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[MLP-146] The Virgin Captives by Judd Michaels

Chapter 1

Penny Tucker finished hanging the last of the wet laundry on the line
and picked up the empty wicker basket on her way back to the house. She
paused on the screened back porch, wiping beads of perspiration from her
fair face with the back of one slender arm. Almost hopelessly, she
glanced at the thermometer which hung from a rusty nail beside the back
door. It was 85 in the shade, and climbing.

Tired and more than a little fed up with her workday routine, Penny let
the wicker basket slide from her fingers to the floor as she padded
slowly through the kitchen. She noticed that dishes remained in the
sink, still unwashed from last night's supper, but she turned away from
the sight, unable to feign interest in a new job at that point.

With a low sigh of virtual exhaustion, Penny let herself slump into one
of the living room's two threadbare armchairs, carefully choosing the
one with the least exposed stuffing. She half-sat, half-lay in the
padded chair, with one shapely leg thrown up and over the mounded arm,
her foot swinging casually in mid-air.

The heat wave had been going on now, sapping strength and grating
nerves, for almost six weeks. There was no end to the steamy weather in
sight, if one were to believe the predictions of the meteorologists on
radio and television. It was, in fact, the worst heat wave of any spring
which Penny could recall, unusual even for the humid region of Georgia
in which she lived.

The surrounding woods and hills, they said, would help to deflect and
dissipate the summer heat, but Penny had found the exact opposite to be
true. The mountains and valleys of her rural home county seemed only to
act as a trap for the heat, holding the sun's scorching rays prisoner
there even after dusk had descended to bring theoretical relief. Penny
idly wished that she had the money necessary to move north, into cooler
weather, or even south, to New Orleans on the Gulf.

The thought made Penny Tucker laugh out loud in the dingy little living
room. It was not bad enough that her mother's hospital bills and funeral
expenses had eaten up every last cent of their already tiny life
savings, but she had to care for her younger sister as well. If anyone
moved away from the hard- scratch Georgia farm, both would have to go,
and that was clearly out of the question. Besides, Melanie, Penny's
sister, was barely fifteen, and if they moved north she would have to go
back to school, cutting their potential earnings in half.

Penny Tucker had to admit to herself that it was not the unseasonable
heat alone which left her on the brink of total exhaustion that spring
morning. She had hardly gotten a single wink of sleep the entire night
before, and that was not because of the weather. That was Luke's fault.

Luke Hollowell was the oldest son of their nearest neighbors, Old Man
and Mrs. Hollowell, who farmed an almost identical plot of tired ground
eight miles away to the east. At twenty-one, Luke was two years older
than Penny, and, she had to admit it, quite possibly the best looking
young man in all of Cowden County. She was quite flattered that he
seemed to take such an interest in her, but at the same time, there were
things about their budding relationship which deeply disturbed her as

Penny felt the old stirring inside her at the mere thought of Luke, and
shook the feelings away, rising gracefully from the easy chair and
padding softly through the house to the bathroom. She suddenly felt the
need for a cool shower, and with Melanie still away at her part-time job
in town, there was nothing to prevent her from taking one immediately.

Penny Tucker stood in the middle of the tiny bathroom, one of only two
dozen or so in that part of the county which had both a working shower
and a toilet. Slowly, almost dreamily, she began to undress for her
shower, unable to keep her mind from wandering back to Luke Hollowell
and the problem which had kept her awake all night.

Not that Luke himself was a problem, far from it. He was what any other
girl in the county might have called a "catch", and Penny would have had
to agree with them on that score. No, Luke was not the problem, nor were
his feelings for her the problem in and of themselves. It was just that
Luke was a man now, with a man's needs, and he wanted to ... well, to go
too far, too fast.

Numbly, unthinking, Penny's fingers opened the buttons which held her
blouse together in front. There were only a few such buttons, and in a
moment she was able to shrug the garment off, letting it fall in an
untidy heap on the bathroom floor behind her.

Penny Tucker wore a brassiere only on formal occasions, when it was
necessary to dress up and go into town, so she was without one now.
Glancing at her own reflection in the mirror of the bathroom's medicine
cabinet, seeing herself naked from the waist up, she felt a momentary
surge of pride at the sight of her own firm young body. She could afford
to be proud of the mounding swell of her young breasts, standing taut
and perky without need of artificial support, the twin cherry peaks of
her little nipples staring back at her from the mirror like eyes
narrowed in sensual excitement.

Penny cupped a hand beneath each breast, letting her mind drift for the
moment, pleased, enjoying the firm, taut tone of muscle and flesh
beneath her hands. Slowly she stroked the orbs of breast flesh, gasping
slightly as the contact of her fingertips upon her own nipples brought
the rubbery little buds into tingling erection. Electric little jolts of
erotic sensation radiated outward from those tiny pleasure buds,
igniting responsive fires of passion in her still-covered loins.
Hurriedly, Penny dropped her trembling hands away from her chest, taking
several deep breaths in rapid succession to calm herself. As she leaned
forward to turn on the shower and adjust the water temperature, she let
her mind return to Luke Hollowell and their very personal "problem".

Her most recent date with the strapping young mountain man had been just
the night before, and Penny's thoughts returned to the events of that
evening as she continued undressing there in the bathroom. She unbuckled
the belt about her waist, and then unfastened her faded work jeans,
swiftly running the zipper down and open with a soft, sensual whirring
sound, and beginning to slide the tight pants downward over the bell
curve of her full, womanly hips.

She and Luke had gone to see a movie in Cromwell, the county seat, and
then had stopped off at a little roadhouse on the way home for some
drinks. The proprietor of the roadhouse was the sheriff's second cousin,
and thus exempt from many of the regulations which governed such
offenses as the serving of alcohol to minors and the mandatory closing
hour imposed by state law. Penny and Luke had stayed late, drinking more
than their fair share of the moonshine whiskey which the roadhouse owner
purchased from local bootleggers and rebottled himself with forged
legitimate labels.

It was late when Luke delivered Penny to her front door. She was tired,
and more than a little tipsy from the effects of the "white lightning"
they had both consumed. She would have liked to go directly to sleep,
but Luke had seemed anxious to stay and talk, about what he chose to
refer to as "their future".

Penny was not entirely pleased with the way he discussed their coming
life together as if everything had already been settled, all decisions
made. But she had to admit that it did feel good when he took her in his
arms, and in her present woozy state it was comforting to lean against
his broad and muscular chest, feeling his big hands lightly caressing
her back through the thin material of her summer dress. She was almost
able to ignore his presumptuous words, allowing herself simply to bask
in the glow of his obvious affection for her, enjoying the physical
sensations which his touch and his nearness inspired in her ripe young

Penny was almost taken by surprise when he cupped one strong hand
beneath her chin, lifting her face up until it was almost on a level
with his own. He bent his head swiftly forward, swiftly and expertly
covering her mouth with his in what quickly became a deep and searching
soul kiss.

Penny welcomed the kiss, letting her own lips and teeth gradually open,
bringing her tongue hesitantly forward to fence and duel with his in a
liquid little dance of rising passion. A little sigh rose deep in her
throat as Luke tightened his arms instinctively around her, pulling her
closer against him so that her firm spherical breasts flattened
sensuously against his chest. The erotic chafing of her own fleshy orbs
against Luke's muscular young body forced another whining little moan
from Penny's throat, into the warm moist cavern of his hungry mouth.

It seemed to Penny Tucker that she had almost been able to recapture the
moonlit magic of last night, as she stood there, slowly disrobing in her
own bathroom. Coming to her senses for a moment, she completed the task
of skimming her jeans downward and off the tanned columns of her trim
legs, kicking them backwards and away to join the rumpled pile of her
blouse. Deftly her slender fingers worked their way into the elastic
waistband of her tight bikini underpants, and then that last item of
clothing was itself inching along the golden line of her hips and legs,
soon to join the other pieces of apparel on the floor as Penny stood
totally naked before the hissing, steaming shower.

Judging that the shower water was too hot for her liking, Penny reached
forward once more, turning the cold water up to greater volume, until a
cool shower had replaced the hissing spray of steam. Without hesitation
then, she stepped quickly into the shower, basking in the refreshing,
rejuvenating coolness of the cascading waters, reveling in the tingling
sensation which that gushing stream produced on impact with her flesh.
It seemed to Penny that the rhythmic drumming of the water against her
body had an almost hypnotic effect upon her, encouraging her mind to
ramble back to the events of the previous night and her date with young
Luke Hollowell.

She recalled how willingly, almost eagerly, she had gone into his
embrace and shared his deep, searching kiss. She had even welcomed the
increasingly powerful sweep of his hands along the graceful curve of her
spine, not even complaining when those exploring hands made their
tentative first move downward toward the curving swell of her tight

Luke had touched her there before, on her ass, and despite her initial
reluctance, she had learned with time to accept the gesture as part of
what she considered their "innocent" love play. God knew that her mother
would not have considered it innocent, of course. Her mother had had
some very definite ideas about the place of sex in the eternal scheme of
things, and she had exerted her full influence in an effort to drill
those same outdated beliefs into her two young daughters.

To Lily Tucker, sex had been merely a necessary evil, thought up by God
during a weak moment and permitted to continue solely for the
procreation of children. It was a woman's cross to bear in life, and a
delight enjoyed solely by the male of the species. Good girls simply did
not desire or enjoy sex in any form, and that was that. The gospel of
Lily Tucker, in a nutshell.

And of course, Mother Tucker was gone now. But even before the hand of
providence reached out to induct her into a better world, Penny Tucker
and her younger sister Melanie had come to doubt the all-consuming
wisdom of their mother's words. Both of them had noticed the birth of
new stirring sensations within their budding young bodies, and neither
of them had been inclined to accept the antiquated view of sex as
nothing but a tiresome burden.

Still, old teachings died hard, and on that moonlit night, as Luke held
her tightly against him and his hands wandered more boldly over the
firmness of her young woman's flesh, Penny had felt the nagging little
voice of instilled conscience crying out in the back of her mind,
warning her to stop before it was too late, before she became one of
'those girls'!

And yet, Luke Hollowell's strong hands had felt so wonderfully right on
her body, that somehow she had lacked the strength or conviction to halt
his advances immediately. Instead, she had weakly decided to revel in
the glorious sensations for just a few moments longer before putting an
end to the licentious enjoyment. She had been momentarily shocked to
feel the budding swell of his erection nudging her loins as he hugged
her closer, but her astonishment had quickly given way to a warm fluid
sensation of ever mounting excitement.

Luke's hips had taken up an almost unconscious grinding motion, stroking
his hidden cock harder and harder against her pinned loins, while his
hands became ever more demanding in their journey over her weak and
trembling flesh.

Penny was surprised to find herself trembling as she stood there, naked
beneath the hissing stream of the shower. The old familiar stirrings had
begun within her once more, and she sought to still them by getting on
with the business of bathing. Picking up the fat bar of soap from a
plastic tray at her elbow, she began to lather her arms and shoulders,
sighing with contentment as the cool water and soapy suds cascaded
across her chest and onto her flat little belly, trickling deliciously
down the valley between her ripe young breasts.

Idly, her mind returning to the events of the night before, Penny Tucker
began to slap and lather her breasts more energetically. She barely
noticed that her nipples stiffened into instant quivering erection at
the first touch of her soft, soapy hands, but she was vaguely conscious
of the seductive, enticing feelings which her own caress inspired in her
tingling, vibrant breast flesh.

Penny's mind wandered once more back to the previous evening on her
porch, while her hands kneaded and massaged her soapy breasts with
ever-increasing vigor. She remembered clearly how Luke Hollowell's
strong hands had crept slowly but confidently up her sides, finally
coming to rest at the underside of her firm swelling breasts, pausing
there for a moment as if fearing to go further, to take more liberties
with her trembling young woman's body.

When Luke took her breasts fully in his hands, he did so with such
suddenness and vigor that she almost gasped in surprise. Having taken
the initiative, however, all hesitation seemed to melt away from the
young man, and he soon began to fondle the delicious orbs of her tits as
if they had always been his to command and always would be. He cupped
and rotated those taut young mounds in his hungry palms, feeling the
excited little nipples spiking outward through her clothing to chafe
against his hands. Penny feared that the milking, massaging strokes of
his big hands might make her swoon and faint dead away where she stood
on the porch.

Standing there in her own shower, Penny was rather amazed to find that
the rotary motion of her own scrubbing hands upon her tits recalled the
same sensations which Luke's lewd caresses had inspired. Her nipples
were quiveringly erect now, and each feathery stroke of her darting,
swirling fingertips sent new jolts of electrifying desire racing
downward across Penny's abdomen to explode in the lightly furred valley
of her crotch.

Testing her own feelings, fighting down the momentary stab of guilt
which rose unbidden in her mind, Penny captured one nipple between the
thumb and forefinger of each hand. Slowly, tauntingly, she massaged that
crinkled erectile flesh with strong rotary motions, milking the electric
little buds for every twinge of passion which she could evoke. The
effort left her weak and panting, leaning against one wall of the shower
stall for support.

Losing herself for the moment in a private fantasy world of her own,
Penny Tucker was drawn back almost unconsciously to her porch and the
lascivious scene enacted there only the previous evening. She vividly
recalled the sensations evoked by Luke Hollowell's hands as they stroked
and fondled her tits, driving her to the very brink of a frenzy with his
passionate manipulations. Penny had clenched her firm thighs tightly
together where she stood, almost losing her balance as she fought to
quell the mounting flames of lust then burning in the luxuriant valley
between her legs.

Penny was disturbed by the churning sensations of fluid heat which
seemed to inundate her little pussy all at once. As she clenched her
thighs together, she was aghast to discover that the narrow crotchband
of her skimpy little panties was already moist with the wetness of her
own feminine lust secretions. As she clenched her legs together and
squirmed incitefully against Luke's straining grasp, that moist
crotchband rode up further into the lightly furred canyon of her cunt,
chafing for the first time against her budding little clitoris, and
igniting an entirely new set of feelings within her confused and excited
young body.

Standing there in her shower, Penny felt the same renewed stirrings
between her legs that she had experienced on the night before. Slowly,
timidly at first, she slid one soapy hand downward along the gentle
sloping curve of her belly, her fingertips seeking and finding the
outskirts of her furry pubic triangle. There was another fleeting moment
of hesitation, as conscience battled with need, and then the long
fingers were dipping still lower, stroking the outer lips of her
tingling, burning cunt with long, sensuous caresses.

Penny had no initial intention of massaging her own pussy flesh to the
point of orgasm. Quite the contrary, she had first intended to massage
away the mounting sensations of lust which were brewing and growing in
that fertile little valley. Now, however, and to her considerable
amazement, she found that her own manual ministrations had the exact
opposite effect, causing new burning tendrils of delight to fan outward
across her heaving naked torso. Penny's breath caught in her throat, and
she braced her feet more firmly against the sides of the shower to keep
from falling, the same motion spreading her thighs farther apart and
giving her questing fingers greater access to her palpitating cuntal
lips. Her other hand joined the game with less hesitation, more
eagerness and zeal.

Penny Tucker's eyes were tightly closed, her mind crossing the barriers
of time and space to recapture the events of the previous evening while
her hands worked ever more feverishly over the plane of her now widely
splayed cunt. So lost was she in her own world of erotic fantasy that
she never heard the opening and closing of the living room door.

Melanie Tucker had been relieved early from her job working at the
laundry in town. She had caught a ride with a boy she knew from school,
and he had let her off an easy walk from the country home which she now
shared with only her older sister, Penny. Melanie had been rather
surprised not to find Penny outside working in the yard or the garden at
that time of the day, but considering the heat she had thought she might
be inside resting, and so entered the house quietly, making no noise.

As she entered the living room, she at once heard the hissing, splashing
sounds of the shower, emanating from the bathroom at the end of the
short hallway. Melanie moved quietly forward, seeking to surprise her
sister and perhaps frighten her just a little. It was a game they had
played from childhood, "ambushing" each other as they put it, and they
both had continued to enjoy the familial by-play even as they grew older
and more mature. It had helped to build a bond of affection between
them, making them mutually strong at their mother's untimely death.

As Melanie Tucker approached the open door to the bathroom, she began to
think that perhaps something might be wrong with Penny. The curtain to
the shower cubicle was not entirely shut, and from inside the shower
Melanie could now clearly hear little moaning cries, almost like sobs,
issuing forth at regular, rhythmic intervals. Curious now, and more than
a little concerned, Melanie moved quietly forward, no longer seeking to
frighten her sister, but not wishing to make her presence known yet

When Melanie was five or six feet from the open bathroom door, she
imagined that Penny was not merely groaning, but that she actually
seemed to be talking to herself. Indeed, it seemed to the younger girl
that she could almost strain her ears and make out some of what her
sister was saying. The word "yes" seemed to be repeated over and over
again, and something else, perhaps a person's name.

Melanie listened closer, moving still nearer to the door.

Yes! It was a name ... but ... that was it! Luke Hollowell's name!

Penny was either talking to Luke or calling aloud to him. Intrigued,
Melanie covered the last few feet to the door in a silent rush, peering
through the open doorway now. She fought down a brief surge of
embarrassment and shame at the thought of spying on her older sister,
perhaps in the arms of a man, but her natural curiosity won out in the
end and she couldn't force herself to tear her eyes away from whatever
was going on there in that hissing shower.

As Melanie watched, one of Penny's arms flailed out, seeming to seek
better balance in the shower, and the cheap plastic curtain was swept
even farther aside. The groping arm was withdrawn at once, but it
mattered little, for now Melanie was treated to an unobstructed view of
the shower cubicle and her sister inside of it. What she saw there
stunned and shocked her.

Contrary to what Melanie had first suspected upon hearing her moaning
words, Penny Tucker was alone in the shower. That, however, was not what
so stunned and surprised the younger girl as she gaped, eyes and mouth
wide open, at the sight before her.

Melanie's older sister was slumped backward into one corner of the
shower stall, legs bowed and braced against the slick floor of the
shower, almost in a half-crouch. The position left her thighs splayed
widely apart, and both of her wet hands were clasped between those
thighs at the moment, churning and working zealously over the lightly
furred valley of Penny's crotch. From the look on the older girl's face,
and the way her body writhed and twisted rhythmically, her taut breasts
bobbing lewdly under the shower's forceful spray, it was obvious to
Melanie that her sister was lost in the ongoing throes of lascivious

Penny clearly had no idea that her lecherous finger-fucking was being
observed from outside the bathroom. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut,
and her breath was coming in wheezing little gasps, punctuated at random
intervals by the mewling cries of "More! Yes! More!" and the almost
shouted repetition of Luke Hollowell's name. It was quite clear to
Melanie at once that her older sister was not far removed from the
shattering explosion of an all devouring sexual orgasm.

Melanie Tucker was filled with conflicting emotions as she stood there
in the doorway of the bathroom, watching her sister kneading and
massaging her own cunt in the shower before her. There was guilt, of
course, and the burning flush on her cheeks as she realized that she was
committing the worst possible invasion of Penny's privacy. She knew in
her heart that she should turn away at once, and forget forever the
things which she had witnessed there in the bathroom of their rural

At the same time, however, there was something else within Melanie which
would not permit her to turn away from the sight of her sister's
inciteful private finger fucking. Melanie felt some sort of sympathetic
stirring between her thighs, and she clenched her legs tighter together
in an effort to quell the budding passion she felt there. At the exact
same instant, however, the rigid stiffening of her cherry little nipples
alerted her to the fact that her own sensual excitement at the sight
would not be so easily overcome.

