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[LLP-553] A Husband's Hobby by Peter Jensen

Chapter 1

The first thing Mrs. Natalie Jenkins noticed about young Jason Powell
was that he looked remarkably mature for a boy of only fourteen. She
studied his tall, muscular form and his intense blue eyes in
wonderment, finding it difficult to believe that such an obviously
well-equipped young man would need the services of Weatherly-Brooks
Summer Camp for Boys.

Weatherly-Brooks was supposed to be a project to help under-privileged
or emotionally immature youths prepare themselves for the important
transition from eighth grade to high school. It was conducted during
the summer before the boys entered the ninth grade, and it included
programs of academic and social instruction as well as the traditional
sports and recreation activities usually associated with summer camps.

This was Natalie's first summer with the Weatherly-Brooks Camp, and she
had, somehow expected the boys to be much younger-looking than Jason
Powell. As he stood patiently in the doorway of the teachers' and
counselors' cabin, the tall, brunette three R's teacher couldn't hide
her pleased amazement, and it was several moments before she said

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jason," she began breathlessly. "You are Jason Powell
aren't you? My husband said you had to pick something up ..." Her words
sounded hurried and nervous, but the good-looking teenager appeared not
to notice.

"Yes, Ma-am, I am ... Mark -- er, Mr. Jenkins -- said that you knew
where he kept his ... um ..." The tousled blond youth suddenly stopped
talking, his cherubic, as-yet untanned face staring in innocent
fascination at the beautiful wife of the Camp's nature guide. In all
his young life he had never seen a woman so beautiful. Mrs. Jenkins was
wearing a simple green Camp-outfit, but her tits were so huge that they
stuck out even through the stiff cotton fabric. And the short-shorts
that matched the blouse seemed to have been deliberately designed with
the gorgeous teacher in mind. They clung to her provocative hips and
buttocks like a second skin, and they were so short that the entire
length of her slender, show-girl legs was exposed to the young boy's
gaze. On her feet she wore simple sandals, having removed the
regulation hiking boots after her morning teaching assignment was
finished. Jason looked her up and down with frank admiration, before he
realized that she was aware of his prurient

"What was it Mr. Jenkins wanted you to pick up, Jason?" Natalie asked
quietly, but with a firm tone in her voice. She hadn't had Jason as a
student yet, but since the classes changed every week, she would
doubtless see him in the classroom soon, and there was no point in
letting his adolescent interest get out of hand.

"The ... um ... his..... The thing that he uses to test for poison ...
I mean, the book ..." The teenager's face was beginning to flush with
embarrassment, as he groped his stunned young mind for the object of
his visit. He raised his eyes to look pleadingly into Natalie's lovely
face for help, but when he met her big, doe-like brown eyes he quickly
averted his own. In his fresh young mind he didn't know what was
bothering him, but he knew that he had forgotten completely what the
nature guide wanted him to pick up from his wife.

"The poison plants book?" Natalie guessed. "Or was it the guide to
edible foliage?" Although her husband had told her by intercom that he
was sending a boy to the teachers' and counselors' cabin for something,
the ancient communications equipment was so unreliable that his voice
had been completely obscured by static. All she knew was that Jason
Powell was coming for something.

But the poor lad was at a loss for words. Although he was a good head
taller than the young woman, Natalie suddenly had the urge to wrap her
arms around him and comfort him in his distress. She knew it was a
motherly response, and inwardly she wondered if she would ever have
children of her own.

Oh, dear Lord, she thought momentarily. Why does it have to be this
way? What am I doing wrong? She was thinking about her handsome,
earnest husband, to whom she had been married only a year. The way
things were going right now, it looked as though they would never have
a family, and the thought tore the twenty-five year old woman's heart
out. She had mulled over the horrible, incomprehensible consequences
that could result from her problems, but she tried to banish the
thoughts from her mind. Stepping down from the doorstep, she laid her
hand on young Jason's shoulder. "Why don't you come in and sit down for
a minute? I'm sure you'll remember what Mr. Jenkins wanted."

The blonde boy nodded gratefully and hesitantly followed the voluptuous
teacher into the cabin. The natural pine-wood building was small, with
a central living room off which the various hallways and bedrooms for
the camp's adult staff led. Since most of the staff members were both
teachers and guides or counselors, no one was in the cabin during the
afternoon except the black-haired academic teacher. She invited her
young guest to sit down in one of the comfortable bean-bag cushions
that dotted the sparsely-furnished living room.

"Can I get you something to drink, Jason?" the brunette offered
graciously. Part of the camp's program was to help give the boys
confidence in themselves as human beings, and Natalie was in the habit
of being polite to all her young students.

"Um ... okay," the muscular youth replied with a nervous smile. His
long, down-covered legs were bunched up awkwardly on the low bean-bag
pillows, and underneath his regulation camp shorts, the teacher was
shocked to notice that he was surprisingly well-hung. The slightly
visible bulge of his sleeping penis was outlined by the khaki bermuda-
length pants, and just below it, the two spheres of his balls were
clearly pressuring against the crotch seam. Natalie gasped on her way
to the communal refrigerator, vowing that she would not look at Jason's
genitals again, no matter how obvious they were when he sat with his
legs up like that. God, Nat, she scolded herself. You've got to get a
hold on yourself.

As she poured iced tea for herself and the boy, the black-haired
teacher shook her head in amazement. She supposed that her
uncontrollably salacious thoughts were partially due to the problems
she and her husband had been having, but she had never imagined that
they might have gone this far! To think that she was actually staring
at a young student's loins that way! God help me!

When she came back in to the cozy living room with the drinks, Natalie
made a point of sitting beside Jason, rather than across from him where
she would surely be tempted to feast her eyes on his healthy virile
groin area. But as she settled into the gigantic cushion, Natalie was
uncomfortably aware of the warm heat that seemed to be radiating from
the youth's body. Am I imagining it, or is he actually getting turned
on? She was afraid to turn her eyes in the direction of the boy, but
she heard his breath beginning to come in shorter faster heaves, almost
as if he was panting. And the cushion on which they both slat seemed to
be vibrating now, as if Jason's heart was beating faster ... Oh, God,
don't let it be happening, the woman pleaded internally. It's only the
second day of camp.

Frantically, the young wife searched her mind for something appropriate
to say. She couldn't bring up the boy's errand again, for fear of
jeopardizing his self-esteem, if he still didn't remember what he had
been sent for. But at the same time, she couldn't let him sit here all
afternoon, either. Her husband obviously needed whatever it was, or he
wouldn't have sent the teenager back to get it. Finally, making her
voice sound as normal as possible, Natalie said, "What were you and the
rest of the boys doing this afternoon?"

Jason started at the sound of her honey-sweet voice, but he quickly
summoned up the wherewithal to respond. "Oh, well, Mark -- I mean Mr.
Jenkins -- was taking us on a sort of nature hike. He said it would
help us pass the wilderness survival test at the end of camp. He was
explaining about some of the plants around here, and there was this
flower ... a purple kind of long thing ... and ... and. Again the
blonde youth's explanation seemed to fade off into nothing. His blue
eyes had inadvertently slipped down from the woman's beautiful face and
were now resting securely on her sensuous breasts, watching excitedly
the way they rose and fell with every breath she took. A boyish groan
escaped the youth's chest.

"You know what, Mrs. Jenkins?" he said boldly, with unprecedented
suddenness. "I think you're too beautiful to be a camp teacher." He
made the complaint in all sincerity, and Natalie turned to him in frank

"Why, thank you, Jason," she said with a healthy blush, "but I
certainly don't know what you mean."

"Well, I've been to summer camps before," he said expansively. "Not
this one, but other ones ... And the ladies they have there are always
old hags, like Miss Thatcher." Jason made an innocent reference to the
camp cook and nutritional expert, a middle-aged, rather plump woman who
had worked the camp's kitchen ever since Mr. Weatherly and Mr. Brooks
had started the camp nearly ten years ago. It wasn't that Miss Arlene
Thatcher wasn't well-liked by the staff members and teachers or even
the boys, for that matter -- but she wasn't exactly a model specimen of
the female of the human species. The only other woman at the summer
camp for boys was Lucille Wells, the wife of the marine biology expert.
She reluctantly taught a class in leather-working during the morning
school sessions, but otherwise, the snobbish blonde woman stayed out of
sight, so none of the boys really got to appreciate her classic, upper-
crust beauty.

Natalie turned toward Jason and smiled warmly, daring to press the
boy's sinewy hand with her own. "That's very kind of you, Jason
although I wouldn't exactly call Miss Thatcher a hag. She's really
quite a remarkable person ..." The raven-haired beauty was about to go
on, but she could see by the look in the blonde boy's eyes that he had
already tuned out what she was saying. He was visually feasting on her
generous insufficiently-hidden curves, and his mouth was hanging open
in awe.

For several seconds, the teacher's concentration lapsed, and she looked
to the crotch of Jason's camp shorts, frankly watching the long, hard
bulge that had begun to strain slightly against the fabric. He's
getting a hard-on ... She raised her huge, moist brown eyes to his face
again, helplessly inclining toward the youth's trembling virile body as
she subconsciously let her fresh ruby red lips fall open. God, he's so
beautiful, and so excited ...

All at once the youth lunged toward her, gathering her into his
quiveringly strong arms and crushing his lips down onto her mouth. She
had teased him beyond his limited endurance, and finally his defenses
had collapsed.

The beautiful dark-haired woman trembled and struggled weakly as
delicious erotic sensations began to ripple through every nerve in her
body, but she knew it was useless. She had accidentally tantalized the
youth by her voluptuous nearness, and now he was behaving like a lust-
crazed man. Natalie's mind flashed with the memory of how Mark's body
had once excited her like this and she hurriedly pushed the thought out
of her head. This wasn't Mark, but rather one of Mark's young charges.
She felt his stone-hard cockshaft pulsing against the softness of her
uniform-covered belly as he held her breathlessly tight against his
young body. She thought crazily that he might have gone insane with his
adolescent lust, and the realization made her suddenly more sober.

She pushed away from his heated embrace with jerky, urgent motions.
"Jason, I-I'm sorry," she said pantingly. With a desperate thrust she
broke free of the heated, charged embrace, adding, "If you can't
remember what my husband wanted you to get, maybe you'd better go back
to the group and find out."

The blonde teenager's face was full of mixed sorrow and confusion, as
he felt the clear rejection in the woman's tone. He didn't see how she
could be mad, just ten seconds ago she had been erotically returning
his kiss! He regarded her inquiringly for a few moments, while she
awkwardly stood up to get herself away from his young tantalizing body.
Then he said, "Well, you could call him on the intercom, Mrs. Jenkins
... That way I wouldn't have to go so soon."

Natalie had to smile at the undeniable logic of the boy's suggestion.
Of course ... The intercom switchboard was right against the wall next
to the fireplace, and every camp counselor and teacher had a
transmitter-receiver on his belt. It was originally supposed to be a
safety measure for groups going out on long hikes or star-gazing
expeditions, but over the years the use of the intercom system had
proliferated until it was used almost as often as a telephone in the
city. The equipment was out-dated and often useless, but still ...
Jason was right ... Mark could be contacted much more easily over the
intercom than if the fourteen year old boy had to go out after him.

Jason was encouraged by the older woman's smile, which he
misinterpreted for acquiescence. He literally jumped up from the
cushion and grabbed the young teacher around the waist, pulling her
down roughly onto the squashed-out pillows.

"Oh, God, thank you, Mrs. Jenkins," he murmured hotly in her ear. His
hands were now shamelessly massaging her firm rounded buttocks under
her tight shorts, squeezing them and kneading them with a hypnotic
rhythm that jarred her from her head to her foot. More and more the
insane, unpredictable desire which had been subtly building in her was
taking control of her mind and emotions. She wanted him desperately and
was becoming less and less able to consider the logical consequences.

"Jason, please listen ... I just have to try to reach Mark ... on the
intercom ..." But her words were belied by her actions, as she
relinquished herself up to his powerful embrace and he showered her
face and neck with kisses of fumbling adolescent fervor. Her loins were
growing warm and she wavered in his embrace as though she was caught
between breaking away and giving herself over completely to the
unexpected pleasurable sensations. Sensing her weakening resistance,
Jason rolled her over on the pillow so she was on her back, and he
gripped her ankles to spread them apart. Beneath the crotch of her
short shorts, the boy saw tiny dark tendrils of her soft curling pubic
hair, wisping out around the folded cuffs of the leg-bands.

Natalie tried again to regain some semblance of demeanor. She vaguely
thought she should close her thighs, but her body strangely ignored her
commands. Instead, her body seemed to be controlling her brain, sending
lewd messages to taunt her conscience. Ooooooh, how long has it been?
God, Mark and I haven't made love ... oh, God! Is it really two weeks?
She gazed glassy-eyed at the youth standing over her, watching with a
dazed expression while he hastily removed the khaki shorts and the
screen-printed T-shirt of the camp's hiking uniform. Her eyes traveled
hungrily over his naturally golden-skinned muscular form and a tingle
of forbidden excitement coursed through her as she sensed the power in
his young body. Then she involuntarily shivered as her gaze fell on the
thick, hard penis that stood out from beneath his flat stomach like a
heavy, blunt spear. Natalie remembered how often she had looked at
young boys in her classes in the city, secretly wondering just what
their adolescent, undeveloped organs would look like. Perhaps half the
size of Mark's, she had always thought, slimmer and shorter and maybe
not as granite hard ...

But as she stared at Jason Powell's heavily bloated penis she inhaled
sharply in surprise. Oh Lord, it's huge! I can't believe he's only
fourteen. She thought briefly of her first impression of him as he
stood at the doorway of the cabin, and she knew now where that
impression had come from. Jason Powell might be emotionally a young
boy, but physically -- physically, he was every bit as developed as a
man twice his age. The lovely black-haired woman found herself
wondering how Jason's little teenaged girlfriends managed to take that
gigantic solid rod of flesh into their tender inexperienced pussies,
and it suddenly dawned on her that she, herself, was going to be asked
to do that very thing. But that's impossible! It's got to be too big

"Listen, Jason," Natalie began again, "I don't know what you think I'm
doing, but ... but ..." Her eyes rested on the lewdly waving cock. "I
don't think ... that ... you understand ..."

Jason made it quite clear that he didn't want to understand the
beautiful woman's protests. In place of his previously cherubic
expression, the boy now had a look of animalistic lust. He reached his
trembling fingers down and stroked over the bare flesh of her arms and
neck, insinuating his fingertips into the open neckline of her cotton
blouse. His body jerked when he felt the gigantic quivering orbs of her
lushly firm breasts, and he began to claw at the buttons of the blouse.
Natalie squirmed helplessly as she caught sight of the intercom
switchboard and remembered that her husband would be looking for this
boy if he didn't go back to the nature hike pretty soon. But at the
same time, she was enjoying his youthful fervor in undressing her, and
she didn't even feel embarrassed when she felt him yank her blouse out
of the waistband of the matching shorts.

"Holy shit, Mrs. Jenkins!" the youth panted as he groped behind her
back for the hook of her bra. His fingers were surprisingly nimble as
he deftly unclasped the sheer white undergarment, whipping it out from
underneath her body so he could read the size label in the back. "Holy
shit!" he exclaimed. "36-D! Jesus, Mrs. Jenkins, I've never seen a
chick with a D-sized tits before! Oh, Jesus, God, fuck!"

As his tongue was unconsciously rolling off admiring obscenities, Jason
fell forward over the woman and fastened his mouth firmly over one
large brown nipple. She groaned in excited pain at his unintentional
harshness, but the boy was too engrossed in his luscious task to
notice. His wet lips roamed eagerly over the heaving ivory mounds,
causing a twitch of blissful sensation to rock her loins below. Her
tensed buttocks relaxed and began to rotate slowly into the yielding
pillow below.

The young boy's hands and lips played over the sensitive flesh of her
upper torso, his eyes burning with desire. Tiny goose-bumps sprang out
over the whiteness of Natalie's smooth flesh as her muscles tensed with
her mounting fervor.

"Nnnnnggggg ... ugh ... shit, Mrs. Jenkins ... you got the best tits of
any chick in the world ... God damn! I sure would like to fuck your
pussy, Mrs. Jenkins!"

Natalie stiffened at the sound of the teenager's lewd words, and yet
the very lasciviousness of them excited her even more, until she knew
she was losing whatever control she had had over what was occurring in
the cozy living room of the teachers' and counselors' cabin. She could
feel the warm moisture spreading outward from her curl-fringed cuntal
lips to dampen the crotch of her short camp shorts, and she tried to
press her legs together to ease the tantalizing burning sensation that
was licking madly at the pit of her stomach.

Jason's hungry kisses and maddening manipulations of her blazing flesh
was turning her entire body into a knotted bundle of raw nerve endings,
filling her with a passion that she was powerless to check. A tiny cry
of delight rose from her throat as his hands seized both of her
throbbing breasts and squeezed them together like straining grapefruit
until the two rosy nipples met and his hungry mouth enveloped them both
at the same time. Tiny pinpricks of delicious feeling raced through the
miniature erections as he rolled each nipple around with the wet tip of
his pointed tongue. She could feel his warm, moist breath move softly
over her chest and throat as he lifted his head to lock his mouth
wildly against hers.

Natalie tried for a moment to squirm away, to make one last valiant
effort to put a stop to this salacious seduction. But she was no longer
able to command the strength to counter his powerful young male grip,
as he held her firmly pinioned beneath his rippling young nakedness.

The voluptuous brunette soon forgot about the fact that Jason would be
missed from his hike, she forgot about her decision to call Mark over
the camp intercom system -- she forgot everything except the delicious
shafts of pleasure piercing through her flesh like tiny pricking
needles of fire. All that mattered was the unbelievable joy of having
this glorious young boy's lusty body against her own tingling flesh.
His hands slipped down from her solid bulging breasts to fondle her
hips and trace the lovely outlines of her full-rounded buttocks under
her shorts.

"God, you're gorgeous! Fuckin' A ... my balls are gonna pop off if I
don't get to fuck you pretty quick!"

His hoarse panting voice and impossibly obscene language had the effect
of exciting the young teacher into submission. She threw her arms up
greedily and wound them around his neck, pulling his muscular torso
deeper into the soft white mounds of her breasts. She was a slave to
the surges of hot longing that made her ache to have him inside her and
there was no thought in her mind but anticipation for the moment he
would thrust his long, hard shaft deep into her needful vagina. She
knew she could not bear to wait another instant and she reached down to
unzip the front placket of her camp shorts.

Moments later, she kicked free of the garment, baring the lower half of
her erotically exciting body, and Jason pulled her tightly up against
him. Natalie's body was lost in the fire of the moment and every muscle
was tensed as she strained her loins upward in an effort to capture the
huge rod of flesh that pressed tightly against the soft flesh of her
thighs. The blond-haired youth levered her legs back onto the cushion,
then pried her thighs apart and settled between them, positioning his
body in a push-up position over her prostrate form.

Natalie could see the boy hovering over her through her lust-glazed
eyes, and she felt the hugeness of his hot fleshy hardness lying
against the full length of her trembling vaginal slit. The lurching
head of his stone-hard cock rested throbbingly between her widespread
buttocks, insinuating itself up and down the sweat-moistened crevice in
a teasing motion that sent her hips twisting upwards in a desperate
attempt to capture the hard, lust-engorged tip that would fill her
aching need. Her belly was screaming out to be filled - she had to have
it in her!

At last, in a panic of frustration, she reached her hands down between
their bodies and grasped the full length of the boy's rampant cock. Her
tightly-closed fist stroked up and down along the thick hard shaft for
a moment, feeling its heaving pulse against her soft palms and the warm
sticky fluids that oozed in driblets from the blood-inflated head. She
carefully guided it into the valley of her buttocks, positioning it
between the mucous-covered flanges of her coralline vagina. She
steadied it there with one hand and placed the other on the boy's
buttocks, drawing with all her strength to pull it into her and let it
drown the gnawing hot heat that burned out of control in her belly. Her
eyes closed in ecstasy as she felt its first soft electrical contact
against the sensitive ragged edges of her moist pussy, then she held
her breath for what seemed like an eternity as she lay in utter
wantonness beneath the teenager, waiting for him to impale her on the
massive rod of his rigid penile flesh.

"God ... ooohhhhh, God," she whispered, splaying her legs wider to give
the boy greater access to her loins.

Above her, Jason's disbelieving delight gave way to a twisted grimace
of sheer animal lust as he heard her impassioned moan. He still
couldn't believe that she actually wanted him to do it to her, and he
wondered if she would actually beg him to put his big cock right inside
her. Eagerly, he flicked his hips forward to tease her dampening cuntal
lips even more, in the hopes that she would ask for more.

Natalie felt her softly curling pubic hairs and the outer flanges of
her throbbing vagina being spread open by the thick blunt head and she
moaned softly at the cruel pressure against the tight elastic opening
of her pussy.

"It's okay ... oh, Jaaaason ... hurry!" she gasped as the huge tip of
the boy's adolescent penis slipped through the tight vaginal ring,
stretching the narrow vertical mouth until Natalie could feel her
thighs being forced apart by the relentless outward pressure of the
young boy's loins.

"Yeeeessss ... yes, more!" the black-haired woman encouraged him,
feeling her cuntal walls flowering open to accept his enthusiastic
young entry. "Oh, God, push it harder, Aaaaahhhh ..." Her eyes jerked
open in her unashamed lust, and she stared unseeing into his desire-
contorted features. He was lost in the rapture of her body, and he
didn't realize what he was doing as he ceaselessly pressed his virilely
hardened young cock into the warm softness of her unnaturally
stretching vagina.

His no-longer innocent face was twisted into an almost sadistic leer as
he looked down and saw the beautiful woman helplessly spread-eagled
beneath him with the head of his cock disappearing into the soft
curling hair of her pussy. He fell forward, his weight smashing down on
her full ripened breasts. He rammed his hips forward at the same time
with all the strength in his athletic young thighs, and his long thick
cock slid into her cunt like a driving piston, pushing the soft moist
flesh of her vaginal walls in rippling miniature waves before it. There
was no stopping it until with a loud slap his balls slammed heavily
down on the cheek of her tightly clenched ass. Her legs jerked out wide
on either side of his young muscular body, splaying out over the edges
of the nearly flattened pillow on which they lay. She kicked futilely
into the air as her ass seemed to screw itself up into the sudden
brutal impalement.

"Aaaaaagh!" she panted in surprise, then, "Oh, yesssss, YES!" She
tossed her head from side to side so that her shining black hair tossed
around her lovely face like satanic flames of fire. She had never felt
so completely filled in her life, and his heavy rock-hard cock felt as
though it had actually stretched her vagina beyond its natural limits,
tearing the tender walls as he speared into her narrow passage with
thoughtless enthusiasm. The fiery rod of his plunging flesh felt as
though it was going to come bursting out her throat as the lustfully
inflated, mushroom-shaped head pressed hard against her sensitive
cervix, the thick lengthy shaft filling her belly to the bursting
point. There was not a single tiny ridge of flesh on the rock-hard,
heavily-veined cock that she could not feel as the walls of her
cringing cunt clasped around the rod as tightly as a hot moist glove.
Afraid to move for fear that he actually would tear her vaginal
membranes, Natalie lay quietly beneath him, trying to beat down the
erotically teasing shivers that were wracking her body even as she
tried to lie still.

Clamping his wet lips tightly over the young woman's mouth, Jason began
a slow rocking motion between her trembling thighs. As the raven-haired
beauty groaned helplessly beneath him, the adolescent could feel the
narrow stretched channel widening slightly with each short smooth
stroke. He looked down so he could see his own tawny pubic hair
tangling tightly with hers each time the length of his thick fleshy
male rod burrowed deep into the pink throbbing furrow between her wide-
splayed legs. He could see the tight lips of her pink swollen cunt
stretched almost to the bursting point, the rubbery outer rim clasping
tightly around his gleaming cockshaft as it slowly plunged in and out
of her.

Natalie twisted beneath him as her body slowly became accustomed to the
huge skewering penis and began to involuntarily react to the boy's
gentle fucking motions. The very thought of her total surrender to this
handsome teenager sent a chill running up her spine, as she felt the
slow, hypnotic rhythm of Jason Powell's cock pounding wetly into the
sensitive throbbing opening of her vagina.

The boy felt her body begin to thrash beneath him and he quickened his
thrusts, grabbing her flailing legs behind the knees and shoving them
roughly back against her shoulders until her ankles locked tightly
behind his neck. Her tortured body was bent back almost double and the
glistening wet, flattened plane of her crotch was presented up to his
driving lunges, hot and pulsating and deep. Staring down between their
bodies, the youth slowly withdrew his deeply imbedded instrument until
just the tip of its head rested within the swollen wet lips of her
pussy. He hesitated, then rammed forward with all his youthful energy,
driving the full throbbing length of his lust-incited member deep into
her helplessly exposed vagina. The wet flat smack of his hips thudding
against her pelvis resounded off the pine walls of the little room as
he thrust his dripping tongue deep in her throat, stifling the low,
animal groans that were forming there. His hands insinuated themselves
between the bean bag cushion and the full white cheeks of her ass as he
cupped them in his spread fingers and palms so he could knead the warm,
satiny flesh, pulling the rounded firm globes apart. His muscular
shoulders pushing against the backs of her shapely calves kept her
locked in that helpless position while he rammed his fiery rod into her
steaming dilated pussy, sweeping her buttocks wider and wider apart
with each powerful forward lunge of his young straining loins.

