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04-11-2008, 09:17 PM
by megawriter27

When I was eighteen a cousin Alena came to visit us. She was a beautiful girl of nineteen who had a slim figure just made for fucking, only she didn't know it, but anyone who glanced at her had only one thought about getting in her hot pants. The most striking thing about her was her huge firm boobs for her young age. They protruded so much under her dress that all men that passed her couldn't help staring at them. She had a gorgeous tight ass, always covered with tight-skin jeans and that asked to be slapped hard. Every day she liked showing her firm stomach with nice navel. Her boyfriend had fetishes for ponytails, so she always wore them and never spread her long blonde hair. How wonderful her hair smelt! Watching her my cock became rock hard as I became interested in the opposite sex at that age and every time I jerked off I always imagined her, a cock-teasing slut.

The next morning while everyone else was gone to work and only my cousin and I were at home, Alena went into the bathroom to take a shower as I gathered all my stuff to go to school. I sneaked up to the door and looking through the little keyhole, I saw amazing sights in there that before then I had only seen in movies. Alena took off her little nightgown that hardly went to her knees and hung it on the hook that was on the wall, unhooked her bra freeing her huge boobs that asked to be grabbed and then threw aside her small panties. How large her nipples were! Like big, pink roses against her white body. I had a supernatural feeling that she knew I was behind the door because she tried to show her body as much as she could facing the door I was behind. Fuck, another cock-teaser!

Her pubic hair was raven black and very thick. What a wonderful surprise I had when Alena stood under the shower's stream and started soaking her crotch by running her long, slim nail-fingered fingers through the hair. Then she picked up a shaving brush and started shaving the hair between her slim legs. When my naughty cousin was through I could see the pink clean-shaven lips of her tight moist pussy and even her clearly protruding clit. My cock was straining against my jeans and it hurt so I opened them to let it spring free. It had been hard and swollen like never before and I got down to jerking off.

When she had finished shaving Alena decided to pleasure herself. She slid first one and then two fingers inside her eager vagina and started moving them in and out, constantly speeding up. I was stroking my cock in time with her fingers and I was picturing my cock sliding in and out of that slippery channel. I'd give anything to stick my snake inside her love box. As I watched she moved slowly at first and then ever faster, her face reflecting an awesome pleasure. She then began moaning so quietly that I could barely hear her.

After several minutes of that intense performance Alena came hard, sticking her soft fingers into their knuckles and, as she finally pulled her wet, juice-covered fingers out of her wasted cunt, I couldn't hold it any longer and sent several streams of my sticky white cum up against the door and onto the carpet. Her face still flushed from the orgasm, she began licking the juices off her fingers slowly. She certainly acted like a natural-born slut! I decided to get back to my room in a hurry so I wouldn't be caught spying on her.

When I was ready to leave, I had to pass the bathroom where Alena was. When I was leaving my room, I saw her on her knees and licking all my cum from the door I had cum on. Surely, my cousin got her ration of fresh cum. Smiling, I got my cell phone from my seat pocket and turned on the cam mode. It would be great clip for many nights to jerk off to. It was too bad she wore her nightgown that hardly covered her ass; it'd be better if the girl were in her Eve's clothes. When I decided that I had filmed enough, I put my cell phone back in the pocket and asked her, "Alena, why are you on your knees? What are you doing there?"

Frightened to be busted, my cousin got up and said, "Nothing, big boy. Just fell down," Alena couldn't make up anything better.

Happily, I left for school and watched the clip several times, staring at her licking the cum so erotically off the door. Of course, that day my thoughts were about Alena only and I dreamt of trying something with her. Maybe if I had a chance I'd have sex with her.


A week later my family and Alena were invited to some celebration party. It was a great party and everyone drank an awfully lot - everyone except me. In almost no time Alena was thoroughly drunk and could hardly stand up without help. There were many youths and I noticed that when she danced with a guy, no one missed his chance to touch her up and several managed to kiss her and she kissed them back. I wanted to be in those guys' place too! When the time to leave came my parents decided to stay there for the night and sent Alena and me home in a taxi, letting me be her guard. I glanced at my passion and she could hardly open her eyes to see who was around. Happily I put my arm around her shoulders so that she didn't fall and break her face. Soon our taxi arrived. At first I made her get in and then I got in myself and gave the driver directions to my place.

