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[CLP-167] Hungry For Sister by Michael Rennie


Rebellion against authority and established practices accompanies youth
as closely as smoke accompanies fire. There has never been a time when
young people did not question the practices of their elders.

Perhaps this tendency toward rebellion is a trait vital to the survival
of the race of man. It is society's version of nature's unending
experimentation with biological evolution. Each generation faces new
problems and must find new solutions. To do this, they must indulge in a
trial and error search.

Some rebellions are stronger than others. They may range from the
peaceful slovenliness of the "flower children" of the mid-1960s to the
vicious orgy of destruction of the 1968 Chicago Democratic National
Convention. Rebellion may range in scope from a national movement
embracing thousands, to the running away from home by a single
dissatisfied youngster who is protesting a parental curfew.

The form the rebellion takes, and the violence of it, may well depend on
the target of that rebel lion. For many parents, it is no more than an
unpleasant argument at the dinner table. For others, it may mean broken
furniture or death. The scope depends not only on the child rebelling,
but also on the way his parents react to him.

The danger in the rebellion of youth is that they may rebel against the
very rules and regulations that are required for the survival of
society. There is as much value in the experience that age acquires as
there is in the willingness of youth to experiment.

The sexual revolution provides a case in point of the dangers of blind
rebellion. For example, many authorities say, that the family is dead.
There are those who claim that monogamy is not a valid way of life. And,
for many young people today, premarital sex and even a communal life
style is not only acceptable, but also desirable. But, nevertheless,
there are sexual taboos that even they dare not violate. There must be
some bounds beyond which they cannot venture with out bringing down the
full wrath of a threatened society on their heads.

This book is a study of what can happen to a group of youngsters who
venture too far outside the acceptable limits of rebellion. It
illustrates the danger of rebellion that is not kept within limits by
moral judgments and commitments.

What happens when five teenagers, not given a strong moral framework to
build on, strike out against their parents? What happens when the target
of their rebellion drives them to criminal extremes?

When the materialistic nature of our society combines with the sexual
revolution, sometimes all the barriers go down. Sometimes all the
rational limits are lost. In their willingness to risk everything to
change their own life styles, these youngsters violate not only written
law, but also one of the most fundamental sexual taboos in our society.

In some societies, incest was not only an acceptable fact of life, but
also a necessity. In ancient Egypt, for example, royal brothers married
royal sisters to keep the blood of the Pharaohs untainted. It was also
one method of discouraging vicious sibling conflict for the throne.

But today, incest is the one sexual taboo that cannot be lightly broken
by anyone. It is totally unacceptable in this country for brother and
sister to live as husband and wife.

This striking literary work traces the history of a youthful rebellion
and a criminal conspiracy from its dramatic beginning to its inevitable
conclusion. Lashing out at a despised stepfather, a brother and sister
discover each other in the process. Trapped not only in a doomed
criminal act, but also in the web of their own desire, they discover
ecstasy and agony in their forbidden love.

The author pulls no punches in this story of today's youth. With
unrelenting candor, from the opening chapter to the dramatic conclusion,
he strips bare the heart of a youthful lifestyle which is shocking in
its frank acceptance of sexual experimentation. In tracing the evolution
of the criminal conspiracy, and the incestuous love affair, he uses the
frequently shocking language with which a story of this kind must he

Chapter 1

Judy Wright spread her graceful young thighs wide. As Paul Cooper
settled his sturdy hips between her thighs she tangled her fingers in
his shaggy, curly blond hair. She felt the head of his cock nestle
between the pouting lips of her pussy, felt her firm young breasts mash
flat against his muscular chest. Her nipples were hard pebble-like lumps
between them as his weight drove the wind from her lungs.

At the first thrust of Paul's hips, Judy lifted her pelvis in response.
She felt the bulbous head of his engorged prick enter her crevice,
prying into the wet, slick, hot folds of her sex. She wanted him, all of
him, sunk in the steaming well of her hot young vagina. Clutching him,
digging her fingers into his muscular back, she lifted and squirmed,
trying to skewer herself on the meaty shaft of his phallus.

In response, Paul shoved at her and felt her searing, soggy folds engulf
his prick, clinging lovingly to his hard cock. He savored the feel of
her oozing flesh sliding against the sensitive glans of his penis. She
was hot and tight and wet and ready, as eager to have him as he was to
have her.

Her eyes closed, Judy concentrated on the feel of her sixteen-year-old
channel being filled with Paul's heavy, hot, blood-engorged pole. She
frowned as a face with brown eyes, a lopsided, daring smile, framed with
dark, curly brown hair, flickered across her memory. Even here, right
now, with Paul's hot young cock jamming into her pussy, her brother's
face intruded. Or was it especially here, right now? Because she knew
whose cock she really wanted stuffing her. As wrong as she felt that to
be, that was what she wanted, what she had wanted for as long as she had
known what sex was all about.

Desperately, Judy forced her mind back to the youth she was with. She
remembered undressing Paul, stripping his T-shirt up and off his strong
torso so she could run her fingers over his naked skin.

* * *

"There enough time?" Paul asked, his fingers sinking into Judy's firm
young breasts through her thin T-shirt. Her nipples were hard, hot knots
digging at his hands as he massaged the lush hemispherical mounds of
warm flesh.

"There's plenty of time," she answered, rubbing her fingers over his
nipples, then under his arms to tickle the curling hair in his armpits.
"How long does it take to make love?"

"You know I like to make it last a long time," Paul countered, even
while he was pulling her shirt up to bare her sleek midriff. The
underside of her breasts came into view. There was just the faintest
hint of a crease under the firm, full globes. Her tan ended where her
bikini usually covered her breasts. Her skin was pale and flaw less. He
bunched the cotton of her T-shirt still more, entirely exposing the
lower half of her breasts. He ran his thumbs against her rib cage, along
the curving crease of her breasts. Sliding his thumbs upward, he felt
her flesh yield to his gentle pressure. Pressing his thumbs up under her
T-shirt, he found the hard bumps of her nipples. He flicked the tense,
rubbery buds, loving the feel of them bouncing and shivering from his

Judy tipped her head back, slitting her eyes as fire lashed through her
body. Spreading her bare feet shoulder width apart, she set her graceful
legs for stability as lust threatened to collapse her prematurely. Her
hips tilted, thrusting her pussy forward in an instinctive gesture of
raunchy need. Paul's fingers were hard and rough against her tender skin
as he tormented her passion knotted tits. She licked lips that were
suddenly dry and hot, then lifted her arms over her head in invitation
to the youth fondling her breasts.

He stripped her shirt up over her head and off with a quick gesture that
tousled her curly black, shoulder-length hair and made her dangly
earrings dance wildly. Judy combed her dark curls back with her fingers,
arching her spine and thrusting her firm, young breasts forward, feeling
the cool air of the small apartment brush her naked flesh. Her nipples
were hard, demanding, pink peaks on the alluring pale globes of her

Paul's hands gripped her breasts tightly, even a trace cruelly, as he
sank his fingers into the yielding mounds. Her nipples drilled eagerly
into his hard palms. Her skin was a deep tan, a tan made more emphatic
by the paleness of her untanned breasts. Paul's strong, blunt fingers
dug into this pallid skin. Her tits poked shyly out from between his
fingers and he closed them to pinch the taut pink buds between them.

As lust fires roared through Judy, melting her muscles, she reached for
Paul's belt. Deftly she got his big buckle open, then unbuttoned the top
of his faded blue jeans. A curling line of fine light brown hair arrowed
down from his navel and began to spread just as it was covered by the
elastic of his underpants. Gripping the tab of his zipper between her
thumb and forefinger, Judy ran it down over the hard bulge of his cock
which was still covered by the strained white cotton of his jockey

Excitement over what was to come was roaring through her as she shoved
his jeans down around his calves, then knelt to help him get his feet
free of the tight pants. Right in front of her face, covered still by
his underpants, was his powerfully erect cock. A few curling strands of
his pubic bush had escaped from the leg openings of his underpants. His
cock was like a tent pole, straining for release.

As she knelt at his feet, Judy looked up at him, her hazel eyes
glittering with excitement. With feathery, delicate fingers she stroked
the rigid tower of his prick through his underpants. A dark wet stain
spread from the peak of that tower. The cords of muscle in Paul's throat
stood out with the strain as he combed his fingers through Judy's
curling hair.

Deliberately taunting both Paul and herself, Judy tickled the sensitive
skin on the insides of his strong thighs. She pushed back between his
thighs, her fingers gently lifting and weighing the ovoid, sperm-heavy
masses of his testicles. She saw his belly ripple with excitement from
her bold explorations.

Finally Judy couldn't stand the strain any longer and hooked her fingers
in the waistband of Paul's underpants. After pulling the elastic out as
far as she could, she hauled downward. As she did the stiff shaft of his
cock sought escape. It was as if it could see the light. It lifted its
rounded head, and looked at the ceiling.

The first Judy saw of that hard rod was its curving, bulbous head--just
the tip of it--just its shy slit. She hauled the elastic of Paul's
underpants downward, exposing more and more of his cock, the white
pinkish cap of the glans, the groove under it, and the special sensitive
wedge on the underside where the groove curved up ward toward the slit,
like the top curve of a valentine. Then she was exposing the pale shaft
with its soft skin and the bulging ridges of its veins that slid over
the hard, hot core.

And behind that ready, erect phallus, like an artistic backdrop, were
the dark blond, almost brown curls of his pubic hair.

The shaft of Paul's cock lowered steadily as his underpants were drawn
downward, until it was aimed straight at Judy's face. Without flinching
away from it, she hauled his last garment down the rest of the way,
exposing his balls in their wrinkled dark sac nestling between his hairy
thighs. She licked her lips at the sight of such a demanding cylinder of
turgid meat, but that wasn't what she wanted this time. She didn't want
a heavy bulk hammering down her throat. She needed it in her already
streaming vagina.

Wrapping her fingers around the hot, hard cock, she got to her feet. She
fondled the rock-hard tower, feeling the skin shift over the unyielding
core, and measured the tenseness there. She looked down at it greedily.
Its curving cap was aimed now at the soft swell of her belly, just over
the top of her shorts, as if ready to fuck her in the belly button.

Paul reached for the button and zipper of her shorts, reaching around
her arms and fingers as she fondled his erection. The zipper rumbled
down toward her crotch and curling black hair sprang into view. She had
been relishing the feeling of the crotch of her hacked-off blue jeans
sawing into the tender flesh of her pussy. Now the lack of underpants
paid another bonus--the feel of chill air striking straight at the heart
of her sex as her shorts were hauled down.

Judy had to let go of Paul's cock when he knelt in front of her to strip
her shorts down her graceful, tanned, sleek legs. She lifted first one
foot, then the other, out as he held the shorts. Then he slid his hands
up the backs of her legs to her buttocks and hauled her hips forward
into his face. His nose bored into the tangle of her pubic bush and
jammed into the hot folds of her pussy.

Judy sucked in her breath involuntarily as Paul's tongue speared into
the searing heart of her sex. Her head rolled as passion flamed through
her from the unexpected oral assault on her vagina and clitoris. Then
Paul stood up and guided her toward the studio couch. She sprawled
backwards on the rumpled covers of the narrow bed, spreading her legs
open to expose her crotch. She knew he could see the excited pink lips
of her pussy through the dark bush of hair. Her breasts stood, proud,
pale and firm as she lay on her back.

And she had feasted her eyes on Paul's stocky, powerful young frame. As
he had stood over her his cock had bobbed and weaved, drooling its own
excitement. A shining drop was suspended by a glittering strand that
stretched and stretched and finally broke, letting the heavy drop fall.

* * *

Then he had been on her and that wayward vision of her brother had
flashed through Judy's mind. Why here and now did she have to see that?
Why here and now, with Paul's cock sunk in her streaming vagina did she
have to fight down memories of her brother's face, looking older than
his seventeen years, of his tall, lean body? Her imagination filled in
what she was uncertain of--the curling brown bush and the jutting cock
that she had caught only quick glimpse of.

Then Paul's pelvis collided with hers and the vision in Judy's mind was
obliterated by a fiery blast of pleasure. Her clitoris was mangled
between their bodies, converted to a nova-knot of heat that flared out
through her body, knotting her muscles and bringing a grunt from her
lungs. Paul pistoned his cock in her guts and her hips answered with
twisting jumps of their own. His body felt rough and harsh against her
tender young skin. Lust raged through her.

Paul thought that for a second, just a second, as he had penetrated her
vagina with his cock Judy had frozen. For a fleeting moment her body had
gone limp and unresponding under him as the hot folds of her vagina had
enfolded his prick. But then, before he could worry about it or respond,
she was alive under him, her body writhing and moving to accept him as
he plumbed her depths. The feel of her tight young vagina embracing his
big phallus was enough to obliterate all thought about the incident. All
his attention was concentrated on the feel of her young body against
his, on the engulfing of his prick by her clinging, slick, wet folds.
Pushing up, he watched her features. They still harbored a trace of baby
fat, and twisted with passion as he pistoned his prick in her tender
belly. Then he lowered himself on her again and they writhed together
ecstatically and relished the feel of their flesh, squirming against
each other's bodies.

Judy's hips took on a life of their own as she tightened her vagina
around the cock pistoning in it. Her hips jerked and jumped as primitive
reflexes came to life from the skillful screwing. Four-letter words were
streaming from her lips as she urged Paul on, clawing at his back,
spurring his buttocks with her heels as she spread her thighs still more
widely in an attempt to get more of him in her belly.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she chanted mindlessly as he hammered his penis into
her guts. "I'm going to cum, so fuck me, you horny bastard. Fuck that
big hard cock of yours into me."

Paul saved his breath for the powerful drives of his hips that rammed
his erect phallus deep into her guts. The fire was building deep in his
groin, the juices pooling in the firing chamber and the muscles cocking
themselves to pump hot semen into Judy's hole.

"I'm cum-cumm-cumm-cummiiinnngggg," Judy rasped in a harsh blast of air,
a whispering gust of sheer lust as fire seared through her young body.
And then, unbidden, flaring up in her mind's eye, was the face of her
brother, his eyes laughing at her as she climaxed.

Paul was beyond caring what the girl under him was thinking about. He
was ramming his cock deep into her vagina, stuffing her with his bulk.
Fiery shots of semen ripped down the length of his shaft while his whole
body convulsed and added power to the blasts. He poured his hot sticky
load deep into her guts, his muscles straining against hers as he fought
to spit her completely on his prick.

The quivering, straining knot held for a long moment, then they both
relaxed simultaneously. Judy was pinned like a bug under Paul's bulk,
her slender, feminine arms around his big, masculine torso, her graceful
legs entwined with his strong, hairy limbs. His pale buttocks were
nestled between her slender thighs.

A slight frown wrinkled the smooth skin of Judy's forehead as she
nestled her chin on Paul's shoulder and stroked his back tenderly. She
felt his cock slowly shrinking in her, retreating from her depths,
leaving a hot, sticky pool in her vagina.

Suddenly there was a thunderous bang at the door of the apartment. Paul
rolled off Judy, his cock whipping free of her pussy.

"Shit!" he exploded, rolling catlike to his feet and turning toward the

Judy half raised herself on one elbow. She made no attempt to cover her

The door slammed open, the jamb splintering and the doorknob chipping
plaster off the wall. Two grotesque figures charged into the room, heavy
pistols gripped in their hands.

Without a word, the larger of the two invaders swung his pistol
backhand, catching Paul on the side of his head and sending him flying
across the room and slamming into a wall. As he slumped down to the
floor, his eyes glazed, the smaller, more slender apparition yanked open
the closet door and jerked a raincoat off a hanger.

Judy got to her feet just in time to catch the thrown raincoat in her
bare stomach.

Both of the intruders' heads were covered with ski masks, knitted hoods
with eye holes and mouth holes and garish patterns. They wore identical
outfits, blue jeans and black ribbed turtle necks, the man's clinging to
a slender, muscular torso, the girl's hugging her small, shy breasts.

Judy slipped the raincoat on over her naked body. A gun was aimed at her
head, then her arms were gripped by the two kidnappers. She darted a
frightened glance over at Paul just as she was hauled out of the
apartment. The boy she had just lain with was shaking his head, his eyes
foggy as he fought to clear his mind.

Then Judy was being shoved and hustled down the stairs to the street.
Bright sunshine glared down on the three figures as they crossed the
sidewalk and hurtled into the back seat of a waiting car. Judy had a
brief impression of startled witnesses just before the car door was
slammed closed and the vehicle roared away from the curb, leaving black
stripes of rubber as it burned out.

In the back seat Judy and two of the kidnappers were thrown sideways in
a heap as the third one jerked the car around a corner before assuming a
more reasonable pace that blended with the traffic.

On one side of Judy the man tucked the gun in the waist of his pants,
then hauled the ski mask up and off. He was grinning widely, his brown
eyes sparkling with excitement as he laughed. He shook his head, the
curling rings of his dark hair stringy with sweat.

"Christ, those masks are hot!" he swore.

"Shit, yes," the girl on the other side of Judy agreed, combing the
tangles out of her shoulder-length, streaked, blonde hair.

Judy folded her arms under her breasts and glared at her brother
angrily. "Did you have to hit Paul so hard?" she demanded.

"Had to make it look real," Mike answered, grinning at his sister. "Take
it easy, Harry, we don't want to get a traffic ticket at this point."

"I am taking it easy," the driver growled.

"If we're going to get your stepfather to cough up," the girl put in,
"we have to make it look real. Right?"

"Yeah," Judy agreed. "But did you have to hit Paul so hard, Mike? He
looked like he was really hurt."

Mike Wright snorted at his sister's concern. "His head's too hard for a
knock like that to do any lasting damage. He looked really surprised
when we popped in. How'd you manage that?"

Judy giggled. "Couldn't you tell? I distracted him. He didn't know for
sure when you guys were coming anyway. I figured we might as well have a
good time while we were waiting."

"You were having a good time, all right," Mike agreed.

"Yeah," Cynthia Van Camp agreed sourly. "While Mike and I were sweating
in those masks, you and Paul were balling. You were both stark naked."

Judy curbed her natural animosity toward the other girl. She had never
been able to understand what her brother, Mike, saw in the slender
blonde. Cynthia was a year older than Judy, but had the body of a girl
two years younger--thirteen or fourteen--rather than the seventeen she
really was.

"You're just jealous," Judy said mildly.

"Of Paul Cooper?" Cynthia shot back. "Not bloody likely. Not with your
brother to service me, I'm not."

Judy felt an explosive surge of jealousy at this comment.

"Okay, okay," Mike soothed, sensing Judy's threatened explosion. "We've
all got to work together to pull this off, so let's not have any of that

"Paul's good," Judy fumed uselessly.

"What's the program now?" Cynthia asked, changing the subject.

"Harry found a little place across town," Mike answered. "We take Judy
there and she holes up for a few days. That way the Old Bastard'll sweat
a little wondering what's happened to her."

"What about Mom?" Judy asked.

Mike shrugged. "She'll sweat, too. Won't be any more than she deserves
for marrying him in the first place, right?"

"She only married him for his money," Judy argued.

"Maybe she did, and maybe she didn't," Mike answered. "We don't know for
sure. Anyway, what difference does it make? How much has he given her?"

"Not much," Judy agreed.

"Right. So, you stay holed up for a few days until he gets really
worried. Cynthia and I and Harry and Paul will go on like we had nothing
to do with it. Your kidnapping will be a terrible shock to your brother
and friends. When the Old Bastard's worried enough, we'll hit him with
the ransom demand."

Judy pouted slightly. "He won't worry about me. He never has liked
me--or you, for that matter."

"True," Mike agreed. "But Mom will be going out of her skull with worry,
and she'll go to work on him. Don't worry, he'll sweat. Even if he
doesn't really care about you himself, Mom'll make him care."

"And then," Cynthia put in, "we hit him with the ransom note. His
precious stepdaughter is in danger of being slowly carved to pieces if
he doesn't fork over two hundred thousand dollars to the evil
kidnappers. Just think of her tender young body at the mercies of
vicious criminals." The slender girl chuckled delightedly.

Judy eyed the blonde distastefully. She had the feeling that Cynthia
wouldn't mind at all if something like that really did happen to her.

"There anyone following us?" Mike asked.

"Naw," Harry answered. "I been keeping a close eye out. Everything's
cool back there. But we sure left a lot of witnesses gaping, I can tell
you that."

"So, what did they see, right?" Mike shot back. "You kept your face
hidden, didn't you?"

"Of course I did," Harry shot back. "But I sure wish I'd had a ski

"That would have looked real innocent," Mike retorted. "A man in a ski
mask sitting behind the wheel of a car in broad daylight, in Los
Angeles, in the middle of summer. Cripes."

Judy surreptitiously snuggled against Mike, enjoying the feel of his
body against hers. She also enjoyed the fact that she was between him
and Cynthia. "How long will I have to stay hidden?"

Mike shrugged. "Depends on how long it takes us to get the money. We'll
let him sweat for about three days before we send him the ransom note. I
figure it'll take maybe a week or so."

"All alone?" Judy asked, dismayed.

"Of course not," Mike answered. "We'll bring you food and stuff."

"Here we are, folks," Harry announced.

"Anyone around?" Mike asked nervously, peering up and down the street.

"All clear," Harry reported, getting out of the car. "I'll get the front

The other three waited until Harry had the downstairs door of the dingy
apartment house open, then made a quick dash from the car to the cool
shade of a narrow hallway. With Harry leading the way, they headed up a
creaking flight of stairs. The decaying building was one of a row
awaiting the wrecker's ball. The area was being cleared as part of an
urban renewal program.

"This is the best room in the house," Harry announced, throwing a door

Judy stepped in, her heart sinking. The room was bare except for a
rickety wooden chair and a mattress on the floor. A small kitchenette
occupied an alcove on one side of the room, and next to it a door was
open on a minuscule bathroom.

"It's awful," Judy said miserably.

"It's perfect," Mike replied.

"Better than we hoped for," Harry agreed. "This is the only building in
the block where the electricity's still on. I don't know why. Maybe
they're going to use it as a headquarters when they start tearing 'em
all down. The refrigerator isn't much, but it works. There's food for a
couple of days in it."

"Mike, it's awful," Judy repeated, turning to her brother for help.

"It's only for a few days, Sis," he assured her. "We'll probably have to
move you just to be safe anyway."

"I'll bet it has rats," Cynthia observed gloatingly.

Mike shot the blonde girl an angry glance. "Nonsense," he argued.
"Honest, Sis, I wouldn't leave you here if I didn't think it was safe.

"You'll come and visit me?" she asked timidly.

"Of course," he assured her.

"There's a hot plate for cooking," Harry pointed out. "And the plumbing
works, if you don't put too much strain on it. Don't let any light show
at night or someone might spot it and get suspicious, okay?"

Judy thought of sitting alone in the dark in the dismal apartment and

"Don't worry," Mike assured her, checking the window. "It's boarded up
tight. You can use a light if you want."

"I'll probably keep it on all night," Judy observed nervously.

"We better split," Harry pointed out. "If we're here too long someone
may spot the car."

"Come on, Mike," Cynthia urged impatiently.

"Someone come and see me tomorrow?" Judy pleaded, feeling that even
Cynthia might be welcome by then.

Mike gripped his sister's arms firmly, trying to reassure her. "It'll be
a couple of days, but someone'll come, okay? We can't come right away or
they might get suspicious. Just hang loose, okay?"

Judy nibbled on her lower lip nervously. Then she lurched up, wrapped
her arms around her brother and gave him a quick kiss. For a beautiful
fleeting moment she felt the long, sturdy length of his body against
hers through the raincoat that still was her only covering.

"Okay," she agreed, reluctantly letting him go. Over his shoulder she
could see Cynthia fidgeting in the doorway impatiently.

"Don't open the door to anybody but one of us," Mike cautioned.

"Don't worry," she assured him fervently. "See you in a couple of days,
Sis," Mike told her.


After the door closed behind them, leaving her alone in the tiny
abandoned apartment, she thought she could hear ominous rustlings in the
walls. Chewing her thumb nervously, she paced the floor, feeling gritty
dust under her bare feet. She didn't even have a television or a radio
to break the nerve-wracking silence.

Chapter 2

The sudden, unexpected sound of footsteps on the stairs made Judy halt
her nervous pacing and turn pale. She clutched at the neck of the rain
coat that was her only clothing. It was the third tense day of hiding.
Until now the only sounds had been those she had made, the relentless
drip-drip-drip of the decaying plumbing, and the mysterious and ominous
rustling and gnawing sounds in the walls.

During the first terrifying night alone in the abandoned building, Judy
had cursed the plot that had put her there. The entire project was in
sane. Worse, by the time it was over, Judy was certain she herself would
be insane.

Only the thought of what awaited her if she backed out kept her from
leaving the apartment. The "Old Bastard" as she and Mike invariably
referred to their stepfather, had no hesitations regarding corporal
punishment. He applied his cane mercilessly for the slightest
infraction. Staying out all night would have earned Judy a monumental
beating, and no excuse would have been accepted, not even being

So, after that first night in the hideout, Judy was committed. Only the
completion of the kidnapping hoax would get her off the hook. They had
to convince the Old Bastard that she had really been kidnapped and was
being held for ransom.

And if it was anyone other than one of her compatriots climbing the
stairs at this point, the thing was ended before it really got started.
There was a soft knocking on the door and Judy stifled a scream. "Who is
it?" she called out in a strangled voice.

"It's me, Mike," her brother replied, his voice muffled, but
recognizable through the old door.

"Mike!" Judy squeaked, flying to the door, ignoring the way her raincoat
flew open to expose her naked body. Her fingers were clumsy as she
fumbled with the bolt, then slid the chain free. Jerking the door open,
she flew into her brother's arms, pressing herself against him fiercely,
her raincoat open, her bare body molded against him from neck to thigh.

Mike wrapped one arm around her, under the raincoat, and carried her
back inside. Kicking the door closed, he wrapped his other arm around
her. Their kiss turned abruptly from one of platonic brother-sister
innocence to one of flaming, unbridled passion. Judy's body flamed with
unexpected, incredible lust as she pressed her nude body against her
brother's clothed one. Opening her thighs, she trapped one of his legs
between them, driving her crotch against the hard muscles of his leg.
She writhed, grinding her naked, firm, young breasts against his hard
chest, scrubbing her crotch painfully on his thigh. She drove her tongue
deep in his mouth, savoring his taste, exploring his teeth, dueling with
his tongue. She felt a hard knot growing against her belly and knew it
was her brother's erection.

Mike's lust exploded into flame almost as quickly as his sister's had.
His cock hardened with lightning speed, straightening and stiffening
painfully in his tight blue jeans. Judy's body was warm in his arms, her
skin soft and silken under his exploring hands. He stroked his fingers
down the length of her naked back under the raincoat, relishing the
broad expanse of naked skin. Automatically, his hands found her lush
buttocks, cupped and squeezed them, dragged her hips against his body.
He could feel her soft, but firm, breasts like twin pillows against his
chest. Through his T-shirt he could feel the hard knots of her nipples
digging into him.

Judy released her brother just long enough to shed the raincoat. Then
she was again engulfing him with her arms, clinging to him with her
long, sleek legs. The cool air of the room touched her naked body
intimately, emphasizing the hot roughness of her brother's body against
hers. His belt buckle was cold and sharp against her tender belly as she
tried to mold herself to every angular contour of his frame. His fingers
digging into her ass were glorious confirmation of the desire he had for

She had to touch his naked skin. She clutched at his T-shirt, hauling it
up to bare his hard belly and strong chest, bunching it under his
muscular arms. Then she ran her fingers over the hard ridges of muscle
in his back, scratched her nails down the line of his backbone. His grip
tightened on her, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, his hips
jamming forward to ram the hardness of his erect cock into her tender

When she moved to drag his T-shirt up over his shoulders and head, he
released her and lifted his arms. In a second she had him stripped to
the waist. His hands clamped down on the soft, yielding mounds of her
breasts as she attacked his belt buckle with one hand. With the other
she was measuring the size of the erection buried in his pants. His belt
open, she unbuttoned the single button on his pants, then ran the zipper
down ward, watching eagerly as the fly of his blue jeans spread open.
His cock tipped outward, freed from its painful confinement, but still
concealed by his underpants. Those underpants were strained by his
powerful erection, and were clinging so tightly to his enormous prick
that she could see the contours of its head, even the groove where it
joined the shaft of his ready phallus. There was a dark wet stain where
the material was stretched over the curving point of his prick.

