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[RWS-321] A Film For A Few Friends by J. Wheatfield

Chapter 1

It was too early to go to bed and too late to get dressed and go out,
assuming she could think of somewhere she wanted to go, so Lynn Langley
found herself wandering aimlessly through the house in her nightdress
half-heartedly tidying up the living room and wondering if she could
get some money out of her husband, Matt, for some new curtains. The
night was uncomfortably warm and humid, and she knew that it would be
impossible to sleep with the hot south wind blowing into the bedroom
window. Lynn always found it difficult to doze off when her husband was
away, and these days the TV studio seemed to be sending him out of town
more and more frequently to film track meets, high school football
games, boxing matches, and anything else in the sports world which
might conceivably interest the athletically minded viewers of WRT-TV,
the local television.

Depressed and feeling a slight headache coming on, Lynn meandered
lazily into the bedroom and threw herself unhappily on the big double
bed, her long blonde hair spraying out against the whiteness of the
pillow. The breeze from the window was hot, but moving air of any
temperature was refreshing, and she enjoyed the feeling of the wind
caressing her lightly clad body.

Lynn had the stunning voluptuous figure of a young Greek goddess, and a
professional photographer would have immediately noticed that this was
an exceptional-looking girl and reached for his camera. The filmy silk
nightgown barely hid her high-set widely spaced breasts and the flimsy
material was translucent, revealing her pointed, rosy-tipped nipples.
The nightie was tight and form fitted, dutifully following the
breathtaking curves of her ripely generous figure, flowing over a flat
smooth stomach down to full firm thighs and the inviting brown patch of
soft pubic hair up between her long tapered legs. There was no question
about it; this was a woman worth looking at, and men normally took the
opportunity to do just that whenever she passed their way.

But on this hot evening, Lynn's smoothly chiseled features were marred
by a frown, and the restless dissatisfaction she was feeling showed
clearly in her large hazel eyes. Lynn could not put her finger exactly
on the cause of her unhappiness because it seemed that everything that
had ever worried and troubled her in the past was coming back to haunt
her tonight. Why did Matt have to be out of town whenever she really
needed him to cheer her up? On a night like this, they should be mixing
drinks, taking cool showers, and making love until they had tired
themselves out enough to sleep. Instead, she was alone and love-making
was out of the question for three more days!

The voluptuously attractive young wife shook her head to drive away the
bad thoughts which were tormenting her mercilessly and decided to wash
her face with cold water. Why did it have to be like this? Other women
managed to forget their premarital love affairs, marry good honest men
like Matt and then settle down, happy and content for the rest of their
lives. If she had only listened to what her mother had taught her as a
child she would never have gotten herself involved with a character
like Phil Agard to begin with, and she would never have learned to be
dissatisfied with a fine upstanding individual like her husband. She
should have gone to her wedding a virgin and not a slightly used kept
woman with remorse for the past and continual worries about the future.

She washed her face without feeling much better for it and returned to
her bed, knowing in advance that she would never be able to get to
sleep as long as she was in this condition. Small beads of sweat were
already forming all over her body, and she realized instinctively that
the evening's heat was only half of the explanation, the other half
being too shameful to admit even to herself. She was aroused, excited!
She needed some physical satisfaction, and there was none in sight!

Somehow, as the languid, sexually deprived woman sprawled on her bed,
the thin fabric of her shortie nightgown landed high on the flat
tantalizing plane of her stomach, exposing the softly tempting darkness
between her slightly spread legs. Beneath the fine flaxen hair of her
pubic mound, the warm south wind swept boldly over the thin hair-lined
slit of her open loins.

And it felt good! She was so turned on tonight that even the delicate
impersonal touch of the wind was sensual, and she spread her lithe,
tapered legs even farther apart, baring the whole moist crevice of her
cunt to the hot breeze from the window. Then, with an abrupt gesture,
she raised the firmly rounded half-moons of her buttocks off the
surface of the mattress and slid the nightie up over the rising mounds
of her breasts. A moment later, she removed the gown completely,
wanting to let the hot, lust-inciting wind caress her totally naked

Oh, God, what the hell am I doing, she moaned to herself in anguish. A
couple of days without my husband, and here I am, acting like a sex-
starved teenager! Lynn, when will you ever grow up?

Then, without warning, a terrible temptation swept over her. It was
something she had not done since she had married and something she had
sworn she would never do again, but she knew even as she battled
against it that the temptation was going to win and her willpower would

Tonight she was going to get that old diary out of the desk and retread
it again!

No sooner had the thought struck her mind than she was on her feet,
finding the key in her purse and fitting it deftly to the desk drawer
where she kept her personal papers. Like most romantically inclined
young women, Lynn had scrupulously kept a diary during her teenage
years, recording those very special events like her first date, her
first kiss, and even her first sexual experiences. And even after she
had gone to work as a secretary at WRT-TV and gotten involved in her
disastrous love affair with Phil Agard, the president and manager of
the television station, she had continued to write jotting down what
they had said and done to one another during the most intimate moments
of their association. Later, when the affair was obviously going sour,
she had clung to the diary as if it were her only friend, confiding
everything in the crude vulgar explicit language which Phil himself
used and had taught her to use. Her marriage to Matt had brought an end
to diary writing, and she had told herself on her wedding night that
all that childish foolishness was now behind her forever. She had even
considered burning the book to prevent Matt from ever stumbling upon
this record of sin and degradation, thus finding out just how his
innocent little wife behaved before their marriage!

But, unfortunately, she had never had the courage to burn it and now
her hands trembled slightly as she held it before her for the first
time in four years. She opened it at random:

... I felt my body turning on like an electric light! It didn't hurt
any more and there was a strange restless tingle running maddeningly up
and down my backbone as he crushed fiercely into me ... all the nerve
endings in my body were going off like sirens and my hot gaping little
cant felt as if it were going to explode. I called his name over and
over again like a crazy woman and he put his hand over my mouth to keep
the neighbors from finding out that my boyfriend was not only a married
man but the director of the Television station. Everybody knew Phil and
he was always afraid of a scandal!

... And when he really got started, I was rotating my hips recklessly
from side to side, trying to excite him as much as I could, and deep,
deep inside my stretched, battered vagina, I could feel his hard
impaling cock stuck all the way up in me like a sword thrust into a
sheath, so far in that the thick red tip of his manhood was rubbing
torturously against my cervix. I never felt so absolutely filled in my
entire life and my tender little pussy seemed as though it was being
shattered into a thousand pieces! I treed to hold my shivering, quaking
body still and not make a complete fool of myself, but the piteous
groans just kept coming out of my mouth, one after another, and I
seemed to have lost control over my legs because they were splayed out
wildly on either side of his long jerking pole, and my whole body was
bucking and heaving like mad. I couldn't help myself! It was as if he
had climbed right up inside my cant!

Phil could hardly hide the sadistic grin on his face when he saw that I
was coming on like an express train. Phil is cruel, really, because he
makes me cum again and again, even after I'm tired, and he makes me
lose control of myself completely so that I end up every evening in bed
with him acting like a lust-driven animal instead of an intelligent
human being. And it was no different tonight. I could feel the
fluttering little muscles inside of my cant starting to palpitate and
nibble at his cock the way they do when I'm getting ready to cum and
the lips of my convulsing vagina were all dilated and wet while he
pumped his hot searing sperm into me so savagely that I thought he was
going to tear me apart.

A tear rolled down off her cheek and moistened the page she was reading
as Lynn found herself wondering how a well brought-up girl who was
supposed to know right from wrong could ever have put pen to paper and
written such awful, obscene? disgusting things. It was bad enough to
have done what she had done with Phil, but to have written about them

For a moment, she almost felt that she now possessed the courage to
carry this horribly incriminating document into the bathroom and flush
it down the toilet page by page. But instead she read on, possessed by
a strange masochistic desire to torture herself even more, and she
flipped through a few pages of the diary to read her recollections of
another passionate steamy night in bed with the television executive
who she had served as lover and secretary for a torrid six month

... Somehow, I'll never be able to forget his cock if I live to be a
thousand. It's impossible to describe, but tonight it looked just like
an enormous medieval cannon about to fire. I tried not to look at it,
but every time I see Phil naked and aroused like that, I can't take my
eyes off of his groin, wondering how it is possible for that battering
ram to fit up inside my poor tormented body. Every time he throws
himself on top of me, I know it's going to hurt like hell when he comes
pounding savagely into me, and every time I go ahead and let him do it
anyway. Tonight, he was in a real hurry and couldn't be bothered with
any of the usual preliminaries ... Without so much as saying hello, he
pushed me backwards onto the bed with a kind of snarl and climbed on
top of my naked body like a wild animal in the mating season and I
could feel his hard chest crushing into the softness of my breasts
while he probed between my outstretched legs for the tender hair-
covered entrance to my eagerly waiting vagina. I should have been
happy, I suppose, but somehow this perverse brutality excited me so
much that I could hardly breathe and I sucked his tongue into my mouth
and thrust my pelvis up against him, wanting that long fat penis inside
of me like I had never wanted it before.

It seems crazy to be writing this down on paper, but suddenly I felt my
body was just an enormous cant! I was a great big unexplored
underground cavern that had to be penetrated and Phil was the brave
explorer who was going to march inside of me with his whole body and
explore every inch of me! I was going crazy and I almost screamed when
I felt the broad, blood-filled tip of his cock jostle against the
ragged edges of my vagina, searching impatiently for the opening and
teasing the tiny pulsating button of my clitoris. Then he found what he
was looking for and shoved! Every time Phil comes skewering into me, I
think he's going to split me in two and tonight it was no different. He
brutally flicked his hips forward with that funny sadistic grin he has,
knowing that he's hurting me and not caring at all, his long fierce
cudgel ramming into me to the hilt, so far and so fast that I could
feel his balls slapping against my backside as he stretched the rubbery
elastic flesh of my battered abused cant almost to the bursting point.

But the pain went away quickly tonight and when it was almost gone, he
started sawing in and out of my cruelly stretched pussy as if his life
depended upon it. Like always, I began to lose control all over again,
and tingles of happy submission came rushing up and down my backbone.
My hips started to grind into the mattress as if I wanted to bore a
hole in it, and I couldn't keep my silly mouth from babbling obscene
dreadful things in his ear, asking him to Suck me harder and deeper,
and using other words I can't even bring myself to write down on paper.

Before I could get my wits together, sparks started to fly and it
happened to me, like always. The moment I felt his fat muscular cock
get stiff and hard, and the hot sticky cum start pouring into me,
filling me to the brim, a thousand Any sparks seemed to go floating
merrily all through my body. My strength disappeared and he creamed
into me like a madman while I lay moaning on the bed, with my legs
curled tightly around his back.

Lynn found herself blushing furiously almost as if she were reading
these shameful phrases aloud to a group of her friends and the young
wife looked around her empty bedroom in fright, half expecting to see
her quiet, mild mannered husband sitting in his easy chair next to the
bed and demanding an explanation. No, there was no question about it,
she told herself with an effort to firmness, it was too dangerous to
leave this book in existence. Matt was hardly the type to go prying
through her private things, but if he should happen some day to
discover these words, it would be all over between them. Perhaps their
marriage had been a little dull sexually as far as Lynn was concerned,
but Matt seemed to be satisfied and happy; and she knew that his sense
of morality and decency would never permit him to live together with a
woman who was capable of writing such depraved unholy words as these.
The book had to be destroyed!

Nakedly, the young wife walked to the bathroom, now determined to burn
the diary page by page and flush the ashes down the toilet so that her
descriptions of the last orgies with Phil Agard would be gone forever
and a whole shameful chapter of her life would be erased completely.
She perched on the edge of the tub and balanced the diary on one naked
knee with a book of matches on the other. Trying to keep her courage
up, she tore out the first few pages and set them ablaze, choking a
little on the thick smoke which immediately filled the bathroom and
trying not to yield to the overpowering temptation to read any more of
this record of degeneracy and sin. Tears running freely down her
cheeks, she resolutely burned her way through the entire six months of
her affair with the TV executive, keeping the book upside down so that
her eyes could not accidentally pick up some stray phrase or passage
which might set her off again. Then she came to the last entry, the one
she had written after her last meeting with Phil, the night before she
had accepted her husband's offer of marriage. She had to see it one
more time and she knew that rereading what had happened between them
one last time would give her the moral strength she needed to go ahead
and finish the job. Her fingers trembled as she held the last remaining
pages up to the bathroom light.

Phil came by after work as promised. He has always been a little rough
with me, but actually it was part of the attraction, and I can't deny
that usually it excites me. But lately he has been growing ... how
should I say it? ... a little perverse, wanting me to do certain things
that I could never force myself to do. It's bad enough having a love
affair with a married man, but Phil seems to want things from me that
no decent woman would do, even with her own husband. Tonight it was
worse than ever.

He never even gave me time to undress, and when I protested the fact
that he was ripping my clothes to shreds, he hit me across the mouth,
hard, and I still have a red mark there. Then he said that he was tired
of messing around and told me that a man like him needed some real
action once in a while. I was so upset that I began to cry and he
grabbed me by the arms and forced me down on my knees in front of him.
I was shaking so badly I thought I was going to fall on my face, but I
managed to get hold of myself, thinking he was only a little drunk, and
I hung onto his legs while he undressed.

His penis was already erected, and I had never seen it so close before.
There were long blue veins on the underside, running all of the way
from the thick black pats h of pubic hair around the thick shaft of his
cock out to the red, blood-engorged bulbous gland which was swinging
menacingly only inches from my parted lips. I felt his hands in my
hair, pulling me steadily closer and he kept telling me to open my
mouth ... I didn't quite understand, but there was a horrible suspicion
forming in the back of my mind, a horrible desperate fear that perhaps
he wanted me to take his penis into my mouth! Then it came to me in a
flash and I suddenly understood that Phil wanted me to suck him! He
wanted to use my mouth as a receptacle for his vile thick sperm.

And in the same instant I knew that this was something I could never
do, not in a million years. Phil Agard had dragged me far enough down
into the gutter with him, but there were still some remnants of a
decent woman left in me, and I got all my strength together and pulled
away from him, screaming like a mad-woman. In surprise, he let go of my
hair, and I locked myself in the bathroom and sat on the toilet
sobbing. He swore at me through the door and left ... Tomorrow, I'm
going to tell Matt Langley that I'll marry him. I don't really love
Matt, but it's the only way out.

And when she had finished the last page, Lynn was suddenly glad she had
done it, because the events of that last horrible night with the TV
executive reminded her clearly what a beast Agard really was and how
right she had been to decide to leave him and marry a decent man. She
ripped the final page into tiny shreds and threw them in the toilet,
watching the fragments of her past life whirl around in circles as it
disappeared down the drain.

But somehow when it was all over, the girl felt no particular sensation
of relief. All the written evidence of her evil past destroyed, she
walked back into the bedroom, still naked, and threw herself again on
the bed, her long tapered legs slightly parted and her arms cast out on
either side of her in the classical position of abandon.

The scene would have been an exciting one had there been someone there
to enjoy it, for the position of her arms caused Lynn's heavy rounded
breasts to protrude more than usual, standing up free and proud as she
gazed at herself in the mirror at the foot of the bed. Her mind still
occupied with thoughts of the shame of her past life, her hands crept
almost unnoticed down to her turgid little nipples, and without
realizing what she was doing, the love starved young wife began to
massage her own lushly ripened breasts, touching the rose-colored buds
of her-nipples until they became hard and erect, and pointed at the
ceiling like twin artillery pieces ready to fire. Even as the proper
moralistic part of her brain began to tell her that this was ridiculous
for a grown married woman, one of her hands stealthily left the soft
mounds of her breasts, creeping slowly across the flat plane of her
tautly smooth stomach into her moistly heated vaginal crevice.

A concealed witness to this depraved scene would have observed sheer
wanton desire flooding into Lynn's eyes as one outstretched finger
trembled hesitantly over the thin pink slit of her restlessly twitching
cunt. People are often good at preventing themselves from thinking
about exactly what they are doing, and Lynn purposely tried to
concentrate on something else, hoping to trick herself into forgetting
about what her hands were really doing to that super-sensitive place up
between her legs. Deliberately focusing her thoughts on the comparative
happiness she had found with her simple, religious-minded husband, her
sensuous hips began to grind inexorably into the mattress as her sexual
arousal grew more demanding and insistent by the second.

The young blonde-haired woman sighed deeply as electric sparks seemed
to be jumping from the ragged hair-lined edges of her delicately
pulsating vagina to her fingers, and her breath quickened noticeably as
she stimulated the tiny pink button of her clitoris, rubbing her index
finger over it slowly and sensuously as she deliberately excited
herself to greater and greater heights of physical passion, knowing in
her heart that the situation was now out of control and that she simply
did not have the moral courage to stop this evil impure business. Lynn
writhed and moaned as if she were being ravaged by some ghostly
invisible lover, her creamy white legs now skewered wildly apart and
her fingers boldly invading the throbbing wet orifice of her cunt,
stroking the cock-hungry crevice into a maddening burning state which
seemed to be consuming her insides. With her extended middle finger she
actively stroked the glistening pink clitoris until the sensitive
pleasure center swelled up in agitation, doubling in size and tingling
as if it were about to explode like a miniature time bomb.

There was no stopping her now, and the orgasm she needed so badly came
closer by the minute, attacking her lust-wracked body like a swarm of
voracious locusts settling on a rich green field. The mounting passion
could be read even in her normally serene face, now contorted into an
unrecognizable mask of lust, and she chanted softly to herself as she
energetically lathered herself into a state of furious ecstasy.

It was just around the corner, only needing a few more deft touches to
bring it on like an express train, and the half-demented girl had three
fingers inside of her vaginal cavity now as the orgiastic fluid gushed
out of her wetly pulsating cunt, dampening the sheet below her and
filling the room with its pungent distinctive odor. Another touch,
another caress and ...

The doorbell rang!

"Oh Christ!" she groaned in agony, feeling the release she wanted so
badly start to slip away from her, slowly but surely.

The doorbell sounded again insistently. Lynn lay still for a few
seconds cursing this late intruder whomever he might be. and then
darted for the bathroom to mop away most of the moisture from her inner
thighs before slipping hastily into her dressing gown. It was nearly
midnight? she remarked to herself. Who could possibly be visiting her
at this hour?

Pulling the thin clinging dressing gown over her nakedness, the young
blonde darted barefoot to the door, making sure that the safety chain
Was attached before she undid the lock.

"Who is it?" she called fearfully, a recognizable tremor in her voice.

"It's Phil, honey," came the relaxed, easy tones of the television
executive who was her husband's present boss and her former lover.

"Phil?" she responded in alarm. "But Phil ... I thought ... that is, we
made a deal when I married Matt that you wouldn't bother me ... it's
all over between us ... you know ..."

"Will you stop babbling and let me in?" the producer laughed casually.
"I didn't stop by for romance, sweetie, because I've got other fish to
try as far as that's concerned these days. I'm in a jam and I need your
help on a professional basis, so stop acting like a virgin in an ivory
tower and let me in! Isn't Matt around?"

"You sent him to cover that football game on the Coast," Lynn snapped
as she undid the safety chain and stepped back to admit him into her
home, "and you know perfectly well he isn't here."

"Oh yeah, I'd forgotten," Agard replied insincerely as he walked into
the room and let his eyes run lecherously over the girl's voluptuously
ripened body, her splendid, lust-inciting figure clearly traced beneath
the thin clinging fabric of her dressing gown. "Hmmmmmmm, looks to me
like you're dressed for action pigeon! You got another visitor, maybe?"

Lynn Langley blushed in righteous anger at this lewd suggestion,
pulling the inadequate garment around her as tightly as she could in a
vain attempt to hide the contours of her feverishly aroused body from
the man's practiced eye.

"I'm alone," she retorted flatly, struggling to keep her composure. "Is
there any law against sleeping in the nude on a hot night?"

"None that I know of, baby," smiled Phil, settling himself uninvited
into an easy chair and lighting a cigarette without taking the trouble
even to offer her one.

"What do you want, Phil?" she insisted, standing over him uneasily. "If
one of the neighbors saw you coming here tonight, there could be a
scandal. I've got a nice life with Matt now, and I don't want ..."

"Relax, pussycats and let me look at you," Agard drawled with vulgar
self-confidence. "Goddamn, you're as beautiful now as you were the last
time I had you flat on your back! You weren't so nervous about my
visits then, as I recall, and as a matter of fact, I always had the
impression you looked forward to them. How about a quickie for old
time's sake?"

'No!!!!!" she found herself saying although in the back of her mind
another voice was saying "Yes!" with approximately the same intensity.
You mustn't get involved with this man again, she warned herself. He
couldn't care less about you or your husband or your marriage! Matt
would find out and the whole world would come to an end as far as you
were concerned.

"You said you had some business, Phil," she told him, making a supreme
effort to keep her voice level and controlled. "Why don't you tell me
what it is. I'm very tired and want to get a good night's sleep

Lynn knew perfectly well that she was in no position to order this man
out of her house. Not only was he Matt's boss and in a position to keep
her husband from ever working in television again, but she lived in
continual fear that he would open his big mouth and tell Matt exactly
what kind of a girl he had married, thereby ruining her marriage.

"Okay, baby, although I see a couple of perky little tits underneath
that robe that keep sending me messages that I can't ignore. But the
thing is this: we're shooting a television video-tape tonight at the
studio, and one of the extras just called in sick. Everything's set to
start taping at one o'clock, and I hate like hell to start re-
scheduling things at this stage of the game."

"And what do I have to do?" inquired Lynn, a little puzzled by all of

"Just stand in for the extra. I'll pay you the going rate."

"I don't understand," she confessed unhappily, not liking something
about the situation, but unable to put her finger on exactly what was
worrying her. "You know perfectly well I'm not an actress, and why are
you shooting a film at one o'clock at night?"

Agard smiled easily and shook his head like an adult being asked to
explain something to a simple-minded child.

"You don't have to act, sweetheart," he assured her. "The girl who
copped out on me was just an extra. All you have to do is stand there
for a couple of hours and look beautiful. It's an oriental scene and
you're a slave girl who waits next to the queen. And we're shooting at
night because it's quiet, and we can work without being disturbed all
the time. Any more questions?"

Chapter 2

Lynn had said no adamantly, but Phil was a hard person to turn down. He
had quickly found a way to remind her subtly that her marital happiness
depended entirely on his keeping his big mouth shut about their wild
life together prior to her marriage, and Lynn realized that in the long
run she had very little choice. He had given her five minutes to dress
while he smoked quietly in the living room and then bundled her into
his car and driven rapidly to the studio.

From the outside, everything seemed dark and deserted, since WRT-TV
went off the air at twelve-thirty, but once inside, the young and
frightened woman found that the studio was alive with activity. Most of
the technicians were men she had gotten to know slightly during the six
months she had worked as Phil's secretary. Most of them seemed to be
surprised to see her for some reason, and one older man who had always
seemed like the grandfather type lewdly pinched her bottom as she
walked by him.

"Why's everybody acting so strange?" she questioned her former boss,
but the executive was busy and he had neither the time nor the patience
to get involved in lengthy explanations.

"Jon!" he called across the studio to a tall, gaunt, sour-faced
individual who worked as the studio's make-up man. "Lynn's going to
stand in for Millie! Get her squared away, will you? She can share a
dressing room with Kelly."

"Is Kelly in the movie?" Lynn inquired with surprise. Kelly Agard was
an attractive woman in her early thirties, certainly good looking
enough to be a professional actress, but this was the first time that
Lynn had heard of Agard's wife actually playing a role in a video-film.
But the producer had no time for discussions at the moment, and he
waved her in the general direction of the dressing rooms and turned to
confer with the video-tapes director, a squat, mean looking man named
Lenny who scowled at the world with an ugly cigar protruding from one
corner of his mouth.

The longer she thought about it, the stranger this whole situation was,
and Lynn found herself growing more and more suspicious as she walked
across the set to the dressing rooms with Jon at her side. For one
thing, she remembered, WRT-TV did not usually get involved with taping
its own shows; the national networks in New York supplied most of the
tapes they used except for sports, news, interviews with local
politicians, and an occasional cultural program featuring a boring
academic speaker from the university. Yet the set which had been
erected was obviously intended for a drama of some kind, and Phil had
said something about shooting an oriental scene with slave girls. Very

"Why, Lynn, how good to see you, darling," called Kelly Agard as Lynn
timidly entered the spacious but cluttered dressing room. The young
woman had always been shy and ill at ease with Kelly because of her
former love affair with this woman's husband. Phil had once said that
Kelly knew all about it and didn't mind, but Lynn had not believed him.

