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[PP-7285] An Orgy Family-Style by Donna Allen

Chapter 1

"No, Chuck, we really shouldn't."

"Jesus, Pam, sometimes you act like a virgin.

"Well, someone could see us. My mother could come out--"

"You ought to stop letting your mother control you." He lowered his
lips to hers. "Honest, Pam, you're not a kid any more. There are
teenagers who fuck around more than you do."

"Oh, Chuck." The blonde touched her hand to the back of his neck and
encouraged his kisses.

At first his kisses were gentle, but after a moment his lips became
insistent. His arms held her tightly and his hands fondled her tits.

"Give me your tongue," he said as he tried forcing his tongue into her
barely parted lips.

She couldn't resist, and in a moment her pointed tongue was buried in
his mouth. "Oh, Chuck, you always do this to me," she said.

"Baby, if you'd go to a motel like normal women, we wouldn't have to do
it in a car."

"I can't go to a motel with you." His hand was inside her bra,
caressing her bare tit.

They were in the back seat of Chuck's car. He eased her down on the
seat, his hard cock pulsating against her thigh. As usual he took her
hand and lowered it to his prick. Even through his pants, the feel of
his hard cock made her tremble.

Pam Rider was twenty-eight, single, and lived with her widowed mother.
Maggie Rider still treated her like a child, and in many ways she was

She had been going with Chuck for two years, and, although they fucked
at least twice a week, she never let him into her room. Since he lived
with his mother too, the only alternative was a motel. Pam couldn't
shake off her mother's admonitions, so they usually wound up fucking in
the back seat of his Chevy.

Now Chuck groaned as she squeezed his prick through his pants. "Take
it out," he said.

Her tongue streaked into his mouth. She glanced at her house and then
at the one next door. Her brother and his family lived next door. Not
only did she have her mother watching over her, she had her older
brother Bob, too.

Even now, as Chuck squeezed her naked tit, she thought about her
mother's warnings. Soon Chuck would put his hand between her legs and
touch her there. She could never resist that.

One day they'll see us doing it in the car, and mother will kill me,
she thought. Bob and his wife Judy had three children. Jimmy was the
eldest, then Billy and Penny. Lately the teenagers had teased her
about being an old-maid, and maybe they were right. Chuck wanted to
marry her, but she kept putting him off. She liked him enough, but
wasn't there more to life?

Her tits tingled as he manipulated her nipples. He had unbuttoned her
blouse, and was in the process of unhooking her bra.

"Someone might see us," she whispered as he cupped her tits in his

"You say that every time. If you'd marry me, we wouldn't have to worry
about being caught."

"Oh, Chuck, don't start that again." She felt the warm wetness between
her legs. At moments like this she was tempted to agree to his
marriage proposal.

The crotch of her panties had worked its way inside her cuntlips. She
felt the friction on her clit and wriggled around frantically.

"Why not get married?" he said.

"Because I can't leave my mother, and you know it."

He snickered. "Your mother lives next door to your brother. And
besides, she's a pretty hip lady. She can take care of herself."

"Just because she's so pretty and dresses so well doesn't mean she can
live alone. She's really been lost since my father died."

Chuck snorted. "Jesus, Pam, why can't you see what everyone else sees?
Your mother is a sexy chick who gets plenty of cock."

Pam stiffened. "Don't you talk about my mother like that!"

"Okay, okay, I won't, but I won't wait forever. One of these days your
mother will find someone to marry and then she'll leave you. By then
you might not be able to find someone who wants you. You're not
getting any younger, you know."

Her body screamed for relief, but his words turned her blood cold.
"Damn you, Chuck, we're making love and all you can do is talk against
my mother."

"Jesus, Pam, it's so damn uncomfortable here in the car. If you'd
marry me we could get our own place and do it on a nice comfortable

"Comfort! Is that all you think about? Your comfort? What about me?"

"I am thinking about you." He yanked his zipper down and grabbed her
hand. "Here. Squeeze it."

Angry as she was, she still couldn't resist taking his cock in her
fist. "Well, don't nag me any more about marriage."

"Okay, honey. Jesus, that feels good when you do that. Touch my
cockhead here. Yeah, use your thumb on the ridge. Should I put it in

"Not yet." Her pussy throbbed at the feel of his prick. She wanted it
inside her, but she wanted to punish him too. It would serve him right
if she only let him finger her. Yes, that was what she'd do. She'd
give him a hand job. Then maybe next time he wouldn't nag her about

Old memories flashed through her mind as she pumped his cock. When she
was a teenager her mother had caught her in bed with a boyfriend.

"Slut!" Maggie had screamed. "You'll go to hell for this!"

A week later, Pam had watched her mother getting her ass reamed.
Maggie frequently brought men to the house after her husband died, but
she pretended to be a virtuous, mourning widow. All this had affected
the teenager. Now she was a grown woman with sexual hang-ups, still
living under the thumb of her mother.

"Can I put it in now?" Chuck panted.

"Why do you always have to ask?" she hissed.

"Jesus, I'm only trying to do what you want."

"Did it ever occur to you that you aren't aggressive enough?"

"I'm sorry, hon. Jesus, you sure know how to handle a cock."

"Let me pump it a little longer."

Her mind drifted back several years. "Boys have no respect for girls
who are too easy," Maggie had said.

Pam had bitten her lip and said nothing. Maggie had brought men home
and sometimes they stayed all night. But mother and daughter never
discussed it, and Maggie insisted she was living the life of a nun.

Now Chuck straddled her, using his knee to force her thighs apart.
"Careful," she said. "Bob's car isn't in the driveway. That means
he's working late and might drive up any minute."

"Your brother knows you're a big girl."

He grappled with her panties, but she was still intent on teaching him
a lesson. "Wait a minute, I'll do it," she said.

"Please, honey, let me put in inside you," he said.

"I think we better just use our hands tonight."

"Aw, shit, a hand job is for kids." Again he tried prying her legs
apart and again she squeezed them together.

"What if my brother finds us like this? I'd be humiliated."

"Your brother knows the score. Aw, come on, hon. Let me put it in."
He tried pushing his cock between her thighs, but she twisted to the

"No, just your finger."

"Okay, if you insist."

She sucked in her breath when he touched his fingers to her slit. One
of his fingers separated her cuntlips and touched her slick folds.

"You're so wet, hon. Are you sure you don't want me to stick it in?"

When he began climbing over her, she pushed his hand away. "No. Just
your finger. You promised."

Why do I do this to Chuck and more important why do I do it to myself?
she thought. I want his prick inside me. I want it all the time, not
just a few times a week. If only ... oh, damn!

"I feel your little clit, hon," he said. "It's like a little cock."

She lurched up, thrusting her cunt at his hand. "Just keep rubbing it
like that," she urged.

His fingers slipped around her wet pussy. He pushed his index finger
into her cunthole and rubbed her clit.

"That's nice," she said.

"Can't I put it in?" he whined.

It was tempting, but she wanted to punish him. "No, only your finger."

Why do I let Mother rule my life? she thought even as Chuck frigged
her. I'm a grown woman, not a kid. Why do I make such a big deal
about Chuck fucking me?

But she knew she was under Maggie's spell. That was why she continued
going with Chuck. She saw lots of men she found attractive, men whose
eyes followed her on the street. But when they approached her, she
backed off. She was frightened and needy at the same time.

So here she was in the back seat of Chuck's car, about to come all over
his fingers while Maggie was getting laid almost every night. It
wasn't fair.

Now Chuck moved a second finger into her snatch. "Is it good for you?"
he said, his fingers knuckle-deep inside her.

"Yes," she admitted grudgingly, bucking her ass.

"Won't you let me fuck you?" he pleaded.

Her long blonde hair tumbled around her face as she thrashed her legs
in the air. "I said only your finger."

"What about me?" he said. "My balls are turning blue."

"Give me your cock." Fumbling around, she closed her fingers around
his prick and started beating his meat.

"You give the best hand-job in town," he said.

The blood and muscle comprising his prick pulsated in her fist. "How
many girls in town have brought you off?"

He flushed in the dark. "Aw, not many, Pam. You know you're the only
girl for me."

By now his piss-slit was leaking, wetting her hand and weakening her
resolve. It's not fair, she thought. I'm taking my frustrations with
Maggie out on Chuck. She squeezed his cock, moving his cockskin up and
down his pole.

"I want it inside me," she whispered.

He grinned. "You do," he said, beginning to mount her.

"But I can't let you do it tonight," she finished. "Move your fingers
in and out faster. We can't stay here like this much longer."

Frustrated, but blinded by love, Chuck corkscrewed his fingers in and
out of the blonde's twat while his thumb flicked her clit.

Trembling, she pushed her cunt against his hand as each moment brought
her closer to orgasm. While he frigged her, she pumped his cock.

"Keep rubbing me," she panted. "Don't stop. Yes! Yes! Keep doing

"Are you going to come, hon?"

"In a minute."

"Aw, baby, you're so juicy and hot down there. I can even smell you.
You smell so good and hot. Can't I even kiss you down there?"

"Not tonight."

She tilted her ass back as her excitement mounted. She fumbled in the
darkness in an attempt to caress his balls.

As her pulse quickened, her pussy spasmed around his fingers. The
contractions in her gash took her breath away and she cried out her

"Oh, darling!" she hissed.

"Hon, keep pumping my cock!"

"Come on my hands," she said, pumping vigorously.

"Don't stop." His teeth clenched and his eyes were shut tight.

He bucked his ass as he came, drenching her hand. She was sorry now
that she hadn't let him fuck her. She loved it when he came inside

It was all Maggie's fault. Oh, Mother, you're ruining my life!

Some of his jism dripped onto her skirt. Maggie would be sure to see
it and comment on what Maggie called her school-girl crush.

"Don't get it all over me," she said.

"Jesus, hon, I can't help it," he said.

He collapsed on top of her, one leg on the floor and his face against
her breast. "I can't breathe," she said, but his warm breath on her
tits felt good so she didn't push him away.

"Are you okay, hon?" he said.

"I guess so, but my skirt--"

He tried wiping the come from her skirt. "I'm sorry, babe. Maybe your
mom won't notice it."

"She always examines my clothes after I go out with you."

"Jesus Christ, you're a grown woman."

"Don't start that again." Using all her strength she pushed his head
off her chest.

He sat back while she straightened up and proceeded to arrange her
clothes. They were silent, each wrapped up in their own thoughts.

"Saturday night a friend of mine is going out of town," he said after a

She hooked her bra and buttoned her blouse.


"We can use his apartment."

Old memories flooded her again. Maggie cautioning her not to be too
easy. Maggie warning her that girls who gave it away seldom got
someone to marry them.

"I don't think so," Pam said now, patting the moist spot on her skirt.
"It just wouldn't be right."

"Aw, hon, we do it in the car all the time. What's so wrong about
using a friend's pad?"

"What's wrong is that going to an apartment makes it all seem so

"But, hon, we fuck all the time."

"But I'm just overcome, is all," she snapped. "I don't plan on doing
it. It just happens."

Silence. "I don't want to fight with you, hon."

"Then don't," she said.

"I'm sorry about what I said about your mother."

Her affection for him overcame her anger. "Please be patient a little
longer," she said, opening the car door. "One of these days I'll be
ready to marry you. Just give me a little more time."

He kissed the tip of her nose. "Just don't keep me dangling too long,
hon. I love you and I want to take care of you, but this car business
is getting to me."

They climbed out of the car. Chuck began following her up the walk,
but she stopped him. "Mother's light is on," she said. "She doesn't
like it when you come in at this hour."

In truth she knew there was a man with Maggie. A man by the name of
Roger. But she had no intention of telling Chuck.

"Goodnight, hon," he said.

"Goodnight, Chuck." She turned and began walking toward the house.

She fumbled in her purse for her keys as he drove off. Bob still
hadn't come home. As she opened the door she thought about her older
brother. She looked upon him as a father figure as well as a brother.
At times like this she even admitted she found him sexually attractive.

Oh, Mother, you've really messed me up, she thought as she entered the

It was quiet except for the sound of Maggie giggling upstairs. Roger
never said much, but whenever he spent the night Maggie giggled

Weary, depressed and still horny, she climbed the stairs to her room.
Her tits heaved as she breathed deeply. Maggie treated her like a
child, but Maggie had a very active sex life. It wasn't fair. Chuck
was right. Maggie was a hypocrite.

Maybe I ought to have a talk with Bob, she thought. Yes, Bob will know
what I should do. He's so wise to the ways of the world.

"Is that you, Pam, dear?" her mother trilled.

Pam paused outside Maggie's room. "Yes, Mother, it's me."

"Have you been out in the car with Chuck all this time? It's late,
dear. You're going to ruin your reputation."

Pam heard Roger chuckle and she flushed. Biting her lip to keep from
retorting angrily, she tossed her hair back. "Don't worry about my
reputation, Mother. I'm going to bed now. It is late."

"Goodnight, dear," Maggie called out.

"Goodnight, Mother," Pam said wearily. "Sleep well."

Chapter 2

Judy Rider settled down on the bed and lit a cigarette. She was bored
with the late night television talk show and restless.

From time to time she glanced out the window. Pam and Chuck were still
grappling in Chuck's Chevy. Poor Pam. Past thirty and still under the
thumb of her mother.

Not that my life is so wonderful, Judy thought ruefully. Bob never
seems to come home any more. I wonder if he really is working late.
If he doesn't come home soon and fuck me I'll go crazy.

She inhaled deeply, seething with a frustration that was becoming part
of her everyday life. Knowing Pam was probably getting fucked didn't

Still, she didn't envy her sister-in-law. Pam was almost an old-maid,
although the term was no longer used much. Even though Bob was
neglecting her lately, Judy had to admit she still had a fine life.
She had two adorable sons sleeping nearby and a popular teenage

At the thought of her sons, the brunette's pussy twitched. She hated
to admit it, it was much too perverse, but as the boys grew older she
was seeing them as males and not just as her children.

Now she snapped open the beer she'd brought upstairs and lit a fresh
cigarette from the old one. It was lonely being in bed without Bob.
She couldn't help but remember the old days before the children were
born. Their sex life had been so good then. Why did things have to

Sometimes she resented living so close to Bob's mother and sister.
When the children were young Pam would help out by baby-sitting, but
Maggie was always busy running around and getting fucked. Everyone
knew it, but no one talked about it. Bob's mother was a very sexy lady
who pretended to be pristine. What a joke. Judy sighed and sipped her
beer. In the old days Bob couldn't get enough of her. He had known
how to make her come and always took care of her needs before he took
care of his own.

When they were newlyweds his cock was inside her most of the night and
every morning. She could still feel the way it was in the old days
when his shaft rested against her clit. He would stay inside her for
hours at a time.

She had been a hot-blooded teenager and although Bob wasn't her first
lover he was her favorite from the day they met. She had started
fucking as a kid and met Bob when she was in high school. He had
satisfied her as no other boy had. Somehow he knew precisely how to
take her over the brink to ecstasy even as a boy.

She wondered if her sons took after their father.

Sometimes she thought about the first time she and Bob made out. Even
now, after all these years, she could still feel his lips on her pussy.
He was the first boy who ever went down on her. He had tongued her
cunt until she wept.

Now she squeezed her thighs together as she thought about how his
tongue had felt on her teenage clit. The first time he licked her clit
she thought she would go through the roof of his car. She could still
feel his tongue vibrating her little sex organ. She went out with
other boys after that, but she was hooked on Bob Rider.

Now her fingers automatically found her nipples. She pinched them
until they stiffened with excitement. It had been days since Bob had
fucked her. Months since he'd fucked her good. Her pussy steamed with
frustration. Some women lost interest in sex after they had children.
Her cunt was as wet as a teenager's almost all the time.

Sometimes she considered cheating. After she and Bob had been married
five years she had fucked around for a few months. But Jimmy was a
curious four year old and seemed to sense something. She never cheated

Now she fingered her cunt and finished her beer. If only Bob would
come home and fuck her. But he'd be tired or pretend he was, which was
the same thing. It was always the same lately. She almost had to beg
for it and then he'd throw her a quick fuck.

