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BEE-6828b Burning Desires by Fred Sparkrock

Chapter 1

Chad Ponkert studied the pale, golden clearness of the Chablis. Letting
the aroma of the wine drift to his nostrils, he raised the glass to his
lips and savoured its full fruity flavour. Satisfied, he let his eyes
rise to the field of jonquils to equally drink in the form of the girl
moving through the yellow blossoms.

No, he mused, girl was the wrong word. Karin was a woman! He personally
had provided the physical transformation almost a month ago. The change
was visibly apparent. Karin seemed to radiate life.

"Karin!" he called to his companion.

Brushing long strands of frosty blonde hair from her eyes, the woman
looked up and smiled. He raised the glass of wine as a summons. Her
smile widened in acknowledgment. Half running, her bare feet seemed to
float among the deep yellow blooms as she made her way to the towering
oak that shaded Ponkert from the warm June sun overhead. Her movements
mesmerized him. She was some free-spirited meadow nymph out to capture
his heart.

A light summer's breeze gathered the flowing folds of Karin's caftan,
pressing the diaphanous fabric against her body. The effect was just the
opposite of the veiling design of the garment. The delicate cloth
enhanced the well-formed and well-proportioned curves of her body.
Ponkert's eyes relished her every step and he delighted as she lowered
herself to the ground beside him.

"Hungry?" she smiled, tilting her head so that her yellow hair cascaded
over her shoulder like a billowing cloud of golden threads.

"I could eat a horse," Ponkert answered, knowing he was lying, but
willing to allow Karin to play out her picnic game. He was anxious to be
in her. But rushing what would ultimately come would only destroy the

"A horse?" she puzzled at his archaic expression. Then she chuckled,
realizing he referred to a mammal she had once read about in a natural
history class. The animal was now extinct. On a totally urban planet
like Earth, there was no room for animals that didn't provide enough
food to justify their existence.

"Don't make fun of me, wench!" Ponkert chided as he landed a sharp,
stinging swat to her temptingly protruding bottom.

"Ouch! Stop it, you brute!" she laughed, obviously enjoying his playful
punishment. "Stop being silly, Chad. You're only twenty-four. Remember,
I've seen your personal-film. Horses haven't been around for at least a
century. You couldn't have seen one!"

"Correct--and wrong," he mused, leaning back against the tree, sipping
at the Chablis. "I'm twenty-four and you may have been peeking at my
bio-films, but you seem to have forgotten I've been a Voyager since I
was eighteen. And I've seen at least thirty different planets. Some of
which still have horses!"

Karin ignored his remark and spread a white disposacloth picnic mat at
his feet. She knew he was a Voyager. She realized his life was that of a
rocket-jockey, searching the galaxies for new inhabitable planets. And
she was more than aware of the long flights to other star systems taken
by star sailors such as Ponkert. She knew all this, but didn't like to
be reminded of it.

As Karin bent over the picnic basket to unpack their food, Ponkert's
eyes delved below the loose hanging neckline of her dress to the
tight-pressed valley between her breasts. His groin tightened at the
sight of the half-veiled, cream-coloured globes.

"Well, Mister Horse Eater," Karin said as she placed the final touches
on the food arrangement, "do you think this repast will suffice?"

He quietly surveyed the meal--cold chicken, potato salad, baked beans
and apple pie. Simple, but real. No synthetics. The monetary advantages
of being a Voyager were evident. This once plain snack would have cost
the average Earth worker a month's wages. Supply and demand, a hard
reality in an over-populated world. Thus the majority of Earth's peoples
lived and died never tasting real meat, or fruit, or vegetables.
Flavoured bulk, spiked with vitamins and protein were their staple ****.

But for Ponkert, the exorbitant cost of food, real food, was nothing.
Time-Shift Universal had paid him a cool million for five voyages; the
accrued interest had purchased the land they were on now. Space had
changed him; Earth's crowded cities were more than he could take
anymore. This small plot of undeveloped land was his shelter from a
strange world he didn't understand. This strangeness almost made him
eager for tomorrow's flight. Almost!

Now there was Karin.

"Eat up, star gazer," Karin ordered, holding a plate of food to him.
"And enjoy it! I know what all this cost!"

He smiled, taking the offering. His eyes once more settled on her
breasts. The no-bra look was the fashion trend when he left Earth for
the first time. Now, once again, bras were most definitely fashionable.
The reversal pleased him. Bras were sexy. And even more so as they were

Suddenly he was overwhelmed by his appetite and followed Karin's orders,
although he paid little attention to the taste. He was fully occupied in
filling his mind with his companion.

She had chosen her attire well for the occasion. The tent-like caftan
was perfect. It completely covered and hid her body from the knees up.
The only hints of the comely figure beneath were the long shapely sweep
of her calves and the twin peaks that pushed out from her chest,
straining against the fabric.

The dress stirred the imagination, setting the mind afire with fantasies
of what lay beneath, which was the only purpose for clothing, since man
now controlled his weather. But the dress suited Ponkert's taste. He
liked his women fully clothed in the best-styled fashions. Or naked! The
in-betweens, the half-nude styles, seemed at the most, cheap.

When his eyes grew tired of probing the folds of Karin's clothes for
some hint of the figure they hid, he traced and retraced the
goddess-like features of her face. Naturally red lips and blushed
cheeks. Her beauty was enhanced by emerald green eyes, not blue.

"Chad," she said softly, "I ... "

"Don't say it," he interrupted. "Not now at least!"

Her eyes lowered. "All right, but I can show it!"

Without another word, Karin moved to his side. Her hands reached out and
caressed his cheeks. Momentarily, she gazed into his dark eyes. Then she
moved forward and her lips possessed his, gently and lovingly, the kiss
transformed to urgency.

Ponkert's arms encircled the trim waist and pulled the lithe body to him
as he sank back to the lush carpet of grass. His testicles tightened
familiarly and life stirred in his groin as Karin's breasts crushed into
his chest. Their tongues and lips worked in unison. His hand searched
over the back of the caftan, releasing the adhesive strips that held it
together. Beneath the cloth, his fingertips met soft, warm, smooth skin.

Karin moaned at his exploring touch, pulling away from his lips. Her
eyes flickered open and flashed with delight. "You work fast, Chadwick
Ponkert the Third!"

"Don't call me Chadwick!" he ordered in mock anger, his hand once more
delivering a hearty swat to her firm buttocks.

She squealed once and her lips covered his again. Her tongue darted into
his mouth, teasing and drawing his tongue into the warm shelter of her
mouth. Ponkert obliged, probing and toying with her twisting oral digit.

Suddenly, her teeth clamped down lightly and she sucked. He groaned in
protest under the oral pain-pleasure and jerked his tongue free from her
grasp. A slight salty taste was left in her mouth.

Ponkert's mouth and teeth now worked their way from her ear lobe down
the gentle arch of her creamy neck. His bands drifted along her spine,
over the base of her satiny back, slipping under the elastic band of her
panties. His fingers roughly dug into the demi-globes of flesh, kneading
them. She squirmed with the manipulation, grinding her crotch into the
hardening length at his groin.

"Oooohh!" she moaned. "My god, I love your hands on me!"

"Not as much as I do," he whispered, giving up her neck to speak.

"Don't be fresh, young man, or you'll get a bust in the mouth," Karin
replied, smiling coyly down at her partner.

"There's nothing I would like more," he grinned up. "Right one or left?"

"Neither, greedy," she chuckled, pushing herself up and away from his
arms, "unless I get this dress off!"

Smiling, he watched as she rose. Standing before him, her eyes flashed
and her arms gracefully arched to her shoulders, slipping the sheath
over them. The dress drifted down around her ankles like a cloud. She
revelled in the desire that ignited in Ponkert's eyes as they raced over
her body.

Although he had viewed her on numerous occasions during the past month,
she was most definitely a she-takes-your-breath-away vision. She seemed
to be a living portrait that had stepped from a painting by the
Twentieth Century master, Jeff Jones. The type of woman that caused a
man to ache by just looking at her. Her swollen breasts spilled over the
thin cloth of her bra, which she wore more for containing than
supporting. Her arms twisted behind her back unclasping the delicate
garment, tossing it to the ground. The twin mountains of flesh sprang to
freedom, jiggled slightly, then jutted proud and firm.

Her hands now glided down the curving slope of her sides. Her fingers
hooked under her bikini panties and slid them over the tempting flue of
her hips and down her long lithe legs until she stepped from them and
the dress around her ankles. The triangle of fleece at the junction of
her thighs was the same frosty blonde as the clouds of hair that fell
around her shoulders.

"Have I ever told you, you're beautiful?" he asked rhetorically.

Her smile grew. "Several times. But don't stop, I like it!"

Suddenly she pouted, "There's something unfair about this arrangement!"

"What?" he asked, unable to remove his eyes from the naked beauty.

"You sure make it difficult for a girl," she continued in mock-disgust.
"You're lying there gawking with your clothes on!"

He glanced down at his jumpsuit, grinning sheepishly. In the excitement
of watching her expertly strip, he had simply forgotten. Three zippers,
two on his boots and one on his jumpsuit, rectified the situation. He
never bothered with underclothes.

She watched the hasty disrobing with an interest that matched his a few
moments ago. While he wasn't the most handsome man in the world, every
inch of his six-foot-three body rippled with the well-toned muscles of a

However, her eyes centered on the thick shaft that throbbed at her,
rising at a forty-five degree angle from the dark, curly forest covering
his groin. Her pink tongue flicked lightly over her lips leaving a moist
glistening trail. A dampness welled between her legs.

"How's that, woman?" he questioned, his white teeth flashing in a wide

She strutted before the man, her bulbous breasts bobbing in a
tantalizing dance of swaying motion. She stopped so that the hard buds
that precariously topped the fleshy mounds brushed the hairs of his

"I think I like you much better in the flesh," she said.

His arms reached out and encircled the woman, crushing her full length
to him, while his lips covered hers. His tongue greedily probed the
sweet warmth of her mouth. There was no resistance; she seemed to push
herself ever harder against his body, as if tying to climb up on him.
Her stomach swayed against his, rolling and teasing the swollen cock
that swelled between them. Both gasped for breath, when they finally

"I think you were mentioning something about a bust in the mouth a
moment ago," Ponkert said, his hands running up her satin-touch skin
until they cupped and raised the firm cones. "They used to say, more
than a mouthful is wasted. But somehow, I think they were wrong!"

She started to laugh, but his mouth covering the tip of her breast put
an end to the reaction. She only threw her head back and moaned as his
tongue lashed out, taunting the rose-coloured nubbin that jutted hard
and proud from her tit.

His lips and teeth joined his tongue at teasing, while his hands kneaded
the globe.

Arching back slightly and entangling her fingers in his hair, she shoved
the gigantic mound into his mouth as if attempting to force the
ponderous mass down his throat. Then pulling one of her hands free, she
reached down and grasped the pulsing rod that stabbed eagerly at her
belly. Squeezing, she jerked up and down along its rigid length.

Following suit, his hand roughly covered her vulva. His index finger
found the damp crease of her pussy and plunged into the hot, wet channel
of her vagina. In and out, the digit worked, moving across the agitated
surface of her clitoris with each exciting stroke.

The two-fold stimulation was more than the girl could endure. Moaning
under the dual manipulations, her knees turned to liquid. Together, like
a slow motion scene, they sank to the grassy bed that cushioned their

He released his hold on the now-aching breast and once more covered her
full luscious lips with his own, as he rode atop her writhing body.
Beneath him, her long, shapely legs opened, spreading for his entry. Her
hand, still maintaining its grasp on his cock, glided the turgid organ
to the moist lips of her mound.

As the blood-filled head of his penis nuzzled the golden down between
her thighs, he threw his hips forward, thrusting the swollen shaft into
the hot, lubricated shelter of her vagina.

The sudden invasion drew a sharp cry of pleasure from the girl's throat.
The tight young muscles of her cunt contracted into a squeezing sheath
surrounding his throbbing manliness. Her hips jerked upward, burying the
hard pole deeper in her velvet-lined tunnel.

"God!" she groaned. "You feel so big! And so long!"

Rising on his arms, he hung over the blonde-haired woman so that they
were joined only at their hips. Then he vigorously pumped himself into
her fiery, liquid core in long hard strokes. Over and over, he threw
himself into the girl, as the sense of urgency that had dominated him
throughout the day drove him on at a desperate pace.

She didn't mind. She groaned and moaned under the battering attack.
Anchoring her hands on his back, she pulled, bringing his full weight
crushing atop her. She writhed and twisted with pleasure under the
fleshy impact. Her hips leapt up to meet his every plunge. The rigid
shaft of flesh forced its way deeper and deeper into the quick of her

Groping, his hands slid under her excited ass. He dug his fingers into
the tension hard buttocks, jerking her pelvis to him, increasing his
angle of entry. His cock pounded deeper into the welcoming cunt.

They soared in a delirium of erotic fever, both striving to reach new
heights of ecstasy. Pounding, groaning, aching and grunting, they drove
for the full measure of pleasure each offered, until an imploding
universe of lust consumed her in wave upon wave of soul-blasting

Simultaneously, fire raced from his testicles through his pulsing organ
and erupted in a boiling, molten explosion of fiery come. The burning
liquid blasted out of the pinprick hole in the end of his cock,
splattering, coating and filling her belly with sperm and semen. Gallon
upon gallon of the creamy come jetted into the girl's belly, until it
welled from around the base of his shaft and trickled from the lips of
her cunt.

Their lust expended, they collapsed, drained and fulfilled. Their
breaths came deep and satisfied. A light summer's breeze stirred,
sweeping their bodies in relaxing coolness.

For moments, Ponkert lay soaking in Karin's warmth and softness. As his
strength returned and his penis deflated to a limp hose, he rolled from
atop her onto his back. Opening his arms, he accepted the head that
nestled into the hollow of his shoulder. His arms and hands caressed her

"I'll wait for you," she whispered. "I'll ... "

Suddenly his world blurred and Karin quivered, then vanished. The warm
security of Earth melted and was replaced by an empty blackness and
burning acid seared through his veins.

Somewhere in the darkness, a voice called to him, "Ponkert, Chadwick
Ponkert the Third!"

The voice was that of a woman. It wouldn't let him be.

Chapter 2

"Chadwick Ponkert! This isn't the time for deadasses!" the feminine
voice continued. "Up and at 'em!"

Ponkert sighed as the consuming fire in his veins dulled to a pleasing
warmth. His mind fought to ease back into the restfulness of DEEP-sleep
and ignore the drugs that worked to wake him.

"Come on, Ponkert!" the woman's voice nagged. "Stop wasting time!
Time-Shift Universal is paying you good money for this job! Now let's
hop to it!"

The loud hiss of in-rushing air temporarily drowned the strident voice
of the demanding harpy. Exploding crimson sun bursts raced across his
closed eyelids, and reality smashed into his brain like a wet sandbag!

"Hurry, Ponkert!" the voice of the ship's computer commanded again.

"Shut up, bitch!" Ponkert snapped in return, his eyes blinking open to
focus on the flickering lights of the control panel.

"Who are you calling a bitch, Chadwick Ponkert the Third?" the feminine
voice of the computer retorted, with a touch of indignation.

"You! You hunk of tin with a motorized mouth!" Ponkert snarled as he
groggily stepped out of the DEEP-sleep pod into the control room. His
magnetic boots stopped him from drifting in free-fall.

"Why, you ungrateful blob of animated flesh and bone!" The computer
wouldn't keep silent. "How can ... "

"I said shut up!" Ponkert shouted as he stumbled to his control couch.
"Another word and I'll take a screwdriver to you!"

"Hummphf!" the monitor grunted metallically, then hummed without another

"Good!" Ponkert sighed, settling into the form-fitting contours of the
couch. Man triumphant over machine once again! "Now bring me a brandy,
then wake Jan. And if you want your ration of oil today, you'll have two
more brandies here before she arrives!"

"Yes, master," the machine acknowledged somewhat sarcastically, then
hummed peacefully again.

Ponkert relaxed in the deep-cushioned chair, wondering what had
possessed him to give the ship's computer a female voice. He made a
mental note to have it changed, along with a notation to erase any
mention of Time-Shift Universal in the computer's memory banks. He had
given them their five trips. Now he was an independent.

"Your drink, master," the computer said as a tube slipped into Ponkert's
hand from a slot in the arm of his couch.

He sipped the amber liquid and found it to his liking. The distilled
wine took the edges off his rude awakening and helped fade the memories
of his dream. Karin happened a long time back. She didn't wait. The
memories were no longer painful, just unpleasant. He would have to be
more careful in programming his dreams for DEEP-sleep. No more frosty

The brandy settled in his stomach, spreading its heat through his body.
He glanced around the control room, feeling a rush of pride stir
gooseflesh within his chest. This was his ship, no longer Time-Shift
Universal's. He was an independent, no longer an employee. He smiled. He
felt like the captain of the IGV (Intergalactic Vessel) Werewolf.

His eyes surveyed the cabin again. His pride swelled higher. Every cent
he had made during his time with Time-Shift had gone into the purchase
of the Werewolf and the equipment it contained. It was worth it! Raising
the half-emptied tube, he toasted, "To my pride and joy! To the

As his lips nursed the last drops of brandy from the tube, a very
feminine and very, very sexy voice cooed from behind him, "I'd like to
join in that toast. I need a drink--desperately!"

Smiling, Ponkert twisted his head. His breath was taken away anew by the
sight that greeted his eyes. Unashamed of her plentiful and desirable
attributes, Jan lounged in the hatch, one flaring hip jutted out in a
come-hither pose. Her every voluptuous curve strained against the
plastic jumpsuit that covered her from her small perfect feet to the
base of her long, graceful white neck. The jumpsuit itself was made of
alternating three-inch squares of wet-look white and perfectly
transparent plastic. Although the white squares deviously hid the vital
targets sought by Ponkert's probing eyes, the transparent panels broadly
hinted at what lay beneath.

Ponkert's penis did a cartwheel within his own jumpsuit.

"Your wish is my command," he said, sailing a tube of amber liquid
through the weightless atmosphere of the cabin into the woman's waiting
hands. "How do you feel?"

Gulping down a hasty swallow, Jan replied, "Hot and Bothered. Those
electronic wet-dreams of yours are enough to drive a sweet, innocent
young girl up the walls!"

"Bitch, bitch, bitch!" he returned. "If you prefer, I'll see that your
pod receives a private screening of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm next time
around. Now put that sweet, young bottom of yours in your couch. We've
got to arrange a nice soft planetfall."

"Yes sir, chief!" she answered somewhat mockingly as she lowered herself
into her own contour couch. "But you forgot the 'innocent' when
describing my rear."

"You forgot innocence a long time back, so why should I remember?"
Ponkert chided.

"Screw you!" Jan replied. The comment came more as a suggestion than a

"Later, woman!" Ponkert chuckled.

As they busied themselves with landing preparations, Jan grinned, "I'll
store that away for future reference, Chad!"

Without further ado, man and woman, pilot and co-pilot, fed data hand
over fist into the Werewolf's monitor. For over an hour, figures and
facts went in and twice as many figures and facts were blurted out. The
process completed, the two sank back into their respective control

"We're lucky, Chad," Jan sighed, "to find an Earth-type this soon."

Ponkert nodded. "Howsabout another drink to celebrate?"

He chuckled to himself. He and his female-type co-pilot shared one thing
in common: an old-fashioned belief in the free enterprise system and an
unshakable faith in the power of money. If they hadn't they would have
never stepped foot on the deck of a rocket in an attempt to discover and
exploit an Earth-type planet. Their basic plan was the establishment of
a recreation centre, wild and free, away from the hands of the numerous
governments throughout the galaxy. When overpopulation cursed most
planets, there was a premium on 'space to get away from it all.' They
planned to cash in on this need.

"Make mine a Margarita." Jan suggested. "It'll fit my sexy mood."

The computer responded immediately, slipping a pale lime-coloured tube
into his hand.

"Woman, if you make another comment like that, I'll begin to think
you're propositioning your captain," he said, floating the drink
container in her direction.

Their eyes met and held each other.

Jan let the tube wobble by her and bounce off the bulkhead behind her.
Her eyes were alive with impish light and a wide smile spread across her
lips, "We've got two hours until atmosphere entry," her eyes flashed at
him wickedly, "... master!" she added with emphasis.

The "master" coursed through Ponkert's groin like an electrical shock.
He had chosen Jan as his co-pilot because they made a good exploratory
team. Three flights for Time-Shift had proven that. The same flights had
also proven they were good together.

"Master," Jan repeated to be sure Ponkert realized which game she was in
the mood to play.

Ponkert understood!

"Strip, slave!" he ordered firmly, falling into the role she sought from

Jan complied, peeling off the checkerboard plastic jumpsuit that clung
to her full lush body like a second skin. Completely naked within a few
seconds, she tantalizingly pivoted to allow Ponkert a view of her
attributes from every angle.

Jan could never be called beautiful. She was cute. From the shining
strands of black hair that topped her head to her small, child-like
feet, she radiated a glow of innocence that cried out to be taken and
protected. This very aura of innocence made the dominance she needed and
wanted all that more enticing to Ponkert.

"The gravity!" he commanded. "You know you aren't worth a damn in

Flashing him a smile of delight, the girl trotted as best she could to a
large red button on the control panel. His eyes followed the titillating
bounce of her 38-25-36 frame. Actually, his eyes focussed on the
slow-motion juggle of her double-barrelled 38s.

His eyes were mesmerized by the dark nipples and their shades lighter
aureoles. The tempting little mushrooms and their accompanying haloes
traced invisible arcs in the air with her every movement.

Her long fingers stretched out and depressed the button. Suddenly,
Ponkert felt every ounce of his full two hundred and ten pounds settle
on his six-foot-three frame. Jan's dancing breasts also came under the
effect of the artificial gravity. They sagged ever so slightly, giving a
hint of things to come as she aged. But that was the future; now they
were pleasingly perfect to his eyes.

She turned and her eyes once more met his. Her tongue pinkly flicked
behind her sensually parted lips. Her breasts heaved in eager

"Now!" he ordered. "My clothes!"

Scurrying like the slave she sought to be, Jan came to his side, her
hips wagging exaggeratedly. Slavering, her fingers found the solitary
zipper to his jumpsuit. She inched the metal down its path, across his
chest to his waist. With equal ease, her bands freed the zippers on his
boots and slipped them from his feet. He rose and the provocatively
naked woman assisted him as he removed his jumpsuit.

Momentarily staring with pleasure at the dark-haired beauty, he
commanded, "On your knees and worship my cock!"

Obeying, she sank to the floor without protest and looked up helplessly
at the hulking, manly figure that towered above her. Her body tingled,
watching his muscular thighs bulge as he stepped forward, nearly
straddling her head.

The fleshy tube of his sex dangled at half-mast, a mere fraction of an
inch from her face. A slightly musty smell touched her flared nostrils.
She quivered with uncontrollable excitement. The odour was male! It
aroused her rather than repulsed.

"Lock your hands behind you!" he demanded of the woman kneeling before
him. "I only want to feel those beautiful cock-loving lips on my prick!"

The girl's coal black eyes rolled up, met his in acknowledgment, then
drifted back to his penis. Slowly her tongue curled out and lightly
touched the lethargic hose. He moaned. The organ stirred and she watched
the two kidney-shaped testicles tighten in their wrinkling sac.

Still using no more than the tip of her pink, wet tongue, she teasingly
stroked the full length of his manliness, delighting as the half-aroused
penis extended itself into a rigid shaft of pulsing cock Her tongue
reached out again. She shivered loving the warm, smooth texture of his
sex. The gentle caress caused the hard pole to bob before her fascinated
eyes. Her tongue languorously slicked over her lips in her own mounting

Tilting her head slightly, she moved beneath his spread legs and gently
kissed the tightly drawn sac. The man above her groaned. Her lips glided
upward to the base of his jutting shaft. Once more, she kissed very,
very gently.

Unable to remain passive, his bands cradled around her head. His fingers
entwined in the shining black strands of her hair, and he guided her
luscious lips up to his manliness until they brushed against his
swelling, pulsating glans.

Watching from above, he revelled in the sight of the woman kneeling
before him in slavish servility. The visual image of the slavering girl
added to his excitement. He delighted in watching her oral
ministrations, her pink tongue swirling over the tender surface of his
cock's head.

Once more, her eyes rolled up to him. As he watched, her lips formed a
tightly puckered "O", inviting the now constantly throbbing shaft to
enter. Accepting the summons, he eased his hips forward and thrilled as
the thick red head of his prick disappeared into the girl's eager mouth.

Her tongue attacked the invader with increased energy. Lashing and
swirling, the active oral digit whipped over the swollen arrowhead. Each
moist dance of her expert tongue agitated swells of erotic pleasure
throughout his loins.

In unison, her lips inched forward and his hips eased toward her mouth.
The jet streams of her breath raced from her nostrils and trickled
through the dark, curly forest at the base of his penis as she took the
full length of his sex into the warm shelter of her mouth.

He slowly rocked his hips back, watching his cock withdraw, glistening
redly from her lips. Her cheeks hollowed as the hard cylinder of male
meat departed. Then, with almost vicious power, he slammed forward,
assaulting the fortress of her face with his hot, aching battering ram
of flesh.

Eagerly the kneeling woman accepted the invasion of round, slick cock
that filled her mouth and threatened to crack her jaws. Her tongue
twisted and played along its length. She relished its feel, its taste
and moaned as it began to withdraw.

But he had no thoughts of removing himself from the warm, wet oral
sheath that surrounded him. Instead, he began pumping in and out of her
face. Her teeth clamped lightly down on the moving piston, igniting the
electricity of pain-pleasure along the rigid length.

Under the beautiful pressure of lips and teeth, no more than a few
moments passed before the volcanic explosion of sperm and semen gushed
from the end of his cock into the girl's waiting mouth. Blast after
blast of lava-hot come jetted forth as her throat bobbed and twitched in
an effort to swallow every drop of the opalescent fluid.

Her lips and tongue also redoubled their efforts, begging for more. She
sucked, siphoning every trace of the come from the small channel down
the interior of his penis. Her eyes blazed. She enjoyed her task and was
intent on eating him like he had never been eaten before.

Unable to stand a moment more of the agonizing pain-pleasure, he pulled
her mouth from his still erect pole. The saliva-wet prick throbbed
proudly before her face. A single pearly drop rolled from the tiny slit
in the centre of the gorged glans. Her pink tongue flicked out, captured
the juice of his groin, savoured the taste of the drop; then she

"My god, woman!" he groaned, his knees shaking visibly. "I can't believe
those cock-hungry, predatory lips of yours!"

She laughed and started to envelop the shaft in her mouth once again,
but he stepped back shakily.

"No more! I'm only a man!" he roared in pleasure, sitting down on the
edge of the control couch.

He studied her, trying to regain his strength and quiet the quivering
that possessed his muscles. Her dark eyes flared with devilish delight,
knowing she had satisfied the man who sat before her.

"Have I ever told you how good you are?" he said to the smiling girl.

"Never!" she pouted.

"Well, remind me sometime, when I have a free afternoon, to explain all
the pleasure you give me," he said. "But right now, get up off your ass
and come here!"

Immediately, she obeyed and stood before her captain-master.

"Now spread your legs," he commanded. "And no matter what I do, you are
not to move. Do you understand?"

She nodded and spread her legs wide.

His hands reached out and touched the silken textured thighs, but
instead of moving to her black fleece-covered mound, he glided around to
the sleek, rounded cheeks of her buttocks. His mouth moved to her vulva.

She moaned.

Simultaneously, his taunting tongue found the moist crease of her outer
lips and his fingers delved between the hot demi-globes of her ass.

She moaned again and successfully fought the urge to grab his head and
shove it into her hungry cunt. Despite the tremblings that quaked
through her willing body, she stood still as he had ordered.

Running his tongue along the lubricated fold of her labia, he found the
swollen bud of her clitoris. Gently, his tongue licked around the erotic
pleasure centre, caressing and rolling the nubbin with his lips. The
toying wrenched cries of pleasure from Jan's throat.

Meanwhile, his fingers had discovered the taut, puckered mouth of her
anus. Tickling and teasing, he relaxed the hot little fissure enough to
allow his index finger to wriggle into the tight entrance. The sensuous
invasion kindled increased cries from the motionless woman.

Lapping and licking, his tongue avidly worked down from her clit, until
it teased the scalloped inner lips of her vagina. These parted with ease
to admit his oral probings. He twisted and stabbed his tongue into the
velvet-lined channel he found, tasting and enjoying the thick, slightly
salty juice he found there.

His finger rapidly plunged in and out of her tight ass hole.

The dual stimulation was more than the woman's will could be expected to
endure. Forgetting her master's orders, her pelvis swayed and gyrated in
rhythm with his tongue and finger. Her own hands rose to the twin globes
of her breasts, fondling and caressing the creamy mounds.

Realizing what was happening, he abruptly withdrew both his mouth and
finger. He glared in mock-anger at the woman, kneading her own breasts.

"Shameless, bitch!" he snapped. "Down on your knees again!"

Whimpering, the dark-haired beauty obeyed. Roughly, he threw her on her
back, so that her legs doubled under her. Her cunt, wet and parted, lay
open to him. He smiled wickedly down at her; then mounted the luscious
bed of willing flesh.

"Fuck me!" she groaned under his weight. "I want to feel your cock deep
inside me!"

He obliged! His saliva and the girl's own lubricant allowed him to
torpedo unassisted into the hot channel of her cunt. She grunted with
bestial pleasure as the hard, thick, solid rod of manliness rammed
upward into her yielding belly.

"Hard!" she panted. "Fuck me hard and fast!"

But this time, he ignored her wishes. Instead, his strokes were slow and
deliberate. Gently, he slid his full rigid length into the hot, wet
mouth between her thighs. Excruciatingly slowly, he withdrew until only
the thick head of his cock throbbed between the quivering lips of her

Over and over, he repeated the torturing motions, as he thrilled to the
velvet touch of the cuntal sheath surrounding his cock.

Beneath his crushing weight, she writhed and groaned. The full but
teasing strokes of his huge shaft gave her but a taste of the ecstasy
she desired. In desperation, her fingers clawed their way across his

"You bastard!" she whimpered. "God, it's such sweet torture!"

His hands slid between their tightly pressed bodies, encircling her
tits. His fingers dug harshly into the swells of her breasts and
squeezed hard. His lips brushed over her ear, "Beg, slave! Beg!"

Beg she did. "Please! I'll do anything! Just fuck me! Please fuck me!"

And he did! In the brutal, deep-grinding strokes she desired, he threw
his hips into the girl's opened crotch.

The savage plunging ripped between her thighs like a pounding piston of
pleasure. She welcomed the swollen cylinder of manly flesh, arching her
pelvis upward to greet its every lunge in an effort to bury it deeper
and deeper within her.

Soon the swelling waves of pleasure rolled throughout her body. Faster
and faster they washed across her open nerve endings, until she exploded
in a magnificent orgasmic release.

To his surprise, he found himself emptying another fiery load of come
into the contracting well of her demanding belly. Each geyser burned
with the sweet ecstasy of erotic pleasure.

Together they rocked and groaned and grunted until the desperation of
their release subsided and the relaxation of fulfilment spread through
their bodies. As his strength returned, Ponkert eased his detumescent
penis from Jan's exhausted vagina and rolled to the control deck beside

Slowly their breathing returned to a normal flow. Ponkert raised himself
to one elbow and smiled down at his sexy co-pilot, "I think I could use
another drink. This slave overseeing tends to make a master dry."

"I'll have that Margarita I started with a lifetime ago," Jan answered.

The ship's computer responded to their wishes, producing two containers,
one lime-coloured, the other an amber mixture of bourbon and water, from
the arm of Ponkert's control couch.

As he reached up to retrieve the two tubes, the whole room was flooded
with violently flashing red light and the screaming of the ship's
emergency warning system.

Chapter 3

"Status report!" Ponkert yelled to the monitor over the blare of the
siren, as he and Jan scrambled into their jumpsuits. They were
professionals, trained to react to emergencies and overcome them. Their
pleasure of seconds ago was forgotten in the urgency of the ship's

"Malfunction of the fusion reactor," the monitor responded. Its calm
recorded voice seemed out of place in light of the pending disaster.
"The magneto hydrodynamic field has collapsed. Eight minutes until
destruction. Instruction?"

"Jesus God!" Ponkert muttered to himself, then shouted to the computer.
"Emergency ejection of return pods. Program landing radius one mile of
the first pod's touchdown. Begin immediate ejection of the matter
transmitter, then the remaining pods. Jettison Jan and me as soon as
we're sealed into the escape pods!"

The mighty hulk of the Intergalactic Vessel Werewolf shook with
one-right-after-another shocks as the pods and their valuable cargoes
shot away from the dying ship into the vacuum of space, toward an
unknown planet.

"Now, let's get the hell out of here!" Ponkert ordered the woman beside

Without hesitation, the two ran down the ship's corridor. The impending
explosion rumbled beneath their feet, threatening their balance. Once in
the escape area, Ponkert swung open the hatch to Jan's pod. His hand
lovingly swatted her ass as she stepped in.

"Good luck," he said, trying to smile.

Worried furrows played across her forehead as she stared at him, wanting
to reach out and pull him close for security. But she suppressed the
urge. Even a quick parting kiss would take time. And time was the one
thing neither had.

"Good luck, Chad," she whispered as Ponkert closed the hatch, locking it
with a metallic clanking. Ponkert watched the ejection tube close like a
hungry mouth around Jan's capsule, then felt the shock of its release.

"Now for me, you mechanical wench!" he shouted to the computer.

"Yes, master," the monitor answered as he climbed into his own pod. "And
good luck to you, Chadwick Ponkert the Third."

He refused to give his normal response of: "Don't call me Chadwick!" It
was no time for one-upmanship. The computer would win this time. Its one
and only time. Its one and last time.

He listened as the hatch automatically sealed him into the pod. Outside,
there was a loud rush of escaping air; then he was slammed into the
padding of his couch as the pod was flung from the ship. He closed his
eyes and waited.

Within a few seconds, he felt the dreaded shock-impact as the Werewolf
cataclysmically exploded. Like a young nova, it flared with the intense
actinic glare of tortured atoms being shattered; then rapidly faded to
nothing. As if it had never existed, the Werewolf vanished, leaving an
empty void that once had held a powerful starship.

