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[BEE-3240] Lust's What The Doctor Ordered by Edna Examine

Chapter 1

Lying on the soft leather couch, the lovely young redhead licked her dry
lips and stared blankly toward the ceiling. Sitting at the head of the
couch, A. B. Prinz, MD, Ph.D., smiled down at her as he repeated the
question to the woman in the deep hypnotic trance.

"Describe what happened between you and your father on that night,

Denise Powers struggled inwardly with the vision and she spoke
hesitantly of the secret she had kept locked inside her mind for nearly
ten years. "He ... he'd been drinking. Momma had gone to her sister's
... gone all week."

"Yes, go on, Denise," Prinz told her as she paused.

"I came downstairs and found him sitting in the big chair in the living
room ..." she said softly in a little girl voice. Her face was pale and
the expression was something less than that of a person relating a
traumatic experience that had occurred during her fifteenth year of

"He called me over and made me sit in his lap ..." she said and
swallowed dryly as her hands fluttered at her sides.

"Then what happened?" Prinz asked her as he looked at her full breasts
and lower, to the gentle mound of her pubis that was revealed by the
soft material of her short skirt.

"He told me how much he loved me ... and ... and he put his hands on me
..." she said thickly.

"Show me where he put his hands on you, Denise."

Slowly, the attractive young woman lifted both her hands to cup her ripe
breasts and she began to massage them as she went on. "He ... he told me
that he had always wanted to do this to me ... that he loved me, and
then he begged me not to tell my mother."

"How did you feel when he played with your tits, Denise?"

The woman rolled her head from side to side as he posed the question, as
though fighting some internal conflict yet to be revealed. Then, she
spoke in that tiny voice again, "I ... I liked it ... he unbuttoned my
shirt and touched the nipples of my titties ... and I liked it."

"Show me, Denise--show me exactly how he touched your titties," Prinz
told her and licked his lips as she began unbuttoning the sheer blouse
she wore. His pulse pounded heavily in his temples as the woman revealed
her soft, naked tits and began massaging them lewdly as he looked on.

"What did he do next, Denise?"

"Ohhhh," she moaned lowly, then said, "He put his hand on my leg and
began rubbing it ... he kept rubbing it and I could feel him moving
higher and higher. He lifted my skirt and touched me between my legs."

"Where did he touch you, Denise? Show me." Prinz told her.

Slowly, the woman inched her hand down her body to lift her skirt. As
she did, Prinz stood up and walked to stand beside the couch as she
moved her hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy through the
thin material of her panties. "There ..." she moaned as her fingers
moved in and out of the cleft of her pussy and Prinz watched in

"Did he do anything else?"

"Oh, yes!" she exclaimed as she continued stroking herself obscenely.
"He ... he unbuttoned his pants and asked me to hold his ... to hold

"Hold him where, Denise?" Prinz asked softly and drew down the zipper of
his trousers to reach inside. He pulled out his pulsing prick and
swallowed thickly as the woman replied.

"His ... his penis ..." she sucked her breath, "His prick!"

"How did it feel, Denise?"

"Oh, it was so big! It was warm and soft and hard at the same time!" she
said breathlessly.

Prinz reached down and lifted her hand from her tit and wrapped it about
his throbbing prick. "Is this the way it felt, Denise?" he asked her as
she began manipulating the soft flesh of his prick.

"Oh, yes ... it was just the same!"

Sitting beside her on the couch, Prinz held her hand tightly on his
pulsing prick and lifted her skirt to fold it about her waist, then he
took hold of her panties and dragged them down to her knees. "Then what
did he do, Denise?"

The woman shivered slightly as Prinz ran his hand over her dark-red
pubic bush, and, as his fingers played over the damp lips of her pouting
pussy, she shuddered and told him, "He played with me while I played
with him ... and he sucked my titties!"

Leaning forward, as he fingerfucked the woman softly, Prinz licked her
turgid nipple, then took it fully into his mouth as she moaned lowly and
stroked his prick of her own accord. He kissed her tits laviciously and
noticed that she had raised her legs to remove her panties as he eased
his finger into her tight cunt fully.

"Did you like what he was doing to you, Denise?" he asked as he looked
up at her face.

"Oh, yes! His mouth was so soft and warm and his finger in my ... in my
cunt was so good!" she said and writhed sensually as he fingerfucked

"What else happened that you haven't told me about, dear?"

The woman rolled her head from side to side in the trance and her eyes
blinked several times as she spread her legs to his hand. "He ... he
asked me to put it in my mouth ... just the head of it, he said ... he
just wanted me to kiss it a little bit for him."

"And did you do that?" Prinz asked her as she squeezed his prick tightly
in her soft hand.

"Uh huh ..." she replied in that little girl voice, "I let him put it in
my mouth and I kissed it for him.

"Did you like to do that for your father?"

"Oh, yes ... he really loved me for it--and he told me that Momma
wouldn't do that for him--ever."

Prinz reached down and touched the lever that controlled the head height
of the couch. As it lowered, he moved up toward her head, then told her,
"Here, Denise ... show me how you put your father's prick in your mouth.
Show me how you sucked him."

"He ... he kissed mine too ..." she said as she turned her head towards
his pulsing shaft.

"Oh, yes!" Prinz replied and leaned toward her as she ovaled her lips
obscenely and took the head of his pulsing prick into her warm, wet
mouth. "Yes, my dear ... that's it ... suck your daddy's prick for
him--show me how much you love your daddy ... use your tongue ... oh,
yes ... that is nice!" he told her, then lay beside her with his head
over her exposed pussy. He lowered his head and inhaled deeply of her
feminine odor, then spread her legs a bit more as he licked out with his
tongue to touch the hair-fringed lips of her pussy wetly.

The woman moaned as her psychoanalyst sucked her cunt and thrust forward
with his hips. She wrapped her hand about the base of his thick prick
and tongued the head wetly as he began a slow fucking motion with his

Between her legs, Prinz lapped her cuntal area with the flat of his
tongue, and as he did, he heard her moan low as she raised her body to
his mouth. Frantically, he sucked her clit into his mouth and nibbled it
as she began to grind her hips against the soft leather of the couch. He
felt his prick moving in and out of her wet, warm mouth, and he had a
sudden desire to watch her as she sucked his prick.

Sitting up beside her, Prinz faced the woman as she continued licking
his throbbing shaft. He swallowed thickly as her mouth was stretched
wide and his prick was sucked into her throat. "Yes, Denise ... suck it
deep ... take it all the way in ... all the way!" he told her.

The woman lowered her head slowly and took the entire length of the
doctor's pulsing cock into her throat. Deep in her trancelike state, she
envisioned her father sitting there urging her on, and she tried her
best to please him. Slowly, she raised her head and withdrew her mouth
from the throbbing flesh, then plunged downward again as the sound of
his deep sighs came to her.

Prinz ran his hand over the woman's pubic bush as she went down on him
again. He eased his finger into her wet pussy and stroked her clit
gently. He felt her raise her hips again and he knew that she was about
to orgasm, despite the fact that she was in deep hypnosis. And as she
pulled off to the swollen head of his cock again, he felt the slick
trickle of saliva ran down the length of his shaft and he shuddered,
just a breath away from coming himself.

He inserted a second finger into the woman's clasping cunt and began
fucking her furiously as she bobbed her head up and down on his
throbbing prick. "Ughhhnn ..." he moaned, "yes ... suck it, Denise ...
suck my prick ... I'm going to come ... swallow my cum, Denise!" and he
placed a hand on the back of her head to force her lower as he felt the
first spasm that was followed by a strong contraction.

The woman paused in her sucking as she felt the prick in her mouth begin
to jerk wildly. She moaned loudly from around his prick as her own
orgasm washed over her writhing body, then she felt her mouth filled
with his warm, thick cum. She swallowed as her mouth was filled to
overflowing and her legs quivered stiffly as the doctor's fingers dug
into the soft, wet flesh of her cunt.

Prinz felt his prick erupt in the woman's mouth. He tensed as she
stopped bobbing her head, and he felt gush after gush pour into her
mouth as he fingerfucked her furiously. Then, as the contractions
subsided, Prinz sighed deeply and told the woman, "That was so good,
darling ... you've made your father very happy."

The woman raised her head with a dazed expression on her face as she
licked the last of his cum from her lips. He laid her back and sat there
for a long moment as he regained his composure. He looked down at her
long lovely legs, encased in sheer nylon stockings. He ran his hand from
her sopping cunt to her soft belly and rubbed it gently as his
fingertips played over the lacy garter belt she wore. Women's
underclothing fascinated him and he had often had the urge to wear them
himself. Prinz recognized where the desire stemmed from, and he recalled
the time his own sister had caught him going through her dresser drawer,
simply feeling her silken under things.

He shook the thought from his mind as his hand found its way to the
woman's cunt again, and he cupped her pubis as she merely lay there and
stared blankly at the ceiling.

"How do you feel, Denise?" he asked softly, as his fingers pressed
lightly over her pussy.

She sighed deeply and replied, "Good ... I feel good, Daddy."

Prinz beamed--the transference was complete, and he knew he would be
able to have this woman at will any time in the future. "Fine, Denise
... now I want you to listen closely," he told her and moved his hand
from her pussy to stroke the bare flesh of her thigh above her stocking
top. "There is nothing wrong with what we've done. It's natural for a
father to love his daughter ... and just as natural for a daughter to
want her father--do you understand?"

The woman's body quivered at his touch and, as his hand moved back up to
stroke her cunt lightly, she told him, "Yes, Daddy, I understand ... and
I really do like the things we do together. When can we do them again?"

Prinz smiled sardonically as he gazed upon her expectant face. He leaned
down and kissed her softly as his hand moved up to fondle her ample tits
beneath the thin material of her blouse. Next time, he promised himself,
I'll have her naked!

"Soon, Denise ... I promise." and he stood up then to tuck his wilted
prick into his trousers. He inspected himself for stains, then pulled up
his zipper and told the woman, "Your panties are beside you on that
couch. Put them on, then go into the bathroom and straighten your
clothing ... then come back and lie down and we'll talk some more."

He watched as the woman obeyed. He lifted the head of the couch and
straightened his own clothing as the woman walked to the bathroom door
and entered. In a few moments she returned looking as fresh as ever. She
lay down on the couch and Prinz sat in his chair out of her sight.

"In a moment, I will ask you to awaken, Denise ... you will have no
memory of what has taken place ... next week when you lie down on the
couch, I will ask you if you're drowsey--you will reply, 'Yes, Father,
I'm sleepy.' Then, you will return to your deep sleep ... do you

"Yes ..." the woman said flatly.

"Fine ... then you may awaken," he told her and sat back, relaxed. He
watched as the woman opened her eyes and looked around. She stretched
languidly and sat up, a flushed expression on her face. "How do you
feel?" he asked warmly.

"God, like I'd slept the clock around ..." and she glanced at the
expensive watch on her right wrist. A look of surprise crossed her face
as she remarked, "It's only been an hour?"

Prinz smiled and nodded. "You were a very cooperative subject, Mrs.
Powers ... next week well delve a bit deeper into your subconscious ..."
He stood and held out his hand to her, "Same time?"

Her face flushed brightly and she asked, "Did ... did I say anything? I
mean ... what happened?"

Prinz led her to the private exit as she gathered her gloves and purse.
"All in due time, Mrs. Powers ... all in due time. Try not to dwell on
it--but should you have another of those headaches, please try to
remember what you're thinking about just prior to having it--can you do

The woman smiled warmly and took his hand in hers. "Oh, yes--and thank
you Dr. Prinz ... thank you so much!"

Prinz saw the woman out, then returned to his desk. He touched the
button on his console and spoke softly. "That's all for today, Karen ...
will you come in here a moment?"

"Yes, Doctor," the woman's honeyed voice, replied.

Prinz looked up as his receptionist-girl Friday entered, her lithe body
swaying sensuously as she walked into his inner office. "Schedule Mrs.
Powers for the same time next week, Karen ..." he said and looked across
the desk at the beautiful woman as she made note of his request. He
watched her lovely blond features as she penned the note, and he felt a
twinge of excitement rush through his body as he imagined her standing
there naked before him, her lush blond cunt exposed to his sight.

Prim swallowed thickly as the beautiful young woman looked up and asked,
"Will that be all, Doctor?"

Smiling, he gazed deeply into her eyes for a long moment, then said,
"Are you sleepy, Karen?"

The woman's eyes glazed momentarily and her head sagged to her chest.
Her hand was rigid and paused over the note pad, as she stood there
immobile. Prinz sat back and smiled at his expertise. He cleared his
throat as he told her, "There are some things I must do now, Karen ...
do you have any plans for this evening?"

She shook her head slowly as she looked up, her jaw slack.

"Fine ... be at the beach house at seven sharp. I'll be expecting you."

"Seven ..." she said flatly and stared past him into space.

Prinz snapped his fingers and the lovely blonde's head drew erect as she
stared at her note pad and saw the appointment for the following week.

"Whom do you have scheduled for tomorrow, Karen?" he asked, as though
there had been no break in their conversation.

"Ummn ... Mrs. Golden is bringing her daughter ..."

"Oh, yes ... the disturbed teenager. Of course. That will be all Karen
... have a pleasant evening." And he smiled at her warmly.

"Thank you Doctor--I'll see you in the morning."

Prinz smiled and nodded as the young woman left his office. Tonight, he
thought abstractly, and he stood to walk to the breakfront bar along the
right wall of his office. He poured a liberal amount of brandy into a
glass, then returned to his desk as he thought again of his sister. The
Powers woman reminded him of her--the red hair, the full thighs and soft
pussy ... and as he sat there sipping the heady liquor, he drifted back
in time, and he was fifteen-years-old again.

He was standing in front of his sister's dresser, his prick in his right
hand, and he was masturbating as he rubbed a pair of his sister's
panties over his face. He did not hear the door open, and it wasn't
until his sister spoke to him that he realized he'd been discovered.

"What on earth are you doing?" his sister asked sharply.

Aurelius Prinz turned to find his sister standing in the doorway of her
room, her hands on her hips and an angry expression on her face.

He tried desperately to hide his bulging erection, but he could not-he
had been just a breath away from ejaculation when she confronted him. He
dropped her silk panties as though they had burned his hand, and he
looked down in shame as his sister crossed the room to pick them up
while he tried to cover his throbbing cock with both hands.

"Aurry ... how many times have I told you to stay out of my things?" she
said and waved the panties in front of him.

"I ... I'm sorry, Glenda ... I won't do it again--I promise! Just don't
tell mom, please!" he begged her.

The attractive red-haired girl looked down at her younger brother and
she felt a sudden twinge of pity for him. Shaking her head, she handed
him the panties and told him, "No ... I won't tell mom. You ... you can
keep these if you like."

He looked up at her in surprise as he felt the silken things pressed
into his hand. He shook his head in confusion and said, "I can? I mean,
I can really keep them?"

Glenda looked at her brother's stiff prick and she licked her lips
erotically as she felt a stirring in her loins. "Unless you'd rather
have a pair I've worn ..." she told him seductively, and she reached out
to touch his prick with the tips of her fingers.

"Ohhh ..." the boy moaned as her warm hand closed about the head of his
throbbing prick. "Could I ... could I really?"

Glenda felt the excitement rising in her body as the boy looked at her
with a pleading expression on his face. She knew that what she was about
to do was wrong, but the feel of his firm prick in her hand sent thrills
of pleasure through her nineteen-year-old body, and she leaned forward
to kiss him softly on the lips. Then she told him, "You'll have to take
them off of me, if you want them, Aurry ..." and she squeezed his prick
softly as his eyes widened and his jaw went slack.

The boy looked at his older sister with awe and admiration then as she
led him across the room. She sat him on the edge of her bed, then
returned to lock the door securely from the inside.

"Mom won't be home for another hour yet, Aurry ... take off your

The boy needed no further urging. In a matter of seconds he was down to
his socks, and his clothing lay scattered about the foot of his sister's
bed. He licked his dry lips as she moved toward him then and lifted the
hem of her long skirt to expose just the tops of her thighs and her
panty-covered crotch.

"Ohhh, Glenda ... you're so pretty!" the boy moaned.

"You're not bad yourself," she said and laughed nervously as she gazed
upon his well-developed body and his strong young prick. It stood out
erectly from a nest of soft brown hair and she fought the urge to fall
to her knees and stuff its hot length into her mouth. Instead, she
lifted her skirt a bit higher and told him, "If you want them, you'll
have to take them off."

The boy could not believe his eyes as his sister exposed her body to
him. He had engaged in a hundred fantasies of just such a
situation--but, usually, he fancied her asleep and unaware of his
advances. He looked up at her face as she smiled nervously, then he
reached out to run his hand over the flat of her belly. A chill went
through his hungry young body as his fingertips touched her nylon
panties. He ran his fingers down until they touched the soft rise of her
pubic mat beneath the thin material of her panties. He thrilled as he
became aware of the warmth and moistness of her pussy, and he longed to
see her fully without clothing.

Hesitantly, Aurry fell to his knees before his sister and ran his hands
up her smooth calves, then her warm thighs. She moaned lowly as his
hands continued up the backs of her legs and began rubbing her
panty-covered ass cheeks. Leaning forward, the boy rubbed his face over
her silken belly, and he thrilled at the warmth he found there as he
nuzzled her.

Then, the boy raised his hands to her hips and took hold of the elastic
top of her panties. Slowly, he began pulling them down to expose the
soft flesh of her lower belly. His eyes widened as the panties went
below her mat of hair, and he inhaled deeply the sweet odor he found
coming to him. Lower he pulled her silken panties, and as her pussy was
fully exposed to him, he shuddered in anticipation and wonder at the
sight. Take them all the way off, Aurry, she whispered as she gazed down
at his awestruck face, "Then I want you to undress me, too."

He thrilled as he heard her words, and his heart pounded heavily in his
chest. He pulled her panties down below her knees, then lifted one foot
after the other to remove them.

Glenda allowed the boy a long look at her hair-covered pussy; then she
dropped the hem of her skirt and smoothed his hair out of his eyes as he
looked up at her and licked his lips.

"Don't you want to see me naked?" she asked nervously, and she forced a
little laugh as her own heart pounded furiously in her breast.

Nodding slowly, Aurry stood up and reached for the buttons of his
sister's blouse. Nervously, he fumbled with the tiny things until he had
opened the garment to her waist, then he pulled it out of her skirt top.
She shrugged out of it as the boy stood staring at her full tits, hidden
from view by her wide brassiere. She turned slowly and felt his hands
fumbling with the multiple catch between her shoulder blades, then she
felt the restraining garment freed and her tits sagged an inch as he
slipped the straps over her shoulders.

Aurry looked at his sister's naked back and he could not resist kissing
her warm flesh as his hands went under her arms and around her body to
cup her full, soft tits in his shaking hands. He felt her nipples rub
against the palms of his hands, and he chilled slightly as he felt them
stiffen under his touch.

Glenda turned then in his arms and slipped her arms about his neck to
kiss him fully on the mouth. She sensed his apprehension as she forced
her tongue between his lips and felt his body stiffen momentarily. Then
she ran her hand down his back and reached between them to take hold of
his throbbing prick. He sighed and shuddered again as her hand closed
about his warm shaft, and he felt his prick twitch as he sucked her soft
tongue into his wet mouth.

With shaking hands, Aurry fumbled with the catch on her long skirt.
Finally, he freed it and pulled down the zipper to feel her ass cheeks
quiver slightly as he brushed them with his hands. Her tits were pressed
flat against his chest, and-he could feel her stiff nipples as he
swirled his tongue about hers. Then she retracted her tongue, and Aurry
pressed his out of his mouth and into hers. A new thrill went through
his lusting young body as his sister sucked his tongue, and he pulled
her skirt low on her hips to let it fall in a soft pile about her feet.

Glenda stepped out of her skirt as her brother's hands closed on the
soft cheeks of her ass and pressed her forward and into his hot body.
She guided his throbbing prick between her legs and felt his body
stiffen as the head of his prick nudged the soft lips of her pussy.

The boy groaned as his body was filled with the warmth of his sister's
flesh and he felt the moistness of her pussy with the head of his prick.
"Do you like that?" Glenda asked her brother as he drew his breath
sharply, then sighed.

"Is ... is it in?" he questioned apprehensively.

She laughed and kissed him on the nose. "No, silly, it's just between my
legs ... haven't you ever fucked a girl before?"

Aurry felt his face flush as his sister asked him the shocking question
and used the obscene word. "N ... no," He told her and swallowed
thickly. "You're the first girl I've ... that I've ever touched," he
confessed as his prick jerked between her legs.

Glenda thrilled as she realized her brother was a virgin. She knew that
he had several girlfriends, but the idea that he had never actually
fucked had never entered her mind. She rubbed her tits over his young
chest and ran her hands to his naked ass as she hunched against him.
Licking his ear lobe, she felt him shudder, and she wondered if she
could persuade him to suck her pussy.

"Would you like to fuck me, Aurry--I mean, really stick your cock in my
pussy and come there?"

The boy thrilled at her obscene words and he looked into her green eyes
with admiration and awe. "God, Glenda ... could we do it--really do it?"

She rubbed her belly over his and felt his prick twitch as she squeezed
her legs together tightly. "We might," she said coyly as she massaged
the cheeks of his ass with her warm hands. "If you'll do something for
me ..."

"Anything!" he told her and hugged her to him as her tongue touched his
ear again, "Anything in the world!"

Pulling back, she looked into his eyes and smiled as a thrill went
through her. She had never had a man suck her pussy before, and whenever
her friends talked about that particular act, she always felt somewhat
left out. Her current boyfriend liked to have his prick sucked. but he
had never tried to go down on her--and she didn't have the nerve to ask
him to do that for her.

Glenda stepped away from her younger brother and sat on the side of the
bed. She spread her legs lewdly and licked her lips as she told him,
"Get down on your knees and kiss my tummy ..."

Hesitantly, the boy fell to his knees before his sister's widespread
legs and he slipped his hands about her to hug her to him. His head
nestled between her full breasts and he could hear her heart pound
heavily as he rubbed his hands over her back.

Glenda placed her hands on her brother's head then and pushed him lower.
"Kiss my tummy, Aurry ..." she whispered and thrilled at the warmth of
his body between her legs. He lowered his head then and began kissing
her soft young belly as his hands played over her body to come to rest
finally on her heaving tits. She watched as the boy closed his eyes and
ran his tongue into the button depression of her navel, and a new thrill
went through her as she imagined that same warm tongue in her pussy.

"Lower, Aurry ..." she urged, and the boy kissed lower on her stomach.

He felt his chin brush against her pubic hair and he wondered what she
would say if he kissed her there. When he had removed her panties, he
had longed to kiss her between the legs, but he had not, afraid that she
would get angry with him for such a nasty thing.

"Ummmnn, yesss ..." she whispered, "Lower, Aurry ... a little lower ...
that feels so good ... so good!" and she placed both hands atop his head
to push him further down.

Suddenly, the boy realized what it was that his sister wanted him to do
to her. He felt a rush of excitement as he inhaled her feminine odor and
his blood pounded in his temples as his mouth encountered her pussy
hair. He swallowed thickly, unable to believe his good fortune, and he
peered closely as he squatted before her and pushed her legs wide apart.

He looked at the soft, pink lips of her pouting pussy and he shuddered
as his prick twitched painfully against his leg. Then he licked out
tentatively with his tongue and touched that wet flesh between his
sister's legs. He felt her stiffen as his tongue came in contact with
her cunt lips, and then she sighed deeply.

"Ohhhh, God, Aurry ... yes!" she moaned, "That's what I want ... eat my
pussy ... suck it--let me feel your tongue in my cunt ... God, eat me!"
she cried, and pulled his head into her wet cunt as her legs quivered
stiffly and she stretched them out alongside his body.

The boy found his face buried in his sister's cunt, and he began sucking
her laviciously as his hands reached up to grope for her full tits. As
his fingers massaged the soft flesh, his heart beat wildly, and he heard
her cry out again as he entered her pussy with his tongue. The taste was
like nothing he had ever known, and it thrilled him to know that he was
actually kissing his sister on her pussy.

"Ummmmn ... yessss ... oh, yes!" she said and writhed under his mouth.
"Eat my cunt you little pussy sucker ... make me come ... God,
Aurry--I'm almost there--this is heavenly ... oh ... oh ... oh, my God!"

And her entire body shuddered as the first wave of orgasmic sensation
broke over her writhing limbs. She felt the warmth deep in her cunt as
her brother tongued her furiously, and she held his head to her pussy as
he sucked, and squeezed her tits with his hands. Her legs shook
uncontrollably as the boy sucked her to completion and Glenda found
herself lying breathless, suddenly, with him standing over her, a
concerned look on his face.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

Glenda shook her head and realized she had lost consciousness for a
moment. She drew her breath and sobbed as she reached out her arms for
him. "Oh, Aurry ... yes--I've never been so okay!"

The boy looked down at his sister's flushed face as she reached out for
him. He felt a sudden rush of love for the girl who had acted as an
antagonist nearly all the years of their lives, and he realized now that
he truly loved his older sister. He lay down beside her and they kissed
passionately as her hand took hold of his throbbing young prick and
stroked him gently.

"Did it ... was it good?" he asked her as their lips parted.

She hugged him tightly and squeezed his prick as she told him softly,
"Aurry--you are the best I've ever had! You can do that to me any time
that Momma's not home ..." She giggled and added, "Or anytime she's not

The boy's chest swelled with pride as his sister told him he was the
best she had ever had. He felt her warm body next to his, and as she
moved her hand up and down his aching prick, he asked apprehensively,
"Could ... could we fuck now, Glenda?"

"Ummmmn," she said and kissed him again. "I've got something you might
like better," she told him and sat up beside him on the bed.

Aurry watched in amazement as his sister brushed her red hair away from
her face and lowered her head over his throbbing prick. He watched as
she opened her mouth and took the head of it in, and, as her warm, wet
tongue swirled about its sensitive head, he gasped, unable to believe
the sight before his eyes. She had actually put his prick in her mouth
and was sucking it!

He had heard the older boys talking about getting a "blow job," but his
inexperienced mind could not relate that act to what he was witnessing
now. His sister's mouth ovaled obscenely, and she went down on him
completely, to suck his prick into her mouth all the way.

"Uhhhnnn ..." he moaned as she drew her head up and licked his prick
wetly. "Oh, Glenda ... so good!" he told her as she fondled his
sperm-filled balls with one hand and sucked him up and down slowly with
her hot, wet mouth.

Glenda thrilled as her mouth was filled with his soft, pulsing flesh and
his prick jerked spasmodically. She wanted to fuck her brother, but she
wanted to pleasure him too. She knew that if he stuck his prick into her
pussy at this point, there wouldn't be much fucking-she had had enough
experience to understand that boys really couldn't hold back once they'd
started. Too, she did want to taste his hot cum in her mouth. And after
the fantastic head job he'd given her, she felt she could do no less for

Aurry moaned as his sister kept licking and sucking him and suddenly he
became aware of the danger involved--he was about to come and he could
not hold himself back as her hot mouth moved slickly up and down his
aching prick. He moaned lowly and ran his fingers through her hair as
her head bobbed up and down rapidly.

"Glen ... Glenda ..." he cried out in a choked tone, "Gonna come ... I'm
gonna come ... oh ... ohhhh ... OHHHHHH GLENDAAAAA!"

The girl held her head still as her brother's prick erupted in her hot
mouth. She felt the first splash of cum on her tongue and she swallowed
it down as it was followed by another thick glob, then another. His
fingers tightened in her hair as she swallowed his cum and tongued the
head of his spurting prick laviciously. She felt his body stiffen, then
shudder strongly as her mouth was filled again, and he moaned and sobbed
out his emotion.

