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[BEE-5844] A by Barbara Skinner


Ben Harvey was stretched out on the king-sized bed, his arms and legs
thrown wide. After a hard day's work' he had fallen asleep, though
intending only to close his eyes for a moment. His eyes shifted now as
the bathroom shower was turned off, and he looked up at the ceiling,
still half asleep.

"Dinner'll be ready soon," he heard his wife say, and he turned his
head to see Erin standing by the bathroom door.

Beads of water clung to the peaked domes of her wide-based breasts, and
hazed the soft curlings of her muff. She unwrapped a towel from around
her head, and bright red hair spilled around her face, down past her
shoulder blades.

His cock stiffened against the crotch of his slacks, the only clothing
he wore. He inhaled deeply, warming at the sight of her damp body's
lushness, the light from the bathroom gleaming from her flesh, and from
her hair. He pushed up onto one elbow, turning onto his side to stretch
his hand out toward her, a grin on his face.

"Your meat'll get overcooked," she said with a shy smile, and moved
toward the bed, the towel slipping from her one hand as the other
lifted toward his.

"I certainly hope so," he replied, his grin widening, and he sat up as
he took her hand.

Erin slid her knee onto the bed, and he rose up toward her, their arms
going around one another. Their mouths joined, and her soft lips parted
to the press of his tongue, her breasts pressing against the hardness
of his chest.

He moved his hands down her back, spreading them over the fullness of
her rounded ass cheeks. Her hands squeezed against his back as she
moved her tongue over his, following it back into his mouth, and she
moved her hands down to the waistband of his slacks. She murmured with
pleasure as he kneaded her fanny, pressing his fingertips down toward
the base of its deep cleavage.

His cock was throbbing with arousal, her damp tits sliding against his
flesh, her tapering nipples rubbing back and forth. He could feel the
heat radiating from her cunt against his fingertips. She slid her hands
around his waist and between the two of them, her fingers slipping his
belt free of its buckle. Turning his chest against her breasts, he
thrust his tongue deep into her mouth, licking at the roof, her gums,
and the insides of her cheeks. His prod was straining impatiently for
freedom as she slipped his zipper downward, opening his pants.

Erin pushed the pants from his hips, baring the base of his thick
trunk, and she pressed her fingers down between the cloth and his inner
thighs to caress his heavy balls and his engorged tool. He inhaled
sharply at the contact of her soft fingers, his blood racing. She
pressed the backs of her hands out, and down, forcing the pants along
his thighs as she held the hard column of his sex against his leg until
the trousers were lower than his bulbous head. She slipped her hand to
the side, and his prick sprang stiffly up to press against the
underarch of her shifting body, the heat of her snatch against the
lower half of his shaft.

Erin's mouth widened, her lips pulling back as her tongue thrust
forward, a moan pulling from her throat as she felt his thick length
pressing up against the base of her box and of her anal cleavage. Her
fingernails pulled against his shoulders, her loins squirming against
him, their pubic hair meshing.

He moved his lips down the sculpted flow of her neck, his hands moving
lower, and he caught the top of his shaft and his knob. He pulled his
burning rod upward, shifting his trunk against her, her cunt lips
parting against his bulk. He pressed his tongue into the shallow at the
side of her neck, groaning lightly as waves of rapturous heat went
through him from the slide of his bone within her humid groove.

She groaned with pleasure as he stroked his rod against her juicy
cleave, her underbelly tremoring with ecstatic quakings. She twisted
the burning of her nipples against him as she moved her hands up to
slide her fingers in his hair, her lips at his ear as he tongued the
side of her neck.

They leaned to the side, Ben dropping one hand to the bed so that he
could ease them down onto their sides. He moved his face lower, kissing
down to her breasts, his lips moving over the silky flesh, her chest
firmly supple above the rich domes of her tits. She nibbled at his ear
as he ran his tongue over the tops of her tits, her arms sliding
against his head and shoulders. She pressed one foot between his
thighs, and pushed her sole against his lowered pants, forcing them
down around his ankles. He pulled one foot loose, and kicked the
trousers away, both of them now fully naked as he moved his lips over
the petal-like lifts of her aureolas.

She pressed her full, rounded thighs back together around the hard
column of his cock, her head lowered so that she could kiss his
shoulders, her hands caressing his back and sides. He inhaled with a
tight groan as she rolled his shaft between her luscious thighs, and he
pulled his lips tight around the tapering lift of her aureola into her
nipple, the blush of carnation pink becoming slightly brighter at the
tip. She groaned, writhing against him as he sucked at her nipple, his
tongue moving over its tip as he raised his hands to cup the full
undercurves of her tits.

Their bellies undulated together, Ben moving his lips to her other tit,
and she rolled onto her back beneath him. Erin's thighs opened from
around his rod, spreading to curl up against his hips, her cunny
opening, the light gleaming in the wet pinkness of her nook. Her clit
was pulsing deeply, her mind blurring with arousal. She gripped his
sides as her head dropped back to the sheets, and she pulled at him,
urging him to slide upward, to thrust his big tool into the quivering
heat of her spread snatch.

His balls were swollen with his come, and he felt her wet furrow
clutching against his abdomen. He spread his mouth wide over her
breast, his tongue lapping at her nipple, and he sucked as much of her
tit as he could into his mouth before pulling his head back, his lips
remaining tight as he maintained the suction. She moaned, her mouth
opening wide, and his lips were pulling along the tapering peak of her
nipple, drawing it out until it popped free. She trembled against him,
an orgasm flowering within her underbelly, rippling out through her.

He pushed upward, lifting his hips, and his bulbous head slipped into
the liquid heat of her cunt. She hugged him tightly, their mouths
joining again, and her tongue moved wildly within his mouth as she
raised her hips, eager to have him within her.

His hands curved to the outsides of her ripe tits, he squeezed them in
against one another, and against his chest, rubbing her hardened
nipples against his heated flesh as he began to slide into her. The
sleek heat of her hive tightened around his knob and upper shaft, her
secretions bathing him. The blood roared in his ears. She raised her
calves and crossed her ankles atop the small of his back, pulling down
as her fanny squirmed upon the sheets.

His belly tight, he eased into her gulping cunt a fraction of an inch
at a time, feeling the sensuous caress of her nook move slowly along
his throbbing trunk, able to savor the ecstatic quiverings of pleasure
going through his cock. She moaned from deep-in her chest, her lips
pulling from his as they widened, and moved over his cheek. Her
shoulders bunched, her body writhing as she too felt the gradual
entrance of his big prod up into her underbelly, feeling him filling
her channel with his thickness, feeling his hard bone moving over her

His elbows twisted into the bedding beside her, his balls touching her
drenched mound as he moved past the halfway point, down along her slit,
and the wet curlings of rusty red. She twisted from the waist against
him, coming again as he leaned forward, the top of his shaft pressing
up against her pulsing clit.

Then, he was fully within her, their pubic hair curled together, his
balls shifting against the center base of her full ass. She bucked her
hips up against his, tightening her cunny around his glutting prick,
feeling is head rubbing against her deep within. She kissed at his face
and neck, breathing raggedly as her body was engulfed with carnal heat,
her mind blurring with her joyous ascent.

He slid his hands through the softness of her hair, his weight on his
elbows as he began to rotate his hips, churning his pole within the
tightening and loosening of her vaginal muscles, her wet cleave sliding
around the stretched flesh of his trunk. Electric static clothed his
fevered flesh, the throbbing of his cock now a pounding that echoed
through him, his mind filled with he quickened beat of his heart. He
kissed her face, shoving his chest back and forth over the bright pink
of her nipples' tips.

She kissed him back, her face flushed, her heels rubbing down against
the tops of his buttocks, her hands ripping his tightened shoulders.
She groaned again, her orgasms mounting, the sound a strained rasp as
it worked itself free of her constricted throat. She squirmed and
twisted up against him, her clit blazing against the side to side
movement of his shaft, her box quaking around his now thrusting prod.
She had lost all sense of time or place, her mind spinning faster and
faster, her depths contracting and expanding faster and faster.

His balls were strained with the excitement of his come, wave after
wave of pleasure wearing down the dams. Her cunt tugged tightly along
his shaft, beckoning his spend, urging it to break free, and it
suddenly did. He groaned, his body bowing tensely, his mind flashing
with ecstasy.

She cried out, the spasming of his cock within her feverish cunt, and
against her pearl, escalating her orgasmic rush toward her own climax.
He shook against her, his strained face lifted, and his gizzum was
blasting through him, gushing into his jerking rod. His groan broke
off, his breath catching as he came. She shook against him, their
bodies locked together as his juices erupted, hosing up into her
vibrating recesses.

His lips pulled from his teeth, his face lined as his release soared
toward its culmination, their hips shaking together as the flow of his
come began to slacken. All thoughts were lost in the wake of their
climax, euphoria engulfing them.

Gasping, they went limp in one another's arms, his cock spurting out
the last of his spend. They rolled onto their sides, unable to gather
the energy for movement, much less words.

Gradually, their eyes opened, and they smiled drunkenly at one another
before kissing, the movements of their tongues deep and slow. His cock
slipped from her, still large though now limp, the mixture of their
juices gleaming from it. They caressed one another, and he moved his
fingertips gently over her clit, Erin moaning softly around his tongue.

His prod beginning to stiffen again, he moved his kisses down from her
breasts, and along her belly as he shifted his body around. She
indented her full lower lip with her teeth as his lips moved down
toward her damp triangle, and her hands tightened against him, her eyes
almost fearful as she looked at his big cock, his head only a few
inches from her face.

"Ben...?" she asked in the beseeching whisper, and he looked up into
her pleading eyes.

He stared into her dark blue eyes for long moments, and then exhaled
deeply with a weary nod. He turned back around, Erin resting her head
on his chest as they stretched out together, neither of them saying
anything. After a time, they cleaned up, and went in to have dinner,
Ben relaxing.

Later, after she had fallen asleep beside him, and the next morning at
work, Ben continued to think about their lovemaking. It was terrific
with Erin, but there was something missing. He knew that it was not a
matter of her not wanting to try other things, to ball other than in
the standard missionary position, to engage in oral sex, and other
activities, but that her heavily puritanical upbringing had left her
with a mental block.

As in the past, Ben felt bad about his dissatisfaction, but it was not
unlike having only the first, or the first two courses of a three
course meal. No matter how delicious the food, nor how satisfying and
filling, there remained the knowledge that there was one, or two more
courses, and that the satisfaction was being restricted. Ben frowned,
feeling uncomfortable with the analogy, even though he thought of the
three course meal as being one he wanted to feast upon with Erin.

"Mr. Harvey?" a youthful voice caressed, and he blinked clear of his
thoughts to see the high school girl that was working as a clerical
replacement, on vacation. "I need your signature on this," she said,
her big, violet eyes staring into his.

"Uh, yes," he nodded, looking down from the Alice in Wonderland
innocence of her face, her honeyblond hair hanging straight to her
slender waist. "Here you go, Amy," he nodded, and she slowly turned

Aware that the girl, at least, had a crush on him, he watched her skirt
shifting over the full domes of her pert ass. He glanced down at his
slacks, noting his hardened cock's obviousness, and frowned. He did not
want to get involved with a high school freshman, to cheat on Erin, but
the temptation had been there.

He took out his wallet, and withdrew a folded ad that he had run across
and torn out, telling himself that he would throw it away, that he was
simply curious. The ad read:

Inter-personal problems relating to sex?
We specialize in therapy for women.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Contact J & C ROAM

and a phone number followed.

He and Erin had talked about the possibility of consulting before, but
both wanted to avoid the suggestion of mental problems that going to
either a psychiatrist or to a psychologist might have presented. There
did not seem to be that risk with the ad, and it had been running
regularly for several months, which suggested that they were not some
fly by night outfit, and that they must be having some success.

It was late in the afternoon before Ben had fully talked himself into
calling, and then he used a phone booth to insure privacy.

"J. and C. Rome," a man's voice answered, strong but easygoing.

"Uh, I saw your ad...?" Ben began, feeling awkward, and uncertain about
what to say. "My name's B-" he started to say.

"Yes, what seems to be the difficulty you're experiencing?" the man
asked, cutting him off. "We'd prefer not to have your name until such
time as you may decide to avail yourself of our services," the man
explained. "That way, if you decide not to utilize our help, you've
retained your privacy."

"Yeah, okay," Ben said, relaxing a little. "Well, you see, my wife and
I have got a really great relationship, and... and balling's great," he
said, feeling able to loosen up since the man did not know who he was,
and could not even see him. "The problem is that she was raised to
think that there's only straight fucking with the man on top, and no
other ways, no... no sixtynining, or anything else," he finished, out
of wind, but feeling better.

"How does she feel?" the man asked. "Is she repulsed by the idea of,
say, oral sex? Or is it something she is unable to allow herself to

"Yeah, that," Ben said. "We've talked, and she wants to try other
things, but...."

"Well, this sounds like a rather common, and easily taken care of
problem," the man said thoughtfully.

"You've had luck with this kind of thing before, then?"

"Luck?" the man chuckled. "No, not luck, but success with our forms of
therapy. As a matter of fact, we're completing a program today with a
woman whose problems were not too dissimilar from your wife's," the man
smiled, leaning back in his highbacked, leather upholstered desk chair.

"Then, uh, could I make an appointment?" Ben asked.

"Yes, certainly. My name is Jack, the J. of J. and C. Rome," he
explained, looking across the comfortable office, his chair beside his
big desk.

"Mine's Ben, Ben Harvey, and my wife's name is Erin," he said, already
wondering if she would agree to try this method.

"Well, why don't we set up an interview for you and Erin. Say, five-
thirty tomorrow? That should give us time, and allow you to get here
after work," Jack said, staring at the woman he had referred to

The woman was a tall brunette, and she was dressed in knee-high, black
leather boots with very high heels. As well, she wore matching gloves
that rose half-way up her upper arms, and a one-piece outfit that left
her big breasts bare, the globes thrust out through cut-outs in the
leather. Sleeveless, the garment had a high collar that was closed with
two silver buckles. Cut above her hips on the sides, the leather
narrowed toward the juncture of her loins, and separated into slender
straps that pressed between her inner thighs and her cunt, forcing the
lust mound forward. The light gleaming from the ringlets of her muff,
and from the leather, she stared straight ahead.

As Jack listened to Ben agree to the appointment and tell him that he
would phone if Erin did not choose to come, he motioned for the woman
to approach him. Her tits quivering temptingly, she obeyed, and he
nodded toward his clothes.

"Yes, I understand, Ben," he said into the phone as the woman began to
open his trousers, and slide them off. "You might tell Erin that C.
stands for Carla, my partner and my sister. If she feels too
uncomfortable at the prospect of discussing things with a man, then
Carla will handle her interview," he explained, shifting to allow the
woman to finish undressing him.

"Hey, that's probably a very good idea," Ben said.

"Well, our purpose is to relax tensions and lower barriers," Jack said,
motioning for the woman to turn around.

The leather straps that framed her snatch rejoined just behind it, the
single strap they formed rising up between the firm globes of her ass
cheeks, another strap coming down from the back. The two straps were
looped, and snapped around a wide, silver ring that held her fanny open
and framed the pursing of her anus.

"Don't worry, Mr. Harvey, I think you'll find that your wife is capable
of much more than either of you would think possible," Jack confided,
the woman easing down to sit atop his immense cock, his bulbous knob
moving through the silver ring, and up into her anus.

"Then we'll be seeing you tomorrow," Ben finished.

"We'll be looking forward to meeting you," Jack said, his eyes lidding
as the woman began to slide down his pole, "and Erin."

The woman's expression was ecstatic as his thick length filled her
rectum, her body bowed forward between shoulders and hips, her booted
feet spread. He hung up the phone, after giving Ben the address, and
reached over to flip the intercom on, his head back against the chair,
his eyes closed.

"Yes?" a sultry woman's voice responded.

"Would you like to step into my office, Carla?" he asked, his voice
tight as the woman began to turn her ass, the heat of her depths
shifting against his prod.


Murmuring with arousal, the woman swiveled upon the spar of Jack's
cock, her bowels roiling with flarings of heat, her shapely legs
accented. Her hands slipped from her knees, and she cupped them
together beneath his large balls, rolling them together as she lifted
them to her splayed snatch.

He reached around her and spread his hands over the thrusts of her tits
as she carefully pressed his nuts into her spread box, her cupped hands
holding them against the damp heat. He tightened his hands upon her
breasts, which thrust forward from the tight hold of the black leather,
the circular cut-outs pressing into their bases as he rolled them back
against her chest.

He groaned with pleasure as her rectum tightened and loosened around
his tool, her fanny shifting from side to side against his hips and
upper thighs. His sac was drenched with her juices, his balls swelling
with his come as she rolled them knowingly, the heat of her cunt
penetrating his scrotum.

Neither of them heard the office door open, and their eyes were closed
as they savored the swirling sensations of arousal going through them.
Thus, they were unaware of Carla's entrance. Her flesh was tanned a
dusky gold and her ebony hair fell to below her shoulders. She was as
beautiful as her brother was handsome, and her gold-flecked eyes
sparked with pleasure as she watched Jack's lithe, strong body move.
She watched his fingers indent the woman's ripe breasts and then move
to their peaks to pinch the pegs of her nipples.

Unbuttoning her blouse, Carla slipped out of her shoes, and moved
toward the couple, her eyes on the woman's hands as she rubbed his big
nuts into her soaking wet splay. The blouse slipped from her shoulders
and to the carpet as she walked up to stand between the woman's spread

Her eyes glazed, the woman looked up at the Gypsy beauty of Carla's
face and the full spheres of her big breasts, the pale saffron nipples
erect. One corner of Carla's sensual mouth pulled up in a commanding
smile. Her hands went to one hip, and a moment later her skirt was
drifting down to the floor. Carla wore only a pair of beige stockings
held up by an ivory colored garter belt.

Arching her body forward off the balls of her feet, Carla thrust the
lust mound of her cunt toward the woman's face, the light gleaming from
the jet plume covering the center third. The woman leaned her head
forward, her lips opening, and Jack opened his eyes as he felt her tits
pressing forward against his hands.

"Come to celebrate our success?" he grinned, shifting his arms to allow
the woman to move her mouth to Carla's snatch, his fingers still
rubbing at her nipples.

"I've come to come," Carla chuckled, and her nostrils flared as the
woman kissed her furrow, her tongue moving over her sleek plume.

The woman turned her head from side to side, nuzzling her mouth into
Carla's furrow, opening it. Her tongue pressed inward, and she tasted
Carla's rich flavor as she licked deeper. Jack rubbed her burning
nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, his hips I thrusting up
against the plush cushions of her ass, his, huge prod bobbing within
her rectum. She groaned into Carla's cunny, turning his balls in her
own, and rubbing his heavy nuts over the pulsing of her clit. She moved
her mouth higher, and her lips pushed the hood back from Carla's clit,
and the inch-long, tapering node pressed between her lips.

Carla groaned as the woman closed her lips around the base of her long
clit, her tongue washing over its tip. Enrapturing heat spiraled
through her, her mind fogging as the woman stretched her neck forward t
o suck and lick her apex. She looked to Jack's passion painted ~
features and leaned forward, her stomach pressing against the woman's

Smiling, he sat forward, raising his mouth to his sister's, and their
tongues flowed together as their lips joined. His prick throbbed within
the tight turnings of the woman's ass, his balls quaking against her
snatch. He moved his hands out from the woman's tits, stretching her
nipples until they popped free, and lifted his hands to Carla's large

Carla trembled with her mounting ecstasies, licking at Jack's tongue as
his hands molded to the curves of her breasts to caress the swollen
orbs, the tips of his thumbs rubbing against the nubs of her nipples.
The woman continued to lick and kiss the length of her clit, her face
turning within her furrow. She groaned into his mouth, her cunt
spasming against the woman's face as she came, her clit flaring with
electric flashes of bliss, her body shaking between them.

Carla's face lifted as her arousal reached a stunning peak, and she
staggered back a step, her clit slipping free of the woman's lips, her
tits pulling loose of his hands. Her mind reeling, she saw her juices
gleaming from the woman's open-mouthed face, and she turned to sit back
against the desk before her legs could go out from under her. She
gripped the edge of the desk that indented her full globed ass, her
tits rising and falling as she gasped to catch her breath.

Jack squeezed the woman's breasts against her chest, pulling her back
to him, the softness of her hair flowing against his cheek as the black
leather of her garment pressed against his chest and stomach. She
moaned with carnal delight as he thrust up, dropping one hand to the
arm of the chair. She swayed as he pushed them both toward their feet,
his cock jerking within her ass, his balls slipping free of her hands.
To balance herself, she reached back to clutch his firm hips, her hands
moved with her secretions. She came with a sobbing gasp, lava like heat
erupting through her.

The silver ring shifting around the base of his thick trunk, he moved
the woman forward and to the side, turning them both to face Carla, who
looked at them with a dazed smile.

Carla leaned back, sliding her ass cheeks onto the desk. She stretched
out, her thighs spreading wide as she pressed the soles of her feet out
against the edge of the desk, and her clit shoved up from the wet
blossom of her spread cunny. Jack gripped the woman's hips, and she
leaned forward from the waist to lower her mouth to the juicy bowl of
Carla's sex, her fanny thrusting back against his loins.

He pulled his hips hack, his cock sliding partially free of the woman's
tight sheath, and then he thrust back in. She gasped into Carla's nook,
her tongue and lips finding the tapering node, her hands and arms
stretching out so that she could caress Carla's tits. She sucked at
Carla's clit again, her mind spinning faster, and faster, orgasms
rocketing through her as he churned and thrust his bone within her
backside, his hold on her hips keeping her on her feet.

His face tightened, his come crashing against the barriers, his muscles
tightening, the blood pounding in his ears. The throbbing quickened
within his cock, echoing throughout him. He clenched his teeth, his
shoulders bunching. Spreading his feet wide and bracing them, he leaned
forward, one hand moving to the woman's cunt while the other clutched
one of her tits.

The woman gasped against the maddening pulse of Carla's clit as he
rubbed hers with his joined fingertips. She swallowed, Carla's
delicious taste saturating her taste buds, her nostrils filled with her
scent. Carla twisted upon the desk, her body arching up as the woman's
hands moved over her big tits, as her lips suckled her clit. Carla
dropped one foot from the desk and stretched her leg out under the
woman to press her toes beneath her brother's fingers, slipping them
into the sopping wet furrow of the woman's clutching box.

He groaned tightly, his face lifting, and his lungs ached, his breath
catching. The blood roared in his head, his heart pounding. His flesh
burned with an enraptured fever. His come blasted loose. He inhaled in
a gasp, his mind flashing with joy as he came, his cock jerking within
the woman's ass. His hands moved back to her hips, and he leaned back
from the waist, his body shaking.

The woman cried out as his big tool jumped within her fanny, and his
gizzum was gushing up into her bowels, flooding her. Her clit blazed,
her snatch gripping Carla's toes. Her hands tightened around his
sister's breasts as she sucked and licked wildly at Carla's clit, her
orgasms blurring together.

The air rushed from his lungs as his climax reached its crescendo,
ecstasy overwhelming his mind and body. Carla's mouth opened wide, a
strangled cry pulling from her throat as she came to the woman's
voracious mouthings, her clit seeming to flare into pure energy within
her mouth. The woman's knees buckled, and her hips slipped from his
hands, her body shaking with her satiation.

Carla's legs dropped limply from the side of the desk, and she lay with
her arms thrown wide, a satisfied smile on her face. As the woman sank
weakly toward the floor, Jack's cock slid from her fanny and through
the silver ring. Still jerking, his rod spurted out the last of his
spunk over her fanny as she dropped to her knees. He turned, reeling,
and dropped back into his chair, spent.

After a time, the sound of their breathing quieted, and they began to
regain their senses. He looked toward the woman who knelt between him
and his sister, awaiting their orders.

"Go get something to clean us up," he told her, and she stood quickly,
and left the office.

"Think our new client'll be as attractive?" Carla asked with a
lascivious smile.

"If not, we can always recommend they look elsewhere for help," he
smiled with a shrug as the woman returned with a bowl of water, a wash
cloth, and a towel. "You'd better be quick," he said as she knelt
between his thighs, "your husband'll be here for you soon."

"I-I've passed my tests?" the woman asked with a hesitant smile,
looking at him, eager for his approval.

"With flying colors, wouldn't you say, Carla?"

"I only hope our next case is as satisfying," Carla nodded, sitting up
as the woman began to wash Jack with the cloth, and then with her
tongue. "Of course, it might be necessary for you to check back
periodically so that we can make sure you're not regressing."

"Can I really?" the woman asked with hopeful delight as she moved to
tongue-bathe Carla.

"Only if it remains a secret among the three of us," Jack said, his
voice firm. "Not that I'd think your husband would be in a position to
protest too strongly, considering the benefits he'll be receiving via
the changes in you," he added.

"It'll be a secret from everyone," the woman promised earnestly, and
began to lick Carla's dark plume clean of her juices.

Jack looked at his come gleaming from the woman's ass cheeks, and he
smiled thoughtfully, wondering what sort of clients Erin and Ben Harvey
would be. His cock stiffened in anticipation.


Erin felt nervous about going to see someone about her sexual
repression, but she had agreed with Ben and found the idea of one of
the Romes being a woman helpful, the fact that they were brother and
sister an additional assurance. Meeting Jack and Carla, Erin was a bit
startled by their youth, yet pleased, feeling it would be even easier
to relate her problems to Carla.

Introductions taken care of, Jack led them into his office, and he and
Carla shared a smile of agreement, both quite pleased by the couple.

"Could I get you two some wine?" Carla asked, her voice warm, and Ben
and Erin looked toward her, distracted from Jack as he moved around his
desk to sit down, his obvious erection unseen. "We find that it's best
to relax as much as possible and make this as conversational as can
be," Carla explained.

"Yes, all right," Ben nodded after glancing at Erin.

"Actually, I think Ben's pretty much described the situation," Jack
said, leaning back. "Did he tell you what he told me, Erin?" he asked,
looking into Erin's dark blue eyes.

"Uh, yes," she nodded, blushing lightly.

"Your wine," Carla said, and Erin looked up to her side, distracted
from her embarrassment.

"Thanks," Erin nodded, and Ben took his glass too.

"Our method depends on several things," Carla said, moving around to
the side of the desk, her jersey shirt-dress molding to her curvaceous
body. "We'll need your trust, and for you both to keep in mind that our
shared goal is for you both to have a happier, more satisfying love

"How do we start?" Ben asked, sipping his wine.

"I think that we can begin right now, if you wish, or we can move at a
slow pace."

"No," Erin said, surprising herself at the quickness of her response.
"I mean, doing it slowly just give me more time to be nervous," she
explained, and took another swallow of her wine.

"You've got the right attitude for success." Carla smiled warmly at
her. "The first step is for us to interview you separately so that you
won't be restricted by worries about hurting the other's feelings."

"So, Ben, if you'd like to accompany Carla into her office?" Jack
suggested, opening a desk drawer to take out several forms.

"Oh, I thought Carla would...." Erin trailed off, looking from the
brother to the sister, uncertain as to whether or not they were twins.

"Well, that's part of the slower way," Carla said with a soothing
smile. "This way, you're in the process of lowering your repressions
from the very start."

"Both of you have to think of yourselves, and one another, as if you
were with doctors. If you're getting a physical examination, then you
disrobe, and don't question the doctor slipping on rubber gloves to
examine, say, your rectum. True?" Jack asked, and they nodded.