"It's nice to see you, Mrs. Agard," the young wife responded politely,
studying the well-built brunette as she took a seat and fumbled
nervously through her handbag for a cigarette. "I didn't know you were
an actress."

"Oh well, I don't know how much acting talent you need to do this kind
of thing, honey. Mostly it's a question of having the body for it. And
incidentally, please don't call me 'Mrs. Agard' anymore. Now that we're
both in the same business, I think that just plain 'Kelly' will do
nicely. Actually I'm amazed that Phil was able to talk you into coming
down here tonight."

This strange conversation was making the young blonde more confused by
the minute. A good body--which Kelly certainly did have--was obviously
important for an actress but then so was acting skill! Anyway why
should Phil have had any difficulty in getting her to accept a night's
work as an extra for a television film? It didn't make any sense.

"Have a drink, dearie," suggested Mrs. Agard in a hearty friendly
manner, sliding a bottle of vodka down her dressing table towards Lynn
Langley. "We've got awhile to wait before they're ready for our scene,
and I find it helps if you go out there a little bit sloshed, if you
know what I mean."

Lynn didn't but she accepted the drink anyway, despite the fact that
Matt disapproved of liquor and would not keep any in the house. Maybe a
quick slug will clear my head a little, she decided, pouring herself a
healthy glassful and then adding some tomato juice to make a Bloody
Mary. Then she settled back to watch as Jon barged busily into the
dressing room and went to work on Kelly's face, applying rouge and
make-up to give her skin some color under the bright lights on the set.

"Finish your drink, baby," advised Jon bruskly, nodding in Lynn's
direction. "I'm going to be ready to do you in another minute. And
better get out of that dress unless you want to get make up all over

"What should I put on?" asked Lynn, a little alarmed.

"Who gives a shit?" snapped Jon crudely as he dabbed mascara onto
Kelly's skin. "Just get out of the dress."

Blushing at the man's vulgar language, Lynn observed that the older
woman was wearing a dressing gown and cursed herself for not having had
the brains to bring something like it herself. Here was no sign of
anything resembling a slave girl costume, and she hated to make a fuss
over what she was supposed to wear, so she took a deep breath, finished
her drink to give her courage and then, unzipped the simple print dress
she had worn, hanging it on a hook behind the door and sitting back
down in her underwear. It was embarrassing for the modest young wife
because the brassiere she was wearing was light and filmy, doing very
little to conceal the tiny brown nipples on her fully ripened breasts,
and the skimpy pair of bikini style panties were not much better.

"Okay, that takes care of your face," the rude, irritable make-up man
said to Kelly Agard. "Do you want me to put the body make up on or can
you handle it yourself?"

"I'll do it," replied Kelly casually, rising to her feet and surveying
herself in the mirror. "If there are any spots I can't reach, I'll yell
for assistance." With a calm easy movement, the older woman unzipped
the housecoat and stepped out of it, stark naked!

Lynn's eyes almost popped from her head as she watched this hardened
older woman inspect her lushly voluptuous body in the mirror as if she
were alone in the room, apparently totally untroubled by Jon's
presence. Kelly had a sensuous body which could easily go to fat if she
began to be careless about her weight, but at the moment, her figure
looked firm and desirable, her enormous breasts heavily straining but
not yet sagging and her buttocks neat and trim from constant exercise.

"A couple more of these flicks, and then I'll retire and let you take
over, honey," she said to Lynn over her shoulder. "You've really got a
body worth looking at, and you're at least ten years younger than I am.
Here, let's have another drink."

Lynn's mind was going around in circles by this point and she numbly
nodded as the naked, full bodied woman turned away from the mirror and
mixed the two of them another pair of Bloody Mary's, even stronger that
the one which Lynn had made for herself a few minutes before. Jon was
preparing his make-up kit for the next job, and seemed to be completely
at ease in this small confined room with one woman totally naked and
another inadequately covered by her brassiere and panties.

"Okay, baby," he informed her bluntly, "Let's put a pretty face on you.
Wanna stand up?"

Lynn obediently rose to her feet, her hands shyly covering her nipples
since she knew that the brassiere she was wearing did very little to
conceal the lush ripe contours of her breasts.

"Shit, you do have a body on you!" he complimented her crudely,
stepping back to survey the unhappy embarrassed young woman. "I'm glad
Phil found you because we sure can use somebody with big tits like
yours and that nice neat little ass! Okay, get over here under the
light because they're gonna be banging on the door any minute now
looking for you two broads."

Lynn was on the point of protesting his vulgar language, but she
reminded herself that this was show business and a real professional
actress would be quite accustomed to this crude worldliness of the
make-up men and technicians. Also Kelly did not seem to mind, so she
concluded that Jon's behavior was probably not unusual. She presented
herself under the lights, finally deciding that it was childish to keep
her hands over her breasts like this and forcing herself to let her
arms hang naturally at her sides. Jon moved deftly into position and
began painting her face. Out of the corner of her eye, Lynn watched
Kelly Agard squeeze a little brown paste out of a tube and begin
rubbing it vigorously all over her body, paying particular attention to
her sumptuous breasts and full, shapely thighs.

"Keeps your skin from shining underneath the stage lights," she
explained casually to Lynn noticing the girl's curiosity. "You start to
sweat out there, and it shows up on the video-tape unless you get some
of this stuff on."

"But they're not going to see you ... your breasts, surely," objected
Lynn, a little dismayed.

"Look, you broads can compare notes later," interrupted Jon with a
savage snarl. "Shut up, Kelly and let me put this stuff on her before I
have the boss crawling down my neck."

Mrs. Agard just giggled at this rudeness and Lynn fell silent, still
wondering why it was necessary to keep perspiration from showing on the
parts of the body which could never possibly be seen on television. Jon
quickly penciled a little color into Lynn's face and instructed her on
the way in which he wanted her to wear her hair. Then he presented her
with another tube of body make-up, threw a small mysterious bag on the
table, and departed without further explanation!

"What's this?" asked Lynn innocently, picking up the bag and wondering
if it were intended for her, frankly happy that the irascible make-up
man had finally left them in peace.

"Your costume's in there," explained Kelly in an offhanded manner. "Put
it on now and we'll see if they have to make any last minute
adjustments. Millie, the girl who got sick, wasn't as big in the tits
as you are, and we might have to let something out somewhere."

Thunderstruck, Lynn opened the bag and dumped the contents on the
table. Her costume consisted of two pieces, made mostly of rhinestones
and designed to cover just the nipples over her breasts and the hair-
covered triangle of her pubic zone. Everything else showed! Lynn took
one horrified look at the outfit and quickly finished her drink.

"Kelly! I can't ... I mean I couldn't possibly ..." she began to
stammer unhappily, but the older woman cut her off with a gay laugh and
poured the two of them their third drink of the evening. Feeling the
desperate need to get control of her nerves, Lynn gratefully accepted
the offering and swallowed half of it in one quick gulp.

"No problem, baby," Kelly assured her, now sounding a little drunk,
"it's really no worse than a bathing suit, is it? Come on, this is the
twentieth century, and anyway, you're going to be a hell of a lot
better dressed than I will."

"What do you mean," cried the young wife, now seriously worried about
what she had gotten herself into. "What are you going to be wearing?"

"Exactly what I'm wearing right now," smiled Kelly Agard calmly,
examining her naked lust-inciting body in the mirror. "What kind of a
film did you think this was, anyway?"

* * *

"All right, everybody, let's try and pay attention and see if we can't
get this right the first time and save ourselves a couple of tapes. The
sooner we get it done, the sooner we can all get home to bed," the
director growled at the company. Phil Agard was moving rapidly around
the room checking all his equipment to make absolutely sure that the
shooting would be right the first time at least from the technical
point of view. The cameramen, acting as if they had heard this kind of
speech before, were making last minute adjustments to the television
cameras which would record the scene on tape as well as screen it
through a series of television monitors which had been set up in
strategic locations just off-camera. No one seemed to be paying much
attention to Lynn for which the frightened, half-naked young woman was
grateful. Before leaving the sanctuary of the dressing room, she had
managed to locate a large bath towel and wrap it around herself as a
partial temporary protection against the lustful gazes of the actors
and camera crews. Naturally, she knew in the back of her head that the
moment was fast approaching when she would be forced to take off the
comforting protection of the towel and expose her nearly naked body to
the lecherous eyes of every man in the room, but the quantity of
alcohol she had imbibed had had its desired effect, and the young
housewife was having difficulty in concentrating, finding that her head
was swimming slightly in a pleasant alcoholic fog.

"Okay Rick, in position!" ordered Lenny the gruff, scowling director,
and a handsome young man wearing only a loin cloth moved out from the
sidelines and took his place on the set, standing next to what was
clearly intended to be an elaborate royal throne. The actor named Rick
was a tall, slender, and extremely handsome young man with a broad
muscular chest and extraordinarily light blue eyes. There was something
about the easy confident way he moved, coupled with his striking animal
sexuality which made it impossible for Lynn to take her eyes off him.

"Right, now you know the sequence, kid, so try not to screw up!" warned
the director in the same aggressive bullying tone. "You stand next to
the throne at attention and when the queen comes in you bow real low.
Remember, you're a miserable slave, and you ain't never been anything
but a stupid slave and this lady can have your head chopped off anytime
she feels like it, so you're respectful, right? Okay, as soon as Kelly
gets her queenly ass on that throne, she nods at you and you serve her
a drink from that tray, right? She takes the drink and downs it, but
she's still hot so she stands up and has you take off her robe,
remember? After that you know what to do. Okay, let's see if we can get
through the sequence without somebody dropping their false teeth. Slave
girl? Where the hell is the fucking slave girl?"

"I'm here," she volunteered weakly as the director glared furiously in
her direction.

"She's new at this," advised Phil Agard from behind the camera. "Take
it easy on her Lenny, okay?"

"All right, all right," moaned the ill-tempered director. "Why didn't
you tell me this was going to be amateur night? Look honey, that big
handsome slave up there is your boyfriend and you don't wanna share him
with anyone, including the queen, but she can chop your head off just
as easy as pie, so when she starts fucking around with your man, you
ain't in a position to protest, got it? But that don't mean you can't
look mad once in awhile. And that's all you gotta do, stand there and
look irritated, and we'll get you an Oscar. Now get out of that stupid
fucking towel and stand on the other side of the throne!"

This was the moment Lynn had been dreading with all her heart, and for
an instant she asked herself why in the world she didn't tell this foul
mouthed, cigar chomping idiot what he could so with his stupid video-
tape and walk out of the studio. Then she caught a glimpse of Phil
watching her very carefully from behind the camera, and she knew that
if she lost her head and cost him a night's delay, he would find some
way to get even with her. He could even fire Matt, despite the fact
that good cameramen were hard to find, or worse, he could tell her
husband about her past and thus destroy her marriage.

No, she was in it now and there was no way out, even if it meant
absorbing some embarrassment. Well, as Kelly had said, it was no worse
than being in a bikini ... well actually, it was a good deal worse. Her
brown pointed little nipples were barely concealed by this ridiculous
costume and it gave her no support whatsoever, so that every time she
moved, her firmly upthrust breasts bounced provocatively in such a way
that all the men in the room could see them jiggling up and down on her
chest. And from the bellybutton on down, she was in even worse shape.
Supported by a slender golden chain which ran around her waist, there
was a triangular shaped jeweled shield which inadequately covered her
pubic zone, but the full fleshy half-moons of her buttocks were left
exposed and perfectly naked.

But it had to be done and everyone was looking at her expectantly, so
she quickly dropped the protective towel on a nearby chair and walked
to the other side of the throne, knowing that her face was reddening
with shame, but unable to do anything about it.

"Okay, let's roll 'em. Slaves, in position! Kelly make your entrance!"

Realizing that she was on-camera, Lynn drew herself up into a position
of rigid attention, observing that Rick, the other slave-actor, was
doing the same. From the sidelines came Kelly, her hair done up
beautifully and looking as majestic and royal as any real queen. The
actress was wearing a long robe which covered her from shoulder to
ankles, and Lynn decided with a sigh of relief that the older woman had
been merely kidding about appearing stark naked before the cameras.
After all, what could they possibly do with a film involving a naked
woman? Even her own costume might pass on television as long as the
television camera did not focus directly on her and give the TV viewer
the opportunity to realize that the slave-girl was nearly stripped to
the skin.

Kelly walked regally forward, turned slowly and seated herself
deliberately on the throne. For a moment, she simply rested, fanning
herself with her hand to indicate that she was suffering from the heat.
Then she nodded imperiously to Rich, the actor impersonating a male
slave, and he obediently went to a nearby table and presented his queen
with a golden goblet containing some clear liquid.

The older actress gulped it down greedily, but it was clear from her
expression that she was still feeling warm. With a slow deliberate
motion, she untied the strings holding her cloak together at the
throat, allowing the garment to fall open and reveal the deep
mountainous swells of her lushly tantalizing breasts. With a horrified
shock, Lynn noticed that she seemed to be wearing nothing underneath
the cloak, and the suspicion that this couldn't be a normal TV film
crept quickly back into her mind. But if this tape wasn't being made
for broadcast on WRT-TV, what was it for? Certainly Phil Agard could
not hope to compete with the big national network in New York City, and
all of this was far too expensive to be done for his private amusement.

But Lynn's scandalized contemplation was interrupted when Kelly rose
majestically from her throne, her eyes fixed on Rich and her hands
pulling the cloak away from her overheated stunning figure, thus
destroying Lynn's last illusions that they were involved in something
even remotely legal. This film had to be pornographic because the
camera was only a few feet away from where the actress stood smiling at
her captive slave, and the electric eye of the mechanism could hardly
fail to be picking up the lascivious patch of softly curling brown hair
which masked the entrance to her vagina, and the rounded heavy spheres
of her shamelessly exposed breasts, all things which no television
station in the world would ever dare exhibit to the old ladies and
little kids who tuned in after dinner.

"I am warm!" Kelly announced in queenly tones, glancing at Rich with a
superior air. "Remove my cloak, please."

Sending a nervous glance at his girlfriend, Lynn, Rich made haste to do
as he was told, stepping around behind the queen and gently removing
the robe from her shoulders. When he returned to his original position,
Lynn had to fight to keep an expression of surprise from showing on her
face: Kelly was, as she had promised, stark naked, but this public
display of nudity did not seem to bother her in the slightest, in fact,
she gave every indication of enjoying it thoroughly, running her hands
sensuously over the satiny naked flesh of her voluptuously well
developed body. But the queen was still not satisfied.

"I do not like to be naked when a man is clothed in my presence," she
ordered calmly. "Disrobe!"

No, no, Lynn was crying inside her head. This can't be true, but the
slave bowed submissively and unsnapped the loin cloth which covered his
groin, tossing it calmly to one side and facing the queen just as naked
as she!

Lynn took a gulp of air when she saw Rrch's genitals so unexpectedly
revealed, and the director frowned at her menacingly, but did not stop
the scene. The man's thick white penis was still in the relaxed state,
but even dangling tranquilly between his legs, the frightened young
housewife could see why Rich was able to specialize in this kind of
film. He was huge!

And inexperienced as she was, Lynn could see that the 'slave' was not
going to be able to remain unamused forever. His long thick cock was
already quivering and jerking slightly as if he were feeling the
excitement of being naked in front of this stunningly sensual woman,
and fighting a losing battle for self-control.

Nor was Kelly giving him any help. Her narrowed eyes fastened on the
lust-inciting spectacle of his massive sexual organ, she walked
deliberately toward him, a lewd grin on her face.

"Does my slave dare to become excited in the presence of the Queen?"
she asked him softly. "I command you to control yourself, or I will
summon the royal surgeon and require him to remove the cause of the

The slave was obviously unsure whether the monarch was kidding him or
not, but the seriousness of the threat had its effect upon his face.
But the Queen was apparently supposed to be something of a sadist, for
she clearly had no intention of allowing her slave to remain unaroused
for long. By pre-arrangement, Rich was standing with a pillow at his
feet, and Kelly dropped gracefully to her knees before him. Rich
struggled to keep his eyes straight and steady, but his internal
torment was clear.

"Let me see how well disciplined a slave you are," muttered the queen
sadistically, her soft feminine hands reaching up to take his slowly
swelling cock between her delicate fingers. To Lynn's startled eyes, it
looked like a woman holding a baseball bat! Iron discipline or not,
this direct sexual provocation was obviously too much for the young
handsome actor, and his massively awakening penis slowly began a steady
inexorable rise as Kelly tormentingly manipulated it between her hands,
stroking and massaging the thick heavy shaft and blowing on it gently
with her full wet lips ovaled.

I don't believe this is really happening! Lynn was trying to convince
herself that this was really only a bad dream, struggling to maintain
her composure. She would have like to dash from the set, but basically
she was intimidated not only by the Agard's and what they could do to
her life, but also by the fearsome snarling director who really looked
capable of dismembering anyone who ruined one of his scenes.

But meanwhile, this sexual drama was becoming more torrid by the
moment. Rich had achieved a massive erection despite the fact that he
was still standing rigidly at attention, his eyes straight ahead and
obviously trying to give the impression that all of this was not really

Below him on her knees, the queen continued to torment her helpless
slave, cradling his large swaying balls in her hands with an amused
expression on her face, and rubbing the thick leathery foreskin back
and forth over the fat bulbous head of his mighty cock, exposing to the
tele-camera's prying eye the blood-engorged gland.

"Your majesty ..." the slave began hesitantly, but the words stuck in
his throat as Kelly slowly but surely drew his massively pulsating
instrument closer and closer to the red glistening surface of her
parted wet lips, at the same time carefully pushing the foreskin back
as far as it would go.

Lynn was frozen in a state of absolute panic. This was the same
indecent animalistic act which Agard had urged upon her during their
last night together. It had shocked her so much then that she had
broken up their love affair and married a different man. Could it be
that Kelly was actually going to do it in the presence of all these
people, to be recorded in video-tape?

In another half-second, her question was answered for her ... in the
affirmative! With a contented purr, the sexually aggressive actress
trailed the soft moistness of her lips across the flat muscular plane
of his stomach, coming nearer and nearer to the object of her interest.
Rich's eyes rolled back in his head as her hot lizard-like tongue
darted out tormentingly, flickering at the hardened moist surface of
his cock and causing his hips to jerk involuntarily. Despite her horror
at the perversity and obscenity of the situation, Lynn found that she
could still admire the acting skill of the two participants in this
lewd drama. In her mind, she was half-convinced that Rich was terrified
of being emasculated by the Royal Surgeon, and Kelly was really a lusty
savage queen.

Rich jerked again and now there was no question that this queen was
closing in on him and actually intended to commit this sordid depraved
act. Lynn had overheard men joking about 'blowjobs' but it had never
occurred to her that she would ever witness such a thing under such
morally corrupted circumstances. But Kelly had gone too far now to have
any thought of backing out.

"You have been a disobedient servant," she informed the trembling male
slave, her voice now unnaturally low and husky with gathering passion.
"For your punishment, I am going to suck you dry!" And with a sudden
skillful lunge, he head dropped forward, one hand snaking around behind
his back to hold the man's strong flexed buttocks while the other hand
circled his long thick hardness. With a sadistic chuckle, the woman
parted her wetly glistening lips and enclosed the head of his cock in
the warm sanctuary of her mouth.

Lynn swallowed nervously as she watched with horrified fascination,
uncomfortably aware that the sexuality of the scene was spreading
quickly around the room like an epidemic of some incurable disease.
Behind the camera, Phil Agard adjusted his pants awkwardly to hide the
almost painful erection which had been provoked by what was happening
before his eyes. Lynn realized that her own little bud-like nipples
were expanding inexorably and uncontrollably, trying desperately to
poke through the tightly woven fabric of her costume. To her shame, she
also felt the orgiastic juices in her body--still seething from her
earlier self-arousal--were beginning to flow, dampening the smooth
creamy flesh between her firmly trembling thighs, despite the fact that
she kept assuring herself mentally that all of this was sinful and

But Kelly was paying no attention to anything except the business at
hand, sucking away energetically as if her life depended upon it, and
Rich was slowly losing what there was left of his self-control, his
hips beginning to jerk back and forth convulsively as the woman's
tongue lashed his poor tormented cock into a lather of excitement. Lynn
watched, hypnotized, as Kelly's heavily quivering breasts jiggled and
danced on her heaving chest while her head bobbed up and down over the
man's wildly pulsating cock. Her hands on his iron-hard buttocks, she
was urging him to move, to start pumping in and out of her, wanting him
to treat her delicately ovaled mouth as if it were simply another cunt
which could be fucked and abused any way he wanted to. She was inviting
him to pour the hot sticky liquid from his loins deep into her throat
and fill her mouth with cum until she overflowed!

The slave had been slow to get the idea, but once he understood
precisely what his queen wanted, he went to work with rough enthusiasm,
his hands sliding into her long brown hair as he pulled her head back
and forth in front of him.

Rich groaned unintelligibly, making Lynn wonder for a moment whether he
was simply acting or whether this whole business was really starting to
get to him. After all, film or no film his hard thrusting cock was
still stuck brutally between the tightly-clasped lips of a real live
woman who was doing her damnedest to stimulate him to the utmost.
Perhaps the two of them had already forgotten that this whole scene had
been organized by Phil and Lenny; maybe they were ignoring the cameras
and electric lights and were now both lost in a private sexual fantasy
world of their own where Kelly was no longer a make-believe queen but a
real one, and Rich was not an actor doing a role but a slave!

As the depraved brunette actress sensed that she was winning her
obscene battle, Kelly intensified her efforts, sucking his massively
throbbing cock a little harder and moving forward to take as much of it
into her throat as possible. Lynn felt certain that she was going to
start gagging and choking any minute now, but miraculously she
continued to suck away on it happily with sounds of intense masochistic
pleasure erupting from her cock-stuffed mouth.

Deep inside the actor's body, great swirling clouds of heat were
building up as he looked down at the strained contorted face of the
ripe splendidly-built woman who was kneeling submissively at his feet.
In the back of his head, Rich knew perfectly well that this was merely
a scene in a dirty movie, and one for which he could expect to be well
paid, but like every good actor, the young man had the capacity to
forget about reality while he was making a film or a video-tape and
lose himself completely in whatever part he was supposed to be playing.

The hard-bodied, handsome young actor was not in the slightest
embarrassed at the idea of having this perverse sexual act performed
upon him in the presence of another woman and a dozen other men; in
fact, he had very nearly forgotten about them. All he could think about
at the moment was the searing burning sensation caused by his semen as
it started to work its way out of the depths of his nakedly pumping
body, moving slowly at first and then much faster and rushing
explosively down through his testicles and out the long narrow channel
in his wildly jerking penis.

He gasped as the spasm hit him with all its force, tightening his grip
on Kelly's head out of some wild irrational fear that she would pull
away from him just as his churning hot cum swamped her mouth, spoiling
everything just when he wanted it to be perfect. The heated white cum
spurted out of him in long powerful waves, apparently destined to go on
forever, but the lust-stricken brunette actress made no attempt to
avoid her degenerate fate.

Indeed, Kelly gave every indication of enjoying it enormously, and Lynn
watched with dumbfounded amazement as the older woman sucked wildly
away as he came brutally into the warm wetness of her open throat, her
Adam's Apple bobbing furiously as she endeavored to swallow every drop
of the lust-inciting fluid he was pumping so ruthlessly into her mouth.
Coughing a little as she choked on the sperm, hums and mewls of slavish
masochistic pleasure emerged from the queen's cum-filled mouth.

As she had threatened to do, Kelly had sucked her disobedient servant
dry, but it was clear to everyone that she had not quite finished with
him yet. Lynn's poor mind went into orbit as she realized that this was
not the end of this torrid depraved drama, but that there was to be a
second act which would begin almost as soon as the first had finished.
Kelly never let up for a minute, persistently continuing to run her
lithe active tongue over his jerking, slowly-deflating instrument until
she had cleaned away the last remnants of hot sticky cum, but the
kneeling actress obviously was still far from satisfied.

