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RWS-194 Sex-Education Class by Jackson Robard

Chapter 1

Joan Frazer hurried down the worn linoleum hallway of old Montock High
School, books and her class record under one arm, a small can of film
gripped tightly in her other hand. Her long, satiny brunette hair
cascaded over her shoulders as she walked quickly, her form-hugging
dress stretching tautly over her body and accentuating the fluid lines
of her movements.

She had the body of a lush young Venus, even though she had recently
celebrated her thirty-first birthday over the Christmas holidays. If
the young boys and girls of Montock High had cared to take full notice
of her charms--and some of them had sneaked long and admiring glances
at her--they could have traced in detail her sensual curves and hollows
through the pink velveteen dress she wore this day. Through its sheer,
stretched thinness could be seen the outline of her white nylon
brassiere, which barely hid the high-set roundness of her firm, full
breasts whose rose-tipped nipples clearly punched against the covering
fabric. The short-hemmed dress molded down over a slender, girlish
waist and a flat, smooth stomach to a long, full-swelling thighs; and
where the dress ended, slim curved legs tapered down to slender well-
formed calves and ankles.

Miss Frazer's rich dark hair framed an oval-shaped face that was almost
classic in its cameo proportions. Her hazel eyes were deep-set and
large, giving her an innocent appearance which belied her age. She had
a dainty, slightly curved nose with a few small freckles dotted
puckishly across its bridge, and her full ripe mouth had a lower lip
which was almost perpetually set in a little-girl pout. The unmarried
teacher was beautiful in a youthful manner that guaranteed to attract
admiring attention from the most discriminating of men, and the dart-
eyed envy of jealous, less well endowed women.

She was walking rapidly to Room 12, and the last class of the day;
normally this would have produced happiness within her. In one hour she
could say goodbye to her young pupils and head toward home, but the
coming hour today was one she dreaded with all of her might, just as
she had hated this class every week since the beginning of the school
year last September. Once a week she had been experiencing the
nightmarish horror of having to stand in front of the small group of
youthful students and keeping a tight check on her quaking inner
emotions, so that they would not be able to guess the torment which
surged through her increasingly as the minutes ticked by. Her agony was
of her own doing, she fully knew; a product of her past catching up
with her, and of her present throwing temptation continually up into
her face. Miss Joan Frazer was the teacher of Montock High's
experimental sex education course. The once-a-week class on Wednesdays
had probably been the hottest controversy to strike the farming
community of Montock since the mayor had been in session since
September, seven months ago, still the small town was split with the
emotional fury of whether sex and procreation should be taught in the
schools. For some years now, educators had been pressing for sex
education in one form or another, ranging from a simple birds-and-bees
outline to a comprehensive, multi-grade study of sexual techniques that
included lessons in premarital intercourse, venereal diseases,
masturbation, sodomy, and other forms of "unnatural," if commonly
practiced acts.

The "Progressives," mostly in the state's few large cities, had argued
that the family and church had failed in supplying a healthy,
knowledgeable program to adolescents, and were cloaking their own fears
and dogmas in embarrassed and harmful silence. The modern generation,
these educators maintained, was smarter, sharper, and more solid than
any other in the history of the world. The boys and girls growing up
today wanted facts, not superstition, and as they matured into young
men and woman, they had a right to know the truth about their budding
sexuality. The most basic condition of the human animal could no longer
hide behind the prudish skirts of their parents, and should be
presented logically and matter-of-factly so that they could gain an
adult outlook instead of the immature back-room gutter attitudes that
had traditionally been formed through ignorance.

The "fundamentalists" fought back just as hard. Their arguments ranged
from scriptural quotations and the Saint Augustine concept of "Original
Sin," to sex education being a Communist plot for the subverting of
American youth into degeneracy, to the concept that classroom teaching
would sterilize the romance and love out of sex. Sex had to be taught
with a foundation of decency, they said; a child who learned sex as he
would tennis would never have the respect, awe, or control of his
growing desires, and would soon become cynical and immoral. And like
religion, they argued, the ethics and decencies which made sex more
than just copulation between man and woman were too varied from family
to family for a mere teacher to present effectively.

Montock was rural, away from the centers of the state, and its outlook
was narrow and firmly planted in tradition. Not unexpectedly, the small
town was almost entirely on the side of the "fundamentalists," and so
convinced were its citizens in the inherent evil of sex education, that
they were caught off-guard by the passing of a sex education law in the
state congress. Sex courses were made mandatory in all school districts
as of the current school year, and as a result, the Freshmen class of
Montock High was given a chance to learn about sex every Wednesday
afternoon whether their parents liked it or not.

The State Board of Education had passed down a series of guidelines,
starting with the rule that the class was voluntary--up to a point.
There had to be at least five students mixed between the sexes, and in
Montock, there were only five students who were in Joan Frazer's class.
Because the concept of sex education was so new, and opinion as to
methods and subject matter were so varied, the Board had decided to
allow each district a wide margin in choice of what to present. Later,
after a few years of experiment, a more standardized format would be
decided upon, they said, based on what would be learned now.

It so happened that Montock's principal, Ozgood Blatherton, was a
pompous little man who had dreams of becoming principal of larger and
better schools in one of the big cities, and he had latched on to the
sex education issue as a spring-board to make a name for himself.
Consequently, he had set up one of the most frank and explicit courses
in the state, pulling no punches in his effort to prove to Montock and
his superiors that sex education was an effective and desirable
program. The film Joan carried in her hand, for example, was one which
would have been banned as obscene if it had been screened in a regular
theater, and some of her previous teaching material would have been
termed pornographic if the public at large had been aware of their
content. Mr. Blatherton had also been the one who had selected the five
"volunteers" for her class, and with an unerring eye for further
trouble, he had chosen three of the crudest ruffians in the Freshman
class, including the son of Montock's most prominent citizen, and two
young girls who had a reputation for wild, loose behavior. And then he
had handed the powder-keg package over to Joan Frazer last September
and washed his hands of the affair ...

A bell rang in the distance, reverberating down the hall in warning
that the seventh and final period was about to begin. Why me? Joan
asked herself painfully as she reached the door to room 12 ... Oh God,
why had Ozgood Blatherton picked me for this class?

It was a mental question which she had asked herself ever since last
September when she'd been given the assignment, but deep inside her,
Joan knew the awful answer. Ozgood Blatherton may have been pompous and
career-hungry, but he was also devilishly shrewd, and he saw that while
he could take all the credit if the sex education course went well, he
had to be careful or he would be ruined if something went wrong. None
of the other teachers at Montock High could be used, as they all had
been at the school for years and years, but Joan Frazer was a new
arrival, only having taught at Montock for one year previous to this.
She was unmarried and young, and therefore automatically suspect in the
eyes of the community, and worse, she had come from "Back East"
somewhere, from one of the big cities. In time she might prove her
worth to the town, but right now she would serve as a perfect scapegoat
if Ozgood Blatherton's plan back-fired on him.

Joan's credentials had been perfect when she first came to Montock
seeking work, and even though some people had thought it strange that
she would chose such an out-of-the-way place, the local school board
had hired her immediately. What the town didn't know, and what would
have turned Blatherton to an ashen grey if he had learned, was that in
her heart, Joan was carrying a guilty and soul-sickening secret. In
reality, the principal couldn't have picked a worse person to teach the
young boys and girls about sex, for it was the same as sending a fox
into a chicken-coop to teach hens how to lay eggs. The outwardly prim
school-marm had been running from arrest and censure when she'd arrived
in Montock, just as she'd been fleeing from one terrible incident after
another since she had grown to adulthood. It was the damning secret
which had prevented her from marrying, and kept her crying herself to
sleep on cold, lonely nights ...

Joan Frazer was a pedophile!

The inwardly depraved older woman had been cursed with a maddening
desire for young boys, adolescents 14 and 15 who were less than half
her age! It had all started when she was twelve; a boy cousin two years
older introduced her to the pleasant wonders of sex while her parents
were out. There had followed the sweet delights of countless boys as
she'd grown up and dated, but then had come the miserable realization
when she'd been in teacher's college that men her own age simply didn't
interest her. Her sexual urges were greater than ever, but the husky,
meaty, overpoweringly strong attentions of adult males, with their big
hairy bodies and gigantic-sized penises made her cringe with revulsion.
She still yearned for the tender, innocent shyness of young boys who
were first experimenting with the mysteries of their budding genitals.
They were all so responsive and eager to learn ... and she was the
perfect teacher!

Lecherously, she had begun to seduce some of her students after she'd
become a graduate teacher, craving their slim, boyish hardness deep up
inside her warm, demanding vagina with a passion she'd never, never
been able to generate for men their father's age. Her all-consuming
perversion had begun to dominate her life, her time spent mostly with
plotting whom to seduce next and how best to succeed, or fearing the
slip of an inexperienced tongue or sudden discovery. Driven as she was,
Joan had taken chances no normal person would have dared to,
abandonedly stripping naked in the backs of cars for some young boy of
her choice, or hungrily removing the pants of still another eagerly
trembling male-child in her own bedroom, disregarding the threat of
public exposure and even prison. And eventually, her frenzied ways had
always ended in downfall and a panicked running ...

Montock was the absolute end of the line for her. She had known it when
she'd arrived in the dusty village, breathless and broke from her most
recent escape from Dayton, Ohio.

Now, simply walking into Room 12 of Montock High and looking at the
fresh-faced boys and girls smiling expectantly back at her, she was
reminded of just such a similar classroom in Dayton. She groaned
inwardly as she made her way to her desk at the front, sinking down
gratefully in her chair before her slim legs buckled beneath her. God
... Dayton, Ohio ...

The incident which had happened there to her was still a red, painfully
open wound in her memory, even after two years ...

In Dayton, she had managed to get a job teaching remedial reading to
junior high students, and one boy in her class had tragically formed a
crush on her. Tommy Hotchkiss had been his name, a handsome boy not yet
fourteen, whose puppy love for her had reached the innermost depths of
Joan's heart. She had fought her unquenchable desire for the youth,
just as she was fighting her wild, unpredictable urges now in Montock,
but then had come one of those occasions when the ravenous need had
been too overpowering for her to control. She and young Tommy had been
alone in the classroom, and while leaning over his temptingly virile
form to help him with a difficult sentence, the boy had suddenly
reached up and kissed her full on her soft, warm lips. The dam of her
pent-up emotions had burst, and before she had realized what they were
doing, she had found herself on the floor with him, exploring his
genitals while he'd sucked hungrily at one of her firm, nakedly exposed

Eventually she had taken all of his clothes off, and then delightedly
she had stripped naked before his quivering flesh, enjoying the hot
desire in his eyes dancing across her white, pulsing loins. She had
lain and splayed her legs wide for him, and the boy had eagerly crawled
over her nakedly abandoned body, inserting his slender, lust-stiffened
young penis up inside her tight, moistly throbbing pussy to tickle and
prod her there. It had been Tommy's first orgasm; and the hot sweet
semen emitting in jet-like spurts from his rigid young penis had almost
frightened him with its ferocity, but he had soon wanted more. And Joan
had lewdly been willing to supply all he'd wanted!

But their carnal affair had ended and, as always for the wickedly
seductive teacher, it had ended disastrously for her. They had been
caught half naked behind the school furnace by the janitor, old
Johannsen, and the bewhiskered man had forced her to suck his leathery
cock until he'd cum in her mouth, while Tommy had watched in absolute
horror. Joan had known that even if Tommy or Johannsen never told about
her uncontainable perversion, it was the end of her in Dayton ...

And this sex education class, she thought miserably, might very well be
the end of her for all time. She had been barely able to control her
ever-mounting desires for her boy students since Dayton, masturbating
with the dreams of virile young penises and eager, innocent caresses
whenever the lascivious demands inside her grew to the danger point.
She'd realized from the start that if she failed to keep her corrupting
degeneracies in rein this time, there could be no other place to which
she could escape, and with that fear pressing on her every action, the
emotional frustration of being surrounded by the handsome young bodies
every day had been repressed. But now ... now she not only had to face
the youthful objects of her most fevered desires, she had to teach them
the very subject she had sworn to stay away from!

God ... she had to keep hold of herself! She just had to!

Joan once again set her mind to gain control of the ragged emotions
this class always caused her to suffer, sucking in a deep, heated
breath and gripping her desk with quivering hands. It was not a simple
matter for her to do, but she managed, mainly by blotting out the
remembrance of Tommy Hotchkiss and concentrating on the students before

"Class," she said, smiling at them, "I've a new film to show today.
This is the most ... the most explicit showing of boys and girls

She happened to look at Wayne Conroy, who was leaning on his elbows at
his first-row desk, his chin resting in his cupped hands. God, he was a
handsome boy, she thought, in a split-second flash of desire. Her eyes
traveled brazenly for a moment on the width of his young shoulders, the
ripple of his developing muscles, and the taper of his boyish waist as
he sat in his seat. Wayne was the son of Montock's richest and biggest
farmer, Agnew Harrison Conroy, and had a bad reputation as trouble-
maker and bully. His swaggering manner could be traced to his father's
position, which allowed him to get away with things other boys couldn't
afford to do, and to the maturity for his fifteen years, which made him
larger and stronger than the rest of his classmates. Joan Frazer knew
this, but it wasn't enough to stop her from one fleeting thought: God
... I wonder what the rest of him is like, the part I can't see ...

Wayne's eyes met hers and then skipped away to blatantly trace the
contours of her throat down to the cleavage between her ripely mature
breasts under the thin spring dress. Joan's throat turned instantly
dry, and she felt her face warm with a sudden rush of blood which
crimsoned her cheeks and temples. Damn! It was as if he could read her

"We ... We are up to the point of actual sexual intercourse now," she
stammered to the students, hurriedly attempting to cover her fluster.
"We've studied the sex organs individually, and ... and last week, if
you remember, we saw slides, on how each sex matures physically."

One of the girls, petite Sharla Gronsworth, giggled appreciatively from
where she sat. Joan looked at her sharply, frowning with disapproval.
"Sharla," she scolded the little blonde girl, "by this time I would
think you would have been able to get over your childishness. This is a
serious subject, and you must be a young adult about it."

"That's just it, teacher," Micky Hagen said, "Sharla's very adult about

"Most mature," another boy, Nick "Knuckles" Gerber, hooted derisively.
"Amazing how grown-up she is when it comes to sex!"

"Sure! Just look at her," Wayne added gleefully. "You can see just how
mature she is!"

"Stop it!" Joan Frazer snapped in an effort to restore order to the now
loudly laughing class. "Nick, would you take the movie and thread it in
the projector, please?" "Knuckles" came forward with a knowing smirk
and took the can of film back to the large 16 mm projector which was on
a stand at the back of the room. In a moment he'd wound the celluloid
through the lens and sprockets, called to the other girl, Lucy
Hamilton, to switch off the lights and switched on the machine.

Joan moved from her chair just as light flickered on the silver screen
behind her, the screen having been set up by the audio-visual
department during the class break. She went to one of the student desks
and sat down so she could watch the motion picture as well, nervously
crossing her legs and squeezing her thighs together. She dug the nails
of her left hand into the palm of her right, and pressed the full,
moist lips of her mouth tightly together, and she could feel her heart
palpitating like a trip-hammer beneath the thin cloth of her dress and
brassiere. God ... don't make this film too sexy, she prayed. I don't
think I could take it if it were ...

Her eyes glanced to the small screen just as the title, "THE WEDDING
NIGHT" came on in large letters in color. She had never seen this
particular movie before, though she had heard about it as one of the
most detailed films available. She was afraid that it might show young
people rather than older adults, as had some of the earlier books and
slides, for every time she had seen a naked boy illustrated in some
form of sexual awakening, familiar and unwanted sensations had coursed
through her own body, tingling every nerve end with rising arousal. She
had a slight twinge of doubt in her mind about whether she could sit
through such a picture if, indeed, it showed in full-color action the
love-making of a young boy with his girl. The fever pitch of excitement
it would surely produce in her already trembling loins would betray her
guilty secret to her students the moment the lights were switched back
on! Somehow she had to overcome her secret longings and not succumb as
she had so many other times in the past! No matter what this movie
showed, she couldn't let it affect her sexually! She mustn't let it!

"... it was a wonderful wedding," a man's voice was droning from the
projector's loudspeaker. On the screen was flashing the picture of a
church, and people throwing rice to a happily running bride and groom.
"But after the ceremony comes a still more important phase of their
relationship," the voice continued. "The Bible says for man and woman
to become as one in matrimony, and it is during the honeymoon that the
newly wedded couple must join together as Nature intended for them to
do ..."

On the screen appeared a young, innocent-looking blonde girl in a
wedding gown, standing beside a large bed. She could not have been over
seventeen and was the most lovely thing Joan had ever seen. She had a
dazzling look of adoration in her eyes that reflected her deep
happiness and love, and in spite of the realization that this meant her
husband would be similarity youthful, Joan was touched deeply. She
identified completely with the girl at that moment, and concentrated
completely on what she was doing. The young bride began to undress with
slow, shy motions. She slipped her long white satin gown hesitantly
upwards, exposing the high-set calves, and then full, well-rounded
thighs. The tan of her sheer nylon stockings, held in place by a
dainty, lace-trimmed garter belt, contrasted pleasingly with the creamy
ivory of her exposed flesh.

Jean could hear the low sounds of delight from the boys in her class as
the dress snaked its way over the girl's head and her beautifully
proportioned body fully emerged. Her brassiere fell away with a flick
of her fingers, and the unripened beauty of her firm young breasts
swung into freedom. They stood high and proud in the light of the
screen, and their quivering, turgid nipples peaked higher on the
luscious spheres as the teen-aged bride raised her arms over her head
in a cute little yawn.

The girl was almost naked now, wearing only her high heels, long tan
stockings, the garter belt, and a thin wisp of sheer panties. The voice
of the commentator was talking about the necessity for the bride not to
show fear if she was coming to her marital bed as a virgin, and all the
while the girl was drawing her silken panties tantalizingly down over
her gently curved hips and buttocks. She turned and bent over slowly,
her back to the audience; brushing her thin panties sensuously against
her smooth thighs and calves, and then discarded them at her feet
beside her dress. She stretched languidly again and teasingly turned to
the front, exposing shamelessly all of her delicious young nakedness,
from her high-tilted breasts to the soft, blonde triangle of her
girlish pubic mound.

The naked young bride lay back on the bed then, her legs scissoring
open and closed slowly, exposing the thin pink slit of her vagina that
nestled teasingly in the soft curly hair up between her thighs. Her
feet were pointed directly at the camera, and sheer wanton desire
reflected in her eyes as though she wished to take on every boy who was
watching her.

"She is now ready to receive her husband, and as you can see, boys and
girls, she is most eager for him ..."

Joan shifted nervously, not having expected anything like this! It
seemed so real that the older woman teacher couldn't understand how the
girl could act such a part unless she really felt it. She remembered
lying in her own bed this very morning and thinking about wanting a
handsome boy until she had almost gone insane and relieved herself with
her own fingers. She blushed slightly in the darkness, thankful that
the lights were out, guilt flicking slightly through her conscience.
She squirmed her own buttocks nervously, feeling the edge of the desk
chair brush electrically against the soft swelling of her vagina. She
jerked from the contact and the more unexpected shock it had brought.
Her breath quickened ...

"The groom has, in the meantime, been undressing and is about to join
his new wife in the most wonderful of all human adventures," the voice
from the loudspeaker informed gravely. "Please notice that because his
bride has shown her complete desire for him, he is sexually ready
almost from the beginning ..." A boy suddenly walked within camera
range, and Joan felt her heart leap in her throat. Oh no! He's so
damned handsome! He was dark-haired in contrast to his lovely pert
bride, with flashing black eyes and a cocky grin on his youthful,
clean-shaven face, and Joan estimated that he couldn't have been over
eighteen by the look of him. She groaned inwardly as she stared wide-
eyed and transfixed at the screen and viewed the teenage boy undress
from his black wedding tuxedo. His pants fell to the floor quickly, and
his hardened, virile penis could be seen standing out in front of him
like a straight branch of a tree. The boy had obviously been chosen for
the role because of his maturity, for his slender young cock was easily
equal to that of a grown man. The young groom edged for the bed,
smiling with his panting anticipation, and he crawled up on the
mattress beside his girl to kneel slave-like between her wide-spread
thighs. The pubic hair covering the mound at the base of her white
little belly was soft and sparse, and the tiny pink folds of flesh
covering the narrow slit of her tender vagina were plainly visible.

"One of the most important factors to happy marital relations," the
voice intoned, "is proper foreplay. In this day and age, forms which
were once considered as perversions and acts against God are now
realized as healthful enjoyments and natural additions to the sex act
itself. Please watch carefully ..."

The camera came in for a close-up of her eager young pussy just over
the top of the boy's head. He reached forward, placing one thumb on
either side of the narrow hair-lined slit and spread her moistly pink
lips slowly apart, exposing the layered vaginal flesh. The camera
zoomed in closer and her bud-like little clitoris could be viewed just
above the tight elastic opening of her cunt, quivering with obvious
excitement as the boy moved forward until his face was only inches away
from her exposed vaginal channel. The youthful groom's tongue snaked
out and its tip swiped across the wetly glistening cuntal flesh before
him, sending her tiny clitoris into jerking hardness that brought
groans of delight not only from the young girl, but from the sex
education class which was so avidly viewing the scene.

"The groom is performing the age-old act of cunnilingus, boys and
girls; this type of oral-genital contact is in vogue throughout much of
the world and there is mention of the act being performed throughout
all history ..."

Joan Frazer dared not to breathe. The sight of the hotly aroused boy
had turned her own body into a loose bundle of raw nerve ends that her
mind could not control. She could not comprehend what she was viewing
on the screen in front of her or the unwanted feelings she was
experiencing as licking flames of rising desire began fanning out
through the very first of the movie, Joan was now so absorbed that she
could imagine herself there on the bed, receiving the delicious
attention from a handsome naked boy so much like the kind she loved so
well. She could feel small pin-pricks of erotic sensation racing
through the quivering flesh of her inner thighs and up to the tautly
hardening nipples of her throbbing breasts, and she pressed her legs
tightly together to try and stop the taunting stimulations from getting
any worse ...

The naked youth wetly teased the pinkly quivering lips of his bride's
throbbing cunt with his tongue for another agonizing moment, and then
he began to run his lips up and down the full length of the widely-
spread vagina, bringing contorted expressions of joy to the girl's face
that could now be seen in the camera. The girl wrapped her hands into
the young groom's black head of hair, and the muscles in her arms stood
out tight and strained as she pulled his face forward with all her
strength into the moist wetness of her loins. Her hips began a slow
hard grinding up against his face as he sank his tongue with a sudden
lizard-like thrust deep down into the tightness of her clasping young
pussy. She was rapidly becoming a raw, quivering mass of feminine
desire, writhing and twisting like a slow moving belly-dancer under the
boy's hot probing tongue.

With each passing frame of film, Joan felt herself mentally tighten up
until she didn't feel as if she was the same person she had been when
the class had started. The heat and excitement the movie was generating
in the room was continuing to stimulate her hotly against her will. She
uncrossed her legs and squirmed down against the desk seat again,
feeling the rounded edge of the chair push her dress and panties up
into the wetly pulsating crevice of her vagina. She rubbed herself
gently against it, working the thin band of panties which ran beneath
the crease of her buttocks up between the moistened lips of her pussy,
and unconsciously she let her body rock on it in an almost
indiscernible rhythm--in concert with the writhing girl on the screen.
She could feel the wetness spread between her inner thighs, and she
spread them slightly to gain greater contact with the seat. The
hardness brushed soothingly against her tiny, involuntarily rising
clitoris through the sheer panties.

Jean looked guiltily out of the corner of her eye at the young students
around her to make sure they hadn't noticed what she was uncontrollably
doing to herself. But both the boys and the girls were so engrossed in
the film that they had paid no attention. She let her eyes wander back
to the motion picture, almost afraid of what she would view next and
the effect it would have on her already wildly heated emotions ...