It wasn't as if Bob wasn't a virile man. His cock was as big and hard
as ever when he was in the mood. And at moments like this when she'd
had a few beers she had to admit Bob's lack of interest wasn't her only
problem. Her gravest problem was her oldest son. Lately she thought
about the boy more and more. She thought about having sex with him.

Incest! Even the word made her cringe. Billy, her younger boy, was a
horny teenager who made her pussy twitch whenever he grinned, but it
was Jimmy who made her cream her panties.

Incest. There was no denying she wanted to fuck her eldest son.
Admitting it to herself made her feel better in a strange way.

She sometimes wondered if women transferred their love from their
husbands to their sons when their marriages became routine. She
certainly loved the boys more than she loved Penny. She loved Penny,
but in a different way. Her love for her sons was sexual, while in her
daughter she saw her own fading youth.

Sometimes she thought about Jimmy as a possible sex partner. She
caught herself peeking into his room when he undressed for bed. If he
noticed her staring, he never said anything.

Both boys were affectionate and ogled her tits constantly. Whenever
they could, they would brush up against her and cop a feel of her tits.
She thought it was adorable and didn't discourage the caresses.

Now, her beer finished and her last cigarette snuffed out, she yawned
and abandoned herself to her thoughts. Bob was especially late
tonight. Why shouldn't she play one of her favorite games? The game
was to wonder what it would be like to fuck Jimmy.

Actually she'd fantasized about fucking both her boys. Once she
pretended she was wearing a sheer negligee and Bob was working late.
The boys had walked into her room without knocking and when she turned
to them she opened her negligee and revealed her naked tits.

How their eyes glittered! When she thought they were good and hot she
would fall onto the bed and wriggle her ass. Still wearing her
nightgown, she fantasized she would open her legs and let them see her

They would gawk, approach the bed and whistle in unison. She would
reach down and spread her cuntlips apart. Then she would ...

Oh, God! The fantasy was making her so horny! She fingered herself
imagining she was being touched by her oldest son. If only she had his
cock in her hand. If that was incest, so be it.

She found herself opening and closing her fist. From the many times
she's glimpsed Jimmy's cock she knew it was good and big. She stuck
her thumb in her mouth and sucked. Jimmy, she thought. Come to Mother
and let me take your cock in my hand.

Oh, how she would make him feel! She would move her fingers lovingly
up and down his horny teenage dick. Boys his age were always hot. Why
was it so wrong for a mother to help out her own sons?

Who ever said incest was wrong anyway?

She glanced at the clock, startled to find it was only eleven. From
the silence in the street she was sure Pam had gone in the house. She
fondled her pussy and pinched her nipples. Bob probably wouldn't be
home for a few hours. Too late to fuck her and too tired. What the
hell could she do but masturbate?

Her mind wandered again and again to Jimmy. From what she'd seen the
boy had a big pair of balls as well as a good-sized cock. If he was
her lover she'd take his balls into her mouth and soak them in her
saliva. In her mind she flicked her tongue over his ball-bag and
tasted the special flavor and aroma. She worked her lips as she

"Fuck me, son," she whispered. "Fuck your mother, honey."

The words startled her and she sat up. Her heart pounded and she was
bathed in sweat. I must go and see if he's all right, she thought.
These thoughts are so evil. God might be punishing me through my
darling boy.

She closed the door behind her, clutched her robe to her chest and
tiptoed down the hall. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath.
Where was she going and what was she doing? It was all so crazy.

She stood outside Jimmy's room. My own flesh and blood, she thought.
It was a momentous decision and her head ached.

Her pussy won out. It melted with hot desire. Surely it wouldn't
matter if she just peeked into Jimmy's room and looked at him while he
slept. Surely it wouldn't be a sin to look down on his sweet face and
maybe catch a glimpse of his strong young body. She was his mother,
after all. Who had a better right?

She quietly turned the doorknob and stepped into the room. Her heart
beat so fast she felt faint, but there was no turning back. She was
powerless to deny herself what she craved.

Closing the door softly behind her, she walked over to the bed where
the sleeping teenager lay sprawled out on his back. Moonlight poured
into the room and she automatically reached out to touch Jimmy's hair.

She flinched, pulled her hand back, and then let her fingertips graze
his cheek. He stirred slightly in his sleep and she froze.

When she was certain he was sleeping soundly, she sat down on the edge
of the bed. She took his hand in hers and pressed her hot lips to the

Her pussy lurched. She gazed at him in the dim light and saw a man,
not a child, and her pussy responded. She let her free hand fall to
his chest.

Without thinking, she drew the covers back and gazed hungrily at his
young body. He wore no pajamas and was still covered from the waist
down. She thrilled to the touch of his smooth young skin.

My baby boy, she thought. She lightly stroked his nipples. My little

She stroked her way down to his waist and stopped, but she knew she had
to see more of his body. She hadn't seen him naked for several years,
but who had a better right to see how he had developed?

Her hand rested on his belly. He stiffened in his sleep, but his
breathing was regular. Did she dare push the covers all the way down
and peek at his cock and balls? She wanted to so badly.

As if moved by an alien force, she lifted the covers up and exposed his
crotch. He was wearing shorts and she let her hand slip inside the

She felt his bush and almost stopped breathing. She couldn't stop now.
She had to see and feel everything. She had to get a good look at his
cock and balls or she'd never get to sleep.

Glancing over at the clock on the desk, she guessed that Bob wouldn't
be home for a while. The horny brunette carefully pulled the boy's
shorts down and her eyes widened as she gazed at his prick.

It was leaning against his thigh and he must have been having a wet
dream because it was throbbing and half-hard. His shorts were down
around his thighs now and she stared with hot eyes at his groin.

She knew she ought to stop right there and be content to just gaze at
his cock and balls. But she wanted more. She had to touch him, caress
him, feel his cock pulsate in her hand. It was a sin, a taboo, but she
wouldn't sleep until she touched it.

She tried telling herself he was her son and she had a right, but still
she trembled as she reached down to his prick.

When her fingers touched him, touched his cockbush and shaft, a thrill
shot through her. Dear God, she wanted his cock in her mouth and her
pussy! Just touching wasn't enough. It was never enough.

Closing her eyes to shut out the sight of him, she ran her fingers up
and down his rod. He mumbled in his sleep, but she left her hand where
it was. If he awakened, so be it. She couldn't turn back now.

The hot-assed mother felt dizzy with excitement. Her pussy moistened,
wetting her inner thighs. Excitement made her aggressive and she
gently wrapped her fingers around his fuckpole and squeezed.

He groaned in his sleep, but still she fondled him, almost willing him
to awaken. His cock lifted up in her hand, no longer resting against
his thigh. It was getting hard. Dear God, she was giving her own son
a hard-on!

She rubbed his jizz-slit with her thumb and distributed the juice over
his cockhead. The longer she fondled his cock the larger it grew.

Soon it was fully erect. She felt a rush of excitement and began
moving her hand up and down his silken-skinned shaft.

She wondered how often he jerked off. When her boys were little, they
masturbated regularly. Now that they were teenagers they probably beat
their meat a half dozen times a day.

Do I dare take it in my mouth? she thought. What if Bob comes home and
finds me in here?

She gazed down with loving eyes at her eldest son. She wanted to give
him pleasure, the kind of pleasure only a mature woman can give a young
boy. Did she dare?

Was it possible to give him an orgasm while he was sleeping? Would he
awaken and be shocked? Or maybe he would be pleased. Billy was asleep
in the next room and Penny just down the hall. Would they hear if
Jimmy cried out and would they rush in to see what was happening?

Despite the unanswered questions and the dangers involved, the hot-
cunted mother continued manipulating the boy's cock. It became so
stiff she knew she wouldn't leave until she brought him off. How could
she leave him like this?

But even as her mind whirled she knew she wanted to taste him. She
salivated at the thought of taking his young dick in her mouth.

She loved giving head and Bob hardly seemed interested lately. Was he
getting it somewhere else or was he just losing interest in sex? It
was hard to tell, but she had a gut feeling he had another woman, or

One thing she knew. She had to taste Jimmy's prick. Her pussy
seethed, but she wasn't yet ready to take that step. Sucking him
didn't seem as perverse as fucking him.

Climbing to her knees over him, she bent down and moved her lips to
within a few inches of his prick. She hesitated, opened her mouth and
stopped, her lips grazing his cockhead.

A drop of his pre-orgasm jizz clung to her lower lip. She licked her
lips, tasting him. How delicious he was!

Come to Mama, she thought with a giggle. Come to Mama, baby boy of

Squeezing his cockhead, she coaxed another drop of come out of his
pisser. Raw desire driving her on, she flicked her tongue out and
licked it off. Closing her eyes, she savored the taste of him once

She wanted a mouthful of jism, but to achieve that she had to make him
come without awakening him. Her head swam at the prospect as she
kissed the tip of his cockhead.

He grunted in his sleep, raising his ass and seemingly trying to thrust
his prick into her mouth.

Just where I want it, she thought as she rubbed her moist lips over his
mushroom-like cock-knob.

She pressed her lips against his bush and his balls. She inhaled his
man-boy aroma. Her fingers circling his cock-root, she opened her
mouth wide and took his cock deep inside.

He stirred violently, but didn't awaken. She thought she might faint
when his cock plunged into her throat. She scraped her teeth lightly
over his cockshaft and tongued his pisser. His cock was actually
growing bigger and stiffer. What a joy he was.

She glanced at the clock and calculated she still had a few minutes
before Bob came home. She had to bring the boy off without awakening
him. If nothing else she had to have a mouthful of come to put her to

Driven by raw desire and motherly love, she began sliding her lips up
and down his prick. She bobbed her head up and down, fondling his
balls as she sucked him.

At intervals he raised his ass and rammed his prick into her throat.
She thrilled at his aggressiveness. Even in his sleep he was all boy.

She cradled his balls in one hand and used her other hand to gently
pump his prick. She sucked just the tip, concentrating on moving just
his cock-skin up and down his pole.

His cock and balls were wet with her saliva. On an impulse she moved a
hand to his asscrack and toyed with his asshole.

He flung a leg over, hitting her in the head and pushing her down over
his crotch. She held his prick in one cheek and then the other before
letting it lodge in her throat.

She used her tongue expertly, making his cock jerk and throb. She
gently inserted a finger in his asshole while she fluttered her tongue
up and down his fuck-stick.

Then she plunged down, clamping her lips over his hard-on and burying
her nose in his cock-bush. He groaned, mumbling something
unintelligible in his sleep.

"Come!" she hissed. "Fuck Mother's face, darling!"

She prepared herself for the explosion she knew was moments away. She
removed her finger from his asshole and began frantically rubbing her

She came when he did and his jism was sweeter than anything she'd ever
tasted. It filled her mouth to overflowing.

At the end she stole back to her room and fell onto the bed. In less
than five minutes she heard Bob drive up. Her pussy still burning with
horny desire, she pulled up the covers and feigned sleep.

Chapter 3

Penny Rider, still a virgin, tiptoed past the bathroom door and paused.
She heard the shower running and knew Billy was inside.

She heard him singing as she moved her ear to the door. If he was
showering, he was naked. She liked spying on her brothers when they
were undressed. She licked her lips. She always watched them when
they thought she wasn't looking. It was her favorite game, spying on
her brothers when they were naked and sometimes even jerking off.

It had been awhile, maybe as long as a year, since she'd seen Billy's
cock. She wondered if it had grown. Was it as big as Jimmy's? Had he
grown more hair on his crotch and did his balls hang down heavily, like

Her virgin cunt twitched and felt hot and heavy between her legs. On
an impulse she pushed the bathroom door open slightly and peeked

Billy chose that moment to shut off the shower and step out into her
line of vision. He didn't see her as he reached for a towel.

She saw all of him, however. Her eyes widened as she gazed at his
prick. It was as big as Jimmy's and he had indeed grown more hair on
not only his crotch, but on his balls too.

The horny teenager held her breath. Both her brothers were turning
into studs. How exciting!

Billy dried his crotch and hummed a tune as he examined his face in the
mirror over the sink. She squinted to see into the room. He was
looking for signs of a beard on his chin. She almost giggled.

But what drew her attention was his prick. It was long and thick and
dark pink. She became so engrossed in his cock she failed to see him
spy her in the hallway.

"I know you're out there," he said. "What the fuck do you think you're
doing, Sis?"

When the door was pulled open, she fell forward, landing against the
naked boy. She was too stunned to speak, but his cock stabbed her hip
and they both sprang back.

He quickly wound the towel around his waist, hiding his prick from her
probing eyes. "Hey, get out," he said.

But Penny became bolder and grabbed the towel, yanking it down. "I
like to see it," she said.

"Jesus Sis, you're crazy," he said, trying to cover himself. "Do you
know what you're doing?" He jerked the towel from her hand and tried
unsuccessfully to tie it around his waist.

"Let me see," she giggled, grabbing the towel and pushing it behind her
back. "You used to let me see your thing. Why can't I see it now?"

"Oh, Jesus!"

It was true that as children they had played doctor and nurse
regularly. Now as Billy gazed at his younger sister he felt confused.

In a way he wanted her to look at his cock and admire him. On the
other hand he knew it was wrong because his parents had instilled
certain values in all their children.

Penny clutched the towel and openly stared at the naked boy. "Your
cock got real big," she said, her eyes shining with admiration.

"Mom'll kill you if she finds out you're doing this," he said,
suppressing a grin.

"Hey, it's lifting up," Penny said.

The boy felt a twitch in his balls. Damn it, he was getting turned on
and by his own kid sister.

"Jesus, you better get out of here," he said.

The little brunette let the wet towel drop to the floor. When Billy
didn't reach for it, she moved closer. "I like looking at your thing.
It's sort of cute."

"Jesus, cute!" he groaned.

She moved closer, without thinking, reaching for his prick. "I don't
mean cute," she said. "I mean horny and masculine."

"Hey, cut that out!" He moved back, hitting the wall. "Jesus, Sis, you
can't do that."

"Just let me touch it a minute," she said.

"You're crazy," he said, but he stood still while she touched his cock.

He had noticed in recent years that his sister was growing into a very
pretty young lady. She was built too. She had big tits like their
mother and a nice round ass. He had wet dreams about her sometimes,
but it had never occurred to him that she was horny too.

"It feels funny, but it's nice," she whispered, lightly running her
fingers over his fuckpole.

As she spoke she stepped back and gazed down at the prize in her hand.
The boy stared at her dumbly. He and Jimmy talked about cooze all the
time, but they'd had little experience with sex. Now here was Penny,
his own sister, squeezing his prick. His confusion increased. It felt
good, but he knew he ought to make her stop.

"Are you a virgin?" he said.

"Yes, are you?"

"Hell, no." He lowered his eyes to avoid hers. He was a virgin, but he
didn't want to admit it.

"Are you really not a virgin?" the young girl said.

"Shit, I've done it plenty," he said. Actually all he'd ever done was
touch a girl's tits and french kiss. Once a girl let him touch her,
down there, but only for a minute.

"Jesus, what about Jimmy?" he said.

"He's been around too," the boy croaked.

The way she was touching his cock was driving him crazy.

"It's getting even bigger," she said.

He was beginning to forget that Penny was his sister. He covered her
hand with his. "Touch it here," he said.

She touched the tip of her fingers to the rim under his cockhead.
"Here?" she said.

His cock rose up in her hand. "Yeah, that's okay."

"God, it's getting hard," she said, one hand cupping his balls and the
other caressing his prick.

"Well, what did you expect?" he said. He was finding it difficult to
breathe. Somewhere in his mind he knew he ought to stop her, but he
was helpless. Her hands on his cock and balls felt too good.

"I watch you sometimes," she said, lightly stroking his prick.

"Yeah, when?"

"When you're getting out of the shower, like today, and sometimes when
you're in your room."

"Well, I watch you sometimes too."

"Honest?" she grinned. "Did you ever see my pussy?"

"Yeah, once," he said.