Unconsciously, Melanie had begun to breathe more deeply and more
rapidly, her panting inhalations coming almost to an approximation of
her sister's excited wheezing. The younger girl would not have been able
to diagnose her own situation, but in fact she had almost projected
herself into the person of her totally involved older sister, lusting
after the sensual excitement and blossoming pleasure which she saw her
older sibling enjoying in the shower from her driving fingers.

A little moan escaped from Melanie's throat as she felt the facade of
earnest self-control slipping away from her. Her fervent young body was
crying out, demanding the same sensual attentions which Penny was even
then visiting upon her own wet, naked and glistening torso in the

As her strength of will-power ebbed rapidly away, Melanie at least
preserved the presence of mind to step back a few paces from the open
doorway of the bathroom. There, she still had an unobstructed view of
her nude and writhing sister, but she would not so easily be seen
herself if Penny chanced to open her eyes and glance into the shadowy
hallway outside the door.

Reasonably safe, Melanie stood leaning against the smooth wall of the
corridor, trembling within and without, suffering the pangs of a passion
which was not entirely familiar to her at her tender age. She had felt
some of the same stirrings before, though never to this extent, and the
method of relief which she planned to emulate, borrowing from her older
sister's example, was completely new to her as well.

Moaning softly, almost crying to herself, Melanie Tucker slid the moist
palms of her hands upward along the soft inside of her tremulous thighs.
She gasped and shivered more violently as her rising hands made sudden
burning contact with the already moist plane of her crotch, feeling the
little nether lips of her pussy through the soaking crotchband of her
little panties. Slowly, almost timidly at first, she urged her hands
into stroking, tantalizing motion, caressing and massaging the covered
valley of her burning, churning little pussy.

The roaring sensations resulting from her own lewd masturbatory caresses
were so powerful that all timidity and hesitation were soon forgotten.
Melanie's hands became more eager, more forceful, and she pinned her
eyes on her writhing sister, staring through slitted eyelids as if to
catalog and memorize every licentious motion. Almost without thinking,
she slid her hands upward, to the waistband of her tiny bikini panties,
and then downward again inside the flimsy undergarment.

A great, wracking sigh was ripped from Melanie's moist lips as her
fingers made direct contact with her palpitating cuntal lips, her nails
scraping gently, incitefully along the pouting ridges of inflamed
genital flesh. Her own feminine moistness was flowing more freely now,
dampening her fingers and easing their progress as they became ever more
adventurous, slipping at last between the lips of her tight little cunt,
seeking and finding the erotic fuse of her budding little clitoris.

Powerful, overwhelming waves of erotic sensation washed over Melanie
Tucker's taut young torso, bringing her cherry little nipple buds to
instant quivering erection, and forcing her ripe hips to take up an
unconscious fucking rotary motion all their own. Her breathing was
transformed into the heated, frenzied panting of some lust-crazed wild
animal, and she drove her hands ever more rapidly into the fertile
depths of her crotch, whipping herself onward and upward toward the goal
of total sensual release.

Bracing herself in the shower stall, writhing animatedly beneath the
hissing stream of cool, refreshing water, Penny Tucker felt herself on
the verge of a powerful orgasmic explosion. The potent combination of
her lurid fantasies about Luke Hollowell and the driving, fucking action
of her slippery fingers, had succeeded in pushing her onward and upward
toward the very brink of totally shattering release.

In her whirling mind, she was back once more on the moonlit porch with
Luke, her young admirer and would-be lover. She felt Luke's hands
deserting her quivering breasts flow, sliding upward along her warm,
naked thighs beneath the sheltering fabric of her skirt. Suddenly they
were there, probing and fondling in the moist folds of her crotch,
nudging her wet panties aside to gain more direct access to that vibrant
nether flesh.

Penny's hands and Luke's hands had become one in the swirling, unreal
world of her licentious fantasies. She could almost believe that those
were his fingers stroking and massaging her vulva, his thumb and
forefinger seizing and taunting her little clit with electrifying

Penny thrashed wildly about in the shower, reliving and remembering
every second of last night as she had spent it with young Luke,
imagining again that she could feel the chafing of his bulging erection,
probing against her now-naked loins with every grinding forward thrust
of his hips. Her mind raced, recalling vividly what happened then, what
had taken place between them on that moonlit porch only the evening

Penny had heard the rasp of his zipper being forcefully lowered without
really understanding what it meant. She was shocked back to instant
reality, however, as the slick hard pole of his burning cockflesh was
thrust between her thighs, nuzzling and probing along the wet furrow of
her crotch, seeking entry to the virginal little mouth of her dripping

She had recoiled in reflexive horror, glancing wildly about as they
stood there, totally exposed from all sides on the open porch, with Luke
rutting and thrusting away, attempting to bury his yearning penis in her
tight little cunt. She was deathly afraid that her younger sister might
wake up and look out the window unexpectedly, or even that some neighbor
or stranger might drive by on the road a hundred yards distant and
chance to notice them. She pushed futilely against Luke's broad muscular
chest, but she did not possess the strength at that moment to budge him
or to divert him from his intended course of lewd action.

Penny's struggles slowly declined, then ceased altogether, as Luke's
massive penis thrust against her pussy lips with ever- mounting strength
and determination. All hope of resistance seemed to fade as the blunt
glans of his cock made sudden burning contact with the tiny, tingling
bud of her electric little clitoris, igniting a raging inferno of heated
lust in her squirming lower body.

Penny Tucker's mind was awhirl, recalling the feel and texture of Luke's
penis as it nudged and buffeted against the defenseless little valley of
her hungry, needing cunt. She tried to squirm backward away from him,
thus avoiding the ramrod thrusts of his prick, but she suddenly found
herself backed up tight against the supporting post of the porch, pinned
and with nowhere to go.

Luke Hollowell took ultimate advantage of the young woman's captive
posture, redoubling his efforts to skewer her cunt with his rigid,
driving young penis. He felt her resolve and resistance slowly ebbing
away, and his pounding thrusts became more energetic in response to her

Penny knew that within a matter of moments she would be pierced to the
very core of her being by the ramrod thrusts of Luke's eager cock. In
reflexive action, she dropped one of her slender hands between them, to
the pubic joining of their bodies, circling the slippery, plunging shaft
of his prick with her fingers as if to divert his aim from the bullseye
of her crotch.

Luke recognized her move, but made no effort to dissuade her since the
stroking, massaging action of her fingers only heightened and broadened
his enjoyment of the thrusting into her furry little crotch. He felt the
pre-orgasmic tension mounting in his tight, swaying balls, and redoubled
once more his efforts to penetrate Penny's virginal little cunt, sliding
his fat cock ever more rapidly through the restraining loop of her wet
and slippery fingers.

Writhing there in the shower, Penny Tucker recalled every thrust and
undulation of their locked bodies as clearly as if it was being
re-enacted there at that very moment. In fact, with the driving,
skewering motion of her rapidly fucking fingers in the fertile valley of
her pussy, the previous evening's activities did seem to be happening
all over again. Her thumb and forefinger played the role of Luke's
driving, pummeling glans, seizing her hot little clit and driving it
into a mounting frenzy of passion as she squirmed and tossed there in
the shower.

Penny hovered on the razor's edge of shattering orgasmic release,
feeling once more the vicarious sensation of Luke's powerful cock, its
head surging for the first lime against the rubbery little opening of
her most secret vagina. She had tightened her fingers about his shaft in
response to that ultimate invasion, and her hands mimicked that action
now, driving her clitoris and cuntal lips into a seething frenzy of
blossoming desire.

She remembered clearly his grunt of half-pleasure, half- defeat as he
reached orgasm prematurely, without plunging his prick into the very
heart of her cunt. She vividly recalled the searing impact of his cum on
the outer lips of her cunt as it geysered forth, erupting from the
cyclopic slit in his glans like a tidal wave of superheated passion

Just the memory of that scalding flood between her thighs was sufficient
to push young Penny Tucker over the final edge and into the swirling
mental maelstrom of total orgasmic explosion. Both hands were locked
atop her pumping, rotating pussy, fingers buried deep inside the steamy
little crevice of her womanhood. She squirmed and danced on those
impaling fingers, humping madly downward onto the artificial cock formed
by the intertwining of her manual digits. Inside her reeling skull,
colored lights danced, and skyrockets seemed to blossom and explode
behind the tightly clenched lids of her watery eyes.

"Ohhh JJJeessuuss!!!!" she moaned desperately, throatily, "I'mmm

She gave herself completely to that exhilarating moment, sliding
downward into a seated position on the click, wet floor of the shower
cubicle, unmindful of the watery stream which now battered her upturned
face, conscious only of the roaring, ripping sensations evoked by the
driving hands pinned between her legs.

It seemed to Penny that there must be an echo there in the bathroom, as
if some smaller, weaker version of her voice was repeating her words and
moans of ecstasy with several seconds of delay. She thought nothing of
it until her head had begun to clear slightly, after endless seconds of
swirling, reeling chaos, and then she suddenly realized that she herself
was no longer speaking, no longer crying out the name of Luke Hollowell
and the soulful imprecations for him to fuck her faster and harder.

Penny's eyes snapped open, and she turned her head abruptly to one side,
facing the gaping door of the bathroom and the darker hallway beyond.
What she saw there, however dimly, caused her to jerk upright in
surprise, her cheeks already reddening with shame and embarrassment.

Outside the bathroom door, leaning against one wall of the narrow
hallway, stood Penny's younger sister, Melanie. The young girl's skirt
was pulled up around her hips, and both of her hands were thrust deep
down inside the elastic waistband of her bikini panties. Even from that
distance, and in the murk of the corridor, Penny could tell that the
crotch of Melanie's undergarment was soaking wet with her own
freely-flowing love secretions. Melanie's cheeks were also flushed, and
she was panting rapidly, obviously caught in the after-throes of a very
powerful orgasm. Her eyes peered through slitted lids directly at Penny,
where the older girl sat on the floor of the shower, both hands cupping
her fevered little twat.

Penny opened her mouth to speak, feeling the lump rising in her throat
as if to strangle her. She could think of nothing to say which would
make the terrible situation any better, any less humiliating, than it
was. "Oh, Melanie ..." was all she could manage.

The younger girl seemed about to say something, when both of them were
distracted by a loud knocking at the front door.

Melanie quickly jerked her wet fingers out of her panties and smoothed
her skirt, turning back down the hallway toward the living room as Penny
clambered to her feet in the shower, reaching for a towel.

Whatever they had to say to one another, whatever apologies must be
uttered or explanations made, they would all have to wait. Someone was
at the door, someone whose touch was loud, firm and demanding. Penny
Tucker's mind raced ahead, trying to fathom who it might be that came to
call during the afternoon, and what they might want from her and her

Chapter 2

Bart Masters had been driving since dawn and he was tired. The long trip
from Atlanta had seemed to go on forever, and the constant fretting and
complaining of the two men he traveled with had done nothing to soothe
his jangling nerves or calm the throbbing ache at the base of his skull.

There had been no question, of course, about staying in Atlanta any
longer. The heat had simply become too intense on all sides, and there
was nothing the three men could do except get the hell out while the
getting was good. To remain there would have been worse than foolish. It
would have been lethal.

They had known from the beginning that they were bucking hard odds when
they joined up with Benny Mosconi as freelance guns. Mosconi was going
up against the Andreotti family in an effort to topple "Spooks"
Andreotti, the regional kingpin of organized crime, and he needed all
the young guns he could gather to even the odds out even slightly. The
risks had been high, sure, but the pay was reasonably good and they
literally had the world to win. They had signed on with Mosconi.

Ten weeks of bloody gang warfare in and around Atlanta had done much to
take the edge off their little adventure, and with the passage of time
it became increasingly obvious that they were not about to win anything
from Andreotti except a six-foot hole in the ground. Mosconi had fielded
thirty-five men against the vastly superior enemy forces, and by this
time last week, only eleven of those gunmen were still alive. From there
it was downhill all the way, with no street corner or alley in all of
Atlanta a safe haven for Mosconi and his dwindling band of urban

Masters and his two companions had actually been with Mosconi when the
end came. Christ, he was standing right there beside the very car they
were driving now when the lead started flying, turning him into an
unrecognizable pulp before he hit the ground. Two of the car's windows
had been all shot to hell before they could screech away from the curb,
and there were some suspicious brown stains across the rear seat which
vividly told of Benny Mosconi's violent passing.

And yeah, Atlanta was too hot to handle, for sure. A hundred guns were
hunting them on the streets, and by now the cops would be in on the
search as well. Flight was inevitable, and the direction didn't seem to
matter a hell of a lot, so long as they picked up speed and covered
ground in a hurry.

Masters had picked the country road totally at random, tired of Jed
Wilson's snoring in the back seat and sick to death of Tom Watson's
repeated asking about when they could stop for coffee. The little back
road, not even paved, had seemed ideal for their purposes, and Masters
had driven past several rambling rural homes before choosing one to stop
at, again making the selection at random.

He stood now on the porch of the house he had selected, sweating in his
expensive suit and cursing softly at the heat, wondering whether he
should repeat his knock or try to jimmy what looked like a genuine
antique lock on the front door. Jed Wilson stood beside him, rocking
slowly back and forth on the balls of his feet, whistling tunelessly to
himself. Tom Watson sat behind the wheel of the car, with the engine
running quietly and a sawed-off shotgun hidden in his lap. Just in case.

Masters had decided to try knocking once more, and was raising his fist
when he heard the faint sound of approaching footsteps from inside the
house. After another moment's hesitation, the front door swung slowly
open, and he found himself facing a beautiful young girl.

Masters let his eyes rove appreciatively over the girl's cherubic face
and ripe young woman's body. She wore simple clothing, possibly
hand-me-downs, but her breasts and hips swelled amply against the
garments, and the man could feel his pulse quickening at the mere
nearness of her. He idly wondered how old she was, then shrugged it off,
deciding that if things went well he would have plenty of time to find
out first hand.

"What do you want?"

The girl's question was blunt and to the point. It reminded Masters that
he had been staring at the girl for almost half a minute without saying
anything. He cleared his throat, slightly embarrassed, and not wishing
to give a bad impression before he had a chance to completely judge the
situation they were facing.

"Uh, my friends and I have been driving all day," he began lamely,
warming to the lies as he continued. "I think we must have taken a wrong
turn, or something. We seem to be lost, and we're just about out of gas.
I wondered if you might have some we could use? We'd be glad to pay you
for it."

The girl's face was without expression as she shook her head in a casual
negative. "We don't have any gas," she said simply.

Master's mind raced ahead, anticipating the setback. "Well, uh, maybe
your father could tell us where to find some, okay? We really need that
gas right now."

Again she shook her head, putting auburn waves of hair in shimmering
motion about an angelic face. "I'm all alone here with my sister," she
answered unwisely. "But I know there's nobody selling gas within ten
miles of here anyhow."

Masters relaxed visibly as he learned that the girl and her unseen
sister were alone within the old house. It was a perfect setup, if only
they could get inside without serious trouble at the outset. He cast a
sidelong glance toward Wilson beside him, motioning with one hand behind
his back at the same time, signaling Watson to shut off the engine of
their car.

"Listen," Masters said after a long moment, putting on his best smile
for the occasion, "We were supposed to be meeting somebody in Savannah
about now, and I can see we're not going to make it on time. Would you
let me just use your telephone for a minute, to change the appointment?
I'll pay all the charges, of course."

The girl thought it over briefly, casting her eyes from one man to the
other there on the porch. At last she nodded simply, stepping backward
and flipping up the loose latch on the screen door as she did so,
motioning for Masters and Wilson to come inside. Masters nodded his
thanks, gracing her with another of his charming smiles. As he passed
through the doorway, he heard the driver's door of the car close tightly
out in the driveway. Watson was joining them in the house.

"The telephone's right over here," the girl said, leading them across a
dingy living room toward a smaller kitchen, pointing toward what looked
like an antique wall phone to the right of the open kitchen doorway.
Masters ignored the phone, intent at the moment on watching the way the
girl's tight young ass-cheeks swayed and moved inside the confining
fabric of her short, tight skirt.

The screen door slammed noisily and Masters flicked a glance back over
his shoulder, confirming that both Wilson and Watson were now inside the
house as well. He relaxed further, knowing that the biggest hurdle had
been successfully negotiated.

"We won't be needing the phone after all," he said, some of the phony
charm dropping from his tone. "And neither will you."

The girl turned back to face him directly the curious, questioning
expression on her pretty child's face changing to one of surprise, then
horror, as she realized vaguely what was happening. Tom Watson had
withdrawn the stubby shotgun from inside his billowing jacket and was
holding it casually now in one hand, the twin deadly muzzles pointing
somewhere between the girl and the ramshackle stairway which led to the
second floor of the old house. He was smiling vaguely.

"Wha ... wha ... what do you want here?" the girl asked, her voice
breaking with fright as she spoke.

"A little shelter and rest," Watson told her, cocking one eyebrow and
smiling suggestively at her. "Some comfort and loving care. That's all."

He snickered lowly as the girl began to tremble, glancing fearfully from
one of the men to the next, biting gently at her full lower lip to
stifle a sob.

Penny Tucker listened to the soft murmur of voices drifting up the
stairs as she slipped into fresh clothing. She had hurried upstairs to
her bedroom while Melanie moved to answer the knock at the door, and
now, as she finished dressing, she made ready to descend the stairs
again and see who it was who came calling at that unusual hour of the

Penny left her bedroom and moved quietly down the corridor toward the
head of the stairs once again, ears cocked and straining to pick out as
much as possible of the discussion being conducted below. She moved
cautiously, almost on tiptoe, until she caught herself at it and felt
foolish for trying to sneak up on visitors in her own home. She shook
herself out of the strange mood and walked briskly to the stairs,
starting down them at a confident, even pace.

She was halfway down the staircase when she saw the three men and the
squat, ugly shotgun leveled at her stomach. She froze there, halfway
between floors, frightened eyes darting back and forth from her
trembling younger sister to the trio of men who had carried out the
armed invasion of their home with such cunning and stealth.

"Come on down here, little lady," one of the men said softly, his voice
demanding, authoritative despite the almost jocular tone he employed.

Penny found the speaker with her eyes, noting that it was not the chubby
shotgunner, but rather the lean man who stood nearest to Melanie, beside
the kitchen doorway.

Penny began to slowly descend the rest of the staircase, finding her
courage and her voice long enough to voice the questions which were
uppermost on her troubled mind at the moment.

"Who are you? What do you want here?" she asked, fighting to prevent her
voice from cracking with tension and fright.

The lean man spoke again, acting as the apparent leader of the little
band as he took it upon himself to answer for them all.

"Like I was just telling the little girl here," he began, jerking one
thumb in Melanie's general direction, "we need your hospitality for
awhile. We need to rest up temporarily, and we can't afford to be
disturbed, if you get the drift."