Unhesitatingly, though hunger was making her shake uncontrollably, Judy
pried her thumbs into the waistband of her brother's underpants. She
hauled the elastic outward to clear the thrust of his hard cock. She
shoved his underpants and jeans down in a ruthless tangle to expose his
spearing shaft. She forced his clothes in a tangle down his muscular
thighs, her eyes fastened on his prick.

It was gorgeous! A tower of blood-engorged muscle and gristle, a
sculptured pale ivory tower capped with a curving pink glans. Like a
jewel, gleaming at its tip, was a glittering drop of excited juice.

Judy tenderly stroked her fingers up the underside of her brother's
prick, feeling the velvet soft skin shift over the iron-hard interior.
Her fingers reached the tip, and she let it drop. It swung inches in
front of her bare midriff. The shining drop clung to her fingertips and
formed a glittering chain that linked her with her brother.

The delicate touch of Judy's fingers on Mike's cock sent an earthquake
of lust hammering through him. His pulse drummed in his ears. He
massaged the firm mounds of his sister's breasts, warm and soft and
delectable in his hands. Her pink nipples prodded at him, demanding
attention. While he toyed delicately with her tender little buds, he
feasted his eyes on the rest of her naked beauty. Her torso, tan and
trim, tapered to a small waist. Then, below the hollow of her navel, her
body swelled outward in womanly curves that belied her sixteen years.
Her belly curved inward, then there was the arch of her mons, then the
thick bush of dark curling hair, and the deep, secret, dark vee between
her lush thighs.

"God, you're beautiful," Mike whispered hoarsely.

"So are you," Judy answered huskily, her eyes still fastened on the cock
she was fondling. She was going to have that marvelous shaft sunk in her
hot vagina--soon. But right now she wanted to torment herself by
resisting the fiery lust burning through her body. She wanted to torment
her brother and assure herself that his desire for her was as great as
her desire for him.

Kneeling humbly in front of her brother, Judy helped him out of his
shoes and socks, then hauled his pants and underpants off. That done,
she sat back on her heels, her gaze fastening again on his erect prick
as it bobbed in front of her face. She knew he was staring down at her
and sat with her back very straight to make her breasts, with their pert
pink caps, stand out proudly. She knew he was looking between her sleek
thighs at the dark mass of her pubic hair.

Slowly and tantalizingly, she spread her legs to let him see a little
more of the secret, exciting dark bush. With her arms at her sides, she
posed deliberately for him for a long exciting time. His cock swelled
and pulsed with desire for her in visible confirmation of her power over

Then she broke the pose to reach forward and place her hands on his
hairy thighs. She ran her hands upward, directly toward the goal of her
desire. Her thumbs dipped between his legs, slipped between his scrotum
and the insides of his thighs to dandle and massage his balls in their
dark sac, then press inward and upward against the base of his cock.

She gripped the foundation of his powerful erection, steadying the
towering pole bobbing in front of her face. She lifted it as she leaned
to ward him. Spearing her tongue out, she tasted the hot metallic juice
oozing from the slit of his hard prick. She licked at the rounded knob,
bathed it with her tongue. Then she licked the shaft, moving slowly
downward toward the base along the underside of the warm, rock-hard rod.

Lapping happily she bathed his entire cock with her tongue as if it were
a popsicle. When the entire length of his phallus gleamed with her
saliva, she took the head between her lips. Sucking eagerly, she spitted
her head on his power-laden cock as tangible proof of her limitless
devotion to him. She felt his hands on her head, relished the sensation
of his fingers tangling in her thick, dark hair as she sucked his cock.

But this wasn't the way it was going to be, not this first time. She
wasn't going to take her brother's load of steaming, thick semen in her
stomach, she was going to have it poured into her vagina. Spitting his
cock out, she drew back and struggled to her feet. Deliberately, slowly,
her legs shaking with lust, she backed away from him toward the
mattress. She lay back on the mattress, her legs spread, her knees bent,
giving him an unhindered view of her gleaming slit. Sliding her hands up
her sleek, tan torso, she tormented her own pale breasts, pinching and
rolling her nipples.

From halfway across the room she could see the hot gleam of lust in her
brother's eyes. She relished the twitching cords of muscle that stood
out in his throat as he resisted the urge to pounce on her. She licked
her lips with excitement at the sight of still another ready drop of
lubricant oozing from his cock.

Fire was lashing through Mike's body as he stood in the center of the
room staring at his sister. He felt twenty feet tall as he towered over
her, his eyes feasting on her nude voluptuous beauty. Her body was a
picture of wanton lust, painted in shades of tan and white and pink and
dark brown. She was spread on the squalid mat tress like a sacrifice on
an altar. His cock felt ready to explode as he admired the graceful
curves and hollows of his blood-kin sister.

"God, you are gorgeous," he whispered hungrily.

"Come," she ordered softly. She slid one hand down her belly, combed her
fingers into her dark hairy vee, pressed one finger into the top of her
slit, then pried her hairy labia open to expose her hot, shining, pink
inner recesses. "Come."

Mike tottered across the room toward her and fell to his knees between
her gaping thighs. He pressed his hands against her legs at her knees,
then leaned forward and slid his fingers up along her hot flesh. Her
body writhed at his touch, the muscles of her soft belly convulsing
visibly. He slid his thumbs up into the twisting, wiry mass at her
crotch. He pressed his thumbs against the soft, yielding lips of her
vagina, then spread them open. She sank her fingers into the mattress at
her sides. The pearly bud of her clitoris gleamed in the harsh light
from the bare bulb in the ceiling of the dismal apartment.

Delicately, Mike tweaked that gleaming protrusion with one thumb. With
his other he plumbed the opening of his sister's vagina. Her juices
formed a hot, sticky coating on his fingers as he explored the pink,
shining folds of her pussy.

Judy writhed ecstatically under her brother's intimate caresses. Fire
blazed through her as he investigated her most intimate opening. The
pressure of his thumb rasping over her clitoris made her whimper
senselessly. The feeling of his other thumb stretching the folds of her
vagina as he plumbed her dark hole made her spread her thighs even more

Hot breath touched her tissues, drying her excited flow of juices into a
flaming cold paste. God, he was going to do it! His tongue touched her
clitoris and her hips jerked in mindless response. Her body bounced and
writhed on the mattress as her brother fastened his mouth on her hungry
crotch. His hands slid up the length of her twisting, naked, soft body
to cup and fondle the soft mounds of her breasts.

She whimpered hungrily when his mouth left her crotch. His hard, hot
body slid upward along hers. With his elbows braced on either side of
her, he continued to mangle her breasts as he slid his chest up past her
tender belly, then up still further to grind his hands down hard on her
boobs. Finally he released her breasts and slid his hands under her
shoulders and hauled himself down on her. He pressed the full length of
his muscular frame against hers. Their mouths met in a devouring,
demanding, soaking, hungry kiss. Teeth clashed and tongues dueled as
Judy twined her legs with her brother's as he lay between her waiting

She felt his cock nestling at the gates of her vagina and held her
breath in anticipation. She felt her labia wedge open as he humped his
hips. Her pelvis writhed in expectation as she felt his first delicate
penetration of her inner folds. Her clitoris was being crushed between
them into a patch of fire that seemed to be spreading outward through
her entire body.

Never retreating, he pumped his cock into his sister's sex, feeling her
hot tissue enfold his shaft.

Judy felt her vagina driven open by her brother's towering organ and
wrapped her arms around his strong body. She hugged him to her, trying
to engulf him with her entire being.

"Aaaawww," she growled. "You're so biiiggg."

Mike responded with a wordless, gargling growl as he felt his prick
being swallowed by his sister's clinging, steaming vagina. With a final
drive he sank his cock full depth in her juicy hole.

"Oooohhh, Michael," Judy sighed ecstatically. She was stuffed full,
glutted with his wonderful phallus. She felt gorged with cock. But the
demanding itch deep in her guts was undeniable evidence that the best
was yet to come.

Mike drew his cock out and powered it back home with a smooth movement
of his hips. The feeling of her hot flesh sliding past the skin of his
cock sent fire slashing through his body.

The sensation of being emptied of cock and then filled again with it
wrung a mindless cry from Judy. The impact of Mike's pubic arch cracking
her clitoris against her pubic bone was like the flash of a primer in a

"Aaaag-g-gain," she urged, frantically clutching his muscular buttocks,
spurring him on with her fingernails in the fleshy cheeks of his ass.

Mike didn't need to be told. He was drawing back already, then ramming
his prick home in his sister's eager belly. He stroked his huge hard
cock in the velvety glove of her vagina, feeling her flesh cling to his,
feeling her folds envelop his pistoning cock. He felt the semen pooling
in his groin, accumulating for the final, pulsing, powering thrust deep
into her body. He fought down his orgasm, praying that he could hold
back long enough to lift his sister for her own cumming.

Judy's gasping whisper relieved his worry on that score. The years of
bottled-up desire for her brother were exploding through her in an
unbelievable climax.

"I'm cumming," she whispered. "I'm cumming, cumming, cumming,

Judy's body arched, her heels and shoulders driving into the mattress as
her pelvis lifted the mass of her brother clear in the air. As her
orgasm roared through her she tried to take his entire body in through
the small opening of her vagina.

The muscle-straining convulsion of Judy's body was the final stimulus
for Mike's lust. His body reacted explosively, his buttocks convulsing
and jerking as he poured his semen into her. Wad after wad of searing
cum bulleted the length of his cock and sprayed deep into his sister's
vagina. His body quivered with the recoil as he filled her with his
gooey sperm. His muscles tensing, he did his best to climb right inside
his sister's body as he hosed her insides with his fluids.

The brother and sister on the tattered mattress strained at each other
for long, quivering moments, then slowly slumped in exhaustion as their
climaxes faded.

Judy inhaled deeply, her chest aching deliciously from the weight of her
beloved brother on her ribs. She felt the last hesitant quivers of his
prick in her body as it drained itself of the final lingering drop of
semen. She hugged him against her, tangled his legs with hers and clung
to him as her orgasm slowly faded. She was exhausted and totally

"Jesus!" Mike sighed as he recovered.

"Oh, Mike," Judy sighed ecstatically.

"Christ, you're good," Mike muttered into her hair.

"You were magnificent," Judy told him happily. "Oh, Mike, I love you so

"But I'm your brother," Mike mumbled, not lifting his head.

"So what? Aren't I supposed to love my brother?" Judy argued.

"Not this way," Mike muttered woefully. "This is incest."

Judy hugged him tightly. "Incest-shimincest, who cares? Do you realize
that I've wanted to have you fuck me for years?"

Mike pushed up from her, astonished. "You have?"

"Sure I have. I've always had the hots for you. I've always thought you
were the handsomest, most desirable stud around," Judy informed him. All
her reservations had been destroyed by the carnal linking with her

"But it's wrong," Mike insisted.

"So is extortion," Judy pointed out glibly.

Mike lowered himself on her again, hugging her warmly. "Know what?"

"No, what?" Judy asked. She was concentrating on the feel of his cock,
shriveled now, barely nestled between the labia of her pussy.

"I've wanted you, too," he confessed.

"You have?" Judy was astonished.

"Uh huh, I have," Mike assured her.

"But--I thought," Judy stuttered.

"You thought what?"

"I thought you thought I was just a little kid," Judy went on.

"You haven't been a little kid since you were thirteen and started
getting tits," Mike retorted. "For a while there you were always running
around the house half-naked. Drove me crazy!"

"I was trying to," Judy admitted, "but you didn't do anything. You
always got involved with drippy girls like Cynthia instead."

"Cynthia's not drippy," Mike argued.

Judy wriggled under her brother, thrusting with her pelvis. "Is she as
good as I am?"

As he rolled off Judy, Mike admitted that she wasn't. "But she's not
bad," he added quickly.

Judy stretched out on her back, arching her spine gracefully as she
posed delectably for her brother. "She's skinny," Judy noted

Mike ran his eyes down the lush, nude length of Judy's body. Her breasts
were begging for more attention. Without really thinking about it, he
reached out and cupped one pink and white mound with his hand. As he
thumbed Judy's nipple, he answered. "Compared with you she is."

Judy let her eyes close, loving the sensation of having her body fondled
by her brother. Warm trickles of fire seeped through her as he tortured
her tit. With the knee away from her brother bent, her other leg
straight, she knew her sex was open to him.

"How's Paul?" Mike asked as he toyed with Judy's naked body, pinching
and rolling her nipple with his fingers.

"Mmmmm? He's okay," Judy answered. "But you're better. "Ohhh." She
sighed happily as he tormented her nipple.

"God, you are beautiful," Mike sighed, leaning forward. His mouth found
her tit and he kissed the rubbery bud of her nipple. He tugged on it
with his lips. Then he ran his tongue around it, bathing it with saliva.

As Judy let her head roll, her dark curly hair fanned out on the
mattress. Lust was penetrating deep into her bones, setting her soul
afire. Blindly, she reached over in the direction of Mike's crotch. She
fumbled through the soggy, matted kinks of his pubic hair and located
his semi-erect penis. Curling her fingers around it she felt a sticky
crust on his warm flesh from their first coupling. As she squeezed the
rubbery cylinder she felt his organ growing in her fingers. Slowly and
gently she pumped her hand up and down on her brother's cock.

Mike was suckling happily on Judy's breast. Opening his mouth wide, he
tried to suck her entire full, firm breast into his mouth. His teeth
nicked her delicate flesh. Closing his mouth, he trapped her nipple
between his teeth, then battered the resilient tip with his tongue.

Judy's chest heaved in response to the attack. Her head rolled and she
sucked in her stomach as the fires in her belly blazed higher. She
pumped Mike's cock in her fist, then squeezed it to test its hardness.
She pressed her fingers against the underside, finding the spot of
greatest sensitivity by touch alone and teasing it with one delicate
fingertip. With her fingers closed around the hard penis, she stroked
the sensitive pink glans, smearing a new wave of fluid over the hot
flesh. The heat of Mike's blood pouring into his organ dried the
slippery lubricant into a sticky gummy coating between her hand and his
hardening staff.

Still chewing gently on the exciting soft meat of Judy's breast, Mike
slid one hand down to her stomach. She felt her gut suck in
involuntarily from the touch. Reaching her navel, he probed the hollow
with one finger, pressing into it deep and hard. Her entire body lurched
under the hard probe. Digging his finger deep in her belly but ton, Mike
wiggled it in her guts.

"Oooooaaaww," Judy growled mindlessly. Her fist clenched tightly around
the hard shaft of Mike's bludgeon-like masculine tool.

Mike gnawed on Judy's breast as if he were actually trying to eat it.
His jaw muscles clenched as he resisted the urge to inadvertently bite
hard into her tender body. Leaving her navel behind, he slid his hand
down over the soft swell of her belly. He scratched the top curls of her
pubic hair. Never lifting his mouth from her tit, he blindly explored
the fringes of her pubic triangle. He stroked his fingers along the
lower border of her body and one thigh, then carefully skipped over her
labia to the other side and dragged his fingers through the indentation
upward and back to the top of the vee.

Judy's body lurched and writhed from the delicate exploration. She
wanted his hand on her sex, his fingers pressing her clitoris or driving
into her channel. At the same time, she relished his restraint, relished
the way he tortured her by coming so close to the heart of her sex, and
yet avoiding it.

She smeared another wave of his thick juices over his cock, massaging
them into a paste between her hand and his hot prick. When she
remembered how good his cock had tasted earlier, saliva flooded her
mouth. He was still chewing on her breast, making it feel bruised and
abused and adored all at the same time. That one breast was so engorged
with excited blood that she felt lopsided.

Then he lifted his head, leaned over and transferred his attention to
her other breast and the blood streamed into that soft mound, her nipple
hardening and jutting into his mouth. His tongue scraped over her
turgid, tender, nerve-filled bud and new flames roared through her.

Mike pressed his hand down on Judy's sex, crushing the curls against the
warm mound. He felt her labia mash to a pulp under his fingers as he
cupped her crotch warmly. Her vagina tried to suck his finger inside,
but he didn't want that yet. He wanted to raise her to an even higher
point before he gave her that. Cupping her sex carefully, he massaged
her expertly, making his fingers wriggled rhythmically. His center two
fingers threatened to plunge into her body, but he held them back. He
ground his palm down on the arch of her pubic bone. He knew he was
crushing her clitoris against that hard arch.

Judy's legs spread wider, her knee dropped sideways to open the heart of
her sex to her brother's exploration. She was still fondling his cock,
more carefully now, so as to prevent a premature explosion. With her
other hand she touched the back of his neck, tangling her fingers in the
thick brown curls there.

"Oh, Mike," she whispered softly. "Dear, dear Mike."

"MMMmmm," Mike replied, his wordless hum drumming through her body as he
kept his mouth pressed to her breast. Leaning toward her, he pressed the
length of his body against her side.

The feel of Mike's warm, strong body pressing against her gave Judy a
marvelous feeling. In response she rolled toward him slightly.

Under the harsh light, brother and sister fondled each other intimately,
his hand at her crotch, her hand gripping his powerful cock. Her small
hand was dwarfed by his massive tool. His hand was huge and
solid-looking as it completely covered her pubic vee. His head shifted
and moved as he devoured her breast.

Then, slowly and tantalizingly, one of his fingers vanished into the
dark, wet opening of her sex. He drove his longest finger deep into his
sister's soggy opening, sinking it out of sight in her vagina.

Judy's head rolled and twisted as she felt her body being invaded by his
finger. It was small, so much smaller than the cock she wanted, knew she
was going to get. But that single finger probing the heart of her sex
was wonderful, capable of things no cock could do.

Mike wiggled his finger deep in the hot, clinging, wet folds of Judy's
channel. He pressed his hand down on her sex hard, trying to touch
bottom with the tip of his finger though he knew that was impossible. He
wiggled his finger hard in that drenching socket. His other fingers were
back between her buttocks and he dug them into the soft pliable flesh
there and again tried to touch bottom in her vagina. Her crotch was
soaked, hot, and sticky with her juices and the overflow from his
original cumming in her.

Judy couldn't take it any longer. She had to have more in her. Just a
finger probing her vagina wasn't enough. She rolled toward her brother
without releasing his cock. Forcing his head up and away from her
breast, she pressed the warm, soft length of her body against his. She
threw one thigh over his hips and maneuvered her hips toward his.

Their hands were trapped between them as they came together. At last
Mike withdrew his sticky fingers from her crotch and Judy guided the
head of his cock to her now empty opening. She squirmed her hips down on
the curving point of his ready phallus before letting go of it. Then she
yielded to a wanton impulse and slipped two experienced fingers into the
upper end of her crevice. Finding her clitoris, she rolled it against
the bone backdrop it had, while working Mike's prick up into her vagina.

Lying on their sides, the two teenagers coupled again, Mike's cock
sinking deep into his sister's hot, wet opening. Her hand was trapped
between the sticky, wet hairy tangles of their crotches. Her fingertips
worked at her clitoris, rolling and pinching that miniature penis, her
knuckles digging into Mike's body as they moved.

Mike moved, driving his cock deep into Judy's body. The feel of her hand
between them as she played with herself was an incredibly erotic
sensation. He didn't know if it was the knowledge of what she was doing
to herself, or the feel of her knuckles digging in to his own groin that
was so great. It didn't matter. All that mattered was that he was sunk
in her and she was engulfing him and they were linked again, siamesed by
his cock in her guts.

Mike shifted, sliding his cock almost all the way out, then driving it
deep into her pussy again. His body crushed her hand against her, and
still she managed to wriggle the tips of her fingers in insane
stimulation of her clit.

Judy's body was bathed in fire. She didn't know what had led her to
start stimulating her own clitoris. But now that she was doing it, the
sensation was magnificent. The feeling of his cock in her belly was a
magical fullness. The pinching and rolling she was giving her own
clitoris was better than simple intercourse could ever be. And this
wasn't the simple, mindless pinching of her clit between two pubic
arches, this was a sophisticated torture of her nerve-filled little

But it took concentration, too much concentration. Her mind was sinking
into a fog of total pleasure. Finally, what she needed more than her
fingers on her clit was her brother's entire cock buried full-depth in
her vagina. Her hand was in the way. She wrestled it out of the trap
between her and Mike, drove it under his side and clutched at him as she
jammed her hips for ward to spit herself more completely on his prick.

Mike pounded his cock in Judy's vagina, pistoning harder and harder.
With her hand out from between them he was able to press his entire body
tightly against hers, crushing her breasts flat against his chest.

The two youngsters struggled against each other in a carnal reverse of a
tug-of-war, striving to make their two bodies one. Judy clawed at her
brother's back as he rammed his masculine spear into her guts. She tried
her best to get herself run through on that powerful tower.

She felt Mike stiffen and ram at her harder and pulled him tight against
herself as he climaxed. Her own orgasm roared through her, a tidal wave
of pleasure that burst over her consciousness. Mike poured his semen
into her belly, his body convulsing with every powerful shot. Se men
oozed from around his prick to form a thick glue between them, sticking
their warm bodies together, even as their exhausted muscles were
slumping into quivering relaxation.

Judy clung tightly to Mike until his prick was a withered remnant
nestled between the lips of her pussy. Then she rolled onto her back and
savored the feeling of cum drying on her thighs and belly. She felt her
brother roll onto his back. Side by side they lay on the mattress, their
eyes closed, their chests heaving with exhaustion.

"Mike?" she ventured at last.


"When this is all over, when we have the money, let's go away together."

"Mmmm," Mike replied noncommittally.

"With our share we could go far away, where no one knew we were brother
and sister, couldn't we?" she asked.

"Maybe," Mike admitted.

"We couldn't get married," Judy mused. "They ask for birth certificates
and junk like that. But we could live together just like we were
married, couldn't we?"

"Uh huh," Mike agreed.

"Well, would you like to?" Judy asked.

"What about Paul and Cynthia and Harry?" Mike asked.

"What about them?" Judy answered. "We can dump them."

"But we need their help," Mike replied.

"Right now we do," Judy acknowledged. "But when it's all over we won't.
They can go their way, and we can go ours. Right?"

"I guess so," Mike agreed. He struggled to his feet. "I've got to be
going. I just came by to see how you were."

"I'm fine, now," Judy assured him, getting to her feet. "I'll need some
groceries tomorrow, though. Milk and bread and peanut butter at least."

Mike fastened his belt. "I'll have Paul bring them by."

"Couldn't you do it?" Judy asked unhappily. Mike shook his head. "No.
We're hitting 'em with the first ransom note tonight and they'll be
watching me too closely. I'll come as soon as I can."

"Okay," Judy agreed unhappily. She didn't bother to reach for the
raincoat, folding her arms under her breasts. "How about some clothes,

"I'll see what I can do," Mike answered. He looked at her adoringly.
"God, you are beautiful."

"Oh, Mike, I love you," Judy exclaimed, throwing herself into his arms.

"I love you, too, Sis," he answered, wrapping his arms around her. After
a long clinging moment, he pushed her away.

"One thing," he cautioned.

"What's that?"

"Don't let Paul or Cynthia or Harry get wind of this or the whole deal
could go sour. Okay? Until we've actually got the cash in hand we'll
have to play it very, very cool. Understand?"

"I understand."

"Good." Mike sighed. "I'll have Paul come by tomorrow with the food, and
some clothes, if possible."

Judy stared at the closed door for a moment, then strolled languidly
back to the mattress. It had a large wet stain. Ignoring that, she lay
on her back, arms behind her head, a smile on her lips. In moments she
was asleep.

A slow trickle of cum oozed from her vagina to add to the wet spot on
the makeshift bed.

Chapter 3

Stretched out on her back on the mattress, Judy wore the raincoat for no
reason other than it was the only thing she had to wear. The apartment
had a tendency to be uncomfortably warm, even during the night. Now,
during the day, it was hot.

Lying on her back, the raincoat spread wide open, Judy stared dreamily
at the ceiling. Her young breasts were so firm they spread little. The
pert, pink peaks of her nipples pointed to ward the ceiling. The ripples
of her ribs were barely visible under her tan smooth skin. With her arms
behind her head, her stomach was sucked in flat and tight. Her legs were
spread slightly, her feet shoulder width apart. The twisting, kinky
pubic hair was stringy and matted with hers and her brother's cum.

She was still dreaming of the glorious linking with Mike the previous
day. Since she had been old enough to be interested in boys, she had
been interested in her brother. In her bedroom alone at night she had
dreamed of him. Before she had lost her virginity, shortly after her
fourteenth birthday, her dreams had been youthfully innocent. At first
they had involved only kissing, then, as she grew more experienced,
petting. Her reveries about Mike had matched the pace of her own

She had first really been kissed by a boy when she turned twelve. The
boy had been thirteen. When his tongue had first touched her lips she
had been shocked. But instead of drawing back in disgust, she had been
curious and had opened her mouth to the invasion. The fire that had
slashed through her as she had let him explore her mouth had astonished
her. When bathing herself and touching herself she had felt portents of
sexual excitement. But that a kiss could trigger similar fires had been
a revelation to her. Her little nipples on her still undeveloped breasts
had hardened like little rocks inside her party dress.

So, late that night, at home in her room alone, Judy had relived that
kiss. Only this time she was being kissed by her brother. The kiss had
gone on and on and on in Judy's mind, and it had felt better and better
and better.

But, that had been all she had imagined then, because that had been all
she knew.

After that first searing kiss, the parties Judy had gone to had changed.
Suddenly the lights had a habit of going out. Instead of the girls
gathering in one giggling knot and the boys in another, they had paired
off. That first kiss had been the result of a game of Spin-The-Bottle.
Now no games were played since no excuses were needed. There were still
giggles in the darkness, but they were different giggles, excited
giggles, breathy wet giggles of awakening passion.

Then at one party the boy kissing Judy had slid one shy hand around from
Judy's back to her side, then to her front. Judy had gulped, knowing
that something was coming, and hadn't broken the wet sucking kiss. She
had held her breath as the boy had hesitantly worked his way upward.
Judy's breasts had begun to develop by this time and she was wearing her
first bra. The boy's hand had covered one hesitant mound, the barely
perceptible rise of a growing breast, and renewed flames had rushed
through Judy. Instinctively, she knew that the soft rise could be felt
by the boy. Her nipple had tried to bore its way to freedom right
through the bra. There was a funny burning tightness down between her
legs and the muscles way down low on her stomach quivered tautly.

While the boy had pressed and rubbed her chest with his hand, Judy had
clung to him frantically. An earthquake of lust had rocked her to her
young core. It was a monster jump in experience from her first kiss, six
months earlier.

And, just as before, in her bed alone that night Judy had carefully
relived the experience. Again, it was her brother's hand she imagined on
her budding breast. The itchy tightness down between her legs had grown
again. Spreading her legs as she lay on her back under the covers, she
had pulled her nightie up to expose herself all the way up to her waist.
Her hips had squirmed excitingly all by themselves. She had pressed her
own hands on her chest while imagining it was her brother's hands. It
had taken a very long time to get to sleep that night.

And, bit by bit, her experience had grown. One boy had fumbled at the
buttons of her sweater. Then, reaching nervously inside, he had captured
the bra-covered hill of one breast with his hand. That night Judy had
imagined her brother doing the same thing.

The main trouble had been that, until now, Mike had always treated her
as some kind of pest. Well, more like until their mother had remarried,
really. Opposition to the marriage and to their stepfather had forged an
alliance of sorts against a common enemy.

But still, Mike had shown no interest in her as a girl. He had had his
own girlfriends. Usually he had gone his own way on dates, and Judy had
gone hers. Once in a while they would double. But then, if it was a
beach party, Mike and his girl would go off to a lonely stretch of the
beach, and Judy and her date would go off to another. Judy always
wondered just how far her brother went those times. He was older, not
quite a year and a half older, so probably he did go farther than she
did. But how far was that? Did he go "all the way"?

By the time Judy was thirteen and a half she had a respectable pair of
breasts. At beach par ties, or in darkened rooms, she would let boys
bare her to the waist so they could pay proper attention to her budding
boobies. At beach par ties Judy would lie on her back, letting the moon
light play over her graceful torso while the boy would massage and
squeeze her breasts, pinch and roll her nipples.

Even while she had been savoring the exquisite pleasure, Judy would be
wondering what her brother was doing. He was fifteen. Was he doing "it"
with his dates? Judy now knew what doing "it" consisted of. She even
knew what an erect prick looked like, and she knew what one felt like in
her hand. But what would it feel like in her body?

She had really wanted it to be her brother that showed her. She had
dreamed constantly of lying on her back, legs spread and knees bent
while her brother settled himself between her thighs. Then he would aim
the head of his cock at her virgin slit and sink it deep into her
streaming opening. Naturally, there wouldn't be any pain--just pure,
glorious, loving pleasure.

