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[LLP-356] Daughter's Little Friend by Carl Tatem

Chapter 1

Alice Murphy turned on the bed, her long, satiny blonde hair cascading
over the pillow, forming a soft cushion for her head that lay heavily
back against it. A thin sheet covered her body from the warm Florida
summer breeze that blew gently in from the open window.

She had the body of a lush Venus, its provocative curves traced in
detail through the gossamer, clinging sheet. It barely hid the high-
set, round, widely spaced breast whose rose-tipped nipples clearly
showed through the thin fabric. The sheet tapered down over a slender,
girlish waist to round, luscious hips, a flat, smooth stomach and long,
full-swelling thighs; breathtaking curved calves tapered down to thin,
well-formed ankles. It was a body that would attract admiring attention
from the most discriminating of men--and envy from women.

The honey-blonde hair on the pillow framed a heart-shaped face that
would cause any male to turn his head when she passed. Her hazel eyes
were set slightly apart, and she had a dainty, almost Doris Day nose, a
full, ripe mouth, and a round, dimpled chin, and a soft, slightly
tanned ivory complexion. But at the moment, her lovely face was drawn
in lines of worry and dejection, and calm sleep escaped her, making her
toss fretfully, moaning occasionally in a soft, sighing voice.

Alice was worried because of her daughter, Sandy. It was Friday night--
date night for all the girls in Sandy's high school--and her sixteen
year old child was, like the others, out. That's all it ever seemed she
was, Alice mused. Where have you been? Out. What did you do? Nothing
... Alice wasn't afraid that Sandy was promiscuous or anything terrible
like that; Sandy had been a virgin at the last checkup according to
Doctor Webster, and she was a good girl by nature. But Alice was well
aware of the traps and snares young people could fall into in this
permissive age, and she had the natural fears which mothers, especially
widowed mothers raising their children alone, have about the
recklessness of innocent youth. And Sandy was dating Tommy Edgars, a
boy older and obviously more experienced, and definitely not one to
protect a girl, not if he could have his way with her. Tommy had been
the basis of many a fight between her and Sandy, for Alice thought the
boy was too good looking for his twenty years of age, almost
overwhelmingly masculine, like a young Adonis, and there was something
about him not trustworthy, though Alice couldn't put her finger on
exactly what it was. Sandy, on the other hand, defended the few times
he'd taken her out, saying her mother had been watching too many
gangster movies on television lately. Alice could only hope and pray
that her daughter's infatuation with the handsome youth would die a
quick death, and she would get a puppy-love crush on some younger boy
closer to her own age and class.

Not that Sandy was a child any longer. Alice had often seen Sandy naked
in the shower and dressing in her bedroom next door, as well as in her
skin-tight bikini and nearly transparent nylon underthings, and even a
casual glance made it obvious that the girl was mature physically. And
Alice had looked, in spite of an inner sense of embarrassment at such
brazen examination, because she was proud of having produced such a
fine offspring, and because it was her only physical, tangible proof of
her and her late husband's love for each other. She was drawn with love
and tenderness, and yet ... there were times when she'd watched Sandy's
snub-nosed, freckle-faced innocence and wondered if perhaps she was
emerging into maturity a little too fast.

Just that evening, Alice had passed Sandy's open door, and seen her
standing in front of the dresser, selecting a clean pair of panties
from one of the drawers. Sandy was naked, still radiantly rosy from her
shower and buffing with a towel, and Alice had been able to see all of
her firm young body in perfect detail. She had paused, smiling
wistfully, thinking that she had looked much the same when she was her
daughter's tender age. Sandy's slightly darker blonde hair was long and
straight, and fanned down over her shoulders and narrow back, framing a
face which was much like her mother's, though slightly rounder and with
her father's protruding lower lip, which gave her an almost perpetual
little-girl pout. Alice could see her conical young breast beating with
the rhythm of her heart, solid and upright, not as large but not as
developed as her own; her flat belly and cute navel and the gentle
sloping to her thighs, where a triangle of softly curling pubic hair
covered her vagina; then down, to shapely tapering legs and small
ankles. Then Alice had been able to see the thin cuntal valley between
her daughter's slightly spread thighs, had watched with a small
tingling sensation she wasn't able to understand as she followed with
her eyes the still-unbroken vaginal slit with its coral smoothness and
the little, limp clitoris nestled coyly in the warm, moist folds of her
virginal young flesh.

Isn't there, she'd thought to herself as she had stood by the door, a
time when a child is supposed to be a child? To be innocent and
foolish, free of the curse of maturity? Has Sandy grown up too fast,
especially now, without a father to help guide and counsel her with
proper authority? And then she had laughed at herself. The world was
simply spinning faster these days, that's all. If a sixteen-year-old
girl is eating better now, and getting better education and sports than
before, then who was she to hold back her development? Stop worrying

But Alice couldn't find the energy to even smile now, as she lay in bed
waiting for her daughter's return, much less laugh again. She was
worrying ...

And the young mother was dejected as well. She was a good woman in her
own mind, a respectable widow with a child to raise, who had
successfully placed sex in the back of her mind since she'd been
notified that her husband had died in Vietnam. Stoically, she had faced
the eight months from that fateful day when she'd received the black-
bordered telegram with only the memories of Robert's wonderful
lovemaking, and his delightful ways of causing her the utmost joy,
vowing she might remarry as she had remained a virgin until her wedding
night with Robert. Again, she tossed fretfully on the bed, kicking the
sheet unconsciously until it was most of the way off of her body, the
summer warmth not as hot as her own inner fires. She kept asking
herself if she should go on like this, denying herself the love of a
decent man--if she could continue denying herself this way. When a
woman is widowed early in her married life, how much does she owe her
child? Can romance live in life at thirty-seven and after?

Though it was dark outside, she was able to see dimly by the ghostly
light of a street lamp in front of her modest house. She propped
herself up on her elbows, trying to take deep breaths in an effort to
will her body quiet and relaxed so she could sleep, and the slight
breeze played over her now-exposed flesh. She could see her own full
contours stretching down in front of her. She was still beautiful, she
had to admit. The rounded peaks of her firm breasts stood up defiantly
and she could look through the canyon between them down to the soft
golden pubic triangle at the junction of her thighs that proved that
she was a natural blonde. She was proud of it--and yet, she thought, it
was the reason for all of her insomnia now. She lay back down, still
conscious of her nakedness, and she placed her palms under her full
breasts and lifted them still higher until they stood out in full
bloom. She held their nipples between her thumbs and forefingers,
tweaking them gently into erection. It was exciting to remember that
Robert had done the same with his strong, warmly loving fingers many
times in the past, and the very recollection of her husband's love
aroused her. Her hands moved down from her breasts to the smoothness of
her stomach, through the soft golden patch of her gently throbbing
vaginal mound, and across her well-rounded thighs.

She felt like a kitten, rubbing herself and squirming her body this
way, and color flushed in her cheeks, shuddering from the movements of
her softly massaging hands. No ... no ... I mustn't, she warned
herself, and with some difficulty, she forced herself to stop the warm
strokings. She groaned and turned over on her stomach, pressing the
sensitivity of her clitoris tightly into the mattress, attempting to
relieve the fire that was beginning to rage there.

But her mind continued to dwell on her husband, recreating his naked
body vividly, and she could almost relive the times when he had buried
his hardness up in her belly, and their hotly writhing coupling on this
very same bed.

Robert Murphy's penis was in view now ... Big, and thickly swollen with
his lust for her body, hard as iron and jutting from his muscular, Air
Force trained body in open, abandoned display of his excitement. Alice
quivered, telling herself to stop thinking such lewd, sickly erotic
scenes, yet as she lay heavily on her vividly pulsating stomach,
holding her breath, she continued to feel a strange series of
involuntary sensations churning deep in her belly and loins as the
prurient images filtered like a stag movie through her head. Her
breasts ached and her tiny nipples grew redder and hardened like little
diamond chips as she imagined her husband coming forward, crawling on
the bed ... her own nakedly trembling thighs spread in welcome
acceptance to his enormous cock which seemed to lead his body toward
her ...

A tender agony of delicious fire swirled through her vagina and womb,
in spite of her inner revulsion at the lewdness and clarity of the
pictures she was forming in her aroused mind. Her hands, against her
will, burrowed down between her body and the bed and groped at the
excitedly pulsing curls of her pubic hair. Her legs scissored open, her
toes dangling down over either side of the wide bed. She could feel her
own moist pussy slit beneath her pubic hair palpitating hotly now
against the tips of her fingers which were drawing the narrow, hair-
fringed furrow open, exposing the lips of her aching cunt to the warm
air. With a groan from her widely open mouth, she slowly, teasingly,
sunk one of her middle fingers deep into the thin, vertically moistened
opening. She held her breath, relieved for the moment, but it was only
a short moment. The fire burned more intensely, demanding more to feed
its lewd hunger. She slowly, carefully worked in another finger,
drawing her knees under her and then raising up in a kneeling position,
with her buttocks high in the night air. The squeak of the bedsprings
became more violent as she hand-fucked her fingers hungrily up into the
moistness of her vagina and then withdrew them ... only to slide them
once again in and out in a desperate imitation of her husband Robert's
penis as he had once fucked her.

The images in her mind of their nakedly locked bodies drove her on, and
she rocked back on her knees against her fingers, three of them now,
screwing them deeper into herself. She could see her husband's huge,
thickly glistening shaft ramming its way into her clasping cunt,
sinking through the soft pubic curls like a greased telephone pole. Her
hands became that pole, and her gasps began to match those of hers when
she had been grinding her buttocks up beneath his racing body, surging
her own sweating white thighs upwards into his loins in her own
desperate search for orgasm. She wanted everything she had once had;
she wanted to be split again by his rampaging cock; she wanted to be
fucked. Oh, God, how she wished Robert was once again with her, pumping
his own cum-filled penis into the hot, searing cuntal passage up
between her legs. Oh God! Her fingers weren't enough as her thoughts
centered on the massive rod which had fucked her as manfully, as
beautifully in days gone past, and she had to have more--but there were
only her fingers. In desperation, she reached up behind and down her
moon-shaped buttocks with her other hand and searched the smooth wet
crevice, then wormed a finger deep into the tiny puckered opening of
her anus.

"Oooooh God!" she gasped aloud as a sharp pain lanced through her
bucking flesh, then stilled for a moment, only to take up the rhythm of
the bedsprings again, her upper body braced against the top of her head
digging into the mattress. Her full white tits hung down, their nipples
brushing sensuously against the bottom sheet as they swayed heavily and
excitedly beneath her slavishly kneeling body. Electric tingles of
pleasure shot through her nerves as she pictured herself, legs spread
wide, twisting and writhing nakedly under the handsome, muscular body
of her husband. Her face colored crimson as she felt her climax
approaching--rushing at her with a great roar--and she hung for a
moment, teetering on the edge of release, her whole body vibrating.

And then the white hot juices of her vaginal secretions gushed warmly
around her rummaging fingers, covering her hand, and running down her
smoothly tensed inner thighs and legs to soak the mattress below. She
could feel it rivuleting in tiny prickly streams down, and she stayed
that way, her whole body quivering helplessly on her hands and knees,
for some time, her buttocks still swaying in the air. She couldn't
bring herself to withdraw her fingers from her still desperately
clenching vagina until the last dying throbs of her explosively
delicious orgasm had stilled in her flesh. At last she slithered her
fingers wetly from her satiated cunt, and she rolled limply over to her
side, the ever-present feeling of guilt crawling over her as it always
did after her futile bouts with her conscience. She had to learn to
control herself, to stop her self-manipulations ... If she had caught
Sandy masturbating like this, there'd have been a terrible scene ...
Was she so starved for sex that she couldn't subdue her carnal desires?
Was there something wrong with her?

Thank God, she was alone and nobody knew ... She was ashamed of her
actions enough as it was. Her spent body curled into a tight, womb-like
ball, and lethargy from her release flowed over her, letting sleep
glide smoothly through her tortured and confused mind ...

Then she heard the front door close, the sound of feet walking across
the parquette floor between the entrance hall and the kitchen.

There was a slight pause ... And then she heard the unmistakable sound
of Sandy. Her daughter was giggling! She heard her distinctly--a
tittering, girlish squeal coming through the walls. Sandy was home, and
she had brought that boyfriend of hers with her! What was that Tommy
Edgars doing to her to make her giggle like that?

Another peel of laughter rippled through the otherwise silent house.
Alice sat up in bed stiffly, clutching the sheet to her breasts almost
defensively. Whatever he was doing to her daughter out in the kitchen,
she was enjoying it--perhaps too much? A tiny shock of concern passed
through the lovely mother, making her spine shiver with apprehension.
Could Sandy be allowing advances to be made to her? No ... that was too
silly to imagine. But the thought persisted, and Alice found herself
imagining Sandy kissing the youth, as she had kissed Robert long, long
ago before they were married. Then she recalled the other things she'd
let him do to her, and suddenly she got very worried again.

Alice moved around and sat on the edge of the bed, wondering what she
should do, if anything. She didn't want to make a fool of herself if
nothing was wrong, and it could be perfectly innocent out there. She
listened ... there was quiet again, and then she heard a muffled
mewling, followed by a long sigh of pleasure.

Without turning on the lamp, she groped her way through the darkness of
her bedroom to the door, pressing her ear tightly against it to see if
she could hear anything more. There was the unmistakable rustling of
clothing and a soft kind of whimpering, but it was impossible to tell
exactly from the sounds what was going on. She hesitated again, telling
herself that if something was drastically wrong, Sandy would scream for
help. She would certainly hear that! Her hand was frozen on the door
knob as she waited silently, unable to make up her mind what to do.

A long, low moan suddenly was discernible from the kitchen. This
convinced her, and without further delay, she took her bathrobe from
the chair in which she'd folded it hours earlier and slipped it around
her still warmly throbbing body, belting it around her waist with its
satin cord. Yes, she would just take one quick look quietly so as not
to disturb them if everything was all right.

She silently turned the knob and opened the door carefully, stepping
out on the carpeted hallway in her bare feet. She padded through the
shadows to where she could peer into the kitchen, and then leaned
against the wall so she wouldn't be seen.

She could see Sandy, her lush young body vibrant in a pair of tight
blue stretch pants and thin, almost gauzelike yellow sweater. Her
blonde hair hung down her front, curling around the cup of one
protruding breast provocatively. She looks very sensual that was ...
almost brazen! her mother realized with a shock. Then Tommy Edgars came
into her view. He was tall, wide, and his muscular body was displayed
openly in the skin-tight covering of a white Tee-shirt. As usual, he
wore jeans and loafers, the jeans shrunk to accent his lithe, almost
obscenely well-developed thighs and legs. His crotch was full and the
faded blue material of his pants cupped it so tightly that Sandy's
wide-eyed mother could actually follow the outline of his penis against
the bulge of his testicles!

Before she could react further, her shocked ears heard Sandy sigh:
"Kiss me, Tommy. Ohhhh, kiss me like that again ..."

Hungrily, the boy gathered the young teenager into his strong arms and
embraced her. Sandy had her back to her mother at that moment, her
heaving breasts buried in her young boyfriend's massive chest, their
arms entwining. They kissed and nuzzled one another, squirming their
eager young bodies together passionately, and Alice choked back a moan
of shock, her eyes transfixed on the scene in front of her, her hands
sweating uncontrollably.

She could see the sensuously quivering flesh of her daughter's smooth,
taut buttocks, her shapely thighs as she arched her loins into the boy
named Tommy's groin, her upper legs pressing and grinding against him

A low moan came from the girl, as Tommy mashed his lips heavily down on
her mouth, both of them oblivious to the fact that her mother was
watching horrified but a few feet away, seeing the madly working cheeks
of their faces as they sucked and rolled their tongues freely in one
another's open mouths. Then Tommy reached one hand down and softly
grasped one of Sandy's excitedly throbbing buttocks, cupping it
lovingly, running his fingers tantalizingly over the barely covered

"No ... No, don't do that, Tommy," she heard Sandy gasp.

"Why not, baby? You know you love it."

"I ... I told you before, Tommy, I'm not that kind of girl," she
whimpered, shivering uncontrollably, gasping for breath.

"All girls are that kind of girl," he teased. The boy began to move his
other free hand around to the front now, gently pushing up the hem of
her sweater in an obvious attempt to cup one firm, throbbing young
breast in a sensual, delight-producing squeeze. "All girls are," he
whispered wetly into her mouth. "Unless they're in diapers. And baby,
from what I've been feeling of you, you're not in diapers any longer

"Darling," the beautiful girl managed to hiss. "No, you promised not to
do this ..."

"I've got to have you, Sandy," he panted in return. "God, you drive me
crazy, you know you do. Holding out all the time until I could climb
the walls. Baby ... I've got to fuck you!"

Fuck! The obscene word burned through Alice Murphy's tormented mind as
she stared, frozen to the spot. He wanted to ... to fuck her daughter!
But his actions, and the lewdness of his aroused phrases didn't seem to
repulse the abjectly watching older woman; rather, the sexual display
was having the opposite effect on her body. She could feel a tingling
warmth deep in her belly, and the soft folds of flesh around her
vaginal lips began to secrete moisture again ...

"No, Tommy ... And I mean it if you don't!" Sandy replied frantically.
"M-mother might come out and catch us!"

"To hell with your damned Puritan mother," he growled, losing still
more of his control, "You told me yourself that you were sick of the
way she hounded you all the time about us, treating you like some 'too
good little china doll'."

"She does ..." Sandy moaned, and the thought of how her mother
protected her against her will seemed to soften her resolve, and she
leaned heavily against the youth, allowing his groping hands free play
across her tender buttocks and breasts. Alice watched, her heart
pounding with anguish. Was her own daughter really thinking things like
that? How could she, when it was only for her own good ...

"Then c'mon, baby, and let's make tonight the night," Tommy Edgars
whispered passionately. "Let's go to that big wide couch in the living
room and have a peek at that hot little cunt of yours. It's time, baby
... and I can't wait any longer, I swear to God I can't!"

Alice knew that the time was now--that she had to find the strength to
rush in and tear them apart. She was unable to control her own rising
emotions any longer. Her own nipples beneath her robe were hard once
again, and she could feel tiny involuntary sensations of pleasure
coursing through her breasts and loins. She was aroused by the sight of
her daughter and her boyfriend dry-fucking vertically on the kitchen
floor, aroused impossibly ... and the realization that if she continued
to watch and Tommy did win out over Sandy's violent protests, she would
surely and inevitably be a witness of the lewd seduction of her only
child, too excited to halt them. It was a shaming and disgraceful
realization, and it made her quiver to the very marrow of her bones.
She took a deep breath, but then ...

"No! Please, Tommy, no!" Sandy abruptly cried. "I won't let you, and it
doesn't matter what my mother thinks. It's what I want!" She struggled
a moment with his hands, pulling one with hesitant force from beneath
the top of her thin sweater, and wriggling from the grasp of the other.
"I'd hate myself later! I know I would!"

Tommy resisted, and then angrily he pushed the girl away from him.
"Jesus Christ, Sandy! You're nothing but a prick-teaser!"

Sandy, ashamed at how close she'd come in her own home, and humiliated
by his stinging words, found tears welling in her eyes. "I have to be
sure, Tommy, can't you understand? I'm not one of your other round-
heeled girlfriends; I care who I give my virginity to. I need time ...
and, and I need to make certain it's love."

The handsome youth groaned, gritting his teeth from his own wildly
aroused desires. He'd blown his chances for tonight, he could see that.
He'd been too fast for her, too insistent, just as he'd been before
with her, and it was driving him crazy. The more she held out on him,
the more he wanted this sweet little cherry naked and trembling next to
him, and he vowed that he would get her, and when he did, he'd turn her
every way but inside out. In a false display of chagrin and defeat, he
sighed, clenching his hands into fists at his sides.

"Yeah, you're right, Sandy," he muttered. "I just get carried away,
touching you, that's all."

"I want you to touch me, Tommy, but ..." She bit her lips, stifling the
urge to confess what his fingers and lips did to her, afraid that if
she did, he might try again. She wasn't sure that if he did, she'd be
able to stop him ... or herself. "You ... better say goodnight, Tommy.
It's kind of late."

"Yeah, sure."

She smiled at him, her nerves still keyed to a fine edge from her lack
of satisfaction, but she was trying not to show him just how much he
had really affected her. She pulled him to her and he kissed her. They
held each other for a long moment, and then she followed him to the
front door.

Her mother slipped silently back to her room and into bed, still
trembling violently from what she had seen and heard. She tossed and
turned knowing that it would be better to face Sandy in the morning
after both their ragged nerves were soothed by sleep, and they could
talk a little more rationally. Talk they must, she could see that
clearly ... but would it do any good? Wasn't it painfully evident that
her daughter resented her? Alice suddenly realized that she didn't
understand Sandy as she had thought she had, and that there was a
communication gap between them that perhaps was too wide to ever be
able to bridge.

She sobbed to herself, hearing the front door close and her daughter
slowly walk to her bedroom. Tommy Edgars was gone, at least for
tonight, and the house settled into black silence once again. But the
muscular, handsome boy wasn't gone from the tortured mother's thoughts,
and even after she finally drifted into an uneasy slumber, she dreamed
of him. His almost animalistic body so graceful and masculine beneath
his clothing ... the way he had crushed Sandy to him and had almost
taken her like a savage in some prehistoric jungle ... Alice Murphy
whimpered in her sleep, starting to perspire wetly all over her lovely
naked body ...

Alice awoke shortly past eight the following morning. The brilliant
Florida sun streamed in through the large open window, and the same
breeze of the night before rustled the leaves of a rose bush sprouting
beneath it. She rubbed the thick cotton of sleep from her eyes,
reluctantly facing the new day, remembering as her mind focused clearly
the events of the previous night. Her own wanton exhibition while
envisioning her dead husband making love to her ... the lewd and
obscene sight of Sandy and that horrid boy, Tommy Edgars, in the
kitchen ... she shuddered, and quickly slipped out of bed, padding
across to the sliding doors of her closet. Naked before the rack of
clothes, she remembered again with scarlet shame her searching hand
moving up into the velvet softness of her pubic triangle, and the
intense delight of her fingers rubbing the swelling pink flesh of her
vaginal lips, sliding in and out frenziedly as she brought herself to
almost screaming orgasm. Then, shaking her head and shoulders as if
struck by a sudden chill, she dressed quickly in a simple beige sheath
and left the room to enter the kitchen.

Sandy wasn't up yet; she liked to sleep late on Saturdays, and after
last night, Alice could certainly understand why. The normally
vivacious widow made herself some coffee and toasted a couple of slices
of whole-wheat **** bread, then sat at the dinette and moodily
contemplated her life, her only company the throaty whirring of the
refrigerator beside her.

After witnessing the near lovemaking between her daughter and Tommy,
she knew that she was going to have to act. But how? she asked herself
disconsolately. How could she get through the resentment and
defensiveness Sandy had admitted was between them? She wasn't even sure
she could find the reserves to treat the subject with rational calmness
herself, much less instill it in her child.

Alice was pondering these questions when Sandy entered the kitchen,
tousle-headed, yawning, but dressed. She wore a tangerine-colored
miniskirt, pleated and high-riding like the kind worn when playing
tennis, which accentuated the tanned leanness of her long, firm legs,
and a thin jersey that her bra-encumbered breasts molded curvaceously.
She went over to her mother and gave Alice a slight, automatic peck of
a kiss on her cheek.

"Morning, Mom. Any coffee?"

"In the percolator," Alice replied dully. "I made it fresh."

Sandy paused, sensing the cool, vague distance behind her mother's
tone, and she pursed her lips, a frown replacing the last of the
sleepiness in her sparkling eyes. "Gee, is something the matter?" she
asked with concern. "You look awfully pale this morning. Are you
feeling sick or something?"

"No," Alice said. She blinked a couple of times, then looked up into
her daughter's face. "No, I'm all right."

"Are you sure?"


"Well, if you say so." The lovely young teenager shrugged, and poured
herself a cup of steaming coffee from the chrome percolator on the
drainboard. She brought it to the table and sat down, and for a long
moment it was utterly still in the kitchen, though tension crackled in
the air. It made her uneasy, and finally she burst out: "There is
something wrong, Mother. Don't try and kid me. Tell me, will you?"

Alice looked across at her daughter and slowly ran the tip of her
tongue around her lips to moisten them, steeling herself for what she
had to say. She said, "Sandy ... last night ..." "Yes?" Sandy
interrupted sharply. Oh God, is she going to bitch at me first thing
this morning? "Is it that I came in so late? I couldn't help it, Mom.
You know we all went out for something to eat after the dance; I told
you we would before I left!"

"No ... It's not about when you came in."

"Well then, what?"

The concerned mother took a deep breath and blurted out, "I heard you
come in, Sandy. You woke me up, and ... and I heard some noises, so I
came out to see ... and there you were, with Tommy Edgars."

Sandy stiffened, and a veil seemed to drop over her eyes, her face
setting stonily, belligerently. "You saw us together?" she whispered in
a deep tone. "You were here when ...?"

"Yes, and I saw everything. Everything, Sandy, and I heard everything,

"You spied on us!"

"I did no such thing!" Alice retorted, shaken. "But it was a lucky
thing I did happen to want to see you were all right, because ...
because ..." Her throat suddenly parched so dry that she was unable to
force the words through it.

"Go on, Mom, say it!" Sandy flared back hotly. "Go on, say that you saw
us kissing. Isn't that true? He was kissing me, hard, and what's more,
I liked it. I liked it a lot!" Her embarrassment was acute, but her
young pride turned it to indignation rather than shame, and her cheeks
burned with anger, her eyes flashing darkly across the table to her
mother. "Can't you stand the idea of a boy's lips on your sweet little
daughter's? Is that it?"

"Sandy, it's not only the kissing, but he was fondling you! He had his
hands on your breasts, child, and on your ... on your ..." Again she
choked on the words.

"On my ass, Mom," Sandy answered crudely. "But since you were so damned
interested in what was going on, then you also know that's as far as he

"And his foul language," Alice moaned, now shattered by the violence of
her daughter's unleashed emotions. "His profanity ..." "He calls it as
he sees it," Sandy rebuked. "Tommy doesn't believe in the hypocrisy of
your world, Mom; that's what our generation wants to end. But what
difference does it make what he said to me? I'm still a virgin,
remember? Don't worry about that, or do you want that dirty old Dr.
Webster to go poking around inside my pussy with his crawly old fingers
again to prove it?"

"Sandy, calm down! Honey, I only want what's best for you. If your
father were here, he'd be able to--"

"But he's not here!" Sandy cried derisively. "Dad's dead! Killed in a
war that should never even have been started! Can't you get it through
your head that he's gone?"

"Sandy!" Alice's face blanched a sickly color of bleached flour, and
her hand flew to her open mouth in horrified shock.