"Well, we're looking for non-physical problems with physical
manifestations," Carla said. "Thus, you'll need to concern yourselves
less with the physical aspects, to put aside jealousies, and accept
what happens as merely different forms of physical examinations and
tests-to keep in mind our goal of curing those problems."

"That's one reason for being here, instead of at your home," Jack
added. "It removes you from your usual environment, and keeps us
separate from your day to day lives."

"So, Ben, if you'd like to accompany me to my office?" Carla said, and
Ben and Erin looked at one another.

They nodded, and she reached over to squeeze his hand. He stood, and
her breathing tightened as he left her range of vision. She heard the
door open and close, her husband and Jack's sister leaving them alone
together. She became aware of soft, very soothing music playing from a
stereo recorder, the volume just audible. She raised her glass, but
found it empty.

"Here you go," Jack smiled, and she blinked as he leaned forward from
her side to refill her glass. "I think we can leave some of the more
trivial information for later," he said, moving back to replace the
wine bottle in its cabinet as she took a drink, his eyes on one of the
forms. "Ben said that you were taught that there's only one way to make
love?" he asked, gradually dimming the office's indirect lighting.

"Y-yes," she nodded, not looking toward him. "My mom was very forceful
about that."

"Um," he nodded. "Say, why don't you sit over here on the couch, and
then you can relax a bit more," he suggested, and she slowly stood to
move to the large couch, the seat extending far enough for her to sit
with her legs stretched out before her, the back plushly comfortable.
"Was Ben your first lover?" he asked, sitting on the couch arm at the
other end.

"Yes," she said, and took another drink of her wine.

"I take it that you've no problem with climaxing."

"No," she answered, drawing her calves up, her free hand smoothing her

"Any limit as to the number of your climaxes?" he asked, standing.

"Um, no, I don't think so," she replied, glancing toward him, his back
toward her.

"And did you ever climax with anyone else-you know, like when petting?"

"A-a few times."

"During masturbation?"

"I-was taught that was wrong too."

"So, you haven't ever climaxed while masturbating?"

"Maybe once or twice, but... its like with the-the things Ben'd like to
do. I get so uptight that..."

"How about girlfriends?"

"Girlfriends?" she asked, confused.

"You know, during early puberty, for instance. Sometimes, it can be
easier to deal with one's passions when alone with someone you're
already close to," he said, moving along in front of the couch, his
manner relaxed and friendly.

"Oh," she nodded. "Yes, once," she said, letting it go at that.

"You were talking about the things Ben wants to do," he said, sitting
down on the couch beside her curled legs, his back angled toward her
knees. "What things would you like to do if you could let yourself?"

"Me?" she asked, the question taking her off guard, her nervousness
over his sitting down near her forgotten. "I guess I never thought of
it that way," she admitted, never having considered what she herself
might desire.

"Would you like your clit kissed, to feel a tongue moving in your cunny
as you lie back and simply enjoy the sensations?" he asked, his voice
lower, and she blushed, looking down.

"I-I guess," she answered in a whisper, her heart pounding.

"You've never thought about it?" he asked, turning toward her, one leg
atop the couch.

"Yes," she nodded, feeling hot, and wondering if it was as a result of
his questions, or the wine.

"All right, I want you to just lean back, stretch out, and relax with
your eyes closed," he said gently, slipping the now empty glass from
her hand, and setting it on the floor.

Uncertain, she did so, glancing at his strong, reassuring face before
closing her eyes.

"I'm going to lower the back of the couch," he said, pushing a button
at the base, and she heard a humming sound as she was eased back to a
thirty-degree angle. "Hear the music? Listen to the rhythms, to each
instrument," he said in a hypnotic whisper. "Hear how the beat of your
heart seems a part of the music," he suggested, his fingers nimbly
catching the hem of her skirt out from either side of her legs, as he
slowly raised the cloth from her thighs, then moved the skirt upward
from her long, shapely thighs. '`No one will know what happens in this
room, only you," he said, laying the skirt up over her stomach, and
baring her full hips, a pair of bikini panties covering her plump
mound. "You do want, at least, to know what it feels like to have your
clit kissed, to have a tongue move within your nook, don't you?" he
asked, his voice a rhythmic sound that crept through her brain.

"Yes," she said in the smallest of whispers, the dim lighting, the
comfort of the couch, the warmth of her body, and the sounds of his
voice and the music making her forget where she was.

"To feel yourself unbound," he continued, his hands curving to her
hips, and almost imperceptibly closing to touch against her flesh, and
her panties. "Easy, easy," he soothed as her breath caught, and he
began to slide the panties down, rolling them beneath his hands. "Feel
the binding being loosened, being removed, feel the soft curlings of
your muff loosening, no longer pressed down," he whispered, turning
toward her from the waist as he moved the garment past her knees and he
reached back with his other hand to remove them. "Doesn't that feel
better, more relaxing? Can't you almost feel the way your mound curves
smoothly down from your abdomen, the way it rises higher than the tops
of your thighs, standing proud and ready. Wouldn't it feel wonderful to
have it kissed caressingly?" he continued, lowering his face toward the
bright triangle. "To have someone's lips touch the lips of your sex,
someone's tongue glide inward, someone's mouth kiss the pulsing of your
clit?" he suggested, his breath stirring the curlings of her muff, and
he touched his lips to her furrow.

Her lips parted, and she inhaled deeply, her eyes almost opening as she
felt the damp heat of her snatch kissed, the lips flexing against her
slit. She groaned softly, feeling the compulsion rise within her to
reach down and push the head away, to stop the lips from drifting up
and down her burning lips. Then she remembered the music, and
concentrated on the rhythms, finding that this time it was the
throbbing of her clit that seemed a part of it, rather than the deep
beat of her heart.

The strong, yet gentle hands cupped her hips again, and the lips
parted, the tip of his tongue extending to glide up and down the wet
groove of her box. Her body trembled, her blood racing with pleasure,
and her clit pulsed faster, Erin knowing the tongue would open her to
find it.

He inhaled deeply her fragrant scent and moved his tongue into her
juicy cleave. She shifted, murmuring with arousal as he pressed his
tongue deep, drawing it over the quivering softness of her hive. He
moved his hand down from the hip toward the inside of the couch and
eased her leg outward, opening her thighs. His mouth pressed into her
furrow, his lips moving as his tongue stretched and curled, his palate
soaked with her delicious taste.

She gripped the arm and seat of the couch, her body stiffening as
orgasms blossomed within her underbelly, peals of ecstasy rolling out
through her. The mouth moved without hurry, knowingly gentle, and her
clit throbbed faster and faster until it flashed joyously. The lips
soothed her pearl, and the tongue washed over it like a lapping wave
that moved with a steady rhythm until it seemed to crystalize with a
meteoric rush of heat, her body sweltering with a carnal fever.

His own head was clouded with arousal, his big cock thrusting against
his pants leg. One hand caressing her thigh and hip, his other hand
opened his shirt and pants and removed his shoes and socks. He pushed
his slacks down and slipped his legs from them, his hand then rising to
hers upon the arm of the couch.

Their breathing ragged, her thoughts were scattered within the vortex
of her mind, her pleasure overwhelming her. The hand caressed hers,
moving over its back, its fingers, and palm. She squeezed the hand
tightly, coming again as the tongue pressed against her clit, pivoting
off it as it turned. The hand moved down, and hers followed until warm
flesh touched hers, thick curlings of hair touching the heel of her
hand. She was groaning breathlessly again, the tongue moving faster,
her clit throbbing faster. Rapture blazed through her, the hand
slipping from hers just as she began to squeeze it, and her fingers
closed around a thick column of malleably hard flesh.

Somewhere in the spinning of her brain, she knew that it was a cock she
held. She gripped it tightly, her hand filled with the huge prick, its
throbbing heat penetrating her flesh's own heat, and seeming to merge
fierily with it. Her hips twisted against the couch, her cunny spasming
around his burrowing face as his lips tightened and loosened around the
base of her clit, sucking as he continued to pivot his tongue.

His breathing was strained, his stomach tightening as she yanked his
flesh up and down around the turgid meat of his prod, racing the
vibrating waves of pleasure moving throughout him. Her hand tightened
as she came again, and her other hand moved to the back of his head,
her fingers curling in his hair. She cried out, rising from the waist
until only the crown of her head touched the back of the couch, ,her
ass squirming against the black leather as the raging oven of her
snatch seemed to explode around his mouthings. Her toes curled back
tightly against the pads of her feet, her body shaking, and her cry
faded as her lungs emptied. The contractions and expansions of her
depths merged, and she collapsed, physically fatigued by her ecstasies,
her flesh buzzing, her mind floating in blissful contentment.

Slowly, he eased his movements, and raised his face. His eyes lidded
with arousal, he smiled as her hand continued to stroke his tool,
though moving slower now, her grip lightened. Pleased by her
receptiveness, he decided that she was ready for the second stage of
her treatment.

In Carla's office, Ben had sat on an identical couch, Carla sitting in
a chair beside the couch, facing him. She had asked him to list sexual
activities he wanted to engage in or was simply curious about, and
asked him to relate his sexual history, interrupting him from time to
time to have him give detailed accounts of some scenes. As he
remembered balling various women before marriage, describing the women,
the actions, and his sensations in detail, he became more and more
aroused. His cock lifted the crotch of his pants, and he felt
momentarily self-conscious, but Carla seemed unperturbed.

"Let me see, now," Carla said, glancing at what she had written down.
"You want Erin to give you head. Do you want her to swallow your come

"Yeah, if she could, I guess," he nodded, watching her uncross her
statuesque legs, the jersey shirt-dress riding high, and he saw that
she wore no panties, her plumed cunt revealed to his eyes for a moment.

"All right, since it's been several years since anyone went down on
you, I think we should reacquaint you with the reality," she said,
putting her pen, and the forms on the floor beside her chair. "That
way, your desires won't be abstract, and you'll know exactly what you
want," she said, leaning forward to open his trousers, Ben staring at
her with surprise. "Also, it'll allow us to relate your actions with
those you wish of her," she added, his hardened prick jutting up as she
lowered his pants, and she looked at his thick length with approving
pleasure. "Is there any particular position you desire? Standing over
her, kneeling over her head, or simply lying on your back?"

"Uh..." he murmured, trying to think past the thundering throb of his
rod. "This is, uh, fine," he said, still amazed by what was happening.

"All right," she smiled and she moved to the couch, stretching out
between his legs after removing his shoes.

Her lustrous hair spilled over his abdomen and hips, her mouth almost
touching the lips of his raised knob as she caressed his thighs. His
breathing deepened, and he lay back as she pursed her lips to blow a
current of air slowly over his head. Inhaling, she stretched out her
tongue and slid the flat of the pink blade around the hypersensitive
bulb of his flesh. His mouth opened as his eyes closed to the delicious
waves of heat running through his tool, and into the rest of his body.

Her soft tongue slipped from his head, and she again blew air over it,
but the flesh was now damp, her breath cooling his knob. The contrast
of the coolness with the mounting warmth of his bone sent a shiver of
pleasure up his spine, the throbbing deepening. Her hands moved upward,
spreading over the insides of his hips, and her thumbs moved over the
top of his sac.

Her lips met his knob and she kissed it, her mouth gradually blossoming
to suck at him, her tongue again moving over his lips. He groaned
softly as he exhaled, his hands moving down to cup her head, her hair
like silk against his palms. Her fingers slid between his thighs and
balls, and the edges of her hands joined beneath his scrotum. His head
pushed back as she shifted his swollen nuts between her palms, her
thumbs gliding over them.

Her lips moved under the rim of his head and closed tightly around the
top of his shaft, her tongue licking at the cleft of his knob. His
thoughts blurred as his mind spun with pleasure, his flesh hot with
static electricity. Her lips nuzzled downward around his engorged
trunk, stroking him as the tip of her tongue moved against his dorsal
vein. His breathing quickened, his shoulders shifting against the
lowered couch back his heels pushing against the extended seat.

She spun her tongue around his head and upper shaft, her lips
continuing to move downward, and she tightened her mouth around him,
sucking at him. He moaned, his back arching as the roof of her mouth,
the insides of her cheeks, and her tongue closed around him, pulling
against his glutted meat. Her hands rolled his balls together, his
gizzum broiling within them.

He pressed his legs in alongside her, his calves gripping her full
hips, and against the insides of his thighs he felt her big breasts,
naked beneath her shirtdress. She released the hold of her mouth, and
took more of his cock in, suddenly tightening around him again. She
pulled her head up, the grip of her sucking mouth tugging along his
shaft till she reached his head. He gasped, the throbbing quickening.
Her mouth opened and moved lower than before, then again pulled tightly
upward. Her mouth opened and closed, rising and falling faster each
time, her lips moving further and further down his quaking column.

His hands tightened in her hair, his face flushed, his features
strained. His come pounded for release. Her suckling mouth pulled up
along his shaft, and dropped back down to tug upward again. His heart
beat like a trip hammer. Her head bobbed up and down upon the spire of
his erect flesh. His breath caught. Her tongue flashed up and down his
dorsal vein. He twisted from the waist, his face lined with the
intensity of his arousal. Her thumbs raced over his tremoring balls,
her joined fingertips kneading his root. He inhaled in a ragged groan,
his elbows pressing in against his sides as he rose up from the waist.
His come broke free of his nuts.

Her mouth closed tightly around his spasming rod, and she sucked
hungrily at him. His spend raced through him, the throbbing merging
with the pounding of his blood that filled his brain. He shook against
her, and his juices blasted through his length' flarings of exquisite
heat going through his shaking body. His spunk erupted from his head,
hosing against her throat, and she swallowed quickly to keep up with
his torrential outpouring. His mouth widened as his ecstasies mounted
to a fever pitch, his climax consuming him, mind and body fused as his
cock jerked within Carla's mouth. His come slacked off, and she began
to suck at him again, drawing every last drop of his pearly juices from
him. Satiation flooding him, he exhaled deeply, dropping back to the
couch, a blissful smile on his face.

Carla drew her lips up his softening shaft, and his knob came free of
her mouth. Her eyes lidded, she looked up toward his expression of
contentment and smiled, licking a drop of his come from her lower lip.

Groggily, Ben wondered how Erin was doing with letting her inhibitions
down. The idea that Jack could be having much success yet seemed so
unlikely that he did not even consider what form her treatment might be

Having finished undressing, Jack had opened Erin's skirt while she
basked in the afterglow of her climax, and had removed it. He slipped
the buttons of her blouse free of their eyelets without bothering to
open the garment, and he smiled with pleasure at her flushed face and
her expression of satisfaction.

Momentarily spent, Erin's eyes remained closed, and she smiled
blissfully, only partially aware that someone was stretching out beside
her on the couch. Jack slid his arms around her, and she shifted back
against him, feeling secure in his strong arms. Then she remembered
where she was and who she was with, her eyes opening wide.


Erin's body tensed, and she looked down at the strong arms that
encircled her stomach. He was not hurting her, but she had no doubt
that she could not break his hold. Her breathing was quicker, and she
dimly became aware of her nakedness and of his hands just above the
damp fur of her triangle.

Hesitantly, she turned her head to look back at him, but she was only
able to glimpse the side of his head. His hands began to caress her
belly, and her mouth opened with alarm.

"Relax," he told her firmly in a near whisper, and she realized that
she did not know what she wanted to say. "Keep listening to the music."

She swallowed hard. His hands continued to move over her firm belly and
began to glide down with its smooth curve into her abdomen. She tried
to gather her thoughts, but they were confused, and the ecstasies his
mouthings had produced were being rekindled by his hands. Somehow, it
was easier to concentrate on the music than to try thinking clearly.

His fingertips began to move into the rusty curlings of her bush, and
electric tremorings of pleasure spread outward from her tremoring

"Feel the way the heat is increasing inside your cunt," he instructed,
and she found herself nodding.

Her thoughts were blurred, and her awareness of his still erect cock
pressed against her fanny was hazy. She knew it was there, and was
aware of its immense length and girth, but she was unable to connect
the awareness to her other thoughts. Her clit was pulsing deeply, and
she shifted back against him.

"Take notice of the sensitivity of your labia," he said with a doctoral
matter-of-factness, and his fingertips touched knowingly along the
hypersensitive lips.

A murmur of pleasure escaped her, and her eyes closed to the flarings
of joy that swarmed up and down her slit. He stroked her furrow with
slow sweepings, and her juices gleamed from his fingertips. She
shivered with the mounting sensations filling her nook. The pulsings of
her pearl and the rhythm of the music became one to her, the last of
her defenses falling before the surges of orgasmic energy his expert
touch was creating

"Feel how the cunt salivates to provide lubrication," he instructed as
he slid his fingers into the wet pudding of her snatch.

She gasped as his fingers flowed within her cleave, stroking her mound,
her lips, and her pink interior. Touching all but her blazing clit, his
experienced hands drew forth an orgasm, and she shook against him. Her
heart pounded, and her mind spun with ecstasy.

He shifted lower on the couch, but she was unaware of it. His cock
moved down below her ass and against the backs of her thighs. The
bulbous knob pressed forcibly, and her weakened legs parted.

His right hand continued to stroke her cunny, and the left moved down
to grip his cock. His fingers covered with her rich juices, he
transferred them to his rod.

"I'm sure you've become aware of a certain yearning for a release from
the increasing sensations," he said as he moved to align his cock with
her slit.

She nodded. The blood was pounding in her ears, and she felt as if she
were sweltering with a fever. He arched his hips as he spread his
fingers to open her slit, and his knob pressed between her lips. She
groaned. All of her repressions were lost in the fury of her desires,
and her hips arched to quicken his entry.

"Feel how the partial filling of the furrow creates a partial sense of
relief," he said casually and she gave a little whimpering sound as he
kept only his head within her.

His fingers continued to avoid her clit as he stroked her lips, and he
shifted the plump head of his cock within her slit. She bit at her
lower lip, and her body shifted from side to side. She moistened her

"Now, pay attention to how the gradual entrance changes the form your
response takes," he told her.

She moaned as she waited for him to thrust up into her clutching
snatch, but he did not move for several moments. Then, he began to
slide ever so slowly into her. Her breath caught as his thick shaft
eased upward by fractions of an inch. She was no longer aware of where
she was, or who she was with. Her entire being was in the grip of her

She tightened her cunny around him as tightly as she could, his bulk
such that there was not much room between her cunt's relaxed state and
its tightened state. His big cock's head rode up into her channel, and
his trunk continued to slowly glide in between her lips.

His left hand moved up to the peaked dome of one of her tits, and he
caressed it with her juices. She arched her body forward to crush her
breast against his hand, an orgasm flaming through her as he continued
moving his prod up into her. His damp hand slid over her tit, and she
squirmed her rounded ass back against his abdomen. Then, he was fully
within her, and she tightened her snatch around his glutting length.

"Now that you are filled you will have realized the range of feelings
from emptiness to this stage," he observed. "Thus, we can proceed to
yet another area for you to take note of," he said, and began to draw
his prick from her.

She gasped, her eyes opening wide, and she looked down helplessly. She
realized that he was going to take his cock out, that the ecstatic
pleasures the cock provided were about to end.

"No," she blurted out without realizing she had spoken, and she
tightened her vaginal muscles as much as she could.

"Very well," he said with a shrug, and began to thrust back up into
her. "I suppose we can study the effects of alternating motion," he
added as his head pressed against her cervix, and then he began to pull
back out.

Erin shook against him, and her head went back against his shoulder as
orgasms expanded within her recesses. His tool rose and fell within
her, and she groaned with raptures.

"An advantage of this particular arrangement of the bodies is that the
clitoris is easily given access to," he said, and his fingers circled
the flaming bolt of her clit.

Her mouth opened wide, and her breath caught. His fingers gradually
moved in against one another to encircle her throbbing pearl. Her
depths quaked with expectation. He pressed the hood away, and his
fingertips danced over her clit. She cried out, her body jumping, and a
string of orgasms rocketed through her. Her flesh felt afire. Her mind
spun in a maelstrom of carnal joy.

"As well, the positions may be easily changed," he said, and she was
only vaguely aware that he was speaking.

Holding her clit and her breast, he leaned back and rolled her over
atop him. She moaned as his rod shifted within her, and he began to
thrust again. She twisted and stretched atop his strong body, and she
reached back to grip his hips and the outsides of his ass. The earth
itself seemed to be rising and falling beneath her and to be pistoning
within her cunt. His knowing stroking of her clit and his caressing of
her breasts seemed to be at one with the movement of his bone.

"And another variation," he said, and sat forward, his body raising her
from the waist.

She slid her calves back alongside her thighs and bounced upon the
saddle of his hips, the pommel of his sex continuing to rise and fall.
His hands moved to her hips as he shifted his legs, and he raised her
up onto her knees as he rose to his.

Kneeling behind her, he began to quicken the pace of his thrusts.
Dizzy, she leaned forward and dropped her weight onto her arms. On all
fours before him, she gripped the black leather of the couch with her
hands and her knees twisted against it. Her hands were at the end of
the couch. His hips thrust against her full ass cheeks. Her palms damp,
her hands began to slip off. His cock thrust high within her, and his
hands moved from her hips to her slit. Her hands slipped from the
couch, and she gasped. With a rush of adrenaline, she looked down as
she grabbed out at the carpet to break her fall, and his fingers were
swirling over her clit. She screamed, and her face rose high. Her body
jumped with seizures of intense pleasure. Her arms were held straight
to support her, and her body rose back and up toward him. He continued
moving in and out of her drenched cunny with a steady rhythm.

Her head dropped, and her bright hair fell around her face, and against
the carpet. She ground her fanny back against him, and twisted her clit
against his fingers. The blood was rushing to her head, and her arms
were trying to go out from under her. She could not concentrate on any
thought. The overpowering drive of her quickening orgasms was consuming

His enormous cock rose and fell, rose and fell within her gulping
snatch. The expansions and contractions of her orgasms were
overlapping. Her clit was pulsing faster and faster. Her forearms
dropped to the carpet, and her breasts pressed back against the grained
leather of the couch. Her fingers clawed at the carpet. The orgasms
came faster and faster, and closer and closer. He continued to move at
the same controlled pace. She pressed her face to the carpet, and her
mouth opened against it.

Her body tensed, and her muscles twitched beneath her flushed skin. The
fevered pitch of her clit's pulsings rose swiftly. All her pleasures
focused in on the blazing pearl. His cock continued its expert
movements as his fingers burnished.

"Now, you are experiencing your climax," he said, and his voice was a
bit tight from his exertion.

Her throat was constricted, and so her scream was silent as her
culmination broke free. All the tensions of her body dissolved, and
bliss blossomed out through it, and through her mind.

"And this is a shared climax," he said, and his prod bucked within the
broiling oven of her spasming cunt.

Her eyes opened wide, and she came again as she felt his prod hosing
his come up into her depths. She writhed as he gripped her hips, and
kept thrusting his prod even as it was gushing his spend up inside her.
She gasped breathlessly with the crescendo of her passions.

Her body went limp, and her forearms slid forward and out from under
her till her arms were stretched out before her, and her tits were
pushed forward against the texture of the carpet. Time and space were
blurred for her. Groggy, she was partially aware of his cock's last
spurtings of his juices.

He opened his hands from her hips, and gravity dropped her from him and
off of his tool. The end of the couch pressed against the center of her
thighs, and her body curved down toward the floor from the upward
thrust of her fanny. His come seeped from her slit, and curled through
her muff toward her belly.

He stood up from the couch and moved across the office to mix himself a
drink. Satiation clouding her brain, she watched his lithe body move to
the bar. There seemed to be something she should be thinking, some way
she should be reacting, but she could not think. She was not sure at
that moment where she was, nor who he was, but she did not care. She
did know that she felt totally spent, and satisfied.

While Ben recovered from his climax, Carla looked through the list of
the sexual activities he had expressed interest in. Ben sat before her
desk silently. He was uncertain what to say or do, and what his
involvement in the therapy would be.

"Yes, I think we can take care of this," she nodded, and stood up to
move around before him.

He looked up at her gypsy-like face and at the thrust of her big
breasts against her shirt-dress. His mouth felt dry.

"Unbutton my dress from the waist down, Mr. Harvey," she said, and he
blinked with surprise.

Her expression did not change, and he looked into her lidded eyes for a
moment before looking back down before his face. He raised his hands,
and began to open the buttons of the shirt-dress. As he continued
downward, he had to lean forward, and the top of his head bumped
against her loins. His face felt hot, and he realized that he could
inhale the fragrant scent of her cunny. His cock was still outside his
trousers, and it began to stiffen, and to lift from the seat of the

He straightened, and wished that he had unbuttoned upwards as the skirt
of the dress hung so that the view of her thighs, and her loins was
still blocked.

"Now, we can-" she began as she turned away from him, but she paused,
and moved to take a jar from her desk. "Here, you'll need to use this,"
she said, and handed him the jar.

Still seated, he looked down of the lubricant. She stood watching him,
and he felt self-conscious as he dipped his fingertips into the jelly.
He could feel her watching as he stroked his erect tool, and he quickly
lubricated it.

"Here you are," she said, and he looked up to see her offering him a

Businesslike, she returned the jar to her desk as he wiped his hand,
and then she moved toward one of the windows. Standing, he watched as
she reached around in front of her to catch each side of her dress's
skirt. She pulled the fabric back around, and he saw her full hips
bared and the rich globes of her ass. She took the skirt in one hand to
hold it to the side of her fanny's inviting cleavage, and he had a
clear view of it and her statuesque legs.

"We'll now investigate anal entry," she said back over her shoulder,
"and find out how much it is to your liking in reality."

Not knowing what to say, he moved toward her. His prick thrust out
before him, he moved it closer and closer to her ass as she leaned
toward the window. She placed her free hand on the window sill, and he
could not be sure if she was watching his reflection in the glass, or
was looking out at the view. He wished he had seen her cunt and her
breasts, but this did nothing to lessen the arousal he felt.

She spread her feet wide, and her legs formed a pyramid with its peak
at her ass. He could just see the base of her cunt and its ebony plume.
Above that was the widened cleave of her fanny, and he could just see
the bud of her anus. "I've relaxed my muscles, so you can enter however
you wish," she said, and the sultry tone of her voice was at odds with
the medical professionalism of her phrasing.

He reached out, and moved his palms over her dusky gold flesh. She gave
no reaction as he caressed the lust orbs of her buttocks. His breathing
had deepened, and he could feel his heart pounding. He moved closer to
her, and his head pressed against the pink pursing of her anus.

Arching his hips, he sank the top of his shaft into her ass, and his
eyes lidded at the warm waves of pleasure that rose up through his rod.
Abruptly, he thought of Erin, and of his resisting the temptation his
teenage secretary presented. But he reminded himself that they were
with the Romes to improve their own sexual relations, and that Erin was
now with Jack. If only to quickly avoid the latter thought, he pressed
his length fully up into her rectum.

His loins against the silky flesh of her tush, he stood still for
several moments and just felt the heat surrounding his throbbing tool.
Gradually, he began to draw himself from her, and he looked down at her
long legs. She wore black leather boots that reached up almost to her
knees, and from there to her waist she was naked. Then her ass
tightened around him, and his lips parted.

With stunning expertise, she began to loosen and contract her rectum
about his cock. He groaned with pleasure as she stroked the sheath of
his flesh around the engorged meat of his trunk, and he realized that
she was tugging him back up into her. He arched his hips back toward
her, and his hands tightened around her hips.

"The muscles of the rectum are like any others," she informed him as
she continued pulling him back into the roiling heat of her ass. "One
can learn to use them if one wishes, just as one can learn to control
the throat, the vaginal muscles, and the muscles of the loins."