But, in spite of her best efforts to get him interested in her, he had
seemed oblivious to her charms. She had given him glimpses of herself in
her underwear. She had made certain he saw her with just her underpants
on, her sweet young breasts exposed, her pert pink nipples rigid with
excitement. Mike had glanced at her, then looked away.

So, finally, Judy had deliberately strolled back to her room from her
bath stark naked. She had waited at the bathroom door until Mike was
coming down the hall toward his room, then stepped out into the hall and
walked right toward him. She had tried to project an aura of sensuality
as she slowly strolled past him. She had seen his eyes sweep up and down
her nude body, picking out her breasts and her crotch, her belly where
it was slowly shedding its baby fat, the long graceful line of her sleek

She had paused and looked coyly back over her shoulder, trying to put
the blatant need she felt in her gaze. Mike had slammed the bathroom
door shut violently and she had heard the lock snap.

Furious, she had stamped into her room and slammed her own door loudly.
Right then she had decided that if he didn't want her it would serve him
right if she let her current boyfriend take her virginity.

Which her current beau had done, clumsily and painfully, on their next
date. From the beginning of their necking session, Judy had been
climbing all over him. She had made certain he knew just where they were
heading. Instead of waiting for him to put his hand on her breast, she
had taken it and placed it there herself. She had unbuttoned her own
sweater and stripped it off. She had taken her bra off. As he had bent
his head to kiss and suck on her nipple, she had unfastened her shorts
and skinned them off, then her panties.

It had been the first time she had been naked with a boy. That had come
at a wild party during a game of "chicken". Someone would get under a
blanket and start taking off their clothes until they chickened out.
Then they would come out from under the blanket and dash out of the room
to the bedroom where their clothes had been taken. Like the other girls;
Judy had gotten down to her bra and panties easily. Then, shaking with
excitement, she had taken off her bra and handed it out from under the
blanket. It had been greeted with hoots of excitement, and then a tense
silence. Shaking even harder, Judy had skinned her panties down her legs
and off--and handed them out. There had been dead silence. After a
nerve-wracking pause, Judy had slipped out from under the blanket and
walked slowly out of the room. Once in the bedroom she had slammed the
door behind her and collapsed.

So, the night Judy had lost her virginity it hadn't been a giant leap,
but rather, a short step. Unfortunately, there hadn't been any
body-burning excitement. There had been a "serves Mike right" feeling
that had done nothing to lubricate her vagina. The penetration had been
painful and unsatisfying. The boy had cum almost immediately, while Judy
had felt little. It had been extraordinarily disappointing.

And now, Judy realized, as she lay on the mattress in the hideout, it
didn't need to have been that way. Mike had noticed her. Her brother had
been excited by her, and interested in her. But, because she was his
sister, he had ignored her, carefully resisted having her.

But now, at last, that was all over. Mike had finally had her. His
resistance had been broken and Judy had gotten what she had wanted for
so long. And she would have him in the future, again and again and
again. They would take their share of the money and go away and live
together as husband and wife, instead of brother and sister. Together
she and Mike would have eighty thousand dollars, which would be plenty
to begin their life together.

Judy was jarred out of the happy contemplation of her future by a knock
on the door. She was abruptly reminded that they didn't have the money

"It's me, Paul," Paul called from the far side of the door.

"Oh," Judy answered, both relieved and disappointed. She was relieved it
wasn't the police, but disappointed it wasn't Mike. Pulling the rain
coat tight around herself, she went to open the door for her boyfriend.

"Hi," Paul greeted her. He was carrying a small sack and a tape recorder
was slung over his shoulder.

"Hi," Judy replied, relocking the door. She wondered exactly what she
had seen in Paul. Then she reminded herself that he was good in bed. Not
as good as Mike, of course, but not bad.

"Brought you some groceries," Paul announced unnecessarily as he put the
sack on the counter in the kitchenette. He unslung the recorder and set
it aside.

"Did you bring me any clothes?" Judy asked. Paul shook his head.

"Couldn't. How would I explain running around town with a bunch of
girl's clothes under my arm?"

"Did you bring my pills at least?" Judy demanded, angry.

Paul grinned, reaching for his pocket. "Oh yeah, brought those." He
handed her the plastic dial pack.

Judy fumbled one of the birth control pills out and hastily popped it in
her mouth. "I hope it hasn't been too long already."

Paul reached for her. "Let's find out, shall we?"

Judy twisted aside, feeling no desire for Paul at all. "What's going on
in the world, anyway? Are the police looking for me or anything?"

"Naw," Paul snorted. "We told your folks if the cops were notified
they'd get your head via parcel post."

Judy shivered at the vision this conjured up. "Ick. How's my mom taking

"Scared shitless, of course," Paul gloated.

Judy felt badly about this. She didn't want to hurt her mother
needlessly. "That's too bad."

"Hell it is," Paul retorted. "I think your stepfather is glad to be rid
of you. Only your mother won't let the Old Bastard breathe. She's after
him all the time to pay the ransom. If it weren't for your mother we'd
never be able to pull this off."

"Is he going to pay?" Judy asked.

"Sooner or later, he'll pay," Paul answered. "Your mother'll see to

"I hope it's soon," Judy sighed. "I'm bored stiff in this hole. Couldn't
you bring me a radio or something?"

Paul was sitting on the mattress, taking off his shoes. "Come on over
here and I'll entertain you."

Judy shook her head. She began putting the groceries in the reeking old

"I couldn't bring you a radio," Paul answered at last. "What would the
cops think if they heard a radio playing in this supposedly deserted
block of buildings?"

"There aren't any cops around here," Judy argued.

"Hell there aren't," Paul responded. "They patrol this block regularly.
Squad car goes by every hour or so, day and night. Trying to keep the
junkies from using these places as shooting galleries, probably."

"Junkies! First it was rats, and now you tell me there are drug addicts
wandering around here?!" Judy shrieked.

Paul came up behind her and ran his hands up and down her arms. "Take it
easy, take it easy," he soothed. "There aren't any junkies because of
the cops. All right?" He slid his hands around to cup Judy's breasts
through the raincoat.

Judy slipped out of his grasp. "Yeah, but what about the cops? Oh, and
there are rats, by the way. Or something. I can hear them in the walls.
All the time. Yeecchhh!"

"You getting scared?" Paul asked. "Relax, they won't bother you. Just
keep all your food and garbage and stuff in the refrigerator."

Judy dodged his grasping hands again. Great! With nothing else to eat
they'll start on me!"

Paul stopped pursuing her and stood in the middle of the room, furious.
"What the hell's gotten into you? You knew this wasn't going to be any
picnic. And just whose idea was this whole caper, anyway?"

"It was Mike's," Judy snapped.

"Yeah, and who seconded the motion? You did. You were eager to put the
screws to the Old Bastard right from the start."

"Well, I hate him," Judy answered sharply. "And I thought you'd find me
a better hideout than this one. This place is a--a slum!"

"Where did you expect us to hide you, god damnit, the fucking Beverly
Hilton?!" Paul exploded. "Jesus Christ! The way you're carrying on! You
want to call it off, all right, I'll leave and you can just walk out of
here into the arms of the cops any time you want. Shit, I'd like the
money but I can live with my parents and they give me a decent
allowance. I'm only doing this for you, remember? I don't need your
complaining at all!"

Judy suddenly remembered Mike's warning about aggravating Paul, Cynthia
or Harry. If Paul skipped out on them the whole conspiracy would come
unraveled. Quickly, desperate to ease Paul's anger, she stepped up to
him and wrapped her arms around him. She pressed the length of her warm
body against him.

"I'm sorry, I'm just scared," she said softly.

Paul resisted a moment, then his arms were around her, stroking her back
through the rain coat. "Aw, that's all right," he assured her. "I
understand. Come on, I can't leave anyway until after the squad car goes

Judy let him guide her over to the mattress and help her out of the
raincoat. She lay down and watched while he stripped. Her eyes swept the
length of his body. Shorter and stockier than Mike, Paul's muscles
bulged more. He was hairier than her brother, too, she noted. Paul's
cock was thicker than Mike's, but probably not as long. But, it was a
good cock, Judy knew from experience.

She made room for him on the mattress beside her. As he fondled her soft
breasts with his strong hands, she reached tip and stroked her fingers
through his hair. There was a thin scratch just below his hairline,
which had been concealed by his shaggy blond locks. "Where'd you get
that?" she asked tenderly.

Paul snorted. "Your darling brother didn't pull his punch at all."

Judy winced. "Did it hurt?"

"Of course it hurt. He really knocked me cockeyed!"

"Let me kiss it," Judy said, pulling Paul's head down. His hair tickled
her naked skin as she tenderly kissed the lump and the scab. Then she
hugged his head to her as he lowered his lips to her breast and nibbled
on her tautly erect nipple. So it wasn't her brother, so what? She had
to keep Paul content until the ransom was paid, and Paul wasn't a bad

Fire surged through Judy as the youth suckled first on one breast, then
the other. She sucked in her stomach as he stroked his hand blindly down
to her crotch and sank his fingers into her pussy. A wash of juices wet
his fingers as desire awoke in Judy's body.

In her mind she was holding ferociously to a vision of her brother as
Paul explored the hot, wet folds of her pussy. Spreading her sleek
thighs to Paul's intimate exploration of her recesses, she remembered
how Mike had plumbed her with his hand and then his cock.

Reaching downward, Judy found Paul's cock and wrapped her hand around
the hard, hot tower of flesh. She squeezed and massaged the heavy organ,
still imagining it was her brother, and not Paul, she was with. But it
was becoming less important who she was with. Paul was tormenting her
clitoris as he probed the depths of her streaming vagina with his
fingers. His whole hand was stirring around in the wet juicy crater of
her pussy. He was smearing her thick waves of fluids into the already
tangled and twisted coils of her pubic hair. Fresh juices were joining
the dried remnants of her coupling with her brother the day before.

Judy's excitement was growing rapidly as Paul stimulated her. The
feeling of his fingers mashing and stirring her crotch was setting her
entire body ablaze with lust. Writhing on her back on the mattress, Judy
scratched at her boyfriend's strong back and pumped the brutal hard
bludgeon of his prick in her fist.

All Paul's doubts about Judy were gone. The feel of her hot sticky
tissues under his hand was enough to blot out all the worries he had
had. Judy's warm, tender breast, with its hard, excited nipple, in his
mouth eased the concern her earlier attitude had triggered. She was as
hot and exciting and wet and juicy and stimulating and responsive as she
had ever been. Her vagina was clinging to his fingers, coating them with
hot liquid. Knowing it drove her insane, he bore down on the button of
her clit with his thumb, grinding and rolling that nerve-filled little
bundle of sensitivity.

Judy's body thrashed with excitement under Paul's stimulating hand.
Releasing his cock, she found and fondled the heavy masses of his balls
with their load of sperm. She reached back behind their sac to press and
tickle the very foundations of his cock, then the insides of his thighs.
Her pussy was flooding; ready for his prick and she worked to raise him
to the same fever pitch.

With a soft groan, Paul lifted his head from Judy's breast and moved his
body over hers. Covering her with his heavy bulk, he started to aim his
cock into her pussy.

"No," she panted, "let me do it this time. Let me put it in myself." She
shoved him over onto his back.

She straddled him, poising her crotch over his jutting tower of
masculinity. Licking her lips with excitement, she smiled down at him.
She gripped the base of his powerful prick, tilting it to a vertical
position, aiming it into the wet, red opening of her vagina. She lowered
herself on it, shifting her hips slightly when it hit slightly off
center. Then, with the head of Paul's prick just nestled in the entrance
to her vagina, she paused. She could feel it, just the tip of it,
wedging open her hole slightly.

Paul's body was rigid with excitement. Having Judy's hot, slick folds
embracing just the head of his prick was like having it dipped in fire.
He could admire the full, beautiful, graceful sweep of Judy's torso, her
rounded, firm breasts with their excited pink conical caps. He could
study the way her ribs heaved with excitement.

Best of all, below her hairy crotch, he could see the erect pillar of
his cock. The point of his pale column was hidden by the stringy wet
curls of hair and the spread lips of her pussy. Linking his hands behind
his neck, Paul held his head up so he could keep on watching that
fascinating sight. He watched his sturdy prick slowly vanish into Judy's
tender body as she lowered herself on it.

Judy tormented herself deliberately. She lowered herself slowly onto
Paul's bulky cock. She felt her vagina being powered open and filled by
that hot tower of meat. She felt her flesh sliding against Paul's as she
spitted herself on his massive cylinder.

"Aaaaahhhhhh," she sighed as she took the entire length of his phallus
into her vagina. She settled down on him, his complete bulk buried in
her guts, stretching her vagina wide open with its mass. His pubic hair
scratched against her tender labia as she ground her crotch down on him.

When she finally got used to that sensation, she lay forward on him and
began to move. She bounced so that his ready prick slid in and out of
her clinging vagina. At the same time, she rocked her hips so the angle
of his insertion varied from one thrust to the next. She made sure that
every centimeter of the walls of her vagina felt the searing stimulating
cock pressing and sliding in and out of it. She wriggled and writhed,
feeling the head of his prick batter and flail her guts.

Paul lay there. He didn't have to move. All he needed to do was lie
there and concentrate on the marvelous sensations Judy was creating. The
feel of her lithe, sleek, smooth, warm body against his made his senses
flame. He could feel the hard knots of her erect tits grinding into his
chest. He could even feel her stomach muscles writhing against his hairy
belly as she worked her pelvis. Best of all was the feel of her hot
flesh sliding and slapping against him as her hips went into overdrive.
The feel of her slick tissues whipping past the head and shaft of his
prick was lifting him higher and higher, closer and closer to the peak.
He began to move his own hips to emphasize the motion of his cock in her
body to in crease the speed and violence of the pistoning until her
flesh seared past his.

Judy was lifting toward her own cumming. Her orgasm was drawing closer
and closer, her body knotting as the flames surged upward.

"I'm cumming," she panted. "Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm
cum-cum-cum-cum-cumm-cummmm-cummmmminnggggg." Every muscle in her
beautiful body knotted as fire lashed through her and her vagina spasmed
around the cock in it.

And in her mind, she saw her brother's passion-twisted face. This time
it was Paul, but the next time it would be Mike.

Paul was beyond caring about Judy's visions. His cock was pumping and
pulsing, pouring thick gobs of creamy cum deep into her spasming vagina.
His hips lifted off the mattress as he drove his convulsing prick deep
into Judy's pussy. His buttocks clenched and convulsed as he poured his
semen into her milking channel. Then, as his reservoirs were emptied and
his pumping faded to a twitching and then died away completely, he
relaxed, dropping his ass back to the mattress.

A few minutes later Judy crawled off him. His cock flopped over onto one
of his thighs, spraying one thick, gooey strand of cum on his pale skin.
Rolling to his feet, he dressed in silence while Judy pulled her
raincoat on.

"We've got to give the Old Bastard some proof you're still alive," he
explained, getting the recorder.

Judy eyed the machine distastefully. "What should I say?"

"Just say, 'Hi, Mom, I'm okay so far.' And try to make it sound good,
like you were really scared," Paul told her as he turned the machine on.

Judy took a deep breath and repeated what he had suggested.

"No, no, no. You're mumbling. And try to put a quiver in your voice,

"I'm not an actress!" Judy protested.

Paul snorted. "Okay, okay. Let's try it again. But don't say anything
until I tell you to, okay?"

"Okay," Judy agreed, watching unhappily as he rewound the tape.

"Just use your own words and tell your mother you're okay," Paul
suggested. "You know, something like, 'I'm okay, they're treating me
well, hope to see you soon. Please don't tell the police or they'll kill
me.' Something like that."

Judy took a deep breath, leaning back in the rickety old chair. She was
puzzled when Paul hung the recorder on the back of the chair and handed
her the microphone. Then, when he got down on his knees in front of her
and opened the raincoat, she began to understand.

"Now," Paul instructed, "when I start the recorder, wait a second, and
then start talking."

Judy nodded, looking down at Paul as he lowered his face to her naked,
hairy, cum-soaked crotch. His mouth fastened on her pussy and an
explosion of lust made her whole body jerk. Lifting his head for a
second, Paul reached over and punched a button on the tape recorder.
Then his tongue speared deep in Judy's pussy, ripping the length of her
slit and burning over her clitoris.

Judy couldn't have kept her voice steady if she had wanted to. In fact,
it was difficult for her to talk at all as lust seared through her.

"H-hi, M-Morn," she began jerkily. "I-I'mm-mm ok-okay, Mom. They're
tr-treating m-me all right. I h-h-hope I'll be h-h-home soon. P-please
pay the r-rrransom real quick, a-and don't t-t-tell the p-p-police or
they'll k-k-kill me!"

By the time she had managed to stutter her way through this, Judy was
writhing desperately, passion lashing her body. Paul's mouth was working
hungrily at her pussy. He sucked on her clit until she thought she was
going to die with plea sure. She was hovering on the brink of a
beautiful wild orgasm.

Then Paul shut the recorder off and backed away from her.

"Aawww, don't leave me like this," Judy wailed, still slumped in the
chair, her thighs spread wide open.

Paul ignored her, and packed up the recorder. "Got to run. Got to be out
before the next patrol comes by," he told her. "Oh, I need a lock of
your hair."

Judy felt her lust fading, felt aching and unsatisfied, even though she
could feel Paul's cum pooling on the chair as it oozed out of her pussy.
She hung her head, wrapping the raincoat defensively around her naked
body as Paul sawed at a lock of her dark hair with his pocket knife.

In a few minutes she was again alone in the small apartment, the only
sounds the hum of the refrigerator, the ceaseless drip-drip-drip of the
sink and the scurrying of the rats in the walls.

Chapter 4

Judy wrapped her arms around her brother's neck. Then she twined her
legs around him. As he came into the hideout, shouldering the door
closed behind himself, she clung to him like an octopus, nibbling
hungrily on the side of his throat. Since Paul had left her hanging
short of an orgasm the day before, she had done nothing but dream of her
brother. It had been like a starving man dreaming of food, or someone
dying of thirst dreaming of gallons and gallons of clear, cold water.

Mike reached under the raincoat and cupped her ass with his hands,
supporting her. He turned his head and their mouths met in a driving,
devouring, hungry kiss. His fingers sank into the meaty orbs of her
buttocks and he squeezed and clutched at the yielding masses, pulling
them apart until she could feel her flesh stretching and feel cool air
touching her asshole and her pussy.

Hanging on Mike with one arm, Judy managed to slip the other out of the
sleeve of the raincoat. Then she reversed the operation and her only
garment dropped to the floor, leaving her naked. She was still hanging
onto her brother, still had her arms tangled around his neck, her legs
scissored around his thighs. Her pelvis rocked and rolled as she ground
her crotch against his leg, grinding his hard body and rough clothes
into her pussy.

"Off," Mike grunted at last, breaking the kiss, releasing her ass.

Judy let her feet drop to the floor, untwined her arms and backed away
from her brother. Without waiting for him to say anything, she was
tackling his belt.

Mike stroked his hands down her sides, then up to her breasts. He
thumbed her nipples, making them bounce and harden. "Don't you want to
know what's happening?"

"Not now," Judy answered, her voice throaty with need. "Only thing I
want right now is you." She had his pants open and was fondling the
tower of his erection. His proud cock stood out stiffly from the thick
bush of pubic hair at its base. She knelt in front of him and dragged
his pants down around his calves.

"What if I don't want you?" Mike teased, steadying himself by putting
one hand on her head.

Judy smiled at him confidently, and ran one finger up the hot length of
his stiff, ready prick. She paused to scratch the underside where the
glans curved up toward the slit.

Mike looked fondly down at his sister. She was sitting on her heels, her
back very straight. Her breasts jutted out boldly, the twin peaks of her
nipples looking like tiny volcanic peaks. Between her lush pale mounds
he could see the dark vee of her triangle between her golden, graceful
thighs. As he watched she spread her knees to reveal herself to him. His
pale cock with its rounded pink head was pointing straight at her sweet,
innocent face. This was his sister, and she was more desirable than any
other woman in the world.

A shining clear drop appeared at the tip of Mike's cock as if by magic.
Thick and viscous, it formed a magnifying lens over the tiny slit,
distorting and enlarging the opening. Finally the globbet grew too large
and heavy. It oozed down the curve of the head of Mike's cock, leaving a
shining snaillike trail behind it. Judy's mouth was watering with desire
as she watched the gleaming oozing drop just inches away. She could see
the texture of the head of Mike's prick, the vague scar of his
circumcision below the groove where the glans joined the pale-veined

The young girl captured the shining drop before it could drool off his
cock. Catching the liquid with her fingers, she smeared it back up ward,
coating the head of her brother's powerful prick with it, making his
flesh gleam. The juice was hot, sticky, and marvelously slippery. It was
perfectly suited to the task for which it had been designed, greasing
the way into her pussy.

Pushing against his strong thighs, remaining on her knees in front of
him, she guided him back to the old chair. He sat down on it obediently
and she crawled up to him. Then he spread his knees and she pushed up
between them.

His cock was tipped upward, lolling slightly to one side as it reached
powerfully for the ceiling. Below it, between his thighs, his balls hung
heavy in their wrinkled sac. A few curling, fine pubic hairs had
sprouted energetically from that skin container.

Judy hooked her elbows over her brother's thighs, rested her forearms
along those strong columns, and reached for his stiff, throbbing
erection. His excitement had yielded a second oozing drop and it was
trickling slowly down the under side of his phallus, leaving another
shining trail. Judy caught this drop on her thumb and smeared it up the
underside of Mike's warm shaft. She feasted her eyes on his hard,
massive cock. From her intimate vantage point she could see a few fine
capillaries beneath the pale, sensitive skin. The veins bulged with
blood, and the skin stretched tightly over them and the engorged
Interior of the tower of gristle.

Judy lifted on her knees, until her mouth was over his spearing cock.
Mike shifted his ass for ward on the chair and his belly wrinkled as he
slouched lower. His fingers stroked through the lush dark curls of
Judy's hair as he stared lovingly down at her sweet face. Her hair
tickled his thighs as she hovered over his upstanding penis. Her fingers
gripped the base of his shaft delicately but firmly, steadying it so it
pointed straight into her face. Mike felt as if his cock was going to
explode it was so hard and full of blood and lust.

Judy's mouth worked as she tormented herself with the sight of her
brother's sturdy erection, the erection he had because of her. Her mouth
watered as she hovered over that monster lance of flesh. A drop of
saliva drooled from her lip to trickle over the curving pinkish cap and
mingle with his excited secretions. She squeezed the base of his
throbbing prick between her fingers. It felt like hard rubber in her

Then she lowered her mouth to the bulbous head. Opening her lips, she
encircled the knobby tip with them, setting them into the groove just
below his glans. She curved her tongue lovingly around the hot, yielding
flesh, tasted his lubricating juices. Her nose full of the smell of him,
she lifted her head slowly, and, maintaining a delicate suction, sucked
blood into the cap of his cock.

"Jesus Christ!" Mike sighed, his senses flaming from the feel of his
sister's loving mouth around the head of his prick. He felt as if the
head of his cock was going to explode.

Judy lowered her head, taking slightly more of his hot meat in her
mouth. Again, she made her tongue conform to his contours, pressed and
stroked his hot flesh. Saliva poured from her glands to pool around the
invading bulk of hot cock. Sealing her lips around his prick, Judy
lifted and sucked, pulling her head up and away from his crotch. His
juices and her spit mixed in her mouth and she swallowed hungrily.

Curling the index finger and thumb of one hand around the base of Mike's
cock, she began to explore between his thighs with the other. She lifted
his loaded balls on her fingertips, loving the warm, curving weight of
his sperm-laden ovoids, At the same time she tightened the ring she had
formed around his prick into a tourniquet.

She lowered her head and opened her mouth to take his phallus into her
mouth again. In her mind she was calling herself a "cocksucker", and a
"brother-fucker", and the names made her guts tighten with a perverse
excitement. She was sucking her brother's cock and loving it. She loved
the taste of his hot meat in her mouth, the flavor of his clinging,
sticky, slippery secretions on her tongue.

She could feel her vagina oozing excitement that was trickling down and
pooling on the floor. Her peaking, excited, hard nipples were right at
the edge of the chair Mike was sitting on. By squirming slightly, she
made those excited, sensitive points brush the hard, cold corner of the
seat. It felt as if live fire was searing the tips of her tits.

Mike's cock was halfway to the back of her mouth this time when she
closed her lips around it and scrubbed it with her tongue. She sucked it
hungrily, then lifted her head off the spear that was spitting her. As
she raised her head, she felt her brother's balls lift from her fingers,
tighten up against the base of his phallus.

Mike's fingers were in her hair, knotting in her curls as fire slashed
through him. His toes curled with lust as his sister sucked her head up
off his cock, her mouth drawing still another surge of blood into his
already swollen shaft. His buttocks clenched and his hips lifted in an
instinctive and uncontrollable urge to drive his pulsing organ deep into
her mouth.

Judy let him drive her head down on his cock, let him jam his hot, meaty
bulk deep into her mouth. Closing her lips around his huge shaft, she
pressed her tongue against the cylindrical tower of flesh at it drove
toward the back of her mouth. She sucked as it rammed into her throat.
Her eyes squeezed shut and tears trickled from under her eyelids as she
fought the urge to gag. Then she opened her eyes and stared at the
blurred mass of her brother's pubic bush, just inches away.

She had sucked cock before, but never like this, never as willingly and
eagerly as she was now. She loved having her brother's hard, hot, heavy
sausage of living gristle stuffing her mouth. Just the act of sucking
her brother's cock was enough to make her guts tighten with perverted
lust. This incestuous, unnatural act was enough to make her vagina spasm
hungrily in search of something to fill it.

She wasn't going to get Mike's cock in her pussy this time, and she knew
it. She had gone too far down this road to stop now. She was committed
to taking his load of semen in her mouth, fated to swallow his thick,
clinging gobs of cum. And she was loving every frantic minute of it. And
she was going to enjoy a gasping dry orgasm of her own just from having
Mike pump his sperm down her throat.

And the time was drawing near. Mike's hips were lifting and rammed into
her throat, bruising her. She sucked and swallowed the waves of saliva
his invasion set off, lifted her head, sucking hungrily all the time, as
if she were slurping up the sweet juices from a popsicle.

She drove her head down on her brother's iron-hard, blood-hot shaft of
meat still again, harder and faster this time. She used suction to draw
her down harder and faster and further than before, let Mike help drive
her down on him. She felt his body jerk as he rammed his prick into her,
slammed it down her throat. Every muscle in Judy's own body was writhing
in a wild, in sane flaming orgasm.

As she lifted her head and rammed it down again, threatening to run
herself through with his blunt bludgeon of lust, she dandled his balls,
then probed back into that dark, sweaty smelly place behind them. She
scratched the throbbing, muscular ridge between the base of his scrotum
and the puckered dimple of his asshole, and as she did, she felt his
balls tighten and hug the base of his cock. She felt his muscles
tensing, his body cocking itself for the final effort.

With frantic haste, she lifted her head one last time, sucked in a
tremendous breath through her nose, then rammed her head down on her
brother's vibrating phallus. She sucked that living, hot, column of
flesh deep into her mouth, and down her throat as she felt his balls
convulse. She felt a hot wad of semen rip down the length of his shaft,
a quivering, muscular squirm propelling the thick globbet along the
tight channel. The first clinging blob of sperm-laden fluid bulleted
from the head of his cock and spattered the back of her throat. She
gulped it down, and then the unending waves were coming faster than she
could swallow, pouring into her convulsing throat, pooling in her mouth
and oozing from her lips.

At the first hint of his climax, Mike had forced himself to let up on
his sister's head, in case she didn't want to take his load in her
mouth. But when she rammed her head back down on him, he knew she wanted
his sperm, knew she was willing to absorb his flood of cum in her mouth.
His hips surged upward, threatening to ram his cock out the other side
of her head. He let his own head drop back and loll loosely as he felt
his semen sear up his prick and explode into his sister's throat. He had
never had a cocksucking like this before in his life. His entire body
was bathed in fiery pleasure as his groin emptied its titanic load of
semen into his sister's working mouth. The feel of her throat spasming
around the bead of his cock as she swallowed the gummy liquid kept his
ejaculation going on and on and on. His cumming threatened to last
forever as he poured semen into Judy's stomach. But, eventually, his
load had to run out, and did. And then he was left with his groin
spasming in the delicious agony of dry heaves. Judy finally spat out his
prick, his belly ached with the glorious feel of total carnal

Groggy, he looked down at Judy as she sat squatting back on her heels in
front of him. Her chin was glistening with spit and semen. She looked as
content as a cat they had once had after it had gorged itself on a half
pint of heavy cream.

