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[LLP-941] Lap Lessons by Paula Cash

Chapter 1

The girl stood straight as an arrow and trembling before the Personnel
Director of the large corporation in his luxurious private office.
Slowly he unbuttoned her blouse while her soft, weak mouth quivered,
and tears formed in her eyes.

"I didn't expect this," she quavered.

He threw her blouse back over smooth, young shoulders.

"What did you expect? This is New York, not the middle of Iowa. A dozen
girls want this job in Personnel. Some are better looking than you."

He didn't tell her that none exuded the sexuality of this girl. She was
good-looking enough, but there was something extremely vulnerable about
her, her soft skin, the way her clothes clung to her rounded body, the
haunted apprehensive look in her eyes as if she expected strong male
hands to seize her any moment. Her stance, her walk, her awareness of
her silken, feminine body told the world she was a creature of rare
sexuality and knew it. She probably hated it, but there it was.

Sydney Martin ran his hands down the slope of her nude back, the sweep
only broken by her thin bra strap. He ran his hands up the front of her
torso, smooth, velvety, warm. He had to catch his breath. She was as
luscious as hot maple syrup from his native Vermont.

The girl looked white-faced, almost sick.

"I don't think I want a job where I have to do---things like this," she

"Then you can't have the job," he said shortly. He stepped back, still
breathing heavily.

It was the same old problem for him. Sydney Martin couldn't get laid in
a whore house, people said. He was a high-powered executive, but lacked
the personal touch with women. Worse, his wife had left him a few days
before and he was high with a throbbing need for sex.

The girl fumbled ineffectually with her opened blouse.

"Can't we talk---figure out something, please?"

She needed this job desperately. She'd been harassed and eventually
fucked, or fought off attempts, in her last three jobs. She just wasn't
up to coping with New York wolves. Coming from a small town in
Pennsylvania, where everything was staid and proper, she was much too
soft, slow, desirous to please.

"I just want you to be a little friendly!" cried Sydney in agony.

"If you didn't---didn't want too much---" she ventured.

He wanted it all. Everybody in the whole frigging corporation was
getting it all. The other executives were laying secretaries, chasing
girl accountants, and fucking the brains out of the messenger girls in
the huge Domino Corporation skyscraper. Reports filtered into Personnel
from the fourth to the eightieth floor of sex activities. Rumors,
whispers, and even outright complaints, mostly from the girls,
inundated his office. And he, Sydney Martin, couldn't make it.

Today was the last straw. A glorious vision of femininity had appeared
in the board room to instruct the top men of Domino on the use of their
new computer. At the morning lecture Sydney had gone almost out of his
mind, sitting there and staring at the young woman sent by the computer
company. She wore some kind of a silver jumpsuit that encased a body of
fabulous proportions. Her platinum blonde hair, green eyes and
beautiful face transfixed the whole room. The other men were entranced.
Sydney Martin was crazed. Leaving that lecture, he swore to himself he
was going to get some of the rich sex floating around Domino or be
thrown in jail. Then late in the afternoon this girl, Leaf, with her
good looks and obvious sexuality, showed up for an interview.

Obviously he could never make it with a hotshot like the computer girl
in the silver jumpsuit, but Leaf was a different matter.

This time he wasn't going to be put off. He stepped up to Leaf and
undid her bra. She stood there trembling with her eyes closed. He
thrilled with his triumph. Once again he caressed her soft flesh and
this time undid her bra. His cock became hard as he pulled the bra
aside. The kid was not going to scream or fight him or run out of the
office. It was a shame to use his power like this, but HE HAD TO HAVE


He ran his hands up the smooth torso and cupped the first naked breasts
he'd touched that didn't belong to his wife. Fiery rushes of pleasure
seized him. Leaf's breasts were good---nothing like those marvels of
the computer girl---but meaty, well-shaped and sexy. She gasped as
those hot hands sought her ivory lovelies. Mr. Martin didn't know it,
but she couldn't resist when she was fondled by men. Once they started
to stroke her, it was as if her body no longer belonged to her. Already
his blunt attack on her tits made her cunt swell and flow. She was
afraid he would screw her right in his office, right at his desk, and
she didn't even have the job yet.

"MR. MARTIN---I---I CAN'T ALLOW THIS. OH, OH," she sighed.

"You've got to," he snarled, covering his own fear and shock at his own

Oh, her young tits did feel good! The firm, hot flesh burned into his
palms. He began to kiss her around the neck and throat.

"YOU HAVEN'T---EVEN HIRED ME!" she gasped.

"Oh, you'll get the job---"

He dug his mouth on her sensuous mouth, forcing his tongue inside
against her futile resistance. They sucked together in the grasp of
erotic contact. He scoured her mouth with his tongue, sucking her hot
saliva. Her heart pounded. It felt like her breasts were swelling to
those hot, kneading hands. He was going to conquer her, take her and
use her, she knew, and she moaned her despair. She hated men, and yet
her luscious body set them on fire and made them use her against her
will. His hands crept down to her buttocks as he forced her unwilling
belly to rub his steely erection in his pants. The feel of his
pulsating cock made her become wet between her legs. Her slippery
little cunt was going to get thoroughly jazzed again. If only she could
stop him---

"I'M GOING TO FUCK YOU," he told her, his voice thick with torrid sex
desire. It was magnificent to sex up this crazy little piece after the
long dry spell. For the first time in weeks he felt magnificent.

Her eyes looked a little dazed now, and her mouth was wet on the
outside from his saliva, looking fussed and hard-kissed. The vein in
her throat throbbed in sexual excitement.

"NO, NO I DON'T WANT---" she begged, trying to struggle.

Her weak resistance heaped flames on his hot male fires. He bent her
torso back and began to eat her nipples, sucking the hard tips into his
mouth, crushing them with his tongue, ingesting smooth breast flesh
into his mouth. He felt her quiver in hot response.

"OH, MY BREASTS. I---YOU---AHHHH," she sighed.

Her taut young belly began to ride on his cock in spite of her
protests. She was the most fuckable girl he'd ever touched and it was
going to be a wild, hot time reaming out her helpless cunt. She moaned
now, her protests swinging toward desire. The little bitch was heated
up. He'd hire her all right---and fuck her every day!

There were obscene sounds in the staid, dignified office of his mouth
sucking her breasts, the sexy sound of her moans and his soft gasps of
pleasure. He dug his hands into her firm buttocks, thrilling. She had
ass, she had cunt, and she had tits. She was a luscious little whore
who didn't understand her trade, his discovery and his conquest. Maybe
he'd even take her home tonight and ream her all night long. After
months of wife trouble and celibacy, Sydney had struck paydirt.

His hotline rang, the red telephone from the president's office. At
that it flashed three times and she had to tell him---

"You---your red phone---there's a flashing light."

Reluctantly he released the girl.

"Get your ass up here, Martin. You're late."

"Up where---sir?" He was still dizzy with the sex.

"The computer lecture, you dumb bell. You've got a big stake in our new
computer. I'm paying a fortune to have this woman expert lecture you
men twice a day so we can use it."

Sydney had completely forgotten about the evening lecture.

"Oh, yes, sir. I---I---just have a few more minutes work here---"

"NOW, SYD, GODDAMIT! THE LECTURE'S STARTED. I want your ass up here in
sixty seconds."

The old man was like that. He rode you hard. Sydney almost died. He
looked at the girl. She was already struggling to put her bra back on.

"You wait for me, honey, right here in my office," he told her. "The
president wants me for an hour. I'll be back."

"I don't want the job, Mr. Martin. Forget it," said Leaf. The
interruption had allowed her to regain control of her sexed-up body.
She went swiftly to the door. "Thanks---thanks for the interview---"

She was going, leaving Sydney aching in frustration and sunk into
despair. The one good shot at sex he was likely to have. He'd never
interviewed a girl who was so available, even if she didn't know it.

"Wait! Come back---" he begged.

"No, noo---" Her voice faded as she plunged out of his office, still
dressing. Well, that didn't matter, everyone was gone for the day. But
he was fucked, screwed, shot down in flames. As usual, Sydney Martin
had been cheated out of sex, even when his cock was practically in the
girl's cunt. He wanted to weep, but instead cursed viciously as he went
up to the board room and the computer lecture . . .

Once in the boardroom with the other executives, Sydney found that his
punishment was severe. It was not at the hands of the Old Man, who
merely glared at him. It was in having to sit right up front, the only
vacant chair left, a few feet away from the most luscious female he'd
ever seen in New York. His nervous system was high with erotic desire.
His cock had softened only slightly on the ride up the elevator. Now it
came back to full erection as he sat only a few feet away from the
computer tutor in the silver jumpsuit. He groaned silently as he
grabbed papers to cover the bump in his pants and tried to keep his
eyes off the fantastic sex package in front of him.

It was no use. Crystal Locke, the computer expert, had certainly been
built for other purposes than discussing brain machines. She had long,
platinum blonde hair. She had a long, elegant body with a symphony of
curves. Her skin had a delicate ivory translucence. Her well-shaped
face belonged in a fashion magazine, with a high forehead, entrancing
cheek hollows, luminous green eyes, clear and direct, a small nose and
a curving mouth that magnetized his lips with frenzied desire to kiss

Her jumpsuit looked like satin, although it was actually a crepe de
chine, which was more form-fitting while just as glossy. The blouse
opened in a deep V that went almost to her waist. Her breasts were
near-melon size, exquisitely full---and fully half of each one tried to
burst out of the V neck. Only a slim half bra protected the underside
of those incredible globes and her nipples. As she moved, it looked
like one of her pink nipples was going to jump into full view as her
twins jiggled in the fervor of her lecture. All the men in the room
kept watching those elegant beauties.

The cloth of that svelte suit pressed a flat belly and graceful thighs,
and suggested that her unclad figure was a heart-stopper for any male.

Sydney's eyes fixed on her nubile, moving body, and especially on her
breasts. Her words, emerging in smooth, syrupy tones, went inside his
head and dropped to oblivion.

"Magnetic core memory---five bit words---input-output hardware---
intermediate retrieval---nanosecond access---VTR visual displays---hi-
speed paper tapes---logic ladders---near-infinite storage---unitized
components for fast repair---self-correcting trouble scans---"

The Domino Corporation had tired of its older computers and the high
costs of buying out computer services. This time it had gone all the
way and bought one of the newest and best computers in the world---the
Avery-Cascade 1100. It had taken months to install and now it had a
whole floor of its own in the Domino skyscraper. Now it was time for
the various department heads to put it to work, and Crystal Locke was
there telling them what it could do.

It seemed to Sydney Martin it could do everything in the world---except
relieve his aching hard-on. The gorgeous female could do that, but he
knew that a fantastic woman of quality like Crystal was far beyond his
reach. She wore a ring and was probably married to a brain surgeon or a
young, hotshot Wall Street millionaire. And he had to sit there three
feet from her, hard as a rock, and suffer.

Now he deeply regretted his dalliance with Leaf in his office. She'd
left him so high and hot that he couldn't take in a word of the lecture
while his erotic desires were teased unmercifully.

Sydney became aware that he was not the only one entranced more by the
girl than the lecture. As she moved between the blackboard, her notes
on the desk and her demonstration miniature of the A-C 1100, every eye
among the seven men in the room fixed on her bosom. Even the Old Man
burned his gimlet eyes on that succulent white flesh. Her movements
were vigorous, and at some point one or both of her nipples HAD to pop
out of her half bra!

"Did you have a question, sir?" came that smooth voice.

Crystal stepped forward and leaned over. Those fabulous breasts seemed
to come right up to Sydney's face as he sat out in front of the others.
He felt dizzy and his cock stretched even harder in his pants.
Reluctantly he tore his eyes away from the firm globes and found
himself staring into bright green eyes so big he felt he would tip
forward and fall into them forever. Then her eyes lowered and he knew
she saw his hard-on in his pants, his covering papers having shifted.
He blushed a fiery red.

"MARTIN, THE LADY ASKED YOU A QUESTION!" thundered the president.

"Those breasts---so white and---" Sydney rattled out in a loud voice---
startled from his reverie. Then, as the room rocked with shocked
laughter, he tried to correct himself. "I mean the rest of the white
area---up there---" It was no use. Everyone in the room knew where his
mind had actually been.

Crystal laughed good-naturedly with the rest of the executives.

"I think I've thrown enough detail at you gentlemen for one day," she
said easily. "The 1100 will automate your payroll, personnel records,
inventories, billings, collections, technical data, reports from the
field, and just about anything else you want to dump into its
incredible memory. Fast access output hardware brings the information
to your desks instantaneously, and---" she smiled at the president---
"you may even have enough computer time left over to sell to outside
companies and reduce the cost of buying it. Gentlemen, I thank you."

She made a slight bow and at that moment the golden accident occurred.
Her left breast jiggled and her big, pink nipple popped right out of
the half bra into plain view. An electric shock surged through the men.
For two precious seconds they were able to gaze at the bold, pink glory
of her femininity. It was Crystal Locke's turn to blush, look confused,
and quickly ease her sexy pink tip back into its tight case. An
enormous sigh went around the room. What they'd waited for all during
the lecture had finally happened!

Sydney Martin got out of the room as fast as he could. He'd managed to
stay hard all the time he'd been there, and he badly wanted to end the
agony. Behind him, the men clustered about the white-haired young
woman, and he guessed that she'd get more than one direct or indirect
invitation to drinks and dinner. Not every man in Domino had a sex
thing going, but sometimes it seemed like it. The president himself, so
it was rumored---oh, the hell with it.

Back in his lonely office, Sydney crumpled behind his desk and put his
head into his arms. The other girl was gone, of course, long gone. It
served him right for being so rough on the poor kid. His only defense
was his gnawing need for sex---but it was adequate punishment to have
had to sit in front of the silken Crystal and suffer. There was nothing
ahead of him for tonight, or any other night, except a plastic dinner
at a fast food place and an empty evening in his big apartment, with
his wife and kids gone.

Oh, sure, there were plenty of prostitutes in New York, but that kind
of love had never appealed to him.

There was a soft knock on his door.

"Come in," said Sydney without curiosity. It was late. One of the
cleaning women was due.

The door opened---and Crystal Locke came in---alone. She carried a
small briefcase in one hand. Sydney stared at her in surprise and awe.
She marched across his rug to his desk, it seemed like a mile, that
silken beauty getting closer and closer, her breasts jiggling and a big
smile on her face. Those green eyes shone like lamps.

Sydney jumped to his feet.

"l-uh-did you want to see ME?"

"I sure did, Mr. Martin," she said.

She laid her briefcase carefully on his desk. Then she came around the
desk to stand close to him. Her body in that gorgeous, soft and
glittering jumpsuit held his eyes, and now he felt her body heat as she
stood next to him. He also smelled her fragrance.

"I seem to have created a disturbance in your groin," she said with a

His cock had already started to harden again in his pants as he watched
her walk across the thick carpet. As she stood beside him, his desires,
smoldering from before, began to burst into flame.

"I---you noticed that?" he squeaked.

She took his hand.

"You sit on the desk, I'll take your chair," she said.

Puzzled, excited and delighted, he obediently rose and sat on the edge
of his big desk facing her, while she eased into his swivel chair. She
reached forward and undid his zipper. Warm, elegant fingers dipped
inside of his shorts to bring forth his cock. He just sat there,
paralyzed with surprise and joy.

His swollen sex meat stiffened immediately, thickening, growing,
straining as she gently joggled it with her soft hand, smiling up into
his face. He went dizzy with delight and desire, staring down on this
luscious beauty he'd thought was miles beyond his reach. There was the
beautiful face with those fabulous eyes and soft cheeks, the long
platinum blonde hair, the magnificent tits straining to get out of her
half bra. Glittering in silver as she sat in his dark swivel chair, she
seemed like a vision from another planet.

"In each firm that I teach executives, I make one special friend," she

"You---chose me?" he squeaked.

Her answer was to lean forward and suck his hard cock into her sensuous
mouth, past snake-curving lips. With a shock of huge joy, he felt the
heat of her mouth, the sexy wetness and the tight pressure of her
cocksuck. He thrilled up and down his backbone, from his feet to his

"You can see I chose you, Mr. Martin---Sydney," she said softly.

He wanted to ask why, blurting out a long string of questions. He also
wanted to get his prick thoroughly and deliciously sucked as she was
doing and was afraid to say or do anything that would break the spell.

"I---I---guess my hard-on t-told you I was interested," he said.

"It helped."

She didn't tell him he was the only possible choice among the Domino
executives. Crystal Locke was an extremely intelligent young woman for
her twenty-nine years, and a large part of that intellect believed in
letting her body take over in personal matters. Her cunt had
practically creamed on the first day that she saw Sydney. Her body told
her that this was the prick she had to have, so she was delighted to
discover that Sydney had home problems and that his wife had left him,
information she got from discreet inquiries. It was a shame that he had
personal problems, but it fit into her desire to befriend him.

His cock was slightly larger than average, and just now she had given
it the maximum hard-on. Big purple veins fed hot blood into the
muscular tissue, locking it so hard that it quivered. Paper thin skin
moved sexily over the rigid muscle. The mushroom head of his stabber
was a light purple from congested desire. There were a few gray hairs
in his pubic thatch. His round, tight balls were smooth with
congestion, a boiling male reservoir, surging to be plucked.

The result of handling all that hot male sexuality was to turn her on
like fury. Despite her big city sophistication, Crystal was an
elemental woman. The transfer of that boiling semen through a
straining, sexed up cock into her body was the most delicious human act
she could think of.

She ran a finger up his shaft and rimmed the fluted edge with a wet,
pink tongue. Sydney cried softly in pleasure and his big root throbbed.

"Why did your wife leave you, Sydney?"

"She---I---we---it was a women's lib thing," he said.

"She wanted lots of---uh---cunnilingus and it took me an hour to get
her off. Then we could have sex, but in an hour of sucking her box, I
got irritable."

She released his cock and stood up. She undid her blouse. It came off
white, smooth shoulders to reveal her magnificent torso and those
incredible breasts, restrained now only by the half bra. The delights
went on. She slid out of her pants, revealing a tight V, clutched by
bikini panties, and exquisite thighs and ankles. He almost came just
looking at all the gorgeous nudity.

"Could you suck me, Sydney?"

"Anything---anything---" he murmured.

They changed positions, he sitting in his chair, she sitting on the
edge of the desk facing him, legs spread. She slipped out of her
panties. With a cry of eagerness, he plunged his head forward to burrow
his tongue into the innocent pink cunt surrounded by the glossy
platinum pubic hairs. He felt he could suck this sex goddess for a

His wife had trained him, no question. That expert tongue reaming into
Crystal's hot, sensitive channel, almost took the top of her head off.
Her clitoris seemed to leap up to find his sliding wet tongue.

"AHHHH, OOOHHHH," she gasped, as she gripped his head in utter delight.

She strained up against his face, running her hands through his thick,
curly hair. Except in his job, Sydney was a bumbler, an innocent. She
needed an innocent, hard-pricked man! They were precious gems, few and
far in between, capable of turning her into a gibbering idiot. Massive
thrills tore through her belly, making all her pleasure nerves sing.

"UH, UH, UH," she sighed as she worked off three or four luscious
undulations on his mouth and tongue. She was already white hot. She
locked her soft thighs tight around his head and experienced deep belly
thrills that almost made her faint.

But she wanted much more than tonguing from him. Reluctantly she pulled
his head up and made him stand up as she slid off the desk. She undid
her bra. Her large, taut breasts fell free, jiggling from tension.

He needed no special invitation. His eyes grew big, his heart pumped
fast, as he faced those fantastic girl globes, free and naked. With a
cry of triumph he went for them, kneading one and sucking the flint-
hard nipple of the other.

Her body went back and she had to gasp at the rocking thrills of joy
she got from the attack on those sensitive sex parts.


They clung in passionate lock, her hand jogging his prick, his mouth
and hands using her breasts with furious hunger. His cock throbbed
dangerously while her cunt creamed with ecstatic new honies.

As the first thrill died, she took his hand and led him around the


Excited and very high, but puzzled, he followed her. She was kind of
strange, giving him only a few sucks of his cock, then taking only a
few reams of his tongue, and finally accepting only a brief period of
breast love. In fact, if his hard cock and tortured desire had not
binded him, he would've been asking all sorts of questions. All he
could think of, instead, was "WE'RE GOING TO DO IT!"

"Right here---on the rug?" he asked as she stopped in the middle of the

"Right here on the rug," she said. She went down gracefully, arranging
herself, nude and supple at his feet.

He stripped down rapidly. "The door---"

"I've already locked it."

"The cleaning women---"

"I stopped at your secretary's desk, printed a sign, put it on the
door. Do not disturb."

He sank to his knees, staring at his feast in wonder.

"You," he said, "are the most fantastic woman I ever met."

"No, Sydney," she said. "You are the most underrated man in Domino, but
you can come into your own if you want."

All he wanted in the entire world right now was to sink his prick up
her delectable fuck channel. She spread her legs and arched her belly,
and he went sliding into her saddle. His prick notched the opening of
her cunt. He closed his eyes, still not believing that all these
wonders had actually happened. He shoved. It was absolute heaven. His
eager prick violated a tight, pink cunt and slid into her sex chamber,
riding on sweet girl oils. He surged deep into her body, his cock
thrilled by her interior body heat, the tight grip of her sex organ,
and her quivers of being taken.

"OHHH, SYDNEY," she cried.

"INNN---CRED---IBULLL," he sang in rapture.

Sydney looked down on her white, naked body and got the most exquisite
thrill of his entire sex life. This fabulous beauty felt his prick,
relished his prick, was taken by his prick---and she loved it. He'd
never had such an elegant woman, but she seemed just as love-struck by
him as he was by her. There was a sheen of moisture on her face and
body. Her sex blush of excitement went clear down to those smooth,
rounded shoulders. Her nipples locked tight for him and her loins moved
in avid hunger for his restless cock. Her beautiful face looked dazed,
contented, happy, expressing the enslavement of her luscious sexiness
to his cock.

cried, beginning to drill her in full male confidence and ecstasy.

"FUCK ME, FUCK ME," she whispered. "I WANT IT DEEP AND HARD . . ."

Crystal wanted to weep in her relief and joy at having this sex.
Despite her beauty and obvious sexuality it was almost impossible for
her to fulfill the deep needs of her erotic nature with most of the men
she'd met in New York. The executives she worked with, the younger
ones, were slick, hard and self-involved. Their cocks used cunts like
Kleenex, to be spurted into once and discarded.

For her there was also a deeper, greater danger---the gray sordid walls
of some prison, eternally waiting for her in the shadows. Her work for
A-C II 00 could save her---but any one of the fast talking, quick
thinking executives that she moved among could also penetrate her
secret and destroy her.

Sydney was safe. Sydney was open, innocent, lust-crazed manhood. His
cock, furiously stroking her to hot heaven, was twice as precious as
that of his wolf-like president, who'd also made passes, or the other
executives of Domino.

She'd realized that she must act fast and give herself totally if she
were to enjoy Sydney Martin as her lover.

Now she gave herself up to the pure ecstasy of the lovemaking. She
shifted under him to receive the hot drive of his piercing manhood in
this blissful pocket of time when she was loved and SAFE!

Eyes glazed with the sweetness of the friction in her cunt, Sydney came
forward to suckle once more on her magnificent breasts. She felt his
eagerness and wonder at enjoying her beauties and the thrills that
rushed down her body added flames to her fires that already burned so

"YOU ARE---SOOOO BUILT!" he gasped between sucks.


Riding on his fabulous hunger, she sank into the miracle of the sex
world, luscious female giving her all, opening her intimate body
passage and her soul to the taking by the male. Soft thigh muscles
strained as she worked her belly against his maddening, determined cock
strokes. Her buttocks tensed and she gasped and grunted at the fierce
ardor that drove her toward her own bitch madness.


"UH, UH, UH."

He felt her yielding to him and his plunging cock, and that inspired
him to ream her faster. She cried out in wild lust, joy beginning to
rock and whine in her sweet bitch distress.

"FUCKED. FUCKED," she cried in wonder.

All through her body the power of the sex organized her, opened her,
whipped her to plunging fury to suck that cock deep into her body and
milk it. She quivered and twisted---and then she glided upward in the
overpowering ecstasy of orgasm.


She had paid him the last and the greatest compliment. Her divine body
had succumbed to his prick before it had harvested his own hot-sealed
sex reservoir.

Maddened with pleasure, she surged up against him and locked in the
exquisite stillness of pre-orgasmic pleasure, going faint as her body
processes raped her of all voluntary motions.

At this climactic moment, Sydney released her breasts and plunged his
mouth on hers, jamming his tongue into hers, demanding more penetration
into her taken body.

She whined in ecstasy and gave up her full womanhood. Throb, throb,
throb. Her gigantic cunt squeezes let him feel the most fantastic
orgasm he'd ever sensed in a woman. Her slick tunnel pulsed tightly on
his prick, not only a token of her complete surrender, but an added joy
to his reaming cock. It was enough to blast him right out in space.

"AHHHHH, OOHHHH!" he went.

There could be no long freeze for him---he'd been in a high state of
desire too long. He felt a luscious moment of locking and then he
overrode her throbbing cunt with his gushes.

"TAKE IT. I'M SPURTIIIING!" he told her.

Thrilled shots of liquid male jissum burned into her belly. Sydney
twisted and grunted in relief as, at last, he speed forth his
frustrated desires, seeding the belly of the most luscious-looking
female he'd ever met. As he shot sperm, she contracted in her own hot
orgasm of pleasure, the two of them tight-locked and groaning in
magnificent good feeling and relief. He went half faint with the wild
release of it while she jerked and moaned and sank into euphoria under
him in the hottest fuck she'd had in months. The first part of her plan
to use Domino had been brilliantly executed.

Chapter 2

"I can't suck a man's penis!" wailed Leaf Campbell.

"Yes, you can," said Crystal. "It's really very sexy, especially when
they break and you feel all that hot, wonderful liquid spurting in your
mouth. After you do it once, the flavor is great and the feel of their
hard shafts jerking in wild spasms drives you out of your skull in

"Ohhhhh, Crystal," moaned Leaf.

Crystal sat on top of the soft girl's belly, doing Leaf's face makeup.
Leaf thought that Crystal was the epitome of the mad, worldly New York
type of woman. She squirmed helplessly under Crystal's weight, but that
was how Crystal wanted to do her makeup, sitting on the smaller girl's
belly, pinning her to the bed.

She'd only known the computer woman for a few days, but at least
Crystal was on her side and willing to help a Pennsylvania small town
girl, lost in the cruel winds of the big city. Leaf had lost so many
jobs that she was practically thrown out on the street for lack of rent
money. That's when she applied to the giant Avery Cascade Computer Co.
for a job---and ran into Crystal.

When Crystal found out how badly off the younger girl was, she invited
her to spend a few days at her own apartment. It was a godsend for poor
Leaf---but Crystal didn't want her to work for A-C. Instead, Crystal
sent her to get a job at the Personnel Department of the Domino

But that ended badly when the Personnel Director tried to strip her in
his office and have sex with her. Only a phone call from one of the big
shots saved her that day.

Crystal applied lip gloss to Leaf's mouth and stared at her work

"Looks pretty good, Leaf. You have a naturally sallow complexion that
requires a light makeup---or a healthy sex life to give your face

"I've had nothing but offers of a sex life ever since I hit New York."

"It's the indoor living in a big city. Drinking and sex take up a lot
of slack."

Leaf knew that Crystal had come from the West Coast.

"What do they do out there, Crys?"

"Drinking and sex. You spend so much time outdoors, that's all you're
good for at night."

Leaf shifted uneasily under Crystal.

"Listen, your Sydney Martin is as bad as the others. I keep telling
you---he tried to do me in his office."

"Yes, you ridiculous creature. You walked out on him. So I had to do
him instead. But it was fine."

"So he's coming here tonight?" said Leaf. "You're going to make me have
sex with him?"

"Yes, he's coming here and I'm going to make you suck his prick, Leaf."


"You'll understand later. Trust me. When you know when and where to put
out to men, it's no great burden."

"I can't suck a man's penis!" wailed Leaf for the second time.

Crystal reached over and picked up her vibrator. It was a white plastic
device, shaped like a cock, about six inches long. She turned it on and
it buzzed wickedly while Leaf's eyes went big and she twisted under her

"What---are you going to do---with that?" she gasped.