His head spun with rapturous excitement, and he began to rock his hips
from side to side. Reversing the rhythm of her ass, she began to force
his tool back out. His prod was throbbing deeply, and the heat spread
out through his body. His balls felt swollen with his come.

She began to move her hips in counter-rhythm to his, and he gritted his
teeth at the increase of the pulsings. Their movements swiveled his
shaft from side to side, and her grippings pushed it down through the
turnings. Vertigo crept through his brain, and he closed his eyes in an
effort to control his equilibrium. She began to pull his cock back up
into her, but faster this time.

"If you want to come, let me know," she said as she began to work his
sex back down.

His flesh was burning, and his whole body seemed to radiate with the
heat she was filling him with. He could not even tell if his prick was
still hard any longer. Her knowing massaging of his bone seemed to be
making him totally flexible. He felt her soft ass cheeks against his
glutted balls.

He felt as if he were going mad with arousal. Her movements continued
to quicken, and his cock slid in and out, and his balls slapped against
her fanny. It was as if she were clutching him to keep him from
spending and was pulling his spend from him at the same time. It felt
as if his nuts were being expanded like balloons, more and more of his
come being brewed in answer to her ass's demands. Yet, he did not come,
and the arousal continued to mount. His face was contorted, his eyes
screwed shut to the flashes of light behind his eyelids, and his mouth
widened with a strangled cry.

She continued her rectal stroking, but otherwise she stood as before.
Leaning forward from the waist, her right hand rested easily against
the window sill. He was panting, and sweat gleamed from his forehead.

"Now," he gasped, unable to endure the extremes of ecstasy any longer.

The play of her ass changed, and it was as if a dam had been opened.
His come blasted from his balls. His fingers indented her hips and her
ass. His legs unsteady, his knees were trying to buckle. His spend
blasted through the bucking length of his cock and showered up into her
bowels. All thoughts dissolved as his climax raged through him and
buoyed him high. A buzzing filled his ears and his breath caught.

He shuddered against her ass, and his bone continued to jump within the
flexing grip of her fanny. The air broke from his lungs, and he sagged
against her. Gasping, he found he could not gather his thoughts, and he
surrendered to the exquisite raptures engulfing him.

His knees went out from under him, and his feet began to slide back.
She totally relaxed her ass, and his cock popped free. He dropped to
his knees behind her, and his hands dropped to the carpet. His head
still swimming, he leaned forward against her and rested his forehead
against the luxurious pillows of her ass cheeks.

She straightened, and his tool spurted the last of his come out between
her feet.

"Did you find the reality equal to the fantasy, Mr. Harvey?" she asked
as he sat back against his heels, and she let her dress fall back into

She turned around, and he looked up through glazed eyes to see that the
dress was again covering her. He tilted his head back, and saw her
looking down at him coolly. Unruffled, she waited for his reply.

"Yeah," was all he could manage, and he nodded groggily.

"That's good," she said, and moved past him. "We wouldn't want your
fantasies to be damaged by our examination, would we?"

That night, Ben stretched out beneath the-covers and watched Erin come
from the bathroom. The light behind her outlined her body against the
thin nightgown she wore, the bedroom light out. She slid into bed
beside him, and they embraced to kiss. Their tongues stroked; and
flowed back and forth between their joined mouths. Her hands gripped
his sides, and he raised her nightgown up around her hips.

"How'd you feel about today?" he asked softly.

"Oh, it was... interesting, I guess," she murmured, and lowered her
face to watch her hand rubbing his chest.

"Find out anything interesting?" he asked as he brushed her hair back
from her face.

"They said that, you know, we shouldn't talk about... about things at
this stage," she said nervously.

"Yeah. Yeah, guess you're right," he nodded, and tried to force his
curiosity back. "I just wanted to make sure that... that it's still
okay with you."

"Yeah, if I can-if we can have more fun together," she said, and he
kissed her face.

With relief, she embraced him tightly, and their mouths joined again.
Their tongues moved more forcibly, and he encased one of her ripe tits
in his hand. He felt a sense of jealousy at the idea that she and Jack
had been alone doing things that he knew nothing of, but the jealousy
conflicted with his thoughts of being with Carla. Telling himself that
he certainly did not want to risk inducing any guilt feelings in Erin,
and thus risk canceling out the whole purpose of their seeing the
Romes, he pushed his doubts aside. He pressed his tongue deeper into
her mouth, and raised the nightgown up around her waist.

She felt his hardened cock against her thigh, and she relaxed a little.
She had been afraid that he would want to know what she and Jack had
done, and she had not been able even to think about it yet. And as she
thought of Jack, and as Ben's cock rubbed stiffly against her thigh,
she thought again of Jack's huge member. Her hands tightened against
Ben's buttocks as she remembered looking down to see Jack's bulbous
knob moving up from between her legs and into her snatch.

He caressed her thighs and fanny as she twisted her self against his
prod, and he smiled with pleasure at her passion. Her hands gripped his
ass, and she pulled her tits back and forth against his chest. He
murmured with pleasure, his tool throbbing.

Erin recalled how Jack's cock had moved slowly up into her and had
filled her, and she vividly remembered the sensations of joy he had
created with it and his mouth. Ben pulled his mouth from hers and
pushed the nightgown down so that he could kiss her breasts. His hips
moved back from her, and she felt the head of his rod rub against her.
He sucked the carnation pink rises of her aureolas, and the pinker
peaks of her nipples. She murmured happily and found herself turning
from the waist to kiss his shoulder and his side.

Feeling her turn, he blinked with surprise, and hope caused his breath
to catch. He moved his lips down to kiss her belly through the thin
stuff of the nightgown that was now covering only it.

Without thinking, she moved her kisses down his side to his hip, and
then between it and his abdomen. He inhaled deeply at the movement of
her full lips against his fevered flesh. The thought that she was
moving toward his swollen cock for the first time caused his mind to
spin. He moved his mouth to her lower belly and pushed the nightgown up
beneath her tits. Suddenly, he remembered Carla's mouth approaching his
cock, and he recalled how she had knowingly sucked his come from him.
His cock throbbed with expectation.

She felt his pubic hair against her lips, and then his shaft was
against her cheek. She swallowed hard and looked at his prod from
beneath heavily lidded eyes.

He thought back to the sensations Carla's lips and tongue had created,
and he again wondered what she looked like fully naked. Erin kissed
around the base of his cock, and uncertainty moved through her.

Erin wanted to give him head, but Jack had not had her try that yet.
Abruptly, she wondered how she could take his huge tool into her mouth
without choking. She closed her eyes tightly, realizing that Ben
thought she was going to go down on him, and not wanting to disappoint
him. His kisses moved into the red curlings of her muff, and she
gripped his hips tightly. Willing herself to do it, she pressed her
lips to his shaft.

He kissed her slit, his mind reeling as he felt her soft lips kissing
his trunk. Her mouth moved hesitantly upward, and he kissed her slit.
She trembled against him, and he widened his mouth over her mound. Her
lips parted against his throbbing length, and her tongue licked at him.
He flicked his tongue up and down her slit as he sucked at the
pronounced rise of her cunny, and somewhere in his mind he wondered
what Carla's cunt looked like, and what it was like to fuck. Erin
wanted to raise her mouth to take in his bulbous head, but the old
fears and doubts were already creeping through her mind. She found
herself wishing that she had eaten Jack so that she could at least tell
herself that she had done it once before. She moved her tongue back
down his cock, and she moved one hand to caress his balls. She
concentrated on thinking of being with Jack just so that she could
distract herself from the old repressions. She felt Ben's tongue
lapping at her furrow as his mouth nuzzled her mound, and it made it
easier for her. She opened her mouth and turned her head so that she
could grip the center of his rod in her mouth.

He groaned against her snatch, as he felt her mouth seek to encompass
his width as she licked the side of his shaft. For Erin to be doing
even this was such an unknown experience that he found it easier to
think of being with Carla again. He pressed his tongue into Erin's
cleave and wondered if Carla could taste as good as Erin did.

Erin turned so that she could kiss his dorsal vein and again gripped
him in her mouth. Sucking, she moved her mouth up and down Ben's tool,
and her tongue lapped at its underside. She felt elation as he moaned
into her cunny, and she remembered Jack's tongue knowingly focusing in
on her clit. An orgasm flashed through her, and she shook against Ben.

He wished that she would take his head into her mouth, that she would
truly go down on him, but he could not help but feel elation at her
actions. His balls tremored beneath the still uncertain movements of
her fingers, and his bone throbbed deeply within the rise and fall of
her mouth. He licked up toward her clit, and she came again, and her
body writhed against his. Her mouth sucked harder, and he felt his come
trying to break free.

His tongue lashed against the tip of her clit, and she groaned and
stretched. She felt her depths imploding and exploding with orgasmic
intensity, and she was reliving her tonguing by Jack. She sucked harder
at Ben's cock, and her mouth began to move up toward his bulbous head
as her repressions began to be overshadowed by her pleasures. An image
of Jack's cock filled her mind as fully as his cock had filled her
cunt. She rolled his balls in her hand. She groaned as multiple orgasms
rose through her and blinded her to everything but their fulfilling

He gasped for breath as her mouth moved up his cock, and he licked
faster at her clit. His come strained for release within the balls she
was stroking. Her lips touched the cleft of his head, and he arched his
body against her. His spend came free.

His mouth widening, his tongue pressed firmly against her clit, and she
gasped with joy as her orgasms linked. His come rushed through him, and
his rod jumped within the grip of her mouth. She blinked, and her mouth
lost its hold. His come erupted from his head, and she saw it fountain
up. Both of them trembled with their climax, and their thoughts were
ganzed with satiation.

Gradually, they went limp and lay gasping for air. Finally, she caught
her breath, and she opened her eyes to look at his prod through glazed
eyes. Softening, Ben's cock was curving downward, and she watched with
fascination as his thick come slid down along his shaft. She wondered
what it tasted like, and was tempted to find out, but she could not
make herself act to extend her tongue.

Ben's jealousy had been banished by the evident change in Erin's
attitudes. He wondered how such a change could have been effected in
one day, but did not want to question such a benefit. He gave the lips
of her damp cunt a kiss, and shifted around to take her in his arms

They kissed slowly, their hands tenderly caressing, and both of them
found themselves wondering what their next visits with the Romes would
entail. Ben's eyes opened, and he smiled with satisfaction at Erin. She
blushed shyly, and looked down.

"That felt... wonderful," he told her, and she glanced up with a trace
of a smile of pride.

"Really?" she asked.

"Really," he nodded, and he slid the nightgown from her body.

"You're getting hard again," she whispered as he tossed the nightgown

"Yeah," he said as he looked down to watch his shaft straighten. "And
it's all lubricated," he grinned as he noted the coating of his own

She smiled, and rolled onto her back. Stretching out atop her, he
recalled lubricating his cock for Carla, and he wondered what it would
be like to ball Erin's ass. His breathing deepening, he angled his
cock's head between her lips, and slid up into her cunny. Her eyes
closed, and she murmured with pleasure as she embraced him tightly.

Tasting her flavor from his mouth, she wondered if Jack had liked it
when he had eaten her, and she gripped Ben's tool with her cunt.
Feeling her tighten around him, Ben again thought of Carla's amazing
muscle control, and again wondered what her cunt was like.

Their bodies thrust and pulled together, and their breathing quickened.
She came, and her legs drew up around his hips so that she could take
him deeper. His thoughts shifted back and forth between Erin and Carla,
and hers shifted between him and Jack. Their bodies moved with more
abandon than they had known in a long time, and their voices joined in
moans of ecstasy as his cock thrust and twisted within the quaking hold
of her cunny.

Amidst the rising waves of ecstasy Erin wondered why she had only let
Ben eat her once before, and why she had refused to let herself enjoy
it. She cursed her feelings of guilt and revulsion, and thrust her cunt
up and down his cock with renewed fervor. She hoped that Jack and Carla
could free her of all her hang-ups.

Ben blinked his eyes open with overjoyed surprise at her passion, and
his rose to meet hers. Their bodies twisted and stretched together, and
they rolled onto their sides. She cried out, coming deeply, and he let
the come blast free of his balls. He gushed up into her, and his mind
and body vibrated as one.

They gripped one another tightly and kissed one another's faces. Both
were satiated, and they fell asleep with blissful smiles on their lips.

Ben dreamed of Carla, and Erin dreamed of Jack.


When she awoke the next morning, Erin began to remember the events of
the previous day, and she wondered if she was not simply remembering a
strange dream. The question had quickly been answered, and she began to
wonder how she had let herself do what she had done with Jack. But she
also remembered how she had felt when he had eaten her, and when he had
balled her. She could not find the will power not to get dressed when
Ben reminded her that he was to drop her off at the Romes' on his way
to work.

She moved as if in a daze, and she wondered what Ben would say if she
told him about what she and Jack had done. Then, she also wondered what
he and Carla had been doing. She felt confused. She wanted to refuse to
return, but did not know how she could explain her refusal to Ben. She
told herself that there was nothing wrong in what she was doing, and
that she was simply doing it so that Ben would be happier. She did not
want to think about the pleasure she had experienced, or think about
what might be planned for today.

As Ben drove her toward the Romes' offices, Erin found herself pulled
between feeling like a nervous schoolgirl and someone whose repressions
were again trying to take command. She concentrated on the unrestrained
pleasures she and Ben had shared the night before.

His appointment set for after he got off work, Ben dropped her off at
the Romes'. He took note of her nervousness as he kissed her goodbye,
and he watched her walk away from the car. Feeling uncertain about the
whole thing, he told himself that he was being foolish and drove off
for work.

Inside, Erin braced herself and entered the office. Pouring coffee,
Carla glanced back at Erin with a warm, friendly smile.

"Good morning," Carla said, and offered the cup to Erin.

"Morning," Erin nodded.

"How're you feeling today?"

"Oh? all right, I guess," Erin answered vaguely.

"Second thoughts? Nervous?" Carla asked as she poured her own coffee..

"Why, yes," Erin said with surprise.

"Don't feel bad," Carla smiled. "Everyone does. It's just like when you
learn to swim or ride a bike." She sipped her coffee, and watched Erin
relax a little. "How were things at home last night?"

"They were great," she had to admit, and she blushed as she remembered
kissing Ben's cock, and Ben eating her snatch.

"Good, good. Sometimes patients find it difficult to remember why
they've come here, and allow themselves to give in to jealousies, and
guilt feelings. But I was sure you and Ben were too together for such
nonsense," Carla said, and Erin smiled with a feeling of pride. "Well,
come into my office, won't you?" Carla said as she opened the door.

Erin moved past her, and Carla closed the door behind them. Music
played softly, and Erin remembered being on the couch in Jack's office.
Carla motioned her toward two chairs that were placed together.
Wondering why they were facing the wood paneled wall, Erin crossed to
the chairs, and sat down. She looked up and realized that Carla was
dimming the lights in the room, and she felt a tinge of uneasiness.

"These rooms are sound-proofed," Carla said as she walked around in
front of Erin and took hold of the edge of one of the panels. "The
glass you'll see is a two-way mirror. The mirror part is on the other
side, and we can't be seen," she said, and she slid the panel back.

Erin stared with surprise. On the other side of the glass was a large
room with a huge water bed. Jack stood beside the bed, and he was
undressing. Carla moved back and sat down in the chair next to Erin's.
Erin glanced over at her, and realized that the chair was set a few
inches farther back than hers. Carla was calmly watching her brother
remove his shoes and socks.

Erin looked back toward Jack and saw him unbuttoning his shirt. She
stared with fascination at his lean, muscular body. Knowing that he
could not see her, she felt more relaxed about looking at him. He
unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his slacks. Erin's breathing had
become shallow.

He removed the shirt and unzipped his pants. Erin's hands kneaded the
hem of her skirt as she watched him lean over to slide his pants down.
She eyed his firm buttocks, his strong thighs, and his cock. He stepped
out of his pants and was naked. She stared at his prod, which was huge
even though flaccid.

Jack turned to watch the door open, and the woman he had been with when
Ben had first phoned now entered. She wore a translucent blouse, and
Erin could see her big tits quiver gently beneath the fabric as she
approached Jack. She was otherwise naked, and Erin found herself
staring at the dark ringlets of her muff and at the woman's shapely

Jack said something to the woman, and she slowly lowered herself to her
knees before him. He looked down calmly at her as she leaned forward to
kiss his shaft and raised her hands to run her fingertips over his sac.
Erin's mouth felt dry, and she swallowed hard. The questions and doubts
that had started to form in her mind were being washed away by
fascination and arousal.

The woman's lips parted, and her tongue began to slide up and down
Jack's tool, and it began to stiffen. Erin moistened her lips. The
woman curled her fingers beneath the weights of his big balls and gave
his bulbous knob suckling kisses. Erin's cunny was pulsing deeply.

"Take notice of the technique she is using," Erin dimly heard Carla
say. "See how she employs her lips, her tongue, and her hands to harden
his cock."

Erin did not even think about it being Carla's voice. She was
remembering how Jack had eaten her, how Ben had eaten her, and how she
had been afraid to take Ben's length into her mouth. She remembered
wondering what it would be like to take Jack's cock into her mouth.
Now, she was watching another woman doing it. She felt stirrings of

Jack's cock stood out from his body in full erection.

He smiled as the woman took his head into her mouth to suck and lick.
The woman's full, globed ass moved from side to side, and Erin could
see moisture gleaming along her slit. The woman began to take his thick
shaft between her lips.

"Pay attention to how she doesn't rush things," Carla's voice said,
"and how she's fondling his balls."

Erin watched the woman take more and more of his shaft into her mouth.
The woman angled her mouth and neck so that they were aligned, and she
took more of his length into her mouth. Her cheeks drew in as she
sucked at him, and her hands moved over his loins so that her fingers
caressed through his hair while her palms and heels stroked his balls.

"Notice how her mouth is just able to encircle his thickness," Carla
pointed out, "and think about how much she has taken into her mouth,
how much of his long cock."

With this, Erin realized the woman was taking Jack's head and upper
shaft down into her throat. She stared with amazement.

"Think of yourself doing this. You can see that it isn't hurting her,
isn't forcing her to gag or anything. Think of yourself taking Jack's
big cock into your mouth. Think of taking Ben's cock into your mouth.
It's just a matter of learning muscle control to do exactly what she's
doing," Erin heard her say, and she shivered with arousal at the
thought of sucking on Jack's cock. "Look at the pleasure on his face.
Think of the joy in creating such pleasure, such arousal," Carla

Erin glanced up at his face and again felt jealousy.

She saw Jack's eyelids lower as his mouth opened, and she wanted to be
the one giving him such pleasure. She knew that her thoughts were less
than logical, but she did not care. Her arousal was continuing to build
as she watched the mouth sliding up and down his swollen rod. She
continued pulling at the hem of her skirt, and her wrist rubbed against
the insides of her lower thighs.

"Do you feel aroused by the sight of their passion?" Carla's sultry
voice asked. "Is your cunt damp, your clit throbbing?" Carla asked, and
Erin found herself nodding. "Here," Carla whispered, and Erin glanced
down as the woman gently took hold of one of her wrists to guide it

Erin wanted to protest as her hand was moved up her thigh, and caused
her skirt to be pushed up. Yet she could not summon the will power to
simply stiffen her arm in resistance, and did not want to continue
looking away from Jack and the woman. She looked back at the couple and
felt her hand against the humid heat of her cunt, only her thin panties
between. Her hand was guided higher, and her fingertips touched against
the waistband of the bikini panties.

The woman raced her suckling mouth up and down Jack's prick, and he was
moaning with passion. His hands touched the woman's dark hair, and he
arched his hips toward her. Erin's fingers slid beneath the panties.
Jack thrust his cock in and out of the woman's mouth. Erin's fingers
moved through the soft fur of her muff and pressed into her wet slit.
The woman's hands slid back between his thighs so that she could caress
his root and his ass. Erin's thighs spread as her fingers curled up
into her snatch, and she pressed her thumb against the electric
pulsings of her clit.

"Think about how it'd be to be sucking on his cock," Carla said as she
stood up, and she silently moved her chair back. "Remember how it felt
when it was his tongue in your cunt instead of your fingers. Remember
how he moved his tongue," she added, seeing that Erin was unaware of
her actions.

Erin felt intoxicated with her arousal. Doing as Carla had said, she
recalled how Jack had gone down on her, and she moved her fingers as he
had moved his tongue within the hot marsh of her furrow. Behind her,
Carla leaned forward and reached over Erin's shoulders without touching
her. Her fingers began to open the buttons of Erin's blouse. As though
hypnotized by the sight, Erin continued staring as Jack fucked the
woman's suckling mouth. She did not even notice that her blouse was
open and that Carla was unfastening her skirt.

Erin's thumb dabbed at the incessant burn of her clit, and she murmured
with pleasure, her mouth opening as if to take Jack's cock into it.
Carla moved around to kneel at an angle before Erin's legs so that she
would not block the view of Jack and the woman. She reached across with
one hand, and took both sides of Erin's skirt in her hands.

Erin felt the skirt tugging down against her hips and rose slightly
without thinking, not wanting her concentration to be disturbed. The
panties slipped down from her hand and cunny and from her ass. Erin sat
back down as the clothing moved down her calves and lifted her feet for
them to be fully removed. Smiling to herself, Carla stood back up to
move around behind Erin again.

Jack's fingers curled in the woman's hair, and his lips pulled back
from his clenched teeth. He appeared to be in a carnal frenzy, and Erin
rubbed her clit faster. Her cunt was tightening and loosening with
excitement. Carla's hands pressed against her shoulders, and Erin
leaned forward to avoid having to be bothered with anything else. She
was unaware of her bra being unsnapped.

The woman's hands clutched at Jack's ass with desperation, and her head
bobbed faster and faster upon the reddened pole of Jack's shaft. Erin
was moaning without realizing it, and her rounded ass cheeks twisted
against the seat of the chair as she churned her fingers in the raging
hive of her cunt. She did not notice that Carla had gradually turned
the lights back up.

Jack's body arched forward and stiffened. The woman sucked hard. Erin's
fingers curled and stretched in her cleave, and her thumb kneaded her
clit. She leaned forward toward the glass. Her shoulder and hand were
beginning to ache, but she did not care, and her accelerating ecstasy
obscured the aching.

Jack's body shook, and the woman stopped moving her head. Erin trembled
as she saw the base of his cock shaking. The woman's throat shifted as
she gulped, and Erin knew she was swallowing down his come. Erin's
mouth pulled wide, and both desperation and passion showed on her face
as she began to come. Jack staggered back a step, and his jerking rod
pulled partially free from the woman's mouth. Erin's clit was sizzling
with eruptions of electric energy, and she cried out. He went back
another step, and his prod came fully free. Erin gasped. His climax was
receding and the flow of his come lessening as it splashed over the
woman's lips and chin. Erin's body shuddered as she came, the image of
his fountaining tool filling her mind as her eyes screwed shut.

Ecstasy expanded throughout Erin until it seemed to sweep beyond the
confines of her body. With that, all the tension left her muscles, and
she collapsed back in the chair. After several moments, she raised her
eyelids enough to look back through the two-way glass and saw Jack
lying back on the bed. The woman was tongue-bathing the last of his
spunk from his knob. Erin felt a note of longing intrude on her bliss,
and she shut her eyes.

When Erin again looked toward the mirror, she saw that both Jack and
the woman had left the room. Trying to clear her head, she sat up and
looked around groggily. She was alone in the office and naked but for
her beige stockings, her garterbelt, her heels, and her jewelry.
Vaguely, she recalled the bra and blouse being slipped off her while
she basked in the afterglow of her climax. Standing, she glanced
around, but could not see her clothing. Dressed as she was, she felt
more naked than if she had been fully stripped. She jerked her head
around as the office door opened, and her hands moved to cover her
breasts, and her cunny.

"Come along," Carla said without any recognition of Erin's attempt at

"My-my clothes...?" Erin said, and slowly lowered her hands.

"You won't need them," Carla said, and her words and manner were both
only professional.

Not knowing what else she could say, Erin nodded and went through the
door. She glanced toward the hallway door and wondered what she should
do if some stranger should suddenly enter. She felt very self-
conscious. Carla moved past her to open Jack's office door and motioned
Erin inside. Erin's tits quivered sensuously as she walked forward. She
did not see Carla smile as she watched her full ass cheeks rock from
side to side beneath the narrow band of the lace garter belt, and the
swing of her long, shapely legs.

Jack stood beside his desk. Dressed in a dark blue terry-cloth robe, he
smiled pleasantly at Erin, and she ducked her eyes with embarrassment.
On his desk were her clothes. Erin heard the door close, and she
glanced back to see that Carla had left her and her brother alone.
Again, she wondered if the two were twins, but she did not feel bold
enough to ask.

"That woman's quite a cocksucker, isn't she?" he said casually.

"I, uh...." Erin stammered, and found herself unable to look into his

"Now, you weren't this shy when she was drinking my come, were you?" he

"No," she said in a very small voice, and she was aware that she was

"Look at me," he said, and his tone caused her to obey. "We wanted you
to observe what it's really like so that you could think of it
objectively," he explained. "How do you feel about the idea now?"

"I-I think maybe I could," she confessed, and found herself unable to
pull her eyes from his.

"Very good. Now, tell me what you and Ben did last night?"

"Did?" she asked, stunned that he should want to know.

"We can't progress unless we know the effects of your treatments, now
can we?" he asked with a trace of sarcasm.

"No," she agreed. "We kissed, and I-I turned around so that I could...
kiss his-his cock, and he..." she trailed off, and then took a deep
breath in an effort to get hold of herself. "And he kissed, and... ate
my cunt."

"Very good," Jack nodded. "How'd you like it?"

"It felt... very nice," she said. "And I-I wanted to do like that woman
did, but I could only do it from the side. I was afraid, I guess, to
have him... come in my mouth."

"Well, it was a pretty good day, I'd say," he smiled, "getting your box
scarfed twice. And did he fuck you too?"


"On your back?"

"We-we rolled onto our sides at the end," she said, feeling she should
push the fact.

"Not bad for the first night, huh?" he asked.

"No," she agreed with a trace of pride at his praise, and she felt glad
that Ben had gotten her to come.

He walked toward her, and then around her. His eyes moved over her, and
she again felt self-conscious about her near nakedness He reached out
and curved his palm under one of her tits as if testing its weight, and

"Not bad," he nodded, and rubbed his thumb against her erect nipple.
"Good belly," he commented as he rubbed his palm down its smooth curve,
and his fingertips followed the shallow to one side of it. "Nice
texture," he said as he rubbed the curlings of her muff between thumb
and fingertips. "I'm familiar with the cunt," he mused, and moved
around behind her.

She had difficulty in swallowing, her throat constricted, and she
wondered why he was inspecting her body. She felt pleased at his
approval, but disconcerted over his manner. Her lips parted as she felt
his hands spread over her plump ass cheeks and squeeze them.

"Bend over, and touch your toes," he told her.

She started to ask why, but caught herself, and did as directed.

"Now spread your feet," he told her, and his eyes moved up her legs
accented shapeliness as she did so.

He pressed his thumbs into her rear cleavage and curved his fingers out
to the sides of her cheeks so that he could draw her ass open. Erin's
eyes opened wide as she realized that he was looking at her anus. Her
posture already sending the blood to her head, she was not sure if she
was again blushing or not.

"Relax your anal muscles," he told her as he looked at the flecks of
golden down surrounding her pale pink anus.