"Did you notice all the hair I've got now?" His cock jerked in her
hand. "Yeah, I noticed."

She pumped his prick until the skin pulled tautly over his hard-on.
She breathed rapidly and felt the oozing moisture between her legs.

"Are you gonna come?" she said.

"Maybe," he gasped.

"Are you gonna come on my hand?"

"Yeah, if you let me."

"I'd rather you fucked me."

"Huh?" Sweat poured down his temples.

"Honest, I'd really rather you fucked me than come on my hand."

He groaned but didn't speak. He was filled with mixed emotions. He
wanted to fuck her. God, how he wanted to fuck her. He was dying to
lose his cherry and tired of jerking off. But she was his kid sister.
If his folks found out they'd skin him alive.

"Please," the teenage girl whispered.

"Let me think a minute," he said, his cock jutting out from his crotch.

"You know you want to," she said.

"I gotta think."

His balls ached. God, they must be turning blue. He had to give her
an answer soon or he'd dump his load on her hand.

Then Penny did something that took the decision out of his hands. She
dropped to her knees on the bath mat, opened her lips and took the head
of his prick into her mouth.

"Jesus, Sis!" he hissed. He used every ounce of control he could
muster to control his orgasm.

She only held his cockhead in her mouth a moment, but it was long
enough to convince him he had to fuck her.

"Okay, Sis, but you better stop or I'll come in your mouth."

Giggling, the teenage girl defiantly licked her tongue over his
cockshaft. "You better not," she said.

But she was wise enough to know his orgasm was close. She gently
cupped his balls with one hand and licked his cockhead. She tasted his
pre-orgasm jism and shivered. Is this what jism tastes like? If so,
she wanted him to come in her mouth.

Suddenly he pushed her head back and grimaced. He pulled her to her
feet and backed her against the wall. "Sit up there on the sink and
I'll fuck you," he said.

She was very turned on, but the thought of fucking here in the bathroom
didn't appeal to her. "How can we fuck if I'm sitting on the sink?"

"Then get down on the floor."

She felt her knees give out under her as she sank down onto the bath
mat. She spread her legs and for a moment Billy gazed down at her

She wore a short skirt and no panties and her pussy aroma was strong in
the small bathroom. Billy struggled to breathe as he hovered over her.
The pink lips of her cunt winked open in invitation. The light
sprinkling of dark hair made him groan with raw desire.

He'd seen a few pussies in magazines and one of his girlfriends once
showed him her cunt. But his balls ached as he moved down over his
sister to touch the vulnerable-looking slit between her legs.

As he touched her cunt she reached for his cock. Her eyes were wild
and glittering. She wanted his cock inside her breaking her cherry and
bringing her off.

"Hurry!" she said. "I'm so hot!" The floor was like marble on her
back, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was having his prick
inside her.

The boy muttered as he fell over her. His cock wedged between her
round thighs, missing her cunt, but hitting her hairy mound.

"Stick it in," he said.

"I can't, you stick it in!"

"What if I hurt you?"

"You won't hurt me."

"But your cherry."

"Will it hurt?"

"I think so."

"Oh, God, I don't know ..."

She tried closing her legs, but it was too late. Billy held his prick
against her cunt and tried pushing in.

"Let me stick it in," he said.

"Can you do it?"

"Yeah, if you stop wiggling around."

She lay perfectly still. "I'm not moving," she said.

He pushed forward. Her cunt felt hot and wet on his cockhead. He shut
his eyes and grimaced. Just the feel of her gash on his cockhead made
him want to let go and come.

"Don't hurt me," she said.

His heart pounded with passion, but he hesitated. "Jesus, Sis, you're
a cherry. It's bound to hurt." How he wanted to feel her pussy wrapped
around his cock!

She pulled her knees back to her tits as his cockhead lodged between
her cuntlips. "Push it in!" she whimpered, wrapping her arms around
his neck.

He lurched forward, driving his prick into her virgin snatch and
ripping her hymen. "We're fucking," he said.

"Is it in?" she said, relief flooding her. It didn't hurt a bit.

"Sure, it's in. Jesus, your cunt is tight."

Neither youngster had to be told what to do now. Their bodies took
over and Billy began pumping his cock in and out of her swampy depths.

Penny was in heaven. With every thrust his cock seemed to rub against
her clit. Her clit was sensitive from years of masturbating, but she'd
never felt anything like this. Having a cock inside her was the most
thrilling thing to ever happen to the teenager.

"Your cock is rubbing my clit," she breathed.

"Yeah, do you think you're gonna come?"

"If you can do it long enough I will. Oh, God, Billy, I love fucking!
Don't you?"

"Yeah, it's great." He pushed in very deeply, causing his balls to slap
her asscheeks.

"How many times have you done it?" she said, her teeth chattering with

"I don't remember."

"Oooooooooh, I feel so filled up with your cock."

"Jesus, your pussy's grabbing my cock."

The pulsating bar of male meat inside her stretched her insides
deliciously. Everything felt wet and tight and wonderful. She had
never oozed so much juice from her cunny. His cock, big as it was,
streaked in and out with ease.

"We're really fucking," she said.

"You better not tell," he said.

"I won't. Oh, God, Billy, keep doing that!"

"I don't know how long I can keep it up."

"I just love it."

"Me too."

They were both perspiring freely. His belly slapped hers and at one
point she raised her legs and wrapped them around his back. Each time
he thrust into her, she came that much closer to coming.

The little brunette had never felt so turned on. This was so much
better than masturbating. Her body felt alive and tingling and
urgently in need of release. Her orgasm was a hairsbreadth away and
when it came she knew it would be intense.

"Fuck me, Billy," she moaned.

"Jesus, you drive me crazy when you say that."

His cock rammed into her. "Fuck me hard like that," she cried.

Her pussy gripped his prick and her words inflamed him. The fire in
his groin became almost unbearable. Clenching his teeth, he held his
breath in an attempt to delay his orgasm.

"A man is supposed to satisfy a woman first," his father had said to
his sons when they began developing sexually. "A real man never comes
until the woman is ready. Remember that, boys, and you'll be okay."

Billy remembered his father's words now. "I'm ready, are you?" he said
to his sister.

"Yeah, almost," she said. "God, you're in so deep."

"Tight snatch!" he muttered, pounding her cunt with every ounce of his
strength. "Such a tight snatch!"

He forgot his father's teachings as the fire in his loins erupted.
"Gonna tear you apart," he rasped.

"No!" she shrieked. "Don't hurt me!"

He stopped thrusting. "Jesus, I'm sorry, Sis! Should take it out?"

She tightened the grip of her legs on his back. "No. Fuck me hard
again. I'm going to come soon."

She tossed her head from side to side as the glory of her orgasm surged
through her. Billy groaned, gazing down and watching her ecstatic

"I'm coming, Sis!" he cried, stabbing his erupting prick into her
spasming cunt.

The girl cried out when the first spurt of jism exploded inside her.
His cock streaked in and out of her, drenching her and bringing her off
again. At the end he thrust more slowly, shivering and shaking as his
orgasm abated.

They lay together on the bare tile floor. Somewhere along the way the
bath mat had become wadded up. Penny's skirt was bunched up around her
waist and her blouse was open. Her tits were out, heaving up and down
as she struggled for breath.

Billy's weight was heavy on her, but she wanted him to stay inside her.
Even though his prick was limp it still felt good to the horny

Penny was the first to recover her breath. She hugged her brother to
her breast. "Can we do it again?" she said.

He lifted his head, groaned and dropped his face down to her tits.
"Jesus, Sis, a guy can't do it again right away. A guy's got to rest
before his cock gets hard."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

Billy raised his head and grinned. "Jesus, Sis, you're too much."

Dropping down, he nuzzled her tits with his lips. She felt his cock
stir inside her and hugged him.

"Well, I guess I'm not a virgin any more," she trilled.

He sucked her nipple into his mouth. Me either, he thought. Jesus,
we're neither of us cherries any more.

Chapter 4

The next few weeks passed slowly for Pam. She lived in a permanent
state of horniness. Chuck bored her and her pussy ached for new
adventures. But her mother kept admonishing her to be chaste even
while she brought her own lovers to the house.

Then one day when Pam dropped in at her brother's house she found him
home alone. Judy and the children were out for the day. This was her
perfect opportunity to talk to Bob about her problems with their

As they sat in the den and chatted, Bob made them both drinks. They
spoke openly and honestly about Pam's troubles. Bob advised her to
move out and get her own apartment. Pam promised she'd think about it.

The scotch filled her with a warm glow. After an hour she forgot about
Maggie and her thwarted sex life. Then suddenly she became aware of
Bob's leg pressing her thigh and the warm glow spread to her cunt.

It seemed like a harmless gesture. Bob had never made a pass at her.
How could he? He was her brother. And yet, why not? Who could say
how many siblings engaged in incest.

"Mom's made you uptight," Bob said now. "You're a very good-looking
woman, Sis. You really ought to get out more."

"I'm going to take your advice," she said. "I'm going to look for a
place of my own. I'll look next week."

He stroked her hair and sipped his drink. "That's the girl. Maggie's
a tough lady, but you can handle her if you try."

"Can I be perfectly honest with you?" she said.

Bob cocked an eyebrow. "How can you even ask?"

"Chuck bores me to tears sometimes."

Bob reached for his drink. "Does he want to marry you?"

"Yes. He asks me all the time."

"I think you need a whole new start with a new man. Get rid of Chuck
and find yourself a guy you can really dig."

She shrugged. "I don't know how to do that. Mother keeps me so

Bob took her hand. "Listen, Sis, you're a big girl. It's now or

He continued holding her hand. She felt warm all over. Sexually warm.
"Oh, Bob, I feel better just talking to you."

"More scotch?"

"Sure, why not?"

He released her hand and they continued chatting. "Sometimes I get
bored with Judy," he said.

For some reason that statement excited Pam. "You don't have to answer
this if you don't want to," she said, "but do you ever ... you know ...
oh, don't mind me."

"You mean do I ever cheat on Judy?"

She reddened and nodded. "I know it's none of my business."

He draped his arm around her shoulder and sipped his drink. "You're my
sister. I'm glad I can talk to you about these things. Sure, I see
other woman occasionally. A guy's got to have some diversion. I guess
it's hard for you to understand because women are different, but guys
need variety."

"Oh, but I do understand," she blurted. "Really I do."

Bob drained his glass and took her hands in his. "I believe you do,
Sis. Maybe it's because we share the same blood, but I feel closer to
you than I do to Judy or the kids sometimes."

Suddenly he pulled her against him. Her arms hung limply at her sides
as his lips moved close to hers. Her breathing quickened. Then they
were kissing and Bob was plunging his tongue into her mouth.

She automatically began pushing him away. "Mmmmmmmmm," she sputtered,
but he kept his lips plastered to hers.

She stopped struggling and returned his kisses. It was crazy and
wrong. She had come to her brother for advice and now he was kissing
her. Would he go further? She had fantasized about this moment for
years. Was it really happening or was she dreaming?

It was really happening. She was certain of that when Bob moved a hand
between her legs.

"What are you doing?" she murmured, his lips still pressed against

"We both need it, Sis," he said.

Pleasure such as she'd never felt radiated all over her body, but
centered in her pussy. He was right. They did need it. And why not
enjoy each other? They were kin, weren't they?

Yet when he began opening her blouse she knew she ought to stop him.
She made no protest when his fingers moved under her bra and touched
bare tit-flesh. When he found her nipples, she sighed and leaned
against him heavily. Waves of desire surged through her as he fondled
her quickly stiffening nipples.

"Oh, Bob," she sighed. "I just can't help myself."

"Me either, Sis."

She giggled even while he frenched her. "What would Mom say?"

"She'd probably be jealous and want to get in on the action."

She let her legs fall open as his hand explored her bush. He fondled
her through her panties. Her wet panties.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels good," she said.

"Let me touch you here," he said and she opened her legs wider.

He slipped a finger inside the crotch of her panties and felt her moist
fur. Suddenly she wanted to feel his cock in her hand and she groped
around his lap.

"Take it out," he said.

"Should we get undressed?" she panted.


"Maybe we should go somewhere else."

"Why? We have the house to ourselves."

"But what if ..."

"Ssshhh, don't spoil it."

She threw her head back, closed her eyes and waited. "Well?" she said
after a moment.

"Well, what?"

She opened her eyes. "Aren't you going to undress me?"

He snickered. "Is that what Chuck does?"

She blushed, turning her head to avert her eyes. "You must think I'm
such a baby."

She took a deep breath, thrusting her tits out. He took her chin in
his hand and kissed her lips while he caressed her boobs.

"You'll learn," he said. "I'll help you."

"Will you teach me, Bob?" she said. "I want to learn all about sex so
I won't be so uptight."

"Jesus, Sis, I'll teach you whatever I know." He finished unbuttoning
her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders before reaching around and
unhooking her bra.

When he peeled her bra away from her tits, he groaned. Her pink-tipped
melons swung heavily. She blinked shyly and tried to cover them up
with her blouse, but he took her hands in his.

"Don't do that," he said. "They're beautiful."

"Oh, Bob," she said as he lowered his head and kissed first one tit and
then the other.

"They're sensitive, aren't they?" he said, munching her nipples and
squeezing her resilient tit-flesh.

"Yes, very."

"How about here?" He briefly touched her cunt through her panties.

She giggled girlishly. "There too."

Her tits trembled with excitement and her pussy lubricated. As he
kissed and licked her nipples he left them wet with his saliva.

She laced her fingers in his hair and drew him against her. His lips
and tongue and teeth devoured her. Her modesty disappeared as her
excitement mounted. My brother is making love to me, she thought.
Dear Lord, I'm sinning, but I can't help it.

Suddenly he was pulling her panties down and moving his fingers over
her pulsating pussy. She helped him by rising up and stepping out of
the flimsy garment. Then she sat down again and now his fingers were
wet with her juices.

"Oh, Bobby," she murmured.

"You haven't called me that in years."

"I never felt this way before."

"I'm going to make sure you get all the loving you need, Sis."

Maggie would die, she thought with glee.

His fingers crept inside her cuntlips and touched her petal-like folds.
He kissed her, tonguing her deeply while he inserted a single finger
into her cunthole.

She bucked her ass and moaned. "Oh, Bobby, I love when you do that."

Her strong reaction delighted Bob. He fingered her until she came, her
pussy clasping his finger tightly. She clung to him, covering his face
with kisses and keeping his finger inside her. She writhed around
wildly until her orgasm subsided and then she leaned against him

"You made me come," she said.

Her sexuality overwhelmed and excited him. "If you came that hard with
just my finger, just wait until I fuck you."

She blushed and hid her face in his shoulder. "I'm so embarrassed,"
she whispered.

"No, don't say that," he said. The thought of her snug pussy wrapped
around his prick made his knees weak. There was nothing he liked
better than a tight cunt sucking on his dick.

They began tearing at their clothes. Pam was naked first and she tried
throwing herself at her brother, but he held her back.

"Let me look at you, Sis," he said. "My God, you're lovely."

The young blonde trembled as his eyes swept over her. She felt no
self-consciousness. She felt proud and happy that her brother, the one
man in the world she adored, was drinking in her curves.

As for Bob, he was amazed at his luck. He'd had the hots for his kid
sister for years, but their mother was overly protective of Pam and he
never thought he had a chance to get in her pants. Now in a few
minutes he was going to shove his aching prick into her almost-virginal
cunt. Christ, when she comes around my dick I'll go through the
ceiling, he thought.

They fell down onto the sofa and embraced. "Jesus, Sis, you feel as
good as you taste."

"Thanks, Bob," she said hoarsely. Her hands were all over him. It
seemed that after all the years of inhibiting her sexual needs she was
finally letting go.

He still wore his shorts. Pam wasn't daring enough to take his cock
out, but she stared at the bulge in his crotch and even stroked it

"Is it hard enough?" she said, with childlike candor.

She cradled his head when he buried his face against her pillowy tits.
"Why not find out for yourself?" he said as he nibbled her tits.

"Oh, Bob," she giggled.