Natalie groaned defenselessly beneath him, her flushed face showing a
mixture of feelings pain and humiliation and exquisite pleasure. She
was powerless to move as he buffeted her helpless body along the
squashed-out cushions, driving gradually toward the wall with every
pounding lunge. Even her arms were pinned down at her sides by her own
up-drawn legs, and she could feel the giant blood-filled head of
Jason's cock sliding up and down inside her warm viscous passage like a
well-oiled piston. His bloated balls slapped loudly against her anus
each time he crushed his loins into the valley between her buttocks and
wafts of cool air rushed maddeningly between her widespread thighs
every time he withdrew. His hands cupped her full heaving breasts,
twisting and squeezing them with a savage brutality born of youthfully
exuberant lust, and he pinched and tugged at the hard pinkish-brown
nipples until Natalie thought that they would surely burst from his
wild manipulations.

All hesitation and discomfort were gone now from the young teacher's
mind, and her face contorted into an unrecognizable mask of wild
abandoned passion. Her womb flared and the tight resisting lips of her
hair-lined vaginal furrow drew back to receive the delicious ravishment
of her secret genitals. She desperately forced her hands out from under
her pinioned legs and wrapped them around the teenager's flexing
buttocks as her rotating hips slithered wetly upward to devour his
young, lust-hardened rod. His big balls smacked into the passion-
drenched crevice of her ass, making the whole sensitive area tingle and
contract in response to the strangely delightful sensation. Her nails
clawed a red streaked path along his back as she pulled him deep and
thrust her belly up harder to skewer herself completely on the driving
hot flesh of his pumping shaft. Her body began to match his driving
thrusts with her own rhythmic thrashings and the straining pillow
seemed to flatten out even more under their wildly struggling pressure.
The guttural sounds of deep panting grunts and groans filled the fresh
woodsy air of the cabin, mingling with the wet noises of sweat-soaked
flesh smacking sharply against sweat-soaked flesh. The moist viscous
slurp of the boy's pile-driving cock slamming madly in and out of her
wetly sucking cunt only served to heighten Natalie's uncontrolled

"Aaaaahhh, fuck, fuck, fuck," she chanted ecstatically over and over as
Jason fucked his throbbing young hardness ceaselessly into her white
rounded belly with long, hard lunges. The youth could feel his hot
white cum boiling inside his hard heated balls as they beat wildly
against her upturned ass. He grunted savagely and quickened his stroke,
grinding hard and deep until his cock bored far up into the untouched
hidden recesses of her womb. Her breasts heaved and quivered up against
the pressure of his chest, their tiny hardened nipples digging into his
skin like buttons on a coat.

The black-haired teacher was no longer ashamed that this magnificent
boy wanted only her body - even though it was the first time in her
year-long marriage to Mark that she had been unfaithful. She wasn't
ashamed because she was enjoying it so much that her lust-dazed mind
could no longer remember who or where she was. All she knew was the
delicious wave of stormy sensation in her cunt as the boy's thick cock
drove in and out of her clutching vagina, with increasing ferocity and

Jason's pile-driving cockhead was colliding with her cervix on every
powerful stroke, and she could feel distinctly the sudden lengthening
and thickening of his already massively enlarged organ.

He shoved his tongue wildly down her throat as his harshly kneading
hands pulled the widespread cheeks of her buttocks hard up against his
grinding pelvis, and Natalie could feel the thick white liquid
explosion of his teenage sperm rocketing from the flaring head of his
penis to splatter into the depths of her cunt. The woman strained
upward off the pillow in a frantic effort to achieve her own orgasm,
and she could feel her hotly clasping vaginal walls preparing to

"Aaaaahhhh! Unh ... God, I'm almost ... there ... ugh ..." she grunted
through ecstasy-bared teeth. "Unh ... unh!" Jason hardly heard her
desperate moans through the blood-roaring surges of his own youthful
climax, as he battered his exploding cock in and out of her tensely
clutching pussy in his hot, sticky cum streamed ceaselessly into her
frustrated vaginal passage.

"Zzzzzzt! Ccccckkk ... Natalie click ... Natalie, are you there?" The
fuzzy voice sounded eerily from the wall, and at first the black-haired
teacher froze stiffly with fright. Then, her erotically aroused face
took on a deep-blushing expression of horror, as she recognized her
husband's voice crackling over the intercom.

"Natalie! ... zzzzttt ... It's Mark ..."

In their frenzied lust, Jason and Natalie had scooted along the floor
all the way to the wall, and now their heads were almost directly under
the intercom switchboard. Tears of fright, shame, and humiliation
sprang to the young teacher's eyes, as she quickly realized that not
only was she about to be discovered by her loving husband, but also she
was going to be prevented from achieving the climax she needed so

The youth still panting above her suddenly became frightened too,
thinking that his uncontrollable lust might get him sent home from camp
and into trouble with his parents. Sheepishly, he rolled off the
teacher's sweat-soaked body, sliding his deflating penis from her
trembling cunt with an embarrassed hiss. He didn't need to be told to
keep quiet, but his blue eyes were filled with fear as he hurriedly
began to dress himself while the nature guide's wife reluctantly forced
herself to get up off the lust-soaked cushion.

"Cccrrkkk ... Natalie, where are you?! Jason Powell is ... ccchhhttt
... ing ... Come in, Natalie!"

The brunette tried to ease her panting breaths as she flipped the
switch from "receive" to "transmit".

"Yes, Mark," she gasped into the microphone, "this is Natalie ..."

"Zzzzzccckkk ... oh, good ... I seem to have lost a boy ... the one ...
zzzzccckk ... to get the book ..."

Natalie looked disgustedly at the ancient communications equipment. It
was practically useless to try to get anything straightened out over
the unreliable transmitter, but she inhaled wearily to try to respond
normally. "Jason Powell is here ..."

"What? Where?"

"Jason Powell is here ... What book did you want him to bring?"

The distressed teacher was suddenly aware of her blatant nakedness, as
Jason cowered in the corner with his camp uniform on. He didn't know
whether he should run away or stay, but he tried not to make any noise
that his camp counselor might hear over the intercom.

"Ccchhhkkkk..... edible plants, with the pictures of ... click ... on
the dresser ..." The garbled message was unclear at best, but the
sexually frustrated brunette was anxious to put an end to the
licentiously humiliating situation.

"Yes, darling, I know the one," she replied into the transmitter, and
then she switched the whole apparatus off, which was against camp
regulations, but which she had to do to avoid further contact with her
husband. She avoided Jason's puzzled gaze as she almost frantically
pulled on her discarded clothing, but she told him to wait as she
hurried down the hall to the bedroom that she and her husband were
sharing for the duration of the six-week summer camp session. She
darted her eyes about the room quizzically, remembering that all she
had heard was "on the dresser". Since the dresser was the only piece of
furniture in the room besides the wood-frame bed, all of her husband's
books were piled there. Natalie flipped through the stack of nature
books until she found one with the words "edible plants" in the title,
and she sighed as she carried it out to Jason.

She found herself averting her eyes as she presented the book to the
young messenger, saying, "I think this is what Mr. Jenkins wanted ...
You'd better hurry with it ..."

The big blond boy was noticeably let-down by the older woman's curt
tone of voice. He was vaguely aware that she hadn't been able to cum to
orgasm, but as far as he was concerned, he was willing to undress and
finish her off right now. But her blunt dismissal of him with the
admonition to hurry made his young mind whirl with confusion, and he
almost felt as if he was going to cry.

Taking the book reluctantly, Jason hesitated as he tried to look into
her big, sad brown eyes for some clue of her feelings. He leaned
forward slightly, intending to put a comforting hand on her shoulder,
but he lurched back like a branded calf when she wrenched his wrist

No!" she spat out. "Just go on, now, Jason," she added a little more
kindly, but it wasn't kind enough to dispel the fourteen year old's
dismay. He trudged out disconsolately, an inexplicable anger brewing in
his mind, an anger whose direction he did not know.

Natalie wiped the back of her hand across her forehead in a gesture of
helpless exhaustion. The tiny living room of the staff quarters was in
total disarray, the big comfortable bean-bag cushions pushed this way
and that out of the cozy circle they had originally been arranged in.
The switchboard table was shoved at an odd angle to the wall, and the
black-haired camp teacher was afraid she might have pulled some wires.
She flicked the old machine on to see if it still had the
characteristic buzz that meant it was still functioning, and
fortunately it sputtered into action. Well, she thought, at least I
haven't done any obvious damage ...

Wearily, she tried to pull the pillows back into their exact positions
around the fireplace, patting and punching them back into shape. She
discovered one sandal under a cushion and hurriedly searched for the
other, as her legs seemed to twitch spasmodically. Down between her
trembling thighs she could feel the intense hollowness in her
unsatisfied loins as her needful vaginal flesh undulated slowly as if
in an attempt to create a hard male penis there.

God! It felt sooooo gooood to have his cock up my cunt, she said
obscenely to herself. It had been two full weeks since she had felt the
delicious, erotic pressure of a man's lust thickened cock-flesh in her
pussy, and even then, it had been Mark's cautiously nursed erection
that had spurred her to her mild orgasm.

Why did it have to happen? Why does it have to be this way? the lovely
brunette teacher moaned inwardly. It just isn't fair.

It had been going on for some three months now, since Easter vacation.
Natalie and her husband Mark were both teachers in one of the high
schools in the city. Natalie taught mathematics and Mark taught
science. They'd been married for just under nine months at Easter when
they had the week off together, and they had splurged and taken what
they had planned to be a second honeymoon. Although neither of them had
said it outright, the underlying reason for the frivolous vacation was
to see if Natalie could become pregnant.

They were in Honolulu when they first noticed the problem. Everything
had gone perfectly that day, and considering the time change that they
encountered during their eight hour flight, both the young teachers
were in high spirits. They managed to take in both a luscious dinner
and a stage show that first night, and then they went to bed to try for
their first child.

Their love-making had been normal in every respect, too, except they
were strangely unable to reach orgasm. Laughing it off that first time,
the married couple attempted to ignore it, but when their Hawaiian
vacation was over, both young teachers knew there was something wrong.

Then had followed the series of embarrassing tests and marriage
counseling, during which it was determined that they might not be doing
enough to satisfy each other's needs. Both healthy young adults
ridiculed this conclusion, saying that psychiatrists and marriage
counselors didn't know what it was like to be in love, so how could
they know what truly exhilarating sex was?

But as the weeks wore on, the conclusions of the counselors seemed to
bear themselves out. Mark and Natalie reluctantly admitted that the
professionals might have a point and they returned for another therapy
session. The kindly European counselor suggested that they tell each
other their sexual fantasies, and then try to help each other act them
out, thereby alleviating some of the inner frustration that they were
both beginning to feel.

For a while, that seemed to be the solution, but Natalie was unable to
completely comply with the marriage counselor's suggestion. Well how
could I, really? she asked herself logically. Surely the doctor didn't
expect me to go out and get laid by some high school student. Fantasies
are fantasies up to a point, and then acting them out could become
dangerous to a marriage.

Oh, God, why? the pretty, full-bodied twenty-five year old woman asked
herself again. It had been happening for three years, ever since she
had first begun teaching. When she was single, it hadn't been so bad.
She would come home from school and finger-fuck herself to orgasm while
she imagined the firm, naked bodies of her young male students. Once,
she had even taken a yearbook off the shelf and turned to the pages
where the swim team was pictured in their brief, revealing nylon
trunks, outlining the bulges of their young virile cocks with obscene
clarity. That page was still sticky with her dried female cum, where
she had held the page open with her dripping fingers.

Last June, when she had joyfully agreed to marry Mark Jenkins, Natalie
sincerely hoped that her preoccupation with young men would fade into
the background, and indeed, for the first eight or nine months of their
marriage it had. Sex with Mark was so much more filling and complete
than her previous finger-fucking had been that the voluptuous math
teacher logically assumed that her fantasies were dead. Then this awful
counseling had come along to remind her of her imaginary perversion,
and the poor woman was beside herself.

To be fair, Mark was taking the whole embarrassing episode in his
stride. He was loving and understanding when his young wife failed to
reach her climax, and he would often strain his already cum drained
penis in and out just to make her cum. But at the same time, he seemed
to be becoming less and less interested in their sexual relations, a
fact which the counselor had attributed to their underlying fantasies.

Mark had been open and willing with Natalie, telling how he dreamed of
fucking upside down, with the woman on the top, and how he had often
wanted to fuck his long hard cock up between her huge ripe tits and cum
all over her neck and chin. Natalie tried to explain her own visions,
too, but she could say only so much. How could she tell her own husband
that she lusted after her tenth and eleventh grade math students?

When the counseling seemed to fail them, Mark had hit on the idea of
spending the summer in the country, away from the hassles of the big
city. A guy he'd gone to college with was running a summer camp for
boys near Lake Devonshire, and Mark decided to see if he and Natalie
could be hired as counselors or teachers.

Stuart Brooks had been all too happy to accommodate the young couple.
Normally, he tried to avoid hiring women in the basically all-male
camp, but the cook was a woman, and Lucille Wells was there because her
husband was. And Natalie Jenkins had the additional qualifications to
teach math and English, both of which were included in the program to
help prepare the young eighth grade graduates for their high school

So far, Natalie found the camp refreshing and exciting, but their two
nights here had been uneventful. The lovely teacher slumped into the
cushion which had so recently been the site of her almost-orgasm and
buried her head in her hands. No, no she moaned inwardly.

Don't make this go on.

Chapter 2

Natalie rose from the cushions almost as suddenly as she had sat down.
The demanding tingle up between her legs refused to be quieted,
tormenting her with its fiery, unfulfilled insistence. Oh, Lord, dear
God, she groaned silently. I'll never be able to stand this ... She
paced the living room of the staff cabin nervously, glancing every so
often at the intercom switchboard that had so rudely interrupted her
quest for orgasmic release. Her inner thighs seemed to be burning as
she rubbed them nakedly together when she walked. She could feel the
crotch-band of her panties soaking warmly with her still-oozing
lubricating fluids as her whole belly ached with need.

Finally, in desperation the beautiful young brunette headed urgently
toward her bedroom, plopping herself down across the double bed that
she and her husband shared at Weatherly-Brooks Camp. Her hands flew up
to the tips of her thrusting breasts, tweaking them gently through the
stiff material of her camp blouse. She began to unbutton the uniform
with one hand while the other crept down to the crotch of the short-
shorts, rubbing sensuously over the rise of her pubic mound. It was
something she had been trying to avoid during the whole three months of
Mark's and her problem, but it was something she could no longer
prevent. She had to have satisfaction.

Loosening the blouse, Natalie slipped her fingers under the sheer
fabric of her bra to knead the soft, warm flesh of her breasts,
pinching the pliant nipples to rubbery tightness. Her mind spun over
the numerous young male bodies she could remember from her three years
of teaching at the urban high school, and she picked several out for
their fantastic, healthy looking magnetism. The black-haired teacher
couldn't help but think of their bodies now, their firm-muscled chest
and long, sinewy thighs, their tightly flexed young buttocks and ...
and Oh, God! their delicious long hard cocks!

Although the young woman had never actually succumbed to the temptation
of her unwitting young pupils, Natalie had dreamed and fantasized about
them so often that she felt as if she had actually known them, in all
their youthful naked splendor. And her mind-visions were made all the
more tangible now by the recent, so near and yet so far stimulation of
a real flesh-and-blood youth, the fourteen year old boy whom her
husband had sent to pick up a book.

Dear God! the lust-crazed woman repeated to herself as she squirmed
into the mattress with her hips. I was so close! And Jason Powell was
really here, right here between my legs, and his lovely thick cock was
right up in my pussy, god! Right up there in my belly!

Her long shapely legs began to scissor open and shut in remembered lust
as she hurriedly unzipped her shorts and slid them down over her hips
to land beside the bed on the floor. Her thin nylon panties were stuck
drenched into the crevice between her firmly molded ass-cheeks, and she
had to arch up off the bed to remove them. Reaching down the full
length of her reclining body, she teased herself with a rhythmic
pinching of her clitoris, fanning the burning passion that still
remained from Jason's untimely departure. Her smooth rounded buttocks
quivered tensely into the quilt-covered bed until she could feel the
raised seams of the patchwork rubbing against the tender swelling
vaginal lips. At the almost electrical contact, her breath quickened
into a soft panting, and the fiery passionate yearning blossomed ever
more insistently in her loins.

She tried to imagine the first nine months of her marriage, when Mark's
heated touch would send her reeling into unknown heights of erotic
excitement, and when her prurient interest in youthful males was at its
all-time low. Back then, Natalie had really thought she had overcome
her problem ... She had been convinced that marriage to athletic,
energetic Mark Jenkins was the cure for her forbidden fantasies.

But now as she writhed on the bed under her own salacious
ministrations, Natalie moaned out her realization that she had been
wrong. Perhaps it would have happened even without the unfortunate
problem she and Mark had been having lately ... Or worse, perhaps
Natalie's very fantasies were somehow the cause of her failure to
achieve satisfaction in her marriage bed. But whatever the explanation,
the gorgeous teacher couldn't deny the demanding hollowness of her
loins ... She had to fill her need, no matter how illicit her methods.

Her soft, ruby-lipped mouth opened in sensual rapture as both her hands
scurried madly over her body as though they were no longer controlled
by her brain. Her long fingers floated down over the creamy flesh of
her belly, coming to rest on the dark, still-matted curls of her pubic
vee, at the entranceway to her burning genitals. She groaned at the
sudden contact with her hard, sensitively aroused clitoris, and she
moved her legs far apart on the bed to reveal the glistening little
pussy between her thighs. Her trembling fingers slipped downward to the
swollen tingling lips of her vagina, pulling them outward with a slow,
torturing movement until the deep pink slit was completely exposed to
the warm sunlit air and the tiny throbbing opening between them
pulsated open and closed like the upturned mouth of a hungry baby bird.

Slowly and gently, she began to insinuate her long, slender middle
finger into the warm depths of her wetly-throbbing cunt-hole, forcing
it downward until it lay completely buried in her greedily clenching
channel. She teased at the erected bud of her clitoris with her thumb,
as she closed her dark, moist eyes and imagined how young Jason
Powell's cock had felt only a few minutes ago.

Her breathing slowed as she felt a wave of intense heat pass up through
her body. She opened her legs wider as she probed her long middle
finger up inside her heated cuntal flesh, trying to quench the tiny
teasing flames licking down between her legs.

Abruptly she brought her licentious probes to a halt. Natalie, what are
you doing?! she demanded mentally. Isn't it enough that you let that
young teenage boy fuck his cock into you, and cum? Do you have to
completely give in to your wicked carnal desires? Her conscience
scolded the beautiful naked brunette as she lay sprawled on the bed,
engaged in the lewd forbidden activity she had willingly given up on
the day of her marriage to Mark. Now, only a year later, it seemed as
if she was flaunting those marriage vows in as many ways as she could,
first by her adulterous association with the young camper, and now by
her own uncontrollable urges to finger fuck herself.

That's what it is! her brain taunted, finger fucking. She tried to
order her arms to pull away from her hotly seething little cunt-hole,
but it did no good. Instead, her body seemed to defy her brain's orders
by hungrily thrusting another finger past the wetly quivering lips of
her vaginal opening, slowly parting her pussy-hairs and widening the
narrow slit as she carefully rotated the inserted fingers with
calculated precision. Before her marriage, she had learned how to
quickly bring her body to the necessary peak of excitement, and now in
her frustrated frenzy of mounting erotic lust, she jerked her legs all
the way back against her heavily heaving tits and ground her naked hips
upward to meet each plunging fuck of her fingers.

The smooth interior walls of her cunt closed around her probing fingers
like a second skin, bringing promise of relief. She rotated her hand
from the wrist, trying to imagine that her fingers were a male penis,
engorged and throbbingly alive, sinking deeper and deeper inside her.
Her hips churned slowly into the bed in response to the rhythmic
thrusting of the delicious imaginary cock embedded deep up inside.

Natalie's lovely face contorted with the effort of her own frantic
manipulations as she strove desperately to reach the pinnacle of her
lust. She could hardly control the convulsive spasms of her desire-
wracked body as she reacted involuntarily to the uncontrollable need
which had been aroused by the beautiful blond boy who had been sent to
do an errand for her husband. God! If only she could have held his
energetically virile cock inside her a few moments longer ... if only
there was another youth with another youthful penis, fully erected and
pounding with desire. Her two slim fingers were barely enough to
satisfy her raging desire, and with a throaty, animal-like groan, she
thrust another finger into the depths of her ravenously hungry pussy,
wantonly heaving beneath her slamming hand in a near-agony of lust as
her unthinking passion built to almost unbearable heights.

"Ooooohhhh ..." she moaned, her head flailing from side to side on the
patchwork bedspread. In her imagination she tried to convince herself
that the penis inside her was expanding, as her third finger stretched
her vaginal walls like a cock getting ready to explode. Her thumb
played over her eager clitoris, stroking it frantically as she pounded
her fingers in a frenzied rhythm.

Her naked breasts heaved and fell in deep violent waves. Her hands
almost clawed at her grasping cunt in her feeble simulation of fucking.
Whimpering moans of pleasure wafted up into the bedroom as she drove
faster and faster into her hungrily working pussy walls, fucking her
fingers savagely up inside as she strained wildly to cum. Her long dark
hair whipped around her face and she gasped out her frustration as she
strained and struggled for release.

Surge after expectant surge of power swept through her veins as she
came closer and closer to her climactic orgasm. Suddenly, a series of
spasms of uncontrollable pleasure shuddered through her sweat-
glistening body that shook her from head to toe. She could feel the
automatic contractions of her cuntal walls around her thrusting
fingers, as her female cum began to gush freely out from between her
clenching vaginal lips and around her plundering fingers. She imagined
that she was being filled with wave after wave of delicious adolescent
sperm as her own orgasmic juices flowed endlessly. Her hands clenched
tightly at her undulating pussy and her legs drew in tightly together
as she wailed out her relief.

"Oooooaaaaahh, God! God, God, ggggooooddddd!! Aaaahhhmmm."

Gradually, her muscles began to relax, and her legs fell slowly into a
lewd, outspread position as the tides of her orgasm receded, and the
imaginary penis slipped from her finally gratified cunt. She pulled out
her lubricant soaked fingers as she whimpered softly to herself.
"Mmmmmnnnn hhmmmm ..."

She felt herself drifting off into a calm, peaceful sleep, and it took
a conscious effort to arouse herself. Oh, Lord, she thought guiltily. I
couldn't fall asleep and let Mark see me like this! She raised her
hands from her still hotly twitching pussy mound and looked at the
slippery, wet droplets of cum on her long, slender fingers. Her huge,
perspiration shiny breasts were heaving voluptuously as she looked down
the curvaceous naked length of her own traitorous body, and Natalie was
suddenly overcome with shame.

She thought of young Jason Powell, with his long thickened penis
cumming like a fire-hose up inside her ravaged pussy only an hour ago.
The gorgeous little fourteen year old had had no idea of the import of
what he had been doing. He had been responding to his adolescent needs,
without realizing the implications. It was she, Natalie Jenkins, who
had really been responsible. And it was she alone who would have to
take the blame, if anyone should ever find out about her helpless
inability to control her desires.

The pretty black-haired woman dressed herself quietly, keeping her ears
alerted for any sound in the adult staff cabin. If anyone was in now,
he might have heard her abandoned cries of a few minutes ago, and he
might become suspicious. Normally, she knew, all the adult camp
staffers should be occupied with their afternoon duties; it was only
four, and everyone but Natalie and Lucille Wells was assigned to some
afternoon activity or another. And the wife of the marine biology
expert stayed in the trailer that she and her husband shared at the
edge of the camp grounds.

Natalie sighed in relief as she stepped out of her room and went down
the hall to the living room. She had some planning to do for her 3 R's
classes tomorrow, and she had some ideas that she wanted to have
approved by Stuart Brooks, the Camp Director and a friend of her
husband's. She knew that Mr. Brooks should be down in his Director's
office until five, and she had planned to speak to him this afternoon.

As she gathered her lesson plans from one of the bookshelves in the
living room, Natalie wondered ashamedly whether her face or her
appearance would in any way give a clue as to her salacious activities
this afternoon. It was important not only to her, but to her husband
Mark as well, that the Camp Director be completely satisfied with their
work here. He had been reluctant to hire Natalie in the first place,
because he had wanted to preserve the all-male feeling of the boys'
camp. In fact, it had been almost a favor to Mark that he had accepted
their applications, and the beautiful young teacher was afraid that she
now understood the true reason behind Stuart Brooks' reluctance.

Well, she thought resolutely, the only thing I can do is hope no one
finds out ... I've got to at least act responsible or someone will get

Taking her lesson plans and her classroom proposals, the curvaceous
camp teacher stepped out of the cabin into the bright sunlight. She
squinted her big brown eyes against the brightness, so she couldn't see
the boys whose voices she heard distinctly.

"Honest to God?" one said.

"You're shittin' me! ... Aren't you?" asked another incredulously.

