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[CA-1002] For Couples Only by H.C. Hawkes

Chapter 1

A naked woman in her early thirties came out of the house. She closed
the door behind her and turned, watching the couple out near the pool.
They too were naked, dancing belly to belly and cheek to cheek. The
portable tape player was too loud now. All the neighbors were in bed.
She stooped and turned down the volume, balancing a tray with four fresh
drinks carefully on her tanned thighs. The eight-foot-high concrete
fence around the back yard kept out prying eyes from the Leatherman
patio, but the sound of sweet music from back in the big band days could
antagonize their new neighbors. She didn't want that. The high fence had
set tongues to wagging and acted as a barrier down here in the South.
Montgomery, Alabama, the Heart of Dixie. She chuckled at the lack of
Southern hospitality they'd received. The only thing warm about Alabama
was the weather.

It was the middle of summer, almost midnight on a Saturday night. The
air was still. Leaves hung limp in the big elm by the side of the patio.
Crickets chirped softly in the thick grass beyond. A few lightning bugs
flashed as they flew silently across the yard. Lucia stood up,
congratulating herself for spraying the insect repellent about the patio
before their across-the-street neighbors and only local friends, the
young Dunstons had arrived for the back yard barbecue. All four of them
had been nude for well over an hour, and not one had suffered even a
hint of a mosquito bite. She made a mental note to get several cans of
the spray as she walked quietly to the glider, where Boyd Dunston sat
transfixed, his eyes glued to the dancing couple. The girl swaying her
midsection against the man's hairy abdomen was Faith, his innocent bride
of less than a year.

His face retaining its sullen expression, Boyd accepted the drink from
Lucia with a grunt. He had been against swimming in the nude from the
first. He was still against it. He'd been afraid it would lead to
something like this. Now that it had, he was sorry he'd let the
Leathermans talk them into it. Faith thought it was daring, thrilling.
But what did she know? She was only eighteen and had never been outside
the state. He'd known better, being a man of twenty-three and not long
out of the Navy. Why had he finally agreed to the nude swim?

The drinks, he decided. And the calm way both Lucia and Dirk Leatherman
had kept bringing the conversation back to how healthy nudism was. Maybe
nude swimming is healthy, he thought, but things can fast get out of
hand when the drinks come continuously and nobody bothers to count.

The glider jerked as Lucia sat down beside him. Ice cubes tinkled as she
sipped at her drink. She sighed and set her glass on the patio table.
She got two cigarettes and lit them both, handing one to Boyd as she
leaned back and ran her soft hand lightly over his thigh.

"Thanks," Boyd said. He pulled deeply on his smoke, then exhaled
forcefully, his eyes never leaving the dancing couple.

"Ten minutes," Lucia said in a hoarse whisper.


She smiled, letting her cool fingers walk up the inside of his thigh.
"From the looks of things, it'll only take about ten more minutes."

Boyd squirmed uneasily as her fingertips neared his dick. He knew now
was the time to stop her, but he said nothing. Her touch was delicate
and pleasant to his alcohol-muddled mind. "What are you talking about?
Ten minutes for what?"

"For sex," she said, then laughed softly as his chin dropped. "Your wife
is coming on strong. Look at her."

He watched Dirk's hand cup his wife's nude buttock and pull her pelvis
tighter against his. He saw the hardened head of Dirk's big cock poke
through her white thighs. They stopped dancing. He heard Faith whimper,
saw her clench her legs together and squeeze the pole of flesh between
them. Dirk's other hand found her neglected buttock and grasped eagerly.
He moved her slowly back and forth, letting her cunt slide over the top
of his shaft.

"No ... No, you mustn't do that." Faith didn't sound at all convincing.
She made a weak effort to pull away, then moaned as Dirk jerked her
roughly back against him and brought his mouth down on hers. She stood
limply, accepting the kiss as Dirk's hands kneaded her ass and rocked
her over his stiff prick. Then, her arms suddenly going around his hairy
torso, her fingers gripping harshly into his shoulders, she groaned into
the quiet night air and opened her mouth to suck in his tongue.

Lucia's mouth came close to Boyd's ear. Her warm breath teased it, then
the tip of her pink tongue darted inside his ear and licked as her hand
cupped under his balls.

"Don't," Boyd weakly protested, pushing her hand away as he jerked his
head free of her lips and tongue. He turned and looked angrily into her
eyes. "What the hell's going on here?"

"Our little party is about to come to a climax, darling," Lucia
answered. She licked her lips and chuckled mirthfully, her hand coming
back between his legs. "Look at them," she breathed excitedly, her
fingers, still cool from holding her drink, encircling his stiff and
throbbing shaft.

Ignoring Lucia's expert fondling of his genitals, Boyd swung his head
around in time to see his wife being picked up and carried over to a
chaise lounge. Dirk leaned over and deposited Faith on her back, then
pushed her thighs apart with his hands as he came down on top of her. He
pressed his mouth to hers, silencing her half-hearted protests as he
positioned himself between her legs. His ass wiggled, bringing the big
circumcised head of his cock to the moist and parted lips of Faith's
pussy. Dirk's buttocks tensed. He pushed forward slowly, stretching
Faith's lips taut as they opened to accept his purplish glans between

Faith threw back her head, breaking the kiss as she harshly sucked in
her breath. Her legs opened wider, her hips moving to make penetration
easier. Arms dangling limply on either side of the chaise, eyes clenched
tightly shut, Faith shuddered as Dirk's big cock inched up into her
vagina, stretching it, filling her cunt as it had never been filled
before. Hairy balls nestled gently into the crack of her ass. She
sighed, bringing her arms lazily up and clasping Dirk's coarse chest
tightly to her. Curly hair chafed her hardened nipples as her breasts
flattened out against him. She whimpered, her legs folding over Dirk's
as her hands moved down to cup his muscular buttocks and pull him deeper
into her, tighter against her.

The head of his dick bumped her cervix. "Ooooh! Oh shit!" She sobbed
brokenly, then whimpered again and again as her hips rocked the mouth of
her womb back and forth over his swollen glans.

His mouth hanging open in disbelief, Boyd sat stunned as he saw his wife
begin thrusting up her pelvis to meet Dirk's first strokes. "Goddamn
'em," he muttered under his breath. Then in a slightly louder voice he
threatened, "I'll kill him ... both of them!"

Lucia grinned in silence. She had heard such outbursts before. Boyd
would do nothing of the sort, and she knew it full well. He had sat
quietly, watching for over a half-hour as Dirk seduced his young wife
little by little. His words were only to save face, a front to cover the
sexual thrill he felt at seeing his bride accept another man in
intercourse. Dirk had said it would turn out this way. As always, he'd
been right. Lucia had a handful of throbbing cock to prove that Boyd
thrilled at what he saw. Dirk had sized up the Dunstons the first
evening they'd spent together. He'd been on the make for Faith ever
since, and Boyd was not exactly unappealing to Lucia. In fact, the
stiffened organ in her grasping hand caused her mouth to water. She
dropped to her knees in front of Boyd and took the cigarette butt from
his hand. Pitching it off into the grass, she worked her shoulders
between his legs and bent her head to his groin. She skinned back his
foreskin and, holding his shaft tightly, lowered her face. The entire
head of his cock was covered with the clear fluid his aroused organs had
produced. Her lips formed over his glans, her tongue licking at its
weeping eye as he pushed weakly and ineffectively to break the contact.

"Let me suck you," she whispered seductively, then flashed out with her
tongue and licked around and around his velvet crown. He groaned and
released her head. "Forget Faith and Dirk. Close your eyes and lean
back. Relax. I want you to enjoy this as much as I'm going to."

"But they're fucking! Your husband and my wife!"

"So? It happens all the time in our social circle. Don't tell me this is
the first time for you and Faith." Lucia knew that it was the first
extramarital adventure for Boyd and Faith. They were exactly the kind of
inexperienced young marrieds that she and Dirk sought out. It gave them
both an added thrill to break in a new couple to mate swapping,
especially when they were as innocent and unsuspecting as Boyd and Faith
were. She'd spoken the same lines to many horrified young husbands who'd
sat trembling with excitement as their wives got their first taste of
Dirk's cunt-stretcher. Her words were chosen with a purpose--to put the
confused husband on the defensive. No man liked to admit that he was a
bumpkin, that he was unsophisticated. "Besides, what good would it do to
stop them now? I think they're both enjoying it thoroughly. Let's you
and I even up the score."

Somehow it all didn't seem right to Boyd. He stared over at Faith,
hoping that it was all a dream, that she really wasn't giving herself to
Dirk. What he saw inflamed him all the more. Faith, who had been a shy
virgin when they married and had not once looked at another man, was
giving her all to Dirk. She was responding to his brutal thrusts with
lustful abandon, meeting him halfway in mid-air and grunting like a sow
in rut each time her ass was driven forcefully back down onto the
chaise. The lewd sounds of flesh slapping on flesh caught in his ears,
joining his wife's moans of pleasure and Dirk's grunting encouragement
that spurred her on. Faith's legs shot up and clamped around Dirk's
buttocks. She wailed out mournfully as her tilted pelvis allowed his
prick to fill her completely. Her heels beat rapidly into the cheeks of
his pistoning ass, keeping time with his driving thrusts.

"Oh, Dirk! Oh God, daddy ... oh, sweet man!" Faith's voice was raspy
with lust, her words more gruntings than words.

Dirk slammed down into her, holding his cock in to the hilt and harshly
grinding their pubic mounds together. He rotated his ass, rolling and
stretching her cunt with the full length of his nine-inch rod. Faith's
face screwed up in agonized sex pain. Her lips drew back and bared her
teeth. Her hands tightened into fists and she beat at his back. She
tried to speak but only incoherent mumblings escaped her throat.

"Is it good, baby?"


Laughing, Dirk throbbed his glans deep within her. He felt her tense,
heard her sigh, then gasped himself as her strong vagina tightened down
along his thick shaft.

"Again!" she shouted, her fingernails raking down his back and digging
into the cheeks of his ass. "Do that again!"

"You mean this?" he asked, throbbing the head of his dick against her

"Uhgh! Yes ... yes! Don't stop ... more. Do it some more."

They fell into a rhythm, Dirk throbbing his cock over and over and Faith
answering each time by clamping the walls of her vagina tightly around
him. She frantically held him to her, her fingernails leaving red welts
as she clawed at his ass to keep him from pulling out even a fraction of
an inch. She began to sob brokenly, tears rolling down her cheeks as the
muscles of her abdomen rippled again and again.

"Oh! Oh Jesus, that's good!" Faith breathed hoarsely.

"You like that, do you?"

"Yes ... shit yes! Make me come that way, Dirk ... make me come!"


"Yeah ... yeah, I'm almost there!" she panted. Her eyes screwed shut and
her cunt speeded up, clasping down around his cock and urging him to
throb his glans more rapidly.

"God, you're a hot little bitch! Okay, baby, let loose and fly, but ease
up on me. That pussy of yours is like melted butter. If you're not
careful, you'll milk the juice right up from my nuts, and I'm not ready
for that yet."

"Hurry ... push me, daddy! Ohh ... push me over!"

Gritting his teeth, Dirk throbbed his cock faster and faster. Little
mewling sounds came up out of her throat. Sweat popped out on her
forehead and belly. Suddenly Faith stiffened. Her eyes rolled back in
their sockets and her tongue licked rapidly at her parted lips. Her cunt
began its fluttering dance of orgasm. Faith threw back her head and
screamed out shrilly into the night, her asshole joining in and gulping
at the cool air as total climax claimed her.

She fell back limply when it was over, her entire body twitching from
head to toe, her lungs gasping for air. Her arms and legs fell free of
Dirk, her knuckles thumping against the concrete patio, the soles of her
bare feet making two separate and distinct little slaps as they hit
also. Her head rolled from side to side, trailing the soft, glistening
tresses of her long brown hair. She whimpered softly, taking a long time
to come down from the blissful heights.

Dirk stiff-armed up, looming above her and grinning down into her
completely relaxed face. Finally her eyes opened and she smiled up at
him. He throbbed his cock and chuckled as she groaned. "That looked like
a good one," he said.

"You mean there's more?"

"Shit, baby, we're just getting started. That was only the warm-up."

"I don't know if I can take any more tonight."

"Bullshit. It's time you learned what real fucking is all about. Let's
show that husband of yours what you were made for."

A cold chill swept over Faith's body. With all the drinks and Dirk's
expert attentions, she'd forgotten all about Boyd, had been carried
along into a world where only she and Dirk existed, where nothing
mattered but physical pleasure. She jerked her head and looked toward
him. His eyes glared back at her. He'd seen it all. What must he think
of her now? Oh, dear God! But wait! It wasn't anger she saw in his eyes.
It was lust! Boyd had sat right there and watched it all. How could he
have allowed it to happen? Why hadn't he stopped Dirk before it was too

As her gaze dropped from his flushed face, Faith saw why her husband had
made no move to prevent her seduction. Lucia was on her knees between
his widespread legs, her hair swaying jerkily as her head bobbed up and
down at Boyd's loins. My God! She had his dick in her mouth! She was
sucking him! And to make matters worse, Boyd was thoroughly enjoying the
perverted act! A sense of anger and self-righteousness swept over Faith.
How could Lucia be so nasty? How could Boyd let Lucia do that animal
thing to him? At least what she and Dirk had done was normal. The
thought assuaged her guilty conscience. Dirk's thick cock stroking
slowly in and out of her still sensitive pussy helped too. Piss on Boyd,
she thought hazily. Dirk was making her feel like her own husband never
had. It was good ... so good! If Boyd wasn't man enough to make him
quit, then let him watch. Faith brought her mouth to Dirk's and kissed
him wetly. Wantonly, she arched her back and began hunching to increase
the pleasure his hard organ afforded. She rubbed her open palms
sensually up and down his back a few times, then eagerly grasped at his
ass and pulled to help him hit harder into her.

Boyd licked absently at his dry, parted lips. The sound of Faith's
breath sucking in harshly as Dirk's glans hit into her cervix once more
rang obscenely in his ears. His heart was beating rapidly, violently.
The sound of its "thump, thump, thump," joined the lewd slaps of Dirk's
hairy abdomen as he hunched into Faith again and again. His wife's
throaty moans and groans added to his distress and made his head feel
light and dizzy.

Again Boyd's conscience stabbed unmercifully at his heart. He groaned
aloud at the pain in his chest. He struggled for breath, fought for the
courage to shove Lucia away and go over to the chaise and pull Dirk from
between his young wife's legs. It was wrong--all of it! Faith shouldn't
be letting him screw her! And he shouldn't be letting Lucia suck so
deliciously on his excited organ! He should stop it, should jerk Dirk
from his wife and drag her home to beat the hell out of her. NOW! DO IT
NOW, his conscience screamed. HURRY, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Mustering all the will power at his command, Boyd shoved roughly at
Lucia's forehead. The wet smack of broken suction filled his ears as
Lucia toppled backward. Ignoring her angry outburst, he jumped to his
feet and ran across the patio. The night air felt cold on his saliva-wet
prick as it swayed, still hard as a rock, to and fro. His bare feet
slapped the concrete. His cock slapped too, hitting wetly from one side
of his stomach to the other as he ran the few steps to where Dirk and
Faith lay on the chaise. He stopped beside them, hesitating, unsure as
to how to go about untangling the adulterous union.

Faith was moaning steadily now, her lovely face all distorted with
raging lust as her head rolled from side to side. Her eyes opened and
looked up at him, then closed dreamily again as if she hadn't even seen
him standing above her and her big-dicked lover. Her arms were locked
around Dirk's muscled back, holding him tightly to her.

"Harder! Fuck harder!"

It was a command, a hungry order. The hissing words had come from
Faith's mouth but the voice was not hers. Boyd's mouth dropped open in
disbelief. He stared dumfounded as Faith clawed viciously at Dirk's back
with her long, painted nails. Her feet dropped from the chaise and hit
the patio. Her heels came up off the concrete as she braced with the
balls of her feet and slammed her cunt up abandonedly to Dirk. Her toes
curled down against the concrete and turned white from the intensity of
her efforts. The muscles of her calves and thighs stood out from the
strain. Her legs were spread wide, the tendons standing out like taut
cords behind her flexed knees. The soft flesh of her thighs swayed with
each frantic thrust of her pelvis. Just below the wet, hairy mound of
her cunt the tendons on the inner slopes of her creamy white thighs
stood out boldly from the soft flesh, jerking and dancing like
bowstrings being rapidly plucked.

Orgasm was drawing near for them both. For a crazy second Boyd
considered letting them go on with the wild, jerky union. He was even
more caught up in their lust now than he had been at the start. He
hadn't believed it then, and thought that his eyes were playing tricks
on him as Dirk's huge cock spread Faith's small cunt to the very limit
and inched up into her slowly until his wrinkled scrotum nestled snugly
into the warm crack of her innocent young ass. But there was no doubt in
his mind now. Faith had more meat in her tunnel than he, himself, would
ever be able to give her. And she loved it! Goddamn her! She loved it!
She was going out of her head with lust and chanting vile obscenities
into Dirk's ear as she clawed his back and threw her pussy up to gobble
his donkey-like cock again and again.

A hoarse, unintelligible curse burst from his throat. He grabbed Faith's
wrists and flung her arms to the sides, away from Dirk's red-streaked

Faith looked up glassily at him. Saliva trickled down her cheek. Her
lips were puffy and trembling. Sweat beaded her forehead and she licked
wildly at her teeth and lips. Her eyes clenched shut. Her lips pulled
back and bared her teeth. Her arms shot up and clasped Dirk harshly to
her again. "Oooh! Ouuu!" She groaned mournfully as the first waves of
deep orgasm swept throughout her body. "I'm coming! OH DIRK! DARLING
MAN! Come with me ... hurry ... shoot it ... shoot it ... SHOOT IT!!!"

The urgent pleas caused Dirk to plunge into the dark, sweet lake of
orgasmic waters right along with her. A guttural sound ripped from his
throat. The cheeks of his ass dimpled as he ground his pelvis roughly
into Faith's, holding the full length of his twitching cock inside her
fluttering vagina. His mouth sought hers, found it and closed over her
lips. His tongue shot into her mouth. He moaned a muffled moan into her
oral cavity as her cheeks hollowed in suction and drew his pink spear
out to the limit.

Grabbing a mass of Dirk's hair, Boyd jerked his head back. The sound of
the broken kiss was a loud, wet slurp. Warmth covered Boyd's backside. A
small hand came around him and grasped harshly at his hard dick. Another
small hand came around his other side and fingers enclosed his balls.
The fingers squeezed down just enough to cause spears of pain to shoot
up through his loins.

"Leave 'em alone, Boyd. It's too late to stop them now." Lucia's voice
was soft, but it was more of an order than a request. Her tone held a

"No! Goddamn it! NO!" Boyd shouted. He jerked Dirk's head back roughly,
enjoying the painful wail that escaped the older man's tightly stretched

"Stop it!"

Lucia's voice cut like a knife in his ears. Her fingernails scraped and
dug into the shaft of his cock. The sharp pain caused him to cry out and
gasp, but still he tugged at Dirk's head in an effort to drag the man
from his wife before he went into orgasm and shot his sperm inside her
heaving belly. Lucia's slender fingers tightened threateningly around
his balls.

"Oh-uhgg! No ... No, Lucia!" A dull, sickening pain swept over Boyd as
Lucia squeezed down a little harder on his nuts.

"Turn Dirk loose or I'll crush them for you!"

When Boyd refused to release his grip on her husband's hair, Lucia made
good her promise. Smiling inwardly, secretly pleased that Boyd had
presented her with the opportunity to exercise her sadistic nature,
Lucia suddenly clamped down on his balls with all her might. Boyd
disappointed her. She'd hoped to hear him scream out shrilly into the
night. But he didn't. Instead, he merely stiffened and heaved a choking

Releasing Dirk's hair, Boyd sank to his knees beside the wildly fucking
couple. His hands covered his groin and he rocked back and forth,
moaning and whimpering. He heard his wife sobbing out her second orgasm.
It didn't matter. Nothing mattered now except the waves of nausea
churning through his guts. Hands pushed at his head, forcing his face
into the crack of Dirk's warm and sweaty ass. The smell of shit filled
his nostrils. Boyd gagged. He fought against vomiting for a moment, then
the smell was gone. He opened his eyes and saw a pair of hairy balls
jerking rhythmically above a dancing asshole. The coarse sounds of a
grunting male orgasm joined Faith's softer sighs. A trickle of come
overflowed her cock-filled pussy and collected in her quivering anus.

Chapter 2

Dirk left his spurting cock buried in Faith to the hilt till the spasms
subsided and his balls loosened and hung limp once more. The young
wife's moans had diminished to afterglow whimperings when he slowly
pulled his limp and glistening organ from her vagina and stood beside
the chaise. Boyd was hobbling around in a circle, groaning and still
holding his pain-racked nuts.

"You shouldn't have been so hard on him, baby," he admonished Lucia. She
smiled wickedly, her eyes gleaming as she watched the bent-over young
husband doing his dance of pain. Dirk went to her and kissed her lips.
He put his mouth to her ear and whispered, "Control yourself. Later,
honey. When we get the party set up ... then you can have all the fun
with him you want. But not now. Be careful, or you'll scare them off."

"Her too," Lucia breathed excitedly. "I've got luscious plans for Faith

"Tell me about it later. Let's calm them down right now or we may blow
the whole bit. I'll take care of Boyd. You go sit with Faith and keep
her from having an attack of conscience."

Lucia nodded and went to the chaise. She sat down beside Faith and
smiled sweetly down into her eyes. Palming a strand of sweat-dampened
hair from Faith's forehead and gently patting her abdomen at the same
time, she asked, "Having a good time, little one?"

"Oh, God! I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry, Lucia. I didn't
mean to...I mean...Oh! Oh, I don't know how to say it."

"Hush, baby, hush. You don't have to say anything. And for God's sake
don't apologize. I'm glad you and Dirk made it so deliciously together."

"You're not jealous? You don't hate me?"

Lucia bent and planted a motherly kiss on her forehead. "Do I act like
I'm jealous? Hell no. I liked it. It gave me a thrill to see you and
Dirk balling. He's great, isn't he? Listen, baby, I'll loan him to you
any time you want."

"Oh, Lucia! Oh no, I couldn't! I just couldn't let it happen again."

"Why not? It was good, wasn't it?"

"Christ, yes! I can't deny that. Dirk is really all man. He brought out
nerves in me that I didn't know I had. Ohhh!"

"So? Where's the problem? Dirk goes for you just as much as you go for

"It's wrong, Lucia. So wicked!"

"Bull shit. Anything that turns you on and doesn't hurt anyone else is
not wicked."

At the mention of "anyone else" Faith's head jerked up and her eyes
opened wide, looking around for her husband. She spotted him out by the
pool. He was glaring angrily at Dirk and looked as if he might hit him
at any minute. "Boyd," she said softly. "It hurt, Boyd."

"It didn't hurt him as much as you think. It's a funny thing, Faith, but
many men ... how should I say it? Well, he's not as angry as he looks.
Take my word for it."

"You're wrong, Lucia. He's mad, really mad. I've never seen him so mad
about anything!"

Chuckling softly, Lucia answered, "He's saving face, baby. That's all it
amounts to, believe me."

"You think he'll get over it? You think he'll forgive me?"

"I guarantee it."

"I don't know. I don't know. Look! They're going to fight!"

Lucia swung her head around in time to see Boyd shove Dirk backward into
the swimming pool. She laughed aloud as his muscular body splashed into
the water and Boyd turned to stomp toward them. She got up and moved
away from the chaise, giving Boyd a wide berth as she walked to the pool
to help Dirk out. "You cooled off now, lover?" she asked, extending her
hand and taking his to pull him up from the water.

Wiping the hair from his face, Dirk smiled knowingly as he came out of
the pool and stood dripping beside her. He took one of her nipples
between his thumb and forefinger and pinched down harshly into the brown

A shiver shot through Lucia's body. She whimpered. Then she pushed his
hand away and hugged Dirk lovingly. "Wait till they leave, darling," she

They stood by the pool, watching as Boyd angrily jerked his wife to her
feet and slapped her face. He went to their pile of clothes and threw
Faith's dress at her, ordering her to put it on as he slid his legs into
his trousers.

"What do you think?" asked Lucia, her fingertips lightly teasing at
Dirk's lower stomach.

"I think they're made to order ... putty for the sculptor's hand to mold
at will," Dirk replied with a grin.

Tears streamed down Faith's cheeks as she pulled the dress over her head
and wiggled into it. She reached behind her to zip it up but had to
abandon the project to catch her shoes when Boyd threw them at her one
at a time. She had no time to put them on, for Boyd jammed his bare feet
into his loafers and came at her angrily with their underthings and
stockings in his left hand. With his right hand he gripped her upper
arm, digging his fingers into the soft flesh, and dragging her around
the side of the house.

The gate opened and then slammed shut. Lucia smiled up at Dirk. "Boyd's
more of a man than I thought," she said. "Do you think he'll beat her?"

"Naw. He may slap her once or twice, but he won't hurt her. I wish we
had their bedroom wired for sound. They're going to have the wildest
screw they've ever had in a few minutes, and I'd like to hear it."

"Come on in the house, sculptor. There's going to be a wild fuck taking
place in our bedroom tonight, too," Lucia said, her fingers eagerly
enfolding Dirk's reawakening prick.

* * *

Heading straight for their bedroom, Boyd dragged Faith through the house
without a word. He pulled her cringing form through the doorway and
slammed the door shut. Then he swung her roughly and sent her sprawling
on the bed. Throwing their underthings on the dresser and knocking her
perfume and make-up articles off onto the floor, he hissed, "You pig!
Slut! Whore! Bitch!"

Faith sat up, cringing in the middle of the bed as Boyd stood glaring
hatefully at her. She wanted to admit he was right. The names he called
her ... they were true and accurate. She couldn't blame him for the
outburst, the angry accusations, for the same words had been running
through her own mind. Boyd had only given voice to the way she felt
about her insane lapse of self-control. A fresh flood of tears obscured
her vision and cascaded down her cheeks. She sobbed aloud and buried her
face in her hands. "I'm sorry, Boyd. I'm so sorry," she whimpered
through her hands.

"Sorry? Sorry? Is that supposed to make it all right? No! Goddamn you,
no! You made a fool of me, you little whore! I loved you. I thought you
were a good girl. Good girl! Shit, what a fucking laugh! You're nothing
but a wanton slut that had me fooled. Boy! Did you have me fooled! You
know what? I even believed you were a virgin when we got married. Isn't
that a laugh? How'd you do it, bitch? How'd you make the blood come the
first time I fucked you? But then, thinking back on it, there wasn't
much blood, was there? Just a few drops at the most ... barely stained
the sheet, as I recall. What'd you do? Hold your cunt lips together to
make it feel so tight? Yeah ... that's what you did. I remember how you
put it in for me. You weren't concerned so much with putting it in nice
and easy as you were with making me think it was a tight and virginal
pussy, weren't you."

"No, Boyd. That's not true. I was a virgin ... you know I was. I didn't
try to fool you, honey. I've never tried to fool you about anything. Oh,
God! No, you mustn't think that."

"Shut up! The blood. What'd you do to make yourself bleed? Scratch
yourself with those long fingernails? Must have. Had to be that way,
because as soon as I got my cock all the way in you it was like you just
... opened up. Yeah! You liked it right from the start. You shouldn't
have ... now that I think about it. It should have hurt you the first
time. Most girls don't like it for a few months. I read that in a good
book. Yeah! It's an ordeal for them at first, sex is. But not you.
Goddamn it! Not for you it wasn't! You hunched that pussy right up to me
the very first time!"

"I loved you, Boyd ... that's why! I wanted it to be good for you. It
did hurt me, but I didn't let on because I knew you wanted it to feel
good to me too. I acted like it did for your sake, darling...that's all.
I swear that's the way it was. You were the first...the only man for

Boyd glared coldly at her. His voice was sharp and cutting as he spat,
"I don't believe I was the first ... not now ... not after what I saw
tonight. You lay right there in front of me and let that son-of-a bitch
stick his mule cock in you."