He guided her onto her back on the sofa. Her legs were spread to
accommodate him and she arched her back to encourage him to resume
sucking her tits.

Chills ran up and down her spine as he kissed and licked and sucked her
tits. Her nipples were very hard and swollen. They ached with
arousal, but even the slight pain was erotic.

Fuck me, Bobby, she thought. Please, fuck me.

She had never felt more aroused. When she was with Chuck she usually
had to fantasize because in truth he left her cold. But Bob turned her
on completely.

Oh, yes, now he's about to do it, she thought when his hand began
exploring her cunt. She eagerly spread her legs and felt his fingers
slip and slide around her pussy.

"Oh, Bobby," she moaned.

He found her clit and rubbed relentlessly as she jerked her hips
wildly. "Can you take two fingers, Sis?" he said, shoving two fingers
knuckle-deep inside her twat.

"Yes!" she gasped, raising her ass and clutching his fingers with her
cunt. "Three. I can take three.

When he shoved a third finger up her gash, she bit down on his upper
arm. Soon he was finger-fucking her so hard she soared toward orgasm.

"Oh, Bobby, don't stop!" she cried, thrusting herself at his fingers.
"Oh, God, you're making me come again! Oh, God, fuck me, please! Oh,
God, it's so good!"

She tried pulling him down on top of her, but he held back. She turned
on her side and faced him when he stretched out next to her. She
greedily reached for his prick.

"Take it out," she said in a strangled voice. "Please, take your cock

Finally his shorts were off and she found herself holding his cock. My
God, I've got my brother's cock in my fist, she thought with a flash of

Bob saw the look in his sister's eyes. He knew he had to relax her
before they went any further. It was obvious she was feeling guilty as

"It's all right, Sis," he said, covering her hand with his as she
squeezed his dick. "It's right and good and you're beautiful.

But despair flooded the young woman and she hid her face in his chest.
"What if Mother finds out?" she said.

He held her close, noticing she hadn't released his cock. That was a
good sign. "You know Mom fucks around a lot," he said, patting her
hair. "It's time you had a little fun too. Remember? You promised
you'd make changes in your life."

She lifted her head and smiled wanly. "Yes, I did, didn't I?" As if
for emphasis, she began pumping his near-rigid fuckpole.

Suddenly he climbed down until he crouched between her legs. "Let me
make love to you first," he said. He knew eating her would drive her
crazy. Women loved having their pussies licked.

"You don't have to do that," she protested weakly.

"I want to, Sis."

In truth Pam was primed for fucking. She wanted his cock in her pussy
more than she wanted his mouth between her legs. But he seemed so
eager to please her, she didn't want to disappoint him. Almost
resignedly she raised her legs and draped them over his shoulders.

In only a matter of moments she was glad she had. Bob had a mouth that
was made for cunt-lapping. She moaned as his powerful tongue flicked
up and down and around her over-stimulated slit.

"Oh, my God!" she yelped when he pushed her thighs back and slavered
over her snatch.

She lost all sense of time, place and reality. Maggie was just a name
to her now and incest just a word. Bob's mouth was like nothing she'd
ever felt. The way he licked her clit was pushing her over the brink
to a wild and wonderful oblivion.

She bucked her ass at his sucking mouth. She tossed her head from side
to side and her normally neatly combed blonde hair flew wildly over her

Bob's tongue vibrated over his sister's cut, but he stared upward over
the soft bouncing curves of her tits. Jesus, how he wanted her! Man,
oh, man, when he finally shoved it to her he'd see stars.

Still licking her clit, he moved his hands up and cupped her tits. He
stroked and fondled and caressed her boobs while he devoured her lust-
swollen gash.

The horny young woman shrieked when he shoved his tongue into her
cunthole. "Your cock, Bobby," she said. "Please, give me your cock."

She gasped for breath, but Bob continued sucking and licking her cunt.
For some reason he was hesitant about actually fucking her.

He enjoyed eating her. Every time she squirmed and squealed he felt
his power increase. A hot woman made the best fuck and he wanted her
very hot.

Still, his cock ached for release. When she was at the brink of
orgasm, he stopped sucking and climbed on top of her.

"Now, Sis, I'm gonna fuck your brains out," he said.

"Yes! Yes!"

He fell on her hungrily, guiding his prick into her cunt with ease.
Once he was in, she locked her legs around his back as he thrust in and
out as far as his cock would go.

"Oh, my God, you're in me!" she sighed. "Oh, my God, fuck me,

Bob slid his hands under her asscheeks, lifting her up and corkscrewing
his dick into her soft buttery depths. After all the foreplay Pam was
more than ready.

At the moment of orgasm he kissed her gently. Without a word his cock
began to spit into her snatch, igniting her own climax.

Jesus, she's got a snapper, he thought as his pleasure overwhelmed him.
My kid sister's got a snapping pussy.

Chapter 5

Pam remained confused. Bob seemed distant after their lovemaking. She
told Chuck not to phone, said she needed time to think. She gave up
all plans for finding her own apartment. Maggie criticized everything
she tried to do and the blonde became more depressed than ever.

One day she decided she had to talk to Bob again. If he was angry at
her, she wanted to talk about it. If he felt guilty because they'd
committed incest, she wanted a chance to convince him that what they
did was good and beautiful.

When she arrived next door, Judy greeted her warmly with a kiss. "I'm
so glad to see you," Judy said. "Come on in and let's talk. We have
the house to ourselves."

Ever since the night Judy stole into Jimmy's room and sucked the boy
off she'd been eager for more sexual adventures. She still wanted to
fuck Jimmy, but the opportunity hadn't arisen. The boy had no inkling
of what happened to him that night, but once or twice she thought she
saw him blushing when she kissed him.

Now the two women sat down in the den and began chatting. Pam
deliberately kept the conversation centered around clothes and
hairstyles. Judy waited for a break in the conversation and changed
the subject.

"Bob tells me he encouraged you to find your own place."

Pam reddened, remembering the night the conversation took place.
"Well, yes, but Mother really needs me."

"Bullshit," Judy said calmly. "You really should find a good man and
get married."

"Chuck wants to marry me."

"Chuck's a bore and you know it."

"Is ... Bob coming home soon?" Pam said in a small voice.

Judy looked suspicious. "No, he's playing poker. Why? Don't you want
to talk to me?"

"It's not that. It's just that ... I don't know ..."

"Listen, Pam I think what you need is a good fuck." The brunette
grinned crookedly as she gazed at her sister-in-law.

"Oh, Lord, you never used to talk like that."

Judy moved closer, planting a kiss on Pam's cheek. "Maybe I need a
good fuck too."

"Well, I guess I'll go and when Bob comes home you can have your good
... uh ... fuck."

Judy laughed throatily, drawing Pam into her arms and kissing her on
the lips. "What's the matter? Am I making you nervous?"

In truth the blood pounded in Pam's ears. Amazing as it seemed, she
had a feeling that Judy was flirting with her. "Of course not," she

Judy had been joking, but after kissing her sister-in-law on the lips
she realized she was getting turned-on. I'm no lesbo, she thought, but
it might be a kick to try it once.

"Well, you're making me nervous," Judy said, holding Pam's hand and
kissing her full on the lips again.

This time her mouth was open. Pam froze when she felt Judy's tongue in
her mouth and she quickly expelled it.

"Don't," Pam said. "What are you doing?"

"Don't push me away," Judy said. "Just because we're both women
doesn't mean we can't make each other feel good."

Pam was torn between her need for sex and her fear of the unknown. It
was true she was afraid to let another woman kiss her, but it felt
good. Something deep inside her wanted it. She had a yearning to have
Judy's lips and tongue and body to blend with hers.

She realized suddenly that Judy wore no bra. She felt her tits under
her blouse and the stiffness of her nipples. "I'm scared," Pam

"So am I," Judy said, peppering her face with kisses.

"I don't think I can do this ..."

"Sure you can."

Judy hadn't planned it, but now that it was happening the idea of lady-
love excited her to the core. And it was a good way to get even with
her mother-in-law. Judy hated Maggie. She thought Maggie was a
hypocrite and ruining Pam's life.

"It would drive your mother crazy," she hissed in Pam's ear.

That was all Pam needed to hear. "I know," she said, grabbing Judy and
kissing her back.

Judy retained control and soon Pam was like a whimpering child as the
two women kissed and caressed and clung together. Judy stroked Pam's
cheeks and long blonde hair and kissed her eyelids.

"I've never done it either and I'll probably never do it again, but I
want you," Judy said.

Pam opened her mouth to answer, but Judy kissed her deeply instead and
Pam's words were cut off in a blaze of passion.

The blonde parted her lips and plunged her tongue into Judy's wide-open
mouth. She tasted her warm breath and her saliva and it was good.
Excitement raced through her as their tongues dueled. Both women
trembled with excitement.

Judy moaned deep in her throat. "My life hasn't been a bed of roses
you know. Your brother is no angel."

Pam thought about what Bob had said about other women. "Well, you've
been married a long time," she said lamely.

Judy suctioned Pam's tongue into her mouth.

"Let's just say I need more fucking than he's willing to give me."

"You won't tell about this, will you?" Pam said.

Judy laced her fingers in Pam's silken hair. "No way," she said.
"Listen, who am I to talk?"

They kissed again, tongues meeting and teeth clicking. "You never did
this before?" Pam murmured.

Judy shook her head. "No, never, but I've been married so long, I've
missed a lot of things."

"Have you ever ..." Pam shook her head. "No, it's none of my business

"You're right, it's not," Judy said, nibbling her lips, bruising them

Suddenly they were stretched out on the sofa, the same sofa Pam had
lain on with Bob. It was strangely erotic to be kissing Bob's wife and
feeling the heat from her body.

Now I just have the boys and Penny to fuck around with, Pam thought
with a giggle. Oh, God, what am I thinking?

Judy smoothed Pam's hair back as they continued french-kissing.
Kissing another woman was so different from kissing a man. Pam's lips
were so soft and tender and her body was so pliable and round. She had
no beard on her chin and no thick muscles on her arms. And her tits.
Those round mounds of lowliness. How good it will taste to have one of
those tits in my mouth.

Pam bit Judy's tongue, bringing her back to reality. "Ouch," Judy
giggled. "Take it easy ... mmmmmmm, I thought you'd never ask. You're
touching my tits ... wow, that's okay ..."

Judy quickly touched Pam's tits, rubbing her nipples through her
clothes and blowing into her ear.

"You have lovely boobs," Judy breathed. "I've always admired them."

"Yours are lovely too."

"Why don't you take your bra off?"

"Oh ... okay ..." Pam said hesitantly.

Both women sat up and glanced at each other. They burst out laughing.

"You look like you've been through the wars," Judy said.

Pam tried fixing her hair. "You should talk. Your lipstick's all

Judy touched her mouth. "I guess we're just two horny women."

"I guess so."

Both bosoms heaved. "Should we get into bed?" Judy said.

"I guess so."

In the bedroom they sat down on the bed. Pam averted her eyes, but
Judy took her into her arms. "Come on, let's have a good time," she

Pam's eyes smoldered. "I want to," she said.

Judy deftly unbuttoned Pam's blouse. "Let's get this thing off and
suck some tit. I've never done it and I want to see what it's like."

As she undressed her, Judy kissed Pam's throat and ears and lips. When
she dropped her face down and nuzzled her tits, Pam moaned. Pam began
shaking uncontrollably. The feel of Judy's delicate lips and warm
breath on her tits made her dizzy.

Suddenly Pam's bra was off and Judy was licking her tits. Pam felt
herself being guided onto her back and floating around in space.

"What are we doing?" she moaned.

"If it feels good, why fight it?" Judy said, kissing and squeezing her

Instinctively Pam stroked Judy's hair, but in actuality she was holding
Judy's head in her arms. Judy finally lifted her head. Her eyes
sparkled and her lips were moist.

"Remember," Judy whispered as she nuzzled Pam's tits with her lips.
"This is one way of breaking free from your mother's grip."

"Yes, I have to remember that."

Judy kissed Pam's lips again and again. Her mouth pressed down lightly
and then more firmly and her tongue darted in and out of the blonde's

The bedroom was dark, the blinds were shut and the smell of perfume
permeated the air. As they kissed, Judy pulled the covers back and ran
her hands over Pam's body.

"My God, you're soft," Judy said.

"So are you."

"But you've barely touched me."

Pam bit her lip. "I want to. It's just that I'm afraid."

Judy hovered over her, closing her hands over Pam's tits and pinching
her nipples. "That's okay. Actually, I'm enjoying myself. Are you
really hot or are you faking it?"

Pam giggled. "Why would I fake it with you?"

"Yeah, we only fake it with men," Judy said, running her hands down
Pam's belly and hips and ass.

Suddenly Judy moved back, removed her blouse and let her naked tits
bounce free. Her tits hung down heavily, her nipples dark with lust.

She swung her tits over Pam's face. Hesitating only a moment, the
blonde opened trembling lips and began sucking one of Judy's nipples.

Judy trembled violently and lowered the trunk of her body over Pam's.
"Oh, God, I love it," Judy sighed.

"You feel good too," Pam said. "You've got a nice ass, did I ever tell
you that?"

"Jesus, let's get naked."

When both women were naked, they resumed their positions in the middle
of the bed. Judy squeezed Pam's ass and toyed with her bung. Pam
played the passive role, but her hands were all over the other woman's

She captured one of Judy's tits in her mouth and bit it playfully.
When Judy thrust her finger knuckle-deep into Pam's asshole, the
younger woman chewed greedily on her nipples.

Raw sexual need raged through Pam. She opened her legs and welcomed
Judy's finger in her shitter. As she nursed on Judy's tits, she
thought about her mother. Her clit throbbed with need as she pictured
Maggie's face.

"Remember to always be a lady," Maggie would say again and again even
as she brought yet another man into her bedroom.

Damn you, mother, Pam thought. I've got a right to live too.

Now Judy pulled her finger out of Pam's ass and moved her hand between
Pam's legs. "Wet and wild," Judy giggled, touching Pam's cunt.

Pam raised her legs and pushed her crotch against her sister-in-law's
hand. Judy fingered her once, then twice, and each time she thrust her
finger into her pussy, Pam moaned.

She added a second finger, stroking more deeply into Pam's snatch.
"Are you close?" Judy said.

"I ... uh ... think so."

Judy stared at her for a moment. "Are you as innocent as you pretend
to be?"

Pam thought about the time her brother fucked her and blushed. Judy
giggled and moved her fingers around Pam's velvet-lined pussy.

"Don't answer that," Judy said, jerking her fingers in and out of Pam's
slit. "It's none of my business."

Pam pushed her cunt at Judy's fingers with all her might. She felt
pressure on her clit. Judy was using her free hand to tease her highly
sensitized sex organ.

"Please," Pam moaned. "Please."

"Please what?" Judy's eyes shone expectantly.

Pam rolled her head to one side. "Please make me come."

Reluctantly, Judy withdrew her fingers from Pam's snatch. Although she
was the aggressor, she wasn't sure she'd be able to actually go down on

Still, she was very excited. There's nothing like passion to make
decisions for you, she thought.

"Okay, just lie there a minute and I'll make love to you," Judy said.

Pam's eyes followed her to the bathroom. Judy took a moment to pee and
glance at her own distended clit. I can do anything once, she thought
as she wiped herself and returned to the bedroom.

Under the covers, Pam felt feverish. She parted her thighs when Judy
returned to the bed. She automatically began playing with her cunt as
she waited for Judy to climb onto the bed.

Judy seemed to be in no hurry. She took the rest of her clothes off
and lit a cigarette. She offered Pam a puff and when Pam refused she
blew smoke over her tits.

Pam found herself wild with desire. How long would Judy make her wait?

"Okay, lie back," Judy said when she had finally snuffed out her

Pam closed her eyes and felt Judy climb between her legs. She sensed,
rather than saw, Judy's mouth approach her cunt.

Pam opened her eyes and watched Judy reach for her tits. Judy's hands
slid from Pam's tits to her ass. Then Judy took a deep breath as she
slid her hands under Pam's asscheeks.