Penny nodded slowly, reaching the bottom of the narrow stairs. She
thought she understood their problem, all right. These men were wanted
by the law, beyond a doubt, and probably not from around there if she
was any judge of clothing and deportment. They were city men, and they
reeked of trouble. She and Melanie could do no better than to play along
with their wishes, within reason, and hope that they would soon decide
it was safe to be on their way once more.

Penny was startled out of her private thoughts by the lean man's voice,
and her eyes snapped toward him. She was relieved to find that he had
not addressed himself to her, but to the third member of the group,
ordering him to take their car and drive it around behind the house, out
of sight from the access road in front.

"Now, little lady," the stranger continued, "the first thing we're going
to want is some food. The little girl here can take care of that, and
Tom here will keep her company." His nod indicated the shotgunner as he
continued speaking. "In the meantime, I want you to show me around the
house, just to make sure we've got no surprises in store for us."

Penny nodded dumbly, unable to think of any verbal response. She watched
as Melanie filed off into the kitchen, casting one last worried glance
over her shoulder as the man called Tom followed behind her. The lean
man was approaching Penny at the same time, gesturing toward the
staircase she had just descended. As he swept his arm wide through the
air, Penny was startled to notice the butt of a pistol protruding from
his belt beneath the jacket he wore.

Penny turned and began to climb the stairs once again. The man was close
behind her, and she could almost imagine that she could feel his eyes
following her, lingering over the ripe curve of her tight-clad buttocks
like a physical caress. Without turning to face him she could tell that
he was literally undressing her with his eyes, and she suddenly felt
naked and ashamed there before him.

They reached the top landing of the stairs, and Penny half- turned
toward the man, gesturing along the short upstairs corridor. "These are
bedrooms," she said simply, explaining. "And there's a bathroom down at
the end of the hall on the right."

"I'll need to take a look," the man said, smiling thinly as she shot him
another curious glance. "Just to be on the safe side," he explained
after a long, uncomfortable moment.

"Okay," Penny said, nodding obediently, leading him off along the
hallway to look at the farthest rooms first. She cast a quick glance
behind her as he followed, noting that he kept one hand slightly raised,
always within easy reach of the revolver he wore in his belt.

"That's the bathroom," she said simply, pointing to a door which stood
half-open on their immediate right. The lean man edged forward, pushing
the door completely open with the toe of one foot, waiting a long moment
before he ducked his head inside the bathroom to peer around.

"Okay," he said, sounding relieved and satisfied. "Next."

Penny sighed expressively, shrugging with resignation as she moved to
obey the command. She noticed the discomforting way in which his eyes
fastened upon her large breasts, watching intently as they moved beneath
her blouse with the motion of her shrug. She suddenly felt cold, as a
little chill of grim premonition raced the length of her spine.

She opened a second door, motioning for him to look inside as she did
so. "This is ... was ... my mother's room," she said.

"Where is she now?" he asked, suspicion heavy in his voice.

"She died," Penny said simply, refusing to bare the details of her
private grief to this invading stranger.

"Okay," the man said dispassionately, galling her with his coldness. He
was already moving down the hallway, waiting for her to open and explain
the next door in line.

"My sister's room," Penny said by way of explanation, again watching and
waiting for the satisfied little nod before proceeding down the corridor
beside the lean man.

They briefly examined a half-empty linen closet, and then they were
standing before the last door in line, almost back to their starting
point at the head of the stairs. It was the door to Penny's own room,
and she told him so, turning the knob easily and pushing the door inward
to reveal the empty interior of the chamber beyond.

The man moved-forward, impulsively and unexpectedly, brushing against
Penny and forcing her as if by accident into the silence of the bedroom.
She stood apart from him, silent and afraid, as she watched him taking
the room apart with his eyes, examining every detail. She felt soiled
somehow, as if the cruel stranger had been looking inside her very soul
instead of merely examining the rather shabby contents of the room she
had occupied alone since adolescence.

"So this is it, eh?" he asked, some new and undecipherable tone in his
voice, almost taunting her. "This is where you do your thing, eh, baby?"

"I sleep here," she said blandly, initially uncertain of where his line
of talk was leading them.

The man chuckled dryly, evilly. "Yeah, sleep. And what else, huh? Do you
dream here too, baby?"

"I don't understand you," she said, meaning it.

The man seemed not to have heard her.

"Yeah, I'll bet you dream, all right," the man said, almost to himself,
chuckling deeply again. "I'll bet you have some dreams here, for sure."

Penny said nothing, remaining still. She noted with some considerable
discomfort that she had begun to tremble again.

"What kind of dreams do you have up here at night, all alone? Eh, baby?"

The man did not wait for an answer, but continued speaking, moving
closer to her all the while until he was standing right beside her in
the room.

"You ever have some of them real hot dreams, baby? Some of those dreams
that get you all juiced up and squirming in the night? Wet dreams? Huh,

Penny felt a single tear blossom at the corner of one eye and trace a
glistening path down her cheek. The man was touching her now, lightly,
slipping one muscular arm about her shoulders and drawing her tightly
against him as he continued the taunting, inciteful line of rhetorical

"I'll bet you must have every stud in the county sniffing around after
you, looking as good as you do," he said, his voice heavy with lust now.
"I'll just bet every cock in miles is up and twitchin' every time you
pass by."

Penny remained grimly silent, choking back the sob which rose unbidden
in her throat.

"You dream about those big, hot cocks, don't you baby? I'll just bet you
do. You dream about 'em until that tight little box of yours is all wet
and ready for action. I can almost see it now. I can almost smell all
that sweet love honey from here."

Penny Tucker was trembling violently, deathly afraid of what this evil,
lecherous man had in store for her. And yet, at the same time, she was
even more alarmed to note the beginning of another, contradictory,
frightening change within her body. Not all of the shivering sensations
which racked her young frame were entirely unpleasant, and some of the
tingling feelings might even be described as pleasant, under different
circumstances of course.

Awed and ashamed, Penny felt the cherry little nipples of her breasts
begin to stiffen involuntarily, of their own accord, chafing against the
flimsy restraining material of her tight bra. At the same time, the old
familiar watery sensation had begun anew between her legs, complete with
the wavering little tendrils of budding passion fanning upward from her
tremulous little cunt, racing to ignite the flames of passion throughout
her torso.

Oh, God, she cried inwardly, I simply can't let my body betray me this
way! It's ... SINFUL!! ...

Penny at once recognized the contribution of her mother to that little
warning voice, and the knowledge, somehow, served in fact to blunt and
deflect the thrust of the warning. She knew that it was wrong, unnatural
for her to respond to the filthy words of this man who had come as an
armed intruder into her home, but at the same time, she found herself
rebelling instinctively against the idea that her body's natural
reactions were in any way sinful or unnatural.

Penny Tucker was shocked out of her mental dialogue and debate by the
sudden touch of a man's hand upon the soft, pliant curve of her left
breast. She jerked back instinctively, seeking escape, but the hard
circle of the stranger's arm held her fast as his free hand began its
taunting rotary massage of her captive mammary flesh. Penny could not
control her sobbing now, and she squirmed ineffectually in his tight
grasp, weeping and twisting in a vain effort to free herself.

The man noted the erect and excited condition of her nipple as it spiked
outward through her clothing, prodding against the palm of his slowly
rotating hand. He laughed softly, deep in his throat, as he stepped up
the pace and strength of his milking, massaging caresses. He was clearly
enjoying her discomfiture, savoring the storm of contradictory,
conflicting emotions which were even at that moment raging inside the
young woman's tender captive body.

The man changed his tactics, releasing her breast from his rotating
palm, and captured the stiffened bud of her little nipple between his
thumb and forefinger. He slowly rubbed the taut little stem of erectile
flesh in his grasp, noting and appreciating the reactions of his sexy
young captive as she sobbed aloud, twisting vainly in a hopeless effort
to escape from the strong circle of his arms.

Penny Tucker was quickly becoming lost in a raging sea of mixed sensual
emotions, almost totally at the mercy of her increasingly traitorous
young body. Her aching breasts and trembling little cunt were crying out
for her to surrender, to participate wantonly and willingly in whatever
this cruel man might wish to do with her, but at the same time, other
portions of her heart and mind cried out to her that she must fight,
rebel and resist his lecherous advances. Tears streamed down her cheeks
as she gradually felt herself losing that all-important internal battle
for self-control.

The man's demanding hand momentarily left her straining breast flesh,
fingers slipping upward to attack the little buttons that held her
blouse closed in front. She gasped and trembled furiously in his grasp
as he began slowly, tauntingly undressing her, unbuttoning one button at
a time to slowly reveal the milky swell of her cleavage.

The second button of Penny Tucker's thin blouse was coming loose, then
the third, and the fourth. The inner curve of her ripe, firm breasts was
fully visible to the man now, and he feasted avid eyes upon the rich orb
of her tits, nestled as they were within the lacy confinement of her
almost transparent little slip of a bra. He could plainly see the rosy
pink nubs of her nipples thrusting outward against the flimsy material,
jutting forward like twin exclamation points of growing passion which
the young woman was totally powerless to hide.

Quickly Bart Masters finished the task of unbuttoning Penny Tucker's
flimsy little blouse, and while the young woman cringed in his grasp, he
moved swiftly behind her, stripping the outer garment backward and
downward, off of her shoulders and along her trembling arms, swiftly
tossing it away to land in a rumpled heap on the floor.

Penny cringed as she felt the stranger's hands slipping around her rib
cage, beneath her arms, to capture the ripe, trembling mounds of her
barely-covered young breasts. His fingers and thumbs immediately snared
the jutting little buds of her cherry-like nipples, while his palms
began their milking, massaging assault on the luscious cones of mammary
flesh. Tingling, flaring jolts of electric passion flooded outward from
the excited mounds of Penny's tits, causing her knees to suddenly weaken
and threaten to dump her prostrate on the floor at his feet.

The young woman held herself upright only with an effort, reluctantly
leaning backward against the cruel man who was tweaking her nipples and
massaging her breasts so energetically. To her shock and horror, she
could suddenly feel the thrusting rod of his powerful erection, nudging
insistently against her plump young buttocks through the dual restraints
of his slacks and her tight fitting skirt. Penny felt herself
unaccountably going weak and trembly inside, requiring her to lean even
more upon her cruel and lecherous captor for support.

With a low growl of animal lust, Masters hooked his strong fingers in
the cups of Penny Tucker's bra, yanking sharply down so that the lacy
material was torn completely free from her vibrant young tits. Penny
gasped, and the man feasted his eyes on the sight of her exposed young
breasts as they bobbled and jiggled from the force of their sudden
stripping. He let his gaze linger over the thrusting, crinkled little
buds of her nipples, standing out nearly an inch from the crinkled pink
rings of her aroused areolas.

Masters centered those thrusting little nipples in his palms, reveling
in the feel of her excited and erectile flesh chafing against his hands,
as he conducted his inciteful rotary massage of her naked luscious tits.
He pulled forcefully against those mammary orbs, drawing Penny back
tightly against his own body, nudging and probing his covered erection
into the barely defined cleft of her tight young ass cheeks as she was
pinned against him.

At length, Bart Masters could contain himself no longer. He thrust Penny
away from him with one powerful hand, looping the other in the back
strap of her now useless bra and pulling sharply with all his might. The
girl gasped, then tumbled forward onto her hands and knees as the
elastic ripped through and the scanty bra came totally loose in the
man's big fist.

Penny Tucker was naked to the waist now, and she rose from her position
on hands and knees, crossing arms across her chest in a rather belated
effort to preserve some faint vestige of personal modesty. It was all to
no avail, however, for Bart Masters was suddenly upon her with a
panther-like spring, seizing one of her slender arms in a powerful hand
and hauling her, kicking and protesting to her feet. He twisted her
about, tossing her bodily backward and onto the mattress, where she
bounced for one long moment like a discarded rag doll, her big breasts
wobbling and aiming perkily up to meet his avid gaze.

Before Penny could attempt to cover herself again, the evil man was on
top of her. He seized both of her slender wrists in one of his big
fists, hauling them above her head and holding them there in a grip
which closely approximated the locking power of a steel bench vise.
Penny was pinned and helpless, unable even to cover the tremulous mounds
of her firm young woman's breasts as he panted heavily, devouring that
luscious mammary flesh with ravenous eyes.

She was shocked, though hardly surprised, when he brought one of his
free hands up to cup and fondle one of her breasts, and then the other.
His touch chilled and horrified her, but at the same time there was
another sort of chill as well, a sensuous, traitorous chill which Penny
could not suppress but was loath to acknowledge to herself.

Her nipples continued to blossom, unfolding into uninhibited erection
until they had almost doubled their length once again. It almost felt to
Penny as if the crinkled little buds were about to burst wide open, to
explode with the violent lustful sensations raging inside her breasts
every time the stranger touched and stroked them. She could scarcely
believe the way in which her tight young body was betraying her into
this evil man's clutches, and yet the evidence was unavoidable and
undeniable. Even now, as she fought to control and suppress the raging
fires of passion in her manhandled naked tits, an answering and
responsive sensation of liquid heat was springing up in the fertile
little valley of her cringing cunt.

Penny's legs thrashed about, her heels digging in and seeking leverage
on the mattress in an effort to push this obscene man up and off of her
twisting young body. Her struggles had the exact opposite effect from
that intended, however, for in the process her thighs were widely
splayed and the attacker was able to wedge his hips in between her
thrashing legs. At the same time, the bucking and twisting action of her
hips brought her vaginal lips into constant, chafing contact with the
barely- covered swell of his powerful pulsing erection.

There was something in that intimate contact of his thinly masked
genitals with her own which sparked an animalistic response deep inside
young Penny Tucker. At first she was repelled by the knowledge that this
stranger's cock was actually rubbing and sliding along the pouting
little nether mouth of her cunt, but then, after only a brief moment of
delay, the girl felt a strange and unfamiliar warmth flooding through
her lower body, causing her to squirm anew with a fierce energy that had
less and less to do with desire to escape.

Young Penny Tucker's breathing had become labored, and she kept her eyes
and teeth clenched tightly shut as she battled fiercely with the
conflicting emotions at war inside her traitorous young torso. She could
scarcely believe what was happening to her, and her young mind rebelled
at the way in which this stranger had been able to totally captivate her
with his lewd advances in so short a time.

Bart Masters was rapidly driving himself into a frenzy of sexual hunger
and desire as he gnawed and sucked on Penny's ripe, firm breasts,
keeping his loins in grinding motion against her splayed crotch all the
while. He could already feel the familiar tension in his tight
testicles, and his lurching penis threatened to burst through the
confines of his slacks and undershorts at any moment.

With a strangled growl of pure animalistic lust, Masters pushed himself
up on his hands, releasing Penny's wrists now that she was clearly
unable to offer him any serious resistance. He forced his hands beneath
her tight skirt, swiftly and expertly forcing the material of that
restraining garment up around her hips, leaving the whole luscious
tableau of her thighs and pelvis open to his gaze, her cringing little
pussy hidden only by the moist and almost transparent material of her
little bikini panties.

The sight of Penny's naked charms almost totally revealed to his eyes
drove the lecherous hit man into an ever greater frenzy of wanton
desire. He was panting heavily now as he hooked his blunt fingers
roughly into the elastic waistband of Penny's little underpants, ripping
down and shredding the flimsy material with one violent gesture of his
eager hands. The move lifted Penny upward from the mattress momentarily,
and then dumped her rudely back again, sobbing softly as she realized
that the whole plane of her virginal little twat was finally at the
mercy of her cruel and lecherous attacker.

Bart Masters crouched there between Penny's splayed thighs for an
eternal instant, feasting his eyes on the steamy beauty of her clasping
little vagina. Finally, when he could stand the sensual suspense no
longer, he slowly began to slide his rough palms upward along the soft
inside of her thighs, inching a torturous path toward the furry triangle
of her pubic hair.

Young Penny Tucker was beside herself in a maelstrom of conflicting
emotions as she lay with eyes tightly closed, feeling the lecherous
stranger's hands creeping ever farther upward along her defenseless
inner thighs. She knew only too well that in a very few seconds his
blunt, powerful fingers would be foraging in the downy triangle of her
pussy hair, tracing the delicate line of her pouting nether lips,
perhaps even parting those lips to probe and stroke the moist coraline
flesh hidden within.

Penny grimaced, sucking in her breath in an excited little gasp as the
man's fingers encroached for the first time upon her private pubic
triangle. She ground her ripe buttocks downward into the mattress,
struggling in vain to escape from that feathery inciting touch. Her
struggle was fruitless, however, and Bart Masters continued his hesitant
manual exploration of Penny's pubic forest. His very touch, however
light and seemingly timid, served only to inflame the desire which
already raged within the young woman's tremulously excited loins.

Bart Masters was breathing heavily, bent forward from the waist as his
eager eyes and searching hands joined in a multisensory scrutiny of
Penny Tucker's totally revealed young cunt. He traced the fine line of
her pussy slit with the tip of one index finger, noting with
satisfaction the groan of barely suppressed desire which his lewd caress
provoked from the young girl.

Encouraged, Bart hooked his big thumbs in either side of Penny's
quivering, pulsating little cunt, slowly and torturously prying those
pouting nether lips wide open to reveal the pink flesh nestled within.
Her crinkled little vaginal mouth seemed almost to be smiling at him in
timid welcome, clasping and unclasping with nervous gestures of
irrepressible desire.

Masters chuckled deep in his throat as he recognized the extent to which
the young country girl had fallen under his lecherous and insidious
power. She was his for the taking now, and he knew it only too well, but
still there was some hint of resistance or native innocence about her
which compelled him to seek the ultimate admission of surrender from his
trembling young female captive.

Unexpectedly, almost without planning the move himself, Bart Masters
ducked his head forward and flicked his long pink tongue along the moist
waiting slit of Penny Tucker'a vibrant little cunt. He watched in
fascination as the girl's entire body recoiled from the lewd oral
contact, arching upward from the mattress like a taut archer's bow,
finally touching the bed only at head and heels as she fought an
internal war against the conflicting reactions within her.

"Oh God, no!" she gasped breathlessly, sobbing, almost pleading with her
captor. "Not there! Please! I can't stand it!!"

Her pleading cries only encouraged Masters on his own lewd course of
action, and he abruptly thrust his face forward once more, locking his
mouth tightly against the seething inferno of her captive little pussy.

His lips nibbled maddeningly at the splayed pink flesh of her vagina,
his teeth clasping and releasing little nubs of flesh as he made ready
to scour her entire yearning little cunt. And all the while, his
flicking, darting tongue was at work, laving the coraline flesh of her
inner labia, teasing and tickling around the rubbery little mouth of
Penny's vagina itself.

The young girl felt that her entire lower body would surely explode as
the man's darting tongue made sudden jarring contact with her stiffened
little clitoris. The lewd oral contact milked incredible tingling and
burning sensations from the erect little pleasure bud, driving Penny
onward and upward inescapably toward an undreamed-of pinnacle of animal
passion. She gave herself to the vortex of sensation, seeking that peak
now eagerly, even aggressively.

