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[LLP-397] A Passionate Family by Justin Robins

Chapter 1

Laura Moore looked at her handsome husband's reflection in the mirror,
her heart showing in her eyes. She adored Ray, for he had changed her
whole world. She had never dared dream that she could be this happy in
the dark days when she'd lost Billy, but today her happy world would be

The dark-haired young wife lolled in her bath, her mind trying to
absorb all the ecstasy she was feeling. She looked at the rippling
muscles of her husband's arms and back as he stood in his shorts,

"Ray, do you think ... Billy will forgive me?" she said, faint
apprehension marring her pretty face.

Ray put his razor away and doused his face with water. He grabbed a
towel and wiped his face, then splashed on some after-shave lotion
before answering.

He turned his eyes downward, feasting them on the milk-white naked body
of his wife in the bath. Glowing with love and pride, he looked at her
soft swelling breasts, her flat, maidenly stomach, and the dark wet vee
of her pubic hair where it made a shadow under the water. He knew he
had been lucky to have finally convinced Laura that she should marry
him. She'd had it so hard, struggling to make a living for herself and
her daughter Lisa. It had been doubly heartbreaking for her, he knew,
to have gone all those years without her son. But that would all change

He finally answered her question.

"Don't be silly, honey ... of course he'll forgive you. You did the
best you could, and the Baylors were wonderful foster parents. Besides,
give him a day with you and he'll love you with all his heart. I do,
you know ... how could your own son fail to?"

"Imagine, thirteen years ..." Laura said dreamily. "Thirteen long years
to make up for ..."

Her thoughts drifted back to that night in San Francisco when she had
returned from the doctor's office. It was raining, she remembered, and
cold, and she was about to have her baby. The baby was already almost a
week overdue, according to her doctor's calculations. She remembered
opening the door of the flat and hearing Lisa, only a year old, crying

"Oh, God," she had cried out, "Bill ... did you give Lisa her bottle?"
She ran into the small bedroom and to the crib where her infant
daughter lay crying. She saw the note pinned to the crib, and her heart
almost stopped.

Her husband was gone. And this time, she knew in her heart he would
never come back. The gambling fever was too much in his blood for him
to be tied to any one woman or a family. He had to be where the dice
were rolling and the stake horses running.

Laura hadn't even been able to cry. She had to keep her courage now,
with Lisa to care for and a new baby coming. She wondered how she could
even earn enough for them to be fed.

When the nurse showed her their son, she cried. She called him Billy,
after his father, but she never held him close to her breast or cuddled
him or felt his sucking mouth on her nipple. The doctor had arranged
for him to be given to foster parents in a small Missouri town. There
was no other choice, as the doctor pointed out, and thinking more about
her son's welfare than her own, Laura had agreed. It had been good, for
the Baylors had loved and guided and cared for Billy far better than
she could have, and she would be forever grateful to them.

But now, the moment of truth was at hand. Thirteen years had passed,
and she and her son were strangers. She had managed, through hard work,
to maintain herself and Lisa, and she had to admit it would have been
too tough to handle if Billy had been there too. But it was all over
now. Billy was coming home ... to his rightful mother, and to a
wonderful man who would love him and be more than a father to him!

Ray knelt beside the tub, his eyes fastened on the firm swell of his
wife's shapely young breasts bobbing above the water line, the rosy
pointed nipples popping in and out of the water. His eyes drifted below
the water to the beautifully tempting body, its creamy color-accented
by the white of the marble tub.

"I want you to put all those years out of your mind, darling," Ray said
with a tender smile. "It's a whole new ballgame now. The world is brand
new for you!" His eyes shone with love as his hand moved to her wet
breasts, his fingers caressing the soft mounds of flesh. "In a little
while, Laura, Billy will be here, and we'll be a family. I'll take care
of you for the rest of your life."

As she looked up into his handsome face, tears came to her eyes, but
they were tears of love and joy welling up inside her. Her nipples were
growing taut under his exciting touch, and she leaned up and kissed him
eagerly, letting him know that she wanted him completely. They had made
love that morning before getting up, but she wanted him again, and she
could tell from his responsive tongue plunging warmly into her mouth,
that he was as aroused again as she was.

The warm water added to the sensual feelings that were sweeping her
naked body as Ray's hand crept down over her gently sloping belly and
his fingers searched in among the dark wet strands of her pussy hair
for the key to her passion. She gasped as his outstretched middle
finger slid slowly and easily up inside the burning passage of her
vagina, and the desire to feel this good, wonderful man again thrusting
hard and thick inside her belly mounted rapidly toward a fever pitch.

Ray was so different from the weakling youth she had married almost
fifteen years ago, when she was sixteen and pregnant with Lisa. Laura
loved Ray in a thousand different ways than she had thought she loved
Bill. She been such a child then, taking his careless and sometimes
brutal treatment of her and thinking that that was all there was to
love. Even after he'd left her, traces of that bittersweet relationship
had tormented her.

But Ray Moore was so wonderful--all man, all masculinity and virility,
yet with the gentleness of a puppy. At times, guilt tormented her, for
she loved her new husband so totally, yet she wondered what she would
do if she met Bill again.

The coming of young Billy to the household would change all that, she
hoped. It had to. Soon, she would feel like a whole woman again, a
mother and a lover.

As Ray's finger jiggled deep inside her tingling cunt, and his thumb
rubbed insistently at her swelling clitoris, she flung her wet arms up
around his broad shoulders. Her hips wriggled as his fingers aroused
her loins to an alarming pitch of passion.

"Ray ... you're driving me crazy ... please!"

He was panting heavily as he removed his middle finger from the moist
smooth flesh of his wife's vagina long enough for him to quickly strip,
revealing his tanned, muscular body, his penis already rigid with
desire. He bent over to pick up her dripping body, and carried her to
the still rumpled king-size bed in the bedroom.

She lay there, gasping, her arms reaching out to pull him close. His
eyes burned with passion as he hesitated over her voluptuous body. His
massive blood-engorged penis stood up stiff and long, and she grasped
it in one hand.

God, he thought, she's had so very little love, when she was made for
only loving. His hungry gaze took in her tiny taut nipples, her smooth
white thighs and the damp dark pubic hair that curled into an inviting
"Vee" at the juncture of her loins. Her skin was glistening wet from
the bath, and the muscular husband could scarcely refrain from loving
her dry all over with his tongue.

Ray parted her long naked legs with his hands, revealing the pink wet
mystery of her pussy to his lusting eyes. He'd never known anyone like
her, and he silently vowed again that he would satisfy her forever as
she had never been satisfied before he met her, in every area of her
young life. Her soft wet vaginal slit seemed to beckon him on, and he
grasped his rock-hard cock and moved forward eagerly on the bed between
her willingly wide-held legs.

"Hurry, darling ... hurry ..." Laura gasped. In an instant, his hard
strong body was covering hers, crushing her down into the springy
mattress. She arched her torso up to meet him as he guided the rubbery
head of his giant penis into the sanctuary of her pussy lips. She was
panting in lusty anticipation of what was to come, every inch of her
nerve-filled inner cunt wanting to feel his cock rubbing hotly against

She spread her legs farther apart as Ray began to push harder and more
deeply into the tiny opening of her cunt. She loved the sensation as
the hard swollen head penetrated the hungry depths of her vagina, the
thick-veined shaft pressing hard against her quivering clitoris with
each additional thrust.

She groaned in pleasure as Ray's cock filled her desire-moistened
passage, stretching the pliant walls and pressing into the sensitive
tip of her cervix that awaited its arrival so hungrily deep inside.
Every time he made love to her, it thrilled and fulfilled her move.
She'd never believed such body--and mind--pleasing sensations were
possible. Never in all her lonely years of struggle to raise Lisa had
Laura ever taken a lover. The experience with Billy had been too
bitter. Not even Ray had possessed her before they were married.

After all those years without a man, her cunt had shrunk to almost
virginal tightness, and it had taken a long time for the new bride to
adjust to the monstrous dimensions of Ray's penis. Now that they had
been married for several months, Laura had come to crave the
overpowering pleasure that his powerful thickness gave her. She had
felt guilty at first, about wanting so much sex, but she had come to
know that Ray was as hungry for her as she was for him. And it hadn't
taken her long to become a complete wanton in bed, willing and
instantly ready to try anything that her loving spouse desired.

Ray began to gasp as he felt the warm, resilient walls of Laura's cunt
grasp at his throbbing hot cock. She always aroused him to the point of
losing control, when he wanted to give her pleasure first, before he
had his orgasm. He paused for a moment, kissing her opened mouth,
rubbing his hands over her sensitive flesh. He wanted to enjoy her
tight little pussy to the fullest, and when he resumed, he knew that
she was ready to go all the way. Laura lay with passion-glazed eyes,
gasping her joy. His cock filled her so completely that she half
expected it would rise into her throat at any second. Her head was held
captive as he kissed her ears and her eyes, then plunged his tongue
deep into her welcoming mouth, and her belly seemed to be filling with
molten lava as her clitoris began to dance under his expert finger-
motions. She began to roll her hips beneath his plundering loins, and,
then she spread her legs and locked them around the backs of Ray's
muscular thighs. Gaining leverage in her new position, she lunged
eagerly upward to meet every heavy downward thrust of his cock, wanting
every last bit of his lust-quenching hardness deep inside her steaming

Moaning aloud and gyrating her pelvis, the panting brunette was
suddenly a mass of writhing female flesh, arms and legs trembling, her
torso pushing hard and quick to meet her husband's plunging, pole-like
cock. She knew that he could make her cum many times, and she let
herself go, abandoning control, feeling the surging electricity of her
first orgasm just beginning.

Ray was even further excited by the knowledge that he could arouse his
wife so thoroughly, and he was proud that he could bring her to her
climax many times during each lovemaking session. But he knew that he
couldn't stay his own cum for very much longer. Laura was something
else today, and he knew it was because she was so happy and excited at
the imminent reunion with her son, now only hours away.

As he felt her vagina begin spasming feverishly around his pistoning
cock, Ray slammed into her hard and deep and held it there, grunting as
he felt semen churning in his aching testicles.

Laura had relinquished all control. She just let her sensitive pussy
seem to direct her wildly thrashing body. "Ooooohhh ... Ray." she
moaned, her dark head rolling from side to side with her consummate
pleasure. Ray was again shoving his immense cock in and out of her cunt
with almost brutal force, and sweat was rolling off her forehead. He
knew that there were no tormenting doubts about the past left in Laura
now. She was giving her entire being to the pleasure that their locked
bodies provided, the pleasure of the present ... and the future.

"I've got to cum ..." Ray gasped. He could already feel the bubbling in
his loins that warned of impending ejaculation. His balls felt as if
they would explode if he didn't release the semen forming, and he too,
let his passions take over and rule his body.

Laura's mind was a whirl of unabating pleasure. Her teenage son coming
home ... her daughter growing into a lovely young woman, and this, the
greatest man in the world, the sexiest, most exciting lover on earth
... all hers!

She felt as if he were taking her, shattering her to pieces, but each
tiny piece screamed and undulated with pleasure as she moaned happily,
"Ray, Ray, darling it's so good, so wonderful, fuck me ... fuck me ..."

"It's only the beginning, Laura honey," Ray managed to gasp, "You
haven't begun to taste my love yet!"

Laura was spewing out unintelligible words of joy as she felt the first
wave of a giant second orgasm sweeping through her loins. The marvelous
sensation spread through her body like wildfire, banishing every other
thought from her mind except how wonderfully happy she was, and now her
husband was promising her even more and greater happiness.

Ray was hammering his bursting cock into his wife's cunt with merciless
force, and she loved it! He began to move more rapidly and she felt the
gush of his hot cum splash into her hungry pussy. Her clitoris was
afire, and the flames were spreading throughout her entire being. She
grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth to hers, sucking his tongue
hungrily inside, nibbling at it and battling it with her own lashing

Their groans combined in a crescendo of passion and fulfillment, as he
spilled his full load of sperm far up into her burning young cunt, and
at last, collapsed atop her, his mouth still locked over hers. The
husband and wife lay side by side on the bed for long quiet moments,
bathing in the soothing afterglow of total sensual gratification, each
marveling at the depths of the love they felt for the other.

* * *

Two hours later, Laura stood on the porch waving goodbye to Ray as he
left on one of his frequent business trips--this one to one of his
factories in Oregon. She had donned only a robe, and could still feel
the burning touch of his lips on her breasts as he had kissed her
goodbye inside the house.

As she watched his car disappear, the young brunette went inside and
stood staring around her lovely home, still hardly able to believe that
all this was now hers. And in another two hours, her son would be

Laura went back upstairs to get ready for the big event, taking special
pains with her attire and her makeup. She wanted to be an especially
pleasing and pretty mother for Billy, so pleasing that he would never
again want to be away from her, nor ever again know the loneliness of a
mother who had deserted him.

Chapter 2

Billy looked out the train window at the two people who had been the
central figures in his young life. The Baylors had been Father and
Mother to him since he was born, and he felt a strange pang of
emptiness in his heart as he watched them waving goodbye as the train
started to move out of the station.

Ethel and Bert Baylor were both crying, and tears formed in Billy's
eyes as they disappeared from his view. But in a few moments he
composed himself and turned his thoughts to the new life he faced with
his natural mother. It was as if he were launching into a new and
exciting adventure, and he felt as if he had suddenly become a man,
ready to tackle life.

His real mother and a sister! A new home. A new life! He wondered if
his mother were as beautiful as he imagined her. He had asked Ma Baylor
a hundred times about her--what she looked like, what kind of
personality she had, and a hundred other details about the mother he'd
never met. He was sure she would be beautiful, soft and kind, an angel
on earth. Ma Baylor hadn't told him much except that his mother had
dark hair and was petite and pretty, because that was about all the
Baylors really knew about Laura Moore.

But Billy had conjured up an image of his mother, that made her a
shining, vivacious, lovable creature. He had always dreamed of the day
when he would meet her, and now it was here. He had thought of her
wishfully every night, after he and Ma Baylor had had that nasty scene.

The sandy-haired thirteen-year-old stared at the scenery flashing by as
the train picked up speed, and his mind lapsed back to the Saturday it
had happened. Ma Baylor had gone shopping and Pa Baylor had gone to a
ballgame. Billy was in the bathroom playing his new game--the game that
had almost overnight become his favorite pastime. It felt so good when
he played with himself, so good that he saw no reason not to do it
often. And though he felt a vague guilt afterwards, he pushed it aside,
for he felt too good while he was doing it to ever give it up.

The boys at school had made jokes about his "jerking off", but they
didn't make sense to Billy. What it had to do with "fucking" and
"balling" and "screwing chicks", he was not sure. He wanted to know,
however, and he sensed that someday he would. Pa Baylor had taught him
sternly that he was to respect all women and never do anything to a
girl that she didn't want him to. He never did go into details as to
what this vague "doing something to a girl" was, and Billy had spent
many a long hour wondering just what could be done to a girl that she
might not like. And--as often as he could, he experimented with his new
game--usually in the bathroom, but often while he was in bed, late at

This Saturday, though, he hadn't bothered to lock the bathroom door,
for he was positive his foster parents would be out for some time. He
remembered how good it felt to take his soft young cock into his hand
and caress it until it grew rigid, then rub his hand up and down as the
delicious friction sent wonderful sensations through the slender shaft
and upward into his whole body. Faster and faster his hand moved, his
breath coming hard as he approached that magical moment, and his eyes
hazed over with pleasure and lust as his mind filled with the joy that
was emanating from his loins.

He was possessed by a need to experience that burning, all-encompassing
sensation of fulfillment as his brow broke out in beads of sweat. The
images in his mind took shape and became a woman's breasts, a soft
body, an arm that hugged him close in love and a voice whispered in his
ear--the voice of the tall, willowy angel who visited him every night
in his dreams.

Sometimes, he would know afterwards that it had been his mother, but
now, as he worked frantically to cum, he did not try to match the
woman's body to any living creature. But as he felt the sperm begin to
bubble up inside his balls and force upward, he murmured pathetically,
"Oh, Mommy ... Mommy, darling." He was not even aware that he was
speaking aloud as he exploded into that delicious world where his body
became a living flame of lust.

It was at this precise moment, as the milk white semen shot from his
penis to cover his hand, that Ma Baylor entered the bathroom. Her face
went white, then red with anger as Billy awkwardly tried to stuff his
still-hard penis back inside his cum-smeared pants.

She had marched him into the living room and had given him a stern
lecture on the evils of sin--which she considered masturbation to be--
and the dire consequences he would suffer if he continued to "play with
himself". She had warned that his growth would be stunted, that he
would not be able to have children when he married, and that he might
go crazy at any moment from his shameful "self-abuse".

Billy had been terrified, but not terrified enough to prevent him from
enjoying the forbidden pleasure once again only a few hours later. But
it had bothered him immensely, and took a little bit of the excitement
and joy from the act, as his mind wrestled with the possibilities of
disaster as opposed to the exquisite pleasure he felt. As the days
passed, Billy became defiant in his masturbation, and he felt a strange
power as he played with his cock, as if he had won a great battle with
Ma Baylor.

But now, all that was past. He would no longer have to sneak around
under Ma Baylor's suspicious eyes, or listen to her continuing warnings
about playing with himself. No one would barge into his bedroom trying
to catch him in the act, or forbid him to lock the bathroom door--for
he would be loved by his real mother who would treat him like a man.

He would soon be where he belonged, in his own home, with his real
mother and sister, and free to do at least as he wished with his own

As he anticipated this new and wonderful world, Billy began to doze
off, and he was mildly surprised to find that just before he went to
sleep, his cock was stiff and erect!

Chapter 3

Billy had only a handbag filled with his collection of marbles, and
odds and ends that had appealed to him over the years. His mother had
insisted that she would buy him entirely new clothes when he arrived,
so he was free to run unencumbered to the head of the line when the
train pulled into the station.

He found that his heart was beating wildly as he stepped down from the
train and looked about him, peering into the faces of the many people
who had gathered to meet loved ones. Where was she? He was positive
that he would know her in any crowd, so vivid had her image become in
his mind.

