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[IPB-108] An Unholy Desire by Author Unknown

Chapter 1

The June sunshine fell warmly through the French window of the blue
bedroom onto the half-naked torso of the naked full breasted young
blonde. In her simultaneous yawning and stretching, she made her full,
melon-shaped breasts rise and fall as she breathed in the fresh morning
air, her long blonde hair cascading sensuously over the satin pillow

Ann Dexter stretched her lithe body as she awoke, blinking slightly as
the cool morning air, mingling with the soft sunshine, gently stirred
her awake. When she and Carl had gone to bed the night before, she had
forgotten to draw the drapes.

But it did not bother the voluptuous young woman to miss an hour or two
of sleep. She was feeling sunshine all over lately -- particularly up
between her firmly curved thighs, and the fact that Carl had been more
than occupied -- obsessed, perhaps a more apt description -- with his
work had helped to keep her natural sexual interests rather keen. And
this spring warmth with its soothing, tantalizing fingers of yellow
light was like dried kindling to her desires. But she didn't mind. In
fact, the young woman rather enjoyed it, because then her orgasms --
when they did come -- were all the more lusty and overpowering.

Ann shrugged and all of the sheet fell away from her lushly opulent
contoured body, revealing, beside the ripe fullness of her lust
inciting breasts, her nicely rounded belly, the tiniest of waists,
flawless white skin, and just the hint of straw colored hair at the
center of her loins. She had the usual kind of blonde coloring, only
hers was a true blonde, with not so much as a hint of peroxide: bright
blue eyes and pink cheeks, with high cheek bones accentuating a
perfectly shaped nose and nostrils that had a tendency to flare with
just the slightest provocation.

As she stretched she fluffed out her wealth of thick, wavy blonde hair,
which had only been cut twice in her life: once on her fifteenth
birthday in sacrifice to her young lover who deserted her for her next
door locker neighbor at high school, and the other time in retaliation
to her fiancee who had called her a prude in a most untimely situation.
But her husband, Carl, was crazy about her hair and, like most men,
that was the first thing he noticed about her. But the men also paid
rapt attention to her magnificently put together body as well. Curves
no man could resist, she had been told more than once.

Ann smiled softly to herself as she thought about this in one flash of
deja vu. Taking both of her protuberant pink nipples between thumb and
forefinger, she toyed with them until they stiffened in self-defense,
imparting pleasant sensations into her swollen breasts and a matching
tingle deep down in the center of her belly. She was not an over-sexed
whore, but only a normal woman who had come to enjoy sexuality of late.
Consequently, every morning when she awoke she seemed to be more
aroused and anxious for her husband's fond attentions than ever before.

Not that Carl noticed. Indeed, lately he didn't seem to notice much of
anything. And it showed. He'd lost weight from skipping lunches, or
just grabbing a bite for dinner. He and his assistant, Dr. George
Everett had just started an extensive research project under the
auspices of the Medical Center where he and his colleague were studying
the psychological causes of unnatural sexuality and the changing
sociological patterns that resulted, always with an eye to the ideal
zero population growth theory. To Ann, it sounded complicated as could
be, with all those big words and demographical terms and gobbledygook
that she didn't give a damn about hearing, although the sexual case
histories were another matter entirely.

Ann patted her breasts and then pushed her hands up in back of her
lengthy hair, and let it fall again. Her pretty head couldn't really
get much interested in her professorial husband's affair. All she knew
was that Carl just didn't seem to care much about being in bed with her
very much these days.

"Ann, have you seen my tie clasp?" came a cross voice from the
bathroom, and then her husband was standing in the doorway, fiddling
with his tie, his shock of graying hair falling forward over his
forehead. He was clad only in his underwear and his shirt, and her eyes
locked unavoidably on the spot where his genitals nestled between his
legs, but as usual, there was no tell-tale bulge there to encourage her
to expect more than a peck on the cheek for a good-bye.

"No, I haven't dear," sighed Ann and tried to help him find it by
looking around in the bedroom a little, but she couldn't find it
amongst her feminine debris littering the dresser tops and the
bathroom. "Guess you're just going to have to settle for a bow tie,
Carl." Finally he changed his tie and Ann slipped a housecoat over her
glowing body and went to the kitchen to start breakfast.

As she broke eggs into the frying pan alongside the spitting bacon, Ann
could not help but wonder if this was the life she chose or if this was
simply her fate. For a moment, she listened to her husband in his study
just off the living room rattling his paper and throwing books into his
already-over-stuffed briefcase. Turning the bacon with a fork, wincing
as it shot a flying speck of burning grease onto her hand, Ann felt the
same surging, growing resentment well in her chest as it had for the
past two years of marriage to the near middle-aged, professorial
husband who had unwittingly ensnared her with security and his
intellectualism, qualities she'd always treasured -- until she found
out that in the end, it all balances out, and every tidbit of
intellectualism seemed to rob the sensual character of her husband.

Love him? Yes, oddly enough, she knew that she still did in some
ridiculous sort of way. But what she had in mind, what had begun as a
mere student-professor relationship until he'd asked her to marry him.
In the beginning, she had hope for their marriage, but the sexual
frustrations had quickly extinguished those hopes, leaving some sort of
sterile bond between them.

Now, in the second year of their marriage, Ann Dexter asked herself
more than once a day just why she'd married him in the first place.
Their affair had created such a stir in the private junior college that
she'd been forced to leave, the Dean of Women having politely asked her
to enroll elsewhere. Something about intellectual men had always turned
her on. Maybe it was because of her journalist father, she wasn't sure,
but whatever that magic ingredient was, she'd wasted no time finding it
in the man who was to serve as her protector -- her security blanket to
replace the loving father who was now dead.

So, having left school, Ann had become Carl's part-time assistant,
helping him in the lab by typing up reports, most of which were case
histories, in preparation for the final report that the sponsors would
most certainly demand to read after two years of financing. It got her
out of the house, if nothing else, and there were people to meet at the
lab. But God, all Carl did was work; there was none of the typical
chase-the-secretary-around-the-desk games that you see in magazine
cartoons. Not Carl! He was all research and study.

Ironically, from the case histories she'd typed up in the past months,
she'd learned that there was always a sexual problem between a middle-
aged husband and a young wife. And it was true! She was about to lose
her mind! She was twenty-two and Carl twice that. It wasn't the paunch
he was showing traces of that bothered her, but his performance in bed.
He was destroying the most intimate of her possessions -- her

She turned the bacon now, listening to her husband's voice calling to
her from the hallway. "Ann, do you think you'd have time to come down
this afternoon and type a couple more interviews with our experimental
subject? Our quarterly report is about due and I'd like to get a head
start on it. Good for the image you know," he said dryly, pulling up
his chair in front of his plate of bacon and eggs with a piece of
toast, dripping with butter, lining the edges. "I know this is rather
sordid literature I'm making you type, dear, but it's certainly
appreciated," he said, crunching into his toast.

"Hey, come on, Carl," she teased. "Just because I'm younger than you
doesn't mean I don't know anything about sex. In fact," she continued,
standing over him and filling his coffee cup, "I find it rather
interesting learning about these sociological theories of yours. I'm
sure that sex research is going to be the thing of the future -- maybe
even more important than missiles and bombs even. Sure would make the
world a better place to live if we all made love instead of war," she
quipped, hoping he would catch the double meaning in her statement and
the desperation in her fired loins that ached for fulfillment.

And part of that ache was the work she did for her husband! Ann had
always considered herself a normal, desirous female with basic
tendencies, but her husband's case histories of married and divorced
men turned gay, of woman turning to each other for physical love
instead of their husbands and confessions of incest and sodomy. God, it
was better than pornography because it was all true and it had
generated tingles of forbidden temptation inside her the likes of which
she'd never even dreamed of! She'd even been tempted to experiment with
some of the wanton tales that subjects -- people just like you and me -
- had told the interviewer, such as which positions offered the
greatest penetration, if they preferred a hard mattress to a water bed
-- things she'd never considered in her husband's missionary style
lovemaking. For him, lovemaking was a fifteen minute affair.

His maddening pattern of inability to satisfy her, in fact, had grown
even worse before her increasing, passionate springtime need, until the
typing of his reports had, like an aphrodisiac brought her to this very

"How about some ketchup for the eggs, Ann. You know I like to have
ketchup with my eggs ..." he muffled behind his napkin that dabbed at
his mustache.

A grating twinge immediately gnawed at the young wife's belly at her
husband's demand. Okay, lover man, she mocked under her breath. He'd
been that the night before, all right. As usual, he'd driven her almost
to the peak of the mountain, then left her there to get over the top by
herself, or slide back down, whichever she preferred. He'd been too
tired to know how she'd managed it, but she had and by stealing a few
minutes in the bathroom while he's snored like a disgusting, satiated
ox in the bed, she'd brought herself to fulfillment with her fingers.
It was then she'd decided something had to be done ... and it was that
something that had brought a smile to her lips this morning.

"Ann?" she heard him, this time turning to her just in time to retrieve
the bottle of ketchup offered him.

"Here it is, Carl," she returned, carefully keeping the irritation from
her tone, and it wasn't too difficult. With the morning sunshine, she
realized that she had again slept away the frustrated hurt and anger.
That, along with the sensuous intentions she'd set her pruriently
fevered mind to in luring her husband's assistant into an affair, left
her no room for resentment.

Still, Ann couldn't help but remember with a series of tingling
sensations just how close Carl had come to satisfying her last night.
She'd made him her special dinner -- beef stroganoff with noodles and
spinach salad which they ate to candlelight and soft music. The mood
was set, but Carl's wasn't, his only concern being the stack of tapes
on his desk in the study that needed sequential numbering. She'd
ignored his mutterings, as she skipped around in her see-through
nightie to fill his wine glass before curling up beside him on the sofa
and letting him lustfully run his big hands over her nearly naked,
erogenous curves -- he should have ended up a sex crazed maniac after
all that foreplay!

He'd been a panting, rutting animal, and even staggered when they'd
made it to the bedroom for the final course. Smoldering, she whipped
her nightie over her head, bouncing nakedly onto the bed into a lewd,
thigh-spread position like a child playing statue, except that she'd
been a very hot young wife with no intentions of taking an immobile
part in the game! "Oh, my dear Annnnn," he'd purred, thick tongued in a
hoarse voice, pulling at his clothes while she laid there watching him.

Sure, he was getting soft with age and noticeably paunchy with an
overhang of spare-tire around the middle, but the long, thick hardness
of his lust swollen cock standing out from his strong, loins
immediately dwarfed all else. Trembling sensations of shameless desire
had shivered over her exciting nakedness, her craving eyes riveted on
his large, sperm bloated testicles heavily swaying between his legs.
God, how desperately she had hoped ...!

Suddenly, he'd been on top of her, kissing her with wine dizzying
passion, nibbling at the hardened pink nipples of her swollen breasts,
running his big, searing hands over her wetly throbbing pussy, while
his cock throbbed against the sensitive flesh of her thigh. He'd
muttered and panted to her sensual writhings beneath him, choking out
obscene, stimulating words and phrases of love that had fervidly goaded
her to a point of whorish lust. God, she'd suck him if he'd let her!
But no ... no, not first! He had to ... had to make her cum at least
once before anything else, and she wanted to do nothing that might
destroy that possibility!

He drunkenly crawled between her trembling thighs which she'd anxiously
spread wide for him. "I'm going to fuck you right out of your mind, my
dear, Ann!" he'd lewdly promised, using the right four-letter words to
spur her on. Their graphic sounds fired her with wild chills of
intensive passion.

Was this really her husband saying, "Put it in, baby! Stuff it in your
hot little cunt!"

She'd been that certain of the 'at last' moment when she'd reached down
and grasped the heated length of his solid, thick cock to splay open
the moistened lips of her hungrily throbbing cunt, placing its fleshy
head at the mouth of her cunt. Impatiently, she'd spread her legs even
further as she raised her steaming loins up to him, confident that this
time his fantastic hardness was going to do it for her, and not caring
how hard he fucked that first time! Getting it in was the main thing.

He had! His huge, hotly throbbing cock had raced into the liquid
channel like a flash, filling the dilated core of her seething young
body with an enchantment of fury. Yes ... yes, this time it would
happen for sure! She'd fervently reasoned, straining beneath this
powerful man, her husband, in sluttish abandon!

His raging cock had wildly pounded in and out of the tight, pink
opening up between her legs, while he grunted and spewed deliciously
foul words and phrases down at her, each and every one inciting her all
the more.

"Oh ... oh, Carl ... lover! It's wonderful! Yesssss ...! Fuck me out of
my mind ... just like you promised!"

"Yehhhhhh ... right out of my beloved's mind!" he gasped. "Your lover
man's really filling you this time, isn't he?"

"Oooooohh yes, darling ... yessss! A-and I'm going ... going to suck it
for you ... make it cum right in my mouth!" she'd obscenely hissed up
at him, realizing now that her lewd promise had been her first mistake
because he had gone out of his mind in excited anticipation.

She'd felt the tremble of muscular tension ripple over his big heavy
body above her. "Goddamn!" he blurted. "And ... and you mean it, too,
don't you, Ann? S-suck me off ...! Oh! Get ready, Ann, Carl's coming
in!" And then a quarter of a second later, "Oh, damn, oh damn, oh

And he had, his cock had raced into her frantically churning pussy and
began to spew its life draining, masculine semen into her. With bitter
frustration, she'd dug her long red nails into his naked ribs, his
arms, his shoulders!

"Oh, no ... ooohhh, noooo, Carl. Please!" she begged, even knowing it
was useless as she thrust her wetly pulsating loins up at him to accept
his warmth puddling into her belly ...!

Until finally, there'd been nothing but the rolling of his passed out
frame off of her, the wild burning hunger aflame in her loins and belly
nearly driving her to tears! She wasn't about to try and haul him up
onto the pillow; in fact, he could have died right there and she would
have celebrated! The bastard! The stupid old selfish bastard! Oooohhhh
... and she'd been so ready and so hot!

With a loud "hmmmppphhh" she sat up, taken Carl's hand to place his
thick fingers the way she wanted them, and then wormed two of them up
into her hotly seething cunt. She locked her naked thighs to hold his
fingers in place while she obscenely squirmed and writhed her naked
loins onto their semi-limpness, at the same time fingering her tiny,
sensitively erect clitoris. In the interim of building climax, she'd
lustfully fondled his long flaccid cock and played with his emptied
balls, but all of it together as she remembered it now, had hardly been
a night of love ... anything but the erotic scene she'd so desperately
hoped for!

"You think you could be at the lab in about an hour or two?" her stodgy
husband wanted to know as he pushed his chair away from the breakfast
table, his napkin neatly folded at the place setting. He was a most
meticulous man.

Chapter 2

The Medical Center was nestled in a grove of Eucalyptus trees on the
west side of the hill, separating the hospital from the research center
and classrooms that were scattered over the hills. Everything on "Pill
Hill," as the doctors, professors, and research students called it
affectionately, was painted white and now, in the late morning sun, the
hill had a magical feeling to it. Buzzing with activity, students
rushed to and from classes, eyes glued to the sidewalk in worry ...
spring time was a time of completion -- graduation, diplomas and
careers all pending.

And so, too, Ann Baxter shared in this elation of growth, although to a
minor degree in her involvement with her husband's research project.
Not that she didn't have any plans of her own! For if the young
blonde's fantasies had any foundation, today would be the final test!

The gears of the Dexter's second car -- a blue Volkswagen they bought
two years ago when new cars were purely a thing of the future -- ground
and meshed as Ann maneuvered the car up the forty-five degree hill to
the underground parking lot, slowing only to drop two quarters into the
slot and waited for the mechanical machine to spit out a piece of paper
as her receipt.

With anxious, shaking hands, she smeared on a fresh layer of reddish-
brown lipstick and an extra smudge of black mascara to make her
eyelashes look like spider legs. Ann couldn't remember when she'd been
more uptight, unless it was at her wedding when one of her old
boyfriends who'd warned her that a marriage to a man twice her age
would never work, slipped her a piece of paper with his phone number on
it, and right in front of Ann's mother, too! From that moment on, she'd
looked on Carl with cooler, less ardently loving eyes. It was an omen
she'd ignored.

From the underground parking lot, it was only a short walk to the
elevator that zoomed her to the mezzanine level of the student union
and from there, a half block to the Research Center building
overlooking the sun-warmed city. Spring is in the air, chirped the
birds hidden in the low hanging branches of the shrubbery following the
sidewalk in parallel lines. Ann's heeled sandals slapped at the
pavement as she half ran to the building, glancing down at her watch to
see the hour hand glide past the seven. Carl hated for her to be late,
especially since they'd given her a more substantial chunk of their
grant in return for more responsibility ...

"Well, hello there," chimed George Everett the second Ann strolled
through the door, looking as calm and unhasseled as possible
considering her plan of attack.

Her blood pressure quickened when with a handsome smile, the thirtyish,
tall and broad shouldered doctor appeared, offering his hand in helping
her out of her coat. When was the last time Carl had shown such
chivalry? Little twinges of lurid excitement immediately stirred in the
depths of her belly at the way he carried himself; but there was
something else in her belly -- an apprehensive knot forming there too.
God ... she could never go through with it, even if Carl wasn't in the
same office. Imagining having an affair is one thing, but going through
with it is another entirely! When it actually came down to the nitty
gritty ... what would she do?

She turned in time to see him hang her trench coat on a hanger that
clattered on the back of the door. Instantly, she wondered where Carl
was. Was her courage lessening?

"I hear we have a report to get out soon. Is that true?" she asked,
falteringly, feeling the need to close the obvious gap in conversation
that seemed unavoidable whenever Carl was in the office.

"You heard right, Ann. Lots of work to be done. Hope you got a good
night's sleep!" George suavely beamed.

"More than I'd expected, yes," answered Ann, hoping the desperation in
her voice wasn't as obvious to him as it was to her trembling body.

Jesus, she thought self-recriminatingly, what am I trying to do? Just
because he asked me out for a drink the other night, I've been having
these fantasies of starting an affair with him. He's married, I'm
married ... it's ridiculous, now just cut it out, Ann Dexter, before
you get yourself in trouble!

"For starters we have to finish those interviews -- they'll be very
influential in getting us a grant next year to complete this damned
study. Oh, and when that's proof-read and copy-tight, we have to take
it to the photocopier. Think you can get that all done by this
afternoon?" he laughed at the ludicrousness of his own demands.

"Whew!" whistled Ann, more relaxed now that the subject of conversation
had turned to work, the only common denominator. She wiggled into a
comfortable position in her desk chair near the window, and began
sorting through a stack of edited copies of interviews. Out of the
pile, only a few would be selected -- the ones most applicable to the
study of course; the rest would be filed for further reference.

She turned her head at a scraping sound to see George pull up a chair
and with a flirtatious grin, announce, "Carl suggested you and I work
together on these interviews. He's back there drawing up comparison
charts. You think you can stand working with me all day?"

Ann's nostrils flared. Was it her imagination or was he really coming
on to her? Jesus, she wished she knew; it certainly would make her
decision a bit easier. Somehow it's always more innocent and exciting
being chased than chasing. It would also make it simpler to explain to
Carl, if it ever came down to that.

"I ... I think I could tolerate that," was Ann's nervous reply as she
carefully folded the typewriter cover and drew open the bottom drawer
of her gray metal desk that housed everything that could not fit on her
crowded desk.

"Are you sure?" George softly questioned, gazing up at her with deep,
dark eyes, the trace of a smile flickering about his attractive mouth,
as with super-sensitive hands, he opened a manila folder.

"I'm sure we'll know before the day is out." There, she'd said it, now
she'd let him take it from there. "Now don't take me personally," she
quickly added, reluctant to discard her original bailing temptation.

"First let's start with these two interviews, m'dam." He crossed his
knees and pulled his swivel chair closer to her so that she could
almost taste the sweet smell of his fresh breath.

The alluring young wife tossed her long blonde hair in a characteristic
gesture, then swept it back over her shoulders. The act, she was well
aware, had made her bra-less, ripely full breasts nipple in provocative
freedom. She was hardly conscious of her husband, Carl, entering the
room, and she could barely contain the smile she felt tugging at her
wetly parted lips at her handsome colleague's visible uneasiness. It
registered that he must have enjoyed many sensual panoramas at her
feminine expense before.

At the moment, while his perceptive hands were skillfully flipping
through the file, Ann couldn't help but notice how soft and well-
manicured his hands were. My God, it looked as if he polished his
nails. God to have hands like that running all over her body! She
swallowed hard, blinked her eyes to shut out the tempting sight, but
opened them only to be drawn to the short, black masculine hair lightly
enshadowing their backs, a sensory shiver dancing up her spine. She
leaned forward then, supposedly to observe the case history number,
coyly playing with the top button of her black knit dress, but not
without a certain gracefulness. The nervousness had long since passed.

"Mmmmm ... I think I can read your handwriting, Dr. Everett," she said
for the benefit of her husband who had slipped into the coat room,
which doubled as a supply room, for a cup of coffee. She continued to
pretend to study the editing marks in assorted colors, but from the
corner of her eyes she saw the lusty gleam leap into his deep, dark
ones as they flitted back and forth, overly lingering each time they
focused down her generous cleavage.