While we were on our way home Alena passed out cold, leaning against me. I put my hand on her gentle neck and began caressing it. Enjoying it, I moved my lips toward hers and put them on hers. In her non-conscious condition my cousin opened her mouth waiting for my kiss. It was too much for me and I slid my long tongue inside and began caressing her teeth and tongue. I was sure she thought her dear boyfriend was kissing her wet. Hypnotized, I moved my other hand up her body and squeezed her right boob from below. Damn, how much I wanted to fuck her! I never thought that anyone could be so drunk! The driver watched us in the driver's mirror and was happy to see another happy couple of teenagers.

After paying for the taxi, I couldn't wake her so carried her in my arms to her room. As I laid her in the middle of her bed I had a sudden thought from all the excitement I felt. Staring at her, I thought, "She's sleeping so soundly, why shouldn't I have some fun with her while she's sleeping? She's so fucking drunk that she won't remember anything if I touch her up a bit. I think I deserve it because so many fucking thugs have grabbed her hot spots tonight!"

I started having my magic hour very gently, still not sure if she'd wake up. Laying my hand on her huge firm breast I felt her steady breathing. Her breast felt nice to touch that I started squeezing it with a real pleasure. Alena didn't react at all to my touch and I decided to be bolder. I unbuttoned her nice-fitted white blouse and unhooked her black bra. Her splendid breasts were naked in front of me and the blood pounded in my temples as those gorgeous boobs with pink nipples that crowned them appeared.

Just to make sure she was sleeping soundly and that I was safe I put my fingers on her nipples and twisted them lightly. When she didn't react to that I twisted it even harder but the effect was the same. Wanting to remember this time the rest of my life I had an idea. I ran to my room and grabbed my digital camera. I returned to her room and set the camera on the nightstand, switched it on and aimed it carefully at the sleeping girl, zooming in.

I decided to try all my wildest fantasies and, having seen tit fucking in several magazines, I made up my mind that I would try that first. I grabbed her boobs with my both hands and squeezed them so hard that her pink nipples stood erect like soldiers in Red Square. Leaning down to them my tongue softly ran around them and then I took them. How delicious it felt, the first time rulezzz! Pleasuring up, I began sucking them in and they became hard and swollen. I stood up and took off my jeans with boxers together in a hurry and still didn't believe in my luck. I couldn't wait any longer. Climbing onto the bed, I straddled her with my naked butt and laid my pre-cum-covered hard-on between her luxurious mounds and squeezed her boobs together around it, creating an artificial vagina. Their warmth was such an intense feeling and I started slowly moving my cock back and forth in that warm, tight valley. My cock was going in and out so tightly and I loved it very much. I was into it so much I almost came right on Alena. At the last second I pulled my cock out and stroking my cock like a madman, I opened her mouth up. I did it just in time and rich multiple streams splashed out of my swollen cock straight into her nice mouth. Several drops fell on her lips and cheeks, staining them, but I didn't care.

After rubbing my cock dry on her blonde hair I picked up the camera, aimed it down at her face while I carefully knelt down above her, and then moved my cock up to her lips, plunging my dickhead in. If I plunged more, my cousin could be choked and woken up. So I decided not to risk it, especially since my fun wasn't over yet. At that point I thought about what a sight it was on my camera screen. As the tip of my hard cock touched her sultry lips I could feel their softness and warmth. How much I wanted Alena to grab it, take it into her soft mouth, and lead me to an orgasm with her tongue. But dreams would always be dreams.

After such a feeling I decided to check out the lower part of my cousin's body. Remembering that she shaved her hirsute cunt for me and licking my cum off the door, I pulled her mini skirt's hem up to her waist and took off the G-thong that had already been aside. Perhaps, some guy at the party fingered her clean-shaven pussy, warming her up. By now I wasn't afraid of her waking up. Pulling her knees up and spreading her legs wide I got down with the camera in my hand to get a close-up view of Alena's vagina.

