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[BB-129] A Librarian's Training by Nathan Silvers

Published 1987 by Greenleaf Classics, Inc.

Chapter 1

"Yes, it's a weekend training scheme."

"For me, Mr. Pincher?" Gillian Smith gasped, peering at her boss a
little suspiciously through her glasses. "Why me?"

"We decided that you were, uh, you were, ready for new ideas," Joe
finished lamely, looking out the open window. "Some people have their
eyes on you, you know, and so they thought that it would be a good idea
for you to attend this seminar for training." He shuffled some papers on
his desk. "I assume you can go this weekend?"

"Well, yes," Gillian said uncertainly, pushing her straight blonde hair
back out of her eyes. "I suppose so."

"There's a flight at five," Joe said, handing Gillian a ticket. "A car
will meet you at the airport."

"Yes, Mr. Pincher. Thank you," Gillian said, and then left his office,
feeling very strange about the whole thing.

Joe Pincher couldn't have recommended her; he didn't like her at all.
But then, he was a real creep, the sort of boss who licked the boots of
his boss whenever the area manager appeared to check the library. And
the last time Mr. Harper came in, Joe had stood close to Gillian as she
worked, telling Mr. Harper what a bad employee she was. And now this.

Gillian felt uneasy as she got back to work, putting books back on the

Of course, one of the reasons Joe hated her was that she wouldn't date
him. Gillian shivered at the thought of the times he'd trapped her in an
aisle and tried to feel her tits.

Other men had approached Gillian because she was beautiful, but she
deliberately dressed as dowdily as she could and never used make up.

"Gillian," Joe said, coming up behind her, "Since you'll be leaving
early on Friday, you can stay late tonight and do my shift. I have a

"But, Mr. Pincher, that's not fair! I did --"

"Do it, unless you want me to fire you and save them the trouble of
paying for your training weekend," he sneered nastily at Gillian.

Gillian nodded her head and wept a little when Joe had gone.

That Friday night, very nervous, Gillian caught the flight, a small
commuter one, then she was met at the airport by a young, fresh-faced,
brunette-haired girl.

"Hi," the brunette said, "I'm Alda; I'm taking you to the seminar."

"Oh, thanks," Gillian said and sat beside her, clutching her purse.

"I'm Dean's girl Friday," Alda said with a giggle, as she drove out of
the airport.


"Dean Harper; I do everything for him." She giggled again and Gillian
saw that the girl's already short skirt was riding up her shapely thighs
as she shifted around in the seat. And the top of her blouse was open
just a little more than it should have been. Gillian would never have
allowed her cleavage to show.

Soon they were on a small winding road, and Gillian got nervous all over

"Where is this place?" she asked.

"Oh, a special hotel," Alda replied, giggling again. "Out of the way;
quiet, you know, so that people can concentrate on what's going on. If
you know what I mean."

Gillian didn't. "What's this all about?"

"Oh, it's a weekend for people who show promise," Alda said airily.

"But I've always been told how bad I am."

"I think Dean makes his own decisions," Alda said, driving up to a small
hotel that was surrounded by tall Douglas firs.

Alda led Gillian in and showed her to a nice clean room on the second

"I'll leave you to tidy up," she said, running her eyes over Gillian's
plain dress. "They'll call you in about half an hour."

"Thank you." Gillian sat on the bed, then stared out the window.

She had a shower and changed; though she put on a dress that was just as
sensible as the one she had traveled in. It was shapeless and the hem
hung to well below her knees. She sat on the bed and waited, her stomach
turning over with nervousness.

The phone rang and she grabbed it in a second. "Yes?"

"Dinner," said a man's voice. "Come to the bottom of the stairs and I'll
meet you there."

"Yes," Gillian said breathlessly. She got up and grabbed her purse.

She recognized Dean Harper at once. He looked so handsome and
commanding. His tall frame, broad shoulders, and dark hair seemed to
loom over her, as he politely escorted her to the dining room. She
shivered, as his cold gray eyes ran over her as she walked into the

The dining room was small. There was one table set and only Alda and
another woman were at it.

"More people arriving later," Dean said as they sat down. "This is Rose
Hudson; she's on the committee with me."

"Hello," Gillian said nervously, avoiding the other woman's eyes.

Rose was a stringy, good-looking blonde, whose hair had obviously been
dyed. It was teased out around her face, lending a strangely sexual air
to her whole look.

Gillian was almost too tense to eat. Both Dean and Rose asked her
questions and she did her best to answer them, but she was constantly
blushing and wishing she could hide behind her straight blonde hair. She
played with it constantly, and even Rose remarked on how lovely it was.

"Genuine blonde hair," she whispered, "you're very lucky."

Gillian blushed and drank a little more wine.

Dean filled her glass again. "To make you relax."

Later, she refused a brandy and sat waiting for what was going to

"Well," Dean said, "let's head for the conference room."

He led the way, and Gillian found herself between Rose and Alda. It was
almost comforting to have two women there to protect her.

The hotel was fairly modern, but the conference room was done in a
medieval style. There were suits of armor, and along the wall were
swords and chains and whips. Along one wall, there was a cage, and a
strange piece of apparatus that Gillian didn't dare go and look at. It
had a frame and straps hanging all over it.

"Still in working condition," Rose chuckled, running her hand over it.
"A torture rack. You see, you can hang the victim by their hands and
feet, and turn them any way you want. Then stretch them." She smiled.
"But we're much more civilized now."

"Yes," Gillian said, and then waited for them to sit down around the
large sturdy table that also looked as if it had come out of the middle

"I expect you're wondering why we brought you here," Dean said, standing
close to Gillian and looking her right in the eyes.

"Yes, sir," Gillian said, looking down at the floor.

"Sometimes I have employees that haven't realized their full potential.
I like to help them realize it." He stared at Gillian and waited.

"Ah, yes," Gillian gasped. "I didn't know. Mr. Pincher said that --"

"Mr. Pincher wants you out; you know why?"

"No," Gillian said, shivering.

"Because you wouldn't fuck him."

Gillian stared and her head jerked.

"You don't think you're good enough for that rat-faced little jerk, do
you?" Dean asked.

Gillian didn't know what was going on. Rose was sitting down finally;
crossing her legs in the long, tight, white leather dress she wore. The
slit at the side showed more of her thigh than Gillian thought decent.

"Well, we're gonna show you that you're a lot better than that," Dean
said. "We're gonna teach you all about sex and that. You didn't think
this was a library discussion, did you?"

He grinned as Gillian went white and backed away, clutching her purse
harder. "I-I don't like sex, Mr. Harper."

"Dean," he corrected.

"Please, Mr. Harper, no! I don't want to! I'm sorry; I can't do that!"

"If you don't, I'll let Joe fire you."

That twisted a knot in Gillian's guts. Her parents would kill her if she
lost this job, and she didn't know what she'd do then. Even at twenty,
she didn't know how to look after herself. But she couldn't do anything
as depraved as have sex, or whatever it was they wanted her to do.

"No, please, don't do this to me!" She sobbed, and then broke into

"So, take your dress off," Dean said, leaning on the table. "You've got
one of the best figures I've ever seen, and you hide it.

"No, no!" Gillian shrieked and turned, rushing for the door in a blind
panic. Dean had locked it and it was a massive, thick door that wasn't
going to open, for all her terrified wrenching. "Help, help!"

"Don't bother." Dean leaned against the wall close to her. "The staff
here know what to do. You can scream as much as you like. That's why we
came here."

"Help me!" Gillian screamed, tearing at the door in helpless terror.
Sweat broke out all over her body. "Please, no, don't do it to me!

"Take your dress off," he said, as if it was something Gillian did every
day in front of strangers.

"No, please!" Gillian dropped to her knees and clutched at his legs.
"Please, no, please, not this, please! I can't have sex; it disgusts me,
I hate it! Please!"

"I'll tell you what will happen if you don't take it off."

"No, please, how can you want me?" Gillian wept, her glasses fogged up
with the force of her tears. "I'm ugly; look at me!"

Dean laughed, and so did Rose.

"By the end of this weekend, I'll show you just what you've got, honey,"
Dean said, "but to show you, we're gonna have to use it."

"I'm a virgin!" Gillian screamed, playing her last card.

"Oh, good; that'll be nice," Dean said, then chuckled again. He slid his
hand under Gillian's chin, pulling her face up to his. "Honey, I hate to
do this, but I'll use anything I have to make you see sense. Anything!"

He smiled, and his cold eyes went bright with lust.

"He's lying," Rose said, strolling up beside Gillian. "He loves it when
you fight and have to be disciplined." She smiled and leaned in closer,
the waft of her perfume making Gillian's head swim. "And so do I; I love
disciplining girls, love it!"

She smiled even more brightly, and Gillian screamed.

For in Rose's hand was a whip, a curling, single-tailed whip. It seemed
even more menacing, now that Rose wore white leather gloves that
vanished into the sleeves of her leather dress.

"So, take your dress off," Rose said. "It's your last chance."

"No!" Gillian screamed, losing her grip on herself. She tried to run,
but Dean had her arms at once and twisted her around, forcing her toward
the table. "No, please, no!"

Gillian wept, trying to escape his grip, but it was like iron and before
she knew it, she was pushed face down on the tabletop. It was highly
polished and so strong that it didn't shake at all, as she struggled.
Dean had hold of her arm and pressed her down with it, twisted up into
the small of her back.

"Please, no, let me go home!" Gillian wept. Then she screamed, because
somebody had grabbed one of her ankles.

"You want Joe to fire you?" Dean laughed.

"Please, no, let me go!" Gillian wailed, as a metal manacle was clicked
shut around her ankle. "Let me go!"

Alda was pulling on the chain; wrapping it around one of the stout table
legs, stretching Gillian's ankle out.

"Help, please, help!" Gillian screeched, but the chain was wrapped
around the thick wooden support and Alda walked around it, holding
another chain and manacle on the end of it.

Gillian's screams rang around the room, but it was useless. Her other
ankle was bound, and then the terror really started. Her legs were
forced wide open as the chain went around another table leg on her other
side. Gillian wasn't used to doing the splits, and her tendons were soon
screaming in pain, as her legs were forced open as wide as they would
go. But it was the humiliation that got her more than the pain, the
horror of being forced and bound over the table. She wriggled as hard as
she could, but Dean had a strong hold on her arm and anyway, the
struggle with the leg irons had already worn through her tights, and the
thick steel was rubbing her skin painfully.

Suddenly, she jerked even harder, for Alda had gotten a grip on her left

"No, you can't, you can't!" she begged.

Alda pulled Gillian's arm out, and clipped another chain and manacle
around her wrist. As Gillian screamed and begged, Alda pulled the chain
around a table leg on the other side of the table, and stretched the
weeping, sobbing Gillian out until her hand nearly reached right across
the polished surface. After that, it was an easy task for Dean to twist
her right arm back, give it to Alda, and have Gillian's wrist clipped
and pulled out until she was painfully stretched across the table; her
muscles pulled to the limit, her whole body aching. Her hips were
pressed into the table edge, her ass stuck out, but her long skirt still
covered it and went down her legs.

"Please, what are you going to do?" she wept, twisting around until she
gasped and froze at what she saw.

Alda was taking her clothes off, opening the buttons of her blouse while
she ran her free hand down the front of Dean's pants. And there was an
enormous bulge when she pulled her blouse out of her waistband, showing
the little lacy cups of her bra.

"Please, Dean, can I have one of those boys? Come on, be fair; you're
getting her."

She opened the belt of her skirt and unzipped it, sliding it down her
legs, as she played with his cock through his pants.

He laughed and ran his hands over her bra, feeling her soft swelling
tits. "Sure, honey, but you fuck him here; you know that."

"Sure, baby; I know that," Alda purred, and stepped out of her skirt,
dropping it as she paraded her lovely slim figure in nothing but her
bra, panties, shoes, and white stockings that were held up by lacy
garter straps.

Gillian was so disgusted she turned her head away.

"Key, baby," Alda whispered.

Dean gave her the key and Alda walked out of the room.

Gillian felt Rose's hands running over the backs of her stretched legs,
pulling up her dress and slip.

"No, please, don't do that! Please, don't!" she begged, but Rose ignored
her and went on pulling the flower-patterned dress up the backs of
Gillian's legs, revealing her panty hose and the curves of her thighs.

Finally, Rose tossed the dress over Gillian's ass, and then slid the
slip after it, revealing her ass and panties under her tights. Gillian
moaned, and her head sank to the table. Her glasses came off.

"Fucking Jesus!" Rose gasped. "She's even better than you said."

She ran her hand over Gillian's ass, and the bound librarian trembled
and jerked.

"Would I lie?" Dean laughed. He sat up on the table across from Gillian
and reached over, picking up her glasses. "Shit, look at these; they get
worse every time I look at them."

He handed the glasses to Rose and the tall blonde examined them.

"You ought to be ashamed," she said, prodding Gillian with her foot.
"You look like you're fifty. We'll soon change that. Call Marty, Dean;
he can do these in no time."

"What are you doing?" Gillian wailed, as Dean picked up the phone.

"You'll see," Rose said.

"Yeah, Marty, hi," Dean said into the phone. "Yeah, new pair, by
tomorrow lunchtime? I knew you could. Yeah, pick 'em up; you wanna see
who gets them. Yeah, we're at the usual." He laughed and put the phone
down. "Now, you just tell us when you want to take that dress off."

Gillian twisted, staring at Rose as the horrible woman stood behind her,
with the whip curled in her hand. The long thin leather tail swung up in
the air; flicking over her round body, cracking with a gut-wrenching
sound close to her ear.

"No, please, what do you want? Please, please!"

"We want you to take your dress off," Dean said.

"No, not that -- I can't!" Gillian screamed.

Dean laughed, and suddenly the curling whip lashed across Gillian's
asscheeks. She jerked, screaming as her whole body went tense. Her
wrists and ankles wrenched against the metal irons holding them.

"Aaaghghhh! Please!" Gillian begged.

"Take your dress off."

"No, no, I can't, I -- aaghhh!" The whip cut more red agony into
Gillian's ass as she heaved on the tabletop.

The door opened, and Alda came back in, escorting a young boy of about
eighteen, who looked stunned. She pulled him to the table and leaned
back on it, spreading her thighs, stroking her panty crotch.

"Take your pants off, big boy," she cooed.

The boy was dressed in a cook's uniform, and he undressed very fast,
staring at Gillian's bound body. His white pants were down his legs in
no time, as Gillian screamed to the beat of another savage lashing
across her ass. Instantly, Alda grabbed the boy's cock through his
briefs and caressed it, stroking the rock-hard boner.

"Take my panties off," she purred, closing her thighs as his fumbling
fingers reached for her panty tops.

"Take that dress off," Dean said softly, leaning in closer to the
sobbing, screaming Gillian.

"No, please! I can't do that, I can't, please -- aagghhh! Let me go,
please!" Gillian screamed.

"If I do, Joe'll fire you," Dean said.

"Please, stop, please, I can't do that, I -- aagghhh!" Gillian collapsed
across the tabletop. But Dean grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her
head up, turning her so that she could see Alda and the young cook. Alda
now had his pants off and his eight inches of cock were thrusting out,
rock hard with lust, as he ran his eyes over Alda's luscious figure. She
was opening her bra and thrusting her tits at him, and then she kicked
her panties off.

"Now, stick that big cock up my pussy!" she gasped, leaning back on the
tabletop; her thighs open, her pussy hair already damp with her juices.
She fondled her large tits, pinching her nipples, as he gasped and
pulled her ass to the edge of the table.

He took his cock and slid it into Alda's hot wet cunt. It went right in,
surging to the top of her pussy with no effort at all. The boy gasped
and fucked his cock into Alda's cunt harder, pulling her closer to him
with each ramming fuck.

"Ohhhh, wow! Your cunt's so tight! Ohhhh, fuck!" He rammed his throbbing
fucker harder into Alda's pussy.

"Come on, big boy, gimme it all!" Alda purred, her dark hair falling
across the tabletop as she leaned back, her legs tight around his waist.

"Isn't that good to see." Dean grinned at Gillian. "You take your dress
off, and you can get fucked, too."

"Aaaaghhh! Noooo!" Gillian wailed, as the whip cut her ass again.
Already she could feel that her tights were tearing under the assault,
ripping as the whip lashed into her throbbing ass. "Please, not that,

Gillian screamed. She knew she couldn't take pain like this for long.
She shrieked as the tail of the whip lashed her ass again.

"Noooo, please!" she begged, jerking on the tabletop, her straight
blonde hair tossing all over the place in her frantic pain. She could
see the faint traces of blood on her wrists where the iron manacles had
chafed her skin. The whip flogged her ass once more. "Yes, I'll do it!"
she screamed. "I'll take it off!"

Good," Dean said, then swung off the table.

The whip stopped, and Gillian lay there, sobbing, horrified that she'd
given in to their horrible demands.

The boy fucking Alda worked his stiff boner in her cunt.

"Oh noooo!" he roared. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Chapter 2

Her ass aching with an agony that sent shivers through her, Gillian
straightened up, rubbing her wrists. She moaned, and burst into fresh
tears as she saw the blood on her wrists. Her ankles were still manacled
so she couldn't escape, but she turned and looked down at her feet.
There was a smear of blood on her ankle. With a sob, she looked at Alda
and the cook as he gave a yell of lust, his cock pumping in and out of
the brunette's hot wet cunt.