Using her hands skillfully, the heavy breasted woman began to chaff his
poor tired cock, pulling the skin back as far as it would go and
exposing all of the red palpitating gland to the torments of her wetly
lashing tongue. Lynn could see the surprise on Rick's face as his
exhausted penis began to react once again to the intensity of the
stimulation she was giving him, struggling to rise one more time
despite the fact that he had just finished a powerful body-shaking

And he was going to make it! Bit by bit, the long heavy shaft of the
actor's manhood rose to the challenge, straightening and hardening once
again until it stood tall and proud before him, precisely as if he had
not had a sexual experience in a month.

"Now, that you have learned your lesson, slave," Kelly grinned at him,
traces of his sticky white cum still clinging to her lips, "I will give
you the opportunity to please your queen. Perhaps if your little friend
watches carefully, she will learn how a monarch is to be treated, and I
will hand her over to the king for further lessons!"

Lynn blanched at this direct reference to her and noticed that the
television camera was focused on her face to record her reaction. She
looked horrified at the notion of being handed over to anyone, which
was apparently appropriate for the scene they were supposed to be
playing since even the sinister director managed to smile
sympathetically in her direction.

"Come!" commanded the queen, lying back on the floor with her legs
lasciviously parted and her arms stretched out invitingly. "Come and
show me that you are worth more than a life of slavery. Make me happy
and you win your freedom! "

His manhood fully restored, Rick wasted no time in complying with this
depraved order, dropping quickly to his knees between her widely-spread
legs and allowing his muscular young body to fall forward on Kelly's
full ripe breasts.

"Oh, that feels so nice!" the queen commented as his nakedly powerful
body crushed into hers, pinning her helplessly to the floor. Now there
was no longer any question of queen and slave, but the age-old picture
of man dominating woman, and the television camera zoomed in to study
their two lewdly writhing bodies as they sprawled and grappled on the
floor like a pair of wildly rutting animals. Kelly's fingernails
trailed ruthlessly across the broad expanse of his back, but if Rick
noticed the discomfort, he gave no visible sign of it. Instead, he
expertly slid his hands beneath the two flaccid half-moons of her
buttocks, lifting her clear off the floor with his bulging biceps and
gracefully gliding his massively erect cock into her warmly inviting
vaginal crevice as if they had rehearsed this bizarre movement for

Rick was taking his time, letting the cameras follow his every movement
as he ran the heavy, red-tipped rod of his glistening penis torturously
up and down the length of her widespread cuntal slit, knowing that this
lecherous maneuver was turning her on and taking the opportunity to
torment this haughty queen and pay her back for all the humiliations
she had heaped upon him.

Nor was Kelly slow to react. Her ripely rounded buttocks were rotating
around in desperate circles while her smooth creamy thighs locked
around the back of his hard muscular thighs, as if she were trying to
force him into her shamelessly aroused body by brute force.

"Now, slave, now!" she groaned, giving the impression of being half out
of her mind with unsatisfied lust, and covering the actor's handsome
face with wet hungry kisses while her anxiously grinding pelvis ground
inexorably into his. Obviously, she could wait no longer. The sex-
maddened woman reached down abruptly between their two straining
bodies, and she caught his thick tormenting cock in a death-grip,
hauling it forcibly between the hair-lined lips of her hotly moistened
cuntal opening and driving it into her almost against her will. There
was no question about it; Kelly was still the queen, and she still
possessed the power to make this particular slave do what she wanted.

But by this point, Rick was beyond resistance. Accepting the inevitable
with a cheerful grin, he crashed forward with a violence that made Lynn
tremble, and both of the actors simultaneously were forced to groan
aloud as Kelly's warm, elastic-like sheath slipped wetly around the
pulsating hard shaft of his rock-like penis. A real professional at
this kind of lewd exhibition, Kelly had achieved extraordinary control
over the internal muscles of her cunt, and she was able to adapt
herself easily to a man of almost any size. Rick's massively thick cock
was unusually big, in fact, he was gigantic as far as Kelly was
concerned, but actors selected for this kind of work were normally
larger than average, and the 'queen' was accustomed to handling heavy
duty equipment, squeezing back at the young actor fiercely and
attempting to give as good as she got.

The actor's long bulbous cock raced up through the already lubricated
passageway of her heatedly throbbing vagina, sliding easily through the
soft yielding tissue as he thrust himself forward with the
determination to bury his manhood in her narrow clasping hole with one
bone-jarring brutalizing push. Lynn shuddered involuntarily as she
observed this wildly erotic and indecent scene, hearing Rick's heavy
hair-covered balls slap brutally against the upturned, unprotected
flesh of the actress's ass. She was hopelessly skewered like a chicken
on a spit, and for a moment, the tables had now been completely turned.
The queen was no longer in charge of what was going on, and the slave
was proving with a vengeance that he was man enough to be free.

My Lord, he's actually fucking her, thought Lynn, blushing a little as
she found herself slipping into Phil's vile vulgar vocabulary and using
the obscene word in her head. There's no question about it, she
realized, this is going to be absolutely pornographic! But who ever
heard of a pornographic video-tape? Where on earth could you sell such
a thing?

Lynn kept telling herself to be calm and collected, but this entire
sordid experience was upsetting her profoundly, and her eyes widened
with dismay as she watched Rick's hard, relentless instrument
rhythmically appearing and disappearing between Kelly's lasciviously
widespread thighs. Wondering how she even dared think such a vile
thought, the young wife tried to imagine what it would be like to be
taken brutally and publicly in this fashion, fucked half-to-death by a
perfect stranger while a gang of lewd television technicians stood
around and watched.

To her eternal shock, she found that the idea excited her enormously,
even though she was naturally scandalized at the same time with the
degeneracy and perversity of what Kelly was doing. She tried to
discipline her wandering mind, but her self-control had been weakened
by the quantity of alcohol she had imbibed, and helplessly she found
herself mentally changing places with the actress, stretching out naked
on the floor to allow the lusty performer to pummel and pound her
mercilessly just as he was doing to Phil's nakedly writhing wife.

Kelly was moaning constantly and Lynn began to suspect that this was
not one hundred percent acting simply for the benefit of the cameras.
No woman alive, no matter what the circumstances, could have taken that
amount of lewd and unnatural stimulation for this period of time
without eventually surrendering and becoming aroused. No, those cries
and mewls of pleasure and submission were too real to be simulated for
a TV camera. Kelly Agard was becoming more fiercely turned on by the

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuck it! Fuck it harder!" the brunette groaned, muttering
all the filthy obscene words that came to mind as she raced towards her
climax. The actor never gave her a moment to recover, thrusting into
her with all the strength in his tawny unrelenting body.

"I'm cummmmmmming!" Kelly gasped suddenly like a woman announcing a
history-making event. "I'm cumming!" she repeated a second time, almost
as if she were talking to herself, or trying to convince them of some
incredible fact. Her mouth was wide open with ecstatic abandon and
instinctively she pulled her thighs even further back, offering up to
the savagely fucking actor the whole of her pink, wetly clasping
vaginal slit like some strange pagan sacrifice. A trickle of saliva
dripped lewdly from the woman's open mouth and her eyes seemed to
wander around the room, unseeing and glazed, as if she were drugged.

Lynn could hardly bring herself to believe that all this was really
true and a horrified shudder ran through her aroused body as she
watched the older woman race up to the heights of an incredibly
powerful orgasm. A virtual scream escaped from Kelly's lips as the
spasm shook her nakedly voluptuous frame, and Rick had to struggle to
hold onto her abandonedly writhing body as the violent climax shook the
woman's heart and soul.

Nor was the actor far behind her. Despite the fact that he had given
his all just a few minutes before, the excitement of the situation had
re-charged his sexual batteries, and the tough internal muscles of her
wildly milking cunt clamped down on his rampaging cock, forcing him to
cry out as the hot fiery cum began spurting into the hidden untouched
recesses of her womb. A sudden hush fell over the room as he creamed
into her with all his might, practically bending the sweat-drenched
woman in two as he labored over her, trying to make this a cum she
would remember all her life.

Kelly's legs went limp all of a sudden, and a cry of total happiness
and relief issued sensuously from her lips. Rick groaned his way
through the last seconds Of his orgasm and then collapsed on top of
her, his body completely spent.

"Cut!" yelled Lenny, the director, chomping on a fresh cigar as he
signaled the cameramen to switch off their machines. "Looked real good,
kids," he told Kelly and Rick, who were now gradually disengaging their
tired bodies from one another. Lynn relaxed a little, her mind in a
blur and her eyes watching Rick's slowly deflating cock gradually
withdrawing from Kelly's battered and bruised body. The trembling young
wife continued to stare at the penis, now soft and glistening.
Suddenly, she realized that the director was talking to her.

"You did okay for a non-professional, baby," he was assuring her. 'You
got a good body and a lot of facial expression! We can use you again if
you feel like picking up some spare change. See ya around."

Lynn looked at him blankly for a moment and nodded dumbly, even though
she had no intention of ever coming anywhere near this studio again as
long as she lived. Rick rolled off of Kelly's voluptuous body and sat
up rubbing his stomach.

"All that fucking makes me hungry," he announced, as if nothing had

Chapter 3

"Gosh, it's good to be home!" Matt exclaimed contentedly as he relaxed
in the big comfortable chair by the fire, sipping his favorite drink, a
tall glass of cold milk. "Mind you, there's nothing I like better than
covering a sports event, but day after day of living out of suitcases
can get a fellow down after awhile "

"How was the game, dear?" Lynn inquired politely, privately wishing
that they had some liquor in the house so that she could mix herself a
strong drink. Sometimes Matt's anti-booze morality got on her nerves,
and if she was going to have to listen to an evening of talk about
sports--about which Lynn cared little or nothing--a shot would
certainly be useful. But there was no stopping him once he got started,
and the dutiful young wife put her chin on her hands and forced a
bright interested smile onto her pretty face.

"The game was good, but to me winning or losing isn't the important
thing," explained Matt seriously. "What impresses me is the scope of
the sports program they have going for those kids out on the coast. All
the students in this one school participate in some athletic activity
whether they want to or not, and it's an excellent way of keeping them
off the streets and out of trouble. Besides, athletics teaches a young
person about the really important things in life: a sense of fair-play,
honesty, team work and cleanliness in mind and body! Why one of the
coaches told me that before the school system started this intensive
program, they were having real programs with pre-marital sex among the
high school students, incredible as it may seem. The teachers naturally
did their best to explain that sex before marriage was unholy and
immoral, but it was a losing game. But now, with everybody working
their heads off after school on one of the school teams, they feel that
the kids are too exhausted to have much energy left for these terrible
sexual things. It's been a real triumph!"

Lynn tried to smile enthusiastically at the thought of healthy boys and
girls expending their sexual energies by playing football or running
cross-country track, but somehow this whole conversation was depressing
her. How naive could you be? Did Matt really think that they were going
to be able to stamp out sex with a sports program? The result would
more likely be that the kids would get so healthy as a result of all
this physical education that they would want sex more than ever!

But she knew better than to argue the point with her husband. Matt was
a man of the old school, a tough, bible-quoting, church attending
moralist, who sincerely believed that sexual relations should wait
until after the marriage ceremony, and that adultery was the worst sin
in the book. And Lynn had to agree with him intellectually, but
emotionally somehow she sensed that there ought to be more to life than
tiring yourself out with a baseball to avoid temptations of the flesh.
A shudder of horror ran through her temptingly lithe body as she
imagined what would have happened had Matt ever gotten wind of Phil
Agard's little after hours activity. Agard would not have to fire him
because Matt would certainly quit on the spot, which would be a shame
because jobs were he hard to find these days and WRT-TV gave him the
opportunity to do just what he liked doing best.

"Do you like my new nightie, darling?" she inquired, hoping to get his
mind off athletics and onto sex. After all, they were married now, and
even Matt's stern sense of right and wrong did not exclude love-making
between married people. To give him the opportunity of becoming
aroused, she jumped off the couch and pirouetted in front of him,
letting the hem of the nightie whirl temptingly through the air and
exposing for a split second the rich brown softness of her pubic hair
and the glowing, velvet-textured flesh of her thighs. Matt had come
home the day after that wildly degenerate evening at the television
studio, but he had been too tired himself to do much more than go
straight to sleep. He was scheduled to leave again on another trip in a
few more days, and Lynn was determined that she was going to get the
physical satisfaction she needed or die in the attempt.

"Yeah, it's real pretty," Matt conceded without displaying any real
interest. "I'll be headed down to Saint Louis for the pro game in a
couple of days, and 1 can pick up some clothes for you if you'll give
me a list of what you want"

I could tell you what I want, thought the girl darkly, but you can't
give it to me in Saint Louis! However, she kept her thoughts to herself
and tried to get the conversation going again.

"Why are you on the road so much these days, lover?" Lynn inquired,
this time with genuine interest. "At first you used to go away a couple
of times a month at the most, and now you've got a whole schedule of
trips lined up for you."

"Dunno," admitted Matt in honest puzzlement. "When I got back from the
coast Mr. Agard told me that he was very enthusiastic about my stuff
and he wanted me to cover every important sporting event West of the
Mississippi from now on, and with an unlimited travel budget. I guess
he figures that interest in sports is really big in this area and my
stuff will keep everybody tuned to WRT-TV. But I'm not complaining."

"I am," asserted Lynn stubbornly. "You'll be away from home more often
than you're here. What am I supposed to do in the meantime?"

"I thought maybe you could join the women's auxiliary organization down
at the church?" Matt proposed with simple sincerity. "They do charity
work and have teas once a week and a lot of interesting things like

Oh God, that's just what I need, the dissatisfied young wife groaned
internally, but she vowed to herself that she was going to make this
marriage work one way or another, and she firmly resolved that she
would call the chairwoman of the charity group in the morning and offer
her services.

"There's even a bible study group you could join ..." continued Matt
seriously, "and ..." Mercifully, the phone rang.

"Why don't you get it, hon?" suggested Matt tiredly. "My legs are
tuckered out."

Lynn nodded and ambled into the bedroom where the phone was located,
thinking that it was probably one of her friends proposing a bridge
game or something equally boring.


"Lynn, this is Phil," came the voice.

"Oh, hi Phil," she replied, caught a little off-guard, and not sure
whether her husband could hear her or not. "Just a minute and I'll call

"I don't want to talk to hubby," Agard laughed mysteriously. "I've got
another job for you baby."

"I don't want another job," she hissed into the phone. "You tricked me
the other night, but that was the last time. I don't ever want to have
anything more to do with your dirty business."

"Oh, really?" drawled Agard self-confidently. "Wouldn't you even like
to see the video-tape we did the night you were with us?"

"No!!!!" she retorted vehemently. "Never."

"That's a pity because the shots of you came out particularly well,"
commented the television executive evilly. "But perhaps Matt would
enjoy seeing it? We're having a preview tonight for some friends, and
once he hears that his little wife is an actress ..."

"Phil, you can't tell Matt," she gasped in horror, knowing full well
that her husband would divorce her on the spot if he learned that she
had been involved in something like this.

"Sure I can, baby?" sneered Agard. "Just pass me to Matt and I'll
explain how you helped us out when Millie got sick. I'm sure he'd enjoy
seeing you in that cute little costume you wore, even if it was a
little bit revealing ..."

Lynn felt a sickening feeling sweeping over her as she listened to her
former boyfriend hint what he was prepared to do to enforce her
continued cooperation. This was blackmail.

"Please ..." she begged him piteously, hating to humble herself in
front of this man, but knowing that she had no other choice. "Please
don't tell Matt!"

"Well, baby, we'll have to think about that," Agard laughed.
"Meanwhile, let's talk about this new role. The distributor saw the
finished version of Kelly's film and you caught his eye. He wants us to
experiment with a video-tape sequel with you as the lead, and I think
that it's worth a try."

"But Phil," she pleaded, desperately worried that Matt could be
overhearing enough of this conversation to make him suspicious. "You
know I've had no acting experience not to mention the sex part which I
just couldn't do, even if I wanted to ..."

"Listen, sweetheart, leave the worrying to me. We've got a plot worked
out where your inexperience as an actress won't make any difference."

"Phil, I cannot and will not do it!" she told him? trying to make her
voice sound as firm and unyielding as possible.

"Okay, sweetie, then pass me to Matt, won't you? I want to invite him
to that screening."

Lynn felt a sinking defeated feeling in her bones that told her clearly
that Agard had her over a barrel. Her only chance to save her marriage
now was to make some kind of agreement with him.

"Look, can't we at least talk about it?" she offered, hoping for some
kind of compromise.

"Sure honey, we can talk all you want," Agard agreed in a friendly
fashion. "Your hubby's going out of town the day after tomorrow. On
your way back from the airport stop in and see me."

"Goddamn you to hell, Agard!" she swore at him furiously. "I hate you
for this!"

"Ciao, beautiful," he laughed at her contemptuously, not particularly
caring whether she hated him or not. "See you the day after tomorrow."

"Fuck you!" she cursed into the telephone as he hung up, wishing she
could think of something stronger.

"Who was that, darling?" called Matt from the living room. Obviously,
he had overheard nothing.

"One of the ladies from that charity organization," she lied, thinking
fast. "They want me to do some work for them while you're out of town."

"Good idea," approved her husband. "Keep you out of mischief."

* * *

"I think we're gonna have trouble," grumbled the director morosely as
he glanced across the room at Lynn, who was chatting nervously with
Kelly and sipping her third drink of the evening. "That broad ain't
never gonna buy this screwing business."

Phil Agard smiled patronizingly at the short squat cigar smoking
director, shaking his head in disagreement.

"Lenny, you've got to use your head in this business," he lectured.
"First, I've told Lynn that as a special favor to her all the hard sex
is going to be simulated for this film, so she thinks she is just going
to have to pretend to fuck and not do the real thing."

"You're outa your mind!" exploded the director angrily. "How am I
supposed to do a decent tape if I can't go in with camera for a close-
up every now and then? You might get away with something like that on
regular film, but video-tape is too damn precise!"

"Cool it, Lenny, I'm way ahead of you," replied the television producer
soothingly. "Of course it won't really be simulated, but by the time
that dumb broad finds out what the score is, it'll be too late for her
to do anything about it. Okay, now let's review the scene. How do you
see it shaping up?"

The director still seemed to have his doubts? but Agard was the boss,
so he controlled his irritation and outlined the scene as he envisioned

"Okay, we decided this was gonna be a sequel to the last film, right?
Kelly and her slave boy have just finished fucking, but the queen
really wants to humiliate Rick, so she decides to have his little slave
girlfriend raped right in front of him, and if he protests, she'll have
his balls chopped off, so he has to stand there and take it. She calls
two other slaves, and they come in and work Lynn over and that's it."

"Good, now as you see, Lynn's role in this film is that of an unwilling
victim who doesn't want all this to happen to her. So her natural
reaction when she discovers that she's going to be raped will be
perfect for the scene we're trying to create. The more she screams and
protests, the more realistic it'll seem on tape. Get it?"

A look of grudging admiration came into the director's eyes as he
realized the cleverness of Agard's scheme.

"Boss, sometimes I gotta hand it to you," he admitted reluctantly.
"What did you tell the broad, just so we can keep our stories

"I just explained that we were going to pick up where the other scene
leaves off," answered Phil easily. "And when the queen orders the other
two slaves to go to work on her, they're going to climb on top and
pretend to rape her."

"She didn't object to appearing naked?" wondered Lenny.

"She probably would, but she doesn't know that's going to be involved,"
Agard laughed cruelly. "She thinks she's going to be able to keep her
little slave girl costume on for the whole bit."

"Boy, has she got some surprises ahead of her," chuckled Lenny
sadistically. "Sure hope she doesn't run to the police afterwards."

"Not a chance," the producer assured him. "I've got her blackmailed
about six ways by now. Let's get going!"

* * *

"Honestly, honey, there's nothing to it!" Kelly Agard was explaining to
the nervous young woman as the two of them entered their dressing room
where Jon awaited them in his usual nasty mood. "Here, let me freshen
your drink."

Lynn nodded dumbly and decided that getting a little bit tight was
probably the best strategy for getting through this terrible experience
in one piece.

"After all," Kelly continued, a convincing soothing tone in her voice.
"You don't have to do what I did, and you won't even be asked to take
off your clothing. It's practically no different from appearing in a
regular film."

"As soon as you've finished with your pep talk, can we get this make-up
on?" wondered Jon acidly, impatient as always. "You, get your clothes

"I thought I didn't have to!" protested Lynn already fearing that she
had been deceived.

"You don't baby," explained the technician with irritation in his
voice. "You wear the same costume you had the last time. But the
camera's going to be on you this time, and it's important that we get
the body make-up on you right. Come on, get naked, will ya? We ain't
got all night!"

Deciding that it was useless to argue anymore, Lynn shyly turned her
back on the make-up man and began nervously getting undressed throwing
her garments one by one over the back of a chair while Kelly Agard
watched her with an amused smile. She stopped when she was clad merely
in a pair of white nylon panties and her brassiere, glancing furtively
at Jon to see if this would satisfy him.

"Come on, baby, this isn't a girl scout camp," objected the impatient
make-up man. "Do you plan on cooperating or not?"

Numbly nodding, the unhappy girl reached behind her and removed her
brassiere, freeing the ripely sensuous mounds of her breasts from their
confinement If the sight of her lust-inciting brown nipples swollen a
little from the excitement of the occasion, made any impression on Jon,
he gave no sign of it; instead, he went busily to work with a tube of
body make-up which he expertly began spreading over her smooth white
skin. First, he worked it into her back and thighs, yanking down her
nylon panties with the impatience of a doctor while he ran his hands
lightly over the soft twin globes of her warm, nakedly quivering
buttocks. At last, the make-up man rose again to his feet and stepped
around in front of her to apply the ointment to her lush young breasts
and stomach.

"I can't see why you bother putting it on places which won't show!" she
protested a little petulantly, but Jon merely grunted non-committally
in response and Kelly giggled. Lynn jerked a little as he took each
gently swelling breast in his hard hand and briskly covered the soft
yielding Mesh with make-up before darkening each tiny tingling nipple
with a special pencil. Lynn knew that her face was burning with
embarrassment, but every time she opened her mouth in the presence of
this man, he snapped at her, so this time she wisely decided to remain

Her stomach jerked in and out nervously as he dropped once m ore to his
knees and began spreading the make-up cream on to the surface of her

"A little too hairy down here," he commented suddenly. "Kelly, pass me
those scissors, will you?"

Lynn thought for a moment that this was one of his crude jokes but when
the older woman obediently passed him a pair of scissors, she realized
with a shock that he fully intended to trim away some of her pubic

"No ... listen," she began.

"Shut up and hold still," he retorted. "One wiggle too many and I might
cut off something serious!"

Deciding that never in her entire life had she been quite so
humiliated, Lynn did as she was told, staring straight ahead of her and
listening to the clip-clip of the scissors as Jon trimmed away a few
offending locks of curly brown pubic hair.

"0kay, now get into your monkey suit," he commanded as soon as he
finished, rising once again to his feet and looking at her critically.
"Lenny wants the two of you on set as soon as possible."

A few minutes later dressed in her skimpy slave girl costume, Lynn
walked timidly out to where the technicians were busily setting up
their television cameras. Before leaving the sanctuary of their
dressing room, Lynn had considered wrapping herself up in a bath towel
as she had done for her first appearance on the set, but for some
reason tonight she felt less embarrassed about being so lightly dressed
in front of all these people.

"Have you met Rich and Jay?" Kelly asked suddenly, catching her by the
elbow. Lynn looked up to find herself confronted with two tall burly
men who looked like professional wrestlers, both of them dressed in the
same kind of slave costume which Rick wore. They were both mean looking
customers, but they grinned at her agreeably enough while introductions
were being made and hands were being shaken.

"How do you do?" quivered Lynn nervously, feeling herself dwarfed by
these two monsters and wondering if she was expected to 'simulate' a
love scene with one of them.