Bart Masters sensed his victory instinctively as the young girl's hips
began to pick up a counter responsive fucking rhythm of their own,
rotating and humping spasmodically so that the steamy slit of her vagina
was brought into ever closer conjunction with his teasing, pleasing
tongue tip. She began to maneuver her pelvis instinctively, so that her
clitoris received the maximum attention from his ravenous, zealous

Masters paused for a long moment, noting with grim satisfaction the
sobbing little sounds of protesting disappointment which issued at once
from Penny's straining throat. She wanted his fucking tongue now, needed
it badly, and he knew in that moment that only one signal of ultimate
surrender remained to be given.

Acting accordingly, Masters withdrew his mouth entirely from the steamy
plane of the young girl's hungry cunt, rocking back on his haunches so
that he was once more kneeling between her widely-splayed thighs and
towering above her like some sort of chiseled statue of the God of Lust.
Slowly, teasingly, he began to unfasten his pants and slide them
downward over the swell of his hips. At length only his jockey shorts
remained, and he watched in satisfaction as Penny feasted her eyes on
those skimpy undergarments, tracing the bulging outline of his barely
covered erection through the stretched and already moistened cloth.

Finally, without further ado, Masters hooked his thumbs in the elastic
waistband of his shorts and lowered them in one fluid, practiced motion,
revealing his cock to Penny Tucker for the first time. She seemed
hypnotized by the sight of that swaying, jutting organ, watching it
bobble there, thrusting out from the tangled thatch of his pubic curls
like the magic wand of some dark and powerful sorcerer.

Penny Tucker was captivated and terrified at the same time by the
awesome sight of Bart's thrusting cock. She traced every vein and ripple
of that massive organ with her hungry eyes, ending-at-the helmet-shaped
glans and the single, glinting drop of pearly pre-ejaculate fluid which
seeped from the cyclopic eye of his cock head. Penny was frightened
almost to death of that threatening male flesh, and yet, at the same
time, she felt an incredible emptiness inside her heated young loins,
promising to completely consume her if she did not soon find sensual

Bart Masters seemed to read the conflicting signals which reached
Penny's inflamed brain, and he acted upon the point of her greatest
immediate weakness. Swinging his hips down and forward, guiding his long
stiff penis with one hand, he suddenly brought the blunt glans into
tingling, teasing contact with the hot meat of her vagina.

Penny's entire young body tensed, once more arching upward from the
mattress as male genital flesh touched her own for the first time in her
life. She ground her pearly white teeth together in a rage of
conflicting emotions, her fingers knotting into the rumpled bedspread as
she fought to retain some vestige of dignity at the same time as her
body cried out for pure sexual fulfillment from the stranger.

Masters knew that he had her completely in his power, and he played with
his cock upon the burning, jangling nerve endings of her cunt as a
virtuoso might play a musical instrument. He sought to evoke from her
every last ounce of physical and sexual energy, to drive her full tilt
up the pinnacle of passion from which there would be no return short of
total, shattering orgasm. But first, before he would permit her that
release, he meant to heap upon her the final indignity, to force from
her the ultimate admission of abject female surrender.

Bart concentrated his full attention and the full weight of his rotating
searching glans upon the tingling little bud of Penny Tucker's excited
clitoris. The girl was going wild beneath him now, thrashing about on
the bed and calling her lust out loud in incoherent little gasps that he
thought must surely be audible to the people remaining downstairs. Bart
ground his glans relentlessly against her trembling little clit, until
she slumped back weak and panting upon the mattress, unable to even put
up the semblance of a fight any longer.

Then, as suddenly as he had begun, Masters totally withdrew his penis
from the steamy, yearning arena of her little twat. Penny's reaction was
immediate and emphatic, bringing her up on both elbows to glance in
worried fashion from his red cock to his sweaty face and back again.

"Wha ... wha ... what are you doing?" she asked disbelievingly. "Why ...
why have you stopped?"

"Tell me what you want, bitch!" he demanded roughly, his voice grating
coarsely across her ears in the sudden stillness of the room.

Penny was totally humiliated by what she knew she must say and do, but
there was no longer any possible escape open to her. She was far beyond
the point of no return, and she felt that she must die now if she was
deprived of ultimate sexual satisfaction for even a second longer.

"I ... I ... I want your cock!" she said at last, finding that the words
did not strangle her as she had feared. "I want it in me! I want to be

Penny could scarcely believe that she was hearing her own voice, but as
she pronounced those lewd demands she felt as if a great weight had been
lifted from her shoulders and she was suddenly free of her plaguing
inhibitions at last. She slumped backward onto the bed once more, thighs
falling limply open in silent but unmistakable invitation to her
would-be rapist.

Bart Masters could contain his own passion no longer, and now he lowered
his hips into position once again, using the same hand to guide his
penis until the broad glans was nudging directly against the tight
elastic mouth of the girl's little vagina. Penny Tucker suffered an
instant of incredible discomfort as that massive pole of male flesh
began its twisting, worming entry, but then Masters accomplished his
feat with a single powerful thrust, burying his cock to the hilt in the
steamy little pit of her heaving, yearning belly.

Penny felt as if her entire body was suddenly on fire, and the only way
in which she could ever put out the flames was by battering her loins
and pelvis relentlessly against the skewering cock which impaled her.
Her body flailed and tossed beneath Bart Masters like a human gyroscope
gone berserk, her clawed fingers raking his back insanely as she mewled
out little gasping cries of ecstasy into his ear.

Masters was driving his reaming cock deeper into the young girl's
captive cunt with each of his powerful fucking thrusts, until at last he
could feel his round glans pummeling against the elastic cup of her
cervix. He could penetrate her no farther, but still he did not abate
the power of his thrusts, nor the speed, striving to evoke new
sensations of passion for them both with every pistoning stroke he

Penny brought her heels up, locking her ankles behind Bart's pumping ass
and pressing his cock ever deeper inside her clasping, milking pussy.
She sought to drain every ounce of his passion from him in order to
satisfy the craving which she felt inside of herself.

Bart Masters felt the explosion of his cum building in the pent-up
receptacle of his tight balls, waiting and eager for the release which
would blanket Penny's cunt with seething, swirling foam. The milking
action of her pussy walls was driving him insane, and he knew it could
not be much longer before he scaled the ultimate heights of nerve
shattering total orgasm.

Suddenly he was there, his entire body stiffening and his prick
thrusting deeper than ever inside her as he came. His semen burst forth
within her in long milky, scalding gouts, coating her insides with the
creamy, soothing milk of his passion. The scalding flood was enough to
send Penny herself teetering over the brink into total sensual release,
and she felt herself sliding into that vortex with a sensation of
ultimate, unbelievable relief.

"I'm cumming!" she wailed aloud, giving herself totally to the
exhilaration of that new and draining experience. "I'mm

Chapter 3

Young Melanie Tucker had watched her sister go up the stairs with Bart
Masters through eyes narrowed by tension and fear. She had no real idea
yet just what these men might demand of them, but the open display of
weapons in her home had informed her from the beginning that she could
expect little mercy or compassion from the ruthless invaders. With Penny
out of her sight and gone now with the leader of the cruel trio, Melanie
suddenly felt very alone and vulnerable in the presence of the other two

It was almost a relief to her when the one called Jed Wilson spoke to
her, breaking the grim silence that hung between them like a curtain of

"How about that coffee, eh, little lady?"

She nodded dumbly, turning away from him and moving in the direction of
the kitchen. He moved to follow her, and the third man would undoubtedly
have followed as well if Wilson had not turned upon him and brusquely
ordered him to remain in the living room and keep watch over the road
outside through the front windows of the house. Having thus dispersed
his "troops," Jed Wilson turned once more and followed Melanie into the
kitchen, closing the door behind him firmly.

Melanie glanced at him from time to time out of the corner of her eye as
she busied herself with the coffee pot at the stove. She had filled the
pot with water and was about to turn on the heat of the burner beneath
it when she felt Jed Wilson close beside her and almost flinched away
from the sudden touch of his hand on her shoulder. His voice was soft,
almost purring, in her ear as he leaned closer still.

"What does a great-looking girl like you do for excitement in a nowhere
dump like this?" he asked, his leering tone communicating more than
casual interest in her forms of amusement.

Melanie shrugged, half hoping the gesture would dislodge his clinging
hand from her shoulder, but all in vain. When the subtle effort failed
miserably, she felt constrained to manufacture some answer that might
satisfy the man.

"We don't do much," she said simply. "Once in a while there's a school
dance, or a hayride."

"A hayride!?" the man crowed, his voice breaking up into harsh and
derisive laughter at the very idea of such primitive amusement. "I
didn't know they still did that in the western world."

When Melanie made no reply to his mocking words, Wilson tried another
tack, lowering his voice a notch and leaning close to her once more,
tightening his insidious arms about her slim shoulders. "it must get
awfully dull for you, way out here in the sticks," he said, hugging her
to him for emphasis. "You must be pretty hard-up for all kinds of
excitement, I'll bet."

Melanie shook her head in a hesitant negative gesture. "It's not so
bad," she said weakly, while her mind cried out that it really was that
bad, and that she had said the exact same things silently to herself a
hundred times before. "It really isn't that bad," she repeated

The man continued as if he had not heard her ineffectual protests. "I'll
just bet you've got a real shortage of men back up here in these hills,
don't you, sweetheart? The young ones move north or go off to the army,
and you're stuck here with a bunch of old geezers snapping their own
carrots, eh?"

Melanie could think of nothing to say, so she remained silent, toying
idly with the knobs of the stove, but without turning on the flame
beneath the coffee pot.

"Yeah," Jed Wilson continued in his softly seductive voice, "I'll just
bet that there are times you get so lonely and horny back here in the
hills that you're ready to tackle anything with two legs and a prick."

Melanie was blushing bright crimson now, and she had had quite enough of
the man's lewd oratory. She made a determined motion to break away from
him, turning sharply away and moving as if to brush past his restraining
arm. The man was too fast for her, however, tightening his grip at the
same time that he shifted his own stance, moving so that her momentum
carried her directly into him, face on. She recoiled from that jarring
contact and might have stumbled backward against the stove if Jed
Wilson's strong arms and hands had not shot out, seizing her tightly by
the shoulders to hold her upright, then tugging her back tightly against
him. He smiled broadly as the soft mounds of her youthful breasts
flattened provocatively against his broad, muscular chest.

Melanie stood with eyes downcast for a long moment, then she risked a
glance upward at her captor's face. His eyes seemed to fascinate the
young girl, riveting her own gaze and holding her as if she was
hypnotized, their eyes locked as he kept her held tightly against him,
touching from chest to loins in what was rapidly becoming a very
intimate embrace.

She should have expected the kiss, should have seen it coming, and yet
when it did come it managed to take her completely by surprise. Suddenly
his sensual lips were covering hers, and his powerful tongue was snaking
into her mouth, forcing her pearly little teeth apart as it sought out
her own tongue and challenged that organ into a dueling little lust
dance. Melanie resisted at first, and then some initial barrier seemed
to collapse within her, and her tongue was reacting as if with an
intelligence of its own, following his and complementing its movements,
darting and glancing about in an instinctive rhythm of barely simulated
oral fucking.

Melanie's heart seemed to leap into her throat as she felt Jed Wilson's
hands on the move over her body, sliding deftly down from their vantage
point on her shoulders to clasp the outer swell of her ripe young
woman's breasts. She tensed immediately, pushing against his broad chest
with both hands as if to escape from his clutches, but she suddenly
seemed to have lost all strength from her arms and he held her easily.

Wilson's hands worked slowly and lovingly over the globes of Melanie's
tremulous breasts, stroking, milking and fondling those fleshy weights
through the thin dual restraints of her blouse and lacy little bra. She
flushed bright red with shame and abject humiliation as she felt her
cherry little nipples stiffening in response to his touch, spiking
outward noticeably through her clothing as his thumbs and fingertips
danced and swirled across the sensory little nodes.

Melanie was vastly ashamed of her young body's traitorous response to
the wandering hands of this lecherous intruder. She knew deep inside
herself that such involuntary response to a would-be rapist was wrong,
quite possibly even perverted, but she could not seem to control her own
body's instinctive reaction to the fondling of firm and confident male

Jed Wilson sensed the conflicting emotions and feelings within his young
hostage, and played upon her growing uncertainty with a master's skill.
His hands were not still for a single moment, roaming constantly and
taunting her tingling breast flesh until the girl felt weak in the knees
and feared she would faint dead away at his feet right there in her own
kitchen. Every movement of his stroking, rotating palms evoked new waves
of electrifying erotic sensation from her manhandled young tits, sending
responsive waves of feeling fanning outward and downward across her
trembling torso to ignite responsive fires of budding lust between her
tightly clenched young thighs.

A new, stronger shiver raced through Melanie's body as she felt Jed
Wilson's hands leaving her breasts briefly, then returning to attack the
tiny buttons which held her thin blouse together in front. He unfastened
them one at a time and slowly, taking his time as if to heighten his own
sexual anticipation and to prolong her own feverish anxiety. She counted
every button as it slid slowly open, letting her blouse gap that much
wider in front and expose that much more of her milky breast flesh,
barely covered by the lacy little brassiere which she wore more from
habit than from need.

Finally Jed was finished toying with the fastenings of her blouse, and
the garment hung open and useless away from her thrusting young tits. He
stepped back from her half a pace, ignoring the bright blush of shame on
her cheeks as he feasted his hungry eyes on the mounding orbs of her
tits, ogling the way in which her cherry pink little nipples were
plainly visible even through the thin material of her almost transparent

Those thrusting little nipple buds fascinated Wilson, riveting his gaze
as they seemed to stare back at him like two beady pupils, taut with
desire. He reached forward with both of his big hands, seizing one
nipple between each of his thumbs and forefingers.

At first Jed Wilson's grip on her nipples was soft, gentle, even
inciteful. He twirled the little sensory buds between his fingers
artfully, first slowly, then rapidly, evoking the utmost in electrifying
pleasure from each of the thrusting little fleshy stems. Melanie could
feel her passionate response growing inside her in spite of herself and
the nagging voice of conscience which cried out to her from the cloudy
back of her mind. She was rapidly losing control of her own feelings,
and she instinctively knew that there was not one damned thing in the
world she could do to recover that control.

Suddenly, totally unexpectedly, Wilson tightened his grip on her rigid
little nipples to a painful degree. Melanie first winced, clenching her
eyes and teeth tightly shut, then cried out her pain aloud as the
discomfort became nearly unbearable. Her cries for mercy seemed only to
inflame Wilson further, for he tightened his cruel grip still more, and
actually began twisting her nipples, each in a clockwise motion.

Melanie's knees were weak and trembling, and bitter tears streaked their
paths down her pale cheeks, as she stood stock still and trembled
violently in the sadistic man's tight grip. She was afraid to offer any
effective resistance to his cruel assault, for fear that Wilson would
tighten his death grip still more or, worse still, release her tits only
to hurt her far more, in more fiendish and terrible ways. If only she
could endure the pain for a few moments longer, she told herself through
shimmering waves of agony, perhaps he would finally tire of the
perverted game and release her aching flesh.

All of a sudden, the pain in Melanie's cruelly handled breasts began to
ease dramatically. She glanced swiftly down at her aching tits, shocked
to find that in fact Jed Wilson still maintained his hard grip on her
tingling nipples, and if anything he seemed to have increased the great
manual pressure. Strangely, however, some defense mechanism inside her
own body had moved to nullify the pain, and as she stood there in
amazement, her breasts actually began to glow with a bizarre sort of
sensual warmth which was truly exciting.

Melanie Tucker could not fully understand what was happening to her
body, although she had read long ago that some women actually derive
sexual pleasure from receiving pain. She did not believe that she could
be such a perverted creature, for surely she would have noticed some
telltale traits long before this. And yet, the evidence of her now
tingling and glowing breasts was unmistakable and undeniable. God help
her, she was beginning to enjoy the harsh treatment which had seemed
like the ultimate torture only seconds earlier.

Jed Wilson watched the captive young girl very closely, correctly
judging her reactions and the immediate state of her feelings and
emotions. Without warning he released her trapped little nipple buds,
watching the look of shock and surprise spread over her angelic features
as the fire in her breasts continue to build and grow of its own accord,
causing the girl to almost topple backward against the restraining stove
once more. Her young eyes were half-closed, and her breath was coming in
short pants as she found herself totally unable to control the
unbelievable reactions of her traitorous young body.

Wilson took full advantage of the moment, reaching forward again with
one hand and hooking the fingers of that hand in the flimsy material of
her bra, looping downward into the deep cleavage between her vibrant
site. Then, with a single violent sweep of his arms, he shredded the
flimsy garment, casting it aside with a continuation of the same smooth

The violent removal of her brassiere jerked Melanie Tucker upright once
more, yanking her away from the stove on which she was leaning and
depositing her on her own two feet. Her large breasts bobbled wildly
from the force of their suddenly being freed, her excited and stiffened
little nipples describing crazy patterns for the amusement of Jed
Wilson's closely following eyes. Melanie looked down at herself, shocked
and ashamed to find herself standing semi-nude before this lecherous
invader of her home, but at the moment she lacked either the physical
strength or the willpower to try and cover her nakedness.

Jed Wilson moved once more to capitalize upon his young prisoner's
indecision, cupping the smooth, silken cones of her breasts in almost
worshipful palms. He stroked and caressed the tingling globes, almost as
if to make atonement for the harsh treatment he had dealt them only
moments before. Within a very few seconds, the soothing, milking action
of his constantly moving hands had lulled Melanie into an erotic sense
of security, and she was rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet
in time to his tit-teasing gesture, moaning and mewling out little cries
of pleasure from deep in her throat.

Wilson flicked at her rigid little nipples with his thumbs, taking time
from the lecherous exercise to trace the outline of her wide pink
areolae, thus sending out little shooting chills of mounting passion
throughout Melanie's tremulous young frame. He played upon her tits like
a virtuoso might play upon a musical instrument, milking the ultimate in
erotic sensations from those pliable cones of titflesh.

Not content to possess Melanie's breasts solely with his ravenous hands,
Wilson bent forward from the waist, slowly and gently bringing his lips
into contact with the soft ivory curve of one breast. Slowly,
tauntingly, he nibbled and licked his way along the smooth slope of her
tit until he reached the rigid little apex of her vibrant nipple. He
virtually inhaled that little nub of sensory nerve endings, engulfing a
great mouthful of breast flesh in the process and pinning it between
gentle teeth, his flicking, darting tongue-tip already at work on the
task of driving her little nipple insane with liquid heated desire.

Melanie might have collapsed to the floor at that very moment if she had
not thrust her trembling hands upward, seizing Wilson's broad shoulders
and thus supporting herself. The action also served to arch her back
slightly, thrusting her excited breasts outward and offering them more
openly to the avidly working mouth of the syndicate hit man.