"Ahhhh, yeahhh!" he yelled, his ass heaving; his hands gripping Alda
tightly; holding her onto his shooting cock. "Ohhh, fuck! I'm cumming!

He jerked and Alda gave a scream of fury.

"You fucker!" she yelled, her cunt sliding on his thick shooting fucker,
as it poured out cum deep in her fuck passage. "You fucker! Hold it in!
Satisfy meeee!"

She screamed, her dark hair tossing wildly; her fingernails digging into
his back; running thin red lines into his flesh.

"Aaahhhh! I'll get it up again; I will, I can, I willll!" he yelled, his
cock slamming deep into Alda's cunt, pouring hot wet cum cream into her
sucking fuck-hole.

"You better, you better!" Alda screeched, her pussy sucking and
throbbing around his shooting prick. Gobs of cum were running out of her
pussy as she jerked up and down on his fuck-rod. Her legs were clasped
tightly around his waist, and she gasped with lust.

"Aaaahhh, yeahhh!" the cook yelled, slamming her ass into the tabletop;
ramming his cock into her cunt with furious strokes as his balls gave
out the last gobs of jizz. He gripped Alda's shoulders tightly, his cock
blurring in and out of her cunt as he reached his peak, shooting thick
spunk deep in her pussy.

"Wouldn't you love to be fucked like that?" Rose crooned into Gillian's
ear, making the bound librarian gasp and jump. "Having a great big cock
pumping into your pussy?"

Rose grinned and slid the whip under Gillian's nose, the terrible, hard
leather looking shiny with use.

"Never mind," Rose whispered. "You will have it, lots of cocks, all
shooting in your pussy. I know; I know how it's gonna be."

Gillian burst into more tears and fell forward over the tabletop.
Ignoring her pleas, Rose gripped Gillian's blonde hair and pulled her
back up, grinning at her horror.

"All for you; lots of cocks," she chuckled, and let Gillian go.

The terrified librarian fell across the table again; her legs still
bound and spread wide, her ass burning from the whipping. Close by her,
the cook was gasping as his cock gave out the last oozes of his cum. He
gave a moan and pulled his still half-hard cock out of Alda's cunt.

"I'll get it hard for you," he gasped, and then started caressing his
prick, gazing at Alda and then at Gillian as he did.

"Stupid fucker," Alda crooned, sliding to her knees in front of him.
"I'll give you a minute. If you make it, you can have me any time you
want this weekend. If you don't, tough; somebody else will."

She sank her soft lips over his cockhead, sucking gently on his cock;
licking off his cum that still clung to his prick in thick gobs.

Gillian almost passed out when she saw that. The idea of taking a man's
cock in her mouth almost made her throw up. She saw Alda's soft lips
move down his cockshaft, taking it all in, caressing his flesh, her
fingers on his balls, stroking them, squeezing gently.

"Mmmmm," Alda murmured, sliding the cook's prick into her mouth, her red
lips a perfect circle around his cock. She eased her mouth back, her
tongue flicking all over his fucker. "Not bad, big boy. You can do it."

"Told you," he gasped, his rapidly hardening boner swelling in Alda's
mouth and skillful hands.

"Mmmm," Alda purred, licking his swollen cockhead. "So, you can have me
when you want, big boy; you gonna fuck me raw?"

"You bet," he gasped and his cock gave another heave in her mouth.

"You better," Alda whispered, sinking her mouth down on the length of
his prick, until Gillian saw her throat swell as she took his cockhead
right in.

Gillian shivered at the horrible sight. She turned away, her eyes
pouring tears. But Dean was there, on the other side of the table, and
Rose was beside her; both of them looking at her with horrible lust in
their eyes.

"So," Dean said. "How about that dress?"

Gillian could see the whip in Rose's hand and she knew she had to obey.
Sniveling, she reached up and fumbled for the zipper at the back of her
long dumpy dress.

The only sound in the room was the moaning that came from the young
cook, as Alda's mouth sucked the last full inch of hardness back into
his cock.

Gillian found the zipper and ran it down to the small of her back,
losing her grip several times. She slowly eased the dress down her arms,
revealing her bra.

It was only when she had her dress around her waist, that she realized
that she had to take it off over her head, since her legs were still
bound and spread. She sobbed, and pulled it up again, but still nobody
tried to help her. Struggling almost painfully, she managed to pull the
garment over her head and drop it on the floor. She felt naked under
their horrible gazes, even though she still had her slip, bra, panties,
and pantyhose on.

"Now the slip," Dean said.

Gillian choked and gave a deep sob. "Please, don't make me --

She leaped and jerked helplessly, her hands going to protect her ass as
the whip pulled away, leaving a curling line on her slip and another red
welt on her ass flesh.

"All right, I will!" she moaned.

She struggled with her long slip, trying to pull it up over her head. It
was even more difficult than the dress; particularly with her legs still
bound and stretched open. But slowly the long white garment pulled up,
showing her legs again, and then her ass, and finally the curves of her
body. With the final struggle, the bound librarian heaved the slip over
her head and let it drop to the floor. She hung her head, put her hands
over her tits, and wept.

"Jesus Christ, that's nice!" Dean breathed, coming forward and leaning
over the table. "I knew she had a body under all that crap. Look at

He slid his hand out and took hold of Gillian's bra, pulling on it.

"Stop, please, stop!" Gillian begged.

"Take your hands away!" Dean snapped.

The moaning librarian did as she was told, leaving his horrible hands on
her bra.

Then, Rose's hands worked over her tits from the rear, sending shivers
over Gillian as she stood, bound to the table legs.

Dean unclipped the bra, revealing Gillian's wonderful tits for the first

"Fuck, you guessed right again, Dean!" Rose laughed, taking one of
Gillian's nipples in her fingers, playing with the crinkled bud.

Something snapped in Gillian. With a scream, she flung Rose's hand away
and lunged back at the woman, slamming into her hard.

"No, stop that! That's ... that's perverted!"

Instantly Dean grabbed her by the hair and slammed her back down to the
tabletop, almost breaking her nose.

"You don't do that, bitch!" he snapped.

"No, please, no, don't, please!" Gillian begged, her ass heaving, as
Rose's hands gripped her pantyhose and tore at it.

Gillian sobbed as Dean let go of her hair. He walked around the table
and his powerful hands gripped her pantyhose, tearing at it, ripping the
resilient material. Gillian screamed, as he walked around the table and
gripped her hair once more.

"I'm gonna teach you to obey," Rose hissed in Gillian's ear. "I'm gonna
whip your panties off you."

"No, please, I won't do that again! I won't!" Gillian begged.

"Damn right!" Rose laughed, then stepped away.

"No, please, noooo!" Gillian wailed, as the whip cut into her ass. She
jerked against Dean's hand, but his grip was more than strong enough to
keep her face down on the tabletop. "Please, I won't do it again, I'll
do what you want! Urrghhh!"

She screamed as the whip cut her ass hard, leaving a red welt over her
flesh. She flung her hands back to protect her ass.

"Take your hands away," Rose said.

Gillian sniveled and wept, holding her ass, trembling from head to toe.

Suddenly, Rose gripped Gillian's wrists and wrapped something around
them very fast, binding them together. Gillian struggled and wept, but
Rose slid the leather strap around her neck and pulled, shoving her
hands up almost as high as her shoulder blades. Then, she tied the strap
off and chuckled.

"You'll pay for that, too, bitch!" Rose promised.

Gillian wailed as the strap around her neck began cutting her air off.
She gasped, then heaved, screaming as the whip cut into her ass.

This time Rose was whipping across her ass, lashing into her panties;
cutting up the thin material with each blow, ripping the garment away in
strips, as the whip cut and swung.

"Aaaghgh! Please, no, no, aurrghh!" Gillian screamed, then leaped right
out of Dean's grasp, and went rigid, screaming her heart out.

The whip's tail had cut right between her legs, lashing into her spread
pussy, the tip cutting right into her clit. The agony was beyond
anything she'd ever known. She gasped for air, hands pulling the strap
tighter around her throat. While she was still screaming and gasping,
the whip lashed her again, ripping off a large section of her panties.
Dean grabbed her hair tightly, forcing her back down to the table again.
The pain was driving Gillian mad.

"Now tell me you'll do everything I say!" Rose snapped, lashing
Gillian's ass, tearing off another strip of her panties.

"Yes, yes, I will! I promise! I won't -- urrghhh! I won't do anything
wrong, I promise!" Gillian screamed, as the whip tore away another strip
of her panties.

She clung to the tabletop, her tears pooling on the polished surface.

"Stand up!" Rose snapped.

Very slowly, her whole body aching horribly, Gillian pulled herself
upright, sobbing and weeping. She looked behind her and saw her whipped,
bruised ass, and the remains of her panties, still clinging around her
waist. Farther down were the remains of her pantyhose, ripped, and
shredded on her calves.

"Push your tits out," Rose said.

Gillian hurried to obey, pushing her lovely tit mounds out over the
tabletop, her fingers wriggling in the bonds that held them. She gasped,
as the strap tightened around her neck. She pulled her hands back up to
allow herself to breathe.

It was horrible, degrading, to have to stand there as Dean and Rose ran
their hands over her body. Her body was luscious. Her long legs curved
from slim ankles to shapely calves and trim knees. The curves of her
thighs led upward to the tight swell of her ass and the mound of her
pussy, which hid the secrets of her cunt in its deep folds. Her hips
curved into a slim waist, then on up to a wonderful pair of tits.

Her nipples were hard, her aureoles lightly covered. And her face,
though red with shame, was still soft and beautiful, alluring in its

"Well, baby, you're worth it; worth every moment," Rose murmured,
sliding her hand over Gillian's tits.

She pressed her hips into Gillian's ass, and the feel of the woman's
expensive leather garment sent a shiver through Gillian, even before she
felt the heat of Rose's cunt, burning right through the dress and into
her flesh.

Dean worked one of Gillian's nipples, pulling at it, rolling it hard,
until Gillian gave a moan of pain.

"Don't you love that?" Rose whispered, tightening her grip on Gillian's
other nipple. Her hips pressed even harder against Gillian's ass,
forcing Gillian's pussy into the table edge.

Gillian sobbed. "Yes, yes! I like it!"

"Do you like this?" Rose whispered, sliding her fingernails over
Gillian's nipple; biting in hard, until the bound blonde writhed.

"Yes, I like it!" Gillian wailed, pain throbbing out of her nipple, her
arms struggling to get free, yet only tightening the strap around her

"Good," Rose purred, then slid her hand down Gillian's back.

Gillian trembled and bit her lip. She couldn't take any more of the
whip, but the idea of having another woman's hands on her ass was almost
more than she could stand. On top of that, Dean's fingers were still
working her nipple and something really horrible was going on close
beside her, as Alda worked the cook's stiff cock right into her throat.

"Hey, big boy, you really can get it up," Alda crooned, holding his cock
in her skillful fingers.

"Told you," he gasped, then slid his rock-hard fucker right between
Alda's lips until it was all in her mouth and throat, and her wicked
little tongue flicked out over his balls.

With her lips caressing every inch of his cockflesh, Alda worked her
mouth back up and ran her tongue over his throbbing cockhead.

"How about you fucking my ass?" she whispered. "Right in front of little
miss virgin there?"

She giggled, sinking his cockhead back into her throat.

"Sure!" he gasped, his cock fucking harder.

"Come here!" Alda giggled, and pulled him onto the table by his cock. He
crawled along behind her as Alda slid onto her hands and knees, her ass
close to Gillian's face.

"Ohhhh, come on, fuck my pussy to get it wet, and then stick it up my
ass!" Alda moaned, rearing up on her knees, thrusting her cunt out at
the cook.

The boy was almost out of his mind with excitement, as he ran his prick
into Alda's cunt and pulled it out, smeared with her pussy juices and
his cum.

Alda giggled and spread her legs, her ass jerking up as he ran his cock
right between her tight asscheeks.

Gillian couldn't believe what she was seeing. Dean worked her nipple;
yet, she was staring as the young cook slid his cock into the crack of
Alda's ass and ran his cockhead over her throbbing anal entrance.

"See that?" Alda laughed, pulling and spreading her asscheeks. "Watch it
go in, virgin; you'll be begging for cock up your ass before the
weekend's out."

Gillian broke into more tears, vowing that however hard they whipped
her, she would never beg for anything so degrading.

Alda sighed happily as the cook's thick round cockhead slid into her
ass. She held her asscheeks apart. Gillian couldn't help but see the
thick cockshaft sliding into the crinkled entrance; pushing the hole
open, rubbing hard against the throbbing muscles.

Gillian moaned, pulling at her bonds. Gasping and moaning, she saw the
cook's fucker work right into Alda's ass, until he gave a gasp and slid
down on top of her, his loins slapping into her asscheeks, his cock
buried deep in her shit-pit.

Alda gurgled, and the two of them began fucking on the tabletop, their
bodies jerking together in an obscene display of lust.

Rose's finger ran over Gillian's ass; sliding into her ass crack,
pushing for her tight squirming shit-hole.

"Don't you love that?" Rose whispered.

Gillian moaned, struggling against the tabletop, her tits aching from
Dean's fingers, her ass muscles almost cramping, as she tried to keep
Rose's fingers out of her shit-pit.

"I said, don't you love it?" Rose whispered, showing Gillian the whip in
her other hand.

"Yes!" Gillian whispered, pain surging out of her ass, as Rose's finger
pushed against the tight ring of muscles guarding her trembling

"Beg me to finger-fuck your ass," Rose whispered, her finger pushing,
the long fingernail scraping over Gillian's twitching asshole.

Gillian gave a gurgling scream, writhing on the tabletop, as the young
cook rammed his prick deep in Alda's ass. Alda was moaning and gasping,
her ass heaving up to take more of the hard prick, her tits rubbing
against the shining tabletop.

"Beg me, or it's the whip, right on your pussy," Rose whispered. Her
finger pushed and slid just inside Gillian's shit-hole.

"Aaaghhh!" Gillian screamed, jerking in horror and shame. "Yes, please,
fuck my ass!"

"Good, tell me how much you love it," Rose whispered, her white leather
suit pressing into Gillian's back.

Gillian wailed, jerking as her spasming ass muscles cramped against
Rose's finger, trying to keep it out of her ass. But it was no use; the
finger slid in, rasping over her shivering walls. Stabs of horrible pain
gushed out of the contact. Her ass muscles pounded with pain, throbbing
over Rose's finger as the relentless blonde worked her finger in and
out, curving it, her fingernail scraping over Gillian's delicate anal
walls. Gillian gave a sobbing moan, and tried to fall forward, gasping
against the leather strap that ran around her neck and down to her

"Tell me how much you love it," Rose whispered, running the whip in
front of Gillian's staring eyes again.

"Aaaghhh, I love it!" Gillian screamed, as her ass went crazy around
Rose's finger; throbbing and squirming, as her ass muscles cramped,
erupting in pain.

"Good, you want me to go on?" Rose asked softly.

"Eeuurrghh! Yes, yes, please!" Gillian wept, her ass jerking as Rose's
finger ran in and out, scraping her shitter walls.

Rose chuckled, running her finger deep in Gillian's ass, stroking,
scraping, while Gillian's ass muscles cramped and spasmed.

Dean laughed, twisting Gillian's nipple, caressing her soft tit curves,
his eyes devouring her.

"Uurrghh, yes! Yes, do it! Ooohh, fuck my ass!" Alda screamed, heaving
up and down on the table, her ass jerking up, taking the cook's swelling
cock as hard as she could.

"Uurrh, yeah, yeah, I'll fuck you, bitch!" he yelled, his cock slamming
in and out of Alda's ass, the sucking, slapping sound making Gillian
even sicker.

Gillian struggled against the bonds as Rose's finger ran deeper into her
ass. She moaned and sobbed, but her shitter walls were settling down,
the caress of Rose's finger feeling almost pleasurable. Even the scrape
of Rose's fingernail sent shivers of strange arousal through the bound
blonde. Gillian moaned, pulling against the chains, her throat
tightening as she gasped for air.

"Oorrghhh, fuck my ass! Come on, baby! Fuck it!" Alda demanded, her body
wriggling. Her large tits rubbed into the wood, and she gasped with
every thrust of the cook's prick into her asshole.

He gasped, gripping her shoulders, shoving his cock into her shit-pit
even harder, his ass blurring as he fucked her.

"Yes, ohhh, yes! I'm cumming!" Alda screeched, pushing back against him,
taking his cock to the limit as it slapped in and out. She moaned and
jerked, pushing up, spreading her legs, her tits lifting off the table
as she spasmed and came, screeching with lust. "Do it!"

The young cook gasped as he shot the first jet of his cum deep in Alda's
sucking ass. He howled as he came, his prick throbbing and shooting.

"Yessss, OOOhhh, yessss!" Alda screamed, cumming helplessly, as she
pressed back against him, taking his cock as deep as she could. "Ohhhh,
fuck my ass! Ohhh, cum, cum -- aaghhh!"

The cook gripped Alda around her thighs and pumped the last shots of his
cum into her ass. He yelled, leaning on her still twitching body, his
cock oozing cum into her ass.

Alda dropped back onto the tabletop, moaning with satisfaction. "Hey,
big boy, you can fuck; you know that?"

"Hey, you ain't exactly lousy yourself," he gasped, lying across her,
his cock still pumping.

"Call me, if you can't sleep." Alda giggled.

Gillian trembled as Rose worked her finger into her ass, and Dean held
onto her tits, twisting her nipples.