Aurry was lost in the depths of orgasm as his sister's mouth continued
to suck his bursting prick. He knew that he was shooting his cum into
her mouth and he sensed her swallowing as he held her head tightly. He
simply could not believe it--surely she must love him a great deal to do
that for him, he reasoned as his body shook in the throes of orgasm, and
his prick jerked spasmodically in her wet mouth. Finally, he opened his
eyes and looked down his body as she raised her head slightly and licked
the head of his prick. He saw a small dribble of the sticky white fluid
ooze out of the corner of her mouth, and he chilled slightly as her pink
tongue swiped out to catch it.

Glenda looked up at her brother's face and she smiled as she read the
total surprise there. She squeezed his still hard prick and laughed
lightly as she rolled her body atop his and spread her legs. "Was that
good, Baby?" she questioned.

The boy shook his head and told her, "Oh, Glenda, yes!" and his arms
went about her soft young body. "So good ... God, you actually let me
come in your mouth!"

"Did that surprise you?" she asked and kissed the tip of his nose as her
tits were squashed flat against his chest.

"Doesn't it taste bad?" he asked.

"Did my pussy taste bad?" she questioned in return.

"Oh, no ... I liked the way it tasted!" he told her emphatically.

She kissed him softly then and whispered, "And I like to taste your cum,
Aurry ..." And as she spoke, she reached between her legs and eased the
head of his rock-hard young prick into her wet cunt.

Aurry drew his breath sharply as he felt his prick engulfed in a sudden
warmth--it was like nothing he had ever experienced, and his young body
shook as his sister began moving her hips slowly up and down and his
prick was shoved in and out of her clasping, wet cunt.

"How does it feel to fuck a real pussy?" she asked, a bit breathlessly,
as she felt him enter her cunt fully.

"Oh, Glenda ... I love you so much!" he cried and tears filled his eyes
as he was overcome by the emotion of the moment, "Love me always ...
please, love me always!" he begged her as he began a slow hunching
motion with his hips.

"I will, Aurry ... I promise I will ..." she breathed softly to him as
her mouth sought his and their lips met in an incestuous kiss. There was
a momentary flash of his mother's face and ...

Doctor Prinz shook his head as the vision faded and he found it was dark
in his office. He glanced at the empty glass in his hand and he noticed
the bulge in the front of his pants. It was always that way when he
thought of Glenda.

He stood slowly, carried the glass to the breakfront, and set it there
as he glanced at his watch. There was just enough time to get home, call
Mark and Coco, and set things up for that evening. He'd have to let them
know there would be a fourth to the party, and he wondered how the black
couple might react when they learned that the beautiful Karen Lindstrum
was not there willingly.

He chuckled to himself as he gazed into the full-length mirror in the
bathroom of his office. His body was short and lithe, and the streaks of
gray in his temples merely accentuated his mature handsomeness. He
smiled at his image and turned off the light, then locked his offices
and walked to his Mercedes coupe in the parking lot.

Chapter 2

Prinz lay back in the deep tub luxuriating in its soothing warmth as he
spoke into the telephone. "No, Mark ... I'd like you and Coco to be here
around seven-thirty. And I'll have a little surprise for you
tonight--her name is Karen ..."

There was a pause and the man on the other end of the line spoke slowly
as he told the psychoanalyst, "Ah, look--you know how Coco is, Doc ...
it took me a month to convince her it was okay to let her hair down in
front of you."

"If it's a question of money ..." Prinz supplied.

"Come on!" the man said emphatically, "We come to your place because we
dig it--and because we like you. The money comes in handy, Doc ... but
that's not the reason we dig you, and you know it!"

"Thank you, Mark--you're very considerate," he paused, then told the
man, "Listen--for your information, the young lady who will be here
tonight will not be aware of what's going on ... do you understand?"

There was a low laugh from the man on the other end, then he remarked,
"Doc, I swear--you are too fucking much! You gonna have her doped up?"

"Of course not, Mark--you know I don't go in for that sort of
thing--just a mild hypnotic trance ..."

"For a mild sex orgy, huh?" Mark said and laughed again.

"I assure you, she'll present no problem and she'll never know what took

"Okay, Doc ... I'll try to convince Coco of that--I might have to remind
her who it is who's putting me through medical school, though!"

Prinz smiled and thought of his investment in the bright young black
man. There were far too few black psychiatrists, and if Mark could make
the grade academically, he would have a bright future in the honored
profession. "Fine ... I'll be expecting you at seven-thirty," he said
and hung up.

Prinz finished bathing and slipped into a soft, togalike garment. He was
standing at the bar in the sunken living room of his sumptuous beach
house when he heard the car in the drive. He glanced at the wall clock
and smiled. It was exactly seven o'clock.

He walked quickly to the front door and opened it as Karen climbed out
of her car, a puzzled expression on her face. She had been motivated by
his post-hypnotic suggestion. But as she looked about her, she had no
earthly idea why she had driven to his Malibu home.

"Are you sleepy, Karen?" he asked as she approached him.

The woman's steps faltered and she wore a dazed expression as her eyes
glazed and her head sagged. Prinz walked down the wide steps and took
hold of her arm to lead her into the house. As he closed the door, he
lifted her lovely face and smiled.

"Karen ... you will not recall driving here from your own apartment. You
will have no memory of this evening ... do you understand me?"

"I understand ..." she said flatly and looked right through him.

"Fine, my dear ... you are going to sleep for awhile, then you will
return home on my instruction--you will go directly to bed and sleep the
night through. In the morning you will awaken and feel refreshed--but
you will have no memory of coming here ..." he said and stressed his
final words.

"No memory ..." she muttered.

"Fine ... that's just fine," he told her and guided her across the foyer
and into a guestroom. "For this evening, you are going to be a warm,
voluptuous courtesan. You are going to be obsessed with sex ... sex with
men, sex with women ... sex. Is that clear?"

"Yes ..." she replied flatly.

"You will comply with any wish, any command ... do you understand and

"I understand and agree ..." she said in a low monotone.

"Fine ... I want you to divorce yourself from the personality of Karen
Lindstrum for a few hours ... you will awaken as another woman ... a
sensual, sex-starved woman who wishes only to please those about you ...
your name is Electra ... you will become that person when I snap my

"Electra ..." she muttered and stood with her arms hanging loosely at
her sides.

Prinz snapped his fingers and said, "Awaken unto the world, my lovely

Karen's head snapped up and she blinked. She looked about the room and
then to Prinz. A slow smile spread across her face and she placed her
hands on her hips, then ran them up to cup her own breasts as Prinz
looked on, smiling.

"God, but I feel beautiful!" she said in a husky voice.

The transition was complete and the clarity of her eyes told Prinz he
had achieved his purpose and had released the inside woman--the one who
dwelled deep inside the Karen Lindstrum who worked for him.

"Your gown is laid out, my dear ... we have guests coming," he told her
and turned from the room as she looked toward the bed.

Prinz returned to the bar and finished mixing the shaker of martinis. He
poured himself a double, then adjusted the rheostat that controlled the
lighting about the room. It softened, then dimmed, and as he turned the
stereo, he heard movement behind him and he turned to find the beautiful
blond woman standing at the top of the short staircase that led to the
sunken living room. She was wearing the wispy gown of ice-blue silk. It
was gossamer and hung from her body like a gentle fall of fog clinging
to her long, lovely limbs. He felt a twinge in his loins as he gazed
upon the darker flesh of her aureoles, then at the heavy thatch of blond
pubic hair above her cunt.

"Would you like a drink, Electra?" he asked and held out his hand to

Slowly, she glided down the steps, a hungry look in her eyes as she
looked at him as though he were some tasty morsel awaiting to be eaten.

"Yes ... I'd like that," she said huskily.

Prinz poured her a drink, and as their fingers touched and she accepted
the long-stemmed glass, he felt a spark of electricity pass between

Just then, there was the sound of another car, and he looked again at
the wall clock. He smiled inwardly as he thought about the handsome
young black couple and appreciated their punctuality.

The chimes rang and Prinz told Karen, "Be seated my dear ... you are not
to speak unless spoken to--our guests have arrived."

Obediently, the beautiful young woman swept her long blond hair over one
shoulder and seated herself on the curved love seat across the room. In
the dim light, she looked like some statuesque young goddess, and Prinz
was anxious to see Mark and Coco's response to his surprise.

As he opened the door, he stepped aside to smile at his young guests.
Mark stuck out his large hand and clasped the doctor's as he and his
wife entered. "Hey ... Doc! Good to see you again!" and he clasped the
older man by the shoulder as they shook hands.

Prinz turned to Coco then as he closed and locked the door. She stood
demurely aside as Mark took her long leather jacket from her shoulders
and hung it in the closet. Prinz took the girl by the arms and kissed
her gently on the mouth. She was unresponsive at first, then she
loosened as he licked out softly with his tongue.

"Damn you, Doc ..." she swore as their lips parted.

He laughed a bit nervously, then said, "Please, Coco ... indulge an old
man's fancy, won't you?"

She shook her head and smiled finally as she read the pleading
expression in his eyes. "On one condition--you go to Mark for analysis
as soon as he has his degree!" and the three of them laughed, breaking
the tense spell.

"Your things are laid out," he told them as they walked across the

Mark paused and looked into the dimly lit room. He saw Karen sitting
sedately on the low love seat, and a soft whistle escaped his lips.

"God, but she's beautiful!" Coco exclaimed as she followed her husband's
gaze to the lovely blond girl.

"You cannot conceive how beautiful she actually is," Prinz told them
both, then ran his hand beneath Coco's short skirt to feel her tight ass
cheeks through the sheer material of her panty hose. "Get changed and
we'll have a drink," he told them.

Mark and Coco changed into togalike garments that slipped over their
heads; the material was soft and filmy and totally see-through. Their
dark brown bodies were accentuated by the pale beige hue of the
garments. As they walked, the wispy material clung to their bodies to
outline each and every curve. The soft rise of Coco's belly was clearly
outlined, and her tits thrust against the soft material and bounced
invitingly as she walked. Beside her, Mark's muscular body moved like
some dark animal, and the outline of his heavy prick was obvious beneath
the thin material of the robe he wore.

Prinz glanced up as the young black couple made their entrance. He
smiled as he watched the expression on Karen's face as they walked
seductively to the bar, then turned to face their host and his guest.

"Electra ... this is Mark and Coco ..." he said softly as the voluptuous
blonde stood and looked hungrily toward the black couple.

Mark smiled nervously as Coco stared at the beautiful woman. He nodded,
then asked Prinz, "She's really not aware of all this?"

Prinz smiled, "She is aware of everything that's going on, Mark--it's
simply that her own personality has been put to sleep. She has assumed
the role I've outlined for her and she will have no memory of this night
once it's passed."

"Scary ..." Coco muttered as she gazed upon the woman's lovely body. She
felt a surge of excitement as she envisioned her husband having sex with
the blonde; then a new thrill went through her as she suddenly realized
that she, too, could have sex with her. She had not engaged in any
lesbian activities since she and Mark had married two years before, and
the thought of another woman's soft body excited her.

"She will obey any command--any request," Prinz told the attractive
black couple as he sipped his martini and sensed the sensual excitement
in them both. "Try her out if you wish ..."

Mark glanced at his wife and smiled nervously as though he was awaiting
some permission from her. They had shared sex with Prinz many times in
the past, but never with another woman and the idea was appealing to
him. He longed to see his wife in the arms of another woman, making love
with her as he watched--and then perhaps he would join in. He swallowed
thickly as she returned his questioning gaze.

"Electra ..." Prinz said softly, "What would you like to do with your
new friends?"

Slowly, Karen reached out and touched Coco's face with her fingertips.
"I would like to make love with them ..." she turned her face slightly
and looked into Mark's dark eyes, "Both of them--they're beautiful."

Coco chilled at the woman's touch and she swallowed dryly as the woman's
fingers moved lightly over her face, then played sensually over her
throat and ran down the front of her body. As they encountered her
breasts, Coco chilled again and noticed that her other hand had reached
out to take hold of Mark's prick through the gossamer material of the

"Get down on your knees, Electra ..." Coco said huskily and sensed her
husband's surprise as she uttered the command.

Karen dropped her eyes demurely and replied, "Yes, Mistress," and she
sank slowly to the floor before Coco's body.

"I want you to love me with your mouth ..." Coco told her and parted her
gown to stand with her hands on her hips, her naked body exposed to the
sight of all.

Karen reached out and ran both her hands over the black woman's
voluptuous hips as the two men watched excitedly. She leaned forward
then and kissed Coco's dark flesh as the black woman spread her legs
lewdly. Without hesitation, Karen lowered her mouth to Coco's
black-haired bush and began licking her obscenely.

"My clit ... do my clit, Electra ..." Coco told her as her breasts
heaved sensually and the woman opened her mouth wider to begin sucking
her pussy. Coco felt the tongue part the folds of soft flesh high in her
cunt and she shuddered as the turgid flesh was located and Karen licked
her warmly.

Mark looked on as the beautiful blonde sucked his wife's pussy, and he
longed to fall to the floor with her ... but the night was early and
there would be ample time for that later, he told himself as his prick
jerked stiffly and parted the folds of the thin garment he wore.

Prinz looked on in fascination as his secretary sucked the lovely black
woman's cunt. He saw the look of total rapture on Coco's beautiful face
and he walked around behind her to slip his hands beneath her gown to
cup her tits. He pressed his stiff prick between her widely splayed
legs. He lifted her gown so that he could feel her hot flesh against his
body, and as he did, his prick was insinuated between the folds of her
pussy, and Karen's tongue found it.

Prinz chilled at the touch of her mouth on his prick and he massaged
Coco's tits as her nipples grew stiff against his palms and she moaned.
He had recognized the woman's lust the moment she had looked upon the
beautiful Karen, and he knew that deep within her a marked bisexuality
lurked, just waiting to be freed.

Mark looked on at the erotic trio and he licked his lips as his wife
moaned with pleasure. He swallowed thickly and stroked his own prick as
the woman sucked his wife's pussy before him, and he longed to feel her
hot mouth on his stiff prick.

Coco glanced to her left and saw Mark fondling his own cock and she
touched Karen's head softly with her fingers. "Take hold of Mark's
prick, Electra," she told her.

Automatically, Karen raised her right hand and closed it about the
massive shaft that poked from the folds of Mark's garment. She pulled at
it softly, then ran her hand up and down his throbbing length as she
continued sucking the black woman's pussy.

"Ohhhh ..." Coco moaned loudly as Prinz kissed her neck and plied the
soft flesh of her tits, "Soooo gooood ... so good!" she said and
squirmed as she felt the doctor's prick pressing against her wide-spread
pussy lips and the woman's tongue licking both of them. "God ... I'm
going to make it ..." she said breathlessly and began to writhe in
sensual pleasure as her husband pressed his body close to hers and the
woman manipulated her hand along his pulsing black prick.

"Go ahead, baby ..." Mark said thickly, "Get your nuts ... come good
..." And he moved his hand up to touch her left tit as Prinz moved his
hands low on her writhing belly and hunched forward with his hips.

"Uhhhhnnn ... yes!" Coco sobbed, "God, yes ... I'm going to cum ... I'm
going to come, Daddy! I ... I ... oh, oh, Jesus ... Jesus ... I'm
COMMMMMMING!" And she stiffened as the orgasmic spasm burst over her
sensuous body and the mouth of her pussy sucked and licked her

Mark turned her face to his and thrust his tongue into her gasping mouth
as she orgasmed and her body shuddered in the depths of sensual

Finally the sensations passed, and Coco stood shaking against the
doctor's body. She shoved Karen's head away and swallowed thickly as she
looked down to find the beautiful blonde looking up at her expectantly.

"Did you enjoy that, Mistress?" Karen asked hopefully.

In answer, Coco disengaged herself from the two men and leaned down to
take hold of the woman's face in both her hands. She kissed her fully on
the mouth and sucked her tongue past her lips as she ran her hand down
Karen's throat to take hold of her ripe tit. She squeezed it gently,
then lifted her face as she felt the woman's hands on her tits. "God,
yes!" she exclaimed. "Now, suck Mark's prick for him the way you sucked
my pussy!"

Mark looked down, a bit dumbfounded as his wife ordered the lovely woman
to suck his prick. He was seeing another side of his beautiful wife, and
it excited him fully as she became aggressive with the other woman.

Karen moved to Mark and took hold of his thick shaft. She licked out
with her pink tongue and wrapped her hand around its heavy base, then
ovaled her lips and took the plumlike head into her mouth. Coco looked
down as the white girl sucked her husband's prick erotically, and she
told her, "Play with his balls, Electra ... he likes that!"

The woman raised her hand between Mark's legs and took hold of his heavy
balls. He sighed deeply as her warm fingers stroked the base of his
prick and she milked his balls gently with her other hand.

"All the way in!" Coco nearly shouted and pulled away from Prinz to fall
to the floor beside the woman as she stuffed Mark's long prick into her
mouth. "All the way, you white bitch! Take every inch of his black prick
down your throat ... all of it!"

Mark was startled by his wife's outburst and he looked questioningly at
Prinz as he moved closer, a sardonic smile on his face. Then, Mark
looked down as Karen tilted her head slightly and blinked as he watched
his long prick taken into the woman's wide-stretched mouth. He could not
believe his eyes as she took more and more of it into her mouth and he
felt his prick shoved tightly into her throat. She gave no indication
that it was causing her discomfort, and she slid it in easily as Coco
watched in fascination.

"Yes! All of it!" Coco shouted and reached around to take hold of
Karen's jutting tit with one hand while her other went beneath the loose
folds of her gown and groped for her pussy.

Mark gasped as the woman contracted her throat muscles and his prick was
squeezed as it bent slightly in the restricting confines of her soft
throat. "God ... She's got it all in her mouth!" he exclaimed, as he
looked down to see her nose pressed against his thick mat of black pubic
hair. The contrast of her white skin with it excited him, and he was
further excited by the sight of his wife fondling her white tits and
fingerfucking her lewdly.

"Oh, baby ... I'm coming!" he said huskily. "I'm gonna come!"

"Yes ..." Coco hissed, "Shoot off in her mouth, baby--make her drink
your cum!" And she eased a second finger into Karen's cunt as she began
to writhe sensually with Mark's long prick stuffed down her throat.

"What a sight!" Prinz exclaimed as he knelt beside the lovely Coco and
fondled her tits and ran a hand over her full ass cheeks. He ran his
hand between her legs and felt the wetness of her cunt as she
fingerfucked his secretary obscenely.

Karen contracted her throat muscles as she felt the long prick begin to
spasm. She milked the man's balls and breathed shallowly through her
nose as she twisted her body to allow Coco better access to her seething
cunt. She wanted to cry out as she felt Mark's prick erupt in her
throat, but all she managed was a muffled sound that was drowned out by
his cry as he took hold of her beautiful blond head and bucked his hips
into her face.

"Fuck her baby ... fuck her mouth ... come in her mouth ... she's loving
it!" Coco shouted and stuck a third finger into the woman's pussy as she
rotated her hips in a tight circle and groaned lowly.

Prinz looked on in excitement as his own prick rubbed against Coco's
silken thigh. He wanted to stick his prick down her throat, but right
then, the sight of Mark dumping his load of cum into Karen's mouth had
him transfixed, and his breath came in sharp bursts as he began stroking
Coco's wet pussy with his fingertips.

Mark gasped as the contractions seemed to go on and on. The woman had
not drawn back once after she had swallowed his prick, and, as it gushed
hotly in her throat, the sensation was like no other he had ever
experienced. He shuddered violently as he watched his wife fingerfucking
the lovely blonde.

"Ohhhh ... Jesus ... so good ... so fucking good!" he mumbled as the
contractions passed finally and he took hold of the woman's head to draw
his glistening prick from her throat. He watched as her lips were drawn
over the flesh of his cock, and a thrill went through him as his prick
flopped out of her mouth. Coco turned the girl's face to kiss her fully
on the mouth as she pulled her hand from the girl's sopping pussy.

Prinz moved his hands away from Coco's body then as he saw Mark standing
there, a satisfied expression on his face. He stood and took hold of his
own prick to fondle it as the women kissed sensually, and he said,
"Well, Mark ... what do you think?"

"God, Doc ... ask me what I feel!" the handsome black replied as he
looked at his wife and the beautiful blonde.

"All right, then ... what do you feel?"

"Drained!" he said, and they both laughed as Coco looked up to find them

"This is unreal!" she said as she stood and gazed at the doctor's
rock-hard prick. "So is that ..." she added and took hold of his
throbbing flesh.

"Careful, you'll get a handful if you squeeze it too much!" Prinz told
the woman.

"I'd rather have a mouthful, Doc ... if you don't mind ..." she told him

"Be my guest, Coco ..." he told her and smiled as Mark helped Karen to
her feet.

Coco sank to her knees and took the swollen head of the man's prick into
her mouth. She laved him gently at first, then began twisting her head
about in frantic circles as his fingers closed in her thick hair. He
moaned lowly as he thrust forward with his hips and glanced toward Mark
as he gathered Karen into his arms to fondle her tits as they watched.

Prinz clutched the black woman's head and pulled his prick out to rub it
over her dark lips. She moaned and licked out with her pink tongue, then
ovaled her mouth again and took him fully. "Oh, yes!" he sobbed as the
woman's nose was pressed into his pubic hair and he felt the head of his
cock enter her constricting throat. He hunched forward to force himself
all the way into her mouth and he felt her lips clamp tightly about the
base of his prick. Her tongue moved along the underside of his cock and
sent chills up his spine as her hands took hold of his aching balls and
milked them gently.

"Ughhhnnn ... yes, Coco ... now! I'm coming ... God, I'm going to cum!"
Prinz gasped and pulled his prick almost all the way out of her mouth.

Coco took hold of his jerking prick in her right hand and opened her
mouth widely. She held her head back, and as the first hot glob of his
cum burst forth from the distended head of his prick, she felt it splash
on her tongue. She kept her mouth open as the psychiatrist's prick
erupted, and she caught his cum on her tongue without closing her mouth.

Prinz looked down as his fingers dug into the black woman's hair and he
thrilled as he watched his prick spurting into her widely stretched
mouth. "Ohhhh ... Jesus!" he said and shuddered as the orgasmic
contractions caused his legs to shake and his breath to come in sharp

Coco felt her mouth filling with his sticky cum and she swallowed
quickly. As she did, another glob of cum burst forth and splashed
against her closed mouth. Opening it again, she licked out with her
tongue to capture the dripping cum, then she took the length of his
prick into her mouth again to lave it hotly with her tongue.

Prinz shuddered as the black woman licked his prick, and the sensitivity
drove him wild as he sucked his breath and looked down at her beautiful
face as her lips were stretched about his twitching cock. Finally, Prinz
sighed and pulled his prick out of her mouth. It was the second time
that day he had shot his load into a woman's mouth, and he felt
completely drained, but as he helped Coco to her feet and kissed her
fully on the mouth, his throbbing prick nestled between her thighs and
he felt a new fire burning in his loins.

Glancing toward Mark and Karen, Prinz sighed deeply as he saw Mark's
dark flesh holding the lovely blonde's full breasts. The contrast was
fascinating and Prinz swallowed thickly as he ran his hands over Coco's
supple body and cupped her tits gently. "Electra ..." he said, "Bring
our guests a drink."

Slowly, the tall blond woman disengaged herself from Mark's strong arms
and smiled seductively at Coco as she walked across the room to the bar.
The three of them sat on deep pillows and lay back as they regained
their composure. Prinz glanced at Coco appraisingly and remarked, "There
seems to be a side of you I'd never seen before, my dear."

Coco stretched languidly and cut her eyes toward her husband as she
replied, "To tell you the truth, Doc ... I surprised myself when I saw
her sucking Mark's prick ... I got pretty excited."

Mark laughed and looked up as Karen approached bearing a tray of drinks.
"Yeah, well ... you surprised the shit out of me baby ... like the Doc
says, there's another side to your character ..." He reached over and
stroked her silken brown thigh and added, "And it seems to be a little

The three of them paused to accept drinks; Karen held hers, then set the
tray aside to sit between Mark and Coco. Prinz sipped his drink and
nodded approval, then he asked Coco, "We've never been into the subject,
my dear, but have you had lesbian encounters in the past?"

Again, Coco turned her eyes toward Mark. She sipped her drink with
downcast eyes and nodded silently. As she looked up, she found her
husband smiling at her and she relaxed a bit. "Yes, Doc ... as a matter
of fact, I have--in college." She laughed nervously and told them, "I
was afraid of being tagged 'gay' at the time and I kept it pretty well
hidden ... but I got off into it pretty deeply for awhile."

Prinz nodded and glanced at Mark--he sensed approval for what he was
about to do and he smiled warmly at Coco as he asked, "Would you like to
tell us about it, Coco?"

The black woman shrugged and smiled a bit nervously as she remarked,
"Why not?" She sipped her drink then and reached for a cigarette from a
silver box on the low table near her. She lit it and inhaled deeply as
she began: "I was pretty naive when I graduated from high school ...
then I worked for a year. I took a job in a boutique and it was there
that I became aware of other women ... and especially the lesbians." She
laughed, "But like cancer--it always happens to the other person."

Coco went on with her story and the two men listened raptly as Karen sat
there, licking her lips seductively and running her hands over her body.
She was not detached, but neither was she totally a part of what was
going on.

Coco related how she had left home the year following her graduation and
entered college. She took an apartment with another girl--a junior--who
had advertised through the campus housing office. Her name was Beth and
she was a political science major.

"I didn't recognize anything at first," Coco told them, "except that
Beth didn't seem to date. All of her friends were intellectuals, and
though I didn't feel uncomfortable around them, I really didn't seem to
fit in. I just chalked it up to a minor racial barrier and let it
slide--most of her friends were white, like her. Then, one weekend, I
came in late from a date." She giggled. "I guess I was a little bombed
... Beth was still up and there was a friend of hers there ... a really
beautiful chick named Cathy--I walked in to find them sitting naked on
the floor--they were smoking grass and giggling a lot. They asked me if
I wanted to join them and I told them I'd just as soon pass--but they
wouldn't accept that and I guess I sort of indulged them.

"We were all sitting on the floor--Beth had candles burning and there
was a Santana side blowing softly on the stereo ... and I just sort of
fell into it. I watched the two of them eyeing each other's bodies and
when Beth asked me if I wanted to get comfortable, I didn't think too
much of it. I took off my clothes and seemed more relaxed. The grass was
good and on top of the drinks I'd had, I guess I got a little loose."

As Coco described the scene that followed, both of the men leaned
forward, their eyes wide with anticipation. Mark was stroking Karen's
blond hair and she had moved closer to him as his wife went on with her

Coco went back in time as she relived her first lesbian experience and
recalled the feelings she had encountered that night as she sat there
with the two white girls, naked and loaded, and the sheer sensuality of
it welled up in her mind to take possession of her body. Beth had made
the first move as she smiled seductively at Coco and reached out to
touch the darker flesh of her nipple. As the girl's fingers played over
the soft flesh of her tit, Coco had felt a stirring in her body that she
recognized as lust. She had never felt it with another woman before, but
as Beth moved closer to her and cupped her tit fully, it seemed that her
entire body had come alive, and she found herself yearning for the
woman's body. Coco shut her eyes as she talked, and remembered ...

* * *

"Do you like that, Coco?" Beth asked softly as her fingers plied the
supple flesh of her soft brown tit.

Coco looked across at Cathy who lay back smiling, her hands massaging
her own tits, and she spoke with difficulty, "God ... like you're making
me horny doing that, Beth!" and she forced a little laugh to cover her

"Uh, huh ..." Beth replied, "It's making me horny just looking at your
beautiful brown body, Coco ..."