Anger mounted in Faith until it overcame the humiliation of her lustful
abandon on the Leatherman's patio. "Why you self-righteous prick! I saw
you and Lucia too, you know! You pervert! She sucked your dick, and
don't try to deny that you loved it! Shit yes, you liked it! You let her
take it in her mouth while you watched Dirk and me fuck! Why didn't you
stop us if you wanted to? I'm your wife, aren't I? All you had to do was
grab me by the hand and drag me home. That's all! You could have stopped
it before it even got started good. Why didn't you?"

"I didn't believe my eyes ... that's why. I thought, 'No. No, it can't
be happening. Faith wouldn't let it. She loves me too much to give it to
another guy.' Now I know better. You're a damned nympho ... wouldn't
surprise me if I came home some night and found you letting a nigger
hump you."

"Boyd!!! That's enough now!" Faith jumped up and slapped Boyd
resoundingly, her fingers leaving red splotches on his pink cheek.

Instinctively Boyd reacted by returning her slap. In his frustrated
anger he hit her harder than he meant to, and sent her sprawling on her
back across the bed once more. Then, grunting like an animal, he bent
over her and grabbed at the collar of her dress. One frantic jerk ripped
the dress down to her waist. Her bared breasts jiggled as the bed rolled
and jerked. Before he realized what he was doing, Boyd heard his wife
screaming and pleading with him to stop. He saw what he was doing too
late to stop the last blow, and his open palm hit into her soft breast
again. The loud slapping noise echoed inside his head and joined her
moan of pain.

He was hurting her. Under normal circumstances Boyd would have been
horrified by his actions, but this was not a normal situation. The
sounds of her anguish only incited him to further brutality. He took
both her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Grinning down at
her, he began tightening his hold, watching the astonishment in her
lovely face as his fingertips bit deeper and deeper into her brown

Sharp spears of pain shot out from her breasts, making her whimper all
the more. "Don't Boyd! Please stop. You're hurting me, honey. Ohh,
you're hurting me."

Sneering down at her pain-racked face, Boyd pinched all the harder. "I
ought to kill you!" he shouted, his fingertips biting brutally into her
nipples and twisting at the same time.

"Aargh! aargh! God ... oh God! Hurts ... oh, it hurts!" Faith moaned
pitifully. She writhed in agony, but though her hands were free she made
no effort to escape. Instead she bore the sharp pain with gasps and
groans as Boyd twisted her tender flesh this way and that. She sucked in
her breath harshly as he pulled out her nipples and tried to tear them
from her body. To her utter amazement, Faith found herself reaching out
for Boyd's dick, her fingers clawing frenziedly at his fly in an effort
to get it open.

The intense pain had changed somehow. It still hurt terribly, but there
was something else now added to it. It hurt good!!!! It hurt deliciously
good!!! She jerked open Boyd's fly and grasped his hard cock, pulled it
from his pants and eagerly worked her hand up and down its pulsating

"You cock-hungry bitch!" Boyd hissed, staring down at her with an
obvious mixture of hatred and lust showing in his lace.

"Boyd! Oh God, honey ... fuck me!!"

"What's the matter? Didn't Leatherman give you enough cock for one

"To hell with Dirk ... to hell with everybody. I want you, Boyd ... you!
I love you, darling ... love you so much, so much!"

A grin spread over Boyd's face as he stood up and undid his pants. After
letting his pants fall to the floor and kicking them off to the side, he
bent over Faith again and ripped the dress completely open. Palming his
stiff organ, Boyd slapped it several times up against his belly, letting
it sway as it fell each time. He watched Faith's eyes, saw her licking
her lips and heard her panting lust as she stared at his dancing penis.

She spread her legs and held out her arms. "Give it to me. Now ... give
it to me now! Don't tease me any more, darling. I'm on fire for you ...
come to me ... FUCK ME!!!"

Coming atop her, Boyd positioned himself between her legs. He brought
the head of his organ to her hot, moist cunt and ran it up and down the
length of her twitching cleft.

"Put it in, honey. Oh God, put it in me before I go out of my mind!"

"You like my cock, huh?" Boyd asked, teasing her verbally as he stroked
up her pussy again with the head of his cock.

"Yes ... oh yes! I love your cock, darling ... love it ... love it!"

She tried to reach for his organ and help get it into her vagina, but
Boyd slapped her hand away. "Not yet!" he said imperiously. "There's
something you've got to do first."

With that, he pulled away from her pelvis and crawled spraddle-legged up
her body, stopping with his cock in her face as he sat unconcernedly
down on her chest and soft breasts.

"Boyd? Darling, what in the world?"

"Kiss it!"

"No, Boyd! Don't make me do that. That's perversion!"

"I didn't ask you for a damned lecture. KISS IT!!!"

"No, honey ... please, no. It'll make me feel like a whore."

"You are a whore," Boyd retorted quickly.

Faith shook her head in protest. She meant to tell Boyd that he was
wrong. However, she had no chance for words, for both her husband's
hands grabbed into her hair and jerked her face toward his genitals. She
had no choice but to allow her lips to be drawn to his glans, there to
be moved slowly from side to side as he rocked her head painfully back
and forth.

"Kiss it," he ordered, holding her head still at last, with the weeping
eye of his cock part way between her soft lips.

Whimpering at the pain in her scalp, her mind reeling at the unspeakable
indignity being forced on her by her own husband, Faith timidly pursed
her lips and smacked a weak kiss around the tip of his glans. "Again,"
she heard him bark. As her lips pursed for the second time, she felt his
cock slip through them and poke at her teeth. His musky-tasting glans
pressed harder and he held her hair in trembling hands. "Open your
mouth, Faith," his voice said, as if from afar.

It was no use fighting against it. He only pulled her hair all the more
and kept her lips over his glans. Finally she did as he wanted and
opened her teeth to let his organ slip into her mouth. His flavor was
strong on her sensitive tongue. She'd expected to feel revolted with a
mouthful of male organ. All her life she'd heard how perverted and dirty
it was to let a boy put his penis in your mouth. Maybe it is perverted,
she thought hazily, and maybe it's dirty too. But it's something
else--it's thrilling as all hell! The urge to resist further drained
from her body suddenly, leaving her weak and trembling with lust. She
stroked her palms up Boyd's legs and cupped his ass firmly, her hands
pulling him toward her, getting his cock deeper into her mouth. Deeper
and deeper, until her lips felt the coarse hair of his pubic mound and
the head of his rod hit into the soft membrane at the back of her

"That's it, baby ... suck it ... suck it good!"

Boyd's raspy encouragement whipped her lust to a higher peak. Her tongue
licked eagerly at the big, sensitive vein along the bottom of his shaft.
Her cheeks hollowed in harsh suction around his rod. Her fingernails dug
excitedly into the quivering cheeks of his buttocks and held him in
place as she pushed her head forward and strained for more. The fatty
tissue of his pubic mound gave a little under the pressure of her
wide-open teeth and swollen lips. The head of his cock jabbed into the
back of her throat and tried in vain to negotiate the downward bend and
fill her swallowing throat as well as her sucking mouth.

"Oh, baby ... God, baby ... Oh God!" Boyd's eyes were wide open, staring
down at the lustful expression on Faith's face. It was too erotic to
bear. His balls drew-up tight against his body in readiness for orgasm.
His glans twitched and began a rhythmical throbbing. It was too soon ...
too soon. Suddenly he backed away from her and jerked his
almost-out-of-control penis from her harshly sucking oral cavity.

A loud slurping noise filled the room as Faith unexpectedly lost her
mouthful of blood-engorged meat. She groaned in protest and licked at
her lips, her eyes coming open to stare hungrily at her husband's
spit-slick prick. "Give it back, Boyd! Let me suck it. I want to,
darling, I want to! Let me suck it all the way ... come in my mouth ...
Yes! Oh, do come in my mouth!"

But that was not what Boyd had in mind. To force his newly unfaithful
wife to take his dick in her mouth and suck on it was not meant to give
her pleasure. No. He'd only done it to humiliate her, to treat her like
the whore she'd proved herself that very night to be. It had surprised
him as much as Faith when suddenly it was no longer a game of put-down,
but turned instead to a lewd new pleasure for them both. "Pig!" he
shouted, as much in anger at himself for enjoying it as a verbal slap at
his violently sexed-up wife. He slapped her viciously across the face
and recoiled when her moan of pleasure rather than pain fell in his

His mind reeling in frustration, Boyd got up and stood beside the bed.
Faith moaned mournfully and held out her arms to him. Her legs opened
invitingly. Her pelvis heaved with urgent desire, raising her smooth
buttocks up off the mattress and moving in little hunching, circular

"Fuck me ... Please, darling, I need you ... I need you ..."

The hair surrounding her cunt was wet with sweat and sex juices,
plastered to her skin in tight little curls. Her outer lips were
standing wide open, blood engorged and swollen with raw lust. Her inner
lips also protruded outward, and were colored a fiery red in testimony
to her agitated state of sexual need. Resembling a small penis in full
erection, her clitoris had left the protection of its hood and stood out
boldly at the top of her elliptical opening.

The sight was even more frustrating to Boyd. He stood gawking down at
the wild woman his wife had become. His penis throbbed eagerly as his
eyes took in the condition of Faith's cock-hungry pussy. He had never
seen it in quite this condition. And there was something else he saw,
something that both thrilled and repelled him. The something else was
not a natural part of Faith's sexual excitement, nor any other female,
for that matter. It was white and sticky-looking. The inch of skin
between her cunt and asshole was covered with it. In her asshole itself
was a small pool of the white fluid that almost obscured the anus-brown

"Hurry, darling, hurry," Faith murmured. She clamped down the muscles of
her vagina as if caressing an imaginary penis within it. The motion sent
a blob of Dirk's deeply planted come rushing down her tunnel.

Unable to tear his gaze from her cunt, Boyd saw the mass of his wife's
adulterous lover's come slide obscenely out of her vagina. It stopped
just inside her crimson-red inner lips and jiggled there momentarily,
then oozed out and pooled in the widespread opening of her young pussy.
The sight drew him like a magnet. As if hypnotized, Boyd bent over his
wife and brought his face closer to her steaming slit. Her inner muscles
relaxed and the pool of Dirk's come was slurped back up inside her

With an alien groan ripping from his throat, Boyd put both his hands on
her lower abdomen and pressed down. The come again appeared at the end
of her vagina. He pressed harder, trying to see it come out the rest of
the way and lie in her open cunt-lips like it did before. It refused to
leave the warm comfort of her vagina.

Faith could feel her husband's hot breath as it bathed her vulva. One
hand now pressed at her stomach while the fingers of another probed
through her sensitive inner lips and played maddenly just inside the
tube of her vagina. "Boyd! Boyd? Boyd ... what are you doing, honey?"

An animal-like grunt was his only answer for perhaps twenty seconds or
more. Then her buttocks were hoisted up suddenly and Boyd was kneeling
between her legs, bringing his face up awfully close to her crotch and
pushing her thighs up and wider apart.

"Honey? Boyd?"

His voice was unrecognizable, a raspy exhalation of breath. "Squeeze
down again ... like you had a cock up you!"

Obediently she again caressed an imaginary penis and held the walls of
her vagina clamped tightly together. She felt Boyd tremble violently as
his fingers gripped harshly into the soft flesh of her elevated thighs.
She raised her head and looked down into his face. A gasp of
astonishment escaped her open mouth at the sight of his tortured facial
expression. His eyes were wide and glassy. His mouth hung open and
saliva drooled down his chin. His lips twitched spasmodically out of

"Honey ... No, Boyd ... NO!! OH, NOO!!!"

But it was too late, and if he heard her protestations, Boyd gave no
sign of heeding her pleas. With a pitiful little whimper he dropped his
face to her genitals and claimed her cunt with his mouth. Faith was
dumfounded by his action. Never had he given any inkling of a desire to
kiss her there ... never. Why now? She was in such a mess after Dirk had
finished with her.

"Oh God ... Let me up, Boyd. I'll go douche it out for you, honey. Then
you can suck me, but not now."

Still Boyd paid her no mind. His hands went under her ass and cupped her
tightly to his face. His lips tightened over her cunt in harsh suction
and his tongue shot up into her and licked ... licked and licked and
licked, until she thought she'd go out of her mind from the sheer
pleasure of it.

With a last burst of decency, she pushed his face away and looked down
pleadingly into his lust-gazed eyes. He gulped and smacked his puffy
lips. A trickle of Dirk's fluid lay in a ragged, white mustache on his
upper lip. She watched, more fascinated than horrified now, as he licked
it off and took it into his mouth.

Chapter 3

No one stirred in either the Leatherman or Dunston houses. Both couples
slept until the sun was high up in the sky. It was the usual Sunday
routine for Lucia and Dirk Leatherman. Both had dropped all pretenses of
a religious belief while in college, many years past. Lucia considered
herself an agnostic; Dirk never bothered to try and classify himself.

On most Sundays Boyd and Faith got up in time to attend both Sunday
school and church services. Not that they were devoutly religious. It
was merely the easiest way to get along, since the church they normally
attended was pastored by Faith's father. It was a small church, a
fundamentalist sect, and Faith's father shouted his sermons from the
pulpit in the best tradition of a vanishing style of hell-fire oratory
that sometimes made the hair on the back of Boyd's neck stand up in

That Sunday Boyd awoke slowly. He glanced sleepily over at the clock on
the bedside table. He groaned aloud. Sunday school was over and the
church service was more than ten minutes underway. There'd be hell to
pay at supper. Though Faith's mother was a wonderful cook, no one would
enjoy the meal. Her father would see to that, as he always did when they
failed to show up for Sunday morning worship. A private sermon was in
order, and though he'd heard it enough times to memorize it word for
word, it still left him feeling like the worst of sinners for not caring
sufficiently for Faith to look after her soul by making sure that she
was in a front pew when her father delivered his message of the week to
the small flock.

Reaching for a cigarette, Boyd wondered why they'd forgotten to set the
alarm. He had the cigarette in his mouth and lit before he was awake
enough to remember anything of last night's activities. His hand
trembling slightly, he shook out the match and sucked a deep pull of
smoke down into his lungs. The dead match fell into the ash tray with a
tiny tinkle. He exhaled with a sigh, turning to look at Faith.

A sleeping angel. That's what she reminded him of. Her appearance of
this morning was no different than on any other morning. The features of
her lovely face were calm and serene. A radiant innocence seemed to
emanate from her.

Could it have been a dream? Grotesque mental images of his pure wife
lost in lustful abandon with Dirk Leatherman flitting careeningly across
Boyd's mind. It had seemed so real, so painful. Had he only dreamt it?
But wait--what about the shameful way he and Faith had ripped at each
other after they got home?

Boyd ran one hand under himself and felt his back. He winced in pain at
the swollen welts left by Faith's long fingernails. The final climax of
their private orgy had brought out a purely animal part of his wife that
Boyd had never before suspected. She'd clawed viciously at his back and
yelled at the top of her lungs for him to come with her. After he had,
they'd rolled apart and fell immediately into a deep sleep.

Sometime during the night Faith had managed to pull the cover up over
her nude body. Boyd now eased it back gently. The sight of her full
breasts rising and falling in the rhythm of sleep brought a stifled
gasp. They were covered with bruises where his fingers had slapped so

No. It was not a dream. Faith was no longer the innocent young bride.
She was now an adulteress, having taken her lover right in front of her
own husband's eyes.

That was bad enough. The full knowledge of the situation made Boyd
cringe. Faith's whorelike action was unthinkable, almost unbelievable.
Recalling how his wife so passionately responded to Dirk made Boyd's
cheeks flush in anger.

But there was something else, something that was much worse, to Boyd's
way of thinking. He'd felt it last night, while he sat watching Dirk
insert his big cock into Faith. The sight had brought out two emotions
from the very depths of his being. The two emotions had fought with each
other, had held him seated and helpless as Dirk took his place between
Faith's opened legs.

The lewd mental picture of Dirk's big dick entering Faith's sweet pussy
passed now before his eyes. It called forth the same two emotions, and
once again he was trembling excitedly. Almost in one swift leap his
prick jerked up stiff and throbbing. Boyd took it in his hand and
squeezed. He closed his eyes.

Once again Faith writhed ecstatically under Dirk. Her whimpering moans
of fulfillment echoed inside Boyd's head. Hairy nuts jerked
spasmodically above a dancing female asshole. A young pussy completely
filled with huge, spurting cock could not contain the massive load of
sperm being shot forcefully into its depths. Sperm, white and slick,
oozed out around the tautly stretched cunt lips and trickled into a pool
in Faith's anus. Boyd groaned as he felt a wave of pleasure pass through
his loins. Gritting his teeth at the intense orgasm, he let the come
squirt from his tightly held organ and fall in warm, wet jets onto his
naked stomach.

Shamefacedly, Boyd rose and went into the bathroom for his shower.

Faith had not moved when he came out several minutes later. He stood
over her, looking down into her sleeping face as he tied the sash of his
robe. Wincing again at the bruises on her lovely breasts, Boyd pulled
the covers back up to her shoulders. After kissing her tenderly on the
forehead, Boyd went to get the paper from the yard.

In the kitchen he put on the coffee, then sat down to read the paper
while it perked. He intended to prepare breakfast and serve it to Faith
in bed. It was the least he could do after mistreating her so last
night. She was no more to blame for what had happened at the
Leathermans' than he was. He resolved never to throw it up to her. He
would not even mention it, he decided.

Faith awoke to find Boyd already out of bed. She looked at the clock and
found that it was nearly noon. They'd missed both Sunday school and
church. She groaned. Now she would experience the anger of two men, her
husband's for what had happened the previous night and her father's for
missing services.

Reluctant to get up and face the day ahead, Faith lay back in bed. She
was trying to figure out what kind of defense would be best when Boyd
confronted her, when she heard his footsteps coming toward the bedroom.
As yet unprepared for the attack she knew was coming, Faith closed her
eyes and feigned sleep. To her astonishment, the attack never came.
Instead, Boyd bent lovingly over her and kissed her lightly on the nose,
then tiptoed from the room without saying a word.

"Boyd?" Her puzzled voice stopped him in the bedroom doorway. She
studied his face. There was no anger or hatred in his expression. He was
smiling embarrassedly at her, like a small boy caught with his hand in
the cookie jar. "Why didn't you wake me up, honey?"

"Ah, I forgot to set the alarm. When I woke up it was already too late
for church."

If he's not going to mention it, I'm certainly not, Faith decided. She
forced a weak smile. "You must be starved. Want me to fix breakfast

"No!" he said hurriedly. "No. You just stay right there. I've got coffee
ready and bacon in the pan. I'll make breakfast and bring it in here to
you. Want some coffee now?"

Faith's eyes popped wide open. She couldn't believe her ears but dared
not ask him to repeat it. She nodded her head and mumbled that that
would be very nice, very thoughtful of him, then watched him smile
broadly and hurry off to the kitchen.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she lay back and pondered the craziness of
the situation. She could hear him out on the kitchen, opening and
closing the refrigerator, rattling a coffee cup.

A moment later he came walking carefully into the bedroom, a cup of
steaming coffee clattering softly on the saucer in his hand. Smiling
nervously, he approached the bed and cleared a place on the nightstand
to put the coffee. He straightened and stood beside the bed, pushing her
ruined dress under it with his foot.

"Thank you, darling," Faith murmured as she sat up and reached for the
coffee. She sipped at it, looking up into his eyes and trying to smile
as if nothing was wrong. But her smile was weak, unconvincing.

"Hope I didn't get too much cream in it for you," Boyd said.

"No." Faith returned quickly. "It's fine ... just the way I like it."
She took another sip, as if to prove that it pleased her. When she
looked back up, she saw Boyd staring at her breasts. She looked down at
them and saw the bruises for the first time. Automatically she gasped
and reached up to touch the livid splotches.

A pained expression swept over Boyd's face. He took the cup from her
hand and put it back on the nightstand, then knelt quickly beside the
bed and began kissing the ugly streaks on her breasts. "I'm sorry I hurt

Faith stroked her fingers through his hair, letting him go on with his
soothing kisses until he began to sob. The sound of her husband crying
confused her all the more. She took his head between her hands and
pushed him away. Tears formed in her own eyes as she searched his
pain-racked face. "It's all right, honey. I had it coming ... oh God,
Boyd! We've got to talk about it, honey. Last night ... it was all so
crazy and mixed up. I don't know what came over me ... or you. What
happened to us, Boyd? Why did we act that way?"

"I don't want to talk about it, Faith. It's in the past. Ignore it.
Forget the past."

"Oh, Boyd ... that won't help. We can't just ignore it. That won't make
it go away, darling. I'm ashamed of how I acted. Let's talk about it
honey. I need to. Maybe if we could talk it out and understand why we
did it. Maybe that would help us get over it."

"Just forget it, darling. I forgive you for what happened at the
Leathermans. Can you forgive me what happened after?"

"Oh yes, Boyd ... yes, darling. I forgive you," she moaned, hugging his
face once again to her sore breasts. "I forgive you. It isn't that. It's
myself. I feel so ashamed for what I did. So ashamed ... and I don't
even understand why. I don't love Dirk. You're the only man I love. I
don't understand what came over me. I can't forgive myself. I feel so
cheap ... so guilty. I betrayed you, Boyd."

Boyd drew away from her and held her shoulders. "Look, Faith," he said
softly. "It's best to just forget about it ... to go on living and act
like it never happened. I don't want to think about it any more ...

Though reluctant to drop the matter without some answer which would
partly assuage her guilty conscience, Faith nodded her head. "All right,
Boyd. If that's the way you want it. Shall I fix breakfast now?"

A certain smile of triumph and satisfaction always came over Boyd's face
when he watched a customer sign a new sizable insurance policy. He could
not explain his feelings at those times. It was a subconscious feeling,
a knowledge that things were going the way he wanted them to, that he
would benefit in the future as well as at the moment of the sale. He
smiled that same smile now, at Faith.

Partly drawing Faith to him and partly bending toward her, he kissed her
lips firmly but tenderly, as if sealing a bargain. "No, sweet baby. I'll
fix breakfast for you. I want to. Now you just relax and drink your
coffee. How many eggs do you want?"

"Just one," she said contentedly. "Over easy." Then she lay back and
watched Boyd leave for the kitchen again. She sipped at the coffee.

It was nice. Boyd was right to insist they forget about it. She felt an
extra warmth in her breast at the sound of cracking egg shells, an
almost overflowing of love for Boyd.

But something puzzled her, didn't seem to fit. Boyd's smile? It was such
a strange smile, such a knowing smile. He'd never smiled at her quite
like that before, yet she had seen it. That first night she met him.
He'd smiled exactly that way when her father signed the papers of the
insurance policy Boyd had come to sell him. Could that mean anything,
she wondered?

Reproaching herself for being so suspicious, for wanting to analyze
everything until it made sense, she took another swallow of coffee. The
coffee seemed to stick in her throat and form a lump. Some of the warm
liquid went down her windpipe, causing her to cough and sputter. That it
might be a bad omen flashed across her mind. She shook her head and
laughed. That's silly, she thought. But still it bothered her.

What had Lucia said about Boyd last night? She couldn't recall the older
woman's words. The words were not so important anyway. It was the way
Lucia'd said it. Faith had felt that Lucia was in reality telling her
much more than her few words had conveyed.

"Quit it, Faith!" she said aloud, to herself. "Cud chewing is for cows,
not people."

* * *

Monday morning. A beautiful day. The radio blared triumphantly in the
laundry room. Faith hummed happily along with the voice coming from the
radio. She pulled a load of freshly washed clothes from the washer. In
time to the beat of the music, she dropped the still steaming clothes
into a plastic basket. At last her probing hand found nothing. She
peered down into the washer and saw one of Boyd's socks sticking to the
side. Pulling it loose, she stepped over to the last load of dirty
clothes. She rolled the damp sock between her hands until it was a warm
ball, then pitched it basketball fashion on top of the clean clothes in
the basket.

"You're the one I've been looking for," she accused, bending over to
scoop up a double armload of the final pile of wash.

She dropped the last load into the washer, retrieved the three pieces
still on the floor, basketballed them into the washer also, and set the
dials on the machine. She added detergent and stood watching until the
machine seemed capable of finishing without her.

Hoisting and hipping the basket of wet clothes, Faith went out the back
door and across the yard to the already partly full clothesline at the
rear of their lot. Still singing gaily, she hung the clothes one piece
at a time to dry under the hot Alabama sun.

The world was a wonderful place to live. Faith felt it in every nerve of
her being. Boyd had been so considerate of her, so loving and tender.
Like a queen--that's how he'd made her feel. Breakfast in bed, then
taking her part when Dad gave her a bad time at supper. And last
night--wow! The way Boyd had made love to her so passionately, so long
and drawn out! On the couch in the den, ignoring his favorite TV
programs and bringing her to orgasm after orgasm before he would allow
himself any pleasure at all. Lazing about in love's afterglow, they had
never felt closer.

It was the same this morning. She'd made breakfast and it was eaten at
the table, but the closeness was still between them, the feeling of
oneness, of fusion one with the other. It was like their honeymoon all
over again, only better. The memory of Dirk and Saturday night was like
a long-ago nightmare, pushed so far back in her mind that it had a
feeling of unreality about it. It was as though it had never actually

Faith was hanging the last piece of wash when she felt eyes on her back.
She put the last clothespin in place before turning toward the woman
opening her gate. It was Lucia. A sense of apprehension flooded over
Faith. She didn't want to see Lucia, wouldn't know what to say to her
under the circumstances. For an uncomfortable moment she considered
fleeing out the back gate and running down the alley.

Then it was too late. Lucia called a friendly hello and waved as she
came toward her. Hesitantly Faith returned the smile. She picked up her
empty basket and went toward the house. They met midway in the back
yard. Embarrassedly, Faith invited Lucia in for coffee.

Not a word about Saturday night. Lucia rattled on and on about one thing
after another, never once mentioning the degrading scene that ended the
patio barbecue. It was disarming to Faith. Lucia acted so natural, so
friendly, as if nothing at all had happened.

When the coffee cups became empty, Lucia took them over to the pot and
refilled them, chatting all the while about the week-long mission that
Dirk and his flight crew had left on from the Air Force base that
morning. Lucia admitted that she envied Dirk and his career. It wasn't
that she minded him being away from home when he had to fly. Not at all.
She was jealous, she confided. Secretly she longed to be a pilot, a
colonel like Dirk. He got all the fun--going to so many different
places, ordering those men under him about, feeling the awesome power of
those monstrous jet engines and knowing that he controlled such a force
completely, had it right at his fingertips.

An intense expression came over Lucia's face as she talked about the
power of the big bomber that Dirk flew. She saw it as an extension of
her husband himself, and readily admitted that she would gladly change
places with him, if it were only possible.

The look in Lucia's eyes unnerved Faith. She awkwardly and abruptly
switched the conversation to another subject, a more feminine topic.
Occasionally she thought of bringing up Saturday night. She wanted to
talk about it, yet she didn't want to. Things were going so smoothly.
Lucia seemed not to remember it. Boyd had told her to forget it, and
gave every indication that he had forgotten it himself. Yet it troubled
Faith. Seeing Lucia had brought it back into her mind.

After awhile Lucia stood up and announced that she had to go out to the
commissary. She invited Faith along. After Lucia told her how much
cheaper groceries and cigarettes were at the base, Faith gladly
accepted. It was a chance to save money, and Faith prided herself on her
thrifty nature. Had she known that it was illegal for a civilian to shop
at a military commissary, she would not have gone. In her naiveness,
however, Faith quickly changed out of her housedress and wrote a quick
note for Boyd in case he should come home unexpectedly for lunch, then
tucked her purse under her arm and went with Lucia.