"Now wasn't that fun?" Rose whispered.

"Yes!" Gillian moaned, shivers of strange passion running through her

The young cook pulled his cock out of Alda's ass and she gave a moan,
thrusting up after him.

"Gotta go, babe," he said. "I'm back on for a couple of hours."

"Not yet, honey," Rose said, "your cock needs cleaning."

"Well, yeah, but I thought ..."

"She'd love to clean it for you, wouldn't you?" Rose said, ramming her
finger harder into Gillian's ass.

Gillian trembled, and her ass spasmed painfully again, as she looked at
the cook's slowly softening cock. It was cummy, and had other juices all
over it. It didn't look as if there was any actual shit on it, but it
looked disgusting enough.

"Yes, yes, I'll clean it, but how can I with my hands tied?" Gillian

"Lick it clean!" Rose snapped.

Gillian gave a shriek, tossing, struggling against the bonds. "Never!"

Chapter 3

"Oh, yes, you will," Rose whispered in Gillian's ear, as the terrified
librarian struggled to free herself from the bonds around her ankles and
wrists. "And you'll get more, honey, just to teach you not to yell at
me. And never disobey me. Got that?"

"I won't do that!" Gillian screamed, struggling; her wrists pulling the
strap around her neck harder with each desperate jerk of the body. The
young cook stood in front of her on the table; his cummy cock inches
from her mouth, his hands on his hips, waiting.

"Hold her hair," Rose said.

The cook reached out, taking a grip on Gillian's lovely blonde hair.

"Lick it clean!" Rose snapped and swung the whip.

Gillian screamed in agony as the whip cut into her ass. She jerked
against the table, her ass ringing with pain, her body tense as the next
blow swept in, right between her legs.

"Lick it clean!" Rose demanded.

The bound librarian wailed as the whip cut right into her pussy, beating
a white-hot agony right through her body. She jerked and trembled,
trying to close her legs against the chains, rubbing her ankles raw on
the metal.

"Lick it clean!" Rose yelled, lashing Gillian's open cunt, beating the
terrible knotted leather into her clit.

"Aaaaghhh!" Gillian screamed, jerking and tossing in agony.

The cook had a grip on her hair. She could see his cock, and it was
getting harder with each lash of the whip on her ass and pussy. The
cummy prick straightened out and pointed at her mouth.

The whip lashed into her asscheeks, getting another desperate scream
from Gillian as the agony surged over her body. She jerked, her hands
pulling at the strap, choking herself. Her ass throbbed and pulsed, her
muscles spasming under the assault of the whip. She knew she couldn't go
on much longer; the pain would break her. Her stretched thighs shook as
the whip cut inside them again and beat on her aching pussy, lashing an
agony through her that sent her head dizzy.

"Lick it!" Rose yelled.

Gillian surrendered. With a moan of submission, she leaned forward and
licked tentatively at the tip of the cook's cummy cock. Even though she
couldn't taste very much, it was disgusting, and she would have thrown
up if the pain hadn't been so great.

"Lick it!" Rose yelled.

She lashed between Gillian's legs again, beating her pussy.

Gillian screamed, and leaned over farther as the cook pulled her down,
right over his cock. Moaning and shuddering, Gillian let the thick prick
pass between her lips, the big round cockhead filling her mouth.

"Suck it, bitch!" the cook demanded.

Gillian tried her best, sucking in the thick prick, letting the thick
gobs of cum run into her mouth. Strangely enough, it didn't taste too
bad; it was salty and creamy, thick, sticky, but it went down her throat
easily enough. The rank smell of Alda's ass was on his shaft, however,
and that made Gillian squirm. She choked and pulled back a bit; her
hands aching, the strap pulling at her neck.

"Deeper!" Rose snapped, then lashed Gillian's cunt.

Gillian's scream rang off the walls, and she sank her mouth back down on
the cook's cock again; taking it in until the thick round cockhead
thrust at the entrance to her throat. She sucked and licked as best she
could, letting the young cook fuck her mouth as hard as he wanted;
thrusting his prick into her mouth until more than half of it was
between her lips.

"Mmmm!" he murmured, holding Gillian's hair, running his cock in and out
between her lips. "That's nice!"

"Like that?" Dean laughed, standing at the table. "Fuck me, she's a
virgin and she still sucks cock like that. Hey, did you check, Rose?"

"No," Rose replied. "I just figured I'd beat the shit outta her if she
was lying."

"Check her," Dean said, "and don't break it. We don't get many virgins
in this line of work."

He laughed again, and leaned on the table, watching Gillian's mouth sink
down on the cook's stiff boner.

Gillian sucked at the cook's stiff cock, feeling it run to the back of
her mouth; thrusting hard, making her gag. She moaned, trying to keep
her arms up to take the pressure off her neck, while sucking the thick

Then she felt Rose's fingers moving over her ass, right between her
legs. She shuddered, but she had to endure the added humiliation. The
cook gripped her hair, and fucked his cock between her lips; harder and
faster, as his passion mounted. Gillian groaned, and her eyes closed as
Rose's fingers reached the lips of her innocent little cunt.

"Oh boy," Rose said, "you'll like this one, honey; it's just lovely."

She ran her finger over Gillian's cuntlips, then spread them expertly,
pushing a finger over the bound librarian's clit.

Gillian gave a great heave and her cunt trembled as Rose's skillful hand
ran over her clit. The spasms that came out of the contact were hot,
thrilling; sending her gasping onto the cook's fuck-rod. Rose's finger
rubbed her clit gently, and the sensation soared down her legs and
throbbed through her; blending with the agony in her whipped ass,
churning it all around. Something started to throb in Gillian's guts,
her pussy spasmed, and a long drawn-out moan escaped her lips.

"Yeahhh!" Rose sighed. "Come on, honey, let's get real wet for Aunt
Rose, shall we?"

Her finger ran over Gillian's clit and another one rubbed gently at the
entrance to her little fuck hole.

Gillian gurgled as the cook rammed his prick between her lips, pushing
at her throat. The sensations creaming around in her pussy were making
her head swim. Her legs shook and struggled against the leg irons, and
her arms ached in the bonds, but the sensations went on. Her pussy was
getting damp; she could feel it. And she could also feel Rose's finger
probing the entrance of her cunt, pushing in a little.

"Yeah, fuck, she sucks good!" the young cook growled, holding Gillian's
hair, ramming his cock between her soft young lips, faster and harder;
sliding his prickshaft right into the squirming entrance of her throat.
"Come on, honey, this is gonna be good!"

"Hey, don't you suck my man off!" Alda yelled suddenly, rushing up to
the table. "He's gotta shoot that in me! Hey! Stop that! He's mine!"

But all Gillian could do was gurgle, as the cook slammed his cockhead
into her throat. She gagged, as he rammed it back in, filling her

Rose's fingers were caressing her pussy, stroking her, rubbing her
sensitive hard clit bud and the shivering walls of her fuck-channel. She
could feel Rose's fingers on her pussy, and Gillian gave a lingering
moan of strange arousal, her throat opening wider for his prick.

"I'll whip that bitch! She's gonna suck my man off!" Alda yelled.

Rose laughed and slid her finger into Gillian's cunt, easing it in until
it came into contact with her tight little cherry drum.

"Yeah," Rose chuckled, "she's a virgin, all right. You're gonna have fun
with this one, Dean."

"Yeah, when you've all finished with her." Dean sat in a chair, watching

"Ohhhh, ohhhh!" the cook moaned, as his cock slid deeper into Gillian's
mouth. He gasped, gripping her hair harder, ramming his fucker at her
mouth with all his fury. "Fuuuuck, she's good! She's fuckin' good!"

Rose stood up and leaned against the table, sliding her hand down
Gillian's tummy and between her thighs, caressing her pussy. She leaned
closer, whispering in Gillian's ear.

"Alda's really pissed," she murmured. "So I'm gonna have to let her whip
you; you know how it is. Can't go around sucking her man off, can you?"

Her fingers played with Gillian's clit, one finger worked back into her
throbbing pussy. Gillian gave a scream of horror as she tensed, her
mouth deep on the cook's cock. Her ass trembled as Rose played with her
cunt, tormenting her with the spreading sensations of pleasure that
flowed from the degrading caresses.

"Oooohhh, fuck! I'm cumming! Fuuuck, I am!" the cook roared, his cock
going out of control in Gillian's soft mouth.

Gillian felt her head spinning, with a mixture of horror and pleasure
that sent her guts heaving. Gushes of desire rushed from her cunt as
Rose played with her; stroking her clit, sliding one finger in and out
of her tight entrance to her fuck hole. At the same time, her body ached
from the bonds, her neck pulled at the strap, and her throat pulsed at
the invasion of the massive cock rammed in there.

And the whip cut her ass, sending enough agony through Gillian to open
her throat with a bubbling scream, as her body went tense and her ass
erupted in red-hot pain.

"Aaaagghhh!" the young cook roared, slamming his cock right into
Gillian's throat. The cum boiled in his balls and his grip tightened in
Gillian's hair. "Fuuuck, do that to her! Yeah, whip her! Oooooh, fuck
it! Do it!"

His cock blurred in and out of Gillian's throat.

"Bitch, sucking off my man!" Alda screamed, lashing Gillian's shuddering
ass. Her dark hair tossed and flicked as she put all her effort into
whipping the bound blonde, and her dark eyes burned with fury. "Bitch!"

Gillian shuddered as another searing cut beat into her ass. Her throat
opened even further, and she took more of the cook's fuck-rod, her body
tossing in pain. But at the same time, the flowing pleasure from her
pussy was making her legs tremble. Rose's fingers were wet as she
caressed Gillian's cunt.

"Yeaaaaah!" he yelled, his cock heaving, blurring in and out of
Gillian's mouth as the cum rushed up his shaft and poured out into her
soft sucking mouth. "Ohhhh, whip her; she sucked me off!"

Gillian was sure she would throw up as the hot cum gushed into her
mouth, but the surging pleasure and pain running through her were all
that she could feel. Her thighs shook as hot wet goo gushed into her
mouth, and the young cook yelled and moaned, his cock pulsating at the
entrance to her throat.

He pulled his spurting cock back, pouring cum over her lips, running his
cockhead just in and out of her helpless mouth.

"Look what she done! Whip her!" he yelled, streams of jizz gushing all
over Gillian's lips.

"Bitch!" Alda screamed, laying the whip into Gillian's ass in a fury,
the tail curling in and out in a continuous arc. She rubbed her pussy,
gasping with lust, as she whipped the helpless blonde.

Gillian screamed in rising agony as the whip lashed her ass, and the
last hot gobs of cum flowed over her lips. But the pain was flowing
strangely through her. She tossed and moaned, her thighs trembling, her
pussy mound rubbing against the table edge, giving extra pleasure to her
heaving body.

"Suck it offfff!" the cook roared, fucking his oozing cock at Gillian's
mouth. "Fuck, that was a great blow-job; now, clean it up, whore!"

He held his cock at her lips while Gillian sobbed and licked the cum
off, letting it flow down her throat, her pussy still throbbing, with
the pleasure coming from Rose's fingers and the hard table edge rubbing
just above them.

Rose laughed and took her fingers from Gillian's cunt.

Alda let the whip drop, her eyes glazed, her tits heaving as she worked
her fingers over her pussy.

"You're gonna enjoy this one," Rose promised Dean.

The door opened.

"Oh, hi, Marty," Dean said, "you just missed a great one."

"And I drove so fast to get here," Marty said. "Oh well, what can I do
for you?"

The cook slid his cock out of Gillian's mouth, rubbing his slowly
subsiding cockhead over her lips as she licked the last of his cum up.
"Not bad, baby; see you later."

Instantly Alda grabbed him. "You owe me, for fucking that little shit."

He grinned as he put his uniform on. "Tell you what. If I get a buddy of
mine to do my shift, I'll show you how to fuck, lady, all night long."

"Mmmmm," Alda purred, "that's more like it." She stroked his arm as he
buttoned his uniform.

"The only thing is, I gotta promise my buddy something; how about her
later?" The cook jerked his thumb in Gillian's direction.

"Sure," Alda said. "Hey, Dean, can his buddy have her later, for doing
his shift?"

"I think so," Dean said, "she's gonna need a lot of cock."

"Great!" Alda gasped, then led the young cook out.

Gillian was lying facedown across the table, sobbing her heart out. But
then she felt the chains around her ankles being taken off, and she
pulled her legs together, with a moan of pleasure. The ache in her
thighs lessened. Then the bonds around her wrists were taken off, and
she was pulled round; lying across the table to face Dean, Rose and

Marty was tall; middle-aged, with salt and pepper hair. He was dressed
casually. He examined Gillian carefully. He held up her glasses and
shook his head.

"You shouldn't be seen dead in these," he commented. He examined the
lenses carefully. "Fine, no trouble. Now, let's look at you."

He picked her head up by the chin and stared at her flushed,
tear-stained face. It was all made worse by the fact that she was naked,
except for the tattered remains of her pantyhose around her ankles. He
turned her head to one side, and then the other, looking at her with
professional interest.

"Yes, I know what we need to do here. Contacts, too?"

"Sure," Dean said, "but wait until I call."

Marty grinned. "Usual price?"

"You got it." Dean turned away. "I'll give you the money when you

"Sure," Marty said indifferently, looking at Gillian in quite a new way.

"Oh, and don't fuck her cunt; she's a virgin." Dean stopped at the door.

Rose picked up the whip, and then offered it to Marty, who shook his
head. Then she and Dean left.

"Virgin, huh?" Marty stared at Gillian as the door closed. "Take that
crap off your legs."

With a sob, Gillian reached down and started to pull her torn pantyhose
off. Pulling them off was painful, but she was terrified of this man;
even more terrified than she was of Dean.

"Come here," Marty said.

Uncertainly, Gillian walked forward, her legs trembling, rubbing her
whipped ass. She stood trembling.

He slid the zipper of his pants down and looked at her. "Let's see how
you suck."

"No, please, not that! I hate it! Please!" Gillian wept, staring at the
massive bulge in his pants.

Brutally, Marty backhanded her, sending her spinning across the floor,
her face ringing with pain. She collapsed, sobbing, holding her face.

"Let's try it again, huh? Come here, crawl, bitch!"

Gillian struggled to her hands and knees, then crawled across the
carpet, sobbing and moaning, horrified out of her mind at this sadistic
man. She crawled up to his leg, reaching into his pants; moaning as she
held his cock.

It was long; ten inches at least, and it seemed to throb in her hand
like a deadly arrow, ready to pierce her.

"Well, what do you do with a cock?" Marty demanded.

"I -- I," Gillian stammered, then leaned forward and ran her mouth over
his hard cockhead.

"Not bad. Now, suck it real nice," Marty said softly. "I gotta go home
to a wife who needs her ass whipped and I wanna warm up, got that?"

Gillian nodded her head frantically as she slid her soft lips down his
cockshaft, sucking for all she was worth. She thrust her mouth at his
cock harder, running her soft lips down his cockshaft as far as they
would go, right until his cockhead pushed at the entrance to her throat.

"Hey, not so fuckin' bad," he murmured. "Not fuckin' bad at all."

He held her around the neck and pushed harder, his cockhead ramming at
her throat. To Gillian's surprise, her throat opened and took a couple
of inches of his cock before she gagged, and had to pull back.

Marty gave a growl and thrust again, his prick pushing even farther into
her throat. Her throat spasmed around the swelling prick, as she knelt
at his feet.

"Yeah!" he mumbled, running his cockhead in and out of her throat;
thrusting it farther each time, until most of his ten-inch fucker was
disappearing into Gillian's mouth at the peak of each thrust. "Hey, you
got a lot going for you, baby. You give great head. Hey, you could be a

He fucked her mouth faster.

Gillian sobbed, expecting to have his hot cum shooting into her throat
at any moment. She trembled, waiting; hoping he wouldn't take too long.

But suddenly he pulled her up, her mouth sliding off his cock.

"Bend over the table!" he snarled, his cock throbbing.

He almost threw her across the table. Gillian shook with fear, for she
was expecting Marty to fuck her pussy. But his cock ran between her
asscheeks, and she gave a horrified gasp.

"Something wrong?"

"No, no, sorry!" Gillian moaned, laying her head on the tabletop,

He pushed her thighs apart and forced his cock to the tight entrance of
her ass. Instantly her ass-muscles cramped, but Marty was powerful. His
cockhead forced her anal muscles open, and pushed in a little.

Gillian gasped, as pain rushed out of the contact. There was some
pre-cum juice on Marty's cock, but that and her saliva, were the only
lubricants on his long prick.

Marty seemed to be into the pain of fucking her ass without the proper
lubrication. He grunted and his long cock worked deeper, rasping
agonizingly over Gillian's shitter walls. She wailed and burst into
tears, but he fucked harder, and another few inches of his fucker
vanished into her shivering ass.

"Come on, bitch, help me!" he yelled. "I gotta cum, I'm busting!"

He slapped her sore asscheeks, making her groan and jerk back at him as
his cock fucked deeper into her shit hole.

"Yeah, come on, you shithead! Bring me off! Make me cum! Make me shoot!
Yeaaahhh!" He gripped her arms and pulled her back, ramming his cock
into her ass until it was buried in her dry shit hole. He gasped and
yelled, pumping his cock at her shit-pit, twisting her arms as he raped
her ass, holding her on his prick. "Now, you take it, whore!"