"Hey ..." Cathy said softly, "Why don't you two quit fucking
around--you're making me horny too!" They all laughed then and Cathy
took the initiative as she spread her legs out in front of her and ran
her hands down her lush, white body. "I don't know about you guys, but
if I don't do something for myself, I'm gonna be climbing the walls!"

Coco's head swam as she watched Cathy ease her fingers through her thick
pubic bush and begin to stroke herself obscenely as the girl beside her
continued playing with her tits. They sat there as Cathy began
masturbating, her head thrown back and her teeth bared as she ran her
fingers between the soft, wet lips of her pussy, and moaning.

Coco swallowed thickly as she felt Beth's hand leave her tits and run
smoothly over her soft belly. She felt a twinge of excitement in her
loins as the woman's hands continued rubbing her body. Then Beth pulled
her to her and kissed her fully on the mouth. Coco did not resist, but
submitted fully as Beth's hand moved over her lower belly to play in her
tightly curled pubic hair as her tongue pushed wetly through her lips
and found Coco's in her warm mouth. She sighed deeply then as her
roommate's fingers touched the lips of her pussy and teased her

Coco moaned as she and Beth lay back and Beth began to fingerfuck her
lewdly. She was in a high state of arousal and Beth kissed her sensually
as she writhed in her arms. Then Coco felt another pair of hands on her
body as Cathy joined them. Cathy's mouth closed over the turgid nipple
of her left tit and she laved it warmly with her soft tongue. But
Cathy's mouth did not stay on her tit for long, for as Beth continued
the passionate kiss, Coco became aware of the soft lips as they nibbled
their way down her body to pause finally above her friend's fingers as
they slid in and out of Coco's cunt.

"Do you like that, Coco?" Beth asked huskily as she removed her fingers
from her cunt.

"Oh, God ... yes, it feels so good, Beth ... don't stop ... please,
don't stop now!" Coco begged her. Then she gasped loudly as Cathy
lowered her head between her brown thighs and licked her cunt wetly.
Surprised, Coco looked up and watched in fascination as the beautiful
white girl kneeled between her dark legs and slipped her hands under her
body to cup her ass cheeks as she began sucking her pussy passionately.

"You've never had your pussy eaten by another woman, have you, Coco?"

"N ... no," Coco confessed as she drew her breath sharply and Cathy
spread the pink inner lips of her pussy and found her erect clit.
"Ughhhnnn ... God ... I'm gonna make it ... I'm gonna ... I'm ...
IIIIEEEEEEEE!" she cried and found Beth's mouth closing over hers as her
body shuddered and her legs wrapped themselves about Cathy's body. The
orgasm seemed to go on and on and Coco writhed beneath the woman's mouth
as her roommate fondled her tits and kissed her wetly.

Finally, it passed, but Cathy would not raise her head. Coco squirmed as
her sensitive clit was attacked again and she begged the girl to stop
for just at moment to let her regain her breath, but Cathy refused and
continued sucking as Beth sat up and rolled atop her twisting body. Coco
looked up as the woman sat across her chest and reached down to spread
the lips of her pussy.

Coco chilled as she heard her roommate tell her, "Go ahead, Coco ...
turn on with me ... eat my pussy and make me come too ... give me a good
sucking, baby ... eat me, suck my cunt ..."

Hesitantly, Coco licked out and the instant her tongue came in contact
with the woman's wet, warm pussy, she shuddered and reached up to grab
her hips. Coco sucked the girl's pussy laviciously as Cathy tongued her,
and in a matter of moments, a daisy chain had formed, with Beth sucking
Cathy's cunt to complete the circle.

* * *

"Jesus ... we must have sucked each other off a dozen times that night,"
Coco said as she swallowed and looked at her husband.

"Freaky!" Mark exclaimed and looked at Prinz who was sitting nearer
Coco. His prick was hard and he fondled it gently as the girl went on.

"After that, we had some pretty wild orgies in our apartment. I quit
dating almost completely. I made it with a little redhead named Jackie
for almost a year--she had the most stupendous tits you've ever seen
..." she paused and cast a sidelong glance toward her husband as he ran
his hand over Karen's soft belly and began playing with her cunt.

"... then I met Mark," Coco said softly. "I ... I cut the whole scene
loose then and fell in love."

"That's interesting, Coco," Prinz remarked, "But it doesn't explain the
little streak of sadism we witnessed ... can you explain where that
comes from?"

Coco drained her glass and snuffed out her cigarette. "I think so--we
had several girls up to the apartment who liked to be tied up and
molested--as they called it. I sort of got into that, too."

"Do you like to have that kind of power over another person?" Prinz

Coco wet her lips with her pink tongue and drew her breath deeply. "You
leave no stones unturned, do you, Doc ..." and she laughed lowly as she
glanced again at Karen, sitting sedately by Mark as he fingerfucked her
and she played with his throbbing prick. "Yes, damnit!" she swore
finally, "Yes, I do ... I'd like to take this beautiful white bitch and
tie her up!" she blurted out. "I'd like to whip her ass until it was
hot, then watch as Mark fucked her in the asshole!"

Mark felt a surge of new excitement as his wife revealed a hidden
desire. It thrilled him to bear her talk so profanely, and he licked his
lips as he glanced at Prinz.

Standing, Prinz told the beautiful black woman, "Well, that's what this
is all about, Coco ... let us not suppress any desires tonight ... any
of us," and he looked directly at Mark as he spoke.

Chapter 3

Prinz stood and then held out his hand to Karen. She took it and stood
before him passively as he began speaking to her in soothing tones. "We
are going to ask you to do some things, Electra ... and I want you to be
totally submissive to our whims--do you understand?"

She looked at him, then dropped her eyes as she replied, "Yes, I
understand and I will do anything you ask of me."

Prinz nodded and looked at Coco. A slow fire came to her almond-shaped
eyes and she licked her lips as she stood up and smiled sardonically
with her hands on her full hips. Her togalike gown was open from the
throat down and her supple body was accentuated by the filmy material of
the gown as she stood before them.

"Remove your gown, Electra," she said slowly.

Karen obeyed and touched the clasp at her throat. The gown floated to
the floor to leave her gloriously naked before them. Mark swallowed
thickly as his eyes ran from her narrow waist to the gentle swell of her
hips to settle finally on her full ass as she waited for Coco to give
her further instructions.

Coco felt the excitement stir in her body as she realized she could do
anything she wished with this beautiful blond woman and she looked about
the room as though searching for something in particular.

"The cabinet ..." Prinz said as though reading her thoughts.

Coco turned and walked quickly to the tall, hand-carved cabinet that sat
near the end of the bar. She opened it and in a moment she returned with
several leather devices. Mark swallowed thickly as he watched his wife
fix a wide leather belt about Karen's slender waist; it buckled in the
back and at each side. Buckled leather cuffs locked the woman's wrists,
causing her hands to lie immobile at her sides.

Coco was breathing heavily as she took hold of the woman's long blond
hair and dragged her across the room. A large, low hassock sat alone
there, and Coco dragged Karen across it to lie on her stomach. The men
followed her and watched in fascination then as Coco shed her own gown
and raised a multi-thonged riding crop and dragged it between the bound
woman's legs. As the leather straps brushed over her pussy, Karen
whimpered and turned her head to see what was about to take place.

"You ... you're not going to hurt me, are you?" she questioned in a tiny

"Shut up, bitch!" Coco ordered and continued playing the crop between
the woman's legs.

"But ... but you didn't say anything about hurting me ..." she whined
and looked pleadingly towards her mentor as he stood a few paces away,
his throbbing prick in his hand.

"This won't bring her out of it, will it, Doc?" Mark questioned as he
removed his togalike gown.

Prinz shook his head as he removed his garment to stand naked beside the
tall, muscular black man. "No, there's little chance of that, Mark--I've
programmed her to accept physical as well as emotional stresses--but it
will be interesting to see how she will react to this while she's into
the Electra personality."

Mark nodded agreement and turned to find Coco standing behind the
woman's upraised ass cheeks with the crop raised high. "Bitch!" she spit
vehemently, "Fucking white bitch!" and she let the crop fall strongly
across Karen's full ass.

"Owwwww!" Karen cried and writhed on the hassock.

Again, Coco raised the crop to bring it down sharply on the tender flesh
of Karen's ass. The woman cried out again and hung her head forward as
she sobbed deeply, and Coco struck her again.

"Suck my husband's prick will you?" Coco said through clenched teeth,
"I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget, bitch," and she struck her
again and again with the multi-thonged strap.

Both Mark and Prinz moved in closer to watch excitedly as Coco whipped
the bound and helpless woman. Her full, white ass cheeks began to glow
redly as welts appeared, and she writhed painfully beneath the stinging
lashes of the riding crop.

"Please ... oh, please!" Karen cried pitifully as the crop fell again
and again across her defenseless ass, "please don't hurt me anymore ...
please!" and she sobbed brokenly as Coco stood astride her back and
began whipping her between the legs.

As the leather straps began biting into her exposed pussy lips, Karen
screamed, and it seemed to excite Coco all the more as the sweat began
to pour from her overexerted body. Her brown skin began to glisten dully
in the dim light and her eyes were wide as she felt the woman's body
jump between her legs, and she licked her lips as the sweat poured down
her face. Karen sobbed loudly as the riding crop bit into the tender
flesh of her pussy, then she screamed loudly as Coco brought the whip
down cruelly and slapped her between the cheeks of her ass.

The stinging sensation brought forth a sharp gasp as it was repeated and
Karen felt her anal opening hum as the leather bit into the tender flesh
there. Mark looked on in obvious arousal as his wife whipped the other
woman mercilessly. He had never seen her so aroused and the sight sent
his head spinning as she bared her teeth and lifted the crop time and
time again. He took hold of his throbbing prick and began running his
hand up and down its length as his wife continued the whipping and the
white woman's ass became a solid mass of red welts.

Then, a strange thing happened--Karen, in the midst of the cruel
beating, stopped crying out. And, a new interest evolved as Mark and
Prinz saw the woman writhing not in pain, but in sensual pleasure as the
leather crop fell between her legs and she moaned in a different tone.

"Uhhhnnn ... yes ... oh, yes ... beat me, Coco hit my cunt!" she sobbed
brokenly. "Yessss ... God, yesssss ... my pussy! Whip my pussy!" And she
began lifting her ass up to meet the violent strokes with her legs
spread widely, exposing the tender flesh of her cunt.

Breathlessly, Coco whipped the woman with lagging blows. Her arm was
tiring and as Karen writhed in obvious pleasure, it seemed that Coco was
suddenly infected by her erotic sensuality as she raised her welted ass
and shuddered in orgasm. Dripping with sweat, Coco stopped finally and
dropped the riding crop as she took hold of Karen's long blond hair and
jerked her to her feet.

Coco gazed at Prinz as he manipulated his throbbing prick and licked his
lips. "Lie on the floor, Doc," Coco ordered.

Prinz looked apprehensively at the woman, then lay down on his back.
Immediately, Coco forced Karen to her knees astride the man's waist and
reached down to guide his prick into her seething cunt. Prinz felt the
hot flesh engulf his aching prick, and he gasped as he realized her
pussy lips were swollen with hot blood brought on by the whipping. As
she settled down on him, Coco lay her forward and Prinz took hold of the
woman's hips.

"Fuck her in the ass, Mark!" his wife ordered and pointed to the woman's
exposed asshole as the psychiatrist's prick was buried in her cunt.

Obediently, Mark fell atop the woman and rubbed the swollen head of his
prick over her puckered asshole. The touch of her hot flesh against his
own sent thrills through his body, and he shoved forward with his hips
as his huge prick stretched the anal muscle and he slipped his prick
into her hot ass.

"Ohhhh ... God, oh God!" Karen cried, as she felt her rectum filled with
Mark's hot flesh.

He shoved his hips forward as her asshole seemed to relax then, and as
her hot ass cheeks came in contact with his belly, he thrilled again at
the heat that had been generated by the spanking.

Lying below the woman, Prinz felt Mark's prick enter her asshole. He
could feel the soft bulge through the thin flesh barrier and he shoved
upwards to feel his prick rub against the thin wall that separated the
two pricks.

Karen moaned loudly as Mark withdrew his prick then and thrust forward
without warning. She gasped as her asshole was filled with his hot,
throbbing flesh and the prick in her cunt moved in and out in a slow
rhythm that sent new thrills through her burning body.

Above them, Coco began to masturbate lewdly as the two men fucked the
helpless woman and she writhed sensually between them. In her mind's
eye, she became Karen, and she could almost feel the thick cocks inside
her as she rubbed her clit wildly and reached around to ease a finger
into her own asshole as she watched.

Then Prinz moved his hands from Karen's hips to take hold of her tits.
As he did, he folded his arms so that they rested on his elbows to
support her weight. With her upper body bent upwards, her head was
lifted high, and Prinz told Coco, "Make her suck your pussy, Coco ...
make her eat you out while we fuck her!"

Quickly, Coco stopped masturbating and she spread her legs to squat
obscenely over Prinz's head, her pussy just inches away from Karen's
gasping mouth.

"Eat me, bitch!" Coco told her and locked her fingers in the woman's
long, blond hair to pull her face into her widespread cunt. "Suck my
pussy ... eat me out ... suck me till I come!"

Obediently, Karen opened her mouth and began licking the entire cuntal
area between Coco's legs. She shoved her tongue into her pussy and
searched for the black woman's clit as Coco began humping her pussy into
her wet mouth.

"Yesssss!" Coco hissed and looked down at her husband's contorted face
as he fucked the white woman in the ass with his great, black prick. He
supported his weight on his arms as he withdrew his cock then, and Coco
watched it pull out of the woman's anal opening slowly and pull the pink
flesh with it.

"Fuck her!" Coco cried and ground her pussy to the woman's face as her
husband plunged forward again to sink his cock in her clasping asshole.

On the bottom, Prinz looked up as Karen tongued Coco's cunt wildly. He
saw the black woman's pink asshole as she thrust her hips forward to
meet Karen's searching tongue, and he thrilled as he opened his mouth
and raised his head slightly.

Coco felt the probing, wet tongue as it entered her asshole, and she
chilled as she realized Prinz was tongue-fucking her in the ass as the
woman ate her pussy. She moaned loudly and reached back to pull his head
up and into her ass cheeks. As his face pressed against her sweating
ass, she felt herself coming in a rush that could not be stopped, and
she cried out, "Yessss! Lick my asshole you motherfucker! Suck my cunt,
you bitch! Fuck her in the ass, baby ... fuck her till she screams ...
fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... ohhhhh ... oh, Goddddd!" And her sweating
black body quivered as she orgasmed to the double tongue-fuck, and Mark
reached up to take hold of her tits to drag her forward so that their
mouths met in a frantic wet kiss the moment she spasmed.

Prinz shuddered as Coco cried out and he felt his prick erupt deep in
the bound woman's cunt. Then, as he shot his hot load of cum into her
pussy, he felt Mark's big prick explode and jerk strongly in her

Mark sucked his breath as he crushed his mouth to his wife's, and he
clutched at her sweaty body as the woman beneath his loins bucked and
his cock exploded in her tightly clasping asshole.

Karen cried out as the men dumped their loads in her writhing body and
the cunt at her mouth gushed its sweet juices for her to lap wildly as
she, too, orgasmed in an explosion of sensation that tore her mind from
her body and left her gasping for breath.

Prinz lay exhausted at the bottom of the flesh pile. He felt his own cum
dripping from Karen's sopping pussy and he heaved a sigh of relief as
Coco rolled off the pile to fall heavily to the floor. Mark followed her
and Prinz was met by Karen's wide-eyed stare as the woman gasped for

He reached up and pulled her head down and covered her mouth with his.
He tasted the faintly musky fluid that had come from Coco's cunt. The
taste thrilled him, and he ran his hands over the woman's body as he
thrust his tongue into her hot mouth and sucked it sensually. His hands
strayed to her burning ass cheeks and his fingers sought her asshole.
Prinz felt the glob of sticky cum there, and as he slipped a finger into
her stretched rectal opening, the girl shuddered and ground her hips
down on his still hard prick in her cunt.

"Fuck me again!" she begged him. "Fuck me ... fuck me ... FUCK MEEEEEE!"
she cried and began thrusting her hips up and down atop his exhausted
body. But her passion did not help the doctor's quickly wilting prick,
and as she raised her hips it slipped out of her pussy to fall limply
against his sweaty thigh, and the girl sobbed brokenly.

"Mark, for God's sake, pull her off of me!" Prinz said thickly as he
took hold of the tall woman's shoulders and tried to roll her off.

Mark rolled to one side and took hold of the belt about Karen's waist.
As he pulled her off the doctor, the woman sobbed uncontrollably and she
begged again, "Fuck me ... won't someone please fuck me?"

"Jesus, Doc ... what'a we do now?" Mark asked as Karen rolled on the
floor in agony.

Tiredly, Prinz sat up and moved his hand over the girl's face and told
her softly, "Relax, Electra ... you are fulfilled ... enough for now."

Karen relaxed suddenly as his words reached her brain, and it was as if
she had never been excited. She struggled to sit up and Prim assisted
her. He released her hands, then removed the belt as he told her, "Bring
us drinks, Electra."

The woman stood up and looked warmly at the black couple still in their
post-orgasmic euphoria. She sighed deeply, ran her hand over her
sweat-covered belly, then turned and walked to the bar across the room.
As she walked away from them, Prinz noticed the heavy welts on her ass
and he wondered idly how she would take the discovery when she awakened
in the morning.

He sat up and looked at Mark as he said in a low voice, "How about a
little post-hypnotic experimentation?" Their eyes met.

"Jesus, like what, Doc?" Mark asked and reached out to touch his wife's
sweated body as she lay back with her eyes closed.

"I just realized that Karen--Electra that is--is going to be faced with
a dilemma when she awakens in the morning--her body is going to be a bit
the worse for wear. What say we give her a reasonable explanation for
her discomfort ..."

"How can we do that?" Mark asked.

Prinz smiled and nodded, "We'll think of something," he said and looked
up as the woman returned with their drinks. When they had regained their
strength, they shared a common shower and spent a comfortable time just
caressing each other's bodies beneath the scented spray that came from
the four showerheads in the sunken bath of the luxurious home. When they
had dried and dressed again, Coco helped Karen into her clothing and
smiled as Prinz passed his hand over the girl's face.

"Electra ... you are going to leave this house and drive to a bar down
the beach--it is called the Rendezvous ... you will go in, order a drink
and allow the first man you meet to pick you up. You will tell him your
name is Electra and ask him to take you to a motel. You will be sexually
aggressive with him, and the moment you are alone with him in the motel
and he has begun making love to you, you will resume your own
personality. Do you understand?"

"As soon as he begins to make love to me ..." she repeated flatly.

"Fine ... now, you will not be confused when you awaken as yourself.
Karen will not be confused ... you will recall sitting about your
apartment and feeling the need for sex. You will recall getting up,
driving to the beach and picking the man up ... you will recall needing
to be fucked. Also, you must ask the man to spank you sometime during or
after the sex act--this will arouse you all the more ... then, you will
get dressed and return to your apartment. Tomorrow, you will remember
only what I have instructed you to remember."

"Only what you have instructed ..." she said and stared at him blankly.

Mark and Coco looked on with interest as the woman stood like a robot
before her employer, and then he smiled. "Tell your friends goodnight,
Electra ... go find your man."

Karen turned her face to each of them and smiled warmly. The blank stare
was gone and she reached for Coco's soft breast as she bent down to kiss
her fully on the mouth. Her hand slipped beneath the thin material of
the robe and cupped the warmth of Coco's supple breast as they kissed

"Goodnight, friend," she said and turned to repeat the act with Mark.
She took hold of his thick, soft prick as they kissed and he ran his
hand up the back of her leg to cup her ass cheek as she fondled his

Prinz walked her to the door and kissed her softly as he bid her
goodnight and he watched as she walked briskly to her car in the drive
and slid behind the wheel.

Prinz closed and relocked the door as the woman drove off, then he
returned to his guests. "You'll spend the night, won't you?"

Coco laughed and nodded happily, "I'd do anything for the chance to make
it on that huge water bed of yours, Doc!"

"Mark--why on earth didn't you tell me your lovely wife had a fetish for
my bed?" He laughed. "We could have spent the entire evening there."

Mark shrugged. "I'm satisfied the evening's been well spent--but what's
on tap for a bedtime story?"

Prinz laughed and led them through the house to his erotically decorated
bedroom. They entered and he dialed the lights softly to illuminate the
double king-sized waterbed in the center of the room. It sat on a raised
dais, a foot above the bedroom floor. The entire room was decorated in
red; above the bed, the ceiling held antiqued mirror squares, and the
wall at the head of the frameless bed was angled so that those lying on
the bed could view a double image of themselves. The wall at the foot of
the bed held a ten-by-twelve-foot silver screen with an opaque overlay
of an orgy in full progress.

Coco dove for the bed and shed her gown as Prinz laughed at her
childlike antics. He sat near the head of the bed and pressed a button
to reveal a control panel, then told Mark, "I believe you'll like the
movie I've selected for your bedtime story, Mark ... it's in keeping
with tonight's activities."

Mark walked to the low wet-bar to the right of the bed and mixed them
all drinks as Prinz lowered the lights and pressed a button that lifted
the opaque overlay and exposed the screen. As he returned to the bed, he
handed the others their drinks and lay down beside Coco, who was sitting
up sailor fashion, her eyes bright with expectancy, as Prinz lay beside
her and the lights went out altogether.

The panel in the rear wall slid aside, and the projector began
automatically as Prinz remarked, "This is rather an expensive film--the
agent who purchased it for me said that the players were chosen with
care ... somewhat against their will."

The title flashed on the screen and Prinz smiled as his friends looked
on attentively as it read: THE CONVERSION.

The opening scene was that of a somber room, devoid of all furniture
save a double bed with a large brass frame. From the right side of the
screen a form tumbled into view to fall sprawling across the bed. Coco
gasped as the person turned her frightened face to the camera to reveal
the fact that she was a nun. A second figure was propelled into the eye
of the camera to fall to the floor beside the bed--another nun. Both of
them had their hands bound behind them and their habits were in disarray
as they tried frantically to cover their legs.

A third figure walked into the scene then and Mark let out a low chuckle
as the camera panned to show a short, muscular Negro standing with his
hands on his hips. The nuns cringed as he approached them, and it was
obvious that they were pleading with someone beyond the range of the
camera as the black man reached down to lift one woman from the floor
and shove her roughly down beside her sister. Their faces were ageless,
but they appeared to be in their early twenties.

The Negro reached out to touch the soft white faces of the nun nearest
him and then he stepped back to begin undressing slowly. The camera
showed the nun's faces burning brightly as the man pulled off his shirt,
then released the belt buckle at his waist. As he removed his pants, the
camera zoomed in for a close-up of his crotch, and Coco gasped loudly as
she saw his soft prick--a full eight inches long and as thick as her
wrist. The camera showed the fear on the nun's faces then as he cast his
clothing aside and took hold of the nearest nun's head to stand and rub
his soft cock over her tightly clamped lips. The other nun began crying
fitfully and she appeared to be begging still.

Then, the man jerked the woman to her feet and began running his hands
over her body as she tried to pull away from him. His hands reached
behind her to rip the buttons off her habit, then he took hold of it to
rip it full down the front. The nun stood in shock as her underclothing
was revealed to the eye of the camera and the Negro looked at her
lustfully. Next, he ripped her brassiere from her body to expose a set
of well-formed, youthful tits, and the woman broke down in tears as the
remainder of her clothing was stripped from her shaking body.

The Negro reached out to cup her soft white breast as the nun on the bed
cried out and watched her sister's body being touched lewdly by the
black rapist. Then, the man took hold of the long cotton panties the nun
was wearing and dragged them to her knees as she sobbed uncontrollably,
totally at his mercy. He pulled the underclothing off and she was left
standing there naked except for the flowing headpiece still intact atop
her head. A sweep of the man's hand pulled that off to show the woman's
short-cropped hair. She strained to pull away from him as he gathered
her into his arms and crushed her milk-white body to his dark frame. The
woman struggled ineffectually as his hands played over her writhing
body; then he laughed and thrust her aside. She fell across the bed, a
look of horror on her lovely face as the man turned to her sister.

The woman's face went white as he approached her and began ripping her
clothing from her body. In a matter of seconds, he had her as naked as
the other nun and he stood back looking at the two of them cowering away
from him on the bed.

"Jesus!" Coco exclaimed, "get a load of his prick!"

Mark swallowed and looked upon the man's now erect prick--it must have
measured a full twelve inches if it measured an inch--and he remarked,
"It's guys like him who perpetuate the myth about the black man's penis

The others laughed and Prinz licked his lips as he glanced over to see
Mark holding his own erection as the movie ground on.

On the screen, the black man reached out and began fondling the nun's
bodies. He ran his hands over their quivering flesh to pinch their
titties, then, kneeling between them on the bed, he ran a hand between
each of their legs and began stroking their pussies obscenely. Both of
the woman were crying and still pleading as the Negro hovered over them,
his massive erection standing out from his body like a great black staff
of doom.

The camera zoomed in as the man's fingers violated their defenseless
cunts and showed him spreading their pussy lips to stick his sausagelike
fingers into their clasping flesh as they writhed on the bed. He
finger-fucked each of them slowly as his prick stood out from his heavy
loins and twitched erotically.

"Do you suppose they're virgins, Doc?" Mark asked as the man raped them
slowly with his heavy hands.

"I was assured that this film is absolutely authentic, Mark--we'll have
to assume they were ladies of the Order ..."

Coco felt her own passions rising again as the movie ground on and the
Negro began finger-fucking the two nuns faster and with less caution.
The camera showed their faces twisted in humiliation and shame as he
violated their bodies, then the nun on the right tried desperately to
roll away from him. The man clamped his hand on her cunt and held her as
she sobbed deeply, then a slow transition seemed to come over her face
as he looked down at her lustfully.

His finger had moved to the top of her wet cunt, and as he stroked her
gently now, she began gasping for breath and writhing in a new kind of
agony. Her face was still twisted, but as she breathed through her
mouth, her eyes rolled back in her head and she shuddered slightly as
her sister began undergoing the same subtle change. The woman on the
left stiffened suddenly and threw her hips upwards and off the bed as
the man finger-fucked her obscenely, and it was obvious that her body
had betrayed her finally and that she had begun to respond to his lewd
fucking. The other nun gasped for breath then and thrust her hips
upwards as the Negro opened his mouth to laugh.

Then, he removed his dripping fingers from their cunts and forced the
women to lick them clean. Neither of them protested greatly as they
sucked and licked his thick fingers, and he smiled at them sardonically
as they writhed on the bed on either side of his black body.

The man got off the bed then and pulled each of them to the edge. As
their legs folded over and their feet touched the floor, the man kneeled
and began sucking the pussy of the nun on the right. The other nun
looked on in shocked silence as her sister began to writhe beneath the
man's mouth and his large black hands pawed her heaving tits as he
sucked her pussy.

Finally, the woman began to respond fully and she raised her legs to
wrap them about his thick neck as he lapped her cunt. She bucked on the
bed as he continued to suck her pussy and the camera zoomed in to show
the mask swept away and her face contorted in pure sensual pleasure as
she bucked and lifted her hips to the man's searching mouth. Then she
shuddered and he raised his wet, black face from between her legs and
moved to her sister. The woman looked down at him frantically as he
spread her legs, and the other nun said something to her.

Slowly, the second nun relaxed and lifted her legs to expose her cunt
fully to the Negro's mouth. He licked out wetly with the flat of his
tongue and the woman shuddered strongly. She rolled her head from side
to side as the man licked her pussy and reached for her full tits to
squeeze them in his black hands.