The air policeman at the base gate snapped to attention when he saw
Lucia's red Volkswagen coming at him. He motioned the car on through the
gate without stopping them, then brought his hand up in a salute as they
came nearer. As he recognized Lucia, he smiled broadly and winked, still
holding the salute. Smiling back at the tall, handsome airman, Lucia
threw him a kiss as the car swept past and into the base.

"They sure are friendly," commented Faith.

"They aren't all that friendly," Lucia chuckled. "That one's a doll,

"He is good-looking. Is he a friend of yours and Dirks?"

"Just mine. Dirk doesn't know him."


"No, no, baby. Not like that. He teaches karate to a group of us wives
one afternoon a week."

"Oh," Faith said again, relief telling in her voice this time.

Lucia drove slower now that they were on the base. Finally she pulled
into a parking lot and nosed the bug into a slot. "Come on," she said,
getting out of the car.

As soon as they were inside the building, Faith knew it couldn't be the
commissary. It was dark and music was playing on a jukebox. It was a
cocktail lounge!

"What's the matter, baby?"

"I shouldn't be here. Boyd wouldn't like it."

"You can have a soda if you'd rather, but I can't face the commissary
without a good belt," Lucia chuckled. "Come on, now. Quit your worrying
and let's sit down. All the girls stop here before fighting the mob."

Though Faith did notice several tables with two or three women smoking
and talking as they sipped at drinks, it looked as if Lucia somewhat
exaggerated the point by saying that all did. Feeling slightly wicked,
and as conspicuous as a sore thumb, she followed Lucia to a corner table
and took a seat that permitted her a view of the room.

The waiter came over and Lucia ordered a margarita. "What do you want,

"The same as you," Faith told her, surprised at her own words. She
didn't even know what a margarita was. Her answer just popped out as if
her tongue couldn't bother to wait until her mind decided.

The drink was good. A little salty but very tasty. Halfway down the
glass Faith watched Lucia fire up a smoke. She noticed a man sitting at
the bar, watching them. It made Faith uneasy. He was a Negro. She
mentioned it to Lucia and pointed him out.

To Faith's utter amazement Lucia smiled broadly and waved at the man,
then motioned for him to join their table. "Thanks for telling me,
honey. That's Buck. He's a pilot in Dirk's squadron."

The Negro officer brought his drink and came to the table. He was so
tall that Faith had to lean back her head to see his face as Lucia
introduced them. God, he's handsome, she thought, nigger or not. He wore
a thin, well-trimmed mustache and had the fullest, softest-looking lips
she'd ever seen. She watched the lips pull into a smile, baring the
whitest of white teeth.

"Hi," he said, extending his hand toward Faith.

No Please to meet you, Mrs. Dunston, or anything like that, just a
grinning "Hi". Without realizing what she was doing, Faith grinned back
and said, "Hi," putting her small white hand out and watching it
disappear as brown skin engulfed and pumped it a couple of times. Then
he was saying, "Glad to know you," and Faith had her hand back again.
She watched in fascination as the brown face leaned over Lucia and
kissed her a friendly peck on the mouth. There was a tingling in her
lips to match the one in her hand as Faith watched the man sit down
directly across the table from her.

"What the hell are you doing here, Buck?" asked Lucia. "Aren't you
supposed to be flying the mission with the rest of the boys?"

It was as if Lucia'd slapped him in the face. His brilliant smile
vanished instantly. A beaten, hangdog expression replaced it. "Didn't
Dirk tell you?"

Sensing that something was drastically wrong, Lucia put her hand
soothingly on top of his. "Tell me what, baby? Is anything wrong?"

"I've been permanently grounded," he said dumbly, as if he still could
not believe it himself.

"Oh no!" Lucia wailed. "That's terrible!"

"For me it is. A desk jockey at thirty-two. Shit! There ain't no
justice," he snapped. Then he looked at Faith apologetically. "Pardon my
French, please."

"It's all right, baby," Lucia soothed. "It's all right. Say it again if
you want to. I know how you loved flying."

He nodded.

"Can't you appeal it? I mean, are you sure it's permanent?"

He shook his head. "Flight surgeon's orders," he explained. "Reflexes
aren't fast enough any more."

Lucia got to her feet and held out her hand, singing down at the
saddened brown face. "Dance with me. That always livens you up, and
usually puts a smile on your face."

Buck forced a smile. He took her hand and got up, saying, "What about
your husband, lady? Won't he be jealous?"

Lucia winked at him and grinned, then put her arm around his waist and
they went to the jukebox.

They bugalooed the first dance. Watching Buck go through the motions
expertly and with such ease made Faith wonder how his reflexes could
possibly be any better than they were. He really knew how to dance! The
next song was slower, and Lucia glided in close to Buck. She put her
head on his shoulder and her arms about his body as if they were the
only two people in the place. She brought her mouth up to his ear and

Faith wondered what was said. Buck glanced over her way and whispered
back to Lucia, then they came walking hand in hand back to the table.

"Up, girl," Lucia ordered. "Do your patriotic duty and dance with the

Getting to her feet, Faith wondered if she ought to dance with him. She
wanted to. Boyd was such a terrible dancer, and she did love it so. Then
he was smiling, taking her hand and leading her away from the table. The
next thing she knew she was in his arms and they were moving about the
floor. There was something about Buck, something that made her Alabama
mind forget that he was black and she was white.

It felt so natural to be dancing with him. He was a good dancer, very
smooth. His hand caressed the small of her back, drawing her body closer
to his. Her breasts came in contact with his chest. Allowing them to
flatten against him, she put her head on his shoulder and watched the
brown skin of his neck and his ear. Both his hands were on her now,
below the small of her back, resting on the upper slopes of her

A wave of dizziness swept over Faith. The drink? She giggled and let
Buck pull her belly up tight against his. Then she felt it. There was
nothing wrong with his reflexes in the sex department! He was getting a
hard-on! She could feel it growing bigger and harder against her soft
stomach. She fought back a whimper. She wanted to pull away from contact
with him but could not force herself to do it!

Mercifully the music stopped and he stepped away from her, quickly
taking her hand and leading her back to the table. He thanked her, told
Lucia he had to go, picked up his hat, and left.

Chapter 4

A sense of foreboding clutched unrelentingly at Faith's guts. Her
fingers trembled as she picked up the hairbrush and stepped in front of
the full-length mirror in her and Boyd's bedroom. It showed in her face,
too. She should be happy, smiling. They were going to a party. Instead,
the face looking back at her from the mirror appeared tense and drawn.
She forced herself to smile and began brushing her hair.

The sound of spraying water stopped abruptly. Boyd stepped out of the
shower, still humming happily, and reached for a towel. Vigorously he
began drying the water from his body. Faith shook her head in wonder.
How could Boyd feel that way? She hadn't wanted to accept Lucia's
invitation herself, and had been sure that Boyd would flatly refuse to
go to their party. She'd put off mentioning it to him until this
morning, even though Lucia had first asked them to come after they got
back from the commissary on Monday.

At the time, she'd told her no. Lucia hadn't argued, and simply changed
the subject and went on talking. The next day she'd asked again. Again
the answer was a simple no. Lucia hadn't pressed it. The same thing
happened on Wednesday. Faith again politely refused on Thursday. This
time Lucia wanted to know why. Faith told her.

"Boyd won't come," she'd said unwillingly, sure that Lucia'd want to
discuss the sordid details that she herself would sooner leave unspoken.
But Lucia'd merely smiled knowingly as she got out a cigarette and lit
it. Then she exhaled thoughtfully and looked her right in the eye. "How
do you know until you ask him, Faith?"

It was up to Faith then. She could either explain her reasoning to
Lucia, that Boyd would never consent to a continued friendship with Dirk
after what had happened, or she could save herself the embarrassment of
such a personal conversation and tell Lucia that she would ask Boyd. She
agreed to ask Boyd if he wanted to attend the party.

Working up the courage to ask him was a difficult thing for Faith to do.
Her husband appeared to have forgotten the shameful fact of her
adultery. He was treating her better than he had since the honeymoon.
Bringing the painful memory back into his consciousness would probably
rock the boat quite violently.

Much content with things as they were, Faith avoided the question all
Thursday night. She fretted over it all day Friday, finally deciding to
mention it to Boyd very casually while they watched TV that night. Her
courage failed her. At breakfast on Saturday the invitation still
remained unknown to Boyd. It could wait no longer; the party was that

Faith drank her coffee and fidgeted until Boyd's cup was less than half
full. Not wanting to see Boyd's face when she told him of the
invitation, Faith took both cups over to the percolator. With her back
to him, she fought to keep her voice nonchalant and told him they were
invited to a party at the Leathermans'. The instant and angry no that
she expected never sounded.

In fact, there was an awkward pause of several seconds before Boyd
replied. When he did, it was to inquire if the party was to be another
foursome or if others would also be present.

Four couples in all would be there, Faith told him, her hand trembling
as she poured their cups full of coffee. No, she said in answer to his
next question, she had nothing else planned. She was halfway back to the
table when he gaily remarked that it sounded like a great idea and told
her to accept. Faith had damned near dropped both cups of coffee right
there on the floor.

Freshly showered and shaved, his hair combed and ready to get dressed,
Boyd came naked out of the bathroom. Faith was sitting on the side of
the bed, her dress hiked up and one bare foot perched on the edge of the
mattress. Four toenails boasted a still-wet coat of sexy pink polish.
She dipped the small brush back into the bottle to carry polish to the
nail of her big toe.

Boyd went over and took the brush from her fingers. "Let me finish that
for you," he offered, kneeling and beginning to paint on the polish
before she could object.

His fingers teased ticklingly at the sloping arch of her instep. "Don't,
Boyd, don't," she laughed. "Let me do it. You're going to mess it up."

Grinning up at her, he took a firmer hold of her foot and said, "I'll do
it right, honey."

And he did. Nimbly he applied a pink coating to her toenail, biting his
tongue in concentration all the while he guided the tiny brush. When the
nail was covered, he backed away and turned her foot to admire his
handiwork. "Good job, huh?"

After examining the results critically, she smiled back at him. "Yes,
Rembrandt. It's a good job. Now give me the brush and get dressed while
I do my other foot."

"I'll do it for you," he said seriously, putting her foot on the floor
and raising the other. He placed the sole of her foot on his bare thigh
and reached out to get more polish on the brush.

"But why? You've never offered to do my nails before."

"I dunno ... just felt like it tonight."

"But I feel so silly with you kneeling there and painting my toenails.
Don't you?"

"No. I don't see anything wrong with it," he returned, finishing the
nail of her little toe and dipping back into the bottle for a new supply
of polish. "Oh, I don't mean that anything is wrong with it. In fact, I
kind of like it."

A nervous little smile played at Boyd's mouth. "Make you feel good?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact ... it does. Makes me feel rich ... served.
Be careful now. Don't smear it."

"Yes ma'am."

The apprehension Faith had felt vanished. She felt in a teasing, playful
mood. It was nice! She lay back luxuriously on the bed and sighed. "Tell
you what, boy. Do a good job on my little piggies and I'll let you take
over the job permanently."

She lay still, smiling contentedly as her husband painted the rest of
her toenails. He took the bottle from her hand and capped it. Though her
eyes were closed, she knew by the sound when Boyd put the bottle on the
nightstand. She thought it rather strange when he picked up her foot.

Then she felt his lips--on the sole of her foot! It was a long kiss,
full of emotion! His lips were hot, passionate!!!

"Boyd? Honey! What are you doing?"

He had a sheepish look on his face when Faith sat up, which only puzzled
her all the more.

"There," he said, putting her foot down onto the floor. "All done."

He kept kneeling there, holding her foot and looking up at her
questioning face. It embarrassed her. "You'd better get dressed," she

"Yeah. Guess so," he mumbled, reluctantly turning loose of her foot.

He stood quickly and turned away from her to go over and get his shorts
from the dresser. But he hadn't turned quickly enough to hide from Faith
the cause of his sudden movement. Boyd had a hard-on--painting her
toenails had turned him on!!!

* * *

Neither Faith nor Boyd were prepared for the sight which greeted them as
the Leathermans' front door swung open. A lovely mulatto woman flashed
them a warm smile. The fact that a Negress opened the door for them was
in itself not unusual. Many of the more affluent citizens of Montgomery
had maids. But this girl was obviously not a domestic servant. Girls as
pretty as she could find far better jobs than the demeaning and
small-paying position of maid. Besides, the Leathermans had no maid.

And this girl, even if they had hired a part-time maid just for the
party, could not possibly be hired help. She was out of uniform--damned
far out of uniform! The honey-brown face broke into an even wider smile
at the Dunstons' mixed reactions. Both their mouths dropped open as they
fought a losing battle and let their gazes fall to take in the exotic
costume the Negress wore.

She was completely nude down to her small waist. Magnificent breasts
stared back at them boldly, then seemed to mock the shocked expressions
on their faces as the girl tried in vain to stifle a chuckle and could
not keep the feminine globes from jiggling. A flowered sarong was draped
about her full, womanly hips, with one side higher than the other. The
slope of the garment's top cut just below a delicately indented belly
button. Her mirth caused the dark navel to jerk slightly back and forth.
It seemed to be winking at them.

Sarong doesn't adequately describe the girl's flimsy covering. Mini
sarong would give a better picture. Its bottom hem came down almost
halfway to her knees but an inverted V was cut in the front, its point
stopping just barely below her pussy. Below the scanty costume two
shapely, tan legs tapered to the floor and turned into dainty bare feet
with bright red toenails.

"You must be the Dunstons," the girl finally managed to say. "Come in,
please. Lucia's busy and asked me to get the door in her place."

"We were invited to a party here tonight," Faith mumbled, as she and
Boyd moved around the scantily-clad girl and into the foyer.

"You're at the right house," the girl assured them. She closed the door
and snapped the lock. "I'm Tanya," she said, moving toward them

Somewhat awkwardly, Boyd introduced Faith and himself. He offered his
hand and smiled, then appeared suddenly nervous when Tanya moved against
him and kissed him instead of taking his hand.

"You're cute, Boyd," she said as she stepped back. "Cute Southern white
men have always been my greatest weakness."

Boyd's collar got awfully tight as he glanced over at Faith. Her scowl
bore into him, making him shift uneasily and clear his throat.

"Oh, don't misunderstand me, honey," Tanya said as she moved to Faith
and kissed her, too. "It's the way they talk. I could listen to that
drawl for days on end."

"Are you a party guest?" Faith asked. She felt like adding or one of the
hired help after the way Boyd responded to the dark girl. But she did

Faith bit her tongue. She hadn't told Boyd about dancing with the
handsome Negro. Lucky she hadn't let the catty remark slip out. From the
semi-sweet tone of Tanya's answer she felt sure that she knew about it,
and would probably be quite glad to let Boyd in on the secret. Faith
forced a convincing smile. "I'm happy to know you, Tanya." Tanya kissed
her again, this time letting her breasts brush intimately against
Faith's. "You are a doll. Just as pretty as Lucia said you were, and
just as sweet. Come on," she said, taking both Boyd and Faith by the
hand, "Let's join the party."

"It's down in the orgy r--in the rumpus room," she quickly corrected
herself. "Watch your step, now," she advised, leading the way down the
basement stairs.

"Maybe we ought to get ourselves home," Faith whispered.


"Did you hear what she almost said?"

"Probably just a joke. You know how people are."

Faith stopped in front of Boyd on the stairs. "I don't know about that,"
she whispered, turning her head back toward him. "I've had a funny
feeling about this party all along."

"Fer crissakes, Faith! Don't be such a silly little girl all your life!"

Boyd's snorted response infuriated Faith. She shook his hand off her arm
and clacked on down the stairs, not bothering to wait for him.

"Something wrong, baby?" Tanya stood waiting at the bottom of the
stairs, smiling as she watched Faith's hips undulate toward her.

"No. Of course not," Faith said, coming up beside the dark, half-naked
girl. "Let's go to the party."

Tanya led them across a bare concrete floor and opened a door in a
paneled wall. Blinking at the dim, eerie green lighting, Faith went
through the door without bothering to check that Boyd was following. She
stopped inside the door, letting her eyes adapt to the dimness. The door
closed behind her. The sound of the lock turning sent a stab of fear
into her heart.

The whole thing looked and sounded so weird! The soft music was like
nothing she'd ever heard before. Not music, not really. It was more like
jungle drums beating off in the distance, with hauntingly sensual little
bursts of melodies from a flute breaking in now and then. It was a nice
effect though. She closed her eyes and swayed to the beat.

A woman moaned softly, then murmured so low that her words couldn't be
made out. Faith opened her eyes and looked about the room. There was
Buck, dancing with a white woman she had never seen before. Buck was
wearing the same kind of little sarong that Tanya had on, and the girl
nestled in his muscled arms wore a harem outfit. Lucia stood behind the
bar making drinks. She could only see the top of her outfit, a leather
bra! The man helping her with the drinks was the other half of the harem
girl. He looked regal as a sultan, turban and all. And there, coming
toward her, was Dirk! His outfit was the weirdest of all--skintight
black leather pants and a tapered leather shirt to match!

The woman sighed, then harshly sucked in her breath. It was part of the
music! A man grunted. Old-fashioned bedsprings began to creak in time to
the music. The beat speeded up, and the sighs and grunts and the
creaking bedsprings grew more rapid. It was maddening!

Then Dirk was standing in front of her, smiling as he took her into his
arms and kissed her full on the lips. His tongue teased between her
lips, darting back and forth in time to the frenzied sounds of the
exotic music. The raspy bedsprings, the drums, the man grunting and the
woman moaning orgasmically, the feel of leather under her clutching
hands, Dirk's tongue entering her mouth and darting about, his hands
cupping her buttocks--too much! Too much!!!

The sound of male and female in the final throes of heated lovemaking
bombarded Faith's ears. It caught her up and carried her along. She
closed her eyes and clung weakly to Dirk, returning his soul kiss and
moaning with the girl on the record. She stood there trembling against
him as the record ended.

Then he pulled away and held her out at arms length, smiling with
satisfaction. "Welcome to the party, baby. How about a drink?"

Boyd! Oh no! Not again!! But she needn't have worried. Her husband was
not behind her when she turned around. He was over near the bar, with
Tanya. He had already shed his coat. They were sitting on a couch,
looking into each other's eyes as Tanya removed his necktie.

"I think I need one ... badly," she said.

"The fun is just beginning," Dirk said laughingly, then took her hand
and led her toward the bar.

"Glad you could make it, baby," Lucia told her, coming out from behind
the bar and kissing her on the mouth. "Here, they're all alike. Have
one," she said, and pressed a cold glass into Faith's hand.

Nodding thanks, Faith sipped it gratefully. It was a margarita, the same
as she'd had at the base on Monday. It was so cool and soothing that she
turned it up and drank half of it down before she lowered the glass
again. She looked down to see what else Lucia had on. A leather
miniskirt! And lace-up leather boots that came over the calves. The
spike heels of the boots must be at least four inches, she decided.
Lucia unnerved her tonight. It wasn't only the outfit she wore.
Something about her personality was different too--manlike, dominant.
Faith got the same uneasy feeling she had when Lucia'd talked about all
the power that Dirk controlled when he flew the big bomber.

Lucia grinned as she noticed Faith eyeing her leather garb. "Do you like

"Well ... it's a little far out for me. But it doesn't look bad on you.
I don't know ... leather."

"I love the feel of it on my bare skin," Lucia admitted. "I don't have
anything underneath ... see?" She flipped up the tight leather skirt and
held it.


"What's the matter, baby? Cunt scare you?"

Amazed at herself, Faith stared down at Lucia's crotch and let her take
her hand and put it on her pubic mound. The crisp hair sent an
electriclike shock out through her body. Faith gaped and jerked her hand
away. "Lucia! For heaven's sake!"

"Sorry, baby. I didn't mean to shock you, but it won't bite, you know."
Lucia smiled and put her skirt down. "Come on. Let me introduce you

The sultan was named Harold. He was very polite. Almost shy. They shook
hands and mumbled the proper amenities. Then Lucia took her over to
where Buck and the harem girl were still dancing.

Buck smiled intimately at her and squeezed her hand. "Save me a dance,"
he said.

The harem girl was in fact Harold's wife. Her name was Bess. A nod and a
glad to know you was all Faith got from her. Bess had a yearning look in
her eye. "Where's Sam?" she asked Lucia.

"Don't worry, honey. You'll get Sam," Lucia promised.

"But where is he? I haven't seen him around," Bess whined.

"When the time is right!" Lucia snapped. "Now shut up about it. Dirk
will go for Sam when I'm good and ready, and not before. Now don't bug
me about it any more!"

"Sure, Lucia, sure," Bess hastened to agree, her face mirroring fear as
she shrank away. She went to the bar for a drink.

"Who's Sam?" Faith wanted to know.

Buck laughed. "You'll see. Lucia likes to spring Sam as a surprise
guest. He really livens up a dying party, doesn't he, Lash?"

Lucia's eyes twinkled. "Bess goes for that type of entertainment. She's
the one that livens it up more than Sam."

Sam? Lash? What type of entertainment? What was going on? Faith had to
ask. "What kind of party is this, Lucia?"

"All for fun, baby. All for fun."

"You could have at least told me it was going to be a costume party.
Everyone's in costume except Boyd and me."

"I don't think your husband's noticed that yet, Faith," Buck commented
as he glanced across the room.

Sure enough, Boyd hadn't noticed. Faith followed Buck's approving stare
and saw Boyd and Tanya still sitting on the couch. They were embracing
passionately, their open mouths glued together and their hands eagerly
fondling genitals that were exposed for all to see. Her cheeks flushing
with embarrassment, Faith jerked her head back around.

"Faith's noticed, though," Lucia said. "She should have a costume. Don't
you think she'd feel more at home if she had an appropriate costume for
the party, Buck?"

"Of course she would, Lucia. Why don't you loan her your red outfit?"

"Oh no, Buck. Those leather riding britches would look tacky on Faith.
She's much too feminine for that kind of get-up."

"No," Faith protested weakly. "I don't really need a costume."

A male voice came from behind her. "Only way to feel at home is to have
a costume that fits the mood."

Faith swung around to see Dirk leering at her. "All right. Let me run
home and see ... I think I have one packed away." She had no intention
of coming back, at least not tonight. Once out the door the party would
be over, as far as she was concerned. She was beginning to realize what
the so-called party would turn into, and she wanted no part of it.

Dirk shook his head. "Huh-uh. Too late."

Panic welled up and made it hard for Faith to breathe. She looked to
Buck, searching for an ally. But he only shrugged his broad shoulders
and grinned. She wheeled around to face Lucia. "What does he mean,
Lucia? How can it be too late when I only live right across the street?"

"This is a special kind of party, little one. Once all the guests have
arrived, no one leaves until the rest are ready to break it up." "Then
... you're not going to let me go? Do you think you can keep me here
against my will? No! I won't have it! I'm not going to stay for your
party. I'm walking out. Boyd can do whatever he pleases, but I'm saying
good night!"

With that, Faith whirled and ran over to the door. Frantically she
searched it for a knob. There was none on the inside, only a place for a
key, and the door swung into the room. The key. It was the only way to
get out of the room. Tanya had it. Anyway, she was the one who let them
in and locked the door. She hurried over to the sofa.

Boyd didn't see her approach. He was bent over sucking on one of Tanya's
brown tits. Her legs were spread apart, and Boyd had two fingers working
energetically in and out of her slippery, dark cunt. How could he? How
could he fall in so quickly and eagerly with this type of people?

But Boyd was not at the moment her main concern. The key. That's what
she wanted, in order to escape this insane party. Faith bent over Tanya
and called her name.

Brown eyelids came open lazily, revealing glassy and widely dilated
brown eyes. Tanya focused with difficulty, smiling when she recognized
Faith. She licked her lips. "Come on in, baby. The water's fine and I've
got enough lovin' for you too. Kiss me," she sultrily invited, pursing
her lips and closing her eyes again.

"The key!" Faith demanded. "Give me the key!"

"You wanna leave?" Tanya sounded as if she were astounded. Tanya burst
into a fit of laughter. Boyd raised his head and frowned, then went back
to sucking the pouting nipple as if he hadn't even seen her.

"What the hell's so funny about that?"

"Relax, baby, relax. Let your hair down and enjoy it. He is," Tanya
said, nodding to Boyd's nuzzling head. "Force yourself if you have to at
first. You'll come to like it. I did. Might as well. Lucia hides the one
key. My first party I looked for it for over an hour. Didn't find it.
You won't either. Join it!"

Chapter 5

Stamping angrily over to the bar, Faith picked up another drink. She
sipped gingerly at it, her eyes all the while searching for a possible
hiding place for the key. It was no use. The key could be anywhere.
There were thousands of places about the room where such a small article
could be hidden. The anger within her rushed out suddenly, a sense of
helplessness replacing it. How could Boyd do this to her? She felt like

But no. No, by God! She'd show Boyd. Two could play the same game. She'd
pretend to go along with the mood of the party. Maybe if she made a
spectacle of herself he would come to his senses and do something to get
them both out of there before it turned into an all-out-orgy.

How to do it? It had to be something that Boyd wouldn't like her to do,
something really far out that would shame him. He hadn't liked the nude
swimming, not at all. That was it! She'd put on a show--a strip tease.
Boyd wouldn't like her doing that in front of the other men, especially
he wouldn't want her taking off her clothes in front of Buck. Yes. She'd
play up to the Negro. Boyd certainly wouldn't be able to sit there
calmly and watch her run her white hands all over that brown skin. That
would bring him to his senses in a hurry!

"Hey!" she yelled. "Everybody look this way. Look at me!" She watched
the seven faces turn one by one toward her. She shivered. All those
eyes! Boyd looked puzzled. The other six merely smiled, waiting amusedly
to see what was coming.

"This party's gettin' boring," she announced, looking directly at Lucia.
"You're the hostess. Can't you liven it up so we can all have a good

Lucia and Dirk glanced at each other. Both shrugged. "What'd you have in
mind, baby?" asked Lucia.


Lucia laughed. "You'll get all the 'entertainment' you want before it's

"I feel like doing a little entertaining myself," she said, putting down
her drink and going over to where Lucia, Dirk, and Buck still stood. She
stopped in front of them and put her hands on her hips, standing with
her feet apart.

"What'd you have in mind, eager beaver," Dirk asked with a grin.

"Him," she shot back, stepping up to Buck. She undid the catch of his
sarong and whisked it off, pitching it away and leaving him stark naked.
Looking up into his eyes, Faith put her hands on his chest and began
stroking down his body in a circular motion. As she went lower, her eyes
followed the movement of her hands. When she got to his hips and lower
abdomen, she stopped short. The size of his organ, which was slowly
rearing up it's purplish brown, circumcised head, made her gasp aloud.
It was the third dick she had ever seen, and by far the biggest! Buck
was as much bigger than Dirk as Dirk was bigger than Boyd! The rising
column of black penis sent a shiver shooting through Faith. The thought
of even trying to accommodate such a monster struck fear in her.

No. She mustn't show it. Act calm. That was the thing to do. It couldn't
possibly go that far. Boyd wouldn't let it. He would never stand still
for a nigger doing it to her--never! But she had to tease Boyd and make
him think she might like it to happen. Then he'd make Lucia and Dirk
come up with the key and they'd go home.

She put her palms on Buck's chest and pushed him back a step. Grinning
up at his face, she said, "Later for you, daddy. Right now I want to
dance, and get out of these street clothes at the same time. Lucia, you
got a record to strip by?"

Lucia had a puzzled frown on her face. She made fists and put them on
her hips. "Well, I'll be damned!"

"Be anything you want," Faith retorted.

"Innocent little Faith wants to strip for us. I just don't believe it,"
Lucia remarked.