Sudden fear gripped the nervous teenager. What if she didn't show up?
What if it had all been a terrible mistake? He felt panic as he
envisioned himself being sent back to his foster parents' house.

He saw no one who even resembled the beautiful woman in his dreams, and
his heart sank. He was almost ready to cry when he spotted two dark-
eyed women pushing their way through the crowd and hurrying toward him.
As they came closer, he saw that one was only a girl, and the other--
she had to be his mother! No one else could be so beautiful! He ran
towards her with outstretched arms and Laura crushed him to her bosom,
hugging and kissing him, as tears of joy flooded her eyes. Each of them
felt the supreme thrill of having a dream come true. Laura's life felt
full. She was a full woman at last.

Young Lisa stood nearby, watching them. Her own eyes were misty as she
looked at the brother she had never known. She saw a light of joy in
his eyes that matched that in her mother's, and her heart swelled with
happiness and pride. Billy looked like her mother. His hair was
lighter, but he had the same wide-spaced brown eyes, the strong chin,
and full lips. He was a handsome young boy, Lisa thought. She did not
resemble her mother to anywhere near the degree that Billy did. Lisa
had blonde hair, like her father, and only her sensually full mouth
resembled that of her mother and brother.

Laura released her tight grip on Billy and tried to introduce him to
his sister, but the words were choked by her happiness. But each knew
who the other was, and Lisa held out her arms to Billy, who hugged and
kissed her eagerly. Tears welled again in Laura's eyes, and utter
happiness at seeing both her children locked in one another's arms at
last brought sobs of delight to their mother's throat.

They finally broke the hug and she and Lisa stood back, sizing Billy
up, their faces glowing with affection.

Strange thoughts were running through Laura's mind. She had not
expected Billy to be so big--so manly and mature. The thought suddenly
flashed across her mind that he would soon be a man, and she would lose
him again! But she pushed the thought from her mind. He was here now,
and they had good years ahead of them.

But, God--he reminded her so much of his father in a way that Laura
didn't like at all! It was unsettling for Laura, because she still had
fears that her attraction to her former husband was not completely

Billy was entranced by the odor of his mother's perfume. He could smell
faint traces of it as he sat in the back seat with his sister, and
their mother drove. His head spun as he realized that the woman who was
his mother far exceeded even his wildest dreams. She was enchanting,
beautiful and sweet--and he was to spend the rest of his life with her.

Lisa, in turn, seemed fascinated by Billy. She held his hand and smiled
softly at him each time their eyes met as the car wound through the
thinning suburbs and to the big house that stood alone on acres of
grounds. Billy's eyes grew wide at the affluence of the world he was
now entering. The place was a mansion, surrounded by beautiful trees
and shrubbery. His mother had married a rich man, and now this life was
to be his too!

Laura had chatted steadily as she drove, telling Billy how she had
missed him, explaining awkwardly why she hadn't been able to keep him
with her all those years and finally saying, "Everything will make up
for it, Billy, darling. We're together now, and Ray will take good care
of all of us. He'll love you as we do!"

Billy's thoughts went to his new father and he wondered what the man
his mom had married would be like. After all, they were total
strangers. For an instant, he wondered why it couldn't just be the
three of them, without Ray. He already knew that his sister and his
mother wanted him and loved him. What if Ray didn't?

But as his mother led him inside the house, his fears vanished. The
place exuded a welcoming hominess. It was a grand, plush place, yet
there was an aura of love and understanding that seemed to be built
into it. He shook his head in awe. "This is really something. It's
beautiful," he said softly. He wondered if he could fit into its
grandness, and he vowed he would try with all his might.

"Lisa, take Billy upstairs and show him his room," Laura said. "He must
be famished and it's a long time until dinner. I'll fix us some

Billy followed Lisa up the steps, noting the nicely shaped legs and
fanny that his fourteen-year-old sister displayed. She was almost a
woman, he thought as he found himself wondering guiltily how her body
would look naked. At the head of the stairs, Lisa turned left and down
a long hall. Another hall led off to the right, and as she turned a
soft smile on him, Lisa said, "This is our section of the house, Billy.
Mom and Dad live on the other hallway."

She pointed to the far door and said, "That's my room--right next to
yours. And here's your room." She opened the door and led him inside,
taking his hand and squeezing it. It was a huge room, with a large
double bed and a dresser, a chest of drawers, a large full-length
mirror, shelves for books and knickknacks, and even his own bathroom!

"You'll like it, Billy," Lisa said enthusiastically. "And in the
drawers you'll find all the things you'll need--underwear, socks,
jeans. Mom wants to take you out and buy you some clothes and suits and
stuff, as soon as you're ready. Mrs. Baylor gave us your sizes, but Mom
knew you'd want to pick some of your clothes yourself. Oh, she did get
you one sport jacket, and two sweaters and some slacks--look in the

As he looked at the expensive clothes on the rack, Billy gulped and
turned to Lisa. Her blue eyes smiled happily back at him. "Is Mommy
rich now?" Billy gasped.

"Well, Ray has a lot of money, I suppose. He owns some factories, and
he's away a lot taking care of them. But when he's home, he's a lot of
fun. You'll like him, and I know he'll like you. And most of all, he's
utterly mad over Mom." Her smile made her little nose crinkle, and
Billy noticed that she had freckles on it, and on her forehead. They
added a little-girl look to her, despite her fast-blossoming body. His
eyes stole to her breasts. They stood out proudly, seeming to be trying
to burst through the confinement of her sweater.

"And that's the most important thing," Lisa chattered on, "because Mom
had it so hard for so long, and now she won't ever have a worry again."
The young blonde moved to the door and said, "Wash up and then come on
down and have something to eat. Hope you like the room!" She closed the
door behind her, leaving Billy to look about him in grateful awe.

He ran his fingers over the rich-looking paisley patterned wallpaper,
took another look at his new clothes in the closet, and then went into
the bathroom and washed his hands and face and combed his hair neatly.
He wasn't sure whether or not he should put on fresh clothes, and he
suddenly felt almost lost in his new surroundings.

* * *

The three of them became better acquainted over dinner, and then Billy
retired to his room to think about things. Lying on his back on the
bed, he stared into the future and wondered at his great good fortune.
He had undressed and showered and put on a pair of blue pajamas, and he
was lying on top of the covers, just pondering his strange life, when
his mother knocked and entered the room.

He scrambled up quickly, somewhat taken aback by her beauty and the
smell of her perfume.

"Find everything you need, darling?" Laura asked, her beautiful face
made even more so by her loving smile.

"Oh, yes ... everything is so ... so clean and perfect," Billy replied.

Laura walked over to him and put her arms about him. "I'm so thrilled
to have you home," she said, kissing him lightly on the cheek. She
stood back a bit and looked at him. "My, you're growing tall. I'll have
to stand on tiptoes to kiss you, soon."

Billy reddened as his eyes roved his mother's petite, shapely body. She
had let down her long, dark hair, and the scent of her loveliness was
making his head reel. He suddenly wanted to grab her in his arms, feel
her alive against his body, as he had in his dreams, but he fought down
the terrible urge.

"I want to thank you so much, Mother," Billy muttered. "I ... well,
it's like a dream come true."

She hugged him quickly, and for a minute he felt her breasts pressing
warmly against his chest. "Don't, Billy ... I'm the one who is thankful
... I've loved and missed you so. Now, you must be tired. Goodnight,
dear Billy." Laura moved away and paused at the door to blow him a kiss
as she opened the door and left, closing it behind her.

Billy slouched on the bed, unable to throw off the exotic effect his
mother's body had had on him. He finally got under the covers, feeling
good as he felt the smooth, sweet-smelling sheets against his body. He
turned off the bedside lamp and was just relaxing into a sleepy mood
when he suddenly heard a noise. It sounded like a moan of pain, and he
listened breathlessly. Finally, he decided it had been his imagination.
But it came again, this time louder and more prolonged, and the source
seemed to be the adjoining room where Lisa slept.

He rose and stood listening quietly. "Oooohhhh ..." the moan sounded
like a wail of anguish, and thoughts of ghosts and devils flashed
across the young teenager's mind. Instantly, he thought of all the
terrible things Ma Baylor had warned him would happen if he continued
to masturbate, and he wondered if he might be going crazy. Guiltily, he
remembered his frantic promise to her: "I won't ever do it any more!"
and only an hour later he was doing it again.

A shiver ran over his body as he listened. He turned on the light and
peered all about the room, but saw nothing that could have made the
eerie sound. Then it came again, and he pinpointed it as definitely
coming from Lisa's room! He put his ear against the wall that separated
their rooms, an uneasy panic forming as he wondered if something awful
could be happening to his newfound sister. She might be hurt, and need
help, or something. But as he listened to the low moans that were
coming through the wall, he suddenly realized that they were not cries
of pain or fear, but moans of pleasure! Just like his own moans when he
was jerking off!

He pressed his ear still closer, and his hand beside his head suddenly
pierced the wallpaper, revealing a small hole that seemed to go through
to the other side of the wall. The tiny hole was in the center of one
of the circular patterns, and hardly discernible. Putting his eye to
the hole, Billy peered through and found himself looking directly into
Lisa's bedroom. Her light was on, and he could see her bed clearly,
with her lying on it. Sweat beads formed on his brow as he saw that she
was totally naked.

Billy ran over and quickly doused his light, and started to get into
bed, but his curiosity soon overcame his shock and he went back to the
hole in the wall and put his eye to it again. He heard her moaning
again, "Ooohhhh ... God ... ooohhhhh ..." His flesh quivered as he saw
what Lisa was doing. His pretty blonde sister lay writhing on her bed,
one of her hands resting on the sparse hair-covered mound between her
slender widespread legs. The other hand rested on the small twin mounds
of her creamy breasts, alternately caressing first one rosy nipple,
then the other.

Her whole body seemed to be responding to the lewd self-arousal. One of
her long fingers was sunk inside the wet pink slit of her pussy,
rubbing madly back and forth over the nub of clitoral flesh that was
the seat of her sexual pleasure. And, as her finger found and massaged
the swollen bud, her lower body writhed with increasing pleasure, her
buttocks raising up after the exploring finger as if it belonged to a
stranger. Her moans increased in intensity, and her legs scissored even
wider apart as her finger moved lower and began worming its way knuckle
by knuckle up into the tiny soft passage of her virginal cunt.

"Oh ... yesss oh ... God!" she gasped, as Billy kept his eye glued to
the peephole. He could almost reach out and touch her, he thought
excitedly. My own sister! Billy had never seen a girl without any
clothes on, and the sight of Lisa's tender white flesh had an
overwhelming effect on the easily aroused teenager. His mouth was
opened as he sucked in huge gasps of air. He had never felt so
electrified and thrilled in his life! To think that a girl's body could
be so beautiful--so exciting to the senses!

Lisa was only a year older than he ... that made her fourteen, and yet
she had the body of a woman. Before, when he had tried to envision what
his sister looked like, he had never thought of her this way playing
with her breasts and her pussy the way he played with his prick--and
moaning with delight. The thought came to him that she was only doing
the same thing that he had been so berated for, but in a female manner.
It shocked him, for he had never dreamed that a girl would play with

Billy looked closely at the enticing mound between her legs, and at the
damp opening where now two fingers were sawing in and out of the soft-
looking blonde fuzz. Suddenly he had a powerful desire to be in the
same room, to touch her there to find out how her pussy was shaped ...
and to feel for himself how different she felt from him down there!

Lisa's face was distorted with ecstasy. Her small pink tongue lolled
wetly about her lips as she moaned beneath her own touch. Her two
slender fingers went even deeper into her hungering pussy and her
movements became more rapid as Billy watched her manipulate the soft
wet fleshy folds of her virgin cunt.

"Oh Lord," Lisa groaned, "yesssss ... yesssssss ..." Her buttocks were
rotating crazily on the bed now, her breathing audible to her
eavesdropping brother, her eyes glazed with lust. Billy leaned forward
and tried to tear his eyes away from the illicit sight, but he
couldn't. He didn't want to see the obscene spectacle of his sister
playing with her pussy so lewdly, and he didn't want to have the
feelings that the sight inspired in him. He was fascinated by her body,
yet repelled at the thought of what he was thinking, while watching his
own sister finger-fucking herself. But he understood her deep,
overpowering pleasure, in a vague way, for he too felt it when he
masturbated. And Lisa was obviously in great pleasure. Billy became
suddenly aware that his own cock was hard and erect in his pajamas, and
that he had been stroking it gently, without even being aware of it. He
just couldn't help himself. Thrusting his hand into his fly, he grasped
the shaft of swollen boy-flesh and began to move his hand up and down.
He almost forgot who Lisa was, so exciting was the sight of her lush
naked body. He began to work his hand faster to massage his cock, as
Lisa bucked wildly and groaned, "Oh, that's good ... so good ..."

Her long blonde hair flopped wildly about as she rolled her head from
side to side on the pillow. She's so beautiful! Billy thought, as he
pumped away at his burgeoning penis and let his eyes feast on the
beautiful young girl that was so revealed to him.

He watched in fascination as Lisa's two fingers pushed deeper into her
freely seeping pussy, her free hand massaging the fleshy little bud
that was now hard and erect above the opening to her vagina. Her body
began to jerk violently, as if she had received an electric shock; her
legs opened and closed at a crazy tempo as her thighs quivered and her
hips rolled circularly on the mattress. She gasped and groaned in
pleasure as her fingers scrounged hotly in the mysterious softness of
her cunt, and as she neared orgasm, her lips bared back and her teeth
clenched tightly, as if to cut off her screams of ecstasy.

Billy was sweating, and he knew that he too had to have a climax soon
or he would faint. The sight of Lisa in such lustful ecstasy was too
much for him.

But even if Lisa had known her brother was watching, it wouldn't have
mattered. She was beyond the point of control. Her body jerked insanely
as her fingers flew in and out of her cunt, and Billy could hear her
anguished moans as she ended in a flurry of wildly uncoordinated
movements, then with a huge groan, she collapsed into a heap of
quivering flesh. The incongruous vision of his mother, naked, flashed
across the boy's impressionable mind, and Billy spread his legs,
rubbing his hand madly up and down the length of his aching penile
shaft, as he realized that if Lisa looked like this, so must his
mother. He knew now that the beautiful angel in his dreams had always
been his mother--but now, there were two of them in his life.

As the semen began to bubble up inside his testicles, demanding
release, he realized that it wasn't his hand that was causing the
wonderful excitement--it was the idea of Lisa's buttery cunt as he
ground his bursting cock into it! He kept his eye on the wet, wide-open
pussy of his sister as the boiling sperm spurted from his overcharged
penis. I could fit into her cunt! he thought crazily. I could make her
feel as good as she made herself feel with her fingers! He could just
feel his young hard cock entering her cunt, and the vision made him
nearly topple over as gush after violent gush of his cum shot from the
tip of his cock. "Oooooh ... Lisa ... Oh ... do it to me ...!" He was
hardly aware that he had voiced the words, and later, he wondered if
Lisa could have heard them.

The blood was hammering in his head and he felt faint as the lewd dream
continued. He was on top of his sister, pushing his cock into her
wonderful cunt, and Lisa was moaning with the pleasure of it ...
begging him to fuck her harder! His whole body seemed afire. His head
was light. He had never known such exquisite pleasure in his life!

As the last drops of cum dribbled from the teenager's spent cock, Billy
fell to his knees by the peephole, too weak to move. It was a long time
before he managed to walk to the bathroom and wash his sticky hand and
cock, and then he splashed cold water on his face.

He had found something that was staggering. He had found a home, where
the two most fascinating women in the world lived! And both of them
loved him!

Chapter 4

Laura Moore was the happiest woman in the world as she looked at her
son sitting across from her at the breakfast table, sipping at his
orange juice. She was glad, in a way, that her new husband had been
called away on business, for it gave her a better chance to become
acquainted with Billy, and it also gave him a chance to become
accustomed to his new life with her.

"Sunny side up?" she asked Billy as she took eggs from a carton.

"That's my favorite way," Billy replied. He fidgeted nervously with his
napkin, feeling apprehensive about facing Lisa when she came down for
breakfast. He could hardly believe that he had seen her acting so
lustfully last night, and he wondered how he could hide his guilt at
having spied, and at having masturbated while imagining he was fucking
her. Even now, he felt guilty about the way he could not keep his eyes
off his mother's enticing body. She had a pair of tight slacks on and a
bright-colored blouse, and when she moved, he could see her buttocks
jiggle in a way that caused his cock to jump. He tried to put her out
of his mind, but she was there, and she had a beautiful body--as
beautiful as Lisa's, he imagined.

He knew he shouldn't have peeped at Lisa last night, and that he
shouldn't be watching his mother's body now. And he was becoming very
confused as his mind searched for some excuse for his uncontrollable
actions, for his ecstasy during masturbation because of his desire for
his sister ... and his mom!

Laura put his eggs on his plate and sat it before him, running her hand
through his sandy hair. "Don't look so serious, Billy," she said with a
little laugh. "If anything isn't right, please let me know. You know
this is your home, too, now."

He managed a weak smile. "Nothing is wrong ... honest. I guess I didn't
sleep too good ... it was all so new and different. But I'll settle
down real quick."

His mother sat across from him and sipped at a cup of coffee. As he
ate, Billy wished that he could find the answer to his problem by
simply confiding in his mother, but he'd die before he would expose
Lisa's lust and his own shameful spying. How could he face Lisa? Maybe
he was as evil as Ma Baylor had said he was. Maybe it had been a
mistake, coming home.

"Good morning!" Lisa sang merrily from the doorway. Her face glowed and
her brown eyes danced. She walked over and kissed her mother on the
cheek, then came around the table and planted a warm kiss on Billy's

"I'll fix my own eggs, Mom. You chat with Billy. After all, I'm a big
sister now ... almost grown up."

"Yes," Laura said wistfully, "both of you are almost grown-ups."

Billy had blushed when Lisa had kissed him, but now he stared at her
open-mouthed. Had he really seen her last night, or had it been a
dream? Was it really the same person? She looked so sweet and pretty,
nothing like the wantonly moaning and writhing girl on the bed last
night. She looked as if a lewd thought had never entered her mind.

