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[CLE-145] Hand Maid by Ned Samuels

Chapter 1

Say good-bye to evenings out, say good-bye to middle managements slobs,
Veronica said to herself. She'd had enough of all that at this juncture.
Three downers followed by a fair-to-middling degenerated into the pits
was almost too much to take. Sam Barber was smooth, no doubt about that.
He came on like an ad from a men's magazine, but then it happened. Vern
already had the script memorized: (1) this is an affair; (2) my wife
doesn't have to know; (3) you don't have to play second fiddle.

Second fiddle!--more like symphony janitor.

So now Vern had her mind all made up. Days would be the usual office
nonsense--the light chatter, the senseless flirting, the search for Mr.
Right--but nights, she would be pure auto. Vern surveyed her body, and
was pleasantly impressed. Her breasts were huge, her hips curved in the
right place and her ass was outstanding enough to cause takes in the
office, even on Monday mornings. She had a good apartment, too. The bed
dominated the studio, but she had the necessities, like an eating area,
and a sitting area, and best of all, a fireplace to warm whatever might
be in need of simmering.

Vern's eyes skidded about and then settled on her package. It was a big
package, but not that big. But not that small. Actually it was one of
the most important packages the girl'd brought home in quite a while.
Thinking of the contents made her tingle, first through the spine, then
in more favored spots. She looked at it and fingered it. Vern walked
over to the curtains, then she put the bag on the table. Vern needed a
drink. Martini in hand, she soon returned to her little surprise. A
smile escaped her lips. Come now, this label's a joke, she said. Vern
looked at several pictures of a wholesome lass holding an elongated
structure, applying it to her back and upper shoulders.

The caption read: "Learn how to relax. Let Vibro Lax let you sit back
and unwind."

Vern began to hum to herself: "Dum da-dum, da ... ... dum, da ..."
Removing the package, the young secretary's voice became lower, like a
breathy moan. Oh, I am a young wench and I'm going to get mine!

Slowly, Vern opened the top, then began to slide her accessory out of
the box, already conjuring her imagination, remarking on the vibrator's
phallic qualities. It's all mine, she thought. No jilts, no wilting, no
wives, no mornings after at the office, and best of all, now Vern was
captain--it was her show. Vibrator in hand, Veronica walked over to her
full-length mirror and decided to bask for a few minutes in her own
reflection. Not bad, she had to admit, not bad at all.

Vern felt something deep inside of her cunt send some desire up into her
skull. Sure, she was horny and she was proving she didn't need some
corporate stud to keep her going. Why, she was a machine, a unit unto
herself, the captain of her own sex ship.

She gazed upon what most men would feel compelled to look at twice, and
then do more than look.

Then she moved closer to the mirror.

Vern delighted at her form, the way her brown hair fell on full
shoulders; her eyes were large and brown, and if we make take the
liberty at this juncture, a hotbed of power, when activated, bringing a
man down on his knees, ready to beg for the box; then there were her
breasts, large, in the eyes of some positively huge, but best of all,
firm and proud; the rest of the young lady was on the thin side but
strategically formed.

What did the Greeks call it? Pollution? Laying the body waste? Not at
all, said Vern with a sly smile across her lips. Suddenly, gripped by
passion instigated by looking in that mirror, Vern grabbed her breasts
and began to squeeze them, knead them, push them together and then to
the side, manipulate them until she could feel her spongy nipple getting
hard, pushing into her palm, becoming redder and larger. Oh, ooh, she
moaned to herself, engulfed in her own passion, and we might add,
momentarily losing interest in her new toy.

Vern fell back on her rug and landed on several cushions, breaking her
fall (it could not have been better if she had poised, aimed, and
fired). Instantly male names and faces raced through her mind as her
hips moved upward, as her hands wrenched her undies down below her
knees, exposing her luxurious pubic hairs, and when she spread her knees
apart, a seething, pink honey-box. The names passed: Jack Waterhouse,
Marty Ingleton, Ross Ruens, Doug Meunier; bodies: fat, tall, athletic
(ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph)--one after the other.

Vern couldn't remember being so horny, because besides the comfort, they
were all so real and all hers for the choosing. Pressing her hips up
into the air, churning and twisting, eyes rolling slightly up ward, the
lady conjured her scenes and then in a moment of recognition settled
upon her material: John Winston, John the Con, the man with the schlong,
or as the steno pool used to say, sshhh ... it's long." Now he was all
hers to live out again, this time without the jilt of an ending. She

"I'd like to defoliate you," he said.

"Is that right?"

"I'd like to defoliate, violate, and not even mitigate," he'd quipped.

Vern remembered it as if it were yesterday, the way she shamelessly
bared her breasts beside him in the front seat, the way she placed his
hand on her breast, right over the nipple, the way she cupped her hand
and placed it on top of his crotch, feeling his manhood grow. She
remembered everything. Placing her hand inside her slit at this point in
time, she recalled the billboard outside the car, the way the '0', was
missing from "COUNTLESS WOMEN USE DIAL," the way she laughed just when
he was penetrating. She remembered how red he became, then joined in
when he turned and noticed what tickled her.

Vern's fingers were moist now. Her finger had be come John's cock, fat
and full. Vern felt her body from head to toe, pushing her fingers
through her hair, ascribing circles about her breasts, then pushing
downward on her sides (feeling the curve of her hips). Her mind's eye
was dynamite, bringing dialogue into play until she wasn't sure what was
fact and what was fancy. "Put it in John, put that big cock inside all
the way." She could feel its tender, pink head penetrate and then the
way the entire shaft seemed to enlarge once inside. Rolling her eyes,
Vern tried to flatten her breasts, but the tissue was so firm--had such
consistency--that they defiantly remained protruded.

She was in the front seat now: 'CUNTLESS' outside the window, rain
pouring down incessantly, John's snipe thickening the air, "You're no
frump," coming at her with his hot breath. The scene was chiseled like a
fresco: John the Con's hand pushed from her stomach, then settled in the
dark place under breast. They were naked (that was one thing Vern still
couldn't picture--how the hell had they managed it?) and Vern managed to
perch her leg over John's thigh until her knee was just over his groin.
At the very moment she applied pressure, at the instant she could feel
his member pushing into her skin, she pushed her titty upward,
positioning his finger so that her nipple came forward, begging to be
sucked, even bitten, anything! The more Vern pushed on her knee, the
harder John squeezed, the wider Vern opened her mouth, the more tongue
and spittle she received from that dynamo.

"Baby," he'd interjected, as if so excited he could no longer hold his
tongue back, "I've had a lot of women, you know that; I'll be honest
with you: secretaries, management people, lady execs, academics--a
French teacher at Sorbonne to be exact--political chicks, but Vern,
you're completely unique." Vern egged him, until he continued, "It's not
just body, it's something about you, those ... those eyes." That's when
Vern realized that was her main weapon, drawing card, seducer, invoker,
revoker, whatever the situation may call for. Some pash, she thought,
but then she was overcome by what this man was doing to her.

John pushed her back on the seat until the back of her head rested
against the window (she didn't even notice that the door handle had
begun to dig into her back, indenting her otherwise perfect form). "You
were born to love, Veronica," he'd said, "You're my baby, let me put my
stem inside you all the way," he'd said, and then he'd said some weeks
later, sorry Ron (Veronica was called by many a name, an advantage or
disadvantage of polysyllabic nomenclature), the wife calls, and I'm
getting too much heat. "But enough of this," Ron said to herself as she
pulled against her couch--she'd write (right) the script now.

It was pure action in her mind's eye: she had her thigh pushing against
John's cock with such pressure, that she began to think that his stem
was penetrating her skin. The executive buried his face into her breast
then licked, then licked the skin just above her nipple. Ron could feel
her swollen nipples craving for man handling, and she felt the ecstasy
of his tongue warming and seething her cherries. John managed to move
his body (turning it completely around) so that he was now on the
bottom, his long and lean form dominating the upholstery, gradually
lubricating it with his rank yet manly sweat. The stud was able to
position his lovely atop his form--which he negotiated by holding onto
her buns and pressing her, almost wrenching her against his groin
section. He cupped his fingers then pushed his pinky on Ron's dark,
steamy underside, gradually moving forward until he reached her anus
(was he unaware if he was coming or going?). But Veronica knew he was
intentional in his obscene movement, and was even a little surprised at
the pleasure he evoked in exploring her asshole. Pushing his finger up
from the long slit between her buns, he settled in the triangular spot
just above the crevice and pressed on her until Veronica almost laughed.
Wrenching Veronica about on her side, then turning her over completely,
the young woman lay with her ass perfectly positioned over John's cock
She could feel his stem settle into her crack. She could sense his
heaving chest push against her own. She could sense his distended, huge
balls push against her thigh, the prickly thin skin sending shivers
straight through her spine and into her nipples.

Veronica kept finger fucking herself, kept orchestrating the pattern of
her encounter. There was even dialogue:

"Baby, you're the greatest. I want you all over all of your fucking
gorgeous body."

"Do it, fuck me all the way.

"Ooh, yes, yes!" Veronica could see his eyes vividly, two fire balls. It
was close now, dangerously so.

The young woman was writhing off her couch, falling onto the rug. Once
again she could see her form in the mirror and before continuing her
reverie, she spread her legs in order to view her pulsing pussy. She was
a raggle, and knew it, an eye full of steamy, woman meat who could make
any male lose his cool. Just look at that, she said to herself,
narrowing her eyes, breathing even deeper--positively excited by the
sight of her inner womanhood. Veronica thought fleetingly of
literature--after all, she was an English major at Sarah Lawrence--of
Fitzgerald's convoluted love affairs, of Hemingway's hunts and the
desperation of Capote's characters in their sadistic and sexual
longings. But when she looked right into the heart of that pussy, she
knew that it all boiled down to that, the least common denominator, male
and female meat.

"CUNTLESS WOMEN"--hah, thought Veronica, that can't be this college
bitch. Veronica was captivated by her own body, by the convolutions of
her steamy cunt, the folds of skin and the moist, glistening tissue. (We
might add that as Veronica was known for her fantastic ass, and gigantic
mammaries, her reputation had also risen in certain corporate circles
for having exceptional vaginal lock powers. Her ability to open up, and
then put on the steam--as some put it, the "clamp"--was almost uncanny.)

Just then the saucy lady realized she'd been neglecting her essential
accessory, the piece of equipment which guaranteed her liberation from
male domination. It lay on the table, virginal in status, yet expectant
in condition. The broad turned the power switch then touched the top of
the mechanism and was delighted with the resulting tingle. But even
better than that was the fact that she could feel heat, quantums
distinctly emanating from that phallic, as Ingmar B. would say,
symbolska. Veronica put it against her heaving bosom, and loved it. Then
she pressed it straight into her nipple. Dare she press further? She
did. As a matter of fact, Veronica pressed the electric dick into her
until the blood began to take its leave, and she began to feel pleasure
degenerate into pain. She pressed harder, until she couldn't stand it,
and only then did she have mercy and allow her breasts to take their
original form.

When Veronica pushed the vibrator downward, below her pubic hair (it
looked like some monstrous war machine plowing through guerrilla terrain
as it parted her bushes) she could not help but think of John's
magnificent cock. She was able to bring to mind that magnificent
penetration. John hadn't been at all handicapped by the cramped
quarters, spreading out and going to town as if in the most expansive of
double, queen or king beds. After what seemed like an eternity of tit
sucking, he finally released his grasp and lowered his head to her
midsection, blazing a trail to the south with his probing fingers.
Sniffing and inhaling extremely deeply, John the Con moved his nose
through the pubics, obviously basking in the erotic itch created
therein. Veronica remembered the ultimate pleasure of his hot, wet
tongue, splitting apart her labia and entering the depths of her
insides. As a bird flies, so did our Veronica, inhaling with total
passion, exhaling in preparation for greater highs: sexual highs. As
John pushed into her and continued to eat, he moved his hands upward
until he was again atop her mountainous melons, until he was pressing
against them which did nothing if not heighten her pleasure.

The girl was on the floor again, in the warmth of her studio apartment,
with dildo in hand, yet she might as well have been in that car on that
rainy eve, for that was where her mind (and cunt) was at. She couldn't
forget that John had driven her mad with desire, especially by means of
his genius for holding her off, making her ache for the real heavy
action. After sucking her cunt, the man put his key in the ignition.
"Where are you going?" our friend asked. The man answered they were in
need of stimulation and proceeded to Pacific Grove, to a place with the
most awesome view in the entire Cisco area. Without further exchange of
words, he pushed Veronica almost against the window pane. John, holding
his cock proudly upward, was able to penetrate in this manner, from the
rear. (It had been a first for Veronica--she'd never even imagined a guy
could get it that way.)

"One, two, three ..." John said, "And here she goes!"--with that the
stud shot deep within her, and even managed before shooting his wad to
pull his cock out and cover her buns with his precious night juice.

Veronica lay in her apartment, spent but unspent, satiated but hot as
hell, half cocked in the feminine sense. Well, not bad, she thought,
I've got the throttle in hold this time, simple as that. The cock's
completely under my control and I can drive myself as high, as far and
as long as my little heart desires. Vern rose and looked in the mirror.
She could tell she'd been through something. A few of her pubic hairs
were pasted against her thighs. Several drops of sweat had formed in key
places- her upper lip, under her breasts, between her legs just under
the cunt.

The woman pushed her body against the mirror until her protuberances
touched, forming a hot vision as if two nymphs were preparing to make
it. Two huge nipples pulsing against each other; two palms stretching
out making contact; and then, two ominous looking white dicks moving
toward each other. Vern had to smile a little as she watched the
vibrators coming near and then touch. Well now, you two look like you're
quite the friends, quite the friend. But my story's not over, not just
yet. Vern knew then that what she really wanted, what would make it all
worthwhile was nothing less than a reenactment of her entire recent love
life, from John on' the entire macho repertoire. But this time there'd
be a twist: a happy ending.

What will it be, thought Ron. Perhaps a ball with John, or maybe
conjuring that hot party she went to in L.A., that den of inequity with
all the drugs; hell, anything was available from hashish to hard acid.
No, thought Ron, she wasn't quite through with John left. There was more
to that story.

But Ron was a bit preoccupied at that moment by her own reflection. Who
knows, maybe she was falling in love with herself after all, she loved
her body. She liked carrying her weight, liked the way her skin felt all
over. She even liked the manner in which her tits flopped against her
midsection. But was that love?--she wasn't ready to ponder the

You are one broad; she said almost out loud. At that point, she squeezed
against the mirror, more effectively flattening her knockers than any of
the inflamed attempts of the myriad of studs. No, she knew when, how and
where to press. She'd never seen flattened nipples before and it
fascinated her. Ron liked the way they became redder, right in front of
her very eyes. She imagined they were two red eyes. They spoke to her.
They told her she was one sexy bitch. "Oooh," she moaned--this time
completely out loud. Ron could see that her breasts were spread out so
that they bulged out her sides, two sacks of pleasure flesh, seemingly
bursting out ward. Observing the top action, the woman suddenly wished
she could stick her cunt on the reflector and have it come back at her.
That was it; she wanted to be fucked by her own cunt (amazing what these
electronic devices can do for a woman).

Ron felt the curve of her hip then pushed her hand around her front
until her curly, dark pubic hairs were parted by the probing of her
fingers. She wanted to be inside herself again, to finger fuck until her
imagination would take over and bring her back to John.

How had she become so horny? Maybe it was her environment at work, the
sterile contrast from her pastoral--intellectual life upstate in the
East, maybe it was the fact she knew everyone in that insurance office
had action on their minds. No, she'd never forget the first day on the
job. Being attractive, standing out in more ways than one, she found
every male trying to orient her with their foolish excuses. John had
come in, asking if she knew where the water cooler was. He brought Ron
over, then asked her out, just like that He didn't believe in the old
beat around, just right to the heart of the matter, as if he didn't want
to waste his time by pecking up the wrong branch. Mr. Danielli, now
there was a case. One afternoon Ron spied him in, to put it
diplomatically, an excited state: "PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB" said the sign
on his door, "disturb" (if your name is Veronica) maid the sign on his
face. Perhaps he unconsciously left his door open, but for whatever
reason, the crack was just wide enough for Veronica to get the idea. He
was just sitting at his desk, arms wrapped around the back of his head,
but protuberance clearly visible in his pants, just sitting there.

Veronica, Ron, Vern, as the case may be, was in a dangerous mood and
simply rose out Of her seat and knocked at the boss' door as she quickly
improvised an excuse to break his little dream state.

"Oh, Miss Jenkens."

He was a touch surprised.

Vern looked down at him. Sure he was a bit hot with his cock between his
legs and his hands in his pockets as if making a shrewd move of a
cover-up. "Miss Jenkens, will you take dictation?"

"No, but I'll take a dick," she thought.

That's when she knew what the insurance business was all about.

Or, the first office party--holiday spirit and all that sort of thing,
letting loose when the clocks are disconnected, a little raz-a-ma-taz
and all that jazz. Not one of the execs was happy: that was the lesson.
Vern soon came up with her own theory. The higher you go up the ladder
of success, the worse the marriage. Jenkens law. Administrative
assistant: "Hey, Vern, would you like to go out with me, I mean, just to
get away from the office for the party, you know what I mean.

Assistant Vice President: "Miss Jenkens, I'm free tonight, this evening
to be exact. How about coming around to my private apartment."

Vice President: "Fool around?"

President: no verbiage necessary.

And our friend Vern had gone the whole (hole) route. But more of that

For now, Vern confronted herself in the mirror, liking and positively
turned on by what she saw. After all, she thought, I'm not a bad piece
of ass. Vern slid down the edge of the mirror until her buns rested on
the hard part of the floor where the rug ended but the wall did not
begin. Nice, really nice, she thought. Vern didn't mind the hard, cold
floor. Vern didn't mind being alone. Vern was a piece of ass.

Back in her car with her John, Vern's imagination was able to sequence
the events with more detail. A simple ball was not the end of it and for
that matter was not even the beginning of it. John had reached a height
of passion he'd never experienced in the past. It got to the point where
the stud couldn't hold his energy down. Slithering around the seat, he
soon lost all restraint, digging his teeth almost painfully into our
young friend. He worked his way down from her nape until he reached the
lovely large part of her upper chest, just where her breasts began, the
place which gets tan while the more scrumptious parts are hidden. He
reached below that point, passed the Mason-Dixon dividing white from tan
then made for the sure ground of her womanhood. Pushing her left tit
upward, he made contact with an open mouth which was just able to take
in the tip of the iceberg. He heard the girl moan and tried to take in
more at the same time he readjusted his legs so that they were so
intertwined with Ron's as to allow freedom to kick and cavort to taste.
The rain began to come in torrents, smashing against the windows until
it would have been impossible to see two feet outside (if they'd care to

"I'm GONNA FUCK YOU EVERYWHERE!" he groaned out. Vern noticed that the
softest part of the sentence was "I'm" so she knew he meant business.
She had to admit, he was the greatest ball to date, even if he wasn't a
top-level exec (small chickens actually, middle management).

Vern felt his hands move in fast motion from the front of her chest,
down below her navel and through her mat to the slit below. The man
opened her up as if possessed. She felt his hot, steamy breath go into
her opening and penetrate her channels at the same time she was aware of
the intensity of pressure around her neck. It was a trip to feel his man
hands manhandling her delicate neck. She did have a delicate neck. It
wasn't a scrawny neck, but it was a delicate neck, a feminine neck. He'd
even told her she'd a nice neck, but she barely paid attention, so
enraptured was she in carnal pursuits.

"Ravage me, go animal, go animal!" She'd said with more air than
chords--or perhaps it was airy chords. She felt his hand move down and
his tongue lubricate her already moist insides, his saliva mixing with
her woman juices, creating an ambrosial fluid which John imbibed with
greedy passion. Veronica almost wished she could go down on her own
pussy, but aware of the impossibility of the fantasy, settled for some
nice thick cock--he did have an exceptional cock.

Veronica knew it was a natural high--no drugs, nothing artificial except
that big, manly body. He was a specimen of a man: big, thick thighs
covered with black hair; swollen, distended balls, and an Olympian cock;
to say nothing of his massive shoulders and a chest which resembled a
rain barrel--after The Flood. He was all hers too, or at least that's
what she thought at the time, a prospect, a fancy, a desire which
satisfied her enough at the time.

She knew the stud was about to come when he started to grind his teeth
(a tip she'd picked up in a powder room a long time ago--one of those
drunken affairs when the ladies, especially the older ones, start
babbling about the mouth). When the teeth grind and a man starts to
sweat in funny places (like the upper and lower lip, or the navel) then
there's no two ways about it: prepare for the explosion.

Veronica knew this would be heavier than anything she'd known
previously, so she wanted to draw it out as long as possible, a strategy
which could work for or against her depending on the disposition of the
man and the condition of the woman. In this case, all factors clicked in
the right direction. Taking the aggressive, Ron pushed him up until he
was fairly sitting on her thigh. In any case, she could now see the
entire scene down there and fixed her gaze on the bottom of his shaft.
He was pumping so hard now (didn't even seem to notice when his legs
fell off the seat and he was kind of half standing on the rug) that his
cock penetrated and then was released until it was half visible, before
taking advantage of the return ticket, given the special excursion
rates. She'd never seen a cock as thick or sure. His scrotum became
visible given the various angles associated with his thrusts, a fine
hunk of well spread thick skin. Veronica went on to do something she'd
never negotiated, never cared to. She pulled and yanked at his buns and
then slid her finger between them until she could feel his ass heat. She
could feel the slightly harder textured skin inside the fold and
delighted in the manner in which his buttocks tightened as she felt him
up. She knew he didn't particularly go for her exploration. But what the


"Let it go, spurt inside now, spurt again."

She realized just then this would be the big two. One had come not more
than minutes earlier. What was it with men, anyways? Some acted like
they'd just climbed a mountain after coming, as if they needed a cooling
out period--in the form of a cigarette, a trip to the john, a deep
snooze, whatever. But this middle management type, this real John of
hers, acted like he wanted more, and at that point, she guessed she
might be able to squeeze another round out of him, a potch on the ass
and he'd be hers for the night.

The closer John came to come, the more he dribbled from the mouth.
"Baby, you're the greatest, the best around," he blurted in between a
feel on the belly and a caress to the tit. John moved down and pushed
her body to an angle until he felt just the proper angle and pressure
against his man stem. "Yeah, baby, oh, ... ah!" he ejaculated. "Oh," he
panted, "I knew the moment I saw you behind that slectric that you had
this kind of stuff in you, the way you held yourself baby ... class,
real class." He didn't care that Veronica was hardly listening. He
didn't care that it was raining, that the mud surrounding the wheels
outside could trap them for the night and ruin the Thursday morning
(supposedly back on the job). He didn't care at that point about the
tell-tale lipstick on his face, or the nail marks on his back, or the
assorted hickies from his buns to his blade. "FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME ALL

"Come on me."

"Wha ..."

"That's right, come on my stomach." That's the way Ron wanted it. She
didn't know why. She didn't care why.

"You sure you want it that way, Ron?"

"I rarely make a mistake when I'm feeling this way."

"Here it is." He took it out. "You like that, you like it, don't you?"

Ron looked at it, enraptured. She liked it.

"I like it."

"I know you like it."

She looked at the way a few drops of jism lay on the tip, like they
escaped or something. She looked at how it was beyond red hot and was
crimson hot, purple. Shhh ... long, she thought, and almost giggled. But
she stopped in time to see his final preparation heave, a massive
constriction of his entire form, followed by a reddening about the face,
an increase of blood pressure, all punctuated by a fantastic groan:
"Agghh ... oh, oh OH!"

He came like lightning, all over her stomach, in fantastic spurts which
reached all the way up to her breasts. She'd never felt like such an
animal and even in college days would have been turned off by her own
behavior, but there was no stopping her at this point. Opening her mouth
all the way, she pointed his penis her way and managed to score, right
into the orifice. It was salty, and creamy, and viscous, and bitter all
at the same time. She couldn't remember anything as tasty, anywhere and
she was aware this was the kind of thing a man doesn't forget.

"I'm still on," she said.

"You bitch, what is this? I come twice and you act like you've had a
date with a hairy banana. You must be kidding."

"No I'm not kidding." Then Vern doffed her panties from around her
ankles, took her leave, and ran into the rain.

It was cold, but not that cold. Nevertheless, the stud yelled out,
"You're crazy!"

A moment later they stood side by side, drenched to the bone, but their
enthusiasm squelched not a bit.

