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04-19-2008, 07:54 AM
This particular story is the one that got my imagination working overtime many years ago while out in the bush. It just evolved over a period of time, expanded some, and well - here it is. I consider this story to be one of my better 'Laura" stories. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I still do.

The Perfect Forbidden Partner
Synopsis: Some women like to occasionally take a walk on the wild side sexually. Laura B. fantasizes about it and then…

A very cute looking brunette named Laura B. is at home by herself, watching her television shows in the evening. She is short at 4’10”, has a voluptuous build that is suited to her height. At the age of 25 she is in very good condition from her exercises she does in the evening.

At around 9PM when she has channel surfed and found absolutely nothing worth watching, she remembers that there is a secret stash of porno videos that her boyfriend hid. So on a whim she goes downstairs, digs out the box where they are stashed, bringing it upstairs and sorts through them to see what might interest her. She does not have to worry about being caught by her boyfriend as he is away for the weekend; Laura finally decides on a couple of films that look interesting to her.

She places one into the VCR, presses play, and sits back to watch it; she finds that after the first scene or two she is starting to speed search through the rest of the videotape. It ends with Laura wanting to watch another one, as she is finding herself becoming slowly and gradually aroused – although she is unaware of her body doing this.

So, once again she gets up, goes through the selection of tapes, and puts another one into the VCR, presses play, then sits back to watch this tape. She finds this one a bit more interesting; she finds herself watching a very erotic scene where one attractive voluptuous woman seduces a younger one by giving her a massage with oil. Laura quivered with growing arousal as she watched the two women. She had never before realized that the sight of two women making it could be so exciting.

While she had often wondered what it would be like to have another woman exploring her body, she had never allowed the situation to occur, although during her first years in university dormitory life had presented more than one such chance. Now as she stood as a voyeur to these two beautiful young women, she found her body reacting with undeniable excitement. Laura lets her hand creep down under her shorts, under her lace panties, and starts rubbing her clit gently -–all the while still watching the scene quite intently.

The two women were caressing, pushing their naked bodies together without shame, fondling each other's breasts, thighs and pussies, running their tongues together. Laura’s finger stopped feeling around inside her sheath; she thought that was going altogether too far. But as the camera held upon them, the scene began to seem less dirty; there was something almost beautiful in the tender way they were caressing each other, a gentleness that a man hadn't shown.

She ends up going through the complete video tape, then rewinding to the massage scene and watching it again, but this time she plays with herself a bit more. She is getting very aroused watching the two women while she watches the scene over until it is done, then rewinds the tape. What she saw, and was imagining, was that the one being seduced was she in the video. This excites her; as she is still quite horny, so she picks yet another tape to watch.

This one does not have any title or name as to what the contents are, so she just places it into the VCR, presses play again, and then retakes her seat on the couch. This time she makes herself quite comfortable, draping one leg over the arm of the couch, the other leg on the floor, her whole body reclined against pillows, and her shorts pulled down a bit so she can play with herself a bit easier.

As the film unfolds, Laura can see that the plot of this one could very well be rather eye opening – but she watches as each scene progresses. Then there is one that catches her eye: it is two attractive women together on a bed – one young blonde, and the other is an older married brunette, about early 40’s. Both of them are built very nicely all over, the brunette being of a bigger bust than the blonde – and at present the older brunette is having her pretty pink pussy licked by the blonde.

It is quite apparent that the mature brunette is enjoying very much having her pussy licked by the young blonde, especially as she heaves all over the bed when her orgasm overtakes her voluptuous body. This is making Laura excited watching the two of them; she is rubbing her clit, fantasizing that the one having her pussy licked is her.

She has harboured her thoughts about being with another woman, keeping them inside, but seeing these two women like this, being as horny as she has become brings her thoughts to the surface. She continues to watch intently as the two women enjoy each other, then the brunette is rolled somewhat reluctantly on top of the younger blonde, so that she can give some pleasure to the blonde.