"My God, I never realized a pussy could be so beautiful," Judy said.

She touched Pam's cunt, sniffing it and bringing her mouth to within an
inch of her hairy lips. But instead of kissing it, she used her finger
on Pam's swollen clit.

Pam responded instantly. Her entire body trembled and she lifted her
hips and swayed back and forth. Her cunt quivered and lubricated as
she came.

"Suck it," she cried as the explosion rocked her senses.

Judy flicked her tongue up and down Pam's slit. Pam moaned hoarsely
and clamped her thighs around Judy's head.

Judy growled as she licked Pam's clit. She touched the tip of her
tongue to the tip and flicked her tongue against Pam's cunthole. Then
slowly and deliberately she forced her tongue inside Pam's body.

Pam's hips jerked upward as she writhed helplessly beneath the other
woman. "Lick it, please," she pleaded.

By now Judy was getting off on the cunt-sucking. She no longer
hesitated. She was having too good a time. "I'm eating as fast as I
can," Judy gasped, her tongue all over Pam's gash.

"Oh, yes, that's good," Pam moaned, holding Judy's head in her hands
and wriggling her ass. "Oh, there, yes! Oh, God, you don't know how
good that feels."

Judy went berserk after that. She used her tongue like a vibrator,
like a man who really loves pussy.

"My God!" Pain cried as yet another orgasm surged through her. "My
God, I'm coming again!"

Chapter 6

Jimmy leaned across his sister and switched off the bedside lamp. He
fell back on the pillows, pushed the covers back and reached out for

Giggling, the little teenager snuggled close to her brother. She
wriggled down until her face was in inch from his prick. He snickered
as she made a grab for him, but didn't object when she pushed her face
against his cock and balls.

In the weeks since she'd lost her cherry, brother and sister had been
fucking regularly. Penny enjoyed fucking Billy, but she preferred
Jimmy. The two years difference in their ages made a difference.
Jimmy was more mature somehow.

Now he lay very still, eyes closed and hands folded on his chest. Both
youngsters froze when they heard the voice in the hall. Penny scooted
under the covers when the door opened a crack.

For a moment panic gripped the boy. He closed his eyes and pretended
to be asleep, then changed his mind. "Hi, Mom," he yawned when Judy
poked her head in the room.

"Sleeping already?" she said.

"Yeah." He rubbed his eyes. "Have a good time tonight?"

"It was okay." Judy had been to a neighbor's open house. "I missed
your father though."

"Dad working again?"

Judy's lips tightened. "Yes."

The blanket stirred and the boy quickly sat up. "I guess I'll read a

"Is everything all right, Son," Judy said softly. She still craved her
son. He never knew she'd sucked him off in the still of the night and
she still ached to fuck him.

Penny squeezed his cock under the covers.

"Yeah, fine, fine," he said, feeling his face redden in the dark.

"Are you sure?" Judy said, opening the door wide and approaching the

Jimmy sat up and widened the spread of his legs to hide the outline of
his sister under the blanket. "Yeah, I'm okay, but I'm bare-assed
under here."

He grinned so adorably that Judy creamed her panties. She hesitated.
"I just stopped in to see if Penny was sleeping and she's not there.
Do you know where your sister is?"

At the moment Jimmy's cock was inside Penny's mouth. He stifled a
groan. "I think she's at her girlfriend's. She said something about a
pajama party."

"Oh, was it tonight?" Judy mused.

"Yeah." When Penny bit his cock, he almost jumped. "Well, goodnight,
Mom," he croaked.

Judy felt annoyed. He obviously wanted her to leave. She forced a
smile. "Goodnight, Son."

As his mother left, Jimmy breathed a sigh of relief. He held Penny's
head under the blanket until he was sure she wasn't coming back. Then
he whistled softly and threw the covers back.

"You can come out now," he said.

Penny giggled as she eagerly licked his cock. Her hands were all over
his balls. She was a horny kid for her age. Man, how she loved to

"I thought she'd never leave," she said.

Jimmy couldn't believe his good luck. The first time Penny approached
him he was horrified. But she managed to get his clothes off and the
rest was history. Why fight a good thing?

Now she was sucking and licking his hot rod like there was no tomorrow.
She liked sucking almost as much as she liked fucking.

For a kid she gave very good head. She could take his cock all the way
into her throat without gagging. Most girls her age couldn't do that.

Now she clamped her lips around his cockhead. He barely breathed. It
felt good, but he felt very vulnerable. Jesus, be was getting hard!
His cock was swelling up and getting big.

"Jesus, Sis, what're you doing?" he hissed.

She had one hand inside his asscrack, exploring his shitter. He
shuddered violently when she flicked her tongue against his bung.

"Do you know what you're doing?" he said.

"Sure I do," she said. "I'm licking your asshole."

"Jesus, I just shit before."

"I don't care."

"Take my cock in your mouth again."

"Yummy," she said, hungrily sucking his cock into her moist pink lips.

"Mom was looking at the bed sort of funny."

"I never moved."

"You sure did. You were licking my cock all the time."

"Well, she didn't see me. I'm at a pajama party, remember?"

He chuckled. "Jesus, Sis, for a kid you're a wild one."

She squeezed the base of his prick and licked his balls. "For a kid
you've got a neat cock."

She loved the taste of his balls. She licked them thoroughly, wetting
down the hair on the underside of his ball-bag. She liked the taste
and feel of his nuts. She liked when they filled up with spunk and she
liked feeling the little hard things inside.

But she liked sucking his cock too much to lick his balls for long.
Balls were good and assholes were delicious, but the main course was
cock. She loved it.

Turning a boy on excited her. She felt a sort of power when she gave
one of her brothers a hard-on. Her pussy felt wet and slimy. She
squeezed her legs together tightly to savor the feeling engulfing her.

By now Jimmy's cock was rock-hard. She slid her lips up and down the
shaft and used her fingers on the base. It had been very exciting when
her mother walked into the room. She loved fooling Judy. She almost
wanted to be caught in her brother's bed.

Now Jimmy lurched forward, sending his cock soaring into her throat.
She sputtered and spit half of it out, but dug her fingers into his

She wondered if her father cheated on her mother. Sometimes her father
stared at her in a funny way. She wondered if he found her sexy.
Fathers and daughters sometimes made out. She'd heard stories from her

She felt herself salivating at the thought. She tugged on the little
piece of skin on the underside of Jimmy's cock. He dug his fingers
into her head. God, he was horny.

Still sucking his prick, she began masturbating. Her little clit was
on fire. Fuck me, Daddy, eight to the bar, she thought with a giggle.

She kept sucking Jimmy's prick and masturbating, but after a while he
pulled her on top of him. "Want to fuck?" she said with the innocence
of a child.

"Yeah, but you can stay on top," her brother said.

"I can? You mean like this?" As she spoke she swung her leg over him,
straddling his prick.

"Yeah, sit on it," he said.

Grabbing his cock, the teenager lowered her ass until her pussy touched
the tip. "Now what?" she said.

"Stick it in."

Breathing rapidly, she came down hard on his cock, stuffing it into her
almost-virgin twat. Both youngsters gasped as she began riding him.

Each thrust of his prick inside her brought her closer to orgasm.
Leaning forward, she deliberately swung her tits over his chest.

Even though she was on top he did most of the work. He held her around
the waist and thrust mightily into her eager snatch.

He was close to coming. His teeth were clenched and his eyes on his
sister's bouncing tits. He felt the pressure in his balls and used
every ounce of control to keep from coming.

He loved his sister and wanted her to come before he shot off. "Always
make sure a woman comes before you come," his father's words were
chiseled into his brain.

Penny was almost there. "You get on top now," she said, flopping over
onto her back.

As quickly as his cock slipped out of her, he rammed it back in. Now
he thrust forcefully and she felt his balls on her ass with every

"I'm almost there," she whispered.

Jimmy nodded encouragement. Jesus, please come, he thought.

Penny bit her lips to keep from crying out. Grimacing, but silent, she
climaxed. A moment later she felt Jimmy's thick jism splatter into her
pussy as his cock exploded.

* * *

Judy couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned and after a while she
switched on the bedside light.

Midnight and Bob still wasn't home. Damn him, she thought as she
reached for a cigarette.

She switched on the television and tried concentrating on the movie.
It was no use. Jimmy had looked so adorable. He was naked under his
covers. Naked and probably horny. God, how she wanted him.

Why didn't I just get in bed with him? she thought.

Because you're scared, she answered herself.

Don't be a sap. You already sucked him off once. Why not go all the
way? You know you want to.

She pulled her knees back and hugged them to her chest. It was true
she wanted him, but how to approach a young boy in the middle of the
night? A boy who just happened to be her son?

I'm his mother, for God's sake. Isn't anything sacred?

Oh, come on, honey, a voice inside her head said, what's the difference
between sucking and fucking?

But he had been sleeping when she'd sucked him off.

Give me a break, she thought. You're gonna do it eventually. Why

Swallowing hard, Judy glanced at the clock. Bob wouldn't be home for
hours. She didn't believe for a minute he was really working late, but
she didn't much care any more. They both needed more than they were
getting from each other. She reached for her slippers.

The next hour was a blur. She knocked on Jimmy's door and before he
had a chance to answer she entered.

This time he didn't pretend to be sleeping. Sitting up, he smiled at
his mother. "Still up, Mom," he said.

She hurried over to the bed and sat down next to him. "Honey," she
said, taking his hand. "I'm feeling so lonely."

His eyes widened when she pushed his hand aside and reached under the
covers. "Jesus Christ!" he hissed.

"Oh, don't be so bashful," she murmured with a smile. "Let me see it."

Jimmy opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. If his mother
wanted to see his cock, well okay, women were funny sometimes,
especially at that time of the month. But after fucking Penny his cock
was limp. He was embarrassed to show his mother a soft prick.

"What's the matter, honey?" Judy said bringing her legs onto the bed
and stretching out next to the teenager. "Are you frightened of
something?" She brushed her lips over his cheek.

"No," he said.

"Then why not show me what you've got?"

"Jesus, Mom, I would, but I don't think ... oh, shit!" He hid his face
in his hands.

He just jerked off, Judy thought. Oh, damn, he just blew his wad.
Aloud she said, "I just want to see it, honey." She kissed his mouth
hotly. "It's been so long since you let me see it."

Suddenly he grabbed her and kissed her.

"You can do whatever you want, Mom," he said.

A thrill shot through the horny mother. She would get his prick hard
again and finally get what she wanted. "Oh, yes, darling," she
breathed, returning his kisses. "And I'll make you feel good, too."

He was naked under the covers. Judy slipped out of her robe and
climbed over him. Spreading her legs, she enveloped him with her tits
and thighs. Lowering her cunt to his prick, she rubbed up against him.

"Were you jerking off when I walked in before?" she said.

Jimmy thought of Penny and blushed. "Yeah."

Judy nuzzled his neck and thrust her beaver against his limp dick.
"That's all right, baby. I feel your cock getting hard again. Oh,
baby, I think I want you to fuck me!"

Jimmy winced as she tried taking his still-limp cock into her cunt.
"I'll try," he croaked.

Judy was relentless. She used her cunt to arouse him. Soon his shaft
stiffened and her pussy gobbled up his cockhead.

"See, I told you it'd get hard again," she said. "Now stick it in and
fuck me, Son."

Jimmy thought it was strange that his mother wanted him to fuck her,
but he didn't argue. If she needed fucking, he'd be happy to oblige.

Now he gripped her hips and thrust his ass up off the bed. His cock
shot inside her and his confidence returned. "It's getting hard, Mom,"
he said.

"Oh, baby, I know," she breathed, bouncing up and down.

Jimmy thrust upward again and again, sinking his entire prick into her
pussy. She threw her head back and laughed. Gotcha, she thought. Oh,
baby, I gotcha.

"Jesus, Mom, you're as tight as a virgin," he said.

She leaned forward and dropped one of her tits into his mouth. "Suck,

He sucked and she fucked. Jimmy was confident of controlling his
climax. He held back easily, enjoying the way his mother was wiggling

At one point he thrust his prick balls-deep into her snatch. He left
it there a few moments and they both enjoyed the throbbing sensations.
His cock expanded and contracted and quite unexpectedly exploded.

"Oh, Jesus!" he muttered as his come squirted into her gash.

Judy rubbed her clit against his cock-bone until she came. Afterward
she collapsed on top of him, breathing hard.

"Oh, Jimmy, you don't know how I needed that."

"It was great, Mom."

She sat up, leaning on her elbow and toying with his chest-hair. "Can
we do it again?"

Jimmy's lower lip quivered. "I'll try."

"We'll both try." She climbed between his legs and hungrily sucked his
cock into her mouth.

She held his cock with one hand and jerked him off while she sucked the
knob. When it began to harden, she slid her lips down to the root and
nuzzled her nose against his cock-bush.

When it was hard again, she knelt on her hands and knees. "Fuck me in
the ass, Son," she said.

Jimmy froze. "Are you kidding?"

She pulled her ass-cheeks apart and wiggled her butt. "No. Dick my
ass when I tell you to."

With a groan of surrender the boy crouched behind her and pushed his
cockhead against her shitter. She craned her neck to gaze back at him.
Their eyes met and he hesitated.

"Are you sure you want this, Mom?"


He pushed the tip of his dick into her stretching asshole. She took a
deep breath and remained motionless, but again he stopped.

"Won't it hurt?" he said.

"No, just do it!" she said impatiently.

And he did. He howled as he rammed his prick into her bung. An
incredible blast of pleasure engulfed her. Reaching underneath, she
grabbed his balls and held them against her wide-open cunt.

"I'm coming, Son!" she shrieked. "Fuck my asshole!"

* * *

"Hey, hon, wake up," Bob said, tugging at her arm. "You're having a
bad dream."

Sitting up abruptly, Judy's heart pounded. She was naked and soaked
with perspiration. She looked around and saw she was in her own bed.
She glanced at the clock. It was two o'clock in the morning and Bob
had just arrived home.

She lay back and tried hiding her anguish. It was all a dream. Jimmy
was probably sound asleep and she had dreamed about the lovely ass-

She heard Bob brushing his teeth in the bathroom. "Why were you so
late?" she called out.

"The whole office had to work late, hon. You know how the boss is."

She turned over onto her belly and hugged the pillow. Bastard, she
thought. Why'd you have to spoil a good dream?

But she knew in her heart that it had not been a dream.

Chapter 7

Maggie Rider finished combing her long, red hair and stood back from
the mirror. Not bad for an old bag, she thought. She examined her
throat. No one would guess she had a son Bob's age. She didn't look a
day over forty and she knew it.

Pam had left for work. Maggie had just showered and dropped the towel
on the floor. Poor Pam. So shy and withdrawn. Only able to attract a
jerk like Chuck. Poor child.

Still naked, her generous tits spilling down, Maggie dabbed perfume
between her thighs and over her thick bush. Even though she pretended
to mourn her dead husband she didn't really miss him. She had more men
than she knew what to do with.

Except that today she had no plans and she was horny. Pity, she
thought, pausing for a moment in front of the mirror.

Slowly, she turned around and gazed at her ass. It was a bit big and
not as high as it once had been. But her waist was small and her belly
flat. Well, almost flat. And her tits didn't sag much. Judy's sagged

She knew her daughter-in-law hated her. She didn't care. Bob adored
her. Men loved their mothers no matter what. Judy could go fuck

My body is stiff irresistible, she thought, rummaging in the drawer for
a pair of black bikinis and a matching bra. Then, on an impulse, she
tossed them onto a chair and climbed back into bed.

She pressed her fingers against her pussy. She moaned softly as the
pressure began on her clit. The little organ began stiffening
immediately. What I wouldn't do for a good cock right about now, she

Too bad Roger's away. Mmmmmm, that feels good. A cock would feel
better, but a finger's better than nothing.

She moved her finger in a circular motion around her clit. Her pussy
became wetter. Some of her friends complained of dry-cunt, but not
Maggie. She was as wet as a young girl. Well, almost as wet.