Billy suddenly felt like running and hiding. He had never been so
confused. He was here with his mother and sister, whom he loved and who
he knew loved him, but his mind was filled with obscene ideas. He felt
a need to be punished for even entertaining such thoughts. Maybe Ma
Baylor was right. Maybe he had played with his penis too much, and had
gone crazy. Maybe, in his craziness, he had only imagined all those
things last night!

* * *

Billy was almost asleep. It had been a wonderful day. They had walked
in the woods, then Laura had taken them to the zoo in town, and they
had eaten lunch at a rustic old inn. Then the three of them had played
badminton--something entirely new to Billy, but he had enjoyed it
immensely. Dinner had been delicious, and after watching TV for a
couple of hours, he was ready for bed. He had taken a slow, relaxing
bath, and his mother had called goodnight through the closed door. He'd
been afraid she was coming into the bathroom and had covered his penis
with a washcloth, but Laura had respected his privacy and told him she
knew he must be tired.

Now, he was reliving the day in his mind. He felt secure. His mom and
sister had driven all his fears away with their love and
thoughtfulness. He was home, where he belonged. He was just dozing off
when he heard the now familiar "Oooohhh ... Lord ... it's so good ..."
and he sat bolt upright in bed. His heart began to pound, and the sound
pierced his soul. He wondered if he were going through some monstrous,
nightmarish ordeal that he was destined to endure every night of his
life. Thoughts of the night before flashed across his mind--Lisa,
naked, using her fingers to drive herself to heights of lewd ecstasy--
and he saw the pinpoint of light that came through the small hole in
the wall. He should have covered it, he thought, but he had forgotten.
His mind had been too filled with the cock-stirring sight on the other
side of the wall.

He tried to tell himself that tonight he wouldn't look ... it was dirty
and it was wrong. His own sister! But even while he was battling
himself, he began to climb out of bed. The body in the next room had a
fascination that he could not overcome. Time seemed to drag as he
walked across his room toward the peephole in the wall. He just had to
look at the obscene acts. In his mind and heart, there was no other
choice. Billy tried to tell himself that he wouldn't be a part of this,
but it didn't work. The magnetism of his sister's naked body was far
too much for his immature emotions to cope with. Thoughts of the
delicious night before dominated his thinking as he heard the repeated
moans and stared at the pinpoint of light coming through the wall. It
was just too much for him to battle, and he finally surrendered

He tried to ready himself for what he knew he would see, but when he
pressed his face against the wall and peered into his sister's room, he
was still shocked at the scene.

Lisa was on the bed again, her legs spread open, as she had been the
night before, but now she had a hairbrush in her hands! Billy couldn't
believe it. He wondered what she could possibly do with a brush that
was exciting, but Lisa was quick to show him. She grasped the brush by
the bristles and lowered the thick brown handle to the tight, pink slit
between her widespread legs. Her lips moved hungrily--her pink tongue
circling them, and her other hand went to her pussy, opening it wide
with her fingers so that she could run the smooth rosewood handle up
and down along her flowering pussy flesh. Billy could see the handle as
it pressed first against her swollen clitoris, and her gasps made his
cock begin to jerk with desire. Lisa strained her thigh muscles as she
spread her legs even wider to get more feeling from the sleek,
caressing brush-handle, and as it contacted her passion-flushed love-
bud, she moaned aloud.

"Oh, oh ... oh ..." she cried, pulling the brush handle back and forth
along her glistening pussy, the motion increasing in rapidity as the
heat in her loins increased. Billy could see perfectly the soft little
hair-lined opening of her cunt as the blunt tip of the brush moved up
and down over it, moving easily in the wetness of his sister's cuntal
flesh like a hard brown cock.

Billy was surprised to hear himself groaning, and he felt hot all over.
Lisa was too much--far too much! Yet, he watched as she began to writhe
in naked joy, bucking her body upward to meet the pistoning brush
handle, her inner passion showing in the hot flush of her cheeks and
breasts. "Oh, God ... I can't stand it!" She groaned as the knobby head
of the brush handle sank suddenly deep into her tight vaginal passage.

Almost without realizing he was doing it, Billy began to stroke his
hand along his already hardened cock, and so hot had he become that he
soon started jerking it madly, unable to wait long for that wonderful
thrill of release that would come with ejaculation. His eyes glazed
with teenage lust and his breath came in gasps as his eyes riveted on
the lewd view of his sister's luscious pussy being violated so brutally
by the brush handle. In seconds, he felt the sperm shoot from his
bloated cock-head, and he sank to his knees with a groan of lusty
fulfillment, his whole body given over to the overpowering sensation of

* * *

After that, watching his sister masturbate became a nightly ritual for
the young boy. And each night, Lisa seemed to become more and more
aroused and more violent in her writhings as she masturbated herself,
sometimes with the hair-brush handle, sometimes with her fingers. She
thrashed wildly about, exposing her lust-maddened pussy to her spying
brother. And each time, she prolonged her session, and Billy rapidly
learned to masturbate to climax as many as three times nightly.
Sometimes, after he had finished and had gotten into bed, he could hear
her moaning in pleasure, long into the night.

But during the day, not a sign of the obscene nighttime acts ever
showed. The routine had become almost automatic for Billy. He would
take his bath, kiss his mother goodnight, then lie in bed, waiting for
the sounds from Lisa's room to begin. Then he would crawl to the wall
and press his eye to the small peephole, getting there quick enough
sometimes to watch her undress and spread her body on the bed, where
she began to lewdly tease and caress her breasts and then her cunt. The
firm white moons of her buttocks bounced provocatively as she reared
and bucked, while her fingers plunged deep into her hot moist pussy.
Billy began to live for the nights, when his secret world became a
living dream of pleasant, fulfilling lust.

Then one night, he didn't hear the usual sounds from Lisa's room, and
he wondered what had happened. Had she tired of the sex game? He felt a
vague disappointment, but just as he was falling asleep, feeling
somewhat guilty at his own disappointment, he heard the sound of
shuffling feet and hoarse whispers, and it was coming from Lisa's room!
He sped to the wall and applied his eye to the hole. Bright moonlight
lit Lisa's room from the window, making the figures and shapes inside
it appear as shadows.

He peered closely, trying to identify the silhouettes. It seemed to be
Lisa and a man. But how had a man managed to get into her room? Had he
come in through the window? He watched the shadows as they stood close
together near her bed, and the whispers became more discernible.

"You're so young and exciting," the man was saying in a husky tone. He
cupped her face in his hands and kissed her lips. Then his hands roved
her lovely, little-girl body in all its enticing nakedness. Eagerly he
massaged her pert breasts and rubbed her curved buttocks, and Billy
heard his husky whisper: "You are so lovely ... so beautiful and sweet
..." Billy heard her expel her breath in a long sigh, and he thought he
saw her body shiver. Then the man took her hand and put it on his huge,
erect penis. Lisa held it for a moment, then began to stroke her hand
up and down its rigid length.

Billy's mind was whirling. What was happening? His own body was
trembling with excitement as he watched his sister play with the cock
of the stranger in her room. The man's hands were caressing every
intimate part of her body that he could reach, tweaking her nipples,
then running a finger down along her cunt and into the crack between
her lovely tight-mooned buttocks. He made little movements with his
hips so that his cock shoved deeper into Lisa's caressing hands, and at
times, it touched her bare belly.

He kissed her opened mouth wetly, and Lisa moaned with lustful
pleasure. He bent and his lips went to her breast, and Billy heard him
sucking noisily at the nipple. He nibbled at the rubbery nubs of taut
flesh until Lisa groaned in joyous pain. She was becoming more excited
with each lewd move the man made, moving her hips now, pushing her body
up against the hardened shaft of flesh that stood out so boldly from
the man's hairy loins. His hands circled her waist to grasp her
buttocks, cupping the mounds of flesh firmly and pulling her cunt in
closer to his hungry body.

Then suddenly the man dropped to his knees before Billy's fourteen-
year-old sister, arms wrapped about her legs. His mouth moved hotly
down over her curved little stomach, leaving a lewd wet trail, and she
shuddered visibly with the thrill it gave her. She appeared to swoon as
his tongue probed the cavity of her navel, his teeth nibbling at her
yielding flesh, and as he moved his lips downward into the sparse pubic
hair that covered her youthful pussy, she gasped and moaned, loud
enough for Billy to hear. She trembled as his hand went to the
sensitive inner thigh and onward to stroke the underside of her tightly
rounded ass-cheeks.

The man was gasping heavily, and his big hand was moving slowly toward
the desire-wet crevice between her legs. She cried out "Ooooohhhh ...!"
as two of his fingers slid slowly up into her cunt and began to move
eagerly inside her virginal slit. His breath came in rasping gasps.
Lisa was obviously on fire with emotion, her whole body moving as if by
the force of the hand inside her cunt, as if she were a musical
instrument that was being manipulated by a master. She pushed down
against the lewdly impaling fingers, then rose upward on her toes, and
almost in a faint, fell against the man's shadowy kneeling figure.

His voice was slurred with desire and lust as he muttered, "My hot
little baby bitch ... my sweet cunt! Fuck up and down on my fingers ...
fuck my hand!"

Billy's cock was hard as a rock as he pumped away at it almost without
thinking. His lips were wet with saliva as he watched his sister
skewering up and down on the man's piercing fingers, and his young eyes
were fogged with lust. He wished that he were in the other room with
Lisa, and that he were doing what that man was doing. He knew he could
do it, if he ever got the chance, and please his sister as much as the
strange man was doing.

He watched as the man began to run his tongue along her naked flesh at
the juncture of her loins, removing his finger from inside her pussy
and used his fingers of both hands to spread the lips of her cunt. His
tongue darted quickly inside, bringing wild gasps from Lisa's parted
lips, and she moaned in unbridled joy as he began twisting his nose and
mouth in the wetly sensitive flesh of her pussy. He was mumbling, "I'm
going to suck you until you're dry!"

"Oh, suck it good ... suck me ... suck me ...!" Lisa mouthed obscenely,
straining to allow him maximum lewd access to her tormented cunt. Billy
could hear the sucking noises as he gathered the nub of her clitoris in
his mouth, and his fingers probed the inner recesses of her cunt,
bringing more sighs and gasps from Lisa.

She began to buck violently and she grasped his head in her hands. She
cried, "I'm going to cum ... don't stop now ... I'm cumming ...!"

The man's head worked furiously back and forth between her trembling
legs as she steadied herself above him with her hands on his broad
shoulders. As her moans grew higher in pitch, she revolved her hips and
writhed obscenely in the gloom, and then she suddenly yelled, "Now! ...
oh, now ... I'm cumming ...!" And she launched into a series of
gyrations that made her look like a puppet on a string, out of control.

She collapsed suddenly into the man's arms and he caught her and laid
her gently on the bed. Her body was limp and perspiring, and her breath
came in deep sighs.

The man stood in the moonlight, staring at her heaving young body.
"Now, wasn't that good, baby?" he asked in a whisper.

"Oh ... wonderful ...!" Lisa sighed ecstatically.

Billy watched as the man took his huge cock in his hand, holding it out

"I think that tonight, my sweet baby, we'll be able to get it all up
inside your sweet little pussy."

"Oh ..." Lisa sounded apprehensive, "... it's so big ..."

"Last time, you had it almost all the way in. Tonight, I think you're
ready to take it all," the shadowy figure said. He bent over and kissed
her soft pubic mound, making Lisa gasp and shudder. She felt vulnerable
and she wanted to feel him inside her. He thrust his finger into the
tiny tight opening of her vagina, and again she gasped in pleasure.

"You've been working on it," the man said.

"With my fingers and the brush handle," Lisa said, almost proudly.

"Then open those pretty legs wide!" the man said, pushing her thighs
apart as he climbed onto the bed. He knelt up between her widespread
legs, and his large hands reached beneath her and cupped her rounded
buttocks, pulling her entire body toward the huge threatening shaft of
his penis.

Billy heard his sister gasp, "Oh ... it's so big ..." as the blunt head
of the stranger's cock pushed at the lips of her pussy. The man pulled
her upward, fitting his blood-inflated cock-head into her cunt with a
sure stroke and pushing it gently forward. She gasped again, then
sobbed in joyous pain as the hard heavy rod of flesh went in deeper. It
was sunk only halfway into her virginal cunt, but already her cries of
pleasure were becoming tinged with fear.

"Say the words, sweetheart ..." he commanded.

"Fuck me, please!" Lisa said hesitantly as if to cover her naivete.
"Fuck my cunt good ..."

He pushed his huge cock a little deeper into her spread-lipped pussy,
and she gasped loudly. "Oh, oh no, wait ... you're going to split me in
two!" Lisa gasped. "I can't take it all! I'm not ready yet!"

But the man continued to push steadily into her cunt, saying nothing,
pulling her tender loins up on his murderous shaft with his hands under
her buttocks. Lisa gasped and moaned and gave one sharp cry, but after
that, she seemed to relax and lose her fears, and she managed to arch
her body to accommodate even more of his huge penile weapon. Her moans
were once again suffused with the joy of sensual pleasure, and she
began to whisper more loudly, saying, "Fuck me ... put your cock deep
in my pussy. You sucked me so good ... now fuck me even better ...
please fuck me!"

And watching on the other side of the bedroom wall, Lisa's brother
could hardly contain himself. He wanted to rush into the room and push
the man away. His hand pumped away at his own lust-stiffened cock, his
face twisted with passion. Moans of ecstasy came from his lips, and he
mumbled wildly, "Ooohhh, Lisa ... I want you ... I want it to be me!"

He heard Lisa groan again as the strange man lunged into her recklessly
now, his cock surging deep into her nakedly open cunt. She cried out
suddenly in pain as he penetrated to the hilt, but the sob soon changed
again into a moan of joy. Her tight, elastic pussy was filled to the
brim with his cock, stretched to its utmost capacity, and she gave her
whole being over to the pleasure he was giving her.

She said aloud, in a husky voice, "Oh ... fuck me, do it to me, plow me
... fuck me deep ...!" Her ankles and heels kicked wildly, digging into
his muscular back, and she began to make little animal-like sounds of
uncontrollable bliss.

In the course of her obscene moanings and writhings with the man he
couldn't identify, Billy masturbated himself to orgasm five times.
Finally he slid to the floor, exhausted, yet strangely excited. The
couple still tossed on the bed in the room next door, but they were
quiet now, kissing and caressing each other's body lovingly. Billy's
cock felt raw, and yet he still wanted more of the wonderful sensation
of orgasm.

His eyes hurt from straining to make out the shadowy figures in Lisa's
room, and his body felt weak and slick with the sticky perspiration of
his passion. His thoughts were in a whirl. He could still hear the lewd
sounds coming from his sister's bedroom, and he wondered if he would
ever be able to make love to a woman like that. He had lost all
confidence as he had watched the man bring Lisa to heights of sexual
joy that he had not even dreamed of. Could he ever learn how to give
that ecstasy to any woman? How long would he have to wait to become a
skillful lover like the shadowy man in the next room?

Billy heard Lisa cry out, "I'm cumming ... oh, God ... it's so good
...!" and he rose and put his eye to the small peephole once again. He
saw the couple in the throes of climactic ecstasy, Lisa pulling the
man's body closer to her with each lunge he made between her wide-split
thighs. Her head rolled wildly from side to side, as the thick cock dug
deeper and deeper into her cunt, like a rampaging torpedo. And when the
man tensed and began ejaculating into her steaming pussy, Lisa moaned
and increased her own bucking motions, groaning, "I'm cumming more ...
I'm cumming again ... oh, God ... I'm cumming ...!"

As the glow of a violent orgasm spread through her flesh, she suddenly
sank back, her child's body completely satiated and utterly exhausted.
She was drained of all feeling, and her legs unwound limply from around
her older lover's back.

"Thank you, my darling," Billy heard her groan.

Billy turned from the wall and walked to his bed. His world was blue
and empty. He could never hope to satisfy a woman enough to have her
thank him, he knew.

Chapter 5

When Billy awoke the next morning, his entire body seemed to ache. He
had never had such intense orgasms as he'd had the night before, and
they had left him almost as drained of energy as he suspected Lisa was.
He felt as if he could sleep until midnight, but his half-snooze was
interrupted by his mother's knock on the door and her voice saying
brightly, "I have a surprise, Billy. Will you be down soon?"

He mumbled agreement and dragged out of his warm bed. He went into the
bathroom and looked at his hollow eyes and tangled hair. He surely had
not been getting the proper amount of sleep of late, what with his
nightly vigil at the peephole and his excessive masturbation. He hoped
his mother wouldn't notice the dark circles and the haggard look he had
developed. Ma Baylor had warned that this would be one of the sure
signs if he continued on his sinful path of masturbation.

He splashed cold water on his face, hoping the puffiness would
magically disappear, but it didn't. He dreaded going downstairs and
facing Lisa. He just couldn't have an idle conversation with his
gorgeous blonde sister and act as if he hadn't seen her actually fuck a
man the night before! It had been bad enough when he'd watched her
while she was alone but now ... she'd been with a man!

He walked down the stairs slowly, listening to the voices that came
from the dining room. Someone special must be there, he surmised, for
they always had breakfast in the kitchen. He walked into the dining
room and found a strange man sitting at the end of the long dining

Billy looked him over carefully. He felt, somehow, that he knew the
man. He suddenly knew that the man must be his stepfather, Ray Moore,
and he blushed and mumbled a gruff hello as he took his seat opposite
the man.

"Billy, darling ... this is your new father ... Ray," Laura said,
beaming at her husband and her son, her eyes bright with pride in both
of them.

Billy's blood seemed to be frozen. He couldn't find any words. He had a
strange feeling of resentment toward the man, and he couldn't fathom
his feelings. He kept his eyes on his plate as the small, elderly woman
who served as cook and housekeeper served him toast and eggs and jelly.
All the household help lived out and only came in when needed, as Ray
insisted that only the family share the house.