"If you've got a suitable record, put it on. Then you'll damn well
believe it," Faith came back quickly. She tried to sound flippant,
hoping that Boyd would get the idea she really meant to take off all her
clothes in front of these people. She didn't want to. She didn't think
she'd have to, Boyd would surely stop her before she was completely

Boyd sat beside a grinning Tanya, his scowl warning Faith not to do it.
She smiled and winked at her husband, then put her hands behind her head
and hunched her pelvis his way. It almost worked. Boyd started to say
something to her. But he failed to follow through. Instead, he dropped
his gaze from her face, embarrassed by the laughter which Faith's little
hunch evoked from the others.

Lucia's voice ordered rather than requested. "Bess. Put an appropriate
record on for our would-be stripper. You know the one," Lucia added,
sure that Bess recalled her first party, the one at which she'd forced
the young woman to strip against her will.

Boyd sat stunned, watching as Bess broke into a little giggle and
hurried over to the record player. What had come over Faith to make her
act this way? For that matter, what had come over him, he wondered.
True, he had been secretly hoping that Dirk would somehow manage to
screw Faith Again. But this party! It was going to turn into an all out
orgy for sure! He hadn't expected this, not with strangers. With only
Dirk and Lucia was he willing to let things take their course, not with
these other people. And that big nigger. Why, Faith was teasing him!!
Leading him on!

There she stood now, letting Buck hug her from the back and cup her
tits. Why, she was smiling right at him, her own husband, and rotating
her butt against that big black cock! It was more than Boyd could
endure. "Faith! Stop it!"

She only smiled the more, "Why darling? We came to a party. Aren't you
supposed to have fun at a party?" She stepped to the side, her eyes
leading Boyd's to the massive black organ boldly standing out from
Buck's groin. Her fingers trembling slightly, Faith reached out and took
it in her hand. It was thick and hot to her touch! So sturdy was Buck's
rod that she discovered to her horror the impossibility of encircling it
completely with her grasping fingers. "You found your fun, Boyd. Now
look at what's going to give me mine," she said, her voice quavering
with a mixture of fear and the beginnings of desire.

"I'll be damned if it is!" Boyd shouted, jumping threateningly to his
feet. He looked so silly, thought Faith. There he is, mad as hell at the
idea of me with Buck, and his stupid dick is hard and poking out of his
open fly. It was what she had wanted, yet somehow it seemed so
ridiculous. He just stood there, glowering at her with his thing pointed
her way. She laughed. She couldn't help it.

"We're going home," Boyd growled, stamping across the room toward her.
"Right now!"

But Lucia hurried out to meet him in the center of the room. "Cool it,
Boyd. Be a good boy and go sit back down with Tanya."

"Piss on you," Boyd snapped, reaching out his arm to sweep Lucia out of
his way.

It all happened so fast. Lucia's hands shot up and grabbed his arm. With
lightning speed she moved and drew him with her. Her foot came between
his legs. A split second later a sharp pain numbed his arm. He was
falling suddenly. The next thing he knew he was on the floor. A pain in
his neck was added to the one in his tautly bent-back arm.

Pussy greeted his eyes as he looked up. Lucia was standing over him, one
foot on the floor and the other pressing into his throat. Those heels!
God, how that spike heel dug into his soft flesh! With his free hand
Boyd clutched at the lace-up boot. He grasped her ankle and tried to
push the painful foot away. It was no use. The boot only bit into his
throat more painfully than before. Groaning aloud, he looked up to plead
for mercy. Lucia's expression filled him with sudden terror. She was
demented, her face a mask of sadistic evil!

"That's it, baby! Fight me! Fight me!"

"Aargh! Uung!" The pain was unbearable. Boyd released her ankle and
opened his mouth to speak, to beg her to quit hurting him so. Only a
gurgle came from his mouth. Her foot prevented the formation of words.

"You're helpless, Boyd. Do you hear me? Helpless!"

Boyd tried to speak. He could not. He closed his eyes and moaned. Her
face! It was so evil, so distorted! He couldn't stand to look at it.

"Slap the floor once if you understand me, Boyd." She waited until he
weakly hit the floor one time with his free hand. "Good. Now hear me
well. I'm taking you over. You're nothing but a puny runt. All you're
fit to be is a slave. I'm making you my slave. Do you understand?"

Again Boyd forced himself to open his eyes. He gawked up incredulously
at Lucia's face. She had to be kidding. This couldn't be for real.
"Noo-oo," he said, struggling against the pressure of her foot to get
the simple syllable out. Then he winced in agony, croaking pitifully as
she bore down brutally on his throat.

Faith ran toward them, screaming, "Lucia! For God's sake, stop it!
You're hurting him! Stop it, Lucia! Stop it!!!"

But she got nowhere. Dirk grabbed her from behind and dragged her back
before she took three steps. He twisted one arm up behind her back till
she was whimpering in pain.

"Faith? Listen to me, sweetie. I don't want to have to hurt you," he
said, trying to calm her.

"Turn me loose," Faith whimpered. "Get Lucia off Boyd. She's killing
him! Killing him ..."

"No, Faith, she's not killing him," Dirk assured. "Hurting him, yes, but
not permanently."

"Make her stop, Dirk ... make her stop. Please!"

"No. She needs this. I won't make her stop."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe Lucia needs it, but what
about Boyd? He's in agony! Who needs that?"

"Shut up, Faith," hissed Lucia. "Just shut up ... or you'll get some of
the same!"

"No! Turn me loose!" Faith yelled, trying to wrench free of Dirk's hold.

"Okay, baby, if you won't listen to reason," Dirk grunted, managing to
retain the struggling Faith.

One leather-covered arm came about Faith's waist and locked viselike,
squeezing the breath out of her. Fingers clutched at the bodice of her
dress and ripped off the buttons. Then Dirk's hand was on her bare skin,
his fingers tearing away her bra. A breast was cupped, examined by
groping fingertips. The fingertips found their mark, the tender brown
aureole and buttonlike nipple at its end.

Knowing what was coming, Faith gritted her teeth. The fingers moved to
better advantage, rolling and pulling her nipple out in order to get a
firmer hold. Then it began, slowly at first. Little by little Dirk's
fingertips, clamped down on her sensitive sex flesh. It was almost
pleasant at the start, like a light caress that grew steadily heavier
and heavier. Then, when the pressure increased to a certain point, the
caress turned into a minor source of irritation. From that it grew into
a faint pain, felt as pain but not really anything to become alarmed

Faith had almost decided that Dirk was merely using the threat of ill
treatment to keep her from trying to rescue Boyd, when he whispered in
her ear, "Brace yourself, sweetie. It may get a little rough from here
on. If you feel like screaming, let it out. No one but us revelers will
hear you, though, and it only incites us on to bigger and better things.
Anyway, the room is soundproofed. So suit yourself."

Then it began. The pain increased just as slowly as it had up to that
point. But with one difference--it had now passed the threshold of
tolerability. It could no longer be ignored. Some acknowledgment of its
presence had to be made. Faith's upper lip began to tremble. She sucked
in her breath and tried to wiggle loose. But Dick was too strong, and he
had her arms pinned to her sides so that she couldn't use her hands to
try and pull his pinching fingers from her breast.

Lucia had stopped her mistreatment of Boyd and was looking on with
interest, her foot still holding him to the floor helplessly as Dirk
worked on Faith. The sight caused her nostrils to flare as she excitedly
licked at her parted lips. "God, baby," she said to Dirk. "The way you
bring it on so slowly is pure torture for me. You know that, don't you,
you lovely bastard?"

"You're always so eager, Lucia my pet. It's downright crude the way you
hurt your sex objects so quickly. You're the worst kind of sadist, my
sweet. You give your victims no chance to respond, no time to come to
enjoy the pain you inflict upon them."

"I'll improve, Dirk. I promise. Boyd gave me no choice. I had to take
him out of action."

"All right, sweetheart. I agree to that. Forget it now, and watch
closely. Look at Faith's face. See how she's licking her lips and
squinting her eyes? She doesn't want to let on that I'm hurting her. And
I'm not, not really. It started as a lover's tender caress, an enjoyable
thing to all. Pleasure. That was the first thing she felt. That's an
important conditioning factor, Lucia."

"If you want a willing subject, you simply have to give them pleasure at
the very first. Then increase the pleasure bit by bit. Look at her now.
See how her mouth hangs open? Hear the urgency of her labored breathing?
I'm pinching her tit quite harshly now but she still perceives it as
pleasure. Had I started at this level of intensity she would've
immediately experienced sharp pain. It would have been unbearable.
Probably she would have screamed in protest."

Strange, thought Faith, how Dirk's voice seemed to come from off at a
distance. He hadn't moved. He was still behind her, still holding her to
him. His voice was soft in her ear, talking only to her now, "Faith?
Close your eyes, Faith."

She felt so helpless, so small and weak. Already she had ceased to
struggle, had accepted the fact that Dirk would do with her as he
pleased. "Yes," she whispered, nodding agreement as her eyelids came
down slowly and shut out the pitiful sight of her husband lying beneath
Lucia's boot. Struggling hadn't helped Boyd. Lucia, a woman only little
larger than herself, had reduced him to a state of degradation. How
could she hope to prevent Dirk from having his way? Did she even want to
stop him, she wondered dimly. This thing he was doing to her. It hurt
... yet it didn't hurt. There was more pleasure than pain in it.

Dirk began talking to her now, very softly, very comfortingly. He was
careful not to increase the pressure on her nipple, merely kept it
constant. The monotone of his voice helped her to relax as the nerves in
her sensitive brown nipple adapted. Bit by bit the pain ebbed until
Faith hazily wondered if his fingers still held her nipple captive. She
moved her chest a fraction of an inch to the left in order to determine
for sure if her nipple was still being pinched. It was. The tiny spear
of pain told her beyond a doubt. She sighed.


It was Dirk's voice. "Yes?"

"How do you feel, baby?"

"So strange," she murmured. "So calm ... so contented ... so accepting."

"Am I hurting you?"

"No ... not now."

"I'm going to hurt you some more. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, I know. I want you to. If you'll do it slowly like you have till
now, I won't resist you." "Do you like what I've done to you so far?"

"Oh yesss ... I do!"

"Good. I thought you would. There's one thing we have to settle before
we go on, though."

"What is it, darling?

"About your husband. He belongs to Lucia just as you now belong to me.
You will both enjoy the party much more if you accept that fact. Will
you put yourself completely in my hands, Faith?"

"Yes. I put myself completely in your hands. I will do as you wish,"
Faith whispered. She had no choice and knew it. But she did not want to
resist, not now. Her intuition told her that anything Dirk did to her
would somehow turn into pleasure for both of them. "I belong to you ...
Boyd belongs to Lucia. But..."

"She will not cause him any permanent physical damage. Is that what
you're worried about?"

"Yes. I couldn't stand for that to happen. I love him."

"Then relax. Lucia knows intuitively about men. She assures me that Boyd
will soon voluntarily submit himself to her will, just as you have
submitted to me. Can we continue now?"

"Please," Faith said, then gasped out loud as he suddenly released the
pressure on her nipple. A million tiny, tingling arrows shot into her
breast. It was the reverse of pain, the return to a normal state. I
don't like that," she moaned.

"Open your eyes, Faith. I want you to take off all your clothes," Dirk
said, removing his arms from around her body and stepping away.

Reluctantly she opened her eyes and began undoing the remaining buttons
down the front of her dress. She saw Boyd, still lying on the floor.
Tanya and Bess were removing his clothes as Lucia stood over all three
of them with a whip held threateningly in her hand. Evidently Boyd had
accepted his fate, for he made no effort to prevent what was going on.

"Lucia was right about your husband, wasn't she?" asked Dirk as he came
up beside Faith.

"He has a hard-on. She must have been right," Faith agreed, stepping out
of her dress and draping it across Dirk's proffered arm.

Chapter 6

She stood with her legs apart, one hand made into a fist and resting on
her hip, the other rocking a coiled whip back and forth through the air.
The hard sole and spike heel of her boot had left a steady pain in
Boyd's throat. Every beat of his heart seemed to throb there, reminding
him that she would stop at nothing to master him. It was utterly
humiliating to lie at her feet and allow the two women to strip off his
clothes as Lucia had ordered them to do. Yet he dared not protest.

Fear of what might come flooded his mind. Common sense told him that
Lucia was demented, that she meant him no good. He wanted out of this
place and away from her. But how? How? Did he dare try to get to his
feet again?

No. Once was enough! He'd already attempted to get up, when Lucia had
taken her foot from his throat. What a mistake that had been! His scalp
still ached from the vicious way she'd grabbed a handful of hair and
jerked him roughly to his back again. Then the boot ... right back onto
his gasping throat! Lucia'd threatened to kill him then, had squatted
down close and hissed it into his face. Slave, she'd called him, slave!
Then she'd spat in his face and dared him to try and get up again before
she told him it was permissible to do so.

Something inside Boyd had wilted when Lucia's sputum hit and spattered
over his face. All hope of complete escape died at that very moment.
Lucia'd watched his expression change, grinning satanically above him
and laughing deep within her throat. She'd known then. They both had.
She was Mistress, he slave. He was going to so do as she ordered, one
way or another. She was the stronger willed, the dominant one, the
Supreme Female. His prick growing hard at the thought, he wondered if
Lucia might let him lick her boots. He'd opened his mouth to ask and got
a slap across the face before the first word formed.

One shoe came off as Bess pulled, then the other. His socks followed.
Her eager hands gripped the cuffs of his trousers and tugged them down,
dragging his shorts half off before the pants slid on down his legs and
over his feet. Spraddle-legged, Bess walked on her knees back up to his
midsection. Her fingernails dug sharply into his skin as she hooked
trembling fingers over the waistband of his shorts. She jerked at first
one side and then the other, working them down over his hips and

His stiff dick flipped free and slapped against his lower abdomen. Oh
God! If only Faith weren't here! She shouldn't see this, he thought.
What would she think of him? How could he face her after this.

Raising only his head, he saw her across the room and gasped. She was
taking her own clothes off. From the looks of it, she was not being
forced to, but stripping of her own free will! Her dress was already
off. Dirk had it draped over his arm. He was smiling at her as she
worked her slip up over her hips and breasts. It went over her head,
leaving her in only a tattered bra, panties, hose, and high-heeled
shoes. She hung the slip over Dirk's arm with the dress, then turned for
him to unsnap her bra!

Gone now were his shorts. Tanya was sitting on his thighs, pulling his
arms and urging him to sit up. He looked up at Lucia, his eyes silently
asking if he should. Lucia nodded. He let Tanya pull him into a sitting
position and push his shirt back and down his arms. Her deft fingers
found the bottom of his T-shirt and slipped it over his head as he
raised his arms to help.

There he sat, naked, watching his wife wiggle out of her panties with
Dirk waiting to take them from her. Even under these circumstances Faith
looked like an angel. The hair at the edge of her pussy looked damp.
Boyd knew his wife was aroused. It excited him to see that she was. He
felt an urge to go over to her, to kneel between her legs and lick her

A hiss sounded behind him, a crack. Leather thongs bit into his bare
back. Yelping at the unexpected blow, Boyd winced in pain and jumped up.
He got as far as his knees when the whip cut into his flesh the second
time. The blow was harder than the first, sending him off to the side
and falling back to the floor. He rolled onto his back, staring up as
Lucia loomed above with the whip poised once more. An insane look on her
face, she brought it down expertly across his stomach. He screamed in
agony, writhing as Lucia drew the snakelike leather rope slowly across
his skin.

She teased him with it now, stroking the flexible whip back and forth
across his stomach. Boyd glanced down and saw the red welt her blow had
caused. His hand caught at the torture instrument in an effort to wrest
it from her. Both his hands claimed it, pulling it from her as she
struggled to hang on.

He seemed to be winning. Lucia was weaker than he was, after all. Using
all his strength, Boyd pulled the whip hand over hand, dragging a
furious Lucia ever closer to him. He had all the flexible part of the
whip now in his possession. The stiff handle was only about eighteen
inches long. Lucia clung tenaciously to her end, digging the spike heels
of her boots into the carpeted floor and throwing the muscles of her
legs into the struggle.

"Stop it, Boyd! You'd better quit fighting me if you know what's good
for you!" Lucia barked.

Her hands were sliding up the shaft inch by inch. Finally Boyd had it
all but the small portion her hands covered. The very end of the whip
handle was made in the shape of a phallus. To that Lucia clung, the
bulbous leather glans alone showing on her side of her hands.

A gleam coming to her eyes, Lucia braced herself as if she intended to
exert all her power in one final effort to reclaim the whip from Boyd.
Using leg, back, and arm muscles, she wiped the smile from Boyd's face
by gaining back several inches of the handle. When he countered with all
his might, Lucia merely let go of the handle and laughed out loud as
Boyd hit himself in the mouth with the cock head.

While he was still seeing stars, she acted. The toe of her boot caught
him directly in the butt. He wailed out and rolled onto his back. That's
what she had been waiting for. Lucia let out a squeal of joy as she
jumped in the air and landed with both feet planted firmly on Boyd's

"No, Lucia ... noo," Boyd pleaded.

But it did him no good. Her face glowing evilly, Lucia jumped up and
down on Boyd's body. Her spike heels dug into his flesh brutally,
leaving red splotches to mark where she'd walked upon him in utter
domination. "Slave! Slave! Slave!" she chanted.

"Yes... yes, you win, Lucia. Aargh! Stop ... please stop!"

Coming to a stop at the top of his chest, Lucia spat down into Boyd's
face. "Pig! When you wish to address me, you'll call me Mistress!"

"Yes, Lucia ... I mean, Mistress Lucia."

"That's better, dog. Now ... what are you whining about?"

"I can't take it any more ... Mistress. Please stop, Please."

"Is the filthy swine begging for mercy? Well are you?"

"Yes, Mistress ... mercy. Dear God, have mercy!"

Quickly she squatted and slapped his face several times. "I am your God!
If there is any mercy, I alone will give it. Do not call any name other
than mine ... understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Lucia ... Yes."

"Lie still now. I have decided to favor you," Lucia said to Boyd, then
turned and called for a washcloth.

In the back of the room was a partitioned cubicle enclosing a shower
stall, a commode, and a wash basin. Bess, herself excited over the way
Lucia had mastered Boyd so quickly, hurried into the bathroom and
dampened a washcloth. She half ran across the room in her eagerness to
please Lucia. "Here, Mistress. Here is the cloth," she breathed.

Smiling sweetly at Bess, Lucia said, "Well? Don't just stand there, you
stupid little bitch! Wash his face!"

Licking her lips, Bess dropped to her knees and began rubbing the wet
cloth over Boyd's face. "Are you going to do him the highest honor,
Mistress? May I get my face up close and see it if you do?" she asked

Lucia reached out and pinched harshly at Bess' cheek, wringing her flesh
until Bess began to whimper. "How many times must I tell you, bitch?
When I want any suggestions from you, I'll ask for them." Lucia gave her
cheek a final twist before she let go.

"I was just asking ... that's all, Mistress," Bess whined.

"I haven't decided yet! If I do, then you can watch up close. Haven't
you finished cleaning his face?"

"All done," Bess beamed, running the damp cloth up Boyd's face as she
scooted backward out of Lucia's way. "Shall Tanya and I assist you?"

"Yes, and Harold, too. You all know what I expect of you."

Tanya and Bess each took one of Boyd's arms and stretched it out to the
side. Then they squatted with one foot on his wrists and one on the back
of his palm-down hands. Harold waddled over and plopped his fat butt
down on Boyd's thighs. He sat just above the knees, one leg on either
side of Boyd's and facing up toward Lucia's back.

"He's got a lovely peter," Harold exclaimed, leaning over till his face
almost touched the head of Boyd's semi-rigid organ.

"You can suck it if you want to, Harold," Lucia told him
matter-of-factly. "Just so you keep his legs pinned to the floor."

It was all the encouragement that plump Harold needed. He heaved a
satisfied sigh and shifted himself to lower his mouth over Boyd's cock.
His checks hollowed. His eyes closed contentedly. With one hand on the
floor beside Boyd's left buttock and the other beside his right, Harold
started doing four inch push-ups from his waist up, sucking and slurping
as his head rose and fell.

Looking up in wide-eyed confusion, Boyd moaned, "Make him quit ... don't
let him do that!"

"Pay it no mind, slave. I have a treat for you that will make you forget
what Harold is doing," Lucia said.

She stood up with her feet still on his chest, then stepped off with a
foot on either side of his head. Hiking up her leather skirt, she
squatted down again and brought her crotch hovering over his face. "Look
at it," she ordered. "Look closely and study every inch. Are you

"I'm looking," Boyd answered, his voice quavering a bit.

"Wash it," she ordered. "Use your tongue. Get it nice and clean from one
end to the other. Lick gently. I don't want to feel your teeth at all.
If I do, you may regret it. A tongue bath makes me purr like a kitten.
But teeth ... don't let me know you even have teeth or I'll piss right
in your mouth. Got it?"

"Oh God," Boyd moaned.

"There you go again," Lucia snapped, reaching down and twisting his ears
painfully. "I told you that I'm your God. Don't forget it again! Now ...
lick me," she hissed, and pulled his face against her crotch by the

Coarse cunt hair mashed against Boyd's lips. He opened his mouth and
probed out with his tongue. Lucia tasted strong, unclean. She smelled of
urine and sweat allowed to accumulate for several days. He gagged and
drew his tongue back into his mouth.

"Lick! Lick, you bastard!"

He did. He was afraid not to, Lucia had made her threats good as far as
he had tested them. There was no doubt in his mind that she wouldn't
hesitate to urinate over his face if he displeased her.

"That's it, Boyd. That's a good slave. A little farther ... put your
tongue up my cunt a little farther ... oohh ... nice, nice. Wiggle it
around now. That's it! Fine. More!"

The mouth on Boyd's dick was beginning to feel good. Lucia made so many
demands on him, kept him so busy licking and tonguing her pussy that he
almost forgot it was a man's mouth working at him. That tongue spinning
around the crown of his dick! The suction--so harsh at times that cheeks
pressed softly and hotly along his shaft! Smothering ... Lucia had her
cunt over his nose now, as well as his mouth. Some of her juices got
sucked up his nostrils as he tried desperately to breathe. Coughing and
sputtering, Boyd managed to turn his head enough to the side to catch a
much needed breath.

"Did I feel teeth, slave? Did I?" Lucia demanded angrily.

"No, Mistress ... no, I'm being very careful so that you will not."

"Get back at it, then. Half your job is now finished. Well done so far,
slave. Now, here is your reward!"

Wiggling forward, Lucia brought her asshole to his mouth. Surely she
doesn't expect that, thought Boyd. She couldn't expect him to do that!

But she did, and said so in no uncertain terms, "Lick my ass, slave.
Consider it your dessert. Gently now. The tip of your worthless tongue
first. Do it well. I leave you to wonder what will happen if you don't."

"Do it anyway," Bess pleaded. "Right in his mouth ... do it, do it now!
Men are such shitty creatures anyhow. Make him eat a turd as it comes
out of your asshole. I wanna see it..."

"Shut up, Bess! One more word out of you and I'll make you suck his

Bess turned white as a sheet at even the thought of putting her mouth to
a male's anus. Mouthing a hasty agreement, she shut her mouth and kept
it closed, gladly.

"Now, Boyd," Lucia said. "Go at it nice and easy."

It wasn't nearly as repulsive as Boyd had expected. The odor and strong
taste of Lucia's unwashed pussy had dulled his taste buds to the point
that he barely distinguished the flavor of shit. He detected a heady
muskiness, nothing more, and decided that Lucia must have left only her
cunt unwashed for his degradation. Slowly he licked back and forth at
the crack of her ass, letting the tip of his tongue jab a little deeper
up into her asshole each time he passed it. It seemed to please her

"That's it, baby," she murmured softly, "That's it. Good. Very good.
More tongue. Give me a little more."

Suddenly he wanted to please her very much. It was important to him that
she feel pleasure. Serving her seemed right and natural, a part of him
that she had brought awake. Being extra careful not to let his teeth
touch her flesh, Boyd tightened his lips around her quivering anus.
Alternately he sucked gently at the brown hole and jabbed in deep with
his tongue. Her moans of pleasure spurred him on.

Doing her ass wasn't enough. She was Supreme, his Mistress. His cock
threatened to explode inside Harold's suctioning mouth. Extending his
tongue to full length, Boyd began to rock his head wildly back and
forth, licking her asshole up to her cunt. Flicking her clitoris and
then hurrying back to her anus.

"Oh, Boyd!" Lucia exclaimed breathlessly. "You're doing a wonderful job!
Keep it up ... keep it up and I'll make you the favorite of all my
slaves," she promised, stiffening above his head and shutting her eyes
as orgasm drew near.

Soft, spit-slick female crotch began to quiver out of control as Boyd
went on licking furiously. Anything she wanted to do was now all right
with Boyd, anything at all. Nothing was too good for her or too vile and
belittling for him. He began muttering incoherently as he licked and
jabbed with his tongue, urging Lucia to defile him, to piss on him, to
expel a turd and mash it into his mouth, to come and press her
fluttering cunt tightly over his face, to smother him as she climaxed.

Though his words were too jumbled to make out, Lucia knew from past
experience what he was trying to tell her. The first waves of orgasm
shooting out through her sweaty loins, she ground her cunt cruelly down
over his face and pinned his head to the floor. Then, quaking in every
extremity of her body, she hunched her crotch up and down, rubbing it
over his entire face.

Cunt covered his eyes, asshole claimed the tip of his nose. Back down.
Cunt over his nose. Clitoris flipping from side to side over the bridge
of his nose just below his eyes. Asshole at his mouth, demanding a
worshipful tongue be inserted as far as possible. Hot, wet mouth on his
cock. Lucia wailed out above him, proclaiming her shuddering orgasm for
all to see and hear. He couldn't breathe, was smothering. His cock
exploded and sent jet after jet of hot come spiraling into the sucking
mouth. Grunting. Fighting for air. A long time. Then it was over and
Lucia was rolling off his face as the mouth left his cock.

Boyd lay gasping desperately for breath, dimly aware that Lucia was
speaking to him. Finally he was able to make out her words. She wanted
him to get up, to accompany her. Tanya and Bess helped him get weakly to
his feet. Meekly he followed Lucia to the back of the room, his knees
threatening to buckle with each step he took. She opened a door for him.
He went through it. It was a bathroom, and Lucia was coming in with him.
He turned to tell her that he needed no help, that he could manage for

She paid him no mind. Taking his cock in her hand, she held it while he
relieved himself into the commode. When he was finished, she led him by
the cock into the shower stall. "I'm going to give you a nice warm
shower," she murmured softly, "Sit down in the center of the shower."

"Sit down?"

"Sit down," she urged, pressing his shoulders until he obeyed. "Now. Put
your arms around your knees and hold them up to your chest."

It seemed a strange way to take a shower, but he did as she directed.
What was she doing? One booted foot came on either side of his buttocks.
Leather rustled softly. Her smooth thighs brushed at his shoulders, then
pulled out to the sides.

"Look up, Boyd," she coaxed.

He turned up his face obediently. Cunt met his gaze. She was standing
over him, with her cunt just a scant few inches above his face. The lips
of her lovely cunt relaxed and appeared to open slightly. Then it came
bursting forth as Lucia laughed insanely above him. Hot and yellow and
smelly! Urine! Gushing in torrents from her pussy and hitting directly
into his face. He moaned mournfully, then opened his mouth.

The warm, yellow stream dwindled to a trickle, then stopped entirely.
Lucia stepped from the shower. She was a blur, a ghostly outline. Boyd's
eyes burned something fierce. He sat there in a huddle, drenched and
smelly, waiting for Lucia to tell him he could get up. Water sounded in
the sink, then stopped.

He could see better now, well enough to make out that she was washing
the insides of her thighs and boots with a washcloth. Water sounded
again before she rubbed the cloth back and forth over her crotch.

She came to the edge of the shower stall. The cloth hit him in the face
and fell onto his knees.

"You're a sickening sight," she hissed. "Get up. Take a shower. When
you're presentable again, come and find me. I've got more plans for you.
Any objections, slave?"

"No, Mistress ... none," he mumbled.