"Fuck no! I swear to God, he was fuckin' it to her like some kind of

Natalie started. It was unlikely that the teenagers were referring to
Jason and herself, she knew ... But why hadn't she thought of this
before? What was to prevent young Powell telling his friends what he'd
done to Mark Jenkins' wife when he'd been sent to get the book? Oh,
God, please! the woman begged silently. Please don't let Jason be
indiscreet ... please don't let him say anything ...

Chapter 3

Stuart Brooks was a handsome bachelor of thirty-two. He was two years
older than Natalie's husband Mark, but he had known the younger man
briefly in college. They had been bunkmates on a month long
archaeological dig in Arizona. The camp Director remembered Jenkins as
a rather serious university sophomore who had taken the trouble to
transplant nearly forty ocotillo shrubs that the students and their
professors had dug up during the expedition.

Brooks himself had received his degree that same year, and after that,
he had had little contact with his former classmate. He had almost
immediately begun working on the project of helping urban adolescents,
although he had little money of his own with which to finance any of
his projects.

An enterprising, charming young man, Stuart Brooks had managed to woo
the widow of a wealthy financier, Sybil Weatherly, into practically
giving him the money for the camp project he wanted to start up by Lake
Devonshire. She agreed to finance the land purchase and the
construction program with only a negligible interest charge to Stuart,
a charge which her accountant and lawyers had insisted upon. In
appreciation, Stuart had named the camp after her, adding his own name
with a hyphen to symbolize his undying indebtedness to her.

The fifty-ish widow was, in her words, "Pleased as punch" with the
arrangements her young partner made for the camp. She had demanded to
be driven up there when the first session opened ten years ago, serving
twenty five underprivileged boys from the city almost entirely at her
expense. The six week program was highly successful, and the following
year, Stuart had been able to negotiate government grants to expand the
camp's operations.

Mrs. Weatherly's health had declined steadily over the next eight
years, but the energetic Camp Director kept up his frequent visits to
her and brought her numerous gifts of candy or flowers. He became such
a well known figure in Mrs. Weatherly's upper class neighborhood that
the rumor spread that young Brooks was the widow's private gigolo. When
her son heard about her apparent indiscretions, he completely renounced
his relationship with her, declaring that no mother of his would cavort
around with some young social climber.

Sybil didn't even bother to explain to her son that Stuart Brooks was
no social climber, but she quietly disowned him and replaced him in her
will. When the wealthy widow died two years ago, Stuart could hardly
believe the extent of his good fortune. Not only had she left him
enough stocks and property to be independent for life, but she had also
deeded the Lake Devonshire property to the county with the stipulation
that the Summer Camp for Boys was solely at the disposal of Stuart

Since then, the camp's operations had expanded tenfold. Instead of
twenty-five boys for six weeks, they were now able to handle a hundred
boys for three different sessions throughout the summer, a total of
three hundred boys. More cabins and recreation facilities were being
built all the time, and Brooks envisioned that in three years,
Weatherly-Brooks Summer Camp for Boys would be able to accept five
hundred boys for each six week camping session.

Already the camp was providing academic instruction as well as the
traditional outdoor activities that most summer camps had. There were
counseling and social programs as well, to give specific help to the
often immature or insecure young boys who would be entering high school
in the fall. Boys who had been through Stuart Brook's camp showed a
remarkable improvement in maturity and confidence as a result of their
camp experiences, and the Camp Director was anxious to see that trend

That was why he had decided, after Mrs. Weatherly's death, to hire
women as camp staff members. When the old widow had been alive, Stuart
had thought it prudent to limit his teachers and counselors to men, to
insure that his benefactor wouldn't be offended or even possibly
envious. But two years ago, he had hired Arlene Thatcher as a cook,
feeling that the large, buxom nutritional expert couldn't possibly be
seen as a threat to Sybil Weatherly's memory.

Last year, a marine biology expert had joined the staff on the
condition that he be allowed to bring his wife with him. That was
Lucille Wells, and she stayed out of sight so much that she might as
well have lived elsewhere. The only time she came out of her trailer
was to teach a leather-working class, and she only did it to keep from
being bored.

It was a bit of a shame, too, Brooks reflected. Her husband was busy
throughout the day with his counseling and guidance duties. Lucille was
petite, blonde, and voluptuously proportioned - she definitely had the
kind of possibility that Arlene Thatcher lacked.

But this summer Stuart had Natalie Jenkins to think about. He
remembered when his old classmate Mark had contacted him in town a
couple weeks after Easter. He'd always thought Mark was the kind of guy
to plug his way through school, at a slow, thorough pace, emerging with
a post-graduate degree of some kind. Then he'd end up in some kind of
laboratory experimenting with some kind of plasmic substances while he
lived in a darkened basement below the lab.

On the phone, however, Mark had said that he was a high school teacher
and that he was married! Shit! Stuart had reflected. Old Jenkins the
bookworm got married and I'm still a bachelor ... Christ! But of course
Mark Jenkins wouldn't have married the kind of woman Stuart appreciated
anyway. Jenkins was the type to pick out some mousy librarian whose
idea of a risque subject was the sex life of an amoeba.

That was why Stuart had been slightly taken aback when he had actually
met his old college buddy's wife. Jesus Fucking Christ! he'd remarked
mentally. Old Jenkins really got himself a fox! Natalie was as
voluptuous as any centerfold model Stuart had ever seen, and she seemed
to be successful in her teaching, too. Her shoulder length black hair
framed her face in a mass of big, billowing curls, accenting the almost
blue shine that reflected off it. Her eyes were absolutely gigantic,
shadowed by her long black lashes, and her lovely ivory skin was
flawless. She didn't look a day over eighteen, the way her proud tits
jutted forward like a couple of firm melons, ripe and ready for some
hungry man to taste. She was tall and slender, her perfect proportions
overshadowed only by the incredible firm length of her legs, and Stuart
had wondered why she became a teacher instead of a dancer.

Natalie uncomfortably skirted the Camp Director's leading question at
the time, stammering a weak reply to the effect that if she'd become a
dancer she'd have never met her husband. To herself she had admitted
that at this point, it wouldn't have made a whole lot of difference if
she hadn't met Mark, but in her heart she knew she loved him deeply and
really wanted to make her marriage to him work.

Now, as she hurried across the clearing to the Camp Office, Natalie
thought about that first conversation she had had with her husband's
college friend. She'd been aware, at the time, of the older man's
appraising stares, and she sensed immediately his instinctive approval.
But this kind of male approval was something the beautiful raven-haired
teacher was used to by now, and it worried her. It was the same kind of
frank admiration she enjoyed in the eyes of her young male students,
and it was the kind of admiration that could lead to embarrassing

Oh, God! she groaned. I've only been here two days, and it already had
happened! I've already ruined Mark's and my chances here! If only she
had heeded her conscience's warnings about taking a job in an all-male
summer camp - especially one in which nearly all the males were
thirteen and fourteen year old boys! Dear God! What can I ever do about

She heard a flurry of youthful snickers and guffaws, seeming to follow
her across the clearing. She felt like turning around and heading back
towards the staff cabin instead of talking to Stuart Brooks, but she
knew she couldn't look the young gigglers in the face. Logically she
knew that they were responding to her just the way every other healthy
male youth responded to her, but it didn't help ease the embarrassment.
All the beautiful young teacher could do was walk fast, and hope that
nothing happened as she approached the Camp Office.

The Camp Director looked out the open window in his office just in time
to see a flustered-looking Natalie Jenkins running lightly toward his
door. Behind her, he saw the vague huddle of young male forms and heard
their barely suppressed laughter as their eyes followed the black-
haired beauty across the clearing. Stuart couldn't avoid smiling
himself as he remembered how he'd have reacted to gorgeous Mrs.
Jenkins' twitching ass when he was a teenager. And he grinned outright
when he thought how he'd like to respond now.

"Come in, come in, Natalie," he said grandly as she stepped into the
tiny office. Stuart Brook's desk nearly filled the entire room it was
so large, and the young teacher felt as if she was wedged in between
the edge of the desk top and the wall. "Sit down," the older man
offered, indicating a folding chair behind the door.

Natalie twisted around to reach the chair, but when it was folded out
she found that she had to sit sideways or cross her legs out the office
door. She smiled nervously, realizing that the Camp Director was fully
aware of her discomfort and even possibly enjoying it.

"I guess that's the penalty for having such nice long legs," he
grinned, his gray eyes twinkling suggestively.

Natalie blushed and tried to ignore his remark. Was he trying to hint
at something? Could he possibly know already about what had happened
with Jason Powell only a couple hours ago? God, it was too horrible to
contemplate! He could fire her right now, if he wanted to ... and then
what would happen to her marriage to Mark?

The pretty young woman was so confused by her own whirling thoughts
that she didn't even hear Stuart's question until he had repeated it a
second time.

"What was it you wanted to see me about, Natalie?"

"Oh! ... Excuse me ... the ... uh ... I had some class plans that I
wanted to ask about ... It's just a suggestion, but ... well ..." She
opened up one of the file folders she had brought with her from the
staff cabin. She took out a sheaf of writing assignments that she had
given to her students this morning and held them out for him to look

Stuart gave the papers a cursory glance and then looked back at the
gorgeous young wife of his old college buddy. Holy shit ... to think
Mark Jenkins could have married this fantastic chick!

Natalie could tell that the older man's mind wasn't on her assignments,
but she couldn't allow herself to wonder what he was actually thinking
about. She'd gotten herself into enough trouble for one day, and she
had a whole summer ahead of her. She adopted a business-like expression
and pointed to one of the boys' papers.

"Well Stuart," she began with a deep breath, "as you can see the
students are all on different levels. I know they've been grouped
alphabetically, and I'm not trying to suggest that you change the
classes or anything, but I think it would be helpful if we taught them
on an individualized basis ..." The teacher paused, waiting for some
kind of response from the older man.

Stuart smiled with feigned attentiveness, but he let his eyes rove down
over the full heaving mounds of her breasts, protruding lushly under
the stiff camp blouse she wore. Shit, he couldn't remember the last
time he'd seen a pair of jugs like Natalie Jenkins'. And to think they
were being wasted on old Mark! Too late, the Camp Director replied,
"Hmmmm, you mean work at their own speed?"

Natalie nodded confusedly. She felt self-conscious, but she didn't know
if it was her own private guilt or something that Stuart was
deliberately doing to make her uncomfortable.

"You see, Stuart, I feel it's the best way I can deal with all the
different levels in the class. I only have each class for a week, and
it's really impossible to try to bring the slower boys up to the same
level as the smarter ones in that short a time ... Honestly, if they
each worked on separate progressive assignments they'd all learn more
... and be better prepared for high school.

The teacher's voice trailed off as she saw that Stuart was indeed
ignoring what she was saying. His eyes were firmly fixed on the front
of her blouse now, where she could feel her nipples stiffening
inexplicably under her brassiere. She wasn't getting aroused, surely!
It was only her fearful nervousness that was causing those sensitive
little tips of her softly mounding breasts to pressure against the
confines of her bra. For the second time, the dark-haired teacher's
ivory skin flushed pink as she turned her face away in embarrassment.

"Yes ... go on," Stuart prompted, not raising his eyes from her
voluptuous breasts. "You want to try this experimental plan ... is that

"It's not exactly experimental ... it's been tried and proven in the
last ten years ... Now you have been keeping up with educational
methods, haven't you?" She looked him squarely in the eyes, in an
attempt to regain some of her composure.

"Yeah ... sure," the older man replied vaguely. "But I want to give all
the kids a fair chance ... and individual assignments aren't fair to
everybody ... Some boys won't learn anything, and some will do all the
work ... What have you got in mind anyway, Natalie?"

The young teacher was grateful to have the opportunity to talk about
something more concrete. She took out the notepapers in the other
folder and offered them across the desk. "It's just a progressive
series of assignments ... Some boys might finish this set in a day, and
others might take a week, but at least they'll all learn something ..."
She looked up expectantly, and nearly sighed aloud when she now that
Stuart's eyes were again feasting on her insufficiently disguised
curves. "Mr. Brooks," she began formally, in near-exasperation, "am I
doing something wrong?"

It was the Camp Director's turn to be startled, but his initial
surprise at Mark's wife's spirited question was quickly replaced by a
half-smile of amusement. He liked a lady with guts, and he suddenly had
the urge to find out just how gutsy this brunette chick was. Hell, old
Jenkins wouldn't mind ... weren't they old college buddies? A
licentious gleam crept into the older man's eyes as he almost
imperceptibly shoved his chair back from the over-sized desk.

"No, Natalie," he said evenly, the salacious smile still playing on his
lips, "you're not doing anything wrong ... yet. But I sure would like
to do something wrong with you!"

The intent of the handsome bachelor's remark was unmistakable, and the
young wife suddenly froze to her chair. She didn't move when Stuart
slowly stepped around the desk and came over to close the door to the
office. His hairy bare leg brushed suggestively against her smooth,
slender thigh as he secured the lock and turned back to look down at
the trembling young teacher.

"Now, isn't it better to have that hot sun blocked out? The glare was
so bright I couldn't even see these papers you brought me." But even
though he was talking in a normal tone of voice about a normal subject,
the Camp Director didn't go back to his seat. His body was leaning
uncomfortably over Natalie's seated form, and she instinctively
inclined away from his hovering body.

"Yes, it ... it was rather ... warm ... Stuart ..." she stammered. "I
think that I'll just ... go on back to the cabin You can keep those
folders and ... and see what you th-think of my idea." Her voice was
quavering so badly at the end of her statement that she was afraid she
wouldn't be able to say anything else, and she had to get out of that
office quick!

She tried to stand up from the folding chair, but her shoulder collided
squarely with the older man's chest, and she felt his hand at her

"Oh, not so fast, Natalie," he admonished, "I was enjoying our little
talk. I'm sure you can understand ... In my work here, I rarely get the
chance to talk at any length with women -- especially as nice looking
as you."

"Thank you, Stuart," Natalie replied hurriedly as she tried again to
stand-up. "But I have some papers to grade."

"After only two days, Natalie? I may not be a teacher, but I know you
don't get assignments to correct after only two days!" The Camp
Director leaned against the edge of the desk and positioned his legs on
either side of the young woman's demurely crossed thighs.

Oh, Lord this can't be happening, the curvaceous teacher said to
herself. I'm only imagining that he's ... he-s m-making a pass at me
... aren't I? She looked up curiously into the light-brown-haired man's
still-smiling face. His eyes were fixed firmly on the barely-concealed
vee up between her crossed legs, as though his gaze was burning right
into and through her thin nylon panties. God no! she protested

"Ah, yes ... this is much better," the Camp Director said with smug
satisfaction. "You know, old Mark is quite a lucky guy to be married to
such a ... a liberal woman as you are."

"Liberal?" Natalie repeated confusedly. What did he mean by that?

"Certainly," Stuart confirmed. "I mean, you go in for all the new,
liberal education ideas ... and you like to let everybody do their own
thing ..." He glanced down at her and pressured inward with his
powerful legs so that his inner thighs squeezed into her bare satiny
skin. "I suppose your -- uh -- personal life is just as progressive as
your teaching ..."

This last observation sounded like a question, and Natalie wasn't sure
how to answer it. The Camp Director was obviously hinting broadly at
her most private sexual habits, but she couldn't believe her ears. This
man was supposed to be a friend of her husband's! How could be
seriously considering ... God! She couldn't even complete the thought.

Desperately she glanced around the tiny little office, groping for some
clue as to what she should do. But there was nothing, no picture on
which she could comment, not even a clock so she could pretend to be
late for something. She wanted sincerely to say something blunt and
unmistakable, that would put an end to the older man's salacious
insinuations, but she knew she couldn't jeopardize her job. She had
come here specifically to see if the change of environment might do
something to help her and Mark's relationship, and already she had made
one potentially dangerous mistake. She just couldn't compound her
error. All she could do was just sit Stuart out, and hope that he
didn't have the audacity to do what he seemed to be hinting at.

But Natalie Jenkins wasn't aware of the Camp Director's past, and she
didn't have any idea how he had managed to finance his whole camp
project. Had she known, she would have realized that anything Stuart
Brooks wanted, Stuart Brooks got, by whatever methods were required.
And right now, Stuart Brooks wanted to know a lot more about his
college friend's wife ... a lot more than she imagined.

The older man finally raised his eyes from the teacher's trembling form
and glanced toward the window with a faraway look. "Yeah," he said
almost absentmindedly, "I can tell you're one of those hot and hearty
types ... You remind me of a woman I knew - I hope I'm not offending
you - who used to get off on two-three guys at a time ..."

Natalie gasped at the man's boldness, unable to say anything to stop
his suggestive comments. She winced inwardly as he continued,
apparently unaware of her discomfort.

"Yeah, that Lollie was quite some chick, Natalie ... and she was a lot
like you, married and all, but a real swinger. Do you and old Mark
swing, Natalie?"

Oh, God! Oh God! the black-haired teacher groaned to herself. What on
earth can I say? I've go to get out of here! Abruptly she rose from her
chair, pushing Stuart's legs away from her own as she shook free of his
subtle grip on her thighs. "No, we don't swing," she lied hotly,
embarrassed by the idea that just this afternoon she had succumbed to
what might be considered swinging in the Camp Director's eyes.

Undaunted by the woman's sudden movements, Stuart moved away from her
chair and reached into a small medicine cabinet on the wall. "Can I fix
you a drink?" he asked smoothly, as if he didn't know she was preparing
to leave. "I'd like you to stay awhile ... at least until the dinner
call ... We can have a nice cocktail together. It's cocktail hour, now,
isn't it?"

He seemed amused by his own observation, and without waiting for
Natalie to reply, he poured her a vodka-seven using a mixer from the
ice chest behind his desk. The voluptuous, scantily-clad young teacher
was caught off balance by the Camp Director's incongruous offer of a
drink, and she accepted it almost without realizing what she was doing.
A soothing drink was just what she needed right now, even if it was
supposed to be contrary to camp policy. She smiled out of the corner of
her eyes at the man who dictated the camp policy, letting him know that
she was aware of his double standard.

"This is purely therapeutic, my dear," he grinned. "I can see you're
tense, and I don't want any tense teachers in my summer camp."

At this, Natalie had to smile outright, and as she sipped the drink a
little faster than she was used to, she began to feel noticeably more
relaxed. Slowly, Stuart's insinuations and provocations didn't seem so
odious anymore, and eventually, Natalie found herself laughing with him
as she let herself admit what a charming man he really was.

No wonder Mark liked him so much in college, she thought. He does have
that sort of personal magnetism ...

She let herself lean carelessly against the huge desk just the way
Stuart had been leaning a few moments ago. But this time, the Camp
Director stood in front of her frankly appraising her with his eyes.
She didn't flinch when he moved closer - the room was too small for him
to be very far away anyway - but she did jerk abruptly when she felt
his fingers at her waistline.

"Oh! ... St ... Stuart!" she exclaimed weakly, not knowing whether to
laugh or cry at his renewed advances. Just when she was beginning to
enjoy his company, she didn't want to be reminded of the unpleasant
first half of her visit.

"Relax, Natalie," he chided. "I wouldn't hurt one of my own employees,
would I?" He slipped his fingers inside the waistband of her short-
shorts, and ran them along the silky smooth flesh of her tiny, girlish
waist. "I just think we should get to know each other ..."

The voluptuous brunette had heard that line a hundred times before, but
for some reason, it didn't seem so obviously insincere from Stuart
Brooks as it always had before. Natalie shook her head as if she was
dreaming, but she couldn't shake off her strange feeling.

With a start, she realized that she must be being affected by the
alcohol, even though the drink had been small and not too strong.

She looked down fearfully as her husband's friend loosened the front
zipper of her shorts. "My God, Stuart ... really!" she protested,
steadying herself with her hands against the edge of the desk. She
tried to clamp her thighs together to stop the Camp Director from
sliding her short-shorts all the way down the satiny length of her
legs, but it nearly made her lose her balance. "N ... Now, stop it ...
this instant!" she commanded, almost as if she was talking to herself.

The older man seemed amused by her protests. "Hell, baby, I hired you
as a teacher, not a prudish little teenager. Where's your adult
maturity?" he queried mockingly. The green shorts were descending
slowly down Natalie's smooth legs, tugged gently by the man's anxious
fingers. "Aaaah, that's better," Stuart said with satisfaction as he
lifted the brunette's feet to remove the camp shorts. He gazed lewdly
at her thin nylon-covered pubic mound, shadowed darkly through her

Natalie gasped when she felt her last flimsy protection disappearing
too, and her flesh tingled when she felt the air washing over her
private, forbidden genitals. "Ooooooh," she moaned helplessly. "Oooooh,
God ..."

She shut her eyes tightly as she felt the Camp Director's palms slowly
pushing her thighs apart, sliding his hands softly over their inner
flesh. She jerked involuntarily as they roamed inexorably upward,
moving butterfly-like across the sensitive white flesh. She could feel
his breath coming in short hard gasps as his fingers made light, subtle
contact with her fleshy, hair-lined cunt-lips. Natalie groaned
helplessly as his fingers teased over them, pushing the soft outer
flanges into the thin quivering slit of her vagina. He played gently,
his probing digits pulling teasingly at her darkly curling pubic wisps.

Not again ... God, not again! the half-naked woman thought frantically.
I can't give in again ... Lord, Natalie, get hold of yourself! You
don't have to let him go that far ... Oh, God, make it stop! It's
torturing me.

His index finger slipped suddenly between the outer lips and flicked
teasingly at the moist red opening beneath, bringing another groan from
her lips. She had never felt so humiliated in her life as she felt now,
but at the same time, she didn't know what to do! Refuse him? And risk
not only her job, but the chance to straighten out her marriage as well
... Let him go on? Heavens! How could giving in to another man ever
help her problems with Mark? It just isn't fair!

Frightened, confused tears began to well up under the brown-eyed
woman's lids, and she worked her mouth desperately to keep them from
falling. She struggled to stand upright, determined to stop the lewd
outrages that her husband's old friend was planning for her, but when
she looked down at his obscenely grinning face, she slumped back
against the desk.

There was no escape. Somehow, against her will, she had let herself get
led into this. Who knows, maybe she had even invited it, by some
unconscious action on her part. This afternoon in the staff cabin, she
had certainly caused the young camper to become aroused. God, maybe
she'd done the same thing to Stuart Brooks! Maybe her marital
frustration was so obvious in her expression that she was really
inviting these outrageous advances! But I love my husband, don't want
these other men to ... to use my body.

She shut her eyes as his hands pushed the hem of her blouse up to
expose the whole area of her soft, down-covered crotch. Then she felt
him unbuttoning the front of her shirt and sighing in obscene
appreciation as the large firm spheres of her breasts came into his
view, under the thin, sheer lace of her brassiere. She tried not to
cringe from his touch as her mind whirled crazily in confusion.

Oh, he can't ... he simply can't she was saying mentally. I've got to
make him stop, without jeopardizing my job ... God, I've just got to
stop this ... this adultery.

"Oh, Christ, baby," Stuart was breathing, "you sure are fucking
beautiful." His hotly working fingers were reaching behind Natalie's
back now, searching for the tiny clasp that held her bra. The young
teacher's flesh seemed to melt to butter under his hot caress, as she
sank back against the desk in hopeless submission. She sighed audibly
as the confining elastic of her lace brassiere was suddenly released,
and her huge breasts swung free of their prison. "Jesus Christ! You've
got the biggest tits this side of the Rockies, Natalie ... even bigger
than old Lollie's!" He stood back appraisingly to admire them. "Yes,
sir, old Jenkins sure got himself a fox. Tits like that'll poke your
fucking eyes out!"

The black-haired nature guide's wife winced at the Camp Director's
crude observations, and once more she made a valiant effort to put an
end to this salaciousness. "Yes, Stuart," she croaked fearfully. "thank
you for ... for the com-compliment ... Now, I'd bet-t-ter get my
clothes on and ... and ..." She pushed against the desk top to try to
stand up, but the muscular man's reactions were too swift. He grabbed
her by the shoulders and pressed her whole body back on to the desk, so
that her naked upper body was now reclining backwards and her long legs
were dangling helplessly over the edge.

Her quivering, curl-covered pubic mound was perched just at the corner
of the desk top, and below it, Stuart could see the delicate coralline
flesh of the teacher's trembling pussy.

He pressed her firm, ivory thighs apart with his hot, moist hands,
spreading the tender cuntal flanges so he could actually see the smooth
inner flesh of her vagina. Natalie had never before felt so exposed in
all her life, and she began to feel nauseous as the older man continued
to pet and fondle her soft, yielding flesh. The tears that had
collected under her eyelids now trickled out the corners of her eyes to
run silently down the sides of her temples and drop into the billowing
mass of her black curls.

She fully expected that the Camp Director was going to pull off his
clothes and attack her, without further hesitation or preliminaries.
She wondered briefly what time it was, or if there was any chance that
the dinner bell might sound and save her from further degradation, but
her imagination was soon overcome by Stuart's voice, sounding deeper
and more menacing than before.

"Mmmm-hhhmmmm ... that's it ... just like that, Natalie. Now, if I can
just get around here ..." The teacher heard the folding chair she had
been sitting on now scraping across the linoleum floor of the office,
and she jerked her head up in surprise. Stuart Brooks was dragging it
across the room to the cabinet from which he had produced the vodka,
and he seemed to be preparing to stand on it!