Ron continued her dildo action on that Friday evening, warm and
comfortable. It was almost better than the real thing, she thought as
she began to slide the unit into her slit. Slowly she moved up her
thighs, feeling the drops of woman juice which persisted along the
white, smooth sides. Feeling the cold floor begin to dig into her buns,
the woman rose and jiggled over to the rug. Ron could feel the rug dig
into her as she prepared for her buscar. She fell downward, putting her
hands in front of her mammoth breasts just in time to break her fall.
Then she pulled her hands away, luxuriating in the feel of the rug
strands adding to her jollity by pressing against nipple and tit. She
even pushed herself into the rug, as if she were making love to it, as
if it was alive and fucking.

Then Veronica turned around and sat on her ass as she looked at her
reflection. "Ron, Vern, Veronica," she said loudly and distinctly,
"you're one hell of a young broad." With that, she spread her legs into
a "V" and then suddenly, violently, stuck that stick all the way inside.
"Ooooh, ah," she moaned.

Gradually, she brought back the scene behind the car, the way John's
hair was drenched and matted, the way her own dark locks stuck to her
front, covering the tops of her breasts like a Haitian. She'd run from
the stud; he didn't like that a bit.

"Come back here you bitch!"

"Come and get me!"

She'd run a good fifty yards before he overcame her. Ron looked back
with amusement--his cock was still erect and slowed him and his
distended balls were a little absurd jiggling like two sacks of
potatoes. But it was a complete turn-on to Ron who immediately ran
toward him and clasped her legs around his midsection, kissing him on
the lips as hard as she could. They fell back into the mud and became
filthy--two animals that they were. There was even a slight incline, and
they tossed and turned all the way down, completely encasing their
bodies in mud and slime.

"Bitch!" he yelled all the way down.

"You love it, you love it, company man!" He didn't have an answer to
that one. "Now, now."

For at least the fifth time that day, John stuck his manhood as deeply
inside her as possible. He could feel her vaginal walls parting to
accommodate; he could feel her dynamite grasp (how she was able to
tighten, especially in that atmosphere mystified him--talent, he
guessed); he could feel her heave her breasts up almost into his face, a
reminder of the full glory of her womanhood.

Drenched, but not cold; dirty, but not dampened in spirit, the couple
copulated without a care or a thought that they might be observed or
their energies could be excessive. "You're excessive," she told him as a
bait. He ignored her, and if anything increased the strength of his

Harder, faster he thrust into the woman, almost with a vengeance. Ron
grasped at the weeds which surrounded her, the pivoted her hips in such
a way that she was able to push upward until she succeeded in lifting
John's form, a form whose apex was his manly ass. She tugged, pulled,
yanked at his buns until the rains could pour into his asshole, then she
pushed him flush against her own loins, hip against him, cemented. What
followed was the greatest orgasm she'd had anywhere. Not even an orgy at
school came up to this kind of satisfaction. It might have been the
added excitement of the rain, the sensual drenching of the cold, dirty
water which engulfed them mercilessly.

We may observe our Veronica, lying on her own floor, the buzz of her
pleasure stick a low hum, her lights turned low and the sweat of
complete concentration beading on her upper lip as on a workman. We may
venture a guess that she had a good thing going, and be on sure footing.

Veronica slowly rose to gather her senses and take a stab at the
situation. Let's see, she thought. I've got an entire weekend and one
love life to review--that should be simple enough. She made up her mind:
a dirge, a marathon (sexathon), a situation of please do not disturb,
for there was a relationship to draw with John, but this ending, the
ending in her mind's eye (which was as real as any if it could get to
her cunt) would be far better than actuality: she'd add her own twist.

Chapter 2

Veronica had a party to go to. After all, that was in the script, the
course of events with her friend John, the turnface before the turn of
face, another move of prince charming before he got around to detail his
marital status and the resulting connubial confiscation.

This party would not be difficult to remember: it wasn't that long ago,
but something about the atmosphere cemented the whole thing in her mind.
A few twists and turns and the vibrator and she'd be in the middle of it
once again, making time, getting soused or stoned (the customer
chooses), and generally reaping havoc on an otherwise affluent and
sturdy beach house.

It wasn't her first orgy but it was her first first-class orgy. What
actually happened was most unfortunate in that, Vern had got cold-feet
and didn't participate. Okay, she's been new on the coast, and it all
was a bit much for her to take in one big slice, especially when doled
out by as aggressive a stud as John. But now was her chance to rewrite
the script, to fantasize and make it happen all over again, but this
time really happen, not just booze and talk.

She began to create the story, half fact but more fiction, beginning her
thought in the tub, drenched in bubbles and warm water which softened
her skin a gave a pink glow to her cheeks and tits. Vern took the soap
and stuck it into her cunt, first halfway and then all the way in, until
she began to moan and get into the mood.

She saw herself enter aggressively and be confronted by a room full of
hot studs and maidens. John's eyes almost popped out of his head.
Veronica pictured at least ten guys and dolls, half of them topless, the
other have sporting alluring brassieres and bikini underwear. It didn't
take long to get things started. Like the Red Sea, or a communal meeting
house, the party divided in half, and Veronica chose her group,
disappointed but going along with her plan.

There was something new in all of this: girls. Veronica had thought
about if before. She read widely. She was aware of certain literary
circles in which lesbianism was accepted, or for that matter knew of its
implications in the feminist movement. She'd probably been approached
for that matter, sure Rose Knollwood in the office, with her heaving
bosom, who always stood just a little too close and was always asking
Ron up to her room for a drink. But somehow this wouldn't be quite so
kinky. The presence of men made it A-okay.

One of the men left, and eventually a foursome was left in the bedroom,
two mammoth women, and two extremely well-hung men. The studs had the
women lay back on their back, then each concentrated on one and stripped
to taste, which is to say nakedness. Vern couldn't help in her
imagination, as she sat there steaming in her tub, comparing her own
assets with the other broad. One thing was certain: they were both
stacked, stacked as hell. It was hard to tell who was larger, but Vern
had an idea she was a bit firmer, possessing better muscular support
(and she knew guys really went for that).

Suddenly, Vern decided to orchestrate the scene by accelerating the
pace. The two studs got on the bed, lowering their shorts: Both were
large, almost gigantic. What had really happened was that Vern joined a
couple of women who had cold feet and never got to see these cocks,
although she could have bit her tongue for being such a prude later that
night. Now, she'd make up for past frustration.

Ron imagined some positions. Sam--the tall, blond guy--decided to help
her and Cecile get acquainted so he pushed their bodies first on the
side and then together. It was the first time Ron even thought of such a
situation, and she imagined it to be nothing less than fantastic, the
feel of woman tit pushing against her own, the hard nipples digging into
her own cherries, and the fantastic, smooth legs entwining around her
own. "Oh, yes, yes," she said out loud, "push those things into me."

"Why not give her a little body rub," Sam suggested.

Ron was rising out of the tub and already drying herself with a
terrycloth as she imagined what it would be like to give a job to a
broad like Cecile. I know, she thought, I'd start on her back and then
make my way around the front, first kneading her around the back of the
shoulders and then pressing into the flesh of her back. I'd move down,
all the way down, to the beginning of her ass and then I'd shamelessly
rub her buns. Then I'd start at her ankles, moving my way up to the
calf, the inside of her thigh, and I'd stop just below her cunt to make
her ache for it. I'd keep rubbing, stopping at the sides of her breasts
and making her ache for it.

Ron decided to make the scene happen in her trusty imagination.

"Turn over," she said to Cecile. Cecile graciously obliged, exposing her
two huge, Titan tits, which seemed to be the very center of her entire
body. Ron could hardly hold herself back, but she knew that half the fun
was the tease. Her tactile titillation grew to a new plane of excitement
as she worked her way down from Cecile's shoulders and pounced on her
tits. The glorious splendor, the sumptuous epicureanism, the boundless
hedonism was almost too much for Ron to take, but her mind's eye was not
about to mitigate a full frontal attack, an attack on tit, on nipple,
and finally, juicy, throbbing cunt.

"Feel them, feel them all over," Cecile begged. A tall woman--generously
stacked and big-boned--she seemed to dominate the entire area over which
she lay. Ron imagined her to be even more impressive than herself, more
of a temptation to their masculine audience, a duet of spectators
holding themselves back with decreasing success. Ron felt the erect left
nipple, then bent down until she was able to touch the teat with the tip
of her tongue, a delicate, tingly sensation, a nerve impulse beginning
at the point of inception, traveling up the spine, and ending up in the
pleasure center deep within convolutions of gray matter. As Marv and Sam
resorted to tooth grinding, fist clenching, hyperventilation and other
tricks of the celibacy trade, so Vern continued motions created for the
sole purpose of tricking up the tricks--and our young lady was quite
successful, you may believe that. "Suck them, suck them!" Vern's newly
found friend began, "I want you to ravish me, ravish my knockers!" Quick
to oblige, Vern dug her teeth right into the womanly flesh. "Oooh,"
Cecile moaned out in pain-pleasure. "More, more!" Vern positioned
herself on the side with efficacy until her arm reached entirely
underneath Cecile until her fingers coyly emerged around her side and
made their way up the side of the woman's tits. Then Vern looked down,
and much to her pleasant surprise, was rewarded with an eyeful of pussy.

She looked inside Cecile with wonder and lust: wonder-lust. The hair on
her vulva formed a neat triangle, formally truncated at the tip of the
slit, making the crack all the more clean, all the more tempting.
Veronica wanted to enter the lass with her tongue, or with her fingers,
or with her hand, or with anything attached to her own body and able to
send sensations into her skull. Veronica moved her hand lower at this
point, right down under her friend's buns. The trick, of course, was to
inconspicuously negotiate a full frontal assault into that slit and get
a portion of a shiny lubrication which was all but too visible.

"Go inside the bitch," Marv blurted, no longer able to contain his
aggressive proclivities, "Feel that woman's buns and finger her. Finger
fuck her!"

"That's right," Sam followed. In an echo of Marv, he added, "Get inside
of the coquette, all the way." He fell back against the wall, then slid
down until he landed on his buns, his pants betraying a give-away bulge.

Or at least that's the way Veronica composed it in her mind's eye.

As Vern moved her hand under Cecile's buns, as Vern continued to squeeze
the woman's tits, so the men's temperature continued to rise. Marv moved
forward. Sam held him back. "Hey," he whispered, "you know the more we
wait, the hotter we get. That's the entire secret."

"Yeah, but enough's enough." His comment was punctuated by groans from
Cecile, and encouragement from Veronica.

"Hang in there good buddy. Stay with it. I won't steer you wrong." The
truth of the matter was that Sam was every bit as hot as his friend
Marv, but Sam was more a master, more a sensual expert. Sam knew how to
hold back his goodies, and for that matter had a reputation in certain
circles for his magnificent, almost uncanny ability to hold back. Now,
we're not talking about coitus interruptus, or other such
artificialities. We're talking brass tacks in and out retention.

Veronica finally moved down to Cecile's lower portions, first licking
the woman's belly, then approaching her pubic hairs. Kneading the flesh
in her hand, abandoning the woman's great knockers in favor of the
treasures below, Vern began to lick the curly hairs. They tasted salty
and sweaty but at the same time strangely sensual--as if composed of
some secret sex recipe. Veronica licked the hairs, first gently, then
passionately; pushed her hands around the woman's hips, pressing the
skin inward, kneading it until it turned a faint shade of pink; moved
her face lower still, until she was just about at Cecile's slit and
finally--after pausing to listen to the woman's groans of
pleasure--decided to get down to the really heavy stuff.

"Do it to her Vern, all the way!" one of the men urged.

At that point, Vern stood, acutely aware of the weight of her own bosom
which stood firmly in front of her chest (a fantastic sign of her
sensual powers). She shook her breasts proudly until they jiggled like
Jello. This especially got to Cecile who spread her legs even wider in
order to accommodate any eventuality.

She looked down at the woman below, a fantastic example of feminine
desirability. Cecile lay on the floor now, propping herself up by her
hands ever so slightly. Her buns pressing against the white rug, her
hands digging into it, she allowed her legs to part just enough to
expose the full glory of her pussy. She knew she would get hers soon.
And she did.

Vern delivered the goods just as she promised them, vivid, sensual,
filled with delights. She lowered her head for the assault, first
grabbing on two knees (one for each hand) then pressing upward toward
her destination. As her lips approached the honeybox, she was aware of
greater olfactory stimulation, a heavenly mixture of sour, sweet and

Vern imagined how she lowered her head right in to the pussy, her own
hair mixing with the woman's pubics, her lips finally touching upon
Cecile's pulsing pussy. The imbroglio of her desires were now out in the
open and acceptable--to herself, to her broad, to her men, to all.
Stroking the inside of Cecile's thighs, Vern moved up with her tongue
and lips until she tasted woman juice. "Oh, yes," she
heard--encouragement accrued from all mouths in the room.

Vern dug all the way in and could see the vaginal walls clearly. She
could smell the fragrances, and feel the slimy texture of wet, hot
womanhood. She could sense Cecile's ultimate pleasure as her temperature
was heightened to stratospheric pro portions. Embroiled in rising
passion, the two women were aware at any second their homo action could
be made hetero action an exciting prospect, a prospect they wished to

Within seconds of Vern's daring tactile penetration, Marv could no
longer hold himself back. Cecile saw his presence; Vern felt his
presence: a huge cock brushed against her lower back. She could feel the
throbbing heat of his member stroke against her and then she had to cry
out at the fantastic sensation of his warm palms cupping her huge,
distended breasts. He squeezed her melons fervidly, passionately, until
she wanted nothing but his big, manly cock all the way inside of her.
She wanted him to fuck her, fuck her as she fucked Cecile. "Do it to me,
fuck me with that cock of yours ... it feels so good!"--she knew this
could only encourage the man. Within seconds, she felt his cock move
down toward her torrid sections.

Picture this, if you will. Veronica stoops on her knees, her ass up in
the air, her head pushing down towards Cecile's cunt, her arms pressing
against the woman's thighs. Cecile is groaning and her mouth is open.
Veronica's mouth is likewise open, yet her tongue pushes out and strokes
the woman's most delicate parts: her labia, her clit, the top of her
vulva. Concurrently, our friend Marv has managed to push his stem
between Vern's buns, his long member sticking forward, then resting
against the crevice of her anality. Sam watches this but is unable to
hold himself back for long and is moved to the scene, yet is momentarily
stuck on which way to turn. After all, what a sight is there to behold:
a broad, another broad, a man atop the two, straddling two worlds but
conquering both. Yet, being resourceful, he decides upon the
unconventional yet effective approach over the top of Cecile's head
(remember it is slightly elevated due to support from her palms) until
he is able to straddle her. He allows each of his feet to lie on each of
the sides, then sits until he feels heavenly tit-flesh under his buns.
Sensitive to his relatively massive weight, he lowers himself only
enough to feel the full sensation of hot, erect nipple. His hands--in
the meantime--begin to explore the convolutions of Vern's tits.

If you can picture this, you have an idea of the scene created in the
mind of Veronica that Friday evening.

Veronica knew she was onto something big. Momentary respite created as
she looked down at her dildo, she observed how it shined with her own
lubrication. Vern stuck it inside her cunt yet another time and basked
in pure sensation, divorced from fantasy. It was sheer delight, a
magnificent sex high. Vern looked at her reflection as she stooped. She
could see her tendons tighten, her pectorals strain and her thighs bulge
outward as she at tempted to negotiate the widest possible split while
stooping. She tickled her outside area with the tip of the electric
cock, then began to penetrate. She could see a circle of flesh
materialize around the dildo as she moved it inward. First it looked
like a rim, then a crimson circle around the white cock, a full form of
white heat. "Ooh," she moaned out in pleasure. But she had to get back
to her little party--a party based on a real happening, but made fifty
times more enjoyable in her imagination.

Marv and Sam were both flying in full form. Splitting occurred, as Marv
grabbed hold of Vern's shoulder and turned her about, rolling onto the
floor. It was just the two of them for a while. "I'm going to fuck you
until it hurts," he said. He grabbed her tits, then blurted, "They're so
big, so fucking big." Complimented, Vern offered her tits in present
form, holding them upward to the man so that he could sample them in
full glory. He kissed the top, where her massive cleavage began; then he
moved lower, rapidly approaching the torrid zone of nipple; finally, he
settled upon the cherries, licking them, sucking them, pinching them
between his front teeth, then pushing them into his face until it looked
like he might suffocate. "No danger of me choking in this bounty," he
reassured her. Not that she was afraid for his safety, but it was nice
to hear he was still kicking under all that flesh.

Meanwhile, Sam was giving the business with his match: he was feeling
oral on this particular occasion, so he initiated some fantastic mouth
action. His broad locked him between her legs, squeezing him around the
middle until he almost begged her to stop, but decided against it. Sam
started Frenching with her, opening her lips with his tongue,
penetrating inside her mouth, merging his spittle with her own. As he
cupped her huge tits in his hands, he began to inhale so deeply that he
could observe her cheeks become concave from the pressure of his wind.
Then he moved downward to her chest and took one nipple between his
lips, then the other, then back to the first one. "Blow me," he said
finally, "blow me right now Cecile." Cecile'd been thinking that very
thing, so she positioned her body in advantageous posture, preparing her
lips by moistening them with her tongue.

"You sure you know what you're getting into."

"Oh, I think I can handle your hot lips."

"Hot lips yes, but there's more with it." She liked acting mysterious
like that.

Cecile suddenly took the tip of his cock between her lips--just the tip.

"Ooh, ah, yes, YES!"

Sam's groan was so intense, Marv couldn't help but notice. "Hey, what do
you two have going up there?"

"This lady's dynamite," he responded.

"Well, just you be sure to leave a little for me."

"Come now, two friends never let a great pair of lips mess things up."

"Cryptic, aren't we."

"You know what I mean." But Sam was already getting too hot to keep
talking. He looked down and saw that the broad was now taking more of
him in side her lips, until she suddenly had him almost entirely within.
"Baby, that's it, that's the way." Sam actually managed to reach a
bottle of booze which was within arm reach. His senses were bombarded as
he took a long swig of whiskey. Veronica liked that, liked that little
touch she'd added to her little masturbatory creation of a party. Why
not, for what is to stop a guy from guzzling anything at all--or doing
anything at all--while some broad went down on him?

Sam began groaning so loudly that the other couple interrupted their own
action to witness. Veronica could hardly believe how the broad took so
much cock into her. She looked with delight as she relinquished her hold
on the wet, hot cock--she could see the throbbing vein on the underside,
the crimson tip, and the opening on top which dilated and became
smaller, almost as if it were breathing. Then, she miraculously took it
back in, little by little, farther in, amazingly deep. When it seemed as
if it wasn't possible for any more of the member to disappear, it slid
deeper still--inch by arduous inch, half-inch by half, quarter by

"Oh baby, oh baby," he groaned out.

"Suck 'im, suck 'im!" Marv ejaculated.

That's when Cecile began to apply the pressure. She apparently did this
by inhaling through a corner of her mouth, then closing it air-tight
which aided her sucking. Sucking created suction, and suction drove the
man crazing until he was begging for mercy: it was almost too much for
the man to take. Veronica was fascinated by the member, the way it moved
in and out of Cecile's mouth. She wanted to get in on that kind of
action: suck action. She wanted to feel that throbbing vein, to lick the
sweaty underside of his balls, to move her fingers up the entire length
of the shaft until she could almost sense the sperm moving up his inner

Veronica imagined that she might as well learn from such a show and give
her own guy some of that kind of stuff. She had Marv (whose eyes were
already popping at the thought of getting similar treatment) lie on his
back. Then she placed a pillow under his buns. "Here," she said, "just
lay that under your manhood." It now appeared that the center of his
very being was his genitals--his cock sticking proudly up like a flag
pole, his balls hanging swollen and limpid-genitals which were ripe and
ready to be manipulated and woman handled. Veronica didn't know where to
begin and just hesitated for a second in awe. She didn't know why, but
she was tempted to pull on his cock and almost lift him up as if it were
some kind of handle, or better yet a leash. But enough of this, she
thought: no time for nonsense, just heavy action. Vern knelt over the
man and started to rub the skin around his pole. First she ascribed long
circles with wide arches all around the top part of his cock where pubic
hairs matted above and waited for brushing; then she moved to the
opposite side under his thighs where his balls brushed and created
slightly pink marks. "You're going to love this," she said, "I know
you're going to love this." For a split second she thought of John-but
there was no way that he could be having half-way as good a time as she
was in the other room; anyway, she didn't have to let him; it was her

Veronica began to lower herself in for the kill, like a great female
animal ready to pounce. She was stanching out, all right, strutting
forward and positioning her tits to add to the excitement. "Suck it,
suck it," he almost begged.

Veronica looked down on her object--a hairy bobo if there ever was one.
She grabbed on the base of his cock and could immediately feel the
torrid heat. "Oh, oh, that's very nice, a nice hot cock." He liked that,
liked to have her comment on his manhood (and what man wouldn't when
confronted with a sort of ideal womanhood ready to go to any lengths to
please him) and he nodded in approval. Vern lowered her lips to the very
tip, the very apex of his penis. She knew that was the tender spot, and
that the way she handled it could mean the difference between merely a
good and a positively great lay, the kind that a man uses as a measuring
stick for all other lays after it (Oh, that was okay, he might think,
but nothing like the way this girl I once had knew how to do it).

Vern touched the tip with her tongue and could almost feel the abrupt
beginning of his hole. Then she took her right hand and squeezed the
cock very tightly, until it looked as if she was driving the blood into
the tip of his penis--which was rapidly turning burning, almost
dangerously red.

"TOO MUCH. THIS IS FUCKING TOO MUCH!" he blurted. Vern knew that was as
good as an endorsement, as good as a fucking vote, as good as a
unanimous decision, as good as a fucking mandate, to continue and even
dare to go beyond this point. Meanwhile, Sam and Cecile were becoming
interested, aware that something special was in the works, cognizant
that they were witnessing a novel act--and that's the way Veronica
wanted it in her imagination. Now that she had the dildo, and the smarts
to compose such a scenario, she wanted to go all the way with it. So,
she imagined taking that thick, manly stem in her hand, and then in both
hands, and pumping it until she had him dangerously close to spurting in
her face.

"Easy baby ... easy," he pleaded, "I mean, you don't want me to shoot my
wad too soon now do you." He looked up with big dilated eyes, drawing in
air through his heavy, masculine, hairy nostrils.

"No baby," she countered. "That's not the way I want it." Knowing he was
now grateful, as well as lustful, he was hers to play with as she
wished. "Think it's time for a little meal," she said. Then Veronica
looked at a glistening drop of come which had somehow escaped onto the
tip of his cock, just sitting there awaiting some move. Vern thought
she'd like to taste it on her tongue. Vern thought she'd like to swallow
it. Vern thought she'd like to use it as an appetizer for what would be
coming later in bountiful gobs. Sam and Cecile were just sitting there
now, taking it all in. Sam was whispering to Cecile something about how
quickly Veronica seemed to learn her tricks and then Cecile responded
something about how the girl was no youngster just out of Iowa or
nothing of the kind. They knew they were dealing with a hot cunt--or
that's the way Vern had it in her imagination (the old mind's eye)

Veronica took the top of his penis in her mouth and instantly tasted the
pungent sensation of his jism--or at least the tiny drop of it--right in
her mouth. Shit, she thought, if one drop tastes this fantastic, imagine
what the whole package is! But Veronica soon became to preoccupied with
her task for such pondering. She liked the audience, too. It made her
the center of attraction, a new kind of sex queen, to be envied,
desired. She knew that Marv wanted her--the way he looked at her
breasts, the way he seemed captivated by the way she moved, the way he
watched her buns so intensely, all tipped her off that he'd like to get
off on her.

After bringing Sam to the point of coming by a fantastic hand job, she
decided to bring him the rest of the way via a mouth job. Slowly she
took the shaft into her red, hot mouth, careful not to catch his skin in
her teeth, delicately bringing it in to maximize pleasure and minimize
anything which isn't pleasure. She had become the bursar of pleasure and
knew it; the collector of the port of passion.

Sam began to squirm because he was so excited. He looked as if he were
prisoner of his own passion, hips thrust up, back arched, his genitals
handled by a stacked broad: "Make me shoot," he whispered in her ear.
"Come on baby, you've been taking me to the edge, but a man can't hang
there forever. Have a little mercy, girl. Do it, do it." Veronica loved
this, loved it because something like this had never in reality
happened, but now with her almost magical dildo, with vivid imagination
and relentless lust, she was making it happen, painting her own erotic

"You'll get yours, Sam, don't you worry."

"Now baby, now!" He looked her right in the eye, desperate, "FUCK ME,
FUCK ME!"--he was almost out of his mind with passion.

"Come on Veronica," Marv added, backing up his buddy, "give the guy a
break. Shoot his wad; now's the time."

But Ron was not to be swayed. Even Cecile couldn't help.

"Come on baby do it to him."