Crystal reached behind her with the humming device and rode it along
Leaf's cunt, protected only by thin, silken panties. Leaf surged up as
if stung by a bee.

"OH. GREAT HEAVENS!" she cried. She squirmed helplessly under her
friend, feeling sudden rushes of sexuality from the buzzing device. It
was not exactly shaped like a cock. The top tapered to a blunt point
which Crystal now used to dig inside the tender, pink opening of the
held down girl.


"You need to be hot when Syd gets here," said Crystal calmly.

"DON'T---DO THAT!" screamed Leaf, almost throwing off the bigger girl.

But, quick as a cat, Crystal reversed her position so she faced away
from Leaf, and sat on her belly facing the girl's legs. She removed her
panties. She forced the vibrator directly on Leaf's naked cunt and
began to violate her.

"CRYSTAL! CRYSTAL!" screamed Leaf.

"Quit bucking, you ninny. It feels good and you know it."

Crystal pushed down the soft thighs of the girl which strained upwards,
young muscles standing out as Leaf tried to save her sex passage.


Her fingers dug into the smooth back of her friend. Crystal, likewise
wore only her bra and panties, so her back was practically naked.

"Don't scratch me, you cat!" gasped Crystal. "It's sexy enough having
to prime your hot little cunt. You'll turn me into a lesbian."

Leaf began to sweat and writhe in sexual pleasure as Crystal forced
half the fake penis up her cunt. Crystal used it like a cock, slowly
dragging it back and forth in the expanding sex passage.

Leaf pushed and tugged with her hands ineffectually, trying to save her
cunt. She couldn't reach around Crystal. She could not protect her sex
area, which now sent off fast, hot rushes of pleasure. In spite of her
desire to stop, she had to thrust her belly up to take the vibrator
fuck. each thrust stronger than the last.

"YOU'RE . . . FUCKING . . . MEEEEE!" she wailed.

"You n-need it, Leaf. The reason guys jump you is that you don't get
enough. Men sense women's sexual tensions. A well-screwed woman doesn't
send out signals like you do. You reek of a hot girl's needs."


"Listen to you sing, Leaf. You're even turning me on, and I don't have
sex with women."

Crystal was fascinated with this experimentation on the smaller girl's
cunt. Never before had she had a luscious young girl to play with. She
fucked the buzzing device into Leaf's chamber and thrilled to feel the
girl's rise to the friction, belly and thighs trembling and the grunts
coming fast.

Leaf had stained the vibrator with rich, young girl juices, making it
slippery in Crystal's hand as she ran it in deeply. She felt the
ecstasy that Leaf felt as the taken girl twisted helplessly under her.
Leaf must have the hottest cunt in New York City. If the average sex
run lasted two minutes, Leaf was sure to succumb to a hard cock in a
minute and a half. Right now the sounds from the fucked girl's throat
were continuous gasps, gurgles and grunts of high passion.

Leaf was sex-frictioned almost out of her mind by the device which was
a little too big for her tight cunt anyway. Her belly seethed with
golden pleasure, her ears rang with lust, and she worked her belly
slavishly to the master strokes of the other girl.


Crystal worried that she might force the orgasm too soon. She eased her
weapon out of the girl's cunt and spun around once more to sit facing
Leaf's head. Leaf shuddered and covered her face from Crystal's sight
in embarrassment.

"Haaaa, that's better. Yes, Crystal, my body's too sexy, I know it.
I've always been afraid of it. My folks fully expected me to turn into
a whore. They almost died when I insisted on coming to New York. But
what can I do?"

"Pick the right man at the right time and you never need worry about
becoming a hooker."

"You're so good-looking, Crystal. Were you ever---"

"A hooker?" asked Crystal. "No." She laughed. "I only wish I had been,
Leaf. My past is much worse than that."

More mystery about her new friend. Leaf peeked through her fingers at
the beautiful platinum blonde. Crystal held the vibrator aloft,
gleaming with Leaf's gland contributions. To Leaf's horror, Crystal's
pink tongue flicked out and licked the smooth honey that coated the

"Always wondered what a fucked girl tastes like," laughed Crystal.

She gave the vibrator a couple of healthy licks, then reached behind
her and plunged it once more into Leaf's cunt.

"AHHHHH-EH!" Leaf gasped.

Calmly, almost absently, Crystal used her free hand to push up Leaf's
bra and dig her palm into Leaf's meaty breast, teasing the hard nipple.

"OHHHH," went Leaf. "OH---THAT F-F-FEELS ---GOOOOOOD."

"Let's `Ride-'em-Cowboy'," cried Crystal, frigging Leaf behind her with
the vibrator and kneading her sexy breasts, one after the other, up

Leaf had to give up all idea of preserving her decorum or her
sexuality. The hot vibrator below, reaming her cunt, coupled with
Crystal's outrageous hands digging into her breasts, took her right up
to glory.

"AH-HAAA, AH-HAAA, AH-HAAA," Leaf sighed, feeling the incredible power
of her sex equipment rising to a fabulous orgasm. Shots and streaks of
wild joy penetrated every part of her body. She whined and twisted and
hunkered and keened, sweating, grunting like a pig. The sweet, majestic
agony of pleasure could not last long.

"HOOOOO---NOWWWWW!" she gasped.

She gave a great gasp and locked her thighs on the wounding vibrator.
She paid out her sex like she was the U.S. Mint spewing out coins. Her
throbs of relief and submission swept her away to a dizzy, dazed state
as her vagina clutched and unclutched on the machine that Crystal kept
reaming in and out of her cunt to make her give up all her sex
treasure. Feeling silly, weak, and totally wonderful, Leaf kicked her
legs helplessly and surrendered deep, aching throbs of golden joy until
her strong passion capacity ran out.

"WOOOOO," she sighed at last, tapering and relaxing. Her cunt flowed
with excess juice and her belly glowed in sweet euphoria. Crystal had
used her well. She just lay quietly on the bed, dazed and temporarily

Crystal got up and off her victim, well-satisfied, her own cunt warm
and glowing. It was exceedingly important that she establish sexual
domination over the Pennsylvania girl, and not for her own needs,
either. Not her erotic needs. She'd waited for months for the right
girl to come along, and then one day Leaf Campbell had simply walked
into her office . . .

Crystal's apartment reflected the good salary she made from A-C. It had
two good-sized bedrooms, a large living room with split levels, a
terrace with a magnificent view, a kitchen crammed with appliances, and
plenty of sunshine and air. It was furnished simply and cleanly with
the latest comforts and necessities in wood, metal, fabrics and glass
that the most professional of decorators would approve.

It also had one unique device not found in any of the apartments in
this exclusive East Side district, in her building or any other. The
device looked like an ordinary typewriter with a TV set mounted to one
side of it. It was, in fact, a computer terminal. Using telephone
lines, it hooked her to the A-C office in Manhattan and to the massive
computer center of the firm across the river in New Jersey. A few other
A-C officials who lived in Manhattan had these terminals. The age of
the home computer terminal, which could send messages to, and receive
messages from, a main computer had begun.

Crystal's home terminal had one other feature that even the president
of her company didn't have. She could talk to any of the A-C 1100's
that she'd been assigned to cover for A-C in her job as a computer

Leaving Leaf in the bedroom, Crystal walked into the living room, sat
before the typewriter keyboard and turned the power on.

"DOMINO---THIS IS STARSHELL," she wrote. She sat back and waited. It
only took seconds for her answer.



The black TV screen at her side fluttered and flashed a screenful of


"BEGUN TODAY," flashed back.


That meant the paychecks would be written and mailed automatically with
the others, but protected by the STARSHELL subroutine. She had saved a
little portion of the A-C 1100 memory in the Domino machine for her
private use.


"HOLDING---AND OFFLINE," she wrote back.

The TV screen went blank, and she sat back with a smile wreathing her
lips, a dreamy look in her large green eyes. The action had begun.
There was risk, a huge risk, but she had no choice, none at all . . .
There was one other computer terminal, quite close by, that Crystal
Locke didn't know about. Like hers, it was set up in an apartment, but
this apartment was in a building across the street from hers. The
building was less pretentious, older, and the apartments much smaller.
The apartment with this second terminal was almost directly opposite
her apartment facing in her direction.

As her STARSHELL messages flashed back, and forth over the lines, they
also appeared on the machine that a youngish man with glowing eyes
monitored. He watched the printout on the yellow roll of typewriter
paper, and gave a wolfish grin.

When the messages finished, he rose, picked up some binoculars, and
walked to his window. From here he could see across to Crystal's
apartment. Her sliding glass door was open. It was a fall night, but
cold weather had not yet come.

He could see the beautiful girl sitting there at her terminal,
practically naked. She showed enough skin anyway to make his breathing
quicken. It had been a long time and a murderously long wait for this
moment, and he savored his success with deep breaths of exultation. The
blonde doll across the street was due for one smashing, shattering
surprise in her young life!

Sydney Martin could not believe his good luck when he arrived at
Crystal's apartment a short while later. The platinum blonde, wearing a
housecoat and apparently very little underneath, greeted him with a
kiss---and immediately began to take off his clothes.

"You're a---fast operator," he gasped as he stood naked before her, his
stiff prick thrilling as she pressed against him and jazzed the hard
member to make it harder.

"Why waste time in polite nothings when everybody's mind is on
something else," she laughed. "The drinks, the small talk can always
come later when everybody's relaxed."

Then Crystal led him into her bedroom. He stopped in surprise. Lying on
the bed, naked, was the sexy little girl that had applied for a job a
few days before, that he'd almost screwed before being interrupted.

He turned to Crystal in shock. "Why---why---"

"Yes, Leaf and I are friends," she laughed. "How do you think she
happened to apply to Domino for a job, anyway. I told her to come and
see you."

"It's all right, Syd. Leaf is just a little more inhibited in sex than
I am. But she still wants that job, and she's willing to be friendly,
if it's not overdone."

Syd stood there, feeling nervous. Crystal couldn't be a hooker. She was
much too bright and had much too good a job. But---

"Syd," said Crystal, "I know I shock people because I go straight to
the bottom line without a lot of faking and teasing. I'm sorry I'm so
direct. The bottom line is, Leaf wants to work for you and you want her
to work for you."

"Sure, I need somebody like her, but---"

"Syd, face it. If I don't cut the knot, you and Leaf would waste hours,
weeks of company time trying to get it off. What you want is a bright
girl who'll work hard and once in a while you give you a thrill. She
wants a steady job with a good company and doesn't mind a little action
if it doesn't get too heavy. So take the action and start off without
any tension."

All of this time Leaf laid there looking embarrassed, and a little
dazed. There was a vibrator lying close by, and Syd judged that little
Leaf was more than a bit sexed up.

"S-s-sure, Crystal." He approached the bed.

"Take it in your mouth, Leaf," Crystal said.

Leaf reached up from her prone position and took hold of Syd's hard
cock. She exposed a neat, nude breast, and slipped the rod into her
mouth as he stared down at her rounded young body, her naked ass, and
that sexy breast exposed. The heat and thrill of being sucked brought
him up on his toes.

"She's not good at this," said Crystal. "If you don't mind, I'll
instruct her."

"AHHH---MIND? NOOO---OH!" gasped Syd.

It was fabulous. He'd expected a date with Crystal alone and hoped it
would end up like that time in his office. Suddenly he had Crystal and
the sexy other little piece at the same time. His sex life had gone
from horribly miserable to pure gold in a few days due to Crystal.

It was fabulous. Crystal instructed Leaf to get on her hands and knees
on the bed, dog-fashion. She had Syd also get on the bed on his knees,
but torso up. She got up on the bed alongside of them to direct the
action like a referee in a wrestling match.

"Leaf---use plenty of suction," Crystal said. "Be careful with your
teeth . . . use them to groove, but don't bite . . . more tongue
action...I want to see that pink tongue curling, curling, yes, that's
it... take it a little deeper; it won't bite...Don't you love that sex
meat taste?"

Leaf moaned in her concentration, almost cross-eyed in trying. Her
belly was still hot from Crystal earlier treatment and now new thrills
shot up her belly and new juices creamed in her cunt. Crystal was a
wild one, all right, but it sure helped things along, the way she did.

"Release his cock, now, Leaf. Jack him off with your hand. He likes the
slippery feel of the wet cock in your hand."

"L-l-love it!" keened Syd. Already he dry-throbbed in excited delight.

Crystal showed Leaf how to eat up and down the shaft, a half at a time,
and how to take each male testicle gently in the mouth.

"You want to thrill them without hurting," she said in her computer
instruction voice. "You can feel them pull back and quiver if it's too
hard. But too soft is worse. If they bunt forward, they aren't getting
enough action."

Syd reveled in this weird cocksuck and he almost spurted when Crystal
took his cock in her hand and sucked on it herself, demonstrating. He
fucked into her mouth in abandon, feeling he fucked all the way down
the blonde's long, luscious body. She made his sex reservoir boil with
heavenly pleasure.


Crystal turned the job back to Leaf, who resumed the suck on his
member. She slapped Leaf's meaty buttocks and began to ream the girl's
steaming cunt.

"MRAWWRRRRRR!" sighed Leaf, jumping.

Both Syd and Crystal laughed at the renewed vigor of Leaf's cocksuck as
she felt Crystal's probing finger unseal her cunt and burn on her
clitoris. It wasn't that Leaf didn't already enjoy the suck. She was
just shy---up until that moment. With Crystal's finger at work she
began to gobble hot prick.

Leaf worked her sexy little butt hotly on the reaming finger, traveling
back to heavenly bliss as she sucked a hard rod at one end and felt
penetration at the other. Her blood sang in her body in exulting rushes
as the good feeling rose. Why, sucking a man's blade wasn't so bad
after all. She gasped and slobbered in her eagerness to please Syd and
to please herself at the same time.

Crystal let go of Leaf's cunt. She sat boldly on Leaf's shoulders,
presenting her torso to Syd as she faced him, housecoat open and big
breasts exposed. He gave a cry of delirious joy and began to suck her
luscious breasts as he hunted in and out of Leaf's mouth.

"MMMM, BABY. OH, OH, OH," he cried between sucks.

Crystal rolled her eyes. She developed her own full head of steam from
all this play. Her breasts were exquisitely sensitive to the suction
and the obscene sounds of cock slurping under her added flames to her

As Crystal clutched Syd she sensed that the crazed prick would not last
long. Sexing with two hot women at once was a delicious, heavy load for
a man not used to even the normal amount of action. His big male body
quivered in the nearness to spilling.

She got off of Leaf's shoulders. The girl couldn't stand too much
weight anyway. Leaf was in fine shape, jazzing herself now with one
hand as she sucked. She crooned her joy.


"MY GOD, IT FEELS FAAAABULOUS!" gasped Syd, eyes beginning to widen in
his sex glaze.

"There's always something new," laughed Crystal. She got behind him and
used some of her own hot cunt juices to wet her finger and oil inside
Syd's crack.

Before Syd knew it she pressed on his sphincter and then suddenly as he
gave a gasp of shock, she drove her finger inside of his asshole. Right
inside that opening lie his prostate, full and ready to add its juices
to the big spill in his balls. Her stroking finger inside of his body
was maddening and a silken, a deep sex urge that he'd never felt before
as he got a prostate massage. It burned sweetly, hotly, sexually.


He was crazy with pleasure. Up front he felt the incredible friction of
being roundly sucked by Leaf, who had learned her lessons well. In his
rear, Crystal's plunging finger rode on his prostate, demanding to


He'd never felt such a delicious use of his body. Even his sex freeze
was brief with the wild, crazy desire to spurt. It seemed like
Crystal's finger in his ass reamed a button that made him squirt wildly
into Leaf's mouth. He exploded with furious bursts of jissum.


They could all hear his body give up its sex juice, the finger-fucked
ass and prostate emptying into the filled balls which blasted up his
cock shaft and exploded hot fluid into Leaf's mouth. His wounded loins
jerked in exquisite, ecstatic joy as he emptied great gouts of semen
into Leaf.

"MMMMMM." Leaf held the bursting cock in her mouth and let him punmp
body hot sperm down her throat.

Behind him Crystal pumped in his ass, making his organ spasm and squirt
over and over in silken, burning delight. Syd had never felt such a
complete emptying, relief and pleasure as having his prostate pumped
while his cock was sucked, and when he finally tapered, he fell forward
on the bed, sated and glowing.

Leaf lay there panting, a fleck of male juice at the corner of her

"I---it wasn't too bad," she gasped to Crystal. "Left me---really hot."

Crystal considered herself bold but not bisexual. Yet, as she looked at
Leaf's swollen, wet and disturbed-looking cunt, she felt her demon rise
inside of her.

"I'll cool you off, dear," she laughed.

She plunged her head between Leaf's legs and began to eat cunt. Leaf
gave a cry of shock and surprise and arched up, her cunt melting away
around Crystal's driving tongue. It was something about the soft, weak
girl, Crystal realized, that made everybody in New York want to fuck
and take that soft, helpless body.

"AH, CRYSTAL, NOOOO---" moaned Leaf, shoving ineffectually to save her
cunt and avoid lesbian contact.

But Crystal was on fire now. Acts done in the heat of sex did not a
pervert make! She tongued inside of Leaf's box and made the girl jerk
and ride ferociously for the good feeling.

"GET IT OFF, YOU HOT LITTLE CUNT," she growled between bites. Then she
went back to hot sucking, inhaling Leaf's gland juices, pungent and
thrilling. She rode the clit with her tongue. She used a finger to fuck
into Leaf's slick chamber.

"OH, OH, OH. NOOOOO!" wailed the taken girl. She arched up and spent
luscious throbs against Crystal's mouth, swept away by the belly-
consuming joy as she surrendered to the more powerful man. Throb,
throb, throb. It was pure ecstasy!

Chapter 3


Crystal walked her apartment alone in an apprehensive mood. Her nerves
felt tight. It was not the same thrill as the dangerous game she'd
played in San Diego, across the continent, years before. This time she
had a sense of dark foreboding. Some of the brightest computer minds in
the world were right here in New York. Her company, A-C, might have
some security checks she didn't even know about. If they ran an
inventory on the entire memory of Domino's 1100, they might get curious
about the "Starshell" tape.

She'd sent Leaf and Sydney out on the town to get better acquainted.
Sydney had eyes for her, of course, but was smart enough to leave the
sex decisions in her hands. He'd probably take Leaf to his empty
apartment for the night---and to work the next day to start her on the
payroll as one of his secretaries. He knew if he did what Crystal
wanted that he'd get more sex from her, but not otherwise.

Crystal stood on her terrace, staring out across the city. Most of the
time the City exhilarated her with its bigness, its boldness, and its
quickness. It was a place worthy of her own superior brain. But some
nights, especially late like this, she felt like a scared little girl
in the embrace of the giant beast that the City was. The streets were
also a place of aggression, robbery and sometimes even quick death. She
shivered in the fall, night air.

An orange light burned in one of the apartments almost directly across
from hers. This late most of the lights in the banks of windows were
out giving the impression of blank, staring eyes, but that one
apartment light seemed always to be on. She wondered who lived there.

She turned quickly from the terrace and went to bed. It wouldn't do to
acquire nerves and dream fearful fantasies at the beginning of this
most important adventure that required her utmost attention...She had
rested only a few moments when her computer terminal came to life with
a ghostly clatter of typewriter keys. She heard the sound faintly in
her living room. At the same moment a red warning light lit at her bed
and an ominous soft bell chimed.

Crystal always slept naked. She didn't bother to put anything on as she
bounded out of bed and raced to the living room. She certainly expected
no message in the middle of the night. Were the technicians working on
the Domino this late? She had programmed the memory so that she'd
receive a warning if there were ever a question about "Starshell".

She flipped on the side light and stared at the yellow roll of paper in
the typewriter roller.


She almost fainted right then and there. Her heart pounded. There was
only one human in the universe who knew about "Starshell" and that was
she. If anybody else ever used that term she was in deep trouble.

Ding, ding, ding. The keyboard shifted the roller down several spaces.
Another message was about to come in. Then the type head clattered as
if a ghost figure, invisible, sat there and typed.


Absolute panic gripped her body. She wanted to scream. She wanted to
rush out of her apartment, rush out of the city, run, run, run, as
she'd run once before. She stood there, sickened, shattered, swaying.
She froze for long moments. There was only the sighing of the nightwind
on her terrace outside.

She got hold of herself. She had to find out who was talking to her.
They already knew who she was and where she was, so it was too late to
run and hide.

Domino had turned on her machine.

"WHO?" she typed and waited. Then she realized she had to sign off the
message for the computer to handle it. She wrote: "STARSHELL".

"DARKSTAR" came the reply. The message went on. "I KNOW ABOUT A
transfixed for long moments. It was the end of the line, doom and
disaster. Somehow she'd been traced all the way across the continent.
Her insides knotted and tears came to her eyes. For her it was not the
beginning, but the end---prison---disgrace---

She sat there completely destroyed. At last she typed.

"STARSHELL IS INTERESTED." What else could she do?

Then her telephone rang. "Darkstar" wanted more intimate contact with
"Starshell" than through the Domino computer. She answered, listened,
and gave her replies in monosyllables. Then she hung up and walked,
stunned, uncaring, still weeping, to her big glass doors. She threw
them back and stepped through, going out onto her terrace, naked. She
turned on the small spotlights and stood exposed, staring at the
apartment across the street with the orange light, with a bitter gall
in her throat, showing off her body to him and anybody else who might
be looking out at this hour, for long moments.

It was deeply humiliating, like being made to perform a strip tease.
She knew that hot eyes through binoculars drank in every aspect of her
womanly charms. If his binocs were any good he could count her pubic
hairs, she knew. Then she had to turn and present her naked, rear. That
was even harder because she had a deep fear of anal sex interests.

Tits and her ass. He got the whole show. She went inside again, still
following instructions. Moments later, wearing only a thin robe which
her tormentor insisted had to be "sexy", she rode down to the ground
floor of her apartment building in the service elevator, stopped it,
and sneaked to the lobby, which was unattended. When a dark figure from
the outside buzzed, she rang him in and returned to the elevator. She
turned out the lights and stood facing the rear of the elevator, as

DarkStar came up behind her and whispered: "Keep facing the rear." He
started the service elevator up and then turned. He left the light off.
He stood behind her, gave a soft chuckle of triumph, and felt under her
arms to squeeze her breasts. She gasped and started to struggle.

"Just stand still, Christine," he hissed. "It's a lot better than five
years in prison and a lifelong felon's record."

"I won't be fondled," she shot back. His hands were hot and heavy on
her breasts, through the robe.

"I think you will, Christine. I've got you dead to rights. I went to
prison on account of you, and I've been looking forward to this meeting
for a long time."

She knew who it was then and her heart sank. The Programmer from
WestAir, Gunson---no Gunnar Strand, the Swedish young man who---who---


"I'm a little tougher than I was back then four years ago, bitch. Back
then I was hypnotized by green eyes, big tits, and long blonde hair..."

His fingers dug inside the robe to fondle her naked tits.

"I wanted your sweet young body and let you play circles around me,
Christine. I never got your body. I got a year in jail and a felon's
record. They thought we were in it together. How does that scratch

She just couldn't handle this, those hot hands squeezing and
manipulating her breasts. The body signals were all wrong, feeling the
good shots of sex desire against the shattered destruction of her

"My name's Crystal," she snapped. "Crystal Locke, not Christine
Lockwood." Then she gasped as the fingers dug into her breasts. "I'm
sorry, Gun---Gunnar. I did it for my father. He was dying of cancer.
You know---"

"I know all that sad story. There's my sad story. A year in prison---
and trying to get a job as a convicted felon later. Then I got smart
and did what you did. Changed my name, hid out across the country. Then
I got smarter and looked for you."

"How did you find me?"

Anything to get her mind off her misery, mental and physical. Those
hands gave her nipples pleasure-torture.

He chuckled. "Used the computer, what else. I used some of the latest
work on information theory, specifically probability statistics. I
asked the computer: "Mr. Computer, given this girl, with these
characteristics running and hiding from the law---where would you go,
what would you do?" The computer answered---and here I am."

The elevator stopped at her floor. He swung her around and lifted her
easily onto his shoulder. He was a big man, about thirty-two, strong
and determined. She gasped as he slung her on his shoulder like a
fireman saving a fire victim.

"Don't pick me up!" she squealed. "I'm a person, not a child."

"You're a luscious fuck I never had," he grunted.

Gunnar Strand had changed a lot, indeed, since she'd first known him.
Become bestial. There was nothing she could do but allow herself to be
toted down her hall on his shoulder, naked in the thin robe like some
girl slave of an ancient Roman.

A couple came out of one of the apartments and strolled down the hall
to stare at her on Gunnar's shoulder in astonishment.

"Oh, -h-hullo, Crystal," said the man.

"Hello, Mr. Donaldson," she answered, blushing and furious.

The elegantly dressed Gunnar tipped his felt hat and marched right on
by, enjoying her humiliation. She would've kicked her leg and screamed,
but that would have only emphasized her helplessness and made it better
for him. The other couple went on, with New York tolerance of human

In her apartment, Gunnar threw her on the bed and calmly tied her
wrists to the headboard.

"You say there's nobody here. That nobody's coming. That the girl I've
seen staying here is out for the night. I plan to check first. And to
make sure you don't grab a weapon and sneak up behind me."

"Dammit, Gunnar, we're civilized! You don't tie a woman up like some
bitch dog, and---"

Gunnar said: "Brilliant, yes. Sophisticated, yes. Civilized, no. Not
me. Towards you."

She got her first look at him and what she saw made her shiver. He did
look like some citified Dracula, impeccable in Bill Blass coordinates,
but a leering savagery showing underneath. There was something
altogether Nazi about the glitter in those moody blue eyes. His prison
time had surely brutalized him.

He left the room. She heard him searching the apartment carefully, and
it took him a long time. When he returned he'd mixed himself a drink.

"Well, Gunnar, what do you plan to do with me," she said. She was
beginning to react to this disaster, thinking up plans...

He was drinking a Scotch and soda. He took out an ice cube and tossed
it on her navel, exposed in the robe. She jerked and twisted and tossed
it off. He merely flicked a second ice cube on her belly. The ice

"Oh, Gunnar, dammit," she protested. She dared not get rid of the
second ice cube, or he might dump the whole bucket on her. Oh, but it
did burn her belly. He was torturing her, humiliating her...

He sat there like the computer brain that he was, pondering a
mathematical solution. She knew he was as bright as she was, and, since
prison, probably dangerous.

"That poor kid I used to be. All brain, no body. Married to a nice
girl, who divorced me of course when I went to jail. That poor bright-
stupid kid, victimized by green eyes and big tits that he never got to
fuck. What do you think I should do to you?"

"I suppose you would fuck me," she said with a shudder. She would be
lucky if that was all he did to her. "May I be untied?"

"No, not right away." He took the ice cube off her belly, where it had
melted a little, and frozen a cold spot. He shoved it in her cunt while
she squirmed and gasped.

OH, OH, OH."

"Happy Birthday to you, dear Crystal."

"OH, OH, OH."

It was so cold that she felt the opposite. It burned her like a hot
fire in her soft, tender sex passage. She twisted and squirmed.

"How about six more."

He wanted her to beg. She begged. "Oh, Gunnar, don't, please don't."

"Fuck me, Gunnar, please fuck me," he said. "I'm a worthless girl, but
I'm crazy for you to fuck me."

She hastily repeated the message, word for word: "FUCK ME, GUNNAR,
PLEASE FUCK ME," she said. "I'm a worthless girl, but I'm crazy for you
to fuck me."

He rewarded her by taking the fire out of her guts. She sighed in
relief as he fingered the cold cube from her body.

"Are you turning me over to the police, Gunnar?"

She knew that West Air would have her extradited to California and push
the trial, too, if he turned her in. If he did, she'd had it.

"Why would I do that, dear heart?" he said. "You're a computer crook,
unconvicted. I'm a computer crook, convicted, though innocent. We're
both under aliases and a long way from the last job. This suggests that
the next theft be much bigger and better."

She gasped as she strained at her bonds. "Gunnar, the only reason I'm
setting up Domino is to pay back the hundred thousand. There are ways
that won't hurt them much. I want to return what I stole and clear my
name with West Air. I don't want to get in deeper."

"Well, well, such Disney sweetness from the ice blonde! Deeper? Let's
see how deep you really are."

He leaned forward and plunged his fingers into her cunt.