The rest of the family launched into a flurry of talk, but Billy's mind
was too confused to absorb any of it. He was deeply buried in his own
thoughts. They were strange ... for the first time, he realized that
here was the man who made love to his mother ... sexual love, as the
man had given to his sister Lisa the night before. It was a sickening
and frightening thought, now that he had observed all the intimate

Ray Moore grinned broadly at his adopted son over his coffee and said
heartily, "Welcome to your home, Billy!" Billy was embarrassed as all
eyes turned to him, and he blushed even deeper. He glanced at the
handsome face of Ray Moore and wanted to like him, but found only
resentment in his heart instead. But he managed to mumble his thanks,
and went back to dawdling with his eggs. The image of this handsome,
sexy-looking man with his dark-haired goddess-like mother, doing the
things to her that he now knew men and women did, offended the
thirteen-year-old boy. It wasn't right. He tried not to picture his
mother in the obscene positions Lisa had assumed the night before, but
he couldn't block the image. His fury and resentment grew until he
feared he couldn't contain it much longer.

Glancing covertly at Lisa, he caught her giving him a curious look. He
felt a sudden, unaccountable dislike of her, too, because she had
instilled the new image of his beloved mother in his mind ... the image
of a sexy, wanton bitch.

Before, it was so easy. His mother was a goddess, a perfect creature.
Now, it would never be the same in the teenager's troubled mind. Not
only his ideas about his mother had been twisted, but because of that,
also his ideas about everyone and everything. He wondered if the meal
would ever end. It seemed as if he had been sitting there in a
fishbowl, for weeks. He saw Ray reach out and squeeze his mother's hand
gently, and the gesture sent a stab of anger through Billy's heart. He
just couldn't sit and watch them any longer, eyeing one another with
lust and love. His mother actually glowed, and her happiness was
obvious whenever she looked at Ray.

And even Lisa seemed radiant. It was like a plot against him--everyone
so happy and he so miserable. He suddenly threw his fork onto his plate
with a clatter and pushed back his chair hastily, leaping up and
actually running from the room. He had to get out of the house and the
horrible scene at the dining room table! In a flash he was through the
house and out the back door, where he could no longer hear them calling
to him.

He looked at the peaceful garden and then ran toward a giant oak tree
at the back of the property. On the far side of it, he dropped to the
grass, where he could not be seen from the house, and began to sob--
great, racking sobs of despair. He wanted to kill Ray Moore! He hated
the man who touched his mother so intimately, and he hated the look in
her eyes when she looked at her husband. He wanted to run, but he
didn't know where.

Lying on his stomach, his head buried in his hands, the distraught
teenager cried softly as he realized there was no way out of this trap
he had wandered into. He jerked involuntarily at the light touch on his
arm and looked up through his tears to see his sister's pretty face,
her soft brown eyes staring straight into his.

"Just leave me alone ..." Billy said gruffly.

She sat down beside him on the grass. "Please ... what have we done?
Please don't act like this," she pleaded.

He buried his face in his hands, saying nothing.

"Billy, you mustn't be jealous. There's nothing to be jealous of.
You're home now. Really part of us."

There was a long silence during which the young blonde searched for
words that would correct a misunderstanding. Then she said gently, "Can
I tell you something, Billy? Have you looked closely at the wallpaper
in your room?"

Lisa asked the question coyly, almost apprehensively. She had asked him
that the first day ... about how he liked the room, the wallpaper, and
all! He lifted his head and wiped away the tears, peering at his sister
in bewilderment. Lisa was leaning toward him now, her face very close
to his. She went on, "You found the hole in the wall, didn't you? I
know you did. I could tell by your face the next day. I made a lot of
noise on purpose ... I wanted you to find it."

"You mean ..." Billy stared at her in disbelief, "you ... you ... I
don't understand ..."

Lisa smiled knowingly. "It won't be for long, Billy." She stood up, and
he caught a flash of her white panties beneath her miniskirt. He was
fascinated by her long, girlish legs and the enticing panty crotch band
up between her thighs. Lisa knew she had his attention now.

"Wait for me in your room tonight, Billy ... and you'll soon know
everything I know ... I want to teach you!" She slowly walked away, and
his eyes were riveted on her undulating buttocks and her smooth,
attractive calves as she left. But she stopped a few yards away and
said soberly, "Mother is very hurt and upset. Come on in and tell her
that everything is all right. And ... remember tonight ... be waiting!"
Lisa walked up to the back door and disappeared inside.

Billy looked stunned. It couldn't be happening this fast. He took out a
rumpled kleenex and dried his tears, then blew his nose. He suddenly
felt grown up ... like a man! He was already shaping the apology he
would give his mother, and he wanted it to sound sincere. He sat still
for a time, waiting for his hard cock to soften, so no one would
notice, and after five minutes, he rose and went into the house.

* * *

It went easier than Billy had thought it would. Both Ray and his mother
were gracious and understanding when he explained that he had just
become suddenly overwhelmed at his good fortune, and had felt almost
embarrassed to accept this new life from total strangers.

Lisa and Laura went shopping, and Ray asked Billy to take a ride into
the country with him, to get better acquainted. He had explained his
factories and business interests, how he'd gotten started, and he
seemed genuinely interested in hearing what had happened to Billy both
before and after he had come "home". Billy began to feel that Ray was a
very nice man, but he still couldn't feel close to him, as he surmised
a son ought to feel about his father.

"We won't push it, Billy," Ray said. "Let it just grow on us. It will
take time for both of us to adjust, but I want you to know, I am happy
that you're here with us. Your mother has never been this happy, and I
want it to become even better ... for all of us."

He drove quietly, then finally said, "I love your mother more than
anything on earth. And anything she loves or that belongs to her is
part of me, too, and my love. I hope you'll give us ... you and me ...
a chance."

Billy nodded meekly, trying to put the strange dislike of Ray Moore
from his mind. But his mind kept wandering back to the sight of Lisa's
face when she'd found him behind the tree and promised to be in his
room that night. He envisions again and again, the sight of her wispy
blonde pussy hairs poking out of her panties, and he remembered vividly
how his cock had caught fire at the sight. He could hardly wait for the
night to come.

Ray let Billy off and he drove to the huge garage at the rear of the
house. Billy went into the house, and not seeing Lisa or his mother,
raced up the stairs to his room. He seemed to be always running these
days, he thought. Everything seemed to be happening so quickly. He
flung open his bedroom door and for some strange reason, ran to the
hole in the wall, hoping frantically that maybe Lisa was in her room.
But there was no sign of her. Billy signed and wondered how he would
ever pass the time until tonight. Still an hour until dinner, and then
a few hours after that before anyone went to bed. He got out some books
and halfheartedly began to study, but it was impossible to concentrate.
All he could see was his tight-breasted older sister, lying naked on
her bed, her legs spread wide ... pulling her unknown lover's cock
deeper, deeper into her narrow, blonde-fringed young pussy.

* * *

It had been difficult at dinner. He had been unable to look Lisa in the
face, and it became almost impossible to meet his mother's loving gaze.
He feared that she, like Ma Baylor, would be able to read the lewd
thoughts on his mind. Ray and his mother went out of their way to
include him in the conversation and make him feel wanted, and at ease,
but he hadn't been able to respond. Lisa avoided looking directly at
him, though she was polite and solicitous, and Billy began to feel like
a pampered, idiot child.

Now, he lay under the covers feeling a growing anxiety about what the
night would or would not bring. He wanted to be with Lisa--here, or in
her room. He had been in this state since he arrived, he knew, and now,
he felt his body actually trembling with emotion. What if she didn't
come? And--what if she did? He felt hot and threw the covers aside. The
beautiful sister he'd just met had seemed so far beyond his reach, and
now, she was promising the most important thing that would ever happen
to him in his whole life!

He heard sounds in her room, and he held his breath. What was she
doing? Undressing? He saw the familiar pinpoint of light from the tiny
peephole in the wall, but he was too nervous to get up and look, now
that he knew that Lisa had been aware that he watched her constantly.

He heard the sound of Lisa's door open and close, and his heart leaped.
Then his own door opened and shut quietly, and he knew that Lisa was in
the room with him! He could hear the rustle of her body as she
approached his bed, and his heart pounded wildly. He became aware of a
shape standing beside his bed, and he let his pent-up emotions release
themselves in a gasp.

"Lisa!" he croaked hoarsely.

His sister stood beside him, her pale face and hair the only
discernible part of her. Her nightgown was dark and blended into the
black background, seeming to be made of some diaphanous material that
Billy couldn't identify.

"Hello ..." Billy gulped, not knowing what else to say.

"Shouldn't I sit down ... or something?" Lisa asked breathlessly. She
was frightening in her cool maturity, and Billy went on the defensive.
"Yes ... yes ... sit down ..." he mumbled, scrambling to one side to
make room for her on the bed. Lisa sat beside him and he could feel her
brown eyes boring into his in the dimness.

"Don't be so ... shy," Lisa said. "Isn't this better than watching me
through the peephole?"

She startled Billy with her boldness. He didn't want to talk about all
those nights of torment when he had spied on her. Almost as if she were
reading his thoughts, Lisa went on, "Don't be bashful. We can talk
about it. We have no reason to be ashamed about anything!"

She bent over, and he felt her face close to his as her breath came hot
against his cheek. The scent of her body was overpowering him, leaving
him without any resistance, and he felt his stiffening cock pushing
against the fly of his pajamas.

Lisa felt for her nervous brother's face and planted a warm, wet kiss
on his lips. Her own lips parted and her tongue slid inside his mouth,
sending flames of pubescent passion streaking through his body.

"I guess we might as well start from the beginning," she said softly.
"You do have a lot to learn."

She was sucking on his tongue, as if to draw him inside out, and he
squeezed his cock harshly in his hand. Finally, Lisa withdrew her
tongue, gasping, "My dearest brother ... my own baby brother ... I'm so
glad you've come to be with us ... I want to show you ... teach you
everything ...! There can't be any holding back between us. We have no
walls to keep us apart. We've got to love each other like no one else
ever did ... I want to be yours completely ... and you must be mine

Billy's head was reeling madly as he tried to absorb the meaning of her
words. It was incredible! She was offering her body to him, in all the
ways the shadowy stranger had had her!

She began to strip off her dark swishy nightgown as she continued to
speak. "It's not wrong to love like this, Billy ... it will be so
sweet. You're mine ... my own ... there is nothing we shouldn't give
each other ... nothing!"

She was naked now, and she smiled in the darkness. "What would you like
first, Billy darling ... my breasts?" She pulled his hand out from
beneath the covers, and by placing it on her pert, taut-nippled breast,
sent wild shivers of desire racing through her younger sibling's body.
Her hand was smooth and cool on his sweaty one, and his fingers
automatically sought one of her tight little nipples, rolling it
between his fingers, and bringing a gasp of pure joy from her lips.

"Yesss ... that's right, Billy ..." she hissed, "twist it, rub it ...
play with it ... and with the other one ..." She threw her head back,
enjoying the feel of his hand on her young breasts, and Billy went from
one to the other, tweaking, massaging, exploring, savoring the thrill
of the first touch of a woman's breast in his hand!

"Oh, Billy ... baby ..." Lisa gasped as her whole body began to glow
with lust.

"It feels so ... so wonderful ..." Billy mumbled.

He was bursting with desire and tension. Now that the dream-moment he
had prayed for had come, he was frightened that he would not be man
enough to take care of his sister as she wanted. He moved his other
hand and closed both of them hungrily over her breasts, toying joyously
with the soft mounds of flesh and the hard, girlish nipples. His own
passions rose to a point where he feared he might cum without her even
touching his cock!

Suddenly, though, the sandy-haired teenager felt a pang of guilt. He
was evil. It was wrong, like Ma Baylor said, no matter what Lisa

"This is bad ..." he mumbled, while not taking his hands from her
nakedly pulsing breasts.

"No! No! It is wonderful and right and natural!" Lisa protested
vehemently. "You do love me, don't you, Billy? And you know I love you.
How can love be wrong?" Her face came close to his and she kissed him
passionately again.

"Oh, yes ... I do love you, Lisa ... I love you so much ..." Billy
gasped, fighting a battle with his lust and his guilt. He could not
stop his hands, and one of them stole down to the soft, hair-covered
mound between her legs and he slid a finger inside the damp hot lips of
her cunt! He could never have imagined the thrill that swept over his
body as he felt the tiny nub of pulsating flesh inside her baby-girl
slit, and he groaned as it danced beneath his probing touch. He almost
fainted from the wealth of passion that was taking over his entire
body. Yet he felt also as if he were wallowing about in a tender, but
sinful trap!

Something had to happen, he knew. He couldn't bear this torment much
longer, and he felt Lisa's passions rising to an explosive point. She
suddenly murmured, "Oh, darling Billy ... let me take your pajamas off
... I want to touch you all over ... to feel you ... this is driving me
insane ..."

She rose quickly and turned on a dim light on the bedside stand, and
then returned to let him feast his eyes on her nakedly beautiful young
body, so eager and ready to please him. She threw back the covers and
began to unbutton his pajama tops. He sat up so she could take them
off, and then she pulled his pajama bottoms off and tossed them to the
floor. Her eyes widened as she saw his hard, erect cock, and she licked
her lips hungrily.

Billy's eyes were riveted on her pubic area. The few sparse strands of
her cuntal hair did not quite cover the narrow slit of her pussy, and
the soft folds of wet pink flesh that were visible hypnotized him. She
stood tall, her red-nippled breasts thrust out proudly, and as she saw
his eyes fastened on her cunt, she smiled and ran her hands lewdly down
between her thighs. His lips were dry and his breath came in gasps at
the delicious sight of his sister's naked body. She was much more
wonderful than he had imagined from seeing her through the peephole. He
couldn't tear his eyes away from the soft pale triangle of her
womanhood, and she smiled at his tense position on the bed.

"You're blushing, Billy," she giggled. "As if you'd never seen a girl
before." She posed momentarily, moving so he could see her delicately
curved buttocks. "Like me, Billy?"

"You're beautiful ..." he gasped in awed tones.

"Can I get in bed with you?" Lisa asked coyly.

He gulped and moved over to make room for her, and she climbed in,
lying motionless there with him for a long moment, only their combined
heavy breathing breaking the stillness. Finally, Lisa reached over and
took his hand and placed it on her flat stomach, just above the "vee"
of her thighs. Billy was almost paralyzed with fear and desire. He
wanted to touch her ... to smell her exciting body scent ... yet he
wanted to get up and run, and never stop! He wished he were a little
boy again, too young to understand the things that were happening to
him. Her small white belly was rising and falling rapidly beneath his
hand, but he couldn't move it either way.

"Shall we ... turn off the light?" he asked awkwardly.

Lisa giggled softly and reached over to turn it off. "I guess it takes
time to get used to ..." she said gently. "I remember my first time

Billy wanted to hear the rest, but she returned to his bed and this
time, she lay closer to him. His hand went involuntarily to her smooth
warm belly, so that his fingers were brushing the soft hair that
surrounded her pussy. His sense of guilt was fading quickly now, as his
mind tried to accept Lisa's philosophy, that there was nothing shameful
or wrong with the love they would soon share.

He felt her hand steal straight down from his hairless chest until her
fingers closed maddeningly over his aching cock! He shuddered with joy
at her intimate touch, and she began to stroke her hand gently up and
down sending stabs of painful delight through his entire teenage body.

"Lisa ... oh Lisa." he cried out. "I want more ..."

"You'll get it, baby, you will ..." she cooed. "You've got such a nice
hard penis for being thirteen ... and when you're grown up, I bet it'll
really be something!"

His hand sneaked impatiently to the sparse-haired slit of her pussy,
and without a moment's hesitation, his middle finger slid up inside the
tight, flexible channel of sex, while his thumb probed for the fleshy
little button of her clitoris that he'd watched her rub so vigorously
in her solo performances at night. It's really happening! Billy
thought. Man, oh man ... it's happening at last! He wallowed in the
lustful sensation that swept over him as he felt her soft wet cuntal
walls close hotly around his skewering finger. There were still the
twinges of conscience that told him he shouldn't be doing such a
terrible thing, but at the same time he felt good, like a man, like the
man who had fucked his sister the night before.

"Oh ... Billy," Lisa gasped, "keep touching me there ... push it ...
pinch it ... move it ...!"

She was writhing about as she continued to stroke his cock with her
hands, and Billy obeyed, savagely tormenting the yielding pleasure-bud
and feeling a sense of masculine power as he felt her responses, and
heard her gasps of pleasure.

"Oh ... play with my breasts, too ..." Lisa groaned. He moved one hand
to her breast, alternately tweaking one nipple and then the other,
feeling more confident with every moan he drew from his sexy blonde
sibling. They had turned on their sides now, facing one another, and
Lisa's hot breath on his cheek and the womanly scent of her passion-
flushed young body sent flashes of unbearable pleasure coursing over
Billy's inexperienced flesh. "Oh, yesssss ..." Lisa hissed as his
fingers circled the elusive bit of clitoral flesh, slipping wetly up
and down and all around it.

"Oh, Lisa ... Lisa, harder ... faster ..." Billy begged, and Lisa
instantly increased the tension of her grip on his boyish cock. As she
slid the loose outer skin up and down more rapidly, a great swell of
happiness covered him, and he started to say, "Lisa ... I'm cum ..."
but she stopped her movements abruptly.

"No, baby ... no!" she said anxiously. "Not yet. It's too soon. I want
to feel your cock inside my pussy. Get on top of me, baby brother ... I
want you to fuck me ..."

He almost froze at the intensity of her demand. She was actually asking
him to do what the man had done to her last night ... him, Billy!