"At least I'm the healthy one around here!" Sandy suddenly stood up,
almost knocking over her coffee cup with her surging movement. "You
want what's best for me? Leave me alone, Mom, that's the best thing you
can do for me! Go find yourself a man and leave me alone with mine!"
And with those final, bitter words, young Sandy Murphy turned and ran
out of the kitchen, impervious to the cries of her mother behind her. A
moment later, the rear door slammed with a note of finality, and Alice
was left alone.

She sat stunned for a long time, staring at the doorway through which
her young, headstrong daughter had just fled. Oh God, what was she
going to do? If only Robert was here ... With a low moan of despair,
the beautiful but shattered mother put her head down on her crossed
arms and began to weep brokenly.

Chapter 2

Richard Hink glanced up from the morning paper when he heard the slam
of the Murphy's screen door, and he parted the curtains of the window
beside him so he could look out. He saw the young, lithe form of Sandy
Murphy in her tight mini-skirt stumbling haphazardly out.

Lecherously, he licked his thick lips; his eyes moved hotly over the
soft, already full contours of the girl's finely curved young body--the
taut firmness of her pear-shaped breasts jutting from the thin material
of her jersey; the tight roundness of her slender buttocks as they
jiggled provocatively as she ran. Sandy faltered by the edge of the
garage, either panting heavily or perhaps crying, he couldn't tell
which, but obviously she was greatly disturbed over something.

Jesus, he said to himself, would I like to get into that tender little
pussy. Every time he saw her he was hungry for her, and as he gazed
lewdly at the teenager across the lawn from him, his cock seemed to
answer with a throbbing, grinding beat against the tight elasticity of
his pants. Jesus, yes ... he sighed with relish.

Richard Hink was a tall, well-built man only a few years older than
Sandy's mother, with a shock of curly, coal-black hair that constantly
fell boyishly down over his forehead, and a thick broad chest with
well-developed pectorals, the result of his years as head football
coach at Prescott High School. Hink knew of Sandy Murphy from school as
well as from being her neighbor, though he didn't have her as a pupil
... yet. He had certain lewd ideas about someday starting an extra-
curricular class in which the lovely young girl was his only student,
and he could teach her what other sex education courses left out ...

It wasn't entirely coincidence that Richard lived so close to the
Murphys. Prescott was a small, old community only recently developing
as suburbia extended its macadam and cement tentacles from the big city
to the north. Modest income housing was short, and the tract in which
they lived was one of the few which a teacher could afford. He had once
lived in an apartment, but after the landlady had caught him in the
swimming pool buck naked with her sister-in-law, he decided that his
pleasures and pursuits required a more private location, and he had
shopped around for a house.

He had tried a very soft, very patient approach to the seduction of the
provocatively innocent Sandy Murphy all last year, knowing that a more
brutal approach such as used by some of his football squad might scare
her away. Or worse, send her to her mother, and he would face expulsion
and ruin, possibly jail. Up till now, Richard Hink had only been able
to become a sort of substitute counselor, something of a father figure
to the girl, though he had managed to introduce her to the big stud,
Tommy Edgars. If anyone could break through her resistance and fuck the
living daylights out of that virgin cunt, Edgars could, Hink figured,
and in return for the matchmaking, Edgars was to see that he, Hink, got
his share ... But so far, even Edgars had not been able to break
through the tender teenager's iron resolve to remain pure.

Richard Hink folded his paper and put it aside, then stood and walked
to his back door, wondering if there was some way he could turn the
misery that was so evident on Sandy's face into a furthering of his
future plans for the girl. He opened the door and stepped out on his
short flagstone patio, setting his features into a mask of deep,
humanitarian concern.

"Sandy," he called over to her. "Oh, Sandy!"

The teenager looked up, momentarily startled, her fresh young face
streaked heavily with tears. Her jaw was set in volatile anger, and her
whole body seemed to tremble slightly from being so upset. She looked
at him with wide, blue eyes.

"I ... saw you from the window, Sandy."

"Mr. Hink ..." Sandy, desperately seeking the guidance she had rejected
venomously from her mother, rushed across the lawn to where the teacher
stood. "Mr. Hink, it's just awful!"

"Hey now, it can't be all that bad," he said soothingly. "Why don't you
come in and talk about it?"

Numbly, the girl nodded and stepped by him into his house. Richard
could see that she was on the verge of hysteria, and putting his arm
around her, he steered her to the living room, where he sat her down on
the couch. "Calm down, my dear, and tell me all about it."

"Mother ... She saw Tommy and I together last night," she sobbed. "She
saw us making out in the kitchen, and this morning she started a fat
lecture about what an awful thing we'd been doing."

"Well, you know how mothers can be. It was bound to happen sooner or
later. When it's time for the young to begin breaking the bonds with
the nest. I told you that when I introduced you to Tommy."

"But what can I do?" Sandy wailed. "I can't leave home, not yet. I have
to stay there, but I won't give up seeing Tommy, I won't! She'll try to
make me, and ... everything will be ruined!"

"Now, my dear, it won't. Don't you worry your pretty little head over
it, but leave everything to me."

"Can ... can you really do something about this, Mr. Hink?"

The glimmering of an obscene plan was churning in the coach's mind. "I
think I can," he said calmly, with a faint flickering smile playing
across his mouth. "Yes, I think I can."


"Well, naturally I'll have to talk to your mother."

"I don't want to be there when you do," she said, shivering.

"You won't be, Sandy. I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'll phone
Tommy Edgars now, and see if he'd like to take you out right now for
all day, and that way you'll get your mind off this matter."

"Oh, I'd love that!" the girl cried, and she clapped her hands together
joyously. "That would be wonderful!"

"And believe me, my dear," he added with a shadow of a grin, "when you
come home tonight, things will be different. Very different!"

"You know, Mr. Hink? I think you're just the man to do it!"

You bet I am, little girl ... he thought secretively as he walked into
another room to phone. He didn't want Sandy to hear what he was going
to tell Tommy Edgars, because if she ever got the idea of what was in
store for her, she'd run back to that lovely but prudish mother of hers
like a flash. He looked up Edgars' number; the youth was asleep, and
answered after a half-dozen rings with a thick, slurred voice. "Hello?"

"This is Richard Hink, Tom," the teacher told him. "Wake up and get
over here. Sandy Murphy's waiting."

"Now? At this time of night?"

"It's nearly ten in the morning. High time you finally got into her
pants, too, boy, and there's not going to be any more fooling around
being nice about it. The kid gloves are off, and you're going to give
her the works. If you can get yourself over here, that is."

"Jesus, coach, I'd like to, but she's been nothing but a pain in the
ass. She won't stand for roughing up, and anyway, she'll tell her
mother if I start tearing her clothes off like a cave-man."

"Do what I tell you, and there won't be any problem."

"But I'd promised Joe Arrow to go over to his girl's house today,
though. See, Vicki Rolf's parents are away, and Joe's got a hot new
fuck film he wants to show. Should be fun ... Vicki loves getting
balled by two guys at the same time."

"So much the better," Richard Hink chuckled. "Sandy knows Vicki from
school, so she'll be that much more off guard, thinking that nothing
can happen to her with the four of you together. I tell you, I've got a
plan that won't fail."

"I don't know ..." Edgars said hesitantly. "I'd hate to screw up a day
of fucking Vicki on the chance I can score with Sandy."

"Tell you what, Tom. Instead of selling you the usual lids of marijuana
this time, I'll give you some special pot that's been doctored with
Spanish Fly. I save it for occasions like this, and if you can get her
to smoke it, she'll turn on like a mink in heat, I guarantee!"

"Now you're cooking!" Edgars said excitedly. "I'll grab my pants and be
over. Hot damn, I can almost feel my cock up inside that sweet little
cunt of hers already!"

"One more thing," the head coach put in. "Since I'm giving you the
marijuana, you can see that Vicki lets me in her house before you and
Sandy arrive. I'll be waiting and hiding when the fun starts."

"You planning to join in ... Make it a five-some?"

"Use your head, Tom boy. Only way we're going to get away with this is
to work on Sandy's tight-assed mother, too, so nobody will be spilling
anything to the cops. I've got a feeling that after eight months
without a man, she's itching for a good fuck, but she'll need the right
kind of encouragement, and I've got to be there when you shove your rod
into her daughter's belly to get it. Me and my camera."

Tommy Edgars laughed crudely. "Blackmail! Good luck, you bastard; Mrs.
Murphy's a damned fine cunt by the looks of her, by God. Hell, either
of them bitches could give me a hard-on that would ache all the way to
my knees."

"Same here, Tom, and who knows? If my plan works, we might nail both of
them together in a gang fuck. Now, hurry on over."

"I'm on my way, soon as I call Vicki," the youth said, his anticipation
contorting his young voice and lewdly telegraphing his hotly excited

Hink hung up the phone and smoothed his hair back, contemplating the
plot he'd conceived in his mind. Christ, if it worked, it would be a
literal tour de force! He wanted to fuck that luscious little teenager
all right, but there was the other member of the Murphy household whose
panties he'd dearly love to strip off, whose soft and perfectly
preserved feminine charms always elicited burning desire in his cock
and testicles. Damn, but Alice Murphy was a lot of sensual woman, going
to waste now that she was a widow. She was prime, and he, Richard Hink,
was going to try his best to ram his prick up into her blonde-haired
cunt and show her what fucking was all about. And if everything went
right, he'd soon be fucking her hot little daughter as well, and
wouldn't that be a feather in his cap! Mother and daughter, both
spreading their legs and opening their cunts for him ...

He walked back into the living room to smile down at Sandy, aware that
his cock was hard as a fence rail right now, just thinking about it,
and his mouth had gone dry, while small beads of sweat started to form
on his brow. Just a few more hours, he murmured to himself, and then
you, darling girl, and your lovely mother will be begging and begging

* * *

Tommy Edgars' powerful MGA sports car purred smoothly along the road.
Sandy relaxed against the passenger seat and let her long golden hair
flow out into the cool refreshing slip-stream of the car, feeling much
calmer and relaxed now that she was miles away from her home and

She gazed gratefully at Tommy, pleased that he had cared enough--
especially after his disappointment last night--to have driven over to
pick her up for the day. She sighed, stretching out her arms, and said
to him: "Well? Where are we heading?"

The youth grinned back at her. "You'll see, baby."

"No, tell me, Tommy! I want to know what the prescription is going to
be for my blues."

"Ain't going to be bad tasting, I'll say that," Edgars taunted, and
then he threw his head back and laughed heartily. "Naw, I'll tell you,"
he said after a moment. "We've been invited to a party up at Vicki
Rolf's house. A small party, just us and Joe Arrow will be there, but
the way I hear it, it will be a damned fine party. You game?"

Sandy regarded her handsome boyfriend quizzically. "I know Vicki from
school a little bit. She's a grade ahead of me, so I don't pal around
with her, but ... isn't she supposed to be sort of wild, Tommy?"

"Well now, if you're scared ..." Tommy teased.

Tommy's remark irked the girl. She was tired of being treated like a
babe in arms, though she had to admit that this time it was her own
fault, hesitating the way she had. "I'd love to go," she said
decisively. "I was just asking, that's all."

"I tell you now, baby, this ain't a party for kiddies."

"What do you mean?"

"There'll be some drinking, and Joe's bringing a stag film and things
like that to get everybody nice and friendly and forgetting their
troubles. Ever seen a stag film?"

"N-No, I haven't," she replied, her voice cracking slightly. "A-Are
they bad?"

"Depends on what you call bad," the boy chuckled. "They get one nice
and heated up if you let them. So if it would scare you, tell me now.
It would be a bad scene, baby, if you chickened out when the fun and
games began."

Sandy considered herself old enough to handle any situation, and
besides, what harm could a little drinking and watching a sex movie do?
She'd been able to stop Tommy's advances all the times before, hadn't
she? Anyway, Vicki would be there, and nothing really terrible would
happen with the two of them ... "I said I wanted to go, and I do, Tommy
Edgar," she said defiantly. "I'm here for a good time, aren't I?"

"Good girl," he chuckled again. "I'd hate to have to sit through one of
those things without some good female company. We've a little time,
though, because Vicki said not to come until noon. She's fixing lunch
for us."

"That's nice of her," Sandy said.

"Vicki's a very nice girl," Tommy replied, the thin smile on his
handsome young face was hidden from the girl beside him as he turned a
left-hand corner and sped across town to the park. "Let's kill the time
watching the sailboats, okay?"

"Okay!" Sandy agreed heartily, but in spite of her efforts, the
haunting feeling wouldn't go away that perhaps she shouldn't have been
so eager to agree. But it was too late now; she had committed herself,
and she would not back down ...

The hours until noon passed quickly for the young girl. Tommy was at
his nicest, talking a blue streak in an effort to cheer her up, the day
was beautiful and hot without being overly muggy, and the park was
lovely ...

The Rolfs came from one of the better sections of Prescott, and their
house was a lovely and spacious Spanish style of white stucco and black
wrought iron. Wide, rolling grounds bordered it, much as the park had
bordered the sail-boat pond, with a magnificent swimming pool and a
tennis court tucked away between large old trees and a miniature
mountain of stone from which a landscaped stream and waterfall gushed
pleasantly. Sandy had never been to such a beautiful home, and was
fascinated by it from the moment they entered the crushed oyster-shell
drive to arrive before the massive front doors.

Vicki Rolf was a tall, auburn-haired girl with rich-swelling breasts
like melons ripe on the vine, and curving hips with seductively swaying
buttocks and long, limber legs. She was wearing an extremely brief pair
of hotpants that failed to cover the entirety of her round, moon-shaped
ivory buttocks, and they curved in so that they emphasized the crevice
between her ass-cheeks blatantly. From the front, they snugly molded
her full, fleshy vaginal lips, indicating without any question the
contours of her young, pubescent cunt. Sandy had a hard time keeping
her eyes modestly away from the other girl's pussy, her mind once more
dwelling on the stories she'd heard about the "wild" Miss Rolf and her
promiscuous ways. There'd never been any proof, but it was hard not to
think that Vicki and Joe Arrow weren't ... well, weren't lovers!

Vicki had come around the side of the house bare-footed, a tall frosted
glass in her slim hand and a cheery smile on her face, and had been
waiting for the MGA to pull to a halt. She came over to the small car.
"Hi, Tom," she said in a throaty purr. "Oh, and it's good to see you
again, Sandy. You've never been here before have you?"

"No, Vicki," Sandy said, pleased at the way she'd been greeted. Of
course she'd never been here ... but it was a nice greeting

"Well, you'll just have to come more often," Vicki said lightly, and
then she waved in the direction from which she'd come. "Joe's waiting
on the sun-deck. He's been swimming." As the three of them went around
the side to the porch, Vicki asked: "You want to go swimming, Sandy?"

"I didn't bring a suit, I'm afraid."

"Well, Joe didn't either, but one of my Dad's fitted him." She laughed,
and added, "Dad's a lot thinner and shorter, so it didn't fit too well,
but enough to cover the important parts, at least!"

The path ended in a long, narrow grotto, floored with more of the lush
greenery, and fronting the small quarry and waterfall and the tiled
swimming pool. Beneath three tall eucalyptus trees were several
brightly colored lounge chairs and chaise lounges, and in one of the
chairs, his feet on a white metal table, was Joe Arrow.

Sandy had never met Arrow before, since he was a friend of Tommy's, and
similarly out of school by a few years. His brown hair was thick and
shaggy, and at the moment still damp from his swimming, and as he stood
up to greet them, his eyes seemed to bore into her with an odd
maliciousness which made her tingle reflexively. It was almost as if he
was mentally stripping her hotpants off of her, leaving her naked and
defenseless! And Lord! Vicki hadn't been joking about the swimming
trunks, either! They were elastic, a yellow-green which looked as if
they'd been painted around his bronzed, hard-muscled thighs. They were
lower than where she wore her bikini bottoms, and the hard, bas-relief
outline of his limply curled penis strained at the stretched, thin
material, threatening to tear it in half. Why, it shows everything he
has! Sandy thought prudishly.

Vicki went over to Joe, and he placed his arm around her waist, his
fingers splaying familiarly on the satiny surface of her flesh that was
exposed between her skirt and bolero top. "Joe, this is Sandy Murphy,"
Vicki introduced, moving her body closer to his, rubbing herself
against him like a seductively purring cat.

"Well, well, you're the Sandy Tom's been bragging about." His cool grey
eyes appraised her in an almost predatory way, and Sandy saw that his
gaze seemed almost to caress her jutting breasts.

"Can I pick them, buddy, or can I pick them?" Tommy said, sitting down
with a swagger.

"You can certainly pick them, Tom!" Joe agreed ardently.

"Let's get the show on the road," Vicki interjected. "Look, you get the
pitcher you left in the cabana, Joe, and I'll bring out the lunch." She
turned to Tom and Sandy. "I don't know about you two, but I'm hungry!"

"You're always hungry, pussy-cat," Joe said, and walked away.

"I'm starving," Sandy agreed. "I didn't have any breakfast."

"This should make up for it," Vicki said. "You wait right here."

Soon platters of hot, spicy chicken appeared, along with a tartly
dressed salad and a salty bread which Sandy couldn't identify. Along
with the food was a rum cocktail, and it was only after a little
hesitation that Sandy slaked her thirst with the cooling drink.

The young girl didn't care for the taste of alcohol, but the cocktail
mix successfully masked it from her, and before she knew it, she was on
a second large tumbler-full of the purplish drink. She drank it down
promptly, as if it was grape-ade and not a potent liquor, only to find
that Joe was again topping her glass, winking at her as he poured. The
rum began to take its toll, and she started to experience a general
physical relaxing of her body, the tension of the morning evaporating
from her flesh. Some of her mental reservations slowly disappeared as
well, and surprisingly, by the end of the meal she was finding that she
was in rapport with the three others as if she'd been friends with them
a long time. She giggled, looking at Tommy now and then, and seeing
that his handsome face was slightly flushed, and he was grinning
crookedly. She realized that he, too, was beginning to feel the effects
of the rum, but she didn't care ... she didn't care at all. She was
thoroughly enjoying herself now, and felt giddy and lightheaded, almost
carefree. She was glad that she'd come. Joe wasn't half as bad as she'd
first thought, and Vicki was very nice, very sweet and kind.

Joe went into the house to mix a fresh batch of cocktails, and when he
came back, he again favored the young teenager with a profligate smile,
his eyes once more traveling the width and breadth of her creamy, firm
body. "Yeah, buddy," he said to Tommy, "she's really something!"

Sandy blushed under his frank examination. "T-Thank you," she said in a
faltering tone, lowering her eyes.

"That calls for a drink," Tommy said, and took the pitcher to pour the
four glasses full again. "Everything calls for a drink!"

"Damned right it does," Vicki agreed. "Drink up, everybody. There's
plenty more where these came from." She laughed heartily, never telling
the innocent little virgin bitch across from her that she was laughing
at her. The lunch was not because she liked to cook; it was because
she'd been briefed about the plan to seduce Sandy Murphy, and knew that
the salty, spicy foods would cause more drinking. And leave it to an
inexperienced girl to guzzle the rum like it was soda-pop! It was a
kick, being in on the seduction of this naive young girl, and the
thought of all the things Tom was going to do to her with his cock made
the smooth fleshy walls of her own cunt tingle and secrete slightly,
wetting her panties as it trickled slowly down from her vaginal lips.
And Christ ... then there was Richard Hink downstairs, hiding in the
closet with his Polaroid camera! Jesus, this should be one damned wild
afternoon! And the young wanton laughed loudly again ...

Tom wiped a hand across his perspiring forehead. "Whew," he said. "Is
it getting hotter, or is it just me?"

Joe grinned. "A little of both, I think. Why don't we go inside now,
and I'll show the movie I got from Copenhagen last week?"

"Good thinking," Vicki said. "Later we can sit out here when it cools
down a bit. I've got Dad's movie machine and screen all set up in the
basement, and we'll be plenty comfortable down there."

Sandy was thoroughly enjoying herself, and no longer had any fear of
seeing the stag film. She had been beginning to wonder when they were
going to see this hot movie she'd been warned about, and had to admit
to herself as she rose and walked with Tom inside the house that now
she was actually anticipating it.

Chapter 3

The four of them went down a broad flight of stairs to a lavishly
decorated play room, done in red velvet and knotty pine paneling, with
a luxurious deep-pile carpet on the floor. Joe, who was carrying the
pitcher of rum punch and Vicki were both barefoot; Tom and Sandy kicked
off their shoes and sat down on one of the long low couches that were
on either side of the 8mm motion picture projector, and which faced a
large, square silver screen.

She had to crawl over the seat to Tom, the couch being so wide, and
when they were leaning back against the deep soft back cushion, just
her feet were hanging over the edge. She had difficulty adjusting
herself without spilling her drink, but Tom took it from her hand and
she settled back comfortably against him. He handed her the drink
again, and curled his arm around her, pulling her tightly against him.

"More like a bed, isn't it?" he laughed softly.

"Yes." she said, shivering expectantly. "Now what?"

"Well, we sit here and sort of work up to it." And as if in further
answer, Joe was crawling across the couch to them, the pitcher in his
hands. "Here, a little more. To toast the hope I got my money's worth
in the film!"

"I ... I think I've had enough," Sandy said. "I don't want to get

"You won't," Tom promised. "Go on, be a sport."

"Be a sport," she murmured to herself, remembering his words earlier
about it being too late now to back out ... she drank deeply from the
refreshed glass, and then settled back again, taking a deep gasp of
air. Her head was whirling, and the screen before her eyes was tilting

"Have a cigarette," Tom offered, leaning over to offer Vicki and Joe
one from a tin box which had once contained pipe tobacco. Then he
offered one to Sandy, who shook her head. "Go on," he urged. "You
smoke, don't you?"

"Yes, but ..." She saw that they were hand rolled, of a peculiar
brownish color like no cigarette she'd ever seen before. Moreover, they
didn't have filters, which she preferred the few times she'd
experimented with smoking. "I'd rather not now, thank you."

"It's the real stuff, Sandy," Vicki said. "You're missing something if
you don't at least try one."

"What--what kind are they?" she asked tentatively, her curiosity now
piqued by the other girl's insistence.

"Oh, just a little stronger than the usual American brand," Tommy
explained casually. "You smoke them for the taste, which is sort of
sweeter and less bitter than the normal kind. Like Vicki says, you
should try it anyway. What the hell harm can it do? Just inhale the
first few puffs slowly so you won't choke."

"Are they safe? I ... I mean, they don't make you not know what you're
doing, do they?"

"Of course not, silly," Tom answered impatiently. "Just try a few
drags, and if you don't like it, then stop."

"All right," Sandy said hesitantly, not knowing what the tobacco was
inside them but not wanting to appear any more of a child than she
already had. She bravely took a cigarette and allowed Tom to light it
for her.

"Slowly, slowly," Joe interjected, as he took a drag from his own.
Sandy watched him and then Tom, finally inhaling very gently, as
instructed. It had a strange but not unpleasant taste, and she inhaled
deeper on the next pull, holding it down for a few seconds at Tom's
instructions before exhaling.

After three or four inhalations, Sandy could hardly feel the smoke
curling down into her lungs, it was so smooth. She watched Vicki
holding her breath as long as she could, and then took a deep drag
herself and held it down deep until she just had to exhale.

"They're nice," she said in a voice that didn't seem to be hers. She
looked at Vicki and Joe on the other side of her, and they suddenly
seemed to be miles away. "But I feel sort of funny."

"So do I," Vicki said. "Nice kind of funny." It seemed like a logical
kind of answer, for indeed, Sandy felt nice in a funny way. She had
never felt so nice, come to think of it, or so soft. The longer she
held the smoke down the softer and nicer her world became, and then she
noticed that Joe had gotten up and switched off the lights in the room,
returning to the projector to turn it on.

She could feel the pressure of Tommy Edgars against her thigh, but the
thin, brown cigarette had dulled even her fears about him. She felt too
good, and she returned the pressure slightly to let him know that she
didn't mind and that she liked him ... she could feel the delicious
warmth of the marijuana cigarette tingling deep inside ... deeper down
than she had ever felt anything before in her life ...

The screen suddenly lit up with the white light of the blank beginning
frames, then the first picture came into view, and Joe focused the lens
so that it was in sharp clarity. Sandy could make out a large bed, a
small dressing table to one side with a large mirror near it. It was a
beautiful setting, she thought dreamily, better than her own bedroom.
The marijuana had made her thirsty, and she drank from her rum cocktail
thirstily, only to find that Tom was filling it again and giving the
pitcher back to Joe. She smiled warmly at her boyfriend, glad that he
was here to take care of her, and then she saw on the screen that the
door of the bedroom was opening and a young, innocent looking
Scandinavian girl was walking in. She didn't appear to be much older
than Sandy or Vicki, and was very lovely, with a melancholy look on her
face that reflected a deep loneliness. It touched Sandy to the depths,
as she felt identified with the girl in her drugged fog, her own
emotions heightened by the marijuana to bind her inextricably to those
of the lonely creature on the screen.

The girl picked up a picture from the dressing table, looking longingly
at it for a moment, and then pressed it tenderly to her full breasts,
outlined clearly beneath the tight, black dress she was wearing. She
placed the photograph on her pillow gently, and began to undress. She
slipped the short dress slowly upwards, exposing full, well-rounded
thighs, the black of her dainty, lace-trimmed silken panties
contrasting sharply with the creamy ivory of her exposed flesh.

Sandy could hear sounds of delight from Joe and Tommy as the dress
snailed its way over the girl's head, and her beautifully curved torso
emerged. Her bra fell to the floor with a flick of her fingers, and the
full beauty of her firm, ripe breasts swung into freedom. They stood
high and proud and their quivering nipples were turgid on the luscious
half-spheres, and as the girl raised her arms high over her head to
pull her long, black hair up, her breasts peaked still higher in
alluring motion.

She was almost naked now, in just her thin wisp of sheer panties. She
turned and bent over slowly, her back to the camera, drawing the black
thin, gossamer material tantalizingly down over her curved hips and
buttocks, brushing them sensuously against her smooth thighs and
calves, finally discarding them at her feet by the dress. She stretched
languidly and teasingly turned to the front again. All her delicious
nudity was exposed now, from her high-rounded breasts to the soft dark
curls of her pubic mound.

Sandy shifted nervously next to Tom. She had never expected anything
like this! Maybe some torrid, but not all the way, love scenes with a
man, and perhaps a bare breast now and then, but at least a "G" string,
ineffectual as it might be. But this exposed all the girl had to offer,
and she was making no attempt to hide it, either!

