big. A
pussy should be wet and roomy, even for a small cock, and Evelyn
was certainly wet and roomy.
Evelyn closed her eyes and tried to take more of him inside
her. She moaned softly, realizing that she enjoyed having her son
fuck her, even if it was wrong; she had enjoyed it from the first
time she allowed him liberties with her body, but she also
realized that she needed it bigger. Not that Tommy wasn't hung.
He just wasn't hung enough. His father had a big prick, and Paul,
oh, Jesus, Paul really had a big one. She had taken it out of his
pants on the drive to the house, and it was huge. In her
excitement, she had ducked her head under the wheel and kissed
it, and licked it, and with one hand wrapped tightly, pushed as
much into her mouth as she could take. He had almost come, but
she knew just when to stop. How she had wanted it, squirming in
anticipation of having that big meat inside her. She wished now
that she had let him fuck her in the car like he had wanted. She
could still take care of her son's needs.
"You were going to let that man do this to you. Weren't you?"
Tommy said.
"You mean Paul?"
"Whatever his name is. Weren't you?"
"Yes, honey, he was going to fuck me. That's why he was so
angry when he saw you here."
"He isn't an old friend, is he?"
"No. I just met him an hour ago."
She could feel his throbbing cock inside her, rubbing
urgently, plunging in and out, agitating her pussy. Fucking was
wonderful and glorious. It made her feel so good. She didn't feel
any guilt now while it was so good. It really couldn't hurt the
boy. And it certainly didn't hurt her. Perhaps a few pangs of
remorse afterwards, but they always went away, especially by the
time she wanted it again. She was going to make it, she could
tell. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she squealed.
Eva stood in the bedroom door watching. She felt confused, not
sure if she was excited or disgusted. She had never seen a son
fucking his mother before, or even imagined that it would happen,
for that matter. Her own perversity disgusted her. Tommy was
right. She was a slut, a pig, just like his mother. She was a
cheating wife of the worst kind, and vowed to mend her ways.
"I'm getting close, mother!" Tommy cried.
Evelyn's legs fell from around her son. "Don't come yet,
honey. Just be still and let it cool down. Mamma wants more."
He stopped moving, breathing heavily. "Take it out if you have
to, but don't come yet." she said.
"I'm okay now, Mom." Tommy said, and started fucking again.
Evelyn had been right on the edge when Tommy had stopped and
came right back up again. She started coming.
"Do it fast, baby, fuck Mamma, fuck your mamma... I'm there,
I'm coming!" She lifted her pelvis up from the couch to meet his
thrusts. "Go ahead, let yourself go, honey. Come inside your
mamma's pussy, fill me with your stuff!."
She was thrashing beneath him when he shot off. The white jizz
spurted, gob after gob, until he was dry and lay heavily on her
heaving body. Then they both lay rigid, gasping for breath.
"You're a good boy, Tommy, and I love having you fuck me, but
we really musn't do this anymore." Evelyn finally said.
"Why not? I love you, Mother."
"Well, because it's not natural. A son isn't supposed to fuck
his own mother."
"Why not? What's wrong with it?"
"For one thing, you should be fucking girls your own age. The
world is full of young girls that like to be fucked. And if you
must fuck a mother, should be someone else's mother."
He thought of Eva in the bedroom. "I have fucked someone
else's mother." he said, figuring that Eva was someone else's
mother. Almost.
"Don't make up stories, son. It won't change my mind. You
should be out fucking other girls, girls your own age."
Tommy jumped to his feet. "I'm not making up stories, Mother.
I'll show you."
He went into the bedroom to get his proof, but Eva wasn't
there. He searched the room. He searched the bathroom and the
other bedroom. She was gone. She had run out on him when he
needed her. Girls were untrustworthy. They let you down in the
clutch. He went dejectedly back into the living room, his eyes
glazed with angry tears.
"What's the matter, darling?" she said, sitting up.
He started to tell her, but stopped, deciding she wouldn't
believe him, anyway. He wasn't sure he believed it himself He
pushed her back down and knelt beside the couch.
"Let's do it again, Mom. I can get it up if you'll help me."
His mouth closed over one of her big, ripe nipples. It swelled
hard between his lips while his hand played in the sticky hair
between her thighs.