"Do exactly what I tell you, my lover," Lisa said, her voice sounding
womanly and sure. "First ... suck my titties. Suck them hard, like a
baby sucks its mother's breasts ... use your tongue and your teeth ...
but don't hurt me ..." She was gasping now and her voice was husky with

The word exploded in Billy's brain: MOTHER! He felt as if he were in a
trance as he moved so he could place his lips around one of Lisa's
tautly enticing nipples. He circled the tiny puckered bud with his
tongue tip, and then tried to push it back inside the voluptuous swell
of her breast. Gradually he drew a mouthful of soft teenage flesh into
his mouth and worried the spiky nipple with his tongue. He let his
teeth rake over the tiny nubbin of flesh, and Lisa's groans of pleasure
told him that he was doing what she wanted him to. He tried to remember
doing this to his mother, but he couldn't. All he was aware of was
Lisa's pleased moans and the writhings of her aroused body, and his own
growing ego at being able to satisfy his sister's sexual needs. He
thought he would lose his mind. He wanted more and more of her. He
wished he could suck her whole sweet body into his mouth. He moved from
one uptilted breast to the other, as Lisa rolled and moaned and
caressed his hair.

"Suck me lower down, Billy darling ..." Lisa gasped. Billy felt
tormented. He wanted to make love to her like no other person ever had
... and in a crazy way, he felt it would blot out the haunting image of
Ray Moore making lewd love to his mother.

His tongue slid down between her saliva-wet breasts and nestled into
the crevice of her navel. The sweet scent of her pussy rose to meet his
nostrils, and he ground his tongue deep into the hollow in her belly.
Lisa rolled her hips sensuously beneath his head, and Billy let his
tongue descend even farther, probing her soft blonde pubic hair until
he felt the warm wet lips of her cunt. He ran his tongue over the
smooth hair-trimmed slivers of flesh, feeling his cock throbbing and
leaping with desire. The musky smell of her pussy was driving him wild.
He had never been so shaken by an odor before. It aroused a hunger in
him that was more powerful than any hunger he had ever known.

"Oh, Billy ..." Lisa groaned, "you're making me so hot, it's so good
... lower ... lower, put your tongue inside me."

Billy swelled with pride at the knowledge that he was performing like a
man. He knew that he was in control, and hearing his sister mouth the
same moans and sighs of passion as the strange man had elicited from
her the night before made the young teenager's heart swell with pride.
And he even had a few ideas of his own about how to proceed. He knew
she needed to be satisfied, but he remembered that earlier scene on her
bed, when her grown-up lover had put her off, causing her to boil over
with desire, before he satisfied her.

Pulling his lust-smeared lips away from her cunt, he grasped his
bursting cock in his hand and moved close to her. He began to shove the
round bloated head of his penis against her open thighs, close to the
hot slit that Lisa wanted him to tongue.

"What are you doing?" the blonde girl gasped, genuinely surprised. Her
eager brother didn't reply. Instead, he began to rub harder against the
lips of her cunt, up and down, touching her anal crevice on the
downswing and her hotly swollen clitoris on the upswing, teasing her as
he knew instinctively she wanted him to tease her.

He rolled over so that his desire-tensed body was atop hers, and he
forced her legs wide with his knees. The tip of his penis was flush
against the passion-wet slit of her cunt, and as he let his weight down
upon her body, he felt the bloated head slide forward without
resistance. It sent a shock of lust through his teenage body, and Lisa
gasped, "Billy ..." He was out of control now. He had to get it inside
her delicious cunt, all the way ... all the way! He pushed harder and
felt his shaft pass inch by inch through the tight elastic opening of
her cuntal entrance hiding beneath her soft blonde pubic hair, and he
wormed his hand down between their heaving bodies and guided his cock
so that it rubbed her blood-engorged little clitoris as he sank slowly
up into her quivering white belly.

God, but she's slippery inside! Billy thought, wondering what made his
sister's inner cunt so wet and hot and easy to penetrate.

Lisa moaned, "Ooooooh ... please, Billy ... please ..." He knew that
she wanted him to shove his cock all the way in fast, just as she had
wanted her lover of the night before to do ... just as his mother
wanted Ray! He wondered where the sudden vision of Ray fucking his
mother had come from, but brushed it quickly aside. His own need and
desire was too great to make room for anything else. His fingers
searched in the burning flesh-folds her pussy slit and found her
throbbing clitoris. As his thumb tormented the tiny pleasure bud, he
shoved his cock harder into her burning vagina, thrills of unknown
delight sweeping over his body as he felt her begin to roll her hips
and spread her legs even wider to take more of his penis into her
needful cunt. His head dropped to her neck and he kissed her ear,
sucking hungrily on the fleshy lobe.

Lisa's hand sought out his disappearing cock, and she moved to
accommodate it as she guided it inside the hot channel so that it
contacted her clitoris fully before entering. Billy instinctively began
to move his buttocks up and down, plunging as deep as he could between
her widespread thighs, and his lips moved to his sister's mouth and his
tongue was sucked hungrily inside. A burning fire seemed to be flaming
inside her body, and Billy wanted it to consume him completely! He felt
her legs part even wider, and she moved both hands to his buttocks,
pulling him closer so that his horny cock slid even deeper into the
wetly grasping walls of her pussy. He was conscious of the moist warm
folds of flesh that surrounded his throbbing shaft, and he groaned with
a pleasure he had never known before. This was what he had wanted for
so long ... what he had waited for all his life without knowing it.
Lisa was groaning in delight as his masterful rod of flesh thrust to
its fullest depth into her cunt, filling it with joy with its red-hot
rigidity. She was straining upward to meet his eager lunges, obviously
in awe of the skill he seemed to have discovered.

Billy needed no more instructions or urging from his older sister. He
had come into his own. He knew instinctively what to do, and he let his
animal instincts rule. He began to stroke rhythmically, his greedy cock
striking to the hilt in Lisa's cunt, his pelvis smacking against her
open pussy flesh with a lewd wet slurping sound as he drove in and out
of her heavenly cunt.

She moved in rhythm with him, meeting his attack with her upthrust
pelvis, her legs held wide, her vagina desperately taking in every tiny
bit of his precious cock. She called out in ecstasy, "Oh, Billy ...
it's like never before ... it's so wonderful ... so good ..." Her
fingernails raked his back savagely as her passion reached a peak, and
she seemed to be a madwoman as she begged, "Don't stop ... fuck me ...
keep on fucking me good ...!"

Billy felt a strange thing happening to him ... something beyond
anything that had ever pleased him before. It was like a tidal wave
that formed in his loins and was sweeping over his whole body. It was
like when he masturbated, but a million times more powerful. His cock
seemed out of control now as it jerked and throbbed, and he felt a hot
stream of semen shooting into his sister's burning pussy slit, filling
the burning cavern of her belly. And Billy felt as if his whole being
were pouring out in wild abandoned love for this girl whose body he now

"Aaaaaah ... oh, God ... Billy ... Billy ..." Lisa cried, as her body
tossed wildly in the throes of her greatest orgasm. As their passions
ebbed, and Lisa relaxed into a quivering, moaning heap of hot flesh,
and Billy's mouth closed over hers in a passionate kiss, he felt a
great surge of pride go through him. At last, he was a somebody ... he
was a man!

Chapter 6

Billy sat in the cool back seat of the fine car, not too close to his
sister, yet close enough to smell the wonderful scent of her body that
he recalled so vividly from the night before. He felt at ease with Lisa
now, and in a vague way, superior. It was as if he were suddenly the
older brother ... the man in command, and he smiled to himself as he
looked at his mother, seated beside Ray in the front. Laura's shiny
dark hair was piled high on her head, giving her a youthful look, and
Billy felt a glow of pride as he looked at the two women in his life.
Both were beautiful, exciting and desirable. And he was now a man ...
an equal. He was no longer an awkward little boy who had to play with
his cock in the secrecy of his bedroom. He had fulfilled his manhood,
and now he even felt a kind of camaraderie for Ray, his stepfather.

They were headed for the private club that Ray had joined. It was an
exclusive place that was composed of people with interests similar to
those of the Moore family. His mother had prepared a delicious picnic
lunch that rested in a large hamper on the floor of the back seat. It
was a wonderful day ... a wonderful world! Dreams were coming true at a
pace that dizzied Billy ... and yet, inside him, there was still a
vague emptiness ... a hunger that he couldn't fathom ... an undefinable
need that hadn't been fulfilled.

Ray was a well-built man, and he was careful to keep his body in tip-
top shape--thus, the club. It offered all the recreational facilities
he and his new family liked best, and which were good for their
physical well-being. He was proud of his family, and even Billy seemed
closer this morning--as if he had grown up overnight and accepted his
role in the family.

When they reached the club's lake, Billy was a bit disappointed. He had
anticipated a large crowd of merry people, but the place was almost
deserted. The visible ones were far up the lake shore, and he couldn't
even tell if they were men or women.

Laura Moore noticed her teenaged son's drooping mouth and asked what
was wrong.

He shrugged and muttered, "I guess I expected a lot of people to be

Laura put her arms about him and hugged him. "We're all we need, Billy,
darling. I'd much rather be with you than anyone in the whole world."

"I didn't mean that ..." Billy said, frustrated. "I mean ... well, so
would I rather be with you." He was experiencing a strangely familiar
sensation. He was getting sexually excited as he felt the warm contours
of his mother's body pressed against him.

"Look!" Lisa called, pointing to the small tent Ray had already erected
on the grass. He was busily making it secure, and he hollered gaily,
"Our home away from home!"

"Come on, Lisa," Laura said happily, "let's change into our swimsuits."
She turned to Billy and said, "Did you wear your swim trunks under your

Ray was stripping down to his own swim trunks to reveal a strong,
muscular torso. Billy's heart sank as he saw his stepfather's
impressive physique, but Lisa's mouth took on a sly smile and she
squeezed her brother's hand meaningfully. "Wait until you see, Billy
..." He wanted to ask her what she meant, but she ran into the tent and
the flap was dropped.

Ray came over to Billy and complimented him on his youthful but wiry
body. "Keep in shape, Billy. That's important." Billy had never seen a
man as well built as his new dad, and his pleasure at Ray's approval of
him was obvious.

"Race you out to the big raft!" Ray challenged.

Suddenly feeling an inch tall again, Billy blurted out, "I can't swim."

"No problem," Ray said confidently. "Time you learned. I'll have you in
the Olympics inside a week!" His grin was contagious, and Billy smiled
back at him, feeling a strange confidence in this husky, masculine man.

He went into the water with Ray at his side, and by the time his sister
and mother emerged from the tent, he was already learning the simple
crawl stroke and the scissor kick, under Ray's expert guidance.

"Let's join the girls for a rest. We'll come back in for lesson two
later. You did just fine, Billy. Just fine!" The praise sent Billy's
spirits soaring. He was learning to like Ray Moore more and more with
each passing hour.

As he waded out of the water, Billy's eyes opened wide. His mother and
Lisa were wearing the briefest bathing suits he had ever seen! He
gulped, unable to tear his eyes away from his mother's lovely, shapely
... and, yes ... sexy body! Her figure was as youthful as Lisa's,
though her breasts were fuller, and her pubic mound a bit more
prominent. Billy tried to envision her body completely naked, and he
did not find it too difficult. She was an out-sized version of her
fair-haired daughter ... but even more alluring and more beautiful in a
dark and handsome way.

"What a pair of beautiful women!" Ray said devilishly.

"I feel positively wicked," Laura protested without much fervor.

"Wait until I take you to Europe, Laura," Ray said with a grin. "Lots
of the beaches, they don't wear a thing!"

"Ray!" Laura said chidingly.

"A beautiful body is nothing to be ashamed of," Ray said soberly. "God
gave us our bodies. We should take care of them and be good to them,
and ... we should share them with others."

He was deadly serious. During the conversation, Billy's eyes had not
left his mother's near-naked body. After last night, he knew how she
would look without that bathing suit. The bikini was low-cut, black,
and thin enough to show the pucker of her nipples and the soft round
outline of her pussy. As she pirouetted on the shore, he saw the
glorious curve of her buttocks and just a faint flash of dark pubic
hair as her long legs moved.

He felt dirty again--evil. But he remembered what Ray had said. His
mother had every right to be proud of that beautiful body--all of it!
He wondered if what he was feeling for her was love, or ... desire!
There was nothing wrong in loving a person totally, Lisa had said, and
he had begun to believe it because he wanted to believe it. He
envisioned himself making love to his mother as he had to Lisa the
night before, and his head spun at the thought.

He lay down on one of the blankets, sunning himself, while Lisa and his
mother took a dip and Ray took a walk along the lake's edge. As he
observed the deep tan that covered most of Ray's body, Billy determined
that he would spend many hours in the sun, browning to the healthy
color his stepfather had attained. He felt pale and thin compared to
Ray, but he had the comforting knowledge in his heart that he too was a

The two women came out of the water, laughing, their skin glowing with
health and dripping with water. His mother pulled off her bathing cap,
letting her dark curly hair blow free in the gentle breeze. Billy saw
that the water made the swimsuit cling even tighter to his mother's
skin, and his eyes stared hungrily at her crotch. The shadowy curls of
her cunt hair were visibly outlined against the light material, and her
nipples were pushing out against the flimsy brassiere. Billy watched in
fascination as the two sexy women drew close, remembering with pride
how many times Lisa had cum the night before, calling his name, sucking
his tongue until the daylight had driven her back to her own bed.
Without realizing it, he had gotten a semi-erection, and he drew his
knees up in front of him to hide his stiffening cock. He had been
envisioning his mother's body as he had seen Lisa's, and he had felt it
so strongly that it was almost as if it had been his mom in his bed the
night before.

Laura and Lisa sat down on the other blanket, and Ray spotted them and
jogged back to join the group. He kissed first his wife on the lips,
then his stepdaughter on the cheek.

"We're lucky men, Billy," he smiled, "to have such beautiful women in
the family."

"I know," Billy gulped, blushing without knowing why.

The four of them lolled on the blanket, soaking up sunlight for a
while, then took another short dip, and after toweling, they feasted on
the picnic lunch. Unaccountably, though, Billy became restless, hoping
the day would soon end. So they wouldn't burn, Ray and Laura had
stretched out inside the tent, and now both of them were asleep in each
other's arms.

Lisa reached over and took Billy's hand. "They make a beautiful couple,
don't they?" she remarked idly.

He hated to admit it, but had to agree with her. He felt a twinge of
jealousy, but as he let his eyes rove over his sister's lovely body,
knowing it belonged to him whenever he wanted it, he brushed the
feeling aside.

"Let's ... let's take a walk in the woods ..." Billy said suddenly. He
was hot, and the shade would be welcome.

"Okay, lover," Lisa cooed. "I know a nice spot. Come on." She rose and
held out her hand. She led him down a worn path to a pleasant glade,
and they sat down beneath a large tree that hid them from the view of
their parents or any passersby.

"Don't be afraid ..." Lisa said, moving close. She took his face in her
hands and gave him a sweet, lingering kiss, her tongue playing gently
with his. She excited him even more than she had the night before, for
in the daylight, he could see more of her shapely young body. Even if
it were wrong, Billy knew he could never give up loving his sister ...
all the way!

"You're so beautiful, Lisa ... I love you so ..." he mumbled. Her hand
was over his loins and he could feel his cock leap at her touch. She
was beginning to stroke his penis through the cloth of his swimming

"You are the wonderful one. Last night, you fucked me so good ... so
deep ... so hard. I want you to fuck me again like that! Will you?"

"Anything ... anything ..." he gasped, becoming more and more aroused
by her obscene touch.

"But today ... let's do something different!" Her hand stole into the
elastic band of his trunks and she grasped his naked cock in her warm
hand, stroking it lovingly up and down.

"What would you think if I took it in my mouth and sucked it?" Lisa
asked with a devilish glint in her eyes. "You've never had it sucked,
have you? You can cum in my mouth ... fill it with your juice ... while
Ray and Mother are just a few yards away ... wouldn't that make it

Billy had no time to reply, for she peeled down his trunks with a
sweeping movement and, grasping his rigid cock in her hand, engulfed it
in the wet warm cavern of her mouth. His body writhed with a
combination of fear and pleasure sensations at the feel of her tongue
playing with his sensitive penis, and the sucking motion that she used
to draw it deep into her mouth was making him shake all over.

Suddenly pulling her mouth away, Lisa pushed him down flat on his back
beneath the tree, and began to run her tongue over his small male
nipples, bringing him another new sensation that set his cock throbbing
and bucking. She moved slowly down his body, licking and tonguing him,
until she came again to his rock-hard cock. Pulling the foreskin back,
she tickled the nerve-filled glans with the tip of her tongue, then
slid her wet mouth over it to take its entire length into her mouth.

Billy began to move wildly. He had never felt such burning, delightful
sensations before. He was fascinated as he watched his desire-flushed
cock sliding in and out of his sister's tightly ovalled lips, and heard
the lewd slurping noises she made. She knelt straddling his legs and
took the base of his cock in her hand, holding the shaft stiffly erect.
Then she began to pump her head up and down so that each stroke of his
cock went deep into her throat!

"Oh ... Lisa ... do it ... make me cum ... NOW!" he groaned.

He watched his whole cock disappear into her mouth, and he tangled his
fingers in her soft blonde hair and pushed her head down rhythmically,
making unintelligible sounds rise in her throat.

He felt as if he were being sucked dry, and as the semen boiled within
his young inflated testicles, he knew that she would drain him of every
last drop. She was sucking it hungrily now, making moaning noises of
sensual joy, and he pushed her head down with all his strength, feeling
the back of her throat with his blood-bloated cock-head.

He rammed upward as she drove down, and he felt the sperm begin to
rise. He increased his bucking motions while Lisa continued to suck
harder and harder, and then he exploded into her mouth. A hot stream of
cum flooded her mouth, and she swallowed it hungrily, never missing a
stroke. He continued to push down on her head, and rear up so that his
cock was shooting deep into her hungering belly, until finally he
collapsed onto his back, utterly satiated, utterly unable to move!

Lisa continued to suck and lick, cleaning up every last drop of his
cum, and at last she stopped and let his now-limp penis fall from her
semen-wet lips. She flattened her body beside his and his arm went
around her. Kissing his neck and ears, then his mouth, she kept
murmuring, "Oh, Billy ... you're a man ... you're my man ... you're
mine ..."

Chapter 7

Billy lay in his warm bed with his arms behind his head, staring at the
ceiling. He was deeply hurt and very troubled at the way Lisa had been
acting since that afternoon under the tree, almost a week ago.