Gillian screamed as she felt his cock swelling with cum. He rammed her
harder, slamming his cock into her sore ass, fucking it in to the hilt.
He growled as his balls slapped Gillian's asscheeks, and his prick
throbbed deep in her guts; the cum rushing to the tip of his cock.

Gillian felt her shitter spasming, as his cock rasped into her ass and
worked over her walls. She moaned, clinging to the table; sobbing in
deep, horrible shame, and horror, as well as the pain.

But there was a strange dark satisfaction to being fucked like this;
being ass-raped over a table, hurt for a man's enjoyment. She sobbed, as
her head spun again, and then leaped as the first hot jet of cum gushed
into her hot shitter.

"Yeaaaaah!" Marty bellowed. "Ohhh, here it is, little girl! Tell me you
want more, more -- mooorrree!"

He bellowed with lust, his cock spurting cum into her ass, his hips
heaving with the release.

"Aaahh, yes, yes, I want more, I want more!" Gillian screamed, heaving
her ass back at him; feeling his cock moving easily on the slippery
sperm coating her ass walls. Her ass shivered with a depraved delight,
as Marty spent himself in her guts. She sobbed and wept; heaving, as the
hot springs of cum gushed into her ass.

"Tell me again!" Marty yelled, his cock heaving; lifting her feet off
the floor at the height of his thrust, and pouring steaming cum into
Gillian's ass. He gripped her tits, pulling her up; holding the
screaming, sobbing librarian on his cock as he shot the last gobs of his
spunk deep in her ass. "Yeahhh, wasn't that great?"

"Yes!" Gillian sobbed, her ass spasming over his oozing cock. "Yes, that
was great!"

He snapped, and flung her forward; off his cock and across the table.
Brutally, he pulled her around and shoved his still-hard cock at her

"Can't go home with shit or cum on my mouth on my cock, can I?"

Gillian's stomach heaved, but she dared not disobey him. He held her
head and made her lick his cock; cleaning up all the cum and her own ass
juices. She closed her eyes, not knowing if there was any of her shit
there. It tasted a bit like it, but she never knew. She was still
licking up the other side of his cock when he shoved her away
impatiently. She squealed, as she slid across the table and almost fell
back onto the floor.

Without another word, he zipped his pants up and left, closing the door
behind him.

Chapter 4

Gillian clutched the cold tabletop and lay there, sobbing. Her ass
ached, and her body throbbed with the pain of the abuses she'd suffered.
Desperately, she raised her head and tried to see if there was some way
out of the room, but there was only the one door and she knew that it
would be locked.

The door opened and Dean and Rose came back in. Rose carried the whip,
and grinned as she strolled over to Gillian.

"Bit rough with old Marty, right?" she said brightly. "Well, don't
worry, it's just me and Dean now, and we'll be real gentle with you,
won't we?"

"Sure," Dean said.

Gillian broke into tears.

"Stand up," Rose said.

Gillian struggled up, her weeping eyes cast down as she leaned back
against the table.

"You've got to learn," Rose said softly, stroking the whip through her
fingers. "You never say no; you know that?"

"Yes," Gillian whispered, shaking all over.

"So you have to be punished for saying no, don't you?"

Gillian clutched at her whipped body. "Please, I'll do anything, but
please, no more of that!"

She nodded at the whip.

"This?" Rose laughed. "Hey, you love this! Come on, tell me how much you
love the whip."

She advanced on the moaning librarian, and Gillian tried to pull herself
over the table, to escape.

Rose grabbed her and pulled her back, forcing her to her knees. She
stood over Gillian; her legs spread wide, the whip close to Gillian's

Gillian stared at the white leather dress just inches from her eyes.
Rose's gloved hand moved closer, holding the whip; running the tight
leather over Gillian's horrified mouth.

"Lick it, baby. Lick the whip," Rose purred, sliding the thick handle
over Gillian's lips. She slid her hands into Gillian's blonde hair and
held her tightly.

Gillian licked; tasting the leather, the salty sweat on the shiny

"Good, now suck it," Rose purred, and turned the whip handle in her
gloved hands, sliding it at Gillian's mouth. "Get it all wet."

She eased the whip into Gillian's mouth, and the helpless librarian
sobbed as it entered. The horrible taste of the leather seethed around
in her mouth, as the rough surface ran over her tongue. She sobbed in
shame, seeing Dean out of the corner of her eye, standing there,
watching her humiliation.

"Deeper, honey. Suck it like it was a real cock, come on, right in,"
Rose purred. She pushed and the top of the handle rasped at Gillian's
throat, making her gag and heave on the floor. "Naughty; you took a cock
before, so you can take this, come on, swallow it."

The menace in her voice sent Gillian shuddering and moaning, as she
tried to take more of the whip handle. It pushed at her throat and she
gagged, but somehow she managed to take an inch or so of it; jerking as
her stomach heaved.

Rose eased the whip handle inside, fucking Gillian's throat with it, as
she held the blonde's hair.

"Come on, suck the cock, honey, suck it!" Rose grinned, and spread her
legs wider around Gillian's shivering body. "Now, push my dress up."

Gillian managed to slide her hands onto Rose's thighs, and slowly pushed
the white leather dress up over Rose's stocking tops and on; revealing
Rose's creamy thighs. Gillian's throat spasmed around the whip handle,
as Rose worked the leather in and out of her mouth. Gillian trembled.
Rose had over half of the whip handle in her mouth and the white gloves
rubbed against her soft lips.

"Further!" Rose snapped.

Gillian was ready to throw up. In a dreadful haze of pain and
humiliation, Gillian eased the white leather dress up and finally
exposed Rose's leather panties.

"Take them off. They clip at the sides," Rose said, running the whip
handle in and out of Gillian's throat.

Gillian found the first clip, pulling at it until it came open. The
second one was even easier, and soon the terrified librarian was pulling
the hot leather panties out from around Rose's garter belt and holding
them; waiting in terror as the whip handle slid in and out of her

"You're getting good at this!" Rose laughed. "Now, take the whip handle
and fuck me with it; go on!"

Gillian moaned as Rose let go of the whip. In a heaving terror, Gillian
pulled the handle out of her throat and tried to put it to the wet lips
of Rose's cunt, while at the same time, holding the white dress out of
the way. Rose laughed and spread her legs, opening the dark-haired lips
of her pussy for Gillian.

"Come on, ram it up me! You hate me, don't you?"

"No, no, I don't hate you!" Gillian wept, sliding the whip handle over
Rose's clit, working it toward the steaming hole of her cunt.

"Liar!" Rose laughed. She grabbed Gillian's hair again and tilted the
blonde's head up. "If you don't hate me, you're a real wimp. Now, let's
try that again."

"No, no, I don't hate you!"

"You stupid bitch!" Rose snarled.

Gillian screamed as Dean pulled her up, shoving her onto the table
facedown. Then Rose grabbed her hair and held her while Dean took her
legs, pulling them wide open and lashing her ankles to the table legs.

Gillian lay there; spread-eagled on the table, her head hanging over one
side. Dean held the squirming blonde while Rose pulled a chair up and
sat in it, spreading her legs brazenly on either side of Gillian's bound
body. She tilted her pussy up and pulled Gillian's head down, until the
two met.

Gillian gave a muffled scream as her face was buried in Rose's hot wet
cunt. The smell of a woman in heat washed over her, and she struggled as
Rose's cunt-slit rubbed over her face.

Rose pulled Gillian's head up, her skirt falling over her captive's
face, her long stocking-clad legs stretched across the tabletop on
either side of the sobbing blonde.

"Now, get that whip up my cunt!"

Gillian took the whip handle and ran it over Rose's spread wet pussy
flesh. She found the entrance of Rose's fuck-hole and eased the leather
handle in, feeling Rose's cunt muscles spasm around the thick rod.
Gillian worked the handle in and out of Rose's pussy.

"Mmm," Rose purred, as she worked her pussy on the whip handle. "Now,
tell me how much you hate me."

"No, no, I don't hate you," Gillian lied. "It's just that -- aagghhh!

She twisted desperately, her ass on fire, just in time to see the thin
rod in Dean's hand.

"No, please! For the love of God, no!" she begged.

"Tell me how much you hate me," Rose purred, "and don't let that handle
fall out of my cunt, bitch, or you'll really get it if you do."

"No, no, I don't -- aaaghhh! Help no, please, no! Please, don't whip me,
please!" Gillian struggled and wept, her ass on fire; three thin lines
of agony across her flesh, beaten deep into the already thick mass of
welts there.

"Tell me how much you hate me."

"Yes, yes, all right, I hate you!" Gillian screamed.

"And work that whip in my cunt!" Rose screamed. "Whip her Dean, she's
gotta learn!"

Aaaghgh, no, no please -- uurrghh!" Gillian twisted and jerked on the
tabletop, her legs squirming on the polished surface, her ass burning
with a desperate fire.

"Work that thing in my cunt, bitch! Do as you're told!" Rose yelled,
jerking her pussy over the thick whip handle.

The rod lashed Gillian's trembling ass. She worked the whip handle into
Rose's spasming cunt; sweat running down her face, her ass twitching, as
she waited for the next blow.

"Yeaahhh!" Rose yelled. "Better, whore. Now do it. Tell me how much you
hate me!"

Rose slammed her cunt all the way up the whip handle, her white gloved
hands gripping the arms of the chair tightly.

"I hate you!" Gillian screamed, ramming the whip handle into Rose's
pussy with all the force she had.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Now, fuck me! Come on! Fuck me with that handle --
you hate me, you hate me!" Rose jerked and tossed in the chair, her wet
cunt sucking in the whip handle.

"Yes, aaaghghhh! Fuck, you bastard!" Gillian screamed as the rod whipped
her ass once more. "I hate you, I hate you both!"

"Yeahhh, and all you can do is lie there and fuck my pussy with a whip
and take a beating, right?" Rose screamed, lurching upward, her cunt
taking the whole of the whip handle into her hot cunt.

"Yes, yes -- urrghhh! You fuckers, you bastards, you shits!" Gillian
screamed. She pumped the whip handle into Rose's pussy, her hand rubbing
over the woman's clit, getting wet with Rose's juices.

"So fuck me like you hate me, bitch! Come on, show you hate me, you
wimp, you dirty little wimp!" Rose heaved in the chair, her long legs
trembling around Gillian's bound body, her white leather dress sliding
up over her hips.

Gillian screamed, and rammed the whip handle into Rose's cunt as hard as
she could. Then she hauled it out and slammed it back in, her hand
running hard into Rose's clit. Furiously, sweat pouring off her face,
her ass twitching as she waited for the whip, she fucked Rose's cunt;
slamming the whip handle into the woman's hot wet fuck hole.

Rose spasmed and jerked in the chair, gasping with lust. Her thighs
spread wider and she leaned back, running her hands inside the top of
her dress, caressing her tits through her tiny bra. She rolled her
large, crinkled nipples in her fingers; moaning as her passion mounted.

"Yesss, come on, bitch! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! You wanna kill me, don't

"Yes, yes!" Gillian screamed, jerking as the rod cut into her ass.

"But you have to fuck me instead, bitch, right?" Rose yelled, her hot
cunt swallowing the whip handle in a great gulp.

"I hate you, I hate you!" Gillian screamed, ramming the whip handle deep
in Rose's cunt. "Aaaaagghhh!"

The rod lashed her ass, and beat a terrible line across it.

"But you have to fuck me, don't you, bitch? You can't do what you want,
right?" Rose screamed, her hips jerking faster and faster.

"Yes, yes, I do!" Gillian sobbed, her tits rubbing against the edge of
the table; her hands cramping as she rammed the whip into Rose's cunt.
But the rod whipped her again, and her screams echoed around the room,
as she jerked and flopped against the polished tabletop.

"Say it, bitch! Say you have to fuck me! Come on, bitch!" Rose demanded.

"Uaaghhh! I have to fuck you!" Gillian sobbed.

"And you hate that, you wanna kill me so bad!"

"Yes, yes, I do!"

"But you have to fuck me!" Rose leaned back and roared with laughter.

"Yes, yes, you bitch, I have to fuck you and I wanna tear you to
pieces!" Gillian screeched, jerking as another lash of the rod beat into
her ass.

"Welcome to real life, bitch!" Rose screamed, climaxing in the chair.
"Learn it, use it; it's the only way to win! Aaahhh, yeahhhhh!"

She peaked, her cunt throbbing around the length of the whip handle as
she came down from her climax, gasping with pleasure.

Gillian held the whip handle in Rose's cunt; her fingers wet with cuntal
juices, her ass burning from the rod. She sobbed, her body aching and
throbbing. She felt desperately humiliated, but something she had never
known before was churning in her guts. It was a strange satisfaction,
and she had no idea where it had come from, or what it was.

Rose laughed, and slid her white leather dress back down her thighs,
covering Gillian's hand and the whip handle.

"Now take it out, slowly," she ordered.

Gillian moaned, as she eased the whip handle out of Rose's sucking cunt.
It came out wet and slippery; shining in the light. She reached back and
rubbed her ass, moaning in horror, as she found a smear of blood on her

"Lick it clean!" Rose snapped.

Gillian gave in at once, licking her tongue over the handle of the whip,
tasting Rose's hot salty pussy juices.

"See?" Rose laughed. "This is how it is, honey; learn how to win, if you

She burst into peals of laughter and slid her hand up under the hem of
her dress, reaching up for her pussy. Her eyes went hazy with lust as
she rubbed her clit for a few moments, watching Gillian lick the whip
handle. Almost instantly, her ass jerked and she gave a moan of lust.

"Lick it!" she gasped, and her fingers blurred on her clit. She gave a
long moan and climaxed; her free hand working her nipples as she watched
the suffering librarian. "Ram it down your throat! Get it down before I
finish cumming!"

Gillian broke into sobs of horror, but she dared not disobey. She slid
the tip of the handle into her mouth and pushed it down, reaching her
throat, where it stuck and she gagged.

"Get it right down your throat!" Rose screamed, her white dress tossing
over her thighs, as she rubbed her clit and twisted her ass, beating her
pussy hard against the tabletop. Gillian's throat opened and she got a
little of the whip handle in. She knew what was coming. As Rose's
fingers rubbed under the white dress, inches from Gillian's nose, she
gave a deep gasp of passion.

"Deeper!" she screamed, jerking in the chair, her legs shivering around
Gillian's helpless body.

Gillian's gurgling scream rang out as the rod lashed her ass. Another
four or five inches of whip handle sank into her mouth.

"Deeper, deeper!" Rose demanded, her eyes blurred and misty.

The rod lashed across her ass and Gillian screamed, sinking the whip
handle right into her throat, pumping her head up and down on the
plaited leather; the handle rasping over her throat as the rod lashed
her again.

Rose gave a scream of final climax, rolling in her chair; sinking back
down as her satisfaction rolled over her in soft waves.

"Better," Rose purred, "better."

The rod stopped and Gillian lay there, keeping the leather handle in her
mouth. She looked up and there was Dean, just standing with the thin
rod, grinning at her.

"Now it's my turn," he said. "I've been waiting to get my hands on you
for months."

Rose laughed and drew her long legs over Gillian's head.

"I bet I know how you want it, you fucker," she commented.

"You got it," Dean grunted, as he untied Gillian's ankle bonds. "Get

Gillian tried to rise, but she hurt too much and she felt too exhausted.
She burst into tears.

"Please, why are you doing this to me? What did I do to you?"

She turned a tear-stained face to him, but he wasn't impressed.

"Get up," he said, and then grabbed her hair to help her.

With a scream, Gillian landed on her feet on the floor by the table. She
took one look and burst into hysterics.

"No, not that, nooooo!" she wailed, seeing Rose standing by the horrible

"Walk to it, honey; walk to it!" Dean ordered.

"No, please, not that, please!"

"Walk to it!"

"No!" Gillian screamed.

She broke down completely, as Dean twisted her arm behind her back and
marched her over to the rack. Screaming at the top of her voice, she
struggled, but it was hopeless. The rack was vertical and Dean flung her
between the uprights in a moment. Before Gillian knew what was
happening, her wrists were in thick leather straps.

Begging and pleading every step of the way, she struggled as the straps
were pulled up, to the top corners of the rack, and they stretched her;
hanging her by her arms. Then they did the same to her feet; pulling her
legs wide open, so that her body formed a letter X between the sides of
the rack.

They pushed buttons and electric motors whirred, stretching the ropes
out, until the pain ran down Gillian's arms and legs and through her
whole body.

They shut the motors off when they were satisfied the ropes were tight

Gillian hung there; spread-eagled, sobbing her heart out as Dean slid a
bench between her legs. Behind him, Rose stood playing with the whip,
watching Gillian's tits pulsate with the pain of her bondage. Rose's
white dress top was open and her bra had been pushed aside, showing the
swells of her luscious tits. She ran her fingers over her nipples,
enjoying every minute of Gillian's pain.

Standing at the end of the bench, in full view of Gillian, Dean started
to take his clothes off. Even through her pain, Gillian wanted to see
Dean's cock; to see what she would have to suffer, but she wasn't ready
for it. When his pants were down and he was reaching for his briefs, she
could see that his cock was a monster; standing out like a massive
skewer. She gave a sob of horror.

Dean's cock was enormous; it had to be a foot of thick meat, and Gillian
knew she'd never get it into her tight little cunt.

Rose saw her face and laughed. "You'll beg for that cock when we've
finished with you."