"Our young husband has now brought his virginal wife to a high state of
excitement," the loudspeaker said. "Sensing that she is sexually ready
to accept his ultimate advances, he is now going to insert his penis
inside her vagina and thrust vigorously in and out until he experiences
ejaculation ..."

The handsome youth had risen from between the undulating thighs now and
was climbing up over the soft, warm flesh of his eagerly awaiting
bride. His boyish hardness stood out in the air like a huge fleshy
shaft, and he had his hand around it, rubbing the wetly lubricated head
softly against the tender curls of her soft pink pubic flesh. Then he
straightened his lean, adolescent nakedness over her nude body,
straddling her, with the rigidity of his long thin cock poised directly
at the trembling round whiteness of her inner thighs. Joan held her
breath, as did her pupils, when she viewed the red bulbous head of the
boy's penis make contact with the moist open fringes of the girl's
pussy, and then she watched, not breathing, as the passion-crazed bride
reached down with her hand and guided him into her. The girl moved his
virile erection up and down in the wetly glistening crevice for a
moment, parting her soft pubic hair, and then with a moaning sigh of
desire, slipped his young penis just inside the tight confines of her
vaginal tunnel.

Joan Frazer's eyes were wide with hypnotized wonderment as she viewed
the boy's throbbing cock slide slowly up into the hungrily clasping
lips of his young wife's cunt, and she heard through ringing ears the
soft sibilant sound as it wetly entered her. The teenage girl moaned
once, shivered slightly, and became momentarily rigid, and the
announcer informed the class that this was the moment when her virginal
hymen was being ruptured. But almost immediately her eyes became glazed
with lust once more, and her lips bared back over small white teeth
into a broad smile of utter delight. She undulated her buttocks up off
the bed until all Joan could see was a small bit of the base of the
long white cock protruding from the moistly tight lips surrounding it.

The equally passion-driven boy began a slow grinding up and down
movement, with his naked young buttocks rising in the air until the tip
of his rock-hard penis was left just inside the warm enclosing sheath
of her vagina. Then he dropped heavily back down between her wide-
splayed thighs, impaling himself completely with one long, smooth
stroke. The camera moved around from the side of the two lovers to view
up between their straining legs, and Joan could now watch the girl's
pussy lips moving in and out with each pumping surge he made into her
fully exposed cuntal slit. The hypnotized older teacher and her
attentive students could see tiny ridges of soft pink vaginal flesh
clinging to the thick impaling shaft each time the boy drew back, the
pussy lips disappearing as he slid down upon her gently. After another
moment of rhythmic sawing, the girl seemed to warm still more to her
task and reached down between his widespread thighs to cradle the
softness of his virile young testicles in her palm. The voice from the
soundtrack drew attention to what she was doing and the class watched
wide-eyed as she stroked her lover's scrotum gently while he fucked
into her with his gently thrusting cock. From the profile they
presented, it appeared that his spearing young penis was a thick, wetly
glistening piston of flesh moving methodically in and out of her
eagerly assisting vagina.

Joan tried to turn her head away, a tight restrictive feeling digging
deep within her belly. She had never imagined what it would be like to
watch two people making love, particularly a boy she would have loved
to have had fucking her, and she found it affecting her to a degree
that she had difficulty in controlling. She could sense the strange,
light-fingered quivering up between her thighs building rapidly in
strength, and she knew that she was close to losing what little self-
restraint she had been able to muster these past few months since
Dayton. She closed her eyes tightly, but still the vision of the lovely
young boy's cock, wet and glistening, skewering into the moist softness
of his bride's vagina raced through her mind. She clenched her eyes
still tighter, but could not blot out the lewdly enticing picture she'd
been viewing on the screen; and the adolescent couple's soft moans and
the wet sucking noises of their intercourse, interspersed with the
announced detailed description of what they were doing, drifted across
the small classroom to her ears, magnifying the obscene image a
thousand times. She was ready to crawl the walls to quench the fire
which was now raging uncontrollably through her involuntarily
contracting vagina. The sight of the girl in that movie being buffeted
by a youthful boy mercilessly fucking into her once-virginal cunt was
just too much for the helplessly aroused teacher to take! Something had
to give!

Something did!

"Now they will experience orgasm; the final bliss of human copulation
..." But the man was drowned out by another sound coming from the
loudspeaker, a spiraling cry of climax which erupted from the writhing
bride's mouth. She was twisting her head wildly from side to side on
the bed as her slender white buttocks began a wild rotation up tight
against the thick virile penis which was sunk so deep in her young
belly. At the same time, the boy groaned above her and ground down hard
inside her vagina, and his long fleshy hardness began to throb out
white, milky sperm deep up into her tiny womb. The rich creamy fluid
filled her completely, and cascaded out around the moistly stretched
lips of her cunt. To Joan's mesmerized eyes, there was a clear view of
a tiny white stream of the boy's cum running down the wide-split
crevice of her buttocks and down onto the mattress below. The young
couple jerked against each other a moment longer, and then lay still

The screen went blank with flickering white light, leaving the
salacious scene--a deflowered young bride and her youthful lover lying
together in satiated contentment--imprinted deeply in the minds of the
breathless class. The small room was filled with the heated air of
their excited breathing which had accompanied the passion-inciting
lesson in sex education. No one present had not felt the sensations of
lust at that final climax, including the trembling, dry-mouthed teacher
herself. Every boy had the front of his trousers bulging with the tell-
tale sign of their arousal, and the young girls all had their legs
spread as far apart as Joan's had been, their thin white panties moist
with the secretions of their movie-induced excitement.

It was with a long sigh of relief that Joan Frazer rose on shaky legs
and made her way to the light switch. She had never been so affected
sexually by anything, and it frightened her. There was a rustle of
clothing being straightened as she flicked the lights on, and she
herself smoothed down the front of her dress, feeling shamefully wet up
between her thighs. She was at a loss for words for a long moment, and
then mercifully the bell rang. "That will be all for this week, class,"
she said in a voice that sounded even strange to her, opening the door
to the corridor. "Next week ... next week we have another film."

God ... another film like this one? She shuddered at the thought as the
boys and girls filed past her and out into the hall. She wasn't sure
she could take another one of these erotically stimulating movies, for
she was as close to losing her hard-won self control as she had ever
been since Dayton, and in another few moments, would herself have been
as helpless a victim of passion as the girl had been on the screen. And
then what would have happened? Oh God, and then ...?

Chapter 2

"Gosh!" fifteen year-old Wayne Conroy said behind his teacher. Joan
Frazer turned around, startled, not having noticed that the boy hadn't
left the classroom along with the others.

She looked at Wayne and, after the headying influence of the movie, was
terribly aware of his vibrant young body that was less than a foot away
from her. She could almost feel the warmth of his youthful virility
pulsating out toward her from the smooth, hairless flesh that was
beneath his shirt and pants, and she felt a twinge of hot desire to
reach out with her hand and caress the flat curve of his belly down to
where it disappeared into his faded blue jeans.

Wayne smiled up at her almost brazenly, and wiped his perspiring
forehead with the sleeve of his shirt. "That sure was the wildest sex
movie I've ever seen."

"It ... its purpose was educational, Wayne," Joan replied as primly as
she could, trying to muster her control to hide her inner turmoil. "It
... wasn't meant to be anything more than that."

"Aw, I didn't mean it was dirty or anything like that," Wayne said,
scuffing the toe of one shoe with embarrassment. "I kinda figure it's
all how you look at it."

"That's exactly right," Joan said. She walked over to her desk,
swallowing thickly, and kept her eyes steadfastly off the boy as she
picked up her books and class records. "Sex ... Sex isn't obscene in
itself. It can be beautiful or fun or not much of anything at all, but
not obscene. The film today showed love-making, not dirt."

"Well, what's all the fuss over porno--pornog--"

"Pornography. It's a matter of definition, I'd say. If a person thinks
sex is obscene, then whatever has to do with it is, by definition,
pornographic. But if the act of eating was thought to be sinful, and
the people in government or the church had the power to force their
ways on us, then a picture of your family eating dinner around a table
would be pornographic."

"I don't think you'd get my father to go along with that!" Wayne
laughed. "He loves eating too much! But then, I guess he likes sex a
lot, too."

Joan felt a blush creep slowly up through the skin of her face. "I ...
I would hope so, if he's a healthy married adult," she said, feeling
the conversation was slipping away from her control.

"Naw," Wayne said with a slight sneer. "I mean the old man likes por--
pornography. He's got a basement full of the stuff, and--"

"Wayne!" Joan said sharply. "Your father is the leading man in Montock.
He's the leader of the fight against sex education, as you well know;
and I'm sure that he would be very hurt if he heard you talk about him
that way!"

"Aw, so he started the Concerned Parents of PTA committee to try and
stop you; but that don't mean a thing. My ma got him to do it, and she
dried up years ago. But he runs the smokers at the American Legion, and
when he gets with his dumb friends, they go down into the basement with
a load of beer ... and I can hear them snickering clear up in my
bedroom sometimes. He goes out to Sadie's sometimes, too. You know
about Sadie's? She runs that cat-house outside of town, and--"

"That will be quite enough, young man!" Joan interrupted him icily.
"Whether your father does or does not, I don't want to hear about it,
not in my classroom. What we're trying to teach you in sex education is
the adult, healthy attitude toward love and procreation."

Wayne shrugged, as if the vile sound of his words about his father
didn't mean a thing one way or another. "Well, suit yourself, Miss
Frazer. That's not why I stuck around anyway. I was wondering if ...
well, if you'd drive me home today."

"Oh? Miss your ride?"

"I told 'Knuckles' not to save room for me in his brother's car,
because my ma was supposed to pick me up. Now I found out she ain't
coming, and it's a long way to walk. Gee, if you'd only drive me as far
as your rooming house, that'd be a help, since you live over half the
way to my place. Would you, Miss Frazer? Huh, would you?"

Joan stiffened at his request, sensing the hard-won control of a few
minutes already faltering. In spite of herself, she could feel tiny
butterfly-like sensations flitting suddenly through her stomach, and
she blinked her eyes shut, trying not to allow the still smoldering
embers of the fire the sex film had lit within her to grow any more
heated. She realized haplessly that any wrong move could suddenly fan
those glowing coals of passion into a roaring inferno that would
consume her and whoever was with her at the time.

Yet what excuse could she possibly use to decline this handsome young
boy's request? Montock was such a small town, that there simply was no
way of hiding a curt brush-off behind a phony excuse. Wayne would see
right through it, and she knew he'd be hurt and possibly hate her for
the unexplainable lie. For some reason she still didn't fathom, young
Wayne had been very cooperative in her class, contrary to his behavior
in some of the others, and she hated to upset the delicate balance that
had been struck so far. Moreover, she intuitively knew that one of the
reasons she hadn't been as bothered as she could have been by Mr. Agnew
Harrison Conroy and his Concerned Parents group was due to Wayne's
talking down of the sex education class while at home. To repulse the
boy and turn him against her could open up a nightmarish Pandora's box
of harassment and eventual ruination.

"Of ... course, Wayne," she said, licking her lips with the tip of her
moist tongue. "I'll be glad to ..."

Joan owned a banged-up old Volkswagen beetle, and when she and Wayne
got into it moments later, it was impossible not to become aware of
their closeness. She set her mind on the task of driving, however,
vowing not to let his nearness affect her any more than it was already.
She could feel tiny tendrils of lurid excitement creeping unwontedly
through her body as it was, tingling involuntarily up from between her
aching secretion-moistened loins, and she struggled with all of her
strength to maintain her outward composure. Miserably, Joan realized
that not until she was in her apartment and Wayne was safely out of
sight and on his way home, would she be truly able to regain control
again over her sensually-aroused emotions.

For a small town, Montock had quite a number of people crowding the
small "down-town" main street, and Joan had to swerve violently once as
an unthinking lady driver suddenly cut her off. Young Wayne Conroy was
thrown against her in spite of the bucket seats, and she gasped with a
startled cry as the rounded firmness of her breasts brushed against the
developing muscles of his shoulder and chest. His touch made the older
woman all that more conscious of the virile youth's presence, more than
the forced laughter and desultory conversation they'd indulged in since
leaving the school grounds. Alone with the boy and without the
interruptions of class duties and other students, she was discovering
that Wayne was a rather bright, quick-witted teenager, and despite what
she had promised herself, a rapport between them was rapidly
establishing itself. By the time she parked the small car in front of
her rooming house, Joan Frazer was almost sad to see Wayne leave.

There was a long silence of almost embarrassing proportions as the
lovely brunette teacher and her handsome young student stood on the
cracked sidewalk in front of the house. Joan was mortified by the way
she was finding herself tongue-tied, and as she continued to look at
Wayne, she tried desperately to stifle the strange nervousness she felt
growing within her. There was the same something about the boy that
there had been about little Tommy Hotchkiss back in Dayton and all the
other youngsters before him--and it was more than simply a broad-
shouldered and leanly muscular young virility. It was as if there was a
compelling magnetism between her and the boy, an undeniable "animal
attraction" that was wickedly forcing them together no matter what
precautions she could take.

"Ahhh, gee, Mrs. Frazer, thanks a lot for the ride," Wayne finally
managed to say to her. "Gosh, do you think that ... that ..." His
stammering grew until at last he blurted: "I mean, it's an awful hot
day for April, and I'm mighty thirsty. I don't have any money, and I
was hoping maybe you could let me have a glass of water before I go."

"Well, Wayne, I think that ..." Joan said slowly, unable to make her
mind function properly as she felt the boy's eyes gazing immodestly
over her thinly clad body. His eyes were almost a solid touch upon her
flesh, and they seemed to roam at will up and down from her high,
rounded breasts to the full, inviting curves of her buttocks and
thighs. No! Tell him to go away! a portion of her mind screamed at her,
tell him no before it's too late!

But a savage thrill ran through the heatedly aroused young teacher's
body as she watched his unconscious staring at her lush, lightly-
covered form. She could feel a slight tremor of response up between her
inner thighs as she realized that she was hopelessly gripped with an
insane temptation to reach out and stroke the young boy's face in
return. It was horrible, she told herself; it was degrading and
perverted, and she had to stop herself! Yet in spite of her revulsion
at her own animal lustings, Joan was unwillingly becoming more and more
aroused by the minute.

"Yes," she said softly to the youth. "Yes, you can come up to my room,
Wayne." She prayed that her suddenly uncontrollable excitement was not
revealed in her own trembling voice. "I have some soda-pop you can
have, how's that?"

"Gee, thanks, Miss Frazer! You're a swell teacher to have!" Wayne
enthused gratefully, and bounced up on the old wide porch of the
rooming house.

Joan rented a small, three-room apartment on the second floor from the
owner of the house, a widowed grandmother named Mrs. O'Toole. It looked
out on the weed-grown back yard and the rear of Smiley's Hardware
store, and the dismal sight often depressed Joan when she'd glance out
of the dirty windows. It was cramped and smelled of dry-rot, but it was
furnished and the only cheap place available in Montock when she'd
arrived. As usual, Mrs. O'Toole was away baby-sitting her latest
grandchild, and there was no one in sight as Joan and Wayne climbed the
rickety narrow stairs to the upper floor. And yet, though nobody knew
Wayne was with her, and she had still not touched this delicious child,
Joan Frazer had a horrible sinking feeling as she closed the door to
her room that she was also sealing her fate for the rest of her life

"The soda is in the kitchen, Wayne," she said with a gentle smile. "Why
don't you sit down on the couch there and make yourself comfortable?"

"Well, are you having one, too Miss Frazer?"

"I ... thought I might have a small glass of brandy instead, Wayne,"
Joan said, already crossing to the cabinet beside the chair. God, yes,
she wanted a brandy! She had to have something to suppress her ragged
nerves and help her get a better hold of herself before she went
straight up through the roof! That damnable sex film ... and now Wayne
sitting so innocently on her couch ... God, maybe she better have two
drinks, and big ones at that!

"Well, gee, then I'll go get the soda," the boy said, jumping up from
the couch. "Ma never lets me do anything around the house like that. Is
it in the refrigerator?"

"Yes, behind the eggs," Joan replied, nodding. She watched him hurry
out into the kitchen and then listened for the sound of the
refrigerator door opening before taking out the nearly full bottle of
brandy and a small wine glass from the cabinet. She unscrewed the top
and tilted the bottle, filling the glass to its brim. The hot liquid
burned all the way down to her quivering stomach, making her slightly
sick until she thought of the desirable male child who was out in the
kitchen, and then she lifted the glass again and swallowed the rest of
it in one gulp. The warming brandy flowed instantly through her
bloodstream, relaxing her and making her feel less guilty. She refilled
the glass and drank again, rewarded this second time by a faint
lightheadedness that swirled through her gratefully.

But when Wayne returned, smiling happily with his ice-cold bottle of
soda clutched in his hand, Joan bit into the soft full flesh of her
lower lip, once again tormented by maddening desire. God, it was out of
the question, she told herself as she drank again. She just couldn't
allow herself to give in to her cravings for him! It was begging for
disaster, and after all of the promises she'd made after Dayton and
managed to keep, she had to fight it! Damn, damn, damn, she'd hoped the
brandy would help settle her, but instead it almost seemed as if it
were having an opposite effect on her ...

Wayne Conroy sank down on the couch again and took a long pull on the
soda. Then he said, "You ... you don't mind if I ask you something,
Miss Frazer?"

"What?" Joan said, coming out of her own thoughts to hear him. "Oh, no.
No, not at all, Wayne. That's what teachers are for."

"Well, gee, it's about what we're learning in the sex class," he said,
squirming with childish embarrassment. "Ma keeps telling me that sex is
bad. That I'll loose all my teeth and go mad if I ... I fool around
with myself."

"Masturbate?" Joan said, unable to stop herself.

"Y-Yes, I guess that's what it's called." Wayne blushed a crimson color
now and wriggled even more on the couch, the soda pop bottle in his
lap, held there by both hands. The bottle looks just like a giant glass
penis, Joan caught herself thinking, and then she shivered and turned
away, horrified at the lewdness she had pictured in her mind. "But you
tell us it's normal, Miss Frazer," the boy went on in an awkward voice.
"Just about everybody does it, and it's just a natural thing to do.
Gee, I get confused."

"Don't be, Wayne. It's simply a matter that facts are finally winning
out over superstition. For centuries people believed certain things
because there wasn't any way of actually finding out if they were true
or not. Now there are ways, and scientists have proven with studies and
experiments that lots of the old beliefs are false. Boys and girls
masturbate, and so do lots of adults. If what your mother believes
actually was the case, why almost everybody in the world would be
running around crazy and without any teeth."

Wayne laughed at the imaginary scene. "Yeah, that would be pretty
funny, all right."

"That's why the state has decided on sex education courses," Joan
continued. "Too many parents either don't teach anything at all about
sex, or if they do, they teach myths and falsehoods that give their
children the wrong idea about what's right and wrong."

"Well, gee, then what we saw in the movie today, when the guy went down
on his girl--that's okay?"

"If they both want it. Passion is a very strong thing."

"Pastor Quigley says things like that are sins and only animals do it."

"Humans are animals, Wayne, at least when it comes to how our sex is
set up." Joan moved toward one of the windows, feeling the moisture
begin again between her tightly pressed thighs. She involuntarily
squeezed her buttocks together to quiet the lascivious tingle that was
building in her loins. God, if only Wayne wouldn't talk about sex, she
groaned to herself, it only made matters worse for her to control!
Every word they spoke made her remember the film she'd viewed less than
an hour previously. How vividly came that final love-making scene to
her mind again, the camera clearly showing the beautiful naked boy's
thick, virile penis pumping into the soft, hair-fringed folds of his
bride's vagina. The girl's face had been contorted into the most
depraved picture of ecstasy Joan could possibly imagine. God, how she
must have felt, Joan found herself thinking. And for such a long time I
haven't felt that way myself ...

"Gee," Wayne said in inexperienced awe, "that girl sure loved what he
was doing to her."

Joan drained the brandy in her glass and stepped quickly to the bottle
for another shot. "That's ... that's what love is all about, Wayne, as
you'll discover some day. Love is making people happy."

"Have you ever made love, Miss Frazer?"

Joan almost dropped the glass in her hand at the innocence of the
question. She turned around to stare at Wayne, completely unable to
find the words to diplomatically answer his blatancy, and was instantly
aware of the boy's eyes fastened upon her body again. Joan fought down
the almost irresistible impulse to tell him that yes, she had made
love, and had made numerous boys just like him happy in the process.
She desperately wished she could tell him that she wanted him to fill
her aching, empty vagina with his virile young penis so that they could
both enjoy each other as the couple in the film had. But she knew that
she didn't dare, and that she had to end this acutely arousing
conversation before her urges became totally untamable!

"L-look, Wayne," she said, breathing harshly, "I think you'd better go.
I ... I want to get out of this old work dress and into something more

"Gosh, Miss Frazer, shouldn't I have asked you that? About making love?
I'm sorry if I said something wrong." The boy's worried voice was on
the verge of breaking into tearful anguish. "You want me to go? I hope
I didn't make you mad." He peered nervously over the neck of the soda-
pop bottle as he took another swallow nervously, and then moved as if
to get up off the couch.

Joan watched him shift uncertainly on the edge of the couch. Though he
acted as if he could be willing to leave at her command, the helplessly
excited teacher could feel his eyes were still glued upon her, staring
ravenously at her generously curved body. She could sense that the last
remaining fragments of her will-power were rapidly dwindling from her
mind, and then she heard a soft, sultry feminine voice she barely
recognized as her own begin to speak.

"No, you didn't make me mad, Wayne. You're more than welcome to stay
and finish your soda if you like. I'll only be a minute in the

The boy stared happily at her for a moment, as though unable to believe
his good fortune, and then quickly scooted against the back of the
couch. Joan was visibly trembling now from the force of the delicious
erotic sensations that were uncontrollably rippling through her nerves,
and no longer did she even care whether or not the boy could see the
agitation caused by his presence. The only thing of which she was sure
now was the sexual current that was jumping like electrical lightning
between their two bodies, and her mind was momentarily filled with
visions of shameless plans to seduce the young fifteen year-old who sat
staring openly at her. Her gaze fell to his faded blue jeans, and the
sight of his crotch filled her with still greater passion that both
thrilled and terrified her. Bulging out against the soft, washed-out
fabric, the older woman could see a stiff, slender form pressing up and
outward, and then she ran her eyes over the rest of his slim, virile
form, coming to rest again on his face in which confusion and youthful
lust so clearly showed. She tipped the brandy glass to her lips and
drained its contents for a fourth time, and then walked hurriedly out
of the room.

The bedroom door firmly closed behind her, she quickly, almost
frantically, began to undress. She couldn't have stayed in the same
room with Wayne another second, she thought miserably as she hung her
spring dress on a hanger in the closet. Another moment and she'd have
attacked him where he sat, and coming in here on the pretext of
changing clothes had been the only answer. But what on earth had
possessed her to say the boy could stay? He'd all but offered to leave,
and then she had insisted that he wait for her to return. What was the
matter with her this afternoon? Oh God, she knew ... she knew all too
well what was the matter with her as she stood on the circular throw
rug before the small bureau. She looked down at her brassiere-encased
breasts and then down the smooth curve of her exposed belly to the
thinly-clothed triangle of her pubic mound, and she could feel the
inflamed center of her loins throbbing violently in answer to her own
tormenting question. She could feel her vaginal lips tingling madly
against the soft silkiness of her gossamer panties, and her nipples
growing pebble-hard, pressing hotly out against the suddenly abrasive
clinging material as her full curving breasts heaved high and swelled
with the sweet agony of her ever-mounting desires, and she knew. Oh
God, how she knew!