She had to lift up her belly to this outrageous invasion of her sex
organ and give a tremendous gasp at the friction of his fingers. It
gave her a sexy if unwelcome thrill. At the same time she was smart
enough to see that her luscious body saved her for the moment. He
might've killed her or roughed her up. He might've simply sent the
police to get his revenge from the distance. He'd been hung up on her
good looks before prison, and he still was.

"Ah, now, Gunnar, that's no way to treat a fellow computer th-thief!"

"Thief? Huh-uh, not you, Crystal. Not an honest thief. You stole that
money for your father and sent him off to one of the Scandinavian
countries to live his last two years in comfort. You figured that West
Air took the last ten years of his life, and that's what you charged

"Oh, Gunnar, your ha-ha-hands!" she gasped as he continued to jack her

"He was broke, miserable, suffering. Years ago West Air was West Ship
and he worked with asbestos. So did a lot of men during the War and
after. He got lung cancer from the asbestos fibers, but the company
disowned responsibility. You made 'em pay."

"It d-d-doesn't matter. Ohhh." She writhed at his fierce use of her
box. "He's been dead t-t-two years now."

"But the statue of limitations hasn't run out on your theft, Crystal.
They want to nail you. So does the government, because they're death on
the white collar crimes these days. So you plan to steal a little here
and a little there, money a big company won't miss. Then you pay West
Air. They'll drop charges to get their money back. That's the kind of
thief you are."

"I have to---ohhh. I have to think of my future now."

"Not to worry, dear heart. I can take care of that."

He took out his hand, stood up, and began to undress. She lay there
panting helplessly.

"Oh, now, Gunnar. This is wrong, to tie me up and just f-f-fuck me like
some tart."

"Oh, ho! It's class you want!" He jumped onto the bed naked, his weight
making it creak. "Does your vibrator have class?" He picked up the
device that still lay there.

She was hot, sexed up, and yet it bothered her intensely to have this
twisted, brilliant man use her.

"Gunnar, don't put a MACHINE in me."

He merely smiled and turned on the vibrator, then ran it along her wet,
pink cunt lips. It buzzed against her pelvic bone and the vibrations
seemed to dig inside of her. She stared down her naked belly in horror
and saw him violate her with it even as she felt it. The thrill of that
big, artificial cock penetrating her tender vagina made her thrust up
with a wounded sound: "Oh!"

It was one thing to use a vibrator for your own pleasure, another to
have it used on you against your will. She felt it work up her cunt
that was swollen and ready from his prior finger-plunging. When she'd
taken its smooth thickness and the vibrations burned against her clit
she just had to thrust up in fuck motions.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"Well, well. The Scandinavian Ice Princess is human after all. She gets
as cunt wet as any silly high school frump."

"DAMMIT, GUNNAR. OH, MEEEEEE," she wailed. It felt so good, reaming in
and out of her cunt, buzzing. As she took the action, she couldn't help
but think of how she herself had used Leaf's cunt almost the same way a
few hours before.

She thought she would only be getting a short reaming before he shoved
his big cock into her body. It hung between his legs, hard and ready.
With the heat and good sex feeling he'd already worked up in her with
his masturbation and the vibrator, she almost wished he would.

But he merely used the vibrator on her, twisting it and using it
expertly as she went out of her mind.


"I worshipped you, punk kid that I was. I hardly dared think of you as
having a cunt and an animal body. It pleases me to see your highness
fuck a piece of plastic with a battery in it."

She went dizzy. She got hotter. She wailed and bucked and begged for
mercy and fucked avidly on the vibrator as he continued to drive her up
the wall with pleasure from it. There was simply no resisting that man-
made prick. A pleasing slick of moisture covered her lovely, nude body
while her platinum hair fluffed and floated in beautiful disarray.
Finally the ecstasy was too much for her.

"GUNNAR---I---I---HAVE TO---TOOOOOO..." she sang.

"Give it up, bitch. Let's see your hot little belly waste itself on

She grunted and dug in her heels. She twisted against her tied wrists,
lifted her butt, and paid off for him. She felt her cunt throbs strong
and powerful on the vibrator. It was humiliating to be used this way,
but she had to give up long, luscious throbs of excited girlhood in
tribute. She finally tapered and fell back in relief.

"So I---I'm human, Gunnar. Now may I be untied?"


Through all of this exercise his hazel eyes had gotten a dreamy,
faraway look. He planted two powerful thighs under her armpits and
brought his cock in front of her face.

"Little girl want a lollipop?"

It was eerie and highly sexual to see the big prick loom, to feel her
chin grasped, and then to taste the cock meat of that huge blade. It
was dark and powerful looking. He had dark good looks and his stiff
prodder was as menacing as a blade of steel, a dagger, might've been.
She sucked. His powerful body shuddered in exquisite delight.

Her thoughts followed his...Way back then, at West Air, and later in
prison, how often must he have dreamed of forcing his thick cock into
her curving curling lips. Well, he had it now! Her spirits had revived.
If she wasn't to be thrown to the police she still might save herself.
She might be able to use her strong and beautiful body to burn the sex
out of him and escape somehow. She was as smart as he---if she kept her
head she could escape, find other cities...

He took his cock out of her mouth. It was covered with her silken
saliva. He carefully rubbed the soft gloss on each of her cheeks and
his cock felt like a flaming baton, he was so hot. His rod throbbed in
pre-orgasmic ecstasy and he moaned.

"I don't know whether to fuck in your mouth or squirt it all over that
beautiful face, the soft skin, those smooth shoulders," he told her.

She didn't care. She was getting hot again. It was a powerful cock,
loaded for action, and her first orgasm made her hotter.

He pulled her up so he could reach down and palm her big tits as he
fucked into her mouth. She felt his heat, smelled him, tasted his
fierce cock bunting in her mouth a mile a minute. She could tell by his
almost continuous throbs of pleasure that he relived a dream he'd had a
thousand times.


She began to moan and keen, helping him get it off, aware of the fierce
pressure in his groin. He came so fast it caught her by surprise.

"OH...NOW...PRINCESS!" he cried softly.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, red and gleaming, the dark prick
hole expanding. Suddenly it blossomed white and his body hot jissum
exploded in her face, simmering cum on her nose, lips, eyes, and in her

On instinct she opened her mouth and swallowed the jerking, spurting
prick, which acted like a live animal with a life of its own. He gave
huge groans of pleasure and seeded her mouth and throat, jerking and



She felt his hot, creamy butter slide down her throat, coating it with
his manhood. She could almost chew the powerful sperm-loaded semen.
She'd never tasted such virile sperm. It set her cunt on fire. He held
her head, strained happily, and shot it all off in gush after gush. She
felt a tiny surge of triumph. He had not really wanted to spurt in her
mouth. He was a perverse man who took pride in acting different from
others. He would've preferred to wash her face in it.

She thought they would rest then, perhaps even talk. But he picked up
the vibrator and used her cunt again, slowly, maliciously, crooning. No
one had ever laid such a sex trip on her body. He seemed to know
exactly what to do to bring her right up to her peak where her crazed
belly died for relief of orgasm and then drop her back, only to tease
and thrill her up to pre-orgasm once again.

At last she could stand it no longer.

"PLEASE---LET ME CUM. OH, PLEASE, PUH-LEEZE!" she begged. She was so
hot that she wanted to fill her lungs with air and scream in hot-
bellied frustration.

He suddenly shoved his head between her legs and gave her a furious
bite right on her cunt, then jabbed his tongue on her clit.

"YEEEEEEEEEE!" she screamed and thrust her belly up and exploded with
incredible fervor, throbbing, gasping, slobbering, twisting, a half-mad
creature of turned-on sexuality who could hardly stand the sweet stabs
of ecstasy that burned in her as she gave up powerful cunt spasms.

"AH, OH, AH, AH, AH," she moaned, and reached total surrender.

He started on her breasts that he'd all but ignored up until now.

"DON'T DO THAT. NOW, GUNNAR, DON'T," she insisted.

She was all but fucked out, yet the continuous sex merely made her
hotter and more sensitive. Her tits, her nipples, were virgin grounds.
He wisely knew that some women could orgasm from breast stimulation
alone, if their bodies were already hotly sexed up. Some women could
glow and burn for hours, to exhaustion, and she was one of them.

He was too smart to overload her exquisitely sensitive beauties. He
gave her the gentlest of tongue play, the most insidious of teeth-
nibbling, and used his saliva as a silken, slightly stinging honey to
keep her nipples bathed, and stroked until they almost literally

Down he would reach to give her clit a few strokes. She was cuntsore
now, and yet her clitoris was swollen with rich feeling from his total
sex use of her.

WON'T...AHHH. OH, NO, NO, NO," she went, moaning, tossing her head in
her distress at the pleasure.

Her body now felt like one massive and aching clit, white hot,
incredibly tender, fully open and crammed with girl juices to be
harvested. When he pressed the vibrator, slick with her own cunt
juices, into her mouth, she mumbled and sucked it just like it was a
prick. Anything...anything to relieve that damnable, extraordinary
pressure-pleasure on her stiff, sucked nipples.

When she thought she was surely going to faint dead away into a final
orgasm as irritating to the over-used tissues as it was eager, he
spread her legs and finally---oh, finally---fucked his big cock into

"YEEEE. FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" she begged.

If she could only die for him once more and be done with it. She felt
they'd used up all the pleasure there was left in the world.

In and out, his big cock at last rocked into its ultimate target,
bringing her so much satisfaction that she was sure he was boring a
hole right up her backbone. Her slippery cunt began to cum almost from
his first grunt-thrusts.

"Uh, uh, uh, fucking you, doll."

"I---THERE!" she gasped in gratitude.

Her cunt gloved on his cock, squeezing it, and she went dizzy and faint
with orgasmic pleasure. She forgot who she was or where she was and
gave up spasms of glorious pleasure as she felt a big, tight prick
reaming her belly to happiness.

"YES, YES, YES." she moaned.

She finished her orgasm run and hung under him in a strange, new erotic
place. Her belly was totally used up from all the action, and yet it
would not quit. No sooner had she finished than she felt a new thrill
building behind the ones that had gone before.

Her eyes widened. She stared up into his face. He stared down into her
face with a grimace-grin of ecstatic pleasure. It was like a man's face
frozen in time as a roller coaster zips down its high fall.

He hugged her body and made her take cock and she began to cum again.
She had reached that stage that you usually only heard about, a
continuous female orgasm, from a cunt, clit and belly so---stimulated
that every sex nerve and impulse was released.

"I-CAN'T-STOP!" she cried, fearing for her body and her sanity.

"Give it all up. Die with it," he ordered.

She shivered in pleasure and squeezed his cock like some dumb machine
that turned on every few seconds. Her sensitivity in her cunt and
breasts was unbelievable. His cock taught her what it was to be a woman
in a way she'd never dreamed possible.

She fell off, sighing gratefully, pleasantly numb, euphoric and
glowing, but finished.

His body, sealed to hers, was suddenly still.

"I lived for this," he said quietly, his face inches from hers. She
felt him stiffen in pre-orgasm glazing. Then he gave a lion's roar.


The walls shook and the big prick spurted in her cunt. Flash after
flash of boiling sperm inundated her belly and he sang in roaring joy,
hugging her and exploding gush after gush deep inside her. She couldn't
believe a man had that much spunk in him.

She whined. She felt a new shuddering rush. She lifted under him and
went on with her continuous orgasm, throbbing once more, against the
mighty, spending prick as it wasted her belly with savoring chunks of
delight. He whined and cooed and gasped as his pleasure seemed to make
him want to jump out of his skin.

"TAKE IT...ALL..." he ordered.

She let it happen, no longer caring, letting his spunk run out of her
cunt while he spun new juices inside of her. She felt there was nothing
left to give but her cunt still throbbed as long as he spent.

It had to end. It ended. She sank into a dazed doze, so worn out she
didn't mind the weight of his body still on top of her. She thought
with amused irony as she sank down, "The sonofabitch never kissed me
once!" and then she slept.

He moved like a drunken man, staggering up and off the fucked girl. He
looked down at the bed. It looked like the morning after a wild

"To think I was once impotent," he chuckled, reaching for his clothes,
his body glowing with good feeling in every pore.

Chapter 4

Crystal sat in a banquette in the CELEB room of "Eloise's", the current
star restaurant for discriminating New Yorkers. It was like a booth
except that it was a semicircle with a high back, a single leather
seat, and barely comfortable for six. Seven people had squeezed into
it, at the insistence of Gunnar Strand.

Although she considered herself well up on New York ways, she was
disconcerted at this slightly drunken brawl of A-C's new customers---
the Citizens-Merchants Bank. Somehow she'd always believed that bankers
were more sedate than almost anybody. Tonight they were not.

Gunnar sat dead in the middle, facing outward. She sat in the middle of
the two men on his left and Leaf sat in the middle of the two men on
his right. Of the four bank officials, one was really squiffed, one was
slightly squiffed, and two were getting their kicks in other ways.

Those two had their cocks out under the table. She could not believe
that it was possible to do this in a public restaurant. The tablecloth
quite adequately covered the movements of both her hands. Furthermore,
by squeezing seven people into the places for six, things were so tight
that it was impossible to see shoulder movements. Add the dim light in
the room, the general merriment about them, and Gunnar's expansive
monologue---it was easy to do.

Gunnar had cleverly turned the attention to poor Leaf, who was being
inundated with sex innuendoes and double meanings that the poor girl
hardly understood. It held the attention of the other two men, who were
not being jacked off, and covered the squirms and hoots of the two who

Earlier, when Crystal received her orders, she squeaked to Gunnar:

"You can't mean it. Why, if I touch Mr. Hunt or Mr. Weber, they'll
throw their new 1100 out in the street and you and me with it."

"On the contrary, both have indicated to me that they'd gladly give up
a couple of supertankers that their bank foolishly funded if they could
fuck your platinum-headed brains out. In polite language, of course."

Mr. Hunt headed the Trust Department of C-M. Mr. Weber headed Loans.
Strangely, she decided that Gunnar was more interested in Hunt and his
trust funds than Weber and his loan funds, whatever wild scheme he'd

Several weeks had passed since her fateful meeting with Gunnar. Leaf
still lived with her and worked for Domino. Leaf had brought Crystal
the necessary papers to set up dummy names to receive Domino paychecks,
which was Crystal's scheme. Sydney Martin was happy with the sex
rationed out to him by Leaf and, once, Crystal, and he was not
suspicious. Gunnar paid little attention to this small theft. He had
much bigger ideas in mind, and she had to go along with him for now.

It was ridiculously easy for Gunnar to join her tutoring team on this
new project. It turned out that he'd crept up on her by getting himself
hired by A-C as Security Programmer, a spe******t in preventing the
misuse of the A-C 1100! As such, he was empowered to enter any project
at any time and run checks. He was supposed to look out for just such
scams as she had planted in the Domino machine! How he'd managed to
document himself into that job was beyond her knowing, but he had
always been brilliant, and prison had given him a cutting edge.

"The best cover in the world for a thief is a policeman's uniform," he
pointed out to her.

So here he was, affable and charming, pretending to be slightly drunk
and ultra genial as the host of the evening, and here were the bankers
and here she was heading into an evening of unknown erotic adventures
under his direction.

Eloise stopped by their table to trade repartee with the bankers whom
she knew, and Crystal guessed that the restaurant owner probably had a
big loan out from the C-M bank chain. There was foreign money behind
it, and it was the latest of "hot" banks in the Big Apple.

Crystal stilled her action until the owner left for another table. She
was high and hot herself, thoroughly amazed at what she was doing and
how Mr. Hunt and Mr. Weber were able to indulge in this weird kind of
sex kick.

"Even presidents play pool," had been Gunnar's only comment before he'd
crammed them into the banquette.

Per instructions, she waited until dessert to start her aggressions.
Naturally both Hunt and Weber knew what was supposed to happen. They
seemed to get a huge kick out of what she did. As zippers opened on
either side of her, and she sent warm hands inside of flies in her
erotic quests, the two men leaned across her to whisper and kid.

"Belly up yet?" asked Hunt.

"Out but not up," laughed Weber.

Her role was to sit poker-faced and bored looking between the two while
she kept her hands busy. Gunnar had cleverly focused all the sex
kidding on the more obvious girl package, Leaf. He'd borrowed her for
the night. The less daring and somewhat squiffed bankers on either side
of her thought their side had the real sex excitement as they nudged
and rubbed shoulders with her. Gunnar kept the bawdy conversation going
at that side of his table, ignoring Crystal and her partners.

"Is it true that some girls have one higher than the other?" Gunnar

"Mr. Strand, I don't know what you're talking about," said Leaf,

"A guy has only one chance to get one up," said one of her partners.

"Wrong," said the other. "A guy can hang one down lower than the

"There goes the old ball game," yipped Gunnar.

This dumb dialogue, accompanied by laughter and nudges, was quite
enough to occupy the two innocent bankers, and Crystal thought Gunnar
played the part of a not too bright table companion perfectly. He must
want to gag at this flat babble, thought Crystal, but he's really
hugging himself over the job he's given me to do. panded to glory as
the gentlemen sipped after dinner drinks. One was longer and thinner
than the other. What stirred her was the odd, kinky feeling of fondling
cocks right out in public in a situation of a pleasant dinner where
she'd been many times without trying anything as tricky as this.

She wondered how far Gunnar expected her to go...in no time at all she
had produced two stiff standers, and Hunt's penis throbbed exquisitely,
making her mouth dry and her cunt wet. Was she supposed to flower both
sexy stems under the tablecloth---or what? Would her two cavaliers come
like gentlemen with a sigh and closed eyes, or would they snort like
pigs and gurgle, and turn the party into a coarse exhibition?

When she had both cocks nice and stiff and had produced blushes and
sparkling eyes on the faces of both Hunt and Weber, she let go for a
moment, to show her hands, sip her drink, and try to look natural.

"More bread and butter?" asked Gunnar, eyes twinkling. "I know you're a
butter freak, Crystal."

She caught on and nodded. As soon as the attention swung back to Leaf
she carefully, coolly buttered one hand lightly and slid it under the
table to grip Hunt's cock in a greased palm. Weber buttered her other
hand and they were in business...

If the sensations were great when her dry hand whispered along dry
cocks, it went to fabulous as her greased palms closed on both pricks
to give her under-the-table lovers wild action. Hunt strained up with
an audible gasp of pleasure while Weber made a soft, delighted sound in
his throat. Her fists pumped greasily on both cocks to make them throb
in ecstasy. She felt the silken gloss of preseminal fluid near each
cock head. Crystal's forehead went to a light sweat, while her cunt
creamed in warm desire-feelings. Whatever Gunnar's game was, this was
certainly a sexy way to start it! Hunt reached over and put a hand on
her flat belly, then sent it down to dig for her cunt lips. She lifted
a little and a long, male finger rode her opening pressing panties and
dress tight in her box while she got her own friction thrills.

They hung there like three monkeys on a stick, jiggling a little and
feeling the hot sexual responses to the covert Masturbation. It began
to delight Crystal to realize that she could harvest both cocks and no
one would be the wiser.

One of the bankers across the table called:

"Hey, Weber, you must really be looped. Your eyes look like marbles."

"Ge-ge-getting there!" gasped Weber. "All the good food---and drink..."

He was almost there, all right. His cock slogged in her hand, fussed
and frictioned to the point of bursting. Hunt was not far behind,
thrusting up his loins in a more and more open manner.

The danger was that in the crazing moment of explosion both Crystal's
lovers might go out of control and create a scene. There was also the
mess that the two wildly spurting cocks would create under the table.

"Are you guys all right?" asked the other banker of the two who were
being masturbated.

Hunt patted his forehead with a napkin, using his left hand.

"Maybe a little jit-jittery. It's all that coffee."

"Face it," said Gunnar, "Leaf is more fun to kid than Crystal. These
Scandinavians take life too seriously." He winked at Crystal.

"No," said Crystal. "This is just the old folks' side of the table.
Leaf's only twenty-five."

They all laughed at that and the other two bankers happily devoted
their attention to Leaf, one of them pinching her thigh so she squealed
while the other kissed her neck and blushed at his daring.

Crystal could put off the inevitable no longer. She was half hot and
shivering in delight while her two men were about to peak.

"The computer's going off line," she told Gunnar desperately.

"LOOK!" he cried. "Talk about celebrities. Isn't that the Mayor of New
York that just came in?"

Heads swiveled while Crystal made her decision. She was caught in the
game now. She felt a wild desire to top Gunnar's wildness. She slid off
the banquette seat. She pulled the top of the tablecloth over her head.
Suddenly she was in a gloom world of laps and legs, but there was
plenty of room. In the murk the two cocks stuck up like beacons, each
gleaming with the grease, looking dark, hard and dangerous.

Up above Gunnar kept the attention diverted. She heard his voice
babbling on. She grabbed Weber's prick and sucked it into her mouth.
She didn't have much time, so she gave him a hard demand pull. It was
sheer ecstasy for that lucky individual. He almost rose in his seat,
but she held his thighs down. The cock bucked in her mouth. She felt
his sex freeze.

Up above, Weber gripped his glass as his body locked in an exquisite,
taken spasm of muscles. He spurted fast, hot darts of male cum, fucking
into Crystal's mouth beneath the table.

She almost died with delight at milking off the banker's cock.

"Oh, my goodness!" he cried softly, and gave his spurting liquid to her
in hot bursts of pleasure.

As Crystal drank the exploding prick, she rubbed her own cunt and
relished the hot, tight contact, getting reckless and careless. She
moaned in joy and sucked greedily on the taken cock, determined to
empty both males---and let smart ass Gunnar find a way to cover it.

Gunnar did. His hand shot out and set a full glass of ice water
tumbling into Leaf's lap across the way. Leaf struggled up with a cry,
her two partners coming with her, while all the attention went focused
on her sexy little belly, where the men were happy to pat and rub with

Weber finished his spurts and sank back. Crystal gave his cock a
farewell squeeze. Her mouth and throat were coated with rich, virile
semen, and she was about to complete a fabulous serial suck, one cock
right after the other.

Hunt had the advantage of knowing what was coming and shoved his prick
into her mouth in wild delight. She was so startled she let him deep
throat her for long moments while she held her breath. That was a wise

His cock felt the smoothness of her indrawn cheeks as she sucked it
into the soft slickness of her throat. It burned with wild pleasure as
he sensed the deep penetration into the lovely face and body.

"Why---why not?" he gasped in heavenly awe, and let his semen go.

She pulled back so she could lightly munch on his prick meat as he
gushed. The secret of a good cocksuck was to give the guy a fairly
strong ride, because his loss of aggression in the passive act needed
to be equalized by laying a heavy trip on him. A man had once told
Crystal that good oral sex always left his cock with an ache
afterwards, but it was all pleasure while it happened. The excitement
was worth the later distress.

She milked Hunt hard. He went through exquisite pleasures, feeling his
cock nerves thrilled beyond their limits, forcing the deep gut spurting
reaction. He laid forceful squirts of crazed male pleasure into her
mouth, which she drew out of him and swallowed in wild glee. Gunnar
might've started this weird action, but she gave it a finish he never
dared hope for.

Upstairs, Gunnar managed to keep the confusion going while pretending
to help clear up the mess the spilled water created. There was such an
uproar that a waiter and a busboy came running, which was fine for
Crystal. Everybody stood up, milled around, tilting the table
dangerously this way and that, so that she could reappear as if she'd
slipped down momentarily and was recovering. She didn't know how Hunt
and Weber managed to cover their open zippers and spent cocks, but they
did. A few minutes later, order was restored, the party sat down again,
all buttoned up, and she was filled with the rich spill of two
consecutive cocks. She grinned at Gunnar in triumph.

Gunnar's wolfish face looked annoyed. She saw that he thought she'd
carried the game too far---but that's what he got for putting this sort
of demand upon her. He wanted her to secretly sex the two men under the
table---well, she'd showed him how to do it right!

The only trouble was he had more jollies in mind for the rest of the

"What do you mean---go to the company apartment?" she asked Gunnar
angrily when they'd left the restaurant and he drew her aside while the
others looked for a cab.

"Just that. I want us locked solid with Hunt and Weber. I can't have
one without the other, because they're buddies. The other two don't

"I'm no hooker!" she protested bitterly. "I've already done too much
for your friends."

"Oh, you'll put out," he told her. "I can make you too much trouble for
you to refuse."

"I'm trying to help. You're going too far, Gunnar. You can't have
unlimited license with my body, no matter how much blackmail."

He patted her round fanny. "Just tonight, dear heart."

She swung on him furiously, slapping his face with a blow that echoed.

"Not tonight! Not ever!"

His eyes blazed as he grabbed her arm. He told her that they were going
to a company apartment that the bank maintained for out of town
customers. He told her the address, as Hunt and Weber succeeded in
pulling a cab to the curb. She jerked loose from him and began to run,
which was possible since she wore a split skirt. Because of her heels
she ran on her toes until her calves ached, losing Gunnar and his
friends, losing herself in the nighttime crowds of the city that was
never still. It felt good---as if she ran from her dangerous past and
her even more dangerous present.

Gunnar was insane if he thought she would---

She wished she'd gone on with Leaf and the other two for a tour of
night spots. There'd be a lot of kidding and fast talk but nothing
serious in sex would happen with that innocent group.

It took no great brains to see Gunnar was too reckless to ever pull off
a successful computer theft. He was bright enough, but took sex too
seriously. Her plans were infinitely subtle, carefully worked out so
that she siphoned off small amounts and transferred the losses from one
budget to another until it became a tax deduction. If a certain amount
was going to be sent to the government in taxes anyway, nobody looked
too closely at those deductions. It was already lost money. Whatever
the company could save in deductions was most welcome.

The tax people seldom bothered with challenges of a few thousand
dollars, especially when the whole company's financial affairs were
serviced by a computer. Even tax people thought computers were honest.

She had poured over the company's complete financial set-up for long
hours, preparing the way. Once her "Starshell" system started to
operate, she was further protected that if a programmer challenged her
special accounts she knew of it instantly and could wipe out that part
of the computer's memory. Then it was merely a machine mistake, and
everybody knew that computer start-ups always meant early mistakes. It
took a long time for company executives to get used to a new computer
and work the bugs out.

But Gunnar---too reckless---too impulsive. They were bound to get
caught. It was bitter, bitter to have just set up everything so nicely
and then have this madman nail her!

She walked a few more blocks, calming down, remaining lost in the
misery of her entrapment. Then she hailed a cab and went to the address
of the company apartment.

Gunnar expected her, the crud! He merely gave her his insolent grin.

"I knew you'd come, but I didn't know how long it would take."

"How did you know, Gunnar?" she asked wearily, defeated.

"You think I'm stupid, Crystal. The challenge is---if I'm stupid,
you're smarter. If you're smarter, you should be able to outfox me,
save yourself, shake me off, and come out clean."

"That's correct." Give him his points.

"I accept the challenge. Now take off your clothes."

"I will not!"

He caught her by the hand and led her into the apartment living room.
The place was big, elegantly furnished, but impersonal. Hunt and Weber
both jumped up with anticipatory smiles. She stood there like a fool,
listening to an argument break out between the two friends as to who
would be first. Talk about a girl being set up as a piece of meat! She
spun on her heel to go, but Gunnar, who'd listened to the debate with a
delighted grin, caught her arm.

"Crystal has a great idea as to how we can settle who's first," he
said. "We simply turn off the lights and each man gropes in the
darkness for the prize. The first one who catches her undresses her and
takes off. I've already locked the doors so she can't cheat."

"WHAT!" she cried. "Why I never---that's ridiculous---you-you---"

Even while she sputtered Gunnar slid to the walls and cut off the
lights. The last thing she saw was the two faces of the astounded men,
surprised as she was by Gunnar's game. Then she found herself in pitch

Hand it to Gunnar! He'd thought the whole thing out ahead---her
protests, a way to get her stripped and into the action. The men were
big and strong. They could strip her all right and probably fuck her,
too. Gunnar didn't have to rough her up or do any of the dirty work.

"GUNNAR, YOU BASTARD!" she shrieked. Then she heard the whisper of
movement and began to run around the big living room in desperation.
The girl hunt was already on. She bit her lips against her rush of
anger. If she was to save herself, she'd have to be quiet and clever.
She immediately adjusted to the new situation, discarded her shoes, and
tossed them on the rug for someone to trip over. Sure enough, Weber did
almost at once. He and Hunt got a big kick out of this game, once the
first surprise was over---calling to each other and laughing.