Wilson slowly, tauntingly drew his mouth away from the shivering peaks
of her excited little nipples, letting his lips and flicking tongue
trail wetly down the palpitating plain of her flat little belly. He was
sinking slowly to his knees now, giving himself easier access to her
lower body as he licked, sucked and nibbled his way downward across her

Melanie instinctively knew what was coming and what the evil stranger
had in mind, but she could not bring herself to acknowledge his desire
until she felt his big hands on her firm thighs, relentlessly sliding
under the hem of her short, tight skirt. That hem caught on his thick
wrists, forcing the covering garment farther upward with each fraction
of an inch his hands and arms traveled, threatening to reveal her entire
panty-covered little crotch to his gaze momentarily.

Young Melanie Tucker trembled violently at the idea of the man feasting
his lusthungry eyes upon her scantily-clad loins. She knew that her
panties were almost transparent, all the more so due to the wetness
engendered there by her own lewd fingerfucking of the previous hour and
the earlier lubrication brought on by Jed Wilson's oral assault on her
tingling breasts. It seemed to her that he would literally be able to
look directly through her little panties, seeing and studying every
single detail of her pouting little cuntal lips beneath.

Melanie could not suppress a sob as the hem of her now useless skirt
reached her wide hips and continued upward, clearing her loins
completely now as Jed Wilson lifted it out of the way and tucked it
quickly and expertly in the waistband of her skirt. Now his hands and
eyes were paying homage to the tanned columns of her firm but pliant
thighs, fingertips grazing little electric paths of illicit excitement
up and down the ivory flesh, drawing ever closer to the barely-covered
seat of her feminine lust.

Melanie closed her eyes tightly, breathing through flaring nostrils as
she fought to regain some slight measure of her own rapidly disappearing
self-control. In the name of common sense and common decency, she simply
had to reassert herself, to prevent her traitorous young body from
reacting favorably to each and every one of this evil stranger's lewd
advances. There might be nothing she could do to physically stop his
ravishment of her still-virginal loins, but by God, she was determined
not to enjoy it!!

Melanie Tucker's stern resolve was forcibly shattered by the sudden wet
touch of Jed Wilson's tongue high on the sensitive flesh of her soft
inner thigh. She gasped aloud at the electrifying sensation, recoiling
away from that ultimate act of perversion so that her plump little ass
cheeks butted tightly against the stove behind her. Wilson followed her
every move, scooting forward on his knees, his flicking, darting tongue
nearer losing a stroke as it maneuvered onward and upward along her
stinging thigh.

The young girl was sobbing bitterly now, bringing down her hands to
tangled clawed fingers in the older man's hair, desperately fighting to
force his ravenous face away from the target zone of her chaste loins.
To her chagrin and dismay, she found that she simply did not possess the
physical strength needed to wrench his mouth away from the moist flesh
of her upper thigh, or to toss him away from her entirely as she had

Jed Wilson pressed his face close into the tight valley formed by the
young girl's tightly clenched thighs. His eyes were on a direct level
with the sopping wet crotchband of her almost transparent little bikini
underpants, and he could plainly smell the rich womanly aroma of her
feminine lust secretions seeping through the panties. The odor was
enough to inflame him to the utmost, driving him almost insane with
raging carnal desire for the young girl's plainly virginal body.

Wilson hooked the clawed fingers of his two big hands in the tight
elastic waistband of Melanie Tucker's panties. He jerked sharply
downward on the yielding garment, uttering a low animal growl of pure
lust as he made his aggressive attack. Her panties were quickly hauled
down to mid thigh, totally revealing the downy curls of pubic hair to
his gaze, and then the flimsy material parted in his hands with a loud
ripping noise. Satisfied at last, Wilson flung the useless scraps of wet
material away onto the floor at either side.

Melanie let out a croaking little sob of shame and humiliation now that
her naked loins were totally revealed to the eyes and hands of this
clearly lecherous older man. She trembled violently, suddenly going weak
in the knees as she realized that his probing eyes were on a direct
level with the puckered little nether lips of her cunt, examining every
furrow and swell of her secret genitals with prurient curiosity, She had
never felt so naked and ashamed before in all her life, and it seemed to
Melanie that she could almost feel his gaze like an unclean physical
caress upon her tingling genital flesh.

With a rumbling growl of pure animal sexuality, Jed Wilson suddenly
thrust his face forward, plastering the sucking lips of his hungry mouth
directly over the pink little portal of Melanie Tucker's cunt. The girl
uttered a little gasping cry of surprise at that liquid, electrifying
contact, her knees suddenly going rubbery and weak as her entire lower
body was consumed in a roaring inferno of rapidly building lust.

Wilson wasted no time or effort in his ruthless assault upon the young
woman's naked genitalia, fairly gnawing upon the tender little outer
lips of her cunt and flailing about with his snake- like tongue all the
while. Again Melanie's hands flew to his head, seeking to ward off the
assault upon her nude and vulnerable loins, but once more she found
herself woefully lacking in the strength she would need to repel his
attack. Her hands were trembling feebly, and what she meant to be a
decisive blow against the top and sides of Jed Wilson'a skull became
almost a cloying caress as she tottered and wobbled there before him.

Wilson's hands were not idle as his mouth worked slavishly over the
girl's aching little cunt. They were busy creeping upward along her
lushly curvaceous body, sliding first over her ripe womanly hips, then
advancing further, slipping easily across her fluttering little belly to
capture the full orbs of her naked breasts. His fingers went immediately
to the erect little stems of her aching nipples, the milking and
massaging gestures forming the perfect counterpart to the actions of his
madly laving tongue below, in the valley of her crotch.

As Jed Wilson's tongue snaked along the coraline slit of her chaste
little pussy, expertly locating the tiny clitoris and giving it special
attention, Melanie felt as if her soul was suspended somewhere between
the elusive heaven of explosive sexual release and the burning hell of
her own personal degradation. Her cheeks were flushed bright crimson
with unavoidable shame, but her instinctive reaction to Wilson's lewd
tongue fucking was not enough to make her break away from the stranger's
savagely lecherous embrace there in the kitchen.

Wilson's touch upon her naked little nipples was becoming more forceful,
more demanding, in line with the increasingly energetic cavorting of the
tongue which he plunged in and out of her throbbing little pussy slit.
He was no longer merely content with licking around the erectile bud of
her tingling clitoris, but was now seeking out the elastic little mouth
of her hidden vagina itself, darting his electric tongue tip around that
winking little eye in an inciteful rhythm of mounting passion.

Melanie took hold of herself, suddenly realizing that her hands were
tangled in Jed Wilson's hair and had actually begun to pull his face
closer to her loins rather than struggling to keep him away. She was
shocked and chagrined at the way in which her treasonous young woman's
body was responding to the physical realities of the stranger's
inciteful caresses rather than to the moral necessity of her captive
situation. She knew deep in her heart that she should resist with every
power at her disposal, but in the thinking portion of her mind she knew
full well that such effective resistance was both impossible and somehow
undesirable as well.

Jeff Wilson dropped one of his big hands away from the girl's tender and
tremulous breasts, swiftly and expertly insinuating it between her firm
young thighs. He quickly and agilely pried her legs farther apart,
securing the gains he made by thrusting his hungry face ever deeper into
the revealed valley of her crotch, his mouth literally inhaling ever
greater mouthfuls of her steamy, needing pussy flesh.

Young Melanie Tucker felt as if she must surely faint dead away, or else
lose her mind entirely at any moment. Never in her relatively short life
had she experienced such intensity of emotion, such powerful erotic
sensations coupled with an underlying background welling up of
instinctive guilt. Nevertheless, the erotic instincts of pure animal
sexuality were slowly but surely winning out in the young girl, and the
mewling little cries which came from her throat now would never have
been mistaken by any man for cries for help. They were, in fact,
gurgling and whimpering little pleas for more of the same lusty,
inciting sensations which had already reduced her in effect to a
trembling and overwrought nervous wreck.

When Wilson suddenly and unexpectedly furled his tongue and stabbed it
directly into the crinkled little mouth of her clasping cuntal furrow,
Melanie welcomed the intrusion with a gasping sigh of sexual relief. Her
full hips picked up an automatic fucking rhythm of response, humping
back against Wilson's face and fairly buffeting his nibbling, sucking
lips with the juicy coraline flesh of her lightly furred little cunt.

The eager would-be rapist noted his captive's mountingly enthusiastic
response, and redoubled his manual and oral assaults upon her near-naked
body accordingly. He lapped and sucked along the full luscious length of
her tight little cuntal slit, fairly driving Melanie up the wall and
causing her to tremble and shake where she stood, swaying on unsteady
legs until he thought surely she was about to collapse with each new
swipe of his driving, darting tongue.

Melanie did collapse suddenly, her knees buckling gracefully and her
body sagging sideways, slipping along the stove front as the burning
sensations in her loins temporarily took total possession of her reeling
mind. Jed Wilson caught her in his big muscular arms, never releasing
her cuntal furrow from his lips and teeth as he lowered her slowly and
evenly to the cool floor of the small country kitchen. He bent over her
as she reclined luxuriously on the floor, his mouth still working avidly
over her clasping little cunt while his hands reached up once more to
snare her thrusting, heaving breasts.

The young girl felt herself adrift in a sea of erotic sensations from
which she imagined there could be no return short of death or insanity.
Her pulse was pounding, her breath rasping in her throat as she writhed
and twisted under Jed Wilson's avid mouth and hands. She writhed like a
snake there on the cool linoleum floor, hunching her splayed crotch and
tightly clenched ass cheeks rhythmically backward toward the licking,
sucking mouth that was giving her so much wanton pleasure. Her thighs
were spread apart to their absolute maximum width, her heels braced on
the smooth floor as she lifted and lowered her hips in time to the
bobbing of the man's hungry jaws, sliding her ass in a lewd little
rotary motion which served to further inflame her attacker.

Melanie Tucker was totally lost in the vortex of her own roaring
emotions by now, and Jed Wilson could sense her surrender with a
master's sense of perfect timing. He began to run his tongue more slowly
along the gaping slit of her twat, from asshole to clitoris, bringing
her spine arching up off the linoleum floor with each powerful sweep.
The girl was sobbing aloud now, mewling out continuous little cries for
more as she writhed and undulated insanely, giving herself entirely to
the raging sensations which swept over her body like breakers crashing
upon the beach.

Wilson knew that the young girl was his now, and that he could do
virtually anything he wanted to with her body without encountering any
serious physical resistance. Abruptly he withdrew his mouth from the
steamy little slit of her vagina, smiling confidently to himself as she
let out a little moan of surprised disappointment. He rocked back on his
haunches now, eyes narrowed with lust he calmly surveyed the lush scene
of curvaceous femininity displayed before him on the floor of the
kitchen. He felt his restrained erection pulsing violently inside his
pants as he let his eyes wander over the hills and valleys of the young
girl's torso, paying particular homage to the thrusting mounds of her
naked breasts and the moist, downy triangle of her luxuriant pubic hair.

Melanie Tucker had propped herself up on both elbows staring down her
body through the valley between breasts, whining softly, her face
wearing a quizzical expression as she eyed Jed Wilson. She could not
imagine why he had ceased the delightful tonguing and sucking of her
cunt, and she hoped by her attitude and expression to tempt him into
resuming that exciting foreplay where he had so abruptly left off.

The young girl was rather surprised as Wilson, still smiling and holding
her gaze with his own steady eyes, lowered the fingers of his hands to
his belt buckle and the zipper of his slacks. He began undressing slowly
but confidently, almost performing a strip-tease for her benefit as he
opened the fastenings of his pants and began to slide them slowly
downward over the swell of his wide manly hips. His undershorts were
descending along with the slacks, drawn inexorably downward by the big
thumbs which he had hooked in their elastic waistband. With a sudden
thrust of his powerful forearms, Wilson pushed his pants and shorts down
to mid thigh, revealing his cock for the first time.

Melanie was virtually hypnotized by the imposing spectacle of Jed
Wilson's jutting, pulsating cock. Her narrowed eyes traveled lingeringly
over every inch of that fleshy shaft, tracing the outline of every
tendon and vein, studying in microscopic detail the single drop of
pearly seminal fluid which seeped from the slit at the end of his
helmet-shaped glans. She felt paralyzed, like a bird watching the
approach of a deadly and venomous serpent, at once terrified and yet
entranced by the sinuous image before her eyes.

Jed Wilson instinctively sensed the fascination which the young girl
felt for his powerful, looming male organ. And he used that innate
fascination to his own best advantage, holding her eyes pinned with that
pulsating shaft as he slowly insinuated his powerful hands between her
firm thighs, levering her legs wider and wider apart until the entire
coraline valley of her tender cunt was fully exposed to his view.

Melanie Tucker trembled from head to toe as she felt Wilson's lecherous
eyes traveling once more over the slit of her private little genitals.
She felt as if his very gaze was a violation in itself, laving her
crotch with an almost physically lustful caress. She felt soiled and
dirty, and yet terribly excited at the same time, realizing that within
a very few seconds that powerful shaft of male penile flesh would be
nudging its way along the steamy little crevice of her virginal cunt.

Jed Wilson shifted his hips, lowering himself deftly into position so
that the tip of his cock was now mere inches away from the wet pink meat
of Melanie Tucker's idle cringing cunt. The young girl was quaking
visibly beneath him now, the proud orbs of her breasts jiggling slightly
as she sobbed inwardly, ashamed and excited at one and the same moment.

Melanie closed her eyes tightly, clenching her pearly white teeth
together and balling her fists into knots of impotent frustration as she
waited for the lecherous man to work his will with her ripe young body.
It galled and humiliated her that she could not seem to find the
strength to resist, that her body had betrayed her into at least a
partial acceptance of Jed Wilson's lewd assault. She was grimly
determined that the treason of her aching virginal loins should go no
further, and that she would prevent herself from surrendering any more
to the physical manipulations of her near-naked torso at his hands.

The first electrifying contact of his hot, blunt glans with the tingling
nerve-endings of her cunt brought Melanie's young eyes snapping open
once again. Her entire supple body arched upward from the cool floor in
reflexive action, touching the floor now only at head and heels as she
writhed and sobbed out her conflicting feelings of desire and humiliated
self-loathing. She quickly found that there was no way for her to
control or suppress the raging sensations of erotic desire which now
enveloped her lower body in their own searing conflagration.

Jed Wilson slowly and tauntingly manipulated his thick cock up and down
along the moist little slit of the young girl's cunt, paying particular
attention to the stiffened little pleasure bud of her straining
clitoris. He also daubed at the rubbery, clasping little eye of her
vagina itself, evoking another mewling cry of mingled shame and pleasure
from Melanie's tight throat. She was slipping ever more rapidly under
his total sensual control, and the knowledge of that inescapable fact
made him feel larger somehow, immensely more powerful. His cock seemed
to pulsate and swell to ever greater dimensions as he witnessed her
unconscious signals of abject sexual surrender.

He probed and prodded with his blunt cock head around the elastic little
entrance to Melanie's chaste pussy. The girl squirmed and writhed away
from him instinctively as the pressure at her tight little vaginal
entrance increased, but Jed Wilson would not allow her to escape,
pinning her instead with one powerful hand seizing the full orb of her
pliant right breast and gripping it tightly. Melanie gasped in initial
pain at the strength of his grip upon her tender and tingling breast
flesh, but momentarily she relaxed as she realized that there was quite
literally no escape from this evil man's clutches.

Jed Wilson continued to increase the relentless pressure of his probing,
thrusting rod against the tiny mouth of the young girl's vagina, causing
her to squirm and whimper in a combination of mounting fear and ever
deepening lustful reaction. She was rapidly losing all remaining
vestiges of self control as the head of his menacing organ wormed its
way inside her tremulous little belly one fraction of an inch at a time.

Wilson gasped as that first half inch of his cock was almost literally
sucked inside the steaming cauldron of Melanie Tucker's virginal young
pussy. The elastic walls of her pussy were tight around the head of his
shaft, and the rhythmic contractions of that muscular sheath, squirming
as it was in a combination of pain and pleasure, was sufficient to make
him clench his teeth and gasp out loud from his mounting passion.

Unable to bear the sensual suspense a moment longer, Jed Wilson let out
a rumbling animal growl from deep in his throat, and then he suddenly
thrust his broad hips forward with unexpected ferocity, burying his cock
to the hilt in the girl's fluttering little belly. He threw himself full
length upon her at the same instant, pinning her to the floor with his
weight as his cock skewered her to the very core of her being,
preventing her body from arching up completely off the floor in her
rictus of injured pain. The tight little stubs of her nipples were
chafing angrily and excitingly against his muscular chest as she writhed
and tossed beneath him.

Slowly, agonizingly, Wilson began to withdraw his pulsing penis from the
tight sheath of Melanie Tucker's little cunt. The girl gasped and
writhed anew, feeling as if her lower body was being turned or sucked
inside out by that withdrawing shaft. The tight rubbery walls of her
vaginal channel seemed to cling to the man's invading penis, as if
somehow reluctant to release it and let it escape. At the same time, the
friction and reaming action of his penile withdrawal was chafing the
entire lining of her cunt, igniting flames of agony there which brought
bitter tears to the young girl's eyes.

Oddly, the dreadful pain which she felt in her recently raped loins
seemed to last for only a few seconds. Long before she could possibly
have adjusted by sheer self control, she found the pain mysteriously
ebbing away, only to be replaced in short order by a bizarre and
unwelcome sort of sensual warmth, a not at all unpleasant feeling that
was already giving way in turn to a perverse sort of pleasure and

Another bitter sob was wrenched from young Melanie Tucker's throat as
she realized that, in spite of her determination to resist with every
fiber of her being, she was nevertheless becoming deeply and irrevocably
aroused by this stranger's lewd and violent fucking of her once-virginal
little cunt. There was simply no longer any way to deny the fact that
she was giving in, surrendering abjectly to the degrading ravishment of
her ripe young woman's body by a lewd and lecherous total stranger.

Even as the tears of shame and humiliation were coursing down Melanie's
cheeks, her body was instinctively offering an entirely different sort
of reaction to the lewd attention it was receiving from Jed Wilson. Her
hips had already picked up a little rotary fucking motion all their own,
expertly complementing the man's own driving, pistoning strokes as he
fucked his long cock ever more rapidly into the warm, yielding
receptacle of her hungry little twat.

Melanie was panting heavily now, grinding her even white teeth together
and twisting her body frantically, almost totally out of control as the
fire in her loins expanded to consume every jangling nerve ending in her
almost naked young torso. She felt herself drifting away from all touch
with reality and normality, wavering somewhere between time and space
itself, seemingly enveloped in the realm of a fantasy world created and
sustained by her own mind and the raging inferno of her own erotic

Every muscle and tendon of Melanie's excited young body was taut and
straining, standing out like miniature steel cables beneath the tan and
satiny covering of her smooth young flesh. That tension of her frame,
and the writhing maneuvers which her supple body executed in its
excitement, drove Jed Wilson onward and upward toward new and undreamed
of plateaus in sensual appreciation.

The man was fucking ever more rapidly into Melanie's cunt now, all the
while gnawing and sucking at the distended nipple of one vibrant young
breast. At the same time he let his other hand slide sinuously down the
length of her body, trailing with feathery strokes along one plump thigh
to capture the ripe hemisphere of one ass cheek in his big, callused

Melanie gasped aloud, her bright eyes snapping suddenly wide open, as
she first felt the man's blunt fingers probing along the rapidly pumping
cleft of her ass. She could not immediately decide what he might have in
store for her, but bleak reality began to dawn when she felt the tip of
his long middle finger make sudden and burning contact with the puckered
little elastic mouth of her anus.