"No, baby, no. We shouldn't." she whispered, her hand slipping
down between his legs. His prick was soft and slippery, but it
responded to her gentle masturbating. He is such a good boy;
perhaps one more time, she thought. "That feels so good, Tommy."
she said softly, feeling her nipple all fat and excited inside
his sucking mouth.

Chapter 11

Eva gave birth to twin boys. They were fine strapping boys and
she was very proud. She had gotten very big her last month, and
went nowhere until her trip to the hospital.
It felt wonderful to be slim again. She did her exercises
regularly, and after six weeks her figure was, if anything,
better than before. John was still sleeping in the spare bedroom,
though, telling her that the twins would keep him awake, and he
needed his sleep since he couldn't sleep all day like she did.
Her need for sex was growing by the day, but she told herself
that John would return to her bed when the six weeks were up and
it would worth the wait. It was good for her will power too, to
deny herself; Lord knows she never had before. She was a wife and
mother now and had to start acting like one.
During the past few weeks, she had done a great deal of
thinking and felt more grown up and sophisticated, and for the
first time realized her wealth and position, the responsibilities
of being Mrs. John Richardson. She was sure her sexual needs were
too well ingrained to change completely, but she simply had to be
more discreet, and she could certainly afford to be more
selective. God, she could have ruined everything with her
reckless promiscuity.
And she had the twins to think about, too. It gave her a
tremendous thrill to nurse them, one on each tit. Perhaps that's
why she had two, a titty for each. It was so exciting that
sometimes she would even play with herself a little while they
sucked. Her Richardson boys, she called them. Their grandpa
puffed up with pride, pointing out their many Richardson
features, which, in reality, were nonexistent. He already had
them enrolled for the class of '95 at Harvard.
Eva's bubble burst when her sister-in-law came over to see the
twins and made a point to mention that John had been seeing some
buxom widow, a Mrs. DeWinter, she thought. Nina was wrong, Eva
decided. She had to be. It was the last day of her six weeks and
she had a big evening planned, candlelight dinner, champagne, the
whole bit. Nothing could spoil that.
Eva was wrong again. When John came home, he told her not to
bother with dinner. He was going out.
"Going out? Where?" Eva shrieked.
"It's on business." he said, and turned away.
"Don't turn your back on me, you bastard. I want to know where
the fuck you're going."
John turned back, his face ashen. "Eva, my God!"
"Don't pull any pious shit on me, John Richardson, I know
about you and that pig Roxanne DeWinter."
"Where did you get an idea like that?"
"From your own sweet sister. You know, the one that's queer
for girls, Nina the Lesbian."
John sat down in a chair, his hands shaking. He was a beaten
man, a quivering mass of jelly. "I can explain." he said weakly.
"You'd better, mister, and damn fast. Is that why you haven't
fucked me in seven months?"
"No, no, truly that isn't it at all. When you got pregnant I
was turned off. I think I was afraid you'd do like my sister did,
and I couldn't stand that. And I felt guilty over the way I
treated you on our wedding night and the suspicions I had of your
purity and over the way you were drinking." He hung his head.
"And I admit to having sex with Roxanne DeWinter on our
honeymoon. Why? I don't know. Do you forgive me?"
"Of course I forgive you." Eva said, seeing him for the weak
man he was.
"I didn't want to get you pregnant in the first place."
Eva almost laughed. There's very little chance that you did,
she thought.
"I was so relieved when you didn't run wild like Nina did."
John said.
Eva studied her husband. Why, the dumb bastard had no
inclination whatsoever that she had been fucking anything in
pants. "I wouldn't do a thing like that, darling." she said
sweetly. "I'm your wife. I love you. Fidelity is important. Now
you just relax while I finish dinner."
"I have to go out." John said, getting to his feet.
"Then I'm going with you."
"You can't."
"The fuck I can't. I'm your wife and I'm going."
"All right, I'll confess. I'm going to Roxanne's to play
"I already suspected where you were going, and I'm going
"We'll be playing bridge and nothing else. You can't play
bridge. You'll be bored to death. I'll come home early, I
promise." John said.
"You're damn right you'll do nothing but play bridge, because
I'll be there to watch you. I'm going along and that is that."
Later, Roxanne DeWinter was shocked to see Eva. "What a
pleasant surprise to see you, Eva. My, you look stunning. I
invited exactly enough for three tables, but I can-"
"Don't bother, I'll read a book. I don't play bridge, anyway."