As his pod recovered from the shock waves, the first tenuous filaments
of the planet's outer ionosphere enveloped the capsule. Severe negative
gee-loading grabbed him like a mailed fist intent on crushing the life
from his body as the retro rockets fired. Gradually the pressure
lessened as the escape vessel arced onto a gentle descent pattern. As
the weighted load eased from his chest, Ponkert summoned enough strength
to raise himself and peruse the small control panel.

The radar beacons from the other pods gave sharp blips on his screen.
All were on course, except for Jan's, which veered toward the northern
part of the continent they raced to. He watched its path until it landed
safely. He breathed easy. Jan was capable of taking care of herself
until he found her. Now, if the matter transmitter came through its
landing intact, the Werewolf's last flight wouldn't be in vain.

If not, they were stranded, forever, on a strange planet. The
transmitter was a complex piece of machinery, with the simple task of
breaking matter, living or otherwise, down to atoms, then sending those
atoms across the reaches of space in a few seconds. Upon reaching their
destination, the atoms would be rearranged in a receiver and everything
would be as good as new.

The transmitters made exploring the universe an everyday occurrence for
the average man. The only hang-up was that a transmitter had to be taken
to a planet first. Thus Ponkert, and other like him, were needed to man
the long rocket voyages to the stars. Their job was to establish
transmitter bases on Earth-type planets, usually for Time-Shift
Universal, a near governmental corporation that controlled the matter
transmitter system.

Ponkert had challenged Time-Shift with the Werewolf's flight. He
wondered if a few corporate bugs had been slipped into the ship's fusion
reactor to eliminate competition. An organization like Time-Shift can't
afford competition. If Ponkert's venture was successful others would go
independent. Each independent planet was that much money out of
Time-Shift's wallet.

He wished there was some way to check his theory, but if the Werewolf's
destruction had been sabotage, Time-Shift had wiped out all traces of
their activities with the explosion.

Ponkert returned his attention to the control panel and began
manoeuvring the pod toward a landing. Without incurring the least bit of
difficulty, he executed a slightly rough landing, unsnapped the
confining straps that held him to the couch, and pressed the hatch

As the metal hatch rose, Ponkert scuttled from the pod into a world as
beautiful as the Earth.

The escape capsule had settled down in the middle of an expansive glade
which filled a valley between two gently sloping rises. He swung out of
the hatch and dropped to the lush green carpet of thickly matted grass

His lungs rejoiced as they sucked in the fresh clean air--something long
forgotten on Earth with her teeming billions. His eyes surveyed his
surroundings. The same thick grass covered the rolling hills like the
fur of a sleek animal. In the distance, a row of trees, similar in
appearance to Earth pines, towered up to meet a deep blue sky. Near the
gigantic hunks of the trees a stream gurgled, spilling its clear, fresh
water into a small pond.

Pulling his gaze closer in to his immediate surroundings, he momentarily
studied the hundreds of red, white and blue blossoms that dotted the
valley. Their beauty was striking and similar to the carnations that
once grew in abundance on Earth. Now the only flowers on his mother
planet were artificial. He almost expected to find some whimsical artist
bending over the blossoms, delivering the flowers' color with a

Ponkert's reverie was interrupted suddenly by a Scream--a high-pitched
scream of a woman--in mortal fear. Ponkert pivoted, his eyes darting to
locate the source of distress. Again the scream came, this time with
great urgency. Two shadowed figures struggled in a grove of what
appeared to be age-old oaks near the base of one of the hills. Without a
thought of what he was interfering with, Ponkert began to run toward the

As he reached the edge of the grove, he stopped abruptly, his mouth ajar
from the unbelievable sight that met his eyes. A woman, gorgeous by any
standards, was fighting, or trying to, a man who was decked out like an
escapee from King Arthur's Round Table--complete with a heavy black
sword and battle axe that dangled from his side. His cloak matched the
color of his weapons, black of course! A golden dragon emblem writhed on
his chest.

The woman, mostly unclothed, was a classical damsel in distress,
straight out of the history books. Her blonde hair flew in a tangled
fury as she struggled to escape the knight aberrant's clutches.

But to Ponkert, she had little hope of eluding such a powerfully built
man. Twisting, the woman saw him. Her Brazilian topaz green eyes pleaded
her cause far more eloquently than a thousand words.

Wishing he had the appropriate words to shout, Ponkert leaped at the
two, without saying a word. He reached the locked pair and tore them
apart with a strong shove that sent the knight staggering back and the
scantily-clad beauty floundering to her ass on the ground. He glanced at
her, making sure she was uninjured, then turned to her attacker. The
sight that met his eyes made him wish he had thought twice before he
jumped into the fray like some gallant fool.

The knight had drawn his broadsword. Its wicked looking black blade was
levelled at Ponkert's chest. The knight's eyes were blazing with a rage
that reflected his full intent of skewering the Earthman like a helpless

"Hold on!" shouted Ponkert. "What type of knight do you call yourself?
Killing me will be a shallow victory if I'm unarmed!"

He didn't hold much faith in the possibility of chivalry being strictly
adhered to by a knight caught in the process of raping a beautiful
blonde, but at the moment he had everything to lose and absolutely
nothing to gain by facing an adversary armed with a sword.

Whatever gods ruled the planet must have been smiling that day, because
the knight hesitated and spat.

"Thy desires are met, knave!" the black-clad man granted in a voice that
showed disapproval, but agreed with Ponkert.

Suddenly he tossed Ponkert his sword and drew his battle axe. Without
further words, he attacked.

The sword was heavy, far heavier than Ponkert imagined. It felt terribly
awkward in his hands.

Ponkert had only seen a broadsword in the museums on Earth--never held
one. But necessity spurred him on. Necessity and the downward slash of
his opponent's blade that was intended to cleave him in two and put a
quick end to the confrontation

Heaving the heavy sword upward, he parried the knight's axe in time to
spare himself a halved-ass ending to his life.

The impact of the clashing steel was bone jarring. Ponkert stumbled
back, his blade dipping to the ground, as he attempted to recover from
the shattering vibrations. The two confused moves, whether they were
intentional or not, saved him from his opponent's second swing, aimed at
his legs. However, the blow was enough to wrench the sword from his
hands. The knight grinned wickedly as he wound up for another
over-the-head swing.

Realizing he would never have the time to retrieve his own blade and no
manner of quick talking was going to save him now, Ponkert took the only
avenue opened to him--he did some quick back-pedalling, only to be
stopped by the trunk of one of the towering oaks. Assured of victory,
the knight stepped forward and brought the glinting blue-black blade
downward in an arc directed at the centre of Ponkert's skull.

For the second time since his landing on this planet, luck prevailed for
the Earthman. The knight's axe abruptly stopped in mid-air with a loud
thud. Ponkert glanced up to see the keenly honed steel blade lodged
securely in an overhanging limb.

He sprang for his fallen sword while the black-clad knight struggled to
dislodge his own weapon from the gripping wood. Without a thought of the
chivalry he had hoped for, and gotten a few moments before, Ponkert
clenched the pommel of his sword and swung it baseball-bat-style with
all his might. The gleaming black blade sang toward the knight's side.
Sword fighting is like street-fighting, Ponkert had decided, rules are
only for fools.

Despite the power of his blow, a chain mail coat beneath the knight's
robes deflected the deadly bite of the sword. The impact, however, sent
the man rolling to the ground howling in pain, probably caused by a few
cracked ribs.

Regaining his feet and clutching his side, the knight glared at the
Earthman, "I yield, interloper" he hissed. "But soon I will return. Have
the scullery maid till then! Enjoy your cuntry delights--for they will
be your last!"

Still holding his aching side, the knight stumbled off into the woods,
disappearing in the dark shadows. Ponkert turned his attention to the
woman he had rescued and the knight had called a "scullery maid."

"Thank you, Sir Knight," the girl smiled up from her position on the
ground, "for saving me from the whims of that pig who calls himself lord
of this country."

If this gorgeous piece of womanflesh was a "scullery maid," Ponkert
couldn't wait to meet some of the women of royal blood on this planet.
The girl's long golden hair, hung around her shoulders, pleasingly
disarrayed by her bout with her attacker. The thin muslin frock, torn in
several places during the fray, did nothing to hide her high, firm
breasts from Ponkert's searching eyes. Two nipples pushed against the
cloth like small buttons. Apparently the French, or this planet's
equivalent, had not yet invented the brassiere.

The muslin also did little to hide the girl's slim waist and slightly
angular hips that strained against the fabric. A long rip up the front
of the frock revealed the softness of her white thighs--thighs that
beckoned to Ponkert, her saviour.

"My pleasure, uh--milady, my pleasure," Ponkert answered, attempting to
reply in some manner equal to this planet's period of development.

"Oh, certainly, my lord! Certainly!" she exclaimed with glee.

Quickly she slithered out of her thin covering and reclined to her back
on the grassy forest floor. Her knees bent slightly and her legs drifted
apart giving him a clear view of her golden fleece-covered sex.

"Milord?" she questioned. "I am ready to give you your pleasure. Why do
you hesitate?"

Smiling in amazement, Ponkert quickly understood what he had unknowingly
asked for, and what he was knowingly being offered. He also knew that
different planets had different mores, and he was a civilized man, not
wishing to offend any of the local customs.

"Pardon him, Theodotus," he mumbled a quote from Shaw's Caesar and
Cleopatra, thinking of the black knight who had scurried off into the
woods, "he is a barbarian and thinks that the customs of his tribe and
island are the laws of nature."

"Come, my lord," she beckoned, holding her long lithe arms outstretched
to him.

"Soon enough, you delightful wench," he answered settling down into
those inviting arms. There would be no denying this willing girl her due

She chuckled as her arms cradled around him. They kissed, mouth
straining to meet mouth. His tongue lightly danced over her lips,
detecting an intriguing taste of honey. Her tongue eagerly waited for

As they continued their oral duelling, his hands began to rove over the
exquisite curves of her body. His fingertips traced down the line of her
smoothly muscled arm, slowly drifting to the slope of her white
shoulder. Teasing there momentarily, enough to excite small waves of
gooseflesh over her body, his hand glided along her side brushing
against a perfectly formed breast. He felt a quiver of joy rush through
the girl at the taunting contact.

Realizing the sensual capacity of the girl's tits, his hand wiggled
between their bodies, covering the fleshy mountain it discovered. He
squeezed lightly, then increased the pressure. The girl pulled her mouth
away from his and groaned. Taking advantage of her arched neck, he
lowered his mouth to the white skin opened to him. His tongue, flicking
and teasing, toyed along her neck, then taunted a small delicate ear. A
definitely aroused whimper came from the blonde-haired beauty.

Adjusting her position slightly, to allow his hand additional room to
fondle her passion-ignited breast, the girl slid a leg between his,
sandwiching her thigh so that it pressed against the bulge that was
growing in the crotch of his jumpsuit. Gently, her leg nuzzled and
pushed at the thickening length.

Still retaining its healthy hold on her tit, his hand rolled the globe
and his thumb and forefinger tweaked at the tantalizing nipple until it
stood atop the crest of her breast like a hard pebble of flesh. His
actions were rewarded with the quickened breathing of his willing

In return, her long fingered hands began searching the broad expanse of
his chest, roaming unexplored territory until they found the zipper on
his jumpsuit. A quick downward trip and the zipper was freed. Pausing
momentarily, Ponkert rolled from the girl and slipped from his clothing,
then returned to her waiting arms. Revelling in the new freedom, her
hands returned to his chest, imitating his caresses of her breasts.

His hand however, moved across the velvet-like plain of her firm, tautly
muscled belly and covered the golden forest of silky strands hiding her
pussy. Teasing a finger along the quivering pink lips of her cunt, he
elicited a series of piteous whimpers from her throat. The cries grew in
pleasure as his fingertip touched the extended tip of her clitoris. Her
hips jerked forward demanding more attention to the sensuous button. He
obliged, lightly rolling the pleasure centre as he tickled another
finger into her vagina. She was wet in her excitement, a rainforest of

Her excitement was his. His cock, thick and straining in its erection,
jerked and throbbed at his groin. He could feel the wetness of
preseminal fluids washing over the gorged bead of his prick. Suddenly,
he noticed her eyes had drifted to his crotch and were locked in on his
massive dick.

"Milord!" she purred in a desirous murmur, her fingertips reaching down
to tenderly brush the extended length of his rigid manhood. "You are a
man! Such a mighty man! Never have I seen such a huge ... Ohhhhhh!"

Her words were cut short as his finger began to move in and out of her
cunt in a motion that announced things to come. His other finger swirled
around her clit, bathing it in her own lubricants.

To add to the stimulation, he lowered his lips to an up thrusting
nipple. His tongue, teeth and lips worked simultaneously, whipping the
girl to a frenzy. She shoved her chest toward his face, burying him in
very womanly flesh.

"Milord, please," she begged, her words interspersed between moans of
wanton desire. "Please! Please let me feel that stallion's shaft of

Her hand tightly grasped his cock squeezing and jerking along its
pulsing length. Her body was afire with a consuming passion and demanded
his cock buried deep within her belly.

Guided by her urging hand on his buttocks, he slipped atop her, then
raised himself to the height of his arms, hovering above the girl,
delighting in her ecstasy-bathed face. Her hand maneuvered the thick
column of meat she clutched to the quivering lips between her thighs.
She moaned as the turgid glans pulsed along the slit of her vulva.

"Now, milord!" she panted. "Give it to me now! All in one quick thrust!"

Almost directed by her words, his hips jerked forward. The arrowhead of
his cock homed through the outer lips of her labia, easily splaying the
scalloped pink folds of her inner lips and drilling into the hot
recesses of her humid vagina.

Now it was his turn to groan. His prick was caught in a vise of
velvet-covered steel. For an instant he thought he'd crammed his cock
into her ass. So tight was he packed into the woman, he would have
thought it was impossible, a dream-fantasy of some schoolboy, if he
wasn't experiencing it now.

He didn't move, afraid he might split this most willing girl. But she
did! Her legs locked around him and her pelvis bunched up, driving his
rock-hard shaft deeper into her molten core. He groaned again. She eased
back, then threw her hips forward once again in an attempt to engulf his
straining manhood even further.

His hips began to rotate, almost of their own volition. In strong,
deep-deep-grinding motions his pestle of flesh churned within the
clinging confines of her cunt. He looked down at the girl, who smiled
back at him, then began to rotate her own hips in the opposite direction
to his.

Shifting his position slightly, he eased the throbbing length of his sex
from the more-than-virgin-tight cuntal channel. A long moan came in
answer to his movement. Without hesitation, he heaved forward, driving
his cock straight up into her belly. She groaned with wild desire as the
blood-filled head of his sexual javelin sought to spear into her womb.
She twisted and writhed, tightening and relaxing the strong muscles that
lined the walls of her vagina.

Again and again he withdrew and thrust, until her body was completely at
his command; until she followed his movements with perfect timing; until
she seemed to know which attack he would take next and then accommodate

He had never had such a partner before. It was as if she knew what he
was going to do before he did. While she was obliviously soaring in a
world of carnal pleasure, she seemed to devote every ounce of her
strength to providing him every iota of sensual delight her body
contained. He had never believed such a woman existed, only dreamt of
such a wanton creature.

Over and over they hunched together, with her fucking him as much as he
fucked her. Together they whipped each other to the heights of
sensuality, wracking each other with rapture so that only incoherent
groans escaped their lips.

In a sudden movement, which she met with uncanny timing, his hands slid
beneath her ass. His fingers dug into the yielding demi-globes. He
jerked up. She coordinated her action to his upthrust. Together they
buried his cock securely into the hot tight channel of her cunt.

He felt the taut walls of the fleshy sheath constrict with unimaginable
strength, clamping down on his sliding rod, refusing to let it leave.

Her breath was coming in short, excited gasps. She was on the verge of a
consuming orgasm, and he felt the volcanic blaze spreading from his
loins throughout his already tense body. She twisted slightly, changing
the angle of entry for his pulsing shaft. He slid deeper.

Her small twitch was all she needed. Writhing and twisting like a wild
woman, she came. Her groans were loud and echoed the complete fulfilment
that flooded every cell of her body.

Her fiery vagina began to contract and relax around every inch of his
lust-laden cock. The pressure increased in his testicles. It was
unbelievable. Her own orgasmic reactions were milking him toward
release. Holding back the demanding flood for as long as his will power
and muscle control could, he soaked in the liquid heat of her imploding

Then the trembling walls of control tumbled and he came. Prodigiously.
His back arched and he strained forward seeking to cram his prodding rod
even deeper into her so very tight cunt.

The burning rush of semen and sperm that boiled up from his balls
surprised him. But come he did--in blast jets of thick lava-hot cream,
that splattered the contracting walls of her vagina, coating them with
his seed.

Unable to maintain the strength in his arms under the draining release,
he collapsed atop the woman beneath him. She groaned with pleasure,
locking her arms around his back and holding him as he rocked in violent

Exhausted and fulfilled, they rolled to their sides, still joined in
their intimate union, enjoying the feel of each other. Neither spoke.
Instead their hands tenderly caressed and their lips lightly brushed

He regained a bit of his strength after such arduous lovemaking and his
penis had deflated to a limp sleeping snake. The whole experience he had
just undergone hit him in a delayed shock reaction. Hell, he didn't even
know the name of this beautiful woman lying in his arms.

"Excuse me, uh ... " he broke the silence.

"Terri, my lord," she added for him. "My name's Terri."

"Terri?" he puzzled. "I once knew a girl named Terri in my homelands,
but that was many, many years ago."

"Was she pretty, milord?" she coyly questioned.

"Quit fishing for compliments, wench," Ponkert scolded. "She was very
pretty. But you are beautiful." Whereupon he showed the truth of his
statement with a long, lingering kiss.

"But as I started off, a moment ago--I'm new to your lands and was
wondering if you'd mind answering a few of the questions puzzling me?"
he said as their lips parted.

"I would only be too glad to be of service, milord," she replied. "What
is it you wish to know?"

"First off, what do you call this land?" Ponkert questioned.

Terri stared at him. "Why, milord, I call it home."

"Home? Does it not have another name?" he pressed, somewhat perplexed by
her answer.

"Another name? Not that I know of" she replied.

"Okay," he said, realizing he was stalemated on that point. "What can
you tell of the man I found trying to rape you?"

Now her face twisted slightly in puzzlement, "Why, milord, that was Sir
Yngvi. He lives in a castle of iron a few kilometers from here."

"So Yngvi is the bastard's name," Ponkert mused. "I suppose you are some
princess the black knight was carrying off to his castle to lock away in
a tower?"

"Oh, no, milord!" Terri quickly corrected. "I am a scullery maid and I
work in Sir Yngvi's castle. I was simply walking in the woods when Yngvi
came upon me. He was just fooling around. I probably would've submitted
had it been anyone else. But I'd rather be had by an epileptic pig than
Sir Yngvi!"

Ponkert laughed at the girl's disgust with her employer. "Yes, I'll
admit he did look a bit like the results of a Mongolian grudge fuck!"

"Listen!" Terri quieted him, placing her fingers to his lips.

He did, but beard nothing. "What's the matter?"

"Horses, milord! Listen!" she replied.

Once again he followed her instruction and heard the dull, hollow sound
of numerous hooves striking the ground.

"Quickly, milord," Terri urged. "Yngvi returns with all his cohorts!"

Before Ponkert could reply, the girl had scrambled to her feet, grabbed
up her thin dress from the ground and darted into the dense forest.
Ponkert turned toward the direction of the hooves. A hasty glance at a
band of heavily armed and armored knights riding over one of the hills
and Ponkert decided to follow his new found lover. Better to run today
and live to fight tomorrow, if need be.

Catching up with the still nude Terri, he caught her by the waist with
one arm and hastened her deeper into the woods. Once the shadows were
thick enough to cloak them in darkness, he pulled the girl behind a
broad trunk of one of the ancient oaks. Together they peered back to the
clearing, where the black-clad Yngvi and six men in his crew had
dismounted. All had broad-swords strapped to their waists and carried
bucklers. In addition, one of the burly looking soldiers carried a huge
double-bladed battle axe. Ponkert suddenly realized he had left his
sword at the site of Terri's and his love making.

"Knave!" Yngvi yelled, his voice echoing through the forest. "Let me
have the girl, or I'll chop you to mincemeat and feed the pieces to the

Ponkert's stomach did one, or two, or four sickening flip-flops. He
stared at the awesome array of weaponry, helplessly wondering how he
could possibly fight all of them for Terri? There was no way he could
take them all on and hope to win. He suddenly yearned for his laser
rifle securely berthed in his escape pod.

"What will they do to you if they catch you?" he asked the girl beside
him. "Kill you?"

She shook her head. "No, nothing that final! They will all probably take
their pleasure with me, then leave me tied spread-eagled beside the road
so that all passing wayfarers can take their pleasure also ... "

She paused and looked at him. "They will kill you though, if they find

Ponkert shivered involuntarily. The prospect of ending his life as
mincemeat for a flock of crows was far from pleasant.

"Where does this forest lead?" he asked.

"To Yngvi's castle," she answered.

He shivered again.

"I'd better go out and let them have me," Terri said. "When they are
gone, you can come and we'll leave together."

"No," Ponkert ordered. The thought of seeing the girl gangbanged wasn't
his cup of tea either. It was obvious his adversaries were not
connoisseurs of genteel erotic arts. "Just give me a few moments to

As he turned back for another look at his opponents, the girl whispered,
"I'm sorry, milord. You are goodly hung, but this I must do to save you
from yourself!"

Ponkert never saw the rock the naked girl brought down on the back of
his head. He only felt the crashing blow, then slumped to the green
carpet beneath his feet, unconscious.

Chapter 4

A nest of hornets had invaded the darkness filling Ponkert's head. The
buzzing accented his splitting headache and the pounding jack-hammer
that unmercifully blasted through his mind. He very much wanted to be
dead! But the wish seemed to be of little worth as his senses moved him
through the angry hum of his universe toward the distant light of

His eyes flickered open reluctantly and focussed on the canopy of oak
limbs that blotted out the sky above--and he remembered Terri.

In reaction, he jerked up to a sitting position, only serving to arouse
anew the hive of hornets that dominated his aching bead. Staring down at
his own nakedness, he gingerly rubbed the back of his head. His fingers
were greeted by the stickiness of oozing blood. It took a few moments
for his still fuzzy vision to find a red-smeared rock near his left leg.
Even in his half-dazed condition, it didn't take long to piece two and
two together and realize that his scullery maid companion had had her
way and given herself to Yngvi.


The almost encounter with the black knight and his motley crew rushed
back into his mind like an avalanche! Ponkert's eyes darted around the
forest. There was no evidence of Yngvi or his companions.

Cautiously, the Earthman rose to his feet and padded to the security of
a massive oak trunk. While neither his eyes nor ears could discern any
signs of the knight, Ponkert didn't trust his pain-clouded senses, and
he had no wish of announcing his naked presence to the world.

Pausing momentarily to push away the dizziness that threatened to drown
him in unconsciousness once again, he clung to the gnarled trunk and
listened. Only the slight rustle of wind moving through the leaves met
his ears. Regaining his balance, he began to move toward the edge of the
forest where he and Terri had first seen Yngvi and his troop ride up.
Cat-like he slipped from the cover of one thick trunk to another, until
a faint moaning sound drew his attention.

A quick investigation and Ponkert had located the girl he sought. Terri
was bound spread-eagled between two trees. Both her wrists and ankles
were tightly held by strips of taut rawhide. She, too, was naked and it
was obvious Yngvi and his playmates had taken their pleasure before
leaving. Her head bung forward, her champagne-coloured hair matted
across her firm, proud breasts. Likewise the golden fleece covering her
cunt was plastered over her vulva with dried sexual juices. Silvery
paths of sperm tracks ran down the soft white interior of her thighs.

Within moments, Ponkert had worked through the leather bonds with his
teeth and fingernails and had carried the semi-conscious girl to a mossy
bed on the bank of a nearby stream. The remnants of Terri's frock and
the cool, clear water formed a soothing compress which he applied to her

The girl stirred as he bathed her face. Her legs opened slightly and she
murmured as if lost in a dream, "No ... Please ... Not again. Please ...
Please ... NO ... Oh, please ... Please ... Yes ... Yess ... "

Then she was awake, her eyes flashing wide open and recognizing Ponkert
crouched beside her.

"Milord, what happened? I remember Yngvi and his thugs making sport with
me--and then everything went black," she said, rolling to her side as if
trying to hide her abused sex from his eyes. "That must have been after
the third or fourth time I came ... "

She quickly bit her tongue and stared up at Ponkert with deep green eyes
of innocence, fully realizing she had revealed the pleasure she had
found in the mass rape. Ponkert smiled down at the nude beauty, relieved
she was none the worse for the encounter. Gently he bent down and
lightly kissed her lips.

"We had better get moving," he urged softly. "I need to find my landing
craft and arm myself in case your employer and his nasty friends should
decide to return."

Terri's long-fingered hands ran over his broad, bare shoulders then down
his arms. "Milord's arms are just fine! Why do you want more? Will it
make you more, a man?"

Ponkert scooted back, blocking an attempt by the girl to move her
fingers to his loins. He mentally grinned, knowing that despite her
recent multiple rapes, Terri's sexual hunger had not been sated. While
he had to admit her offering was hard to resist, the thought that the
black knight might return put a damper on any romp in the hay at this

"Never mind that, wench! Let's make tracks!" he scowled, letting a sharp
swat of his hand on her pert ass cheeks form the exclamation point to
his command.

Terri whimpered, more disappointed than hurt, and sat up. Ponkert
glanced around, then spoke, "Where are the rest of your clothes? Hell,
where are mine?"

"Sir Yngvi, the louse, took them," the blonde scullery maid answered.
"All except for this pitiful rag."

She handed Ponkert the wet compress he had used. The Earthman accepted
it with shrugging shoulders.

"Not much to work with, is it?" he smiled weakly. "But then, we can't go
running around bare-ass naked, now can we?"

"Why not, Milord Ponkert?" Terri insisted.

"I'd get tired of fighting off all the young studs that would be wanting
to ravish you," Ponkert sighed, letting his eyes trace the delectably
desirable curves of Terri's well-developed body.

The girl's green eyes rolled to his. "Milord is too kind."

"Stop fishing for compliments," he ordered. "We need some sort of
clothing. And you may drop the 'milord' stuff. Just call me Chad!"

"Chad," she seemed to whisper, obviously enjoying the sound of the name,
then reached up and took back the still wet rag Ponkert held in his

Five minutes later, she had slithered into a crudely fashioned g-string
that did little to hide the inviting bulge of her sex. After convincing
Ponkert it wasn't unusual for women to go about bare-breasted in her
country, she used the remaining fabric to construct an equally revealing
loin cloth for him. Quickly the Earthman slipped into the garment,
ignoring the wetness that clung to his balls.

Pulling the jiggling-titted girl to her feet, Ponkert made his way to
the glade where his escape pod had touched down. A hasty check showed it
would never leave the ground again. The main venturi had ruptured and
the internal power supply had shorted out, fusing most of the intricate
solid state circuitry.

From the cockpit of the small craft, he retrieved a laser pistol and a
signal beacon. The hard plastic and polyurethane foam used for the
interior could add nothing to their skimpy clothing. Slamming the
airlock shut, he fiddled with the compact signal beacon. A small green
dot appeared at the extreme edge of the screen, pinpointing the location
of Jan's misguided landing. The signal was several hundred kilometers to
the north. Ponkert had a long, arduous journey ahead of him before he
would again see his lovely copilot.

"Milor--Chad, if I might suggest, we can go to my father's inn. I want
nothing more to do with Yngvi or his scullery."

Since there were no better offers, Ponkert replied, "Yes. Yngvi is a
louse. Lead on, fair lady!"

Terri's green eyes sparkled and she started off toward a small rise to
the north. Her coral-tipped jugs bounced freely to and fro. Ponkert
willingly followed. No matter what Terri's family was like, at the
moment he had no better place to go.

The trek to the inn, about ten kilometers as best the Earthman could
estimate, was uneventful. The caravansary, as Terri explained, was
located on a main trade route between two small kingdoms. Luckily, none
of the numerous caravans Terri described were en route this evening.
Despite his laser, Ponkert felt more than a little naked in this new

As they approached the two-story wooden inn, a series of rather
high-pitched screams, definitely coming from a woman, followed by
several large crashes met their ears. Grabbing Ponkert's hand, Terri
trotted forward to the commotion coming from the interior of the

Throwing the door open, it took Ponkert but a fraction of a second to
take in the scene inside. A fight was in progress. An aproned man,
obviously Terri's father, was vigorously fending off the blades of three
scurrilous-looking men with an iron fireplace poker.

"Highwaymen!" Terri gasped at his side.

As Ponkert stepped into the room, the innkeeper raised the poker and
squarely bashed it into the head of one of his opponents. The attacker
crumpled to the floor with a loud howl, then remained still, blood
pooling around his head. However, one of the remaining two robbers
lunged forward, jarring the innkeeper's weapon from his hand. The
helpless man just managed to duck and evade the two blades that sought
his throat. Steel thudded into the rough log wall of the inn as the
innkeeper scurried away.

As the two highwaymen yanked their blades free, Ponkert rushed forward
and grabbed one of the mens' wrists. Retaining a tight hold on the
brawny arm, he twisted to his left and tugged downward. The simple
application of a little leverage sent the assailant sprawling on his
back on the wooden floor of the inn.

Without hesitating, Ponkert followed through his attack, dropping to one
knee beside the downed man. Using his fisted hand like a hammer, he
delivered a sharp atemi-waza blow to his opponent's exposed throat. A
gurgling noise came from the man's mouth, followed by blood that
trickled from his lips and nostrils. With his windpipe crushed, the
robber would be of no further menace.

Ponkert cast a quick glance over his shoulder. The other swordsman stood
behind him, his blade swinging in a high arc above his head--a blow, if
ended, that would split Ponkert's head like some hollow gourd.

Almost in reflex action, the half-naked Earthman dived to the side as
the blue-steel sword descended. The metal sang in a high-pitched whine
as it fell through empty air that had once held its intended victim. So
close was his escape from the deadly bite, that Ponkert felt the hair
being shaved from his biceps.

Rolling on his shoulders in one smooth ukemi movement, Ponkert came
upright and stood face-to-face with his would-be assassin. The
highwayman had recovered from his empty blow and advanced. He held the
wicked blade in a two-hand grasp before him. A self-assured smile of
victory twisted his lips evilly.

With a loud cry, the bandit swung the razor-sharp sword over his head
again and charged. As the honed length of death arced downward, Ponkert
launched forward and caught one of the man's massive wrists in a perfect
seoi-nage, the Earthman twisted into his assailant, throwing him over
his shoulder.

To complete his attack, Ponkert, still grasping the fallen man's arm,
twisted in a violent application of kansetu-waza. The joint-rending
action was all that was needed to break the swordsman's arm at the

His chest heaving, the loin-clothed Earthman stepped back and viewed the
results of many hours of judo and karate training. The fight had lasted
less than a minute, though Ponkert, living it in the slow motion
timelessness of a trained fighter, felt as if the encounter had lasted
for hours.

Suddenly Terri was all over him. Her arms were tightly wound around his
neck and her lips kissed wetly over his face between flourishes of
praises of his strength and courage. Through the golden forest of her
tresses, Ponkert watched his last opponent limp from the inn, clutching
his mangled arm.

"Get away from him, you oversexed wench!" a loud voice belonging to the
girl's father boomed. "I might have known my ugly daughter would come
home with a common street brawler!"

The aproned innkeeper was beside them, his arms wrenching them apart--an
action which Ponkert felt showed a definite lack of gratitude on the
man's part. After all, he had just been saved from being skewered on the
wrong end of a sword--or maybe two swords.

But before the Earthman could protest, Terri was bubbling forth a story
of how Ponkert had met and defeated Sir Yngvi and fourteen of his men,
chased them back to the black knight's iron castle and threatened their
castration if they ventured from behind the walls again. As she went on,
Ponkert was amazed to learn he was a king from some far off province on
a sacred quest. He also learned his clothing was lost in a single-handed
attack of the equivalent of a fire-breathing dragon.

Ponkert watched the man's face soften from a hard visage, then
absolutely glow with pleasure when Terri mentioned something to the
effect that the Earthman was a king from a distant land.

A wide grin splitting his face, the innkeeper slapped Ponkert on his
bare back, "Milord, 'tis a pleasure for my humble house to be visited by
royalty. I am called Vern Hogar and I would be greatly honored if you
would deign to accept my simple hospitality. 'Tis not often I can claim
that a king slept within my inn."

"I'm afraid Terri exaggerated a bit ... " Ponkert began, then paused as
the glow on Hogar's face started to fade. Realizing a few more words
could return him to the status of a "common street brawler" he
continued, "... I didn't lose my clothes fighting a dragon. But they
were so scorched, I was embarrassed to be seen in them with such a
beautiful lady as your daughter. So I discarded them!"

Somehow the story just didn't seem to fit right with him, but Hogar was
delighted, which was all that mattered.

"By all the gods of Ulfbom, you must rule a woman-poor kingdom to think
Terri the least bit attractive," Hogar laughed, once more applying a
friendly, but stinging slap to Ponkert's back. "But a king is a king and
I'll not dispute your word. But you must see my other daughter, Letti."

The innkeeper called out. Immediately a second girl hastened into the
room from the kitchen, where she had apparently hidden during the fight.
Ponkert was hard-pressed to believe the sight that met his eyes. This
gorgeous creature was a carbon copy of the girl still clinging around
his neck! The same flowing blonde hair, the deep, emerald green eyes
that danced with light, and the same fabulous body. His balls did some
nice-feeling flip-flops. An old twentieth century advertising slogan
flashed through his mind, "Double your pleasure, double your fun!"

From the corner of his eye, Ponkert noticed Terri's mouth turn up
slightly with disapproval at the gaze he had given her sister. But a
quick light kiss remedied the frown.

"... and you must realize that Terri will bed anything that wears pants
because she is so poorly endowed. At first I took you to be another one
of the riffraff she brings home. But a king, even of a small
province--that's a different story!"