Her hand reached in and spun the cold water on to full force. It beat
down on him, making him shiver and his teeth chatter as she jerked the
shower curtain closed.

"Brush your teeth, too," she snapped. "There're extra brushes in the
medicine cabinet."

Then her silhouette faded from the curtain. The spike heels of her boots
sounded on the tiled floor. The door opened. It closed with a bang,
leaving Boyd alone and wondering if he were completely insane.

The thought still plagued him several minutes later. He stood at the
bathroom door, showered, teeth brushed, dried and clean. Why was he
going back out to Lucia? Why was his heart beating faster as he wondered
what she had in store for him next? It was unfathomable, yet so simple.
She was his Mistress and he her slave. She ordered, and he now willingly
obeyed. Accepting it with a sigh, Boyd opened the door and went in
search of Lucia, ready and eager to submit to whatever evil scheme
lurked in the depths of her devilish mind.

All of them, his wife, Faith, included, were clustered around a table.
Each sipped at a drink and smoked a cigarette. He wondered at that.
Faith had never smoked a whole cigarette by herself. Occasionally she
took his and indulged in a puff or two, that was all. But now she had
one going all to herself. It was a bad habit. He didn't want his wife to
take it up. He bit his tongue. Now was not the time to complain about

He saw that they'd saved a chair for him as he neared the table. A drink
was also waiting, he noticed, and a cigarette. Maybe his ordeal was
over. Perhaps it had been on the order of an initiation, or something
like that.

"Have a chair, Boyd," Dirk said friendly.

Boyd stopped behind the empty chair. Faith was sitting next to Dirk,
between him and the big nigger. Her eyes looked different, funny. She
smiled at him and half giggled. Boyd mistakenly assumed she was laughing
at what had happened to him. She had seen it, all of it except the part
in the shower, and Lucia had probably told them all about that. He
couldn't meet her gaze. Mumbling a thank you to Dirk, he lowered his
eyes and took his seat.

Looking down at the table, he picked up his drink and took a deep pull.
The cigarette struck him as odd when he put down the drink beside it. It
was handmade, rolled in brown paper.

"Smoke your cigarette, Boyd," Lucia said, her voice hostess-warm now.
"It'll make the world look like a better place in a jiffy. I guarantee

He picked it up and held it between thumb and forefinger, examining it
closely. He knew what it was now. Once or twice he'd seen cigarettes
like this one when he was in the navy. "Pot?" he asked.

"The best you can get," Buck said, grinning and slurring his words
slightly. "A civilian friend of mine gets them for me when I ask him to.
He don't say where ... I don't ask. Smoke up, man. We done got ahead of
you while you was in there cleaning up. Especially this sweet little gal
of yours. This must be her first pot, huh? Man, oh man. She's really
turning on--ain't you, honey?" he asked, turning to face Faith.

Faith turned her smiling face to Buck's. "You know it, black daddy," she
giggled, looking into his eyes as her hand moved under the table.
"Ooooh," she sighed, closing her eyes in rapture. "That turns me on,

"Is black gettin' more beautiful, baby? You wanna get you some of it?"

"Mmmm-hmm! I always heard black dick was the best. You gonna prove it to
me, daddy?"

"Hooo-weee, yes!" Buck yelled happily, taking Faith's face between his
big hands and kissing her full on the mouth.

Boyd started to get up, to protest and go around the table and jerk them
apart. Then he saw Lucia's sternly disapproving glare, and sat meekly
back down, trembling as he sipped at his drink. His wife's mouth opened.
She sucked in Buck's tongue and sighed longingly, locking her mouth to
his as her cheeks hollowed in suction. Boyd's glass chattered as he put
it on the table.

After what seemed like an eternity to Boyd, Buck pulled his thick, brown
lips from Faith's puckered mouth. His big hand took hers and moved it up
to her mouth, putting the half-smoked cigarette to her lips. "Suck some
more pot, baby. Being high on grass makes fuckin' so much better! When
you're way up there ... when you come when you're way high ... Lordy!
Seems like it just goes on forever and ever! Makes you think you gonna
die for sure and don't care even if you does! Suck it, Faith baby, suck
some more stick!"

Squinting her eyes against the harsh smoke, Faith closed her lips over
the soggy end of her reefer. She sucked in loud and deep, pulling the
smoke directly down into her lungs. Then she held her breath until her
eyes began to bug before she exhaled a tiny puff of smoke. The rest had
been absorbed into her system, the desired result.

"Jew see that?" she demanded proudly of all. "I'm gettin' the hang of
it. Didn't cough once! How 'bout that?"

Boyd dropped his eyes as Faith brought the pot to her lips again. He
heard her sucking harshly. Cursing under his breath, he picked up his
own reefer and brought it to his lips.

"Allow me," a sickeningly sweet voice offered.

A lighter jumped under his nose and flashed to life. A hand moved the
flame to the end of Boyd's cigarette and held it there as he puffed a
fire onto the end of it. He inhaled a small puff and felt like it was
ripping out his lungs. When he finished coughing, the hazy glow was
already beginning to seep over him.

"Thanks," Boyd said, turning to look up the arm with the lighter. Harold
smiled at him, his eyes dancing with admiration.

Chapter 7

That fatuous smile. He knew he was grinning like an idiot but couldn't
help it. Ridiculous, Boyd thought, bringing the roach to his lips and
taking a last puff before he reached out and dropped the stick of pot,
so short now that it felt hot to his fingers, into the ash tray at the
center of the table.

It was nice, though. He had to admit that the effect was pleasant. His
body was so light, so buoyant. He closed his eyes. Faith's voice came to
him from afar. A schoolgirl giggle. She was happy. It was good. He
wanted her to be happy, just as he was.

How strange. How fantastically odd. Liquid ... he was turning into
liquid. It was a pleasant sensation. He sighed and let it come. The
chair would no longer contain him. All the bones in his body were gone
now. Somehow the fluid managed to retain a resemblance of Boyd Dunston,
and clung together in a slushy whole.

With no bones to support the oozy mass his body had become, he began to
slip from the chair. Like the cartoon cat who is thrown against the
fence and flows liquidlike down onto the ground, Boyd felt himself
flowing out of the chair. How smooth, how graceful it was. Very slowly
he flowed from the chair in utter contentment. His feet stopped under
the center of the table. They refused to go any farther, and began to
dissolve and puddle. His legs also puddled at that point and joined his
now completely fluid feet.

His buttocks passed over the edge of the chair painlessly, flowed easily
down onto the floor and were sucked into the puddle he was becoming.
Spineless and flexible, his torso slithered snakelike out of the chair
and slurped into the liquid mass on the floor. The carpet began to
absorb him, his fluid self soaking into the fabric and spreading like
ink dropped onto a blotter, fusing with it, becoming a stain, a
permanent part of the carpet.

Panic gripped him. His head was still on the chair, balanced
precariously on the edge of the seat and separated from the rest of his
rapidly disappearing body. The head wanted to dive off the chair and
into the fluid that was his body, to become a part of the stain on
Lucia's carpet, to remain there forever and feel bliss again and again
as Lucia walked over the spot. The head floundered, could not make it,
was left behind.

Groaning aloud at the unbearable separation, Boyd jerked open his eyes.
He blinked. He was back sitting in the chair. The others were still at
the table, grinning at him, giggling. He hadn't turned to fluid at all!
It had seemed so real, so real!

Looking from one face to the next, his gaze moved around the table.
Lucia sat beside him. Her eyes danced with evil, an awesome and
beautiful thing to behold. Bess looked bored. Piss on Bess. Tanya,
licking her lips and smiling at him. Lovely. Tanya, exotic Tanya. Dirk,
masterful and confident, with his arm about Faith's naked shoulders, his
hand cupping her tit. Faith, sighing as she rubbed her neck against
Dirk's leather-covered arm, smiling and looking Boyd in the eye. Buck,
big black Buck, the jolly black giant. Faith's arm dangled across Buck.
Her hand was moving in his lap. Then Harold. Fat Harold, devouring Boyd
with his eyes, as if he knew Boyd would soon be his.

Lucia got to her feet. "I think we're all in the mood to see a little
exhibition, now. Clear the table, Bess."

The bored expression melted from Bess' face. She jumped to her feet and
picked a tray off the floor beside her chair. Moving around the table,
she picked up each glass and put it on the tray. Harold's pudgy hand
patted affectionately at her butt.

"Stop it, Harold!" she snapped. "I'm really not your type, am I? What's
the matter? Boyd got you so worked up that all rumps look alike to you?"
She laughed, turning her head back to throw him a mocking look. Then she
jerked her body quickly, her swaying tit splatting resoundingly into
Harold's face. She picked up the tray, backing away from the table and
laughing uproariously.

"Okay, Tanya," Lucia said with a grin. "Feed Faith and Boyd some of that
sweet chocolate box."

Her eyes gleaming in anticipation, Tanya stood and ripped off her skimpy
sarong. One brown foot came onto her chair, then the other. Careful not
to tip the table, Tanya placed one foot at its center and then stepped
up. Looking from first Boyd to Faith, then back again, she stroked
sensually at her upper thighs and lower belly. Her hand cupped over her
cunt and pressed, her eyes closing for a second as she savored the

With her eyes still closed, Tanya asked, "Which one first, Lucia? The
Southern Gentleman, or his lily white lady?"

Fascinated, Boyd watched as Tanya turned toward him and slowly sank her
middle finger up into her pussy. It came back out just as slowly,
glistening now with a coating of her slippery, clear fluid. Again she
inserted the finger into herself, this time cooing Boyd's name as it

"The Southern Gentleman's too eager," Lucia chuckled. "See how he's
licking his lips? Feed his lady first. Faith has never tasted cunt, have
you, baby," Lucia asked, turning to see Faith's reaction.

The sight made Lucia howl with glee. There sat Faith, her face clearly
showing terror at the prospect of putting her mouth to the Negress'
crotch. She shook her head and tried to rise. She couldn't get to her
feet. Every time she got her butt off the chair, it plopped right back
down. But her hands were under the table, one wrapped tightly around
Dirk's hard cock, the other gripping Buck, as far as possible. She could
not or would not release their organs, even as Tanya knelt and struck
her cunt-slick finger into Faith's open mouth.

"Lick it clean, Scarlet," Tanya taunted, twisting and wiping her finger
on Faith's tongue.

"Noo," Faith moaned, jerking her head to the side. Both her hands came
from under the table and shoved at Tanya's hand.

Everyone thought it was funny. Even Boyd couldn't restrain himself from
joining in the loud burst of laughter.

"Hold her," Lucia hissed.

Buck and Dirk stifled their heehaws and each took one of Faith's upper
arms, sitting her firmly back down into her seat. They held her there as
Lucia came around the table and stopped directly behind Faith's chair.

"Pretty girl ... pretty girl," Lucia murmured, stroking the palm of her
right hand over the back of Faith's head. "I could come to love you,
Faith. I may take you away from Boyd completely and let you live with
Dirk and me. You can sleep in the middle. We'll both make love to you
every night. Would you like that, baby? Would you?"

"NO!" Faith screamed. "You're insane ... completely insane!"

Fingers gripped into Faith's hair and jerked her head roughly back until
she was staring up at the ceiling. Lucia's face came over her, a wicked
smile playing at her lips.

"We'll see, baby," Lucia said, "we'll see. You're made for sex. Before
this party is over you'll find that out. We're gonna turn you on, doll.
All the way on!"

The smile faded from Lucia's mouth. Her tongue licked at her parting
lips, moistening them as her face descended closer and closer to

Unable to move anything but her legs, Faith watched wide-eyed as Lucia's
moist, red lips came ever closer to her mouth. The tip of her pink
tongue licked nervously at her own lips. Lucia meant to kiss her, Faith
realized. Lust glittered in Lucia's half-closed eyes as Faith looked
pleadingly up into them. "No, Lucia ... no please don't," Faith asked

Lucia ignored her pleas. She brought her lips lightly into contact with
Faith's, rubbing gently from side to side, brushing Faith's lips with
her own. "Yes, Faith ... oh, yes, baby," she whispered, her lips
flitting in a butterfly-like caress as she formed the words with her
mouth against Faith's.

Then Lucia could stand it no more. She groaned aloud and opened her
mouth wide, covering Faith's mouth entirely with her lips. Her hand shot
up and fingers pressed at Faith's chin until her mouth came open. Lucia
jabbed in with her tongue, tasting the sweetness of Faith's oral cavity.
She licked at Faith's tongue, the walls of her cheeks, the roof of her
mouth, sighing all the while and rocking her face with her eyes clamped
tightly shut.

At first Faith remained passive. There was nothing she could do to
prevent what was happening to her. But she didn't have to like it, and
was determined to show no response whatsoever. It was perverted for one
woman to kiss another like Lucia was kissing her. It was wicked,
unnatural. She shut her eyes to it.

The tongue kept at her, caressing her tongue, her cheeks, darting about
inside her mouth, the face rocked on above her, soft and velvety.
Lucia's perfume caught in her nostrils as she drew in a breath. Soft
lips, soft face, erotic scent, small darting tongue that continually
caressed the inside of her mouth. Perverted? Was it really? Yes. But
nice ... nice.

Suddenly Faith's tongue began to answer Lucia's. She licked back at it,
at the rough top, at the smooth, silky undersurface. It was good, a
sweet tongue, pleasant to the taste. A tremor passed through her body.
How thrilling it was to kiss Lucia! She wanted more of her ... more. A
guttural moan coming up from her throat, Faith formed her lips around
Lucia's tongue and sucked harshly. She drew it deeper into her now
willing mouth, caressing it, loving it. She had it all now. The tip of
her tongue played back and forth at the frenum under the base of
Lucia's. The tip of Lucia's tongue licked at the back of her throat. How
wonderful to be kissed by Lucia. As far as Faith was concerned, it could
go on forever.

Then it was ending. Lucia was pulling her mouth away. Faith groaned a
protest as Lucia's tongue slipped out of her mouth. She opened her eyes.
Lucia was smiling down at her. "Again," Faith pleaded. "Kiss me again."

Lucia dropped her head and planted several little pecks over Faith's
face. "See, baby? I know more about you than you know about yourself.
I'll love you some more later. It's time for bigger and better things,

The clutching fingers released her hair and Faith felt her head being
pushed upright again. Her chair was jerked back from the table a little
way. Lucia's hands came to her head again, pushing it forward and down
toward the table.

"Now, Tanya," Lucia urged. "Feed her, now."

Tanya was on her back. She scooted out till her ass hung at the edge of
the table. Her feet braced beside her brown buttocks for a second, then
she changed her mind and drew up her thighs against her chest.

Faith watched the dark cunt lips relax and open as Tanya settled into a
final knee-to-chest position. Red-tipped brown fingers stroked around
each side of the brown ass. The fingertips hooked dark outer lips and
pulled open Tanya's cunt as Faith's face was being pushed against it.
For a fleeting second the inside of Tanya's cunt was visible. It was
blood engorged and red-looking, just like a white woman's when she's
sexually aroused. It startled Faith. Somehow she'd expected it to be
black on the inside, too.

It covered her mouth and nose, feeling all warm and moist and slippery.
She'd expected to get sick at her stomach with the first contact. To her
surprise, Faith found it pleasant rather than sickening. Tanya's organs
were not at all dirty or foul smelling. She liked the aroma. It was a
musky, womany smell. She liked the feel of such softness covering her
mouth. Her tongue went out gingerly, lapping up inside Tanya to explore
the taste.

Lucia pulled Faith's head away from Tanya's cunt. Looking down into her
eyes, she asked, "Well?"

"Turn me loose," Faith requested softly.

Immediately Lucia let go of her head. "Hands off, boys," she told Dirk
and Buck. "I think Faith's ready to join the party all the way now."

The restraining male hands fell away. Faith made no effort to rise from
her chair. She gazed hotly into Tanya's pussy, her hands coming up to
reach out and touch it. Her left hand stroking lovingly at Tanya's
upraised thigh, she traced up and down the dark slit with the fingertips
of her right. Such perfect smoothness! Tanya was every bit as delicious
feeling as Faith was herself. Often she had wished she could bend her
back enough to kiss her own pussy. She'd tried, but it'd proved

Now here was Tanya, beautiful from head to toe, with her pussy right in
Faith's face and just begging to be kissed. It seemed so natural. Faith
sighed and leaned forward. Pursing her lips and closing her eyes, she
planted a tender kiss in the very center of Tanya's lovely brown cunt.
With the fingers of both hands, Faith pulled open the soft cunt lips.
She stuck in her nose and inhaled. There was nothing chocolaty about
Tanya's smell. It was woman scent--heady, exciting, scrumptious!

Her hands trembling with eagerness, Faith cupped Tanya's hips and moved
her mouth into position. She whimpered, then opened her mouth and
covered the dark pussy completely. It was the most thrilling thing Faith
had ever done. Her heart beat wildly in her chest. Her pulse pounded at
her temples. Not content with tasting Tanya's outer cunt alone, Faith
extended her tongue slowly up the girl's vagina.

The secretions from the vaginal wells collected on Faith's taste buds.
How sweet! How utterly delicious! She probed up the dark, velvety tunnel
until her tongue felt chafed by the sharp edges of her lower teeth. When
her taste organ could reach no farther, Faith licked around and around,
lapping at Tanya's insides until she had to swallow.

"Ohh, baby ... baby," Tanya sighed, as Faith pulled her mouth away and
swallowed the cunt juice. "That was divine!"

Looking up into Tanya's face, Faith licked at her lips and smiled. "Oh,
yess," she agreed. "It was!"

"Love me some more ... just like you did," Tanya urged hotly.

It was exactly what Faith had in mind. She bent her head and brought her
mouth back to Tanya's saliva-wet vulva. Her tongue lashed out and
eagerly licked up between the slick cunt lips. She found Tanya's excited
clitoris at the top folds of her opening and flicked it back and forth
with the tip of her tongue. The inner lips came next. She licked all
around the sensitive elliptical hole, not giving a damn if what she was
doing might be considered perverted or not.

"Well, Boyd? What do you think of that?" Lucia asked.

A grunt was his only answer. It was the most erotic sight he had ever
seen. Once, on pass down in Mexico, he had seen two women make this kind
of love. But they had gone about it so businesslike, so
matter-of-factly. But this was his wife! And she was not just
pretending, she was putting her all into the lewd act. Faith was
passionate as hell. Tanya, too. Both of them were totally absorbed in
what they were doing, loving every minute of it!

Boyd sat there trembling, watching as Faith's hands stroked the heaving
brown belly. White fingers found brown tits, closed around them,
squeezed urgently. Then Faith began massaging Tanya's breasts as her
mouth worked incessantly down her cunt. Soon Tanya was moaning
constantly and writhing about on the table, with Faith's mouth and hands
following and fondling, seemingly anticipating every move.

Tanya never yelled out or announced her orgasm, but it was plain for all
to see. Her face contorted first, her eyes clamping shut and her lips
drawing back over her teeth. Then her breathing turned to gasps and
sighs. Her body began to tremble and tense. Then, all in one movement,
her hands gripped into fists, she threw back her head and elevated her
shoulders from the table, her legs flopped down around Faith's head and
locked her pleasure-giving mouth tightly to her cunt, her stomach
muscles began rippling spasmodically, and her breathing sounded like
someone dying of asthma. She shuddered and gasped at the end, then
collapsed like a soggy hunk of bread.

As soon as Tanya's legs fell away from Faith's head, Lucia urged her up
and took her into her arms. "Turn her around and let Boyd eat her before
she cools down," she said to Dirk, talking over Faith's shoulder. Then
she hugged Faith to her and kissed her cunt-slick mouth without
bothering to wipe off Tanya's juice.

Faith was ready for anything. She eagerly took Lucia's probing tongue
into her mouth and sucked it. It seemed so natural to put her arms
around the woman and return her embrace. Their tits mashed together. The
leather bra felt cool and strange as it pressed against her. But it was
nice, caressing. Hazily Faith recalled Lucia telling her that she loved
the feel of leather on her bare skin, She'd have to try it herself. The
skirt rubbed against her bare stomach. Oh yes ... a leather outfit was
definitely the next item on her wardrobe list!

"Trouble here," Bess called. "Boyd doesn't want to eat cunt."

Lucia patted Faith affectionately on the bare ass, then left and went
around the table. She got two quirts out and gave one to Bess. Both
women began thrashing at Boyd with the quirts, Lucia all the while
demanding that he go down on Tanya. In less than a minute he saw it her
way and was hurrying to put his head between the Negress' widespread
thighs. He went at it with gusto, licking and slurping as if it was the
best tasting thing in the whole world.

"You see that he keeps at it till Tanya hollers uncle," Lucia admonished

Harold came up behind Boyd and stood behind his chair. The sultan's
costume was now discarded. He had a tube of surgical jelly in one hand
and his stiff dick in the other. He looked imploringly at Lucia.

"Dirk," Lucia said, nodding to Harold, "you and Buck pull Tanya part way
across the table. Bess, see that Boyd keeps his mouth on her cunt."

Chapter 8

It was not necessary for Bess to whip Boyd into following Tanya's cunt
with his mouth. She did, though, and beamed down proudly at the red
welts her quirt-swinging hand brought to his naked butt. So much did she
enjoy beating the slobbering and whimpering Boyd that she could not stop
even when Tanya was in the final position. Like a madwoman she sighed
and grunted as she rained blow after blow down upon Boyd's vulnerable

Even Lucia's sharp command telling her to quit went unheard, something
that had never happened before, because she greatly feared Lucia. Envied
her, too. The way Lucia could master the lowly male and subjugate him to
her iron will had always awed Bess. She wanted that kind of power for
herself, and was now lost in rapture with the illusion that finally she
had it.

"Lucia! She's making hamburger out of Boyd's rear," Faith protested.
"Stop her ... please."

"Dirk? Take care of it, will you, honey?" Lucia asked, nodding over to

"That's enough, Bess," Dirk said sternly, going around the table to take
away her quirt before Boyd suffered permanent harm.

But Bess was too far gone. In her false feeling of omnipotence, she
sneered at him and drew back her arm for another whack at Boyd. When
Dirk stepped between them, preventing her blow, Bess raged and swung the
quirt at him instead.

The leather thongs hit against Dirk's leather shirt, sounding as if it
were a very painful blow. In reality, Dirk barely felt it. He merely
shook his head and grabbed Bess' arm. She cursed loudly as he snatched
the quirt from her hand. In frustration she tried to kick at his shins.
A few of her ineffective kicks glanced off his shins, feeling painful
enough that Dirk wanted no more of it.

He slapped her soundly across the face, then picked her up under one arm
and carried her to the back of the room. With Bess fighting him tooth
and nail, and raining a verbal torrent of abuse upon him, Dirk opened
the bathroom door and shoved her inside. Jerking back the shower
curtain, he pitched Bess into the stall, harem-girl costume and all.

"You're out of character, Bess," he said calmly. "Playing the hellcat
doesn't become you in the least. Maybe this will cool you down."

With that, he turned on the cold water full blast and laughed
uproariously as Bess sputtered and pushed the hair back out of her eyes.
To be sure she stayed long enough in the shower, he sat down on the
commode and laughingly shoved her back under the cold spray each time
she tried to escape. Finally she was her old submissive self again,
drenched and shivering and offering no resistance.

"Gonna behave yourself now?" asked Dirk. When she nodded agreement, he
helped her out of the soaked costume and gave her a towel. Then he went
back to join the party, leaving Bess as she rubbed the water out of her

Things were progressing well. As Dirk came back into the orgy room, he
saw that Boyd was still going at Tanya's cunt. He was bent over the
table now, his butt poked out and taking another kind of beating. Harold
was gruntingly indulging in the activity he loved best. His pudgy hands
held Boyd's swaying hips as his dick plunged in and out of the
previously virgin asshole.

Boyd didn't seem to mind. Dirk had heard him squeal once while inside
the bathroom with Bess. But evidently that was over. The painful part
now past, Boyd appeared to have warmed to being buggered. In fact, he at
times pulled his mouth from Tanya's pussy to sigh longingly and hunch
back at Harold's cock. Dirk shook his head. It was true. It takes all
kinds to make a world.

And Faith. Sweet Faith. She now had few, if any, inhibitions left. She
was on the table with Tanya, sitting on her shoulders and rubbing her
pussy against Tanya's mouth. And Tanya wasn't fighting against it,
either. She held Faith to her, her hands and fingers digging into
Faith's buttocks and helping to rock the cunt back and forth over her

Two jobs kept Faith's hands jumping. For a few seconds she would cradle
Tanya's head and press it tightly into her loins, then she would release
the head and run her hands up the front of her body. Sighing deeply,
Faith would then cup and fondle her own breasts, getting rougher and
rougher until her fingers were twisting and burying into the soft
globes. Last came her nipples, caught between thumb and forefinger, held
captive for a second before Faith whimpered and pinched down on them
with all her strength. Then, gasping and licking at her lips, Faith
would drop her hands and clasp Tanya's head once more, pulling it
harshly against her and groaning as she chanted, "Suck... suck... suck!"

Lucia and Buck. Where were they? A moment later he found them, more from
the sounds than from sight, in a darkened corner. Lucia's leather skirt
was hiked up around her waist. The bra was off entirely. Buck was the
one man, other than Dirk, that Lucia accepted as her superior. She'd
tried to dominate him once, but had wound up getting raped and loving
every minute of it. Buck was too much man in every way for her to

He was again proving it to both their satisfaction at this minute. Lucia
lay on her back on the floor, with Buck atop her and hunching his brown
ass brutally down into her. Her mouth was locked to his, her fingers
clawing at his back. Her widespread legs thrashed about and quivered
each time he slammed her cunt full of thick, long, black cock.

For a moment Dirk knelt beside them and watched. Seeing Buck stroke his
pole in and out of Lucia's twat always made his own penis rear up in
readiness. It strained against the confines of his tight leather
trousers, demanding relief, to be freed from its painful prison.

A flap of the same color and texture as the rest of the leather his
trousers were made from buttoned into the pants. The buttonholes were in
the pants themselves, the buttons in the removable crotch covering. It
was tricky to take off the crotch gap with the pants on, but Dirk
managed to undo the two buttons that lay between his balls and asshole.
He sighed. They were the hardest ones to get undone. After they were
loose, he could raise up the flap and reach inside to unfasten the rest
of the buttons.

As he lifted the flap, his rigid organ stood hard and proud also. Taking
one of his wife's hands from Buck's back, Dirk brought it to his cock
and pressed her fingers around his shaft. She held it tightly and made
little jerking motions as Dirk unhooked the rest of his buttons. He'd
intended to crawl up beside their heads and turn Lucia's face to the
side so he could put his cock into her mouth for a blowjob while Buck
finished screwing her pussy.

It was no good. Before he could act, Lucia began moaning with the onset
of orgasm and jerked away her hand to cup both of Buck's pistoning
buttocks and help him slam his pelvis yet harder against hers. The only
thing his wife could now think about was the flood of pleasure sweeping
over her body. Dirk didn't dare put his organ in her mouth when she was
in this condition. Not any more he didn't. He still bore scars on the
shaft of his dick from the one time she'd had it in her mouth while
experiencing as intense an orgasm as this one promised to be.

After coming, she would be of no use to him for several minutes, at the
very least. The tension had been building within her since breakfast
that morning. When she went, with Buck's big cock doing the sending,
she'd be able to do nothing but lie there and quiver for some moments,
not even knowing or caring where she was.

It was a beautiful sight to see her blow her mind like that, and to
listen to the unearthly sounds she uttered while in the throes of such a
soul-rending climax. It was coming now. Dirk sat down beside them and
watched. Lucia jerked her mouth from Buck's and "Ooohed" and "Mmmmed" as
her head rolled from side to side. Her eyes were shut tight to close out
everything but the tide of pleasure cresting her loins. She gasped as
the crest broke and flooded out through her body, going to even the tips
of her fingers and toes and leaving her flesh a twitching, shuddering
mass everywhere it passed.