Judy's belly felt full, loaded with the warm soup of Mike's cum. Shiver
after shiver of dying lust wracked her while she fought for breath. Her
mouth was filled with the taste of his metallic, salty semen, and her
nose was filled with the clinging, distinctive stench of masculine sex.

"Yum!" she finally exclaimed.

"Wow!" Mike exclaimed. "What a greeting!"

Judy struggled to her feet. She settled her naked form in her brother's
lap, snuggling against him warmly. The chair groaned ominously under
their combined weight but didn't collapse. Wrapping her arms around
Mike, she kissed him, opening her mouth and letting him taste his own
semen on her breath.

Mike responded eagerly to her kiss, sweeping one hand upward to cup and
massage one of his sister's firm, young breasts. His groin ached as his
cock tried vainly to respond to this new stimulation from his sister.
But his penis insisted on remaining resolutely limp under the soft,
pliable mass of her ass. He fondled the warm length of her body
tenderly, stroking her satiny bare skin lovingly.

"Hi, Brother," Judy giggled.

"Hello, Sister," Mike responded. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," Judy answered.

"Even ...?" Mike asked, sliding a hand down into the hot, hairy crevice
of her sex. He slid his fingers into the sticky, unused juicy opening of
her pussy.

"Even there," Judy admitted with a sigh. "Just sucking your cock was
enough to make me cum."

"I'll be damned," Mike marveled.

Just then there was a knocking on the door and they both froze guiltily.

"Who's there?" Judy called after finding her voice.

"It's me. Cynthia."

"Shit!" Mike swore softly. "She can't find us like this."

"Just a minute," Judy called. "Pull up your pants," she whispered softly
to her brother. Getting off his lap, she picked up the raincoat and
slipped it over her nude body. In the kitchen she quickly rinsed her
mouth out with cola. Then she dawdled tensely while Mike fastened his
pants. Finally she opened the door.

Cynthia breezed in briskly, fastened her gaze on Mike sharply, and
glared. "I thought I'd find you here," she growled.

"Hi, Cynthia," Mike greeted his girl friend meekly.

Judy went on the offensive quickly, sensing the trouble that was
brewing. "Why shouldn't he be here? He is my brother, after all."

"He certainly is," Cynthia retorted. "And I hope you don't ever forget
it, either."

"Just what is that supposed to mean?" Mike demanded sharply.

"I mean, I don't think any incestuous little couplings would do our
scheme any good at all," Cynthia explained meticulously.

"Incestuous couplings!" Judy erupted. "Why I never heard such nonsense
in my life. Incest is--why--why--incest is perverted!"

"So's cocksucking," Cynthia said. Her seeming clairvoyance made both
Judy and Mike start guiltily.

Judy had rinsed her mouth out with cola, and felt fairly secure. She
stepped over to Cynthia. "Care to kiss me to see if you can taste
anything on my breath?" she asked sweetly.

She was more than a little surprised when Cynthia took her up on her
offer. When Cynthia's soft, girlish lips came down on hers, a surprising
sweep of heat burned through Judy. Boldly, Judy opened her mouth in
invitation to the slender blonde girl. When Cynthia followed up by
probing Judy's mouth with her tongue, Judy's senses flamed to life. She
knew Mike was watching, and must be amazed at the bold, lust-filled
lesbian kiss.

Judy wrapped her arms around Cynthia and the two girls went into a
tight, tangled embrace. Mike watched in astonishment. He could see how
the girls' mouths were working as they explored each other with their
tongues. His guts knotted at the sight. When the clinch broke and
Cynthia reached to unbutton Judy's raincoat, he sank down dumbly on the
chair to watch what happened next.

What happened was that Judy let Cynthia strip the raincoat off. Then,
nude once more, Judy reached for the bottom of Cynthia's clinging black
T-shirt. She stripped it up and off the blonde girl, baring her
brother's girl to the waist. Licking her lips eagerly, Judy reached out
and touched Cynthia's shy breasts, tweaking the pale pink nipples

Cynthia's mouth was partly open with lust and she reached out to play
with Judy's lush, full, firm, young breasts. Her long graceful fingers
traced the lush curves of Judy's breasts eagerly. Then she pinched and
tugged Judy's nipples, twisting them.

Suddenly the two girls were in each other's arms again in a tight,
breast-crushing embrace. Their boobs squashed flat against each other as
their mouths linked in a tight, sucking kiss.

This time when the embrace broke, Judy led Cynthia over to the mattress
and helped her lie down on it. Bending over the slender blonde, Judy
unfastened the girl's shorts and pulled them down and off her lean legs,
exposing her pussy with its sparse blonde curls. Then Judy lay down
beside Cynthia and the two girls entwined for a third time.

Mike felt his cock responding to the sight of the two nude girls
tangling intimately on the worn mattress. He watched tensely as
Cynthia's long, graceful legs dueled with Judy's shorter, more lushly
curved limbs. Legs gripped legs, as the girls ground their pussies
against each other's thighs, while their hands roamed boldly over each
other's bare torsos.

Judy's lust soared at the feel of Cynthia's body against hers. At first
Judy's only idea had been to soothe Cynthia's anger and buy some time
for her brother to recover his poise and, conceivably, his sexual
energy. But now, with Cynthia's long, sleek, softly feminine form
sliding against her own bare skin, Judy was finding herself swept along
in a torrent of lust. Cynthia's thigh was satin smooth between hers,
hard, and driving against her pussy, grinding her clitoris into a knot
of pleasure as effectively as any boy's body ever had. Judy returned the
favor by lifting and driving her own thigh into Cynthia's crotch,
feeling the girl's sparse, wiry pubic hair scratch her.

And breast against breast was incredibly stimulating! Cynthia's firm,
small tits were grinding into Judy's larger, softer mounds. Turgid
nipples rubbed and scraped together, striking fire through both female

Mike himself was seething. His cock was threatening to burst out of his
pants it was getting so hard. Cynthia's and Judy's bodies had always had
the power to turn him on. That time Judy had walked out of the bathroom
and straight past him, naked as the day she was born, had nearly driven
him crazy. After locking the door behind himself he had masturbated
until he had spouted like a volcano. The first time he had stripped
Cynthia's bikini off her at the beach and she had lain on the towel
naked, his cock had damn near split his own suit. Now this, both of his
women naked, writhing together in genuine lesbian lust, was almost too
much. The fact that Judy had just sucked his cock dry eased his
excitement a little. Probably if it hadn't been for that he would be
ripping off his clothes and joining them on the mattress.

Sooner or later he was going to have to find some release for his
boiling lust. Right now, though, he was content to feel the muscles of
his groin knotting and his cock threatening to explode and just watch
his sister and his girl friend making love to each other.

Now their positions were changing slowly. Cynthia was lowering her
sweet, slender face, opening her lips and letting them close around one
of Judy's budding erect nipples. The blonde girl's golden hair trailed
gracefully over Judy's tanned skin. Judy was lying on her back, her
curvy tan body writhing sensuously, her dark hair fanning out on the
mattress, her head rolling mindlessly from side to side. Her face was
twisted with passion, her mouth hanging open slackly. She was gripping
Cynthia's golden head, combing and twisting her fingers through the
girl's blonde tresses. Judy was arching her back, driving her full, firm
breast into Cynthia's working, suckling mouth even while she was pulling
Cynthia's head down against her boob.

Raising her head, Cynthia left Judy's left breast gleaming with saliva
and shifted her attention to Judy's right mound. Spearing her tongue
out, Cynthia swept it in a tight circle around Judy's nipple, then
battered it across the stiff rubbery bud.

Then Cynthia shifted, leaving those tortured globes of flesh. Licking
happily at Judy's writhing torso, Cynthia worked her way lower. She left
a gleaming, chill trail of drying spit, straight down Judy's arching,
writhing body.

Judy's stomach muscles convulsed at the touch of Cynthia's tongue on the
sleek expanse of her bare skin. The wind gusted from her in a word less
huff of lust when a tongue speared into the hollow of her navel.

Then Cynthia was driving lower, and turning her own body, bringing her
hips up toward Judy's head. Pressing her face into Judy's crotch,
Cynthia lifted one of her own legs over Judy's face and straddled the
dark-haired girl as she lay on her back. Boring her tongue deep into
Judy's slick, streaming pussy, Cynthia lowered her crotch on Judy's

Judy was ablaze with lust, her hips writhing and jerking at the invasion
of her channel by Cynthia's probing tongue. Judy stared up at Cynthia's
pussy, feasting her eyes on the blonde's sparse, reddish curls and
pouting labia. Protruding from the slit were Cynthia's swollen and ex
cited red inner lips, a ready target for Judy's mouth and tongue.

Cynthia's pussy came down on Judy's face and the younger girl's head was
full of the smell of sex. Judy drove her tongue deep into Cynthia's
recesses. At the same time, Judy wrapped her arms around Cynthia's hips
and gripped the girl's firm ass, and pulled her down even harder.
Digging her heels into the mattress, Judy lifted her pelvis and rammed
it up against Cynthia's working, devouring mouth.

Mike lurched up from the chair where he had been sitting. Without taking
his eyes off the two girls, he began stripping off his clothes. His cock
was a knot of agony from being restricted by the tight pants. When he
got his pants open and off, his prick whipped free, sending a gleaming
drop of wetness arching through the air.

Mike stalked the room tensely, his hands working as he watched and
watched and watched the girls twisting together, head to crotch on the
mattress. Cynthia's firm, rounded buttocks were clenching and quivering
as Judy clutched them. Cynthia's small breasts were pressed flat against
Judy's rounded belly and the lithe blonde was hugging herself tightly to

Judy's hips were surging upward against Cynthia's face, her heels were
digging into the mat tress. Judy's whole body was writhing against
Cynthia's slender form in a mindless twisting of lesbian lust.

And then both girls began to cum, their bodies knotted and they strained
against each other, their hands digging and pulling at each other's
straining, tensed flesh. Faces ground deep into pussies, jaws worked
hungrily against pulpy wet folds of tissue, tongues pried deep into
streaming holes. For an aching eternity the girls strained against each
other, then both sagged limp simultaneously.

Cynthia rolled off Judy and sprawled bonelessly on her back, her knees
bent, her thighs wide open as she fought to catch her breath. Her face
was wet and sticky with spit and Judy's cum.

Judy lay on her back, her chest heaving as she panted wearily. Her
breasts felt bruised and abused, her nipples swollen and sore from
excitement. She could feel cum and saliva drying on her pussy and the
insides of her thighs. Her cheeks and chin were icy from Cynthia's
juices and her own saliva.

Mike advanced on the two naked, gasping women. His hands clenched
mindlessly as he feasted his eyes on their naked beauty. The two spent
sensuous forms were a study in contrasts: Judy was curvy where Cynthia
was slender, Judy had a dark, deep tan, while Cynthia's was a light,
golden shade, Judy had dark curly hair and Cynthia had straight blonde

And neither girl was doing anything to conceal any part of their bodies.
Both had their legs open, their crotches totally exposed. Four uncovered
breasts with taut excited nipples pointed ceiling-ward. It appeared as
if both of them were making total, uninhibited offerings of their lush,
naked bodies to him.

Mike's gaze flickered hungrily from the blonde pussy of Cynthia to
Judy's dark, curly one. It was like being presented with an unbelievable

But Mike knew he dared not take his sister. Not right here and now in
front of Cynthia. Fortunately, it didn't make much difference to him at
this point. Mike had the feeling he could screw a hole in a block of
wood, his cock was so hard and ready. He lowered himself, and knelt
between Cynthia's open legs. Leaning forward, he lay down between her
gaping thighs. He aimed his cock into the streaming, ready hole of her
vagina and drilled it deep into her hot, slick, clinging depths.

Wrapping her arms around him, Cynthia welcomed his thrust. She thrilled
to the feeling of having her vagina stuffed full of hot, hard, heavy,
sturdy male cock. She relished the feel of Mike's heavy bulk squashing
her flat on the mattress. Her jealousy and suspicions evaporated into
thin air with the feel of her boyfriend's prick jamming her full.

Judy had felt the mattress shift when Mike had settled on it, and had
known what was going to happen. She felt a twinge of jealousy that her
brother was going to fuck Cynthia instead of her, but knew it had to be
that way. Turning her head, she watched, peeking under Cynthia's raised
knee. From her angle, head toward Cynthia's feet, she could see Mike's
shining white cock vanish into Cynthia's red rimmed vagina. Judy had a
closeup view of the way Cynthia's hairy labia gripped Mike's cock as he
powered it into the blonde's ready tunnel. A smear of thick fluids oozed
down Cynthia's ass from her plumbed hole.

Mike drew back, his rock-hard cock sliding into view, shining with
liquid. He drew back until the groove under the glans came into view at
the opening of Cynthia's vagina, then rammed his powerful prick deep in
the blonde girl's guts again. His balls swung heavily up and slapped
against her quivering bottom. He began to pump rhythmicly, sliding his
gleaming white lance out of the hot clinging, sheath, then driving it
back in.

Judy's body quivered emphatically at the sight of Mike screwing Cynthia
so deeply with his turgid phallus. Judy's vagina convulsed on emptiness,
searching forlornly for a cock to grip.

Mike was digging his fingers under Cynthia's ass, lifting her hips and
driving his fingers into the crack between the cheeks. Judy could see
him searching blindly with his fingers for something. He poked and
prodded along the depths of the crack between Cynthia's buttocks until
one finger hit the wrinkled, puckered bud of her asshole. Slowly, he
drove his finger into that tight opening, prying his finger into her

Judy's whole body knotted with excitement at the sight. It was a
variation she had never imagined. Just the sight of a finger being
driven into Cynthia's anus was enough to send shock waves of excitement
ripping through Judy. Somehow, instinctively, Judy knew just how great
an invasion like that would feel. Silently, she cheered her brother on
as he twisted and drilled his finger up into Cynthia's bowels while he
pistoned his gleaming cock in her greedy vagina.

Reaching down along her own body, Judy pressed the fingertips of both
hands against her mons, dug them lower into the pulpy, sticky wet tangle
of her pussy. With the fingers of her left hand she rolled and mangled
her clit. Driving lower with the fingers of her right, she tried to jam
four of them into her vagina. Then she changed her masturbatory attack,
somehow man aging to torture her clit with three fingers, and drive all
the others into her vagina. And she also managed to stimulate her anus
at the same time. Without taking her eyes off Cynthia's two-pronged
skewering, Judy drove a wad of fingers into her vagina and twisted
another into her own asshole. It probably wasn't as good as what Cynthia
was feeling, but it was going to have to do. Waves of fire slashed
through Judy as she energetically stimulated herself with both hands.

Mike had his finger buried in the hot, greasy hole of Cynthia's anus.
His hand was grinding into the bottom of her crack as he fought to reach
still deeper into her. He was pumping and pistoning his cock in her
slick, slimy, clinging vagina at the same time. Still not satisfied, he
pried a second finger into Cynthia's ass, brutally stretching her tight
ring of muscle as he did. He could feel the pressure of his fingers
against his cock, and of his cock against his fingers.

"Jesus Christ!" Cynthia erupted hoarsely. "Shit, awwww, fuck, awwwww!"
Her slender body heaved and writhed and jerked as waves of fire seared
through her. Her vagina was crammed full of cock, and her asshole
stretched and stuffed with Mike's working fingers. She could feel Mike
moving in the clinging, velvety tunnel of her rectum, pressing against
his pistoning cock through the thin wall of flesh separating her two

"Aaawwwww, I'm cummminnnggggggg," she gargled helplessly as her orgasm
crashed down on her like a tidal wave.

Mike was hammering his cock deep in Cynthia's convulsing, streaming
vagina. He twisted and pulled with the fingers sunk in her anus to
increase the pressure against his prick, and felt his climax building.
The first wad of cum burst from the tip of his prick like a cannon shot.
He heaved, ramming his pulsing, convulsing cock into Cynthia's pussy as
if he were trying to drive it right through her. He jammed his fingers
further into her rectum as if he was trying to bore them all the way up
through her so that they emerged from her mouth.

He filled her guts with his thick, hot cum until it poured out from
around his cock, dribbled down Cynthia's ass and coated his hand where
it was grinding against her bottom.

Judy's own self-made orgasm burst over her like fireworks at the sight
of Cynthia and Mike straining against each other. Her vagina convulsed
around her fingers and her anus spasmed as she came. She saw the thick
streams of creamy semen pouring from Cynthia's vagina, and con soled
herself with the knowledge that she was carrying a load of that
delicious fluid in her own stomach.

It was a long time before the three of them had recovered enough to sit
up and talk.

Cynthia staggered wearily to her feet and gathered her clothes. "I guess
you two weren't doing anything," she admitted at last.

"Of course we weren't," Judy lied smoothly.

Mike wrapped one arm around Cynthia and hugged the blonde girl. "You're
my girl. No sweat," he assured her. "After all, Judy's my sister, for
God's sake."

Judy thought he was laying it on a bit thick. "When are we going to get
the ransom?" she asked, changing the subject.

Mike frowned. "The Old Bastard's really being a pain. Says if he gives
in someone'll only try it again."

"What about the cops?" Cynthia asked.

Mike shrugged. "As far as I know, they haven't been told anything about
the kidnapping yet. Mom's been real tight about that. If it weren't for
her, the Old Bastard would just kiss Judy off and let the fuzz handle it
all. He couldn't care less what happens to Judy. Just so long as no one
gets their hands on his money he's happy."

"Oh, great," Judy exclaimed.

Mike looked at his sister. "You knew he was like that, Sis. But Mom's
keeping him in line. We'll hit him with another ransom note tomorrow.
And with another tearful tape from you to jog Mom we'll get him moving.
By the way, that first tape was a dilly. You were bawling so hard we
could hardly understand you."

Judy giggled. "I wasn't bawling. Paul was eating me out when I made the

"No shit!" Mike exclaimed. "See if you can do as well tomorrow. I'll
send Paul by again."

"It'll be a pleasure," Judy chuckled.

"I'll be seeing you," Mike said in farewell. Behind Cynthia's back, he
flashed a tender look of love, encouragement, and approval to his sister
before closing the door.

Chapter 5

Judy was bored stiff. After Mike and Cynthia had left, she had flopped
down on the mattress stark naked, and had dropped off to sleep and not
awakened until morning. If it was morning. The boarded-over window
admitted no light to judge the time of day by. Tight enough to keep any
light from getting out at night meant it was also tight enough to
prevent the sun coming in during the day.

The ceiling light was unchanging. She had tried turning it off and had
almost instantly turned it back on. In the pitch blackness the walls had
felt as if they were closing in on her. And suddenly the rustling,
gnawing noises in the walls had gotten louder. She had imagined that
tiny scurrying feet were scampering toward her in the dark, and that the
teeth that gnawed at the beams of the old building were poised, ready to
sink into her bare feet.

She had heard about rats in the slums. She had heard that they attacked
sleeping children.

She never turned the light off again, even when she slept. The glare
kept the scurrying at bay.

Judy was bored with her menu. Peanut butter and bread and milk. It was
impossible to have a varied menu with just three items. She longed
desperately for one of her mother's home-cooked meals. One of the
complaints she and Mike had had was those meals. Before their mother's
marriage, the fare had been poor--spaghetti, or stew, or chili. There
was never enough money for steak or chops or a roast. Often it was just
tuna fish in a salad or a casserole.

After they had acquired the Old Bastard for their stepfather, there had
been little change. With all his money, he kept the household budget
tight. Often to squeeze out some money for Mike and Judy, their mother
stretched the household funds to the limit. That meant even more tuna
fish and cheap ground beef dishes.

But right now Judy was of the opinion that a tuna casserole would rank
right alongside a sirloin steak.

Judy wondered how long she had been in hiding. She tried to figure it
out, but couldn't. Some where along the line, in the unending light from
the naked ceiling bulb she had lost track of the days and nights. She
couldn't remember how many times she had slept ... and that wasn't any
guide anyway. She might be sleeping in the day and be awake at night
now, for all she knew.

She wondered what was happening in the world. She felt as if she was
completely losing touch with reality. For all she knew, the entire human
race had vanished. She might die, alone, here, in this bare room, with
only a raincoat to cover her, without ever learning that some horrible
plague had wiped out the rest of mankind.

The thought of that having happened without her getting to see her
mother one last time brought tears to Judy's eyes. Her tears made her
realize how close she was to cracking up. After all, it had only been a
week, at most. And Mike and Cynthia had just been there the day
before--hadn't they?

Judy remembered what she had read somewhere about brainwashing. She
remembered having read about the Vietnam POWs. One of the most awful
things for them had been not knowing how long they were going to be kept
in solitary. One of the techniques used in brainwashing was to lock a
prisoner in just the kind of room she was in now. With no way to judge
night or day, no contact with the outside world, men went mad quickly.
They would do anything in order to get back in touch with other people,
with the rising and the setting of the sun.

Judy ventured over near the door. All she had to do was pull back the
chain and turn the latch and she would be free and out. But that would
ruin the "kidnapping" plot. Perhaps she might not be seen, but if she
were, that would be the end of it.

Worse, who might see her? She had only a raincoat over her nude body.
What if there were junkies in the empty apartment house? What kind of
perverts and derelicts would seek out a block of abandoned buildings
like these to hole up in?

What if it were the middle of the night and she opened the door on pitch
blackness? Hordes of rats might be prowling the stairs, or even be
waiting outside the door for her to lower her defenses. Or, what if she
opened the door and found that there was nothing--nothing at all, that
everything but this cell-like apartment had vanished?

Judy reined in her feverish imagination quickly and sought refuge in her
memories. She remembered that first wonderful time with her brother. She
recalled the marvelous feel of his hot, sturdy, virile cock pumping and
pistoning in her moist vagina. She remembered the feel of his solid,
powerful body pressing her down, grinding her tender breasts flat.

Her memories brought a flash of warmth to her loins. Her legs felt shaky
and soft as she sank down on the mattress. It was here, right here, that
she had had the man she had wanted for so long. Right here she had
spread herself and let her brother drill his phallus deep in her vagina.
Right here her brother's pubic bone had crushed her clitoris against her
pubic bone as he had fucked her and fucked her and fucked her.

The only regret Judy had was that it had taken so long. All those wasted
years when she could have been having him! She was sixteen now, and had
lost her virginity when she was fourteen. Those two years seemed hollow,
in spite of the many boys she had happily spread her legs to. That first
time had been to spite her brother for not taking her when he had the
chance. The other times had been pleasant, but nothing much more than
that. She realized now that to a certain extent, her promiscuity had
always been to spite her brother, and to prove to herself that she was

But the real problem was that none of those boys had been Mike. That was
what she had always wanted, her brother's cock in her belly. Every time
she had lain back in the back seat of a car, one leg trailing on the
floor, one hooked on the back of the seat, she had wanted the boy
entering her to be her brother.

Even worse, there was no reason she and Mike couldn't have started even
younger than when she was fourteen. She could have given her virginity
to him long before that. With their mother working they had had ample
opportunity. Getting home from school at three-thirty, they had had the
house all to themselves until dinner time.

Judy dreamed idly of those afternoons. Some times Mike had given her the
word that She should find someplace else to go. She knew what he had
been doing those afternoons. Oh, not exactly what he had been doing, but
she knew that he had a girl over. Judy hadn't spied on him. Often she
had gone off with a member of the opposite sex herself.

Why had she and Mike done that? Why hadn't they double dated those
afternoons? What peculiar quirk toward privacy had kept them from doing
whatever they wanted to do with all four of them in the same room? Or,
they could have just used separate rooms in the house. Probably if they
had done that they would have entered into their incestuous coupling
much sooner. Judy sighed.

Anyway, sex with someone else in the room was exciting. She had found
that out yesterday. Making lesbian love with Cynthia had been incredibly
exciting. It hadn't been the first time Judy had experimented that way.
Nor, obviously, had it been the first time Cynthia had. But doing it
naked, tangled in Cynthia's silken naked embrace, with Mike looking on
had been wonderful. Just the knowledge that Mike was watching had
doubled the pleasure.

And then, watching Mike make it with Cynthia had been fabulous, too.
Judy recalled seeing her brother's sticky wet cock sliding in and out of
Cynthia's streaming pussy and felt a flash of heat, and a demanding itch
in her pussy.

Lying back on the mattress, Judy slid one hand down to her pussy and
combed her fingers into her encrusted pubic hair. Sliding her other hand
up, Judy cupped one breast, rolling and teasing her nipple. She spread
her legs, and pressed the tip of one finger into the top edge of her
slit and mashed it down on her clitoris, sending a searing bolt of
pleasure through her body.

Where had Mike learned that trick of jamming a finger up a girl's
backside? What wanton high school hussy had taught him that? Judy
summoned up the memory of watching her brother's finger disappearing up
into Cynthia's rectum and whimpered. Why hadn't he done that to her?
Why, when he was fucking Judy that first time, hadn't he thrust his
longest finger way up inside her bowels?

Judy reached lower, poked a finger at her rectum, then drilled it up
into that hot, greasy hole. She tormented her clitoris and buggered her
anus with her own fingers, and pleasure lashed through her and she
rolled and twisted on the naked mattress. But it just wasn't the same
thing. The finger she had up her anus was her own finger, and that was
like trying to tickle yourself. And the fingers she had up her own
vagina were only fingers, and had none of the hefty, meaty bulk of a

The only thing she was doing to herself that was as good or better than
someone else doing it was fingering her clitoris. To pinch and roll that
sensitive mini-penis with her own fingers was infinitely better than
having it crunched between pubic arches. Only someone sucking that
rubbery little button was better than this.

Nevertheless, Judy was soaring from her self-stimulation. She was
tormenting her own crotch with both hands now, her arms pressing inward
against the sides of her breasts, creating a deep, dark, exciting valley
between the lush soft mounds. Her nipples were sharp, rubbery cones
jutting straight at the ceiling as she fingered herself tensely.

And there was a knock on the door. It was loud and insistent, and
frightening. It chilled Judy's overheated blood instantly. Her passion
melted away like a mist as she withdrew her hands from her intimate

The knock came again, even louder.

"Wh--who is it?" Judy ventured timidly.

"It's me," Paul answered, his voice muffled by the door.

"Paul!" Judy leaped up from the mattress. Ignoring the raincoat in her
haste and relief, she hurtled across the room and fumbled the chain and
lock open quickly.

Paul pushed through the door, straight into Judy's octopus-like embrace.
Wrapping his arms around her naked body, he kicked the door closed with
one foot. Then he turned his attention to kissing the lush naked girl
thoroughly, his hands sweeping over her cool, satin-smooth naked body.
His cock swelled and hardened sharply in his pants.

Judy's lust was building as rapidly as it had faded at the sharp knock
on the door. All the masturbating she had been doing, all the
reminiscing about Mike and Cynthia had built her passion to a fever
pitch. She ground her naked body against Paul, twisting and rolling her
torso to mangle her breasts against his strong chest. She trapped one of
his powerful thighs between her slender ones and scrubbed her bare pussy
against his pants, feeling the harsh material burn against her
sensitive, engorged inner tissues.

"Wait a second, okay?" Paul begged at last, peeling her off him.

"Hurry," Judy urged desperately, maintaining a grip on one of his arms,
pressing his hand into her hairy, steaming, oozing pussy. She ground his
knuckles against her clitoris and drenched her thighs around his hand.
She pressed his arm against the soft mound of one breast, digging her
pertly erect nipple into him. She was doing her best to fuck herself on
his hand and arm.

Paul found his own lust flaming insanely at the feel of the naked girl
wrapping herself around his arm. He felt her juices smearing the back of
his hand, felt her wiry pubic curls scratching his skin. The feel of her
warm soft body embracing his muscular arm was astonishing, and very,
very nice. His cock was already so hard he was in agony.

Awkwardly, Paul freed himself from the tangle of the recorder, and set
it aside. Then, a bit impatiently, he freed himself from Judy and began
to rip off his clothes. As he hurled them away heedlessly, Judy turned
and relocked and chained the door.

Both naked now, the two teenagers threw themselves together again, and
their bare flesh slapped lewdly. Judy molded her entire curvy soft
length against Paul, plastering herself to him like a second skin,
spreading her thighs to trap one of his legs, pressing her soft belly in
against his harder body, feeling the hair on him scrape and scrub her
nude flesh excitingly.

Paul cupped Judy's ass in his hands, sinking his fingers into the soft,
warm, fleshy masses of her buttocks. He kneaded those luscious globes
lovingly, his fingers prying and stretching the crack between them. His
cock was a steel-hard, red-hot bar crushed between them, ready and eager
to be driven deep into her guts.