She began opening the drawers of her bureau in a hasty search for
something to wear, her mind still filled with the thoughts of her
sexual perversion so long hidden and repressed deep within her, and how
the eager young boy out in the living room had awakened her into an
overwhelming, enveloping passion. She thought about all this, standing
there almost naked and looking down haplessly into the drawers, and
then suddenly raised her head and stared at the closed door. She
straightened, still undecided as to what she should wear, and turned
all the way toward the door, a soft whimpering sound coming from her

He was out there waiting ... That beautiful boy, waiting and wanting,
just as she was wanting him. He, in his innocence, didn't know what it
was that his handsome young body so desperately craved, only that he
was filled with the ungovernable desire to look at her, see her
breasts, her legs, her buttocks ... To see her naked, and most of all,
to see her pussy!

Dear God, she was giving into her body's demands inch by inch! Inches!
How many did little Wayne have! Four to five, she imagined, just like
the other boys she'd lustily enjoyed in the past. She could visualize
it now, standing rigidly erect, almost touching his hairless little
belly! Oh God--she didn't dare go out there like this, for she knew
that in her present state of arousal there would be no halting her; and
she would shamelessly seduce him. She could be wearing a fur coat over
a straight-jacket, and somehow she'd manage to beckon to him, and then
he'd eagerly respond, and then ... God, and then ...!

A tremendous surge of lascivious excitement charged through the older
woman; and Joan trembled from head to toe; her firmly ripe breasts and
taut buttocks rippling in suppressed excitement as she reached for the
one outfit that would be the best thing to wear for young Wayne.
Frantically she began to dress, her whole naked body trembling from the
realization she was surrendering herself to her salacious desires. If
it were going to happen, it should happen now, before little Wayne was
missed at the Conroy home and he'd have too much explaining to do later
on. Yes, it would be now. And then a tear slowly formed in one of her
eyes and trickled down her passion-flushed cheek. She was lost. Lost!
Every nerve in her sensuous flesh was reacting in a tumult of lecherous
yearning, and her reasonings and promises had proven to be only flimsy
barriers before the monstrous lusts which had swept them aside and
overwhelmed her will-power. Every moral and inhibition in her had
melted away in the heat of her renewed passions, every last shred of
conscience was gone now as it had been in Dayton and countless cities
before that. Her brain whirled and she moaned in shameful defeat, but
the needing, hungry pressure of wanting that young boy out there was
simply too overpowering to restrain. Her craving had reached the very
core of her being, and there was no use fighting it any longer. Oh God,
there just wasn't the slightest damned thing she could do to stop
herself, was there?

Chapter 3

Young Wayne Conroy was sitting exactly where his older teacher had left
him, still clutching his half-empty bottle of soda, when Joan made her
appearance. She opened the door of the bedroom and stepped out in front
of the boy, smiling provocatively at him.

"Miss Frazer! Holy cow!"

Despite Wayne's obvious wide-eyed wonderment, Joan was certain she
detected a brassy glint of sexual interest in the youth's eyes, and she
padded barefoot toward him, wishing now that she had had the nerve to
come out of the bedroom totally naked. As it was, she was nearly that
nude, wearing only a strapless halter and a pair of fire-engine red
short-shorts so tight as to show her pubic mound and its teasing little
cuntal slit that nestled up between her white thighs. Her long,
statuesque legs were bare and curvaceous, and her belly was just as
exposed between the band of her shorts and her strained halter. Her
firmly rounded breasts quivered, barely concealed by the thin halter,
and Wayne could almost make out her ruby-tipped nipples.

"I'm planning to get a little sun after you leave," she said in a
throaty, sultry voice. "What's the matter? You look like I'm going to
eat you, Wayne." She didn't add the word she was thinking: Yet.

Joan slid her palms down over her bare-skinned stomach and hooked her
thumbs in the low-slung tight waistband of her red shorts, making
certain that Wayne was watching every movement she made. Then she gazed
up at him through the furry fringe of her thick eye lashes, and
sensuously rotated her slim, sinewy hips as she shifted her weight from
one hip to the other and back again. A shiver of excitement ran up her
spine as she saw the auburn-haired youth's eyes glisten lustfully while
he stared at her provocative motions. Deliberately she let her gaze
fall once again to the crotch of his trousers, and she couldn't help
smiling as she saw Wayne squirm in embarrassment under her blatant
scrutiny of the long, hard bulge that was straining the material of his
jeans. Joan knew that he was in an agony of confusion and frustration
as she brazenly flaunted her all-but-naked body in front of him, but
her mind had been made up when she'd first reached for the thin, tiny
outfit she was now wearing. She couldn't have restrained herself any
longer from going after this handsome virile child if she'd wanted to,
and as she'd slipped on the halter and shorts in the privacy of her
bedroom a few moments before, she had realized that no more did she
have the slightest desire to stop herself. As they say of rape: "If you
can't fight it, join it!" and so now Joan knew she truly wanted this
boy's slim, innocent hardness, and would do what was necessary to
obtain it for herself!

"I asked, Wayne, if there was something the matter," she purred
huskily. "Don't you like what I'm wearing?"

The red-faced boy wordlessly shook his head, the torment he was
experiencing apparent in his expression. He felt absolutely dry in his
throat, and he couldn't keep his eyes off the undulating rhythm of his
teacher's rounded buttocks through the tight red shorts. Man, she was
one hell of a stacked woman, he thought; better looking than Sharla or
Lucy or any of the other girls at school. He had hoped that one day he
could see her like this--crap, he'd jacked off thinking about her naked
and hot for him beating his meat until his prick had been ready to fall
off! But he'd never really figured it would come true! But a fat lot of
good it would do. She was twice as old as he was, and she wouldn't want
to be messing around with no kid! But still ...

Wayne felt his painfully throbbing cock jerk again as if it were alive,
and he wriggled on the couch, trying to move so that the older woman
couldn't see how bad he wanted her. The boy tried to will his erection
away, but it remained throbbingly blood-swollen and straining for
release from its cloth prison. Crap, he wanted to die with shame!

Guiltily, his eyes went to his teacher's face, and oh Jesus, no! Miss
Frazer was staring right at the bulge in his pants! He thought she had
a couple of times before, but he hadn't been sure ... but this time
there was no mistake, and she was smiling about it, too!

"Why Wayne," his teacher said in mock reproof, "Whatever are you
thinking about to have that happen to you?"

"G-Golly, Miss Frazer, I ... I ..." he stuttered, "I'm sorry!"

Joan laughed deep in her throat. "I know what it is, too," she
whispered. "Your penis is very, very hard, isn't it?"

"I ... I better be going on home now, Miss Frazer. I didn't mean to get
like this, honest!"

"No! Don't!" she demanded in a sensuous voice. "Don't be ashamed of
your erection, my precious darling. We studied about that in sex
education class, remember? I know all about such things in a man,
Wayne. And you're a man ... you're my young man, aren't you?"

"Ohhh," the boy groaned in confusion. "Oh, Miss Frazer!"

"And you want to know something else, Wayne? You think that just
because we girls don't have penises like men, that we don't get as
excited? Well, we show it differently, and maybe not so obviously as
your stiff cock, but--"

"Miss Frazer!" Wayne gasped, shocked at the lewd words.

"Cock, lover-boy. You have a nice hard cock, and it's because you want
to fuck me, isn't it? That's why you're breathing so hard and your face
is all red and you're squirming in your seat. You want to fuck me with
your sweet young cock!"

"Oh crap!" Wayne Conroy blurted, gasping for air like a stranded fish.
His prick was palpitating wildly, and it felt as if he were about to
cum in his pants, as his immature brain reeled with the heady
combination of her words and ripely mature body. Had he heard Miss
Frazer correctly? Had his prim and modest teacher been telling him that
he was wanting to fuck her with his cock? And Christ, he was thinking
the same dirty words, too! Man, his balls were aching like hell just
listening to her! Didn't Miss Frazer know what her dirty words were
doing to him? He took another swallow of soda-pop and found that he
could hardly hold the bottle in his trembling hands.

"Don't hide the truth from me, lover-boy," she breathed huskily. "I
know you want to get into your teacher's soft warm pussy with your
cock." The thrill of hearing herself say the forbidden obscenities
coursed through Joan's body. She shivered from her enslavement to the
surges of hot longing which made her ache to have this young boy deep
up inside her cunt. There were no thoughts in her mind except the one
blazing desire for the moment when he would plunge his fleshy, virile
hardness into her belly and fill her gaping needs ...

Wayne sat staring at her, unable to answer her. He tried not to look at
her big beautiful breasts that were protruding like two melons from
that tiny bra-like thing she was wearing. What the hell, he'd seen lots
of chicks in bikinis that showed off much more, and even a few who'd
taken everything off, but somehow this was different! They'd been only
girls ... but Miss Frazer was all woman! A real, live, honest-to-God
woman who could get any guy in Montock to screw her if she'd wanted!
And she was asking him if he wanted to fuck her! Man ... oh man, did he
have the brass balls to take her up on it?

The young teenager trembled with fear and indecision. He had to admit
that the reason he'd been buttering her up in her dumb sex class and
had asked for a ride and wanted a glass of water was so that maybe he
could get a glimpse of her like this. But it had been a dream! He'd
never really figured it would really happen to him! This was one hell
of a lot more than he'd ever wished for--and far more than he'd
bargained for! It was too much for his inexperience to handle! He was
scared! He hated to admit it ... but crap, he was actually scared!

"Wayne ..." The older woman's voice whispered huskily from above him.
"Wayne, my lover-boy, watch me. Watch what I do ..."

He stared up at her from the couch, and his mouth hinged open, his eyes
bulging from his face. Oh Jesus! Miss Frazer was taking all her clothes
off now! He couldn't believe it!

Joan sensuously unhooked the halter and dipped forward slightly to
release her firmly fleshed breasts from their restraining cups. Then
she stood straight again and her high, perfectly rounded tits jutted
out like twin ruby-crested mountain peaks waiting to be climbed,
begging to be conquered. She smiled at the boy with her mouth wetly
parted and her teeth slightly bared, the tip of her red little tongue
barely showing against her moist lower lip.

"And now for my shorts, darling boy. And now I'll take my shorts off so
you can see how hot and juicy a woman's pussy gets when she's excited
..." She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of the red pants and
began to roll the stretchy, swimsuit-like material down over her thighs
and buttocks. Lower and lower the short-shorts went, until Wayne could
see the first tufts of his teacher's black, softly curling pubic hair
peek above the fabric ... then lower, until at last they came free and
dropped to puddle at her feet. Unashamedly, Joan stepped out of the
shorts and stood completely naked before the pop-eyed youth, the moist,
petal-like pink lips of her fiercely throbbing vagina presented to his
view in utter sacrifice, the dark fleece of her cuntal hair glistening
lewdly in the pale yellow light of her living room lamp. Her long
satiny-smooth legs were moist at the inner thighs with the flowing
secretions of her passion-flowered vaginal mouth.

"Well?" she cooed seductively. "Do you see what I mean? Would you like
to feel just how wet a sexually excited woman can get? Would you?

"Miss Frazer ..." His teacher's name choked past the boy's throat, but
that was all, and he was unable to say another word. He could only
stare at the nakedly lush older woman posed so lewdly and wantonly--and
his youthful cock began jerking like a tethered animal in his pants.

Slowly Joan lifted her hands and began to slide her palms up along the
silky flesh of her sides to the outer swells of her softly warm
breasts. She kept her sultry eyes locked on the boy as she cupped her
ripely swelling mounds and kneaded them gently, pushing the globes out
toward him as if presenting him with two forbidden, but wickedly
delicious, gifts of flesh. Then her hands slowly began to stroke her
belly, moving down ever so tantalizingly until the tips of her nails
were barely touching the moist curls of her matted pubic hair. She held
that position for a long moment, thumbs pressing against her slender,
sculptured sides and her fingers splayed across her abdomen, knowing
with lusting satisfaction exactly what she was doing to her handsome
young pupil.

Young Wayne Conroy was all but rooted to the couch now, totally
transfixed by the absolute brazen sexuality of his teacher as she stood
completely naked a couple of feet away from him. "God almighty," he
finally managed to gasp in a high-pitched squeak, his unbelieving eyes
sweeping over her blatant nudity in rapidly growing, youthful lust. "I-
I never saw any-anybody like you before, Miss Frazer ..."

"Does my naked body shock you?" Slowly Joan's hands began to move
again, her fingertips dipping lower through her soft, downy pubic curls
and toward the wetly glistening, swollen pink crevice up between her
thighs. "Haven't you ever seen a girl or a woman without her clothes on

"Well, yeah. I mean no. I mean ..." He gulped.

Joan laughed softly, basking in the boy's complete confusion. She knew
that for all his supposed "experience"--which could range from a couple
of feeble jerkings inside some terrified girl to peeking through the
bathroom keyhole as his mother took a shower--he was no match for her
now that she had wholeheartedly abandoned her vows and was intently
after his slim, virile body. She placed the thumb and forefinger of her
left hand on either side of the soft, moistly pink lips of her vagina
and spread them slowly apart, revealing the trembling red bud of her
erect clitoris to the boy's lust-raging gaze. With her right forefinger
then, she traced downwards until the tip came in contact with the
miniature phallus, and she began to stroke it back and forth. More
rivulets of her sexual lubrications trailed down her inner thighs in
glistening droplets and, while she continued to stroke her clitoris,
she began rubbing her other finger in sensual cadence along the warmly
wet cuntal cleft.

"We were talking about masturbation a little while ago, weren't we, my
darling boy?" Joan obscenely began to say to the youth. "I bet at night
when you're all alone in your bed, you rub that strong, handsome cock I
know you've got until it's stiff as a poker. And then you take your
hand and stroke up and down over your hot hard shaft while you dream
about shoving it into some girl's pussy ... shoving it in until you can
feel your balls bursting apart!

"G-Golly, Miss Frazer, I ... I do! Ohh, maybe I shouldn't, but I do!"
the wildly aroused young boy blurted uncontrollably. "I jack off and
think about you, Miss Frazer! I can't help it!"

"And I do the same thing, Wayne. I lie in bed and finger my pussy just
like you're seeing me do now. This is how girls masturbate when they're
alone, my precious lover, and when I do it, I think about having a
wonderful young boy just like you inside me! Isn't that silly of us,
Wayne? We both play with ourselves and wish we were together ...
fucking each other ..." Joan trembled and her eyes clenched shut, hot
breath hissing through her tightly pressed lips. "Ohhhh, darling!
Darling! How can you sit there and not want me? What more do I have to
do? Please ... oh, please tell me you want to fuck me ...!"

Her last lust-filled appeal, couched in the kind of girlish innocence
which drove the boy helplessly wild, galvanized Wayne into action. As
if he was somehow spirit-free from his body, he watched himself uncoil
his legs and stand up from the couch, then move forward trance-like to
his nakedly writhing teacher. He stared at her finger as it ceased its
rhythmic masturbation, then he looked up into her lovely, passion-
contorted face, still afraid that she would reject him as not being man
enough for her.

"Jeez, Miss Frazer, I do! But ... well, you're a woman, and I ... I'm
only a kid. M-maybe I couldn't--"

"Oh, but you can!" Joan purred. She took the closing step to him,
instinctively knowing she was signing her own death warrant; her bare
feet were silent on the thin carpet, as she leaned closer to the
petrified young boy. Her breath was a white-hot firebrand on his
hairless cheeks, and she touched the cloth of his pants leg lightly,
her fingertips seething with desire and almost searing the material
with their heat. "My cunt is on fire right this second! And the only
thing that'll put out that fire is a long, hard cock! You have a long,
hard cock, my darling, I can tell you do!"

And with a swift, experienced movement, the depravity-ridden teacher
reached further up along his leg and touched the wildly throbbing bulge
between the youth's quivering thighs!

Wayne nearly leapt off the floor in a convulsive reaction to the
electrical shock of her touch on his sensitive young penis, encased
though it was. She lightly stroked the protruding hardness,
tantalizingly sliding her fingers along his uncomfortably swollen penis
until Wayne thought he could scream from the overwhelming sensations.
"Tell me, darling," she hissed wetly in his ear. "Tell me you want to
fuck me!"

"Ohhh crap, yes! Yes, I want to fuck you, Miss Frazer! Yes! Yes!" The
boy couldn't help himself, the words tearing from his throat in a
strangled cry that he scarcely recognized as his own. Then he reached
upwards and his mouth ground against her soft, pliant lips, his own
lips parting as she flailed her tongue deep into his mouth. She swirled
her tongue around and around, her hand beginning to move faster and
faster over the length of his turgid prick. As if it had a will of its
own, Wayne's left hand came up and found one of her firm, naked
breasts, and he squeezed and kneaded the warmly pulsing flesh and chip-
hard little nipple. The boy could feel the wetness from the seminal
fluid which was seeping from the hardened tip of his prick as she
continued to massage him with a practiced rubbing until he was afraid
his balls would surely explode and fill his pants with his hot white

"How do you want to fuck me, darling boy?" Joan mewled as their mouths
parted for air. "Tell me how!"

"Deep!" Wayne Conroy screamed back. "Deep and hard as I can!"

"Oh God, my delicious young lover," the older woman moaned deliriously.
"Let's go into the bedroom before I die!"

He followed her mutely, blindly, like a faithful puppy-dog after its
master, his young body and immature mind afire with his eager, virile
passion. Joan led him to where she had changed her clothes, and then
she crawled up on the soft double-bed and lay back with her head on the
pillow, her slender legs parting wide as she was able to splay them.
"Get naked, my little lover," she hoarsely urged him in a whisper. "I
want to see that delightful young prick of yours. I want to see it
strong and hard for me. Show me your sweet cock, lover-boy. Let me see
it now!" She ground her thighs together and moaned in hunger. "Hurry
... please."

A self-consciousness stole over the teenager as he unbuttoned his shirt
and unbuckled his pants, then removed his scuffed loafers. He stood for
a moment longer wearing nothing but his white cotton underpants, and
then he took a deep breath and slid them down over his lean, muscular
hips and firm, boyish buttocks. I

Uncontrolled sensations surged through Joan's tautly rippling belly and
loins as her greedy, cat-like eyes stared hungrily at the throbbing
young penis which stood out in hard erection from the boy's inner
thighs. It was sizable for a fifteen year-old, but not too much ...
perhaps five and a half inches in length and nicely rounded, its blunt
cockhead a rich glistening crimson from the blood-swelling excitement
she knew Wayne was feeling at that moment. His testicles were tight and
had the texture of soft velvet, and there were only a few wisps of
pubic hair at the base to show where in a few years he would grow thick
and bushy. "Ohhh, I love your prick, lover-boy," she moaned again
delightedly. "I know it's going to feel like heaven when you're fucking
me deep up inside my cunt! Oh God, hurry! Hurry!"

With a small, tormented cry of desire, young Wayne crawled onto the bed
between his naked teacher's legs and kneeled over her, his arms stiff
and supporting on either side of her shoulders. He smiled
apprehensively down into her face but Joan only smiled upwards,
appraising every inch of his flat, boyish torso and his proudly
stiffened penis which stood out from his sparse, hair-sprinkled loins.

"Oh God, you're beautiful," she groaned in encouragement to him. "Kiss
me, lover boy, ohhhhh kiss me before you fuck me!"

The boy could hardly believe what he was about to do to this hotly
writhing woman beneath him. Yet, man, he was going to! Crap yes, he
was! She wanted him to, so what the hell, he was going to! He was going
to fuck Miss Frazer!

He showered hot kisses moistly over her face and throat and down into
the valley of her quivering full breasts. Man, she had the most
luscious tits in the whole wide world, and the increasing throb in his
impatiently pulsating cock was letting him know that there was no way
she could get out of being screwed now! He moved his hands over the
smooth globes of her naked white flesh, and she breathed hot and sweet
into his ear, her tongue flicking out to dance inside and race along
the soft skin of his sensitive lobe. Her hand searched down between
their naked bodies and located the rock-hard flesh of his young cock,
and Wayne gasped aloud as the hot, searing tips of her fingers closed
around his throbbing erection. Then once again he dipped down and
closed his eager lips over her mouth, and their tongues fused and
swirled around one another's as if trying to blend into one long wet

Joan was unable to resist the temptation to crush his nakedly budding
body down upon her own mature flesh, and she encircled her arms around
his back and enveloped the boy, not caring about anything but the firm,
youthful lover pressed tightly to her. She crushed the full length of
his muscular body against her own, and ground her moistly throbbing
pelvis hard up into him while opening her thighs as wide as they could,
her hungry pussy flaring with a warm, wet welcome. Her hands ran wildly
up and down along his muscular skin, tracing the forming muscles of his
shoulders and sides down to the lean, tautly clenched moons of his
boyish buttocks. She could feel his rigid, hotly throbbing penis
beating against the warm creamy flesh of her smooth inner thighs, and
she arched her back and reached under her straining buttocks with both
her hands to pull her cuntal lips farther apart. Then she relaxed and
her teenage lover's slim young penis lay cradled more fully within the
moistly pink confines of her narrow, hair-lined vagina.

"You feel soooooo good, lover-boy," she sighed delightedly. "All of you
feels good to me, but your cock feels the best of all."

The boy pressed forward tentatively, and Joan's eyes closed in sublime
ecstasy as she felt the first tender contact against the sensitive
fleshy edges of her pussy. His handsome features contorted above her
lust-glazed eyes as she felt the youthful hardness of his pushing loins
dig anxiously into her softly yielding vaginal slit, insinuating itself
up and down in a teasing effort to find the swollen entrance to her
inner cunt. Unable to bear his maddening probe another moment longer,
the older woman reached between their naked bodies and grasped the
flesh of his long slender shaft to guide it to the exact position
between her eagerly quivering pussy lips.

"There, darling lover, there's my hole for you. Shove your prick in
now, ohhhh do it to me now!" she pleaded up at him breathlessly.

She felt the boy's pressure against the tight elastic opening of her
moistly waiting vagina, and she gasped in delight when his hard, blood-
filled cock-head slipped into her hot, aching pussy. It moved slowly at
first, stretching the long unused walls of her vaginal channel, and she
winced a bit from pain while his virile rod of hardness seemed to keep
on sliding inside her belly forever. His long youthful penis was
filling her more beautifully and completely than any adult man's
thicker and more brutal cock, and she lay in rapture beneath the
auburn-haired boy as he began to quench the gnawing hunger that had
been torturing her for so long.

Above his naked teacher, Wayne was lost in the delight of his first
sexual experience with a mature and experienced woman, and his youthful
face took on a contorted expression of raw animal lust as he gazed down
at her wantonly spread-eagled beneath him. The tip of his rampant young
cock was burying itself in the moistly rippling walls of her soft, warm
pussy, and the boy had a feeling of limitless power, unlike anything he
had ever experienced before. With a hoarse cry of excitement, he
pressed downward into Miss Frazer's willing belly, his weight smashing
her full rounded breasts tightly down upon her chest. He thrust his
leanly muscled hips forward and slid his long, lust-hardened penis deep
up into her cunt, pushing the moistly parting folds of her vaginal
walls in velvety waves before his attack. Joan could only moan in
delight as she felt his round young testicles bounce against the cheeks
of her upturned buttocks and the blunt head of his cock prod
deliciously against the sensitive tip of her cervix.

"Ohhhh yes! Oh yes, lover-boy!" she cried out in utter delight. She
kicked out her legs high into the air and locked them tightly around
the boy's tensely driving body. She gasped for breath at the erotically
searing sensations of Wayne's hard young shaft plunging fully into her
hot hungry pussy, and she began to grind her buttocks up and down in
the most provocative manner she knew how. She wanted desperately for
him to shoot his boiling fresh sperm far up inside her thirsty cunt,
and fill her as she had not been filled in nearly two whole years. This
afternoon, she and this wonderful boy would explore together all the
sexual delights that she had been trying so hard to suppress!
"Ahhhhhh!" she cried again, "Remember the film today and fuck me just
like that! Ahhhh!"