"Look, I'm running this little affair, just little old me." She could
see that the were all enjoying her little ploy at domination, that it
seemed to add an extra erotic layer to the entire orgy.

"Why you little bitch," said Cecile in mock rage. Then she grabbed
Veronica by the shoulders and wrestled her to the floor. Nothing could
have been more enjoyable to two guys whose cocks had been played with
until they were nearly insane and wanted nothing less than to be brought
to an even more intense level of passion. The men watched in hot awe as
Cecile proceeded to mount a struggling Veronica. They loved Vern's moves
as she at tempted to pry the body which had mounted her own loose. They
loved to see her push her form out ward until her breasts looked like
two mountainous spears which dared Cecile to grab them. Yet Cecile was
just as daring and desirous of turning the match into a little more than
pure innocent play- acting. With a twist of her neck, she bit Vern just
above the nipple, and pushed the woman's breasts painfully together,
then more painfully apart. That's when Vern had positively had enough of
such nonsense. In an impressive feat of strength Vern turned the tables
by ramming her adversary's head against the foot of the bed, then
pinning her against the bed post, and finally going straight inside the
broad with two fingers. In and out she pushed, because her intention was
to make this broad come, make this broad come as sure as she was being
defeated. Harder and faster she pushed. "Stop, stop," Cecile begged, but
to an avail.

"How does this feel, huh?"--then Veronica pushed her tits into the
woman's face.

"Oh, Vern, yes, yes ..." She just kept repeating the affirmative.

Veronica had the entire scene orchestrated, the blow jobs, the wrestling
match, the fervid pitch, the hot atmosphere, the obscene tone.

But show--as tempting, as erotic, as highly explicit as it may have
been--did nothing to help the two studs unload their jism, for as heavy
as the scene had been, no one had yet peaked with a big "0" including
Veronica. I want to come, one thought; I need it thought another; damn,
I wish that broad would go all, all out, thought another. The climax
approached rapidly, and the men knew that now that the short wrestling
exhibition had terminated, the sperm show would commence: it was just a
question of who would be the first.

Vern knew what she wanted: she wanted to have a handle on both of those
cocks simultaneously. Vern approached Marv, then Sam. She looked at
Cecile and got the a-okay (after all, such a show would be dynamite
simply to witness).

Suddenly, Veronica was back in her room, the scene completely
disintegrated under the onslaught of her telephone. The piercing ring
almost sent her up the wall and she ran to answer it in order to shut it

"Yes," she said, clearly annoyed.

"Hi, Vern, listen this is Jim from the office."

"Oh, hello, Jim," she replied without a trace of enthusiasm.

"Listen, I was wondering if you'd enjoy catching a movie and dinner with
me tomorrow night--I'm sorry about the late notice but I thought I'd be
out of town."

Vern didn't even have to consider: not this week end. Nothing mattered
outside of her own private, manufactured sex high.

"No, I'm sorry Jim, but I'm afraid I already have plans."

"Well, just taking a long shot."

After Veronica returned the phone, she realized she had something
extraordinary; without any difficulty at all, she returned to her party.
Within seconds, she could picture Marv and Sam and Cecile. Deciding
she'd disciplined Cecile enough for one party, she motioned for Sam and
Marv to approach.

She had them sit on the edge of the bed and positioned herself in the
middle. Then, without a hesitation, she began to pump them, giving each
equal time. She looked at Sam's face, then Marv; they were flying in the
sky, no doubt about that. Each was beginning to flush, and their teeth
were starting to show, gritted in positions of aggression. No vag, no
wet smack, she was the life of the party. Her rapacious appetite knew no
limit, and she wanted more as she felt each shaft get harder. The men
began to moan and she could feel them squirm. Cecile was almost a one
woman rooting section as she made no qualms about her interest (her very
eyes were bulging as she sat on the edge of the large bedroom chair).

"You've got us where you want us baby: go all the way!'

"Do it to them!" Cecile added.

Then it happened. Vern could feel their cocks expand in one final
effort, stretching their volume almost beyond the limit in the all-out
effort to shoot come.

"Aggh!" moaned out Sam and as if by chain reaction he was followed by
Marv. Instantly come shot up and was pointed at Vern.

Cecile had to come over to get at some of that action. She pointed Sam's
cock up toward her mouth and managed to get several squirts. Sam watched
with delight as she swallowed some, and proudly wore a few drops on the
edges of her mouth. Veronica had her fill also, wallowing in the viscous

What really happened that night, was poor Veronica had merely spoken
with a few other shy ladies, anxiously awaiting John's return, painfully
aware he was getting fantastic action. Vern knew now that her weekend
fling would be nothing but her own creation here on in. She'd put John
through all the things she dreamed of, but had only had the nerve to do
just before he gave her the old hook. No, now a new stage would be set.

Veronica pushed the dildo further inside, then pictured John entering,
just in time to see his date covered with wild come.

"Wha ..." he exclaimed.

"Come now," Vern answered with impressive presence, "you must have had
some idea what was going on. Listen John, I think it's about time that
you and I got going, anyway. You know, the night's still young."

Chapter 3

In actuality, John had taken Veronica home directly after the party--and
barely willing to speak to the man--she told him not to call for a while
(after all, she was given no warning she was being taken to an orgy, and
no woman likes to admit she is capable of getting cold feet). But now
things would be different. Dildo in hand, Vern began to paint more
pictures, plan a scene which could make vivid her deepest, most
important fantasies.

Veronica lost no time in constructing some fast dialogue, lines flying
into her mind like sparks, one urging her to get the hell on the move,
another encouraging some more subtle foreplay. But the central,
organizing idea was a particular fantasy, a dream which she'd never told
anyone about. The truth of the matter is that Vern--as many women of her
approximate age and socio-economic class--had one special thing which
could get her going like none other, a little quirk of mind, a pet
perversion, perfectly suited to a spree with a dildo. You see, our
Veronica had a special place in her heart (and more sensual parts) for
the young, for fresh virgin (be it male or female) flesh. Now this is
not the type of thing which is shared with a girl friend in a casual
phone conversation ("Oh, hi Judy ... what's new? Oh, I don't know, but I
guess one thing on my mind is that I'd like to screw a few fourteen and
fifteen- year-old guys-you know, the kind that are still wet behind the
ears and have cocks which have grown faster than the rest of their
bodies), or shared with a date ("John, did I mention that though I'm
really attracted to you, more than anything at all, I'd like to pick up
a couple of high school studs, one blond with big muscles, another
skinny and dark."). But this could only be a private affair articulated
in her own mind, carried out either in complete secrecy or in the
setting in which she now found herself. With lightning speed, she began
to imagine the type of guys who would drive her to ecstasy for the
second time this one particular Friday evening, serve as a follow up to
Marv and Sam who had done quite a job on their own, fucking her cunt and
driving her all the way home.

No, she'd seen the type of guy she had in mind one too many times,
perhaps because of her younger brother, a bratty rogue who'd always
bring his friends home and bothered her no end before she'd gone off to
college. Troy, who knew he hadn't much on charm, almost seem to play up
his lousy qualities to the hilt: he knew his sister liked privacy, he'd
do his best to open her door when she was dressing; he knew she got
bugged when he walked around nude, he'd shamelessly brandish his big
cock as he'd walk to the bathroom; he knew she didn't like him to talk
about her sex life with his friends, he'd loudly tell them about her
latest fling (complete with the details of her endeavors on the living
room couch). But when all was said and done, Veronica had to admit she'd
been turned on by some of his friends. She'd watch them as they'd try to
cool off in the yard, running through the hose in their little suits,
readjusting their goodies when the material clung, lying on their
stomachs in the sun, oblivious to the bulge in their pants. One of the
guys, an exceptionally good looking junior high school student with too
many pimples, especially appealed to her--especially when he tried to
make conversation one day, almost choking on his own words.

Veronica had desired him that day several years ago and if she had the
courage in those days would have seduced him behind the school or better
yet, inside the little tool shed. She could imagine how it could have
been: his skinny little body shivering slightly as he shyly asked what
she had in mind. Oh, Veronica thought, I thought I'd offer you a little
deal ... I mean, all of us are in the same boat in a way. Have you ever
thought how unfair it is that us kids don't get any real action. Oh,
don't play dumb with me you little geezer you. I know you've got the
hots for me. But listen, uh, I've got this little accessory here. That's
right it's a rubber. From then on in, Veronica thought, it could have
been easy. The glint in his eye, the bulge in his pants, the way he made
no motion to take his leave or tried to stop her when she moved closer,
all told that he wanted the action himself, possibly even worse than

It was not a comfortable spot, but it could have done well enough,
Veronica thought. She remembered there was a soft spot in the corner
where there were a few old pillows conveniently strewn across the floor,
and the pile of straw right near the lawn mower--dead, cut grass which
could now serve as the perfect mattress. It would have been as easy as
moving closer to the young stud and helping him master his fear, first
by putting her hand on his leg and rubbing it about, and when he was
used to that, moving on to even more fertile ground up on the upper
thigh right under the crotch, rubbing the guy, who now, wouldn't make a
move in the opposite direction if his life depended on it.

Veronica wished she had simply said to him: "I want you, all the way. I
want to show you how to fuck." Sure, it was shocking, but he'd get over
the bruskness when he felt her hand begin to grasp his cock, her breath
bathing his face, and her lips approach his own. He'd get over
everything when he realized that this superbly stacked broad was ready
to take matters in hand and do the steering while he merely sat back and
took it all in (or let it all out, as the case may be). Veronica
imagined her excitement, fervidly wrenching his fly open, almost tearing
the fabric of his jeans in her excitement and determination. She
realized that the guy, a mere school boy, had probably never been
blown--hell, he probably never had a girl touch his man parts
before--and that this would be a big day for him. She imagined that his
eyes would bulge, he'd attempt a slight mock resistance but then give
into her aggressive moves which, though shocking at first, soon got to

Veronica put her hand on his jeans right over the bulge, feeling his
body jerk up and his lips tighten, the red leaving in an instant. Oh
come on, she'd tell him, don't be afraid now ... because after all, you
have to remember that all of this Is the natural part of life, natural
as walking. With that, she'd place his hand right on her breast and push
it until she felt her nipple receded beneath the surface. You like that,
she imagined telling him, I know you like that. Here's something I think
you'll like even more. She quickly loosened the buttons of her blouse
and pulled it off of her chest, revealing a white-cupped brassiere, a
bra straining to do its duty and keep her womanhood from popping out, a
task all the more difficult as the broad arched her back, loosened her
shoulders until the straps fell down on her arms and threatened to fall
from her body. She wanted the boy to strip her naked, topless, to
prepare her for the real action: come on, she imagined, take off my bra
and suck my tits, suck my big, fat tits.

Veronica became glazed as she thought through this little scene. The boy
became brave and his youthful hands lowered her cups slowly, revealing
her cleavage, then more cleavage, and in an instant removing enough of
the synthetic to expose the very tips of her red, fat cherries. It
seemed almost too much for the youth to take, who quickly stiffened and
moved backward as if he'd just seen a treasure box filled with so much
booty that it almost defied the imagination. She'd tell him straight
out, suck it and lathe my tits until I cry for you to stop. Come on,
don't be afraid! That's the way it could have happened, the feeling of
his greasy adolescent wave stroking against her chest and his hot,
syrupy lips go down on her knockers, his spittle seeping onto her all
over, his long, spindly legs beginning to search out space between hers,
his knee becoming his bravest body part and moving up toward her cunt.
That's it, she'd encourage, that's the way to do it.

She'd kiss his lips, his nose and put her tongue in side the
convolutions of his ear, until she could breathe right into his inside
so that she sounded like a great ocean. She could hear the boy moan in
deep desire, gritting his teeth and positioning his hips so that the
broad would have easier access to his swollen manhood. Not so hard, is
it, she'd reassure him, not expecting or particularly wanting a

She'd put her hand right under his jockies until his swollen, sweaty
balls were in her palms and she was able to squeeze them to
taste--squeeze them so that she could feel their soft consistency, and
their heavy expectancy, filled as they were with hot, male come.

"SUCK ME, SUCK ME" he'd finally yell out in desperation. That's the way
she liked her young studs, all hot and bothered and almost out of
control in their desire, and yes, their dependency. This stud hadn't
even had anything to drink--no scotch, no highball, no whiskey sour, no
screwdriver--nor had he hit the weeds and pills--no downers, uppers,
grass, hash, acid, nothing. Veronica leaned forward and gave him a body
hug, pressing her tits into his chest, nearly driving him wild with
pleasure, with the magnificent feeling of her breasts against him. He
cupped them with his hand, twisting and turning the flesh, making the
sides of her boobs pink and then red from the pressure of his lustful

"Oh yes, rub them, rub them nice."

Encouraged, almost made with desire, the boy lowered his head and felt
the left nipple with his tongue, turning his tongue, covering the cherry
with his own saliva then sucking it into his mouth where he almost ate
the organ, pressing into it with his teeth.

"You're too much," he added in between licks, thrilled with her form.
My, he thought, there's nothing like this, fresh, solid, waiting to get
it, waiting to get fucked even by a young, inexperienced cock like mine.

The boy took his hand and slowly slid it under the girl's waist band
until he could feel the upper ridge of her panties, the band which hung
several inches below her waist, then pressed his fingers against her
abdomen--a white, smooth area which he wanted to bury his face in. But
there were even greater pleasures below, and moving his hand lower as he
took into his lungs breath mixed with the girl's own, he felt her pussy
hair--thick, luxurious hair which curled and covered his fingers until
they were almost buried in it.

"Lower, lower, go down lower on me until you stick your fingers in my
cunt," she begged.

"You've got it baby," he answered, feeling older already, then made his
words good, opening the lips of her pussy, pushing one, then two fingers
inside until he could feel her inner organs, wet, juicy, a honey-pot of
sex goodies. "You've got it baby," he repeated, feeling his cock grow
even harder as he probed the girl's insides, making her groan with
pleasure, making her beg for him to come inside.

"Listen," she whispered intensely, "Let's go over here where we can
stretch out." She led the way, the boy watching her splendid ass, the
swing in her hips, the incredible sensuality of her movements. His cock
stuck proudly in front, a rammer of incredible proportions--six inches
at least--a shaft which wanted more than anything to gain entry into
that sweet woman, his balls hanging down full and swollen, his arms
swaying at his sides as he increased his stride.

After a pause, the girl lowered her head, admiring the glans, the red
rim around the top, the dark ring of skins below the glans, almost like
a cock ring, the length of the proud shaft, the way it was slightly
thicker at the base and hooked around the top, the way his balls hung
underneath the cock, the way he looked, proud and tall. "Come on," he
said, mustering his courage, "give it a good suck."

Veronica opened her mouth and put the cock in side, feeling the heat
which radiated from it, almost burning into her like a furnace, like a
sex furnace, filled with a heat which almost burned her mouth, then went
deeper inside of her, down her pipes, into her inner depths. He started
to undulate his hips a bit, to help her get more of his cock inside, to
help her almost swallow it. He was amazed at the girl's enthusiasm, and,
clutching at her shoulders, she was able to take the entire shaft until
it disappeared entirely within her mouth before she released it, hot and
glowing, covered with the saliva from Veronica's mouth.

He was so excited, he almost came, so he pushed back Vern in order to
hold it in a while longer.

"Oh, kiss my tits," Veronica almost pleaded, "kiss them all over, cover

The guy leaned over her, then rested on his side, covering her upper
stomach with his palm--which now sweated with desire--then pushing his
fingers through her thick, brown hair. That's when, completely hot with
passion, his cock just bursting at the seams, all the more straining
enveloped in the rubber Veronica had slid on it, he slid his stem in
side of Vern, slowly, relishing every second as he penetrated, taking in
deeps gasps of air, his legs tightening and mingling with Vern's. Deeper
he lunged, until he was inside, completely inside of her cavernous hole,
buried in her pulsing pussy.

"Oh yeah," pump me harder, harder," she pleaded, her eyes closed and her
brain swimming in passion, the passion of pure desire, of wanting her
pussy fucked and his creamy jism shot inside of her hole.

"Baby, wait," the boy pleaded. "I'm gonna come; we better gear down." He
took his stem out of her pussy, now wet with her pussy-juice, then
pulled his body back and perched up on Vern's hips so he could get at
her quim. She curled her legs around his back, pushing his head toward
her until he only had to lower his head a few inches to slide his tongue
inside of her pussy.

He began to taste her quim, salty, womanly, juicy pussy--the best
combination of sensations he could imagine--then felt her thighs pushing
against the side of his ears until he couldn't hear anything, only see
her mouth open wide in a gasp of pleasure. He felt the heavy weight of
her buttocks in his hands as he grasped them and looked at her huge
mounds which were pushed up close to her very neck.

It was too much for the guy to take and he felt his jism rising in his
balls and into the lower part of his cock, but not wishing to shorten
the spree, he took his mouth out of her pussy, then lifted Vern's body
upward toward his face so that he could give a little mouth action to
her tits.

Veronica knew what he had in mind and immediately requested he go at it,
pressing her tits together so they formed a massive cleavage. He buried
his head between the spheres, then she pushed them tighter together,
pressing into his nose and mouth, bathing him in her mammaries.

"Oh, baby, too much, too much."

"You like those tits, don't you ... nice fat tits."

"Oh, baby," he said, "I want to eat those knockers, yeah, eat 'em up

"They're all yours.

"Man, when I used to serve burgers, I'd look at the girls, but I don't
think any of them could have been like you."

Veronica could feel that she had the boy, completely swept him off his
feet. She'd ride with this one all the way (at least in her mind) and
might even see him again, fuck him again, suck him again and repeat all
the ecstasy of this night. Compared with the other guys she'd balled he
was pure stud: at least in the high school category.

"Come on boy," she urged, "fuck me again; I want your cock all the way
in, all the way!"

"I can't wait any longer either; this is it, the big one."

The boy rammed his stem inside of Veronica, so hard and fast and sudden,
that she opened her mouth wide, closed her eyes and cried out, "Oohh!
Yes, all the way."--at least that's how Veronica wanted to imagine it.

Veronica kept her fantasy going, picturing the lad pushing from the
hips, in and out, out and in, fast until his entire body was tight as
taut rope, a dynamo of energy ready to explode in one great sex moment,
the ultimate orgasm.

"Fuck me, fuck me," she cried out.

Images went through Veronica's mind; of guys running nude, five, ten,
fifteen of them, their balls hanging down, their cocks proudly erect in
front, all after her; of the sight of her teenager's cock right before
she took it in her mouth; of the way his balls hung, heavy and swollen.
She could feel his weight on top of her then, heavy and massive as it
pushed against her lighter form, crushing her breasts, his hips digging
into her own hips but because of his size, his head perched almost on
top of her own so that he could dig his nose into her hair.

The boy was all the way in now, fucking her with everything he had,
pushing his stem all the way in. Veronica's dark eyes almost rolled into
her head, her long eyelashes battering away (a movement which she found
especially alluring).

"Harder, faster," she pleaded.

"Baby, I'm going to fuck you like there's no tomorrow ... oh, yes, it's
coming, it's coming nice and hot."

Vern felt her body growing tenser, her entire body getting ready to
lurch into the big "0" but she held back then managed to roll them both
over so that she was on top.

"Oh, yes, yes," the boy said when he felt her body laying on his own.
The boy pushed the recent graduate up and then pulled her legs on his
sides so that she was sitting on him and she had him clamped in a torrid
cock-hold. Her tits looked absolutely gargantuan, swinging wildly to and
fro as she swayed her torso from side to side. He couldn't resist
grabbing them, so, feeling her hold on his cock get even tighter, he
grabbed her breasts and squeezed them--one in each hand--until she
moaned out.

Faster and harder he pumped, making their pubic hair meet, then pulling
it apart, sliding his cock almost all the way out to the tip, then
thrusting it in with a savage fury. He was close, knew he was, but
couldn't and wouldn't hold back any further.

The boy pushed his cock in, then, in one sudden burst of energy
penetrated all the way, tensed and then exploded into an incredible
orgasm: "Agghhh, oooh," he moaned in ecstasy.

Veronica was soon to follow, her body just as filled with the pleasure
of the moment then climaxing until she felt her spasm come, a little
later but just as intense as the boy's-a tightening of her entire body
until she thought she would freeze like a log, then a melting until the
connections of her brain were shot and her body spent of all energy--or
that's the way she imagined it. But the amazing thing was, lying there,
getting it on, she felt it just as intensely as if it were really

But this guy was such a solid image, and such a fantastic fuck, that she
wanted to take her fantasy a step further; stage two. She decided to be
a little daring in her imagination, and take the young stud into her
home. Well, it wouldn't be that crazy, because, after all, her parents
were gone on a little trip, and there was almost no chance of being
caught by them. She decided that she wanted more than any thing to take
a shower with this young cock. She took the boy into her bathroom, then
turned on the water--adjusting the water to lukewarm, then hot so that
the bathroom would steam up--and then got under the water, her hair
flattening against her forehead, her breasts shining from the water and
her pubic hair matted against her crotch-like a thick, heavy rug cut in
the shape of a perfect triangle.

Veronica imagined moving closer to water so that there was room for Ned
behind her. But just then, the bombshell switched gears and decided to
take a real shower. She dropped the dildo (knowing it could get clogged
in the water) and walked into her bathroom. She turned on the water,
just as she imagined doing it with the young stud, and felt the warm
water pounce against her tits and nipples, making them erect and fat. It
was even easier now to imagine the fun water games she could play with
her young, hot stud.

Vern motioned for the guy to get closer and could see that he was
already very excited, almost as hot as in their encounter in the
shed--just as if he hadn't shot his wad just minutes before. In a few
seconds, the boy slid his cock into her cunt, this time fucking her from
the rear. The boy, feeling that slight ache in his cock which told him
he'd just come, put his arms around the front of Veronica's body until
he had perched her tits above them, then, lifting, his arms higher, he
pushed her bosom higher still until the spheres were about at high as
they could go.

"Yeah, feel my tits, feel my big tits," she moaned. He squeezed a little
harder, until she groaned, then squeezed harder still until she pushed
his hands downward in order to give her tits a breather.

Feeling an incredible surge of strength, hardly able to control the
impulse, expanding his chest by taking great quantities of air the boy
actually lifted her weight to settle down on his arms, allowing just
enough of her weight to settle down on his cock. Veronica was so hot,
she pushed against the tiles with all her might, screaming out, "Do it
again, fuck me again, over and over, yes ... yes ... yes!"

Faster he pushed, harder, not holding back for a second.

"Okay, fuck me. Let it come!!"

But the boy had his own ideas, and he took his shaft out from inside
Veronica, then turned her around until she faced him, her eyes and two
red cherries staring him in the face, ready for anything he might choose
to do.

He pushed her body down toward him until her massive melons were
squeezed against his chest, then lowered her slowly and evenly until her
bosom touched his cock, electrifying it as if by magic, making it get
even more hard. She's one motherfucker, he thought, one helluva
motherfucker, and I'm gonna cover that pair with some nice cream. He
positioned his cock between the spheres, pressed them together and
started pumping.

"Yes, fuck my tits, fuck them!" she encouraged, her body now supported
by her knees, the boy standing well above her, his hands digging into
her back in passion. "Yeah, fuck them, yes!" Veronica even stuck her own
fingers in her cunt, making her own passion reach to a point nearing
his, but of course, not quite. "I can feel it, yeah, that's it, pump
some more." His cock was straining and his entire body was involved in
the task of shooting his wad, then, right before he felt himself squirt,
he moved back from the girl.

"Ohh, yea baby," he groaned between his teeth. He didn't have to tell
her what he wanted. She just knew. Within an instant, Vern grabbed his
throbbing pecker and stuck it right in her mouth, right before he came.
His cream poured right out, all over Vern's lips, sliding down the sides
of her mouth, but she loved it, loved to feel it and to even swallow it.
Exhausted, he let his body slide down onto Veronica's, but she didn't
mind a bit, loved feeling his weight over her own, feeling his cock
slowly go limp, glistening with jism and encrusted with some of her own
drying woman juice.

The water was still pouring down on the couple, Vern imagined, just as
it was really pouring down on herself, cleaning off the boy's cock and
washing the jism from her own lips, cooling off their heat.

Vern hadn't had enough of this guy yet, and was determined not let him
go so soon. From his big, fat distended balls which drove her absolutely
mad with passion; to his incredible schlong, so long and fat; from his
marvelous legs, long hairy, not a little spindly; to his great buns,
thin yet very touchable; he drove her absolutely mad.

Vern got out of her shower and thought how she'd like to end this little
affair. Sure, she could merely bid him adieu, wish him luck and call
that the end of it, but everything was so intensified now, and at the
same time so simple. No, she would stretch this one a bit, get on with
it and take this guy to the limits, even beyond what they experienced in
the shed and in the shower.