The feel of Paul's fingers prying at her ass reminded Judy of what Mike
and Cynthia had done the day before. She didn't want to pull away from
Paul, loving the feel of his hard, hairy body grinding against hers. But
she wanted to move on to more intimate contact. Her vagina was weeping
from emptiness, drooling its anticipation down the insides of her

She tugged Paul in the direction of the over-used mattress. She hauled
him down on her as she sank down onto her back. They maintained body
contact all the way down, until finally Paul was settled between Judy's
thighs. Wriggling desperately, Judy impaled herself on the seething
tower of Paul's cock.

Paul's hips lurched forward and upward. He rammed the full length of his
bulk deep into Judy's hot hole. The slippery flesh of her vagina seared
past the sensitive cap of his prick as he pumped into her.

"Aaaaahhhhh," Judy sighed, her pussy stuffed full of Paul's
blood-engorged penis. With that member sunk in her belly, Judy was free
to concentrate on what she wanted next. Blindly, she found Paul's hands
and guided them to her ass. Lifting her hips, she steered the fingers of
both his hands to the crack of her ass. The feel of him probing that
sweaty crevice was as good as she had imagined it would be. The
sensation of having his fingers digging at the valley floor was
exquisite, triggering a flood of juices from her vagina, which swam
warmly around his cock and trailed gooily down her ass.

Paul wasn't sure exactly what was happening, but had already decided it
didn't matter. He pistoned his prick in the hot, slick, gripping sheath
of Judy's vagina and probed the canyon between her buttocks. She was
digging awkwardly under herself, pushing and guiding his fingers to what
ever goal she had in mind.

"My ass," Judy whispered at last. "I want you to stick your fingers up
my ass."

Paul was surprised. He was also disgusted. But the thought was so
exciting, so incredibly stimulating he knew he had to try it. Just the
thought of doing it sent a rush of blood powering to his already solid
cock. He felt his prick swell and grow still more in the hot socket of
Judy's pussy, stretching those yielding, adhering walls of hers still

Locating Judy's asshole took a while. Unfamiliar with the territory,
Paul had to explore a bit. The first thing he found was the slimy wet
shaft of his cock where it vanished into Judy's vagina. Experimentally,
he pried a finger in under his cock, wedging it into her vagina next to
his prick. That in itself felt damn good. It made the fit of his cock in
her tunnel even tighter.

"My asshole, goddamnit," Judy insisted harshly.

Paul grunted and resumed his search. It was hot and wet and sticky and
slimy back there with sweat and Judy's copious secretions. He found
something and poked at it experimentally.

Judy convulsed, fire lashing through her. "That's it!" she moaned.
"Shove it in me." Her eyes squeezed shut, Judy clung to Paul tightly,
bracing herself for his probing thrust.

Sure of his target now, Paul twisted his finger into the tight, gripping
dimple. The virgin ring of muscle resisted, clenching around the tip of
his finger. The sensation only increased Paul's determination. Twisting
his finger like an awl, he drilled it inward against the resistance
Judy's body offered.

"Aaaarrrrrrrrrr," Judy exhaled. She felt as if her entire body was being
bathed in pure white flames. The feeling of Paul's finger in her butt
was a searing, exciting perverted penetration that sent her lust
soaring. Paul's insistent probing of her anus was triggering a blazing
itch in her guts that only a fantastic flaming orgasm was going to
relieve. Judy struggled to relax her sphincter muscle so Paul could dig

Paul felt himself gaining ground. Twisting and turning his finger, he
bored it slowly up into Judy's rectum. It felt hot and velvety and
greasy in there. Now he could feel the ring of muscle working its way
further up his finger, gripping him. The tip of his finger was inside
her rectum! He had done it! He was jamming his finger up into that hot
shitty hole.

"Aaawww," Judy moaned ecstatically. "Aaa www, fuck me."

Paul pulled his cock out and rammed it deep in her guts. And he felt it!
He felt his cock pistoning in her vagina with his finger! He could, with
his finger, feel his cock leaving and then reentering her pussy! And by
twisting and pushing with his fingertip, he could increase the friction
of her vaginal wall against the sensitive under side, the "trigger", of
his prick.

"Try putting another one in," Judy urged hungrily. "Try shoving two
fingers up inside me."

Paul was more than willing to comply. Now that he had one finger in that
gripping, sticky opening, he was anxious to explore it further. He
wedged a second finger in beside the first. This time it was easier.
Evidently, once that tight gate was pried open a certain distance, its
resistance to further stretching declined.

"Uuuuuuuuurrrrrrggggghhhhhh," Judy rumbled deep in her throat. Two
fingers felt four times as good as one finger. She felt her anal
sphincter being stretched and pushed in reverse by the insistent thrust
of Paul's fingers. She clawed at his back like an animal, urging him on.
The itch in her guts was growing and blossoming, building to a cumming
like she had never had before.

Her only regret was that it wasn't Mike that was ravishing both her

Paul was getting close to a climax of his own. The fingers in Judy's
rectum made the fit of his cock in her vagina unbearably tight. Twisting
and turning the pair of fingers in her tight orifice, he brought still
more pressure to bear on his cock. He pistoned his prick in her, feeling
his fingers against the underside of his phallus through her thin wall
of muscle. His fingers could actually feel the rippled texture of his
cock as he pumped it in her streaming tunnel.

His hand was sopped with her lubricant and sweat.

"Aaaawwww, aaawwww, aaww, aw-aw, I'm cumminnggggg," Judy yelled, digging
her nails into Paul's broad back.

Paul wheezed, lurched, rammed his cock in her belly and twisted his
fingers in her greasy asshole, and began to fountain hot, thick waves of
sperm deep in her vagina. The first shot that powered down the length of
his penis rumbled past his fingertips and exploded from the tip of his
cock. With his fingers he could feel his organ convulsing in the socket
of Judy's vagina.

A new, thick, heavy gummy wave of fluid streamed from her and oozed down
over his hand where it was sunk in her just under her pussy. His copious
cum had filled her and was seeping out around his prick to trickle down
over his hand.

Exhausted, Paul lay totally limp on top of Judy, his fingers still
engulfed by her rectum, his cock by her vagina. His nose was filled with
the thick aroma of sex.

"Wow!" Judy sighed at last.

"Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh," Paul groaned, extracting his invading fingers from
her ass. His fingers felt greasy and dirty. "Christ! That was amazing!"

"Wonderful," Judy agreed, making no effort to move. She was savoring the
delectable ache in her ass.

"Uh--I gotta go wash my hand," Paul mumbled. He stood up, his limp prick
trailing a gooey strand of cum across Judy's thigh. Holding his soiled
hand gingerly away from everything, he went to the bathroom to wash up.

In a few minutes he was back, flapping his hands dry because there
wasn't any towel. Judy was still lying on her back, her legs bent and
spread wide, her arms at her sides. There was a vague pink flush on her
belly, which was fading very slowly. The inflamed inner folds of her
pussy showed in the center of her dark bush like a glowing eye.

"You're going to have to pull yourself together," Paul informed her,
unpacking the tape recorder and picking up the newspaper from where he
had dropped it.

Judy rolled her head on the mattress. "What's up?"

"Well, first of all," Paul began, "the Old Bastard wants proof you're
still alive."

"As if he cared," Judy snorted.

"Yeah, well, he doesn't want to waste his money, I guess. Anyhow, we
have to make another recording--you reading today's newspaper head

"Oh, goody!" Judy snorted sarcastically. She started to roll over.

"Stay there," Paul suggested, bringing the recorder and newspaper over.
"I'll handle the recorder, you just read the headlines, okay?"

"Okay," Judy agreed, taking the paper. She looked at the day-old date
curiously, amazed to find she had been "kidnapped" only six days before.

"Okay," Paul instructed, "count to five to yourself and then start
reading." He punched the "record" button.

Judy counted, then opened her mouth. The first word wheezed abruptly out
of her mouth. Paul had stuffed one hand into her streaming pussy. As he
tickled and tormented her clitoris and vagina, she read the headlines.
Her voice was shaking with lust. She wasn't getting really hot this
time, but the stimulation did make her breath shudder through her vocal
cords. Finally, Paul cut her off with a wave of his hand, then shut off
the recorder.

Judy sighed, and dropped the newspaper.

"Whew! Why do you have to do that to me?" she asked breathlessly. Her
stomach was aching with the beginning twinges of sexual excitement.

Paul rewound the tape, listened to the first sentence, then closed the
recorder up again. "We have to make it sound real, don't we?"

"Yeah," Judy agreed. "But gee whiz, you get me worked up and then run
off and leave me here to stew."

Paul chuckled. "If you hadn't attacked me, I might have something for
you now, instead of being all used up."

"I could get you up again," Judy argued, rolling to her knees.

"Yeah," Paul agreed, "but there isn't time. I have to get this tape on
its way. Besides, you're leaving here this afternoon."


"We have to move you. Mike thinks the cops are in on the action now,"
Paul explained. "He's afraid they might have found out about this

"How?" Judy was overjoyed at the prospect of leaving her miserable

Paul shrugged. "I don't know. All I know is, Harry will be here soon to
get you. Have everything ready to go and wait in the lobby so you can
make a quick dash for it. Okay?"

"Okay!" Judy agreed happily, getting to her feet and reaching for the
raincoat. She slipped it on over her bare skin. A flood of cum streamed
from her vagina down the insides of her thighs.

"I'm ready," she announced.

"Yeah, well, just wait downstairs for Harry then, okay?" Paul said. He
looked at his watch. "He should be along in about five minutes. Wait
till I get out the front door, then come on down. He'll pull up right in
front of the building so all you'll have to do is make a quick dash
across the sidewalk. We've got the police patrols timed so they won't
see you."

"Right," Judy agreed, hovering by the door of the apartment.

Paul gave her a wet kiss and patted one of her breasts through the
raincoat. "See you."

Judy waited anxiously for the sound of the ground floor door closing.
She had all she needed on her back. She felt no qualms about leaving the
hideout. She was looking forward to having a glimpse of sky and
sunshine, however brief it might be.

She made her way down the creaking stairway, the dirt on the treads
feeling gritty and greasy under her bare feet. She felt cum drying
coldly on the insides of her thighs as stray currents of air found their
way up under the raincoat.

She was waiting tensely by the door, peering through a crack when a
sudden hiss from behind her made her jump.

"Hey, this way, Judy," Harry Anderson called sharply. The tall, skinny,
red-haired youth was beckoning frantically from the end of the dark

Judy squeaked with fright and hurried toward him. "How'd you get there?"

"Back door," Harry answered, taking her arm and pulling her along.
"There are cops all over the place today."

Judy shivered, suddenly afraid. "What about Paul?"

"He's okay. Here, wait till I get this thing started, then climb on."
Harry settled himself astride a lightweight motorcycle.

"I thought you were coming in a car?" Judy remarked.

"Couldn't. So I got this from a dealer for a trial spin." He hit the
starter and the motor coughed to life.

Quickly, Judy flung one leg over the seat, feeling a shock of cold air
strike deep into the heart of her bare pussy as she did. The leather
seat felt icy cold against her bare buttocks and moist crotch. She did
her best to tuck the raincoat around her legs and conceal her nudity,
but still felt uncomfortably exposed as she straddled the cycle.

"Hang on," Harry called over his shoulder.

Judy wrapped her arms around him and clenched her knees as close
together as she could. Her bare legs were exposed almost all the way up
her thighs. When they roared off down the narrow alley behind the
buildings, cold air blasted Judy's crotch. She clung to Harry, wriggling
up as tightly against his back as she could. She was exquisitely aware
of her nudity under the rain coat. Her nipples were hard, sensitive
knots grinding against the rough fabric. It felt as if the insides of
her thighs might rub raw on Harry's flanks she was gripping him so hard.

The vibration and bouncing of the cycle drummed straight up into her

They flashed out of the alley, jounced across the gutter and zipped into
the opposite alley, and through the next block. Judy felt a perverse
flash of sexual excitement. The speed of their flight, the cold air
battering and blasting at her and touching her inner tissues, the
jolting from the cycle, all sent her lust soaring. The feeling of
zooming nearly naked through the streets of the city was unbelievably

As lust burned higher in her, Judy clung more tightly to Harry's back,
pressing herself against him sensuously. She rested her cheek on his
back. He shot a surprised glance back at her.

Feeling deliciously wanton, she slipped one hand slowly downward along
Harry's stomach. She knew he couldn't do anything to stop her. She
reached deliberately for his easily accessible crotch and found the hard
ridge of his prick. She fondled that hard rod with her fingers as they
blasted down the alley, the sound of the cycle bouncing off the
buildings at them.

Reaching the end of the alley, they swung sharply out onto the street.
As they roared along through the traffic, Judy's lust increased. The
knowledge that at any minute the raincoat might fly open and expose her
to the whole world in creased her excitement. She continued fondling
Harry's cock through his pants and felt it responding, growing larger
and harder under her touch.

Every jolt of he cycle slammed Judy's bare bottom against the hard seat
and jarred her pussy. The constant pounding was lifting her to ward a
wild orgasm. She ground herself against Harry harder and harder as her
passion built higher and higher. She didn't care where they were
anymore. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut as she concentrated on the
vibration of the motorcycle and her still mushrooming excitement.

When they slewed into still another tight turn and hammered up into a
driveway, the shock al most set off Judy's orgasm. Her eyes shot open as
they plunged into darkness and Harry shut off the cycle. They were in a
garage, far to the back.

Harry set the cycle stand. "Wait here," he ordered Judy, who was still
on the motorcycle. He closed the garage door, then twisted the lock.

Shaking with lust, Judy carefully dismounted from the motorcycle. Her
fingers quivering, she unbuttoned the raincoat, and turned on Harry.

Harry was already tearing at his clothes, flinging them wildly across
the garage as he advanced on her. "All right, you hot piece of tail," he
informed her. "You asked for it all the way over here. Never did
understand what you saw in Paul. Now I'll show you what sex is really
all about."

Judy let the raincoat drop to the floor and met Harry's charge with open
arms and spread legs. The feel of his skinny, bony hard body against
hers was the final jolt to her lust. She let him drop her backwards on
the hard, greasy concrete floor of the garage. The cement pad was cold
and slippery and gritty against her back. The shady interior of the
garage was cool on her bare crotch.

Harry's sturdy prick found the hot nest of Judy's pussy immediately.
With a thrust of his skinny hips, he sank his shaft in her guts as she
embraced him with her arms and legs. The slapping impact of his body
against hers echoed weirdly back from the walls of the garage. Judy's
hips surged upward to meet his drives. She clawed at his back, raising
red welts on his red dish freckled skin. She could feel his bones
grinding into her and the difference between this and the feel of Paul's
or Mike's body on hers in creased her excitement.

Harry drew back, slipped his hands under Judy's buttocks and lifted her
hips from the floor. For a second she thought he was going to invade her
anus the way Paul had. But the red-haired youth didn't, contenting
himself with just lifting her hips upward. When he rammed his long prick
home in her guts, it actually touched bottom in her vagina. The shock of
the head of his cock slamming the end of her channel jolted through
Judy, wringing a wordless cry from her that bounced spookily back off
the empty walls.

Judy slid her hands down to clutch the tight, hard knots of Harry's
buttocks. She sank her nails in them in an effort to spur him on.
Rocking and jolting in her mind was again the vision of her brother's
laughing face, but it mattered less now that it wasn't him in her but
another boy. She had had Mike now, and was certain of having him again.
Now it was marvelous to enjoy a fabulous screwing while holding the
vision of her brother in her imagination.

Experimentally, stretching awkwardly, Judy pried her fingers into the
crack of Harry's ass. He rammed at her even harder, his breath wheezing
explosively in her ear as he hunched and humped her. She dug a finger
down toward his asshole, found it, and jabbed at the hard knot.

Harry slammed his pelvis against her so hard the shock hurt her teeth.
The head of his prick battered at the end of her vagina again. The hard
arch of his pubic bone cracked against her clitoris like the hammer of a
pistol, sending an explosion of pleasure flashing through her.

She twisted her finger into the tight, resisting hole of Harry's anus.

Fire seared through Harry. The feeling of something being wedged into
his ass was unlike anything he had ever felt before. There was a fiery
burning from the invasion. There was pain. But it wasn't a bad pain. It
was a pain that triggered wild new reflexes in him, made him piston and
pump his prick even harder in the clinging, wet envelope of Judy's
vagina. For years he had wondered what she would be like to fuck, and
now he was finding out. Her soft cushiony body under him was better than
any of the other girls he had had. He always seemed to wind up with fat
ones. But Judy--she was curvy and sexy. He could feel her frame under
her tender flesh. And he could feel the end of her pussy with the head
of his prick! Shit, he knew he was long, but hadn't realized he was that
long. With really fat girls, their stomach got in the way, and he could
never get all the way in them. But with Judy, her soft belly was just a
nice soft cushion.

And now she was reaming her finger into the shitty opening of his ass.
Christ, this girl was hot! When she had started feeling him up on the
motorcycle, he was hardly able to wait to get to the new hideout. And
now the reality of fucking his prick into her eager belly was even
better than he had ever imagined it would be.

Judy had her finger sunk in Harry's ass up to the first knuckle. Because
her arm was so short, it was the best she could do. The feel of that
tight ring of muscle embracing her finger was super. She twisted the
digit in the opening. Her hips were jamming up to meet Harry's sharp,
hard drives, increasing the hammering of his prick against the end of
her pussy and the pounding of her pubic bone on her clit.

Judy began cumming like a Fourth of July sparkler, a scintillating,
flickering orgasm that danced through her writhing body. Her muscles
quivered and spasmed and jittered as she continued to cum and cum and

Harry had buried his prick in her belly as far as it would go. His
buttocks clenched Judy's hand as he climaxed, And, with the head of his
prick digging into the end of her vagina, his cum was like nothing he
had ever felt before. The resistance offered to the pumping of his semen
only increased the searing pleasure of the convulsions. He could feel
hot wads of cum pressure out between the head of his prick and Judy's
clinging walls.

Judy felt his cum jabbing and jabbing at her vagina, felt the thick
pulses being squeezed between her clinging tissues and the rubbery head
of Harry's phallus. Her cumming changed from a series of convulsions to
one long, raging, muscle-knotting tidal wave of pleasure that made her
totally unaware of everything around her.

When she slowly returned to reality she was suddenly aware of pain.
There was pain in her shoulder blades where they were being ground into
the unyielding concrete floor. Her ass felt bruised and sore from that
same cold slab and her heels were rubbed raw from straining to lift her
hips. Her arm was stretched and cramped from reaching so desperately for
Harry's asshole. She pulled her finger from that tight orifice and
winced at the feeling of bending her tortured elbow. She felt as if she
had been stretched on the rack.

"Ow, goddamnit," Harry grunted, getting awkwardly to his feet. He looked
down at his knees. They were scraped and bloodied, filthy with grease
and oil.

Judy rolled to her knees, panting, then got to her feet. "This where I
hide out?" she asked.

Harry was picking up his clothes. "In the house," he answered.

Judy slipped on the raincoat. "Whose is it?"

"My uncle's. Or it was, at least. He died and it's tied up in the courts
right now. Don't worry, no one's going to be looking at it or anything."

After the dreadful apartment, the house seemed palatial. "Why didn't you
hide me here in the first place?" Judy asked, remembering the hideous
nights in the abandoned slum.

"Didn't think of it until we had to move you," Harry answered. "Sorry
about that. Look, I've got to wash up and get out of here. There's some
food in the refrigerator--I had the power turned on. There's even hot

"Fabulous!" Judy exclaimed.

"Yeah, well, stay out of sight of the windows and you should be all
right. And no lights on, okay?"

"What about the TV?" Judy asked.

"If you want. It won't show through the living room curtains. They've
been closed ever since my uncle's wake was held here. But keep the
volume low," Harry ordered. He vanished into the bathroom.

Judy wandered through the small house, exploring. The closets were
empty. No clothes. Well, she had gotten along so far with just the rain
coat. It would make things really simple the next time Mike came by to
see her. And anyone else, for that matter. Judy had the feeling she was
be coming the community bod for the gang.

But that would be ended when they got the money. Then she and Mike would
vanish into the distance, to live happily ever after.

When Harry was gone she raided the refrigerator and was pleased to find
a block of cheese and some ginger ale, not just peanut butter. She sat
contentedly down to watch television.

Chapter 6

"Judy," Mike repeated, this time, the fourth time, from the bathroom

"Hummmm?" she answered. She didn't break her rhythm as she ran the comb
through her vibrant black curls. She was standing in front of the
bathroom mirror. When she lifted her arms her full, firm breasts lifted
until they were al most exposed at the open neck of the raincoat.

"How you doing, Sis?" Mike asked. "Why didn't you answer? I was afraid
something had happened?"

"What could happen?" Judy retorted.

"What could happen! Jeez, Sis, we're up to our necks in a kidnapping,
and you ask what could happen?" Mike exploded.

Judy surveyed her reflection with narcissistic pleasure, admiring the
flawless complexion and the exciting exposed vee of flesh pointing down
to her full breasts. She was aware that her brother was staring at her
reflection over her shoulder and knew he was enjoying the view. She
licked her lips, slowly and sensuously.

"What could happen?" she asked softly.

"Shit, Sis, damn near anything could happen!" Mike said tensely. "The
cops could find you. That would really screw it all up."

Judy made a face. "Nice of you to worry about me," she taunted.

"I do worry about you," Mike insisted. "What's gotten into you, anyway?"

"If you worry about me, why did you hide me in that crummy apartment?"
Judy retorted, combing her hair again.

"You still mad about that?" Mike asked. "We didn't think about this
place until day before yesterday. We moved you here the next day.

Judy put the comb down. "I remember," she answered. Turning around, she
pushed past him, out of the confining room. "And where were you
yesterday? How come you didn't come by after Harry left me here?"

Mike looked aggravated. "Come on, Judy, I couldn't. My gosh, if the cops
catch us together or follow me and find you, the whole plot goes up in
smoke. You should know that!"

Judy did know it. She wasn't really all that mad at Mike, but was
enjoying making him sweat. She decided to make him jealous, too. "Yeah,
and I had to put up with Harry and his roamin' hands and Russian
fingers," she grumbled.

"Harry!" Mike exploded. "You didn't do anything with him, did you?"

Judy coyly kept her back turned. She folded her arms under her breasts
and hunched her shoulders sensuously. "Of course I did," she purred
sexily, knowing it would both infuriate her brother and get him turned
on. Her little nipples were burning with excitement.

"You did not!" Mike contradicted sharply.

"Oh, yes, I did," she assured him in a throaty tone. "Ask him how he got
his knees all skinned up. Damn garage floor is hard."

Mike whirled away from her and stomped around the room. "Why'd you do
that! My gosh, Harry Anderson of all people! He's such a skinny runt!"

"What else was I supposed to do?" Judy retorted. "He hauled me halfway
across town on the back of a motorcycle. I was stark naked under a dinky
raincoat, with the wind blowing right up my crotch and the bike bumping
and bouncing and shaking me. I had to hang onto him to keep from getting
jounced off. My tits were bumping and jiggling against his back so my
nipples were getting all rubbed up and hot. I was so excited by the time
we got here I would have taken on Frankenstein."

"Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster," Mike corrected

"Yeah, well, I would have taken on both of them if they'd been here,"
Judy snapped. Just thinking about that wild ride and the brutal screwing
on the cold, greasy concrete floor made her feel all hot and excited
again. "If you'd been here, I would have screwed you, too."

"Well, I'm here now," Mike pointed out, reaching for her.

Judy turned her back on him. "I'm not interested now," she announced

"Come on, Sis, please?" Mike asked, gripping her arms from behind. His
grasp was hard and hot and strong through the raincoat.

"Well," she temporized, not wanting to discourage him too much, yet
wanting him to work for it.

"I'll get you in the mood for it," Mike argued, running his hands up and
down her arms. He drew her back against himself, pressing her curvaceous
buttocks against him at his groin. He pushed against her so she could
feel the growing lump of his cock.

For a second, Judy let her head rest back against his shoulder, enjoying
the feel of his hard body against her. She wriggled her hips, squirmed
her ass against his cock. Then she pulled away from him, slipping from
his grasp just as he was about to slide his hands over her breasts.
"No!" she snapped.

Mike was flushed with frustration and anger. "Come on, Judy, don't be a

Judy stood in profile to him, very straight, a slight arch to her spine.
She still had her arms folded under her breasts, and the nipples on her
heavy, lush mounds were almost exposed at the open neckline of the
raincoat. There was a deep, dark, exciting cleavage between her full
breasts. "Why should I?" she taunted, turning her body slowly back and
forth, never taking her eyes off her brother.

"Because you want me as much as I want you. You said you loved me,

Judy tossed her head flirtatiously, making her hair flip saucily. "That
was two days ago."

"Have things changed so much in two days?" Mike argued, his irritation
increasing rapidly.

"Maybe," Judy answered, turning away from him. She paced the floor
sensuously. She was steaming with excitement and desire. But she wanted
to tease him, wanted to prove to herself how great his desire for her
was. She wanted the game to last a long, long time, too. She wanted time
to relish her incredible power over her older sibling. For years she had
wanted him desperately. Now it was his turn to suffer.

"They have not!" Mike denied desperately, his hands clutching empty air
as he watched her sensuous, swaying walk.

"Prove it," Judy challenged.

"Come here and I will," Mike said hungrily, his arms reaching for her.

Judy twisted away from him. "You'll have to catch me."

Mike made a grab for her, and missed. He was sweating with lust. His
cock was hard and tight inside his pants, making it hard to pursue her.
"Come on, Sis, cut it out," he pleaded.

Judy waited on the far side of the couch from him. The tip of her tongue
showed between her lips as she smiled at him mockingly. Standing with
her back arched, her breasts thrust at him, she fingered the closure on
the raincoat excitingly. "Come and get me," she laughed, feeling a
button slip out of a buttonhole. She felt the rain coat spread open to
expose more of the inner curves of her breasts. The coat was open almost
to her navel now, the undersides of her youthfully firm mammaries
looking shadowy and exciting. Folding her arms, she pressed her breasts
together to deepen and accentuate the cleavage and expose her nipples.

Mike was sweating visibly. His brown eyes were glittering as they
focused on his sister's deliberately provocative display. Suddenly he
moved, leaping to the seat of the sofa, stepping up on it, then lunging
at her. Just as he sailed over the back of the sofa Judy let out an
excited yelp and darted away. His sweeping arms closed on empty air, his
fingers just brushing her back. He charged after her as she went around
the sofa, then twisted back to circle one of the easy chairs. She dashed
into the kitchen and the swinging door banged his shoulder. He got it
open just in time to see her slip out the opposite one and into the
dining room. He charged through the kitchen and stumbled over a dining
room chair she had put in his path, banging his shin pain fully.

"Ouch! Goddamnit, Judy, that wasn't funny," he swore, clutching his leg,
balancing on one foot. He watched her carefully. The seat of the chair
had caught him slightly below his knee and the blow wasn't nearly as
painful as he was pretending it was.

Judy was on the far side of the dining room table. Suddenly she looked
worried and contrite about the pain she had caused him. "I'm sorry," she
apologized, heading around the table to help him. "Can I do anything?"

Mike waited until he thought she was close enough, then dropped the act,
and dove for her. "Got you!" he growled.

"Eeeeaaaak," Judy yelped, barely avoiding him. His hand slapped her ass
as she spun away. The smack made her buttock burn and sent a flash of
excitement through her. She retreated quickly and put the table between
them, then halted and back-pedaled as he came at her from the opposite

They were at a standoff, the table between them. Judy faced him, her
chest heaving with her panting. His face was flushed and his eyes
sparkled with excitement. She couldn't see the bulge of his cock in his
pants--his erection must have faded during the chase, she decided. She
nibbled on her lower lip with her white teeth, smiling tightly. She felt
all hot with excitement. Deliberately, she unbuttoned the next button on
the raincoat. Then, the next. She exposed more and more of her gorgeous
sixteen-year-old body, from her neck to her waist, then the soft curve
of her belly with its hint of baby fat. Then the jet black mass of her
pubic vee came into view. The final button on the coat was below where
the edge of the table cut off her brother's view of her. She popped it
through the buttonhole. Her breasts were still concealed by the
raincoat, but her sex was just visible above the table.

Mike leaned forward, his palms on the cool, polished surface, his
fingers curved like claws. The reflection on the tabletop of her dark
pubic hair formed the bottom half of a sexy hourglass. The rest of her
reflected torso stretched across the polished wood, blurred and rippled
by the texture of the table. Her flesh was a light stripe between the
dark sides of the raincoat that still covered most of her body.