Wayne needed no second urging. A flash of recollection crossed his
mind, and he could see in his mind the young bridegroom bucking wildly
into the virginal pussy of his newly-wedded wife. In an effort to
duplicate the action, the boy ground his loins down into the squirming,
pliant flesh beneath him, fucking into his naked teacher with long and
hard strokings of his cock. She strained back under him, arching her
firmly fleshed buttocks up at him and lifting them both a couple of
inches off the squeaking bed. She twisted and turned under his
pounding, driving body, opening and closing her legs around his thighs
as she worked up and down in abandoned tempo. Her mouth gaped open wide
and her head flailed wildly from side to side driven almost insane by
the sensations she was feeling in every pore of her body.

"Ohhhhh, lover-boy! Gooood! Ohhhh, so fucking good! I knew you could do
it, darling! Ohhhhh yes! That's the way! You're such a good fucker,

She rotated her hips around the hardened pole of his impaling young
cock, her wetly clasping vagina dilating in time to his rhythmic
fucking up and down inside her. It felt to her as though he had his
heart embedded inside his pulsing cock-head, and that his youthful
flesh was blending into one with the flesh of her inner passage. She
was becoming one with his cock! She and her darling boy lover had
crawled inside her and had become one fleshy mass of electric sensation
with her, the two of them merging magically together by their unleashed
lewd passions. He was a part of her now; a thrusting, grunting, joy-
giving part of her!

The teenage boy could barely contain his joy as he felt her soft warm
buttocks screwing up against the length of his wildly throbbing
hardness. The tiny contracting muscles inside her cunt were nibbling
hungrily at his inflated cock-head, and the pulsing wet lips between
her hair-fringed slit were gripping tightly at his pumping shaft. He
buffeted harshly down against her black curly pubic hair, embedding the
full length of his slim young penis deep into her warm white belly with
every eager stroke.

Then he pulled his cock experimentally away and looked with eager
curiosity down between their naked bodies, resting still above his
teacher with his hands on either side of her shoulders. He watched in
wide-eyed wonderment as her quivering loins slid up and down at will on
his rigid penis that fused the two of them together. He could see the
slow withdrawal between them, the layered ridges of her moistly pink
flesh pulling out with his penis as she screwed her buttocks down into
the mattress. And then the soft folds would push back inside her and
the wetly glistening length of his cock was swallowed whole back into
her hungry vaginal mouth. He let her strain against him for another
moment, watching the utter abandon of her labors. And then he could
contain his own adolescent lust no longer. He renewed his long hard
strokes into the older woman's warmly sucking passage. He heard her
groans of salacious joy as the full throbbing length of his virile
penis rammed over and over into her eager flesh, and her sighs of
delight with each jack-hammer thrust his powerful young loins gave
against her trembling inner thighs. Man, this was better than it had
ever been with Sharla or even Lucy Hamilton! They were pigs who didn't
even wiggle their ass when he'd stuff his prick inside them. But this
was it! This was what it was all about! Crap, this was fucking! Real

Joan Frazer's womb flared and the elastic lips of her hair-lined furrow
flowered open to receive all of the delicious length the youthful boy
could give her. Her hands snaked around to his back and pulled him
closer and deeper, her nails clawing a red-streaked path down to his
flexing buttocks. She thrust her fleece-covered loins up hard to skewer
more of herself delightedly upon the driving hot flesh of his virile
young penis and matched his rhythm with bucking lunges of her own.

The rusty bedsprings squeaked loudly in time to the two tightly
entwined bodies struggling wildly against each other. The sounds of
deep straining groans and mewls filled the stifling air of the small
apartment, mingling with the noise of sweat-gleaming flesh and the wet
viscous sound of the boy's pile-driving hardness hammering in and out
of the teacher's cock-hungry cunt.

"Oh God, lover-boy, yes! Yes! I ... I'm going to cum, darling! I'm
going to cummmm!"

"I ... I'm going to cum too, Miss Frazer! I'm going to cum tooooo!"

"Ohhhhh, let's cum together, my precious little man! Let's cum-" And
then her words were stopped with a sudden, deep-throated cry:

Joan's body began to vibrate uncontrollably, and in the same instant
she could feel her insides splitting painfully apart as the head of the
boy's deeply sunk cock flared into a throbbing volcano. She could feel
the hot white liquid of his fresh young sperm shoot out inside her like
streams of molten lava. The wildly milking flesh of her cunt clasped
tightly around it, erupting in answer and secreting its own orgasmic
juices to mingle hotly with the boyish seed that was already drowning
the cavern of her love-starved quivering passage.

It was sending her out of her mind! "Oh fill me, lover boy! Fill me
up!" she cried incoherently. God, she never wanted to stop! Not ever!

She reached frantically around under her lewdly squirming hips with
both her hands and began to desperately milk at the youthful testicles
pressed into the crevice of her buttocks. Her legs kicked out and
quivered uselessly in the air on either side of the bed. The slim,
young penis continued to jerk its completion, and white wet cum flowed
from her throbbing cuntal hole and down over the boy's impaling cock
with sticky warmth. The trickles of their climactic fluids washed down
between the crevice of her globular buttocks and over his small, firm
testicles that were pulsing against her tightly puckering anus, and
soaked into the soft coverlet of the bed below. The hot walls of her
spasming pussy sucked at his pulsating penis hungrily, until the boyish
hardness at last gave one final spurt and the last drop of semen was
sucked from his empty balls.

The teenager collapsed across his teacher's naked body then, feeling
her insides still gushing forth around his rapidly deflating cock. They
both lay still, locked in the lewd embrace of love for seemingly
forever, though it actually was only a few minutes. And then the boy
rolled off her sweat-soaked flesh, noticing her breasts still heaved
from the effort of their orgasms. He wanted to say something to make it
nice but there was nothing he could think of. They presented a vivid
picture of youth and age and were really worlds apart, the only
equalizer between them now was laying limp and small between his

Joan stared up at the ceiling through dulled, waxen eyes, feeling her
flesh beaten, bruised, and thoroughly satiated. Well, she'd been
fucked, and fucked damned good. Her pubic area was throbbing with a
dull, continuous ache and her flesh was trembling from the sensations
which had risen to overwhelm her. Yet even though a sated euphoria
glowed within her, the tremendous passions of only moments before began
to slowly fade away, and her mind gradually returned to sanity. A wave
of guilt poured through her, along with temporarily forgotten pangs of
remorse and self-loathing. With deep humiliation she had to admit just
who she was and whose virile young penis had so recently been inside
the still gently throbbing lips of her vagina. She began to feel a deep
despair, a mental anguish born of a new resolve that what she'd allowed
to happen must never, never take place again, and a wretched fear that
perhaps it was already too late, and her momentary weakness will prove
to have been the beginning of her ruination in Montock ...

"Gee, I sure like fucking you, Miss Frazer," the Conroy boy finally
said in a cheerful, exuberant voice. "Best fuck I ever had!"

"What?" Joan said coldly. God! To him, she'd been nothing but a good
fuck, while he could very well ruin the rest of her life!

"I ... I just meant to say thank you," he stammered, stung by his
teacher's inexplicable change in tone of voice. "I ... I hope we can do
it again."

Joan placed the arm of one hand over her forehead, moving her head to
the obscene sight of her youthful lover's naked body and eager eyes. "I
think you'd better go now, Wayne," she told him in a flat, even voice.
"Hurry up and get dressed and leave here at once."

"Well, sure, Miss Frazer," the boy responded, hurriedly clutching his
scattered clothing. "But gosh, I don't understand. I thought you liked
me a lot! I thought that's why you let me fuck you."

"It should never have happened, Wayne," she said forcefully. "I thought
... well, I don't know what I thought, but it was a mistake." She was
afraid that if she should try to explain further, her own body would
begin to betray her again. "Please, just leave me alone, will you?"

"D-Didn't you I-like it, Miss Frazer?" he asked fearfully. His
vulnerable adolescent ego, already on the defensive because of their
differences in age, wilted at the humiliation of knowing he'd done his
damnedest and it hadn't been enough. "Didn't I make you happy?"

Joan saw the anguish in the handsome youth's expression and she
immediately felt sorry for him. It certainly had not been his fault
that had landed her naked in this predicament; she had raped him and it
genuinely had been just that: rape! But to tell him that he was the
beautiful lover he'd actually proven to be for her would only encourage
him to try again! She had a sinking feeling inside that if he should
try, she would probably have no more chance of stopping him than she
had had resisting her own lurid impulses!

Averting her gaze from the anxious look in his eyes, she slowly sighed,
hating herself more than ever. "It's ... not that, Wayne. You were
fine, but I'm so much older and more experienced, and--"

But the boy never stayed to hear the end of her explanation. Choking
back tears of humiliation, Wayne rushed from the bedroom and the naked
teacher he'd just finished fucking. Joan looked up as she heard the
loud slam of the front door closing, and then she lay back on the
pillow again. It was possible that she would never have to fight off
young Wayne again, she wishfully said to herself; maybe he had been
permanently discouraged from attempting to make love to her again, and
would be too ashamed to admit to any of his friends that he had been
with her and had failed. She felt the blood rising in her cheeks as
vivid memories of his virile body and her own lustful seduction came
rushing back to her, and she had to admit that truly he had been one of
the best lovers she'd ever had. He had come at her like a conquering
warrior once she'd got him started, and had devoured the spoils of his
victory like the young savage he was at heart.

Perhaps, the miserable woman teacher prayed, this would prove to be an
isolated instance and not lead to further problems. Time was a great
healer of wounds, and possibly in time Wayne would forget about what
had happened ... and she would learn to resist her own lewd desires.
She hoped with all her heart that eventually there would be nothing but
a minor scar on each of their souls to remind them that this had ever
happened between them. Perhaps ... But there was nothing she could do
about it now, except wait, hope, and pray ...

Chapter 4

Young Wayne Conroy was the only child of Montock's richest family. He'd
been coddled since birth by an over-protective mother, and had grown up
with the constant awareness of his father's position in the town and
the large farm-land holdings they owned throughout the county. In many
ways he had become an insufferable brat, able to get away with nearly
any rotten trick he tried, knowing that his parents would always be
able to pull him out of any fire he started.

It was not surprising, therefore, that Wayne Conroy did not forget
about his experience with his sex education teacher. Instead he brooded
about it that night, and all of Thursday and Friday until his mother
was afraid he was sick and tried to dose him with cod liver oil. He
brooded because his over-weaned pride had been severely wounded for the
first time in his budding life, unable as he was to understand Miss
Frazer's rejection of him after he'd fucked her until she had screamed
she was cumming. That she had turned him away because of an emotional
revulsion for herself never occurred to the boy, and if it had it
wouldn't have meant anything to him. Wayne cared little for the older
woman as a person; he didn't give much of a damn about anything except
his own fun and games.

His inflated ego had always demanded that he be the one who told a
chick "where to get off," and this time he'd been sent packing instead.
Hurt and bitter, he brooded ... and with his dark and vengeful thoughts
came the need to rebuild his fallen pride. The decency which Joan had
hoped was in the youth did not exist, but he'd not been able to think
of a proper way to lash back at her--not until that following Saturday
morning. It was then that he was with his young buddies, Mickey Hagen
and Knuckles Gerber, down in his basement where they were drinking some
of his father's beer. In a burst of adolescent bravado, he had soothed
some of the hurt he felt by bragging of his conquest, though he
naturally left out the part about Miss Frazer's sudden coldness and his
shameful departure ...

"Tell us again," Mickey asked, after he had become convinced that Wayne
actually had fucked her, sucking eagerly at the can of beer tilted to
his lips. "Tell us what Miss Frazer ... how she wanted you to screw!"

"Fuck me, lover-boy!" Wayne repeated proudly. "Fuck me harder! Fuck me

"God damn," Knuckles Gerber moaned, "she ever tell that to me, and I'd
shove my prick clear to her nostrils!"

"Hell, the woman would bite that cock of yours clean off with her
cunt," Wayne snorted derisively. "Takes a stud to satisfy pussy like
her, let me tell you. You better stick to Sharla, with her flat ass and
a snatch the size of a cow-flop. Ol' Miss Frazer is pure class, and
better than Sharla and Nancy put together!"

"Yeah?" Knuckles snapped back, his own pride slighted. "I could show
that broad more'n you did!"

"No way, man," Wayne responded. "I had her flyin' to the moon, begging
for more when I was through. I would've given her more, too, only I had
to get home before my ma laid an egg."

"Aw, I think you wuz only dreaming while jerking off in the bathroom,"
Mickey retorted. "Now my old man, he's got a pecker that hangs clear to
his knee-caps. I bet he could--"

"I tell you I did!" Wayne bellowed angrily. He snapped open another
beer and took a long, even swallow from the beer. Then he slammed the
can down on the cement floor. "In fact," he lied, "she wants me to slip
the meat to her again, any time I want!"

"Bullshit," Knuckles challenged, stabbing back for the insult he'd
received. "Somebody get the shovel; it's getting thick in here."

"Yeah?" Wayne, now smarting, continued his belligerency. "Well, how
much you want to bet me, wise-ass?"

"Hell, I'll betcha a case of this lousy green beer," Knuckles sneered
back at the boy.

"Where the devil are you going to get a case of beer?"

"Never you mind. I'll get it when you bang Miss Frazer again, and don't
you try to squirm out of it, either. Mickey here heard the bet, right?"

"The hell I am! I said I was, and I will," Wayne answered with more
confidence than he felt. "You better start roundin' up that beer,
that's all."

"How we going to know if you screw her, Wayne?" Mickey asked.

"Cause I'll tell you, that's how you'll know," Wayne Conroy answered

"Ain't good enough," Knuckles said, grinning. "I'll need proof, and I
mean more than a couple of hairs off some twat, too. No super-keen
broad like her wants to diddle around with young guys, I figure, so I
ain't payin' off no case of beer unless I'm there watching it happen
with my own two eyes."

"Watching?" Wayne scoffed, trying desperately to think of some way out
of the corner into which he'd talked himself. "You want to hide behind
her curtains or something and watch? That's the craziest--" And then
the boy stopped talking, his mouth clamping tightly over the rim of his
beer can. A devilish gleam came into his eyes, and a wicked little
smirk creased his lips as his brain churned with new-found

Mickey frowned at his companion. "What'cha thinking, Wayne?"

"I'm thinking that maybe you and Knuckles can do just that," Wayne
snickered lewdly. "I've got me the beginnings of a plan ..."

"Shit," Mickey groaned, his own eyes suddenly growing with a lusty
gleam. "I'd never be able to just look. I've got my own things I'd want
to do to that sweet little snatch of hers."

Wayne Conroy laughed. "Well, maybe that can be worked out, too."

"Yeah?" Knuckles leaned forward intently. "Then let's hear it."

"Well, keep your pants on and I'll tell you," Wayne Conroy said
importantly. He took another long swig of beer, feeling that now he was
the unquestioned leader again, and once more in control of the
situation. "First off, if the three of us take her on, she'll be
screaming bloody murder."

"I thought you said she liked it," Knuckles taunted, but with less
certainty than before not wanting to lose out in case Wayne was telling
the truth.

"Shut-up, you turd," Wayne snarled. "She loves cock okay, only she'll
be frightened at first. That's only natural with women, until they get
going. Remember when we gang-banged Lucy Hamilton the first time? She
set up a banshee wail that brought in the hogs for miles around, but
Jesus, after our first time 'round, she was screaming for more. That's
the way it'll be with Miss Frazer, I guarantee."

"Yeah, you might just be right," Mickey said, nodding his shaggy,
unkept head up and down. "But we took Lucy out in the woods in back of
her house, so nobody'd come a runnin'. How do we get Miss Frazer?"

"Yeah man, that's what I want to know," Knuckles added eagerly.
"What'cha got in mind--knock her out cold with a wrench or something?"

Wayne Conroy cast a glare at the other boy. "If you'll shut up for a
minute, I'll tell you," he growled.

Silence, except for the gulping of beer down young throats.

"Okay, now listen," Wayne continued. "If we took the rotor out of the
distributor of her car, it wouldn't run, right? And if it didn't run,
then she couldn't drive home after school, right? She'd have to walk to
her rooming house, and the shortest way ain't by the road, but by
cutting across old Ebenezer Treakle's farm."

"Yeah, that's how she'd go, I bet, across his back pasture."

"And she'd have to pass right by that old hay barn of his."

"Exactly," Wayne said, puffing out his chest. "All we gotta do is be
waiting for her, and when she comes along--pow!"

"Jesus, that's a beauty," Mickey said gleefully. "Ain't nobody goes
near that barn. She could yell all she wanted, and never be heard. When
you think we should do it, Wayne?"

"Monday! Monday we'll fix her car and then we'll fix her wagon, but

"Right on," Knuckles Gerber agreed heartily. "I'm all for it! Hell,
just thinking about getting into Miss Frazer's snatch gives me a bone
on a foot long! Monday it is!"

The three teenage boys, none of them over fifteen years of age, sat and
looked at one another with sly, animalistic grins contorting their
youthful faces. Lewd gleams were glittering hotly in their eyes,
telegraphing the images in their minds of how they were going to rape
their tight-assed, unsuspecting teacher day after tomorrow.

Greedy lust burned in Wayne Conroy's brain, and he was filled with the
desire to be ramming his impatiently puulsating hardness into Miss
Frazer's hot little cunt right then, right that goddamned minute. But
other thoughts were also swirling heatedly in his head, foul and bitter
thoughts of the revenge he was going to have upon the older woman come
Monday afternoon. The bitch! Make him out not to be man enough for her,
would she? Tell him she was going out of her mind for his prick, would
she-- and then throw him out after he'd fucked her half to death? Well,
just let her wait until he and Mickey Hagen and Knuckles Gerber got
through screwing her! She'd wish to hell she'd never treated Wayne N.
Conroy like he was a dirty sock full of shit!

Man, his pecker was hard as a board just thinking about it! His mouth
felt dry in spite of the beer he'd drunk, and small beads of sweat were
unconsciously forming on his brow. Just you wait a couple of days,
teacher, the boy thought maliciously. Just you wait, and then you'll
find out was a piece of ass is all about ...

* * *

Ozgood Blatherton was a small, rotund man, with a florid complexion and
heavy horn-rimmed glasses. He spoke in a dignified, pompous manner that
sounded oddly in the high-pitched tones of his voice. He wore heavy
woolen suits with matching vests no matter what the time of year, and
at the moment, his suit jacket was unbuttoned and he was leaning back
in his office chair, thumbs hooked in the arm sockets of his vest. It
was Monday afternoon and school was just over, but across from him sat
his sex education teacher, Miss Frazer.

"More complaints from the parents," he was saying to her in his most
professional dignity. "That committee headed by Mr. & Mrs. Conroy has
passed a petition this time, threatening court action if we continue
the sex education course."

"I hope ... I hope it isn't because of something I've done," Joan said
to him. She prayed that any anxiety which might be showing on her face
would be passed off as concern for the class, rather than betraying the
hidden guilt which was still festering from her sordid episode with
young Wayne. "I've tried to stay strictly within the guidelines you've
set," she added.

"No, no, it's not you, Miss Frazer," Blatherton said, waving his hand
in a gesture of unconcern. "Or rather, it's only the fact that you're
the one teaching it. I'm afraid the subject is simply an emotion-
causing matter over the heads of whomever considers himself a thinker
in Montock."

"Perhaps we should tone it down a little," Joan suggested, remembering
the erotic quality of the last film she'd shown.

"Wouldn't dream of it, my dear, wouldn't dream of it." The principal
smiled, causing his dentures to slip a little. With a quick maneuver of
his thick lips, he absentmindedly restored them into place. "Sex
education must continue as it's been going. I merely wanted to warn you
that greater pressure may be exerted on you, ah ... personally, if you
know what I mean."


"That is ... since the class itself cannot be stopped, the people who
are against it might attempt to prove its instructor is ah ... unfit to
teach it."

"Mr. Blatherton! I assure you that I conduct myself above reproach in
Montock!" Joan stared at him with all the righteous indignation she
could muster, a sinking feeling deep in her belly as she thought of
what Agnew Conroy would do if he found out his son had made love to
her. God! She'd be crucified!

"Don't misunderstand me, Miss Frazer," Blatherton said hastily. "I'm
sure you're a very moral person, and I can certainly say that I've
never heard a single word against you. I merely want to warn that no
matter how blameless you might be, this ... this committee might not be
above spreading unfounded but damaging rumors."

"Mr. Blatherton," Joan said primly, "I hadn't expected the assignment
to be easy when I accepted it. I will ignore any crude talk that may be
directed my way ... as I'm sure you will as well."

Within her heart a small spark of hope rapidly flared and she thought,
even if Wayne does talk, Mr. Blatherton will think it's all part of an
attempt to discredit me!

"That's the spirit of a true educator," the principal beamed behind his
thick glasses. "I'm very proud of how you're handling this more than
difficult situation, and I ..." He paused frowning slightly as he
studied her features. "Why, Miss Frazer you look white as a sheet. Have
I upset you that much?"

"Oh ... no, no Mr. Blatherton. It's just that I ... I haven't been
feeling very well all day."

"Oh dear," he said, almost apologetically. "The flu has been going
around now that winter's over. Perhaps you've come down with a touch of
that, do you think?"

"Yes ... Yes, I'm sure that's what it must be."

"Well, then we'll make this meeting short today, my dear. You get right
home and pop into bed." Blatherton advised, looking around as if he
were determining if any of her germs were coming his way. "Yes, that'll
be all for today, Miss Frazer. Dismissed!"

Joan left his office and walked down the now deserted halls of Montock
High to the exit. Her little Volkswagen was the only car left in the
parking lot, all the other teachers and students having left the moment
the last bell had rung; and Joan went quickly to her car, nervous to
leave the school behind. She climbed in and turned the key in the
ignition. Nothing happened! The car's starter cranked, but the engine
wouldn't run! Joan didn't know the first thing about how an engine
worked, and she was mystified that her car should suddenly stop
operating after it had run so well to the school that morning. Puzzled,
she got out and stared at it a moment, then sat back down inside it and
tried again. Still nothing!

Now the perplexed woman teacher was feeling irritated. Tight-lipped she
locked the car and looked all around her, wondering what she should do
to get home. She could go ask Mr. Blatherton for a ride home, but she
knew that he usually stayed until six o'clock or later, and she didn't
want to wait around until then. Moreover, she really didn't wish to
hear any more about her sex education class and the smearing gossip
which he'd indicated she could expect. She wanted to get back to her
apartment and a fresh bottle of brandy to still the aching thoughts
which had been tormenting her since last Wednesday.

The only solution was to walk, she supposed. The fastest way, she knew,
would be through Ebenezer Treakle's property, a diagonal line that
would bring her to the back edge of Montock where her rooming house
was, rather than the much longer route along the road. Farmer Treakle
didn't mind if people crossed his land, as that particular section
wasn't under cultivation at the moment and only contained a few old
milk cows. Besides, it was another beautiful spring afternoon, balmy
and bright with the promise of Easter, and the walk would probably do
her good.

Resigning herself, Joan smoothed her hands down over the thin pullover
sweater and short pleated skirt she was wearing, then took a deep
breath and headed for the edge of the school property. From there, a
narrow dirt path, bordered by knee-high grass and wild-flowers, wound
lazily through Treakle's pasture land. Returning robins chirped
sprightly in a few trees which clustered here and there on the rolling
meadowside, and occasionally Joan caught the rustle of grass or
whipping of a branch to show where some small animal had darted. Soon
she found herself beyond the sight of the tall school buildings or any
nearby houses. It was as if she was entirely alone in a world of
nothing but peaceful nature, and as she strolled along the pathway, the
worried young woman began to feel a little more relaxed and calm.

