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[LLP-316] A Family Sandwich by Grace Wilkinson

Chapter 1

"Well, I hope he's not planning on staying forever!" Fran said, her
lips pursing in a half-pout. The attractive 29 year old housewife was
looking in her dressing table mirror, brushing her hair before going to
bed. Her long blonde curls shone magnificently. Fran was proud that she
had kept her looks and her figure so well since her erstwhile career as
a model in New York. She hadn't modeled for very long, but she had been
popular and all the photographers as well as the agency she'd been with
had assured her that she had a splendid future in the business.

Fran had given it all up for Brint Cooper, however, a fact that she was
beginning to regret more and more, especially recently. And now that
Brint's unemployed brother was coming to live with them - heaven knew
for how long - Fran was beginning to feel more trapped than ever.

She brushed furiously, letting the electricity the brush created snap
and crackle around her head, her eyes reflecting the frustration and
anger she felt at the course her life was taking. It had to happen now,
too ... just when their daughter Jeanie was getting old enough to
require less parental attention from Fran ... just when Fran was
beginning to feel that she could breathe again. She'd been considering
getting a job, something glamorous which would require her to go into
New York fairly often, something which would allow her to escape from
the dull Queens community of bored housewives and uninteresting

Now, of course, all her plans were ruined. There'd be another mouth to
feed, more meals to cook ... and men were helpless in the kitchen, or
at least she'd never met one who wasn't. Fran knew for a fact that
Brint's younger brother was a spoiled brat, even though he was 20 years
old by now, and she knew that he would expect to be waited on hand and
foot, just as her husband himself did!

"Damn!" she cursed under her breath, feeling annoyed because she felt
that Brint hadn't even heard her. He was in the bathroom running the
water, brushing his teeth probably, and what did he care what she
thought anyway? She banged the brush down on the table top and
brusquely moved her chair back, all noises which she subconsciously
hoped would reach her husband's ears.

Standing up, Fran took in the image of herself in the lovely long satin
nightgown which she'd bought herself in Bonwit's during a secret
shopping trip she'd made into the city. It was creamy beige and showed
every single curve she had, including the soft uplift of her well-
shaped, rounded breasts with their tiny nipples protruding saucily and,
when she turned around, the soft dimpling of her lightly quivering
buttocks, smooth yet pleasantly supple.

Yes ... it was still a very, very good figure, she reminded herself
once more, even if the only person who got to appreciate it these days
was her husband Brint! Instinctively, Fran struck a pose for her own
benefit, remembering the cooing encouragement of the long-gone
photographers. One of them especially would say such wicked things to
her, things that made her respond exactly the way he wanted her to, and
the pictures had turned out to be the best she'd ever taken. She still
had them in her old portfolio and from time to time she took them out
and looked at them. Sometimes, too, she would even think about the time
that same photographer - Giuliano was his name - had gone farther than
usual ... much farther ... and they had made long and passionate love
right there on the floor amidst the tripods and the lights and the
photo paper. God, it had been wonderful!

Fran still felt a twinge of guilt about it, even though thinking about
it excited and pleased her so much that she could go through a whole
day without getting depressed about the present boredom of her life.
After all, she told herself, she had no reason to feel guilty. She'd
been single at the time, even though she was already going out with
Brint ... Brint who was hounding her and pestering her to give up

"What's that for?" Brint said, coming out of the bathroom and into the
large, comfortably furnished bedroom. He'd been looking at his wife's
outrageous stance for some moments before speaking, and he felt he had
to say something that would let her know just how ridiculous he thought
she looked.

Fran jumped at the sound of her husband's voice and turned to face him
defensively. "Can't you make some noise when you enter the room?" she
asked. "I'm entitled to some privacy, you know ... I'm a person too."
She was going to say more, but thought better of it at the moment.
Nevertheless, Brint saw that she was in the mood for a fight, and
coincidentally, he felt in the mood for one too. He'd heard her
slamming things around in the bedroom, and the telltale signs of her
anger had not been lost on him. He hadn't been married to Fran for over
eleven years without beginning to understand some things about her
anyway, even if many of those things were purely surface

"Anybody who goes around striking idiotic poses in front of a mirror
needs privacy!" he replied. "If you only knew what you looked like, you
wouldn't do it!"

Fran's patrician, almost perfect features became transformed by her
sudden rage. "I can see perfectly well what I look like!" she replied.

"Oh yeah ..." Brint scoffed, moving over to the bed, wearing only his
pajama bottoms, his dark hair-covered chest bare as were his feet. His
teeth were clean, and he felt at peace with himself, ready for a good

"And for your information some of the world's best photographers have
liked what they've seen ... and if I were still working, I'd make more
money in a day than you do in a week!" Fran picked up the brush again
and brandished it dramatically.

Brint slipped under the covers, his face composed in the most insolent
expression he could manage. "Working at what? Screwing? I know those
'world's best photographers' - just the world's horniest cocks, if you
ask me. I'll bet you miss it!"

"How dare you ... how dare you even dare say something like that!" Fran
sputtered, thoroughly enraged, groping for a reply that would wipe that
expression from Brint's handsome, even-featured face. "Besides, what
about you ... you and that ... that whore you used to go out with! The
bleached blonde with the bad legs. Besides, you might be wishing I were
still working, since we're going to have your brother living with us!
He eats like a horse, judging from the last time he came to dinner. I
couldn't believe my eyes!"

Brint's face colored, the combined effect of Fran's insults to his old
girl friend and his brother sending him into a near fury. It had all
been very controlled up to now, and he'd been enjoying himself. Now, it
was no longer a question of enjoying himself by getting Fran's goat ...
he was legitimately angry with her.

The cords in his neck tensed as he spat out his reply. "You bitch! That
whore I was going out with had better legs than you do ... plus she was
a better piece of ass than you are!"

"Then why didn't you marry her? I'm sure we'd both be much happier! Why
don't you look her up right now ... I'm sure she's working in the
nearest whorehouse somewhere!"

Fran hastily began backing up as Brint jumped out of bed. She saw that
she'd really gone too far, and regretted having brought the whole thing
to this point. When her husband lost his temper she was really afraid
of him, and she could see that he wanted to kill her now. He came
toward her with his fists clenched, and Fran backed steadily toward the
far wall.

"Let me alone ... let me alone, Brint!" she warned.

"You little cunt! You couldn't even get a job now if you wanted to -
29's about retirement time in the modeling business, ain't it?" He
grinned evilly, certain that his reference to his wife's age had
sufficiently wounded her to get even. He was right. He could see her
crumbling inside as she backed against the wall, and he felt a moment
of triumph. That would teach her to mess with him! An inexplicable
surge of excitement, similar to what hunters must feel when they've
made their kill, coursed through his body, and he realized that he had
a huge throbbing erection. And he knew just what he wanted to do about

Fran sobbed, but refused to be cowed. She kept looking at her husband
warily, but through tear-filled eyes. How she hated him! How she hated
his guts! To think that she had stayed with him all these years ...
borne his child, served him meals, taken care of him when he was sick,
given him encouragement when he was having business problems ... and
all for what? So he could talk to her like this ... humiliate her like

"Come here!" Brint growled. He let his eyes fall upon the open cleavage
of his wife's nightgown. The creamy white curves of her naked breasts
showed clearly, and he longed to touch them, to feel their soft
firmness in his hands, to suck upon his wife's throbbing little
nipples. She never failed to excite him, although for some reason he
tried to keep this secret from her. He would take her surlily,
brusquely, almost as though he didn't care, as if he didn't even like
her sometimes ... when in reality he felt almost addicted to her great
beauty, controlled by it in such a way, that he never wanted her to
know it.

"No!" she replied. The disturbed young blonde could see the look in his
eye, and the knowledge that he wanted her sent a sudden thrill racing
through her. She felt a trifle stronger with the recognition that he
was attracted to her, and she straightened up a bit as her young
husband growled:

"Then take that nightgown off. What you need is a good fuck - that'll
shut you up. That's what most women need!"

"That's what you think!" she replied testily. "For all you know about

"Oh ... I know a thing or two," Brint replied. He hated it when she
implied that there might be something he didn't understand about women
... something secret, impenetrable. It made him feel insecure, and when
he was insecure he was at his nastiest.

He reached out for her and let his two hands plunder the softly
yielding flesh of her breasts, sharply pulling down the straps of her
satin gown so that she was naked to his fervent touching, his
lascivious gaze. In spite of herself, Fran could feel the hot sparks of
lust tracing from his fingers on the heated silk surfaces of her
breasts to every part of her trembling body. She could feel her gown
slipping all the way down and off, and temporarily willing to give up
the fight she stepped out of it and stood completely naked, a pale-
skinned goddess before him. She wanted to wield this power over him, to
feel him ache with desire for her, to know that she was still beautiful
... that other men would think so too, even though she might not want
to be unfaithful to her husband.

Take me, she thought, take me and none of this will matter ... Love me!

"Come ..." Gruffly, Brint led her to the bed and hurriedly untied his
pajama string. His pants fell to the ground, revealing the heavy-veined
hardness of his cock jutting straight out, quivering with anticipation.

Fran lay down on the bed seductively, waiting to feel Brint's hard
throbbing masculine cock ... soon it would insinuate itself into her
warm, waiting vaginal slit!

* * *

The little blonde girl padded barefoot down the hall. She'd often
listened at the door of her parents' bedroom while they quarreled, but
tonight she sensed with a feeling of impending excitement that
something different was going to happen. With her unusually analytical
brain, ten year old Jeanie had already decided as she sat with her ear
to the door that her mother and father were in pretty bad shape ...
psychologically at least. "Boy, do they need help!" she'd whispered to
herself under her breath, and she'd put her ear back at the door to
listen some more.

Jeanie went to a special school for "bright" children, although she
herself insisted it was ridiculous to send her to such a place since
she could do the same work herself at home easily. She intended to be a
psychiatrist when she grew up, a state that Jeanie calculated she would
reach in another two or three years. She carefully kept this from her
parents though, since she didn't want them to suspect that she would be
leaving home at that early age. It would be unfortunate if they tried
to spoil her plans.

Now, as the sounds of shouting subsided, Jeanie pressed her ear still
tighter against the door. There was one area in which Jeanie felt her
education was sadly lacking, and her very fine instincts told her that
if she listened carefully she might supplement her sketchy knowledge
that very evening. Her father's voice drifted easily through the door
of the frame house in which Jeanie had lived all her life, and the ten
year old giggled inwardly as she heard him bellow out, "I'M GONNA FUCK

Inside the bedroom, never suspecting that her little daughter was
outside the door listening intently to her intimate cries, Fran
cringed. It was going to be one of those nights. Brint was in a
terrible mood and nothing she could do would snap him out of it at this
point. So unlike Giuliano ... Giuliano with the soft purring voice and
the soothing hands, she thought.

Brint thought he was going to be in pretty rough shape if he didn't
soon cram his heavily aching cock high up into his wife's tight little
belly. Christ, she was gorgeous just lying there like that! Those tits
of hers sticking straight up in the air were so tempting that he wanted
to bite the goddamned tips off! And that silken cream-white skin and
those angelic features of hers ... what a face ... and what a body! It
drove him crazy to think that she'd ever made love with another man,
and he intended to make certain now that she stayed his ... his woman
... his property!

Brint lay down roughly on top of his wife's nakedly exposed body, his
lust-hardened cock nudging against the softness of her flat white
belly, pushing into it so that she cried out in momentary pain.

"Brint ... can't you be gentle ... can't you?"

"You got to let me do it the way I got to do it!" Brint replied. He
hated suggestions. Any indication that she wanted him to do something
other than what he was doing made him feel insecure and angry. His
voice was strained and heavy with desire for his voluptuous blonde wife
who trembled beneath him, afraid now to get her hopes up about just
what this sexual encounter would bring her in the way of actual

Abruptly, Brint's hands found their way to her firm full breasts again,
fondling and squeezing the ripely swelling mounds as he ground his
tensed body nakedly against hers.

"Come on, baby ... come on! Loosen up!" he breathed into his wife's
parted lips. Then he stopped, disgusted by her lack of response. "Oh
come on! Get up on your knees! Roll over!" he commanded in a harsh
voice, his hands roughly turning Fran around as he knelt back on the
bed behind her. The young husband lifted his wife's nakedly unresisting
loins, positioning her on all fours and holding onto her shapely hips
with a firm grasp so that the full tantalizing whiteness of Fran's
smoothly rounded buttocks was placed temptingly up in the air.

The lovely blonde blushed fiercely, a mixture of anger and
embarrassment taking hold of her as the desire she'd felt ebbed rapidly
away. She felt like nothing so much as a huge life-sized doll, being
manipulated into this lewd servile position! It was humiliating and
awful and for a moment she recalled something her mother once told her:
"Men ... they're all animals ... nothing but animals!"

Fran had resisted believing this, but now in the face of her husband's
terrible insensitivity to her needs, she could not help remembering her
mother's words. A shudder went through her nakedly kneeling body as she
realized that she was really like a slave, utterly at her husband's
mercy. She knew that if she tried to stop him now he would accuse her
of not satisfying his needs - even if he never said it, he would think
it. God, she wanted to satisfy him, but not like this ... definitely
not like this!

Her husband's breath was coming in great gasps behind her now and she
strained forward, instinctively tightening her thighs together, the
muscles in her lithe young body taut as she anticipated what he was
going to do. His hands reached around beneath her hips and teased hotly
at the softly swinging mounds of her breasts, cupping them upward and
rolling the stiff little nipples between his fingers. In spite of
herself, Fran jumped at the contact, her breasts had always been
unusually sensitive and Brint always took full advantage of this fact.
He continued rolling and teasing at their pearl-shaped tips while he
shuffled forward behind her on his knees, the rigid tip of his cock
pressing deep into the softly yielding crevice between her open

"Ooooooh God!" Fran moaned helplessly, feeling it pulsing licentiously
against her exposed flesh as she ground unwillingly back against it.
His hands on her full breasts were beginning to drive her mad, and the
excited blonde squirmed backward in an unwittingly erotic motion. She
didn't want to enjoy this lewd performance, to lower herself to the
level of a common slut before her own husband, but tiny electric shocks
of unwanted pleasure were spiking out from her nipples and stabbing
hotly through the rest of her nakedly quivering body with a lightning-
like speed. Fran suddenly felt obscenely naked ... more naked, in fact,
than she had ever felt before. Bits and snatches of the argument she'd
just had with Brint returned to her mind, and she thought resentfully
of the things he had said, especially the unkind reference to her age!
And here she was now being exposed to that crude animal-like streak of
his, the very thing about him that she had come to loathe! She felt his
hands slip downward from her breasts, trailing hot lines along the
trimness of her naked sides, encircling her narrow waist and then
pausing to grip the tops of her soft white thighs, tightening his
fingers and digging painfully into her sensitive flesh.

"Give me that hand!" he suddenly whispered.


"I said ... your hand ... reach back between your legs and put your
hand on my cock ... put it in!"

"Brint ... I can't ... don't ask me ..."

"Oh shit, Fran, come on! Reach behind and put it in!" he panted

Fran groaned, and finally in desperation and hoping to end the whole
ordeal sooner, she reached back between her parted legs and closed her
hand over her husband's hotly pulsating penis. It felt so big! Somehow
it seemed bigger than she had ever known it to be, and even though she
felt it must be her imagination, she still suspected that it might be
true. Tonight would mark the turning point in their relationship in
some manner ... tonight was different! She felt that she just couldn't
take all of him inside her from behind like this. Usually they made
love in the more normal positions, but sometimes Brint got something
crazy like this into his head. For a moment she thought of Giuliano ...
he'd had unusual ideas too, but somehow with him it had all seemed
normal and natural, not hideously demeaning like this.

"It's going to go in too far!" she gasped fearfully.

Brint ignored his wife's statement and squeezed his fingers at the top
of her cringing thighs, a signal that he was just about fed up with
waiting for her to comply with his wishes. After all, he thought, it
wasn't often that he asked her to do something different. He squeezed
again, this time bringing a slight whimper of pain and indignation from
Fran's lips.

Tearfully, even bitterly she placed her husband's heavy, blunt-tipped
cock-head against the tight elastic opening of her nakedly trembling
cuntal slit. She bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying in
earnest, but even so she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes.
Behind her, Brint's thickly probing cock began a slow, teasing grinding
motion against her open vaginal lips, moving about in such a fashion
that he exposed the hidden moisture up between them and forced the
quivering lips wide open with a heavy inward pressure.

"Oooooooo!" Fran cried, her fingers still holding tight around the
invading thickness of her husband's lust-swollen cock.

"OOOOOooo God!" she groaned out again through tightly clenched teeth.
It was forcing its way up inside the fearfully resisting ring of her
cringing vaginal passage, moving steadily inward, the harsh
determination of his cock stretching the tender hair-fringed lips of
Fran's widespread pussy until she could feel the full blood-engorged
thickness slithering almost unimpeded up into her warmly pulsing

The huge bulbous head of his penis was pushing the pink inner flesh of
her helplessly open cunt along in front of it in tiny rippling waves,
each ripple causing Fran an acute discomfort that made her moan out

"God, darling ... not like this!" she pleaded. "Let me turn over ...
let me turn over now ... on my back," she cried.

But it was no use. Her fingers now locked tightly into the crumpled
bedsheet before her as she tried to maintain some kind of balance, some
kind of dignity in the face of what was being done to her defenseless
body. She could hear Brint panting like a wildly excited male animal
behind her, and she couldn't help thinking of a dog ... a big,
frightening dog attacking her sexually! He was pressing his hips
heavily into her upthrust buttocks, his hard advancing cock driving
deep, deep into her open vaginal mouth, impaling her cruelly from

Fran's lips opened and closed in helpless torment. Her whole nakedly
kneeling body trembled in helpless humiliation. It was horrible! It
felt as though he had penetrated much farther than was healthy or
normal. She moaned and turned her head into the already damp sheet
beneath her, breathing a staccato rhythm into the bed. Her heart
pounded wildly and wisps of her blonde hair clung to the moist flesh of
her cheeks as well as her neck and naked white shoulders.

She would leave him ... she could never live with a man like this ...
take this kind of treatment ... listen to his degrading words! She'd go
and get work again ... she knew she could ... she'd show him! She'd
make him crawl to get her back!

But these resentful thoughts didn't continue much longer. The teasing
ravishment of her widespread pussy was beginning to be too much for the
distraught young wife. Instead of pounding into her as she had thought
he would, Brint changed his tactics and began to fuck his desire-
hardened penis in a teasingly slow rhythm, churning and flexing his
long hard cock piston-like inside her moistly clinging vagina.

"AH!" she gasped. "Don't stop ... don't ever stop!"

Excited by his wife's growing arousal, Brint began to fuck more and
more intensely in and out of the tightly clasping, throbbing pussy that
now welcomed his penetrating cock. He had an outrageous feeling of
power ... of absolute manliness! With longer and harder lunges, Brint
buffeted up against Fran's now hotly grinding buttocks, his spear-like
penis disappearing each time into the utmost depths of his beautiful,
slavishly kneeling wife's now hungrily accepting little belly.

"OH CHRIST BABY, IT'S GOOD!" he cried, his thick fingers gripping
harder around the nakedly straining thighs that had appeared in so many
bathing suit ads, feeling the soft unresisting flesh giving way beneath
his pressuring. Brint could feel his impossibly hard cock growing
tighter and stiffer with each brutal thrust, and low grunts of pleasure
emanated from deep in his throat. She was really with it tonight ...
tonight his wife's hot little cunt was really getting it ... he was
fucking her where it counted!

Kneeling before him, Fran struggled helplessly with her passion and the
almost overwhelming feeling of shame that alternated with it. She
thought that she had never before felt her husband so deep inside her,
and she was unable now to control the passion surging through her
involuntarily writhing body.

Brint pressed slowly outward with his thumbs to stretch the softly
undulating moons of his wife's naked white buttocks wider apart,
watching the pink wet folds of her unresisting blonde hair-trimmed cunt
as they clung tightly around his rampaging cock. He knew that he'd
never fucked her this deep before, and somehow he reveled in the fact.
It was a milestone in their marriage, a point for him in their
relationship. Maybe she'd calm down a little after this!

Grinning triumphantly to himself, he levered his pelvis forward,
lifting himself up a little and letting the hard plunging shaft of his
deeply skewering penis slip finally into the last remaining inch of
Fran's vaginal sheath, feeling the over-stimulated tip of it sink all
the way back into her openly accepting pussy.