Hogar still babbled on, "If it would not offend you, sir, I have a fine
set of clothing which I took in payment for a room from a nobleman down
on his luck. I also have an old, but sturdy mankil left by the same
nobleman which should prove to be a fine mount for your sacred quest,
whatever it be. It's the least I can do to repay you for saving my hide,
not to mention my gold, from the highwaymen."

Ponkert didn't protest as the innkeeper maneuvered him away from Terri
and up a small flight of stairs to a room.

"Make this your home while you are here," Hogar said. "The nobleman's
clothes are bundled in the corner."

As the man left, Ponkert entered and found his new attire spread across
a chair. He chuckled to himself as he donned the rather gaudy black and
white checkered trousers that fit him like tights. The loose blouse-like
shirt, complete with puffed sleeves, was red. To top off the strange
costume, there was a bright yellow cape, which he swirled to his
shoulders with a flare that would have put Errol Flynn to shame.

Feeling somewhat like a clown, but thoroughly enjoying the medieval
garb, Ponkert slid his feet into black knee boots, then strode back down
to the main room of the inn like a strutting rooster.

The praises that came from Terri and Letti and their father seemed to be
a little too much, but Ponkert didn't mind. Nor did his ego suffer as
they led him to a wooden table and proceeded to array a feast of
delectable meats and tasty vegetables before him. Although he couldn't
identify one of them, the meat was fantastic; so was the service
provided by the twin sisters. Ponkert suppressed the urge to order one
of the girls to peel him a grape.

After the sisters cleared the remains of the meal away, Hogar placed a
large earthen jar on the table, then seated himself opposite the
Earthman. The wine, a transparent orange and quite tasty, flowed as the
sisters returned with four mugs. Ponkert listened to the innkeeper's
bawdy stories and laughed in the appropriate places. He also managed to
learn the planet's name from the man--Keller. The mankil, which the
innkeeper had given him as part of his reward, turned out to be Keller's
equivalent of a horse, only with six legs.

After awhile, Hogar grew silent and Ponkert, in turn, told tales of his
own. Every word of them were lies, but then no one seemed to mind.
Ponkert silently thanked Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard and Caer
Ged for their tales of derring-do, from which he drew heavily.

As the log in the fireplace had turned to embers and due to the
considerable amount of wine under his belt, the Earthman was finally
allowed to be excused. Taking his arm, the still half-nude Terri helped
him up the stairs and into his room. Somewhere below he heard the door
to the inn open and another visitor enter, but he paid little attention
to it.

Instead his complete attention was given to the woman who had begun
undressing him. Terri's fingertips traced all sorts of soft, warm
patterns over his body as an extra touch, while she stripped the gaudy
costume from him.

As she neatly folded his clothes over a chair, Ponkert pulled back the
covers on the massive four-posted bed that filled most of his small room
and slipped in. Smiling at her self-made king, Terri's fingers tucked
beneath her rag briefs. Watching his eyes following her movements, she
wiggled her full, jutting hips slightly and slithered from the g-string.
For a few moments she posed for his admiring eyes, allowing him a total
view of her obvious attributes.

Then in a tit bouncing little leap she was on the bed with him, her arms
around his neck. Accepting the invitation, he pulled the willing girl to
him. Her mountainous mammaries flattened against his naked chest as
their lips met.

Easing his tongue into her mouth, he explored the dark, sweet harbor
with an intensity that grew and grew. He felt her teeth gently nibble at
his probe. Teasingly, he withdrew, then thrust back playfully, duelling
with her moist pink tongue. Urgently, his arms tightened around her,
locking them together as their tongues twirled and twined and danced
madly over each other.

When he broke for a deep breath, he allowed his teeth to nip tauntingly
at her lips. She moaned and quivered, shoving her body even closer to
his nakedness. Sliding a leg out from under the covers, he maneuvered it
between her thighs. The wetness of her excitement welled from her cunt
moistening his knee. Gently, he rubbed his leg into the wanton mound.

However, the reaction he obtained was exactly the opposite of the one he
sought. Moaning, the girl disentangled his arms and rose above him.

"I'm sorry, milord Chad," she pouted. "It seems that Sir Yngvi and his
crew did more harm than I realized. I am more than a little tender."

Understanding, the Earthman gently brushed his hand against the girl's
cheek and smiled.

But Terri had started something and was not to be put off. "Chad, you
will not be denied a woman. Wait but a moment!"

Before he could reply, the delightful bundle of woman had bounded from
his bed and darted out the door. Within seconds, he heard the padding of
four bare feet outside. In the next moment, they were inside the room.

The second pair of feet belonged to Terri's lovely sister, Letti, who
wore but a thin cotton nightgown. Letti's eyes sparkled as they met the
sight of the half-covered, naked man reclining on the bed.

"I had planned cuntry matters this night," Terri began, "but since I am
unable to perform, my sister will!"

Ponkert's cock stirred beneath the bed sheets at the proposal that had
just been offered. Letti didn't seem to mind either.

In one swift motion, the girl reached down and grabbed the bottom of her
gown, then pulled up. She didn't stop until the fabric came off above
her head and fell to the wooden floor behind her. Ponkert's prick went
as rigid as a flagpole at the double image of beauty that stood at the
foot of his bed. Letti was an exact image of her sister. The same
billowy breasts jutted out from her chest, already heaving with
arousement. Her legs were just as shapely and supple as Terri's, and
equally, they forced his eyes to focus on the full-fleeced love mound
that waited between her spread legs.

Hard-pressed to find any difference in the two girls, Ponkert finally
found the distinguishing characteristic--Terri had a large dark mole in
the smooth creamy valley between her tits.

"You have found my ugliness, milord," the girl said, noticing the
direction of his gaze. "I hope you do not find it too offensive."

Suddenly realizing the meaning of Hogar's remarks about Terri's
ugliness, Ponkert began to laugh, "Terri, my beautiful scullery maid,
you still are unrivalled in my eyes!"

Then he added for Letti, "Although I must admit your sister is the
closest thing I've found to you."

Apparently pleased by his words, both girls trotted across the room in a
bouncing, bobbing movement of four tantalizing tits that mesmerized him.
Without hesitating, they slid into the bed, one on each side,
sandwiching him between two equally warm and exciting bundles of
woman-flesh. Their mouths were all over his, each seeking to possess his

Still laughing, he cried out, "Enough. I am but a normal man with the
capability of satisfying but one woman at a time!"

Both girls withdrew a little, very little. Their ponderous tits still
mashed and flattened against his sides, and their hands still explored
over the muscular rises of his chest, playing in the thick forest of
hair that grew there. Occasionally, their fingers would find one of his
small pebble-like nipples and tweak it teasingly.

"It does present a problem," Terri puzzled for a moment, "but Letti is
ready and willing and able ... "

Smiling, he reached up and kissed the girl, then whispered a lewd
suggestion in her ear. Terri grinned and answered, "Only too willingly
will I wait, milord Chad."

Ponkert kissed her once more, then turned his attention to the waiting
sister beside him. Letti's eyes blazed with emerald fire as she realized
she would be first.

Allowing his hands to encompass the fleshy mountains of her breasts, his
lips lightly brushed the softness of her neck. She moaned deep in her
throat as his tongue flicked lightly at her tender skin.

As he had done moments ago with Terri, his leg moved between the girl's
thighs and rubbed eagerly at the patch that brushed over her vulva. The
girl stiffened with excitement and her moans deepened to healthy groans.
Her hips ground into him, rolling his hard and aroused cock. As her
hands grasped at his cock, he felt a third hand dip between his legs and
cool, long fingers gently play with the rocks of lust securely held in
their sac.

Moving downward along her neck his lips and tongue found the summery
valley between her breasts. He kissed gently allowing his warm breath to
sensitize the waiting flesh.

The girl wiggled a hand between their bodies and found his bludgeoning
shaft. Her fingers wrapped around its thick length and squeezed. It was
his turn to moan.

Reluctantly, he removed one of his hands from the twin mounds he held.
Spiralling upward to the peach-blushed crest, his adventurous tongue
began climbing the warm breast igniting waves of sensual heat within the
girl. Licking and twirling, he attained the summit and engulfed the hard
nipple. She gasped under the attack, thrusting her chest up and filling
his mouth with the aroused nipple and the delectable flesh under it.

He sucked hard as his tongue raced around the erect, throbbing button of
flesh. Her moaning increased and he could feel the hastened pace of her
racing heart. His tongue flicked over and over the excited nubbin like a
small oral whip. The girl's hips ground harder into his leg and her hand
clamped around his cock like a vise.

When he finally released the sensation-flooded breast and moved his
mouth to its twin, the entire length of his thigh was moist with the
juices of love that streamed within the blonde beauty's pussy.

Twisting slightly, he was upon the delightful bed of pleasure that
wantonly awaited him. Releasing his holds on the girl's bountiful
bosoms, he pushed himself upward and stared down into the lust-misted
green eyes below him.

Expertly, she guided the bead of his throbbing cock to the open mouth of
her cunt. But instead of positioning it for a thrust deep within her
belly, the girl brushed it over the small extended length of her
clitoris. Like two blades of flesh, one a small dagger and the other a
broadsword, she duelled his cock against her rigid little clit.
Engaging, disengaging and parrying she moved the sensitive glans against
her, whipping herself to higher levels of sexual desire. He gasped as
the massive arrowhead of his manliness brushed and stroked the tiny
nubbin of pleasure.

Then her legs were wrapped around his and his shaft positioned for
entry. Abruptly in an almost violent action, he thrust forward plunging
past the thick lips of her outer labia and the tender folds of her inner
lips into the deep recesses of her belly. As with her sister, the girl's
desire-laden cunt seemed to grasp him like a third hand. She was tight,
unbelievably tight. He twitched and slithered deeper into the velvety
warmth of her channel of pleasure.

As he pulled from the clinging mouth of her belly, he felt Terri's hands
playing lightly over the rock-hard cheeks of his ass, as if in a
reminder of his whispered promise. A probing finger found the tight ring
of his anus and pushed its way into his ass hole. He groaned under the
unexpected intrusion and slammed his full length back into the girl
beneath him, who groaned deep and satisfied in return.

As he withdrew again, Terri's finger once more drilled into the
tightness of his bowels, igniting needles of hot pleasure along every
nerve of his body. He was fucking one hell of a willing girl, and at the
same time, an equally willing girl was finger fucking his ass. The
sensation was something more than marvellous.

Trying to return his attention to his primary goal of balling the hell
out of Letti, he plunged back into the girl's opening, skewering her on
the full length of his pulsing meat. He slammed hard into her crotch,
cramming her hungry cunt full of cock. She writhed, and her clutching
hands dug desire-ridden fingernails into his shoulders.

Then in jackhammer-like strokes, he pumped himself in and out of the
wanton vessel of desire. Her pelvis leaped and pulled from him,
accommodating his every motion. Like Terri, the girl seemed to
anticipate his actions before he made them.

As Terri drilled her finger in and out of his ass, he slithered in and
out of the juicy, warm pussy that attempted to suck at him like a mouth.
Again and again, he rammed home, trying to bang the bulging thickness of
his glans against the girl's cervix. Wetly and loudly their bodies met
at a fanatic pace. Harder and harder he plowed into the lubricant-filled
sluice of her body.

As the burning sensation that filled his balls reached a volcanic heat,
the twisting and writhing girl below him clamped her thighs around him
in a desperate leg lock. A pleasure-flooded cry tore from her lips as
her body quaked and rocked with soul-shattering release. She grunted and
groaned like a woman gone wild. Her fingernails clawed red welts over
his shoulders.

Held nearly motionless by her entrapping legs, he pumped as best he
could, letting the strong contractions of her tight pussy milk over the
length of his exploding rod. The sensation was all that was needed to
bring steaming jets of hot come bursting from his balls and splattering
over the enveloping folds of cunt that held him. Despite the quaking
tremors that jolted his body, he maintained his position above the
climaxing girl, saving her from a painful, tit-crushing fall.

When at last her legs relaxed and fell from him, he collapsed to his
side, groaning as Terri's finger wrenched painfully from his ass. For
moments he lay back, his eyes closed, oblivious to all but the deep
breath that came from the fulfilled girl at his side. Then he noticed
the persistent lips that lightly brushed over his. His eyes fluttered
open weakly. Terri smiled at him. His eyes closed again, and teeth
sharply nipped at his lips.

"Oww!" he grunted, his eyes flying open and staring at the pouting girl.

"Be careful, milord," Letti chuckled at his side. "When she gets in one
of these moods, she might eat you!"

Ponkert glanced at the flashing green eyes. "That sounds more like a
treat than a threat!"

The sisters laughed devilishly.

"My turn, sister," Terri said, once more kissing Ponkert's lips. "After
all, I found him first!"

"Relax a moment, wench," he pleaded. "I'm not made of iron. Give me a
few minutes to catch my breath!"

"Am I so ugly, Chad? Don't I excite you? ... " Terri bit her lower lip
and pouted as if stifling a whimper.

"No! No, Terri ... It's just ... " He stopped abruptly, catching the
impish glint in the girl's eyes. He finished by hauling the very sexy
blonde across his legs and applying a smart swat to her upturned pink

"For taking such a liberty and speaking in such a manner to your lord,"
he grunted in mock anger.

The sprawled out girl giggled and twitched her protruding bottom
invitingly. Without hesitating, his hand smacked loudly against her
lovely rear once again. This time he left a red outline of his hand. She
groaned and quaked. Her whole body shivered with excitement.

"You sexy bitch! If it's a spanking you want, I'll damn sure see that
you get one!" he said as his hand descended again and again.

There was no protest, only desirous moans and heavy panting. The
beautiful woman writhed and twisted under his slapping palms, but did
nothing to remove herself from the playful punishment. Only when she
begged, did he stop.

"Please, you promised" she pleaded.

"I told you I'm not made of iron," he replied.

"But you felt like iron to me!" she answered, moving a hand between his
legs and squeezing his already hardened length of cock.

Chuckling he said, "You asked for it. Now I'm going to send myself up
your back until you beg for mercy!"

Waves of gooseflesh visibly rippled over the girl's back as his hands
reached out and grabbed the full half-moons of her ass. Roughly, he
jerked her to her knees, then scurried to his own, positioning the
vulnerable buttocks before him.

Retaining his grasp on the ass cheeks, he pushed the fleshy demi-globes
apart. Then without warning, his head lowered and his lips touched
lightly against the tightly puckered ring of her anus. The girl quivered
with anticipation of what was to follow.

And as she expected, it came. Sleek and wet, his tongue whipped out from
behind his lips and licked over the hard little nodes. Around and around
he moved, soothing and relaxing the taut little entrance to her ass.

Licking and lapping, he worked until she relaxed enough for the eager
tip of his tongue to drill its way inward. Kneeling on all fours, it was
all the frosty-haired beauty could do to keep from collapsing on the bed
as waves of sexual desire raced through the open nerve endings of her
body. Slickening and wetting the tight channel for his entrance, he
twisted and twirled his tongue deeper into the humid interior of her

Realizing what their companion had planned for her sister, Letti slid
between Ponkert's legs and pulled his cock downward with tenderly
caressing fingers. In one sudden motion, her mouth opened to a wide "O"
and she engulfed the throbbing dick in the warmth of her mouth. Eagerly,
her tongue raced around the thick circumference, bathing it with saliva
and kisses of pleasure. Her efforts, like his, were to provide an easy
entry into the backside of the woman he now kneeled behind.

With a quick barrage of tongue flourishes, he withdrew his mouth from
the girl's ass hole. Glancing down, his gaze was caught by two flashing
green eyes that were smiling in lieu of the mouth that was trying its
best to gobble up the ponderous man-root that jutted from his loins.
Releasing Terri's pert bottom, he reached down and gingerly slipped
Letti's predatory lips from his glistening rod. The girl extracted
herself from between his legs, wetly lapping her silken tongue over the
tightly wrinkled sac holding his balls as she went.

Returning his attention once more to the kneeling girl, his hands
lightly ran up the inner smoothness of her thighs. Caressing and
fondling he smoothed the pliant flesh that met his fingers.

"Do it now, Chad!" the trembling beauty moaned as her hand clutched at
the feather mattress of the bed. "Now! Pleaseee!"

Using both his bands, he once more spread the white demi-globes of her
ass. His testicle sac tightened to a hard sphere as his eyes found the
brown, saliva-lubricated anus. Suddenly, Letti was behind him, her
bulbous breasts teasing their hard nipples over his back and her lips
taunting his neck.

"I will help!" she whispered, flicking a teasing tongue over his ear

Puzzled, he shivered as the girls playful lips worked down his back.
Then he groaned as her long searching fingers glided between his legs,
eventually wrapping themselves around the desire-filled column of meat
pounding from his groin. Squeezing and stroking his lust-laden tool, her
commanding fingertips edged the pulsing piston toward her sister's ass
hole. As the blood-gorged head nudged against the tiny entrance, the
kneeling girl groaned in wanton expectation. Similar moans rumbled deep
in his own throat.

"Now, milord Chad," Terri urged, her voice trembling with excitement.

Now it was. Still guided by her sister's commanding hand, he eased
forward to the centre of the pinched ring of muscle. With steady, but
increasing force, he pressed his attack almost flattening the thick
crown of his cock. The taut sphincter abated and allowed his glans
entrance. Then as Letti's hand withdrew to lovingly fondle the hard
rocks locked securely against his scrotum, he plunged forward, plowing
to the hilt.

Both he and Terri cried in pleasure as his shaft shot into the humid
channel of her ass. Filled with his burning, swollen manhood, her hips
twitched and thrust back to take every millimeter of his searing length.
He, in turn, grunted and quaked as the burning vise of tightness
captured his cock and squeezed with fascinating strength.

For four long seconds they remained motionless, accustoming themselves
to the rear entry. Then her ass muscles relaxed enough for him to slide
free, leaving only the throbbing crown of his cock within the heated
anal canal.

Easing his head to the girl's back, he slid his hand around her
trembling body, letting one capture one of her now pendulous tits and
another glide to her crotch. Pushing back into the depths of her bowels,
his hands kneaded the fleshy globe of her breast, and gingerly fondled
the extended penis-imitating clit at the top of her tender cunt.

As his hips began their age-old pumping motion, he once again became
aware of Letti behind him. Her hand still tickled its way over his balls
and scrotum, but she had added her mouth to the game. As he had done
with her sister a few brief seconds before, her mouth was at his ass.

His whole being quaked with uncontrollable passion as her wet, demanding
tongue licked at his ass hole. Matching the inward-outward motion of his
ass fucking, she laved oral softness over his anus. Slavering and
lapping, she licked. Then her teeth nibbled at the slackening nodes of
the small entrance until her tongue wedged into the tight pocket. Like
an oral expert, she ate her way into his ass.

As he continued to glide in and out of the sucking ass that dominated
his cock he wondered if the two delightful sisters had shared a man
before. From the teamwork the two displayed, he was sure they had. But
it didn't matter, not to the least degree. He was enjoying their efforts
to the utmost!

Behind a probing tongue crammed into his ass. In reaction, he
straightened and slammed his burning shaft deep into the ass in front of
him. Together, a threesome, they worked, jabbing hard in long grinding
strokes. He drove the girl attached to his impaling rod higher and
higher, while the squeezing ass and drilling tongue whipped him on.

Bucking and quaking, Terri threw her buttocks, against his crotch. She
now fucked herself on his thick cylinder of flesh as much as he fucked
her. Again and again she helped cram the massive length home. Over and
over the sensation-filled swells of passion rose and fell.

Under the triple stimulation of her tit, clit and well-fucked ass, the
kneeling blonde came. In a mighty flood of colours and pleasure, her
body was racked with tremors of lust. She groaned and cried in abandoned
sensual fulfilment.

Fireworks roman-candled throughout the entire length of his cock as her
anal muscles violently contracted and clamped even harder on his rod.
Boiling upward from his teased testicles, his load of hot sperm and
semen rushed. Shaking and quaking as much as the woman before him, he
came, blasting fountain after fountain of cream-coloured juices into the
squeezing ass.

Unable to maintain their upright positions under the tidal wave of
passion that controlled their bodies, the couple collapsed onto the
softness of the big bed.

Somewhere in a satisfied mist, before drifting into a well-deserved
sleep, Ponkert felt Letti snuggle close against his back while he lay
against Terri, coupled like spoons.

Chapter 5

Mankil--it was a word Ponkert had learned to hate during the week since
leaving Hogar's inn and his two sexy daughters. The Earthman rocked and
jolted on the back of his own personal mankil. He was decked out in the
finery provided by the grateful innkeeper, and a sword, dropped by one
of the highwaymen he had encountered, dangled at his side, not to
mention the laser pistol tucked into his breeches. The weather was fine
and the countryside had provided an abundance of eatable food, but he
couldn't remember ever feeling more miserable. Mankil--the sound of the
word only made him feel worse.

Hogar had given him the six-legged beast out of kindness. However,
Ponkert also suspected the innkeeper had a distinct sadistic streak in
him. Hogar had forgotten to mention where the mankil, which looked like
the misbreeding of a horse and a rhinoceros, got its name. The wobbly,
somewhat lopsided gait of the massive animal seemed to have but one
purpose--to bust his balls!

When he had first begun his search for Jan seven days ago, he had
thought it would only take time to adjust to the mankil's uneven
strides. The first three days of his ride had left him sore when evening
came. The fourth day created an ache in his crotch that wouldn't quit.
The fifth day sent knives of pain into his groin as the beast bobbed up,
while he was bouncing down. On the sixth day, he had walked more than he
rode to avoid the ball-breaking torture.

Now, as noon neared on his seventh day, he reined the mankil to a halt,
fearing his very manhood was in jeopardy. With relief washing through
his body, he slid from the broad hairless back and dropped to the

Allowing his mount to idly munch on the thick sylvan grass, Ponkert
walked to a nearby tree.

From the leafy boughs of the strange unearthly tree, he selected a large
pecan-like nut that he had come to find quite tasty during his brief
stay on Keller. He cracked the peach-sized seed against the trunk. The
yellow meat inside had the slight hint of persimmons, which he savoured
while puzzling his mankil problems.

All in all, the beast would be an invaluable asset in his search for his
missing co-pilot. After all, it was easier to ride than walk, not to
mention the greater distances he could put behind him in a day. But on
the other hand, if the ride was going to emasculate him, there was
little purpose in continuing the ordeal.

Tossing the empty shells from his bands, Ponkert watched them bounce on
the ground. Still perplexed, he pulled another from the tree and smashed
it against the trunk. The over-sized nut cracked in two perfect halves
and the meat fell out into his hand. Munching on the tasty nut, he
fingered the split shell remembering the walnut boats he had constructed
to sail in mud puddle seas when he was a child on Earth.

"Chadwick Ponkert, you're the one real dumbass!" he mumbled, realizing
he held the key to his problem in his hand.

Delighting in the almost fur-lined feeling of the interior of the
nutshell, he quickly pulled a red sash from his waist. Within the hour,
Ponkert had fashioned a crude, but comfortable jock strap, complete with
nutcup--literally a nutcup. Smiling, he once more mounted the grey
hairless mankil. A quick check of the green signal blip on his locator
beacon and he nudged the sides of the beast with his heels.

Thirty minutes later, and with a minimum of discomfort, he grinned
smugly to himself, assured that he had met and outsmarted the mankil's
primary weapon against mankind!

Glancing at his crotch, he mused over the fact that his new accoutrement
looked exactly like a codpiece. He smiled. He had never experienced
difficulty in attracting women in the past and he certainly had not been
neglected since arriving on Keller. For moments, his mind's eye recalled
the tempting visions of Terri and Letti.

However, no matter how lovely the mental images, the jarring gait of his
mount bounced them away and Ponkert once more turned his attention to
the passing countryside.

During his first week, he had closed the distance between himself and
the green blip on his locator by almost a hundred and fifty kilometers.
He had also confirmed his first impressions about the planet; it was
definitely medieval. The two villages he had passed through had been
ruled by feudal lords, both somewhat more accommodating than Sir Yngvi.

The society here seemed to have stepped right out of the days of Earth's
King Arthur. Most labours centered around farming, but family
manufacturing was beginning to bud. Ponkert had also noticed the sexual
mores seemed to be somewhat more lax than he expected. As his visits to
the two hamlets proved, the sexual attitudes of Terri and Letti were the
norm rather than the exception on Keller.

While the planet wasn't exactly what he and Jan had originally set out
to find, he realized a veritable mine lay within his reach if he could
set up the matter transmission link with Earth. The very strangeness of
Keller would attract tourists in droves, not to mention the sexual
attitudes. With just the right amount of dickering with Earth's
government, he would in fact be Prince Ponkert with a pleasure planet at
his feet.

The title rolled around in his head and he savoured the sound. Pleasure
Prince Ponkert. He would establish his empire and sit back to enjoy the
rewards of his labours.

Almost humming to himself in revelry, Ponkert affectionately patted the
huge varicose neck of his mount. The animal tilted its monstrous head
sideways to glance at him with dull, flat-grey eyes, then turned its
vision back to the path.

"Such unresponsiveness! A kingdom of wealth is within our reach and you
don't even blink!" Ponkert chided the animal. "You, my friend, deserve a
name to fit your apathy."

Musing to himself, the Earthman dug into his historical memories and
pulled a most fitting title for the beast from the mid-twentieth
century. He could think of no better name denoting nonresponse than that
of a president of a then powerful nation.

"Nameless one," he announced to his mount, "by the powers vested in me,
Pleasure Prince Ponkert of Keller, I hereby dub thee Richard of

The mankil didn't even feel the title was worth another sideways glance
and continued plodding its way forward.

Ponkert's amusement over the emotionless animal was cut short by a
scream of terror that echoed before him. Reining Richard up a small
rise, he scouted the terrain ahead. In an open glade in a valley of a
full kilometer away, he could discern three indistinct figures
surrounded by darting grey forms. As he watched, one of the men fell
under an onrushing grey tide.

Digging his heels in the mankil's thick sides, he lumbered toward the
commotion. The tableaux became clearer. A pack of wolf-like creatures,
with long vicious canines bared, surrounded two men, whose swords
flashed out drawing blood when one of the creatures pressed too close.
What he had seen fall was not a man, but a mankil, which part of the
pack was now devouring.

As he watched, the two men fought valiantly, the smaller, a young boy
perhaps, was noticeably tiring. The ring of grey-furred death was edging
closer and closer. Eventually, by sheer weight of numbers, the two would
fall as had their mankil.

Swinging his heels hard into his mount's flanks, he urged it to a full
gallop. From his side, Ponkert pulled the blue-steel sword, prepared to
slice a path through the wolf-like creatures.

It was then the unexpected happened. Richard, who had followed its
rider's commands to this point, abruptly dug its six hooved feet into
the ground and came to a dead stop. Ponkert, however, didn't. Instead,
the Earthman went flying head over ass above the broad grey neck of the
mankil, landing on his back with a bone jarring thud.

Shaking the pain from his racked body, he rolled to his feet with only
his dignity suffering any noticeable injury. However his short flight
had left him swordless and on the very edge of the circling pack of
wolves, which seemed to be twice the size of their Earth counterparts.

While the two men, battling for their lives, had not noticed his
arrival, one of the pack did and turned its attention to the newcomer. A
short dash and a powerful leap sent the two hundred pound animal
hurtling for the Earthman's throat. In the entire history of man, only
one unique feature has allowed him to meet more powerful animals and
survive--not his brain, but his ability to leap sideways.

That's exactly what Ponkert did. The wolf missed him, its dripping fangs
brushing the cloth of his shirt. The time needed for the animal to
reverse its course for another attack was all Ponkert needed to slip his
laser pistol free. The wolf didn't have the opportunity for another leap
before a thin line of red heat blasted from the gun, searing through its

As he turned back to the remaining pack, Ponkert watched the snarling,
snapping teeth of the wolves take down another of the men. The remaining
would-be victim's blade slashed out in retaliation. Two of the wolves
fell, their throats gushing red.

However, the Earthman realized that neither the unknown swordsman nor
himself would be alive much longer if he didn't act fast. Stiff-arming
the laser pistol before him, Ponkert squeezed off two quick shots. The
blazing needles of light leaped from the end of the blaster, frying the
brains of two nearby creatures.

The smell of charred flesh and howls of agony filled the air, causing
the rest of the pack to break off its attack on the lone swordsman.
Instead they turned their attention to the new menace. Hastily sighting,
Ponkert triggered off two more of the thin lances of ultra-intense
light. The beam seared its way into the largest of the wolves. An almost
human cry erupted from its death-twisted lips and blood dripped from
three inch fangs. Another short volley of blasts eliminated two more of
the creatures.

As if suddenly aware that their new opponent was a creature they
heretofore had not encountered, the remainder of the pack broke,
scattering into the surrounding forest. Ponkert aimed one last shot to
hurry them along. The blast struck a tree stump, rather than the wolf he
aimed for, but the exploding results were exactly what he wanted--the
wolves had lost themselves in the denseness of the primeval woods.

He turned to the lone survivor of the intrepid band. The youth was bent
over the mangled body of his fallen companion. The sound of muffled
grief met the Earthman's ears. Without speaking, he approached the
crying swordsman and placed a comforting hand on a shaking shoulder.

A face stained with blood and tears turned to his and spoke, "My
brother-- he's dead--we never had a chance against that pack of

Ponkert felt a sudden icy stab in his gut. The valiant fighter was a
girl. Dressed as she was in a loose fitting brown tunic and green, baggy
trousers, her figure had been effectively cloaked.

Gently manoeuvring her away from the fallen body, he whispered, "There's
nothing we can do for him. He died like a warrior."

The girl nodded as he seated her on the ground under the shade of a
tree. Assured that she would be all right, he trodded off and returned a
few moments later leading his somewhat disappointing mount. Allowing the
now passive mankil to graze nearby, Ponkert slipped a canteen from his
waist and handed it to the girl.

The girl accepted and after taking a small sip, wetted a handkerchief
she pulled from her sleeve. Within moments, she had cleansed the traces
of the fray from her face and once more looked into the face of her

A shaggy mop of flaming red hair surrounded the girlish face that looked
up to him. Tears still misted her hazel eyes and the faint freckles that
dotted over her cheeks seemed to glow. As he studied her, she rose,
moving almost regally. The haughtiness of the stance she took before him
coupled with her tattered, tomboyish clothing struck him as being so
incongruous that a smile raised his lips.

"Why do you laugh?" she demanded as a look of irritation flickered
across her face. "Am I so ugly or strange to you? If so, then why did
you bother to save me with your magic, sorcerer?"

Ponkert did a double take, knowing his smile widened as he realized what
she meant by magic. When in the realm of King Arthur, a laser pistol
would seem like magic!

"Child," he answered staring sternly at the five-foot-three, very
unwomanly figure before him, "I saved you because I'd hate seeing anyone
end up as dog food for a pack of wolves!"

"Child!" the girl's voice hissed like that of a coiled snake as she
puffed up with indignation. Two firm points strained against the brown
fabric of her loose tunic, assuring Ponkert that the term "child" was
wrong. "I am Elfgwynne, Lady of Hort!"

Hastily, he corrected himself, "I beg your pardon, milady. I am called

He continued with his biography, following the general narrative Terri
had first given Hogar. If a stranger to a planet could be anything he
wanted, why not a king from a distant province? Besides, a title seemed
to have an edge on the locals. Now this diminutive woman had added
another aspect to his name--Magician, Master Class.

"As I have already explained," the girl replied, "I am Elfgwynne, Lady
of Hort. My brother was Cleve, Prince of Hort. And of course, my father
is King Tomar the Profligate."

She seemed to think her simple explanation was all that was needed. But
besides learning the name of her dead brother and the name of her
father, who was obviously something of a libertine, Ponkert couldn't
make much sense out of the introduction.

The girl continued, "Lord Ponkert, you saved me and attempted to save my
brother. As is the custom of Hort, I offer you my life to do with as you
please. I am your servant.

She stood staring forlornly at the man. For once in his life, Ponkert
was struck speechless. Unlike Terri she was not merely offering him her
body, but was giving herself as a slave. While she could hardly be
described as ugly, or even plain, she just wasn't his type. Besides, he
had to find Jan and then there was a planet to conquer.

"Milady, your offer is greatly appreciated. But I need no reward for
what I did. Your life is yours to do with as you please. I will see that
you are returned to your father's household. But keep your life! In a
few years, you might want to give it to some other man!"

His speech made his chest burn with his own magnanimity. However, the
petite mouth of his companion formed into a hard, thin line of

"First help me bury my brother as is fitting a prince of Hort," she said
curtly. "Then we will see what Tomar has to say about that!"

Puzzled by her comments, he stared as the red-haired girl turned and
walked toward her fallen brother, then he followed.

Chapter 6

They rose the next day, ate a small breakfast that Elf (as he had
nicknamed the tomboyish Lady of Hort) prepared, mounted Richard of
Millhouse and headed north toward Elf's city. By midday, Ponkert saw the
towers of the battlement-surrounded city rise from the flat meadowland
that they had moved into. Another hour's ride brought them before a
massive oak portal, protecting the city of Hort from invasion. A brief
exchange of pleasantries between Elf and a guard and they rode within.

The teeming bustle of an Earth city was missing in Ponkert's first
encounter with a Keller city. The populace was in evidence in great
numbers, but the headlong rush of Earth city-dwellers was definitely

Following the girl's directions, he reined to the centre of the city.
Rising several stories above street level was a huge palace. Fronted
with jet, it gleamed darkly in the afternoon sun. Polished white marble
steps pointed the way to the brass-studded main entryway. Ponkert began
to think that Tomar the Profligate was well named. Such opulence wasn't
the product of a small imagination.

Dismounting as a guard took Richard's reins, the Earthman followed Elf
through the palace portal, Inside was a hall that seemed to stretch for
miles. At the end, almost lost in the distance, Ponkert saw a
magnificent throne that glittered and caught the light from several
strategically placed windows. Seated atop the throne was a man who could
only be Elf's father, Tomar.

When they eventually reached the foot of the throne's dais, Ponkert
carefully appraised the value of the diamonds and rubies plastered like
sequins over its sides. First the beautiful, willing women and now
evidence of wealth beyond his wildest dreams--he had made the right
decision to exploit this planet called Keller.