The girl lay down on her stomach on the bed now, the picture of her
absent lover in her hands, looking at it with a deep longing that could
mean only one thing. She was sexually aroused by her thoughts and
needed release! Sandy gasped aloud as the girl turned over on her back
and began to massage her breasts with her free hand in tiny teasing
circles, tweaking the soft nipples into sudden throbbing hardness. Her
legs scissored open and closed slowly, exposing the thin slit of her
vagina, nestled teasingly in the soft dark hair between her thighs, her
feet pointed directly at the camera. The girl slowly worked herself
into a burning passion, her buttocks twisting against the mattress as
though she was trying to bury herself in it. Sheer, wanton desire
reflected in her eyes, as if she wasn't acting the part, but living it.

Sandy couldn't understand how the girl could act such a part unless she
was really feeling it. She remembered lying in her own bed after heavy
dates--last night, for example--and how she had gone insane from the
frustration of her arousal until she had relieved herself with her own
tiny fingers. She blushed slightly at the thought, and squirmed her
buttocks nervously, feeling the edge of the cushion brush electrically
against the soft swelling of her vulva. She jumped at the unexpected
contact, and the more unexpected shock it had brought. Her breath
quickened, and she drank heavily from her glass again, attempting to
cool some of the warmth the girl's passion had transmitted to her own
slim body.

While she was drinking, Tommy lit two more thin, brown cigarettes and
passed one to her. Without thinking, Sandy pressed it to her lips and
pulled deeply, perhaps hoping it would help still the unwanted ache
beginning deep within her belly.

With each drag, Sandy could feel herself mentally unwind. This one
heightened the feeling from the first cigarette, and she didn't feel
she was the same person she had been a moment ago. She was someone
else, and it frightened her a lot, but she couldn't think about it now.
The heat and excitement generated by the heavy smoke of the marijuana
and the girl on the screen was beginning to stimulate her hotly against
her will. She squirmed down against the couch again, feeling the round
edge of the cushion push her miniskirt and panties into the soft
yielding crevice between her buttocks; she rubbed herself gently
against it, working the corner of the cushion between the fleshy moist
lips of her vagina. Her body rocked on it in an almost indiscernible
rhythm--in concert with the writhing girl on the stage. She could feel
the wetness spread between her thighs and she spread them slightly to
gain greater contact with the cushion. The roughness brushed soothingly
against her tiny, rising clitoris through the sheerness of her panties.

She looked guiltily out of the corner of her eyes at Joe and Vicki next
to her to make sure they hadn't noticed, but they were so engrossed in
the film that they hadn't paid the slightest attention. Vicki was
leaning back against Tommy, dragging heavily on another marijuana
cigarette, and Joe had his hands up inside her thin, narrow bolero top.
To her amazed horror, Sandy could see his hand move tantalizingly under
the material covering her breasts, and Vicki had her head back on his
shoulder with her mouth slightly open, a rapturous expression on her
young face.

"Ohhhh, I love the way you touch my nipple," Sandy heard the other
teenager sigh hoarsely, and her own face blushed furiously from the
embarrassment she felt for Vicki's blatant acceptance of Joe's lewd

"Joe's quite the stud," Tommy whispered in her ear wetly.

"Don't ... talk like that," she said, clenching her teeth, trying to
sort out her own confused feelings of revulsion and stimulation.
"Please, Tommy ... we mustn't look at what they're doing."

"Then let's make some time of our own, baby," he said harshly, in a
throaty, passion-filled voice. He jerked her head abruptly toward him
with his hand, and pressed his lips wetly to her, grinding his mouth
tightly down on hers. She groaned and struggled, feeling his hand
pressing hard over the softness of one of her bra-encased breasts. But
her resistance could only last for a sudden panicky moment, and then
she was unable to stop her body from going limp under his attack, and
in spite of her guard being up over allowing any emotion to overcome
her, she could feel tiny butterfly-like sensations flit suddenly
through her stomach.

"There," he said, whispering again into her car. "That was damned good,
don't you think?"

Too stunned to speak, Sandy lifted her glass to her lips and drained
it, desperately trying to collect her shattered thoughts. She was
afraid to look over at Vicki and Joe again, fearing what she would see,
the soft mewling noises coming from Vicki and the grating noise of
Joe's heavy excited breathing telling the story well enough. She
glanced back at the movie again, it seeming to be an eternity since she
had last looked at it, but it actually being only moments, the sweet,
pungent marijuana having warped her sense of time.

The young teenager pulled again at the cigarette in her lips, and the
musky odor of Tommy beside her filling her nostrils, stimulating her
still more, causing her to snuggle closer as the excitement of
forbidden naughtiness rippled through her young flesh. Tommy Edgars
pulled her close, letting his hand dangle gently over her shoulder. His
fingers brushed softly against the tip of her breast he had so ardently
squeezed a second before. He was growing more confident by the second,
and the lewd, obscene thoughts of what he would do to this young soft
body once it had reached the stage of helpless submission ran in
delightful kaleidoscopic pictures through his mind. Man, he grinned
secretly to himself, he would fuck her every way but upside down, and
then maybe that way too. She'd know she'd been fucked when he finished
with her ... he and Joe both in a gang fuck!

The girl in the film was writhing more lasciviously now as though being
attacked by some unseen lover. She had placed the picture on the
bedside table and both her hands were running over her body as if out
of control, her fingertips dancing over the flat, ivory belly and
coming to rest at the quivering crest of her soft, down-covered vaginal
slit. She groaned soundlessly at the sudden contact of her hands with
the moist crevice between her thighs, and she pulled her knees up, her
toes on the mattress. Then she straightened the legs like two beautiful
carved ivory columns above the bed; with a deeper groan she let her
knees fall wide apart, exposing to the excited teenagers the moist,
glistening furrow in between. Her fingers crawled to the soft hair-
fringed lips and spread them slowly apart until the wet pinkness was
fully visible and the tiny bearded, mouth-like orifice throbbed
hungrily open. The half-moons of her smoothly rounded young buttocks
shone with a thin film of perspiration in the bedroom's light, divided
by the hot, avid crevice between them. Her tiny little anus nestled
mysteriously and invitingly below the swollen and agitated cuntal lips.

Sandy gasped in disbelief as the girl slowly slipped a middle finger
into the glistening pink flesh, stroking teasingly at her tiny, bud-
like clitoris. Tommy's hand once more squeezed her own breast tightly
as she heard and felt his heavy breathing against her flushed red face;
she was afraid to look at him, hypnotized into immobility as the
sensuous movements of the girl on the bed increased and her probing
fingers worked themselves inexorably around inside the pink edges of
her visibly contracting young cunt, slowly widening the thin, hair-
lined lips. Then, she slipped her index finger in and out smoothly
between her lubricated fleshy lips, her legs jackknifing back, knees
against her breasts as her soft rounded buttocks rose and fell in
response to the hotly flicking fingers. The girl's facial muscles
tightened as she joined another finger with the first two, and,
clenching her teeth, pushed all three into the pink, hungrily absorbing
folds. They disappeared with a silent, but felt, sucking noise and a
soft moan of pleasure.

Sandy tensed in momentary shock at this indignity the sexually aroused
young girl was committing on herself before the camera, and only
Tommy's firm grip on her own now involuntarily throbbing breast kept
her from leaping from the couch and running upstairs to the reality of
the afternoon. She sensed that she had better go ... before it was too
late and her own building excitement ran away with her.

This desire lasted only a fraction of a moment before the effect of
Richard Hink's special marijuana lulled her into limp acceptance again.
She waited in anticipation and nervous fear of her own emotions to see
what would happen next, still feeling closely tied with the girl who
was writhing in desire before her, and she knew there was a danger
point from which there was no turning back. She took another sip of her
rum cocktail after Joe leaned over and filled her glass again, and
another drag on her cigarette. The warm, relaxing smoke curled
deliciously down into her lungs, easing her mind of fear at the passion
raging through her own body. She snuggled back against Tommy, groggily
determined to somehow keep her guard up.

The girl in the movie had now become wildly possessed. Her eyes and
teeth were clenched as she rolled beneath her own driving fingers in
uncontrollable passion. The rapid rhythm drove grunts of pleasure from
deep in her throat as the finger sunk into the tight, pink opening,
making moist, wet sucking sounds in the minds of the four young viewers
as she withdrew them to push them in again. Her face was red--straining
for climax. She bared her mouth, obviously groaning in frustration as
her own fingers thrust harder and deeper. They were not enough. Her
head rolled from side to side on the pillow, her long dark hair flying
in frustration at the inability to bring herself to climax. Still she
tried, her hand beating a wild tattoo against the spread, straining
buttocks, her soundless grunts seemingly getting louder and faster with
each passing second.

Suddenly, from the open bedroom door, a short, dwarf-like man not more
than four feet high ran into the bedroom and jumped up beside the bed.
His eyes were small and sunk deep in his oversized head, and there was
unmistakable cruelty registered in them. The dwarf had the look of a
man who had been teased all his life about his burnished color and his
midget size, and that he now enjoyed taking out his resentment on
others more helpless than he when he had the chance.

The girl's eyes widened in terror, and she jerked the back of one hand
to her mouth to keep from screaming. She moved to lower her legs and
roll from the bed, but the dwarf raised the fist of one hand and
growled viciously in warning. She froze in her position of
masturbation--thighs spread and with her knees drawn to her chest. She
didn't dare move as the naked dwarf panted menacingly over her, his
great excitedly perspiring face distorted in passion just above her
defenseless, upturned crotch.

Sandy had jumped with the dwarf as he had bounded on the bed, and she
grabbed Tommy's arm tightly, the sudden entrance almost frightening her
out of her wits. "My God!" she whispered, voice quivering. "Wh-what's
he going to do to the poor girl?"

"You'll see, baby," Tommy answered with a lewd grin.

The camera trained in on a zoom-shot of the dwarf's penis, which was
huge in relationship to the size of his body. His thickly glistening
cock hung down almost to his knees, even in its soft state. He was
obviously proud of it, and he took it in both hands, lightly stroking
it over the defenseless girl into a semi-hardness.

Sandy could not take her eyes from the growing fleshy rod, unable to
believe that it was going to be the depraved instrument that would
ravish the lovely young girl on the screen.

Yet somehow the helplessness of the girl lying shaking with fear
beneath the snarling man sadistically fascinated her. The lewd thought
of that monstrous rod raping the naked and terrified young girl sent
shivers of revulsive curiosity tingling through her, and goose-pimples
erupted on her sensitive skin, and for a moment, she felt strangely
chilled. She couldn't resist as Tommy moved his hand beneath her jersey
to cup the softness of her large, firm breast, trapping the tiny nipple
gently between thumb and forefinger as her bra was slowly moved upwards
to where he could fondle her bare flesh. She squirmed tighter into the
cushion, feeling the couch beneath her buttocks pressing deeper into
her vaginal crevice, her wet vaginal crevice. Her panties were soaked
and she squeezed her thighs together in a vain attempt to control the
tingling sensations beginning to grow there. She was on dangerous
ground and knew it, but could not bring herself to leave, the evil
fascination of the impending ravishment gluing her to the cushion. She
squirmed downward again, the cushion edge forcing the secretion band of
her panties deeper into the split of her buttocks, its smoothness
exciting the sensitive pink lips of her vagina. She felt the tiny
throbs pulsing out in the tiny bud of her clitoris, and she bit her
lower lip tightly to hold back the forbidden sensations that were
throbbing lewdly now up between her legs. Her thoughts drifted back to
the movie ...

The dwarf reached up along the horrified girl's creamy white body, his
hands kneading her full, exposed luscious tits with his gnarled little
fingers. For a moment the girl tried to squirm away, but he growled
again, threatening to beat her unmercifully, and for emphasis, he
pinched her nipples hard, moving his head forward with a wolfish,
fiendish glare in his beady little eyes. She could only moan in abject
terror now, and to Sandy, the girl seemed hardly conscious now, her
eyelids fluttering and her eyes glassy from her enslavement at the
lusts of the alien creature hovering over her maliciously. Sandy
watched with transfixed horror as the excitedly slobbering lips of the
dwarf began to trace a path down the smooth flat surface of the
trembling ivory body in his control, bringing a further mewl from the
girl's anguished mouth, and then he was all the way down to the softly
curling pubic hair between her still fearfully spread young thighs. The
dwarf's hands dropped and he placed a thumb on either side of the
fleshy lips of her helplessly exposed cunt pulling them wide apart. His
great slobbering tongue leapt forward, burying itself in the
defenselessly naked vagina with greedy ferocity. He ran his tongue the
full length of the widely spread slit, from the tightly-closed pucker
of her tiny sensation bud quivering uncontrollably now beneath the
sparse young hair of her pubic mound. His rubbery thick lips spread
through the soft, hair-fringed swelling like a knife through soft
creamy butter, flicking relentlessly between the girl's wide-splayed
legs, stopping sporadically to curl up into her open cunt. She jerked
spasmodically, still squirming hysterically under the ugly, deformed
grip and the thick, saliva-glistening tongue which lapped mercilessly
at her loins.

Sandy shuddered from the sexual stimulation that indulging in something
forbidden gives, even against one's will. She gasped at the change
which seemed to come over the writhing young girl on the bed. She could
tell by her facial expressions that the frightened moans that had
seemed to come from the terror-contorted lips changed to soft mewls of
involuntary pleasure--pleasure that the girl did not want and had set
her mind against, but that the slithering, thick tongue burrowing up
between her thighs deeply had forced her to enjoy. She raised her
hands, holding them in indecision, then dropped them in abject
surrender to grasp the dwarf's close-cropped, fuzzy hair.

Sandy could not believe the sight on the screen. Instead of fighting
with all her strength against this humiliating act, the girl had turned
into a helplessly groaning mass of passion. She voluntarily now spread
her legs farther apart on the bed, and tangled her hands possessively
in the dwarf's hair, pulling his face tight to her upthrust crotch. She
ground her hips sensuously in time to the darting tongue which probed
hotly up into her widespread pussy, her eyes closing and her mouth
hanging wide in undisguised ecstasy. She goaded the deformed little man
on with her hands, and pumped her hips up into his hotly slavering face
like a nymphomaniac gone wild. Her muscles strained under the tightness
of her pale, sweat-glistening skin, and Sandy could clearly see the
cords of her inner thighs standing out like taut ropes ready to snap
against the pressure as she thrust her pelvis forward again and again
against the hungrily munching face buried deep into her throbbing cunt.
She was all but swallowing the hotly whipping tongue with her
voraciously working vaginal lips, grinding his head back down into her
ravaged fleshy pussy until it was only half visible, his face
protruding only partially from between her now fully stretched young
thighs, his legs kicking back toward the edge of the bed to catch his
breath. Then the girl pushed the dwarf's face away from between her
legs, still holding his hair bushily between her open loins, and she
turned over, sitting down full on his mouth with her squirming
buttocks. It was she who now was doing the ravishing, straddling him as
animalistic contortions of lust wrenched her facial features and
twisted her lips back over her tightly clenched teeth. It was obvious
that she was now racing for a climax, her body completely out of

Sandy heard a deep, throbbing groan from beside her, and in surprise,
tore her eyes from the obscene spectacle on the screen to Joe and
Vicki. The shock was greater. Vicki had both of her legs stretched wide
apart, her hotpants unzipped along her side and half down over her
full, quivering thighs. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing any
panties underneath; Joe's hand was inside, his skin a darker contrast
with where the band of the teenager's sunsuit had left a wide, white
strip of flesh. He was cupping her pubic mound unhindered, and Sandy
shuddered as the outline of his fingers moved under the thin material.
Vicki unaware of anyone, was grinding her pelvis, buttocks off the
cushions, in rhythm of the finger fucking he was giving her.

And then Sandy shifted her vision slightly, and saw a sudden clear view
through the darkness of Vicki's hand working up and down over Joe
Arrow's loins, her slender fingers clasped tightly in an oval circle
around the youth's rigid penis. His cock stood hard and rigid through
the open zipper of his fly, slight tufts of pubic hair protruding
around the edge of the thick base.

"Oh God," Sandy moaned, turning back to Tommy and hiding her face
tightly to his shoulder. "They're doing something awful to each other!"

She had never dreamed that this could happen! Kissing, yes ... a little
petting ... but not this, right out in front of her and Tommy! She
thought of when she had considered herself as being able to handle any
situation, and now she knew that it had been a futile idea, for she was
rapidly losing all control over herself. The awful sight of the boy's
penis being fondled up and down, while his fingers disappeared in
Vicki's hungry, sucking little pussy was just too much for her to
stand! The sounds coming from next to her were wet and punctuated by
soft mewls and groans of totally absorbed pleasure. She burrowed her
head tightly into Tommy's chest to try and shut out the lewd, wet
sounds, but it did not help, they were everywhere, coming at her from
all sides it seemed. Again, she wanted to run but knew that her legs
would not support her if she rose from the couch. She could do nothing
but lie there in her boyfriend's arms and listen in torment while the
other young couple on the other end of the couch were in their throes
of illicit passion.

Sandy felt the aching hunger inside her spread from her abdomen up to
her passion-swollen breasts. She labored, gasping, for breath, and
squirmed her buttocks down harder against the cushion, pushing the wet,
swollen lips of her own vagina against it to try and put out the fire
burning there. Tommy's hands continued to palpitate her excitedly
swollen breasts, thrilling her and frightening her at the same time.
She tried with all her might to pull his hands away--but her own hand
moved only as far as Tommy's and then fell back, uncontrolled, to her
lap. It would not obey her mind's commands, lying limp and uselessly as
she turned her glassy, drug-glazed eyes back to the obscene movie.

The dwarf was writhing in the desperate grip of the girl's loins above
him, and it took all of his strength to throw her from his suffocating
body, pulling the jerking girl's thighs brutally from around his head.
She screamed in protest, her legs kicking futilely out into the empty
air, twisting her flailing body on the bed, her stomach grinding into
the mattress as she strove hopelessly for the near orgasm that was
still infinitesimally out of reach.

He took her by the ankles from behind as she lay face-down on the bed
and spread her long slim legs wide apart. He crawled up on his knees
between her full, trembling thighs and spread the cheeks of her
hungrily grinding ass with his hands. From Sandy's viewpoint, she could
see the tiny tight cunt nestling wetly in the crevice below. She
thought she could see it throbbing expectantly as it anticipated the
dwarf's next move. His hands ran up the inside of her thighs all the
way to the wetness of the white girl's open pussy, and then his head
dropped to kiss the smooth oval buttocks, his tongue trailing down to
lick teasingly at the shadowed crevice between them. She could see the
girl's pussy lips straining around the pink, hair-rimmed hole as the
thumbs of the dwarf pulled at the softly giving flesh around it. His
fingers probed at the throbbingly hungry wet opening like teasing
needles of fire. The girl groaned beneath him, her mouth open as the
cruel fingers worked around and around deep up her wide-split cunt. The
ugly little man grinned triumphantly as he probed at the defenseless
pink vagina like an avenging devil, the girl squirming beneath his
cruel probes in total surrender until she couldn't stand it another
minute longer!

Sandy watched in horrified stillness as she made out the dwarf's lewdly
grinning lips move in a command, and even to her it was obvious what he
wanted the helpless young girl to do. The girl struggled to her knees,
presenting the rounded white orbs of her buttocks up to the now wildly
aroused dwarf. He stood up between her wide-splayed thighs directly
behind her, his huge cock standing straight out with its head resting
in the wide split crevice of her open ass-cheeks. He was just the right
height with him standing behind her on the mattress and her kneeling.

His eyes roamed triumphantly over the helpless young girl, gleeful at
the fact she was at his mercy, and he intended to take full advantage
of it. Again, he mouthed an order to her, and her hands moved
hesitantly back under her body and gently stroked the hardness of his
huge rock-hard shaft. A sudden expression of fear flashed through her
eyes as her fingers wrapped around it, and she perceived for the first
time the enormity of the throbbing instrument. She stroked it
experimentally, indecision apparent on her tortured face.

The dwarf snarled, digging his fingers harshly into the tops of her
thighs. The girl submitted to the cold demand and pressure of his
gnarled hands, and hesitantly placed the tip of his cock against the
tight, hair-covered opening of her trembling young cunt. Sandy could
see it begin probing and working against her opening, the muscles of
the dwarf's stomach standing out as he strained forward. It was worming
its way into her, looking like a giant fleshy battering ram trying to
force its way through a white, velvet-fringed keyhole. She watched the
girl hopelessly try to pull away, but the dwarf, grinning lasciviously
behind, held her helpless in his grasp. Her face contorted tightly from
the first ravishment of her defenselessly upraised cunt, but his
pressing thighs forced her forward so she couldn't slip away. The
dwarf, spittle now drooling from his lips, hugged her waving hips
tightly and pushed with all his might against her futile struggles,
until with a quick, final forward surge, the rampaging instrument of
torture was buried to the balls in her wide-split vaginal crevice. She
was hopelessly impaled.

The dwarf rammed into her with hard cruel thrusts, watching the pinkly
glistening cunt flesh follow the probing cock out on the backstroke as
though it were consciously fighting his withdrawal. She turned her head
from side to side, her hair thrashing against the bed so that Sandy
could follow her feelings by the reflections on her face. Her teeth
were bared back over her lips in a weird kind of masochistic joy that
pictured the excruciating pleasure-pain of the giant hardened penis
fucking into her from behind her helplessly kneeling body.

Standing above her, the dwarf watched along with the camera's eye as
his cock pushed and pulled at the soft pink flesh surrounding her hotly
clasping young vagina. His eyes were tinged with evil cruelty as he
began a series of brutally hard thrusts that sent his still growing
member sinking to the hilt in the tormented girl's wide-split anal
crevice. His balls smacked rhythmically against her cunt, and it began
to have an effect on the girl. As Sandy watched the heavily pulsating
cock disappearing all the way up her gyrating backsides with each cruel
stroke until not a bit could be seen, her face was contorting from
agony into rapture. Her large, taut breasts danced tightly beneath her
writhing torso, moving now in time to the skewering cock of the dwarf
as it slid deep into her from behind, a relentless hot poker of
glistening flesh burying itself in her belly. The girl was no longer
human, but a quivering mass of lust-deranged flesh that was begging to
be subjugated, reveling in the humiliation of being fucked by this
beast of a grotesquely deformed dwarf.

Sandy's forehead was covered with tiny beads of sweat from the feverish
sight before her. Another trickle of sweat ran down the valley of her
full ripe breasts that Tommy had already massaged into hardness, his
hands slipping over her now exposed nipples, his fingers tweaking them
sharply, causing a nervous jump each time he did it. Her nerves were
shattered and her mind whirled, knowing she should demand to leave, but
unable to muster the conviction to say the words, much less stop Tommy.
Surely they wouldn't go as far as Vicki and Joe; she had gone far
enough as it was, and Sandy's face crimsoned as she thought of Joe's
fingers digging wetly between the other teenage girl's wetly responding
thighs, and his own penis being stroked to hardness at the same time.
The lewd thought sent another electric tingle deep into her belly, and
she could feel the seeping wetness between her own thighs increasing.
Her heart pounded like a tom-tom. She was sure that Tommy could feel it
beneath the tightness of her breast in his hand.

The lovely young virgin could feel Tommy becoming increasingly restless
beside her; certainly he could feel her occasionally grinding her own
buttocks down into the couch. She tried to make it appear she was
simply changing position, but it was becoming more difficult by the
minute to conceal her frustration. His hand was kneading her openly
exposed breasts more vigorously now, making her tiny, bud-like nipples
throb into guilty pleasure. She snuggled down closer to him and put her
hands over the front of her mini-skirt to hide her action, not wanting
Tommy to know what she was doing to herself.

But as she squirmed down hard on the seat, the boy suddenly turned and
dropped one of his hands on her bared knee, slipping it up toward the
fullness of her thigh. She froze momentarily at the unexpected contact
crawling insect-like over her sensitive flesh. Tommy pushed the hem of
her skirt up, and he was half-way to her wetly soaked panties before
she reacted and restrained his wrist tightly, not daring to look at
him. Her eyes remained on the panting, unnatural coupling on the
screen, gradually forcing Tommy's fingers back down, pushing her skirt
with it until her trembling loins were covered again.

Then, the boy's hand came to rest on her lap and again she tried to
hold it, but this time her strength seemed to have drained from her,
and he moved by force, kneading the softness of her inner thighs
beneath the thin material of her skirt. Teasing at the light sprinkling
of hair at the base of her abdomen, his hand rotated teasingly against
the mound of her crotch, unable to go lower because of her tightly
closed thighs. Sandy pressed harder against the couch, knowing he would
think she was trying to escape his finger and not suspect that secretly
she was pressing the cushion up into her own hungrily throbbing vaginal
slit. The flood between her thighs was wetting her skirt now, and she
could feel the warm wetness between the soft cheeks of her buttocks as
she pressed down harder to feed the pleasure building there.

Sandy closed her eyes tightly for a moment and allowed herself to drift
with the rolling sensations of pleasure coursing through her body. It
was almost as though he was touching her nakedly, but still she felt
safe, her panties and skirt between his hand and her virginal flesh.
But suddenly, she gasped in surprise. Tommy had removed his hand from
her lap and was moving it gradually under her buttocks from the side.
He still peered at the movie as though completely unaware of his left
hand now thrust between her ass-cheeks and the couch. His hand searched
like a mouse in the crevice between the firm round moons of her
buttocks. Quickly she dropped her hand to grasp his wrist tightly, but
it didn't stop him. His hand continued its ruthless teasing under her
crotch, prodding at her moist slit through the thin skirt and panties.
She squirmed slightly away from it as his middle finger began a gentle
stroking motion at her already wet genitals, pushing the folds of her
skirt moistly up into the hotly throbbing crevice between her thighs. A
gush of shame washed through her at the sudden waves of indecent
pleasure overcoming her desire to resist. Tommy's hand became bolder
under her buttocks as he sensed her tacit surrender, and he hooked his
middle finger to slide her skirt up beneath the backs of her thighs so
he could penetrate the moist softness underneath. She could already
feel the light tickling sensation of the material sliding from between
her thighs and the cushions of the couch.

Oh God, what could she do? This was horrible, allowing herself to be
used like this--and worse, to be enjoying it! She had to fight! She
couldn't let herself go anymore than she had! What was happening to

She could feel the skirt rising faster now, though still not apparent
from the lap. She lifted inadvertently as a fingernail scratched the
softness of her thigh, as the skirt slid upward more rapidly in
response to Tommy's hooking finger. Suddenly she gasped aloud. There
was no more skirt! Tommy's hand covered all the wetly soaked crotch
band of her thin panties, and was snaking under the elastic leg band,
worming into the moist walls of her soft, untouched pussy. She squirmed
against it, holding her breath for fear some telltale sound might
escape her lips. Her whole torso quivered until her impaled young
vagina became accustomed to the invading fingertip probing at the
lubricated softness of its tender walls. She could feel its moisture
covering the palm of the hand beneath her buttocks as it ground
imperceptibly up into her now nakedly exposed crotch. Tommy's finger
moved in tiny teasing circles up inside her now, expanding her tight,
little virgin hole with desire arousing rotation. Sandy was almost out
of her mind, unable to stand the maddening teasing of her genitals
another moment. She was ready to crawl the wall to quench the raging
fire burning through her hotly contracting vagina. The sight of the
girl's face in the movie being buffeted hard down into the mattress by
the dwarf, and the long masculine middle finger fucking into the
helplessly seething cunt without mercy were just too much for her!