She watches as the gorgeous brunette licks & sucks the young blonde’s nice firm breasts, gradually working her way down the front of the blonde until she reaches the crotch area. The sight of these two going at each other really excites Laura; but just as the brunette gets to the pubic area –Laura watches in utter amazement as the brunette opens her mouth, taking into her pretty mouth a semi-erect penis - and begins willingly sucking the blonde’s cock! And then obviously putting her fingers into the young blonde’s pussy!

She figures that it is a guy dressed up, or a she-male; but no to both of those answers because this blonde has a cock and a pussy right underneath. After numerous stopping and slow motion forwarding Laura figures out real quick that this is no mock-up or anything like that – it is a real hermaphrodite being sucked eagerly by the voluptuous older brunette friend of hers.

Watching this in fact turns Laura on immensely, so much that she orgasms quite intensely on the couch from playing with her clit and then buries two fingers deep into her sopping wet pussy. This keeps her orgasm going while she stares at the voluptuous brunette as she pleases the blonde with her mouth until the blonde orgasms right in her mouth; Laura watches as the brunette swallows as much of the juices as she can. However, there is so much that some of it runs out of the corner of her pretty mouth, and down onto the blonde’s pubic hair; Laura is climaxing almost continuously from the excitement of the scene on the videotape.

Once the scene is over, Laura finds that she is almost breathless from the excitement she received from watching that particular scene, her shorts are down around her ankles, and she does feel somewhat satiated – finally.

She does watch the rest of the videotape, but when it is over she rewinds the tape to the exact spot where that particular scene begins – and she watches it again. This time she studies the blonde quite intently, sure that she isn’t real, but when she pauses the video several times to study the blonde on the screen she finds that her eyes were not deceiving her.

In the past she had wondered about sex with another woman. Now she knew. She knew that if the chance presented itself, she would enter the arms of another woman with the aroused feelings that were now flooding her body. She felt no shame at the self-admission. Her body was too laden with the lust the women had flamed within her.

Laura sits back in shock at seeing such an attractive and unique person being pleased by the brunette, and then her imagination takes over again. She imagines being there in the same room as the two from the video, just content to watch them as they give one another pleasure while Laura sits there, playing with herself, making sure she has several orgasms.

This fantasy has her attention for a while until she dozes off while still on the couch, her hand down her panties. Then while she sleeps lightly she finds herself dreaming about the blonde who seduces the brunette, dreaming that she is actually there as she watches only for a bit, and then is encouraged to join in slowly. She dreams that the brunette and her are going at it, with the brunette licking her pussy until she comes wildly.

Then she dreams that the brunette in the video is she, as if she was the one being seduced by the blonde, wondering what it would be like to suck the gorgeous blonde woman’s cock. The more she thinks about doing it, the hotter she finds herself becoming; just as the blonde places her cock into Laura’s mouth, she climaxes intensely in her dream.

She wakes up sometime in the night, feeling rather thirsty and horny; so she removes her shorts and panties in preparation for going to bed, and leaving them in the living room. She forgets to shut the VCR and TV off when she goes to the kitchen for a glass of water from the refrigerator, but it has an automatic turn-off feature so it doesn’t matter all that much.

Laura open the door, removes the water jug, then pours herself a glass of cold water; as she drinks it she thinks that she hears someone moving around the house. She stops for a second, listens for a long moment, and then continues drinking the water as she figures that she was hearing things in the night.

It sounded to her ears as if there was someone in the house, tiptoeing around very quietly, but she dismisses it as the wind, or the house settling.

As she places the water jug back into the refrigerator, she happens to notice that there is someone in the house – all she can see is that the person has long blonde hair. The stranger closes the door; Laura is so shocked to see someone standing there that she doesn’t say a word – she just stares at the woman.

The tall blonde is wearing a long raincoat and high-heeled pumps – that is all Laura can see in the fading light of the closing door. The tall blonde woman walks closer to Laura, who then finds her being forced back until she feels the edge of the kitchen table against the backs of her thighs.

As she bumps into the table, she spills the partially full glass of ice-cold water all over the front of her T-shirt; this causes her nipples to become erect, whether from the cold water or the beauty of the blonde stranger in front of her.

She can feel the heat of the woman, smelling the delightful perfume the woman is wearing – all while she wonders whom she is, and what is she doing here in the house.