Dean lay on the bench; his cock sticking up, the massive round cockhead
just inches from Gillian's pussy. He ran his fingers over her clit, and
Gillian spasmed with an agonizing passion.

"Did Marty ass-fuck you?"

"Yes," Gillian sobbed. "He's a beast, a horror, a --"

"Shut up! I hope for your sake that he didn't break your cherry. I get
real pissed when I lose a chance at that." Almost casually, Dean slid
his finger up into Gillian's cunt. "Wow, fancy that; it didn't break!
Now, you beg me to fuck you when you're ready. You see this?"

He showed Gillian a little box.

"Yes," Gillian whispered.

"It lowers the rack, so that your cunt goes over my cock. Simple." He
pressed a button and more motors whirred, letting the rack down a few

Gillian screamed as Dean's enormous round cockhead pushed at the
entrance to her pussy. Even that contact sent shivers of horror through
her. Her cuntwalls stretched and ached, and she could see the rest of
his enormous prick, reaching between her stretched thighs.

"Beg me," Dean said.

"No, please, for the love of God, please, no! Aaahh! Noooo!" Gillian's
wide, terrified eyes stared at Rose, as the woman swung the whip and the
tail curled through the air. Gillian screamed as the leather cut right
across her lovely tits, beating thick welts over her tit-mounds.

"Beg me!"

"Please, fuck me, please! Aaaghhh! Please, do it, please!" Gillian
begged, as the whip lashed her tits, cutting across them, leaving red
lines across her flesh. She heaved on the ropes; her body tight and
twisting in pain and horror, her cunt inching down toward Dean's prick.

"Like this?" Dean chuckled.

He pushed a button on the box. The motors whirred and Gillian's tight
little cunt sank an inch farther onto his cock.

"Aaaghh, yes, yes, no, no!" Gillian screamed, as Rose whipped her tits
again. "I did what you said!"

The whip curled in the air.

"So what?" Rose yelled. "This is the way it is, honey; this is it!"

She gave a horrible laugh, as the whip lashed out and cut across
Gillian's nipples, beating red hot pain all over the bound librarian.

"More!" Dean yelled; his cock throbbing and shoving a couple more inches
into Gillian's shuddering cunt.

"Yes, yes, please! No, aagghhh!" Gillian screamed, as the whip beat her
tits to the side, leaving another thick welt of pain across her flesh.
Her body tossed, the motors whirred, and she sank another inch onto
Dean's fucker.

Her pussywalls were stretched to the limit by the enormous fuck-rod. The
tip of Dean's fucker came up against her cherry. She tossed; her body
throbbing, her tits heaving under the assault of the whip, her pussy
spasming with the thick cockhead buried in it.

"Beg me to fuck you!" Dean yelled, lying on the bench, holding the box;
his cock still in her cunt, waiting.

"Please, fuck me!" Gillian wailed, screaming, as the whip lashed out and
beat her tits. "Please, please!"

"You're a real little whore, right?" Rose yelled, lashing Gillian again,
curling the whip expertly around the librarian's body and onto her ass.
"You're only doing this to get a promotion in the library, right?"

The whip curled around Gillian's tits.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Gillian confessed, weeping and jerking on the ropes.

"You just fuck to get what you want, huh?" Rose laughed, whipping
Gillian's ass again.

"Yes!" Gillian screamed, her body throbbing with pain, her cunt heaving
up and down, still riding the first few inches of Dean's thick fucker.

Rose laughed. "Okay, bitch, you got it."

The whip curled across Gillian's ass and Dean pushed a button.

The motors whirred, and Gillian came down, but Dean held her up by her
thighs for a moment; keeping her cunt high on his cock. Gillian pleaded
and begged; her body aching as the whip lashed her ass, curling expertly
around her body. Then Rose lashed her tits.

Gillian leaped; jerking on the ropes, surging up and then down, her
already-wet cunt sliding over Dean's massive cock. He let go of her
thighs as his cockhead rushed up her cunt; coming into contact with
Gillian's cherry. For a moment, her cherry was stretched; then it gave
way and Dean's massive long fuck-rod surged to the top of her quivering

Gillian gave a long drawn-out scream.

Her virginity was gone.

Chapter 5

"Yeahhh!" Dean roared, as his cock rushed to the top of Gillian's
quivering cunt. "Fuck, yeah! Ain't that great, baby, hey?"

He hunched up on the bench and rammed Gillian upward; an inch or so,
until the leg straps jerked her to a halt.

Gillian shrieked as her pussy walls were stretched, with Dean's massive
fucker buried between them. Her body tossed wildly as she saw the whip
lashing in, cutting across her tits once more. The agony rushed out of
her reddened tit-flesh, and she screamed; a scream of absolute
desperation and pain.

"Come on, bitch, don't you love to be fucked!" Rose yelled, lashing
Gillian's body.

"Urrghh! Yes, yes, I love to be fucked!" Gillian screeched in her pain;
her pussy throbbing and heaving around Dean's massive hunk of fuck meat.
Her hands were clutching at the bonds, pulling wildly and to no avail.
The rack shook, but that was all. "Please, please, don't whip me!"

"I'll whip you when I like, you little cunt!" Rose yelled, lashing her
again, cutting Gillian's tits. "Don't you ever beg me to stop, got

"Aaaghhh! Yes, yes!" Gillian screamed, jerking helplessly, her body taut
between the bonds. Her cunt throbbed as Dean's cock reamed her fuck
channel out.

Dean lay below the suffering librarian, grinning as he fucked her; his
thick prick sliding in and out with no trouble on Gillian's freely
flowing pussy juices. He gripped her spread thighs, rocking her on his
cock, as he fucked her.

The little blonde moaned as the whip cut her. She felt the leather tail
whip into her ass once more, beating more pain into her flesh. She
jerked and her cunt slid down Dean's cock, taking it all between her
shivering pussy walls.

Rose was whipping her to the beat of Dean's fucking; the whip lashing
in, just as he rammed his cock up her cunt. And the combination was
driving Gillian out of her mind. The agony surged out; yet, at the same
time, the pain from Dean's cock was dropping away. The rasping of that
thick male fuck meat in her cunt was driving arrows of horrible pleasure
into Gillian; arrows that shot through her body, mingling with the pain
of the whip.

"Yeah, come on, whore! Let's see you cum!" Rose screamed, lashing
Gillian's tits as the bound librarian screamed and tossed, her cunt
swallowing Dean's cock in one great gulp.

"Show us, bitch, show us; you beautiful little cunt!"

Her arms flung back, whipping into the leather, Rose watched as Gillian
screamed. Slowly, Rose slid her hand into the slit of her skirt and over
her thighs, reaching for her hot little pussy. Breathlessly she stroked
her clit; her fingers sliding on her juices, digging at her flesh as she
watched Gillian struggle.

Gillian leaped and jerked as the whip cut her ass. Dean's cock slammed
to the top of her cunt. Her screams rang around the room, echoing from
the walls as her beaten flesh throbbed. Sweat gleamed on her skin as she
struggled against the ropes; her pussy jerking on Dean's prick,
thrusting for it, almost begging for more of the male fuck meat.

"Come on, bitch! Come on, you beautiful little cunt! Show us!" Rose
yelled, lashing Gillian's ass.

Gillian's head spun. Her pussy spasmed and throbbed, jerking around the
base of the rock-hard cock filling her fuck hole. Her arms tensed. For a
second, she hung; Dean's cockhead just inside the entrance of her
throbbing pussy.

Then the whip cut her tits. Gillian screamed. Dean's cock was buried
once more in her hot little fuck-hole.

The door opened, and Alda walked in with two more of the male members of
the staff; both young, both hung, and both hard. Alda still had on her
white shoes and stockings, but she had added a blue and white slip to
the ensemble. The hem came just under her ass and flicked brazenly as
she walked.

"Fuck, she's busy," Alda said, to the two men. "You wanna wait and fuck

"Jesus!" one of the boys gasped. He stared at Gillian, who was jerking
her cunt down on Dean's cock; gasping and screaming with lust that was
totally out of control.

"Get the fuck out!" Dean yelled, but Alda ignored him.

"If you wanna fuck her, you have to make me happy till then," Alda
pouted, sliding her hand over the boy's cock. "You have to suck me;
that's fair, and you work my tits. If you wanna fuck her."

She sat on a table, leaning back and spreading her thighs; easing her
slip up to show her dark haired pussy mound.

Dean growled and seemed to be about to yell at Alda again, but the whip
lashed into Gillian's tits, and the heave she gave sucked at his cock so
hard that he gasped with pleasure and sank back on the bench.

"Fuck!" one of the boys sighed.

He climbed onto the table and sank his mouth over Alda's luscious tit,
holding the other one in his hand. Moaning with lust, he ran his teeth
over her nipple, biting it; sending Alda into an immediate screaming fit
of lust.

"Come on, suck my pussy!" she demanded. "If you wanna fuck her!"

The other boy stared at the open pussy for a moment, then sank to his
knees between her thighs, sliding them over his shoulders before he sank
his mouth over the hot wet gash of her cunt.

"Ohhhh! Yes, that's nice!" Alda moaned. "Do it to me, boys! Do it --

She writhed on the tabletop, her thighs spread wide, and her body
throbbing with lust as she was sucked to climax.

Gillian thrashed around on the rack as surging passion overwhelmed her
pain, driving her screaming into spasms of raging lust. Her pussy was
exploding, with the throbbing shaft of Dean's cock slamming up to the
top of it, raping her pussy walls with each stroke. She screamed as the
whip cut her tits.

"Come on, bitch! Show us! Show us!" Rose yelled, lashing Gillian's ass;
rubbing her own clit as she stared at the spasming girl. "Cum, bitch, we
wanna see you cum!"

She whipped Gillian's tits, landing it with perfect precision on
Gillian's nipples.

"Auurrghh!" Gillian screamed, jerking, her tits bouncing to the blow.

Her cunt throbbed and spasmed, and a rush of pure lust surged up over
her. She wailed, jerked and came; her whole body on fire.

"Noooo!" she wailed, her cunt sucking at Dean's cock with a passion that
she had never known before. She pulled hard with her hands; her tits
thrusting out for the whip, her pussy desperate for Dean's cock to fill
it. "Please, noooo!"

"Fuck, she's gonna do it!" Dean roared, hunching his ass up, his cock
disappearing into Gillian's sucking cunt-hole. "Fuck, she is, she is!"

"Aaaghghh!" the bound librarian screamed, her body out of control, as
she came.

Gillian had never felt passion like this before. It overwhelmed her at
each lash of the whip, each thrust of Dean's cock into her cunt. And now
she could feel his massive prick, swelling and throbbing with the rush
of cum surging in his balls. The whip beat into her ass. She came;
screaming, wailing, her cunt sucking and clutching at Dean's cock, as he
yelled and lurched up off the bench.

"Ohhh, fuck, yes!" he roared, his prick pounding up into her soft wet
cunt, cum surging out of his balls and up his thick cockshaft.

He gasped, as the first jet of his jizz poured into Gillian's throbbing

"Go, baby, go! Come on, show us!" Rose screamed; lashing Gillian,
beating the librarian's tits and ass with continuous strokes. Rose's
fingers blurred on her pussy. "Come on!"

Gillian's body was shattered by the most incredible climax, as hot
sticky cum gushed into her pussy. Her scream sent Alda into orgasm as
she lay on the tabletop, her pussy and her tits being worked over by the
two boys. Another streak of spunk rushed into her cunt, and Gillian
screamed harder; her eyes closing, her body wet with sweat.

"Yeah, oohhh, yeah!" Dean yelled, jerking up from the bench, his cock
shooting streaming fuck juice out of his balls; splattering it all over
her cunt, filling it, as his cock slammed up into her cunt.

"Fuck me, bitch! You're worth it, fuck, you are!" he roared in helpless

"Aaaggghhh!" Gillian wailed as she came, passion erupting over her with
each shot of hot jizz in her cunt. "No, please, no!"

Gillian was cumming, jerking, out of her mind with passion. Her hips
throbbed and heaved; her tits thrust out, taking the full power of the
whip with each stroke. There was blood on the underside of one tit where
her skin had split, but nothing stopped Gillian's raging lust.

"Noooo, please, don't do it, stop!" she screamed, her cunt sucking more
white gooey cum out of Dean's cock as she rammed her pussy down around

She wailed as Dean spewed the last massive shot of his jizz into her
cunt. Her pussy spasmed around the thick fuck-rod, taking even more
satisfaction from the rock-hard cock.

Dean gasped and thrust as he lay there; his cock oozing cum, while
Gillian still rode it, tossing around on the ropes, her orgasm still

"Fuck!" Rose yelled, lashing Gillian's jerking ass.

"No, stop!" Dean snapped.

He held Gillian on his cock; watching her, as the little blonde
librarian sobbed and screamed, trying to get full satisfaction.

But she couldn't, and she slowly came down; the pain from her whipped
tits and ass taking over from the passion. She became aware that her
legs ached and that her whole body throbbed with pain. Slowly she
collapsed; hanging on the ropes, her cunt still twitching around Dean's
cock, sweat running down her body, between her tits, mixing with the
smear of blood from her cut tit.

"Take her down," Dean said, pulling his prick out of Gillian's pussy and
climbing off the bench.

He and Rose had Gillian down in moments; dropping her to the floor,
where she curled up on the carpet and lay there, slowly rubbing her
whipped tits and ass.

"Now, bitch!" Dean snapped, walking over to where Alda lay on the table.
"You know the rules; you don't crash in unless you're asked."

"Oooh, did I do wrong, Dean?" Alda whimpered. "I'm so sorry, I just
thought --"

"Over the bar!"

"No, Dean, no!" Alda screeched, throwing the boys aside and rushing at
Dean. "You can't, no, not that, no!"

He grabbed her wrists and spun her around, holding her as she screamed
and yelled.

"You boys wanna instruct this bitch on how to behave? Just do what I
say. Come on!"

"No! You jerk, you lousy jerk!" Alda screamed, as she was hustled over
to the rack.

Instead of being hung up like Gillian, Alda was bent over the lower bar
of the rack, and her wrists were lashed to her widespread ankles, which
were lashed to the base of the rack. She screamed; her slip falling over
her back, revealing her wet pussy lips and taut asscheeks.

"Not you, bitch!" Alda screamed, looking up to see Rose, standing there
with the whip in her hand.

"You don't make bargains," Rose sneered, smoothing her white dress down
over her thighs. "You bitch! You're the one who makes him do these
things!" Alda screamed.

"Okay, boys," Dean said, handing one of them a thin rod. "One of you
beats the little bitch, while the other gets a blow job. Then you
change. Sound good? You do like blow jobs, don't you?"

"Fuck!" one boy gasped; his long dark hair falling over his face as he
looked at the rod. "You mean on her ass?"

"Hard," Dean said. "She knows the rules."

"Jesus!" The boy looked at his friend. "You wanna go first?"

"Sure," the other one said, trying to sound casual, while his prick
stuck out like a skewer. He went to the bound Alda and sat down on the
floor in front of her; his body between her spread legs, his legs
pushing out around her head, his cock pushing at her mouth.

"You fucker!" Alda screamed. "I don't get this kind of treatment!"

"If you break the rules, you do," Dean said casually, sitting down. "Now
suck, bitch! It's faster that way."

"Fuck off!" Alda screamed, straining against the bonds.

"Go on," Dean said to the boy with the dark hair. "Hard."

The boy raised the rod and held it for a moment. Then he lashed it down
across Alda's tight asscheeks.

"Aaagghhh -- bastard! Fucker!" Alda yelled, as a red line appeared on
her flesh.

"Harder!" Dean ordered.

"No, no -- aaagghhh!" Alda screamed, tossing on the bar, her legs
trembling with pain.

"Better. Now, get on and suck, honey; this goes on till he cums." Dean
leaned back in the chair and looked over at Gillian. "Come here."

Gillian moaned as she forced herself to her hands and knees. Her whole
body ached as she crawled across the floor to Dean. His cock had only
gone down a little, and it was stiffening with each scream Alda gave.
Gillian knew what Dean wanted.

"Suck it," he ordered. "Gently. Don't make me cum, or you'll be over the
bar with Alda."

Gillian surrendered at once. She crawled between his legs and took his
massive fuck-rod in her hands; running her soft lips over it, licking at
the cum-smeared flesh, kissing the hardening cock head.

Dean grunted and ran his fingers through Gillian's blonde hair.

"You're a mess. We'll have to get Rose to do you up later." He took hold
of his cockshaft and slid it over Gillian's lips, making her lick and
suck it as he wanted. "Nice; you're getting good at this."

Gillian moaned, wishing she was dead. And yet, the feel of hard male
cock in her mouth was a real turn-on; reminding her of stiff meat up her
pussy and in her ass. She trembled, wondering what was happening to her.

Alda screamed, as another thin line of pain appeared on her ass.

"Suck him, honey," Dean said, holding Gillian's mouth to his cock.

"Fuck you!" Alda screamed, but her lips moved closer to the long
throbbing cock that the boy held close to her mouth. The rod lashed her
ass hard. She screamed, and her lips ran over the prickhead thrusting

"Suck it; stop pretending!" Dean said.

"You shit, you fuck-faced shit! Aaghhh!" Alda screamed, and sank her
mouth over the thick dickmeat. Her throat opened as she sucked the boy's
cockhead in to the hilt; her throat throbbing as she sucked him.