Eva snapped, brushing by her hostess.
She was more buxom than Eva had remembered, and really quite
beautiful. Eva shivered with jealousy, feeling quite inadequate.
She wondered, too, how much bridge they had planned on playing
since everyone seemed half-drunk already.
There were six women, counting Eva, and six men; very
convenient. The men all leered hungrily at Eva and fell over
themselves to meet her. "Go ahead and play your stupid card game.
I'll find something to do." Eva said.
"The library is in the next room, Eva dear. I'm sure you can
find something to read." Roxanne said.
"Could I have a drink first? I need it."
"Of course. Would you care for a martini?"
"I'd rather have Scotch."
"There's Scotch in the library." Roxanne said.
John watched Eva turn and stomp from the room. "How can we
play bridge with so much drinking going on?" John said.
Roxanne took his arm. "We'll manage, somehow." she said.
Roxanne was beginning to wonder about John. They had been
playing regularly for two months now and he hadn't made a single
pass. All he did was play bridge. She had planned to do more
tonight, much more, and the stupid jerk brings his wife.
"Have a drink, John, loosen up a bit, and then we'll get
started." she said.
Eva found the Scotch and started drinking. She tried several
books, but couldn't find one that interested her and finally went
to peek into the other room. "Shit!" she said, "They're actually
playing bridge. Nothing but a bunch of stupid drunks playing
bridge." Eva was angry. She had hoped to catch her husband in an
orgy, but he was playing bridge. It was very disappointing.
Eva sat and drank until she was tight. It had been over two
months since she had been drunk and it felt quite good. It made
her feel horny, too. She wanted John. She was about to go in and
get him when the door opened and a boy came into the room. He was
tall and slim, though well muscled, and he was beautiful. He
couldn't have been over seventeen.
"Oh." he said shyly, "I didn't know there was anyone in here."
"It's okay. I'm just waiting for my husband. He's in the next
room playing bridge."
"You must be Mrs. Richardson. I've heard about you. I'm Ronny,
you know, Roxy's wild son."
"Yes, I'm Mrs. Richardson, and I'll just bet you've heard
about me. Come on in. I won't bite, and call me Eva."
Ronny entered the room. He seemed to hang back, and was just a
tiny bit unsteady on his feet.
"Gosh, you're beautiful, Eva." he said.
"Thanks, Ronny. Come over here and sit down. I need company,
Ronny sat beside Eva. His face was flushed and he hiccuped,
his face growing redder. "What's that you're drinking?" he said.
"Scotch. Want some?"
"Sure, but I have to confess that I've already had some."
"I suspected as much." Eva said, wanting to giggle.
She took the half-filled decanter from the end table and
filled her glass to the brim. "I'll drink from this side and you
drink from the other. I only have one glass." she said, putting
the glass to her lips. And then she giggled, dribbling Scotch on
the front of her sweater.
Ronny took the glass and took a big swallow.
"I'm a little drunk." he said, giggling with her.
"Not too drunk, I hope."
"Too drunk for what?"
"Oh, for nothing ... or for anything." She took the glass back
and gave him a knowing grin. "How is the hot bridge game in the
next room?"
"They didn't even notice me come in. I'd say they are playing
a little bridge, but mostly they're fucking. . . " His face
reddened again. "I'm sorry ... fooling around."
"That's okay. Fucking is a good word; I like it." She looked
at him coyly. "The word, I mean."
"You're cool, Eva. I like you."
"I like you, too, Ronny." she said and took another drink.
"Where have you been all evening? I wish you had been here."
"I wish I had, too, but I was out on a date. It was a
"Oh, you didn't get any, huh?"
Ronny looked intently at Eva, wanting to tell her about it,
but not sure he should. "No, but I thought I would from what the
guys had told me. She turned out to be a tease. Want to hear
about it?"
"Certainly." Eva said.
"Well," he said, taking the glass from her hand for a little
more courage, "the guys that had been out with her said she was
easy, but now I wonder. Maybe it was just me, used the wrong
approach or something. She's a real sexpot to look at, big boobs
and all that."
"Bigger than mine?" Eva said.
"I doubt it. Yours look pretty big."
Eva took his free hand and placed it on one of her tits. "What
do you think?" she said.
"Yours are bigger." he quickly answered.