Oh sure, she had been polite, acting like any normal sister would to
her brother, except that she was hardly civil when he tried to speak to
her about anything besides passing dishes at the table. He couldn't
figure it out. She was the one who had suggested sucking his cock, and
she had seemed to enjoy it almost as much as he had. But now, she was a
stranger ... an unfathomable mystery.

He had tried to talk to her when they were alone, but she would walk
away without a word. And the night before, she had plugged up the hole
between their rooms, and he had not been able to look at her.

But he had heard voices in her room, muffled and guarded, and he knew
that she was with her lover again. He wanted badly to ask her who her
secret lover was, but he couldn't get close enough to her anymore, to
exchange confidences or even civilities. He wondered often who the man
was who came to Lisa's bed so many nights, but he hadn't the vaguest
idea. Probably someone she had met at school, he surmised.

He was tired tonight, for he had been kept awake by the muffled voices
and the smothered moans and groans in the next room, and when he
finally fell asleep at dawn, it was a fitful, nightmarish sleep he fell
into. He knew he had no right to be jealous, but it gnawed at his loins
constantly. Maybe she had just used him when her lover was away. He
didn't understand it, but he did feel that it was worse than it had
been before, for now he had those memories of Lisa's wonderful

And the next morning he began to feel that old guilt creeping back.
Yet, all he had to do was to think about her and he got a demanding
erection. He had had to masturbate night after night, as he envisioned
what she and her secret lover were doing. She belonged to him and he to
her. She had said it. She felt it, he knew. Why, then, was she doing
this to him?

He washed and dried his face and combed his hair, then dressed
gloomily, feeling that he would never again make love to Lisa.

He was glum at breakfast, and his sister did not appear until they were
all finished. His mother was radiant in a soft pink dressing gown that
Ray had bought for her, and she was lavish in her attentions to Billy,
but it didn't lift his spirits.

"I overslept," Lisa said sheepishly, when she finally made an

You hardly slept two hours! Billy thought angrily.

When they had all nearly finished, Ray folded his napkin and placed it
beside his plate. He smiled mysteriously and said, "Now that we're all
here, I want to propose something." He looked from Billy to Lisa and
said, "School will be starting next week, but ... instead of starting
school, how would it be if we all took a vacation until the 1st of
November? Then, you will be taught by a tutor here at home, four days
each week!"

Billy and Lisa exchanged glances and their eyes widened in joy. Lisa
began to jump up and down in her chair, and Billy grinned broadly.
Laura looked happily surprised and she said brightly, "Ray, that's
wonderful. The children should learn even more from a private teacher
... and we'll have all that wonderful time together!"

* * *

A half hour later, Billy was wandering aimlessly about the house. His
mother and Ray had gone to their wing of the house and Lisa had just
disappeared. He felt lonely. He was about to go to his room and feel
sorry for himself when he felt a hand on his arm and heard Lisa's
hushed voice saying seductively, "It's time for another lesson, Billy."

Billy looked into her wide brown eyes, instantly happy that she had
broken the icy barrier she had set up between them for so long.

"Be quiet, darling," Lisa cautioned as she took his hand and led him up
the stairs. Billy was overwhelmed with desire for her. But when she
reached the top of the stairs, Lisa turned right instead of left--
toward the part of the second floor where Ray and Laura slept!

"We ... can't go in there ..." Billy gasped.

"Just trust me ..." Lisa said in a mysterious tone.

She pulled him down the hall until they came to the room which Billy
guessed must be Ray and his mother's. Lisa stopped and slowly tried the
doorknob. She entered the room on tiptoe, motioning Billy to follow. He
saw that it was a dressing room they had entered and he saw a heavy
curtain that concealed the bedroom beyond. They could hear voices
coming from beyond the curtain.

Billy was almost holding his breath with excitement and vague fear.
Lisa was going to spy on his mother and Ray! She moved softly toward
the curtain and parted it a bit. Then she got down on the floor,
motioning him to do likewise. There was less chance of being seen if
anyone looked toward the curtain, he realized.

Billy heard his mother saying, "It will be wonderful to have the kids
with us this fall." She was seated before a large mirror, brushing her
curly dark hair, and Ray stood behind her, his strong hands on his
wife's shoulders as he watched her in the mirror with shining eyes.

"It will work out fine, honey," he replied. "I think that Billy is
getting to be part of the family, even though there are days he seems
to be lost or confused. It will be good for all of us to spend more
time together."

Laura still worried a little about Billy's strange aloofness from her
and Ray, but he was coming around, she admitted.

"That's enough brushing for now, darling," Ray said, pulling her back
so her head was against his body. "More than a hundred, I'm sure."

Ray bent and kissed her neck, his hands cupping her breasts through the
diaphanous pink gown. She loved it when he was like this ... gentle,
yet eager. She rose and walked to the bed, and as she paused, Ray began
to remove the gown from her body. Billy gasped involuntarily as he saw
the creamy-white beauty of his mother's body revealed. Her breasts were
full and round and tilted invitingly upward. Her hips curved sensuously
to form a shadowy triangle of sex, the soft pubic hair covering her
pussy in glossy strands, and the parted pink lips of her cunt visible
in flashes as she moved. Her legs were long and shapely, right down to
her slender ankles and feet! And she stood as if in a trance, radiant
as she saw the pride in her husband's eyes as they swept over her naked

"Come on, sweet, lie down!" Ray said hoarsely. Laura obeyed, lying on
her back on the bed, her legs spread slightly. "Spread your legs wider,
darling," Ray commanded. He dropped his robe and stood naked beside the
bed as she complied, revealing the pinkish wet folds of flesh inside
her pussy.

Billy licked his lips and he felt perspiration forming on his brow. His
own penis was stiff and hot, and his head was spinning again with that
familiar dizziness of desire. He looked at his stepfather's thickly
displayed penis and was amazed. It was long and hard, and now looked as
heavy as iron, big veins standing out on its sides. He watched Ray bend
down and roll Laura over onto her stomach, mouth going to her full firm
buttocks, nibbling and sucking at them, and finally licking deep into
the crevice between as he parted her cheeks with his hands.

Laura let out a small cry as her husband's tongue invaded the tender
crevice of her buttocks, and she wondered how long it would be until
she would not consider this act obscene--even though she liked it. He
had done this just once before, and she wasn't used to any sort of anal
lovemaking or foreplay. She wished Ray would take her the regular way
... because she knew that this approach would lead to anal intercourse,
and it hurt! But she loved him too much to ask him not to do it that

Ray had made such a point of telling her that no part of her body was
made for shame, nor was any part made not to be loved. And she
certainly didn't want to be considered prudish or old-fashioned by this
wonderful man who had made her world beautiful once again.

Ray's outstretched middle finger was now probing her puckered anus. "A
little wider, sweet one," he breathed hoarsely, looking down in hunger
at the tiny brown opening.

Laura spread her legs on the bed as wide as she could and felt Ray's
finger push inside a little. She couldn't quite smother a cry of sudden
pain, but as his thick finger sank farther in, she realized it wasn't
hurting half as much as it had at first. She wanted to endure it--for
him. He pushed his finger in and out and Laura wiggled about under the
unusually exciting sensation of his finger up her ass. Just as she was
becoming accustomed to it, Ray pushed a second finger into her anus,
and this time, Laura did yelp in pain.

* * *

"What is he doing?" Billy whispered in agitation. "He's hurting her!"

"It only hurts a little, and for a minute ... I hear," Lisa whispered
back. "After a while, it feels wonderful ... even better than the other

"Is he ... going to ..." Billy gasped in fear, as Ray positioned
himself between Laura's open legs, his huge cock grasped in one hand as
his fingers continued to probe her rubbery little anus.

"Fuck her in the ass?" Lisa finished calmly. "Yes, I think he is ..."

His own beautiful mother! Yet, Billy was awed because he didn't feel
any real resentment against Ray! It seemed different, now that he could
see what they did. And, he sensed somehow that his mother liked this
type lovemaking. Ray was so confident, so sure of himself, that Billy
had to admire his stepfather.

Billy felt a strong wave of impatience sweeping him. He wanted to see
the act completed.

"Oh, God ... I want to ...!" The words slipped from his lips and he
looked guiltily over at Lisa. She had heard, and she said soberly, "You
want to fuck mother, don't you?"

The boy was too embarrassed to do anything except nod.

"I don't wonder. She's so beautiful. I hope I'm as beautiful as she is
when I'm grown up."

"You are already," Billy blurted in a loud whisper. He couldn't take
his eyes from the lewd scene in the next room. Ray was now nudging the
thickly swollen head of his cock up into their mother's tiny anus, and
as he settled into a rhythmic thrusting motion that allowed his cock to
disappear completely into her rectum with each stroke, the two
teenagers lay side by side on the dressing room floor, their eyes glued
to the scene, saying nothing, but running their hands lustfully over
each other's body.

* * *

Ray had pulled his wife up to her knees, so that the rounded hills of
her ass-flesh jutted out enticingly, allowing him clear entry to her
anus. "Say it, darling ..." he begged.

"I like you to fuck me in the ass, Ray, darling ..." she said

His fingers played with the glistening slit of her pussy as he thrust
in and out of her wide-stretched nether entrance, and Laura wriggled
and twisted, partly in enjoyment, and partly to ease the burning pain
that his dagger-like cock was inflicting inside her rectum. She thought
she would die of shame if ever anyone found out that she allowed Ray to
do this, or admit that in a strange lewd way, she actually enjoyed
doing it.

"Oh God ... it's so fucking tight!" Ray exploded.

She shook her dark head from side to side as he began lunging into her
hotly clenching rectum with increased force and speed.

"Ahhhh ... ohhh ... Ray ... Ray ..." Laura ground out, as the pain
turned to pleasure and her body came alive with desire. He was
massaging her wetly seeping cunt, with one extended middle finger
thrusting thickly in and out of her steaming vagina, while his buttocks
bucked up and down steadily, like a rutting stallion.

* * *

Lisa and Billy watched from the curtained doorway, entranced by the
pure lust they saw, and the exquisite pleasure that each was obviously
feeling from the anal intercourse. Billy had slid his pants down, and
now he climbed atop his sister's back, letting his lust-stiffened cock
rub into the smooth hairless crack of her ass--an area he had not yet
explored. As they heard Laura moan in delight, Billy asked, "You ever
done it that way?"

"Not yet," Lisa gasped, feeling her brother's blood-hot penis playing
about near her own excited anus. "But if you spit on your hand and rub
it on your prick ... maybe you can pretend I'm Mother!"

Raw lust overcame Billy. It suddenly seemed all right, watching his
mother being fucked anally, while he performed the same act on his
sister Lisa. They shared the same blood, why not the same passions and
delights? Her buttocks wriggled enticingly, pleading nakedly for his
throbbing cock, and after wetting the tight sphincter with his saliva-
wet finger, he pressed the tip of his cock into the perversely alluring

Their parents were so busy with their own lusts that they were unaware
of the two youngsters, or of anything except the overpowering joy that
consumed them. Billy's pulsating member began to penetrate his sister's
rubbery nether opening and with a sudden popping motion, the entire
head of it went inside her virginal anus. He heard Lisa groan softly
with pain, and he hoped desperately she wouldn't cry out and betray
their position. He took a clue from Ray, and just when she seemed to be
ready to cry out, Billy pushed his cock deep into Lisa's anus with all
his strength! He had to grit his teeth to keep from crying out in
pleasure himself, and as his cock slid more easily into Lisa's virgin
rectum, she suppressed her cries and gave way to a series of low,
guttural moans of unmistakable pleasure.

After a moment, she began to move in rhythm with his eager thrusts, and
a haze settled over Billy's mind. It seemed to be his mother that he
was ass-fucking, not his fourteen year old sister--and she was loving
it! He felt her jerking in wild encouragement as he filled her softly
yielding rectal passage, and she was moaning with pleasure, begging him
for more! His own mom!

He moved his hand down to his mother's cunt, and felt it wet and hot
beneath his fingers. Hungry for her cum, he manipulated the passion-
inflamed nub of her clitoris, teasing, tormenting her, driving her
insane with lust. Oh, God, he thought ... her asshole is tight! And the
feeling that swept him from head to foot was something he'd never felt
before. It was ecstasy! He fucked harder and harder, wanting her to beg
him to stop ... to beg him not to stop ... he wanted her to be totally
and eternally his woman!

"Don't stop ..." Lisa moaned in a hoarse whisper. She was half-crazy
with lust as her brother's cock moved in and out of her virginal anus,
making her whole body react obscenely in a dance of abandoned lust. "Oh
... God ... I'm cumming ... I'm cumming ...!" Lisa moaned. "You cum,
too ... please ... please ..."

Now Billy plunged in and out of his sister's vise-tight rectum, utterly
out of control. A glance told him that his mother and stepfather were
also in the last stages of orgasm, as their bodies flailed wildly about
on the bed and low cries flooded from his mother's throat.

"Oh ... Billy ... Billy!" Lisa groaned, her body stiffening then going
suddenly limp beneath his driving cock-thrusts.

"Cum now!" Ray commanded in a gasp, as Billy saw his mother's body arch
backward, absorbing the enormous cock's streams of hot semen as they
shot up into her defenseless anus! The thrill of climax overcame her
and she whimpered with pleasure, collapsing onto the bed on her belly,
as her husband's body draped across her back, still plunging slowly in
and out of her sperm-filled rectum with his softening cock. Their
animalistic groans blended into a cacophony of sensual gibberish.

Billy felt his own cock come suddenly alive, with fiery spurts of his
own juices shooting up inside Lisa's rectal passage in imitation of
their parents' lewd climax. His whole body and soul seemed one
throbbing mass of joy, and his ecstasy seemed to be seeping into his
very mind and blood. His teenage flesh was only a playground for
passions that were now utterly out of control, and as he slowly
collapsed on his sister's now motionless body, he heard his own voice,
as if from a different world, muttering softly, "Mother oh, Mother ..."

Chapter 8

Laura Moore stood before her full-length dressing-table mirror,
examining her body in the glass. She still had a youthfully good-
looking figure, she was convinced, but the surprising thing to her was
the depths of sexual pleasure she had been able to enjoy using this
body as Ray asked her to.

She blushed suddenly at the remembrance of how much she had enjoyed
anal sex the day before with her husband. To think that she had been so
reluctant now seemed silly. She had determined to trust Ray in all
forms of sex play or intercourse that he chose. He was a master at
bringing her to her peak performance and in the doing, giving her the
ultimate in sensual pleasure ...

Laura thought she heard a noise from her dressing room, and she cast a
quick glance that way. Just guilt, she decided, and she picked up a
brush and began stroking her dark hair. She watched the way her breasts
undulated with each upward movement of her arms, and the way the
muscles of her stomach rippled. She was an exciting woman! She was
pleased with her body and with her marriage. Ray was so wonderful, and
it was all working out so well with Billy.

She frowned suddenly as she thought of her thirteen year old son. Yes,
for the most part, he was obviously happy, but there were times when
she couldn't fathom what was going on in his mind. At breakfast this
morning, for instance, he had looked at her with an enigmatic smile
that told her he loved her, yet hid something else. His eyes had seemed
hot and somewhat troubled as he had let them rove over her body,
encased in a somewhat flimsy gown and robe. It was almost the same sort
of look that Ray gave her, she thought with some trepidation.

And he looked so much like his father at times ... Laura made an
impatient gesture with the hairbrush. She shouldn't be thinking of
Billy's father. He had deserted her ... given her only misery and
slavery ...

Unknown to Laura, the object of her troubled thoughts was now observing
her. From his vantage point in the dressing room, Billy was watching
every tiny movement of his mother's exciting body. He watched her
breasts rise and fall with her brushing, wishing that he could take one
of them in his mouth, to tease and torment the nipple and feel the
resilient flesh give beneath his touch. He liked the way she looked at
herself in the mirror. He loved her dark curly hair and the lust-
inciting curve of her buttocks and shapely thighs. In the mirror, he
could see the reflection of her darkly mysterious cuntal "vee" and the
curl-shaded slit that was her cunt! His cock was jerking madly, growing
harder every moment, and a new thrill had come to him at the daring of
what he was doing. He was supposed to be out shopping with his sister
and stepfather, but he had begged off at the last moment, pretending
illness, and had sneaked back into the house without his mother's
knowing it.

He knew what he had to do, and there was no choice, after what he had
seen here the day before. He was amazed at his own nerve, but he felt
he could not control himself. It was as if some great magnet were
drawing him to watch his naked mother!

He was trembling slightly, as if anticipating a great event, though he
didn't know what it might be. The sight of this beautiful woman was
shredding his willpower. She had been his dream for so long ... so
terribly long ... and now, she stood naked before him, allowing him to
feast his eyes and soul on all her intimate parts!

Laura began to hum softly, and to Billy, she sounded like an angel. His
eyes bulged as if to take in even more of her incredible loveliness,
and without realizing it, he said in a full, gasping voice, "Oh,

Laura turned instantly to face the dressing room curtain, her eyes
wide, her mouth open. She had heard her son's voice, and she wasn't
sure if her mind were playing tricks on her. She laid the brush down
and ran to the curtains, pulling them open with a jerk. There, cowering
helplessly in the dimness, was her son!

"What on earth ...!" Laura gasped.

Billy was in his jockey shorts on the floor, and with a shock, she
became aware that his cock was erect and throbbing under the thin
material and that his eyes were fastened upon her breasts, in spite of
his obvious fear! She quickly grabbed her negligee from a nearby chair
and threw it on, but it did little to hide her womanly features.
Instead, to her aroused son's eyes, it added mystery to the allure of
her beautifully shaped body.

"Billy ..." Laura gasped. "What are you doing here?"

She pulled him out of the area and into the light of the bedroom. He
felt ashamed and helpless. The worst had happened. He was evil, and
now, he would get the punishment he so richly deserved. Suddenly, he
began to cry.

Laura sat on the chair before her dressing table, holding Billy before

"I'm so bad ... so sinful ..." he sobbed.

She was in a state of bewilderment. He couldn't have done this
deliberately. He must have come into the room to tell her something,
then became frightened and hid! Her heart went out to him, but she
realized she had to be firm. He could have stumbled in and found her
and Ray at an awkward and embarrassing moment. She had to put a stop to
it ... to show him that even in their loving household, there were
rules he had to obey.