"Fuckin' Jesus!" the boy gasped; jerking his ass off the floor, watching
his cock vanish into Alda's sucking mouth. "Shit, I never got sucked
like this -- ohhhh, fuck! Hey, Benny, whip her fast; I can't hold out
for long!"

But Benny wasn't really listening. He lashed Alda's red-lined ass,
bending it with the force of the blows. And all the while his hand eased
up and down his cock, stroking the stiff shaft while his eyes devoured
Alda's struggling body.

"Ooooohh, fuck!" the boy on the floor moaned, watching his cock vanish
into Alda's sucking throat. "I can't hold on; I can't!"

He fucked his cock into Alda's throat harder and faster. Brutally, he
gripped her hair; pulling her mouth even farther onto his jerking prick.

"Fuck, I gotta cum!" he yelled; leaning back, gasping with lust.

Benny lashed Alda's bound ass; stroking his cock faster and harder, his
ass beginning to jerk, his prick swelling in his hand.

Rose leaned over Dean, as he ran his massive fuck-rod between Gillian's
innocent lips.

"He's gonna cum," she murmured.

"So, you want the second turn." Dean laughed.

"You understand me perfectly," Rose purred and strolled over to Alda.

Alda's ass jerked on the bar, as the rod lashed into it. The red lines
had become a mass of crimson flesh and each new blow sent her thrashing
harder, her mouth sunk to the limit on the boy's cock. Her large,
swelling tits jerked and rolled as she struggled on the bar.

"Fuuuuck!" the boy on the floor yelled.

He fucked his cock into Alda's throat, right to the hilt, as it throbbed
and pounded with the cum rushing up it.

"Yeaaahhh!" he bellowed, as his streaming white goo poured into Alda's
throat. "Suck it all down!"

"Jesus! Hell! Fuuuuuuck!" Benny yelled, his eyes becoming glazed, as his
hand blurred on his cock. His arm swung, lashing Alda's squirming ass. A
stream of cum shot out of his cock slit, through the air, and splattered
onto Alda's ass. He whipped Alda hard; the rod lashing into his cum and
beating some of it away, as another stream gushed out of his cock and
over Alda's beaten ass.

Cum filled her mouth, and oozed from the corners of her soft lips, as
she sucked and swallowed. Jizz poured over her, as the boy bellowed and
jerked, gasping with release.

"Fuuuuuck!" Benny moaned, jerking his cock as another massive jet of
fuck juice poured out and over Alda's heaving ass. He lashed the bound
girl; beating gobs of his jizz into her flesh and splattering them
across her body. He gasped, his hand still blurring on his prick; cum
gushing out of his piss-slit.

Dean guided Gillian's mouth on his cock, stroking her soft lips over his
hard flesh. "Glad that isn't you, getting your ass whipped?"

That thought had more than crossed Gillian's mind. Each scream Alda gave
seemed to send electric shocks through her, making sucking Dean's cock
more exciting. She moaned, feeling his prick meat throb in her mouth.

"How would you like to fuck those two boys?" Dean asked.

Gillian gave a moan of horror and shook her head.

"Wrong answer, honey. Now, how would you like to fuck those two boys?"

"Yes, yes, I'd like that," Gillian moaned.

"While they really give your nipples a working over, right?"

"Yes, yes, that would be nice," Gillian wept.

"Well, maybe, maybe." Dean chuckled. "But, right now, I've gotta decide
how to fuck you; this hard-on won't wait much longer."

Rose ran her fingers down Benny's back, as he gasped, holding his cock
while the last of his cum dribbled out of it. His eyes were glassy.

"You young fuckers, so impatient," Rose crooned, "but I can't complain.
But if you want to be useful around here, get your cock hard again.

"Yeah, don't worry, I can do it," Benny gasped.

"I hope so." Rose laughed and tapped the other boy on the shoulder.
"Time to go to work, Jack."

Jack held Alda's sobbing mouth to his cock, stroking his softening cock
over her lips. He turned and looked up Rose's legs; right under her
dress. At the sight of her luscious thighs and dark pussy mound, his
cock started to get hard again.

"Don't even think it, honey," Rose chuckled. "Just do what you're told
and you'll get more than enough pussy. Now, up."

Jack pulled his cock out of Alda's mouth and got to his feet; taking the
rod, testing it.

"Use it properly," Rose said. "And get me that low stool."

Jack hurried to obey, while Rose stared at Alda's suffering face.

"Ready for me?" Rose asked, running her finger in the cum pooled on
Alda's ass.

Alda gave a moan of pain, as Rose prodded her bruises.

"Not you, please no!" she moaned.

"Sorry, bitch, but Benny here shot, so you can't blow him yet." Rose
played with her blonde hair.

Jack brought the stool.

"You bitch!" Alda moaned, as Rose carefully put the stool close to her

Rose made a performance out of it, easing her dress up. Then she sat
carefully on the stool and spread her legs, her hot wet pussy easing
closer to Alda's mouth.

"Whip her, Jack," she said.

Gillian moaned as Dean pushed her away from his cock.

"I know what I want," he said.

Chapter 6

"No, you bastard, no!" Alda screeched, as she turned around to eye the
boy she'd just sucked off. "I got you here; you don't whip me, you

Rose shoved Alda's head between her legs. "Suck, you bitch! You're just
an assistant; don't act like a boss!"

Alda twisted out of Rose's grasp again.

"Don't do it, Jack!" she screamed at the boy.

Jack grinned a little, playing the rod through his fingers. "But your
boss told me to do it."

"Don't listen to -- aaaghgh!" Alda screamed, as Rose grabbed her hair
and slapped her hard across the face. "You bitch!"

Rose slapped her again, hard and right across her face.

"Learn, bitch!" Rose snapped. "Now, suck pussy, or I'll keep you on that
bar until you've blown every man in this hotel!"

That sobered Alda up. She moaned, and sank her soft lips over Rose's hot
wet cunt. Rose gave a murmur of pleasure and spread her thighs wider,
holding Alda's head closer to her cunt.

Jack lined the rod up on Alda's ass, running it over the red flesh;
making Alda jerk and moan as she sucked Rose's pussy. Jack gasped, his
hand on his cock, rubbing it hard.

"Don't do what your friend did," Rose warned. "I want this bitch fucked
out of her mind after this."

"Hey, lady, whatever you say," Jack gasped, lashing Alda's ass.

Alda screamed and rocked on the bar; her ass jerking and twitching as
the thin rod bounced up off her flesh. She gasped as Rose pulled her
head closer, ramming her mouth onto the crack of her pussy.

"Come on, bitch, suck me nicely!" Rose purred, pushing her cunt harder
into Alda's face.

"Shit!" Jack gasped, as he lashed Alda's ass.

He pulled on his cock, dragging the last inch of stiffness back into it.
With his eyes glaring, he lashed Alda's jerking ass-flesh, gripping his
cock harder, jerking at it as he lashed the screaming girl.

"Harder!" Rose snapped. "She needs it harder!"

Jack gasped and lashed Alda's ass, beating it into her asscheeks with
furious strokes. Alda screamed into Rose's pussy; sucking and biting at
the hot flesh, getting a moan of satisfaction from Rose.

"Yeah, that's better," Rose purred. "Keep it up, Jack! Keep it up!"

Jack lashed Alda with greater fury; still rubbing his cock, staring at
the two women.

Dean pulled Gillian up by her hair and grinned at her. "You know what I

"No," Gillian whispered.

"I want you to beg me to put a vibrator up your pussy, while I fuck your

Gillian dropped her eyes, terrified again.

"Sure, you want to do that, don't you?" Dean sighed, slipping his
fingers around Gillian's whipped nipples. "Tell me how much you want to
do that."

He tightened his grip, rolling Gillian's crinkled nipple flesh, sending
sharp pains out of the whipped buds.

"Yes, yes, I'd love to do that!" Gillian moaned, jerking to the pulse of
the pain.

"Sure?" Dean whispered.

Gillian gasped, thrusting her tits at his hands.

"Try me," she moaned, her head spinning convulsively.

Dean laughed and twisted her nipples harder. Gillian moaned, and spasms
of excitement rushed out of her pussy. The agony pouring from her tits
was seething through her body, making her feel weak with horrible

"Get up," Dean said. "Go to the cabinet over there and pick a vibrator.
Do it!"

Gillian staggered to her feet, her head ringing with lust. She glanced
at Dean for a moment, then broke into sobs. She turned and staggered to
the closet, hearing Alda's screams as the rod lashed her tight ass.

Gillian turned, looking at the perverted scene before her. Jack lashed
Alda's ass while the bound girl sucked on Rose's pussy. Rose sat on the
seat, rubbing her pussy against Alda's helpless mouth. To one side,
Benny waited; rubbing his cock, getting it hard again as he watched.

It all sent Gillian into deeper sobs of disgust. She turned, and pulled
open the cabinet door. There were rows and rows of vibrators and dildos,
ranging in size; from six inches to massive ones, that would split her
body in two. She gasped and ran her fingers over them, feeling the
softness in some of them, and the massive hardness of others. Some were
ebony, and the jet-black shafts seemed to beckon her. She shuddered,
reaching for the cock-shaped, curving ones, with rubber coatings and
battery controls. She knew she had to pick one big enough to impress
Dean, and yet one not too big. She grasped one and pulled it out of the

She turned and went back to Dean, holding the vibrator in her shivering

"Not bad," he said. "Now, start it up."

Gillian twisted the base of the vibrator. To her surprise, the long
prick began to whir, shaking in her hand.

"Now, stick it up your cunt."

Gillian shivered, holding the rubber cock. He was staring at her,
waiting. Slowly she moved the rubber cock between her legs; spreading
them, opening the blonde slit of her pussy.

That was what horrified, and drove her crazy with lust at the same time;
having to do it in front of him.

With a moan of submission, she spread her thighs; running the tip of the
rubber vibrator over her cunt. The sparks of passion that burst out of
the contact sent her rocking on her heels. Tears burst out of her eyes,
as she suffered the humiliation of seeing Dean laughing at her.

"Yeah, come on, bitch, show me how much you really want it," he said.
"You're the horniest little cunt I've seen in a long time; come on,
admit it."

Gillian screamed, then broke into sobs, feeling rushes of lust bursting
out of her clit as the hard rubber cock rubbed against it."

Dean laughed. "You'll admit it. Now, get it up your cunt."

"You beast!" Gillian sobbed, but he just grinned and leaned back in the
chair, watching her.

With a groan, she slid the rubber cockhead into her pussy. It slid in
easily on her juices, and she felt the throbbing prick pulsating in her
cunt, sending fresh spasms of passion through her. It was only in an
inch or so, but that was more than enough for her super-sensitive pussy.
The churning prickhead pulsed in her fuck-hole, and she gasped, pushing
the thick vibrator deeper; rasping it over her pussy walls. Spreading
her legs wider, she held the vibrator in her cunt, pushing it harder.

"Ohhhh, you beast, what are you doing to me?" she sobbed, fucking
herself with the imitation cock, ramming it right up her cunt; holding
it so tightly to her fuck-hole that her fingers slid over her clit,
adding to her excitement.

"Bring yourself off," Dean said, grinning nastily.

"Please, no!" Gillian moaned, shoving the vibrator in, then letting it
slip on down until she rammed it in again. She spread her legs even
wider. Her free hand was playing with her clit; rubbing the hard bud,
letting her passions surge out.

"Come on, you beautiful bitch," Dean said softly. "Bring yourself off."

Gillian moaned, rubbing her clit; shuddering with passion as the
vibrator and her fingers on her clit sent her soaring into new realms of

"Tell me what it's like when you bring yourself off," Dean said softly.
"What you do when you're in bed at night, playing with yourself. Come
on, tell me."

Gillian gasped, guilt rushing up over her passion; making her break out
in a new sweat.

"Tell me, or I'll have you over the bar! Come on, every nasty little
detail. You lay in bed and you rub your pussy, come on."

"Please, no, no!" Gillian moaned, running the vibrator deeper in her

"Tell me!"

"Yes, yes I do!" she moaned. "I do, every night! I have to; I have to!"


"Because I need it so much! It's so wicked; so wicked!" Gillian sobbed,
the vibrator deep in her cunt, churning over her pussy walls, driving
her into spasms of lust.

"So why don't you fuck all the men you want?"

"Only wimps like Joe want me!" Gillian screamed. "No real man would want
me! I'm ugly, stupid, horrible!"

She screamed and came, her cunt throbbing around the churning vibrator.

Dean laughed. He came close to the moaning, spasming blonde. "So you rub
your pussy, and that's so wicked."

"Yes, yes," Gillian sobbed.

"So you have to be punished, don't you?"

"Yes, yes! Please, stop, please!" Gillian screamed, her hips jerking
like mad; her cuntlips thrusting at the base of the vibrator, swallowing
it effortlessly.

"Get my cock real wet for your ass!" Dean snapped. "You know how to do

Gillian sank to her knees; holding the vibrator inside her cunt, rubbing
it over her pussy walls, as she slid her mouth along the massive prick
length of Dean's cock. He held his cock for her; letting her move her
mouth over his cockhead, taking it in, sucking on it, letting her saliva
run all over it.

"Deeper!" he gasped.

Gillian shuddered, working her mouth down the massive shaft, taking it
in until it reached the entrance to her throat. She was sure she would
choke, but she gave a push, and the thick round cockhead was in her
throat; throbbing as she licked at his shaft, getting it as wet as she

"Cum again! Now!"

The tone of his voice sent Gillian shuddering into an orgasm. She
screamed, then sank her mouth down on his cock even further; wetting it
as she came, her throat throbbing around his hard prick. Her fingers
blurred on her clit, as she rammed the vibrator to the top of her
shivering cunt with her other hand.

"Good," Dean said softly, "you're learning."

He held her there while she came, and moaned, her mouth sliding on his
cock. His thick prick rammed into her throat, again and again, as her
passion surged. Finally, he pulled back, making her lick and suck every
inch of his cock, until her lips were running over his cockhead and she
was moaning with helpless lust.

"Now, go and lean over the table and beg me to fuck your ass," he

Gillian crawled, holding the vibrator in her cunt, over to the table.
She could hear Alda's muffled screams and the slap of the rod on the
girl's ass. Throbbing with orgasm, Gillian leaned over the table and
spread her legs, heaving her ass up, saliva drooling from her lips onto
the polished tabletop.

"Please, please, fuck my ass!" she moaned, breaking into hot flashes of

Dean stood behind her, running his hands over her ass.

"Beg me again!" He spanked her hard, his hand beating into her crimson

Gillian screamed as the pain and lust surged through her. "Please,
please, please! Fuck my ass! I want it so bad!"

"Bad enough to take this on your ass as I fuck it?" Dean said sharply,
leaning forward and shoving a thin leather strap under Gillian's nose.

"Yes, yes!" she sobbed, jerking back at his cock that was already deep
in her ass crack.

"Good," he murmured and leaned back.

Gillian felt his cock pushing toward her asshole, working over the
spasming ring of muscles until his cock was in position. Then he gave a
shove and Gillian gasped. Her head was flung back, and she gave a
moaning scream as his thick cock pushed into her shit-hole. The
sensation of Dean's cock, rubbing against the end of the vibrator
through the thin fleshy divider that separated her cunt from her ass,
sent new shudders of orgasm through her. She groaned, her ass thrusting
back; taking another inch of his cock before she came up short,
screaming in the mixture of pain and pleasure that swamped her.

Dean's cock rubbed against the churning vibrator, spreading her ass
walls with its massive thickness, until she was sure her ass was going
to break in two. At the same time, the horrible depraved lust that burst
out of the contact sent her head spinning, as she came again. She
sobbed, holding the vibrator deep in her cunt while Dean shoved again,
and half his massive cock sank into her ass.

Gillian screamed, jerking against the table. Her ass and pussy were
erupting with pain and lust as the two cocks worked over them, and Dean
was making sure that she got the full measure of both.

With long, slow, deliberate thrusts, he fucked his cock deep in her ass,
then slid it out again, holding his cockhead at the very entrance of her
shitter. Gillian's moans and screams mounted as she jerked back; trying
to get more of his thick fuck-rod. When she was going out of her mind,
Dean slammed in hard; filling her asshole with his cock, making her
scream even harder as the lust and pain broke over her in waves of

"Beg me for it." He chuckled.

"No, no, please, no!"

Her fingers worked her clit until she was gasping in constant wails of
lust, and her ass and pussy spasmed around the pricks buried in them.

"Yessss!" Rose snarled as she held Alda's mouth to her pussy and thrust
her wet slit against the girl's face. "Do it for me! Come on, show me
what a good girl you can be."

Rose gurgled with satisfaction, her cunt gushing over Alda's face as she

"How much more, lady?" Jack asked, whipping Alda's ass; staring at the
red flesh, his hand working his cock slowly.

"Until I tell you to stop!" Rose moaned, rubbing her nipples with one

She opened another button on the front of her dress, so she could get to
her tits more easily. Alda sobbed and moaned, sucking for all she was

"Yes, yes, that's it! Now, whip her real hard, come on!" Rose screamed,
her thighs opening even wider; her cunt juices running into Alda's
mouth. "Bite me, bitch! Show me how much you want to hurt me!"

As the rod lashed her ass, Alda bit hard into Rose's clit; chewing the
hard fleshy bud, rasping it between her teeth. The rod whipped her
harder and her mouth worked viciously, biting at the spasming wet flesh,
until Rose gave a scream of total lust and jerked on the stool, her
pussy gushing juices as she came.

