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03-31-2008, 04:09 AM
Kate’s diary of another true hand account, of our ever our on going sexual escapades.

Well here is another wild night! We both had been partying for quite a while,
and ended up at an after hours dance club. It was in the next county and located out side of any city limits. I guess you could call it a township locale. Kate was wearing a white mini skirt, a sheer flimsy top, and open toed sandals. We went inside and ordered some drinks, and walked around the club for a while checking it out.
I was so horny, and decided it would be a turn on to show Kate off. I would usually I let her know what was on my mind, but for some reason that night I just started to play with out her knowledge. I have always had very strong voyeuristic tendencies. It was very short mini skirt to begin with, and it didn't need much lifting. We were moving around the club, and I kept slowly exposing her panties by standing behind her, and slowly sliding my hands up the sides of her legs and lifting the hem of her mini skirt. She kept pulling the hem down when she would realize what I was doing.

She was acting annoyed at this, but I knew it turned her on. Kate has always enjoyed attention from strangers and was a closet exhibitionist. She will never be able to fool me, as I know what makes her pussy drip with juice. This went on for a while and it was closing time. We decided to head for the door and play in the car, when we ran into Dave, a young man that we knew from our local pub. I had partied with him before, and knew his sister. He needed a ride back to town, so I told him to back with ride with us. I told Dave to slide into the front seat with us, even though we had a large Olds 98 with ample space in the back seat. As he opened the door for Kate to get in, I went to the back of the car to check the drivers tire, so he could fully enjoy watching Kate get into the car with out observation from me. I knew her mini skirt would slide up to her ass and expose her panty-covered pussy as she got in. I also knew she would take full advantage of the opportunity to tease him.

It wasn't too long after we left the lounge when Kate started some action of her own. She looked at me with excitement in her eyes, and I figured she gave Dave a real good view as she got in the car by the look on her face. I knew she was looking for approval from me to play out a fantasy of seducing a single young man. I looked at her and motioned with a slight upward nod of my head towards Dave. She kissed my cheek. It took her a few minutes of talking to Dave to charm him and see how he reacted as she leaned over forward pretending to adjust the straps on her sandals, which pulled her skirt up her legs and exposing her panty covered pussy. Dave kept glancing at her cunt every chance he got. Then she slowly was starting putting pressure from her right leg on his. After a few more minutes of talking, she slowly slid her hand from her leg onto his leg. He looked surprised but ignored her hand as best as he could, acting nonchalant about it, as they continued to talk. Slowly as they talked she continued to slide her hand up his leg, and brushed his cock with her hand. He was now confused and looked at me with a questioned look. I told him that she was a free sprit, and that maybe she wanted to play. Kate spread her legs a little more apart sliding the skirt up higher and reached over and took Dave’s left hand and placed it onto her right leg.

Now the game had begun. He took no time to start sliding his hand up her leg, as she rubbed his cock through his jeans. Dave now moved his position and swung his left arm around Kate and moved his right hand onto her thigh and continued sliding it up closer towards her cunt as they started to kiss, slowly at first. She started rubbing his cock faster, as he now slid his hand onto her soaked panty covered pussy, and the kissing got deeper and more furious. I told them that they should slide over the seat into the back or I was going to crash.

There was too much turmoil in the front to drive. Agreeing that that was a good plan over they went. It wasn't long before Dave had Kate under him on the rear seat as her panties came off, and so did his jeans. By this time, I was on the interstate heading out of town screaming into the dark countryside. Dave proceeded to drive his young cock deep into Kate’s throbbing pussy. He was pounding her so hard that the big 98 was rocking back and forth at 70 mph. She was moaning and groaning as her drilled her with all he had. A few seconds later she was screaming for him to pound the fuck out of her pussy as she came wriggling under him pushing back up into his cock mound and he was literally slamming his cock down into her as hard and as fast as he could! They were both yelling as he dumped his hot load of cum deep into her sloppy wet pulsating pussy!!! Slowly they recovered and continued to play as he now had reversed himself and was placing his face into her wet cum soaked pussy, while swinging his cum soaked cock into her face as she quickly guided it into her mouth and slowly started to lick it clean and nurse it back to another raging pussy poking staff.

This time Kate mounted him from the topside and slid the probe into her steaming cum drenched pussy. She rode him slow at first but could not contain her lust as she started riding him as hard as he rode her on the first go round. He got a little rough with her and she yelled for him to ease up and he immediately did so. She started to ride him again as we were still screaming into the darkness at high speed with tunes blasting as she rode that young buck like there was no tomorrow. Now with a violent shudder she slammed her cunt down onto his cock as she came all over him shooting juice onto his balls and down onto the seat as Kate ejaculated all over him, you see she is a squirter, and was he surprised!

They were both wore out and laid back on the rear seat just teasing and gently playing with each other. We were now close to Dave’s house and I told them get straightened up. As I pulled up to Dave’s house, we all said our good nights, this ended another chapter of our every kinky sexual oddesy into the realm of lust...

04-09-2008, 06:50 PM
Always more interesting riding with something to play with.

04-09-2008, 07:41 PM
That is very true. Thanks for the new story.