As Elf recounted the attack of the direwolves and her rescue by
Ponkert's magic, the Earthman carefully studied her father, the king.
Tomar was no slug-fat sybarite. While sybarite he might be, well-toned
muscles bulged on his arms and a barrel-like chest strained the purple
velvet of his robes. Tomar was definitely not the type of man one wanted
to meet alone in a dark alley.

When Elf finished her narrative, Tomar's voice boomed in friendliness,
"Lord Ponkert, you have my thanks for what you have done. Although my
oldest son, Cleve, has joined the gods of Ulfblom, you have saved my
only daughter. Any reward I have would be small in comparison, but I
shall try to repay you!"

With a clap on his massive hands, three servants entered the room, and
Tomar spoke again, "Follow them and they will prepare you."

Unquestioning, Ponkert did as he was directed. Marching from the throne
chamber down another long hall, he followed the three into an expansive
bed chamber.

"These will be your quarters while in Hort," one of the servants
explained. "A change of clothes and a bath is waiting."

With that, the three left and Ponkert was alone. A brief exploration of
the room and he had located a small sunken pool next to one wall.
Various containers of perfumed oils and soap were lined up at the bath.

Without hesitating, he peeled his clothes from his body and stepped in.
The cleansing waters and a razor he found among the containers had him
feeling like a new man within moments. Drying himself on a coarse towel,
Ponkert walked to the bed where a new suit of clothes was laid out for
his use.

Both the tight fitting trousers and loose tunic were white. The cape,
however, was royal purple trimmed in gold braid. Ermine-lined knee-boots
completed the livery. After donning the outfit, he felt like the prince
he claimed to be.

Smiling, he admitted to himself that given a little more time, he could
really get into the styles of Keller. This whole medieval scene appealed
to something within him, which he couldn't put his finger on.

Then there was a knock at the door to his room and the three servants
appeared. One of them spoke, "Tomar bids you join him."

Ponkert nodded and followed. This time their trek took them through a
series of winding halls that eventually opened into a gigantic
cathedral-like chamber filled with row upon row of tables. Apparently he
had walked into the midst of a great feast and all the eyes of the
feasters turned to him as he entered.

Tomar rose from the head table and waved him to his side. Moving through
the maze of revelers, the Earthman took a seat next to the Hortian king.
Tomar slapped him on the back, then dropped to his chair and the
feasting began.

The banquet was opulent to match the surroundings. Wine, orange
coloured, flowed in great floods. The food was as delectable as it was
indescribable. Ponkert's taste buds thought they recognized pheasant and
quail among the various meats he sampled. That was until Elf, who sat on
the opposite side of her father, explained the meat was waterboa, a
large river snake, and slimespider, whose name described its appearance
and habitat. He shivered a bit thinking of eating a slimespider, but he
had already downed so much wine that he would have shaken hands, or
hairy legs as the case was, with the spider had it chanced into the
great dining hall.

As much as he enjoyed the feast in his honour, his eyes were drawn to
those of Elf, who studied him with sideways glances. His own gazes were
somewhat more bold. The red-haired girl was dressed in a white lace gown
that would have put Queen Guinevere to shame.

The gown dipped sharply in front, exposing a very tantalizing
tight-pressed valley between two nicely proportioned breasts that had
been well-hidden by the clothes he had first seen her in. The gown also
hinted at the pleasing curves that lay beneath the delicate fabric,
although it revealed nothing further to his disappointed eyes. As he
studied the gem-like sparkle of her hazel eyes and the rosy pink blush
of the evening that touched her cheeks, Ponkert wondered if he had not
been a little hasty in refusing her offer back in the glade where he had
rescued her.

After giving a serving girl an affectionate pinch on her ample ass,
Tomar suddenly rose from his chair and raised his arms for silence
within the hall.

"I, King Tomar of Hort," he proclaimed to the feastors, "declare a
national holiday. Lord Ponkert has saved Princess Elfgwynne from the
jaws of direwolves! For this noble act, I reward him with these!"

A chamois-like, pouch flipped from the king's fingers and landed with a
heavy "plunk" before Ponkert. Gingerly, the Earthman pulled the
drawstring and extracted a skilfully manufactured gold chain with a
large oval medallion dangling from the centre. Grinning, he slipped the
gaudy emerald and ruby adorned medal over his neck. A cheer broke from
the lips of the revelers.

"To Baron Ponkert of Hort" Tomar's voice rose above the crowd's din as
he raised a goblet of wine to his lips.

In turn, Ponkert lifted his glass and cried out a toast of his own, "To
Hort's powerful ruler, King Tomar the Profligate!"

A cheer went up that lasted every bit of ten minutes. When the cacophony
died to a muted roar, the crew of feastors fell to serious drinking. The
effects of their over-indulgence was evident within the hour as the
majority of the celebrators were taken by a drunken stupor. Ponkert,
while somewhat dizzy, was still prepared for a long night, as was Tomar
it seemed. Elf had retired for the evening.

"Come," the king whispered. "Now is the time for the House of White

Nodding in reply, the Earthman followed his royal companion as they
reeled out of the great hall into the almost deserted streets of the
city. After a hastily winding journey down a maze of backstreets, the
king stopped abruptly before a building with a white stone facade.

With a brawny fist he pounded on a dark wooden door until the portal
opened slightly. Then it was pulled inward fully and a willowy brunette
of incredible beauty rocketed out. Her arms wrapped around Tomar's
bull-like neck and her lips attempted to smother him with wet,
passionate kisses. It was quite obvious that the royal visitor was not a

Lifting the girl in his arms as if she were a feather, Tomar stepped
into the building and called out, "Hide the women! Tomar and his newest
baron, Ponkert the Horny, are here to rape them all!"

The woman suspended from his neck like a sexy, living necklace laughed
gleefully and cried in return, "Yes! Hide the rest! I want these two to

Tomar's laughter echoed against the walls as he lowered the girl to her
feet and planted, a firm hand on her ass with a resounding slap. "Bitch!
Hold thy nymphomaniac hunger. One woman will not satisfy our lust
tonight! Tell Cynda and Mara and Leda to get their asses out here! I
want to see their asses!"

"What of poor Jocelyn?" the brunette pouted. "Would you toss me aside?"

"Nay, Tomar, don't send her off," Ponkert spoke from the door. "She
pleases me."

"Hold your choice, young baron," Tomar commanded, stopping the brunette
who tried to scamper to Ponkert's arms. "First see the other

"Yes." A dark haired woman, robed in a flowing white caftan spoke as she
entered the room through a curtained archway. "My establishment is
small, but the girls I offer are spe******ts as well as beautiful."

A grin split Tomar's face. "Ahhh, Urusula, you still outshine your
girls. If only ... "

"My lord," the woman smiled, bowing, "when I decide to take a man, you
know it will be you."

Tomar signalled Ponkert to his side as Urusula directed Jocelyn to the
far side of the room. The girl poised herself very seductively.

"Ponkert, I'd like you to meet the most delightful madam in the pleasure
house business--Urusula, proprietor of the House of White Satin."

The white-robed woman bowed slightly, then began, "You have already met
Jocelyn." Her arm waved to the girl. "Her breasts and mouth hold many
pleasures for a man.

Ponkert watched as the brown-haired pleasure girl turned slowly for his
examination. Her skimpy harem costume did little to hide her wares. Her
mammoth mammaries jiggled excitedly under his gaze as if trying to
escape the confines of the small, coin-covered halter that held the
mounds of flesh. Her pink tongue flicked across the fullness of her
lips, leaving a slick inviting trail of wetness.

In an old lust-filled reaction, Ponkert's testicles tightened in his sac
as he watched the temptress pivot before him. Somehow, he felt he would
stick with his original selection.

"Her tits droop too much for my tastes," Tomar mumbled.

Urusula clapped her hands once in response. Answering the signal, a
small, sprightly girl entered through the curtains and took her place
next to Jocelyn.

Ponkert's balls tightened and retightened as he looked to the new piece
of merchandise Urusula was offering. The girl's short blonde hair looked
a little out of place in the odalisque costume she wore. But the rest of
her body did not! Every inch of willing womanflesh strained against the
thin fabric she wore.

"Cynda," Urusula announced. "Her ass is hot and tight, and trained to
hold a man like a grasping hand."

"Yesss," Tomar commented in a low aroused whisper.

Urusula clapped again and a raven-haired beauty trotted into the room.
"Mara," as the madam announced, was the master of the thousand and one
positions contained in Antis Atla, Keller's equivalent of Earth's Kama
Sutra. While the girl was rather short, the oriental slant to her dark
eyes beckoned Ponkert like a magnet.

The last girl summoned was Leda, whose breasts, which were the size of
watermelons, were also her specialty. While the auburn-haired girl was a
little too plump, Ponkert's pulse doubled in pace at the mere thought of
being allowed free rein with her tremendous tits.

"We'll take them all," Tomar exclaimed, tossing Urusula a jiggling bag
of coins. "Lock the doors! Tonight the House of White Satin entertains a
private party!"

As Urusula did as commanded, Tomar summoned Cynda to him, "Your choice,
my baron."

"I chose earlier," the Earthman responded, and was immediately greeted
by an over-joyous bundle of brunette in his arms.

"You'll not regret your decision, milord," the girl called Jocelyn
whispered as her tongue swirled over his ear.

Tomar spoke again, "Mara and Leda, do not go far. We do have plans for
you, too!"

With that Jocelyn led Ponkert into a huge room through another set of
curtains. Tomar and Cynda, already disrobing, followed.

The room was tremendous in size, but bare of all furniture. However,
plush, deep-piled velvet pillows lined the walls and were randomly
scattered over the floor. Except for the ceiling, which was a smoky,
glassed mirror, and the pillows, everything else in the room was white
Satin. Obviously the source of the establishments name--House of White

As the now half-nude Tomar and Cynda moved toward one end of the white
room, Jocelyn pulled Ponkert to the other. Eagerly, she maneuvered him
to one of the soft, slickly inviting pillows, and before he could blink,
began divesting him of his newly acquired clothing. Expertly, her
fingers fell to their task, and within the passage of a few seconds, the
Earthman lay naked on the white velvet, watching the titillating
brunette begin stripping.

Her long fingers, tipped with red-painted nails, slipped beneath the
edge of the purple briefs she wore. Tantalizingly slowly, she slithered
free of the cloth and the diaphanous bloomers that were attached. Her
dark eyes glinted with sensual fire as she watched her partner's eyes
rove up the long sensuous curve of her firm calves to her supple, creamy
thighs, finally alighting on the light-brown covered triangle of her

"The sleeping snake awakes," the girl smiled, her eyes directed to the
throbbing hose of his penis that slowly jerked its way upward. "He likes
what he sees"

"Yesss!" the Earthman whispered in reply. "Very much so!"

"Good," she answered, slipping her long arms behind her back. "The best
is yet to come."

The silver coins covering the bra-shaped halter to her outfit tinkled
quietly as her hand fumbled with the clasps. Then as if the garment had
a will of its own, it slipped free, falling noisily to the white floor.

Ponkert's breath almost whistled as he sucked in sharply. The sight
meeting his eyes was fantastic. Two enormous, brown-crested breasts
bounced outward, having escaped the cloth that had held them back. They
danced a perky little jig that brought the rising pole at his crotch to
full mast. The girl's eyes sparkled with lust-filled fire as she bathed
in his admiring gaze.

Without a word, he motioned with his hands. The girl responded like a
stalking leopardess, her fluid body rippling with excitement as she
came. His hands reached up to grasp the slightly pendulous jugs of flesh
bouncing from her chest as she knelt beside him. She didn't protest, but
moaned softly into his ear.

As her tongue playfully darted over his ear lobe, his hands devoted full
attention to the massive mounds of pliable flesh he now controlled.
Subduing his eagerness, he circled the huge creamy mounds, barely
letting his fingers touch the velvet skin. He watched as the brown
nipples, cresting the over-sized tits, grew hard and erect without the
slightest brush of his fingertips.

Spiralling his bands upward toward the tempting, taut buttons, he
increased the pressure of his palms and kneaded the pillowy mounds. In
reaction, the girl's moaning grew in intensity, directing him to further

His fingers finally found the sexually hardened nipples they sought.
Brutally, he scissored them with his fingers, mashing and squeezing them
with delicate force. The lovely brunette at his side jerked back. Her
eyes stared through a mist of lust and confusion.

Holding her eyes with his, his hands caught up the twin mounds of
pleasure and soothingly rolled the almost flaccid flesh against her
chest. Playfully, he tried to flatten the enormous jugs. The task was
impossible, but it was so much fun trying.

Bathing in the sexual heat that radiated from the delightful globes, his
fervid hands could not get enough of the feel of her. Likewise, there
was no longer confusion in the girl's dark eyes! Her head now rolled
sensuously on her shoulders and a wet pink tongue licked eagerly over
her full lips.

Up and down he rolled the solidness of her flesh, listening as her moans
rose in time with his work. He squeezed his fingers into the creamy
pillows, watching as the white skin squelched up. He thrust upward, then
watched them jiggle back to their original desirable form. He tugged
them downward, straining the deliciously white skin even whiter. Then he
released them, enjoying the sight of the ponderous globes springing
back, their lust-stiffened nipples jutting out to him.

If there was any doubt that these enormous tits were his to do with as
he pleased, they were put aside by the girl's grateful hands that
caressed his cheeks in appreciation.

"Your mouth," the brunette managed to groan between excited moans.
"Pleaseee! I am so close! Please your mouth!"

Suddenly realizing the jumbo-proportioned jugs were every bit as
sensitive as they appeared to be, he did exactly as the girl requested.

Clasping the bountiful breasts, he tugged forward bringing the mountains
of vanilla flesh homing in on his face. Opening his mouth wide, he
accepted one of the dark brown nipples that wanted him as much as he
wanted it. His tongue gently caressed the excited bud and washed over
the equally aroused aureole surrounding it.

"Ohhhh! Yesss!" the girl quivered beside him. "It's good! Sooooo!

With that he had to agree. It was good! And he was enjoying it as much
as the brunette above him.

Clamping his teeth around the stiff little bud, his tongue lovingly
swirled around and around the wanton button. He savoured the warm, hard
but flexible texture of the lust-ignited nipple. The girl's breathing
was now a continual moan of desire. His teeth bit tighter, obtaining a
secure hold on the sensitive tit-tip. Teasing at the dark cherry with
his tongue, he eased his mouth away. The nipple stretched and paled,
flooding the girl with a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure. She
squealed with delight and lovingly cradled his head.

When at last his teeth released their grasp on the sensation-filled
nipple, he found his mouth being stuffed with another mound of milky
womanflesh. Straining his jaws as wide as possible, he took as much of
the marshmallowy mass as he could. Gratefully, the girl groaned and
trembled as his lips and tongue repeated their activities for the
newcomer. The girl was quickly reaching the point of climax, the point
he knew she had been directing him to.

As her groans turned to pleading whimpers of release, his lips and
tongue went to work double-time. Ardently he sucked at the lust-gorged
nipple as if trying to unseat it from its fleshy perch. A veritable oral
whip, his tongue lashed across the stiff button of flesh, driving the
girl higher and higher.

When she came, he caught her in his arms and gently caressed the
super-sensitive breasts, while her body quaked and trembled under the
blasts of rocking pleasure that reigned in her body.

When at last her heavy breathing subsided and the last tremors had
stilled, her eyes fluttered open weakly and she smiled at him, "Milord,
you are something special--too few are the men that care about the
pleasure of their women."

In reply, he squeezed one of the massive tits, bringing another
deep-throated groan from the girl. "These are my pleasure, too!"

The girl smiled again, fully knowing his meaning, "But now, it is my

Slowly, almost reluctantly, she removed herself from his arms. Reaching
to her side, she grabbed one of the white pillows dotting the floor of
the room, then tucked it behind his back. Her fingertips lightly eased
him back into the softness of the cushion.

"This is so that your eyes will not be denied the delight," she
explained, as her fingers teased through the hairs of his chest and
toyed with the small pebbles of his nipples. "Most women do not realize
that half the pleasure from their mouths comes in allowing their men to

And watch he did as the naked pleasure woman eased his legs apart and
slid between them. Positioning herself on her stomach, her head hovered
above the glistening crown of his cock. The long and delightful
adventure with the girl's super-sensitive breasts had produced a hard-on
of heroic proportions.

Lying there before him, propped up on her elbows, the girl's dark eyes
rolled to him and smiled. While she held him with her gaze, the fingers
of one of her hidden hands managed to catch him in another hold, far
more pleasureful. Gently, her cool fingers surrounded the tight sac
holding his balls. Expertly, she massaged the wrinkled bag. He felt the
kidney shaped rocks dance back and forth at his scrotum under the gentle
pressure. He groaned softly and smiled down at the girl.

Realizing her actions were pleasing, the prone girl brought her other
hand to the base of his bludgeoning prick. In an almost teasing fashion,
her fingers wrapped around the thick rod. Her eyes flashed another smile
as her hand lovingly stroked up and down the turgid length.

He revelled at the sexy sight of a woman stretched out between his legs.
His captured testicles seemed to draw even more securely against his
scrotum as the girl's tongue washed over her luscious lips. Hypnotized,
he watched her eye the thick crystal drop of preseminal fluid ooze from
the slit in the centre of his glans. His position afforded him a full
view as her moist oral digit curled out and tapped the drop. Electricity
sizzled through his body at the soft, wet touch.

Her tongue returned to her mouth. She rolled her sampling of his juices,
savouring it. Finding it to her liking, she swallowed. Coyly, her dark
eyes rolled to him once more and her tongue returned to his cock,
swirling and teasing over the sensitive, soft skin of his blood-swollen
glans. The red crown of flesh was left glistening with her saliva.

Her attention turned to the ridged underside of his pulsing shaft.
Extending that delightful tongue to its limits, she ran its wet tip
languorously along the ridge of skin emerging from the forest of hairs
covering his balls upward to the soft folds of wrinkled skin surrounding
the aching arrowhead of his sex.

The velvet-like, taunting touch of her oral caresses sent tremors of
sensuous pleasure coursing through his groin. The lust-filled length of
his cock pounded as blood rushed through it at an increasing rate. His
hand-held balls ached within their sac at the prospect of such an
enticing means of release.

The girl's mouth opened slightly and her teeth bit lightly down on the
rock-hard pole. Like a child with a candy stick she nibbled down to the
base, while her tongue twirled over the skin caught by her teeth. At the
bottom of his throbbing sex, she reversed her path and nibbled back up
to the swollen head that glistened with new juices welling from his
loins. Without hesitating, she lapped up the new secretions.

The fast flourishes of her tongue brought pleasure-racked groans from
his throat and his penis jerked violently in approval. His eyes still
held by the woman between his legs, he watched once more as her eyes
moved up to study his face, then she lowered them to the imposing rod
she now worshipped.

Her head bobbed and her lips parted. Tantalizingly slowly, her head
lowered toward the meaty crown. Her mouth widened and accepted the thick
head, sheathing it in the warm shelter of the interior of her mouth.

Then as if to prove to him that she was the expert Urusula had said she
was, the girl glided down the full length of his massive cock, taking
every last inch of it in one fluid motion. She stopped only when he
thought his balls were about to be encompassed by her predatory lips.

Moaning, he resisted the urge to crush the girl's hair in his fists and
rape her face. Although she probably would not have minded, he was not
being eaten by an amateur in the art of fellatio. This was a
spe******t--a professional.

Ball-achingly slow, she pulled herself off the hard cock, until only its
throbbing glans pulsed within the sweetness of her mouth.

Then she sucked!

Excruciating pleasure-pain rocketed through his body, as the girl's
vacuum-like mouth took hold. With all her might directed to her
activities, it seemed to him that her mouth could fully lift him from
the floor with her suction if she so intended to do it. There was no
doubt in his mind that his cock was entrenched in the mouth of an oral

Again she eased her mouth back down the thick length of his organ,
taking it fully. Then back up she came, sucking and twirling her tongue
over the fullness as she went.

Amazed by the sight, he watched as the cock-hungry girl increased the
speed of her mouthy strokes. Where his glans had gently nudged the back
of her throat when she had begun, the lust-gorged tip of his sex now
pounded at her throat. Over and over she pulled up, then dropped down on
the hard spike of man meat, impaling her face upon it. He no longer had
the urge to rape her mouth--she was doing it for him!

He took the fantastic mouth for as long as he was able to endure. But at
last, that tight knot of release blasted its way up the rigid pole of
his lust. Violently, to match her own methods, he grasped the thick
tresses of brunette hair. In a desperate hold, he held her educated lips
and mouth to his exploding shaft.

But there was no need for his actions. The girl accepted the fiery load
he offered. Willingly, she helped suck the opalescent fountains of hot
come that spurted from the end of his prick. Helpless in his release, he
watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked. Her throat twitched and bobbed
as she swallowed every burning drop of the thick cream that coated her
mouth and throat.

When at last she had sucked him dry, she removed her trained lips from
his wilting penis. Smiling at the pleasure-weakened Earthman, she
scurried from between his legs and moved to his side, nestling her head
in the hollow of his shoulder. Almost absentmindedly, he fondled the
tantalizing breasts that snuggled close to him as a "thank you" for the
satisfaction she had brought. Kitten-like, the oral expert Jocelyn
purred in return.

Fully enjoying the summery heat of Jocelyn's naked body against his,
Ponkert's eyes moved across the room where his host and the girl Cynda
were fully involved in their own form of sexual play.

Ponkert's first appraisal of Tomar's physique was accurate. The Hortian
king may have been in his forties, but he had lost none of the
steel-hard muscle of his youth. His biceps were the size of most men's
thighs and his chest was a giant rain barrel. The Earthman had no chance
to see if his cock matched the proportion of the rest of his body--it
was fully entrenched in his companion's ass.

Ponkert's hand tightened on his own partner's tit as he watched the king
pole into Cynda's bottom. Jocelyn, whose own attention had been drawn to
the pair across the room, moaned and snuggled closer to her own man.

The small, short-haired blonde stood before Tomar. She was bent at the
waist, her hands grasping her knees for support. Two well-formed tits
bounced and bobbed from her chest as Tomar repeatedly lunged his fleshy
sword between her perky buttocks. The sight of the two and the echoing
words of Urusula, "Cynda--her ass is hot and tight and trained to hold a
man like a grasping hand" were enough to stir new life to Ponkert's
drowsy penis. But the Earthman had no intention of trying on Cynda. To
do that would mean getting Tomar out of the way first. And Ponkert was
no fool!

Instead, he settled back into the cushioning pillow to enjoy the bit of
voyeurism that was being offered. Still he wondered if Cynda's ass could
be as expertly trained as was Jocelyn's mouth.

As if having telepathically read Ponkert's thoughts, Tomar glanced at
the Earthman and groaned in mid-stroke, "Tight--like a surgeon's
glove--hot and tight!"

Ponkert grinned as he noticed Cynda twitch her ass, producing a deep
groan from the king and drawing his attention back to her. Clutching the
blonde by her waist, Tomar held her stationary and stopped his own

The Hortian king, bent slightly and whispered, "Enough of the foreplay
Now I intend to screw the hell out of this bottom of yours!"

The girl quivered noticeably and gooseflesh rippled over her body, "Yes,
fuck me! Brand my bowels with that burning tool of yours!"

Snorting like a mighty black-maned stallion, he wrenched his cock from
the woman, so that only the fat glans was retained in her ass hole. A
devilish grin spread over his lips as his hands tenderly played over the
smooth softness of her full buttocks.

In teasing fashion, he caressed the demi-globes of her ass cheeks.
Excited by his promise, the girl trembled in anticipation of the
ravishing thrust that would eventually come. Piteous little whimpers
were on her lips. Her breasts quivered and her arms shook. But still he

Then in one powerful thrust, his hips sent the bulbous, throbbing lance
of his sex searing deeply into the glove-like channel of her back. The
girl groaned and gasped under the massive invasion. Involuntarily, she
lunged forward, but the hands holding tightly to her small waist kept
her from tumbling into the white pillows at her feet.

Again he slowly retracted from her ass. And again his hands played over
her squirming, tense buttocks. The tight mouth of her anus contracted
around the fleshy crown of his cock, bringing moans from the man behind

Again he waited, until he felt the lessening of pressure around his
impaling rod. Gently and assuringly he stroked her ass and sides. The
girl's trembling was constant now, but still he did not move. He was
waiting for her body to cry out for him; to demand that he give her
every bit of the fucking he had promised.

Then with a smooth, slow-motion lunge, he drilled all the way up into
her clutching ass-channel. Deeper and deeper he plowed until his thick
rod could go no further. She was tight! Like the rest of the women at
the House of White Satin, she was a sex spe******t. And her ass was her

The Hortian ruler groaned as he felt the steel-like muscles of her ass
clamp along the entire length of his sex. Marvellous, white-hot heat
flared within the depths of her bowels, burning around him. Sexual
flames lapped in his loins as the hungry mouth of her ass squeezed
tighter and tighter. His groans of pleasure filled the white room.

Then she relaxed and moved forward, preparing herself for another deep
thrust. Accepting her invitation, his hands steadied her hips and he
lunged forward skewering into the dark recesses of her back. Without the
slightest pause, he wrenched free and poled back into the fiery heat of
her bowels. The girl now moaned, realizing the whispered fucking had

Over and over, he thrust the thick length of his cock into the willing
ass hole. Drilling and plunging, he ramrodded his shaft into her searing
bowels. His own lust-fired moans and groans mingled with those of his
diminutive partner.

Meeting the rhythm of his strokes, the blonde pleasure girl began to
rock back and forward. Her pink ass slapped into his hairy crotch wetly
as she helped fuck herself on his meaty lance.

Fervently clutching at his reaming pole, her hips rotated and wiggled,
sending electric thrills through the man mounted behind her. She pulled
forward and his rod slithered from the velvet channel of her back. Then
she heaved backward to meet the onrushing load of cock he speared into
her ass.

The snug confines of her flaming bowels squeezed his pistoning shaft as
it slid in and out of her. Harder and faster his attack mounted. His
balls slapped against the bushy covering of her cunt.

Her buttocks splayed out on either side of his plunging cock. He grabbed
her fleshy ass cheeks and squeezed, leaving the imprint of his fingers
in stark red relief on the white background. Faster and faster he
fucked, driving harder and harder into the tight tunnel of her bottom.
She aided, ramming her hips back toward each of his forward thrusts,
then jerking away as he pulled out.

She bucked and pulled and milked him in a wildly driven attempt to pack
even more of his ponderous organ into her body. The soft tissues of her
hind-tunnel were now consumed with lust. In the heat of her passion she
grunted and groaned like an animal, as did the man plowing into her from

Using the tortured demi-globes of her buttocks as convenient handholds,
he drove into the burning softness of her ass with increased power. The
girl responded, matching him movement for movement.

When at last a low, deep cry of pleasure was wrenched from her panting
lips, he allowed the volcanic fire of his loins to leap forward.
Grunting and groaning in bestial fulfilment, gallon upon gallon of thick
white sexual cream spurted from his cock, filling the tight ass
contracting around him.

Again and again, fountain after fountain rocketed into the ass of the
girl writhing and twisting in pleasure before him. The flood of semen
and sperm filled her drenched ass and welled from her, dripping down the
insides of her thighs. Eventually, lubricated by his own come, he
slipped the deflated rod from the clutching hole.

Together, king and pleasure spe******t, they sank to the white pillows.
Gently, the Hortian ruler kissed the short-haired blonde as if she were
his first lover.

Chapter 7

Jocelyn and Cynda had been replaced by two servants (who were just that
and not to be touched, Tomar warned) who brought rather large glasses of
a pale amber wine. Sitting cross-legged and bare-ass naked among the
white pillows, Ponkert sipped at the fermented brew and found it
strangely reminiscent of a St. Emilion Bordeaux he had once discovered
on Earth. The wine had basically the same effects of warming his stomach
and mellowing his outlook on life.

"Tomar," he mused, lifting the glass for another flavorful sip, "there's
something different about you. Something that doesn't seem to fit."

The ruler raised an eyebrow at his companion, but only "mmmmmed" a

Not wishing to let it go at that, Ponkert pursued his train of thought,
"At first glance you seem native enough. But there's something
definitely oddball about you. Like how could you celebrate and go
whoring when your son has just been killed by a pack of wolves? Or where
is your queen? Surely there is a queen?"

The ruler still made no comment, but only sipped at the amber liquid
while staring at his companion over the edge of the glass.

"There's something about you which isn't what it seems. It's been
gnawing at me--something you said--it'll come to me in a minute."

Tomar lowered his glass, resting it on a hairy thigh. "Alien--that's the
word that fits you, Baron Ponkert-fits you like a glove!"

Ponkert's eyes met those of the king. "That's it! You described Cynda's
ass as fitting like a surgeon's glove! Where on Keller are there
surgeons that wear gloves! I bet you can't find one that washes his
hands yet-let alone wears antiseptic gloves!"

"Perhaps not on Keller," Tomar answered, "but on Earth, the same place
you learned of surgeon's gloves!"

Ponkert's eyes widened, but he made no comment.

"I'm as much an Earthman as you are. And I'll wager we arrived on Keller
via the same means. The difference only lies in the twenty-five years
I've had to adapt to this world and come to love it," Tomar said.

Ponkert searched his brain for any memories he had of missing rockets,
but drew a blank.

"The name's Thomas Martin. Simple to shorten it to Tomar. My ship was
The Wild Hare. The crash killed all the crew except me. I don't know
how, but I thank the gods of Ulfblom for my life," the ruler explained.

Without further urging, Tom Martin, or Tomar as he requested to be
called, also answered Ponkert's other questions. It seemed Cleve, the
Prince of Hort, was actually the son of Hort's previous ruler. A ruler
who had fallen under Tomar's challenging sword.

"For some reason, I always felt responsible for the boy's life and tried
to raise him as my son," he said, sipping at the wine. "There was never
any love lost between us. And lately the youth had been plotting my
overthrow. The wolves simply did a task I would have had to do, if I
were to remain king."

Tomar also explained that there had been a queen, Elf's mother, who had
died in childbirth.

"You saved my Elfgwynne, Ponkert, or whatever your name happens to be,"
the king said. "My daughter is more precious to me than this whole
planet--which is why I celebrate. I owe you a lot. Now tell me about

Ponkert briefly recounted the various adventures that had befallen him
since the emergency landing on Keller. He also explained his search for
the missing Jan.

"I will only be too glad to see that you are outfitted properly for your
journey," Tomar said. "But my wisest advice would be for you to adapt as
I did. I call upon the local gods. I also abide by the local
customs--which brings me to a very important matter."

Ponkert glanced at the stern face that stared at him.

"Elfgwynne has told me you have refused to accept her pledge of service
to you. Local customs dictate that you take her wherever you go. She is
yours. Don't get me wrong; she's my only daughter and I have no want to
see her go. But she is of age and it is her right!"

"And if I still refuse to accept her offer?" Ponkert questioned.

"Hopefully you won't. To refuse is the highest insult," the king
answered. "For me to retain even a semblance of dignity, I would have to
challenge you to a duel. This I would highly advise against. Because,
you see, I've had twenty-five years of experience with handling the
various blades of this planet, which you haven't. Despite my age, I
suspect I'm both stronger and faster than you."

Smug in his knowledge of karate, though he would loath having to use it
on his host, Ponkert replied, "That might be true, but perhaps you are
underestimating me."

"That I might be doing," Tomar laughed. "If that were the case, I guess
I'd have to put some of my old Earth learning to use. I was awarded my
sandan before my last flight from Earth. I've been diligent about
practising, too--a great asset on Keller."

Sandan. Ponkert gulped rather hard at the sound of the word. A third
degree black belt in Karate! He only held a shodan, the first degree
black belt. Tomar seemed to have tipped the scales very nicely, all in
his favour.

"You leave me with little choice, friend Tomar," Ponkert grinned at the
muscular king sheepishly. "But if you don't mind, I'd rather wait until
tomorrow to make my decision."

"Fine!" Tomar nodded, draining his glass. "Now we have two other lovely
ladies on tap that shouldn't be neglected."

Answering the echoing summons of Tomar's resounding hands, Leda and Mara
moved the curtains aside and stepped into the room of white satin.
Placing his wine aside, Ponkert let his eyes travel over the equally
inviting curves of the two pleasure girls.

"Ponkert," the Hortian ruler spoke, glancing at his companion out of the
side of his eyes. "I had first choice last time. Now it is your turn!"

Nodding appreciatively, Ponkert's gaze returned to the two beauties
awaiting his decision. While the auburn-haired, bosomy Leda had her
obvious attributes, the sultry Mara, posed seductively in her costume of
an odalisque beckoned to him with unspoken words.

"It's a hard choice, my friend," Ponkert commented, "but since I must
choose--I'll take Mara!"

Tomar's laughter boomed as his arms signalled the tremendous titted Leda
to him, "A wise choice, my young baron. Mara is an expert in the two
thousand and seven positions of the Antis Atla. While I seriously doubt
that any man and woman could achieve the acrobatics described in the
sacred book of love, Mara will make you think that all are possible!"

A somewhat lewd smile twisted the Earthman's lips as he watched the
small Mara approach. The girl's walk, was one of a hunting tigress fully
intent on seeking out and capturing her prey. There was no doubt that
her prey was one Chadwick Ponkert the Third!

Every muscle in the girl's supple body seemed to ripple, announcing that
they were trained--trained to please--trained to please a man! Ponkert's
groin stirred with lust as his eyes probed beneath the thin diaphanous
cloth that veiled her body.

Then she was before him, her naturally red lips and black eyes alive
with a smile that spelled out sexuality. Without a single word, her
hands stretched behind her back, pushing away the waist length strands
of raven black, shining hair and finding the clasp to the halter, hiding
her breasts.

The girl twisted her shoulders slightly to help the fabric fall free.
Smiling, she paused in her disrobing for a few seconds to allow the man
seated at her feet to get a full view of her breasts. Which is exactly
what Ponkert did. Unlike Jocelyn or Leda, his newest sex companion was
not over-endowed with mammary equipment. This girl's tits were more in
line with the size of apples--large, swollen-looking apples that
promised to be firm and sweet. Two quiescent, deep brown, fleshy
mushrooms slept innocently atop the proud balls, waiting to be aroused
by the hands of a man. His hands!