Then, grinding his hips tightly up against the smooth quivering flesh
of her buttocks, he rotated the thickly probing head around deep up
inside, enlarging even more the tightly enclosing passage of her cunt
until he suddenly felt his wife go to pieces beneath him. She squeezed
the petal-like lips of her hotly clenching cunt elastically around the
base of his heavily tingling cock, sending tiny pinpricks of lewd
sensual delight shattering through his heavy, sperm laden testicles.
Pulsing with untoward pleasure, his lustfully throbbing penis felt at
home in the snug wetness of Fran's tightly encasing pussy. Fran opened
and closed her eyes, lost in a daze of sudden all-consuming passion.
Unmindful now of her lewd, servile position, she spread her eagerly
welcoming thighs still wider apart, moving her knees way out on the
bouncing bed. The excited young blonde could feel her breasts pressing
erotically down into the crumpled sheet beneath her. She could feel
their nipples hard and erect as she was buffeted forward along the
covers by each advancing thrust of her husband's tirelessly pistoning
cock. The smooth rubbery head of his penis grated teasingly against the
tip of her cervix, creating a mindlessly rising joy within her that she
never wanted to stop. Nothing mattered now but the incredible sensation
of wild ecstatic pleasure coursing through her nakedly responding body.
Never would she have dreamed she would respond in such a crude manner,
but now she found she actually wanted to be taken this way ... wanted
him to have complete control of her body. It was a welcome release, a
release that made her realize that she was suddenly and uncontrollably
cumming, her crazily convulsing cunt pulsing with a lust-consuming

"I'm there ... OH GOD, BRINT! I'M THERE!" she cried out, lifting her
head so that the tendons on her neck stood out taut and tight. Behind
her Brint gritted his teeth and let his heavy body drop hard down onto
her, mashing her onto the bed but holding her desperately grinding
loins back up at a high angle to his still thrusting cock. Like a
madman, he plunged into her waiting pussy, making his wife cry aloud
again at his force.

"Yeah ... yeah ... Give it to me! Give me your cum!" he cried. The huge
fleshy hardness of his speeding penis moved ever upward as his sperm-
bloated balls smacked heavily into the wetness of her widespread hair-
lined cunt. Together they ground nakedly against each other, his
driving penis slithering up to be devoured completely within the tight
confines of Fran's wildly climaxing pussy. The hot wet walls of Fran's
golden cunt clasped and unclasped, milking hungrily and desperately at
his lust-maddened cock as she groaned out her pleasure. Brint could
feel his semen beginning to spurt forward, his cock becoming a burning
hot shaft of ecstatic sensation.

"AAAAAAAAAH! GOOOOOOOOD! GOOD PUSSSSSSSY!" he grunted lewdly, feeling
his wife's orgasmic juices gushing wetly around his powerful cock,
meeting his own and flowing down the full length of the throbbing
hardness to trickle onto the swaying sac of his rapidly emptying

Fran was whimpering and squirming, her body hot with perspiration
beneath her husband, relishing and delighting in the filling sensation
of Brint's powerful squirts of white male cum.

"Oooooohhhhhh, Brint, Brint!" she cried. She was being drained of
everything, she thought in one brief flash, her pride included. But
God, it was good ... so very good!

As Fran lay spread-eagled beneath her dark-haired young husband, face
down, lying on her sperm-flooded belly, she felt his heavily perspiring
nakedness lift off her. Her legs were wide open and drenched with cum,
and beneath her on the bed she could feel a disconcerting pool of wet
stickiness. Her blonde hair was a tangled mass around her head, but
inside she felt an unprecedented contentment ... a reaffirmation of her
power as a woman ... a feeling that if she could inspire such an
emotion-packed and powerful act, she could perhaps do anything,
anything she wanted to do! She lay quietly breathing, listening to the
sounds of her husband moving about in the bathroom. She wanted to think
more about it all, about her new state of mind ... but she was so
exhausted that she could feel sleep rapidly advancing upon her.

There would be plenty of time to think things through tomorrow ...
plenty of time!

Fran felt herself lapsing into a contented sleep. To think that she had
been so filled with hatred for her husband such a short while before,
and all because of that silly business about his brother coming for a
visit. It seemed to her suddenly that it wouldn't be at all as bad as
she was making it out to be. Perhaps she could even turn her brother-
in-law Morgan's arrival into something beneficial for her! The tingling
pleasure that still pervaded her loins colored her mental state, and
feeling nothing but optimism for the future, Fran fell into blissful

* * *

"Whew!" Little Jeanie got up from the floor of the hall, her knees
aching from the long moments she'd been in one cramped position
crouched before her parents' bedroom door. It seemed to her that her
ear was burning so much it might fall off, and as she wandered in a
trancelike state back to her own room, the precocious ten year old
muttered odd snatches of sentences to herself. Her slight, youthful
body was trembling as she entered the privacy of her room and headed
toward her own bed.

"If only I'd known ..." she said to herself, "that they had that
between them. Why, it explains ... it explains everything!"

Dreamily, Jeanie undid the robe she wore over her white nightgown and
jumped into bed, pulling the covers up over her blonde head. Beneath
the sheets she was aware as if for the first time of her own pubescent
body, aware of the subtle changes that had just started within her,
changes that now made more sense than ever before! The tiny swellings
of her breasts, so sore to the touch and tender, did not seem so much
of a bother as before, and now she understood why her mother had
expressed surprise at noting that she was "developing early". Most of
the girls in her class didn't have any breasts at all yet, except for
Cindy, of course, who already wore a brassiere.

Over and over again the young girl repeated the phrases she'd heard her
mother and father utter during the throes of their passion together. It
was as if they were magical chants ... magical in the sense that they
would bring the same obvious pleasure and excitement to Jeanie herself.
And this, she knew now, was what she wanted more than anything else in
the world. She wanted to experience the same ecstasy that her mother
knew, to invade the secret world of sexuality that all adults kept as
private knowledge from children! There would be no more of that!

"Oooooh don't stop ... don't ever stop!" she mimicked her mother,
softly cooing to herself and feeling an undeniable thrill deep within
her soft, untouched ten year old belly. Somehow Jeanie knew that life
would be more worthwhile from now on ... life would be worth living!

Chapter 2

Morgan smiled, the bright winning professionally "natural" smile that
he knew usually got him anything he wanted. It was Saturday and little
Jeanie was home from school. With her characteristic impulsiveness, the
little girl threw open the door to greet her uncle.

"Hi!" she cried. "Come on in ... are we ever expecting you!"

Morgan entered, a handsome, dark-haired twenty year old, ten years
younger than his brother Brint but endowed with the same casual good
looks, the same lazy manner which was pushed to an unfortunate extreme,
seemingly by his youth and the fact that he was the baby of the family.

"Hi, Jeanie ... what's happening, kitten ... where's your Ma and, Pa?"
Morgan didn't particularly look forward to staying with his brother and
sister-in-law, but it served his purposes at the time.

Having had the misfortune of losing his job with the airlines at the
same time that he was evicted from his apartment in the city meant that
he had to hole up somewhere for awhile. Living with Brint and Fran and
their bratty kid, Jeanie, would be better than living at home with his
folks. He knew that his mother couldn't dream of anything more
wonderful than having him home again, but he did not want to go through
having to keep ridiculous hours, put up with boring comments about the
length of his hair, and all the rest that went with living at home

At least here he would have a measure of freedom until he could figure
out just what he wanted to do next.

"Ma's in the kitchen, and Daddy's gone into the office this morning,"
Jeanie replied, carefully taking in the nattily dressed figure of her
young uncle. She hadn't seen him in several months, and she certainly
hadn't seen him since her new "knowledge". The "knowledge" was what she
called the budding awakening of her senses. As Morgan made his way to
the kitchen, after depositing his two bags on the living room floor,
Jeanie wondered just how much of the "knowledge" her handsome uncle had
indulged in! From the looks of him, she felt that he had done quite a
bit of dabbling, and she was determined at once to use him in her great
quest for learning. She figured that it ought to be pretty easy to wind
him around her little finger. He looked very sure of himself, but
Jeanie had already learned that people who looked that way were very
often just the opposite. If this proved to be true in her uncle's case,
she hoped she would soon be able to extract from him everything that
she needed to complete her studies in the field of adult sensuality.

Gleefully, Jeanie ran up to her room, where she made certain notes to
this effect in a small black book that she kept for such momentous

Morgan, walking silently and cat-like, surprised Fran in the kitchen
where she was bending over cleaning the oven, cursing and chewing
herself out for having started the job in the first place rather than
leaving it to the maid who came in once a week anyway. She had read a
book once that said that women responded to satisfying sexual lives by
feeling an urge to tidy up, and she wondered if this was why she'd
suddenly decided to do the stove herself. Was it because of Brint's
wonderful love-making the night before? It seemed ridiculous, but
perhaps there was something to it. In any case, by the time her
brother-in-law entered, any such homey urge had completely burned
itself out within the grime-besmirched confines of the oven, despite
the fact that the oven cleanser promised a clean, quick, and effortless

"Oh ... you scared me!" she cried when she felt Morgan's touch upon her
back. She straightened up, annoyed that she had been surprised in such
an unglamorous stance by the young man who was her husband's brother.
She hated surprises of any kind, and the fact that she knew that Morgan
was now arriving to stay for some time did not add to her joy in seeing

"Hi, beautiful ... you've got dirt on your nose!" Morgan leaned forward
and kissed his older sister-in-law affectionately on the cheek,
sniffing appreciatively at her perfume. Fran was aware of the strong
scent of after-shave lotion, and felt instantly repelled by it and by
her young brother-in-law. She tried to smile nonetheless, and to greet
him as cordially as possible. She pulled back from Morgan as hastily as
she could, turning to begin busily washing her hands in the sink.
"Well, Morgan ... so you've arrived. I don't have to show you to your
room, do I? It's the same one you've stayed in before."

"Sure, sis ..." Morgan leaned against the wall, grinning and appraising
his pretty sister-in-law's figure while she wasn't looking at him.

"How're things with you, Morgan ... looking for a new job?"

"Oh yeah ... but I get unemployment, you know ... no sense rushing

Fran could feel herself flushing with anger. As far as she was
concerned, there was every reason to "rush" things. "Well, I'm sure
you'll be wanting to get another apartment. A young man like you, after
all ... you don't want to live with us old fuddy-duddys forever!"

Morgan laughed, an easy good-natured laugh. "You and Brint? Fuddy-
duddy? Don't kid me ... I know you two ... you're probably out swinging
every night, and when you're not, I bet you're swinging at home!"

Fran blushed and turned to look at Morgan. She wasn't sure just what he
meant by "swinging", but it didn't sound quite right to her. "Really,
Morgan ..." she said in a discouraging tone. Her hand went up to push a
wisp of long blonde hair that had fallen forward into her face.

"You've still got a smudge on your nose," Morgan declared.

"Thanks ..." Tight-lipped with rage, Fran brushed past her husband's
brother, already annoyed with herself for over-reacting to his brash
manners when she had already promised herself that she wouldn't.

Alone in the kitchen, Morgan looked around at the bright yellow decor
and headed for the refrigerator. He found a quart container of orange
juice and drank almost half of it straight from the carton. Then he
opened up the frostless freezer compartment, and seeing three cartons
of frozen fried clams he set them out for his lunch.

Then, whistling contentedly to himself, he strolled back into the
living room, flicked on the large color television set there and looked
in on one of his favorite morning quiz programs. Working for the
airlines had gotten him used to a varied schedule, and there had been
many mornings when he looked at television before heading off to the
ticket office at the terminal where he presented a crisp and efficient
image of responsibility to his unsuspecting customers. Hardly any of
them would have suspected that this very same neatly uniformed young
man had spent the entire evening sandwiched nakedly between two
writhing young beauties, or that he had been thoroughly ensconced in
the midst of nine or ten men and women of various ages, all of whom
were bent upon exploring each and every orifice that the others

For Morgan could always manage to look as though a licentious thought
had never crossed his mind, a talent that had gotten him in and out of
many precarious situations.

He was sitting there watching the almost day-glo colors of the TV set
when he heard Fran coming down the stairs behind him. Turning, he saw
that she had changed into a tailored pants suit of what Morgan termed
"PanAm blue" because it resembled the color of the stewardesses
uniforms of that airline. He noticed in a glance that she had taken
care of the smudge on her nose, and as her eyes met his, Morgan felt an
inexplicable excitement that he'd never before felt regarding his
sister-in-law. There was something different about her this time, he
thought to himself as he turned back to the set. She had that same look
that he'd seen on the girls' faces after they left his apartment at
some outrageous hour of the morning or afternoon, after they'd been
thoroughly fucked by one or more good hard cocks!

This reflection had the effect of sending a surge of tingling
excitement throughout his system, and Morgan felt his young cock
pulsing with hardness. If he could manage to get under his beautiful
sister-in-law's skin without hardly trying, just what might happen if
he really put his mind to it?

* * *

Entry number 235, Log 3, Notes on Project X: - June 5 - Uncle Morgan
has been here two weeks now. Plans to reach fruition tonight when Mom
and Dad go out. From all tests, I feel certain Uncle Morgan will turn
out to be a perfect subject!

Jeanie completed her daily entry, in the little black notebook and
closed it thoughtfully, placing the book on the secret shelf she had
created beneath her desk. Then she ran to the mirror where she once
more ascertained that she was getting lovelier and lovelier by the day.
She was very pleased with the progress her small budding breasts were
making, and hardly a moment went by that she wasn't aware of their
tender tips brushing against the fabric of her T-shirt. Hurriedly, she
pulled down the faded jeans that she usually wore, revealing to her own
reflection the sight of her almost bare, faintly hair-fringed pussy.

Her fingers went tentatively down to touch the baby mound of feminine
flesh. "Oh, hurry up, will you!" she urged impatiently, longing for the
day when this tight untried little cunt would be covered with silken
gold hair like her mother's.

Just that very morning, Jeanie had surprised her mother in the shower
precisely so that she could see and compare her mother's sleek
nakedness to her own. The comparison had depressed her considerably,
but it had only served to increase her determination. She would go on
with the experiment. More than likely, once something had actually
happened to her she would begin to develop more quickly! The thought
was encouraging, and when the bright ten year old learned that her
parents were planning to attend a party that very evening and that her
twenty year old Uncle Morgan was planning on staying at home, she
decided that she could wait no longer.

It was almost 8:30 now, and Jeanie knew that her parents would be
leaving fairly soon for the party. The rest was up to her! She shimmied
into a short mini-skirt that she felt showed off the precocious curves
of her slender thighs and calves, and then elected not to wear panties.
After all, she'd just have to take them off again!

She was sure that Uncle Morgan was interested ... at least a little bit
... and she thought about this as she brushed her blonde hair and put
on the subtle make-up that she had decided would make her more
attractive to the young man.

He had responded quite well the other day when she'd been bouncing up
and down on his lap, for example. He'd tried to stop her, but she'd
playfully insisted on continuing, especially when she began to feel the
stiff hardness beginning to form within the split of her young buttocks
as she wriggled and squealed on his lap ... exactly as though she were
a normal silly ten year old.

As it got harder and harder, she'd noticed that Morgan's efforts to
stop her became more and more feeble. She could see his face turning
beet red, and then when she'd put her hand down on the thick hard bulge
in his pants and asked, "What's this?", he'd almost had a fit. It had
been very amusing, especially when he'd pushed her off onto the floor
and told her it was nothing that she would be interested in!

He was wrong. She was very interested in that hardness between her
uncle's legs ... particularly in the fact that she could create it,
make it hard when it had been soft before.

She knew all about the theory, of course. She'd read many books on the
subject, and the workings of the erectile tissue in a man's penis were
scarcely a mystery to her. And yet, the actual physical contact was far
more exciting than she had anticipated.

Jeanie's deep blue eyes sparkled as she promised herself that when she
returned to her room later that evening, she would have achieved at
least part of her plan. She would no longer be untouched down there
between her soft little legs. Her soft-lipped baby cunt was going to
get some of the experience it craved, or her name wasn't Jeanie Cooper!

* * *

Morgan lounged disconsolately in the living room. The party he'd been
planning to attend that evening had been called off, and he was
particularly annoyed since it meant that he'd have to wait that much
longer before he could alleviate the building desire that had been
growing stronger and stronger within him. Now that he found he could
not initiate any of the "group" parties of which he was so fond, Morgan
found that he was somewhat excluded from being invited to any. Not one
to get involved with any special girl, he hadn't bothered cultivating
what he could call a girl friend, and all things said, he had been two
weeks now without any outlet for his sexual tensions.

And Morgan had found these tensions to be considerable, since for some
reason he couldn't even explain adequately to himself he couldn't stop
fantasizing about his sister-in-law since the moment he'd walked into
the house.

Fran had grown colder and colder to him, and he found it impossible to
refrain from teasing her and making her upset with him in any way he
could manage. It had become a great source of pleasure to him to see
her blush and turn away from him, or to hear her terse voice struggling
to be polite with him when he knew she longed to slap his face. In
addition, it was stimulating to Morgan to be establishing a secret kind
of relationship with his brother's wife. His brother, Brint, he
considered to have become even more pompous than usual. The big time
executive! He was always lording it over his younger brother, implying
that Morgan would never amount to much, certainly would never rise to
become the assistant manager of a big department store like Brint was!
Big deal! Morgan felt his brother deserved any problems that he could
create for him ... certainly he didn't deserve a gorgeous creature like
Fran for a wife!

Now he heard a clatter on the stairs, and turned to see his brother
coming down dressed to the teeth, followed by Fran who looked angelic
in a white silk dress that barely touched her exquisitely shaped knees.

Jesus ... would I like to get into that little blonde pussy of hers! he
thought, feeling his thickening cock throbbing in agreement. Fran
steadfastly looked the other way as she came into the living room.

She hardly ever looked at her brother-in-law directly anymore. All she
wanted to do was to get out of the house without having to have any
confrontation with him at all.

"Well, don't you guys look snazzy!" Morgan said. "Wish I were going

"Sorry ... this is invitation only, Mo," Brint's voice sounded smug and
self-satisfied, and once more Morgan felt a surge of loathing for his

"Oh, that's okay, Brint. You know I wouldn't want to shock your friends
by going, anyway. After all, what am I? ... just a lowly ex-airline
employee ..."

Brint started to say something, but decided against it.

"Well, we'd better get going. Come on, Fran ... ready?"

Fran was already on her way out the door, and Brint followed. From the
top of the stairs a small voice called out to them, "Bye, Mommie and
Daddy ... Have a good time!"

"You bet, chicken!" Brint didn't even bother to look in the direction
of the stairs, but Fran did. As she threw her daughter a kiss, she
noticed that the little girl seemed to be all dressed up, rather than
ready for bed. But the door was closing behind them, and she was
already looking forward to the party, a coveted invitation from the
Sandwells who lived far out on the tip of Long Island. She knew she
looked beautiful that night, and welcomed the opportunity to get away
from the house and her insidious brother-in-law. This was the kind of
life she ought to be leading, she decided as Brint helped her into the
car, and feeling sleek and satiny, surrounded by the lush scent of her
own perfume, she sank back in the passenger seat of the Buick and
waited to be whisked to the party.

It never occurred to the stunning young housewife to wonder just why
her ten year old daughter was dolled up like a seventeen year old. She
had more important things to think about at the moment.

* * *

"Hi ..." Jeanie entered swaying her small but already curvaceous hips
and stood defiantly between her twenty year old uncle and the
television set. "Is that all you ever do ... watch the boob tube?" she
asked, tossing her long blonde hair seductively.

"Sometimes ..." Morgan answered surlily. He was still smarting over his
brother's remark about the party being invitational. "Anyway, what's it
to you?" He wished the little brat would leave him alone. As it was,
he'd already noticed that she seemed to want to hang around him,
pestering him with silly questions, seemingly unaware of the fact that
he didn't want to be bothered.

"I'm worried about your mind, Morgan!" Jeanie declared, refusing to
budge. "And your body too," she added pointedly.

"Screwy kid!" Morgan said. But he was remembering how she'd sat in his
lap that day ... the afternoon when they'd been all alone in the house,
and he as usual had been thinking about her mother, Fran. The little
girl had wriggled and wriggled and he'd felt himself growing more and
more excited, imagining somehow that it was Fran doing this to him,
rubbing up against his cock, wanting to make it good and hard so that
he could fuck her with it! But the reality of the fact was that it was
only Jeanie, little ten year old Jeanie who hardly had any tits, so
finally he'd stopped her. But Christ, he'd almost shot his entire load
right then and there!