Coco reached for Prinz's throbbing prick as she noticed it erect, and
she began to play with it as Mark took her other hand and guided it to
his prick. The three of them sat there fondling each other then as the
man on the screen stood up and held his great throbbing shaft in his

"Watch this," Prinz told them as he twisted around and urged Coco to her
knees, then crawled behind her as she stroked her husband's prick.

On the screen, the man lifted the first nun's legs and dragged her ass
from the bed. His great, black prick lay on her belly between her legs
as he wrapped them about his waist. She squirmed as he pulled back
slightly, then guided the swollen head into her tight cunt. The woman
grimaced and cried out as he shoved his prick deep into her belly
without warning. Her body stiffened and the camera showed the dripping
blood as he withdrew his prick then to thrust forward again.

"She was a virgin!" Mark exclaimed and looked up to find Prinz kneeling
behind his wife.

"In my ass!" the woman cried and reached around to guide the doctor's
prick into her hot asshole. "Ughhhhhnnn ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck me
in the ass!" she cried and bent her head over Mark's throbbing shaft to
take it into her wet mouth.

On the screen, the nun being fucked was writhing in pleasure as the
Negro began thrusting in and out of her tight cunt slowly. He did not
penetrate her fully at first, but as he continued, she lifted her hips
and pulled him to her with her legs. The other nun looked on in
amazement as her sister took the entire length of the man's prick into
her virgin cunt and begged for more.

"Oh, God ..." Mark moaned as his wife sucked his prick wetly and Prinz
thrust his hips forward to bury his prick in her hot asshole.

"Ummmnn ... yes ... yes ..." she moaned as his belly came in contact
with her ass.

Prinz gasped for breath as the Negro on the screen pulled his glistening
prick from the exhausted nun's cunt and move to the second one. He felt
his orgasm coming, and he thrust forward and held Coco's ass with his
hands as her body quivered hotly.

The man on the screen raped the second nun, and, as she began to respond
to his thrusting shaft, her sister climbed up to squat obscenely over
her mouth, and the picture climaxed as she ground her sopping pussy into
her sister's mouth and the woman being fucked sucked her willingly, as
the long, thick prick slid in and out of her clasping cunt.

Mark cried out as his prick erupted in his wife's mouth. Prinz shuddered
and thrust forward to dump his load in her asshole as Coco gasped for
breath and drank Mark's cum.

Finally, the three people fell apart and lay quietly as the automatic
projector was shut off and the room was plunged into darkness. The
sounds of their deep breathing filled the room as, several miles away,
Karen screamed at the frightened man, "Spank me! Spank my ass you

Karen, while still in the state of hypnosis, had driven to the
beachfront bar as Dr. Prinz had suggested. She parked her car in the
lot, locked it carefully, then walked into the dimly lit lounge. She saw
a free stool near the end and slipped onto it as the bartender
approached, a broad smile on his rugged face. Karen ordered a drink and
ignored the stares of the men sitting along the long bar. As she fumbled
in her purse, searching for a bill to pay the bartender, a masculine
voice eased its way into her hypnotic consciousness.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

Karen looked up from her purse to see a middle-aged man standing
nervously beside her. His thinning hair fell over his forehead, and as
he waited her answer, his mouth twitched nervously.

Turning on her stool, Karen looked at him with a sultry expression on
her lovely face. She smiled and told him huskily, "You can do more than
that for me if you'd like."

The bartender returned and set the drink before her. The man tossed a
bill across the bar and slid onto the adjacent stool unable to believe
his good fortune. He had only been in town one night and he'd already
scored! "Ah ... my name's Bob Whittiker, I'm from Seattle," he began

Karen tasted her drink and let her left hand drift to his thick thigh.
"My name's Electra and I don't care where you're from ... will you fuck

Bill Whittiker blinked as the beautiful woman posed the obscene
question. "Did ... did I hear you right, lady?" he asked and felt her
hand move up to rub his crotch sexily.

"Yes ... I want to suck your prick, then I want you to eat my pussy ..."
she lowered her voice, "and I want you to fuck me with that big, strong
prick of yours!"

"Jesus!" the man exclaimed and swallowed thickly as his prick began to
grow in his pants. Then he narrowed his gaze as Karen continued stroking
his pulsing cock. "Hey, what's all this gonna cost me?" he asked a bit

"The price of my drink--and a motel room," she said and drained her
glass. "Shall we go?"

"Jesus, yes!" he exclaimed and slid from the stool to take her arm.

Outside the bar, Karen gestured to her car, "Let me follow you, Bill."

The man glanced toward his rented auto and shook his head, "Oh, no,
baby--I ain't lettin' you out of my sight. We'll take your car--I can
catch a cab back!"

"Whatever you like," she told him and walked to her car.

As they pulled out of the lot and onto the Coast Highway, the man slid
close to her and ran his hand from her knee to her thigh, "Horny, huh?"

She smiled and spread her legs a bit as his hand crept beneath the hem
of her skirt, "I just want to fuck," she said dryly and nodded her head
to a motel on the far side of the highway. "Will that be all right?"

"Any place!" he exclaimed as his heart beat heavily in his chest and his
prick throbbed painfully.

Karen cut across the highway and pulled into the drive of the motel. She
watched as the man bounded out of the car and nearly ran to the office.
He was back in a few moments with a motel key clutched tightly in his

"Straight ahead, room fifteen!" he said breathlessly and looked at her
in the brighter light, still unable to believe his good fortune.

They parked, and before Karen could lock her car doors, the man had the
motel room open and was standing impatiently in the doorway awaiting
her. Karen walked slowly to the room, a half smile on her pretty face.
As she entered, the man slammed the door and grabbed her roughly. As his
mouth closed over hers, Karen reached down to open his pants.

Bill shuddered as he felt her soft warm hands take hold of his throbbing
prick. He shoved his tongue into her sweet mouth, and as she began to
suck it, he fumbled with the tiny buttons on the back of her blouse.

"Take off your clothes," she said huskily and pulled back from him as
his breath came in sharp bursts and his hands clutched at her body.
Quickly the man disrobed, and he sat on the edge of the motel bed as he
watched the lovely blonde remove her own clothing slowly and
seductively. His prick jerked painfully in his hand as she lay aside her
blouse, stepped out of her skirt, then drew down her tight silk bikini

As she stood before the man gloriously naked, she ran her hands up to
cup her jutting breasts, then she sighed as she walked toward him

"God, but you're gorgeous!" he said thickly.

Then, his eyes grew wide as the beautiful blonde sank to her knees
before him and took hold of his prick. He swallowed his anxiety then as
her pink lips opened slightly and she licked the head of his throbbing
prick. "Ughhhnnn ..." he moaned and watched in fascination as she opened
her mouth and sucked in the length of his cock.

Karen felt the man's legs quivering and she raised her face from his
crotch. Then she stood up and spread her legs before him obscenely as
she said, "Suck my pussy!"

The man leaned forward apprehensively and nuzzled the thick blond bush
between her legs. He ran his hands up the backs of her thighs, and as
they closed over her full ass cheeks, he chilled--there were large welts
all over her ass!

Raising his face from her crotch, he looked up to find her staring
blankly ahead as she rotated her hips slowly before him. Swallowing
again, he licked her puffed pussy lips and felt her shudder. He had no
sooner begun than she pulled away from him.

He looked at her in surprise and questioned, "Wha ... what's wrong?"

She folded beside him on the bed, a hungry expression on her face and
said, "I came here to fuck!"

Whittiker rolled his overweight frame over hers, and as he raised his
hips to guide his stiff prick into her hot cunt, she sighed deeply and
wrapped her legs about his waist and pulled his body to hers.

"Fuck me ... fuck me, Bill!" she gasped.

Whittiker obliged, and as his prick eased into the swollen, hot flesh of
her pussy, her body stiffened and he looked up to see her expression
change. She looked about the room as though she were seeing it for the
first time, then she sobbed loudly as she thrust her hips upward and his
cock sank to the hilt in her seething cunt.

A thrill went through his body as the woman pressed hers against his.
Then suddenly, she forced him to roll over, and as she lay atop him, his
prick buried deeply in her pussy, she screamed, "Spank me! Spank my ass,
you motherfucker!"

Chapter 4

Following an early swim and his daily two-mile jog along the beach, Dr.
Prinz arrived at his offices at a few minutes before ten A.M. He found
his receptionist, Karen, sitting behind her desk, wearing a thin smile
and a subdued look.

"Good morning, my dear," he said cheerily as he stopped beside her desk.

The girl's face flushed lightly as she looked up and thought, I wonder
what he'd think if I told him what happened last night? She nodded, then
gestured as she replied, "Ah ... good morning, Doctor ..." and her face
flushed deeply as his eyes bore into her.

I wonder what she would think if she knew what really happened last
night? Prinz pondered. "What time is Mrs. Golden due?" he asked and
picked an imaginary piece of lint from his lapel.

Turning the pages of the appointment book, Karen cleared her throat and
replied, "You have her scheduled for ten-thirty ... her daughter at
eleven," and she looked up as though seeking his approval.

"Fine ... send her in as soon as she arrives--young Miss Golden can wait
a few minutes," he instructed her and turned to his office.

Prinz had spoken to the Golden woman about her teen-aged daughter on
previous visits, but he had wanted to wait until the programming of the
elder Golden had been completed. He had been able to condition her to
post-hypnotic stimulus over the past three visits, but he was yet to
test his power over her fully.

As the buzzer rang, Prinz looked at the ornate desk clock and smiled.
Rebecca Golden was right on time. A light thrill of anticipation coursed
through his loins as he leaned forward and pressed the button on the
intercom. "Ask Mrs. Golden to come in, Karen."

As the door of his inner office opened, Dr. Prinz stood and smiled at
the attractive young woman who entered. Rebecca Golden entered, a
nervous smile on her face. Prinz looked at her warmly as she crossed the
room and extended her hand. He gazed longingly on her lithe figure as
her hips swayed sensuously and her breasts strained against the soft
material of the black sheath dress she was wearing.

"Well, right on time, I see," Prinz offered as he gestured toward the
deep chair beside the desk. The woman nodded and sat to pull her hem to
her knees. As she sat back, the dress crept up her thighs several inches
and Prinz glanced at the sheer stockings that covered her long,
well-shaped legs. The woman tossed her head in a practiced gesture and
the thin streak of silver was displayed--the premature graying added a
touch of beauty to her otherwise perfect face, and Prinz found it
appealing as he leaned against the edge of his desk and smiled at her.

"This is terribly difficult for me, Doctor Prinz ..." the woman began.
"I mean--it's not every day you take your daughter to a psychiatrist."

"Can you tell me exactly what you feel Mandy's problem is, Mrs.
Golden--other than being a precocious fifteen-year-old."

The woman looked up, then averted her eyes as she licked her lips and
began, "I ... I don't know exactly where to begin," she laughed
nervously. "I'll bet a lot of people say that, don't they, Doctor?"

He chuckled. "Only those who don't know where to begin."

Rebecca Golden sighed deeply and looked up then. "Well, I suppose the
best thing to do is just to be truthful--God knows, I've been truthful
about myself with you ... I'm afraid that Mandy doesn't like boys,
Doctor Prinz ... other than that, she is no problem whatever." She
shrugged helplessly and wrung her hands as she added, "I'm afraid she's
a ... a lesbian."

Prinz nodded and he told the woman, "Go on ... tell me whatever you

The woman's face burned brightly as she looked at her analyst. "Well ...
twice now--I've caught Mandy in ... in compromising situations with her
girl friends."

"Compromising--can you be more explicit?"

The woman nodded and looked at her hands as she swallowed thickly. "The
... first time was in the sauna ... she has a friend named Beverly. The
girls had been swimming and had gone to the sauna. I had an appointment
with my hairdresser for later that afternoon, so I thought I'd join them
for a while ... there's this little window in the door of the sauna ...
and I really don't know what made me peek in before I entered ... but I
was shocked by what I saw."

Prinz nodded understanding and licked his lips as he told her, "Tell me
about it, Mrs. Golden ..."

Again, the woman swallowed back her apprehension and spoke in a low
tone. "I looked in and at first, I just thought they were fooling
around--you know, like most girls do. But as I stood there, I realized
my daughter was not fooling! She ... she and Beverly were
kissing--rather passionately ... as I watched, Mandy began touching the
other girl all over her body--they were both stark naked and Beverly
seemed rather passive as Mandy kissed each of her breasts, then began
kissing her stomach ... and then she ... then she ..." and her voice
broke suddenly as she related the scene to the analyst.

"I believe I understand--did you confront them?"

"Oh, heavens no!" she exclaimed, "It was bad enough just seeing them
like that. I went back into the house and poured myself a stiff drink."

"You mentioned that you had 'caught' her twice," Prinz reminded the

"Yes ..." she said softly and lowered her head. "Helga--the girl who
comes in twice a week--a German girl--I left the house to do some
shopping--I returned home a little earlier than I'd expected and when I
came in, I heard noises from Mandy's room. I found the door ajar and ...
and when I looked in, I found them in what's referred to as 'the classic
position' ... they were ... they were engaging in oral sex ... both of
them at the same time!"

The woman's face turned white as she spoke and Prinz sensed she was near
the breaking point. He leaned forward, touched her shoulder and said
softly, "There, there ... just take a deep breath and relax, Mrs.
Golden--close your eyes for a moment ..." He paused as the woman drew
her breath deeply and let it out in short sobs. He felt a rush of
excitement go through him then as he spoke firmly and told her, "Go to

The woman's head sagged to her chest and Prinz was elated. The three
word command had plunged her into a deep hypnotic sleep from which she
would awaken refreshed--and without memory if, he so chose.

"Rebecca ..." he said, and the woman raised her lovely face to look at
him, a slightly dazed expression on it. "Tell me what it is that really
disturbs you about Mandy's choice of lovers."

"I'm jealous," she said dryly.

"Would you like to do the things with those girls that Mandy does with

The woman moaned and uncrossed her legs. "Yes, God--I'd give anything to
be able to eat Beverly's pussy!" she exclaimed and spread her knees

"And Helga?" He asked as his prick twitched against his thigh.

"Uh, huh ... we are lovers ... have been for over a year--but God, when
I saw Mandy with her head between Helga's legs, licking her cunt, it
drove me wild!"

"What did you really want to do?"

"I ... I wanted to rip off my clothing and join them!" she said without

"Then you would like to make love with your daughter, Mandy, correct?"

"Jesus, yes! That's all I've thought about since I saw her with Bev ...
I can feel her soft mouth on my pussy, licking, sucking, making me
come--" and she writhed uncomfortably in the chair.

"Show me where you would like for your daughter to kiss you, Rebecca
..." and he moved forward as he took his throbbing prick out of his

The woman leaned back in the deep chair and spread her legs. Her hand
moved up her thigh slowly and lifted the hem of her dress. Prinz looked
down at the black lace panties she wore. He fondled his prick as her
fingers snaked beneath the leg band and pulled the crotch aside to
expose her pouting pussy lips. Her middle finger played through the
thick hair of her pubis, then parted the puffed lips to stroke the soft
flesh. "Uhhhnn ... there ... my cunt ... I want to feel Mandy's mouth on
my cunt ... oh, God ... how I want my daughter to suck my pussy!" And
she continued masturbating as Prinz lifted her hand to wrap it around
his throbbing prick. Her fingers gripped it tightly and she began to
stroke it as her fingers slid in and out of her own cunt more rapidly.

Prinz looked down as the woman slipped a second finger inside her pussy
and she moaned lowly. "Yes ... give yourself a good come, Rebecca ...
imagine that Mandy is licking your cunt ... sucking it and sticking her
tongue inside to send chills up your spine. Take my prick in your mouth
as she sucks you off ... go ahead." And he leaned into her as she turned
her head and ovaled her lips obscenely.

He watched her pink tongue licked out to touch the swollen head of his
prick, then he shoved forward as the woman opened her mouth wider and
his prick slid into her throat. "Yes ... that is so good ... suck my
prick while Mandy licks your pussy, Rebecca. Use your tongue just as
she's using hers!" And he hunched forward as the woman sucked his
pulsing shaft more deeply into her throat.

Moaning, Rebecca stiffened then and her legs quivered. Her fingers slid
in and out of her wet cunt as she sucked the man's prick. Finally, she
groaned and gasped for breath, and Prinz pulled his wet prick out of her
mouth as she shuddered in the throes of orgasm. Leaning down then, he
kissed her softly on the mouth and told her, "You will remember nothing
about this, Rebecca, only you will develop a desire to have sex not only
with your daughter, but with her friends as well. This desire will far
exceed what you feel now--and you will act on your feelings. Today,
after you and Mandy leave my office, you will manage to lure her into
the sauna ... and there, you'll confess your desire to her--and you will
fulfill that desire by having sex with your daughter. Do you

The woman pulled the crotch of her panties over her exposed pussy and
lowered her dress as she nodded. "I understand."

"Next week during our regular session, you will report to me all of the
sex acts you have engaged in with your daughter."

"Report everything ..." she said flatly.

"And you are not to repress your desires in the future ... even though
you don't understand them, submit to them--and do so without guilt."

"Without guilt ..."she repeated.

"Fine ... when I tell you to wake up, you will do so--no time will have
elapsed since I told you to close your eyes. But you will feel
better--more relaxed, and you will have no more apprehensions over
Mandy's lovers." He stuffed his prick into his pants, zipped them and
smiled. "You may awaken now, Rebecca."

As soon as her eyelids fluttered, Prinz took her arm and assisted her
out of the chair. She wore a dazed expression for a moment, then it
cleared as he told her, "I'll see your daughter now, Mrs. Golden ... you
may pick her up in just an hour--why don't you go for coffee or perhaps
a bite to eat while I talk with her?"

The woman nodded, then stammered as Prinz led her to the door. As he let
her out, he saw the girl stand and approach. She was the image of her
mother, slightly shorter, with the same dark hair and deep-gray eyes.
She smiled nervously as Prinz extended his hand and spoke.

"Miss Golden ... may I call you Mandy?"

The girl glanced at her mother, then smiled warmly. "Of course--everyone
else does."

Prinz nodded to Karen as he directed the young girl into his inner
office and he told her, "We're not to be disturbed, Karen--Mrs. Golden
will come back for her daughter." And he closed the door without waiting
for an answer. He touched the lock and turned to watch the girl as she
looked about his comfortably furnished office. Her gaze halted as she
saw the low, leather couch, and she giggled slightly as she turned to

"You really do have a couch!"

"Of course--no self-respecting shrink is without one today," he replied
in a jovial tone and gestured for her to sit on it.

As the girl sat, Prinz pulled a chair around so that he sat facing her.
He looked openly at her naked thighs; her brief skirt pulled up nearly
to her lap as she sat, and she noticed him looking. Slowly, he raised
his eyes and found her full young breasts outlined beneath the light
blouse she wore open at the throat.

"Now then, Mandy--do you know why your mother has asked me to see you?"

The girl looked at him openly and shook her head as she replied, "She
really hasn't said--she's awfully up-tight about something though."

Prinz made a quick judgment of the girl, and, coupled with the
information her mother had given him, decided that openness would be the
best course. "Well, perhaps if I were to tell you what she's so up-tight
about, you'd be able to handle it yourself."

Mandy wore a puzzled expression--she had expected the analyst to
question her about her early childhood or something like that. Her
curiosity was excited as he offered to tell her what was on her mother's
mind. "Yeah," she told him, "That'd be neat."

Prinz looked directly into the girl's eyes and told her, "Your mother
brought you here on the pretense that she was disturbed over your ...
ah, sexual activities."

The girl's face colored brightly, but she did not hesitate to ask,
"Pretense--pretense about what?"

"Well, it would seem that your mother is a wee bit jealous over your
youthful advantage--you see, she likes women too," he told her and
studied her body language as she stiffened momentarily.

"I ... I don't know what you're talking about," she said, and her face
retained its flushed appearance.

"Really?" he questioned and raised an eyebrow, "What about Beverly in
the sauna?" He paused as her mouth dropped open. It snapped shut as he
added, "And Helga in the bedroom?"

"She ... she knows about that?"

Prinz nodded. "Of course--how else would I know, Mandy? I really can't
read minds, you know ... despite what some of my patients might think."
And he chuckled lightly as he reached out and took hold of the girl's
hand. She tensed slightly as he touched her, then his voice relaxed her
as he admitted, "Actually, I find it quite appealing to visualize you
making love with another woman, Mandy ... you're a beautiful young lady,
and I'm sure you haven't even scratched the surface of your sexual
potential yet."

"You ... you don't think it's wrong?" she asked, a touch of astonishment
in her young voice.

"Wrong? Of course not--I feel that whatever a person--he or she--does is
entirely up to them. People suppress natural desires all too often
because they are afraid what someone else will think ... ah, have you
ever had sex with a man, Mandy?"

The girl lowered her eyes and nodded, "I ... I didn't like it too much
though--I was so afraid mother'd catch us."

Prinz detected a note of regret in her voice and he held her hand
tightly as he asked, "With whom did you have sex, dear?"

The girl went pale momentarily and she shook her head as she questioned,
"You ... you wouldn't let mother know?"

"Of course not," he assured her, "What we discuss is totally
confidential ... now who was it?"

"My ... my father," the girl said in a low voice and dropped her eyes.

"I see ... did he force himself on you?"

She looked up and shook her head again, "No ... actually, I sort of ...
ah, you know, seduced him."

Prinz nodded. Father-daughter incest was not unusual, but the fact that
Mandy had seduced her own father was rather unique and it interested
him. "Would you like to share the experience with me, Mandy?"

In view of the things he had told her about her mother, Mandy felt
somehow obligated to tell the friendly analyst how she had lost her
virginity, and she nodded meekly as she began. "It happened last summer
up at the lake. Mother had some club or something and Daddy and I went
up two days early. We had gone swimming in the lake and when we came
back to the cabin, I offered to let Daddy shower first. God, I'd kept
looking at the bulge of his prick in his trunks and I couldn't get it
off my mind ..." She paused and licked her lips. Prinz noticed that her
face was flushed with excitement now as she related the encounter to

"... I let him get in the shower and he was singing like he always does.
I took off my suit and went into the bath ... I could see his naked body
through the opaque glass door and I knew what I was going to do. He
heard me come in and called out--I pretended like I didn't understand
him and opened the door of the shower--wow! He had this gigantic hard-on
and he was soapy all over ..."

"What did he say to you?"

"Umm ... nothing. We just stood there sort of dumb like--I was looking
at his prick and he was looking at my titties. Then, I just stepped into
the shower and closed the door."

"Did he speak then?"

"Uh huh ... he tried to tell me that we shouldn't shower together--that
mother would raise the roof if she found out ..." She drew her breath
deeply, then said, "But I didn't care--I just told him that I wouldn't
tell her and I reached out and took hold of his prick ..."

"What happened then, Mandy?" Prinz asked her and rubbed her hand between

* * *

Mandy closed her eyes as she spoke then and she recalled the shocked
expression on her father's face as she took hold of his soapy cock. She
felt as though it was all happening again. She rubbed it gently between
both of her hands, and she moved forward as he reached up to cup her
breasts gently.

"Oh, Daddy ... that feels so good," she moaned as he massaged her tits
and she felt her nipples grown stiff. Then she slipped her arms about
his waist as his prick slid wetly between her young thighs, and she
thrilled at the touch of his warm flesh against hers.

"Mandy ... for God's sake," her father pleaded with her, "Do you have
any idea what you're doing to me?"

Mandy smiled seductively at her father as a ripple of excitement coursed
through her vibrant young body. She felt his throbbing prick between her
legs and its pulsing length lay hotly against her pussy as she lifted
her face and kissed him fully on the mouth.

Paul Golden was lost in his daughter's arms as the hot spray of the
shower pelted their bodies and he found his hands drawn irresistibly to
her firm young ass. As he cupped her fully, the girl moaned lowly and
thrust her tongue into his mouth as she ground her pelvis against his.
He sucked his breath in sharply; then as she seemed to squeeze her
thighs together and her tits were squashed flat against his hairy chest.

"Fuck me, Daddy ... I want you so!" she cried as their mouths parted.

Paul could not believe his ears as the obscene words poured from his
daughter's mouth. He swallowed thickly and shook his head as he looked
down at her hopeful face. "But ... but, Mandy--that's incest!" he told

"I don't care what it's called--I want you to fuck me, Daddy--stick your
prick in my pussy and fuck me!"

Reluctantly, Paul spread his daughter's legs and stooped slightly as he
guided the head of his prick into her tight cunt. The fact that she
might still be a virgin did not enter his mind until the head of his
prick nudged her hymen and she wrapped her arms about his neck and
raised her feet from the shower floor.

Mandy cried out but once as she felt her father's prick pierce her
maidenhead. She shuddered slightly as she raised her legs and wrapped
them about his waist. Paul's hands found his daughter's ass and he held
her as his thick prick sank deeper and deeper into her inexperienced
young cunt. His heart pounded furiously in his chest as she began to
squirm then and her mouth sought his again.

"Ughhhhnnn ... yes, deeper, Daddy, fuck me deeper!" she cried as her
father moved her up and down on his thick shaft. She felt her own orgasm
coming and she sank her teeth into his shoulder as the sensation began
to wash over her.

"Oh, God, Mandy!" he cried as she shuddered in his arms, "God, I'm
coming ... I'm coming ..."

"Yes, Daddy!" she hissed in his ear, "Come in my pussy--fill me with
your come ... shoot off in my cunt ... oh, God ... It feels so good!"

Paul Golden's legs shook as his prick erupted then in his daughter's
cunt. He held her to him tightly as she writhed and tried to force more
of his cock into her body. His breath came in sharp bursts as his prick
jerked hotly and spewed forth the globs of sticky white cum in her tight

Finally, the contractions passed and he leaned heavily against the wall
of the shower as Mandy's feet touched the floor again and she sighed
deeply. "That ... that's better than I thought it would be ..." she told
him as his prick softened and slipped out of her pussy.

* * *

Prinz looked at the girl's flushed face as she finished recounting the
seduction of her father to him. "Did you have sex after that first
encounter, Mandy?" he asked softly, and he sensed the light shiver go
through her body.

"God, did we!" she told him, "That was just the beginning ... we sucked
and fucked for three whole days before mother came on up--he was
exhausted by the time she got there and we had to tell her we'd been
hiking the whole time!" And, she laughed lightly.

"Since then, dear ... have you and your father ..."

She shook her head. "When we got back home, Daddy told me that what we
had done was sinful and that we couldn't ever do it again. He cried when
he apologized for taking my virginity--and there was nothing I could say
to him that seemed to help." She shook her head slowly and added, "I
know he wants me--I can tell by the way he watches me when I'm in the
pool ... but he just won't break down, Doctor Prinz."

"Is this why you've been having affairs with other girls, Mandy?"

The girl nodded her head. "God, I was so horny and I was telling Bev
about what happened between me and my father ... we just ... ah, you
know, it just sort of happened."

"What about Helga?"

Her face brightened as he mentioned the German girl. "God, she
practically raped me! She said she saw me and Bev playing with each
other in the pool one day--she followed me up to my room and when I took
my bathing suit off, she pounced on me!"

"Do you enjoy making love with another woman, Mandy?"

The girl looked at him seriously and then nodded, "I think I just like
sex, Doctor Prinz ..."

He smiled and edged forward on the chair. He had her small hand still
trapped between his own and he looked deeply into her eyes as he asked,
"Do you find my receptionist appealing, dear?"

The girl glanced down at her hand as she realized the man had drawn it
to the bulge in his trousers. She swallowed thickly as she felt the
warmth of his throbbing prick through the material of his clothing. "Ah,
yes ... she's beautiful ... her hair is so long and blond ..."

"Would you like to have sex with her, Mandy?" he asked and moved her
hand flatly over his bulging prick.