Her dark eyes glinting from beneath their slightly slanted lids and long
curving eyelashes, the small woman glided her palms slowly down her
sides and rubbed them over her thighs. Her fingers then found the tops
of her purple mesh-like briefs and slid them down. With no difficulty,
the girl slipped from the briefs and the attached lavender see-through
bloomers. She stood completely naked, except for a jewelled anklet that
circled just above a small right foot.

Smiling down at the obviously interested Earthman, letting her eyes drop
to briefly examine the jutting cock at his crotch, the girl said,
"Tomar, my king, was wrong. All positions described in the Antis Atla
can be achieved. However, there are those far more pleasurable than

I am new to your land and know little of Hortian volumes of carnal
delights," he answered.

The black-haired girl's smile grew larger, "While it is sad that you are
not acquainted with the holy book of love, it will give me great
pleasure to show you the various positions ... That is, if your stay in
Hort will allow the time needed?"

"The offer is quite tempting, my little imp. But I'm afraid it would
take years to explore the avenues you are offering," he smiled, reaching
for the girl and gently pulling her before him on the white pillows.
"For the time being, I will be satisfied with a sampling ... at your own

"I will do my best to please," she replied, letting her fingertips dance
over his thighs and finally teasingly trace the length of his erect
prick. "Does the 'Seat of Love' sound acceptable to milord baron?"

"Very much so," he mused, allowing his own fingers to gently brush over
the dark haloes of her small, but definitely interesting breasts. Hoping
he had not just stepped into some attempt at a
god-awful-impossible-pretzeled-rear-no-entry position, he continued.
"What would you like me to do?"

"Nothing," she answered in a soft whisper. "All you need to do is to sit
with your back against the wall, milord. I will do the rest."

Somewhat hesitant about the proposal, he gave up his playground of
mammary flesh and scooted his ass and the pillow beneath backwards.
"There! Up against the wall!"

"Now, relax," the pleasure expert commanded in a soothingly sexy voice.
"Relax, and I will do the rest."

Knowing that she held his undivided attention, the girl grasped his legs
and straightened them before him so that he was seated at a ninety
degree angle. Then on her knees, she straddled his outstretched limbs
and crawled forward. The thick black mat of down, brushed over her
vulva, tickled his thighs as she approached.

Seated in his lap with his fully erect cock nestled in the fur on the
outside of her mound of love, the girl reached down and gently stroked
the rod jutting up toward the flatness of her belly. Her tender caresses
fanned the fires that simmered in his groin.

Her fingers lightly moved over his thickening shaft. Brushing here and
there over the smooth sensitive skin of his prick, her frosted
fingernails scratched a pleasing agitation. Likewise, her other hand
wedged itself between the intimate contact of their crotches and found
his testicles. His breathing increased in deepness as her delightfully
cool fingers encompassed his sac and traced little swirls over his

While the girl lavished her manual dexterity over his cock and balls,
his hands once again moved to the firm, proud balls that formed her
breasts. His fingers glided over the summery flesh with the same
gentleness with which she massaged his sex. Like a kitten, rather than a
tigress, the raven-haired beauty straddling his legs purred under his
titillating administrations.

Cupping the heaving tits, his fingers kneaded the resilient flesh.
Around and around the miniature globes, he worked his digital magic,
drawing aroused moans from the girl's lips. Her hand tightened around
his pulsing rod as it began jerking up and down the swollen thickness of
his lust.

Continuing his circular path, his fingers climbed upward toward the dark
patches of flesh topping the firm hills. Then, when the still sleeping
nipples were within striking distance, he directed the attention of his
forefingers to the brown buds. Lightly he tapped at the small buttons of
pleasure, enjoying the sight as they thickened and swelled. In rapid,
friction-generating movements, his fingertips brushed around the
hardening nipples until they stood out like firm mushrooms perched
precariously on the sleek curvature of her breasts.

He smiled, noting the lust-laden gaze of the pleasure spe******t under
her half-closed eyelids. Then ducking his head slightly, he moved
forward. His lips reached out and lightly kissed the two stiff cherries
his fingers had created. The girl shivered with excitement under his
oral touch.

With no warning at all, his lips opened and captured one of the alluring
buds and he sucked, eliciting a series of prodigious moans from his
partner. The oral manoeuver also freed one of his hands to join the
girl's, which still skilfully did their best to ignite every bit of
pleasure they were capable of bringing.

Sliding his hand behind the tight grasp she held on his throbbing
manhood, his fingers wove their way through the forest of black, shining
pubic hairs furred over her vulva. With little difficulty, the probing
tip of his index finger dipped to the top of the pouting mouth of her
cunt. Teasingly, he entered the open gash, wetting his finger with the
heated juices flowing from her cunt.

The girl's body quivered visibly as his seeking finger delved between
the moist lips of her pussy. Sweeping waves of sensual arousement
coursed through her sleek thighs in anticipation of the intimate contact
that would come next.

She didn't have to wait long for the pleasure she sought. Edging his way
back toward the top of the trembling cleft of her sex, his touch found
the rising bulge of her clitoris. Manipulating the sensitive little
nubbin of lust, he cajoled it out from beneath the thin membrane that
hooded it. Beginning with soft brush-like strokes he played with the
extending little button until he rolled it lasciviously in the wetness
of her own excitement.

The tender attention he paid to her clit brought the results he sought.
The girl's breathing was now hard and deep. Intent little whimpers of
desire were constant on her lips. Her pelvis gyrated slowly against his
hand, urging him to harder and more fervent explorations.

As he prepared to oblige the woman's heightening need, she suddenly
pulled away from him. She panted and moaned under the desire that burned
within her body.

"No more--please," she pleaded between sucking intakes of breath. "You
will bring me to climax in no time this way--and I have other pleasures
planned for you."

A very pleased grin spread across the Earthman's face as he nodded his
approval of the girl's abrupt withdrawal. Without commenting further,
she placed her hands on his shoulders and rose above him on trembling
legs. The fleeting position allowed his eyes a brief glimpse of the
results of his arousing foreplay. The black pubic patch of her cunt now
glistened with the traces of the thick juices that filled and prepared
her vagina for what was to come next.

But what came next left his mind boggled with amazement. His years of
sexual adventures had left him unprepared for the strange and very
exciting method by which this small girl was proposing to fuck.

Still seated with his back against the white wall of satin, the
raven-haired lovely stood above him. The damp down of her mound of
pleasure tickled among the dark hairs of his chest. Glancing up, his
eyes were held by those of his alluring companion. She, in turn, eyed
the erect pole of flesh that pulsated hard and thick from his crotch.

The 'Seat of Love,' milord," she announced rather shakily.

Then without further comment, she began lowering herself toward the
glistening crown of the erect rod. Using the expert fingers of her right
hand, she reached down and guided the waiting rod to the descending lips
of her pussy. She knew exactly what she was doing. She had been trained
in the sensual arts of the Antis Atla. Easily, she positioned the
unyielding column of meat in the warm lips of her labia. Then in one
fluid motion that took his breath away, her hot pussy dropped, impaling
itself on his manliness. She grunted with pleasure under the swift

The dumbfounded Earthman opened his mouth to speak, but was unable to
find the words that expressed his amazement for the task this diminutive
beauty had just performed!

There was nothing unusual in having a woman seated in his lap with his
cock deeply entrenched in her cunt. Nor was it unusual for him to fuck
with the woman taking the normal male position on top. But the way this
most talented woman was fucking him was unusual--highly unusual!

To begin with, she wasn't seated in his lap. She was squatted over his
crotch with his cock jammed into the tight well of her vagina and the
warm curves of her ass brushing at his thighs. She smiled as his eyes
locked in on the fully exposed joining of prick and pussy.

Despite the fact that this small woman, even though a spe******t at her
trade--or art as the case was--was squatted before him, he couldn't
believe it was possible. The girl's legs were pressed at his sides,
touching the wall behind him. Her hands were locked on his shoulders for
support. As impossibly double-jointed as it seemed, it was happening.
And it was happening to him!

But before he could accustom himself to this strange and highly erotic
position, impossibility number two happened.

His cock was suddenly squeezed by a grasp that could only be described
as hand-like. Not only was this girl double-jointed as an acrobat, but
the muscles of her vagina were trained to take hold of a man and capture
him in a vise grip of pure sensation

Totally unbelieving and fully engrossed in the abilities of this beauty,
he did the only thing that he could. He groaned--long and low and

His eyes drifted closed as the girl, washed new waves of pleasure
through his body. She wiggled her hips a little and settled even further
down on his demanding prick. Firmly implanted in the liquid heat of her
cunt, the girl's vaginal muscles once more seized his pulsing length.
Another groan was pulled from the depths of his throat.

When his eyes finally opened, they were met by the searching gaze of his
companion. He smiled and the girl returned the smile, knowing her
trained abilities were serving their purpose.

It was then that he realized that the unusual position also afforded him
something that no other situation of man and woman had ever given him
before-- full range to manipulate his partner's clit and breasts, at the
same time.

Eagerly, his mouth found one of the lovely little tits and began to
nibble and suck at one of the deliciously plump dark nipples.
Simultaneously, he positioned one of his idle hands over the opposite,
unoccupied ball of flesh and kneaded it earnestly. The girl's moans
returned to her lips under the renewed fondling. They once again turned
to ardent groans as his fingers found the mouth of her sex and the
extended penis-imitating clit.

The girl tensed and the velvet-covered steel muscles of her cunt clamped
along his sexual lance. Her cuntal muscles were superbly trained and
under the control of an expert at their use.

Seated as he was, the Earthman could do little more than continue
lavishing her tits and clit with caresses, both oral and manual. It's
rather difficult to pump one's self into a cunt squatted above one's
thighs, but he didn't mind. Not in the least!

Relaxing the strong grasp on his shaft, the girl before and on him began
to move. With soft, silken insistence the warm walls of her vaginal
channel eased his cock from side to side. Through a mouthful of captured
tit, he moaned. She began a slow, rhythmic contraction of pussy, drawing
his breaths in short staccato bursts.

In a vain attempt, he tried to thrust up into the fantastic channel
above him. But his hips were pinned into the cushion of the pillow
beneath by the girl's weight. While her legs pressing warmly at the
sides of his chest did little to inhibit rocking his hips back and
forth, there was no need for such action. The girl's well-trained pussy
did a much finer and enjoyable job.

Adding to the already multiple sensations provided by the 'Seat of
Love,' the pleasure girl started to slowly rotate her hips. His trapped
rod moved with her body in long circles of languor. Following her
action, he increased the toying of his fingers on her clit. Almost in a
chain-reaction, the girl increased the speed of her squatting gyrations.

His balls were afire with boiling lust as the girl twisted and churned
her pelvis, whipping his aching cock around in the elastic folds of her
cunt. Faster and faster she worked and his fingers kept time with her
every move. In a desperate move, he pulled his mouth from the firm
breast that stuffed it to stop from being suffocated. He groaned loudly
as his mouth was freed from the ponderous mass of flesh. Her own moans
mixed and mingled with the sounds of the man she fucked in such a
provocative manner.

Abruptly, the girl added one more sensation of her sexual method. Using
the leverage of legs, braced securely against the wall, she began to
raise and lower herself on to his throbbing swollen column of sex.

There was absolutely no movement on his part. The girl, lost in lust and
desire to please the man she serviced, was fucking herself on his cock.
He didn't mind in the least. Instead, he relaxed, as, best as a man
could relax under such situations, and enjoyed every moment of it!

Squeezing and grasping, the steamy folds of her hot cunt milked the full
length and circumference of his shaft. Each hand-like tightening of her
muscle-toned cunt brought lust-filled groans from the Earthman.

Twisting and turning, she whipped his bludgeoning pole around and around
within the deep recesses of her vaginal channel. The swirling motion
drove him on to a fervid pitch of lust. He grunted and squeezed at the
ball of flesh held securely to the girl's chest. Her cries of pleasure
rolled from her lips as she worked and fucked at a zealous rate.

Rising and falling, she pumped and drilled the thick, lust-gorged shaft
of his manhood deep into the tunnel of her belly. Wetly, her crotch
slapped against his, as her buttocks bounced on his taut thighs.

As his dick swelled under her fanatical attentions, the surging demands
of his release blasted at his self-control like waves against a dam. Her
hips gave a quick twist and her pelvis leaped up until the barest
contact of cock and cunt was left. Then she dropped, plummeting herself
along the pulsating cylinder of his shaft. The impact was like that of a
piledriver, sending further sexual jarrings to his weakening balls.

First encircling him in quivering, velvety, swirling, squeezing cunt,
then wrenching free so that only the super-sensitive crown of his prick
remained within her--then she descended, shooting his rod into her

Holding himself back until the black-haired beauty whimpered and cried
as her body was jolted with blast after blast of her own orgasmic
universe, he came. As she swirled her contracting cunt around his
pounding cock, trying to drain every ounce of pleasure out of it she
could, he blew his balls off deep into the fiery interior of her belly.

A veritable lava flow of steamy hot white cream spewed from his
testicles like a geyser. Pleasure spasms controlled his body as he
thrashed and writhed under the prolonged release of his lust. Spurt
after blazing fountain of sperm and semen pushed its way up the narrow
shaft drilled down the centre of his prick, searing its full length with
ecstasy as it rushed forth. The sensitive crown of his rod was washed in
sexual fire that scalded him in pleasure as he emptied his thick load of
come into the willing girl.

Jet after jet of his love juices rocketed out from his groin,
splattering and coating the contracting walls of the girl's
cock-gratified pussy. So much did he overload the quivering trembling
slash of her sex, that his own come oozed out from the clingy lips of
her cunt and dripped over the tightly drawn sac at his scrotum,
drenching it.

Drained and exhausted from her own tumultuous release, the small
pleasure-trained woman, who had so ably fucked the hell out of him,
weakly rolled from her squatting position and collapsed in the billowy
pillows at their side. Only the wall that had supported him throughout
the whole fantastic ordeal stopped him from following suit and lying
limply at her side.

Only when their duet of satisfied panting and moaning subsided to some
semblance of normal breathing, did Ponkert reach out and pull the still
quivering Mara to his side. Neither Earthman nor Hortian pleasure girl
could do more than cling to each other as they stared through
pleasure-dulled eyes to King Tomar and his second companion of the
evening, Leda, who were cuddled in a similar manner across the white

"You provide a damn good show, my young baron," the brawny ruler
cajoled. "Enough so that I might have you put on a performance at my
next feast. Would beat the hell out of some pansy-worded minstrel!"

"I'm afraid a public performance would deflate my pubic one," Ponkert
answered. "Would have more shock value if you dropped your own drawers
and heartily tapped one of the ladies of the court, my lecherous liege!"

Tomar's bawdy laughter rolled out of his mouth from the depths of his
barrel-like chest, "Are you in a wagering mood, my friend Ponkert? A
thousand silver bobs says I can get Leda off before you can bring Mara!"

"You old reprobate!" Ponkert grinned. "How could a penniless baron wager
such a sum? If you need an excuse to fuck her again, just go ahead. But
this time, I'm just a spectator"

"I think perhaps I should've tested your endurance before bestowing a
title on your head," the Hortian king laughed. "But if that is your
decision, I will seek my own sport!"

With a snort of mock-disgust, the muscular ruler rolled to his broad
side and queried the auburn-headed and titantic-titted Leda, "How are
those titillating breasts of yours?"

Realizing the rulers intent, the seductively posed girl flicked her
tongue over her lips and replied, "Ignored, milord. They never seem to
get the attention that their size deserves"

"Hasn't anyone ever told you it wasn't ladylike to brag, woman?" he

"Who ever said I was a lady?" the pleasantly plump girl answered,
cupping a hand under one of the tantalizing over-sized jugs and shoving
it toward her royal bed partner.

"Hmmmmmm?" he mused, eyeing the tempting portion of woman flesh so
willingly offered, "Don't mind if I do."

He eagerly grabbed her and began devouring her overstocked supply of
titflesh with his ready mouth. Lips and tongue coursed over the
generously proportioned mounds of quivering, juggling breasts. Intent on
completely eating one of the mountainous mammaries, he crammed as much
of one of the gigantic orbs into his mouth as he could. Loud slurping
sounds filled the room.

Playfully, his teeth lightly bit into the marshmallowy pillow, then he
increased his pressure. The girl whimpered with pleasure as the familiar
feeling of pain and delight rippled through her excited body. As his
tongue probed hard against the brownish mushroom-like nipple topping the
billowy mountain, one of his bands reached up and clutched her
unoccupied tit. In almost brutal fashion, his fingers dug into the soft
pliable flesh, leaving red imprints to mark his manhandling.

When his mouth tired of its perch atop the tasty mountainous tit, he
moved his attentions to the silken valley spread between the two
enormous breasts. Writhing and moaning with delight, the girl hugged his
head as his tongue licked over the tepid skin it found. Eventually, the
king's mouth worked its way out of the pleasurable valley and nibbled up
the sleek contour of her opposite tit. Within a few moments there was no
doubt who was king of this fleshy mountain of desire.

"Fuck me!" The girl writhed and twisted beneath the oral assault.
"Please let me feel that huge stallion's cock of yours!"

The brawny man pulled his mouth away from the girl and grinned lustily
down at her desire-veiled eyes. His fingers teasingly tweaked at her
desire-fattened nipples.

"Fuck you, I will, wench," he leered. "But this time, it will be my way!
My cock will ravish and rape these delightfully pretty tits!"

Aroused moans came from the girl at the mere suggestion of his

Ponkert, who watched from the sidelines, wondered if Tomar's
chestnut-haired beauty shared the same tit sensitivity as Jocelyn. One
thing that was certain, the Hortian king was going to find out!

Without hesitating further, Tomar pushed himself up and straddled the
wanton woman who stretched out atop one of the white pillows. Locking
her trembling body between his powerful legs, he seated himself just
below the bulging mountains of her breasts. Quivering in anticipation,
she reached and directed his hands to her ample jugs. Lewdly grinning,
he leaned forward on the twin watermelons of flesh trying to flatten
them. In reaction, the girl writhed and groaned.

Next his hands forced the super-sized mounds together. He worked and
played to his heart's content. And there was a lot for him to work with!
The white, resilient flesh quivered and trembled as he molded and
sculpted the pliable flesh as if it were living putty. Eventually, and
with the help of the girl's own hands that had joined his, the
reddish-brown-tipped mountains were pressed tightly together, awaiting
the promised tit fucking they both wanted.

Moving his hands to either side of the girl's head, the enormous man
hung above his partner. His hips eased forward until the thick tip of
his manhood nudged at the tight crease between the tremendous tits.

Then in one powerful, surging thrust, he invaded, plowing a small tunnel
of pleasure through the tightly held pillows of flesh. Grunting and
groaning, he forced his way between the two breasts and the red crown of
his prick emerged on the far side. Man and woman, king and pleasure
girl, moaned under the blasts of desire that raced through their bodies.

The tight confines of her breasts closed in, hot and pulsing, around his
swollen cock. The girl began kneading and shoving her tits closer
together. The constriction increased and he felt the soft flesh clamp
down along his entire throbbing length.

His bands securely anchored in the softness of the pillow beneath them,
he pulled his aching ramrod back out the tit-walled tunnel, then
pistoned forward for another trip through the lust-igniting tunnel. The
friction of cock against breast incited a fresh chorus of moans and
groans from the both of them.

Without warning, he stepped up the frequency of his thrusts. His
desire-thickened shaft battered at the girl's breasts harder and harder.
Within a few short seconds her breathing came in a volley of short
desperate gasps. In spite of his tremendous weight, she bowed her back
and lifted her tits upward in an attempt to more fully encompass the
captive shaft of his sex.

Again and again, he slammed home until her hyper-sensitive tits drove
her over the threshold of endurance into the twisting, writhing throes
of ecstasy. Her piteous cries of pleasure filled the room. But rather
than ceasing his attack, the wanton release of his partner only drove
the king on. He surged in and out of the now hot and sweat-lubricated
channel between her breasts. Over and over he drilled his fleshy tool
until she wailed in a high-pitched voice announcing that she had once
more been whipped into orgasm.

When at last her eyes fluttered open from her second release, she smiled
up at the man still pumping his swollen, angry-looking cock between her
tits. Amazed, she saw he had yet to reach his own release.

Craning her neck, she watched as the fiery piston of pleasure drove in
and out of the tight-pressed tunnel. Suddenly, her lips parted and her
tongue snaked out, flicking lightly over the lust-gorged glans of the
shaft. It was his turn to groan.

As the friction-reddened rod plunged through the fleshy channel again,
the girl's mouth opened and accepted it. Her tongue speared at the thick
crown, trying to enter the tiny pinprick bole at the centre of the
bludgeoning arrowhead.

With such an inviting target at the end of each stroke through the
caressing tunnel of tit, he increased the speed of his rhythm. Pounding,
he drove forward, then wrenched back. He slid through her breasts and
plunged into the open entrance to her mouth.

She sucked and licked at him, lavishing a flourish of oral caresses each
time his cock presented itself to her lips. Her excited breathing caused
the gap between her super jugs to open and close as her chest heaved. As
she exhaled, the path closed and he drove forward with such force that
his balls slammed into the milk white slopes. The turgid head of his
cock emerged at the opposite end of the tunnel and shot into her mouth.
He pulled away as she inhaled, and slithered back out the amply padded

Although her combination of oral and breast caresses were directed at
bringing her royal lover to a climax, the virile feel of his hard length
ramming between her tits and his bulbous organ throbbing alive in her
mouth ignited another orgasm in her already pleasure wracked body. White
hot lances of delight seared through the open nerve endings of her being
as she abandoned herself in another release.

Grunting under his own need to release the blazing load of his balls,
the ruler pumped recklessly into the soft tunnel of her chest. Harder
and harder, faster and faster, he lanced his way through the
friction-heated path. His groans and moans grew to bull-like roars as
the hard knot of his desire forced its way through the pulsing length of
his manhood.

His bestial grunts brought the girl quickly back from the oblivion of
her ecstasy. Again her eyes opened and her neck strained up to allow her
mouth to possess the ramrodding piston of lust.

Her actions came just in time. The first spurts of his coming blasted
forth from the slit in the end of his cock as her lips touched the
exploding glans. Simultaneously, her hands released the hold she held on
her breasts. The movement allowed him to slide fully into the welcoming
shelter of her mouth to unleash the pent up load he carried in his

The girl's lips clamped tightly around the thick circumference of his
shaft as she accepted him. She sucked and ate at the meaty stalk of sex
as the man above her lurched and trembled with pleasure.

Working double-time to keep from drowning in the ocean of semen and
sperm, he gratefully blasted into her mouth. She swallowed, carrying the
thick cream to her belly. Her head bobbed and her throat twitched as she
strove to drink every heated drop of his come. She gulped down mouthful
after mouthful of his burning jism, and then sucked hard at his swollen
organ as if begging for more.

Finally, the king's release-weakened arms gave way and he twisted to
stop from collapsing on the willing girl beneath him. The sudden action
wrenched his detumescent cock from her mouth and a trail of semen
dribbled down her chin. Through pleasure-laden eyes, he watched as her
pink tongue curled out and artfully corralled the wayward droplets.
Capturing the white pearls of come, her tongue returned to her mouth and
she once more swallowed. A very contented smile crossed her face.

Weakly, the ruler raised himself to his elbows after regaining a portion
of his strength. He grinned at Ponkert who sat with Mara watching the
whole sexual feat.

"Tis a shame you would not bet. I'd have a handsome purse of silver
now," Tomar chuckled. "I counted no less than nine orgasms from her.
Possibly ten!"

"Ten?" the fully-sated Leda questioned at his side. "Ten, milord? There
were only four. Possibly five, but ... "

Grunting, the brawny Tomar rolled the girl over and swatted the plump
ass he had upturned, "By the gods of Ulfblom! Am I to stay here all
night and argue with you, wench? You were too busy, to count! Must I
bring you ten more times so you'll know what it's like?"

The girl twisted her head and smiled coyly from beneath the auburn locks
of her hair. "Would you, milord?"

Snorting in disgust, his palm applied another stinging swat to her ass
cheeks. "Enough, I said!"

Turning back to Ponkert, he continued, "They can't get enough in this
damned place! They'd have screwed me into an early grave if I'd have
given them half the chance!"

Unable to speak because of his laughter, Ponkert just nodded his head in
acceptance of the king's words.

Rising from his seat in the white pillows, Tomar called for his clothes.
Two serving girls answered the summons and began dressing him.

"Come along, Baron Ponkert," he urged the Earthman. "Forget that willowy
piece of fluff you're fondling. I know this other pleasure house down
the street where ... "

Chapter 8

"Ponkert, look! There--by the roadside--a rose!" Elf's excited words
drew him from his idle thoughts of the events that transpired since his
emergency landing on this strange planet.

Tugging his loyal Richard, the cowardly mankil, to a halt, the Earthman
watched as the girl slid from the back of her mount and trotted toward
the deep red bloom.

He smiled to himself, remembering the weapons demonstration Tomar had
provided the morning following their night of wenching in the Hortian
pleasure houses. The ruler's skill with the various swords and lances of
Keller had been enough for the Earthman to reconsider his decision not
to take Elf with him. There was no need to duel to the death--especially
when there didn't seem to be the least chance that he would emerge the
victor from such a battle.

He also had to admit that during his brief stay in Hort the ribald king
of that city had grown to be the closest thing to a friend he had on
this planet. If for no other reason than that, he had no desire to lock
swords with Tomar.

Besides, his decision to take Elf along with him had resulted in Tomar
outfitting him with the finest equipment available. The long sword,
battle-axe and dagger hanging from his waist were superb. Tempered steel
that would stand up to the strongest blows of any foe.

Of course, there was Elf. The young girl had been more than valuable
during their week's journey from her home city. Her knowledge of the
terrain had saved him at least a week's extra ride. And her woodsmanship
had provided a ceaseless variety of delectable repasts each evening. Not
to mention her companionship. The girl was a veritable wealth of
information about Keller. During their endless hours of bouncing on the
backs of their sturdy steeds, he had never tired of her explanations of
various sights they passed. She had also provided a history of Keller's
development. From what Ponkert could make of the various legends and
myths she told, Keller had grown from the remnants of a derelict
colonial rocket from Earth. The lost voyage had long been forgotten by
the mother planet, which was to his advantage. If the Earth's residents
had known about Keller, they would have come in the teeming millions. Of
course, this was exactly what he planned once he located Jan.

He fully realized places like Hort, and people like Tomar and his
daughter Elf, would be the losers if such a venture succeeded, but then
this was a dog-eat-dog universe and if he didn't look out for himself,
nobody else would!

"Look, Chad!" Elf panted as she remounted her mankil, which bore the
name Harl. Unlike his own Richard, Harl was a stunted animal and
entirely docile.

"This is quite a rarity." the hazel-eyed girl exclaimed, holding the
carmine flower out for his examination. "This rose grows wild in the
forest of Hogue, but are seldom found. Some say the petals can be
crushed and the slightest drop mixed with wine forms a powerful
elixir--an aphrodisiac."

Ponkert smiled at his impish companion, "What would you want with a love

"Milord, I have no need of such a brew," she glared somewhat
contemptuously at him. "But there are those that do!"

Her heels nudged her mount forward without another word. The girl's eyes
stared straight ahead as she settled to the back of her mankil. The rest
of the day's journey continued in much the same manner. The silence
irritated him for some strange reason. Even when he suggested they stop
for the night, she merely grunted and gave a curt nod of her head.

As he bedded their mounts down for the night, the girl went about
lighting a small fire and laying out their equipment. With Richard and
the diminutive Harl safely hobbled, he announced his plans of scouting
the area for direwolf spoor. In reply, Elf curtly informed him of her
intention of bathing in a stream running about a hundred yards from
their campsite, and that if he needed anything further from her, he
could find her easily enough.

More than a little perplexed by her attitude, the Earthman strolled off
into the dense forest surrounding the small clearing in which they had
made their camp. He had obviously said something that had insulted the
girl and now she was retaliating by denying him her companionship. Not
quite the way for a woman who had offered her life to him to act.
Although he tried to shrug off the cold shoulder she had presented, it
still bothered him for some reason which he couldn't explain.

Trying to take his mind off the girl, he pulled his sword from its
scabbard and took a couple of swipes at an imaginary opponent that
suddenly appeared before him. The imaginary villain deftly done in by
his expert swordsmanship, Ponkert carefully examined, the fine
workmanship that went into the blade. Laying the sword aside on the
ground, he pulled out his battle-axe and admired it. Although he had yet
to use the weapons, they gave him a feeling of security in this world of
knights, kings and fair damsels in distress.

At last he slipped his favourite gift from Tomar from its metal sheath,
as he placed the battle-axe on the ground next to his sword. The weapon
was a long dagger that looked more like a bowie knife than anything
else. It was of Tomar's own design and, like the other two blades, a
figure of a half-man, half-wolf was etched into its silvered steel near
the hilt. A werewolf! Tomar's own reminder of his destroyed ship. Also
symbolic of the pack of direwolves he had defeated to save Elf, the king
had explained.

Unclasping his cumbersome cape and laser pistol holster, also provided
by Elf's grateful father, and laying them on the ground, the Earthman
balanced the dagger in his hand. Again an imaginary opponent appeared
from out of the forest. Grinning he jumped at the mock foe, whose size
and strength rivalled that of King Kong. Stabbing and lashing in a
brilliant show of dexterity, the imagined villain was vanquished in a
matter of moments.

Smiling, self-assured, Ponkert stepped back and admired his skill with
the blade. His grin abruptly faded when an ear-splitting scream pierced
the silent forest.

The cry for help had not faded before, the Earthman, clutching his
dagger was racing through the thick brambles toward the source of

Reaching the edge of the small pond, he was immediately met by the sight
of a monstrous snake writhing and splashing near the shore to his left.
Elf, struggling uselessly, was caught in the thickness of the creature's
green and brown splotched rings. The gigantic snake, a waterboa, was
methodically crushing the life from her body.

Hollowness filled him as he rushed forward toward the encoiled woman.
His foolishness in the woods had left him armed with only the dagger he
clutched in his right hand. A feeble weapon with which to slay a
seventeen foot monster that had just slithered up from the swamps of

With only the thought of freeing the girl from the twisting body,
Ponkert lashed out at the hell-creature. The blade struck a deep groove
in the shining green near one of its eyes. The action brought what he
wanted, the snake's attention was diverted from Elf momentarily.

Like an unholy living whip of flesh, the waterboa's great triangular
head struck out, its gaping mouth snapping closed on Ponkert's forearm.
While the beast lacked the teeth that normally line a mouth, it had two
wickedly curved fangs which it used to hold its prey. It was these that
savagely sunk into the Earthman's arm, burning like twin daggers.

Transferring his blade to his left hand, Ponkert's right hand closed
around the thick scaly neck of the creature, gripping as tight as
possible to stop those dangerous fangs from adding further torment.
Connected fangs in his flesh and a hand grasping its neck, the
dagger-armed man began to step backwards in a straight line to avoid the
coils that slithered free from Elf as the devil-snake turned all its
attentions to the new challenge.

Repeatedly, the bowie knife-like dagger slashed out trying to cut its
way into the white underside of the snake. The damage the Earthman
inflicted was slight. Armor-like scales deflected the main impact of
Ponkert's blows before the sharp point of his knife could sink into the
vital flesh beneath.

Its bloated trunk completely free of Elf, the snake now whipped its
heavy body forward, trying to ensnare its newest prey in its deadly
twisting coils. Ponkert's legs carried him above the ensnarling living
whip time and time again. However, he realized it was only a matter of
time before the results of this uneven match became evident and he fell
victim to the creature's deadly, crushing embrace.

His attention turned back to the snake's head. Again and again, he tried
to drive the flashing blade into the loathsome eyes of the writhing
creature. But again and again, his attempts were in vain, as the
ponderous monster twisted and coiled away from the striking tooth of
steel. Ponkert held back his want to scream out in agony, as the snake's
movements twisted the fangs still held in his bleeding arm.

Almost before he realized what had happened, a slithering coil trapped
his right leg. He went down to his knees, prepared for the ponderous
mass of snake that would soon encompass his body. But before it could
lash out with its ensnaring rings of scaled death, Ponkert felt a
violent shock transmitted through the snake's mouth. The Earthman's eyes
flashed up and saw Elf lifting a huge rock above her head. The rock
descended with a fleshy thud onto the snake's thick back.

The new attack from the rear was all that was needed to again divert the
monster's attention. Taking advantage of the opening given to him,
Ponkert drove his blade forward, slicing it into the creature's eye. He
felt the slight resistance of bone, then the dagger drove into the

In an unearthly scream, the gargantuan opened its mouth, freeing its
fangs from the arm it had held. Geysers of thick green blood boiled from
the pit that had once contained its eye, as Ponkert scrambled back.
Screaming again the monster convulsed and collapsed dead on the bank of
the stream, its huge coils continued to quiver in reflex action.

Shaking visibly from the near-death encounter, Ponkert called out to the
girl, who dropped her rock on the monster for one last time, "Are you
all right?"

"Yes," Elf replied, her voice going at full quiver. "But your arm?"

Before he knew it, the girl was at his side, leading him into the cold
stream. Her hands urged him to sink into the washing current.

"It's not poisonous," she said rinsing the blood and grime from his
wound. "But it needs to be cleaned and bandaged to stop infection."

He didn't protest, but insisted that she also look after any possible
injuries she might have sustained. Following his directions, she dipped
into the water and washed the muck of the fight from her body. A body
that Ponkert suddenly realized was nude!

"Nothing but a few bruises that will be sore in the morning. Nothing to
worry about," she announced.

He nodded and smiled. As the girl helped him from the water, he realized
that his first impressions of Elf, and those he had made during their
week together, were completely off base.

Any thoughts he had gathered that Elfgwynne of Hort was a young,
undeveloped tomboy were completely dispelled by her nakedness. As his
eyes travelled over her pleasing curves while they walked back to the
campsite, he realized that it was this girl's subtle beauty that had
been slowly insinuating itself into his psyche during the past week and
had caused his recent worry.