She tried to concentrate on relaxing the muscles, but the press of a
fingertip against the soft bud caused her to tighten it by reflex.

"I said relax," he said curtly, and his palm slapped against one ass

Stunned by the stinging blow, she did as he said, and again his finger
pressed against her. Lubricated, it pressed into her anus, and he began
to work it in and out, and each time he went deeper. Erin's blood
rushed faster, and roared in her ears. She felt billowings of lava-like
heat within her depths, and felt dizzy. His finger pressed fully up
into her rectum, and she caught her breath. He began to turn his
finger, and she was suddenly afraid that he was preparing her so that
he could thrust his immense cock up her backside. The thought
frightened her.

"Tighten your muscles," he told her as he began to gradually twist his
finger down out of her, and she did so. "Now relax. Tighten. Relax."

His finger popped free of her ass, and she exhaled after a few moments
as she realized that he wasn't going to butt fuck her. She waited for
his next instruction, and remained bent over from the waist with her
ass thrust back and up above her spread legs. He moved past her to the
desk and sat down on the edge of it.

"You can stand up now," he said after a moment, and she did so.

She stared with surprise as she saw him wiping his finger on her
panties. He tossed the flimsy garment aside and walked toward the
couch. He opened his robe and removed it. Carefully laying it aside, he
lay back on the black leather and looked toward her. She stared at his
naked body with fascination and remembered watching the woman give him
head. She felt a shiver of arousal in her cunt.

"Come here," he said, "and suck me off."

"Wh-what?" she asked, stunned by his abruptness.

"Suck my cock," he said, "We don't have all the time in the world."

Confused, she slowly moved toward him and stared at his flaccid cock.
She thought about how the woman had sucked it and about how she had
felt jealous, and her nervousness began to fade a bit. She felt a
desire to show him that she could do it better for him than the woman,
and knelt down between his spread thighs.

Hesitantly, she reached out and touched his loins. She began to slowly
caress around the base of his shaft, and then moved down over his
heavily weighted sac. She watched with fascination as his thick length
shifted and felt a sense of pride over having caused the simple
reaction. She leaned forward, and her long hair spilled over his hips.

Her, body curved downward from the waist, her fanny was thrust back,
and the ivory straps of her garter belt pressed into the insides of her
full, rounded thighs. She touched her lips to his shaft, and it
stiffened against her mouth. Her eyes still open, she watched his cock
move as she opened her lips to lick at it. She curled her fingers down
between his thighs and sac, and lifted his big balls to the rubbings of
her thumbs.

His eyes closed, and his nostrils flared as she kissed and sucked along
his swelling member. It began to lift, and she let it press against her
tongue as she realized that it was now time to take it into her mouth.
The old fear began to return, and she squeezed her eyes shut in an
effort to concentrate on how easily the other woman had managed it. Her
jealousy refired, she raised hi head slightly, and his knob slid up
over her chin, and into her opened mouth.

Pleasure showed on his face as she licked at the tip of his cock's head
and drew it into her mouth. Her fingers and thumbs massaged his balls
as she tightened her mouth around his knob. She felt a rush of triumph
at having overcome her fears, and she sucked happily at the thick bulb.

Gradually, she began to move her lips down around his thick trunk, and
felt his head rub against the roof of her mouth as she licked at his
dorsal vein. His hands spread out upon the black leather of the couch,
and his chest rose and fell with his quickened breathing.

Recalling the woman's actions, Erin pressed her thumbs between his
balls until she felt the thick mound of his trunk, and she began to
follow it downward beneath his sac. His head pressed against her throat
and she paused to tighten and loosen her mouth around him. She kneaded
his root against the underarch of his body with her thumbs and rubbed
against the center base of his ass with her fingertips.

She knew that she only held a small part of his shaft in her mouth, but
she was uncertain about trying to imitate the woman by seeking to take
him into he throat. Instead, she began to slide the circle of her lips
up and down his upper shaft as she sucked and licked. Her cunt was
quivering with liquid heat as she caressed and ate him. Each time she
moved her lips back down his column, she tried to take his head a bit
deeper into her throat, and she aligned it and her mouth. He shifted,
and she felt heartened by his response.

Her cheeks drew in as she sucked hard on his prod, and she continued to
lick at the underside of it. Her fingertips pressed between his ass
cheeks as her thumbs worked up and down his root. His head moved fully
into her throat, and she glowed with a feeling of triumph. She felt
even more determined to do better than the woman had, and she
remembered how she had felt the day before when he had eaten her on
this very couch. She wanted to at least equal him in the creation of
oral ecstasies.

She moved her head up and down faster, and his body stretched with
pleasure. She was not aware of the door opening behind her. Carla stood
silently behind them and moved her eyes up past the tops of Erin's
stockings to the apex of her thighs. Her position thrust her lower cunt
back toward Carla, and the woman could see the dampness of her lips
amidst the rusty fur, Erin's lush ass above that.

"Do you want to check out these supplies orders?" Carla asked, and
moved to the side of the couch.

Erin's eyes opened wide at the sound of the woman's voice, and she
looked over to see Carla holding out several sheets of paper. She was
afraid the interruption would cause him to lose his erection, and thus
undo all her efforts. As well, she felt embarrassed to be seen sucking
Jack's cock, even if it was his sister watching.

"Yeah, okay," he said, and rose up onto one elbow as he took the

Erin continued sliding her mouth up and down his still hard tool, and
she felt confused.

"We've still got a box of typewriter ribbons, don't we?" he asked
Carla, and Erin wondered how he could separate his mind and body.

His breathing was still deep, and his hips continued to shift as she
stroked his root. She closed her eyes, and took his head and upper
shaft into her throat.

"Yes, you may be right," Carla said. "I'll check on it. Oh, do you want
to make another appointment for our last client?"

"Um, I suppose so," he nodded. "She should be ready for another follow-
up exam in about a week, don't you think?"

Erin pressed the tip of her center finger against his anus, and
stretched the length of her hand along his root to the base of his sac.
Her other hand rubbed his root behind his sac, and jostled his swollen
nuts. Her lips pulled up and down his bone, and her hair shifted
brightly against his loins and hips.

"A week seems about right," Carla said.

"Good," he nodded, and handed the papers back to her.

"How's the mouth?" Carla asked.

"Pretty good for the first time," he said casually, and glanced down at
Erin's pistoning head.

"Did you check the asshole out?"

"A bit tight," he remarked as his eyes again closed. "Might as well see
to that now."

"All right," Carla nodded, and moved toward his desk.

Their conversation had left Erin bewildered as to what success she was
having with him, but she continued sucking his tool into the top of her
throat. She heard Carla open a drawer, and then move back toward the
couch. She glanced over to see the woman holding a short plastic shaft
from which a thinner shaft of flexible rubber extended. She wondered
what it was.

Several leather thongs hung from the short shaft's top, and there was a
switch on the side of it. Carla moved around behind Erin, and out of
her line of vision.

"Oh, if you get tired and want me to come, just let me know," Jack
said, and Erin wondered if he was mocking her efforts.

Erin frowned as she felt Carla move onto the couch behind her, and
fasten one of the cords around her waist. Carla turned the leather, and
the shaft dangled down in front of Erin's cunt. Carla reached between
Erin's thighs to draw the remaining thong and the shaft back. Erin's
mouth momentarily loosened around his cock as she felt the slender
shaft press against her anus.

"Relax the muscles," he told her, and she did so.

Erin felt the tremorings of heat blossom through her ass again as the
shaft slid up into her rectum, and she realized that it was slightly
thicker than his finger. She sucked harder at his cock.

"Rather a pretty asshole," Carla commented as the top of the thicker
shaft pressed against Erin's anus.

Erin swallowed hard at the quakings in her depths, and at Carla's
words. Carla drew the thing that connected to the top of the thick
shaft up between Erin's ass cheeks, and fastened it to the thong
encircling her waist. The shaft was now held securely in place, and she
turned the switch.

With a garbled cry of surprise, Erin started as the shaft began to
vibrate within her ass. The heat began to roil within her, and her clit
was pulsing. Her thumbs and palms tightened against his root, and she
sucked harder.

"What speed did you put it on?" he asked, and Erin noted that he
sounded short of breath.

"Slow," Carla said, and absently poked her finger into the base of
Erin's slit. "How's the cunt?" she asked as she probed curiously.

"Fair," he said, and Erin wished that she had been more active when he
had taken her snatch from the rear.

Carla's finger bobbed and thrust within Erin's cunny, and the vibrator
hummed within her rectum. She groaned around the girth of his prod. His
hips rocked from side to side, and his lips parted to the effects of
her energetic mouthings, and to the caresses of her hands.

His arousal, the heat churning up through her ass, and the turning
strokes of Carla's finger in her cleave all combined to send Erin's
mind reeling. Her cunt and ass seemed to combine into one volcanic
pulsation. Her shoulders bunched, and her fanny thrust back as orgasms
exploded through her. Perspiration glistened from her forehead as the
seizures deepened, and merged. She felt as if she were spinning faster
and faster within a whirlpool that was growing more and more intense as
it approached its apex. She fought to control the movements of her
hands, and to keep her mouth closed against the cries of rapture that
sought to break free.

She wanted him to come, wanted to pull his spend from him as the woman
had, but she could not seem to. She felt as if she had been sucking his
cock forever. She strained to keep going, but carnal fatigue was
weakening her.

"Come," she gasped, her mouth opening momentarily from around his tool.

"Count to five, and pull back," he said, "and you won't have to worry
about my come."

Amidst the frenzy of her orgasms she felt denied, and yet felt
thankful. She pulled her head back from his cock, and her cries came
free. His prod bucked, and his thick gizzum hosed out. Coming, she felt
the hot broth of his spend splashing against her tits, and her climax
accelerated. The vibrator continued to shiver within her ass, and she
rose up onto her knees as her hands clutched his thighs for support.
The spray of his come was now striking her belly. With a strangled sob,
she reached the peak, and leaned forward against the couch. She
murmured with satisfaction. The anal vibrator seemed to extend the
afterglow of her culmination.

When she opened her eyes she saw that he had stood up and was now
beside his desk with Carla, who was wiping a few drops of come from the
head of his tool. Carla was using Erin's bra for the task.

"Well, I've got some things to tend to," Carla said, and tossed Erin's
bra over with the panties. "Going to leave the vibrator on?"

"Yeah, let it keep her loose for awhile," he said, and Carla left the

Feeling limp, Erin remained on the couch and watched him look toward
her. He stared at her, and she glanced down to see his pearly spend
clinging to her tits. She wondered what it tasted like, and was tempted
to dab her fingertips into it so that she could find out.

"If you want to get hold of yourself, we can move along to the next
phase of your treatment," he said with medical coolness.

Ben sat in his office and found his mind wandering from business. He
wondered what Erin was doing at the moment. He felt uneasy at the idea
that she and Jack were engaged in some sort of sexual activity, but he
also felt expectation that she might be even freer in bed than the
night before.

"Mr. Harvey?" Amy's youthful voice caressed, and he looked up to see
the secretarial substitute standing before his desk. He stared at her
blankly for a moment. Her big, violet eyes sparkled beneath the
burnished gold furrings of her eyebrows, and her full lips curled at
the corners in a smile that dimpled her innocent looking face. "Do you
want these letters in triplicate?" she asked, and he looked down at the
sheet of paper she held.

She frowned with a slightly hurt pout to her mouth. He had not noticed
that she wore no bra beneath her cashmere sweater, which contoured to
the wide mounds of her blossoming tits and outlined the cratered pegs
of her nipples.

"Yes, in triplicate," he nodded absently, and handed her the letter.

She took it, and moved to the door before glancing back. She wondered
if he was not feeling well. The door closed behind her, and he again
tried to work, but the phone rang. He lifted the receiver.

"Ben?" a sultry voice asked. "This is Carla Rome."

"Yes, what can I do for you?" he asked with sudden alertness, and he
vividly recalled the talents of her mouth and her ass.

"Are you alone?" she asked.

"Yes," he said with curiosity.

"Will you be interrupted in the next... oh, fifteen minutes?"

"No, I don't think so," he said.

"Very good. Unzip your pants, and take your cock out," she directed as
simply as if she were giving the first step of a recipe.

"All right," he said uncertainly after a moment, and glanced toward the
office door. His desk blocked any view of his crotch, and he felt his
prick stiffening as he opened his fly.

"Now, take your cock out," she said, and he worked it free with a bit
of difficulty because of its hardening. "And your balls too. If you
need to, unsnap your pants to do it, and then refasten them," she said,
and in a moment his erect cock and his balls were exposed.

"Okay," he said, and felt feverish as he looked down at the projection
of his cock and sac surrounded by his otherwise clothed body.

"Are you hard?" she asked, and he felt drugged by the sound of her
voice, and by what she was having him do.

"Yes," he said with a tight voice.

"Do you have an aspirin bottle, or something along that line in your

"Yes," he answered, and he found that his confusion made it all the
harder for him to think.

"Take it out, open it, and empty the contents into a drawer," she
instructed, "and then place the emptied bottle before you on your

"All right," he said after doing it.

"Now, place the center of your right palm along the right side of your
shaft," she told him, and he did it. "Curl your fingers around till
your fingertips are against the center of the left side. Place your
thumb along the top with its tip against the rim of your head," she
added, and he found himself doing it without being able to consider it.

"Tighten your hand, and loosen it, while pushing up with your thumb as
your fingers pull down. Don't stroke, just tighten and loosen, push and
pull until I tell you to stop," she instructed.

Leaning back in his chair, he did as she told him, and his eyes began
to close. Working the thick meat of his rod filled it with a deep
throbbing. His breathing deepened against the mouthpiece of the phone,
and he realized that she was still there listening. The thought caused
his heart to beat even faster. He looked toward the door and wondered
what he would do if Amy or someone else should come in on him.

He was not sure how much time had passed. His mind was clouded with
arousal, his breathing ragged, and his mouth dry. His forehead lined at
the waves of heat moving through him.

"Now, begin to slowly stroke as you continue the movements," she told

The tight flesh over his engorged column pulled up and down around his
swollen rod, and his other hand gripped the receiver tightly. His ass
pushed back against the seat of his chair, and his heels dug into the
carpet. Heat seared through his loins.

"Mr. Harvey?" Amy's voice asked, and he opened his eyes as his hand
stopped in mid-motion. The girl stood in the opened doorway of his

"Did someone come in on you?" Carla's voice inquired with a note of

"Yes," he said tightly, and lowered his eyes from Amy.

"Female? Attractive to you?"


"Keep her there," Carla told him, and there was a firmness in her
voice. "Start beating your meat again, but just move your hand from the
wrist-that should keep it unnoticed."

"What do you need, Amy?" he asked after a moment. He did not know what
else to do, and his hand began to push and pull the flesh of his cock

"Are you feeling all right?" Amy asked with concern as she noted the
dazed look of his eyes, his pale face, and the trance of perspiration
at his forehead.

"Fine," he managed through his constricted throat as his cock pounded
raptures through his body and into his brain.

"I wondered if you, uh, wanted me to do those reports before the rest
of the letters," she said uneasily, "but since you're on the phone...."

"The person on the other end is... off the line for the moment," he

"Look at her mouth," Carla's voice told him, "and remember how it felt
yesterday when I gave you head. Remember how the lips felt against your
head and shaft, and think about how your hand is making you feel. Now,
think about how her mouth would feel around your prick, how her lips
and tongue would feel," she continued, and his eyes were fixed on Amy's

Amy had a slightly wide, girlish mouth. The upper lip was fuller to the
center, and curved out and up from its juncture with her lower lip. Her
lower lip was full, and her mouth seemed softly pursed for a kiss above
the long shallow separating it from her chin. He recalled having seen
her lick her lips, and remembered that her tongue was a light pink, and
that it was long with a pointed tip. Her lips separated and moved, and
he looked at her white teeth for a moment before realizing that she was

"Which do you want me to do first?" was what she had asked, he realized
after a moment of backtracking.

"Uh, the reports," he said hoarsely as he consciously willed himself to
speak. "But...."

"Keep her there," Carla's voice said with command. "Find an excuse to
have her bend over," she added. "But keep thinking what it would be
like to have your prick in that mouth, to be coming in it, and to see
her swallowing your spunk down."

"Would you-uh, check to see if the zoning charts are in the file
cabinet there," he said after a moment's desperate search, and he
nodded to the cabinet to the side of the door.

"Of course," Amy smiled, and he could almost see her mouth encircling
his pulsating tool.

Amy had wondered about him virtually ignoring her before, and she now
was pleased that he was paying such rapt attention to her. As she
turned her back to him, she smiled at the idea that his strained
breathing might be over her. She leaned forward from the waist to open
the bottom drawer of the cabinet, and was glad that she had worn a
short skirt today.

"Is she bending over? Her side to you, or her fanny?" Carla asked.

"Back," he said in almost a gasp.

"Don't come yet," Carla's voice said sternly, and he nodded without
realizing it. "Look at her legs, and remember mine yesterday," she said
after a moment. "Move your eyes upward to where her ass is, and
remember mine. Now, think of hers naked, and recall how it felt to have
your prod up mine."

His flesh buzzed with a static electricity as he moved his eyes up
Amy's girlishly shapely legs; they were long, and he followed her
tapered thighs toward the hem of the skirt that was raised high by her
posture. At the apex of her legs he could see a dot of pink, and he
realized it was the lowest portion of her panties. The jersey of her
hiked up skirt molded to the pert, rounded domes of her ass. He
swallowed hard as he remembered the controlled push and pull of Carla's
rectum, and through his blurred eyes he could almost see Amy's anus
bared to his cock's mind-boggling throbbing.

"I can't seem to find it," Amy said, and she was tempted to look back
and find out if he was pleased by the view of her legs. She wished she
could think how to cause the skirt to rise even higher.

"Should be'" he muttered in an effort to keep her there even though he
knew the file was on his desk.

"I'll keep looking," the girl said earnestly, and she lowered herself
to her knees with a smile. Her torso's length back from the cabinet,
her knees were apart.

He watched her take a handful of files out to put them on the floor,
and she lowered herself to her elbows as she leafed through them. The
action raised her skirt above the bases of her full ass cheeks, and the
light gleamed from flecks of golden down. The pink panties were pulled
taut, and they were gathered toward the base of her anal cleavage.
Between her parted thighs he could see the flimsy fabric tightly
holding the base of her plump cunny. He bit at his lower lip in an
effort to keep from moaning as the lava-like rushes of heat quickened
in his prick.

Across the room, Amy shifted her hips from side to side. Smiling, she
hoped he was being aroused, and that he would come on with her.

"Can't-" he said in a strangled whisper into the phone, the come
straining for release.

"All right," Carla said, 'Yet go of your prick."

He did it, but the surges of ecstasy were too great to be stopped. He
watched the girl's sweet little ass swinging from side to side.

"Take the bottle, and press the mouth around the lips of your cock's
head," Carla said, and his hand groped out for the bottle. "Now, keep
it there till all your come is in the bottle."

He could barely feel the press of the bottle against his knob as he
shook with the approaching release of his spend. Abruptly, he wondered
what he would do if Amy looked back right now, or if she asked him
something. He did not care, nor could he think within the swirling of
his mind.

His come blasted free of his nuts, and he gritted his teeth against a
groan. His eyes squinted shut, and he saw Amy's and Carla's mouths in
his mind. His hot juices raged through him, and he saw their asses in
his mind's eye. His body shook as he came, and his gizzum erupted
through his shaft and into the bottle. His prod spasmed, and he fought
to keep the bottle in place. The thick brew swirled in the bottle. He
opened his mouth wide to keep his gasp silent. He swayed with the
crescendo of his climax, and almost dropped the phone.

After a few seconds, he swallowed hard, and concentrated on trying to
clear his head enough to deal with Amy.

"Finished?" Carla asked.

"Yes," he murmured as he opened his eyes, and he felt relief as he saw
Amy kneeling as before.

"When you come for your afternoon appointment, bring me the bottle of
your gizzum," she said, and the line went dead.

Stunned by the abruptness of the way she had ended the call, he looked
at the receiver for a moment, and then hung up. He wiped his forehead,
and looked down at the jar holding his load. He opened the drawer the
contents were in, and carefully set the bottle inside. He took a deep
breath, and started to put his cock and nuts back into his pants, but
he paused with a trace of a smile. Instead, he looked at Amy's thighs,
and the backward thrust of her fanny.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Amy," he said, and picked up the file from his desk as
she looked around. "It was here all the time."

"That's all right," she smiled warmly, and put the files back in the
cabinet. Shutting it, she stood up, and looked at him. He had such a
satisfied look on his face that she was tempted to think that the view
she had presented him with had caused him to come. Putting the idea
aside as foolish, she moved back toward the door. "Will that be all,
Mr. Harvey?" she asked, and hoped that he would say he wanted her.

"Yes, and thank you for your, uh, help, Amy," he smiled.

She smiled that he had at least used her name, and she went out. He
leaned back in his chair, and laughed softly. He realized that what he
had done had been foolish, and he wondered why he had obeyed Carla's
instructions without question. True, she had given him two great
climaxes the day before, and a third just now, but did the prospect of
seeing her naked and fucking her cunt really mean that much to him? No,
it was as if he felt a compulsion to please her, and a dread of not
doing so. With that thought, he asked himself how far that compulsion
could cause him to go in following her directions. He did not know the
answer, but did know that he did not regret what had just happened, and
that he was looking forward to his afternoon appointment.

He capped the bottle, and looked at its contents of his come with
pride. He hoped that she would find it to be enough.

Still naked, Jack was stretched out on the couch with his hands linked
behind his head. He looked at Erin, who stood silently a few feet from
the end of the couch.

She still wore her earrings, and matching choker and bracelet, and her
heels, stockings, and garter belt. The short shaft of the anal vibrator
still protruded from between her ripe ass cheeks, and they quivered
with the continuing movement within her rectum. He had said nothing
about his come, and so it had dried upon the centers of her tits, upon
her belly, and on her garter belt. Her eyes were heavily lidded, and
she swayed at the prolonged arousal the vibrating dildo in her ass
provided her with.

"Come here," he said.

She widened her eyes to try and focus them, and she took a deep breath
before attempting to walk on her shaky legs. Each movement caused the
vibrator to shift around within her ass, and the room seemed to sway.
She stared at his huge cock thrusting up from above his heavy balls,
and she groggily wondered what he now had in mind for her.


"Climb up on my cock," Jack told her.

Erin stood staring at the high rise of his tool as she remembered how
it had felt in her cunt when introduced from the rear. She moved onto
the couch, and the front thong connecting the belt to the dildo chafed
within her damp slit. She knelt astride his hips with her cunt poised
above the bulbous knob of his cock and slowly lowered her splay down
upon it.

She murmured as the bulb pressed between her lips, and the vibrations
from the anal dildo carried through to tremor her cleave around him.
His eyelids lowered as he savored the sensation of her silky furrow
quivering against his knob, and he pressed his head back against his
linked hands.

She reached down and slid the leather strap fully out of her slit and
her fingers brushed against his prod. The thong rested between her
mound and her upper thigh. She pressed her hands to her thighs, and she
felt the dampness of her juices upon her fingers. Arching her torso
forward, she looked down as she began to lower her opened cunt upon the
spire of his sex.

She inhaled sharply as his thick trunk began to rise up into her
channel, and her ass tightened around the vibrating dildo. She clutched
her thighs, and her shoulders bunched. Spasms of joy went through her
as she continued to sink down upon his glutting tool. The membrane
between ass and cunt seemed to dissolve, and the pleasures of each
emerged as the vibrations played along his dorsal vein. With a gasp,
she came to rest upon his body and greedily clutched his length with
her vaginal muscles.

His arm muscles stood out in relief as he tensed at the waves of heat
her cunny and the vibrations were sending through him. She swayed upon
him and began to twist her snatch around his prod. She trembled with
orgasms, and her body bowed back from the waist. Her fingertips pressed
into her thighs, and her hair spilled back between his legs. She thrust
herself up and down upon him and could feel his big balls against the
base of her fanny. She groaned, and her body and thighs formed a curve
as she leaned farther back. The base of the dildo's short shaft pressed
against the couch and pushed the other end even higher into her ass.
She writhed upon the massive column of his sex, twisting and bucking,
and his lips parted with pleasure.

She clutched at her stockings in an effort to pull her body back up and
did not care that she was tearing the nylons. She did not care about
anything at the moment. She was engulfed in the explosions and
implosions of her orgasms. She cried out and wrenched her self upright.
The motion thrust his cock deeper, and his knob slid against her
cervix. His hand caught the thong running alongside her quaking cunt,
and he tugged at it to cause the anal dildo to pull deeper again. She
gave a whimpering groan and pressed her hands to his stomach just in
front of her broiling cleave.

His hand turned, and the thong pulled even tighter. He pulled downward,
and then pushed up, and she raised and lowered herself to his
movements. Her cunt rose and fell upon him, and her juices gleamed from
his trunk. His cock slid down, and then back up, and the vibrator went
higher, and then back down. Her flesh burned, and her clit sizzled. Her
depths spasmed with ecstasies. Her hair swirled around her face. His
hips began to lift and fall, and his cock ran even higher within her.
She was in a frenzy as seizures erupted through her cunt. She tensed,
and her knees dug into the couch. Her arms straightened, and her elbows
pressed into her sides. Her head went back, and her mouth opened fully
as her eyes screwed shut. Her body shook upon his, and the vibrator
quaked against the underside of his shaft. His body arched up against
hers, and he sucked air through his teeth.

The air burst free of her lungs in a sob, her ears filled with a
roaring as her brain flashed with her climax, and her body jumped and
twisted in the possession of her release. The back of his head pressed
back against the couch as his heels dug into it, and he inhaled with a
groan as her coming brought him to the crescendo of his own climax. His
come blasted through him and into her depths, and his cock pistoned
within her until the last of his juices were spent, and he was lying
limply beneath her.

She swayed drunkenly and felt his cock shrink slightly as it softened
within her still quivering nook. His eyes were closed, and he said
nothing. She felt elated that she had brought him to such a powerful
climax, though she wished the vibrator had not been a part of it.
Minutes passed, and their breathing returned to normal, but he still
said nothing. Then, she began to feel him growing hard again within
her, and she blinked with surprise.

"Again," he said without opening his eyes, and she felt as if she had
somehow failed a test and was going to have to keep repeating it until
she got it right.

Slowly, she began to grip his prod with her cunt and then she started
turning her hips from side to side. Her breathing grew heavy as she
tightened and loosened herself around him while turning and as the
vibrator continued moving within her rectum. As the tremorings in her
snatch grew, and as her clit began to pulse faster, she became
determined to truly get it right this time.

Her hands moved up and down his stomach and over his chest as she began
to raise and lower herself while continuing her other movements. In
turning her hips, she arched herself so that her fanny swept back and
forth across his balls. His breathing deepened, and his shoulders
shifted in response to her concentrated efforts. She arched her fanny
down and forward as she lowered herself, and the base of the vibrating
dildo pressed between his balls. She clutched and turned as she rose
and fell, and arched her ass as she came down. Her brain was clouding
with arousal greater than the first time, but she fought against it so
that she could continue her rhythm. His mouth was ajar, and she again
felt pride as she observed his arousal.

She licked at her lips, and lovingly stroked his belly. Her cleave felt
afire around the thrusting hardness of him, and she found it harder and
harder to keep her eyes open. His nostrils flared as delicious waves of
heat rocketed through him.