She bit hard on her lower lips, looking wildly around in the darkness
for some magic salvation, some escape from the delicious prison of her
excitement. She glanced at Vicki and Joe, and found in her drug-induced
daze that her eyes stayed fastened on them with lewd fascination!
Sometime in the few moments since she'd last looked at them, they'd
managed to shed their clothing, and they were stripped completely
naked. There was a deep gurgling from Vicki's throat; Joe a sadistic
grin on his face ever widening, had taken her by the hair and pulled
her head up off the couch, at the same time thrusting forward to ram
his thick, turgid cock-head deep into her gaping mouth. Sandy held her
breath. She was positive that Vicki was going to choke from the sheer
size of the massive penis buried between her ovally puckered lips, but
the other teenager didn't. She sucked it hungrily as though she had
been waiting all eternity for this magic moment.

Joe raised to his knees, and with one hand holding Vicki's head up by
the hair and two middle fingers of the other sunk deep up into her
widespread vagina, he began fucking her face cruelly between his legs.
Sandy watched with horrified fascination as Vicki's elastically locked
lips sucked with all their might on the hardened male penis pumping in
and out of her mouth, her cheeks hollowing on the outstroke and
expanding obscenely on the instroke. Her eyes were glazed with a wild
ecstatic film of raw animal lust that Sandy had never imagined
possible. Its very lewdness brought a moan to her own lips, her tongue
circling them nervously as she felt the juice of her own tortuously
excited young pussy increase its flow between her legs, drenching
Tommy's palm with its sticky moisture. It was different with someone
you didn't know, like the girl and the dwarf--but this was Vicki Rolf--
a girl she knew from school. The obscene spectacle mesmerized her, and
she found herself wickedly enjoying the scene before her. God, how she
must feel, she thought in intoxicated rapture at the enchanting figure
of her naked girlfriend hunched slavishly down over Joe, and I've never
felt that way before ...

Tommy could also see the thick cock of his friend slither into Vicki's
mouth, and Sandy could feel his cock jerking under his pants against
her in uncontrolled excitement. It was enticing him as it was her, and
she gasped as he pressed his moist lips against her ear and whispered;
"Now I'm going to fuck you, baby. Just like the dwarf is fucking the
girl in the movie!"

"Oh God, no, I can't, I told you I can't!" she panted between tightly
clenched teeth, as she felt the juice of her own tortuously excited
young pussy increase its flow.

"God damn, but you are," he breathed menacingly. "You're too hot now to
stop." He moaned as his lips kissed her soft, sensitive face and neck,
his eyes still hard and cruel with the greed of his desire. "I'm going
to fuck you like you should have been fucked a long time ago. And
you're going to twist and squirm when this cock of mine sinks up into
your belly. I want to see you like that ... I want to see you beg and
scream for me ..."

Sandy lay frozen under the prodding of his obscene words. Their very
lewdness excited her more and more, though still she fought within
herself against the surrender of her chastity, and the final, total
subjugation to the boy. She groaned weakly in protest as he began to
work her panties down from around her quivering white abdomen and hips,
her muscles too much like pliant rubber from the drugged marijuana haze
to be able to stop him or herself in spite of her will to resist.

Her buttocks wavered slightly up off of the cushion and she shuddered
as she felt Tommy's hands lift her skirt above her hips bunching it
around her wasp-like waist, and then draw her panties down over the
smoothly rounded cheeks of her ass, leaving them to hang at her knees.
A cool rush of air hit her totally naked thighs, and she suddenly
flushed in shame. Her whole pubic triangle was exposed to him,
undulating of its own accord down against the cushion in lewd
invitation to any humiliation he might wish to inflict. A last thought
of saving her virginity flickered through her conscience as he pushed
her down on her back on the couch and she heard the metallic sound of a
zipper beside her as her boyfriend Tommy opened his fly and his long
thick cock burst into welcome freedom. There was no time for further
thought as he kneeled down between her limply spread thighs and with a
slow torturing outward movement of the thumbs, he drew the ragged pink
lips of her vagina slowly apart, exposing her moistly pink slit to the
mercy of his gaze. He watched it greedily for a moment and then with an
animal-like groan, he dropped his head and buried the full length of
his long slippery tongue snake-like into the warm throbbing walls of
her pussy.

"Ohhhh, God! Please, Tommy! Please don't!" she whimpered, trying
desperately to screw her buttocks back down from the hot flicking
tongue licking without mercy at her tender cunt. His answer was a lewd
chuckle from his wet lips and a further stab into the tight fleshy

"Ahhhhh!" she groaned, as small tiny goosebumps rippled across her
quivering belly and full heaving breasts. She sobbed helplessly before
his attack, for in spite of her revulsion and fear, she felt her body
desert her. Her buttocks jerked back involuntarily at the darting
tongue sending helpless spasms of delicious sensation coursing through
her raw nerves.

"No! No! Oh, I can't! I can't!" The cruel realization of her loss of
control suddenly hit her with its full impact, bringing further cries
of shame and humiliation at the thought, not only of the obscene act
she was committing with her boyfriend, but the more frightening thought
that her traitorous body was actually enjoying it. She gritted her
teeth tightly together, and fought with all her senses against the tiny
licking sparks that threatened to burst into sudden uncontrollable
flame and devour her, but, it was a losing battle, as Tommy Edgars
mewled and licked ceaselessly at her nakedly squirming loins.

Her passionately aroused young body jerked spasmodically, and began to
slowly move up against his tongue in helpless abandonment. She quivered
as the tantalizing licking invaded her whole vaginal area, screwing her
buttocks in small circles around and around to feel deliciously its
complete rape of her hopelessly exposed loins. She had never known
anything like this feeling before in the whole world. It was different,
it was wicked, it consumed the total of her being, and there was
nothing else now but the lashing tongue licking up between her thighs
below. Wild thoughts of the dwarf ran through her mind and of his great
slobbering tongue slithering over the naked genitals of the squirming
young girl in the movie. She, too, knew what it felt like now, and
wildly reveled in its lewd tingling joy until she thought her entire
body was going to explode into a thousand fragments.

Tommy sensed her sudden submissive surrender, and with a triumphant
grin, withdrew his thick wet tongue from the trembling sheath of her
innocent young cunt. He slowly raised his head, feeling the soft silky
pubic hairs grazing tantalizingly against his cheeks, and looked down
as she ground her buttocks in a slow hypnotic rhythm upwards in a vain
effort for more. She was his now, he gloated, watching excitedly the
pained pleasurous contortions of her face as her eyes clenched, her
lips baring back over the whiteness of her teeth, yeah, by God, the
time had come to ram his cock deep into that white, smooth little belly
of hers and shoot his hotly waiting sperm all the way up into her
steaming young pussy. Thanks to coach Hink's special marijuana, she was
now nothing more than a hot, cock-crazed little bitch wild to be fucked
by any guy she could lay her hands on. Well, he gloated with obscene
delight, she'd get it all right ... she'd get it good!

It took but a second until he crouched over her completely naked, his
thick hard cock standing out from beneath his muscular abdomen like the
menacing shaft of a heavy spear. "Spread your legs, baby," he grinned
triumphantly as he hovered above her. "Spread 'em wide, I'm coming in

Quivering half in fear and half in anticipation, Sandy found that her
body responded with a will of its own, and she opened her thighs wider
apart. Tommy levered up over her, his arms stiff, his hands resting on
her shoulders. He dropped one hand down between their bodies, taking
the hard, throbbing cock between his fingers and guiding it forward,
using the thick rubbery head to part the full, fleshy lips of her cunt.
She turned her head to the side on the couch, closing her eyes with a
shudder as she felt its soft electrical contact with the sensitive
ragged edges of her hotly throbbing young pussy. She held her breath
for what seemed an eternity, lying still in utter subjugation beneath
him, not even daring to breathe.

"Ohhh," she moaned as she felt the first harsh pressure against the
tight elastic opening of her vagina.

He pushed.

"Aaag!" she coughed as the tip slipped through, stretching cruelly the
tight rubbery skin of her hymen until Sandy thought her thighs were
splitting apart from the relentless outward pressure. "Oh, God, no ...
you're hurting me! You're hurting me!"

But there was no stopping the youth, and with a contorted expression of
sheer raw lust, he smashed his full weight down upon her full firm
body. He thrust his hips forward at the same time and his long thick
cock surged mercilessly up into the helpless cunt of the innocent young
girl spread-eagled beneath him. The head and shaft of his penis
disappeared into the hair-fringed opening of her pussy like the raging
bit of a giant drill, pushing the soft moist flesh of her vaginal walls
before it and breaking her hymen as if it were nothing more than a
piece of thin, unresisting tissue paper. There was no stopping him
until with a loud groan, his balls smacked heavily into the upturned
cheeks of her tightly clenched ass.

"Aggghhh!" she screamed beneath him. "God, oh God!"

She had never been so filled in her life, and his cock felt as though
it had ripped her belly into a million tiny shreds as he had speared
into her without mercy or thought of injury. And now, it lay sunk deep
in her cunt, filling every part of her insides. There wasn't one tiny
ridge of flesh on it that she could not feel as it pressed tight
against the soft, now wide-stretched flesh of her cunt, enclosed in the
moist warm sheath like a sword sliced cruelly into its piteous victim's

He lay still for a moment, his face directly over hers. Sandy too, lay
still, afraid to move for fear of the pain it would bring. Neither made
a sound for a long moment, and then she felt a throb deep inside, the
thickness of Tommy's cock jerked up another half an inch as he flexed
it inside her vagina.

"Oooooohhhh," she grunted breathlessly, her face contorting to the
deeper pain, the cords of her neck standing out from the pressure of
her resistance.

"Like it?" Tom grinned down in lewd delight at the pained expression on
her face. There was no immediate answer, so he flexed again. "Like it,
baby, I said?"

"Ohhhhh, yes, yes," she groaned, afraid to offend him, the pain too

"Beg then," he hissed with contemptuous coldness. "Beg me to fuck you."

"Ohhhhh, I can't! I can't!" she prayed beneath him. She couldn't give
him the pleasure of hearing her beg, too, not with her girlfriend,
Vicki, and Joe so close by. She just couldn't!

"Do it," he commanded, savage fire burning in his eyes. He throbbed
deeper, digging his fingers into the softness of her shoulders at the
same time. "Beg, you little bitch!"

"Ohhh, God!" she sobbed, her resistance broken by the pain and
helplessness of her position. "Do it to me, Tommy. Do it to me."

"Not like that. Say fuck me," he demanded.

"Ohhh, fuck me!" she hissed through clenched teeth, tears gushing from
her eyes as she spat out the lewd, obscene word. Her humiliation and
ruin were complete. She would never be the same again. She had allowed
herself to lose control over the things she knew were right, and now
she wished she was dead. She could never face her mother with the
innocence and pride she had before. She was a slut now, she was no
better than a slut! There was no hope or future left ... nothing but
the huge fleshy instrument buried deep inside her broken, burning

Tommy sensed the loss of the last remaining ounce of resistance left in
the young teenager's soul, and he began a slow rocking motion between
her thighs. He could feel the tight narrow passage relaxing and
widening slightly with each short smooth stroke as she groaned in
hopeless defeat beneath him.

Through her daze of pain, Sandy, out of the side of her eye, could
still see the other girl, Vicki's soft wet lips clasping hungrily at
the growing white penis fucking into her mouth. The thin elastic rim of
her lips clung to it as though held there by some unseen fingers. Joe
grinned lewdly above her as he fucked her mouth and watched Vicki's
lust-contorted face suck and lick it like a hungry child devouring a
sucker. She had freed both hands and had placed them behind Joe's
swaying buttocks, one cheek in each hand, and was pulling them upwards
demonically to her. Sandy could see a thin mixture of saliva and the
boy's pre-cum dripping from the corners of her mouth and running in
tiny rivulets down her hollowing cheeks. Vicki was reveling in the
cruel humiliation Joe was subjecting her to--a masochistic light
shining in her eyes.

And on the silver screen, Sandy could see the dwarf's buttocks flexing
and hollowing rapidly as he fucked himself hard against the hotly
writhing buttocks of the young girl hunched dog-style in front of him,
her toes curling and uncurling as she was locked in a lewd death-grip
with the deformed little creature behind her. His giant penis was
spearing into her pink, tightly glistening young pussy like a steel
piston, bringing indescribable joy to her feverishly mumbling lips.
Above Sandy, her youthful boyfriend gasped and panted, rocking in and
out of the soft confines of her once virginal cunt, and the ravishment
of her own genitals, coupled with watching Vicki sucking the other
boy's cock were sending unfamiliar thrills of wicked pleasure through
her entire being.

Gradually the pain eased for her, and Sandy's flesh began to
involuntarily react. There was no longer any reason to fight the lewd
flames of desire coursing through her veins. She had lost the battle
against her obscene desires, and even the agonizing thought of her
total surrender sent new chills running along her spine as she felt the
slow rhythm of Tommy Edgars' cock skewering wetly into her.

Her whole body twitched and writhed beneath him and she groaned
incessantly up into the moistness of his mouth, shoving her tongue with
a sudden complete abandon deep into his throat. Low hums of passionate
servile acceptance came in torrents from deep in her chest, her face
contorting more with desire than with pain now, a light sweat breaking
out on her forehead under the now disheveled, soft blonde hair. She
spread her thighs wider, moving her feet apart, stretching with
difficulty the flimsy silk panties still hanging at her knees. She
could feel with obscene delight the cool metal of the zipper of his
pants pressed tight into the soft white skin surrounding her vagina as
he strove deep in her. The bushy, springy pubic hair around the base of
his cock brushed tantalizingly against the soft inner edges of her
thighs and against her own blonde fleece. She wrapped her arms around
him so that her breasts were squashed tightly to his chest, and began
to slowly rotate her buttocks upwards into his loins, and she felt the
tunneling penis of the boy imbedded to its full extent in her. The
distended, spongy cock-head grazed against the flat hardness of her
cervix, probing deep, deep where no one had ever been before. Forgotten
was the humiliation of lying on her back like a harem slave while a boy
fucked her, venting his lust in her delighted pussy; forgotten were the
ruined panties hanging at her knees, a lowered flag of her surrender.
All that mattered to the little teenage girl now was the obscene
pleasure coursing through her like a fire out of control. She wanted to
be fucked like this ... Oh God, she wanted to be subjected to any lewd
demands placed on her pleasure-wracked body!

Her passion-fogged eyes drifted back to the sex film, and she was
excited still more as through desire-glazed eyes, she could dimly see
the girl in the throes of her climax. She was screwing her buttocks
back against the dwarf like a she-demon gone insane, and the dwarf's
tongue hung from his mouth as he fucked deep up into the nakedly waving
buttocks from behind. Saliva dripped from his mouth onto the sweat of
her back. She suddenly screamed and rammed back against him wildly just
as he jerked forward and his cock began spitting its sperm in quick
hard spurts deep in her hotly clasping vagina. Sandy watched in heated
fascination as the girl's smoothly curved young buttocks began
contracting uncontrollably, signaling her own orgiastic upheaval deep
in her quivering belly. Thick white fluid oozed from her tightly locked
cunt squeezing the huge hardened cock; thin trails of the sticky white
cum ran down the ivory columns of her legs. Her backsides glistened,
displaying soaked pubic hair and pink flesh as she pitched forward on
her face, unconscious, the rapidly deflating cock of the dwarf slipping
from her heavily mauled young cuntal passage. The girl was out cold and
the little man stood above her in obvious appreciation. Then in a last
act of depravity, he dropped his huge malformed head to her widespread
crotch and licked at the white sticky liquid oozing from her still
visibly quivering cunt. He lapped it hungrily until at last there was
no more, and then he lay down contentedly between her open legs,
nuzzling gently the soft vee of her ravished loins. THE END ...

In the light of the projector's lamp upon the now blank screen, Sandy
was able to see her new girlfriend, Vicki, sucking at Joe's expanding
cock like a wild woman, her attention drawn to them by the panting
groans of the boy as he, too, neared his explosive climax. To Sandy's
lust-glazed eyes, the thick pummeling instrument seemed to fuse into a
strange, lengthening extension of Vicki's face as he drove with
hollowing buttocks forward like a pile-driver, sinking far up into
Vicki's mouth until his coarse pubic hair brushed the tip of her nose.
His balls danced in unison with his thrusts upward hard against her

Dimly Sandy thought: he's going to strangle her! God, he's going to cum
in Vicki's mouth until his hot sticky cum floods into her throat like a
river! He'll kill her! He'll drown her and kill her!

And as she watched horrified, Joe's cock began to jerk, spewing hot,
sticky seed directly up into her ovalling mouth. The thin spurts
streamed from it like milk from a cow's udder, filling her mouth to the
brim. Vicki swallowed voraciously, trying not to lose one drop of the
hot, lust-inciting fluid as her adam's apple bobbed up and down rapidly
in her effort to keep up with the wildly ejaculating penis spewing its
lewd sperm into her face. Sandy groaned at the obscene picture of
Vicki's self-inflicted humiliation as Joe's cock throbbed out its last
remaining spurts of liquid and slowly slid from between her still
possessively nibbling lips. Thin strings of the hot sticky cum ran from
the tip of his penis to her glistening wet lips like obscene spider
webs of sexual connection.

The wild ache of her newly discovered arousal filled Sandy with
unsatisfied desire. She mumbled incoherently beneath Tommy's pounding
hips, undulating her buttocks salaciously up against his eager thrusts,
wanting to experience what she had just witnessed the others having
experienced. She wanted to cum. She wanted Tommy to shoot his own great
wad of cum deep up into her belly. She wanted him to split her open and
drown her in its loveliness. She could feel a great wetness building in
the open crevice of her ass and there was no longer any pain, only a
feeling of being filled, filled as she had never been before. She
ground up against it happily as she felt it throb into a hugeness that
could only mean that he was soon going to fulfill her most ardent wish.

"Ohhhhh, yes! Yes, fuck me hard, Tommy! Fuck me hard! Give it to
meeeeeee!" she begged, gasping. She was approaching her own orgasm, and
her young body had become something like an animal, no longer innocent
or human as she twisted and contorted, straining against her panties as
she attempted to spread her slender legs wider apart and wrap them
around him.

Then, before she could complete her task Sandy saw the flash of light
as the lamps of the basement playroom flicked on, and she clenched her
eyes tightly shut to block them out. Through the haze of marijuana and
passion she was vaguely aware of Vicki, and her boyfriend, Joe,
hovering near her, and that someone else had entered the room, but
nothing mattered except the body that was driving its cock into her
from above.

"Hot damn," she heard Joe breathe harshly, "Look at little Miss Pure-
heart fuck!"

"I told you my special pot would get her," a voice much like her
neighbor's, Richard Hink's laughed triumphantly.

"Get her clothes off," Vicki directed. "How the hell can he take
pictures of her climbing with that tight pussy of hers with all her
things on like that? Get her naked! Here, I'll help!"

The puzzling voices continued as the remarks became more lewd, but it
didn't matter. Her head flailed from side to side, her mouth open in
abandon, her body white-hot. Her limbs followed the dictates of alien
hands as they coursed over her removing her clothing. The remains of
her panties were pulled hurriedly from her calves, her thin blouse was
allowed to be drawn over her head, and she lifted her buttocks so that
the buttons of her skirt could be undone and the strip of cloth slid
from around her. Magic fingers snatched her bra away, and she could
feel that she was now totally naked, her quivering white nudity
completely at their mercy.

As if through a distant fog, she could hear the hurried rustle of
clothing as Joe and Vicki stripped the pants and shirt from Tom. She
trembled nakedly, half in confusion, half in impatience, and then the
onlookers were forgotten as Tom crawled back between her open thighs
and resumed his rhythmic fucking into her open cunt. She swung her now
freed thighs up and clasped his hips with the backs of her calves,
winding her smoothly tapered legs all the way around his body. Her
ankles locked tightly together high on his back, spiraling her
ravenously hungry vagina up the full length of his slippery, plunging

"Jesus Christ, Tom," Joe gasped hotly as a bright white flash of
lightning light filled the room. "Don't split her whole ass open! Save
some for the big Daddy here!"

Sandy's body drove on unheeded. She was almost ready to cum and could
not stop. Tiny relentless devils danced deep in her belly, probing the
hot, tingling walls of her wetly seeping vagina with the fiery tips of
their three-pronged forks. Sweat was pouring from her body as she
strove wildly for her own end--an infinitesimal second away.

But then--Tom clamped his mouth tightly down on hers, starting a long,
low groan that swelled to shout as he began spewing his hot sperm deep
up into her hot slippery passage. Her first male cum! Oh God ... Oh
God, how deliciously wonderful it felt! She could feel it jet up into
her hungrily accepting young belly in great gushing waves--only to
sense it then deflate more with each white hot spurt.

"Nooooo! Noooo, Tommy! More! More! Wait for meeeeee!" She was still
just seconds away, but it was useless. She squeezed her buttocks
together up against a softening penis which had lost its mastery over
her now seething emotions. She pounded her heels desperately against
Tommy's spent body, beside herself, her end so near and yet so far
away. With an empty groan, he rolled from between her still gyrating
thighs to lie exhausted beside her.

Another bright white flash struck as suddenly her ankles were grasped
by other, heavy hands. She gasped at the force in the powerful fingers,
and she looked up through the narrow, hazy slits of lust-smoked eyes.

It was Joe! His flushed face leered down at her nakedly exposed cunt
from between her wide-held thighs, a cruel animal lust in his eyes, so
potent that it momentarily froze Sandy's quivering body into the
stillness of a cornered mouse before a stalking cat. He levered her
unresisting legs up off the couch in an arc far back over her head,
pressing the toes of her feet harshly into the cushion on either side
of her shoulders. Her tormented body was bent back double, the pain of
her strained muscles almost unbearable. The glistening, flattened plane
of her crotch was presented like a helplessly bound young virgin in a
sacrificial offering. He was poised over her in a push-up position, his
hands holding her ankles back to the couch, his thick cock, rejuvenated
from Vicki's sucking mouth, aimed straight at her helpless uptilted

"Ram it to her, Joe!" the older man encouraged excitedly. "Jam it all
the way up to her smooth little tits! I want a good shot of this!"

Sandy shuddered, torn between the hotly burning desire scorching her
still throbbing vagina, and the quick twinge of shame that flickered
through her drug and passion confused thoughts. Through glazed, heavy
lidded eyes she could see faint forms all around her, but they weren't
important--the fire licking through her loins was stoked to greater
intensity by the sheer helplessness and the obscene position in which
she was being held. The flames of her unfulfilled lust raged out of
control in her hotly pulsating young cunt, and nothing else in the
whole wide world mattered at all.

"Go on! Fuck her, Joe, fuck her!" Vicki urged in an excited scream, and
she wiggled her own naked buttocks at her lover in a lewd unmistakable

"Oh God, yessss. Please fuck me," Sandy hissed between tightly clenched
teeth, and Joe needed no further encouragement. His heavy body dropped
down on her twisting form like a sack of cement, his thick, lust-
incited young cock plunging into her hungrily waiting cunt like a
battering ram, pushing the unresisting moist folds of flesh in rippling
waves before its cruelly plowing head.

Sandy cried out at the quick and brutal impalement, but it was only
momentary. The greedy moist walls clasped around the fleshy cudgel
hungrily, slithering up wetly to devour its full length to the hilt.
His balls smacked with a soft wet slapping sound into the upturned
crevice of her buttocks, and she groaned in relief at the filling of
her newly opened passage as he began a heavy deep thrusting into her
already hotly grinding young cunt. Her head rolled wildly from side to
side, her whole body quivering in abandoned ecstasy. She had been so
close before to an orgasm that it didn't take long this time with Joe's
thick, expanding penis fucking up into her like a jack-hammer gone
wild. The cords of her neck suddenly tightened and she felt her muscles
tightening into rigidity with the unmistakable signs.

"I ... Oh God, I'm cumming! Fuck harder! Fuck harder!" she pleaded in a
voice shrill with passion. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

Her hands clasped desperately behind his wildly driving buttocks,
pulling him in maniacal frenzy deeper and deeper into her wide-
stretched vagina. Her cum juice flowed wetly out around his still-
driving prick, flowing down the crevice of her buttocks and flooding
his balls as they bounced rhythmically against her tightly puckered

"Give it to her, Joe!" the Richard Hink voice goaded excitedly from
somewhere in the distance. "I want a picture of the both of you
cumming!" Bright flashes filled the room as Sandy, writhing beneath the
spurred-on Joe Arrow, continued to grunt out her climax, the juices
still flowing in unrestricted rivulets down the full quivering cheeks
of her lewdly twisting loins.

Above her, Joe groaned and she could feel the second hot load of heated
male sperm being shot up deep into her dilated young womb, mixing
lasciviously with the pool the first boy had throbbed into her before.
Her head whirled in depraved sensuality as the hot, powerful bursts
surged wildly into her, filling her again to the overflowing with its
sticky whiteness. The hot, wet walls of her vagina clasped and
unclasped desperately, milking at the jerking cock like a sucking,
starving mouth. Sandy's firm nubile young body was drained of
everything when at last Joe's grip on her legs was released and she
could collapse her limbs on the couch. She lay spread-eagled, unable to
even close her legs, as she felt his heavy weight lift from her, and
the cool rush of air over her sweat-soaked form.

The deep, masculine voice of the triumphantly smiling high-school coach
spoke in the distance as she faded into peaceful unconsciousness. "Take
another turn with her, Tommy. She's not dead yet, and I need a few more
shots before I leave to visit her mother. Use your imagination and see
what you can do."

"How about both of us fucking her at the same time?" Joe gasped as he
sprawled, satiated beside her.

"Anything you want. And when you come over later, maybe we can make it
all five of us at the same time!"

Chapter 4

Alice Murphy sat dejectedly in the overstuffed easy chair in the living
room. It was nearly dark outside, and Sandy still hadn't returned. The
lovely widow had been waiting all that day for the phone to ring or the
door to open, and the longer she waited, the more worried she became
about her daughter.

She reached over and reluctantly grasped a half-empty bottle of scotch,
tipping it so that the burnt-umber-colored liquor poured into a small
glass beside it on the table. She had promised herself after she'd
finished the last glass that there would be no more drinking but she
was so distraught from the waiting that she couldn't resist having
something to soothe her frayed nerves. The shadows lengthened across
the living room from the windows, but she didn't feel like getting up
and turning on the lights. Somehow, she didn't want to face the
brightness they would bring, not before her daughter was back with her

Damn, she moaned under her breath as she took a long drink from the
straight scotch. Damn ... Damn, where was Sandy? Why hadn't she been
able to handle things better so that her child wouldn't have run off
the way she had?