Elf was young, but far from underdeveloped. She was merely small boned.
Her bare body presented the picture of a delicate, finely crafted
Dresden china doll. Her lithe body moved in the regal grace he had first
detected that day after he had defeated the direwolves. Her shoulders
were thrust back fully displaying two firm, proud breasts that heaved as
she breathed. Two delightfully pink, blossom-like nipples were
prominently placed at the tips of the fleshy cones. While her breasts
were nothing like the super tits of Jocelyn or Leda at the House of
White Satin, they were far from lacking. They were high and firm with
slightly upturned blushing nipples. In proportion with the rest of her
body, they matched perfectly.

Her legs were just long and supple enough to be described as elegant.
Her calves held a soft, muscular look and her thighs were fully
developed, holding the strength to grasp and please a man. As they
reached the blazing glow of the campfire, his eyes were drawn to the
downy patch of chestnut fur that bushed below the sleek plain of her
flat stomach. The flickering flames were caught in the droplets of water
still held there and were ignited like a thousand sparkling gems.

Elfgwynne of Hort was definitely not a tomboy, his mind repeated. She
was a woman! And a very desirable one!

"Do you think I need an aphrodisiac to win a man?" she questioned as he
sat on the ground near the fire.

Reading the seriousness in her almost green hazel eyes, he suddenly
realized the reason for Elf's earlier coldness. An expert woodsman, an
expert swordsman and raised by her father, the girl had become a tomboy
to the point of even wearing her hair cut short in the rough shaggy
hairdo. But she was a woman and knew it. Still her almost manly life had
left doubts in her mind about her womanhood and her powers of attraction
for the opposite sex.

"No," he assured her in a soft but determined voice. "You have
absolutely no need of that rose you found today."

"Are you sure?" she questioned, as she wrapped a white bandage around
his forearm and tied it securely.

"Yes," he replied letting his eyes linger over the gentle curves of her
body a little longer than necessary. "You are very beautiful. Probably
far much more than you realize."

"And I have no need of the rose?" she continued

"None at all," he smiled.

"Good," she grinned, then changing the subject. "You're shivering!"

"It's the coolness of the night and these soaking wet clothes," he

"Get out of them and get into your bedroll. That'll get you warm," she

Following her directions, he lifted himself from the ground and walked
to his laid-out bedroll. With a little bit of diff1culty caused by his
stiffening arm, he managed to strip down to his home-made jock strap,
then prepared to climb into the soft bed.

"Get that off, too!" Elf ordered from behind him. "I don't want you
catching a cold."

Glancing over his shoulder, he sheepishly grinned at the girl, realizing
he had never fully stripped before her during their week together. But
shrugging his shoulders, he pulled the jock strap and nutcup down, and
dropped it atop the pile of his other clothes.

Elf walked to his side and gathered up the wet clothing and began laying
it out before the fire to dry as he once again prepared to get into his
sleeping bag.

"Did you know that these sleeping bags are of a special design?" she
suddenly questioned.

"No," he answered, studying the bedroll with a puzzled look.

"They are," she continued in a nonchalant voice. "They are designed so
they can be fastened together into one large bag--big enough to hold two

His groin lurched at the words that he had just heard and he turned to
the girl still arranging his clothes by the fire.

Somewhat unbelieving and astonished, he questioned, "Elf, am I reading
you right? Or did you just proposition me?"

Innocently, her eyes met his and she replied, "I know nothing of
propositions, but there is a tradition in Hort that if a man saves a
young woman from danger, he has the right ... "

"... to bed the woman," he finished her statement. "Yes, I know. I've
had a run in with that custom."

The sorrel-haired Hortian princess went on, "Twice now you have saved me
from death and yet you have refused to exercise your privilege. I think
that I have need of my rose."

"You don't have to use that damned flower," he said, trying to think of
some polite way of telling this girl, that had just offered to jump into
bed with him, that he had never seen her as a woman before.

"Is it because I'm a virgin that you find me so unattractive," she

Virgin! The word blasted through his mind leaving him slightly more than
a little unsure and confused. Fumbling for some answer, he blurted out,
"A sleeping bag in the middle of the forest is no place to be offering
your maidenhead. Besides, your father is a close friend of mine, what
would he think?"

The words sounded every bit as foolish to him as they were. Here was a
very sexy and attractive girl offering her cherry and it had him

"Tomar would be happy!" she exclaimed. "He says I should have been lain
years ago. But most men are afraid of him and what he would do. They
were less a man for their fears. I wouldn't want them touching me, much
less endure their lovemaking!"

Suddenly faced with the realization that he was about to have his first
confrontation with a virgin in a very large number of years, he walked
to the girl still kneeling by the fire.

"Would you like to show me how to put these sleeping bags together?" he
said, holding his hand down to her.

The helping hand wasn't needed. A bundle of very pleased and very lovely
almost-a-woman sprang up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips
pressed against his in a loud and wet kiss.

"Thank you" she whispered. "I knew you would be the one. I knew it!"

He grinned into the sparkling eyes before him, "I'm the one that should
be thanking you. It's not often I get an offer this hard to refuse ... "

Her lips smothered his once again and her tongue flicked over his

When at last she pulled away, he continued. "Somehow, I get the feeling
that your father had some hand in this!"

"Oh, he did! As we left he said that if I returned a virgin from this
trip, he would disown me!" she laughed. "Now warm yourself by the fire
while I prepare the sleeping bags."

Slipping herself from his arms, she trotted to the bags and began to
button them together. Completed, she slid into the one gigantic bag and
signalled him to join her.

Chuckling to himself in disbelief, he did just that, thinking, I'm about
to deflower this lovely, enticing girl to stop her from being disowned.
The rationalization did little good, and soon was forgotten as he felt
Elf's warm body snuggled against his side.

"I want you," she whispered softly in his ear.

His lips covered hers in answer. Teasingly his tongue parted her willing
lips and darted into the warm sweetness of her mouth. As their tongues
toyed and played with one another, his hands roved over the sleek,
smoothness of her body, soothing and gentling her; yet at the same time,
letting her know that he knew what was coming next and would lead her
into pleasures that had lain dormant in her young body.

His every movement was slow and deliberate, allowing her time to get
used to a man's caressing hand on her body. He had no intention of
raping this girl who so openly offered herself to him. Tenderness was
the key word to his foreplay. He was in no rush to ravish her. They had
the night for their love-making, and if it took that long to have
everything right, he would take it.

Unlike so many ignorant husbands back on Earth, he realized that his
performance, not hers was what mattered tonight. The first sexual
experience for a woman determined what would develop and grow later. For
the man who hopped on, stuck it in and blew his balls, there was the
reward of a totally cold, frustrated woman who hated the very thought of
having sex. But for the man who was willing enough to care of his woman,
to take the needed time to soothe her fears and understand the
strangeness of the first sexual encounter, there was a woman waiting
that enjoyed and needed sex as much as he did.

It was this knowledge that guided Ponkert's every motion. His mouth left
her lips only when her breathing increased and she was ready for further
stimulations. Then his lips, tongue, and teeth teased and taunted their
way over the gentle slopes of her neck and shoulders.

When her moans deepened with desire and her body writhed its softness
against his, he allowed his hands to tenderly slip from her back and
arms, and lightly cup the young cones of her firm breasts. Likewise,
there was no roughness to his manipulations. Soothingly, his palms and
fingers stroked the silken-softness at the base of the twin peaks until
they heaved with desire for his touch. Then he prolonged the light
swirling of his experienced fingers as they travelled up the trembling
mounds. His deliberately slow titillation of this willing girl brought
whimpers of delight from her lips as his fingertips sought and found the
quiescent nipples perched atop her proud breasts.

Awakened to the touch of a man, her body strained to increase its
closeness to his. Trembling and quivering with a new found arousal, she
moaned and nibbled at his ear, letting him know that what he was doing
was good.

But all the pleasure was not hers. As he gave, he received. Aside from
the fact that he had one hell of a desirable woman beside him, and one
who wanted him, he was filled with the fact that he was igniting
never-before-felt emotion and desire within her. Feelings and desires he
understood and helped her to attain to the fullest.

Moving downward with his mouth, his lips and tongue replaced his hands
on her sensually warming breasts. Once again she gave a series of
whimpering little pleasure cries as his tongue lavished soft caresses
over and around the sensitive buttons that his fingers had brought to a
plump hard stiffness. When at last he sucked at the sweetness of her
breasts, he did so gently, but with enough force that she knew he
desired her as much as she did him. Moaning in deep satisfaction, her
back arched to him trying to force more of the willing flesh into his
mouth. An offer which he did his best to accommodate.

While his mouth busied her now fully sexually fired breasts, his hands
stroked up and down the velvet like curves of her sides. As his fingers
moved toward the firm flat plain of her young stomach, he soothingly
danced little swirls to calm the quivering anticipation of the unknown.
Easily, his hand and fingers played and reassured her for his next

Slowly, but with gentle determination, he allowed one of his hands to
slide to the summery warmth of her supple thighs. The girl moaned with
the new intimate contact of his exploring hands, realizing he was
inching his way closer and closer to his ultimate goal. He fondled and
teased the outside of her thigh until her legs spread to him,
voluntarily and completely under their own desire. But still he soothed
and assured her, not wishing to move in too soon.

Far from remaining motionless, her hands explored the muscular expanse
of his broad back. She was thrilled as she felt the thick muscles roll
beneath the manly feel of his skin. Almost in imitating fashion, she
allowed her hands to follow the direction of his.

Lovingly she caressed the fullness of his shoulders, then drifted her
fingers to the forest of hairs sprouting on his chest. Tickling her way
through the curly mat, she found his nipples as he had found hers.
Lightly rolling them with the tips of her fingers, enjoying feeling them
come alive under her ministrations and grow to hard little pebbles of

Unhesitant about her explorations, she followed the path his hands were
taking on her body, only on his. Her hands glided softly down his sides
and played among the hairs on his hard stomach. Likewise, she rubbed the
warmth of his thigh and even allowed her fingers to trace over the
contours of his taut buttocks. Her pleasure soared as he moaned and
pressed tightly against her. Gooseflesh rippled along her body as she
felt the hard length of his sex roll aroused over her thigh. She
realized that it was stiff and erect for one reason and only one

Continuing his teasing caresses, he moved his palms into the warm
softness of her inner thigh. As the girl he now controlled groaned with
increased desire, he stroked over the tender smoothness. Higher and
higher, he worked his hand, allowing her to accustom herself to its
tantalizing touch. Then when she was prepared for it to move to her
waiting mound of willingness, his palm floated over her vulva, barely
tickling the auburn-coloured down there and repeated the same gentle
caresses on her opposite thigh.

"Ohhhh," she moaned in a throaty, aroused voice of passion. "God, it
feels soooo good. Please--please touch me!"

Then, and only then, did he allow his hand to glide to the waiting bulge
of her mound of love. Lightly, he encompassed the quivering vulva with
his hand, feeling the excited thrill of pleasure shoot through her body
and exit from her trembling lips as pleading little whimpers.

His hand moved with a pressure that was no more than a soft petting of
the silken down covering her sex. Gradually, as she moaned and writhed
her approval, he increased the force of his fingers and palm to a
healthy fondle. Her body trembled and quaked in response and was asking
for more.

Obliging, he now massaged the willing mound in a steady almost kneading
fashion. Her lips and teeth that nipped delightfully at his neck, told
him that she had accepted his touch, loved it, and wanted more.

The dampness that welled from her newly excited depths and touched his
massaging hand signalled that she was truly ready for him to proceed. As
he worked back and forward on the trembling swell of her cunt, he slid
his index finger into the crease of her labia and ran it lengthwise up
and down the heated slash. Each stroke brushed against the awakening
button of her clitoris, igniting a fire of passion that could be
satisfied by but one method. Her moans and groans of desire told him she
was prepared for that.

Once more possessing her mouth with his lips, he rolled atop the willing
girl. His hand continued its pleasureful stroking and massaging until he
felt the tenseness escape from her body.

"I am ready," she urged in a deep passionate voice. "Now, please, I am
ready for you in me!"

Reaching out with his vulva massaging hand, he grasped the thick end of
his cock, while he used his thumb to open the entrance to her vagina.
Gently, he guided the swollen pole of his sex into the outer lips of her
labia. Throbbing in the liquid beat of her excitement, he lay motionless
letting her feel the demanding smoothness of his cock.

He lifted himself above the girl, so that he was fully raised on his
extended arms. He smiled down at her assuringly.

"I am coming in you now," he whispered, allowing her to prepare for his

Her eyes sparkled back at him and she urged him on with her reply, "All
at once. I want you all at once!"

His buttocks drew taut as he prepared for the thrust that would follow.
His breath sucked in deep. Then he lunged!

In one swift, fluid surge, he sent his cock against the thin membrane of
her hymen, the last guardian of her virginity. The head of his rod felt
the slight resistance the wall of skin gave as he shot through into the
exquisite tightness of her soft virgin channel. Immediately he was aware
of the tenseness in her body as a sharp blast of pain coursed through
her open nerve endings at the breaking of her maidenhead. Motionless, he
lay within her as the walls of her vulnerable cunt closed tightly around
the bulky invader.

"It hurt!" she moaned. "It hurt and it feels so big!"

"Yes," he whispered, in an assuring tone. "I know, but it will never
hurt again. I promise."

Remaining motionless until she relaxed, he then eased his shaft from the
opened mouth of her belly. She groaned with the sudden movement and
tightened again. As she relaxed, he once more slid back into the liquid
warmth of her caressing vagina. There was no blocking hymen to cause
pain this time and her moans came only from the strangeness that filled
her cunt that was unaccustomed to accommodating a man. The thick flow of
lubricants he had so carefully set in motion by his extended foreplay
protected the delicate cuntal walls from any irritating friction.

Again and again, he eased the swollen length of his cock in and out of
her. By the sixth stroke, her moans came from the stirring desire that
licked out from her man-packed core of passion.

Easily he lowered himself back to the awaiting bed of flesh beneath. He
felt the head of his shaft jerk and nudge the elastic walls surrounding
it, as his chest made contact with desire-hardened pinnacles of her
breasts. His lips lightly touched hers and his tongue tenderly flicked
over the full luscious lips it found.

"It feels good," she whispered almost in a surprised voice and wiggled a
little, rolling the satin-covered pillows of her breasts against him.

"Marvellously good," he said in between a flourish of small kisses.

Her belly was hot and yearning against his now, as he continued to pump
slowly in and out of her cunt with increasing ease. He savoured the
little tremors of heightening desire within the girl. She moved beneath
him, pushing her pelvis up against him as if exploring what her own body
was capable of. She twisted and writhed in small undulating motions
around his cock, moaning softly with pleasure as she did.

Leaning a little to one side, he managed to slide a hand down between
them. Her moans were demanding when his fingers found the damp
cock-splayed lips of her sex. Probing into the warm, moist crease, he
found the extended node of her clit. Her body quaked with a provocative
tremor as he touched the aroused button of lust.

Intently circling the pleasure-laden button, he refanned the flames he
had ignited previously. Her body responded, pumping rhythmically with
the motion of his hips.

Pulling himself out, he paused momentarily to watch her body quiver and
her eyes open questioningly. Smiling in answer, he sent himself plunging
back into resilient folds of the cleft of her loins with a force equal
to his hymen breaking entry. Her body trembled under the excitement of
the impact. She groaned under the dual stimulation of having a man slam
himself into her and the massaging finger that skilfully manipulated her

He wrenched free, his exit leaving only the throbbing crown of his
aching prick within the outer lips of her cunt. He listened as her
breath sucked deeply, fully aware of what was to come next. Then he gave
it to her, driving deeply into the warm, wet cavern of her belly.

Her desire-filled pelvis leaped up to greet his entry. There were no
longer any traces of fear or pain. The clinging walls of her vagina now
knew a man and wanted him. Wanted him very much!

Steadily increasing the speed of his strokes, he pumped himself into her
belly. In long, hard, deep driving plunges he delved into the sweet
wetness of her unexplored recesses. Their crotches slapped wetly as he
slammed into her. With each lunge she seemed to open up and accept a
little more of his length into the well of her body.

Her body rocked and bucked, matching his drilling strokes when he felt
the first, of a long series of tight contractions grip his cock in
desperation. Abandoned in her passionate fever, she cried out her lust
as the hurricane winds of her first orgasm tore her soul and scattered
its pieces through a kaleidoscopic coloured universe of sensual

Despite his fight to hold back the boiling load he had accumulated
during a week without a woman, his strength fell like the breaking of a
gigantic dam. Pure animal lust seized him as his cock was squeezed time
and time again by the pleasure-controlled channel that held him in its
hot depths.

He grunted and groaned as he poled his shaft deep into the clutching
vagina. He slithered in and out at a reckless speed, until the explosion
that raced from his balls, seared out over the passion-inflamed head of
his cock. Quivering and trembling in spasms of unleashed passions, he
clung to the girl beneath him, as she in turn held him close.

Together, locked in violent, frantic sexual pleasure, they rocked and
groaned under the cover of their tandem sleeping bag; until, at last,
the soothing, washing waves of fulfilment lulled them back to the soft
gratification of their love-making.

As he attempted to withdraw his deflating penis, her arms held him to
her. "Stay in me. I'm not ready to feel empty again so soon."

Lightly kissing her eyelids, he rolled to his side, taking her with him
so that his cock remained entrenched in her come-soaked cleft of love.

As was inevitable, the sleeping snake at his groin eventually slid from
the warm softness of her belly. But by that time, Elf was asleep with a
smile of contentment on her lips.

Chapter 9

Jodee, jo jo deeeeee, joodeeee.

The high-pitched screech pierced the misty halls of his sleep.

Joooo deeee, joooo deeee, jo jooooo deeeee.

The persistent screech continued to drive into his dreams of pleasure
kingdoms. Annoyed he rolled to his side, groaning as the small pebbles
beneath the sleeping bag tried to bite extra large chunks out of his
sides. His eyes fluttered open. A disgustingly happy face loomed above
him. It descended, lightly kissing his lips.

"Good morning, milord Chad," Elf greeted him, with a cheerfulness that
melted a large portion of his aches and pains.

Reaching up to manoeuver her lips back to his, his arm was suddenly
gripped by stabbing pains of flashing lightning, "Ohhh, my arm! Damn! It
feels like there's a whole hive of bees in there."

Her satin-gloved fingers gently caressed his cheek, soothing some of the
pain. "Your sleep was restless during the night. I was afraid the
waterboa's bite had done more damage than I expected."

"More than I wanted," he tried to smile. "But all that's wrong is a
little stiffness. It'll heal." "Good," she replied, letting the
protruding pinnacles of her breasts brush lingeringly over the surfaces
of his chest as she leaned over him. "I would hate to think of anything
serious befalling you."

"So would I," he grinned back, fully enjoying the summery warmth of her
body next to his. "This tandem sleeping bag idea of yours is mighty

"I'm glad you enjoyed it ... I did," she whispered, lowering her lips to
his for another fleeting kiss. She purred softly as the firm cones of
her tits flattened to fleshy balls against him and rolled slightly. "I
was hoping that you would suggest we keep this arrangement."

He grinned at the sparkling almost green hazel eyes that begged with
pleading innocence to him. "I suggest, if it meets your lady's approval,
that we allow our sleeping arrangements to remain the same while on our

The kiss she planted firmly on his lips and the swirling tongue that
pushed its way into his mouth was a far cry from the light pecks she had
awakened him with. He felt the old familiar stirrings in his loins.

"I get the idea that the Lady of Hort would like a repeat of last
night's performance," he suggested, when at last they parted.

Her eyelids fluttered toward the ground in mock-embarrassment, "I would
never be so bold, Baron Ponkert. As you said, I am a lady of Hort and
such conduct would not befit my station!"

"You delightful tease," he laughed, pulling her to him with his good
left hand. "Admit it. Admit that you want it as much as I do!"

"Admit that I want what, milord?" she continued her show of innocence.

His hand slid down the tepid smoothness of her skin, pausing briefly to
fondle the bulging side of her breast that squeezed out whitely from
their tightly pressed bodies, "Admit that you loved every minute of last
night. "And having had your first taste of a man moving inside you, you
can't wait for the second!"

"I'll admit no such thing. It wouldn't be ladylike ... Ohhhhh," she
moaned as his hand wedged its way between her legs and roughly squeezed
the furried mound of her vulva.

He increased the pressure of his fingers as he kneaded the thick lips of
her cunt. Dampness wetted his fingers--warm juices that announced what
her playful attitude would not.

"Admit it" he repeated, enjoying the noticeable increase of her moans.

"No," she persisted, grinding her undulating pelvis into the palm that
surrounded her trembling pussy.

Without warning, he popped his index finger into the hot hole of her
sex. The heated chamber of her vagina enveloped the invading digit in
clinging folds. She groaned and twisted under his manual impalement. Her
eyes fluttered closed as she mashed the yearning satin-covered pillows
of her breasts over his chest.

Delighting in the control he commanded over this young and very willing
girl, he slithered his finger in and out of her. "Admit it!"

Her crotch pumping in rhythm with his drilling attack, she panted out,
"I admit it--yes! By the gods, yes!"

"Yes, what?" he teased, fully enjoying the game they played.

His probing finger swirled around within the silken interior of her
heating cunt. Urgently, he stirred the flow of warm, thick lubricants
that welled at his touch. Her hips jumped to meet his new ministrations.
She writhed and fucked herself on the finger that had penetrated her
trembling hole.

"Yes. I admit it. I admit it!" she added in near desperation as his
digital attack stirred and renewed the desires he had first ignited last

He slipped another finger into the cleft of her loins. Allowing it to
dip momentarily into the flowing bath of her sexual juices, he glided
the moistened fingertip to her clitoris and proceeded to taunt it to a
lust-plumped button by twirling around it in rapid flourishes.

"Admit what?" he continued in a voice that imitated her own previous
attempt at innocence, prolonging his teasing torture.

"I--admit that ... I-I want you!" she groaned in a near fanatic fever of
passion and lust.

His own want had made itself self-evident in the jutting form of his
rearing cock that throbbed at a forty-five degree angle from his loins.
Just as his taunting torment of pleasure had aroused this red-headed
bundle of new found sensual yearnings, it had also brought his desire to
a full, blood-gorged head. He savoured the dominance he had over her
willing young body. He thrilled at his power to bring her to

"But I'm here and you have me," he teased even further. "What do you

His finger drilled deeper into the liquid heat of her wanton cunt. He
rubbed lasciviously at her lust-inflamed, extended clit. His palm and
remaining finger squeezed hard over her heated mound of love. Her whole
body quaked with feverish tremors of desire.

"I want ... I want ... " she groaned from the depths of her throat. "I
want this!"

Her hand clamped like a vise around the thick circumference of his cock,
making sure there was absolutely no doubt left as to what she wanted and
had been teased and taunted into begging for.

His whole body was jolted by electric thrills as her demanding hand
tugged at his pole. His prolonged torture of pleasure had resulted in
the effects he had sought. For the first time, she had reached down and
touched and held the ponderous rod of his manhood. Her first step toward
the delights she would learn and love to perform to give a man her
body--her whole body, completely and with no avenues left closed.

Lovingly, her hands slid up and down the throbbing length of his
manhood. Her body trembled and quivered at the intimate contact of
virile masculinity. She thrilled and quaked at the power it conveyed to
her exploring fingers. She moaned at the touch that was a magnificent
combination of demanding, adamant hardness, and yet was smooth and sleek
and warm.

Rolling her to her back, he slid atop the young excited body. He felt
the shivers of her anticipation race through her full length. His mouth
covered hers and his tongue duelled over the whipping softness of her
own oral probe. His one good hand pushed between them and covered the
flattened cone of one of her breasts. Within seconds, he pleasingly
busied the resilient fleshy pillow and tweaked the taut nipple at its

Beneath him, still clutching the hard rod of cock, her thighs
voluntarily opened to an inviting "V". She groaned as his thighs dropped
to fill the space vacated by her supple legs. She writhed as the gorged
crown of his shaft nuzzled and prodded at the soft down-covered mound of
her passion.

"I want this!" she repeated her earlier begging and once more tugged at
the pulsing column of sex now so close, but so far.

As she held him, he wiggled his hips slightly and groaned in unison with
her as his glans found its mark and easily slipped between the pouting
outer lips of her labia.

Then he gave it to her. With every ounce of strength he could muster, he
drove forward. Racing like a battering ram of flesh, his cock into the
sweet cleft of her cunt as if intent on rending through the protective
wall of her hymen. But there was no longer a maidenhead to provide the
least bit of resistance to his entry. There was no longer the jagged
shooting pain of a lost virginity. Gone, too, was the fearful
anticipation of the unknown.

There was the complete feeling of a woman as he packed himself into her
body. There was the hardness. There was the fullness and the
satisfaction as the demanding stiff invasion rammed its way into the
deep reaches of her enfolding cunt.

Her hands grasped his taut balls of ass cheeks and strained to pull him
deeper into her clinging channel. Her hot belly arched up and thrust
itself onto his crotch, trying to impale herself further on his lance of

Last night they had made love. Today they lusted in an abandoned want
for each other.

In animal-like hunger, he battered into the soft lips of her open cunt.
Each hard stroke seeking and finding the new untouched depths of her
yearning channel. Deeper and deeper he thrust into the soft, spongy
recesses of her hot pussy. He slammed into the hunching mound of sex,
spraying its lips wide under the heavy impacts of his crotch.

The thickening lips of her cock-hungry cunt followed every movement of
his lust-shaft. Lovingly caressing the length of his commanding
man-meat, they flowered outward in a tight pink ring of clutching
muscles. Then the wanton mouth closed as he rammed forward, driving the
flowing lips back into her.

His balls slapped sweat-slicked at the bottom of the slash of her cunt
as he drilled into the welcoming hole of her desire. Gripping his
length, the soft, silken channel closed around him in humid warmth. She
squeezed and warmly trapped his cock.

She moaned and writhed against the body above her. The lust-laden globes
of her breasts squirmed at his chest, drilling their stiff nipples into
his skin. He speared into her and her pelvis bucked up to gather more of
the swollen shaft that dominated her body.

As her fingernails bit into the demi-globes of his rock-hard ass, he
pounded violently into her. His pelvis ground into her fully aroused
clitoris, forcing further groans of lust from her quivering lips.

In the sensual desperation of her near climatic condition, she twisted
and bucked with a reckless abandon that matched his own. As he drove her
closer and closer to the threshold of release, she seemed to find the
control of her vaginal muscles and squeezed. Tighter and tighter the
puckered ring of pink lips clutched at his cockstaff. Her cunt seemed to
milk and suck at him, lovingly and flowingly.

Her now ecstatically wild whimpers, moans, cries and groans announced
the nearness of her coming. Wanting to reach that peak with her, he
whipped on the burrowing speed of his plowing pole. In a frantic frenzy,
he slammed into her cunt, drilling into the spongy texture of her
volcanic channel. Grunting and groaning in near bestial fever, he
wrenched his swollen rod from the tight vaginal folds, then plunged
back, entrenching himself once more in her depths.

Her whole body shuddered and quaked under the dam-breaking tidal waves
of ecstasy that raced up from her burning loins, finally ending in a
nova of white hot light exploding in orgasmic release in her brain. Her
body was no longer hers! It belonged to the conquering sensations that
tore it apart with pleasure, then assembled it and blasted it apart

As if attempting to retain some contact with the world she had been
rocketed from as she came, her nails bit into his ass deeply, then raked
up the stiffened contours of his back. She thrashed and writhed and
twisted beneath his body. Her moans and groans had turned to abandoned
cries of pleasure.

With perfect timing, his own body went rigid and he drilled deeply into
her orgasm-exploding body. He shuddered and quaked as his testicles
freely gave up the boiling load they had held. Seemingly, gallon upon
gallon of thick, white cream emptied itself gratefully into the
surrounding heat of her body.

The liquid warmth of her pleasure-overloaded channel contracted and
relaxed around his spasmodically pulsing rod. The gentle soft insistence
of her caressing folds lovingly flowed around the swollen, jerking root
of his lust, soothing him with fulfilled embraces.

Slowly the lulling waters of satisfaction washed through their coupled
bodies, replacing the violent desperation of their coming. Their lips
thankfully brushed over each other and their hands tenderly stroked the
cooling flesh of their bodies. Their actions had no other purpose other
than just to feel the closeness of skin on skin.

When at last he rolled from this girl, transformed into a very enticing
woman, she snuggled back against him, her head laying on his chest.
Tenderly, he caressed the silken softness of her short red hair that was
completely in a wild disarray that pleased him. The warm flow of her
breath streamed from her nostrils and tickled its way through the forest
of curly black hairs on his chest.

Neither of them spoke or moved, afraid of losing, too soon, the intimate
contact of their bodies and spoiling the memories of ecstasy they had
shared. The softness of their breathing blended with the rustle of a
morning breeze that stirred through the great forest around them.
Somewhere in the distance the high-pitched cry that had first drawn him
from his sleep sounded again.

"Listen," she said, raising her head toward the sound. "Do you hear it?"

He nodded to her inquiring gaze and she continued, "It's an ottuff-jay!"

By her tone he realized that he was expected to know what she was
describing, but he didn't. "A whatinjay?"

She chuckled at his obvious ignorance, hazel eyes afire with glowing
specks of green, "An ottuff-jay."

Grinning at the definitely elfin-looking girl, he shook his head,
admitting his ignorance.

"It's a wild game fowl that inhabits these woods," she explained. "It's
considered quite a delicacy in Hort--tender and succulent."

He smiled, "Do I happen to detect that milady is hungry?"

"Famished," she laughed in a crystal clear ring that seemed to sing. "I
don't think I can ever remember feeling so ravishingly famished."

"Howsabout I bring one of those ottuffamuthings in for breakfast?" he

His answer was a warm hug and a sloppy wet kiss that smothered his lips.

"I guess that pretty well answers the question," he said, disentangling
himself from her arms. "But I won't be bringing home the bacon unless I
get off my ass."

She laughed as they scooted from the sleeping bag together. The brisk
morning air sent chilled gooseflesh prickling over their naked skin.

Trotting to the still glowing embers of their campfire, Ponkert allowed
his rear to become toastingly warm as Elf hastily slipped into her brown
and green outfit, once more taking on the very deceptive tomboy
appearance. Grinning, she trotted to his side and began helping him into
his own clothes.

"Do you think you should be doing this with that arm of yours?" she
asked as she gently worked the soft fabric of his shirt over his
bandaged right arm.

"Woman," he said watching her eyes glow with satisfaction at the sound
of the word, "don't put a damper on my gallantry. I've got that laser I
did in the direwolves with, which should be able to handle a measly
little bird."

She nodded as she buttoned the three clasps at the neck of his
blouse-like shirt.

"But I'm afraid I'll come home empty-handed, if you don't describe this
tasty ottuff-jay to me."

"Mayhap you are right, my baron," she smiled. "But there will be no
difficulty in finding the bird. Just follow the sound of his calls. When
you see it, there will be no doubt that you have seen an ottuff-jay. The
bird is the size of one of our tame hens in Hort. However, it is
featherless except for a white ruff that neatly circles its neck. Also
it has leather wings."

While he had no idea in the world what a Hortian hen looked like, he
admitted there would be no difficulty in recognizing a bird with leather

"Got it," he smiled, then lightly kissed her lips and patted the full
roundness of her ass which was hidden by her baggy trousers. "Now to get

With that he proceeded toward the spot where he had left his weapons
during the night. Elf called after him, "Hurry, Chad. I'll have
everything ready for our morning feast when you return."

Waving back to her, he entered the forest and quickly located his sword,
axe and laser. Slipping them into their respective scabbards and
holster, he proceeded in the direction of the persistent screech of the
now-stalked ottuff-jay.

Feeling quite free and easy, he moved through the thick growth of woods.
The forest, as all Keller had been, was a beautiful isle of serenity to
him. He was all too used to the paved-in-asphalt cities of Earth and the
screaming, teeming, scheming billions all out to stab a man in the back.
Perhaps if the phrase "stab in the back" could be taken only
figuratively, he might have been able to live on mother Earth. However,
crime was rampant in the streets, homes and office complexes. That stab
in the back was real. Deadly real!

He had gone no more than a quarter of a mile, when he first sighted the
source of the sound he was following. He immediately dropped behind the
trunk of an old gnarled oak for protection. Elf had forgotten to mention
an ottuff-jay was at least the size of an Earthly German Shepard, had a
long hawk-like beak and walked on six clawed feet. She was right about
the leather wings, and the white ruff of feather around the creature's
neck. Ponkert was positive about that--two of the overgrown chickens
stood not more than twenty feet from him.

However, he had little real worry about the gigantic birds turning on
him. They had other matters occupying their minds, or bodies as the case
was. Silently he watched with some amazement as he received a nature
lesson in the mating habits of six-legged beasts. When the female
finally strutted off, obviously satisfied by the awkward coupling, he
simply pulled out his laser pistol and squeezed off a shot. The brawny
featherless bird dropped to the ground before he realized what happened,
caught while still dazed from his sexual repast.

Getting the monster back to the campsite posed a different problem. An
ottuff-jay weighed at least ten times the amount it looked. Pulling his
sword free, the Earthman used it as an over-sized butcher knife to hack
away two of the six drumsticks. Hoping Elf preferred the taste of dark
meat, he slung the bird legs over his shoulder and began to retrace his
steps through the forest.

Whistling to himself, he let his eyes take in the bountiful beauty
surrounding him. He tried to visualize the countryside after he had
opened his matter transmitter vacation service to Keller. Immediately
scraps of paper and disposable cans that were never disposed of were
heaped around his feet. He shook the vision from his mind and the
greenery was returned. The prospect of his business venture suddenly sat
uneasy with him. Perhaps if he set up regulations ...

His thoughts were abruptly ripped from his mind as he stepped into the
clearing that had held their campsite an hour ago.

"Elf!" he called out, dropping the heavy bird legs to the ground. "Elf!"

There was no answer. Like a madman he rushed to the torn sleeping bag
and camping equipment scattered in crazy disarray over the small
clearing. The girl was gone! And so were the two mankils, Richard and

Suppressing his urge to panic, he forced logic into his brain when
desperation fought for a seat. His mind seemed to take in and process
the information his eyes transmitted to it double-time, trying to subdue
the hollow sinking that filled the pit of his stomach.

He found the key to the whole riddle at the north edge of the clearing.
Mankil tracks. Enough for at least ten creatures and their riders.