"I can see better than you in the dark, Hunt. You're a loser," said

"You move too slowly, Weber. You'll never make it," retorted Hunt.

The apartment was really pitch black. Gunnar must've arranged that
ahead of time. The two bankers quickly caught on that talking and
sounds of movement alerted their prey. Suddenly the room became very

Crystal drifted toward the spot she was sure there was a door. Maybe if
she pulled it back and crouched down...Dammit, here she was playing
Gunnar's game. So were the others. Maybe he was smarter than she

She heard the two men moving about the room, occasionally bumping into
furniture and giving muttered curses. Then she was swept off her feet
by strong arms. She knew at once it was Gunnar. He bore her swiftly
through the door into a bedroom.

"Gunnar," she gasped. "How the devil---"

"Smell," he said. "Your perfume."

The fight on the bed in the blackness was short and fierce. She
inflicted a few scratches, and lost her clothes, every stitch, in about
one minute. Gunnar, the beast, had already stripped and was hard, of

Gasping, she rested for a minute. "I think I can put you in jail for
this," she said hotly.

"Sure you can," he said brightly. "Just go to the police and tell 'em
who you are---and who I am---"

"Damn you---"

There was no more time for words. He pulled her, struggling on top of
him, spread her legs, and jabbed his stiff cock at her cunt. She almost
died of astonishment as he violated her. Why, her cunt was hot and wet-
really flowing.

"Gunnar, you beast---"

It was partly anger and partly a moan of pleasure. She'd been heated up
at the restaurant and her hungers had not been fed. The emotional
excitement kept her nerves keyed up. The darkness was what had turned
her on, however. Who could resist getting excited when there was a sex
game going in complete darkness?

He fucked up into her body and she felt her cunt welcome him with hot
friction. On some animal level she did want the feel of a prick,
dammit. It was the one weakness of spending so much of her time in
brain activities---she forgot she had a body and that her body liked
pleasure, never mind the moral source of it. She gave an exasperated
laugh. "Gunnar, you know those two would wire me up."

"Only that it was probable. Ahhhh."

"You're cheating on your own game."

"Being second and third with you, honey, is as good as first with most
women," he said coolly.

She relished his cock plunges, but also had no intention of giving him
a lot of free pleasure. She decided that ten strokes would be luscious
and quite enough. She stretched out on his big, nude body and kissed
him, letting him enjoy full body contact. It also relaxed him.

"Maybe just this once---" she gasped.

"I'm soooo ready, baby. I died all through dinner watching the others
get it. But you were too wild with that suck at the end."

"Funny Hunt and Weber didn't complain."

He grunted. She thrilled---nine and TEN.

He was so relaxed now that she was able to jerk upwards, uncock him,
and slip off of his body in the darkness all in a smooth motion. One
second she was there and the next she was gone.

"Goodbye, Gunnar---" she laughed.

She crouched down, going through the door. That was a mistake because
she ran right into one of the other men. He had also crouched down to
sweep the rug with his hand. While Gunnar cursed and fumed back on the
bed, the second man seized her and stood her up right at the door jamb.

She had always heard it was possible to do it standing up. This was the
first time in her life that anybody had tried it on her. He---it was
Weber, the shorter man---just stood her against the wood and got
between her legs.

"Why waste time?" he chuckled and drove his stiff cock up into her.

It shocked her to have a second male hard-on ravage her within minutes.
She felt herself pressed flat against the doorway and the thrill of
Weber's round prick digging up into her.

"I'm not supposed to d-do this," she complained. "I'm a computer
expert, not a---"

KISSSSS. The meaty smacking sound resulted from his burying his mouth
on hers. She surged against him in surprise, felt his deep cock
penetration, and began to fuck off against him in spite of herself.
With his hot tongue roaming around in her mouth and that sweet friction
down below, it began to look like she was going to learn what a
standing up fuck was. Imagine being stood up against the wall, naked,
in total darkness, and being cock reamed by a man you hardly knew. It
was so crazy that she got a little excited and moaned as she felt sexy
rushes clear down into her legs and up her torso. They were doing it
standing up, all right!

Gradually Weber folded into her arms, driving his prick up her as he
took most of her weight. He was in his forties, yet he seemed to have
superhuman strength to handle her. It was a tribute to her beauty that
he developed all that power. He really wanted to ream it off in her and
make her. His excitement added flames to her excitement.

She felt her nipples go into his devouring mouth as he ate her breasts
greedily. Hot sensations shot down her body to give her that overall
feeling of being completely fucked and taken.

"AH, GEORGIE," she gasped. "AH, MY GOD!"

What Gunnar had started, George Weber expanded, driving that hot prick
into her and turning her on like fury. She gave a small leap and
circled her legs around his hips so that he held all of her weight,
with the happy result that his cock seemed to grind deeper into her
body. She clung to him and turned him into her fucking machine.

"AHHHHH, SOOO GOOD!" she thrilled.

"Quiet," he hissed. But he was also groaning and moaning.

He felt strong enough to fuck the heels off this sexy woman even if she
weighed three hundred pounds. Her Scandinavian beauty was fabulous, and
he connected every bit of muscle and erotic fervor into his fuck.

They clung, keening, loins plunging, crazy hot, his rod reaming and
digging into that tight, soft cunt, while she felt her body opened up
as he whipped her to the first feelings of ecstatic orgasm. His grunts
grew deeper. He, too, began to reach the hot, itching stage of glazing
animal pleasure.

That was as far as they got, because Mr. Hunt heard the sounds and
found them in the dark.

"You cheated!" he cried, his voice suddenly jumping at them from the
dark. He grabbed George Weber and pulled him backwards with such force
that he unsealed the sex coupling and Weber spun back into the darkness
with a cry of anger and disappointment. Crystal whined at the loss of
the sexy contact.

Henry Hunt caught her up and walked her across the living room in the

"Never mind, child. I can give you a better time than that meathead."

Their knees bumped into the long sofa, enabling Hunt to push her down
on it to take his own turn.

Crystal was dazed. The hard struggle in losing her clothes to Gunnar
had depleted much of her strength. The shock and good feeling of
Weber's attack and successful penetration made her hungry for the
relief of her aching vagina. It shamed her to think that a third man,
inside of minutes, would penetrate her cunt, but as Hunt lowered his
big body on her she thought it was easier to take him than to resist.

His cock was long and rock hard. There was a breathless moment while he
spread her legs and found her cunt. Then he shoved with a happy grunt,
giving her the hot feel of the third cock to invade her body in this
wild experience. Just the same, the hot sexy rushes that had been
interrupted resumed again.

"JUST DO IT, DO IT," she muttered.

CHANCE!" he hissed. As far as she could see there was no guarantee that
he'd be anymore successful than Gunnar or George Weber. One or both of
them could stop this action, and the whole thing could start over.

Yet she really began to relish the sex now. The sofa was soft and
comfortable, the pitch blackness added sweet pleasure to the sex, as if
she and Henry were doing something so naughty that it had to be done in
darkness. Henry's plunging member was better than George's, or he used
it better. Each hot thrust set her heart to pounding and her pleasure
nerves to singing.

"YOU'VE G-G-GOT IT GOOD. KEEP IT GOOD," she encouraged him.

"You and me---we're special for each other," he told her. He brought
his naked belly down on hers so she felt the hot seal of their nude
bodies. Her nipples flamed as he resumed the suck George had started.
Oh, they were sensitive!

"AH, UH, UH, UH," she gasped.

The lights came on. For several moments she wasn't aware, because her
head thrust back, her loins drove with meaty, satisfying plunges
against Henry's cock, and her eyes were closed. She savored the deep
belly thrills of Henry's fuck and felt her body lifting, lifting to the
incredible, impossible moment of orgasm.

She opened her eyes. Both Gunnar and George Weber stood there,
watching. Neither one of them made any attempt to interrupt the action
that Henry gave her. She stared at them through a thin haze of luscious
passion, resenting a little their voyeurism, but too far gone to stop
her part of the action. Henry, reveling in the springy, hard nipples,
also paid no attention.

"Gunnar, you did this---" she started.

At that point an ugly suspicion seized her, rushed to a horrible
certainty, and she surged up against Henry in the realization of what
had really happened.

"It's a con!" she cried. "It was a con game on me from the first."

"What's she saying?" asked Weber of Gunnar.

"Beats me," said Gunnar. "She does have a suspicious mind, though."

"You planned it all ahead. You knew I'd never agree to stripping and
sex. The fight between George and Henry was---is---fake---"

She had to stop now as Henry's prick made her grunt in ringing joy as
he whipped her closer to orgasm.

"It was all planned," she went on. "Gunnar to strip me and turn me over
to George, who'd lose me to H-Hen---Oh, oh, oh. HENRY HERE!"

"Why would we do that?" asked Gunnar patiently.

"I'd have no time to protest. I'd get all hot with the kinkiness of
having three different guys c-c-c-cock into meeeee. Oh!"

"You see?" said Gunnar to George. "I told you she had a suspicious

"Well, anyway, we might as well leave the two lovers in peace," said
Weber. "I do like a cozy domestic scene."

"I'm not much for sentiment myself," said Gunnar. Then coolly he walked
over naked to a chair and sat down. He picked up a newspaper and began
to read it. His big cock was still stiff, but it disappeared behind the

George was not so cool. He sat on the edge of another chair, watching
them with hot eyes, occasionally jogging his hard prick with her dried
juices on it, waiting his turn.

She wanted to laugh, she wanted to cry, she wanted to scream. Gunnar
had plotted her emotional reactions as surely as a computer could chart
a graph. He expected her to run and she did, after the dinner. He knew
she'd come back to the apartment out of curiosity. He knew she'd resist
a cold dive into sex and had invented an interesting game based on the
fake argument between George and Henry to distract her while they
ripped off her clothes and started the sex. What woman could resist
being fought over? Henry had been the chosen winner from the first---
and here she was, taking Henry's hot prick into her cunt like a good
little girl less than a half hour after coming here.

The other way the men might've argued for two hours, wasting time and
good liquor to bring her to this point. In point of fact, Gunnar
mastered her as easily as she mastered Leaf Campbell!

What was she going to do about it? She groaned, yet her groan was
mostly pleasure. She was going to let Henry have her cunt, because
there was no way she could escape the deep hungers in her body that the
men had stirred in her. Their methods might be uncouth, but the results
were fantastic.

"Should've foreseen this," she muttered to Henry. "I ---ohhh, my
goodness---I won't be a poor loser."

"Honey, you're a winner," the delighted Henry gasped. It was fabulous
how much difference there was between an older, ugly woman's cunt and
the sweet insides of a stunning girl like this. Henry was in the eighth
heaven of the human condition---perfect sex!

"What would your bank de---depositors think, if they knew?" she gasped.

He laughed. "The C-M Bank is a modern bank. We aren't stuffy---not at

That was the end of the conversation. Her animal needs possessed her
and she grunted in joy, thrusting up---

She felt a touch on her shoulder.


George Weber looked almost pathetic, standing by the sofa, hungry eyes
burning on hers, hot desire suffusing his features. The poor old guy
really felt bad about being left out of the sex after that hot

She felt absolutely fabulous with that hot prick taking her. She
relented. She beckoned to him. His face broke into happy smiles as he
brought his hard-on to her like a boy with a pet for his mother to
enjoy. She sucked it into her mouth.

The taste of his cock meat in her mouth almost blew her to orgasm. She
realized that she was into kinky sex of a sort she'd never tried
before---servicing two men at once. The thrusts of the fucking cock
down below felt more delicious as she was able to suck on the stiff rod
up above. The press of the two men so close to her, their grunts and
gurgles, the feel of her power to drive them crazy with her body,
excited her. It was really fantastic!

"MMMMMMM. WILD," she sighed.

"George, you jerk---don't sp-spoil my---my---"

"It's making her hotter, you nincompoop, don't you see?"

"Hooo, hooo," exclaimed Henry. He had begun to reach his own animal
state where his delighted, glazed cock had had too much. He felt surges
of deep feeling far inside his body as the boiling contents of his sex
reservoir steamed up to the bursting point. Already he knew that this
would be the greatest emission of his life.

George did not have the cunt friction---but he did have the outrageous
feel of her teeth and tongue to add fires to the suction of her mouth.
That devilish little tongue went into ceaseless action, reaming and
rimming around the head of his shaft where the thick pleasure nerves
lived---and they went wild. The bony ridge of her teeth made him gasp
with rushing joy and strain up on his toes as he felt his sex juice
break into a roiling boil.

Henry wouldn't admit it, but the sight of his best friend having his
cock sucked inches from his face, digging into that beautiful blonde
face of the girl, added heat to his seething desires. He began to miss
strokes as his eyes got big and his body began to lock as he reached
the magnificent point of bursting.


She gave a whimper as she saw and felt him reach the tight, impossible
and utterly delicious moment of his sex death. She loved the way his
body locked into a paralysis and he gave a deep animal groan of

Her own body tensed. Her belly glazed over with the outpouring of good
feeling as her own sex nerves overloaded and she strained up to meet
him. She had to lose George's cock, but there was nothing she could do
about that.


They made it together, her cunt gripping on his blade and flexing in
runs of joy, ecstatic and luscious. She just floated out of her body
and away in her paroxysms of joy. The double sex made it all the
better. He gripped her tightly and seeded her cunt with guttural
grunts, earthy and passionate.

"AIEEEEEE," she gulped.

"UH, UH, UH. OHHHH. UH, UH, UH," he sighed.

It was a perfect mating with each unleashing the total capacity for
good feeling in the other. Time and again Crystal lifted her butt to
take his glorious gushes of sperm and to glove his rod and throb
hungrily on it, getting her own relief and joy.


For Henry Hunt it was perfect because, for once, in a world where
things seldom came off as good as he hoped, he got his full measure of
enjoyment. Crystal Locke was every bit as passionate, as sexy and as
feminine as he'd hoped. Maybe more so.

Naked, she lived up to the promise of her clothed body, flawless and
fuckable. She was just enough animal to be broken to cock when you took
her over and just enough virginal to excite the desire to plug her trim
little belly and make her take a full flood of seed.

He worked it off into her belly with ecstatic pleasure, laying every
ounce of his manhood deep in her guts, holding back neither his
boiling, body hot sperm, nor his depths of passion. She was total; she
got total.

When he tapered and his cock spurts turned into the happy, euphoric
glow of aftersex, he expired happily, pulled his cock out of her, and
rested, as if he were floating on clouds near heaven.

"Best---I ever had," he admitted.

Crystal was likewise both exhausted and glowing. The men had crazed her
body with sex flames and finally let Henry quench them, and the
relaxation was tremendous. She felt like a queen with all that semen
pumped into her body. But she reached up and took George's cock to
finish him.

"Permission?" he asked.

She looked up at him and her eyes widened. Then she laughed in

"Why, George---yes, if you must."

He fucked into her right over Henry's jissum. It was the most fantastic
sex experience Crystal had ever had in her life. The double lubricant
in that tight cunt was like liquid silk. George's cock throbbed
fantastically, sealed inside her cunt.

"Oh damned!" he cried. "I've never felt anything like this in all my

"Neither---have I---" she gasped.

She'd just finished orgasming, but the feel of a new prick riding on
the steaming passage so well-oiled with juices made her heat up to
juice some more. Talk about lascivious, demented sex. The physical
sensation was absolutely crazing.



His loins plunged fast, as if he feared she'd change her mind. There
was no chance of that. She was enraptured with this new physical
sensation of being fucked right on top of another man's sperm. She dug
her heels into the couch and drummed up on Weber's prick with faster
and faster motions.

"You two nuts are freak-crazy," laughed Hunt, watching this new
exhibition. "Isn't that right, Gunnar?"

"Crystal Locke," said Gunnar from behind his paper, "is the hottest
cunt who ever touched New York Town---if you can get past her stupid

"OH, YOUUUUU," she protested. But it was no time for anger. The
lusciousness of this new fuck thrilled her.

It was impossible for the action to last for long. Weber had been in a
state of high stimulation from the moment he'd fucked into the girl at
the door, standing her up to take his prick. Then he'd enjoyed the
sight of her magnificent body being screwed by his friend and been
driven half to orgasm by a luxurious suck. Now he laid it to her cunt
on the slick bed of sopping juices.

She was at once tight and very slick. The friction seemed to burn
through his cock shaft and fuse his brain with pleasure.


"GEORGE!" she cried. "I FEEL IT DEEP. OH, OH, OH!"

It wasn't so much a new orgasm as a continuation of the one she'd just
had. All of the sex thrills were just too much. She tensed for Weber
and thrust up and gave a long cry of happy distress. Her cunt began to
flex again on his shaft, which had already glazed.

"HERE IT COMES!" he shouted in high excitement. Then he gave an
exquisite grunt of completion.

"AH, EH," she gulped as if a knife had been pressed into her flesh to
make a delicate cut.

George got it off with vigorous spurts of grunting happiness. His
explosion was complete and satisfying, feeling as if it came from his
toes. Hot male seed spurted from his cock to add to the lubricants in
the girl's swollen chamber. He gave in to his body's deepest needs,
squirting and jerking like a madman as if the force of his seed would
evaporate the jissum already there. It was a fabulous ejaculation. It
left him sex-sated and dizzy on top of Crystal's soft, yielding body.

Crystal returned the joy with the last of her own hot cunt squeezes and
expired for a second time...

"I was thinking of going home," she told Gunnar a few minutes later as
she was dressed again. "I have an early day tomorrow." Her body felt
great, but her muscles felt like an old woman's.

"Sure," said Gunnar from behind his paper. "Take a taxi. Charge it to
the company."

"I can hardly stand your overwhelming generosity," she said, and left,
aware of the adoring looks of the two older men she'd serviced so well.

Just like a stupid hooker, she thought. But she knew she herself was
mad. The truth was, she resented Gunnar behind that newspaper, being
able to resist all the hot sex. She'd fought against it---but couldn't
understand why he wasn't as entranced with her as the other two men.
Crazy, crazy!

Chapter 5

Crystal opened the door to her apartment---and stopped cold. Someone
was in her place, and it wasn't Leaf, or Leaf's friends. Leaf would not
be back soon---maybe not all night. It was one of those New York nights
when you stayed up till dawn, slept for two hours, and went to work,
full of life and saturated with the pleasure of the night before.

No, someone was in here, and it was wrong. She felt a surge of fear.
She had a gun, but it was in her bedroom, by the bed. That was the room
she feared. There was no one out here.

She almost turned and fled her place for the night. There were friends,
or even a hotel room. But the rooms remained silent, still...

At last she crept forward, her heart pounding. There was a light turned
on in her bedroom. She peered around the door---

And jumped into the room with an angry cry:


Gunnar Strand rested comfortably in her bed. He was naked. He was
propped up by pillows, still reading a newspaper. In fact, it looked
like the same paper he'd had in the C-M company apartment shortly
before. He wore the same cool look on his face. Somehow he'd beaten her

"What am I doing here, Crystal? Waiting for you," he said.

She marched into the bedroom and stared down at him.

"I know. You want sex."

"Well, now, I'm not likely to sleep well without it," he said. "I've
spent the whole evening watching other men maul your lovely body and
restraining myself. First at the dinner, then at the C-M place. There's
a limit as to what a human body can stand."

"You made me have sex with Hunt and Weber. Now you can go whistle."

"That's cruel, and no way to treat a business partner," he said.

"I'm done up," she said. "Sexually used, abused and exhausted. All for
your cause."

"Yours, too."

"Mine is sensible. Yours will send us to prison."

"Good. You haven't paid for your last crime," he said.

She began to undress.

"Please get out of my bed. If you have to rest, there's the other
bedroom. Leaf won't be back for a while."

"I need sex."

He stared hungrily at her body. She was down to her panties and bra.

"Too bad. You can masturbate. I'll turn my head."

She looked at him defiantly. She stripped off her bra and let her big,
full breasts hang free. Then she scooted down her panties and stood
there, stark naked, watching the lump in the covers rise, aware of the
sexiness of her body to the man who hadn't gotten it off.

She got into bed on the other side from him.

"I can take you, you know," he said.

"You're such a phony," she said. "I wondered how you could play so
cool. You're not cool. You just hid it. You wanted me as much as the
others. Maybe more."

He flushed. "You're a conceited little shit."

"Go on, smother me in compliments. As a matter of fact, I'm getting the
idea my body is pretty good."

"Dammit, Crystal, I need sex."

She laughed. "You---begging? After you made me roll out the barrel for
two other men, practically strangers?"

"That's different. It's part of the plan."

"And what's this, Gunnar? The equivalent of a hot cup of cocoa so his
majesty can sleep better?"

He jumped up and got out of the bed.

"Fuck you, you stupid little broad. I don't need sex that bad."

She merely grinned as he glowered at her, reaching for his shorts.

"No, Gunnar, not this time. You led me around by the nose all evening.
You were always one step ahead of me. But this time I'm onto your

"What's my game?"

"Playing soft guy, begging guy, to see if you can con me on my blind
side. You don't have to beg sex of me. No way. You know I'll fuck your
brains out for a week, just to stay out of jail. But you have to work
all your cons to see how much you can control me. You pretend
indifference, which gets to a proud woman, then whiz over to my place
and pretend humble needs. I get to see you crumble before my eyes as
you plead and beg. I give in. You go home with another one of my scalps
in your belt. You've conned me hard by forcing and conned me soft by

He glared at her a moment longer. Suddenly he grinned.

"Well now," he said softly. "It turns out you're sharper than I

He walked over to the bed. She took hold of his stiff cock.

"How would you like it? Soft or hard?"

"I'm flexible."

"It looks to me like you're ramrod stiff." She laughed and sucked his
prick into her mouth. She was delighted to have spotted his phony
begging game. The guy was real dangerous the way he used all the
emotions. But where was the real Gunnar?

His cock tasted good. It felt good in her mouth. She felt a rush of

"Gunnar, I'm not like you!" she cried, releasing his steady blade for a
moment. "I react to a loving penis. I like cock. I turn on to it. I
like it in my mouth and I like it in my cunt. It scares me because it
ruins me."

"Every woman's afraid of liking it too much."

"Every woman isn't stuck with a body that won't stop. Oh, I know that
sounds conceited, but I'm made aware daily how many guys want to prong
into me."

He took hold of her head and fucked his rod into her mouth.

"I've got to get it off."

She withdrew, squeezing the big, hard jong with her fist, relishing the
hardness and the soft skin glazed with honey saliva.

"Gunnar, you're all prick," she said. "You don't have any human
feelings. You're probably a crazy psychopath."

"I love you. I'm crazy about it. I dream of you, honey, day and night.
I hide it behind this psycho exterior."

"You see? That's what I mean. Behind your great male bod, you're a
weird-o, a freak, and you've only got one oar in the water. We'll end
up in prison for life."

"Oh, shit," he said. "The truth is, Crystal, I sort of like you."

"Wow. We made it all the way to first base."

She bent her head and began to suck. The cock dug into her mouth and he
groaned in pleasure. At least give him that. In sex he was real. She
sucked gloriously on the cock, giving him lots of tongue and
masturbating the shaft down below so he got good prick skin movement.
He let out a string of sexed-up groans.

Her body felt weird. The evening had been a long, erotic one, with the
masturbation and oral sex at the restaurant and then the exhausting
romp at the apartment. Then came the in-between rest on the taxi ride
home---and here was Gunnar and more sex.

She began to think that as long as he was around, her life was going to
be one orgasm after another. Left to her own devices, she'd managed
with only one trip with Sydney Martin and lots of space after that.
This way she was falling into a bottomless well.

The worst of it was, she couldn't stop her body from responding. She
wasn't sure she liked Gunnar very much at all. The real man was too
shadowy and extremely dangerous for her. Yet here she lay in her bed
sucking his cock as if she were the luckiest girt in New York.

He pushed into the bed beside her. He turned her around into sixty-nine
position, with his head to her cunt and her head to his cock. He dove
his mouth into her cunt. Her belly gave a great golden surge, her head
went back, and she yammered in pleasure.

"Oh, my God---you're doing me---sucking meee---eating my poor, dirty,
used up miserable cunt off---"

"Mmmm. Your mind's dirty. Your cunt's delectable. It gives off the
sweetest girl honey I ever tasted. It's pink and innocent and warm and

"Well, now," she said, using his speech peculiarity, "in that case you
can chew the happy little thing right out of my body because IT---DOES-

She bucked her loins and took her suck happily, feeling incredible
rushes of joy. Was all this crazy fucking and sucking ever going to
stop? But it was heavenly, even at the hands, or mouth, of a mad,


He laughed. "You're worse than your friend, Leaf, who is one huge,
quivering clitoris. That girl is so vulnerable she melts and flows down
the sidewalk, scooping up pricks from everywhere."

"I know. And you plan to use her."

"Tomorrow night, Crystal. Or rather tonight. I want the both of you
alone in this apartment with the phone shut off. I'll reveal our master

"Yes, mighty master."

"You'll say anything to get your stupid little cunt licked."

"Unfortunately that's true. Where's your prick? I lost it. Oh---there
it is---come here, prick. I have a bowl of prick food for you to nuzzle
in." She sucked his big blade back into her mouth, savored the busy
tongue on her cunt, and sighed happily. Tomorrow they'd have their
heads chopped off, but tonight all was happy orgasms.

There was a silence as the room filled with rich slurping sounds,
tongues digging and sucking and lashing and teasing, her cunt running
wet and hot, his cock throbbing and easing out preseminal fluid, satiny
and pure.

She began to cry very softly. It was a weird feeling, crying and
sucking on a cock at the same time. Her body felt sad and very sexy.
She was the doomed woman of all the ages and her body was her downfall,
surging and singing with the joy of elemental love and sex, paying for
its ecstasy by the surrender of her mouth to the dominating male
prodder, eating it tenderly and harshly, making it squeeze so tight and
so hard that it drove the male owner crazy.


"Go, tiger, I'm one scream from extinction," she murmured, and felt her
belly rise to the most massive orgasm of the evening. She was on the
final trail now, her body twisting and writhing in heavenly ecstasy
from the reaming of his thrusting tongue.


She didn't want him to stop. She wanted to rush screaming out in space,
explode her belly and all her insides in one final, doomsday orgasm and
die right here in her bed, one large mass of fucked out girl, who'd
achieved the world class orgasm of all time. Her surrender would become
a legend, the only time in the world's history that a woman's cunt shot
right out of her body and zoomed around space clipping and squeezing,
leaving an empty shell behind.

"DAMN---I'M HOT!" she whined.

He was right along with her. Tonight she was so extremely sexual that
every move she made on his prick was delicious. She dug her teeth in---
just so. She licked with her tongue---just right. She applied the
pressure elegantly. It felt to him like his penis was going to peel
through the skin and the red, living meat was going to slip right out
into her mouth and down her throat, followed by his balls and his
pipes, and his prostate. His insides would explode and pour down her
throat in a death ecstasy of great feeling.


She couldn't stop crying and the release to her nerves made her cunt
feel platinum elegance. It was coming now...the big one, the world

"HERE---YOU GO!" she screamed.

He stopped and lifted his head in amazement to feel the way her body
locked. He'd never experienced a female in such iron tension. Her soft
body suddenly froze in tight muscular paralysis, her eyes widened, and
her butt tensed as she arched up to lift his weight off the bed. She
gave a cry:


It sounded like someone had driven a knife right into her heart, except
that the quavering, quivering sound was great pleasure.

"OOOOHHHH!" she gasped, tears streaming down her face.

Her cunt gave a soft squeeze. Then another. And another. At that point
he had his finger up that sweet passage so he felt it all. Her cunt
suddenly went berserk. The strong clips and spasms were so powerful
that it almost closed her tunnel.

"GUNNAR---SAVE ME!" she wept, squeezing his arms with her hands. She
tossed her head in exquisite pleasure as her nerves ripped right out of
her body, it seemed, in massive jerks of golden joy. Only by half-
fainting was she able to stand the rush of good feeling that threatened
to convulse her whole belly and paralyze her entire body.

It was special all right, he thought, feeling the hairs on the back of
his neck rise. This woman had a sexuality that wasn't to be believed.
After a whole night of sex, she could perform like this.