Now her nipples began tingling and swelling. She touched one. Just
when she needed a man there was no one around. She pulled her nipples.
She was a horny broad, there was no doubt about that.

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on Pam, she thought as she fingered
herself. Maybe I ought to encourage her to get out more.

As she fingered her cunt and toyed with her tits, she thought about her
daughter with a rush of guilt. Did Pam think she was a hypocrite? Did
the whole family think she was strange?

She thought about her son and felt a wild pulsation in her cunt. She
wondered if Bob was a good fuck. He and Judy had been married so long
their sex life was probably rotten. Poor guy. He had to scrounge
around for cooze just because he was married to a little bitch. If I
could only get my hands on him for an hour I'd show him what a real
woman is.

She took one nipple in her fingers and twisted it around. Her clit
throbbed with need. She thought maybe she was competing with her
daughter-in-law for her son's affections. If it was true, she didn't
care. The hell with it.

After one minor orgasm she jumped off the bed and slipped into her
bikinis and bra. Her bra was lacy and low-cut. Her tits bulged out.
Any normal man who caught a glimpse of her cleavage would get a hard-

Wrapping herself in a silk robe, she went downstairs to the kitchen for
coffee. Pam had left some warming on the stove. She poured a cup,
thought with a surge of guilt about her daughter, and glanced out the

Just then the doorbell rang. My, I wonder who that is? she thought,
going to the door.

When she gazed out the window, she saw it was Bob. Then she remembered
she'd asked him to stop by and fix the drain in her sink.

"Hello, darling," she trilled. "You've come to fix my plumbing,
haven't you?"

Bob kissed her dutifully and stepped inside. Actually he had come over
to discuss Pam, but when he caught sight of his mother's outfit he
flushed like a teenager.

"Yes, but I want to talk to you too, Ma," he said. He tried averting
his eyes. "Jesus, Ma, why don't you go put something on?"

Maggie blushed prettily and pulled her robe more tightly around her.
Her tits still spilled over and she gave up.

"Don't make me feel shy, darling," she said. "I'm your mother. You
used to suck these milkers and don't you forget it."

She handed him the tool kit. He grinned as he took it from her hand.
Maggie sipped her coffee as he went to work on the sink.

"You're pretty distracting, Ma," he said, one eye on the sink and the
other on her tits.

"Oh, go on," she giggled, but when her robe fell away from her knee and
showed her thigh she didn't adjust it.

Bob had always found his mother sexy. He knew she fucked a lot of men,
but he never considered her as a possible sex partner. But today she
was coming on to him. He was certain of that. And if she was selling,
why shouldn't he buy.

Maggie felt a familiar throbbing between her legs as she gazed at Bob's
muscles as he worked. She forgot he was her son, her flesh and blood.
She pretended he was a handyman who'd come to fix the sink. A rugged,
hard-cocked man who would relieve the itch in her pussy.

"You're not really embarrassed to see me like this, are you, Son?" she

"Ma, for a broad your age you're sure built."

"Have you ever had any fantasies about me, hon? Like when you and Judy
are ... you know ... in bed?"

He seemed to be thinking. "Not as I can remember." Maggie frowned.
"But when I was a kid I was dying to get into your pants," he said

The redhead brightened visibly. "Oh, all boys feel that way about
their mothers. I'm just an old woman. Who'd be interested in a hag
like me?" As she spoke she swung her foot back and forth, opening her
robe further.

"You may be getting up there, but you know you're a damn good-looking
woman," he said. Finished with the sink, he straightened up and sat
down next to her. "Got some more of that?"

She poured him some coffee and sat back down. "Thanks, hon. It makes
me feel good to know there's still a man around who thinks I'm

"But, Ma, you've got lots of boyfriends."

Her lips became two straight crimson lines. "If you're referring to my
gentlemen friends, be assured we simply play cards together." She
pursed her lips and brought her knees together.

"Hey, Ma, are you trying to tell me--"

Maggie giggled. "Ssshhh. Let's not talk about silly stuff. Let's
talk about pleasant things." Her heart pounded harder than it had in
years. She felt warm all over and her juices flowed. If only he would
... but that was too much to ask.

Bob realized she was embarrassed. "Hey, Ma, whatever you say." He
glanced around. "Got anything to go with this mud?"

Maggie rose up and began fixing him breakfast. "Pam makes horrible
coffee and Judy sends you out without breakfast. It's a good thing
you've got a mother who loves you."

Bob reached over and took her wrist. He kissed the back of her hand
and proceeded to eat. "You're my favorite girl, Ma, and you always
will be."

Maggie pulled her chair closer to his and placed his free hand on her
knee. Parting her thighs, she watched him shovel food into his mouth.

Without thinking, she moved a hand between her legs and began stroking
herself. When Bob noticed, his jaw dropped.

"What are you doing, Ma?"

She drew her hand up to her cheek and blushed. "Oh, my, I guess your
mother has a little, uh, itch."

Bob pushed his plate away, turned to her and cleared his throat. He'd
made up his mind about what he wanted to do. "Let me help you out,

With a rush of excitement she parted her thighs and let him caress her.
Then with a grunt, he leaned over and slipped his tongue into her eager

All the pent-up passion within her spilled out and she quickly wrapped
her arms around his neck and pulled him against her.

"Kiss me," she hissed, opening her mouth and sucking his tongue inside.

"Jesus, Ma, you're giving me a hard-on."

"I need you, darling," she said. "I don't know what's come over me,
but I need you so."

She broke the kiss, running her lips over his face, his eyelids and his
neck and ears. He slipped her robe from her shoulders and made a grab
for her tits. He rolled the huge globes around with his hands.

Leaning back in her chair, the redhead closed her eyes and drank in the
heady excitement. "I could come right now," she giggled.

"I can do better than this, Ma," he said.

They rose up and moved swiftly to the den. "Take me, Son, before I
come to my senses."

When they sat down on the sofa, he took one of her tits in his mouth
and ran his tongue over her nipple. This was the same tit he'd nursed
on as an infant. Now it stood out, big and firm and stiff as a jelly
bean. And he still loved it and always had.

Meanwhile his relentless licking brought chills to Maggie's spine. My
own little boy, she thought with a giggle, stroking the back of his
neck. My own little boy is licking my titties.

She arched her back, cradled his head and pushed her tit further into
his mouth. His nose pressed her soft flesh and his warm breath
engulfed her.

"Oh, darling, that feels so good. Now do the other one. Oh, yes,
that's lovely."

As he licked and caressed and sucked her huge boobs his hand was busy
exploring the furry cleft between her legs. He made smacking sounds
with his mouth as he ran the tip of his tongue all around her tits and
let his fingers comb through her cunt-bush. He loved the roundness of
her belly and the pillowy warmth of her inner thighs. Each time he
explored a new area of her body she moaned and wriggled her ass.

It wasn't long before she was totally turned on. She held his head in
an iron grip and pushed her tits more firmly into his mouth.

Stretched out on the sofa, the redhead opened her legs and welcomed her
son. "Hurry and take your clothes off," she said. "I want your cock
inside me.

Out of his mind with excitement, Bob rose up, tripped and almost fell
on top of her. They laughed as he ripped his clothes off. He stood
before her wearing only his socks and was about to mount her when she
stopped him.

"Take those things off," she said, pointing at his feet.

His cock swayed as he pulled his socks off. "Okay?" he said, his eyes
eager and boyish. He had never seen his mother more beautiful.

The way he was staring at her made Maggie lubricate. According to
society what she was doing was wrong, but she didn't care. She wanted
her baby boy to fuck her. She wanted him to stick his cock so deep
inside her cunt it would come out her mouth. And she wanted it now.

"Okay, darling," she said. "Give Mother that lovely cock before she
goes crazy."

He climbed over her, adjusted his weight on his arms and nestled his
prick between her thighs. He felt like he'd come home after a lifetime
of searching.

"My little boy," she said, hugging him to her. "You're so beautiful
and strong. You have such a lovely cock. Oh, darling, I want you to
fuck me a long time. I want you to ride me until I'm bowlegged."

"I'll sure try, Ma," he said, kissing her throat and ears and tits and
pressing his prick against her snatch.

She twisted around, expertly wrapping her legs around his back and
reaching for his prick. She took it in her fist and pumped it while he
nuzzled her tits.

Why is he taking so long? she thought. Doesn't he want to fuck me?

She scratched his shoulder. Hard. "Darling, why are you making Mother

"I want it to last," he said through a mouthful of tit-flesh.

"Oh, darling, that's wonderful," she trilled.

His mouth was moving down, down, down and his tongue darted over the
roundness of her belly.

He glanced up at her, winked and grinned and proceeded to poke his
tongue into the tangled mass of her beaver.

"I guess this is where I came from and now, I'm back," he said.

"Oh, darling," she moaned, straining to capture his tongue inside her

"I can't wait to make you come," he said.

"Me either," she gasped. "What are you waiting for?"

"Aw, Ma, you taste so good. Don't make me stop."

He sounded like a ten year old boy at that moment and Maggie didn't
have the heart to reprimand him.

Lifting her legs up, she encouraged him to kiss her gash. But when he
saw the gaping hole between her legs he raised up and placed the head
of his dick against it.

"Hey, Ma, I'm gonna fuck your brains out," he said.

"Do it, Son," she said. "Do it."

She had the feeling she was about to get the fuck of her life. Her
heart pounded so hard she thought she might pass out. She could think
of nothing but getting his big cock inside her. That beautiful cock
she'd known so well when he was a boy.

Now with one smooth motion of his hips he sent his prick soaring inside
her pussy. His movement was graceful, but he hit his target and she
cried out with abandon.

"When you fuck, you fuck," she shrieked. "Ooooohhhhh, you're in so
deep! My God, I can feel it in my belly."

He pumped in and out a few times. His cock almost slipped out once,
her cunt was so wet and juicy.

They quickly found a rhythm. Arms and legs entwined they strained
against each other. Maggie thought he would split her in two, he was
fucking her so strenuously. And his balls! How wonderful his balls
felt as they slapped against her ass.

She held her tits out to him and he dropped his mouth down to suck
them. She knew that any moment she would explode, but she wanted to be
aware when he came. She wanted to see his face when he dropped his
seed into his own mother's cunt.

"I'm coming, darling," she cried, wriggling around madly.

A moment later Bob felt the vise-like grip of her cunt around his cock
as she climaxed. When she opened her eyes, he sent a gusher of fuck-
cream into her body.

"You're beautiful when you come!" she screamed. "So beautiful!"

She wrapped her legs more tightly around his back and squeezed her cunt
around his pulsating prick. She squeezed and released. Squeezed and
released. Again and again he grunted, panted and gasped as she drained
his balls.

They continued rocking together. He brushed a few loose strands of
hair away from her eyes and she kissed his arms and hands and worked
her cunt around his dwindling cock.

Suddenly Bob knew where Pam got her snapping pussy. It was passed down
from mother to daughter. He smiled and buried his face in his mother's

"Jesus, Ma, what a fuck," he murmured.

Chapter 8

One day Penny stayed home from school. She felt bored and restless and
horny. She was annoyed at her brothers. They were both acting silly
lately and their lovemaking no longer excited her. She was ready for
the big league, an older man, but she didn't know how to go about
meeting one.

She spent the morning in her room, waiting for her mother to go out.
Before she left, Judy entered the room and gazed at her daughter.

"I'm going now," Judy said. "Are you sure you're sick? You look

"My throat's sore."

Judy continued staring as she clutched her car keys. "Well, okay, but
eat something. You'll feel better."

"Don't be such a professional mother." Judy grimaced.

"So long. Starve for all I care."

When she heard her mother's car drive off, the teenager sprang up from
the bed. She went to the window, looked out and saw her father in the

"What are you doing home?" she yelled out.

"I'm going in late today," Bob replied. "They owe me some time."

"I think I'll come down and eat something," she said. "Have you had

Bob gazed up at the sexy teenager. "Yeah. I'm enjoying the sun."

"I'll come down there," the girl said eagerly.

"Feeling better, honey?" Bob said a few minutes later after his
daughter had joined him in the yard.

She grinned. "I'm not sick."

"I didn't think so. Fooled your mother, though, didn't you?"

She crinkled her nose. "Oh, Dad, you know how it is."

He reached over and pinched her cheek. "Oh, Dad, I sure do," he

It was quiet in the yard. The neighborhood children were all in
school. An occasional dog barked, but outside of that intrusion the
Rider yard seemed far away from the cares of the world.

"Is Maggie home?" Penny said, gazing over at her grandmother's house.

"No, she's at her sister's for the day."

"Good," Penny said firmly.

Bob smiled. "What's the matter? Your grandmother giving you a hard

"Sometimes I feel like I've got two mothers, Daddy. I love Maggie, but
she can be a drag."

She moved her glider closer to her father's and toyed with the grass.
He rolled onto his side facing her and nodded.

She was wearing a tight T-shirt and cut-offs. He marveled at how grown
up she'd become. She had big tits like Judy's and an ass that could
make a man's balls ache.

"Those cut-offs sure don't leave anything to the imagination," he said
after a while.

"All the girls wear them tight."

"Is it true you buy them two sizes too small?"

She giggled. "Three."

He whistled softly. "You're a very pretty girl, honey. You shouldn't
tease men too much. They might get ideas you're not ready for yet."

She gazed at him meaningfully and her heart skipped a beat. "Do you
really think I'm pretty?

"Don't fish for compliments."

He glanced at her tits. They wobbled slightly when she sat up. She
looked down at them and smiled approvingly.

"I'll bet you're thinking I don't have a bra on."

"As a matter of fact--"

"Oh, Daddy, they're only boobs."

"As long as you don't go out like that."

"But none of my friends wear a bra."

"Have your friends got boobs like yours?" He nodded toward her tits.

She covered her face with her hands. "You're embarrassing me."

"Bullshit. You don't get embarrassed."

Giggling, she flopped onto her back and let her legs fall open. "I
can't fool you. You know me so well."

"You're my only daughter, honey, and no man will ever know you the way
I do."

A warm liquidy feeling gripped her. "I know it," she said softly.
"And you'll always be my main man."

"Oh?" he said, his eyes returning to her boobs.

She sat up and planted her feet far apart so he could get a good look
at her crotch. "You know what I mean." She glanced around. "I think
I'll go in now."

Bob sprang up and put his arm around her shoulder. "I'll go in too."

Her heart pounded as they went into the kitchen. His arm still around
her, she turned to him and kissed his cheek.

"Still hungry?" he said in a strangely husky voice.

"Not really," she said.

They faced each other like two animals stalking each other. She was
the first to blink. "You can kiss me if you want to," she murmured.
"I'd like to make it with you, if you want. I don't care what people
would say. I've wanted to do it with you as long as I can remember."

"Jesus!" he muttered, wrapping his arms around her and drawing her

She didn't remember going upstairs to her room, but the next thing she
knew they were there. They sat down on the bed and he took her hand
and kissed the palm.

He thought of Pam and Maggie and Judy. He decided that since he'd
already fucked all the women in his life with the exception of his
daughter, he might as well go all the way.

"I want to fuck you, honey," he said.

"I know you do, Daddy."

She trembled all over as he kissed her. "You're not a virgin, are

"Not for years," she exaggerated.

"Good, baby, I wouldn't want to take your cherry," he said, his hands
all over her.

She was filled with a mixture of fear and anticipation. How exciting
to fuck her own father! All her experience had been with her brothers
and a few boys she dated. But they were all so young and silly. So
different from her handsome father.

"Do you like sex?" he said.

"I love it."

"Is your little cunny nice and tight?"

"I think so."

He stroked her thighs and tits. "Do all the boys tell you you're a
good fuck?"

"Yes, they do."

"I'm a grown man, honey. You'll find it's different balling with an
older man."

"I'm looking forward to it," she said, voice quavering and heart

"It'll be our secret, little girl."

His face nuzzled her still covered tits. She barely breathed. "Yes,
Daddy, yes."

"If anyone found out they wouldn't understand."

She didn't understand why he was talking so much. Her brothers hardly
talked at all when they fucked her. They were always in such a hurry.