"Man, this is gonna be a treat!" proclaimed the man named Rich boldly
studying the smoothly-rounded contours of her ripe well developed body
without even taking the trouble to hide his lustful gaze. "Where's Phil
been hiding you, baby?"

"Well, I normally don't do this kind of ... of thing?" she began to
explain with an unhappy stammer, but the other man, Jay cut her off
with a harsh laugh.

"Why does every skin-flick actress have to say the same damn thing?" he
wondered sarcastically. "Sure, honey, we'll believe you were a virgin
until the day before yesterday if you want us to! Just make sure you
put some life into those screwing scenes. Anything I can't stand is a
cold fish while I'm working in front of the camera."

"Of course," Lynn found herself replying, making a timid attempt to
appear sophisticated, but wanting to remind everyone that the scenes
they were going to do were supposed to be pretending, not the real
thing. "But I've never had to simulate a love scene before, and
nobody's yet told me what I'm supposed to do."

Rich and Jay exchanged an amused grin as they heard the unsuspecting
woman use the word 'simulate,' but before either of them could offer
some lewd comment, the director began shouting for attention.

"Okay, everyone," Lenny ordered brusquely. "Same positions as last

Out of the corner of her eye, Lynn spotted Rick moving into his
position next to the queen's throne, and she watched Kelly regally seat
herself on the throne, again draped in the massive shoulder-to-floor
robe she had worn during the first sequence. Rich and Jay whispering
excitedly to one another, both remained off-camera for the moment while
Lynn took her designated place.

"Right actors, you've been told what to do," growled the rotund
director, waving his half-smoked cigar in the direction of the throne.
"Let's get it right the first time! Roll 'em."

The young wife had not the foggiest notion of what she was supposed to
do, but she imagined that this scene was one in which she simply stood
still and watched, assuming that someone would surely have given her
explicit directions otherwise. The television cameras lighted up.

"I am bored," announced the queen imperiously as she glanced at her
favorite male slave

"Your majesty has only to command," replied Rick obediently, bowing
slightly as he answered.

"I think it's time that your little friend entertained us," announced
the queen, jerking her head in Lynn's direction. "What do you say to
that slave?"

A worried look crossed the slave's face, and Lynn saw him glance
nervously back and forth between the two women, acting his part
beautifully. The handsome slave had a fairly good idea of what his
queen had in mind, and he was thinking feverishly of some way to avoid
a situation in which he would have to choose between the royal lady and
the slave girl. Also he realized clearly that the queen was jealous of
this younger and more beautiful woman. It was a difficult moment for a
helpless slave, but the queen gave him no time to think of a suitable

"Let us experiment! Let us see exactly how loyal she is to you,"
suggested the queen with a lewd grin. "Guards!"

Immediately the two actors Lynn had met earlier entered, both carrying
spears. They presented themselves respectfully in front of Kelly. Both
men had jet black hair and smooth muscular bodies which glistened
slightly under the set lights. Rick's face was open and honest, but
Rich and Jay seemed a little sinister and cruel. They were both in
their late thirties and looked tough and ready for anything, on or off
a movie set. Lynn felt a tremor of fear run through her near-naked
young body.

"Your queen has decided to reward you for your royal services," Kelly
announced, raising her arm to point to Lynn. "You may take this slave
girl and do with her as you desire ... but do it here so I can

It took the young blonde woman a moment to realize exactly what was
happening and by the time she understood, it was too late for action.
The guards galvanized into action, dropping their spears and sprinting
across the set to where she stood helplessly waiting. Lynn expected
that one of them would sweep her into his arms in some typical
Hollywood embrace, but it was not that kind of film. Grinning like the
devil himself, Rich hit her like a football player, knocking her
completely off her feet and wrestling her to the ground as his greedy
hands roamed over her body.

Suddenly Lynn knew that this had all been a terrible mistake. She could
not go through with it! Phil would have to understand, and she was
sorry that they had wasted all that tape, but she absolutely would not
take part in a scene like this.

"Let me go!" she gasped as the man's heavy body crushed into her. "I
don't wan ..." but the breath was knocked from her frantically
squirming body as the other guard, Jay jumped on top of the pile. For a
moment Lynn lay stunned under the combined weight of the two big men.

The guards wasted no time, going to work on her like a pair of
professionals, each one rolling off of her vainly resisting body as a
television camera angled in from above to catch every minute of action.

"We're gonna fuck you till you can't stand up, beautiful!" Rich
whispered viciously in her ear, keeping his voice too low to be picked
up by the microphone over their heads. Both of the two guards were
hardened professionals at making this kind of film and they worked more
for pleasure than for the money involved.

Lynn's cringing young body froze with terror as Rich reached carefully
down between her two firmly heaving breasts and brutally ripped away
the flimsy covering which had shielded her tiny ripe nipples from the
public. Jay cooperated by thrusting his hand cruelly down along the
smooth skin of her stomach and yanking loose the frail material
protecting her soft fleecy pubic hair. She was suddenly stark naked,
and with a shock she clearly understood why Jon had insisted upon
applying make-up to all parts of her body. They had planned this from
the very beginning, she realized with horror, and who knew what other
lies they had told her as well?

But the two rough professionals gave the violently writhing girl no
time to contemplate the difficulties of her situation. Rich's cruel
hands swarmed over the warmly fleshed globes of her naked breasts,
twisting and pinching her little brown nipples and forcing her to cry
out with the sudden pain. Jay amused himself at the same time by
pulling her long blonde hair with one hand the other tried to force its
way up between her tightly clasped thighs. Lynn's eyes flew open with
alarm, and she saw the two men on their hands and knees over her like
avenging angels preparing to punish her for her sins. Their eyes seemed
to glow with lewd lusty anticipation as they tormented her, and fear
rushed through her naked body as she realized that there was going to
be nothing 'simulated' or make believe about this scene. They were
going to ravish her for the benefit of the cameras and enjoy every
minute of it. She had been tricked, and she understood at last the
cunning cruelty of Phil Agard's plan. The more she screamed and
protested, the better the film would be. She was playing the role of a
woman being raped by two brutal men, and all her reactions would be
perfectly natural.

Deciding to fight back in the only way she could, Lynn tried to lay
absolutely still, making it as undramatic as possible and looking
straight up at the television camera which was peering obscenely down
at her. Rich rose up on his knees beside her, his hands busily undoing
the fastenings on his loin cloth, and the frightened girl got her eyes
closed just in time to avoid seeing the burly man strip himself
completely. Let them do what they want, she was telling herself
unhappily, as she lay unresistingly naked between them. There's no use
in struggling anymore. They win this round. There's no point in
prolonging the misery. Let them do their dirty business to her helpless
vulnerable body and get it over with.

Then she felt Rich's hard hands coursing over her stomach and the girl
shivered involuntarily. It was not the pain she feared particularly,
although she knew that this was going to hurt but the thought that
after they were finished with her she would never be the same again.
This experience was going to soil and dirty her forever, and she would
never again be able to look her young husband in the eye.

"Hey, beautiful," commanded Rich. "Open those lovely brown eyes and
take a look at the present the queen is giving you."

Lynn shut her eyes even more tightly, refusing to cooperate in the
slightest, but she felt Jay's hands tighten their grip on her hair and
start to pull, torturing her into obeying their orders. Her eyes popped
open and Rich rose nakedly up off his buttocks to give her (and the
camera) a good look at the instrument of torment he was planning to use
on her.

As her eyes focused on his lust-thickened penis, the girl's face
suddenly contorted in horror and she could hear chuckles from off-
camera as the technicians laughed at her innocence. His cock was
monstrous by any standards, thick and blunt like cudgel, and she could
see in a glance that the actor had worked himself into a real state of
arousal while they had been abusing her. A look at his face informed
her clearly that there was no point in asking for mercy. He had every
intention of brutally ramming that long hard shaft up into her
frantically trembling vagina, and there was nothing to stop him from
doing anything he wanted!

By this time, Jay had stripped himself as naked as his partner and
occupied himself With holding her arms tightly to prevent any attempt
at an escape. At some pre-arranged signal, both men suddenly rolled her
over onto her stomach and Rich cruelly spread her long tapered legs
apart as she struggled to keep her balance. As she felt her tender
young breasts crushing into the unyielding floor, Rich moved quickly
and deftly into position behind her, his legs mercilessly working to
force her knees farther and farther apart despite her desperate efforts
to clamp her thighs together and protect the defenseless little opening
to her femaledom. His hands kneaded and tormented the helpless half-
moons of her buttocks, forcing a painful groan from her lips. The
miserably unhappy young woman ground her teeth together, not wanting to
give them the satisfaction of hearing her cry out in agony.

"Up on your knees," Jay whispered to her suddenly, his voice as
impersonal as a stage manager giving instructions to a forgetful actor.
Lynn had no intention whatsoever of obeying and she stayed where she
was, trying to cover her face with her hands in the vain hopes of
somehow managing to spoil the scene for them. Then she felt the manes
hand slipping beneath her shoulders, and his fingers found the tender
swollen nipple of her left breast.

He squeezed, hard, and Lynn immediately forgot about her resolution to
remain silent and motionless. Instead she screamed as Jay squeezed
again, even harder, digging his sharp fingernails into the softly
yielding flesh of her breast until she thought she could bear it no
longer. Hastily, she tucked her knees under her, willing to do anything
to alleviate that torture, and the next thing she knew, her full
smoothly rounded backside was thrust obscenely into the air.

They were winning every round, and she realized now that further
resistance was almost useless. She would have to surrender in the end
no matter what, so why not make things easy on herself? To them, her
lush naked body meant nothing anyway. They were not in love with her,
and she hardly knew them so there was no question of there being
anything involved here but lust stimulated by the promise of money. She
was a toy, an object, a plaything to be used, filmed, and then tossed

Kneeling above her, the actor named Rich gazed down at the full white
moons of her buttocks, offered up to him like some depraved pagan
sacrifice, and he felt his body start to throb with savage
uncontrollable desire. Rich had participated in dozens of these porno-
films and tapes, and the idea of actually raping a naked young girl in
the presence of all these people only made it more stimulating for him.
He had seen many a skin-flick actress in his sordid career, but never
anything as young and innocent as this one, and the thought that she
was his to use and abuse as he desired was driving him wild. His sperm-
bloated testicles were burning as if they were on fire, and he could
not tear his bulging eyes off of the narrow, lust-teasing pink slit
which trembled helplessly before him.

For all practical purposes, Rich had virtually forgotten that a video-
tape was being made. At the moment he could only think of jamming his
hot throbbing cock into her tight little pussy, and he realized that he
could not hold himself back another minute.

But the actor knew from past experience with women that his penis was
abnormally large and capable of bringing a gasp of pain to the lips of
the most experienced of females. What his massive hardness would do to
this tender little vagina was anybody's guess ... and, abruptly, Rich
did not really care.

Taking his long punishing rod in his hand for better control, the actor
grinned lasciviously at his partner who was pinning the girl's
shoulders to the floor and leaned forward, running his long thick cock
up and down in the narrow moistly pink crevice of her ass. He was about
to worm his way into her when an even more depraved idea entered his
perverted mind.

Bending from the waist, the actor planted a wet, open-mouthed kiss on
the tiny puckered hole of her anus, using his strong hands to pry her
warmly gleaming buttocks even farther apart as he lapped at her like an
animal gone mad. Lynn's body jerked forward and she involuntarily
uttered a muffled gasp at this indecent unnatural embrace.

This man was kissing her backside, she realized with a horrible shock.
He was sloshing his long fluttering tongue up and down the entire
length of her widespread cuntal crevice, all the way from the tingling
pink button of her clitoris up to the tightly-clasped entrance of her
anus. Was nothing sacred? What kind of an animal was he anyway?

Seeing that he was really starting to get to her, Rich grinned
sadistically and dropped his face down for another run over the target,
this time lingering over the straining muscles of her inner thighs, his
tongue lashing in at the thin red folds of her hair-covered flesh which
surrounded her tight little pussy. The actor realized that the glands
deep inside of her frantically squirming young body had already been
triggered in involuntary action and begun secreting the heated juices
which were designed to prepare a woman's body for sexual intercourse.
Like it or not, he told himself cruelly, this chick is turning on. Time
to bring in the heavy artillery.

Lynn was confused and mystified by all that was happening to her. Since
this horrid scene had begun, she had been preparing herself for pain
and mistreatment, but it had not materialized, and now everything
seemed to be changing. It was humiliating and shameful to be t forced
into this unnatural and ridiculous position, but there was nothing
painful about it, and what the degenerate actor was doing between her
widely-spread legs was quite the opposite of pain; in fact, little
whispers of forbidden pleasure were creeping inexorably up and down her
spine every time Rich's tireless tongue wormed its wet way into her
private parts. She tried hard not to let her guard down gritting her
teeth and thrashing her head wildly from side to side, but bit by bit,
her sensually ripened body began to relax.

Rich knew that he had to move quickly and skillfully if he wanted to
penetrate her without opposition. He and Jay could obviously overpower
the girl by brute force if necessary, but if she decided to put up a
real battle, she could make the two of them look really foolish.
Besides, Lenny was gesturing impatiently from off-camera, urging the
two of them to get on with it and not waste quite so much of the video-
tape in foreplay. What the viewers would be paying to see was raw
brutal sex, and not a lot of fooling around, and the director had based
his career on giving people exactly what they wanted.

A sigh escaped Lynn's wetly parted lips as the man's thumbs moved past
the soft brown pubic hair covering the blushing pink lips of her vagina
into the flowering secret cavern itself, and he noted with satisfaction
that the girl was sopping wet inside.

She's ready to fuck, he told himself contentedly, feeling the muscles
in her warmly moistened pussy relax a little as he gently massaged the
soft pink flesh, letting his outstretched middle finger slip inside of
her pulsating hot tunnel every once in awhile.

Lynn's mind was a whirling mass of confusion. The drinks she had
consumed in their dressing room were beginning to catch up with her
now, and she found it strangely difficult to concentrate on her present
situation and decide exactly what she ought to be doing. For that
matter, she told herself vaguely, why try to do anything?

Her meditations were interrupted by a new sensation from behind. There
was a hard unrelenting pressure against her backside, but in her dazed
state she could not identify exactly what it was and felt no immediate

"Mmmmmmmm," she sighed, without really knowing why, feeling this strong
new presence work its way gently between the flaccid full moons of her
buttocks while Rich's hands continued to open her up like a blossom
touched by the morning sun.

Rich gradually moved his hips forward, trying to worm his massive tip
of his long blunt cock past the sensitive elastic lips of her vagina
without hurting or alarming her. Once his hard thick shaft was inside,
the little bitch could scream all she wanted, but at this stage of the
game, delicacy was very important.

"Aaaaaaggggghhhhh," she groaned, but it was the mindless sound of
pleasure and nothing more. Encouraged, the muscular porno-actor inched
forward, angling his heavy cudgel from side to side in order to widen
the passage.

The queen had stepped down off her throne by this time, drawn by the
overpowering sensuality of what was happening before her very eyes, and
Rick, the loyal slave, stood obediently by her side, apparently not
overly grieved at what was being done to his delicate little

"Ooooooooh, OOOooooh!" Lynn was murmuring now, her moans matching the
cautious maneuvering of the man's massively throbbing cock as he pushed
gently and easily into her. The girl's cunt was flowering open
completely now, and she felt there was a serious danger--whether she
realized it or not yet--that the girl would ruin the whole scene by
cumming before he got the full length of his hardness totally embedded
in the warm moist pocket of her naked body, and decided that the time
for caution was past. This slave girl was ready to be skewered, and his
painfully throbbing penis was aching with anticipation.

He moved forward again, forcing his knees as far up between her widely-
stretched thighs as it was possible to go, and used his thumb and
forefinger to guide the long slippery shaft directly into the moistly
receptive chamber of her tight little cunt.

Experienced and hardened as he was, the man found himself forced to
groan aloud with pleasure as he felt the soft warm lips of her pussy
closing tightly over the bulbous rounded tip of his throbbing cock.
Never in his long depraved career had he felt a sensation quite like
this one. He expected Lynn to groan or cry out with sudden pain as he
steadily worked his way into her juicy, well-lubricated vagina, but she
was already too far down the road to object to anything he chose to do
to her now.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!" she moaned, half in discomfort and half in ecstasy
as the man surged powerfully into her, pushing the smoothly yielding
walls of her wetly clasping cunt ahead of him like the prow of a ship
dividing the waves. Lynn's entire sensually aroused body quivered and
trembled before the suddenness of this all-out invasion, taken a little
by surprise. Now she had no further illusions about what was going to
happen to her; in fact, it had already happened. Lulled by his
gentleness into a false sense of security, she had let down her guard
and now she was paying the price.

He was already deep inside of her, buried to the hilt, and any hopes
she may have entertained of rallying her strength and fighting him off
at the last moment were now dashed forever. In the presence of at least
ten people and two television cameras she was being fucked, yes fucked,
like a bitch in heat.

But her entire mood was quickly changing, and Lynn found herself
overwhelmed with an unending wave of bitter shame and humiliation. The
nakedly-writhing young woman was now actually longing for the pain she
had expected all along, almost disappointed that there was nothing now
inside of her but sensual pleasure. She needed the pain to cleanse her,
to punish her for being the kind of whore she had now become!

But unfortunately for her peace of mind, there was no real pain, only
the violent slap of Rich's nakedly pistoning loins as he ploughed
repeatedly into the soft twin cushions of her buttocks, balancing on
his knees and slamming into her time and time again, each savage thrust
carrying his red-hot poker deep into the untouched recesses of her
churning white belly.

"Oh Christ! Oh Christ!" she moaned incessantly, feeling as if the stout
shaft of a baseball bat had somehow been thrust up inside of her
tortured young vagina, and she fought desperately to keep him from
conquering her completely, knowing that if he kept up in this fashion,
she would soon be beyond resistance. But it was already useless, and
Lynn was thrashed back and forth between the two men, realizing with
despair that the cruel sadistic porno-actor behind her was going to
force her all the way to the ultimate degradation. He was going to make
her cum, right here in front of everyone!

But the futility of her struggles only served to excite her tormentors
even more as her warmly clasping cuntal muscles tightened around Rich's
long driving shaft, stimulating him to greater and greater efforts. And
out of the corner of her eye, Lynn saw the TV camera zooming in for a
close-up and despaired, knowing that the magnifying lens of the camera
was recording everything on tape: his hard relentless cock and the
pink, cruelly-stretched flesh of her cunt clinging tightly to his rough
leathery foreskin as he pounded in and out of her like a sex maniac.

"Come on, baby," he jeered at her from above, tormenting the white
moons of her buttocks with his hard demanding hands as he fucked back
and forth with long punishing strokes. "Let's see a little life! The
queen wants you to give us a good time."

Her mind said no, but her poor over-stimulated body was no longer
taking orders from her brain and reacted by doing precisely what he had
commanded her to. Experimentally at first, and then with real
determination, she began to rotate her nakedly quivering ass, twisting
and swinging back against the man who was fucking so ruthlessly into
her, trying to give him as good as she was getting.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!!!!!" she was chanting mindlessly, knowing that the
saliva was dripping from her open mouth and that she was making a
perfect fool of herself, but unable to fight off the storm of lust
which was sweeping over her. She was an animal, a passion-driven pile
of flesh being fucked half to death by a strange savage man and this
was the bottom of the barrel. There was nothing lower or more depraved
than this!

She was wrong! They had one last little surprise in store for her.
Unexpectedly, she felt Jay's hands fumbling at her mouth. What does he
want? she asked herself blankly. Why is he sticking his fingers into my

"No, no!" she groaned, and this proved to be her fatal mistake. The
moment the innocent young woman opened her mouth to protest this new
depraved invasion, Jay expertly flicked his hips forward, burying his
long invading pole between her wetly trembling lips and holding her
head rigidly between his hands so that there was no possibility of

Disgust and revulsion swept over her and the doubly-penetrated woman
tried to wiggle free, but these men were real professionals, and she
only succeeded in exciting them more. Gagging slightly at the
unaccustomed presence of this large unnatural object in her mouth, she
could feel the length and the weight of the man's heatedly throbbing
cock on the softness of her tongue.

Jay's hands were entangled in her hair, and she knew from bitter
experience that he would not hesitate to hurt her in order to get his

"Suck!" he commanded harshly, giving her long blonde locks a slight tug
just to remind her of his mastery. "Suck me like you never sucked
anyone before!"

Lynn was beyond resistance. It passed vaguely through her head that she
had broken off her love affair with Phil Agard because he had asked her
to perform this same vile unnatural act, and yet here she was, doing it
to a man she didn't even know.

But the tormented young girl no longer had a will of her own, and she
involuntarily began to do as she was told. Her tightly ovaled lips went
slowly to work, timidly nibbling at this strange hotly pulsating
instrument and she experimentally began to make use of her tongue,
whipping it back and forth over the broad pungent surface of his penis.
This was the punishment she had been longing for, and she accepted it
with masochistic joy, knowing that she had finally hit bottom and there
was nowhere lower to go. They had broken her down to the bottom-most
level of humanity ... she was worse than the lowest whore!

She tried desperately to think about something else: her home, memories
of school days, anything to keep from contemplating exactly what she
was doing at that very moment. But the reality of her situation was too
strong to be denied. She could smell the heavy sweat odor from the
man's sperm-filled testicles, and deep in her throat, she could already
taste the acrid seminal fluid issuing obscenely from the lust-swollen
cock-head. I'm actually sucking a man's cock! The thought caused a
sudden jolt of perverse excitement to ripple through her.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" he was grunting almost painfully as he tried to
bury himself inside of her, working like a demon to finish himself off
and hardly noticing what was happening to the battered and abused body
of the woman beneath him. Lynn's subserviently kneeling young body was
suddenly jerking and wantonly twisting, and moans flowed out of her
cock-filled mouth one after another without interruption. Her fair,
naked flesh shone with a fine light layer of sweat, and her long blonde
hair thrashed back and forth as strange torturous sensations raced
overpoweringly through her shamelessly aroused body. The depraved
thought of being fucked halt-to-death by two strange men
simultaneously, while a roomful of other people looked on, had finally
gotten to her ... and she was masochistically racing towards the
wildest orgasm of her entire young life.

Jay caught the mood of intense lust and doubled his own efforts,
surging in and out of the soft warm hole formed by her ovaled lips and
watching in a wanton excitement as the wetly glistening shaft of his
long hard cock disappeared into her saliva-filled mouth. She was almost
driving him insane with pleasure.

"I'm cumming," she mumbled incoherently, her words distorted by the
presence of Jay's massively thick penis between her sucking wet lips.
No one heard her, but a special announcement was hardly necessary since
it was perfectly obvious to everyone in the room what was happening to
the kneeling young girl. Her straining, nakedly pulsating body rammed
itself savagely back into the loins of the man who was fucking so
energetically into her from behind, and she rotated her smooth rounded
ass around in vicious little circles as if she were trying to suck the
cum out of him by brute force.

The spasm hit and all the muscles in Lynn's lust-stricken body seemed
to go tight and tense at once, causing both men to groan simultaneously
as her orgasm caught them off-balance. It was customary for porno-
actresses to simulate a moment of ecstasy at the end of the scene, but
the two actors both realized that there was nothing simulated about
this. The girl was cumming as if there were no tomorrow!

Nor were they destined to be far behind her. The quantity of saliva in
Lynn's mouth grew greater by the moment, becoming thick and pungent
With the emissions of lubricating fluid secreted by the glands in Jay's
wildly plunging cock. His hands were winding their way into the curls
in her hair and he was pulling her head brutally up and down over his
long thrusting shaft as if her face was nothing more and nothing less
than another tight little cunt into which he could shoot the torrential
waves of his cum. Lynn could feel his lust-thickened penis expanding
and sweating until he had Filled her mouth completely, pushing farther
and farther into the gagging depths of her throat as if he intended to
try to meet the other brutalizing cock which was pounding into her from
the other end.

Rich the man behind her, had had a head start. but Jay beat him to the
finish line by a split-second, ramming his wildly jerking cock into her
throat until her nose was crushed up against the wiry curls of his
black pubic hair. Suddenly his massively pulsating cock began to
explode like a roman candle as he mumbled profanities into the air. The
steaming white cum poured into her furiously gulping mouth, causing her
to gag and choke as she did her best to swallow every drop of this
obscene, degrading drink. It seemed to go on forever as her mouth
filled with the thickly heated fluid from his loins, and she gulped and
swallowed like a real slave, her mind almost completely destroyed by
the shameful degradation of what these men were putting her through.