She tried to squirm away from him, dreading the anal invasion of that
insistently probing finger, but Wilson was not to be denied, and his
position on top of her, with his long cock buried to the hilt in her
pussy, prevented her from taking any effective evasive maneuvers. Before
the girl could give voice to any sort of protest, he had rammed his long
finger into her little asshole to the second knuckle, already reaming
and probing about inside that rubbery, virgin little channel as he did

"Ow! Oh God, no!" Melanie gasped breathlessly. "Not there, please! It

Even as she wailed out her plea for mercy, however, the pain in her
ravaged little rectum seemed to disappear, and a new searing wave of
sensual excitement blossomed there in the near vicinity of her
palpitating little cunt. It was too much for the girl's young mind and
body to bear, and before she fully realized what was happening to her,
Melanie felt herself slipping over the edge of sanity and reality into
the swirling surrealist vortex of orgasm.

"Jesus! Oh God!" she sobbed out hysterically. "What's happening to me?
God ... oh my ... Aaaaiiiiiieeeeee!!!!"

She came with the pent-up force of a small nuclear explosion, and the
silky, insistent churning of her cunt prompted Jed Wilson to follow her
over that brink into total sensual release. He felt the scalding
cauldron of his semen erupt, overflowing from the cistern of his
testicles and racing along the ducts of his penis to explode from his
cock in long, milky gouts. That flood of jism blanketed the inside of
Melanie Tucker's tight little pussy, splattering far up inside her and
overflowing the rubbery little cup of her cervix.

The impromptu lovers clung together for a long moment there on the
kitchen floor, their bodies rocklike in rigidity and trembling as if
with the ague. At long last, when they fell almost reluctantly apart,
Wilson's flaccid penis slipped from the tight sheath of the girl's cunt
with a wet sucking sound that was audible across the room.

Melanie Tucker curled up into a huddled little ball on the floor,
weeping bitterly to herself as she realized the spectacle she had made
and the degradation which she had not only suffered but accepted with
such relish. She could only hope now that her sister had been able to
somehow escape a similar ordeal, and that together they would somehow be
able to survive and rise above the humiliating disaster which had swept
over their lives.

Chapter 4

After the brutal assault by Bart Masters, Penny Tucker had taken long
moments to recover her senses. At first, the world seemed to consist of
nothing more than her own erotically jangling nerve endings, but then,
as sanity returned, she was suddenly overwhelmed by a crushing sensation
of guilt and humiliation. The sensation was greatly similar to that she
had felt when she found Melanie watching her masturbate in the shower,
but at the same time it was so much more intense that she felt her heart
must surely break from the strain.

She was no longer a virgin, certainly, and the grim irony of the
situation was that Penny might have given in to Luke Hollowell at any
time over the past few months to achieve the same results. She liked
Luke, and sometimes even suspected that she was beginning to love him.
It would have been all right. But instead, on this grim and muggy
afternoon, she had been forced to go through the motions of sex with an
animalistic man who was a total stranger to her, and an obvious criminal
at that.

Worse yet, Penny was swift to remind herself through the fog of guilty
pangs, she had allowed herself to respond sexually to that evil man,
reveling in his touch and the wild fucking strokes of his penis as it
plowed relentlessly back and forth, in and out of her moist little
cuntal mouth.

Bitter tears of shame streaked down Penny's cheeks as she began to dress
haltingly in front of the man's piercing, prying eyes. Her bra and
little bikini panties were hopeless, and she made no effort to find
others, contenting herself with shrugging in to her blouse and getting a
fresh skirt to put on. She realized the sight that she must present,
with her unfettered young breasts moving and bobbling about inside the
tight confines of her sheer blouse, but she was beyond caring after the
rough and violent sexual assault she had just endured.

When she had finished dressing, Penny turned to face the man and found
him regarding her closely with a knowing little half- smile that spoke
volumes. She read there his inner feelings of sexual triumph at having
humbled and humiliated her so successfully and with such seeming ease.

Bart Masters did not speak, but instead gestured toward the bedroom door
with one hand. Penny nodded understanding and brushed past him, also
silent, to open the door and step out into the corridor outside. Masters
was following her closely as she moved out along that dingy hallway
toward the head of the stairs, and she felt his eyes boring into the
small of her back as she walked along, making her shiver involuntarily.

As she moved swiftly and surely toward the stairway, Penny found her
thoughts drawn back once again to her younger sister, who had been left
alone with the other gunmen downstairs throughout Penny's exhausting
confrontation with Bart Masters. Penny felt a twinge of anxiety as she
reached the stairs and began moving down them, suddenly worried about
what might have befallen her younger sister. She worried, too, that
Melanie might have been more susceptible to the advances of one or both
men after her experiences outside the bathroom shortly before they

Half way down the stairs, Penny was able to scan the modest living room
with worried eyes. At first only the man named Tom Watson was visible
there, huddled on the threadbare sofa like a lethal Buddha, the stubby
sawed-off shotgun in his lap. As Penny watched, however, Jed Wilson
slowly emerged from the adjacent kitchen door, tugging lightly at his
coat lapel as if to smooth his garments and get rid of telltale

Melanie followed several steps behind Wilson, moving slowly and
hesitantly out of the kitchen in his wake. She glanced from Wilson to
Watson and back again, her deep dark eyes seeming to reflect some inner
fear or concern. Not until she was half way into the living room did
Melanie glance toward the stairs, and when she saw Penny standing there
and watching her, a flush of shame and embarrassment rose to her cheeks
in short order.

A lump suddenly formed in Penny's throat as she locked eyes with her
younger sister, and she realized that the other girl had not managed to
escape unscathed herself. Melanie's clothing was badly rumpled, and two
of the buttons had somehow been ripped from her sheer blouse, letting
the garment gap open to reveal substantial cleavage. That gap in
Melanie's blouse also clearly revealed that the girl was now braless,
while Penny knew for a fact that her sister had been wearing a bra when
she first came downstairs to greet the new arrivals.

New tears welled up within Penny's burning eyes now, and she hurried on
downstairs, crossing the living room swiftly to enfold Melanie in a
comforting embrace, caressing her heaving back soothingly as the younger
girl wept bitterly against her shoulder.

"It's all right Mel," she cooed softly, almost whispering. "Everything's
going to be fine, just fine."

"Sure it is," Bart Masters said from the foot of the staircase, a
faintly mocking tone in his strong voice. "Everything is going to be
just hunky-dory ... so long as you both do exactly what you're told to

Penny read and understood the threat in the man's tone and words,
nodding grimly to demonstrate that she knew what he meant and was
willing to go along with his wishes in order to save herself and her
sister from bodily harm at their hands. Masters noted her assenting
reaction and seemed satisfied for the moment, smiling broadly at his two
male companions to indicate that he had the situation well in hand.

Tom Watson's sluggish voice broke the brief quiet mood, grating across
Penny Tucker's nerves like long fingernails being drawn harshly across a
chalkboard. She felt that she knew what was coming, what must be on the
leering gunman's mind, before he had finished even half of the sentence.

"I'm starting to feel a little left out," the shotgunner said, his slow
voice a throaty whine. "I mean, you guys have already had your fun, and
all I've been doin' is sittin' in here on the freakin' couch and starin'
out of the window."

The leader of the violent little trio, Bart Masters, uttered a short,
barking laugh as he listened to his friend's complaint. As Penny Tucker
turned to face him more directly, she found Masters already nodding
understandingly, tilting his head thoughtfully toward Watson as he
prepared to answer.

"Relax, Tom," he drawled evenly. "I think there's plenty of pussy to go
around here, from what I've seen. In fact I was just giving some thought
to us settling down and having a little party to help pass the time."

Melanie stopped her relentless sobbing against Penny's shoulder as she
heard and seemed to understand those words, and she raised her head to
look about anxiously, stepping back a pace away from the comforting
circle of her older sister's arms.

"Wha ... what ... what are you going to ... to do to us?" she asked,
stammering as fear made her slightly tongue-tied.

Masters laughed out loud once more, sharing his evil mirth with Williams
and Watson.

"You can relax, sweet thing," he said with deceptive ease and gentility.
"You're not going to get handed anything too big for you to handle."

All three men burst into uproarious laughter at Master's lewd jest, and
as if by virtue of some unspoken signal they were suddenly moving with
single-minded force toward the two girls, converging from three sides in
a practiced pincers movement. Penny and Melanie were trapped in the
midst of that impromptu ring, cringing closer together for protection
and comfort beneath the hostile eyes of the three lecherous strangers.

"C'mon, now, relax," Bart Masters advised, his voice still soft and
gentle as he stretched out one hand to lightly stroke Melanie Tucker's
pale cheek. The girl sought almost unconsciously to back away from him
in abject terror, but she succeeded only in bumping directly into the
looming figure of Tom Watson.

Watson chuckled dryly as he brought his great bear-like arms around to
enfold the trembling body of the young captive girl, tugging her ripe
and sensuous buttocks back tightly against his own throbbing loins. She
let out a little gasp of surprise and fear, wiggling frantically to
escape from his clutches.

Her efforts were all in vain, it seemed, for now Bart Masters was moving
swiftly forward to assist his comrade in holding the young girl
immobile. Penny moved forward to help her younger sister, but Jed Wilson
abruptly pinned her slender arms in his powerful hands, holding her
firmly rooted to the spot where she stood. Her efforts to break free
from that steely grip were of no more effect than Melanie's futile
struggles against the two men who held her fast.

Penny Tucker could do nothing but watch helplessly, bitter tears
staining her pale cheeks, while Bart Masters and Tom Watson proceeded to
work their evil will upon the young, trembling body of her captive

Melanie was sobbing raggedly as the men chuckled over her, each of them
in turn commenting with lewd fascination about some aspect of her ripe
young woman's body which he found particularly arousing.

Watson held Melanie's arms tight against her trembling sides as Bart
Masters busied himself with the remaining buttons which held Melanie's
wrinkled blouse in place over the proudly thrusting orbs of her breasts.
In the twinkling of an eye he had opened the rest of those insubstantial
fastenings, and was peeling the flimsy material of the blouse back and
away from the thrusting cones of the young girl's tremulous tits.

Melanie was weeping more violently now, the heaving of her chest putting
her breasts in jiggling motion, her cherry little nipples wobbling
incitefully before Bart Masters' eyes. Tom Watson sucked in his breath
sharply as he peered over Melanie's shoulder, feasting his eyes on the
spectacle of her naked young tits. Tremendously excited now, Watson
tugged her back even tighter against his loins, grinding the budding
shaft of his pulsating erection into the cleft of her tight, plump
little buttocks.

Bart Masters stared at Melanie's full breasts for a long moment, then
let his eager hands follow the path of his eyes. His fingertips traced
teasing, tickling little patterns across the outer swell of her tits,
tracking slowly and inexorably toward the crinkled little cherry summits
of her nipples. Those tiny passion buds were already stiffening and
lengthening into excited erection beneath his touch, standing out from
the surrounding pink areola like twin bullets.

Melanie Tucker clenched her pearly teeth tightly together, determined in
her mind that she would not allow this evil man to arouse her with his
touch the way his companion had been able to do somehow in the kitchen
moments earlier. She was dismayed, therefore, when she felt her nipples
and the jangling nerve endings in her quivering, excited breasts
responding instinctively and involuntarily to his hateful and lewd

Suddenly Masters' fingers were at the tingling nubs of the girl's
burning little nipples, tweaking and pulling at the tingling erectile
flesh until she squirmed and writhed where she stood, panting and
sweating under that manual stimulation of her mammary flesh. Melanie's
breath was coming in harsh, grating little pants now, and in spite of
her efforts to block out all of her surroundings from her reeling mind,
she was acutely aware both of the first man's hands on her tits and of
the long penis chafing into the cleft of her ass at the very same time.

Bart Masters was rapidly becoming more and more excited by the sight and
touch of the young girl's naked ivory flesh. Finally, unable to contain
himself any longer, he seized the shoulders of her thin blouse in his
big, muscular hands, and ripped it completely away from her body,
leaving her naked to the waist where she stood in Tom Watson's grasp,
her full breasts jiggling from the violence of her sudden disrobing.

Not content with the extent to which he had undressed young Melanie
Tucker, Masters suddenly dropped to one knee in front of her, thrusting
his cruel hands upward beneath the wrinkled hem of her tight-fitting
little skirt. He thrust the clinging garment swiftly upward until it was
bunched uselessly around the full curve of her hips, completely
revealing the nakedness of her trembling loins to his lecherous, hungry

Masters was evidently satisfied with what he saw, for he abruptly hooked
his clawed fingers into the tight waistband of the young girl's skirt
ripping away at the garment with pure brute force until it literally
came apart in his hands. He swept the useless pieces of it away from her
hips and thighs, tossing the scraps widely away from him to land in
little rumpled heaps upon the floor.

Melanie Tucker stood there in Tom Watson's big arms, totally naked
before the prying eyes of everyone else in the room, a sudden flush of
shame rising to her young cheeks.

Bart Masters bent suddenly forward from the waist, surprising Melanie
and the other watchers there in the living room as he rapidly enveloped
one of her erectile little nipple buds in the moist, hot cavern of his

Melanie Tucker stiffened into instant rigidity as the strange man's
mouth fastened upon her tingling little nipple and his flicking, teasing
tongue suddenly went to work on that tingling little pleasure node. A
tiny moan of mingled passion and shamed humiliation escaped from between
her clenched teeth as she mentally fought against the roaring,
contradictory sensations which sprang up within her captive young body.

Melanie's breast felt as if it was on fire, and the stinging,
electrifying sensations seemed to center totally in the erectile little
bud of her nipple as Bart Masters avidly sucked and lapped at it. He ran
his tongue rapidly and expertly about the pink little areola of her
nipple, exciting still more tremors of passion in the girl's young body,
causing her to grimace and sob, grinding her even white teeth together
as she fought to retain some vestige of self-control.

Masters' mouth unexpectedly switched to her other nipple, bringing
another little gasp from Melanie's throat as he executed the unexpected
maneuver. At the same time, his right hand came up to capture the breast
his mouth had deserted, trapping the tinglingly erect node of her nipple
between his thumb and forefinger, twirling and tweaking it incitefully
as he proceeded to drive the young girl mad with ever mounting sexual
desire. The combination of his avidly working mouth and his circling,
massaging hand was enough to send young Melanie Tucker's mind reeling
through some sort of half-conscious fantasy world that existed
previously only within her own erotic dreams.

After what seemed to Melanie like an eternity, Bart Masters reluctantly
withdrew his actively sucking mouth from the ripe jiggling sphere of her
tit, sliding his lips down the fluttering plane of her flat belly in a
wet series of nibbling little kisses. Her breasts were not neglected,
however, for at once his hands were back in action, stroking, fondling
and inciting her eager young tits into a near frenzy of mounting

Melanie held her breath, her pulse pounding in her ears as the man's
mouth inched its way ever closer to the trembling, aching little slit of
her once virginal pussy. She dreaded and craved his lewd oral caress at
the same time. And she felt that she could almost feel those pouting
little nether lips cringing away from the coming perverted contact,
turning slightly inward as if to escape from the man's probing tongue,
or perhaps, to welcome it.

As Bart Masters' mouth crept ever closer to Melanie's tremulous little
pussy slit, his hands began to follow his oral progress, fingers leaving
her heaving breasts and sliding with light and feathery caresses down
her palpitating abdomen. The young girl blushed with shame and
humiliation as a little moan of frustration and disappointment was
forced from her throat, signifying to everyone within earshot that she
really did miss those teasing, caressing fingers on her mammary flesh.

No sooner had the little mewling sigh of repressed regret been uttered,
however, than young Melanie Tucker felt strong male hands fondling her
breasts once again. An involuntary little sigh of relief escaped from
between her clenched teeth in the split-second before she realized that
something was drastically different about her situation.

The young girl could still feel Bart Masters' hands on her lower
abdomen, sliding ever farther down, complementing the creeping inch-worm
progress of his lapping, sucking tongue on her flesh. She glanced down,
startled, and flushed bright crimson with embarrassment as she found
that the hands now cradling her swollen tits belonged to none other than
Tom Watson, the man who held her pinned tight against his surging,
pulsing erection from behind.

Watson laughed in her ear, a low, harsh bark of ultimate cruelty which
caused Melanie to shiver and cringe inward upon herself. And yet, at the
same time there was simply no way in which she could escape from his big
lewd hands tingling upon her breasts. There was no way that she could
wrench free from his clutches, and now the tingling, stinging path of
Bart's tongue burning its way toward her waiting little cunt made her
wonder whether she actually desired to escape at all.

With a little gasping sigh of grim resignation, Melanie's body went
slack in Tom Watson's clinging, grasping arms. Both men seemed to
recognize the silent signal of total sexual surrender, and they acted
accordingly. Watson's hands became stronger, more possessive as they
kneaded and massaged the stinging cones of her full breasts, and
Masters rocked back on his haunches for a split second, surveying the
curly triangle of her soft pubic hair before plunging his face directly
forward and into that silken forest.

Melanie gasped and stiffened anew as the man's sucking, nibbling lips
made their first jolting, jarring contact with the pouting little nether
lips of her private cunt. Her thighs seemed to spread wider apart of
their own volition, and while Melanie was only bracing herself in a
firmer stance, the better to resist this cruel man's perverse advances,
Bart Masters read her instinctive reaction in an entirely different

Satisfied the girl was his now, and that total sensual victory was
within his grasp, Masters began to suck and lap at her clasping, steamy
little cunt all the more avidly, seeking by sheer willpower and
tonguepower to force her beyond the erotic limit of no return. He
expertly probed with his long tongue along the little wet crevice of her
already-hungry cunt, seeking and finding the erectile little pleasure
node of her clitoris, bathing it in sucking little kisses, bringing it
up to full stiffness and teasing it into a veritable frenzy of mounting
heated desire.

Melanie Tucker was sobbing openly now, tears of mingled rage and shame
streaming down her pale cheeks as she was almost literally swept off her
feet by the storm of conflicting emotions within her young body. Her
mind cried out to her that what she was allowing to happen was terribly,
terribly wrong, and she must find some way to put a stop to it at once.
But, at the same time, there was something inside herself which cried
out for more of the same, something which welcomed the big callused
hands upon her breasts, and the licking, sucking mouth fastened so
tightly to her tingling genitalia.

Penny Tucker could do nothing but weep as she watched the humiliating
stages of her sister's progressive degradation. Jed Wilson was holding
her fast now, refusing to let her budge even an inch toward that lusty
tableau, but forcing her at the same time to keep her tear-filled eyes
riveted upon that scene with grim determination.

Melanie felt herself drifting, sinking, and at first she imagined that
she had fallen to the floor, suddenly released from Tom Watson's
bear-like arms. As her reddened eyes snapped open, however, she found
that she was actually still upright, merely sagging in the big man's
grip, supported now almost solely by his hands on her palpitating tits
while her legs turned to useless bands of rubber.