"I ... I don't know ... yes ... I think so ... God, I'm confused!" she
said and her eyes went wide as she closed her fingers over the outline
of his cock.

Prinz released the girl's hand and stood quickly. He walked to the outer
door of the office and unlocked it as Mandy followed him with her eyes.
"Karen, will you step in for a moment?" he called out to her, then stood
aside as she entered.

"Yes, Doctor, what is it?" she asked as she glanced toward the pretty
teenager sitting across the room.

"Are you sleepy, Karen?" Prinz asked softly and the woman's head sagged
to her chest. Prinz smiled and relocked the door as he took hold of the
receptionist's arm and guided her to the couch. "You are to do anything
this young lady tells you, Karen ... and when you awaken, you will have
no memory of the acts, is that clear?"

Slowly, Karen raised her head and looked blankly at the astonished girl.
"I will have no memory ..." she repeated flatly.

"She's all yours, Mandy ... if you don't mind my watching," he told her
and rubbed the bulge in his pants.

Mandy looked at the woman and she felt both excitement and a twinge of
fear. She knew what she wanted to do, but she was still apprehensive.
She swallowed thickly and reached out to touch Karen's leg. She chilled
as her fingers encountered the sheer material of the woman's silk

"She's hypnotized?" Mandy questioned as Karen made no attempt to move
away from her.

"Do anything you wish with her, Mandy ..." He glanced at his watch.
"Your mother will not be back here for thirty-five minutes," and he sat
in the chair to pull down the zipper of his pants.

Mandy's face flushed brightly as she gazed upon his throbbing prick. It
was longer and thicker than her father's, and she felt a new excitement
course through her young body as she realized he was just going to sit
there and watch her.

The girl stood up then and unfastened her skirt, which fell in a heap at
her feet. Then she stripped off her blouse and cast it aside to stand
there clad only in her silver sandals and a pair of light-blue bikini
panties. She swallowed again and ran her hands over Karen's body as she
stood before her breathlessly. She unfastened the wide belt the older
woman wore, then she released the catch of Karen's skirt. As the garment
fell to the floor, Mandy gazed down upon her blond mound and she sank to
her knees before her.

Prinz looked on in excitement as he watched the girl draw down Karen's
panties and nuzzle her belly with her youthful face. His prick jerked
painfully as he looked upon Mandy's naked young body as the teenager
spread the older woman's legs and kissed her fully on the cunt.

"Yes, Mandy ... kiss her pussy!" he said thickly and stood up to
unbutton Karen's blouse. He pulled the garment down over her shoulders
to reveal her full, erect tits, and Mandy looked up and gasped as she
saw them naked.

Prinz looked down at the woman's welted ass cheeks and he recalled the
night before when Coco had spanked her erotically. He wondered how Karen
had taken his post-hypnotic suggestion and he wondered too if she had
enjoyed the man--whoever he had been--that she had picked up after she
had left his beach house.

Mandy looked up as the man's hands reached around and cupped Karen's
full tits. She licked out excitedly and her tongue pressed between the
warm, moist folds of the woman's cunt lips. She ran her hands up the
backs of Karen's legs and felt Prinz press his body against Karen's
naked ass. Her hand brushed his prick as she felt the woman's ass and
she thrilled as she closed her mouth fully on the warm pussy before her.

Prinz hunched forward as the girl sucked his receptionist's pussy and
his prick slid between the ample cheeks of her ass. Then, he felt the
teenage girl's tongue tease the head of his throbbing shaft. He reached
down and pulled her head into Karen's cunt then as she wrapped her lips
around the head of his prick and sucked him gently. The girl moaned and
he kissed the nape of Karen's neck as he whispered to her, "Respond to
her mouth, Karen ... tell her how good it feels for her to suck your

Karen moaned lowly and her hands lifted to caress the girl's head as she
moved her body rhythmically against her mouth. "Yesss ... do it, suck my
pussy, baby ... use your tongue ... lick my clit, honey ... ohhhh, God,
that's so good!" she sighed.

Mandy felt the rush of excitement go through her body as the woman's
words came to her and she felt the two pairs of hands on her head. She
licked the entire length of the woman's cuntal area and forced the head
of the doctor's prick into her mouth again as he hunched forward with
his hips. Frantically, she licked Karen's clit, and the faster she
licked, the deeper the woman's moans became.

Finally, Prinz pulled his prick from between Karen's legs and looked
down as Mandy glanced up at him. "Tell her to suck your cunt, Mandy ...
she'll give you a good cum!"

Mandy scrambled onto the couch and spread her legs lewdly. She looked at
the beautiful blond woman and she swallowed as she told her, "Kiss mine
for me, Karen ... eat my pussy!"

Immediately, Karen went to the foot of the couch and kneeled between the
teenager's legs. Without hesitation, she lowered her head, and as her
warm mouth came in contact with the girl's hair-fringed pussy lips,
Mandy shuddered and pulled her head down between her legs forcefully.

"Ughhhhnnn ... Ohhhhh ... yessss ... God, yes! Suck my cunt ... eat me
out ... God, that is sooooo gooood!" she cried.

Prinz looked down at the obscene coupling as Karen lapped the young
girl's cunt and the girl writhed--her fingers twisted through the older
woman's golden hair. He looked at Karen's welted ass and he walked
behind her as the twin moons swayed to and fro before him. He eased his
prick into her hot, wet cunt and took hold of her hips as he thrust
forward. Karen let out a subdued groan as the man's prick entered her,
then she wriggled her ass as he plunged deeper.

Mandy threw her head back as the woman's tongue drove her wild. She saw
Prinz shove his prick into the woman's cunt and she licked her lips,
wishing somehow that the man had chosen to shove it into her cunt
instead. She writhed as her fingers dug into Karen's scalp, and she felt
her passion rising as Prinz fucked the woman from behind. She felt her
clit being nibbled then and she cried out with pleasure.

"Ohhhh, God ... yesssss!" she gasped as she neared the brink. She opened
her eyes to see the analyst with his face contorted with lust. Mandy
lifted her hips then as she felt the rush of sensation and she called
out to him, "Let me ... let me suck you ... let me suck your prick!" she
gasped as Karen tongued her pussy wildly.

Prinz looked at the girl's wet lips and he needed no further
encouragement. He pulled his prick out of Karen's tightly clasping cunt
and went quickly to the teenager. He looked down lustfully as the naked
girl reached up and wrapped her fingers about the base of his throbbing
prick and opened her mouth. As her lips closed about his hot flesh,
Prinz could not restrain himself. Her youthful features so reminded him
of his sister, so many long years ago, and as his juices welled up and
his legs shook uncontrollably, he took hold of her head and hunched
forward with his hips. His prick was shoved deeply into the girl's
sucking mouth, and he felt her tongue running frantically over the
bottom of his prick as it twitched and jerked, then spewed forth its
load of cum.

"Ohhhhh!" he cried out as the girl sucked him to completion and her own
body shuddered violently.

Mandy tasted the man's cum as it splashed over her tongue and ran hotly
down her throat. She milked his throbbing cock as his body shook, and
she too achieved her orgasm as the woman licked and sucked her over the
brink. She choked lightly as her mouth filled with his cum, and she
swallowed again. She gasped for breath as Karen continued sucking her
and finally, she had to push her head away as she pulled her own head
back and sucked just the head of Prinz's prick.

Prinz looked down as the girl licked the last traces of his cum off the
sensitive head of his prick. He sighed deeply and stepped back as Karen
sat dumbly between the girl's legs and awaited further instructions.

"Did you enjoy that, dear?" Prinz asked as he wiped his prick on a soft
hand towel from the nearby bathroom.

The girl watched with a dazed expression on her face as Karen followed
the man's orders and dressed herself quickly.

"Yes, God, yes!" she exclaimed and drew on her own clothing hesitantly.

"How would you like such a thing to happen between you and your mother?"

Mandy pulled on her skirt and looked up, a shocked expression on her
pretty young face. "W ... with my mother?"

Prinz smiled and crossed the room to unlock the door. As both women
finished dressing, he opened it and beckoned to Karen. As she stood in
approximately the same spot as when he had called her in, he touched her
arm and repeated his earlier direction, then he told her, "You may
awaken now, Karen."

The woman's eyes glazed over momentarily, then she cleared her throat
and asked "I beg your pardon, Doctor?"

He smiled and patted her arm, "I said ... simply buzz when Mrs. Golden
returns, Karen ... Mandy and I are through with our interview."

Karen nodded and smiled as she walked out of the office and pulled the
door closed behind her. Mandy wore a still-astonished look as the woman
left. She shook her head and remarked, "That is too much!"

"What about it dear, would you like to have sex with your mother?"

"I ... I've thought about it," she confessed, then told him, "And
sometimes when Helga and I are together, I close my eyes and pretend
that it's mommy sucking my cunt ..."

Prinz held out his hand to the lovely young teenager and as she stood,
he cupped her rip young breast and told her, "When you get home this
afternoon, why don't you suggest that the two of you share the sauna ...
I believe you might be surprised."

"You ... you mean ..." she began and faltered.

"Just suggest the sauna, Mandy, and let nature take its course. I
believe your mother will have a different outlook toward your lovers in
the future--if she happens to be one of them."

Mandy threw her arms about the older man's neck and kissed him warmly as
his hands roved over her body. "Thank you, Doctor Prinz ..." she told
him breathlessly, "thank you so much!"

He chuckled as he disengaged himself from her arms. "Well, perhaps you
can show your appreciation by coming to call on me at home some evening
... you might even consider bringing your young friend, Beverly."

The girl's face brightened as she envisioned the three of them together.
She nodded emphatically, then her attention was drawn to the door as the
buzzer sounded on the man's desk console.

"Your mother is here--call me here at the office in a few days and
perhaps we can arrange a little party--how does that sound?"

"Delicious!" she exclaimed, kissed him lightly on the mouth, and skipped
to the door. "Thank you so much, Doctor Prinz ..."

And she was gone.

Prinz sat tiredly behind his desk and thought about the nubile young
girl, and he thought, too, about her young friend. Then, Karen buzzed
again and he was brought back to reality as he realized he had other
appointments scheduled for the afternoon.

Chapter 5

Dr. Prinz sat quietly with a brandy in his hand. His final patient of
the day had been an uninteresting dowager of late middle age. Her
problem was no different than many others Prinz had listened to during
his years as a psychoanalyst--just a bit more pressing. She was
suffering from sexual deprivation and she had been a difficult subject
to program through hypnosis. But today, she had fallen into a deep
hypnotic trance and had related to Prinz, her burning desire for sexual
release. Even under hypnosis, the woman had refused to masturbate, and
Prinz felt himself at an impasse with the woman as the tears streamed
down her face and she choked out the deeply ingrained taboos against
self-gratification. She sincerely believed these taboos valid and her
fears had led her to a state of remorse simply because she had
considered the act.

Prinz chuckled as he recalled her reaction to his suggestion that she
find herself a lover. She had stared blankly at the ceiling for a long
moment, then asked, "You wouldn't mind, Daddy?" The transference had
slipped by him, but as he realized the woman's inhibitions were being
controlled by a long-dead father, he had stood up and walked to stand
beside the couch.

"Lift your dress so Daddy can see ..." he told her softly.

The woman obeyed and displayed her lower body encased in its feminine
trappings. Sitting beside her, he caressed her panty-clad pubic mound.
He felt the dampness and the warmth of her pussy as she squirmed lightly
at his touch. She was panting as he concluded his role as her father
with: "Find yourself a young man--pay him if necessary, but have sex
with him ..." Then he went on to tell her where she might find herself a
younger man.

Reflecting on the older woman, Prinz recalled a strange stirring in his
own loins as he had caressed her pussy--and again, his mother's face
flashed before his mind's eye. Sipping his brandy, Prinz submitted to
his recall of the hot Sunday afternoon so long ago ...

* * *

His sister, Glenda lay back on the recliner in the den of their home. He
looked at her and felt that sudden excitement course through his
sixteen-year-old body as he realized Glenda was in one of her moods.

"God, but it's hot!" she exclaimed as she saw her brother enter the

"We could go for a swim," he suggested and licked his lips as his sister
opened her blouse to the waist. His heart skipped a beat as he saw she
was naked beneath the thin top. He looked over his shoulder
apprehensively and swallowed as he walked closer to her. "Ahh ... Mom's
gonna be home any time, Glenda."

Glenda smiled seductively and brushed her long red hair from her cheek
as she massaged her full tits. "Scared?" she asked as she glanced at the
bulge of her brother's pants.

"I ... I'm not scared," he said in a faltering tone as he moved closer
to his sister.

Smiling, she reached out to fondle his growing erection through the
material of his pants. She wet her lips and asked, "Would you like me to
suck you off, Aurry?"

"But ... what if mom comes home--you know, while we're doing it?"

"We'll be able to hear her coming, silly ..." Glenda told him and guided
his hand to her naked tit. As his hand closed about the warm flesh of
her breast, she pulled down on his zipper. Reaching inside his pants,
the older girl took hold of his throbbing prick and pulled it out. "Ohhh
... it's nice and hard," she told him and leaned forward to kiss the
distended head.

As his sister's mouth came in contact with his pulsing prick, Aurry
shuddered and squeezed the soft flesh of her titty. The excitement rose
in his belly as he looked down to see her unbuttoning her brief shorts.
As she pulled them off to expose the dark-red bush above her cunt, he
sucked his breath sharply.

Spreading her legs lewdly, Glenda looked up at her younger brother and
smiled apprehensively. "Will you kiss mine a little bit?"

Again, Aurry glanced over his shoulder. The house was quiet and though
he knew his mother was due home at any moment, he could not resist the
desire to have sex with his beautiful sister. Shedding his trousers and
shirt, Aurry sank to his knees before his sister's widespread legs.

Glenda watched in fascination as her brother ran his hands up her thighs
and spread the lips of her pussy. She shuddered lightly as his fingertip
came in contact with her clit and she lifted her hips slightly to allow
him better access to her pussy.

"Ummm ... feels good ... so good," she whimpered as he lowered his head
and began kissing her soft inner thighs. "Yes ... yes, Aurry ... kiss my
pussy ... lick it for me. God, how good it is!"

On his knees, Aurry buried his face between his sister's legs and began
licking the lips of her cunt slowly. He knew she liked him to be gentle
and as his tongue came in contact with the moist flesh of her cunt, he
inhaled deeply. Slowly, he shoved his tongue into her pussy as his lips
nibbled softly about her seething flesh.

"Ughhhn ... yesssss!" Glenda cried as her brother sucked her cunt. She
longed to have his prick in her mouth, but she could not bring herself
to change their position. His tongue was driving her wild and as she
lifted her hips to his mouth, she took hold of the back of his head to
press it against her lusting young body. "Suck me! Eat my pussy, you
little pussyeater! Ughhhnn ... ohhhh ... God, Aurry ... yesssss!" she
cried loudly and wrapped her legs about his neck.

Aurry was lost in the depth of the act and he knew that as soon as she
had come. Glenda would take his throbbing prick into her soft mouth and
let him come there. Then, he felt his sister stiffen and the sound of
her breathing became ragged as he tongued and sucked her laviciously.
Again she cried out and her fingers were digging into his scalp as she
hunched her body to his mouth--then he heard her soft voice cry out in a
different tone.

"Oh, no ..."

Aurry sensed the stiffening of his sister's body was somehow different,
but he did not realize why until he heard his mother's voice.

"Good God in heaven!"

A cold fear shot through his young body as he lifted his face and turned
to find his mother standing in the doorway of the den. Her face was
white and her mouth open wide in shock. She looked at the equally
shocked faces of her two children and shook her head slowly as Glenda
disengaged herself from her brother.

Aurry's mind recoiled at the thought of being caught in the act of
having sex with his sister, and as he hastened to pull on his own
clothing, he saw the tears well up in his mother's eyes. Nothing further
was said as Glenda pulled on her clothing and rushed from the room to
leave Aurry alone with his mother.

The two stood quietly as the front door of the house opened, then
slammed loudly. They listened as the sound of Glenda's car came to them
as she raced out of the driveway.

"I ... I'm sorry, mother ..." Aurry attempted.

Again, his mother shook her head as the tears streamed down her face and
she looked on her sixteen-year-old son as though he was a stranger.
Slowly, she turned and left the room. Aurry followed her to the doorway
of the den and watched as she climbed tiredly up the stairs and entered
her room without looking back.

Aurry was confused. He had fully expected his mother to fly into a rage,
but her subdued reaction at finding her two children engaged in an act
of sex left him totally without understanding. Since his father's death
five years before, she had acted as both mother and father to him and
his sister, and since Glenda had come of age, she had relinquished more
and more of her parental attitude toward them both. Still, they deferred
to her in most matters, for they both understood the responsibility she
bore for them.

Later that evening, Glenda returned for a short time and Aurry heard her
packing. He was tempted to go to her room and plead with her not to go,
but he knew it was hopeless. He listened as his sister closed her door
finally, then the sound of her car came to him again. Alone in his
darkened room, he thought of his mother, alone in her room. A great love
for her welled up in his chest and he could not hold back the tears when
they finally came.

He was lying on his bed sobbing, when he heard the door of his room open
and his mother came in. She sat beside him on the bed and Aurry turned
to bury his face in her lap as she spoke to him in soothing tones. They
sat like that for a long time it seemed, and suddenly Aurry became aware
of his mother's body pressed against his. She was wearing a thin
peignoir and he could feel the soft outlines of her body beneath.

When his sobbing had finally subsided, he lifted his head and found it
pressed against her soft breast as her arms went about him. "It's going
to be all right, Aurry," she told him and stroked his head. "I
understand ... it's just that I was so shocked to find you and Glenda
like ... like that."

"I ... I'm sorry, mother ... so sorry!" he cried and hugged her

She sighed deeply and shook her head. "Well, I'm sorry your sister left
without talking to me. I'm not angry ..." she laughed a bit nervously,
"after all, the stork didn't bring you, you know."

Aurry laughed a little and it released the tension he was feeling. His
mother's body was soft and voluptuous and he had engaged in numerous
fantasies about her. He sniffed loudly as she returned his hug and he
was filled with an even greater love for her than before. The soft
fragrance of her perfume filled his nostrils and for a brief moment, he
engaged in the fantasy of lifting the hem of her gown and touching her
soft body.

"Aurry ..." his mother said softly, "Have you and Glenda been doing
these things for some time?"

He felt his face burn and he was thankful the room was dark. He nodded
his head and felt the full rise of her breast against her cheek.

"Have you ... have you had intercourse with your sister?"

Again he nodded and his cheek brushed the nipple of her tit. He was
surprised to find it stiff against the filmy material of her gown and he
held her tightly for a long moment.

"Ahhh ... have you ever done it with another girl?" she asked, her
breathing shallow and her voice low.

"No ... just with Glenda," he replied honestly.

"But you would if you had the chance, wouldn't you?" she asked

"I ... I suppose so ..." he told her tightly and wondered why she was
questioning him so. He felt her hand on his hip and he squirmed lightly
against her as he felt his prick twitch inside his trousers.

"Oh, Aurry ..." she sighed, "I've missed your father so ... I ... I've
never had another man ... not once. Do you understand?"

Aurry felt a deep thrill go through his being as his mother spoke about
her own sex life; he understood, but at the same time, he wondered why
she had chosen that particular time to broach the subject.

"I guess everyone needs sex, mother ..." he replied in a low voice as
her hand tightened on his thigh.

His mother sighed deeply. She looked at her son in the dim light of the
bedroom, and as he snuggled to her warmly, she moved her right hand over
the bulge in his trousers.

Aurry stiffened as he felt his mother's hand on his prick. His first
feeling was one of fear, then excitement filled his body as her hand
began stroking the outline of his prick. He swallowed thickly as the
ache in his loins became greater and her boldness increased. Cautiously,
he moved his hand from her hip, up her side until he felt the soft bulge
of her tit with his thumb. Neither of them spoke as their hearts beat as
one and his mother's breathing became louder.

Finally, she moaned lowly and fumbled to pull down the zipper of his
pants, As she did, Aurry let his hand move up to cup her full breast.
The feeling of her warm flesh beneath his palm sent thrills of pleasure
coursing through his young body. As her hand closed around his throbbing
erection, Aurry's mother lowered her head and kissed him fully on the

The touch of her soft lips sent his head reeling and as her tongue
probed his mouth gently, Aurry slipped his hand inside her robe to cup
her tit fully. He felt her stiff nipple against his palm and he thrilled
as he realized she was actually allowing him to do this with her.
Sucking on her tongue as Glenda had taught him to do, he released the
tie of her robe and began running his hand over her naked body.

Pamela Prinz moaned lowly as her son's hand explored her body. She
wrapped her fingers about his man-sized prick and began a slow
up-and-down motion as his mouth took in her hot tongue. She felt her
heart beating rapidly in her chest and her passions rose as she recalled
the sight of her son with his head between his sister's legs.

As their mouths parted, she sobbed, then asked him, "Can ... can you
forgive me, Aurry ... can you forgive your mother?"

He swallowed thickly and looked up at her; in the dim light, she looked
much younger than her thirty-eight years, and he was taken with her
seeming beauty. "If ... if you can forgive me ... for what happened with
Glenda ..." he replied stiffly.

"Oh, Aurry!" She cried and held him to her, "There's nothing to

Again, he kissed her and as their mouths met, he lay back with her as
her hand continued playing with his aching prick. Slowly, Pamela
shrugged out of her thin gown to reveal her glowing body to her son.
Aurry sat up momentarily to shed his own clothing. When he lay back with
her, their arms and legs entwined, and mother and son knew the warmth of
each other's naked bodies in complete abandonment.

Aurry ran his hand down the smooth swell of his mother's stomach as he
licked a turgid nipple. He touched her thick growth of pubic hair and
felt her shudder lightly. As his fingers explored lower, she opened her
legs and arched slightly to his hand. Slowly, he parted the folds of
flesh and found his mother's pussy warm and wet.

"Oh, yes! Yesssss!" she moaned as she felt her son's fingers enter her
hungry body. Moving her hand over his, she forced his fingers deep
inside her as she ran her hand up and down the pulsing length of his
prick. She squirmed at his touch and again the sight of him sucking his
sister's pussy came to her. She had never enjoyed that with a man before
and she wondered what it might be like.

Almost as if he had been reading her thoughts, the boy lowered his mouth
from her tit to lick her navel. He sensed a certain desire in her as he
moved his mouth lower and lower, and as he reached her pubic mound, she
raised her hips almost off the bed. Quickly, Aurry changed position and
lay down beside his mother. He lowered his head over her cunt and
inhaled deeply of her feminine fragrance. The odor sent his head
spinning again and he buried his face in her crotch as her body shook
with emotion.

The moment her son's mouth came in contact with her seething pussy,
Pamela orgasmed. She sucked her breath sharply and arched her back as
she felt his tongue probe for her throbbing clit. She gasped and her
body stiffened as the warmth of his mouth sent spasm after spasm through
her aching body.

"Ughhhnnn ... Ohhhhh ... God, Aurry ... yesssss!" she cried. "Ohhhh, God
... how good ... how good!"

Aurry tongued his mother's cunt furiously as he felt her grope for his
prick. Then, it was in her mouth and he shoved forward with his hips.
The warmth of her lips and tongue took his breath, and as he felt his
swollen cock sucked into that wet place, he too shuddered as his juices
boiled up. Never in his wildest fantasy had he ever imagined he would be
doing anything like this to his own mother. Now, he was actually eating
her pussy while she licked and sucked his prick!

"Ummmfff ... uming ... uming ..." he gasped.

Pamela felt her son's prick twitch violently in her mouth and she
wrapped her arms about his body to pull him to her. She forced his prick
into her throat, then drew back until only the head remained. Licking
the underside of the sensitive head, she heard him groan again and try
to thrust forward. Then, his prick erupted to send spurt after boiling
spurt of sticky white cum into her sucking mouth.

Aurry's body stiffened as he orgasmed with his head buried between his
mother's legs. He felt her shudder too as his prick jerked strongly in
her mouth. His juices boiled forth to be swallowed and he felt his own
face wet with her feminine juices.

Pamela felt her mouth filled with her son's cum and she swallowed time
and time again as his prick jerked spasmodically. Sucking him to
completion left her filled with a sense of well-being, and she realized
that her days of sexual deprivation were at an end. If only she had
stopped Glenda from leaving, how happy she could have been sharing sex
with both her children. And as the thought struck her, she realized
fully what she was thinking about--incest! How often she had looked upon
her son and wondered what it would be like to have sex with him--now,
the actuality of that very thing numbed her.

Lying there gasping for breath, his face against his mother's soft
stomach, Aurry felt his prick slip from his mother's mouth. He heard her
sob softly, then her chest heaved as she began crying. Slowly, he turned
until he lay beside her, her head cradled on his shoulder.

"It's all right, mother ..." he told her as his hand moved to her ample
tits to ply the soft flesh with his fingers.

Pamela heard the words and felt his hand on her breast. She sobbed
deeply and cursed herself for having submitted to such animalistic
desires--with her own son! The contradicting emotions left her confused.
On one hand, she wanted her son, and on the other, she realized what she
had done was a mortal sin.

As her tears subsided, she became aware of his hands on her body. The
years of being without a man took their toll as her sexually deprived
body began to respond again to his gentle manipulations. Again, her hand
strayed to his crotch to find his prick hard and throbbing. She knew
that she could not control her desires as her hand closed around his hot
flesh and his fingers plied the lips of her pussy.

"Oh, Aurry!" she sobbed, "I'm sorry ... but I want you so!"

Kissing her softly, he replied, "There's nothing to be sorry about,
mother ... nothing."

Pamela shuddered as she helped him atop her; she lifted her legs and
took hold of his prick to guide it into her hungry cunt. As she felt the
head of his cock enter her, she drew her breath sharply and lifted her
hips. His prick was sucked into her and their bodies were pressed
together as one.

Aurry plunged his prick into his mother's cunt as she lifted her hips
from the bed. The warmth he found there was heavenly and he groped for
her full tits as she wriggled her ass to pull him deeper inside her.
Slowly, he began a deep thrusting motion that took her breath with every

Holding his face in her hands, Pamela kissed her son wetly and sought
his tongue with hers. Her being was filled and as her son's prick slid
in and out of her body, she shuddered and cried out.

"Ughhhnnn ... yessss ... fuck me ... fuck me, baby ... fuck your

"Yes, mother!" he cried in return. "I'm fucking you! Come ... come again
... I'm going to come!"

"Yes, Oh yes! Come in your mother's pussy ... let me feel you shoot
inside me, baby! Fuck me ... fuck meeee ... FUCK MEEEEE!"

And the darkened bedroom was filled with their sounds of sex as mother
and son thrashed on the bed. Aurry felt himself coming and reached down
to take hold of his mother's ass. He filled his hands with the soft
flesh and pulled her to him as he thrust his body forward. His prick
slid in to the hilt as she ground her pelvis against his and gasped for

"Ughhhnnn now ... now, baby ... Come in me ... commmmme!" she cried

Aurry stiffened as his prick jerked and the first spurt of come shot
into his mother's cunt. He had her lifted from the bed as he hammered
his body with hers and he could feel the muscles of her cunt spasming as
he shot his load deep inside her.

Pamela grabbed the cheeks of her son's ass and pulled him to her as she
orgasmed. Wave after wave of sensual pleasure washed over her body as
her son's prick jerked in her pussy and his hands mauled her naked ass

Slowly, their emotions ebbed and the two of them lay gasping for breath
in each other's arms ...