But then she was distracted by a grunt from behind her, and Lynn felt
Rich fuck violently into her one last time as far up inside of her
tormented young womb as he could go and then began spewing forth his
own hot sticky cum. A warm pleasant sensation flooded over her as she
felt the semen flowing hotly into her from both ends and for a moment
the confused girl felt like one enormous cunt, available for all the
men in the world to batter and pound, a bottomless receptacle for cum!
The thought triggered her second orgasm? and the second quickly ripened
into a third.

"Cut!" cried the director and dimly in the distance, Lynn saw the short
fat man smiling at her happily.

"Jesus Christ!" said Jay gleefully, carefully withdrawing his slowly-
deflating cock from the girl's cum-filled mouth and getting casually to
his feet.

"Another days another dollar," sighed Rich philosophically, abruptly
removing his glistening drooping penis from her exhausted body. "Best
lay I've had in years!"

"This kid's got what it takes," commented Kelly, getting up off her
throne and lighting a filter cigarette as she hoisted up her royal
robes to avoid tripping on them. "Why don't we use her in the next
flick as the lead, Phil? I like making money too much to be jealous."

Lynn said nothing. She was conscious and her mind was slowly clearing
as the cool air of the studio swept over her naked tortured young body,
lying motionless in the pool of cum where the two actors had left her,
too tired and beaten to move, or even to close her widely-spread legs.

Chapter 4

Lynn headed for the bedroom as soon as she heard Matt's car pull out of
the alleyway and head off down the street, knowing that she was already
late and hoping Phil would not be angry. She was ashamed of the
thought, but for some reason, the young wife was enormously happy that
her husband was gone. He had been home for three days and by the end of
the second day, she had begun to find his presence almost unbearable.
Perhaps it was her own guilt feelings, or the fact that she now had
even more shameful secrets to keep from her husband, but whatever the
cause of the tension, he had seemed like an absolute stranger to her,
and the young blonde-haired woman had been delighted to find out that
Phil Agard had scheduled him for another business trip.

Darting into the bedroom, she began stripping off her clothing as fast
as she could, wondering how much time she would have to dress before
the taxi would arrive at the front door and start beeping its horn. As
soon as she was totally naked, the lithe full-breasted young woman
rushed into the bathroom to wash, and do her hair and then came racing
out again to get into the new clothing which Agard had sent over and
wanted her to wear tonight.

Catching sight of herself stark naked in the mirror, she paused for a
moment, deciding that it was foolish to run herself into a tizzy. If
she was a few minutes late, what difference did it make? And she could
afford to let the taxi man wait, since Agard was picking up the tab.
She gazed at her sensual young body in the mirror, wondering a little
over the fact that this body had gotten her into so much trouble. Maybe
she would have been better off had she grown up flat-chested with a
flabby lumpish figure that no man would look at twice! It was difficult
to understand, at least for a woman, how two full ripe breasts, a
narrow yielding waist, a light brown triangular patch of pubic hair,
and a pair of long slender legs could arouse men the way they did. To
her, it seemed like standard equipment and nothing more. The girl
shrugged, deciding not to worry any more about the mysteries of life,
and reached into the box which Phil had had delivered to examine the
dress she was supposed to wear to the presentation tonight.

She held the garment up in front of her and turned her attention again
to the mirror. It was nothing! Phil had undoubtedly paid a fortune for
this dress, and there was hardly enough material in it to make a decent
sized handkerchief. And he had firmly ordered her to wear nothing under
it but the tiniest pair of panties she could find and absolutely no
brassiere. Why didn't he simply tell her to come naked and be done with

Lynn was feeling unusually depressed and irritable as she climbed into
the skimpy flimsy garment, resolving that if anyone so much as looked
at her cross-eyed tonight, she was going to give them a piece of her
mind. For a twenty-five year old housewife, it seemed to her that she
had an unusual number of problems to worry about. First, of course,
there was this whole business with Agard and his gang of filthy
pornographers. Except for asking her to attend this party tonight, they
had said nothing about the future, but Lynn knew that Phil Agard had
other plans for her, and that every time she took part in one of his
lewd undertakings, she was wrapping herself ever more securely in his
web of sin. If he chose to use the video-tape they had just made as
blackmail against her, what could she do?

But aside from that, she was worried about her relationship with her
husband. Matt had come home from his last trip just the same as always,
and they had gone to bed together as normal. Matt had made love to her,
patiently and gently as was his custom, but this time, she had felt
absolutely nothing! Her husband seemed to prefer the missionary
position, and frequently made love to her while wearing his pajamas,
and the whole business had seemed faintly tiresome and boring. Somehow,
everything had changed since that horrible night, and she was now
afraid that normal sexual relations were no longer enough for her. She
knew perfectly well that she had been wildly excited that night with
Rich and Jay, despite the fact that what they had done was wicked and
perverse. And she realized that the same innocent embraces of her
husband were no longer turning her on at all. What did this mean?

There was a honking out in the street and Lynn Langley realized that
the taxi had arrived. Now in a hurry, she slipped quickly into the
dress which Agard had provided for her and zipped it up the back. The
garment barely covered the smoothly rounded mounds of her buttocks and
she realized that she would have to be careful about bending over in
this kind of an outfit. To top it all, the neckline was scooped
daringly low, exposing the ripe tempting contours of her high-set
breasts and the fabric of the dress itself was so thin that the outline
of each turgid little nipple was clearly visible. Feeling like a cheap
prostitute, Lynn seized her purse and left the house, hoping none of
the neighbors would catch a glimpse of her dressed in this scandalous

* * *

"There's the girl now," Phil Agard whispered to the tall gaunt man in
his late fifties who was the biggest buyer and distributor of porno-
tapes and films in the state. "A knock-out, isn't she?"

"She's got all the tickets," admitted the buyer, gazing admiringly in
Lynn's direction. "I like the innocent girlish look she has, and the
body is a sensation! Is her hair natural?"

"Yeah, she's a blonde all the way down," confirmed Agard proudly. "It's
a bitch, isn't it, when you get a really bleached blonde on top and
jet-black pussy hair! And Lynn's body is smooth and athletic too," he
added. "None of that wobbly fat."

"And you've got her under contract?" inquired the buyer carefully.

"Yeah, in a manner of speaking," Phil nodded convincingly, thinking
that he had better sit down with Lynn at the first opportunity and get
her to sign on the dotted line. "She works for me and nobody else."

"I wasn't thinking of taking her away from you, Phil," laughed the
distributor, "because my days of making flicks are over. But there's a
lot of money wrapped up in this contract. If the girl is working for
you, it'll probably be worthwhile; but if she should decide to quit,
then we'll both have problems. You know, the business has changed since
I first started doing films. Nowadays, the kind of person who buys a
video-tape to play on his television set at home is a different breed
of cat. He likes a little style, a little gracefulness, and you can't
palm off some forty-year old lady with wrinkles and a spare tire. He's
spending good money for a tape and he wants something he can show his
friends or his girl without embarrassment. But I'd say that our Miss
Langley here fits the bill perfectly. God, what tits that girl's got!"

"I can arrange a private showing, if you'd like," Phil offered
gallantly. "After Lynn's had a few drinks, we normally find she's
pretty manageable, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind showing you the
merchandise. On a strictly business basis, naturally."

"Naturally," responded the distributor, his voice heavy with sudden
lust, unable to drag his eyes off the tall blonde woman on the other
side of the room.

* * *

Lynn caught sight of Kelly talking animatedly to Lenny near the bar and
she walked over to join her. She did not particularly feel like
conversing with either one of them, but they seemed to be the only
people in the room she knew, and everyone else seemed to be looking at
her as if she had two heads.

"Hello, beautiful," the director, welcomed her, handing her a drink and
slipping his arm into hers. "Well, how does it feel to be the hit of
the evening?"

"I don't understand," confessed the girl unhappily. "Phil just told me
that there was a party here tonight, and that it was important for me
to be here. Why am I suddenly the hit of the evening?"

"This isn't just a normal party," explained Kelly Agard kindly. "Phil
got together a group of distributors and buyers who are going to handle
our films and let them have a sneak preview ..."

"Oh God, you mean all these people have seen that ..."

"Yeah, and they loved it," interrupted Lenny, staring boldly down the
front of her dress as he spoke. "Phil's got a half-dozen good offers
already, and we've got the financing we need to go ahead with a full
production schedule. Starring you, naturally."

So that's his game, thought Lynn, her worst suspicions now confirmed.
But instead of protesting immediately, she decided to bide her time and
see if there was not some way to avoid becoming Agard's slave for the
rest of her life.

"Ah, there you are!" called the producer himself from across the room.
"Lynn baby, come on over and meet an old friend of mine!"

Forcing a smile onto her face, Lynn obeyed and walked up to the tall
gaunt man who was standing beside her ex-lover.

"Elton, I want you to meet the hottest little number in the skin-flick
industry," said Agard boastfully. "Lynn, this is Elton James, who's
going to handle all the distribution problems for our new little
enterprise. Elton here has the contacts to put you into more television
sets than Ed Sullivan ever dreamed of. Isn't she lovely, Elton?"

"Certainly is," agreed the distributor, inspecting her as if she were a
race horse on sale. "I think we're going to make a lot of money with
this young lady."

"We've learned a lot since Lenny and I started this new venture,"
enthused Phil to his former mistress. "Lenny did a marvelous job of
directing, even though we've only done a couple of those things. The
scenes of you and the two guys were simply fantastic! I was ready to
cum in my pants, just watching it!"

Lynn blushed furiously at this crude compliment, knowing that Phil
would be enraged if she did not play along with the sales job he was
doing on this distributor. Without responding, she drained her drink,
and Phil instantly refilled it.

They're trying to get me drunk as usual, she told herself accurately.
And why the hell not? I don't seem to have much to say about anything
any more.

As she was meditating on the unhappiness of her situation, their group
was enlarged by the addition of Kelly and Lenny. Elton James lit a
cigarette and cleared his throat for attention.

"Okay, I guess we have all the principals here," he began. "As an old
and successful hand in this business, and someone who knows the market
pretty well, I'd like to give you folks some advice for your future
efforts. Now what we saw tonight showed a lot of promise and talent,
but there's room for improvement. Video-tape is a lot different from
regular film, and a television set isn't a motion picture screen, so
you have to adapt your technique to the medium. Make your scenes
smaller and more intimate and use a lot more close-ups. You've got a
marvelous young chick here with good clear unwrinkled skin, so move in
tight with that camera and let us see what she's got to offer."

Phil and Lenny looked at each other and nodded, neither man being too
proud to accept advice from a real pro, particularly since he was going
to make them all rich by purchasing their product.

"Now as far as your action is concerned, you've got a lot of liberty
because these days practically anything goes," the expert continued his
lecture. "The standard boy-on-top-of-girl-on-bottom scene isn't too
effective because the viewer basically can't see anything. What you
need for this next film is more of the 'sixty-nine' stuff with real
good close-ups showing exactly what's going on and where. That kind of
thing really turns a viewer on. And don't be afraid of the wild stuff
either! You know what I mean, Phil, and if you don't, I'll explain

Lynn didn't know what he meant by 'wild stuff' and the phrase worried
her a little. As he spoke, Elton James was strolling across the room,
forcing the others to trip along behind him if they wished to hear what
he was saying. From the general direction of his stroll, Lynn guessed
that he was heading for the bedroom, wanting to hold his conference in
a little more privacy.

When they were out of the main room and away from the noise of people
talking, laughing and drinking, the distributor turned and faced the
group again with more advice. Lynn downed her fifth or sixth drink of
the evening and felt a little unsteady on her feet, but no longer quite
so worried about the future. The alcohol was starting to relax her
body, and she felt less embarrassed about appearing so scantily dressed
in front of all these people,. After all, all the technicians at the
studio had seen her stark naked! Why should she be concerned about a
skimpy dress which showed a little too much behind and bosom?

"Now, there's another point you might remember, Lenny," James lectured
on, giving the director a friendly smile. "You're not approaching this
girl's body properly with your camera. You should pan in gently, giving
the viewer a chance to see all of her, tits and pussy included, and
then zero in on whatever it is you want to emphasize. And you, little
lady, have got to learn to hold still a little bit while the camera is
on you. The film we just saw was beautiful, but during the early
section of the rape scene, you were jerking around so much that you're
liable to give your viewer a headache trying to keep track of you."

Lynn longed to explain that she had not known in advance what was going
to happen to her and had no intention of ever doing it again, but she
caught a dangerous look in Phil's eyes and decided to keep her mouth
shut. All he had to do, she knew perfectly well, was to show that film
to Matt and her entire life would come tumbling down around her ears.

"Now who's going to be your male lead in this next flick?" James wanted
to know.

"We were thinking about using Rick again," explained Kelly. "He played
opposite me when we shot the first sequence in the slave girl thing."

"Good, get him, will you? I'll show you a couple of techniques you
might be able to use."

Lynn helped herself to another drink and lit a cigarette while Lenny
went out into the main room looking for Rick, who had last been seen
eating peanuts over by the bar and chatting up the girl who was serving
the drinks. Lynn had no idea what kind of 'techniques' James wanted to
explain, but she understood this business well enough by now to expect
the worst. Rick came in, smiled at everyone, kissed Kelly and Lynn and
shook hands with Mr. James.

"Okay, now in the clinches, you should always have Lynn's body at an
angle, otherwise you lose all the effect," the distributor explained.

"I don't follow you," questioned Lenny dubiously.

"Okay, look, we'll demonstrate," offered the tall serious man, reaching
out and taking Lynn gently by the arm. "You stand here, honey, and
Rick, you come over here and put your arms around her."

Lynn gulped the last half of her drink, feeling her head fairly
spinning and hoped that she would not be called upon to do or say
anything complicated which would reveal to everyone that she was
already thoroughly drunk. Rick came obediently forward and put his
muscular arms around Lynn as directed, and the young housewife suddenly
felt warm and comforted as the handsome actor held her.

"Okay ... now ... well, you really can't see what I'm trying to
demonstrate this way. Kelly, will you help Lynn slip out of her dress?
Pretty as it is, it hides too much of what we're trying to illustrate

Had James told her to take off her dress, the dazzled, intoxicated
young wife would probably have objected, but the fact that he had told
Kelly to take it off for her made a subtle difference somehow, as if
the question of undressing in front of these people was no longer her
responsibility. She lifted her arms with submissive obedience and
allowed the producer's wife to draw the dress over her head, leaving
her clad merely in a tiny transparent pair of bikini style panties
which offered very little in the way of protection for her modesty.
Rick decided that he had better undress at the same time, and within
half a minute, the man and the woman stood facing each other, dressed
only in their shorts.

"Good, now take her in your arms," James instructed, and the actor
obeyed, once again putting his powerful arms around the girl's frail

"Right, now pull back just a little, so that you show this breast
completely ... Get it Lenny? The way you were doing it in your flick,
the viewer gets cheated out of seeing her tits during the scene, and
this young lady has tits worth seeing!" To illustrate exactly what he
meant, James put one arm around Lynn's creamy white shoulders, turning
her slightly to one side and then placing his hand boldly on the warmly
quivering flesh of her right breast, arranging it the way he wanted it.
"Oh, another thing, have Lynn take off her brassiere at least an hour
before you start to shoot, or you'll have bra strap markings still
showing on her skin. Is this boring you, or are some of these
suggestions helpful?"

"Hell yes," replied Phil Agard enthusiastically while Lenny nodded in
agreement. "Lenny and I know a lot about television, but not much about
this kind of work. We're happy to learn whatever we can."

"Good, I'm glad you feel that way because I think the two of you make a
successful team. Now in the tape we screened tonight, you had an oral-
genital scene, as I recall; but it was supposed to be a rape scene so
the clumsiness didn't matter much. But in your next effort, you're
certainly going to want a couple of shots of a blow job where the girl
is at least a little bit willing to do it. Do you know how to handle
that sort of thing, Lynn?"

Suddenly realizing that he was talking to her, the young wife blushed
to the roots of her long blonde hair, but Phil--who knew from personal
experience what the truth of the matter was--answered for her.

"I suspect that Lynn could use some pointers on this sort of thing,
Elton," he advised seriously. "You'll find that she's a real fast
learner." As he spoke he shot her a glance which told her very clearly
that she had better cooperate or face the consequences. Lynn was too
overpowered by the circumstances and too woozy from drink to object to
anything at this point and so she simply nodded, wondering how James
intended to teach her the fine points of oral intercourse.

"Rick, do you mind putting on a free performance?" inquired the
distributor of films, as easily as he might ask for a cigarette.

"Are you kidding?" laughed the actor happily. "I ought to be paying
you!" And without the slightest trace of embarrassment, the tall blond
actor removed his shorts, exposing himself quite proudly to the two
women in the room. His penis was in the relaxed state, hanging quite
naturally between his muscular thighs, but Lynn remembered clearly what
it had looked like when it was erect and ready for action, and she
shuddered at the recollection.

"All right, Lynn," Mr. James continued as if he were conducting a
class. "Now let's imagine a scene for you to enact. Let's say that our
friend Rick here is a sadist, and he's just beaten you into submission
in order to get you to allow him to penetrate you orally. You're
willing to do it only to avoid another beating, but once you get
started, you really go to town on him, sort of for revenge. Now imagine
I'm the camera, and please recall that everything you do has to be
played to me. Okay, down on your knees in front of him, please."

Lynn shot a quick glance at her former lover, pleading with her eyes to
be spared from this awful humiliation, but all she found in Phil's face
was mild amusement and the beginnings of a lusty feeling. There was no
help to be expected from this quarter, and Lynn had come to the
conclusion that Kelly had some latent homosexual tendencies and
actually enjoyed seeing a younger and more beautiful woman tormented in
this degenerate fashion. No, there was no way out. If she refused
Phil's merest request, he could end all chance of happiness in life for
her by means of a quick telephone call to Matt.

She went down on her knees, just as Kelly Agard had done the first day
of shooting when Lynn had made her entrance into this vile depraved
business. Rick's heavily swaying cock jerked a little as he felt her
hot breath on the thick leathery foreskin, and he took a step closer to
move his groin up against her face.

"Good, but the two of you are forgetting where the camera is," James
reminded them. "I know this is fun, but don't lose track of the fact
that you're making a movie."

Rick shifted his posture slightly so that the 'camera' could get a full
view of his long, but still flaccid instrument.

"Good, now go to work, Lynn, but take your time. You've got to arouse
this man, or he's going to take the whip to you again. And remember to
keep your face turned so we can see you. Good clear distinct movements,

Oh, this is really too much, the humiliated girl told herself in
absolute misery. How did they get me into this disgusting position?
They never gave me a chance to draw the line and refuse to go any
further, and now it had come to this: lessons in sexual perversion!

And what could she do about it? Nothing, she realized with a growing
sense of despair. If she angered Mr. James and ruined Phil's chances of
making this sale, Agard would certainly find a way to get even with
her. And besides, she would look totally ridiculous if she started
getting prudish at this point. If she objected to this kind of thing,
why had she come to the party in the first place, wearing that shameful
dress? Besides, Kelly had done this terrible business and gone out
afterward to eat a pizza. If she refused now, they would think she was
nuts. Besides, even though she found it difficult to admit to herself,
she was beginning to feel the tingles of lusty excitement starting to
grow in the base of her spine and shooting into her stomach like little
shocks of electric current.

So she did as she was told and went to work, feeling the strange
quivering sensation spread deep in her belly as she ran her full wet
lips lightly over the surface of Rick's hard muscular groin just above
the forest of brown pubic hair. With her hands, she reached up and
grasped his warm limp penis, gently stimulating it by rubbing the
foreskin back and forth over the red-tipped bulbous glad until she felt
the organ begin to twitch as Rick became aroused.

Once this process was underway, there was no holding it back, and
Rick's eagerly throbbing cock popped up as if it had suddenly come to
life. There was an amused murmur of comment from the observers, and the
actor flashed a proud grin around the room. Lynn, having some
difficulty focusing her eyes because of the alcohol, studied the
massively heated object she held before her like a conductor's baton.

"Come on, baby, use those beautiful lips," urged the porno-actor from
above her, moving his loins even closer to her face so that his long
hard penis was aimed at her half-open like a cannon about to fire.

"Go to it, honey," commanded James in a calm voice. "But remember your
camera angles."

Gradually a change began to settle over Lynn's fogged mind, and a deep
sense of slavish masochistic resignation began to settle over her. All
right, she told herself. Do what they want; don't fight any longer.
Enjoy it if you can, whore!

Her decision made, Lynn leaned forward, her tongue flickering lewdly
out to touch the lust-swollen head of his impatiently pulsating cock.
Rick jumped at the sudden spine-tingling contact, and James moved up
closer, still pretending to be the camera and wanting to see
everything. The others stood around smoking and drinking, all behaving
very seriously as if this were a scientific experiment of the utmost
importance. Lynn circled her wetly darting tongue around the man's
smooth rubbery flesh, forcing a groan from his lips, and she tormented
the tiny opening of the gland at the end of his long rigid shaft,
already moist from the miniature droplets of seminal fluid oozing from
the interior.

But Rick was a clean person, and to her surprise, she found that there
was nothing really distasteful physically about what she was being
obliged to do. Humiliation and shame were both there, of course, but
she tried to blank out her mind and concentrate on the whispered
instructions coming from James.

"Use your hands, baby, that's it," he counseled and the trembling young
girl raised her hands to his thick towering cock. Tenderly she cupped
the softly swaying balls, pulling on them gently and teasingly. The
other hand crept to the base of his visibly throbbing penis where she
stroked the thick brown hair which bloomed in the man's crotch and
caressed the length of his long hardness while she continued to delight
him by kissing and licking the blood-filled spongy tip at the other

"Pull the skin down," advised James, hovering over her like an anxious
parent and watching as she slavishly obeyed, gently tugging on the
foreskin of his jerking uncircumcised penis and drawing it down to
leave the large bulbous tip naked against the softness of her tongue.
She kissed it with wetly parted lips and then slowly began to insert it
directly into the warm moist sanctuary of her mouth a little at a time.

"Oh Christ, you're driving me mad!" Rick groaned, the eyes rolling back
in his head as crazy rippling sensations began racing up and down the
base of his spine and shooting up to the back of his neck. Rick was an
experienced actor in sex films, but there was something so extremely
abnormal about this particular situation that it was turning him on
powerfully. For one thing, he knew perfectly well that Lynn was not
just another aspiring porno-star. She was an innocent little girl who
had somehow gotten involved in this degenerate business by mistake and
was clearly being held in it against her will and better judgment.

"Suck harder," he pleaded, not knowing whether this was precisely what
James had in mind or not, and not really caring. "Ahhhhh, Lynn, your
mouth is like butter!"

Again, the blackmailed young wife did as she was told, feeling the
excitement slowly mount within her own nakedly kneeling body and
shivering with masochistic joy at the idea of her mouth being used as a
receptacle for this man's vile semen. There was something so depraved
and perverse about the situation that it was impossible not to be
excited by it, and she could sense that the others were becoming
steadily aroused as well.

Now she put her heart into it, sucking on him like a woman possessed
and slashing her tongue agilely back and forth across the tip of his
thick meaty cock as it rammed relentlessly in and out of her face. His
hands crept into her hair, and no one was paying any attention to James
any more or spending any time worrying about camera angles. Eventually
the distributor gave up trying to give advice and contented himself
with watching this lurid drama unfold before him.

"It's cumming," groaned the actor, his voice low and husky with
passion. "Any minute now!"

The two of them seemed like candidates for an insane asylum by this
point. Rick, his hands holding her head tightly before him lest she try
to escape at the critical moment, was fucking ruthlessly into her
mouth, and the girl's hands had snaked around behind him to pull his
muscular buttocks forward, urging him to skewer deeper and deeper into
her cruelly-stretched mouth while mewls and hums of passionate
masochistic acceptance erupted from her cock-filled throat. The rich
ripe globes of her breasts were dancing up and down on her chest as her
entire naked body jiggled voluptuously back and forth from the violence
of the actor's savage pummeling of her delicate mouth.