God knew she needed soothing, she told herself as she walked. Last
Thursday and Friday had been a continual living nightmare for her,
plagued by the fear that she'd run into young Wayne Conroy and he would
do or say something ruinous in a moment of boyish innocence. Monday
hadn't been any better, especially after a weekend spent cooped up in
her small apartment with nothing but her morbid thoughts to taunt her
constantly. But the Conroy lad had thankfully remained out of sight,
though Joan didn't know whether it was accidental luck or purposely
done by him. She only prayed that their paths would not cross for
another day until Wednesday's sex education course, the only class she
taught which had him in it. Hopefully by that time, they would both be
able to act as if nothing had happened between them. She wasn't sure
she could do that yet; she wasn't sure she could find the bravery
necessary then to face that seventh-period hour of hell ...

And Ozgood Blatherton's little lecture hadn't helped any, that was for
sure! God, listening to him warn of the impending threat of the
Concerned Parents Committee had indeed sent the blood rushing from her
head and turned her features pale as a ghost's. Her stomach tightened
itself into knots as she walked and remembered her own school days when
both boys and girls would brag of their sexual conquests: whether
they'd actually done them or not. High schools were rampant with
snickering stories and dirty rumors, but this time she realized she
wouldn't have a chance to defend herself. She could deny her seduction
of the boy until she was blue in the face, but the witch-hunting
citizens would latch onto the malicious talk like wolves upon a sheep.
The school authorities would think it was a lie, but they'd be the only
ones who believed. All young Wayne would have to do is say one small
word, and she'd be lucky to get out of Montock alive!

God, how utterly stupid she'd been to abandon herself to her molesting
lusts! Had she been a stronger person herself, and not allowed her own
corrupting passions to uncontrollably blind her, this horrible
nightmare would never have occurred! But it had, and she had to face up
to the fact that she had been completely and wantonly entranced by the
slim, virile youth and the delicious but depraved sensations he'd sent
coursing through her helplessly driven body.

She clenched her hands into so tight a pair of fists that her fingers
hurt as she continued to think of the depths of depravity to which she
had brought them both. The words she had made the boy use, and worse,
what she had aroused in him to do, made her inwardly cringe with shame
and guilt as she walked. God, if she could just erase that horrid
afternoon with Wayne in her apartment and replace it with something
else--anything but what she had done! Her eyes began to puddle,
blurring over her vision of the gently waving field which stretched
before her, but then she shook her head and stopped herself from
crying. There was a time for tears and a time for facing up to reality,
and there was no use for her to fool herself with wishful thinking. Her
pride, her stubborn and determined resolve to beat the molesting urges
which had ruled her life for so long, still fought desperately in her

But then, with a perverseness that made her tremble, another dark
recess of her brain brought forth another image of the event in her
bedroom last Wednesday afternoon. Joan felt the blood rising in her
cheeks as vivid recollections of the boy's youthful nakedness and her
own lustful performance drifted involuntarily back to her. The unwanted
mental images trickled through her mind, reviving a sudden tingling
between her inner thighs, until she was forced to squeeze them tightly
together as she walked along the path. She was still squirming her
buttocks in an effort to end the taunting sensations, when suddenly a
boyish voice called out: "Well, look-a-here. If it ain't our pretty
little sex teacher all by her lonesome in Ebenezer Treakle's pasture."

"Wh-what?" Joan said, startled as she came out of her concentrated
thinking. It was then that she saw that she was right beside a large,
dilapidated wooden barn, its roof half off and its interior filled with
dirty hay and cow manure. Beside the leaning doors were lounging Wayne
Conroy, Mickey Hagen, and Knuckles Gerber. She realized that it had
been Wayne who'd spoken so disrespectfully to her, but that all three
of the youngsters were watching her with boldly leering eyes.

"A-Aren't you boys an awful long way from your homes?" she asked, a
strange twinge of subconscious apprehension rippling through her belly.

"Naw," Mickey sneered, "we was waiting for you, Miss Frazer."

"Sonofabitch, she sure is worth waiting for, too," Knuckles chimed in.
"Just look at them knockers stick out from her sweater!"

"Hey, Miss Frazer, how about you and me goin in the barn and husslin' a
quickie before you go?" Mickey hooted lewdly at her.

Joan took a step backwards, a sinking sensation beginning to grip the
pit of her stomach as she heard the chorus of snickers and chortles
that came from the three young boys. "Wh-what's the meaning of this!,"
she managed to stammer in a slightly thickened voice. "Mickey, you
ought to be ashamed of yourself, talking to me like that!"

"Come off it, teacher," Wayne said contemptuously. "Don't try to
pretend you're stuck up. We all know you love a good fucking."

The blood drained from her face almost to the point of dizziness, and
she felt her legs begin to buckle beneath her. Oh, dear God! He'd told
them! He's bragged about making love to me, and now there's no hope of
concealing the truth! Oh God, what am I going to do ...?

"Right on, man," Knuckles chuckled, his leer spreading wider over his
thick-lipped homely face. "That's what I hear tell, and I bet it's

"And you know something?" Mickey added with his own lascivious grin, "I
think we should find out for ourselves, and that's a fact!"

Oh no! Joan thought, her mind blanking rapidly from sensible reasoning,
her simple dread of a moment before giving way to that of rising panic.
She heard more snickerings from the trio as she gaped from one to the
other of the youthful, lust-contorted faces, and the fate they had in
store for her became as obvious to her as the sunlight of the

Suddenly her stomach-gripping terror turned to sheer panic, and she
wheeled from them and broke into a desperate run across the field. She
pulled her skirt up to her thighs and ran as fast as she could, but her
high-heeled shoes impeded her speed, and she was unable to shake them
off without losing her stride.

"Get her!" she heard Wayne Conroy shout from the barn behind her.
"Don't let her run away now!"

"Hot damn, she's a fast piece of tail," Mickey called out.

"Yeah, just look at them boobies bounce!" Joan heard Knuckles say in a
puffing voice behind her. He was so close that she could almost feel
his breath down her neck. She strained harder, trying to run faster and
escape the coarse, horrible teenagers behind her. There was not one
single doubt in her mind of what was going to happen to her if she were
caught, and the thought made her run even faster. Her breath was coming
in small gasps now, and her legs felt as though her muscles would turn
to rubber, but she kept her eyes straight ahead and looked pleadingly
over the empty meadow in search of safety.

A hand reached out and grasped at her long dark hair that was flowing
in a breeze behind her. It missed, but then the hand grabbed again, and
she was pulled up sharply like a lassoed steer and thrown roughly to
the ground.

"Help me! Oh please somebody help me!" she screamed at the top of her
voice. "Help! Help!"

"Shout all you want, Miss Frazer," Wayne snarled, "but it ain't going
to do you any good. You can yell your lungs out, and there ain't a soul
around to hear you! Unless you think some cows will come runnin' to
your rescue!"

She looked up from where she lay sprawled upon the soft and matted
grass, shaking her head slowly as she gazed fixedly into his pitilessly
glaring eyes. Her brain struggled for the proper words of entreaty, but
at last all she could manage to stammer was: "Pl ... please, Wayne ...
My God, don't ... don't do anything to me. I ... I beg of you, don't

"Why, Miss Frazer, you're getting yourself all upset for nothing," he
said in a cruelly mocking tone. "Now, you just think how much you
wanted me to fuck you last week, and how you loved my prick after I got
it inside you, remember?"

Joan heard the laughing grunts of agreement and fought to hold back her
tears. Dear God, she wouldn't give the boy the satisfaction of seeing
her cry on top of everything else. She understood it all now, for it
was obvious that he was doing this to her because of the frigid way
she'd treated him last Wednesday! The irony of it all! Her one small
act of decency had backfired in her face, and in all honesty she had to
admit that she couldn't much blame Wayne for paying her back.
Retribution was never kind, and now she was about to receive her
earnings from him and his wolfish pals. But God, there were three of
them! One she might have been able to even learn to desire ... but
three young boys all at the same time!

"Please, Wayne, I ... I'm sorry about ..." She faltered, seeing in his
eyes that to confess about his supposed inadequacy would only make
matters worse for her. She gulped heavily. "I just can't--"

"Yes, you can. You can and you will!" He grinned down at her. "Take her
to the barn, you guys, and let's get the fucking party started!"

Both Mickey and Knuckles had her from behind now, and they forced her
to her feet and began to prod her back in the direction of the decrepit
hay shed. The door leaned on one hinge, and squeaked as they thrust her
stumbling through the opening and into the murky shadows of the barn.
Joan's dark eyes were wide with terror, and her mouth twisted with a
soundless scream that was choked silent by the fear that welled thickly
in her throat. Oh God, she prayed silently, don't let it happen like
this. Please don't let it happen ...!

"Okay, put her down on the straw there, where it's nice and comfy,"
Wayne commanded his friends, and Knuckles grabbed her shoulder and
threw her callously down upon the hay. Wayne leaped on top of her,
pressing tighter down into her, and she was forced to sprawl with her
face to the floor. The hay smelled of earth and mold and cow urine with
a permeating odor that made her gag for air.

Joan could feel Wayne's loins pressed tightly into the curve of her
buttocks from behind, and his face was pressed into her hair. She
winced slightly in spite of the pain of her position, for now she was
able to smell the beer that was heavily upon the boy's hot breath.
They'd all obviously been drinking, even though she hadn't seen any
liquor yet. She tried to move, moaning a protest into the hay beneath
her as she felt the savage boy insert his knee into the unprotected
crevice between her thighs and pry her legs apart. She fought with all
her might, but there was no stopping his cruel and relentless pressure.
He had the leverage and the strength, and soon her inner muscles tired
as she felt them being painfully pushed slightly open. The boy's
hardened penis, trapped painfully under the tightness of his blue
jeans, pressed hard and intimately into the upraised junction of the
soft underside of her thighs.

"Hey, anybody want another beer?" Mickey said thickly from above her.

"Hot damn, that's a fine idea," Wayne answered as he pulled his loins
back slightly from his teacher's trembling upraised buttocks, and the
boy laughed drunkenly as he reached over to grab the proffered can.
Joan could feel droplets of the yeasty-smelling liquid falling to the
back of her neck as it dribbled from the corners of his mouth. "Hey, I
think I'll give some to Miss Frazer!" Wayne said. "After all, this here
party's in her honor!"

He laughed again and lifted her head by the hair, thrusting the opening
of the beer can to her lips. She clenched her mouth tightly shut in a
vain attempt to ward off the warm, stale liquor, but Wayne pressed
harder, forcing her mouth open. The beer flowed down both sides of her
mouth, with only about half of it going down her throat; she coughed to
keep from choking, but with each cough there was a further pressure on
the can, forcing more and more down the narrow confines of her throat.

"Man, you better pop another can, Mickey," Wayne chortled as the last
of the beer was swallowed defensively. "She's a guzzler."

Another can was opened, and it began to make the rounds among the three
young boys and their older woman teacher. Between his turns at the
beer, Wayne let his hands play over the smooth rounded contours of
Joan's buttocks, and in spite of the slowly dulling effects of the beer
she drank, the captive teacher still tried hopelessly to squirm away.
But the slow seductive movement of her hips crushing back into the
hardness of his loins only succeeded in sharpening his desire for her.

"I'm going to fuck her now," Wayne hissed with a coarse impatient tone
in his voice.

"Oh God, please don't! Don't do it to me!" she whimpered. "Not like
this, Wayne. You can't."

"Like hell I won't!" he intoned down at her hoarsely. "First off is got
to be her dress ..."

Wayne reached down to her knees and jerked at the skirt bunched beneath
her on the dirty straw. There was a low tearing noise as it suddenly
ripped loose, fanning up the full length of her firmly full thighs to
her slender waist and exposing the rounded panty-covered cheeks of her
fearfully cringing buttocks. Wayne gasped and wriggled the useless
piece of cloth from beneath her, throwing it to one side impatiently.
"Okay, now one of you guys pull her sweater up over her head while I
hold her steady."

Joan could only groan in anguish as she felt a hardness from Knuckles'
crotch rising beside her face. He was kneeling down in front of her and
following Wayne's instructions, pulling her thin pullover sweater up
over her waist and to her neck, where he suddenly gave a vicious jerk
and freed the sweater from her head.

Mickey, in his rising excitement, was roving his hands over her back
that was now bare all the way down to her flimsy pair of tautly
stretched panties. The smooth velvet softness of her skin was only
broken by the thin white straps of a brassiere that laced across her
back, but then Knuckles leaned over her with his hands and worked
clumsily at the little hooks of its clasp. Now Joan could feel a small
wet circle of the Gerber boy's seminal fluid seeping through the crotch
of his pants from the hardness of his penis. It felt warm and sticky
against her cheek and, as he worked at her brassiere, he pushed her
face tighter into his crotch until she almost lost her breath. Suddenly
the brassiere snapped apart, and her full round breasts, large and
resilient, fell swayingly free.

She gasped as he pulled the piece of underwear from around her body and
the two mounds of softly warm flesh came into hard contact with smelly
hay of the barn. Her nipples sprang into hardness, their tiny bud-like
tips throbbing from the coarseness of the straw.

Wayne's eyes gleamed with inflamed desire as his shaking hands smoothed
up along the sides of her nakedly quivering body and cupped her ripe
dangling breasts underneath. He pulled and squeezed them harshly for a
moment and then with sudden impatience, he drew his hands down again to
the elastic band at the top of her little nylon panties. He hooked his
fingers into the material and with a slow methodical certainty, began
to peel them down over the curves of her hips.

His teacher moaned as she felt the last of her protective clothing
being removed from her shamed and frightened body. Her buttocks
quivered convulsively from the terrifying thought of what was going to
happen to her in just a few more minutes, and even the deadening
effects of the beer could not protect her mind from the horrible truth
that there was nothing she could do to save herself. The three young
boys were far too strong for her to fight, and even if she did escape,
there would be no place she could go. Her doom had been sealed the
moment she had begun to seduce young Wayne Conroy in her room. Oh God,
if only she had been able to stop herself then! If only she had treated
the boy better so he would have kept their lurid secret!

A hundred "if onlys" tumbled through her tortured mind when suddenly
she was brutally pulled up into a kneeling position, with her face
again pressed tightly into Knuckle's loins. Her breasts ached as they
were squashed hard and heavy to the dirty straw floor.

Wayne peeled the flimsy white panties from the half-moons of her
buttocks, and when the silky material caught at the juncture of her
belly and thighs, he gave an impatient jerk, tearing them from her in
useless threads. He laughed, holding the tattered remnants up in the
air, and then pushed them tight into the wide-eyed face of Knuckles
Gerber, who was staring in enraptured concentration from his kneeling

"Here, pal, smell a little pussy perfume." The Conroy youth snickered
at the lust-crazed gaze that flickered through the other boy's eyes.
"While you're doin' that, I'm going to earn my case of beer!"

"Shit, it'll be worth a case," Mickey croaked from beside them. "I'll
chip in half, Knuckles, if I can take Miss Frazer next!"

"Go suck an egg," Knuckles snapped back at Mickey. "It's my bet, so I'm
fucking her after he does. Hurry up, Wayne, hurry up, so's I can, or my
balls are going to explode!"

Joan cringed from the obscene conversation. God, she was being
auctioned off like she was a whore! Her price was a case of beer, no
more than a gutter slut off the street could get! And then she heard
the harsh metallic sound of a zipper being opened in haste behind her,
and the smooth warm pressure of a slender young penis pressing against
the tender backsides of her thighs. She could feel the boy's stickiness
where moistly warm seminal fluid seeped from the hardened blunt tip of
his cock.

"Ohhhhh, please ... please no, don't do this to me," she pleaded
through her tears of shame and humiliation. She could feel his hands
begin kneading nervously and stretching the open and unprotected twin
mounds of her buttocks. Her nakedly kneeling body jerked up as she felt
his thumbs on either side of them spreading them wider and wider. "No,
please! Oh, Wayne, please don't!"

"You called me your 'lover-boy' last time," the youth retorted cruelly.
"I was your lover-boy and precious little man, remember? Huh, Miss
Frazer, you remember?"

"Ohhhhhh!" Joan mewled in mortification, jerking forward when his
outstretched middle finger thrust between her thighs and into the soft
protective folds of tender flesh surrounding her vagina. His fingers
searched impatiently for a moment, and then found their velvety target.
She cringed before his brutal touch, the soft resilient cheeks of her
buttocks hardening and clenching tight together in an effort to trap
his probing hand between them.

"Hold her, Knuckles, she's fighting me," Wayne gasped, twisting his
hand to pry her buttocks open again. "Man, she's tight today!"

"Maybe she ain't never been fucked before," Knuckles said to tease his
friend. "Maybe Miss Frazer's a virgin."

"She's a virgin like I'm the Queen of Sheba," Wayne retorted as he
pushed his arm forward to break the grip that her buttocks had on his
hand. "She's just giving me a bad time on account of having to fuck you
next, that's all." He gave one final hard push and Joan felt the last
of the desperate strength she had mustered in her terror give way. Her
naked body shuddered and she moaned as his finger wormed its way into
her defenselessly open vaginal slit. She clenched her teeth tightly in
a vain attempt to drown out the hurt and despair that slipped through
the shattered remains of her sanity. A helpless muffled groan of
exhausted surrender came from deep inside her chest. Every muscle in
her twisted, nakedly kneeling body had reached the ultimate breaking
point, and mentally reduced by her shame and sense of sinful guilt, she
could no longer find the slightest strength to even protest against the
crude fondling of her genitals.

She gasped and held her breath as she felt the warming fingers of the
boy enlarge and stretch the involuntarily lubricating walls of her
pussy, until with a grunt of lust, he removed them from her with a
wetly sucking sound. He squirmed behind her, his hand now wrapped
around his lust-hardened penis as he guided it slowly and deliberately
forward between the moist pink fringes of her hair-lined cunt. She
cringed forward again, her face contorted in fearsome dread as she once
more felt Wayne Conroy's blood-enlarged cock-head move up and down in
the wet widespread valley of her vagina, and part her curly black pubic
hair as he searched for her cuntal hole. God, how different this was
from last time! she moaned tearfully to herself. How different this
hell was from the heaven it had been before!

"Hold her tight! I'm shoving it in!" he told the bug-eyed Knuckles,
whose arms bulged already from the pressure he was placing on his older
teacher's arms. Mickey hung his face close to Joan's quivering
backside, gasping at the scene with tiny streams of spittle dripping
from the corners of his slackened mouth.

Joan whimpered aloud as she felt the first searing contact of his
heatedly pulsating penis against the cringing lips of her cunt, and as
the slow agonizing entrance of the boyish cock began. "God what a
pussy!" she heard Wayne gasp from behind her. Simultaneously she felt
the warmly wettened walls of her vagina slip over his youthful hardness
for this, the second time. He continued to shove his loins forward and
his long, rigid penis speared into the helplessly struggling woman
without mercy, racing into her like a whirling drill bit that was
boring through the depths of her belly and smashing all before it. And
then suddenly, his pelvis smacked tight into her upraised buttocks with
a hard, sharp slap of flesh.

Joan's muffled groans of pain and humiliation went unheeded and unheard
as he reached forward with both hands and grasped her by her shoulders,
pulling her naked body back tight against him. His long virile cock was
sunk to its fullest depth in her quivering white belly as she felt the
hardness of its head press tightly against her sensitive cervix. There
was no longer reason to struggle or fight anymore, even if she had had
the strength. Her body went limp, and she felt the strong young penis
deep inside her vagina begin to saw in and out with merciless strokes.
Her muffled sobs and groans mingled piteously with his gasps of
passion, while his hands ran down under the fullness of her dancing
breasts which were brushing against the straw below with every cruel,
hard thrust the boy made into her.

"Jesus Christ!" Mickey swore as his bulging eyes watched the long
length of his buddy's wetly glistening cock piston into his teacher's
luscious white behind. His mouth gaped wider at the salacious spectacle
of the ragged pink folds of pussy flesh wetly clinging like a baby's
mouth around Wayne's violently thrusting prick.

Knuckles was gripped as well by the obscene pageant of his nakedly
kneeling teacher being lewdly fucked with a powerfully surging rhythm,
and he was filled with a crazy urge to reach forward himself and fondle
her soft, hair-lined pussy lips. But he was a little afraid that his
buddy might object, and so he continued to hold Miss Frazer down to the
evil-smelling straw.

Wayne pumped into Joan from behind like she was a bitch in heat,
squeezing all around her soft, jogging buttocks. His fingers dug
cruelly at her tiny cringing anus, and then, they jerked forward again
to clasp her hips and pull her back limply over his rampaging pole of
flesh while he skewered and rammed into her with increasing
abandonment. His body was now a ball of sheer untamable flesh that had
unleashed itself completely against the squirming mature flesh in front
of him. He savagely wanted to break Miss Frazer's will and feel her
squirm while she mewled out her defeat beneath him. That would be the
ultimate revenge; this proud woman who had repulsed him so completely
suddenly turning animal and losing all control over herself, forgetting
who she was and where she was, and all but the overpowering need to be
fucked by his cock until she couldn't move again. The thought raced
through his youthful loins like an electric shock, and he increased the
speed of his long, hard thrusts between the full swaying moons of his
teacher's proud white ass.

As his rigidly long virility increased its penetration of the moist
warm cuntal flesh which was so tightly wrapped around it, Joan began to
realize that against her will her body was slowly beginning to respond.
Tears of frustration brimmed in her eyes as she felt the control of her
senses slowly slipping away from her. She had vowed that no matter what
these cruel tormenting boys would do to her, she would never allow her
flesh to betray her sexual nature, but the sheer hopelessness of her
position and the brutal fucking of her sensitive loins were becoming
more than she could resist!

Her proud firm breasts began to throb involuntarily, and her toes
squirmed beneath the obscene attack as though she were sprinting to get
away from the brutal rape. The captive young teacher groaned aloud,
crying as she prayed that she could halt her weakening control, and not
give in to these animalistic youths. She couldn't give them that final
satisfaction, too! She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and fought it
with all her might, but gradually, inexorably, her nakedly kneeling
flesh was changing into a mass of nerve-tingling sensations. The
familiar waves of lewdly delightful pleasure began creeping forcefully
through her, and her sobs of humiliation and torture tapered off into
deep groans of unwanted arousal. Dear God! She had to fight it with all
of her strength! She must not give in as she had last Wednesday to the
darling young boy above her! She mustn't let him win! She mustn't! She

Yet she felt the fire inside her was growing even hotter, and she
groaned in bitter submission, knowing it would only be a few more
minutes before she surrendered her soul as well as her flesh to the
youthful tormentor above. In desperation, she began to undulate her
buttocks slavishly around the teenager's skewering hardness, fucking
back against him to end it, fucking back to draw his hot, fresh semen
from it before it was too late for herself.

She could sense Wayne was near completion and she gripped him tighter
between her thighs, rotating her hips and bucking back in time to his
long, hard thrusts into her vagina. Cum ... Oh God, please cum ... her
tormented mind droned on senselessly, the very helplessness of her
position excusing away the weird masochistic sensations which were
building in her belly. As her warm wet muscles clasped tight around his
hard-driving cock, Wayne threw back his head with a wild shout, and his
lewd young sperm shot like a fire hose up into his teacher's vaginal
passage. Joan gurgled as she felt him empty his still-not-yet-mature
loins with spurt after spurt of fiery cum, filling her womb and belly
to the bursting point.

And then there was nothing. The end had come so suddenly and so
completely that Wayne pitched forward in total exhaustion along the
length of her, flattening Joan to the ground again with her legs
splayed out on either side, her feet curling in the moist smelly hay.
The young student lay atop her, breathing harshly, unable to move.

Joan lay gasping and choking as she felt all of her naked flesh and
full rounded breasts squashed tight to the straw beneath her. Her
humiliation and fear came rushing back to her, and then came another,
more horrible thought that made her quiver uncontrollably from head to
toe. There were the two other boys! Oh God, there were the others!
Would she be able to withstand them? It had been so close, so damnably
close with young Wayne just now--did she have the willpower to fight
their savage assaults upon her unwilling body as well, or would she
surrender in total, unforgivable abandonment?

Chapter 5

"Get offa her, man," Knuckles Gerber pleaded. "Lemme at that hot bitch
now, will you?"