Suddenly, the phone on his desk rang, and she blinked with surprise. He
turned his head to look toward it, and she expected him to dismiss it.
Instead, he rose up from the waist and drew her calves forward on the
couch. He pushed her feet around behind him and pivoted on his ass so
that he could drop his feet to the floor. Her movements thrown off, she
continued to grip him with her snatch as she stared at him with
bewilderment. He began to push up from the couch, and she tightened her
legs around him as she moved her hands around to his back.

With her still impaled upon his cock, he walked toward his desk. Each
step thrust his tool within her, and she hugged him tightly. He
stopped, and lifted the receiver. Biting at her lower lip, Erin began
clutching at his tool again, and she pressed her heels against the base
of his back.

"He did, huh?" he said into the phone after listening, "and without
arguing either. Good," he smiled, and listened again as he arched his
hips back and forth to thrust within Erin's quaking snatch. "Going to
add this one to your collection too?" he asked. "Anybody ever opens
that refrigerator, they're sure going to be puzzled," he chuckled. "Hm?
Yeah, she's about ready," he said, and glanced at Erin's face. "In a
minute or two," he said, and hung up.

He sat back against the edge of the desk, and his hands clasped her
hips. He pulled her closer to him as he thrust, and then pushed her
hips back as he pulled his rod back. She moaned as he continued. He
pushed and pulled, pulled and thrust, and her hands grabbed at his-
back. Her clit flared, and a flash fire went through her cunt. She
cried out, and his hands held her loins tightly to his as he twisted
his cock from side to side within her. Her mind and body joined in the
joyous paroxysms, and she floated at the peak of her climax.

Her eyes closed, and her head dropped back. Dimly, she was aware that
they were moving, and then she was being laid down upon his desk. Her
anus just past the edge, the vibrator was turned off, and her long legs
hung loosely.

"Want to go to the next size?" she heard Carla's voice ask.

"Yeah, let's use the double-action harness," he replied, and Erin
wondered what they were talking about, but she felt too blissful to try
and think.

She felt the thongs being unfastened, and she murmured as the shaft was
slid out from her ass. Her heels, her torn stockings, and her come-
stained garter belt were quickly stripped from her. Almost giddily, she
wondered what the Romes were now going to have her do.

His come had drained down from the base of her slit, and into her ass.
As a result, she felt no discomfort as her anus was again probed. She
started a bit as a shaft was moved up into her rectum, and she realized
that it was thicker than the last one, but presently there was no
tension left in any of her muscles, and she took the dildo without
difficulty. She hummed happily as the shaft was moved in and out a few
times, and then her eyelids fluttered. As the anal dildo was moved back
into her ass, a cock's head moved into her cleave.

Groggily, she rose up onto one elbow and looked down to see the
sculpted replica of Jack's big cock being moved up into her cunt. The
two shafts pressed against one another through the thin membrane
separating them, and her eyes closed as they were both thrust fully
into her. She swallowed hard, and again looked down. The two dildoes
were connected by a leather strap. Carla's hand moved down out of her
line of vision to turn a switch, and both prods began to vibrate within

Carla pulled Erin forward and onto her feet. Erin's mouth was ajar, and
her eyes were widened and glassy. The whole of her lower body seemed to
quiver like jelly. From the base of the vaginal dildo hung three
leather straps, which were connected to a leather belt. Carla raised
the belt to Erin's waist, and the straps pulled up from either side of
her mound to the insides of her hips, and up along her slit to the
center of her lower belly.

Carla moved around behind Erin and buckled the belt at the small of her
back. Then she reached down and lifted a long strap hanging from the
base of the anal shaft. She slid the strap through a metal ring hanging
from the buckle and upward until the slack was taken in. The leather
pulling between her ass cheeks, Erin gasped as the tautness of the
strap tugged both dildoes deeper within her. Her mind was reeling with
arousal, and she was having difficulty even following what was
happening, much less thinking about it.

Carla fastened a clasp at the end of the strap to a ring at the center
of a foot-long metal rod. Jack reached around Erin and took hold of the
rod as Carla picked up two leather bracelets from the desk. She buckled
them around Erin's arms just above the elbows and then picked up a
black leather coat. Erin swayed upon unsteady legs as Carla moved back
around behind her and put her arms into the sleeves. Erin felt the
leather move up her arms and over her shoulders. There were small,
circular holes in the insides of the sleeves just above the elbows and
in the rear sides of the coat. Jack pushed the ends of the metal rod
through the sides, and Carla moved them through the sleeves to connect
the clasps at their ends to the ring, hanging from the arm bracelets.

"Raise your elbows back," Jack said as Carla adjusted the front of the

Erin obeyed, and her breath caught. The action forced the rod higher,
which pulled the strap even tighter, and that caused both vibrating
dildoes to work even higher in her cunt and ass.

"Lower them," he said, and she did. "Ah, we've forgotten something," he
said, and Carla picked up a small rubber ball from the desk.

Carla reached down, and hooked a finger between the center strap and
Erin's slit. Erin gasped as the woman's knuckle rubbed against the
insistent burning of her clit. The ball opened in half, and was hinged.
The center was cut to fit around the strap, and Carla closed it around
the leather, a pin inside it holding it closed. Carla pulled her finger
free, and Erin murmured at that, and at the press of the ball down
against her clit as it rested in the top of her slit.

Carla raised her damp finger to Erin's open mouth, and Erin sucked her
own juices without thought. Absently, she observed that she tasted

"If you keep your arms relaxed, the holes in the coat will be
concealed," Jack told her, and she nodded. "Lie back on the desk," he
told her, and she did it.

The coat fell back from the sides of her body as she rested upon her
elbows and the top of her ass. She looked down at the leather belt and
straps, and saw how the straps pressed her pubes forward, and how they
were quivering around the base of the dildo vibrating in her cunt.

Carla came back, and Jack clasped one of Erin's heels so that he could
raise her leg straight out from the desk. Carla slipped a boot onto her
foot, and then zipped it up along the side. The leather fit tightly to
the top, which reached to the middle of Erin's thigh. The other boot
was put on, and she was motioned to her feet. She almost stumbled, and
she looked down to see that the heels were very high. The coat reached
down only a few inches below the tops of the boots, and she still felt
naked when it was buttoned up.

"Come along," Jack said, and she realized that he had gotten dressed.

"Where... where're we going?" she asked hesitantly.

"You'll see when we get there, won't you?" Carla said, and pushed at
her elbow.

Erin staggered forward, and just managed to keep her balance. They left
the office, and they walked on either side of her to their car. Carla
opened the passenger's door, and motioned for Erin to get in. Erin kept
her eyes on the car. She felt certain that the people walking and
driving past could tell that she was bound beneath the coat, and that
her snatch and ass were tremoring around the dildoes imbedded in them.
Turning her side to the car, she leaned forward as she raised her Left
leg, and she fell against the side of the auto as the movement caused
the strap to pull tight, which caused the shafts to probe deeper, and
the ball to press down against her clit.

"Graceful," Carla said with a weary shake of her head, and she caught
Erin's elbow to keep her from falling further, and to push her into the

The inside of the leather coat had been brushed rough at the breast,
and it chafed against Erin's tapering nipples. Moving to the center of
the front seat, she was slouched down with her head, shoulders, and
upper arms against the back. Her elbows against the juncture, her
forearms were against the seat, and her ass just rested against the
edge. Her legs were open, and were out before the seat. She groaned
softly as her position kept the shafts pulled deep in the roiling oven
of her underbelly, and the ball pressed down upon her pulsing clit.

Jack and Carla got in on either side of her, and closed their doors.
The car started up, and Erin felt the light vibrations of the engine
added to those of the dildoes. As Jack moved out into traffic, Carla
took a rear view mirror from her purse, and Erin looked at it with
curiosity. Carla pressed the magnetized base to the dashboard, and
adjusted the mirror. Erin blinked as she saw her cunt, the underarch of
her body, and her lower ass reflected. Her juices having seeped out
from under the leather strap, they gleamed in the curlings of her muff.
Her cloven mound was pressed out to either side, and the cheeks of her
ass were also pressed out. She was having difficulty focusing her eyes,
and the vibrations of her loins and the straps made it even more
difficult. Carla began unbuttoning the coat.

"Must be nice at times to be riding in a truck, a bus, or a van," Jack
mused, "and be able to look down into cars.''

Erin blinked as his words sank in. The coat was now open to just
beneath her breasts, and her bound cunny, her legs, the outsides of her
ass, and her tensed belly would all he visible to someone in a higher

"Yes, like in that bus we're about to pass," Carla smiled as she leaned

Erin glanced to the side, and saw the bus as they came up on it.
Blushing brightly, she looked back before her, and found herself
looking at the reflection of her palpitating loins. Jack slowed the car
as they moved alongside the bus, and Erin wondered if any of the
passengers were looking down at her. She forced herself to raise her
eyes, and saw that the roof of the car blocked the bus windows from
view. She realized that her face would not be visible, but only her
body, and she felt a sense of pride. She wondered if she was causing
any men to go erect, or any women to feel envy. The anonymity of her
position released her from worrying about being recognized, and from
any sense of shame.

By the time the car came to a halt Erin's orgasms had melted together,
and she floated in a daze of constant pleasure. The coat was refastened
to the tops of her legs, and it flapped away from her bare thighs as
they walked her into a building Gradually, she became aware that it was
her own apartment building. They came to a stop in front of the
elevator, and then stepped into the car.

As the elevator doors closed, Carla began opening Erin's coat again,
and the leather fell away from the centers of her thighs, the strap
holding the dildo in her cunt, her belly, and the centers of her tits.
Erin looked at her with alarm, afraid that the car might stop for
another passenger. Carla pushed the coat to the outsides of Erin's
tits, and they were bared. She and Jack stood relaxed as the car rose.

The floor indicator blinked, and the car began to come to a halt.

"I-what should I do?" Erin blurted as her head momentarily cleared.

"Um," Jack began thoughtfully, "I think you should turn and face the
corner like a good little girl."

She stared at him, but then the doors began to open, and she turned
quickly to press her forehead against the juncture of the elevator
walls. She wondered if it was someone she knew.

"Oh, I'm going down," she heard a woman say, and she recognized the
voice as being that of the building gossip. She felt dread at the idea
that she might be recognized, and also a temptation to turn around and
shock the woman with her nudity, and her bindings. The doors closed,
and the car rose again. It stopped, and the doors opened.

"Well, are you waiting for a dunce cap, or are you going to come
along?" Carla asked.

Her hands bunched into fists, and Erin forced herself to turn around.
She felt a sudden surge of relief as she saw that the woman had not
gotten into the elevator, but the hallway stretched away from the open
doors, and her apartment seemed very far away. What if someone came out
into the hall? Jack and Carla stared at her, and she felt her legs
moving her forward.

She stared straight ahead, braced against the possibility that one of
her neighbors would come out. Jack and Carla were walking behind her,
and she wondered what they were thinking, and if she was pleasing them.
Finally, they reached her door, and Carla came forward with the key she
had taken from Erin's purse. They entered the apartment, leaving her
standing in the hall, and she followed them in. She watched them
casually walking around as they looked it over, and she pushed the door
closed with her elbow. The rubber ball shifted against her clit, and
she leaned back against the door as hashes of joy again threw her into
a rapturous mental blur. The air was cool against the juices seeping
from her widened furrow.

"So this is where he fucks the cunt," Carla said from the bedroom.

"We feel it helps in the treatment if there's activity away from the
offices, and in the home environment," Jack said as he turned her

Her cheek and one tit pressed against the wall as he unsnapped the
leather strap from the metal rod. She murmured as the pressure of the
dildoes and rubber ball eased. He pressed a foot against the inside of
each ankle, and she spread her feet wide for him. He reached between
her legs and turned the vibrators off. She could determine this only by
the lack of humming, the vibrating in her ass and cunt having been
going on for so long that she still felt it. Dropping the coat back
down over her fanny and thighs, he turned her around and unsnapped the
rod from the arm bracelets. Dimly, she wondered what Carla was doing.
He yanked the leather coat off her, and it fell to the floor. He
refastened the rod to the bracelets, and her elbows were again held
back behind her sides.

He took a leather collar from his jacket pocket, and put it around her
throat. High, it fastened at the back with two silver clasps. A silver
chain hung from the front of it, and the links were cool against the
center of her chest. He raised her right hand to put a ring on her
center finger, and she saw that a slender chain hung from it. He lifted
her left hand to put a similar ring on its center finger, but it had a
small clasp on it. He pressed the heels of her hands against the
outsides of her breasts, and attached the chain of the one ring to the
clasps of the other. The tips of her center fingers were held together,
and her hands were held against her breasts, which were forced
together. He connected the collar's chain to the ring chain just
beneath her joined fingertips, and her hands were held in place by
them, the rings, and the bracelets and rod. She heard the shower go on
in the bathroom, and wondered why.

He freed the three leather straps hanging from the belt in front from
the vaginal dildo, but left the rubber ball attached. He then
disconnected the rear strap from the belt, and pulled both dildoes and
the connecting strap from her. She gasped as the shafts came out, a
rush of pleasure going through her, but it still felt as if they were
in her after having been vibrating in her rectum and snatch for so
long. She watched him take a wide silver ring from his pocket, and saw
that a short strap connected it to a second ring, and from that hung a
longer strap. Her tits swelled against her hands, and her nipples
burned against her moist palms as he connected the belt's three front
straps to the ring, and she saw that it framed her lower slit, and the
passageway beyond.

She was turned around again, and she spread her feet. Her hands and
face were against the wall, and her weight pressed her breasts even
more tightly into her hands. He reached under her and caught the strap
hanging from the vaginal ring and pulled the second ring up between her
ass cheeks where it framed her anus, and held the rounded cushions
apart. He snapped the last strap to the belt, and he opened her slit
wide so that the front ring pressed in to hold her lips separated. The
ball rubbed against her clit as the smooth ring chafed her inner lips,
and she groaned softly.

He turned her around and looked her over for a moment. The leather
gleamed around her throat, above her elbows, around her waist, down
into and alongside her slit, and from the middle of her thighs to her
toes. The silver bar, rings and chains shone from the collar, from her
fingers, across her back, in her opened cunt, and around her anus.
Apparently satisfied with the results, he pulled her away from the
wall, and to the center of the living room. She saw the familiar,
everyday furnishings around her, and then the open drapes. She wondered
if anyone could see in through the windows, but the thought was
interrupted as his hands pressed down against her shoulders, and she
dropped onto her knees before him.

"Take my cock out," he told her, and she looked up at him in confusion.

She lowered her eyes to his crotch, and tried to think. She strained to
pull herself free of the euphoria the ball and rings were creating, and
then she leaned forward. Turning her head, she opened her mouth as she
pressed it to the top of his slacks. Straining, she pushed the cloth
back from the zipper, and she bit at the tab. Finally, she managed to
grip it between her teeth, and she lowered herself to pull the zipper
open. Halfway down, she lost her hold, and had to catch the tab again.
On the second try she managed to fully open it. She was breathing
deeply, and her breasts strained against her hands, and pressed out
from above and below them.

Swallowing hard, she rose up again, and nuzzled her mouth into his open
fly. Her lips felt the thick mound of his flaccid tool, and she was
relieved that it was not erect, which would have meant having to open
his belt, and the clasp of his trousers. The teeth of the zipper rubbed
against her nose and her chin as she widened her mouth around his
shaft. She stretched her tongue out as far as it would go, and curled
it around behind the big trunk. She pulled with her tongue as she
gripped and pulled with her lips. His length rose, and she strained to
keep her hold. Slowly, inch by inch, she drew his prod out, and it was
growing hard between her Lips and against her tongue. Her breathing was
ragged, and she wondered if he was going to at last let her taste his
come. She had forgotten about the undraped windows.

He curled his fingers in her hair and pulled up.

Quickly, she pushed up to her feet, and he released her. The big knob
of his cock pressed against her. He arched his hips, and the knob
dropped into the silver ring. He thrust, and his immense member was
gliding up into her cunt. The backs of her hands rubbed against his
clothed chest, and she braced the high heeled boots against the floor.
His thumbs hooked in his back pockets, and he began to thrust in and
out, and she groaned. She wished she could grip his sides, or that he
would hold her. The vibrating dildoes had removed the tension from her
muscles, and she could not tell if her cunny was gripping at him or

His prick filled the silver ring, and each of his thrusts tugged at the
straps, which caused the ball to rub against her palpitating clit, and
the rear ring to rub around the bud of her anus. Her knees felt weak as
she came, and only the skewer of his cock in her kept her from falling
to her knees.

She felt his cock piercing her anus, and she groaned as it stretched
her loosened ass even more. The blood pounded in her head, and only
gradually did she become aware of wet flesh against her back and that
his cock was just now sliding out of her cunt. She blinked her eyes
open as he drew his tool from her, and she glanced back over her
shoulder to see Carla.

She realized the woman must have put on the dildo sculpted from his, or
one like it. She felt alarmed at the idea that a woman was penetrating
her. But as the waves of pleasure continued, she remembered that it had
been Carla who had put the first anal dildo into her and who had put
the two dildoes just removed into her. It did not seem to make much
difference if the woman was now wearing one. She felt Carla's big
breasts gliding wetly against her back.

"I think I'm going to see about getting the car washed," he said as he
zipped his pants back up. "I'd like to fuck her in about... oh, twenty
minutes if you think you'll be through with her by then," he said to

"Yes, I think the cunt'll be available then," Carla said, and Erin bit
at her lower lip as they ignored her.

He turned around and went out. Slowly, Erin's eyes began to close as
Carla thrust the dildo in and out of her rectum. Carla thrust in again,
and Erin felt her hips and loins against her fanny. Carla's hands moved
between them, and she stepped back, leaving the dildo buried in Erin's

Erin swayed drunkenly, and wondered what Carla was doing. Carla moved
around behind her, and then her hand gripped the base of the shaft
projecting from the ring between Erin's ass cheeks. Erin gasped as
Carla used it to turn her, and she faced the woman. Naked, Carla held a
two-headed dildo in her hands. Each half was the image of Jack's cock,
and Erin watched with fascination as Carla slid half of it into her own
cunt. In a moment, the other half was jutting out from her plumed
mound. Beads of water gleamed from Carla's flesh, and Erin stared
enviously at her big breasts, and at the pale-saffron nubs of her erect

Carla stepped forward, and the knob of the dildo pressed into the front
ring. Erin groaned as the big cock moved up where the original had been
only minutes before. Carla's ebony hair rubbed against the rusty curls
of Erin's muff, and her nipples rubbed against the back of Erin's
hands. Erin's ass tightened around the other dildo as Carla knowingly
thrust and turned the prod within her depths. Erin's mouth opened as
her depths flared around the two huge rods, and her clit burned against
the ball. She thought about the other half of the double-length dildo
within Carla's snatch, and it somehow made her feel better. She
wondered if Carla had ever had the model for the dildo in her, and she
felt ashamed at the thought. Yet, she was sure they were twins, and it
seemed right that a model of his cock was jutting out from his sister's
loins. For some reason, it made the idea of being with another woman
easier for Erin to accept.

Erin's ass tightened and loosened as Carla fucked her cunt, and she
felt the rear prod working itself out of her. Not wanting to lose the
engorged feeling, she found herself pulling with her muscles, and
drawing the dildo back up into her rectum. When she realized what she
had done, she felt a glow of pride. Carla reached around behind her to
clasp the base of the rear shaft, and she began to pull it out as she
pulled the dildo they shared out. Then, she thrust both back into
Erin's recesses, pulled them back, thrust them in, and continued moving
them together. Erin moaned as carnal rhapsodies played through her. Her
orgasms seemed to have been going on forever.

The front and back cocks began to move in opposite directions, and she
shivered as the one drew out as the other thrust, the one thrusting as
the other drew out. She felt lips against hers, and she thrust her
tongue out hungrily. Gradually, she became half-aware that it was
Carla's tongue licking at hers as they kissed. She was past caring, and
unable to think. Her body writhed against the woman's, and she moved
her hands up and down as much as she could, rubbing her aching tits
against her chest, and rubbing the backs against Carla's tits and

She heard Carla murmur, and a feeling of joy went through her over
having caused her pleasure. She realized that Carla was only holding
the dildo by the clutching of her vaginal muscles, and that she could
do the same with the half in her cunt. She gripped the model of Jack's
cock and thrust its duplicate within his sister's cunt. Carla's tits
pressed hard against her hands, and the woman's hands churned the rear
dildo in her rectum. They both groaned, Carla's arms around Erin
helping to keep her on her feet. Their cunnies twisted together around
the thick shaft, and their mouths writhed together around the swirl of
their tongues.

They cried out together. Their shoulders bunched as their bodies arched
together with the focal point of their loins. They trembled, and their
lips parted as they gasped for air. The maddening eruptions of pleasure
began to recede, and they gradually began to sink down to their knees.

After long minutes, Carla drew back, and her cunt pulled the dildo from
Erin's. They leaned to the side, and Erin dropped to the carpet. Carla
turned before stretching out, and Erin gurgled happily as soft lips
moved over her spread cunt lips, and as a tongue slid through the ring.
Her vision blurred, and she saw the gleaming prod before her face, and
she shifted to take it into her mouth. As her snatch flamed under the
knowing mouth, she licked and sucked the thick knob and shaft. Then,
she recognized the taste of its coating as being that of her own
juices. Her head cleared for a moment as she realized she was being
eaten by another woman, and that she was sucking the dildo protruding
from the woman's box. Carla's tongue lapped in her hole, and she ceased
to care as the throes of her passion once again took possession of her.

Erin felt Carla's big breasts shifting against her belly. She took more
of the pseudo-cock into her mouth, and it dawned on her that she could
bite at it without worry of causing pain. Her teeth pressed into the
shaft as she sucked her flavor from it, and she turned it, and thrust
it. Carla moaned as the other half moved within her.

A festering heat grew in Erin's cleave as Carla licked and kissed
within it. She sucked harder on the shaft, and pulled back. Carla's
vaginal muscles relaxed, the thick length began to slide out of her.
Erin released the exposed end and bit at the shaft right before Carla's
mound. She pulled back again, released the prod, gripped it again, and
pulled it all the way out of Carla. Carla twisted against her, and she
again gripped the prod in Erin's ass to turn and thrust it. Erin's
mouth pressed into the hot dampness of Carla's cunny, and her tongue
licked up into her.

Erin groaned into Carla's nook as she licked the woman's very long
clit, and she sucked at it. Carla's spendings glistened from Erin's
chin, cheeks and nose, and she filled her lungs with the woman's
fragrance. The prod moved in and out of her ass, and the rubber ball
rolled over her clit as Carla's tongue turned and probed within the
broiling oven of her cunt.

They stretched and rolled upon the floor as orgasms flowered through
them. Smiling, Jack stood just inside the door watching his sister
bobbing the model of his tool in and out of Erin's ass as she tongued
the woman, and he watched Erin's lowered face turning in Carla's spread
mound as she sucked at her clit. They cried out into one another's
cleaves, and they were both coming. Their bodies bucked and bounced
against one another's, and the scents of their spasming cunnies;
blended deliciously in the air.

He moved toward them as their bodies stiffened, and moved around them
as they shook at the apex of their culmination. His eyes moved over
their bodies, over Erin's garb, and over the dildo Carla had thrust
back up into Erin's rectum.

Within a breathless gasp, they rolled back from one another. Their tits
rose and fell, their tightened bellies twitching, and the light gleamed
in the wetness of their still quivering cunts.

Erin's eyes came open as Jack suddenly thrust his cock back into her.
Carla smiled at them, and rose up onto her elbows to watch the cock the
dildoes were modeled from drive in and out of Erin's clutching snatch.
Erin cried out as she came, and her ass twisted the base of the prod in
her ass against the floor.

"Did I take longer than twenty minutes with the cunt?" Carla asked.

"A few minutes," he said tightly, "but that's all right."

Erin's body screamed with the further acceleration of its ecstasies,
and she felt faint as she came again and again around his pistoning
tool, and her ass clutched around the shaft in her rectum. Her body
twisted and jumped, stretched and bucked against his, and she gasped
with delight as his come began to blast up into her spasming depths.


Once again dressed, Jack and Carla sat on Erin's sofa, and she stood
before there. They had unbound her hands and arms.

"Strip naked," Jack directed as casually as if asking for a cigarette.

As Erin removed the bracelets, rings, and collar, she thought about
having sixty-nined with Carla. By her own choice, she had pulled the
dildo out of Carla's cunny so that she could go down on her, and she
had clutched the double-length prod so that she could fuck her with it.
She remembered everything that had happened yesterday and today with
the brother and sister, and it was too much for her to try and cope
with. So she concentrated on unfastening the leather belt.

She trembled as the ball came away from her clit and the ring slipped
loose from her cunt and as she slipped the dildo out of her ass. She
removed the boots and then straightened. It seemed absurd, but she
realized that she now felt embarrassed. Though the garments had hardly
concealed anything and, in fact, had exposed her more than she was now
exposed, she felt more naked now. She blushed, and wanted to cover
herself as they casually moved their eyes over her.

"We noted your awkwardness when you were sucking my cock and Carla came
in," Jack said, "and we've decided that you need to get over your
inhibitions about being seen naked. Walk around, and straighten the
apartment as you would normally. Dust, or whatever," he said, and
leaned back with his arms stretched out atop the back of the couch.

Confused, she stood there for a moment, but the intensity of their
staring eyes caused her to turn. She could feel their eyes moving over
her back and fanny, and she felt self-conscious as she moved around the
room straightening things. She was uncertain what to do, and so got a
dust cloth. They sat silently watching her bend over, straighten,
stretch, and squat to dust all the furniture in the room. She was aware
of every jiggle of her tits or ass and every shifting of her cunt.

Having dusted every available surface and receiving no further
instructions from them, she got the vacuum cleaner from a closet,
plugged it in, and turned it on. She began to go over the carpet. The
brother and sister watched her, but she became less and less conscious
of being watched, or being naked while they were clothed.

"I think we could do with something to drink," Carla said.

"Yes, some iced tea, perhaps," Jack said, and Erin turned the vacuum

She prepared the tea and carried the glasses back on a serving tray.
Standing before them, she leaned forward from the waist to hold the
tray toward them. He took his glass and plucked an ice cube from it as
Carla took her glass. He reached out and rubbed the cube against one of
Erin's nipples. Her breath caught at the sudden chill, and her nipple
went erect against the chilling hardness. He sat back, and a bead of
water moved down the undercurve of Erin's tit from her damp nipple.

"I think we'd like to see how you masturbate now," he said as he leaned
back, and he dropped the cube back into his glass. "Nipple sweetening
beats sugar," he chuckled to himself.

"You-you mean in front of you?" Erin stammered as he sipped his drink.

"We'd hardly be able to evaluate your technique if you were in the
other room, now would we?" Carla asked with a weary shake of her head,
and Erin stood trying to consider their order.

"Do it," he said, and though he did not speak loudly or threateningly,
there was something in it that made her put the tray down and take a
few steps back from them.

"Standing, or... what?" she said in an apologetic whisper.

"On your knees," he said firmly, and she dropped to them.

Her knees apart, the wet pink of Erin's cleave was spread for them to
view. Nervously, she moved her fingertips along her lips, and touched
her thumbs to either side of her clit. Her nervousness began to fade,
and her fingers flowed along either side of her furrow, and her thumbs
rubbed against the sides of her clit. Her breasts rose and fell, and
her mouth opened with the deepening of her breath. Her eyelids lowered,
and she began to sway from side to side as her pleasures began to
mount. She did not see Carla reach into her large handbag and take out
an 8mm movie camera.