With her right hand, Judy reached across and eased the coat back off her
left shoulder. She deliberately exposed one full breast for a split
second before covering it with her forearm. She let the sleeve of the
raincoat slide down and off her left arm. Then she carefully used that
arm to shield her breasts as she freed her right arm from the coat. She
twisted her hips away from the table slightly and lifted one bare thigh
to conceal a portion of her sex from her brother.

Mike was about to explode. His sister was as gorgeous, more gorgeous,
than any magazine centerfold he had ever seen. The way she hid her body
from him, while she was completely naked, was more exciting than any
deliberate total exposure could have been. His cock had regained its
previous hardness and then some, and created an agonizing ache in his
guts because of its confinement. He swallowed hard, sweeping his eyes up
and down the graceful, sensuous, young curves of his sister's body, the
smooth line of her back as she stood half sideways to him, the full
swell of her ass, her raised thigh were it concealed her black bush.

With a sudden sweep of her arm, Judy flung the raincoat across the table
at him. As it slapped into him like some entangling blanket, she
sprinted out of the room, the provocative pale pink cheeks of her ass
jumping and twitching as she ran.

"Goddamnit!" Mike swore, slapping his arms to get untangled from the
coat. It dropped around his ankles, making him stumble awkwardly before
he managed to kick free of it. His last view of his sister was of naked
ass and legs as she turned and darted away through the house.

He burst into the living room and discovered her on the opposite side of
the couch. She was making no attempt to conceal any of her body from him
now. She stood with her hands on her hips. Her chest was heaving with
excitement, her eyes glittering with desire. Her breasts jutted out
proudly as she panted, the pert cones of her nipples looking like the
fuse mechanism on the points of bombs.

"Wait!" she ordered as he was about to charge at her. "How're you going
to make love to me fully dressed like that?"

"Shit!" Mike exploded. "I'll worry about that when I catch you." He made
another move to ward her. She dodged, and managed to keep the couch
between them.

"How are you going to hang onto me while you get undressed?" she asked

Mike glared at her, furious. She obviously meant what she said. She was
right, too. How could he keep hold of her while he tried to get out of
his clothes? Without taking his eyes off her, he began stripping.

Judy caught her breath and studied her brother hungrily as he undressed.
The sight of his strong chest made her own tighten with a delicious
excitement. She could hardly wait to get her hands on him. She
remembered the feel of her brother's hard, strong body against hers.

Now he unbuckling his belt, unfastening his pants. His underpants were
strained by the powerful thrust of his erect cock. A few wisps of pubic
hair showed above the top of his underpants and at the leg openings.
Mike pushed his pants down his thighs, then paused, still not taking his
eyes off her.

"Don't worry, I won't go anywhere until you're ready," she assured him.

Quickly, but gracefully, he managed to get his legs out of his pants.
Then he reached for his underpants and hauled them down, feeling cold,
exciting air strike at his sensitive, thrusting cock and loaded balls.
His cock was so hard and swollen it felt like it was liable to explode.
He felt its weight tugging as it bobbed and swayed like a monster,
blunt-tipped lance. He didn't take his eyes off his sister's glorious
nude figure, all sleek naked skin and exciting dark hair, lush warm
curves and shadowed hollows. He could even see the bumpy texture of her
excited areolae and the tiny dimples right on the peaks of her nipples.
Her skin was pebbled with goose bumps.

Balancing awkwardly on one leg, Mike lifted the other and freed the foot
from his under pants. Then, with no warning, he placed his freed foot on
the back of the sofa and leaped at her, letting his underpants drop
around his other leg.

Judy was caught entirely off guard by her brother's move. For a split
second she was frozen with shock as her brother's naked body hurled over
the back of the couch at her. Then she twisted away from his sweeping
arms. One of his hands clutched at the sleek smoothness of her back, the
other clamped down on one breast. Evidently startled by the softness in
his hand and afraid of hurting her, Mike's grip on her breast relaxed.
Judy tore free of him, and felt his hand sweep down her back. Her breast
heaved and shuddered from its narrow escape and a fireball swept out
through her body from the brutal stimulation of the nerve-filled tit.

Her breasts jiggling and bouncing on her chest, Judy darted away from
her brother, dashing down the hall. She could hear his footsteps
pounding along right behind her, could almost feel the heat of his nude
body against hers he was so close. Something brushed her back, clawed at
one full buttock as he clutched at her futilely.

Judy grabbed the bedroom door frame and used it as a pivot to swing her
flying body through the door. The move threw her off balance and she
spun wildly across the room, staggering back wards and bumped up against
the bed with the backs of her legs. Just as she sprawled backwards on
the bed and bounced on the mattress, Mike appeared in the doorway,
having overrun it.

Lying on her back, her legs spread, her feet trailing to the floor off
the foot of the bed, Judy lifted her head and looked at him. Her chest
heaved with her panting. Her nipples were swollen and aching with
excitement, and the one Mike's hand had battered was still burning from
his touch. She felt her excitement as a burning chill of drying juices
in the heart of her pussy. She swept her hot gaze over her brother's
naked body, over his nearly hairless torso to his powerful thrusting
cock standing out from his tangle of pubic hair. The shining white
column with its gleaming pink head was pointed straight at her, and was
quivering with excitement.

Mike's teeth were bared with anticipated plea sure as he stood blocking
the doorway, his hands braced at either side on the jamb. Judy was
spread on the bed, her head raised, looking down the length of her pale,
exciting, curvy body at him. Her breasts were only slightly flattened
from their weight, displaying their youthful firmness by the way they
retained their shape against the gravity that was trying to mash them
flat on her heaving chest. Her nipples were silhouetted, sharp, hard,
excited peaks. Her stomach arched and shuddered with excitement. And up
between her sleek, smooth, exciting thighs was the thick tangle of her
pubic hair. Right in the heart of the black mass was a brilliant gleam
of red flesh, a vertical slit of a target for the heavy lance at Mike's

Mike stepped slowly into the room, never taking his eyes off his sister
as she lay sprawled nude on the bed. He reached blindly for the door
with one hand and pushed it shut behind him. Then he backed up and
fumbled with the lock. Unable to puzzle it out by touch, he decided to
leave it, and depend on his position between Judy and the door to keep
her from making a break for it. He advanced on her cautiously,
determined not to let her get away this time.

Judy no longer had any intention of trying to escape. She was burning up
with incestuous desire for her brother. She was through running and was
now waiting for him. She could feel her vagina oozing with desire for a
hot shaft of meat to fill it. She slid her hands up her body and cupped
and massaged the hills of her breasts.

She watched her brother advancing on her. His beautiful erect prick led
the way, waving and shifting with every step. A gleaming clear drop
broke free from the pink cap and trailed viscously downward, only to
swing pendulously back on a shining thread and stick to one of Mike's
muscular legs. His balls were drawn up tight at the base of his prick.

The drip of lubricant stung Mike's leg with its chill. He could feel the
tug of his cock's weight as he walked slowly toward Judy. His stomach
muscles were knotted with anticipation. At the base of his prick was a
burning itch of readiness. The tantalizing pursuit of his sister had
built his lust to fever pitch. Now he was straining his self-control by
deliberately restraining himself from slamming down on her and pounding
his cock up into her. She was the most exquisitely sexy female he had
ever seen. Not yet seventeen she was hotter than any mature woman could
be. The fact that she was his sister meant only one thing to him--that
he had stupidly failed to take advantage of what she had offered years
ago. He had had her before, and he was going to have her again, and
again, and again. His throat knotted with need for her. When the fake
kidnapping had paid off the two of them would disappear together to some
faraway place where no one knew they were brother and sister. Their last
name was the same--why wouldn't people assume they were husband and

"Oh, Michael," Judy sighed softly, looking up at him, seeing the passion
blazing through his veins. "Oh, Michael, love me."

Mike stood at the foot of the bed, his stiff cock stabbing out over the
mattress, between her spread thighs, pointing like an arrow at the dark
bushy heart of her exposed crotch. Leaning over, he put his hands on her
waist, pressing his thumbs into her soft belly. He pressed the satin
sleekness of her skin, testing the yielding flesh of her body. Slowly,
he let his hands slide up her torso toward the exciting thrusting mounds
of her breasts. She gripped his wrists and guided his hands directly to
her lush boobs. Then she pulled his hands down hard on her breasts and
he felt her cushiony mounds crushing against her ribs, felt the hard
knots of her nipples digging into his palms. He felt her closing her
thighs to grip his as he hovered at a precarious angle over the bed, his
feet still on the floor, his weight mostly supported by his hands on her

Judy's face was twisted with lust, her mouth hanging open, her eyes
closed. Her black hair fanned out on the bed as her head rolled with
passion. She licked her lips as she twisted with desire. She was still
holding his wrists, very gently, almost absentmindedly.

The pain of her breasts being mashed into her ribs was a burning ache
that made her whole body hurt with sexual need. She was pinned to the
bed, driven into the mattress by her brother pressing her cushiony
mounds flat. Her nipples were hard points of pain as they struggled to
remain hard and erect under his crushing palms. Releasing his wrists,
she reached blindly for the cock she knew was hanging, dangling over her
crotch. She felt a stinging wetness high on one thigh.

As if radar guided, her hands found the dangling pole of her brother's
cock and her fingers curled around it. It was hot, hard, and ready. A
strand of his fluids lashed an icy trail on the back of one of her
hands. She smeared the curving head, making it wet and sticky and
slippery. Gently, she tugged on the hard tower of prick, urging it,
pulling it down toward her pussy.

Mike's arms were getting shaky with exhaustion and lust. Bending his
elbows, he lowered himself slowly down on his sister, still keeping his
hands on her breasts. He felt the head of his cock brush her wiry pubic
hair, a burning scratching on his sensitive, nerve-loaded glans. Then
there was hot, wet flesh embracing the point of his prick. The slimy,
wet folds of her pussy felt scalding hot on his penis as his sister
steered it into the slit. He felt the end of his cock pop into her
vaginal opening and lowered himself on her warm, smooth naked body,
settling comfortably between her thighs.

Judy hauled her hands out from between them, confident now that his cock
was firmly nestled in her vagina. She gripped his muscular buttocks and
pulled, urging his powerful, stuffing prick into her gripping tunnel.
Her breasts burned from the friction of him freeing his trapped hands
from between their chests. She writhed in order to feel the pillowy
cushions of her breasts squirm between their rib cages. Then her pussy
was being filled with Mike's phallus and all other sensations paled. She
felt the walls of her vagina being slowly pried open by the sturdy
ravening bulk of his prick.

"Oh, Mike, that feels soo gooood," she sighed when he was completely
socketed in her.

"Like we were made for each other," Mike agreed.

Judy shifted so she could see his face. "We were made for each other,
weren't we?"

Mike nodded. "Sure seems that way," he acknowledged.

"When this is all over, we'll go off together, just the two of us?" she
asked fearfully.

Mike drew his cock out, feeling her velvety walls gripping it. Then he
shoved back into her, luxuriating in the eager way her vagina seemed to
suck his prick in. She was tight and stimulating and young and eager.
"We'll go away together," he promised her.

"And Cynthia and Paul and Harry?" she asked.

Mike shrugged. "They'll get their share of the money. What they do after
that is their problem. Of course, Cynthia doesn't need the dough

"Why'd she help us then?" Judy asked, stroking her brother's bare back
and tightening her vagina around his prick.

"Because she loves me, I guess," Mike answered. "And for kicks, too.
She'll do damn near anything for kicks."

"Is she still uptight about us?" Judy asked. "About you and me?"

"Naw," Mike snorted confidently. "We cooled her down just fine the other
day. Now shut up and let me fuck you."

"OOOOoooohhhh, yes," Judy hissed as he pistoned his monster cock in her
gooey vagina. Her clitoris was rolled between them as he moved his hips.

Mike's cock felt like it was aflame. The friction between his erection
and the clinging walls of his sister's tight vagina was like being
swallowed in a hot, clinging, steamy hole. He pistoned into her slowly
and deeply, feeling the rippled texture of her tunnel sliding along his
prick. Every move was accompanied by a wet, sticky sucking sound.

Judy loved the feel of Mike's prick in her vagina, the feel of that
huge, heavy cylinder filling her opening. She was consumed by fire every
time her clitoris was twisted and ground between them. And the feel of
her brother's hot body on hers, his bare skin against her, made her feel
incredibly, totally alive. Her hips began to roll and twist with a mind
of their own. She could feel pubic hair scrubbing her tender skin. This
incestuous act was better than any casual linking with any of the boys
she had had in the past. She was aware of sensations she had never
really noticed before, the frictions of cock in vagina, body against
body, flesh against flesh.

"Oh, Mike, I'm going to cum," she whispered, sinking her fingers in the
muscular masses of his ass. "I'm--going--to--ccuummmm," she repeated her
body knotting as the orgasm roared through her, a breaking wave of
pleasure that tumbled her before it.

Mike froze with his prick sunk deep into his sister's vagina and waited,
while her body knotted under him. He felt her vagina pulsing around his
prick as her climax swept through her. When she relaxed, he began to
move again, pistoning his cock in her soggy opening.

"Mike!" she exclaimed. "You didn't cum?"

Mike was panting, moving harder and faster now. He could feel his balls
swinging with every stroke of his prick in her guts. "No--but I'm--going
to--in a minute!"

"OOooooohhhh, God, fuck me, Mike fuck me and fuck me and fuck me and
fuck me," she urged, her hips rocking and pounding. She was being lifted
higher and higher and higher. Having just cum, she knew she was going to
go even higher on this wave of pleasure. Her face was beaded with sweat,
her lips shining wet and flecked with spittle from the intensity of her
lust. She tossed her head, her brunette curls thrashing as her body
churned under her brother's.

Mike was aware only of the walls of her vagina whipping past his prick
and the building knot of fire in his belly. He was drawing closer and
closer and closer to the searing, pulsating, pumping pleasure of an
ejaculation. Tangling his legs with hers, he rammed at her harder and
harder, his toes curling and cramping as his cumming drew closer and
closer. He was past the point of no return now--he couldn't have stopped
his orgasm even if he had wanted to.

He began to cum. Driving his prick into his sister, he rammed at her,
trying to spear his erect, spurting cock completely through her
thrashing, eager body. His knees bent, his legs tangled with hers, his
straining muscles held her welded against him as gout after searing gout
of semen blistered the length of his prick and sprayed deep into her.
His toes were knotted pain fully, the muscles in the calves of his legs
convulsed as they, too, added their efforts to the slamming shots of

Judy felt as if her legs were being torn out of her by the way Mike was
wrenching them. Her own muscles fought back as she tried to heave her
pelvis up through his, tried to take his entire body in through the
small opening of her vagina. She was cumming for a second time, a long,
screaming orgasm of fiery pleasure that poured through her entire body
like lava.

For a long time sister and brother clung to each other in a joint
straining knot. A pearly wave of excess semen flooded from Judy's vagina
and poured down the cheeks of her ass to puddle on the bed. Then,
together, she and Mike both relaxed in a boneless, tangled heap, Mike
still between her thighs, his exhausted cock still in her twitching

"Oh, Michael," Judy sighed contentedly, clinging to him as he rolled off
her. By keeping her legs entangled with his, she managed to keep what
was left of his prick lodged in the hot sheath of her vagina. "Why did
we wait so long?"

"Damned if I know," he admitted. "You liked that?"

"It was the best ever," she answered, stroking his bare, moist skin
tenderly. "And we'll be able to do it forever and ever, now."

"If we manage to pull this off," he said pessimistically.

"We will pull it off, won't we?" she asked tensely.

"I sure hope so," Mike replied, running his fingers the length of her
spine. "If we don't we're really in the soup."

Judy shivered. "What would they do to us?"

Mike shrugged, then pulled away enough to slip his withered penis out of
her. "I think it's called extortion. We could be sent to jail."

Judy gulped. "What about--what we just did?" she asked.

"Incest? I dunno. I suppose they put you in the nuthouse for it.
Something, anyway. I don't know."

"The nuthouse? Why? What's crazy about making love?" Judy asked.

"It's not making love that's crazy," Mike told her huffily. "It's who
you do it with, stupid. You aren't supposed to make love to your
sister--or your mother or your father. People like that."

"Why not?" Judy insisted, not at all put off by his comment on her

"How the hell should I know! Good grief, you sure ask some dumb
questions," he snorted, rolling away from her. He folded his hands
behind his head and stared at the ceiling. "Sure hope the Old Bastard
pays up quickly. The cops are going to get wise to us soon."

"Why should they?" Judy asked, stroking his almost hairless chest.

"'Cause they're a suspicious bunch, that's why."

"Who told the cops?" she asked.

"I don't know. Mom's not telling me much. Every time the Old Bastard and
Mom start to argue about it I get sent off someplace," Mike grumbled.

"So you don't really know whether they told the cops or not," Judy
commented nervously. "You were supposed to be able to keep track of what
the cops and everyone was up to."

"I know it," Mike growled. He pounded the bed in frustration. "I don't
know what's going on, and that bothers me. They could have the FBI in on
it by now."

"The FBI!" Judy squeaked.

"Kidnapping for ransom is a federal crime. You knew that." Mike snapped,
irritably. "Don't you remember talking about the kidnapping?"

"Oh, yeah," Judy answered meekly.

"So, we've got to be really careful. Really, really careful," Mike

Judy was silent. She was suddenly worried. She had known what they were
doing was wrong, but it hadn't seemed all that bad. All they were trying
to do was get some money out of their stepfather. Now, for all she knew,
the FBI was after them. The worst thing about it was that if it failed,
she and Mike would be separated. If they were jailed, there would be no
way in the world for them to get together, even just to talk. And if
someone found out what she and Mike had been doing they would both be
committed to an asylum full of crazy people! It wasn't crazy to love
your brother, not when he was as great as Mike was!

The door to the bedroom was suddenly flung open. Mike and Judy both
lurched up to a sitting position.

Chapter 7

"Judy?" Paul started. "Jesus Christ!" He stood in the doorway, rooted to
the spot, his hand still on the doorknob. His eyes flickered from Judy
to Mike and then back again. "Jesus Christ!"

"H-hello, Paul," Judy said lamely. "Mike was just ..."

"I can imagine," Paul interrupted. "Jesus Christ!" He whirled and they
heard him clattering down the hall.

Judy jumped to her feet and ran after him. "Wait, Paul, wait," she
called out desperately. "It's not what it looks like, honest it isn't!"

She caught him just before he was going to open the front door. She
wrapped her soft, warm nude body around his and pulled him away from the
door. "Paul, you don't understand," she said desperately. "Please, Paul,
listen to me."

Shrugging her off rudely, he tried to open the door. "What's to listen
to? It's damned obvious what you and Mike were up to. You don't need me.
I thought it was just you and me, but if you want Mike instead of me,
okay. Just count me out."

Judy felt a little relieved at this. At least Paul didn't have any
hangups about incest--at least he wasn't holding that up to her. It was
just simple jealousy, and that was something she could deal with.

"Please, Paul, please, it really is only you and me, honest it is," she
told him frantically, grabbing his hand off the doorknob and pressing
his arm into the warm, soft exciting valley between her jiggling

Paul stopped trying to pull free of her but remained wary. "It sure
looked like something else. You and Mike rolling around on the bed, both
naked. GEEZ! You trying to tell me nothing had happened or was about to

Judy felt his fingers pressing into her pubic bush, his knuckles
grinding into the top of her slit where the nubbin of her clitoris
always seemed to be eager for attention. She tilted her pelvis to
increase the pressure and give his hand access to more of her bushy
pussy. "Well, I mean, gee, Paul, he is my brother," she began
cautiously. "I mean, like, well, it's not like he was just any boy."
Like Harry, she added silently.

"Well, that's true," Paul acknowledged reluctantly.

"Paul, if you pull out now, you'll mess up the whole thing," Judy
pointed out. "And if you were seen coming out of this house all of a
sudden someone would probably call the police and we'd all get caught."

"Yeah," he muttered. "But if it isn't just you and me, I don't care what
happens to us."

"It is just you and me," Judy lied vehemently. "Come on and I'll show
you how much you mean to me."

"I don't know," Paul muttered.

"Please, Paul, I'm--I'm horny," Judy said. "All Mike and I were doing
was playing with each other, like we've done for years. It got me all
hot. I need you!" She rolled and twisted her pelvis, grinding his
knuckles into her crotch. At the same time, she was managing to press
her full breasts around his upper arm like soft warm pillows. She held
him close to her, one breast pressing against his chest. Her nipple was
berry-hard, a pert pink bud digging into his T-shirt.

Judy hadn't really been lying about being horny. Even though she had
just finished screwing with her brother, the touch of Paul's hand
against her sex had rapidly built her excitement. Sensuously, she
twisted and cuddled and rolled against her boyfriend, licking her lips
with desire. Keeping one hand on his wrist, maintaining his pressure on
her mons, she slid the other down to the hot bulge in his crotch, gently
stroking his thrusting, expanding prick through his pants.

"Come on, Paul," she urged softly, pulling him away from the door,
backing into the living room. It was hard to keep his hand in contact
with her vibrant, quivering bush, but she man aged to do it. Walking
backwards made her smooth, exciting upper thighs press against the back
of his hand, increasing her excitement. Her pubic arch rolled against
his knuckles at every cautious step.

With one corner of her mind, she wondered what had happened with Mike.
The rest of the house was silent. Had he left? Probably he was
discreetly out of sight. She felt a flare of excitement at the thought
that he might be watching. She didn't know why she wanted Mike to be
watching her make love to Paul, but she did. She wondered how he would
feel, seeing her being taken by another boy. She hoped it would make him
jealous. She had been jealous when she had watched him making love to

Judy felt her legs bump something and stopped backing up. She was up
against the couch. She stroked and petted the monster lump of Paul's
cock, slowly sitting down as she did. That pulled his hand out of her
pussy. She sat very straight so her breasts thrust out as proudly as
possible. She pressed her thighs tightly together, to give him only a
tantalizing hint of her sex, a dark, hairy, tight triangle.

She unfastened his belt, then unbuttoned his jeans. With exciting
slowness, she ran the sturdy brass zipper down over the lump of his
prick, and watched his jeans spread open. The mound of his cock expanded
and thrust against his underpants. The fly of his shorts opened slightly
from the pressure and revealed a sliver of flushed skin and one faint
blue vein under it. Impulsively, as she pushed his jeans down around his
legs, she leaned forward and nibbled at the shyly ex posed fragment of
his prick. It felt hot and hard against her lips. She darted her tongue
out and licked his flesh delicately.

Then she leaned back, away from him, and reached for the elastic of his
strained jockey shorts. She heaved the waist of them out over his prick,
which wasn't easy. As soon as she pulled outward on the elastic, his
cock sensed freedom and leaped upward and outward, forcing her to pull
the elastic out further.

The pink head of his phallus peeped out over the top of his underpants
at her. The slit at the tip seemed to be grinning at her. As his under
pants were pulled down along the underside of his erect organ, they
scraped the nerve-loaded hump on the underside and a drop of fluid oozed
into view at the slitted tip. Then, as Judy hauled his underpants still
lower, his prick dipped the way a knight's lance did before a charge. It
pointed its blunt head right at Judy's nose.

Judy kept her eyes on that beautiful pink knob. The clear drop swelled
slowly and began to sag from its weight. Judy shoved Paul's underpants
and pants into a tangle around his ankles, not caring if she stripped
him clear naked. She had the important part of him uncovered at this
point, the rest didn't matter. She took hold of his throbbing prick. She
finger painted the viscous, slippery lubricant over the cap of his
phallus, making it shine. With her thumbs, she smeared fluid down over
the nerve-packed point just under the head. The delicate brushing action
of her touch brought a new flood of blood to the already glutted tissues
of Paul's prick and his organ grew still harder and hotter in her
fingers. The lubricant she had smeared around began to dry from the
heat, and to feel pasty. But a new wave of juice burst from the
smug-looking slit and spread out over the shining pinkish head, again
making his flesh slippery and wet.

Mike was leaning against the wall in the dining room, peering cautiously
through the partially open door. He could see his sister's bare
shoulders and head over the back of the sofa. The knowledge that she was
nude, and what he could see--her fondling Paul's cock--was enough to
make his heart pound and a knot form in his throat. The sight of her
playing with Paul's prick, its head inches from her lips, made Mike's
blood boil. Constantly, he had to remind himself that she had been
forced to watch him with Cynthia, and that things were just the same
right now. She had to do what she was doing with Paul, or the whole plot
would be ruined.

He could, of course, leave. There really was no reason he had to stay
for what he knew was coming. But, he had no intention of leaving. He was
going to stay right to the bitter end. He had to stay. He had to see his
sister be taken by Paul, jealous as he was. He knew, too, that it was
going to knot his cock up with lust, and that he was going to be
unsatisfied when it was all over. He knew he wasn't going to have a shot
at his sister after she finished with her boyfriend.

Mike gritted his teeth. His fingers were gripping the door jamb so hard
they were white. He knew he should leave, he wanted to leave, but he
couldn't leave.

Judy knew she and Paul were being watched. A mirror showed the half-open
door to the dining room. She could feel her brother's agony as he
watched. She was filled with a dreadful, agonizing joy as the knowledge
of the torture he was going through ripped through her like a dull
knife. She was glad he was staying to watch.

Slowly and carefully, she guided Paul down on the couch, placing him
with his back to the mirror. She pushed him down on his back. Mike
hadn't yet discovered the view that the mirror gave, but she was certain
he would. When he did, she wanted to give him the best possible view of
what was being done to her.

As Paul lifted his feet up on the couch, Judy straddled his legs, her
knees sinking into the soft sofa cushions. She risked a quick glance at
the mirror. Her brother's tortured eyes met hers. He could see every
inch of her naked body, as she straddled Paul. Her open legs exposed her
sex to both Paul and Mike, but only Paul was going to get any physical
pleasure from that oozing hole. She worked her way up his thighs to his

She saw Paul watching her closely, his eyes burning with lust at the
sight of her swaying breasts. She held herself straight so they stood
out as far as possible. She shook her torso gently to make her lush
mounds quiver and jiggle excitingly. Her nipples were sharp with desire,
twin peaks, both begging for attention.

Paul reached up and touched them gently, rubbing his fingers over the
little pink buds delicately, feeling their rubbery texture and the way
they pushed into the softer, more yielding flesh supporting them. He
curved his fingers to the soft contours of both her breasts, marveling
at their softness and their warmth. Judy's breasts had always fascinated
him. They were so womanly and proud, large and firm at the same time.
And they were so soft and hot and exciting to touch. The areolae were
neat circles about the size of a quarter, supporting the pencil
eraser-like points of her nipples. Those pink cylinders, with their
dimpled ends, were just begging to be pinched and tugged and twisted.
And when he did that, Judy's tummy always sucked in with excitement and
her head tipped back slightly, and her eyes glazed with lust and her jaw

While the flames from Paul's torch blazed through Judy, she reached for
his prick. It was as hard as iron, hot as a steel ingot fresh out of a
furnace. It lay up against his belly. She held it by the base with the
thumbs and forefingers of both hands. She tipped it up, squeezed it
slightly, forming a tourniquet to restrict the flow of blood out of its
already flooded cells.

She worked her way forward a few inches and felt the head of the phallus
she was holding pull through the twining kinks of her pubic hair. It
wedged her slit open, sliding through the slick, wet, ready folds of
tissue. When it bumped over her clit her whole body convulsed with
pleasure. Then she nestled it in the opening of her vagina. The knob
felt like hot lava as it settled in the crater that led to her deep
tunnel. Her head tipped back, her eyes slitted with lust, Judy looked in
the mirror. Her brother's face was a study in frustrated searing desire
and agonizing jealousy.

Mike had his hands braced on either side of the door, battling the urge
to charge into the living room and tear his sister out of his friend's
embrace, and ravish her himself. When she had first helped Paul down on
the couch, then turned sideways to him, Mike had been puzzled. Then he
had seen her glance at the mirror and had shifted his gaze. The sight of
Judy straddling Paul, and the full frontal view of her nude body, had
made Mike suck in his breath. Every time he saw his sister, she seemed
to be more alluring, more beautiful, more sexually exciting than before.
Her body was glorious, and, judging by the way she displayed it, she was
very proud of it.

But she was displaying it to another male, too, and it was Paul, not him
that was going to have her. It was Paul that was going to get to plunge
his swollen prick into Judy's velvety, slippery, gripping hole. It was
Paul who was going to feel those hot walls sliding against the burning
nerve endings in his cock. It was Paul that was getting to pay homage to
the twin peaks of Judy's breasts. It was Paul's erect penis that was in
Judy's crotch.