It was then, for the first time, that Natalie noticed the expensive
looking 35mm camera atop the liquor cabinet. It was surrounded by
equipment like flash units and extra lenses and suddenly the black-
haired teacher was wracked with apprehension. Her mind quickly made the
connection, even before Stuart had climbed up on the chair. He was
going to photograph her! He was going to take a picture of her in this
lewd, compromising position!

"Oh, no, you can't," she whispered fearfully. Her legs clamped together
instinctively and she raised herself up on her elbows. "Please, Stuart
... I didn't mean to ... uh ... lead you on or anything ..." Her voice
sounded weak and ineffectual to her own ears, and she groaned to
herself when she heard it.

"Oh, now, Natalie," the older man chided. "This won't hurt ... I told
you I never hurt my teachers, didn't I? A man doesn't often meet a
gorgeous chick like you, Natalie, and I'm sure your husband won't mind
if I take a few pictures as mementos. Now, just lie back like you
were." He was speaking to her now from behind the camera, which he
seemed to be focusing as he talked. He stood up on the chair beside the
open window, letting the afternoon light stream in on the teacher's
prostrate form on the desk. The sun lit her thighs and sparse pubic
curls, bathing them in warm, yellow light, accenting the pulsing
pinkness of her private pussy flesh. Stuart sighed aloud.

"Aaaaah, right there - hold it!" Click! The Camp Director rolled the
film on ... click! ... again ... click! "Oh, fantastic, baby!"

"Now, I've just got to get a couple more ... here ..." He stepped down
from the chair and came over to the desk again. This time he raised
both her knees high in the air, placing her heels on the edge of the
desk in a lewd, outspread position. Her long, shapely legs were poised
like a couple of golden arches, one on either side of her deliciously
exposed cuntal slit. She balanced her feet on the edge of the desk top,
unconsciously thrusting her vaginal plane closer to the camera as
Stuart Brooks climbed back up on the chair to focus again.

"Okay, baby, you look great ... right there, Natalie! Oh, shit, hold it
like that!" Click! Another obscene picture was recorded on the
licentious man's film. Click! ... click ... The black-haired woman
groaned inwardly as she heard each frame being rolled on, as the Camp
Director took picture after picture of her helplessly exposed body. She
tried to tell herself that it could be worse, that the former college
friend of her husband's might be actually fucking her instead of taking
lewd photographs, but it did no good. If he had attacked her, or even
raped her, the act would be over and done with, just as her seductive
liaison with Jason Powell was a thing of the past, however lewd and
forbidden. But a picture ... that was something permanent, a constant
reminder of her inability to control her desires or inclinations.

Natalie was almost afraid to ask why the muscular bachelor was so
intent on photographing her nudely reclining body. It crossed her mind
that pictures were potential evidence against her in some kind of court
action - but for what? Did the Camp Director have some kind of unspoken
suspicion about her - maybe some idea of what had happened in the staff
cabin this afternoon? Oh, no, it can't be! No one can ever find out
about Jason!

Suddenly, the teacher was more concerned about finding young Powell and
cautioning him not to tell any one about their obscene interlude than
she was about the fact that Stuart Brooks was again repositioning her
body for another series of pictures. She rolled compliantly over onto
her side as the brown-haired man poked and kneaded at her supple flesh,
pulling her arms and legs as he arranged the next pose. She balanced
her head on her hand, this time propping it up so her thick black hair
cascaded down over her slender forearm. She raised her leg high in the
air and grasped her ankle with the other hand just as Stuart directed,
and if she looked down the deep valley between her breasts, she could
almost see the moistening lips of her exposed pussy glistening in the
sun. She was ashamed and humiliated beyond belief, but her imagination
was back in the staff cabin, a couple of hours ago.

Jason would have gone back to his hiking group, of course, and surely
he couldn't have started talking about his experience right then, in
front of his nature guide, Natalie's own husband. If Mark had divided
them up into groups and sent them off on their own, then the blond
youth would have had the chance to tell his buddy what had happened,
but ... If Mark needed the edible plants book, he must have been giving
them some group instruction right? God, I hope so! I, oh, Mark just HAD
to keep all the boys together today. He just had to. The afternoon
hiking sessions were supposed to break up at five or five-thirty, to
give the boys time to go back to their cabins to wash up for dinner.
That would be the time Jason would have been able to tell someone what
he had done ... Natalie tried to remember the youths who had been
giggling outside the staff cabin when she had been on her way over
here. Were they in Mark's group? Or were they her own young charges
from this morning's 3-R's class? Why weren't they being supervised?
Lord! What if Jason didn't even go back to his hiking group?

The new and frightening possibility renewed the teacher's apprehension,
as she realized that even if her husband had tried to communicate with
her over the intercom radio she wouldn't have heard him ... she had
been in the bedroom, stroking and caressing her own trembling cuntal
flesh. God Almighty!

Natalie moaned as she unconsciously responded to Stuart Brooks'
prompting, "Shove your ass back, sweetheart. I want a shot of that
tight little asshole you've got ... That's it, pull it apart with your
fingers ..." The man's bold, almost clinical tone seemed out of place
with Natalie's frenzied worrying, but it made her present predicament
seem less ominous. She complied with even Stuart's most perverted
requests, allowing him to photograph her most private, forbidden flesh.

It seemed like ages before the Camp Director grunted and gasped that he
had exhausted his roll of film, and for a few frantic seconds, Natalie
feared what might happen next. But she was shocked and relieved when
Stuart smiled calmly. "Thank you, my dear ... you were absolutely
wonderful ... We'll have to get together for some group poses sometime
..." The young teacher didn't have time to wonder what he meant by
"group poses" ... she had to find Jason Powell, right away. Hurriedly
she dressed herself for the third time this afternoon, and left the
Director's office without even taking her folders with her.

* * *

Natalie had barely had time to freshen up before Mark trudged into
their bedroom, dusty and sweaty, but happy.

"How was your afternoon, honey?" he greeted her with a peck on the
forehead. "I'm bushed ... Christ, I don't know what I'd do if I was a
gym teacher and had to watch thirty kids running around all the time.
Twelve is bad enough ... You can't imagine the way they fired questions
at me all afternoon. That's why I had to send that kid back for the
book ... There are a few plants out here that I couldn't identify."

The brunette teacher nodded sympathetically, hoping that her expression
wasn't betraying her real interest in her husband's day. "Did you try
to split them up into groups, dear?"

"No ... no, I haven't done that yet, although they do seem to have
buddies among their cabin-mates."

Natalie sighed inwardly. At least Jason couldn't have told anybody
during the hike. But her husband's next question caught her off-guard.

"What did you think of the boy I sent for the book, Nat?" he asked,
apparently unaware of her uneasiness.

"The ... um ... you mean Jason Powell?" the teacher stammered. Why is
he asking? Does he suspect?

"Yeah ... nice looking kid, isn't he?" Mark commented absently. "He
looks a little bit like Stu - Stuart Brooks ..."

Natalie's lovely face drained of all color. Mark did know! It was
impossible, but it was the only explanation ... Why would he talk about
Jason and Stuart both at the same time?

But how, oh God, how could he know? It had only been a scant fifteen
minutes since the embarrassing episode in the Camp Director's office,
and Mark had been out on a hike all afternoon. Dear God!

Mark continued almost without hesitation. "Seeing old Stu again after
ten years has really brought back some memories. Stu used to be pretty
wild, you know, and he thought I was some kind of priest ..." He looked
up from where he was sitting on the bed and smiled ironically at his
young, beautiful wife. "I guess you think I'm some kind of priest, too,
don't you, dear?" His clear green eyes were sad as he spoke, almost as
if he was apologizing to her for something.

The black-haired woman felt herself close to tears. How could she allow
it? How could she let Mark apologize to her, after all she had done
this afternoon? It was almost as if she was deliberately flaunting
their mutual agreement to try to work out their problem. She was the
one who should be apologizing to him.

But not yet ... it was too soon ... Maybe he had started talking about
Jason and Stuart out of coincidence, rather than from some deliberate
plan. Natalie turned away from her husband's sad smile and looked out
the small window into the clearing. Already groups of hastily-scrubbed
boys were lining up outside the mess hall with their group leaders,
anxiously waiting for the dinner gong to sound. Natalie recognized one
or two of the fresh young faces she had in class, but the only name
that was in her mind was Jason Powell. Shaking her head sadly, the
young teacher turned back to see her husband wrapping a towel around

"I'm going down to take a shower, honey ... See you at dinner!"

Natalie nodded. It was still hot outside even though it was almost 6
PM, so she didn't bother to change out of her shorts into something
warmer. Besides, maybe if she hurried she could catch Jason Powell
alone for a minute or two, and explain to him why their little
encounter would have to remain a secret forever.

Chapter 4

Natalie Jenkins surveyed the twelve new faces of her second week's
students. Among them, she immediately picked out Jason Powell, but he
smiled innocently when she called his name, not even hinting that he
had ever met her before.

Phew, the teacher sighed to herself. At least the boy was mature enough
to realize how dangerous it would have been to brag to his friends
about his prior association with the young instructor. Nevertheless,
the twelve boys in her new class were all members of her husband's
hiking group, and their comments were predictably appropriate.

"Shit, you mean she's married to Mark?" a small blond boy named Bobby
Farris whispered to the boy next to him.

"I guess so," shrugged the other adolescent, a tall Irish youth named
Dennis O'Mally. "Why don't you ask old Jason ... he saw Mrs. Jenkins
last week, remember? When he took so long getting that book for Mark?"

"Oh, yeah," Bobby replied, turning to his other side.

Natalie controlled the urge to blush as she distinctly heard the
whispered exchange, but a remark from the other side of the room
startled her.

"Well, hell, man, I'd take a long time with Mrs. Jenkins, too!"

It came from a mature-looking dark-haired fourteen year old, and
Natalie had to consult her roll-book to learn that he was Rich Simmons.
His assertion was met with stifled guffaws from the teenagers
surrounding him, but apparently the two youths who had prompted the
remark didn't hear it.

"What's that, man?" Bobby asked aloud. "What're you dudes laughing at?"

"You, man," Rich replied. "You're thick ... like, you can't even see
what's right in front of your face ..."

Right in front of his face, Bobby Farris saw the provocative profile of
the young 3-R's teacher. He fell immediately silent, shrinking back
into his desk as he saw the look of harsh consternation cross the
beautiful woman's features.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am," he mumbled politely.

Natalie nodded her acknowledgment and rapped on her desk for attention.
"Boys! Boys!" she said crisply. "The bell has rung, and we're wasting
precious time. Now either settle down and be quiet, or some of you are
going to have to miss your afternoon hike ..."

The twelve teenagers gradually hushed, turning their eyes to the wife
of their camp counselor and nature guide. Just seeing Mark's wife
filled them with a new, undefined respect for him, that such a mild-
mannered man as Mr. Jenkins could be married to such a sexy-looking
woman. Their minds weren't exactly on their studies as she explained
how the individualized lessons would be conducted, but they all set to
work almost immediately, in an unconscious desire to please the
gorgeous, almost goddess-like young teacher.

That afternoon, Mark Jenkins smiled to himself when he met his group of
young campers and noticed how quiet they were compared to last week. He
knew they had met his wife in the morning, and he understood how they
might be mesmerized by her voluptuous lush appearance. It took him
awhile to ease the youths back into the real world, and then he was
privately pleased by their admiring comments.

"Jesus Christ, did you see them boobs?"

"Shit yeah, man ... old Mark must really get a mouthful ..."

"Holy fuck, her ass is so round ... I could almost touch it when she
was bending over to get that chalk!"

"Aw, knock it off, I know you were trying to look down her blouse!"

It went on that way all afternoon. Mark was barely able to keep his
young charges' minds on their activities, even though they were
planning the tree-house they would get to build later on in the week.
It was then that he hit on the idea of letting his group spend a whole
day with his wife, instead of just the half-day they were assigned. It
would give him an opportunity to be alone for awhile during the best
part of the day, and it would give the teenagers a chance to let their
prurient interest in his wife run its course.

Adolescent infatuation was something Mark Jenkins saw all the time in
his biology classes in the city. Usually, it was a young girl or a
group of girls who developed a crush on one of the male teachers, but
in Natalie's case, the reverse was always happening. The biology
teacher wasn't jealous or even worried particularly, probably because
he had gotten so used to it in his year of marriage to the beautiful
Natalie. The way to get over a crush was to let it run itself out, and
his youthful charges would be back to normal a lot sooner if they spent
a whole day with his wife.

That evening, he presented the idea to Natalie. He was surprised that
she seemed so apprehensive about the plan, and he was about to abandon
it when she threw herself across the bed as if she was going to cry.

"Darling ... What's wrong?" he asked in alarm.

But the young woman was trapped in a whirlpool of confusion. Should she
tell him? Should she admit that there was a youngster in that class who
had only last week driven his long, hard cock right up between her
legs? How could she explain to her own husband how the very sight of
that group of young boys sent her pussy to palpitating with unfulfilled
expectation? It was unnatural, perverted, and wrong! And she just
couldn't face feeling that way for a whole, uninterrupted day.

"Okay, Nat," Mark shrugged finally. "We don't have to do it ... I just
thought it might be a nice change for the boys - and us ..."

"Mark, what could I teach them in the afternoon? I'm no nature guide!"

"Oh, you could talk to Stu about that ... We'd have to clear the plan
with him anyway, of course. I'll explain the problem to him, if you
like," her husband offered.

"Problem? What problem?" Natalie demanded suddenly.

"You know, all the kids thinking they want to ... well ... Nat, you
know what I mean ... They think they want to get it on with you, all
guys do. And the only way to get it out of their systems is to let them
think they've done all they can do."

The beautiful black-haired wife sat upright on the bed, her expression
incredulous and annoyed. "What in heaven's name are you suggesting,
Mark? Sometimes I think ..." She didn't finish the sentence, mostly
because she was afraid of what she might give away, but she was
absolutely astounded by the apparent naivete of her own husband's

But by the next morning, she was convinced of it. Not only had Mark
approached Stuart Brooks with the idea of changing a day's schedule in
the interest of increasing the campers' concentration, but the Camp
Director had approved of the plan! In fact, Stuart insisted that they
do it today, Tuesday, so they could salvage as much of the week as
possible. He offered to assist the young teacher with the outdoor
afternoon program, but Natalie wasn't sure she liked the help he was
giving her.

In the first place, he had suggestively decided on photography as the
ostensible subject matter for the afternoon's activity, leering lewdly
at the young wife as he said it. Then, he had suggested that they take
only six boys at a time, to create a more "intimate" atmosphere of
association with the beautiful female teacher. It all sounded so much
like a set-up to Natalie that she honestly couldn't understand how Mark
could agree to it. But agree he did, offering to instruct the other six
boys in tree-house construction just as they'd planned to do

Natalie felt angry and betrayed. It was all she could do to keep her
composure as she led the six adolescents from her morning class on the
hour-long climb up the hill in back of the camp. Stuart Brooks followed
along almost silently, speaking only to show the young teacher where to
turn to get to the spot he had in mind.

They reached the wooded area half-way up the hill and the Camp Director
signaled Natalie to stop. From where they were, the six students and
their two supervisors could see the whole northern arm of Lake
Devonshire, the two thick forests on either side of the lake, and the
rooftops of all the camp's buildings, outlined like miniature scale-
models of the actual structures they were. It was indeed a breathtaking
view, and Natalie decided it was almost worth it just to have the
chance to see it. But shortly, her apprehension was renewed, and with
definite reason.

Stuart seemed to have taken over the instruction of the six boys,
defeating the initial purpose of the expedition. He was describing to
the youths how to select a subject for a photo, his words were clearly

"Okay, fellows," he was saying, "now we want variety and interest in a
picture - curves instead of straight lines, warm meaty subjects instead
of cold, dull ones. You want to show life, motion ... like the way Mrs.
Jenkins is walking ... notice how her muscles move."

Natalie glared at her husband's friend. "Is this what you brought us up
here for, Mr. Brooks?" she asked coldly. The six teenagers giggled at
her tone.

A sharp little thirteen year old named Art Towne approached her boldly,
declaring, "Come off it, Mrs. Jenkins ... You may be pretty, but you're
not dumb!" He reached his hands out to stroke her bare arms, but the
teacher jerked away. This kid wasn't kidding!

Then, all at once, the black-haired teacher became aware of a faint
clicking sound, and she knew instantly that Stuart Brooks was taking
pictures again. The six adolescents seemed to gather around her like
moths, picking her up bodily and laying her down in the grass, as some
of them courageously began to undress her while others held her down.

She looked helplessly up into their eager, lustful faces, trying to
appeal to whatever developing sense of justice they might have. But
here, at Weatherly-Brooks Summer Camp For Boys, they seemed to have no
sense of justice at all. The Camp Director himself stood by snapping
photos as the teenagers anxiously undressed their teacher, delighting
in her obvious humiliation.

Natalie looked pleadingly into Jason Powell's face, silently begging
for an explanation.

"Honest, Mrs. Jenkins," he whispered earnestly. "I swear I didn't tell
... Mark your husband - told us this was just going to be a photography
lesson, so we wouldn't be so ... um ... interested in ... um ..." His
face grew red and the teacher could almost feel the warmth of his
embarrassment. "So we wouldn't be thinking about ... the female body
all the time!" He said the last phrase so fast that it sounded like a
single word, but Natalie heard it all and she was beginning to
understand. Not only had Mark permitted this charade to go on with his
knowledge, but he had also encouraged this kind of salacious behavior!
God! Where was her marriage going to?

The teacher moaned aloud as she lay nakedly in the long cool grass
among the trees. The young boys' hands were roaming over her silky
flesh at will now, venturing up to the peaks of her full-mounded
breasts to tweak boldly at her hardening nipples. Stuart was moving in
closer with his camera, too, encouraging the boys to spread her legs,
so he might get a closer view. Natalie considered screaming out for
help, but even if someone heard her down at the camp, it would take
them an hour to hike all the way up. If she fought, she was sure to be
overpowered by the healthy, virile young males. And anyway, what good
would it do her to put a stop to something that her husband so
obviously agreed to! Whatever happened to her this time was as much
Mark's fault as her own, and there was nothing she could do about it!

Convinced that she couldn't influence her young captors or their adult
provocateur, Natalie allowed herself to relax. If she closed her eyes,
she could pretend that the adolescents' massaging fingers were actually
the soothing, mechanical streams of water from a Jacuzzi, like the one
at the country club in the city. She let her muscles respond limply to
the boys' manipulations, and eventually, she was even able to block the
obscene clicking of Stuart's camera out of her mind. The boys aren't
doing anything, anyway, she thought peacefully. Maybe this is the best
way to teach them about ... girls ...

But suddenly, Natalie's complacency was tested. The voice assaulted her
consciousness like a piercing arrow. "Okay, who wants to go first?"
Stuart's voice boomed. "Bobby? You ever eaten pussy before?"

"No, sir," Natalie's eyes flew open to see that the young Farris boy
was, except for his shirt, completely naked, and his teenaged penis was
jutting out from under his shirt, throbbing excitedly. He knelt down
between the teacher's forcibly spread legs, pushing her ivory thighs
apart. His knees pressed between her ankles as he lowered his face
pantingly down toward the hair-covered vee of her open crotch. His
mouth watered as his wide eyes looked down on it, rotating sensuously,
just below his lips. Saliva dribbled from his chin, mixing with the
seeping juices of her own uncontrollable arousal, as she remembered how
innocent and young Bobby had looked in class yesterday.

Through half-shut eyes, Natalie watched the young student crouching
between her legs. She could feel her unwanted passion mounting even
against the ever-present background of Stuart's obscenely clicking
camera. She watched with bated breath as Bobby's head moved closer to
the wispy mound of pubic hair below her belly.

She jerked slightly as his hot moist lips closed over the soft mound of
her sex. She could see the boy's golden hair bobbing over her dark
fleece as he planted wet tickling kisses on the still-closed opening,
his tongue flicking teasingly at the quivering pressed lips.

It felt good! God ... she couldn't believe it ... it really felt good
to have this young boy doing just what she had dreamed about for three
long years of teaching. Her hands began to move sensuously down over
her throbbing breasts and along the narrow indentation of her waist to
her flat, undulating stomach. Her long fingers tangled momentarily in
the cherubic youth's blond hair, and then slowly inched downward to
spread the fleshy coral lips of her own pussy.

"Aaaaahh," she moaned in a whisper, as she felt the slight sluice of
her vagina opening to the young boy's tongue. Her elbows were pressed
tightly against her ribs and her head lolled from side to side on the
ground as his hot tongue shot out, its soft flicking tip circling the
quivering erect nub of her clitoris. Bobby sucked inward, drawing the
warm soft folds of her vagina deep into the hot cavern of his mouth, as
his tongue continued its maddening licking against the straining pink
bud of her clitoris. Through the haze of her unexpected passion,
Natalie saw Stuart looming in closer now, clicking away with his camera
in undisguised delight. She groaned huskily from deep in her throat as
the hot probing tongue worked its way up and down the length of the
narrow wet slit, starting at her lower belly and sliding down, down
over the clasping opening of her hungry vagina and into the crevice of
her flexing buttocks where it stooped momentarily to do a wet probing
homage to the tight brown hole nestled below. At the strange new
feeling, Natalie's hips ground uncontrollably into the grass, and soft
mewling animal sounds escaped pitifully from between her passion-
clenched teeth.

Stuart watched delightedly as Bobby licked and sucked hungrily between
the beautiful woman's widely spread legs as the other boys looked on.
The scene filled the Camp Director with feeling of power, as he saw
that Natalie was turning into just the type of woman he had predicted
she would, a squirming hot mass of sexually excited flesh. He had never
seen anyone get this hot so fast, and it was making his cock hard just
to watch.

He chuckled obscenely as he saw his friend's wife's hands desperately
clawing at Bobby's soft blond hair, guiding his face closer to the
palpitating opening of her cunt. He adjusted the zoom lens on his
camera and leaned in close, prompting Bobby's proud grin of approval as
he raised his head from her moist pink flesh. He quickly stabbed his
tongue back into her pussy for a moment, and then withdrew it quickly
to tease again around the throbbing ragged edges of her hungrily
sucking vagina.

Natalie groaned in frustration and grasped the thirteen year old's
head, pressing his mouth directly over the tight little hole in her
squirming crotch. His lips rounded and covered the clasping, hungry
opening, then he thrust his tongue deep down into the warmth inside,
bringing a low throaty cry from the older woman whose thighs convulsed
on either side of his head.

Bobby felt the warm wet flesh slipping moistly over his long, extended
tongue as the walls of the teacher's vagina opened and closed in a
auctioning motion, as though it was trying to pull his whole face deep
into its dark velvety depths. He thought the nibbling, hair-rimmed
mouth would pull his tongue out by the roots as her heels dug into his
back, pressing his young body between her thighs until he couldn't
breathe. His nose was smashed tightly against her tiny hard clitoris,
inhaling the sweet odor of the lust juices that were flowing from her
pussy, while his tongue licked on and on, moving from her vagina to her
tiny puckered rectal hole and back again.

Natalie felt her blood beginning to boil as she surrendered completely
to the intense delight of the boy's face, reveling to the bottom of her
soul with the insane throes of lustful enchantment. Every muscle in her
body was tensed as she strained her hips upward toward the maddening
probe between her legs. She still didn't believe that it was actually
happening - her secret, private lust-fantasy was being enacted by this
gorgeous young child between her legs.

Her instinctive response seemed to incite the blond, boy further and
his tongue licked gluttonously at her flamed-seared hole as her up-
drawn legs opened and closed spasmodically around Bobby's head. Her
lips bared back over her teeth and the cords of her neck stood out, as
she heard Stuart exclaiming excitedly as he snapped away.

"Oh, beautiful! Shit, what a shot!" he was saying, even as Natalie
groaned with her approaching orgasm. Desperate for release, she
shamelessly splayed her legs wider and wider, as she writhed and
twitched on the ground. She heard Stuart's voice vaguely instructing
the boy, "Okay, pull out, I want to get her cunt!"

And suddenly his licking stopped, and the teacher's eyes opened wide in
frustration and shock. Above her, Bobby was struggling to his feet, and
Stuart was aiming the camera right into her trembling, needful vagina.
"God, oh, God," the woman pleaded unashamedly to the older man. "Hurry
... get your damn picture and fill my pussy!"

Desperately, she ground her inflamed buttocks down into the cool grass,
forgetting her anger and betrayal. She needed only one thing now - a
cock! Natalie's passion was beyond caring now who fucked her. All she
cared about was finding a man with a hardened cock to soothe her
blazing pussy. That was the only thing in the world that mattered
anymore, and she knew she would go insane if she had to wait much

Even as her mind fought the deceit of Stuart Brooks' trickery, her legs
kicked out uncontrollably and her slender ankles curled into the backs
of the Camp Director's thighs. The tall, muscular man was pleasantly
surprised by the obvious change that had taken over his college buddy's
wife, but he didn't pause to ponder over it. He wasted no time in
setting down his camera and loosening his shirt and shorts. But he had
no intention of being rushed by her driving need. His penis had been
incited to a hardness he could barely control and yet he was determined
to give the beautiful black-haired woman a fuck she would remember all
her life. Sure, he told himself, I wasn't planning to do this, but I
always say - a job worth doing, is worth doing well! He grinned with
anticipation as he watched her body writhing hungrily below him.