"How's it going, folks," asked Carl dryly, as he sipped at the instant
coffee steaming in a Styrofoam cup that he always kept in his desk
drawer. Carl was the practical sort.

"Just ... just fine, Carl. We're going over the interviews now so that
Mrs. Dexter can get at them. No problems, I assure you."

Mrs. Dexter? thought Ann. Shades of guilt before the eye-hungry
husband? Something's astir and I don't think it's my imagination.

"Everything is under control, Carl," finished Ann, hoping that would
send her husband back to the catacombs where he belonged. Over her
shoulder, she could almost feel George's eyeballs snapping back, then
he lowered his head as if studying the file folder's contents, his
gentle fingers flipping through the pages, but Ann wasn't fooled. While
his broad brow hid the recesses of his eyes, she knew he was straining
them damned near out of their sockets to feast on the alluring,
hardened nipples beneath her black knit dress that molded her lithe

"Should we glance through the second one now?" He fumbled, dropped the
folder, retrieved it. Almost pathetically, he looked up then to catch
her suggestive little smile of understanding.

Angelically, Ann crossed her hands in her lap and, which her blue
begging eyes asked, "Now what kind of paper do you want this typed on?
All I have in my desk right now is canary. That can't be used for
Xeroxing, can it?"

"I'm sorry, Dr. Everett, but I don't know where to find it ..." she
turned her blonde head, looking in the direction of the multi-purpose
room behind them that served as a store room and coffee room, the only
nook of the four room office that offered any privacy.

"I'd be more than happy to show you," George eagerly replied, rising to
his feet and glancing out the window, almost as if he couldn't weather
another dose of her voluptuously presented charms.

Ann was delighted! She'd reached him, all right! In fact, she'd wager
that the slight bulge in the front of his trousers he was uncomfortably
trying to conceal wasn't perpetual. Damn, she sure had reached him, and
in good style! "Yes, I think we should use the heavy bond ... takes
wear better," he managed.

"I'll help you find it," announced Ann, looking him straight in his
perplexed, burning dark eyes.

"Of course, come along ... it's back here!" he finally got out, his
nearly tremoring voice cracking twice. "It shouldn't take a minute."

"Yes, then I'll get right at it," Ann heard herself say, while
intensive, if timorous, excitement, gripped her as she followed him
into the coat room.

"You ... you've got typing paper in your desk. I saw it when you put
your typewriter cover in there," he hissed, his breathing short and
raspy as he stared at her.

"I-I know ..." Ann whispered, moving toward him, so tight inside she
thought something was surely going to burst! Everything that her
middle-aged husband had ever recorded concerning promiscuous wives made
itself available like a sensual reference library in her erotically
determined brain! She raised her arms with obvious intent, letting her
fingers pressure against his broad shoulders, then mindlessly ease
around his neck while he stood as if immobilized into a helpless
numbness. "I-I know ...!" she huskily repeated.

"J-Jesus Christ!" he choked, his strong arm wrapping around her slender
waist and drawing her tightly against him, his handsome mouth hungrily
finding her warm, tongue moistened lips in an ardent soul kiss! She let
her own little tongue wetly greet his, her incited brain reeling as she
enveloped him with the resilient fullness of her breasts, soft belly
and hot thighs, urging the erogenous swell of her yielding fleshy mound
against the lengthy bulge of his thickly aroused hardness. The
passionate sensation of its solid, masculine feel whipped her breath

"Y-You're beautiful!" he hoarsely panted, smoothing his big hands
lustfully over the rounded swell of her buttocks. "Y-You were showing
your breasts out there to me on purpose, weren't you?"

"Y-Yes ...! D-Did you like what you saw?"

"Good God, who wouldn't?"

His words were hot, gasping breaths against her face, the heat of his
strong, sensitive hands penetrating through the knit of her dress to
the tensed ovals of her rounded buttocks! It'd gone just as she'd hoped
... her bit of lewd exhibitionism ... but now, what? God, this was no
time to get panicky, or suddenly have second thoughts! Yet ...?

"Well ...?" he insisted. "When can we get together, you little ball of
fire? You want it real bad, I can tell that. Is this work getting to
you, honey?"

"Ooooohhhh ... I-I don't know!" she tremulously whispered. "But ... I
do want to, darling ...!"

"Damn, you really mean that, don't you?" he croaked, his breathing
filling the cluttered little room with short, sizzling sounds.

For an answer, Ann uncontrollably pressured even tighter against him,
almost imperceptibly undulating her desire-filled, soft belly, loins
and thighs with suggestive fervency against his hardened, rhythmically
throbbing cock. A scene from a men's magazine she'd found in her
father's underwear drawer raced through the archives of her sensually
intoxicated mind and like the young wife in the story who was
desperately trying to seduce her reluctant neighbor, she passionately
kissed him on the lips, then began to tickle the end of his handsome
nose with the tip of her hot, wet little tongue.

"Ummmmggghhhhh ..." he huskily groaned, his heated hands stroking
downward to the backs of her nyloned thighs, then up in under her tiny
skirt to tease the smooth flesh of them above her stockings, and
finally to caress and cup the rounded fullness of her flimsily covered
buttocks! His wetly fevered mouth smothered her own as she sensually
returned as much as he gave, eagerly lashing tongues with him, while
his finger tips descended, tracing the deep crevice separating the
tensed mounds of her ovalled, near naked buttocks. Then, one
outstretched thick finger was worming its way between her trembling,
full thighs from behind, the erotic sensation causing her to gasp out!
Suddenly through her panties, she felt its wanted hot pressure against
the desire-dampened mouth of her cunt, and an electric current rippled
through her as it tried to wriggle inside the moistened, narrow crotch-

"No ... no, darling, not here!" the hotly aroused young wife whispered,
locking her strong, full thighs like a fleshy vise over his probing
hand to hamper his frantic operation. "Please... what if Carl should
walk in? Please ... it's too dangerous with him right out there in the
other office!" she insisted, her sultry blue eyes searching his while
she reached behind her and gently disengaged his lewdly exploring
fingers. Then, pressing the hardened tips of her proud young breasts
against his chest, she reached beyond him to the top shelf and began
tearing open a ream of paper.

"What the hell are you doing, Ann?"

"We're in here getting paper, remember, Doctor?" she flirted.

"Oh, my God, I forgot. You're something else, girl, believe me ..."

And then the frustration of last night's disappointing lovemaking came
over her. "Please don't tease me ..."

"Me? Teasing you? Oh, that's really funny, Ann! Who the hell is teasing
who?" he hotly questioned, trying to draw her back tight to him, while
she wedged her hands against his chest as a buffer. Then, in defense of
his actions, he quickly added, "Believe me, if Carl wasn't in the same
office right now, I'd ... I'd ...!"

"You'd what?" she excitedly pressed, wanting to hear him say it.

"Well, you know. Don't play coy with me. I'm a doctor, remember? I do
research on sex, I know what I would do ..."

"You'd fuck me right here?" the intensively fired Ann lewdly finished
for him in an intimate whisper, the four letter word never sounding
more exciting to her, or to him, as it obscenely tumbled from her lush
lips at that moment. "I-is that what you were going to say?"

"Couldn't have put it more aptly, you luscious creature!" he cawed, his
lust-inflamed dark eyes reflecting the depth of the jolt her use of the
graphic word had triggered inside him. He gushed a hot draft of breath
against her face, his eyes gleaming with a frenzy. "When, Ann? After
work? After lunch? When?"

"Wait a minute, not so fast. We have a report to get out, remember?"
Ann reflexively countered, something in the nature of apprehension
clutching at her within. She took the ascot from his breast pocket to
dab away the smear her darkly tinted lipstick had left on his mouth. It
was a stall for time, her mind racing in a melee of confusion. "B-
Better throw this hanky away," she said, tucking it back into his

"What ... what about after work? My wife won't be home til later
tonight since she has a late class ..."

"What about work?" she interrupted, in God's name, never knowing why,
unless that was a woman's natural reaction and subconsciously placing
herself in the position of his vivacious young wife whom she'd only met
a couple of times.

He stared at her open-mouthed, part of the expression on his handsome
face and in his tormented eyes enough to make her want to climb right
up on the shelf for him! Ohhhhh ... she was really hot -- it was a
wonder that her tiny, thin panties didn't disintegrate. Maybe they had!
Still, she couldn't deny the forces, whatever their source, that were
restraining her, and she'd never realized how devoted to her work she'd
been before. Or did it have something to do with allegiance to her dear
husband Carl, who, at this very minute was dully plodding over his

"What the hell! Forget about work for a change, okay, Ann? This affair
between you and me has nothing to do with work, and personally, I need
a little time off now and then ... Besides ..." he added in a
calculated aside, "you can't tell me the subject of this research has
nothing to do with your condition ..."

Before he could finish or she could answer, Carl's voice boomed from
the other room. "How about somebody in there making me a cup of
coffee?" With bated breath, they listened to him pacing back and forth,
maybe shuffling through the files on her desk and lay open and waiting
for attention.

"How about it? After work?" George pressed in an urgent whisper.

"N-No, I have to finish that work and get it to the photocopier. You
said so yourself ... isn't that right?" Ann defensively answered,
hardly knowing what she meant by those words.

"Work? ... Christ, girl, what's wrong with you, anyway? You're hotter
than a pistol one minute, and the next you want to put me off for a
Xerox machine. What's the deal?"

"Hey, anybody in there?" It was Carl's voice, louder and more insistent
than before. "We've got work to get done out here in case you haven't

"Oooooohhhhh ... I-I shouldn't have let you touch my ...!" Ann covered
her face with her hands in humiliation.

"The hell with that shit! W-What are you, a cock tease?" he spat at
her. "You come tripping in here behind me with those big tits of yours
hanging out, show me your breasts with your husband standing in back of
you, then tell me that you have to work tonight. What's the matter?
Aren't you getting enough in bed these days? Isn't that great sex
researcher enough for you?"

The venom in his biting words burned into the young wife like eating
acid, and she backed away from him with tears brimming up into her big,
round eyes! God! What had gone wrong! It had all seemed so innocent and
fun and then ... suddenly ... it wasn't so much fun anymore. Oooohhh
... she'd truly blown it ... blown it, damn it! And now she'd have to
sit next to him all day remembering how lewdly she'd flirted with him.

"Hey, I'm sorry, Ann," George's mellifluous voice calmed her and she
felt her self-confidence soar from a minus one to a plus two. "It's
just that you got me so carried away. I-I was disappointed, that's

"Hey! Are you two coming out of there or is there something you're
looking for and can't find? If you're looking for the instant coffee
it's on the shelf behind the tea pot," Carl's voice reached out, a tone
of uptightness barbing it.

Ann moved forward, quickly reaching for the ream of bond paper; she
daintily wiped at her eyes as George said: "Look, we have to work next
to each other all day, so let's forget about this till another time,

The voluptuous, long-haired blonde wife didn't look at him. She knew
that if she did she'd probably end up in the back seat of her
Volkswagen at lunch time, fucking her husband's colleague till he blew
the sun roof off her car. God, she'd never been any hotter, or closer
to spreading her legs in her life! "Yes, Dr. Everett, I think it's a
good thing we get back to work."

"Goddamn it, listen to me ... wait ... wait!" Ann heard him choke
behind her as she brushed past him out into the outer office, every
fiber of her alive with sensual excitement.

From the other side of the door Dr. Everett could hear Ann's solicitous
words to her husband. "I'm so sorry, dear, we were looking for the bond
paper. Oh, we have so much to do, but I promise you can depend on me to
get it done."

A brief silence during which he imagined a give-away glance shooting in
his direction ... or was she kissing Dr. Dexter just as she'd been
kissing him? "The water is boiling for your coffee," he heard her lie,
wondering just what kind of a woman his middle-aged colleague married.

Chapter 3

Ann sat nervously at her typewriter, her fingers poised and trembling
above the keys as the electric machine's constant whirring noise seemed
to reverberate around in her confused and tortured mind. God, there was
so much to be done and although she generally worked best under
pressure, this particular day was a very difficult one for the
voluptuous young blonde. Her mind was a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces were
scattered all over the floor waiting to be put back together again.
Confused and nagging emotions fought against one another in her
tormented mind; feelings and desires she never knew she could
experience battled against one another and her thoughts seemed to have
a dozen different sources at one.

After she'd gotten Carl off her back by shoving a steaming cup of
coffee in his hands, she'd had to work with Dr. Everett breathing down
her neck, intermittently brushing his hand on her leg up and down her
thigh till she thought she'd go bananas for sure. Finally, as if by an
act of God, Carl had called him into the back office for a weekly
conference to plan the activities for next week.

"Damn!" she hissed under her breath as she made the third typo on that
first line of the page. All thumbs, she felt her neck muscles tense and
freeze in position. That would never do, she thought with gut hurting
anguish. I can't boggle this work just because of some young stud. And
as if her physically handicapped condition was not enough to cloud her
mind, everything she typed had something to do with sex. God, it was
driving her crazy!

She winced in anguish, still feeling the touch of Dr. Everett hotly
slithering up and down her body. God, how stupid could one get? Pretty
rotten, she inwardly seethed, sick at the thought of having him, that
gorgeous hunk of man, right in her eagerly yearning little hands, then
frittering away her hold through girlish reluctance. Damn, she'd never
intended they be any more than lovers, an affair, maybe.

For what seemed like minutes, she stood there staring blindly out of
the window, watching students spill out of the building across the
street. Some stoop shouldered, disappointed and grim, others half
skipping with the bounce of springtime in their airy steps. For a brief
she imagined where she would be, what she would be doing, and whether
she would be happy had she not married Dr. Carl Dexter. A stewardess
flying to Australia, maybe? A model on the cover of Vogue?

"Uh, Mrs. Dexter, could you come in the office for a minute," Dr.
Everett's voice interrupted her wildly, dizzily spinning thoughts.

"Yes, of course, right away," Ann answered, reaching down to pick up
the file folder.

"No, you won't need that," Mrs. Dexter," he said coldly, and then she
knew she'd blown it! Without so much as a smile, he turned his back and
disappeared into the wood-walled interior of her husband's office. Was
this a joke?

Ann followed the tall doctor, her knees quaking, her hands still
trembling, her full, fleshy thighs tremulously shaking, her full
breasts quivering beneath her short knit dress as her chest heaved with
heavy breathing. Once inside the office, Ann seated herself on the
chair by the desk, directly opposite Dr. Everett who sat frowning over
a series of ten pages that Ann had finished typing about half an hour
earlier. The full breasted young blonde crossed her legs demurely and
folded her hands across her lap to stop from trembling, then waited
patiently for Dr. Everett to say whatever he had to say, hoping for
dear life it had nothing to do with what had happened that morning.

"Uh, Mrs. Dexter," he began awkwardly obviously finding it difficult to
get to the point, "this is ... uh, the pages you typed this morning

"Yes, Dr. Everett." There was no trace of intimacy, let alone
familiarity between them now; all business, the way it should have been
those fateful hours earlier.

"I'm afraid there are a lot of mistakes you're going to have to correct
before we can have these pages copied ... some glaring errors that are
very unlike you, Mrs. Dexter. Look here," he concluded, pushing the
papers across the desk toward her.

Ann looked at the typewritten page on the top. Five or six
extraordinary obvious mistakes seemed to jump off of the white paper at
her, almost as if they were pointing accusing fingers at the helplessly
quaking wife. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Dr. Everett. I really am. I ... I'm
... I'll fix it right away, of course. I'm... so sorry."

"I know this isn't like you, Mrs. Dexter," George's voice softened.
"But we are in a terrible rush, as you know ... so if you could take
care of them, it would be greatly appreciated."

"Oh yes," the distraught young woman cried. "I don't know what's wrong
with me, I've been all thumbs today."

"Well, why don't you take what you have done and make three copies down
the street at the Instant Press." Finished he returned to his work, as
if nothing had happened between them that morning.

In minutes, Ann had corrected the mistakes and a half hour later she
was headed out the door, file folder in hand.

Even as she walked the short distance to the Instant Press, she could
concentrate on little else but her handsome co-worker and the way she
had stupidly bungled the whole thing -- not only this morning by
telling him she couldn't meet him, but by making all those typos! Of
course, she could have gotten finished in time for a friendly after-
dinner drink! Carl had never questioned her in that respect, whatever
story she came up with, and most times it was just to get a break away
from him and take in a movie, or a quiet relieving walk. Damn ... was
it too late? She could go back later and set it up for tonight. God
knows, she was still that sensually excited ... but no! No, she wasn't
about to do that for any man! If ... if only she could cool down a
little bit! She was actually wet, wet between her legs, and no one but
Dr. George Everett had done that! But dammit, she wasn't about to go
back and beg ... never!

Oh, what was the address of that damned place?

At one point, while crossing the street, the sexually frustrated young
wife almost tripped over a rut in the sidewalk street, and her papers
went flying all over the intersection! Great! All she needed was to go
back and say, "Sorry, guys, but I just lost your report!" Oh, that
would go over really well. If it hadn't been for the older man next to
her who managed to catch all but two pages, she'd have been an ex-
secretary. As it was, she had half glanced behind her to see him
observing the spectacle she was thoughtlessly offering him in her bent-
over position. Though she had immediately straightened and turned to
glare at him, despite his life-saving catch, his elderly, lecherous
smirk as she walked on past her only seemed to add unneeded fuel to the
already glowing bed of coals smoldering in the hot, fluid hearth of

When she finally found Instant Press, a small building set off from the
street brightly decorated in red, white and blue, she discovered that
only the errand boy was there to fill her order.

"The boss'll be back later, lady -- it'll be about two hours, I'd say.
But if you want I'll be happy to fill it for you. Three copies you

"That's right ... oh, is there any chance you could deliver this to my
house? You see, lad, this is a dire situation I'm in, and it would save
my life ... my job at least if you could get this order to my house
later today." Emphasizing her helplessly needful situation, she leaned
her elbows on the counter in a weary gesture, perhaps to egg him on.
She could tell after she'd bent down to fill out the order form that
his youthfully bugging blue eyes had briefly fed o the unexpected,
engaging sight. His good looking teenage mouth was agape, his smooth,
fair cheeks a flushed crimson.

Lord, it was absolutely absurd to work one's self into such a lewd
state, she berated herself teasingly. But she couldn't help it, either
... there was something erotically exciting about it, being caught up
in such a lascivious mood right out in public ... before God and
everyone and in broad daylight.

"I'll have this to you as soon as the boss comes back, ma'am. You fill
out the form? Okay, I'll be over to your office real soon ..."

"Oh, that's not my office address, dear; that's my home address." Her
eyelashes fluttered and she perched her hand on one hip. "But I'll be
there in just a few minutes. And thank you, dear, you've saved my
life." With a warm pat, she rested her hand on his, and for a brief
moment she was tempted to jump over that counter and plant one on his
full lush lips. But what normal woman would ever set out to lure a boy
when she could have a man, not that the choice had been offered to her
as of late, she realized with a throaty moan.

"Thank you ... what's your name?"

"Eddie ..."

"... Eddie," she warmly smiled at him as he raced around the corner to
open the door for her. Girlishly, she waved at him through the glass
window pane, though his face was blocked by the poster covering the far
corner of the glass. Instinctively, she knew he was still watching her
and she made an extra effort to take salacious long strides for the
duration of the block.

Damn, he was a sweet, young dream, the infused blonde wife reflected
most of the way to her car. Some lucky girl either was, or was going to
be made mighty happy with that young darling crawling between her legs
... Lord ... if she didn't stop thinking like this she was going to be
a mess of frayed nerves before the day was over! And it was her own
fault, too! Her scheme had worked with George ... at least she knew his
taunting remarks had been sincerely founded ... then, dammit, she'd
blown the whole thing, telling him she had to work. Damn, he knew it
was a lie! What she needed was a drink.

The ride home was brief and uneventful in reality, the fantasy side of
her mind feasting off the events of the day. Oh, thank the Lord there
were only twenty-four hours in a day! Perhaps a good night's sleep
would quell that surging loneliness up there between her legs.

After hanging up her coat, Ann made a bee-line for the liquor cabinet
and mixed a martini. With this fortification, she took out a roast from
the refrigerator and plopped it in a dutch oven and set the timer.
Thank God for modern conveniences, she mused as she sipped ravenously
at the martini.

How should she act the next day in front of Dr. Everett? Cool, aloof?
As if nothing had happened? Should she let him make the next move,
which she was almost positive he would? Yes, of course, what kind of a
hussy was she to go chasing after her husband's colleague. ADULTERY!
The word flashed electric red in her mind. My God, she'd never thought
of it in those lurid terms before. But it was against the law, against
every moral fiber in her soul. Why had she entertained such a fantasy?
The truth was, she knew but would not admit, was that she was afraid
... a professorial husband on Pill Hill was status, security, travel
... but dull as hell.