Erin's breath hummed in and out of her as she continued to masturbate,
and she did not hear the whir of the camera as Carla filmed her
performance. Her clit sparked within the wet caress of her thumbs, and
her lips quivered against the stroking of her fingers. Carla stood, and
moved around to her side as she continued filming.

"Keep at it," Erin heard Jack say, "and move forward on your knees."

It took a second before she was able to interpret his words through the
carnal confusion of her brain, and she began to inch forward. Her
fingers continued to glide within her cleave as her thumbs burnished
the longing ache of her clit, and her movements toward him only
compounded the agitation in her cleave. Carla stood up, and moved
around her with the camera. Waves of succulent joy lapped at Erin's
brain, and her flesh burned as she unquestioningly obeyed him. Carla
went to one knee behind her so that she could film the shiftings of her
fanny, and the damp base of her mound as Erin's fingers darted in and
out of view.

Erin squinted her eyes to see how much further she had to go, and she
saw that his hardened prod was out of his pants and jabbing up into the
air before her. She moved her knees forward with more determination
upon seeing the prize.

Gasping, Erin moved between his spread legs, and she dropped her mouth
around his thick tool.

"Suck me off, cunt," he said, and the words sounded almost tender to
her enraptured mind.

Her upper arms pressed in against her breasts and pushed them together
as her hands continued moving in her cleave. She licked at his knob and
his dorsal vein as she drew in her cheeks around him. Hungrily, she
pressed her head down so that she could fill her mouth with him. His
eyes lidded, and he smiled as she energetically sucked at him.

"Relax your throat muscles," he told her as he leaned back, and he
again stretched his arms out atop the back of the couch.

Erin found herself obeying, and his big knob was bobbing in her throat.
Her breath flowed around his wet flesh, and brief chills mixed with the
burning filling his prod. He inhaled deeply with pleasure and looked
past Erin to Carla.

Carla stood between Erin's feet, and she pointed the camera down at his
crotch to film the movements of Erin's mouth around his cock. Moving
back, she pressed her foot against the insides of both of Erin's feet,
and they and Erin's calves moved farther apart. Carla stretched out on
the floor, adjusted her focus, and moved the lens past Erin's opened
ass to just under her cunny so that she had a close-up of it and Erin's
hands. She then moved around the couch to film the scene from his point
of view.

Erin's head moved up and down, and the light gleamed from her long red
hair as she took more and more of his huge prick into her mouth and
throat. Her body curved between her hips and shoulders, and it was
bucking as her snatch convulsed around her fingers, and her clit raged
joyously. She felt the side of one of the dildoes being turned, and
stroked against her lower cunt, but it was only a small element in her
ecstasies, and so she did not think about it.

Having lubricated the copy of the prod now in Erin's mouth and throat,
Carla pressed its head against the pale pink bud of Erin's anus. Erin
groaned around him as the thick shaft glided up into her rectum, and
she tightened and loosened around it. The full, rounded cheeks
tightened around the girth of the dildo, and the light glowed from the
flecks of pale down surrounding her stretched aperture as Carla again
used the movie camera.

His face tightened, and his hands clutched the top of the couch. Erin's
head pistoned up and down, and she sucked harder at his throbbing

"I'm going to come in your mouth," he said with a shortness of breath,
"but don't swallow it. Understand?"

Continuing to suck, Erin nodded. She felt delighted that he was going
to let her taste his juices, and that she did not have to worry about
choking, but she also felt disappointed that he was denying her what he
had given the dark-haired woman. Then she felt his thick length begin
to jerk in her mouth. She slid her mouth and throat up and down around
it, and he groaned. His come blasted free, and it splashed against the
roof of her mouth as she pulled back a little, and washed over her
tongue. She came again, and murmured with happiness as his flavor
saturated her taste buds.

Gradually, the flow of his come lessened, and he began to soften. Erin
gurgled as she let his head slip free of her lips. Her mouth was filled
with the warm thickness of his come. Carla's fingers curled in her
hair, and pulled her head back to raise her face. Erin caught a glimpse
of his satiated expression, and she glowed with pride. Leaning over,
Carla pressed her mouth to Erin's, and her tongue stretched into her

Carla licked his come from the insides of Erin's cheeks, from the roof
of her mouth, her tongue and gums. Erin tightened her ass around the
dildo as the woman's tongue caressingly removed his spend, and she was
unaware of his taking up the camera to film them.

Carla released her, and Erin longingly watched her swallow down the
last of the spend she had sucked from him. Carla sat down next to Jack,
and motioned for Erin to stand. She found her legs again unsteadily,
and she saw the camera.

"You-you were making movies of-" she blurted.

"So you can objectively observe your own behavior," he dismissed her

Before she could consider the situation' Carla was sliding another of
the dildoes up into her drenched cunt, and she gasped. The prod pressed
against the other through the thin membrane, and they turned her so
that her side was to them. Carla grasped the front dildo while he held
the rear one, and they began to move them in and out. Her eyes closed
to the seesawing movement. One moment her ass was glutted, and the next
her cunt was. Back and forth moved the shafts.

"Have we covered all the points on the schedule?" he asked Carla as he
thrust the anal prod up into Erin's rectum.

"Just about, I think," Carla nodded as she thrust the vaginal prod up
into Erin's cunny.

"Time does fly when you're busy, doesn't it?" he smiled, and turned the
rear dildo as he pushed it back up Into Erin.

Erin rocked back and forth from her heels to the balls of her feet as
they chattered on, and her body shook between the rise and fall of the
two shafts. The room seemed to tilt, and she felt that only the rods
and their holds on them were keeping her upright.

"Put the center of your back atop the ottoman," Jack said as he stood
up, and Erin opened her glazed eyes.

They released the prods after they were again both embedded in her
depths, and she turned dizzily to look toward the ottoman. As she
walked toward it, her body shifted around the thick lengths and she had
to steady herself.

She slowly sat down against the edge of the ottoman, and the prods
again moved within her. She reached back to grip the sides of the
ottoman for support, and she leaned back. Her fanny slipped off, and
the round top of the ottoman pressed against her from the small of her
back to her shoulder blades. Her hair spilled down from her head to the
floor, and her legs stretched out.

"Grab your ankles," he told her, and she slid her feet back as she
stretched her arms toward them.

Her body was curved upward from her shoulders to her knees. Her thighs
spread wide, her calves angled out from under them, and her hands
clutched her ankles. Her arms straightened, she lay waiting. Her slit
was spread around the base of the dildo, and her juices gleamed from
her pink inner flesh.

Her head dangled back, and she saw Carla upside down. Naked up to the
waist, Carla dropped one of the couch's cushions on the floor behind
Erin's head. Erin heard him moving in front of her spread thighs, and
she strained to lift her head. He pulled the shaft from her nook, and
she tightened her grip on her ankles as a wave of pleasure rolled
through her.

Due to her position, her cunt remained open. She watched as he attached
the lower part of a metal figure-eight to the base of the dildo, and
she wondered what he was doing. Two elastic straps hung from the top of
the upper circle. Naked, he slid his cock through the metal ring and
began to harden as he reached behind him to connect the two straps.
Now, two identical looking cocks thrust out from him, one a duplicate,
the other its model. Less than a half-inch separated them.

He removed the prod from her ass and knelt between her thighs. She
dampened her lips with expectancy, and dropped her head back to see
Carla kneeling on the cushion behind her. Carla was sliding half of the
double length dildo up into her ass.

Erin's bowed body trembled as he entered her cunt and rectum at the
same time. He drew back, and thrust, and the matched shafts moved
together. Her hands upon her hips, Carla arched her fanny back, and the
head of the exposed half of her dildo pressed against Erin's mouth. Her
lips parted, and she sucked the copy of the cock in her rectum.

His eyes lidded as he pushed the dildo up into her snatch, and his cock
up into her backside. He could feel the dildo against the top of his
shaft as they slid in and out together. Erin groaned with pleasure
around Carla's phallus, and she sucked and bit at it to move the other
half about in Carla's box. She could still taste the residue of his
come in her mouth as she mouthed the image of his cock. Her loins and
ass thrust against his twin thrustings.

Erin squirmed upon the ottoman, and her straightened arms trembled as
she clutched her ankles tighter. Her tensed thighs quivered to either
side of him as he drove his cock and its duplicate into her ass and
cunt. His face was flushed with excitement, and his sac slapped up
under her rounded fanny.

Her torso arched, and her tits thrust upward imploringly. Erin almost
growled around the phallus jutting from Carla's lush ass. Her clit
pulsed faster and faster, and her entire body began to shake until she
thought she would explode.

Carla's knees dug into the pillow, and she dropped her hands to the
carpet as the prod in her ass moved faster. Her fingers clawed the
thick nap. Her mouth open, she raised her face and began thrusting her
luxuriant ass back toward Erin's voracious mouthings. Volcanic
eruptions of heat burst within her bowels, and she gasped as she came.

His come came free of his balls, and his big tool began to jab back and
forth in Erin's rectum, the dildo doing the same in her cunt. She cried
out with satisfaction. She could not tell that there was any separation
between her passageways, nor that both shafts were not hosing come up
into her quaking depths. He and his sister dropped away from her.

Erin could no longer keep her hands closed, and her ankles slipped
free. Her feet slid forward till her legs were straightened. Her hands
dropped to the floor, and her head lolled back. Saliva flecked her
lips, her juices gleamed from her cleave, and his come seeped from
between her plush buttocks.

After a time, Erin heard the shower running again, and then they were
looking down at her. They were dressed, and Erin felt a pang of
disappointment when she noticed that Carla was carrying her handbag.

"You-you're going?" she asked in a small voice, and pressed one hand to
the floor to push herself partially up.

"Yes," Jack nodded with just a hint of a smile, "we've other business
to see to."

"Oh, I..." she faltered as she pushed up onto her feet, but could not
think what to say, or to do. She had forgotten that she was naked, and
even that his come gleamed upon her ass and thighs. She wondered if she
should see them to the door like a good hostess. It made no sense to
her, but she did not want them to go.

"At exactly five thirty-five," Carla said as she drew the double-length
dildo out of her bag, "we want you to stick this up your cunt until you

Erin's head nodded as she reverently took the prod. She thought that it
had been washed, but then she realized that it was not the same as the
other and was more flexible.

"Yes, it bends, but will return to that form," Jack told her. "While
you've got the image of my cock in you, I want you to lean forward as
you bend the other half up so you can lick it. You are to think of both
halves as my cock itself, and we expect you to treat it accordingly,"
he said. "Do you understand?"

"Y-yes," she whispered, knowing she should say the opposite, but
wanting to do it.

"You will let no one else see it. Not Ben, not anyone," Carla told her,
and she again nodded.

Feeling displaced, she stood naked in the middle of her living room
with a doubled replica of Jack's cock in her hands. They opened the
hall door, and Carla turned to look back as he moved out of view.

"If you feel you've done an adequate job with your mouth and cunt, you
can shove it up your ass," Carla said with a note of generosity.

"Th-thank you," Erin was amazed to hear herself say.

The door closed behind Carla, and Erin stood staring at it for several
minutes. She wondered why she was doing the things she was doing
without protests or questions, and was even thanking them. It was as if
she was held enthralled by some drug, some hypnotic power, and yet she
knew it was neither of these things. There was something within her
that responding hungrily, and she knew that at five thirty-five she
would take the dildo into her cunny and mouth. She would perform as if
it was Jack's cock, and as if she was trying to create as much pleasure
as was humanly possible, if only so that she could then take it up into
her ass, which had been virginal until only a few hours ago.

She looked down at the doubled replica of his huge prod, and she wished
she was holding the original

Later that afternoon, Ben stood in Carla's office. The drapes were
drawn, and the only illumination was from the dimmed sunlight, and the
lamp on her desk. He had knocked, and she had called out for him to
enter. She told him that she would be with him in a minute, and he had
closed the door. Now, she put her pen down and sat back. He stared at
the way her big tits strained the white silk of her blouse.

"Did you bring it?" she asked.

"Yes," he answered, and took the bottle from his jacket pocket.

"Looks like you shot a good-sized wad," she remarked, and he found
himself feeling pride over it.

She stood up and he saw that she was wearing leather pants that fit her
statuesque legs snugly. She came around the desk, and stood between it
and him. The waistband of her pants snapped over itself, and the crotch
was a separate piece of leather that snapped to the pants themselves.

"Remove the crotch piece of my pants," she said, and his cock throbbed
with anticipation as he realized he was now going to see her naked. He
moved closer to her, and reached out to unsnap the long triangle of
leather. "It will be easier if you kneel," she said, and he hesitated.

Feeling that she was going to have him eat her, he remembered having
wondered about her taste as he had eaten Erin. He went to his knees
before her. He took hold of the triangle, and the snaps gave sharp
popping sounds as they came free. He lowered the leather and saw her
cunt framed by the pants. He moved his eyes up and down the full mound
with its plume of silky black hair, and his breathing deepened. He
looked up at her so that he would be certain. The lamp was behind her,
and her face was shadowed. The light haloed her ebony mane of hair, the
white silk, and the leather.

"Lick my cunt," he heard her sensuous voice say, and he leaned forward
to touch his lips to her slit.

Her flesh was as soft as the wisps of hair, and he kissed the whole of
her mound. He filled his lungs with the fragrance of her cunt, and then
began to move his lips and tongue up and down the lips of her sex. He
shifted before her, and raised his hands to the tops of her thighs. His
hands closed against the leather of her pants, and he slid his tongue
into her furrow.

The blood was roaring in his ears as he tasted the delicious nectar of
her secretions, and he burrowed his mouth into her cleave. He felt
elation as she murmured, and he worked his tongue as high as he could
in her. He licked and kissed all of her nook that he could reach, and
then began to raise his mouth toward her clit.

He hesitated for an instant as his lips felt for her clit so that they
could press the folds of the hood from her pearl. Instead, he found
that the inner flesh was already back from her erect clit due to its
size. It extended at least three times as far as Erin's.

He pursed his lips to collar the base of her hardened node, and he
began to suck at it as his tongue washed over its tip. She shifted her
leather-encased fanny back against the edge of the desk. He rotated his
face from side to side, and worked it within her gash as he caressed
her thighs through the grip of the leather.

She murmured with pleasure as his lips tightened and loosened around
the throb of her apex. His tongue skimmed across the burning peak, and
she slid her fingers through his hair as her shoulders bunched. She
shook against him as an orgasm flared, and her hands tightened to pull
him harder against her.

Her juices washed over his lower face, and he moved his hands around to
grip the luxuriant globes of her ass. His cock shoved out against his
pants as his excitement grew with his success. She twisted her loins
against him and bucked her clit between his lips. Her face lifted, and
her mouth began to open wide. He licked faster. Her underbelly
convulsed with ecstasy, and she cried out in a strangled gasp. Her body
vibrated against him as she came, and he continued to lick and suck.

Slowly, she sat back, and her hands pressed his head back from her
drenched cleave. Both of them were gasping for breath. He looked up
from her mound and past her proud tits to her shadowed face. The
lamplight that came from behind her gleamed from his wet mouth, chin
and cheeks.

"Ever tasted your come?" she asked as she began to catch her breath.

"What?" he asked with confusion. "Uh, yeah... because of curiosity," he
explained with a feeling of embarrassment.

'`No, not just dabbing your finger in it so you can take a lick," she
said with a laugh, "but a full load like I swallowed yesterday-like you
want Erin to swallow.

"Uh, no," he admitted as he shifted on his knees.

"Um," she nodded, and he found himself feeling guilty for having had
her do something he had not. "Then do it now," she told him as she
lifted the bottle

from the desk, and she held out the container of his come.

His hand lifted, and the bottle was in it. He stared at it as he
hesitated. He glanced up to see if she was now smiling, hoping she had
been joking. Her eyes glared at him, and he began to feel that he would
not be able to come in Erin's mouth if he did not do as Carla said. He
wondered what she would do if he refused. His eyes lowered to the
opulent weights of her tits, and he wondered if they looked as firm
when bared. His fingers rubbed the bottle nervously. He lowered his
head to look at it, and he saw her ripe mound. Her ebony plume gleamed
with her juices, and when he inhaled he could smell her fragrance. He
opened the bottle.

He looked down at the spunk and reminded himself that it had come from
his own body. He braced himself, and quickly threw it back like a shot
of whiskey.

"All of it," he heard her say, and he forced himself to swallow as he
curled his little finger around the inside of the bottle. He sucked the
remainder from his finger, and let out a deep breath. His eyes
refocused on her cunt, and he again became aware of his throbbing tool.

"Replace my crotch piece," she said, and he looked up with disappointed
surprise. "You've shot one load with me today, and we wouldn't want you
to crap out with Erin tonight, would we?" she said.

"No, I... I guess not," he muttered as he was reminded of his reason
for being there in the first place.

"Did you like the taste?" she asked as he reluctantly from the desk,
and she held out the container of his come.

His hand lifted, and the bottle was in it. He stared at it as he
hesitated. He glanced up to see if she was now smiling, hoping she had
been joking. Her eyes glared at him, and he began to feel that he would
not be able to come in Erin's mouth if he did not do as Carla said. He
wondered what she would do if he refused. His eyes lowered to the
opulent weights of her tits, and he wondered if they looked as firm
when bared. His fingers rubbed the bottle nervously. He lowered his
head to look at it, and he saw her ripe mound. Her ebony plume gleamed
with her juices, and when he inhaled he could smell her fragrance. He
opened the bottle.

He looked down at the spunk and reminded himself that it had come from
his own body. He braced himself, and quickly threw it back like a shot
of whiskey.

"All of it," he heard her say, and he forced himself to swallow as he
curled his little finger around the inside of the bottle. He sucked the
remainder from his finger, and let out a deep breath. His eyes
refocused on her cunt, and he again became aware of his throbbing tool.

"Replace my crotch piece," she said, and he looked up with disappointed
surprise. "You've shot one load with me today, and we wouldn't want you
to crap out with Erin tonight, would we?" she said.

"No, I... I guess not," he muttered as he was reminded of his reason
for being there in the first place.

"Did you like the taste?" she asked as he reluctantly lifted the
triangle of leather up in front of her cunt. "Of your come?"

"It, uh, wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be," he shrugged, and found
his hands unsteady as he pressed the snaps closed around her cunny.

"And of my come?" she asked with a smile as he finished.

"It was... delicious," he said as he looked up at her.

"If you're a good boy, perhaps I'll let you have some more," she said
with a tone of generosity. "Would you like that?"

"Yes. Yes, I would," he confessed, and started to ask if he could see
her fully naked, and ball her, but she then turned to move back behind
her desk.

"Here," she said as she suddenly jerked the crotch piece loose, and she
tossed it at him. "Kiss the inside before you go."

"Go?" he asked.

"Yes, we've an appointment tomorrow at the same time," she nodded, and
sat down.

"Oh," he murmured, and found his hands holding the leather before his
mouth. He pressed his lips to it, and found that it held her scent, and
so he moved his tongue over it. Her taste was in the leather too.

"Good, a real kiss," she smiled, and held out her hand.

He stood and handed her the leather. She put it on the desk and picked
up her pen to begin writing again. He saw her naked cunt pressed out
against the seat of her chair. Not knowing what to do, or to say, he
finally turned. Closing the door behind him, his confused frustration
was eased a bit by the thought that the next afternoon session should
have him fucking her naked body.

"Hope he doesn't trip," Jack chuckled, and stood up from a chair in a
darkened corner of Carla's office, "over that hard-on he's got."

"He'll trip," Carla grinned, "and fall into Erin."

"If she's managed to get off that double-duty dick."

Erin had managed to put the double-length dildo away, if with great
reluctance, and she was happy to find that Ben was as horny as she was.
She was also happy that he did not ask her about her session with the
Romes, and he was happy that she had not wanted to talk about their

With a shy little grin, she stretched out on her belly atop the bed,
and slipped a pillow under her hips, and her damp nook. He stood at the
foot of the bed with a delighted grin.

"Put your cock up my cunt," she said as she looked back over her
shoulder, and was delighted that she had said it without halting.

Her plush ass cheeks wiggled against his belly as he slid up into her,
and she took his hands to slip them between her tits and the bed. His
arousal at a peak, he did not think of Carla as he and Erin balled.
Erin tightened and loosened her cunt around him as she turned and
thrust. Orgasms flashed through her, and she came as she felt his come
being pulled from him to gush into her depths.

Feeling quite accomplished and victorious, she smiled as she saw his
expression of blissful satiation.

She slid down between his legs, and he blinked free of his euphoria as
he realized that she was sucking their mixed tastes from his cock. His
cock began to harden within her mouth, and he pushed up onto his elbows
to watch with stunned joy.

His prick eventually began to buck within her suckling mouth, and he
fell back with a moan as he came. Erin wanted to swallow the hot juices
splashing over her tongue, but her throat constricted, and she could
not. It made no sense to her, but not having been able to swallow
Jack's spend seemed to be keeping her from swallowing Ben's.

He saw her lift her head from his cock after he had gone soft, and she
put his spunk in a tissue. She looked at him apologetically, and he
drew her into his arms to kiss her. The changes in her attitudes were
so great that it did not matter to him, nor did he feel like
questioning how the changes had been arrived at. As his tongue and hers
moved together, he tasted his come, and was glad that Carla had thought
about him having a need for it with Erin. With that, he again thought
of Carla, and that he might be able to ball her the next afternoon.
Erin was thinking about swallowing Jack's come, and she wondered what
would follow the bindings, eating Carla, and all the rest of the things
they had already instructed her to do.


Carla had phoned early to tell Erin to meet her for brunch to talk
about her progress. After the two previous days, Erin felt a degree of
relief since she could not imagine what they might have planned for her
next. The booth Carla had indicated was in the rear corner of the near
empty restaurant, and the seat curved back around the table. It was
secluded, and Erin was happy for the privacy because of what they would
be talking about.

She sat sipping a cup of coffee as she waited, and she remembered all
that she had done with Carla the day before. She found herself
blushing, and wondered if she could look the woman in the eye.

"Move over," Jack said, and she looked up with surprise as he slipped
into the booth.

Confused, she nonetheless followed his instructions and moved around
until they were both seated at the back of the booth.

"Take my cock out," he said as he picked up a menu.

"H-here?" she asked with surprise, and she saw her waitress begin to
move back toward them.

"Now," he said, and he turned his eyes to her.

A shiver of fear went through her, and she quickly dropped her hands
into his lap to unzip his pants. The fear was not of physical pain, but
of displeasing him. The sound of the zipper opening sounded very loud
to her. The waitress was only two booths from them. Erin tugged his
hardening cock free of his pants, and the huge column jutted up.

"Hold it with your hand," he said, and she curled her hand around the
hot thickness.

The waitress came to a stop before them, and smiled.

"Yes, I'd like some eggs, orange juice, and coffee," he said
pleasantly, and Erin realized that his prod and her hand were blocked
from the woman's view by the table top.

The woman nodded and moved away. Her hand was gripping him very
tightly, and her heart was pounding.

"Get down on all fours under the table," he said, and she started to
protest, but then remembered the coldness that had been in his eyes
when she had questioned him before.

Trembling with nervousness, she glanced toward the rest of the
restaurant, and saw that she would not be in anyone's line of vision.
She slipped off the seat and onto her knees. She leaned to the side and
moved her head and body beneath the table so that she could place her
hands on the floor. He shifted behind her, and she felt him flip the
skirt of her dress up over her back. Her legs, hips, and her panties
were bared.

He placed his feet between her calves and pushed them to have her angle
them out from her knees. He reached under the table and grasped her
hips as he pressed his feet back against the front of the seat. He slid
forward so that his hips were against the edge of the seat. and he
pulled her hips back toward his en gorged tool. She felt afraid of
being discovered-and excited.

His fingers curled between her hips and her panties, and she started as
he suddenly tore the garment open. She wondered if it had sounded as
loud as she thought it had. He pulled her closer, and she angled her
feet out farther. He lifted her slightly, and she inhaled sharply as
his knob pressed between her legs and into her cunt. Her hands clutched
at the floor as he slid his length up into her quaking underbelly, and
she found herself happily greeting his return by tightening around him.

Realizing that the position did not make it possible for him to move
too much, she began to lean forward on her hands and knees, and then to
lean back so that she slid down his shaft, and then back up it. His
prod pressed up against her as she slid, up and down it, and she began
tightening and loosening herself around him. She wished that she could
see his face so that she would know if he was pleased or not. She felt
hot, and her hair spilled around her face as she moved her body faster.
Her cunt was palpitating, and her clit throbbed deeply.

Her lips parted, she squinted as an orgasm began to flower within her
depths, and then she blinked her eyes open. The waitress's feet and
legs came to a halt just in front of her. He shifted back an inch, and
she bit at her lower lip. She knew that the woman could not see her
because of the table, but she realized just how public her fucking of
Jack's pole was. She wondered if the woman could smell her flowing

"Has the lady left?" the waitress asked.

"No, she'll be back," he said as he shifted his hips gently from side
to side.

"Would she like some more coffee?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you," he replied, and Erin watched the legs turn and move
away out of her line of vision.

He pressed his loins against her again and thrust back high into her
roiling depths. Her face turned from side to side, and her hair whipped
like flames. His tool pistoned back and forth beneath the aching
longing of her clit, and she gasped for breath. She wanted to cry out
her passion. As if through gauze, she heard sounds, and forced her head
to lift so that she could look. The waitress had returned, and his hips
again moved back.

"Here's the coffee and your food, sir," the woman said.

Erin's snatch clutched desperately at his knob, and his upper shaft.

"Ah, very good," he replied. "Say, I hope business isn't always this

Erin pushed her straightened arms down against the floor and lifted her
knees from it so that she could shove her yearning nook back onto his
huge cock.

"Oh no, it'll start picking up again soon," the waitress said. "Will
there be anything else?"

"Yes. I think the lady joining us would like to order, wouldn't you,

Erin's eyes opened, and she saw Carla's shapely legs move past the
waitress's, and around behind the table. She sat down, and Erin could
see up her short crepe skirt to where the full mound of her cunt
nestled with its ebony plume. She twisted her own cunt around Jack's
cock, mindless of the waitress now, and she did not hear Carla's order.

"And how are we doing?" Carla asked as the waitress departed.

"Um, the service isn't bad," he chuckled, and nodded down toward Erin's
squirming ass.

"Say, she looks familiar," Carla mused. "Oh, of course, it's... oh,
what did we call that ass and cunt?"

"Now, let's not forget the mouth, hands, and tits," he said as he
twisted his prod from side to side in Erin's drenched nook.

"Yes, you're right. That red bush around that pink pussy... Erin. Yes,
it's Erin, isn't it?" she chuckled. "Is it on the menu?"

"Certainly. Want some?" he asked, and Erin squeezed her eyes shut.

"It is on the menu," Carla laughed as she looked at it. "Tongue."

He gripped Erin's hips and moved over a little as he turned her toward
Carla. Her eyes damp, Erin saw Carla's graceful hands slide her skirt
up almost to the tops of her legs. She shifted and craned her neck
upward so that she could press her face between the statuesque thighs.
The skirt brushed against the top of her head, but there was still
enough light to see Carla's cunny, and she could just detect the rich
fragrance of it. She pressed her mouth to the soft black featherings,
and her tongue opened the plump envelope of Carla's sex.

As she twisted her cunt back around his thrusting cock, Erin burrowed
her lower face into Carla's mound. The woman's juices bathed her chin,
cheeks, and nose as she licked up into the hot softness. She found she
could at least murmur now. Her hands caressed Carla's shapely calves.

"Ah, the waitress with your food," Jack said, and Carla's hand pressed
Erin's head back down beneath the concealment of the table.