Natalie's eyes were glazed in frightened, uncontrollable desire. Her
body was caught up in a vortex of naked raw lust that she had never
known before. She wanted to feel. She wanted to feel the beautiful
sensation of a man fucking deep into her. She wanted her belly filled
with great pools of fresh virile cum and to feel its warmth all over
her lust-maddened flesh. Still, the Camp Director teased her by holding
his body suspended over her, just out of her reach. In desperation, she
thrust her tightly-clenched ass up toward his thick hard cock in a lewd
invitation to spur him to greater speed.

Stuart watched her for a moment, his eyes bulging slightly at the
exciting spectacle of this beautiful woman gone mad with desire. But he
knew that he wouldn't be able to stand it much longer. With a low
groan, he grabbed her slender flailing legs behind the knees and shoved
them roughly back over her shoulders, slithering up her sweat-soaked
body at the same time. His hiking shorts seemed to slide down off his
hairy legs as he moved upward on her body, pulling his shorts down with
them. Natalie jerked when she felt his gleaming, stone-hard cock brush
thrilling against her wet, matted pubic hair as he planted his hands
solidly on either side of her shoulders, locking her ankles tight
behind his neck.

When he looked down between their two naked bodies, the Camp Director
could see the expanded narrow slit of Natalie's vagina, throbbing
visibly as he held the moist wet furrow wide apart with the pressure of
his thighs against her own. He could see her straining upward, but the
weight of his body kept her away from the cock she wanted so much to
sink into her hotly quivering pussy.

"Fucking A!" the older man panted, motioning to the boys with one
outstretched hand. "Will you get a look at this? This is what it's all
about, fellows ... Now, if one of you can just get the camera there,
and focus in on her lovely pussy ..."

The teacher gasped when she heard her captor's obscene commands, but
there was nothing she could do to fight his wicked plans. She could
feel the thick fleshy rod resting against her pubic mound, pulsating
against her quivering open slit. The hotly throbbing head pressed
against the soft flesh of her inner thigh, lurching spasmodically
closer to her needful cunt, but so slowly that she angrily twisted her
hips upwards toward it, trying to capture the elusive thickness into
the warm confines of her hungrily clasping pussy.

The soft pressure of Stuart's belly resting against hers sent new
devils of delight dancing around the rough pink edges of Natalie's
naked cunt as he teasingly maneuvered to keep his cock away from her
starving cunt. At last, she could not bear the waiting any longer and
with a soft grunt that aroused the youthful onlookers, she jerked
forward wildly, grasping Brooks' buttocks to pull him down onto her
heaving body. The thick, blood-filled head of his massive penis drove
straight into her throbbing pussy, his weight smashing her into the
grass with crushing force. Her face contorted with shock as the heavy,
rock-hard shaft of flesh sank all the way to the hilt in her suddenly
stretched vagina, and she felt his balls slap tightly against her ass.
The impalement was so sudden and quick that the black-haired teacher
couldn't immediately adjust to the unnatural thickness of the Camp
Director's rod of cock-flesh. She bit her lips to suppress the whimpers
that rose immediately from her throat. She couldn't allow herself to
make a spectacle in front of the boys ... she had to show them that she
wouldn't be humiliated by the lecherous camp leader.

Stuart held still above the softly groaning woman, savoring the sight
of the nature guide's wife completely skewered on his lust-hardened
cock buried deep in her white, hungrily-contracting little belly. He
wished that he could be taking pictures at the same time as he fucked
his long, thick penis up into her ... Shit, wouldn't old Mark get off
on that? He turned his head briefly to the brown-haired boy who was
tentatively aiming the camera toward the teacher's widespread cunt-
lips. "Hey, Glenn," Stuart addressed him, "can you get that shot from
above? Make sure you can see how her cunt just vacuums in my cock!"

"Yeah ... okay ..." Glenn responded. Natalie turned her head in the
direction of the voice and saw that the thirteen year old was
completely naked, and his hard young penis was jerking virilely in the
fresh woodsy air. His hands trembled as he held the Camp Director's
expensive camera, and for a crazy instant, the young teacher felt sorry
for him. Obviously he wished he could be in the older man's place right
now, with his cock buried deeply in her undulating pussy, but he was
doing his best to obey the Camp Director's instructions to get the best
picture possible.

Stuart flexed his unimaginably long penile rod inside her churning
cunt, as if to remind her that he was still there. She squirmed
impatiently beneath the otherwise motionless man, as the discomfort of
his blunt entry receded and her passion returned in even greater force.
She could not remember ever being so hot in her life, even when she had
contemplated the healthy male organs of her young math students in the
city. She wanted to be fucked - yes, fucked - until she couldn't stand
up, to still the quivering desire that was making her loins tremble
around Stuart's motionless cock. She tightened her crotch muscles
tautly together in an attempt to excite the Camp Director to continue
with the lewd and arousing task he had begun. She wanted to make him
fuck her, but even though his stiff blunt cock seemed to burrow deeper
and deeper into her greedily demanding passageway, still he did not
move. The walls of her starving cunt rippled around his buried member,
gently massaging its fleshy ridges, clamping and releasing rhythmically
around it until she almost thought she felt the hard rubbery tip pulse
in response deep in her belly. The pungent odor of her own desire
wafted up to her nostrils, mingling strangely with the feeling of the
great throbbing cock inside her. It all seemed to roll together into a
hot fiery ball of aching hunger for more. Her cunt contracted more
powerfully as the wanton lascivious thoughts raced through her mind.

Finally, the sensual woman could contain herself no longer. She threw
her head back in the grass, her black curls flailing out like a shadowy
fire around her ivory-colored face.

"JESUS, STUART! Do it to me ... do it to me, NOW!!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR

But the Camp Director above her only smiled sadistically and waited. He
stared down at her with a leering grin, proudly aware of the six
teenagers who huddled close with their mouths gaping open. No matter
how much his balls ached, or how hard it was to keep his muscular
pelvis from slamming into her with rapid-fire strokes, he was going to
make her wait. In reward for her desperate plea, he flexed his penis
again, expanding it inside her but still not plunging forward with all
his reserve strength.

"Please, Stuart ... Come on, now ... please," Natalie whispered
breathlessly as the build-up of tension in her body began to pressure
for release. "I can't wait any longer."

He waited another cruel moment, then flexed his lust-bloated rod yet a
third time, watching her lovely face contort with desire. Her mouth
hung limply open and her eyes were tightly shut as she fought to draw
all the sensation she could from his patronizing movement.

"More, more, more," she chanted as he flexed again and again, setting a
slow measured rhythm to his penile throbs. He watched her nostrils
flare and felt her answering throbs around his rampant cock. Soft
mewling sounds of pleasure came from her open mouth unconsciously
keeping time to his teasing ministrations.

Suddenly he felt the throbs become more and more urgent around the head
of his penis. Natalie's wet clasping cunt began a frantic clenching and
unclenching around his pulsating cock.

Brooks did not stir, but continued the slow rhythmic pulses of his
expanding cock into the skewered woman beneath him. He could barely
contain his joy as her sounds of animalistic passion mounted, echoing
off the trees and vibrating the eardrums of the six young campers who
gathered so eagerly around. Her hair tossed around her face as her head
lolled from side to side in the grass, her hips urgently rolled and
gyrated beneath his impaling rod. He wanted to fuck her bow-legged, and
yet he still held back, clenching his teeth together with the effort as
he felt her greedily nibbling little pussy screw itself up tighter and
tighter against his wiry-haired pelvis in an effort to suck more of his
buried cock deep up inside of it.

Natalie's body felt as though it was on fire. She almost cried in
frustration at the man who was so cruelly torturing her by lying
motionless with his penis sunk deep in her aching cunt. There were six
virile young boys all around her, in various stages of arousal, who
would have been willing to fuck into her with youthful speed and force.
Out of the corners of her eyes, she could see some of them, their
jutting cock-heads bobbing lewdly out from under their t-shirts. The
boy with the camera was leaning over her head now, and she could almost
reach out with her tongue to swipe at the underside of his blue-veined

Oh, do it! she moaned inwardly to the torturing Camp Director poised
above her. Do it ... I can't stand being teased ... She needed to feel
the glorious, all-consuming sensation of a masculine cock sliding in
and out of her starving, hair-lined slit. She could feel the soft
leathery sac of his balls dangling tantalizingly against the sensitive
ring of her anus, causing her body to jerk with anticipation. But he
did nothing while she lay there, needing him so desperately to move
within her clasping passageway. She almost hated him for what he was
doing to her ... She would hate him, except that he did have his long
hard penis sunk into her needful pussy, and that was all in the world
she wanted. In her mind, she cursed his sadistic cruelty with all the
obscene words that came to her lust-deranged consciousness as she
insanely bucked up and down against his unmoving body, masturbating him
with her cunt as she would with a hot, butter-filled fist. Then,
suddenly, she began to forget her anger and frustration, as, without
warning, her own movements began a deeper electric tingle far up in her
tortured womb. She moved a little faster and felt it seep relentlessly
through the raw nerve endings of her flesh, then moved more
desperately, feeling it ripple through her cunt and out the fleece-
lined lips, dancing like tiny points of fire over her ivory thighs,
covering the full length of her widespread legs and sending thrilling
currents down to her very toes, until they curled down over the soles
of her feet. She felt the strange new excitement moving in waves over
her contracting belly, through her rib cage, and out to explode into
tiny blossoms of tingling feeling under the tip of each rosy,
palpitating nipple, tightening them into hard, tiny points, sensitive
even to the touch of the curling hair on the Camp Director's chest.

Natalie moaned and gyrated her hips from side to side around the thick
impaling penis, the walls of her vagina clasping in time to its
rhythmic beating. It felt as though the rigid cock was a part of her
very being. Her cunt and Stuart's cock were one mass of flesh and
feeling, incorporated by her sheer insane lust. They were one single
unit! This man's cock was a part of her!

Stuart could barely hold himself in control as he felt her pelvis
sliding up the length of his thick, stone-hard penis. The delicate
strands of secret muscle inside her cunt were nibbling hungrily at the
inflamed head of his cock. Between the wide-splayed columns of her
thighs, her tightly-stretching inner cunt-lips would pull reluctantly
away each time she slid moistly down his shaft for several inches, then
hungrily devour the gleaming shaft again as she trust her pelvis back
upward to him, until her soft dark pubic hair tangled with his own and
the full length of his maleness was embedded deeply in her warm white
belly. He didn't move, but raised his head to address the boy who had
his camera.

"Can you get around here, Glenn? I want a shot of her pussy-lips." The
youth immediately obeyed the Camp Director's lewd directions, gently
stepping over Natalie's head to bring the instrument around to the
side. He could see between the naked adult bodies of his teacher and
Camp Director, and his hazel eyes opened wide as he watched each slow
withdrawal of the older man's giant cock. The bulk of Brooks' thickly
glistening shaft pulled the soft pink ridges of the teacher's moist
flesh out with it as she ground her buttocks downward. He could barely
withhold his youthful gasps of lust each time she drove back upward on
that rigid penis, driving the soft folds back into her pussy again as
the man's gigantic penis was swallowed into her greedy channel.

Glen struggled with the camera, aiming and focusing each time he saw
the slick edges of the black-haired teacher's cunt poke out around the
Camp Director's penis. He snapped a few pictures at Brook's prompting,
"Okay, now, Glenn ... Quickly, I can't hold it ..."

The muscular man fought to keep his lust in check as she strained
against him for a while, a half-crazed smile of ecstasy playing across
her face. Her movements became more frantic by the moment, the cadence
of her upward thrust against him becoming more desperate as he saw the
sinews of her shoulders and neck strain out against her smooth flesh as
she writhed beneath him.

Stuart knew she was straining to cum and he nodded knowing to the boys
that surrounded them as he felt the juices of her milking vagina begin
to flow around his cock. The air was filled with the wet sucking sound
of the in and out sawing motion as she pumped against him, then she
suddenly thrust her hips up his cock, burying it deep in her belly. Her
back seemed to bow up off the ground, her calves ramming upward against
his shoulders until he could barely keep from being thrown off his
mount. She bucked up insanely against him.

"Oh ... unh ... aaahh ... unh," her grunts wafted into the still
afternoon air. "AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! YES! YES! YES! I'm there ...
oh, God, I'm finally there ... cumming ... CCCUUUMMMING! YES! YES!
YYYEEEESSSSSssss ..." The endless groan wailing from her throat,
Natalie's entire body began to vibrate uncontrollably. Her orgasm
flooded in great sensual waves of cum around the cock buried in her
cunt, seeping in warm rivulets out of the vaginal lips clasped tightly
around its base and down to coat the heavy, sperm-bloated balls that
rested in the crevice of her ass.

The thirty-two year old bachelor went berserk as Natalie grunted out
the last of her juices against his matted pelvis, her body still
spasmodically jerking up against him. Reaching behind his neck, he
grabbed her ankles and pushed them brutally back over her shoulders,
bending her double until the widespread split between her legs was
presented up to him totally helpless and submissive to his every

He withdrew the deeply embedded rod of his cock until just the tip of
the head rested inside the undulating elastic ring of her cunt-lips.
Then he rammed forward with all the stored up strength he possessed,
sinking the full throbbing length of his incited member into her
helplessly exposed vagina with a wet flat smack that resounded in the
trees as his belly thudded against Natalie's pelvis. He levered up
again, then slammed his hugely engorged cock as deep as it would go
into her hungrily clasping pussy. His balls smacked heavily against her
upturned ass and his hairy stomach bored hotly against the yielding
soft flesh of her white belly as he lunged forward one more time.

But suddenly, Natalie was straining against his arms that held her
pinioned to the ground, and her teeth gnashed together with the effort
as she struggled to change her position. Far from appeasing her, the
climax she had just experienced had only whetted her appetite, and she
wanted not only more cock, but younger, more enthusiastic teenage cock!
She squirmed up on the older man's penis as if she was trying to vacuum
even more of him into her insanely aroused young pussy. She wanted him
to sink even deeper into hot quivering cunt, but she couldn't move.

"Deeper, deeper, more ... Jesus God, MORE" she chanted crazily in her
sudden frustration. "I need another cock ... God!"

He clasped his palms around the twin grinding cheeks of her ass and
drove his cock in to the hilt. But no matter what he did, the woman
seemed to be unsatisfied, and she moaned and shouted her frustration
throughout the wooded hillside.

"What the hell do you want, damn you?" the Camp Director growled,
before ramming his tongue deep into her wide-open groaning mouth. His
heated saliva drooled down her throat, quieting for a few seconds her
frustrated wails. She sucked at it in a wild frenzy, her body caught in
a whirlpool of lust she had never imagined existed before. She splayed
her legs wider out to the side of the man's panting body, trying to
give him greater access, and his jerking cock pistoned into her
mercilessly, bringing gasps of pain to her lips as his groin slammed
hard against her helplessly upturned crotch. She moaned again as she
realized that she was about to achieve another climax with the savage
pounding of his body alone.

Then, suddenly, as she writhed out of control beneath him, she felt his
pistoning cock stiffen and begin to spew its boiling white load into
her tortured womb.

Natalie groaned in agony of frustration. It had been too, too sudden.
She had been so close, her peak just a step away. She strained crazily
for it, but the exhausted Camp Director's dead weight fell heavily
across her still-bucking body. The spent, deflating hose of his penis
slipped out from her clasping cuntal walls to hang uselessly between
her churning thighs as she angrily buffeted her fuck-dampened pelvis
against it.

Tears of fury and desperation rolled down her flushed cheeks, but the
soft, dangling penis limply evaded her anguished upward thrusts. Stuart
rolled from her body, breathing heavily in satiation. Now that he'd
gotten his rocks off, he would really relish taking some group photos
of the teacher and her young students.

The lust-fires raged on in Natalie's sex-drugged body, as the older man
stood up in the grass beside her. She was already wishing that she
might have another penis - a nice adolescent cock to fill her with
fresh creamy sperm. Her buttocks ground automatically into the soft mat
of grass below her, as she opened her smoky eyes to look at the boys.

Through her haze of passion, she barely made out the face of her
husband's college buddy leaning down over her. "You ready for that
double fuck I was telling you about?"

Natalie had to concentrate purposefully to make out what he was saying,
but at that moment, she had no recollection of his telling her anything
about a double fuck. In fact, she couldn't even imagine what a double
fuck was.

"God, I don't know," the raven-haired teacher responded dully. "What I
do know is that I want to have someone fuck me, and pretty damn fast."
Her cunt was a steaming hot cavern now that twitched like a nerve out
of control. Her muscles felt so tense that she was dimly afraid that
she would explode if someone didn't put a cock in her right away. She
sobbed hysterically, crying for release from the torture. Then,
suddenly, she gasped and held her breath. Stuart had taken his camera
back now and he was patting a young camper on the ass. "Go on now,
Simmons, I think the teacher wants to see you ..." Simmons was the
biggest fourteen year old Natalie had ever seen. He was so much taller
than Jason Powell that the blond boy who had been the teacher's lover
was dwarfed by comparison. Even Stuart Brooks seemed small standing
next to the huge, lumbering body of Richard Simmons, and he showed his
unconscious respect by addressing him by his last name. "Don't wait for
anyone else, Simmons ... She'll take you any way you want!"

The dark-haired boy was apparently unaware of the inherent power his
unnatural size gave him, for he seemed to do just what the others told
him. Natalie was almost relieved when she realized this fact, because
that meant she would be able to influence how he treated her. Her eyes
traveled down his muscular naked body with anticipation, but suddenly
her breath seemed to catch in her throat. She caught a glimpse of the
giant cock that reared out from his sinewed belly like a huge third
arm, with a knotted pair of fists balled between his legs. It was so
large that the young wife couldn't believe it at first, and she sucked
in her breath when it jerked before her horrified eyes, causing her to
cringe away in the grass.

"N-No ..." she whispered, but her ears were assaulted by Stuart Brooks'
chiding voice.

"Oh, yes, Natalie ... You wanted a cock, you said so yourself ... Now,
honestly, dear, can you imagine a better cock than young Richard
Simmons'? It'll look great in the pictures ..."

At the sound of his heartless teasing, the teacher jerked her eyes away
from the sight of the gargantuan penis and stared around the circle of
youthful faces. Her mind was dimmed in a way she didn't understand and
yet she was still conscious enough to realize what they were about to
do to her defenseless body. She drew her legs tightly together against
the sight of the monstrous organ, her fear bubbling uncontrollably out
of her.

"No, Stuart ... no more pictures. God, it'll never fit ... please,
Richard, d-don't do what he says ..." she whispered in terror, a battle
raging in her mind between the fear she felt and the fire blazing in
her insanely aroused cunt. "Your c-cock is too big ..."

The leering young faces surrounding the naked teacher moved in closer
to get a better view of the unbelievable spectacle that was about to
take place before them. Following the Camp Director's impatiently
uttered commands, Jason and Glenn squatted on either side of her legs,
grasping her ankles and pulling them apart.

Natalie looked pleadingly into the face of her young lover.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Jenkins," he mumbled, "but you did say you wanted it

"Oh, Jason," the black-haired woman sighed, as the delicate coral slit
that nestled in the soft dark curls of her pubic hair flowered into the
full view of the boys gathered at her feet drawing the others like a
magnet as they struggled to get a better view of her throbbing
genitals. Curious hands reached out to pinch quickly at her full white
breasts above, digging greedily for a moment at first, and then
nervously withdrawing.

The hulking Rich Simmons grinned at the excitement he was causing as he
climbed quickly between Natalie's widespread thighs. The two boys
holding her ankles raised them up and over her head until her toes were
touching the long blades of grass behind her head. Her face twisted in
discomfort as every muscle in her body was stretched unnaturally at
Stuart Brooks' direction. He grinned and nodded his approval to the
youths as he continued to click away with his camera, capturing every
possible view he could get of her luscious, glimmering cunt. The flat
plane of her pussy was presented up to the kneeling teenager in
defenseless sacrifice, and Rich could hardly suppress his excitement.

He smiled down at it, his brown eyes gleaming and his lips baring back
over his teeth in unconscious lust. He stroked his immense cock with
both hands as if in greedy preparation for the assault upon the
helpless up-tilted cunt before him. His huge body swayed on his knees
like an old building about to topple, and the glistening purplish head
of his cock shone menacingly in the afternoon sunlight. He shuffled
forward ponderously with his pelvis and huge bulging penis shoved out,
the great rod of hard adolescent flesh bouncing slightly as he moved.

Natalie peered up through her wide-split thighs, her eyes wide in awed
horror as she watched the muscles bulge dramatically on the young torso
advancing on the helpless crevice between her legs. She could not tear
her eyes away from the vile instrument that was about to rip into her
still-trembling body in vicious rape. That's all it is, she told
herself. I'm being raped against my will ... The sight of Richard's
massive cock hypnotized her into abject stillness and all she could do
was wait for the assault.

Suddenly, without further warning, the grinning student jerked his hips
back and Natalie found herself lifting her pelvis upward as though she
was under some kind of spell, searching with her gaping hot pussy for
that monstrous pole of adolescent flesh that was going to rip her belly
asunder. The lust-incited group around the new pair of entwined bodies
gaped as the great bulging head of Richard's cock found its pulsating
destination and fumbled for a moment, poking at the pink, ragged edges
of flesh as she ground her pelvis frantically up at it. Then, the
muscles of the boy's buttocks tightened as he lifted himself high in
the air over the up-turned loins of the wide-eyed young teacher. The
thick palpitating head of his penis poised at the wet, wide-stretched
opening to her cunt for what seemed like an eternity, until finally the
boy jerked his pelvis forward with a brutal lunge and the blood-filled
tip disappeared between her legs into the soft, fleshy, down-covered
folds of her cuntal flanges.

"Hold it! Right there ... aaaah, perfect ..." Stuart's voice broke into
the woman's consciousness.

Ignoring the Camp Director, the boy shoved forward again, sinking his
monstrous cockshaft another inch in her squirming vagina. Natalie tried
to kick free of the unnatural impalement, but the eager young hands at
her ankles held tight against the ground, preventing any great amount
of movement.

She knew that in her wild passion a moment ago she had over-estimated
in thinking that she actually wanted to feel that mammoth penis inside
her. Richard Simmons was just a boy, to be sure, no older than gorgeous
young Jason Powell, who was still apologetically holding her ankle. But
unlike Jason, Richard was so abnormally developed, so precociously
mature, that his gigantic male organ was not only large for a fourteen
year old, but it was huge compared to any full-grown man! As she felt
her vaginal walls cringing against his eager entry, Natalie knew that
she had never been filled like this before, never in her whole life!
She could almost feel the straining elastic of her cunt-lips stretch as
they endeavored to accommodate his enormous circumference, and her
whole belly quivered in apprehension.

The hulking youth levered up on his hands, straightening his arms into
a push-up position, and flicked his lust-thickened penis inside her
vagina, cramming the relentless monster another excruciating inch into
her tortured passageway.

"Oooouuugggh ... I-It's too big ..."

Richard grinned to Natalie and then to his cabin-mates, leaning down to
drive it in yet another inch.

The heated breath of the excited boys warmed her nakedly sweating body
as the youths crowded closer, gaping as if hypnotized by the rape of
the voluptuous woman by their own friend and fellow camper. Natalie was
only vaguely aware of hands reaching out to clutch and squeeze at her
breasts, and fingers traveling all over every part of her flesh until
she felt as if she was covered with tiny insects, searching to enter
every opening of her body.

The clicking of Stuart's camera continued unceasingly, providing an
auditory backdrop in Natalie's consciousness, reminding her that
everything she did here this afternoon was being recorded in color.

But that same knowledge seemed to incite the huge youngster above her,
and he suddenly rammed forward with a crushing thrust that plowed his
monstrous cock deep into her tight resisting vagina, pushing great
waves of rippling pink cuntal flesh before it.

Natalie jerked convulsively as the gigantic penis drove into her belly,
crushing her inner organs as it dug deeper and deeper. It felt as
though it would burst through her throat and out her mouth if he didn't
stop soon. It was driving her very soul out of her body, bit by bit, as
his monstrous organ slammed relentlessly into her. Her mind seemed to
be fading away until there was nothing in her consciousness but the
huge shaft of teenage flesh tunneling inside her tight narrow channel.

Finally it stopped. With an ass-crushing jolt, the boy's pelvis thudded
heavily into her upturned buttocks. The immense, semen-inflated sac of
his balls bounced against the wide-split crevice of her ass, and his
hard virile cock lay embedded to the hilt inside her quivering cunt.

Young Simmons paused above the beautiful teacher for a moment,
unknowingly giving her a chance to adjust to his abnormal size. He
watched her face as the agonized muscles began a slow relaxation, the
tightly-gnashed teeth opening slightly in surprise as her unnaturally
stretched passage grew accustomed to the gigantic invading spear of

"Oh ... hhhmmmm ..." she sighed in hesitant relief and wonder. Rich
flexed his cockhead inside her, bringing a new moan of apprehension to
her lips, but as he continued his sporadic muscle-twitches, she
gradually softened her moans to mewls of potential pleasure. Then he
began a slow, gyrating motion with his pelvis, grinding his huge cock
into her defenseless, barely adjusted vagina, stretching the still-
cringing walls until he fit into her like a sword in its sheath.