The soothing warm liquor hit bottom; she hadn't eaten anything all day,
and the impact was immediate. The warmth spread through her body,
causing a slight tingling sensation to ripple across her flesh--she
raised the glass again, and finished it. Then she leaned back against
the cushion and lit a cigarette, and watched the curling smoke drift up
toward the ceiling. It was funny to watch, for it almost seemed to have
a purpose, as though it knew where it was going, only to waver and
diffuse into funny little wisps in all directions, and finally
disappearing into nothingness. Perhaps the smoke was like her life,
having purpose and direction when she had had Robert, now only confused
and directionless ... would she, too, simply end up disappearing into

She wondered what she would do when Sandy finally did return home. What
could she say that was different from this horrible morning? There must
be a middle-ground somewhere--someplace in between where she could meet
her daughter--where real happiness could be found ...

The phone rang shrilly from the hall, interrupting her reverie.

Alice jerked from its sudden insistence, then hurried to it, almost as
if she was afraid that if she didn't catch it before it rang again,
whoever was calling would give up and go away. She grabbed the
receiver, holding it breathlessly to her. "H-Hello? Sandy?"

"No, Mrs. Murphy. This is Richard Hink."

Alice knew Richard Hink, of course. She had tried to keep their
acquaintanceship as brief as possible in the past, even after Robert,
who had been the jealous type, was killed. The man bothered her in some
inexplicable way, in an ethereal, uneasy fashion she couldn't put her
finger on, but which had unsettled her from the moment he had moved in
beside her. Richard Hink had always been the gentleman around her and
Sandy, and Sandy had never reported anything but good about him from
her school ... But still there was a pervading air of something
corrupting about him, something deliciously wrong as though to be
around him would be skirting danger ...

"Yes, Mr. Hink?"

"Do call me Richard. After all, we're neighbors."

"Mr. Hink--I mean, Richard," she replied, not liking the new intimacy
but not wishing to take the time to argue over it. "You'll have to
excuse me if I'm a little rushed, but I'm waiting for an important call
from my daughter. What is it you want?"

"Well, it is about Sandy, I'm afraid," he said solemnly.

"About--!" A clammy iciness crawled up Alice's backbone, as if his tone
and the use of I'm afraid precluded some tragedy. Her throat was
suddenly dry, and the scotch pounded in her temples parasitically, but
she managed to stammer: "Is--is she hurt? Has she had an accident?
What's happened?"

"Oh, Sandy is fine, Alice," the coach said, and he chuckled in an odd
voice. "Don't worry about that, she's just in great shape. But there is
a matter of where she is and what she's doing that we must discuss.
Won't you come over to my house so we can talk?"

"Please, Mr. Hink--"


"Richard. Please, tell me now."

"No, it concerns something I must show you as well. I'll expect you
shortly." And without another word of explanation, he hung up.

Trembling with anxiety, Alice stood with the receiver in her hand.
Then, the momentary stun of shock passing, she quickly placed it back
on the phone cradle and rushed back to the living room. She took a last
shot of scotch, needing the strength it gave her to face whatever bad
news he had hinted at, then paused in front of the hall mirror with a
woman's automatic behavior to smooth her short beige dress and pat her
hair. Clutching her purse, she hurried across the short space of the
two side yards, up the cement steps to the narrow front porch of the
Hink residence. Facing the closed front door, she experienced a
momentary sense of panic, as though her intuition was telling her that
should she step through its portal, her life would be altered forever.
But her desire to find out about Sandy overcame her reluctance, and
taking a deep breath, she gathered her courage and rang the bell.

Richard Hink answered the door almost immediately. He seemed to be
dressed in nothing but a scarlet silk lounging robe, the kind with the
fancy embroidered Oriental designs and the velvet collar. "Come in, my
dear," he said in a soft, syrupy voice.

"Th-thank you." She swallowed heavily and followed him into his living
room, which was tastefully decorated in Norwegian woods.

"Sit down, Alice. You don't mind me calling you Alice, do you?"

She did, but said quickly, "No, no I don't."

"And don't forget to call me Richard," he said, not taking his eyes
from her body. He appraised the lusciously figured young mother of
Sandy Murphy and was renewed with a burgeoning desire for the blonde-
haired beauty with her provocatively moral ways. "Would you care for a

"No ... Richard, thank you just the same. I want to know about Sandy.
Please, please tell me what this is all about."

"Of course, my dear Alice." He sat down beside her on a long, low
couch, and then leaned over to pick up a flat cellophane envelope from
the oiled walnut coffee table in front of them. "You see," he said,
holding them from her eyes, "your daughter has been dating a certain
Tommy Edgars."

"I ... know," she blurted. "And I don't approve of him."

"As well you might not. He is quite the young lover, and to be
perfectly frank, he has convinced her to be intimate with him."

"Inti--!" Alice jerked her hands to her face, shielding the words which
were about to blurt from her shocked mouth. "You don't mean--?"

"See for yourself," Hink said almost casually, and handed the beautiful
stricken woman the envelope.

Trembling with fear and trepidation, Alice slid three color pictures
out, and after one chilling glimpse at the top photo, she stared up in
horror at the obscenely glittering eyes of Richard Hink. "Oh no!" she
gasped, sucking in her breath, the blood draining from her face and
leaving her features a deathly pale.

"Isn't that first one a jewel?" the teacher said with a pleasant smile.
"Shows every tiny detail so plainly, just as if it was posed. It
wasn't, of course, but then candid snaps are so much better, don't you

The first shot was of Sandy, naked and sprawling, on a long, wide couch
with the similarly nude body of her boyfriend, Tommy, bending over her.
He was licking her open vagina, and to her mother's horror, Sandy had
her legs splayed in full provocative view of the camera lens, showing
all of her own desire-moistened vaginal slit.

Is this what she's been doing with that boy? Alice asked herself
miserably. And for how long? She stared then at the giant young cock
that was stretching from Tommy's hovering loins as he leaned forward.
Look at how huge his penis is! He'd kill Sandy with that giant thing!
My God! What am I allowing myself to think?

The trembling young widow flipped to the next photo, only to see that
her worst fears were confirmed. Sandy's pinkly throbbing little cunt
mouth and the surrounding blonde hair were spread wide, and in the
right-hand edge of the picture was the muscled pelvis of Tommy, his
dark pubic hair a sharp contrast to the girl's light-textured flesh.
His thick, rigid shaft was in close-up focus, showing the convoluted
ridges and bluish veins and the long thin tube beneath that was ready
to shoot his sperm deep up into her nakedly spread young daughter. Its
pulsating, blunt cock-head was buried in the warm wet pussy, Sandy's
firm white buttocks stretched to the limit by his cruel impalement. In
the background, Alice could make out the figure of another lovely nude
teenage girl, her teeth parted as she kissed a strange boy's testicles,
licking the base of his penis with wet, lapping strokes from her
moistly glistening tongue. His cock must have been sucked for some
time, by the way the soft light of the room shone down off the wetly
shining skin ...

Alice gave a small cry of hysteria at the obscene images, and she tried
to clear her mind of the horrible thoughts of her own sixteen year old
daughter being a partner in this awful, clandestine orgy. But she
couldn't refute the facts before her eyes, and a warm heavy throb of
torment pulsed sub-consciously through her, caused by the erotic
qualities of the lewd photographs. She squeezed her buttocks together
in a desperate effort to stop the lewdly rising sensations the dirty
pictures were involuntarily causing in her, and forced herself to look
at the next one.

To her abject horror, this time she recognized the other boy as being
the depraved seducer of her little girl. Sandy was turning her head so
that she could watch his cock--which was rigidly held about an inch
away from her eagerly pulsating vaginal mouth--as it splashed hotly a
steady stream of white sticky cum against her thighs and blondly
curling young pussy hair. The smooth ivory white cheeks of her naked
buttocks were drenched with the sperm, and her knees were pulled back
until her slender legs were squashing the high-peaked, hard-nippled
moons of her breasts. Her fingers were clutching the cheeks of her
buttocks in an effort to pull them wider so that still more of her
pink, hair-rimmed crevice could receive the deliciously exciting bath
of the young, heated male sperm. It was obvious by the contorted
expression of pure ecstasy on her wildly distorted facial features that
she was reveling in the utter lewdness of her humiliation ... was
glorying in it!

Sandy ... Oh God, my darling child! Alice's tortured mind screamed.

"You like them, Alice?" Hink asked her calmly.

"No! Of course I don't!" she cried, throwing the obscene photographs on
the table in revulsion and rejection. "They're terrible!"

"Well," he said in an offhand manner, "Perhaps you'll find one you'd
enjoy. I took a dozen all told, though I've got the others tucked under
lock and key at the moment."

"You ... took them?" Alice wanted to scream, to hit and slash and tear
at this vile, beastly man who sat so calmly next to her and freely
admitted his part in the horrible debauchment of her daughter. "You
must be insane!"

"We'll see who's so insane, my dear," Hink rasped harshly, his face
suddenly showing anger. "You want all twelve pictures don't you?"

"W--want them?" Alice stammered in a sudden, hushed tone of fear.

"Don't be so naive, Alice. I know a number of dirty picture
distributors who would pay plenty to be able to reproduce a hot set
like this."

"I'm leaving right this minute, Mr. Hink! I'm going to call the police
and have you locked up in a prison where you belong!"

"No you won't, my dear. I'd simply deny everything, and it's your word
against mine. Besides, think of the scandal it would cause your
daughter. You wouldn't want that, would you? On top of the fact that
should you call the cops, I'll sell the set the first chance I get!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Alice said, standing up suddenly.

Hink leaped to his feet and slashed his heavy palm brutally across
Alice's face, knocking her back on the couch. Tears sprang to her eyes
and a slight trickle of blood appeared at one corner of her mouth.
"Don't ever say I wouldn't dare anything!" he snarled angrily at her.
"Just you get it through your stuck-up head that if you don't want the
truth about your darling daughter peddled in every bar from New York to
Los Angeles, you'd better start treating me right!"

"What--what do you want of me?" Alice's voice faded to a whisper.

"You know very well what I want of you," he said cynically, sneering
with obvious lust. "You're going to work to get those pictures back,
baby, work hard to please me."

Alice sat in a state of shock, dabbing lifelessly at the trickle of
blood with her dress sleeve. Yes, she knew what he wanted of her--her
body. The galling truth of her hopeless position flooded her mind, for
she was being blackmailed into submitting to this handsome but
animalistic man in exchange for the chance to save her daughter's
reputation. She would sacrifice herself, she knew after a moment's
contemplation, for her own happiness was over but Sandy's was just
beginning, and there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to make her child
a better future. She became nauseated as she imagined the lewdly
degrading sensation of this strange man's penis buried deep up inside
her open vagina, for she was certain that that was what he would demand
from her. She knew that she would almost die from the humiliation of it
all, the degeneracy of submitting to his cruel lusts where no man had
ever been other than her late husband.

She didn't speak, steeling herself to the ordeal that lay ahead,
wishing only that she could get it over and done with quickly and get
away with that envelope. Then, perhaps, she could live a normal life

Richard Hink read the symptoms of her surrender. "I'm glad you made an
intelligent decision about this, my dear," he purred, running his
tongue wetly around his lips. "After all, I'm not so bad, am I?"

Alice left the question unanswered, and kept her eyes to the floor. She
couldn't bring herself to look at him. "I want the pictures first,
Richard," she finally managed to say.

"Oh, no," Hink said, slapping his hand on the three on the table to
show his denial. "We'll play some games first, and if you twitch your
pussy real good and at the right times, you can have them tomorrow."

"How ... How do I know you'll give them to me?" she grimaced from the
lewdness of his words.

"You'll simply have to trust me. You don't have any other choice, do
you?" he said with a victorious smirk. "Come, we'll go to my bedroom
now." He led the way down the corridor, Alice following, almost glad
that he wasn't prolonging her agony any longer than necessary. "What do
you think of my little chamber of love?" he asked, throwing the bedroom
door wide open.

It was the strangest room Alice had ever seen. It was exactly like her
own in size, but the ceiling and an entire wall were completely covered
with mirrors. Another of the walls was painted with a mural, showing
the lewdest sexual acts imaginable in a huge orgy of tangled bodies and
limbs. It was done very realistically, and there must have been over a
hundred figures in it, some in pairs, others in groups of three, four,
and five.

"I dabble as a painter occasionally," Hink said modestly.

Alice stood for a long moment at the door of the hedonistically decored
room, revolted and fearful of entering. But she had decided that she
had no choice but to submit. He had her exactly where he wanted her,
and if she had to degrade herself to save her daughter from ruin, she
would do so. In a way, she felt that she had helped create this
horrible situation by having failed as a mother somewhere in the
raising of Sandy, and this was to be her punishment for it.

There was a thick white carpet on the floor, and sighing with the
hopelessness of her plight, she slipped out of her shoes as Hink had
when he'd entered, and padded barefoot into the room.

"Sit down on the bed, my dear Alice," the lewd blackmailer said,
gesturing to the hugest round bed she had ever seen. It was covered
with the same white furry material as the floor, but as soft as it was,
she felt revulsion stir through her as she slowly settled herself on

"Now," he said cruelly, "I want to see that beautiful body of yours
stripped bare-ass naked. Sit still and let me undress you."

She closed her eyes, forcing her mind to dwell on the pictures she had
to earn as she felt the muscular football coach's hands hurriedly unzip
her dress. She lifted her buttocks slightly, and he peeled it from her.
Then came her bra, and he whistled in admiration as the large, round
spheres emerged. He kissed them hungrily and Alice cringed as his warm
wet lips traced their moist path to the tips, hardening her nipples in
spite of her revulsion. Nervous beads of sweat began to roll from
Hink's face as his trembling wet palms glided unimpeded over her firm
contours, cupping and kneading them brutally until Alice cried out from
the pain and humiliation.

She was completely naked now except for the sheer panties that were
only a thin nylon wisp around her lower hips. She had never felt so
exposed in all her life, and burning waves of shame crept through her
in spite of her vow to gain those damaging photographs at any personal
sacrifice or mortification. Nausea rose as his thick, lean fingers
petted and fondled at her soft yielding flesh, the harshness of his
digging fingers leaving white, bloodless prints in their searching
trail. Tears welled in her eyes as he pushed her back on the bed. She
fell passively, beyond resistance now and thinking only of the lewd
envelope with its threat against her daughter.

Hink's breath was coming in heavy snorts as his fingers made light,
butterfly contact across her sensitive white flesh to her flimsy white
panties. She groaned helplessly as his hand rummaged on the outside,
pushing the softness of the smooth nylon material into the thin,
quivering slit of her vagina. He played teasingly, pulling gently at
the soft little strands of pubic hair that protruded teasingly out from
under the leg band. She shut her eyes tightly as his fingers hooked
around the elastic band at the top.

"Lift your ass," he ordered, using the blunt word to remind her of his
total dominance.

Alice arched her back hesitantly, feeling the smooth nylon drawn slowly
over her voluptuously rounded hips and thighs, exposing now the whole
of her soft, down-covered crotch.

"Mmmmmmmm! A real blonde, I see, just like your kid." Hink smacked his
lips in appreciation. "You're the first one I've had in quite awhile."

He reached below, rubbing his hands lewdly over the full rounded
contours of her trembling buttocks, stroking them greedily. He dug his
fingers into the softness of the flesh for a moment as though unable to
take his hand away, then with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, he
gently spread the fleshy, hair-trimmed lips of her vagina apart. They
were dry and unprepared, and Alice clenched her teeth tightly together
in fear that he was going to force his way into her and hurt her.
Instead, he reached to the small table beside the bed and dug his
fingers into a jar of vaseline. He gently swabbed the lubricating jelly
the length of her pink warm slit, inserting his index finger fully into
the fleshy warmth of her cunt. He rotated it around and around,
swabbing the vaseline deep into the soft giving folds, preparing it for
the entry of his already erect cock that was bulging in entrapment
beneath his scarlet smoking jacket.

"You are very tight, my dear Alice. You've been without a man far too
long for your own health. But we'll soon cure that, won't we?"

He chuckled lasciviously, and Alice cried out in sudden protest as she
felt his fingers stretch her vagina cruelly wider, the walls of the
narrow pink slit surrounding it aching painfully from the harsh outward
pull. "That's more like it," he grinned evilly, pressing his fingers
between the lips of the tortured little opening until they were all the
way to his palm and he could go no further. She struggled downward to
escape the cruel impalement, but it was useless.

She lay in hopeless dejection, so tightly impaled by his fingers that
she couldn't find any direction of relief. Waves of shame and
humiliation washed over her like some evil tide of foreboding. She was
glad now for the scotch she'd drank, or she could never have stood
being held in this lewd position by this evil, blackmailing man free to
do with her as he wished. And the worst was that she didn't dare
complain, for then he might never decide to give her the damning
pictures of her young teenage daughter.

Her tortured thoughts were interrupted by Richard Hink removing his
hand suddenly and standing up beside the bed. He shed his silken jacket
and then was above her again on the bed, looking down at her with his
hands on his hips. With the reflections of the mirrors on the ceiling
and wall, Alice felt as though she was surrounded by a phalanx of
heavy, erectly throbbing cocks and menacing, sperm-swollen sacs of
testicles, all poised at the ready for the deadly thrusts up between
her open thighs that she knew were soon to come.

"First, my dear, we must get you in the proper mood for enjoying my
lovemaking," Hink said with crooning delight.

She shivered in silent dread in the center of the furry white bed,
listening with bated breath as he picked up something from the same
table which held the vaseline. She didn't dare follow his movements for
fear of screaming, and she couldn't have stood having the agonies of
her humiliation prolonged any further. She just wanted to get it over
with as soon as possible. She held her breath, waiting with
apprehension for his sweating palms and long, probing fingers to once
more clamp down and bore into the soft, now completely defenseless
flesh of her body.

They didn't come.

Instead, she felt a light flicking through the soles of her feet.
Something was grazing torturously over the sensitive bottoms, and she
jumped in sudden surprise, her eyes jerking open and staring wildly
down at the cause of the tingling sensation. Richard Hink was leaning
forward at the foot of the bed, grinning lewdly down at her spread-
eagled nakedness. He had in his hands a long thin pole with a curling,
fluffy feather at its end, and he was stroking her feet with the tip of

She tried to resist its tantalizing little manipulations, but in the
master control of the depraved football coach, the feathered tickling
soon began to drive her mad. "Don't move, my dear," he warned. "Just
lie there and enjoy what I'm doing to you." He continued the lascivious
strokings slowly up her calves, and Alice clenched her teeth tight
together, willing her muscles to keep still and not make her body
thrash wildly about.

Hink smiled lewdly at the effect he was having on her. He paused at the
sensitive inner thighs to rotate the feather in small, titillating
circles against the soft bare flesh, and then he thrust the tip of the
soft full feather directly into her slightly parted vaginal lips. Alice
sucked in her fevered breath, unable to prevent herself from drawing
her thighs up and apart so that all of her moistly spread vagina was
presented to his greedy eyes in her lewd, crab-like stance. He grinned
salaciously, and jiggled the feather lewdly in the plainly visible lips
of her tight, pink cunt. Alice was going out of her mind, and undulated
her quivering buttocks helplessly beneath the tickling torture her body
was being subjected to.

"Oh! Oh, please stop! Ohhhh, please, please, stop! I--I can't--stand
what you're doing! I--can't!"

But still the feather teased playfully at the tender parts of her
vagina, working its way up the full length of the narrow palpitating
crevice to her tiny throbbing clitoris, and flicking maddeningly at it
until, with a sudden groan, Alice felt it begin a gently involuntary
jerking into hardness. She could hear Richard Hink laughing arrogantly
at her reactions as he hovered over her, her desperate pleadings
driving him to manipulate the teasing feather faster.

He worked it slowly up, over the softly pulsating mound of her genitals
and across the flat white plane of her belly, pausing for a moment to
tickle the delicate little indentation of her navel, and then up the
sides of her rib cage, playing tantalizingly with the soft, tender area
under her arm. It almost drove her crazy, and it was with relief that
she felt it crawl up over her full ripe breasts and begin to gently
caress the nipples into throbbing sensitivity. In spite of her
revulsion toward the handsome but depraved man who was subjecting her
to the horrible indignities, her feelings were slowly changing. Her
gasps and moans of humiliation and torment tapered off into deep mewls
of helplessly forced pleasure. Her thrashing body quieted to slow,
sensuous writhings as the feather slowed its flicking to soft gentle
strokings that brought tingles of wicked pleasure to her body,
exhausted from the struggles against this lewd torture. Small rivulets
of sweat dripped from her torso, wetting the softness of the furry
bedcovering below her.

Tears of frustration brimmed her eyes as she felt the control of her
body begin to slip away. She had vowed that she would never allow it to
betray her, no matter how much temptation it might be subjected to,
until she was legally married again. But the utter hopelessness of her
submission, and the feather in the hands of this master debaucher,
violating all the sensitive and unprotected parts of her tender
enslaved flesh were too much not to react to! Unwanted pleasure began
to ripple from the depths of her quivering belly as passions long held
in self-imposed celibacy were kindled into lewd fires of unbridled
sexual craving.

Against her will, her proud firm breasts throbbed up into rock-hard
roundness, and the peaks tweaked up hungrily as the tantalizing feather
made small delicious circles around the rose-pink areolas. As the
maddening instrument began its downward journey again, she found to her
fascinated horror that her body was reaching up off the bed to absorb
more of its soothing caresses. It dwelled long again on the whiteness
of her belly and in the flexing hollows of her inner thighs, again
causing a slow uncontrollable undulation of her rebellious hips and
causing her again to draw her thighs back up into a splayed, crab-like
position. The slit of her crotch was again wide open to the leering,
lust-crazed eyes of her tormentor above. With a lewd chuckle, he
flicked the tip of the lewdly teasing feather quickly without warning
against the sensitive puckered ring of her anus, clearly exposed in the
openly spread crevice between her full white buttocks. The tight
rubbery orifice jerked in surprise, and tried to screw itself down into
the mattress to escape the soft, yet malicious probing.

"Agggggg!" she gasped between tightly clenched teeth. "D--Don't Ohhhhh,
please don't! I--I can't stand it! It's driving me crazy!"

A sadistic laugh answered as she bucked and squirmed against the
teasing probe of her tiny clasping anus. She tried with all her
strength to clench her buttocks closed and end the excruciatingly
pleasurable sensation, but the torturous flicking of the feather never
stopped. There was no relief.

"Oh, please, p--please, ohhhh, oooohhh, stop, stop, stopppp!" she
grunted, squirming as though being tortured by fire. "You're killing
me! You're killing me!"

"Would you rather be fucked there, my dear?" Hink hissed softly,
increasing the pressure slightly against her helplessly flexing anal
orifice. "Would you rather have me fuck you in the ass?"

"No!" she groaned piteously, the degeneracy of his threat making her
shiver with revulsion. "No! No!"

He quickened the flicking feather ...

"Agggg! I--I mean yes! Y--Yessss!" she babbled helplessly. "Anything!
Anything, but stop, stop! Oh God, please stop!"

As suddenly as it had begun, the torturous tickling lifted from between
her legs. Alice's exhausted muscles relaxed from their straining, her
body relieved from fighting against her humiliation and rising
excitement, and a thankful gasp of grateful warm air rushed from her
lips. But only momentarily, as the thought of what she had screamed in
her mad attempt to escape the torture returned to her mind. Her body
had failed her--failed her as completely as it had when she'd
masturbated last night. He would show her no mercy, she knew that. She
knew that he would pick and pull at her helplessness until he had
destroyed the last remaining vestiges of her resistance and pride, like
stepping on a helpless butterfly fluttering in agony. Yet still her
mind dwelled with dazed determination on obtaining that packet of
pictures. She had to have that packet for Sandy; she just had to! There
was no choice, and she fought back the urge to scream at him and curse
his wickedness.

Demonically, Richard Hink locked his eyes on her full sensuous lips
still muttering nothings out into the air from the torment of his
feathering. They were wet and moist from her tongue swirling around
them as she lay suffering beneath his torture with unfulfilled desire.
He wanted to shove his cock down in between them, and shivered at the
mere thought of that moist warm cavern closing around it--but that
would have to wait until later.

Now was time for the ultimate subjugation of her lovely naked body, the
complete surrender of that hot little bitch, Sandy Murphy's trembling
young mother, to his cruel whims! He couldn't wait another moment, or
he'd ejaculate from the excitement right where he was! Discarding the
feathered pole, he harshly commanded: "All right, my dear. Roll over
and get up on your knees. Hurry! Kneel before me! Kneel up and show me
that luscious naked ass of yours!"

She hesitated for a moment, and then felt his eager hands on her hips,
jerking her over onto her stomach and raising her quivering moon-shaped
buttocks high up off the bed. Crudely, he forced her to spread her legs
wide so that the backs of her white, firm thighs were presented
invitingly to him, lewdly displaying the full surface of her pink,
passion-soaked pussy to his lusting eyes. Her backsides waved in open
invitation to the cruel ravishment he had promised to inflict upon her,
and her anus throbbed in abject helplessness.

"Alice, my little pet, I can tell that way down deep at heart you
really want to be fucked," he grinned almost reverently with desire.

"Oh, no ... No, I don't! Oh, please don't do this to me!" Tears of
anticipated pain and humiliation ran from her cheeks as the realization
came to her that nothing she said would stop him. He was going to do it
to her there. He was going to plant his long, hard penis fully up her
virginal rectum in an unnatural act of sex that she hadn't known
existed before. This was the ultimate humiliation and surrender, as her
unwilling body was forced to be punished and abused in one of the most
obscene and degrading ways possible. She could never live through it;
she could never face the world again after this horror and subjugation!
Surely she would die!

She cringed her crotch away from him but it was useless. He cupped her
soft resilient flesh in his hands, his strong fingers moving over the
moon-shaped whiteness of her buttocks, kneading the flaccid globes of
soft yielding flesh with his unsatiated lust.

Alice lay trembling with her face pressed tightly into the mattress.
She had the urge to turn her head and look at him to show her defiance,
but there was no strength left in her now. She waited unresisting
before him, slim and voluptuously curved at the buttocks and thighs
which flowered out teasingly from her narrow, beautifully curved waist.
She moaned low in a half daze, intensifying the erotic picture of her
innocent, almost unused body as she presented it up in helpless
sacrifice to the leering dark eyes above it.