Now he french kissed her for the first time. His tongue was an
unexpected prize in her mouth and she sucked on it hungrily.

He guided her onto her back and stroked the tender warm mound between
her legs. "Oh, baby, you're so sweet," he said, his tongue darting
over her lips and teeth and into her mouth.

"You're making me so hot," she sighed breathlessly.

Then her cut-offs were off and he was fingering her cunt. A jolt of
fear shot through her. What if someone finds out? she thought. But he
seemed to sense her fear and responded by fingering her clit.

"Does this feel good, honey?" he said.

"Oh, Daddy, you know it does."

"You're a hot little pussycat, you know it? Your clit is hard. Big
too. Oh, baby, do you want Daddy to suck it?"

"Would you?" She felt weak with excitement.

"Sure, I'll suck it, baby." His fingers expertly explored her cunt-
folds. "In a little while I'll suck you and kiss you all over. So
wet. So sweet."

"Oh, Daddy!"

Suddenly he thrust a finger high inside her cunthole. He frenched her,
pushing his tongue into her mouth as he pushed his finger into her

All shyness left her as she responded. As they kissed and fondled he
took the rest of her clothes off.

She watched her father undress. When his cock came into view, her eyes
widened. He was excited. His cock was stiff, swaying from side to
side as he finished undressing. And she had made it hard. She had
excited him.

When he sank down on the bed next to her, she reached over and took his
prick in her hand. He chuckled when she began pumping it.

"Don't treat it like a piece of salami," he said, guiding her fingers.
"It's a cock. Move just the skin, baby. Like this."

He showed her how to move the skin over his hard male-muscle. He
showed her the sensitive areas of a man and how to drive a man crazy
with her fingers. After fifteen minutes his cock was hard as steel and
her cunt was sticky with juice.

As she stroked his dick he leaned over and swiped his tongue over her
tits. She toyed with his hair when he captured one of her nipples
between his teeth.

"Should I bite it off?" he teased.

"You better not."

He touched her pussy with the tips of his fingers. At intervals he
finger-fucked her.

"Don't stop," she pleaded when he began rubbing her clit.

He sucked hard on her tits and entered her. She raised her legs up at
the unexpected penetration. Then she let her breath out with a long
ecstatic sigh and her cunt opened up to accommodate him.

"I'm in, baby," he said.

"Oh, yes!"

She hugged him to her chest and closed her eyes as he fucked into her.
For a moment he lay still, his cock unmoving inside her. Then he
fucked again and she opened her mouth and accepted his kisses.

"Sweet, tight, pussy," he said, nibbling her lips.

"You're in so deep, Daddy."

"You're a sweet baby." He moved his hands under her ass and fucked more

Now, each time he stroked, his cockshaft rasped against her clit. His
fingers dug into her butt as they exchanged saliva and tongues.

"Dad, I think I've wanted this all my life."

"Me too, babe."

Her breath quickened. When he left his prick imbedded inside her, it
pulsated hotly. "You're filling me up so. I never felt so filled up."

He licked the corners of her mouth. Of all the Rider women, Penny was
the sweetest fuck of all.

"I'm giving you everything I've got."

"Oh, Dad!"

He noticed she was no longer calling him Daddy. Suddenly she seemed
more grown-up. More like a woman than a child.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass," she blurted.

Raising up, he let his prick slip out of her cunt. "What did you say?"
he said.

She reached for him, pressing her hot cheek against his cunt-juice-
drenched cock. "I said I want it in the ass," she repeated.

"Jesus, baby, I don't know. Lots of women hate it."

"I'm not scared. I read about how ... oh, you know. I'm dying to try
it. Please."

She sounded like a small child again. He lay on his side next to her
and kissed her.

"It's bad enough I'm taking advantage of you, babe. How can I fuck you
in the ass? You're only a kid."

"I'm old enough to take anything you can dish out."

"Oh, Jesus!"


He met her eyes, "Well, okay," he said reluctantly. "But first I'll
stick my finger in. If it hurts for sure I won't bugger you."

"It's a deal. What should I do?"

"Get on your hands and knees."

The teenager crouched on her hands and knees, her ass stuck out and her
tits hung down. She turned her head as he touched her ass.

"Stick your finger in, Dad."

He knelt behind her, wetting a finger to the knuckle and thrusting it
into her asshole. "Does it hurt?" he said.

"No, I like it." She loved the sensation and more than ever wanted his
cock in her bung.

"Let's see how you take two fingers," he said, wetting down his index
finger with her cunt-juice and thrusting two fingers into her shitter.

She fell forward, hugging her tits as he churned her bowels. She
wiggled her ass in open invitation.

"Give me your cock, Dad," she said.

"Here, honey," he said, steadying her with one hand while he penetrated
her cunt.

"Ooohhh, that's good. Ooohhh, Daddy, you sure can fuck. But why don't
you stick it in my can?"

"I will, hon," he said. He pumped all the way into her snatch, filling
her with his fuckpole and expertly masturbating her.

"Oh! Oh!" she yelped.

When she thought she'd lose her mind with excitement, he pulled out and
nestled his prick inside her asscheeks. She thrust her ass back at

"Baby, you took my fingers, but I don't know. A cock's lots bigger
than fingers."

"I don't care. I want it."

"Okay, baby, but if it hurts you just holler and I'll take it out."

Holding her asscheeks apart with one hand, he carefully pressed his
cock-knob into her widely stretching asshole.

"Oh, God!" She shrieked as she fell forward on her belly.

"Easy, baby, easy."

She got back on her knees and hugged her tits as he thrust a little
more of his prick into her asshole. The pain soon dissipated.

"More," she gasped. "Give me all of it."

"Oh, baby." With a smooth lunge, his cock was inside her.

"Oh, Daddy!" she shrieked.

After that everything was a haze. With every stroke his balls caressed
her cunt. She came quickly. There was no more pain. There was only a
special kind of pleasure that would forever after make her partial to

Bob had never exerted more control. Giving his daughter pleasure was
more important than relieving himself.

But the next time she came he came too. He fucked her ass in a frenzy
as his balls erupted. He pistoned his prick into her asshole, slamming
into her with such force her teeth rattled.

Finally she flattened out on her belly and for a moment he collapsed on
top of her. Then he rolled over, took her into his arms, and kissed

"Can I suck your cock now?" she said after she caught her breath.

Bob blanched and kissed her hard on the lips.

"Next time, baby." he said. "Save something for next time."

Chapter 9

"Someone's out there!" Pam hissed as Judy stroked the tips of her

The two women were in bed, enjoying a matinee. Despite Pam's alarm
Judy continued fondling her tits. She wasn't concerned about someone
being in the hall. If it was one of the kids they wouldn't dare
intrude on their mother. And it couldn't possibly be Bob. He was
safely out of town on business.

"It's probably Penny," she said to her sister-in-law as she pushed a
hand under her ass.

"Why don't we wait until whoever it is goes away?"

"The door's closed. The kids won't dare barge in." She squeezed her
sister-in-law's butt and licked her tit. Pam sighed and seemed to
relax. Pam loved having her tits licked.

"Well, okay, if you think it's all right."

Sighing with pleasure, Pam allowed Judy to pepper her tits with moist
kisses. Judy wrapped her arms around Pam's ass and held her tight.

Judy felt herself heat up. She kissed the underside of Pam's tits and
snaked her fingers into Pam's asscrack. When the door opened, she
craned her neck and gazed with alarm at her husband.

"What the fuck's going on here?" Bob glared, slamming the door behind
him and striding into the room.

"What are you doing here?" Pam cried.

"You're supposed to be out of town," Judy gasped.

"Well, I came home early and look what I find? My wife and sister
balling each other like two dykes." He glared at the two women who
cowered on the bed. "I ought to whip both of your asses."

"We can explain!" Pam wailed, tears welling in her eyes.

Judy regained her composure quickly. "Oh, don't make a big thing out
of it," she said. "We're not the first women to try it and we won't be
the last."

Bob glared, but Judy could see he wasn't really angry. She rolled onto
her belly and stuck out her tongue. There was a bulge in his crotch.
He was getting a hard-on, for God's sake.

"Hey, honey, maybe this was what we needed to put some zip back into
our love life," she said. "Wanna make it a threesome?"

Bob move closer until his crotch was before her face. He glanced at
Pam and winked. She smiled tentatively.

"If Pam's willing, I am," he said.

Pam nodded slowly, remembering that she was having an affair with her
brother and Judy didn't know it. "I'll do whatever you two want to
do," she said.

"What the hell, why not?" he said. "Why be a hypocrite?" He turned to
Judy. "Pam and I are balling and I think you ought to know it."

Pam looked horrified. "Bob!" she cried.

Judy started to speak, but nothing came out. She glanced from Pam to
Bob and back to Pam. She shook her head and smiled wanly.

"How come the wife is always the last to know?" she said. But deep
down she knew she had no right to be angry. She, after all, was no
angel either.

Bob leaned down and kissed his wife. "What the hell, it's only sex,"
he said.

Judy stroked his crotch. The situation had excited him. His cock was
hard. "And we're keeping it in the family, aren't we?" Judy said

Pam was glad everything was coming out in the open. Deceit bothered
her. But she was also frustrated. They were ignoring her. Normally
she would have remained quiet, but she was too turned-on to be passive
for long. She moved closer to Bob and began stroking his inner thighs.

"Let's all fuck," she said.

Bob and Judy turned to stare at her. "My God, is that my inhibited kid
sister talking?" Bob smiled.

Pam fingered her pussy and wantonly waved the finger in Bob's face.
"Yes, and I'm horny too."

"If that's the case," he said, "how about you two going on with what
you were doing. I must admit it intrigues me. I've never seen two
chicks making it except in one of those fuck-films."

Pam giggled. Judy flushed. Both women moved toward each other and
kissed. "Should we?" Judy said.

"Yes, let's," Pam said.

They were on their knees, arms around each other. Their tits mashed
together and their tongues dueled.

Bob stripped as he watched. He was fascinated at the sight of his wife
stroking his sister's ass. And relieved. He was beginning to feel
guilty about cheating with his sister and mother and daughter. Now he
knew that Judy fucked around too. If she was fucking around with Pam
she might even be fucking around with others. Maybe even the boys.

Now he watched Pam pull Judy's panties down and grab hold of her ass.
Incredibly, Pam was more aggressive than Judy. Maybe his talk with her
had helped bring her out of her shell after all.

Unable to remain a spectator, Bob stretched out next to them. Lying on
his side and fondling his prick, he watched the two women french kiss
and touch each other.

Now Pam lay on her back and Judy hovered over her. Judy stroked Pam's
beaver and dipped her fingers into Pam's slit.

Bob squeezed his prick-root and watched the drop of whitish cream ooze
from his pisser and drop to the sheet. He pumped his cock more
forcefully as he watched his wife pry Pam's cuntlips open and thrust a
finger inside her. He caught the expression in Judy's eyes. She was
obviously very excited by the lesbian act.

Now two of Judy's fingers disappeared inside Pam's cunt. He became
even more aroused when his sister reached up and squeezed Judy's tits.

Releasing his cock, Bob leaned over and captured one of Pam's tits in
his mouth. "I've got to get some of this too," he said.

Judy slipped away and let Bob take her place. He straddled his sister,
pushed her thighs apart and quickly entered her. She rolled her head
back and forth on the pillow as he plowed into her.

"Give it to her, honey," Judy said, legs wide open and fingers clawing
at her pussy.

Bob thrust in and out, breathing shallowly to control his ready-to-
explode cock. Pam's pussy snapped shut around his prick with every
thrust. She writhed and twisted each time his cockshaft rubbed against
her clit.

"This is wild," Judy said, finger-fucking herself as she watched. With
her free hand she grabbed hold of her husband's balls.

"Yeah, baby, lick 'em if you can," he said.

Judy flopped over onto her belly, shoved her head under his ass and
swiped her tongue over his balls. She tasted Pam's cunt and licked the
base of Bob's shaft each time he came out far enough. At one point Bob
pulled all the way out of Pam and dipped his prick into Judy's mouth.
Then he continued fucking his sister.

He concentrated on bringing Pam to climax. He directed his prick over
her clit as he corkscrewed into her. She screamed with lust as she
came, but he pulled out. He had no intention of dumping his load this

When she stopped spasming, he continued fucking her. He ground his
cock-bush against her mound. She rammed herself at him in an attempt
to achieve another orgasm.

Suddenly a shadow fell over her face as Judy sat down on her mouth and
forced her to lick her cunt. She happily complied by tonguing her
sister-in-law's pussy and rubbing her nose against her clit.

Judy cried out hoarsely as Pam licked her gash. She cursed and yelled
as she ground her pussy down on Pam's mouth.

Pam managed to work her thumb into Judy's asshole. Judy shrieked at
the double penetration since Pam had already snaked her tongue into
Judy's cunt.

After Judy crashed through an orgasm, Pam licked up the thick cream
that gushed out of her snatch. Then Judy climbed around, pushed Bob
over onto his back and took his cock into her mouth.

He groaned when she began sucking his cock. Now Pam lay still and
watched. She was in awe at how much of Bob's cock Judy was able to
take in her throat. She was fascinated by the sight and happier than
she'd been in years.

* * *

With Bob's knowledge, support and encouragement, Judy finally began an
affair with their oldest son. It happened soon after Bob walked in on
Judy and Pam in bed. Jimmy had been delighted to learn his mother
wanted his body and Judy's craving was satisfied for the moment.

After the first time, she told Bob all the details. After that she
periodically brought him up to date on the illicit affair.

Her juices flowed whenever she related a sexual escapade to her
husband. One morning she became turned-on as she told Bob how Jimmy
had fucked her in the ass. Bob became turned on too and nearly fucked
her into the floor.

Now she sat in the kitchen alone, sipping coffee and thinking about
Jimmy. The boy was a cocksman, that was for sure. He had the staying
power of his father and the randiness of a teenager.

When the back door opened, she jumped up and ran to see who it was.
Who could it be at this time in the morning? She hoped it wasn't
Maggie. Her mother-in-law sometimes dropped in on her for spite. She
hoped that wasn't the case today.

It was Jimmy. She relaxed and kissed him. He was smiling and blushing
and she knew instinctively why he was home.

"Are you cutting a class?" she said, kissing him full on the lips.

"It's not anything important--"

She cut off his words with her hot lips.

"I'm not going to scold you," she said. "I'm glad you're here. I'm
very horny this morning."

They ran upstairs and climbed into bed. She still wore her robe. She
unbuckled his belt, pulled down his jeans and shorts and yanked his
clothes off.

"Now we can get down to business," she said, pressing her open mouth to

He chuckled, took her hand and placed it on his prick. "Jesus, Mom,
hold it, will you?"

She held it. Lord, it felt good. Her cunt was buttery soft with
arousal. She couldn't wait to tell Bob all about it.

She pumped Jimmy's prick as she thought about Bob. It occurred to her
that she enjoyed telling Bob about her affair with Jimmy as much as she
enjoyed fucking the boy. Life was so complicated.

"I love when you squeeze my cock, Mom," Jimmy said.

"And I love squeezing it, darling."

He grinned. "Do you like squeezing it more than you like sucking it?"

"I think it's a draw," she giggled. "Anyway, I love when you fuck me
best of all."

"Did you ever fuck Billy?"

"Whoa, there, I don't think that's any of your business."

"Aw, Mom, I think it'd be okay if you fucked the kid."

She stared at him. "You mean it?"

He nodded. "Yeah, why not give the kid a break?"

The kid was only a year younger than Jimmy. Judy smiled at her eldest
and moistened his cockhead with his spunk.

"Maybe I will."

His cock responded to her caresses. She loved when the tiny veins on
his shaft popped out. She loved when his big dick jumped around in her

She was amused that he wanted her to fuck Billy. She had given it some
thought and had every intention of seducing the boy. She had discussed
it with Bob and he was all for it. In fact he was dying to hear the
details. When they discussed it, Bob got so excited he came all over
her hand.