Bart Masters rocked back on his haunches once more, a smile playing
across his cum-smeared features as he seemed to be possessed by a sudden
erotic inspiration. Without speaking a word, he scooted backward several
feet on the floor, still kneeling, all the while gesturing to Tom Watson
with his hands, giving directions regarding what he wanted done with
young Melanie Tucker.

Whatever those silent hand-signals might mean, it was clear at once to
Penny and her captor that Tom Watson understood them perfectly. A big
lecherous smile spiff his own piggish features, and he immediately
shifted position himself, releasing Melanie's thrusting breasts from his
big hands and seizing her instead around the waist, letting her body
slip forward as if the groggy young girl was bowing to Watson in formal

Melanie felt herself slipping again, and once more her big eyes snapped
open. There seemed to be nothing she could do to recover her balance as
Watson shifted his grip on her naked young body, and suddenly her legs
gave way entirely, as she slumped into a kneeling position at Watson's
feet, facing directly toward Bart Masters. The girl's arms shot out
reflexively, supporting her now in a position which left her on all
fours, peering ahead through tear-filled eyes at one of her tormentors
while the other towered behind her like a leering colossus.

Young Melanie Tucker did not fully understand what the two men might
have in mind for her until they began to move. Quickly shifting their
positions as if to take better advantage of the kneeling posture she
maintained, Tom Watson dropped heavily to his knees behind her,
positioned between the firm young thighs so that the fly of his slacks
actually brushed against the ripe swell of her ass-cheeks. The big man's
hands were on her hips, holding her in place easily, as if she had been
a mere child instead of a young woman.

The girl's brow was furrowed with sudden concern as she watched Bart
Masters deftly unfastening the belt and zipper of his own suit pants,
rapidly lowering the garments until they rode at mid thigh, almost
sagging onto the floor. Quickly, eagerly, he hooked his big thumbs into
the elastic waistband of his undershorts as well, yanking those last
remaining garments downward and away from his loins to reveal the
wobbling, thrusting rod of his long, thick penis, quivering as it was
into immediate full erection.

Melanie felt herself nearly hypnotized by the mere sight of that
imposing shaft, waving before her eyes like some evil magician's wand of
power. She studied and memorized every small detail of his penile rod,
paying particular attention to the lone, glinting drop of seminal fluid
which glistened at the single leering eye of his bluish-purple cockhead.

Melanie's insides were tied into knots and she feared that she might
faint dead away at any instant, confronted as she was by that imposing
male member which fascinated and repelled her at one and the same time.
She was only just beginning to recover her senses, and to salvage
something from her progressive mental shambles, when a new stimulation
from unexpected quarters drove her mind directly to the brink of
reeling, intense erotic distraction.

The young girl had been so busy studying and watching Bart Master's
pulsating organ that she had not noticed what Tom Watson was doing
behind her. She had not heard the metallic whirring sound as he lowered
his own zipper, nor had she noticed the rustling sounds as he whipped
off his own pants and shorts, leaving himself naked and ready for action
from the waist down. Her first hint of his lecherous intentions, in
fact, came when she was shocked and jolted by the sudden contact of his
moist penile glans against the smooth, silken cheeks of her ass.

Melanie sought to spin about, to defend herself from any invasion from
the rear, but Watson's grip upon her hips was much too powerful to
permit any escape. He held her easily with one hand, using the other to
manipulate his massive cock in a teasing path along the cleft of her ass
and into the curly wet forest of her silky pubic hair. The girl tensed,
grinding her teeth in mingled anger and growing frustration as she found
herself totally unable to resist the coming ravishment of her once-
virginal loins.

While Melanie was in her state of mixed fear and confusion, Bart Masters
seized the golden opportunity, sliding rapidly toward her, his jutting
cock now on a level with her face. Before the girl was able to cringe
away from Masters, he had snared her head, tangling the fingers of one
hand in her long silky hair, and was holding her face immobile and in
line with the wavering dripping head his pulsating male shaft.

Melanie uttered a little sob of mingled fear and disgust as the man
moved his hips suddenly forward, causing the wet tip of his vibrant
organ to graze lightly along the moist cupid's bow of her slightly open
lips. The touch of his velvety cockflesh against her lips both excited
and repelled Melanie, and when she found herself unable to wrench her
head free from his iron grip, she was provided with a handy excuse for
letting the peculiarly arousing form of stimulation to continue a moment

Bart Masters seemed to realize the storm of conflicting feelings and
emotions inside the young female captive, and he took full advantage of
them, playing upon her jangling nerves as he manipulated the broad tip
of his cock ever more rapidly along the gentle curving swell of her
lips. She was panting heavily now, and while he knew that her mind must
be loudly rebelling against that untried oral genital contact. He also
felt that in short order he would be able to win her over to his side as
a totally willing accomplice to the ultimate act of perverse oral sex.

Melanie Tucker had not been able to make up her mind exactly what her
final opinion of Master's lewd and perverse advances would be, but all
of a sudden the decision was taken violently out of her hands.

Tom Watson had been exciting and amusing himself behind Melanie,
stroking his long, fat cock back and forth along the rapidly moistening
slit of her clasping little cunt, quivering from head to foot as the
electrifying sensations from the searing genital contact washed over
him. Melanie had seemed to be going along with his advances at first,
albeit reluctantly, since there was no possibility of escape from his
clutches. As Bart Masters thrust his thick cock against her pouting
lips, however, Melanie had been forcefully distracted from Watson's
genital stroking, and no amount of increased tempo on his part had been
adequate to revive her interest or recapture her attention.

The big man was determined to rapidly force some sign of erotic
recognition from the young female captive, and so, aligning his cock
head swiftly with the crinkled little rubbery mouth of her secret
vagina, he rammed his hips violently forward without further preamble,
impaling her to the core of her vibrant little cunt with the pulsating
rod of his penis.

Melanie arched her back, growling aloud with pained surprise as the long
rod of penile flesh ripped into her, the blunt glans buffeting tightly
against the elastic barrier of her tight little cervix. The incoming
thrust jarred the girl, and sent waves of mingled pain and pleasure
radiating quickly outward from the tight clinging vagina. Ripples of
intense erotic sensation raced the length of Melanie's arching spine as
the big man's fat penis made continual grating contact with the electric
little bud of her clitoral pleasure node. Those rapidly spreading jolts
of intense sexual arousal were quickly overwhelming Melanie, setting her
muddled mind awhirl in a fantasy realm from which it appeared that there
would be no returning.

The sudden searing invasion of Melanie's cunt from behind provided Bart
Masters with the golden opportunity he had been looking for. Melanie's
mouth gaped open, a silent scream of mingled pain and passion building
there in her taut throat, and in that split second, Masters thrust his
hips even further forward, sliding roughly half his cock into the moist,
warm cavern of the young girl's mouth.

Melanie feared that the sheer girth of the man's invading cock might
actually choke her to death as his hips slid relentlessly forward,
driving that pole of cockflesh ever farther into the cloying depths of
her throat. She began to gag, and for one split second it seemed to her
that her life was actually flashing in front of her half-closed eyes.

Gradually, however, as Melanie learned to breathe through her nose and
relax the tightened muscles of her ravished throat, she found that far
from choking her, the invading thickness of Bart Master's penis was not
even particularly uncomfortable. There was a certain distaste for the
act of oral sex, which she knew was a holdover from her early strict
upbringing, but as she allowed herself more and more to simply relax and
move with the sensations which she felt, she found that the act itself
was not nearly so repugnant to her.

At the same time, of course, she was being continually stimulated by the
insistent and energetic probing of Tom Watson's long cock as it reamed
in and out of her wet, clasping little vaginal tunnel. That fleshy pole
was rapidly driving her toward the sensual point of no return, filling
her spinning mind with visions and erotic dreams of the orgasmic
pinnacle which she was beginning more and more to crave with all her

Tom Watson, at the same time was noticing a new reaction in the clinging
little depths of the female captive's pussy. It seemed to him that the
elastic little walls of her cunt were clasping and holding his cock on
its slithering outstroke, milking and sucking at his organ as if somehow
her cunt were reluctant to let the fleshy pole escape from its clutches.

Watson felt his cum churning and boiling in the tight receptacle of his
testicles. He clenched his teeth and muscles tight, determined to milk
this erotic experience for every bit of pleasure which he might be able
to attain from the girl's churning pussy. His own mind was beginning to
reel now, teetering on the very brink of an explosive sexual release,
and he knew full well that that release was only moments away now.

Young Melanie Tucker was unable to fully understand exactly what it was
that was happening to her body as the two men avidly took their pleasure
with her clasping little cunt and warm, sensitive mouth. Her mind was
reeling madly, unable to come to grips with any solid concept or idea
which might restore her to even a vestige of sanity.

Slowly, experimentally, Melanie let her tongue slide forward, slithering
teasingly along the thickly veined underside of Bart Masters' penis. She
was rewarded at once as the man gasped aloud, his entire body stiffening
and his hips thrusting abruptly forward to drive his cock even deeper
into her throat. Again she felt the familiar sensation of choking,
gagging, but she found that the more energetically she used her darting
little tongue on the slithering shaft of the man's invading penis, the
more room she had to breathe while he slid that cock in and out of her

Penny Tucker, watching the cruel humiliation of her younger sister, was
appalled as she felt her own cherry little nipples suddenly stiffening
into tight erection, accompanied by a not altogether unpleasant tingling
in the tight little valley between her clenched thighs. She heaved a
deep and soulful sigh, mentally fighting against the shameful
forerunners of surrender which her traitorous mind and body were warming
up to. She was grimly determined that she would not involuntarily
respond to the lewd sight of her sister being fucked in mouth and cunt.

Melanie Tucker, for her part, was now past caring about the indignities
which were being visited with such lewd energy upon her nude young
torso. She responded avidly, out of control now, her hips humping and
fucking back toward Tom Watson's long cock as if she were a bitch in
heat. And all the while, her sinewy tongue was sliding and chafing along
and around the muscular shaft of Bart Master's cock, relishing the manly
flavor of that organ as it slid ever more rapidly in and out of her
clinging mouth and throat.

Masters, driven to distraction by the lewd and inciteful action of the
girl's tongue on his wet cock, was rapidly approaching an explosive
pinnacle of orgasm. He felt himself teetering there on the brink, his
testicles tight and churning with the heavy load of his cum, the steamy
liquid of his passion aching to be released in long, milky gouts into
Melanie's clasping, sucking mouth.

When Bart Masters began to cum, his entire body went suddenly rigid, his
hips thrusting sharply forward to bury the full length of his penis in
the young girl's clasping, sucking throat. He could actually feel the
heated flood of his semen racing along the narrow ducts of his cock,
then bursting forth from the broad glans in a chalky flood, blanketing
the inside of her mouth and throat.

Melanie was instantly repelled by that creamy flood spreading inside her
mouth, but she quickly found that there was no way to escape from it. At
last, reflexively and to prevent herself from drowning in the man's
flooding cum, she began to swallow that sticky load, finding almost at
once that the act of consuming his jism added a strange sort of erotic
excitement to her situation. She could feel the fuse burning rapidly
shorter on the powerful bomb of her own orgasmic release, and she knew
only too well that she was mere seconds away from that powerful,
all-consuming release.

The buffeting, driving thrusts of Tom Watson's long cock into Melanie's
tight little pussy were another factor contributing to her frenzied
erotic condition. With each skewering inward stroke his long shaft
chafed tightly against the erectile little pleasure node of her
clitoris, sending electric spasms of pure sexual delight racing the
arching length of the young woman's supple spine. Her hips thrashed and
flailed about, rotating in a lewd fucking motion of their own which
complemented and accentuated Tom Watson's own tempestuous fucking tempo.

The big man screwing Melanie's tight little cunt so eagerly was unable
to withstand the churning, sucking actions of her tight pussy walls
around his long cock. He felt his own explosion coming, beginning as a
tightness in the cleft of his ass, then racing upward along his arching
spine in a series of overpowering cold chills that forced him to gasp
and moan his pleasure out loud into the steamy atmosphere of the living

Watson's cock seemed almost to double in length and thickness,
stretching the rubbery walls of the young girl's twat all the more as it
began its own spasmodic explosions.

Melanie tensed, gripping the floor with fingers and toes like a wild
animal as she felt the hot flood of male semen erupt in the clinging
depths of her pussy, splattering far up against the little barrier of
her cervix. The sudden sensation of fullness, the burning sensation
within her fluttering little belly, was enough in turn to push Melanie
over the razor's edge of her own orgasmic release, swirling her downward
into the raging vortex of intense erotic sensation.

The girl squirmed and writhed, madly hunching her body back and forth,
enveloping the cocks of her two cruel and lustful rapists in alternate
turns, sobbing out her release silently, with tears of bizarre erotic
gratitude streaming down her flushed cheeks. She was totally out of
control, drifting on the crest of a powerful, sensual wave, soaring far
above the heights of any pleasure she had ever been able to imagine in
her short and inexperienced life.

Penny Tucker watched, aghast, as the trio writhed and gasped in front of
her there on the living room floor. She was more horrified by her own
reaction, however, than by any of the things which she had seen her
young sister subjected to before her very eyes.

Both of Penny's tingling little nipple buds were rigidly erect now, and
there was simply no denying the burning sensation between her firm
thighs. She was acutely aware of Jed Wilson's hands sliding seductively
along her shoulders and down to her trim waist, and of his hot breath
coming in rapid little pants behind her left ear. He was holding her
tight against him, and there was no mistaking the full erection which
prodded continuously against her ripe ass cheeks.

The two other men were stirring now, leaving Melanie in an exhausted
heap on the floor, moving rapidly across the floor toward her. It seemed
unbelievable that they could still retain any form of sexual desire
after their powerful orgasms with her sister, but even to Penny's
inexperienced eyes, it was quickly obvious what the men had in store for

She sought to break away, but Jed Wilson's hands were like iron upon her
slender arms now. Pinned and immobile, she let out a soft, wailing cry,
unable to do anything but sob out her grief and resignedly await the
lecherous fate which was advancing stealthily upon her.

Chapter 5

The three men wasted no time on preliminaries in their undressing of
young Penny Tucker. It seemed obvious that the interlude with Melanie,
far from sating their desires, had merely had the effect of heightening
them, driving them onward and upward to new and unheard-of plateaus of
sexual need. They set upon her like wild animals, swiftly shredding her
thin blouse and tight, clinging skirt, tossing the scraps of those
ruined garments aside and pouncing upon her naked, luscious torso.

Penny felt herself thrust down and onto the floor, borne there by the
combined weight of her three rabid attackers. They pinned her there
easily, each man taking turns holding her down while the others swiftly,
eagerly stripped off the remainder of their clothing. In short order
they were all naked, towering over her like caricatures of Greek
sculpture, their long, fat cocks quiveringly erect and looming out over
the naked young girl's prostrate torso.

Penny was sobbing bitterly, deathly afraid of what ordeal these men
might have in store for her. The attack by Bart Masters upstairs in her
own bedroom had been bad enough, and worse yet was the cruel assault
which she had viewed upon her younger sister, Melanie. But now, she was
simply unable to understand how three men could possess her naked body
at the same time, although that seemed to be what they were all intent
upon doing.

Swiftly, without so much as a word of explanation, Penny felt herself
being tugged and manhandled over onto one side, so that Jed Wilson was
positioned at her head, Bart Masters at her back, and Tom Watson
directly in front of her, his bare knees chafing regularly against the
tingling little buds of her erectile nipples.

Suddenly, Penny got a dreadful insight into the method the three men
intended to use in their simultaneous ravishment of her trembling naked
torso. Bart Masters had dropped to a prone position behind her, and
Watson was following suit in front of her, both of the men snuggling up
close against her body so that their hairy and muscular nakedness was
pressed intimately against her own bare, silken flesh. Penny could
clearly feel the jutting shafts of their cocks, Watson's nestled tight
against the curly forest of her exposed pubic hair, and Masters'
pressing itself closely into the tight cleft between her luscious little
ass cheeks.

A sudden thrill of fear shot through Penny as she realized at once,
grimly, what Masters had in mind for her. He meant to fuck her back
there, in her asshole, and the very idea, the thought of the pain and
abject humiliation that rear entry must entail, was enough to bring
tears of grief and abject self-pity to her tightly closed eyes.

The lecherous men who held her captive were undismayed and unmoved by
her open sobbing and mumbled little pleas for mercy. Their mutual desire
for her ripe young woman's body already had progressed much too far for
them to even contemplate turning back at that late stage of the game. In
fact, the three of them could think of nothing but the rapid and
forceful conquest of that trembling, luscious female form, and the
thrusting of their long and pulsating penises into any bodily orifice
made available.

Tom Watson took the lead, guiding his fat cock with one hand in an
insidious tickling path along the slightly splayed slit of Penny's
hungry little cunt. His lewd genital touch there surprised her,
involuntarily awakening the same lewd tingling sensations which she had
sought so strongly to suppress as she watched the double degradation of
her younger sister. Now, as his blunt penile glans made electrifying
contact with her budding little clit and tracked on to swirl incitefully
about the rubbery mouth of her secret vagina itself, more sobs were
forced from her throat. This time, however, there was passion and
humiliation mingled in with the cries of hopeless grief, and Penny
realized that already her ripe woman's body was beginning to betray her,
just as it had during her earlier bedroom encounter with gang leader
Bart Masters.

Behind Penny, Masters sensed with a magician's knowledge the effect
which Watson's genital ministrations was having upon the young female
captive. Slowly, almost cautiously, he began to maneuver and manipulate
his own thrusting cock along the tight cleft of her ass, pausing on each
slithering stroke to probe with his cockhead at the tight, clasping
little opening of her anus. That lewd anal contact caused Penny to
squirm determinedly away from Masters, but such motions only made her
ripe cunt more accessible to Tom Watson, and thus had the effect of
redoubling the young girl's erotic dilemma.

Watson had poised his long and pulsating cock at the very mouth of
Penny's secret little vagina, and as the girl squirmed energetically
toward him, he used the golden opportunity to thrust his own hips
forward, burying fully half of his cock in the clasping heated depths of
her little love tunnel. The big man let a gasp of pure animal lust and
passion escape from between his clenched teeth as the overwhelming
sensations of her heated little cunt swept over his lower body, seeming
to set his jangling nerve endings on fire. He began to thrust more
energetically with his pelvis, worming his thick organ inch by delicious
inch until the entire fleshy length of his penile shaft was buried
inside Penny's fluttering little belly, and his dark curling pubic hair
had meshed intimately with her own.

The young woman gasped and writhed at that sudden, inescapable invasion
of her loins, struggling in vain to free herself from the clutches of
the big man who was now raping her loins. Tom Watson was holding her far
too tightly, however, and Penny immediately learned to her sorrow that
she could not possibly break free of his powerful clutches. Finally,
resigning herself to being trapped there with his long cock thrusting
ruthlessly upward into her cunt, she was able to slightly relax some of
her internal muscles, thus easing to some degree the pain she had felt
at his initial entry.