She floated away, a total animal, lost to herself and the world in the
pleasure of her big orgasm, finishing one run, only to start another.
Again and again she came, but finally he saw that she tapered on each
run. It didn't look so good for his own cocksuck---her body used itself
up so furiously that she'd have little energy left to eat him off.

At last she sighed and went limp. Her eyes were completely unfocused,
as if she'd had a shot of a drug, but he could sense that her whole
body was immersed in exquisite after pleasure.

He grunted and got up, and slid his prick into her mouth, not expecting

He was wrong. The girl took his blade easily and sucked it with a hot
demand suck, as if her automatic nervous system was in perfect control.
He rose right up to glory.

"You little devil. Nothing stops the sex," he gasped.

He held her head. He looked down on her beautiful face. He felt the
rapture creep up his legs from his toes as he watched his prick reaming
in and out of that beautiful mouth, sticking the shaft with sexy
saliva. The tickle went to a rush and that went to a soaring sensation
of good feeling. When it reached his cock, he exploded.

"AHHHHH---EEEEEEE," he gasped.

Hot shots of scorching sperm scoured into her mouth. She took it down
as he spurted, and he gave soft cries of wonder. All evening he'd
waited for this happy culmination, and the relieving rushes were
fantastic. Spurt, spurt, spurt---right into her mouth, down her throat,
and into her body. He owned her and used her, laying his seed deep
inside of her, rinsing off great gushes of splendor.

"FEELS---SOOO---GOOOD," he had to gasp.

He relaxed and that felt best of all, first furious bursts over and
then powerful, spurting squirts of manhood delivered without effort and
with a maximum of glowing joy along his shaft and in his belly.

He slid his cock forward and in her spent condition she let him take
all of her throat, the walls gripping his cock in slippery sexiness. He
shot off the last of his sperm, feeling like he wanted to follow it
down that beautiful passage and turn her into some kind of a permanent
golden statue. He gave his last spurts and pulled back so that she
could breathe. He collapsed beside her. It had been rather more of a
hot run than he'd expected and the euphoria was so good that he fell
asleep on the spot in deep and dreamless rest...

It was the next night and Leaf Campbell faced Crystal and Gunnar in
Crystal's living room.

"But I don't want to work in a bank!" Leaf cried. "I've got a good job
with Sydney in Domino Personnel. I just got the job---now you want me
to leave."

"We're through with the computer work at Domino," explained Crystal. It
was true in more ways than one. She had already canceled the fake check
setup at Domino, letting the machine take the blame as a start-up
error. She went on to explain to Leaf that the new assignment was with
the C-M bank.

"You'll work in the Trust Department," said Gunnar. "It's a very nice

"Look," said Leaf. "I appreciate what you've done for me, getting that
first job. But Mr. Martin's been a pain. I have to turn him down for
sex all the time. Those bankers we were out with last night---they'd
like to start something with me. I'd have two, or maybe four, instead
of just one man to turn down. Not that I don't appreciate the free
dinners and the nightclubs."

Gunnar and Crystal exchanged glances. Gunnar sauntered over to the

"Leaf, we're working toward a very important thing. If it works, you'll
have a lot more than a small job in a big company. Against that an
occasional sex night is nothing."

She looked from one to the other. Crystal seemed subdued tonight, worn
out. Crystal wore one of her silver jumpsuits and looked great, but she
had a sort of, well, quietness, as if she'd had a lot of sex. Leaf
trusted her, but she didn't trust this strange new man Crystal had.

"Is it something dishonest?" she asked.

Gunnar started to deny it, but Crystal said:


"Oh, my goodness!" said Leaf. "I can't do anything like that."

Gunnar made a gesture to Crystal, who sighed and rose.

"Leaf, Gunnar wants to talk to you alone. I think you should listen to
him. I'll be in the bedroom."

When she was gone, Leaf stared nervously at Gunnar, who walked up to
her and stood close. She lowered her gaze. She looked like a sexy
little innocent standing there. She'd worn a black dress, sheer dark
pantyhose, and high heels.

Gunnar put his hand under her chin and lifted her head. When it came up
he stared at her weak, sensual lips, then kissed her. She stiffened and
tried to step back. His arms closed around her. She struggled
ineffectually while he planted a second kiss on her mouth, wetter than
the first. She moaned and her mouth clung to his for a moment before
she pulled back.

On the third kiss, he folded the girl into his arms to hold her tight.
One hand went down to squeeze and knead her curving buttocks. His
tongue forced its way into her mouth and chased her trembling, pink
tongue, which had nowhere to hide. She came forward to the French kiss
and the fondling to make a surprised protest in her throat. Her warm
flesh pressed against him while her breathing became ragged in
excitement. Her arousal had an electric effect on him. It was as if his
prick literally jumped up in his pants, straining to get at her soft

"AHHH, NO," she gasped at last, pulling back. Her cheeks looked flushed
and her eyes looked glowing and randy.

He kissed her again and this time felt right around the inside of her
crotch to dig a hand into her cunt. The girl surged up against him with
a cry of sexuality. While his finger dug into her soft girl passage,
she undulated on his fingers as if commanded by an unseen force. They
locked in thrilling sex contact as he worked his cock freely on her
belly and jogged her cunt through her dress.

"OH, GREAT HEAVENS!" she cried, pulling free at last.

He let her pull out of his arms. He stood there staring at her.

In confusion she said: "Do you mean I'm supposed to make love to you,
too, Mr. Strand?"

He caught her dress and lifted it, pulling it clear up to her waist.
She gave a little scream, but he said:

"You're wet, Leaf. Already you're excited. I can see a patch of girl
need straining your panties."

"You don't want to be an easy target, do you, Leaf? You want to be like
other girls who don't get handled and fondled. Yet men do bold things
to you that they don't to other girls."

"It drives me crazy!" she exploded. She pulled her skirt away from him
to cover what she thought was her shame.

"Leaf---you show vulnerability---in the way you walk, in the way you
look, in the way you act. Your brain says 'no', but your body says 'I
want sex'."

"I know---but I don't really want it so much. Or do I? Do I?" She
really looked scared.

He smiled. "Relax. It won't kill you, Leaf. No, somehow you got the
idea that your only value in this world is your hot little tunnel.
Especially to men. If you can fuck a man, he'll be nice to you and
won't hurt you. So a man looks cross-eyed at you and you drop your

"They drive me crazy. Sometimes when we start it I don't even care."

"How would you like to get over that. Stop men from using you. Tell 'em
'no'. Never have sex unless you really want to?"

"I know I have to do that," she said, hanging her head.

"Crystal and I can help you do that," he said. "But we need your help,
too. You help us---we'll get you to a place you want to be. You'll be
able to say 'no' all day. long. Pretty soon they won't look at you in
that special way they do now."

"I'd like that."

"You need that. Leaf, you couldn't be a hooker. You'd be afraid to ask
for money. Instead, if you don't have friends, your life will be taken
over by selfish and surly men who'll use you and dump you until you've
lost your looks and nobody will care."

She shivered at his dark prediction of her possible doom. It was easy
to see that the same idea had crossed her mind more than once.

"Well, if you and Crystal can help---I trust Crystal. I like Crystal,"
she said.

He slapped her fanny. "Good. Go into the bedroom and talk to her now."

She fled gladly. Gunnar Strand was one of those men she couldn't stand
up to for a single second, for some reason.

She found Crystal in the bedroom, laying on the bed. Crystal had
removed her jump suit and lay there in her bra and panties. She stared
up at the ceiling, eyes seeing something far away. Leaf stopped
momentarily, thinking something was wrong, but Crystal beckoned. Leaf
advanced to the bed shyly. Crystal was so fabulous looking, especially
near-naked as she was at this moment. Those high beautiful breasts,
that flat belly, those exquisitely curved thighs and legs, small feet.
And, of course, there was her beautiful face and incredible hair. No
woman should have such beauty. A photographer could walk right in the
room and take a picture of her on the bed, and it could go right into
one of the big magazines as a center spread.

Leaf looked behind her apprehensively, but the door remained closed.
Gunnar had not followed.

Leaf sat gingerly on the bed by her friend. Crystal took her hand.

"Leaf, would you sleep with a man who was married?"

"Why, I---" Leaf looked surprised, and then giggled. "I'm afraid I
probably have, Crystal. Maybe more than once."

"That's adultery according to the moral code. It's even against the

"Well I---"

Crystal squeezed her hand.

"You see, Leaf, my father's company destroyed his lungs many years ago.
He didn't know it. They didn't know it at the time. But when he got old
he had no money for medical care and he couldn't hold a job. Who else
owed it to him, except the company. They could do something about it---
just a few thousand dollars. They wouldn't. I got mad. I took money
from them and gave it to him. He had it better until he died, but it
still cost him ten years of his life."

"Oh---I didn't know---I'm so sorry."

"Maybe the company didn't owe him. Legally I was wrong but I did it.
They found out---they want to catch me, and I'll go to prison."

"Oh, Crystal!"

"Leaf, I can return that money and not go to prison!" Crystal's hand
gripped Leaf's. "Gunnar has a scheme that won't mean stealing at all---
but it is illegal. We need your help."

"Well, I---I---"

Crystal pulled Leaf down and hugged her.

"Will you help---please?"

Leaf wanted to cry. She was a sentimental type anyway and Crystal's
story was so sad. She hugged Crystal back and felt tears slip down her
cheeks. She admired Crystal so much! Crystal was her one true friend
and maybe she and Gunnar could do what she couldn't---keep all those
wolves off her back.

"Sure, I'll help," said Leaf. "You know I will."

She buried her face on Crystal's shoulder. Crystal was like having a
powerful big sister, even a mother. Crystal was sexy, too. Leaf got a
secret kick out of feeling Crystal's warm, near-nude body plastered to
hers. They lay there in silence, hugging and Leaf's tears dried, while
her breathing became deeper. Crystal was so warm and lovely.

Crystal stroked Leaf's back and gently kissed her cheeks. Her long
fingers trailed over Leaf's velvety flesh, to settle under her chin to
turn Leaf's face up. Crystal's soft, curving mouth closed on Leaf's.
Leaf felt a thrill in her belly but was ashamed. Crystal only wanted to
tell her she loved her.

Crystal nibbled under Leaf's throat and down to the soft spot where the
girl's neck joined her shoulder. Leaf shivered in ecstasy---it was one
of her most erotic spots. Crystal undid Leaf's blouse, laid it back,
and gently cupped one of Leaf's meaty breasts in its bra case. Leaf
felt a deep rush from her nipple, which stood to attention at once.

Once again Crystal's mouth sought hers. This time Leaf felt a daring
devilish tongue probe at her lips, which made her heart begin to pound.
Her cunt warmed up. Oh, it was terrible to be such a ninny about
touching flesh. All she could ever think of was sex, sex, sex! She
hoped Crystal didn't know that this attention sexed Leaf up.

Crystal's tongue slipped inside Leaf's mouth. Leaf wanted to be cool
about it, but she had gotten so hot that she sucked eagerly on
Crystal's probing tongue and sought honey saliva from her friend. She

With Crystal's hand on her breast, stroking, and Crystal's tongue in
her mouth probing, Leaf felt the sweet distress of rising sexuality.
She wanted to pull back so as not to embarrass her friend, but the
sugary kiss was too delicious. She felt Crystal's incredible breasts
pressing on her body and that excited her more.

She finally broke free with a gasp.

"Is this---all right?"

Crystal's face had a curious look to it. Those large green eyes were
luminous and hungry. Exciting. There was the faintest of a rose blush
on her cheeks.

"We give our embraces---our juices---our bodies to men all the time,"
said Crystal. "Why not hold back a little for ourselves now and again!"

"Oh, yes!" cried Leaf.

It was fabulous to hug and kiss and feel all sexed up and delicious and
not have to present her body for some man's stiff cock! She relaxed as
Crystal, moving slowly, tenderly, took off her bra to expose Leaf's
small, full breasts.

Leaf held her breath. She feared she'd break the golden spell if she
said the wrong thing or made a wrong move.

Everything was fine. Crystal dug her hand into Leaf's nude tit and Leaf
gave a deep gasp of pleasure, while Crystal's breath hissed.


"You have a beautiful body," said Crystal.

She bent her head. Leaf had to choke back a cry of hot desire.
Crystal's mouth closed on her nipples, making her arch her belly toward
Crystal's and experience a stunning sex thrill throughout her body.

"Oh, Crys-Crystal," whispered Leaf. "That does feel good---but---but---


Crystal lifted her beautiful head, that looked creamy and hot.

"You---you---might make me c-c-c-cum," stuttered the girl. "Oh, oh,

"Silly girl!" laughed Crystal. "We're only a couple of innocent females
playing a little game."

"I know."

"You're a million miles from juicing," said Crystal. "Look!"

She ran a hand up under Leaf's skirt and boldly felt her cunt. Leaf's
sex box already boiled with desire. Her girl syrup had stained her
crotch, her inner thighs, and her pubic hairs. As soon as Crystal's
hand touched her pelvic area she arched against the hand with a grunt
of pleasure.

"I---kinda wet," she apologized.

"No reason to wet your clothes," said Crystal.

She pulled up Leaf's dress, causing Leaf to raise her arms and lose it.
Crystal next pulled down Leaf's panty hose and panties, stripping her.
Her bra was already gone. Leaf let herself be undressed, heart
thumping. It looked like Crystal wanted to do---other things.

"Do you like my breasts, Leaf?"

Leaf closed her eyes and nodded, her pulse fluttering.

When she opened them again one of Crystal's heavenly globes, naked,
descended to her mouth. She gave a glad cry and sucked on the hard pink
ripple. Her hand eagerly sought the other naked breast. Oh, Crystal's
silken flesh felt fabulous---warm ivory.

It was Crystal's turn to give a gasp of pleasure as Leaf's teeth and
tongue gave her nipple hot service. Crystal slid on top of the smooth,
naked woman's body. She felt down the soft belly and located Leaf's
cunt. It was oily with sex need. Crystal put the heel of her hand on
the pelvic bone and dipped her fingers into the hot, wet flesh.

The result astonished her. Down below, Leaf's hot little box crushed
eagerly against her hand, the clit almost forced on her fingers. Leaf
undulated hotly from her waist down, like a sinuous trapped snake. Up
above she sucked one of Crystal's breasts and her hot hand kneaded the

Leaf's dark eyes widened and then became glazed. Her cunt forced
against Crystal's hand. She gave up her first token of sexuality in
light, quick throbs of orgasm.

It drove Crystal almost out of her mind.

"You sexy little piece," she said in a husky voice. "You're the most
fuckable girl animal that ever walked the streets of New York."

"AH, CRYSTAL, AH, AH, AH," moaned the helpless girl, twisting under

Crystal felt enormously stirred. Much as she wanted to help Leaf, she
clearly understood the high sex flames that seemed to burn eternally in
the girl's box. No wonder men went for it. That dainty little cunt
literally begged for finger, mouth or cock, that was all there was to

With such a sex-prone girl it was no embarrassment to feel right up
Leaf's cunt and thrill to the physical evidence of a hot female
expiring in sexual surrender. The velvet, hot passage clipped on her
finger, giving off positive tokens of the result of her lovemaking.

Crystal was also aware that the bedroom door was open and had been open
for several minutes now as Gunnar feasted his eyes on the sight on the

Crystal leaned over Leaf again. The dark-haired girl had finished her
light orgasm and her eyes opened, glowing, sane and clear. Crystal
laughed and kissed her on the mouth, a friendly wet kiss.

"You little pig. You stole an orgasm before I knew what was going on."

Leaf grinned shyly. "It's your breasts, Crystal. I've always been crazy
to touch 'em. Now to feel them, hug 'em and love 'em---it was just too
much. I mean, you know. Girls get curious as to how other girls feel to
men. You look at somebody and wonder what kind of stuff she likes and
how she lets her men use her. Do I make sense?"

"You do. Now, my hot little pigeon, you're going to get a chance to
play the bigshot lover all on your own for once. In other words,
instead of getting fucked, you're going to do the fucking. I'll even
let you take off my panties before you suck me."

Leaf sat up. "YOU'D---LET ME DO THAT?"

"Just tonight, honey. Just this once. So we both know what it feels

Crystal arranged herself, lying back on the bed.

Eyes, glowing in joy at the chance to be the aggressor for a change,
Leaf first mounted Crystal's body, as if she were a man about to plug
the Scandinavian blonde. She bent over and began to kiss Crystal on the
mouth. Crystal went slack and let the hot little tongue dig into her
mouth. Leaf was cute and Leaf was sexy even as the aggressor. There was
something so incredibly hot and HUMAN about the sexed-up ball of fire
that Leaf was.

Crystal was already hot. The seduction of Leaf had fascinated her from
the very first touch. In fact, she wasn't sure whether she'd seduced
Leaf or whether it was the other way around. It just seemed like once
you hugged Leaf a fuck was on the way, whether you were animal, human,
fish or fowl!

It was the tyranny of the weak, thought Crystal. Some women said "no"
to men---and saved them from the exhaustion of durable cunts. Others
said "yes, yes, yes," until the poor guy wore himself out and felt he'd
lost his manhood because he could never satisfy an insatiable box.

Crystal lay in naked splendor while Leaf, on top, kissed down the
blonde's body. The tongue, the little dabs of saliva, the hot breath,
made Crystal shiver with delight. She could turn her head and see
Gunnar, himself naked, watching the lesbian scene with hot eyes, his
cock rock hard. Leaf did not know they were being watched, which amused
Crystal. She found it delicious to put on this exhibition for the man.

Lower and lower crept Leaf's tongue, making Crystal's belly hotter and
hotter. The tongue twined through the forest of Crystal's pubic hair
and reached her cunt. Crystal held her breath. Would Leaf be able to
apply the full girl suck to her box?

She needed to have no fear. Leaf was in a high erotic state, unable to
turn off the sex if she wanted to. She did not want to. She opened her
mouth, covered Crystal's love lips, and gave a succulent inhalation,
spearing her tongue inside Crystal's wet, swollen box.

"WOW!" gasped Crystal. "THAT'S DEEE---LISH ---USSSSS!"

She gyrated her loins in pleasure at this bold attack of her girl
lover. Sweeps of hot sex rushed up from her belly as Leaf found the
target and tongue-stroked the hot clit inside Crystal's cunt.

"YOU CAN TAKE ME," cried Crystal happily. "OH, LEAF, YOU CAN TAKE

Leaf couldn't answer, but she sucked harder on the victimized cunt.

Crystal did not consider that she was lesbian. She did realize that she
had a hot, erotic makeup, not much different from Leaf's, except that
hers was under better control. When she closed her eyes and gave
herself up to the full pleasure of the sex, she couldn't tell if it
were a man or a woman who sucked her---except that Leaf, as a girl, had
a better sense of how to treat her clit-ravishing.

"UH, UH, UH," said Crystal. "YOU'RE...GIRL FUCKING...MEEEE." She had to
push back on Leaf's head to ease the pressure somewhat, because her hot
lover shot thrills up her cunt almost too fast to stand. Yet it was
fabulous to be crowded like this into high, hot belly thrills.


Leaf made happy sounds in her throat. After so much sex where she was
the one on the bottom as a junior partner in following, not leading,
she called the tune. She sucked in a circle of Crystal's pink cunt
flesh, that contained the sheathed little clitoris. She laved alongside
the small sex mound with an exquisite sense of just how much Crystal
could stand. The result was fantastic. Crystal's whole, gorgeous body
writhed in hot passion, Crystal crying "OH, OH, OH" as Leaf controlled
her just by tongue brushing her aroused clit.

Leaf sucked the pouring, hot juices out of Crystal's cunt, relishing
the pungent flavor of the other woman. A thousand times she'd wondered
what another woman's cunt tasted like, and now she had the privilege of
finding out. In her own hot rising to new desire, it was delicious.

"I can d-drink your sexy well dry," she gasped to Crystal.

"Drink---eat---" Crystal moaned, bucking faster and faster under the
demanding girl tongue.

Maybe it was because the girls performed what was considered a
perverted act, but Crystal rose up to a consuming lust much faster than
was usual. Each stabbing thrill of her lover's outrageous tongue drove
her to more ecstatic joy, her belly burning, her breasts glowing, her
thighs and legs working, soft muscles supple under the skin as she gave
herself up to the cunnilingus.


Crystal began to drill her butt up and down in superb rushes of sex as
she rushed up to climax. Making hot love to Leaf had given her a good
start, but Leaf's eagerness to cunt whip her to glory made short work
of any resistance she might have, any reluctance to lose her sexuality
to another person of her own sex. She held Leaf's head and rocked off
to glory:

"NOW---IT'S---PIERCING MY GUTS---I---AM FUUUUUUUCKED!" she cried out in
magnificent tension.

Her spasms of wild pleasure and relief came as she gave hysterical
grunts and giggles of completion. Her cunt throbbed in mad pleasure on
Leaf's tongue, while Leaf used a finger up the aching, quaking sex
passage to ape a cock and add to the thrills.

"HAH-UH, HAH-UH, HAH-UH," sighed Crystal, working off the sublime
relief and the golden good feeling in rich spasms as she gave up her
total sex treasure to another woman without shame. She was a sex crazy
female when someone started her engine and Leaf took her full measure
this time! "AHHHHH," she went rushing past her peak and tapering into
luscious, full after shocks of continuing joy.

Watching the whole action from the door, Gunnar grinned. Crystal had
gone along with his idea of winning over Leaf by both persuasion and
sex. Crystal had had her fun. Now it was time to have his. He moved up
to the bed...

Chapter 6

Leaf looked up and saw Gunnar. She pulled away from Crystal and
Crystal's taken cunt as if caught with her hand in a cash drawer. She
blushed furiously.

"I was just---we were---"

"You degenerate broads are using up all the sex with each other and
leaving me out," he said. "You ought to have your asses whipped."

Crystal was amused by his threatening tone, because he'd suggested,
practically ordered, the girl sex with she and Leaf to excite his own
passion and bring Leaf onto the "team". Leaf took it differently. She
caught up her clothes and jumped from the bed, as if really expecting a
spanking from an angry parent.

"I---I'll just go to my bedroom," she said. "I guess you two have lots
of planning to do."

She shot a frightened look at Gunnar in his nudity, especially that
huge, stiff cock, and fled the room.

Gunnar shook his head as the girl left the room. "Do you realize how
many sex kittens like that are always in shock about sex? Not about
what they do, but to have other people find out?"

"You have to be a woman to understand. A loose woman gets into all
kinds of trouble compared to a randy man. It's okay for a man to be

She eyed his stiff cock nervously and turned over on her stomach to
hide her big breasts and her still swollen cunt. She was afraid that
stiff blade was looking for a target.

He sat on the bed and stroked her creamy buttocks.

"Leaf may be a mistake."

"I don't think so. Since sex is part of the plan you need two women.
Men dig her vulnerability."

She felt nervous with his hands playing with her ass. She could not
stand attention to her anus. His warm hands stroked her neatly curved
buttocks and squeezed the warm flesh. It was a meaty part of a woman
few men could keep their hands off. She felt a negative thrill of fear.

"Did you know you have a great ass?" he said.

"Gr-great everything---when a man has a hard-on," she laughed
nervously. "I don't like having my rear touched."

"Well, now," he said. "Fancy that!" He immediately dug his fingers deep
into her crack. Her rounded and full buttocks gave him plenty of depth
to feel inside of.

"Orrrp," she said as his hand grazed her butt opening. It was probably
a mistake to have mentioned her anal hangup---with Gunnar to know what
bothered you was to invite him to explore it.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass?" he asked.

"GOD, NO! I can't think of anything more sickening," she said.

His finger began to dig at her sphincter. He drove it back to scoop up
rich juices from her cunt and paint the warm stuff on her back hole.

"It isn't too bad for kinks," he said. "The intimacy is fantastic. A
guy feels his tearing right up into soft, tender guts where everything

She knew he was teasing her. Still, she had to shudder.

"You can just take your hand away from there," she said, reaching back
to stop him. "If you're horny, I'll give you head."

"I'd like that, Crystal. I'd also like to fuck in your sweet cunt after
Leaf got it all heated up for me. But you had to show off your sexy ass
to me. I think you really, deeply want an anal trip."

"GOD, NO!!"

"You should be proud of your fanny. The skin's flawless. It has an
almost delicate blend of pink over white. It has sexy hollows above
each cheek. The same on the sides above the hipbones, sexy hollows."

He dug his hands into her flesh, relishing the warm, silken skin.

"You've got perfect half circles the long way, perfect, upswept smile-
creases across...then the dark concealing slash between the moons."

"Don't tell me you're a butt freak," she said, half-derogatory, half-
fearful. "That would be the living end."

"I am for yours."

He had been stroking her cunt juices up into her crack until it was
well-oiled. Now he suddenly placed a long finger directly against her
sphincter and shoved.

She had tried to go along, hoping he'd not press her if she stayed
cool. It hadn't worked. She felt a white hot searing pain as he tried
to get a finger inside of her asshole.


She jerked away from him, trying to scramble off the bed. Her pulse
pounded and her insides were captured in sheer terror. He laughed and
jumped after her, pinning her down, still with her fanny exposed.

"No need to jump out of your skin," he said. "I just want to feel
around inside of your sexy gut for a minute."


Her resistance seemed to excite him. He held her down with the weight
of his body and she felt the finger return to her asshole. Once again
her butt felt searing pain. Then she had to give a low down animal
groan as his stiff finger pierced her sphincter and sank into her
tender intestine.

"AIIIEEEEEEE!" she shrieked.

She went berserk then. Half out of her mind in panic, she fought him
furiously until the finger was gone, but it left behind the searing
ache of the anal violation.


"Come on, doll, It's only..."


She got free of him and fled the bedroom, sobbing in her fright and
anger. She'd take almost anything from Gunnar because she had to be his
partner. She wouldn't take any fooling around with that most delicate
part of her anatomy.

He caught her in the living room and pushed her to the sofa.

"You little crud. I was only joking and you have to go up in smoke."

"If you dare---"

"DON'T tell me that, Crystal. I always take dares. Now I've got to
shove my prick inside your ass. I wasn't really going to until you had
to make such a scene."

They fought wordlessly as he worked her body around until her full,
young ass was right against his prick. She felt the big organ sink into
her crack.

"OOOOOHHHHH!" she cried, her hysteria rising so that her voice shook in

As she tried to jerk her body free he bent her forward, grunting in
satisfaction and dug his cockhead on her sphincter. She couldn't
believe it was happening. She sweated in terror and writhed. Suddenly
she felt the raping power of his thick prick as it violated her strong
sphincter, forcing the muscle open. The head of his cock slipped into
her gut. It felt like someone had lit a stick using gasoline and shoved
the flaming torch up into her gut.


Her shrieks rang from the walls. It got worse. Grunting in pleasure, he
slowly, surely forced the huge cock up her slick intestine, unsealing
her asshole from sphincter into her deep interior.

"UUUUUUU," she sighed.

He seemed not to mind her violent objections. She shook all over, but
she finally got control of herself, despite the stinging pain and took
a deep breath, felt the full rush of her adrenaline gathered all her
muscular strength, and made one last incredible jerk to free herself.

It worked. She uncocked him from her anus and flew out of his arms. He
had not expected this fierce resistance. Her butt flaming from the
double violation of finger and cock, she fled back to her bedroom,
slammed the door, locked it and sank against it, weeping full bore at
the shattering experience.

Gunnar stood in the living room, astonished. She really hated anal
contact, he believed that now. But, by God, that did inflame him---his
hot desire to fuck her butt. He had to ass fuck her. This project
wouldn't work unless he had absolute domination over the good-looking
blonde. He was going to do it if he had to lash her to her bed and gag
her. Maybe more than once. The sex feeling on his shaft had been
fantastic while it was locked up her butt, the tight, hot walls sealing
on his prick and her helpless quivering!

He relaxed. He was going to make her butt---yet perhaps this wasn't
exactly the right moment.

Leaf eyed him apprehensively when he entered her bedroom. She'd heard
Crystal's screams from the living room all right, though faintly. She'd
heard the sound of the scuffle, he could tell from her face.

She had just slipped into her pajamas; the orange nylon clung sexily to
her body. Her eyes darted to his cock, still stiff, and she colored.

"I---was just going to bed," she explained, giving him a smile that she
hoped placated him. She didn't know what he'd done to Crystal, but she
didn't want to make any kind of trouble that would cause him to make
her scream like that.

"So I see." He indicated her bed with a sweep of his hand.