The air was cool against her damp face, and Erin tried to catch her
breath quietly as she felt his cock pull hack a bit. Carla extended her
leg, and her arched foot pressed up against Erin's face. Erin stared at
it uncomprehendingly for a moment, and then began to kiss and lick it.
Carla turned the foot from side to side, and Erin removed her shoe so
that she could attend it all, and suck the long toes.

The waitress left, and Erin heard the sounds of them eating as she
sucked and licked Carla's toes. Then, he shifted behind her, and he
raised one of his legs up onto the seat along with one of hers. He
moved her thigh over his hip and along his side, and she curled her
calf behind him. Their outside legs were off the edge, and their feet
were on the floor. She felt his one calf against her stomach, his thigh
between her and the back of the seat.

With a lift of her foot, Carla indicated that Erin should stop, and
raise her head and torso also. Because of the curve of the booth seat,
both he and Carla were able to lean back as they turned toward one
another with Erin between. Carla curled her inside leg upon the seat
and drew Erin up over it to return her face to her cunt. Erin felt the
woman's calf against her swollen tits, and she again began to eat her.
Erin's hands caressed Carla's thighs and hips, and Carla dropped her
skirt back over Erin's head.

Rocking back and forth off his ass, Jack continued jabbing his thick
length in Erin's suckling cleave. He left her skirt up around her
waist, and they watched her ass tightening and loosening as it moved
back and forth.

"Poor dear does seem to be hungry," Carla said with mock concern as
Erin's mouth continued to nuzzle in her. "Perhaps... a little butter,"
she smiled, and Erin blinked as a butter knife pressed a patty of
butter between her ass cheeks. "And maybe some sausages," Carla said as
she put the knife down.

The woman's stomach pressed against the top of Erin's head as she
leaned forward. Erin gasped within the sweltering cove of her cunt as
she felt Carla press a sausage into her anus.

"I think I'm going to leave a tip," he said shortly, and Erin felt him
tense beneath her.

Erin's mouth pulled wide within Carla's furrow as she felt his massive
tool buck and jab within her. Carla's taste saturated her mouth, and
her scent filled her lungs as her brother's hot come jetted up into
her. Erin muffled her groan of ecstasy within Carla's sex. Carla's calf
tensed beneath Erin's tits, and twisted up against them. Her loins
thrust against Erin's face as her thighs gripped Erin's head, and her
calf pushed downward. His cock began to spurt out the last of his
juices, and Erin felt Carla's foot move under her belly to her cunt.
The toes, damp with her own saliva, curled against her clit just above
his twitching rod. Erin came again as the sister's toes and the
brother's cock swirled in her churning gash. Carla stiffened as Erin's
mouth writhed against her clit, and she was coming too.

The three became still as they sought to catch their breaths. After a
minute, they shifted around, and they let Erin sit up. Between them,
she glanced down to see his reddened cock gleaming with her juices, to
see her uncovered cunt overflowing with his come and hers, and to see
Carla's slit shimmering with her saliva and the woman's juices. Still
breathless, Erin brushed her hair back from her flushed face. She
lifted a napkin, and dabbed her face dry of Carla's spendings.

Carla lifted her coffee cup, took a sip, and then looked over toward
his lap. Erin leaned back as Carla stretched over, her hand guiding the
cup between his legs. Erin and Jack both watched as Carla lifted his
now soft prick to dunk it in the luke-warm coffee, and then stirred the
coffee with it.

"Always like half-and-half cream with my coffee," Carla smiled at Jack,
and he laughed, and Erin found herself smiling.

"Did you use up all the butter?" he asked Carla as he picked up a long

"There's plenty available," Carla said, and he looked down at Erin's
bared cunny.

She watched as he pressed the roll between her lips, and then turned it
within her wet box. Her breath caught at the movement. He lifted the
roll, and she watched through lidded eyes as he tasted it. She felt a
sudden exaltation that he should be tasting her spendings.

"Here," Carla said as she lifted another roll, and they watched her
turn it within her own furrow. "Try the taste comparison test," she
said as she held the roll out to him.

Erin watched him take a bite of the roll, consider the taste, and then
take another bite from the one with her nectar on it.

"Gosh, I can't be sure," he said, mimicking someone on a TV ad.

"Good hard rolls," Carla said as she lifted a third one. "Great for
sopping up gravy," she remarked, and she pressed it into Erin's slit.

Erin's hands gripped the seat, and her legs spread wider as Carla
worked the roll up into her. They continued talking, and as her head
began to clear a little, Erin became aware that they had not been
talking to her, or looking at her. They seemed only to be aware of her
cunt. She wondered if Carla had not been joking, but actually saw her
only as a cunt, an ass, a mouth, hands, and tits. While she felt hurt,
she also felt excited by the thought. She loved Ben, and he loved her,
and their sex life was becoming good. She wondered if affection from
Jack and Carla might not be actually distasteful. She did not
understand why, but she was enjoying what was happening. Again, the
thoughts were becoming too confusing, and she concentrated on the hard
roll she held in her cunt.

The waitress came back to see if they wanted anything else before she
totaled their check. Erin wondered what she would think if she could
see their bared loins beneath the table and when she found her torn
panties on the Door beneath the table. The waitress moved away.

"Clean my cock, and wipe off the seat," Jack said as he took out his
money, and Erin leaded over to suck their juices from his prod.

She wiped the seat between their legs and hers, returned his cock
reluctantly to his pants, and zipped him up. He put the tip on the
table, and he and Carla moved to leave at each end of the booth's
curved seat. Erin stared at them for a moment as they walked away, and
then she quickly got up to follow.

Back at her apartment, Erin looked at Carla's big handbag, and wondered
what it held today. Remembering the cuffs and straps, she moistened her

"The dildo," he said, and held out his hand.

Erin opened a closet, and moved a chair before it to stand on, and she
took down a long box. Opening it, she carried it to him, and he smiled
as he saw the doubled copy of his tool lying on pink silk.

"Like it was in your cunt, ay?'' he smiled.

"Y-yes," she nodded with a shy smile.

"Did you obey yesterday afternoon?" he asked, and she nodded. "Well
enough to shove it up your asshole?"

"Yes," she admitted, and then she blinked as she saw Carla taking the
movie camera out of her purse.

"Strip," he said abruptly as he took the box from her hands.

She looked from him to the camera, suddenly uncertain, and he grabbed
the front of her dress in both hands. He jerked downward, and she let
out a startled cry as he ripped the garment from her. His hands moved
again, and the last shreds were torn from her. She stood wide-eyed
before him, and her bra and shoes were all she wore. His fingers curled
around the bra between her tits, and he yanked. She staggered as the
thin fabric tore, and almost fell off her heels. She balanced herself.
Her heart was pounding.

"I didn't ask if you would like to. That's understood," he said as he
tossed the remnants of the bra aside, and Erin was unaware that Carla
had been filming them. "Bend over," he said, and she quickly did it.
Her ass thrust up and back, and he moved around behind her. "Okay, work
the sausage out with your muscles," he said.

She started to protest that she could not, but then she remembered how
she had moved the dildo Carla had thrust up her ass. She concentrated
on tightening and loosening the muscles outward, and she felt the
sausage begin to shift.

"Good," he nodded when she had finished, and she felt pleasure over
having pleased him. "Now, grab your ankles," he said, and Carla handed
him something from her bag.

He went to one knee beside her, and Erin saw that he held four black
leather cuffs that were connected by a small X of silver links. He
fastened the cuffs around her wrists, and had her release her ankles so
that the other two could be fastened around them. He stood up, and she
realized that now she could not straighten up. She felt a surge of
panic, and became aware of how vulnerable her ass was. She felt
unsteady balanced on her high heels.

Jack moved out of her range of vision, and Carla walked slowly around
her to film her. She heard sounds from behind her, and then he was
taking hold of her hips. He pulled back, and her weight broke the heels
off her shoes, but she did not fall. He slid her several feet back, and
then put her down on her back. Her arms were stretched up toward her
legs where the cuffs held her wrists and ankles together.

She saw a rope dangling from the ceiling, and saw that a heavy-duty
hook was screwed into one of the ceiling beams. She could not remember
if it had been there before, and wondered if they had somehow gained
entry when she was not there, or when she was not aware of it. He
attached one end of the rope to the X of links, and then began to pull
in the slack with the other end. The rope went taut between his hands
and the hook, and then between it and her cuffs. Carla continued
filming as Erin began to lift off the floor.

The attachment of the rope to the cuffs was such that her back remained
fairly close to parallel with the floor, and her thighs angled toward
her head. Her hair hung down from her head, and it too lifted from the
floor. Erin felt frightened. The cuffs pulled at her ankles and wrists,
but did not truly hurt. It was the total helplessness of her situation.
Carla put down the camera and took the rope beneath his hands to tie it
securely around one of the heavy couch's legs.

He let go of the rope, and Erin gasped as she dropped an inch. Her head
hanging back, she saw them' upside down. He moved around her and took
note of how her wrists being bound together forced her arms in against
the outsides of her wide-based tits, and pushed them together. Her
shapely legs were accented, and her rusty bush showed between their
tops and above her opened ass. He casually slapped one buttock, and she
swung to the side, and then back and forth before she gradually came to

Erin saw Carla remove her skirt, and the woman walked toward her. Her
dark plumed cunt was level with Erin's mouth, and Erin parted her lips.

"Anxious, isn't she?" Carla said. "Didn't get enough to eat at the
restaurant, huh, poor little thing?" she said mockingly, and she
gripped Erin's shoulders to suddenly thrust her to one side.

The rope twisted, and Erin spun around toward Jack, and she saw that he
was now naked. Her face moved toward his semi-erect cock.

"No, you have her mouth first," he said, and his hands pushed against
Erin's shoulders to keep her spinning in the same direction.

"I like this version of spin-the-bottle, don't you?" Carla said as she
kept Erin going.

"Sure, you get a mouth one way, and a cunt and ass the other," he
smiled, "and so nobody loses."

Erin was growing dizzy as they continued spinning her, and she closed
her eyes. The rope creaked with the tension. She saw the room blurred
by her speed, and saw Carla's cunt and his cock blurring together. She
moved back around toward him, but he did not touch her shoulders. She
swung past him and slowed. Slowly at first, she began to move back the
other way, and then she was spinning faster and faster. She closed her
eyes. The rope continued untwisting, and her momentum caused it to
start twisting in the opposite direction.

His hands closed around her hips. Her mind was spinning still with
vertigo. His cock thrust up into her ass, and Carla's cunt pressed
against her mouth. Her head reeling, she licked up into Carla's slit as
she clutched her rectum around his hard prod. They let go, and she spun
around again. Stepping up onto a stool, Carla rubbed her cunt against
the base of Erin's, and he thrust his cock into her mouth. She rubbed
her burning slit against the woman's, and sucked hard at his big bone.
They released her to spin again, and he was suddenly rubbing the
underside of his shaft in her furrow as Carla pressed her fanny to her

Around and around, back and forth Erin moved. All thoughts were lost in
the spinning, and she ceased being able to differentiate between cock
and dildo, or cunt and ass, and between her own mouth, cunt and ass.
She was in a carnal whirlpool, and did not resist. Orgasms erupted
within the merry-go-round of her body. Come smeared and splashed
against her face, against and within her ass and cunt, and in her

She was unaware of when she stopped spinning since her mind and senses
remained blurred for long minutes afterward. When her head cleared, she
saw Jack and Carla looking refreshed. He nodded to Carla, and she
unfastened the cuffs from Erin's ankles.

Erin's legs dropped, and her feet touched the floor. She was glad for
the wrist cuffs and the support of the rope, because her legs would not
support her weight. The wrist cuffs jerked up, and Erin looked around
to see Jack pulling on the rope to raise her up higher. Her heels
lifted from the carpet, and then the balls of her feet, and her toes
were just grazing it.

Her arms were drawn tight and pressed against the sides of her face.
The contours of her arms and shoulders were accented, and her pectorals
stood out in relief, and raised her breasts high. Her belly was
tightened, and the shallows to either side were deepened, as were the
dimples at the base of her back. Her long legs hung apart, and the
tendons at the insides of her rounded thighs were accented. Her face
damp with perspiration, strands of her hair clung to her face, and her

Carla held the rope taut, and he retied it around the couch leg. Erin's
pink tongue broke the seal of her lips, and moistened them. The rope
groaned against the hook. They moved behind her, and she pushed her
head back so that she could turn her eyes in their direction. They
moved past her, and he turned to face her when he was three feet past.
Carla stood right before her. Erin looked into her face and wondered
what they were going to do now. A hint of a smile played on Carla's

"I'm hungry," Carla said, and her fingers slid into the damp curlings
of Erin's muff.

Erin's eyes closed, and her brow furrowed as the backs of the woman's
fingers pressed in to one side of her nook, and the back of her thumb
against the other. She had forgotten about the roll. Carla got hold of
it, and began sliding it out. It was no longer hard, but was not
softened enough to break up. She groaned as it came free. She raised
her eyelids slightly, and saw Carla touching the roll to her mouth. Her
juices coated it. She felt excitement as Carla took a sucking bite, and
her eyes focused on the movements of her lips as she chewed.

"Good gravy," Carla said as she looked to Jack, "but it could use some
wine with it. Jack?" she asked, holding it toward him.

"Let her have part of it," he said, and his eyes held Erin's.

Erin widened her mouth, and Carla pressed most of the roll in between
her front teeth before moving toward the kitchen. Erin continued to
stare back into his eyes. The roll softened under her teeth, and she
pulled it further in as she sucked her heady secretions from it. She
heard the wine bottle being taken from the refrigerator.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked as he moved closer.

She nodded, and swallowed quickly. She wished that she could speak, and
chewed faster at the roll.

"Then do it," he said, and she looked down at the huge prod thrusting
out toward her.

She curled her toes back against the front pad of her left foot to take
hold of the carpet, and stretched out her right foot as far as she
could to do the same, and then moved her left foot forward. She
swallowed more of the roll, which still held her lips apart. Her body
was arched forward as she pulled at the rope, and gripped at the
carpet. The rusty triangle of her bush moved closer to his bulbous
knob. She could not get any closer, and frustration and desperation
raged within her. She gave a whimpering sound around the bread soaked
with her cunt's juices. Her damp eyes implored him to move closer.

"Do you want my cock in you, or not, cunt?" he asked softly. She looked
around as she swallowed, and then up toward the cuffs as she searched
for some way to get to him. Her toes lost their hold on the carpet, and
she swung back away from him. Her eyes widened as the gap between his
tool and her yearning increased. Her toes pulled across the carpet
until she was on their tips. Her expression changed, and she shoved her
toes back against the carpet to cause her to swing back toward him. She
moved closer this time, and she pushed herself away.

With each swing she gained momentum, and her toes began to lift off the
floor. Sipping a glass of wine, Carla moved to his side as she watched
Erin's frantic attempt. She raised the glass to his lips, and he took a
drink without removing his eyes from Erin's. Erin stretched her legs
forward as she swung toward him, and her feet moved past the outsides
of his knees. On the next swing, her lower calves moved past his
thighs. Then, her body curving, she swung her legs past his hips, and
her calves turned to catch behind him at the small of his back. She
thrust her cunny against the hard column of his sex, and slid onto it
with a moan as her ankles crossed behind him.

With a smile, he pressed his mouth to Erin's and began to suck the
remainder of the roll from her mouth so that he could taste the juices
his prod was swimming in. He began to walk back beneath the hook, and
Erin moaned as his cock thrust and bobbed and the pull of the rope
lessened. Her heels rubbed just above his buttocks, and she thrust her
hips out and back to slide up and down his shaft. He raised his hands
to her breasts and felt how tightly they were pulled up. Her tongue
licked at his, and he pressed his hands against her thighs. She
released her hold and again hung before him.

He thrust high into her and moved back a bit as her cunt tightened. He
pulled back, and she gasped as his thick length pulled through her
grasp. He thrust, and she swung back and off him. Her mouth opened with
panic, but before she could form a word, her anus was pressing back
against something.

Carla again had the double-length dildo on, one half in her cunt, and
Erin felt it move into her rectum. Carla thrust, and Erin swung toward
Jack's cock. Her cleave gripped around it, and he moved back with her
before thrusting her loose to swing back onto Carla's prod.

She swung back and forth between them, his cock up her snatch one
moment, and then the phallus up her ass the next. Back and forth she
swung until she was not even willing herself to move at all, the
momentum and their thrusts controlling her. She came again and again
until she heard Carla gasping, and felt his prick spasming.

Erin continued to swing back and forth even after they moved, and
eventually she came to a halt. She hung limply, her chin against the
top of her chest. She did not care, but she wondered what tune it was,
and if it was still the same day.

Ben had kept wondering what would happen during his session today with
Carla, and his arousal had continued through the day. Each time he saw
Amy he remembered her fanny and cunt pressing back against her panties
as her skirt hiked up. He debated with himself, and finally his arousal
was such that he called her into his office.

"Would you get the Yokum file for me, Amy?" he asked, and she nodded
with her cheerful, girlish smile.

She moved to the file, and opened the bottom drawer. She had not
forgotten doing this two days before, and she had hoped it would happen
again. The skirt that he watched pull up from the backs of her thighs
was shorter than the previous one. His breathing deepened as he watched
the hem approach the juncture of her thighs, and he wondered what color
her panties were today. He blinked. She had been prepared, and thus
there were no panties beneath the skirt.

She smiled to herself as she leaned farther forward from her knees. The
full domes of her ass cheeks were tightened by her posture, and their
deep cleavage widened. Golden down showed there, and his eyes followed
it down to the plump mound of her cunny, which was frothed in downy
curls the color of honey. His cock throbbed deeply. She leaned further
forward, and she let her knees slide farther apart. Her slit opened,
and he could see the wet pinkness inside.

"I can't seem to find it," she said softly, and turned herself over
with the skirt still up, and her thighs open. "Would you like to look?"
she asked with a seductive smile.

His phone began to ring, but he continued staring at her full mound and
the bright dampness of her opened furrow and the undercurves of her
rounded ass cheeks. He blinked, and looked over at the phone that had
finally broken his trance. He tried to ignore it as he looked back at
the girl, but finally lifted the receiver just so that he could stop
its ringing.

"Ben?" he heard Carla's voice ask. "Come early for your appointment,"
she told him.

"Wh-what?" he stammered. "When?"

"Now," she said with finality, "or we'll wait till next week. Say
you're sick if you have to, but leave now," she finished, and the line
went dead.

He looked from the receiver to Amy's juicy cleave, and felt torn. He
told himself that he was being foolish if he left Amy like this, but
she would be there tomorrow, and he had been able to brush off her
passes before. Maybe it was just that Carla was more experienced, he
thought, but Amy clearly wanted to give him pleasure while Carla had
become more and more dominant. Still, from the sound of her voice, this
might be his last time with her if he did not go, and his last chance
to ball her. He stood up.

"Amy," he said as he moved around the desk, "there's, uh, been an
emergency, and I've got to leave." He went to one knee beside the
startled-looking girl. "But," he began, and pressed her hand to the
crotch of his slacks so that she could feel how hard she had made him,
"tomorrow... Sorry," he added, and gave her hand a squeeze as he
reluctantly stood to leave.

The door closed behind him, and Amy wondered if there had really been
an emergency. Even if it was true, she thought, he would have time to
again get cold feet, and she would probably find herself working in
another office the next morning. She looked mournfully down at her

"Guess it's just you 'n' me again," she sighed, and began to finger

The bedroom door being closed while Carla used the phone, Erin had no
idea that she had called Ben. Carla returned to the living room, and
saw Erin lifting her head. The rope creaked as Erin shifted.

"Clean her up, will you, Carla?" he asked, and she nodded with a smile.

Erin watched Carla as the woman knelt before her, and she realized what
she was going to do. She wanted to protest. It did not seem right for
Carla to tongue bathe her, but something she should do for Carla. She
did not even consider that it was his sister licking his thick come
from her loins and thighs, and then from her slit.

"Make no sounds," he said, and Erin glanced toward him.

He sat relaxed in a heavily padded chair and took a swallow of his
wine. He was not looking at them, and Erin saw his prod resting atop
one of his thighs. Carla's tongue snaked up into her, and she started
to groan with pleasure, but suddenly remembered his order. She pressed
her teeth together. Carla's lips shifted and nuzzled against her cunt
lips, and she fought back a moan. The woman's tongue flicked at her
clit and swirled around the burning pearl. Her hands bunched into fists
above the bracelets as she strained to obey. Carla's hands caressed the
outsides of her thighs, and her breasts brushed against the fronts.
Erin's eyes were squinted shut. Carla scooped her tongue deep within
Erin as she searched out his spendings, and the bridge of her nose
flicked back and forth against her clit. Losing control, Erin murmured
with pleasure.

"Take her down, Carla," he said, and Erin's eyes opened wide as she
realized what she had done.

Carla stood, and moved past her. Erin wanted to plead with him, but she
feared angering him. Carla pulled the end of the rope loose of the
couch leg, and it whipped through the hook as Erin's weight pulled. She
almost cried out with surprise as she dropped to the floor, and the
rope dropped down atop her.

"What happens when one disobeys?" he asked offhandedly.

"They-they're punished?" Erin asked in a quavering voice, and Carla
gripped the rope just above the links of the cuffs to pull her toward

On her knees, Erin moved to keep from being pulled off them, and she
was brought to the sides of his thighs. Carla jerked on the rope, and
Erin pushed herself up to lie across Jack's lap. Standing a few feet
away, Carla held the rope taut between her hands and Erin's cuffs.
Braced, Erin waited, but nothing happened. Then she gasped as the humid
base of his wine glass glided damply over her raised ass.

He set his glass aside, and his palm came down sharply against her ass
cheeks. Her breath caught, but she did not make a sound. His hand
dropped again, and a stinging went through her tush. She felt his erect
cock pressing up against her abdomen. His hand rose and fell, and the
rounded cushions quivered beneath it. Her arms held straight out from
his side by Carla, Erin pressed her lips tightly together. She could
not escape the spanking, and so she surrendered to the heat and the
vibrations it sent through her. The smack of his hand against her flesh
seemed very loud.

"She's all wet again," he said to Carla.

"Maybe she wants to be anchored down, while she's punished on your
cock," Carla said, and Erin's heart beat faster. "Maybe she wants to
feel you jabbing up into her cunt as you slap down against her ass,"
Carla offered. "And isn't it glowing a nice pink now?"

"No," he said, and pushed Erin forward off his legs.

She fell to the carpet with a shocked expression, and looked up at him.
She wondered what she had done to displease him. She rose up onto her
hands and knees, and did not notice that Carla was moving around behind
her, or that the rope was now hanging beneath her.

"I know what she wants," he said as he stood up, and he moved around in
front of Erin. "You want my come, don't you?"

"N-no," Erin stammered as she looked up at him, and did not know why
she was denying the truth.

"Admit it," he said as she stared up at his huge erection.

"I...." she faltered, and Carla pulled the rope tight, which drew it up
at an angle from her cuffed wrists and into her slit.

"Say it," he told her as he took a step back.

"Yes," she gasped as she strained to follow him, which caused the rope
to pull fully into her furrow, since Carla stood between her calves.
and held the rope almost straight up from the undercurve of her body.

"The words-say them," he demanded as he took another step back.

"I-I want it," she gasped as she strained her neck toward his prod, and
as the rope pulled in the wetness of her cleave, and against her
pulsing clit.

"What? What do you want?" he asked as she strained to lift her mouth to
his cock.

"Y-your cock," she answered, and her hands pushed against the floor as
her knees and feet shoved against it.

"Where?" he asked as her mouth moved closer.

"In my-in my cunt. I want your cock in my cunt," she blurted out as her
snatch throbbed against the rope.

"Where else?" he asked as Carla let her move forward by fractions of an

"My ass. My mouth-anywhere you want to put it," she assured him, and he
could feel her breath against his knob.

"But its my come you want now, isn't it?" he taunted as her lips
quivered toward his tool.

"Yes," she sobbed as her clit flared against the damp rope.

"My come?" he asked, and reached out over Erin's head for the rope,
which Carla handed to him.

"Yes," she gasped as he pulled the rope taut in the cleavage of her

"Where?" he asked as her lips just brushed against his cock's head.

"Anywhere-my cunt, my ass, my mouth," she promised, and her lips
brushed against the velvet soft bulb.

"Your face?" he asked as he eased back just enough to keep her from
getting any closer.

"Yes," she groaned.

"Your tits?"


"You want to be showered with it? To be bathed in it?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, yes," she beseeched, and was not aware that they had been
moving in a circle.

"Which first?" he asked, and tossed the rope back to Carla.

"In my mouth. I want to have you come in my mouth, and be able to
swallow it," she said, and was oblivious to Carla's climbing up to run
the rope back through the hook in the ceiling.

"Didn't I let you have me come in your mouth before?" he asked, and
caught the end of the rope as Carla dropped it toward him.

"But-but I didn't get to swallow it," Erin quickly reminded him in an
apologetic voice, and did not bother to wonder why Carla was putting a
leather belt around her waist.

"So, it's really a matter of you wanting to drink my come," he
suggested, and handed the rope back to Carla so that she could string
it through a silver ring on the back of the belt, and tie it.

"Yes," Erin said, and was willing to be grateful for that alone. "Yes,"
she repeated, and tried to rise up onto her knees only to find that the
pull of the rope held her bound wrists in place.

"Then I think Carla's the one you should be asking," he said, and
stepped aside.

To loosen the pressure of the rope against her slit and her anal
cleavage, Erin found that she would have to move her hands back, which
meant lowering her head and torso. Tensing herself, she shoved up from
the waist, and the underarch of her body shoved against the rope, which
caused it to pull her hands back toward her thighs. Her back was
against the rope, and she could only move her hands out a foot-and-a
half from her cunt, but her head was now high enough to give him head.

"C-Carla, can I drink his come?" she heard herself asking

"Of course, my dear," Carla said sweetly, and came around in front of
Erin. "Here you are," she said as she held out a wine glass that held a
load of come, "Oh, don't worry about where it's been," Carla chuckled
as Erin looked at it in confusion, "but... it was your cunt it was in.
You just weren't watching me after you cried out," she explained.

"You don't want to drink my come?" he asked.

"No, It's not that, but-" and she cut off as she realized that there
was nothing she could say.

Erin pressed her lips to the rim of the glass, and Carla tilted it so
that the thick fluid could slowly flow down into Erin's mouth. Erin's
cunt rubbed against the rope as she savored his flavor, and finally
stretched her tongue out to lick the inside of the glass clean of his

"And what do you say?" Carla chided.

"Th-thank you, Carla Thank you, Jack," Erin said.

"If you're a very good girl for the rest of the afternoon," Jack said,
"I'll put my cock in your mouth, and let you drink my spunk from it."

"Oh, I will be good," she promised.

When he had arrived at the offices, Ben had found them locked, but a
note had directed him to get the key from the lobby guard and to wait
in Carla's office. As the minutes ticked away, he fantasized about what
Carla might have planned, but finally he began to wonder if he should
not have stayed with the nubile Amy. His mind moving back and forth
between Carla and Amy, he remained aroused, and he did not seriously
consider departing.

He heard the outer office's door open and close. There was the murmur
of voices, another door opening and closing, and then Carla's office
door opened. She walked straight toward him and motioned for him to
remain seated. He looked up at her.