"Listen," she imagined telling him, "why don't you just hang loose a
little bit and rest up."

He looked a little concerned. "Oh, I don't know ..."

"Don't worry, really. My parents are gone. There's no chance of being
caught. And anyways, don't you want to prove to me that you can make it
a third time around--I know you have it in you."

Veronica took the boy to the side and then wiped him off. She like
wiping off his smooth back, moving downward to just above the she on his
buns, then drying the crack in his ass before proceeding to the small of
his back, around the front, and the best part, his crimson, swollen
balls. Vern took the towel and then gently tapped the balls, patting
them first very slightly and then more firmly until she could feel their
distinct weight right through the material. Vern moved upward in order
to get a hold of that stem--no longer erect, but still swollen and
impressive in size, fronting his balls, seemingly growing out of his
dark curly bush like some great branch with a fantastic budding head.
Vern saw the skin begin to crinkle under her touch and enjoyed watching
him, much against his will, becoming excited once again from her
manipulations. The cock seemed to have a mind of its own, first growing
slightly, and then--right in front of her eyes--developing into a
powerful shaft once again.

"Now," she said, "I knew you had it in you. Here you are, not even dry
from our last little romp, and already for some more hot action."

"Guess you're right, Veronica."

Veronica imagined that she would like to have a chance at this hot guy
in bed--conventional, but then again, she hadn't tried this one with
this young stud. Leading him to the bedroom, she glanced at the
refrigerator. That was it, she thought! She pictured his big, juicy
lips, his ravenous expression, and knew that the right touch lie just
inside the little ole kitchen. Within minutes, the young nympho had
prepared the perfect little sex feast: a bowl of whipped cream, fresh
strawberries, a flask of red wine; sliced peaches and a large bowl of
yogurt. Returning with assorted goodies on a tray, the boy was at first
surprised but he soon caught on, delighting in the prospects.

"Oh, I see it's time to satisfy our hunger," he said innocently.

"You've got the idea already, I see."

Ron couldn't decide what to do first. He looked very tempting on the
bed; from his long legs, stretching on the pillow; from his cock and
balls which were already swelling, to his smooth midsection, freshly
matted with a thin layer of hair.

Vern decided to get right down to business, approaching his minuscule
nipples with the whipped cream, then favoring the strawberries. "Your
cherries could use a little reddening, I think," she said, then crushed
a large berry right on his left nipple, the red juice merging with his
own crimson, then the fruit itself entirely covering the bud with its
own brand of sensuality. Vern liked that, and encouraged, she so
continued, until both his nipples were covered with fruit. Without
delay, Vern stuck out her tongue, then moved herself into position until
she could poignantly taste the sensation of merging salt, sweat, and
that particular unique fragrance of man. "Mmmm," she leaked out, "you
taste really good for such a young fellow."

Veronica, snapping back to reality, realized that she wanted to make her
entire fantasy more vivid, so she want to her own kitchen and
fortunately found some ripe strawberries, which she promptly prepared in
a ball, also approximating as closely as possible the remainder of the
feast. Now, she thought, I'm really ready to jump in on this fantasy.
After all, what good's the thought without the sensation? Who's to stop
helping the whole thing along a little bit? It wasn't cheating, nothing
of the sort, if for no other reason, that in masturbatory fantasies, the
sole practitioner sets the ground rules: another little dividend of the
solitaire sport.

Veronica returned to her delightful little party. "Vern," the lad
quipped, "are you sure you don't mind messing up your bed like this?"

"My friend," she answered, "that's really what a bed is for, you know;
you'll learn that when you get older, you young stud." Vern walked
closer to her prey, putting the whipped cream in position in order to
facilitate her little plans. Lets see, she thought, perhaps a little of
this fluff in the right place, like on his buns, spreading it all around
until his ass looks like the top of a cake, or better yet, over his
little chest until his nipples are once again covered and his little
hair no longer visible, except for a few particularly long strands,
breaking through the sea of fluff like a few tall grasses break through
the snow in dead winter. No, she thought this has got to be hard core,
no two ways about it. She'd go for the guy's fabulous pecker, all
shriveled, badly needing some real attention.

Vern applied some of the heavenly stuff on the guy until she could feel
his pecker rise once again to its full glory. Little by little, it
filled with blood and got harder, growing up on his abdomen, doubling,
almost tripling it in total volume, like some gargantuan growth, but a
fabulous enticing growth tipped with the most fascinating red cap of
sensitive, ex posed skin. Oh, how she wished to devour that little
sundae she'd prepared immediately, but she knew that this sort of affair
is best held out to maximum duration, like a drinking party fueled by a
particularly delicious, but not particularly spiked punch. She covered
the shaft (now in its full glorious size) with cream until she could see
none of his own skin, but was instead faced with what looked like, for
want of better simile, a stucco harpoon. Stucco harpoon? Why not.

Veronica started to eat her little feast, but first decided to top the
whole thing with a nice little strawberry; she marveled on how it
eroticized his cock, making it look like some artist's representation.
Slowly, she sucked on the berry until she squeezed the red juice out of
it, then let it drool down the side of her mouth in sensuous abandon.
"Baby, I'm going to eat your whole cock!" she said, suddenly starved out
of her mind with more than one kind of appetite.

"Do it to me, do it to me," he begged.

"Nothing is gonna stop me little boy," she answered.

She imagined hearing a car, and her heart jumped for one second. Imagine
being caught like this: her friend strewn on her parent's bed naked, an
orgy of food surrounding the two of them, and worse yet, Veronica
ravenously eating cream for the environs of the lad's fat cock.

"Eat me," he groaned.

"Like this?" she asked, taking a big portion of cream in her mouth.

"Yes that's it, eat me naked. Eat all of that cream off me and the make
me cream; make me make cream. I want to shoot in your fucking mouth."

She realized the boy was almost mad with desire. After all, she hadn't
let the poor boy get any real relief, for as soon as he'd shot his wad,
she'd go at him at get him excited before he could bask in the release,
before he could get completely limp, she was mercilessly stimulating
him, before he could fall off into a sweet slumber; Veronica was making
him ache for her body-her cunt, her mouth, her ass, her great tits--with
every bit the passion he originally possessed. She had no mercy at all.

"Baby, faster, faster," he moaned, obviously aching from the cock.

Veronica could hardly wait to do her special number on the guy. Without
hesitation, without the slightest pause, she took a surprisingly large
portion of his pecker into her mouth, covering the sides of the oral
orifice with the thick cream, which, mixing with her own saliva, soon
lost it viscosity and started to, to put it plainly, dribble. The boy
looked at this and was more turned on than ever, because now part of her
was mixing with that organic fluff.

"Suck it, suck it good, Vern," he begged.

Vern could hardly believe the fantastic taste sensation. She'd always
liked whipped cream, generously dapping it on her homemade sundaes, or
requesting double portions in the ice cream parlor, but she'd never
connected cream to sex. Now, she was having it all, her taste titillated
by that cream and her cunt tickled by the sight and feel and sensations
of this young, ripe stud.

Vern had to pause in her own kitchen as she pondered this scene She
could hardly believe how real it all seemed, from his sinuous body, to
way she imagined using him as a lunch table.

Back in her reverie, Vern licked the cream from his entire cock, until
he was naked down to the base, where the cream mingled with his black
pubics until they looked like little threads in a sea of white. How she
wanted to lick the rest of that cream and make him entirely naked once
again; how she wanted to crush his swollen balls and squeeze out the
remainder of his sweet jism until it mixed with the cream and created a
sex ambrosia which would, could only drive her absolutely wild. How she
wanted to suck his balls, and put them both in her mouth until she would
suck them the way she used to dissolve sour balls; only these were much

"Eat the rest of it," he begged, "eat the rest of that cream off of me."
Vern obliged and stuck her tongue out until she felt the coarse texture
of his moistened cock hairs. "That's it, Vern, now eat the rest of the
cream." This she did in an instant until there was no more sight of the
heavenly white stuff.

"Now its my turn," she added, "what's fair is fair."

"All's fair in love and war," he replied.

Vern didn't like that and erased it from her imagination. It wasn't
right somehow; made him seem too mature, too old a remark from a young
smart punk who still couldn't believe the kind of action he was getting
from a broad with a few years on him.

Veronica made herself very excited just thinking about having her cunt
eaten--and not just in the conventional sense, but with the added
attraction of real food. Vern felt the boy apply some of the whipped
cream. It was cool and fresh, and made her entire body tingle with the
excitement of it, from the inside of her womanhood, up her spine, and
finally in the pleasure centers of her brain. She could feel the cream
fill her big hole, and sense the boy's excitement as he watched her cunt
turn from a crimson shade to a snowy white--all creamy, all ready for
his tongue and lip and mouth action. "Come on," she said, "let's really
give it a go; fill it till it can't hold any more."

The boy applied the cream as if it were liquid gold, taking tiny
quantities of it in his fingers in order to prolong the process, dabbing
a drop here, a drop there, smelling her cunt as her woman scent mixed
with the dairy product. He sniffed her and prudently surveyed the area,
getting so close that he got a dab of the fluff on the tip of his nose,
a development Vern took advantage of by moving herself upward and
licking it off. She knew he liked that, liked having her hot tongue
touch him on the tip of the nose, taking off the cool whip but adding
something better, the hot, luxuriant gloss of her steamy saliva, shining
him up as if he was being glazed for some orgiastic barbecue, preparing
him for the biggest sex feast of his life.

Vern was almost filled now, her cunt bulging with the cream, and the
sheer heat of her womanhood beginning to melt the substance, turning the
viscous material into a watery, slithery mixture which made her opening
all the more sleazy, all the more desirable to the young stud. With a
couple of final loving dabs, Vern was ready. "Okay," she said, "eat me
now, eat it all up my young friend."

Vern could hardly believe how fantastic it felt when his tongue reached
inside of her and began to imbibe the love juice. She thought she would
have to moan out with sheer delight (not that she was in the slightest
inhibited) but she held it in, maximizing the tension which was building
inside of her womanhood and inside of her very skull. Meanwhile, the
young stud's hands were not idle. He instinctively knew that a little
massage--in the breasts, on the nipples, on her sides, along her back,
up and across the insides of her thighs--could only enhance the total
effect. First, as he held his head down inside of her cunt, he started
to caress her shoulders, plump, well-rounded and womanly forms that they
were, so delightful in texture, so perfect in formation. He began to
squeeze them harder, a movement which almost Bent shivers down her
spine, and which managed, all the while, to push her breasts together
until she sported the most fantastic cleavage down the front of her
breasts. The boy was apparently so excited by this he had to momentarily
abandon cunt in order to partake. He took his cream and slowly applied
it to the tips of her cherries, creating a sort of costume, a costume
which at first just covered the tips of her nipples, the entire nipples,
and finally the fat underside of her tits. He paused for several seconds
to admire his handiwork, and it was something at that. She looked draped
in a fantastic bra, strapless, backless, and for that matter, almost
topless--but in no sense shitless.

"Go ahead," she encouraged, "Suck them, suck my tits until they're naked

That was enough to have him touching the very edge of the cream with his
tongue. Evidencing a restraint which belied his years, he slowly but
surely made the little top even more abbreviated. He enjoyed the cream,
but even more so the process of stripping Veronica naked. Slowly,
sensually, he stripped away more of her frontal covering until she was
nude just above the nipples. He began to ache to see those fat tits
entirely nude once again, so he slurped away quickly, holding her arms
at her sides almost as if to make the girl his mock captive. She was
naked, except for some tiny spogs of white on both her nipples, which he
quickly dissolved by two crafty swoops of the tongue.

"Suck them, suck them ... do it to me!"

The boy went down on her tits harder than she imagined possible, but she
loved the almost painful sensation as her nipples strained to remain
attached to her breasts. She could feel her blood rise within, but once
again, her cunt ached to be relieved of the rest of the cream.

"Come on, my friend," she said, "you really shouldn't ignore the rest of

With that cue, the boy went down on her once again, slurping, eating her
out, until Veronica yelled out, "This is the greatest, this is the
greatest fuck of my entire life!"

Chapter 4

Veronica woke early the next morning and quickly looked all around her.
She was amazed to see that she'd been so exhausted by her imaginary
romps (which were in substance physically very real) that she'd fallen
asleep on the rug in her front room. She was still nude and her tits
were pink from all the woman handling. The doorbell began to ring, but
the girl made a quick decision. She'd go on a total durge this
weekend--no visitors, no going out, no diversions--and wouldn't let.
Anything--not even an opportunity for the real thing--get in the way of
her solo dance.

She thought quickly: there were several possibilities; from preparing a
lazy breakfast, complete with eggs and toast; to taking another shower
and preparing her own body for the coming festivities; from getting
right down to some heavy action with the electric cock; to just letting
her imagination take her any old place that it might.

Veronica decided upon the latter, and her first thought was that she
hadn't quite settled the score with John the Con. She restaged that
party complete with its orgiastic ramifications, but now she wanted more
of the same, more group sex, more kinky experimenting which would go
beyond any thing which ever happened with one of the boys from her funky

Immediately she imagined calling John and laying it right on him:
listen, she would say. Don't you think we should go to another party
tonight, just like last night. If he acted hurt that he didn't get on in
the real action, she would just say it was his own fault; if he said he
had enough of her wild ways, she would say that he owed it to himself to
let her teach him a few things; if he said that he couldn't take any
more of such hot action, that he was too timid, she'd tell him she'd
make a man out of him. To make a long story short, when a young woman
with a dildo, and with a vivid imagination, is painting her own sex
scenes, she doesn't have many obstacles to overcome, and within minutes
Veronica orchestrated a car scene, John driving, and herself helping
with directions for their second hot party in two nights.

"Listen," he said, "I don't know many of the people."

"Come off it John. You have to get over your own shyness--where's it
going to get you?"

He didn't answer which didn't matter since they were rapidly approaching
the affluent home which would be the scene of the crime. John pulled
into the driveway of a large ranch house, "Well, this is it." The host
was already on the lawn ready to greet his guests, a good-looking blond
man in his early thirties, middle height, wearing an open-necked shirt,
tight flare pants and a pair of boots.

"How do you do," he said, "please come in. You know we have a special
treat tonight; I have some footage which is just super, I mean, some
fine portraiture, really fine portraiture, to say nothing of my
treatment of intercourse, the best in naturalistic pornography." He led
his new guests inside to his living room where he already had a
projector set up and a large screen, much larger than your average home
movie screen. "Listen, Don's in the other room smoking some grass, which
is okay be cause he's seen this stuff--oh, you two are welcome to some
if you like, but as a personal favor, I would appreciate it if you'd
hold off until after the viewing, because you'll appreciate it more this
way. Okay, why don't we begin."

Two other women, Bernice and Lu, watched the screen which began in
complete darkness, then became more light until the form of a torrid
blonde was visible, riding on something, as her body was moving up and
down. Soon, somehow, the director managed to have her clothes magically
stripped from her body as if by the wind, first blouse, then bra, until
her torso was naked (or at least all of it which was visible from the
waist up) at which point great gusts of wind blew against her so that
her breasts were pushed up and down and her hair went back, pulled off
her forehead.

Veronica was incredibly turned on by this. For that matter, she hadn't
been to many porno flicks, even though she could have gone many times in
the past. It was just that the guys from the office she'd gone out with
never seemed to go for that sort of thing, unless it was due to the fact
that Vern herself was so inhibited. But the images Veronica imagined the
director creating, basking in her own sensuality and the physical
sensations of the wind, made her want not only to be in the picture with
the woman, but to make love to her.

The picture continued and now the camera angle moved into a subjective
shot from the woman's point of view, looking down, so that she could see
the man she was mounting, none other than the film maker. Bill. Bill
pushed his head into her face, then buried his cock into her cunt, a
close-up of his face showing his mouth open and his eyes alive with
pleasure. Finally, locked in each other's loins, the couple turned over
and over, rolling around some downward slope which didn't seem to have a
bet torn.

Veronica imagined watching the two women watching the film.

Bernice: Bernice was a dark type, tanned and healthy, but in her own way
quite exotic. Her breasts were nothing less than huge, proudly bulging
under her sweater like two balloons, round and full. She looked as if
she'd been manufactured expressly for sex, for enjoying a full-time romp
with men, with boys, with girls and especially with women. Her arms were
folded on her lap, a lap which looked like it had to contain the
hottest, wettest, most fulsome and desirable cunt in town. She proudly
had her legs stretched out in front of her body, legs which were curved
like few others, thin from the thigh down but not meager, just long and
lean enough to accentuate her womanly contours, all lines leading
upwards until the eye is inevitably lead to her alluring pussy, covered
by a short dress, but somehow promising to be naked as soon and as
completely as possible. Her black hair fell down on her shoulders, in
front of her chest, and finally moved outward with the curve of her
bosom, hair which looked like it could advertise for a beauty dressing,
shimmering, the kind of hair that a man wants to shoot his wad into, the
kind of hair which could be intermingled with a man's nuts, with his
cock, with his own pubic hair, the kind of hair which, as the rest of
her body, was made for sex.

Lu: Lu was the blonde in the room, and if Bernice's breasts can be
termed gigantic, Lu's were at the least, extra-large (not quite as
mammoth as her friend's, but no small tomatoes either). Lu looked like
she was ready to get it from every angle: her mouth, open and expectant,
her arms, wrapped around her own torso just below the breasts which made
them stick out even further; her eyes, wide and full, the pupils
expanded to maximal opening. This was a specimen of a woman, a shining,
radiant beauty, ready to pull down her pants and display to any willing
partner--be it female or male--that she was every bit as good in bed as
she looked.

Meanwhile, the film kept flashing in front of the viewers, a scene of
now three naked forms rolling and romping together until finally coming
to a sudden halt, entwined within each other's limbs. There were two
males and the one woman, both men anxiously feeling her body, perhaps
competing to be the first one inside of her enticing cunt. The woman
spread her legs and exposed her pulsing pussy, creating an opportunity
which neither of the men ignored, pushing their full, heavy cocks in
that direction. But one clearly but the other, so the loser brought his
cock up toward the woman's mouth as she was being penetrated down below.
She groaned out at first when she was entered, then composed herself as
she took the other man's cock in her mouth. She was on her back now, her
body covered from the waist down by the man fucking her, his legs
plastered against her own, his arms stretched out on each side of her
body, his mouth open in pure ecstasy. The other man was on his knees and
managed to point his cock directly down at her, positioning the stem so
that eating it was as simple as a tilt of the head, an opening of the
mouth, and a good suck emanating from within. There was no dialogue, no
sound, but its dream-like qualities made it one of the sexiest sights
Veronica had ever witnessed--and to think that it was all purely the
product of a masturbatory imagination.

Harder and faster the two men stuck their peckers into the respective
openings, engorging her with their manhood. She could not even cry out
if she had wanted to, for her mouth was entirely filled with that hairy
hobo, pressing fervidly, passionately into her orality. Oh, fuck her,
Veronica thought, fuck her until she begs you to stop. She imagined what
it would be like to have the exclusive use of two men like that, one of
them concentrating on her pussy, the other lathing her breasts, or
giving her some mouth action like in the picture. She imagined how
exciting it would be to draw two erect penises up to her face and feel
them against her lips, then compare them for size, for hardness, for
consistency as well as the parameters of visual effect (color, form,
design). Yes, it would be sheer heaven, an ultimate in sexual

But she had no desire to cut the movie off at such an early stage. She
glanced at Lu who was obviously just as enraptured as herself, then at
Bernice, whose very eyes seemed glued to the screen, but not wishing to
miss out on the action herself, Veronica set her imagination exclusively
on the screen once again.

There was a close-up of one of the guy's faces. He was grimacing now and
looked desperate, had that expression that all men have right before
coming--of pleasure-pain, of almost going out of their minds. He pulled
his cock out of her mouth and pushed it against her tits and just as
suddenly and jerkily as his motions, his cream poured all over her
nicely rounded tits, first several drops, then larger drops, which
drooled down the sides of her spheres and made her very nipples glisten.
She watched in wonderment as the guy's cock seemed to get even harder
still, filled with fluids, ejecting its own plea sure stuff, grown to a
size almost beyond the maximum capacity. She imagined the strength of
the male orgasm, so different from the female--one huge intensive spurt
which could dissolve the strongest man's energy, make him the innocent
victim of any woman's whimsies. Oh, she'd like those two cock-suckers to
be her slaves. She fantasized having them tied up, their huge cocks
bulging as she shamelessly stimulated them, then dropped their trousers
and stripped them of their underwear; she imagined blowing them as they
impotently attempted to bring up their knees and push back her face but
were prevented by the ropes tied just below their groins; she imagined
the confusion on their faces as they hopelessly gave way to passion
although they attempted to hold themselves back, for what is more
humiliating than to be raped, to be captive of a female.

But such fantasy dissolved under the dominant motif of the fucking
movie, the sexy celluloid which held untold fancies and limitless
perspectives and angles. A low-angle shot showed the woman just as she
turned over on her side and exposed her fantastic buns, two perfectly
shaped spheres, parted smoothly by a crack which displayed just the
bottom side of her furry pussy. It was a delicate, torrid, and all too
exciting pose, especially for the man who had taken his cock from her
cunt, and was yet to come. Come on, Veronica thought, come on her now,
take that fantastic pecker and come right in her cunt, giving all you've
got to that broad.

And this is precisely what followed, the stud sticking his rod right
into her cunt as they lay on their sides, the other gentleman falling to
the side exhausted, holding his rapidly wilting cock between his
fingers, wrenching out the final few drops of come. Fuck him, Veronica
thought, fuck him all the way you bitch. The woman looked a little mad
at this point, already well into her second orgasm as she brought her
second man to his first. Faster, harder they fucked and then began to
turn on their sides. Good cinema, thought Veronica. The couple was
rapidly working up to a fever pitch, a frenzy of excitement as the other
man looked on, as a room filled with horny people witnessed their
machinations. It got even more energetic, and the man started to rub the
woman's breasts, harder and faster, furiously, until his body lurched
into a tight spasm, his face reddening, his legs jerking Into a stiff
position, his mouth opening in ecstasy.

As suddenly as it began, the film that Veronica composed in her
imagination was over, the screen becoming white, Lu and Bernice looking
ready for action, as Bernice fingered the sides of her huge breasts,
eyeing the assorted men in the room, especially John and then, even

"Well," she said, moving over to John, "I can tell you liked our little

John was a little nervous at first, probably a bit in awe of her massive
endowments, "Yes ... loved it. I like a really hot piece of action."

Bernice was most direct, "Then I think you'll like me."

Before the man knew what was happening, he looked about and saw the two
other men in the room began making it with two other women, which, for
the moment, left a nice group of himself, Lu, Bernice, Vern, and then a
guy who came over, introducing himself as Monty, a big, burly hulk of a
man, already stripped to the waist. John moved over to Bernice and was
given the visual go-ahead, which he promptly took advantage of by
kissing the woman on her dark, hot lips, then feeling the firm flesh on
her back, excited by the brassiere strap which he knew would soon be
loosened and pushed out of the way. He began to rub the flesh on her
back, then up her sides above the hip and just below the waist.

Meanwhile, Monty moved over to Veronica in order to get acquainted.
Veronica liked the prospect as he was a big, aggressive type and would
waste no time on the amenities, no small talk, no beating around the
bush, no light drink or nibble of food be fore getting down to business,
just hot fuck action. He immediately kissed her on the lips as Lu looked
on, evaluating the woman's performance, as if deciding on if she was
worthy of her own amorous interests. That's the way Vern liked to
imagine things. Her imagination was being honed to a fine point where
she could almost effortlessly conjure all types of images, and even
better than that, the details of sexuality--the sizes and shapes of
bodies, the nuances of behavior, the detail of genitals, almost as if
she were there herself.

She imagined, could really feel, the poignant taste of the brute's lips
as he aggressively, almost roughly, drew her to him and pursed his own
kisser on top of hers, rubbing her back, feeling her big bet tom with
the palm of his hand, which almost moved upward into her womanhood, but
teased around the area. Vern felt like moaning out but controlled
herself as the man brought her body closer to his own, until she could
feel the bulge in his pants swelling, growing as it pushed against her
own body, a development which almost drove her wild with passion, which
made her want to push her body against his, yank down his pants, then
really go at his hot member, with touches, pushed, yanks, pulls and
pushes, and finally--and this would be best of all--hot sucks.

"Baby, I can see you don't fool around."

Encouraged, Veronica positioned her body even closer to the man's until
he could feel her full breasts crushing against his chest, sense her hot
breath on his face, on his neck and then on his shoulder as the hot
woman really got down to business.

Meanwhile, Bernice was giving hot action to John. She moved over to the
couch and removed the man's shirt, toying with the hair on his chest. As
if to even the score, but really giving him by far the better deal, she
removed her blouse and exposed her chest, complete with two spheres held
in place by a low-cut and extremely sensual bra. "Go ahead," she
encouraged, "kiss them, kiss my big, fat tits."