Mike was being cremated by a combination of frustrated lust and

Judy lowered herself slowly onto Paul's cock. She pumped herself down on
it, bobbing the springs of the couch, jouncing more and more of the huge
piston into her body. She had to make this as good as possible for Paul.
But that wasn't the reason she was taking his prick as tantalizingly as
she was. She was doing it to infuriate and stimulate her brother. As she
took Paul's cock, she kept her eyes on the mirror. She could see the
agony in Mike's eyes, and the tortured sweat on his face. Why was she
enjoying torturing the brother?

Paul continued his worship of Judy's marvelous breasts, pressing and
massaging the soft, warm mounds, pinching the nipples between his
fingers. At the same time, he was savoring the feeling of his cock being
engulfed by her searing, dripping vagina. She felt hot and
extraordinarily wet as she slid down to cover his prick with her
clinging sheath. He wondered just what was between Judy and her brother.
Had they really been screwing? Judging from Judy's horniness, it seemed
unlikely. Paul was aware of her appetite for sex, but there were limits,
even to her capacity. On the other hand, though, what else could she and
Mike have been doing, naked together on the bed? Naturally, Mike had
been expecting Paul to come by, since a new ransom tape had to be made.
Paul had come by early, hoping to get in a quickie with Judy before her
brother showed up. Why had Mike showed up early? That thought rekindled
Paul's suspicions. Why else would Mike show up early, other than to get
a quick shot at Judy? But they were brother and sister, they couldn't be
interested in each other that way, could they?

Besides, Mike was always complaining about the way Judy tagged along all
the time. That thought, and the total swallowing of his cock by Judy's
vagina, drove suspicion from Paul's mind. He was overwhelmed by the feel
of her hot, slick, gripping flesh against his prick. Forgetting
everything else, Paul concentrated on the screwing he was getting. She
was sitting on him now, her ass pressing heavily down on his legs. His
cock was sunk full depth in her vagina. He thought he could feel the end
of her tunnel embracing the head of his phallus. He pinched and squeezed
and massaged her firm young breasts harder than ever.

Judy felt marvelously full of prick. She squirmed slightly to make
Paul's cock stir in her guts. She lifted and dropped to feel it slide
out and then back in, feel it set the nerves in her vagina aflame. A
glorious hot fireball was growing and growing deep in her belly, and
being fed by the friction between her vagina and Paul's cock, and the
stimulating pressure of his hands on her breasts. There was one other
point of need, so Judy pried her fingers into her slit and tormented her

It was hard, but she kept her eyes focused on her brother's in the
mirror. Watching him watching her made the fireball of her impending
orgasm swell and grow even more rapidly than pumping on Paul's cock did.

Mike was fighting back tears of frustration and jealousy. He knew what
his sister's vagina felt like around his prick--hot and wet and
clinging. He knew how those thrusting breasts that Paul was fondling
felt heavy and soft and warm. As Judy lifted, Mike could see Paul's
penis, a shining pale tower, glistening with Judy's fluids. Then she
would lower herself, and that tower of gristle would vanish up into her
young, willing body until her dark pubic bush meshed and tangled with
Paul's dark blond one.

Judy began to pump faster and faster on Paul's cock, jamming it up into
her belly harder and harder. Her breasts jiggled and jounced with every
impact, even though Paul was trying his best to support them in his
cupped hands. His towering organ pistoned in her oozing vagina with a
slurping, slapping sound and she felt her juices and Mike's leftover cum
like a gooey paste between her and Paul. She massaged the flaring knot
of her clitoris with building frenzy as the level of her lust grew and
grew and grew. She began to whimper deep in her throat from the building
pleasure. Her vision narrowed to the sweating face of her brother in the
mirror, and her physical sensations narrowed to the searing friction of
Paul's cock in her pussy and the scalding touch of her own fingers in
her clitoris. The fireball of pleasure in her guts swelled like a
balloon, taking up more and more of her, straining and straining more
and more as it grew.

"Aah-aaah-aaaahhh," she wailed. "I'm g-going-to cummm. I'm going to

The balloon burst inside her like a napalm bomb going off, spraying
spatters of burning joy, sending shrieking messages of pleasure straight
to her brain. Impaled on the tower of Paul's cock, she writhed insanely.

Judy's pistoning, pumping, and jouncing had rocked Paul to the core. His
groin had become a reservoir of fire ready and waiting to burst up from
his prick like lava exploding from a volcano. His hips had rebounded off
the springs of the couch and he had rammed them upward to meet Judy's
every downward thrust. His hips had slammed up against Judy's descending
buttocks with bruising force. He had even been able to feel the shock
waves jolting up through Judy with his hand--they were still clutching
her breasts tenaciously. Then he had felt searing semen geysering up his
prick to fountain into Judy's pussy. He had heaved upward to drive his
cock straight up into Judy, as if trying to get it to come out her
mouth. Every thick spurt of semen was a knot of blazing pleasure ripping
the length of his phallus and exploding out its tip.

And Mike had seen it all, had been a passive observer, from beginning to
end. His body had knotted with frustration and jealousy. Now he felt
beaten and exhausted. He rested his head on one arm and still couldn't
take his eyes off the entwined bodies on the couch. He had seen Paul's
muscles convulsing with his cumming, and Judy's writhing with her
searing orgasm. He had even seen a thick, creamy overflow of semen
oozing from Judy's overloaded vagina.

Then Judy collapsed forward with exhaustion, and Mike shut his eyes on
the agonizing sight. For a long time he fought to regain his composure.
Finally, he forced himself to back away from the doorway. The sight of
Judy cuddling Paul sent Mike's fury soaring higher than before. It took
a powerful effort to restrain himself.

"If you two are through screwing around, we've got some work to do," he
informed them, just a trace of bitterness in his tone.

Judy sensed her brother's hurt and cringed with regret at what she had
done. She knew she had deliberately tormented him. Humbly, she climbed
off Paul. His diminishing prick slid out of her vagina.

"I-I'll go get dressed," she stammered.

"Hurry up!" Mike ordered brusquely.

Paul swung his feet to the floor and pulled his pants up. "You all
right, Mike?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Mike said sharply. "But we've been fucking around
here too long. It makes me nervous. Let's get the tape made and clear
out. Okay?"

Paul shrugged, buckling his belt. "Okay," he agreed easily. "No need to
get so uptight about it."

"Well, I am uptight," Mike snapped angrily. "The cops and the FBI are in
on this caper, for all we know. We've got to pull it off soon or the
whole thing's going to blow up in our faces."

Judy reappeared with the raincoat demurely buttoned all the way up. "I'm
sorry, Michael," she said softly, trying to convey as much as she could
in the few words. She was filled with remorse for the pain she had
caused him.

"Yeah," Mike replied grudgingly. He knew she loved him, and that she had
had to do what she had done. But he still wasn't at all certain she
needed to enjoy it quite as much as she had. And she had known he was
watching, after all.

"I'll get the tape recorder," Paul announced. "It's in the kitchen."

Left alone together, Mike and Judy carefully avoided meeting each
other's eyes for a moment. Then, suddenly, they were staring at each
other with love, pain, and need. Suddenly they both felt the tearing
agony their relationship was going to cause them. Not until they had the
money and got out of town would they be able to openly show the love and
desire they had for each other. Even then they would have to live like
fugitives. And never, ever, would Mike be able to call her "Sis" the way
he loved to do, and the way she loved to hear him do.

In that agonizing instant, both of them saw the painful trap they had
fallen into. And they both realized that it was completely hopeless,
that it was too late to escape. Because they both needed and loved each
other too much to even separate willingly.

"Here's the recorder," Paul announced, unwittingly breaking the mood.

In a few minutes they were all engrossed in the task of recording a new
ransom message. Mike had instructions for Paul to read. Judy was to add
another message, one that would assure everyone she was still alive and

It took an hour to get it recorded exactly the way they wanted it. After
listening closely to the completed tape, Mike shut the recorder off.

"Perfect," he observed. "If everything goes right, we should have the
money soon, and, by day after tomorrow be in the clear. Only thing is,
be real careful how you spend it, and for God's sake, don't brag about
the whole thing to any one."

"Me?" Paul exclaimed. "What about you two?"

"What about us?" Mike asked, a bit nervously.

"What're you two going to do? You're going to be still living with the
Old Bastard," Paul pointed out.

"No longer than we have to," Judy said quickly. "At least, not me," she
added in an attempt to cover her mistake.

"We'll manage," Mike assured him. "You ready to leave?"

"Yeah," Paul agreed. "What about you?"

"We better leave separately. It's safer that way," Mike answered.

Paul looked from Mike to Judy and back, suddenly suspicious again.

Mike noticed Paul's glance and pursed his lips with frustration. "Okay,
okay, I'll leave first, so you and Judy can have another go at it, if
you want." It was the only thing he could say.

"I don't want," Judy snapped. "I'm tired."

"Aww, shoot," Paul snorted. "Okay. See you tomorrow, Judy."

After Paul left, Judy and Mike were silent for a long time.

"I'm sorry, Mike," Judy said softly.

"I know," he answered. "I gotta go."

"I know."

He paused at the back door. "I love you, Sis."

For a few wonderful, fleeting moments she clung to him. "I love you,

After he was gone, she sank down on a kitchen chair, put her chin in her
hands and frowned. Heaven had suddenly been shown to have some very
painful flaws.

Chapter 8

Judy paced. She wandered. Through the empty house, from the bedroom,
down the hall, into the living room, through the kitchen, into the
dining room, back into the living room. The television was on, the sound
at a barely audible mumble. Tensely, Judy flipped from one channel to
the next, then gave the knob a vicious twist of aggravation.

Folding her arms under her breasts, she resumed pacing. Today they were
supposed to get the ransom money. And, out of the entire group, she was
the only one who had nothing to do but wait. Cynthia, Paul and Harry all
had their assignments, from watching Judy's parents to picking up the
money. Even Mike had something to do, though his assignment was rather
passive. He had to behave as if nothing special was happening. He had to
go through the day as if he had no connection with the kidnapping.

Judy had nothing to do but wait. So, she paced. And worried. She gnawed
anxiously on her lower lip. There should be no problems at all. The last
ransom demand, the one that had contained the instructions, had included
a gory threat in order to prevent any possible trouble. Judy's mother
was to make the drop, she was to make the drop alone, she wasn't to be
followed. If anything went wrong, Judy was going to be killed, slowly
and painfully ... according to the tape.

Judy wondered what they could do if the ransom wasn't paid. She
certainly wasn't going to be killed. She would have to crawl home like a
whipped animal, her tail between her legs. And she would have to behave
as if she had escaped from the kidnappers, not as if an extortion plot
had gone awry. She couldn't do it! She would he trapped, forced to live
in the same house with the Old Bastard for the rest of her life, or at
least until she got married. But she didn't want to marry anyone except
her brother, who she couldn't marry anyway.

If the plot failed, she would run away with Mike. Money or no money,
they would go away together. They could get lost in some big city.
Somehow, together, they would survive.

But, it would be so much better with money. She and Mike would get forty
thousand a piece from the ransom. Eighty thousand dollars would take
them a zillion miles from the Old Bastard.

Meanwhile, there was nothing to do but pace. She wished desperately that
Mike was there. He would hold her and cuddle her and love her and make
the time fly. She would have his towering prick in her body, pumping and
sliding through her clinging folds, pistoning and pistoning in her,
making her feel better and better and better until there would be that
wonderful rush of plea sure. Everything would be fine, if only he were
here with her right now. Judy felt all hot and shaky.

"Judy?" Mike called from the back door.

"Mike!" she squealed, banging through the swinging door into the kitchen
and into his arms, the raincoat spreading open behind her like a cape,
exposing her lithe body totally.

She pasted herself to him, put her arms around his neck, scissored her
legs around his waist. She ground her bare crotch and naked breasts
against him, scraping herself raw on his rough clothing. Her tongue
drove between his lips and bored into his mouth, scraping over his

Mike sucked his mouth away from hers after a suitable length of time. He
cupped her ass in his hands to help support her, his fingers squeezing
the fleshy moons. "What's with you?" he asked.

Judy leaned back, her hands linked behind his neck. The changed angle
ground her pussy against him even harder. His belt buckle dug into her
oozing folds. "I love you, love you, love you," she chortled.

Her brother's eyes swept down from her face to her bare breasts, to her
quivering torso. "I love you, too. Wish I didn't have to hurry so. I
just came by to tell you everything's going great."

Judy's passion had faded slightly, but she continued to grip her brother
with her arms and legs. "How's Mom?"

"Scared," Mike admitted. "But she's doing okay. She's had some real rows
with the Old Bastard. I think she's finally getting fed up with him.
First he didn't want to come up with the money, then he wanted to drop
fake dough, and trap us. Mom really hit the ceiling about that."

Judy unwrapped her legs and released her brother. "That Bastard!" she
swore. "He'd get me killed if he could, wouldn't he?"

"Probably. But that's not all of it. When things got really hot, Mom
managed to latch onto the Old Bastard's checkbook. Thought she was going
to get the money out herself, I guess. She found out the Old Bastard's
been paying rent on an apartment someplace."

"What?" Judy erupted.

Mike nodded. "He's been keeping a mistress, believe it or not. Giving
her money, more money than he was giving Mom."

Judy felt a flood of sympathy. "Poor Mom," she sighed, sinking down to
sit on the edge of the kitchen table.

Mike was pacing, his face flushed with excitement. "Poor Mom my aching
butt!" he snorted. "She let him have it with both barrels. Threatened to
blow his precious reputation sky high if he didn't come up with the
ransom. She flat told him, too, that she was going to file for divorce
and didn't expect him to contest it."

Judy's hopes soared. "We'll be rid of the Old Bastard?" she shrieked

"We'll be rid of the Old Bastard anyway, once we get the dough," Mike
pointed out. "We'll be so far away they'll never find us."

"But if Mom divorces him ..." Judy started.

"So what if she divorces him?" Mike asked. "We can't stick around after
we've ripped all that money off him. We'll have to split. Besides, we
can't do our thing the way we want to if we stay around here. Incest is
illegal, you know."

As Judy let him slide his hands around her, under the raincoat, she felt
a deep sorrow. The whole purpose of the plot had been to get free of
their hated stepfather. The money by itself didn't mean much to her.

Mike was pushing between her thighs as she perched on the edge of the
table. His hands roamed up and down her nude torso, pressing her
breasts, tweaking her nipples, then probing down over her belly to
explore her hair-shielded sex. "How about a quickie before I have to
split?" he asked softly.

Judy shuddered as he pressed her clitoris and a wave of desire burned
through her. "Poor Mom," she sighed again.

Mike probed one thumb into her slippery, wet vaginal opening. "She'll be
all right," he assured his sister as his hands explored her sweet young
body. "She'll take the Old Bastard for every cent he's got. What he's
got left after we get through with him, that is."

"But ..."

Mike massaged her clit with one thumb, watching her stomach muscles
writhe from the stimulation. His hands were sticky with her secretions.
"You think I could do this if we stayed with Mom?" he asked softly. "I
thought you wanted me, and only me, for the rest of your life?"

"I do," she admitted as fire burned through her. "It's just that I love
Mom and I hate to see her get hurt."

Mike removed one of his hands from its soggy task and fumbled his belt
open. After unzipping his pants, he loosed his prick, let it spear out
ward, aiming right into the dark, dripping heart of his sister's sex.
"Take my word for it, Sis, Mom'll do just fine. Now come on, how about
it? Right here in the kitchen, okay?"

Judy looked at her brother's beautiful pale pink cock with longing. Her
reveries before he had arrived had warmed her. The fondling he had given
her had changed her lust from mild desire to desperate need.

"If you're really worried about Mom," Mike said, "we can send her a card
from wherever we wind up, telling her we're okay." Moving for ward, he
nuzzled the head of his swollen prick into her gaping pussy. The kitchen
table she was on was the perfect height.

Judy was leaning back on her arms. She looked down her body and saw her
brother's jutting, stiff cock approach her open crotch, then felt it
pushing through her veil of pubic hair. The touch of his hot glans
against her nerve-loaded, dripping folds sent a wave of pleasure through

Still, she couldn't help thinking of their mother. Even as she savored
the feel of her brother's powerful prick nestling at the gates of her
vagina, Judy felt a deep sorrow. How could the woman absorb the twin
blows of losing her husband and her children simultaneously? How could
she possibly withstand the dual betrayal of an unfaithful husband and
children who ran off and left her?

If Mike sensed her concern, he ignored it. He, too, was staring at his
sister's pussy. He was watching as he slowly stroked his towering,
burning hot cock into her ready wet nest. As the shining pale shaft
slowly disappeared into Judy's hairy hole, he could feel her wet pliable
folds moving aside, then clasping his stiff prick.

Judy's qualms faded as her ravenous vagina was slowly filled by her
brother's monumental phallus. She was being stuffed with what she wanted
to be stuffed, where she wanted to be stuffed. Her aching, dripping need
was being filled with a sturdy, hot staff of live flesh and gristle. She
wriggled her buttocks right to the very brink of the table, feeling its
cold raised edge slash across her soft ass, and grind the folds of the
raincoat into her tender flesh.

Morning sunlight filled the kitchen, glaring off the shining counters
and chrome faucets. It shone warmly on Judy's semi-reclining torso,
heating her breasts and belly where they weren't shadowed by her
brother's body. Where the sunlight touched her skin it felt nearly as
hot as the cock her vagina was embracing so tightly.

Mike bored completely into her, watching as his pubic hair tangled and
mingled with hers. His hips pressed against the insides of her pale
thighs, pressed against her straining tendons. His brown pubic bush
meshed with her black one in a sticky tangle. His cock was completely
out of sight, completely in her body. A flash of pink showed through her
bush where his cock had wedged her labia open.

Passion made Judy's head drop back, completely relaxed. It felt so
wonderfully, fantastically good to have her channel filled with her
brother's heavy meat, her folds spread open by his bulk, his hips
pressed against the insides of her thighs. The raincoat was spread open,
exposing her breasts. Her pose thrust them upward, and her excited,
erect, bud-like nipples were just begging for attention.

Mike's hands came down on her firm mounds and he pressed them down,
feeling her full flesh seek to escape through the gaps between his
fingers. Her nipples were digging hungrily at his palm. Releasing his
pressure, he moved his hands delicately so just the very burning tips of
her nipples scraped his palms.

"Aaaaawww," Judy sighed, her vagina squeezing tight around his phallus.

Mike drew back, sliding his prick out of her dripping hole, then drove
it back in with a sexy squishing noise. He felt a trickle of something
ooze down his dangling balls and sucked in his breath from the fiery
tickle. He drew back again, a little faster, her slick folds sliding
juicily past his nerve-loaded cock. When he drove in, faster this time,
he thumped up against her solidly, his cock driving deep into her
opening. His balls swung and tugged from the impact, and jostled against
his thighs on the rebound.

Judy's belly rippled and shivered with increasing lust. She drew in one
shuddering breath after another as her burning pleasure slowly built and

The last lingering regrets she felt about her mother were fading rapidly
now. None of this would be possible if she and Mike didn't leave the
place where they were known to be brother and sister. Nothing in the
world could possibly be as important as what she was experiencing right
now, and the searing pleasures that the future held for them.

"Ooooh, Michael," she sighed lustily. Her head rolled from side to side
as wave after wave of pleasure roared through her.

Mike was gripping her breasts firmly, squeezing those marvelous yielding
mounds with both hands. He never missed a stroke as he pistoned his
thrumming cock in her hot, soaking sheath. Wave after wave of fluid
dribbled down over his scrotum, a wild burning tickling chill that drove
him closer and closer to a climax. His balls swung and danced and
jounced with every thrust of his muscular hips.

"Aaaw-aw-aw I'm c-c-c-c-cumming," Judy panted hoarsely, her fingers
curling into claws, her toes knotting as her orgasm roared through her.
Her muscles knotted and shook.

Mike saw a pink flush blossom on his sister's belly as if by magic,
surging upward to her chest to sweep out over her breasts. He hammered
his cock into her hard and hard and hard. Then he felt the first fiery
rush of semen and thrust his prick into her as deeply as he could. His
balls were drawn up tight under his cock as they unloaded their gooey
burden. His buttocks clenched and convulsed, adding their bit to his
drive and his convulsive spurts. He distinctly felt every wad of semen
sear down the length of his cock, each one a tearing knot of burning
pleasure that burst from the crown of his jerking phallus to spatter his
sister's deep recesses. His hands were clutching at her breasts, his
fingers sunk in her tender, pale flesh as his entire body was consumed
with the pleasure of his cumming.

With a few last desperate twitches, his muscles wrung the final
lingering drops of semen from his prick, and that exhausted organ began
to slowly lose its hardness and size. Easing his cramped fingers, he
released his sister's breasts and leaned forward, bracing his hands on
the table. Where his fingers had been sunk into her boobs there were
white marks that flushed pink as blood was again admitted to her flesh.
He felt his cock slowly withering and withdrawing, felt her wet folds
sliding past the retreating cap of his organ. His balls were sticky and
chill from the liquid drying on them. When he finally drew back,
extracting what was left of his prick from Judy's vagina, he felt
secretions drying in his pubic hair.

"Aaaaawwww," Judy sighed as he vacated her vagina. "Aaaww, you're sooo

"You're great," he told her, bending down to haul his pants up.

Judy pushed up, then hunched over wearily, her bare belly wrinkling, her
breasts sagging slightly. Her pussy was stinging cold with drying cum.
"Do you have to leave?"

Mike nodded, fastening his belt. "Got to. If I dropped out of sight now
it would really screw things up. I've just been lucky they haven't had
someone watching me all the time."

"Why would they?" Judy asked.

"I don't know," he admitted.

"Do you think they suspect something?" Judy asked nervously.

Mike shook his head. "No, if they did, then they would be tailing me."
He gave her a quick kiss. "Gotta go, Sis."

"When will I see you again?" she asked.

"I'll come by after the ransom drop tonight," he assured her. "And we'll
have a fine old time. As soon as the ransom is collected we all just
drop out of sight. We'll rendezvous here to split up the money, then
make our getaway."

"Is that safe? What if Harry's followed after he makes the pick-up?"
Judy asked.

"We'll make sure he isn't. Relax, Sis, nothing will go wrong. You just
sit tight right here and wait for the money to roll in. See you later."

"See you," she echoed softly just as he closed the door. She stood up
and pulled the raincoat around herself defensively. She now felt more
lonely and nervous than ever. Her mind now freed of the distraction of
sex, it returned immediately to the subject of her mother. There was
some satisfaction in the fact that she would be divorcing the Old
Bastard, and squeezing money out of him, too. But it meant Judy's main
reason for taking part in the plot was gone. For Mike, and the others,
the money was the main incentive. For Judy, it had been getting free of
the Old Bastard. The money was nice, of course.

But now there was Mike. They had to take the money and run--they just
had to.

Judy knew it would be a terrible blow to their mother. In one fell swoop
she would find herself left totally alone. Judy stood with her arms
folded tightly, staring blindly at the television. Her mind kept
returning to that sad fact.

She was still standing there, dwelling on the misery facing her mother,
when someone touched her ribs. The unexpected contact wrenched a scream
out of her and she flinched.

"Easy, Judy, it's only me," Paul said quickly.

"Wh--what are you doing here?" she asked, sharply, her voice shaking.

Paul grabbed her again, his hands strong, insistent, insolent. "Is that
any way to greet your lover?"

Reluctantly, Judy yielded and kissed him passionately. She had the
feeling life was complicated enough without Paul turning up at this
point. She was worried enough about the whole plot, and her mother, as
it was. And she had just had sex with her brother anyway, and she didn't
want any more.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, extricating herself from him. "I
thought you were busy."

"Not right now," he answered. "Came by for a morale boosting quickie,

"I'm not your 'baby'," Judy retorted. "I'm not anybody's 'baby'."

"Okay, okay," Paul agreed soothingly. "But let's knock off a quick one
anyway, okay?"

"I don't want to," Judy said bluntly. "Besides, Mike'd kill you if he
caught you here now."

"What would Mike be doing here?" Paul responded. "No way he could find
out that I'm here. Come on, Judy, just a real quick one, huh?"

"I told you, I don't want to," she repeated. "Aren't you supposed to be
someplace else right now?"

"I told you I wasn't," Paul argued. "Jeez, what's gotten into you
lately, anyway? You used to be the hottest tail in town."

"Is that all you think of me?"

"No, of course not," he said quickly. "But you've really been acting
strange lately. Jeez, I go through all sorts of shit, even let myself
get beat over the head by your brother, and you switch off on me. I'm
beginning to think there is something going on between you and Mike
after all."

Judy felt a twinge of fear. "What makes you say that?"

"You got to be getting it someplace," Paul noted. "You just aren't the
frigid type. Used to be if you went two days without sex, you'd damn
near rape me."

"We just had sex yesterday," she argued desperately.

"Yeah, but that's not enough for you--or me either, and you know it. You
getting it from Harry, maybe? Did that skinny runt mess around with

"I haven't even seen him since he brought me here," Judy assured Paul

"Well, I don't care where you're getting it, I want some, too. I could
screw up this whole kidnapping thing real quick, you know," he

"Why would you do that? You want the money, too, don't you?"

"Yeah," Paul admitted reluctantly. "But I'm horny."

Judy made a quick decision. Her pussy was still dripping with her
brother's cum, and she had no desire to screw again right away anyway.

"Well, I'm nervous," she told him, "and I just don't feel like it. But
I'll tell you what."

"What?" Paul asked hopefully.

"I--I'll give you a blow job," Judy offered.



"All the way?" he asked.

"All the way."

"You'll swallow it?"

"Yes, I'll even swallow it. My gosh, do we have to go into all the
clinical details of the whole thing?"

Paul unfastened his pants. "I just wanted to make sure we had everything
straight," he sniffed.

"Well, I don't know what you mean by a blow job, but that's what I
mean," Judy snapped. She was staring at his slowly growing prick. It
looked totally unimpressive and unappetizing. But, she had gone this
far, and didn't dare back out now--unless she wanted to get him really
angry with her. Obviously, from the way Paul's cock was growing, just
the idea of a blow job was getting him excited.

"Come on, come on," Paul urged impatiently.

"Hold your horses, will you?" she retorted. "Sit down on the couch or
something. You don't want to stand through the whole thing, do you? And
pull your pants down."

"I guess not," Paul agreed, following her orders.

Judy waited until he was settled, then knelt between his spread legs.
She sighed resignedly and faced his rubbery, half-erect cock. She had
given blow jobs before, even swallowed the cum, and usually got a
certain perverted pleasure from the whole act. But she couldn't have
felt less like having any kind of sex with Paul than she did at this
point. But, she knew if he did get jealous, he might mess up everything.

She tilted his prick upright with her fingers. Lowering her head to it,
she licked the underside of the warm shaft of meat from bottom to top,
like she was catching the drips from a popsicle on a hot day.

There was an instantaneous rush of blood to the organ that made it
stiffen sharply in her grasp.

Judy wished it was Mike's cock she was lapping at, instead of Paul's.
She would do anything for Mike, absolutely anything. She was even
figuring on trying some things with her brother that she had never tried
with anyone.

She carefully bathed Paul's penis with her tongue, licking it languidly
from base to tip on all sides. She had to pause and pick a wiry pubic
hair off her tongue. Then she resumed her meticulous bathing of his
stiff tower of flesh. The skin was warm and yielding and soft against
her tongue. She could feel the ridges of distended veins just under the
skin, and the rippled hard interior under them.

Paul was slumped back bonelessly. His hands were rhythmically squeezing
the cushions of the couch. That and the film of sweat on his face were
the only overt signs of his excitement. He watched as Judy's tongue
bathed his sensitive phallus, feeling like warm, wet velvet as it swept
up the length of his tower. She licked the under side again and the
delicate touch of her tongue there sent a shiver through him, making him
wet his lips with excitement. Her dark curls brushed his bare skin,
adding a sensuous tickle to the other sensations.

Then Judy closed her lips around the peak of his cock, engulfing it in
her warm, wet mouth and Paul felt like it was melting. She touched just
the head, rubbing it lovingly with her tongue and Paul thought it was
going to burst into flame.

Judy felt a quiver of pleasure at taking Paul's cock in her mouth.
Something about having a lump of living flesh between her lips, against
her tongue, triggered warm sexual pleasure in her belly. She drew her
head upward, letting his cock slide out through her lips. When she
lowered her head again, she took a bit more of his hot staff in her
mouth. She pressed her tongue against it firmly and scrubbed the velvety
skin, now slick and wet with her spit. There was a warm salty taste in
her mouth and she knew she had milked some of his excited juices from
his organ. Her head was filled with the smell of him.