"Hey, you're not the whore that you pretend to be," she said aloud. And
mentally: though if anyone knew the way you're aching inside for some
good hard cock, they'd never guess it! Maybe a good hot bath to calm
the fires before the genius comes home and you find yourself trying to
seduce the poor old fool just to be frustrated again. On second
thought, maybe I'd better do it myself -- that way I'll make sure the
job gets done.

A tiny ripple of sexual excitement added a new emotional arousal of the
sizzling agitation already stewing in her soft belly and hot, moistened
loins. Determined, she attacked the wine bottle this time, carrying a
cool goblet of white wine into the bathroom with her. Then she stripped

In the bathroom she wound her long blonde hair into a knot, and started
to draw water as she sipped at her wine, the alcohol beginning to
effectively warm her. Her sultry blue eyes glancing at her white
nakedness reflected in the full length mirror and glimmered
narcistically as a tiny ripply sensation of pleasure flittered through
her voluptuous, twenty-two year old body. For a moment, she stood
unmoving, admiring her sensually harmonious curves, her full, pink
nippled breasts and slender waist, the sweeping flow of her arched hips
into the long, white columns of her smooth, rounded thighs and tapering

Dr. George Everett, wouldn't you love to see what I'm looking at right
now? Nothing short of an erotically pleasing sight, I'd say? How would
I fit into your research, honey ... the sex-crazed housewife? The
masturbating bitch?

She let her eyes sensually caress the secret ivory-like outline that
her slim halter had left across the resilient mounds of her uptilted,
full young breasts, and below where her tiny bikini had cupped the
curved moons of her satiny firm buttocks. But it was the milky-white of
her generous hips and lower belly where the silken triangle of sparse,
golden curls began to sprinkle over her cuntal mound that invariably
fired her excitement.

God, would she do it first, right there in front of the mirror ... or
in the bathtub ... or on the bed?

The harsh sound of the front door broke her thoughts. Now who could
that be? Irritably, she looked for something to put around her, finally
settling for a beach towel. Ah, it would do in a pinch, she decided
since it covered enough of her so that she could peek around the door
and see what whoever it was wanted.

A stimulating little tingle raced through her at the recognition of
Eddie, from Instant Press, with his clean, youthful smile. She clutched
the towel to her breasts and stepped behind the door, letting him in.

"Mrs. Dexter? ... Here ... here's your copies. All three sets. Made
them myself. We billed it to your husband's account.

For a moment, Ann stared at him in surprise. "My, that was fast! Oh,
thank God! You've saved my job." Her knuckles were regaining their
color now as she loosened her fist-tight grip on the towel, suddenly
remembering with mixed emotions, that she wore nothing beneath.

"Won't you come in, Eddie and have something to drink? An iced tea

"Oh, no, but thank you, Mrs. Dexter. I have to get back to the shop and
clean up yet before I can leave. This was just a little extra job I
took on. Now if you'll sign this, I'll be on my way ..."

"Wait a minute," rebuked the young blonde impetuously grabbing his arm.
"Why don't you stay for just a minute while I look through these

The young teenager looked anxious, but God, with a half-naked lady
asking him to come in, what could he say, but ...

"Okay, if you insist... I could use something to drink," he said,
passing close to her, his arm lightly brushing the tip of one sensitive
breast behind the white, fuzzy towel covering her, raising a sparkling
little ripple in her soft belly. In response, the young woman pulled
the hardly adequate towel around her aroused nakedness, smiling at him
as he timidly looked at her. His face was flushing as it had in the
store earlier. He'd noticed the soft, erotic contact, too!

She gestured toward the chair as she moved toward the refrigerator, but
he didn't sit. God, she felt certain his pale blue eyes were avidly
traveling the length of her near-naked body, imagining beyond the
single garment, wondering what, if anything, she wore beneath it. Or
... or was she letting her overly keyed-up imagination run away with
her? She poured a glass of ice tea, spicing it with a teaspoon of sugar
and a slice of lemon, and offered him the glass. He accepted the glass
and tilted it to his full, generous lips, while she continued to
appraise and measure him, wildly wondering what was going through his
young mind ...!

It was a crazy conversation, almost as if she was finding it hard to
talk to him as was he in coming up with answers that wouldn't make him
look like an awkward idiot, the fifteen year old teenager nervously
thought. She was so fucking beautiful! And he'd seen her nearly naked
ass right there when she turned to go to the kitchen ... nothing on at
all! Man, she had to know he could see it ... just the way she had to
have felt it when he'd brushed against her tit a minute ago ...!

"Excuse me just a second while I turn down the roast, dear, and then
I'll look these over."

"Sure ... that's okay!" he answered, probably too enthusiastically, the
thoughts he was thinking absolutely knot-headed, he told himself. Get
with it, idiot. What could a beautiful married woman want with a brat
like you? Bet she gets laid every night by her husband! Bet he licks
her cunt, too.

"Okay, that's taken care of," she beamed, re-entering the living room
with a glowing smile, her long blonde hair no longer crowning her
pretty head, but sweeping down around her shoulders the way she'd
always worn it when he'd seen her. She'd changed it! Wonder what for?
"This all looks in the right order," she said, flipping through the top
five or six pages. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate this
service. Over and beyond the call of duty, as they say."

"That's okay, Mrs. Dexter ..."

"Please call me Ann." She reached over for a cigarette. "I'm not that
much older than you, am I?" She tilted her head to one side, her sexy
blue eyes level with his and liquidly pouring into them. "Am I ...?"

"I-I don't know how old you are, Ann, but I'm eighteen," he lied.

"And I'll be thirteen in December," she quipped, drawing the towel
closer around her and then winding the ends into a tight rope over her
breasts rising and falling, even as she felt it inching slowly down.
Instead, she pulled out a chair and put the Xerox copies on the end
table, then lowered herself onto the chair, facing the one she'd
offered him. "Sit down, Eddie doll. Let's get to know each other better
... that is, if you'd like to ...?"

For answer, he accepted, trying to keep his eyes above where the towel
she was wearing had fallen part-way open over her breasts. Cumsville!
He could see some of the deep, mind-bending crease between her tits,
even a part of one where it began to swell out from her chest like a
Playboy gem ... soft looking ... creamy white from a bikini halter ...
and even part of one full satiny thigh! No question! He'd bet his
crummy paycheck she was naked and bare-assed underneath that towel that
kept slipping!

Suddenly, she leaned forward, displaying all but the nipples of her
rounded white breasts to him as she touched the sewed-on crest of his
high school letter sweater. "What does it mean, dear, and how did you
get it?" she throatily questioned, the soft tips of her fingers searing
into his chest like branding irons!

"Pole vaulting," he answered, his eyes burning from the strain he was
putting on them. "I ... I won this last spring."

"Really? Pole vaulting? Now you'll have to refresh my memory, doll,
what's that?"

"That's ... that's when you run with a pole and stick it in the ground
and jump over a pole ..." God, but it sounded dumb when he said it.

"That's beautiful darling!" Ann exclaimed, clutching at his broad
youthful hand, the smooth softness of it as intoxicating to her as the
feel of its hot, young masculinity. God, he was a beautiful young
specimen. The feel of him and his nearness were creating new blinding
shocks of incredibly sensual fire, fusing her with unknown daring. God
almighty, she had to have him ... had to! "What ... what did your
girlfriend say when you got the sweater? Bet she was proud of her
boyfriend, huh?" She studied his expression over the rim of her glass.

"Well ... I-I haven't been going with any girls for a while ... not
since I've been working part time, that is. Oh, there's been a couple
on the side, but I get tired of the bitches nagging at me, calling me
and wanting me to take them out," he boasted foundlessly. Hearing his
own tight-throated reply as if it'd garbled out of a third person in
the room, he realized he'd never been so fucking uptight in his whole
life and his painfully throbbing cock was as hard as a pole.

Oh man, what should he do? ... She was coming on about as subtle as an
earthquake, and he wanted it, whatever it was that she was coming on
with ... but he was scared shitless!

"Yes, I guess it must be hard for such an athlete like you to keep the
girls away. Tell me, Eddie," she said with an air of confidentiality,
raising her eyebrows as she took another long sip of her chilled wine.
"Do you really think morality has changed since the advent of drugs?"

"I-l really don't know, ma'am," he stammered nervously, clutching his
ice tea glass till his knuckles turned white.

"Do you turn on?" Ann half-whispered, letting her tiny pink tongue slip
out to nervously run over her lushly heated lips. He said something,
but she paid little attention, her now seething thoughts racing madly
as she leaned even closer to the virile teenager. Then she did it,
without even thinking; she set down her glass and reaching out for his
hand, slowly put it inside her terry cloth towel, pressing it against
one vibrantly naked breast.

"A young man like you needs an ... an older girl, Eddie, my love," she
whispered, moving her face nearer to his until she could smell the
delicious, clean aroma of soap from his fresh, youthful skin. "A ... a
girl more my age ... in fact ... a girl I know very well."

Short of being mummified, Eddie could only gape at her! She was holding
his hand tight against the softly yielding warmth of her naked breast,
and he wondered crazily if the smooth mound of pliant flesh might not
burn a hole right into his palm! Christ! He didn't know what to think,
let alone do! Her naked, soft, hot tit right in his hand! Jesus, oh
Jesus! Mrs. Dexter, the doll every guy on the street would give his
left nut just to touch. Oh, Jesus, he'd never been so turned on his
whole life, and if he didn't keep a lid on the explosion, he just might
blow his wad right there and ruin everything!

Ann found her own use of words catching in her throat! God, she'd never
done anything the equal of this in her life ... but it was a bit late
to reflect on the morals department, even if she wanted to, wasn't it?
What should she do with him? Oooohhh ... did she want to suck him? He
was so young and so handsome... and ... and it, his young splendor, had
to be the same! It was an integral part of him ... his beautiful
teenage cock ... his youthfully sweet sperm ...!

"Y-You haven't really answered me, Eddie, baby ... about a girl my age
..." she hissed, her torrid eyes hungrily devouring him.

"I-I said ... I didn't know ..."

"Do ... do you want to find out, baby?"

He swallowed hard, his young Adam's apple intensively working. "Yes ...
if you want to ...!"

The licentiously flushed young wife sensed a chill of rapture prickle
over her near-nakedness. She lowered her eyes and saw the revealing
bulge at the front of his jeans. She kissed him lightly on the lips and
dropped one hand down to touch his cock with an exploring, caressing
feel, whispering, "Ah yes, you do like me, darling. I can tell by how
hard your cock is!"

Eddie gasped out, his muscular, young teenage body uncontrollably
jerking at the contact of her caressing hand with his swollen stalk of
male hardness. He gaped down at her thumb and forefinger, watching them
trace the elongated outline of his throbbing cock with a gentle touch,
the sudden fear that he might shoot-off right there in his shorts
sending a shudder over his youthful frame.

"Wh-What're you going to do?" he blurted, writhing excitedly beneath
her caressing hand, and feeling like an idiot after he'd said it.

"I'm going to love it for you, doll!" the near-naked Ann lewdly
whispered, dropping from the chair onto her knees and gently spreading
his strong young legs wide apart as she worked her way between them.
"You want me to, and I want to!" She looked up at him, her frenzied
blue eyes pools of tinted, female lechery. "You ... you do want me to,
don't you Eddie?"

"Uggghhh ... yes, you know I do!"

God, she'd had no idea that a boy of his age would have such a length
and thickness! She caught hold of both his hands and placed them inside
the towel, molding them to her tingling, hardened nippled breasts as
she knelt between his legs! She pulled open the towel, loosening the
knot so that any slight tug would make it come undone, then she began
to unzip his fly! Unbuttoning the Levi's at the top, she tugged them
loose, looking up at him without a word to make him lift up so that she
could draw them down, then she began to work inside the white cotton of
his jockey shorts. Instead of lowering those immediately, she slipped
her hand inside the front opening, letting her eager fingers curl
around the swollen heat of his virile young cock, while the back of her
hand brushed the soft pubic hair of his lean loins!

"Oh ... oh damn, Mrs... . Ann!" he chokingly whimpered, his ardent
young hands excitedly clutching her full ripened breasts.

"Raise up again, lover," she whispered, tugging his shorts down as he
did, revealing the climactic delight of his entire, sensually inflamed
young cock and balls completely exposed to her in their own lustful,
fired state! God, what a handsome young cock! Teenage? Who would
believe that, if it were all they saw of him? It was so long and so
thick, yet white and unscarred, its bluish veins transparent within the
sleek, hot jacket of its foreskin! And his sperm-filled youthful balls
... so delicately fringed with softly curling dark hair, a virtue-
destroying sight to any normal red-blooded American woman! He was

The fiery head ... only the end ... of his throbbing cock protruded
from its encasing sleeve of tender skin. A tiny droplet of pearl-like
liquid clung to its tipped slit, glistening in the sunlight streaming
through the windows over the piano, and Ann almost insanely wondered if
her husband ever knew of the erotic descriptions he'd so graphically
reported in his interviews. Nothing could describe this delectable
teenage beauty, she maddeningly thought as she leaned down close to it,
flicking out her tiny pink tongue to steal that illusive drop!

Its poignant nectar wildly sparked her taste-buds, and her love-starved
pussy began to spontaneously seethe with hot, liquid secretions of
inner passion. Briefly, she realized that no description could ever
catch the true aspect of a woman's feelings. How could any man know
what a man's cock tasted like to a woman ... specifically a boy cock,
or how it felt to a girl, hot and hard and beating like a frightened
heart in her saliva-moistened mouth? How could he ever know what she
thought as she sucked him, desiriously slaved with masochistic thirst
to draw the raging semen from the depths of his secret parts, knowing
that she possessed him -- that he belonged totally to her at that very
moment! Only a passion fired female could possibly know or make another
woman understand the climactic upheaval that took place inside her when
a swollen cock hotly squirted its delicious, boiling cum into her mouth
... sweet and thick, flooding her throat as she tried to swallow it
away! Her husband could never know those blissful moments, not really
... nor could he describe them in his research, but she could, she
pruriently reasoned, beginning to swab her tiny tongue over the smooth
swollen tip of Eddie's naked young cock, at the same time working its
youthful foreskin up and down its rigid hardness knowingly with several
clasping fingers. Yes, God yes, she must remember every single instant
of this precious moment ...!

"Holy balls!" Eddie gurgled in his lewdly exposed, spread-eagled
position, watching her warm engulfing lips slip slowly down over his
cock, taking its entire head into the soft liquid heat of her hot
mouth. It couldn't be happening ... not Ann ... sucking his cock! But
... but she was! Goddamn, yes ... swallowing it right up into her
butter-like mouth while he clutched her beautiful tits and long blonde
hair tickled his belly and thighs! Oh Goddamn!

He grunted, like a lousy kid, he thought, but uncontrollably and
thrusting his lean, teenage loins in a responsive action upward at her
wetly ovalled lips! He gaped at them, feeling them tighten elastically
as she sucked back up off of it! Then, down again in a slow, drawing
rhythm, never stopping from the beginning, her tiny tongue lashing and
caressing as she nursed its viriley throbbing hardness. He watched,
lustfully spellbound, as with each descent of her tightly ovalled lips
she sucked in a little bit more of it, until he felt the sensitive tip
brushing against the back of her throat!

Against his clutching hands he felt the warm fleshy resilience of her
breasts overflowing his spanning fingers as she obscenely bobbed up and
down above his middle, the hot sucking shelter of her fluid mouth like
a vacuum siphoning the depths of his balls! Cumsville! That's what it
was! Cumsville, and damned soon for him; he couldn't help himself! He'd
never had anything like this! Slipping it into his girlfriend's tight
cunt was wild, he'd thought, but to have it sucked by a beautiful girl
... a woman like Ann Dexter ...! Oh Christ, she was cupping his balls
with one warm hand ... gently pressuring them to the cadence of her
sucking mouth, like as if she were milking them ...!

"Uuuugggnhhh ... it's going to cum... pretty soon now ...!" he groaned,
feeling the hot, boiling torment deep in his groin and belly. "Y-You
want my ... my handkerchief ...?"

"Uhn uhn ...!" she negatively grunted around his glistening hardness
stuffing her voraciously sucking mouth. And then she began to work
harder, as if he'd given her the cue she'd been passionately waiting
for! Holy shit! Was she going to let him shoot off right in there?

Ann's excited belly and feverishly taxed loins were an inferno of
intensively churning sensations at the licentiousness of her lewd act
... thrilling, lustful fermentations that only his youth and her
forbidden seduction of him could fire to such heated points. The
delicious, sweet raciness of his virile teenage cock was sweeping her
toward the wildest orgasm she could possibly have imagined! She almost
smiled ... did, inwardly, at the offer of his hanky. God, what did he
think she was madly working her ass off for, if not the gushing hotness
of his boy cum flooding her mouth and dribbling down her throat?
Oooohhh, just the lust pleasing thought was enough!

The ardently sucking young wife, masochistic sensations churning inside
her at the obscenely subservient position she had chosen, reached down
with her one free hand between her own wildly trembling thighs to
insert a soothing finger into the sensitive wet flesh between her
swollen cunt lips!

Oooooo ... it felt so good! The blonde, near-naked beauty passionately
tensed to the caressing strokes of her own outstretched finger taunting
the sensitive bud of her clitoris as more intensified feelings of
rapture spread through her shamelessly aroused young body! Ooooooo ...
so beautiful ... if only it could go on forever...! But God, she had to
hurry now ... Carl would be coming home ... and he just might not

Eddie gaped down at the luridly bobbing head of the blonde-haired young
wife sucking him off, his young brain enveloped in a semi-coma of
youthful lust. She was still warmly milking his balls with her little
white hand as she steadily sucked his cock with an incessant up and
down tempo, and with a twisting motion of her tongue at the peak of
every upsuck! He sensed his pelvic muscles tensing of their own accord,
pushing the wetly glistening rod of hardness up and into her lust-
contorted beautiful face. She moaned, and tried to suck harder! He saw
her drop her hand down between her legs and knew that she was fingering
her own cunt! Oh Jesus! He couldn't stand much more now! Then she was
nipping his sensitive head with her dazzling white teeth, making him
gasp out with new sensations! Christ, his cock was a bloodless white
beneath her scraping suck and a plum purple at its smooth rubbery tip!
Goddamn, she was plunging her hot mouth all the way down now, until
almost all of it vanished between her moistened lips, his cock head
going right back into her hungrily working throat!

Her tiny tongue with that final swiping lick was making his cock knob
vibrate and jerk like a bell to its clapper! He squeezed and pulled at
the soft pliant flesh of her breast, those nipple hardened full warm
mounds and then he sensed it ... the gnawing rage deep in his balls!

He bent his head down to one side, twisting his neck crazily so that he
could see her lovely, perspiring face stuffed full with his wetly
glistening cock. She was slaving over him now, her delicious lips being
pulled out, their moist inner flesh clinging to his wildly pulsating
cock as if a part of it. Her cheeks puffed and hollowed in lewd rhythm
to her obscene sucking! He shoved his loins up tighter to her eager
face, until he was lifted off the chair, his throat and mouth parched,
his wildly jerking young cock feeling as if it were turning inside out!

"Aggghhh ... here ... here! Fuck! It's cumming, Mrs... . suck it ...!
Oooohhh!" he blurted, writhing his lean young hips as he tangled his
hands in her long, dangling tresses to hold her there, while the
boiling sperm erupted from deep down inside his balls and began to spew
into her voraciously sucking mouth!

His frantic teenage cock convulsed in a violent jerking, flooding Ann's
hungrily nursing mouth with gush after gush of his hot creamy sperm
which bloated her cheeks with every seething squirt! Passionately she
swallowed, moaning around his pumping young cock as her fingers
furiously fucking into her widespread cunt set off her own insane
climax! She plunged her hand deeper and deeper between her lewdly
splayed thighs into the heated wetness of her very feverish pussy! In
complete frenzy, she tweaked and stroked her vibrating little clitoris
while she gluttonously sucked and nibbled on his deflating hardness ...
at last raising her head and drawing the back of her hand across her
cum-smeared lips ...

"I-I'll take that handkerchief now, Eddie," she half-whispered, her
exposed naked body revealed to him, her full pointed breasts rising and
falling in the aftermath of her tremendous orgasm.

He looked at the way she was kneeling up straight before him, her
sultry blue eyes level with his-in an unashamed, open expression as
they reached his own. He knew then that she wanted him to be unashamed,
too. Man, she was some hell of a woman, all right ... the kind a guy
could fall ass over arm in love with! She was beautiful ... all of her
... every inch!

"The handkerchief, baby?" she repeated, smiling slightly with her lips
glistening with his very own cum! Clumsily he fumbled with his lowered
pants, trying to get into a pocket, then handing it to her.

She stood and knotted the towel around her naked body once more,
brushing her lips with the boy's handkerchief, a thousand thoughts
still running crazily through her mind, but always with an eye to the
door; Carl would be home soon. At last she said, "I have to get
dressed, darling. My husband, Carl, will be back any second. This will
be our little secret, won't it, honey? And it doesn't have to be the
last time, does it?"

"Oh, no way, Mrs. Dexter ... ah, Ann. To answer your question -- yes, I
think what I need is a girl your age. Somebody who doesn't blush
everytime you talk about sex. Your husband is a very lucky man, Ann."