The sadistic high school coach moved in closer to her backsides, and
Alice could feel a gentle teasing motion not unlike the feather begin
along the sensitive outside edges of her vaginal lips, staying
teasingly just inside the moist pink slit of her widespread crotch. Her
breasts involuntarily hardened as she realized that Richard Hink was
rubbing the rubbery tip of his cock in the soft wet channel between her
buttocks, and goosebumps rippled along her skin. She'd been caught
unaware by the gentle probing of her helplessly exposed genitals. She
had geared her mind to expect a harsher and more violent attack, but
this--this was different, and was unexpected and subtle, an exquisite
sensation she couldn't resist!

She felt sudden shudders coursing along her nerves, their intensity
increased a hundred times by the submissive rigidity of her position.
Her toes squirmed beneath the teasing softness of his attack, and she
groaned, crying as she prayed her body would not betray her again. She
couldn't give him the satisfaction of submitting to the lewd desire for
that giant wet penis which was now so deliciously teasing her
backsides. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and fought it with all
her might--but the leering Hink knew that it was too late for her and
there was no escape.

"You like my love-making, my dear, I can tell," he crooned. "I shall
make you very happy now, happier than you've ever been before." Small
beads of sweat were breaking out on his forehead now as his goal was in
sight. He knew that he had broken her will to resist, and now she was
ready to receive the pleasures of his hardened cock worming up into her
open belly.

Alice moaned again as he increased the speed of his teasing
manipulations. She could feel the tips of her nipples hardening into
diamond-like chips as her ripe full breasts swayed beneath her
quivering chest, and she sighed with the delightful sensations the man
behind her was sending through every fiber of her body. Dear God, she
must somehow fight; she mustn't succumb as she had been doing--but
ohhhhh, how could she? It was so goooooddddd a feeling!

"What a nice, hairless little hole," she heard him mutter and then
suddenly the long, thick cock teasing at the portal of her vagina moved
upwards through the slipperiness of the vaseline he had smeared there
earlier and nestled throbbingly in the tiny puckered lips of her
defensively clenched anus. She gasped, sucking in her breath, and then
Hink grasped her buttocks in both his hands and flicked his hips
forward. She grunted from the sudden, excruciating pain of the
unexpectedly brutal intrusion spearing into her. She screamed for him
to stop, tears running down her cheeks. But his invasion grew, and she
felt her thighs being swept aside as his thick, rigid penis bored
forward into the tightly clinging canal of her vaseline lubricated
anus. She ached and could only moan and plead for his mercy.

"Ohhh! W--wait! P--please wait! You're killing me!" She screamed out in
a whimpering sob. "It hurts! You're too big for me there! Ohhhhhhhhh,

"My dear, we have just begun. You haven't even taken half of me up in
your pretty little asshole yet," he taunted the stricken mother,
driving still more of his fleshy shaft forward into the walls of her
tightly stretched rectum.

"Aggggghhhhh!" she cried, the penetration increasing. She felt as if
someone were levering her thighs apart to split her tormented body all
the way up to her vibrating breasts. His huge, unending cock throbbed
on, expanding the warm, moist flesh wrapped tightly around it. It
continued its nerve-shattering conquest, pushing far up inside her
rectum, the pain unbearable to her with every inch of her passage it
took. She fought in wild desperation against the brutal fleshy pole
sunk in her backside, but then in a final groan of hopeless surrender,
her strength failed, and Hink, flicking his hips forward the final
inch, imbedded his thick hard cock all the way up to his testicles in
the soft flaccid tunnel of her ass. She grunted in submission, her eyes
and mouth opened wide in torment as she could feel the coarse hair of
his loins grinding cruelly into the softness of her buttock-cheeks.

Richard, muttering obscenities behind her and gasping with sadistic
pleasure, began to fuck rhythmically and unmercifully deep into the
soft depths of her back passage, bringing further sobs of pain and
misery from her tortured lips. She had never felt so soiled or
debauched in her life, and her whole behind felt wet and used as he
levered up on his knees and began to lunge the full length of his
punishing rod into her with long, smooth strokes. It pulled tiny ridges
of her pink, clasping anal flesh out with the base of his cock as it
withdrew for another vicious lunge inside. She was dimly aware of Hink
snorting gleefully to himself and gripping hard on her soft, globular
buttocks with each lunge the rampaging penis made into her rectum,
trapping her servile body between his skewering from behind and the
furry bedcover of the mattress in front. She was hopelessly trapped in
her kneeling position, painfully bent like an errant slave before its
cruel master.

Her body jerked and quivered, and her thighs periodically convulsed as
an extra hard thrust seared into her tortured asshole. She could hear
his grunts of pleasure and hated herself and her body for the joy it
was giving him, though there was nothing she could do about it. She
wanted to destroy him, to kill him for the degradation and the
humiliation he was heaping upon her against her will. In spite of the
pain, she steeled her mind and clasped tight her anal muscles, trying
desperately to rip the plunging column of flesh from his body.

"Oh God, it hurts ... it hurts, it hurts ..." she heard herself grunt
masochistically, and tentatively to ease the pain, she fucked back
against him to meet the forward thrust of his cock. She began to
undulate her body, swinging her buttocks in tiny rotating circles,
clasping it tightly with the slight throb of her rectum on the

"Ooooooh!" Richard Hink groaned. "Ohhh your little asshole's so hot and
tight up inside! But that's it, my dear! Ohhhh, that's it!" He threw
back his head in ecstasy from the warm clasping flesh enveloping him,
and watched the reddish pink skin of the tiny round hole draw back with
his cock, feeling the sudden voluntary movements of her buttocks before
him. He groaned and surged into her with renewed power. He knew she was
his to do as he wished now. She was like a slave kneeling before him,
prepared to follow his every wish and command, there was no resistance
left in this innocently pure young widow impaled so helplessly on his
cock. He would fuck it to her now as she had never had it before, and
she would soon learn to love it--hell, she was quickly beginning to
love it already! He watched the movement of her buttocks and the
arching hollows of her back as she worked and ground back into him, her
long blonde hair falling down over her face and around her neck as she
squirmed her nakedly kneeling body lewdly in front of him.

He increased the intensity and speed of his lust-hardened cock fucking
into her rectum until her breasts jerked and danced below her
helplessly bucking body like quivering mounds of vibrating jelly. She
continued to push back at the thick instrument fucking into her from
the rear, almost praying for him to cum up in her so it would end, and
she could see his small beady eyes in the mirror locked in gloating
fascination on her twisted and bent form. Gradually she became
accustomed to the trunk-like rod imbedded in her, and she became aware
that hot lubricating juices of her cunt and anus had begun to flow,
easing the pain, allowing still more of the ever growing cock to be
pumped into her. She could feel his huge gourd-like testicles brushing
against her clitoris between her widespread thighs, and with every
pounding beat of them against her hardened little bud, a weird
masochistic joy rippled through her. Even the lessening pain was
strangely pleasurable, and she waved her buttocks back against it as
much as she could.

The sight in the mirrors incited her more. This was total subjugation--
being helplessly enslaved on her knees this way, breasts jiggling
crazily underneath, and she could see from the reflections in the
polished glass the giant rod impaling her from behind. God, it was
huge! It appeared as though her buttocks were spread beyond all human
endurance. And that monstrous instrument was actually sunk all the way
up between them as far as it would go. She could even see the tiny pink
lips of her thinly stretched anus clasped tightly around the edges of
it. God, what a hole it made in her rectum! The lewd picture of her
humiliation made her squirm back at it again to punish herself more.

"Is it good?" Hink panted, now stroking the whitely quivering globes of
her buttocks, sweat rolling from his face in profusion. "Do you like

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Nooooooo! Nooooooo!" Alice moaned, a battle raging within
her. She couldn't be liking this! No ... No, it was too lewdly awful,
too sinfully degrading to enjoy!

"Do you want me to stop?" he taunted cruelly. "Do you want me to stop
... and keep the pictures?"

She suddenly groaned at the reminder of why she was kneeling before him
and panicked at his threat. "Oh, no! Don't stop!"

"Then say it! Say you love me fucking you in the ass, my dear!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" she hissed from between clenched teeth as he fucked
the hardness of his cock still deeper and harder into her anus,
expanding the tiny, tight hole with every sadistic lunge of his pelvis.
Oh God, how he was debasing her, treating her like a common slut he had
bought for the night. Then, in spite of her revulsion at submitting to
him like this, strange masochistic pleasures rippled through her again.
She suddenly wanted to be destroyed by what she was doing, she wanted
to be fucked until she could never walk again. The lewd subjugation of
her helpless, kneeling form was driving her wild with lust inciting

"Yes, fuck me ... Fuck me in the asshole goooddddd ..." she grunted
through contorted lips, sweat dripping from her straining face, the
rhythm of his cruel skewering of her rectal passage building an aching
hunger for more. Exquisite maddening pleasures purled through her
helpless naked form, the thought of begging him to drive the teasing
rod into her fueling the hot licking flames in her loins. It was
unbearable! "Ohhhhh, God, yesss, fuck me in the ass like that!"

Hink grinned an obscene smile of victory. He had the proud bitch right
where he wanted her. She wanted it with all her being now, and by God,
he was going to give it to her. He began an even harder, faster fucking
motion with his hips, driving her white quivering buttocks high up in
the air and then down again as a jockey riding a thorough-bred horse.
His thick, rigid cock fucked into her round-stretched anus in heavy,
deep thrusts that traveled the full eight inches of fleshy shaft. A
moist sucking sound of intercourse sounded through the small bedroom,
and the slap of his heavily swinging balls down against her soft, pink
vaginal slit and trembling little clitoris below joined it
harmoniously. Hink licked his lips hungrily as he watched the tiny
reddish pucker of her sphincter muscle clutch at his penis as if it
didn't want him to come out, only to disappear inside again as he
lunged brutally forward.

Alice groaned out her submission to the lewd sensations racing
rampantly through her sodomistically ravished body. Her toes curled
tightly against the bed covers as she was bucked up and down, fucked
like the helpless slave she was. She could feel his monstrous cock
growing inside her mercilessly battered rectum, its giant head
pummeling into her like an unrelenting fist. His fingers that tore
inhumanly at her nakedly writhing hips gave her no respite from the
involuntarily growing pleasure, building ... building ever building
deep in her belly.

"Harder ... Harder ... Ohhhhh, cum, cum, fuck me harder and cum ..."
she heard herself chant deliriously in rhythm to his long hard strokes.
She wanted to be torn apart. She wanted to be ripped. Great huge waves
of delicious sensations surged through her, her entire body growing
like an expanded balloon, threatening to burst into a thousand colored
pieces as it had not done since her husband had last fucked her. At
last she was filled with cock again, her lewdly tingling body was being
raped as never before, and it felt as if her very insides were melting
from the fierce heat of her insane arousal and coming out around his
stabbing cock in flowing white-hot liquid! Cum ... cum ... she was
going to cum!

Suddenly, with a groan deep from in her lungs, great floods of seething
juice streamed out from the walls of her vagina, gushing on out over
Hink's testicles as they swung heavily down from the base of his penis.
Alice gave one long low scream, reaching back with her hands and
splaying her ass cheeks farther apart to give his pistoning cock
greater access. She thrust her brutally aching loins up at him with
demoniacal force, screwing herself up hungrily on the still-pumping
rod. More juices flowed from her quivering vaginal crevice as her
nostrils flared and one long gasp of breath escaped raspingly from her
chest as though she had been hit in the stomach with a powerful fist.
She collapsed under him, her body quivering uncontrollably as the
after-sensations floated down gently from the wildly exploding orgasm
she had reached.

Her next door neighbor sensed her climax and drove his penis deep up
inside as her legs splayed out on either side of his heavily lunging
body. He could feel the hot jet stream begin far down in his inflated
testicles, and race headlong down the length of his pulsating shaft,
spewing wildly out of the tip deep into the darkly hidden depths of her
rectum. He filled her belly completely and felt it overflowing out from
her tightly clenched anus to trickle down and mingle with her own
orgasmic juices seeping hotly from the soft, hair-lined lips of her
excitedly contracting cunt below. He gave one last gasp as with a jerk
he emptied the last dregs of sperm into her still quivering backsides,
then he, too, collapsed across her spent body, flattening her on her
stomach, spread-eagled on the furry white bed.

After awhile, she felt his weight lifting from her and the softness of
his deflated penis slip with a wet sucking noise from the confines of
her forever-expanded anus. She felt wet and a slight soreness there,
but nothing like the horror of the beginning.

Any physical damage to her ravished, battered, and bruised body would
heal, she knew, but she doubted that anything could ever eliminate the
horrible mental injury that she had done unwillingly to herself. She
knew that she should now be filled with repugnance and loathing ... but
she was not, and this made her more frightened than from the vile acts
done to her by Richard Hink. She felt the blood rising in her cheeks as
vividly, she remembered her own lustful performance just now. Truly,
his handsome, virile body had reached her before he was done. He had
come at her like a conquering warrior devouring the spoils of victory,
and the fact she could not avoid was that she had completely and
wantonly enjoyed the ugly but delicious sensations Hink had sent
coursing through her helplessly trapped body. God, she was ashamed ...

She rolled over onto her back, unmindful that all of her naked, lust-
sweat beauty was on display in the mirrors, reflecting like a hundred
trembling, glistening bodies whose rosy-hued flesh were painted with
the mingling fluids of male sperm and female orgasmic secretions. What
modesty was there to lose now? He had unlocked some deep, wickedly lewd
blackness in her soul, and if he wanted a whore, then a whore she would
be. And she sickeningly realized that she would respond with more than
just an act to please him--she would be that whore, reveling in his
cruel debasement ...

And then in the reflecting glass above and around her, the lovely young
mother suddenly saw other figures. Her eyes flew wide with startled,
terrified shock, and she struggled to her knees on the bed, tottering
with humiliation and torment. Two boys and a strange girl were slowly
advancing into the bedroom, but there were only dim, hazy images to
her, her eyes staring with utter mortification at the slim young
teenager whose face was distorted with horror and disbelief in front of


Chapter 5

About an hour before Alice Murphy choked out her daughter's name, Sandy
had been a quivering, quietly moaning girl on the couch in Vicki Rolf's
basement playroom. Time was meaningless and blurred to her, merging
with the cocks of Tommy Edgars and Joe Arrow which had continually
assaulted her hapless, drug-crazed young body. She was beyond emotion,
her tender loins jerking spasmodically as her muscles twitched from the
wild, electric-like orgasms she'd received.

The two boys and the naked young girl, Vicki, stood over her writhing
form, grinning lewdly down at her. She stared back up at them through
dulled, sex-fogged eyes, her legs sprawled wide out to the sides,
displaying obscenely all of her pink, gently palpitating vagina. Their
voices were indistinct and dim in her buzzing ears, for she was no
longer a little, innocent teenage girl but a passionate mass of
sexually satiated and drugged female flesh, unable to think or breathe.

"Have we time to take her on again?" Joe was asking excitedly. Even
though he'd already cum many times in her and his girl friend Vicki,
the very prurience of this virginal-looking Sandy enticed his cock to
harden with renewed interest.

"No, we've got to get over to the coach's house," Tommy said, and then
he grinned with unsatiated lust at his friend. "What the hell, you can
fuck her again any way you want to when we get over there."

"Sure," Vicki added excitedly. "What the hell, the more the merrier.
Come on, let's get the hot little bitch dressed so we can go!"

Her limbs too weak and weary to be able to perform for herself, Sandy
allowed the others to lift her up from the couch and dress her. Then
exhaustedly, she hung between Tommy and Joe as they helped her to the
four-door sedan that belonged to Joe and which he'd driven to Vicki's
that morning. She tottered as they opened the back door and almost fell
inside, lowering herself to the soft seat and unconsciously allowing
herself to be snuggled in the arms of her boyfriend, Tommy Edgars, as
he climbed in beside her.

As Joe drove back through town and to her house, Sandy found that some
of her passion-fevered mind had cleared in the wake of her sexual
ecstasy. Shame and revulsion inundated her, causing tears to blur and
darken her guiltily swollen eyes and dribble down her cheeks. Well,
she'd finally been fucked, and fucked good. No longer could she claim
to belong to the select few known as virgins. No longer would she have
to worry about bringing an innocent body to her marriage bed for the
sacrifice to her husband. Who would want her now? No decent boy, not
after what she'd allowed to be done to her. Oh God, she didn't want to
think about it ... maybe later, when she was safely away from Tommy and
the other scheming young couple, Joe and Vicki ...

Edgars pressed closer and put his arm tightly around her sobbing waist,
and through her still partially fogged eyes, the self-loathing girl saw
that he was smiling in lewd triumph. "You were great, baby," he
complimented. "Now don't be all morbid and sulky about it--a good
fucking never hurt any girl, and you've got to admit, you really turned
on something fierce. Just like I said you would, once you got a taste
of cock. Rest awhile," he continued, his hand fondling her trembling
leg. "Rest until we get over to where you live. I think you'll get a
real surprise at what's waiting for you."

The handsome youth's chuckle was almost obscene, and Sandy shuddered at
the lurid thought of what the "surprise" might be--but she never
considered even in the most dark, forbidden recesses of her mind what
she was speeding toward in crushed obeisance ...

At first she thought that they were going to stop at her house, and her
initial reaction was one of relief. Maybe there wasn't going to be a
"surprise," or if there was, it was to let her free. Oh God, she hoped
so! But then she felt a twinge of fear as she thought of what her
mother would say if she saw her like this. Sandy knew that she couldn't
ever explain what had really happened to her, how she had been deceived
and led on with alcohol and drugs until she'd gone too far and finally
her own body had betrayed her.

Mother would never understand, and she finally decided that if she was
let out, she wouldn't go inside her house but would run away. Even if
somehow she kept it a secret, she could never be able to curl up in her
mother's lap with girlish innocence again without thoughts of this
horrible day, and she knew she couldn't face her home and the love that
it represented. She was too soiled, too ruined ... While time might dim
the memory, it would never erase it.

Instead, they stopped the car next door at Richard Hink's residence.
Puzzled, she let Tommy help her out of the car.

"What ... What are we doing here?"

"You'll see ..." he chuckled with a secret sounding lewdness.

"I don't understand, Tommy. Why are we going to visit Coach Hink?"

"Patience, baby. Walk right in and in a minute you'll find out."

Joe opened the front door without knocking as if he owned the house and
closed it behind them softly. Tommy gripped Sandy's arm in a tight,
harsh hold as she faltered, directing her into the living room. Her
heart was skipping beats, and she felt a clammy iciness crawling along
the saddle of her back. She frowned as she looked around the empty
room, perplexed and filled with an undefinable dread.

"Tommy, I don't think--"

"Shut up, baby," he warned her in a rasping low voice. "Have you found
them, Joe?" he said to his friend.

"Yeah," came the excited reply. "They're on the coffee table, just
where the coach said he'd leave them. And brother, they're hot stuff
all right."

"Show them to little Miss Purity here," Vicki said, a strange, leering
grin twisting her otherwise pretty face. Joe thrust the packet into
Sandy's hands, and she looked first at them, and then up at Tommy with

"Go on, open it," he hissed at her menacingly.

Sandy opened the packet and slid out the series of color snapshots with
trembling fingers, almost as though she knew what they were of. But
then she saw them--and she was suddenly stunned immobile! They were all
of her, nakedly squirming and twisting beneath the two boys at Vicki's

In horror, she shuffled through them. She was plainly visible in each
of the photographs, her face contorted in passion as Tommy and Joe
seemed to take turns to see who could heap the greatest indignity upon
her helpless, naked young body. They were turning her every which way,
and she seemed to be pleading for more of what she was receiving.

Sandy groaned and fell back, her arm over her eyes as she tried to blot
out the reminders of her incredibly lewd actions. From deep in her
subconscious, she was able to now recall the bright arc-white lights
going off and the strange clicks in the background. Her passion-crazed
mind hadn't related them to a Polaroid flash camera at the time, but
now it was unmistakably clear that that's what it must have been! And
then she remembered hearing Richard Hink's throbbingly hoarse voice
excitedly urging them on into more lewd, lurid poses! He must have been
the one who had taken them!

She wanted to be sick but vented her despair on the pictures instead,
frenziedly tearing them up until they were only tiny little pieces, and
for a moment she felt a small amount of relief.

"Save your strength, baby," Tommy chuckled lewdly, shattering her
modicum of peace. "Coach Hink has got lots more, safely hidden away
where you can't get at them."

"No!" she gasped. It dawned on her then that the high school coach she
had mistakenly trusted was the one behind all of this. Her seduction
had been a carefully planned plot, and the pictures were proof of it.
But ... why?

Suddenly, there was a long, low moan from the direction of the
bedrooms, followed by a harsh male laugh. There was another groan that
had an unearthly pleading tone to it as though something was being
hurt. Sandy sucked in her breath, paling from the weird sound.

"Fuck back, Alice, baby! Fuck back harder!"

"Ohhhh!" came a responding thin wail.

It was her mother! Stunned, Sandy staggered back against Tommy for
support. "My--my mother's in there with Mr. Hink!"

"Sure sounds that way," the boy commented.

"But--but he's hurting her! We've got to stop him! We've got to call
the police!" she cried out, clutching at the sleeve of his shirt,
pleading hysterically up into his grinning, merciless face.

Then: "Aahhhhhh! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass!"

"I'd say your mother doesn't want any cops right now, baby," Tommy said
with a sly grin. "Sounds more like she's enjoying herself."

"But ... she couldn't be do--doing it with Mr. Hink!"

"You can never tell," Joe snickered. "Let's slide up to the door and
have a look-see, just to make sure."

"But--" The lovely girl pressed back, unwilling to step nearer the
tormented, desperately pleading voice of her mother.

"Before you go running to the cops, we better look first. Time enough
to get them later if you still want to." Tom urged her forward with his
steel-taloned grip on her arm, and his cock was beginning to pulse with
the expectant orgy he was thinking was just ahead.

Sandy took a fevered breath and held onto Tom all the more tightly as
the four of them crept silently down the hall to the bedroom.

Her whole body tensed as Vicki slowly turned the brass knob and the
door fell open. She peered in--and then the young teenager sucked in
her horrified breath!

It was her mother! She was kneeling nakedly on the bed, her backside
raised high, and Richard Hink was fucking her from behind! He had her
face pinned to the covers, and Sandy could see from the open doorway
that his huge hard penis was insinuated tightly against the wide-open
crevice between the whitely perspiring buttocks of the struggling

Sandy was frozen with shock. She almost let out a scream, but it was
choked back as Tommy quickly placed his hand over her mouth. She could
only stare uncontrollably and bite down on the back of his hand to keep
from losing consciousness. She started to shake violently, helplessly
unable to regain her composure. She knew that even if Tommy let her go,
she would not be able to make the slightest move to save her mother,
and she watched thunderstruck, her eyes glued to the brutal, lewd
spectacle in front of her.

Her mother was churning her ravished but more-than-willing naked body
back against the man. The bed was pointed directly at the door so that
she could see Hink's thick hard penis disappearing and reappearing with
each cruel thrust and withdrawal he made in her tightly stretched
little anus. Sandy could see the muscles standing out on her inner
thighs as she struggled like a crazed nymphomaniac to get more of him
deeper into her rectum. His hands were cupping her naked white buttocks
with a savage strength that cut red bloodless lines into the flaccid,
giving flesh. He squeezed the large rounded moons together, forcing the
crevice of her ass closer around the thickness of his rigid penis.
Sandy strained her eyes and could see the thin, ragged edges of her
mother's pink anal muscle clasping tightly around it, and below, the
thinly parted pubic hairs grazing teasingly against the bloated, sperm-
filled sac of testicles which pounded against her ragged pink cunt like
well-oiled pendulums.

She waited for her mother to scream in protest or to fight back against
the horrible obscene rape she was being subjected to--but none came!

Instead her legs quivered on either side of Hink's lunging loins, and
she arched her white, hollowing buttocks back against him, her ass
flowered wide open in welcome acceptance. It swallowed the whole of his
plunging cock with each greedy forward surge, and small, piteous pleas
of passionate supplication were rolling from her lips, mingling with
the lewd and horrible obscenities that were bursting from the man's
lust-contorted mouth. Sandy stood and listened in abject horror to the
mewling cries of her mother as she undulated and bucked against the
high school football coach like a common street slut, grunting and
moaning beneath her wildly pumping attacker as though the world had
suddenly ended.

"Tommy! For God's sake, make him stop!" Sandy whispered pleadingly
through his hand.

"Please, please, make him stop!"

"Are you crazy?" he hissed excitedly back at her. "Take a good look at
her, will you? She's loving it! Man, is she a fine, tight piece of

"Noooo!" she screamed in muffled horror, hearing his wildly panting
words in her ear. "She's my mother! She's my mother!"

"Yeah, and she's earning back your pictures, baby," Tommy suddenly said
with a lewd cynicism. "She's paying the price for all the fun you had
with us today."


As the full impact of what Tom had told her registered in her mind, she
realized that her mother was at the mercy of a hopelessly sick
degenerate. What terrible things he was blackmailing her to do for the
return of those pictures! My God, she thought, what could be enough for
a man like that? If she could only turn back the clock of time; if
there was only someplace she could run to and escape! But there was no
way out and no way of turning back--she had created this horrible
situation by her moment of weakness, and it wasn't fair that her mother
was the one having to submit to this crazed man's sexual depravities.

And she knew as she stared around in wide-eyed hopeless terror at the
carnally incited faces of the other three teenagers, that she still had
her own price to pay ...

Before her thoughts could go any further, she was wrenched back to the
sight of the bed by a soul-wrenching moan from her mother. The demented
blackmailer was going wild now with passion and sadistic delight at the
same time. He twisted and turned her body beneath him like a limp rag
doll as he fucked into her with ever increasing speed and vigor,
smashing the softness of her naked and open body down hard into the
covering of the bed until Sandy thought he would drive her face
completely through it. His hands pinched and pulled at her hotly
writhing buttocks as she twisted and squirmed in front of him. His face
above her was contorted into a wild mask of sadistic lust as his cock
battered into her machine-gun-like, expanding and growing to ever
horrifying proportions before the bulging eyes of the cringing young
daughter. Sandy held her breath and gasped as she watched the tiny
folds of pink flesh of the tiny squirming anus withdrawing and sinking
wetly back inside again with each brutal thrust of the rigid column of
pistoning, glistening flesh. And then her heart seemed to stop as she
heard a low, animal-like groan suddenly erupt from deep in the throat
of the pumping Richard Hink, and his long thick pole of flesh skewering
madly into her helpless mother began throbbing out its hot lewd liquid
deep inside her quivering rectum.

She could see it jerking forward and tunneling its way as deep inside
the moaning and pleading woman as it could go to hose its obscene sperm
deep, deep up inside her backsides. She could see the obscene white
liquid of his pent-up emotions bubbling up and overflowing out around
his tightly sheathed cock and down the wide-splayed thighs and legs.