She picked up the silver-handled hairbrush and said, "Billy ... turn
around ..." He was pretty grownup to be spanked, but Laura knew she had
to do something.

Billy closed his eyes under her menacing stare of displeasure. And
another thing was bothering him--the woman scent of his mother's body,
the closeness to her ... it was driving him wild with desire.

He wanted to run and keep running forever, but his mother held him
fast. The warm, personal smell of her was playing havoc with his
emotions. She was pulling him closer. God--what was she doing?

Laura bent her son over her knees and pulled down his underpants. He
was big, and it was awkward, but he surrendered to her and made it
easier. She looked at his bare white buttocks, feeling the rigidness of
his aroused penis pressing into her thigh, where it had emerged boldly
through the opening of his shorts. The brush made a hissing sound as it
sailed through the air and smacked his buttocks sharply!

"Aaahhh ...!" Billy cried out. He felt another blow strike, and still
others, but he wasn't really aware of the stinging pain in his
buttocks. Each time she raised the brush and delivered a blow, his cock
pushed more hotly into the soft flesh of her legs, now rock-hard and
throbbing insistently.

A curious mixture of emotions was wracking his teenage body. He cried
out, "No! Mother--no!" But he didn't really want her to stop. There was
too much pleasure in what she was doing.

Laura, too, was experiencing some strange emotions. She was justifying
the spanking by telling herself it was for her son's own good, but she
realized that she was getting a strange thrill from it ... and that a
great part of that thrill was sexual! She felt closer to Billy than she
ever had before! It was almost a man-woman closeness, rather than that
of a mother and son! She continued on with more blows.

Billy had stopped crying out now, and he groaned with pleasure as the
brush inflicted pain and pleasure to his body. The excitement was too
much. He felt he would faint, and at the same time, he could feel his
sperm boiling inside his loins. He knew he would cum in a moment, and
he did not want to face the awful embarrassment he would feel. But he
couldn't stop his cock from pushing eagerly against her flesh, and as
the sharp back of the brush bit into his buttocks, he lost control
completely, and he felt spurts of semen shooting from his cock onto his
mother's leg!

The world seemed to be ending. He was evil--rotten.

Laura stopped suddenly as she felt the warm wetness oozing on her
thigh. She flushed scarlet as she realized that her son had cum, and
that she had been responsible.

"Get up!" Laura screamed. Billy scrambled to his feet, his face red as
he glanced down at the messy front of his shorts, now wet with semen.

Full realization dawned on Laura's face as she eyed the cum-soaked
shorts and the wet spots on her own thin gown and leg.

"My God!" she said apprehensively. "What have I done?" She began to
tremble. "Go to your room!" she spluttered.

Billy ran from the room in total confusion, sobs breaking from his

After he had gone, Laura sat staring into space. She was thunderstruck
at what she had done, and her fingers touched the sticky moisture on
her gown with a feeling of horror. To add to, her horror, she became
aware that she was wet and sticky between her own thighs!

* * *

Laura was troubled all the rest of the day. She just couldn't meet
Billy's eyes, and he did not attempt to face her. Both felt extreme
guilt, and both blamed themselves, while at the same time, each
wondered what had gone on in the other's mind during the spanking that
had culminated in Billy's orgasm.

In bed with Ray that night, Laura was bursting with a need to talk to
him about the incident, but she couldn't bring herself to such a
shameful confession. Ray made it easy for her, not giving her a chance
to speak much. He got into bed and immediately began to caress her
breasts and thighs, letting her know his eagerness for lovemaking.

But he noticed her lackadaisical submission and asked if something were
wrong. She wanted to shout out YES! but she didn't. Instead, she just
shook her head. Ray felt her body relax and said suddenly, "I know ...
you just weren't satisfied yesterday, darling. I know you like to have
my cock inside your cunt ... or maybe ... maybe I'm just not satisfying
you as a lover."

It shocked Laura. Ray was a perfect lover! Yet the thought haunted her
... maybe she really was unsatisfied! She didn't know who it was, but
she had been aware for some time that a deep, gnawing desire for
someone ... something ... had been growing inside her.

"Do you think you'd like some other lover?" Ray asked somberly.

"How could I?" Laura wailed. "You're so perfect! So wonderful. How
could you think such a thing?"

"Calm down, darling. It happens. A woman as beautiful as you sometimes
wants ... and deserves ... more than one lover!"

"You're joking!" Laura gasped. "I don't understand some of your weird
ideas, sometimes!"

Ray's hand was on her breast and the other was pulling her body close
to him so that his cock was grinding against her warm pussy. She got
the same helpless feeling she always did with Ray. He could have her
any way he chose, and she couldn't deny him.

"Now, just imagine that you had someone else's hard, big cock pushing
against your cunt. Wouldn't it thrill you? To have someone else doing
this?" Ray's cock pressed harder against her moistening pussy, and she
felt her passions begin to rise. She tried to fight the idea he was
forcing on her. How could she desire or submit to another man? She
loved her husband too deeply. He was too good to her, sexually as well
as in every other way.

But the memory of that afternoon sprang unbidden to her mind. Suddenly
it was Billy's hard cock pushing against her pussy, replacing Ray's!
The wetness in her cunt was because of Billy--not Ray! Laura moaned in
agony as she realized the truth. She did want her own son's cock inside
her ... she wanted him to make total love to her!

"Are you thinking about another lover doing this to you?" Ray panted
into her ear. "If that would make you complete, darling ... with no
more hang-ups ... it would be wonderful. Think! No inhibitions! No more
holding back anything!"

Laura was growing dizzy from the unwanted desires in her body, and
suddenly, she began to imagine that it was Billy in bed with her. It
was her son's hand that was caressing her buttocks, and his stiff young
penis that was pressing so savagely against the lips of her wet hot

She was appalled at the realization that the touch felt familiar. She
must have gone through this fantasy subconsciously, she realized, ever
since Billy had come home! It was obscene! Shameful! Yet, she was
reacting to Ray's caresses ... or Billy's ... like a common slut. Her
hips began to gyrate, allowing the satisfyingly hardened penis to go
into the tender slit of her vagina, tormenting her.

Suddenly, Billy's face and the face of his real father became as a
superimposed picture! It was Bill and Billy whose cock she felt! She
screamed automatically, "Don't touch me!"

Ray knew that his plan was working, and he said harshly, "Spread your
legs wider! Open up your cunt!"

In a daze, Laura obeyed, and she felt his thick hard cock begin to
penetrate the moist hungry interior of her cunt. She wanted him ... or
one of the images that now confused her brain. She wanted that hard
cock of Billy's inside her, and yet ... she abhorred the idea! Ray
rolled her onto her back, her legs spread wide, her cunt hungrily
accepting his now-plunging cock!

Ray knew what she must be going through, but he wanted the barriers
that kept her from being a total lover broken, once and for all!

Laura wanted to let herself go completely, to shout out, "Fuck me,
Billy, honey ... fuck me with your little-boy cock!" But she couldn't
make herself do it.

"I'm going to fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked before!" Ray
gasped savagely, ramming his cock faster into her torrid cunt. As the
giant rod pressed relentlessly deeper into her cuntal walls, she cried
out "NO!" She couldn't accept Bill's cock. It had to be Ray's!

"YES!" Ray said cruelly, driving his punishing weapon into her to the
very hilt, so that their pelvic bones ground painfully together.

He began to push mercilessly deep, wanting to give her the greatest
cuntal sensations she'd ever had, wanting her to feel she was being
ripped apart, totally possessed by the massive shaft that was hammering
away at her yielding vagina.

"Oh, God ... you're getting it ... all of it ...!" Ray gasped in
ecstasy as he felt her responding perfectly to his hammering thrusts.
"Tell me you'd like another lover ... many lovers," he spoke in a
gruff, hoarse voice of command.

The words stuck in her throat, and his fingernails raked her soft flesh
to force the answer out, making her feel alive and aware, from head to

Her body surrendered to her emotions, and her inner, secret thoughts
came to the surface. And as she felt her climax rising inside her, she
screamed loudly, "Yes! Yes! I want other lovers ... many lovers ...
many men fucking me like this ..."

Ray knew that the last of her resistance was gone, and that from then
on, his wife would be totally uninhibited, his to do whatever he wanted
with. He was elated, for he had known instinctively that she was
holding back in some way.

Desire engulfed him like a wave of white-hot lava, and Laura seemed to
share his lewd needs. Her imagination ran wild. First it was Bill, her
former husband, fucking her, and then it was her son Billy, and no
matter which one she envisioned, her passions had never before been so
exquisitely aroused! Their bodies were a perfect blend of raw lust, as
she thrust up madly to match his rutting lunges. Ray held her legs
wide, then pulled them up over his shoulders, so that her cunt felt
more open than she had ever thought it could. She felt his shaft of
blood-engorged male flesh striking unplumbed depths of her pussy,
pounding her cushiony cervix, exploding upward into her insides!

"Oh God give it all to me ... Fuck me ... please never stop fucking me
..." Laura cried as their bodies melted into an orgasm so strong that
it seemed to rock their very souls!

* * *

An hour later, Ray was seated at the kitchen table, sipping a glass of
cold milk. He had left Laura sleeping soundly, a smile of happiness
wreathing her lovely face. She had been fantastic, and Ray was looking
forward to all the nights and days they would have together, with
nothing to stand between them and perfect sexual union. And soon, he
reflected slyly, the entire family would be united in the kind of
relationship he had planned all along. They would be complete, in every
facet. They would need no one else on earth for total happiness.

He glanced at the clock and saw that it was after one o'clock. It was
late, but he knew that Lisa would be happy to see him when he sneaked
into her room ... and one day soon, when the whole family had agreed to
his plans, there would be no more sneaking around in the dark house!

Chapter 9

Billy was sitting on Lisa's bed, and looking hungrily at the "vee" of
her pussy, outlined clearly by her brief tight shorts. He could tell
she had no panties on, because of the smooth, unbroken curve of her
buttocks when she walked. He thought he caught a glimpse of a wisp of
blonde pubic hair, and it excited him. Strange, he thought, how
exciting a woman's body can be--even with clothes on!

"Brace yourself for a goodie, lover-boy!" Lisa said mysteriously, her
brown eyes sparkling and her freckled face breaking into a wide smile.

"Tonight--if you play it right, you're going to have a chance to do
something I know you've wanted for a long time!" She was enjoying the
puzzlement and anticipation she saw mirrored on his eager, boyish face.
"You're going to have a chance to fuck Mother!" She smiled lustfully at
her brother. "Our beautiful, sexy mother ... tonight!"

Billy flushed red and squirmed about at the thought, feeling his prick
begin to grow hard at the very thought. Lisa babbled on: "Don't look so
shocked. She'll enjoy it as much as you will. She's been hot for your
cock for a long time. I can tell."

Billy's mind went to the day she had spanked him and he had shot cum
all over her gown and leg, and she had ordered him out of the room. He
wondered if Lisa really knew what she was talking about. She had been
getting some pretty wild ideas of late, and Billy wondered if she
didn't dream up half the stuff she passed on to him as truths.

"And besides, the way it will work, she won't even know that it's your
cock inside her, and then she won't want to stop. You'll see!"

Billy's brain was dancing at the thought, but he couldn't see how he
could trick his mother into letting him fuck her. Another of Lisa's
wild ideas! He watched her as she fidgeted about, rubbing her thighs
together, and he knew that she was getting hot at the thought. If she
wanted to be fucked, he wondered, why didn't she just say so, or take
off her clothes.

He hadn't seen his mother all day. She had taken both breakfast and
lunch in her bedroom, saying she felt a bit ill.

Billy was grateful. He hadn't been able to meet her gaze since he and
Lisa had watched Ray fuck her in the ass, and then the spanking she had
given him had deflated his confidence completely. She'd made him feel
like a wicked little boy ... like Ma Baylor had made him feel when she
caught him playing with his cock.

And yet, Lisa was telling him this incredible tale. How could it
possibly be true, even though he had dreamed about it and pretended he
was fucking her, while he was actually fucking Lisa.

"Tonight ..." Billy said warily.

Lisa nodded, beaming at him. "Yes ... at last it's going to happen,"
she said almost as if she had been waiting for this moment as eagerly
as he had. But Lisa was not going to explain the details to him. She
was wet between her legs, and she could stand it no longer. She had to
be fucked now! She flung herself on her brother, tumbling him backward
on her bed, flattening her body against his and moving her hips so that
her pelvis ground against his already hardening cock.

"We've got to do it, Billy! You can practice for tonight. I want to
have sex so bad ... so very bad!"

Billy wasn't much below her level of arousal and he put his hands
around her tight-cheeked buttocks, pulling her closer to him and moving
his own body in unison with hers.

"I'll show you something new." Lisa exploded in excitement. "Something
we haven't done before, but I know it's something that Mother will
love! I know she will! Any female would!"

His interest was piqued, but Billy still wanted to know more about the
upcoming evening. "First, tell me ..." he began, but she interrupted by
standing up and peeling off her clothes quickly. As she stood
gloriously naked before him, Billy's whole body surrendered to his
desire for her. He could see her nipples were taut with passion, and as
he looked at her soft blonde pubic triangle, he saw moisture shining on
the lips of her cunt! He knew that they would be soon engaged in a
tempest of lust, for he couldn't resist her enchanting body, and the
gentle, then wild ways she made sexual love. He adored her, he knew ...
sometimes, more than his mother, it seemed.

He lay back and let her take his clothes off. And as her hot hands
began to rove over his eager teenage body, and her lips caressed the
most touchy spots, Billy forgot all about his mother and the promise of
fucking her that night, and went off into a lewd sexual wonderland that
was every bit as wonderful as his sister had promised.

* * *

Laura had been pretending to be ill. She needed the entire day to think
about what she had agreed to let Ray arrange for her. The thought of a
strange man entering her cunt with his cock was half-alarming, and yet
there was a sharp thrill every time she tried to envision how it would

She had tried to read. She had even perused some of the lurid passages
in a sexy novel that she had bought but never read, trying to imagine
that she was the sluttish heroine who took on every male that came near
her in an insatiable lust for total sexual fulfillment. It was
degrading, she decided, what Ray had planned. Why had she ever agreed?
How could he love her and ask her to submit to the lovemaking of
another man? Maybe he was losing his mind ... or perhaps it was she who
was becoming mentally disturbed.

All the wild sex that she had engaged in with him--could it be
affecting her mind? And then that terrible scene with Billy in the
dressing room.

As she tried to imagine what sort of person Ray was going to have come
to her, a strange thrill of lust took hold of her. How would it feel to
have her hot cunt stuffed with the hard thick cock of another man? It
was a shameful idea, yet it couldn't be wrong! Her own husband had
arranged it, and she knew in her heart that Ray loved her truly and

But the most mystifying thing was that she had agreed, and now was even
looking forward to the meeting with a stranger, for sex!

She got out of bed often, pacing, looking at her face and her body in
the huge mirror. She could not believe that it was Laura Moore she was
looking at. She was a different person--a wanton, lustful whore! She
got back into bed and held the blindfold that Ray had given her,
handling it with distaste. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was
less than five minutes until her stranger-lover was to appear. She was
trembling as she tied the wide black band across her eyes. She still
wondered if she could go through with it, as she lay back on the
pillows on top of the covers, and tried to relax.

Ray had made her promise that she would lie there, naked, with her legs
spread open in lewd preparation. He told her that she would not be
disappointed, but in fact, would be deliciously delighted at the lover
he had chosen for her. She felt weak as she spread her legs wide, and
yet her heart was pounding in anticipation and lust! She wondered how
Ray could have had such a deep insight into her desires, when she had
not even known they were there?

It seemed an eternity that she lay there, legs spread wide, her body
bare and lovely, her soft, cream skin glowing in the gentle lamplight.
She lay there so long that she began to wonder if something had gone
wrong with Ray's plans. Maybe the man had backed out at the last
minute. She found herself hoping first that he had, then an instant
later, that he hadn't! She fell into a half-doze, and the soft night
breeze flowed over her body like a cooling bath as she put all thoughts
from her mind and sank deeper into sleep.

* * *

Billy and Lisa crept noiselessly down the hall approaching their
mother's room. It had been past midnight when Lisa had knocked on his
door, and motioned him to join her in the hall. He was trembling, in
spite of the fact that he had been convinced by Lisa that afternoon
that everything was going to work out wonderfully.

He was naked, but had a bathrobe thrown loosely about his body, and as
Lisa turned the knob of their mother's door and they tiptoed in, Billy
could hardly control his breathing. It was as if he were reliving a
recurring dream.

He gasped as he looked into the softly lit room and saw his mother
lying naked on the bed! Her legs were opened wide, revealing the damp,
pinkish folds of flesh hidden beneath the wisps of her dark pussy hair,
and Billy's cock began to dance and jerk wildly beneath his robe at the
sight. Laura Moore was a vision of brown and cream, and she seemed to
be napping. Billy couldn't take his eyes from the soft dark triangle of
her exposed pussy, so near, so vulnerable and exciting! Something
seemed to take over his whole being. There was nothing in the whole
world for him but this beautiful woman's body. He stood frozen, his
breath hissing softly, his mouth open, his eyes wide and staring at the
open cunt he had dreamed of invading for so long.

Lisa looked at her thirteen year old brother, placing her finger to her
lips to signal silence. She took his hand and they moved closer to the
bed until they stood beside it, looking down at their sleeping mother.
Lisa squeezed his hand and whispered, "Isn't she the most magnificent
thing you've ever seen?" Billy could only gulp and nod his head.

"Go ahead," Lisa whispered, "do what I showed you this afternoon. She
needs you and wants you. Be gentle until she really gets wild ... then
... do whatever you want to her!"