Just thinking about it now was making him hornier than hell, and as he
glared at Jeanie who still stood between him and "Let's Make a Deal" on
the screen, he had a glimmer of an idea. It was a terrible idea, he
knew ... a really low idea ... and yet he couldn't put it out of his

Jeanie began to do a little jiggling dance there before him, and he
couldn't help noticing that her little breasts were bouncing beneath
the soft clinging blouse she wore, and that her legs were thin but
perfectly formed, as though she were already a tiny woman. Jeanie
hummed a tune to herself, and let her tiny pink tongue tip protrude
from her parted lips.

"What do you mean, you're worried about my body?" he asked her,
becoming interested in playing her game, or at least in finding out
just what it was for the first time.

"Well," Jeanie replied thoughtfully, "all you do is sit around. I mean,
I never see you doing anything else ... and bodies were meant to be
used. Do you always lead this kind of life? I mean, don't you ever go
out with girls or anything?"

"Sure I go out with girls," Morgan replied. Jeanie was twirling now
before him, somehow closer than before. If he wanted to he could reach
out and touch her. The end of her skirt flipped up and as she pivoted
neatly in front of him, he saw that the tender, almost hairless little
pussy that nestled between her young thighs was completely naked and

He could feel his adrenaline pumping, and a light film of sweat broke
out upon his brow. "What do you do with them?" Jeanie asked, moving
closer still.

Shit! Morgan thought, she's asking for it!

"Lots of things ..." Morgan answered, his eyes taking in the whole
appealing shape of his little niece. She was cute all right, there was
no doubt about that ... and the thought that her mother Fran had
probably looked just like this once added to the young man's
excitement. What would it be like to feel that little pussy slipping
over his finger? He bet that Jeanie would like it ... that she would
like it a lot!

"Tell me ...!" Jeanie implored, forming her gloss-covered pink lips
into a pout and standing, hands on hips, an inch from her uncle. She
could tell that her performance was having the desired effect just from
the look on Morgan's face, and as she glanced down to his lap, she
could see the telltale bulge in his pants. It was working ... so far it
was working very well!

"Uhhhh ..." Morgan hesitated.

"Show me!" Jeanie added boldly.

She's asked me ... she's forcing me into it! Morgan told himself, as
the last shreds of his hesitancy melted away. She was only ten years
old, for Chrissakes, and his own niece ... but he couldn't stop

"Come over to the couch and I'll show you," he said, his voice low with

"Oh, will you, Uncle Morgan?" Jeanie cried, her voice shrill with
excitement and a false little-girl tone.

Morgan didn't answer. There was a lump in his throat as he stood up.
Jeanie ran before him and sat upon the couch, her small pale legs
spread so that he could see directly between them, up under her skirt,
the glistening jewel of her baby cunt that seemed to beckon him on.

He was going to do it. He knew that he wouldn't be able to stop himself
now. She wanted it too bad ... and so, for that matter, did he!

The young uncle could feel his thick cock throbbing hotly in his pants
as he moved toward her. It ached unmercifully, and he thought about
what he could do. He didn't think he could get it inside her ... no,
not yet ... he couldn't do that ... but, by God, he'd think of

Jeanie reclined on the sofa, waiting, her eyes bright with emotion as
she saw her Uncle Morgan coming toward her. She could feel undeniable
thrills of desire coursing through her youthful loins as he bent over
her. The emotion she was feeling was being carefully analyzed by her
mind, and she felt a gnawing hunger inside her for the fruition of her
plans. She lay with her head back on the sofa, right there in her own
family living room, her eyes closing in mute submission to her uncle's
presence near her. Her ears seemed to be burning and every part of her
being was filled with anticipation. To her overwhelming joy, she felt
her slender legs being slowly spread apart, and her breath came in
jagged rushes as the soft exposed center of her down-covered pussy
pulsed excitedly.

OH GOD, WOULD HE NEVER TOUCH HER THERE? And then the ten year old felt
her uncle's thumbs pressing hard on her tender white thighs, pulling
her forward toward him.

Unexplainably, Morgan found the little girl's fully presented naked
hips and thighs far more beautiful than any grown woman he'd ever seen.
She had a grace about her, an inner passivity that excited him beyond
measure. This was going to be the most exciting thing he'd ever done
... and he'd done a lot of things! His face approached the pale naked
mound of child's flesh, the secret untouched "vee" of his little
niece's waiting pussy. Eagerly, he flicked out his tongue, parting the
thinly curling traces of pubic hair and penetrating the already softly
pulsating little slit of the ten year old's naked cunt.

"Aaaaaaa!" Jeanie cried, jerking a little at the unexpected wetness of
the hotly searing contact. Morgan held the little girl firm and wormed
his tongue slowly inward, making a sharp little spear with the tip of
it. It was soft and yet hard against her delicate cuntal flesh and the
seeping secret warmth of her excitedly aroused pussy surrounded his
protruding tongue.

"Ooooooooh!" she moaned, "Ooooooooh, Uncle Morgan!"

The rash young uncle savored the little girl's sexual flavor, rolling
his tongue about in the moist confines of the narrow pulsing lips of
her widely offered young pussy. She tasted damn good! He could feel her
whole body jerking and quivering with each teasing stroke of his tongue
up between her open thighs as he breathed deeply into the widespread
area of the ten year old's openly exposed cunt, letting the flat of his
tongue brush again and again over the rising hardness of her tiny
pulsating clitoris.

"Let me kiss it!" he muttered into her openly presented pussy. "Let me
kiss your little cunt good!"

Jeanie moaned her assent. She had never in her young life felt anything
so wonderful, so far beyond her wildest imaginings about what her first
real encounter would be like!

The soft trembling folds and crevices of the blonde little girl's
virgin pussy responded willingly to her uncle's expert tonguing, and
the young man could feel her getting wetter and wetter as she became
more and more aroused. Two small hands reached down and tangled in
Morgan's dark shaggy hair, tugging and pulling as the anguish of her
desire mounted moment by moment. Morgan mouthed the moist area of her
now hungrily straining pussy, noisily forming a gentle sucking action
by pursing his lips, creating lewd wet sounds, licking hungrily at the
morsel of her baby pussy, enjoying his sensual task as he waited for
her to reach completion for the very first time.

Morgan could feel his thickly swollen cock tensed and hard, wishing for
a turn at this delightfully fresh young pussy, wishing to crawl up
between those little legs and enter the secret tiny vagina that had
never known a man's thick hard cock before. Her excitedly straining
thighs were widespread on either side of his kneeling body as she
reclined upon the family sofa and let Morgan's hands move upward along
her slender form to feel the small heated mounds of her new young
breasts. His still hotly probing tongue worked steadily at the moist
interior of his niece's virgin cunt, worming upward into the tight
opening of her vaginal slit, moving and slipping back and forth with
maddening persistence over the desire-swollen bud of the little girl's

The sign he had been waiting for came when suddenly Jeanie shuddered,
her ravaged young pussy unable to bear a second longer of her uncle's
sensually unrelenting attack. The little girl's eyes opened briefly to
take in the picture of her uncle's dark wavy hair moving lewdly back
and forth down between her spread thighs. Then with a low groan from
deep in her chest, she began to screw her inexperienced loins with
outright wantonness upward toward Uncle Morgan's face, pushing steadily
as though she were trying to draw his entire tongue all the way up
inside her hotly flooded little cunt.

"MmmmmnnnnnNNNoooonnnnoooo!" she moaned over and over, little goose-
pimples forming on the smooth surfaces of her skin, beads of
perspiration starting out on her forehead. This was more than she had
bargained for ... much more ... it felt as though she were going to
die, as though she could never survive the pleasure that she was
receiving. Sobbing and trembling, completely out of control, little
Jeanie was caught in the midst of a wild stormy tempest. Her straining
white thighs jerked upward as with a low groan of total surrender she
locked them up over her uncle's shoulders, pulling his head and his
hungrily nibbling mouth and tongue still closer to the exciting turmoil
seething deep inside her wetly climaxing young pussy.

All thought was erased from her naturally analytical mind. She was his,
utterly and totally his! Her uncle's mouth was attached to the most
important part of her very being, her recently discovered womanhood.
They were performing a sacred, age-old ritual that was bringing her
closer and closer to her goals! The little girl's shamelessly aroused
body thrashed crazily as her hips ground voraciously upward, her
throbbing young vaginal slit presenting all its softness and every fold
and heated crevice to the unmerciful licking and sucking of her uncle's
wildly swirling tongue.

"OOOOAAAAAAAH!" Each delicate ridge of Jeanie's nakedly exposed pussy
was melting into Morgan's mouth, the wetness and the warmth of his lips
combining to set her whole ten year old world spinning ... dazzling her
with a fireworks display of tumultuous cumming.

A thoroughly unfamiliar rapture was building and building deep within
the little girl's loins! "Oh! Oh! Oh! OOOHHHHHH!" she sighed.

Morgan ground his mouth hungrily and tightly down onto his niece's
hotly seeping baby cunt, feeling the soft flesh of her open pussy
against his lips. He let her vent off her young lust against him,
feeling it strike her in wave after wave of overwhelming orgasm.

THANK YOU!" she keened, her voice trailing off into a babble of
unintelligible words and half words.

Morgan received the precious juices of the little girl's first orgasm,
waiting until the fire finally subsided within her and her young limbs
quivered and twitched against him with the potent memory of her
introduction to sexual life. And then, longing to feel his cock sinking
deep in where his tongue had been, he rose up before her and placed its
hot aching tip against the hot entrance to her pussy. It was much too
big. Morgan knew that no matter how badly he wanted to, he would never
fit inside.

"Not now, anyway," he muttered. "Not yet!"

And then he placed his middle finger there, letting it push and worm
its way slowly up between Jeanie's slender legs like a scalding hot
poker, moving up into her tight but unresisting cuntal sheath, boring
right up into her virginity ... its thick digital mass forcing her
young slippery pussy wider and wider.

"Aaaarrrggggg! YES! OH!" she cried, and then words were lost as the
tightly clinging interior depths of her tautly stretched virgin pussy
were thoroughly penetrated by her uncle's extended middle finger.

"You like it?" he asked lewdly, lifting himself up a little and moving
up between her nakedly wide-held thighs. He pushed with his finger all
the way to the very tip end of her still highly aroused young cunt,
enjoying his niece's excruciating moans of pleasure and lapsing into a
relentless rhythm of finger-fucking that made Jeanie hope it would
never end.

"This will loosen you up ..." she heard him panting over her, and then
her mind whirled unbelievably and she was suddenly cumming again,
cumming against her uncle's penetrating finger, her second orgasm
exploding wildly around its hotly driving mass.

"OH NEVER!" she cried, the words sputtering forth from her lips, "OH

Chapter 3

Entry number 236, Log 3, Notes on Project X: June 6 - All systems go.
Uncle Morgan not only perfect subject, I find I am in love with him.
Oral love ecstatic. When will total experience happen? I feel it is
imminent. All bodily changes within me seem to point to readiness. Must
take care of mother.

* * *

Fran sat in the breakfast nook scanning the morning paper impatiently.
She turned to the employment section and glanced at a few of the

"Need good-looking gal to act as hostess well--known restaurant,
personality plus and able to move in top circles. Perfect position for
the right gal, opportunities for advancement."

Fran circled the announcement, wondering just what a hostess did. She
longed to get up the nerve to answer one of the ads she found herself
circling with greater and greater frequency these days. Perhaps today
would be the day! She could no longer put up with Brint's unspeakable
ways. It seemed to her that her husband was becoming more and more
difficult to live with as each day passed, and nothing she could do
seemed to help.

He was nasty when he came home from work, nasty in the privacy of their
bedroom, and nasty before he left in the morning. The party they'd
attended had proved disastrous when Brint got so drunk that he threw up
on the elegant flagstone terrace in front of some of the most important
people on Long Island. Fran had never been so mortified in her life.
And Brint had seemed proud of himself as they drove home, almost
gloating over his "accomplishment", making her want to throttle him
with her bare hands.

As it was, she hadn't spoken to him since, and Brint lay upstairs in
bed nursing his hangover with characteristic ill humor.

Fortunately she had not had to deal with anyone else in the house that
Sunday morning. She knew that her young brother-in-law was a late
sleeper, and there wasn't a peep out of Jeanie yet. This was not
surprising because Fran knew that her daughter often spent hours alone
in her room after waking, working on her various "projects" and reading
her books. Sometimes she wondered how she and Brint could have had such
a studious child. She knew for a fact that neither one of them had
scored anything like the IQ rating that Jeanie had on the tests they'd
all taken at her school.

Brint had been livid to discover that he was of "average" IQ, and Fran
had lied about hers, saying it was the same as his when in reality it
was several points higher. The counselor had told them that they were
not to take the gradings too seriously anyway, that, in fact, many
people were discounting the importance of the Intelligence Quotient
tests and waiting for some better means of measuring human intelligence
to be discovered. Nevertheless, there was no getting around the fact
that their daughter had scored on the "genius" level, some sixty or
seventy points above them. Fran tried not to think about it too much.
The people at the school seemed to be giving Jeanie encouragement and
the atmosphere that she needed, and Fran tried to think of her daughter
as just an average little girl, difficult as this was at times.

"Why do you hate Uncle Morgan?" Fran jumped in her seat, almost
spilling the coffee in front of her on the table. Her daughter's voice
seemed to penetrate all the secret areas of her mind, and for a moment
she wondered if Jeanie could read thoughts. She had tried hard not to
show her utter contempt for her husband's brother, but obviously
nothing had been hidden from Jeanie.

"Jeanie ... why would you say such a thing? I don't hate Morgan."

Her daughter's pretty face with its large blue eyes was puzzled, and
Fran started to say something else, but then she noticed there was
something different about Jeanie, something she couldn't quite put her
finger on. Was it her voice, her mannerisms? The way she was dressed?
Jeanie wore her robe and pajamas, nothing unusual about that, nor about
anything else unless it was the soft womanly feeling of confidence that
she exuded, the aura of a woman who knows about loving and who is in

"No, Mother, you know that's not true ... you really hate him, and I
wonder why. I think he's wonderful."

"Well, I'm glad you like your Uncle Morgan, darling, but you mustn't
contradict Mother. He's a very pleasant young man. Sometimes - Mother
gets nervous about things, you know ... but you mustn't think that I
hate anyone!"

Jeanie's face brightened. She sat down across from her mother, pensive
and serious. "I suppose you think he's kind of shallow ... and I guess
I'd have to agree with you there. But despite that, I think Morgan has
some good qualities that even he doesn't know about yet!"

"I see," Fran said, but she didn't see at all. In fact, she didn't want
to talk about her brother-in-law at all. She'd be seeing him soon
enough without having to spend undue time talking about him too.

"Well, it's good to see some good in everyone, Jeanie," Fran said,
without adding that she herself failed to see very much in her husband,
let alone her husband's no-good young brother.

"About your being so nervous these days, Mother ..."

"Yes?" Fran was almost afraid to hear what Jeanie had to say -
sometimes Jeanie gave her the shivers!

"I've been thinking ... maybe you ought to go back to work."

"Yes ... I've been thinking of it too!" Fran admitted.

"I mean, that way you wouldn't be so dependent on Daddy's moods ... you

"Yes ... yes, I know," Fran felt as though she were the child, and her
daughter the mother.

"You're still pretty enough to model, Mom!" Jeanie declared.

"Oh no ... I don't think ..."

"Sure you are! I think you ought to call up some of those photographers
you used to know ... I bet they'd love to hear from you!"

"Well ... I'll think about it, Jeanie ... I will," Fran tried to hide
the pleasure in her voice, the hope that her daughter's words had
inspired within her. Did she dare to call some of the people who had
been so excited about her potential over ten years ago? Just the
thought of it was so exciting that Fran could feel her heart beating
harder as she started to make another pot of coffee at the stove.

"See you later, Mom," Jeanie walked airily out of the kitchen, pleased
with herself for having pleased her mother.

"Yes, angel ... see you later!" Fran was already composing imaginary
telephone conversations in her mind.

* * *

Jeanie climbed the steps two by two, taking them easily and without
getting out of breath. She knew now what she must do in order to
complete her plans. Jeanie's young limbs still ached from being spread
so wide by her uncle the night before, and her mind still whirled with
the memory of the wonderfully illicit details of their evening
together. If only he had taken it to the end ... if only he had gone
all the way! But instead of eliminating the bothersome virginity that
Jeanie wanted so badly to get rid of, Uncle Morgan had left her, going
up to his room without gaining satisfaction for himself. It had been
puzzling at first, but Jeanie was so dazzled by the crazy signals of
mind-expanding sensual delight that coursed through the narrow walls of
her thoroughly stimulated little cunt that she had let him go without
running after him. After thinking it through carefully later in her
bed, she decided that it was out of consideration for her that Uncle
Morgan did not take her virginity. She had heard him muttering, "Too
small ... much too small," as his thick finger wormed its way up into
the heavenly seeping darkness of her trembling pussy.

Now as she reached the top of the stairs she wanted to run to him, to
tell him that it didn't matter, that no amount of pain would stop her
from wanting to feel his hardness deep inside her ten year old pussy!

The little girl moved past her mother and father's bedroom door, then
past her own room. Further down the hall she could see the door in
which she was interested. A little shiver traversed her lithe young
body, naked beneath her pajamas and robe. Her hand turned slowly upon
the knob, and to Jeanie it was as if it were all taking place in slow
motion. She knew that no one would bother looking for her for some
time, and certainly neither her mother nor her father would ever think
of finding her in Uncle Morgan's room!

The room was dark, the blinds drawn over the one window that looked
over the small back yard. As her eyes grew accustomed to the light,
Jeanie could see her uncle's sleeping form on the bed, his unclad body
covered with a sheet. She moved closer and saw that he was sleeping
deeply. Curiously, the little girl drew back the sheet from her
father's brother. Bit by bit she revealed the strong male form, the
large hair-covered chest, big muscular arms, narrow waist and hips that
tapered down to muscular thighs and calves. He was beautiful! Jeanie
sucked in her breath and felt a thrill of desire and love traverse her
virgin body. Her eyes focused upon the thick dormant penis about which
she had thought for so long. Intently, she gazed at it, and then
without removing her deep blue eyes from the object of her premature
lust, Jeanie began to undress. She looked small and lovely in the half-
light of the room, her long blonde hair shining and the sparse hairs
upon her naked pussy promising to become the same golden color. Jeanie
seemed to have forgotten any existence other than her uncle's as,
finally naked, she moved toward the bed.

If anyone had beep watching from behind, they would have seen the
sensuous flare of the little girl's gently curving hips and lush round
buttocks. She stood poised for a second, realizing that she would
always remember this moment for as long as she lived. Then she raised
her slender white arms over her head provocatively, pushing her blonde
hair up and then releasing it so that it fell softly back down to her
shoulders. She was actually acting as though her sleeping uncle were
watching her. Her soft pink nipples quivered to erectness on the tips
of her small tingling breasts as she languidly stretched her arms and
then climbed slowly up on the bed to straddle Morgan's sleeping
nakedness with her own. Then slowly, ever so slowly she began to lower
herself down. With her legs widespread, one dainty foot on either side
of her uncle's sleeping body, Jeanie's compact cream-white nakedness
formed an unforgettable tableau unseen by any but the four walls of the
family guest room, now occupied by Brint Cooper's younger brother,

She slid her legs wider and wider, spreading them outward from Morgan's
hard thighs. Simultaneously, her softly pulsing cunt lips spread open,
the little bud of her clitoris jerking nervously as the determined
young girl forced her virginal mound wider still.

"I'm really going to do it!" she gasped, not believing her own

In his dream, Morgan could feel his beautiful sister-in-law's breath
across his face, and as he reached up to put his hands around her
naked, finely shaped waist, he felt himself grow stiff and hard, his
cock a rigid pole of flesh that would rise high into Fran's willing
cunt. God, she was going to love it, and he was going to love fucking

And then he was moving up, up against the tightness of her, and he
could tell that it was no longer a dream, but a reality - another
strange reality in the Cooper household.