Suddenly, she screamed out like a banshee and slapped down at the floor
with the palms of her hands. The soles of her boots hit the floor at
almost the same time. Feet, hands, and elbows pressed down at the carpet
and Buck, big and heavy as he was, was being lifted into the air atop
Lucia's slender and shuddering female body. Her head snapped back to
support her arched position. Her lust-dazed eyes stared blankly at the
near wall as she planted the top of her head into the carpet like an

Her hands left the floor and went under her body. Both elbows sank into
the plush carpet as she palmed a buttock in each hand. Fingernails raked
at the cheeks of her ass, bringing painful red welts to add to and
heighten the sex pleasure on to a greater peak. Feet, elbows, and the
top of her head. That, and Buck's bare toes, was all that remained on
the floor as Lucia sank her teeth into Buck's brown shoulder and hurtled
over the end of the world into the personality-obliterating bliss of
utter orgasmic darkness.

The unearthly sounds came pouring up from Lucia's chest and throat. Some
sounded like animals fighting, but not any animals that are known today.
Something either out of prehistoric times or from another, and totally
alien, planet. Ghostly sounds came also from deep within her, sounds so
far removed from humanlike utterances that they would chill the blood of
anyone not able to see what had caused them. Other sounds came, too,
some common to a female in the shuddering depths of orgasm, some not
near enough to familiar sounds to even permit description.

Then, sobbing at the end, Lucia threw her arms and legs up around Buck's
powerful body and collapsed, with him falling atop her, rolling with her
back and forth over the floor.

Dirk left them, neither Buck nor his wife ever becoming fully aware that
he'd been playing the voyeur at their expense. He felt neglected. Lucia
and Buck were spent for the time being. Tanya was still sucking Faith's
pussy as Boyd sucked hers and took Harold's prick up his ass at the same
time. The ache in his organ demanded that Dirk find some means of
relief. Bess would soon be coming out of the bathroom, but she was less
fun than jacking off. Sam was the only one that could really turn old
weirdo Bess on to full steam. Bess would have to wait awhile longer for
that long, pointed dick. Playing the host for what he thought was a long
enough period, it was now time for some sex to come Dirk's way.

The one who turned him on the most was Faith. She'd been getting her
cunt sucked long enough. It was now time for her to have cock, his cock.
His organ standing out, his balls exposed and swaying, Dirk went to the
table and stopped in front of Faith. She didn't see him. Her eyes were
closed and her hands were busy trying to stuff Tanya's head up into her

What a shame to bust up such uninhibited goings on, he thought. Deciding
that he could wait a little longer, Dirk reached out and took Faith's
puckered brown nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. That she

Her eyes coming open and staring glassily at him, Faith mumbled, "W-what
the h-hell?" It was many seconds later before she recognized who stood
in front of her swaying body. "Dirk!" she said happily, glancing down at
his fingers. "Yes, darling. I'm still in your hands for the duration of
the party. Do it, Dirk! Do it! You know how to hurt me so good!"

Bending forward and putting their mouths together, Dirk began tightening
down slowly on her nipples as he drew her tongue into his oral cavity
and sucked it. Soon Faith was sighing and moaning sweetly into his
mouth, telling him how wonderful her tits felt at his touch. He took her
to the point where she was gasping at the intensity of pain he imparted
to her nipples.

"Ummmm ... Oouu," she uttered, throwing back her head and gritting her
teeth to keep from screaming out. "Oh God, Dirk! Jesus ... You're
hurting me now, darling. I mean really hurting me. Let up for a minute,
will you?"

"I'm just getting started, Faith Baby," he said through a crooked smile.
"When I'm finished with you, you'll know for sure whether you're a true
masochist or not."

"No, Dirk ... no," Faith moaned, looking askance at his leering grin.

"Here it comes, baby. Brace yourself!" Dirk hissed, then dug his fingers
brutally into her soft nipples.

"Aargh! God! Oh my God! Aargh!"

It was unbearable. Faith stared uncomprehendingly at Dirk. She'd gotten
the impression that any pain would stop when it ceased to be pleasurable
to her. It had seemed like an unspoken agreement between them earlier.
But not now ... not now!

He was killing her. Brutally, his fingers bit into her tender nipples,
twisting them this way and that, pulling them out and stretching them as
far as the flesh could go without tearing. She couldn't stand it another
minute! Not another second! "Dirk ... oh shit ... don't hurt me any
more. Please stop ... Please! I can't stand it ... I can't!"

Dirk relented. He liked Faith too much to ignore her pleas. As always,
he found that causing pain was no thrill for him as long as the
recipient did not enjoy it. Maybe he'd been mistaken about Faith.
Perhaps she was not a latent masochist at all, but merely a budding
hedonist that possessed the ability to enjoy all things up to their
saturation points.

"Okay, sweet stuff," he said, gazing tenderly into her frantic eyes as
he let go of her swollen nipples. "You win."

As her tits fell free, Faith's eyes became even more frantic. Her face
screwed up in bittersweet agony. A broken sob escaped her twitching

"What's the matter, baby? What's wrong?"

"Oh, Dirk! Sweet Dirk!" Faith exclaimed loudly. She looked into his
concerned eyes and smiled a pain-racked smile. "That was wonderful ...
simply marvelous."

"I thought you didn't like it."

"Me too. That's what I thought too, Dirk. Then, when you so suddenly
turned loose ... Mmmm! It was even better going back down than it was
coming up!"

"Yeah. Okay, baby. I've got you pegged now. Want me to do it again?"

"No! Oh God, but they're gonna be sore as hell now."

"You can call the shots. When you say quit, I'll do it from now on."

"Really? Are you sure, Dirk? You'll stop the instant I ask you, to?"


"Well ... In that case. Lift me off of here. There's something else I'd
like to try."

Dirk grinned. "Yep. Just as I thought. A budding hedonist."

"A budding what?" Faith asked, putting her arms around Dirk as he lifted
her from Tanya's mouth and shoulders.

"Ask me next week sometime. I'm not in the mood to play dictionary right
now," Dirk replied, looking hotly into Faith's eyes as he stepped back
from the table and let her soft body slide down his.

"Mmmm! That leather!"

"You like the feel of it on your skin?"

"And how," she said. "I'm going to get me an outfit made from leather
and wear it around the house all the time!"

"It'll lose its thrill for you if you do that. Over exposure. Too much
of a good thing, you know what I mean."

"I dunno, daddy," she cooed, rubbing sensually against him. "Can you get
too much of a good thing? Really?"

"Want me to pinch your tits?"


"Get the point?"

"Okay ... I get the point, all right. In fact, I think I'm getting
another point," she said, opening her legs to rise on tiptoes and
squeeze Dirk's prick between her soft thighs.

"You want that point, baby?"

"Mmm, yes. But not right now. Oh, Dirk, don't be hurt. I just damn near
love you, honey. I'll take your point later, and you can be sure it'll
be well taken. There's something else I want you to do to me first.
That's all."

"Name it, my little hedonist," Dirk said warmly.

"Be my daddy. I've been a naughty girl. Naughty girls ought to be taken
over their daddy's knees and spanked."

Chapter 9

Faith let Dirk take her hand and lead her over to one of the couches.
She stood like a penitent child, as he sat down on the edge of the
cushion with his legs coming together to form a support for her to lie
across. With her head hung and staring down at the floor, Faith shifted
from one foot to the other, stealing a glance at Dirk from time to time,
just as she used to at her father when she was waiting for him to spank

"All right, Faith. Let's get it over with," Dirk said, reaching out and
grasping her wrist. He pulled her down across his lap, then spread his
legs till one supported her lower belly and one pressed against the
bottom of her breasts. "This is going to hurt me more than it is you,
young lady," he said, feigning the authority of a self-righteous father,
because Faith seemed to be taking the game so seriously.

"You always say that, Daddy."

"That's only because it's true. I get no pleasure from this sort of
thing. I don't like to hurt my little girl, you know that. But you have
to be disciplined."

"Yes, Daddy. I know I've done a bad thing. A girl my age should know
better. But Tommy took advantage of me. He's older than me, you know.
He's thirteen and I'm barely twelve."

"That's no excuse, Faith. Your mother and I have raised you properly.
You knew it was wrong."

"Yes, Daddy. But I was curious. That's why I let him pull down my
panties and touch me there."

"And did he also show you his Satan's rod?"

"Yes. It was all hard and mean-looking. He made me take it in my hand
and play with it. But I wouldn't let him put it in me like he wanted to,
Daddy. Honest, I didn't. His finger. That's all I let him put in me."

"For shame, child! For shame!" Dirk's voice sounded ultra-condemning,
but he could barely keep from laughing. Faith was into the playacting so
far that she had mentally regressed to a sexually awakening young girl.
There was no doubt in his mind that the scene they were now acting out
had happened to Faith, with her father playing his role, of course.

"All right, Daddy. I'm ready for you to chastise me. Drive the devils
from my body and make me pure again.".

"Yes, of course. It must be done," Dirk said, his hand coming up and
taking aim for Faith's luscious behind.

Splat! The first swat hit, catching her on the right buttock and leaving
the reddened impression of his palm and fingers.

"One devil gone," murmured Faith.

"How many devils are inside you, Faith?"

"At least a dozen, Daddy, maybe more. You'll drive them all from me,
won't you? It's the only way I can be a good Christian. The devils make
me do things that Christ wouldn't like."

Dirk shook his head in wonder. What the hell kind of warped, religious
nut was her father? "Yes, sweetheart," he soothed, going on with the
game for Faith's benefit. "I'll drive all those evil devils out of my
little girl. Every last one of them."

Then, counting his blows, Dirk smacked his open hand down onto Faith's
quivering ass eleven more times. Each time Faith hissed out a number,
keeping track of the total number of devils as each was driven from her
body. After the twelfth swat, Faith's rump was glowing pink all over.
She whimpered and wiggled about on his lap, her side brushing hotly
against Dirk's erect penis.

"One more, Daddy. There's one more devil still inside me. He's the
biggest one of all. Make him leave, too. Drive him out."

Drawing back his hand slowly, Dirk took careful aim and whacked down at
Faith's ass with great force. The smack sounded loudly out through the
room. It jolted Faith about on his lap, making her sob and whimper.

"Is it gone now, Faith?"

"No, Daddy. The devil's still in me. That worst one. The one that made
me let Tommy touch me. He glowed when Tommy put his finger up into me."

"He's glowing now, I take it."

"More than ever, Daddy ... more than ever. He's tormenting me something

Dirk was puzzled. What did Faith expect of him now? What had her father
done all those years ago that she wanted to relive? He decided to play
it by ear. "Well ... it's obvious that spanking won't drive out that
tenacious devil. There must be a way to get rid of him, though."

"It helped a little when Tommy put his finger inside and wiggled it
around," said Faith, her voice barely a whisper.

So that was it. The spanking had led to incest. But how far had it gone?
He didn't want to ask Faith point-blank whether her father had taken her
in intercourse or not. It would break the spell she was under--ruin the
whole thing for her.

"Maybe if I touched you there, Faith," he mumbled.

"It might help," she whispered.

"Then I'll try it. But remember, daughter, it's only to drive out that
obstinate devil. It's for your good."

"I won't tell Mother, Daddy. I won't tell anyone."

"Turn over, child," he said, scooting back full onto the couch.

Faith made a big issue of rubbing against his stiff dick as she turned
over onto her back. Then she settled down, sighing as her eyes went
shut. She lay quietly. Her head and shoulders rested on the couch. Her
legs were angled down with her heels pressing into the cushion, spread
far enough apart to make room for his hand between her soft thighs. In
that position her pelvis jutted up sharply, offering her pubis at the
topmost point, then sloping down to a flat stomach.

Looking down at her, Dirk could tell that she was no longer Faith the
woman but had slipped back through the years completely now. She was
Faith the adolescent girl, lying on her father's lap in a highly
agitated state. Her expression was both fearful and at the same time
expectant. The heat from her freshly spanked bottom warmed his thighs as
she softened around them. Her hip pressed unconcernedly against his hard
dick. The sound of her breathing, the rise and fall of her belly and
breasts belied the calm composure she pretended.

"Here, Faith? Is this where Tommy touched you?" asked Dirk, his
fingertips pressing lightly at her cunt.

"Yes, Daddy, that's where. Are you going to put your finger in it like
Tommy did?"

"Of course. If Tommy's finger sent the devil on the run, mine should
drive him out entirely, because it's bigger," Dirk told her, inserting
his middle finger slowly up into her warm vagina. "There," he said,
stopping when his palm came against her vulva, "Is he gone yet?"

"He's dodging, Daddy. Maybe you'd hit him if you wiggled up inside me."

Knowing what she wanted, Dirk massaged the walls of her vagina gently
and thoroughly. Little by little Faith began moaning and twisting about
on his lap. "It isn't helping, is it?" he asked in all seriousness.

"It's only making him madder, Daddy. He's gone and built a fire up
inside of me. It's getting hotter and hotter. I don't think I can stand
it much longer."

"You won't suffer the heat much longer, Faith. That devil is surely a
mean one. But don't you worry over it. I know how to take care of him.
Your mother has the same trouble from time to time. I can always drive
the devil from her, and I can do it for you, too."

"How, Daddy? How?"

Dirk picked her up in his arms and stood, then turned and laid her on
the couch. He put one of her legs up over the back of the couch, then
pushed her other leg off and placed her foot on the floor. Taking his
pulsing cock in hand, he knelt between her legs. "I've got a devil
stick, too. I'll drive him out with it."

"But yours is so big, Daddy. I'm afraid it'll hurt me."

"Only for a moment," he assured, coming atop her and working the head of
his dick into the softness of her damp pussy.

Then, to give her the effect of first intercourse, Dick hunched forward
with all his might, hitting into her and planting his cock up into her
belly to the very hilt.

"OOHHH ... OH, DADDY!!!" Faith screamed out shrilly, shutting her eyes
and making a face of intense pain. She began moaning and whimpering,
complaining that it was killing her.

"It's the devil fighting for his life," Dirk grunted, stroking
rhythmically in and out of her cunt. "Help me slay him, Faith. The pain
will stop as soon as he's dead, I promise."

Moaning assent, Faith threw her arms around him and began hunching up
her cunt to meet his powerful thrusts. Seconds later she breathlessly
informed him that he was right. "The devil's dead. He's dead. The pain
is gone," she gasped brokenly. "But the fire ... it's burning even
hotter than before! I can't stand it, Daddy ... I can't!"

"Don't give up, baby. Keep fighting," he hissed. "We'll win over evil
together. Stamp out the fire, Faith. Help me stamp it out."

Faith threw her legs up around his ass and stamped for all she was
worth, her heels banging into his pistoning butt as if her very life
depended on it. Soon she was wailing and sobbing through a climax as he
kept pumping his cock forcefully in and out of her fluttering vagina.
"Now, Daddy, now," she screamed. "Pee on the fire and put it all the way

Himself straining for orgasm, Dirk was pushed over the brink by Faith's
deliciously dancing vagina and her urgent plea for him to extinguish the
last flames of her dying fire. His balls drew up tight against his body
in readiness. The head of his cock began to twitch out of control deep
within Faith's clasping pussy. Then, slamming his pubic mound roughly
against hers, groaning and grunting, Dirk held in all the way and
squirted jet after jet of hot come over the mouth of Faith's twitching

A tremor swept over Faith each time a squirt of his come shot up inside
her. She whimpered throughout his orgasm, holding him tightly to her and
sighing softly, "It's out ... it's out ... The fire's out."

They lay locked together for perhaps five minutes longer, then Dirk
withdrew his limber rod and sat up, reaching for a box of tissues and
taking two for himself before he passed the box on to Faith. Both
cleaned themselves, then went hand in hand to join the others, who were
now gathered back around the table, sipping another drink and puffing
another stick of pot.

"Really, Dirk," Lucia chided. I've always known you were a man of many
talents, but it came as a complete surprise to me that you were a holy
man. Exorcising devils yet! That's just too much," and she began to
laugh hysterically, the others joining her sudden, outburst.

Faith's cheeks flushed. She dropped her head to avoid their leering
faces. They all knew her secret now, even Boyd. Boyd's knowing was the
worst of all, the most humiliating. What would he think the next time
she kissed her father on the cheek. It had only happened that one time,
but would Boyd believe that? Could she even face her father with Boyd
along after this! She began to sob, crying big, hot tears that scalded
her cheeks.

"Oh, baby ... baby," Lucia soothed, rushing to take Faith into her arms.
She apologized profusely, insisting time and again that no one thought
anything of it.

Because she wanted to, because she needed to, Faith accepted Lucia's
apology. She forced herself to smile and allowed Lucia to lead her to an
empty seat between Boyd and Buck. She preferred not to sit with Buck on
the one side of her and her husband on the other, but it was the only
available chair, so she quietly settled into it and began sipping at her
waiting drink.

Brown fingers closed around one of her naked thighs as Boyd eagerly
stroked his palm up the inside of her leg nearest him. The brown hand
patted her reassuringly, then moved up to the table and put the handmade
cigarette to her lips. A lighter snapped. Faith moved her face till the
tip of the grass was in the flame, then puffed deeply.

"When are you gonna bring Sam," Bess wanted to know, her voice on edge
and near whining. She looked a mess. No make-up, hair straight and
stringy, breasts sagging now that she was naked and hunched over the

Boyd's fingers moved excitedly over Faith's just-fucked pussy. He
couldn't keep his hands off her. It was true, just as he'd always
suspected. Faith was not a virgin on their wedding night. He now knew
that it was her own father who burst the cherry that was by all rights
his, Boyd's, her husband's. And just now, watching Dirk play her father
and reenact the lewd episode on the nearby couch, he'd almost flipped
his wig, and thought for sure his cock would spew forth a spray of come
without ever being touched.

"Everybody's had their fun but me," Bess complained. "Go get Sam. I want

"You'd better go get him, Dirk. Let Bess have her kicks," Lucia said.
"Maybe watching it will snap the rest of us back into shape."

"Come with me, Buck," Dirk urged, and when Buck got to his feet, both
men walked over to the door. Dirk reached up and picked the key from its
resting place over the top frame, then unlocked the door and out they
went, Dirk with his dick and balls swaying through the porthole in his
leather pants, and Buck right behind him, bare-assed naked.

Tanya, Harold, and Lucia sat listening as Bess rattled happily on about
how much she'd been looking forward to her romp with Sam. The woman
could hardly sit still, so eager was she to copulate once again with her
"absolute favorite lover of all time." She talked incessantly, the
others egging her on and enjoying the obvious impatience she displayed.

"Look," Bess urged, standing up on the seat of her chair and pulling
open her cunt lips. "Just thinking about Sam makes me drool like that."

Though he tried to hide it, Boyd was every bit as excited as Bess. He
was curious about this mysterious Sam who was waiting till Lucia okayed
his joining the party, but other and more personal images loomed larger
inside his mind. His fingers were slipping rapidly in and out of Faith's
cunt under the table, three of them! After her session with Dirk, it had
been easy to work those three fingers up into her. Her cunt was
stretched and loose, just as it had been that night when Dirk'd first
screwed her. Its present condition thrilled Boyd.

He brought his mouth to Faith's and kissed her. She sighed and took his
offered tongue into her mouth, licking and sucking at it as his fingers
kept working at her slippery pussy. Then she pushed him away and took
another drag from her reefer.

"Faith? Honey?"

"What is it, Boyd?" she asked, without bothering to look his way.
Forming her lips to the wet end of the reefer, she again sucked harshly,
drawing the biting smoke deep down into her lungs.

"We haven't had a chance to talk all evening."

"So?" she said, then exhaled a tiny puff of unabsorbed smoke.

"So," he said, fumbling for words. "Are you having a good time?" It was
such a stupid thing to ask, under the circumstances. Immediately he
regretted having said it.

"Yeah ... I guess so. I don't think you could really call this whingding
a party, not by my definition of the word but I'm getting turned on
pretty good. That's what you wanted, wasn't it?"

"Don't, Faith. I didn't know it would be like this."

"Don't Faith, shit. After what I saw you doing, don't tell me to don't.
How'd it feel up your ass, Boyd? Looked like you enjoyed the hell out of
it. In fact, it turned you on so much that I may try it myself."

A crimson flush creeping over his cheeks, Boyd averted his eyes, "What
about Buck?" he asked shortly.

"What about him?"

"Well ... the way you were acting earlier. I kind of got the impression
..." he stopped, unable to complete the thought in words.

Faith turned toward Boyd and gazed inquiringly into his eyes. The
question in her mind was never asked. The answer was obvious in Boyd's
expression. The way his upper lip twitched out of control gave the first
hint. And his eyes, so tortured yet imploring, begging her to say it.
She broke into a warm smile and reached for his loins under the table.
There was no doubt about what Boyd wanted. His prick was hard as a rock.

"Why, Boyd," she teased. "Really? Do you really want me to?"

His mouth opened to answer, but no words came out. He wanted badly to
tell her what was on his mind but could not.

"That's rich," she laughed. "That's really rich!" Dropping his gaze from
her face, Boyd made himself busy with his drink.

His hand shook as he brought the glass to his mouth. Tilting it too
suddenly and too far, some of the drink ran down and dribbled off his

"My God," Faith exclaimed. "If just thinking about it does all that to
you, maybe I shouldn't. You might go into a heart attack and die on the

"Hey," Lucia called. "What you two got going? Let the rest of us in on

"Not on your life," Faith shot back, grinning. "If I tell you, then my
husband will know for sure, and I don't want that. I'd rather keep him
in suspense."

"That's a no-no. We don't keep any secrets from each oth--"

The door burst open without warning, and in came Buck, grinning from ear
to ear. "Spread 'em, Bess. Your lover has arrived," he announced.

A huge German shepherd came through the door, whining and straining at a
leash, dragging Dirk on into the room after him.

"Sam! You beautiful animal, you. Come to mama," Bess said excitedly,
jumping to her feet and holding out her arms toward the yelping dog.

Dirk reached down and unhooked the leash from Sam's collar. The dog made
a beeline for Bess, rearing up and putting his paws on her shoulders as
he wagged his tail and licked at her beaming face.

"Baby, baby," Bess cooed. "Did you miss me? Did you miss Bess the way
Bess missed you?"

Barking an affirmative answer, Sam dropped to the floor and stuck his
nose up to sniff at Bess' crotch. His long tongue shot out and licked
her cunt from bottom to top. He sneezed and shook his head, then began
licking in earnest.

Bess clenched her hands into fists and stood there with Sam licking
eagerly at her cunt for well over a minute. She "Oohed" and "Ahhed"
softly, unashamedly responding to Sam's flashing tongue in full view of
the others. Then, little by little, she began backing toward a couch,
verbally coaxing Sam to follow as he continued to lick at her.

"That's it, Sam. Come on, Sam. Mmmm ... boy ... good boy. Follow mama
all the way. All the way."

The dog kept right at her, his long tongue lapping incessantly at her
genitals as he moved along with her. Apparently he knew what he was
there for, and was as eager for it as Bess.

Boyd stared bug-eyed at the strange lovers, but Faith seemed somewhat
repulsed by the way Bess carried on over the dog.

"So that's Sam," Faith remarked. "That's what Bess has been hollering
for all evening? A damned dog."

"You ever tried it?" Lucia countered.


"Sam's got the longest, slimmest, hottest, slickest dick you ever saw,
baby. I don't go for him like Bess does," Tanya broke in. "But it's
kinda nice for a change. If he's able after his true love gets done with
him, I might get on my hands and knees tonight. The way he wraps those
front legs around you and hangs on while that skinny meat bangs in and
out like flashing lightning ... Mmm-humm! But that's not the best part,
not by a long shot. You know anything about how dogs come?"

Faith shook her head. Tanya's defense of woman-dog intercourse surprised
her. Tanya was so clean, so neat. It was hard to believe she would do it
with an animal.

"Well," said Tanya, putting down her drink but not taking her eyes off
Bess and Sam. "When the male dog comes, he slips his nuts right up into
your vagina. I mean, that's what they call it. His dick swells up and
gets a knot way up inside you, that's what really happens. Whether it's
actually his nuts or not, I don't know."

"You're puttin' me on," Faith accused.

"No, baby, no. Haven't you ever seen two dogs hung up and yelping like
hell about it?"

Faith recalled that she had seen that more than once. She squinted her
eyes and nodded at Tanya. "Yeah, since you mention it. I have."

"Well, that's what happens. The male dog's dick had that knot puffed out
on it, and he couldn't pull it out of the female."

"That's terrible!"

"No it's not. That's the way they come. Their juice doesn't squirt out
like a man's does. The juice is what makes the knot come on the dog's
prick. Its nature's way of making sure that the female conceives. They
keep trying to pull apart, and little by little the come drains out and
the knot disappears. It's simple, really."

"I don't wanna be hung up with no damned dog," Faith said emphatically.

"Doesn't work that way in a woman's vagina. Too loose to hold the knot
like that. Feels great, though, like a small balloon swelling up inside
you. Shit. I better shut up or I'll talk myself into it," Tanya moaned,
as if it was getting too personal and exciting for her to talk about.
"Just watch Bess and see if it doesn't look good to you."

"I just can't believe it," Faith insisted. "I've heard about this kind
of thing going on, but I thought it was a figment of some crackpot's

"Hush, Faith," Lucia told her authoritatively. "If it bugs you so much,
don't watch. But the rest of us want to see and hear the show."

Buck was sitting beside Faith again. He took her hand and put it on his
cock, pressing her fingers around his thick shaft. Leaning his mouth up
close to her ear, he whispered, "Feel that, baby. Feel good to you?"

Faith looked quickly up into his face. The gleam in his eyes told her
the time was drawing near. She shuddered and nodded her head.

"You watch that dog hump Bess all you want to," he told her in a soft
voice. "But don't get no ideas about you taking seconds. The next cock
goin' in you is gonna be mine."

It had been working around to this all evening. Faith had known Buck
would have her before the party was over from the moment she walked in
the door and saw him dancing with Bess. For awhile, earlier, when she'd
first gotten high on grass, the thought of his monster prick pushing up
into her cunt had been appealing. But now? Now it was going to happen.
It was no longer merely a thought. A frustrating mixture of fear and
anticipation swept over her body, leaving shivers and cold sweat in its

Chapter 10

The bestial scene on the couch grew progressively hotter and hotter.
Bess' hands hovered above the dog's head, trembling and jerking, with
fingers outstretched and spread. It was plain that she wanted to touch
her lover, to caress his head and pull his muzzle farther into her
widespread cunt. The pink tongue flashed out like a spear, jabbing
deeply into her slit, staying imbedded and licking at the weeping walls
of her vagina.

"Christ ... oh Christ," Bess sighed longingly.

Sam kept at her, sometimes lapping at the depths of her cunt, sometimes
withdrawing his long, drooling tongue to lick both her asshole and
saliva-drenched outer cunt. It was getting too good for Bess to endure
much longer. A constant stream of sighs, groans, and moans issued forth
from her open mouth as her body writhed about in its slumped position on
the couch.

The tip of Sam's dick began peeking out of its hairy sheath beneath his
body. It looked like something painfully irritated, fiery red and
pointed, dripping secretion onto the floor and glittering wetly. Another
inch of blood-red dog cock jerked out into the light, resembling the tip
of a prehistoric wooden spear that had been tapered over a fire and then
rubbed smooth.

Dancing about on his hind paws, Sam kept licking at Bess' vulva and
working his back end over to her dangling thigh. One hind leg straddled
the woman's thigh, and Sam brought his slick and rapidly elongating
organ into contact with her skin. At once the dog began hunching his
cock up and down her thigh, his back arching and straightening
furiously. "Sam ... Sam ... darling Sam," Bess wailed, contorting
herself to reach down and take his peter into her eager hand.

Lapping at Bess' pussy no longer held any interest for Sam. Up came his
head, looking about with half-closed eyes as he fucked Bess' tightly
gripping hand.

"No, darling," Bess protested, jerking away her hand and slapping the
couch where she wanted him to be.