The young woman was shocked and more than a little horrified when she
found that the easing of the pain changed her whole outlook at what was
happening to her. Instead of the initial agony, she now felt a very real
and insidious sensual pleasure beginning to radiate outward from her
violated little cunt, quick warm flames of mounting passion fanning
upward across her heaving abdomen to ignite little responsive fires of
budding lust in the pliant, vibrant cones of her breasts. She began,
albeit unconsciously and involuntarily, to fuck back at the big man's
invading penis, locking her legs tightly around his thick thighs and
humping almost desperately against his pelvis, seeking to suck every
single inch of him into her hungry twat.

From his vantage point behind Penny, Bart Masters was well able to judge
and witness her grudging, then enthusiastic reaction to Tom Watson's
lewd and energetic fucking. Taking his own silent cue from the girl's
obvious pleasure, he stopped tracking his own cock along the tight
little cleft of her ass, and poised the blunt glans instead at the very
rubbery little mouth of her secret rectum itself. Slowly, insidiously,
Masters began to squirm his hips forward, probing forcefully against
that elastic little anal sphincter with the thick tip of his red and
pulsating cock.

Penny missed that coming anal intrusion at first, but as the pressure
from behind her steadily mounted, she let out a little groan, and her
eyes snapped open in pained surprise. Her worst fears were about to be
realized, she knew, and now that Tom Watson had pinned her firmly in
place with his thick cock in her pussy, she knew for certain that there
was no possible avenue for escape left open to her.

Bart Masters braced one big hand on the girl's bare shoulder, using the
other to continue guiding his penis while his hips surged relentlessly
forward. Suddenly, after his cockhead had slipped the barest fraction of
an inch inside the young woman's clasping little asshole, it felt to him
as if the invisible barrier had suddenly and momentarily given way
before him, and with a gigantic thrust of his loins he was able to bury
his cock to the hilt in her clasping, screaming little rectum.

The pain which instantly overwhelmed Penny Tucker with Bart's rough anal
entry was unbelievable. Her lips were drawn back tightly from pearly
white teeth, and a hoarse cry of almost mortal agony was ripped from her
straining throat.

"My God! Oh no!" she wailed aloud, her body tossing like a runaway
gyroscope all the while, madly struggling to escape the cruel double
raping of her ass and loins. "Not there please!! You're killing
mmmmeeeeee!!! Aaaauuuuuugggggghhhh!!!!!"

Penny's wails and cries of pain were to no avail, however, for Bart
Masters and Tom Watson had no intention of ceasing their rapid double
fucking of her two little nether openings. Nor was she entirely safe
from Jed Wilson, either, for now that man, kneeling beside her head, was
lowering his thick hips into position, bringing the red head of his long
cock into inciteful grazing contact with her pouting, gasping little

In spite of the searing pain which was even then ripping through her
asshole, and despite the other long cock boring up relentlessly into her
cringing little cunt, Penny's mind remained clear enough to be repelled
by the approach of Jed Wilson's cock to her virginal little lips. She
had witnessed Melanie's grudging, then avid acceptance of oral sex only
moments earlier, but there was something within her which testified that
she herself would never be able to accept that degrading action while
she lived.

While one sane portion of Penny's mind was forming that grim resolve,
her unresponsive young body seemed to be proceeding with a will of its
own, and under the grip of circumstances she could neither predict or
control. Bart Masters chose that very moment to begin withdrawing his
long, hard cock from the clinging little channel of Penny's rectum,
causing the young woman to feel as if her insides were literally being
turned inside-out by his slithering organ. Penny's entire lower body
suddenly seemed to be wrapped in flames of agony as Masters' cock grated
and chafed through her rectal passage on its outward journey, and her
lips were drawn back tight from her pearly teeth in a snarl of pain.

"Aaaarrrrgghhhh!!" she sobbed, almost growling in her agony. "Please
stop it!! Your cock is tearing me apart!!!"

As she opened her mouth to utter that wailing cry, Jed Wilson saw his
golden opportunity and seized it abruptly. Thrusting his low-slung hips
rapidly forward, he slid the first half of his massive penile shaft into
the clasping wet cavern of Penny Tucker's yawning mouth. The man sighed
deeply as the luscious sensations of her churning, darting tongue
suddenly enveloped his prick.

Penny was shocked and horrified by Wilson's move, nauseated by the very
idea of his cock slipping ever farther into her mouth, and almost
gagging on the sheer girth and weight of his organ as it bored on
relentlessly toward the back of her tight little throat. In desperation
she was forced to start breathing through her nose, and despite her
efforts to twist her head and squirm away from his mouth-invading cock,
she swiftly learned that her position there on the floor, sandwiched as
she was between the two other men fucking her ass and cunt, allowed her
no room whatsoever for escape.

Penny Tucker was grimly beset by a variety of painful and humiliating
sensations. Tom Watson's long hard cock was pistoning in and out of her
slippery little cunt, and while that genital contact was far from
unpleasant, it nevertheless filled the young woman with a sense of
degradation and shame. At the same time, her inflamed little asshole was
being brutally raped and pillaged by Bart Masters' rampaging organ,
ripping in and out of her body until she feared that it might surely
split her completely in two. And now, last and worst of all, Jed
Wilson's powerful prick was now boring deep into the clinging confines
of her tight little throat, threatening to strangle her with its
sensuous, slimy girth.

Penny felt that she was on the verge of collapse, about to faint dead
away into a blessed state of merciful unconsciousness. Instantly,
however, she found that the instinctive relaxation which accompanied
that state of near-fainting was working a seeming miracle upon the
sources of pain in her violated young body. She immediately found it
much easier to breath, and she knew that all she had to do to survive
Wilson's rough oral fucking was to relax her throat and shift her tongue
about to accommodate his skewering penis. At the same time, she noticed
that the intense, searing pain in her ravished little asshole was
gradually subsiding, ebbing away to be replaced at first by a strange
sort of welcome numbness and then, even more strange, succumbing to a
spreading sensation of pure erotic warmth and desire.

It was incomprehensible to Penny that she could actually be starting to
enjoy the indignities the trio of lewd men were inflicting on her
tremulous young body. And yet, unbelievable as it seemed to her, she was
unable to deny that she was then feeling some of the same erotic
sensations which must have coursed through Melanie's naked body,
eventually driving her to the point of total sexual surrender with her

Penny's eyes filled with tears of helpless shame as she felt her hips
picking up an instinctive and involuntary fucking rhythm, humping ever
more rapidly back and forth to accommodate the cocks sluicing in and out
of both her cunt and her tight little asshole. The young woman offered
up a silent prayer for maintenance of her precious self-control, but
even as the lofty words left her trembling lips she knew that the prayer
had been in vain. Her body and the tingling sensations which now
possessed it were taking full control of her immediate life, and there
was no path of escape left open to her at the moment.

Slowly, hesitantly, Penny flicked her tongue out and let it slide
experimentally along the knotty length of Jed Wilson's mouth-fucking
penis. She was rewarded at once as the man let out a breathless gasp and
his entire muscular body tensed, his hips thrusting sharply forward to
bury the length of his prick even deeper in the clasping tunnel of her
tingling throat.

At the same time, Bart Masters and Tom Watson were also responding most
emphatically to the bucking, rotary motions of Penny's pelvic arch, as
her little cunt and rubbery anal sphincter sucked and milked at their
cocks like a pair of expert massaging hands. Both men felt their
explosive orgasms rapidly approaching, knowing that they could not hold
out much longer against the desperate, inciteful message being
transmitted from the young girl's loins to their plunging, driving

Bart Masters' face wore a grim little smile of total erotic triumph as
he pumped his big prick ever more rapidly into the tight channel of
Penny's little asshole. He was immensely pleased with her speedy sexual
surrender, finding that she and her sister both seemed to be the
sex-starved young country girls which he had suspected they were at
first sight. He looked forward to long days and nights with the sisters,
hiding out in their secluded little backwoods home while the heat from
Atlanta gradually died down.

For the moment, however, his troubles and the heat in Atlanta seemed
very far away indeed, and nothing existed at that moment except the
clinging little rectum into which he was sliding and pumping his
inflamed male organ. The girl was humping and squirming back at him,
complementing his thrusts with her own, rapidly driving both of them to
the erotic point of no return with her churning, sucking little rectum.

Jed Wilson was also going nearly insane with the intensity of the
sensations raging in his loins. Penny's tongue was now darting and
swirling along and around his penile shaft as if she was in fact a
skilled master of cocksucking, instead of a virtual novice in the art.
He could hardly believe that this young woman was as innocent as she had
first seemed, but there was no time to reflect on the amazing
transformation now, as he gave himself entirely to the burning erotic
feelings centered in the pulsating shaft of his pounding cock.

Wilson could feel his own orgasm coming like the approach of a runaway
freight train, barreling down the track with no way to evade or escape
the inevitable explosion to come. His jism was stirring and boiling in
the tight cistern of his balls, bursting to get out and explode into the
sucking, lapping cavern of the young girl's avid, hungry mouth.

Wilson tensed every muscle in his body, fighting wearily to maintain
control as long as possible, to prolong his fierce pleasure until the
last possible moment, but he quickly found that that moment was now at

When Wilson came, he could feel the wonderful orgasm beginning with a
tightness like a clenched fist in the cleft of his ass, then racing
upward along his rigidly arching spine to explode in a myriad of
swirling lights and colors at the very base of his skull. His breath
left his lungs in a great wheezing gasp, and suddenly he thrust his hips
powerfully forward, hilting his cock in the rear of Penny's clinging
throat. Long milky spurts of cum were erupting from the helmet-shaped
glans of his prick, flooding her mouth and overflowing to run in twin
chalky rivulets down her pumping chin.

Penny felt as if she was drowning in the explosive outpouring of Jed
Wilson's semen, and she began to swallow it quickly, cheeks hollowed and
throat pumping, as she sought to keep from suffocating entirely on the
milky flood. At the same time, she found the mere act of swallowing that
bountiful jism gave her an intense feeling of security and erotic
excitement, and she began to lap at his spurting cock all the more
avidly, running her tongue swiftly along the swelling underside of his
shaft to milk from it every last drop of that delicious, salty

Penny's excited reaction to Jed Wilson's orgasm was demonstrated
indirectly in the rapid increase of her pumping, fucking pelvic motions,
thereby transmitting the same surge of erotic passion to Bart Masters
and Tom Watson. Both men were taken aback by the dramatic increase in
her pelvic swirls and thrusts, and they gratefully fell into line with
the new fucking rhythm she was establishing. Both men locked their eyes
tightly shut, big hands clawing at her breasts, buttocks, belly and
thighs as they whipped themselves onward and upward toward the plateau
of orgasm, inevitably taking their female captive along with them on
that sensual ascent.

Penny could feel the two big pricks driving rapidly in and out of her
loins, Watson's shaft chafing against her burning little clit and
buffeting against her cervix while Masters' plunged ever more violently
in and out of her clinging little anal cavity. Both cocks were swiftly
forcing her toward the razor's edge of her own powerful orgasmic
explosion, and she sought that goal now with a single-minded zeal which
she had never before felt in all of her young life.

Penny Tucker suddenly reached that dividing line between cold sanity and
total erotic explosion, and she plunged gratefully across the invisible
border into the chaotic land of orgasm. Her hips bucked and tossed
spasmodically, her entire body writhing and tossing like a giant serpent
in its death throes between the muscular forms of her two violent
rapists, asshole and cunt sucking energetically at their invading organs
all the while. She mewled out her pleasure in little gasping cries,
muffled and muted by the thickness of Jed Wilson's cock, which was still
buried to the hilt inside her sucking mouth.

For what seemed to be eternal moments, Penny tossed and undulated
between the two men, squirming like a bitch in heat as she gratefully
accepted every pounding inch of their madly raping cocks. She had no
thought for the effect her pulsating nether tunnels were having on those
massive cocks, and no clear idea of how close the men were in fact to
their own mutual orgasmic explosions inside her.

Bart Masters and Tom Watson could no longer contain themselves as Penny
Tucker's pumping pussy and anus worked their erotic magic on their
cocks. Masters came first, feeling the explosion begin deep within his
balls, then grimacing and gasping as the creamy flood of his jism
erupted deep inside the clasping little furrow of his captive's clinging
rectum. The outpouring of his semen served to further lubricate that
tight little nether passage, and as his lust mounted to the pinnacle of
a roaring erotic tidal wave, he hammered his cock in and out of her
asshole all the more violently, seeming to will her to accompany him on
the flight of sensual release.

Watson, meanwhile, was seeming to come apart at the seams, sobbing out
loud and hammering his hips rapidly forward against the widely-splayed
slit of Penny's tight little cunt--hilting his cock and withdrawing it
rapidly, only to hilt it once more in the steamy, churning little
crevice of her womanhood. His testicles were in burning upheaval, and
already he could feel the first few drops of his semen racing the length
of his spasming cock, flinging themselves through space to splatter
against the rubbery little barrier of Penny's pulsating cervix.

Tom Watson came with a violence befitting a man of his size, humping and
fucking madly into Penny as he gasped and growled out his passion, his
cock seeming to double in length and width as it spewed out every last
drop of his super-heated jism into her sucking little cunt. At last,
when he had no more of the creamy fluid to offer, his entire body
stiffened, hilting his cock on one final thrust, his entire body locked
tight against hers, rigid and quivering.

The lightning-like thrusts her cunt and asshole were absorbing quickly
forced Penny Tucker into the throes of an unexpected secondary orgasm
far more powerful and long-lasting than the one she had just
experienced. Wilson's flaccid cock had slipped wetly out of her mouth by
this time, and the young girl was at last able to give voice to the
overwhelming strength of her passion.

"Jesus Christ!!" she sobbed gratefully, "Oh my GOD!! I'm

Her mind was filled with animal lust. She lay there, rigid as stone, for
what seemed an eternity, trapped between the quivering and pulsating
bodies of her two rapists. At length, when they fell apart, they lay
close together, each member of the lustful little trio panting with pure
sensual exhaustion after their tiring but rewarding ordeal.

Bart Masters was the first to stir from where he lay, rising first to
his knees and then to his feet, winking briefly at the smiling Jed
Wilson before casting an eye about to find his clothing. What he found
instead made him stop dead in his tracks, mouth open and eyes gaping in

While the three men had been totally wrapped up in raping and degrading
Penny Tucker, her younger sister, Melanie, had managed to recover her
sense and form a course of action. Crossing to the sofa, completely
unnoticed by any member of the rapidly fucking and sucking quartet, she
had managed to retrieve Tom Watson's sawed-off shotgun from its place on
the cushions. Now, as Bart Masters stared in sheer shock and disbelief,
he found the young girl sitting on the couch, still naked, legs splayed
wide apart and heedless of the view of her cunt he was receiving, with
the stubby, deadly shotgun pointed directly at his chest.

Melanie had not fired earlier because she was afraid of killing or
wounding her sister, but now, with Jed Wilson sitting to one side,
Masters already on his feet, and Watson rolling away toward his clothes,
still heedless of his peril, she knew that she would be well able to
control the situation. Penny still seemed in a daze, but she was rapidly
coming around, and Melanie hoped that she could count on her older
sister for help and advice within a few moments.

Bart Masters did not intend to give her those moments. He was already
moving, slowly and cautiously, very much aware of the way Melanie
followed him with the shotgun as he moved.

"Now, listen, little girl, you don't want to do anything hasty with that
thing," he said, still trying to sound calm in spite of the sudden
mixture of fear and excitement he felt welling up in his throat. "You
could hurt somebody if you're not careful."

Jed and Tom had heard their boss's words, and their eyes were also now
fastened upon the naked female shotgunner there on the couch. Unlike
Masters however, they were either too frightened or still too groggy
with sex to join in the defensive maneuvers.

Melanie did not answer Masters's comments, but kept the deadly weapon
centered on his chest, watching the other two men with darting little
movements of her eyes. She could see Penny sitting up now, staring at
her in seeming disbelief, but she could not afford to focus on her
sister long enough to tell if she seemed to be wide awake and thinking
clearly. Bart Masters was moving more swiftly now, and it required all
of the young girl's concentration to keep the shotgun aligned on him.

"Come on, now, girlie," Masters was saying, slowly advancing toward her
across the floor, one hand outstretched in seeming friendship. "Give
Bart that mean old gun and we'll all get friendly again. You'd like
that, wouldn't you?"

Something in his words seemed to strike a conflicting chord within
Melanie's brain, now snapping something there with an almost physical
twinge of pain. She was angry, and already squeezing the trigger of the
shotgun before Bart Masters rushed her, racing across the floor to grab
for the weapon. The shotgun went off in her hands, incredibly loud in
the confines of the small living room. And Bart Masters was simply no
longer there, his strong, muscular form replaced by a spinning lifeless
rag doll that trailed streamers of blood as it bounced and slithered
across the hardwood floor.

The roar of the shotgun galvanized Jed Wilson and Tom Watson into
action, each of them suddenly rushing toward Melanie from different
directions, knowing that only one shell remained in the double-barreled
weapon. Melanie desperately swung the gun back and forth, then, with a
split-second left, chose her target and squeezed the trigger again.

Jed Wilson took that last remaining charge full in the face, and his
head left his body with a wet, smacking sound, leaving his decapitated
corpse faltering in mid-stride before it collapsed in gruesome
convulsions on the floor.

Tom Watson was upon Melanie all of a sudden, batting the empty shotgun
aside with one massive paw then closing his powerful fingers about her
throat, relentlessly squeezing the life out of her with powerful hands.
Melanie grimaced at him and saw the world begin to go dark, her ears
ringing with what seemed to be thunderous explosions as she teetered on
the edge of unconsciousness.

Suddenly Watson was gone, and Melanie's head was clearing, her vision
returning. She glanced about, and found Watson slumped on the floor
beside the couch, blood pumping from a neat cluster of holes between his
shoulder blades. Another glance showed her Penny, tall and splendid in
her nakedness, still holding at arm's length the revolver which she had
taken from Bart Masters' crumpled pile of clothing.

The two sisters rushed together, wrapping each other up in a nude
embrace of sheer familial love. Their sobs mingled and eventually turned
to near-hysterical laughter, a wild laughter which communicated their
mutual relief at being delivered from the clutches of almost certain

Penny Tucker's mind was already clearing now, and she was planning all
the things that would have to be done. She would have to call the
sheriff, of course, and wait until he could arrive with his deputies and
the coroner to take the bodies away. There would be questions, and
answers, perhaps even a trial, but the young woman was no longer
worried. She and her sister had survived the most trying ordeal of their
young lives, and she knew that in the future they would be able to
survive anything which came their way.

They had each other, and in the final analysis, that was all that
mattered. It might even be said that they had learned some valuable
lessons from their ordeal with Masters and his gang, and Penny for one
knew that in the future she would look with more tolerant eyes upon Luke
Hollowell and his advances. Perhaps, just perhaps, she would say yes to
him next time, and maybe even marry him, if he still wanted her.

And if he didn't want her? No problem, she decided. She and her sister
were proven survivors, and they would continue to survive, no matter
what came their way.

The young-old face of Penny Tucker wore a tired and knowing, albeit
happy smile as she turned away from that scene of bloody carnage in the
living room and led her sister slowly, gently toward the waiting
telephone. Beyond that phone lay tomorrow, and thousands of tomorrows.

She was anxious to see what they might bring.

The End

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