"JEANIE! YOU!" he cried, as his eyes snapped open. The horny little
bitch! he thought, the finger-fucking last night wasn't good enough for

Jeanie's eyes were half closed with desire, her face mirroring the
sensations of turmoil and arousal that she felt within her. She let
herself remain fully upon the hard naked shape of Morgan's thick
throbbing penis. It lay pressed against her pink heated inner
membranes, pulsing wetly against her secret cunt. Leaning forward, she
brought her face closer still to Morgan's, her small breasts flattening
against his hair-covered chest, her little outer cunt lips beginning a
determined sliding up and down the length of his fully stimulated cock.

Bits and snatches of his dream were coming back to him, but it was hard
to grasp the full meaning of it. Something luscious and wonderful had
been happening, and now here was his ten year old niece Jeanie, and
he'd certainly enjoyed the feel of her tight little cunt in his mouth
the night before ... and he'd sure as hell wanted to fuck her bad
enough then. Why not now?

Under the pressure of her moistening spread slit, the soft feel of her
cheek upon his face, he could feel himself growing more enthusiastic
about actually trying to screw his own niece. Hell, what did he have to
lose, anyway? She was begging him for it!

Meanwhile, Jeanie Cooper, first in her class in everything, was now
planning on becoming the first in her class of advanced students to
lose her virginity! She moved faster and faster, building up a tingling
friction in the slit of her sparsely hair-surrounded virgin pussy,
feeling her uncle's thick cock big and slippery against her, growing to
an alarming size as she rode sensuously over it. She couldn't stop,
even though she began to grow more and more frightened of the lewd task
she had set herself. The loose thick foreskin of Morgan Cooper's penis
had slid back beneath the pressure of the ramrod within and now the
entire knobby head surfaced to become a hard bulbous mass in the small
pit of his brother's daughter's straining young pussy.

"Christ, Jeanie!" Morgan gasped, his head jerking backward against his
pillow as he allowed the wild sensations to race through his desire-
tormented body. Together they made a rhythm now, he moving upward
against the little girl's willingly spread pussy, while she wriggled
sensuously against the snug-fitting length of hot naked flesh that felt
so good that the ten year old was compelled to swallow her fear. After
all, it was MORGAN'S WONDERFUL COCK! She was in love, and she would
explore the meaning of this new state of existence to its farthest
depths, no matter what that entailed. This thought comforted the
nakedly trembling child, and she smiled a little to herself as she
panted over her young twenty year old uncle, and then planted small
kisses on his open lips. The length of his now eager penis jerked
upward beneath her, and together they groaned with desire.

In spite of his earlier reservations, Morgan was now fully responding
to the precocious nymphette whose moist velvet-soft cunt slid tenderly
up and down the length of his throbbing penis. The petite young body
jerked wildly above him now, and then, as though she could no longer
wait, her hand went around behind her to tease the hardness of his
cock, the very cock that she had thought about touching all night and
all morning. The addition of Jeanie's nimble fingers tracing lines of
lust-inspired madness along his cock to the feel of her slipping,
sliding cunt was enough to drive him insane. He could see her blonde
hair falling forward into his face when she rose up, and when she lay
down upon him it covered his face, filling his nostrils and his mouth
with the sweet scent she used.

Sensuously the little girl's small but soft buttocks settled backward
upon the rock-hardness of his thighs, and he could hear her staccato
breathing. Then she fell forward and her nipples were hard and like
little berries against his chest. The ex-airline employee suddenly
became impatient about this female rape. Never before had he had such a
strong feeling that he was being used! Not even the airlines had been
able to use him without his getting back his own. Of course, they had
found out about the illegal ticket sales he'd been involved in, but
unable to prove anything, had fired him on a technicality. And
certainly no woman had ever used him. None of the girls he'd known in
his extensive career as a "notorious swinger" had ever gotten the
better of him in any way. In fact, whenever the girls left Morgan's
erstwhile apartment in New York, he'd always given them a playful pat
on the ass, a pat that always said, "Thanks for the pussy, honey!"
when, in fact, he did not utter the demeaning words or some similar
expression himself.

He'd never really cared for anyone, not yet anyway, and so far the
state of his emotional life hadn't bothered him. So now that Morgan had
the strange feeling that Jeanie was only using him for her own devious
ends, he felt determined to take more of a hand in determining just
what was going to happen during this illicit encounter with the ten
year old.

Jeanie moaned. It just felt so good. She was spreading her young white
thighs wide apart and slipping her almost hairless pussy flesh upward,
allowing the gentle sensitive entrance of her pre-teen pussy to rest on
the very tip of her Uncle Morgan's rampant penis. Her fingers separated
the untried little cuntal lips as far as possible as she tried to fit
the smooth-surfaced cock-head inside their tiny circumference. Brint
Cooper's daughter gasped as she realized with alarm that she couldn't
stretch them that far! In fact, she was beginning to think that it was
impossible, despite all that she'd read about the elasticity of the
female sexual organs.

The frustrated little girl grunted out her disappointment, and tears
began to stream down her face as she labored over the hardness of
Morgan's cock, trying to fit the outsized cock into her minute opening.

Then just as she gasped out, "Help me ... oh help me!" Morgan reached
his own decision. She might be only ten years old and she might be his
own brother's child, but right now these facts were working as added
enticement to him. The very idea of getting back at stupid-face Brint
in such a perfect manner was stunning, and with all the strength he
could muster the twenty year old bucked his hips upward just as he knew
his niece was going to try to insert the rubbery tip by bouncing down
on it.

"AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!" Jeanie cried, and then whimpered with pain as she
collapsed on her uncle's hair-coated chest, feeling the thick fullness
of his lustfully engorged penis stuck halfway up into the silken warmth
of her virginity.

The tight little opening felt ripped apart, and there was a burning
sensation that spiraled round inside the small throbbing orifice and
seemed to fill every part of her. She was sure that she would never be
the same again. It was going to take more than a few moments to recover
from the acute pain of her Uncle Morgan's first entry. But Morgan was
determined to get his tightly embedded cock up into the snug clasping
softness of Jeanie's wildly palpitating pussy.

Slowly now, conscious of his hold over her, he pushed upward again,
pulling down upon her waist and slender hips at the same time, driving
his lust-maddened penis inward to rip apart the tender tissue of her
hymen. Comparatively impassive before, he now took the initiative even
though he knew she wanted him to stop.

"Nnnnggggghhhhh!" the impossibly small opening was splitting still
wider, the thin vaginal lips giving way to the thicker base of Morgan's
upward worming cock.

"You asked for it ... you're getting it!" he cried lewdly, gritting his
teeth from the considerable effort he was exerting.

But Jeanie, through her pain and anguish, was beginning to feel another
sensation. Even as she winced and grimaced, biting her lower lip to
keep from begging her uncle to stop the plunder of her heretofore
unpenetrated pussy, Jeanie could tell that she actually wanted him all
the way inside her. She wanted Morgan there, right where it hurt the

"FUCK ME!" she gasped out suddenly. "FUCK MY LITTLE CUNT GOOD!"

Wildly, Morgan began a steady rhythm, his urgently thrusting cock
pushing, sliding, now actually racing forth, the whole of it arched
from the absurd pressure it was being subjected to as the minute but
strong vaginal muscles of his ten year old niece massaged its throbbing

"Damn! Coming to get you ... coming to get you, baby!" His loins
strained nakedly upward toward the little girl's as the elastic-rimmed
tightness of her pussy sent wild fiery thrills of rising pleasure
throughout his system. The bed bounced beneath them as he flicked his
hips upward with increasing hardness, feeling Jeanie begin to tighten
and relax alternately upon his advancing and retreating penis.

He could see her pale and lovely, shivering above him, the pain gone
now as mounting pleasure took its place, a pleasure that was so intense
that Jeanie was made speechless, her low hum of joy the only verbal
indication of her excitement. The little girl began to thrust herself
downward with all her might, aided by Morgan's strong hands upon her
waist. Jeanie could feel her uncle's tightly pressuring cock hard and
hot inside her, filling her everywhere, making her want to burst apart
with the almost unbearable pleasure it brought her.

"Mmmmmmmoooooo!" she keened, and then she thought, Oh, God, I love him
so much ... his beautiful cock all the way inside! She had never fucked
anyone before and now she was fucking her daddy's brother!

The moist pink mouth of the little girl's trembling pussy spread to
admit every inch of the rapidly rising cock inside her, and she began
to groan incessantly, leaning forward, thrusting her tiny tongue with
complete delight far into the hidden recesses of her uncle's open
mouth. Low hums of ecstatic bliss began to rise in torrents from her
throat as Jeanie's young quivering lips twisted with erotic passion,
her graceful white neck straining and her mouth working excitedly as
she felt a thin film of sweat break out upon her nakedly gyrating body.
So this then was what it was about! So this was love-making!

Brint and Fran's baby daughter had entered another world, a world that
was very much her own. Her lithe but inexperienced body was bursting
through to knowledge that she could not get from books, as nebulous
rainbow-lined clouds seemed to fill the little girl's mind, and she
felt herself beginning her first total orgasm! Nothing mattered but the
fact that she was being magnificently fucked by her darling Uncle
Morgan. No matter what happened from now on, nothing would alter this
startling fact. The warm wet flesh of her desire-tormented pussy
quivered and then began to jerk and twitch spasmodically around her
uncle's lust-driven flesh as the final tide of the coming orgasm made
its first penetrating stabs of pleasure felt.

Jeanie began to gurgle and then to croon her delight as the mounting
licentious sensations overtook her tender child's body. She seemed to
feel every ridge of Morgan's smooth, up-worming penis, and as she felt
it grow larger still and so hard that she thought it might break her in
two, the excited little girl shook her blonde curls and gave herself up
to the miracle that was taking place within her hungrily clasping cunt.

"Aaaaahhh! It's here! It's heeerrreee!" Beneath her, the passionately
aroused young man, using perfect timing, felt his loins releasing a
burning heat as his racing sperm spurted outward into the tightly
clenching young virgin flesh. Great gushes of steam seemed to be
surrounding the two of them - as Morgan relentlessly fucked upward into
both of their orgasms, cumming still and feeling her cumming all around
his spending cock. The climaxing young man's sperm slipped from the
heat of Jeanie's contracting vagina down along his impaling shaft of
naked flesh as Jeanie's hands grabbed wildly at his shoulders.

The little girl continued to writhe and moan above him, and Morgan knew
that she was cumming not once, but many times in rapid succession. The
blonde ten year old wiggled this way and that upon his deflating penis,
moving up and down and from side to side, milking every tiny drop of
cascading semen from his angrily fucking cock. It was then that he saw
something in Jeanie's desire-ridden features, something that made him
remember his dream.

And as he remembered, Morgan's mouth clasped hard on his niece's,
sucking her tongue deep into his throat. In the midst of his turmoil,
his great excitement, he knew that somehow through this intimate
contact with his own little niece, his brother's daughter, he was being
brought mysteriously closer to his sister-in-law. By fucking Jeanie, he
was all the closer to fucking her voluptuous blonde mother; and as he
shivered his last trembling drops of cum up into the tightly pulsing
baby cunt above him, Morgan knew that, at all costs, he must make that
dream come true.

Touching Jeanie's breasts, he longed for the firm white fullness of her
mother's ... wanted to make love to the older woman as no one ever had
before, to bring her as much pleasure as he had brought to her ten year
old daughter! He knew he could, and he would even as his orgasmic
fluids ran down his still pulsing cock onto his aching balls.

"Jesus!" he cried. "What an idea ... what a wild fuckin' idea!"

Chapter 4

"Mrs. Frances Carroll Cooper ..."

"One moment, Mrs. Cooper ... I'll see if he's in." The secretary's
voice was cool, efficient, and lacking a certain friendliness that made
Fran feel uneasy. Perhaps she shouldn't be calling, after all. Maybe
she ought to hang up. Perhaps she'd say he was out, or he wouldn't even
remember her name. She'd given her maiden name as well as her married
name, but eleven years was a long time. It was even more than eleven
years, Fran reminded herself, even though she preferred to shorten it
to eleven in her own mind. Just as she was on the verge of hanging up,
a voice broke into the monotony of the "hold" line.

"Fran, darling! Is that you ... is it really you?"

A wave of nostalgia passed through Fran as she recognized Giuliano's
voice. The strong Italian accent, the same caressing tones ... "Yes ...
yes ... it is ... how are you?"

"How am I?" The Italian's voice was incredulous, mocking. "What kind of
question is that to answer over the phone? When am I going to see you,
darling? Shall it be lunch or dinner? Are you still married or what?"

Fran felt a brief moment of regret as she answered, "Yes ... yes, I'm
still married. Brint and I have a little girl ... well, she's not so
little anymore, really."

"I'll bet she's beautiful just like her mother! Well, what can we do?
Will the ogre let you out of the house?"

"Why, of course ... of course ... I ... I guess I could have lunch."

"Marvelous! When? How about tomorrow? I'm shooting in the morning out
on Park Avenue, and we could go to La Grenouille. We'll have a
marvelous lunch and you'll tell me everything. We'll reminisce about
old times ... or have you forgotten your Giuliano?"

Fran was blushing at the other end of the line, shamelessly pleased and

"No, no ... I haven't forgotten ..." she replied. "Yes, I'd love to
come tomorrow ... shall I meet you there?"

By the time she hung up the phone, Fran was glowing. She moved through
the rest of the day as though on a cloud. And by the time her husband,
Brint, came home for dinner to break her mood, she was filled with one
thought: Why couldn't every day be as pleasant as this one had been?

She had taken a tip from an advertisement in a magazine and bought
Stouffer's frozen seafood for dinner. It looked very elegant in the
pastry shells she'd gotten from the supermarket, and it looked as
though she'd been slaving for hours to make it when in reality it took
only twelve minutes to heat.

At the table sat her husband, her brother-in-law, and her daughter, and
all but Brint exclaimed over the delicious dinner. Fran felt her
resentment toward her husband growing by leaps and bounds.

She was aware of his brother Morgan's eyes following her wherever she
went, and for the first time she felt a little surge of pride at the
fact that the young man was observing her. She hoped that Giuliano
would not be disappointed in her looks when he saw her the next day.
Fran had already decided what she would wear, a softly clinging summer
suit of silk shantung, off-white in color, that she wore with her new
platform wedgies - the ones Brint had actually forbidden her to buy but
which she had secretly gotten anyway. He'd never seen them, and somehow
Fran had always felt guilty about buying them, but now she knew why she
had gotten them ... for this very occasion when she would have to look
chic and "with it" for her luncheon date with Giuliano! She couldn't
afford to have the slightest look of the housewife about her, not if
she were going to attempt to get some kind of work from him.

The dinner over, Fran took advantage of her daughter's offer to clear
the table and get the dishes ready for the dishwasher. When her young
brother-in-law Morgan offered to help the little girl, Fran was
pleased, since this was the first time Morgan had offered to do
anything around the house.

Once Brint was installed watching the evening news on television, Fran
felt free to go upstairs to her bedroom, where she could think about
the next day to her heart's content. She planned a long bubble bath, a
soothing and stimulating facial mask, and perhaps a few moments on the
massage pad that was usually kept tucked in the back of the closet. She
would pamper herself, and get herself into the proper frame of mind,
for tomorrow she must not only be beautiful, but carefree - not only
charming, but exciting, desirable! Not that she planned to go any
further than lunch with Giuliano, of course, but after all the
possibility would be there. She would resist his advances, she knew,
resist them while loving the idea of what it would be like if she were
to give in!

The hot water steamed up into her face, and bit by bit the foamy
bubbles slid over the excited blonde housewife's naturally creamy skin.
In seconds she was completely covered up to the top of her chin by the
delightfully scented bubble bath. She looked very much like her own
little girl, Jeanie, with her hair piled high atop her head, her
features smooth as she closed her eyes to dream about the new course
that her life might take. But beneath the water, the full voluptuous
shapes of her nakedly soaking body, all silken breasts, hips and
thighs, belonged to a woman, a ripe and beautiful woman.

* * *

Across the table, Giuliano's eyes sparkled. His hand reached across, to
touch Fran's as she reached for her champagne glass.

"My ... you are lovely ... lovelier than ever!" he declared, and Fran
could feel her loveliness, her beauty thrilling her to the marrow of
her bones. God, how long had it been since someone had admired her like
this? Why on earth had she put up with Brint's insults all these years?

This was more like it. The elegant restaurant made her feel right at
home. Giuliano was well known there, and they were given excellent
service. The luncheon of stuffed crab with watercress salad was light
and exotic, and the Taittinger Blanc de Blanc champagne tasted
delicious and refreshing as Fran drank it appreciatively.

She felt like a princess as the photographer continued to stroke her
fingers lightly and to tell her flattering stories, reminding her of
some of her past glories, hinting at the excitement they had found in
each other's bodies once, over eleven years before.

Fran was more than a little tipsy as, finally and miraculously, she
heard Giuliano say the words she'd been waiting for.

"Have you ever thought about modeling again? Of course, a slightly
different type now ... more Vogue and Harpers. No more Seventeen and
Mademoiselle for us. Cosmo would love you ... the mature independent
woman ... the new woman! You and I could make a team of it again ...
Eileen would love to take you back at the agency. We'll make up a new
set of pics, do a complete portfolio and go see her together. What do
you think?"

"I ... I think that would be wonderful! I'd love to do it!"

It was like a dream come true, a heavenly dream that meant that her
life was no longer "finished and down the drain". There was life in the
old girl yet, despite what her husband had to say about it!

They agreed to meet the next day at his studio where the now famous
photographer would make up a new series of photographs for Fran. He
told her he had some terrific ideas, and made it clear that for his own
pleasure he would like to pose her nude with animals. He'd been
thinking about doing an unusual sequence like this, but hadn't yet
found the right woman for it ... Fran was the right woman.

Despite her reservations, Fran felt a distinct shiver of excitement at
the idea. Would this man really become her lover again? Did she have
the nerve to be unfaithful to her husband? She had been completely and
utterly faithful all these years, and there had been no reward that she
could detect.

"Let's talk about the nude scene tomorrow ... we'll do the others
first, all right?" she said. But deep in the pit of her belly the old
fluttering was there. His dark, Mediterranean eyes with their long
lashes ... his voice ... would she be able to resist him even if she
wanted to?

"More champagne!" Giuliano poured again and again. The luncheon was a
celebration of their new partnership, their new relationship. And to
Fran it was a celebration of life itself, a reaffirmation of her own

* * *

"Come on ... don't be such a scare-baby! Mom won't be home for hours
yet! Just a quickie, Morgan, please I want it so bad!"

Jeanie pleaded with her uncle to come to the sofa where she lay nakedly
exposed to him. It was the middle of the afternoon, and Morgan felt a
bit hesitant about taking Jeanie up on her offer, even though the sight
of her tempting little pussy, already looking more womanly since he'd
been having his way with it night and day, was just as exciting to him
as it always was.

"Let's go upstairs to the bedroom anyway," he suggested, feeling his
virile cock stiffening at the thought of that little baby cunt wrapping
itself around it, clinging tight while he wormed his way ever upward
inside its hotly burning confines. "Christ, Jeanie, don't you ever get
enough?" he asked. "I've never known a grown woman who wanted so much
fucking ... not to mention a ten year old!"

"I'll be eleven soon, if my age bothers you. But age is mainly in the
mind, Morgan ... you must know that by now!"

Her little fingers had already started to ply the rosy-pink tissues of
the narrow slit that nestled between the two soft naked lips of her
impatiently waiting pussy. One leg went up on the back of the sofa as
she lay back and let her own fingers play with the desire-filled slit
of her pulsating cunt.

"Mmmmmm ... oh, Morgan ... can't you fuck me just a little? It won't
take very long ... mmmmmm!"

Morgan couldn't take anymore of Jeanie's teasing. Hastily, he removed
his clothes, and taking the precaution of locking the front door,
rushed back to the sofa, his fully erect penis bobbing lewdly in front
of him as he walked.

The excited young uncle let his full weight fall upon the slight form
that lay upon the couch, and felt his niece tremble with desire beneath

"Put it in ... oh, put it in right away!" she cried. It was going to
last a long time, she knew ... she would make it turn out that way. It
was going to last exactly as long as she wanted it to!

* * *

The taxi driver told Fran how much he liked her perfume, and all the
way back to her house from Manhattan he told her story after story
about his wife and daughter, about football games he'd enjoyed and
about his mother's operation. Fran listened to it all with a smile
playing about her lips. She felt benevolent, all-forgiving. She felt
just perfect. The champagne she'd had blurred her vision just enough so
that everything outside the cab looked dreamy and interesting. The
harsher realities of the city were cushioned.