She turned quickly and lifted the covers. He stared at Leaf's butt. It
was smaller than Crystal's, a neat little bottom with crisp lines.
Crystal didn't have the only sexy fanny in the city.

Leaf quickly hopped into bed, pulled the covers up to her chin, and
smiled nervously at him. "Good night."

He nodded and went over to turn off the light. For wild seconds she
hoped he would take that huge hard-on out of her bedroom. But she heard
him move to her dresser in the darkness and fool with the bottles and
jars. Then he came back to the bed.

He lifted the covers and slid naked in beside her, putting something on
the night stand. She lay there shivering. His hand rested heavily on
her belly, stroking the firm flesh through the sexy nylon. Then his
hand went down and began to dig into her cunt. She began to wet right
away and her breathing went deeper. She spread her legs a little and

He said nothing, and she said nothing. It was so quiet that she could
hear the rustle of his hand jogging against her cunt, with the covers,
thrown back. Hot spears of sexuality flashed in her belly.

Her cunt began to burn and she didn't like the feel of the nylon
crammed against her pink flesh and delicate clit. She slid her pajama
bottoms off, with his hand patiently awaiting the end of that act
before resuming on her now naked cunt.

"AHHHH-UH," she gasped, and hunted upwards. Her cunt was flowing hotly
now, her nipples were rock hard and her body began to feel supple and
sexed up. She guessed he would make her oil and then work off his
erection inside of her belly.

Well, she could stand that. What she couldn't stand was any kind of
torture that would make her scream as Crystal had screamed. Anything
but that. How ominous his silence was! She reached over to grip his
stiff stander in her fist to placate him.

"Don't!" he said sharply.

She jerked her hand back as if it had been burned. His cock was all
greasy, like covered with Vaseline. Now why did he go and put grease on
his penis when her young belly had enough lubricant for a dozen men?
Her pulse pounded right in her ear. She thrilled to his masturbation
and her fear at the same time.

He felt up under her pajama top, testing her nipples, making her catch
her breath in the pressure of his palm against those sensitive areas.
His hand was slick with her sex gloss. She almost came with excitement.
No one had ever used her belly oils to massage her breasts before.

"OHHH, GUNNAR," she moaned.

She felt pretty hot now. She guessed that she'd known all along that
she'd have to service Gunnar at some point. It would be all right,
except that he had a huge prick. That was great for Crystal's wider
loins and deeper hips. He was a little big for her. Still her vagina
could stretch remarkably. She thrilled thinking of hosting that young
baseball bat inside of her.

"Turn over."


"Turn over on your stomach, Leaf. Put a pillow under your belly."

She obeyed, getting crazy rushes of anticipation now. Some guys liked
to fuck dog fashion from behind, sticking it up your cunt while you
faced away from them. It was different and kind of fun.

He leaned over and began to kiss her behind. He would nibble the smooth
skin and then nip it and use his tongue to make a hot, wet patch. He
used his teeth a little, too. It almost creamed her.

"AH---OO---YUH---" she continued making hot, held-in sounds. She'd
never felt anything so sexy in her life.

Her whole body bathed in sweat now, in her bitch heat. She was ripe for
plucking and fucking, beginning to whisper in desperation and move her


His answer was to dive his tongue down into her tight crack. She almost
shot off the bed. Nobody had ever done such a weird thing to her

"HAYUUUUU," she went, almost out of control.

His tongue sank down---down---DOWN! She couldn't believe it! If he
wasn't careful, he'd touch--- touch---

His tongue dug at her asshole.

"HAYUH!" she cried, jerking.

She was so close to juicing that she almost jumped out of her skin. Her
belly was a seething hot cauldron of liquid pleasure. He'd practically
fucked her without putting his big cock in her at all!


She'd never had such a weird experience. The sensitive nerves around
her asshole quivered and sang as his tongue dug at her anus, trying to
get in.

"AAAGGGHHH! GUNNAR!" she shrieked.

She closed her eyes, locked her body, and came. He could feel her empty
cunt spasm gently as her asshole also quaked at her throbs of
surrender. That tongue on her butt hole felt neat, sweet, deep, gutsy
and kinky. Imagine a guy eating out your asshole!

He gave a lustful, low laugh.

"You like ass play, you sexy little bitch, don't you?"

"Like---your tongue---" she managed above her quick, delicious quakes.

"If you liked my tongue, you'll like this better," he told her.

He mounted her hips. She felt his finger probing the wet spot where
he'd licked her sphincter. She guessed he was going to finger her rear
while he fucked her cunt. A few guys liked to do that. It wasn't her
favorite sport.

"AAHHH!" she sighed. Then "HAH!"

It hurt to take a man's finger up your ass, but once it was in you
could relax a little. It was like being impaled, though. If he moved
that finger an inch you wanted to jump a foot. That's how sensitive it
was up your back tunnel.

She caught her breath and held onto her guts as he explored up her gut.
She was afraid he'd pull her living insides right out of her with that
finger. Ohhhh, it was sensitive! She had to grunt like a pig and give
sighs as he felt up her deep. DEEP!

"HA---OH---HUUUUU," she sighed.

He pulled his finger out and she gasped and locked down on her gut
muscles in the sexy, tingling rush not to lose anything. Hooieee! This
was dangerous stuff!

He lifted her butt up and she felt his cock in her crack. Her ass
wanted to scramble back and avoid contact with that huge wounder. She
hoped he'd hit the right hole in the dark.

He didn't! His cockhead pressed against her sphincter. He dug in...

"GUNNAR, NO! THAT'S MY ASS!" she cried, trying to stop his error.

"I WANT YOUR ASS," he said thickly, and rammed her button.

She felt an incredible pain as his big, mushroom-shaped head began to
peel open her sphincter. She screamed and locked, but it did no good.
The sphincter is a powerful muscle and quite deep. It feels much, much
better locked tight. It feels okay to let something out, but not okay
to take something in.


The implacable cock slowly, slowly unsealed her ass muscle. She felt
the force and tension he had to use to violate her, but his hard cock,
greased, was able to do it all right.

His cock burned through her sphincter an inch. It began to tunnel up
her tight passage, expanding her intestine walls. He moaned at the
delicious feeling of the tight grip of her sphincter and the close seal
of her mucoid walls. Her body interior was furiously hot and her gut
was silken slick.

"OH, JEEZ, YOU'VE GOT A SEXY ASSHOLE!" he burst out.

Until he'd started playing with Crystal's luscious behind he had not
planned on anal sex. Now he was turned on to it with a white heat
fervor. He wanted to fuck Leaf's back tunnel right out of her sexy
body. His prick dug into her like a surgeon's knife, right up among her
vital organs, yet it was sexy slick.

"AH, HEH, HOT!" he cried in dizzy delight.

She felt as if he had split her body open with that impossible cock.
She had never been ass-wounded by a man before. All she'd ever had up
there was an enema long before and an occasional stray finger. It was
an awesome feeling, very painful, yet so exciting that she wanted to
scream with the kinky feel of this madness.

"I TOO SMALL," she protested. "YOU KNOW I---TOO SMALL..."

"I too big," he laughed. "You too small." He mocked her tender plea. He
gave a grunt as he took all of her gut his cock would reach. They both
felt his huge cock plunged inside of her, so tight it was part of her
living flesh. He throbbed in ecstasy. She jerked in response. To her it
seemed the wounding prick was somewhere up pressing the bottom of her

He reached over and turned on the light. He wanted to see what it
looked like to have his prick buried in a girl's butt. The sight was so
sexy that he almost burst his seed.

There were her round little cheeks, still shapely but spread wide.
There was her reddened seam, expanded. Where her hole was supposed to
be there was nothing to be seen except the base of his cock, rammed
into her so tight it looked like his prick and her ass had been welded
together into a single piece.

He dragged out an inch and fucked into her. The girl quivered all over
as if her belly had split open, and his hand twisted her living parts.


"Sorry about that, kid. I'll let you know how it comes out," he said.
"I like your asshole too much to cheat my hard prick."

She didn't faint. As he jazzed in and out of her gut a few times, her
buttocks tensed and she came.

"AHH---WOOOO!" she exploded.

Once more her cunt throbbed in surrender and he could see the spasms of
her crammed asshole as it flexed on his impaling prick. He went dizzy
with rapture.

"How did I ever miss asshole fucking?" he asked in delight.

She couldn't answer. Her pain had lessened and the deep contact made
her spend like a crazy woman. It was weird---and very sexxxxxy.

"AHH, YOUR COCK---DEEP---ME---DYIIING," she sang.

He held her hips and savored the full quaking throbs of her sex
equipment. What a luscious little butt! There was no hole on this woman
big enough for a prick that didn't bring mad delight.

She fell off then and he began to fuck her, holding her hips. She
quivered a little, yet she was more relaxed and that made the friction
better. Her creamy tunnel was as good as a cunt, though it felt

"Ah, you little beast---you're a walking condom. I've never fucked
anything so sexy in my life," he told her.

She just kept panting and squeezing a little in random throbs of
continuous orgasm. He had her body mesmerized with pleasure-torture.
Her sphincter would loosen and then it would suddenly come alive and
grip his blade, thrilling him with that action.

He laid over on her and savored the feel of her naked body captured
tight in his arms. She was so moist with sweat that it felt like she'd
been oiled. He could feel the fast pound of her heart, her soft, rapid
breathing and the luscious flex of her squirming flesh tight against
his and hot.

He reached under to capture her tits and nipples and began to fuck
freely, letting the high sex feeling rush in through every pore. It
felt like he could fuck himself all the way inside of her body and
explode in an orgasm that would go on forever.

It was not to be, however. That incredible feeling of total possession
of the body of a lovely female was just too much for his shaft, balls
and boiling reservoir of sex fluid. Each stroke brought him closer and
closer to the ultimate heaven. Bit by bit his crazed rod burned with
desire and his jissum lashed furiously to escape from his body.

In the very last throes of a deep sexual experience like this he tried
to hold back to make the rising joy last. Each stroke, this late in the
trip, made flames burst from his cock, tortured to extreme pleasure.


"YUUHHH," she sighed, throbbing some more.

"LEAF! I CAN'T STAAA---STAND---OH, OH, OH," he shouted. His prick
finally fell off into involuntary paralysis. His muscles from his feet
upwards and from his chest downwards began to squeeze so that the
heavenly pressure on his groin increased to a maddened fury.

"NOW!" he yipped.

He thrust deep up her ass, so deep in her steaming guts. He had to sob
with relief and good feeling as he began to seed her asshole. Shot
after sexy shot of boiling liquid spurted into her gut.

She felt his spasmed enema. She jerked as she took each fluid shot of
joy. His muscles kept locking and breaking to spurt out the happy
sperm, burning it into her over and over. Her buttocks squeezed in
flexing attempts to ease the white hot invader that inundated her
tender parts with flaming hot male juice.

"YOU ARE---FUCKED," he wheezed, tensing and letting it go, tensing and
letting it go.

"YUHHHH," she gasped, half out of her mind from her own thrilled

It went easier now that his crowded reservoir was half empty and the
rest of the seed could ejaculate with leaping pleasure. He gave a
hysterical laugh and eased, getting off the spurts with less than the
fierce tension of those first incredible bursts.

"AHHH! OOOHHHH! AHHHH!" he exclaimed.

He sank on her butt and on her back, at last giving final short shots,
then felt his pleased, empty prick throbbing a few times in
disappointment that there wasn't more.

She laid under him, squirming in discomfort. Her body felt possessed by
him as she'd never felt so taken before. His seed in her felt like it
was a full quart of liquid. His prick still forced apart her ass walls
and kept her sphincter open and his weight pressed down on her cruelly.

She fussed and at last he gave her body back to her. She glowed with
the hot sex and the long orgasm, but already her stretched asshole and
frictioned anal walls began to ache from his ass rape and she was
exhausted from the tension, the pleasure and the release.

She rolled over and clung to him as if he were the world's greatest
feather bed. She murmured: "Gunnar!" Then she slipped off into a deep
sleep, weak mouth partly open, beautiful lashes silken on her soft

He stared down at her pretty face, felt her clutching, trusting warmth,
and compared her to the Scandinavian beauty in the other room. It
looked like he'd made a mistake in grabbing Crystal and making the
blonde join his team. Crystal was an asshole when you came down to it.
He had brains enough to run this project. He needed a sexy female to
distract certain of the executives---but Leaf might be better.

Enjoying his after-sex euphoria and reminding himself he'd have to go
wash his prodder pretty quick, he let the conviction grow in him.

Drop Crystal---use Leaf.

Chapter 7

Sylvia Ritter was the first woman executive that Crystal Locke had ever
run into who wanted to be fixed up with a date for the evening. Sylvia
Ritter was married, but her sales executive husband spent a lot of time
out of town. Crystal was both shocked and amused when the older woman
asked if Crystal knew any presentable, available men who might go for a
sex fling. It showed how far Women's Lib had gone---with the girls now
ready to cheat on the boys!

Sylvia said: "You get around to all these companies, Crystal, where you
meet lots of executives. You're a good-looking woman. You must know a
few safe men who've made signals at you."

"That I do," smiled Crystal. She thought about Sydney Martin, who had
lost Leaf and begged her for dates all the time.

There was some risk. Both Ritters were top people at Fisk International
Insurance Company, for which A-C was installing an 1100. If Fred Ritter
found out that Crystal had set it up for his wife to be laid while he
was out of town, there might be trouble.

On the other hand, Sylvia Ritter was as smooth as Steuben Glass and had
the same elegance. She was a beautiful brunette in her early forties
with a youngish, flowing body and luminous skin. She exuded sexual
intensity. When she and Crystal ate lunch together in almost any dining
room, men gazed at them both with reverence and a little awe. Also,
Crystal couldn't imagine the worldly, suave woman ever being caught.

There was something else about the Ritters that excited Crystal. They
hinted that some game might be played on their new computer, making it
the first time Crystal had run into light-fingered executives who
contemplated sandbagging their company for profit.

There was no doubt that some game was afoot. Certain questions were
asked, certain suggestions made in humorous ways, while eyebrows were
lifted and certain statements were left hanging. Crystal hooked on to
these in the same offhand manner, leaving the way clear for a
proposition while still covering herself. To lift a few dollars from a
company till with the help of executives might be safer than running a
game on her own.

It was men, however, that came first with Sylvia.

"Next weekend Fred will be in Chicago," Mrs. Ritter said to her one day
after a tutoring session at Fisk International. "If you can find me
some company, that's the time."

"I would think," said Crystal evenly, "that you'd have no trouble
finding bedmates, with your looks and---if you'll excuse me---that
sexual intensity you seem to have."

Sylvia laughed.

"Of course I can get men---tons of them. The secret of successful
cheating, though, is to use your good-looking acquaintances, not
somebody in your regular rounds of living who might know, or later
meet, your husband."

"I think I can help you," said Crystal. Sydney's wife had still not
come back, and Leaf was busy with Gunnar and the bank people.

"Saturday night," said Sylvia. "If he's good enough I may repeat on
Sunday. Fred doesn't usually come back from Chicago until the Monday
morning flight."

The place of assignation was the Ritter apartment atop the Shaftesbury-
Seton Hotel, one of those expensive, quiet and luxurious hotels that
only advertised for clients in the NEW YORKER or FORTUNE. The Ritters
were strictly a class act, which would thrill Sydney.

Sylvia added: "Whether the man works out or not, you come over to the
Shaftesbury on Sunday night. I think it's time we talked about some
special things we might want to do with the Avery-Cascade Computer."

That excited Crystal. She was ready to move forward again on her own
mission to get that money to clear her name. Her mission had been
temporarily scrubbed with the appearance of Gunnar. Miraculously, he
had moved on, taking Leaf Campbell, and leaving Crystal alone.

The last time she saw Gunnar was the night three weeks ago when he
tried to force the anal outrage on her. Next day an apologetic Leaf
moved out from her apartment across the street to Gunnar's. A few days
later, Crystal finished her tutoring assignment with the C-M Bank and
saw those people no more. Nor Gunnar.

She was glad to be free of Gunnar. He wanted to cheat on the bank. The
bank was the worst possible victim of a computer con game, because
computer crimes against banks had already happened and been publicized.
The C-M computer would be watched more closely than the Domino machine
or the current Fisk International machine.

Domino was in the past. She hadn't nicked them for a cent. C-M was
Gunnar's target---and good luck to him. Fisk International, with the
help of the Ritters, could be just the right set-up that Crystal had in
mind---insurance companies were loaded with money but not closely

Sydney, the Personnel Director of Domino, was disappointed when Crystal
told him that she wanted him to go out with Sylvia. Then he met Sylvia
at a threesome lunch, which quickly changed his tune.

"Go out with her? My God, I ought to pay you and her both! Will she go
out with me?"

She would---and did. Crystal could hardly wait for Sunday night, when
she'd see Sylvia and hear the full story on Sydney---as well as the
other matter.

It didn't work out as well as Crystal hoped. About eight o'clock on
Sunday night Sylvia called her to report that Sydney had worked out
very well---so well that he was with her at the Shaftesbury to spend
another night.

"We'll talk about that other business tomorrow. All right, Crystal?"

"Sure," said Crystal. "Have fun."

She hung up. She had already dressed to walk over to the Shaftesbury,
which was only a few blocks away, but she was happy for Sylvia and
Sydney. It made her cunt warm to think of all the loving they'd be
getting tonight. She even felt a little jealous of Sylvia, now that she
was without a man.

At nine o'clock Crystal's door buzzer sounded. There stood Fred Ritter
with his overnight bag in his hand and a big smile on his face.

"Just on my way home," said Fred. "Thought I'd stop by and see if you
were busy."

Panic froze her. "I--well, yes, I--"

"Sylvia and I want to talk over a special matter with you. Maybe you
could walk over to the Shaftesbury with me."

All Crystal could think about was a naked Sylvia and a naked Sydney a
few blocks away---and Fred Ritter walking in on them. It would be hard
enough on Sydney. It would be death on her.

I--I don't th-think Sylvia's home. She told me yesterday that she was--
uh--going to see her mother on Long Island tonight. May-maybe stay all

Crystal shot a desperate glance at her phone. If she could only keep
Fred here long enough to sneak a phone call of warning to Sylvia. The
mother excuse might work, because Sylvia had told her she often visited
her when there was no action. Fred wouldn't check. He didn't care for
the mother.

"Oh, that's too bad."

"Muh--maybe you could come in for a drink," said Crystal. She had to
keep him here at all costs, until she could flash a warning.

"Why not?" boomed Fred, the happy salesman. He marched into her
apartment, dropped his bag, and made himself at home. All she could
think was that she had to keep him here and call Sylvia---yet she
couldn't call Sylvia right in front of him.

"Tell me about your---project," she said when they had settled on the
sofa with drinks.

"Business can wait till tomorrow," he said, and made a dive for her.

She was so astonished that he kissed her twice before she thought to
resist. She'd been so concerned with Sylvia's adultery that it had
never occurred to her that Fred might also play games.

"FRED! Sylvia's my friend!" she protested.

"Good. Keep her friendship. We won't tell her," he laughed. "You've got
a body and a face that won't stop. I really dig you."

"FRED! How would you like it if--uh--Sylvia cheated on you?"

"She never would. I'D KILL HER. But it's different for a man."

One of those, she thought. Her heart sank. Sylvia was a few blocks
away, on Fred's bed, naked and plunging on another man's cock. Fred was
here trying to make her. How could she manage it---to save herself, and
protect Sylvia, too. First things first. She pushed Fred away.

"Oh, Fred, I like you. You're great-looking, a terrific man. But I just

He patted her knee. "Sure, kid, I understand. Just don't mention my
little pass to Sylvia. She thinks I never cheat."

"I won't, Fred. I won't."

He jumped up. "Well, I'd better run along to the Shaftesbury. If I'm
out of luck here, I can still make it there."

That would give Sylvia enough time, ten minutes or so. She saw Fred out
the door and then rushed to the phone. SYLVIA'S LINE WAS BUSY!

Crystal almost died. Sylvia did only what she herself had done, what
many lovers did when they faced an erotic evening. Took the phone off
the hook so as not to be interrupted at a critical time. An insistent
telephone ringing did nothing for orgasms.

Crystal rushed back to the door. By a miracle Fred was still waiting
for the elevator.

"Fred. You've got to come back!"

He returned to her apartment, grinning. He tried to grab her. She

"Fred. I want to know now what scheme you and Sylvia are up to. I've
got to know now!"

He took her in his arms and boldly rubbed his belly against hers.
"Baby, I promised Sylvia we'd only tackle it together. Let's have a
little fun first."

He got his hands on her buttocks, forcing her belly to his, gyrating so
his cock stood up in his pants. He was in a full blush of lust.

"Fred, dammit, business before pleasure."

He hooked the back of her neck with his hand and brought her face up to

"Crystal, you take me into that bedroom of yours. We'll get naked. You
give me the start of a good suck and I'll talk."

All she could think of was that sex with him had one great advantage.
It took her off the hook as far as her part of Sylvia's adultery went.
If she gave him sex, he couldn't say one word about her part in
Sylvia's action ...

Naked with him on the bed, she found her own lust rising. It had been
two weeks since her last sex. Back then there'd been a flurry of lots
of sex, with her happy little cunt filled again and again. Then

Fred Ritter had an okay body, softish but not too soft. He had a sturdy
cock, not as big as some she'd had, rather short, but thick. It could
groove lots of joy into her.

As he dug his palms into her breasts that always seemed to drive men
crazy, she went down on his prick, and to her surprise she thrilled to
ecstasy right away. Her hot little box HAD missed all that sex.

"Oh, Fred, this is wrong!" she cried happily. "I shouldn't be doing

"Me, n-neither," he gasped. "Still---as future partners---"

She sucked his blade greedily, letting all the good feeling expand her
belly, wet her cunt, thrill her nerves. It was a thick little beast and
it would feel terrific in her. His hands on her sensitive nipples also
heated her eager body. She gave him a dozen luscious sucks and then
squeezed and jacked off his member in its casing of her silken saliva.

"T-Tell me, Fred. Tell me what we're going to do."

He kissed her throat. He kissed each breast, making loud sounds. He
kissed her mouth. Then, panting, he hugged her and made good on his

"It's an old racket for an insurance company," he told her. "What's new
is that your computer makes it easy in a big way..."

What he and Sylvia planned to do was stuff the computer with new fake
policies made out to fictitious names. Then they'd fake the paper work
for a loan, which would be okayed by the computer. The loan money would
pay the premiums on the fake policies to keep them current. They'd
pocket the commissions and part of the loans.

"But you've got a Ponzi scheme," she protested. "They always fail,
because you have to keep taking new loans to pay off old loans until
you get caught."

"Aha! You forget the insurance business has three aspects, policies,
premiums--and claims. If we can fake the policies and the loans, we can
also fake the claims to take us off the hook. Money paid out in claims
is gone forever, so we can bail out any time."

It excited her just as the hard prick in her hand did. "But we'd have
to be deadly careful with the claims. Make them statistically logical
so there's no challenge."

"Can your computer do all that?"

"Fred, the A-C 1100 can bend light from space---do anything . . IF the
programmer knows his or her onions. Fortunately, I'm rated as a
mathematical genius."

He hugged her. "Baby, we can even take loans on our fake policies.
It'll be like shaking the branches of a money tree!"

"But do you hate your company?"

"Listen, Crystal, it's only average bad. They grant favored loans,
against the law, they avoid lawful claims against the law. They charge
too much, which is not ethical, and they invest in shaky projects,
which is not wise. I just see them ripping off, so we'll rip back and
not worry about it."

"I think it can be done!" she said happily.

She knew the size of Fisk International's annual premium take. It was
huge, which meant that her necessary hundred thousand might be acquired
in about two months and then she could quit.

She turned back to Fred's cock with a warm feeling. It would be
fabulous to end her pirate foray quickly and get out of town before
Gunnar caused a scandal. She was sure he'd make some little mistake and
get caught. He was too angry since his prison term--lacked

She resumed her suck, reveling in the hardness of Fred's cock, enjoying
his rich moans of joy and her own rising sexuality. The Ritters were
the best news she'd had since coming to New York.

"Baby, let's get on to the real thing," he cried.

She went back on the bed, opened her legs, and welcomed him into her
saddle. She liked the way he touched her. Give credit to older men--
they were often better lovers than the young guys, who were crazed by
their inevitable youthful fervor.

His thick cock pronged into her while she felt a rush of deep pleasure.
It was the front of her vagina that was the most sensitive anyway, so
she'd lose nothing by his shorter length, and she would gain by the
tight fit of his round rod.

"DEE--LISH--US!" she cried happily.

"Oh, baby, we're going to seal a deal tonight," he responded.

He drove into her as if he meant to take his time, lifting them
gradually into sex heaven. That was all right with her--she needed a
thorough reaming after the arid weeks. He hugged her tightly and--

The phone rang.

He picked it up with a sweep of his hand, almost casually, and handed
it to her, smiling down.

"Heh--hello?" she quavered.

"Crystal--it's me...Sylvia."

"Oh, yess."

Crystal burned in embarrassment to be lying on her bed talking to
Sylvia while Sylvia's husband's cock rode up her belly. Sylvia would
kill her if she knew what an adulterous cock thief Crystal was.

"Crystal--Sydney had to go. He has an early day tomorrow. I feel
restless. I'm coming over to your apartment to talk to you about a

"OH, SYLVIA, NO!" cried Crystal.

"What? Why? What's wrong? You sound funny."

She sounded "funny" because Fred had shoved his cock up in her,
smiling. Apparently he relished the idea that it was his wife on the
line while he fucked Crystal.

"Don't come, Sylvia. I--I'm too tired...got a headache," Crystal

"Nonsense, dear. I'm already dressed. I'll help your headache. I need
company. I'm going out the door right now. I'll be there in ten minutes
or less. Bye."

"SYLVIA--NOOO," wailed Crystal.

Crystal was too late. The phone went dead. SYLVIA WAS ON HER WAY HERE!

"I thought Sylvia was up on Long Island," said Fred.

"I must've been wrong, Fred. She'd drr--she's coming right over here.
She's going out the door."

Crystal began to struggle under Fred, but he held her down.

"What the hurry, baby?"


Fred only chuckled and leaned forward.

"Crystal, do you know how long ten minutes is? It's a lifetime.
Especially with sex. The average intercourse takes two minutes. We have
plenty of time to finish and for me to get out."

He went on drilling her, groaning in his pleasure. The beautiful blonde
was the hottest creature he'd touched in years.

Crystal felt a new thrill added to the sensations she already felt.
Fear that she'd get caught in her own apartment with Fred, in this
lewd, lascivious act. She fucked up against Fred's cock with faster and
faster motions.

"Got to get it off. Got to finish...get presentable."

Her belly really felt great with the added excitement. She turned her
head to look at the clock. Yes, they had a whole ten minutes.

"Oh, Fred, it--you--it feels so good...we'll be done so quick," she

"You know it, baby. Can't last when anything is this good!"

He leaned forward to suckle her breasts, digging his cock in and out of
her. She could tell by the straining tensions in his body and his gasps
that it felt fantastic to him to fuck her and eat her nipples at the
same time. He sure wasn't going to last more than a minute!

"AH, UH, UH, UH," he gasped, driving faster.

"GO, GO, GO WITH IT," she cheered him.

She put her mind to a fast rise to utter glory, a surrender, and a
quick orgasm. Inside of three minutes they'd be done and off the bed.
She thought she felt that deep down, incredible tickle that came just
before orgasm when you felt with delight and a little dismay that you
were going to have to give over to the furious exertion of an orgasm.

"AH, AH, AH."

The tickle seemed prolonged. She felt full and rich in her belly as she
willed herself to orgasm. But orgasm didn't come right away. Instead
she felt utter, delicious sexuality up and down her body. Fred's cock
was SOOOO TIGHT on her sensitive areas in the front of her vagina,
while her hot little box was so hungry for the erotic sensations that
she really didn't feel like ending it with orgasm right away.

"We--better hurry--" she gasped, as much as a warning to herself as to

"Oh, baby, just a few seconds more," he moaned in delight.

He had used her naked breasts now, reddened them, and desensitized them
with a luscious sucking and nibbling, giving her plenty of pleasure. He
moved up to her mouth. She accepted his hot French kisses with cries of
delight. Like most women, she enjoyed kissing, both as romance and as
erotic stimulation. They gasped and surged and wallowed in their hot
lovemaking, tongues plunging, mouths sucking, hearts pounding. It was
rich, rich, rich, she felt.