Unbelieving eyes peered lustfully within inches of the enormous buried
weapon, amazed that the tight tiny hole they had seen before could have
swallowed the whole of it. Again, unknown hands rubbed lewdly over the
twin mounds of her breasts, and she felt fingers exploring the moons of
her upturned ass as well. The trembling fingers pulled teasingly at the
fleshy, hair-covered lips of her cunt that clamped so tightly around
the huge embedded cock of their friend. She jumped in amazement as she
felt a fingertip probe under Richard's dangling balls to her puckered
anus, flicking teasingly at it like a wild tongue. She winced as it
paused and then suddenly popped through the tight surrounding nether
ring, worming deeply into the tender spongy flesh inside. It moved
around, expanding the tiny opening until the very palm of the intruding
hand lay flat against her rounded ass-cheeks, the whole finger buried
securely within the dry throbbing channel.

Tiny bursts of protest broke from her lips. Her vaginal passage felt
stretched beyond repair, and the dual ravishment of her loins with some
student's long middle finger implanted deep in her rectum made the
feeling all the more intense. She tried not to move as she felt the
discomfort easing with the stillness of her body, but the lust-incited
youth ground and twisted his finger deeper, circling it and expanding
her anal passage until she thought it would split apart. Another hand
was cupping her naked breast now, teasing and pulling at its distended
nipple until she thought her whole fleshy orb would burst from the

Kneeling over her jackknifed trembling form, Rich began a painful
sawing motion in and out of her moist, stretched pussy with long,
lunging strokes. His nostrils flared as he thrust forward mercilessly
from the apex of his withdrawal and battered her body back hard into
the ground with each stroke. The hulking teenager slipped his big hands
down to the rounded curves of her hips, holding tight to them as he
slipped the warm soft sheath of her throbbing vagina back over the
thickness of his cock as though he was thrusting his hand into a glove
filled with vaseline. The finger embedded in her ass joined the slowly
pistoning cock in a rhythmic fucking duo that raised whimpers and
whines from the woman's parted lips.

Her discomfort at the double ravishment was gradually fading to be
replaced by a strange sensation of elation tingling through her
defenseless body. The outrageous debasement and subjugation brought a
weird sensation of masochistic pleasure flooding through her
bloodstream and her buttocks began to rotate slightly with her first
cautious experiment with movement. Then, feeling no pain, she herself
followed the rhythm, grinding and twisting her ass up to the hard-
driving cock as though she was glued to it. Hands from all around
groped and pinched at her smooth slick flesh, as Stuart's camera
clicked at each new pose.

Richard Simmons swept into her with a growing frantic abandon and she
matched his every movement, reveling in the sensation of the hands
working at her erogenous zones. Natalie could feel him thrusting more
violently, the sight of her body bucking under him inciting him to
greater effort. Her breath had become one long continuous moan of
passion and her lips opened and closed fish-like in mounting ecstasy.

And then there was another movement at her head, and for a second the
teacher thought it was Stuart, leaning over to take another picture.
But her passion-hazed eyes gradually came into focus and she saw the
naked body of red-headed Dennis O'Malley. In one hand, he held his long
thick cock while the fingers of the other hand played at Natalie's
ruby-red lips. She mumbled a protest and tried to shake her head away,
but he grabbed at her jaw and held it in position. She could only
clench her teeth to try to keep his cock away, but the boy wasn't about
to give up. As he slowly pried at her locked lips, she could hear the
Camp Director chuckling sadistically.

"All right, all right!" he enthused. "You kids are really catching on!"

The boy who was fucking into her from above slammed his monstrous cock
into her with such force that she gasped in surprise. As her mouth
opened, the long thick cock beside her head crushed through her soft
moist lips and into the warm wet cavern of her mouth. The tall red-
haired youth immediately began to fuck into her face as if it was a
second cunt. She gagged as he rammed his rampant penis halfway down her
throat, the length of it disappearing into her widely ovalled mouth.

In the furthest recesses of her imagination, Natalie recalled how she
had always dreamed of having such young, fresh cocks fucking into her
ceaselessly and vigorously. Now she could only chide herself in
retrospect, telling herself that this was the final result of her idle,
wicked perversions, and everything that was happening to her, she fully

Dennis quickened his thrusts to match Richard's into her cunt, never
quite pulling all the way out, but always leaving the spongy head of
his cock in the hot moist shelter of her lips. His balls slapped
harshly against her chin, the soft fuzz of his pubic hair tickling like
a feather. She struggled to breathe, catching small gasps of air each
time the two cocks and the finger in her ass simultaneously withdrew.

They buffeted her back and forth between them, using her helpless body
as a receptacle into which they would pump their burning sperm. She was
no longer able to think or feel, in her nearly trance-like state, as
she watched the length of the cock in her mouth as it rose like a pale
tree from the reddish gold thatch of his immature pubic hair.

She imagined how degrading she must look being fucked by the two
teenagers who were her students, with another anonymous finger
skewering hotly into her asshole. She realized with a start that Stuart
Brooks was taking pictures of it all, and for the first time, she
thought she might like to see them. Her mental image of the photographs
incited her more and more and she felt the fiery feeling in her belly
beginning to rage insanely out of control. She began to rotate her
buttocks in tight tiny circles, squeezing with her cunt muscles at the
hot, fleshy pole burrowing into her pussy. Her lips nibbled at the
thrusting young instrument in her mouth, and she coughed and sputtered
at first until she became accustomed to the unnatural invasion of her
oral cavity. She wanted to milk both young cocks dry, to feel them fill
her belly with hot sticky fluids of their virile fresh cum. She sucked
greedily at the cock in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing and bloating
with every thrust. It was the first time in her life she had ever
tasted a penis and she explored its every pore and ridge. Swirling her
tongue wildly around the bloated head, she probed hotly into the tiny
glans opening on the end. She wanted it to erupt in her mouth, so she
could swallow his sperm until her stomach was as filled as her womb.
She wanted to feel the creamy warmth of the boiling semen as it shot
into her from both ends of her body.

Above her, Rich was building toward the end. He began to thrust into
her harder and faster, battering mercilessly against the quivering
cheeks of her up-turned ass with his hard-driving loins. His big meaty
hands gripped her writhing hips, squeezing the soft flesh into random
crazy shapes beneath his clenching fingers. His lips bared back against
his teeth and he couldn't close his mouth. He looked down at the
woman's slender nakedly bucking body and the sight of her being fucked
from both ends sent chills up his spine.

"Holy fuck!" he exclaimed through clenched teeth.

Another voice responded, "Right on!" as Natalie felt her mouth filling
with lubricating saliva. It was becoming slightly sticky from the small
emissions of pre-cum that seeped from the end of Dennis O'Malley's
cock. She could see the boy's hips writhing above her as though he was
in the spasmodic throes of orgasm already. His long fingers wound
tightly into her dark, sweat-matted hair, pulling her mouth back and
forth over the entire length of his thrusting pole of flesh. She could
feel it stretching and expanding in her mouth until there was no room
left, and she moaned excitedly around it as it thrust forward hard into
her tonsils.

She had never felt so utterly used and debauched in all her life, and
yet every moment seemed to bring her closer to what she knew was going
to be the greatest orgasm she had ever experienced. She sucked with her
mouth and wriggled her buttocks wildly as her peak approached with the
force of a boiling volcano about to erupt. There was nothing else in
the world now but to please these young teenaged campers as she
wallowed in her own pleasure at the same time.

Simultaneously, with the rising tide of her own orgasm, she felt the
cock fucking into her seething pussy begin to throb and inflate. She
felt her thighs and buttocks swept apart with one last crushing lunge
as the boy fucking into her shoved his cock as far as it could go into
her belly and began spewing his hot sticky liquid deeply into her
greedy cunt. She could feel it flooding hotly into her and filling the
depths of her womb until she thought she would burst inside. The finger
in her asshole suddenly pulled away and Richard's balls smacked into
the sensitive exposed opening, causing her to jerk convulsively upward
on the cock in her madly sucking mouth. It too erupted as if by some
suctioning force, flooding her throat with his delicious spurting cum.
Her cheeks inflated like a balloon to keep from choking on the pungent
fluids that poured into her mouth, as she swallowed great gulps to keep
from wasting a single precious drop of his virile young liquid. Tiny
streams ran from the sides of her mouth as she sucked and swallowed
voraciously, keeping up with his copious heated offering. When he
finally seemed to collapse beside her on the ground, his slimy, soft
cock slipped from between her still-vacuuming lips, leaving a thin
shiny string of cum as a bridge to his deflating organ.

Natalie skewered her ass up tightly against the still-squirting cock in
her cunt and with a scream from between her cum-sticky lips she felt
her own body explode in a great burst of showering stars, wracking her
entire being with an agonizing ecstasy that sent her brain whirling.

"Aaaaiiiieee!!!" her wailing voice pierced the stillness of the wooded
hillside. "Aaaarrrggh ... Aaaaaaaoooooh, oh, oh."

Her strength was suddenly gone and she let her arms and legs fall
limply out to the sides as Rich Simmons pulled back to withdraw his
huge spent cock-tube from her semen-drenched pussy. It was amazing, she
reflected later, that Stuart Brooks still had the energy to snap lewd
photographs, even when she and the youthfully energetic teenagers
seemed to be on the verge of exhaustion. But snap away he did, and
Natalie wondered what he might be doing with the pictures later.

Chapter 5

Wednesday afternoon, Natalie Jenkins boldly approached Stuart Brooks
with her burning question. It was outside the classroom that she had
spotted him, not the ideal place for discussing an inquiry of such a
personal nature, so she agreed to his suggestion that they discuss it
in the staff cabin. The voluptuous teacher felt a stab of apprehension
about speaking to the camp Director alone in the deserted adult
accommodations, especially after what had happened yesterday. But she
had to know. She couldn't live another minute without knowing what was
going to become of all those obscene snapshots the older man had taken
of her.

"Really, dear, it's nothing," Stuart began by assuring her, once they
were safely inside the cabin door. He sat down in one of the bean-bag
pillows and propped his forearms on his knees as he waited for
Natalie's response.

The black-haired woman was intensely conscious of Stuart's steely blue
eyes roving up and down her barely concealed curves, and his frank
appraisal annoyed her. Hadn't he seen enough of her in the perverted,
humiliating acts he had perpetrated upon her?

"It sure as hell is something!" she contradicted hotly. "You've got a
whole camera full of pictures of me, and I want to know why!"

"Calm down, my dear. There's no need to get angry. It's really quite
simple and nothing for you to worry about ..."

Natalie threw her hands up in despair and paced the bare floor of the
pine-paneled living room. "Nothing for me to worry about?! Stuart, I'm
a married woman. Married! And you think there's nothing to worry

"You're not the first," the Camp Director said softly.

"Not the first what?" she countered suspiciously. The suggestiveness in
his tone was frightening.

"Not the first married woman who's ever cheated on her husband," he
replied simply, calmly.

The black-haired teacher's face reddened. Surely Stuart knew that she
had been totally helpless and subjugated against her will during that
enforced orgy yesterday afternoon. Didn't he? Surely he couldn't
consider that freak accident as cheating on her husband. But in the
back of her mind, Natalie was still conscious of that other time ...
that other indiscretion, with lovely Jason Powell. That was cheating on
Mark, and she knew it in her conscience, whether the Camp Director knew
or not.

"St-Stuart," she stammered. "I d-don't know what you're talking about
... That ... that ... yesterday ... That was a deliberate trick you
pulled on me, and I won't be held responsible for that!"

. "Nobody's holding you responsible for anything, dear," the bachelor
said quietly. "I don't see why you should get so upset."

"If you're not holding me responsible, then why did you take all those
pictures?" Natalie challenged evenly.

"That's my business," the Director answered, but the young teacher
caught instinctively the hint of uncertainty in his voice. The answer
was a weak one, and she felt if she probed further, she could get to
the real motive.

"And mine," she said quickly. "The pictures are of me, remember? And I
know you didn't take them for photography class."

Stuart cocked his eyebrow in Natalie's direction. His face wore an
expression that was purely speculative, as if he was mulling over the
various possibilities in his mind. It was a long time before he spoke,
and the teacher was becoming scared that maybe she had demanded to know
too much.

Finally, the Camp Director inhaled deeply and sighed. "Well, Natalie,"
he said, "it seems that you're not going to give up. I want to remind
you that I warned you not to ask ..."

"Okay, okay," she replied impatiently, "just tell me!"

"I took the pictures on commission, you might say ... for a client."

The young wife was beside herself with confusion. She waved her arms
futilely in the air, as her mouth opened and closed as if she was
trying to speak. When she did, her voice was choked and strained, "A
client? Y-you mean someone is b-buying pictures of me? Who? Why? How
did they know where to find me? God, Stuart, wh-what's going to happen
to them?"

"Shh, not so fast," Stuart soothed. "No one's buying the pictures yet

"Yet?" Natalie's face suddenly twisted into a horrified expression of
comprehension. "Are th-they for ... blackmail?"

The Camp Director smiled indulgently at the woman's naive and innocent
fear. "No, they're not for blackmail. I told you not to ask ... It's a
private arrangement between me and ... a friend of mine. My friend has
no intention of hurting you, Natalie ..."

"God!" she cried out in sudden frenzy. "Who? Wwwhhhooo?!"


Natalie's face drained of all color and her body seemed to freeze in
mid-step where she had been pacing the room. She pressed her lips
together resolutely to stutter, "M-M-Mmm-?"

Stuart nodded. "Mark ... He asked me to take the pictures ..."

* * *

In the semi-privacy of her bedroom, the confused wife tried to sort
things out in her mind. She knew that Stuart Brooks was hovering just
outside the door in the hallway, but at least he wasn't in the room to
see her slumping into the mattress of her bed. Mark! Her first reaction
was that it was impossible. How could her own husband ever want to
share her with anyone, if he really loved her? And even if he didn't
mind sharing her, why would he want to see the lewd, incriminating
evidence of color photographs? It just didn't make sense at all!

But the more she turned the idea over in her mind, the more Natalie
became convinced that it was possible. Mark had been acting strangely
ever since they had come up to Weatherly-Brooks Summer Camp for Boys.
First it had been Jason Powell. Natalie remembered how her husband had
deliberately asked her what she had thought of him, even though he was
supposedly only picking up a book. And then there had been Mark's
inexplicable cooperation in the obviously pre-planned little expedition
yesterday. She would have expected that her loving husband would have
flatly refused to let her go up into the hills with six boys and a
camera-toting adult lecher ... but Mark had not only gone along with
the plan, he had actually encouraged it!

"Well, that damn bastard!" she whispered huskily.

"You okay, Natalie?" came Stuart's question from out in the hall.

The woman's face was smoldering with gathering anger. He actually
planned it! Mark really deliberately planned it! And after telling me
we were coming up here to save our marriage! The gall! Her reply to the
Camp Director was dark and sultry.

"I'm fine, Stuart darling ... just fine," she purred in a syrupy voice.
"Come in and see for yourself."

"Hmph!" the bachelor remarked in surprise. When Natalie had fled the
living room a few moments ago, she had seemed on the verge of tears,
but the voice from the bedroom was anything but tearful. Never one to
miss an opportunity, he gently pushed open the door and went into
Natalie and Mark Jenkins' private sleeping quarters.

The woman's mind was still racing vengefully, but her face was now calm
and peaceful. She was lying on her side in a provocative pose, her long
bare legs crossed sensuously and her camp blouse unbuttoned almost to
the waist.

"Really, Stu, I'm fine now," she whispered silkily. "I'm so glad you
told me the truth ... It makes everything so easy, now ..."

The Camp Director was a little shaken by the sudden change in her
attitude. He stood in the doorway, saying, "Natalie, I don't think you
quite understand Mark didn't ..."

She raised a slender hand to silence him. "I understand, Stu. Honestly,
I do. And I'd like to give you a little token of my appreciation for
telling me. She motioned him to come sit beside her on the bed.

The older man confusedly stumbled over to the double bed, standing
stiffly at the head. Natalie smiled a bewitching, moist-lipped smile
and grasped his clammy hand to bring him closer, and then she reached
forward to clasp his fly zipper with the other hand. Her husband's
friend started uncomfortably, but he didn't move away as the gorgeous,
provocatively exposed young woman deftly removed his semi-hard penis
from his shorts. She wrapped her slim hand around his huge masculinity
and began to work it gently up and down, watching and feeling it grow
gradually stiffer in her palm. Her eyes widened as the fat, red-fleshed
head popped out from the thick foreskin as she manipulated his meaty
cockshaft. As the Camp Director looked on incredulously, she pulled him
even closer to the bed so that his thighs were resting against the edge
of the mattress and his long excited cock was jutting proudly half-way
across the pillow.

Natalie raised her pretty dark head. She slowly and tantalizingly
opened her full red lips and let her tongue lap out teasingly in an
obscene invitation to the man's now-pulsing cock. Stuart dared not
move, for fear of startling the young woman and making her change her
mind, but he could barely believe that this was the same woman who only
ten minutes ago had professed to be the victim of a cruel gang-rape.

He didn't have long to wait, for Natalie inclined forward, opening her
lips and immediately capturing the thick pole of flesh in her warm,
saliva-moist mouth. She could feel the bulbous head sliding wetly along
the full length of her tongue inside, the tiny droplets of seminal
fluid seeping from it to fill the warm cavern of her mouth with its
pungent salty taste.

Brooks began a slow undulation of his hips against the mattress, his
thick cock slipping in and out of her mouth with a wet sluicing sound.
His hands reached down tentatively to tangle in her hair, but as she
responded thrillingly, he gripped the billowing black strands tightly
and pulled them hard so her head thrust forward involuntarily. A cocky
grin spread over his face as he looked down and saw his penis
disappearing into his friend's wife's mouth, and it made him even
prouder to know that she had insisted on it. He reached down to the
front of her blouse and loosened it from her camp shorts, yanking it
crudely off her shoulders so he could see the fleshy mounds of her
breasts through the thin, diaphanous lace of her brassiere. His fingers
kneaded her flesh hungrily as he watched his thick sword of flesh
disappearing between her ovalled lips.

"Ssssshhhit!" he exclaimed in ecstatic amazement. "You sure do know how
to give head, baby." Natalie began to run her tongue wetly around and
around the smooth rubbery flesh of his cockhead, as her mind poured
over her husband's betrayal. At first, her sultry, seductive
manipulations of Stuart Brooks' cock had been offered in vengeance, as
a deliberate punishment for her husband's deceit. But now, strangely,
the young teacher began to feel a new emotion - the unmistakable
arousal in her own loins. She began sucking to please, circling around
the glans with her tongue and flicking teasingly with the tip at the
tiny opening at the end. The sharp pungent taste and odor of the
lubricating fluids seeping through from his rising excitement caused
her mouth to salivate and her nostrils to flare out slightly. She
reached out to cup the soft wrinkled sac of his testicles gently with
one hand, grazing her long fingernails tantalizingly over the hairy
flaccid flesh.

Stuart groaned and twisted above her as her head bobbed up and down
slavishly over his thick shaft of male flesh. He watched with obscene
delight as her rounded lips strained at his thick, rock-hard penis,
sucking it as though it was a stick of peppermint candy being fed to a
hungry little girl. On the bed, her hips were undulating slightly as
she squirmed to wriggle out of her shorts. The Camp Director sucked in
his breath and reached down to ease the waistband of the green short-
shorts over her voluptuously curved hips and down the sculpted columns
of her legs. He exhaled with an audible sigh as he saw that her warm,
hair-lined cunt-lips were already throbbing wetly in time to his cock
sliding in and out of her mouth.

Suddenly, he felt he had to have more. He pushed her lovely head away
from his loins, his rampant cock pulling from her sucking mouth with a
moist popping sound. Natalie's eyes fluttered open in surprise at his
sudden withdrawal and she was momentarily afraid she had done something
wrong. But his lewd, lustful grin told her that he was only seeking
greater stimulation, and greater stimulation was something the young
teacher was more than ready to give at this point. Fuck you, Mark, she
swore mentally to her husband ... You want to see me really cheat on

To the muscular bachelor, the heavy-lidded brunette purred in a honey-
soft voice, "Stu ... let's do something exciting ... I mean really
exciting ..."

Once again the light-haired Camp Director was taken aback by his
friend's wife's sultriness, but this time his balls were aching
insistently and he couldn't deny it. He lurched forward on the bed,
kneeling on the edge of the mattress, his expression dark and excited.
"All right ... all right you hot little fucking bitch," he growled,
"turn over!"

Natalie winced at the harshness of his command, but she told herself
that this was what she wanted. She wanted to be fucked from behind, in
lewd dog-fashion, just like the bitch her husband seemed to think she
was. Slowly she rolled onto her stomach, her huge naked breasts
squashing into the mattress and spreading out to the sides of her arm-
pits. At the gentle but firm insistence of Stuart's fingertips, she
raised her perfectly rounded white buttocks into the air, bending her
knees slightly to support them.

The rough but careful stroke of the older man's calloused fingers over
her smooth nether flesh sent tingles up her spine, but Natalie was
resolute in her decision to go through with this perverted act. She
braced herself with her hands at the sides of her body as she strove to
wriggle her ass up even higher, in response to the bachelor's

The black-haired teacher wasn't prepared for what came next, however.
She lurched forward almost into the natural wood headboard of the
rustic bed as suddenly, the Camp Director slipped a finger between her
buttocks, to probe momentarily at the tight, brown puckered hole of her
cringing little anus.

"Mmm-hhhmmm, nice and tight," Stuart commented, as if to himself. "My
old cock will really have a fantastic fuck in there ..."

Natalie couldn't believe what he was suggesting. She whirled her head
around to see if he was actually contemplating that horrible, forbidden
act - that sodomy, but her hair fell over her eyes and she was unable
to discern the older man's expression. God, she thought inwardly, God,
I hope I haven't gone too far ... She had intended to get even with her
husband, that's all - she certainly hadn't planned on this.

She felt his hands move away to be replaced suddenly by his lips,
kissing her smooth oval buttocks and biting them with sharp little
nips. She felt him draw them apart with his thumbs and lick the hot,
slightly sweating crevice between them and she moaned in humiliation as
he pulled and stretched at her asshole, straining at the tight rubbery
ring the way the teenager had yesterday.

Natalie tried to clench her buttocks tightly together but the pressure
of his thumbs inserted into the moist furrow was too much. No, she
groaned inwardly ... It can't be ... he wouldn't do it ... But the
friend of her husband continued to stretch her asscheeks until she
could feel the cool air rushing into the hot interior between her legs.
Suddenly she felt obscenely naked with the unmarried lecher hovering
over her tiny brown wrinkled hole, but she knew that she had asked for

There was a pressure against her ankles and the young wife didn't
resist as she felt Stuart prying her legs apart. He crawled up on his
knees between her full thighs and spread the cheeks of her ass far
apart. His probing finger poked experimentally at her asshole and she
jerked automatically from the sudden discomfort.

"It's okay, baby, relax," he chided softly. "Haven't you ever been
fucked in the ass before?" He thought of her calm and studious husband
Mark, and chuckled to himself. No, he answered his own question
mentally. But he did have a couple of shots of Jason Powell's finger up
her ass from yesterday, up on the secluded hillside.

Natalie gasped, then moved her legs apart until they were almost at
right angles to her body, her calves and ankles dangling over the edges
of the quilt-covered mattress. It felt as if her body was about to
split apart as she felt the tip of his finger at the entrance to her
naked exposed rectum. She clenched the tiny elastic ring desperately in
a futile attempt to stop the brutal forbidden penetration that she knew
was coming. Stuart probed for a moment at the outer edges of the
puckering brown circle, then shoved forward with a grunt, sinking his
finger jerkily up to the first knuckle in the warm, velvety passage.

Natalie jerked forward from the unexpected digging and Brooks thrust
again, impaling his long middle finger even deeper into her asshole.
Grunts of protest escaped from her lips as he drilled deeper and
deeper, expanding the tightness of her rectum until she thought she was
going to explode internally.

"Aaauuuunnh," she moaned softly into the headboard. "St-Stuart, I th-
think I ... don't want ..."

"Relax, Natalie," he cut in. "Try to make your ass relax ... I'm going
to show you something that'll make you cum like a skyrocket ..." Hell,
he added to himself, you're such a hot little number you'd get off on
practically anything! He began to move his finger around up inside the
smooth rubbery walls of her tightly clenching back passage, to prepare
it for the greater entry that was to come.

A flicker of surprise passed over Natalie's face as she consciously
followed the older man's instructions and the pain began to fade to be
replaced by a strangely enjoyable sensation. She relaxed and
experimentally wriggled her hips back against it, until suddenly she
felt the extra pressure of another finger ramming unexpectedly
alongside the first. It hurt this time, and she buried her face in her
arms to muffle the tiny squeal that escaped her lips.

. "Stuart, really, I ..." she began chokingly, "I don't th-think I can
do this." Apprehensive tears of humiliation welled up under her eyelids
as she realized that it was she alone who was to blame for what the
Camp Director was doing. She had invited it deliberately, and now there
was no way out. He was screwing both fingers into her mercilessly,
digging viciously to expand the tiny puckered hole so that his
massively erected cock would fit inside.