"You really can't be sure this way. My sweater is pretty
bulky." she said, sliding closer to him. She took his hand and
slid it up under her sweater. Her nipple was already standing
firm. "Now you can judge better."
"Gosh, Eva, you win by a mile!"
"Good. Now play with my nipple and keep it hard. The sweater
only does it half-way. And tell me about your date."
Ronny let his fingers play her nipples to hardness before he
continued. They rose up until they were like little steel
marbles, the syrupy milk oozing onto his finger tips. Eva moaned
inside, the delicious feeling crawling down her spine to her
juice-seeping cuntlips.
"Well, we went to this school play and started nipping from my
flask. We nipped until it was empty. Good thing I had a pint in
the car because that girl absorbs Scotch. Anyway, by the time the
play was over, she was half-looped and I thought I had it made.
We had hamburgers at a drive-in and then went and parked and
guzzled some more Scotch.
"We necked up a storm and she let me under her blouse. She let
me take off her bra and then she put her hand on my ... on my
"Like this?" Eva asked, laying her hand on the bulge in his
"Yeah," Ronny said excitedly, "only I think I'm lot harder now
than I was then."
"I hope so." Eva said. "Go on, honey."
"I played with her luscious tits and she really turned on ...
I thought. She pulled my zipper down and pulled it out. Boy, her
hand felt good."
Eva worked Ronny's zipper down and extracted his cock. It was a
beauty, easily over six inches, so sleek and smooth, and so very
hard, the veins standing out all rigid. The circumcised head was
shiny with clear ooze that dribbled out and spread like a clear
lacquer. She started slowly jerking him.
"Oh, God, Eva, that's good." he gasped.
"Go on, tell me more." she urged.
"I was sure I had it made and slid my hand under her skirt.
She seemed to tense a little, but didn't stop me. It took some
more Scotch and some more deep kissing, but I finally got her
pants off. Her hair was soft and fuzzy and she was all wet down
there and I just couldn't control myself. I lifted up her dress
and slammed my face into her crotch. She started screaming and
yelling and calling me a pervert. Boy, that dumb broad really has
some hang-ups."
"She sure does." Eva agreed, her hand still working on Ronny's
cock. "Where did you learn to go down on a girl?"
Ronny was really loose now, relaxed and hot, and confident.
"Roxy taught me." he said.
"Your own mother?" Eva said with disbelief.
"Yeah, she really likes it."
Eva pressed her mouth to Ronny's. His long tongue slid wetly
into her mouth. "I can believe it." she said when they broke.
"Oh, Eva, I really wanted to fuck that girl, but she wouldn't
let me. She finally calmed down and said she would jack me off,
but she wouldn't let me fuck her."
"I'll let you fuck me, Ronny." Eva said.
Eva's good resolutions had flown out the window. She wanted
this beautiful boy, wanted his beautiful hard prick, in her
mouth, in her cunt, maybe even in her ass. John could flat go to
hell with his stingy little prick. Ronny's was bigger, anyway.
She quickly took him in her mouth. Ronny gasped. The feel of a
cock in her mouth again was marvelous. The clear stuff was salty,
making her want more, as her tongue searched the crevice under
his fat knob and then slid down the stem to feel the thick veins.
She took it all the way in, almost gagging, and then pulled free.
"I want you to come in my mouth, Ronny. I want to eat
everything you've got to give." she said, her mouth going back
over his glans.
Her reward came very quickly. The boy stiffened as hot, chalky
goo squirted into her mouth. She swallowed, only to be rewarded
by another thick jet. She couldn't remember anyone ever coming so
much. It had a smoky taste, and it left a burning sensation all
the way down.
She got to her feet. Her hand went to the zipper on the side
of her skirt and it floated to the floor in a heap at her feet.
She wore no panties, and save for her sweater, was naked.
"Go sit in that chair over there." she said.
Ronny got slowly to his feet, his cock still surprisingly
half-hard He went and sat heavily in the chair. Eva straddled him
and lowered onto his half-hard prick. Reaching down, she gripped
it in an upright position, and pushed his cock into her weeping
"Make it hard again. Fuck me and make me come, darling." she
crooned into his ear. His prick straightened and swelled inside
her cunt, and she started bobbing. Her mouth went to his. She
madly kissed the boy while she fucked him.