"Thank you, Eddie," she said softly, tucking his handkerchief back into
his pocket, then leaned close, kissing him on the mouth. "I only wish
he appreciated me as much as you do."

It occurred to her then that this young boy had given her something her
own husband had failed to give, a realization which made her smile. How
could she feel any guilt if that were the case?

Chapter 4

A rare occasion, though it did happen on miscalculated brainstorms. Dr.
Carl Dexter, genius, researcher, sociologist, possessor of numerous
Ph.D.'s -- all attested to by the bronze plaques lining his office wall
-- did not have the facts to substantiate his theorized findings! How
it happened, he wasn't certain. All he knew was that today was Friday
and this crucial report was due to his grant sponsors by the middle of
next week. Christ, it would take the entire weekend to mull through the
interviews again, and try to decipher what quirk or misgiving of
society had caused a great many females to turn to others of the same
sex for companionship and sex. Had it anything to do with the
population boom or zero population growth? Or was it just a mutant
fiber in the moral structure of today's society?

Sure, he could guess and make up facts and plagiarize other
researchers, but his ethical reputation would not allow that. So again,
he flipped through the files of subjects who'd volunteered their time
and openness to be interviewed, revealing the most intimate facts of
their sexual lives.

During the initial interviews, he'd had each subject fill out a card
indicating whether they were homosexual, heterosexual, or both --
meaning bi-sexual. And what he needed now was a good juicy bisexual
woman to cement his theory that women today are more interested in
having careers and remaining single, rather than getting married and
having children; all of this due to human's genetic code which is
telling them, subconsciously of course, to stop having children, that
the world is starving itself and choking itself from over population.
Thus, sex is no longer contingent on having children, sex for the sake
of sex being a more popular attitude.

Oh shit! A bunch of gobbledygook with nothing to prove it! Dr. Dexter
scratched his balding head and, leaning back in his reclining desk
chair, lifted his feet to rest on the window sill overlooking the
student union, reaching for his Meerschaum pipe and cherry tobacco.
Well, maybe he could conduct another interview this weekend; certainly
Ann wouldn't mind. Now to find the right woman, that was the thing.

Still puffing on his aromatic tobacco, he swiveled on his coaster-
legged desk chair to the filing cabinet and from the second drawer
marked "Interviews -- Initial", pulled out the file with "Homosexual --
Female" written in bold letters. Stooping over, knees spread, he
flipped through the folder, never breaking the rhythmical puffing on
his pipe. "Hmmmm," escaped a throaty hum in his voice.

Valerie Barren, female, age 23, occupation -- stripper! Hey, now that
was the kind of proof he needed! His eyes squinted behind his gold-
rimmed glasses as he tried to remember Valerie. Slowly, the image of
the dark-haired vixen carnified before his mind's eye. Jesus! How could
he have forgotten her?!

Yes, it was all coming back now. At the time of the initial interview
he remembered thinking she had to be the epitome of a profoundly
sensual woman. Not that his own Ann didn't have all the physical
qualifications, even more so than Valerie ... Christ, there was a girl
with a body that wouldn't quit ... but what good was it if you didn't
know how to use it? ... and there was no doubt in his mind but what
that stripper would be a wildcat in bed. Now, wait a minute, Dr.
Dexter, don't go getting carried away with your work again, he thought
with a sly sensuous smile.

But damn it! he snapped his fingers. In his lifetime he'd never seen a
doll so hot. Maybe she didn't have the quality of voluptuous curves
that Ann possessed, but they were damned sure of the same quality.
Shit, he could almost feel the firm smoothness of her softly rounded
tit right in his hot hand, and she had one of the most inviting,
tightest looking little asses swelling out behind that he'd ever laid
eyes on, and he'd seen plenty during those initial interviews when he'd
call Ann and tell her he'd be late at the office.

Maybe some time he'd go down to Broadway and watch her act -- the one
she did on stage, that is -- and watch her display her wares. He bet
she'd get into some ball tingling, lewd stances she'd strain to get
into that would make him blow his wad right there before anybody had a
chance to make him pay the cover charge. Carl leaned back in the desk
chair and imagined Valerie Barren bending over straight-legged with her
tautly ovaled ass cheeks smack dab facing his front row table so that
the feathers of her costume brushed and tickled the end of his nose.
Maybe she'd stoop and face him, swinging her long dark hair in lewd
circles so that it swooped over the stage floor until her white young
tits nearly popped out of their wispy halter! But best of all she'd
squat, with knees widespread so that he could actually see the outline
of her puffy little cunt all snug and mouth-watering up there between
her shapely legs, even in the dim light of the stage.

But Jesus, how could he get to know her with Ann in the house? Ann ...
If only she could get a little more with it in their lovemaking. Oh,
she always got hot enough at the start, but he knew without asking her
that she couldn't cum, which was nothing but failing to let her libido
go so that she could throw her beautiful ass into it full-fledged
without feeling guilty. An old theory that proved true every time. But
if that's the way it was, he wasn't going to complain. The luscious
woman had everything else in the world going for her, and he knew what
his offered security meant to her since her father died. Hell, she'd
latched onto him the moment she set her eyes on him back there on
campus, letting him know how it was with her by spreading those pretty
legs the very first night. Christ, how she'd whimpered and squirmed,
and how he'd socked the old cock to her ... until she'd just lain there
half crying and laughing when it was over, she was so happy. After that
it got more intense, he remembered, until finally their meetings for
lunch and making out under the campus oak grove got to be too much for
the Dean of Women who'd made it her business to spy them out, just
because she was so damned horny herself. Well, that's the way it was
from the very beginning, the way he always said it should be, and he
could damned well remember how jubilant he'd been just to see her
sincere happiness, after waiting so damned long and sneaking out with
professor's wives.

It occurred to the professor then, how she'd come on the other night!
Christ, he'd almost forgotten about that! She'd said something about
wanting to suck it, hadn't she? Sure as hell had! He'd poured away
plenty of booze, he recalled, but hell, she kept filling his glass
every time he turned around, almost as though she wanted him to get
loaded. Goddamn, she'd said it all right ... wanted to suck him off!
Well now, he was just going to cultivate that program right soon, he
lustfully decided, feeling the immediate responsive swelling of his
long heavy cock. Maybe that's what she needed to really turn her on,
and goddamn, he was all for it ...!

The phone snapped him out of his reverie.

"No, I'm sorry, Mrs. Dexter is not here," he lied. "... Instant Press?
Okay, I'll have her give a call the beginning of next week."

Damn phone! Just when he was getting into some real heart-throbbing
thought! Well ... as long as the spell was broken, might as well get
down to business.

"397-8294," he muttered around the stem of his pipe tightly clenched
between his teeth. "Hope to hell she's home."

* * *

Friday afternoon and Ann Dexter was all thumbs with her typing that
afternoon as she worked at the small desk near the window in the
Medical Center office. Carl had promised a short day, maybe four hours
at most, since Dr. Everett had sequestered himself in the Medical
Library where he was, at that very moment, mulling over the Chapman
Report, Master's and Johnson and even going so far back as the 1960's
reports of Dr. Kinsey, et al. His absence proved a blessing for the
young blonde whose mind just couldn't seem to stick to the subject. Or
was the subject too sticky? Oh, God, she didn't know!

She erased the "m," brushing off the eraser debris with the brush end
of the eraser, and typed in an "n." Minutes dragged on, and still her
fingers wouldn't loosen, and all because of that fifteen year old boy!
He'd satisfied some of her hunger, anyway! At least now she had the
enchanting young masculine beauty of Eddie, the Instant Press boy, at
hand, available, she was certain, at the slightest indication on her
part, and he was the most lovable, eatable lamb in the world! Except,
next time, she intended to further his manly education another way! And
lastly, the frustration of last night's abortive lovemaking had left
her high and dry. Carl had been too tired the night before to pump
enough blood into his loins to get his huge cock up and keep it there!
She'd been ready for him, though, still convinced that if he and 'it'
became numb enough, myriad of erotic sensations could happen to her,
but the old lover-boy had just gradually faded away beneath the veil of
his consumed fatigue, finally snoring, and she'd covered him with the
blanket, the poor old bastard, and kissed him goodnight, then fallen
into her passionate thoughts.

They had been that, all right, so much so that the tremendous urge to
satisfy them had been almost unbearable. Once, she'd nearly awakened
Carl to try again, but his snoring advised her that would be useless...
and at last, she'd slept. Even so, it'd hardly been much different upon
awakening this morning! The tiny imps with the sensuous forks were
still alive in the soft belly and hungry loins of her young needing

God, she was all damp as usual between her legs! The narrow, thin strip
of nylon snugly caressing her there was saturated with the hot moisture
seeping from between her pussy lips! She'd have to change her panties

And ... on the other side of the wall, in the wood-walled privacy of
his office, Dr. Carl Dexter was half-whispering into the tightly
clutched telephone receiver, hoping to hell his wife wouldn't come
bursting into his office with some stupid question about her typing
like, "Where does this arrow point to?" God no! Not when he was talking
to Valerie Barren!

On the other end of the line, a softly spoken voice trilled, "Oh, Dr.
Dexter, I'd love to talk to you some more. You're such an ... an
understanding man, so sweet and undemanding." A slight pause during
which Carl had the feeling the stripper was probably staring at herself
in the mirror, in the nude more than likely, or maybe playing with
herself on the bed? Jesus, he didn't know, but whatever it was that
made her voice sound like that, it sure as hell was sexy!

"Uh, Miss Barren, we ... we're in kind of a rush with a report we're
drawing up for our grant sponsors, so ... so if we could get together
sometime soon ... like today or tomorrow maybe ..."

"Oooh, that sounds wonderful," she purred, "but I have to work late
this afternoon. I have a new job down at Big Don's Do-Do ... Oh, I wish
you could come in and see my act, Dr. Dexter. I'm sure you'd learn a
lot about me if you could watch me real close ..."

"Why, Valerie, I'd love to!" The Doctor straightened immediately, the
furrows on his forehead fading as a tight smile dimpled his cheeks.

"This afternoon? Could you make it this afternoon?" Valerie's voice
became a higher soprano with each syllable.

"I'll see you this afternoon then. Maybe we can talk or have a drink if
you're not too busy."

"Beautiful ..."

Silently, he replaced the hot receiver back on the cradle and pushed
the buzzer that connected to Ann's desk on the other side of the wall

In his typical furrowed voice, he was once again Dr. Carl Dexter, all
business. "Ann, I'm going out for a little while this afternoon. Think
you can handle things?"

"Sure," was her curt reply.

"See you at home then, baby."


"Baby?" Ann wrinkled her nose in disgust, thinking, who the hell does
he think he is? Lover boy? What a joke!

Chapter 5

Following the exact directions from the gas station attendant, Carl
found no difficulty in locating the place. Right on Broadway, just as
the man said. It was small from the outside, decorated with bright neon
lights that flickered even now in the late afternoon. A man dressed in
a red velvet suit spotted him coming and started calling to him,
gesturing with his arm to wave him in.

How nice of Valerie to tell them I'm coming he thought, and quickened
his pace.

"Sir, step right in and see some nasty action!" the gauchely dressed
man hissed, at the same time grabbing the doctor by the arm. "No cover,
sir, special deal for you. Are you a tourist in town? Be sure to get
one of our postcards to send home to the wifey, huh?" he nudged.
"Special deal ... just buy two drinks and the rest of the treats are on
the house. Hey, hey! Such a deal!"

Before the stunned professor could even open his mouth to tell the
sweaty-smelling, liquor-breathed man that he was a friend of Valerie's,
two nakedly attired girls in sequined G-strings and bras grabbed him,
one by each arm and escorted him into the dark interior of Valerie
Barren's house of employ.

"Right this way, honey," the redhead directed, walking faster now,
making the rhinestone and silver bracelets making her arms jingle, the
heady scent of her lilac perfume building pressure in his sinuses till
he thought for sure he'd sneeze.

"What can I get you to drink, doll," the blonde on his left wanted to
know. "Gotta buy two drinks a set, baby. What'd ya want?" Her voice was
thick and husky, obviously a chain smoker from the sound of her voice,
and a heavy drinker from the smell of it. "Well, I got other men to
take care of. What'll it be?"

"A ... a scotch on the rocks, please." He hated scotch but it was the
only thing he could think of in his confused desperation. Brawny hands,
blue veined and cold looking, pushed at his chest, easing him into the
front row chair, just feet away from the empty stage.

"That's a couple bucks extra for the front row," croaked the redhead
holding out her hefty palm. "And two bucks for the first round unless
you want to buy one for the waitress, then it's only a buck and a half.
Think you can swing it, big boy?"

With cold, stiff fingers, Carl reached for his wallet and handed her a
five dollar bill which she grabbed from his hand and, with a sneer of
her ruby red lips, sauntered off, calling, "thanks for the ball bustin'
tip, honey," over her shoulder.

One by one, drunken sailors and gauchely dressed 'Super Flys' sauntered
in, gradually filling the room to half full. Next to him a table of
Minneapolis-Honeywell executives in their white shoes and polyester
plaid jackets and contrasting pants, sat drinking steins of beer. He
could tell who they were by the yellow happy face convention tags that
read, "Happy Day From Honeywell!" and below, "Please to meet you, I'm
______________________" In the typical husband-away-from-wife attitude,
they talked dirty and tried to buy the redheaded waitress until the
price became a sore point and she spilled a full mug of beer on the fat
one in the middle, then they shut up.

Carl stared at the stage, trying to figure out what was on it, and he
thought he saw a bed before he was distracted by a couple being seated
on the table on the other side of him. Jesus, he didn't know men
actually brought their wives into places like this! He crossed his arms
over his chest and took another sip of his scotch, wondering just what
kind of show Valerie would put on. God, if women were allowed in here,
it couldn't be too risque.

He tried to listen to the conversation of the couple next to him. A
rather striking young girl accompanied by a tall man with a Texas
accent, they were tourists, most likely from the way they talked. Carl
was trying to listen in the conversation of the couple, certain that
he'd heard the man say something about 'fucking' to the girl with him,
but Carl scolded himself for having such lewd thoughts. Damn, ever
since that phone conversation with Valerie that was all he could think

Carl had ordered his second drink when the lights in the place dimmed
even lower than they already had been. "I guess the show is going to
start at last," he said quietly to himself, absent-mindedly.

At first he thought the show was going to be a play, as the stage was
outfitted like a bedroom in an ordinary house and he mused to himself,
I didn't know the girl was an actress. Just a few feet away from where
he sat was an old fashioned brass bed, turned at a slight angle to face
them. To one side was an end table, and toward the back of the set was
a large chest of drawers. Next to it was a doorway, and it was closed.
Nothing happened for several moments, and Carl was beginning to wonder
why, when some light, rhythmic music began to play. At almost the same
moment, the door to the back of the stage opened, and a beautiful young
girl, whom he instantly recognized as Valerie, walked on stage. Much to
his surprise, the girl was fully dressed, and Carl shifted in his seat,
a bit disappointed. God, but she was a honey, with her long dark hair
and delicate features ... a little Spanish or Italian in her blood

He crossed his arms over his chest and waited, taking sips of his
scotch which was just beginning to have a slight dulling affect on his
brain. It would be kind of wicked fun to watch a burlesque show, he
thought, while his wife was slaving over his work. He sat back in his
seat to make himself more comfortable. He knew that there were many
strip shows along Broadway, and he wondered if there was anything
spectacular about this place that made Valerie want to work here. Maybe
Valerie had suggested he come to catch her act just to bring in the
bucks ... maybe she got a cut. He felt a little disappointed at the
prospect, yet at the same time, he was anxious as hell for her to take
off those clothes she was wearing.

Valerie walked around the bedroom set as though she had just come home
from work, and she wasn't moving in time to the music like most
strippers. Instead, she just began to remove her clothes like any girl
her age might do, and the only thing that made her different was the
fantastic shape of her sensual young body. Her inky hair was silky and
long, tied back in a ponytail style, and as she removed her dress, she
had to swing the long strand of hair out of the way. There was
something about the way she moved that gave her the appearance of
feline sensuality, and she was almost purring as her dress came off
over her head. Her under garments were black and lacy, and even with a
bra on, it was apparent that her breasts were round and full. At last
he'd get to see them! She turned her head in his direction, and he
meekly raised his hand in a timid wave. God, wouldn't it be wonderful
if she's see him and wave back? Heads would turn then! But she didn't.
Oh well, maybe the lights were blinding her.

Almost casually, the young girl ran her hands lightly over her hips and
belly as if feeling a stirring sensation within, and then she reached
behind her back to unfasten the lacy bra. It fell away from her
luscious body like it was propelled by breasts strapped in too tightly,
and the white smooth skin of her firm full breasts shone dazzingly in
the bright stage lights. They were as magnificent as any imagination
would have them, and after setting her bra down on the chest of
drawers, she rubbed her palms over the tips of the tiny brown nipples,
in such a way as to instantly make them rise into hardness.

Carl giggled to himself as he watched the young girl on the stage.
Christ, but she was a beauty and from the feeling down there between
his legs, his cock thought so, too. But it surprised him to see the
girl act so innocent of the audience that was but a few feet away, and
when the girl took her bra off in such a casual manner, Carl felt his
heart leap to his throat. Damn! He was so close to Valerie that he felt
that he could reach out and touch her, and if that was true for him,
then it was also true for the Texan sitting at the table next to her.
He felt embarrassed for Valerie having all these strangers watching her
and he wondered if she'd ever had any problems with men jumping on
stage and attacking her. Damn them if they did!

The rest of the room was in near or total darkness, but his table was
bathed in light from the stage. She turned on stage and began walking
around with her breasts pointing straight out, naked for all to see,
and what made him even more crazy with lust, was the fact that all the
girl had left on were think black stockings held up by a black lace
garter belt around her slim waist. Thank God she still had her black
panties on which she seemed to be leaving alone, or he just might have
to slither out to the men's room with a red face!

Shifting his position in the chair, Cal picked up his glass of scotch
and nervously drained it. Robot-like, the redheaded waitress came by
and picked it up before he could tell her he didn't care for another.
Looking up, he gasped aloud at the sight of a dark, tall man who,
charged onto the stage. He was carrying a briefcase which he held up
threateningly at the girl, who began laughing.

My God, was this for real? Well, it had to be part of the show. They
sure as hell wouldn't let just anybody on stage with a woman like that.

And then ...

The waitress set down a full shot of scotch -- no ice this time -- and
hissed, "Two bucks please, plus tip." Oh damn, she was blocking his
view, too, he slapped three bucks on her tray and waved her aside,
coughing from her overpowering flower perfume. Damn, now he missed what
they were saying!

Jesus, what the hell was that man doing to his Valerie? Christ
Almighty, he had overpowered her and was holding her arm behind her
naked back and taking some short lengths of rope from the briefcase.
Everything seemed to be happening at lightning speed, and the next
thing he saw, the girl was bent over the brass rail of the foot of the
bed, and the man was tightening her wrists with pieces of rope. With
quick movements, the man tied the other ends of the ropes on the brass
stead at the head end of the bed, and Valerie's arms were held
squarely, her belly pressing against the rail at the foot of the bed.
My God! Should he jump and help her?

The man was around behind her in a flash, and he rapidly tied her
ankles wide apart, each fastened to the rear legs of the bed. Carl was
completely awed by the sight before him! The girl was like a prisoner
of her bed, her beautiful young body held tightly against the metal
pipe, and was bent forward over the mattress so that her full jutting
breasts pointed straight down at the mattress. Her arms were pulled
parallel with the bed, and she was bent over as though her buttocks
were a target. Carl took a deep sip of his scotch, wincing at the acrid
taste and summarized the situation. Obviously, Valerie suffered from
some persecution complex that she'd allow herself to be treated in such
a dehumanizing, despicable manner. No self-pride, she couldn't have.

With her legs tied to the foot of the bedstead, the girl looked highly
vulnerable to anything the man might do, and Carl felt himself shaking
with fear and concern for the young girl who obviously was in for
something unpleasant, judging from the sinister look on the man's face.
All sorts of images flashed through his brain, and he drank a large
full gulp of his scotch in an effort to calm his nerves. He crossed his
legs, hoping to quell the stirrings down there.

Valerie was whimpering realistically now, as if she was actually afraid
of the man on the stage with her. Damn, it had to be part of the act!
Certainly City Ordinances wouldn't allow anything harmful to happen on
stage, even in a place like this, which he'd purposely neglected to
define, knowing it was a front for a whore house.

Concerned, Carl twisted nervously in the chair while the bizarre sights
in front of him continued. The man on stage was grinning lewdly at the
helpless position of the girl, and he seemed to ignore her pleas for
mercy. It was as though he was there uninvited, and when he moved
toward the girl he took small steps that seemed to draw out the
anticipation. Carl grinned to himself. Hell, it's only an act; he
wouldn't hurt Valerie. But when the man grabbed at her panties, and
with one very vicious tug, pulled the filmy material from her body, he
was tempted to jump on stage and rescue her.