The young teacher tried valiantly to let her rear muscles go limp
around the uncomfortable assault, and finally, unbelievably, her face
registered the flushed joy as the pain once again receded and her
asshole became slowly accustomed to the unnatural invasion. Natalie
couldn't believe that it could feel so good, but it did, sending wild
thrills of perverse pleasure shooting through her loins. Her mouth
opened and began to pant and mewl as the older man's fingers worked
around and around in her widely-stretched rectum. Brooks grinned as he
prodded and probed at Natalie's defenseless asshole as she squirmed
beneath him in total willing surrender.

As suddenly as he had shoved his fingers in, Stuart pulled them out of
her. They seemed to slip out reluctantly from the warm passage, the
pink clasping skin clinging to them until they popped out with a slight
suction. Then, he dropped his head between her thighs and licked wetly
at the crevice of her buttocks, moistening the tiny hole for the entry
of his thick hard penis.

"Higher, squat up higher," he suddenly commanded, eager to complete the
subjugation the beautiful brunette had purposely invited..

What now? Natalie thought, panic-stricken. Hadn't he humiliated her

A tremor of fear passed through the teacher, but she obediently
struggled to her knees, presenting the rounded white orbs of her
buttocks up to the now wildly aroused Camp Director. He kneeled behind
her widespread thighs, his rampant cock standing straight out with the
head resting in her split furrow.

"Okay, guide my cockhead into your ass, Natalie," he gruffly instructed
her. Natalie reached back through the arc of her open legs to take hold
of his throbbing rock-hard shaft. A sudden expression of fear flashed
over her features as her fingers wrapped around the massive girth of
his cock and she realized for the first time the remarkable size of the
fleshy pulsating rod. She stroked it slowly, the doubt clearly apparent
on her face.

"Go on ... The more you wait, the more it'll hurt ... Your asshole is
ready right now," Stuart prompted, grasping her hips to pull her back
on him.

Natalie acquiesced to his inhuman command, placing the head of his
blunt weapon of male flesh against the tight, hairless opening of her
backside. She held her breath as she felt it begin to prod and realized
that her fears had been well-founded. Stuart's cock was huge, she could
never take that in her rectum, when even a child's finger was too big
for the tiny-clenching hole. She tried to move away, but she nearly
collided with the wooden headboard before she realized she was trapped.

The muscles in Stuart's stomach stood out as he strained forward and
Natalie felt the soft probing between her buttocks grow into a hard,
irresistible pressure against the tight rubber ring of her anus.

"Please don't, Stuart," Natalie gasped in final desperation. "Let me
suck your cock ... or fuck you properly ... please ...?" But her plea
was cut off by her straining nether ring suddenly giving way before the
pressure of the man's huge cockhead, and it popped inside with a sudden
rush. A spasm of pain shot through Natalie's backside and she twisted
instinctively away. Her buttocks were moving like a trapped animal
thrashing to escape, but her jerks only served to wedge the thick
gleaming penis more securely in her asshole.

Stuart watched her vain efforts to pull away, but he held her hips
tightly and spoke in soft, reassuring tones, "Jesus, woman, can't you
relax? It doesn't hurt, once you let your muscles go ..."

All she could do was moan in response as he pressed his thighs forward
to force his cock to slide in another inch. It was as if a monstrous
tree trunk was being shoved relentlessly into her tiny, virginal
rectum, and she didn't believe it was possible for her to relax around

"Shove your ass back, dear!" Stuart commanded, pulling on her
voluptuously rounded hips in illustration. In desperate obedience she
opened her ass with a deliberate effort and hunched back toward him. He
hugged her hips tightly and pushed with all his strength against her
futile resistance, his hard fleshy rod surging forward into her anus,
pushing the soft velvety flesh of her nether passage in great waves
before it.

Suddenly his loins smacked heavily into the softness of her buttocks.
The punishing instrument was buried to the hilt in her widely
stretching anus. She was hopelessly skewered on the meaty thickness of
the older man's cock, and she groaned in mental anguish. She tried to
squirm forward, down, up, or anywhere, in a desperate effort to avoid
the horror and degradation of the depraved attack on her defenseless
asshole, but all the while she knew she had asked for it, if not
specifically, then by her seductive actions. Finally, her strength to
resist failed, and her voluptuous white body kneeled limply, impaled on
his stone-hard penis like a pinned insect.

Stuart, panting hoarsely behind her, began to saw rhythmically deep
into the soft depths of her back channel, bringing mewling sobs of
misery from the teacher's tortured lips. She had never felt so soiled
and debauched in her life, and her whole backside felt wet and used as
the Camp Director lunged the full length of his rod into her with long,
smooth strokes. Then, Natalie decided that she had done the wrong thing
in leading the older man on, and suddenly, she didn't want him to see
the full extent of her humiliation. Forcefully, she resolved to hide
her true feelings, at whatever cost was necessary.

Natalie began to undulate her buttocks in small tight circles, waving
the white rounded cheeks of her ass back at her tormentor. To her
amazement, she found that as she moved, the pain noticeably let up and
became bearable, even strangely pleasant. Within moments, she found
herself squirming and violently thrusting back to meet each obscene
impalement as he jerked forward into her. Her hair waved around her
face as she tossed her head from side to side above the pillow, baring
her teeth back from her lips in masochistic joy as the huge cock bored
far up into her bowels.

Kneeling above her, Brooks watched in aroused delight as his cock slid
in and out of her widely-stretched anal passage, pulling tiny ridges of
pinkly clasping flesh out with the base each time he withdrew for
another asshole-splitting fuck up inside. His eyes locked on the tender
inflamed opening and he began a series of torturing slamming thrusts
that sent the thick, throbbing staff of his penis sinking in up to the
hilt. His heavy testicles smacked rhythmically against her cunt below,
bringing further whimpers of passion from between her tightly-clenched

Sweat beaded Natalie's forehead as she ground back on the asshole-
skewering cock like a female demon, bucking and churning her body
beneath him. "Oooohh ... yeeesss," she crooned as the Camp Director
pressed tight against her hotly grinding buttocks and rotated the
heavily throbbing head of his cock around and around deep inside her

Her moaning added to Stuart's pleasure and, just to tease the beautiful
woman, he pulled his embedded penis out of her almost to the tip and
grinned as he saw her try to fuck back up over its rigid length.

The spectacle inflamed his own lust beyond his wildest expectation, and
with a hoarse groan, he pulled her ass cheeks wide apart and drove his
pelvis into her soft yielding buttocks with a hard, asscheek flattening
smack. He began to fuck rapidly into her, hard and deep, battering her
quivering backside with loud spanking slaps that resounded throughout
the empty cabin. His sweating face dripped onto her lovely hollowing
back, making it glisten in the afternoon light. His breath came in
short angry gasps as he gripped the tops of her thighs with his
fingers, squeezing with all his strength to pull her back over his
heavily expanding cock like slipping a sleeve over an over-sized arm.
He had lost control of his lust and he felt his cock expanding in the
warmth of her wide-stretched rectum. His balls began to throb almost
painfully and his cock felt as though it was about to burst apart in
the rubbery tight grip of the beautiful woman's vise-like back
passageway. Below him, Natalie was mumbling and whimpering incoherently
into the bedspread and he increased the vigor and power of his strokes
until he was buffeting her forward into the headboard with every brain-
rattling lunge.

Natalie waved her ass salaciously back against his pounding thrusts.
She wanted him to cum. She wanted him to shoot his great load of
boiling creamy liquid sperm deep up into her hungrily waiting bowels.
She could feel a growing wetness in the openly spread crevice of her
ass, and there was no longer any hint of discomfort, but only a lovely
feeling of being filled, more completely than she had ever been filled
before. She bucked back happily against the huge shaft of flesh as she
felt it throb into an even greater size, stretching the muscles of her
rectum almost beyond capacity.

"Oooooaaaaah ... fuck, fuck, fuck," she chanted deliriously. "Cum in my
asshole ... fuck and cum, fuck and cum ..." Her nearly incoherent
grunts accompanied the lewd, wet fucking of the fully expanded length
of his rock-hard penis into her fully-stretched rectum, his body
jerking convulsively, his hands tearing at her flesh in wild abandon.

Beneath his pounding body, Natalie felt the first powerful wave of his
hot thick male semen shudder into the depths of her rectum. It surged
through her body like a volcanic eruption, and she could feel the
slight burning sensation of the saline solution spewing out and coating
the cock-split walls of her asshole. The unfamiliar thrilling
explosions set off her own climax almost simultaneously. She screamed
out her release as the great tremor of pleasure from her hotly milking
rectal channel ricocheted through the thin dividing membrane of her
wildly undulating cunt-passage.

"Aaaaaauuuuhhhhh! Eeeeeiiiiiii YYYYYYOOOUUU ... Mmmmmmm ..." Her creamy
orgasmic fluids gushed spasmodically out from her wildly erupting pussy
walls, to seep out from her fur-rimmed cunt-lips and drench the Camp
Director's tightly screwed in balls. His sperm trickled down the split
of her buttocks to meet the rivulets of her own heated liquids,
mingling with them in a single stream of dribbling cum, dripping down
her inner thigh to fall in lewd sticky droplets on the patch-work
bedspread below.

Natalie's body continued to thrash and clench involuntarily around the
older man's ejaculating penis, and she hardly knew how long they quaked
in their mutual orgasm. Finally, Stuart groaned with exhaustion and
collapsed over her panting body, flattening her into the mattress.
Natalie sighed in satiation as she felt his limp and deflated shaft of
flesh slowly withdraw from her flooded bowels with a slight wet sucking
noise as it slipped between the full white moons of her buttocks. The
sudden rush of cool air washing over her steamy wetness made her shiver
convulsively as Brooks rolled his weight off her body to lie beside her
on the bed she shared with her husband.

She felt wet in her anus and slightly sore, but she had to admit that
in a strange unvengeful way, she had enjoyed the debased act of sodomy.
It was something she had never before even imagined doing, and
something that even a short while ago she would not have considered.
But her insane desire to pay Mark back for what she considered an
inexcusable act of deceit had made it possible for Natalie to give in
to the Camp Director's obscenely perverse desires, and now she was
amazed to realize that it had actually been pleasant.

But even though her imagination was musing thoughtfully over the
lustfully exciting experience, Natalie's conscience suddenly sprang
back to life. It was as though she was waking up from a horrible dream,
a dream which had seen her every moral fiber twisted and perverted out
of shape. Suddenly, the young married woman became conscious of her own
nakedness, and her nostrils flared at the unmistakable scent of her and
Stuart's mutual orgasms. As she lay almost motionless beside the Camp
Director, she could feel the fulfilled warmth emanating from his body,
like a suggestive reminder of her depraved indiscretion. Slowly, the
black-haired woman felt her face grow hot, and she squirmed subtly away
from the naked body of her husband's friend.

God, oh God, she groaned inwardly, rolling over to the edge of the bed.
What have I done? And what am I ever going to do now?

She was afraid to steal a glance in Stuart Brooks' direction now, even
though the bed sagged under his weight as he unconsciously followed her
across the mattress.

"Shit, baby," the older man was whispering, "that was fantastic. You
were really fantastic ... just like I knew you would be."

Natalie froze as she wondered what the Camp Director meant - he knew
she would be. Didn't he already find out what I was like yesterday, in
front of ... the students? The very memory of yesterday afternoon's
merciless humiliation at the hands and cocks of so many lecherous young
boys filled the young teacher with new vengeance for her husband,
because he had allowed it to go on. Now, however, she wanted to know
what Stuart meant ... Had he been in on it too, planning the whole
afternoon with her husband?

The Camp Director laid a warm, soothing hand on the brunette wife's
naked back. "Christ, I told him ... I told him you were hot ..."

"Told him? Told who?" Natalie countered suddenly, springing up into a
sitting position on the edge of the bed. She crossed her hands in front
of her heaving white breasts as she reached for her clothes on the
floor with her toe. Leaning down quickly and carefully, she was able to
retrieve her blouse before her lush nakedness was exposed too much to
the muscular bachelor's gaze, and she hurriedly wrapped it around her
slender curving torso and buttoned it in front.

Stuart watched her jerky nervous movements with an amused smile. She
sure was a strange little cunt ... one minute, she'd be as scared and
innocent as a teenage virgin, and the next, she'd be practically
charming your cock off with her alluring seduction. Now, she was
becoming all moral again, and the Camp Director had to wait to see what
she would do before he said anything more.

Angrily, the young teacher yanked on her lust-moistened panties and
camp shorts, before standing up from the bed. Her dark brown eyes were
flashing fire as she spoke, and Stuart was a little shocked. "Who did
you tell, Stuart?" she demanded succinctly.

"Natalie ..." the Camp Director began, shaking his head in confusion.
"What's the matter?"

"For the third time, who did you tell that I was ... was ... h-hot?" It
made her blush to repeat the embarrassing question, and her mind-screen
flickered with visions of the energetic man giving a group of healthy
male campers a lecture on the virtues of women, and she heard her own
name being mentioned as one who was "hot".

"Christ, baby, I only told your husband ..."

"My husband?!" the young woman screamed. "Oh, God, you can't be serious
... Stuart, you just ... Oh, God, you're lying, aren't you ... You
didn't tell Mark that you ... that you ... G-God ... oohh ..." Her
voice trailed off into a disconsolate wail, and her face became pale
and drawn as before. Listlessly, she motioned Stuart Brooks to leave
her alone in her misery, and she almost chased him out of her bedroom
without his clothes.

When she was alone, Natalie plopped back down on her mattress, her nose
wrinkling with disapproval as she realized that the lusty odor of their
mingled cum was still readily discernible. She took a hand towel and
walked down the hall to the bathroom to wet it and put some hand soap
on it so she could clean off the tell-tale droplets of sticky dry sex-
juice from the bedspread. The quilted patch-work coverlet was still
dark with the water after she had finished, but at least she had
satisfied herself that the smell was no longer obvious. She didn't know
what she would have done if Mark had come in from his hike and noticed

But then, she thought logically, what does he expect, anyway? He's the
one who tried to set me up with all these young boys, isn't he? She
suddenly felt angry again, and for a moment, she even wished that he
had walked in on her and Stuart this afternoon, so he could have seen
to what lengths his uncaring betrayal had driven her.

But as she mulled over the events of the day, Natalie found herself
wondering just how much a part her husband had played in her lewd
affairs. What if Stuart was telling her these things just to cover up
his own lechery? What if - God, no! It can't be! - what if Stuart had
been lying all along, telling a carefully calculated falsehood just to
elicit the angry responses Natalie had so recently manifested?

Oh, Mark, I'm sorry ... I'm sorry. she apologized mentally. I didn't
know what to think, and it sounded so logical, the way Stuart said it,
she explained, as if she was actually talking to her husband at that
very moment. Her brain was almost numbed with the incredible overload
of imaginings and worries that crowded it, and it nearly gave her a
headache to try and sort out the confusion. She was so tense that she
didn't dare venture out of her bedroom - she couldn't risk encountering
any of the students or another staff member in the disorganized state
she was in. The best thing to do, she knew, would be to sleep on her
confusion and then think about it all later when her mind was fresh.

But she was too keyed up ... There was only one answer. She tiptoed
down the hall to the communal refrigerator in the cabin pantry, and
pulled out the chilled bottle of wine that she had noticed on the first
day. It didn't belong to her - alcoholic beverages were forbidden on
the camp grounds - but it was all there was. She took it under her arm
and hurried back to the bedroom without even stopping for a glass.

Natalie drank two-thirds of the wine, tipping it up to her lips like
some kind of derelict, depraved woman ...

Chapter 6

When Mark Jenkins returned to the staff cabin after an extra-long
afternoon of hiking around the perimeter of Lake Devonshire with his
twelve teenage campers, he was ready to flop into bed and sleep for a
day. But this evening was the mid-week campfire out by the water, and
he knew that as soon as dusk fell his young charges would be anxiously
waiting to be escorted down to the lakeside for the twice-weekly event.
The camp-wide get-together would last until well past the normal
bedtime hour, and Mark anticipated being up until midnight. Holy
Christ, Stu really likes to keep them going, he thought as he turned
the handle to the bedroom door.

At first glance, he thought his beautiful young wife was just asleep,
and he leaned down to shake her gently by the shoulder. "Natalie, wake
up, honey ... I'm back ..."

But the lovely brunette did not stir.

"Hey, baby, come on now ... We've got the campfire tonight," Mark said,
a little louder this time. He pushed her over so she was lying on her
back, and it was then that he saw the nearly empty wine bottle cradled
in her arms like a baby. "Oh, Jesus, Nat!" he exploded, carefully
removing the bottle from her grip. "Have you been drinking?"

The question was meaningless, he knew. His wife's face was flushed and
her breathing was raspy and uneven. Slowly, her dark brown eyes
flickered open and she stared unseeingly into the worried face of her
husband. Gradually she was able to focus clearly on him, and her
expression became a sardonic, loose smile.

"Well, well, well ..." she croaked throatily, "if it isn't my darling
hushband! How are you, darling hush-husband?"

"I'm fine," he replied quickly, "but I'd like to know what happened to
you ... If you were bored in the afternoons, Natalie, you could have
taught another class!"

The brunette's features wrinkled in concentration as if she was trying
to understand the meaning of her husband's words. Bored ... afternoon
... teach another class, she repeated mentally in her wine-drugged
brain. The phrases seemed to echo meaninglessly in her mind as her lips
unconsciously formed them over and over again. But finally she smiled
broadly in sudden recognition. "Bored?" she asked, with a husky,
cracking laugh. "Me? Why should I be bored?" She paused and regarded
her husband inquiringly, a tentative, mocking smile twisting the
corners of her mouth. "I've got the most lovely waysh to shpend my
afternoons ... The most gorge-gorgeous young boys!" When Mark merely
sat down on the edge of the bed in curious silence, Natalie was
prompted to go on. "Well, my God, Mark ... You know you sent them over
to fuck me ... God ... I knew all about it, all the time. And I can
tell you, my darling hushband, I sure was hot ... God, was I hot, just
like Shtuart said ... right, Mark? You agree that I'm hot?"

A long, raucous laugh broke from her limply working red lips as she
looked at her husband viciously. "I knew, I knew, I knew," she chanted,
as if to torture him by letting him see her bawdy drunkenness. "Stuart
told me all about it ... the pictures ... the photography lesson ...
I'm not shtupid, you know, Mark. I knew about what you were doing ..."

The handsome young husband could only stare incredulously at this woman
who was supposed to be his wife. From what he could make out of her
disjointed sentences and meager explanations, Natalie had apparently
learned of his arrangement with Stuart about getting the pictures. But
his former college buddy had promised not to let on that the photos
were for him ... Mark had wanted the pictures as a private experiment
in his own therapy, and he hadn't wanted to frighten or annoy Natalie
by asking for them outright. Now he stared at the drunken shell of his
beautiful wife, and his eyes searched hers for further explanation.
"Natalie," he said softly, "talk slowly, honey, and tell me what's
bothering you."

"Bothering me?" she repeated derisively. "Nothing's bothering me! I'm
having an absolutely great time here at Weatherly-Mucks Camp for Cocks
..." She looked expectantly at her husband for his reaction, but his
face was calm, immobile. Almost immediately, the young teacher sobered
up, struggling to a weak sitting position against the head board of the
bed. "I mean ... I mean," she said, making a conscious effort to
collect her thoughts, "Stuart was taking pictures of me, Mark ... bad
pictures ... naked. I couldn't t-tell you, because ... because I was
embarrassed. And yesterday - God forgive me, Mark - yesterday Stuart
took those six boys up there to ... to rape me, just so he could take
those awful pictures ..."

"Oh, honey, I know," Mark said softly. "I'm sorry, Nat ... I'm sorry if
they ... hurt you ..."

"You know?" the brunette asked rhetorically. "If you knew, then why did
you ...? Mark, do you know what Stu told me? He said he was taking
those pictures for you ... why? Mark, why did he say that?" Her face
became a mask of confusion as she looked deeply into her husband's

"He said it because it's true, Nat," the handsome young man said
quietly, his head bowed in humility. "I didn't want you to know, honey
... I'm sorry ... oh, darling, I'm sorry I did this to you, but it was
the only thing I could think of ... I swear I didn't want to hurt you,
and I made Stuart promise to see that nothing bad happened to you ...
Sweetheart, tell me you understand ..."

"But I don't understand, Mark," the young woman said earnestly, her
intoxicated fog seeming to part, letting her clear lucid thoughts come
through. She glanced toward the wine bottle where Mark had set it on
the floor by the bed, and she remembered the reason she had drunk it.
"Why did you want Stuart to take those terrible pictures of me? Why
didn't you take them yourself, if you wanted them?"

"Honey, I thought - do you remember when we went into therapy at the
sex clinic?" Natalie nodded. "Well," Mark continued, "when they told us
to act out our fantasies, I have to confess, I didn't want you to hear

Her husband's confession struck a chord of recognition in Natalie's own
heavily-laden mind, and she nodded sympathetically. "Neither did I,
Mark ... I didn't tell you about my obsession with -"

"No, wait, Nat, let me finish," the biology teacher cut in. "I have to
tell you the whole story. I've always had visions of you getting it
from two guys at once - or three guys - and I would be one of them. And
then I'd picture you with a nice young boy - like a student or
something - and you'd be beating him off, or sucking his cock ...
Christ, honey, it gives me a hard-on just to think about it! So, when
we came up here, I knew old Stu was a wild one in college, so I asked
him if he could, well, you know, get me some pictures of you with some
of the young kids around here ... two or three at a time. I thought if
I looked at the pictures, and knew that it really was you, well, shit!
Shit, our problem would be over in no time."

Natalie's jaw dropped to her chest and her eyes opened wide in
disbelief. "You're kidding!" was all she could manage to say at first,
but after she looked at Mark's earnestly honest face, she smiled
broadly and happily.

"Mark, darling ... Oh, Mark!" she cried, tears running down her cheeks.
"You won't believe this, but before I married you, I used to dream
about the young pupils in my classes ... I used to think about sucking
their cocks and letting them fuck into me. But I never did it. And when
we went to the clinic, I was too ashamed to admit that those were my
fantasies, and now ... now you're telling me that you have the same
ideas! It's too incredible!"

The muscular young husband leaned forward and hugged his wife tightly
to his firm hard chest. He pulled the black curls away from her ear and
whispered suggestively, "Christ, baby, I can tell it'll be all right
from now on ... I can just feel it in my cock! And I've arranged a
little surprise for you, darling, and you're going to love it all the
more, now ..."

The two married lovers fell back into the mattress entwined in each
other's arms, and they lay there together clutching and stroking at
each other's flesh all through the dinner hour, and almost past dusk.

Chapter 7

The air was cool but not cold when Mark and Natalie Jenkins joined the
other staff members and the hundred teenaged campers down by the lake
for the campfire. Mark's group of twelve boys had already come down
with one of the other supervisors, because their own counselor seemed
to be taking too long about getting here. They had already marked off
their area a few feet away from where the fire would be lit, and Bobby
Farris enthusiastically ran up and dragged the nature guide and his
wife into their understood territory.

"You're sure late, Mark," he said breathlessly.

"Well, hell, he's married to Mrs. Jenkins, isn't he?" Rich Simmons
asked logically, remembering how long he spent yesterday with that very
same woman.

"Shh!" Jason Powell cautioned his cabin-mates meaningfully. He still
didn't know what kind of an arrangement his female teacher and her
counselor husband had going between themselves, and he didn't want to
give anything away.

Natalie stole a smile at her young blond lover, assuring him that he
wasn't to worry any more about what she had told him last week. This
evening's conversation with her husband had confirmed that most of her
opinions and beliefs about Mark sexually were wrong, and she was going
to start in right now to correct them. Unhesitatingly, she sat down in
the sand beside the fourteen year old and laid her hand familiarly on
his knee.

Mark looked down and winked his approval before settling himself a few
feet away, where he could fully see his wife's bold squeezing of the
youth's folded leg. Jason blushed confusedly, but the sun was so low
already that his change of color went unnoticed. Natalie merely smiled
contentedly while they all waited for the program to start.

Each campfire night was highlighted by a special program had consisted
of a series of skits presented by the members of each of the cabin-
groups, and tonight, an astronomer had come up from the city to give a
lesson on the constellations. The moon was waning so there was little
light to detract from the stars, and the intelligent university
professor was able to capture the boys' attention for over an hour as
he related the long and sometimes intricate myths behind the
constellations. Then he explained some of the science-fiction-like
theories about phenomena like black holes and anti-matter, and the
discussion that followed nearly used up all the time allotted for the
campfire get-together.

Stuart Brooks regretfully announced that since the main feature of the
meeting had taken up the entire time period, and since the huge bonfire
had already nearly burned itself out, the counselors would have to take
their groups back to the cabins, and they would save the marshmallows
and songs for the next gathering. A groan arose from the hundred wide-
awake teenagers, but the Camp Director remained firm. Slowly but surely
the groups of boys stood up and brushed the sand off their pants,
reluctantly following their leaders' instructions to hurry.

Only Mark Jenkins' group remained. It was their night to put out the
fire and clean up the beach area, so they were allowed an extra half-
hour before lights-out in their cabin. But their illustrious counselor
had even better plans for tonight.