* * *

Prinz brought himself out of the experience ... he had done it again,
and as he sat up in his deep chair, he cursed himself for dwelling on
that long ago day when he had begun his incestuous affair with his own
mother. They had continued for nearly four years following the initial
encounter--until he had gone away to medical school. During his absence,
she had remarried, and the love he had once felt for her had diminished
to near disdain as the years robbed them of the closeness they had once

Now, Prinz dwelled briefly with thoughts of his sister. He had seen her
occasionally through the years, but they had never spoken of their
earlier relationship. He knew that she had married, had a daughter, and
later divorced, but when he moved west and went into practice, he had
lost contact with her. Now, a nagging curiosity plagued him, for he
realized many of his own repressions came as a result of never having
achieved closure with his sister following his mother's discovery of
their relationship. And he wondered idly how Glenda might feel if she
knew he had picked up with their mother where the two of them had left

"Academic ..." he said aloud and stood up from his desk. He glanced at
his watch and realized he had wasted an entire hour of his life while
day-dreaming about days gone by.

Locking his offices, Prinz went to his car and slid behind the wheel.
His day had been exhausting, but he felt in need of some release
following the recall of sex with his mother. The old feelings welled up
in his body as he drove the Coast Highway toward his beach house.
Perhaps he should have asked young Mandy Golden over ... but no, it was
too soon. She would have culminated her encounter with her mother by
now, and Prinz knew it would take some time for the two of them to
adjust to it.

And as he drove slowly through the early traffic, Aurelius B. Prinz, MD,
Ph.D., had no way of knowing it, but the stage he had set earlier in the
day was about to be used by a nervous mother and an anxious daughter.

* * *

Rebbeca Golden had been left with unsettled feelings when she picked up
her daughter at Dr. Prinz's office earlier that day. Not wanting to pry,
she had refrained from questioning Mandy in regard to her conversation
with the analyst. They had spent the remainder of the afternoon
shopping, then dropped by Paul Golden's offices.

"I won't be too late," he told his wife, "But don't wait supper on me
... I've several things to wrap up before I can leave for the day."

Rebecca and Mandy had driven home then, eaten a light meal and, as the
sun swung low in the western sky, Mandy had stood up from the table and
glanced toward the pool and the sauna beyond.

"Think I'll take a quick swim, then relax in the sauna for a while," the
pretty teenager told her mother.

A certain thrill went through Rebecca Golden's body as she watched her
daughter pull her sweater over her head and leave the room with her
youthful tits swaying gently. "The sauna ..." she said softly to herself
and stood up from the table. Walking quickly to her room, Rebecca
removed her clothing, wrapped a light towel about her dark hair and
slipped into a robe. When she slid aside the glass door that led to the
patio and the pool area, she felt the excitement growing in her stomach
as she saw Mandy sitting on the side of the pool, her shapely legs
dangling into the heated water.

"I ... I believe I'll spend a little time in the sauna myself," Rebecca
said nervously and avoided her daughter's eyes as she walked around the
deep end of the pool.

Mandy followed her mother with her eyes and a thrill went through her as
she recalled the psychiatrist's words. The vision of her mother's
lovely, naked body flashed across her consciousness as Rebecca stood
before the sauna door and checked the temperature. She watched as the
older woman entered, looked wistfully over her shoulder, then entered
the sauna.

Mandy slipped into the water and as it enveloped her ripe young body,
she stroked strongly for the other side of the pool. The excitement rose
then as she hoisted herself out of the water, reached for a towel, and
shed her brief bathing suit. Over her shoulder, the sun had painted the
sky a bright orange and a light breeze was coming from the direction of
the ocean. She felt the soft fingers of air caress her body as she
wrapped the towel about herself and walked slowly toward the sauna door.

Inside, Rebecca sat reclining on the second and third steps. The wood
was warm and reassuring against her naked flesh. She had opened her robe
and let it fall back off her shoulders as she waited and her excitement
grew. Then--Mandy stepped into the superheated air and Rebecca saw her
framed in the orange sunset.

"We don't need these lights, do we?" the pretty teenager asked as she
closed the door behind her and reached for the light switch.

Rebecca swallowed thickly as she saw her daughter turn off the overhead
light. A dim glow came from the elongated window beside the door. Opaque
and diffused, the light that entered the room cast deep shadows that
accentuated Rebecca's excitement. She watched as Mandy dropped her towel
and stood beautifully naked just a few paces away.

"Well ..." Rebecca said nervously as Mandy shook her short hair and
approached the bench. She could not keep her eyes from the dark triangle
of pubic hair at her daughter's crotch, and as the girl stood before
her, she licked her lips and offered, "You ... you really do have a
lovely body, Mandy ..."

The girl laughed lightly and replied, "I take after my mother."

Sensing the game, Rebecca responded, "Oh? Is your mother as pretty as

"Prettier ... at least most people think so." She reached out and
touched the nipple of her mother's right breast. "She has bigger titties
than I do ..." And she laughed again.

The touch of the girl's fingers on her flesh sent thrills through her
aching body as she glanced up and found her smiling down at her. "Well
... I ... I'm sure your ... ah, titties will fill out in a year or two."

Stepping forward, Mandy closed her hand about her mother's full breast
and felt the nipple stiffen against her palm. "Do you really think so?"
And she lifted her other hand to cup her own breast lightly. "They seem
awfully small by comparison ..."

Hesitantly, Rebecca reached up and took hold of her daughter's ripe
young breast and cupped it gently. As her fingers closed about the soft
flesh, she shivered slightly and fought the desire to close her mouth
about the girl's erect nipple. She swallowed back her desire and looked
up into her daughter's eyes as she replied, "They're lovely ... really,
Mandy ..."

Looking down as her mother's fingers played about the turgid flesh of
her nipple, the girl swallowed back her own apprehension and asked, "Are
my titties as nice as Helga's, mother?"

Rebecca felt her face burn in the dim light. Her hand felt the heavy
beat of her daughter's heart and she realized the girl was just as
excited as she was. Leaning forward, Rebecca cupped the girl's tit in
one hand and kissed the darker flesh of her nipple. As her mouth came in
contact with her daughter's body, she chilled slightly and then the
chill was followed by a hot flash. She squirmed on the hot bench as she
felt Mandy's hand press her head forward and hold it against her breast.

"Ohhh, Momma ... that feels so good ..." she moaned.

Rebecca opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to ease out between her
lips. As she licked Mandy's turgid nipple, she felt her other hand drawn
irresistibly to the girl's thigh. She felt the soft sweep of her leg and
as she ran her hand upward, Mandy pressed forward and Rebecca found her
hand cupping the lovely teenager's full ass cheek.

Spreading her legs slightly, Mandy took the initiative and took hold of
her mother's hand. She moved it over her supple young hip and slipped it
between her legs as her mother continued sucking her tit. "Oh, yessss
... yes, mommy ... suck my titty ... it feels so good!" And she eased
her mother's hand to press against her hot pussy as she stood before

Rebecca needed no further encouragement from her lovely young daughter
as her fingers came in contact with the hair-fringed lips of her pussy.
She moaned lowly and began a light stroking motion with her fingers.
Mandy writhed above her as she felt her mother's thumb spread the lips
of her pussy and ease upward to that turgid nub of flesh. As Rebecca's
thumb encountered her daughter's clit, the girl sighed deeply and placed
her hands on her mother's head.

"Oh, mommy ... kiss it for me ... do that ... yes!" she cried out.

Rebecca lifted her mouth from Mandy's tit and looked up at her daughter,
suddenly aware of what was happening. She scooted down a step and found
her head on a level with the girl's widespread crotch. Leaning forward
slightly, she kissed the girl's smooth stomach just below her navel,
then moved her mouth lower as Mandy increased the pressure on her head.
She inhaled deeply of the odor of Mandy's body as the girl hunched to
her, her legs spread obscenely.

"Please, mommy ... do that ... kiss it for me ... please!" Mandy
implored her.

"Oh Mandy ... Mandy baby ..." she whimpered and pressed her mouth over
the girl's cunt. A deep thrill went through Rebecca as she began
tonguing her daughter's pussy, and the thrill was heightened by Mandy's

"Ohhhh ... Jesus ... suck me, mommy ... make me come ... God, eat my
pussy! That's so good ... so fucking good!"

Rebecca found her hands cupping her daughter's ass cheeks as she tongued
her furiously. Her own body ached for release, and as her breath came in
short bursts, she moaned lowly and lifted her wet face from her
daughter's cunt.

"Do ... do you like that, baby?" she questioned breathlessly.

Mandy cupped her mother's face and leaned down to kiss her passionately.
She eased her tongue into her mother's mouth and as the older woman took
it softly, Mandy kneeled between her mother's legs. She found her tits
with both hands and began plying the soft flesh as the perspiration
rolled off both their bodies in the super-heated air of the sauna.

Finally, their lips parted and Mandy told her mother, "Oh, mommy--I love
you so much!" Then, the girl lowered her mouth to lick her mother's
erect nipples. Lower her head went, and Rebecca Golden sobbed out a sigh
as she spread her legs and lay back on the steps of the sauna. She
watched as Mandy licked the sensitive area about her inner thighs and
nudged her seething cunt gently with her face and chin.

"Ughnnn ... God, Mandy! Yessss!" Rebecca hissed out as the girl's mouth
came in contact with her pussy. She lifted her legs and laid them over
her daughter's shoulders as she felt the lips of her pussy spread and
Mandy's tongue sought her pulsing clit. "Ughhhnnn! God, baby ... suck it
... suck your mommy's cunt! Eat me! God, yesssss ... make me come!"

Running her hand between her mother's legs, Mandy inserted her thumb in
her mother's wet cunt and then eased her index finger into the older
woman's tightly puckered asshole. She felt her respond just as Helga
often did, and the sounds of her muffled gasps filled the sauna.

Rebecca writhed beneath her daughter's mouth and hands and as a crushing
orgasm approached, she envisioned herself, her daughter, Helga, and
Mandy's friend, Beverly, all wrapped together in a passionate, sexual

Mandy slid her thumb in and out of her mother's pussy as the sweat
poured from their bodies. She eased her finger into the woman's clasping
asshole as she writhed in sensuous pleasure above her, and she felt her
shudder. Licking her clit laviciously, Mandy knew her mother was but a
breath away from orgasm and her own passion had risen to a new height as
she finger-fucked her lewdly.

"Ohhhh ... God, yes, baby ... now ... now ... I'm going to ... oh ... oh
... OHHHHHHHHH!" Rebecca cried out and her body stiffened.

Outside the sauna, Paul Golden stood frozen as the sounds came to him
through the door. He felt his prick twitch painfully against his trouser
leg as he realized what was happening in the room beyond. His head was
filled with a hundred images and he recalled his incestuous interlude
with his own daughter as the sounds of his wife's passion came to him.

Paul stiffened as he heard Rebecca cry out and call Mandy by name and he
envisioned his daughter with her head buried between her mother's legs
as she sucked her pussy. Quickly, Paul stripped off his own clothing and
tossed it aside. Standing naked, he waited a long moment as the sound of
passion subsided from within the sauna. Then, as the sun dipped into the
Pacific Ocean at his back, he swallowed his apprehension and opened the
door of the sauna and stepped in.

Rebecca was lying back with her eyes closed, her breath coming in sharp
bursts. Mandy lay with her head on her mother's heaving stomach, her
finger and thumb still buried deep in her mother's body. The girl sensed
someone entering the sauna but she didn't look up.

With the setting of the sun, the interior of the room had become
darkened. Rebecca first became aware of the presence of a third person
when her husband's hand closed over her tit and his mouth sought hers.
She stiffened suddenly with fear, then she relaxed as she heard him
whisper, "All right ... it's all right, Becky ..." And, his hands
explored her naked body.

Mandy moved between her father's legs and found his prick erect and
throbbing. She took the head of it into her hot mouth, and, as she laved
it with her wet tongue, she felt her mother slip off the bench and
spread her legs gently. Then, the woman's mouth was on her pussy and she
recalled the words the psychiatrist had spoken to her earlier: Just let
nature take its course--I believe your mother will have a different
outlook toward your lovers in the future. And Mandy wondered if that
would include her father, too.

Chapter 6

The sun had set as Prinz pulled onto the Coast Highway. He leaned
forward to turn on the driving lights of his automobile, and as the
traffic thinned, he looked up the highway to see a pair of hitchhikers
standing beside the road. At first, he thought the hikers were two
longhaired boys, but as he drew closer, he saw they were girls dressed
in shirts and jeans.

Pulling onto the shoulder, Prinz leaned over and opened the door of his
Mercedes. Breathlessly, the girls ran to the car and peered in. "I'm
only going a few miles, but you might have better luck catching a ride
further on," he offered.

The girl nearest looked at her companion and shrugged as she tossed her
backpack over the seat and climbed in. Squeezing in beside her, the
other girl closed the door and looked across at Prinz.

The psychoanalyst looked at her and a sudden excitement filled his body;
the girl was in her late teens with short-cropped red hair, and somehow
she reminded him of his sister Glenda at that age. "How ... how far are
you going?" he inquired as he glanced into the rear view mirror and
pulled back onto the highway.

The girl sitting beside him stretched her long legs and yawned. "Big Sur
..." she replied, then asked, "Do you live on the beach?"

Prinz relaxed as he changed lanes and he told her, "Yes, matter of fact,
I do."

"Far out ..." the girl replied, then turned in the seat to ask, "Suppose
we could stop at your place to clean up a bit?"

Prinz turned his face to hers in surprise. Thoughts of asking them to
stop at his beach house had been foremost in his mind, and her
directness had negated the need for him to steer the conversation in
that direction. "Well, yes ... I suppose so. Have you been on the road

The red-haired girl stretched and told him, "Three days ... all the way
from Phoenix ... you wouldn't believe some of the kooks we've ridden

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah ..." the other girl said. "Last guy wanted us to come home with
him and have sex with his wife--" she giggled, "You're not married, are

Prinz chuckled, "If I was, I wouldn't ask you home for sex with my
wife!" And they all laughed.

As he pulled into the drive of his luxurious beach house, the girls fell
silent. He helped them out of the car and carried one of their back
packs to the door. He swung it wide, then stepped aside as he flipped on
the lights and the girls crossed the threshold of his home.

"Wow!" the sandy-haired girl remarked as she took in the sunken living
room and the expensive furnishings. "You must do all right for yourself
... ah, what's your name?"

Debating for a moment, he closed the door and set down the pack. "My
name is Prinz, Aurelius Prinz ... some of my friends call me 'Doc' or
Aurry ... whichever you prefer."

The red-haired girl smiled at him and nodded, "You look like a 'Doc'
..." and she winked at her friend.

"Well, now ..." Prinz said and gestured. "Perhaps you'd like a
drink--you have me at a loss--I know neither of your names."

The girl who had sat beside him in the car smiled broadly and glanced
toward the bar. "My name's Polly and this is Renee."

"Well, Polly and Renee ... how about that drink ... then we'll see what
we can do about your three days on the road."

The girls followed him down the steps and across the room to the bar. He
mixed them all a drink and gestured toward the kitchen beyond. "Later,
if you're hungry, we might all have a bite to eat if you like."

Both the girls nodded appreciatively and Polly told him, "Sounds great,
but what we'd really like is a nice hot bath. You wouldn't mind, would

"Of course not," he replied and walked around the end of the bar, "Come
on ... I'll show you where I spend a great deal of my time."

The two girls followed him closely as he led them to the sumptuous
bathroom with its sunken tub and mirrored walls. He dimmed the lights
and pointed about, "I believe you'll find everything you need right
here--" and he caught the gleam in Polly's eyes as she took in the huge

"Wow! I mean, wow!" Renee said, a little awed by the luxury of the room.
She picked up a bar of soap from a crystal dish and inhaled its
fragrance, then she kicked off her sandals to feel the depth of the soft
carpet beneath her feet. "This is too much!"

"Romanesque, I believe it's called," Prinz remarked, "Enjoy yourselves,
I have several calls to make." He left the room.

Quickly, he hurried to his bedroom, pressed a button on the bed console
and watched as the screen on one wall lifted to display the bathroom
beyond. The mirror was two-way, and as the girls began to disrobe, Prinz
did the same thing in the privacy of his darkened bedroom.

Sitting on the broad velvet bench at the foot of the bed, Prinz stroked
his growing prick as he watched the girls remove their clothing. Polly
was the first to divest herself of jeans and shirt, and he smiled as she
rubbed her full tits, then turned to her companion. Renee stepped out of
her jeans to display a tiny waist above unusually broad hips. The
dark-red pubic thatch stood out in sharp contrast to her white thighs
and belly. She, too, rubbed her tits as Polly glanced at her and stooped
to adjust the water as it filled the deep tub.

Prinz watched in fascination as the two girls explored the bathroom; it
excited him to know that he could watch their every move, their every
private gesture without their knowledge. He stroked his prick as Polly
turned and looked at her naked body in the full mirror through which he
was watching. A thrill went through him as she ran her hands from her
breasts to her stomach, then spread the lips of her pussy to stroke it

Behind her, Renee watched the image in the mirror, then she too began
caressing her own body in the mirror. "I'm going to fuck you both!"
Prinz said slowly as he watched the girls through the mirror.

Smiling, Polly turned to her companion, reached out to touch her breast
with familiarity, then climbed into the tub. Renee followed, and as the
two girls lowered their lovely young bodies into the steaming water,
Prinz stood and pressed the button that lowered the screen over the
two-way mirror. He slipped into a short robe, then went to the bar.

Bearing a tray with three drinks on it, he knocked softly on the door of
the bath. Polly called out for him to enter, and as he did, he felt the
warmth of the room come to him.

"I hope you don't mind the invasion of your privacy, ladies ..." he
excused, "but I thought perhaps you'd like another drink."

Polly smiled nervously to her companion, shrugged and looked up as Prinz
set the tray beside the sunken tub. "Why not ... ah, you wouldn't want
to join us, would you, Doc?"

"As a matter of fact," he replied, "The thought had crossed my mind." He
lifted the glass to his lips and sipped the heady liquor as Renee looked
up at him. "However, I wouldn't want to spoil your bath ... you two go
ahead ... and if you don't mind, I'll just watch."

Polly seemed to understand and as Prinz seated himself in a low chair
near the tub, she set her drink aside and picked up the soap with a
large sponge. "Turn around, Renee ..." she told her companion. The
red-haired girl turned, and sitting with her back to her friend, she
allowed her to soap her neck and shoulders. Polly glanced at Prinz from
time to time, then she smiled nervously as she reached around to soap
the other girl's full tits.

Prinz watched with growing excitement as he saw the girl's hands
massaging the other's wet tits. He felt his prick jerk then as Polly let
her right hand dip beneath the surface of the water and move between the
girl's legs. Rene's face burned brightly at the other girl's touch, but
she made no move to stop her.

"Why don't you face her, Renee?" Prinz suggested, then told Polly, "You
can bathe each other better that way."

Polly smiled in excitement as Renee turned around. Kneeling and facing
each other, the girls began washing and exploring each other's bodies as
the psychiatrist looked on. "Between her legs, Renee ..." he said softly
and loosened the tie of his robe to let it fall open.

Renee reached down hesitantly as her friend placed her hands on her
soapy tits. She felt the thick pubic bush, and as Polly moaned lowly,
she ran her fingers through the heavy mat of hair to touch her soft
pussy lips.

"That's it ... touch her there," Prinz said as he leaned forward, his
hand wrapped about the base of his thick prick.

"Ummmm, yes ..." Polly said as Rene's fingers eased between the thick
folds of flesh of her cunt. Suddenly, Polly's hands left Renee's tits
and she pulled the smaller girl to her in a passionate embrace. Her
mouth closed over the girl's and she held her tightly as she struggled.

"I ... I've never done anything like this, Polly!" Renee cried as their
lips parted.

"Come on, there's nothing to be afraid of," Polly assured her as she ran
her hands over the girl's soapy body.

The red-haired girl glanced toward Prinz and her face burned brightly as
she saw him stroking his huge prick obscenely. "I ... I don't want to--"
she protested in a small voice.

Polly lifted her face and kissed her softly as the girl tried to pull
away from her, then she ran her hand between the girl's legs and began
stroking her pussy. Squirming in her friend's arms, the girl sobbed her
protest, but as Polly's fingers aroused her, she began breathing
heavily. Prinz smiled as the girl submitted and returned the other
girl's kiss.

Polly lifted herself onto the edge of the tub and spread her legs. She
still held Renee's face in her hands and she told her, "Kiss it for me,
Renee ... just like you said Jack kissed your pussy."

"No!" the girl cried and tried to pull away. "Please ... not ... not
with him watching," she added and glanced toward Prinz.

Nodding understanding, Prinz stood and dimmed the lights even further,
then he slipped out of his robe and entered the tub with the two girls.
He approached Renee's broad ass as the girl leaned forward whimpering
lowly. Placing his hands on her soft hips, he urged her, "Go ahead ...
pleasure your friend, Renee ... there's nothing wrong with it. Two women
sharing love can be an exquisite experience."

Renee felt his hands on her body and she shuddered lightly as Polly
urged her head lower. Spreading her legs widely, Polly eased forward and
pulled Renee's face close to her crotch. "Come on ... you're always
talking about how good it is ... I know you want to eat my pussy ... go

Renee whimpered. again as she felt Prinz run his hand over her broad ass
cheeks and dip between her legs to touch her exposed cuntal area. She
sobbed her reluctance, then she leaned forward to brush Polly's pussy
with her lips.

"Yes! Eat my cunt! Suck my pussy ... come on, Renee ... do me!" Polly
cried out frantically.

Holding onto the girl's hips, Prinz watched as she lowered her head then
and began lapping the other girl's cunt. Polly's sighs came to him as he
moved his body against Renee's and felt his wet prick slide between her
legs. As the head of his prick nudged her pussy, he reached around to
cup her full breasts just beneath the surface of the hot water. She
gasped lowly as she realized what he wanted to do, but she offered no
resistance as Polly talked to her.

"Oh, God, yess ... suck it, honey ... that is so fucking good! At the
top ... my clit ... lick my clit ... ohhhh, God, you're gonna make me
come!" she wailed.

Moving against her slowly, Prinz felt the full warmth of the girl's full
ass press against his belly. Easing his prick into her clasping cunt, he
felt her tense momentarily. He glanced up to see Polly with her teeth
bared and her legs thrown up over Renee's shoulders.

"Fuck her!" Polly gasped, "Stick your prick in her cunt and fuck her!"
she shouted obscenely.

Prinz straightened and took hold of the girl's hips as he began to
stroke in and out of her wet cunt. It was tight and warm and soft, and
as he pulled out slowly, he heard the girl groaning. Quickly he thrust
in deeply and Renee gasped as he buried his prick in her hot cunt.

"Ughhnnn ... yes ..." she said as she lifted her face from Polly's
pussy. "Yes fuck me ... oh, God, FUCK MEEEEE!"

Prinz felt his own orgasm nearing, but he was not quite ready to expend
himself. With another deep thrust that left Renee panting, he pulled his
prick out of her cunt and lifted her to her feet.

"Eat her pussy!" he commanded and moved the girl toward Polly. Without
hesitation, Polly reached out and spread the girl's legs, then she sank
to her knees in the warm water to bury her face between the girl's

"Ohhhh ... Ohhhh ... yessss!" Renee cried as she felt Polly's mouth
close over her seething cunt. "Ummmmnnn, yes ... Oh ... Oh ... OHHHHH!"
and her body shuddered violently as Polly brought her to a shattering

Pressed against her shaking body, Prinz slid his throbbing prick between
the cheeks of her ass, then he reached around to pull Polly's head
further between her friend's legs. Immediately she sensed what he wanted
and he felt the pulsing head of his prick enveloped by the warmth of her
mouth. As her tongue played along the sensitive underside of his cock,
Prinz moved his hands up the other girl's body and cupped her full tits.
Massaging them, he whispered to her, "Have you ever felt a man's prick
in your asshole, Renee?"

"Uh, uh ... no it would hurt--" she replied and tensed slightly.

"Only if a man is not careful, darling ... let me put my prick in your
lovely ass ... you have the most beautiful ass I've ever seen," he told
her and kissed the nape of her neck as Polly sucked the head of his

"N ... no, please don't make me do that ... it'll hurt," she pleaded
with him.

Reaching around, Prinz lifted Polly's head and gestured with his own.
The three of them climbed from the tub and Prinz had Renee lie on her
back atop a large, soft towel. Next, he reached for a large container of
scented oil and Polly got the message. Between them, they oiled every
inch of the red-haired girl's body, and by the time they had finished,
she was panting with passion.

Prinz lowered his head between her widespread thighs as Polly kissed her
laviciously and played with her tits. The moment his mouth came in
contact with her puffed pussy lips, the girl shuddered and orgasmed.
Continuing his tongue-fucking of her pussy, he slipped a cushion beneath
her hips so that they were elevated slightly, then he raised his wet
face and nodded to Polly. The girl raised up, then positioned herself
over Renee's face. She lowered her hips down and Renee's arms snaked
around her waist to take hold of her full ass.

"Yes ... eat my pussy, honey ..." Polly told her as she leaned forward
and licked her lips as Prinz moved between the girl's legs. She watched
as Prinz oiled his massive cock, then guided the head toward that
puckered orifice below Renee's pussy. She reached down and stroked him
gently as the girl ate her pussy and she rubbed the head of his prick
over the other girl's asshole.

Shoving forward slowly, Prinz watched the girl's anal ring stretch as
his distended prick head slid into her asshole. Renee stiffened
instinctively as her body was violated. She let out a muffled cry, but
as Prinz eased his prick in slowly, Polly lowered her head and began
lapping the girl's cunt.

Halfway in, Prinz paused and let the girl adjust to the size of his
prick. And as he sat there on his knees, he felt her muscles relax and
he sensed a slight movement of her broad ass as Polly licked her cunt

Lifting her face, Polly raised her head to lick the base of his prick,
then she told him, "Fuck her! Fuck her in the ass!" and she resumed her
cuntsucking as Prinz thrust forward with his hips.

Slowly, he eased his throbbing prick in and out of the girl's clasping
asshole. Slowly, she began to respond to the anal fucking as her friend
lapped her cunt and ground her own lewdly into her face. He watched as
he withdrew his prick and he saw the pink flesh pulled back as it was
wrapped about his thick prick. He heard Renee whimpering then as he slid
his cock back into the depths of her body and Polly cried-out as Renee's
mouth brought her to orgasm.

Feeling his own juices close to the point of no return, Prinz began a
furious in-and-out movement. As he did, Renee responded by throwing up
her legs and wrapping them about his waist. "Ughhhhnnn ... uh, huh ...
fuck me!" she cried out. "Fuck my ass! Fuck me in my asshole!" she

Lifting her head, Polly's eyes were glazed with passion as she rotated
her hips over the girl's head. She was panting loudly, and as Prinz
thrust forward with his hips, her head touched his belly and she began
licking him wetly.

Looking down at the girl, Prinz realized what he wanted to do. He placed
both hands on her head and forced her down to Renee's cunt again, then
he pulled his throbbing prick out of the girl's asshole as the first
wave of orgasm washed over his shaking body. His prick erupted and sent
a great glob of sticky white come splashing onto Polly's face.
Frantically, she opened her mouth as his prick jerked again and shot yet
another glob onto her lips and tongue. Licking out, Polly managed to
catch the next few spurts on her tongue, then a glob bit her chin and
ran to the widespread cleft of Renee's pussy.

Prinz held tight to the girl's head as he shot his load into her face.
Beneath him, Renee squirmed and cried out as his prick jerked time and
time again and Polly licked the dripping come from her lips to swallow

Finally, the wave had passed, and Prinz folded weakly beside the two
girls as they both fought to regain their breath. His hand lay on
Renee's stomach and he could feel her heavy pulse as Polly groaned and
stretched out beside her.

"That ... that was some kinda bath!" Polly said and sighed deeply.