Her cunt lips were small but meaty and I squeezed them tightly together. I carefully spread them and looked inside, imagining how hot this would be on the camera. The outer part of her pussy was wet, perhaps that guy was good at finger fucking, and I could see her small clit with the narrow entrance to her pleasure-giving depths. I licked around that precious spot and enjoyed the flavor of her. I decided I just had to fuck Alena in her cunt and have that on film too. Thank God I could record for several hours. At first I thought it'd be great idea to experience licking her pussy till it juiced up, but instead I preferred to screw her small opening. I moved into position, laid her legs on my wide spread hips and carefully pressed the blood-enlarged head of my cock against her very wet hole. My dick was going deep easily enough, because it wasn't too huge and after several movements my cock was to the balls inside this drunken slut's cunt. Oh my God, her glove-catching cunt felt better, much better than my experienced fist. I began moving back and forth the way I had seen in many X-rated movies. It didn't take much time for me to experience another orgasm.

Just at the time the cum started boiling in my heavy balls I remembered some movies where girls were ass-fucked. Well, today was the first time for everything because I was a virgin till that day. Without thinking I pulled my cock out of her pussy and turned Alena's dead drunk body onto her firm stomach. I liked her milky white ass cheeks and I wanted to slap them soundly so much, but afraid that my plaything would awaken. I didn't know how long she would be out of this world and my cock begged for release. So I spread her firm ass cheeks apart really wide and saw her little brown pucker that was going to be wide open by the time the bitch would awaken.

As I said I've seen girls fucked in the ass in various flicks and I wanted to try that too, especially in front of the camera. It would be great to remember it and boast in font of my friends. Surely, I'd be a cool guy in their eyes. "Maybe there will never be another chance to do it in my life," I thought. Holding her sluttish ass cheeks apart, I spat copiously on the dry tightened orifice of her sphincter and gently entered Alena's asshole with my finger. It slid inside easily enough and I felt the warmth of her insides. "Maybe she loves to take cocks in her sluttish ass," I thought at that moment. "She sure is a slut and now it's on film! Maybe I'll use it in the future for my pleasure!"

I began making circular movements in her tight asshole with my finger, so I pushed another finger in there. It was very easy so I decided my cock would enter it just as easily. So it was the show time.

After wetting her asshole heavily with saliva I pressed my painful swollen cock against her taboo spot. Oh, it was so tight! I couldn't quite get it in there at first, because my dickhead was too big. By this time I was too horny to stop and stretching her firm ass cheeks to their limit I thrust my cock with all my might. The head of my cock broke inside her asshole's tight ring and then slid inside slowly. I started fucking that wonderful ass in slow and rhythmic movements, trying to poke as much of my dick in as I could. I was ready to cum because that day was my first time using my cock on a woman. Even in her fainted condition, Alena began moaning sweetly like a bitch in heat. Since it was my first time and I knew that she couldn't get pregnant with my cum in her shit chute, I made up my mind not to take my dick out. Feeling my cum boiling in my balls, her would-be tight asshole was being pumped up more and more and at the moment I stretched her ass cheeks grotesquely, my cock plunged to the balls in her bowels, lining her rectum with my sticky stuff. It seemed like I was cumming endlessly, splashing all my teenaged cum into my stunning cousin. It was euphoria!

When I came back to myself again, I started shooting pictures with my cock deep in her ass and all her working hall was cum-splattered around. I kept on doing it until my cock grew soft. Then I took it out and stared at her gapping opening. How I wanted to repeat all our sexual acquaintance with her in the near future! And I had a plan in my head already. When I was ready to leave I tried to wake her up but failed. The fucking slut didn't wake up at all.

Alena slept till 3 p.m. I grinned looking at her sleepy face and asked, "How are you, cuz?"

"Oh bro, I probably drank too much wine yesterday and I have a splitting headache," my cousin replied in grim tone. After pausing, she decided to add, "It aches all over like I was run over by a tractor!"

"Okay, cuz. Just lay there and take a rest," I reassured her with my relieved voice and I left her room.

Smiling, I looked down and saw a tent in my pants. Understanding that I needed relief I went over to my room for my every-day stroking. I turn on my TV-set with the camera linked to it and I saw yesterday's activity of Alena and me. All of a sudden an idea struck me and I decided not to jerk off. I had to make up a perfect plan to make her give me all her three holes consciously. I had to do it as fast as I could because she would leave us in three days for her native town. I had to use my video to make her do it, because I knew she would be shocked at the idea of my letting her parents see what I had done with my cock. But that would be tomorrow or, maybe, even this evening. I ought to wait till the evening!

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wow that was grate is there going to me more

04-11-2008, 10:01 PM
Not sure...I will look and see if they wrote a part2

05-24-2008, 11:17 AM
Well I'm looking for Part 2.