"Please, don't!" Valerie pleaded, her big dark eyes widening in fright.
She was pulling at her bonds, and her buttocks wiggled lewdly as a
result of her struggle, a movement which did not escape the watchful
eye of Dr. Dexter. The twin, moon-shaped globes were round and shapely,
standing out clearly in the frame of her black stockings and garter
belt. The torn threads of panties fell to the floor of the stage, where
the man stood behind the girl, and he pinched the flesh of her
buttocks, making her yelp in discomfort. He laughed at her swift
response, then shoving his hand in between the girl's smooth inner
thighs, he lifted up to suddenly bury his fingers in the dark triangle
of her curly pubic hair.

My God, what was he doing to his Valerie? Carl felt his heart pounding
at a mile a minute, as he realized that he might be witnessing the rape
of the poor girl tied to the bed -- his research subject! Well, they
sure as hell would have something to talk about this time! That man
torturing her had to be a sadist, no two ways about it. God, he wanted
to jump up there and slug that man! He had to be a sicky dressed in
that costume.

He was a spot of black on stage, wearing black tight pants and a black
shirt left open at the collar, but it wasn't his dress that gave him
the sinister appearance. He had an obvious scar on his right cheek, a
wide red slash that could only have come from a knife fight. His eyes
flashed with rapid rabbit-like glances as he eyed the helpless girl,
and his mouth was curled up at the corners in a sneer. The culprit
seemed completely oblivious to the girl's screams as he dug his fingers
in her naked pussy, as if trying to determine if the girl was really
ready for him. Turning slightly, he moved quickly toward the black
briefcase he had carried on stage with him, and when he pulled his
right hand from inside it, he held a small, black whip. In spite of its
small size, the whip looked terrifying and sinister, and he drew his
hand down smoothly, making a loud crack with the tiny leather tip of

Carl practically jumped out of his chair at the sound of the cracking
whip, and his heart was beating so damned fast, he could feel it in his
throat. Christ, he was going to beat Valerie! Carl sat breathless as
the man moved toward the girl, holding the whip like a limp snake in
front of him. When he was directly behind the bent-over girl, he moved
his hand holding the whip up high in the air, so that the girl could
see it very clearly. She had her head twisted to one side, and by the
look on her face, it was difficult for her to look backward toward the
man. When she saw what he was holding over his head, her eyes popped
open wide with anxiety.

"Ohhhh, don't do that to me!" she wailed in her high soprano trill, but
her pleas were interrupted with the whip slapping down across her naked

"Aaaaggghhh!" Heaving forward in a desperate attempt to get away from
the blow, Valerie's breasts pressed into the mattress as she tried to
pull herself free from the restraining bonds. She was securely tied,
and there was no escape for her. The man raised his hand once again,
and the whip landed on her smooth quivering young buttocks even harder
than before.

"Aaaagggghhhh! Oooohhhh, don't hurt your Valerie!" thin red lines were
visible across the white cheeks of her naked buttocks as a vivid
indication of where the whip had struck her body. Carl felt like every
nerve and muscle in his body was tense as the man again raised his
hand, holding up the whip, striking the girl with the tip of it on the
upstroke. The loud, lewd cracking sound echoed throughout the club, and
the patrons seemed to remain so very quiet that no breathing was heard.
Another red welt ran parallel on the white cheeks of her sensuous
buttocks, but her cries for mercy had turned to helpless, incoherent

"Jesus!" muttered the doctor to himself, feeling his forehead bead with
perspiration, he wiggled in his seat and emptied his glass of scotch.
It's just an act, he reminded himself; no reason to get so upset. He
made a conscious effort to block out the cruelty of this S-M act, but
the subsequent blows of the whip sounded like cracking stings From
hell. Then, as though he had been imagining all that preceded, Carl was
shocked by the sudden change in Valerie's voice. It was as though she
was actually enjoying the painful whipping the man was giving her, and
tiny drops of excited moisture seemed magically to appear between the
girl's open thighs.

The girl's buttocks were just a few feet away from where Carl was
seated, and he could clearly see the pink valley of moist flesh between
the hair-lined slit of her pussy. Damn, but it was beautiful! It was
lubricating fluid from her cunt! Carl couldn't believe it, but there
was no denying what he could see with his own eyes! The girl's
whimpering had changed to moans of real pleasure, and she was rolling
her buttocks as if to entice the man to strike her again and again.
Carl drank down the watered scotch from the melting ice cubes in his
glass as he felt a strange growing sensation in his loins. Damn, it was
happening again! Something about the bizarre actions of the girl and
man on-stage made his nerves tingle with the same excitement he had
felt when Valerie first appeared on stage. It was almost as if he could
feel her sensuous hands running up and down his inner thighs, and his
cock throbbed in the direction of the stage. He tried to close his mind
to the realization of his excitement, but he couldn't turn off the
gnawing sensations that seemed to grow with each passing moment. In
spite of the terrible shame he felt for having become excited by some
goddamned sadistic, he couldn't help but inch his fingers down toward
the growing bulge in his pants. He wriggled so that his chair was
directly under his semi-circle single table, nervously watching to see
if the Texan or his girl friend next to him was watching. Just a little
finger-tip stroke wouldn't hurt anything, and he'd stop if it got out
of control. Damn, but it felt good. Although the man on stage was still
half turned away from his line of vision, Carl couldn't help noticing
the growing bulge in the crotch of his tight black pants, too.

"Oooooh! Uuuuuggggh!" moaned Valerie, and then she raised her red,
striped buttocks up for another blow from the man's whip. The man was
looking at her with a lusting glazed expression of lewd vulgarity, and
he came down hard with the whip, releasing the whole thing so that it
flew across the stage, to land on the floor. Carl followed the whip
with his eyes, and when he returned her gaze to the man, he felt a new
excitement, seeing him loosening his belt holding up his pants. Hot
damn! If this scene got any juicier, Carl decided he'd apply for
another grant and study these strange people who delighted in hurting
one another!

"Hurry, baby! I want it now! Please fuck me, honey!" Valerie shouted
out at the man behind her. He pulled his shirt off over his head
without loosening the buttons, and then he dug his fingers into the top
of his pants. Carl watched in lewd fascination as the man pulled his
pants down. He wasn't wearing any undergarments, and as the black
material cleared his hips, a rigid column of flesh sprang suddenly
straight out from the dark tangle of his exposed pubic hair. His
gigantic cock was throbbing red in the bright stage lighting, a thick
fleshy staff of lusting flesh that looked big enough to fill two people
the size of Valerie Barren! The giant head was throbbing, and Carl
could see tiny drops of seminal fluid seeping just inside the dilated
slit at the end. The blood filled veins lining the length of the huge
column of hardened male flesh seemed to grow with pumping liquid as the
man kicked his pants clear of his feet. He stood behind the girl, his
naked body appearing white next to the black stockings which covered
the girl's legs. He held his throbbing cock in his left hand as he
moved closer to the girl's exposed buttocks, and when he moved his hips
forward, his lust-hardened cock was but an inch from the soft dividing
crevice formed by her ass-cheeks. He stroked his cock for a short
moment, standing in such a way that the girl had a hard time looking
back at him.

Jesus Christ! Carl thought, giving his own hard cock an extra pet, I
can't believe this! This is a hell of a lot better than those damned
interviews! This is first hand! God, but I wish I had a camera.

"Fuck her in the ass!"

Carl was shocked by the words spit into the blackness of the nightclub,
and in spite of his revulsion, he turned to see who had spoken them.
These fucking Texans, though Carl, glancing at the tall man at the
table next to him who was pounding his fist on the small semi-circle in
front of him. And his girlfriend seemed to agree -- that's what truly
baffled the doctor. The tourists -- the big Texan and the small girl --
were holding onto each other as if they were the only people in the
whole place, and for an instant, Carl thought the Texan was going to
throw his girl friend on the floor and start lashing her with his belt,
the way he was going at it! At this point, Carl decided, nothing short
of a murder would surprise him!

Quickly, he turned his attention back to the stage, not wanting to miss
any of the action -- nor did he want to raise the ire of the big-mouth
Texan by staring too long. What he saw when he looked at the stage,
then, was the girl's naked buttocks spread wide so that her anus was
completely visible to the audience. The elastic like ring of flesh
seemed to pucker out and in, a brownish pink little hole just waiting
to be filled. It didn't seem possible! Carl was stunned at the thought
of all of this happening right there on stage just feet away.

The man on stage bent over, his face close to the tiny throbbing mouth,
and he let a large drop of spittle fall from his lips to land on the
puckered little mouth.

"Yes, oh baby, do it! Fuck me in the ass!" Valerie groaned, her words
shocking Carl more than from the Texan, as he'd never heard of a girl
actually wanting it there before. Yet, the girl did seem to welcome it,
even wanted it, and she was quickly squirming her buttocks backward
toward the man as an added emphasis to her wishes.

"Uuuuggghh! Yessssss!" she grunted as the man worked his middle finger
into the tight, visibly sucking passage of her rectum. His finger sunk
all the way up to his palm as he wormed it into the tight, clinging
tunnel, and she screamed from rising pleasure rather that from pain.

Carl felt a tiny pulsing sensation in his cock at the thought of
sticking his own finger into the girl's anus. He watched with lewd
wonder as the man teased his finger in and out of the rhythmically
sucking flesh, and the girl wriggled her naked buttocks back against
the palm of his hand making deep moaning sounds of pleasure. At the
same time, the man held his erect cock with his other hand, stroking it
with the motions of his finger working in her gradually expanding anal

The entire room was completely silent now, except for the clattering of
glasses at the bar and for periodic sounds of heavy breathing, and Carl
was frozen to his chair as he couldn't take his eyes from the lusting
couple performing just a few feet in front of him. The couple at the
other table were close to one another, as if they had all the privacy
in the world, and Carl kept his eyes away from them out of fear of
seeing something that might set off his spurting cum! The action of the
man and girl on the stage was bad enough, without more stimulation to
drive him crazy!

On stage now, the man pulled his finger from the girl's anus with a
quick jerking movement that made a slight sucking noise as it popped
clear of the tight passage, and Carl couldn't help noticing that his
cock had grown to tremendous size.

The purple head seemed to visibly throb with his excitement, and he
cruelly dug his fingers into the flesh of her buttocks cheeks, pulling
them wide apart in preparation for the greater entry to come. He shoved
his hips forward until the great bulbous head was in contact with the
tight, quivering little anus of Valerie Barren. The girl still
continued to wriggle her buttocks back as best she could within the
limits of her restraining bonds. She was completely vulnerable to the
man's assault, yet she acted like she wanted his cock inside her ass!
It was difficult for Carl to imagine any woman preferring to be fucked
in the ass, if given the choice, but that's just what was happening up
there on the stage!

The thick head of the man's blood filled cock was pushing hard against
the tiny brown-pink hole, and the elastic flesh was mechanically
resisting the entry of the huge male column. Carl felt sweat forming on
his brow again as he thought about how the girl must be feeling a great
deal of discomfort back there in her back passage, but then like a
magical door had been opened, the man's great cock popped up inside the
girl's anus.

Hot damn! This show was getting better by the second! He just might
have himself another scotch and water. Giving his throbbing cock
another little stroke, he waved down the redheaded waitress, pointing
to his empty glass. She nodded and headed for the bar to fill his
order. Even that buxom waitress was beginning to take on delightful
proportions in the doctor's eyes.

"Aaaaagggh! Oooooohhh!" Valerie screamed in discomfort as her anus was
stretched to the hugest proportions of the man's cock. Carl thought the
head of his thick cock was like a pole wrapped with a tight rubber
band, the girl's anus stretched and white from the unnatural entry. The
man seemed totally unconcerned by the girl's screamed cries, as he
suddenly thrust forward with his hips, driving his lust swollen cock an
inch more into the girl's rectum.

"Aggghhh! Fuck!" she screamed, her voice sounding different now, but it
served to drown out the loud gasp Carl made from her pulsating throb
his heavy cock was beating in his suit pants. From where he was seated
he could see the girl's legs trying to pull away from the ropes that
held her ankles wide apart, and Carl knew that she was trying
desperately to stop the further fucking of his huge cock into her anus.
But, Valerie was helpless, and her firm young buttocks stuck out like a
prize catch in her bent-over position, and the man was gladly using it
for all it was worth. He thrust hard forward again, his cock fucking
its half-length inside the girl's rear passage, and when she could only
sob from the pain-pleasure, he fucked his cock with tremendous energy
the remaining distance. His groin smashed into her buttocks cheeks with
a loud slapping sound that echoed through the room, and the girl's
groin was lost in the noise of the naked collision. They were locked
together in the lewd, unnatural coupling, and Carl just stayed frozen
to his seat, reaching into his pocket to pull out a coup}e bills for
his drink that the lilac-scented lady was putting on his table.
Hurriedly, he slapped a five dollar bill on the waitress' wet try and
brushed her aside. Damn, he didn't want to miss any of this show!

When the waitress finally unblocked his vision, he was shocked to see
that Valerie had not passed out, but was lewdly grinding her buttocks
in slow rolling motions as if she was trying to reach back with it and
grasp even the tangled pubic hair from his groin inside her open loins.

"My God! She likes it!" Carl thought, and he watched as the man began
withdrawing his thick cock from the depths of the girl's wide-stretched
rectum. The fleshy column seemed to be even longer as it came slowly
out until just the head remained inside, and the ring of warm pink
flesh around her anus seemed to fold out with the large cock. Holding
his cock in that same position for a moment as if waiting for everyone
in the audience to get a good look, the man then thrust forward,
driving his cock again into the seething depths of her rectum.

Carl was nearly pulled out of his chair as he watched the girl's anus
fold inward with the long thrust of the man's cock, and the girl let
out a groan of pleasure as her rectum was filled with the giant cock.
Damn, if only Ann would act like that when he fucked her -- just let
loose and "let it all hang out," as it were. But no! She always got so
damned uptight with him, and pushy, too, whimpering and carrying on
like a little girl.

As the man on stage began to fuck gleefully in and out of the girl's
impossibly stretched asshole, Carl could feel his own cock nearly
bursting with hardness. God, he'd given anything at that moment to
exchange places with that lucky man! It sent flashing electric
sensations running through his body, making all the nerves twitch with

"Uuuuugggghhh! Yesssss! Fuck my ass gooooood!" the girl moaned as the
man fucked his cock in and out of her burning rubbery passage with
longer and harder thrusts. She was rolling her- buttocks in and
undulating rhythm to match his driving cock, and the fluid from her
cunt was pouring in such amounts as to run free down her inner thighs.
She was like a wild animal as she worked her hips around, her anus
trying to hungrily suck the juices from the man's sperm-heavy balls.

The man on-stage was fucking in and out of the girl's anus with ever-
increasing tempo, his big cock seemingly becoming even bigger with his
nearing climax. The girl was screwing back her buttocks as best she
could within the limits of her bonds, and she was gibbering incoherent
sounds, pleading with the man to pump her full of his cum. Her dark
hair was hanging loosely about her head, swaying as she twisted her
head back and forth in opposite time to the fucking of her rectum. Her
large breasts danced beneath her chest like jelly as the man fucked her
anus harder and harder strokes, and the force of his fucking seemed to
carry through her body to the top of her head. She was so close to an
orgasm, that Carl thought she would go insane, but Carl had no idea how
long the scene had been going on, or for that matter, what was

Carl had, instead become transfixed by the swaying motion of the man's
balls as he rocked back and forth, fucking the girl's wide-stretched
anus with his cock. The hair-covered sac seemed to be filled with two
lead weights, and when he fucked his cock deep inside Valerie's hot
rectum, the twin balls would swing forward up between the girl's inner
thighs to hit the hair covered mound of her open cunt. Damn, she was
trying to get her hands to her pussy, as she struggled with the ropes
tying her wrists to the front of the bed, and Carl also felt the urge
to fuck his own fingers in Valerie's cunt to drive her out of her mind!
God, it would be wonderful being with an uninhibited woman.

"Ooooohh! Ooooohhh! Uuuuggghhhh! Fuck it! Fuck it! I ... I'm
cummmmmiiing!" Valerie was suddenly shaking and jerking wildly against
the ropes that held her to the bed as she screamed out the gigantic
beginnings of her orgasm. Carl was almost sure he could see the girl's
pussy sucking at air as great amounts of gushing fluid poured from the
pink opening of her womb. The man almost instantly shoved his cock
deeper up inside her rectum, his groin pressing so hard against the
girl's buttocks that he flattened them. She continued screaming and
jerking in her bent over position, begging the man to pump her rectum
full of cum.

The man did as she wished, all right. With a low groan, he held her
hips tightly in his hands as his cock released the stored up sperm from
his balls, and it began shooting hot blasts of searing hot cum deep up
inside the girl's rectum.

"Oooooh! Oooooohh! Fuuuuccckkk my asssssss!" she screamed, her face
wildly contorted with passion.

The whole bizarre scene had become so intense that everyone in the
nightclub seemed to sigh all together as the man finally jerked his
hips forward and with a deep throated groan pumped his cum into the
young girl's widely expanded anus. Their obscenely joined bodies
spasmed in lewd unison as his cum filled her rectum, squirting in great
explosive blasts from the tip of his giant cock. Each hot blast was
spilled out by a loud cry of pleasure from the girl, and it seemed like
the man was never going to run dry. His ass-cheeks flexed and unflexed
in emphasis to his exploding cock deep within her hot rectum, and his
head was thrown back as he strained for the exquisite pleasure of his

Carl felt as though he might have to excuse himself, red, shame-faced
from the table, if his cock didn't quit that heart throbbing beat.
Jesus, he couldn't remember ever having been so big in his life! He'd
give anything at that moment to exchange places with that man on stage
who was fucking Valerie in the ass. He'd never done it before, and
though he'd discussed the advantages and disadvantages with several
subjects, he'd never thought of trying it -- until now! There had to be
something to the tremendous pleasure the girl was obviously having,
something that was unique to the act.

The man finished his orgasm, and as if in grand finale, he straightened
up and pulled his still hardened cock from the depths of Valerie's
rectum. It came out so fast, the obscene, wet sucking sound could be
heard clearly, and tiny threads of white liquid clung glue-like from
the tip of it to the forever-expanded hole of the girl's cum-filled
anus. Then Valerie shoved her buttocks back as far as she could in an
anxious effort to have his cock still inside her, but the man kept
backing away from her as a sign of his refusal to give her what she
wanted. Then, suddenly, he bent down to her side and ran his tongue up
and down the salacious curve of her spine, making her whimper with
loving passion.

Carl was still staring at the girl's trembling body when the stage
lights went out. The whole room was in complete darkness for several
moments, and then slowly the lighting returned to what it had been
before the show had started -- soft yellow lights. Carl was still
staring at the then-empty stage, his mind whirling with thoughts about
what he'd witnessed.

Long after the room was nearly empty, Carl stared dumb-struck at the
stage. Jesus, after seeing that show, he just had to get in touch with
Valerie and have her come over to his house for another interview, even
if it meant angering Ann who despised it when he worked weekends. And
maybe, just maybe, he'd see what show he could get going with that
doll! Jesus, after that show, he needed something!

Chapter 6

Overhead the warm sun blazed dawn like a beacon in the sky and Ann
could feel its soothing warmth soaking into every pore of her sun-
tanned skin. She was beginning to perspire already and her skin was
dripping wet with tiny droplets of shining moisture from her brief swim
in their pool. She had begun to feel dizzy from the glass of wine she'd
drunk with her lunch and so had clambered back out and was now lying on
her back, another glass of wine in her hand, on the soft cushions of
the lounge chair, her pale pink bikini top on the ground beside her.
Ann loved to sunbathe in the nude and was more than happy that their
backyard was fenced so that she could luxuriate the privacy which she
so coveted;

And today was Saturday, a much-needed day off from slaving over those
damned interviews, she mused, taking another sip of her warm red wine.
For most that is, except for Carl, who'd work every day of his life if
left to his own judgment. Like today, for instance. Such a beautiful
day to spend around the pool and the poor old fool was stuck indoors
conducting more interviews with that stripper, Valerie Barren. Oh well,
whatever turns you on! Ann took another deep gulp of the wine.

In fact, he was in his study right now talking to that dark-haired
vixen. Pretty sexy woman, all right, and I'd bet anything she makes it
with that dog of hers that's sniffing around the fence right now. Ann
raised her head just high enough to span the row of picket fence posts
separating their backyard from the Carlson's next door. I wonder what
it would be like to make love to an animal, mused the blonde wife, the
beating sun creating kaleidoscopic light shows behind her sunglass-
covered eyes. Would it be even more exciting than sucking off Eddie,
the fifteen year old?

Ann felt a distinct tingling, excited sensation crawling up through her
cunt just at the thought of what she'd done with Eddie that afternoon.
The voluptuous blonde lay there in the sun and sighed as she felt the
mixture of alcohol and arousal spin through her bloodstream. Oh, Eddie!
I wish you were here right now with me! God, how I need a cock right
now! She took a greedy gulp of the warmly mellow wine and then reached
down to turn on her portable radio, setting it to a loud rock-and-roll
station because she needed some soul-jarring, blaring sounds to take
her mind off of her yearning, aching cunt!