She began to grunt and feel her legs getting that creamy, taken
feeling. Purring like a pleased cat, she turned her head to look at the

"OH, FRED--WE'VE ONLY GOT SIX--" she gasped.

"I know, Crystal, I know. Still...lots of time."

"Still--plenty--time. Oh, oh, oh!"

He hugged her tight, most of the feeling going to his prick, gloving in
and out of her cunt. Their kisses had been so hot that their lips were
raw, reddened, and the nerves temporarily desensitized. It was the same
for her. All the luxurious sex feelings were in her breasts and belly
as she dragged lasciviously up against his cock.

"I-I--think going," she reported.

"Good, good--have to fin-finish," he managed.

In and out, in and out, with her belly feeling so great that she wanted
to float right out into the sky over Manhattan.



"We won't--answer door," he said. "I--hide."

She felt a new shock of horror.


She plunged now as fast as her loins would go, savoring the richness of
that fabulous prick. Just a few more plunges--then they'd have to stop.
She whimpered as she saw the speeding second hand of her bedside clock.


"Fred--we've got to stop. STOP. NOT TIME--


"Yeah. Yeah."

"LET ME UP. LET ME UP!" she cried.

It was desperation time. No matter how good this sex felt, they only
had two minutes to make themselves presentable.

Fred would not let her up. Fred held her down and drilled, drilled in
ecstasy, murmuring that he had to finish in her cunt or die for it.


Her own traitorous loins continued to plunge and her every nerve was on
fire. Few sexual encounters had made her so hot and eager. Luscious,
incredible delights flamed in her belly--and another minute was gone.

She felt a strange feeling she'd never felt before in sex, an utter,
complete integration of terror and pleasure in one fusion of wild
excitement. In her high, hot condition, she wanted to explode her
belly, her body, and disappear in a cloud of pleasure-soaked atoms.

She couldn't disappear, of course. She couldn't get free of Fred,
either! He held her down with his weight, hands on her shoulders, eyes
bugging out in crazed delight as he drove up the hill in the final
stages before orgasm.

They were so hot that their moist bodies were pasted together with
sweat. Their bellies, nude, surging, squished out air with obscene,
delightful sounds. It felt like his cock had burned through her flesh.

"FRED--TEN MINUTES!" she sobbed.

"I--GONNNNNE," he sang.

He locked. His eyes widened. A look of extreme ecstasy suffused his
features. "OHHH, CRYSTAL--YOU--FUUUCKED," he moaned. She felt him jerk
and the hot spurts started in her cunt. At the same moment she heard
the faint sounds in the other room. Sylvia Ritter had arrived.

TOO LATE! Her own freeze swept up her loins.

"UNG," she gasped. "GOT---TO----" She gave a hysterical laugh of

The sweet, ineffable rush of orgasm took off the top of her head as her
belly creamed in extreme pleasure and her cunt began its wild throbs
against the hot chunks of male jissum he spurted into her cunt.


"OH, WEEEEE," she sighed.

Sylvia came into the room. Her eyes widened and she gave a shriek as
she caught the adulterers at the peak moment of climax, her husband
seeding the young girl's cunt, while the fucked blonde whined in bitch
glory, took the stolen spunk, and reveled in her own hot jerks and
throbs of orgasm.

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!" screamed Sylvia.

Even through rushes of pleasure, Crystal's eyes filled with misery as
she looked at Sylvia. "We--fucking, " she admitted, still juicing

Chapter 8

There was no way Crystal could stop her orgasm. She had to grunt and
whine and clip on Fred's cock to the ultimate expenditure of her sex
treasure. Nor could Fred stop his body processes. He gripped his young
female and just let his cock shoot out thick, hot darts of cum until
his explosive reservoir had fully emptied, even as his wife stared down
at the outrageous scene on the bed.

After the first shriek of agony, Sylvia settled down to deadly menacing

"Well, Fred--Well, Crystal. I see you've discovered each other...behind
my back!"

"Now, Sylvia," said Fred. "Take it easy."

He pulled off the girl. The juices of sex inundated his still hard, red
and fussed-looking prick. There were ropes of sperm on his grayed pubic
hairs and a wet smear on his lower belly. Crystal's luscious abdomen
also simmered with the warm gloss of the finished lovemaking.

Sylvia glowered at Fred, her face writhing into a bitch fury.


She started for him. Fred gave an inarticulate cry, leaped from the
bed, and fled to the other room, followed by Sylvia shrieking and
clawing at him.

Crystal lay as she had been left, her body positively glowing from the
rich return to the happy world of sex. Her spirits sank into the
blackest gloom. She had really torn it now. She genuinely liked Sylvia-
-the fact that Sylvia cheated did not excuse her. She had also ruined
the one best chance she had to work a deft computer game to win the
money she needed so badly.

She would have to face Sylvia. She knew it. She lay there listening to
the sounds of verbal combat from the other room. Presently they
quieted. She continued to lay in her discovered bed of adultery without
moving. Nothing, nothing at all, came into her mind as something that
she could offer to Sylvia.

At last it was quiet in the other room. Long minutes went by. For a
while she hoped that the two would fight it out and leave so she
wouldn't have to face Sylvia. But that was too much to expect. She
heard murmurs. Once she thought she heard a low laugh, but that was

She closed her eyes, folded her arms, and rocked herself in silent
misery. Her hot little cunt had finally done her a great deal of

She opened her eyes. Sylvia stood at the side of the bed. SYLVIA WAS

"Suh--Sylvia!" Crystal gasped.

"Well, now, dear. You really had your fun with my husband's cock,
didn't you?"

"I thought you might have a very hot little cunt," said Sylvia. Her
eyes glittered and there was a menace in her look. Even a dark, savage

Crystal couldn't help staring at Sylvia's nude body. The woman was much
better looking than she'd imagined from seeing her in clothes. Her face
had the sexual intensity, enhanced by the nudity. Her breasts were
small but well-shaped and her nipples were very, very hard. Her skin
was almost flawless, her belly firm, and her cunt a startling pink
under dark pubic hairs. Her thighs and legs were elegant.

"I--you're naked!" said Crystal.

"So are you," said Sylvia.

The older woman sat on the edge of the bed and ran her hand down
Crystal's smooth skin. She traced a finger over the drying love juices.

"You know, dear," said Sylvia, "it's not a good policy to go around
fucking the husbands of your friends."

"I--I'm sooo sorry. We were just talking, and--"

"And Fred made a leap--right into your cunt. Why not? It's one of the
loveliest little boxes in the city. Now you have to pay the price."

"P-p-price?" quavered Crystal.

The naked Sylvia came gliding over Crystal's body like a sinuous snake,
her warm flesh whispering against the younger girl.

"You've fucked Fred. Now I have to fuck you," said Sylvia.

"No!" cried Crystal in automatic rejection.

Sylvia laughed a devilish, lascivious laugh.

"Oh, yes!"

She held the blonde's head and stared into Crystal's frightened eyes.
Then slowly, evilly, she brought her own head forward and locked her
lips on Crystal's. A powerful tongue drove open Crystal's lips and
there was fierce suction. Crystal felt her tongue slip out of her mouth
in that overpowering suction. Sylvia sank her teeth into the meat of
Crystal's tongue. She ate the helpless organ as if it were a morsel
from a goddess, paying no attention to Crystal's moans of pain. It hurt
to have her tongue chewed like this.

"You little bitch. I'm crazy to fuck you," said Sylvia. "You've got it
all. Face, tits, cunt, ass."

"MWRRAWWRRR." Shrieked Crystal.

This new Sylvia shocked her. She finally managed to pull her tongue

"Thath a thilly thing to do, Thylvia," she moaned, half-crying from the
pain and the shame. Her tongue hurt!

Sylvia lowered her head and began to eat Crystal's big breasts, which
were still fussed from Fred's hot usage. "MMMMMMMM." Crystal jerked and
gasped at the sweet rushes of sex. She was still hot from the fuck.


"Got to! You're built like a million dollars," laughed Sylvia. Her face
flushed with desire as she fondled the big globes and dabbed at the
hard nipples with her tongue.

"OHHHH, SYLVIA," whined Crystal.

"Your own fault, remember!"

The spearing tongue went on down Crystal's belly. Lesbian? No way.
Sylvia had to be bi-sexual or Sydney would've reported to
Crystal...Crystal was sure that hot tongue would have to stop soon.
There was a mess down below.

Sylvia dove her mouth on Crystal's cunt. Crystal felt the hair on the
back of her neck rise in horror. The dark-haired woman lapped those sex
juices from her belly and thighs like a cat crazy to lap up cream.

Burning, intense eyes lifted to stare into Crystal's.

"You're shocked? Baby, I have to take back the jizz you stole from me.
I always do that."

Crystal lay there paralyzed with the kinkiness of that statement. If
she had any doubts as to Sylvia's sincerity they ended right then.
Sylvia spread her cunt lips and began to eat and suck on the sex organ
that Fred had just used, retrieving the hot male juice from Crystal's


It thrilled Crystal half out of her mind to feel Sylvia take back her
husband's jissum at the same time she gave Crystal a luscious cunt

"AHHH, OHHH, SYLVIA!" she cried.


In thirty seconds Crystal was back to her point of orgasm, hot and
ready, reaming her loins against the scorching tongue. Sylvia laid a
heavy demand trip on Crystal's clit and she had to arch up.

"That's right, dear," said the controlling woman. "Open your sweet
little box. Let's have it all. Don't hold any of it back. I WANT IT

"AHHH, SYLVIA. THIS IS CRA-ZEEEEEE," Crystal gasped. She thrust rapidly
now, her belly heating and flashing fierce sex signals throughout her
body. That dragging, demanding tongue, expertly used, turned her into a
cunt slave of the other.

Sylvia used a long finger to beckon down from the deep tunnel more of
the spent male liquor--and to stroke luscious delight into Crystal at
the same time.

"AHHH, SOO GOOD!" she cried, smacking her lips.

"YOU-YOU-YOU--FUCKING MEEEE," gasped Crystal, wide-eyed and hot,
humping on the fox-like features.

Strong female fingers dug into Crystal's flesh as Sylvia reveled in her
sex power. Her hand on the belly moved the skin and opened up more cunt
to be eaten. Crystal moaned in ecstasy. She was being scoured out by an
expert, along with receiving the most luscious cunt reaming a tongue
had ever given her. She realized with a spike of new wild pleasure that
this woman had probably drunk Fred's spunk from more than one contrite
female. Talk about your looney sex trips! But that made it even hotter.

"I ca-can't believe this!" gasped Crystal.

"Honey, I go crazy to suck off the cunts of Fred's girl friends."

"Wha--what does F-F-Fred think of all--oh, oh--this?"

"Oh," said Sylvia, "he sucks me when some man has planted a load in my


"Surely. I could never be a lesbian, woman to woman. He could never be
gay. This way we get the best of both worlds!"

"Oh, my God," moaned Crystal.

She humped right up to wildness, driven by Sylvia's hot action. Her
cunt was sparkling clean now, scoured of every drop of Fred's deposit.
So were her lower belly, her pubic hairs, and her thighs. But the
pleasure of that suck, expertly given, drove Crystal right out of her



"AHHHHHH, YESSSSS," cried Crystal.

She arched up, heart pounding, eyes glazing. She hung in space,
curiously wanting to defeat the demanding tongue that pulled her sex
treasure right out of her belly. But Sylvia made a laugh sound in her
throat and rode Crystal's clit unmercifully.

The blonde girl gave a shriek of pleasure and surrendered to her, her
cunt clipping and quaking in rich, helpless spasms of golden delight.
She spent and spent for the wounding tongue, unable to hold anything
back, pleasing Sylvia with the complete tribute of her luscious young

"OH, SILL--VEE--YUH!" Crystal went, collapsing, lifting, jerking,
losing it all to the woman who held her belly firmly and milked her off
as if she were a silly, helpless child. Her orgasm was as hot as in the
one Fred's cock had reamed out of her...

Afterwards, Fred came into the room and the Ritters tucked the
exhausted Crystal into bed and left. Dozing already, Crystal heard
their departing words.

"But, Sylvia, why were you so mad at me when you first came in?"

"You tried to sneak one past me, you bastard," said Sylvia. "You
thought you could plant it in that girl and leave it. That I wouldn't
find out. That's adultery!"

Crystal couldn't help but smile.

Across the street in Gunnar Strand's apartment that same night, Leaf
Campbell started to go out the door. Gunnar caught her.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Her eyes showed whites of fear.

"Out---to shop, Gunnar.

"Sunday night?"

"Sure. There're always stores open. I don't get any chance during the
week. It's either my job at the bank,. or going out with Mr. Hunt or
Mr. Weber, or somebody else. Last night I got in at five a.m."

"You're not going out to shop. It's that prick, young Fellows, the
window teller, isn't it? You're meeting ---him. He's a nothing, a poor
salary slob--and you can't wait to go meet him."

Leaf licked her lips and tears came to her eyes. She could never lie to

"Gunnar, I do all you want. I screw these old guys and work at my job
to bring you stuff you're not supposed to have...

Whap! Her face stung from his slap.

"You know why I don't want you seeing young Fellows? Not because he's
bad for you. He is, baby. He'll screw you, marry you, fill your belly
with kids, dump you in some dirty-walled apartment and go off to
football games alone, yammering about how stupid wives are. From him
you get poverty, dull conversation, ugly relatives and two week
vacations in the Adirondacks for the rest of your life."

"Gunnar, he hasn't--"

"I don't care about that, you stupid kid. When we've finished our
project, you can fuck up your life with any thick-headed asshole you
can find. You'll pick a loser, I know that."


"What, I worry about is love's little confidences. 'What does this guy
you live with do?' he asks. 'Oh, he fools with the computer for the
bank,' you reply. 'No,' he says, 'come on, tell me the real lowdown.
What does he REALLY do with 'the computer?' So--with love shining in
your stupid eyes, you blurt out everything we do and swear him to
secrecy. I get the FBI on my doorstep."

"Oh, Gunnar, I would never---"

He grabbed her by the wrist and walked her back into the living room.
He sat her down roughly by the telephone.

"Get him on the horn. Tell him you can't come out tonight. Poppa won't
let you."

"Ohhh, Gunnar, whyyy?" Her eyes filled with tears again.

Gunnar stared down at Leaf and knew that he could only tell her a part
of the reason. It was true that he feared her saying the wrong thing to
the young guy she'd taken up with. It was also true that he was hungry
for sex and the incredible fact was--he hadn't fucked her.

Since the night he'd forced anal sex on her, he'd only touched her
once--another anal trip because the first was so good. The rest of the
time he refrained, because he wanted her putting out for Hunt, Weber
and the other executives, not him. It drove him crazy to think of her
giving it up to a lead-brained punk kid who meant nothing to the
project. Better he should have it!

She argued, she pled, she wept. In the end, she had to call young
Fellows and break her date. Gunnar was in one of his moods, she
realized, and when he got like this there was nothing you could do.

He walked her into the bedroom and began to take off her clothes. She
tried to stop him.

"Gunnar, I love what you do to my rear, but it always leaves me aching
the next day. Maybe we shouldn't do it tonight."

"Who said anything about your rear?"

She stared at him in surprise.

"You want something else?"

He pulled down her slacks, peeling off her panties along with them. He
dug his fingers in between her legs, making her jump, gasp and walk up
on her toes as those threatening fingers tried to get inside her body.

"How about plain old front side sex, Leaf? We haven't tried that yet.
And since you're putting it out to every nothing young guy who works at
the bank..."


He made her take fingers standing up and she became wet suddenly. He
pushed her back on the bed and got her pants and panties off the rest
of the way. Tears came to her eyes.

"Gunnar, why do men use me like this? Grab me and ram things between my
legs to get me excited and give up sex. They don't do this to other

"Because, baby, there's something about your body, face and manner that
screams 'FUCK ME!' Don't blame the guys. I've seen it happen a hundred
times. You walk into that bank office and every male who sees you says
to himself 'That's a sure fuck. Good-looking, too.'"

"No, Gunnar---I'm not like that at all."

He took pity on her.

"Leaf, I know you don't want to be. Still, when you walk you have a
wounded, hungry look, like you can't possibly get across the room
unless somebody shoves a stiff prick into you belly real quick. If you
were ugly, you wouldn't be so bad. Unfortunately, you're damned good-

"You and Crystal were going to help me out with this."

"We will. How do you pay us back? With money on your salary? Come on."

He'd undressed by now and climbed on the bed.

"Aren't you even going to take off all my clothes first. OH, DAMMIT, I

She jerked away from him and went for the door. He was already hard.
Her resistance made her twice as sexy. It was weak; it was ineffectual;
but it lifted her out of the cow woman class.

He caught her at the door, spread her legs, and fucked up into her
cunt, which was hot, wet and slick. Part of her problem was that she
got hot, wet and slick between her legs as soon as a man touched her.

He drove his cock up her cunt with savage, delicious thrusts, reveling
in the slick tight sheath that gave such good friction.


"GUNARRRRRR," she wailed.

He had planned to ream her a little, holding her soft body against the
door jamb to cow her and then enjoy the rest of the fuck on the comfort
of the bed. She was surprisingly sexy. She was almost as good as the
incredible Crystal. He realized that he'd exercised great restraint in
not plugging her before this. Many a day, at breakfast, at lunch, at
dinner, he'd had a sudden letch to fuck her, but was always too busy.

Tonight he wasn't too busy. His lust flamed out so that he didn't even
want to stop long enough to take her over to the bed. He rammed his
stiff prick up into her body with hot, fast thrusts, holding her by the
ass so the angle was good, savoring the hot action that crazed him.

"Gunnar...we ought to...oh, do we h-h-h-have to do it...like this?"

Her eyes were big as saucers. Gunnar terrified her. She was in love
with him as well as in awe of him and not sure which came first. Of
course, she was a little in love with lots of men, yet even as she
protested her near-rape she was proud that Gunnar wanted to get it off
in her.

In the time they'd been together he'd only seemed interested in her
ass, which embarrassed her even when she enjoyed the anal sex. Tonight
told her that he wanted to make a baby in her, so that made loving
Gunnar okay.

"This is weird--my legs tired," she confessed.

She sighed happily as the strong cock whipped in and out of her. It was
true that she enjoyed sex a lot. She could never understand why people
made such a fuss about it, when every human body came equipped with
pleasure nerves that you could hardly wear out.

Gunnar lifted her legs around his waist--giving her deeper penetration.


Gunnar expected to be able to bring her along fairly easily. You could
tell by looking at her that she'd quickly melt around a stiff,
determined prick. He hadn't expected to score on her this fast.
Astonished, he increased his pace.



It was real, all right. She could fake sounds but couldn't fake those
deep down pulsations of her sex nerves as she swept to early orgasm and
clipped on his cock.

Nothing pleased a man more in sex than conquest of the female, making
her cum fairly quickly. It meant that he made her super hot and she
wanted to give up her body to him in ecstasy. Some cunts were fairly
stubborn and exhausted a man, or creamed him before quaking. Some never
came, no matter what.

Leaf was certainly at the other end of this scale. Gunnar realized with
astonishment that no matter how quick the guy, this luscious female
would always beat him to orgasm, even if the guy could only hold on for
thirty seconds. Fantastic.

Leaf's head lolled lasciviously, eyes dazed, as her soft belly went
tense and she gave his cock spasm after spasm...

Caught up in it now, Gunnar carried the dazed girl to the bed and
pounded home his load, trying for almost the first time in his life to
shoot it off as fast as he could. It didn't take long. That moist, warm
and nubile body thrilled him to mounting ecstasies, so that he soon
reached the wounding grunt that meant his sex equipment had unsealed.

"AHHHHHH, DOLL, YOU'RE FUUUUCKED!" he announced happily.

He poured the rich stuff into her gut. She twisted in erotic pleasure
as she received his spurting manhood. Only then did he pull out of her
and make love to her with the usual kissing, hugging and nipple
nibbling of her meaty breasts. She got hot right away. To his surprise,
he got hard right away.

On his second round in her cunt he actually felt his balls and sex
equipment make new jissum after the fuck had started. As before, she
didn't last long. Her orgasm came stronger that time, her cunt
throbbing wildly against his prick--making him lock and gush forth once
more with happy lustful male spurts. Even when the last hot shot of
sperm flashed into her, his cock stayed hard.

A little dazed, utterly fascinated, Gunnar didn't even withdraw. He
just started to rock into her for a third time. The girl lay under him,
tight to his body, moving her loins and murmuring in her own sex-
drugged state. Slowly, slowly they rose once more to hotter, faster
action. She did not cum quickly this time. It was as if her marvelously
sensitive body understood his sexual pace.

"This--incredible--sweet--fucking," he gasped.

He felt a prickle and a tickle that turned into a fabulous surge of

"LEAF, DAMN YOU! YOU'RE WILD," he cried happily.

He got dizzy with that one, but his cock spurted with powerful squirts
and plenty of semen as he inundated her again.

"OOOHHHHHH!" she signed.

She came with furious clips on his cock. They were really matched
sexually. Her cunt was silken with his spend--still he didn't lose his
hard-on. He felt like he wanted to fuck into the girl's soft tunnel for
days. He had no more juice left, but when he pulled out his tool and
looked at it, it remained locked hard, almost purple with desire.

He fucked her again. He was slightly sore now--so was she.

"Gunnar--We've got--to stop--my breasts--sore--my box--sore," she
pleaded with him.

"We'll--run out the string," he gasped as his pleasure rose.

It was the first time in his life he ever fucked to satiation. He was
able to bring her eight times and six of those times he could
ejaculate. Finally he stopped from sheer exhaustion. She was totally
dazed. Their sex parts ached, yet when it was over he still had a
locked tight hard-on.

Chapter 9

There are moments in life--horrifying moments--when the world seems to
stand still. Such a moment came to Crystal Locke a couple of weeks
later in the middle of one of her seminars at Fisk International as she
spoke to a roomful of insurance executives, giving them instructions on
the operation of their new A-C 1100 computer. Fred and Sylvia Ritter
were there, of course, while Crystal lectured in top form.

A couple of men came into the room and went to the Ritters. They didn't
look like insurance people to Crystal. Furthermore, she saw two
uniformed policemen hovering in the door behind them...

As she talked, the two men spoke quietly to both Ritters...then led
them from the room. Fred looked white in the face. Sylvia's dark eyes
became shocked in deep terror. The plain clothes officers removed the
couple from the room...

A half hour later, lecture finished, Crystal was summoned back to the
A-C headquarters to face the president of her company.

She was in a state of shock, not having been able to find out why the
Ritters were arrested.

"Crystal, I'm afraid there's bad news," Mr. Johnson said. "Your course
of lectures at Fisk International will have to be suspended for a short

"What--what happened? I saw policemen there. They arrested the

"They were arrested for fraud, Crystal. They were pretty high up--the
top brass is in a state of shock."

Mr. Johnson told her the Ritters had been faking policies, paying the
premiums with false loans and milking the company treasury. They had
done the same thing in a smaller Chicago company and had moved to New
York to spread out in a big way.

"Thank God they didn't have time to run any of this stuff into our
computer over there, Crystal. It could've made us look bad. I've spoken
to the Programmers and they haven't been near the machine. Just the
same I'm having our Security man run a check on their machine."

"Who--who is that?"

"Now, Crystal, it's better that you don't know the name of the man who
runs our computer security."

She escaped from Mr. Johnson's office as fast as she could and tore off
for her apartment and her computer keyboard. The Ritters hadn't been
near the F-I 1100--they didn't have to go near it. She'd already fed
all of the information into the machine for their con game. The
programmers wouldn't catch it--but Gunnar Strand certainly would.

She dashed into her apartment building and almost died waiting for the
elevator to take her to her floor. She had a disaster circuit that
would cancel every bit of information she'd fed into the machine. If
she could only clear the machine before those fake policies were
discovered. She almost jumped out of her skin in terror, waiting for
the elevator to stop. Hurry, please, hurry...

She literally ripped the door of her apartment open, dashed across the
living room to the typewriter terminal, and turned the machine on.



"GOODBYE, HAKLUYT," she typed.

That was the kill instruction. In seconds the big machine would wipe
out every instruction she'd given it and she would be clear. All her
emergency instruction had to be was some phrase that would never in a
million years be used by some programmer.

She sat back waiting for the acknowledgment. Once she got that, she had
further instructed the machine to blank out all reference to STARSHELL.
To the machine it would be as if the STARSHELL subroutine had never

Her keyboard remained silent.


She repeated the instruction. There was another long stretch of
silence, then her keyboard clattered:


She gave a moan and beat her fists on the desk in a rage of impotence.

Gunnar opened the door of her apartment to face Crystal. The platinum
blonde looked like death warmed over.

"Gunnar--why don't you let me clear the Fisk machine? I'll be arr-arr-

He waved her into his apartment with a cool smile.

"Why, child, have you been playing keyboard games again with those
horrible Ritter people?"

"You know I have, you bastard. You can save me by clearing the machine
for me."

"That's true. Also, I doubt the Ritters would tell on you. They're old
pros and wouldn't pull you in. Furthermore, even if they tried to, it
would require the STARSHELL tape to get you in trouble. You're well
thought of, so without evidence, no one would believe the Ritters."

"So help me, Gunnar. HELP ME!"

"Oh, I will, I will. Providing you help me first."

"What--do you want?"

"Well, Leaf has left me. Yes, indeed. She eloped back to her simple
Pennsylvania town with a young bank teller. This life proved too much
for her. She told me she spent more time on her back than on her feet.
I think she made the right decision. New York's not for everybody. But
I've been lonely..."

"Gunnar, dammit, those programmers could be digging into the machine's
memory right this minute. Don't forget DARKSTAR is in there, too. I
want those signals erased within the hour. So get to the point."

"Very well. But, remember, you were the one who wanted direct, fast
action. Go into my bedroom and take off your clothes."


Minutes later, she was in Gunnar's small bedroom completely naked. She
wanted to weep. She wanted to scream. Like all crazy stupid men, sex
came first, even when the ship was sinking. She never felt less like
sex in her life.

"Are you indecent?" called Gunnar from the other side of the door.

"I'm stripped," she said gloomily.

Gunnar walked into the room, leading a complete stranger, a young man
dressed in pajamas, who had a beard and looked sleepy.

"Crystal, this is Robert Gardner, my house guest. Bob, this is Crystal.
I wanted you to meet under proper conditions, but Crystal is in a great
hurry today. She wants no frills."

She gave a shriek, sat up, and grabbed a pillow to cover her nudity.
Young Mr. Gardner looked as shocked as she was, but his face lit up
when he got the flash of her nude body before she could cover it.

"Just got in from Europe," said Gardner. "Jet lag. That's why I've been
sleeping in the other bedroom in the middle of the afternoon."

"Remember, Crystal," said Gunnar, "you want me to hurry things up. Be


"We're both going to fuck Miss Locke," said Gunnar to Bob Gardner.
"I'll go first. Then we'll all go out to dinner, maybe catch a show,
and you can have your fuck later tonight, Bob, if that's all right with

Crystal screamed and young Gardner said, "Holy shit--uh-excuse me, Miss
Locke. I better get out of here."

He gave Gunnar a look, as if Gunnar were insane, and fled. At least he
had the decency to do that.

"Gunnar, if you think--"

"Oh, I know, I know, baby. Before I clear that rot of yours out of the
Fist computer I'm going to ball you and then turn you over to my house
guest, since he has no local friends and is, no doubt, horny."

She sprang off the bed, clawing at him in a furious rage. He piled
humiliation on top of humiliation on her. He'd finally exceeded her

He defended himself, laughing.

"All this does is make me hard, Crystal. Remember, you're naked."

"Not for long, you bastard. You've gone too far. I'll take the police.
I'll take jail. I'LL TAKE TWENTY YEARS!"

She gave him a terrific slap on the face, grabbed her clothes, ducked
under his arm and left, weeping, dressing as she went. Once decent, she
slammed out of his apartment and returned to her own in the building
across the street. She collapsed on her bed in the bedroom, weeping in
utter desolation...

It was an hour later when Gunnar entered her apartment and found her
still lying there on the bed.

"I can clear the computer for you, so you're home free," he said.