As soon as all the other occupants of Weatherly-Brooks Summer Camp for
Boys had disappeared into their cabins and the lights had gradually
flickered off, Mark signaled to wiry Art Towne and helpful Glenn Story
to start setting up for the surprise party. The two thirteen year olds
agreeably rolled out a huge tarpaulin that seemed to materialize out of
nowhere, and over it, they laid several of the satin-lined sleeping
bags that they had spirited out of their cabins. Two or three of the
other boys produced lanterns that they had secreted in the shrubbery,
and Art knowledgeably tested the mantles and lit them. He had adjusted
the gauzy mantles at their lowest intensity, so when the lanterns were
set on the ground, they bathed the whole tarpaulin in orange light
without disturbing the darkness of the lakeside or the sky.

Natalie was vaguely aware that several of the boys seemed to be
disappearing into the bushes only to return in various states of
undress. Yesterday, this would have frightened her, and put her on her
guard, but tonight, with her husband's reassuring approval, the dark-
haired wife could hardly contain her anticipation.

One of the youngsters motioned her to lie down in the middle of the
thick, plush mattress composed of sleeping bags folded out and stacked
over the tarp. She willingly complied and made no protest when another
young boy began to undress her with tender, caring gentleness. Mark
seemed to appear at her side with a box, crudely gift-wrapped but
obviously well-intentioned. He opened it for her while she watched in
the dim light, and she sighed in excitement when she saw that it was a
full-length, hot pink lace gown, made of the sheerest nylon fabric she
had ever seen.

"The boys thought you'd like it," he explained with a smile, and
Natalie laughed happily as she sat up and pulled it on as a flimsy
disguise for her nakedness. An audible gasp of appreciation went up
from the gathering of boys around the makeshift bed, and the black-
haired teacher nodded to them in response.

"I'm ready whenever you are," she announced unhesitatingly, never
doubting for a moment what her husband had planned as a surprise for

"Okay," a young male voice said softly, as his shadowed form stepped
forward boldly. "I'll go first." Natalie sucked in her breath when she
saw that it was Jason Powell. The sight of his splendid nakedness
glimmering in the faint light filled her with the same lustful desire
that she had felt that first afternoon last week, when he had come to
pick up Mark's book. She raised her head and watched in aroused
fascination as the youth slowly lifted the new pink gown from her legs.
She trembled in excitement as the boy's hands began their lewd
seductive movements over her exposed thighs and hips with the ease of
familiarity. His original hesitation had been stilled by his
counselor's assurance that everything was all right, and he was no
longer afraid to touch the teacher's beautiful young body. His fingers
danced over the soft strands of dark silky pubic hair and he breathed
huskily, "Spread your legs apart."

Natalie obediently opened her thighs, but the impatient youth grabbed
her knees and forced them even farther apart, exposing the full length
of her cuntal slit to the other boys' leering eyes. It was exciting her
to have all these young males around her, and with her own dear husband
watching, too! God, it's unbelievable, she thought as she sought out
his face in the sensuous darkness surrounding the bed they had created
for her. Unable to pick out Mark's appreciatively watching eyes,
Natalie looked back at her lover, watching him reach forward to run his
middle finger up the tightly closed slit of her cunt, parting the soft
vaginal hairs and feeling the smooth moist pink flesh underneath. Her
hips jerked beneath the sudden contact as his finger dipped
experimentally into her warm, damp vaginal opening.

Natalie could feel the pit of her belly and thighs hot and moist from
the lewd spectacle unfolding with her at its center. There were at
least a half dozen teenagers around the tarpaulin, almost all of them
completely naked in the mild summer air with their hard cocks jerking
gleamingly in the dim orange light. She arched her back as she felt
someone lift the filmy nightgown up toward her shoulders, then raised
her arms to let them pull it away from her body.

She moaned slightly and tried to recapture her new, alluring garment,
but a huddle of boys was now fondling it and stroking it over their
youthfully erected cocks. Natalie sighed and lifted her knees up in
joyful acceptance as one of the young boys climbed onto the bed between
her legs. She felt the hardness of his young cock scraping and rubbing
against the lips of her cunt, and she knew she was already prepared for
it. Her dark eyes squinted in the flickering lantern light as she
strained to recognize the new naked youth, and she shut her eyes in
contentment when she saw that it was Glenn Story, the boy who had
agreeably taken the pictures for Stuart Brooks yesterday. His torso
hovered over her prostrate form and she reached between their bodies to
grasp his rigid penis and pull it forward until she felt the hot
throbbing head insinuating itself between the little ridges of her
tender pussy flesh on either side of her wetly welcoming cunt. Then,
with one long easy stroke, Glenn slid his rampant cock all the way up
into her heaving belly.

She sighed as she felt the hard rubbery head of his organ batter softly
up against her cervix and his balls slap hard against her upturned
anus. Her mouth fell loosely open and she began humping up against him,
feeling his hardness in her warm cunt sliding in and out from the
moisture of her own lust-secretions. She worked her legs back and forth
over the boy's back, her flailing hips working in time with his
thrusts. Vaguely she wondered whether Glenn had fucked many girls
before, and if so, who they were and how he had enjoyed it. She wanted
to give him the best fuck he had ever had, and she began to moan softly
in encouragement. "Mmmmmnnn, yes..."

Suddenly Natalie felt his cock begin to expand wildly. He stroked
harder, the battering of her quivering pussy bringing swelling groans
from deep in her heaving chest. She knew he was going to shoot into her
at any moment, but she still held back her own climax. She had all the
time and all the cocks she would need for fulfillment now, and she was
in no rush to tire herself out at the very beginning of what promised
to be a long, lustful evening. A moment later, the Story boy clawed
convulsively at her buttocks and his mouth fell open over her passion-
twisted face. Torrents of hot white cream spilled from the jerking head
of his cock-tube, surging into the depths of her body. The bursting hot
liquid set off her own unplanned-for climax, and she sighed heavily as
she raked her nails across his back with the delicious sensation that
was charging through her. She poured forth her own juices, mixing and
combining with the boy's sperm until he let her body go in sheer

Natalie too collapsed, her body still quivering and twitching as the
spent teenager rolled away from her. But before she could even catch
her breath, Jason, who had been waiting patiently at her side, now
crawled in closer to her. Her eyes widened at the sight of his huge
white penis and she moved over to let him lie on his back in the center
of the sleeping-bag mattress. He quickly responded to her wishes and
reclined back, his long, rock-hard shaft spearing obscenely into the
still night air. Natalie stared hungrily at it with lust-filled eyes,
watching as he spread his thighs open and his heavy hair-covered balls
fell slowly between them. In the flickering light from the lantern,
Jason's cock seemed to be glistening with a pulsing life of its own,
and the young teacher was almost mesmerized by the suggestive illusion.

"Come on top of me, Natalie," the young blonde boy whispered, his words
sounding mature and inciting beyond his years.

Natalie felt the desire blazing in her loins and she needed no further
prompting. She knelt with her thighs on either side of his ribs and
immediately felt his hands running smoothly up her inner thighs to the
throbbing damp lips of her cunt, spreading the swollen downy flanges
open to expose its wet pink interior to his lustful gaze. Immediately
his fingertips began to work furiously at her tiny hard clitoris,
bringing it to a more and more sensitive state until, with a strangled
groan, she leaned up on her knees and grabbed his cock to wedge it into
the narrow sperm-soaked slit of her vagina.

"Ooooh, Jason, I can't wait," she breathed, her weighty breasts heaving
and swaying as she writhed her hips above the blunt knob of his angry
towering penis. The others around the tarp watched as the fourteen year
old caught hold of her waist while she clung to his cockshaft, aiming
her starving vagina directly above the fleshy rod with the fiery
mushroom-shaped head. Then, he pulled her down on it. It resisted for a
moment against the tight elastic opening of her cunt, then wedged in
beyond the rim. With a deep-throated sigh, she sank down on it and he
slid it up into her belly like a never-ending greased pole of flesh.

Tightening her knees around his slim hips, Natalie sank lower and lower
on his meaty shaft, moaning as if in agony until she settled down on
his loins, completely impaling herself on the rigid pole of flesh.
Then, she strained her buttocks up in the air again until Jason's long
thick penis drew out of her cunt, gleaming wet in the dim light from
the secretions of her vagina. The cords of her inner thighs stood out
with the effort as she hoisted herself upward until the wide rim of the
shiny purplish head was slipping out of her clasping cuntal lips and
then with a soul-searing cry, she sank down again, smashing her crotch
against his loins, devouring the whole of his cock into her soft,
enveloping pussy.

Jason pressed his legs tightly together and jerked his hips
rhythmically upward as she descended so that their bodies crashed
together in a regular pattern, bringing a measured cadence of gasps and
groans from both their throats.

Watching from the dark perimeter of the tarpaulin, Mark could see that
Natalie was sexually excited at last, and he watched intently to see
what the young boys would do that aroused her. Although he knew that
most husbands would be offended and humiliated by the sight of their
wives fucking other men, Mark was satisfied that this was the most
effective way to save their marriage. He was getting the opportunity to
watch his gorgeous young wife in the throes of her sexual ecstasy, and
she was being allowed to take all the delicious young cocks she could
handle in a single night. But Mark wasn't able to enjoy the lewd
spectacle as much as he wanted to, however, because it was all he could
do to keep from jumping on that stack of sleeping bags and raping his
wife right at that moment. Even though he had always known what an
extraordinarily exciting woman his wife was, he had never been so
aroused by the sight of her naked body as he was right now. He wanted
to fuck her silly, right here and now, so he could participate in her
overwhelming pleasure.

But he held himself back. There was still something else he wanted to
see - the obscene double fucking that Stuart had told him about
yesterday on the hillside. Mark looked around to see if one of the
teenagers in his group was ready to join in, and he noticed dark-haired
Art Towne fervently stroking his penis to the fucking rhythm of the
couple on the bed.

"Towne!" the nature guide whispered, startling the youth out of his
lustful daze. "Go on in there with Jason ..."

The small, curly-headed youth hesitated a moment, then scrambled up
onto the stack of satin sleeping bags to the head of the bed they
formed. Climbing to his knees behind Jason's head, the young camper
grasped the teacher's shoulders to steady himself in the deep downy
cushion. Then he pulled her head down toward his loins, the fingers of
one hand tangling in her black curls, as Mark watched with intense
interest. He'd never made Natalie take him in his mouth, except for
that one time after a therapy session, when they had both pretended to
have fantasized about it. But now, watching the small teenager shoving
his slender hard cock between her full lips, Mark thought it was
something he might enjoy more now, having seen how naturally Natalie
seemed to take to it. She hungrily sucked the boy's throbbing penis
into her mouth until nothing but an inch of the practically hairless
base showed around her tightly ovalled lips. Mark was sure that the
animalistic mewls rising from the perverted sex-bed in the sand were
coming from his own wife's throat, and he felt his cock throbbing to a
painful hardness as the panting, dark-haired youth arched his buttocks
to fuck in and out of Natalie's lips. The pink, lipstick-rimmed edges
of her mouth pulled out as he withdrew and then clung greedily as the
teenager shoved his rod further and further into her engorged throat.

Finally, the vision-inspired husband could stand no more. He couldn't
wait until he had seen all the possible perversions he had dreamed
about. He had to fuck his beautiful young wife now. It was the first
time in months that he had felt this torturous, lustful urgency, and
without hesitation, he stepped around the lanterns and approached the
big soft makeshift bed. He saw Jason Powell's hand creeping along
Natalie's spine down to the crevice between her naked buttocks until
his finger found the raw, puckered anus pointing skyward. The boy
rubbed his finger there for a moment, teasing her rectal opening until
she strained back to get more of the delicious sensation. Suddenly, the
blonde adolescent dipped his finger through the tight nether ring of
her tiny anus, worming it deep into the warm spongy interior flesh. As
he moved his hand in a circular motion, expanding the tight opening
until his palm lay flat against her buttocks, Natalie writhed and
moaned in delight at the dual-defilement of her naked loins.

Mark thought of what Stuart Brooks had told him, on the very first day
they had arrived in camp. It was just after the two former buddies had
exchanged greetings and reminiscences, and had settled down to talk
about the present. Mark, finding his old buddy as wild and friendly as
he remembered him, had found it easy to explain the problems he and his
wife were having.

"Oh, no, I don't believe it," Stuart had said. "Your wife's one of the
hottest chicks I've seen in a long time ... You shouldn't have any
trouble getting off with her at all!"

At that point the young husband had smiled ruefully and shaken his
head. He tried to explain that Stuart might be wrong about Nat, but the
older man wouldn't hear of it. He kept insisting that Mark was probably
one of the luckiest men alive to be married to such a gorgeous lush
creature, and when Mark had confided his fantasies, Stuart was eager to
show his younger friend that he was right.

Now, watching the black-haired woman writhe in the center of a stack of
plush, cushiony sleeping bags with one boy's penis up her cunt and
another in her mouth, Mark had to admit that the older man who directed
this camp was right - dead right. Natalie even seemed to be getting
turned on by Jason's finger in her ass!

Well, he thought determinedly, loosening his belt and kicking off his
shoes, If she digs having a finger in her ass, think how much she's
going to like my big old cock up there! His huge pulsating penis sprang
free of his pants as he tore them down his legs. It jutted forward
firmly, glistening in the half-light as he listened to the wet sucking
noises Natalie was making as she labored over the two boys. He looked
down at his massively engorged instrument, feeling his blood boil in
excitement as he inched closer to the bed.

He stumbled slightly on the edges of the sleeping bags, causing the
whole mattress to sink lower at the foot. But the three lewdly joined
lovers didn't seem to notice as he crawled up on the soft satiny
surface anyway, holding his cock like some kind of bludgeoning weapon.

"Uuuunnh, huuunnh ..." the biology teacher grunted as he felt the
sweat-slickened surface of his wife's warm backside. The wet sounds of
her obscene double fucking seemed to echo in his eardrums, drowning out
all the night-noises of the campsite. He hardly heard himself as he
whispered in a raspy, hoarse croak, "Raise up, Natalie, I'm going to
fuck you in the butt ..."

The group of excited campers witnessing this salaciously lustful scene
gasped and made comments when they heard their camp counselor's wildly
blatant suggestion. Mark Jenkins was a quiet man, they had thought, and
they had thought that their escapades with his wife were a secret
between themselves and the Camp Director. Of course tonight, they had
been aware of Mark's knowledge of the goings on, but they hardly
expected him to participate.

"You hear me, Nat?" Mark repeated, this time his voice well-above a

"Yeah, Mark, she hears you!" a boy's voice replied.

"The whole fucking camp heard you that time," another warned.

"Shit, will ya look how much she wants it?" a third boy exclaimed,
raising a shaky finger to point to their 3-R's teacher's clenching

She had forcefully slipped Jason's fingers from her tingling asshole,
and now she was waving it in the air in lewd invitation to her own dear
husband. He moved directly behind her, running his hands over the
smooth white cheeks of her ass as he straddled Jason's legs. He could
feel them quivering under his touch from the movement of her hips as
she pumped the adolescent's cock in and out of her steaming vagina and
her head as she bobbed and twisted, her lips still locked tightly
around the other teenager's still-growing penis. Just the thought of
them fucking his wife at the same time he gave it to her in the ass
made Mark's aching loins stir all the more. He could contain himself no
longer and lunged at the tiny puckered hole nestled between his wife's
softly gyrating buttocks.

Natalie heard her husband's hoarse breathing and a tingle raced through
her, making her fuck more brutally down on Jason's cock. She could tell
by the demanding touch of Mark's hands on her flesh that he was more
aroused than she had ever known him, and the knowledge built her own
passion to mind-shattering heights. It was working! Their problem was

He roughly grasped the clenching firm roundness of each cheek in his
hands, stretching them wide apart with his damp palms. In her
excitement, Natalie could hear him suck in his breath as the tiny ring
of soft tender flesh came into view again. He pushed one hand down and
thrust experimentally with his middle finger, then pressed it forward
harder sinking it all the way to the second knuckle. As he wormed it
around in her already slightly stretched rectum, preparing it for the
greater penetration to come, Natalie lifted her head from the dark-
haired boy's hardened pulsating cock and turned her head. She could see
her husband, Mark, stroking his long, blue-veined penis, pulling back
the thick foreskin to expose the round, bulbous knob of the head. It
was rock-hard and slickly lubricated as he aimed it directly at her
tiny puckered asshole, now stretched even more from the rummaging of
his finger.

Natalie held her breath for what seemed like an eternity, then groaned
as she felt the unrelenting shaft pop suddenly through the tight
restricting ring of flesh. As she squealed with her initial discomfort,
the boy in front of her grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth back over
his throbbing penis, ramming it all the way back to her softly moist
tonsils. At the same time, Mark caught hold of her shoulders and rammed
his hips forward with all his strength, sinking his cock gradually into
her tightly resisting anus, until several moments later, Natalie began
to react.

"Mmmmmph ... nnngggg!" she mumbled around the cock pressed into her
mouth as her husband's long, hard rod of flesh slipped easily into the
warm rubbery depths of her rectum to the hilt. She jerked instinctively
away, spasmodically trying to free herself of the unnatural invasion,
but she was helplessly trapped between the two teenaged cocks in her
other carnal entrances. Almost instantly she remembered how pleasurable
ass-fucking could be, once her clenching rectum adjusted to the
abnormal size of a man's penis, and at the same time, she consciously
relaxed her muscles around her husband's angrily sodomizing rod.

Jason, who had pulled his cock almost all the way out of her while Mark
was penetrating her narrow back passage, now wrapped his powerful young
hands around Natalie's tiny waist and pulled her down hard over his
waiting cock. It slithered tightly into the moist open cavern of her
pussy and the beautiful brunette moaned deliriously as she realized
that she was hopelessly impaled on three raging cocks, two delicious
teenaged erections and her own husband's massively lust-hardened mature

There was no further delay. Mark, already excited by watching the two
boys' frenzied fucking of his wife's mouth and cunt, began to fuck
furiously into the depths of her rectum, while his young charges
stroked his long hard thrusts into her lips and pussy. It took a
moment, but they quickly began to move in unison, buffeting her body
between them like a sack of soft, resilient foam rubber. As if on a
pre-arranged signal, all three of them pulled their fiery rods almost
all the way out of her panting body, leaving only the heads in the
hotly sucking lips of her three orifices, her insatiable cunt and her
ravished anus and her voracious mouth. Then, simultaneously, they drove
deep into her body to collide with the one that ran halfway down her
esophagus. She uttered a single low whine of ecstasy that was
interrupted only occasionally by a deep grunt from her chest as they
smacked into her nakedly writhing body with more and more passion.

It was like nothing she had ever dreamed of before - every opening in
her body was filled with hard virile male flesh and her own beloved
Mark was slamming into her forever-stretched anus with more enthusiasm
than she had known he possessed. Again and again the two campers and
their counselor pounded against her quivering flesh in the dark air by
the lakeside, pistoning into her flowered open orifices. There was no
pain or discomfort, only sheer, raw lust.

Her hips began to move backwards to meet the ass-crushing lunges of
Jason and Mark as they slammed into her cunt and rectum, then forward
again to swallow the whole of Art Towne's young cock plunging into her
sucking mouth. Her whole body undulated wildly between the three males
and her buttocks moved in tiny, abandoned circles. Wilder and wilder
they became, slamming her back and forth on the squashing stack of
sleeping bags. All four of their coarse groans resounded in a satanic
symphony of mad sexual delight.

But it was Natalie who wailed first.

"Ooooohhhggh ... mmm ... mmaah!" she screamed around the penis
pistoning into her warm, saliva-filled mouth.

The beautiful nature guide's wife was absolutely insane with desire and
began sobbing out with the force of the orgasm that seemed to go on and
on forever. Mark and the boys, intoxicated by their complete conquest
of her body, drove into her again and again as though they were being
spurred on by her animal cries of release.

Almost simultaneously they plunged into her as far as they could go,
and their cocks jerkily began to spurt into her pussy and throat and
rectum. It was Art who began first, shooting white-hot jets of fresh
creamy cum down her sputtering throat with such force and speed that
she couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up. His heated gushes of tangy
sperm dribbled from both corners of her mouth as she tried in vain to
lap up every last drop.

Jason and Mark exploded almost instantly, pumping their boiling semen
into her ass and her cunt so fast and furiously that she was sure their
cocks would burst through the thin dividing membrane and collide. She
had no idea how her dilating and undulating passages could ever
accommodate the copious supplies of raging male sperm that were being
shot lewdly into them, but her pelvis rocked and thrashed joyfully in a
willing effort to accept it all.

At last, they collapsed in a heap in the center of the sweat-soaked,
cum-sticky pile of sleeping bags, their naked flesh glimmering in the
pulsing orange light from the lanterns. Natalie was hardly aware when
the three spent and satisfied males slithered to the perimeter of the
tarpaulin, to be replaced almost immediately by three new bodies - Rich
Simmons, Bobby Farris, and his friend, Dennis O'Malley. Natalie smiled
happily her warm welcome, winking to Mark as she began to arrange
herself for another wild quartet of youthful, exuberant, exhilarating
fucking. She gave herself over completely to her joyful new task, not
even bothering to count or remember how many delicious, mind-shattering
orgasms she experienced that night on the shore of Lake Devonshire.

Chapter 8

Natalie Jenkins leaned over the back of the chair and smiled. She
recognized the handwriting on the letter Mark was reading - it was the
handwriting of his old college buddy, Stuart Brooks. "What's he got to
say this time, dear?" she asked playfully.

"Listen to this, Nat," Mark began, reading from the letter. "He's going
to open the Camp for winter sports during Christmas vacation, and he
wants to know if we'd like to come up and be teachers and counselors
again. What do you think?"

The dark-haired math teacher looked away thoughtfully. "What kind of
winter sports, Mark? There are too many trees around there for skiing."

"Oh, I imagine Stu could think of some indoor sports - especially with
you around," the friendly-faced husband grinned. "Really, Nat, we ought
to go up and help him out ... Remember how well those kids did on their
psychological development tests, after you gave them that photography
lesson ..." He winked exaggeratedly and the dark-haired young woman
laughed aloud.

"Let's look at those pictures, Mark," she purred suggestively. They'd
poured over the lewd color prints many, many times since they returned
from Weatherly-Brooks Summer Camp for Boys. At first, Natalie had
thought she would be repulsed or offended by the obscene, compromising
shots of herself, but after she had gone over them all with her loving
husband at her side, she had to admit that she became definitely
aroused by them.

Mark nodded his agreement and went into the bedroom where he kept the
photos handy in the top drawer of his dresser. They were in a well-worn
folder, and several of the prints were caked with sticky dried cum,
from the times they had fucked during one of their reminiscing

Natalie eagerly slid in beside her husband in the big armchair, pulling
the lamp over closer so they could see the pictures clearly. She
squirmed excitedly as he opened the sheaf of perhaps fifty photographs,
and her pupils dilated as she saw the first shot come into view. It was
one of the first roll, taken in the Camp Director's office, and she was
leaning back on the desktop with her legs arched up on either side of
her sunlit pussy. She leaned down to study the glistening pink folds of
hair-framed flesh, wondering that such a tiny slit could expand so much
as to accept a huge blood-engorged cock.

"God, your cunt's tight, Nat," Mark said thoughtfully, looking hard at
the suggestive pose in the picture. He hastily flipped through the rest
of the office shots until he came to the series taken up on the
hillside, the pictures of his wife being fucked every which way by six
lustful adolescent boys.

"Shit, I wish I'd been there that day," he remarked. He was looking at
a close-up of the coralline flanges of Natalie's cunt-lips nibbling
around the perimeter of an anonymous cock that was pulling out of her
vagina. The cords of his wife's thighs were shadowed by the sun as they
stood out under her smooth soft flesh, and they seemed to be pulling at
the sensually moist slit to hold it open for the violating penis. This
photograph was one of his favorites, and it was coated with a thin film
of semen, which he had tried unsuccessfully to wipe off after an
afternoon of masturbating to the snapshot.

"Mmmmm, I wish you'd been there, too, Mark," Natalie crooned, rubbing
up against her husband's shoulder with her face. "We'd have loved it so
much more together ..." She looked down at the picture of her
widespread anus where someone had stuck his finger in her virginal
rectum. She hadn't known it at the time, but the finger had belonged to
her first illicit young lover, Jason Powell, the boy her husband had
secretly picked out for her to use. She remembered how it had been
uncomfortable at the time, and then she smiled smugly when she thought
how much she had enjoyed anal fucking, ever since that one orgiastic
night on the beach after the campfire.

"Let's go in the bedroom, Mark," she suggested, looking up into his
face from under her long brushy eyelashes. "I want to see if we can
remember some of the positions ..."

Mark laughed aloud when he heard her weak excuse. He knew damn well she
could remember every single position clearly, for they had been fucking
with these pictures ever since they had returned from the camp, two and
a half months ago. They'd recreated in the flesh every single possible
perversion of the wildly exciting acts illustrated in the photographs,
and recently they'd even begun bringing young male students home from
the classes they taught in the city high school. Already two or three
of the youths had agreed to come over on a regular basis, and Natalie
and Mark looked forward to those afternoons more than any others.

But today, they were alone, and they wanted to enjoy their lustful
solitude with the sensual stimulation of the lewd, provocative
photographs of Natalie Jenkins and her enthusiastic young lovers
fucking her in every way imaginable. They smiled meaningfully as they
gathered up the pictures and carried them back into the bedroom,
happily shedding clothing all along the way.

The End

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