Her buttocks jerked back in the air on either side of his bucking
loins, and then she fell limply to the bed, Hank crushingly falling on
top of her. It was over, and there was no more reason for Sandy to try
and stop them. It had been done and nothing could take it back. Her
exhausted mother lay collapsed while he soaked his slowly deflating
penis in the liquid depths of her unresisting rectum that he had filled
completely with his heated male semen a moment before. Even after he
rolled from her, she lay with her legs wide apart and the raw, pink
crevice between her thighs open and her body naked to the eyes of all
surrounding her in the dim light of the room. It was as if she was

There was a groan from Alice.

The naked ivory body moved and seemed to come back to life. She raised
up from the bed slightly and turned to look around--and then her mouth
contorted with horror, and tears suddenly streamed down her face in
utter disbelief. She tried to speak but could only manage a piteous


Alice stared at her daughter, her eyes traveling over her rumpled
jersey and stained mini-skirt.

"Mo ... Mo ..." It was all Sandy was able to gasp in a stumbling
unintelligibility, her jaw working up and down soundlessly as she
locked her tear-streaked, puffed eyes on her mother's tormented face
and abused body.

Alice, bitterly grieving at this shattering confrontation, somehow
managed to gasp out around her constricted dry throat, "Oh, my darling!
Wh--what are you doing here?"

It snapped then, all the misery and torment inside the mercilessly
broken little girl's mind. Hysterically, she turned and struggled in
Tommy Edgar's grip, biting the boy's hand as hard as she could. His
howl of pain was only dim in her ears as her brain pounded with the
insane, single desire to run ... run ... Joe clutched at her, but she
twisted from his lunge and raced down the hall, her breasts jiggling
wildly and her lungs threatening to burst from her fear and exertion.

"Don't let her get away!" she heard the naked Richard Hink yell behind
her, and then she was at the door, charging out into the merciful
darkness of early night. It was a wild flight, her mind unable to take
one more instant of the horribly lewd scene she'd witnessed without
sending her incurably insane, and irrationally, her only thought was to
run home ... home and sanctuary ... Her breath came in short gasps and
her legs felt as of rubber as she crossed the short lawn between the
houses, not even pausing as one of her shoes fell off and caused her to

"Goddamn, she's a fast little bitch," Tommy panted at the open front
door. He stood there, Joe and Vicki gathered around him, watching as
she dashed away from them.

Richard Hink was in the hallway, naked and with his hands on his broad,
muscular hips. "For Christ's sakes," he bellowed angrily. "Couldn't the
three of you catch her? What do you expect me to do? Run out there like
this, my cock and balls flapping in the breeze?"

"She caught us off-guard, Coach," Tommy said, turning to him. "Don't
get in a sweat, though. She's just dogging for her own house."

"We--eellll," Hink said, a small thin smile of greed twisting his lips.
"That's different."

"What are we going to do?" Vicki asked.

Hink rubbed his hands together. "Why, move the party over there, that's
all. A slight change of location shouldn't change matters much, and
that marijuana hasn't worn off completely yet. When she calms down a
bit, it'll start working on her just as hot as before, believe me."

"Yeah, yeah," Joe Arrow agreed, nodding his head eagerly.

"So let's get her mother ready for traveling, boys. The night's just
begun!" Chuckling with lewd anticipation, Hink walked back into the
bedroom to where Alice Murphy still cowered dejectedly on the bed.

Chapter 6

Alice Murphy was ushered across to her house a few minutes later,
wearing nothing except her beige dress. Her bra and panties were still
lying in a useless pile on the floor of Richard Hink's bedroom, and
Hink himself was only wearing his satin scarlet lounging jacket to hide
his naked body from any curious neighbors who might see the five of
them. The minute she was in her own house, she cried out for her
daughter and was relieved to hear a small, weak voice answer
plaintively from the girl's bedroom. She rushed to her, finding Sandy
curled on the bed with her feet drawn up under her buttocks in a
defensive huddle.

"Oh, my baby ..." Alice crooned and tenderly cradled her abused young
child in her arms. She looked up with tear-streaked eyes as Hink and
the three sexually excited teenagers, their eyes gleaming expectantly,
crowded into the small room then down into Sandy's drug-dazed eyes
again and realized that the tremendous pressures the girl had gone
through had dulled her immature mind beyond comprehending.

Perhaps it was better this way, she thought.

Perhaps if she wasn't able to comprehend what was going on with the
full, shattering clarity of consciousness, she could be saved from the
loathing and disgust which gripped at Alice's own pain-wracked soul,
and her barely formed young life might still have a chance for a
normal, happy future.

Hink laughed out loud at the tender sight of the mother comforting her
daughter, the evil light in his lustful eyes growing larger as he gazed
carnally down at them.

"Why, Richard?" Alice asked in a pleading, choking voice. "Why did you
have to have her see us doing it together? I was willing to do what you

"It's all part of the plan, my dear," he said cruelly. "Everything
before now has been a lead-up to now. You see, she's part of the price
of the pictures, too."

She gasped in horror, unable to believe that even this bestial pervert
could be so inhumanly cruel. "No! You don't mean it!"

"But I do!" he taunted. "I've been seeing the two of you sashay so prim
and proper around here all summer, and I've thirsted too damned long to
get into your pants. I've been looking forward to a chance like this
since the first time you and her came out in the yard in those tight-
assed little bikinis of yours."

"I'll do anything you ask!" she cried out in a final desperate appeal
to save her daughter. "Anything! But leave Sandy out of this! She's
only a child!"

"Some child," he sneered. "Who the hell posed for the pictures, anyway?
She did, that's who! Besides," he added with a lewd chuckle, "I haven't
fucked her hot little cunt yet!"

"No ... No ..."

"But yes, my sweet. Both of you are going to fulfill all the promised
delights of your lovely firm bodies. You and her are going to be fucked
every way any of us in here ever wanted or dreamed of doing to a
female, and you'll damned well learn to like it. Unless you want those
pictures of her sold!"

In spite of her admonition to be brave, Alice couldn't help herself
from moaning with heart-rending sobs. Tears burst from her dejected
eyes, and she cried into her hands with long, weeping sobs. "Oh, God
help us," she blubbered.

"Take your dress off again, my dear," he ordered gleefully. "I want you
bare-ass naked again."

"Oooohhhh!" whimpered Alice, but it was her only defiant gesture. With
fingers so distraught that they couldn't unzip her dress without
intense frustrating effort, the now nearly mindless young widow gritted
her teeth, reaffirming her decision that it was better to suffer his
cruel indignities than for Sandy to suffer the rest of her natural-born
life. She stood next to the bed, swaying nakedly as her dress dropped
down around her bare feet, her eyes clenched tightly shut so she
wouldn't have to see the immense, hard and glistening penis again or
the young teenagers' hungry leers at her vibrant, shivering flesh.

"Now," the blackmailing high school coach breathed hotly and
passionately. "Now, your daughter. Let's all see that tender sweet
little cunt of hers that's been gang-fucked by the boys here. Hurry
up!" he bellowed frantically. "If she can't take her clothes off
herself then you do it for her! And if you won't, then by God, I'll rip
them off myself!"

And like a robot hearing a master's command, Alice reached out for
Sandy's softly trembling body on the bed, the miniature twin of her own
rich curves of deliciously white breasts and thighs. But her daughter
suddenly moved and spoke in a quiet, almost dreamy voice.

"It's ... It's all right, Mother," she said, sitting up. "I can undress
myself." She started folding her hands over her taut, fully ripened
young breasts, grasping with unsteady fingers the hem of her jumper,
preparatory to pulling it over her blonde-haired head.

"Sandy ..." moaned the nerve-shattered woman beside her. "Oh, my
darling Sandy ..."

"It's my fault this is happening," the girl replied, her voice cracking
slightly as she spoke and looked dully at the expectantly leering
coach. "I ... I'm willing to face whatever this--this beast wants." She
had her jersey off now and was unbuttoning her miniskirt with unsteady
but determined pale little fingers. As she stood on her knees, worming
the skirt over her full, rounded thighs and exposing her white, moistly
thin panties, she added, "If you were able to go through with it for my
sake, then I can do my part."

"This is horrible, horrible ..." Alice moaned, her heart wrenching for
her daughter's broken innocence.

"They're pictures of me, Mother," Sandy said, her lips quivering with
remorse and shame, and she unclasped her brassiere, shedding the twin
cups to allow her white, globular breasts with their jutting pink
nipples to break free of bondage and stand in defiant, uplifting
proudness to the lusting gaze of the three men and the other girl. "I
let Tommy and Joe fuck me over and over today, one at a time and then
together ... and worse, I liked it."

"Of course you did, my child," their excitedly watching neighbor said,
gasping at the salacious sight of her firm young body with its lithe,
incitingly curved legs and thighs. "You loved it ... and you will

Through hazed eyes, Alice watched miserably as her only offspring
slowly rolled her already sperm-drenched panties down over her round-
mooned young buttocks and thighs until the sparse, blonde-fleeced young
triangle of her still-moist vagina was visible. Then when Hink
commanded that she get back on the bed and lie down beside her
daughter, she was able to behold all of Sandy's beautifully curved body
closely, and she saw that it was truly as proudly developed as her own.
She realized in a blinding flash of respect and tenderness that her
baby daughter was no longer a child but a physically complete woman--
one who, by her own tormented confession, had just a short time ago
been fucked by two boys at the same time and loved it. And Alice
trembled again at the tragic way Sandy was being introduced to the
carnal world of physical sex.

The depraved Richard Hink stood naked with his pulsating cock pointing
straight at them. He fingered the bloated, sperm-heavy sac of his
testicles and snapped out, "All right, you hot-assed bitches! It's
going to be mother-daughter time for awhile! Start fingering yourself,
Sandy, then finger-fuck your mother!"

"Sandy ... my darling ..." her mother moaned, shrinking from the
lewdness of the demand. She was being forced to become a lesbian! And
worse--incestuously with her own daughter! Oh God! Could anything be
more terrible?

"It's all right, Mother ..." the girl responded with a mewl of
undisguised misery. She placed one tiny quaking hand on her quivering
white leg as if for comfort. "Just keep telling yourself we have to do
it to each other ..."

The lovely naked teenager moaned softly and parted her thighs, rotating
the whiteness of her firm young buttocks deep down into the mattress
while her left hand moved up and down with soft, tantalizing strokes,
encircling the satin pubic curls and moistly swollen flesh of her
vaginal lips. She swallowed hard, her stomach a thousand butterflies,
for there was a strange, perverted attraction in knowing that she was
putting on a lewd sex show for her mother, and the wicked perverts
grouped breathlessly around the sides of her own bed. She undulated her
slender hips around sexily and teased at her throbbing cuntal slit,
drawn by the helplessness of her plight ... and slowly, effervescently,
the marijuana began its insidious effects upon her tormented mind again

"Ohhhh," she moaned, revolving her fingers faster and harder in the
slightly moistened furrow of her thin, hair-fringed young pussy,
bending her knees outward to allow her hand greater access as she
massaged her cuntal slit with increasingly perverted excitement. Dear
God! She had to fight what was happening to her! She mustn't become as
she had been before, a quivering mass of helpless female flesh, begging
for cock like a she-bitch in heat! But with each further touch of her
lewdly tickling fingers, she realized that her own hips, totally
against her will, were starting to grind with excitement and that her
breasts and vagina were beginning to twitch hungrily; her flesh was
involuntarily hot and growing hotter with the electric sensations in
uncontrollable reaction ...

Alice shuddered, her eyes glazed as she stared at the lewd self-
fingering of her sixteen year old daughter's cunt, and she heard the
hot, increasingly labored breathings as Sandy twisted her nakedness
down against the mattress in a vain effort to quench the fire that was
once more unmercifully heating her tender young loins. She groaned as
she heard the lust-excited entreaties of the crowding three teenagers
and their cruel adult leader around the bed, and she forced her eyes to
stay on her daughter so she wouldn't be able to see the youths as they
were stripping their clothes off in hurried anticipation and stand
naked and shaking with prurient desire as Richard Hink was.

And then--then Sandy's hand was cupping the soft, blonde pubic curls
between her mother's legs. The girl stroked her inner thigh and then
tickled soothingly the fleshy lips of her exposed thin cuntal slit--and
Alice couldn't help but respond by gasping with tiny, nervously rising
little spasms. She desperately willed her mind from the binding forces
of her basically sexual nature and the desires Hink had unlocked within
her with his cruel rape of her anus--but she found it almost impossible
to lie still under the increasingly tantalizing sensations that were
crawling through her flesh up from her rippling belly to swell and
harden her full, round breasts.

"Christ! They ... They're really turning on!" Joe gasped.

"Yeah," breathed Tom erotically. "Just look at their cunt juices
flowing and the way their pussy lips are swelling!"

Alice's face grew crimson red, hating every moment that she had to
admit the truth of what they were saying. She was feeling the slow,
ever-building tendrils of ecstasy growing in her flesh, and she
shivered violently as her body traitorously increased its writhing
undulations on the mattress. She turned to face her daughter who had
turned her own head so she could cradle it in the warm protection of
her mother's shoulder, and she tasted the soft, tender skin of the
young cheek pressed next to her, unwantingly thrilling her tormented
genitals and inner womb.

"Oh, Mother ... Mother, I love you ..." Sandy mewled, and she pressed
her fingers deeper into the softly yielding mouths of their two openly
wet pussies. She parted her lips in a questing breast kiss to show she
did love her for the sacrifice she was making ... and her wetly ovalled
mouth moved across one firmly molded sphere almost unconsciously and
sucked at the rippled bud of a hardening nipple, bringing it deep into
her salivating mouth. Her tender young lips sucked it rhythmically as
if seeking the milk it had once given her as a baby, and Alice's whole
breast throbbed in accepting response.

Alice moaned helplessly, squirming in growing delight. She let the lewd
sensations roll unimpeded through her writhing belly and loins, her
breasts throbbing with uncontrolled arousal as her child curled her
tongue around the inflamed nipple and nipped her tiny sharp teeth at
the aching fleshy surface. The slender fingers sliding in the wetly
dilating hole of her cunt were almost too much to bear, and she gasped
and whimpered from the intensifying stabs of pleasure which were
billowing through the nakedly tender flesh of her thighs as Sandy
continued to rub teasingly up and down the widening crevice in between

"No ... oh, darling, you mustn't do this to me ..." she groaned, and
she pressed her daughter's mouth gently from her breast in an effort to
reduce some of the wildly stimulating feelings that were making her
body beg for more of her warmly teasing nibbles.

But as she held her daughter's beautifully flushed face in her hands,
the sheer lewdness of their position swept over her, and she couldn't
control herself as she leaned forward and kissed Sandy full on the lips
still wet from her saliva-building suckings. She felt a surge of
affection and love, and when Sandy opened her mouth in a deep, mewling
sigh, she darted her tongue inside the warm wet cavern that was so
hotly fused to her open mouth.

Sandy slid on top of her, her eagerly searching fingers still rotating
in small, erotic circles up inside their two greedily pulsating cunts.
A sudden surge of abandoned response urged her on against her will, and
she passionately savored the delicious taste of her mother's kiss as
she might from a lover, only partially conscious of the rising tide of
warm excitement that the french kisses were causing her. The wild
surrender to her drugged physical senses made her head spin, and her
fevered blood raced through her trembling flesh with delightfully
licking flames that burned all the way through her cunt, breasts and
mouth. Her body twitched and rippled helplessly as she slowly lowered
her resistance in lurid surrender to her lewdly rising desires.

"Now, move around, my little dove," their achingly aroused neighbor
commanded. His breath was coming in short, quick puffs as he panted
with his excitement. "Move around and start sucking your mother's

"No!" Alice moaned, moving her head back and forth in abject horror.
"No ... don't listen to him! Don't do such a horrible thing to me!"

But even as she cried out her objections at the sordidness of his cruel
demand, her naked body was once more spasming under long fevered kisses
as Sandy moved lower against her, sucking and licking her breasts
again. Dreamily, she raised one arm and wrapped it around the slim,
unclothed back hunched over her, causing a low moan of ecstasy to
escape Sandy's throat as she licked hungrily, and her fingers slid with
an ever increasing rhythm up and down in the soft blonde hair of her
mother's vaginal slit. Then the bed sagged again, and the long young
body of the little girl stretched out upside down beside Alice. And
worse--she had moved in such a position as to have her face near the
hotly trembling pussy--and in turn, her own throbbing young cunt was
offered at face level to the tortured eyes of the hopelessly entrapped

No ... No, not with my own daughter ... Please, oh God, save us from
this ...

But even as she agonizedly tried to restrain her child, Sandy was once
more planting hot, wet, feather-soft kisses all along her burning
flesh, down around her trembling belly and quivering upper thighs. Her
passion-swelled vagina was tingling with a roaring heat now, expanding
in wet, warm welcome from the caresses of fingers and mouth and tongue.
Her mind whirled as Sandy spread her lower body with her tiny hands
eagerly, but she pulled together enough strength to resist the invasion
of her loins by clenching her thighs tightly together. She'd never
allowed her cunt to be kissed before, even when her husband had
suggested the unthinkable perversion a few times! The whole sordid idea
of mouths to genitals had sickened her before, but now--now it was her
own child who was being cruelly forced to submit to the degrading act.

"Open your legs, my dear Alice," Hink snapped impatiently, his voice
husky and his eyes gleaming lustily, "or do I have to pry them apart
for you?"

Without further hesitation she did as she'd been commanded, a slave to
his every whim now, her mind broken by so much that had gone before
that there was little left to halt this final degrading assault. Sandy
touched the sensitive pink flesh with her fingertips, and now her eyes
were almost level with the blonde pubic triangle of soft, moistly
tinged curls and the trembling pink flesh of cuntal lips. She gazed at
the feminine splendor and heard her mother moan and raise her upper
leg, bending it so that the full, exposed nakedness of heir cuntal
crevice was glistening nakedly before her face.

Sandy had never thought of another woman's vagina as lovely before ...
but as the delightful fires of her lewdly abandoned fingerings seared
through her flesh, the lascivious sight before her face seemed to take
on the qualities of exquisite beauty. She tentatively brushed the
fingers of her free hand over the softly giving curls of honeyed pubic
hair while her other fingers continued to work wetly in and out of the
open little vaginal mouth beneath them. She could see that her
manipulations were making her mother tremble and moan with increasingly
hungry desire. Droplets of lubricating fluid moistened the coral edges
of her slightly spread pussy lips and glistened on her hands ... and
then she lowered her head and kissed the hotly flushed skin just above
the thinly haired vaginal slit which was palpitating and throbbing
against her hands. Alice cried out with a sudden, body jerking shock,
and her hungrily licking daughter was spurred on, snaking her tongue
out and contacting the now fully exposed little bud of her clitoris.
She spread her agonized mother's thighs wider, using her thumbs and
forefingers as Tom had done with her, and then she licked a wet, molten
path all the way along the fleecy flesh, letting all thoughts of right
or wrong, depravity or passion pass in one sudden sweep of ecstasy. And
delightedly she burrowed her head closer, licking and kissing and
sucking as if gone mad with the taste of sexual ambrosia.

Alice couldn't stop her body from involuntarily responding, spreading
her legs and allowing Sandy further access to her wildly undulating
vagina. She, in turn, found that she was clutching her daughter's
smoothly tanned young buttocks with almost spastic strength, letting
her face tangle in the golden wisps of her pubic curls. Ripples of
loathing and shame coursed through her, but all were being quickly
over-ridden by the inundation of passion and sensuality that were
flooding through her every pore. Her body was betraying her again ...
and in a far, far worse way than before, and she couldn't do anything
about it! Oh God! She had the sudden burst of desire to kiss and lick
up between her daughter's legs as Sandy was kissing and licking her ...
The smoothly firm young skin felt so good to her touch ... She let her
hands play up and down, circling the lithe, gently pulsing thighs and
clenching buttocks ... but she lacked the nerve yet to slip her tongue
into the throbbing crest of pubic curls and flesh between the moistly
exposed thighs ... She just couldn't!

And then she was, her lips and tongue sliding into the cleft of the
teenager's softly waiting cunt. Her head oscillated slavishly as she
surrendered herself to the pleasures she had heretofore considered so
evil and perverted. She could smell the beautiful bouquet of the fresh
female aroma coming from Sandy's heated loins, and her own pussy ached
with the twin devils of her child's mouthings and its own lewd

"Ooohhhhh, Mother!" cried Sandy in a muffled voice from below. "Mother!
Mother! Don't stop, Ohhhhh, it's wonderful when you lick me like that!"

Alice sucked hungrily, teasing the tiny, hotly pulsating little
clitoris as Sandy was doing to her own, and she was salivating as never
before as she kissed and sucked wildly at the pinkly trembling young
pussy flesh. And all the while Sandy was busy with the fleshy confines
of her own warm, wetly responding vagina. Her insides were threatening
to explode, and she thrust her tongue harder and deeper, every fiber of
her body singing like taut wires in a wind ...

The walls of Sandy's eagerly dilating pussy grasped at the abandonedly
licking tongue, and her clitoris quivered from the driving lips and
teeth. The muscles of her abdomen writhed with the torture of her
unleashed passions, and she choked and moaned as she strove to bring
her mother to the same completion she was nearing. Her body was
shuddering and she jerked her writhing naked loins harder against the
face that was driving her insane with its warmly curling burrowing as
great floods of lubrication juices poured forth from her hotly
pulsating vaginal mouth.

"Jesus!" the watching girl, Vicki, exclaimed in salacious delight.
"Jesus, look at them go! They're going to cum any second now!"

"Yeah ... yeah, they're going to cum around each other's tongues!" Tony
agreed, fingering his rock-hard penis lightly with his hands, his
strokes matching the rhythm of the mother and daughter's hotly licking
tongues on the bed before him.

"We can't let them," Richard Hink said excitedly. "Not yet, not until
we fuck them both ourselves." His eyes flashed like perverted beacons
of lust. "Come on, gang! It's time to join in!"

"Sure ..." panted the lusting Joe Arrow. "Anything you say, Coach!" He
crawled on the bed. Hink was right behind him, and as if staking out
his territory before the boys took it, he began to softly fondle the
rounded, undulating buttocks of the young teenage daughter. He stared
lewdly down at the smoothly curved little form and wheezed, "You two
fuck the mother if you want. Me, I want a piece of this little sweet
cunt here!"

Alice felt the bed sag as the young boy, Tommy Edgars, crawled over to
her. She automatically cringed, though she knew deep in her soul that
there was nothing more to fear ... They had already forced her and
Sandy to the lowest forms of depravity imaginable, and she had been
turned into a smoldering mass of sexually aroused flesh because of it.
She had been turned into as much of an animal as they!

She felt her body shiver as the boy who was young enough to be her son
moved his hands down over her soft round buttocks, pushing her away
from the lovely moist tongue of her daughter that had been snaking into
her. She could hear Tom breathing heavily, and when he nudged her hips
she rolled onto her back without resistance, excited by the carnal
expression of lust that contorted his young, handsome face. "Ahhhh,"
she murmured as his hands ran in long, slow caresses over her naked,
trembling breasts, and her body strained against his hands as he
coursed his fingers over her. He rubbed over her buttocks in small tiny
circles, gently pressing apart her thighs so that he could see fullness
of her soft fleshy vaginal slit which was swollen and wet from her
excitement and her daughter's saliva.

He continued to kneel over her, knowing that everybody else was
breathlessly watching the two of them, and a shiver of warm rippling
sensation ran up the nerves of his naked back, his cock throbbing hard
with his young urgency. He moved again, placing his knees on either
side of the beautiful older woman's neck, his massive young balls
laying gently against her moistened chin, his long thick cock directly
over her face, presenting her the lewd view of the pulsating, sperm-
filled ridge running beneath it. He knew that her mind was still
fighting the dictates of her hotly aroused body, and he did not want to
rape-fuck her in the mouth. He wanted her insane with passion when he
finally got between her legs and fucked her. He wanted the lusciously
seductive mother of his girl friend totally, unconditionally his, to do
with as he wanted wherever and whenever he desired.

He placed both his hands gently down behind her head and lifted it up
off the bed, bending her neck up toward him so that her face and mouth
were poised directly in front of the palpitating head of his penis. He
pushed forward slightly, his ass-cheeks rolling on the cushion of her
naked breasts behind until the tip of his penis was pressed gently
between her slightly open lips. He groaned as he felt the soft, wetly
lipsticked surfaces brush tantalizingly against the sensitive skin of
the head.

Alice suddenly seemed to realize what he was attempting, and her eyes
cleared of the fogged daze of her tormenting thoughts. She looked up at
him with wide, pleading eyes. "Wh--what are you doing to me?" she
moaned plaintively, the fevered touch of his virile young cock against
her mouth sending wild electric shocks racing along her spine. He
gloated gleefully, surveyed her trembling expression with excitement.

"Suck my cock," he hissed demandingly down at the beautiful face of his
girl friend's mother. "Suck my cock and suck it good!"

She resisted for a moment, frightened by the sudden sight of the long,
fleshy pole. But her meager protest was cut short as he rammed the
heavy, blood-filled tip of the thick shaft of flesh forward, crushing
through her soft, moist lips into the wet saliva of her mouth. She
could feel the spongy bluntness of its head sliding the full length of
her tongue, lifting momentarily her concentration on the ugly
abhorrence of the act she was being forced to submit to.

Gloating above her tightly hand-held head, he began to undulate his
pelvis, sliding the long hardened cock in and out of her mouth, never
quite withdrawing, leaving the hot, swollen head a half an inch inside
the warm, wet cavern of her hollowing cheeks. Alice closed her eyes
tightly to block out the horrible sight of the curly pubic hairs
growing at the thick base of his cock which rammed mercilessly into her
contorted face. Saliva filled her mouth, puffing out her cheeks wide as
he shoved forward, burying the rod deep in her throat, keeping his
hands cruelly tight around her head so she could not squirm free of his
choking embrace.

Tommy Edgars looked down with lewd delight at the sweat-glistening face
of the helplessly trapped mother skewered lewdly on the cock in her
mouth. He timed the thrusts of his hands to match those of his
expanding cock, levering with all his strength, trying to force every
last portion of his pumping shaft deeper between her wide-stretched
lips. He held her head tighter as she coughed and sputtered below, the
tip brushing her tonsils on the instroke, watching at her tender lips
clasped tighter and tighter around it and her mouth slowly ovalled in
accustoming acceptance to the fleshy invasion.

Alice Murphy began to suck to please, running her tongue wetly around
and around the slippery lubricated head and flicking the tip teasingly
into the tiny open slit of the moist gland. She could feel it throbbing
as though it had a life of its own and would erupt at any moment into a
great gushing fountain of virile young male sperm that would flow into
her mouth and throat in a never-ending stream of heated white lava.