Now her pussy throbbed with need and anticipation. Taking Jimmy's
hand, she moved it between her legs and imprisoned it with her thighs.

"Do you like my pussy?" she said.

"You know I do."

She opened and closed her legs around his fingers. "Do you love it?"
she teased.

"Jesus, Mom, if you don't stop that I'll fuck you right now."

She reached for his cock. "I wish you would, baby," she said with a

Stretching out on top of him, she ran a series of kisses over his face
and rubbed against him. Her pussy ground down on his prick. Her clit
was inflamed.

"Stick it in, Son," she said.

He climbed over her, thrust two fingers into her snatch and wiggled
them around. "I want you good and hot," he said.

She giggled. "You do, do you?" She couldn't wait to tell Bob.

"Your cunt is grabbing my fingers."

"Oooohhhh, baby, that feels so good."

"I've got two fingers in there, Mom."

"Try for three."


His three fingers felt like a cock and he used them like a cock. He
thrust them in and out and used his thumb on her clit. She had taught
him that the first time they fucked. He learned well.

Meanwhile she played with his cock. She stroked, squeezed and
released. Stroked, squeezed and released. God, it was hard! Just the
way she liked a cock. Hard and big. It would fill her up, just the
way she liked it. Fill her up and make her come like a bunny.

"Fuck me now, Son," she said.

He climbed on top of her, took his prick in his fist and pressed it
against her twat. "Here it is, Mom," he said, thrusting forward and
slamming his cock into her.

She squealed with pleasure as his prick pulled her cunt-folds back and
forth with every stroke. "Oh, darling, you know how to fuck your
mother so good," she said.

"Pull your legs up," he said.

She obliged by draping her legs over his shoulders. "Like this?" she
said. When he nodded, she held her tits in her hands. "Your father
likes to fuck me this way too."

At the mention of his father the teenager's prick shriveled inside her.
"Jesus, Mom, why'd you have to say that?"

"No, Son, it's okay," she said, quickly squeezing her cunt around his
prick. "Your father doesn't, wouldn't mind," she said quickly.

"Jesus, Mom, you're squeezing the come out of my balls."

"That's the idea, Son."

Judy pulled the boy down and rolled over on top of him. Her tits
bounced around over him and he sucked one into his mouth. The
conversation about Bob had ended without any real damage.

"Come in me," she said. "I'm ready."

Jimmy's cock twitched and jerked inside her. He thought about what his
father had said, about making sure the woman is satisfied before you
come. "Are you ready, Mom?" he said.

"Yes, I'm ready, Son."

The teenager thrust his ass up, sent his cock soaring inside her pussy
and came. She came the moment his jism shot into her. They fucked
like two animals at the moment of climax and when it was over the
lovely sensations surged through her for a long time.

Jimmy's cock dwindled, but remained inside her. She snapped her pussy
around it and it quickly began stiffening. It didn't get hard, but she
was able to keep it inside her and bring herself off again.

"Jimmy, darling, you're a wonderful cocksman," the happy mother said.

"I love you, Mom," he said shyly.

"Did you mean what you said before about not caring if I fucked Billy

He nodded. "Yeah, I won't mind. Especially if I'm still your

She hugged him. They all want to be my favorite. Aloud she said,
"Whatever happens with Billy, I'll always want to fuck you, Son."

Chapter 10

Bob opened the door a crack and saw his wife in bed with their youngest
son. Billy spit his mother's tit out, sprang up and fell to the floor.


"Don't get in a sweat, Son," Bob said as he closed the door behind him.

Judy giggled as she helped the teenager back into the bed. "Dad's not
mad," she murmured. "It was his idea."

Billy looked perplexed. He hid his face in his mother's breast. She
motioned to Bob to sit down while she comforted the teenager.

"She's a good fuck, isn't she, boy?" Bob said.

"Jesus!" Billy muttered against Judy's chest.

"Bob, don't," Judy whispered.

"Fuck that," Bob said, rising up and undressing. Billy's jaw dropped
when Bob took Judy into his arms. "Let's show the kid how it's done in
the big time."

Bob kissed her, his cock poking her belly as his tongue shot into her
mouth. She had suspected that Bob would join them. Now that they were
together she was both excited and scared.

"It was her idea." the teenager whined.

"Don't explain, boy. Your mother and I know the score."

Billy huddled under the covers. His eyes darted all around, as if
looking for a way to escape. At the same time he appeared fascinated
by the sight of his naked parents out in front of him.

"I'm going to fuck your mother now," Bob said. "And I want you to

"Honest, Dad?" the boy said, visibly brightening.

"Get on your hands and knees babe and I'll come in from behind." He
gazed at his son. "And you watch, you hear? You might learn a thing
or two from your old man."

Actually Bob was delighted to be performing for his son. He thought
sex was to be enjoyed and not hidden away in the dark. He was enjoying
himself immensely and knew that Judy was too.

Now Judy crouched on her hands and knees, her legs apart and her eyes
on Billy. "Are you watching, baby?" she said.

"Yeah, Mom, I'm watching--"

Billy stared as his father positioned himself behind his mother.
Holding her hips, Bob pressed his prick against her ass.

"Are you gonna stick it in her ass?" the teenager asked.

"Maybe," Bob said, guiding his prick into his wife's snatch.

"Oh, God, you're in," Judy hiccuped.

Billy's hands were soaked with perspiration. He jerked off as he
watched. When his mother motioned for him to move over, he understood
what she had in mind. Perspiring heavily, he wriggled around until his
prick was inches from her face.

Judy took hold of his prick, but threw her head back when Bob entered
her twat. "I love when you do that, darling," she said.

His cock split her in two. He left it inside her a moment without
moving and reached underneath to squeeze her tits.

"That's your kid's cock over there," he said.

"I know. Isn't it crazy?"

Bob began stroking and she used her well-oiled cunt-muscles to caress
his prick. The beginnings of an orgasm began to invade her. She
salivated and briefly lapped her tongue over Billy's upthrust cock.

Her pussy creamed and wet down Bob's dick. His balls whipped her ass
as he soared into her. As close as she was to coming, the presence of
Billy inhibited her.

Bending over her back, Bob tried to help by rubbing her clit while he
fucked her. She was wildly turned-on. How could she tell him their
son's presence was making her uncomfortable?

Now Bob fucked her harder and faster. He thought she wanted and needed
harder reaming. The bed shook as his strokes became frenzied. Her
pussy was sore, but still she didn't come.

But Bob did, and his jism filled her pussy as his cock pulsated inside
her. She fell forward, capturing Billy's cock in her mouth and biting
down on the tip.

As she nursed on Billy's cock, Bob's jism dribbled down her thighs and
wet the sheet. She was about to settle down and mouth-fuck the boy to
orgasm, but Bob had other ideas and he pulled her away from the

"Why'd you do that, Dad?" Billy whined.

"Here she is, Son. Fuck her good. Your mother needs lots of fucking."

Judy burst out laughing. "You two," she giggled.

She lay on her side with her legs apart. Billy lay down facing her.
He moved his prick into her slit, rubbing the moist tip up and down.

"Can I stick it in your ass?" the boy said, his eyes glittering with

"I guess so," Judy said.

"Do it, boy," Bob said.

Judy rolled onto her hands and knees, stuck her ass in the air and
waited. In a moment Billy's cock poked her asshole, but it wasn't wet
enough and it wouldn't go in.

"Spit on it," Bob said, and the teenager spit on her asshole. He
rubbed the saliva around her bung, thrust a finger inside and opened
her up.

"Yes, fuck me," Judy moaned.

"I am, Mom," the boy grunted as he forced his cockhead inside her.

The pain made her shriek, but she knew the worst of it was over.
"More," she moaned. "Give me all of your cock."

His eyes on his mother's profile, Billy thrust his hips forward and
sent the rest of his prick inside her bowels. She shuddered violently,
but seemed to enjoy it.

With strong arms, Billy lifted his mother up by her tits until her back
was arched. Then he began thrusting in and out.

Judy felt weak with passion. Bob was jerking off as he watched. She
wondered if all families were so crazy and then decided it didn't
matter. Crazy families were happy families. She was certainly happier
than she'd been in years.

Still gripping her tits, Billy stroked in and out of his mother's bung.
She grunted with pleasure each time his balls banged against her pussy.

Suddenly Bob's cock bobbed in front of her face. She opened her jaws
and he pushed it deep inside her mouth.

She tasted her husband's essence while her son banged her from behind.
She wished Jimmy was with them, but maybe some other time.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Billy's cock began pulsating wildly
inside her asshole. He groaned softly and fell forward when he came.

She loved the come-enema and she came too when his spurting cock
spasmed inside her. She slid the ring of her lips up and down Bob's
fuckpole while she convulsed again and again.

"Oh, darlings, I love it," she yelled.

"So do we," Bob and his grinning son said in unison.

* * *

"I'm hungry," Judy said.

Bob chuckled. "I know that look. When you say you're hungry, your
eyes say you're horny too."

The couple were in bed watching television. Judy hugged his arm and
kissed his cheek. "This time I really am hungry. Let's go downstairs
and have a snack."

"Okay, okay, you won't give me any peace until you get what you want."

Down in the kitchen, Judy put out plates of cheese and crackers and
soft drinks. As they ate they chatted and soon the conversation turned
to sex.

"Our sex life has really gotten better," Bob said.

"Speaking of sex, I wouldn't mind a little piece right about now."

"Here in the kitchen?"

"Why not? You've done it before."

"Yeah, but that was in the morning when the kids were in school."

She opened her legs and showed him her gash. She lewdly fingered
herself as she rolled her eyes. "I think the boys have seen everything
there is to see."

He moved his hand over her thigh and touched her. "How come it's
always so wet?"

"Because I'm a horny bitch."

He laced his fingertips in her beaver. "That's the truth."

"I'm glad Pam finally got her own apartment."

"You mean you're glad you don't have the competition anymore."

"Fuck you," Judy giggled. "Any time you want to fuck her go right

"My, how liberal we've become."

She rose up, walked behind Bob's chair and threw her arms around his
neck. "How liberal we've all become," she mused.

"Come here." He pulled her down on his lap and kissed her.

In a moment his cock was out. She took it in her hand. "I see I'm not
the only one who's horny."

He dug his fingers into her ass. "Wanna sit on it?"

"Yeah, but let's get into bed."

When they went upstairs and passed Penny's room, they saw the light was
on. Judy swept past, but Bob stopped.

"Hey, the door's open," he said.

"Leave her alone and come on. We've got better things to do than see
what Penny's up to."

Bob peeked into the room and grinned. "Don't be too sure of that," he
whispered. "Come here and look."

When Judy gazed into the room, she stifled a gasp. Jimmy was in bed
with Penny and he was fucking her.

"You're in so deep!" Penny squealed, her legs thrashing awkwardly.

"Look at that little cunt," Bob murmured, taking Judy's hand and
folding her fingers around his prick.

"Oh, God, should we stop them?" Judy said.

"Shit, no," Bob said.

His cock stiffened in Judy's fist. They were both getting turned-on.
"Look at the way his cock is ramming her," she said.

"That's my boy," he said proudly.

Judy giggled softly. "She's no slouch either. See the way her pussy
is gripping his prick?"

"Yeah, she takes after you."

Judy clutched his prick and squeezed it hard. "They're nice kids,
aren't they?"

"They sure are."

Now they watched as Penny squeezed her tits and wiggled her ass. Jimmy
thrust hard into her twat and the teenage girl seemed to be enjoying
herself immensely.

"Suck my tits," Penny said.

Jimmy leaned down and swiped his tongue over her boobs. "You almost
there?" he said.

"No, I'm just beginning."

Bob moved his hand inside Judy's robe and fondled her tits. "You
almost there?" he hissed.

"Hell, no, I'm just beginning," Judy giggled.

She clung to Bob's prick. She was fascinated by the scene in her
daughter's room, but anxious to get laid. But when it came to the
choice, she decided to watch the children. It wasn't every day a
mother got to watch her kids fuck.

Her pussy throbbed with need. She took Bob's hand and moved it between
her legs. There, that's better, she thought.

"Billy's the only one left out," Bob said. "But what can we do?"

Judy rubbed her clit and thought about her youngest son. Bob grabbed
her hand and forced her to stop pumping his cock.

"Careful," he said. "You're liable to open the floodgates."

Judy leaned against him, still rubbing her clit. If only she and Bob
could join the kids. Of course they didn't dare, but it was fun to
fantasize anyway.

On an impulse she dropped to her knees and pressed her lips against
Bob's prick. He grunted, but didn't object when she swirled her tongue
over his cockhead.

"Come on," he said. "Let's go fuck."

"And stop watching?"

"Yeah, come on. Let's leave the kids alone."

"I like watching."

"Maybe you'd like to get in bed with them?"

"I wouldn't mind." She was half serious and half joking.

"Well, I don't wanna inhibit them. Come on back to bed."

"In a minute." To assuage him, Judy opened her jaws wide and took his
cock into her mouth.

"Christ, you know how to get to me!"

She tongued the flared rim under his knob.

"I love sucking cock."

"Oh, baby, that's good sucking."

Judy's knees shook as she slid the ring of her lips halfway down his
cockshaft. She watched her son thrusting his prick into his sister's
snatch while she nibbled and licked Bob's prick.

Penny began moaning and heaving up to meet Jimmy's strokes. "Give it
to me," she cried. "Make me come!"

"What's going on here?"

The older couple turned to see their younger son walking down the hall
toward them. Billy pushed past them and opened the door wide to reveal
Jimmy ramming his spurting cock into Penny's cunt.

"What the hell ..." Bob sputtered.

"Children!" Judy said shrilly, quickly tying her robe.

"Did you know they were watching you?" Billy snickered.

Penny struggled to shove Jimmy over, but he was still pounding away.
"Stop it!" she cried. "Get off me. The folks are here."

"Yeow!" Jimmy yelled again and again. "Yeeeeeooooowwwwww!"

Somehow in the course of the melee the whole family wound up in bed
together. They laughed until they cried and everyone talked at once.

"How long were you out there?" Penny said.

To diffuse the awkwardness of the moment, Judy deliberately touched her
slit. "Oh, not long," she said with a smirk.

"Mother!" Penny cried.

The boys shouted her down. "Go for it, Mom," Jimmy said.

"I'll do it for you, Mom," Billy said.

"We'll all do it for her," Bob said, beaming.

Billy was quicker than the others. He climbed over his mother and
kissed her. They rolled around the bed and he removed her robe while
the others moved back.

"Fuck me, Son," Judy said, squeezing the boy's prick.

"Get on top, Mom," Billy said.

Climbing over him, Judy squatted down and positioned her cunt over his
cock. She pushed in, his cock entered her and she ground down.

"Oh, baby," she said, kissing him while she raised and lowered her ass.

Someone climbed onto the bed behind her and stroked her hair. Someone
else fondled her tits and someone else caressed her ass. She had no
idea who was doing what, but the end result was a feeling of total love
and sensuality.

When she began gyrating her hips, she noticed that Bob was fucking
Penny. The girl was on his lap and he was holding her ass and moving
her up and down.

Jimmy was jerking off as his eyes darted from one couple to the other.
"What a family," he muttered. "What a fucking A-okay family."

Judy straightened her body out, holding Billy's cock inside her and
thrusting slowly. She was fascinated by the sight of her husband
fucking their teenage daughter. The girl was adorable and obviously
loved sex.

"Will you suck my cock, Mom," Jimmy said.

"Of course, dear. Come here and kneel next to me."

In a moment Judy had Jimmy's prick in her mouth and Billy's in her
pussy. A foot away, Bob was guiding Penny onto her hands and knees and
preparing to fuck her in the ass.

All we need now is Pam and Maggie, Judy thought with a giggle. And I'm
sure that'll happen before long. In this family anything can happen.

The End

04-06-2008, 08:37 AM
Although this is a very long story it is a very hot one. with everyone getting it from everyone else except the MIL who only serviced her own son.

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Damn that was an awsome story wish my family was like that.

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A long and enjoyable story. Request keep posting more stories.