John pursed his lips and for a second just paused to take in the sights.
He was aware that Vern and Monty were already a step ahead of him, Vern
lying topless on her side on the rug, and Monty having his pants pulled
down to his knees. But that was okay; this wasn't a competition. He
preferred to bask in the sight and excite himself to the limit, slowly,
but not languidly. His blood was almost boiling as he imagined what kind
of nipples she had (small or large, red or pink, rounded or oval, large,
huge, or medium, prickly or perfectly smooth, hard or spongy). "May I,"
he asked, but with the tone of a statement. He didn't have to wait for
an answer, so he got down to business immediately. He unlatched the back
of her brassiere. He slowly drew the cups down until her breasts were
revealed, huge, glorious and magnificent. She had large button-shaped
nipples, red and juicy, nipples which he immediately tongued and then
covered with his own spittle. She liked that, liked that so much that
she arched her back in order to put them in his face, arched her back in
order to make her mammoth knockers appear even huger.

Then he pushed his head right into them, almost swimming in her
endowments. "Ooh," she moaned out, "feel them all over, kiss my big
tits." Without hesitation, John pushed the spheres together, then up and
down, apart, together again, until he could see them at every angle,
could feel their weight as they strained under his fondling. "You really
know how to man handle a woman," she said, encouraging him further,
enticing him by the tone of her voice and the enthusiasm of her body; by
the look in her eye and the motion of her hand which was already making
its way down to his cock; by the arch in her back and the very erection
in both her nipples. "Come on John, why don't you make yourself nice and
comfy--know what I mean."

John quickly began to remove his clothing: first his shirt, which was
already entirely opened, then his trousers, and finally all his
underwear. He noticed that he was still wearing his socks, which looked
a little foolish, so he removed them quickly, bending over and exposing
the back of his balls, distended and fat, as he bent over.

"Oh, John," she said, "you are a hulk." With that she moved over to him
and shamelessly cupped his balls from the rear, touching a spot so
sensitive that the big man almost yelled out and jumped forward more
than a few inches. "Come now, I know you can take it." She moved closer
to him, and this time took hold of his balls with her palms, squeezing
them gently, then harder, until he held her hand in a motion for her to
have mercy. "Got you by the balls so to speak, don't I." After she eased
up, she began to stroke his shaft, from the bottom or the base, up ward
to the middle, finally right to the sensitive tip, and just under the
glans. "You like that," she said demurely, "I know you like that." This
broad was the sexiest thing Vern bad conjured ever, kind of an ultimate
in womanly power, the kind of woman no man in his right mind could walk
away from, especially when she looked him straight in the eye and seemed
to call out to him, to deliver her entire message: look, I'm hot and
available and want some real action, so if you have the guts I have the
pussy. That's the way Veronica had always wanted to be, and she realized
that she'd invented close to her feminine idol. Bernice pushed her
breasts into the man's chest once again, "Why not taste my lower parts?"
she knew this was an offer John would quickly honor, probably without
hesitation in answering (no need for confirmation when a lady is so
fabulously available).

He yanked her panties entirely off, basking his eyes in the sight of her
jet black pubic surprise. She sported a perfect "V" which dominated her
lower portion, an area which looked all the more attractive the way she
charmingly pushed her legs together and made him want more than anything
to have her spread, to expose her beautiful pussy so he could get a nice
whiff and even better, a terrific taste.

John moved down. Soon she was on the floor, sitting on her buns,
propping her body up by her elbows, her knees flush together. John took
a hold of those knees, one in each hand, and pushed them slowly apart.
At first, he could see only half-way down her legs, then further, until
a portion of her magnificent pussy was visible, then more, until she
could be seen in all her splendid, crimson, juicy, sexy glory. She was a
nymphet, no doubt, a veritable goddess of sensuality.

John opened his mouth slowly. That's the way Veronica chose to picture
it: a slow-motion, almost painful sequence of lips parting, of tongue
slowly moving outward, of body lurching forward, of busty Bernice
spreading her legs as far as they would go, of John finally making
ecstatic contact with her womanly inner tissues.

"This is too much," Veronica said to Monty as she noticed the kind of
action which was taking place.

"Oh, yeah, she's known for her talents if you know what I mean. But I
think you could give her a run for her money. Ever make it with a

"Not quite like that one."

"Well, knowing this bitch the way I do, I can tell you that she'll be
plenty hungry herself after your boy's feast--not that he's not giving
her a nice little treat--but you know, the girl's got quite an ap

"Do you think she'd like to make it with me?"

"I've seen her make it with chicks who looked a lot less talented than
yourself. Sure, I saw the way she looked you over, the way she eyed you
on top and on bottom, the way she caught sight of that fabulous turning
of your hips as you walked across the room. That's the real go-ahead."

Complimented, her confidence boosted, Vern said, "I guess we'll just
have to wait and see what'll happen, won't we?"

Just then, the bitch started to moan out, obviously overcome with John's
technique, his oral action sucking, taking her beyond the bounds of
propriety and into the hinterland of animal lust, the jungle-like
craving of a desire gone beyond all civilized restraint.

She looked like she'd do anything to keep him going, that she was beyond
all limits of restraint.

"Come on baby, suck my cunt, suck my fucking cunt."

Vern liked to see her language degenerate--and that's why she
orchestrated this entire fantasy sequence in such a manner--because it
added to the abandon. Her theory had it that if you scratch the surface
of the most civilized, high-brow broad, you can find a raging animal,
foul-mouthed animal just underneath, waiting to be released from the
imprisonment of clothing and manners. Bernice was at that point
searching a way to enhance her al ready mounting frenzy. She settled
upon Vern and gave her one of those visual green lights which says, come
over here you bitch, and suck my tits, feel them all over, do it to me
the way this guy's doing it down below.

Almost hypnotized, Veronica walked over, aware of the weight of her own
jugs, but aware even her endowments were not quite up to this
bombshell's. She pushed her head downward until she was able to feel the
woman's spheres with her chin. They felt marvelously firm, but not hard,
in tact, but not lifeless, just the right mixture of soft and hard,
pliability and durability.

Within a few more minutes, Bernice was almost at the point of a big "0."
Hut that would be no problem. She was so sexed, so fired up, that she
was good for multiple orgasms, for many sprees as she brought one guy
and one broad after another to the point of ultimate excitement as they
would be barely able to keep up with her. She must have been a
bottomless pit of sex energy, Veronica thought, and she wondered if it
related to having such a dynamite body. Probably not, she thought. After
all, drive like this has to do with physiology, metabolism, nervous
system and most of all psychology. It was just glorious coincidence that
this bitch looked every bit as torrid as she most likely felt.

"Come on baby, do a real number on me."

With that bit of encouragement, Vern lowered her head all the way, stuck
out her tongue, and felt the tip of Bernice's huge, erect nipple. It
sent chills down our girl's back, exciting her no end. Veronica, who had
rarely gotten a chance to suck tit, found the opportunity ultimately
exciting, the perfect beginning for a real sex party. She could observe
that Monty was being driven crazy by such action. He already had his
clothes off and was sitting and watching with a huge boner, his cock
grown to gigantic proportions, his face flushed with a sex blush.

Veronica knelt down and really got down to business. She kneaded the
flesh of the huge tits, pushing them together, then apart, up and down,
intermittently sucking and tasting the salty, sinuous skin of breast
flesh, the best flesh.

"Suck them bitch," she said.

With that Veronica, who was well endowed herself, pushed her own
knockers in the woman's face, an action which did not go unheeded. Now
that the man was concentrating on Bernice's lower legs, Vern was able to
straddle her, feeling her soft midsection make contact with her own soft
pussy, encouraging the contact by pushing down harder with her weight.
Basking in the sensations, Vern pushed her back down until her tits met
Bernice's, breast to breast, nipples to nipples. Then she pushed into
the woman's chest harder, until it was almost a contest to see whose
tits would stay firmest under the onslaught, whose endowments had the
most durability.

But at the very least it was a drag. They both stayed firm, and both
ached for more.

"Come on bitch," she said, "you call that pressure."

With that, Bernice drew Veronica even closer until the woman thought she
might push through the woman's very skin, but the effect was fantastic.
Feeling completely absorbed in her own passion, entirely taken away by
the excitement of it all, Vern just went with it with entire abandon.
Meanwhile, the man below was not idle, and for that matter, Monty had
difficulty merely staying at the sidelines. Monty came over and stuck
his huge cock right in Veronica's line of vision. It was a difficult
choice, two options posed in front of her, two almost perfect tits, and
one, almost perfect cock. But decisions must be made quickly in an orgy,
and Veronica decided upon a little jaunt back to heterosexuality,
standing up with more than a little difficulty, but quickly getting into
the swing of excitement with Monty who whisked her off to the
comfortable corner of a large couch.

"Hope you liked the little movie."

"Yes, most unusual."

"What did you like the most about it?"

"Honest ..."

"Of course," he interjected.

"I was really turned on, really turned on," she repeated for emphasis,
"by one girl getting it by two guys."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, there's something really fantastic about seeing two guys going
crazy like that."

"Do you think two guys are twice as good as one?"

"I think so, but you know, the way to learn ... is by experience," she

Within seconds, Veronica imagined herself surrounded by Monty and Bill,
both men desperate to get at her sensual body, determined to get at her,
and lathe her with their passion. There is no embroidery of the tale to
stress that the men were livid, almost mad with desire, pushing Vern
almost brutally to the edge of the couch and then on the floor.

"Fuck her," Lu said, soon echoed by Bernice.

At this point, it would have been difficult to convince Vern that her
scenario was illusory, for she wriggled about in her apartment, right on
the floor, and could feel the men breathing on her, pushing their manly
flesh against her.

The men's flesh was positively unctuous, lubricated with the secretions
of their desire, beads of sweat, drops of sweat, engulfing them, making
them swim in their own juices.

"Fuck her!" Bernice demanded more emphatically.

Encouraged, Monty brought down his frothy mouth to the environs of
Vern's own oral orifice, gently parting her lips with his tongue, then
pushing his own inside her mouth until she was ready to cry out in

"Mmm, baby," he canted, "you know how to kiss. Where did you learn how
to do that?"

But there was no time for chatter, no time to do anything outside of
pure sex action--kissing, fucking, burning, churning, doing it--and
doing it quickly.

"Ho, baby, do it," Monty said.

Bill was anxious to get into the action, so he took a remarkably ample
portion of Veronica's tit inside of his mouth, sucking it inward, making
it turn nice and pink, then red and crimson, straining the tender
womanly tissues to the limit.

"Oh, oh, suck me, suck me all the way.

Veronica didn't want him to stop, didn't want him to do anything but
make her go all the way.

Meanwhile, Monty took some definite moves to position the trio properly
on the floor. Picture this scene: the man pushed Veronica on her ass so
that she straddled across John, then finally stretched out on her
marvelous buns, ready and expectant; John spread her legs, then pushed
his nose up into her cunt, until he could smell her sweet pussy, then
actually touch her inner folds, the red, wet, juicy portions of her
pussy; meanwhile Monty took the top, moving slowly from the convoluted
areas under her arms to the magnificent open planes of her abdomen and
the mountainous sphericity of her melons.

John turned on his side, bringing Veronica over on hers, locking their
hips together as Monty nestled on his side behind her: a triple sex

Meanwhile, Bernice and Lu decided to get acquainted, rubbing their
respective bosoms against each other and generally increasing their
passion geometrically. "Oh baby," Bernice groaned, "do it to me, and rub
my big, fat cherries." That was all the encouragement Lu needed, so she
pushed her entire body against the ruby black woman, pressing her
against the wood-paneled wall and crushing her huge spheres, just hard
enough to drive her into a frenzy.

Lu and Bernice were quite a pair (besides each one having quite a pair).
The dark and the light, the Mediterranean and the Nordic classic, the
mysterious and the open hook beauty, Raquel and Marilyn, both posed side
by side like two complementary halves, all that any man in his right
mind would want.

But the men in this scene, created so aptly by Veronica, were kept quite
busy and quite satisfied at the moment, laying together, squeezing their
bodies into entwined beings, one organism; they were dead to the world.
It was a sight to behold, first one hair buttocks, then the smooth
contours of Veronica, finally another hairy ass and legs, surrounding
the fair lovely. Monty turned about slightly until he was facing Vern,
breathing right into her and able to slide his cock right into her dark
slit as John held her buns from the rear, pushing them for ward as if to
make her better able to accommodate the form, the massive shaft of
Monty's cock. "Come on," John whispered, "give it to this girl, give all
you got to this fucking sexy bitch.

Veronica's rotundity, in a positive sense, was something to behold, the
most womanly shape, her hips curved almost inhumanly inward like the
perfection of femininity, her breasts falling against each other,
creating explicit, perfect cleavage. Monty couldn't keep his hands off
that cleavage, pushing the breasts together, pushing them apart, licking
the fat, full cherries until they were almost as erect as his very cock.

"Do it," she pleaded.

Harder he pushed, all the way inside.

Now that his stem was completely lost in her womanhood, he felt like her
captive, as if he was hers to do with as she would. He brushed, licked,
manipulated, kneaded, and contacted with every inch of her lasciviously
molded flesh. He pushed against her with such force that he could feel
his own pubic hair intermingling with Veronica's until it would have
been difficult to extricate it. He felt his heavy balls become more
excited, the thick skin covering becoming prickly, pushing his ball
hairs upward and making him seem closer to some sort of orgasmic climax.

The other stud kept up his action from the rear, spreading her buns,
pushing his hands around toward her front area, and downright scratching
against her tits with his long, manicured nails. "Ow," she protested in
surprise, but that didn't stop this demon, didn't stop him until he had
pierced her skin and created a fine, thin red line which quickly
evaporated due to its fortunate superficiality. He rested his long
schlong inside of her ass crack, and could feel each time his friend
thrust inward from the front, a beautiful sensation which made Veronica
lurch backward, which, of course, like any action from the woman at that
point, had a direct connection to the man's cock.

The trio created a potpourri, a medley of musical variations, with
roulades, cadenzas, its own sense of cadence, fugue and canon. Monty was
a virtuoso, a performer who had his instrument tuned perfectly; Bill was
a fine trumpeter, and a piper, and a drummer, a flutist who could change
the timbre of his instrument as quickly and as surely as a one man band.
"Oooh," Veronica called out, "fuck me, you two fantastic studs."

Meanwhile, Lu and her friend continued to get acquainted. Bernice pushed
Lu against the wall, then moved her hand downward slowly, first
ascribing circles on her shoulders, pausing momentarily about the chest,
then moving down to the real business, the fantastic cleavage and
sack-like beginning of her tits, an area which she caressed with loving
care, almost obsessional care. "Come on, Bernice," she said, "come and
give it to me, give it to me good. I want you to stick your fingers
right inside of me, all the way that they can go, because ... I want you
to ... I want you to ... make me ... come!" Bernice was pleased. Bernice
was pleased. After all, she'd been encouraged by the broad before, but
never given the green light to such extent and degree, with such
determination and abandon. So, she thought, you want me to fuck you huh,
you want me to stick my hands in the inner side of your thighs, to move
upward until I can feel the heat above, to cut right through your
womanly hairs, to open your folds, and then to manipulate your womanly
organs? You want me to do all that? Baby, you've got it.

The women were seething with passion, driven to nothing short of a white
heat (a heat which was as intense as it was voluminous, all embracing as
it was centered and well adjusted). When Bernice pushed her hand down to
the triangle of her friend's pubics, she sparked another flame and drove
the woman to yet a new level of excitation--another dimension to the
experience--then she pushed just above the slit, flaming a caloric
quantum, an incandescence within the woman's brain and her entire body.
"Come on, baby," she pleaded, "all the way in and now ... right now,
baby, do it."

Now it was Bernice's turn to tease, and no one can tease a woman like
another woman, for another woman, possibly having been in the same
place, knows what it is that takes a female over the top, from the
desperate heat of building, to the melting transcendence of melting
orgasm. A lambent flame burnt within her partner, and Bernice knew it.

"Come on bitch," Lu began to plead, "do it, and now. I can't stand it."

"You really want it, don't You?"

"Come on, come on!"

Veronica loved this part. She loved to orchestrate a passionate scene
between women, loved to be in complete control. True, she knew none of
it was real--one glance at the electric dildo which was all but
overheated at that point told her that--but it felt real, in her torrid
cunt, in her tits, and she began to feel that that's all that counted.
She continued with her play, and began to drive the women to even higher
heights of passion.

"Do it, baby, do it to me now."

"Okay, don't sweat; you know that you'll get yours."

At that point Veronica decided to change the scene a bit. Just when just
about everyone in the room was at the point of coming, Veronica had John
speak up. "Wait a minute, let's all go into the bedroom and do some
rearranging--no sense putting an end to such a good thing so soon, know
what I mean?"

It sounded good to everyone, even though it meant the almost painful
discipline of holding back their collective wads, keeping the boner
boned, the hot pussy hot, the erect nipples unsatisfied, but that was
okay, just as long as they knew the best part was soon coming.

John led the way, his big erect penis proudly stuck out in front like
the great forefront of a ship, cutting its way through a stormy sea. He
arranged the pillows on the bed so that the king bed would be able to
contain all of their forms--John himself, Monty, Lu, Bernice and
Veronica (not a bad boy girl ratio, two to three) all moved inward. They
were a sight, the women sweated, lubricated as they were with their own
fluids, the men, penises erect, balls heavy and distended, all
possessing that gaunt and hungry look which demands release only in

Positioned on the bed, Veronica had herself lay out like some great
sexual display. "Come on folks," she imagined saying, "how about all of
you doing a number on me first. You know, look," she added, beginning to
get into the swing of giving direct orders, "Lu over here, now suck me
on the nipples, yes ... oh, that's it, now concentrate on the left one.
Bernice, you take the right." Bernice approached, slowly at first,
reluctant to take orders from a mere sexual peer, but eventually going
with the tide. Soon, Veronica pictured herself lathed in the kisses of
two broads (who occasionally pushed their massive bosoms against her)
until she could hardly stand it--pressed, caressed, kissed and sucked,
her tits almost as red as the flush in her face. "Okay," she was barely
able to moan out, "now I want you two to really go to town on me, you
know what I mean." She paused, then looked Bill over, from head to foot.
He really was a stud of a man, especially the way he stood there with
his hairy bobo as erect as could be. He didn't seem to mind her stare at
all as she glued her eyes to his pecker. It was fatter than she'd
remembered it, and longer, and thicker at the base, and redder at the
tip. It seemed to be the center of his being, just as Bernice's jugs
were the center of hers, or Lu's great loins were her center of gravity.
No, this man was a pecker person, a great hulk of a sexy bastard waiting
to fuck his big, lush broad.

"Come on," she added, "come over here and do a number on my cunt. Come
on boys, don't be afraid," but adding cryptically, "don't be greedy."
John liked that, so he was the first to make a move.

He slowly positioned himself over Veronica's body, looking down at the
feast which was being enacted above the waist, then observing the
tempting sight below: her pussy, all hot and swollen, her legs moving
apart, then together, apart again, like some sinuous fan awaiting to be
plugged in. Her caloric measure had risen by quantums. And so had his.
But it didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was for the couple to
move and grind, jerk and push, until their bodies would be locked in
love, and their orgasms would spurt, and melt, then churn slowly down,
leaving the individuals in a basking, glowing ecstasy.

This is the way it would happen, and this is the way it happened--for
Veronica was the author, the conductor, the composer, the creator of it

Veronica paused to get her breath. She stopped and looked around for a
second, and could hardly believe that she was alone. Where was John, and
Bernice? Where was that dynamite blonde, Lu? And what about good old
Monty? No, it was all fantasy, and for a second Veronica felt very much
apart from anything, almost lonely, until she picked up her dildo once
again, and any thought of negativism evaporated under the onslaught of
her own torrid sensuality. Just for the sake of experiment Veronica
decided to try the auto-fuck without image, without the elaborate
fantasy. She felt the pure sensation of the hard, white, porcelain-like
structure quickly, almost rudely invade her womanhood, and how that
inorganic phallus warmed her up, almost better than a real, throbbing
cock. The electric vibrations pushed against her tissues, massaging,
then caress mg, then doing more than that; it was almost obscene to
think of the powers of a mere machine. How could an object control her
so? How could a mere vanilla dick drive her almost crazy? She pushed it
farther inside, the cruel phallus, the monument to feminine isolation,
transforming into a symbol of her self-sufficiency. She could feel the
sensations envelope her. It tickled her cunt, then traveled up her spine
and into her head; it churned against her inside like a fire stick,
making her swell and expand and take in even more of the stick, making
her want it until she couldn't stand it; it made her almost sick with
constant, growing desire; from the erection in her nipple; to the ache
in her womanhood.

Oh, she said to herself, this is it. This is the ultimate, the final
goal of my life-long search for satisfaction. There were people, many
people, but at the same time she could turn them off as quickly and as
surely as a television set, and just take in pure sensation. But when
she tired of that, she could go back to the convolutions of plot and
orgy, of relationship, character and tangible form, to fuck and suck
with the living fantasies of some real people.

She knew she would be going back soon, for Bernice, Lu and John and
Monty were waiting for her, and could only continue, could only exist
with her in the driver seat of imagination.

She eased into her orgy, the scenario in the bedroom, and was gratified
to find she could carry on right where she left off. She was lathed by
Lu and Bernice, and being approached by John, who quickly pushed his
face into her upreached cunt. He liked her like that, all perched up,
her back arched, her legs spread, and all of her senses primed for the
real thing. John moved forward and put his hands under Veronica's buns.
That way he was able to move her pussy even higher in space, until it
reached even higher into the air than her melonous breasts. Her spheres
were almost dwarfed by the arched back which pushed her pussy as high as
possible. Having his hands behind the buns, perching her in the proper
way, positioned in the perfect manner, John pushed his face into her
pussy and felt the fantastic heat as it invaded his proboscis, bathing
him in olfactory saturation. "Oooh," he moaned out--a man about to taste
the most fragrant, delicious, poignant dinner of his career: pure pussy

"Eat me," she ordered--and liked giving the directive.

"Baby, glad to oblige;" he said, and felt happy to be so smooth, almost
like his favorite matinee idol.

He lowered his head, buried it deeply within the woman, and began to
lick, to suck and to take in her most intimate womanhood. "Mmmm," he
said, basking in the flavors. He couldn't put his finger on it exactly;
what was it, salt, sour, sweet, semisweet, tangy, acidic, vitriolic,
mellow, bland, enticing, spicy, or what? Just as it was hard to define,
it tasted as fantastic, the greatest treat he remembered in one hell of
a long time. He spread her legs and looked down at her cut and cherry.
He was fascinated to see the way her slit formed a finely symmetrical
form, all oval and opened, containing the fine seed of her womanhood,
and in the deepest area of the channel, a dark chasm which seemed to
lead to nowhere.

"Eat it baby," she said.

"It's good, real good," he answered, still sounding suave.

"Oh, do it to me."

He continued his incessant licking, watching her grit her teeth as if in
pain, but aware that he was taking this little lady for the sex ride of
her life.

"Oh, yes, suck ..

"You taste good."

Lu said, "What a pair, what a fantastic pair of knockers."--the two
women were obviously satisfied with their playing up above.

"Yeah," Monty added as he stroked Veronica's leg, "but the real action
is always just below the equator. How does the song go: down below, down
below, that's where I want to be, a lot of mellow fellows but better
than all, some spicy lady, lay dee!" He had himself a good laugh, but
his jolly mood soon transformed into a good-natured passion when he
began to get a whiff of the fantastic pussy juice rapidly dominating the
entire area. "Potent," he observed as he sniffed.

"All the better to seduce you with."

"Hey, you know we fellas can do a bit of that ourselves."

"Come now ... how?"

"Don't you think we notice the way you broads look us over when we stand
up, the way your eyes center on the fly area, trying to guess if we're
hard or not, the way you follow our buns as we go strolling down the
street. No, you broads are every bit as horny as the guys, but you're
just sneaky about it, that's the entire difference."

"You might have a point," Lu added.

"Sure I do ... I have a few perceptions myself." But the first
perception on his mind at that moment was just above his nose: the dark
and secluded place, above the knees and below the waist--to quote from
an old song.

When John and Monty began to suck her off at the same time it was almost
to much to take (it was, actually, just that added straw of excitement
which took her over the edge).