Damn! If only Carl was more of a husband and less of a professor! He
had brains, and she liked that, but there had to be a limit to his
professorial devotion. God, if she were the one who had to ask men
questions about their sex life, she'd sure as hell want to find out for
herself first hand! Well, that was one amenity to marrying a man like
Carl; you never had to worry about another woman. Like that Valerie,
that beautiful girl who was in there with him right now! How in God's
name could he just sit there and talk?

Just thinking about sex was all it took, and she relaxed and lay back
into the soft cushions and thought: The hell with it! I may as well be
completely naked -- no one can see me here! And, damn it, I feel like
being naked right now! With that she sat up, slipped her pink bikini
bottoms over her tapering legs and threw the discarded garment onto the
ground with her already tossed-aside bikini bra. The warm sun felt good
on her smoothly firm young skin as she took another gulp from her drink
and lay back once more, the loud, rollicking music from the radio
invading her ears.

Soon Ann felt the tips of her fingers begin to tap against the satiny
flatness of her belly in time to the rhythmic rocking music. And then
tiny needlepoints of shivering, thrilling rocking sensation rippled
over her as her fingers began to softly massage her own naked flesh as
that same lingering image of her young lover fastened once again onto
the fringes of her mind. Again she shivered, this time partly from the
luridly exciting image of his fifteen year old genitals, and partly
from the soft tickle-touch of her fingertips across the smooth plane of
her sumptuous belly. Her warmly creamy thighs were just slightly parted
and she discovered that she could, by twisting her flaringly sensuous
hips in a certain way, massage the distending, throbbing little tip of
her sensitive clitoris!

"Mmmmm ... that feels good ... I could almost make myself cum like this
... ummmm!" she said half aloud as she continued the erotically
rhythmic exercises that created such tingling, titillating sensations
to ripple up from between her open thighs. Ann closed her eyes now to
bask in the fond memories of her sexual encounter with Eddie and then
the image of Dr. George Everett slipped in beside that of the young
boy! Oh, what a fool she'd been for ever thinking she could make it
with that egotistical man! Someday, maybe someday it would happen, but
she would not be the one to make the first move. Eddie, now there was a
male who knew how to give! Talk about getting excited! That boy could
run circles around the man she'd married and George, too.

"Oh, Eddie," she moaned as the afternoon sun silently slipped
relentlessly toward the horizon. Without being aware of it at first
because of the alcohol cloud in her mind, Ann's fingertips had begun a
slowly methodical trip up along the soft, sun-tanned flesh of her firm
belly to the rising hillocks of her bountifully endowed breasts and
from a seeming far distance the loud, rhythmic music of the rock and
roll radio station serenaded the voluptuous blonde with a persistent,
swaying rhythm that matched her own slowly moving tempo.

As if with a life of their own, her fingers delicately touched the
rich, ample fullness of her ruby-crested breasts as they rose and fell
in her self-induced haze of vibrantly tingling sensuality. The
sensuously aroused young wife felt herself shiver excitedly as her
searing, gently exploring fingertips crept back along her naked belly
toward the burning moisture-drenched territory of her cunt. It was
agony and it was self-inflicted, she knew, but she couldn't live
without it! She had to do something ... something ... God only knew
when she'd have another chance with Eddie, even though she'd found the
message from Instant Press on Carl's desk yesterday. Oh, but if only he
could be here! If only he could be here right now with his wonderful
boy cock!

Slowly, her brain diluted and dulled by wine, she let her hand creep
down to the erotically enchanting region of her blondely curling pubic
triangle and felt a sublime electric thrill race over the softly tufted
mound and into that erogenous region between her slowly spreading
thighs, already seeping moistly with her rising passion.

"Oooooooh! Ummmmm," she moaned abandonedly now to her self-induced
arousal as her probingly outstretched middle finger found the pulsing
little bud of her erect clitoris snugly nestled between her
voluptuously fleshy thighs. It quivered beneath her exploring touch and
she could feel its ecstatic signals racing throughout her entire
nakedly moist body and her immediate, instinctive reaction was to begin
twisting and turning excitedly on the soft cushions of the lounge.

With wanton desire, her eagerly trembling fingers encircled the tiny,
pulsing, erectly tremulous bud of the hardened clitoral flesh and she
squeezed it between her fingertips, her mouth flying open as the
lightning-like flashes of aroused stimulation crashed through her body,
causing her naked full-mooned breasts to quiver and dance, and her hips
to gyrate with slow, undulating motion. Dimly, as if in the background,
she could hear the rhythm of the rock and roll music which matched her
own erotic tempo beat for beat. Then, leaving the palpitating pleasure-
sprout, she rubbed her probingly delicate fingers against the lust-
moistened, hair-lined lips of her cuntal cavity and felt a new wave of
tingling excitement sweep through her until she abandoned that pursuit
and returned to the erotically excited, erectly quivering bud with her
hotly moistened fingertips, savoring the lustful tremors of impassioned
excitement, while her ass cheeks clenched tightly together and her hips
rotated and lifted off the soft bed of the lounge, pumping up and down
as if asking for more!

Her other hand now began busily kneading and squeezing her softly
pliant, fully rounded breasts, caressing them as they quivered with
abandoned pleasure. She took her rosy-hued distended nipple between her
thumb and forefinger, gently rolling the fingers back and forth,
feeling new crushing sensations of sublime rapture as the little
blossoms sprouted into vigorous, hardened life beneath her expert
massaging. From one voluptuous mound to the other her hand traveled,
while her lusciously parted legs, one outstretched finger probing the
heated inner area of her searingly smoldering cuntal lips.

"Oh, Eddie," the heatedly excited young wife murmured aloud. "Oh Eddie
how I need you now! How I crave for the hardness of your cock up inside
my belly. God, how wonderful it would be to feel your fucking into me
right now!"

The hand on her breasts now slithered down over the satiny smoothness
of her flat belly to join the other still probing with exploring
motions around the heatedly churning territory of her cuntal crevice
and began to once again massage the erectly throbbing bud of her
clitoris. Her hips arched up into the air, the wild rock and roll music
pounding in her ears like distant thunder, as the blonde-haired young
wife again abandoned herself to the lustfully erotic passions that
spiraled through her nakedly undulating body. Round and round her hips
moved, inviting her intruding fingers to enter the hidden secret
sanctuary of her openly spread cunt and soon one outstretched middle
finger slid effortlessly into the moistened, fire-filled cavern and
felt its soft walls literally snap at it as they closed hungrily around

But one small finger wasn't enough, and so soon afterwards another
finger joined in ... and then still another until three impaling, lust-
lubricated fingers were finger-fucking up into the scorching, flame-
licked furnace of her cuntal passage while the fingertips on the other
hand worked erotically at the pinkly glistening titty of her clitoral
flesh. With lust-crazed abandon, the voluptuous young wife writhed
unashamed on the soft cushions of the lounge as both her hands worked
feverishly around the pulsing, passion-drenched pussy flesh nestled so
enticingly up between the fleshy fullness of her creamy young thighs.

"Oh, please, Eddie! God, I need a cock so bad! A hard, driving cock
fucking up inside my cunt! Oh Christ, I'm going to cum ..."

Ann Dexter was poised on the brink of her impending orgasmic explosion,
every muscle in her body taut, every ounce of her energy concentrated
on the lust-inflamed region between her supple, full-fleshed thighs
when she became vaguely aware of something ... strange ... foreign ...
forbidden ... something not quite right. Her mind was too dazed by lust
and too fogged by wine to really concentrate on anything except the
burning torrent between her legs where her busily probing, slithering
fingers went madly about their erotic work, causing ripple after ripple
of heated, unquenchable excitement to spasm through her nakedly
thrashing body.

But ... something, she sensed vaguely, was not right. She opened her
eyes now, ever so slightly, and through a tear-clouded vision she saw
Valerie Barren's dog, Dante!

The dog had grown lonely for his mistress inside the Dexter's house and
had simply wandered toward the heated scent of Ann Dexter! Silently
moving across the yard step by cautious step, he had seen her on the
lounge in her spread thigh position, her hands working in teasing
circular motions between her splayed, creamy-fleshed thighs and little
human gasps and cries coming from between her well-moistened lips. He
watched her smoothly soft feminine buttocks rise from the lounge to
meet her-rhythmically working outstretched fingers and something
familiar clicked inside of his German shepherd brain. Something
unmistakably warm flowed through him as the unmistakably womanly scent
of passion, that his mistress had trained him so well in, invaded his
nostrils and grew stronger and stronger with each step he took toward
the wildly thrashing female human. He sensed his own canine loins
quivering lustfully as his eyes remained fixed on her naked body ...

It was then that Ann first saw the giant German shepherd, saw him
stepping inch by inch closer to her. She opened her mouth wide in
amazement, then said coaxingly, "Well, look who's here! Come to give me
a little of the same treatment you give your mistress, I'll bet!" Her
hands stopped their busy manipulations then, freezing in their lewd
position between her open thighs and she heard him whimper mournfully
beside her. She removed one hand from the steaming channel of her
clenching cunt and stretched it out toward him as if in a gesture of
welcome as he cautiously edged up beside her.

Dante sniffed tentatively at her out-stretched hand and at once a
shiver of lustful arousal swept his canine loins as he instantly
recognized the sweet aroma of human female excitement that clung with
the moisture of her cunt to her fingers. Abruptly, he leaned his head
down to lick out hotly with his wet, rough-skinned tongue against the
smooth, nakedly exposed flesh of her sun-tanned belly.

"Oh, you big beautiful beast! Oh, yes!" Ann moaned with rising
excitement as the lewdly provocative images of the dog licking her cunt
flooded her fevered mind. "Yes, Dante, do it to me! Lick me up between
my legs! Lick me, Dante!" In her lust crazed excitement, Ann reached
out to the licking dog once again and lost her balance, falling off of
the lounge onto the freshly mown grass. Again, his hotly moist tongue
licked along the velvety skin of her belly and an excruciating ripple
of abandoned passion swept over her like a tidal wave. Again and again
he did it, the searing spread length of his pink, fleshy tongue laving
against the sensitive skin of her sucked-in belly causing continuous
tremoring impulses to crash through her nakedly eager body!

It was even a struggle for the young blonde wife to raise her head to
look at the madly licking beast, her gasping breaths making her rounded
breasts rise and fall, their erect fullness half hiding her view as she
strained to see his long, pinkly hot tongue actually licking upward
over the tremulous satiny smoothness of her stomach! Higher and higher
he moved, relentlessly lapping until he was finally tongue caressing
the rounded full undersides of her excitedly quivering breasts, ever
creeping toward their melon-shaped contours toward the tiny, pink
marble blossoms of her nipples!

Spellbound, anticipating the same crazed passion she had felt with
Eddie, Ann couldn't hold back the gasping moan that rushed past her
moistened lips when his feverish, flame-licking oral instrument
actually reached them, wetly grazing the sensitively ripened, erectly
throbbing buds over and over to send maddeningly aroused spasms of
sublime pleasure spiraling through her nakedly glistening body in the
warm afternoon sunshine.

"Oh, yes! Dante, you really know how to make a woman happy, don't you?"
she groaned. "Oh, you're such a good boy," she purred. "Yes, keep it
up, you beautiful lover! I'll bet your mistress taught her doggie how
to take care of her! Don't stop!"

The young blonde could hardly think much less speak then as his hotly
licking tongue worked damply over the nakedly quaking mounds of her
breasts fanning the already heated flames of her rapturous desire. She
heard his deep throated whimper and her eyes widened to take in all of
his loving, licking performance ... and then, abruptly, he stopped.

"Hey, lover, don't leave me like this," she pleaded, and then the young
wife's breath caught in her throat as she raised her head to watch the
dog poise there with his long nose just above the enticing vee between
her wide-splayed thighs. "Yes, yes," she cried, "lick me there, lover!
Oh lick my cunt like you lick your mistress'! Oh, be a good boy to

Slowly, his head lowered as she watched, half crazy with wild
anticipation as his hot animal breaths wisped through her blonde curly
pubic hair. His wet nose coolly brushed against the softly creamy, warm
flesh of her inner thigh and then against the feverish lips of her
cuntal crevice! She heard the dog whimper again as he sniffed the
provocative aroma of her female excitement, his obscene investigation
of her seething inner sanctuary nearly driving her out of her mind with
lust-crazed anticipation.

"Oh, don't wait any longer, big boy!" she cried out loud. "Please, lick
my cunt like a good boy! Oh, lick your tongue deep up inside it good,
you great big brute!!" She groaned as she lifted her legs up and back
to expose the nakedness of her cuntal plane and buttocks to him.

Then the passion-inflamed young wife felt his cool, damp nose moving
down below her cuntal curls and rubbing wetly, provocatively, against
the tiny puckered ring of her anal opening, which caused her some
surprise but even more delight! She ground her hips toward him in
ecstatic welcome, gasping as his hotly liquid tongue snaked out to
wormingly lick up and down the smooth-skinned crevice surrounding her
now tightly clenched little rectal mouth, the tip burrowing teasingly
up into its roundly ovalled lips!

"Oh God! You really know how to turn a woman on, don't you? Ooooohhhh!"
she gasped, straining for breath. She followed his head now with her
eyes as he once again lowered it and she felt his wet, fire-filled
tongue exploring her between her open, welcoming thighs. Her entire
body trembled and she groaned again in a building mindlessness of
completely abandoned, erotic pleasure as he fluidly drew his simmering
tongue upward over the full length of her wildly pulsing pussy!

"Ummmmmmooowww!" she moaned to express the lewd sensations stabbing
inward toward her tremulous belly.

Again, he did the same thing, this time with his long thick animal
tongue spreading through her softly yielding cuntal lips like a licking
flame. And it didn't stop, but continued relentlessly spreading and
licking and lathing at the nakedly exposed, pinkly glistening flesh, at
last pausing to flick out in a sensuous curling motion far up into the
furnace of her boiling hot cuntal chamber! The feverishly impassioned
young wife could only groan and gasp and murmur incoherent endearments
as she writhed in uncontrollable wild thrashings in response to the
erotically stimulating oral caressing of the big dog that belonged to
her husband's sex research subject!

"Yeeeessss! Oh, don't stop now ... don't ever stop ... never ... lick
me good ... oh, lick my pussy ... oooaaahhhhwww!"

At that point in her breathtaking, frantic arousal, the nakedly rocking
young wife didn't care about anything else in the world except the
prurient excitement exploding through her loins from the wetly slaving
tongue of Valerie Barren's dog! She didn't care if her husband came out
of the house to see her, nor if Valerie herself suddenly appeared to
see her wildly licking dog in between Ann's lewdly spread legs. All she
cared about was the obscene sensuous delight his fire-filled licking
was sending flickering through her helplessly tremoring body. Her own
whimpers audibly increased and over the remote thundering of the rock
and roll music she could hear the dog whining and whimpering too which
only increased her already dizzingly impassioned lust! Her liquor
glazed mind sunk deeper into an enchanted oblivion as his incessantly
beautiful, wonderfully pleasure-bringing tongue stroked and bathed her
nakedly glistening womanly flesh.

Ann didn't know how long it went on. It seemed like one more flash of a
moment; it seemed like an infinite eternity in her erotically
stimulated intoxication. All she knew was that he continued with his
heavenly searing tongue wetly licking around and through and over her
liquid, desire-inflamed cuntal flesh until she was moaning and
squirming her whole nakedly frenzied body beneath his erotically
powerful lashings!

"Yessss! Oooohhh," she murmured with a husky, throaty voice as he
flicked the full mesmerizing length of his tongue in a heated, flame-
licking coil up into the madly clutching mouth of the secret womanly
sanctuary up between her legs. "Yessss! Oh, make me cum ... make me cum
all over your tongue ... yees ... pleeease, make me cum!"

The young blonde was nearly driven out of her senses and now reached
down to gently grasp his huge head, drawing it tighter into her as with
an animalish groan of her own, she drew her knees up all the way back
to the quivering, ruby-tipped mounds of her moon-rounded breasts,
pulling his long canine nose even tighter down into the wetly pulsing
region of her torridly broiling cunt! "Ooooohhhh!"

Dante knew very well what he was doing and delighted in playing his
special game with still another human fleshed-female and one he knew
would love him. His eager tongue flicked up the hotly clasping, soft-
walled passage like a firebrand, his own canine whines blending with
those of the passion-dazed young woman as he lovingly licked and
swirled into the shimmering pink flesh between her eagerly spread
thighs and buttocks.

"Oh, you ... big ... beautiful ... cunt-lover! Ooooh! Lick me! Lick my
cunt ... yes, lick me good, lover!" she pleaded in unknown salacity,
undulating her open, obscenely presented loins and trembling round
buttocks up against his hotly spearing, devilishly slaving tongue!

Dante could feel a burning fever in his own loins growing steadily as
he smelled and tasted the exotic juiciness of her sweetly aromatic
female human passion, the distinct flavor of it spurring his own animal
instincts and passions higher and higher. He knew the feeling very well
and he knew, too, that this incredibly aroused young human female would
know how to release the burning, mind-enveloping pressure that swirled
madly now in his cum-laden balls, desperately yearning to escape
through the long hot hardness of his dog cock.

Ann actually cried out when his magnificently licking tongue suddenly
deserted her shamelessly aroused pussy, and she looked him straight in
the eye when she lifted her head. "Oh, my darling dog ... what is it?
What's the matter? Please, lover ... don't leave me like this!"

The young wife was seized by a lustful panic and watched the massive
dog as he moved around to her side, stepping carefully from between her
invitingly parted legs. Then, he nosed against her softly sloping hip
in a gesture that she suddenly found herself understanding! He ... he
wants me to ... to turn over onto my stomach! Emphatically, he nudged
against her harder, the deep sounds coming from his broad chest almost
frightening the young blonde!

"Hold on there, darling, I've got a better idea," she said, reaching up
to the lounge and pulling down two of the soft cushions. Her eyes
glowed with the wanton lasciviousness of her intended act and her heart
pounded forcefully against her chest, causing her enormously rounded
breasts to quiver violently. She raised her hips up then and slid the
soft cushions underneath so as to uplift her naked exposed cunt, and
then spread her creamy, satin smooth thighs wide apart in open
invitation to the panting, trembling animal who stood before her, his
molten black eyes locked on the softly pulsing flesh of her cuntal
region. She spread her thighs again even wider, sensing that this was
what he wanted her to do, breathlessly picturing her naked smoothness
as it must appear to the lust-driven animal. She lay perfectly still,
feeling his hot, panting breaths whisking against the soft curling
hairs of her pubic triangle. And then she almost cried out when she
felt once again the lewd, forbidden delight of the dog's thick tongue
slithering into the smooth dampened crevice up between her openly
welcoming thighs.

At first, Dante had been confused. His first mistress had always taught
her to take her from behind and it wasn't clear to him what this human
female wanted him to do. If she wasn't on her knees, then ...? But the
way she was looking at him, the way her breath was coming in ragged
spurts, the way her eyes were glazed with forbidden lust ... it must be
all right this way! So he moved forward, easily mounting again between
her cushion-raised loins feeling once again the hot wetness of her
sweet smelling cunt as his tongue began to roam in its warm liquid

Ann's moans were beyond all control now, sensations like passion-driven
electric shocks shaking her obscene body and tantalizing her simmering
cunt and belly. The obscene desire to reach down with her small hands
to lewdly spread the lush cheeks of her ass open, offering the dog
enticing access to her tiny puckered anal ring, was as intense as the
boiling inferno raging at the base of her hungrily pulsing loins! She
felt his loving hot tongue wetly caressing the hair-fringed lips of her
lust-inflamed pussy, then licked with an insane firebrand heat along
its flushed folds on its forbidden way toward the flower petal mouth of
her cuntal womb.

"Ooooooooh!" she cried, feeling as though the last remnants of her
sanity were about to fly away. It was all beyond anything she had ever
conjured even in her most vividly alive sexual fantasies ... but then,
she felt his animal nose nudging at her again and it was clear that he
was ready now, ready to do what she had long known she wanted him to
do! Get up between her legs on top of her and fuck her!

"Aaaaauuugggh!" Ann wailed as Dante drew his thick, rough-skinned
tongue up through the full length of her wet, fire-filled cuntal
crevice and she eagerly spread her legs even further apart to open her
throbbing wet pussy slit between her trembling thighs wider to him. His
long spiraling animal tongue lunged out with a fierce carnal desire,
sweeping hotly through the wet inner flesh and flicking heatedly at the
greedily clasping mouth of her aching cunt. He was purposely inflaming
her upraised loins to greater heat before he entered the warm wet
sanctuary with his spearing animal cock!

She tensed as she felt her lover's powerful body crowding hotly in
towards her nakedly exposed, cushion-raised cunt ... yes, he's ready
... good and ready ... yes! He's going to fuck me now!