She tipped the driver lavishly. It was only money, after all, and still
listening to his declarations of thanks, she floated up the walk to her

The taxi driver watched her as she moved away from him, his lips
forming the words that rose from his subconscious. "Boy, honey, would I
like to eat you out! Some guys got all the luck, fucking a juicy blonde
one like that!" He was thinking of his own wife, and of the woman he
saw once a week ... the neighbor down the hall. He always said to
himself that pussy was pussy no matter how you sliced it, but
sometimes, like now, he felt cheated. Just once in his life he'd like
to get into something like his last fare!

He didn't start up again until he saw Fran try the door, then fumble in
her purse for her keys. She fit the key into the lock and then entered
the house. The driver started up, and after blowing her a mental kiss
he sped away.

Fran stepped into the vestibule, her brain still whirling with
thrilling thoughts. She was, she thought, the world's most fortunate
woman. She dropped her pocketbook on the hall chair and started toward
the living room, but before she got there she heard the strange sounds
that would become the true turning point in her life that day.

"OOOOOOOOH Yes! Fuck it! Fuck it!" the lewd, obscene word was magic to
Jeanie and she loved to use it as often as possible. "Fuck my cunt good

In and out the young twenty year old speared, his naked buttocks
flexing, his entire nervous system soaring, blood pounding in his ears
as little Jeanie's heels kicked against his moving back. Obscenely she
wormed the entire lower portion of her nakedness up tight against her
father's brother, pulling him as far into her clasping pussy as he
would go.

"OH JEANIE ... JEANIE ... BABY!" he cried. Through some expertise that
she seemed to have learned on her own, Jeanie had affectionately kept
him from cumming for at least half an hour. She'd kept him just on the
brink ... right on the edge of the orgasmic release that he needed for
his sanity.


Fran stepped forward, disbelief causing her to move closer to see with
her own eyes the evidence that was meeting her burning ears. Her eyes
bulged with horror as she saw them nakedly clinging to each other, her
own ten year old daughter on the bottom, her husband's brother on top,
thrusting and panting, grinding his thickly throbbing cock into the
depths of Jeanie's straining, milking pussy.

Her scream rent the air, so loud that it seemed to blast the
fornicating uncle and niece - her daughter and her husband's brother
right off the sofa. Then Fran was running forward, words coming that
she didn't even hear or understand herself, her hands grabbing for the
two of them, nails scratching.


But before Morgan could move away from her flying hands, she had struck
him hard across the face and run away herself, clambering up the stairs
to put as much distance between her daughter and her brother-in-law as
possible. Jeanie had been enjoying it ... loving it ... Fran had heard
with her own ears the words her daughter had used, filthy obscene
words. Wherever had she heard them? OH GOD, WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TO
THEM ALL NOW? The distraught mother ran into her bedroom and, sobbing
bitterly, threw herself upon the bed. The beautiful world of only a few
moments before had been irreparably shattered.

* * *


"Gee, I guess you were right, Uncle Morgan ..." But Jeanie was pleased,
very pleased with the way things were going.

"What the hell do we do now?" Morgan was doubly peeved. Not only had he
been caught screwing his own brother's child, but he'd spoiled his
chances with Fran forever. In addition, to all that, he hadn't even
reached a climax!

Jeanie began to slip into the clothing which she'd tossed behind the
sofa. Sweetly, she spoke to her uncle, "I think maybe you'd better go
up and see what you can do, Uncle Morgan. Mom is very high-strung and
perhaps you can help her to calm down."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Morgan cried. He, too, was fully dressed by now.
But the more he thought about his precocious niece's suggestion, the
more he became interested in it.

Chapter 5

Morgan's footsteps were almost inaudible as he approached Fran's
bedroom. It was the discreet airline walk, coupled with the subdued and
seemingly knowledgeable manner. Yes, Morgan was an expert at certain
kinds of deception, and now he prepared some of this skill as he softly
turned the handle of his sister-in-law's door. She had been too
distraught to think of locking it; indeed, she was incapable of
anything at the moment but lying prostrate upon her bed, reduced to low
moans and soul-wracking sobs by the horror of what she had seen
downstairs in the living room. She had not even begun to fully react to
the incestuous scene between her little girl and her husband's brother.
There was no precedent in all of her experience that had prepared her
for this moment.

Therefore, when the shaken young blonde looked up to find that her
brother-in-law had been standing there watching her for God knew how
long, she was too stunned to do anything at first but gape at him in

Many things ran through Morgan's mind as he made their mutual stare a
test of wills. He knew he looked handsome standing there, clean-cut and
all the things people felt that a young man ought to be in appearance,
and as usual he counted on this to carry some of the brunt of his
purpose for being in his brother's wife's room. He also found himself
thinking something that was becoming familiar to him by now: What have
I got to lose, after all?

He'd already been caught doing the worst imaginable. From here on in it
was pure gravy. His gorgeous sister-in-law looked frightened,
vulnerable, and more beautiful than ever to his jaded eye; and Morgan
decided to take full advantage of her disturbed state.

The brash twenty year old began to walk toward the older woman's bed.
He looked around him as he approached. So this was his brother's sacred
bedroom. Big deal!

"Get out! Don't come near me, you monster!" Fran cried, suddenly
finding her voice. What was he doing here anyway? What did he want from
her? How could this be happening now after what she had just discovered
in the living room? It didn't make any sense at all, and for an instant
it seemed to the disturbed blonde housewife that she might have
imagined everything, that her joy and happiness and the enormous amount
of champagne she'd consumed with Giuliano at lunch might have clouded
her reason. Maybe she hadn't seen anything down there at all! Perhaps
her guilt about Giuliano had something to do with it for she did feel
guilty now, horribly guilty for the thoughts, yes, and the feelings
too. Posing naked with animals ... good God! But the young woman's
alcohol-befuddled brain could not really accept the idea that she'd
been hallucinating the lewd scene of fornication between her daughter
and her brother-in-law. No, she could not really accept that!

Morgan stood directly over her now, and she found herself looking up
into his dark, flashing eyes, so much like her husband Brint's ... but
God, there was something else in them, something evil, something
fascinating. It was that same fascinating "something" that she'd been
avoiding during the younger man's stay in her house, the same
"something" that made her feel that she hated him, loathed him, in
fact. And now, for some reason she could not turn her eyes away.
Superimposed upon her vision she seemed to see Morgan's naked buttocks
flexing, thrusting, seemed to hear her own little daughter crying out
for more!

When the twenty year old spoke, Fran jumped as though she had been
struck. For didn't she expect this ... some kind of violence from him,
if not from herself?

"What's the matter, honey?" he said with a teasing attitude, and Fran
could see his twisted handsome smile looking back at her. "Your pride
all shook because it wasn't your little pussy getting a taste of my

Fran stiffened, her face draining of all color, her mouth opening to
speak, but a strangled horrified sound emerging, a sound that she
didn't even recognize as belonging to her.

But everything was topsy-turvy, wasn't it? Fran felt a wave of
dizziness pass over her at the vile sound of the obscenities her
husband's younger brother dared to mouth. But something inside her had
been touched, something had been wounded, mortally perhaps, and in
spite of herself, the disturbed young blonde could feel tiny butterfly-
like sensations flitting suddenly through her stomach. It was much the
way she had been feeling there in the restaurant sitting across from
her former photographer and lover. God, it was much the same, but
stronger, much stronger. She realized how much the effects of the
champagne were still with her, and the crazy excited feelings she'd
been having then seemed to be carrying over to this hideous moment. It
was all wrong, all wrong and she wanted to tell him so, to protest that
she had never, ever entertained such lewd thoughts about him. But now,
Fran couldn't be sure. What if she had? What if her aversion to her
husband's handsome brother all this time had been nothing but an
attraction that she could not admit to herself? Tears began to flow
from her eyes, and Fran batted her long lashes furiously in an attempt
to stop them. Crying seemed an admission of sorts. "You ... you mustn't
talk to me like that. You can't say such things! I ... I'll call the
police ... I ..."

The mention of the police made Morgan snarl, and Fran instantly
regretted having brought up the subject. "Oh, come off it, Fran! All
the police in the world won't help you now. Because I'm going to do
something I bet you've wanted me to do for a long while! I'm gonna fuck
you silly. Fuck you like that brother of mine probably never has! My
cock's bigger than his, anyway. You'll dig that!"

"Oh, please, please ..." Fran began to crawl to the other side of the
bed. "Dear God, you can't force me to do anything. No, I'm your own
sister-in-law! No! You can't!"

Morgan made a move to the other side of the bed, between his sister-in-
law and the door, and stood defiantly looking down at her tear-stained
face. She heard him chuckle and as a dreadful apprehension overcame
her, she realized that if he had been intimate with his niece, a ten
year old, certainly nothing would stop him from doing the same with his

The disheveled blonde cowered back into the pillows of the bed,
whimpering with fright, and it was then that Morgan knelt upon the bed,
causing it to slant downward alarmingly.

"Dear God, no ... no!", she begged, holding out one hand at arm's
length as if to ward off the handsome dark-haired youth. But to her
alarm, he reached out and took her extended hand in his.

"Calm down," he said in a softly insidious voice. "No reason to get all
upset. You know you want it as bad as I do. And if you don't, you will
once I get started."

"No! Please stop talking like that. I've never been unfaithful to
Brint. I simply can't. You can't make me do it! You just can't!

"Sure I can, love!" he said, moving closer, his arms encircling his
older sister-in-law to draw her to him. Morgan ignored her futile
attempts to fight him off. "You can ask Jeanie, she likes it well
enough. But then you saw that much, didn't you?"

Wild thoughts of killing him, of finding some weapon in one of the
drawers next to the bed ran through Fran's mind. But what if she should
actually commit murder, kill her own husband's brother? The thoughts
came to nothing as the older woman was drawn up tight to the twenty
year old's chest. He was disregarding her hands against his chest, his
powerful young arms crushing her to him as his hot mouth came down in
search of hers, finding it and pressing his lips wetly to hers in a
tight grinding manner.

Fran groaned and struggled feebly for a sudden panicky moment, feeling
her brother-in-law's hand pressed hard in the softness of her breasts
beneath the silky material of her suit.

Futilely, the terrified housewife and mother let herself go limp,
surprised at the softness of her brother-in-law's lips against her own,
and once more the little fluttering sensations running through her
trembling belly plagued her.

"There," he whispered, "that wasn't so bad, was it?" Morgan's hand was
continuing to stroke her breast outside her suit. "Just let yourself
go, beautiful. You're missing a lot being faithful to old Brint all the
time ... missing a hell of a lot!"

The words disturbingly echoed Fran's own thoughts, and the trapped
blonde moaned in desperation. She realized with sudden accuracy that
she couldn't fight her brother-in-law. He was too strong for her, and
now her own body was beginning to betray her. The effects of the
champagne had caused her to turn into a bundle of loose raw nerve
endings, and she could feel her mind rapidly losing what little control
over it she'd had before. To plead anymore, she knew, was useless, and
now the former model made no effort to stop her husband's brother as he
slipped his hand inside the deep "vee" of her suit front, moving
beneath the brassiere she wore underneath to cup one and then the other
of her nakedly trembling breasts with groping fingers that sent tiny
licking flames of passion over Fran's satiny flesh. Small pinpricks of
delicious feeling were racing through the tip of her pliant breast as
he rolled the hardening softness of one nipple back and forth
maddeningly between his thumb and forefinger.

An obscene horrid thought flickered through Fran's mind as she felt
herself succumbing to the coursing desire within her system. Had it
been like this for her daughter? Had ten year old Jeanie felt something
like this with her Uncle Morgan? The thought sent an odd shiver of
something akin to jealousy rather than concern for her daughter through
the older woman, and sadly, with a sense of great loss, the beautiful
blonde wondered briefly if she had ever felt like a mother toward her
child since the precocious little girl had begun to show signs of being
more adult than Fran herself!

Fran could feel the heat of her husband's brother's breath rushing
against her ear. She thought suddenly that she was nine years older
than he ... he was little more than a child himself. Yet this "child"
was moving his head, bringing his lips down to lock wetly against hers,
and with a shudder Fran found herself thrusting her own tongue forward
sharply in lewd reply. Morgan sucked his sister-in-law's tongue deep
into the wetness of his mouth, and feeling that she was melting and
quivering against him, he slowly eased his head away and whispered,
"Let's get naked."

The crude words were like a sudden gust of fresh air, and Fran realized
just exactly what she was letting happen. She thought of breaking away
from her husband's brother, of breaking this awful bond of intimacy
between them, of running, running. But where? She doubted now if her
legs would carry her even if there were someplace for her to go.
Horribly, the distressed blonde realized that she couldn't even go to
Giuliano. No, she would have to be perfect for him. Never would she let
him see her upset or disturbed. And with this realization, she knew
that he was not really her friend. No, if he were then she could go to
him anytime at all. Giuliano was just a surface relationship, as
surface and two-dimensional as the photographs he would take of her.

She began to cry again as Morgan let her free to sit up and begin
removing his clothes. Weakly, Fran rolled her head back and forth in
limp protest. But she was thinking, was anyone really her friend?
Certainly her husband Brint wasn't. Was there no one, then? Nothing but
this conflict of bodies, this desire that she felt inside her which was
more than desire really. It was a request for love, for understanding.
But would anyone ever know that and take it as such? And then he was
naked to the waist and she saw her husband's brother moving toward her
again, his arm embracing her as her hand went flat against his warm
muscular chest, the soft patch of silk-like hair upon it tickling her
palm, and then his mouth was closing over hers once more, his tongue
sliding between her lips, past the barrier of her small perfect teeth.
Fran found herself sucking at it with all her might, as though it might
give her some solace. Unconsciously, the older woman let her hand slide
against the twenty year old's chest, her fingertips raking at the tiny
male nipples, then squeezing and rolling them as he had done to her.

Brint Cooper's wife could feel Morgan's hand tracing up the soft hot
flesh of her inner thighs, above her stockings, pushing her skirt back
with it and letting the cool air of the room caress them. Momentarily,
Fran's breath caught in her throat as her husband's brother's fingers
slid gently inside the elastic leg band of her panties, moving and
worming slowly upward until he could part the sensitive lips of her
hair-fringed vagina. Then they slipped into its heated wetness and
found the soft inner lips that enshrined her quivering clitoris.

It was then that visions of Brint loomed up in her brain, as if her
surly husband were somehow standing there staring down at them, a
contemptuous sneer of hatred contorting his thin handsome face. Fran
froze, then again came to life to squirm and struggle with renewed
strength as she tried to get away from her husband's brother. She
wanted to get away from them all, to cease having her life ruled by men
in one way or another. At that moment she could not say that it was
love for her husband that made her want to get away from his brother.
Far from it. This proximity to Morgan was making her detest her husband
all the more as if he were responsible for this. And in a way he was,
for allowing the unemployed young man to come into the house when he
knew that Fran was against it from the start!

"Damn you! Damn you! Get away from me! Don't touch me! You filthy
animal, coming into my house, raping my daughter and now me!"

"RAPE MY FOOT!" Morgan spat down. "That little cunt of your daughter's
is insatiable. A real nympho if I ever saw one. She raped me, Mom! And
don't you ever forget it!" Angrily he reached out to catch Fran's
wrists and hold them fast, throwing his weight on top of her and almost
crushing his sobbing sister-in-law with his powerful body until she
could not move a muscle.

"You wanna do it the hard way, then that's the way we'll do it! BUT WE
ARE GONNA DO IT! That little pussy downstairs kept me going and then
you came in and I'm gonna get my rocks off today on one of you for
sure!" he added lewdly.

"Oh God, no ... I'm sorry. Please don't do it to me! Just let me go!"
Fran pleaded, hot tears streaming down her cheeks as Morgan grabbed her
roughly, pulling down on her skirt so that it eventually exposed the
full ripeness of her voluptuous thighs, the soft flesh above the top of
her bikini panties and the garter belt. He pulled down upon the white
panties and the frilly white garter belt, exposing the soft golden
pubic hair covering his sister-in-law's trembling cunt. Then Fran felt
him fumbling with his own pants and saw them slide away down his lean
hips, and she caught a glimpse of his thick hard cock in his hand as he
returned to her whimpering, cowering form. Finally, he was forcing his
way between her long lithe legs, spreading her soft defenseless thighs
unmercifully as he guided his lust-hardened member forward. Shoving her
legs behind her knees roughly as though she were not a real woman but a
doll, he raised them high as he used the thick rubbery head of his
pounding cock to part the full hair-lined lips of his sister-in-law's
unwillingly spread pussy.

Fran tossed her golden blonde hair wildly, closing her eyes with a
shudder of horror as she felt the soft electrical contact of her
brother-in-law's throbbing cock-head against her involuntarily
pulsating pussy-flesh. The captive sister-in-law held her breath for
what seemed to be an eternity, petrified in utter subjugation under her
husband's twenty year old brother.

"Ooooooo dear God!" she gasped as she felt the first hard pressure
against the tight elastic opening of her blonde-fringed vaginal lips.

Morgan pushed, his lips tight as he grunted with the effort. Fran cried
out as the hard round tip slipped through, stretching the curl-covered
flesh surrounding her tight resilient passage until she felt that her
brother-in-law was splitting her thighs apart from the almost
unbearable pressure.

It was true. Morgan was bigger than her husband Brint!

"Oh God, no, please, you're hurting me!" she squealed as she jerked her
eyes open to see her husband's brother's evil sadistic grin above her,
his teeth even and slightly pointed like a young animal's! Then, even
as the horrified housewife watched, the younger man's grin gave way to
a contorted grimace of sheer lust, as if he could barely stand it any
longer, this debauched sight of his brother's wife helpless beneath
him, her sleek thighs outspread as he penetrated the hair-surrounded
slit of her tightly resisting pussy.

NOW!" Morgan came down heavily upon his helplessly conquered sister-in-
law, his weight crushing her still-clothed breasts back hard against
her chest. The younger man's hips thrust forward with the same brusque
motion, sending his lust-hardened cock sliding into her defenselessly
quivering pussy with a roaring fury, pushing the soft moist flesh of
Fran's vaginal walls in tiny pressured waves of intimate flesh before
it. There was no stopping him, it seemed, until with a loud groan his
heavy testicles smacked with a slapping noise up into the crevice of
her upturned ass-cheeks.

"OH, OH, OH!" she cried out beneath her husband's brother. Her
impossibly filled passage throbbed against the hard chunky knob of
flesh that had entered it. Morgan's deeply pulsing cock lay within her
belly and there wasn't one tiny ridge of its flesh that the older woman
could not feel as the invading penis pressed tight and snug against the
soft tender walls of her fearfully tensed cunt.

Above her, the lust-inspired brother-in-law lay unmoving for a moment,
his handsome face directly above hers. Fran too remained immobile,
afraid to stir for the emotion, good or bad, that it might cause.
Silence except for the in-laws' heavy breathing hung between them for a
long interval and then suddenly Fran felt a throb from deep inside. The
breadth and length of Morgan's virile young cock was jerking up into
her another half-inch as he flexed it within the dark shelter of her

"Aaaaauuuh!" Fran grunted breathlessly, her face twisting with the
shooting pain she felt.

"You're pretty tight! But I've had tighter!" Morgan declared, thinking
of this woman's daughter whose child's pussy he had forever deflowered.

Morgan throbbed deeper and deeper, suddenly ripping at the light
material of her suit top which was of the kind worn without a blouse.
Underneath, the filmy brassiere pulled away from Fran's large trembling
breasts, exposing their white satiny mounds and the large pink nipples
to his roughly kneading fingers.

"Oooooo dear God!" Fran sobbed, her resistance fleeing from her in face
of the helplessness of her position. She doubted if she would ever be
able to look at herself in the mirror again. Her husband's brother had
stripped her self-respect completely this day, more than her husband
himself had ever done. What was left of her life, her family, her
shattered image of herself as an intelligent and independent woman?
Nothing! There was nothing but her brother-in-law and his throbbing
fleshy cock buried deep inside her inflamed vagina.

Fran knew that Morgan sensed the loss of her last remaining ounce of
resistance, and clamping his wet open mouth over hers, he began a slow
rocking motion between the captive housewife's wide-held thighs. Fran
could feel sensations like tiny explosions of gunpowder inside her
plundered loins, searing the soft sensitive flesh within her as the
younger man's motion widened and forced her narrow passage to respond
with each short smooth stroke. Finally there was nothing more but to
groan in helpless defeat beneath the monster that she had allowed into
her home.