In her own home, her imagination churning with the throttle entirely
out, Veronica twisted and turned on her rug, knowing that she was
already into the involuntary spasms of orgasms. She was perplexed for a
moment, her mind for the first time out of control, not knowing whether
to retain the cast of characters from the fantasy or just roll with the
pure sensations. But somehow, the answer was made for her, and it was
just Veronica, alone in a room, crazy with passion, dripping in
sexuality as if she were really excited by ten studs, one handsomer than
the next. "Ooh, oh, agghh!" she groaned out suddenly like a wild animal
in pain. She felt her entire body go tense, then her entire being swell,
until, for just a second, it felt as if she were suspended in space,
alone, frightened and paralyzed. But then came the fantastic melting,
the release from ultimate incapacitating tension: "Oh, oh, oohh!" she
groaned. This was even better than the initial sensation, the
verification of her orgasmic state. She could feel all the energy leave
her at once, could feel her blood boiling, then simmer and finally cool
in the instance that a glow and flush took over her face. It was
indescribable peace, and she was out of breath, but pleasantly puffing,
as if she were simply trying to taste something, rather than reach out
for a necessity of life; the air tasted sweet under these conditions,
like a bonus.

But within minutes, almost to Veronica's own surprise, she felt her
inner passion build once again. She could feel those strong
sensations--the ache to be manhandled, the dull desire in her breasts to
be fondled, the reaching out of her body for hot, torrid action--then
she knew she'd return to her little scene. Whence such energy? Who
knows, she thought, but she was going to take advantage of every watt of
it, if it was the last thing she'd do.

Back in that little synthetic orgy, she started to play with her men,
first very gently tapping them in the groin, then harder until they had
to back off.

"So, you want a little rough trade, eh?" asked Monty.

"YOU can't get near me," she replied with tremendous arrogance.

Monty came nearer, but to his amazement, the girl knelt under his arms
and tripped his legs so that he fell flat on his face. An instant later
Bill approached but met the same fate. This was an old and constant
fantasy of Veronica's--to have some men by the balls, to be able to
overpower them purely in the physical realm. But one must be on the
outlook for women, for they are sneaky creatures, and Lu snuck up from
the rear, positioning Veronica in a helpless nelson hold. Try as she
might, she could not wrench herself free of the wench's grasp.

"Well, well, well," said John, almost sadistically, "what have we here?"

She could feel the blond's huge breasts press against her back, and she
leaned against them, hoping to discourage her by the pressure of her
weight. But there was no percentage in such action, for the bitch was
determined to keep her hold.

So held captive--another dynamite fantasy--John walked up to her (this
time it was he who was the arrogant one) and spread her legs. When she
managed to squirm loose of his grasp, he had Monty hold her legs apart.

Monty delighted in pinning her in such a manner, as did Bernice, who
stood a bit in the background, ejaculating with the most hideous of
sighs. But the scene was far too erotic to be humiliating, and in all
honesty, it was a scene which turned Veronica on like few others. Her
knees were pulled apart as she tried to push them together; there was
just no way she could cover her exposed body, her naked pussy, all
vulnerable to whatever indignity the likes of these horny bastards might
choose to impart. John decided on some straight ahead, no nonsense, no
foreplay, straight on fucking. He rammed his cock right up slit and
began pumping away. Within seconds, his face was red. Lu looked on and
lit a cigarette. Her blond hair looked radiant and her face lit up in a
smile as she watched, cupping her own breast and passionately sensing
the erection of her nipple.

"Oh, fuck her, fuck her," she said out loud.

"Oh, yes, do it to me you brute."

Monty started to press against John's back in encouragement, but he
needed none of that. A big man, a cocky man by nature and temperament
(he'd known nothing but success, from college days in ac counting, to
switching fields first on a whimsy and then for the sake of career; from
the lower structures of corporate insurance, to middle management, and
now to his present position, in line for one of the coveted managerial

Monty was a bit of a contrast, no great head on career goals but a good
solid jock--full frame, muscular build, coordinated and graceful, and
there when you need him, but let the individual to engage in
philosophical discussion with his lies be warned.

Nothing really mattered at that point but the nuts and bolts ball and
socket operation of straight ahead fucking: all throttles out.

"Oh," she moaned, like a trapped animal.

Veronica was back in her apartment for a second. She looked up and
observed that the ceiling was about twirling around her head, the light
fixture converted into a mobile, a cartwheel filled with psychedelic
colors and forms, the windows in her room, a great cathedral in some
futuristic city, her furnishings the surrealistic representations of her
inner psychology, all of course being mere accessories to the realities
of her genital experience. She stuck that dildo deeper inside but now it
wasn't enough. Her pussy demanded change, some novel sensation which
could approximate the forced entry she imagined herself experiencing.

Sure, there were several options: (I) she could go outside and get
herself raped--an easy enough prospect in this day and age, yet all too
dangerous for her own taste given the association of rape and violence;
(2) she could call a friend and ask him to rape her (but that would ruin
her resolve to make this weekend entirely on her own: (3) she could
search for some finer object with which to penetrate pussy. She decided
upon the latter, fortunately for her and society and for, as things
would turn out, everyone directly and indirectly involved with her life.

She soon struck upon some phallic items in the kitchen, her favorite
being the trusty cucumber, the standard carrot, the slightly exotic
half-sour pickle, and finally simply a tube-shape applier of frosting,
which though a little hard around the edges, could with care approximate
the cold cock of the rapist.

Vern went with the cucumber first. It was a bit cold and slimy at first,
but as soon as she was able to go beyond this, it was quite desirable.
She slowly tickled the outer rim of her cunt, basking in the glow
created by the smooth skin. She marveled at how the glistening vegetable
skin merged with her own tissue and drove her to a keen state of
passion. Then she pushed the vegetable a full halfway into her cunt,
excited beyond measure by the sensation. Suddenly, she was rudely
interrupted by the rude sound of her doorbell. Without thinking,
Veronica automatically pulled out the vegetable and walked over to the
front door. "Who is it?" she asked.

"Electric meter," he said.

"Oh no, Veronica thought. She was really stuck for a response, just
could not come up with an excuse, so she quickly blurted, "Go away."

The young man was no doubt surprised and certainly not willing to
destroy his route to suddenly. "Now wait a minute, mam, may I ask you
just what's going on. You know, I have a job to do."

"Uh ... I wasn't told you were coming."

"We come the same time each month."

For a minute Vern was tempted. After all, the young man had a rather
sensual voice, and for a fleeting instant, she imagined seducing him
once he was inside, taking his cock out of his uniformed trousers and
sucking him as he put down his meter records and abandoned all thoughts
of work.

But, no. She had made a resolution: this would be one solo week end.
She'd get through the entire two days, entertained simply by her own
efforts, without outside stimulation, without the aid of a single
solitary soul outside of herself.

"No, I'm sorry, but I'm in no shape to receive visitors."

"No shape to receive visitors?" he repeated in credulously.

Perhaps it was the arrogance and sureness of her reply, perhaps the
novelty of the situation, but he found himself quietly, almost meekly
walking back to his truck and scratching his head.

That's that, Vern thought eyeing the cucumber and getting herself ready
for a quick renewal of some action.

Suddenly the phone rang. Oh no, she thought, what wag could this be,
rudely interrupting my sweet solitude, but again, rather than just
ignoring it, she found herself dutifully answering--perhaps out of
habit, perhaps simply to stop that annoying ringing which could possibly
go on ten, fifteen times.

"Hello," she chirped.

"Veronica, how are you."

It was none other than John, and Veronica had a quick reply, "Oh, John,
I was just thinking of you."

"Is that right. I'm complimented ... I think."

"What's up, John."

"How about dinner and a show tonight, that's what's up. I have front row
seats to that big new musical."

It was tempting. John, for all his faults, knew how to show a girl a
good time, was willing to part with the green stuff enough to ensure
entertainment--the whole bit: fine food, a good show, a good after show
snack, then, of course, a nice evening of sensuality. Now, how did that
compare to a cold cucumber, romping on her own rug, twisting her
imagination, overworking her body until she would be too exhausted to
know what was happening. But that was okay. If anything at all, Vern was
a woman of decision, and once a decision had been made, she'd stick to
it. She got rid of her friend easily enough, then returned to the
kitchen and looked at her favorite cucumber. It was shinier than usual
(she was aware of the cause of that phenomenon) which made It look all
the more desirable.

Just looking at the scintillating object made Veronica hot, and the
closer she moved to it, the hotter she became. It was sitting--almost
innocently, like some addition to a salad or garnish for a main
course--waiting for some assignment of role and action. Vern felt the
heavy weight of her breasts as she approached it, and was aware of her
supreme nakedness, the radical sensuality of her body. Would she be able
to sustain her masturbatory fantasy throughout the weekend, forego the
usual pleasures of entertainment and the flesh which could be hers for
the taking, and sustain an effort, not built on reality, but mere whimsy
and fantasy?

One whiff of her woman stuff on that vegetable was enough to make her
feel optimistic on this regard. Forward she walked until she was face to
face with her full mirror. Not bad, she thought, one piece of action.
Her breasts, for all the manipulations they'd been through recently,
looked fresh as could be; her legs were long, firm supports for her
solid trunk, moving upward to a firm "V" which held her womanly
treasures within.

She turned around so that she could glance at her broad, womanly back,
which looked every bit as enticing as her front, all smooth and lovely.
Of course, there were a few scratches, some red lines leading from
around the side of her breasts to her lower back, then swirling suddenly
upward toward the back of her neck. She pushed her dark brown hair
upward in a bun. She was happy to see how surprisingly elegant she
appeared -and that was a feat, looking truly elegant when in the buff.

She planned her strategy. The world, given her fantasy approach, was
entirely open to her, an unwritten book for which she had blank paper
and a welled inked pen. Would it be a night of elegance, of fashionable
sport in high society, another orgy, hot and bothered like her little
film experience, or perhaps more young cock, those juicy, ripe examples
of boyhood who couldn't wait to get at her own ripe cunt and drive her
almost wild with desire.

She wanted John, that was for sure. Why? After all, he was directly
available in real life, a big hulk of a stud who could offer her a
variety of experiences--from a hot dance in some hip disco, to a more
stately evening in a society club, to a bound less orgy, all experiences
he'd readily presented. Somehow, this touch of reality gave a presence
to her imagination, rooted it on firm ground, and gave true continuity.

She'd remembered that John once offered her a most unusual experience,
not unusual by any conventional standards but unusual in light of what
was everyday to Veronica. He once approached her in the office and the
following ensued.

"Veronica, you'll never guess what I have in mind for this weekend,
plans in which I'd like you included."

"Mysterious, aren't we?"

Vern didn't like guessing games, never did, so she handled her lack of
enthusiasm by some pointed sarcasm.

"Well, since you're so positive about it, I rented some equipment."

"What kind of equipment," she asked--but picturing kinky sexual
apparati, like rough trade, or some sort of exotic costuming.

"Look, it's straight and simple, and a lot more wholesome than I'm sure
you have in mind. What I'd like to do is something a little off the
beaten track, different from our wild parties and society jaunts. I want
to get out there, out where things are natural and real. You see--I
rented some camping gear--not just your usual stove and trailer but the
tough stuff, a little pup tent, and a guide to take us into the
mountains where we can really get it on with nature."

"Now hang on," Vern had countered, "I don't quite think that's my style,
not at all. I'm a city girl. You know that. I can't quite see getting
turned on by exhausting myself climbing around a lot of rocks, getting
soaked by the rain, caked up by the mud--besides there aren't any powder
rooms out there."

"Come on Vern."

"No deal."

That's what happened and now Vern regretted it She wished she'd taken
advantage of the opportunity, if for no other reason, that it would have
given her a new setting for hot action, a new atmosphere to get it on
with the stud. But that didn't even cross her mind at the time; she was
too involved with thoughts of creature comforts, of her fool vanity,
which she should have realized wasn't even on John's mind at all--what
difference what she looks like on a trip like this, he'd thought.

Now she'd make up for missed opportunity, rewrite the scene in her
mind's eye with a vengeance. Veronica walked into her bedroom and
orchestrated the dialogue the proper way. She glance at her clock, and
felt drowsy for a second; it had been a rough day yesterday, and
especially last night. Vern stretched out on the cool sheets, her sleek
body dominating the spread, her arms stretched above her head and her
breasts uplifted beautifully by the movement. Suddenly she was off on
cloud nine, dreaming, languidly moving about on the sheets, and after
several hours she awoke.

She jerked forward and glanced at the clock. One thirty, she observed,
as if she'd almost missed an important appointment. Lucky I woke up, or
I might have missed one fantastic journey.

Chapter 5

Veronica imagined what it would be like shoving off down the rapid river
upstate, far from civilization, with their two young guides, one a
nineteen-year-old young male, with a wild look in his eye, who called
himself Buck, the other, an eighteen year-old girl calling herself
Maggie, an odd name for someone so attractive and sensual.

Veronica could almost feel the wind on the river and see the frothy
rapids which energetically, dangerously took them whisking downstream.
She turned and looked at Buck and could see that he had a full crotch
area which hinted to her that he probably had a nice cock hanging
between those wild legs. For that matter, his friend Maggie was a nice
stacked girl, all blond, tan and healthy, a buxom country lass who'd
probably gotten her first experience in some barn or after a country
square dance. But that was fine and gave the entire scene a certain
romantic atmosphere, a difference from her office, with its sterile,
urbanized sexuality. These kids were so much more straight forward, she
thought, no nonsense, none of the beating around the bush, but probably
just straight, hard action when they got down to business.

"Watch it," Veronica imagined Buck ejaculating. She moved about her bed,
pretending to be amidst the dangerous rapids, their narrow canoe
shuffled helplessly between the white peaks, Buck yelling orders about
which way to paddle.

Buck then doffed his shirt in order to get a better handle on his
paddle, and displayed a sinuous muscular build which immediately turned
her on, a reaction which Maggie didn't miss, rapids and all.

In a few minutes they were past the real danger, and united in their
mutual survival; there was something to having gone through the same
thing with several people which draws a group together, and when the
scene is created in the mind of one nympho, aided by her electric dildo,
then the potentialities are all the more intense (the perfect setting
for some really intimate dangers).

Veronica imagined how they'd have dinner with some fresh trout stick
roasted over a wood fire. She could picture in her mind the handsome,
rugged good looks of Buck, who would ravenously devour the fish, pieces
of the fresh meat, stuck on the sides of his mouth, the buttery juice
carelessly gliding off his lips and onto his chin. He would observe
Veronica doing her own watching, and give her knowing kinds of glances.
Veronica could swear that he crossed his legs in a manner which thrust
his cock against the inside of his jeans, daringly outlining the stem
against the material, outlining it proudly so that Vern could get an
idea of its true proportions.

The group would go to sleep all in their mutual sleeping bags, but then,
late at night, Buck would come over and silently get into Vern's bag,
his body making the material of the bag stretch in order to accommodate
her form. Vern had never made it in a bag before, and in order to
simulate the experience, she wrapped herself in blankets in her bedroom,
feeling the pressure against her breasts, the way her legs were pressed
together such that every move had to be economized. Buck whispered in
her ear, "If you never made it in a bag before, I think you'll find it
quite a unique experience. You see, there's no room to move, so you have
to move your room. Know what I mean?" Vern had no idea but she went
along with the boy.

In a few minutes, he somehow managed to wrap his legs around her own and
envelope her in his loins. She could tell that he had an uncommonly huge
cock, not just a big cock, but a HUGE COCK, a cock so giant as to
dominate his center, so titan as to make her almost cry out in amazement
and wonder how on earth she could accommodate the stud.

Would such a specimen put her into a comatose, an impalpable state of
unfeeling, or would it be a brand new high? In order to approximate the
sensation, Vern took the largest carrot from the table and brought it
into the bedroom. She realized it was of incredible proportion, but by
the same token, it was possible that some well endowed young lad could
have such a token; it was conceivable though, no doubt, most unusual.

A cock? A rammer? A mere pecker?--or more than that, the epitome of
masculine power and wildness, prepared and ready for her under the

Veronica prepared herself to luxuriate in that cock, to ease her way
into some new ultimate form of sensuality, to render her senses euphoric
and completely satiated yet yearning for more under the onslaught of
mere foreplay. Could such a stem be truly harmonious with her more
modest pussy, or would it be an undue strain, beyond the point of
diminishing returns.

Vern looked at the carrot, imagining it to be the man's fantastic
endowments. The fat stem and the way it tapered ever so slightly toward
the tip, its firmness and sinuous contour, its determined penetrating
look. She feared it might create convulsion, a stitch in her sensations,
or some other torment as she would be racked by the huge member; but on
the other hand, the other possibility was enough to keep her going. It
could mean untold pleasures, new, enticing sensations of even greater
intensity than those of which she was accustomed (and given her recent
experience, that was really saying something). She could feel the stud
moving his hands against her thighs as he struggled to move in on her
pussy. Such was the difficulty, and he be came kind of stuck just as he
made his way below her abdomen. She wanted to help him, but found that
the bed was just too snug for her to make any kind of move.

There was one dividend, though, in that she could feel her loins become
plastered against his, his cock proudly erecting to its nearly full
size, surfacing above her pubics and reaching almost all the way up to
her belly button.

"Baby," she whispered hotly, "that's one tool you have there."

"I'm known for it around these parts."

She liked that, hearing him proud of his endowments, rather than
sporting some mock modesty or worse yet, the vestiges of shame.

"Push," she whispered.

He managed to position himself lower in the bag--or so Vern imagined
it--until he was just about a foot below her head, his chin digging
decisively into her tits. He liked that too (and who wouldn't like
getting a chin full of such magnificent, womanly, flesh) so he kept
pushing against her, perhaps pretending that there was no other way to
move, more likely intentionally taking advantage of a good situation.
They both began their gyrations, their sexual pyrotechnics.

He finally managed to push his cock just up her thighs and into her
slit. "Oh, baby," she cooed, "that's the way to do it." She pushed her
bazoo against his and could feel his hot breath cover her lips with
passion. "Come on, fuck me. Stick that giant inside of me all the way."

"You sure you can take it," he said by way of a challenge, partially
just to get her wrath up a bit, and bring the feverish pitch to a nice

"Fuck me, FUCK ME!" she whispered but with incredible intensity as her
teeth were clenched and her shoulders pushed upward in desperation.

She looked at a certain glow over his face, created by the moon, and the
wind, and the general quality of the air, which gave him a sort of eerie
quality, but still highly sexual.

She heard some rustling over by John, and kept quiet, because the way
Vern imagined it, she couldn't be sure if the stud would take it the
wrong way. After all, he was fitting them with gear, footing the bill,
and certainly didn't go to all the trouble to be kept out of the hot
action he all but anticipated. But Veronica wanted this young buck for
herself the first time, to have nothing divert her attention from his
huge cock, the sensation of having it slide into her, first slowly, and
then very, very quickly.




said, whispering the last words for emphasis.

"Quick, stick it in."

With that encouragement, Buck was able to slide his cock in, first
slowly, and then with a violent thrust until he was all the way in.

"Oooh," she moaned out. She could not believe how full she felt. In
actuality, Veronica had pushed that carrot inside her womanhood all the
way, and was experiencing very close to the sensation she imagined would
be created by Buck's cock. The situation was intensified somehow by
being surrounded and tightly bundled by the covers, her body kept
prisoner by the material, yet her mind not wishing for freedom in any
sense of the word.

"You mother fucker," she said.

"I know you like my cock, don't you."

"I like it okay, but more than that, I want you to come inside and then
make me come at the same time."

Ordinarily, the excitement of having anything so huge inside would have
made her come too soon, thus mitigating the possibility of simultaneous
coming, but there was something about Buck which aided her self control,
and allowed her to maximize the experience. Sure, he was such a figment
of the imagination, but his mere specter was enough, the mere concept of
the man, could keep her at a feverish pitch.

Whence came such feelings? From what pool of passion could such endless
desires spring? From an overactive clit, a veritable unconscious filled
with latent incestuous desires or a sense of impending doom which
dictates epicurean delight, before the deluge, like some antediluvian
impulse to self- preservation?

It mattered not, and such thoughts did not even pass through Veronica's
mind. For she was too filled with more immediate concerns--the sensation
of that thick cock, the concept of a pair of balls almost splitting from
the pressure of their hot heavy contents, the physical sensations
created by being bundled so tightly, like two sardines in a can, ready
to be temptingly tasted.

She could smell Buck all the more poignantly, that mixture of sperm,
tobacco, and sweat which characterized the most manly of men; he had it

She even felt the thick, incarnation of his flesh and blood pulsing
against her own, and the coarse texture of his pubic hairs. Veronica
imagined desperately trying to get down and feel his pubics, all scratch
along his belly, or feel his upper legs, hips, and most of all balls,
but she could not even move her arms without first splitting the bag
(she would have gladly done this, but for the strength required and the
possibility of wakening the others).

Buck started to really get down to pumping, somehow turning on top of
Veronica and pushing his hips up and down. The scene must have looked
odd to anyone looking down from one of the trees: four sleeping bags in
the camp, one empty, inconspicuously pulled away from the fire, two
filled, occupied by innocent sleeping types, one a girl, the other an
older man; and finally the sight of this big, thick bag with the
movement of a live worm, squirming, turning and twisting, quietly
pumping away, far from the glowing fire, yet visible in the moonlight.

Impending disaster? Violence from a jealous boy, a mean man, liberated
under a refreshing uninhibited natural setting? Not at all. Veronica was
the director of this scene, and she wouldn't knock anyone off if she
didn't want to, that is. Sure, if she found one of the studs talking a
little mean, there was nothing to stop her from getting a little heavy,
without fear of consequences: another dividend of the vivid masturbator.

"Come on, give me all you've got."

Buck didn't need much encouragement, for he knew they were minutes,
perhaps seconds away from the big moment.

It all started to come together for her now--the great lay with John in
the car, the fantastic young high school stud in the shed and in her
parents bed, John and the party, with Monty and with Bernice and Lu, and
now this, Buck and Maggie, waiting in her own bed. She'd had a taste of
everything, young and old, straight and kinky, hetero and bi, the best
of all worlds, pulling together, making her come like mad, and all
thanks to that one little electric dildo and a stimulated imagination.

Come on Buck, she thought, make me come like mad. Make me want to pull
this fucking sack apart, go wild on me like a wild animal. He was
weighty, yet possessing a marvelous buoyancy, and a volatility which
preserved her own relatively delicate form. She could feel their hips
melt together as he pushed, pumped and grinded his way to ecstasy.
Faster and harder he pushed, then in one great effort, he pushed his
hands on her big boobs, which were almost cemented in place from the
pressure of the straining material of the bag.

"Oh, that's it, squeeze those tits."

"You like that, I know you like to have Your big, fat tits squeezed."

She liked to hear him talking dirty like that, especially enjoyed his
abandonment of all the civilities he courted during his working day when
he watched for their safety and guided them to whatever part of the
wilderness they wanted to enter.

Now he was as wild as that wilderness, as uninhibited and ruthless
anything in the environment.

Harder and faster he pumped, until he could see it was a little painful
for Vern, but she didn't mind, and neither did he. They began to be
ruthless, hardly caring if they woke the others, for nothing must stand
in the way of their obsessional cravings. Then, in a sudden burst of
energy, the stud's body tightened, and he paused as if frozen in space.
His eyes rolled back a little into his head, his face became dangerously
flushed, and every muscle in his body seemed to freeze simultaneously,
waiting, imperiously, with a frozen, steely posture, as he gathered
every ounce of energistic resource. Then it came (he came) in a wild,
incredible moment, his body spewing forth, unloading the heavy contents
from his balls right into the womanly receptacle, filling her with the
pleasure of his syrupy sacks. "Ooh," he moaned out, almost crazy with
satisfied desire.

Veronica went through the same sensations--or at least the female
counterpart--as her body went into spasms of delight, each one more
intensive than the last, more lasting and melting and fabulous.
"Aggghh," she ejaculated, tightening her cute little buns, feeling her
nipples getting even harder under the onslaught of the pleasure.

When it was over, they felt locked into each other, and only able to
recover by breathing deeply and letting their minds go completely blank.
Actually, they had covered some ground. Their movements alone had taken
their sleeping bags the full ten feet between the fire and the edge of
the wood, so that when they looked up, they saw they were nestled
against the side of a mighty oak, its own shaft rising proudly for
scores of feet above them. The rest of the trees were pine so that the
ground was filled with a matting of needles, browned and decayed just
enough to ensure slight softness, perfect for nature fucking.

Feeling wild abandon, Veronica imagined getting out of the bag, totally
in the buff, and running through the woods, only lit by the moonlight.
She was chased, of course, by Buck, whose huge cock was once again
limpid, but filled enough to be remarkably large as he went prancing
after her. She felt that he was gaining on her and was a little
surprised that she could not muster greater speed--was it the weight of
her large breasts bobbing up and down, creating a true wind resistant
factor, or the fact that her great hips twisted sideways as she
ran?--whatever, she was soon overtaken.

Buck said, "I must say, you've got a lot of energy for someone who was
just run down."