Ann was desperate, her passion burning within her naked lusting body
with such intensity that she would do anything, anything at all to
hasten his entry into her steaming, flame-licked loins! She hugged him
at first, her soft moistened lips kissing his long snout and large
limpid eyes while he tried vainly to answer with his tongue. But then,
she was reaching down beneath him until he felt her gentle, loving
fingers begin to surround the pendulous, cum-laden balls beneath his
belly ... and then her fingers were fondling warmly the length of his
emerging animal cock and parting the soft blonde curls of her pubic
hair with the tapered end of it! She was pressing it, pressing it
gently right up into the warmly pulsating entrance of her hotly waiting

Dante was relieved at once to know that this strange but aromatically
sweet woman did indeed want him to fuck her ... but it was so strange
... he had never fucked a human female except from behind before ...
and he still wasn't absolutely sure that it was all right ... but she
seemed to want him to fuck her that way ... she had guided the
throbbing tapered tip of his scarlet dog cock to the lust-lubricated
mouth of her vibrantly pulsing cuntal lair ... and then it was more a
matter of nature than of reason.

Instinctively, as the powerful German shepherd felt the moistly
clasping human cuntal flesh tickling and teasing at the tip of his hot
animal hardness, he did what his age-old instincts told him to do! He
fucked hard into the warmly greeting human hole. He hadn't any
conception of his own strength so he hadn't any mercy as the huge dog
humped his haunches forward up between her widespread thighs and sunk
his long palpitating length of blood-pounding dog cock into the
upturned channel of this young woman's cunt! He squatted somewhat on
his hind legs to be able to do it so it would travel inside her hotly
seething belly. Immediately, he felt his fur-encased, sperm-filled
testicles slapping up against the smooth, wide-splayed crevice between
the crescent-shaped mounds of her buttocks as he fucked into her with
all the animal fury he possessed.

"Aaaaaauuuggghhh! OOooowwwaaaoo!" Ann wailed at the unbelievably
satisfying first penetration of his massively hardened cock, but there
was very little chance to linger over the excruciating pleasure as it
filled her passion-dilated cuntal wetness and then fucked out ... and
then stormed in once again! A dozen or more perhaps more rapid fire,
cunt reaming thrusts burrowed their way deeply inside her moistly
clenching cunt before she fully came to grips with what was happening
to her, so intense was his animalistic assault on the helplessly
aroused young woman. Like the powerful animal that he was, his fucking
dog cock slammed deep up into the wetly aching depths of her open womb.
She gasped and cringed beneath him, her mind blinded and tormented by
the screaming intensity of her rampant desire, the very soul of her
cunt inflamed with a raging wave of unparalleled lust!

Maddening delights of forbidden ecstasy filled her lewdly straining
nakedness and the frenetic young woman could do no more than groan and
moan and squirm salaciously around beneath the big beautiful beast that
belonged to another woman as she offered the whole of her sensual
nakedness of her wide splayed cunt up to him to fuck as long and as
hard as he pleased! She strained to look down between them and watch
with a mesmerized fascination as the red hot rod of massively thickened
dog cock slithered in and out of her raging hot cunt with breathtaking
charges, fucking its way to the furry hilt in her ravished cuntal
passage, his heavy, cum-laden balls slapping heavily down against the
tiny, pinkly puckered ring of her asshole between her widespread young

Her breasts quivered violently from every cunt-splitting plunge, her
brain reeling and rocking in the blinding whirlpool of her forbidden
lust! She gasped and groaned and tried desperately to watch as the
glistening scarlet shaft of tapered hardness fucked deep into her wetly
clasping cunt and she kicked her legs out, wrapping them around his
strong, broad back to rhythmically lift her fiery loins in a wildly
obscene grinding motion to meet his powerful, lust-driven strokes with
lewd, ecstatic abandon.

"Yessss! Fuck meeeee! Oh, you big ... beautiful ... beast ... fuck
meeeeee!" she cried, unable to contain the fiercely glowing fires of
her outrageously wanton desire. She could feel the pressure of her own
volcanic eruption building, growing, rising inside her fire-filled
loins and she knew it wouldn't be long now before the final mind
shattering explosion shuddered through her heatedly striving, intensely
thrashing nakedness. It would be more wonderful, more magnificent, more
breath taking and enthralling than any orgasm she had ever experienced
in her long and exciting sexual career -- and all thanks to this
brutally fucking, wildly plunging German shepherd!

There was only one thing to do -- she must talk to Carl about getting a
dog ... perhaps another big, magnificent German shepherd ... yes, she
would definitely have to talk to Carl about that when he finished

Chapter 7

"I'm happy that I could help you out," said Valerie Barren, retrieving
her purse from the floor next to her chair, her long dark hair grazing
the carpeted floor as she bent over. "If you should need any more
information I'd be more than happy ..." she said, rising from her
chair, extending a ruby-tipped hand toward Dr. Dexter, a glowing smile
brightening her young face.

"Certainly do appreciate it," Carl nodded, staring at the deep cleavage
tantalizing him just an arms reach away, thinking to himself how, yes,
she could do a lot for him ... she could give him a little of the
action she gave that man on stage yesterday that just about drove him
out of his mind! But instead, he thanked her for her time, never
mentioning the show except to tell her it was most revealing of modern
sociological attitudes toward sex. There was lots more he wanted to
say, but didn't dare; it would hardly sound professional.

Halfway through the door, Valerie turned to blow the doctor a kiss.
Jesus, but she was a flirt the way she flitted and slithered! And
without thinking, the words: "How about having lunch with me some
afternoon, Valerie?" blurted out of his mouth. God, what would Ann
think if she heard that?

"Oh, I'd love to sometime, Dr. Dexter!"

Then she was gone.

"Dante! Dante! Where are you?" the soprano voice of Valerie Barren
sluiced the stillness of the warm afternoon. "You bad dog, now where
have you gone? I told you to stay right there on the front step while I
was talking to Dr. Dexter!" She stood there, hands on her hips waiting
for her three year old German shepherd to come bounding at the sound of
his mistress's beckoning call, but there was no response.

Circling the house in search of the gate to the picket fence that
privately separated the Dexter's yard from the rest of the middle class
neighborhood, Valerie peeked over the fence near the swimming pool and
dropped her purse -- dumb-struck! Valerie stood at the gate with her
eyes and mouth wide open in horrified disbelief! She couldn't move, she
couldn't think, her mind and her body were paralyzed by the obscene
tableau being enacted before her dark eyes right in the Dexter's back
yard where practically anyone, including Dr. Dexter, could hear the
lewd moanings and groanings and whimperings of the madly passionate
pair on the grass.

Ann's loins were lifted off the ground, on two large soft cushions,
rising and falling with the steadily growing rhythm of her lewd lust,
her naked sun tanned young body glistening with moisture. In front of
her loins humping over her nakedness, was Valerie's own pet dog, Dante,
and she could see his long, thick scarlet dog cock fucking wetly in and
out of Ann's nakedly exposed cunt! Ann's eyes were closed, her head was
flailing madly from side to side as whimpers of aroused, excited
delight escaped from between her moistly parted lips while the
masculine organ of Dante's lust pounded and fucked into her.

The young stripper finally began to approach cautiously, step by step,
afraid to make any sound or abrupt movement for fear of distracting the
lewdly fucking couple. Her mind was swimming within her head ... how
could the Doctor's wife do this in her own back yard? How incredibly
wanton and daring! My God! Dr. Dexter must know about his wife's sexual
activities if she dared do it so close to him. What a wonderfully
sexually liberated family they must be!

The young woman inched closer to the madly fucking pair, watching the
soft hair fringed lips of Ann's hotly working cunt disappear up inside
her inwardly sucking cunt walls each time Dante fucked into her with
his sex spearing cock, and watching those same soft, pinkly glistening
lips pulling all the way back out with his mammothly swollen cock on
the out-stroke. The sight was a magnet to the mesmerized woman as she
crept cautiously forward, watching with stunned fascination as the
enormous dog fucked time and time again brutally into the warmly
welcoming cunt of Ann Dexter, his every muscle taut and rippling
against his short furred skin as Ann rocked and writhed nakedly beneath
his fucking.

As for Ann, she was aware of nothing in the world except that madly
storming, thickly turgid dog cock smashing into the heatedly soft
walled depths of her cuntal hole, and each new plunge brought new and
ecstatic waves of sublime pleasure rippling through her naked body,
causing her huge, firmly rounded breasts to quiver and tremble
violently. If anyone had ever told her that this would happen some day
... well, she would have told them they were crazy. But now, now she
wanted his dog cock, wanted to feel his shooting white hot cum spraying
unrelentingly up into her thirstily aching cunt. She hungered for it to
crash against and to feel the sticky streams of it dribbling down the
soft, sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Raging tongues of searing
hot flame licked between her tremulous thighs and her wildly inflamed
cunt glowed with the scalding passion of his viscous, inhuman invasion!
Damn, she was nearly exploding with mind shattering passion as she
listened to him whining and whimpering with the strange animalism of
his own passion!

Valerie still walked tentatively forward, her mind devastated with the
lust driven sight before her -- her precious dog lover making love to
another woman! No, it wouldn't be right, having never formally met Mrs.
Dexter ... but she couldn't help herself... Ann looked so beautiful
lying there ... so vibrantly alive ... so recklessly loving ... it was
almost as if ... she were animal herself, a hungry, greedy, sexually
appetizing animal.

Incredibly, Dante never stirred, never ceased his unrelenting fucking
into the softly inviting pussy flesh of Ann Dexter. He sensed that his
mistress was approaching ... soon he could begin to match the
distinctive aroma of her excited, aroused womanhood, mingling
salaciously with the same sweetly pungent fragrance of the woman below
him ... but he didn't stop his obscene task ... he couldn't have
stopped then even if he wanted to because of the fiercely burning fire
raging through his cum filled balls, aching to escape through the long
hot hardness of his scarlet dog cock into the warmly welcoming hole of
the human woman's sex hole! He knew that after he was finished with his
erotic work, after the explosion building in his balls had stormed
through his madly throbbing cock, that then he would go to his mistress
... but not now, no not now ...

Ann shivered at the sound of the loving beasts' harsh guttural snarls
as at the same instant his haunches began to fuck even more furiously
in and out of her steaming, flame scorched cuntal hole, plunging in
until his tapered cock tip bashed against her cervix. Yet there was
still another surprise in store for the young blonde as she opened her
eyes and saw Valerie Barren! Her young dark haired lover's mistress was
standing there, next to the wildly fucking pair -- and my God, she was
taking her clothes off! Her trembling hands were practically ripping
the clothes from her body and now she was kneeling down, inching closer
and closer, her wide open eyes fixed on Ann's churning swaying,
thrashing loins where Dante was fucking into her with all his might!
Christ, it looks like she wants to join in!

Suddenly, Ann felt warm, small hands kneading at her breasts as she
looked up to see the moistly glistening, wide splayed lips of Valerie's
darkly curled cunt hovering over her face! Without a moment's
hesitation, Ann reached up and drew Valerie's quivering loins down hard
over her lips while the young girl continued to caress and knead at
Ann's tremulous breasts, teasing and tweaking the ruby red nipples into
vibrantly distended erection. Ann suddenly opened her mouth to let her
moistly pink tongue play shamelessly along her lips, then quickly
lashed out with it to hotly lick at the soft, hair-lined lips of
Valerie's quivering cunt!

"Aaaaaaugggh!" the young woman moaned as the blonde teased the soft
glistening folds of her warmly inciting cunt with her slithering pink
tongue, sending mad swirling streams of fiery passion surging through
her loins and crashing through her naked body as it crouched there
above the anxiously, frantically fucking nakedness of Ann Dexter!

Ann was beside herself with the passionate ecstasy of furiously licking
the seething, moistly seeping cunt of Valerie and she moaned around her
hotly flicking tongue as she felt Dante's hard scarlet thickness
storming into her wildly sucking cunt which clung convulsively to the
spearing rod until she thought she would burst from the sheer,
agonizing pleasure of it all! Her warmly lashing tongue seemed to drink
the sweet sexual juices of her curvaceous new lover, reveling in the
soft, warm folds of her cunt and then with a wetly licking curl,
surging up into the warm wetness of the hotly clutching cavity and
basking in the tantalizingly warm sucking of it while her own crazily
aroused cunt sheathed Dante's enormously elongated cock like a tight
fitting glove and she could sense that he was ready to cum, ready to
spill out his love juices deep up into the warmly waiting receptacle of
her wildly straining cunt!

And then suddenly, like a hurricane unleashing its full fury, her own
dynamic explosion reverberated throughout her shuddering, spasming
body, surging through her loins like wild flames, convulsing her every
muscle as it rippled over her lust driven body! Oh God! I'm cummmming!
The wild flames of searing, sublime release tore through her nakedness,
causing her to thrash upwards in one enormously convulsive shudder as
its violent tremor held her there for what seemed like forever, her
mouth hanging open in a soundless scream, her eyes almost bulging out
of their sockets!

And then, with equal suddenness, she could feel the dog's thickly
turgid cock convulse wildly and begin to jerk deep in the darkened,
warmly clenching recesses of her cunt, filling the hotly flaring cavern
with a powerful streaming force of scalding liquid that splashed and
crashed against the soft, clinging walls! It was spewing viciously from
deep in the fur covered well of his testicles, filling her cunt until
it began to overflow back out warmly, dripping down the softly pliant
flesh of her creamy-like thighs while her tongue worked ever more
voraciously within the heated depths of Ann's love hungry cunt,
flicking and lashing hotly as the young woman moaned eagerly above her!

Time and time again, as if bursting forth from a never ending spring,
Dante's cum spurted into her hotly clutching cunt and she felt as if a
bomb had exploded inside of her belly as the scalding thick liquid
continued to pour into her while the tremors of her own orgasm began to
finally subside in her tremulously excited young body. She wanted to
scream, to cry out like a wild animal, but instead she madly licked and
flicked her tongue up deep into the warmly streaming tunnel of
Valerie's hungrily striving young cunt.

And then, at last, after a long silence punctuated by their panting
gasps, Valerie fell to one side, Dante backed away, and Ann was left,
hips still propped up on the soft lounge cushions, eyes still closed,
chest still heaving under her tremulously quivering breasts, in the
aftermath of her sexual delirium ...

Chapter 8

"Oh my God, Valerie, what have I done? What can I say?" Ann moaned
softly as she sat, nakedly whimpering, on the soft green grass of her
own back yard, her face flushed and her hands burying her face.

"Oh, Ann, don't feel bad," Valerie answered firmly, running her own
hand across Mrs. Dexter's head and stroking soothingly along her long
blonde hair. "It was wonderful ... don't even give it a second thought.
It's wonderful being so liberated with your body!"

"But ... but I don't even know you, except by name!" wailed the
distraught young wife, awash in the confusion of her own emotions.
"It's all so strange to me ... so different ... I ... I can't believe
that ... that I actually did that ..." And it was true. The young
blonde didn't know what had come over her, couldn't quite understand
how her own instant lust for the dog had spread to this woman! But when
she had seen Valerie's beautiful body, she just didn't ... couldn't

"Listen," began Valerie, "it's just like your husband says. Some women
are highly sexed yet normal. It's nothing to be afraid of ... just be
thankful that you're not hung-up about it like most women in the world.
Oh, thank the Lord for that! What would life be without an out-of-sight
sexual experience like we just had."

Her arm that had been wrapped around Ann's shoulder now dropped to the
tremulously inviting mounds of her breasts and gently began to massage
one of those twin voluptuous spheres with gentle tenderness. "And
there's nothing wrong with wanting to make love to other beings besides
men. God, how many lousy lays have you had in your lifetime? Just
speaking from my own experience, I can remember a lot -- more than I'd
like to admit to! Really, why the hell should your husband be the only
one to enjoy your sexiness. Suppose your sexual needs are greater than
his ... what are you supposed to do? Be frustrated for the rest of your

Ann could not refute the logic of the dark-haired woman ... but at the
moment she couldn't even begin to offer a rebuff because now her
tormented mind was even more confused by the warmly caressing hand
manipulating the softly supple skin of her voluptuous breast.

"I'm just trying to prove to you that you haven't done anything wrong!"
Valerie said comfortingly, her arm now pulling Ann down until she lay
prone on the ground, staring up at her sensuous new lover with the look
of a small, frightened animal. "You've got one hot little cunt up
between your legs, Ann, and the sooner you start to realize its needs,
the happier you'll be. Just take it from one who knows!"

Ann could feel the rising tide of passion in her own body and although
her husband's subject didn't seem yet to be forcing her into anything,
she felt a new need welling in her quaking body.

Valerie sat on the cool grass next to her new lover, appreciatively
studying the hills and valleys of her contoured body. She couldn't help
but stretch out her arms and begin massaging the upswinging young
breasts of Mrs. Dexter, one with each small but expert hand. Quivers of
shivering desire began to ripple through the blonde's alluringly naked
body as the other woman gently caressed and kneaded at the soft, cream-
white flesh of her naked breasts and she could feel the beginning
stirrings of fiery desire seeping into her loins ... already that
telltale moisture began to burn down the smooth sensitive flesh of her
thighs! She could hear the woman moaning with pleasure above her and
suddenly she felt her own legs begin to spread wide in open invitation
to the sexual stimulation of the woman next to her.

"Do you see what I mean?" Valerie crooned softly.

"Oh, yes, yes!" Ann nearly shrieked. "Yes!"

"Then, shall we have a good time together this afternoon? Just you and
me ... and Dante?"

"Oh, yes, Valerie! Please!" the young blonde moaned, listening to the
sigh-like breathing of her curvaceously naked lover.

Suddenly, the enormous German shepherd was beside them, looking down
like a wounded puppy at his nakedly panting mistress. Valerie reached a
hand over to him, stroking him lovingly along his strong, muscular
young flanks. "That's okay, big boy," she cooed softly to him. "We
haven't forgotten about you, baby. We'll let you in on the fun, don't

And then she returned her attention to her newfound lover. Dante may
have felt a little ill-at-ease, but Valerie felt a delirious stab of
excitement rip through her naked body as she warmly massaged the twin
peaks of Ann's sensuously tempting mounds of flesh, taking the nipples
between her fingers and teasing them into vibrant, vividly pulsing
erection! She heard her young blonde lover moan with sublime pleasure,
saw the young blonde's legs slowly sliding helplessly apart in
anticipation of the even more lewdly exciting delights that were to
come. It had been a long time since Valerie had felt the wonderful
thrill of making love to another woman, many, many months since she'd
warmly caressed another woman's breasts or let her tongue flick wet and
hot up into a softly inviting cunt!

Suddenly, Valerie felt Ann's warm skin on her own and felt the blonde-
haired woman's body sliding down over her own. Ann was taking over now!
Valerie watched her then kneeling on the grass between her own
obscenely spread legs and she could feel an instant shiver race through
her nakedly trembling body when Ann ran two tantalizing fingers along
the smooth soft skin of her inner thighs.

"Oooooohhhh! Annn!" the young woman moaned as the fingers warmly traced
delicate little titillating patterns along the velvety creaminess of
her thighs. And then a new shudder of salacious desire swept through
her as she felt Ann's eagerly probing fingers first come into electric
contact with the soft, moist folds of her aching cunt! Oh, she's going
to touch me there! Oh yes! Yes! Oh, it will be so wonderful! Oh, I just
know she's going to satisfy me! And then ... then we'll both share
Dante! And Ann continued her tantalizing play around Valerie's lovely
pink cunt, alternating little tickling motions with slow circular ones
in those luscious crimson folds.

Ann could feel Valerie's lust provoked moisture sliding around her
playing fingers as the young woman became more and more wantonly
aroused from the warmly gentle finger fun, from the intense yet gentle
pressure of her erotically exploring fingers. Ann shifted, without
moving her hand to lie down beside the nakedly undulating body of her
blonde lover, her own tantalizingly full breasts quivering and
trembling from the mounting excitement crashing through her loins. A
new shiver of pleasure raced through Ann Dexter as she leaned down and
felt the soft skin of Valerie's legs -- just like she'd done this her
whole sexual career -- and brushed and swayed her breasts against her
tender inner thighs again by moving her body slowly, deliberately
provocative, from side to side, while her fingers joyfully teased at
the warm, wet folds of Valerie's moisture-drenched cunt.

"Ooooooaaaauuuuuh!" Valerie moaned, no longer knowing or caring about
anything except the tantalizing fingers that were sending flashes of
pussy flaring sensation searing through her nakedly undulating body.
Her own cuntal channel was by this time well lubricated and the inner
muscles were contracting convulsively as Ann then wormed her two center
fingers exploringly into the wetly surrendering channel up to the palm
of her hand! Now her other hand went to Valerie's roundly smooth
buttocks and slowly smoothed experimentally around the lush full moons
while her serpent-like tongue toyed around the gentle indentation of
Valerie's navel!

"Mmmmmmmmm! Oooowww!" Valerie cried, her eyes flying open now, watching
the lewd ministrations of her naked lover. Out of the corner of her
eyes she could see Dante sitting obediently beside them, his eyes fixed
on their naked contortions, his long pink tongue lolling out of his
panting mouth, patiently awaiting their next command to him.