Obediently Sam leaped up onto the couch and let Bess lay him down and
roll him over onto his back. He lay there not moving a muscle, his legs
bent and sticking up in the air. Bess shifted about and knelt facing the
couch, with her knees resting on the floor. Then, lowering and turning
her face to best advantage, she opened her mouth and sank it down around
the dog's organ.

Her lips tightened down around the pointed tip of his dick, then moved
slowly toward its base, taking more and more of the still emerging penis
into her mouth. The dog's copious sex juice caught on the outer surfaces
of Bess' lips, pooling and spreading as she took the shiny red organ
deeper into her oral cavity.

When she had all the cock her mouth could take, with that hot, pointed
tip bent and poking at the back of her throat, Bess sucked down harshly
and held, her cheeks hollowing in obscenely and quivering as her tongue
licked frantically at Sam's heated shaft. For perhaps a half minute
neither she nor the dog made any movement. Then, a groan coming up from
the depths of her chest, Bess opened her mouth around the dick and
sucked in the dog's secretions before she clamped down again and slowly
drew her clinging and protruding lips out to the end of his cock.

After swallowing loudly and smacking her lips with satisfaction, Bess
crawled up onto the couch and assumed a knee-to-chest position, offering
her vulnerable ass to the dog as she laid her head down on a cushion and
grinned toward the table of onlookers.

"Git it, boy. Come on, Sam. Get it," Bess coaxed, in a voice quavering
with lust. She reached back between her parted legs and fingered open
her cunt. "There, Sam. Fuck it, boy. Fuck it."

The rasping command brought Sam's ears up to a standing position. His
head cocked to the side, resembling the trade mark of the dog hearing
his owner's voice. Sam needed no other encouragement. The play was quite
familiar to him, and even though he'd portrayed this part many times, he
was eager to do it again. Bess had called out his cue, and he took it
confidently from there on.

Quickly jumping to all fours, Sam took his place between Bess'
protruding feet. He looked up into her held-apart red cunt and barked
once, then reared up and put his front paws on her hips. Both front and
back paws moving jerkily, he walked up Bess until his cock was nudging
her genitals.

"Baby ... oh, baby," Bess moaned, her fingers encircling and guiding the
dog's organ into her seething pussy.

Whining and licking his chops, Sam hunched forward and drove the full
length of his long, slim penis into Bess. Then, holding in and grinding
against her, he dropped the front of his body and clasped his front legs
around Bess' torso. Sam's paws almost disappeared into her breasts as he
clamped down and hugged tightly to hang on. If Bess felt any pain
because of his ill-placed paws, she didn't show it. Her hand flattened
over the bottom part of her stomach and moved till her middle finger was
busily flicking her clitoris back and forth. The fingers on her other
hand, resting on the couch above her head, clenched down into a fist so
tight that her knuckles turned white. Bess heaved a sigh of deep
satisfaction and dreamily closed her eyes.

Faith's voice burst forth in a hoarse whisper, "Good Lord!"

"What's the matter, baby?" asked Lucia, grinning. "Gettin' to ya?"

"That's the dirtiest thing I ever saw," she said, then added in a faint
whisper, "But damn ... is it ever exciting!"

"Wanna try it?"

"Oh no, Lucia! I couldn't let myself into that kind of thing."

"Some afternoon?" Lucia coaxed. "Just you and me and Sam?"

Faith quickly glanced around to see if any of the others were looking at
her. When she was sure all eyes but hers and Lucia's were staring at Sam
and Bees, she turned back to Lucia, looking hungrily into her smiling
eyes as she furtively nodded her head.

On the couch, Sam's tongue now hung from his panting mouth, drooling
saliva onto Bess' naked back as he drove his cock in and out of her
pussy. His back was arching and straightening with incredible speed, his
hunching ass pistoning back and forth so fast that it was impossible to
tell where it was at any particular point. A fast-shuttered camera might
have been able to catch the dog's ass in one spot, but not the human
eye. It was a frantic, lightning swift motion, a blur of movement.

Bess was near out of her mind. An incoherent jumble of sounds poured
from her mouth. She whimpered and cried, then laughed shrilly and rubbed
her face back and forth into the cushion. Both hands now at her head,
she alternated between pulling her hair and slapping the couch, like a
wrestler pinned to the mat and suffering greatly.

Then she froze, her mouth and eyes wide open and staring out blankly
into the room. "OH GOD! ... OH GOD!" She yelled, and began trembling
from head to toe.

Panting like a steam engine straining up the side of Pike's Peak, Bess
shuddered uncontrollably through a long, drawn out orgasm of
unbelievable intensity. Finally, at the end, her eyeballs rolling about
in their sockets, and moaning as if she were dying, Bess slumped forward
onto the couch, breaking her union with the dog's long, skinny dick. She
lay there whimpering and jerking as Sam poked urgently at her butt with
his nose, trying to get her up into position so he could finish.

"Oh Lordy!" It was Tanya, on her feet and hurrying over to the couch. In
a frenzy of lust, she hooked her hands behind Bess and rolled her off
the couch. Before Bess thudded to the floor, Tanya leaped on the couch
and took her place, kneeling and pushing her ass back at Sam. "Hurry,
Sam ... Hurry," Tanya hissed.

There was no licking this time, no preliminaries. Neither woman nor dog
needed them. Both were raging with lust, raw animal need. Tanya's human
intelligence was for the moment lost to her, a superficial thing that
had buckled under to the more basic and universal strength of the urge
for sexual fulfillment. The sounds she made as Sam mounted and rammed
his hot cock deep into her belly were prehuman in origin, animalistic,
snarls, grunts.

"Look at 'em go! Jesus ... Look at 'em! " Buck shouted.

The jolly black giant was no longer jolly. The jungle blood of his
ancestors beat like a throbbing tom-tom at his temples. His thick cock
stood hard and black, weeping clear fluid from the pouting mouth at the
tip of his glans. Boom, boom, boom went his heart, pumping the blood out
through his massive body at a frenzied rate. With each beat of his heart
the big penis jerked and swayed, demanding and drawing his attention to
his burning need for copulation. "Now," he hissed, "now!" and jumped to
his feet, catching the chair as he rose and flinging it to bounce off
the wall behind him. He turned toward Faith, his cock slapping her in
the face with a splat.

Faith stared at the sturdy black cock, at the heavy bag of swaying balls
between his legs. The lewd scene with the dog had set her loins to
burning hotter than they ever had in her life. Her nostrils were flared,
her breathing labored. With a guttural groan she reached out for Buck's
ebony genitals. One small white hand cupped his nuts and rolled them
about as the other gripped the base of his organ and held it still. She
rubbed her cheek against the bulging head of Buck's cock, then moaned
and opened her mouth wide to take the next inevitable step.

Boyd saw it all. His wife, panting and eager, willingly bending forward
and kissing the black cock she gripped so lightly. He felt light-headed,
and feared that at any moment he might faint away. It was horrible to
see Faith kissing and licking at that nigger dick. The sight was pure
torture for Boyd. Faith was wild for it, that was plain for all to see.
But the worst part was not Faith's reaction. It was his. Boyd thrilled
at his wife wanting Buck. She was going to screw the nigger. Boyd knew
there was nothing he could do to stop it happening.

But he didn't want to stop it. Had he held a gun in his hand he still
would not have tried to stop it. His mind reeled, shouting, "Fuck her,
fuck her, fuck her," inside his head. He wanted to watch it, to see the
expression on his wife's face as that huge black cock spread her cunt
more than it had ever been spread before and disappeared up into her
white belly. He didn't have long to wait.

Faith had the head of Buck's dick in her mouth and was licking and
sucking loudly. Her eyes were shut, her cheeks hollowed. Her expression
said that what she was doing thrilled the hell out of her inhibited,
lily-white Southern mind. She slurped wetly as Buck shoved away her

"Let's fuck," Buck said, reaching out and picking her up with his hands
under her armpits. He lifted her from the chair like a child, and raised
her up till her eyes looked down at him. "You ready, baby?"

Faith's eyes devoured him. "Yes," she whispered. Then her legs went out
and clamped around his body, pulling her crotch up against his chest.
Her ankles locked at the small of his back, her toes curling under and
her heels pressing into his buttocks. "Shit yes, daddy. Give it to me!
Give me that big black cock! Lower me down and impale me with it!"

Buck grinned up at Faith, lowering her slowly and letting her wet cunt
catch and jerk along his chest and stomach. Finally he felt the warmth
of her cunt pressing over the head of his dick. He stopped there,
holding the trembling white girl still, savoring the tight fit of her
outer lips around his glans.

"Go on," she urged Buck. "Let me down over it!"

"Faith, you silly little honky. Don't you know this is gonna ruin you
for white cock for the rest of your life? After I get through with you,
that husband of yours won't be able to touch either side of your pussy
with that little peter of his."

"I don't care, Buck," Faith moaned. "Fuck me. I've got to have it right

"You gonna have it, baby ... stuck clear up to your tits!" Buck grunted,
suddenly releasing her to lower herself down onto his cock.

She sank down only a fraction of an inch, wincing in pain and throwing
her arms about his neck. "Oh God ... Buck? It's too big for me! It won't
go in ... it hurts!"

"Relax your legs. You got it all tensed up." He cupped the cheeks of her
ass. "Let loose your legs. I got you now, you won't fall."

Fearfully, she did as he said, unlocking her ankles and letting her
calves slide down the backs of his legs. Her pussy relaxed and took in
half of his massive organ. Faith's breath sucked in harshly, and she
stopped her descent by clamping her heels on the insides of his calves.
She gaped wild-eyed at him, her mouth hanging open and gasping for air,
her tits jiggling and swaying as they rose and fell rapidly.

"Good so far?"

"Yesss ... Christ yes!"

"Git the rest of it, baby. It's the best part!"

Little by little, Faith gingerly let herself down around Buck's black
stanchion, sighing and moaning as her face mirrored the pure delight of
being filled so thoroughly.

"Oh, Buck ... darling man!"

"A little more, baby. There's a little more. Take it all."

Though she doubted it would be possible, since the head of his cock was
already nudging her womb, Faith licked her lips and nodded, then closed
her eyes and eased down against the hot knob. Nothing happened for a
second. Then, very slowly, her uterus began to give way, slipping
farther up into her body and elongating her vagina to take the rest of
Buck's prick inside.

She shuddered and cried out, "Oh ... oh ... oh," over and over.

"Is it hurtin' you too much, Faith?" Buck asked.

She wouldn't answer until the lips of her cunt were pressing into the
coarse hair surrounding the base of his cock. Then she groaned
mournfully and rocked back, keeping only their loins together as her
upper body angled out away from his. She opened her eyes and smiled up
at his face, holding on with her hands clasped behind his neck. "It
doesn't hurt ... not now. Oh Lord, Buck. I never knew ... never knew."

"What's that?" Buck asked, not really giving a damn now that she had the
full length of his organ up inside her warm belly.

"Like this ... I never knew it could be this good. What a man ... what a
wonderful man!"

Buck turned loose of her ass and let her hang. He walked around the
table with her like that for the others' voyeuristic benefit, then sat
down on the floor and lay back, leaving Faith sitting astride his loins
with his cock planted to the hilt up inside her heaving belly. "Go at
it, baby. Nothin' gives me greater pleasure than to see a white Southern
wife bouncing her ass up and down on my cock right before her husband's

"Boyd doesn't mind," she said sultrily, glancing over to the table and
catching his eye. "He's been waiting all evening to see this. Haven't
you, darling?" she asked, gazing brazenly into her husband's eyes.

"Don't be so cruel," Buck said mirthfully. "You're gettin' more and more
like Lucia."

"Come over here, Boyd," Faith ordered, ignoring Buck's remark and
beginning to move her cunt up and down over his big cock. "I want you to
get a good look. Come on!"

Boyd pushed back his chair and got tremblingly to his feet, then walked
over and stood beside them.

"You've got a hard-on, Boyd," Faith said, grinning as she raised a
little higher and then sank slowly back down till the black dick was
once more gone from sight.

Boyd shifted uneasily, looking down at his dick as if to see if his
wife's accusation was accurate.

"Watch us, Boyd. Look at it," Faith urged hotly.

Boyd lowered his eyes. Buck's big cock could not be seen at all. Faith's
pussy had it all. Their pubic hair was all he could see of either of
their genitals. Sex-wet pubic hair, curly and coarse and tangled
together where they joined. Then Faith began to rise up very slowly,
sighing as she exposed more and more of the slick, glistening black cock
for Boyd to look at. And, he looked. He couldn't tear his eyes away. Up
she came, until at least six inches of black pole showed between their
loins. His wife's cunt lips were distended tautly around the thick
shaft, as if her pussy was sucking reluctantly at the loss, fighting to
retain the monster cock within her body. Her clinging cunt lips climbed
higher up the pole. The crown at the back of the swollen glans came
suddenly into view.

Hesitating there undecidedly, Faith studied Boyd's face. His expression
was one of pure agony. She smiled the same evil smile she'd seen Lucia
flash earlier in the evening, knowing that Boyd both hated and loved the
sight she was presenting him with. The knowledge spurred her on.
Something deep within her longed to cause Boyd discomfort, to humiliate
him in front of the others, to degrade and dominate him. She twitched
her cunt around Buck's glans, then tightened down and expelled it from
her as she raised on up to her knees.

"Squat down and get your face up close, honey. Take a good look at me."

As if it were the natural thing for him to obey, Boyd squatted beside
them and leaned over Buck, bracing himself on the far side of Buck's
hips and moving his face up close to Faith's pussy. His face contorted.
He groaned aloud at the sight. His wife's cunt lips were puffy and
swollen, parting and standing wide open. Her smaller inner lips also
were swollen, and colored a fiery red with passion. He gawked up into
her gaping hole and whimpered.

"Is that the way you like to see it, darling?" Faith asked sweetly.

Boyd nodded dumbly, still looking hotly up into her cunt.

"You want to kiss it? Come on, Boyd, and stick your tongue up in it,"
Faith taunted, undulating her hips up to his mouth.

Boyd backed away and looked up into her face. His eyes pleaded for her
to give up the sadistic game.

"If you don't kiss it, I may have to quit fucking Buck. I don't feel
right about it. Maybe if you took his cock in your hand and gave it to
me ..."

Automatically his hand went out and grasped the thick black cock,
bending it toward Faith's pussy.

"That's nice, Boyd. It makes me feel better about the whole thing, just
to know you approve. There's one more thing though ... Buck's dick and
my pussy should be married to make it really okay. In fact, I insist on
it. You can perform the ceremony for us, darling."

Boyd didn't understand what she wanted. He looked up questioningly into
his wife's face.

"Give us your blessing, darling. Kiss my cunt."

Though he knew Faith was making a fool of him, Boyd couldn't resist
doing as she asked. He bent his head and brought his mouth up to her
yawning cunt, pursing his lips and pressing them into her warm opening.
The urge to lick up inside her, where the black cock had been, was too
strong. His tongue shot up into her vagina and licked in a circle. Then
he groaned and pulled his mouth away.

"Yes. Now give Buck your blessing. Kiss the head of his penis." Boyd
stared up at her grinning face. She meant it! He turned to face the
black cock and stopped, shaking his head in refusal. That was too much.
He would not do it. Hands pressed suddenly at the back of his head,
pushing his open mouth down around Buck's big glans. His tongue swept
twice around the warm, velvety head of Buck's dick before he thought to
jerk free. The taste of cock lingered hauntingly on his tongue as Boyd
resumed his squatting position beside his wife and her black stud.

"Now, Boyd. You watch, honey. Watch close, 'cause I'm gonna give this
lovely black stallion the wildest ride you ever saw," Faith cooed.

And she began to make good her promise. Smiling at her husband and
looking him in the eye, Faith reached under her pelvis and took Buck's
cock. Gripping it with both hands, one at the base and the other far
enough above to leave a band of black showing between her white hands,
Faith descended with a sigh, and formed her cunt lips over the bulging
black glans. She hovered there, with only part of the cock's head
imbedded within her tautly stretched lips.

The twitching of Boyd's lower lip and the pained expression that came
over his staring face excited Faith. She teased him by moaning and
rolling her hips about, bending Buck's penis around in a little circular
motion. Pulling almost out of contact, she caressed the tip and watched
Boyd's face as her cunt lips slid up and down over the black glans.

Boyd couldn't stand it. Groaning, he leaned over and brought his mouth
to Faith's pussy, kissing and licking both her soft cunt and the hard
head of Buck's organ. His tongue darted rapidly about, tracing around
the cock head as it followed the elliptical cunt. It worked between them
and flicked at the eye of Buck's dick, with Faith's inner lips pressing
warmly from the other side.

Then the cock was moving away. For a second Boyd was torn by indecision.
He wanted to kiss them both at the same time, as they touched together.
Now that was impossible. Faith was pushing the black cock up toward
Buck's abdomen, taking it away from him, teasing him. Planting a quick
kiss on his wife's cunt, Boyd followed the cock like it was a powerful
magnet. Without hesitation he placed his hands over Faith's and pulled
the dick back upright. His mouth opened and took in the exposed portion,
letting the hot black head snuggle into the tissue at the back of his
throat as his lips pressed against Faith's hand.

She watched it for a moment, licking at her own lips as her husband
sucked at Buck's dick. Then she took his face in her hands and pulled
him up. He looked so guilty--like a little boy caught doing something

"Faith? Faith, I ..."

"It's all right, darling," she whispered, and kissed him.

He smiled weakly, then backed away to his squatting position to see the
action at close range.

Buck was impatient as hell. "Come on, baby, get with it. I thought you
wanted to fuck. Looks like the most important thing to you is puttin' on
a good show for hubby."

"I want him to see it. It excites him."

"Good! Then hop on and show him what it's all about. I'm excited pretty
much, myself. If you don't put that tight little cunt around my dong
right this minute, I'm gonna throw you on your back and give it to you
rough as hell."

"Later, tiger. I'll tell you when," Faith said, smiling as she took his
dick in one hand and brought it to her cunt. "Mmm," she sighed, wiggling
down over the swollen head. Then she stopped, looking down into Buck's
eyes and grinning. "You ready?"

"Ready and wai-uh, uhh, oouu! Yes, baby ... oh yes!!"

Faith had dropped suddenly, taking the entire pole up into her tight
vagina with one shuddering downward plunge. Her thighs and buttocks hit
down onto Buck so hard the splat could be heard clear across the room.
She perched there now, her hands clenched into fists and raised on
either side of her head. Mouth hanging open and gasping for breath, she
rocked to and fro, bending Buck's stony rod at the base and feeling its
head massage deep up inside her guts.

It was good--so good! Never had she enjoyed such a deep and satisfying
penetration. She sobbed aloud, clamped down the walls of her vagina
tightly around the thick shaft, and fell forward to press her mouth to
Buck's. Those thick lips: so warm, so soft, so pleasantly accepting her
red lips and returning her passionate kiss.

"Mmm," she moaned into his mouth. "Oh, Buck ... daddy ... daddy."

She'd intended to tell him how wonderful his big, hot dick felt as it
pushed the top end of her vagina up into her belly and lengthened her to
fit him. It was marvelous how that had made her feel. She wanted to tell
him about it, to let him know what a thrill it had been for her. She was
even thinking of declaring that she loved him, for at that moment she
did. No man, not Boyd or her father, either, had ever given her the
utter bliss that Buck just had. How could she help but love such a
magnificent man?

But he had stopped her words, very deliciously, very suddenly, by
thrusting his tongue into her open mouth. She'd accepted it gratefully,
mewling and licking at it and sucking and trying to pull it down into
her stomach and make it meet the head of his pleasure-giving cock. His
tongue in her mouth, stuck so far back that its tip licked down into her
throat, his penis in her cunt, stuck so far up that it felt like the
head was caressing the insides of her tits-- Bliss! pure and
unadulterated! Two of his organs in her, one at either end of her body,
both hot and moving and stroking at her, and feeling so goddamned good
that Faith never wanted it to stop, never! Once again she tried to
swallow his tongue and suck up his cock until they met and welded
together at her very center, thereby fixing him within her for all time
to come, joining their two bodies together inseparably.

It wouldn't work. She wailed a protest into his mouth at the callous
injustice of it all, then pulled her mouth away and began riding him at
a gallop, with the palms of her hands pressing on his chest and her tits
swaying frantically above him.

"Hoo, uh, oh," she chanted hoarsely, staring down at his face and
pumping her hips up and down over his loins for all she was worth.
"Sweet man ... sweet dick ... big, hot, sweet dick," she groaned out
loud, stopping suddenly and grinding her cunt down forcefully to savor
the pulsing head in the depths of her guts.

She gritted her teeth and moaned, closing her eyes and lifting her hands
from his chest to rear back on his cock. Little by little she reared
farther back, angling her body down above his legs.

"Oh God," Faith whimpered. "Oh God!"

Stopping all intentional movement, Faith hung like that, with her head
slumped and rolling back and forth on her shoulders. Her hands shot up
and squeezed brutally into her soft tits. Her toes pulled down and
curled against the bottoms of her feet. A sudden tremor swept over her
entire being, making her body appear to jerk. She gasped, then began
shuddering and sobbing brokenly, wailing out her orgasm in the vilest of
gutter language.

When her climax receded, Faith heaved a deep sigh and broke into a
smile, looking upside down at the wall behind her.

"Buck? You still there, daddy?" she called.

"Can't you feel me?" he asked, his voice tinkling with laughter.

Breaking into a giggly laugh, Faith let her body slump down more and
braced herself with the top of her head touching the floor. "Shit, man.
I'm dead below the waist. Can't feel a thing down that way."

"Well I do!" he moaned. "Goddamn you, woman. Sit up. You're about to
break my cock off inside you!"

She laughed again. "Mmmm! That'd be nice. Walking around like that ought
to keep me coming all day!!"

"Cut'ta shit, baby. You're hurting me. Sit up."

Another giggle. "I don't believe you."

"Run your hand over your stomach," he said.

She did, moving it down sensually from her breast and stroking her skin
along the way. Her hand stopped abruptly when she touched the bulge
above her navel. Fingertips moved around quickly, testing and examining
the hard half-globe. "My God!" Her head jerked up and she gawked down at
her midsection. "You've ruptured me!"

Even though the pulled-down position of his cock ached beyond being
funny, Buck couldn't help laughing, which made his dick ache all the
more because of the jerks. "No, baby. You're not hurt. You just got me
fish-hooked, that's all. That bulge is the head of my dick, trying to
poke out through your belly."

"Yes ... it is!" Faith said. "I can feel it now. Not bad, either," she
muttered, rubbing her palm over the head of Buck's prick through her
skin and flesh.

Chapter 11

Buck waited another moment or so, expecting Faith to sit back up and
ease the strain in his aching penis. When she didn't, merely hung there
between his legs rubbing the head of his organ through her stomach wall
and grinning up at him, he decided to make her pay for the discomfort
she caused him.

"Okay, baby, you asked for it," he said threateningly.

A grin mocking Faith's amusement spread over his face. As if doing a
sit-up, he put his hands behind his head and, using only his powerful
stomach muscles, brought himself into a sitting position. He grabbed
Faith's hands and pulled her upright in one swift jerk. As her breasts
hit and flattened against his chest, Buck forced his hands into the soft
meeting of calf and thigh just behind her flexed knees. He pulled her
knees quickly up beside his body, and, before her feet could settle onto
the carpet, slid his palms down her calves and grasped her slender
ankles, flinging her feet and legs out to the sides and rear.

Her heels thudded to the floor, sending a jolt throughout her body.
"Buck?" Her eyes opened wide and searched his face. "Buck? What are
you--" She let out a howl of half pleasure and half fear, as the
sensation of falling upward and backward caught at her sides and sent
her arms and legs around Buck's body. She sucked in her breath and clung
tenaciously as the room pitched and whirled about her. Then, no part of
her yet touching the floor, Buck loomed above her.

With more than half of his long, black cock still inside Faith, Buck
paused. He chuckled at a private thought and shook his body from side to
side, then laughed aloud as Faith moaned and clung to his torso. She
swayed beneath him, like a monkey clinging to a tree limb during a
windstorm. Her hands were locked at the upper part of his back, and her
ankles crisscrossed over the swell of his brown buttocks.

Suddenly he was no longer supporting her. She was falling to the floor,
clinging to Buck and pulling him down with her. Her back thumped onto
the soft carpet, partially knocking the breath from her lungs. Then, a
split second later, Buck fell atop her with all his weight, driving his
big cock to the depths of her cunt as his body smacked crushingly and
covered her. The air whooshed out of her lungs, leaving her weak and
trembling. She whimpered, turning loose and letting her arms and legs
flop limply out in the classic spread-eagled position.

Straining for breath, Faith swung her head to the side and gasped, her
lungs filling and pushing her tits tighter against his chest. "I can't
breathe," she whined. "You're smothering me,"

Buck elbowed the floor, raising his chest away from hers but still
keeping her nipples in contact with his skin.

"That's better," she panted, then began to groan as he started. His ass
came up slow the first time, pulling the full length of his thick shaft
out until only his glans remained between the pouting lips of her cunt.
Then he slammed down into her, brutally hitting into her tender loins
with all his might. It was only the beginning. He'd promised her a rough
ride, and set about giving her exactly that.

At first Faith wailed and whimpered, shuddering each time he slammed his
big organ forcefully up into her. He was going to kill her, she thought.
He kept hammering at her so fast, so hard. As soon as she managed to
catch a breath, wham, down he came and knocked it from her. I was too
animalistic, too violent, like no union she'd ever had before and surely
didn't want now, or ever in the future. His balls hit into the crack of
her ass, time and time again, hard, splatting and stinging, chafing the
tender skin. His cock seemed even bigger and harder now, as it invaded
her stretched and weeping vagina with calloused indifference. In and out
it plunged, chafing, pulling, probing, massaging, setting her insides
afire, rubbing with such frenzied friction that she couldn't stand it
another minute.

Faith was sure she'd go out of her mind the very next time Buck thrust
his mighty pole up into her. He did. She didn't. It hurt. It burned.
Then something inside her snapped. The burning sensation changed,
slowly, fusing with the pain, changing it also, the pain and the burning
becoming one and tormenting her even more than before. Her guts began to
smolder. Her cunt was raw from the beating Buck gruntingly continued.
She held her breath, sure that at any moment her loins would burst into
flame and consume her in a fiery death.

Shuddering and moaning, she lay limply beneath the wildly humping brown
body, expecting a curtain of soothing darkness to fall over her and
bring with it peace and contentment. She shut her eyes to help it
descend, go willingly into the world beyond death, there to find relief
from the unbearable heat in her pummeled, battered loins. A woman's
voice caught in her ear, sobbing and whimpering. Dimly, she recognized
the voice as her own. Yet it seemed apart from her, separate from her
own being. Fascinated, she tuned in and listened. How strange the voice
sounded, how inconsistent. At one moment it was filled with pain, the
next, surprisingly, because the pain had sounded so completely
unendurable, the voice whimpered with pure and unadulterated bliss. The
sounds changed as she listened. The pain faded, the bliss grew larger
and filled the void vacated by the pain sounds.

The change was also taking place in her loins, Faith realized. Her cunt
was still raw, still smoldering, but pleasure was replacing the pain.
Wave after wave of the intense pleasure swept out from her loins as Buck
hit into her again and again. She opened her eyes and stared up with

Sweat covered Buck's brown face and forehead. He licked at his lips,
smiling and panting.

"Buck? Buck?" Faith could not go on. She sucked in her breath and bit
her lip.

"Is it gettin' good, baby?"

"Mmmm," moaned Faith, through her nose, nodding her head. It was getting
good, and more intense than she could believe. All her feeling seemed to
be centered in her cunt. Her lips were cold and unfeeling. She bit into
them with the sharp edges of her teeth. Nothing--no pain, no sensation
at all. All the nerves in her body had realigned themselves, connecting
her cunt and brain, sending pleasure up and down in a rapidly engulfing
stream that shut out all sensation but the pleasure of Buck's big black
cock stroking in and out of her screaming pussy. More, more, more, it
screamed. Harder--yes...harder!!