She gave him a little nudge and he moved hesitantly closer to the bed.
His knees were quaking as he climbed up onto the bed and knelt in
between his mother's widespread legs. The heady female smell of her
acted like a spur to his senses, and he was in a trance-like state,
hardly aware of what he was doing or even who he was, mesmerized by the
sight and smell of his mother's desirable, Venus-like body! He looked
at her blindfolded face and felt a sudden urge to run, but the warm
honey-scent of her pussy held him captive. He couldn't leave now, not
even if his life depended on it.

Feeling Lisa prodding him in the back, Billy placed his hands gently on
the soft white flesh of her inner thighs, spreading them with his
thumbs. Then his face went down to the enticing nest of his mother's
pussy! A dizziness took hold of him as he began to lick softly at the
enticing flesh-folds inside the lips of his mother's cunt. He could
taste her sweetness, and his tongue played with the bud of clitoral
flesh that his sister had taught him was the very vortex of a woman's
sexual responsiveness.

The sudden moist contact sent a violent thrill racing over Laura's body
as she came partially awake. She cried out in surprise, forgetting for
a second the strange arrangement she had agreed to be part of. Then she
fell back with a sigh of resignation as she felt the stranger's lips
pressing eagerly into her cuntal opening, the tongue playing teasingly
with her clitoris.

The scent was doing strange things to Billy. He felt surges of desire
that seemed to take control of his being. It was heavenly, like
something wonderful he had known long ago, but couldn't recall. He
licked slowly and as he felt his mother's pussy open eagerly to him, he
grew bolder. He dug his tongue in deeper, searching for the inner folds
of tissue that tasted so tantalizingly pleasant, sucking a mouthful of
her pussy into his mouth, then letting his teeth gently rake the flesh
as he released it and continued to probe her pussy with his tongue.

He never wanted to stop. This was his total fulfillment, to know that
he was bringing such deep pleasure to the woman he adored. His heart
was full and his whole body seemed new and alive, as if this were what
he was born to do! He was utterly lost in her pussy, and he never
wanted to leave it.

Laura's legs began to tremble, then her buttocks undulated slowly, as
her original hesitation gave way to the soothing, yet exciting
ministrations of the mouth of her lover on her cunt. She was being
pussy-licked by someone she didn't even know! It sent a lustful thrill
over her body, and she moved to allow her lover more access to her
warmly throbbing cunt. Her hands sought out the head of her unknown
lover, and pushed his mouth even deeper up between her quivering legs.
She could feel his soft, smooth hair running through her fingers as he
licked wildly at her now flaming cunt. She began to twist about to
allow him to reach every tiny crevice, and she moaned lewdly at first,
then began to whisper encouragement to him.

"Oh that's so good so good there ... ah, right there ... faster ...
faster, lover!" She held his head firmly when he struck a particularly
pleasureful spot, and Billy licked and sucked wildly, using his teeth,
lips and tongue to provide her with the greatest pleasure he was
capable of. He thought his heart would hammer itself from his body, so
great was his excitement at tongue-fucking his own mother.

He buried his face as deep into the flesh of her cunt as he could,
wallowing in the lewd feel, taste and smell of her passion-seared
pussy. He wished he could stay there forever. And his mother was
moaning and loving it ... everything he was doing to her! She kept
stroking his head and saying unintelligible things. Finally, she began
to use endearments, almost cooing to him as he continued to lave her
steaming cunt with his tongue.

He was her slave, giving her all the pleasure she deserved, and he
wanted to be her slave for the rest of his life. He wanted to hear her
cries of pleasure, always. He sucked on her desire-swollen clitoris,
flicking it with his tongue, using his teeth, until she cried out, "Oh,
God ... ohhhhh ..." Her cunt felt completely removed from her body, as
if it were all there were to her ... one wide, throbbing, wonderfully
satisfied cunt!

Billy's head bobbed up and down and rolled from side to side, like that
of a nuzzling animal, and he became slowly more savage, sucking the
loose folds of flesh into his mouth and nibbling at them almost
cruelly, driving Laura half wild with his mad lust. Grunting and
groaning, he gasped for breath as he continued to attack her yielding
pussy. It was so good ... he couldn't find words to describe how
marvelous his body felt. His cock was jerking about beneath him, rock-
hard and throbbing, rubbing maddeningly against the bedclothes. He knew
that he couldn't last much longer. He had to put it into this heavenly
slit, or he would burst!

Laura seemed like a woman possessed. Her cunt felt greedy, as though it
could never be satisfied. Ray was so right about her. She did need
this. It was a wondrous release that seemed to cleanse and renew her.
She was at a feverish pitch of passion as this unknown man's agile
tongue flicked unceasingly at the raw nub of flesh, and her legs
clamped around his head as she drew him still closer to her hungry

Billy was so lost in his mother's pussy that he had completely
forgotten his sister, nor was he aware that his stepfather had entered
the room.

Ray stood quietly, watching the lovemaking scene with obvious pleasure.
He was stark naked in preparation for the family orgy he'd planned, and
now his cock stood out stiff and erect as he watched Laura's obvious
enjoyment of her son's lewd tonguing. Lisa stood nearby, breathing
loudly, as her hands fondled her own breasts. Ray stepped up to the bed
and matter-of-factly straddled his wife's writhing body, slowly and
deliberately placing his blood-swollen cock to her moaning lips!

The shock of his weight on the bed near her head caused his blindfolded
wife to stop her moaning. She tried to push the intruder off. Panic
filled her. She hadn't been told that there would be two lovers, nor
that anyone else would be there to see her shameful adultery!

But Ray's deep, husky voice stilled her.

"Lie back, honey," he said calmly. "Take my cock in your mouth." He
shoved the bloated bulbous head forward, crushing her soft wet lips
against her teeth with its bulk.

Billy looked up in sudden bewilderment. He realized in a crashing wave
of sanity that it was Ray who was astride his mother, and whose cock
was being shoved rudely into her lovely mouth! He whirled his head
quickly to see if Lisa was still there. In his own lust, he had
completely forgotten everyone in the world but his mother!

Lisa saw the consternation and fear on her brother's face, and she
suddenly felt defensive. His eyes seemed to be blaming her for all that
had happened. She drew herself up in her naked beauty, standing
proudly. "Well, Billy," she said softly, "just who did you think was in
my room all those nights? Didn't you guess?"

Billy's head was reeling as the pieces began to fit.

"Ray taught me everything I know!" Lisa said proudly.

Billy was too shaken to try to go over the whole series of events.
Besides, the only thing that was important to him now was that he get
back to the wonderful, luscious body of his mother. Her hips still
gyrated wildly as she took her husband's throbbing penis into her
mouth, and Billy wanted to ... he had to ... go on sucking the sweet
juices from her cunt, for an eternity or more. He turned back to her
cunt without replying to his sister, and Lisa's face broke into a sexy,
satisfied smile as she watched her mother sucking her stepfather's
cock, while her brother sucked avidly at the eager, hot cunt of their

At first, Laura resisted the push of Ray's cock into her mouth, but she
quickly relaxed when she knew it was her husband. She felt strange,
knowing that she held his massive thickness in her mouth, while another
man was sucking her cunt. She felt as if she were being used ... like a
cheap whore ... by both of them, but the very thought roused her to
even greater lust. The huge shaft impaled her mouth, her cunt was being
ravaged, she was blindfolded, helpless. Yet the thought of it was
driving her to a frenzy of perverse passion!

Ray was insistently pressing deeper into her mouth now, going deeper
with each thrust of his blood-heavy cock. He undulated his pelvis,
pushing and pulling his shaft between Laura's roundly grasping lips in
rapidly increasing strokes. He looked down with lustful eyes at her
face, now distorted by his huge angry cock and twisted lewdly with the
pleasure that she was receiving from the hungry mouth of her son, whose
own face was now buried deep in her steaming cunt!

Ray buried his cock deeply into Laura's throat, his eyes shining as he
saw her cheeks puffed out and her mouth gaping wide to accommodate his
throbbing member. He laughed softly to himself as he thought what would
happen when the blindfold was removed from his wife's eyes. Surprise
would be a mild word to use. She would be thunderstruck!

An obscene chorus of wet sucking noises filled the room as the
incestuous orgy continued. Laura's body was being buffeted from both
ends, by tongue and cock, and she felt like a meaningless mass of
sensation. Yet her body was filled with a passion that exceeded
anything she'd ever known. And a great curiosity gnawed at her to know
the identity of the lover who was bringing such thrills to her loins
with his eager, hungry sucking and licking.

Lisa stood close to the bed, watching her stepfather's cock plunging in
and out of her mother's ovalled mouth, and, unable to contain her own
passions any longer, she pushed her hands in under Ray's sawing
buttocks and trapped her mother's sensitive nipples between the thumb
and forefinger of each hand, tweaking them in the same rhythmic pattern
of the three obscenely gyrating bodies.

"Ohhhhhhh God ...! I'm coming apart ...!" Laura gurgled around the rod
of red-hot cock-flesh in her mouth. Searing flames of desire were
devouring her body, emanating in her hair-lined cunt and spreading like
wildfire to every part of her nakedly tormented flesh. Her mouth was so
full of Ray's cock that it seemed to her that she had two cunts, and
that both were being so satisfied that she could not contain her lust.

Her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, and she went completely out of
control, slipping away into a world that was far from reality--a world
that centered in her mouth and her cunt. It was like a dip into a pool
of hot lava, and the source of the hot liquid that consumed her seemed
to be in her cunt. Wave after wave of orgasmic feeling swept upward,
and she felt her mouth filling with the hot, sticky semen from her
husband's spouting penis.

She made gurgling sounds in her throat as she swallowed his cum,
scarcely aware that her unknown lover was still sucking hungrily at the
juices that flooded her cunt. Her body jerked violently in orgasm and
then she lay quiet, throbbing in the deep ecstasy that was almost like
a swoon, as she reveled in the waves of dying passion that now soothed
and caressed her body and her soul.

Ray pulled his spent cock at last from Laura's mouth and stood beside
the bed, his face beaming with satisfaction.

Billy looked up from between his mother's legs, his eyes blurred with
emotion. He saw Ray smiling down at him, and he tried a grin, but it
came off weakly. He was still too confused by what was happening, and
too lost in worship of the body that lay so close to him. He did
realize vaguely that it was Ray who was behind all of this ... and who
had probably been responsible for the peephole in his stepson's bedroom
wall, knowing that Billy would watch his sister, and that he eventually
would have sex with her. After all, he had tutored her carefully in the
ways of seduction, and Billy now knew she had been an excellent

Billy could still taste the sweetness of his mother's pussy on his
lips, and his face was wet with her juices. He felt somehow that he had
stepped into a new world--a world of manhood and total love.

"It's time Laura was fucked ..." Ray said calmly, and Lisa began to
dance in anticipation, her young breasts bouncing saucily.

Billy needed no encouragement. He got to his knees, his rigid young
penis bouncing up and down as he stared at the wide-open cunt of his
mother. Did he dare? It seemed too much for a boy like him to try ...
to satisfy such a beautiful, sexy woman as this. My mother ... my own
mother ... he thought, somewhat awed, now that he was so close to
fulfilling his dream.

Almost without being aware of what he was doing, he found his hardened
penis pushing into her lust-wet cuntal lips. He could see the muscles
of her thighs and her stomach rippling as she felt his cock go inside
her pussy. The very belly that had once held him!

His head was light and his body seemed to be detached. He felt as if he
were an observer, standing beside the bed, yet feeling all the
wonderful sensations that went with this incredible fucking. He
shuddered with pleasure as his love-swollen member slid in and was
surrounded by the velvety warmth of his mother's passion-damp pussy! It
was like the gates of heaven had opened to him.

He pushed in further, wishing vaguely that he were as big as Ray, and
that his cock was even bigger. But when Laura felt the smaller, boyish
cock, stiff and erect, enter her cunt, she went wild. It was as if she
had waited all her life for this moment! She knew suddenly, and with
certainty, that it was Billy who was fucking her--and that she had
wanted his cock inside her from the beginning of time!

Billy placed his hands beneath her thighs, pulling her lips wider,
pushing up, up ... way up into the wet recesses of his wonderful
mother's cunt. The inner muscles of her vagina pumped at his pulsating
member, sucking at it almost as if she had it in her mouth!

He was delirious with joy, and tears formed in his eyes, and huge sobs
broke from his throat. Laura was undulating her buttocks passionately,
lifting up so that his cock could go into her to the limit, writhing
with a burning lust to engulf his entire boyish shaft. "Aaaahhh ...
ooohhh," she groaned with each thrust of his prick as she met it with
her arched body. The two bodies fell into a rhythmic motion of thrust
and counter-thrust. Both knew that they could not continue much longer.
Their need was too great.

"Ohhhhh, sweet lover ... I'm cumming ... make me cum ... never stop
fucking me ..." Laura cried.

Billy was beyond control. He released his body to emotion, and let his
hot sperm shoot into her welcoming cunt with wild abandon. Falling
forward atop her writhing body, he began to kiss her wildly on the
neck, the ears, her hair and her mouth, hating the mask that separated
them. He thrust his tongue madly into her mouth and felt her absorb it
to the fullest, sucking on it as she had sucked Ray's cock.

Billy broke the kiss as his cum flowed out into her crazily throbbing
cunt, and he cried out aloud, "Oh, Mother ... Mother ... I love you ...
I adore you ... oh ... Mother!"

His words shocked Laura, yet at the same time, they soothed her. At
last she had her dream inside her body ... her son Billy fucking her,
making her cum as she had never dreamed it possible! Had she known it
all along? It seemed that she had always known that this moment would
come. She returned his kisses eagerly and said gently, "I love you too,
baby boy ... oh God ... I love you ..."

She surrendered to the sweetness of her dream as her climax seemed to
go on forever. Billy flexed his spurting cock deep inside her belly,
letting it strike against her cervix, and she moaned with delight as
she felt her son's hands fumbling at the blindfold.

He removed it, and with unbelieving eyes, Laura gazed into the angelic
face, so much like hers ... so much like his father's. She felt as if
she were being torn apart, yet a strange, unifying feeling was
cementing her and her son together forever. In some odd way, all the
hurt and fear she had undergone were erased magically, by this boy.
They gazed into each other's eyes in perfect communication, with no
barriers between them now.

She hugged him to her breasts, still feeling the thrilling heat of his
teenage cock inside her cunt. Billy seemed to have lost none of his
erection, and she wallowed in the pleasure of its slender length inside
her loins.

Billy bent his head and kissed her chin, his eyes closed in a prayer of
silent thanks.

"My darling," Laura sobbed. "We're together at last ... really
together. At last ... I feel whole again!"

Billy was praying that he would never again have a moment where his
mother was not like this, in his arms, their bodies locked together in
passionate love. And again he began to move in and out of her cunt,
slowly, tentatively, wondering if her passion was still as vibrant as

"Ohhhh, yes ... fuck me more ... fuck me again, my darling little boy.
I want to cum again and again ... and feel your cock inside me ...
always!" Laura murmured. Her voice trailed off into a wail of delight
as Billy fucked her faster and faster. Her eyes were glazed and her
head rolled back and forth wildly, scattering her glossy dark hair
about the pillow. Her beautiful body rose to meet his thrusts, as they
strove again to climax together.

Billy glanced over his shoulder for an instant, and saw his stepfather
and sister naked on the floor, locked in a passionate kiss and embrace
as Ray's giant cock shoved deep into Lisa's tight, tiny cunt. She
screamed in pleasured pain as he rammed it unmercifully into her, but
the cries soon turned to low animal sounds of sheer joy as she began to
gyrate her body to take all of his lust-engorged penis inside her.
Billy watched them, mesmerized by the sight, while still fucking
deliciously into his mother's hungering vagina, and his hands went to
his mother's breasts, plucking at them savagely as if he would pull
them off her body. Laura responded wildly to his touch, and she arched
upward to encourage him to bury his cock to the hilt inside her love-
starved belly.

Ray suddenly reared back on his knees, and he picked up the body of his
petite stepdaughter to thrust her down on his thick blood-stiffened
cock, impaling her as he grunted cruelly and positioned her so that she
could bounce up and down on his rigid flesh-pole. Lisa was moaning
unceasingly, and she acted as if she were cumming all the time as her
face contorted into a lewd leer of passion, her tongue hanging out
obscenely. Ray held her by the waist and picked her up and away from
him, each time bringing her tight pussy down again on his rock-hard
penis. Billy could see the wide-stretched pink edges of his sister's
pussy drawing out and then disappearing back inward with each stroke of
Ray's pistoning cock. Lisa's face was a mask of lust, and her
stepfather's grunts were almost obscene, as she bounced up and down
willingly on his turgid rod.

Billy tore his eyes away from the sight and concentrated again on the
sight of his fabulous mother, helpless beneath his thrusting motions
that sent his cock deep into the mysterious recesses of her pussy. He
continued to alternately massage and pinch her breasts, tweaking the
nipples harshly. He squirmed down suddenly, still keeping his cock
inside her spasming cunt, and bent his head awkwardly until he could
take one of the nipples in his mouth.

Sucking hungrily as he might have sucked so long ago, he almost
remembered how it had been to be a baby, and he rolled the hard nipple
around and around on his tongue, while he fucked her unmercifully, not
caring now if she came or not, as his own hot sperm poured freely into
her cunt once again!

* * *

The two couples went on far into the night, and the room was beginning
to grow bright with daylight when they finally came to a complete halt.
They had paused from time to time, but only to refresh their energies
and replenish their desires, and Billy lay wondering at all the
positions he could remember his sister teaching him or talking about.

Later, they all got onto the bed, hugging and kissing one another,
until, under Ray's expert guidance, Lisa got down and sucked her
mother's pussy, while Ray fucked his precocious stepdaughter from
behind, and Billy straddled his mother's face while her more than
willing mouth sucked his cock to a wild orgasm!

They seemed unable to get enough of one another, and exhausted at last,
Ray said, as he was about to doze off, "We're all free--at last.
Completely free!"

Billy cradled his mother's naked body in one arm and Lisa's in the
other, and Ray roused himself and positioned himself between their legs
so that he could alternately suck and finger the pussy of Lisa, then

Billy sighed contentedly as he heard his new father's voice say, "We're
a perfect, complete family--and we're free at last. And best of all ...
tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow are waiting for us!"

The End

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