And then suddenly her body, as though it were severed from her
resisting mind, commenced an involuntary reaction. Lewd flames of
desire were coursing through her veins, and she no longer had the will
or the strength to fight it. She had lost the battle and now she knew
that in spite of her repugnance and horror, she was on the verge of
surrendering totally to this boy lying between her long, widely spread
legs. The mere thought sent chills running along Fran's spine as she
felt the slow rhythm of Morgan Cooper's upthrusting cock skewering
wetly into her highly stimulated loins.

Faint mewls of animalistic, servile acceptance raised from the
adulterous wife's chest, her lovely face becoming distorted with
passion as, her mouth toiling, her neck straining and her delicate
nostrils flaring, the now disheveled blonde pressed her semi-nakedness
up against her ruthless captor.

Odd bits of her clothing still clung to her, but the firm taut mounds
of her breasts pushed up naked against the younger man's dark-haired
chest and the fully exposed surfaces of her ravaged pussy ground and
rubbed lasciviously against her thoroughly aroused brother-in-law's
wiry-haired loins. The cords in Fran's neck as well as those of her
pale thighs stood out hard and tense as she writhed underneath the
younger man, becoming carried away with the fervency of her feeling.
There was no doubt now that she was enjoying this ... wanting this
mindless fucking. No longer could she deny that she craved this
delicious sensation of lying beneath her husband's brother like this,
giving back to him what he was giving to her.

Above the excited blonde mother Morgan slaved, his forehead and back
covered with sweat as he shifted his rhythm to longer, smoother strokes
that drew his glistening, lust-swollen cock nearly all the way out of
his beautiful sister-in-law's clasping pussy on the backstroke and then
plunging forward into her willingly uplifted loins again until Fran
felt the harsh slap of his naked testicles against the open crevice of
her anus. The younger man smiled his cocky grin of triumph into Fran's
face and dropped his lips again to hers. She was hopelessly impaled, he
thought, his to do with what he wanted! This was the way he'd always
wanted to see his uppity sister-in-law, he realized. This was the way
she looked best. Absolutely!

Now the woman who had refused even to meet his gaze for the past few
days was beginning to mewl and moan, twisting and squealing wantonly
under his ravishing, punishing cock.

It was good! Better than she could have imagined, Fran was forced to
admit to herself. And then the twenty year old's hand was moving
beneath her to where his lust-driven cock was sliding smoothly in and
out of her blonde clasping cunt. And the frenzied wife began to keen
with shameless delight as she felt him fondle the soft hair-lined lips
milking at his rampaging cock. He continued to play there until softer
groans of unrestraint formed in Fran's throat and her widening vaginal
passage seemed to gape with greedy desire, swallowing the whole of his
thrusting cock as it plunged mercilessly to her very core.

Chapter 6

Jeanie just had time to finish her entry in her book. She did so
knowing that later on she would have little time to do so, and she
wanted to get her notes down while they were still fresh in her mind.
She wrote hastily in her room, her brain still whirling with the
incredible knowledge of what she had caused to happen between her
mother and her uncle.

Entry number 239, Log 3, Notes on Project X: June 12 - Timing perfect
on family reconciliation number one. Therapeutic action transpiring
perfectly between Mother and Uncle Morgan. In the long run this will
solve all inter-family problems and create wholesome atmosphere
necessary for my upbringing. Next I must join the therapy.

Fran and Brint Cooper's only daughter rushed hurriedly back down the
hall. The little girl had already ascertained that her mother had
indeed succumbed to her Uncle Morgan's advances. She had known all
along that she would, just as she had known that the young man himself
had been waiting for just such a moment to take place. It did not take
much figuring out, really, only a good dose of what Jeanie called
common sense coupled with her keen powers of observation. The members
of her family were in desperate need of assistance, Jeanie knew that
much, and with her new "knowledge" which her uncle had helped her to
gain to guide her, Jeanie forged ahead on what she considered a valid
extension of her original Project X. For one thing, the ten year old
was aware of the fact that being in love with a callow youth like her
uncle would never do. It was her duty to raise her twenty year old
uncle's consciousness, and while she was at it, she would raise that of
her mother and her father as well. She had a few more years at home
yet, and they might as well be emotionally profitable!

The door to her mother's room still stood ajar, just as it had been
when she'd watched the final surrender of her mother beneath her
uncle's nakedly thrusting body. They were still at it, she could see as
she quickly shed the skirt and blouse she was wearing from her smooth,
girlishly small body. Naked, her pale porcelain-like skin gleaming with
a hidden light of its own, she moved closer to the lewdly copulating
forms on the bed. Already the wise little girl could feel the growing
excitement within her awakened loins. Nakedly, she shivered as she
empathized with her moaning and writhing mother. She knew from
experience just how good Uncle Morgan's fucking could be!

The wildly preoccupied couple hadn't even noticed her standing there,
and Jeanie couldn't help feeling a little left out and just a trifle
jealous of the ardor with which her young uncle carried her mother
along the throes of ecstasy.

For Morgan was maddened by the silky soft sheath of Fran's palpitating
pussy as it enveloped his long thick penis, and he drove far between
the excited blonde's milk-white thighs with all his strength while
running his hot hands over the naked sweat-glistening surfaces of her
voluptuous body. The young man was half out of his mind with the
exquisite sensation - of fucking his brother's wife and having her
respond so eagerly, so perfectly. Indeed, having her take the upper
hand, for her long legs wrapped themselves up around his back so
tightly that she was effectively able to control his thrusts deep into
the hair-surrounded split of her clasping pussy. Christ, he was going
to cum any second. A stream of obscenities issued forth from Fran's
mouth, obscenities that only served to excite him all the more. At some
point during their love-making the young mother and wife had seemed to
change, to turn into a free and liberated woman who was not so much
being fucked as fucking, and this difference had not escaped Morgan
although he was powerless to change it.

"Oooooohhhh FUCK FUCK!" Fran was unconsciously mimicking her daughter's
love cries while she received the heavy pounding of the same throbbing
cock within her secret loins. "FUCK ME MORGAN ... FUCK ME LITTLE

Standing beside the squeaking bed watching the wildly thrashing and
twisting tableau that her mother and her uncle created, Jeanie knew
that she had been correct in her original speculation about the state
of her mother's psyche. Yes, her mother needed this, this and more in
order for her to become a whole person again. But even as the youngster
congratulated herself, she could not keep from letting her little
fingers search out the tender nib of her quivering clitoris where it
trembled with longing within the protective lips of her pussy.

"Mmmmmm," she cooed to herself as she watched her Uncle Morgan
thrusting deep into her mother's hungrily welcoming belly, pounding and
worming up into her now welcoming cunt with demon-like fury, his
pistoning cock fucking into the over-excited blonde's flaring pussy and
smashing her clenching buttocks time and time against the obscenely
creaking mattress, only to lift up and start all over again.

"MMMMMM!" Jeanie said a little louder, and then she added quite loudly,

Even though the little girl's words were heard by the wildly climaxing
couple, each was so lost in an incestuous dream-come-true that they
completed their frenzied orgasmic thrashing, unable to do otherwise as
Fran felt herself to be one mass of exquisite moisture high in her
overpowered pussy. Her loins seemed to blaze with an unholy fire and
she was vaguely aware of Morgan's hands running over her like searing
tongues of flame, of his lips and of the hot friction of his naked body
as he squirmed against her. This was it! This was it! And as her
daughter's intruding voice reached her burning ears, she was not in the
least deterred from what had become her goal.

panting and writhing as she heard his wailing breath against her ear.
His rising cock was like an unrelenting animal raging and hurtling into
her, making her tingle with life from the tips of her toes to the back
of her head. It was wonderful, beautiful ... better than it had ever
been with her husband! The beautiful blonde woman sucked in her breath

Every thrust of her husband's brother's lustfully surging penis was
creating a tormenting agony of pleasure that released something that
had been pent up inside her for too long. It was more than an orgasm,
although it was that too. It was the rebellion of her very soul, and it
had wings that seemed to carry her a great, great distance even as she
jerked and bucked against the naked youth and felt his pumping cock
grow huge and hard within her and begin to spurt its hot thick sperm
far into her softly quivering and accepting belly. Feminine and
masculine juices mingled deep down inside the trembling, swooning
housewife, and her lips curled into a smile of satisfaction as though
she now knew something that she had not known before.

When at last her legs went limp, jumping convulsively and finally
flailing out to the side, splayed obscenely on either side of her
brother-in-law's still heaving young body, she had forgotten her
daughter's cry.

Therefore it was with a slight surprise when Fran felt the pressure on
the bed and opened her eyes to see not only her brother-in-law still
panting above her, but beside him Jeanie, her pixie-faced, broadly
beaming child.

"Oh, my God!" Fran said, a harsher reality seeming to momentarily blot
out what she felt she had just gained through her lewd encounter with
her husband's brother. She was, after all, a mother. She couldn't allow
her daughter to be here, to share the ugly lasciviousness of the
situation. No matter what may have happened before, she must try to
protect Jeanie!

She tried to get up, but found that she couldn't move beneath Morgan's
body. Then she became aware of some kind of activity below her, and
suddenly from the look on Morgan's face and something that she now felt
herself, she could tell that Jeanie had insinuated her fingers behind
Morgan to touch his hanging testicles and then to clasp and fondle the
already re-activating cock that lay within Fran's moisture flooded

"NO!" Fran cried. "Jeanie ... get out of here! Jeanie ... what in God's
name?" But Morgan's thickening cock was rising inside her and Jeanie's
agile little fingers were touching and sliding at her own still highly
aroused cuntal lips! Jeanie only smiled at her mother as she knelt on
the bed beside them, busy with her addition to the sensuous scene.

The disturbed young mother was visibly shaken as above her Morgan let
his fingers tighten upon her heaving breasts while he leaned slightly
sideways to kiss his naked niece's sweet-tasting lips, already
accustomed to his kisses. Beside her she could hear the soft gasps of
her daughter as Morgan's other hand began to fondle between her
kneeling thighs. His other hand meanwhile continued to hold her nakedly
trembling breast while she remained captive beneath his superior
weight. And now she could feel his once more rock-like penis pushing up
inside her, creating a quivering response within her shamefully aroused
pussy. The blonde mother's blood ran cold and she felt so dizzy that
she thought she might faint any minute.


It was all muddled and confused and she knew that it was going to
happen no matter what dire thought was turning about in her brain. The
bulbously swelling head of her brother-in-law's cock rubbed hotly
within her pulsating cuntal channel.

"Ooooooh!" she whimpered, no longer thinking about getting away. The
horrid pleasure that was spreading through her helplessly captive body
in spite of her feeble protests felt obscene and hideous and yet she
could feel her breasts aching for her husband's brother's touch. Her
pink nipples hardened against his chest, and now his tongue returned to
her wide-open mouth to drive her mad. No, she didn't care if her
daughter were there or not! Clearly it was too late to protect little
Jeanie. It suddenly occurred to her that Jeanie might be better able to
protect her if it came to that! Fran tried to put out of her mind the
thought that later on she might care very much, but right now all that
mattered was the delight that took hold of her as she felt her young
brother-in-law's pulsing cock pressing high into the sensitive flesh of
her narrow hair-trimmed cunt. It wormed slowly upward and back,
continuing the wondrous adulterous feeling, the sense of utter freedom
that she had felt before!

"OOOOOH!" she cried out as Morgan's tongue slipped wetly out of her
mouth and his uneven breathing signaled that he was almost fully hard
now, almost filling her completely, utterly.

Above the helplessly moaning older woman, Morgan realized hazily what
he was accomplishing. Two women at once ... mother and daughter at the
same time! He was actually getting away with taking both his brother's
women! His dumb-assed brother's wife and his sweet young daughter!

He was actually slipping his lust-swollen cock up into Fran's
unresisting belly, spreading wide the soft curly hair of her blonde
pussy, entering her totally while beside him Jeanie, the sensuous
little nymphette, moaned and heaved deliriously from the satisfaction
his extended middle finger was beginning to give her tightly pliant,
well-fucked baby cunt. The twenty year old youth sawed maddeningly in
and out amid the tiny furrows of the little girl's straining young
pussy, the already more luxurious growth of the sparse golden hairs
visible to him as he looked to the side at her widespread kneeling
thighs. Jeanie gyrated her young loins so that her entire cuntal
surface pushed upward against the palm of her uncle's hand as he teased
the inner folds and crevices of her nakedly and openly presented pussy.

Morgan, forever the put-upon younger brother in his family, now swelled
with pride at the undeniable fact that he had managed to instill such a
degree of lust in these two creatures, his own relatives, neither of
them on a par with the cheap easy girls he was accustomed to!

Grunting and beaming with pleasure, Morgan slid his massive cock harder
into his sister-in-law's moistly responding cunt, feeling her vaginal
channel expand easily before his thrusting masculinity. Fran's
straining legs began to widen and yield beneath him once more as her
tightly clasping pussy seemed to nibble at his tingling cock.

"AAAAAAHAHAHAH! UNCLE MORGAN!" the ten year old beneath him began to
cry beside him as he slowly skewered his finger up, in and out of her
writhing naked cunt, creating sucking wet noises with each withdrawal
of his fingers as he simultaneously pushed the full length of his lust-
hardened cock forward to embed it in the soft giving upper reaches of
Fran's sensually tormented pussy. As he struck the very bottom of her
moistly straining pussy, he could feel his beautiful sister-in-law
grinding lewdly back to meet him with an almost savage passion!

"OH GOD! FRAN! JEANIE! YOUR GOOD PUSSIES!" he cried obscenely, enjoying
the sound of the words in his mouth. But the two women were oblivious
to the egotism of the young uncle's cries. Jeanie had maneuvered
herself so that she was lying down on the bed beside her mother,
without once causing her uncle's fingers to leave her desire-filled
pussy. Now each of the women lay on the bed, writhing feverishly side
by side in separate worlds of mindless joy.

Jeanie spread her legs out to the side as far as she could, feeling her
upper thighs touching her mother's hips beside her as her helplessly
responding pussy continued to spasm around her father's brother's
obscenely plying middle finger, the thickness of which was increased
when the young man added first one other finger and then two to the
furious finger-fucking he was giving her desire-drenched little cunt.
It was agonizing, excruciating pleasure, so good that it almost hurt.

She and she alone knew that her father would be coming home from work
soon. Neither of the others was lucid enough in the throes of their
passion to remember this important fact.

The very idea of it sent shivers of fear and excitement throughout her
system. Each unrelenting thrust of her young uncle's fingers recalled
to her the fact that not so long ago she had been a totally
inexperienced child, whereas now, thanks to her foresight and to her
uncle's charming lack of morals, she was a full-fledged member of the
adult world of sexuality! Hearing her mother groaning out beside her on
the bed, Jeanie felt a new kind of kinship with the older woman, and
her hand reached up to where her mother's clung to Morgan's thrusting
back. She grasped her mother's hand and held it in her own, feeling her
own hotly seething pussy begin to overheat with the insanely exciting
friction of her uncle's fingers. She was going to cum!

It started as a tiny trickle deep in the little girl's wildly trembling
pussy and grew with incredible magnitude until it erupted with swirling
hot signals that spread from the crazily tingling depths of her womb to
every slickly glistening portion of her nakedly perspiring body. It
rose and swelled, threatening to strangle her with its force. It was
immediate and real and her nakedly heaving budding breasts shook as her
lithe back arched sharply and her hand tightly squeezed her mother's
just as the older woman beside her began to keen and croon in her own

"OOOONNNNNOOOOOWWWWWW!" little Jeanie sputtered, choking on her body's
wracking climax as she felt her uncle's wet, wriggling fingers
increasing her insane delight by moving more and more rapidly up within
the hungry orifice of her indecently aroused young pussy.

Make Mom cum too! she thought, and just then she heard her mother,
moaning mournfully beside her. Morgan's ardently jerking penis swelled
to smoldering hardness within his blonde sister-in-law's openly
welcoming vagina. The sensual softness of her nakedly writhing body
beneath him and the obvious turmoil in her daughter's cum-filled pussy
were making him almost apoplectic with lust, and he thought that his
whole lust-driven body, not just his feverishly overworked cock, might
explode when he finally came!

Relentlessly the unemployed young man fucked his aching quivering cock
up between his sister-in-law's sleekly straining and stretching white
thighs, making her helplessly entrapped pussy a place created solely
for his cock and nothing else. His hands began to mold her softly
jiggling breasts and from time to time he leaned over to nibble not
only their succulent pink fruit but his beautiful little niece's as

OH CHRIST, he thought. THIS IS LIVING! Then he cried out, "COME ON YOU

"OOOOOooooohhhhhh!" the desire-anguished young mother crooned while
beside her, her daughter gave herself up to her uncle with a final cry
of joyous pleasure.

"NnnnnNNNNGH!" Jeanie turned her passion-wracked nakedness in toward
the madly gyrating duo beside her on the bed. In a flash, filled with
sudden inspiration, Morgan withdrew from his sister-in-law's raging
orgasm and hurriedly slipped his exploding cock into her daughter's
momentarily empty pussy. The lewd switch was complete as he replaced
his fingers in Fran's golden-haired cunt to complete her frenzied
peaking orgasm.

The lewdly occupied uncle felt his hot pent-up sperm starting out of
the sensitive slit of his madly throbbing cock, tentatively at first
and then speeding and racing toward the end of his little niece's
seething young pussy. And he found himself calling her name and
wondering in that dazzling moment how on earth the little girl had
achieved this splendid moment, for it seemed to him now that it was all
her doing, not his at all, and that something within him was being
radically changed without him being able to do anything about it!

"YEEEEEESSSSSS!" he groaned. "YES, THIS IS MORE LIKE IT! I'm cumming,
you sweet evil bitches! Let me fuck you both! Let me fuck your
beautiful hot cunts!"

Chapter 7

Brint Cooper, Assistant Manager, the sign said outside his door, and
inside the large office Brint sat behind his desk, toying with a sheaf
of comparison shopper's reports. He would funnel the information on
down to the necessary departments of the store in the morning. Right
now the only thing he felt like doing was going home. He'd just come
from a long and unpleasant meeting of the Board of Directors of the
store, and it had been made clear to the attractive executive that
there were certain aspects of his two-year reign as assistant manager
of the store that were being reevaluated. Certain sales had gone down
and an advertising policy that Brint had pushed hard for had fallen
flat. It was all very distressing, and Brint tried to forget about it,
even though there was a funny twist in his stomach at that very moment.

Hungry ... he thought, I'm Hungry, that's all ... I'll get right home
and have dinner and a good night's sleep, and lots of rest over the
weekend, and by Monday morning I'll be able to think of something that
will save my face with the Board.

But even the thought of dinner was disturbing because of the new
feelings Brint had been having about his wife, Fran. He mulled it over
as he went out the door, bidding his secretaries good-bye with an
absentminded nod.

"Sour puss looks fit to be tied tonight!" one of them said to the

"That's what he probably needs!" the other replied, laughing.

The elevator carried him down to the parking level and Brint found his
car waiting for him the way it usually was at that hour.

"Have a good evening, Mr. Cooper!" the attendant called out to him as
he drove up the ramp to the open air. But Brint couldn't help thinking
that his whole world was slipping out from beneath him in some sneaky,
irreversible way. There was Fran ... there was the dissatisfied Board
of Directors ... there was that funny sound the car had started making
and which was no longer covered by the warranty. The tired young man
thought about his wife's attitude for the last few days - oh, it was
very subtle, mind you, but Brint had noticed it just because of its
subtlety. Usually when something was bugging his beautiful ex-model
wife, she made it clear as all-get-out, and usually Brint had a good
time getting her goat even more by either making fun of her or making
her so upset that she lost control, thereby making him the winner of
the argument. Or, he reflected, he would make love to her the way he
had done several weeks before, thus effectively shutting her up. He
felt a surge of excitement as he stopped at a traffic light,
remembering that night and how Fran had moaned in ecstasy beneath his
stiff cock.

They'd only made love a couple of times since then, and though Brint
knew that each time had been too fast for Fran, nevertheless he did
feel that she took too goddamned long to cum sometimes. He hadn't been
able to wait either time, and now he regretted this, feeling that
perhaps this had something to do with the distant, remote way that his
blonde wife had been behaving toward him. Yet it seemed to be more
serious than that. God knew, in the years they'd been married it wasn't
the first time they'd made love and she hadn't cum!