The complete wrecking of the camp and the missing Elf fell into place.
Someone, for some unknown reason, had ridden in and abducted her. There
had been a fight, that much he knew. Elf would never have gone
submissively. But why? Why?

Suddenly, the thought of some northern Yngvi grabbed his mind like
fingers of ice. Some unknown Yngvi and his Elf! His mind screamed and
logic fell to blood-lust. Like a lunatic, he wrenched the long sword
that hung from his side from its scabbard. The silvered blade flashed in
the morning sun as he ran after those who had left an easy trail for his
revenge-seeking eyes. He ran, intent on but one thing: to find and kill
those that had taken the girl from him.

Chapter 10

Ponkert's temper had cooled to cold determination during the two weeks
it had taken to plod along on foot to arrive within the fortified walls
of the city-state Lindakar. While the city rivalled Hort in size, its
streets were littered with trash and the people didn't display the
joviality of Hortians. However, they were friendly enough to explain to
an ignorant stranger with certain pride that their ruler, Rololf, had
managed to capture the daughter of their most feared enemy--Tomar.

That same enemy's wisdom in giving Ponkert a small pouch of silver, had
allowed the Earthman to cross enough palms to find out the exact
location of Elf within Rololf's palace. The remainder of his week's stay
within Lindakar had been spent plotting his rescue of the red-headed
Hortian princess.

It was a good plan. A damn good one. However, it had one major fault, he
had to admit. It just didn't work. The four Lindakarian palace guards
who surrounded him, their long curved scimitars drawn and held in quite
menacing positions, was all the evidence he needed of that.

"I say we should just skewer him now," one of the burly black guards

"No! As delightful as his death agonies might be, we have orders that
all would-be assassins are to be taken before the queen for sentencing
in Rololf's absence," an even more burly and higher ranking guard

Ponkert winced as a sharp point bit into his back, "Move!" a voice
behind his ordered. He did just that, following two of the guards who
positioned themselves before him.

As they marched through the echoing halls of the palace, the Earthman
doubted his decision to leave his laser pistol behind at the inn. But
then on the other hand, if one of these oafs had gotten their mitts on
it, the results would have been disastrous.

He silently cursed himself for not taking more time to lay his plans,
but it did no good. There was no way for him to know that as he strolled
through the palace garden toward the high-rising tower where Elf was
held that he would step smack-dab in the middle of the back of a palace
guard taking a rest break with a scullery maid. To say the least, the
man's startled cries brought the rest of the guards running.

"Wait here, pig!" one of his rather unfriendly companions ordered,
halting the group outside two golden doors.

The guard entered and returned a few moments later ordering him inside.
The Earthman's darting eyes took only a few seconds to confirm the fact
that he was being brought before the queen. And by the looks of the
pastel draperies and somewhat suggestive marble statues that lined the
walls of the expansive room, his audience was to be in her bed
chambers--which is where any good queen should be in the middle of the

Somewhere before him, he heard a very feminine chuckle. He strained to
see around the broad backs of his captors, but was unsuccessful. His
ears strained to hear the whispering that followed the soft laughter and
managed to pick up "Thank you ... alright ... my agent testing the
defences of ... yes ... sure I'll be ... "

He twisted from side to side in amazement as his surrounding guards
suddenly turned and left him standing alone in the room. His unbelieving
eyes strained over his shoulder as the armed men marched through the
door and closed it behind them.

"Chadwick Ponkert the Third," the voice of the queen summoned his gaze
back to front centre.

His eyes must have bulged an inch and his jaw dropped to the floor as he
focussed on the woman in white robes before him. "J-Jan!"

In a very familiar bouncy little trot, the woman ran forward and threw
her arms around his neck, hugging him with the tight squeezing embrace
of old friends--very close old friends!

Chad, I thought I'd never see you again!" she cried, setting off warm
tinglings within him. His own arms slipped around her waist.

By the time a flood of warm, wet kisses subsided and they parted
slightly, he stared at her, still unbelieving, "Jan! Woman, I've been
searching for you ever since my pod landed on this crazy planet. I just
can't believe it! And a queen. Hell, wench, I've only managed to rise to
the title of baron!"

Laughing, the very Earthy queen of Lindakar maneuvered him to a couch
and poured wine from a silver flask into a silver goblet. Tears of
happiness still welling in her eyes, she explained that Rololf had
located her fallen, misguided escape pod, while on a hunting trip.

"It was love at first sight, if you can believe that, Chad," she
explained. "He made me his queen during our first month together. He
also made every attempt he could to locate you. I told him everything!
But my damn signal beam locator was smashed in the crash. The signal
beacon worked and we turned it on in the hope that you were alive and
would try to find me."

Briefly, he recounted the various adventures and misadventures that had
occurred to him on his journey across the face of Keller. He very
carefully explained every detail pertaining to Elf, her abduction and
somewhat less than successful attempt at rescue.

"Rololf is a fair man," she said. "Although he is somewhat dominating
... "

And just what you need and want, Ponkert thought, remembering Jan and
his master-slave sex games on the now destructed Werewolf.

"... but Hort has been a rival of Lindakar's for centuries. I'll do my
best when he returns from his hunt tomorrow, but I can't promise

"However," she added, "I think I'll be able to swing it. Lindakar was a
city on the edge of revolt when I first arrived. It's still in bad
shape, but under my suggestion, Rololf removed every member of his
council. Things are shaping up and the people are beginning to call him
their king again. I think it would be hard for him to refuse. But
there's a price ... "

Ponkert's eyes jumped to hers. "A price?"

"Yes," she replied with determination.

"Okay, let's hear it," he grimaced as he realized his former co-pilot
had him over a barrel.

"First, I know I'll never be able to stop you from your plans of setting
up the matter transmitter and opening up Keller to Earth. But if you
want my help, you'll have to agree to wait at least six months before
you take any steps in finding the transmitter." She paused momentarily,
her eyes searching his face for any traces of understanding. "Let's just
say I like what I've found here and I don't want it changed. This place
grows on you. Given six months, you just might become a Kellerian. It's
a gamble I'm going to take."

For several minutes Ponkert pondered the request in his mind. All in
all, he didn't find the prospect of six extra months on Keller all that

"I agree," he finally announced his decision. "But you said "first,"
what else do you want?"

Her big dark eyes looked at him with that cute innocence that he so well
remembered from their numerous star voyages together. She stirred
restlessly on the couch beside him.

"Rololf has been on his hunting trip for five days and nights," she
began again. "He also left me to take care of state business during the
day. At night, in this big bed chamber, I am alone--master."

The second part of her price hit him like an unexpected bombshell. There
was no doubt as to what she had in mind. She wanted the same games they
used to play aboard the Werewolf to while away the endless hours in

"Jan," he questioned, almost unbelievingly, "I've been nearly three
weeks without a woman and the last part of your offer is quite enticing,
as it always has been--but are you sure? I mean, you are a married woman
now and a cuckolded husband, especially a royal one, is nothing a sane
man wants to contend with."

She laughed, her dark eyes shining as bright as the light on her strands
of black hair, "Chadwick Ponkert the Third, I dare you to accuse a queen
of cheating on her husband. Wouldn't be cheating. After all, I did know
you first and besides, it would be for old time's sake--master."

There was no arguing with logic like that. Not that he wanted to argue.
This was one ready-and-willing woman offering herself to one
ready-and-willing man. He answered by gathering her in his arms and
attempting to stab her tonsils with his probing tongue.

"Now, wench," he assumed the role she wanted of him when they parted.
"You may wear the robes of a queen, but I plan to prove you're still the
bitch you always were."

Her eyes widened with anticipation and she trembled.

"Strip, bitch!" he ordered, snapping like a feudal ruler in a world of
real feudal lords.

Immediately, she responded by standing and pulling the white folds of
her robe over her head. He felt his testicles tighten with the familiar
view of her very desirable body. The globes of her breasts shivered with
submissive excitement. Quickly shedding his own clothes, he was fully
prepared to begin to pay the second part of Jan's price.

Then she came to him, bouncing and swinging a lot of tit. Her hands
attacked his cock, causing it to grow to a firm mast of flesh that
pulsed with life. He groaned as a sudden vise-like grip squeezed his
meaty shaft until every inch throbbed hot with pain-pleasure.

"It remembers little Jan," she teased, knowing damn well that he could
never resist this sexually hungry woman.

She shivered and jerked a clenched fist up and down his extended hard
rod. Her hand raced up and down, from the strained looking gorged glans
to the hairy clump at the base of his cock. Simultaneously, her other
hand tucked beneath his legs and tickled its way over his tightening
scrotum, eventually finding his dangling, ball-filled sac. He groaned
again as she cupped the tender bag and toyed with it. His testicles were
moving around uneasily, but the sensation was building up pressure and
his buttocks were drawing taut.

His own hands were engrossed in the jugs of enticing flesh that swayed
on her chest. She grunted as he dug into their softness and molded them
to the contours of his hands with a healthy squeeze. Her hand was moving
with increasing energy over and around his thick cock. He kneaded and
tugged her breasts as if they were mounds of creamy white dough rather
than sensitive flesh. He tugged and tickled. She moaned a deep-throated
desirous groan. He pulled and swung them. Her nipples fattened to dark
taut mushrooms. His fingers found and fondled the erect buds. Then he
pinched and rolled the hard flesh between his scissoring fingertips. It
wasn't enough to hurt her, but she shivered and pulled at his pulsing
organ. Reaching under the slightly pendulous tits, he pushed upward
until the almost flaccid flesh slipped off his palms and slapped back at
her chest. His manual administrations caused them to glow with a pink

"Now, my royal whore," he commanded. "Let's see if you remember how to
give head. Eat it!"

In slavish submissiveness, she eased away from his fondling hands and
dropped to her knees. Without any preliminary licking or nibbling, she
opened her lips to form a gaping "O" and surrounded his cock with wet,
warm mouth.

It was one abrupt delightful surprise sensation. He half-sighed,
half-groaned under the oral caress she lavished on his prick. He watched
her pouted lips inch forward over his length, working their way to the
hilt of his penis. Tightening his ass, he eased forward into the damp,
oral sheath, helping her with the task she had set about. Standing above
the kneeling woman, he watched himself disappear into her face. His
hands caressed her cheeks. The bludgeoning column stuffed her mouth,
jerking and jumping. He delighted, as he felt his movements beneath her
eager lips.

He could follow the swirling lashes of her tongue with his fingertips,
not to mention the thrilling waves of pleasure her tongue ignited in his
shaft. She slithered her oral digit around the thickness of his dick
until he felt like a stick of dynamite.

Then he moved his pelvis back. His eyes followed the glistening length
of his manliness emerge from her clinging lips. She sucked and licked,
swallowing the drops of preseminal fluid that welled with crystal
wetness from his lust-swollen glans. Without hesitating, he eased
himself back into the tender harbor of her mouth. He wanted very much to
fling his hips forward and rape those exquisitely working lips, but he
didn't. He just glided into the sweet, caressing warmth. He was in
control of the situation and knew it. Over and over he pumped in and out
of the hungry orifice.

As she sucked and licked and nibbled, her hand slipped from his balls
and wiggled its way up the dark crease of his ass. She found the
puckered anal mouth and teased over its hardened nodes. When the tense
opening relaxed, she drilled into his ass hole, burying her finger in
his bowels. He grunted and jerked forward. His cock crammed roughly into
her mouth. Its blood-gorged head banged into the back of her throat.

She groaned, but continued her oral ministrations without the smallest
interruption. Her finger wiggled and tickled in the pressure-tight
entrance of his ass. She felt hot and big in him. She twirled and
plunged into the tender channel, imitating a penis with her finger. She
was fucking him, while he fucked her face.

The thrilling sensations that filled him were indescribable. He groaned
and shuddered with each invasion into his burning anus. He moaned and
trembled as her lips and tongue swirled and sucked over the stiff length
of his cock. His knees were fast turning to liquid. The pressure in his
swelling balls was increasing to the breaking point. In her finger
jabbed, raspy, and fiery, and in his prick rushed, burrowing into the
warmth of her mouth.

With one last sharp stab into his ass hole, she slid her finger from
him, then pulled her clutching lips off his prod. She twisted around and
stuck two sleek, broad ass cheeks up for his inspection. They were the
same creamy white as the rest of her body. And like her juggling tits,
they quivered with the slightest movement of her body. Following the
dark furrow of her ass downward, he saw the moist pink lips of her cunt
glint up at him through the thick black bush covering her pussy.

"Take me from behind," she panted in a fully aroused voice. "Mount me
like a stud mounts a mare!"

"No! Like a dog takes a bitch," he answered, grinning as her bottom

He lowered himself behind the small woman, his hands grabbing the
shivery ass cheeks. His fingers pressed hard into the white vulnerable
flesh, squeezing them to a pleasure tortured white. She whimpered with
delight and thrust her bottom toward him. His hands tightened, sending
thrilled waves of gooseflesh up and down the smooth sleekness of her
slightly arched back.

Reluctantly relinquishing his hold on her tempting buttocks, he ran one
hand down between her thighs, which voluntarily spread for his touch. It
took no expert to find the wet mound of cunt that quivered with
excitement. He popped a finger into the oily, moist slit. She was hot
and wet and ready.

The gripping elastic folds of her cunt sucked at his finger as he pulled
it free from the lubricant-flooded channel. Grabbing the full, hard,
throbbing length of his cock, he pushed down and thrust forward, packing
himself into the flowering lips vacated by his finger.

A shuddering tremor quaked through her kneeling body as he drove into
her juicy interior, drilling the ponderous mass of his prick to the
hilt. Almost in reflex action, she bucked back, colliding against his
crotch with a fleshy plop.

"Hard ... " she grunted. "Soooo, wonderfully hard!"

Her days and nights without a man had her body lit like a fuse sizzling
toward the ultimate explosion. Which was just as well, since he could
tell there would be no holding back his own coming whenever the thick
load in his balls decided it was time to blast free.

He jerked away from the moist socket of lust, then crammed his way back
into the soft folds of flesh. She bucked and grunted. The heated
softness of her ass swirled against his crotch, twirling his swollen
cock within the fiery core of her quick. As they picked up the age-old
rhythm, he could feel the excited bulge of her clitoris, but knew it
wasn't getting the attention it wanted.

His arms encircled the bunching woman's waist. Roughly his fingers
plunged into the open slit of her manhole. Probing around the top of her
anxious cunt, he found the tiny nubbin and fondled it.

Over and over he flung himself into the damp slash of her cunt, as his
manipulating fingertips rolled and played with the swollen bud of
pleasure. She squealed and began to fuck herself on his pounding shaft.
She pushed and pulled. She grunted and groaned. She embedded the hard
column of manhood deep within her belly. She yanked away from him, then
threw herself back. She bucked and twitched and twisted herself toward
the desperation of her release. Violently, wantonly she abandoned
herself to the fire that consumed the sweet cleft of her loins.

When she came there was no holding her back. It was as violent and
shattering as her love-making. He hung on to her to keep from being
thrown from his delightful mount. His cock exploded with her cunt. He
jetted into her trembling hole. Grateful for the release he had wanted
over the past weeks, he creamed like a schoolboy just entering his first
pussy. He blasted and filled her, emptying at least a gallon of thick
come into her sucking gobbling cunt.

They collapsed to the carpeted floor, one on top of the other, panting
and moaning and trembling in the waves of fulfilment that controlled
their quaking bodies.

Chapter 11

Since mid-morning, Ponkert had been with the King of Lindakar, Rololf.
Jan, after her own discussion with her husband, had been with them for
two hours, then had left them alone. That had been four hours ago. And
despite his preconceived hate of the bastard that had kidnapped Elf, the
Earthman had to admit he liked the man.

Rololf's stature was somewhere between his and Tomar's. He was very
definitely a man with an air that commanded. It was easy to see Jan's
attraction for the Kellerian. Jan was one woman that grooved on being
commanded. Likewise, he could see how this near-barbarian would find Jan
to his tastes. He was a man, a real man that cared more for nature than
ruling a kingdom. His world was the outdoors, not the administrative
duties of a ruler. His want to improve Lindakar, and Jan's ability to do
so, were well-matched. Not to mention the fact that Jan's sexual
appetite equalled, if not surpassed, his. Not a bad attribute to seek in
one's wife, the Earthman thought.

For the past four hours they had shared tales and adventures, each
feeling the other out without fencing for a dominant position over the
other. Ponkert realized that, given the time, Rololf could grow to be a
trusted and valuable friend to have on a planet such as Keller. But the
Lindakarian king had artfully maneuvered the conversation from any
mention of either Elf or her home city of Hort. Ponkert's attempts to
bring up the subject had been skilfully avoided and replaced by other
topics. So when Rololf abruptly began to explain his position concerning
the captive princess, Ponkert was taken so off guard that he could do
little but listen as the king spoke.

"Throughout our history, Lindakar and Hort have been enemies. How or why
the feud began has been long lost to the memories of men. But that does
not alter the fact that hatred exists and has long dwelled in the hearts
of both Lindakarians and Hortians," Rololf explained.

His eyes searched Ponkert's face, and finding he had the Earthman's full
attention continued, "But just because it has always been so, does not
mean it is right. Nor does it mean that I have any wish for such events
as useless battles that rob my kingdom of young men. If there has ever
been a time for a play for peace it is now. There have been no warring
encounters between Hort and Lindakar since Tomar assumed the throne."

"While I can not speak for Tomar," Ponkert interjected, "I know the man.
He, too, is peaceful and with the release of his daughter, I am sure I
can negotiate a treaty between your two cities ... "

Rololf waved him into silence. "Do not put words in my mouth. A treaty
would be good. It would open up trade between our sister realms and
increase our strength from outside attack ... "

He paused momentarily, then began again, " ... but it is not that simple
a matter. I cannot just release the Princess Elfgwynne into your

"Why!" Ponkert demanded, perplexed by the ruler's words.

"Are you deaf, man!" Rololf half-shouted with irritation. "Haven't you
listened to my words? You can't wipe out centuries of blood and hate
just like that. I have grown to enjoy my seat upon the Lindakarian
throne. If I turned Elfgwynne over to you, my head would hang from the
highest tower in the palace by the morrow's morn."

"Then what are you proposing?" Ponkert urged him to proceed.

Rololf's dark eyes peered into his; there was a sad determination about
them. "There are two courses to take. First, you, like my queen, are not
of our world, as hard as that is to believe. I know it to be true. Since
that is the situation you should leave Lindakar and Kellerian problems
to the men of Keller." Ponkert suppressed the urge to plant his fist in
the middle of Rololf's face. He didn't like the idea of being told to
leave the woman he had helped place in a bad situation in that position.
And he damn sure didn't like being told he didn't belong on Keller. He
had always found a spot for himself no matter what world he was on.
Keller was no exception!

"Out of the question" he granted, knowing his face flushed with his
anger at the suggestion. "What's the other alternative you spoke of?"

"A duel ... " the words rolled from Rololf's lips with hesitancy, " ...
a duel between a champion of Hort and a champion of Lindakar. The winner
takes Elfgwynne. Freedom on one hand, slavery on the other. It is the
only way my people will accept the release of the princess without
revolting against me."

"Agreed," the Earthman nearly shouted.

"Good. Jan said there would be no denying you. Your decision increases
the respect I have found for you," Rololf nodded. "I do not like having
to place one of my queen's friends in such a position, but there is no
other way. If you win, I expect that you will take my message of peace
to Tomar."

Ponkert now nodded, "Yes, I have no wish to leave Jan in a kingdom that
could be torn by war without notice. But as to the duel. What are the

"None," the ruler replied. "Bare hands and to the death!"

* * *

Bare except for his home-made jock strap, Ponkert stood inside a
dirt-floored arena. The battle area was within a large domed building.
He was alone except for Rololf and Jan, who sat above in the royal box.
With them were ten witnesses to his and the Lindakarian king's
agreement. If he won, there would be no doubt as to the legitimacy of
the victory. Likewise, there would be no shadow over his death. He
shivered at the last thought and began to put himself through some
warm-up exercises.

As he flexed his muscles and tried to drive some of the tenseness away,
he attempted to imagine the champion Rololf had selected. As a whole,
Rololf excepted, Kellerian men were slightly smaller than the men of
Earth, but they were stocky and their strength equalled that of their
not so distant cousins back home.

He had no more than a minute to let his imagination wander. A
camouflaged gate in the opposite end of the arena swung in, and
Lindakar's champion loomed out. Ponkert blanched.

This wasn't a man, it was a monster! Standing an easy seven feet,
complete with shaven scalp, his opponent looked as if he were a henchman
for the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. The Earthman swallowed hard as he
estimated the man to outweigh him by at least a hundred pounds. He
watched as the giant's muscles rippled like thick steel cables under his
sunbronzed skin. But he was far--very far--from being muscle-bound. As
if to prove the point, he did a couple of handsprings as his version of
warms. Ponkert immediately recognized the show of agility for what it
was--a ploy to unnerve him.

In his next breath, the Earthman admitted to himself it worked! He was
scared shitless!

As the man-mountain began to approach, two tree-trunk arms extended in a
deadly embrace toward him, Ponkert tried to find the calmness that had
been drilled into his head during all those hours of hand-to-hand combat
training back on Earth. Visions of his two hundred pound instructor
being tossed around like a sack of corn meal by a one hundred and five
pound woman with a fifth degree black belt flashed in his mind's eye.
Size meant nothing. Ability was everything. This giant was undoubtedly
stronger. But Ponkert had the element of surprise on his side. Surprise
in the form of fists of death.

Cautiously, the Earthman crouched in a defensive stance and waited as
his opponent charged. When in doubt, let your attacker make the first
move. Let him make the first mistake. The first mistake would come
quickly--he hoped-- as he stood before the gargantua barreling down on

Then Ponkert struck! So fast and skillful were his movements, that few
actually saw, with the exception of Jan who often sparred with him
aboard the Werewolf, or understood what actually occurred.

Before the bronze giant's clutching bands could ensnarl him in their
massive grip, Ponkert locked out and connected his heel with the
opponent's kneecap. Catching an out-flung arm, he twisted violently. The
mountainous man screamed as he somersaulted through the air, landing
with a definitely fleshy thud on his back, clouds of dust rising under
the impact.

It was here the Lindakarian's agility came into play. Before the
Earthman could administer the coup de grace in the form of a slashing
kick to the temple, the golden-skinned monster had rolled to his feet
and stood facing Ponkert.

Although his teeth gnashed and he growled, Ponkert could detect the
glimmering of doubt on the behemoth's face. Never before had anyone hurt
him so easily. From the manner in which he slid his right leg, his
kneecap might be broken.

Again the man charged with bull-like determination to quickly do away
with his opponent. Ponkert grabbed, turned, and smoothly went into a
perfectly executed tai-otoshi, the aptly named body drop. The
Lindakarian once more sailed through the air to land heavily at
Ponkert's feet.

This time, Ponkert couldn't allow the man to escape him. The bronze
giant's thick neck was quickly locked in Ponkert's powerful arms.
Applied properly, a choke lock, such as Ponkert held his opponent in,
takes only seconds to bring unconsciousness. The bull-necked Lindakarian
was no exception--only five seconds passed before Rololf's champion was
at the Earthman's feet, lying there without moving.

Ponkert released his hold the instant he was sure the man had been
knocked out. He had no, desire to kill the Lindakarian. He carried no
malice toward him. True, the man would cheerfully have killed him--and
had tried very hard to do just that--but this meant nothing to the
Earthman. He had won! That was all that mattered.

"Your champion is defeated," he called out, turning to Rololf. "Need I
kill him to prove it?"

"Nay!" the ruler answered. "Never has anyone bested Ort. "There is no
need to go on. You have fairly won the Princess Elfgwynne."

Somewhere, he could hear Jan's voice, but paid little attention to it as
two servants led him from the arena. They walked quickly down a
torch-lit corridor to a large stone pool where Ponkert was allowed to
wash the sweat and dirt from the fight from his body.

As he climbed from the water and dried, one of the servants spoke, "Our
queen has directed us to take you to the princess."

He nodded to them to lead on as he slipped into his Hortian robes of
royalty that Jan had apparently ordered for him from the inn. His
weapons, including his precious laser, were there also.

It took only moments to wind their way back to the palace. Another few
seconds, and his servant companions opened another massive wooden door,
not unlike those he was becoming accustomed to finding in Kellerian
palaces. He stepped into a room that would've made a sultan's harem
envious with its luxury. But he gave little notice to the opulence that
surrounded him. His eyes saw only one thing. A very beautiful,
short-haired redhead who stood in long velvet robes in the middle of the

"Chad!" she exclaimed as her eyes settled on him then she rushed
forward, as did he.

When they met, there was no stopping the flurry of wet, warm kisses as
they desperately tried to cover any and all skin left exposed by their
garments. When their lips at last met in a long, loving joining, they
communicated more than hours of conversation could've achieved.

Remaining in the girl's clinging arms, he maneuvered her to the edge of
a large oval bed on one side of the room. As their lips continued to
meet and their tongues continued to delve in and out of each other's
mouth, they somehow managed to seat themselves. Eventually, Ponkert
gently eased the girl from him. Tears of happiness flowed from her hazel

Somewhere finding the strength to resist the urge to pull her back into
his arms, he started his tale. Beginning with the Werewolf and ending it
with the battle for her freedom and a peace treaty between the two
cities, he told her everything. Everything! He left no detail of his
Kellerian adventures unmentioned.

"Then that means we're safe and in the hands of friends," Elf finally
commented, almost irritating him with her easy acceptance of his

"Do you understand everything I've said?" he questioned, perplexed by
her attitude.

"Yes, everything," she smiled, as her hands lovingly caressed the sides
of his face. "But all that is in the past. And the treaty is in the
future. All that matters now is that we, together, are safe and in no

He laughed at her crazy, wonderful logic and enwrapped her in his arms.
His tongue once more plunged into the warm sweetness of her mouth. Her
lips parted willingly and her own tongue played and teased at his.

"Take me, my lord," she whispered as their lips parted. "Please, it's
all that I want for now. Everything else can wait."

Despite the bulkiness of their clothing and the intricate clasps and
catches that held the garments together, they managed to strip with
little interrupting of their demanding embraces. He groaned long and low
when at last he felt the summery touch of her body pressed against him.
Skin to skin, man to woman.

Lowering her to the bed once again under his pressing weight, his hands
hungrily raced over the enticing smoothness of her young supple body.
His tongue flicked out against her fleshy little earlobe, easily
bringing delighted pleasure-moans from her lips. As he increased his
taunting, his teeth nibbled at the lobe, eventually capturing it. In
turn, his tongue whipped at the sensitive flesh until she writhed
beneath him, rolling the bulging mounds of her breasts across his chest.

The yearning call of her pillowy tits summoned his hands. Answering the
invitation, he rolled to his side and slightly off the soft body under
him. Dancing his fingertips in swirling little patterns, beginning at
the ear opposing the one he busied with his mouth, he teased down the
long freckle-sprinkled arch of her graceful neck, arriving with
tantalizing slowness at the base of one of the fleshy mountains.

Shivery little trembles shot through her body at the contact of breast
and hand. She groaned and wedged a warm thigh between his yielding legs.
Her thigh eased up, finding the thickness of man-meat swelling from his
loins. Her body quaked with excitement as she felt the throbbing
virility coursing through his cock.

With a definite languor, she rolled the thick shaft, teasing him into
soft aroused moans. She shivered as the first flow of preseminal juices
oozed to the sleek surface of her thigh. Warm and wet, it slicked over
the supple roundness of her leg as she moved against him.

As he gave up the pleasure-tortured earlobe and moved his lips and
tongue to her neck, his fingers gently traced the large circumference of
her billowy breast. Having traversed the complete base, he raced his
fingertips around it once again, delighting at the series of flesh
tremors he ignited in the girl.

Spiralling and circling in the aroused heaving mound, he climbed up the
alluring cone. Quivering and warm, the flesh beneath his fingertips
trembled with increasing alacrity as he ascended. Her breathing deepened
and quickened as she readily foresaw the ultimate goal of his climbing

Jolts of electric excitement volted through her body as he probed the
quiescent nipple seated atop the fleshy crest. Lightly, he tapped at the
little button bringing it to glowing life. His fingers swirled over the
rubbery nubbin stiffening it to a jutting bud that stood erect and hard.
Likewise her breathing was sharp and her chest heaved hard.

Simultaneously, he tweaked at the one nipple possessed by his hand with
his forefinger and thumb, while his mouth unexpectedly leaped from the
softness of her sensitive, pleasure-arched throat to the opposing nipple
perched sleepily on her unattended tit. Her moans came as abrupt,
piteous little cries at his sudden oral attack. Her thigh eagerly
pressed at his swollen prick and lasciviously rubbed its length.

Using his teeth to nibble, his tongue to lick, and his lips to caress,
he had the lifeless bud of flesh aroused stiff and throbbing in record
time. Moaning uncontrollably under the dual sensations commanding her
breasts, she arched toward him. Responding, his mouth opened and
accepted the ponderous bulk of tit that was offered. At the same time,
his hand closed around the opposite mound and squeezed tightly.

Sucking and licking with earnest vigour at one of the titillating orbs,
he kneaded the yielding flesh of the other. Over and over his fingers
dug into the pliable globe that strained into his encompassing palm.
Molding the breast to his wishes, he rolled and tugged and squeezed. Her
heated belly rose and pressed against his side, demanding the attention
it so desperately wanted.

In a manoeuver that took her breath away, he pulled his lips away from
her breast with a loud sucking sound and dropped to the sleek plain of
her stomach. Kissing and licking his way over and across the summery
flesh, pausing momentarily to drill into the little, dark well of her
navel, he fanned new waves of quivery trembles in the body under him.

The eagerly exploring fingers and warm palm of his hands relinquished
its dominance of her other breast and slid down the gentle slope of her
side. As he had done on their first night together, he stopped upon
reaching her thigh. Again he stroked over the quivering flesh until her
legs opened to him in submission to his will.

His tongue drifted and mingled through the silken red down covering her
vulva. Her whimpering fevered pants rose to an increased intensity as
she suddenly realized the full intent of his actions. As both his hands
soothed over the velvet smoothness of her willingly opened thighs, her
own hands entangled their fingers in his hair. Her groans were quite

Flicking his attention-demanding tongue in and out of his mouth, he
moved over the triangular patch of chestnut bushed on her vulva. His
lips wetly kissed and taunted at the trembling skin beneath. If she had
any doubt as to his plans, he wanted them washed away. If she wondered
in the slightest as to his intents, he wanted all doubt blocked out.

But she had no doubts. She only moaned in very eager anticipation of the
new carnal thrills his roving mouth offered.

Every aroused and waiting muscle in her young body jerked rigid as his
tongue made intimate contact with the moist cleft of her cunt. Her
pelvis twitched upward to his lips, inviting him to further oral
probings. She moaned low and loud from the depths of her throat.

But he ignored the tender morsel of woman flesh held before him. Instead
he continued his pleasure-laden tauntings at the lips of her pouting

Using only the moist tip of his tongue, he traced his way up and down
the plump outer lips of her labia, never once dipping into the slash
that formed the mouth of her vagina. He thrilled as his fingers, still
rubbing softly on her inner thighs, felt her taut muscles relax under a
barrage of tongue flourishes. She was his--completely. Now at this
moment, nothing mattered, nothing but where his mouth would move next.

He moved to the quivering cleft of her cunt. His lips kissed it warmly
as if the thick wanton lips were those of her mouth. Over and over he
firmly kissed up and down the deep slit from top to bottom. The saline
flavour of her flowing juices covered his lips and entered his mouth. He
savoured the slightly musky tasting feminine lubricants. They were far
from offensive. In fact there was only one way to describe the

Unable to remain passive as he persisted in his engrossing oral
ministrations, her hands pressured his bead toward the yearning hole
that screamed for him. Her hips arched up, offering and pleading for his

But again, he was not to be rushed. His sole purpose was to give this
delightful girl every possible pleasure his tongue and mouth could
provide. He wanted to whip her body with new sensation upon new
sensation. He wanted her every nerve begging for his entry.

Once again extending his tonguetip, he ran it up and down the deep
crease of her sex, enjoying the warmth of the thick juices welling
there. He tickled and teased, trying to open the plump outer cuntal
lips. When at last they pouted open enough to expose the scalloped folds
of her inner lips, he lapped up and down the pink slash. His hungry
tongue worked like a bear's having discovered a hive laden with sweet,
thick honey.

Leaving the throbbing inner lips quivering for more, he directed his
attention to the nubbin of pleasure he had purposely ignored until this
moment. Licking his way upward, he found the extended tiny button of her
clitoris. Tenderly he twirled the tip of his tongue around the
penis-imitating node of flesh. The actions ignited waves of passion in
the super-sensitive little organ, which in turn, took complete control
of the girl's body. She jerked and writhed. Her lips cried out in desire
and lust.

Then and only then, did he stab his tongue into the humid cavern of her
vagina. She went wild, bucking and bunching into his face, trying to
drill the touch of his plunging oral digit deeper into her belly's heat.
In and out he lashed, using his tongue like a miniature cock. He licked
and lapped at her cunt as she abandoned herself to the lightning bolts
of passion searing through her body.

He sucked at her, draining the thick fluids from her channel and
swallowed them. Then he lunged back into her with his tongue. As she
twisted and writhed, he swirled over the velvet-like folds of her inner
channel. He plunged deeply into the honey cleft trying to attain the
depths first opened by his shaft. An impossible task, but she moaned and
groaned with delight under the attempt.

Abruptly, he withdrew his tongue and allowed it to return its attentions
to the stiff button of her clit. Easily, he slithered a finger into the
tunnel vacated by his tongue and continued the in-out motions. Her hips
picked up the increasing rhythm and helped as he finger-fucked her hot
and hungry hole.

Moving his head slightly to stay in touch with her frantic, growing
hunching, he licked and lapped at the near-bursting clit. Like an oral
whip, he lashed at the button, pounding it with pleasure. Then in
another of his sudden moves, his lips clutched the throbby length of
clit and he sucked and nibbled at it.

She could endure no more! Her sensation-laden body had reached its
overload limit and she exploded in the multi-coloured universe of
orgasm. Groaning and crying out in pleasure, her hand pulled his mouth
from her clit that would soon be aching from pain and not pleasure if he
continued his almost torturous licking and sucking.