"Wait a minute," Wayne panted in reply. "Christ, give me a chance to
get my breath back."

"That ain't fair," Mickey whined. "I've got to wait for thirds, you
know ... and you've already won your case of beer."

"Awww ..." their teenage leader said, but he slowly began to remove his
weight from the prostrated weeping nakedness of his teacher.

As he lifted, Joan could feel his deflating penis slipping wetly from
her cuntal passage, and a cool breeze of springtime air rushed with a
soothing swirl around the wetly glistening pink lips and matted pubic
curls which surrounded her violated pussy. She began to tremble from
the sudden obscene exposure of her body to the lewdly staring boys in
the barn, and clamped her legs tightly together in an attempt to hide
the throbbing, tingling crevice lying between her thighs.

"Ain't going to do you no good, Miss Frazer," Knuckles Gerber snickered
down at her. "I plan to widen that white ass of yours something fierce!
Shit, you're the first real woman I've ever fucked, you know that?"

Joan froze as she heard his callous, lewd remarks, and then she looked
upwards as the boy released her arms and stood up. He was gaping down
at her with unadulterated admiration and desire at the full, lush
curves of her proud woman's body being exhibited before him.

"I told you Miss Frazer was better'n the girls we've laid," Wayne said
proudly. He stood defiantly, reveling in the control he held over his
teacher and the other boys. It was the supreme moment of leadership for
him, and as he stood there, a contemptuous smirk slowly crossed his
handsome lips. "Go ahead, Knuckles, fuck her."

"Yeah. Lemme get my pants off first. Knuckles stepped back and unzipped
his trousers, while Mickey quickly stripped himself naked nearby.
Clothing was strewn in all directions, until at last the other two boys
were as nude as Wayne. Joan shuddered with unwanted eroticism, while at
the same time she vainly tried to control the tingling passion which
had begun when Wayne was thrusting into her, and which was still
creeping unwillingly over her. She gasped, the breath catching in her
throat as she caught her first full sight of young Knuckles Gerber's
penis, for now she understood where he'd earned his nickname! The
youth's thick, erected shaft of flesh had a peculiar bend in it, like a
"knuckle" of a finger. It was not only larger than Wayne's cock in
physical size, but would painfully stretch the insides of any woman's
cunt with every slide of its hook-like shape! Dear God ... even the
sight of Mickey Hagen's long and slender penis, the smallest of the
three, sent chills of apprehension through her, yet the utterly obscene
abuses they intended to commit upon her defenseless body were setting
off a churning lewd excitement in her loins and belly that she couldn't
seem to stop! God ... they'd bartered her off like a common whore, and
maybe she was one after all ...!

Knuckles moved behind her, as Wayne had moments before, and gazed down
with eyes bulging wide in hot uncontrolled desire at the full white
moons of her buttocks trembling in sacrificial offering to him. God, he
had never seen anything like it! His balls tingled and ached, and he
longed to thrust forward into the narrow teasing slit that was coyly
being hidden from his rapacious view. "Get up on your knees again, Miss
Frazer," his voice husked down at his teacher. "Come on, get that ass
of yours up in the air!"

Joan tried to stiffen her nakedly cowering body and press tighter to
the straw, bitter tears of anguish and pain running down her cheeks and
wetting the smooth hot skin of her face. She felt the young boy drop
behind her and slowly, relentlessly force her knees apart with a rough
pressure that scraped the tender backsides of her thighs and calves.
One of his hands tightly gripped the soft flesh of her narrow waist and
pulled her hips powerfully up off the ground, while his other hand
pressed hard behind her neck to keep her breasts and face pushed
harshly down into the dirty hay.

Her nakedly white buttocks waved high off the ground behind her, and
she lay in her kneeling position, all thoughts of resistance gone. She
had an urge to somehow turn her head back and look at him to show her
defiance, but there was no strength left in her now. There was no sense
in further prolonging the inevitable rape she was to be subjected to
again. Let him take me, damn it! ran through her tortured and dazed
mind. Let them all rut into my beaten body ... but they would not, must
not, conquer her soul as well!

Kneeling behind her, Knuckles ground his thick, young cock around in
the narrow white crevice of her buttocks, pressing the softly quivering
cheeks of flesh around it to enclose it like the fitting of a warm,
fur-lined glove. Then he leaned forward and planted a warm, wet kiss
with his thick rubbery lips along the standing ridges of her spine,
feeling her quiver beneath him. She groaned slightly as her mature body
shook and trembled from the moist contact at her loins and back.

Knuckles dropped both his hands to her full rounded buttocks, placing
his thumbs on either side of the soft resilient cheeks and pressing out
gently. The unexpected change from pain and brutality to one of
tenderness and caress along her inner thighs caught her off guard in
spite of her resistance. She had geared her mind to the fighting of
torture and humiliation, and not this softness and pleasure. Joan
shivered slightly as the boy continued his gentle pressure, and her
muscles which had been so keyed against an expected assault
involuntarily relaxed in loose tranquillity.

Knuckles' face was crouched on the same level with the thin pink folds
of flesh that covered her vagina and, as he watched with gleaming eyes,
they slowly parted of their own volition to the guiding motion of his
thumbs. He could see all of her soft smooth cunt and the glistening
moisture of her secretions upon her inner flesh for with the easing of
the pain and the fatigue of her resistance, she had let her buttocks
slip wider and wider apart.

Knuckles, grinning lewdly, breathed hard and blew softly into her. She
squirmed and he could hear a faint groan slipping from between her now
open lips. She tried to move slightly, but her movements were not those
of escape or fear but of reflex from the feather-like touch of his
hands and breath against the tenderness of her unprotected flesh.

With a sudden lewd expression, the youth raised his head to press his
face into the perfumed wetness of his teacher's vaginal slit. She
squirmed slightly and he tightened his hands on her buttocks so that
she could not slip away from his grip, and then with one quick rush of
his thick pink tongue, he thrust forward between the warm moist folds
of her defenseless cunt. The adolescent heard her gasp from the sudden
unexpected entry into her tenderly spread pussy, and he pressed his
mouth still closer to wetly kiss the whole of her exposed cuntal
crevice. He began curling and flicking his spearing tongue, sucking and
licking crazily while her heated vaginal passage involuntarily
contracted tightly around the long smooth length of his tongue.

"Ohhhhhh," Joan whimpered into the straw, half in shame, half in
encouragement, at the dewy, tantalizing kisses being lavished on the
hair-lined slit up between her legs. Every muscle in her lushly naked
body tautened at the wet licking at her open loins, while soft escaping
sighs of unwanted delight arose from her constricted throat. She tried
to fight her lewd responses, but the exquisite sensations pursued and
tantalized her tender flesh relentlessly. She sensed that she was
gradually losing the last remaining ounce of restraint, and her naked
body was approaching the state where nothing would matter except to
kneel in masochistic bliss to the rapacious punishments to which she
was surrendering herself. The lewd admission of her complete defeat
made her squirm her buttocks back against the sucking mouth to punish
herself still more.

"Goddamn!" the open-mouthed Mickey Hagen gasped. He watched with
disbelieving eyes as she groaned and twitched spasmodically beneath his
buddy's orally fucking tongue that was lashing into her swollen pussy.
Shit! He could see every full, rich detail of Knuckle's lips in her
fleshy, parted snatch! Ol' Miss Frazer was going wild from his face
buried in her wetly pink cunt and licking madly away. Man, this was
tooooo much! He took his hand and wrapped his sweaty fingers around the
throbbing shaft of his hotly aching prick, beginning to stroke his
youthful hardness lightly in time to the slavishly flicking tongue that
was sliding into her upturned vaginal slit.

Knuckles worked slave-like behind the kneeling woman, his tongue
withdrawing and plunging, withdrawing and plunging, making wet sluicing
sounds with each wicked thrust. Joan's cries were one long low
continuous moan now as he withdrew his lashing tongue from the insides
of her warm clasping vagina and found the hard, throbbing little
clitoris with his lips. He pushed his face farther into her teeth while
wantonly she writhed and churned her buttocks above him in an unwilling
dance of lewdness.

"Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!" Joan chanted, her body completely out of control
and her mind rapidly approaching that same point from the delicious and
obscene sucking of her cunt. With a lewd and smug satisfaction, the boy
behind her could feel the muscles of her buttocks hollowing and
contracting around the sides of his cheeks as he licked and sucked at
her pussy with a greedy untamed animal lust that threatened to drive
them both completely insane with desire.

The older woman's cunt flowered involuntarily wider and her moistness
increased with each further second that his sucking mouth worked at her
widespread loins. Her secretions ran in warm wet trickles down the
sides of the youth's cheeks as he pressed tightly into the softness of
her smoothly grinding buttocks which were enclosing his face in

"Uhhhhhhh," she grunted deliriously as he moved his voracious young
mouth deeper into her vagina, expanding the pinkly swollen lips with
every searing lick he took. Oh God, how this boy was debasing her;
treating her like a common whore he had bought for a case of beer! The
strange masochistic pleasure rippled through her fevered flesh again.
She wanted to be destroyed by him; she wanted to be fucked and sucked
until she could never walk again! The lewd subjugation of her
helplessly kneeling form was driving her wild with lust-incited

"Ohhhhhhh, yes, you little bastard!" she suddenly heard herself chant
uncontrollably through passion-contorted lips. The obscene rhythm of
the skewering tongue in her cunt was simply too much for her to resist
despite her fervent prayers and vows! "Suck me, lover boy! Eat my

Knuckles heard her dirty words and felt the wild abandoned tempo of her
body; and his long bent cock ached from the anticipation to ram it into
her lushly throbbing moistness. With some difficulty he slithered to
his knees and worked his hips toward the now wetly glistening opening
of her buttocks from behind. He held his virile penis tightly between
his fingers with its blunt, blood-filled head poised at the pulsating
hot opening of her cunt. He watched with lust-gleaming eyes as her tiny
wet pussy lips contracted and throbbed around the hair-fringed edges
like the gasping mouth of a fish, and he felt a small dewdrop of
seminal emission forming slowly on the end of his painfully aching
penis. He had to have his lovely teacher now or it would be too late!
He couldn't hold back another instant!

He moved forward, slipping as far up between her wide-splayed thighs as
he could possibly go, and guided his odd-shaped cock forward between
the warm soft folds of her moistly swollen pussy. He groaned, feeling
that never in his entire fifteen years had he had anything so soft and
tender around his heatedly pulsating shaft. Trapped between the
delicious layers of wet, ready flesh, the lewd contact of his slightly
curved hardness pressed into defenselessly quivering buttocks incited
him to uncontrollable lust. Knuckles flexed his youthful loins, feeling
all his frustrations, built up since Saturday and the plans for this
very moment had first been made. Suddenly, unable to control himself
any longer, he surged forward into the warm velvety flesh of the
groaning older woman in front of him. He gasped aloud through the
silence of the crumbling barn as he felt the tight hot walls of her
contracting pussy abruptly slip over and enclose the lust swollen head
of his rock-hard shaft.

"Ahhhhhhh" Joan moaned, not from pain, for there was none. She was wet
and open and eagerly expecting, and he slid into her easily from the
warm moist secretions that had flowed from her shamelessly aroused
vagina a moment ago. Now, though, she moaned from the sudden and
degrading realization that she was hopelessly trapped in Farmer
Treakle's barn, with the cruel hands of the two naked boys around her
and the rampaging young cock of a third skewering into her from behind.
And worse, she was no longer merely bowing to inevitable rape, but was
obscenely wallowing in abandoned pleasure to her subjugation and the
debasing ravishment of her body. She had lost her battle against the
lewd sensations, and rising flames of desire were engulfing every inch
of her naked flesh. Even the agonizing thought of her total surrender
was sending chills running along the base of her spine as she felt the
savage rhythm of the young boy's odd-shaped penis beginning to skewer
smoothly into her cunt. There was no respite, the intrusion deep inside
her dilated pussy growing and expanding before his uncontrolled
assault. She felt the heavy weight of his muscular loins crushing down
hard against her buttocks, sweeping them wider and wider apart as he
sank his eagerly jerking hardness as deep inside her hungry white belly
as far as he could go.

But this was still not enough for the lunging teenager. He raised his
hand high in the air as he continued the powerful in and out strokes he
had established, and brought his open hand down hard against her
defenselessly upraised buttocks. The flat smack of flesh against flesh
echoed like a rifle shot through the barn with Joan's startled scream
also shattering the silence.

"Move your ass, Miss Frazer!" he hissed behind her. "Move that lush ass
of yours good!"

Joan complied without hesitation. Her buttocks rotated as she let
herself follow his rhythm, grinding and twisting her hips back against
his virilely driving cock as though she were glued to it.

"Come on, shake it, teach!" Knuckles gasped through his tightly
clenched teeth as he felt her reacting to his hands digging into her
gyrating loins. "Shake it! Shake it!"

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" she exclaimed over and over as she bucked beneath in
answer to his commands. She could feel him thrusting more sadistically
now, the sight of her nakedly subservient body inciting him to faster
and harder efforts. Her breath became one long continuous moan that was
no longer muffled by the filthy straw. She was droning out into the
barn, her face turned sideways on the hay so that all the boys could
stare down at her and see with lust-gleaming eyes the effect the wild
fucking was having on her. Her lips opened and closed in groaning
torment, half in humiliation and shame from the uncontrollable
sensations surging through her nerves, and half in fear that she would
be ripped asunder by the cruelly hooked penis that was now pumping so
brutally into her cunt.

There was suddenly another movement around her head, and she could feel
the straw dropping in front of her face as a heavy weight descended
around it. Fingers were fumbling with her lips, trying to open her
mouth and then she felt a spongy, wet sensation pressing against her
lips. She raised her eyes and to her horror saw a white, impatiently
pulsating penis right in front of her face. Mickey, who could no longer
take the lust-inciting scene of his naked teacher being fucked from
behind by one of his pals, had come closer and wriggled up under her
face. Her head was now pressed tight into his loins and his legs were
splayed out on either side of her shoulders.

The youth lifted her head with the flat of his palm pushing back
against her forehead. With his other hand, he rubbed the blunt tip of
his lust, swollen cock across her lips. She mumbled in terror and
revulsion and tried to shake her head away, but he held her in such a
manner that she could not move. She could only clench her teeth and
lips tightly together and try to keep it away, but Mickey was not to be
denied. As he increased the pressure, it felt as though her lips were
being pushed back through the sharpness of her teeth.

He groaned and struggled against softness of her closed mouth, feeling
it opening little by little, until suddenly with the aid of an extra
hard lunge from his buddy fucking her in the rear, Joan gasped. His
excitedly throbbing cock crushed through her softly moistened lips and
into the warm wet cavern of her mouth. She could feel the heatedly
rigid flesh slithering up the length of her tongue and filling her
mouth completely with its boyish hardness.

"Suck me, Miss Frazer," she heard Mickey command harshly above the top
of her head. "Suck my pecker until I cum!"

She had no choice because he had brutally bent down and pushed her
nostrils together so she could not breathe. Her lips slowly began to
nibble at the thrusting length of tender young penis, and she coughed
and sputtered at first until she became accustomed to the unnatural
invasion of her mouth. She tried not to think of what she was doing,
but it was impossible not to. His firm round testicles bounced against
her chin and there was the sweet odor of budding male excitement around
his hairless loins that filled her nostrils with the constant reminder
of the cruel depraved attack to which she was being subjected. It was
different, though, so different than being forced to suck the depraved
old janitor's cock in Dayton.

Behind her, Knuckles could feel himself building toward the end. He
knew it would be soon and began to fuck faster into her, battering
mercilessly her quivering ass cheeks with his hard driving hips. His
hands gripped her naked waist and squeezed the softly plaint flesh as
he stared down at her curvaceous bucking body and bobbing head. The
contrast of Mickey's gleaming white penis disappearing into the moist
pink fullness of her lips shot electric thrills up and down the length
of his spine.

"Man!" Knuckles sputtered. "Man, oh man, oh man ...!"

The saliva in Joan's mouth grew and grew. It was becoming slightly
sticky now as small emissions of Mickey's seminal fluid seeped from the
end of the boy's cock into her working mouth. She could feel his virile
young hips writhing and straining below her bobbing head as though he
were in the throes of a fevered death. His short little fingers were
curling tightly in her hair as he slipped her ovalled wet mouth up and
down over the end of his thrusting hardness as though it were just
another cunt into which he was venting his adolescent lust. She could
feel his pulsating shaft stretching and expanding inside her mouth
until there was no more room left, and she moaned piteously around it
as it thrust forward hard down her throat as though it were trying to
meet the other student's penis skewering deep into her belly from

The older woman knew that at any moment Mickey's wildly jerking cock
was going to begin spewing out loads of lewd young sperm into her mouth
until it spilled over her lips and ran down her chin in thin white
trails. Instead of being revolted by the idea Joan was incensed more
than ever by it, and she thought of it as being the second finest thing
which could be happening to her now--the first best thing being to feel
young male cum bubbling up into her warmly hungry cunt.

In place of shame or guilt or pain was the wonderfully exciting desire
for her whole mature body to be saturated in fresh boy seed until it
swirled up inside her belly and spluttered out again in wildly flooding
rivers of erotically depraved sensation. She wanted to be filled by it,
to grovel in it, to swallow and absorb it until her very pores were
swimming in it. And she sucked insatiably at the young boy's cock in
her mouth, swirling her tongue hungrily over the tender stalk of male
flesh, thrusting back her loins at the same time against the more than
willing youth behind her, opening the wetly gripping muscles of her
pussy so she could absorb every fraction of smoothly pistoning penis
deep up inside her.

And then ... she got her wish!

She felt her insides erupting in great hot flashes of intensive fire,
tunneling through her veins in a never-ending stream of mounting
pleasure. She licked and sucked at the hardened virile cock in her
mouth like a demon, groaning around the thrusting prick as her orgasm
flooded in great sensual waves of cum around the jack-hammering cock
inside her vagina.

"Mmmmmmmmaaaaawwwww!" she managed to scream intensely, and then the boy
in front of her jerked as though he'd been stuck by a pin. He writhed
his lean hips up tight to his teacher's face, sinking the full length
of his madly ejaculating cock deep down into her gasping throat. His
hot fresh cum squirted into her like a rush of raging water, and she
sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, her cheeks inflating and
deflating from the pressure of his youthful surge of sperm. Her senses
were gone and she was hardly aware of it when, a moment later, his
penis oozed in a glistening limpness from between her voraciously
sucking lips. His hands pulled her head forward to lay trapped against
the whole of his wearily trembling loins.

She could still feel its soft rubbery length pressed tight against the
cheek of her face when she heard a high-pitched grunt behind her. She
felt her thighs and buttocks swept wide apart in one last savage rush
as Knuckles, fucking into her mercilessly, shoved himself as far as he
could go against her. His mouth opened wide with a loud uncontrolled:
"Agggggghhhhhh!" and the naked young teacher felt his semen filling her
vaginal passage with a great spewing. She could feel it flooding hotly
into her and filling the depths of her womb until she thought she would
burst inside. There were several convulsive jerks of his lean hips
against the soft cheeks of her buttocks, and then he fell forward over
her back, pushing her face down across the exhausted and satiated
Mickey who had just forced her to suck him dry.

There was no movement except for the whipping sounds of young Wayne
Conroy masturbating by the side of them, his eyes rolling wildly in his
head as he too approached another orgasm. There was a movement of
bodies and Joan felt herself falling to the ratty straw as Mickey
slipped from under her and Knuckles lifted himself exhaustedly from her

The double-raped teacher rolled over on her back and lay still, unable
to move and not caring. She had never felt so despoiled and sordid in
all her life as a horrible picture formed in her mind of what she must
have looked like, a grown adult woman nakedly being buffeted between
two teenage boys like a helpless rag doll. Her body ached and she dimly
felt hands crawling over the wetness of her inner thighs, which were
still moist from Knuckles' sperm. She did not move as she felt the lips
of her ravaged vagina being pressed apart again, and looked up through
half-slit eyes to see the revenge-crazed Wayne kneeling between her
open legs. He was stroking wildly with his hand at his long virile
cock, locking his eyes on her cunt as he insanely fingered the matted
black curls and swollen pink flesh of her wet pubic mound. She heard
him groan, saw the leap of silver-white jetting from his penis, and
felt a sudden rush of new hot cum flooding wetly over her naked
breasts. She just lay there, too battered and defeated to even place an
arm protectively across her sperm-splashed breasts, just letting the
fresh young cream dribble down from over their fleshy globes and
trickle across her naked sides ... For a long moment their heavy
breathing filled the barn. Then Mickey Hagen slowly rose and said:
"Hey, I gotta get home now. I'm late for dinner as it is!"

"I don't want to get my old lady down on me, neither," Knuckles Gerber
added, standing and beginning to pull on his pants and shirt.

"Yeah," Wayne said as he looked down at his shuddering, once proud
teacher, a slow grin twisting his handsome face. "I'd say Miss Frazer's
had her fill for one day."

"Gee, Wayne ... you think we'll get in trouble over this?" Mickey asked
in fearful hesitancy. "I mean, she might say something ..."

"No way," Wayne sneered in reply. "Not if she's smart, she won't. If
she does, we'll just say she took us down here and threatened to fail
us in school unless we did what she wanted. It'll be her word against
ours, three against one, and my ol' man runs things in Montock."

"Gol-ley!" Knuckles whistled appreciatively. "I'm sure glad your dad
will be on our side if this bitch starts yelling. She wouldn't have the
chance of a snowball in hell."

Joan rolled over onto her face and cradled her head in her arms against
the straw beneath her. She had dimly heard the words the boys had
spoken, and though her mind was dazed and shattered, she intuitively
realized the truth of what they had been speaking.

The three lewd boys chuckled amongst themselves as they finished
dressing, and then Wayne came over and stood above her with his legs
spread wide and his fists pressed arrogantly to his hips. "Not a word
about this, teach," he taunted down at her. "Anyway, a good fucking
never hurt no chick, 'specially one as old as you!

Joan felt him slap her resoundingly on her fleshy, exposed buttocks. In
spite of the startling shock and stinging pain, she didn't make a sound
of protest or turn over. And then she heard the hay crunch beneath
their feet as the teenage boys turned and left her in the barn ...

The contemptuous spank which Wayne had slapped across her buttocks was
the last straw to Joan's benumbed senses. She lay in utter exhaustion
for a long while in the quiet barn, and oddly she felt neither shame
nor guilt nor revulsion in the aftermath of the boy's orgiastic rape of
her flesh. She had felt something last Wednesday, she thought, as she
sprawled with her face to the foully matted hay; now only complete
satiation was flowing through her in a soporific trance. It was as if
she was becoming calloused and no longer cared what happened to her. As
Wayne had said, there was really nothing she could do, was there? The
boys could force her to submit to every bestial lewdness they desired,
and there was nothing in the world she could do to stop them.

Later, perhaps, after her mind had had a chance to return to normal,
she might begin to feel all the tormenting emotions that were presently
drained from her. But now ... now all she seemed to be able to do was
wonder who had proven to be the teacher, and who was the one who'd
ended up being taught ... Finally she managed to gather enough strength
to stagger to her feet and nakedly began to gather the tatters of her
clothing together ...

Chapter 6

Wednesday afternoon, seventh period sex education class time!

As Joan had hoped while lying in Treakle's evil-smelling barn, the
passage of time from then to now had helped to heal her mind and body.
As Wednesday had rolled around again, most of the bruises on her
ravished and battered flesh had gone away, but she still seriously
doubted whether anything could ever entirely eliminate the damage done
to her spirit.

She had been unable to shake the horror of her situation, and the
living nightmare of all that had befallen her at the hands of those
three sadistic children. And more abhorrent to her than all else was
her own depraved submission and degenerate quest for sexual
satisfaction. She couldn't help the constant nagging knowledge that she
had not just succumbed to young Wayne's perverted streak of vengeance,
but had bargained willingly, giving herself to the obscene lustings of
him and his equally brutal friends with a wanton shamelessness that was
unforgivable. She still was unable to feel the repugnance and self-
loathing she knew she should for her own unspeakable depravities, and
this was frightening her more than all the wicked acts which had been
committed upon her more-than-willing flesh ...