Prinz drew his breath and lifted himself to one elbow. "Perhaps we
should all take a real bath, then we'll have that bite to eat I
promised." As he spoke, he reached out and cupped Renee's full tit and
squeezed it lightly. "How about that?"

Blushing, the girl sat up and glanced at her friend. She shook her head
slowly, then said, "Golly ... I never ... I mean, I never made it like

Both Polly and Prinz laughed lightly and helped the girl back into the
bath. As each of them finished bathing, Prinz helped them towel dry and
he could not help but think about Rebecca and Mandy Golden ... and
wonder how mother and daughter had enjoyed their sauna bath.

* * *

Across town, the Goldens had just come from the darkened sauna and
walked hand in hand into the house. The three of them paused in the
master bedroom and Paul gathered his two lovely women into his arms.
Becky pressed her head against his chest as he lifted Mandy's face and
kissed her softly on the lips. As he did, his daughter closed her hand
around his growing prick, and she pressed her body to his as she felt
her mother's hand close over hers. The thought that they both possessed
the same man sent Mandy's head reeling, and the thrill of possessing her
mother's lovely body was no less thrilling to her.

"Ah ... why don't you two shower while I mix us all a drink ... then we
can take up where we left off?"

"What your father is saying," Rebecca remarked, "is that he needs a
little time to gather his strength," and she laughed lightly as she
pulled away from him.

Taking Mandy's hand in hers, she led her into the bathroom. The sharp
spray of the shower coursed over their bodies as Rebecca reached for the
soap and lathered her own body. Mandy stood beside her and reached out
to run her hands over her mother's body. "Let me do it for you ..." she
said huskily.

Rebecca thrilled as her daughter soaped her body and caressed it
intimately. She felt a low thrill go through her as Mandy ran her hands
from her tits to her belly, then lower to probe between her legs. "God,
I've wanted to do this with you for so long!" Rebecca confessed as she
turned to face Mandy.

"Just like you do with Helga, Momma?"

Rebecca felt her face color brightly as Mandy mentioned the woman's
name. She cast her eyes downward, then said lowly, "I ... I saw you with
her last week, Mandy ... in your bedroom."

"You should have joined us."

"And with Beverly in the sauna," Rebecca said lowly.

Mandy giggled. "My, you have been busy peeping, haven't you?"

Rebecca laughed with her daughter as she slipped her arms about her
waist and pulled her close. As their lips met in a soft sensual kiss,
Rebecca moved her hand between her daughter's legs and she stroked her
pussy lightly.

"Ummn ... that's good, Mommy ... a little higher up," she said

Rebecca found her daughter's clit and she kissed her again as she heard
the door of the bath open, then close again. "Hey, you two ... don't
start without me!" Paul said as he opened the shower door and stepped in
with his wife and daughter.

Mandy laughed and reached for the soap. She lathered her hands
vigorously as Paul kissed her, then she reached for his wet prick.

"Jesus! You'll make me come in your hands, sweetheart!"

"Do, Daddy ... let me jack you off!" she begged and pressed her body
against his as she moved her soapy hands over his throbbing prick.

"Waste not, want not!" her mother said and slipped between them. Paul
laughed and he kissed his wife as Mandy tried to reach his prick again.

"Come on, both of you ... I want to get you into a nice comfortable
bed!" he insisted as he lifted his face to the water and rinsed the
dried sweat from his brow, "You can jack me off some other time,

When they had dried, mother, father, and daughter went into the master
bedroom; Paul had three tall drinks awaiting them and he had lighted the
candles on the dresser. The flickering light was reflected in the long
mirror and the room seemed warm, secure, and exotic as he lay back on
the bed and looked at his wife and daughter standing naked before him.

"There's something I've always wanted to see," Paul said as he propped
himself up on two pillows.

Rebecca looked at her husband, then glanced at her daughter. "And what
might that be?" she asked.

He looked at her, then directed his gaze to Mandy. "I'd like to see
Mandy make love to you ... like she was doing in the sauna."

Mandy smiled and turned to her mother. Slowly, she began caressing her
body with gentle, fleeting touches. She pressed her own body close to
Rebecca's as she stood behind her and reached around to cup her tits

Paul watched in fascination as his daughter moved her hands from
Rebecca's tits to her belly, then gently began to stroke the dark pubic
bush between her legs. He could see the reflection of his daughter's
back in the mirror as she moved her hands to Rebecca's pussy. The image
excited him as he glanced from his wife's naked body to that of his
daughter in the mirror.

Rebecca looked at her husband as he began stroking his growing cock, and
she moaned lowly as Mandy's fingers parted the hair-fringed lips of her
pussy and began stroking her clit.

Mandy sensed her mother's arousal and she began kissing and licking
along the nape of her neck. Slowly, she moved around to face her mother,
then she dipped her head to kiss one tit and then the other. Mandy
kneeled, and as she did, she kissed her way down to that dark thatch of
hair that covered her mother's pussy. How often she had dreamed about
doing this very thing, but the dream had been nowhere as exciting as the
reality with her own beloved father watching. She turned her head and
glanced toward the bed; Paul lay playing with his gigantic hard-on, and
she could tell by the expression on his face that he was highly excited
by watching the two of them in their sex play.

Mandy dipped her head and kissed the pouting lips of her mother's pussy.
Rebecca moaned lowly and took hold of the girl's head as she spread her

"Ummmnn, yes, baby ... lick it ... let me feel your tongue in my cunt
... eat my pussy ... suck my clit ... oh, Jesus! What a beautiful mouth
you have!"

Mandy was excited by her mother's words and she ran her hands up the
backs of her legs to cup her ass cheeks as she tongued her wet pussy.
Above her, Rebecca began swaying her hips and grinding her body into her
daughter's mouth as her husband looked on in total fascination.

"Make her come, Mandy ... suck her till she comes!" Paul told his
daughter as his throbbing prick jerked in his hand.

Mandy renewed her attack on her mother's clit and she licked her
furiously as she heard her cry out again.

"Ughhhhhnnn ... uh, huh! Now, baby ... lick me ... I'm coming ... God,
don't stop now ... yesssss ... now ... NOWWWWWW!" And Rebecca felt her
knees go weak as the first wave of orgasm washed over her hunching body.
She held Mandy's head tightly as she shuddered and the breath was driven
from her lungs. "Uhhhhnnn ... Ohhhhh, oh, God ..." she sobbed.

Paul could not contain himself. He leaped from the bed, his stiff prick
protruding before him, and he grabbed his wife to kiss her passionately
as she shuddered violently. Crushing her tit in one hand, he rubbed his
body against hers and he felt Mandy's hand close around his throbbing

When he looked down, he saw his daughter's mouth ovaled obscenely about
his cock, and he shivered as she took nearly his full length into her

"Ummm, wait, baby ..." he told her and lifted her to her feet. "Let's
use the bed!"

Lying flat on his back, Paul positioned his wife over his pulsing prick.
She lowered herself down to engulf him, and as she settled low on her
knees, Mandy climbed over his shoulders to sit on his face. They faced
each other then, and Mandy reached for her mother's tits as her father
began licking the entire length of her cuntal area. As his tongue pushed
upward and found her turgid clit, the girl shuddered and pressed her
hips down and she cried out.

"Oh, Daddy! God, eat my pussy ... good, so good ... lick my cunt, stick
your tongue in my asshole ... lick me, Daddy ... I'm gonna come!"

As Rebecca slid up and down on her husband's stiff cock, she was
fascinated as she looked down and saw his chin protruding from beneath
Mandy's cunt. She saw him lick up, then back, as his arms went about her
thighs and her daughter groaned loudly.

"Fuck!" Rebecca wailed as she plunged down on his throbbing cock. She
felt herself coming again and she gasped for breath as Mandy moved one
hand from her tit to ease a finger into her cock-filled cunt. She
squirmed as her daughter fingerfucked her lewdly while her husband's
prick slid in and out of her sopping pussy. She sobbed as an other
orgasm came to her and she heard her daughter's catlike cry as she too
orgasmed to her father's sucking mouth.

Paul felt himself coming and he lifted his hips from the bed as Rebecca
sat on him and drove his prick deep into her cunt. His face was washed
with Mandy's hot juices and he tongued her furiously as he felt himself
explode. Gasping for breath, he held tightly to his daughter's bucking
body as he felt her hand wrap itself about his prick and pull it from
Rebecca's spasming cunt.

Rebecca looked on unable to move as Mandy pulled her father's prick out
and dropped her head to drink in his hot spurts of white, sticky come.
Slick with her own juices, Rebecca moaned as Mandy's finger rubbed her
clit and finished her off. She watched as Mandy licked the length of her
father's prick and caught the last weak spurt of come as it jerked

"Oh, God," Rebecca sobbed, "Nuff ... enough ... I can't take any more!"
and she fell backwards to lie between Paul's outstretched legs.

Paul reamed Mandy's asshole with his tongue as she fell forward to suck
him to completion. Waves of sensuous pleasure washed over his body as
his daughter sucked and licked his jerking prick. He felt her swallow
time and time again, and, finally, she sighed and rolled off him.

"Christ!" he exclaimed, "I may need to get a houseboy to take up my
slack, the way you two fuck and suck!"

Turning on the bed, Mandy kissed her father gently and took hold of his
wilting prick as she whispered, "Don't play out on us yet, Daddy ... we
haven't even told you about Helga and Beverly ..."

Paul moaned, and he heard his wife laugh as she moved up beside him.
"That's right ... Mandy and I would like to have a party sometime soon
... think you could handle it?"

"Not by myself, that's for sure!" he replied firmly.

"Hey ... we could invite Doctor Prinz!" Mandy suggested.

"My psychiatrist?" Rebecca questioned.

"Why not ... after all, he's responsible for this ... in a roundabout
sort of way," Mandy confessed. "Besides, I know that Beverly's mother
would be open to a little party ... Bev says that she and her mom have
been making it since she was thirteen."

Paul perked up at the prospect of having another mother-and-daughter
combination at his sexual disposal, and he asked, "Isn't Beverly's
mother that luscious redhead we met at school last year, Becky?"

"Yes ... her name's Glenda she's a divorcee."

"Glenda ..." Paul mused, "I wonder if she's a natural redhead?"

Mother and daughter laughed and tickled him playfully, then Rebecca
questioned, "I wonder if Doctor Prinz would be interested ... after all,
he's quite liberal."

"Liberal enough for a little incest party?" Paul asked.

"I think so," Mandy returned. "I mean, it wouldn't be like he was making
it with one of his family ..."

And at that very moment, Prinz lay back on his huge water bed as the two
girls gave him a cat bath, licking and sucking him from head to toe. He
sighed as Renee turned her lovely face to his and kissed him sensually
on the mouth. How much she looks like Glenda, he thought abstractedly as
the pretty red-haired girl lifted her face and smiled down at him.

"Sit on my face, dear," he told her as he felt Polly spread his legs to
lick the base of his prick and his balls. Obediently, Renee climbed up
and lowered her wet cunt down to his waiting mouth. The moment his
tongue touched her clit, she gasped and orgasmed. His hands moved up her
body to cup her swaying tits as she cried out, and he too gasped as
Polly took the length of his prick into her mouth.

Finally, the three of them fell in a gasping pile across the swaying
surface of the water bed. Prinz sat up and gazed down at the two
exhausted girls; he was fully spent, and he found himself filled with
gratitude to the two pretty teenagers. The thought of spending the
evening alone had not appealed to him after the hour spent thinking
about his sister and his mother.

And Prinz knew the source of his sexual problems stemmed from the lack
of closure with his long-lost sister. Could he but see her once
again--sex aside--he knew the things he did with his female patients
would not be necessary. His maladjustment would be a thing of the past,
and he would be able to live a fruitful life--of this he was sure.

Still, the idea of being able to have sex when and with whom he chose
held a certain allure. He had been satisfied for some time with his
receptionist, Karen, yet he knew it was terribly unfair to that young
woman ... to have, but to have not. Perhaps he should hire a private
agency to try to locate Glenda ...

And as the thought pressed itself into his mind, he wondered what she
would look like after so many years. And another thought came to him ...
do I really want to know? It was a dilemma he had faced for too many
years, and as he lay there with the two voluptuous sex kittens, he
pondered the question.

Rolling to one side, Prinz found his erection had returned with the
thoughts of his sister. He found Renee's broad hips comforting as he
moved against her spoon-fashion and eased his throbbing prick into her
wet cunt from behind.

"Ohhhh, God, not again!" she moaned and stretched out as Polly moved up
to hold her in her arms.

"Yes, dear ... just one more time," Prinz insisted as Polly kissed the
girl and held her for him. He hunched forward with his hips to bury his
prick deeply in her cunt, and he thrilled at the warmth of her young
body. As he moved against her, she began to move back. Ever so slowly at
first, then, as Polly lowered her head to lick and suck the nipples of
her firm tits, Renee moaned and shoved back against the prick in her
aching cunt.

Closing his eyes, Prinz envisioned his sister lying in his arms as he
fucked the pretty teenager. He envisioned, too, his mother lying there
sucking Glenda's tits while he fucked her obscenely from behind.

"Oh, yesss ..." Renee sobbed, "Fuck me ... God, fuck me deep!"

And Prinz thrust more deeply as the girl arched to him. Reaching around
her full body, he took hold of her tits and felt Polly's tongue play
along his fingers as he massaged the soft flesh. Slowly, a rhythm set
up, and he felt himself rising as the girl pressed her ass against his
body and the other girl caressed her body from the front.

As he felt his prick jerk and spew forth its load of hot come, he cried
out, and the sound was more like a plea than an exclamation of passion.

"Oh, Glenda ... yessss! Yes, my darling Glenda!" he wailed as his prick
throbbed in the depths of Renee's clasping cunt.

Chapter 7

"Delightful, Mandy ..." Prinz said and glanced at his watch. The girl's
voice droned incessantly and Prinz smiled as her childlike excitement
came to him over the phone.

"And we were wondering, Doctor ... would you like to join us this

Prinz felt a rush of excitement, but he suppressed it as he reminded
himself that business and pleasure should only be conducted in one's
offices--in private. "I ... I'm afraid that wouldn't be possible, dear,"
he told her in an apologetic tone. "It really wouldn't be ethical."

Mandy laughed lightly. "Come on, Doc! We're counting on you--besides,
Beverly and her mother are going to be here ..." she paused, then added.
"I didn't tell you, but Bev and her mother ... ah, well ... they make it

Prinz thought about it momentarily--the idea of two incestuous groups
together at the same time stirred his excitement. Still, he did not like
the idea of not being in control. Then, a solution came to him. "Ah,
listen, dear ... perhaps it might be possible. Do you think your
parents--and your friends, of course--might like to come to my place for
the weekend? There's more than ample room."

Mandy was silent for a long moment, then she replied, "Let me talk to my
mom ... ah, do you think you could have your receptionist there, too?"
she asked, recalling her brief interlude in his office.

"That, I can't guarantee, Mandy ... we really don't need another female
... what we need is another man ..." and immediately, he thought of
Mark. "Ah, but perhaps there will be other guests."

"I'll give you a call later," Mandy told him, "And Doc ... thanks ... it
was so beautiful."

Prinz sat back and considered the ramifications of joining in group sex
with one of his patient's family. The implications were clear to him,
but actually, Rebecca Golden had worked her way through most of her
problems, and it was obvious that whatever problems her daughter had
would work themselves out. He was a staunch believer in the theory that
most neurosis stemmed from repression and suppression-and that once the
cause was exposed, the effect was balanced as a result.

"It will be interesting," he mused aloud and buzzed for Karen.

When the voluptuous blonde entered his office, Prinz took stock of her.
She had been with him for nearly two years now, and he felt it was time
that he shared with her some of his observations concerning her own
sexual attitudes.

"Sit down, my dear ..." he told her and gestured to the deep chair
beside the desk.

"Ah, you have Mrs. Powers scheduled in less than an hour," she reminded

Prinz nodded. "Yes, I know--that's why I wanted to talk to you now." He
folded his hands and leaned forward a bit. "How have you felt the past
few weeks, Karen?"

The young woman dropped her eyes as her face colored. She had been
waiting for the opportunity to share with him the unusual experience of
the man in the motel. "I ... that is, there's something I've been
meaning to discuss with you," she said nervously.

"Then by all means, do," he told her.

"Well ... it's a little embarrassing, Doctor Prinz ... I mean, it's not
the same as relating to you under hypnosis ... could we--I mean could
you ..." she questioned hopefully.

"Not today, Karen. I feel it's time you faced things in the light of day
... go on, please."

Looking down at her hands, Karen began, "Well ... the other evening, I
was home alone ... I had a tremendous desire for sex ..." Her voice
faltered and she glanced up.

"That's quite natural, Karen," Prinz told her.

"But what I did wasn't natural, Doctor!" she protested.

Smiling, he told her, "Let me be the judge of what's natural and what
isn't, my dear."

"But ... but I went to a bar where I'd never been ... and I picked up
the first man I met!" she exclaimed and colored brightly.

"Go on."

"We went to a motel and we ... we had sex."

"Did you enjoy it?" he asked, leaning forward.

Nodding her head slightly, Karen looked up then and told him, "I did ...
and the strangest thing happened ... while we were ... were ..."

"Fucking ..." Prinz supplied the word for her.

Karen blushed deeply and continued, "While we were doing it, I had the
overpowering desire to be spanked."

Prinz looked at her for a long moment as she paused, then he asked, "Did
you feel as though you had to be punished for having natural desires,

"I ... I don't know ... but that's not all, Doctor ... these dreams, you
see ... I've been having these strange dreams," she told him.

"Tell me about them, Karen ..."

"I don't know if I can ... they're so horrid ... so perverted."

"All right ... let's examine it. You say you went to a bar and picked up
a man. You fulfilled a natural urge by fucking." He smiled as he saw her
wince. "Come now, surely you've heard the term used before ... it's just
a word. And you say you had a desire to be spanked. Actually, with your
background, I'd say the entire thing is quite natural." Standing, Prinz
walked around behind her chair and stood with his hand on her shoulder.
"You've told me quite a lot through hypnosis, Karen--I fully understand
your sexual inhibitions." He felt her tense and he patted her shoulder.

"Wha ... what have I told you, Doctor Prinz?" she asked apprehensively.

"Well, you were quite explicit when you outlined having sex with your
uncle Robert ... and your aunt Julia," he told her and waited for her

"I ... I told you about that?" she asked incredulously.

"Yes. And since that tender age, you've managed to suppress your sexual
desires. Incest is quite common, Karen, I assure you. Why, I had a
sister named Glenda with whom I enjoyed sex for over a year--and believe
me, if the opportunity arose, I would have sex with her again."

"Doctor Prinz!" the pretty blonde exclaimed.

"Don't be so shocked, my dear--I fully understand what has kept you from
enjoying a normal sex life these past few years. Guilt that has grown
beyond all normal proportions ... nothing more. And it is guilt founded
upon childhood misunderstandings of sex." As he talked, he pulled down
the zipper of his trousers and told her, "Close your eyes, Karen--let's
try a little experiment."

The woman did as she was bidden, and Prinz moved around in front of her,
his bulging prick standing out from his open fly. He took hold of her
hand and held it for a moment, then he told her, "Keep your eyes closed,
Karen and describe for me what you feel ... will you do that?"

"Yes," she answered in a small voice.

Slowly, he lifted her hand and wrapped it about his throbbing erection.
Karen stiffened and tried to draw her hand back, but he held it firmly
in place. "What do you feel, Karen?"

"Oh ... it ... it's your ..."

"My what?"

"Your penis," she said and her face colored deeply.

"It is my prick ... how does it feel to hold a male reproductive organ
in your hand?"

"F ... feel?"

"Yes, how does it make you feel?"

She swallowed thickly, then licked her lips. "Ah ... strange ... but it
makes me feel ... ah ... excited, somehow."

"Very good, Karen ... open your eyes now and see that there is nothing
evil about it, nothing forbidding; there is nothing unusual about
it--every man has one."

Karen's eyelids flickered, then her eyes grew wide as she looked upon
his pulsing prick. Slowly, she began to manipulate it, and as he moved
his hand away, she reached up and took hold of it with both hands.

"You see--it can be a very nice thing to play with ... how do you feel

"I ... I feel aroused."

"Kiss it, Karen," he said firmly.

Thoughts of her uncle filled her head and she remembered being forced to
take his huge prick in her mouth as her aunt licked her between the
legs--and she remembered the thick white come as it spurted into her
mouth to choke her. She swallowed again, then leaned forward slightly
and brushed the head of his prick with her lips.

"Excellent, Karen," he told her and pulled away to tuck his penis into
his trousers. "You're making excellent progress. When Mrs. Powers comes
in, I'd like for you to assist me. She has a father fixation and it's
making her life quite uncomfortable."

Still blushing, Karen looked up at him and shook her head. "You ... you
want me to assist you?"

"Yes ... we'll deal with your inhibitions at the same time, Karen ...
that is, if you're willing."

"I'll try," she told him.

"Fine. Now, see to your desk and let me know the moment Mrs. Powers
comes in."

Karen left the inner office without speaking. Prinz poured himself a
liberal amount of brandy. He thought about Karen and her progress over
the past few months. He knew that had he tried to explore her feelings
too soon, she would have been unable to cope with them. So deep-seated
were her fears of sex, and so tangled were they with childhood guilt,
she might have been driven into deep psychosis had it not been for the
occasional sexual releases through hypnosis.

A short time later, Karen buzzed and Prinz stood to greet Denise Powers
as she entered his office. "Well, Denise ... good to see you today."

The woman avoided his eyes and went directly to the couch. As she sat
stiffly, Prinz crossed the room and questioned, "Is there something
wrong, Denise?"

Nodding without looking up at him, she said, "Yes ... my husband ... he
... he wants us to join a swap club."

"I see. And you find that undesirable."

"Well ... yes. I mean, I'm just getting over some of my sexual hang-ups
with him ... now he wants me to ... to have sex with other men."

"Do you find the thought distasteful?"

"Well of course--what would you think of your wife if she willingly
consented to such an arrangement?"

"Perhaps I would think she loved me very much--or that she too, enjoyed
more than the simplistic sexual aspects of wedded life."

"You ... you mean you wouldn't think she was cheap?"

"No, I'm afraid I wouldn't, Denise. But examine your own feelings--are
you afraid of what he might think if you consented?"

Nodding her head, she whispered, "Yes."

"And you don't find the idea distasteful at all, then."

"No ..." she confessed.

"Are you drowsy, Denise?" he questioned and watched her eyes glaze as
she replied.

"I ... I'm sleepy, Father ..." and she sagged back on the couch.

Again, Prinz was reminded of his sister Glenda as he looked down on the
lovely red-haired woman. Her body was trim and full at the same time,
and he fought the desire to rip her clothing from her body. He reached
out and touched her brow as he told her, "Sleep deeply, my beauty ...
sleep deeply."

Crossing the room to the outer door, Prinz opened it and beckoned to
Karen. "Lock the door, Karen, then join us."

In a few moments, a nervous Karen entered the room and closed the door
softly behind her. She looked toward the woman lying on the couch, then
she turned a questioning gaze to Prinz.

He took hold of her hand and led her to the couch. "Observe, Karen ...
Denise had sex with her father when she was in her teens. It has
affected her adult sex life to the degree that she still feels a great
deal of guilt, even when she has sex with her husband. She has worked
through some of her fears, but not completely ..." he smiled and
squeezed her hand, "Just as you have, my dear."

"Denise ..." he called softly.

The woman on the couch fluttered her eyelids and turned her head in the
direction of his voice. "Yes, Father?"

"What would you like to do this afternoon, darling?"

Denise looked towards Karen and questioned, "What do you mean, Father?"

Sensing the resistance, Prinz smiled and told her, "Your mother knows,
Denise ... it's all right, she doesn't mind."

The woman looked at Karen with a puzzled expression on her face and she
asked, "You ... you don't mind, Mommy?"

Karen looked at Prinz, who smiled and urged her to answer. Finally, she
shook her head and said softly, "No ... I don't mind."

"Well ... I'd really like to do what we always do when Mommy's not

Smiling, Prinz told the woman, "Fine ... then would you like to take off
your clothing, Denise?"

Without hesitation, the woman kicked off her high-heeled pumps and stood
up, a look of childlike rapture on her lovely face. Karen stood in shock
as the woman slipped out of her vest, laid it aside, then began
unbuttoning her sheer blouse. As she opened it to display a pair of
beautiful tits, she smiled impishly and unfastened her skirt. As it fell
to her feet, she glanced at Prinz and asked, "Aren't you going to take
off your clothes too, Daddy?"

"Humor her ..." Prinz told Karen and pulled off his jacket.

Karen watched in fascination as both Prinz and the woman removed all of
their clothing, then Denise looked up and questioned, "Mommy ... won't
you take off your clothes too?"

Karen's face flushed brightly as she averted her eyes from the doctor's
naked body. She felt an unusual stirring inside her and a warmth she
could not define. Slowly, she began to disrobe, and she felt both the
woman's and Prinz's eyes on her as she removed each successive article
of clothing. Finally, she stood naked, and she looked up to find Prinz
gazing at her appraisingly.

"You are absolutely beautiful, Karen," he said and held out his hand to
her. Hesitantly, she took his hand and they took several paces to the
couch where Denise Powers sat. "What would you like to do, Denise?"
Prinz asked her softly.

Licking her lips, Denise looked up at him, then reached for his erect
cock. "I ... I want to suck you, Daddy," and she began stroking the
length of his prick with both her hands.

Moving closer, Prinz smiled as he watched Karen's reaction. Her eyes
grew wide and she sucked her breath as the woman ovaled her lips and
took in the head of his prick. Licking it laviciously, she leaned
forward and ran her hands up to hold his balls.

"Yes, that's good, darling ... suck my prick ... suck your daddy off,"
he told her.

Beside him, Karen looked on in disbelief as the woman took nearly the
entire length of his throbbing cock into her wide-stretched mouth. Prinz
slipped his hand about her waist and drew her near as he whispered,
"See, she's enjoying it, Karen--all her fears are gone and she's no
longer repressing her natural desires."

"But ... but she's hypnotized ... she doesn't know what she's doing!"

"In a sense, she does ... do you know how many times you've engaged in
such acts ... in your dreams?"

Karen stiffened. The thing she had not been able to tell him was that
she had been dreaming about things of this very nature!

Looking at the lovely blonde, Prinz ran his hand downward from her trim
waist to cup the smooth cheek of her ass--the welts had disappeared.
"Does this excite you, Karen--does it arouse you to see a woman sucking
a man's prick?"

Unable to answer, Karen nodded slightly, then licked her lips. She was
drawn to watch as Denise ovaled her mouth widely and moved her head back
and forth. Prinz's cock was wet with saliva, and as the woman pulled off
to lick the distended head, Karen felt an involuntary shiver go through
her naked body.

"Do you remember what it was like when your aunt Julia sucked your
pussy?" Prinz asked her.

"Ohhh ..." she moaned and felt the heat rise in her body.

Prinz touched Denise's head and the woman looked up at him. Without
speaking, he turned her head and moved over a bit. Her face was only
inches away from Karen's golden bush. With his hand on the back of the
woman's head, he urged her head forward until her lips came in contact
with Karen's belly.

"Kiss her, Denise ... lick her pussy," Prinz said softly.

Without hesitation, Denise closed her eyes and her hand went to the
backs of Karen's thighs. She nuzzled the blonde's belly for a long
moment, then lowered her mouth to her cunt.

"Ummmnn ..." Karen whimpered as her hands went to the woman's head.
"Ohhhh ... oh, my God!"

Prinz smiled as Karen closed her eyes, threw her head back and moaned
loudly. Hunching her hips forward, she pulled the woman's face into her
crotch and began rotating her hips slowly. "Tell her what to do, Karen,"
Prinz said thickly as he watched the woman's tongue ease in and out of
Karen's cunt.