But Dante didn't keep her attention for long, because now Valerie could
feel Ann fucking still another finger into her hotly enveloping cuntal
hole, plunging up through the ring of her wildly contracting muscles
into the pink soft-walled depths of her raging cuntal furnace. The
young dark-haired stripper reflexively arched her back in welcome to
Ann's cunt-fucking fingers and she could feel the rising pressure of
rampant sexual desire quivering in her belly while her buttocks were
being gently, salaciously squeezed in tempo to match that of the
salaciously circling fingers fucking up into her openly spread cunt!

"Ummmm ... you like that? Am I doing okay?" Ann moaned above her.

"Yesss!!! Oh, Darling, you feel so wonderful!" Valerie cried, feeling
her own body going almost out of control with the madly swirling
passions spiraling within it. Delightful spasms began now to wrack her
body as she bucked and rocked beneath the steady, expert hand of her
young lover ... the hand that seemed by now to be almost a part of her
insides as it molded to the wetly clinging contours of her cunt walls.
Her legs kicked out wide and back and began to scissor back and forth
to the motion of her rhythmically rolling hips and the warm softness of
Ann's tongue on her stomach was driving her frantic with lust-crazed
desire. It was all so good ... if it never ever stopped, that would be
much too soon! She felt the floods of moisture seeping down the
alabaster flesh of her inner thighs and suddenly Ann's tongue was
moving down ... down ... down ...

And Valerie was no longer conscious of anything other than her own
fiery needs. She let out a low moaning growl ... her head tossed from
side to side, wildly thrashing ... her hands went down to Ann's head
and held it ... held it as Ann continued to tantalizingly lick at her
steadily flowing cunt juices ... to tease with excruciating pleasure at
her flame-licked loins! Her lips mumbled incoherent grumbles now as she
heard Dante's whining simper beside her and she desperately wanted him

Ann's other hand now found the opening between Valerie's buttocks and
she slowly worked her finger into the tightness of her tiny puckered
rectal opening. She wormed it in as far as the flat of her palm ...
swiveled it around in the tightly clasping cavern ... wriggled it
playfully and slid in and out of the warmly moist opening in rhythmic
tempo to the fingers that were skewering still into the woman's
erotically seething cunt ...

Arid then it happened. With a smile of delight, knowing she'd
succeeded, Ann heard a wild wailing emerging from Valerie's throat.
"I'm cummmmmming!" *
* * *

Dr. Carl Dexter carefully marked the tape, a sly smile on his lips.
Boy, that was one hot interview, all right, and damn, if Ann hadn't
been out in the back yard sunning, he just might have continued that
interview in a more practical vein! He couldn't help but laugh when he
found out that the man on stage with her yesterday was her boyfriend!
Boy, he bet they had some hot dates!

But all was not lost; she'd consented to having lunch with him one of
these days. And by God, just as soon as this damned report was in, he
just might call her up.

Back to work ... he strolled into the study and lifted the Dictaphone
machine down off the shelf. Squatting, he plugged it in and then
adjusted the table lamp so that Ann couldn't complain too much about
having to work on Saturday. Checking his watch, he realized his wife
had plenty of time to get burned out there in the hot sun. A few sprigs
of fresh flowers in a vase on her work table, a fresh glass of the red
wine that she adored so, and it was all ready for Ann.

Time to fetch the little woman from the backyard! ...

* * *

"I'm cuuummming!" stormed into Carl's ears as his eyes were greeted by
the sight of his wife's eagerly licking tongue fucking into the pinkly
glistening folds of the voluptuous young Valerie Barren's desperately
straining cunt on the cool green grass of their back yard. Beside them
sat Dante, Valerie's German shepherd, the one Valerie had told him
about in her interviews -- about how she'd found companionship with the
animal after her first husband was killed racing cars. The dog sat
there intently gazing at the lewdly performing women with his long pink
tongue lolling wetly out of the side of his mouth as he panted around

He heard Valerie's voice become a whimpering sob and then break out
into a wailing scream as the spasms of her convulsive orgasm rippled
through her nakedly thrashing body so that it jerked and trembled
violently in its moisturized nakedness. Wave after wave of the sublime,
rapturous release echoed through her quivering loins in her sweet agony
as her mouth let out another piercing wail sounding like a wild
banshee. Finally, her tremors began to subside and it was then that
Carl stepped up to hover over the nakedly writhing woman.

"Well, what's going on here?" he heard himself say. Jesus, he'd never
seen anything so sexy in his life -- his wife and Valerie, the
stripper, making love to each other in his own back yard! Good God! Ann
must be taking her work too seriously.

"Carl!" Ann screamed, her eyes flashing open, her arms instantly moving
to cover up her nakedness to no avail. Dante began to growl menacingly
at the intruder, in his confused bewilderment thinking him a threat to
his two lovely human female companions.

"That's okay, boy," Carl said softly, extended a tight fist toward the
dog's nose so that the dog knew he was no threat.

"It's okay, Dante. Come here," Valerie murmured to her dog, who
grudgingly quieted down, though his large black eyes were still
flashing with mistrust and suspicion.

"Carl ... I ... I," Ann began to stammer before she was interrupted by
Valerie's amused tones.

"Well, Doctor Dexter, you wanted to know about my sex life and now
you've got a first hand account!" she clapped her small hands together
merrily, much to the confusion of Ann Dexter who, paling, felt more
ashamed and embarrassed then she could ever remember feeling in her
whole life. How could she even begin to explain the salacious sight of
herself making love to another woman. Best to remain silent and still,
she reasoned. Surprisingly, Valerie seemed neither embarrassed or
ashamed. In fact, she seemed happy that Carl had suddenly stumbled upon

"Yes, it adds to the interest," Carl responded, no trying to hide the
surprised amusement in his voice, "I-I hope I haven't interrupted

"Oh no, we just got started, Dr. Dexter!"

Ann looked at the stripper with wide eyes. How could she joke at a-time
like this? My god, Carl must be seething inside that calm demeanor.

"If you'd like to join the party, Dr., I'm sure Ann wouldn't mind.
Would you Ann?"

She opened her mouth, but no words came out. My God, was this really
happening to her? How could anyone be as brazen as this Valerie Barren?
As if it hadn't been enough that she'd successfully seduced Ann, now
she was asking Ann's husband to join in!

"Well?" Valerie's eyes teased, staring at the growing bulge in the
doctor's suit pants. "Aren't you going to join us; are you liberated
enough?" she giggled.

"Damn right I am!" And with that Carl began to tear off his sports
jacket, then he loosened his tie and threw it onto the ground. His tie
was quickly followed by his shirt, shoes, socks, trousers and
undershorts, in that order until his clothes were lying in a crumpled
heap upon the grass beside the two naked women.

"W-what's going on?" Ann finally managed to stammer, her voice high and
thin and weak. She'd never seen Carl so anxious to get laid in his
life! Carl? Was this her paunchy, snoring Carl ... fifteen-second Carl,
as she thought of him on those frustrated mornings. "What's ... are you

"We're just going to have a little party, that's all," Valerie said
soothingly. "The more the merrier, as they say," she giggled, raising
her shoulders.

Carl laughed with an almost evil leering quality, his eyes now focusing
on the voluptuously curved body of his research subject that he had
waited so damned long to get at.

"Ann? Do you mind?" Both sets of lust hungry eyes settled on Ann in
that crucial moment in her marriage. Never had she ever dreamed this
would happen to her -- that her husband would want to make love to
another woman right in front of her!

"Go ... go ahead, don't let me stop you ..." She didn't want to admit
it, but she felt crushed and humiliated, a fleeting emotion that did
not escape their eyes.

"Remember what I told you ..." began Valerie, resting her small hand on
Ann's arm. "You know, about being a highly sexed woman and all. Now
this is your chance to prove it!"

"That's right, Ann, just like you and Dr. Everett in the coffee room
the other day. I know you still love me, but you just couldn't help
flirting, could you?"

"No ... no ... that's true." Jesus, did he have eyes in the back of his
head? How could he have known?

"Now let's get on with it, Miss Barren!" He was on the ground beside
the two women, about to begin with the preliminaries when suddenly
Valerie pushed gently against his chest and whispered in his ear. "Your
wife wants you, Dr. Dexter. I can tell she does. Make your wife happy
before you please anybody else."

He stopped, considered, stroked his chin and smiled at Ann. "I want
you, Ann. I want you first before anything else. I'm going to fuck you
so you can't walk for a week!"

Ann's mouth dropped at those words, his voice seemed to crash into
Ann's disbelieving ears. She looked up to see him standing there above
her, his muscles seemingly tensed against his skin. The old boy had
never looked so good to her! Then her eyes fell on his cock! My God,
she'd never seen it so big before in her whole life! Unlike his flaccid
genitals that she'd accustomed herself to over the past years of
marriage, this time his balls were heavy and pendulous, already
bloating with sperm at its husky base between his thighs. She saw too,
his licentious grin as he began to obscenely fingerstroke the massive
instrument, drawing the foreskin back over the blunt, bulbous head,
thrusting his narrow hips and pelvis rhythmically around in front of
her wide-open eyes in imitation of the rhythms and motions that were to
come. "Ready, Ann? Are you ready for your husband to fuck his big,
beautiful cock up inside you hot little cunt?"

Ann watched in almost numbed disbelief as he lay down on the cool soft
grass beside her, his long thick lust bloated cock slanting upwards
toward the clear blue sky. God, this was going to be wonderful! Maybe a
new start to their flaccid marriage. She knew, then that she wanted to
crawl up on top of him and let him fuck her from below!

Dante whimpered painfully beside her and the young blonde saw her dark
haired lover lean over to comfort him. "Go on," she said to Ann, "Go on
and climb up on top of your husband! He's waiting for you! Please him
like you pleased me ... and you know you want to! Be free!"

God, Ann was ready all right. There was no use denying how much she had
screamed mentally for a cock while Dante was fucking her ... no use to
deny the cock craving gnawing in her cunt! Ann's wetly fierce licking
of Valerie's cunt had only stimulated her into wanting desperately the
real thing fucking up inside her!

Her rich, full breasts quivered as she breathed deeply and she saw Carl
grinning up at her with something tremendously magnetic in his eyes
that seemed to draw her almost against her will. Making love in front
of another person was a new experience for her, and at first her
reluctance had almost won the battle, but now that had dissolved into a
whirlpool of frenzied lust as she climbed wantonly up over him,
straddling him and resting on her knees with the thin vertical mouth of
her blonde rimmed cunt poised directly over his soaring hard pole of
masculine flesh.

"Come on, my lovely. Put it right in its place," he grinned up at her,
his face flushed with the heat of his own rampant desire.

Almost as if she were in a trance, Ann grasped Carl's long hardness and
drew it smoothly up through her delicate cuntal curls to place it
hesitantly at the lips of her seething hot cunt. And then, with an
unexpected piercing stab of his blunt headed thickness, Carl expanded
the elastically tight mouth of her moistly lubricated pussy with a
furious upward fuck that nearly whipped the breath right out of her
lungs! He fucked his powerful hips forward, at the same time reaching
out to grasp hold of his wife forcing her downward onto his spearing
rod with a loud howl of impassioned delight. A sudden pain rippled
through her groin but somehow she couldn't scream ... didn't want to!
How long had she waited for this? She was too busy gasping for breath
to utter one syllable.

Carl could feel his own breath coming faster and faster as he held her
rigidly locked to his lust hardened cock and then began to bounce her
up and down over his hard, deeply impaling cock, feeling it go each
time ever deeper until it pounded into her cringing cunt.

"Not bad for an old man, eh, baby?" he asked, watching the hardened
pink nipples on her quivering breasts which only incited his lust to
even greater heights!

"Oh, baby! You're so big, oh Carl! It feels heavenly!" she cried,
suddenly forgetting about the audience.

"And it'll get harder yet! Don't you worry, Old Doc Dexter wouldn't let
his wife down!" He panted proudly as he felt her clenching her cuntal
muscles bravely around his thickly tugid cock. She was joining his
undulating movements now, fucking up and down on his rigidly swollen
cock, loving every minute of her rapidly growing abandoned excitement
and she thought she could feel every ridge of the hot hard cock as it
fucked and fucked up into her hungrily engulfing cunt walls.

The heated secretions of her rampant desire were spilling like an
overflowing dam from the inner walls of her cunt as it warmly sheathed
his lunging hardness up inside of her and she could see by the flushed
excitement of his face that his pleasure was no less ecstatically
exquisite that her own. And Ann's moans of abandoned excitement grew
even more intense as she felt his hands reach up greedily to clutch at
her marble hardened nipples, squeezing them and her jiggling breasts
between his strong young fingers as she ground her softly voluptuous
buttocks up and down over his cock with a frantic, wildly growing

Dante watched, bewildered and feeling neglected by his new lover. He
could smell the distinctive odor of her female arousal and knew that to
be his cue to play that very special game. And he could feel the fire
of his own passion burning in his balls as he watched her beautiful
naked buttocks thrust up there in the air like that ... as he saw the
human man's thickly inviting cuntal folds up between her thighs ... the
tautly puckered mouth of her anus nakedly exposed between her wide-
spread ass cheeks.

Had Ann been watching Valerie's virile young dog, she would have seen
him panting almost breathlessly and she would have seen, too, his long
scarlet cock slipping inch by inch from its furry sheath, as his eyes
focused on his nakedly pumping new found lover. But Ann wasn't
watching. In fact, her eyes were closed tight as she worked frantically
up and down on her husband's rod of hot, hard male flesh, although in
the back of her mind she began to become aware of Valerie's dog's slow,
creeping movements ...

Suddenly, there was a new sensation flashing like thunder up from her
nakedly tremulous loins ... it was wet and warm ...

The young blonde twisted her head back to see Dante licking upward
along the furrow of her nakedly wide spread buttocks! "Oh Dante!
Please!" she gasped hoarsely but her pleading was interrupted by Carl's
commanding voice. "Ann! Up, Ann! Get that ass of yours up higher!" he
barked, pulling her shoulders down so that her softly supple smooth
buttocks stuck out invitingly high and unprotected in the air,
seemingly an open invitation to Valerie's madly impassioned German
Shepherd. "That's it. Let the old boy have his fun, too."

Ann wasn't quite sure what to make of her obscene situation and of her
husband's sudden demands. Did he really want the dog to have her too?
She felt Dante's strong forepaws on the creamy flesh of her naked hips
and then the soft nuzzling of his belly fur against her nakedly exposed
ass cheeks. And she knew, then, that his heavily hardened animal cock
was not far behind! and she knew exactly where he would try to fuck
into her with it, too.

"Oh, I can't," Ann gasped. "Not there!" the thrashing blonde exclaimed,
but she knew from the lust controlled look on Carl's flushed face that
he was enjoying himself far too much to put a stop to the fun in mid-
game. Ann knew then that there was no escape for her, that she would be
mercilessly fucked both in the cunt and in the ass right there in front
of Valerie Barren ... that the dog would fuck his long scarlet cock
into her defenselessly exposed rectum while Carl fucked with obscene
delight up into her fire filled cunt from below!

"Oh God, please Dante ... please wait!" But Dante wouldn't wait.
"Please do it easy, Dante!" she choked, feeling the dog's searing hot
hardness searching in vain along the voluptuously tempting valley
between her nakedly spread buttocks as Carl fucked his mammothly thick
cock hard into her from below. And then, he found it. The tapered tip
of Dante's dog cock nestled for a moment at the crinkly tight hole of
her rectal passageway, poised for action!

She felt him lewdly worm his stiff cock until it was just inside the
tiny rectal opening and she gasped for breath. But her breath caught in
her throat as he then humped forward again and again, his lust hardened
cock grinding without compassion into the vainly resisting tunnel of
her virginal anus. A deep and angry growl rumbled around in the
animal's throat as she felt the tapered length of his massively fucking
cock stretching the channel of her elastically yielding rectum, sliding
all the way up into the hot rubbery depths of her now double fucked

"Aaarrruuggh! Owwwww!" she wailed as the pressure rippled through her
body. Lurching, she tried to ease the discomfort by shifting her
position somewhat, but Carl's hands held her firmly on his wickedly
upthrusting cock so that she was helpless to escape her fate. No, there
was nothing she could do now but submit ... perhaps sooner than later
she would begin to relax and enjoy it.

Carl's lust provoked groans and the dog's whimpering whines soon
congealed into one chorus of passion singing sounds as they humped and
pumped with spine shattering rhythm up into her twinly enveloping
orifices and only the hotly raging flames of unquenchable passion that
still filled her belly made it all somehow bearable! And soon ...
gradually, as the double pumping and humping continued relentlessly ...
soon the pressure began to dissolve away and a new feeling of erotic
excitement spread from the moisture saturated crevice between her
lewdly spread buttocks at the thought of the double fucking she was
getting from her husband and Valerie's pet German Shepherd at the same
time while Valerie watched!

The young blonde felt her animal lover's tapered throbbing hardness
rapidly burning into her helplessly stretched rectal opening, pushing
the spongy resilient flesh before it in soft rubbery waves as it fucked
again and again all the way up into the hotly restricting depths of her
virginal rectal tunnel! And as his cock ground relentlessly into the
warm naked softness between her voluptuously rounded buttocks, his
sperm filled balls slapped with a wicked smacking sound against the
puffy, cock stuffed lips of her torridly simmering cunt just below! She
was completely and hopelessly impaled to the hilt on the twin ravishing
cock thrusts of them both and she reeled with the impassioned and
heretofore unknown pleasure of her own licentiously wanton behavior!

"Ooooaaauughh!" she wailed, writhing wretchedly .

Moaning and crying with the flagrant intensity of her mind shattering
passions, Ann tried to move with their frantic tempo, wishing for
nothing more than to be able to look back to see their twin impaling,
thickly hardened rods of flesh fucking deep up into her wetly clinging
cunt and anus! But she could only visualize how it must look to Valerie
who sat nearby, her own hands running passionately along the voluptuous
curves of her breasts as, her eyes glazed with lust, she watched the
husband and wife with mounting excitement.

Valerie knew she couldn't take much more without joining in ... or
simply bringing herself to a much needed climax with her own expertly
massaging fingers!

"Oh, both of you fuck meeeee!" Ann cried, her breasts jiggling
tantalizingly on her heavily heaving chest. "Fill meeeee! Fuck meeee!
Harder! Faster! Deeper! Ooohhhh, yesss!"

She stared enviously at the naked copulation occurring right before her
eyes, Dr. Dexter's big thick masculine cock fucking up with passionate
fury into the soft pink wetness of his wife's insanely squirming pussy
while the massive dog fucked in and out of her ass like he was mounting
a bitch in heat! Those wonderful love organs glistening wetly in the
late afternoon sun, stretching the elastic skin and driving it inward
with every mind blowing fuck forward! It was all too lewdly hypnotic
for the aroused young woman as she watched, enthralled, as Ann's pussy
sucked in the massively thick cock of her husband while her ass hole
sucked in with equal voraciousness the scarlet hardness of her dog!

"I'm cuuummming!" Ann screamed, wild with abandoned passion as she felt
her dog lover's scorching gushes of boiling sperm shooting up into the
dark, inwardly sucking spasms of wild convulsing pleasure rocketing
through her nakedly quivering belly in orgasmic and furious response.
She could feel every contraction of her own tightly straining muscles
and every contraction of her animal's brute cock as it emptied out its
searing load of heated animal cum far up into her feverishly thirsting
belly -- and then she heard Dr. Dexter growl, too, like an untamed
animal! He too began emptying his thick viscous fluid now in a torrent
of white thickness that blasted up to the very back of her madly
clinging cunt as her wildly undulating hips ground down hungrily onto
the towering throbbing hardness of his cock!

The powerful muscles of both her cunt and rectum clung hungrily and
sucked wildly at the two fucking rods of flesh as they jerked and
convulsed around crazily up inside of her, letting loose the last
vestiges of their life-giving juices into her madly milking orifices.

After it was all over, the young blonde collapsed down onto the still
tremoring naked body of her husband. She wasn't sure how much time had
elapsed when she heard Valerie's voice: "And now, it's time for Valerie
to put on her show. I just can't wait to get fucked like Ann!"

Chapter 9

Ten o'clock at night, and the velvet smoke-stenched curtains of the
nightclub lifted, leaving the stage open to view.

"Good to see ya came back, fella," a lilac smelling redhead leered at
the two people she'd just served drinks. "Valerie told me all about
you," she crooned, leaning down over the table so that her heavy melon
shaped breasts grazed the tip of Dr. Dexter's nose. Next to him, Ann
smiled, proud of her husband who'd become another person since the
completion of his research project.

True. He'd changed considerably since that afternoon on the grassy
backyard with Dante and Valerie witnessing the turning point of a
failing marriage. Now it was sex for breakfast, lunch and dinner ...
and sometimes a midnight snack.

"Honey? What's the surprise you told me about? I know that Valerie is
going to perform, but why do they have a bed and dresser on stage?
Rather strange for a stripper, don't you think?"

Gently, patting her arm, he leaned over, resting his other hand on her
nylon slick knee. "Just you wait honey. Better watch real close,
because when we get home it's not going to be our new pet Joker who
gets all the tricks."

"Is that a promise?"

The End