Completely understanding her near desperation, he withdrew after one
last tender kiss to her cunt. However, with the same understanding of
her need, he increased the thrustings of his finger, pounding it into
the contracting folds of hot pussy.

She now surrendered herself totally to the pleasure of her release.
Racing along the red hot nerve endings from her loins to her brain,
kaleidoscopic colours flashed and burst with increasing speed until they
blended into white, hot light. She soared higher and higher, flung from
wave to wave of passion. Like a nebula of expanding sensation, the white
light exploded into a starburst of unknown colours, driving her deeper
into sexual oblivion.

As if under a control of its own, her body thrashed wildly atop the
white bed she was on. Tremor after tremor racked her pleasure-filled
body. Growing in intensity, tremors gave way to full-fledged
flesh-quakes of complete release. Her cries and groans, directed by the
same frantic climax that held her body, filled the room.

In a loud, wet sucking sound, he pulled his finger from the gripping
hole of her passion and rose. His cock was hard and pulsing. Moving to
the foot of the bed, he could easily see the target of his lust between
the girl's spread and trembling thighs. Washed by the flow of her own
lubricants, her cuntal lips were wet, pouting, pink and ready. The red
mist of fleece covering her sex glistened with the same thick juices.

He reached out and took hold of her small, delicate ankles and eased her
to him. She moaned, but didn't seem aware of what was happening.
Positioning her perky, pinkly blushed ass on the edge of the oval bed,
he glanced once more to her quivering cunt. In inviting fashion, the
outer lips of her labia flowered open to him. Within the wet slit, he
could see the scalloped folds of the trembling inner lips of her pussy.
The palpitating folds dripped with the honey still flowing from her
depths. Her clit, thick and throbbing, was extended a full inch.

Bending, he clutched the heaving mounds of her breasts for support and
hung above her still rapture-lost body. His cock, its head glistening
with a shiny coat of preseminal fluid, pulsed massive and powerful at
the open mouth of her belly. Seized by animal-like lust, he squeezed the
sensitive tits. Tortured white flesh squilched up through his spread
fingers. She groaned, but made no protest.

Without the slightest indication of his intent to the orgasmic
controlled girl, he slammed his lust-thickened rod into her still
contracting cunt. He smacked wetly into the trembling folds of her inner
lips. The swollen crown of his penis rammed its way between the pouting
scallops and sank deep into the juicy interior of her hot body.

She cried out in a half-scream, half-groan as he packed himself into her

Her eyes flared open and glittered at him under a mist of sensual
delight. She attempted, to speak, but he wrenched out of her slick,
oily, well-lubricated channel, stifling the words to a long

He smiled down at her. She smiled back.

Her smooth willing tunnel of passion flowered around his swollen
thickness. It clamped tightly and seemed to suck on the hard length of
his cock, which twitched and jerked in the heated inner lips of her
hungry slit. It sucked him back into the moist, tight chamber of her
belly. The velvet-textured walls rippled impetuously, caressing every
inch of his pulsing manhood. Thrilling jolts of pleasure raced through
his loins. He hung there above her, their bodies meeting only at their
cores. He hovered, unmoving and soaking in the liquid warmth of her soft

He groaned as he pulled himself from the ever-tightening vagina. Its
folds clung to him trying to retain the entrenched cylinder of his meat.
The sensitive skin of his cock stretched as he moved. He wanted to
suddenly swing his hands away from her heaving chest and fall into the
white cushions of her breasts, crushing them. But he was determined to
finish what he had started. He was fully intent on fucking this so
willing girl while hunched high above her.

With a smile of satisfaction on his lips, he swung his hips inward,
shooting his full length into her. Her eyes closed. A muffled moan
gritted out from behind her pleasure-clenched teeth. Despite her
clutching pussy that gripped him in a velvet vise, he eased out and
plunged back into the humid tunnel. Her breasts quivered under his
fingers, trembling and shivering.

She arched her hips to him, her yearning pelvis demandingly pressing
into his. The pouted, pink lips of her cunt reached out to swallow him,
balls and all. Her muscles squeezed and relaxed in a titillating, exotic
rhythm. The delightful movements of her exquisitely tight pussy, blasted
excited currents through his length. The mounting pressure of his
testicles grew. He was sure he would have lost his load by now had it
not been for his royal activities last night. As it was, the somewhat
diminished supply of sperm and semen in his aching rocks extended this
engrossing ride in this red-headed beauty's saddle of desire.

He suddenly increased the power of his drives into the sweet, hot hole
that held him. The muscles of his calves and thighs were rock hard,
cording beneath the skin of his legs. His half-standing position allowed
the extra leverage needed to boost the mighty surges of his cock. Their
crotches slammed together loud and wet, forcing grunts of desire from
their lips.

She welcomed the thrusts and begged for more and harder plunges. He
obliged and flung himself into the clingy mouth with such violence it
jarred the breath from her lungs. Moany little cries trickled from her
throat continuously. Her hands were on his shoulders. Her fingernails
dug into his skin, raking and clawing like the claws of a panther. Her
head jerked from side to side, while her tongue washed across her
slackened lips. Her body writhed and thrashed with urgency. Her pelvis
leaped up to each ramrodding plummet of his thick cock.

He drilled and reamed into the flowering folds of her pussy. He drove
with reckless abandon into the juice slippery well of her body. He tried
to knock the bottom out of her cunt, but she just opened up new
untouched reaches of her vagina. Grunting and moaning, he plunged and
thrust. Like a jackhammer, his penis ravaged her open slit, slaying the
pink lips.

She came. Jerking and bucking under him, she came. Her sucking pussy
contracted and relaxed, and contracted and relaxed, over and over. A
long, low pleasure scream tore from her lips. Her vaginal channel was
suddenly flooded with fresh waves of lubricants.

Then he had his own coming. The sensation that lashed upward from his
testicles was fantastic. He knew that the volcanic rush surely contained
every drop of come held in the exploding rocks. But the walls of the
silken tunnel surrounding his length milked at him bringing new spurts
of thick cream jetting from his aching glans.

Still suspended above this marvellous girl, his body jerked with each
spasmodic fountain of sperm and semen. His own cries of fulfilment mixed
and mingled with hers in the immense bed chamber. When the last throb
had ebbed from his body and the pleasure ignited by the slightest move
of his cock proved too much for him to bear, he eased his deflating
organ from the girl and rolled to the side, collapsing in a moaning heap
at her side. Drained, physically and emotionally, neither had any
intention of moving for several moments. Gradually, their heavy panting
gave way to the deep breathing of satisfaction.

She edged herself next to him and accepted the pillow of his arm that he

Snuggling into the warmth of the hollow of his shoulder, she spoke, "I
know that having given you my life, I have no right to say this,
but--Chad, I love you. I love you!"

The words hit him like a driving swing from Thor's hammer, nearly
knocking him for a somersault. He suddenly wondered why he had been so
stupid these past weeks. Why he hadn't recognized what was occurring.
After all, it happens even to the best of us, he admitted to himself.

"You might find this hard to believe," he said as he pulled her atop him
so that he stared into her hazel eyes, "but I love you, my little Elf. I
love you, one damn-hell-whole-lot-of-a-much!"

He couldn't hold back the happiness that rolled up his throat and jumped
from his lips as laughter as she suddenly was all over him with wet and
warm kisses. As he responded, her own merry laughter echoed within the
bed chamber.

Chapter 12

Filled with all those warm, marvellously tingling feelings that come
with the recognition of two people in love, their hands caressed and
fondled each other as their mouths did the same thing. Although, they
had sated their lust, they were unable to get enough of the feel of each

Desire fanned higher and higher, while lust was replaced by the newly
discovered and deeper feelings of love. Playfully and with adoring
attention, they touched and felt skin that was far from alien to their
fingers. However, the sensation was new and fresh.

They locked and clutched tightly to each other in warm embraces.
Laughing and crying at the same time, they searched each other's body
with a new found vitality. Their tongues teased and twisted in each
other's mouth, driving into the depths of their throats. Then they were
nibbling and biting and kissing at each other's neck and ears.

His hands, as they had the uncontrollable tendency to do, wandered back
to her chest and lost themselves in the fantastic feel of her firm,
proud breasts. With insistent tenderness, he squeezed and molded the
young cones. His fingers thrilled the hardened nipples with new waves of
pleasure sensations, heightened by love.

Likewise, her own hands caressed his muscular chest. She tapped and
playfully pinched the small pebbles of his nipples into stiff buttons
that ached wonderfully with a swirling rush of pain and pleasure.

However, she quickly tired of the tiny nodes and glided her palms over
the rippled musculature of his stomach. She laughed with delight as his
taut belly quivered under her exploring touch. At last, she found the
treasure she sought. The rod that she had grown to love and worship
through his gentle guidance. Demandingly, her hand clamped around the
thick shaft and squeezed. Squeezed until he moaned, load and aroused.
Then she abruptly pulled away from him.

"It's my turn," she announced, her almost green eyes flashing with an
impish light.

"Your turn?" he grinned up at the enchanting beauty. "Your turn for

"For this" she smiled.

In a quick turning movement, she twisted and hung above his crotch,
gazing at the swollen pole of flesh jutting from his loins. He watched
with new thrills swirling in his testicles as she bent toward the
throbbing rod. Her lips puckered and tenderly kissed the fat red crown
of his cock. His hips lurched and a throaty desire-moved sigh pushed its
way over his lips.

"I believe you would like to feel my mouth as much as I loved yours,"
she teased, once more pressing her virgin lips to the tip of the hard
shaft. Her actions brought a similar response from her man. "Yes, I do
believe I was right."

He smiled at the delightful tease that now offered her mouth to him. He
realized that his recent abandoned tonguing of her cunt had led the way
for this open offer. An action he was now doubly pleased in doing.

As she slid between his legs, as he had done to get to her pussy with
his tongue, he reached up and doubled a pillow under his neck so that he
would have an unobstructed view of her oral activities.

Grasping the base of his desire-pulsing pole, she pulled it straight up
into the air. She rose to her elbows so that her mouth hovered a mere
fraction of an inch from his gorged glans. Her eyes rolled to him to
make sure she had his undivided attention, then returned to the
fascinating lance of flesh.

With his eyes glued to her, her tongue, pink and moist, curled out from
behind her luscious lips. It lightly brushed over the skin of his
sensitive cockhead. He shuddered with pleasure under the feathery flick.
When his eyes opened again, he saw the red-headed beauty rolling the
fluids she had taken from his cock in her mouth.

Apparently satisfied, she returned for a second sampling. Her tongue
flicked out, trapping another crystal drop of preseminal fluid as it
welled from the tiny slit in the head of his shaft. The reddening crown
of his rod was left glistening with saliva in the wake of her washing
pink tongue.

Glancing up to her moaning partner, she noted the pleasure she was
igniting in him. Her tongue licked and languidly lapped over the thick
arrowhead as she watched him watching her. Then her eyes dropped to the
shaft that demanded her full attentions. In long full strokes, she
licked up and down the bludgeoning length of his rod. Her oral digit
slackened the ponderous pole from its pulsing tip to the dark hairs that
sprouted around its base.

His shudders increased as her soft caresses swirled over his manhood.
His body was alive and every ounce of his being was entered on the
lavish oral worship she offered his sex. He moaned and quivered as a
constant series of tremors rose from his balls and raced through his

Up and down and around she worked her engrossing ministrations. His cock
was a flavoured candy stick and she was fully intent to take all the
flavour from it she could. There was no first time hesitancy on her
part. She knew that her actions pleased the man under her and that was
all she needed to know. She went about her business as if she had been
eating cock all her life.

Tonguing her way downward, she found the tight sac of balls clinging
securely to his scrotum. Teasing, she prodded the wrinkled bag of skin
with her tonguetip. She tickled and tenderly taunted the sac, scooting
the kidney-shaped rocks around inside with her flirting touch. After
endless minutes of this enticing torture, her oral digit darted out and
bathed the tight sac, washing it slick with her saliva.

He watched with ball-aching enthusiasm as her head slowly rose from
between his thighs, bringing with it a return of those thrilling soft
strokes up and down his throbbing shaft. He moaned and did his damnedest
to keep his eyes open to enjoy the fascinating view that was as sexy as

Again her eyes darted to his face and her mouth stopped its work just
long enough for a pleased smile. Then she returned her tongue to his
prick, making it jerk and twitch as she once more administered her
slavering licks. Following the lead he had provided with his own oral
love-making to her cunt, she began to nibble along the swollen pole. She
lightly bit at the thick meat as if afraid of hurting it. She mouthed
around its circumference, perfectly content in just holding its virile

As she continued the nibbling, kissing movements to her oral symphony,
she slipped a long-fingered, cool hand to his scrotum and gently teased
there. She encompassed the taut sac, letting her fingers gingerly edge
his balls back and forth within their fleshy confines.

Then she once more hovered over his lust-bludgeoning arrowhead. Her eyes
were mesmerized by the jerking, throbbing dance of his stiff manhood.
Her lips puckered and once more she planted a warm kiss on the agitated
glans. As she withdrew, her tongue slicked her lips, washing his juices
into her mouth. She seemed to smack lightly as the fresh taste of his
sex entered her lips.

With no warning of her next action, she dropped to his cock like a
hungry tigress determined to devour her prey. Her elastic-like lips
formed a tight portal, then pouted over the fat, knobby head of the
fleshy shaft. He groaned as he watched his prick vanish into her mouth
and humid sweetness that bathed at least half his length.

As abruptly as she had swallowed him up, she released her hold on his
prick and pulled up. She coughed and looked at him, her face blushing
with embarrassment. While she had the desire of a lifetime cocksucker,
she lacked the experience. He smiled understandingly. After all, this
was her maiden attempt.

"Breathe through your nose," he directed her in a loving tone. "It will
help stop the gagging."

Following his instruction, she fell to her task, this time taking him
until his glans nudged the back of her throat. Her cheeks filled with
him. She pulled up and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked up the stiff
warm tube of male meat. As she crested the hard cylinder, her tongue
whipped over the super-sensitive head and she sucked with all her might.
She swirled, lashed and whipped the friction agitated glans.

He squirmed and moaned. His hands reached down and tenderly caressed her
face. His fingers found her mouth firmly attached to his prick and
traced the tight ring of her puckered lips.

He watched as her lips began to inch their way down the swollen rod of
his sex. Licking as best she could with the ponderous mass of cock
cramming into her mouth, she glided toward his hilt. Her now controlled
breaths moved warmly through the forest of his pubic hairs. The thick
head nudged the back of her mouth once again, then she let it slide down
her throat, as if attempting to swallow him. Amazed at her ability, he
stared as he disappeared into the warm shelter of her mouth. Her head
bobbed and her cheeks strained outward as she took all of the
bludgeoning burden. He moaned as he felt her mouth twitch around him.
She swallowed, saving herself from drowning in a mixture of her own
saliva and his juices.

Entirely entrenched in her face, he rotated his pelvis, letting his cock
flop and jump and jerk. Her tongue in loving strokes, washed around the
turgid rod. She sucked and licked as best she could.

She eased off the pole, allowing him to view its glistening length. Then
she glided back down the rod. Then she came off again. Then down. Over
and over, he watched himself disappear into her hungry mouth. He writhed
as she bathed and soaked his organ in oral delight.

Her mouth imitated the natural rhythm of her cunt. She sucked and
gobbled at the thick slab of meat she now worshipped. Her tongue swirled
and licked. Over and down, around and up she licked.

Licking and sucking and licking some more, she moved her head up and
down. The solid length of cock slid in and out of her lips. Her tongue
lashed and swirled. Faster and faster, she ate at his sex as if she had
been doing it all her life. She sucked and ate and licked.

While he would have loved to have blasted forth in that willing mouth,
drenching her tonsils with his come, he realized that her willingness
was all that mattered now. The rest would be acquired sooner or
later--although from the way she intently gobbled at his prick he felt
it would be sooner. But right now there was no need in ruining a good
thing that promised to get better. He would not force her to take the
cream of his loins tonight. But another night, when she was more
accustomed to his cock in her mouth, that would be another story. But
now that was too much and too soon.

Gently reaching down, he pulled her lips from his impaling rod. Before
she could offer a word of protest, his arms slipped under her armpits
and he tugged her to him. Straddling his crotch and feeling the wet pole
of sex throbbing against her equally wet cunt was all the explanation of
his actions that she needed.

Lifting slightly on her knees that were doubled under her, she grabbed a
hearty hold on his manliness and popped it into the open mouth of her
pussy. Gingerly, she lowered herself on the swollen column, letting it
fill her wanton channel. Slowly, she moved up and down on the pole she
sat on, getting the feel of this new approach to their love-making. She
quivered as she felt the knobby head of his shaft open into new depths
of her vagina. She shivered as his cock strained and moved along a path
it had never taken before. The sensations were familiar, but new and far
from unpleasant.

Using the leverage of her doubled legs, she pushed up and down, riding
the thick rail with increasing speed. Her hands reached out and firmly
planted themselves on his heaving chest for support. Her breasts,
glistening with perspiration, bounced and juggled and swayed in a
tantalizing dance of desire from her chest. The pink, erect cherries
protruding from the tips of the proud cones traced invisible figure
eights and circles in the air as they jerked around wildly.

On his back, he smiled up at this girl who was such a willing student in
the carnal arts. She was free and open in all her actions. She gave and
accepted the way nature had designed the human body to do. There were no
blocks of false morality to be found within her.

As she rode his crotch and the swollen length of cock solidly impaled in
her loins, he slipped a hand between them. A probing fingertip found the
throbby button of her clit. She squealed with pleasure as his finger
found the sensitive target it sought.

Rolling and massaging the fleshy button, he whipped the girl's passion
to a fever pitch to match the urgency that rose in his balls.

As she entered the first orgasmic contractions of her release, and came
tumbling down to his chest, his testicles exploded with their own
release. A seemingly impossible ocean of sperm and come forced its way
up the thin tube in the centre of his cock. Outward the thick gallons of
cream splashed into the heated cavern of trembling flesh.

He groaned as he gratefully emptied his balls into this open woman of
Keller. He thrashed as the steamy juices of love boiled from his prick
and flowed into the contracting folds of her vagina. He moaned as wave
after new wave of pleasure racked his body. He quaked as spurt after
spurt seared its way through his cock.

For moments that seemed like days he drained himself into the chalice of
desire that lay atop him, lost in her own rapture. They clung together
as they glided down to earth on the sweet winds of passion. Warmly and
tenderly their mouths kissed and conveyed all the "thank yous" that were
needed and then some.

Somewhere as they held each other very, very close the relaxing veils of
sleep clouded his eyes ...

... until he was awakened by the brush of teasing lips against his ear.
His eyelids pushed their way open. Sunlight flooded the room through the
sheer draperies that lined the room.

"It's morning," she whispered, as her lips lightly glided on his cheek,
eventually possessing his lips in a long and stirring "good morning"

"That's one hell of a nice way to wake up," he smiled when they parted.
"Think I'll fall back asleep so you can wake me again."

She laughed and her lips fell to his again. Her tongue flicked and
twisted into his mouth, doing all sorts of warm thrilling little things.
When their lips pulled apart this time, both of them panted.

"Do I detect a hint that you would like to continue with last night's
greetings?" he smiled, his fingers tenderly tracing the womanly features
of her face.

"No," she smiled. "Last night is gone. There's nothing we can do about
it. However, the morning is new and I believe it should be celebrated."

"Why you shamefully horny wench" he answered in mock-shock. His palm
slapped sharply over the perky slopes of her buttocks.

She retaliated immediately, digging her finger into his ribs and
tickling. "It's your fault, milord! You took my innocence and made me
what I am today ... "

"... a man-hungry bitch whose desires will never be sated," he laughed,
squirming away from her fingers. His hand jumped between her legs and
squeezed the plump mound of her sex. It was already moist. "I've created
a Frankenstein's monster!"

"I know not who this Frankenstein is," she twisted from his grip after
lingering for a moment, "but if you find me a monster, then there is no
celebrating this morning!"

"You delightful bitch," he grinned at her feigned anger, then attacked
her exposed neck with a series of teasing nibbles and kisses.

Her arms were at his chest pushing him away as she struggled, not too
desperately, to get away from his advances. His hands clasped her
wrists, then pinned her arms to the bed as if she were being tied
spread-eagle. His mouth moved upward and completely devoured her ear
with loving caresses.

"Ohhhooo," she moaned momentarily forgetting her playful fight, then she
jerked away. "No, I will not submit to the desires of a vicious rapist!"

He raised above the pinioned red-headed tease, smiling in a lustful
leer. She had named the game. And he intended to give it to her! Right
where she wanted it!

"You little dick-teasing, bitch, I've watched you strutting around for
weeks, flashing that wiggling ass and juggling those bouncing young tits
around for all to see," he sneered taking the role she had suggested. He
smiled as she squirmed with excitement and gooseflesh rippled over her
trapped body. "Now I intend to fuck the hell out of that hot cunt of

"NOOOOOOO!" she pleaded, in a voice that beckoned him to fulfill his
promises. "NOOOOOOO!"

"YESSSSS," he hissed lewdly.

Wiggling her body between her not too tightly clamped legs, his
bludgeoning rod twitched at the moist fur of her oh-so-willing pussy.
Quivery little shivers shot through her body at the intimate contact of
their sexes. She squirmed and thrashed as if trying to find release from
his grip, but her body never moved from the touch of his throbbing

"Go on and fight, bitch," he mocked. "I like "em to fight. It makes it
all the sweeter for my cock."

"Bastard," she cried out in fake outrage. "My father will have your head
for this."

"Ha!" he leered back. "Your father sent you with me so I could get your

"Oh!" she grunted with indignation. His hips lurched forward slithering
his bulky prick into the humid cavern of her loins. Her feigned wounded
pride turned to a pleased moan of "Oooohhhoooo!"

"That's it, bitch," he grunted, trying not to let the marvellous liquid
warmth surrounding his shaft melt the role of rapist. "Take it and love

She squirmed and wiggled her pinned body. This time the action came not
in mock-protest but in pure abandoned, wanton sensual desire. Desire for
him. It was going to be one hell of a task to be a rapist to such a
willing victim, he admitted to himself. But he intended to give it his
best before he had to give in to the love that filled his being.

Still holding her arms spread out to her side, he wrenched his cock out
from the heated, enfolding burrow of her manhole. Her legs immediately
wrapped around his as if she thought he was going to leave her
completely. She moaned and her pelvis jumped up in an attempt to
recapture him.

But all he needed was room to drop his head to the coral blushed buds
topping her breasts. Sucking, licking, and nibbling, he sampled, then
ate at the first fattening button until it was stiff and erect. In turn,
he moved his head to the opposing cherry of flesh and repeated his
taunting oral maneuvers until it stood as hard as its twin.

"This--isn't--fair ... " she panted as he excited thrilling waves of
pleasure in the sensitive crests of her tits. Her hands struggled to be
free of his grip and roam his body.

"There's nothing fair about rape, my lovely bitch." He snapped, then his
teeth clamped firmly over one of the rubbery buttons.

Her eyes fluttered with the strange mixture of pain and pleasure. But
she gave no indication the sensation was uncomfortable. Instead she
moaned and squirmed under the body holding hers beneath its weight.

Tenderly, his tongue darted out to the throbbing, now red, nipple and
licked. He washed and soothed the fleshy tit-tip with loving oral
caresses. Then he pulled his mouth away and once more stretched out on
his bed of womanflesh. In sensual languor, she writhed under his bulk.
The satin-covered pillows of her breasts balled against his chest as she
rolled them. Their tiny stiff nipples poked at his flesh.

His hips plunged down, ramming his hard prodder toward her cervix hidden
in the warm recesses of her vagina. She groaned and threw her pelvis up
to embrace the meaty impact of his thrust. She squirmed and rotated her
hips, washing his length in the enfolding channel of her belly.

He jerked free again, leaving only the swollen crown of his cock
throbbing in the quivering lips of her labia. Grunting, he shafted back
into the thick fluids of her flooded furrow. Over and over he repeated
his near violent, deep-grinding strokes. Her body leaped to greet each
lunge, squirming in a motion that rubbed her excited clit into his

For endless minutes he ramrodded himself home into her open quick. He
ravished her cunt with jackhammer-like lunges that set his balls
slapping wetly at the exposed curves of her buttocks. He bucked and
hunched into her like a man gone wild with lust. He poled and drilled
and speared and lanced into her sucking cunt. He reamed and rodded into
her, whipping her body into a frantic frenzy of desire.

Somewhere amid the rising passion that consumed them both, he released
her arms. Without hesitation, she wrapped him in a clutching embrace.
Her fingernails dug into his back, raking long swollen red welts.

Abruptly, he stopped the maddening pace of his fucking cock. He pulled
free of her throbbing tunnel of desire, so once more his gorged glans
was held in the pouted lips of her cunt. In short teasing strokes he
pumped rapidly into her fiery hole, never letting his cock drive deeper
than just inside the scalloped folds of her inner lips. She moaned and
writhed beneath the taunting torture of his new method of attack. No
matter how she tried, bucking and hunching, he would not let her suck
him back into the humid mouth of her belly.

His own hands wedged themselves between the springy cushion of their bed
and her perky ass. Raising her bottom slightly to increase his angle of
entry, he once more slid into her juice-filled pussy. But this time
there was no roughness. He slithered as slowly as possible, spreading
the softness of her hole as he went. As their crotches met once again,
not in fleshy thuds, but with tender insistence. He eased back,
withdrawing with the same deliberate languor.

She made no attempt to fight his latest manoeuver of sexual delight.
Instead she lay back in complete submission to his will. Her whole being
entered on the thick, swollen column of manhood that slowly packed and
re-packed her cunt. She groaned and sighed as she felt every throbbing
inch of his pole part the tight confines of her body until she was
filled with hot pulsing cock. Her hands roved his back soothing the
welts she had made but seconds ago.

His own hands were far from idle. Kneading and fondling the firm
demi-globes he held, he tickled and wiggled a finger into the humid dark
crease. Probing and searching he found the puckered anal ring. Startled
by his newest of explorations of her body, he felt the tight mouth draw
taut beneath his tapping digit. The squeezing circle of muscle pouted
small smooth fleshy nodes.

As he kept up his slow poling of her liquid cunt, his finger lightly
traced around the closed portal to her bowels. Soothing and assuring
her, he played over the brown hole until she, at last, relaxed to accept
his touch. The inquiring tip of his finger moved to the centre of the
small ring and teased at the dark centre. Her body trembled with
thrilled quivers brought by his digital suggestion. She relaxed further,
inviting his entrance.

He did not hesitate to accept the offering. Gently, so as not to have
the tight muscles clamp shut once again and deny him, he eased into her
ass hole. Sliding as deep as the confined position would allow, both
cock and finger remained motionless to let her accustom her body to its
newest invader. He felt the quivering walls of her anal channel go
almost flaccid as she accepted him.

Then he began to skewer his fiery shaft back into her clinging slit.
With the same reckless abandon he had first begun in mock-rape, he
reamed the flowering folds of her pussy. From behind, his ass-entrenched
finger wiggled and twisted as best it could as her body tensed with
pleasure under the renewed attack.

Within five of the jackhammer lunges, her body responded to meet his
rhythm. She bucked up to grab and suck his pulsing rod into the liquid
warmth of her fiery core. The walls of her vaginal tunnel squeezed him
with velvet-covered muscles of steel. In loving passionate caresses she
milked his length, setting his balls afire with the same desire that
inflamed his prick

When he jerked outward, she squeezed tighter so the wet, pink lips of
her pussy mouth formed a straining ring of muscle that clung and held to
his length. Then she relaxed and dropped back to the bed to await his
next drilling entry.

However, her willing accommodation of his cock produced just the
opposite effect for the finger fucking at her ass hole. When she leaped
up to swallow his gorged shaft with her cunt, she slipped off the
probing digit. And when she pulled away from his prick, she impaled
herself on his finger.

Doubly entered and doubly fucked, she bucked and writhed, moaning as the
blasts of carnal pleasure shot through her submissive body. She
squealed, moaned, whimpered, cried, groaned, grunted and pleaded with
pleasure. She twisted and trembled and quivered with the duel invasion
of her body.

At last she shuddered violently as he whipped her to new heights of
orgasmic beauty. Her whole body existed only for the pleasure he
brought. Her whole being expanded and contracted in a universe gone wild
with ecstasy. She was torn from reality and thrown to the winds of
pleasure. Wholly and totally she gave herself to the commanding
sensations and sailed the multi-coloured sides of rapture.

With perfect timing, he matched her coming. His testicles unleashed a
writhing, twisting geyser of sperm and semen. Up and up, it steamed its
way through his already burning cock. Higher and higher, it rushed until
it seared over the agitated head of his shaft exploding outward into her
contracting, squeezing hole.

Jet after spewing jet fountained from his jerking cock. A tidal wave of
thick white cream spurted and shot into her caressing cunt. Even after
he had completely drained his balls of every last drop of come, the
prodigious spasms of release jolted his body over and over.

As his proud hard cock deflated to a limp rubbery hose and slithered
from her come-dripping cunt, he rolled to his side and cuddled her still
trembling body to him. As they held each other, afraid to disturb the
intensity of the sensations and emotions they had created and fanned
with love, the sun grew higher in the sky, flooding more light into
their palace room.

"Thank you, my baron," she finally whispered. "It was good."

"Very good," he answered. "Very good."

She was silent for a moment as if puzzling over a problem in her mind.
"I think," she commented, "that I would like to have you where your
finger was. Do you think we could try it sometime?"

Grinning, he leaned to her and kissed her lips. "I think that also would
he very good."

"Good!" she exclaimed. "When do we begin?"

He laughed with delight at her eagerness for another lesson in the
pleasures of the flesh, but waved her off, "Hold on, woman! At the
moment I'm fucked dry. I don't think I could get it up no matter what!
Give me a little time to regain my strength. In case I haven't mentioned
it, you're one hell of a woman in bed!"

Smiling, she planted a wet, warm kiss on his lips to show her pleasure
at his compliment. Then her eyes probed his with wondering innocence.
"Do you think if I used my mouth and hands I could wake it again?"

"Judging from past experience," he smiled, "I'd say such measures would
shorten the needed time by about half."

Her hazel eyes sparkling with impish delight, she began to run a cool
hand down his stomach toward his sleeping cock. Her tongue flicked over
her luscious lips, leaving a glistening trail of inviting wetness.

Just about then, a loud ringing knock came from the door to their bed
chamber. Disengaging her searching arms, he kissed her lightly, then
slid from the bed. He paused on his journey to the door just long enough
to pull on his pants.

He cracked the wooden portal open just enough to peek out. Jan, dressed
in the full royal regalia of Lindakarian stood outside, a knowing smile
on her face.

Chapter 13

"Well, well," his ex-copilot chuckled as she stepped into the expansive
bedroom, her eyes glancing to Elf still naked on the oval bed. "It seems
that the royalty of Keller has acquired a definite taste for Chadwick
Ponkert the Third."

"It's good to see that Hortians still practice the old tradition of
allowing their heroes their pleasures after saving a fair damsel from
danger," Rololf grinned as he pushed his way into the room after his
queen. Likewise, his eyes darted to Elf, who did her best to scurry
under the covers.

Doing his best not to be put off by the sudden intrusion, but admitting
the bed chamber had transformed into Grand Central Station, he greeted
his hosts, "To what do we owe this royal visit?"

"Don't worry," Rololf smiled, his eyes still lingering on the huddled
and covered Elf. "We'll be off in a moment."

"But we thought you two could use a breakfast break," Jan took up,
waving in two servants who entered with silver trays.

"While I have heard tales of your sexual prowess," Rololf commented,
"even the best of men need food to keep up their strength."

Ponkert glanced at his former co-pilot realizing when she said she had
told the Lindakarian king everything, she had meant just that.

"Perhaps someday I will be offered the same hospitality that my queen
set for you at your arrival at the palace," Rololf mused, his eyes
darting back to Elf.

Ponkert noticed a pleased smile on the head that peeked out above the
covers. I have created a Frankenstein's monster, he mentally grinned.

"Also my very persuasive queen has convinced me of the need of financial
support for your peace mission back to Hort," Rololf continued, waving
another servant into the room, who carried a small chest. "An ample
supply of silver and gold pieces to see you through."

"For at least six years, rather than six months." Jan added, opening the
chest for his view. Small gold and silver disks heaped the chest to

"Now, we'll be going," he urged the servants out of the room. "May the
gods of Ulfblom smile on you and your efforts with the treaty, Baron

The Earthman watched the two leave. Then Rololf stuck his head back into
the room, catching Elf lowering the covers from her body. He glanced at
Ponkert. "Really should have thought of a peace treaty years ago."

Then the Lindakarian ruler ducked out, closing the door behind him.

Somewhat astonished, Ponkert turned to the wealth Jan had managed to
place before him as inducement to divert him from opening a matter
transmission link with Earth. He smiled. There was enough here for him
to start his own empire, Kellerian style.

The idea intrigued him. Why should he want to share the beauty of this
wild and wonderful planet with the teeming and destructive billions on
Earth? What else did he need that he couldn't find on Keller?

He rolled the vision of Ponkert the King over in his mind. Of course,
there were some minor changes and advances in technology he would like
to slip into the Kellerian life style. Not that many, or too quickly, to
produce some type of cultural shock but a few over a period of years.

Perhaps a kingdom in the south. If he could manage Tomar's and Rololf's
aid, there was always a certain black knight by the name of Yngvi who
deserved to be unseated. He was also sure he could find a couple of
willing bodies to man, or woman, his scullery.

"Hell, I don't need the others," he thought out loud. "I can do it

"Do what yourself!" Elf piped up from the bed.

He glanced up and let his eyes travel the soft curves she had uncovered.
The lovely red-headed princess was stretched on her stomach with one of
her long supple legs bent backwards toward her perky ass, as if in
reminder of her earlier suggestion.

Yes, he decided to himself, it'll take time. But that's one thing I've
got plenty of.

"Just thinking of the future." he answered her. "Nothing to bother with

He unclasped his pants and let them slip to the floor. His eyes swept
over the breakfast trays. Finding the item he sought, his hand picked up
a small bowl. After all, if Elf's enticing ass proved to be as tight as
her vagina, he needed every bit of the butter he carried to gain his

The End

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