Then a deep animalistic groan erupted from between his parted lips, and
Lynn knew that he was summing at last. Her throat gulped as the first
wave of hot sticky white liquid flowed into her, causing her cheeks to
billow out like a balloon as he filled her mouth with a never-ending
stream of his heatedly spewing semen. The crowd around them watched her
Adam's apple bobbing up and down as she labored not to lose a drop of
the lust-inciting fluid, her wetly glistening lips forming a tight seal
around the thick shaft of his wildly ejaculating cock.

"Don't quit until you're finished," warned James, his face almost
touching hers. "Lick him clean!"

* * *

Lynn locked herself in the bathroom, managing to get the door shut
behind her before the tears started streaming down her face. Plunged
into the deepest despair she had ever experienced, the blackmailed
young wife sat on the edge of the toilet and cried piteously into a
towel to muffle the noise, hoping that no one would overhear her and
realize how seriously this was affecting her.

Gradually, her sobs came to an end and she faced herself in the mirror
to do some repair work on her make-up which had been badly smeared by
her tears and Rick's frantically pistoning cock as it fucked in and out
of her mouth. What now? she asked herself, studying the reflected image
of her grief-stricken face and noting that traces of Rick's cum were
still clinging obscenely to the corners of her lips. Where exactly do
you go from here?

What terrified the young woman more than anything else was the power of
her physical reactions to the experiences they were forcing upon her.
It would be normal for a woman to feel sentiments of shame and disgust,
and at the beginning, she had been nauseated at the vile and depraved
things they had asked her to do. But now, all that was changing!
Despite the perversity and sinfulness of the act she had just committed
with Rick, she could not find the slightest trace of remorse anywhere
in her. Instead, her sensually awakened body seemed to have been
overpowered completely by lust and she shivered, standing nakedly alone
in the bathroom and recalling every movement she had made a few minutes

There was no question about it; they had changed her life radically by
introducing her into this world of bestiality and degradation. Instead
of feeling dismayed and disgusted, she was excited, stimulated, aroused
... call it what you will, this girl was virtually beside herself with
unsatisfied lust!

Someone was banging on the bathroom door.

"Hey, don't take all day in there, Lynn," Kelly Agard called through
the thin wooden door. "Elton James is going to show us a video-tape
which has been having a lot of success over on the East Coast. He says
there's a lot to be learned from it!"

"I'm coming," testified the stricken girl in a low husky voice. "Keep
your pants on."

"I won't promise a thing!" joked Kelly lewdly as she turned away from
the door and went to join her husband in the next room. In the
meanwhile, technicians from WRT-TV had set up a video-tape screen
system, by which it was possible to take an ordinary video-tape, made
for television, and project it on a large wide screen so that the
picture could be viewed simultaneously by a large group of people. The
other guests had already taken their seats, and Kelly Agard joined her
husband who was sitting alone on a large sofa in the rear of the room.
"Taking a back seat, lover?" she teased him.

"Yeah," he responded lustily. "Remember when we were kids, always
sitting in the back row of the movie house so we could neck without
being disturbed?"

"I might have known you had something up your sleeve, your dirty old
man," she laughed at him.

"I've got something up all right," he shot back at her with a lecherous
grin. "But it's not up my sleeve. Hey, where's the guest of honor?"

"I just called her," Kelly informed him. "She was in the bathroom,
drying her maidenly tears, or finger-fucking herself, or both."

"Poor kid," Phil Agard sympathized insincerely. "She got excited
playing around with Rick, and then got left in the lurch without any

"You planning on helping her out, sweetheart?" purred Kelly lustily,
running her fingers through her husband's thick black hair.

Agard chuckled in reply, and then continued seriously.

"Listen, we can't afford to let up on that girl, not even for a minute.
If she thinks she's scraping the bottom of the barrel now, she's
mistaken, because I've got big plans for this next flick, including
some things our Miss Lynn never dreamed of. We've got to keep the
pressure on, breaking her willpower down bit by bit until she's putty
in our hands. If we give her a minute to thinly for herself, she'll be
out of our hands like a light, and we'll be minus the best potential
porno-actress I've ever laid eyes on."

"You've laid more than eyes on that little girl," Kelly reminded him a
little sharply. "But I can't quite blame you. If I were a man, I'd be
climbing all over her like the rest of you."

Phil's face darkened as his wife uttered these words, a new foul idea
suddenly entering his head.

"That's a thought," he said slowly. "As long as we're breaking her into
the refinements of life, we might as well experiment a little in that
direction. You never can tell, it might make an interesting flick with
the two of you working each other over. When she comes out, we'll sit
her between us and have some fun with her during the film. Unless I
miss my guess, Mrs. Langley is plenty stirred up right now, and James'
film sure isn't going to calm her down any. We've got to keep her horny
as hell until we're ready to shoot. Lynn's trouble is that she's trying
to make herself believe that she's a clean living upstanding young
wife, when underneath it all, she's a whore, and she knows she's a

* * *
Lynn put the last finishing touches on her lipstick and hair, adjusted
the scoop-necked dress to cover as much of her voluptuous body as
possible, and walked out of the bathroom to join the others for the
screening of James' film. She knew perfectly well that they were all
looking at her expectantly, and she kept her eyes carefully focused on
the ground in front of her, not wanting to lose her balance. The
alcohol was still very much with her, even though her drunkenness had
subsided to the point where she was able to operate without appearing

The hungrily burning sensation in her belly showed no signs of going
away, however, and as she walked, her nakedly sensitive thighs rubbed
together, increasing the state of her excitement by the minute. She had
never been so turned on in her life, and there was no relief in sight.
She could hardly go up to the first man she met and ask him to make
love to her, despite the fact that she was so stimulated now that she
felt like doing just that.

"Hey, Lynn," she heard Agard's voice from the back of the room. "Come
and sit with us. We haven't got any popcorn, but there's plenty of

Lynn blushed as Phil's remark drew the group's attention to her, but
the idea of sitting in the back where no one could see her was
attractive, and she sat down between Phil and his wife and settled back
to watch the movie.

"This should be terrific," Agard advised the two women. "Elton says
this sequence is the all-time money maker in this field. Keep your eyes
open and maybe we can learn something."

Lynn felt Phil's hand on her knee as the lights flicked off but she
reasoned that the TV producer could hardly try anything with his wife
sitting right there. Someone handed her a drink and she accepted it
gratefully, despite the fact that she knew perfectly well that she had
already had more than enough to drink this evening. Both Kelly and Phil
seemed to be sitting unnecessarily close to her, but she decided to
ignore the two of them and forget her troubles by watching the porno-

The title of James' tape was 'The Mechanical Man,' and the first scene
showed a white haired, evil looking scientist working in his
laboratory. Next to him on a table, the form of a woman's body was
clearly visible under a white cloth. At first, Lynn thought that the
girl was intended to be dead, which struck her as rather morbid, but
when the mad scientist slowly and tantalizingly removed the cloth, the
viewers saw that the girl was still quite alive. Naked and bound hand
and foot, she was cruelly spread-eagled on the cloth covered surface,
with stout cords securing her wrists and ankles to the four corners of
the table.

"Please, doctor," came the voice on the sound track. "Please, I'll do
anything ..."

"Silence!" retorted the white coated sadist, grinning at her with the
expression of a madman, a heavy Germanic accent in his voice. "You
should be proud to sacrifice your body for science, My girl!"

Clearly in despair, the petite young woman pulled frantically at the
cords holding her to the table, the tension in her nakedly bound body
causing her small, widely-spaced breasts to flutter on her chest as she
struggled uselessly for her freedom. Clearly visible under the
penetrating eye of the camera was the sparse turf of pubic hair between
her finely tapered legs, and the cameraman took the opportunity to zoom
in on this helpless target, giving the crowd a close-up view of the
girl's narrow hair-lined slit and the tiny rounded button of her

Lynn glanced at her neighbors, feeling a burst of sympathy for the
actress who had been selected for this degrading role, wondering if she
too had been tricked and deceived into participation in this foul and
degenerate video-tape.

"Pretty wild stuff, eh?" inquired Phil lecherously, returning Lynn's
glance. "That actress hasn't got half the equipment you do, baby. Look
at those tiny tits of hers!"

"Practically a boy," agreed Kelly, turning to join in this sordid
conversation. "Nothing like these big beauties here!"

At first, Lynn thought Kelly was referring to her own voluptuous bosom,
but the older woman unexpectedly reached out and cupped both of Lynn's
full, partially revealed breasts in her hands, giving them a squeeze as
she did so.

"Oh, don't touch me!" whispered the young wife in alarm. She was
getting accustomed to the idea that every man who came near her could
touch virtually anything he wanted, but having women take the same
liberties with her sensually aroused body seemed just a little too much
to accept.

"Don't be silly, Lynn," Phil corrected her gently. "A gal with your
looks should be happy to be admired, particularly by other women. Now
just lean forward a minute ..."

Confused, the young woman did as she was told, not quite understanding
what the producer had in mind. She soon found out, for as she leaned
obediently forward, her eyes still following the action on the screen,
Agard reached deftly behind her and pulled down the zipper on her
dress, freeing her firmly ripened breasts from their confinement.

"Why did you do that?" the girl whispered, not wanting to attract
attention from the others in the room. After all that she had been
through, the thought of baring her naked breasts in a crowded room did
not dismay her as much as it might have previously, but she feared--
correctly, it turned out--that this was only the prelude to something
really depraved.

"Because I felt like seeing you, lovely," responded Agard with his
usual suave manner. "Anything wrong with that? Besides, you're so hot,
I figured you could use some fresh air. Don't you agree, Kelly?"

"Certainly do," replied his wife, shifting around in her seat so that
she could survey their captive and the screen at the same time. As the
top of Lynn's dress fell forward into her lap, Kelly's hands returned
to the attack, and the young wife felt feminine hands massaging her
turgid little nipples, tweaking and tempting them into real tense
hardness. "Hmmmmmmm, if I were a man, baby, I could go for you," Kelly
assured her crudely.

"Don't please don't Kelly!" gasped the suddenly alarmed young girl,
wondering how many more surprises she would have to endure before the
evening was over. "You aren't a ... a Lesbian, are you?"

Apparently not wanting to draw any attention to themselves, the Agard's
kept their laughter down to a discreet chuckle, but there was no
question that they found her naive question amusing.

"Kelly likes flesh, baby," Phil informed her with an evil sneer. "Nice,
warm flesh, and it doesn't make too much difference who it belongs to.
Isn't that right, honey?"

"Hmmmmmmmmm, I'm not going to admit anything, you dirty old man," Kelly
Agard retorted saucily, her fingers still lewdly exploring Lynn's
ripely quivering breasts, tweaking and pinching the sensitively erect
nipples. "Hey, look at what's happening on the screen!"

Lynn was toying with the idea of resisting the older woman's depraved
advances, but she realized with despair that no matter what she tried
to do, the Agard family would always somehow manage to be one step
ahead of her. So she resigned herself to the inevitable and leaned back
against the couch to follow Kelly's suggestion and watch the film. She
was so thoroughly aroused by now that a pair of hands stroking her
tingling rigid little nipples felt good, and maybe Phil was right about
it not making much difference whether the hands were male or female.

On the screen before them, in the meanwhile, the scene was becoming
more torrid and degenerate by the moment. The mad scientist had now
swung a large and complicated piece of machinery onto the table between
the girl's widely-stretched legs, and he was busily attaching wires and
tightening bolts for his experiment, whatever it might be. His nakedly
terrified young victim was giving a very convincing demonstration of
being frightened half out of her mind, and Lynn found herself pitying
the young porno-actress for the unknown torments she was about to

"Goddamn, this is turning me on!" exclaimed Phil, his eyes glued to the
screen as he moved closer to Lynn, his right hand crossing over in
front of him to stroke the downy skin of her naked belly. The young
wife drew her breath in sharply as she found herself being caressed
lecherously by two different people simultaneously. Where is the bottom
of the pit? she wondered in a state of drunken confusion. Is there
anything they can't force me to do? Why am I so weak and helpless?

But there were no answers to these unspoken questions and Lynn observed
that neither Phil nor his wife were paying much attention to her, at
least with their eyes, both of them exciting themselves by watching the
video-screen in front of them.

A sigh of amazement ran through the audience as they saw the mad
scientist open a large narrow box and remove a large, perfectly formed
rubber penis. The object was slightly larger than life-size, and the
actress's eyes widened with sudden horror as she realized precisely
what this infernal machine was designed to do. She twisted and thrashed
around wildly on the hard unyielding surface of the table, but the
professor ignored her completely, giving all his attention to the task
of attaching this long phallic weapon to a shaft which protruded
menacingly from the mechanism itself.

The mechanical work done, the mad scientist turned again to his
futilely struggling victim, running his lecherous hands over the ripely
available contours of her youthfully firm body, apparently taking
particular obscene delight in prodding and poking at the defenselessly
quivering crevice of her vagina.

"Too dry," he muttered, frowning with displeasure over the fact that
the girl's nakedly resisting body was not cooperating in this nefarious
experiment. But he quickly remedied the situation, producing a tube of
special lubricating ointment which he squeezed into her tight little
cunt, causing the actress to gasp as the cold slippery grease invaded
the fleshy tissues of her vulnerable pink pussy. As an afterthought,
the Germanic professor tightened the cords holding the girl's legs to
the side of the bed, pulling her ankles farther and farther apart, so
that the walls of her narrow, tightly-clasped cunt were pulled far
apart, popping open suddenly to reveal the gaping little opening of her
grease smeared vagina. Then, wiping his hands thoughtlessly on his
white laboratory coat, the mad scientist began to angle his machine
into position, ignoring the babble of protests which erupted from the
molested girl's lips. He forced the huge rubbery point of his thick
artificial cock between the trembling, vainly resisting lips of her
tormented young cunt. The girl tried to wiggle away from this depraved
aggression, but the scientist had already slipped the tapered point of
the rubber penis inside of her, and the massive instrument was
sufficiently flexible to bend whenever her hips jerked this way or
that, and she could not tear herself loose of it.

"Elton told me that the girl was making her debut with this film,"
Agard confided to the two women by his side. "So you see, Lynn, acting
experience isn't all that important."

"And after the film was over?" questioned the young wife, her voice
ragged a little by lust and liquor, thinking that the young actress
must surely have been driven insane by this horrible experience.

"Well ... she went back to work and made another film, naturally,"
explained Agard, not quite understanding her question.

As they conversed, the television producer fumbled with the zipper on
Lynn's flimsy dress, pushing the thin fabric farther and farther down
around her hips until the top of her moist, hair-covered pubic triangle
was visible.

"Please ... please," begged Lynn, her mind whirling with confusion.
"Don't strip me in front of all these people ... they'll think I'm a

"You are a whore, my dear," smiled Kelly. "And if you could only get
that fact into your thick head, you could relax and enjoy life a little

"But ..." she began to whimper, but Agard cut her off.

"And you won't be the only whore in the room who's getting rid of her
clothing. Look around you."

As usual, Agard was correct. In the row ahead of them, one of Phil's
female guests had been stripped absolutely naked by the men sitting on
either side of her, and most of the women in the room were being
fondled by one or more males. Sexual excitement was virtually radiating
off the screen and infecting the entire audience with lust. This was
the beginning of an orgy, and there was no question about it!

"You see the value of these tapes?" explained Agard easily, pushing his
outstretched middle finger steadily into the brown clump of pubic hair
and searching for the tiny pink point of her clitoris. "You can't just
call all of your friends and schedule an orgy, even if you're the type
who likes a little action on Saturday night. But get the right sort of
people together, and slip one of these films into the video-tape
recorder attached to your television set and snap! Instant orgy!"

"Ohhhhhhh!" groaned the lust-stricken young wife as Agard's fingers
found what they were looking for, and invaded the already-lubricated
hole of her hotly throbbing pussy.

"My, my, it seems that we are all ready down here," Agard commented
mockingly as he felt the orgiastic fluid oozing slowly from the over-
stimulated girl's wildly excited cunt. "Lift up your sweet little
behind, dearie, and let's get rid of this ridiculous dress."

"Oh, please," Lynn begged desperately, but the girl was now thoroughly
in the habit of obeying this man whenever he gave an order, and the
thought of rebelling never entered her head. She lifted her smoothly
rounded buttocks off the couch, and the Agard couple tugged from both
sides, drawing the dress and her panties down off her hips and over her
smooth creamy thighs onto the floor. She was naked, and Kelly Agard got
to her knees over the trembling girl, opening her blouse to bare her
own heavily dangling breasts.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm," the older woman crooned, running her hands lightly over
Lynn's naked, lushly quivering body.

"Oh, don't, Kelly, please," the young wife mumbled, the alcohol in her
system causing her to slur her words slightly. "Don't degrade me any
more! I can't stand any more humiliation! Don't make an animal out of

"Oh, but that's precisely what we're going to do to you," responded
Phil Agard cruelly. "We're going to break you down to the bare
essentials, baby, and you're going to love every minute of it. Just
like that little chick up on the screen there!"

Lynn's dazed eyes followed the man's gaze and watched: the sex machine
was in motion now, and the unrelenting drive shaft was forcing the
artificial rubber penis inexorably into the girl's defenselessly open
cunt. The machine was obviously still running in low gear, moving
gently back and forth with just the broad meaty tip of the cock
actually inside her tense, fear-ridden pussy. It was clear to the
viewers that the actress was a little surprised by this tenderness,
obviously having expected that the fucking machine would fly into her
like a runaway engine, tearing her to pieces in the process.

The actor playing the part of the sexually deranged scientist was not a
patient man, however, and he smiled sadistically as he pulled a switch
on the side of the machine. The engine sputtered and the depraved
mechanism moved forward, forcing the massive rubber penis a few inches
farther into the grease-gleaming lips of her wide-split vagina.
Sounding somewhat artificial as it filtered through the speaker system,
the girl's scream echoed around the room. Lynn's face grew pale at the

"Is that really hurting her?" she quavered, wondering if Agard was evil
enough to subject her to such a thing and fearing in the back of her
head that he was.

'Probably," came the cruel laconic reply. "It's hard to get the proper
effect otherwise. But she recovered and came back for more. And so will

Lynn shuddered and closed her eyes, wishing she could find some way to
relieve the burning tormenting sensation that all of this lewd and
unnatural stimulation was causing in her loins. What made all of this
worse was the realization that her troubles were caused by her own
personal weakness. If she had an ounce of moral strength left in her
body, she would scoop her dress up off the floor, spit in Agard's face
and walk out of this room. But she was not going anywhere, and she knew
it. In choosing her to play the part of a slave in her first picture,
Agard had been cleverer than he knew, since a slave was precisely what
she had become: a slave to her own wild unquenchable lust!

And the Agard's were doing their level best to make sure that she
stayed in this deplorable condition. Kelly had torn her blouse off
completely and was towering over her, bare-breasted, like an eagle
preparing to swoop down upon its prey. Her husband had apparently
decided that Lynn was more interesting than the video-tape they were
supposed to be watching, and had buried his head between the young
girl's tightly clasped thighs, insanely trying to get his lips up
against the moistly palpitating flanges of her pussy. Between the two
of them, Kelly and Phil had managed to maneuver her nakedly voluptuous
body around so that she was virtually stretched out on their knees, and
the horrified blonde haired wife found that her sensitive, lush young
breasts were being noisily sucked by the other woman.

"Oooooooooh!" she groaned helplessly, making a half-hearted and
unsuccessful attempt to push her away.

Kelly reacted by biting one of her nipples, sinking her sharp white
teeth into the softly yielding flesh around the nipple until Ellen
groaned for mercy. As she squirmed in pain, Lynn unknowingly gave Phil
the opportunity he had been waiting for by spreading her legs. With a
quick, well-timed movement, the TV producer lurched forward, his hot
wet mouth coming into direct contact with the girl's moistly cringing

Lynn gasped in dismay and protest, but an electrifying shock was
already racing through her nakedly ravaged body as the man's long
snake-like tongue began circling the throbbing tiny head of her
clitoris. She groaned, but even as she heard the sound she was making
she knew it was a groan of pleasure and not of pain. By turning her
head slightly, she found she could still see past Kelly who was happily
licking her breasts one by one as if they were a succulent pair of ice
cream cones--to where Phil was hunched on all fours between her
widespread legs, grinning like the devil himself. The moist pink flesh
of her nakedly vulnerable vagina was exposed and helpless, available to
this depraved sex maniac for any foul abuse he chose to heap upon it.

"Mmmmmmmm," murmured Kelly delightedly, lifting her lips momentarily
from Lynn's warm, glistening breasts. "Am I getting in your way, lover?
Are you going to fuck her, or what?"

"After awhile," responded Agard calmly, the orgiastic fluids dripping
obscenely from his lips as he spoke. "First I want to hear her scream
for it. You having a good time?"

"Yeah, but I'm getting heated up," his wife answered crudely. "And this
broad isn't gonna be able to give momma what she needs when she wants a
little genuine loving. Just see that you take care of your family
obligations, hubby, or I'll be forced to look elsewhere for my

"Don't worry about a thing," laughed Phil evilly, dropping his lips
again to Lynn's heatedly throbbing vagina. "Daddy's always got a little
left over."

Lynn listened to this incredible conversation with shock and horror.
Even in her drunken condition, she realized that these were not two
normal people. They were sadists, professional vultures who preyed upon
the innocence and guilelessness they found around them the way vampires
were supposed to suck the blood from their victims.

But she had no time to think about her situation, since both of the
Agards went immediately back to work as soon as their lurid
conversation was finished. Placing his palms flat against the tender
inside flesh of her creamy white thighs, Phil slyly inserted both of
his thumbs directly into the softly moist flanges of her palpitating
young cunt. Then, moving slowly and torturously, he spread the ragged
pink edges of her vagina apart, exposing to his lecherous eyes the
secret recesses of her voluptuously ripened body.

Lynn jerked, a moan of shame and humiliation forced to her lips, but in
truth, the thought of trying to escape from this defilement hardly
crossed her mind. She was too far into this now to back out and her
restlessly tormented body was practically screaming for satisfaction.
She had to have sexual release or she felt she would die!

Kelly continued to suck methodically on her ripely swollen nipples,
sending little currents of forbidden pleasure into the girl's shoulders
and arms, and Lynn lifted her head off the couch and stared down at her
own nakedly writhing body in disbelief. She could not quite bring
herself to believe that this was actually happening to her. It was all
too bizarre!

Lashing her head back and forth, the sex-frenzied young wife caught
sight again of the video-tape which was still being projected onto the
wide screen for the benefit of the other quests, some of whom were
still watching, while others had abandoned the film in favor of more
active pursuits.

"No, no, I can't take any more!" the porno-actress on the screen was
groaning as the long mechanical cock thrust in and out between her
frantically quivering legs, burying itself almost to the hilt as it
ruthlessly rammed in and out of her tortured young vagina. The mad
scientist was beside himself with lewd joy, hovering menacingly over
her while he stroked the rest of her nakedly sleek body with feverish
passion. The machine was now in high gear, pummelling the poor, spread-
eagled victim without mercy.

The telecamera zoomed in for a close-up of the action. The sound track
was picking up clearly the obscene sucking sound made by this:
artificial penis as it slammed relentlessly into the girl's wetly
clasping pussy. Despite all that was happening to her, Lynn found it
impossible to drag her eyes off the screen, her pupils widening as she
watched the pink fragile skin of the girl's tight little vagina being
drawn out with every back-stroke of the huge rubber penis, clinging to
the sides of the glistening instrument as if it were reluctant to let
go. Then, seconds later, the cycle would be reversed and with another
metallic grunt, the fiendish mechanism would gear into the forestroke,
plunging once again deep into the young woman's belly.

It was obvious to everyone that the battered porno-movie actress on the
screen had resisted as long as was humanly possible; it was also
perfectly obvious that her resistance was now effectively at an end.
Already her lithe high-breasted torso was beginning to wantonly writhe
and undulate in time with the strokes of the machine, and the
soundtrack was filled with obscenities as she started shrieking all the
vile obscene words in her very considerable vocabulary.

"Oh fuck! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it harder," she was groaning like a
creature possessed.