Her wretchedly enslaved mind droned on senselessly, the very
helplessness of her position excusing away the weird masochistic
sensations that were again rising erotically in her belly. The very
debasing ravishment of her helplessly ovalled mouth was bringing tiny
strange ripples of fire dancing through her shattered nerves, and she
groaned around the ever-thrusting cock in her throat as waves of
delicious sensations swept through her seethingly alive flesh, flooding
her mind with its electrifying pleasures and inundating her weakening
resistance with growing desire. She could feel the involuntary
secretions seeping from her softly pulsing vaginal lips, flowing out
around the tender pink skin and matting her golden pubic fleece then
warmly trickle down the insides of her quivering thighs and the tightly
clenched crevice of her buttocks to dampen the bed cover below.

Her lips were soft and smooth and clasped his cock in a close elastic
ring. The youth could feel them with pained intensity moving down his
penis and taking as much of him as she could in her mouth and
surrounding it with the hot moist warmth of her saliva and the tender
inner flesh of her tongue. He pressed his hands on either side of her
hollowing checks and pressed inward harder.

She began to suck him with moist, nibbling pressure and her tongue
licked and curled around him as though she had done this a thousand
times before, and all the hunger that was burning out of control deep
in her vagina was now concentrated in one great gust of sensation in
her mouth. Above her flailing head, her daughter's boyfriend groaned
incoherently, wanting her to flex her throat wider and swallow his
hardened young cock deeper so that she would know later that he had
bent her completely to his will, that he had dominated her, a beautiful
woman old enough to be his mother, as much as she would have been by
the older man, Coach Hink.

He flexed his loins in and out at the nearly perfectly rounded hole
formed by her lips and rolled his buttocks around on her full,
flaccidly breasts as though he was attempting to crush them down into
her chest. He watched wild-eyed from above as his thick, glistening
flesh disappeared into her clasping lips like it was another hungry,
hairless, nibbling cunt. He could feel all of himself, every nerve he
possessed, pulsating and throbbing between her lips and into the moist
cavity of her warm, saliva-filled mouth. At the same time, he studied
her face and the reaction he was having upon her.

It was electrifying!

Her eyes were open but gazed unseeing up to the ceiling, a thin, smoky
veil of passion obscuring their dilated pupils. Her hips and ass
writhed on the bed below, her thighs limply kicking out and then
drawing up again as though searching for some invisible lover to wrap
them around and pull up inside of her. She was completely out of
control now, unable to quell the fire that was raging furiously in her
long neglected vagina.

His loins were growing hot, and he was sweating between his legs, and
still she sucked, keeping his cock in her mouth, burying her face in
his loins until he knew that if he didn't withdraw, he would cum. The
pressure building in his testicles slapping against her chin as she
worked in her unconsciousness and passion was excruciating and
unbearable, and he still had to fuck her!

He slipped his cock from the warm, moist confines of her mouth with a
groan of agony, feeling her as she continued to nibble for a moment
longer, swirling her tongue eagerly around and around its heavy, blood-
rigid length. Then he lifted his buttocks up off her tightly squashed
breasts and moved sensuously down the length of her now hotly pulsing
body knowing she was as ready as he was. He could feel the wet opening
of her hungry pink cunt pulsing in its fleshy desperation, and then in
a last cruel stroke of malice, he shattered still more of her pride by
demanding, "Reach down and put my cock in your pussy, Mrs. Murphy."

He held his breath as he felt her hand tunneling down between their
bodies, her warm fingers closing without hesitation over his glistening
hard shaft. He could feel the soft blonde pubic hairs grazing gently
against the sensitive head as she gently pressed its moistly throbbing
tip into the fleshy wet folds of her anticipating vagina. The hot
smoothness was delightful, and then, unable to contain himself a moment
longer--he surged forward. There was not the slightest resistance, and
he could feel the rippling wet walls of her waiting cunt clamp around
his penis so moistly and firmly that it almost made him cum

"Ohhhhh ... Oh God, Oh God, yessss!" Alice sighed as if in anguish,
feeling her entire insides flowering open in welcome reception. She
groaned and murmured incoherently as he began to fuck into her
viciously, gritting her teeth with desire, her face contorted with
ecstasy. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, pulling his muscular
young torso into the softness of her breasts and loins, her whole body
caught up in the unchecked animal desire that had taken hold of her
mind as if in throes of an insane fit. There was nothing in her left to
halt her maddening race for fulfillment now, and her daughter's
boyfriend fucked into her where no man had been since Robert had left
her ...

God, what a fool she'd been! What delight this was! She should never
have waited so long to taste the overwhelming passions a virilely
fucking male cock could bring! "Yes ... Fuck, fuck, fuck me ..." she
chanted lewdly to the room full of naked, excited voyeurs.

The boy fucked her from the tips of his toes, and he could feel the
smooth raw flesh of her long neglected pussy clasping around his
thundering cock like a heartbeat. Ecstatic groans came to his lips, and
his lewd noises were blended with the sobbing cries which bubbled from
her throat. He slithered his strong, sinewy hands under the wildly
pumping cheeks of her buttocks and cupped them tightly, raising their
firmly grinding roundness up off the bed so he could have greater
access to her hungry, openly pleading cunt.

Sandy's schoolmate, Vicki, watched with openly burning desire glaring
from her lust-filmed eyes, hearing the wet smacking sounds and the
fevered panting moans of pleasure. She was unable to control herself a
moment longer! She had to join in the cruel ravishment of the other two
naked females! Feverishly she crawled on the bed, her full nude breasts
with their excitedly hardened nipples and slightly lighter areolas
dancing beneath her like lush fruit on the vine. Her finely molded
young ass-cheeks quivered with erotic excitement. Her skin had an
iridescent sheen to it from her sweat producing desires, and her wide,
full lips were open, her panting breath throbbing with her sensual

She swung up and placed herself over her girlfriend, Sandy's, mother's
passionately gasping face, her buttocks and inner thighs hovering
directly astraddle her and kneeling brazenly with the pink, moist
opening of her dark-haired cunt parted invitingly by her fingers, she
eased herself closer to Tommy Edgars' heavily sweating young face until
the palpitating flesh of her exposed teenage pussy was within inches of
his glistening moist lips, the crevice of her buttocks directly over
Alice's mouth. Then, she cupped her full, firm breasts in her hands and
leaned back, arching her body in a lewd, crazed invitation.

"Eat me," she cried to him. "Ohhhh, Tom, eat my cunt and make me cum,

Obediently he dropped his face forward and began to suck the wet, hair-
fringed vagina so openly offered up to him. Her excited secretions
swept out to moisten his cheeks as his long hard cock continued to
surge like a battering ram into the voraciously flowering cunt below

Whining in ecstasy, her eyes wide and catching the lewd sight of the
strange teenage girl's cunt being licked inches from her face, Alice
threw her buttocks still higher up off the bed, wanting still more of
the wonderfully assaulting cock that was quenching the fire in her
maddeningly burning vagina. Unable to control herself, she lifted her
head and nuzzled the soft, sweet-smelling flesh of the girl's widely
spread anal crevice, joining Tommy's own liquid embraces by running her
pink, licking tongue around the quivering ass-cheeks and the wetly pink
cheeks. She teased the girl's tightly clenched little anus, delighted
in her abandonment of her body to such lewd, carnal desires then buried
her nose deeper between the tender, whitely rotating moons, gasping as
if she was close to death. She was nearing her orgasm again and was
uncontrollable in the delicious sensations spiraling through her
throbbing cunt and up to her hotly aching breasts and nipples.

"Fuck ... Fuck me, fuck me ... Ohhhhhh God! Fuck meeeee ..." she mewled
in the muffled confines of the lovely young teenager's softly yielding
buttock cheeks.

"Christ Almighty!" Joe blurted as he stared wildly at the three of
them. "Shit! Vicki's being licked by both of them!"

"Now that her mother is going hot and strong, I think it's time for
little Sandy," Richard Hink said.

He turned to the girl, breathing down at her, a cruel, unyielding light
in his eyes. He had been running his fingers up the tightly closed slit
of her young cunt while they'd been watching her mother get fucked,
parting the soft blonde vaginal hairs and feeling the smooth, moist,
pink flesh beneath jerking against his probing contact. Now, moving
over her, he dug slightly deeper into her throbbing little vaginal
opening, feeling her shiver from the sudden sensation.

Sandy could feel her stomach and thighs hot and moist from his
fingerings and the excitement of the lewd spectacle of her own
beautiful mother being fucked before her. Watching her mother being
cruelly driven into crazed surrender by her, Sandy's, own boyfriend and
Joe Arrow's nymphomaniac girl friend was masochistically exciting to
her. God, how it was exciting to her, almost as sensuously arousing as
when she and Mother had been sucking each other's cunts. She could feel
the inside walls of her naked pussy seeping with fleshy hunger, her
eyes glued to the giant young cock that was sinking to its hilt time
and time again into the ovally stretched mouth between her mother's
widely spread legs, and the intense desire to submit willingly to the
two naked males inside her built into a frenzied, intense desire.

But even though the hotly burning passions were coursing relentlessly
through her blood, she could sense the basic shame and horror which was
behind everything that was happening. Tears of anguish and fear rolled
down her cheeks as she heard Coach Hink's brutal words, piteously
crying at the thought of being forced as her mother was, to lie naked
beneath vile, bestial man and accept their crude caresses without

She lay without struggling, just small gasps of torment and humiliation
coursing from her mouth. Her buttocks quivered as Vicki's boyfriend Joe
joined Richard Hink in rummaging his hands over her breasts and her
defenselessly exposed vaginal crevice. Hink had drawn one of her legs
up over his naked hips on one side, and Joe Arrow had drawn the other
over his so that she was forced to lie with her knees up in the air and
her thighs wide apart, her helpless young cunt spread completely open
to them. Hink was working at her vaginal hole now, slowly and expertly
insinuating his fingers, smoothing them around inside, and the boy had
his hand up under her slim buttocks, drawing them up tight against the
hand in her cunt. She gasped and bit down on her lower lip, unable to
escape and hopelessly impaled between the two.

"She's wet, all right," Joe grinned at Hink who had dropped his head to
her nipples and was beginning to bring small mewls of half pleading,
half delight from her clenched lips.

"Should be, after her mother almost sucked her to orgasm," Hink said,
raising his head.

"You want to fuck her first, Coach?" the boy asked, breathing heavily.
"She's wide enough now even for you."

"No, we'll go both at once," the triumphantly smiling teacher said, a
strange sadistic tone in his voice.


"You in back, me in front."

"Jesus, I'd like to fuck her in the ass, like you did to her mother--
but we'd hurt her."

"No, we won't," Hink grinned as he continued his rummaging of the poor
groaning girl's cunt, stretching it wider and wider with each further
circling of his fingers. "Anyway, who'll complain?"

Alice couldn't believe her ears. Even through the intensely burning
passion that was coursing through her own body from Tommy's cock
skewering into her, the impact of the words came through to her. God,
they were going to sodomize her daughter and fuck her in the vagina at
the same time! Sandy was too far gone in her shame and arousal to
resist anything they tried now, and Alice was certain she wouldn't stop
them from doing it with the constant threat of the pictures hanging
over her head. The obscene thought of the depraved unnatural ravishment
about to take place a few inches from her face caused her to groan in
guilty excitement and grind her own buttocks harder up against Tommy's
undulating loins and sink her mouth yet tighter to the girl Vicki's
young steaming cunt.

Hink suddenly withdrew his fingers from Sandy's widely expanded young
cunt and rose over her eagerly. "Turn her over," he commanded his
youthful partner, and obediently, the husky Joe grabbed both the
sobbing girl's ankles, pressured out harshly and pulled her thighs wide

Sandy jerked and tried to rise. "No ... no, please don't! Not both of
you at the same time! Noooo!" She struggled for a moment; then Joe
pushed his hand down hard into the small of her back, pressing her
tight against the covers. Her body lay still, shaking slightly from the
helpless pleadings mewling unheard from her tortured throat.

Alice moaned involuntarily from between Vicki's openly splayed thighs
at the lewd scene as Hink dropped to his knees between her daughter's
legs, running his hands greedily over the long, firm muscles of Sandy's
shaking calves and up the inside of her thighs to the moistened
interior of her legs. The cleft between them was deep and inviting, and
Alice shuddered in rising excitement as he ran the edge of his hand
down the smooth crease of Sandy's buttocks, parting it slightly so that
the tiny puckered anus was visible to her widely gaping eyes. Her own
cunt throbbed from the effect of the indecent exposure of her
daughter's genitals, and she could hear Tommy and Vicki above her gasp
and felt her warm, wet inner flesh jerked tighter around the virile
young cock pumping into her. It was terrible ... It was disgracefully
lewd, but she was overwhelmed with the prurient, lewd desire to see it
all, every tiny thing that happened ...

Joe Arrow leered down now at the cowering girl, and when his leader
Richard Hink nodded to go ahead, he slowly drew aside the soft white
mounds of her buttocks. Sandy groaned and tried to tense them together
again, but he dug his fingers hard into her soft, flaccid flesh, and
she was forced to relax and let him spread them apart as he wished.

Alice, in her excitement, could hear him suck in his breath as the tiny
ring of soft, tender sphincter muscle came into view again. He pushed
one hand down and thrust experimentally at it with his middle finger.
Sandy jumped spasmodically and cried out as she felt the unnatural
invasion into the tight rubbery opening and pressed her pelvis hard
down into the bed, her buttocks tensing tightly together to try and
escape the finger being thrust into her naked little rectal channel. It
was useless, and he thrust forward again, sinking it to the first

As he scoured mercilessly into her abused little anal passage with his
finger, widening and preparing it for the greater entry to come, Alice
could see his other hand stroking and preparing his thick-veined cock
for the final and ultimate humiliation of her defenseless young
daughter spread-eagled on her belly beneath him. He pulled the foreskin
back, exposing the huge bulbous head. It was monstrous and he moved to
aim it directly at the tiny, puckered hole now stretched wide from the
rummaging of his middle finger.

He opened her buttocks wide again with his thumbs, withdrawing his
finger and leaning forward to drop a large drop of spittle from his
lips to moisten and lubricate his entry. Then he leaned forward,
pressing the whole of his naked body into her slender backsides. The
thick, full length of his shaft lay pressed in the crevice of her ass,
the tip resting against the tiny, throbbing hole that was now slippery
and wet from his saliva. He pushed his hands under her loins again and
stretched the soft white moons wide apart. Levering himself up on his
elbows, he pressed slightly with his hips for a moment, directing his
iron-hard penis straight into the tightly clenched orifice of her

Alice held her breath for what seemed an eternity and then
involuntarily groaned as she saw the unrelenting staff pop suddenly
through the tiny, restricting ring of her young teenage daughter's
vainly resisting anal flesh. She saw the tiny stretched anus slipping
over and clasping the tip of the boy's cock like a tightly pulled
rubber band and the lewdly excited grin from him as he thrust his hips
hard forward, sinking his rod halfway to the hilt. Sandy cried out from
the pain, the sound muffled by the covers pressing into her face, and
flailed her legs on either side of him, struggling feebly to escape his
cruel impalement.

Her buttocks jerked and twisted beneath him, attempting to throw him
off, but her desperate struggles only worsened her position. With each
buck of her young, firm body, his cock skewered into the tightly
resisting anus another painful, tortuous inch until finally ...

"Aggggg! Uuuuuggh!" she gasped out the last of her strength, and Joe's
thick, huge penis slipped unimpeded into the warm, rubbery depths of
her rectum to the hilt. She jerked for a moment longer then lay still
to ease the pain of the cruel and complete occupation of her asshole.
It was useless to resist further as each throb of her body only served
to widen the stretch of the tiny cavern to greater and more painful

"Ohhhh, God! She's got a tight little asshole!" Joe hissed through
heavily clenched teeth above her. In spite of his desire to begin
fucking into her ass immediately, he reached down and grasped her firm,
rounded hips in his hands, pulling her to her knees, bending her body
almost in double. He ground his teeth tight together and took several
long strokes into her, bringing groans of pain and humiliation from her
tortured lips with every thrust.

Richard Hink, beside the obscenely couple pairs of teenagers, was going
out of his mind. He ran his hands wildly over her tender breasts and
slim back, pinching and pulling at the soft flesh until he could stand
it no longer. "Turn her over!" he shouted at the preoccupied young boy.
"Damn you, turn her over for me!"

Joe, barely hearing his demands, locked his hands tightly to Sandy's
hips and rolled to the side, pulling her backwards on top of him. His
huge, throbbing cock was still imbedded deep inside her anus as she lay
full length on her back, tight against his stomach and chest. Her legs
splayed out limply on the outside of his legs, a low, mournful pleading
coming from her wet, tormented lips.

Richard Hink lost no time. He leapt nakedly over between her widespread
legs, straddling Joe's knees, and pushed her thighs further apart. He
grasped his hard, aching cock in his hands and guided it without a
moment's delay deep into the moist open cavern of her widely spread
young cunt.

"Oh man!" he crowed obscenely. "Now I've fucked both her and her
mother! Shit!"

"Oohhhh, God," came the answering grunt from Sandy as his cock
slithered deep inside her belly, joining Joe's cock already buried
there in her rectum, just a membrane away. She lay moaning and sobbing
from the pain and humiliation, sandwiched between the two of them,
impaled on their penises like a helpless insect stuck to a mounting

There was no delay. Richard Hink, already excited from watching Joe's
cruel rape of her anus, began to furiously fuck into her hotly
receiving young vagina while Joe began thrusting up with long hard
strokes into the heatedly milking depths of her anus. It took a moment,
but then they began a natural rhythm, buffeting her between them like a
mass of soft, resilient raw meat with only the thin wall between her
anus and cunt separating their two sperm-bloated cocks. She was
uttering a single, low whine which went on and on all the time they
ground into her, but interrupted occasionally by a deep grunt from her
chest as they smacked into her body with harder and faster force.

Alice watched mesmerized, her eyes a scant few inches from where the
two thick cudgels skewered into her teenage daughter's wide-stretched
loins like twin battering rams. Her excited, lust-dimmed eyes watched
the long moist cocks--wet their full lengths from Sandy's vaginal
secretions--fucking mercilessly into her. She could see the ragged pink
edges of her cunt drawing back with Richard Hink's cock on the
outstroke and disappearing back up inside again as he rammed it home
again deep in her heavily contracting belly. The same was true with the
tightly clasping opening of her tiny but now-wide-stretched little
asshole as Joe screwed up into it demoniacally and without mercy.

And then, the impossible happened.

As Alice lay, being fucked in subservient excitement in front of the
helpless Sandy, she suddenly heard the low, whining moans of pain begin
to change, almost imperceptibly at first, but increasingly more to a
tone that left no room for doubt. It was a low whimper of passionate

Her daughter was actually starting to enjoy this unnatural, brutal
double fuck she was receiving from the boy and the man.

It was a strange kind of masochistic joy, perhaps from the very obscene
helplessness of her position or from the lewd thought of being fucked
half to death by two males at once like this. But whatever it was, she
was beginning to respond to it. Her hips were moving backwards to meet
the upthrust of Joe cramming his cock into her rectum and then forward
again to swallow the whole of Richard Hink's plunging penis into her
suddenly hot steaming little pussy. Her whole young body was undulating
more and more in between the two men, and her buttocks were moving
increasingly in tiny, furious circles of excitement.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!" she chanted on and on in time to their
syncopated crushing thrusts against her cunt and asshole. Wilder and
wilder they became, punishing her between them like a rag-doll puppet,
all three of their coarse groans intermingling in a symphony of mad
sexual abandonment.

"Aahhhhh!" Sandy mewled delightedly. "Ahhhhh! Oh God, keep fucking me!
Keep on! Keep ... on fucking meeee!"

The poor helpless girl was out of her mind with desire now and began
sobbing hysterically as she felt her orgasm rapidly overtake her
writhing, battered flesh. She wailed and cried out her ecstasy until
her mother thought it would never end. The men, sensing their total
conquest of her young body and mind, plunged forward at the same time,
imbedding their suddenly wildly ejaculating cocks deep up into her
wide-stretched young pussy and anus, pumping their hot, thickly jetting
loads of white sperm far, far up into her heaving belly. They collapsed
in a spent and satiated heap, Richard Hink rolling off of the top of
her body, his penis still hard in spite of his orgasm slipping from her
wide-stretched cunt with a lewd, wet, sucking sound. Sandy lay still,
flat on her back, on top of Joe Arrow. His penis was still imbedded
deep in her rectum, and she looked as though she was in a daze. Her
legs were still spread wide apart so that the tiny pink ridge of her
wet, throbbing vagina could be seen pulsing and glistening, the thick
stump of Joe's sperm-drained young cock protruding from her anal mouth

Alice was going out of her mind now. The sight of her helplessly
innocent daughter going stark raving mad from the double fuck the way
she did and turning into a wildly pleading sexual toy was just too

"Oooohh, God! I ... I'm cumming tooo!" she gasped in intense passion,
and she locked her ankles in a death grip as high as she could around
her daughter's boyfriend, Tommy's, rhythmically pumping young buttocks.
At the same time she smashed her openly abandoned mouth tighter up
against the other young girl's wildly undulating cunt and tasted the
pungent flavor of her delicious sexual secretions as the girl shivered
uncontrollably in her own frantic climax. Her body arched and quivered,
and she held tight to the teenage boy, not moving other than to jerk
and spasm around him in a pulsating rhythm that spewed her orgasmic
juices out around his still driving cock as she felt its virile young
head burst with his hot sperm deep up inside her hungrily accepting

Alice thought the ejaculating shaft would never stop hosing out its cum
into her belly, and she could feel the hot, sticky fluid overflow and
force its way out of the tightly locked ring of her pussy, mingling
with her own secretions and rivuleting down the wide-split crevice of
her buttocks to soak his excitedly emptying testicles as they slapped
hard against her ecstatically quivering ass-cheeks. Her humiliation and
surrender were complete! She had whored herself to him now with the
same total abandonment which she had given herself to the man who'd
just finished fucking Sandy--and she didn't even know if the sacrifice
of her body and self-respect would save her daughter or not. She gasped
out a deep sigh of satisfaction as she felt the boy's rapidly deflating
cock slowly withdraw from her heavily flooded vaginal hole, and a rush
of cool air slipped between the full, whitely glistening moons of her
exposed thighs. She shivered with tingling delight and rolled into a
huddled ball of tired, satiated female flesh ...

It took the five naked people some time to stir again. They sprawled on
Sandy's wide bed, exhausted and drained, resting to regain their
strength after their wild orgiastic fucking they had all participated
in. Semen and sweat, secretions and lubrications flowed together on
their lust-sheened nude bodies, and the air seemed to crackle with the
lurid emotions that had been so totally unleashed.

Alice was the first to move, slowly lifting her head and looking across
the naked breasts and penises to Richard Hink. "Well?" she asked in a
trembling whisper.

"Well, what?"

"Do we get the pictures now?"

The handsome high school teacher broadened his features into a mirthful
grin. "Well now, that sort of depends if you deserve them back. I mean
you and little Sandy here sure have been enjoying your punishment so
... that's not real punishment. It's a favor."

"Yeah," Tommy said. "I don't think we should give them back yet. Hell,
we've got a duty to make sure they've paid the price."

"All of it," Joe piped in. "And I haven't extracted my pound of flesh
from you yet, Mrs. Murphy. Jesus, after seeing the way you took on both
Tom and Vicki, I sure want to fuck you."

Alice looked wild-eyed at Sandy as she heard the vile words condemning
them to almost complete slavery, her chest constricting as if tied by
steel bands. But then she saw the soft, small smile on her daughter's
heavy-lidded features, a smile intended only for her. She knew, then,
that there was no more use in trying to deceive herself. Her and her
child had actually reveled in the salacious depravities they'd been
forced to participate in, and deep down inside her belly was the
purling warmth of satisfaction and the small spark of lewd excitement
at the thought of the orgy continuing. She thought fleetingly of her
old, puritanical ways--had they controlled her only yesterday?--and
then she knew she never wanted to return to them. From now on, she was
going to live for herself and Sandy--and sex!

It was only a matter of minutes before they were all at it again, and
through the night, Alice and Sandy Murphy indulged in every wickedly
depraved game that any of the five could think up. The young widow and
her teenage child knew that it was all right, that from that moment on,
each would be doing what her nature intended and it would be actively
encouraged and accepted by each other ...

Chapter 7

It was a Sunday morning, and summer was just about over. Alice Murphy
turned over lazily in her large double bed, sensuously stretching her
long curvaceously formed limbs, and swept her honey-blonde hair from
her eyes. She languidly let the soft fuzziness of sleep leave her and
warmly thought about last night--and the long, wonderfully delicious
parade of days and nights since that fateful weekend when she and Sandy
had been blackmailed.

She propped herself up on her elbows and saw that her daughter was
standing at the window, peeking through the thin sheer netting of the
curtains. Sandy was naked, just as she'd been when she had peacefully
drifted into sleep after she and Alice had sucked and tongued each
other's hungrily desiring cunts to one spiraling orgasm after another.
She had slept curled in a protective ball, clinging as she had as a
baby to her mother for warmth and love ...

Alice smiled at the curve of the naked young girl's back, at the dimple
at the base of her spine, just where her full rounded buttocks flared
out in smoothly rounded moons. She never got tired of looking at
Sandy's young taut body, with her hard, firmly molded breasts and white
thighs and trembling vagina bursting with sexuality ... yes, and at
touching her, and making love passionately to her.

"Sandy, you shouldn't be peeking out the window. Haven't you seen
enough of our new neighbors?"

"Not on your life! Have you seen Mr. Daniels?" She turned, and her eyes
danced with the sparkle of excited interest. "Ohhh, he's so handsome
and strong! He's mowing the lawn so virilely!" "You'll never make it
with him, if that's what you're thinking. He and Flo Daniels haven't
been married three months yet!"

"Don't be too sure, Mother," she said, smiling, and sat down on the
edge of the bed. "Mrs. Daniels looks like she might be a swinger deep
down underneath ... and maybe we can get him through her. You know, get
her drunk over here some night when he's out, show her my pictures Mr.
Hink took, and see how she likes having two girls make love to her for
a change of pace."

She smoothed her slender hand down over the curves of the sheet under
which her mother lay, then wormed her fingers underneath and fondled
her firm rounded buttocks and naked vagina. "You want to help me?" she
asked teasingly.

Alice jumped slightly, and wriggled against the taunting touch of the
young little fingers. "Oh, Sandy! Didn't you get enough last night?"
she giggled, spreading her legs so she could enjoy more of the child's

"You going to help me?"

"Yes," she giggled again, ripping the sheet away and reaching up her
arms to Sandy. She kissed her hard on the warm wetness of her lips, and
then softly brought her down to the bed in a snuggling embrace. "Yes,
darling," she cooed in a sighing tone of love. "Yes ... you know I
can't say no to you, ever!"

The End