Eva had a quick orgasm, the pleasure sending tremors up her
spine. She hadn't forgotten how good it felt to come on a stiff
cock, yet she realized how she had missed it, and how over two
months was too damn long to go without it. She came again,
shivering with ecstasy.
"Get down on the floor and let me finish you from behind."
Ronny said. He particularly like it doggy-fashion.
Eva raised up and fell to her knees, the idea thrilling. "Yes,
yes, finish in my asshole!" she gurgled.
It wasn't what Ronny had meant, but he liked the idea very
much. He had taken his mother's asshole a number of times, and he
liked it. It was so tight, so fucking tight.
He came up behind her, his prick was stiff and wet and slimy.
He spread her soft cheeks wide, exposing the tiny, tightly
puckered hole. His first thrust made Eva cry, but he pushed again
and his glans spread the hole and popped inside. He pushed again,
his cock jamming deeper into her ass.
Eva moaned with pain. It hurt like hell, but felt good, too,
and her ass opened to take him. And then he was in deep and
started fucking, and the pain turned to pure bliss. She started
coming and coming, and coming, and coming, her ass bobbing
backwards to take each thrust with violent fury.
So young, yet so expert, Eva thought. He was draped over her
bouncing ass, his hands busy at her distended nipples. If only he
had a finger left over to push up into her pussy, he would be the
perfect lover.
"Keep it up, Ronny! I don't think I'll ever stop coming!" she
cried loudly.
In the next room, the bridge game had degenerated to mostly
horseplay. Only John's table was still playing, and everyone
except John and was well stewed, and he was feeling pretty good
himself. One couple had already slipped away in search of a
bedroom, and most of the others were kissing and playing around.
It had started as footsie under the tables, but that period was
past; it was time to quit playing games.
Roxanne started to play a card and then threw them all on the
table. "Shit, I don't want to play bridge, and neither does
anyone else. Let's go and see if your stupid wife has passed out
yet. I want you in bed, John."
John let her pull him to his feet, his mouth open with shock.
He knew they were leading up to this, and that it would
eventually happen even if he didn't really want it. He followed
her dumbly to the library door, noticing that one of the ladies
was on the floor under a card table sucking her partner's cock,
or was it her partner? At any rate, it strangely excited him.
Roxanne opened the door. "Oh look, John." she said softly.
"My God!" was all that John could say. He started to rush into
the room, but Roxanne blocked his way.
"Let them be, John." she said.
"But that's my wife, and your son is fucking her ... in the
"Yes, isn't it beautiful?" She had one arm around his waist,
and one hand against his fly. He was hard. "Let's watch them
fuck, it makes me feel so hot."
John stood stupidly watching, his mouth hanging open, while
Roxanne pulled his cock from the front of his pants. "You watch
Ronny fuck Eva and I'll suck your cock." she said, sinking to her
knees in front of him. John felt her mouth surround his prick and
started pushing in and out. Others had come from the bridge room
and were watching the carnal display.
"Keep it up, Ronny, I don't think I'll ever stop coming!" John
heard Eva cry and started spurting into Roxanne's mouth. She
milked him and swallowed, and then milked him some more.
Roxanne looked up at John. "You naughty man, you made me
swallow all that nasty stuff, now you won't be able to fuck me."
"Yes I will." John bellowed.
"Right now, and right here on the floor where Eva can watch."
Roxanne started stripping. "Take your clothes off!" she
snapped, "and fuck me right here in front of Eva!"
John looked at Eva. She was now flat on her stomach, Ronny on
top of her, a long string of jizz coating her outstretched thigh.
By the time he had his shirt off, Roxanne was naked on the floor
in front of him.
A man stepped through the door, his heavy prick sticking from
the front of his trousers. "You need some of this, Roxy." he
said. He had wanted to fuck her for a long time.
"John first." Roxy said. "Then I'll have some of that, a lot
of that."
John settled down between her open thighs. Her cuntlips were
open to receive him and he went right in. He started fucking, but
kept his eyes on his young wife. Ronny had gotten off and was
sitting on the couch, still dressed, with his limp prick still
exposed. A woman, Mrs. Norton, he thought her name was, went over
and sat by Ronny. Her hand wrapped around his wet prick and she
kissed the young boy on the mouth.