After she had finally managed to pull the tattered remains of her
sweater and skirt around her naked body, she had stumbled through the
empty field to her rooming house, where she'd cleaned herself up as
best she could and fallen into an exhausted sleep. Luckily no one had
seen her walking from the barn, and had it not been for the bruises and
puffiness around her lips and eyes the following day, Joan doubted
whether anybody would have known that something had happened to her at

As it was, she allayed suspicion with a few hastily-formed excuses, and
locked the appalling truth inside her heart, there to remain forever
hidden as far as she was concerned. To expose the whole hideous episode
would be the same as slitting her own throat. The boys' word in a town
controlled by Agnew Harrison Conroy would be all that would be needed
to condemn her. In fact, as Mr. Blatherton had pointed out, since she
was the teacher of the sex education class, hadn't she already been

Joan had decided, of course, that she had no alternative but to leave
Montock as soon as possible, for she had truly been beaten. She had
already handed in her letter of resignation to Ozgood Blatherton
Tuesday, citing ill health and the strenuous demands of the curriculum
as her reasons for quitting. The principal had been naturally
distressed, assuming that she was going because of the "vicious rumors"
the Parent's committee were supposedly spreading, never dreaming of the
actual nature of her sudden decision. He had tried to calm her, but she
had been adamant, and after some discussion he was forced to accept her
letter sadly. But in order for her to get another teaching position
elsewhere, she had to work another two weeks until the School Board
acted on her resignation; it was only a formality, but a necessary one.

In two more weeks, she vowed to herself, she would pack up her bags and
vanish from this horrid place. Until then, she could only pray that
Wayne and his two evil cohorts would leave well enough alone and not do
or say anything to make the situation worse ...

Now, once again, she was hurriedly walking down the aged grey hallway
of Montock High, books in one hand, a can of film in the other. Two
more sex education classes, she said to herself with tight-lipped
anxiety; only two more times that she would have to formally face those
wretched little monsters across the room and teach them of a subject
they already had passed with flying colors. Joan felt her mouth
twisting into a harsh, cynical smile of bitterness at this galling bit
of irony, but as she neared Room 12 again, her stomach began to knot
and convulse as if it had just turned over.

When she entered the classroom, the five students were in their seats,
looking expectantly toward her. She forced herself to smile,
endeavoring to portray an outward calm by sheer force of will, but in
doing so she unwittingly glanced at young Wayne Conroy sitting at his
desk. She saw his beady little eyes rake up and down over her body with
blatant lewdness, and her belly began to churn like a whirlpool. And
then she saw the twisted, lewd grins on Mickey Hagen's face, and the
similar one the Gerber boy wore, and she sensed the blood draining from
her face. Even as she looked at them, Knuckles Gerber leaned over and
whispered something to Mickey, and they body broke out into a
meaningful series of suggestive snickers that brought the blood roaring
back to her cheeks in a flaming blush of color.

God, how could she go through with this hour? Joan moaned to herself.
How could she stay in this room and act as if nothing was the matter?
Well, if she didn't, the only alternative would be to run ... run right
now and never look back. And then the truth would come out as questions
about her strange behavior would be asked ... No, if she were ever to
have another chance, she simply had to find the strength. And thank
heavens there was another film today, so she could hide her obvious
emotional upset behind a mask of darkness ...

"All right, class," she said with her chin held high and her voice
unwavering, "Today we have another educational film. It's all about the
different glands of the body, I understand, and how they operate during
puberty to change boys and girls into young men and women. It ... It
isn't as explicit as last week's film, but I think you'll find it most

Again the three boys sniggered, as though they had some evil plan
cooked up between them. Joan rapped her hand on her desk for attention,
and with a crispness of tone, she snapped: "I hardly see anything
funny, and I assure you, class attitude will count in the final grade
you get! M-Mickey? Will you put the film on, please!"

Mickey Hagen arose slowly, still grinning. "Why, yeah, Miss Frazer.
I'll be right proud to do anything you want!"

Swaggering, he took the can and went to the projector at the rear of
the room. Then, hidden by the large machine, he reached down to the
enclosed shelf of the metal cart and switched the educational reel of
film for another one! As he threaded the celluloid strip of this second
movie through the projector, he looked over at Wayne and gave an
obscene wink to his buddy. Wayne had supplied the new reel, having
stolen it that morning from his father's private pornography collection
in his basement den!

Unsuspecting, Joan requested Lucy Hamilton to switch off the lights as
before, then hastily went to sit down in the front row of seats,
unavoidably close to Wayne's own chair. Then, thankfully hidden in the
dark, the teacher took her first breath of relief and sat back to
watch. She heard a quiet shuffling of chairs and the patter of feet,
and she glanced back just as the silver screen lit up, and saw through
the dim light that Mickey Hagen had gone to sit beside Sharla
Gronsworth, while Knuckles Gerber was now leaning close to full-
breasted Lucy Hamilton. She frowned momentarily at this strange
behavior, but then her thoughts were jerked back to the film as the
sound-track began to play the opening theme ...

The scene Joan viewed on the screen before her was of an idyllic
country setting. Unlike the meadow of Farmer Treakle's pasture,
however, this glade was more sheltered with tall clumps of trees and
thick, lush bushes, and the ground was covered with spongy dark green
moss. Joan could hear the faint trickling of a babbling brook running
through the small, sunlit glen off to one side. She felt puzzled and
more than a little nervous, for though she hadn't seen this particular
film on glands before, she had been led to understand it consisted of a
professor lecturing with a series of diagrams and slides.

As the teacher watched, another soft noise could be heard, and then she
saw that a young woman was entering the clearing close to the stream.
She was a dusky, coffee-with-cream-colored black girl about twenty-two
years of age, and as she walked to the middle of the clearing, Joan
suddenly felt more surprised than ever!

The extremely beautiful Negro girl was almost completely naked, wearing
only a sheer diaphanous gown! Beneath the nearly transparent gown, her
dark-hued breasts were full and pointing slightly upwards like an
adolescent girl's budding young globes. The camera concentrated on them
and the graceful fall of her long, black hair, then slowly panned down
her sides to the gentle swell of her belly, pausing at her indented
little navel which dotted the high center of her abdomen before rolling
over the sweeping roundness of her tawny hips to lovingly freeze at the
downy apex of her thighs. There, only partially hidden from total
exposure, lay her silken, curly-haired pubic mound, soft and inviting
to every devouring eye. Even her light, pinkish vaginal lips could be
seen quivering slightly.

Joan shifted nervously, unsure what she should do. Not enough film had
passed for her to be positive that somehow she had gotten hold of the
wrong can of film, but if she had, it might still be better to let
things alone as they were. To stop the movie now would mean she would
have to stand up in front of the students and struggle through an hour
of unbearable teaching, and she realized instinctively that she was
still in no mental condition to do that. God, what should she do? What
could she do? Palms moist with perspiration, Joan continued to watch
the screen ...

The camera was now focusing on the young Negro woman's sensual face.
Her features seemed almost slack, her pink tongue moistening lush, full
lips as she looked down at herself in the gossamer covering and then
longingly at the cool, refreshing stream nearby. The youthful audience
could almost hear the thoughts in her head as the girl pondered whether
or not she should take a dip in the water. There was another moment of
indecision, and then her mind was seemingly made up. She slowly began
to unbutton her translucent gown, dropping it to the soft moss beneath
her bare feet. She looked pleased by her daring decision as she stood
proudly naked in full view of the camera lens, her dark-pointed breasts
jutting out fully from the mild-chocolate hue of her body. Naked and
deliciously relaxed as though she were all alone in the middle of the
woods, she softly padded to the stream and sat down on the sloping bank
before it. She dipped one dainty foot experimentally in the clear
sparkling water, spreading her long, slim thighs and exposing the
quivering pink lips of her light brown pussy innocently as she did.

Joan bit her lip with trembling agitation as she viewed the black-
skinned girl slowly turn her attention from the stream to her own naked
flesh. Up there on the screen the girl casually lay back on the warm
softness of the moss, brilliant sunlight bathing her voluptuously
inviting body as she began to drag her long red fingernails up the
sides of her thighs and waist, her face smiling with anticipatory
excitement. Her fingers curled higher along her skin until she began to
tease small circles around one of her upraised breasts, pulling at her
tanned little nipple until it responded eagerly, rising to an unashamed
tautness between her prodding fingers. As she rubbed the hardening
nipple between her thumb and forefinger, she began to languidly open
and close her legs just enough to reveal the trembling slit of her
vagina again, glittering with beginning moisture between her scissoring
thighs. The camera moved around in position until her toes were pointed
directly at it and the watching audience, and then she dug her heels
into the thick carpet of green beneath her, a gleaming flicker of
rising passion obvious in her ebony eyes.

The sight of the naked young woman on the screen made Joan wince with
sudden, acute embarrassment. As she watched, she tormentedly remembered
her own masturbation in front of young Wayne last Wednesday, and her
same wanton disregard for common decency as this girl was portraying
now. She blushed slightly as shame flicked through her conscience, and
twisted her buttocks down in the chair as though she were trying to
bury her guilty loins.

"Cl-Class," Joan uncontrollably gasped out loud to her students, "This
... this is not the film I had for you. I--"

"What difference does it make, Miss Frazer?" Mickey asked from near the
back of the room. "We can see the picture about glands next week."

"Sure," Lucy Hamilton chimed in where she was next to Knuckles. "This
one looks as if it might teach us something."

"You don't want to stop it, do you?" Wayne said to her in a low, almost
threatening voice. "If I were you, I'd let it run."

Joan glanced over at the handsome youth and caught the wicked gleam in
his eyes. A defiance rose in her as she considered the disrespectful
tone of his voice and the implication that he could tell her what to do
in or out of her own classroom. But then came the warning voice in her
mind: two more weeks. That's all you have to suffer through, just two
more weeks ... She turned her head back to the movie, afraid to say
yes, afraid to say no ...

The naked girl writhed more lasciviously now as though being attacked
by some unseen lover. Both her hands were running over the flat plane
of her quivering belly as she groaned softly at her own lust-inciting
touch, until finally her fingertips came to rest at the triangle of her
soft, dark-haired loins. She groaned again at the sudden contact of her
hands with the moistly swelling lips between her legs, but then pulled
her legs up, her toes still curled in the moss. She allowed her legs to
fall wide apart, exposing to the excited film viewers all the
glistening tenderness of her vaginal crevice. Her fingers crawled to
the soft, hair-fringed cuntal flesh and spread them slowly apart until
even the dark round hole of her pussy entrance was fully visible, and
her tiny puckered anus peeked invitingly below the splayed slit.

Joan tensed in disbelieving shock as she watched the dark-fleshed girl
slowly insert a middle finger into the glistening pink valley between
her widespread buttocks and begin to stroke the tiny bud-like erection
of her clitoris. Her sensuous movements gradually increased as her
probing fingers worked themselves deeper between the hair-fringed
edges, smoothly widening the wet, pink lips of her contracting cunt.
Her legs jack-knifed back, knees against her breasts, and the full
rounded buttocks rose and fell in response as she joined two fingers
with the first and pushed all three into the hungry pink folds of her
vagina. They disappeared with a soft, sucking noise, and a sighing moan
of pleasure purred from her full, open mouth.

Joan was leaning forward now, her mind rebelling at the lewd spectacle
of viewing a young black woman finger fucking her own nakedly squirming
cunt. This picture was far more depraved and lewd than even the sex
film of last week! Then she heard the mingling gasps of youthful
excitement coming from both boys and girls behind her, and she turned
around to see what was happening. She was not surprised to see that all
their gazes were avidly glued to the film, but was shocked breathless
as she made out in the dim light they were doing in the back of the
room! Mickey Hagen had his hand deep up inside the unbuttoned blouse of
Sharla Gronsworth, his fingers eagerly massaging her budding young
breasts! Joan averted her eyes away, only to see the whiteness of Lucy
Hamilton's thighs where Knuckles Gerber had lifted her dress above the
tops of her slightly spread legs, exposing the smooth flesh of the
girl's inner thighs!

God! She must demand they stop before her whole class degenerated into
some kind of obscene orgy! But all the corrupting perversions which she
had experienced since the previous Wednesday had turned Joan into a
loose bundle of raw nerve ends, capable of reacting uncontrollably to
the slightest sexual stimulus. The horrified teacher found herself
gripped with an awe-struck immobility by the lewdness surrounding her
and the pornographic film unreeling before her widened eyes.

Worse, Joan began to sense that her own flesh was beginning to
involuntarily throb in response to the masturbating woman on the screen
and the passionate embraces of the teenage couples. Desperately, she
pressed her thighs together to cut off the unwanted tingle that had
started by itself in the pit of her belly and was gradually working
downward into the sensuous crevice up between her thighs. The lurid
actions of the naked ducky-skinned girl and the blatant sexuality of
the boys and girls were causing tiny licking flames of renewed desire
to flicker hotly through her blood despite her unwillingness to allow
the eroticism. She could feel small pin-pricks of delightful sensations
racing through her pulsating breasts, hardening her tender nipples into
chip-like projections against the thinness of her brassiere, and she
could feel the heat of her breath rushing from her flared nostrils as
she became increasingly stimulated.

Her nerves were shattered and her mind whirled in indecision. She knew
that no matter what young Wayne threatened to do to her, she had to
halt this obscene film before things ran away with all of them. Events
had already gone much too far, and Joan's face crimsoned as she thought
of Mickey's fingers digging cruelly into Sharla's firm little breasts.
The lewd thought sent another electric tingle deep into her belly, and
she could feel the warm wetness between her thighs increasing with
every passing second.

Oh God, she had to get up and switch off that film! And yet ... she
couldn't seem to force herself to make that necessary move. Perhaps,
she rationalized, it would be all right for a little while longer. The
petting of the adolescent couples behind her wouldn't hurt anything so
long as it didn't go any further, and she could always stop them if it
did. She would sit, she decided ... but only until the delicious
tingling between her wettening thighs subsided. Joan turned her
attention back to the movie, waiting in anticipation and nervous--fear
of her own ragged emotions to see what would happen next ... The dark-
skinned girl on the mossy ground had become possessed by now. Her eyes
and teeth were clenched as she writhed beneath her own driving fingers
in uncontrollable passion. The rapid rhythm drove moans of pleasure
from deep in her throat as her fingers sank into the tight, pink
opening of her cunt, making moist sucking sounds as she withdrew them
to push them in again. Her face had darkened as she strained for her
rising climax. She groaned in frustration as her own fingers fucked
harder and deeper. They were not enough, and her head rolled from side
to side on the ground, her long dark hair flying in frustration at the
inability to bring herself to climax. Still she tried, her hand beating
a wild staccato against her wantonly writhing buttocks, the groans
faster and louder with each surging thrust.

Suddenly a giant German Shepherd dog ran into the range of the camera
and leaped savagely toward the girl. The Negress' eyes widened in
terror, and she jerked the back of a hand to her mouth to keep from
screaming. She moved to lower her legs and protect herself, but the dog
had already reached her and was growling viciously in warning. The
young woman froze in the position of masturbation, her thighs spread
and with her knees still drawn up to her chest. She didn't dare move as
the huge beast growled menacingly over her, his great panting head just
above her defenselessly unturned loins.

Joan had jumped when the dog had bounded into the clearing. Her nerves
were already on edge, and the sudden rush almost frightened her out of
her wits.

"My God!" she gasped to herself, voice quivering. "What is this film
I'm showing? Surely the audio-visual department wouldn't have allowed--

"No," Wayne Conroy said beside her. "The movie ain't one the school

"What?" Joan swiveled her head around, surprised by the unexpected
appearance of the sadistic young boy beside her. "Wayne! What are you
doing away from your desk?"

"Why, Miss Frazer," he answered with a grin through the dim light, "I
thought I'd calm you down. I can see you're all shook up over the dog
being there, but don't worry. He'll only fuck her."

"How do ... How do you know?" whispered Joan falteringly.

"I've seen this one before, that's how," the youngster replied, and
then he chuckled in a low, lewd tone. "Sit down on the floor, teacher.
We'll watch the film together."


"Sit down on the floor with me, I said," he snarled. "And be damned
quick about it, child-molester."

Joan's blood turned to ice as she heard his obscene name-calling. It
was a brazen, lewd reminder of the blackmailing hold the cruel teenager
had over her life, and the fact he would have no compunction against
following through with his threat if she didn't do exactly what he
wanted. Realizing she had no choice, she slid from her chair, shivering
with humiliation at the thought that all the other students would be
able to see her obeying like this. She dropped with her knees bent
under her, her softly quivering buttocks resting on the backs of her
legs, and found that Wayne's arm was waiting for her. He brought his
hand up around her waist and hugged her close to his lean, virile
chest. Even though she was unwilling to submit to this further
indecency, Joan had no choice but to cringe against the boy and make no

"Now, Miss Frazer," he whispered wetly into her ear, "let's just relax
and watch the movie ..."

Chapter 7

Joan knew she had to break away now, no matter what the cost would be
later on. She was nearly beside herself with an almost uncontrollable
mixture of shame, fear, and revulsion, these blending with a smoldering
lust that was commencing to burn hotter up between her tightly clenched
thighs. But the helplessness of her own position seemed to somehow tie
her emotionally to the naked black girl lying quaking with fear beneath
the snarling dog. A sadistic sense of fascination seemed to hold her
spellbound to the floor beside the young boy. She couldn't even keep
her eyes from the film! The lewd thought of this monstrous dog raping
the nakedly defenseless girl reminded her too strongly of her own
submission in Farmer Treakle's barn, and shivers of revulsive empathy
tingled through her sensitive skin as she completely identified herself
with the scene upon the screen.

Joan squirmed as she felt her panties cutting deep into the crevice of
her buttocks; the flimsy little bikini was already soaked and she
squeezed her thighs together to hold back down the tingling sensations
that were growing stronger there. She was on dangerous ground and knew
it, but still was not able to bring herself to break away, the evil
fascination of the impending ravishment holding her glued to the spot.
She squirmed downward again, the back of her calves forcing the sweat
band of her panties deeper up onto the pulsating split of her loins.
She felt the throbbing arousal of her clitoris, and she bit her fleshy
lower lip to hold back the unwanted sensations that were creeping from
up between her thighs.

Her thoughts jerked back to the movie. The giant German Shepherd
lowered his head to the helpless girl's soft, hair-covered vagina and
was sniffing it. His tail wagged and trembled as though he had found a
bitch in heat. The trembling young woman moaned in terror as the cold
nose suddenly made contact with her puckered little anus. She tensed as
his tongue snaked out and licked wetly up and down the crevice around
it, its curled tip burrowing slightly into the outer fleshy anal ring.

For a moment the young dark-skinned girl tried to squirm away, but the
dog raised his head and growled again before starting to greedily lap
the narrow pink slit between her widespread buttocks. He ran his tongue
wetly the full length of it, from the tight-closed little anus up over
the fluted pink edges of her cunt to the tiny sensation bud atop her
pubic mound. His great tongue spread through the puffy wet swelling
like a knife through soft brown butter. It flicked relentlessly between
her thighs, stopping sporadically to curl its way deep into her moistly
throbbing vaginal hole ... causing her to jerk spasmodically.

Joan shuddered at the sexual stimulation that indulging in something
forbidden gives even against one's will. She involuntarily moaned at
the change coming over the undulating Negress on the mossy ground. The
frightened mewls that had come from the girl's terror-stricken face
were changing to soft sighs of unconscious pleasure a feeling that she
obviously did not want and had set her mind against, but one which the
slithering, licking tongue was forcing her to accept and enjoy.

She is exactly the way I was last Monday, Joan thought, staring up at
the screen; and a chill of feminine understanding rippled through her
when she saw the dark-skinned woman finally capitulate to her

The Negress raised her hands, holding them in indecision for a moment
above her nakedly squirming body, then dropped them down to grasp the
nuzzling dog's peaked ears. With a deep animalistic sound, she kicked
her legs back over her head and pulled his nose forward and into her
saliva-wettened cunt. His giant tongue thrust up the moistened passage
like an attacking lizard, ravishing her upthrust little pussy without
mercy. Wild incoherent shrieks streamed from the loudspeaker as she
pleaded and encouraged the beast salivating between her rotating
buttocks. He worked like the savage brute he was, the rutting lust of
the wild driving him on ...

Joan heard another series of loud, gasping groans in the room and, in
surprise, tore her eyes from the obscene show on the screen. The shock
was even greater. Lucy Hamilton was on the floor, with both legs spread
wide apart and her dress up over her hips. Knuckles' hand was inside
her thin white panties, cupping her girlish pubic mound. Joan shuddered
at the outline of the boy's fingers stroking under the sheer nylon
cloth as he sunk them deep into her small vagina. Lucy, unaware of
anyone, was grinding her young loins in rhythm to the fingers fucking
into her. Joan could also see her other students, Mickey and Sharla,
embracing on the floor beside their desks. Their thrusting young bodies
were locked together as they searched each other's clothing with
wandering hands. A warning bell sounded again in the teacher's
subconscious mind. She knew she should call an immediate halt--now--
before her own body succumbed to the same lewd urges which were
affecting her adolescent pupils.

But then, a heart-rendering groan from the movie pulled Joan's weakened
mind from logical thought and back to the screen. The dog had lifted
his head from the pleading black girl's loins to nose her over onto her
stomach in servile surrender. Her resistance was completely gone from
the maddening tongue which had so mercilessly lapped her vagina to a
fiery readiness. She was enslaved by the huge beast panting expectantly
over her, and she meekly moved to lay spread-eagled and face down upon
the moss. The huge head lowered again, the thick tongue slithering into
the exposed crevice between the moaning girl's naked buttocks. She
twisted back toward the dog lasciviously, reaching to spread the ebony
cheeks and give full access to her little brown starred anus.

The dog's tongue licked for long, avid moments, and the aroused teacher
felt the aching hunger inside spread from her abdomen up to her
passion-swollen breasts. She gasped for breath and squirmed harder down
against the floor, trying to put out the fire burning in her helplessly
quivering cunt. She felt young Wayne become more restless beside her,
and then brazenly move his hand beneath the thin over-blouse she wore
to rest heavily on her left breast. A jolt of terror compounded with
lewd excitement shot through her body as he cupped the softness of her
large, firm globe, trapping the tiny nipple gently between thumb and
forefinger. His hand caressing her hardening breast was causing deep
gong-like reverberations to ripple through her entire body.
Frantically, she tried to pull his fingers away, but her own hand moved
only as far as the boy's--and then stayed there of its own volition,
not obeying her mind's commands, merely lying limp and useless over his
kneading fingers with a deep sigh, she turned her distressed eyes once
more back to the film ...

The German Shepherd was now nuzzling under the lust-ridden black girl's
crotch, pushing his massive head between her pelvis and the ground.
Joan's eyes widened in sympathetic response as she watched the dark
girl's buttocks raise and bend in kneeling, abject surrender before the
huge animal. Oh God, it was just like seeing herself submissive on the
hay again, a relentless tongue having similarity lashed her to servile
defeat. Both she and that girl had been crushed of their resistance by
vigorous and unrelenting attacks upon their sensitive vaginas ... and
God! Which was the worst to become obedient to ... a brutish dog or a
gang of vicious boys?

The girl was on all fours now, and the huge beast was mounting the
spread cheeks of her nakedly rounded buttocks, paws placed firmly on
her back. The glistening, scarlet penis slipped from its huge sheath
dripping, its tapered point dangling in the hot pink crevice as the
animal trembled and jerked, trying to bury its thick red hardness
inside the kneeling black girl.