"Ohhh, yesss ... suck me ... lick my pussy ... God, it feels so good!"
she wailed and ground her hips into the woman's face.

Moving behind her, Prinz eased his throbbing prick between the
voluptuous ass cheeks of the blonde. He reached around to cup her full
breasts, and he found her nipples stiff against his palms.

"Is it good, Karen? Do you like to have your pussy sucked? Tell me ...
tell me how good it is!"

"Oh, God in heaven!" she sobbed, "Good ... so good ... I can feel your
prick between my legs ... on my cunt ... her mouth ... ohhhh ... Doctor
Prinz ... I'm going to come ... God, she's making me commmme!"

Prinz moved his hips back and forth and felt Denise's tongue brush the
head of his prick. The sensation of mouth and cunt at the same time had
him near the bursting point, but he held back as Karen sobbed again,
stiffened, and cried out.


Prinz held her tightly until the wave of orgasm had passed. Finally,
Denise looked up and licked her lips as she ran her hands between
Karen's legs to take hold of Prinz's cock. He disengaged himself from
both of them and sat Karen on the couch.

"Did you enjoy that, Karen?" he asked softly as he ran his hands over
her smooth body.

"Y ... yes ... God, yes!" she said emphatically.

Nodding satisfaction, Prinz made Karen lay back, then he lifted Denise's
face and kissed her softly on the mouth. "Would you like to have your
pussy sucked, Denise?"

A childlike rapture crossed the woman's face and she replied, "Yes, oh
yes, Daddy!"

"Karen ..." he said and looked at the smoldering passion in her eyes.

"I ... I don't know if I can," she said hesitantly, as Denise stood and
hovered over her.

"Try ..." was all he said.

Denise climbed onto the couch with the lovely blonde. She kissed her
passionately as her hand moved from her full tits to her wet pussy. Then
she twisted and lay beside Karen with one leg cocked up, displaying her
entire cuntal area. Turning her head to one side, Denise wrapped her
arms about Karen's lower body and hugged her to her.

Karen felt the other woman's mouth on her pussy again, and she chilled
as she saw the dense, red bush just inches from her mouth. She licked
her lips, closed her eyes, then lowered her head and kissed the woman's
puffed pussy lips.

"Ummmnnn ..." Denise moaned and thrust her hips forward.

Karen found her mouth suddenly glued to the other woman's cunt. She
thrilled as she ran her tongue over the hair-fringed lips and felt them
part for her. Easing her tongue upward, she found the woman's clit, and
as she licked it laviciously, she felt Denise respond to her oral

Watching the two women, Prinz held his prick tightly, and in his mind's
eye, it was not Denise Powers with her head between Karen's shapely
legs--it was his sister, Glenda. He looked at her voluptuous ass, and as
Karen tongued her wildly, he saw her ass cheeks pulled apart to display
that tightly puckered ring of flesh that so fascinated him.

Laying beside Denise on the wide couch, Prinz wet his prick head with
saliva, then nudged the woman's asshole gently. He felt her shudder as
his prick gained entry, and the first tight muscle stretched. He stopped
to allow her time to adjust, then, as she began writhing to Karen's oral
manipulations, he thrust forward with his hips. He felt his prick sucked
into the woman's asshole and she cried out lowly.

"Ohhhh ... yes, Daddy ... fuck me there ... fuck me in the ass!"

Karen heard her and blinked as she opened her eyes to see Prinz's thick
cock easing into the other woman's anus. She stared in fascination as he
shoved forward and his dark pubic mat was pressed against her full ass
cheeks. Karen moved her left hand between the woman's thighs and took
hold of the man's balls as he fucked Denise in the ass.

Prinz felt Karen's exploring hand on his balls and he thrilled. He
withdrew his prick slowly and felt her fingers touching the length of
his shaft. She was taking the initiative finally, and he knew that with
just a bit of coaxing, she would lose her other inhibitions as well.

Karen panted passionately as Denise sucked her pussy. She thrilled as
the woman's body pressed against her own, and as she touched Prinz's
cock and balls, she felt the flow of energy from her finger-tips to the
base of her skull. Never before had she been so completely aware of a
physical act, and that awareness gave her such a feeling of freedom, she
felt like crying out.

"Ohhhh ..." Prinz moaned as Denise shoved her ass against his belly and
his prick sank into her asshole to the hilt. He felt himself coming and
he could not hold off. The cascade of red hair tantalized him, and as he
inhaled the fragrance of her hair, he was carried back in time to the
evening that Glenda had introduced him to the pleasures of sodomy.

"Ughhhnnn," Karen sobbed. "Yeth ... God ... yeth ... thuck me ... thuck
my puthhy ... ohhhh ... ohhhhOHHHHH!" she cried out, and her body
stiffened as she felt the waves of orgasm washing over her writhing

Denise too, stiffened as she climaxed. She felt the thick prick deep in
her asshole and she shoved back against it as the hands on her tits
squeezed tightly.

Prinz heard her childlike cry as her hips were thrust backwards. Her
asshole clenched, then relaxed, then clenched again. His juices boiled
from his balls, and the first throbbing contraction left his loins like
a gigantic explosion.

"Yessss ... Yessss ... fuck ... oh, fuck ... Glenda ... oh, Glenda ..."
he sobbed lowly.

Karen opened her eyes wide as she heard Prinz cry out. She knew he was
coming, and she could not resist doing what she did next.

Prinz shuddered in ecstasy as he felt his prick pulled roughly from
Denise's asshole. He felt it spurt once, then it was engulfed by Karen's
warm, wet mouth. Her tongue swirled about the throbbing head as the
contractions took his breath and he felt her swallowing his come.

Karen opened her mouth wide, then closed it about the spurting head of
his prick. She felt her mouth filled with the thick white come and she
shuddered as she swallowed. Her own body quivered as she became aware of
the other woman's hot breath on her thighs, and she pressed her body
against that wonderful warmth of flesh.

Finally, the passion had ebbed and Prinz stood up from the couch. He
looked down at the two women lying languidly beside each other. Denise
Powers smiled seductively and stretched as she sat UP.

"That is some kind of therapy, Doctor Prinz," she remarked and smiled as
the shock registered on his face.

Karen sat up too, totally unprepared for the woman's not being under

"Denise ... Mrs. Powers ... I, that is ..." Prinz stammered.

"God, don't apologize ... that would spoil it all. I woke up when you
... when you stuck your prick in my ass ... God, what I've been
missing!" she exclaimed and reached out to take hold of Karen's full
tit. She fondled it softly, then leaned forward to kiss her on the mouth
as Prinz looked on in astonishment.

As their lips parted, Denise looked up and asked, "Do you suppose we
could have other sessions like this ... without the hypnosis?"

Prinz laughed. He could not believe his ears, for the woman who was
asking for further sexual liberties was one who had firm sexual
inhibitions that had been nearly impossible for him to reach through
normal "therapy." Moving to her, he reached down and ran a hand up her
silken thigh and touched her wet cunt.

"You are an amazing woman, Denise," he chuckled, "But then, I find most
women amazing in their own right."

"Then we can continue my therapy?" she asked.

"By all means ... and at greatly reduced rates," he said as she reached
out to fondle his soft prick.

Leaning forward, she kissed the head of it, then looked up questioningly
and asked, "Who's Glenda?"

Prinz felt his face color, and as the warmth spread to his loins, he
told her, "Someone out of my past, dear ... some one out of my past ..."

* * *

Glenda Borden sat with her arm about her daughter Beverly. She had
listened for the better part of an hour to the girl's arguments, and she
was seriously considering the idea of a mixed party.

"... and you've always told me, 'if it feels good, do it,' mother,"
Beverly told her again.

Sighing, Glenda shook her head and hugged her lovely daughter. "And
you're not about to let me forget it, are you?"

Beverly laughed. "Mandy said this doctor is really mellow ... he managed
to get the three of them--Mandy and her mom and dad--together without
any problems at all."

"A swinging psychiatrist ... that's all we needed," Glenda said and
laughed. "What did you say his name was?"

"I didn't ... Mandy told me, but I forget ... Princeton ... Prince ...
something like that."

Glenda looked at her daughter and a rush of emotion flooded her body.
"It ... it wouldn't be Prinz, would it?" she asked apprehensively.

Beverly furrowed her brow. "Do you know him, mother?"

"Then his name is Prinz ..." she said and felt the old loneliness well
up in her chest.

"Yeah ... I think so ... does it matter?"

Glenda shook her head as she looked down at the girl's lovely
sixteen-year-old body. She recalled when she was not much older than her
daughter ... and the pain she had experienced since. "No, dear ... it
doesn't matter ..." She shrugged helplessly, then added, "The only thing
that matters is that ... that it feels good." And Glenda kept the
stirring secret to herself.

Chapter 8

Friday afternoon, Prinz left his office earlier than usual and drove
with apprehension to his beach house. He had consented, finally, to the
suggested "party," and though he was looking forward to observing the
incestuous couplings, he still had some reservations. He had called Mark
the day before, and the young medical student had agreed to come, and
Coco had agreed to play the part of hostess for the weekend orgy.

As he pulled into his drive, Prinz was relieved to find Mark and Coco's
car parked next to the garage. When he entered the house, he was met by
Coco, smiling and radiant.

"Hey ..." she said as she kissed him softly, "This is our first orgy ...
who are all these people Mark's been telling me about?"

Prinz ran his hand over her full hip and cupped her smooth ass cheeks
through the thin material of her gown. He smiled and told her, "Just
some people who are into the same things we are, Coco ..."

Mark called out from the kitchen, then entered with a large box. "I had
a little trouble finding the things you wanted, Doc ..."

Prinz looked into the box and saw the theatrical masks. He nodded
approval and told Mark, "These will do fine, Mark ... have we enough to
go around?"

"More than ... got a couple extra just in case ..." he said and handed
one to Prinz.

Prinz slipped the mask over his face and looked on as Coco did the same.
It would alleviate any apprehensions the others might have in the
beginning, for Mandy had told him that Beverly and her mother had been a
bit reluctant to come to the party.

"I'm going to shower and change," Prinz told the couple. "The guests
should be arriving at any time."

"Go on," Coco told him, "I'll handle the front door."

* * *

Prinz had just stepped out of the shower when he heard the door chimes
sound. A rush of excitement filled his body as he slipped into his robe
and adjusted the theatrical mask over his face. He wondered idly who the
first to arrive might be--probably the Goldens, he thought as he ran a
brush through his dark hair.

Coco opened the door and stepped aside as Paul and Rebecca Golden
entered the foyer. "My name is Coco," she said seductively and sized up

Paul looked at the alluring black woman in the see-through gown. He felt
his prick twitch as she turned to Rebecca and extended her hand.

"You must be Rebecca," Coco purred.

"Of Sunnybrook ..." she said and laughed.

Coco laughed and slipped an arm about Paul's waist as she gestured
toward the guest rooms to the left. "Come on, you two ... I've some
things laid out for you ... would you like a drink?"

Paul felt the warmth of the woman's body and his hand went to her waist
as they stopped before the door of the guest room. "Yes ... scotch if
you have it."


"Ummnn ... something light," Rebecca told her.

Coco saw them into the room and then left them to change. She found Mark
at the bar mixing drinks.

"Just two of them?" he asked and glanced at the clock behind the bar.

"The Goldens ... beautiful couple ... she has nice tits," Coco told him
and glanced at her image in the mirror. The wispy gown clung to her
womanly contours, and the mask created an illusion of mystery about her.

Prinz entered and slid onto a stool as Mark nodded and handed him a
drink. The lighting was soft and subdued and a gentle melody came from
the stereo. "Did I hear our guests arrive?" Prinz asked as he sipped his

"Two of them--Becky and Paul," Coco reported, then glanced toward the
entrance hall as the chimes sounded again. "I'll get it," she said and
left the bar as Paul and Becky entered the sunken living room.

The moment Rebecca Golden saw Mark behind the bar her pulse increased.
She had never had sex with another man prior to her therapy with Prinz,
but her fantasies had been filled with tall, handsome black men who
possessed huge pricks. She saw her husband looking sideways at Coco, and
she wondered idly if he was drawn to her sexually.

Prinz nodded to the couple and an air of excitement overcame them as
they watched Coco exit the living room to answer the door.

"Ah ... Mandy's bringing Beverly and her mother," Rebecca said as Mark
came around the bar to stand near her.

Prinz found it difficult to engage in small talk, for, as he gazed at
Rebecca's lush curves through the thin material of her gown, he realized
fully how much he was looking forward to seeing her engage in an act of
sex with her daughter.

"That ... that should be them now," he replied and lifted his glass.

Mark sensed the tightness in the others and crossed the room to dim the
lights even further. In a few moments, Coco returned and told them,
"Three lovely ladies for the party." she winked at Paul, "I suppose I
should put in my bid for you now."

Paul's face flushed behind the mask. He glanced at his wife, but it was
difficult to gauge her reaction with her features hidden behind the
mask. He laughed lightly and turned to Mark. "It's okay with me ... if
it's okay with him ..."

Mark reached out to cup Rebecca's full breast through her gown. "I
believe an equitable exchange can be arranged, Paul," he told the other
man, "Your wife is a beautiful woman."

Rebecca chilled as the black man felt her tits. She was filled with a
sudden desire to rip her gown off and throw herself at his feet. She
swallowed thickly and looked down at his hand as it lifted her tit,
squeezed it gently, then let it go. "Don't stop," she said huskily, as
she saw Coco move her body against Paul's. "I like to be touched."

Prinz watched the interplay between the two couples with interest. His
own excitement was growing as the sound of the other female's voices
came to him from the guest room beyond the hall. He knew that Mandy and
her friend Beverly were undressing at that very moment, and he wondered
idly what Beverly's mother would be like.

Paul felt his pulse rise as Coco rubbed her hip against his and her hand
moved over the front of the togalike gown he wore to touch his growing
prick. "Hey ... I like to be touched too," he told her and looked on in
fascination as Mark fondled Rebecca just a few feet away.

In the guest room, Mandy was the first to shed her clothing and slip
into the sheer robe. She found the material sensual to the touch, and it
felt as if her body was being caressed by a hundred soft hands. She
looked toward her friend as she disrobed, and her heart beat wildly as
she glanced toward Bev's mother.

Glenda was a full-bodied woman in her late thirties, but both body and
face belied her age. She looked more like Bev's sister than her mother,
and Mandy thrilled as she watched the woman remove her clothing to
display a beautifully proportioned body.

Moving close to her, Mandy reached out to run her hand over Glenda's
smooth shoulder, then she touched her full ass cheeks as the woman
reached for a robe. "You're so pretty ..." Mandy told her.

Glenda blushed as the girl touched her body. Her mind was filled with
pictures out of the past, and the thought that she would be facing her
beloved Aurry in just a few minutes had her heart beating rapidly. "Ah
... look," Glenda said haltingly. "There's something I have to tell you
before you ... before we go in there," and she gestured toward the door.
She picked up the mask and fitted it over her face--somehow, it afforded
her an added comfort, knowing that the others could not see her face.
"This Doctor Prinz ... ah, he ..." She shook her head as she searched
for the words. "He's my brother," she blurted out finally.

Beverly's face went blank. Mandy looked at the woman curiously, then she
asked, "Are you sure, Glenda? I mean--he's really your brother?"

She nodded her head tightly. "Yes ... I did a little checking after Bev
suggested we come here--I haven't seen him since our mother caught us
... ah, together."

Beverly's mouth was wide. She closed it tightly, then asked, "You mean
you were balling your own brother?"

Glenda looked at her daughter and laughed lightly, "Well, honey ... not
exactly ... mother walked in while Aurry was eating my pussy."

"God, how exciting!" Mandy exclaimed, then said to Bev, "Wow ... that
means you'll be making it with your uncle!"

Bev merely shook her head and remarked, "Wow!"

Prinz and the others looked up as the three females made their entrance.
He recognized Mandy immediately, then he turned his attention to the
taller of the two females. He watched her as she descended the three
stairs to the living room, and he was completely taken by her figure and
grace. He glanced at whom he knew to be Beverly, and he nodded
appraisingly as she stared back at him.

"Welcome," Prinz told them as they crossed to the bar and Mark handed
drinks around.

Mandy went to him and kissed him lightly on the mouth, "Are you in for a
surprise ..." she whispered in his ear as she groped for his stiff cock
in the folds of his robe.

"I believe introductions are in order," Paul said, as Coco stroked his
swollen prick lewdly. "This is Mandy, everyone ... and this is her
friend Beverly ..." All eyes turned to the pert teenager whose breasts
stuck straight out from her body. "And this is ..." Paul began as he
reached for Glenda.

"Beverly's mother." she supplied for him, then pressed her lips to his
to silence him.

The introductions complete, Prinz led the group to the large circle of
pillows Mark had arranged in the center of the living room. The music
was soft and relaxing, and the lights were turned to a shimmering glow,
just bright enough to cast most of the room in deep shadows. Nervously,
the eight people sat, and all eyes turned to Prinz.

Clearing his throat, he asked, "Does anyone have any objections to any
form of sex?"

"Mother says, 'if it feels good, do it!' And so do I!" Bev said and
reached over to place her hand beside Coco's on Paul's bulging prick.

"And what does mother say for herself?" Prinz asked as the others
laughed lightly.

"If it feels really good--do it twice!" And the ice was broken as the
ripple of laughter erupted and each of them released their anxiety.

Sitting beside Paul, Coco licked her lips and fondled his prick. She
glanced at Mark, then said just loud enough to be heard over the sound
of the music, "Well, I came to this party for sex ..." And she lowered
her head to his lap to take the head of his prick into her dark mouth.
The others watched as the pretty black woman took more and more of
Paul's prick into her mouth.

Beverly watched, and as Paul lay back, she asked him, "Will you eat my

"Oh, Jesus!" he exclaimed and pulled her to him.

Beverly shared a long kiss with Mandy's father, then she slipped out of
her robe to squat obscenely over his face. She lowered her body to his
mouth and watched as Coco sucked his prick laviciously. "Ughhhnnn ...
good ... so good!" she moaned.

Rebecca felt Mark's black prick jerk in her hand, and as she looked at
him, she felt a rush of sensation in her loins. She wanted him to fuck
her with his huge cock, but she could not bring herself to tell him so.
Beside them, Mandy looked toward Prinz and Bev's mother, and she lifted
the hem of her robe to display her naked body.

Mark looked at the teenager's lush body and he shivered. He reached up
and ran his hands up the backs of her legs to cup her ass cheeks.
Pulling her to him, he buried his face between her legs, then simply lay
back, pulling her down atop him. Rebecca was left with her hand around
the man's great black prick and her heart beat wildly as she glanced
toward her husband who had his hands filled with Bev and Coco. Slowly,
she kissed her way down his chest until his prick was before her. She
licked the plumlike head, then sucked it into her mouth.

Prinz looked on in fascination as the double menage a trois formed. He
glanced toward the woman on his left, and a strange sensation flooded
his being. Running his hand up her naked thigh, he found her pubic bush
full and thick. He could hear her heavy breathing as she watched the
other couple, and as his fingertips touched her pussy, he sensed her
shiver lightly. Turning his face to hers, he said, "Looks like we've
been left to our own devices, doesn't it?"

Glenda looked at her brother, and her being was filled with love for
him. She swallowed thickly and spread her legs as his fingers played
with the lips of her cunt. She nodded and whispered, "So it seems ..."
Then she lay back in his arms as he pressed his mouth over hers.

Prinz felt her mouth open to him, and as his tongue touched hers, the
sweetness that came to him was somehow familiar. He felt her hand
wrapped around his aching cock and as their lips parted, it was as
though a voice had come to him out of the past.

"Oh, Aurry ... you always could excite me ..."

Startled, Prinz looked at the woman in his arms, and it was then that he
realized she had red hair. His heart beat wildly in his chest as he
reached up and lifted the mask from her face. As he recognized her, his
eyes filled with tears, and he realized what Mandy had meant when she
told him he was going to be surprised.

"Glenda! My God ... it's you!"

"Yes, Aurry ... yes ..." she replied and crushed her warm mouth over

The two were totally ignored by the others as they engaged in their
individual couplings. Beverly shuddered as Paul's tongue brought her to
a mindblowing orgasm then she climbed off as Paul and Coco assumed a
sixty-nine position. She went to lie beside her mother and Prinz, and as
they sat up shaking their heads, Bev reached for his prick and told him,
"Momma said you got caught eating her pussy ... don't you think you owe
her one, Uncle Aurry?"

Prinz looked at the lovely young teenager and realized she was his
niece. He swallowed and pulled her to him as Glenda showered his face
with passionate kisses. "God, this is unreal!" he exclaimed as both
mother and daughter ran their hands over his aching body and pressed
against him sensually.

"Yes, Aurry ... eat my pussy!" Glenda cried finally and tore off her

Lying back, the woman spread her legs widely for her loving brother.
Slowly, he slipped off his own robe, then removed the mask and cast it
aside. "You ... you're lovely!" he said, as he looked at her fully
matured body. He kissed the erect nipples of her tits as she groaned
loudly, then kissed his way to her flat belly. He felt Bev's mouth on
his thighs, and as his mouth came in contact with Glenda's pussy, the
girl took hold of his prick and stuffed it into her hot mouth.

Glenda cried out as her brother began licking her cunt and tonguing her
deeply. She looked down as her daughter sucked Aurry's prick, and she
wondered idly where the girl had learned to do that?

Aurry buried his face between his sister's legs and moaned aloud as the
teenager sucked his prick and fondled his balls. He was so filled with
love for them that he was just a little dizzy. All about him were the
sounds of sex, and he heard Paul cry out as Coco sucked him to

Mandy and her mother had Mark gasping for breath as Rebecca squatted
over his stiff prick and guided it into her wet pussy. Mandy watched the
long black prick slide into her mother's cunt, and she knew she wouldn't
be satisfied until she had some of the same.

Coco shuddered as her own orgasm wrenched the breath from her lungs and
she felt her mouth filled with Paul's sticky, white come. She swallowed
as his prick jerked and shot great gobs of the thick mucus into her
mouth. "Ummmmn ... ummmmmnnn ..." she moaned as he drove her wild with
his tongue.

Mark felt himself coming and took hold of the girl's hips as she ground
her pussy against his mouth. He had never had a mother-and-daughter
combination before, and he was lost in the rapture of pure sex as both
Mandy and her mother cried out above him. He felt his prick explode and
send great globs of come into Rebecca's seething cunt. She shuddered
above him and dug her fingers into his lean body as he lifted her, off
the floor.

Prinz felt his own juices boiling up, but he did not want to expend
himself so soon. He lifted his head from between his sister's legs and
found her sucking her daughter's cunt. The daisy chain had evolved as
Beverly had lain beside her uncle to suck his prick. Pulling away from
her, Prinz urged mother and daughter to make love to each other, then he
lay down beside them. With his face pressed against Glenda's shoulder,
he slipped his prick between her legs and simply lay there, luxuriating
in the warmth of her beautiful body.

Finally, mother and daughter brought each other off, and the room was
filled with their cries and sobs as they achieved orgasm.

Prinz rolled Glenda to her back and kissed her on the mouth. He could
taste the sweet juices from his niece's cunt, and he thrilled as Glenda
pressed her body to his.

"Fuck me ... fuck me, Aurry!" she gasped and groped for his thick cock.

Prinz felt his prick guided into the warm nest of her pussy, and as she
lifted her hips to him, he was again filled with an overpowering sense
of love for her. "Oh, Glenda ..." he cried as he sank his cock in her
cunt, "It's been so long!"

"Ughhhnn ... just fuck me, Aurry fuck me ... fuck meeeee!"

The others looked on as Prinz fucked his sister, and Mandy told them who
Glenda was. There was no shock, and the looks that crossed their faces
were nothing less than happiness for the pair.

The front door chimes sounded.

Prinz was lost in the depths of his sister's body, but the others
exchanged a curious glance as the chimes sounded a second time.

Coco slipped into her robe and went quickly to the door. She peered out,
but she could not make out who the person was standing on the porch.
"Yes ... who is it?" she called finally.

A soft voice answered, "It's Electra ... have I missed the party?"

Coco laughed and opened the door. Karen came in and immediately took the
black woman in her arms. When their lips parted, Karen told her, "You
see ... I finally figured out where my dreams were coming from ...
you're Coco, aren't you?"

Coco ran her hand from the blonde's hip to her full ass as she nodded
her head. "Yes."

"You're just as pretty as you were in my dream," Karen told her and
began undressing. "I hope I'm not too late," she said as she handed her
things to Coco.

"No, as a matter of fact, you're not ... the Doc is just now getting it
on with his sister ... come on!" she said and took the blonde's hand to
lead her down to the dark living room.

"Ohhhhh ... yessss!" Glenda cried out as Prinz fucked her deeply. "Fuck
me ... oh, God, fuck meee!" she wailed.

Mark looked up and saw the voluptuous blonde and beckoned her to sit
beside him. She did and looked curiously at Mandy.

"You were in one of my dreams too ..." Karen said as Mandy reached over
and took hold of her full tit to squeeze it gently.

"That was no dream, Karen," she told her and the two of them laughed.

Paul gazed at the tall blonde and licked his lips. He glanced at his
wife as she lay back in the black man's arms, then he looked back to
Coco and caught an imperceptible nod of her head. He reached out and
pulled Karen to him. "God, but you're gorgeous!" he told her as his hand
moved over her lush body.

Watching, Mandy could not resist. She moved down and brushed her
father's hand away from Karen's cunt and began kissing her wetly as he
looked on.

Just then, Prinz cried out and Glenda stiffened beneath him. They
achieved orgasm at the same instant, and the room was filled with their
sobs and sighs.

Finally, Prinz looked up and found all of his guests looking toward him.
He smiled sheepishly and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to
introduce my sister, Glenda."

"Don't forget your niece ..." Beverly said and snuggled to him.

The others clapped and laughed--all but Mandy, who had her mouth glued
to Karen's pussy. She felt herself lifted up, and her father told her,
"Hey, young lady ... I'm next on your sex card ... let's show these
people how it's done!"

Coco looked at Mark and shrugged. "It's a shame we're not related,
darling ... looks like we're missing something!"

Rebecca stood and crossed to where Coco stood.

She reached out and touched the black woman's body and told her, "You
don't have to miss a thing ... I'd like to make love with you, Coco ..."

She looked at the attractive mother and told her, "Never suppress a
desire, Becky ... that's what the Doc always says!"

Looking around the room, Aurelius Prinz realized that his suppressed
desires had caused him to live a frustrating life--constantly seeking
the intimacy he had shared with his sister with others. But now, there
was no longer a need for surrogates in his life, and he sighed deeply as
Glenda ran her hand down his chest to take hold of his still hard cock.
He had what he had always wanted--and though society would damn him if
they knew, he felt he could not care less--so long as he had his sister
Glenda ... and Beverly.

Turning to the lovely teenager, he kissed her lightly and asked, "Would
you like to have sex with your uncle, my dear?"

Beverly laughed. "Like mom says, if it feels good, do it!" And the
others laughed with them.

Cupping her full tits, Prinz glanced at her mother, then lowered his
head to kiss first one and then the other. Lower he moved his mouth
until the girl spread her smooth legs and exposed her pussy to him.
Prinz inhaled the girl's feminine odor and kissed her cunt lips softly.
As he glanced up, he saw Glenda kissing her daughter and fondling her
tits. He thrilled as he realized that he would have twice the love to
share now that he had found Glenda ... and there was a sudden ache in
his heart as he thought about his mother. But no need, he reminded
himself as he lapped the girl's cunt--he had his own mother-and-daughter
combination, and it would surpass--he was sure--anything he and his
mother and sister might have enjoyed.

The End