"Run down, maybe, but not run out."

"You're one girl, do you know that?"

"I'm aware that I have a few talents of my own thank you, but I have to
admit this nature stuff is all new to me." She looked down and admired
his cock. "Tell me, do all of you country boys sport such big ones, or
are you just well endowed?"

"Well, that's tough since I haven't seen all the cocks around here."

"Tell me," she said, diplomatically changing the subject, "have you
always lived up here?"

"To tell you the truth, no. I saw some action in the war--I know I look
young, but it was a young war."

"Funny, a guy like John, with his age and all, was behind a desk."

"I could believe that."

"I didn't like the way he handled himself in the raft."

"I wouldn't come down so hard on him. After all, he taught me how to
swing, took me to some real parties, and was doing all sorts of things I
didn't have the guts for at first."

"Like what?"

"Well, parties, for example. He brought me down to some orgies, and I
got cold feet, but he brought me back, and I was okay."

"Not bad. You know, you do have quite a body."

"Why, thank you. I could tell you were turned on to me right away."

With a sudden motion, the lad turned and walked away, down a kind of
path. "Where are you going?" Veronica imagined asking.

"Hear that?"

Veronica couldn't hear a thing.

"That's the sound of water, and where's a better place for round two
than some water."

"Round two!" Veronica exclaimed. Hell, she was already a little sore
from all the action a few minutes before, but this lusty young Buck had
more in mind--well, that was one advantage to youth. She watched him
lead the way, the manner in which he shamelessly tore through the
bushes, his sinuous buns unbelievably appealing, and his big buns just
visible between his legs, tossing to and fro like two sacks.

Sure enough, Buck led the way to a pond at the bottom of a trickling
waterfall. The water was cool, but not unbearable and Vern watched as
his balls became shrunken as a means of defense. He moved in slowly at
first, then with more assurance, until he dived in over his head.

Just then, Veronica's imagination was rudely interrupted by the phone
once again. She was going to ignore it at first, but then decided to
answer it, if for no other reason than to stop that damn ringing.


"Listen, I don't want to be a pest, but how about a date tomorrow

"John ... you don't take no for an answer."

"What's going on, Veronica, anyway? You're not really acting yourself,
you know, all this cold shoulder routine, the phony excuses, the talk. I
don't buy it Veronica."

"You don't have to buy it."

"No, really something's going on, and I'm going to find out about it. I
just have this feeling that I've been on your mind, right?"

"I don't have to answer you. Who do you think you are, anyways. You
spent the war behind a desk, right?"

"What ... what the ..."

"Never mind."

"No. I have the feeling you're on to something here. You don't think I'm
colorful enough, is that it? Well let me tell you, bitch, I've done some
time in the Caribbean, you know, getting mixed up with some shady types
in a hotel deal, risking some real heat, then getting sealed. Colorful
enough for you? You didn't know that about old John boy, did you?"

"Look John, trying to impress me isn't going to change anything."

Veronica abruptly hung up, then realized she might have made a mistake
treating John in such a novel fashion. But that was it; she'd no
intention of wasting any more of her precious weekend fling on such
prosaic matters. The situation seemingly under control, she returned to
her bedroom. Deciding upon an intermission in the festivities, the broad
turned on the tube, watching a game show passively, admiring the body of
the host, and the indirect passes made by both celebrities and

But then her doorbell rang. Without thinking, foolishly, forgetting her
resolve, Vern answered it. Sure enough, it was John.

"Just thought I'd pop over. Mind if I come in?"


"Thank you. Before you know it, we'll be best of friends."

John was already inside, lighting a smoke and making himself at home by
sitting in a chair.

"Place looks a little messy, like there's been something going on around
here. Been seeing anybody?"

"You have a nerve. I don't owe you anything, and you don't own me just
because we go out."

"Such may be true, but you must understand, Veronica," he said snidely,
"I really have your best interests at heart. There are some pretty seedy
characters out there, you know."

"Oh, come off it John. You're just hot and bothered that's all, and if
I'm downright jealous, only you don't know over what."

Vern became jumpy when she realized she'd left the box of her vibrator
out. If John saw that, it could blow her entire cover, and he'd never
let her forget it--and what's worse, spread it around the office.

"I'm afraid I'm busy John, now don't make me get nasty. Listen, if you
don't get right out of here, we're through."

Then the big business man walked right up to Vern until her breasts,
uncontrolled as they were under her bathrobe, touched his chest, and
made him instantly hot. If only he knew he'd seen some action in her
little warped imagination during the last twenty-four hours, his
attitude would have been entirely different; but such wasn't in the

"Okay," she said, "I tell you what, there are some things I have to work
out between you and me; let's just say certain things I want to get out
of my system. How's this: you let me think it through, and I promise
I'll call you at two tomorrow, Sunday, rain or shine. Fair enough."

Heartened by her sudden change of attitude, John backed off. "Sure, sure
enough Vern. I just thought you'd flipped or something, but this sounds
reasonable, very reasonable, and only a cad wouldn't allow a lady a few
hours to herself. But please, do call."

"You know you can count on me," Vern said as she showed him out.
Instantly she was relieved as the door closed and she ran to gather the
dildo box, a telltale sign if there ever was one. Whew, she thought,
close but then again, in this game a miss is as good as a mile. Vern
wandered back to her room, then lay on the bed, instantly hot and
bothered once again, and aware that it would be easy to begin things on
her little nature trip--just picking up right where she left off.

Sure enough, she was able to picture that cold, night lake and Buck
diving in ready for a skinny dip. "It's great," he called out, shivering
a little, other wise seemingly alive and healthy, "Come on in."

"Oh no you don't, not me, not me, I'm no masochist."

But she moved too close to the edge and in an instant Buck grabbed her
leg and in she fell.

Such was the facility with which Veronica could move to her private
fantasy life, as if it were some real thing, a simple scene entered as
easily as an up stage right entrance.

Veronica thought she could feel the water flow through her, wetting her,
soaking her, but best of all seeping into her cunt and giving her a kind
of nature douche. Suddenly, Buck was up to her, pushing his fast, lithe
body against her own until she could sense that he managed to get one of
his virile hands while swimming around in that cold water. "I don't know
how you do it," she said, "but you sure have a way with your cock,
getting it up whenever you want it, right?"

"Something about the country that does that to a fella, I guess."

Meanwhile, to set the scene back at the camp: John awakens, notices that
Buck and Vern are gone, suspects hanky panky, but for that matter seizes
the circumstances as an opportunity. He moves slowly over to the
sleeping Maggie and kisses her lightly on the lips, knowing of three
possibilities: (1) she could remain asleep, not the worst option; (2)
she could awaken and rebuke him, possibly with a slap, a kick, or worse
(that is the poorest option); or (3) she could awaken and give him the

Since a woman does not grow jealous in a fantasy of her own making,
Veronica was satisfied to let the couple go at it. "Well," said Maggie,
"you sure do take your time. You realize that Buck's been coming on to
your date for quite a while."

"Of course," John lied, "you know how these over-sexed secretarial types
are ... oh, but then again, I guess you don't."

Maggie leaned forward and kissed the man on the lips, which got him
going immediately, got him into a state of sheer desire. "You are one
nice girl," he added.

So complimented, Maggie slowly lowered her white top, exposing her
large, magnificent tits. "Well, well, well, those are a pair, a real

"I'm glad you like them. Why don't you get acquainted."

John pushed his face into the tits and lathed them in his own saliva,
basking in the fullness, in the roundness, in the utter beauty of the
whiteness of the skin.

He looked closely and observed that her nipples were exceptionally
large, like fantastic red buttons, all ready and erect, begging him to
lower his head and dig in as if in some sort of sexual and orgiastic
feast. He kissed them, one at a time, together, then pushed the spheres
in each direction, delighting in the action and in the slightly paltry
color afforded by the moonlight, a rare and exotic touch. In addition,
the wind on his back--raising bumps as it may--added another layer of
excitement to the texture of the evening.

"What if they should return?" he asked conservatively.

"So what?"

"So what?" He paused, then continued, "You know, I think you're right.
Here they've gone off for some hairy canary and I'm scary, sitting here
wondering if I'm sinning. Boy, I've been a little twisted, but my little
Maggie, you're helping me to see the light."

Just then he pushed his face right into her tits and began to kiss the
entire area, passionately, most fervidly. In another instant the duet
would have been enlocked in love had not Maggie slowed the pace slightly
in order to wallow in the fun of foreplay.

He decided to get into the bag, but Maggie had other plans, quickly
exiting hers and walking to a large exposed rock. She simply lay back
against it, looking like a wild animal, ready to unleash her passions.

John quickly approached and was almost frightened by the look of total
and complete abandon in her eyes, the look of a tigress, ready to love
and ready to pounce. He enlocked her lips with his own, pawing her up
the front, her tits and nipples, down below to her stomach. Her nostrils
flared like a sex goddess and her hips began to undulate, begging him to
enter, inviting him to taste her insides. Then they heard some rustling,
and realized it must be Buck and Veronica returning, but then they
lowered their heads and the sound was gone for an instant. That was the
way Vern liked to plan her fantasies, mysterious and lively, with the
touch of the unknown and the dangerous lurking just behind, whether it
be from man, beast, or nature.

What could it be, thought John? Are there bears up these parts, or other
large game.

Reading his mind, Maggie whispered, "Don't worry, I can tell by the
sound that those are human feet, so it looks like our friends are either
returning from their jaunt or searching out some new locale. Actually, I
think they're just rearranging themselves."

How right Maggie was on that score.

"Look," John said, overcome with passion, "I think, the hell with it."

Maggie began to play hard to get, as many a woman does when she knows
that she has the man in the bag, and ran over toward the pond, as if she
was aware where her friend Buck had been. Stripping on the way, she soon
ran through the underbrush nude, except for a tiny strip across her loin
miraculously held on by the force of the wind. As soon as she reached
the water she took this away, also, and jumped in head first without
hesitation, emerging unscathed but cold and tingling. John couldn't wait
to touch the cold flesh, which he soon did, enveloping the girl in his
arms, his big naked shoulders going half way around her naked body. He
could feel the cold water between them warm, the slightly purple tinge
to her lips melt into a crimson, and her face flush once again in the
sexually healthy manner it had in the sleeping bag.

"You live dangerously, little girl," he said, then began to place his
fingers right inside of her cunt, slowly at first, then with greater
velocity, until he realized that he'd just about driven the girl to her
first big "0" when he removed his fingers.

"Scud-lee-dud," she quipped, "taken' me almost all the way, then
retreating, what is this?"

"Two can play hard to get, you know."

Suddenly, the girl took his cock between her fingers, then said, "In a
manner of speaking--as we say in these parts--now I've got you by the
balls." Admiring her spirit, John obeyed the orders to continue his
finger fuck, which he did with spirit and gusto until he could sense she
was just about at the "0." She began to groan out, "Oooh, ah," the
faster became her breathing until her entire body began to go in
circular motion, her feet positioned firm on the ground then standing on
tip toes, on the ground again, and repeating the cycle.

As a madman runs from the asylum, as a flock of geese flies from the
north in winter, so this man's cock knew its destination, almost as if
it had a mind of its own.

"I'm going to fuck you Maggie, like you've never been fucked in your
entire fucking life." With that he rudely penetrated, absolutely clawing
at the girl's back until his nail marks turned into red streaks. But she
didn't stop him, didn't stop him a bit as he fucked. In mid-fuck, he
pulled out his schlong and demanded she suck it, a request she honored
almost before he could ask.

Down she went, quickly and surely, her nose first making contact, the
proboscis covered in jism, her nostrils flaring into the side of his fat
meat, driving him, making him wild. "Baby, you know how to do it, you
really know how to get to me!"

"Happy to oblige," she said coyly, with class and distinction.

Veronica had to pause in her fantasy. Even she could hardly believe how
elaborate her theme had gotten, how detailed she was able to picture
sexual happenings, from plot and character, to detail of body to
dialogue. She'd never realized how her imagination could work once
fueled by that electric dildo, the perfect creative accessory. And it
was all hers, just she and the machine until the next afternoon.

The woman went into the bathroom and looked at her face in the mirror.
Not a classically beautiful face, but a sensual face, a face which
demanded to go beyond what she knew previously, to constantly grow in
body awareness, to take in more and more cock and know how to take
advantage of a man's every move. Her lips were parted and she could just
see inside into her sexy red opening. She had fine, high cheek-bones and
large, wide eyes, which she made-up to maximize the effect, with black
lines which drew endless compliments.

She admired the way she barely had a line on her entire face, nothing
which was out of place. She was cute, maybe even beautiful, yet she was
discovering the fun of doing a solo, the real girl, she thought, then
paused ... hand made ... hand maid ... She laughed at the pun, but was
diverted by another angle of her face. She could see from this profile
that she had an exceptionally strong chin, a chin which would hold up
well over the years and retain her beauty, fighting a cruel and
unremitting gravitation force. So there was plenty of time for men,
which meant there was plenty of time for herself. And how did the saying
go: one must take care of oneself first.

So she returned to her little country scene, the image of John finger
fucking his lady then pushing his long, delightful schlong all the way
into her as he pushed her body against the hard, sterile rock. "Fuck me
all the way," she moaned as she clutched at his fat, distended balls.

"Squeeze them harder," he pleaded.


"Harder, harder."

She squeezed them as hard as she dared and it seemed to only increase
his excitation beyond a feverish and almost to an instant pitch. That's
when he let the throttle out and just started pumping away madly. His
thrusts were so powerful, so unmodulated, that he pulled her entire body
up a full several inches with each penetration. He pushed in and out
harder and faster until nothing short of another dynamo could have
stopped him. Certainly Maggie wasn't about to, for she'd never seen the
likes of this before from her country boys, even Buck.

Just then he pushed so hard there two bodies went straight down on the
ground and it was fortunate for Maggie's tender buns that John was able
to break the fall with his outstretched hands. The miracle is that the
didn't come apart, but were only mutually cemented all the more

Faster and harder he pumped, and spread legs apart with his own. He
wanted to be blown, though; he wanted to come right in her mouth, so,
without undue hesitation, he slid his wet, sticky cock out and brought
it up to her mouth. She basked in the sheer abandon of it all, taking it
within, tasting the salt and bitter, feeling the gooey texture, the sexy
wetness which made her suck harder and with more passion than she ever


"MMMMM, it's good," she moaned out before taking it in once again. The
fellatio was going along superbly, the man just to the right pitch, the
girl going at it as quickly as the man would like, then suddenly (if an
instant came be considered such) his body lurched into the inevitable
pre-come freeze. Just then Maggie had the same feeling, and the couple
knew they were in for a simo (simultaneous). They came out together and
went flying right over the edge.

The clutched together so severely that they might as well have been one
person, not two, locked in amorous embrace. Soon it was over and they
lay there huffing, but the wind was gentle and air a touch warmer, so
that out of exhaustion, they no longer felt desirous of returning
immediately, but rather made the mistake of taking a short nap.

They awoke naked when the sun burst over the horizon, at first timorous,
then quite aware that under the circumstances they had not wronged. They
slowly walked back to camp, looked at Buck and Veronica who were awake
and ready to greet them, wide-eyed and anything but angry.

"Well," Veronica said, "we trust you folks had a good time?"--and why
not?--anything goes in fantasy.

Chapter 6

Veronica was a little disappointed to shake herself of the last wild
fantasy. How she was able to manipulate John, and how different was his
behavior than the real way he acted--no jealousy, just pure hard and
simple action. Now he was going to call just the next day and demand
explanation. Could she possibly tell him how much better off he'd be if
he just loosened up a bit, rode with the punches and let her call the
shots? No really, He was as hard headed, old-fashioned and stubborn as
they come, she knew that, could tell that when she first met him.

Veronica remembered the first meeting in the office, how he bored her
with his bragging and obvious ploys to impress, but some how that wall
all ironed out when he took her to bed that first time and showed her
that he was a real man.

Veronica decided to go take a bath and try to unwind a bit, because
after all, it would be two on Sun day before she would know it, and then
she'd have to come up with something really good, if for no other
reason, to ensure that they didn't get into the same old bind. She took
the towel from around her torso and made sure she drew a tepid bath.
Satisfied with the temperature and quality and quantity of bubbles, Vern
put one toe in the water. How different from her pretend outing, she
thought. There, she took less time to dive into a wild pond than to go
into a lousy tepid bath tub.

Well, she thought, you can't have it all. The water felt nice,
especially inside her cunt, which, by any standards, had been given
quite a workout. The options were opened to her; just as she could have
some more masturbatory fun, she should also come up with something to
explain away her uncharacteristic behavior. She could tell him she was
physically sick but then again, he'd seen her, and she was up and about.
She could tell him that she'd been seeing somebody else, but he was so
jealous. It wouldn't be easy.

Veronica lay back into the hot bath. She could feel her cunt
recuperating, the tiny muscles inside of her thighs regaining strength,
as she lay in the water, as she stroked her breasts and spread around
the bubbles. John wasn't that bad a buy; he'd his faults, but when you
got down to it, he was a dynamo in the sack, relative to the other duds
she'd been out with; no sense blowing it with over a dildo.

As the woman got out of the tub and began to dry herself off, she
thought about the office. She realized that all her characters had some
basis in the office, from Buck to Maggie, from Lu to Bernice. Sure, Buck
was none other than the mail boy-it was amazing she hadn't noticed
before. She'd lusted after the young stud, especially when he'd bend
over to pick up the envelopes off her office, his muscular buns bulging
through his trousers. She knew he was the outdoor type--most unusual for
her stuffy office, and even talked to him about his trips upstate, where
he'd do it all, from hunting to fishing, from eating his own catch, to
sleeping right under the stars. She'd thought about making it with him,
but there was always the specter of John who would be looking over her
shoulder, checking out that she behaved herself and not to get out line.

But still, it was hard to resist. She did her little daydreaming at that
time, picturing the stud as he whipped out his cock and offered it to
her one late afternoon after everyone else had gone, gritting his teeth
as she did her business. It would be a thick, healthy cock, coated with
fine layer of hair at the base, surrounded by bushy pubics and he'd have
a wild look in his eye as she'd do it to him.

No conversation necessary, it was a terrific fantasy, Vern going right
down, taking the wet tip between her lips, then moving up, bringing more
of the member in her mouth until she could not fit more, sucking on it,
making it harder still. He groaned out, and held on her shoulder, but
she didn't abate her moves, just intensified the blow. There was a sound
in the other room, but the couple was oblivious, acting like nothing
mattered accept his coming sure and swift.

He would come, too. He would spew his juices all over Veronica's face
but she wouldn't care--even if it meant staining her dress or otherwise
marking her person for sure recognition. She'd be out of her senses,
without ability to ponder and consider, weighing the consequences
against her pleasure. Such was the level of her ultimate turn-on.

"Oh did it, do it!" he'd moan until, suddenly he'd be writhing in
painful passion, then spurting, squirting, ejaculating his hot, manly

That was Buck. Lu: executive secretary of the vice president in charge
of consumer relations, a bombshell, with such polish and style that
Veronica envied her no end. After all, she got to go on business trips,
to lead the glamorous life of the big city secretary with everything
stacked in her direction, from expense accounts to the plushest office
in the place, from a sexy voice and dynamite body to the attention of
all the men she could ever want.

Lu would even make it with guys in her own boss' office; now that was
nerve. Veronica watched one evening as she brought in this rugged
looking man in a tux, then quietly closed the door, not even concerned
that Veronica, who was putting in overtime, had seen her. Vern could
hear some groans from deep inside the office, and when the man slipped
out fifteen minutes later with a contented look on his face, Vern didn't
have to use much imagination to know what had transpired.

Bernice: Bernice was a bit craftier in this regard. No downright siren,
no obvious coquette, she was very much subtler. She had a conducive
position (internal personnel relations) which allowed her to circulate.
Vern could tell she was after action the way she looked at John when she
came to hear of his complaints she just kind of paused and looked at his
body, right below the waist, before she introduced herself. But Vern
couldn't see how she flopped with John--who was always up for some
strange meat--but she left looking a little frazzled.

Yes, they were all in the office, one after the other, the bases for
Vern's little office flight. But now she was on her own, waiting for

The rest of the day was uneventful, and Vern went to sleep only to
awaken at eleven, a mere three hours before she'd have to meet the stud.

When she gained consciousness, she was just as horny as ever. She knew
what she wanted to do be fore the stud really came. She wanted to go
through the motions in her own imagination, make the scene happen the
way she really wanted it, to get off on the idea of his visit,
per-affording some consolation for what could happen.

She imagined hearing the door ring and showing the stud in. "Oh, hello
John, I hope you'll excuse the mess, but you see I've been playing with
myself the entire week end."

"Wha ..."

"That's right John, You see, you just haven't been satisfying enough to
me, so I kind of took it upon myself to get down to some real fucking,
using a dildo and one hell of an imagination."

Instead of anger, disappointment, dropping her like a door-nail, he just
said it was fine, but that he could give her a better time right then
and there.

Without another pause the stud moved over and began to gently kiss her
on the neck. Then he took the initiative of going into the kitchen and
returning with her whipped cream. Without even undressing her, he pushed
the nozzle under her brassiere and she could feel the cream filling the
cups, melting right over her nipples, cooling her down her hot tits and
even driving her on the wild side. Vern took the can and put it under
his belt, squirting it into his jockies. He yelled out from the shock of
it all, but aware that he had it coming, he wasn't about to resist. He
looked up, his eyes wide, face red, then pushed Vern down on her back
until she hit the rug and felt his weight entirely over her, like some
great northern grizzly.

"I'm gonna fuck you girl, better than you can fuck yourself, you'll

"You've got some stiff competition." She looked over at her electric

That gave John an idea and he took it in his hand, pressing the buzzer
and sensing its intensity. "I can see how you can get off on this-sure,
why not. Its got hardness, its got vibration, all the elements of real

He pressed it against her cheek so that she could feel the ticklying,
prickling sensations and then pushed it lower on her neck. When he
reached the upper part of her cleavage which he exposed by pulling down
the top of her blouse, she could hardly stand it.

"Come on, fuck me with it ... stick it inside me."

"Not yet," he said mysteriously.

Then he pulled down his trousers until his own cock was visible, large
and erect. He put it side by side to the electro-cock and started to
evaluate. "I have to admit, it is bigger, and harder at that. But you
can't compare temperatures."

"Fuck me," she pleaded.

"You'll get yours, don't you worry, but a man likes to look at his
competition, you know how it is, kind of see what it was you saw in this
guy, I mean cock."

"Fuck this shit, come on now."

Veronica tried another approach, smiling seductively, moving over slowly
and removing the remainder of her top, silently pushing her breasts
against his thigh.

"Come now Veronica, can't you see I'm not quite through with my

"What are you trying to do?"

"It's a contest of sorts, you might say."

"With you the judge."

"That's right Vern, I may be a little prejudiced, but I always preferred
a game with loaded dice."

Vern had enough at this point; it was her show. She pulled the cock out
of his hand, then pressed it against his buns, finally pushing down his
shorts and sticking it on the outside of his ass, pressing it around the
rim. Here, she could tell she was really getting to him.

"Now wait a minute, oww ..."

By the time she spoke, she had the cock half-way up his ass, no
lubrication, no nothing. She started to move it about and he started to
plead for mercy.

"Stop, oh, no, take that fucking thing out."

"Now you can see that's not the great thing you thought it was."

"Okay Vern, you win, it sucks, no competition for me, and I'm not

Her point made, Vern took out the dildo and threw it over to the couch,
purposely throwing short so that it hit the floor, but it still remained
functional. "I bet your cock couldn't take that kind of abuse."

John moved closer to her and pulled down her slacks and panties exposing
her lovely pussy hair.

"Eat my cunt, John, the perfect way to celebrate." He moved down to her
steamy cunt and began to lick her thighs, making her hotter as was his
usual practice before getting down to heavier kinds of eating.

She compared his style and technique to her other imaginary lovers, only
she was able to approximate the stud's real behavior because she'd known
him so many times before.

He wasn't bad--perhaps the best. It was quite a transformation, the way
he looked so respectable in his vested suit, the ideal of the dependable
American businessman, but then could be transformed into a cunt maniac
by the mere sight of pussy. She liked to see that change. It began when
he loosened his tie, pulled it lower until he seemed to be getting to
work on some project, then the look in his eye changing as he unbuttoned
his shirt and ex posed the fact that he wore no undershirt. That always
turned her on; a man who made no bones about his underclothing,
eliminating the shirt. It made him seem more sensual, more on top of his
desires, more ... accessible. That was John, all right, accessible, MR.

It wasn't that his flirting with anyone in a skirt took her by surprise,
but she did want some special treatment. The more he told her she was
his favorite, the less he treated her kindly in the office, almost
purposely making time with other girls right in front of her face. Who
knows? Maybe she could tell him she was having an affair with a guy and
that would get him in fine--except if he simply jolted her, then where
would she be?