Laura opens her mouth to scream or say something, but before she can make a sound, the woman is kissing her deeply in a passionate French kiss. The woman forces Laura’s mouth to open with her lips, sliding her moist wet tongue into her mouth; Laura tries to struggle, to get away from this total stranger. But at the same time she can feel her own lips returning the kiss against her own will, her tongue eventually meeting the stranger’s.

She has her hands behind her on the edge of the table, trying to lift herself away from the woman, but the blonde stranger is pressed tightly against Laura’s voluptuous body, pinning her there against the table. The blonde stranger’s hands start caressing her body, running up her sides, then reaching in front to cup her full breasts through her thin T-shirt.

It is then that Laura remembers just what she is not wearing: her bra or panties – not that it would make any difference at this point.

At first the young wife was disgusted, but at the same time she was surprised to realize that there was something not entirely unpleasant in the other girl's caresses. She can feel the woman pushing her full breasts together under the thin shirt, her nipples hardening under the gentle caresses of the woman’s fingertips as they rub across them; she moans softly at her touch. "Ohhhh!" she heard herself moan, embarrassed and ashamed of her wanton lust. Laura can also feel her body arching and responding to the woman’s touch- even though in her mind she shouldn’t be allowing this to be happening, but it is.

Between the woman’s deep passionate French kissing on her mouth and the hands caressing her full breasts together while stimulating her now hard nipples she has become quite aroused by the whole situation. Laura has unknowingly let out little whimpers of delight as her wide open mouth is probed by the blonde woman’s tongue; she finds herself thinking that this woman kisses really good – and she doesn’t want her to stop just yet.

The next thing Laura knows she is being placed on the kitchen table and lain onto her back, while the blonde stranger quickly gets a chair and sits down on it. The blonde’s high heels make a scraping sound on the floor as she sits down right in front of Laura, making herself comfortable in front of the young brunette.

Laura feels the woman’s hand sliding up her thigh, slipping under the long thin T-shirt and brush light as a feather across her clit, then running up and down her already moist pussy lips. Laura tries pushing the woman off her, letting out an ineffectual “no” but finds that she doesn’t have the strength to really resist. She feels the orgasm building higher and higher as the woman pumps her fingers faster in & out of Laura’s wet pussy.

She is groaning aloud her feelings for this very wanton act of lust as the blonde stranger continues to give the pleasure to Laura with fingers and tongue. Then Laura hears the chair move back from the table, the woman removing her mouth from Laura’s sweet wet pussy, her high heels scraping as she stands in front of the voluptuous brunette.

The stranger removes her finger for a brief moment, then Laura can feel two fingers being re-inserted into her wet pussy; she moans “Ohh” even louder than the last time. Then the stranger moves Laura’s T-shirt up so her full breasts are exposed for the blonde woman to see – she is right in between Laura’s legs, which are now wide open.

The blonde stranger moves her own face down to Laura’s heaving breasts and wraps her pouty lips around a nipple, sucking it deep into her warm oral cavern. She lavishes the nipple with her tongue, moaning aloud her approval of how nice Laura’s breasts are for her to feel; this is causing Laura to arch her back as waves of pleasure course through her young body.

The blonde woman starts moving her lips between the nipples, keeping both of them very rigid for her mouth to suck on – the whole while she is still pumping her fingers into the brunette’s sweet pussy.

Then just as Laura can feel the first wave of the orgasm starting to crash through her body, the woman removes her mouth quickly from her nipples and sits down in the chair again. The blonde stranger then latches her lips around and onto Laura’s very aroused clit, sucking it into her mouth as if she was sucking her nipple again. This sends Laura crashing over the edge in an oblivious orgasm, crying out loud “Oh god!” with her back arching, and her breath rapid as the woman also massages her full breasts as they heave under the woman’s touch.

Then she once again bent over the young brunette wife's lewdly splayed form and began working her lips over the smooth white swell of Laura's belly, while her hands continued their sensual caress of her ecstatically trembling breasts. Laura can feel her breasts being cupped by the woman’s hands, the fingers tweaking and lightly pinching her nipples – all the while sucking her aroused clit.