"Yeaaass, yeaaassss!" Rose gasped, her ass spasming, her thighs spread
as wide as they would go. "One more stroke, and make it a good one!"

Jack put all he had into the rod, his cock throbbing in his hands. He
whipped Alda's ass, breaking the skin. The bound girl gave a horrible
wail, and chewed on Rose's clit for all she was worth.

Rose screamed as she climaxed. There was blood, as well as juices on her
clit, as she pulled away from Alda's mouth and stood up painfully.

"Not bad, whore," she said, "now you get to be fucked, you like that?"

"You bitch!" Alda screamed.

"Fuck her," Rose said, smoothing her dress down over her thighs.

"Yeah, sure!" Jack gasped.

He threw the rod away, advancing on Alda, holding his cock. He didn't
wait; just ran his prickhead over her clit and slammed it right in to
the top of her cunt.

Alda screamed, as she was reamed out by the hot young cook, her cunt
spasming around the raging prick that filled it.

"Ohhh, fuck, yeah!" Jack gasped; holding Alda's ass, pulling at her
flesh, driving more pain into her helpless body. "Boy, I'm gonna cum

Dean drove his prick into the depths of Gillian's ass, and she spasmed
in orgasm; her anal walls shuddering over the thick shaft, her pussy
throbbing around the vibrator. Her climaxes surged.

Dean gave a long drawn-out moan of lust, and his cock speeded up in her
shit-pit, fucking her ass with growing urgency. Gillian knew he was
close to cumming and that sent extra shivers of emotion through her. She
hugged the tabletop; her mouth running a wet line along it as she moaned
and thrust, with her climaxes tearing into her with each thrust of his

"Okay, bitch, here it cums!" Dean yelled.

He lashed a thin strap into Gillian's ass, just inches from where his
cock vanished between her asscheeks.

It was as if a volcano went off inside Gillian. Great spouts of climax
broke through her. She screamed; ramming the vibrator into her cunt,
thrusting up as the next lash of the strap whipped her ass, and the cum
burst out of Dean's balls.

"Fuuuuuck!" he roared, jerking and heaving, hot white spunk gushing up
his cockshaft and pouring into Gillian's ass. "You take it, you little

He lashed her asscheeks. With a great groan, he forced her down on his
cock, cum spouting out of his piss-slit, filling Gillian's shitter.

"Aaaghhh! No, please!" Gillian screamed, her head spinning helplessly
until she had no idea where she was.

Her ass throbbed around his shooting cock, and the sucking of her two
fuck-passages brought her two more screaming climaxes. Cum gushed into
her ass as Dean's prick spurt out his hot seed.

"Ooohhhhhh, God! Fuck! Help!" Gillian screamed, tossing out of control
on the tabletop.

"You bitch, beg for it!" Dean yelled, as his cock emptied more of his
seething lust into Gillian's ass.

His cock rasped over her anal walls, rubbing against the vibrator, and
sending his cum shooting out even harder. He gasped and lashed Gillian's
ass with the strap, watching as it bit into her flesh and she screamed
with more helpless passion. Cum oozed out of her ass as she rode his
cock. It ran down between her thighs, and oozed over her fingers as she
held the vibrator in her cunt. Her grip began to slip, and she grabbed
at the whirring fake cock, forcing it back up into her pussy.

The strap lashed into her ass as Dean's cock gave a massive leap. The
vibrator hit the top of her cunt, and Gillian cascaded over the peak of
her lust. She sobbed on the tabletop, unable to think straight.

"Fuck, ohhhh, fuck!" Dean bellowed, as his cock finally gave out the
last of his cum. He gasped and held his cock high in her ass while his
cock throbbed and oozed cum. "Jesus, if you don't wake up, bitch, I
dunno what I'm gonna do with you."

He whipped her ass with the strap and Gillian gave a low moan.

"Fuck me," he gasped, working his slowly softening cock in Gillian's
ass, rubbing the strap against her ass-flesh.

Gillian sobbed. Her fingers lost their grip on the vibrator. Shame and
disgust were surging through her. Slowly, her still spasming muscles
forced the vibrator out of her cunt and it dropped to the carpet,
gleaming with her cuntal juices. She was dizzy with fatigue.

Dean leaned over her. "Tell me just how much you want it!"

"No! Please let me go! Haven't you done enough to me?"

"Fuckin' Jesus!" Dean snarled. "Won't you ever learn?"

Chapter 7

Gillian sobbed and wept on the floor, desperately hoping they would
leave her alone. But Dean was furious and he pulled her up at once,
slamming her face-down on the table.

"Stay there or get tied up!" he snapped.

She sobbed, listening to the yells and moans as Jack slammed his cock in
and out of Alda's hot sopping-wet cunt. He rammed the shrieking Alda
into the bar with all his force, as his cock reamed her cunt out.

"Yeah, yeah!" he yelled. "Fuck, this is good! I'm gonna shoot, I'm gonna

Gillian raised her head and looked. Jack slammed his cock into Alda's
pussy, his ass jerking out of control. Alda's legs and arms strained at
the bonds and her little slit bounced to the beat of Jack's raging cock.

"You bastard! You fuckers!" Alda wailed, her beet-red ass slapping
against Jack's loins, as he fucked her faster and harder.

She gave a scream, one that was such a mixture of pain and lust that
Gillian felt her pussy getting wet at the sound of it. It reminded her
of what she had suffered. She shivered.

"Don't call me a bastard, you fuckin' cunt, you're cumming!" Jack
roared, as his thick cock jerked in and out of Alda's cunt. "You're
cumming, you bitch!"

He spanked Alda's red ass and she gasped, wailing in pain and lust as
she rolled on the rail.

"No, you fucker, no!" she screamed, but it was obvious to everybody that
she was cumming.

Her legs tensed and danced. Her ass jerked, and her dark hair brushed
the floor in furious strokes as passion overwhelmed her. With a shriek,
she climaxed; her cunt sucking at Jack's cock as he roared with lust.

"Yeaaahh, tell me, whore, tell me!" he crowed, hot streams of jizz
rushing up his cockshaft and pouring into Alda's spasming fuck-hole.
"Come on, you're cumming, bitch!"

He spanked her and Alda gave a squeal of passion.

"You'll have to spank me harder then that!"

"Bitch!" he yelled, spanking her ass harder. "Come on, tell me!"

Thick gobs of cum rushed out of his cock and into Alda's pussy.

"No, no, no!" Alda screamed, her pussy sucking and spasming around his
shooting cockshaft. "Never, no!" He spanked her again and then she
lunged back at him, taking his cock to the very depths of her cunt,
gasping with undisguised lust.

Gillian found that she was gently rubbing her pussy as she watched, her
fingers sliding over her wet clit. Guiltily she stopped, pulling her
legs together and tried to look away. But the screams of lust coming
from Alda turned her head back to look and her fingers crept down again,
reaching for her tingling cunt. She rubbed her clit and spasms of
passion shot out of the contact.

In a fever of shame, Gillian looked for Dean and Rose. They were
standing quietly, watching Alda and Jack. She watched Alda get her cunt
filled with cum and cock. Her fingers blurred on her clit and the little
blonde librarian surged up to the brink of another cum. She rubbed her
pussy, her tits pressed into the tabletop, rubbing at it for more
contact. But still she couldn't crest, however hard she tried.

"You fucker!" Jack yelled, as his cock spat out his final gobs of thick

He gave Alda one last spanking and then gave out; holding his cock in
her pussy, rattling the rail and Alda.

Alda giggled. "With a bit of training, you'll be a good lay."

"Oh, yeah?" he snarled. He pulled his cock out of her cunt. He
unstrapped her ankles. "You need some manners taught to you, bitch!"

"So teach me," Alda whimpered as she rubbed her wrist that he'd just

"I just might."

He unclipped her other wrist, and Alda pulled herself upright, sliding
her arms around his neck.

"How about we go and practice?" she murmured, sliding her legs between

"Later!" Dean snapped. "We're gonna show this bitch who she is."

"We know who she is," Alda pouted.

"Do it!" Dean snapped and turned away.

"Come on," Alda said, and helped Jack pull his pants back on.

Then, they left.

"Okay," Dean said as he walked toward Gillian.

She had slowed her pussy-rubbing.

"You lay there and take what we do. You can even rub your cunt all the
time, how about that?" he laughed, but Gillian didn't stop rubbing her
pussy. The demand in her flesh was too great. "But if you try to stop us
- then you'll be tied down and left to anybody who wants you, all night
long. And that's a bitch, baby. Even Alda can't take that. Lot of
perverts around this place, you understand?"

Gillian clutched the tabletop. She saw Dean go over to the closet,
reaching for the ebony rods. She tried to bury her face in the tabletop.

Dean brought the rods over. There were four of them and each one got
fatter and longer, until the biggest one had to be the thickness of her
arm and two feet long. Gillian gave a gurgling moan as he put them on
the table in front of her, and tossed a tube of something beside them.

"Cream 'em up," he said. "They're going up your ass, so you'll want them
nice and slippery."

Gillian shuddered as she reached for the rods.

It was desperately humiliating; rubbing cream onto the thick black rods
so that they could be shoved up her ass. Dean, Rose, and Benny stood
close to the table, Benny looking rather uneasy as his cock swelled in
his hand. He gripped it tighter, each time Gillian picked up a bigger

Finally, Gillian had all the rods greased, and she laid the last one
down. She wept, trying to forget that this horrible thing was happening
to her.

The door opened, and Alda came in, along with Jack and a bunch of other
workers at the hotel; both boys and girls. They were all young and they
giggled at the sight of Gillian, clinging to the tabletop, weeping her
heart out.

"Watch this; all of you," Dean said. "But nobody does anything unless I
say so."

He nodded to Rose and she went to the closet and came back with a small
cat whip, the knotted tails swinging from her hand.

Gillian felt her pussy throb, and she shivered with horrible
expectation. The crowd drew closer around her, making her shiver again.
She bit her lip, as Dean picked up the smallest ebony rod and went to
her ass. She felt the touch of the smooth round end between her
asscheeks. She tensed, gripping the tabletop.

"On the table, Benny," Rose said.

He almost jumped on; his cock sticking out, throbbing with arousal.

Dean pushed the rod into Gillian's ass, opening her asshole with ease.

Gillian gasped as the massive rod invaded her shit-pit, sliding on the
cream; in and out. She moaned, and her back arched as the pain boiled in
her guts.

"Good," Dean said softly, easing the ebony rod in and out; increasing
the length of the stroke each time.

Benny grabbed her hair and rubbed his cock over her lips.

"Suck it, honey; you've got a lot of sucking to do," Rose said.

Gillian trembled. She knew she was trapped. She opened her lips, letting
Benny's cock slide into her mouth, while she moaned to the fuckstroke of
the thick ebony rod in her ass. She gripped the tabletop, her mouth
open, gasping around the thick prick thrusting between her lips.

"Fuck, she's good!" Benny murmured, looking triumphantly at his
co-workers; his cock sliding into Gillian's throat.

The little blonde librarian took his cock easily; sliding it into her
throat, her mouth pumping on his shaft.

Dean pushed, and the ebony rod vanished into Gillian's ass, until only
his grip on the end stopped it from sliding all the way in, out of
sight. Gillian lurched; her lips sank to the base of Benny's cock and
her throat sucked at his prickhead with a power that made him gasp with

Several of the watching boys and girls giggled and wriggled.

Dean slid the rod back out, raking it out of Gillian's shivering ass in
a long smooth movement that made her moan in pain. Her ass throbbed,
waiting for another invasion.

It came. The second rod was pushed into her ass. It was over a foot
long, as thick as Gillian's wrist, and even the push of just the tip
into her shitter brought a long groan of pain from her. Her ass was
stretched to the limit as the black monster sank in, its rigid length
filling her shit-hole. Her mouth sank over Benny's cock, taking it right
into her throat again and he leaned back, his prick swollen as Gillian
sucked at it.

"Fuckin' cunts!" he whispered. "This chick can suck! Ohhh, fuck, she

He gasped and jerked as Dean raped Gillian's ass with the ebony rod,
working it in and out of her shit-hole with faster, harder strokes.
Several of the young workers gathered around, watching the thick ebony
rod slide in and out of Gillian's tight, shuddering asshole.

The librarian groaned, opening her throat to take the last inch of
Benny's cock. The rod worked deep in her guts, churning her ass up,
making her moan and toss with seething passions that were pain and
pleasure, all mixed together. Her ass jerked as it was reamed out. Her
thighs trembled and her fingernails ran along the polished tabletop,
scratching it.

"Rub your pussy," Rose hissed in Gillian's ear. "Do it, now!"

Gillian's fingers ran down under her heaving body until they reached
between her spread thighs. She caressed her pussy; the wet slippery gash
opening for her fingers and the eyes of the workers standing around
watching her. Spasms of lust shot out of the contact.

Benny lurched on the tabletop, his hands flat on either side of her,
thrusting his cock to the limit into Gillian's sucking throat.

"Yeahh, I'm cumming!" he yelled.

Dean began driving the ebony rod in and out of Gillian's shitter with
faster, harder strokes; grinning, as he watched her frantic fingers blur
on her pussy. The surges of lust building in the helpless blonde were
driving her out of her mind. Her throat opened even wider, sucking at
Benny's cock as he gave a great yell of lust and shot a stream of jizz
out of his piss slit, deep in Gillian's throat.

"Suck it up!" he roared, his ass jerking out of control, ramming his
cock between Gillian's lips so fast that his balls slapped her chin.
"Aaahhh! Yesss!"

His cock spewed another thick wad of cum into Gillian's throat.

Gillian's ass throbbed as the ebony rod slammed in and out, churning in
her guts with its massive stiff length. Her throat took the last jets of
Benny's cum and she swallowed them, sucking on the softening cock.

"Ooohhh, fuck, that was good!" Benny gasped, and then pulled his cock
out of Gillian's mouth, cum still oozing from his cock-slit.

Dean slowed the rod, stroking it in Gillian's quivering asshole until he
pulled it out. She gave a low moaning scream. Her fingers rolled on her
clit with even more urgency.

"Don't worry, baby; I got an even bigger one for you."

Gillian shrieked, her legs trembling as she watched Dean take up the
next ebony rod. It was a foot and a half long and thicker than the
thickest salami. It gleamed in the light as he ran the massive tip over
Gillian's ass-crack.

Gillian moaned and wept. One of the boys was on the table and placed his
cock at her lips. She didn't even look up; just opened her mouth and
took the fucker in, sucking on the rock-hard flesh. He groaned, his
prick trembled, and Gillian knew he was going to shoot very soon, he was
so hot.

Dean pushed on the ebony rod and Gillian shrieked in pure agonized pain.
Her anal muscles were stretched until she was sure they were splitting,
and the enormous thick rod worked into her shitter just an inch or so.
She gripped the cock in her mouth and rubbed her fingers on her clit as
hard as she could, trying to diminish the pain.

Dean pushed again and the ebony rod slid into her ass, tearing at her
anal walls. As the rod filled her guts, she felt as if the tip was about
to hit the end of the cock in her mouth. She shuddered, her ass erupting
with pain and lust as the rod stroked in and out, working over her
shitter walls.

Then, as the rod slid out of her shitter, Rose whipped her ass with the
cat tails. This stroke was nowhere near as bad as some Gillian had
taken, but with everything else, it sent her over the edge into an
immediate climax. Her ass throbbed. Her legs trembled, and her throat
opened, taking the boy's cock right in. Her throat spasmed around his
throbbing cockhead, sucking even harder as the rod slammed into her ass,
filling her shitter before pulling back. When only six or so inches of
it were in her shit-pit, Rose lashed her crimson ass. Gillian's scream
bubbled out from around the boy's cock, while her throat sucked the cum
out of his balls in a long stream.

"Fuuuck!" the boy roared. "Oohhh, Jesus, ohhhh!"

His cum jetted into Gillian's throat, but she hardly noticed it. Her ass
jerked back for the rod and the whip. She took another mouthful of cum
as Rose lashed her ass and the rod plunged back in, raping her shitter.
Her fingers rolled on her clit; slowly now, sliding on the freely
flowing juices.

The boy yelled as his cock was sucked dry by Gillian's mouth. He fell
back on the table, his prick pouring cum, his eyes glazed with

Gillian screamed as she sucked at his prick, taking the ooze of cum that
was all he had left. She pumped her head up and down, but his cock was
dry and was softening. She moaned, thrusting back for the whip, but, as
it landed, Dean pulled the rod out of her ass and she shrieked, her anal
walls collapsing, throbbing with pain.

"Now the last one," Dean said.

One of the girls climbed onto the table, giggling; her little short
uniform skirt pulled up, her panties off. Gillian sank her mouth over
the girl's dark pussy mound, gripping the girl's thighs. She sucked at
the hot flesh, getting a giggle and a moan from the pretty dark-haired

Then Gillian felt the push of the biggest ebony rod of all.

She screamed, her ring of anal entrance muscles throbbing with the pain
as they tried to stretch far enough. Dean pushed and Gillian shrieked
again, her body jerking on the table. Rose whipped her ass as she heaved
and took in several inches of the massive endless rod.

The pain rushed over the helpless librarian. She sucked the girl's clit
and savaged it, sucking and biting at the hot flesh. The girl gave a
yell and gripped Gillian's hair, rubbing her cunt over the blonde's
teeth, moaning as she got more and more excited.