"I can also get you the money you need. I'll get it from the bank, and
it's quite safe. Now isn't that a lot better than five years in jail,
plus getting a bad reputation with A-C for the insurance thing."

"I make such a lousy crook!" she said.

"No. Your computer scams would work. The Ritters were nabbed for what
they did before you met them. You were a poor judge of character."

He sat on the bed and began to undo her blouse. She caught his hands
for a moment and then released them. He exposed her glorious breasts,
murmured something, and began to nibble and knead them.

Her mood was curious. She'd had the horrible shock of the Ritters'
arrest followed by the shock of Gunnar's crude response to her cry for
help. She was glad to escape into the rich world of sexuality.

"Gunnar, you do know how to eat a woman's breasts," she sighed. The
rich, exciting thrills already ran down her body to heat her cunt. He
dug his hands into her smooth flesh, beginning to pant in need, while
she luxuriated to the feel of his strong grip. It looked like she was
going to need him for a little while longer.

He kissed her belly and he kissed her cunt, opening her sex entrance
for a few hot tongue strokes.

"AHHHHH," she gasped, wildly undulating. It felt so good.

He stopped and stripped. When she saw his big, hard cock she felt her
cunt go wet. She, too, was ready for sex pleasure after the harsh
shocks of the day. She hoped against hope that he would give her
straight sex, but he came back to the bed and turned her over on her

He dug his hands into her buttocks. He patted and squeezed the firm,
smooth girl meat, while she heard his breathing become harsh. She felt
a rising despair, because she knew that her denial of rear end sex when
they'd last been together had inflamed him with desire to cornhole her.

"Gunnar, I don't like that form of sex," she begged.

"You've got the most gorgeous ass I ever saw on a woman," he told her.
"I've got to have it. This is the time, Crystal. You know that."

She felt the old desperation and panic.

"Gunnar, when I was a girl in high school--that first sex--a boy caught
me--it terrified me--hurt me--it took a long time to get over--I

He had reverently dug his hand inside of her deep buttocks to feel for
her ass button.

"Time you got over it."


"I've got to fuck your ass or die," he said simply.

He'd brought Vaseline from the dresser which he now used to grease her
crack. He began to dig at her sphincter with his finger. She began to
sweat. She wiggled to escape his finger.


She felt pure fire as his finger began to violate her tight ass muscle.
Panic seized her mind. She tried to get up and away from him. He pulled
her back and went at her more furiously, driving his finger all the way
into her tender gut this time.

"AAAA-UUUUUUUUUU," she moaned as a white fury of pain seized her loins.
It was an excruciating agony for her. As she felt his finger working up
her locked anal passage she began to lose her wits. No longer did the
five years in prison matter, or losing her job and her reputation. She
just had to beg away from that fiery finger and the shame of having a
man feel up her asshole.

She twisted around and fought him furiously and silently, eyes glazed
in animal panic.

"You did that before," he grunted. "It's no big deal. You need someone
to get you over this childish fear."

"No. No!"

She jerked free of him and fled to the living room. Gunnar stayed on
the bed for a moment, carefully greasing his cock.

"Dumb bitch! Most gorgeous ass I ever saw on a woman," he muttered. Her
perfect round buttocks, her full firmness, and the exciting dark crack
inflamed his cock. He was going to have her butt, so that was that.

She had not fled the apartment. She cringed against the door, not so
panicked as before, but staring at him with wide eyes, showing plenty
of whites. She had her hands over her rear as if to protect her
sensitive tail from his big cock. Her face was a picture of misery.

"I don't want it, Gunnar." She breathed deeply in heavy emotion.

"You have to have it. Think of it as a visit to a doctor or dentist.
Not pleasant, but it will cure you."

"I don't want to be cured."

"Crystal," he said patiently, "Can't you get it through that sexy,
blonde head of yours that I'm going to fuck your asshole. There's
absolutely nothing you can do about it."

She wept softly then, but tears did not move his lust. He walked her to
the sofa, shoved her face down, and mounted her hips.

He stared down at his luscious target, thrilling to the limits. Most
girls just had curvy rears. Crystal had it all, in spades. Her rear
seemed at once ripe and full, but firm and taut. It suggested an
alternate entrance into her glorious loin mass that riveted the male
eye whenever she entered a room. His cock seemed stretched to the
shatter point as he pressed it down and felt the sexy warmth of her
crack close over it.

He dug at her pucker with his hard-on, knowing and expecting new panic
from her, so he held her squirming body firmly.

trying to save her exquisite buttocks and glory hole. She felt the
shame and degradation of his fantastic erection gorging into her thick
back muscle and the pain was fierce.


Then he made her.

"GUNNNARRRRRRRR!" she shrieked.

She slumped under him, with his cock head imbedded in her ass, all the
way through the powerful seal of her sphincter. Ancient terrors made
her shiver. The pain made her rock and moan. She gave off a high, thin
continuous wail of ass wounding.


He felt like a surgeon who'd made the first deep cut and must go
forward at once. He also trembled, partly from the hot lock of her
sphincter on his cock, partly from the delight at conquering her soft,
sexy ass, partly from dealing with her savage distress.


He pried her anal passage open with short, furious bunts. Each inch of
her pink, tender gut that he took brought new richness of joy to his
probing shaft. The velvet tissues pressed sexily on his prick, while
her interior body heat thrilled him to the core. The grip of her
sphincter, the resistance, was fabulous against his fuck desire.

"UUUUUUUUUUU," she continued to wail. Everything for her turned yellow
as she started to pass out from the raping cock. It was the pain
compounded by her psychological distress. Her body sweated and her
heart thumped. It was more like an operation than sex for her. The
extreme tenderness of her vital organs down there made her shiver.

Yet she was a strong woman. When at last, panting and gasping from his
penetration, he flopped down on her back, her head began to clear. The
pain lessened. His cock owned her anus as far as he could shove it up
into her. Her tunnel gloved on his penis, which gave her a weird
feeling when it throbbed in ecstasy.

"AT LAAAAAST!" he cried.

It felt so great to own her asshole. The dumb kid didn't want to admit
to the world, or admit to herself that she even had such a device. A
woman's not recognizing her own sexuality made her that much more

He gathered her sweating, shivering body to his. All that nudity felt
terrific. He felt that he'd penetrated to the very center of her being
and that she could withhold no further secrets from him. Her entire
body quivered at the slightest motion of his prick in her ass.

He began his strokes, almost dying from the slick, wet friction. He'd
never felt anything so sweet along his cock as her tight little gut
servicing him. Best of all, every time he fucked into her to his depth
those glorious buttocks of hers went tense, smooth and sexy against his
belly and thighs.

"Gunnar--I--can't allow this," she said helplessly.

"One hot little prick enema," he laughed. "This is the best sex I ever
had in my life."

Her pain was less now. She was going to survive. She thought
contemptuously that every time this man, lots of men, had a prick
inside of you they thought it was the greatest sex on earth--until the
next time.

"I hope the germs rot your prick!" she flashed over her shoulder.

"Worth it!" he grunted, grooving in and out of her ass. "OH, SOOOO

He added the final insult to her injury. He reached under her belly to
jazz her cunt.

She gasped and flexed her ass up against him.

"DON'T DO THAAAAAAAT!" she protested.

For the first time she felt sex thrills throughout her belly. It was
kinky to sense that hard cock riding up into her tender intestine and
to feel the pleasure-stimulation on her clit at the same time. In spite
of herself, she rocked her loins for the ass fuck.

His finger went deeper into her empty cunt, stroking the velvet
passage. Her sense of impalement was fantastic.

"Oh--my--goodness!" she cried.

"I think I can make you cum," he said proudly, jazzing her more

"DON'T WANT--TO," she managed.

"That's all right--with me--but I will!" he panted, drilling faster and
faster in and out of her body, the friction thrills rising.

Nevertheless, he continued the sliding pressure on her cunt, making it
swell and heat with the plunging of his finger. His action on her body
was wickedly thrilling, because the finger in her vagina made her hump
and drive her butt up and down on his blade. The piston action thrilled
the both of them.

He wasn't done with finding her pleasure centers to whip her to further
ecstasies. He got his free hand under her stomach to reach up and
capture one of her rich globes. He made the nipple of one of her big
breasts dig into his palm. About all he couldn't do to her was French
kiss her.


"ALL THAT I CAN!" he cheered.

His own sex enthrallment was perfect. The feeling of reaming her butt
was just a delicious as he'd thought it would be. To lay full on that
ripe, naked girl body, ramming into her tight, slick asshole, to knead
her luscious breast and ream her hot little cunt gave him the sensation
of totally owning her in sex. He rode closer and closer to his proud,
bursting glory.

As he fucked into her he remembered his desperate and gloomy time in
prison, and how he'd dreamed of someday catching up with her and paying
her back. Before prison she'd been like a goddess to him. He'd had some
noble idea of taking some of the blame even through it hadn't been his
game. A week in prison had changed his ideas about nobility and
sacrifice. Underneath it was a carnal desire for her body that turned
him on. When he caught her it was to fulfill his desire to fuck every
hole in her body, over and over.

"Baby, I never wanted to fuck a bitch animal so much in my life," he
growled in her ear. "I'm getting my own back."

"You--an animal," she gasped.

"I'm doing this...for me, and for all the poor guys who stared...oh,
oh, oh...who stared at your luscious body and can't have it. Oh, my
God, this is delicious!"

She began to rise toward orgasm. It astonished her, yet even as she
feared him, she also turned on to his mad desire for her flesh. It was
going to be humiliating to pay tribute once more to his huge cock. It
was inevitable. She began to stiffen and thrill, her sex nerves loaded
to a creamy bursting.


"Well, now," he said. "Oh, you sweet bitch, you can be ass fucked."

Her muscles, subservient to the delicious, dizzy sex feeling that
glowed throughout her body, began to lock. For him that was the final
moment of true glory--to feel her soft flesh turn rigid under him,
crazed by his plunging cock, right in her asshole where she said she
couldn't take it. He dug his cock in and out of her with demented
pleasure, seeking her surrender.

It came.

It felt different to her than her other orgasms. Everything felt
backwards. She couldn't tell if she imagined it just because Gunnar's
prick was in her ass instead of her cunt, or if different nerves locked
on her. The ineffable, inevitable sweet rush of orgasmic splendor
surged up her body. She gave a unholy gasp of defeat and then began to
throb. She squeezed down on Gunnar's finger, still in her cunt and her
ass muscle squeezed down on his moving shaft. It was incredibly sexy to
feel her spasms going in her ass while the piercing prick also moved
inside her.

"AH, ME. OH, ME. I HAVE TOOO---" she cried.


A human being was never more vulnerable nor beautiful then when he or
she was locked in orgasm, eyes bugged out, face straining, muscles
locked and the body given over to the sweetest pleasure of sex death,
jerking and undulating while there were soft gurgles and grunts of
animal release. He reveled in feeling the girl give up her sexuality to
him. It was fabulous.

Her exquisite throbs overloaded his thrilled shaft.


He gave a snort of pure joy and dug his cock deep into her intestine
for the final time. He grunted over and over, holding her tight to him,
making her take his semen.

The glory run of all time with her. Right in the depths of her sexy
ass, the goddess used and conquered and bent to his will and pleasure.
He let go enormous rushes of seed, his cock further inflamed to rich
gushes by the lack of sex since Leaf had left. It was getting pretty
habit forming, this rich pleasure of fucking. He could see why guys
went crazy for women who could turn them on.

"Oh, Crystal, sugar, I really turn on to jazzing off inside of you!" he

She gave a humorous, short laugh as she heard his first tender word to
her ever, it seemed. She tapered from her own pleasure now, an orgasm
she had not wanted. Yet she glowed and didn't mind the prick in her ass
at all. He had cured her of her anal fear.

"Count your blessings, you prick," she said. "We haven't got m-much
more time together."

He let his rushes spurt in grunting glory and laughed in his turn. He'd
left prison in a savage, anti-social mood, but all this sex with
Crystal and Leaf had softened him, made him more human, he guessed. It
had done exactly the opposite for the green-eyed beauty. Her lofty
isolation had been invaded again and again by his cock, so that her
affable and remote nature had become closer to human but angry.

It didn't matter. He'd finished his business with her in a dazzling
way, and all of the old scores were settled. He hugged her and throbbed
a couple of dry throbs when his orgasm ended. It almost made up for all
that time in prison...

Later that night she had her date with Bob Gardner, but he didn't screw
her. They fell in love.

Chapter 10

Crystal opened her mouth and let the snowflakes drift into it to melt
on her tongue. The snowflakes were tasteless--soft and cold, but so
velvety on her pink tongue. She walked through the Vermont woods
towards the small, isolated cabin inhaling the sweet, brisk air,
enjoying the pungent odor of woodsmoke from the cabin and trying hard
to adjust to the fact by Christmas she'd be married and the wife of a

It was mid-December with many changes in her life in the past couple of
months, since she'd first met Gunnar's house guest. Bob Gardner was a
wealthy young man who'd been living in Europe and had come home to be
struck down by love for her. She'd been swept right along with him,
into an intense affair that could only end in marriage.

"I just have to finish my financial business here in New York," he told
her, "and then we can be married and go on back to Europe. Paris,
London, Rome to begin with. I see us settling down in the South of

It was an incredible change for her. All her life she'd struggled--to
get her degree, to work in her first computer job, to help her father,
to pull off that West Air thing, and then to flee to the East and go to
work for A-C. She'd given not the slightest thought to marriage and
children and settling down.

Bob told her that West Air would be no problem at all. He'd pay them
the hundred thousand and his lawyer could arrange a deal where she
would be neither prosecuted nor have her reputation smirched by any

She'd quit the Avery-Cascade Corporation and taken her first ever
vacation in years. It was ending now with this ski trip to the slopes
of the Vermont mountains where Bob had taken this hideaway cabin.

There was a pair of skis leaning outside the cabin, alongside of the
door--Bob's. He'd come up ahead of her to try the slopes, and written
to say the place was great and to give her complete instructions on how
to reach the cabin which was close to, but not a part of, the
Greenbrier Ski Complex.

She stopped short in surprise, then laughed. Bob's cabin included a hot
tub! There it sat, round and inviting, steam rising from the hot water,
the snow melted away from its base and the snowflakes vanishing as they
met the upward flow of warm air from the tub. Talk about luxury!

She didn't find Bob at first when she went inside. There was a cozy
fire laid in the fireplace and some kind of luscious smelling stew
bubbling on the stove. The cabin was rustic in its furnishings, and yet
luxurious, with lots of shining early American brass and good wood

She dumped her gear in one of the bedrooms and then saw the bathroom
door was closed. She tapped on it.

"BOB. I'M HERE.' She got an inspiration. "I--I'LL BE OUTSIDE IN YOUR

"Yo," came his response from inside.

Chuckling, she disrobed. Naturally she hadn't brought a bathing suit--
it wasn't what you'd bring along on a ski trip, but naked would be
fine. Bob was no sex fiend like Gunnar Strand had been, so after the
first time or two they held back. It was as if, knowing they'd be
married they wanted to wait. But up here in the woods...all alone...in
that hot tub...later in the cabin.

Naked, she just dashed through the cabin and outdoors. The cold air
stung her skin. She laughed in glee and then cooed in pleasure as she
immersed her body in the hot tub, which was deep enough to take her to
her shoulders. Out west those tubs usually ran about a hundred and
eight degrees. This one was about ninety in the Cold Vermont air, but
it was plenty warm and made her body feel great. She sank down in the
warm water, leaving only her head out in the cold air. It was glorious!

"YEEEEE!" she cried, listening to her voice echo across the pine-tree-
covered valley.

Oh, it was great to be alive...to be free of her problems...no more
worry about West Air, or being caught with her computer antics with A-
C. They'd hated to lose her and, in truth, she missed her job, her life
among the big machines and tutoring executives. She was going to have
to discuss with Bob the idea of doing something useful after they were
married. As the son of a rich man, he didn't understand about work, nor
did he have much intellectual curiosity. She'd have to work on him to
open his mind a little. He lacked in that direction.

She wished Leaf could be here. Crystal had gone to visit Leaf in her
Pennsylvania town when she'd run out of things to do and the shopping
for her new wardrobe palled. She'd not found Leaf, only the sad young
man from New York who'd gone down there with Leaf and gotten himself a
job in the local bank, hoping to marry Leaf.

"She just took off," he reported. "She said she wanted to give New York
another try."

Crystal had dinner with Leaf's nice but stuffy parents, avoided the
clumsy passes of Fellows, the teller, and left the next day.

There was a cry of delight, a flash of nudity and someone suddenly shot
from the cabin and joined her in the hottub.

"Bob, you--" Crystal exclaimed then cried in shock: "LEAF!"

"Isn't it great," said her former roommate, sinking in the water, her
face pink with delight. "I've never been to a ski place before."

There was no time to absorb this sudden appearance of her old friend.
There came another shout from the cabin and a male body hurtled into
the tub with them. She found herself staring into the wolfish grin of-

"GUNNAR!" she shrieked. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

"Bob invited us," he said. "We just got in yesterday."

She hadn't seen Gunnar since she'd taken up with Bob. She thought that
was a fine idea. Of course, she owed him for introducing her to Bob--

"Well, now," she said, "this turns my head around."

She felt a little embarrassed. Both Leaf and Gunnar were nude, as she
was, in the hot tub.

"I find this kind of sexy," said Gunnar.

"I don't," she snapped. "Where's Bob?"

"Haven't seen him since yesterday," said Gunnar. He began to run his
hands over Leaf's smooth, young shoulders.

Leaf's eyes began to glaze. Gunnar's hands disappeared under the water
and Leaf gave a grunt.

"Goddammmit, Leaf," snarled Crystal, "are you going to let him fondle
you right in front of me?"

"Fuck, is what I was thinking," said Gunnar. "It's great in the hot

Leaf seemed to snap out of it.

"Oh, yes, Crystal. Bob called about noon and left a message. He ran
into one of his ex-wives on the slopes and they were going to fly to
Aspen for a few days. Somebody he was married to in Switzerland."

"EX-WIFE!" cried Crystal. "But he's only twenty-eight!"

"Oh, he has a couple more," said Gunnar easily. "He gets married a lot.
A rich man's different from us working stiffs."

"But--but--he never told me."

"Had his mind on other things," said Gunnar. "You see, his folks left
him his four million dollars in trust. He got only a small monthly
allowance. He was my client on the C-M con. The racket I worked for
him--I slipped a million of his bucks out of that tied-up trust fund,
using the computer, so he could have cash. He paid me a fee--now the
bank can whistle."

"It's kind of neat," said Leaf. "He stole his own money from the bank.
It'll be pretty hard for them to put him in jail for that."

"Gunnar, you won't get away with that!" cried Crystal.

"I already have, dear heart. Computer error. I was terribly sorry, and
all that. Of course A-C fired me, but at least I got the money to pay
off your debt to West Air, plus a little more."


Gunnar shook his head.

"Bob doesn't give money to women, except as alimony. He wanted me to
let you think he paid it, though. He's a little odd that way. Wants the
credit without spending the dough. It's a rich man's way."

"I don't believe this. It's all lies!" cried Crystal. "I'll clear it
when I talk to Bob."

"I have the name of his motel in Aspen, Colorado," said Leaf. "You
could call him from here. He's probably there by now."

"My God!" said Crystal, feeling her future dissolve.

There was a dead silence between the three companions as the silent
snow fell down and the steam rose from the tub. Tears ran down
Crystal's cheeks.

"Uh, Crystal," said Gunnar. "Do you mind if Leaf and I fuck in the tub?
It's great fun."

"OF COURSE I MIND. MY LIFE'S SHATTERED!" cried Crystal. The tears came
fast now as she felt the bottom drop out of her life. Of course there'd
been hints...Bob's willingness to stay in her apartment, his low sex
demands, his eternal calls to Europe, his boredom with her computer
life. Still, when you thought you loved someone---and he was a
millionaire, and there were promises--but, of course, if he were like
that it wouldn't matter if he were penniless.

She folded into Leaf's arms and wept. It was just too much after all
that had happened. And to think it was Gunnar's fee from Bob that
bailed her out with West Air! And here was Leaf back in Gunnar's act,

She howled and wept out all of her tension from the weeks and months of
the New York experience, folded in the arms of Leaf, against that soft
body. She felt Gunnar's hands stroking her shoulders and then down on
her back.

It was incredible. She got a weird feeling that it was the three of
them alone against the world, a tight little company...At last her
tears were gone and she swayed against the sexy body of the
Pennsylvania girl and felt her loins growing warm.

Gunnar stood behind her now, his stiff cock gently pressing into her
back under the water. That powerful cock began to make her feel weak in
the knees.

"Gunnar, I won't be fucked in the ass," she said crossly.

Leaf laughed, Gunnar roared.

He lifted her up by the butt and she floated easily in the water. He
nestled his cock against her cunt from the back.

"I only wanted to try that once to see what was so precious about your
golden asshole," he said.

"Gunner, you're a prick," she answered.

"Boy, is he," said Leaf. "He's all prick and computer brains, believe

They all laughed at that and the three friends swayed together in close
lock. Gunnar's stiff rod nudged and nestled Crystal's cunt from the
rear, teasing her. Leaf started the most gentle of suggestive belly
rubs, pressing her own cunt to Crystal's.

It felt sweet and thrilling to Crystal after all this time without sex.
Nobody said anything. They just swayed together in the warm water, with
Gunnar's prick oozing up inside Crystal's cunt, an inch at a time. She
let him. She didn't even care if he wanted to shove his stiff member up
her behind. After all, he was the man who'd gone to prison in her

Gunnar started a gentle fuck motion.

"I can feel her belly move!" cried Leaf, working her own cunt faster on
Crystal's pelvis.

"You cunt, don't talk about m-me as if I'm not h-here," gasped Crystal.
She really felt the sweet cock invasion now.

"Tish, our little Crystal has gotten foul-mouthed, bitter and savage,"
said Gunnar. "OH, OH, OH." He was halfway up her now.

"I learned it from you, dear heart," she snapped.

But she felt everything melt inside of her. She had gotten bitchy all
right. And for what reason? Her mission in New York was a success--her
name was clear and her future was free. With her credentials she could
work for any computer company in the world--and there were a lot of
them these days. Her proposed marriage to Bob had been a fat mistake.

"Folks," she said, "I think you're right. I've been playing hot shot
princess too long."

She leaned forward and kissed Leaf on the mouth. The warm girl surged
forward and opened her lips for the French kissing, making pleased
sounds. She began to knead Crystal's big breasts. The warm water seemed
to penetrate Crystal's loins, increasing her excitement. She knew the
others felt the sexy heat of the water, as well. She began to move up
and down on Gunnar's hard rod while he cried out softly in pleasure.

"You've got the world's best, Crystal."

"You told me that yesterday," laughed Leaf. "Let me try it for a

It did not seem possible to Crystal that they could do such a dumb
thing, but they started to do it. Using her buoyancy in the water, she
floated up off Gunnar's cock and her belly was opposite Leaf's mouth.
This enabled Gunnar to bring his cock forward to Leaf's cunt.

Leaf gasped as the big blade notched her opening, and then it sank into
her juicy belly, helped along with the young, rich slick that Leaf
always provided in her excitement.

"GUNNAR!" gasped Leaf. "HEAVENLY!"

Gunnar groaned. "Baby, don't I know it?''

Crystal was the middle part of the sandwich, caught between the bodies
of the other two, sensing the strong fuck strokes of Gunnar up Leaf's
cunt. She lifted herself by holding on to the edge of the hot tub to
bring her cunt opposite Leaf's breasts. She tried to ride her clit on
those meaty breasts of the girl but had no luck; they were too soft,
although the feel of the nipples stirred her.

Higher up she went, clear out of the water--and pressed her cunt on
Leaf's mouth while Gunnar fucked into Leaf. It was a gorgeous sex lock.
The randy Leaf shivered and trembled with all this sex coming her way,
with Gunnar's big cock grooving into her belly and Crystal's hot cunt
digging at her mouth. Erotic delights flowed up her body from all this

"OH, CRYSTAL--OH, GUNNAR," she managed between cunt sucks.

"You see?" laughed Gunnar. "The trouble with making love to Leaf is,
she's always going to orgasm and you lose her. She's like a computer
that's always down."

"Come on, Leaf," Crystal cheered her. "Get rid of that downtime. Give
us some uptime!"

"I--I--I--CAAAN'T," stuttered Leaf, "it feels tooooo gooood!"

She dug her tight little cunt hotly on Gunnar's prick while up above
she sucked Crystal's soft, pink cunt flesh into her mouth and reamed it
with her tongue. Crystal began to get that deep sex feeling of truly
wanting to get it off. It was further exciting because Gunnar thudded
into Leaf's cunt with hot, serious strokes. She felt the trembling joy
of both bodies.

She began to slide down Leaf's body again, while Leaf cried out in

"Just when it's getting good, here comes Crystal to take away my fuck."

"Too cold up there," shivered Crystal, enjoying the return to the water
of the hot tub. She sank gratefully beneath the surface and her slick
body coming down between Leaf and Gunnar separated the two of them.
Leaf gave a cry of disappointment as she felt Gunnar's prick pulled out
of her cunt.

Crystal felt herself settle on top of Gunnar's stiff penis and he
immediately began to dig into her crotch to find her hole. It didn't
matter to Gunnar which cunt he got as long as he got one!

The girl's bellies met again so that Crystal and Leaf could hug face to
face and Gunnar could prod into Crystal's cunt from behind. He did so.

"AHHH, UHHHHH, THAT'S GOOD," exulted Crystal.

She now seized Leaf's face in her hand and began to French kiss the hot
little girl, who moaned as she dug her belly against the sexy pelvic
bone of Crystal.

"Is everybody--all right?" asked Gunnar, thrusting his cock happily up
Crystal's cunt.

"I wanted something inside me," Leaf complained.

"I can take care of that easily," said Gunnar. He reached outside the
hot tub and produced a plastic vibrator. Apparently he'd hidden it
there for just such an emergency. Hand it to Gunnar; when it came to
sex action he was always one step ahead!

Both girls laughed, and then Leaf groaned in pleasure as the vibrator,
wickedly humming, held in Gunnar's hand, slid up into her cunt. In this
position, she now got the full sex her hot belly demanded.

"Are we going to spend the rest of our lives just having sex?"
complained Crystal.

"Sure--that and working with computers," said Gunnar. "I already have a
job in London with an English company, and Leaf's going along as my

"He Promised--oh, oh,--I wouldn't have to f-fuck everybody in town,"
said Leaf.

"I suppose I'm supposed to go along," said Crystal. "As your assistant,
is that it?"

"No, baby. As my equal. I've sold it as a team."

"I'll think about it."

"Better make it fast. I've already bought three plane tickets and made
three hotel reservations in London. We'll be there for Christmas."

Crystal laughed and shook her head. Hand it to Gunnar. He was always
one step ahead--he'd known her marriage plans wouldn't last.

The sex got serious then in that hot tub in the Vermont woods. Leaf
would've preferred Gunnar's stiff meat, but the vibrator on the inside
and Crystal's rubbing pelvic bone on the outside drove her clit crazy
and she rode right up to orgasm, gasping and plunging.


To Gunnar the weird thing was that he could feel Leaf's spasms faintly
through the walls of Crystal's cunt, which his cock invaded. It was
incredible. He suddenly began to melt at his wild delight of having the
team together, and the two luscious girls to enjoy sex with, now and in
the future. They'd tear apart Europe and maybe go on to Asia and Africa
before they were done. Computer jobs were everywhere these days.

His cock got that impossible, golden feeling and he whined in extreme


Spurt, spurt, spurt, right up Crystal's cunt, gasping his pleasure at
seeding the luscious blonde's body that turned him on the most. There
was just nothing as wildly satisfying as Crystal's hot cunt and body...

Crystal felt her friends peak in sex with almost a sad pleasure. She
realized that the three of them were a little too kinky to live
ordinary sex lives and that meant they were going to get in plenty of
trouble in Europe, too, before they could settle down. There were
decadent corners of Europe that would probably pull them in, and--

Then her cunt responded to Gunnar's spurting blade.

"AHHH, GUNNAR---I---GOOOOONE," she reported, and the past and the
future faded out as she lived in the present with hot cunt throbs
taking over her body and attention. After missing out on the sex for
weeks, it felt incredibly good--everything was good.

Her friends hugged Crystal and helped her savor the rich orgasm which
foretold many more.

The End