Her arms shot up around his back, pulling his chest down over her once
more. She kissed wetly at his shoulder, his neck, his ear, nibbling and
nipping at the brown skin as she murmured softly. The pink tip of her
tongue darted into his ear and licked about eagerly. "Oh,

"Let it go, baby. Turn loose the fly," he panted.

The calves of her legs slid over his. White feet hooked under brown
shins, using them as a lever to help shove her cunt up tightly against
his loins. She savored the moment, clinging to him and grinding her
pelvis, feeling the full length of his big thick cock inside her,
feeling his warm balls jostling about in the crevice of her ass, feeling
the coarse hair of his pubis chafe against her tender cunt lips.

"Oh God...oh God," she moaned, clamping down her vaginal walls and
caressing his organ.

"You with me now, Faith?"

"Yesss," she hissed. "Now! Fuck me...fuck me...FUCK ME!!!"

Boyd's cock threatened to burst. He'd never seen Faith so turned on. She
was out of her mind with lust for the massive black cock, hunching and
groaning and grunting like a wild animal. Her face was unrecognizable,
contorted with raw need, ugly. The abandoned way she thrust up to the
nigger sent a chill up Boyd's spine. Would he ever be able to satisfy
his wife after this, or would she scoff at his sexual attentions and
demand more than he could give her. His mind reeled with the thought of
what their future together might be like. One thing was certain: after
tonight Faith would never again be the sweet innocent girl he had loved
and married. He shuddered.

The sight of Buck's brown ass hunching above his wife's thrashing hips
drew Boyd closer. Her legs were locked around Buck's waist now, her
heels beating into the cheeks of his ass. With a groan, Boyd knelt
beside them, getting his face up close. He watched the big cock pull out
of her tightly gripping cunt lips. The black shaft was covered with her
secretions, all wet and slippery and gleaming. Then it started back into
her, folding her cunt lips obscenely inward, drawing her asshole

Faith's moan of satisfaction excited Boyd all the more. He watched
Buck's cock disappear into Faith's body, heard the splat as their
bellies came hotly together. It went on and on. Faith moaned and gurgled
as Buck hunched frantically above her, filling her cunt with hard black
meat and jerking away from her as soon as his nuts slapped into her
wide-open ass.

"Buck! Hurry, Buck," Faith yelled urgently. "Yess, oh yess, darling. I
can't wait for you! I'm going...going. Ouuu, mmmm!"

"Yeah, baby, yeah! I feel you coming. I feel you. You're taking me with

Faith's head rolled ecstatically from side to side. Her eyes were
clamped tightly shut, her eyeballs making little ripples over her
fluttering eyelids as they twisted about unseen. "Buck!" It was a shrill
scream. "Oh, Buck!"

"Catch it, baby...catch it!" Buck was straining against her now, holding
his cock in to the very hilt and feeling it twitch preparatory to
shooting his come out inside her. He gritted his teeth and turned his
head to the side, closing his eyes as orgasm took hold.

Open-mouthed, panting with lust, Boyd gawked at the heavy brown balls.
They pulled up slowly, tightening and wrinkling the loose skin, until
they were hugging the base of Buck's organ. Faith was moaning and
blubbering, already in her climax. Her cunt lips and asshole danced and
winked, her body shuddering along with the orgasmic cadence. Then the
brown nuts, pressed tight against her fluttering cunt, began to jerk.

Faith's breath sucked in with a ragged gasp. "I feel it!! So strong...so
hot. Shoot it...in me...deep and hot! Come, daddy, come...come!!!"

Their mouths met in a moaning, tongue-sucking kiss. Faith's fingernails
raked down Buck's back. She cupped his ass and tried to get yet more of
the throbbing, spurting black cock up into her heaving belly. A tremor
wrenched her entire body each time a hot jet of Buck's spiraling semen
hit into the open mouth of her womb. Jerking her mouth free, Faith
sobbed out brokenly, begging Buck to never stop the inner inundation of
her being.

But Buck could make it last no longer than the final weak twitching of
his cock. Drained, his orgasm over, Buck lay atop her writhing body only
to catch his breath. Then, Faith begging him to leave it in and get it
hard again, to go on with their "delicious fuck" all night, Buck
disentangled her arms and legs and crawled off her.

She caught his wrist and pulled him to his knees beside her head. "Let
me suck it and make it hard," she hissed, then raised her head and took
the sex-drenched, limber black cock lovingly into her mouth.

Boyd watched his wife bobbing her head, heard the lustful noises as she
sucked and slurped around her mouthful of meat. His gaze moved down her
sweat-soaked body, past her jiggling tits, past her heaving belly. The
crisp hair of her pubic mound was now wet and soggy, clinging wetly to
her skin in little ringlets. An inflamed clitoris stood out boldly in
the top folds of her open cunt, still hard, still throbbing. Below her
clitoris lay the yawning chasm that was now her cunt. No longer was it
pure and tight, but stretched and freshly fucked, and, by the Southern
standards, ruined for all time, nigger-fucked.

The red of his wife's inner cunt looked back at Boyd, mocking him,
laughing and rolling the jets of ropy come about as she sucked hotly on
the black dick that had spewed her full of it. He groaned, knelt between
her legs, and brought his mouth to her messy pussy.

Hands took Boyd's ass, positioning it. He kept at Faith, sucking at her
cunt, licking up inside her as far as his tongue could reach. A pain
shot up his body. He groaned and stiffened, still not taking his mouth
from Faith's hot cunt. The head of a cock popped through the tight,
rubbery ring of his asshole. He whimpered, easing his ass back and
letting the cock work gently up into his bowels. Soon a fat belly
pressed against the cheeks of his rump. Hands gripped his hips, and
Harold began fucking slowly in and out of his anus. Even more excited
now, Boyd thrust his tongue up into Faith's vagina and licked at the
slippery walls of her cunt.

Dirk came over and lay down beside Faith. Moving her slowly, so Boyd
could follow and continue sucking her cunt, he turned her onto her side.
Snuggling up to her back, Dirk reached down and raised her leg up in
front of her body. Then he took her hips, pulling her butt toward him
and getting her into position.

The head of Dirk's prick came to her anus and pressed for entrance. It
was too dry, too tight. He pulled away and aimed for her cunt, nudging
between her and Boyd's chin. Slowly Boyd gave way, letting the cock
brush past his lips and sink into Faith's cunt. It was a pleasant
sensation, thought Dirk, his cock moving in and out of Faith to gather
lubrication with which to make the insertion into her ass easier, and
Boyd licking at them both all the while. For a moment he toyed with the
idea of going on to orgasm that way.

But that was not what he'd come behind Faith for. As yet, her asshole
was virgin, and he wanted to be the first to screw it. Shivering with
anticipation of how tight and hot she would be, Dirk withdrew his rod
from her warm cunt and brought the come and saliva-wet head again to her
puckered anus. His hands gripping tightly to her hips, so she couldn't
jerk free, he pressed the head of his dick into the tiny brown opening.

Much to Dirk's surprise, Faith made no effort to pull away. Instead,
after jerking startledly at the first contact, she moaned around her
mouthful of hardening dick and pressed back to help him get the head
past her tight ring and on into her butt. She squealed out as it popped
through, then shivered as he sank it to the depths of her bowels.

The dog lay panting on the couch. Lucia, Tanya, and Bess were again
sitting at the table, watching all three of Faith's holes and Boyd's two
being put to good use.

"Let's join the fun," Lucia urged the other two.

Bess, fully recovered now, jumped up eagerly, but begged off to catch a
breather after her recent romp with Sam.

"Go ahead," Tanya said, grinning as she rubbed her cunt. "I won't be
long. Let me get a little feeling back in it first."

"Okay, baby," said Lucia, bending to kiss Tanya on the mouth. "Come on
in whenever you're ready. If there's not room by then, make it."

Lucia and Bess moved over to the tangled mass of human bodies, intending
to tangle them up more yet. Lucia, being the dominant of the two, picked
her spot. She jerked Buck's cock from Faith's mouth and sat on her,
pinning her shoulders to the floor and bringing her cunt over her mouth.

"That's it," Lucia crooned down at Faith. "Lick it. Get your tongue up
inside and suck me for all you're worth."

"You rotten bitch," Buck said to Lucia. "That blow job was beginning to
feel pretty good."

"I can do it better," Lucia taunted, opening her mouth and flicking her
tongue. "Come on, Buck, put it in here and go right out of your mind."

Buck grinned down into her face. He put one foot on the floor behind
Dirk's head and eased the other out until he stood spraddle-legged with
his cock in Lucia's face. Get it, baby," he said softly. "Don't bite me
when you come, you hear?"

"Or what?" Lucia asked, licking at his glans and cradling his balls in
her palms.

"I'll finish in your ass, if you bite," Buck grinned.

Lucia wanted no more of that. The one time he'd stuck that thick pole in
her rump had caused her to bleed from the tear. "You won't even know
I've got teeth," she promised, then opened wide and tugged him into her
mouth by his balls.

Bess looked frustratedly about for a suitable spot. Boyd's cock was the
only one free. But his position would permit sucking only, and she
wasn't hot enough for that yet. However, she did want to join in the
Faith-centered orgy. Harold's fat ass could stand a little thrashing,
she decided, turning and going back to the table for a quirt. It always
made her hot to lash him as he buggered one of his boys, and he liked
it, too. His climax was always so much more gratifying with his buttocks
striped and glowing warm at her hand. "What are you gonna do?" Tanya
asked, when Bess picked one of the two quirts from the table.

"Warm my old man's ass," Bess replied, swishing the quirt through the
air for drill. "Wanna help me?"

Tanya nodded, picked up the other quirt, and followed Bess back over to
the maze of writhing bodies. She'd never liked Harold. Once the bastard
had slipped up behind her, when she'd been kneeling and sucking Dirk,
and before she knew what was going on his pudgy belly was pressing
against her, with his dick rammed painfully up her ass. She welcomed the
opportunity to even the score.

The left cheek of Harold's plump bottom going to Bess and the right to
Tanya, the two women set about raining blow after swishing blow onto his
white tail. It didn't remain white long, for they went at him with
obvious pleasure. The leather thongs whacked over his trembling rump,
turning his whole rear into a pink glow, with red welts appearing where
the straps themselves had bitten. They kept him hunching furiously into
Boyd's wavering body, letting him pull out before both whacked the
quirts against his reddening buttocks and sent him lurching forward with
a howl and planting his peter up Boyd's shit chute once more.

"Mmm...mmm...mmm," fat Harold crooned, shoving his stick all the way up
Boyd and bending over him as orgasm flooded over him.

Bess and Tanya beat his ass all the harder, neither trying to keep a
cadence now that Harold was spewing his come and moaning with ecstasy.
All their strength was put into the thrashing of those quivering,
jiggling fat globes of virtually hairless male butt. On Tanya's buttock
appeared a few drops of blood, and she caught herself, quitting before
Bess did. She was even with Harold now, bringing blood to his tail was
further than she'd intended to go. It was enough.

Reversing the quirt, holding the thonged end in her hand, Tanya roughly
shoved the handle up Harold's ass. She pushed it all the way in, until
the strips of leather dangled from his butt like wet and drooping tail
feathers. Standing back at a short distance, she surveyed her handiwork,
unable to quell the roar of laughter that burst from her at such a
ludicrous sight.

Fat Harold's orgasm was the first, and it seemed to set off a chain
reaction. His come spurting up into Boyd's bowels pushed Boyd over the
brink, and his unattended prick began a solitary dance, sending his
semen gushing out and falling to the carpet. In his excitement, Boyd
sucked down with all his power, drawing out the nearer folds of Faith's
much-used cunt into his mouth and chewing on them with lip-covered

The harsh suction was a completely new sensation for Faith. It felt like
her insides were being pulled out into Boyd's mouth, and once there
being eaten and massaged in such a delicious way. She wailed a muffled
wail up into Lucia's hot cunt and let herself hurtle into orgasm at
Boyd's mouth.

Dirk gritted his teeth. Faith's virgin ass was the hottest and tightest
he'd ever had the pleasure of putting his dick into. Now, added to that
scrumptious warmth and snug fit, her anus winked and fluttered about the
base of his fully planted rod. He'd wanted it to last longer, and tried
to hold back. But it was useless. Faith's spasmodically clamping asshole
and the heat of her inner body was too much for mortal cock to endure.
She milked the come right up from his balls. He joined the chorus of
moans, and inundated her bowels with a surging stream of spurting, hot

Hearing the others go into orgasm one by one triggered Lucia's release,
especially when Faith sucked down ecstatically on Lucia's pussy and
reached up to squeeze her breasts at the same time. Lucia's hands pulled
Buck's big cock on down into her throat and she gurgled the beginning of
her climax around it. She cupped her palms over the tightened cheeks of
his ass and held him to her face, taking most of his gigantic pole down
her throat and swallowing around it over and over.

The ringed portion of Lucia's throat flicked maddeningly over Buck's big
organ. He stared down in disbelief at her hollowed cheeks and protruding
lips. The red lips were still working tightly and softly around his
shaft, trying to take the rest of it inside her oral cavity. He groaned,
grabbed the back Of Lucia's head, and, already shooting come, pulled her
face toward him till her lips mashed into the coarse pubic hair.

* * *

Faith lay on the floor, a fatuous smile covering her lovely face. One
hand lay weakly over her ultra-sensitive vulva. The fingers of her other
hand probed testingly at her expanded asshole. She was completely
oblivious of the others, who were standing around her in a circle and
watching her reaction.

Bess licked her lips and tore her gaze from Faith. Putting her mouth
close to Lucia's ear, she whispered, "Let's play darts."

"I'd intended to," Lucia said softly. She and Bess had made the darts,
together, after Lucia'd dreamed up the little game. "I forgot all about
it, Bess. It's getting late, maybe we'd better wait till next time."

"You promised, Lucia," Bess accused.

It was true, she had confided her plan for Faith's initiation to Bess,
and had given her word that Bess could toss the first dart in return for
helping her make them. "All right. It might revive us all. Get the

Bess hurried off and came back with two chamoise-like strips of leather.
She pitched one to Lucia, then knelt at Faith's feet and tightly bound
her ankles together, while Lucia set about lifting Faith's arms up over
her head securing her wrists with the other soft leather strap.

"What the hell are you doing?" Dirk demanded.

"We're gonna hang her from the ceiling and throw darts at her tits and
fanny," Bess excitedly informed him.

"Like hell we are," Dirk shouted. "Untie her."

"Dirk," Lucia said softly, cajolingly. "Come on, honey. It won't hurt
her nearly as much as that ramrod of yours stuck up her ass did. Get the
darts, Bess. Show him what they're like."

Again Bess hurried off, this time returning with a large lidded glass
bowl. She stopped in front of Dirk and lifted off the lid. Lucia reached
in and pulled one of the tiny darts from the alcohol-soaked sponge,
where the points of all the darts were imbedded.

"See, Dirk," Lucia asked, passing the dart to him. "It won't be a bit
worse than getting a shot at the doctor's."

"Well, I'll be damned," said Dirk, breaking into a smile at the tiny
torture implement he held between thumb and forefinger. "Matchsticks and

"Yes, and paper strips inserted and folded to serve the place of
feathers. We put a lot of time and work into those things," Lucia
exclaimed. "It'd be a shame to let them go to waste."

"Hm," said Dirk, "Damned ingenious." Then he lifted the matchstick dart
up to his chin and flicked his wrist, sending it flying straight for
Bess' tit, and hitting her directly in the hole at the end of her

"Ow! Goddamn it, Dirk, why'd you do that for?" Bess whined, doing a
little Indian type dance as the dart sagged from her skin without
falling free. "Pull it out. I've got my hands full," she told Lucia.

Lucia jerked it free and stuck the needle point back down into the
alcoholed sponge. "Okay, Dirk?"

"Sure, baby. Where do you want her?"

"Put her on the hook. It ought to be about the right height."

"Now stop it!" Boyd broke in. "I can't let you do that!"

Lucia, grinning again her evil grin, took a dart from the sponge. She
turned to Boyd and, hiding the dart from sight, took his limp organ in
her other hand. She held his glans between thumb and forefinger, then
brought out the dart and jabbed the needle into the head of his penis,
it all happening so fast that Boyd didn't know what was coming.

Yelping with pain, Boyd wrenched free of her and pulled the needle from
his organ. He started at her, as if to jab it into her belly.

"Boyd!" barked Lucia, stopping him in his tracks.

"Remember what happened to you at the first of the party? Shut up, or I
won't be as easy on you this time." Lucia smiled, then added with a
tinkle of laughter in her voice, "Have you ever had a knitting needle
stuck up your cock? Cross me again, Boyd, and that's what I'll do to

Boyd backed away, his head shaking and his eyes wide. His face looked
like he could feel the knitting needle just from Lucia's threat. Lucia
laughed and hurried to join the others, as Boyd sat down as far from his
wife's swaying body as the room would permit.

A bewildered Faith hung from the ceiling hook, whimpering and looking
wildly about. Her toes dug at the floor in an effort to raise her body
high enough to unhook her hands. It was a futile effort, for only the
very tips of her big toes could make contact with the carpet, and then
not firm enough to do anything but cause her body to twist and turn

"Should we blindfold her," Buck asked.

"What are you going to do to me?" Faith's voice was edged with terror.
"Oh God, don't whip me...not like this."

"You want a blindfold, Faith?" Lucia calmly inquired.

It made Faith think of an old Foreign Legion movie. It was all so
unreal, she the one being executed, and Lucia the captain of the firing
squad. She shuddered, and shook her head. "No, don't blindfold me. What
are you going to do?"

The bowl now rested on the floor. Lucia bent and took a dart for each
hand. She aimed one of them for Faith's breast, and sent it flying.

Horrified, Faith watched it come at her. It dropped short of its mark
and stuck into her upper stomach. She screamed out and wrenched her
body, the leather strap biting harder into her wrists as she turned
jerkily about. Then she gasped aloud, hunching forward as a second dart
hit its mark and stuck into the left cheek of her trembling ass. "Oh
Lord! Don't throw any more...please don't hurt me."

"We've got almost a hundred darts here, Faith," Lucia told her. "You
wouldn't want us to waste any of them, now would you? Don't be so

Another dart hit into the back of her right thigh. Faith groaned, but
made no verbal protest. It would do no good to beg. Lucia would become
all the more excited if she begged. So she hung limply from the hook,
closing her eyes and feeling dizzy as her body jerked and twisted. One
dart after another pricked her skin and dangled like a banderillos from
a weakening bull in a Spanish arena. They would not kill her, as the
matador did the bull, of that Faith was sure. It was little solace,
however, as the endless darts imbedded into her flesh painfully. She
moaned and groaned, almost constantly, jerking involuntarily and
twisting as each new dart found its place and bit sharply into her.

The waiting was the worst part of all. As the game progressed, Lucia'd
assigned differing points for each part of her anatomy. The players were
taking more careful aim now, and recording their scores after each shot.
Faith wouldn't look. She kept her eyes clamped shut and tried not to
wonder when the next dart would prick into her flesh. But she couldn't
help but anticipate the next dart, especially when all got quiet. She
knew someone was taking aim and involuntarily tensed her body for the
stab of the endless supply of needle-darts. When it hit, sometimes in
her breast and sometimes in her buttock, she'd yelp and wrench her
torso, despite her resolve not to show any feeling whatsoever.

Blood trickled down from her punctured tits and buttocks, candy-striping
her white skin obscenely. She looked like a peasant girl in an old
torture dungeon, a picture from right out of the dark ages. She knew
this, and it humiliated her. Her body hurt all over, the physical pain
fusing with the psychological pain and causing her to weep bitter tears
over the atrocious manner in which they were debasing her.

All was quiet for an exceptionally long time, then she heard Lucia
announce happily, "I won," and knew that all the darts had now been
thrown, that almost a hundred of the dreaded little things were hanging
from her flesh. The voices came closer, then one by one the darts were
pulled from her body. It was worse than when they'd hit into her. She
hung as still as possible, whimpering with pain as all the darts were
withdrawn from her.

The last dart was finally gone, she knew. Why didn't they take her down?
Why? Then she knew. Beginning at knee level she felt tongues, two of
them, one in front of her body and one behind. She opened her eyes and
saw Lucia kneeling before her, her tongue darting out again and again,
licking every trace of blood from her skin. It was Bess at the back, she
saw, doing the same. The tongues were doing more than simply licking her
clean of blood, they were beginning to drive her out of her mind, as
well. The closer they came to her cunt and ass, the more Faith sighed
and gave herself over to the incessant lapping.

Bess' tongue moved over her buttocks again and again, licking the
dart-inflicted pinpricks as a mother lioness would lick her wounded cub.
It felt good, soothing, healing. Then fingers parted her buttocks
gently, and Faith moaned with pleasure as Bess' warm, wet tongue slid up
into her asshole and licked about. And Lucia's tongue, now in her
vagina, sending a chill of pleasure all over her body and making her
break out in goosebumps. On up Lucia licked now, over her belly and each
tit, until Faith was screaming from the pure delight of it all.

Both women ceased their licking as Dirk approached with a can in hand.
Lucia and Bess backed away, making room for Dirk to move around Faith's
body. He shook the can, then began to circle her as he sprayed the white
froth from her neck clear down to her ankles. He opened her buttocks,
putting the can to her anus and spewing it full of the substance.

When he filled her cunt with the cool foam, Faith was sure she'd pass
out. God, it felt good, hissing and gushing up into her vagina, filling
it to overflowing and then oozing out and running down the insides of
her thighs. Finally the can was empty. Dirk stopped. She heard the can
hit off at a distance, where he'd tossed it. Then he was calling to the

"Come and get it. Dessert with whipped cream topping. Let's lick every
drop of it off sweet Faith."

Then tongues were all over Faith, licking in unison at her tits, her
legs, her back, her stomach, her ass. It was enough to drive her out of
her mind. She quivered and moaned, trembled and jerked, coming again and
again as all those tongues kept loving every inch of her body.

A mouth attached itself to her ass and sucked the whipped cream from
there. Then another mouth covered her cunt, lips forming tightly and
sucking the cream from her fluttering vagina, going up in after the last
traces with a hot probing tongue. The rest of the tongues kept at her,
licking her all over as she shuddered in ecstasy from the simultaneous
ass and cunt tonguing. It was too much...too much!

An orgasm like Faith had never before experienced took hold of her. It
began in her cunt, but didn't stop there. It spread to her asshole,
making it join in and quiver with delight, also. Then the rest of her
body was flooded over, twitching, jerking, thrashing about. The waves of
orgasmic pleasure seemed to even wash out into her fingers and toes. It
turned her to jelly, a writhing, blubbering mass of jelly.

Tremor after tremor shot through Faith, making her buck and jerk like a
psychotic receiving electric shock therapy. She screamed out loud and
long, her face mirroring the unbearable sensations going on within her,
then she slumped into a dangling, used-up female form, swaying
unknowingly from the hook, unconscious.

Chapter 12

It was Friday night, the moon was full and shone down brightly from a
clear Alabama sky. Boyd Dunston hummed happily to himself as he turned
off the main street and headed for home at ten p.m. He'd had two
appointments that evening, and had sold them both, a $10,000 straight
life policy to the last, and a $5,000 endowment on a new baby at the
first one.

The old touch wasn't gone, after all. He still had it. The knowledge
made him doubly glad, for these were the only policies he'd sold all
week. Ever since that damned party, six days ago, he'd been worried
sick. His guts had ached so bad at times that he was sure he was
developing an ulcer. Faith's strangeness had kept him upset, unable to
think about anything else.

The party had done something to her, changed her somehow. All Sunday,
the day after the party, she'd kept to her bed, getting up only to go to
the bathroom occasionally, not even bothering to eat. She wouldn't talk
to him at all, except to give him a sharp "leave me alone," when he
tried to cheer her up. And during the week it was little better. The
housework went undone for the most part. She seemed to have no interest
at all in making a home for them any more. He suspected that she was
spending her time with Lucia, the daylight hours that she had to
herself. He'd asked her about it several times, and had gotten nothing
but an enigmatic smile for an answer.

And sex, or rather the absence of it, had crushed him most of all. Faith
wouldn't let him get near her, let alone touch her. She'd never treated
him that way before, never. Right from their honeymoon on she'd been
eager to see that he got all the loving he wanted. Even when she wasn't
fully in the mood, why, she still gave herself gladly and seemed to
enjoy the fact that he found satisfaction through her body. But not this

The goddamned party had changed all that. After Sunday she was civil to
him, but insisted on a hands off policy until, as she said, "I regain my
sense of balance and perspective." It had been torture for Boyd, living
in the same house with her and not being able to touch her, kiss her,
hug her. At night, lying side by side in bed, that was the worst. Like
brother and sister, he'd thought, and knew that it couldn't go on that
way for long.

But now, now it was over, and Faith was coming around. What a difference
there'd been when he came home for supper. The house was neat and clean
again, like a home, like their home had always been. He'd known then,
the moment he walked in the front door, that Faith had found her
balance, that she was once again his wife, that things would be right
between them.

In the kitchen, she'd smiled sweetly at him and left her work to warmly
embrace him, had poured him a cup of coffee and set him down at the
table to await the meal. They'd talked, neither of them mentioning the
party or the days since, while she added the finishing touches to the
dessert. He'd watched her, beaming as she moved about in her frilly
dress and open-toed sandals. She was the old Faith once more, the sweet,
angelic girl he loved.

After supper he'd apologized for having to go out and keep the two
appointments. She didn't mind, she told him, and had walked with him to
the door and out to the car. She'd leaned in the open door and kissed
him, telling him not to be any later than necessary, that she had a
surprise for him when he got home, one that she knew he would like. He'd
wanted to know what the surprise was. She wouldn't tell him, but did
give him a hint. He'd find the wife he wanted waiting, she'd promised,
then added sultrily, "It'll be a night you'll never forget, darling,"
before she shut the car door and hurried into the house.

Now, as Boyd pulled into his driveway, he felt a stirring in his loins.
He stopped the car and cut the lights and engine. Glancing at the house,
Boyd saw that only one light was on, the one in their bedroom. His heart
beat faster as he opened the door and climbed from the car. Faith was
waiting for him in bed. He could picture her lying there in her sexiest
nightgown, smiling at him as he stood admiring her from the doorway. She
probably had drinks already made and waiting, too.

The handle of his attaché case felt slippery as he walked across the
lawn toward the front door. Switching it to his other hand, Boyd wiped
the sweat from his damp palm on his trousers. He took the three steps in
one leap and reached for the doorknob, turned it, and went into the
darkened living room.


"Back here, darling."

Her voice was edged with excitement. Boyd broke into a smile and set
down his attaché case on the floor, deciding that the paper work inside
it could damn well wait till morning. He shrugged out of his coat and
pitched it toward the half-seen couch, then, loosening his tie, went
down the hall toward the bedroom.

Abruptly, Boyd halted in the open doorway. The smile faded from his
face. A tremor shot through his body. He gasped in horrified disbelief.
"Oh no, Faith...no," he groaned.

There was Faith, his wife, standing in the middle of their bed. Her face
wore the evil smile that belonged to Lucia. A skin-tight black leather
jumpsuit covered her body, with cutouts leaving her firm breasts and
entire crotch area naked. High-heeled lace-up boots were on her feet,
and a whip was coiled in her right hand. Her legs were spread wide apart
and her hands rested on her leather-covered hips.

"Do you like it, Boyd?"

He shook his head dumbly, unable to speak or tear his gaze from the
obscene sight.

"Well, get used to it," she chuckled. "You're going to see a lot more.
This is the new me...and I love it!"


"Yes, Boyd?"

"You're not serious, are you? Tell me it's only a joke."

Her smile broadened, and her eyes squinted down to slits. Reaching out
with her left hand, she motioned for him to come, at the same time
letting the whip uncoil like a snake until its thonged tip lay on the
floor, waiting...

The End