Gillian felt her anal muscles throbbing with pain, as the enormous thick
rod pushed in. Throbbing pain rushed over her in surging waves. Rose
lashed her ass. Dean pushed the rod harder and several more inches of it
vanished into Gillian's ass; the enormous arm-thick black skewer pushed
right into the tight ring of muscles that protected Gillian's ass.

The workers gathered around, watching in amazement as Gillian's ass took
the rod, while her whipped asscheeks clutched and throbbed at the
monster sliding between them.

Dean worked over a foot of the ebony rod into Gillian's ass, keeping her
screaming all the way; the massive rod forcing her to straighten out,
pulling her spine up, her body going rigid as the pole invaded her
shitter. The rod touched something in Gillian, and she screamed like a
banshee; holding the table tight, her mouth on the girl's cunt, her body
rigid with pain and a quivering climax. Dean slid the rod out, and
Gillian's screams died away, then climbed again as Rose lashed her ass,
beating into her red flesh.

In a haze of blind fury, Gillian sucked at the little girl's pussy,
sending her into shrieks of passion. She gripped Gillian's hair, pulling
the blonde's mouth onto her cunt even harder as she jerked on the
tabletop, her little uniform skirt flicking against the shiny surface.

"Oh, do it! That's so nice! Ohhh, fuck! It's great having a girl do it
-- oh fuck, they can suck pussy!"

Suddenly Gillian felt infinitely more experienced and worldly than the
girl. The girl had probably been fucking for years, but in one night
Gillian had done more than she would ever do. Savagely, Gillian bit the
girl's clit, driving another shriek of satisfaction from the little
dark-haired girl. She held on with her teeth; sucking and licking,
sending the girl crazy with passion.

Dean and Rose were playing with Gillian, making her sob and scream with
passion, whenever they wanted. Dean slid the rod into her ass, and then
he twisted it, sending Gillian screaming in tense raging spasms of
passion. The rod was so long that Rose could whip Gillian whenever she
wanted. So the cat lashed into the crimson bruises of Gillian's ass,
driving screams of horrible lust from the librarian.

"Now, tell us how much you want it!" Dean yelled, rolling the rod,
pulling it back an inch or so, then rolling it deeper.

Gillian screamed, biting and sucking at the little dark-haired girl's
slit until she gave a scream and rolled away, off the table, gasping
with the end of her climax. But Gillian's raging orgasm just went on and
on, surging over her.

Gillian went tense as she held herself on the edge.

"Noooo! You can't, no!" she screamed, her body wet with sweat.

"One last chance, baby," Dean said, rolling the rod. "Tell us how much
you want it!"

"No, no, you perverts! You hurt me! You hurt me!" Gillian screamed.

Gillian shrieked as they started on her. The rod pushed in and out of
her shit-hole faster, and Rose lashed her ass with stronger strokes,
whipping into her sore flesh with no mercy at all. She rolled on the
table, her body erupting at everything they did to her.

Dean pushed the rod into her ass, slamming the entire enormous thick
length into Gillian's shit-pit.

Gillian went rigid, screaming; her back as tense as a knife blade. The
ebony rod rolled in her guts and she climaxed as if she was going to
shatter into pieces. The rod pushed into her guts, going deeper,
ripping, tearing her body to shreds. Her guts erupted, and she screamed
in the most diabolical pleasure she had ever known. It raged through her
until she passed out.

Chapter 8

A door closed.

Gillian stirred, lifting her head. It was pitch dark and she had no idea
where she was.

She was kneeling; tied face-down over a soft round pillow. She wriggled
and thought she was on a bed.

Then she heard them.

"Which end do you want?" a boy asked.

"I want her cunt."

Gillian shivered and lay quiet.

"Okay, fuck, you got it; I want that mouth."

Suddenly their hands were all over her, and Gillian gave a shriek of
horror, pulling against the bonds that held her, but she was securely
tied at the wrists, knees, and ankles.

"Get away from me!" she screamed.

The boys laughed.

There was the touch of a thin rod on Gillian's ass.

"No, no -- aaahahhh! Stop it, no!" Gillian screamed, jerking wildly.

"Don't argue, bitch. We've come to fuck you; any more shit and you'll
hurt a lot."

A strange excitement rushed through her. She would have no idea which
boy had fucked her, and there was a perverted thrill in that. She moaned
and felt her pussy juices flowing.

A cock bobbed at Gillian's lips. She opened her lips and let the
throbbing cock slide into her mouth. The boy's prick was smooth and
strong. She slid it into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on
it, working it over until the boy gave a gasp of lust.

"Yeahhhh!" he sighed, holding her blonde hair and thrusting his cock at
her throat.

Then came the push of another cock at her pussy. It slid against her wet
clit, and Gillian gurgled with passion, her pussy walls throbbing in
expectation. It slid in, rubbing against her cuntal walls, driving sharp
sparks of lust into the bound librarian. She moaned on the soft pillow,
her ass thrusting, her mouth sliding down the full length of the prick,
taking the ball of his cockhead right into her throat.

"Oohhh, fuck, yeah!" the boy she was sucking moaned. He gripped her hair
harder, filling her throat with his rampant cockmeat. "Fuck, just
imagine if we had this after every shift, hey?"

The other boy chuckled, ramming his fucker to the top of Gillian's cunt,
rolling it around in the warm, sucking tube.

"If only," he gasped. "Fuck!"

He speeded up, his cock sliding harder into Gillian's pussy, his loins
slapping her asscheeks.

Her ass was still as sore as hell, and the contact sent shivers of pain
through Gillian that only sent her lust higher. She gasped, not caring
any longer that they knew she was aroused. Her throat throbbed and
sucked at the cockhead, and her pussy spasmed on the thick prick fucking
her from behind.

The boys reached for her tits, playing with them in turn, rolling her
soft tit-mounds in their hands.

"Fuck, oh fuck!" the boy sliding his cock deep into her throat gasped.
"She's got me going -- ohhh, fuck!"

He gave a long drawn-out moan of lust and shoved his cock at her throat
with a fury that told her she was about to get another mouthful of cum.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he yelled, his cock blurring in and out between her
lips, his cockshaft throbbing and swelling as the jizz flooded up his

"Wow, you told me she was hot, but fuck!" the other boy yelled, his
thick shaft ramming to the hilt in Gillian's spasming cunt. "Jeezz,

He gripped her asscheeks as his cock slammed in and out, throbbing,
swelling as cum gushed out of his balls.

"Yeaaahhh!" the other boy yelled and shot a thick wad of spunk into
Gillian's sucking mouth. "Ohhh, fuck, fuck, she can suck!"

Gillian was ashamed of her passion as the hot cum boiled into her mouth.
She rolled the cock juice around in her mouth, tasting it as it poured
out, filling her sucking throat. She pulled back a little, taking the
salty goo on her lips for a moment before she plunged her head down the
spurting shaft once more, letting the jizz gush into her mouth and into
her throat.

"Urrhh, fuck! This is the best!" the boy yelled, his hips shaking as he
emptied his load in her mouth. "Fuck, oohh, fuck!"

He held her head; pulling back, jerking his cockhead over her lips as he
shot more white goo.

Gillian gasped, her pussy spasming around the other cock as the fuck
juice gushed into her cunt. The boy was yelling, his prick shooting cum,
his hands gripping her ass, nearly driving her over into orgasm.

But the pain wasn't enough.

Gillian tightened her cunt around the cock as it filled her pussy with
juice. Her mouth took the other prick to the base again, but the boy was
already shot out, his cock-slit just oozing cum into her wildly sucking
throat. She moaned, her pussy throbbing, her arms and legs aching, but
the passion rang through her without giving her any real satisfaction.

"Fuck, what a bitch!" the boy fucking her cunt gasped as his stream of
cum gave out. He pulled Gillian up on his cock as the last gob of jizz
shot out of it, and then he fell back, gasping with satisfaction. "Fuck,
that was great!"

The two of them pulled their fuckers out of her and left.

Gillian lay there, crouched on the pillow, passion surging through her.
Slowly her lust subsided, but then, just as she was about to drop off to
sleep again, the door opened.

She could hear them in the darkness, two more boys. They giggled as they
ran their hands over her bound body, feeling for her ass and face. She
gave in at once, taking a cock in her mouth and then gasping as the
other boy rammed his prick at her ass.

Her ass had been fucked enough that night, but it seemed particularly
sensitive as it got another cock rammed into it. Her anal walls trembled
and jerked. She moaned, sucking on the long slim cock at her mouth,
taking it effortlessly into her throat.

"Yeah, come on, honey! Take it right in! Gimme a good dose of head!" the
boy whispered.

Gillian gave him more than that. Her throat spasmed around his prickhead
and he moaned with lust, his balls tightening, his hands running under
Gillian and feeling her sore, thrusting tits.

"Yeah, baby, baby!" he gasped. "Do it! Do it! Feel my cock! Come on,

He twisted Gillian's nipples viciously, jerking his cock at her mouth.

Gillian shoved her mouth down on his cock, wanting to scream at him to
work her nipples harder, to give her more pain. His fingers twisted and
almost set her off, but already his cock was bursting with cum, and the
other cock wasn't even tight in her ass yet.

"Yeah, oohh, yeah!" the boy yelled, his prick throbbing as jizz surged
out of his balls. He gave Gillian another mouthful of cum.

She moaned, thrusting her tits at his hands, but he had already lost
interest. Gillian sobbed as her ass was invaded by the other cock. Even
the rasping of male cockflesh on her anal walls and the hot spurts of
cum couldn't bring her off.

The boy fucking her ass spanked her, as he rammed his cock in deeper.
She screamed and rammed the still-spurting prick into her throat, taking
the final gulps of cum, swallowing them as the thick cock poured out
more juice. But he was giving out already, his cock softening just when
she needed more hard prick. She lapped up the cum that oozed from his
cock-slit with greedy desire, but he was already pulling it out, just as
the second boy got his cock into her ass to the limit.

She lay there, moaning as her ass was reamed out, the thick young cock
sliding in and out as the boy felt her sucking anal walls working over
his stiff prick. He grunted and gasped, spanking her, but never hard

Gillian sobbed as the ass-fucker gave a long yell of lust and slammed
his shaft in harder, lifting her up on his stiff cock.

He didn't say a word as he came, just poured out hot sticky cum into her
ass, his hands gripping her thighs, his cockhead deep in her guts.

Gillian was trying to get off, but failing.

He pulled his cock out of her asshole while it still sucked desperately
at his prick.

The two boys left.

Three more times it happened.

Once it was a girl and a boy. But each time Gillian had to suck while
she was fucked and she never got satisfaction.

She had a feeling it was close to dawn, a faint line of light showed
above her head.

The door opened again.

Two people moved closer and suddenly there was an enormous cock at her

Gillian moaned.

"Beg for it."

"No, no, stop this, stop it!" Gillian moaned, her mouth jabbing down to
get at the enormous prick.

A thin cane lashed her ass. Gillian gave a shriek of lust, jerking up on
the pillow, as she hovered on the brink of cumming.

"Beg for it."

"No, don't, let me go!" Gillian wept, her lips moving over the rock-hard
cockshaft, kissing at it slavishly.

Her pussy ran juices, her blonde hair fell across her face and her whole
body burned with a fire that was already out of control.

The cane lashed her ass, beating right across both cheeks, and Gillian
nearly leaped out of her bonds. She surged up to the edge of orgasm once
more and hung there.

"Beg for it."

"Whip me!" she screamed. "Whip me!"

She bobbed her head for the cock, but it was just too far out of reach.

"Beg for it."

The cane ran over her ass, so softly that Gillian screeched and went out
of her mind, her ass jerking up.

"Noooo -- aaagahhh! Please, stop, please!" she begged.

"Beg for it, and you can have that cock in any hole you want and be
whipped while you cum."

"Please, please, let me have the cock! Whip me, please, hurt me! I want
cock! I want to be hurt, please! Whip me, give me everything! Hurt

"Yeahhhh," Dean said and his massive cock slid into her mouth.

With a gurgle of lust, Gillian sank the rod into her throat and heaved
her ass up as the cane lashed into it. She screamed, and burst over the
top into climax. Her body pulsated and her throat throbbed around the
massive cock.

"So, which hole, baby? Your choice," he whispered.

The cane lashed her ass, sending Gillian's orgasm surging higher. She
screamed, jerking in release.

"My ass!" she wailed. "Fuck my ass!"

"You got it, baby!"

Gillian lay across the pillow, cumming endlessly as the cane whipped her

Dean's massive cock rammed in her shit-hole, churning orgasms from her
with each slamming fuck-stroke.

Chapter 9

On Monday morning, Joe looked up from his desk and saw Gillian in the
doorway. He almost jumped out of his chair.

For Gillian had changed. Big time. It started with her face. Her old
glasses were gone, replaced by big, thin-framed, black ones that added
deadliness to the sensuality of her eyes. She wore makeup accentuating
her high cheekbones. Her lipstick was a dark red and the pout of her
mouth somehow told him he was in trouble.

And her clothes were different. Instead of the old dowdy dresses, she
wore a flattering, pale-blue, turtle-necked sweater that didn't hide the
swell of her tits at all. Below that, she had on a suede skirt that
ended several inches above her knees. It flared out and flicked as she
moved, almost showing her stocking tops.

Now that Joe could see her legs he almost passed out, and a bulge
started in the crotch of his pants. For Gillian's wonderful thighs and
calves were now pushed into perfect shape by a pair of spiked five-inch

She paraded forward, holding a letter.

"This is for you," she said. "I'm taking over."

He gasped and tore open the envelope. He went white as he read the
letter. It was from his boss, Dean Harper; informing him that he was out
of a job and Gillian was now running the library.

He glanced up at her, but Gillian was looking around the room, taking
mental notes on what changes she wanted.

"But, this can't be!" Joe moaned.

"Call him; you know the number."

When Joe put the phone back down, his hand was shaking.

"You can't do this to me!" he gasped and almost burst into tears.

"We can and we did!" Gillian snapped. "Now, get out."

She stood there while Joe cleared out his desk and put his things in his
briefcase. Then, eyes down, he started for the door.

"You want a job here?" Gillian asked, one hand on her hip.

He swung around, his pathetic groveling nature suddenly very obvious.
"Yes, yes, please, Gillian, I won't --"

"Miss Smith!" Gillian snapped.

"Please, Miss Smith, I'll do whatever you say, and I won't get out of
line at all. I need a job! I owe so much money!"

Gillian sneered at him. "Lock the door and come here!"

He came up to her and gasped, as she spread her legs and slid her hands
over her skirt. The little skirt eased up, showing more of her
incredible legs and her stocking tops. The bulge in his pants throbbed

"On your knees," she ordered.

He obeyed at once, his eyes bugging out of his head.

"Take my panties off -- they clip at the sides."

Joe ran his hands up under her skirt and reached for the clips at the
sides of her tight white leather panties. His fumbling fingers unclipped
her panties and they fell away, revealing her juicy pussy.

"Suck my cunt." Gillian spread her legs around him, pulling his mouth to
her pussy, dropping her skirt over his head.

He went crazy on her pussy, drawing her soft flesh into his mouth and
working his tongue over her clit in a fury of submission. Gillian forced
his mouth tightly to her cunt and gave a long shudder of orgasm. She
held him there, rubbing her cunt all over his face, gripping his hair,
rasping her clit against his lips and teeth.

"Come on, you little shit! Suck me, if you want a job!" she snarled.

She laughed, her pussy running juices all over Joe's face, spasms of
satisfaction rushing over her. She took one final shudder of cum and
pushed his face away.

"We've got work to do!" she snapped. "You can start my old job! Get on
with it!"

"Yes, yes, Miss Smith, whatever you say." He stood up and wiped his wet

Gillian looked him up and down. "Show me your cock."

He obeyed at once, pulling his rather small but rock-hard fucker out of
his pants. He was shaking with expectation, hoping that he would finally
get to stick his prick in Gillian's wonderful cunt.

But she looked it over, picked up her panties, and sat down behind the
desk. She pulled out several tissues from the box and held them out to

"Jerk off in these."

"But, but, Miss Smith ..."

"If you want a job," Gillian said.

His shaking hand took the tissues, and he held them over the end of his
cock as he rubbed it, gasping with humiliation and hopeless lust.

Gillian slid her panties back on, watching him idly as he worked his

He moaned, and gasped as a stream of cum gushed out into the tissues. He
shuddered, as Gillian casually slid her sweater up and gave him a show
of her tits, as she pretended to adjust something in her underwear.

"Uuurrhhh!" His hand was a blur, his cum pouring into the tissues.

Gillian dropped her sweater and watched him shoot the last drops of his
cum into the tissues.

"You'll report to me fifteen minutes early every morning. I need sucking
every morning and you'll do it. If your cock gets hard, you'll jerk off.
Now get out."

"Yes, yes, Miss Smith!" He zipped himself up and left.

Gillian picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hi, Rose," she purred. "It all went fine. Yeah." She giggled. "Oh, hi,
Dean; I didn't know you guys had two phones. Yeah, well, great. When are
you going to be able to inspect the library; you know, see how I'm

She gasped as she eased her little panties aside and caressed her clit.

"Yes, I know there's all next weekend, but I can't wait that long. I
know it's my first day, but you mustn't let that stop you. I'm gonna
make a list of all my mistakes and you have to punish me for them. I'll
see you at five. Both of you. Yes, yes, please, you know how bad I need
it. Thanks. Bye."

She put the phone down and managed to get her fingers off her clit. She
had work to do.

The End