"Put your hand up under my skirt and into my cunt," she told him, and
his hand lifted to move under the soft fabric and toward the heat of
her mound. "Slide your fingers inside," she instructed, and he inhaled
deeply as he felt her moistness. "Now, wait here," she said, and turned
back toward the door, which caused his fingers to come free of her. "If
you become bored you can lick and sniff my taste from your fingers, or
you can even use my juices as a lubricant if you want to jerk off."

She went out, and closed the door behind her. He was speechless. It
seemed that he should feel insulted, but he did not. Her blatant
carnality and her no-nonsense air of command had left him even more
aroused. He wondered what she would have him do when she returned.


Carla had left her and Jack as they went into the room with the huge
waterbed, and Erin looked at the mirror side of the two-way mirror. She
wondered who was on the other side, but she did not care as she looked
at Jack.

She wore a hooded vinyl raincoat, and the dim lights in the room
reflected from it. Jack motioned for her to remove it, and she did. She
had ridden naked from her and Ben's apartment and had not cared if
anyone had looked into the car to see her kneeling between Carla's
thighs as she tongued the woman s clit. She had not been able to eat
Carla because of the oval bit in her mouth, which the hood had
concealed when outside the auto. It held her mouth open wide enough to
take Jack's cock in, and a leather bridle was attached to the curved
side-pieces that showed at the corners of her mouth. She hoped he would
now shove his cock through the metal oval and into her mouth to give
her his come.

Around Erin's waist was a leather belt, and a strap went down between
her plump ass cheeks to where it attached to a silver ring, which
framed her anus, and was big enough for his cock to slide through.
Another strap connected to the bottom of the ring, and ran under the
arch of her body before dividing into two straps that angled up along
the sides of her cunt. Joining the belt, the two straps also connected
with rods curving out from either side of her opened cleave. The rods
curved out from an oval not unlike the one in her mouth, but this one
held her cunt open, and ready.

For some reason that Erin did not know, Carla had braided her long hair
out from the crown of her head before they had left the apartment. Jack
motioned her to her knees, and she dropped to them without hesitation.
Then, a man stepped forward from the shadows, and her eyes widened with
alarm. She looked up toward Jack.

"I want you to suck his cock," he said, and she found herself nodding.

She turned her head back, and the man's prod slid through the circle of
her teeth, and through the oval bit. She began licking at him as he
thrust in and out of her mouth. A hand clasped her braided hair, and
her head was pulled back. The man moved with her, and his thighs were
against the fronts of her shoulders. Someone knelt behind her, and a
thick cock moved through the ring framing her anus and up into her
rectum. Her mind spun, but before she could try to think another man
entered her. Kneeling in front of her arched body, he shoved his long
cock between her labia, through the oval bit, and up into her
underbelly. Her right hand was lifted, and she gripped the cock it was
lifted to. Her left hand was lifted, and she fingered the cunt it was
lifted to.

Her hands clenched and stroked, her tongue licked, and her body thrust
back and forth. Her vision blurring, she looked up to the side to see
what Jack's reaction to her performance was. He nodded, as if
satisfied, and she closed her eyes. Her mouth, hands, cunt and ass
moved faster as she sought to give him pleasure by bringing all five
people to climaxes.

"Sit there," Carla told Ben as she returned to her office, and she
motioned to a chair with its back almost touching one wall.

He sat down, and she moved around behind one shoulder. He wondered what
she was going to do, and then wondered what the sliding sound he heard
was. He did not see her slide the wood panel back to uncover the two-
way mirror looking into the room Erin was in.

Carla watched Erin's beautiful body writhing at the center of the five
people, and she smiled. She glanced down at the top of Ben's head, and
then back toward Erin for a moment before moving back in front of him.
She stood very close, and looked down at his erection.

"Take my skirt off," she instructed him, and he looked up at her with a
widening smile.

He reached up, and unfastened her wrap-around skirt. He had thought she
was wearing high boots, but when the fabric fell from her hips and
thighs he saw that they were not boots alone. Rather, they were both
pants and boots. They were made of suede, and zippers ran up the sides
of her legs. Ring tabs showed at her hips.

"Unzip me," she said, and she looked through the glass as he moved the
zippers downward.

Ben watched the leather open from her full hips, her loins, and from
her beautiful legs. She placed a hand on his shoulder as she stepped
out of the garment, and then kicked it aside. She was watching one man
come in Erin's ass as another's cock jumped in her fist and geysered
come over her hand. She looked down at Erin's husband, and saw him
admiring her naked legs and cunt.

"Open my blouse," she told him, and he stretched his hands up to start
with the top button. "Take it off," she said when he had finished, and
he caught the sleeves to pull it from her shoulders.

The cloth dropped, and Ben stared with appreciation at the beauty of
her breasts. They were as big, and as firm as he had imagined, and pale
saffron nipples thrust out from their peaks. Behind him, on the other
side of the two-way mirror, his wife's cleave was overflowing with come
as the man in her came, and the woman's cunt was spasming around her

"Do you want to fuck my cunt, Ben?" Carla asked with a smile.

"Yes," he assured her, and reached to free his engorged tool.

"Yes, what?" she inquired.

"I - I want to fuck you," he said with a trace of confusion as he
opened his pants, and then he understood. "I want to fuck your cunt."

"Ask," she whispered tauntingly as she watched gizzum spilling from
between Erin's lips and one of the men's cocks.

"I...." he hesitated for a moment before surrendering to his
overwhelming desire. "Can I fuck your cunt? P-please, let me."

"Oh-h-h, I think I might," she teased as she reached down to lightly
pinch the head of his erect prod, "if you do a better job this time in
eating me."

He stared at her for a moment as he tried to resist, and then he
pressed his mouth into her slit. His lips and tongue- worked to please
her, and her eyes lidded as she watched the four men and the woman move
back from Erin.

Erin raised the raincoat to her mouth and wiped the come from her
tongue onto it.

"Why didn't you swallow?" Jack asked. "Didn't you swallow Ben's spunk
last night?"

"No," she assured him. "I - I want you to be the first," she admitted,
and blushed.

"Remove the bits and ring," he smiled. "You've shown that it isn't
necessary to have your holes kept open, cunt."

She beamed over his evaluation and she quickly removed the objects. He
held out a leather mask toward her, and she looked at it with

"The people you were just with were blindfolded," he said. "So that
they can remove them, your identity will be concealed now."

She nodded without questioning the truth of the blindfolds, and she
examined the mask. There was a hole for her braided hair to go through,
and holes for her ears to fit through. It snapped between the eyeholes
at the top of her nose. There was an opening at the base of her nose
for her nostrils, and a wide opening for her mouth. A snap at her upper
lip, the mask had hooks and eyelets down from under the mouth to the
base of her throat. The soft leather molded to her head, and she looked
up through the eyeholes to see him hold out something else.

Carla bucked her cunt against Ben's mouth as his tongue flowed over and
around her clit. Her fingers clasping the back of his head, she watched
Erin stand up. The five who had taken her came forward, and two held a
leather garment to the front of her body while two others held a
matching section to the back. The five began to lace it from the sides
of her neck to her wrists, then along the insides of her arms to her
armpits and down her sides to her ankles. The leather clinging to her
body, straps were then fastened that curved under her feet. Carla's
body shook against his determined mouthings, and she came.

The five moved back from Erin, and Jack moved around her to inspect
their work. The leather came down to her wrists, and then looped around
the mound of her thumb, and around the base of each finger so that they
and her palm were bare while the back was covered. Her breasts were
shoved in and forward through a figure-eight section that was not
connected between them Her mound pressed out through another opening,
which accented its fullness. In the back, the leather tapered down to a
point that fit into the cleft of her ass and then it curved up and
around the full cheeks, which were forced back and out. The point at
the cleft continued down in a thin strip that fastened to another ring
that held her buttocks apart and framed the anus it bared. Another
strip connected to the bottom of the ring, and it went down to where
the leather met between ass and cunt. Due to the adjustment of the
lacings, the leather fit her like a second skin.

"Do you like it?" Jack asked her as he ran his hand over her ass.

"Yes," she said softly as she realized that she liked it very much.

He stepped aside, and one of the men stretched out on his back. His
dark cock stood up hard. Without having to be told, she crouched down
between his thighs and slowly sat back upon him, and his tool moved up
into her rectum. She immediately began to tighten and loosen her ass
around him. Another of the men came forward, and he lowered himself
down onto his hands as his legs stretched out between hers and the
first man's. His prick opened her slit, and sluiced up into her. Her
hips rocked between the two as she began to clutch at his thickness.

One of the men blocked her view of the second as he knelt over her
chest, and he pushed his bone between her tits, which his hands pressed
in around his thrustings. A cock filled each of her hands, and she
began to stroke them. The woman sat down behind her head, and her feet
rested against Erin and the first man's shoulders as she took the thick
braiding of Erin's hair. The woman began to work it up into her splay.

Erin writhed atop the one man and beneath the two as her hands worked
the cocks of the other two, and as the woman used her hair as a dildo.
The one man rolled her aching breasts against the pistonings of his
shaft, and she pressed her chin down so that she could lick at his
head. She moved hungrily around and against the five cocks, and twisted
the top of her leather-bound head back against the woman's snatch. She
did not move her body as separate parts, but as a whole that was as one
with her mind. She was making love with five prods and a cunt, and for
her they were but extensions of Jack, six avenues through which she
directed pleasure to him and through which she received it from him.
The six began to groan and tremble with ecstasies she created, and she
was overwhelmed with elation.

Carla's hands kept Ben's head pressed against her, and he continued
eating her as she came again and again. He was determined to satisfy
her demands, and be granted entrance to her cunt. She watched Erin
pulling the come from the cocks she held, and saw the dark-haired
woman's cunt thrusting against the top of her head as she came around
Erin's thick braid. Her own cleave spasmed around Ben's mouth as she
saw the prick between Erin's tits splashing its spend over the mask.
Then, the men in Erin's rectum and snatch were coming, and Carla was
sagging limply against Ben.

"A good boy," she said breathlessly after a few moments, and patted
Ben's head. "Now, you can fuck my cunt," she said. and stepped back to
watch him quickly strip away his clothes. "First," she said as he moved
toward her, "look behind you."

His head swimming with arousal, he paused, and then turned. He stared
with disbelief. He saw a woman bound in leather on the other side of
the glass, a woman with five men and a woman. The men's bodies were
limp with satisfaction, and the woman's hands were pressed against the
leather-clad woman's head. They shifted beneath the dim lights, and he
saw that the woman's juices gleamed from atop the mask, and that the
come of the men gleamed upon the leather, and on the woman's hands and
face, and seeped from her cunt and ass.

"Come with me, and you'll get my Cunt, and more," Carla promised, and
he nodded. "But put this on first," she said, and he turned to see her
holding out a mask much like the one Erin wore. "This way, no one will
see your face, and you won't have to worry about being recognized

He thought of the other things she had asked, and demanded, and the
mask seemed insignificant. He put it on.

Erin's mind glowed with carnal bliss, and she did not notice the door
opening and closing. Her arms were raised, and the openings at her
armpits widened. Stretching out against her shoulders, two of the men
pressed their tools between her arms and her torso. She pressed her
elbows in against her sides, and squeezed the cocks against her plump
underarms. She began to tighten and loosen her shoulder and arm muscles
and to roll her shoulders. The men murmured with pleasure as her tight
grip shifted and pulled at their cocks.

One of the men slid his fingers under Erin's and thrust his rod up her
ass. Another lowered himself across her hips and onto his knees and
elbows as he drove his bone up into her box. The fifth man squatted
over her face and began sliding his cock between her tits, and she
began to lick at his balls.

Leading him by the hand, Carla moved Ben toward the writhing bodies and
had him sit down facing his wife's feet. He did not recognize her
because of the leather outfit, the lights, and the other bodies. Carla
grasped Erin's ankles and pressed the soles of her feet together. She
motioned Ben forward, and then she closed Erin's feet around his hard
cock. He looked up through the eyeholes of the mask, and he remembered
her promise of her cunt, and of more. The bare soles began to shift,
and the soft flesh stroked him. His eyes closed as the inner arches
tightened and loosened, and the heels rubbed around the base of his

Carla stood by Jack, and they glanced at one another with
conspiratorial smiles.

Ben caressed the leather-bound calves as the feet thrust and tugged
around him. The cocks under Erin's arms and in her cleave and rectum
thrust and turned. The dark-haired woman had drawn Erin's braid from
her cunt, and she slid the end between the balls of the man fucking
Erin's tits and Erin's lapping tongue. Erin sucked the woman's taste
from her own hair, and she smiled as the woman raised the braid to
press the end against the man's anus. He groaned, and Erin began to
suck his balls.

Ben groaned, and then shook as her feet pulled his juices from him, and
he watched it shower up to spill over her feet, and leather-covered
calves. He fell back, and her feet caressed his balls, and her toes
kneaded his root and nuzzled his anus. Other men cried out, and the
prod between her tits gushed its load down over her leather-fleshed

Time passed, and Ben felt a hand stroking his shaft back up. He looked
up to see Carla, and she motioned for him to follow. They moved a few
feet to the side of the others, and she had him lie down on his back.
His heart pounded as he realized that she was now going to do it, and
she knelt over his hips. He caressed her thighs, and groaned as her
snatch took his throbbing length in. She tightened and loosened around
him as she thrust, and her hips rotated atop his. His mind burned, and
his body shook. Her vaginal muscle control was even more developed than
that of her ass. The sensations she created were so overpowering that
he could not focus his mind enough to even thrust with any rhythm.

Hearing the moans, Erin let her head roll to the side, and she saw
Carla fucking a man who wore a mask much like hers. She smiled at the
exhibition of her teacher's talents, and she thought that the man was
very lucky. Seeing the mask, she assumed that he too was a patient.
Come covered her hands, feet, her underarms, her tits, her hair, and
her lips, and much of the leather. Above her stood Jack.

She smiled up at him, and remembered him asking if she wanted to be
showered with his come and to bathe in it. She had answered yes, and he
had sent the come splashing over her. Now, he knelt down over her face,
and his hand closed around the braiding of her hair. She came as she
realized he was going to let her swallow his spend, the spend from his
own immense cock. He wrapped his hand in the braid and lifted her mouth
as he lowered his head toward the opening in the leather. Her mouth
widened eagerly, and he slid into it.

Carla's body pulled and twisted, and her cunt tightened and loosened
around Ben. He groaned deeply as she brought him to the edge again and
again, but kept him from coming. Through glazed eyes, he recognized
Jack, and saw him balling the leatherbound woman's mouth with his huge
member. Then Ben's eyes rolled upward for a moment, and then closed as
she yanked his come from his nuts. He cried out as the broiling juices
flashed through his body, and electric explosions went through him as
he hosed up into Carla's suckling snatch.

Erin aligned her mouth and throat so that she could take Jack's tool
down into her throat, and her hands caressed his balls and root. She
drew her cheeks in tight, and licked at his dorsal vein. She sucked and
pulled. The leather slippery with come and perspiration, she slid
around beneath him as her mouth and hands beckoned his juices. Then she
felt him tensing, and his thick length began to spasm. She pulled back
so that his bulbous knob was in her mouth, and his gizzum gushed into
her mouth. She shook with convulsions as she came, and drank deeply of
his spendings. Her taste buds saturated, she gurgled happily around his

Both Ben and Erin remained in states of carnal fatigue for a time.
Then, he felt Carla draw him to his feet, and Erin felt Jack rise up
from her. Carla guided Ben to Erin, and he saw with blurred vision that
he was being guided down atop the leather-garbed woman to sixty-nine
with her.

Erin opened her eyes to see his hard cock coming down toward her mouth,
and she took it in without recognizing it. He began to lick her furrow.
The air was heavy with the scent of come, and it and sweat caused his
body to slide against the leather and her tits. He was mindless of
everything but tonguing her as his cock throbbed anew in her mouth. She
knowingly sucked Carla's taste from him, and it joined the residue of
Jack's as his tongue churned the mix around the pulse of her clit.

Jack and Carla smiled as they watched Ben and Erin's bodies sliding
together, and saw the masked faces turning faster as their arousal
climbed. Then, Ben was coming in Erin's mouth without knowing it was
his wife who was swallowing the rush of his hot juices. She swallowed
his load hungrily, and her clit flamed beneath Ben's tongue without her
knowing it was his.

The others returned to where Erin lay, and she and Ben writhed amid the
thrusting cocks and tongues, and within mouths, asses, and cunts. They
came again and again.


Erin was returned home and given time to freshen up before Ben was told
he could go. Despite the bewilderment over the revels they had
surrendered to and the exertions they had enjoyed, both Ben and Erin
found themselves with a voracious carnal hunger that seemed insatiable.
Thus, they were overjoyed to find they shared that hunger.

Knowing it was Ben's cock, Erin drank happily from it, and took him
into her ass. He found her mouthings and the control of her anal
muscles even more exciting than Carla's. He tongue-bathed her, and she
came to his tonguings. They engaged in every position they knew of, and
finally fell asleep in one another's arms, exhausted with satisfaction.

Despite their impassioned lovemaking, neither found themselves able to
disclose their adventures with Jack and Carla.

Refreshed, they spent the next morning in bed together, happy that it
was Saturday. Then they decided to go and congratulate Jack and Carla
on the success of their therapy.

They found the reception room door open, and they paused inside as they
heard laughter from Jack's office. Smiling, they moved to it, and saw
that it was ajar. It was dark inside, and they looked in to make sure
they would not be interrupting something. They stared with shock at
what they saw.

A movie projector whirred, and images of Erin with Jack and Carla, and
of Ben with Carla and Jack showed on the screen. She realized that she
had been filmed in his office as well as in her apartment, and he
realized he too had been filmed. In the flickering light of the
projector, Jack and Carla were stretched out together. Ben and Erin
looked at one another, and realized that they shared what they had felt
were guilty secrets.

"She's so good begging for your come," Carla chuckled, "that she should
get herself a cup and do it on streetcorners."

"Yeah, how about him guzzling his come and begging to fuck you," Ben

Both Ben and Erin stared angrily as they watched Jack's cock sliding in
and out of Carla's box. They again looked at one another, and then
slipped silently into the darkened room. With the previous evening
climaxing with one another and this discovery, both Ben and Erin's
focus of desire had moved back to one another.

Erin spotted Carla's large handbag, and she rummaged quietly in it
until she found what she sought. A moment later, Jack looked up with a
startled expression as a cuff-locked around his wrist, and it and his
other wrist were jerked behind his back before he could react. The
linked cuffs were locked, and he was pulled back off Carla, his
approaching climax interrupted. His cock gleamed with her juices as it
whipped out. Carla groaned at the loss, and sat up to see what had
happened. Then, Erin pulled her arms back, and her wrists were cuffed

The projector was turned off, and Jack and Carla looked around to try
and see who was with them in the darkened room. Then, the lights came
on, and they squinted against the sudden brightness.

"We think it's time you two were taught a lesson," Erin said coldly,
and the brother and sister looked up at the couple, who were now also
naked. "Doesn't she have nice titties?" Erin asked Ben, and pinched
Carla's nipple.

"Oh, but her mouth's even nicer," he replied as Carla winced, and he
thrust his hard cock into her mouth as she gasped at the pressure of
Erin's fingers.

"Yes, it's almost as big as Jack's prick," she said as she tightly
gripped the base of his shaft in her fist. "Was it about to spit up?"
she asked Jack with mock concern.

Ben's body tensed, and his hands tightened around Carla's head to
thrust it back from him. His prick came free of her mouth as he came,
and his thick juices splashed over her face.

"Look, your sister's face is all messy," Erin said as her hand moved to
his testicles. "Clean her up," she ordered, and her grip caused him to
quickly move his face to Carla's. "And be sure to swallow," Erin told
him as she remembered him having her beg to swallow his.

Staring into Carla's eyes, Jack obeyed. Their shoulders pulled back due
to their hands being cuffed behind their backs, their chests pressed
together, and she rubbed her tits against him as his tongue lapped at
her face. Ben emptied Carla's handbag, and took a metal halter from it.
He slid it between her and her brother and put it on her. Metal rings
encircled the bases of her tits tightly, and chains curved to smaller
rings which encircled her nipples.

Finished, Jack started to speak, but Erin pressed one of the oval bits
into his mouth, fastened the reins, and pushed one of the replicas of
his own cock through the oval. Now unable to speak, he watched Erin
bind the base of the shaft to the reins as Ben turned Carla around.
Erin moved back, and Ben positioned Jack's knob against Carla's anus.
Jack's eyes widened, and his hips were thrust forward to cause him to
thrust fully up into Carla's rectum. Carla gasped. Behind Jack, Erin
held one half of the double-length dildo in her underbelly, and she
began to move the other half of the replica of Jack's tool in his ass.

Ben put the leather masks on the brother and sister, and moved in front
of Carla to thrust his big cock up into her cunt. She groaned as his
prod moved against Jack's through the stretched membrane between her
glutted snatch and rectum. Jack groaned between her and Erin, and her
thrustings controlled his movements in Carla's backside.

Ben's fingers curled in the back strap of Carla's halter as he came,
and pulled it tighter around her tits. His mind flashed with brightness
as his cock jerked within her box, and he lay back. The last of his
spend splashed over her belly and thighs.

Erin motioned to Ben, and he pulled Carla off Jack's cock. Erin moved
Jack around until her ass was toward Carla's. She motioned to the items
spilled from the handbag, and Ben took another of the double-length
dildoes. He slid it in and out of Carla's nook to lubricate it so that
he could slide it up into Erin's fanny. He pulled Carla onto all fours,
and Erin shifted back with Jack to slide the rod jutting from her ass
up into Carla's. Her rectum and cunt gripped the halves that engorged
her, and she thrust her hips back and forth to pump in and out of the
Romes' asses. Ben pushed Carla's face down so that she could lick his
cock clean of his and her juices.

Jack groaned around the model of his shaft, and his cock bucked Erin
reached around in front of him and aimed his prod upwards as he
climaxed. His gizzum geysered up against his chest and stomach. Coming
herself, Erin thrust back and forth, and Carla cried out around Ben's
thick length as she came. Erin trembled as her depths convulsed around
her prods, and cried out with her climax.

Ben and Erin continued until all the items in the handbag had been used
on Jack and Carla, and their anger was finally spent. They were
surprised to see Jack and Carla smile.

"Regardless of our enjoying ourselves, it would seem that neither of
you has any repressions left," Jack noted, and Ben and Erin had to

Smiling, they turned to one another and began to ball. Their wrists
still bound, Jack and Carla's hips had been bound together to keep his
cock in her cunt, and they had to push themselves to move. They pressed
their mouths to the couple's joined loins, and began to lick and suck.
Ben and Erin's arousal skyrocketed, and they were both left stunned by
their shared climax.

When they had cleaned up and dressed, Ben and Erin freed Jack and
Carla's wrists. At the door, she paused to look back at them.

"If I'm ever in the mood for your services," Erin said imperiously,
"I'll phone to tell you when and where."

The door closed behind the couple, and the brother and sister looked at
one another. His cock was hard within her.

"Too bad she wasn't more like our previous clients," Jack mused. "I'd
have preferred us contacting her, but..." he shrugged philosophically.

"You know, we haven't seen that blonde in about a month," Carla said as
their bound hips twisted together.

"Yeah," he grinned. "Let's call her in for a progress check," he
suggested, and he and Carla began to come.

Outside the building, Erin and Ben walked toward their car. Ben
stopped, and she followed his gaze toward a bus stop bench.

"That's the teenage secretary I was just telling you about," he said
with amazement, and Erin smiled.

"Let's see if she'd like a ride," Erin said, and he glanced over at her
as they moved toward the bench.

Amy was surprised to see Ben, and looked at Erin nervously, but she
shyly agreed to their offer. Walking to their car, she saw Erin open
the front passenger's door and motion for her to get in first. They
slid in on either side of her, and the doors closed. Amy rubbed her
palms against her jeans as Ben sorted through his keys.

"I understand that you've been wanting my husband," Erin said casually,
"to ball you."

Amy tensed, and looked at Erin. Erin was smiling warmly.

"You've got wonderful taste, Amy," Erin said, and she reached across
Amy to open his pants. "He has a beautiful and talented cock," she said
proudly as the stunned girl watched his hardening tool pulled out into
view "Here," Erin said softly, and she placed Amy's left hand upon
Ben's shaft.

A fascinated Amy caressed his erection, and Erin took hold of her other
hand to guide it up under her skirt and against her naked cunt. The
girl looked around, and toward Erin's lap.

"Ben says you have a gorgeous cunt and ass," Erin smiled as she held
the girl's hand against her, and Amy looked up into her eyes with a
mixture of confused alarm and arousal. "When we get home, Ben can fuck
you to your heart's content," she smiled, and she and Ben placed their
hands at Amy's crotch to open the jeans. "Yes, a beautiful cunny," Erin
whispered as she looked down at the honey blond curlings of her loins,
and the girl murmured as their fingers curled in the wetness of her
pink slit. "Why don't you give Ben head on the way?" Erin suggested as
he started the car, and the still not quite certain girl looked at her
questioningly. "Do it," Erin urged, and she guided Amy's head down
toward his lap. "Gently," she suggested as the girl began to suck at
his head, and upper shaft. "We do want to reach home," she grinned at
Ben, and he murmured with arousal as they turned into the street to
start toward their apartment.

Leaning over his lap, Amy's hand had slipped from Erin's nook. Erin
took a double-length dildo which she had put in her purse before
leaving Jack and Carla's. She slipped half of it up into her quivering
nook, and then worked the girl's jeans down from her hips. She drew
Amy's legs up over her lap, and opened them so that she could press the
other half of the phallus up into the girl's cleave.

Amy's eyes opened wide with surprise, and she moaned softly around
Ben's cock. Erin's hands caressed the pert domes of her ass, and held
her in place until she relaxed. Amy went back to licking and sucking
his tool, and Erin began twisting her hips up against Amy's, which
churned the thick length in the girl's underbelly.

Amy's body was stretched out across their laps, and her head bobbed in
his lap as her hips bobbed over Erin's. Erin pressed a finger into the
downy cleavage of the girl's fanny and into the pastel pink bud of her
anus to urge her to faster thrustings. Amy responded, but her mouthings
also quickened, and Ben turned into a shopping center parking lot. The
car jerked to a stop, and his eyes closed as his come roared through
him to hose into Amy's mouth and down her throat as she swallowed.

"Tastes delicious, doesn't it?" Erin murmured, and Amy gurgled her

"School will be starting soon," Erin said thoughtfully as Ben went
limp, and as she continued to fuck Amy. "Since Amy will have to quit
her job, I think she'd be best off to do it now, and take one where her
hours could be adjusted to after school hours."

Amy looked back over her shoulder with pleasure lidded eyes as her box
reverberated with Erin's knowing thrusts. The other half of the phallus
in Erin's own depths, she had to close her eyes for a moment as the
girl's thrustings drew an orgasm from her.

"Are you thinking of a job like... housekeeper?" Ben asked as his head
began to clear.

"Ah, a servant of sorts," Erin smiled as she rolled her hips against
Amy's and bobbed her finger in the girl's backside. "Taking care of us,
rather than the house. A sexual servant. We could get you one of those
lacy aprons for a uniform-just the apron. I think we could find some...
interesting duties for you, if you feel you can be an obedient servant,

"I - I think so, Mrs. Harvey, Mr. Harvey," Amy whispered, and Erin's
thrusts quickened. "Oh, yes," Amy gasped as she came.

"Very good, my dear," Erin smiled as the convulsions of Amy's cunt set
hers off into a glorious climax.

"Yes, very good," Ben smiled as Amy began licking and sucking his thick
length up to a new erection.

The End