Sobbing, the girl looked back, shifting her full buttocks to try and
capture the lengthening shaft of dog cock. Like a bitch in heat, she
strove to swallow the long, scarlet penis up inside her voraciously
hungry vagina. The sharp tip missed, slid up to find the momentarily
relaxed anus, attempted to enter. With a cry the girl tensed and evaded
the bending, up-thrusting prod in fright, but the dog returned
immediately to the attack, having tasted success. Joan held her breath
with her five students as they watched the huge dog buck madly behind
the moaning girl in his mindless attempt to skewer her on the still-
lengthening taper of the huge, dripping penis. Out of control, the dog
growled in frustration as the girl in desperation reached back and
grasped the long slippery cock. She guided the point of it into the
swollen pink lips of her cunt, spreading her legs wider to allow more
room as he thrust forward.

With one mighty lunge, the giant German Shepherd jerked his loins and
buried his huge fleshy penis deep up inside the squirming girl's
tightly grasping pussy. It slithered forward with a wet rush until it
was sunk to its hilt, his hairy testicles swinging below her matted
pubic hair. A moan of relief came from the speaker as, with contorted
lips, she began to move rhythmically backwards against the panting dog.
As the forelegs trapped her waist, she began to undulate her body and
move her buttocks in lewd little circles, abandoning herself to the
depraved animal-fucking she was receiving from behind. Her face was
turned sideways toward the camera, and everybody in the room could see
the rapture she was feeling from the delicious screwing the dog was
giving her. Her large, dark breasts danced tautly beneath her writhing
nakedness, moving in time to the long lancing cock of the dog as it
slid deep into her, like a relentless scarlet poker of glistening flesh
burying itself deep in her belly.

Joan's breath was coming in tight gasps and the burning sensation
bubbling in her loins grew in maddening intensity with each second she
watched the young black girl being ravished by the dog. Her own body
was beginning to perspire in the warm, closed room, the excited heat of
the teenagers around her acting almost like a giant heater. Joan could
feel a trickle of sweat running from her navel down her belly into her
pubic hair, its slow, teasing trail causing her to squirm the moist,
hair-lined fringes of her warmly throbbing pussy still harder against
the floor. She could see out of the corner of her eye that Knuckles'
hand was still probing under the flimsy panties between Lucy Hamilton's
loosely spread thighs, thrusting more rapidly now inside her tight
young cunt. Sharla Gronsworth's eyes looked glazed through the darkness
as she ground her slender pelvis up with greater determination against
Mickey Hagen, her blouse now open and spread back from her slim white
shoulders to openly expose her firmly budding young mounds with their
pink-tipped nipples. Her own small hands were dipping between their
bodies, running wildly over the bulging front of Mickey's tight blue

Joan bit harder on her lower lip to keep back a groan of building
frustration, her forehead covered with tiny beads of sweat from the
sight and sounds of the feverish young bodies around her. Another
trickle ran down the valley between her ripely mature breasts that
Wayne was massaging and kneading into hardness. One of his hands dipped
down and then rose to push the tight restricting brassiere up and away
from her swollen, aching mounds of flesh. His fingers cupped her
resilient globes as they came free, trapping the hardened, sensitive
nipples between thumb and forefinger, squeezing them until a small
excruciating sensation brought a gasp of surprised pleasure from his
teacher's open mouth.

Joan suddenly squirmed down hard, for now the brazen boy had dropped
his other hand to her bared knees and was slipping it up between her
legs to the fullness of her thighs. He pushed the hem of her skirt up
and was half-way to her panties, when Joan finally found the strength
to react and grasped his wrist tightly with her hand. She tried to hold
him back from her, but he moved by force and soon was caressing the
softness of her belly which quivered under her small skirt. Teasing at
the light sprinkling of hair at the base of her abdomen, his strong
young fingers rotated against the warm mound of her loins, unable to go
further because of her tightly pressed thighs.

Joan dropped her other arm to grasp his wrist, though by doing so she
was no longer able to hide her naked breasts from the children of her
class. But it was not enough to stop the searching of his hand, and
Wayne crept deeper, teasing her excitedly throbbing vagina and lower
belly through the thin material of her skirt and moistened panties.

As his fingers worked more firmly at her loins, indecision arose in
Joan as to what she should do. If she moved violently enough to break
away from his grip, the struggle would certainly attract attention,
perhaps from even outside the room. Considering what was going on, that
would cause the very trouble she so desperately had to avoid! There was
no more she could do without creating a ruinous scene, so Joan resigned
herself almost with relief to Wayne's sneaky searching of her moistly
throbbing thighs. She closed her eyes for a moment, her youthful
lover's fingers feeling so wickedly good to her, almost as though he
were touching her nakedness. Surely he would go no further with the
other youngsters around like this ...

The youngsters ... Joan opened her eyes and glanced guiltily around for
fear that her other pupils had seen what Wayne was doing to her. And
suddenly she felt as if a mailed fist had hit her in the pit of her
stomach! Mickey Hagen had worked young Sharla Gronsworth into such a
fever pitch of excitement, that the teenage girl was now lying naked on
the floor, her glassy, lust-smoked eyes staring up into nothingness.
Mickey was straddling her rapidly rising and falling belly, his face
pressed down in her soft pubic mound below, his long wet tongue snaking
out and flicking teasingly at her quivering little vaginal slit.
Sharla's body jerked as the electric contact made her legs clamp
tightly together around his head, imprisoning him between her inner
thighs, and soft mewls of animal pleasure poured forth from between her
small white teeth. The girl was caught in a mindless fit of
uncontrolled lust that made Joan's mouth gape with disbelief. Her own
torso begin an involuntary swaying in time to that of Sharla as the
naked student squirmed in lewd delight to the nerve-shattering lickings
of the boyish mouth glued tightly to her tender young cunt.

Suddenly Joan heard a deep gurgling sound from Lucy Hamilton, and the
horrified woman turned to look at what her other two students were
doing. They were both as naked as Mickey and Sharla, their stripped
clothing scattered around them like the remains of a battlefield.
Knuckles had a sadistic grin on his face as he lay below her, having
taken the young Lucy brutally by her long hair and thrust the thick,
bent shaft of his cock deep up into her innocent little mouth. Joan
sucked in her breath, certain that the girl kneeling over him was going
to choke to death from the cruel size and shape of the boy's long hard
penis, but Sharla took it all. She hungrily sucked at the virile
hardness as Knuckles lowered her head up by her hair and began to
buffet her body between his legs. Joan watched in horrified fascination
as Lucy's wetly ovalled lips sucked with all their might on the
youthful hardness fucking up into her tender wet mouth.

The very rawness of the lust brought a moan to the teacher's lips, her
tongue circling them nervously as she felt the secretions of her own
cunt increasing between her thighs.

Oh God ... what should she do? This was horrible, allowing her class
and herself to submit like this--and worse, enjoying it! But she
continued to watch the dog-fuck movie and the obscene ruttings of her
students with wide-eyed wonder, squirming slightly as she felt young
Wayne begin to push her skirt up into her hungrily aching crevice from
behind. A blanket of shame seemed to cover her as surging waves of
overwhelming pleasure threatened to flood over her will to resist.
Wayne's hand under her buttocks became bolder as he sensed her
weakening ability to fight his taunting probes, and he hooked his
middle finger to slide her little skirt up the backs of her excitedly
trembling thighs in an effort to penetrate the quivering softness

Joan could already feel the light tickling sensation of the material
sliding from between her buttocks and her drawn-up legs.

Oh God ... Oh God ... She could feel her skirt rising faster now,
though still not apparent from her lap. She lifted inadvertently as a
fingernail scratched the softness of her thighs, and then she gasped
aloud as she discovered that there was suddenly no more dress! The
boy's hand now covered all of the wettened band of her thin white
panties, and his outstretched middle finger was snaking under the
elastic leg band. Slowly he wormed into the moistly warm channel of her
vagina, and she squirmed against it, holding her breath for fear some
tell-tale sound might escape her lips. Her entire body quivered until
her impaled cuntal walls became accustomed to the invading finger
prodding into the lubricated softness of her cunt. She could feel her
secretions flowing over the palm of the hand beneath her buttocks as
Wayne ground harder up inside her pussy. The young student moved his
fingers in circles inside her soft warm cunt, expanding her tight
little hole with each teasing rotation until the heatedly aroused
teacher thought she would go out of her mind from his maddening tease.

Wayne could feel his long hard cock painfully jerking under his pants
as the juice of his teacher's hotly excited pussy drenched his fingers
with its warm moisture. His probings were inciting him as much as it
was her, and he gasped with unrestrained excitement. He leaned forward
slightly, pressing his moist lips against her ear and whispered: "Get
up on your knees, Miss Frazer. I'll fuck you from behind."

"Oh God, no! I can't. Not here, not during school!" the older woman
panted between clenched teeth, unable to stop the rocking of her vagina
against his hand.

"You will, you damned bitch--or else!" he whispered threateningly to
her. "I want to fuck you right now, and you want me to, I can tell.
We'll fuck and watch the movie at the same time."

His lewd words only excited her more, and she groaned in abject
surrender as he pushed her forward onto her hands. Her muscles were
like rubber and she almost fell, coming to rest on her elbows with her
buttocks once more waving in the air behind her in lewd supplication.

She shuddered as she felt the boy lift her skirt above her hips and
bunch it around her waist, then draw her thin white nylon panties down
over the rounded white cheeks of her buttocks and leave them pooled
around her knees. A hot, fetid rush of air hit her backside and she
suddenly flushed with shame. Her whole rear end was exposed to him,
waving back in obscene invitation to any humiliation he might want to
inflict upon it. A last thought of defiance flickered dimly through her
mind as she heard the metallic sound of his zipper behind her. Then
there was no more time for further thought as Wayne dropped his pants
and his long, boyish cock burst into welcome freedom. He slipped to his
knees behind her whitely straining buttocks and pressed the tight-
swollen head of his penis into the greedy cuntal crevice up between her
widespread thighs.

Joan's buttocks involuntarily cringed forward, drawing away from the
heatedly pulsating penis pushing against her from behind. She felt his
hands close around the tops of her hips, gripping them tightly, his
fingers digging into her soft white flesh.

"Reach back," he panted breathlessly. "Put my prick in your ass, Miss

"Oh no, no, not that!" Joan whimpered. "I can't do it, not there! I
just can't!"

"Put it in, I tell you!" the boy commanded again, digging his fingers
tighter into her flesh. "I wanna fuck my teacher in the ass!"

"Ohhhhh," Joan mewled as she felt the flesh of her thighs being
squeezed into painful tight balls. She couldn't stand it. In
desperation, she reached back between her legs and closed her hand over
his hard, youthful penis. Oh God, it now felt more enormous than ever,
far bigger than it had before! He was going to impale her in her
rectum! He would split her in two!

Wayne squeezed again, this time bringing a louder sound of pain from
the teacher's tormented lips. She tearfully placed the hotly throbbing
head of his cock against her tightly puckered little anus, biting down
hard on her lower lip to hold back the tears of fear and pain that were
beginning to brim her eyes. She felt it begin a slow prodding and
working against the elastic sphincter muscles, parting them and then
slowly forcing its way inside the tight restricted ring of flesh that
jealously guarded the entrance to her rectum. There was a great
stretching feeling in her loins as though the tender crevice between
her buttocks was being pulled asunder--then suddenly she felt her
backsides swept apart and Wayne's long, virile penis slithered into her
painfully cringing back passage like the trunk of a tree. The heavy
weight of his loins crashed hard against her aching buttocks, pushing
her face brutally down against the schoolroom floor.

"Gaaaaawwwww!" she strangled through clenched teeth. Her rectal passage
was on fire! His youthful penis had penetrated it like an express
train, and Joan struggled and jerked her buttocks in vain to escape the
cruel impalement. But it was no use! Wayne had skewered into her anus
up to the hilt, and she was his hopeless prisoner, stuck on the end of
his rock-hard cock like a mounted insect. Her rectum was burning from
the unaccustomed size of his unnatural entry, and it felt as though the
boy were sodomizing her clear to her breasts. She moaned against the
humiliating pain, her lips opening and closing in sensation and

Through the daze of her shameful agony, the older woman's eyes locked
back on the dirty movie and the obscenely swaying body of the dark-
skinned girl before the humping German Shepherd. The girl had gone
completely out of her mind by now and was shouting lewd encouragement
to the savage animal through tightly clenched teeth. She was begging
him to fuck her harder and faster and to spew his bestial cum deep up
inside her cunt, wanting desperately to be filled with the animal sperm
in her sex-crazed madness. The girl was no longer human but a quivering
mass of sweating, lust-deranged flesh begging to be subjugated. She was
groveling in humiliation at being fucked by this panting beast,
grinding her wantonly thrashing buttocks back against his hairy jerking
body as if she were another dog. Joan watched with a masochistic gleam
shining strangely in her eyes, reveling in much the same manner as the
dark-skinned girl was to the cruel humiliation the dog was subjecting
her to.

Behind her, gasping and panting with delight, Wayne began to saw
rhythmically in and out of the soft, rubbery confines of her rectum.
Gradually the pain began to ease a little, and Joan began to feel even
more masochistic pleasure ripple through her. Watching the girl
succumbing to the depraved fucking of the dog's thick penis, coupled by
the ravishment of the two naked girl students in the classroom, was
sending unfamiliar thrills of wicked sensations coursing through her
entire being. She began to undulate her soft-fleshed buttocks
lasciviously in circles in rhythm to the long young cock sodomizing her

The handsome adolescent stretched the quivering moons of his teacher's
buttocks wide with his fingers, watching in the dim light of the room
as the pink folds of wetly glistening flesh clung to his long impaling
shaft on each withdrawal stroke. A feeling of absolute power rippled
through him as he held Joan's hips down in total subjugation to the
rock-hard cock skewering relentlessly up into her ass. His fingers
gripped her harder, squeezing the soft, unresisting thighs with
sadistic strength, hurting her, hearing moans from her tormented throat
as she struggled helplessly beneath his merciless torture.

Joan's eyes opened and closed in a lost glaze of passion now. She
spread her thighs wider, moving her feet apart and stretching with
difficulty the flimsy nylon panties still hanging around her knees. She
could feel with obscene delight the wispy pubic hair at the base of his
immature loins brush tantalizingly against the soft inner edges of her
buttocks. She could feel his tunneling young penis behind her imbedded
far up inside her rectum, routing its fleshy hardness deep inside her
rubbery sheath where no man had been before. Forgotten was the
humiliation of bending like a slave while a boy half her age fucked
into her rectal passage; forgotten were the nakedly fucking boys and
girls around her; forgotten were the ruined panties hanging at her
knees. All that mattered to her now was the perverted lust surging
through her flesh like a raging fire out of control. She wanted to be
fucked in the ass like this; she wanted to be subjected to any lewd
demands placed upon her pleasure-wracked body.

"Ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me deep in the ass, lover-boy!" she breathed
rapturously back at Wayne. "I like it, I like it, oooooh God, cum, cum,
cum in my ass ..."

Through lust-dimmed eyes she watched as young Sharla Gronsworth
climaxed spasmodically around Mickey Hagen's tongue sucking her tender
wet cunt. To Joan's passion-swept gaze, the boy's thick, pink tongue
seemed to disappear into a strange, lengthened fusion to Sharla's
moistly spread vaginal lips as he drove his mouth forward to sink as
far as he could into the warmly perfumed pussy. The young girl danced
beneath him, gasping out her orgasm in incoherent, high-pitched mewls,
slapping upwards with her straining little cunt in unison to his
maddeningly lapping tongue.

Then, without warning, Knuckles Gruber jerked his cock from Lucy
Hamilton's sucking lips and held his rigid hardness about two inches
away from her face. With an expiring groan escaping from his chest, the
boy began to spew hot, fresh sperm from the bulging head of his penis
directly into the young girl's open mouth. The thin, quick spurts
streamed from his wildly jerking shaft like milk from a cow udder,
filling her tender mouth to the brim. Lucy swallowed voraciously,
trying not to lose a drop of the hot boyish cum as her Adam's apple
bobbed up and down rapidly in an effort to keep up with the ejaculating
cock shooting its lewd semen into her face.

Joan groaned at the obscene picture of the girl's self-inflicted
humiliation, as the youthful penis throbbed out its last remaining
spurts of the liquid, and thin strings of the hot sticky fluid ran down
from the tip of his penis to her glistening lips like a lurid spider
web of sexual connection.

Suddenly the passion-driven teacher jerked her attention back to the
movie, as a loud cry came from the soundtrack. The young black girl was
twisting her head from side to side on the moss, experiencing her own
beginning throes of orgasm. The giant animal's tongue hung from his
mouth as he fucked into the dark-skinned buttocks waving from behind.
She screamed suddenly and screwed her thighs wildly back against the
dog just as he jerked forward and his cock began to spit its sperm deep
inside her tightly clasping cunt. Joan watched in fascination as the
girl's smoothly rounded buttocks began contracting uncontrollably,
signaling her own orgiastic upheaval deep in her quivering belly. Thick
white liquid oozed from her tightly squeezed pussy around the penis of
the dog, and thin white trails of animal cum ran down the dusky columns
of her thighs. Her backsides glistened, displaying soaked pubic hair
and pink vaginal flesh as she pitched forward on her face unconscious.
The rapidly deflating cock of the dog slipped from her mauled cuntal
hole with a sucking sound that echoed lewdly through the classroom. The
girl was now out cold and the dog stood above her, wagging its tail in
obvious appreciation. In a last act of obscene depravity, he dropped
his head to her wide-splayed vagina and licked at the white flowing
semen throbbing from her still pulsing cunt. He gulped at it hungrily
until at last there was no more, and lay down contentedly between her
open legs, his giant head gently nuzzling into the soft pubic hair of
her ravished vagina ...

"Oh--Oh God, Wayne!" Joan gasped. Her whole body twitched and writhed
uncontrollably, her passion stimulated even more by the sight of the
climatic abandonment all around her. "Ohhh yes! Fuck me hard, lover-
boy! Fuck me hard in my assss!" she begged, gasping. She was fast
approaching her own orgasm, and her flesh had surrendered totally to a
madness she had never known before. The smooth, warm folds of her
rectum squeezed tightly around his virile penis until she could feel
every corrugated inch of skin on his rigidly pulsing cock. She screwed
her buttocks back up against his belly until she could feel the
tantalizing tightness of his testicles press hard into the wet, wide-
stretched crevice of her vagina. The soft, fuzz-covered skin of his
scrotum danced teasingly against her sensitive pussy lips, sending
shivers of lewd delight surging through her ravaged nerve-ends ...

Joan saw the flash of light as the lamps of the room flicked on, and
clenched her eyes tightly to block it out. Through her haze of pain and
passion, she was only vaguely aware of the naked boys and girls
gathering around to watch her, but nothing mattered except the
youngster driving into her anus from behind.

"Je-zus!" she heard a voice like Sharla's breathe, "look at Miss Frazer

"I told you she would," a Mickey Hagen-like voice laughed maliciously.
"Once that dirty movie started, she was a goner!"

"Think you want a little of her?" Wayne asked as he grunted savagely
behind his teacher's bucking loins.

"If you don't fuck her to death, I will," Knuckles gasped.

"Gee, I'd like to see that!" a Lucy-like voice answered through Joan's
haze, "I want to see the stuck-up bitch screwed good. She flunked me in
the last test we had."

The puzzling young voices continued as the remarks became more lewd by
the second. But it didn't matter to the older woman, her body white-hot
with lust and driving her on unheedingly.

"Man, look at that ass of hers climb!" the Mickey voice gasped hotly.
"Don't split her in half, Wayne, don't split her down the middle!" Joan
was unable to stop as she felt her climax begin to spiral through her
flesh. Sweat was pouring from her body as she strove wildly for her
end. And then--and then--

It happened! Wayne started a long, low howl that swelled to a shout as
he began spewing his fresh, virile sperm deep up inside her hot,
slippery rectum, Joan squeezed her buttocks up against his jerking cock
while her feet pounded desperately against the floor with her seething

"I ... I'm cumming! Ohhh, you bastard lover-boy, I'm cumming too! Fuck
me! Fuck me harder in the ass!" she pleaded in a voice shrill with
passion. Her hands darted behind her to pull the cheeks of her nakedly
quivering buttocks wider apart, her cum juice flowing wetly out around
her vaginal crevice and flowing down over his tight round balls as
Wayne dug more deeply into her. Bright flashes filled Joan's brain as
she continued to groan out her orgasm, her juices still flowing in
unrestricted gushes around the dancing moons of her bouncing buttocks.
Her head whirled in depraved sensuality as the hot, powerful squirts of
the boy's young sperm continued surging wildly into her anus, filling
her belly to the bursting point with his youthful whiteness.

Then--it was over, Joan's mature body drained of everything. Her limbs
collapsed loosely to the floor of the schoolroom as Wayne's grip on her
thighs was released. She lay spread-eagled face-down as she felt his
deflating penis slip from between her legs, and the boy moved to lie
exhausted beside her still gyrating hips.

"Roll her over, Mickey," the Sharla voice said eagerly in the distance.
"Roll her over and jam your prick to her tits!"

"Yeah," the Hagen youth taunted as he grabbed his nakedly helpless
teacher and whipped her over into a helpless, lewd position on her
back. "What's it going to be, Miss Frazer?" he grinned obscenely down
at her. "Suck or fuck?"

Joan gasped at the force of the boy's powerful fingers and looked up
through the narrow, hazy slits of her eyes at the leering teen-age
youth poised nakedly above her unresisting body. Fire still licked
throughout her loins in spite of her recent climax, her passion spurred
on by her sheer helplessness and the depraved position in which he was
holding her. Through glazed, lust-smoked eyes she could see the faint
blurred images of the other students standing over her, but now it was
not important. The fires of unfulfilled lust raged out of control in
her wildly pulsating cunt and nothing else mattered at all.

"Fuck me," the older woman hissed between clenched teeth, and wriggled
her lush, full buttocks at the young, immature boy in lewd,
unmistakable invitation. "Go on! Fuck me, little lover! Oh God, all of
you sweet children fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me ...!"

The last was a shrill scream of rapture as Mickey fell forward driving
his long hard cock in to the hilt with one smooth stroke. Within
seconds Wayne had mounted Sharla and Knuckles was deeply imbedded in
Lucy's madly quivering little cunt. The three females lay side by side
... fucking joyously ... screaming out their lewd encouragement to the
three boys atop them ...

Chapter 8

Ozgood Blatherton walked determinedly down the hall of Montock High,
flanked on both sides and behind by a group of men and women. The
principal was talking to the large, rather thick-set man on his left,
glancing upwards at the other's ruddy-complexioned face through his
pebble-lensed glasses.

"I tell you, Mr. Conroy," Blatherton was saying in his high-pitched
voice. "I tell you that you and your Committee are making a disastrous

"I'm sure you do," the white-haired man beside him dryly answered. "But
that's no excuse for your insisting that we all come to school this
afternoon. I have better things to do."

"Your Committee of Concerned Parents," Blatherton replied, waving a
pudgy hand at the throng of adults around him, "have forced one of my
best teachers to resign. Why, you should be glad to have 'new blood' in
this school district. God only knows--"

"Watch your language," Mrs. Rasmussen reproved from behind him.

"God only knows," the principal repeated firmly, "that it's extremely
difficult to recruit for this small and out-of-the-way area."

"It's a fine town," Elmer Dodderly snapped. "A fine one until this
newfangled idea of--well, you know what kind of education."

"I don't mean that," Blatherton said as they all approached Room 12. "I
only mean that your irresponsible talk about poor Miss Frazer has
caused her to quit us. She was an extremely disturbed young woman, I
assure you, when she came to see me yesterday. I'm only hoping that
after you see a class of hers in operation, you will change your mind
and we can prevail upon her to stay."

"All right," the father of young Wayne Conroy said, his own wariness
clear in his voice as Blatherton reached for the door knob. "Let's go
in and take a look. But I warn you, Blatherton, this had better be

The End

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