In fact, Brint knew, because Fran told him later, that there'd been one
entire year when she'd never cum at all!

So what's she got to complain about now? he thought angrily, surging on
toward the quiet suburban street where he lived. Even so, Brint decided
that tonight he'd make it up to her. She was a good kid, after all, and
maybe he had been a bit hard on her, teasing her about her desire to go
back to work and all. Christ, if he lost his job, they'd need a second

The thought was staggering and depressing, and also reminded Brint that
as far as money was concerned he wasn't saving any by feeding his
younger brother, Morgan. Fran was right there too, but Brint was too
stubborn to tell her so. If she was against Morgan, he was
automatically for him, even though there was little love felt between
the two brothers. Brint had always felt that his kid brother had been
coddled so much by his parents that he would never amount to anything.
He took good things that happened to him as his due, and never seemed
to reflect about the seriousness of life. Something Brint had had ample
time to do during the years he was at City College working his way
through, and then later at business school where he worked particularly
hard to make good, even though he didn't feel any particular calling
toward the business world. It made him feel good to identify with the
President. He, too, was a self-made man, and no matter what, no one
could ever take that away from him. Especially not his punk kid of a
brother! Maybe he'd tell Fran tonight that she'd be getting rid of
Morgan. Let the kid go stay with Mom and Dad - God knows they deserve
each other!

Then maybe I'll have a little peace at home, he thought, reminding
himself that it would be very pleasant indeed if, for example, while
Jeanie was asleep he and Fran could go at it in the living room right
on the sofa. They used to do this some years before, but it was
impossible now due to the presence of his brother, Morgan, who always
seemed to be around and under foot even though Brint had thought him to
be the sort who went out a great deal. In fact, he'd envied the younger
boy that, going out with all those pretty girls he was probably in
contact with all the time. The stewardesses and airline sweeties. Yeah,
Morgan was sitting pretty right in the middle of all that fancy tail,
and all of it hot and ready too, Brint was willing to bet.

Brint himself had never found it terribly useful to chase other women.
It took up too much time for one thing, and the girls always wanted
something or other, and since he was willing to give nothing at all his
few sorties into that field were brief and uneventful. Now the cynical
young executive contented himself with calling one of several girls
whose phone numbers he had and who for a fee would stop by his office
or allow him to stop by their apartments for five or ten minutes. But
this only happened about once a month at most, and Brint considered the
money well spent and to be, in a manner which he was able to make
himself understand, a favor to his wife. He wasn't getting involved
with other women the way most of the men he consorted with did, and
Fran was lucky to have him for a husband even though she would never
know why Brint thought so.

The powerful motor shutting off jolted Brint back to reality. He was
home and in the driveway. In a sense he regretted having gotten home so
quickly, for he'd been enjoying the daze of driving and the pattern of
his own thoughts. He never felt better than at those moments when he
was in his car. As the tall dark executive got out of the car and
closed the door after him, he wished that he could take with him the
feeling of invincibility that the car gave him. Instead, he set his
features in a contemptuous snarl without even realizing that he was
doing so. This was his protection against the powers that existed
beyond him.

* * *

COMING HOME!" Fran jumped up as best she could considering the fact
that she was covered by her brother-in-law and her daughter's fervently
writhing bodies, the two of them beginning once again what each thought
was over moments before. Still the wondrous sparks of lust ricocheted
between their naked, incestuously attracted bodies, making them lose
sight of anything else but the fulfillment of the moment.

Fran got out from under them and ran to the window, her firmly rounded
white buttocks bouncing as she ran.

"GOD. YES!" she shrieked, "IT'S HIM IT'S HIM ... GET OUT! GET OUT!

Jeanie was disappointed, having hoped for a more complete surprise, but
she slowly went toward the door of her mother's room anyway. Morgan
hurried past her, grabbing his clothes as he ran. Jeanie did all she
could to detain him, but the young uncle, frightened by the prospect of
seeing his brother under such circumstances, pushed the little girl
aside and ran out, heading toward his room. Jeanie blew her mother a
kiss and slipped out herself, moving reluctantly toward her own room.

Downstairs the front door opened, closed, and Brint entered. He was
immediately surprised by the fact that no delicious cooking odors were
wafting from the kitchen, and that there was no one about to meet him.
Suspicious by nature and particularly edgy because of his bad day,
Brint looked around.

The first thing that the startled husband saw was that one of the
pillows of the sofa had fallen onto the floor. Absentmindedly he went
to pick it up, listening all along for the sound of someone else in the
house. Just as he saw the wet stains upon the sleek material of the
pillow, he thought he heard a noise upstairs like the sound of a door

FRAN! His wife's name exploding in his brain, Brint began to take the

Brint burst into the bedroom and the door slammed against a wall.
Angrily he slammed it back. "FRAN, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? I KNOW

From the bathroom came the sound of water running, and Brint raced to
the door, flung it open, and headed for his nakedly trembling wife
where she stood under the shower, furiously trying to scrub away the
love scents she had accumulated throughout the long illicit afternoon.
The blonde wife's eyes rounded with horror as she saw Brint coming
toward her like a charging bull and then felt his fingers closing
around her arms, pinching, hurting so hard that she knew that she'd
have black and blue marks for weeks. Absurdly, she thought about the
photographs she was due to take the next day. Would she even be alive
the next day?

She was being shaken, carried bodily from the shower, harshly thrown
upon the bed where she bounced up and scrambled away only to be tossed
back upon the badly crumpled bed which the guilty woman had only had
time to smooth out in the most perfunctory manner.

He knows ... oh Christ, he knows! she thought as she fended off his
blows, protesting, pleading with her irate husband.

"FUCKING WHILE I'M AT WORK! FUCKING!" he screamed down at her nakedly

"Ooooooh," Fran could only wail with the terrible burden of the truth,
which was a hundred times more dreadful than the awful things of which
she was being accused.


Fran sobbed. Was he so far from wrong? Wouldn't she have given in to
Giuliano tomorrow? Wouldn't she have wanted his warm kisses and kind
words? But instead she had received her own husband's brother, felt his
cock - God, she seemed to still feel it - high in her quivering pussy!
And she had joined her own little girl in the most depraved enjoyment
of sex, and she had loved it, loved every minute of it!

"NEVER MIND! NEVER MIND!" the distraught blonde cried, "BEAT ME, HIT

Brint stopped for a second, glaring down at the cowering female before
him. "Killing's too good for you!" he hissed. His woman, his own wife
betraying him, actually giving herself to someone else. That same
gorgeous golden cunt there between those fabulous thighs ... they were
his ... all his and they belonged to nobody else! The very idea of
another man even touching Fran was enraging him more by the moment. He
had to do something, something to put his stamp upon this woman, to
prove to her and to him that she was his, that he would not tolerate
unfaithfulness! A wild look was in his eyes as the angry husband ripped
off his suit coat and his shirt and tie. Then he loosened his belt and
let his pants fall down. He peeled down his shorts and took off his
tight cotton undershirt. The calf-length black socks upon which he
insisted came off after the conservative brown shoes.

All the while, Fran watched him carefully, cautiously between sobs, as
though her life depended upon it. Then he spoke, barking out a command
to her that startled the young wife. Nevertheless, she was in no
position to refuse him and she did as her husband asked.

Kneeling naked on all fours on the bed, the adulterous wife cringed

"No ... no," she murmured fearfully.

"NO? What's the matter, had too much screwing already? That little
pussy can take more, can't it?"

"NO ... NO!" It was too awful, too humiliating!

"Well, that's okay too!" Brint said with a snarl, eyeing the white
pliant mounds of nether flesh that formed his wife's fully presented
buttocks. "There's more than one way to skin a cat!"

From her lewd position on the bed where her husband had forced her,
terror struck deep in Fran's bones. But didn't she deserve whatever she
got? Even if her husband was a disgusting egomaniac, a cold, ungiving
person and a selfish monster? Even though all that was true, hadn't she
done things that no woman ought to ever consider, much less enjoy?
Wasn't he right to want to punish her? She thought she was going mad.
Perhaps she was! Didn't her wanton actions, even though she had been
forced at the beginning, indicate a wandering mind? How could she have
made passionate love with her own brother-in-law ... and later with her
own daughter? How could she have enjoyed it when she heard her
daughter, who was only ten years old, cumming blissfully beneath the
twenty year old's fucking, and while enjoying it cum herself because of
Morgan's fingers thrusting in her naked cunt?

Brint peered down at his wife's widespread pale-skinned buttocks,
knowing that what he would do would humiliate his adulterous wife for a

"SPREAD THOSE LEGS WIDER!" he commanded.

Brint positioned himself behind the kneeling blonde, his thick heavy
cock bulging with throbbing veins that stood out on the sides of the
hardened shaft. Leaning over, he slowly and deliberately parted the
helpless cheeks of Fran's full rounded buttocks wider than they would
normally go. He heard her moan, and then with a perverse smile on his
lips and reminding himself of his great anger he bent forward and
licked the small brown opening of the trembling woman's tiny puckered

"Nnnoooooonnnnnnggg!" Fran shuddered at the hideous wet feeling back
there in her nether crevice. It felt cold and strange and she felt
singularly uncomfortable. It seemed so obscene that he should do such a
thing to her ... it was crazy and frightening and unsettling. Yet Fran
felt completely at her husband's mercy, not only because he was
stronger than she, but because she really did feel guilty and deep down
inside she knew that she deserved this from him. He was, after all,
still her husband, and she had made love with his own brother and
sanctioned her daughter's lewd actions.

"NNNNNNNGH!" Her husband's tongue flicking teasingly in the crack of
her widespread ass-cheeks sent chills running through the repentant
young blonde, and she felt ashamed and embarrassed and oddly more naked
than she had ever been before.

"Wider!" she heard him order gruffly, beginning to really enjoy
himself. Then an idea struck the leering husband, and he looked
hurriedly around. By chance he saw upon the floor just the kind of
thing he was looking for. Fran's hairbrush had fallen near the bed
earlier as she'd tried frantically to brush her hair and then had given
it up to run into the shower to cleanse herself before her husband's
arrival. Swiftly, Brint leaned down to pick it up and returned to his
position behind his wife's subserviently kneeling figure.

Fran's beautiful long legs were spread so far apart that the tormented
woman could feel the pull on the tendons where her thighs joined the
tender area of her hair-fringed cunt. Suddenly there was a sharp pain
in her rectum, and the frightened housewife realized with alarm that
her husband was working something into her back there! She didn't even
know what it was! But it felt thick and cold and Fran realized with
horror that he was going to try to push it all the way inside her
virginal back passage! Terrified, she tried to wriggle away from the
intruding object, but then she felt it beginning to turn in the deep
rubbery channel of her helplessly exposed rectum, sliding steadily
inward and then pulling out and pushing back in with abrupt jerking

"NNNNNNNNNN," the trapped blonde wife groaned piteously.

"Whatsa matter? This is your favorite brush, isn't it?" He twisted the
brush handle savagely, worming it upward into the entrance of his
wife's roundly stretched anus and letting it slide within the fear-
tensed walls.

"Nooooo oooohhh! HOW CAN YOU?" The pain was horrible, and even worse
was the very idea of what Brint was doing to her!

The horrified blonde tried to straighten her knees out so that she
could lie flat on the bed. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt so much that way.
She just had to get him to stop somehow! But her determined and still
furious husband pulled the frightened wife's buttocks back into the air
making her remain in the humiliating kneeling position that made her
rear passage wide open to his lewd fondling with the plastic-handled

You little cunt, I'm going to fuck you with it in that tight little ass
of yours, the one you sit on all day except when you're shaking it for
some other cock!"

Fran's face reddened. Her blonde hair hung down in her eyes and her
mouth gaped open in pain. She felt so exposed, so transparent. Never
had she known anything like this feeling of having her own hairbrush
forced high into the constricting walls of her anal passage. Oh God!
she thought, what's happening to me? What has happened to my life?
Tears ran down her cheeks as she tried to support herself on her
elbows, but every now and then she would pitch forward propelled by the
worming, thrusting brush handle.

"NOOOOOOO! BRINT, I CAN'T STAND IT! I CAN'T!" Her husband's obscene
words still echoed in her ears, and the frightened woman's body
trembled uncontrollably. She knew that he was deliberately trying to
hurt her as much as possible, and while the idea of death had seemed
appealing before, the actual presence of pain was terrifying.

"Aaaaaaaah!" The handle of the brush suddenly went in further than it
had before.

"Say you want it!" he commanded.


"Say you want me to do it!"

"I ... I ..."


The brush slid out abruptly with a small, ugly popping sound and Fran's
stretched rear passage felt relieved and strangely open and empty. The
disturbed and guilty blonde mother could feel her husband's loins
pressing up toward her naked buttocks and his hands gripping her by the
hips, pulling her entire lower half toward him. Then with dread
certainty Fran felt the hardness of Brint's rampant cock running up and
down the thin moist slit that stretched from the soft open lips of her
curl-covered pussy to the base of her spine.

Oh Lord, let it be over soon, let it be over soon! she prayed silently
even as the frightened wife felt her husband's hands slipping into the
warm hair-fringed lips between her thighs, the obscenely wriggling
finger sliding wetly into the defensively moistened slit of her
cringing pussy.

"You're all wet ... what's that, cum up inside you?" His voice was
terrible to hear as he mouthed the words with a dull vacant sound.

"OOOOOH!" Fran cried, shivering with horror as abruptly Brint brought
the twitching thickness of his cock up to the tiny opening of her anus,
letting the blunt end of it spread the softly yielding crevice of her
naked buttocks wide to admit it. Sadistically the young executive began
to rock back and forth, push and rock, rock and push, working forward
all the time, again pulling his wife's helpless body back to him so
that eventually the smooth rubbery tip of his anger-engorged cock
entered with a small obscene sound into the tight elasticity of the
fearful young blonde's tightly resisting anal passage.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmff!" Fran writhed in helpless agony. The unnatural entry
brought a searing pain that radiated through her brutally ravished
buttocks, sending shafts of stabbing torment driving throughout her
nakedly trembling body.


But instead of complying, Brint pushed his hotly pulsing penis head
another few centimeters up into his protesting wife's severely
stretching anal passage. Listening to her cries, he told himself that
he had to go through with the whole thing now. He had to feel his
excitedly throbbing cock deep up inside Fran's soft clenching ass-

Already the pain-wracked blonde's rectum was contracting with hard
squeezes, trying to expulse the enormous bulk within her virgin
passage. But her frantic efforts were only serving to give her furious
husband an added excitement, a luxuriously tingling sucking sensation
all around his painfully swollen penis. He could feel his desire-
hardened cock sliding all the way forward now, high up into the tight
canal, unmercifully pushing the tiny ridges of hidden flesh before it
as it went. A gigantic shudder traversed Fran's naked body and she fell
forward breathlessly on her face. She recalled bitterly the other
evening when they had made love, she and her husband, and he had given
her such pleasure in almost the same position. But this time it was
different. It was not the receptivity of her hidden pussy that he was
capturing, but the unwilling torture-wracked depths of her convulsing

Brint looked down at the incredible sight of his lust-swollen cock
grinding hotly in and out of his wife's private nether flesh. It
glistened dully and was a deep purplish color as it left the
desperately straining confines of her ravaged rectum. Warming to his
task, the young dark-haired executive let his hands roam underneath
Fran's softly quivering belly. Hungrily, his fingers found the golden-
haired mound of her cunt and with a swift insinuating motion he spread
the soft cushions of heated flesh that formed her cuntal lips and slid
his outstretched middle finger into the helplessly exposed pussy and
began tickling the gentle folds of inner flesh.

"SAY YOU LIKE IT, WHORE!" he repeated tensely as unwanted pleasure
began to seep into the marrow of Fran's trembling emotions stirring
within her. She squealed weakly. A deliberately teasing flick of her
determined husband's middle finger at the blonde's swollen clitoris
made Fran jerk uncontrollably and then his fingers were fucking up into
her openly flowering pussy, rising high and hard up into the softly
sucking folds.

"AAAAAAAH!" Pleasure flooded the tormented wife's passion-tortured body
from all sides and even her savagely ravished rectum began to respond
to Brint's now insanely churning cock in a different way. With a gulp,
batting back the tears, she began to speak.

"OOOOOH! YES ... I ... YES, FUCK ME ... UP THE ASS! I ... I ... I'VE
ALWAYS WANTED IT THERE!" she added, recalling his directives. It was a
great surprise how satisfying it felt to hear herself saying this. The
unwillingly aroused blonde's whole body undulated and twitched lewdly
now as her mouth gaped open and her panting grew heavier and faster.

Yes, it was good to be fucked, to be hurt, to be punished in the
lewdest way possible for her sins. God, she deserved it, every bit of
it. How good it was to suffer!

The excited young wife danced obscenely back at her husband's wildly
lunging penis, her knees quaking and her heart in her mouth as her
warmly seeping pussy squirmed nakedly and shamelessly around her
husband's probing fingers.

Behind her, Brint felt unexpected tears coming into his eyes as he
fucked hard into his wife's nakedly splayed ass-cheeks while toying
with her desire-drenched pussy, easily bringing her to the point of
frenzied delight.

"YOU BITCH! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO IT?" he choked out, maddened by his
lust and his anger and his strong love for his wife. "WHY DID YOU HAVE
TO DO IT?" he asked in a perplexed tone, feeling all his emotions
rising to his throat as he realized anew that his wife had actually
done what he's always thought was impossible. She'd slept with another

But meanwhile Fran's tightly clutching anus was gripping his ramrod-
stiff cock spasmodically and crazily, and he knew that she was cumming.

Teeth tightly clenched, Brint ground his lust-swollen pistoning cock
hard upward, his fingers impaling her flooding pussy so that he could
feel his own lustfully driving hardness pounding into her from behind.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHH!" he cried, feeling his own white-hot male cum suddenly
spurting voluminously far up into the adulterous wife's squirming


His cum was racing up into her anal passage with tremendous speed as
Fran arched her back and flexed her buttocks hard against her husband's
heavily invading length, tightening and opening her climaxing pussy

was descending into an all-enveloping cloud of brilliantly explosive
cumming. And she was being lifted, carried away, all sins absolved.
Somewhere, she and Brint knew each other, still loved each other and
climaxing was good. It was great! She let it happen to her, let the
magnificence of her body heal her where she had thought no healing was
possible. She felt hard cock, warm cunt, slipping fingers and slapping

"FILL ME! FILL MEEEEEEEEE!" she mouthed as a fine spray of froth formed

Chapter 8

Entry Number 238, Log 3, Notes on Project X: June 13 Reconciliation
number one activated despite slight change in plans. Mother and Father
now know that they love each other; even though they are not speaking,
this will be soon rectified. Reconciliation number two successful.
Uncle Morgan has been awakened to new horizons. Personality development
as well as character should follow swiftly. Mother now knows that I am
a woman, too. Important psychologically for her as well as for me.
Family reconciliation number three: The neighbors have agreed to let me
have Wolf for the afternoon. This should bring everybody around if my
calculations are correct. Also interesting side experiment regarding
animal husbandry.

Little Jeanie had often watched Wolf on her way to school and coming
home. And Wolf had often watched the little girl. In fact, the big
German Shepherd found Jeanie delightful in many respects. As a human
being she seemed abnormally intelligent, and as a female she smelled
wonderful. It was summer time and all his senses were alert for the
female odor, even though he was frequently kept penned in the yard.
Jeanie often looked out her window down into his pen, and once she had
seen a female dog wander by, and had seen the two animals mating right
through the holes of the grill fence of Wolf's pen.

Now, as Jeanie slipped down the stairs and out the back door, she first
checked with the neighbor, a sullen beer-drinking, TV-watching fellow
home from work on the weekend who couldn't care less if Jeanie took the
animal for a walk.

"Sure, Jeanie!" Mr. Greer said. "Have a nice walk. Wolf will protect
you if anybody bothers you."

"Gee, thanks, Mr. Greer!" Jeanie gleefully went to the animal's pen and
opened the lock, letting a grateful Wolf outside into the freedom of
the day.