Then he saw the man with the big cock walk over to where Eva
lay and take off his pants. His prick was very large. He rolled
Eva over and lay down on top of her. He couldn't hear what they
said, but her legs came up around his hips as he buried his cock
inside her cunt. She groaned loudly like she was really enjoying
it. She couldn't be enjoying it that much, John thought, his own
cock lost inside the big, hairy cunt of Roxanne DeWinter. A
fishbowl would be tighter, he decided. He knew he'd never make it
again this way and got up.
"John, what-" she cried.
"Shit, Roxy, your mouth is tighter. You need a club to fill
that thing, and a club I ain't got.
He walked over to where the man with the big cock was fucking
his wife. Her eyes opened wide and she looked up at him. "It
feels so good to be fucking again." she said.
He sat down and watched the man with the big cock fuck his
wife. He was sure that she didn't even see him. He saw emotions
mirrored on her face that he had never suspected, conflicting
emotions. He saw the grimace of pain followed quickly by
pleasure, probably derived from the pain. He saw greed and lust
and animal desire, but he also saw love and compassion and
goodness. Boy, this was some broad he had married.
He thought that he should be terribly angry, but his lawyer's
mind reminded him that it was probably his own fault. Her words
came back, 'It feels so good to be fucking again', and he knew it
was his own fault. He had neglected her.
He concentrated on Eva, who was now in the throes of another
orgasm. "Oh, Jesus Christ!" she moaned, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck
me, fuck me! I love men, I love cock, I love to be fucked!"
John winced and looked around the room. Mrs. Norton was on her
stomach on the couch, her face buried in Ronny's lap. He
suspected from the look on the boy's face that he was about to
come in her mouth. Roxy was still lying on the floor, only now
she had another man on top of her. The man was in to the core and
fucking like a stallion.
While John watched the action, the man with the big cock
ejaculated into Eva and got to his feet. He stood with his cock
dripping. Eva sat up, watched the big prick in front of her leak
its cum onto the carpet, and then got to her feet. She picked up
her skirt.
"We have to go now, John." she said, "and pick up the boys at
your mother's. It's their feeding time."
She stuffed John's flaccid cock into his pants and zipped him
up. They left the house and walked to the car.
"Nothing like tonight has happened before." John explained
after they had gotten into the car, wondering why he was
explaining his actions instead of demanding an explanation of
hers. "I haven't had relations with Roxanne since our honeymoon.
We've done nothing but play bridge the few times we've been
"Are you telling me the truth?"
"Of course." John said.
"I won't have you out cheating on me."
"What?" John cried. He felt like exploding. "What in the hell
about you?, Roxy's kid, that other guy?"
"That's your fault. You totally ignored me before the boys
were born. And you totally ignored me after they were born, even
tonight when I had planned on a big evening with just you and me.
I'll lay it on the line, John, if you won't fuck me, someone else
Eva pulled up her sweater, revealing her fat, smooth tits. She
pulled his face down to a protruding nipple. "You're just like
one of my babies." she said. "Suck it, John."
John sucked and his mouth filled with sweet milk. While he
sucked, Eva opened his trousers and took out his prick. She soon
had it hard in her hand. "Suck me while I play with your cock."
she said.
She had him rigid, the thrills racing through her body, her
hand steadily masturbating him. She stopped when he was about to
come, letting him cool down before resuming. Once she went too
long and had to squeeze it off by pinching down hard at the base
of his shaft. When she let up, jizz dribbled from the end of his
"You'd better stop now and drive, John. Your boys are probably
getting hungry." she said.
John reluctantly slid under the wheel and started the car.
When they were out in the street moving, she slid down in the
seat and ducked her head under the wheel, her tongue licking the
cum from his cock.
"Are you going to be a better husband and keep mamma satisfied
at home?" she asked before she closed her mouth over his cock.
"I'll do my best." he moaned.
Eva sucked hungrily on her husband's throbbing prick. She
thought of Ronny's cock, so sweet and clean, so perfect for
sucking, and suspected that his best probably wouldn't quite make
it. It would be close, but not quite.
John pulled into the circular driveway and stopped the car
just as his load splattered into Eva's mouth. She swallowed his
nectar and sucked for another gob, hoping his best would somehow
be good enough.

The End

04-06-2008, 10:53 PM
thanks again

Brigit Astar
06-02-2010, 05:58 PM
A very interesting novel--keeps one's interest throughout. Well-written too--and very hot and intense.

08-24-2011, 08:02 AM