Paul, too, had felt that burning drop ooze from his channel. His prick
felt like it was being bathed in blood-warm water. There were textures
and hardnesses that no vagina had. There was the sensuous tickle of long
curling black hair on his bare thighs, and the feel of fingers gripping
the base of his prick. And there was the sight of the working mouth
spitted on his towering penis.

Judy pumped her head, taking the massive, blood-loaded organ deeper and
deeper into her mouth. She was overwhelmed by his smell and his taste.
Her own guts were now burning with a perverted lust, and her vagina was
twitching hungrily. But she still had no desire to be screwed by Paul.
That, as much as was possible, would be her brother's privilege from now
on. There was nothing wrong with finding pleasure in giving Paul a
thorough devoted cocksucking, though.

She reached between his thighs, under her own chest, and lifted and
shifted his balls in their sack. Handling them gently, she stroked and
tickled up behind them. Without losing the rhythm of bobbing of her head
on his prick, she fondled his testicles and tickled the foundations of
his phallus.

She was jamming his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth with every bob
of her head. She was glad Paul wasn't gripping her hair, urging her on.
She wanted to be able to set her own pace, to avoid gagging and choking
on his huge shaft.

Drawing in timed breaths through her nose, she pumped and pumped her
mouth on Paul's phallus. She felt the rubbery head jamming to the back
of her tongue, poking into her throat, and redoubled her efforts. Her
nose was being tickled by his pubic bush at every downward drive of her

She felt his buttocks beginning to twitch and thrust and knew he was
getting close to a climax. She increased her efforts. She was beginning
to look forward to the load of hot, gooey fluid he would shoot into her

Paul was wriggling and shivering. A hot puddle of semen was accumulating
at the base of his cock, gathering in the muscular pocket like a lava
pool at the base of a volcano. The pressures were building and building
and building. All the sensations of the blow job were melting
together--the feel of her pumping mouth, the feathery touch of her hair,
the tickling of her fingers around and under his balls. It was all
coming together into one searing knot of pleasure.

His cock fired. The first spurt of semen blasted vertically, straight up
his prick, and into her waiting mouth.

Judy felt the thrusting squirm of the prick in her mouth and slurped up
the hot blob of sperm-loaded liquid and jammed her mouth down on the
pulsing, pumping tower of meat. The cock in her mouth spasmed and
quivered with every pulse of semen it shot into her. She wedged the
spurting tip into her working throat as she absorbed the gummy waves of
semen, letting them pour down her throat into her stomach where they
again formed a hot pool.

Paul was rigid. Every muscle in his body was helping to pump his cum. He
quivered in the throes of an orgasm that blazed through him like
lightning. Adding to the sheer, excruciating physical pleasure of
unloading his semen, was the mental joy of knowing the girl in front of
him was taking the load in her mouth and letting it pour down to her
stomach. He could see how her lips grasped and embraced his convulsing
prick, squirming as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. And the
swallowing, peristaltic contractions of her tongue and throat massaged
his spurting prick like no vagina in the world ever could.

Paul kept cumming and cumming and cumming until there was nothing left.
His muscles kept convulsing in carnal dry heaves until his pleasure
began to turn to an ache. Then Judy was sucking the last dribbles out of
his prick, spitting it out, and sitting back on her heels. His contented
mood was suddenly spoiled by the sight of the inner curves of her
breasts where the raincoat had spread open to reveal them. There were
dark marks, almost bruises, on the pale flesh.

"What're those marks on your breasts?" he asked, worried.

Judy glanced down, then quickly pulled the raincoat closed to conceal
the marks her brother's fingers had left. "The damn buttons on the
mattress," she lied, thinking quickly. "I'm probably scarred for life."

"They look more like marks from someone's hand," Paul argued.

"Well they aren't!" she snapped. "Cripes, you're really getting
suspicious, aren't you? I just sucked you dry, what more do you want?"

Paul tried to rein in his jealousy. "Sorry," he apologized softly.

Judy struggled to her feet, ignoring the sight of his limp, spit-coated
cock. "Think you ought to be going?" she asked carefully.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"After all, you did get what you came for, didn't you?" she sniped

Paul stood and pulled his pants up. "I'll sure be glad when this whole
thing is over and done with," he remarked. "Maybe then you'll start
being decent to me again."

"Me be decent to you! I just gave you a blow job, didn't I?"

"Sure, after I twisted your arm," he snorted. "Look, don't do me any
favors, if that's the way you feel."

"That's the way I feel," Judy retorted.

"Good! After we split the money, that'll be it," Paul informed her. "You
go your way and I'll go mine. I thought for a while there everything was
all straight between us. Obviously it isn't."

"I guess not," she agreed.

"I'll see you tonight," Paul snapped, heading for the door.

After he slammed out, Judy headed for the bathroom to rinse her mouth
out. Then she sat down and glared at the television.

Chapter 9

"We did it!"

Judy leaped out of the chair at the triumphant cry from the back door.
The raincoat flapping around her legs, she sped through the swinging
door and collided head-on with Harry Anderson.

"WE DID IT!" he bellowed even louder, bouncing back from her and
capering wildly around the kitchen. He was swinging a small suitcase in
wild sweeps that threatened every breakable fixture in the room.

"Two hundred frigging thousand frigging dollars right here in this
suitcase!" he chortled in sanely. "Two hundred grand! Two hundred super
big ones!"

Judy was stunned. Somehow, she had never really contemplated the reality
of what they were doing. For days she had been at the very core of the
entire plot, and now it was done, over with. "Are--are you sure?"

Harry paused in the midst of his wild dance, the suitcase poised
overhead in one hand. "Sure? Of course I'm sure. Right here, right in
here, right in this suitcase. I watched your mother leave it right where
she was supposed to leave it. Then I waited until I got the high sign
from Paul that the coast was clear, strolled over and picked it up. Just
picked it up, this suitcase, this one, the one right here, with two
hundred thousand bucks in it."

Judy had trouble getting her voice to work well. "Are you--are you sure
the money's in there?"

Harry turned pale, and his freckles stood out boldly. "Of course I'm
sure," he said in a choked voice. He lowered the suitcase to the table
reverently. "I'll show you."

Before he could open the suitcase the back door banged open, making both
him and Judy jump with shock.

"Is that it?" Paul asked, looking greedily at the suitcase.

"That's it," Harry answered confidently.

"We were just going to open it and make sure," Judy added cautiously.

"What else could it be!" Paul exclaimed. "Come on, open it up."

"Where is it, where is it, where is it," Cynthia babbled, sailing in
through the back door, into the kitchen. "Is that it? Is that it?"

"That's it," Harry repeated.

"HOLD IT!" Mike ordered from the doorway.

"Aw, for the love of ..." Harry complained. "Were any of you followed?"
Mike asked. "If you were, we'll all have to split right away."

"I wasn't," Harry said confidently.

"Neither was I," Cynthia assured him. "I doubled back three times to
make sure."

"What about you, Paul?" Mike asked.

"Shit no, I wasn't followed," Paul snapped. "Come on, Harry, open the
damn suitcase al ready."

Harry shot Mike a nervous glance, his hand on the latch of the suitcase.

Mike closed the door carefully. "Open it up," he ordered calmly.

There wasn't even the sound of breathing as Harry snapped the latch
open. All five held their breath as they stood around the table. Harry's
hands shook as he slowly lifted the lid of the suitcase and folded it

"Jesus Christ!" Paul swore softly.

"Ssheeeeiiit!" Harry wheezed.

"Ooooohhhhhh," Cynthia sighed.

Judy swallowed. Never, in her entire life, had she seen so much money.
Neatly stacked in the suitcase were bundles of fives, tens, and
twenties. They were held together with rubber bands. They were not new.
The bills were all old, and worn, just as they had instructed.

"Jesus Christ!" Paul repeated, reaching for one of the bundles. Picking
up a stack of twenty-dollar bills, he fanned through them wonderingly.

Without taking her eyes off the fantastic pile of money, Judy sidled
around the table to get a snuggle from her brother. He put his arm
around her. While Paul, Harry and Cynthia pawed through the cash, Judy
and Mike just stared at it. Until this moment it had all seemed like
some silly, childish, risky game. But now, right in front of them, was
the end result of all of Judy's days of forced solitude and loneliness.
Right there, being slowly strewn on the table by six pawing hands, was
their ticket to escape from their hated stepfather. Right there was the
final insurance that guaranteed a life time of happiness.

"Oh, Michael," Judy purred, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him
tightly, pressing her soft, warm, sensuous body against his. Something
about the sight of all that money was making her feel all hot and

"We did it, Sis, we did it," Mike observed happily. "No more kissing the
ass of that tight-fisted Old Bastard for crummy nickels and dimes. We
really pulled it off!"

"Oh, Michael," she repeated huskily. With one hand she unbuttoned the
raincoat so she could press herself still more closely to her brother.
His hand slipped under her single garment and stroked and petted her
naked ribs. Spreading her legs, she clasped one of his strong thighs and
pressed her hairy pussy against it. She squirmed, grinding her breasts
against his harsh clothes, making her nipples burn with a delicious
pain. Tearing her eyes off the heaps of bills, she planted a series of
sucking, hungry kisses on his throat, up his chin. Reaching his mouth,
she plastered her lips on his and bored her tongue in to lick his teeth,
then battle past them and ream his mouth out. One of his hands slipped
down and cupped one of her soft, naked buttocks.

"Let's count it," Cynthia suggested practically, starting to make neat
stacks of bills.

"Turn on a light," Paul suggested. "It's getting kind of dark in here."

"NO!" Mike ordered tensely. "No lights. This house is supposed to be
empty, stupid."

"Ooops, forgot," Paul admitted. "But you don't need to call me stupid!"
he snapped. "And what're you doing with my girl?"

Mike let go of his sister, but Judy refused to release him. "I'm not
your girl anymore," she informed Paul coldly. "That was settled this
afternoon. Remember?"

"What were you doing here?" Mike snapped at Paul.

"Come on, you guys, let's count the money in front of the TV. That'll
give us enough light," Harry suggested.

"What the hell are you doing so lovey-dovey with your sister, Mike?"
Cynthia wanted to know.

"Well, she is my sister," Mike answered illogically on the way out of
the kitchen. He had put his arm back around Judy, but on the outside of
the raincoat this time.

"We'll do what we want," Judy insisted, ignoring the way the unbuttoned
raincoat flapped open to expose her.

"Come on, Cynthia, those two are weird," Paul snorted.

"It'll be a pleasure," Cynthia snapped.

In front of the television, Cynthia and Paul sat close together on one
side of the suitcase, Mike and Judy on the other. In the middle, facing
the TV and the suitcase, sat Harry.

Deliberately, Judy snuggled close against her brother, nestling under
his arm. She rested one band on his thigh. The raincoat hung open enough
to display one of her firm young breasts and one thigh as she sat with
her legs folded under herself. She noticed that Paul, seeing the way she
was sitting, drew Cynthia in against him.

Harry picked up stack after stack of money and riffled through each
before setting it to one side or the other.

Judy let her hand slide up her brother's thigh. She was feeling warmer
and sexier every minute. His arm felt strong and comforting after the
endless tension and worry of the last few days. Her fingers found a
solid ridge under his pants and she scratched one nail along it
delicately. It responded by swelling and growing. His arm tightened
around her. Turning her back on him slightly, she tugged his hand down
over her shoulder, down to cup her still-covered breast.

Paul and Cynthia glared at Mike and Judy, as Cynthia encouraged Paul to
cup and massage one of her breasts through her clinging black T-shirt.

Judy pinched the hardening shaft of her brother's prick, testing its
hardness and steadily in creasing size.

"It all seems to be here," Harry reported, apparently oblivious to what
his four compatriots were doing. "I've got it separated by denomination.
The bundles of cash are already counted."

"Let's split it up," Paul suggested. "So Cynthia and I can get the hell
out of here?"

"What's your hurry, Paul?" Judy asked nastily. "Got ants in your pants?"

Paul's grip on Cynthia's small breast tightened. "Not for you!"

"Cut it out, you guys," Mike ordered.

"Us! What about you two?" Cynthia retorted.

"I'll make five equal stacks," Harry announced calmly. He began to shift
the bundles of money around.

Defiantly, Judy pulled the raincoat back to bare the breast under her
brother's hand. His fingers curled over the soft, exciting mound and her
nipple burned against his palm. She noticed how Paul's eyes raked over
her and decided to make her ex-boyfriend really sweat. With an easy
shrug, she shed the raincoat. Abruptly naked, she snuggled next to her
brother. His hand was still caressing her bare boob. She gripped his
stiff, hard prick, through his pants.

Cynthia's eyes flashed with anger. Until now she had regarded Mike as
hers. Obviously, something had happened. With his own sister, no less!
Well, she decided to just let him see what he was giving up. Paul would
appreciate what she had to offer even if Mike didn't. She let Paul pull
her T-shirt up, then slipped gracefully out of it. Her small, shapely
breasts quivered and her pert nipples stiffened quickly. She tucked
herself under Paul's arm as one of his hands found her breasts, brushing
from one small, firm mound to the other, and then back. Reaching over,
she found Paul's fly and ran the zipper down. A few awkward seconds of
prying and his cock was free, a hard hot leaping poker. She curled her
fingers around it possessively.

Harry glanced up. His eyes took in both Judy's nudity and Cynthia's
topless state. He gulped hard and his hands shook as he continued
dividing up the money. His cock was suddenly uncomfortable in his pants,
causing him to shift and twist awkwardly.

"Aw, shit," Harry swore, "now I lost track."

"Getting too hot for you?" Judy asked him softly.

"No! Of course not," Harry squeaked nervously. "That's good," Judy
purred. She was working to free Mike's cock. After she had, she wrapped
her small hand around its huge, warm length.

"Have to start over again," Harry sighed, pushing the stacks of money
together. His eyes kept hopping from Judy's nude body to Cynthia's
slender bare torso, then back to the money. A film of sweat gleamed on
his face. His cock was painfully cramped by his tight pants. Finally,
the pain got to be too much for him. Since Paul and Mike both had their
cocks out, why shouldn't he? Unzipping his own fly, he freed his long,
skinny prick. It stood out from his lap like a flagpole, its cap looking
bluish in the flickering light from the television.

Judy let her legs slide farther and farther open, to expose the heart of
her sex. Her knee nudged Mike's leg as she slid it outward. Mike let his
free hand glide over the soft, satiny skin of the inside of her thigh.
His fingers slid up and down that sleek column, from her knee almost all
the way up to her pussy. Every stroke took his hand closer and closer to
her thick bush. Judy shivered with every caress of her sensitive flesh.
Her hips squirmed and shifted restlessly. She wriggled carefully,
sliding her buttocks for ward. Her brother's fingers tickled into her
pubic bush, then pressed her labia, seeking, then finding, the oozing
slit. His fingers slipped into her soft, wet folds.

Cynthia's jaw tightened as she watched. Right there in the open Judy was
letting her brother feel her up. Hussy! Well, two could play that game.
Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as easy when you were wearing pant.
Awkwardly, Cynthia unfolded her long, graceful legs and unfastened her
pants. Squirming them down under her slender hips, she skinned them down
her legs and off. She wasn't wearing any underpants. She curled her
slender, graceful body next to Paul.

Paul didn't need any invitation. He slid his hand up the sleek length of
Cynthia's thigh and probed his fingers into her sparse blonde bush,
prying them into her pussy. Cynthia writhed sensuously under his touch,
fire blazing through her as he stimulated her sensitive folds.

Mike turned to his sister, his fingers sunk in her steaming, soaking
crotch. The sight of his former girl friend under Paul's hands made him
burn with jealousy. Let her have Paul--Judy was enough woman for any

Judy accepted her brother's kiss with her mouth open and sucking. She
drew his tongue in, met it with her own. Straightening her legs, she
spread them wide to open her crotch wide to his exploration, and
everyone else's view. She felt her brother's fingers plunge deep into
her vagina. Lying slowly backwards, she pulled him down with her.
Holding his hand in her dripping pussy, with one hand, she unbuckled his
belt, then tugged his trousers down with the other. Hooking her foot in
them, she kicked, dragging his pants and underpants down his legs. He
managed to wriggle his feet free of the entanglement while she was
fondling his heavy, swollen cock and warm rounded balls.

Mike was ablaze with lust. Ripping his soaked hand out of his sister's
sex, he hurriedly peeled off his shirt so he would be as naked and
wanton as she was. Then he plunged his hand back into her hot, wet
folds. Bowing his head, he closed his lips over one of the hard, hot
peaks of her firm young breasts. His teeth nipped at her nipple while he
bathed the rubbery tip with his tongue. She was squeezing his rigid
cock, as if trying to wring the blood from it. The motion triggered a
delicious sensual ache deep in his guts.

Harry's hands shook so hard as he shifted the stacks of money he almost
dropped them. He had given up trying to seriously sort the heap of cash.
All he was trying to do now was conceal his increasing agitation. His
whole body was knotted with building lust. The sight of the two
beautiful naked girls being so openly fondled and played with was
driving him nuts! Now Mike was naked, too, and Judy had her small, young
hand wrapped around his prick. And Paul was taking all of his clothes
off, too! It was getting to be too much, just a bit too much! Paul and
Mike both had women, while Harry was being forced to sit and watch in
frustrated agony.

"C'mon, you guys," he protested.

"Be cool, Harry," Judy purred.

"Be cool!" Harry exploded, dropping his air of nonchalance. "Shit! How
can I be cool?"

"Play with yourself," Judy answered.

"Gee, thanks a lot!" he snapped, scattering the money with a sweep of
his arm. "Thanks a fucking lot!"

Judy ignored him; Lying on her side, she was pressing the soft, warm,
curvy length of her body against her brother. His flesh was hot and hard
against hers. Their legs tangled and meshed so she was able to grind her
pussy against one of his strong thighs. He still had one hand sunk in
her dripping folds. She crushed his fingers into her sex, mangling her
vaginal lips and her clitoris into a sticky, oozing mess that was ablaze
with pleasure. She was still clutching his towering, rock-hard phallus,
her hand trapped between her soft belly and his hard one.

Cynthia and Paul were in a wild tangle of arms and legs. Her lush blonde
beauty was being explored intimately by Paul's hands and fingers. He was
squeezing her tight buttocks, pressing into the crevice of her ass,
plunging into the sticky swamp of her sex with its thin covering of
blonde curls.

Harry was going nuts. His frustration was rising to incredible heights.
He knew exactly what was going to happen, sooner or later, and it looked
like it would be sooner. In a few minutes, Cynthia was going to be flat
on her back with Paul's towering cock sunk in her velvety, dripping
vagina. She would be wrapping her lithe arms and legs around him, urging
him on with thrusts and heaves of her slender hips. And Judy would be
taking her own brother's cock into her body, letting him drive his
phallus straight up into the core of her sex.

Watching Judy was even worse for Harry than watching Cynthia, because he
still remembered the feel of Judy's soft, curvaceous body under his as
he had screwed her on the concrete garage floor. Engraved in his mind
forever was the feel of the velvety walls of her vagina spasming around
his stiff, hard prick. And she had stuck her finger up his ass While he
had been plumbing her, pistoning his prick in her sucking, dripping
hole, she had been boring her finger up into his anus.

Harry began tearing off his clothes. He couldn't stand to be sitting
there fully clothed while every one else was stark naked. In a few
moments he was as nude as the rest of them, but was still just as
frustrated as he had been.

Paul pressed close to Cynthia as she rolled on her back. For a moment he
pushed away from her to admire the long, lean length of her slender
blonde body. Her teeth gleamed between her sensually parted lips. With
one leg bent, her crotch was wide open to him. Her nipples were stiff,
demanding points on the gentle hills of her breasts. Her chest heaved
with shaky, lust-wracked breathing.

Cupping one of Cynthia's tight little boobs, Paul moved his sturdy body
over her slender one. He settled between her thighs as she wrapped her
long, graceful legs around him. His prick found the nest of her pussy
and he wedged it into her tight hole, then stopped. He glanced over his

Judy was on her side, facing Mike. One leg was over his hips, the other
crushed under them. Her lush ass was working in a steady, sexy,
rhythmic, fucking motion.

Paul drove his prick into Cynthia Van Camp's willing vagina with a
single heave of his hips. Her hot flesh embraced his cock like a wet,
velvet glove. He took his jealous fury with Judy out on the girl under
him, ramming his cock into her as if he wanted to tear her open with it.

"Aaaarrrr," Cynthia wailed. She felt as if she were being shredded by
the cock slamming into her. And she loved it. She clawed at Paul's back,
her well-manicured nails tearing at his flesh. She heaved her slender
hips up to meet his brutal drives, urging him to go deeper and harder
into her with every drive.

Judy was curled on her side, unmindful of her brother's weight on her
thigh. His cock was boring up into her pussy and she was doing her best
to urge him on. She heard an animal cry from Cynthia, from behind her,
which increased her desire to have Mike jam his phallus deeper in her
belly. She spurred his ass with her heels, urging him further into her

Harry's eyes flashed from one fucking couple to the other and back
again. He could see Paul's cock slide out of Cynthia Van Camp's
aristocratic crotch, then drive back in. The girl's legs were kicking
and thrashing wildly, her heels either digging into the floor as she
heaved her hips up ward, or kicking into Paul's working ass as she urged
him deeper into her. Her long fingers were raising pink welts on his
back as she clawed him.

Judy's ass was toward Harry. Her fleshy moons were quivering with Mike's
every drive, clenching and unclenching as she responded. Harry found
something about the sight of those lush fleshy masses and the deep, dark
valley between them incredibly erotic. The shadowed crevice between
Judy's ass cheeks seemed to beckon to him.

He squirmed toward Judy and Mike, not sure exactly what he was going to
do. He kicked the bundles of money blindly aside as he crawled toward
the writhing couple. One of the rubber bands broke and twenty-dollar
bills scattered across the floor.

The glare from the television shone down on the orgiastic scene. The
news was on. Unseen by any of the youngsters, a report was being given
on Judy's "kidnapping".

Harry squirmed up behind Judy. He had to have his cock in something. He
had to plunge his aching prick into a tight opening--had to fuck
something! And there was one obvious, convenient target.

Judy was startled when a hard, skinny body pressed against her back. For
a second she was jolted out of the ecstasy of having Mike's cock in her
pussy. Then her pleasure grew even greater, and she felt more important,
more loved than ever. It had to be Harry that was squeezing her against
Mike. What was he going to do back there?

There was a sharp prodding between her buttocks and she jerked with
pleasure. The prodding became a steady pressure, a driving thrust deep
in the valley of her ass.

"God," she barked softly from the blast of lust. Something was driving
at her anus. The pressure increased steadily. Right along with it, the
pleasure in her guts built and built and built.

Harry's cock slipped down the canyon between the cheeks of Judy's ass
and jammed at the bud of her anus. Her crack was all wet and slippery
and sweaty. His prick dug into the knot of her asshole. He pushed at
her, harder and harder and harder, and felt the head of his prick slowly
being accepted by the tight opening. His body knotted with insane lust,
he powered his cock harder and harder and harder into Judy's helpless
but not unwilling backside.

Slowly and steadily he felt his prick going into the tight, delicious,
shitty orifice.

Judy fought to spread the cheeks of her ass somehow, and decrease the
resistance of her anal sphincter. The tight ring dilated a fraction of
an inch at a time as Harry wedged the head of his prick into her. As her
opening grew, so did her pleasure. Her vagina was stuffed with her
brother's cock, and now a second phallus was being slowly driven up her

"Aaaawww," she growled as she felt her body being invaded by two
masculine organs.

Mike wasn't moving. He had been jolted by Harry suddenly joining them.
With his cock fully sunk in Judy's belly, Mike waited to see what was
happening. There was a strange, in creasing pressure at the base of his
cock where it vanished into Judy's vagina. Her hole, and his prick in
it, were being squeezed tighter and tighter. What was Harry doing?

Judy's ass was ablaze with searing pain and equally searing pleasure.
The muscle was being stretched thinner and thinner and thinner by
Harry's relentless thrust. There was a sliding snapping feeling that
sent a convulsive jolt through Judy--the head of Harry's cock had
slipped past her resisting, gripping anal ring.

"Aw--aw--aww, I'm so full," she groaned. "Awww, Jesus, aww, more--more."

Harry obliged by drilling his prick steadily deeper into her tight
asshole, shoving upward into her rectum, feeling the greasy walls of her
bowel gliding past the head of his cock. It was tighter and drier than
any vagina, burning his prick with an unholy fire as he powered it deep
into her guts. He gripped Judy's soft waist with his strong, lean
fingers and rammed his long prick straight up into her butt.

Mike couldn't believe what was being done to his prick. It was being
steadily squeezed, the pressure moving from the base toward the tip.
Harry's cock was pressing the thin wall of flesh between rectum and
vagina up against his phallus, making the opening he was in almost as
tight as the one Harry was using. Experimentally, Mike drew his cock out
and thrust it back in. The friction between his flesh and the slick
constricted walls of Judy's pussy was unbelievable.

While Harry was still drilling his cock up into Judy's anus, Mike began
to piston his prick in and out of her vagina. Harry increased his thrust
when he felt the weird, shifting, gripping, changing pressure against
his organ. He slammed his cock the rest of the way up into Judy's ass,
his hips jamming against the soft cushions of her buttocks.

"UUUhhhhffff," Judy grunted. She felt as if she was going to open up in
a bloody split from bottom to top she was so full of cock.

Mike drew his shaft out almost all the way, then rammed it back in
abruptly. His pubic bone cracked down on Judy's clit. The tightness of
Judy's vagina made the blood roar in his ears. A pool of fire was
forming in his guts.

Harry drew his cock out of the tight, gripping orifice of Judy's anus,
then rammed it back in, feeling her velvety, greasy walls clinging to
his pistoning tower. His balls knotted, up tight against his body.

Judy felt absolutely fabulous. First Mike would draw out then drive in,
then Harry. The thin barrier separating her two openings was twisted by
every thrust. Her clitoris was a searing, battered knot of pleasure. She
writhed happily, mindlessly, on the two towers jamming into her.

Like a well-drilled team, Harry and Mike were pumping in the helpless
girl, alternating their strokes, one drawing out as the other thrust in
ward. They could each feel the other's prick through the thin,
stretching, yielding wall separating them.

"AAaww-awww-I'm cumming. Aww, shit! Awwwwshit, I'm cumming, I'm cumming,
I'm cuuummmmiinnnggggg." Judy's words trailed off into a senseless
bellow of pure pleasure as she thrashed between the two male bodies. She
wanted to arch to get more of Mike's cock in her vagina, and hunch over
to get more of Harry's in her butt. Because she couldn't do both, she
quivered mindlessly.

The ball of fire in Mike's groin erupted the length of his cock, a
searing spear of flaming pleasure roaring through the pinched channel of
his prick. His body heaved as he filled his sister's belly with his cum.
He felt Harry's prick convulsing and pumping in her rectum.

Harry was hosing down Judy's bowels with his sperm. Where the base of
his prick was tightly gripped by her anal sphincter there was a ring of
fire. The convulsing of Mike's cock kept his own orgasm going and going
and going until his groin was in aching agony, trying to pump semen that
was no longer available.

Judy's entire body was an excruciating knot of pleasure. She had felt
them both cumming in her, front and back, and her own climax had surged
a few notches higher.

With a final quiver of delicious exhaustion, Judy's muscles went limp.
She crapped out the cock in her ass as it softened, and felt Mike pull
his prick out of her drowned vagina. Freed from them both, she rolled
slowly over on her stomach, her legs spread wide to let cooling air
comfort her seared crotch. She lay panting in the midst of the scattered
cash from the ransom.

The crash of the front and back doors opening simultaneously sounded
like twin bomb blasts in the small house. The five naked teenagers
lurched under the blasting impact of the crash of splintering wood. All
of them squirmed and twisted as they tried to get to their feet.

"Jesus H. Christ!" the cop standing in the front door swore. His gun
waved vaguely to cover the five naked bodies in front of him. Scattered
around them, even sticking to the backside of one of the girls, was an
incredible quantity of money.

A bigger, burlier, older cop calmly shoved the younger one aside.
Evidently he had seen stranger sights than this in his long career as a
policeman. He let his eyes roam slowly over the gathering, lingering
long on Judy's and Cynthia's nude beauty.

"You're all under arrest," he announced. "On a charge of extortion."

"Awww, shit!" Mike groaned.

Misery tore through Judy. With a wail, she turned to her brother and
burst into tears as she threw herself into his arms. The police gently,
but firmly, pulled her away from him, covered her with the raincoat, and
hustled her out to a waiting patrol car.

The last time Judy saw her brother was after the hearings. He cast one
despairing glance at her as he was taken away to jail. Then a matron
took her arm and she herself was led away, tears streaming down her

The End

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