"Come on, Wolf, nice boy!" Little Jeanie led the appreciative German
Shepherd through the back yard and into her house. After ascertaining
everyone's whereabouts - Mother upstairs nursing her crying jag in the
bedroom, Uncle Morgan in his room sulking and trying to decide whether
to pack and leave or to stay and find out what would happen next, Daddy
in the living room watching the baseball game on TV - Jeanie decided to
set herself up in the basement. Already her naked limbs shivered as she
descended the stairway quietly, Wolf following close behind. She could
feel his cold nose exploring and touching her legs whenever he could.
She wasn't wearing any panties. Certainly what she was planning was
nothing new, she told herself to renew her confidence. She had read
about and even seen pictures of such things. Some of them she'd found
in what her father thought was his secret hiding place, under a bunch
of magazines in the bottom drawer of his desk. On investigation Jeanie
had found that the magazines became progressively more and more lewd as
she went through the pile. They started off with Man's Adventure, True
Male Stories, and the like, and then turned into more daring
photographic leaflets involving unclothed girls. Then at the very
bottom, wrapped in a plain paper bag, she found several small thin
books, one of them about a German Shepherd much like Wolf. It was then
that Jeanie had first gotten the spark of an idea that such a
performance might be of more than unusual interest to her moody father.

Well, now she would find out for sure. Something was bound to happen,
no matter what. At the very bottom of the steps she looked up to make
sure the door had remained open, and then with Wolf anxiously
whimpering behind her, she passed the washer and dryer and went to the
old foam rubber mattress with its corduroy cover that had been
relegated to the basement.

"Come on Wolf, good boy!" Jeanie's voice betrayed an underlying
nervousness even as she positioned herself upon the mattress.
Beforehand, however, the ten year old turned on the portable radio
which was always kept on a shelf over the couch. Jeanie's mother often
played it when she was downstairs doing the laundry. She found a rock
station as Wolf, head over heels in love, nuzzled the upper regions of
the little girl's legs and slender thighs.

Then Jeanie knelt upon the low mattress calling out soft encouraging
words to her animal friend. Her short dress fell forward in folds
around her waist as her naked buttocks and thighs, white and looking
pure as snow, presented themselves lewdly to the amazed animal.
Cradling her blonde head in her arms, she held her breath fearfully and
waited. What wouldn't she do for her own personal pursuit of science
and knowledge ... what wouldn't she do for love?

She could feel the strange wetness of the furry animal's nose now
nuzzling directly into the moist pink slit of her presented pussy.
"Ooooooh!" she jumped at the contact, but forced herself to remain as
she was. Behind her Wolf growled a bit, and suddenly the long lash of
his tongue swept out and penetrated within the soft folds of the little
girl's trembling cunt.

"OH!" Jeanie tried to relax, but it was difficult under the
circumstances. Again and again now little snarls of lust came from the
nervously whining animal, who began to turn and sit, turn and sit
behind her, returning each time to the powerful attraction of the
little blonde's openly presented pussy.

Then a long wet rough tongue swept again and again against the delicate
female tissues of Jeanie's ten year old pussy, and she began to tremble
with excitement. It was beginning to feel good. God, his big tongue
felt wonderful back there!

When she was sure it was going to happen, that it had to happen any
moment now, she began to call.


Upstairs in the living room, his bloodshot eyes barely focusing upon
the baseball game, it took Brint some while before he realized that his
daughter was calling him.

The disturbed husband had been in a daze since the terrible revelation
that his wife had been unfaithful to him, and the awful aftermath
during which he had shamefully sodomized her had done nothing to
alleviate his pain or to help him know what he ought to do now. His
brain swam with thoughts of divorce, of murder, of reconciliation. Fran
had not left her room all morning, and he himself had left her crying
in bed during the night long after their brutal love-making. He'd slept
badly on the same sofa which he imagined to be the scene of his wife's
indiscretion moments before his return from work. And now he sat,
unshaven and disgruntled, more depressed and somehow lost than he'd
ever been in his entire life.

"What does that goddamned kid want!" he muttered aloud when he finally
realized that Jeanie was calling to him. "When the hell's she going to
camp, anyway?" But then Brint had a tender moment for Jeanie. How would
she take the news that her mother and father were splitting up? How
would Brint himself feel if he knew he wasn't going to be able to see
his wife or his daughter whenever he wanted to?

The distressed father shuffled toward the sound of Jeanie's voice, but
his mind was on his wife upstairs. What if he went up there and
apologized to her? Heaven knew he wasn't the one who ought to be
apologizing, but what if he did? He couldn't remember ever having done
such a thing in their entire marriage ... but perhaps something like
that would be necessary to make things all right between them again,
something drastic! He felt an unmistakable surge of lust as he
remembered the feel of Fran's tightening anal muscles around his cock
the night before, and how she had liked it at the end. God, how she'd
liked it! Maybe he should go up there and ... and maybe they could do
other things, too, things which they'd never tried before and of which
he'd always been sure Fran would disapprove.

Then he was standing at the top of the cellar steps, looking down. He
couldn't see anything, and he was slightly annoyed. Brint had a raging
erection caused by thoughts of an erotic reconciliation with his wife,
and he was anxious to see whether he would or would not go upstairs to
see her.

"What the hell is it, Jeanie? What do you want?" he called down into
the cellar.

"Would you get Mom, Daddy?" she asked. "There's something I want to
show you ... to talk to both of you about!" she called back.

"Don't be silly, Jeanie ..."

"It's important, Daddy! Our whole family life could depend upon it!"
she cried anxiously. "Please, Daddy ... do it for my sake!"

Brint remembered the image of his wife and daughter far from him, of
himself trying to lead a bachelor's life after all this time. It was a
lonely, horrible prospect. Perhaps if he could get Fran to come down
now it was the perfect excuse ... Jeanie had said it was important.
Yes, he'd try it!

"OKAY JEANIE ... I'LL GET HER!" he yelled down, and as he turned the
young father thought he heard an animal-like sound coming from where
his daughter was, but he thought it was probably his imagination. He
hurried up the stairs to get Fran.

* * *

Fran hung up the phone. It had taken quite an effort to sound cheery
and natural while talking to Giuliano, but she'd done it. She'd put off
their appointment until the following week and then collapsed into bed
again, her filmy negligee covering but not hiding her voluptuously
disturbed body.

God, what was going on inside her? Fran hadn't been able to stop the
trembling of her thighs, the tingling deep within her since her husband
had left her sobbing and wracked with both pain and pleasure the night

The whole series of licentious events seemed to have had some sort of
permanent effect upon her, and as disturbed as her mental processes
were, the blonde housewife couldn't help letting her fingers wander
down to touch the tender hair-lined slit of her awakened cunt from time
to time. Each time she touched herself there an explosion of fantasies
leapt into her head and she seemed to feel Morgan's touch again ...
yes, her brother-in-law's and even her daughter, Jeanie's, and then
Brint's too! It was terrible! Fran was just about to succumb to the
desire to slip her fingers into her own moistly pulsating cunt again
when Brint knocked on the door.

"It's me, Fran ... can I come in?"

Hesitantly Fran answered, "Yes ... yes, Brint, come in." Her heart was
pounding. Would he be able to see how excited she was? Would he know
that she was longing to be taken, to be fucked hard right then and
there? Despite everything, all their differences and all of her odd
transgressions, all the young wife could think of was fulfilling the
desire which bounded her naked loins beneath her filmy gown.

When he told Fran that Jeanie had asked them both to come downstairs,
Fran rose immediately. Whatever it was, she knew it would be important.
She was frightened about what her daughter's request might mean, yet
the resigned mother knew that there was probably no way to avoid
whatever Jeanie had her mind set on. Together, husband and wife
descended the stairs and then together they paused at the top of the
cellar steps before going down. The strange sounds were disquieting to
say the least, but Fran led the way and within seconds the startled
parents were on the bottom step looking at the most salacious sight

Good God! What was happening to Jeanie? While her mother and father
watched she was on her knees between the giant German Shepherd's open
legs and the anxious, excited dog was mounting the spread mounds of her
firm young buttocks, furry paws wrapping around her slender waist as if
the beautiful young girl were a bitch in heat. Both Fran and Brint
could see the animal's glistening, scarlet dog-cock slipping from its
huge sheath, dripping freely, its tapered point jerking and dancing as
the animal hunched in close to the nakedly offered loins, endeavoring
to bury the pink lean tip and the thickening shaft into the little
girl's visibly moist pussy!

"JEANIE!" Both Fran and Brint dashed forward in unison, but the sound
of the little girl's voice stopped them dead in their tracks.


The stunned parents, each in a state of shock over other events that
had taken place in their lives, responded and obeyed their daughter's
command almost as though they had been hypnotized by their need for
guidance, their need for someone to tell them what to do when there was
chaos clamoring around them.

Little Jeanie felt her taut belly constricting while she knelt in a
fearful, half-mesmerized daze herself. She sensed Wolf mounting her,
his soft furry body crowding in toward her trembling white child's
buttocks, his forelegs clutching at her hips powerfully. The dog's
beautiful tongue had rekindled the wild sensation in her young, already
violated loins, a sensation the little girl had first felt with her
Uncle Morgan. Now, even more so than with her father's brother, she
found herself sobbing as she looked back at the dog, shifting her
quaking round ass-cheeks in an effort to try and capture the
lengthening animal cock. How she wanted the long slippery organ inside
her, had to have it inside her to quell the insane tingling spasms that
were continually increasing within her flaring young pussy.

Now she reached back between her widespread thighs, aware of her
stunned mother and father close by watching as she grasped the wet
shaft and caused the stimulated Wolf to half-growl, half-whimper while
the little girl tried to place the pointed tip of his cock at the tiny
mouth of her passion-flushed, moist vaginal opening.

Immediately the great animal thrust and Jeanie screamed with mind-
shattered delight.

"Aaaaaaaahh!" the impaling length of animal flesh slid into her
welcoming pussy and the animal growled fiercely while his hairy
forepaws clutched possessively at her tiny waist, thrusting, thrusting
and spreading the young girl's vaginal passage open wider and wider as
he hammered his long animal cock deep up inside her tight, pulsing

Fran turned to see her husband watching in lascivious fascination,
gawking in amazed lust as the thick scarlet canine shaft slithered
forward with a wet charge deep into his own daughter's cunt, the dog's
hairy black balls swinging beneath Jeanie's damp, almost hairless cunt.
The disturbed father was watching the animal bucking frenziedly at his
willing young daughter's lovely trembling buttocks, attempting to
skewer her onto the last remaining inches of his still growing and
glistening cock.

Heaven help us all! Fran thought, groaning inwardly. This sight of her
daughter being fucked by an animal was debasing them beyond all reason.
But then the very helplessness of their situation, the obscene
incidents that had been plaguing them as a family, set something else
off within her. The sight of her daughter and the very idea of all the
things she had done so far began to luridly excite her, causing a
sudden renewal of the hunger in her loins to agitate her, and a low
exotic moan broke from the young wife and mother's lips. Her eyes
implored Brint, and she could tell that even though he didn't
understand what was happening or why, he wanted her too!

Subconsciously a fire stormed through her and she pushed herself up
against her husband, wildly undulating her near-naked hips and loins
against him, feeling his hand wrap around her to squeeze at her
buttocks beneath the thin material of her gown to push his rock-hard
cock forward, grinding it into the split formed by his wife's trembling

"Take me ... take me, Brint ... right now!" she whispered to him
lewdly. "Jeanie wants us to ... Jeanie wants us to be ... happy!"

"CHRIST!" Brint spat out. "Jesus Christ!"

She felt her husband pushing her down, down to the ground. She knelt
before him in an instant, feeling him fumbling with the zipper of his
pants, then understanding reaching her, she helped him to free the lewd
bobbing thickness of his cock to her eyes. It grazed warmly against her

Oh, I love it, she thought, how I love him!

* * *

Morgan tiptoed down the stairs, his bag in his hand. The young man was
just about to go out the door when he spotted the cellar door open and
heard the very strange sounds emanating from down there. Curious, he
moved to find out what it was all about. He had finally decided to
leave his brother's house - the forces at work here were really too
much for him to understand. For the first time, Morgan Cooper felt that
he had bitten off more than he could chew. How did one cope with an
insatiable ten year old who sets you up to sleep with her mother, your
own sister-in-law? He had once thought himself lacking in principals,
but now he wondered if after all he didn't have quite a few of the
normal moralistic attitudes that he'd so often mocked in others.

Whatever his decision might have been in this regard, it was forever
changed by the sight of what was taking place in the basement of the
Cooper household. And Morgan Cooper knew that he would never be able to
leave until he too had established his mark as an integrated member of
the family, whatever that might entail.

Morgan could see his wildly back-thrusting little niece, captivated
completely by the furiously fucking dog as he continued to fuck,
pistoning into the trembling softness of her willingly upheld buttocks.
Moans of bliss came from Jeanie's lust-slackened lips as the hairy
forelegs clung to her soft white rotating hips.

In the foreground, his brother and sister-in-law, who had carried on so
the evening before that their noises had almost shaken the house and
had certainly given every reason to believe that they never wanted to
have anything to do with each other again, now were linked together in
an obscene position that made Morgan understand that Jeanie had worked
her lewd magic again.

Brint smiled down at his wife while she stroked his cock slowly, lewdly
moving the thick foreskin up and down over the blunt head. Smoothly his
big hand slipped beneath his wife's wealth of long blonde hair, easing
behind her neck and head. He was drawing her face downward, the bulbous
knob of his cockhead seeping a small drop of clear liquid from the
moist split at its tip.

In his ears, Brint could hear his daughter's love moans. It was all
fitting into place, wasn't it? None of them were meant for the average
normal life ... why had he always pushed himself toward it? Why hadn't
he ever let Fran know how much, how desperately he loved her and always

"Lick it, honey," he whispered. "Lick it like a lollipop. Hurry ...
then I'll fuck you with it!"

Abruptly, a maddening excitement and desire welled up inside of Fran
and she felt her husband writhe and heard him groan as she drew back
the foreskin from his feverishly hard cock and then lowered her
beautiful face as if magnetized by the wonder of his penis. She sucked
in her breath and flicked out her pink pointed tongue to bring it into
warm contact with the soft rubbery tip. Then she swirled it around
slowly, wetly, experimentally, while he twisted and jerked beneath her,
taunting until her tongue tip finally found the little split at its end
and wiggled into it.

Brint looked up to see his younger brother approaching, stark naked,
his clothes trailing on the steps behind him.

"Christ, you too?" he said, but then he realized he didn't really give
a shit, not so long as Fran was his and Jeanie was his and they loved
him and wanted him around. He could see that Morgan's cock was hard and
ready, and as the younger man approached the kneeling Fran, Brint
realized for the first time that his wife had not been mating with a
stranger the day before; she had been with his own brother! In his
distorted vision of his new thinking, this seemed better, far better
than what he had originally thought.

"You've been fucking him before, haven't you?" he asked Fran gently,
while she tasted the pungent tang of the droplets of his seminal fluid.

Her head nodded yes, as she realized that someone was behind her,
lifting her gown. That someone could only be Morgan, her husband's
younger brother. Then she felt his cock slipping thrillingly into the
revealed lips of her already seeping cunt, and he was squatting behind
her, pushing up into her desire-drenched pussy. She lowered her wanting
lips slowly onto her husband's rigid cock, her spirits soaring at the
dual entry, one thick hard penis in her clasping cunt, the other, her
husband's, in her open mouth. She encompassed the spongy head between
her lips, rubbing the full length of her tongue down along Brint's
rock-hard penis, going as far as her ovalled mouth would reach over it
as his brother's cock rose as high as it could within the secret
confines of the young wife's hair-lined cunt.

Above her, Brint grunted with pleasure and began to roll his strong
hips, sliding his thick lecherous cock in and out of his wife's willing
mouth with a wet sucking sound, knowing that she was being royally
fucked at the same time by his brother behind her and that his little
daughter was still groaning lustfully beside him and in full sight of
all of them on the mattress, her tender naked body covered and
penetrated by that of a dog! With one hand he entangled his fingers in
her long blonde hair, as with his other he felt the puffing of her
cheeks beneath him and her head bobbing lewdly on the end of his
thrusting cock while her whole supple satiny body quivered with the
powerful jolts of his brother's plunging cock smashing into her sweet
tender young cunt from behind.

Christ! This was fantastic! What he seemed now to have been waiting for
all his life!

Fran's brain reeled ecstatically and her body was alive with sheer
sensual bliss while she sucked and tasted wantonly at the ever-
expanding cock in her mouth. Then she thought of it ejaculating, and
suddenly she wanted something else and wanted it right away.

Her lips left the glistening wet shaft of her husband's penis as she
lifted her mouth to place her request, and willingly and swiftly the
two brothers complied.

They were turning her over, taking off her thin gown, placing her near
the low mattress on which Jeanie and Wolf struggled in ecstatic
bestiality. Then finally they had done it, both naked now, both hard
male bodies touching hers, pressing her, making her more woman than
she'd ever been before.

"AAAAAH! God, yes!" she cried. "I can feel both of your cocks
beautifully hard inside me! Faster ... faster, damn you, faster and
harder! Oh yes, yes, fuck me harder, harder!"

She lay on her side between them, her legs intertwined as the two
brothers took her, one from the front and one from behind. Her husband
penetrated the depths of her willingly wide-held rectum while his
brother in front of her arched his ever-thickening cock up into the
tight cavern of her quivering hot pussy.

The thought of having the two men making love to her at once was
driving her toward a whirlwind of cyclonic lust. It seemed to go on
forever, and yet she wanted to go on and on and never stop. The
freedom, the mounting erotic bliss of it, the hands, two brothers'
hands clutching and gripping at her, making her know that she was loved
and desired as she'd never known it before. She was completely and
helplessly impaled from above and below, her brain reeling. Nothing
mattered but the tremendous sensation of subliminal ecstasy about to
explode within her.

As little Jeanie looked and saw what was happening to her mother and
how happy her father and Uncle Morgan looked, she felt a sudden tensing
of her loins. She could feel the stiffly pistoning dog's cock behind
her begin a new motion.


The engrossed trio managed to watch as their own fiery lusts continued
in the groveling slippery sex-thrusts that joined them in love. From
different positions on the floor beside her, they saw little Jeanie's
mouth gasp open in a choking scream as she began to toss her head from
side to side wildly, her long golden-blonde hair flailing and whipping
about her shoulders. She was beginning the paroxysm of orgasm as her
mother and father and uncle watched and saw their precious child and
niece screwing her naked buttocks back salaciously against the dog like
a rutting bitch. The huge animal's tongue hung loosely from his mouth
as he fucked into the high-waving child's buttocks from behind. Again
Jeanie cried out and rammed back against the animal deliriously, just
as he jerked forward and his stiff cock began the spurting of his sperm
deep into the little girl's clasping, milking cunt. Jeanie's white
rounded buttocks began contracting, hollowing and tensing, indicating
the climatic upheaval within her quaking belly as she came against the
pulsing cock within her convulsing cuntal walls. Wolf whined and called
out his own pleasure while she felt his hairy body brushing against her
naked buttocks and moaned out the last palpitating spasms of her
excitement. She fell forward exhausted, just in time to hear her
mother's first climax as she felt the two rising cocks within her belly
and rectum thrusting upward with all their might.


Jeanie smiled to herself at the sound of her mother's contented voice,
and she felt exhausted as the immediately deflated cock of the powerful
Wolf slipped from her ravaged passage. She felt the dog step over her
prostrate outstretched body and go to curl up on the cooler floor,
exhausted himself by the little girl's love-making.

Even though she was very tired, Jeanie raised her hands and slipped her
dress off over her head. Then she stepped forward to where her father
and mother and uncle lay writhing upon the floor.

"Why don't we all go up on the bed?" she suggested amicably. But her
eyes were on her father, and as he returned her gaze, she saw him
gently unwind himself from her mother and her uncle and reach for her
as she pulled him backward against her nakedness onto the mattress.

"Hey, Mom ..." Jeanie called as she felt her father's kisses hot upon
her tiny breasts and could already feel the nuzzling of his cock into
the still wet split of her tight little cunt. "Come on ... you too,
Morgan ... let's make a Daddy sandwich!"

"I'm for that!" Brint grunted, just as he felt the heavenly sensation
of his little girl's tender palpitating pussy wrapping around his up-
worming cock.

"OH GOD, I'M FOR THAT!" he added unnecessarily.


Final Entry Number 250, Log 3, Notes on Project X: July 23 - Family
reconciliations one, two, and three completed. Daddy has quit his job
to become a writer. Morgan has entered an executive training program in
the city. Mother is modeling again, but at night we continue
experiments of this project. I feel it unnecessary to add any further
comments at this time however, other than a self-congratulatory note on
the absolute success of this project. We must go on from here!

The End