No, she'd have to play it nice and easy and just get out of her own hot
water, hoping that the stud would play it her way.

"You like pussy, don't you John."

"You better believe it."

He continued to go at the broad, sucking, licking and generally doing
everything that she could imagine below her waist, from petting her to
feeling and sucking. She could hardly stand the excitement of it all. He
knew he had her. He pushed his hands up ward over her smooth skin, the
approached the underside of her knockers, digging his thumbs into the
intimacy of the fold on the bottom, bringing other fingers up on top and
making contact with his middle finger over her rapidly erecting nipple.

"Oh, ah, oh!"

She was where he wanted her, ready for some horizontal action. The stud
pushed her down on the floor and positively jumped on her, rolling about
like she were some carpet, her on top, then him, around and around they
spun until they hit wall.

"Oh!" she cried out.

"Come on baby, you can take it. I know you like rough stuff."

And she did. She liked a big cock to take her by force, by brute force
and subdue her to his own will, throw her about with violence and brute
determination. He had all of that, the size and the stature to pull it
off. She wanted to pull him off.

Veronica pushed him to the side and looked at his fantastic cock, big
and manly. Without another pause, she pushed her thumb the entire length
of the shaft and decided to do a little flicking up near the tip. She
gently stroked it and then put more pressure, just on the tip now, no
diffusion of energy, just straight ahead expert flicking.

"oh, baby."

"Yeah, I know how to flick like nobody else, baby."

She was not being immodest, merely stating a fact. Vern knew how to
sense just how far she could go before the point of diminishing returns,
just how safe it was to take him to the point of the arch--that is the
point where a man thinks he might come, but the broad is so on top of
him, she knows how to bring him down before he shoots.

That's where they were now, at the big arch, at the point of explosion.

"Do it to me," he begged, losing all sense of judgment.

"Come now, I know you don't want this nice affair to be over so soon, do
you now? That would be ruining the timing." She expertly used this
opportunity to pause in her manipulations and let him get a hold of
himself. "Now, that would be fucking up the timing, same as in business,
like if you said to some client at lunch, 'come on and sign, right here,
sign it and we can be on our way,' before the guy is ready--and that
isn't good business. Now you're not ready to go on your way yet, are you
John?" She liked be mg condescending on him like that for a change, for
now, in all her youth, she had the upper hand.

"I'll know when you're ready."

She eased down the pace with some simple necking, gently tapping him on
the back with her fingers and then kissing him slowly on the lips. It
was still nice in a soft-core kind of way. She could feel a slight
tingle from her lips, through the back of her neck and head, and almost
shivered a little when she touched the hairs on his arm.

"Oh, baby, kiss me all the way," he moaned--he was hers for the taking.

Veronica continued to kiss easy, then put on more pressure until she
thought he was down enough to get into gear once again. She pushed her
hand lower on his stomach until she reached his pubics. He arched his
back hoping for some cock action, sticking his genitals right upward so
that the were the highest point of his body, his cock sticking up like a
pole, but Vern wouldn't be pushed.

"Come now, my friend, you'll get yours ... don't be hasty."

"Now you fucker, now you bitch."

"Hey," she teased, "unless you apologize this instant, you'll have to
leave right now. (She had him by the balls!)

"Okay, you win, I'll do anything you say, just keep fucking me girl."

"I think I'd like to have my back scratched."

"You what?"

"That's right. Now do it, because if you have to be slow about it, I
might get a little impatient and think of some more tasks." She thought
it could be fun to have the stud peel her a grape or something equally

He rose, kicked a pillow out of her way, then positioned his body so
that he could turn her over.

"I hope you realize not many women would be able to get away with this."

"Guess I just have a few talents."

"You cock teaser!"

"That's right, I like to tease, but I deliver, too. I'll give you what
you're looking for, and you'll get it delivered in a nice package. You
go my way and you won't regret it."

The stud pushed her on her stomach and looked for her ripe area. She did
have a fantastic back, no doubt about that, the way her shoulders arched
broadly on each side, and her spine curved inward, a perfect slope down
to her buns where there was the most desirable little dimple. He gazed
in perfect admiration for several minute as Vern patiently waited for
some action. Then he gently pushed his fingers along the spine, tracing
a path down above her buns, finally patting her ass and then squeezing
the skin.

"Oh, yes, yes, that's the way to do it."

He pushed harder and moved down the slit down to her dark, sensual
underside, pausing for several seconds to really get it on down there,
and push harder and faster, increasing the tempo from a languid waltz to
an allegro and then presto. On and upward he pushed back up the entire
length of her spine, pausing luxuriously by the sides of her breasts,
then up the nape of her neck.

"Fuck me, push those fingers inside again," she pleaded.

"Guess the tables are a little turned my lady."

It was Vern's fantasy and she decided it was only fair to give the man
equal time, because even though she was calling the shots, it didn't
mean that he would have to receive all the blows. No that would be
boring, would take the edge of excitement off the entire affair.

Now it was torrid, crimson action.

Suddenly, John took on a gnome like look, a ghoulish expression which
made him into a fiend, an evil genius bent on fucking the hell out of
this girl, taking her into the sky of action.

"You look a little strange."

John took his evil expression to the limit, enjoying his new hobgoblin

"Oh, yes fuck me you demon!"

John stood so that his cock was visible. He looked gigantic as Veronica
lay under him. She'd realized she had never seen a man from that
position, where his cock can be seen from the underside, where his balls
seem to hang ten inches and dominate his being, where his asshole is
just sitting above, waiting to be manipulated and invaded by brave

He looked like a liege, a suzerain, the overlord sovereign of her
passion, the patriarch of all sexuality, the potentate of passion.

Come on, she thought, stick that fantastic cock in side of me, stick it
in my mouth and in my ass and best of all, stick it inside of my cunt.

"Suck me now."

This time she obeyed the commandment, sticking the schlong inside and
sucking on the hot tip. She felt her entire mouth begin to burn with
passion as she took it inside, the way it fueled her passion and
enveloped her entire being, made her want to eat his meat and swallow
his come, made her want to fuck, and suck and bring him down on top of
her with such determination, frenzy and energy, that he could only beg
for her to stop.

But not yet; there was still time for real action. Vern continued to go
at the man, sucking it, taking in more into her mouth until she knew
there was little more room.

She wanted to feel under the thralldom of his power, and enslavement, to
be under the tutelage of his perfect yoke. She wanted to be taken to the
limit, to feel his disciplined control subordinate her will to his own.

"Fuck me," he ordered, and she promptly obeyed in a sense, by beginning
to not merely suck that cock, not merely push it in and out, but get
down to some downright pumping.

It was her redemption, her extrication and acquittance, an absolution
from her endless desires, from her determination to reach some ultimate
climax. She sucked the shaft and was sure that it was somehow getting
harder and hotter then when it first went in. How that was possible she
did not know; how he could get himself into an even hotter state of fury
was impossible to say; how he managed to sustain such a passionate level
was also difficult to determine, but the understanding was secondary to
the experience, the first thing that mattered was the straight forward

Then it was time for some lower kinds of plea sure, from the oral to the
genital, the hard , straight forward fuck.

Vern rose and then moved down to the wall, fingering her way along the
wall and seductively moved into the bedroom, wiggling her ass in such a
seductive way, that John could not quite hold himself back while this
siren got away. He chased her, spotting her position by the sheer sight
of that great ass, those almost perfect buns which almost begged to be
touched, to be manipulated and otherwise made erotic to a point of pure

"Oh, do it, do it."

"Baby, I'm yours if you can catch me."

"No problem."

Within seconds, the stud had caught her, and his first action was to
bury his teeth right into her ass, to feel the flesh pinken, rougify and
then show the while marks of his choppers. "Oh, don't you brute," she
mockingly protested. But that wasn't about to stop the stud, and he
spread her buns until he could see the fine opening of her anus and
below it, the very opening of her womanhood.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me."

Veronica was rolling around on her bed now, imagining this scene, aware
that the real John would be there in the mere matter of an hour, but
unable to stop herself. She was nearly insane with passion, but would
not, could not gear herself down. All discipline, self prohibition,
imprisonment, incarceration of her passions was gone, and the only thing
left to do was to give in and go with it, ride with the wind and love
the pure gratifications of unrestrained sexuality.

She wished no exculpation, no punition for her drives, but simply
gratification of desire which can only be meant in the form of a
fantastic orgasm.

She wanted her body to be tied in knots, literally stretched to the
limit and then given complete satisfaction.

Her shape was especially desirous, the short of her back as straight as
could be, the deviation at the small of her back a perfect rendered
curve, a festoon, a downright parabola of form, the perfect form.

Her partner could barely hold himself back, caught up in the undulation
of her movements and the sexiness of her roundness. He couldn't control
himself anymore and pushed her on her own bed with a force which almost
destroyed the mattress.

She looked up at his incredible frame just before he unloaded his weight
on the bed, his sculptured face, the sharp outline of his face, the
contour of his hips, cut out of a finely hewn steely material, his hew
perfectly contoured, a structural perfection. The amorphous, slightly
intangible nature of his attraction had to do with his overall beauty,
the radiation of his masculinity, pure virile strength.

She looked up at his half-moon as he turned around, the hook and crook
of his hip, the curl of his hair as the wind pressure pulled it off his
forehead. His buns looked positively polished, and sleek, even glossy
but most of her tough and hard. It was like he was macadamized, so was
he composed in his terrific structure. He knew she admired his ass, and
as a way of fulfilling her, he backed up into her face so that she could
kiss him there, right on the buns, right on the seat of his manhood.

"Kiss them, baby, and feel them, and do anything your little heart
desires." He knew that the first thing--according to all the best
polls--that a woman looks at, notices when she sees a guy walking by, is
his buns. Why he did not know, but the important point was it was true.
He used his ass when he found this out, used it in the office, neatly
walking by a woman, turning his back, removing his sport coat as to make
it as visible as possible.

"Kiss baby, kiss."

He began to feel her hot lips, first touching and then with great
pressure digging in to her skin. He liked that, having her go down with
such assurance and clarity of motion and form. "What a broad, what a
fucking broad you are!" he said, delighted. "You've got one ass."

"Better than having two, wouldn't you say.

"Oh, no time for funny stuff."

It was quite a scene that she was able to compose, quite a fantasy and
she didn't want it to end. Perhaps her desire for power made her enjoy
calling all the shots and setting all the scenes, perhaps the fact that
she was really nothing but an egotist, but whatever, she knew it was
going to end soon, and as if out of a protest of this fact she continued
her action stronger and harder than ever without easing one bit.

She felt like an equestrian, a tramp of sex, a globe-trotter over the
entire surface of sensual experience, a nomad of sexuality. "Fuck me
now, fuck me all over, fuck me inside my big healthy cunt." It was big
and healthy, besides appearing well formed and juicy, her equipment was
in peak operative condition, her juices flowing generously and
spontaneous, her tissues will formed and pliable, able to adapt to any
male challenge which would come her way (the thought of Buck i.e;
carrot, proved that).

Then she had John push his pecker into her cunt slowly but with an
assurance and a motion which she knew meant she was in for a fantastic
situation, a terrific orgasm being built by the blocks of pumps and the
girders of grinds.

"Harder, faster."

"Baby, I'm yours, I'm all yours."

She scratched at his back, creating marks, but he couldn't have cared
less. She pushed her lips into his until they were almost crushed flat,
but again he didn't care. She kicked up her legs and wrapped them around
his back which would have knocked the wind out of a lesser man, but
again he didn't care. It was all pure excitement, pure fuck pleasure.

Faster and harder, there didn't seem to be any end to it. It was the
consummation of pressures and drives building for weeks. Sure, Buck was
great with his fucking good times, his wild and natural abandon, the way
he taught her in her mind to ignore any inhibitions taught by
civilization and give in to animal instinct, and he knew how to do
things no other man had ever attempted (the image of that hard rock was
still on her mind) but regardless, he still didn't come up. Sure, Monty
was all stud, too. And the women. She'd never tasted what excited men so
about female tit, but now she knew, the softness, round contour and
especially the nipple which erected and seemed like the source of all
plea sure. She knew all of that was there. But John held the attraction
of being flesh and blood, a man she'd really known, and therefore knew
his potentialities, which were not being met.

Now she could work with a given, take something which was known, improve
and expand upon It until it became a real piece of perfection.

"Fuck me," she continued, and he pushed in deeper, until it felt she
could not possible accommodate another piece of him, but just at that
point, he managed to move against her even further.

"Oh yes."

"Baby, I'm really fucking now."

"Fuck all the way."

"All the way baby."

He was inside all the way--there was nothing more to be done, nothing
but move the path to ecstasy, the entire route to pure passion.

"Fuck me!"

He was pushing against her just about as hard as possible, about as
thoroughly as he possibly could, until she almost couldn't bear the
pressure, but made the motion for him to ease off. She felt his balls
push against her thighs in rhythmic patterns, with every thrust as they
obeyed the laws of gravity and force.

"Fuck harder, all the way, with everything you've got."

"Baby, you asked for it, and you're going to get it."

Harder he pushed, kissing her violently, passionately all over the face,
on her forehead, upward to her hairline as he pushed his hands through
her hair, on her nose, touching her nostrils with his tongue, on her
high cheeks, wetting them with his spittle. He kissed her lips, opening
them with his tongue so that he could get at her beautiful insides,
merging his spit with her saliva, until he knew that she was his for

"Fuck me, oh this is too much, too fucking much."

"Baby, kiss me harder."

She pressed her lips against his until she was sure that he could take
nothing more.

Then to her utter amazement he said, "More, give me more."

Wishing to oblige, going with the stud all the way, she pressed harder
against his lips and then moved upward--somehow, someway--until she was
nearly even with the top of his head, until she could stick her superbly
erect nipple in his mouth. He bit down on it with such enthusiasm that
she could hardly believe that she didn't mind the pain--another
advantage of pure fantasy--short of carrots, its all in the mind,

"Fuck, fuck, fuck all the way."

He managed to slide his cock out because he was overcome with the desire
to fuck her tits.

He looked at his cock. It was hot and sticky all right, covered with a
few drops of sperm which escaped, but most of all her magnificent
lubrication which made him shine and gooey.

Then he laid her on her back and she pushed up her knockers to make them
ever more prominent. Somehow her nipples looked even larger than ever,
two spheres, covering almost the entire front of her mammaries,
perfectly centered with a teat looking as hard as a rock, ready for the
heavy stuff.

"Fuck me," she repeated for the hundredth time.

"You get yours, baby."

He began to suck at her, to nose her up and stomp her face with his
tongue, then moved his body higher, until his cock was even with her
abdomen. He liked pausing there for a second, just feeling her pulsing
belly under him, pressing up at him as he pressed down, waiting for his
every move with i'm patience and desire.

Then he made it up to her tits, and just made contact with her erect
nipple, touching it, the thick skin of it, the lush top and side of it,
with his fat cock which was larger and somehow more swollen than it had
ever been before, which was just waiting to unloosen the loads filling
his sacks below.

"Baby, I want you right down to my socks."

She pushed up her hands and touched him there, which made him squirm,
but it was a squirm of desire and pleasure, not of retreat and bothered
re action.

"Fuck my tits."

He began to press the tip of his dick into her knockers until one full
drop of jism escaped onto her, a perfect little indication of what was
to come.

She looked at his cock, perched between her breasts, which she pushed
together in order to hold the hot stem in place. She told him to move
upward until she could feel it under her chin, and then by moving her
head up and her chin down, she was able to taste the tip of it with her
lips. It was a fucking fantastic sensation, the thoroughgoing invasion
of her private parts by those genitals, and his balls hugging down on
her lower chest, just under her breasts.

He began to pump, softly, then harder, until he let the throttle all the
way out once again, driving her, taking her on one fantastic sex ride
which could only end one way: splattered, bathed in hot jism.

He kept moving, kept grinding his hips without stopping.

It could lead to only one place.

Veronica got up and went over to the shower. His cock was so engorged
with blood, so fucking heavy that he had to hold it in his hand as he
followed her into the steamy stall.

She was alone as she turned on the warm water, first burning hot in
order to create a nice mist, then more bearable when she entered it, but
she might as well have been with her young stud, the room was so filled
with his presence. She could almost feel his big cock against her thigh
and then push against her rear bun.

"Oh, fuck me in the water, right here in the shower."

She picked up a piece of soap and imagined what it would be like to soap
him up all over, down his chest, creaming up the hairs on his chest and
making her way down his stomach to his pubic area, first matting the
hairs and best of all, bathing his cock in the creamy soapy material.
She wanted to go without stop, without mercy and without restraint.

He obliged and took her hand in his, soaping up his balls, until they
were covered with fluff, entirely engulfed in the bubbling, steamy white
stuff, ready to unload their own contribution to the mixture.

"Come on baby, this is it."

"You're going to come?"

"I'm not exactly going."

She wanted to be in on this, or rather more correctly, have him in on

Veronica took his bubbling member and stuck it right inside of her cunt,
but just as she was doing this, just as she was getting it deeper and
deeper inside, almost all the way in, just about as far as it would go,
she felt in the bottom tube on the underside, a strange swelling, then
the distinct and sure movement of a thick and viscous substance, making
its way out in an explosive move.

"Agggh, ahh," he moaned out as Vern pushed her hips flush against his in
order to cement the relationship.

"Aggggh!" she moaned when she felt him spurting and she realized that
this was the big moment they had both been waiting for with passion and
with abandon.

This was the big one as the vixen took in the spurts and let him fill
her with his fantastic jism. Right when he was spurting he took the cock
out of her in order to place it on her body, to cover her with the jism
and afford the opportunity to look at the love juice. Even the pounding,
steamy water could not dissipate the material, nor make her diverted
from the full pleasures which were engulfing her. For a minute,
everything was too strong, too many of the pleasure centers of her brain
had been tapped and she felt dizzy as if she could go unconscious. But
then she was able to rally her senses and feel the hot jism being driven
down her thigh from the force of the water. He was exhausted, or so she
imagined him to he, and she brought him over to the bed for a smoke.

It was very real to the girl. She'd been in the shower for real, had
been sticking her own, now very experienced fingers, in her cunt, and
had really come. So adding the image of a man, an exhausted man, and his
thick jism was not all that difficult. She lay on her bed, alone, but
not really alone. She imagined conversing with the stud, about how hot
they got, about how fantastic it was doing it in the shower, about how
things could never quite be the same between the two of them in the
office now that they knew what they could do, in bed, in the shower,
hell, in any place they might choose.

Then, after several minutes of such rest, the broad imagined looking
over at her love partner and she almost couldn't believe her own
thoughts when she conjured that great big cock, once again hard and
virile. She was desirous of it herself, for as long as he could remain
excited, she could be taken beyond the point of orgasm, to secondary
orgasm, and tertiary orgasm if available.

She moved over to the member and began to stroke the top of it, moving
down to the glans and then the very tip until the opening itself was
pulsing in and out, alternately expanding and contracting as if
possessing its own level of excitement, as if having a mind of its own.

She took that cock between her fingers and gave it the old going over
until it was right where she wanted it, perfectly excited to a T of
perfection, all hard and virile, ready to penetrate or vituperate, or do
anything that she might have in mind.

"Oh come on baby, let's do it again, let me fuck you all over again,
just like it was the first time."

He was so incessant, so desirous of doing it one more time that she let
him go at it.

No, there was nobody in the room but Veronica, that is, Vern and her
magnificent dildo which allowed her such creative fantasy, but it still
didn't matter. "Tell you what," she said, "why don't you allow me to go
change into something comfortable, you know one of my sexy little
nothings which can drive you wild just looking."

She went into the corner of her bedroom and chose a particularly sheer
negligee, one that was exceptionally transparent. When she turned to the
side--which she did deliberately--her breasts were in gorgeous profile,
outlined by a stream of light, their roundness spectacular and the
cherries digging into the front of the material perfectly out lined.

She walked up to where she imagined John to be standing (still with
glorious boner) and pushed herself against his chest until she could
feel him straining against her tits. Then she took his hand and cupped
it over her breast until the pressure dug into his palm and sent into
rapturous desire.

"Let me fuck you this final time, right now," he pleaded.

"Yes, I guess you've behaved fairly well, as a matter of fact, my
friend, you've done okay the entire week end, from taking me to that
place to the jaunt in the country, from bedroom stunts, to doing it in
showers, wet or dry, nude or wearing some scant garb. You're one stud."

He was turned on by her compliments (his masculine ego thus fed) and he
pulled the sheer top down so he could see much of her cleavage--actually
he'd pulled it to just above the nipples, which was perfectly clear,
since he could see the nipples under the cloth in any event.

"One last time! Fuck me one last time!"

The entire scene was so vivid in her mind, and her cunt was so hot, that
it was beginning to be difficult for our Veronica to distinguish fantasy
from reality, until it seemed strange to her that the man she was
balling was simultaneously on his way over to pick her up. She glanced
at the clock, and, observing it was fifteen minutes until two, knew that
she had to work fast. Hell, she wasn't even dressed, but nothing would
stop her, pull her away from this great, last fantasy, masturbatory

No, she imagined telling him, I won't give you up. I won't let you
dissipate in my mind until I get one more juicy orgasm, until you take
me all the way one more time.

"But there isn't time," he pleaded.

"We'll risk it. We'll make time."

"You live dangerously."

"It's the only way to live."

"Okay bitch, here goes. But I have a real temper and when I show up at
two, I don't want to find any competition, even if it is from my
imaginary self."

He jumped on her and fucked, pushed and ground until she almost cried
out in pain.

He pushed against her tits.

He ground into her.

He rammed his pecker almost as far in as it would go.

It was a fucking good time, but the clock pushed forward and for that
matter, her dildo was beginning to show the wear. It was sputtering a
bit, and it looked a bit frazzled around the edges and almost cracked
toward the tip.

"Come on," she said, "don't fail me now whatever you do. This counts,
really counts. I want it this one last time."

Harder she pushed it inside of her, even abandoning her fantasy in order
to give exclusive attention to coming, to making herself go to the big
"0". Like some kind of addict, she felt if she could just have this one
last fuck, this one last orgasm, she could meet John and take him on his
own fucking terms. She wanted this one to remember, just this one alone,
all by herself: solo. "Uh," she moaned out, then glanced at the clock
and saw that it was almost two. She only had a few minutes left, just a
few minutes to make herself go over the top. She felt her tits,
violently rubbing them together and apart, exciting herself to a higher
plain. But her mind might have been confused; never had it been so
stimulated, so intensely and quickly after a past orgasm, and for that
matter, had delivered so many climaxes in such short notice. But that
was okay. This was a first, all round, and she felt cheated if her body
would give up on her now that she was on the home stretch. Her nipples
were erect as could be, a good sign, just sticking out in front of her,
perching upward as if looking for a man, some big stud to give her hot

"Ooh," she groaned and saw that it was one minute to two. She could make
it; she could go over the top in a minute, in one fantastic sixty
seconds. Harder she pushed on her stick, her electric cock. The week end
was ending just as it began, just her and the electric cock, no John, no
Buck, no Maggie Lu and Bernice, just solo all the way, nothing to excite
but pure sensation, the individually unique qualities of hard plastic
vaguely shaped to resemble a real live pecker.

"Come on, come on," she pleaded. "Do it to me, go all the way you
plastic cock." Harder and faster she pushed like a she-demon, like an
addict who has to have a fix, incessantly pushing and grinding,
perchering her back up and shaking her big tits wildly. She was all
woman, all animal, a tigress, a bucking woman stud who was not going to
stop until something broke, her cunt or her dildo, one or the other.

"Aggh, agggh," she pushed out of her throat. She looked at the clock,
with the second hand racing against her own passion, twenty ... Fifteen
... ten seconds away from the zero hour.

Then with nine ... Eight ... Seven ... to go, she came, in one sudden
rush of blood enveloping her pussy and brain at the same time, a fucking
fantastic release to the rescue.

"AGGGHHH! AGGHH!" she yelled out--exclaiming in pure delight over the
unique and torrid experiencing, then falling back helplessly and
entirely spent, as the second hand continued its odyssey, three ... two
... one BINGO.

It had been the fastest, yet one of the most unique orgasms of her
entire life--a life not without experience.

There was only one thing left to do. She languidly walked over and put
on her robe, then made her way to the front door. She opened it just as
John was about to ring the bell--he always was punctual.

"Hey," he said sprightly, "you'll never guess what I have planned, and
you really should get dressed right away. We're going upstate, because
I've rented a whole bunch of gear and we have Monday off, and best of
all, I've got the two best guides in the area, a young boy and girl,
about twenty I think, and very enthusiastic about their job!"

The End