Lynn was trying desperately to ignore the shooting sensations which
were searing through her own shamelessly aroused body, and she fairly
glued her eyes to the screen, irrationally hoping that somehow watching
this salacious spectacle would help her to hang on to her own faltering
sanity. She looked at the morally depraved porno-actress, wondering if
she herself in a few months would be entertaining a group of
degenerates in this fashion.

As she watched, the mad professor on the screen was becoming even
madder, stimulated beyond reason by the tortures he was inflicting upon
his helpless young victim. After turning the fucking machine on full
blast, he stood by the table facing the prying eye of the camera,
running his fingers lewdly over the girl's naked, wildly throbbing
little body, inserting his hands beneath her sweat-soaked buttocks and
teasing her tightly puckered anus ... Timing his movements to coincide
with those of the machine, he unexpectedly thrust forward, burying his
thick middle finger in the actress's cringing young rectum.

"Ohhhh!" came the grunt on the soundtrack, and the girl's eyes popped
open with fright as the madman rummaged around in the tender cavity of
her backside, the saliva dripping lewdly from his open mouth.

Oh Christ, that's the limit, thought Lynn in shock, suddenly grateful
that no one at least had ever stooped to that level of depravity with
her! At least the things which Phil had subjected her to were within
the realm of the normal. But this was sick! They had treated this young
actress like the lowest whore on the streets. And yet Agard had said
that she had recovered and gone back for more!

But the mad scientist was still far from satisfied. A general chuckle
rose from the audience as they watched the demented man use his one
free hand to unbuckle his pants. Then he yanked his pillaging fingers
free of her debased backside and began to crawl up over her on the
table, his fat throbbing cock dangling menacingly before him.

"Suck!" they heard him say, the vile word faithfully recorded by the
soundtrack and broadcast into the room.

The independent willpower of the savagely defiled porno-actress was now
totally gone, if it had ever really existed, and the girl simply opened
her mouth. The scene was well staged so that the audience would see the
spongy bluntness of his visibly throbbing cock sliding past the
softness of her red, waiting tongue.

But despite his madness, the scientist was shrewd. Promptly fucking
energetically into the soft warm, cavern of her mouth, he carefully
refrained from drawing himself all the way out, always leaving the tip
of his hotly swollen cock an inch or two inside her tight ovaled lips.
The actress closed her eyes in revulsion against this obscene attack,
but the audience kept theirs open, fascinated by this dual rape of a
helpless woman by man and machine.

The end was spectacular. After sawing in and out of her savagely for a
few moments, the professor began to jerk and convulse as if his old
bony body were undergoing a fit. The girl responded by licking and
sucking furiously on the short stubby shaft of his cock buried deeply
in her mouth, sucking voraciously as he and his machine pounded into
her ruthlessly from both ends. At the same time, it was obvious to
everyone who watched that the fucking machine was doing its assigned
job with ruthless efficiency, driving her closer and closer to the
brink of an orgasm too powerful to be denied.

The man's wildly pulsating cock suddenly burst, like a dam being
overcome by a spring flood, and the hot sticky semen poured into the
captive girl's mouth, spurting into her like a firehose while the girl
sucked and gurgled, obviously making a tremendous effort not to allow
the smallest drop of the lust-inciting fluid to escape from her wide-
stretched lips.

Tears of masochistic joy could be seen on her cheeks as he creamed
endlessly into her, and the young woman's body began to jerk and buck
involuntarily as her own orgiastic spasm began. The very helplessness
of her situation and the vile debasement to which she was being
subjected seemed to add fuel to the fire burning in her naked young
loins, and it was clear to the spectators that she would have flown
clear off the table at this point had not the leather straps been there
to restrain her.

The film was not yet over, and the mad scientist immediately withdrew
his wetly glistening cock from her abused, cum-filled mouth to prepare
a new series of tortures for this helpless victim. Anything after this
would certainly be an anti-climax, and Lynn closed her eyes, realizing
that having watched this lewd drama had only aroused her to a higher
level of excitement, and finding herself longing desperately to be
fucked by a man, any man!

"Hey Phil," complained Kelly, lifting her lips from Lynn's super-
hardened little nipples. "Everybody's fucking but us. Let's get with

She was right. In grotesque combinations of twos and threes, everyone
in the room was engaged in some form of sexual activity and out of the
corner of her eye, Lynn could see Rick and Lenny working over Elton
James' pretty young wife, while the director himself was occupied with
the black-haired woman who had been serving drinks.

"Yes please," panted Lynn pitifully, hating herself for what she was
saying but unable to hold herself back any more. "Please do it to me.
Come inside of me!"

"No, not like that, baby," mocked the television executive. "Forget the
girl scout language and ask for it like a big girl."

"Make love to me," Lynn sobbed, knowing that this was Agard's way of
taking her down another notch.

"You mean you want me to fuck you?" he questioned sadistically. "If
that's what you mean, why don't you say it?"

"Yes, fuck me, please fuck me," she babbled, her last remnants of
decency falling away like a sheet.

"Now wait a minute, hot-pants," interrupted Kelly vulgarly. "I'm just
as turned on as you are, and this gentleman happens to be my husband.
Wait until I've finished with him and maybe you can have the left-

Phil grinned and dived towards his wife, his broad shoulders knocking
the lust-stricken Lynn off the couch. She fell, neglected and alone,
onto the floor and curled up immediately into a ball, drawing her knees
up to her nakedly heaving breasts. They had used her, she told herself,
sobbing out her misery in the darkness. They had used her like a
plaything, a talking doll, and when they tired of her, they had cast
her aside like an old shoe!

They had broken her down to the point where she had screamed to be
fucked, and then denied her the satisfaction she craved for with all
her heart and soul. Never in her entire life had she hated anyone as
much as she hated Phil and Kelly Agard right now. She had to get even,
to revenge herself, to get back her destroyed honor and self-respect.

Chapter 5

Matt did not have that many evenings to spend peacefully at home these
days, and the cameraman was genuinely sorry to learn that Lynn had
scheduled a working meeting of her charity group which was expected to
last until late. Well, there was an evening full of good shows on the
television, he decided, so there was no reason to be bored. The
refrigerator was well stocked with ginger ale, and he decided to make
himself comfortable in the big easy chair by the fireplace and
pleasantly kill a few hours until his wife returned home from her night
of doing good.

After all, since it was he who had insisted that she become involved in
Church activities, he could hardly complain about the fact that she had
thrown herself wholeheartedly into doing good deeds for the poor and
underprivileged. Tonight, they were supposed to be knitting mittens for
Indonesian orphans and it occurred to the naive young husband that she
could just as easily knit mittens at home with him. But he wisely
decided not to interfere. Lynn had been acting so strangely recently!

For example, when he had gotten home from his trip to Saint Louis, he
had distinctly smelled liquor on her breath, and she had greeted him at
the door wearing a tight mini-dress which was really far from proper,
'shocking' would have been a better term! He had no sooner put down his
things and taken off his hat, when his sweet innocent young wife had
stripped off her already inadequate dress and hauled him into the
bedroom practically by force, clawing at his clothing as if she had
completely lost her mind and her sense of decency. As far as Matt was
concerned, love-making was a pleasant husbandly duty, one which he
liked to perform late at night with the lights out, just prior to
dropping off to sleep. He considered himself a good lover and a very
virile man, but the subject of sex did not occur to him very often. It
was just something you did, as far as the cameraman was concerned, but
nothing to get excited about.

Nevertheless, husbands have certain obligations, and inasmuch as she
seemed to want it in the worst way, he had allowed himself to be
wrestled into the bedroom and stood passively still while she stripped
off his suit (throwing it, he noticed, on the floor, which was hardly
the way to treat expensive clothing!). Then he climbed into bed beside
her, covering her face with soft husbandly kisses.

To his enormous surprise, she did not seem to want his gentle embraces,
and squirmed around so that she was upside down, attempting to put her
mouth directly on what Matt referred to as his 'genital organ'. This
was really too much! What had gotten into the girl? Firmly, he had
pulled her back into the proper 'missionary' position, feeling his
rapidly awakening penis come to life as he crawled on top of her,
penetrating her wetly ready vagina as usual.

But nothing seemed to satisfy her and Lynn had thrashed back and forth,
her long blonde hair whipping him in the face as he did his
conventional best to make love to her in the approved fashion.

"Harder, harder," she had pleaded with him, her face contorted into an
unrecognizable mask of lust. "Fuck me harder, Matt! Oh, I need it so
bad, darling. Fuck it harder."

Never in his entire life had the young cameraman heard such language
spoken by a well-brought up young married woman, and his erection
wilted a little from the sheer shock of hearing his own sweet wife's
voice use these obscene words. But the gyrations of her nakedly panting
body were too fierce to be resisted, and he quickly regained his
rigidness and treed to oblige, sliding in and out of her a little more
rapidly and kissing her under the ear, something he had heard that
women found hopelessly erotic. But even this bold move seemed to be

"Be rough with me," she had pleaded, her eyes glazed and unseeing.
"Hurt me if you want to!"

"But I don't want to," he had replied, perplexed at this strange
behavior, not having the remotest idea of how to go about hurting a
woman, even had he wanted to.

Then, unexpectedly, her body had gone slack and she had burst into a
torrent of tears. Matt had continued to glide gently in and out of her,
but they both saw that it was useless. Feeling as if he had somehow
failed, the young husband took his timid orgasm and carefully withdrew
from her lust-ridden form, deciding that he would probably never really
understand women.

Later, she had thrown an old robe around her shoulders without
bothering even to put on her underwear, and flung herself unhappily in
front of the fire, chain-smoking despite the fact that she knew
perfectly well it upset him to see her smoke. Matt had taken his usual
place in the easy chair in front of the fire and told her about the
high points of the pro game he had video-taped in Saint Louis, but even
this had failed to arouse any apparent interest in her. Imagine not
being interested in a pro game!

They ate a quiet dinner without much conversation, and then she bathed
and dressed to go to her charity meeting. While she was putting on her
dress, Matt noticed a series of scratches on her back and legs, and
considered asking her if she had fallen down the stairs, but given her
strange mood, he decided it would probably be better to say nothing.
She left without saying goodby.

* * *

It came to her in a blinding flash of brilliance as she signaled for a
taxi to take her to the studio. Agard was blackmailing her into doing
these sordid roles in his even-more sordid films, and she had falsely
assumed all along that there was nothing she could do about it. But
there was! She suddenly realized what had been obvious all along, that
she could blackmail him right back, in fact, blackmail her way right
out from under his iron domination. These films were certainly illegal,
in fact, criminal offenses and an anonymous telephone call to the local
chief of police would land Mr. and Mrs. Agard in trouble up to their
ears. She would do this one last film, only if he promised that there
would be no more in the future. After this, he had to leave her alone,
because it was obvious that she could not go on fooling her husband
forever. And Phil Agard was getting careless, scheduling a film at a
time when Matt was in town, and forcing her to invent that ridiculous
pathetic story about knitting mittens for the refugees.

Now, she had Phil where she wanted him, she was convinced! They would
have a little talk tonight before the shooting began and get matters
straightened out before the first scene. When tonight's work was over,
she would be a free woman, and she could go home and start picking up
the pieces of her shattered life.

That was a bad scene with Matt, she thought unhappily, recalling their
unfortunate attempt at love-making. I'm going to have to educate him a
little in the fine acts of keeping a woman satisfied. Maybe there are
some books down at the bookstore that I could leave lying around the

"This is it, Lady," announced the cabby, pulling up in front of WRT-TV
and turning on the lights. "Pardon me for asking, but you ain't an
actress, are you?"

"Why no," Lynn responded hurriedly. "Whatever made you think that?"

"I can't remember where, right now," confessed the cabdriver, "but it
seems to me I've seen you in a movie."

"Must have been someone who looks like me," snapped Lynn in irritation
handing the man his fare. "I've never been in a movie in my life!"

"I wonder where it was," the cabby persisted. "I could swear it was

But Lynn had slammed the door and was walking quickly towards the front
doors of WRT-TV, wanting to get well away from the man before he
remembered precisely where he had seen her: a pornographic video-tape.
This was another good reason to get away from Phil as soon as possible.
A couple more of these skin-flicks and everybody in town would be
recognizing her and all sorts of unpleasant complications could arise.

* * *

"Is everything ready?" Agard wanted to know.

"Will be by shooting time," confirmed Lenny. "The boys are working on
the set now and they'll be finished in a couple of minutes. I figure we
can start taping right after the midnight newscast. That okay with

"Sounds fine," answered the TV producer, leaning forward to light his
wife's cigarette. "You got your lines memorized lovely?"

"You know I do, baby," purred the tough brunette. "But I don't think
anybody's going to be looking at poor little me in this flick. Our
little friend Lynn should be the center of attraction."

"Speaking of Lynn, where is she?" Lenny wanted to know. "That dumb
blonde ought to be here by now."

"She'll be here," predicted Agard confidently. "She knows she's in too
deep to back out now. And besides that, we've done as neat a job of
corrupting that chick as I've ever seen. She's still trying to salvage
her conscience, poor little bitch, but she's gotten to the point where
she gets turned on only by the rough stuff. And with nobody but that
flatfooted husband of hers to turn to for satisfaction, I expect she's
all set and ready to go for our little experiment tonight."

"How much are you going to tell her about the scene we're gonna shoot?"
Lenny inquired, lighting a fresh cigar.

"Same as last time," instructed the producer. "Nothing, or at least
nothing true. I don't suppose we can use the story about everything
being simulated again, so Kelly here can just explain that there'll be
a simple fuck scene with Rick. I don't think that will upset her too

"Wait till she sees who her partner is going to be!" laughed Kelly in
cruel anticipation.

"Oh yeah, how is the big ape, anyway," Agard wanted to know.

"Freddy's fine," responded Kelly. "He's downstairs now looking at
things and walking around drooling as usual. Good thing he doesn't have
to remember any lines. I've never seen anyone so stupid in my life. I
don't think he really understands what's going on, but when we told him
he could fuck a beautiful girl, he made happy noises, so I guess
everything is going to be all right."

"Everything's got to be all right," said Agard sternly. "We've got a
lot of money riding on this flick."

* * *

Gene was a happy hippie. He had long dirty hair and sandals, and all
the marijuana he could smoke, and to top it all off, a job where he
could sit and listen to records all night and still get paid for it.
Gene, among other things, was the night watchman for WRT-TV, and his
sole responsibility was sitting in the control booth until the
announcer had finished giving the midnight news, and then flip the
switches which would close down the transmission system for the night.
Once an hour thereafter, Gene was supposed to walk around the studio
and check to make sure everything was quiet, and the rest of the time,
he could play rock and roll records on the studio's turn-table and
smoke marijuana, the two things he loved best in the world.

Recently, Mr. Agard had been working late in the shooting studio, and
Gene had been told to stay out, which further reduced his
responsibilities and gave him more time to indulge in his two favorite
pastimes. But Gene had a certain sense of duty, and he bravely
refrained from getting high on marijuana until after the news, fearful
that if he got too stoned, he might forget to flick the switch and let
the television studio transmit dead air all night long, a tremendous
waste of money.

Tonight, unfortunately, Gene was feeling somewhat more reckless.
Impatiently he slumped in his chair, watching the pro game from Saint
Louis which was boring him stiff. Suddenly it occurred to him that he
might like football a little better if he tried watching it stoned, and
before his scruples could intervene, Gene had a marijuana cigarette
dangling between his lips.

Ah, look at those funny little men chase that funny looking ball
around, he thought, feeling his mind slip comfortably out of gear. This
is going to be a terrific night!

* * *

"Well, I can't make any promises, and I assure you that I don't like
being threatened and blackmailed like this," complained Agard with a
hurt tone of voice. "After all, there was a time when we meant
something to one another, Lynn."

Lynn was surprised to find that there was no sensation of triumph
inside of her, despite the fact that she had expected to feel relieved
and happy at finally having had the courage to stand up to this man and
lay her cards upon the table.

"Well, what do you think you've been doing to me all along," she
counter-attacked. "If threatening to tell Matt wasn't blackmail, what

"Oh, surely you never took me seriously, sweetheart," Agard purred,
making an effort to turn on the charm. "You know that your happiness is
very important to me! It's just that I think you might be just what the
doctor ordered. Come on, honey, fess up. Is Matt any good in bed?"

"How dare you ask that question?" she snapped back at him, feeling
tears come into her eyes.

"That's all the answer I needed," Phil nodded. "A fine fellow, Matt,
but short on imagination ... I would say. You need more than one man to
keep you happy, lovely, believe me. I understand girls like you."

"Oh, I hate you!" she hurled at him, somehow feeling that this double
talking monster was once more getting the upper hand.

"Now you don't mean that, Phil, kissed her chastely on the forehead.
"Come on now, love, get into your costume. We've got a nice gentle love
scene with Rick arranged and when you see how lovely you look on tape,
you'll want to sign a life-time contract with us."

"Just remember what I said, Phil Agard," she sobbed as he gently
maneuvered her into her dressing room. "If you don't let me go after
this picture, I'm going to call the police!"

"Sure, sure, honey," he calmed her. "Don't worry about a thing."

Closing the door behind her, a frown immediately creased the producer's
features, and he hurried down onto the set, his eyes busily sweeping
the room to make sure everything was in order. The scene they intended
to shoot involved a torture chamber and the studio's technicians had
assembled a terrifying collection of whips, ropes, chains and other
implements of torment. In the center of the set stood the largest man
any of them had ever seen, gazing stupidly at the cameras and lights
with an idiotic, bewildered expression on his face.

"How are you doing, Freddy?" asked Agard, craning his neck to look up
at the monster.

"Uh, okay Mister Agard," drawled the mentally deficient youth slowly,
turning his massive frame around to face the man who had promised him
money for the privilege of being able to make love to a beautiful young
girl. Freddy liked girls, but in his twenty years of existence, he had
never succeeded in getting even close to one, much less into bed. Built
like a gorilla and not bright enough to hold down a steady job, the
poor unfortunate had been digging ditches outside the studio when the
TV producer had made this stunning offer.

"Good, now I must explain something to you, Freddy," said Phil
carefully, speaking slowly to allow his words to penetrate the idiot's
thick skull. "You know Kelly, the nice lady who always talks to you?"

"Yeah!" affirmed the giant stupidly. "Freddy fuck Kelly?"

"No!" corrected Agard hurriedly, wanting to be absolutely sure he got
everything straight.

"No, Freddy fuck girl named Lynn, but Freddy must obey Kelly. Lynn will
pretend to be afraid, Freddy and she will tell you to stop and go away.
But you must not listen to her. Listen to Kelly. Kelly is the boss.

Freddy shook his head slowly, and Agard ran his fingers through his
hair in desperation. A few years back the doctors had done an operation
on Freddy's brain to render him completely docile and unaggressive,
accurately guessing that someone with his massive strength and low
level of intelligence could be a potential menace to society. After the
operation, Freddy had become extremely gentle and lacked any capacity
whatsoever for anger or violence. Agard realized that if Lynn began
screaming for help, the big but sensitive jerk might become frightened
and stop, which was precisely what they had to avoid. He decided to
make one more stab at explaining.

"Freddy, listen to Phil," he tried again. "We are going to play a joke
on our friend. Lynn really likes to be fucked by big boys like you, in
fact she told me so just a few minutes ago."

"Lynn like Freddy?" the giant asked in surprise.

"Lynn really likes Freddy," confirmed Phil evilly, "but Lynn will
pretend she doesn't like Freddy. Kelly will tell you what to do and you
must do it, even if Lynn says no, because Lynn won't really mean it!"
This speech did not make a great deal of sense even to Agard himself,
but it seemed to satisfy the gorilla who nodded happily.

"Okay now Freddy, you take your clothes and stand over there," Phil

"Freddy take off clothes?" questioned the imbecile, who had received
many a lecture on this subject at the home for mentally deficient
children where he had been raised. They had always told him to keep his
clothing on in public.

"It's part of the joke, Freddy," urged Agard convincingly. "It won't be
funny if you don't take off your clothes."

Freddy nodded dubiously and began removing his pants, clumsily
attempting to balance on one leg. In the end he had to sit down on the
floor to deal with the complicated problems of his shoe laces, and
Agard shook his head in amazement.

"Ready to go?" called Lenny, already perched behind a camera.

"I'm set," chimed in Kelly, emerging from her dressing room. The older
actress was dressed in a bizarre costume featuring riding boots and
tight, form-fitting pants, topped by a man's shirt, tie, and coat, all
tailored to emphasize her voluptuous figure, but conveying the
impression of a woman who enjoyed cruelty and perversions, with just a
hint of Lesbianism thrown in for effect. In her hand, she carried a

"How do I look?"

"Great, but you're going to scare the shit out of the waitress when we
go for pizza later," commented her husband. "Where's Miss Lynn?"

"Here I am," responded the girl calmly, appearing at his elbow, dressed
in an attractive white robe which covered her from shoulder to ankle.
The young wife was under no illusions about being able to wear this
pleasant garment much longer, but for the moment, it gave her a warm
and comforting sensation of being protected.

"Who's that?" she asked in sudden alarm as she caught a glimpse of
Freddy, who had removed one shoe successfully and was now attacking the
other one with fierce concentration.

"Oh, just an extra," Phil reassured her hastily. "We thought it would
be amusing to have a naked giant in the background."

"Oh," mumbled Lynn, not totally convinced. "Well, what do I have to

"Okay, now we want your reactions spontaneous, as usual, so just walk
on to the set with Rick and follow his lead from there."

Lynn nodded and turned to link arms with Rick who appeared dressed in a
normal business suit. He looked particularly handsome, and the young
wife found herself becoming excited ahead of time at the prospects of
being able to make love to this sexy muscular man. They exchanged winks
and stepped off the set to await their cue.

Meanwhile two technicians assisted Freddy with his underwear, and when
he was naked, they marched him up to the wall of the set and chained
him to a large steel post which had erected for that purpose,
explaining at the same time that this was all part of the 'joke.'
Freddy smiled agreeably, happy to be liked and accepted by all these
nice people.

When the technicians stepped aside and Lynn was faintly able to see the
length and breath of the giant's body, she drew her breath in sharply.

"My God, look at him, Rick," she whispered. "Did you ever see anything
so huge in your life?"

The male actor knew what she was talking about; Freddy was big all
over, but the young girl was obviously referring to the giant's massive
great penis which was bigger in the relaxed state than the average
man's erection. The monstrous dangling object lolled between his legs
like an enormous sausage, but he showed no signs of arousal as of yet.

"Don't worry, they've got him chained up," Rick calmed her insincerely.

"Positions, everybody!" bellowed Lenny as the red lights on the
television cameras went on. Kelly started the action, pacing back and
forth impatiently, striking the palm of her hand with the short,
wicked-looking whip which she carried. A technician imitated the sound
of a fist knocking at a door, and Kelly looked up expectantly.

"Come in!" she ordered in a low throaty voice.

Lynn felt a pressure on her elbow and allowed Rick to lead her onto the

"Here is the young lady I spoke to you about," announced Rick, bowing
slightly as he delivered his lines. "I trust she will be adequate,

Kelly walked critically around Lynn, looking at her from all sides, and
then spoke sharply.

"Perhaps, but it is difficult to tell when she is completely draped in
cloth!" she snapped harshly. "Denude her!"

Lynn sighed as Rich expertly began to disrobe her lushly ripened body.
It had been nice while it lasted, she thought. But by this time, the
prospect of being naked in front of a group of people did not upset her
the way it had at first. In fact, she felt a warm sensuous feeling
start to build up in her loins and the thought that she would soon be
in Rick's arms appealed to her enormously. The male actor undid a
fastening at the back, and the long white garment collapsed on the
floor, leaving her perfectly naked. Kelly continued to study her
critically, nodding with approval as she touched Lynn's high-set
pendulous breasts with the tip of her whip.

"She will do. You approve, my son?" she called to the giant idiot who
was still chained to the wall. Freddy evidently approved, grinning from
ear to ear, and his cock jerked slightly as the sight of this perfectly
formed young beauty entered his thick sluggish brain.

"Do me the kindness of chaining her up before you leave," instructed
Kelly in an imperious tone of voice. "I shall need my energy later for
other activities."

This confused the young actress. Rick was not scheduled to leave was
he? And why should she be chained? But she could hardly interrupt the
scene to inquire about the plot, so she willingly followed the young
male porno-star to a mat on the floor. Attached to a ring in the floor,
was a long silver chain which was in turn connected to a dog collar.
After forcing her gently to her knees, Rick fastened the dog collar
around her neck.

"Thank you, my good man," Kelly dismissed him regally. "You will
receive my check in the mail, as usual."

Smiling and bowing, Rick left the set, deserting the startled Lynn who
was beginning to have severe second thoughts about this whole business.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the flick of Kelly's whip which sailed
through the air out of nowhere and caught her on the right buttock,
forcing a shrill yelp to her lips.

"What? I won't stand for that!" she screamed, deciding to end this
whole business once and for all. "Touch me once again with that thing
and I'm going to call the police!" Lynn realized she was wrecking their
video-tape, but she no longer cared. No one had said anything to her
about submitting to a whipping. A nice gentle love scene was what Phil
had promised.

"Call the police, will you?" responded Kelly viciously, still speaking
in the same throaty masculine voice. And before Lynn could dodge or
protect herself, the whip flashed through the air a second time,
catching the tortured girl cleanly across her white tender back.

"AAAaaagggggh!" Lynn screamed in agony, her mind in a jumble. This
whole business no longer made sense! Why were the cameras still turning
when she had made a direct reference to calling the police? Why wasn't
Phil up here trying to soothe her injured feelings and talk her out of

The whip fell again.

"STOP! Goddamn you!" she screamed. "Let me go! I didn't come here for
this. They said I would just have to make love ...!"

Inexorably, the whip descended another time, this time angling in from
the side to flick against the tip of Lynn's sensitive left breast,
bringing a groan of agony to her lips. The pain seemed to clear her
mind, and suddenly it all became perfectly obvious why they had not
stopped the cameras and why they had no intention of stopping them.
Everything she had said and done this far was perfectly in keeping with
the character she was unwittingly playing. She was a prostitute,
tempted in off the street to this torture chamber with the promise of
money. Naturally she would threaten to call the police. They had
tricked her again!

But the scene was going ahead rapidly, with or without her consent. The
whipping had stopped, momentarily, and Kelly was standing next to the
post to which Freddy was chained.

"Isn't she lovely, Freddy?" the older actress purred, her hand reaching
down to stroke the idiot's giant genital organ.

"Freddy fuck girl," came the monster's stupid reply. His eyes were
glowing with lust, and his face bore a happy smile, knowing that he was
taking part in this elaborate joke. He now remembered clearly what Phil
had said about obeying Kelly and not the girl.

"That's right, Freddy," murmured the actress in her ear. "But you must
do it exactly the way I tell you, or the girl will not be happy. Do you

"Freddy un'erstan'" grumbled the giant, straining at the chain which
held him back. With a quick practiced motion of her hand, Kelly reached
up behind him and unfastened the chain, freeing the giant from all
restraint. His monstrously thick cock swaying menacingly between his
legs, the imbecile hunkered across the floor, his beady eyes fastened
on Lynn's nakedly ripe young body.

"Now we're going to have a little fun, my friend," Kelly informed the
intimidated girl sadistically, reaching down to seize her by the hair,
and waving the whip threateningly over her. "My little boy likes girl's
like you, and as a good mother, I try to keep him amused. I'm sure you
don't mind."

"Don't you let him near me," spat Lynn from between gritted teeth, but
Kelly ignored her completely, turning her attention to Freddy who was
devouring the girl with his eyes, but not yet daring to touch her.

"You like her, Freddy--darling?" Kelly asked coyly, despite the fact
that it was obvious from the idiot's eyes that he was entranced.

"Freddy like!" affirmed the monster.

"You haven't seen the half of her yet, my darling," continued Kelly
cruelly. "Show him what you have to offer, love," she ordered Lynn, who
shot a hate-filled glance at her and did not move, keeping her knees
pinned tightly together and her hands crossed across her full, lushly
swelling breasts. The whip whistled through the air and slashed across
her back.

"Aaaaaaaggggggghhhhh!" Lynn reacted promptly.

"I told you to show Freddy what you have to offer him," ordered the
sadistic woman a second time. "Do I have to beat you to death? Your
situation is hopeless, any dear, and your only hope for salvation lies
in total submission!"

* * *

Oh wow, oh wow, Gene was grooving high and happy on the latest long
play by the Reckless Climax, the newest and hottest folk-rock-acid-
stoned-soul group from the Farout West Coast. Gene's mind was a
thousand miles in the blue as he finished his third marijuana cigarette
and his feet had not touched the ground since the announcer had
finished the newscast, wished everyone a pleasant evening, and gone
home to his wife. Gene could care less, and the happy hippy lounged
back in the padded chair, his mind bouncing from nonsense to nonsense
like a mouse in a cheese factory, forgetting about all the tiresome
boring things of this square, unhip, ungroovy universe, most
particularly, the switch which de-activated WRT-TV's transmission
equipment for the night.

This was to prove most unfortunate.

* * *

Matt stirred into life just as the newscast was ending and realized
that he had doted off to sleep, his half-finished glass of ginger-ale
in his hand. News did not interest him generally, and he was not sorry
to have missed the newscast, and started telling himself that he ought
to get up and turn off the set. WRT-TV had finished its series of
programs for the day and nothing more would be broadcast on this
channel until tomorrow morning when General George, hopefully almost
sober, would burst into the airwaves with stories and songs for the
little folks. But Matt was tired, and he decided to rest a minute
longer before getting up to turn off the set. This too was unfortunate.

* * *

"Please ... Lynn had started to say, but she saw the whip cutting
cruelly through the air again, and squirmed desperately in a futile
attempt to escape that dreadful sting.

"Agh!" she groaned as the whip found it's mark, raising a welt along
the length of her creamy smooth thigh.

"Open up, bitch!" Kelly was commanding, and the tormented young woman
realized that anything was better than the lash again. She timidly
spread her legs, sitting back and allowing the giant's dim-witted eyes
to focus on the tiny tight opening almost hidden by the sparse pelt of
softly curling pussy hair between her long tapered legs.

"Ummmmmmmmmmmm, look at that Freddy," Kelly prodded the stupid youth
evilly. 'Did you ever see anything like that before? Wait my son, I'll
show you something even more interesting." She raised the whip
threateningly. "Turn over, bitch. Show him everything."

As Lynn saw the whip hover over her, fear took possession of her mind,
and she quickly obeyed, not understanding precisely what she was
supposed to show but flopping hastily over on her stomach anyway.

"Spread'em!" came the lewd command.

Anguish in her heart, Lynn slowly separated her trembling legs, and
instantly felt Kelly and the giant crouching down beside her,
menancingly leaning over her nakedly helpless body. Suddenly a woman's
hand invaded the delicate flesh surrounding her vagina.

"See, isn't this nice down here, Freddy? UMMMMMMH, how big your cock is
getting, my fine, handsome son. Lynn would be so happy to have you make
love to her, Freddy, only she's too shy to ask you for it. Just go
ahead and fuck her, Freddy. She really likes you."

"Freddy fuck girl?" grumbled the monster dubiously, not quite able to
convince his sluggish brain that happiness like this was possible for
someone like him. Kelly guided him into position, her fingers were
wandering lewdly and the chained young wife shivered with terror as she
felt the older woman separating the fearfully trembling cheeks of her
buttocks. A soft finger swept over her tightly puckered little anus.

"Do you know how to do it, Freddy?" whispered the actress lustily, her
hand kneading and twisting Lynn's soft, smoothly rounded buttocks
without mercy. "Do you know where to put it, that big beautiful hard
thing you have?"

No, no, no! Lynn was screaming inside of her head, her hands uselessly
clawing at the dog collar in a first futile attempt to break away from
her torturers.

"Of course you do," Kelly continued, in the same sugary voice. "You put
it right here, in this little round hole. Lynn will really like that,
Freddy. You'll make her so happy."

The young wife froze with sudden fear. Kelly was not touching her open
empty vagina as she spoke, her fingers were lecherously caressing the
tight rubbery ring of her anus.

"Noooooooooo! not there. Noooooo!" she screamed, but Freddy had been
told to listen to Kelly and do whatever he was told, and the young man
obeyed instructions to the letter, too ignorant to dream of trying to
think for himself. Lynn felt Kelly's hands move quickly away, replaced
almost immediately by the giant's wetly slavering lips as Freddy thrust
his face into the crevice separating her frantically cringing buttocks.
The monster had lost control, and he was biting and licking wildly, his
massive hands pinning her to the floor and his fingers inching their
way into the warm moistness of her hotly quivering vagina.

The pain was getting fierce and Lynn knew, this time with certainty,
that she had found the bottom of the barrel at last. Freddy was moving
in steadily, forcing her knees apart as he opened her up with
unconscious roughness, his finger now prodding and poling at the tiny
brown hole, causing the nakedly kneeling wife to jerk forward
spasmodically each time with the unexpected pain.

"Open up to him," warned Kelly her voice steady and menacing. "Open or
we use that whip again."

It made little difference in fact whether Lynn cooperated or not, since
Freddy by this point was taking matters into his own hands. One huge
finger had already penetrated the fragile elastic ring and he was
working it around methodically inside the moistly heated depths of her
rectum. She groaned pathetically and lowered her face to the floor,
trying desperately to relax her stunned body in order to minimize the
pain when he came pounding into her. Lynn had never in her life even
heard of such a thing, and she could hardly make herself believe that
this sordid sodomy was actually happening to her, Lynn Langley, the
blonde housewife married to a TV cameraman. But if she had any doubts
about the reality of her situation, they were soon washed away. Freddy
added a second finger to the first and began thrusting the two in and
out of her tightly-clasped anal passage with even greater vigor, and
Lynn was forced to jerk her naked young buttocks back and forth in a
futile attempt to escape the pain.

"Come on, my handsome son," urged Kelly obscenely. "Can't you see she's
ready to go?"

The giant grunted in agreement and jerked his fingers abruptly from the
tortured anal crevice and grasped his own massively throbbing
instrument, now fully aroused. Gleefully he moved forward. He was going
to make Lynn happy and he was proud of his fine big cock, the biggest
one--they had told him--that anyone at the studio had ever seen. He
would be able to make her happy with this, they had assured him, and
Freddy believed that it was true.

Her position was not right, he sensed, and so the muscular giant easily
hoisted her up on her hands and knees, simultaneously pressing forward
into her tormented backside with his broad, lust-swollen cock,
instinctively feeling for the opening.

Given his total lack of experience, it was amazing that he found it as
quickly as he did. The tight sphincter muscles offered all the
resistance within their feeble power, but the contest was clearly
unequal. With the clumsiness which comes with unnaturally great
strength, he pushed forward, harder and harder, until he felt the tight
elastic ring of her anus beginning to cave inward. A broad contented
smile crossed his face as the dim-witted monster realized that he was
about to have the first sexual experience of his tragic life, and he
shoved all the harder for joy, ignoring her agonized screams for mercy
as he did.

* * *

It was the screaming which awoke Matt, finally, and he sat bolt upright
in his chair, thinking at first that it was much earlier in the evening
than it really was, and WRT-TV was featuring a Western or a murder
movie. He rubbed his eyes in confusion and focused unsteadily on the
screen. What was this? He slid off his chair in alarm and crouched on
his haunches in front of the TV set. No it couldn't be! This was a
nightmare! Unless his eyes were deceiving him, he was watching a frail-
bodied young blonde woman being sodomized by a giant! But this was no
nightmare, he was wide awake, and he was really seeing what he was

The television cameraman was stunned for a moment, unable to think of
any possible explanation for this incredible phenomenon. He checked the
channel setting and discovered that the set was still tuned to WRT-TV.
He checked his watch and realized that his station should have been off
the air a half-hour ago. The only explanation was that some depraved
television employee was broadcasting this filth on WRT-TV's airwaves,
for some incomprehensible motive. For the good name of the station he
had to do something fast, before someone saw this monstrous business
and called the police. Matt jumped for the phone to call Phil Agard's

* * *

The spasm of pain was unbearable, and the nakedly chained young wife
twisted and screamed, bellowing so loudly that the technicians, smiling
lewdly at one another, turned down the sound to protect the ears of
their future viewers. Lynn's frantically quivering buttocks seemed to
be on fire, and she wiggled and squirmed like a creature possessed, not
capable of rational thought and driven only by an overwhelming need to
free her poor fragmented anus from the tree trunk which had suddenly
been rammed up inside of it. She bucked back at him with all the
strength on her nakedly straining body, but her frail muscles were no
match for the three hundred pound giant of a man who had thrown himself
on top of her.

"Aaaaaaggggghhhhh, Oh God!" she beseeched, feeling as if this dreadful
impalement had reduced her to something less than human.

Freddy skewered himself forward another time, drops of saliva drooling
from his open mouth and onto her white naked back as he instinctively
established a rhythm and began fucking steadily in and out of her
heatedly clenched rectum with steady regular strokes. Lynn felt that
the battle was over, and her strength disappeared suddenly. She
collapsed forward on her belly, her ripely dangling breasts cushioning
her against the hardness of the floor.

"Like it, Lynn--baby?" whispered Kelly lecherously, wanting to deepen
the young woman's torment.

The girl's response was a heart-felt groan as her pain wracked body was
jerked involuntarily back and forth by the violence of the giant's
sodomizing thrusts. The pain had not gone away by any means, but it was
more manageable now and Lynn found her mind clearing somewhat. She had
to survive, if only to have her revenge on the Agard's for what they
had subjected her to. She had to live long enough to see them both in
jail. Her life was finished, though! After this, she could never look
another decent person in the face again. Now she was running on hate

She began to fight back, somehow! She had to show them how much she
hated and despised them and in a sudden burst of rage, she slammed her
much-abused white buttocks back against the giant who was savagely
molesting her. She thrust back again and again, trying to tear his
great beating cock right out of his groin if she could!

* * *

No one answered at the Agard household, and Matt decided that Phil and
Kelly had probably gone out for a night on the town. Involuntarily, his
eyes crept back to the grossly degenerate scene on his television tube.
Incredible, he told himself, his mind searching unsuccessfully for a
set of circumstances which would explain this strange phenomenon. He
moved closer to the screen, a tiny bit aroused by the unfamiliar sight
of a woman being anally raped ... wait a minute, that gal isn't being
raped, he decided. At first it had seemed as if she were being taken
against her will, and those screams had certainly sounded realistic
enough, but now it looked much more as if she were cooperating fully in
this degenerate sodomistic adventure.

Her lush young breasts were shaking back and forth excitingly as she
surged to and fro, and the girl's hips were now slamming back
energetically into the giant's massive groin. Matt had little
experience with this sort of thing, but all the evidence told him this
was not a rape. Wait, the camera was moving in for a close-up, and Matt
stepped nearer to the set, hoping for a clue as to what was going on.

"Hmmmmmmmmm," he said aloud in the empty room. "Pity you can't see her
face because that is a very attractive woman there. Looks vaguely
familiar somehow. Ah, she's turning her head ..."

The world suddenly fell in on the young cameraman and his knees
unexpectedly went weak, forcing him to sit down hard. It was Lynn, her
lips drawn back up over her ivory teeth and her face contorted into a
mask of what was actually pain, but which Matt interpreted as passion.

A cold sweat broke out on the young man's face and for a moment he was
seriously afraid he was going to faint. It couldn't be!

It was! The camera panned in directly on her clean-cut attractive
features, leaving no doubt about her identity. It was his wife being
fouly violated on television for everyone in town to see.

Suddenly a great many things began to fall in place in the man's head.
Agard's strange enthusiasm for sending him away on constant field
trips; Lynn's unusual behavior, her unexpected interest in knitting
mittens for refugees until late at night; there were a great many
questions still left unanswered, but the main outlines of the situation
were clear. His wife had become something worse than a whore. Matt
Langley knew his duty.

A great many questions, thought the young sports enthusiast as he
pulled his battered suitcase down off the closet shelf, but I don't
really want to know anymore answers.

"Ugggggh!" grunted Freddy as he felt the powerful internal muscles of
her sphincter close around his wetly pistoning penis. He grunted again
and found that the increased pressure was doubling his pleasure and the
giant smiled to himself as he felt Lynn's voluptuous young body start
to come to life under him. At first he had feared that he was hurting
her, but now it seemed to his feeble brain that she was enjoying
herself, just as Kelly said she would.

The chained young wife's body undulated fiercely, her smoothly rounded
buttocks rotating in vicious little circles, and Freddy's massively
throbbing cock was tingling with a strange mysterious excitement which
he had never experienced before. With his huge muscular hands? he
spread the cheeks of her firmly working ass even farther apart, and his
eyes almost bulged from his head as he watched the glistening thickness
of his long rubbery cock as it glided smoothly in and out of the
tortured receptacle of her rectum. Mistaking the girl's frantic
writhing and moaning for intense passion, he increased the tempo of his
stroke, ploughing into her with a maniac's sexual fury and feeling the
beginnings of a wildly exciting sensation deep inside his own body.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhh Christ!" groaned the girl as she felt him jerk
convulsively inside of her? and realized that he was now about to fill
her helpless belly with his hot churning cum, and that there was
nothing in the world she could do to prevent it. She would have to take
it, kneeling submissively and chained to the floor in front of him like
the most humble slave in the world.

"Oh cum, Freddy, cum!" she encouraged him, wanting him to spew his vile
seed into her nakedly trembling body and get it over with, freeing her
from the bestial indignity which was being heaped upon her. Freddy
gurgled like an animal and dug his sharp fingernails into her sensitive
flesh, trying to force his mammothly swollen hardness even farther into
the girl's helpless young body, his great murderous cock throbbing for
an instant and then exploding like a damn.

Lynn thought it was going to go on forever as the huge youth spewed a
lifetime of accumulated lusts into the unnatural cavern of her anus,
the hot sticky cum overflowing and forcing its way out of the tight
nether ring to dribble shamefully down her legs, mixed with the
orgiastic juices from her own body.

Lynn tumbled forward on the mattress, completely spent and exhausted
and the big youth collapsed on top of her, gently caressing her hair
and mumbling childish endearments, convinced that he had finally made a
woman happy despite his size. Lynn gasped and sighed in defeat, feeling
his deflated flaccid penis slowly retreating, leaving a trail of cum
and pain behind it and making an obscene wet sucking sound as it
slipped out from between the full half-moons of her buttocks with a
popping noise which could be heard all over the room.

Now, she thought irrationally, now there will be peace. Whatever
happens tomorrow is unimportant. Now they will take me home and I can

"Okay boys, round'em up!" came a voice from the back of the room, and
Lynn looked up, thinking that the tape was not yet finished and Phil
had engineered a second part which would probably be more obscene than
the first. God, why couldn't they at least halt the cameras for a few
minutes to allow her to rest! They had no right to start in with
another debauchery without at least giving her a chance to recover from
the first one.

Men dressed in policeman's costumes were walking onto the set and once
again Lynn had the opportunity to admire Kelly's acting skill. The
older actress looked terrified, as if she were actually about to be
arrested. Lynn felt vague and dreamy, not particularly caring what
happened or what wild plot Lenny and Phil had organized so long as she
was able to rest. Maybe these actor policemen would start on Kelly
instead of her. They sure looked like real policemen ...

"Okay, baby, on your feet!" ordered one of them, a tall redheaded
Irishman with sergeant's stripes on his shoulder. More good acting,
thought Lynn dreamily. He really sounds like a policeman and she
complied slowly, remembering to face the camera as she rose ...

The camera was stopped. Shaking her head with disbelief as the sergeant
wrapped a blanket around her shoulders, she saw Phil Agard standing in
a corner, his hands in handcuffs and Lenny loudly demanding to see his
lawyer as he was led out of the room. Freddy looked mystified as he
held out his hands meekly for the cuffs, and Kelly snarled at the
policeman for pinching her skin as he slid the metal circles over her

* * *

"So we got a deal?" smiled Agard, waving his cigar at the lieutenant
across the desk. I must remember to say something nice about you guys
the next time I attend a town meeting."

"Yeah, do that," grinned the police lieutenant evilly. "Yeah, we got a
deal buddy. The police ain't in the business of keeping an enterprising
businessman like yourself from earning an honest dollar. Incidentally,
how did it happen?"

"A fluke," explained Agard easily. "The technician who was handling the
wires forgot to unplug the studio from the main board after we shot the
live newscast. So when that idiot of a night watchman forgot to close
down the transmitter, the sound and picture from the studio were
broadcast normally, just as if we had intended it that way. I
understand half the town saw it."

"Yeah, but we only got a couple of calls from a few spoil sports. By
the way, we're going to have to book the kid. We found him smoking pot.
A little fun and games with girls and television cameras we can get
around, but smoking marijuana is a serious offense."

"Yeah, throw the book at him," agreed Agard callously. "If the press
makes any noise, we can always say that the kid was using the studio to
watch dirty movies and one of them accidentally got transmitted. Not
our fault at all."

"Right, perfect," exclaimed the corrupt policeman. "We're gonna need a
story of some kind anyway, and we might as well dump it all on the kid.
Damn dirty hippies deserve anything that happens to them! Listen,
before you go, there's one last thing ..."

"Yeah?" asked Agard agreeably.

"Well, some of the boys have taken a shine to the little blonde girl
who was doing the scene. Well, you know how it is, we were wondering if
we couldn't hold her here over night and have a little fun with her
before we have to let her go in the morning. A whore like that
shouldn't mind a couple of tired old cops climbing on her bones,
especially since she's getting off scot-free!"

"Lieutenant, she's all yours," Phil assured him with a sympathetic
smile. It must get boring around the station house and I know the
boys'll enjoy our little Lynn. Oh, by the way, my check will be in the
mail tomorrow, don't worry about that end of it."

"And you promised to invite us to your screenings," added the
policeman, helping himself to another of Phil's cigars.

"I won't forget," promised the producer. "You keep people from
bothering me, Lieutenant, and I'll do my best to return the favor."

The two men shook hands and went out to get the others from their
temporary cells. Lynn was led to a back room, still naked underneath
the blanket they had thrown around her, and the policeman winked at one
another as the door closed behind her.

* * *

The phone was ringing as she let herself into her home the following
morning, but she ignored it, walking straight to the bedroom to wake up
Matt. He would probably leave her anyway, but she had to confess
everything before he heard it from some other source. Who knows? Maybe
he would understand.

But the bedroom was empty except for the ringing phone and the girl
observed that her husband's clothing was missing from the closet. In
the living room, the television was still glowing, a silent message to
her that he had heard and seen everything.

Too tired and broken to have much of an emotional reaction, Lynn
wandered back into the bedroom and answered the phone.

"Lynn-baby, this is Phil. Listen honey, everything's been taken care

"Matt is gone," she informed him dully, feeling completely empty

"Yeah, now listen lovely, that accidental transmission last night
didn't hurt us in the slightest. We're beating the rap as far as the
police are concerned, and the market for that film we made has just
gone off the boards. Everybody who saw it wants to see it again and
those who missed it want to see it to judge for themselves. We'll re-
shoot the last scene tonight and Sammy thinks we can get copies on the
market by sometime next week. Naturally, there'll be a sequel ..."

"Phil, Matt is gone," she repeated, her mind hardly functioning with
exhaustion and shame.

"Yeah, I heard you baby, listen now, you don't need him and I think
WRT-TV's been over-doing this sports bit anyway. You're big business,
Lynn and you're gonna make big money because we got police protection.
It's all been arranged."

"I ... I don't want to do it anymore, Phil. Don't you understand? I've
lost my husband ..."

"And who's going to support you now, love?" asked the producer cruelly.
"You've got mortgage payments on that house, as I recall and you got to
keep food on the table, hubby or no hubby. You got one job that can
keep the cash flowing in, lover, and that's with me, so forget about
quiting. Now, I want you to get some sleep because we shoot tonight at

Lynn felt the beginnings of a dull headache coming on. The policemen
had worked her over mercilessly last night, and her bones were aching.

"Will you send a cab for me?" she asked.

"Baby, you're a star now," raved Agard. "The cab'll be there at eight
thirty. Now will you get some sleep? I want you fresh and beautiful

"Yes, Phil," Lynn whispered, knowing it was all lost. "Whatever you
say, Phil."

The End