Laura feels the woman’s tongue finally leave the clit as her own juices are spilling out of her very wet pussy, and are scooping the juices with her tongue. Never in her strangest dreams would the young wife have imagined she could find such enjoyment in the sexual embrace of another female, especially under such circumstances, but there was no question but that her helpless body was responding with shameless delight. The woman is reaching her tongue deep inside of Laura’s pussy so she doesn’t miss any of the delicious pussy juices; Laura finds that she is in total ecstasy from the woman’s tongue as it ravishes her pussy.

Finally, the woman stops tonguing her throbbing pussy, having licked up all Laura’s sweet pussy juices, and removes her hands from her heaving breasts.

The woman allows the aroused brunette a very short break – maybe 20 seconds or so, then pulls Laura to her feet, and pulls the reluctant brunette to the living room, her high heels clicking seductively on the hardwood floor.

She leads Laura to the front room, holding her by the hand – not allowing her to leave – picks up the remote control for the TV, and turns it on. Next, she grabs the remote for the VCR, turns that one on also, and then tells Laura “watch the tape”.

The blonde stranger then stands behind Laura while holding the VCR remote in her hand, pressing play; it is at this time that Laura notices that the blonde is around 5’6’ in comparison to her own 4’10’ of height.

The woman removes her raincoat, letting it slide to the floor, and places her hands on the brunette’s shoulders; the screen lights up, and Laura can see that the scene is that which she was very aroused watching earlier that evening. It is the same one where the married brunette is being seduced by a blonde – as she had found out later – hermaphrodite, which had excited Laura immensely. She can feel her nipples hardening again from watching the screen as the two have fun and the blonde makes sensual love to the brunette on the screen.

The blonde standing behind Laura hands the remote to her, and starts kissing her neck while cupping her full breasts through the thin material of her T-shirt again. Laura can feel her body responding almost immediately to the kisses and caresses of the blonde stranger; she turns her head to answer the blonde’s kisses. The woman murmurs in her ear throatily, “Uh Uh - watch the tape” and continues to caress Laura’s full breasts while keeping the brunette’s head towards the TV screen.

Laura finds that the tape is not exactly the same one she was watching earlier; this time the blonde has finished with the one married brunette, and the scene has switched to another place, where the same blonde is seducing yet another beautiful brunette woman.

It takes a long moment before Laura notices that the brunette in the video is quite similar looking to herself in respects to looks. Strangely, Laura finds herself quite attracted to watching what will hopefully transpire; she takes note of the sexy yet skimpy lingerie the brunette is dressed in. It is just a white garter belt set, hose, and white pumps, but the voluptuous young brunette wears no bra, as her delicious looking breasts are being held up and licked by the blonde.

The living room area that Laura and the blonde are standing on has a thick rug, which they are on at present, but the entire room is dark – except for the light being emitted from the TV.

Therefore, Laura barely notices as the blonde stranger lowers the two of them simultaneously to the couch; the blonde woman sits herself against the cushioned area she built earlier. She pulls Laura down to her lap, keeping the back to her, sitting the brunette in front of her while still caressing her full breasts, feeling how aroused the nipples have become.

Laura is squirming under the touch of the blonde stranger because she doesn’t want to lean against the blonde just yet, and finally notices the seat area that is set up in the room so that it faces the TV directly.

It is then that the blonde starts lifting up the T-shirt, getting Laura to lift her arms and removes it entirely from the brunette’s voluptuous body; Laura shivers and comments, “I’m cold”. The woman smiles behind Laura, saying, “I can warm you up” then lifts Laura up around the waist so she is resting her butt on the woman’s bladder area, and leaning Laura back against her own full breasts.

She notices the woman reclining slightly, spreading both of their legs while getting the sexy brunette to place her hands behind her slightly, telling Laura, “Keep watching the tape” then feels the woman’s hand touching her still moist pussy lips.

She is watching the TV screen and can see that the brunette that was being seduced is now totally aroused but still quite reluctant. Laura finds herself drawn to watching her being made to ride the blonde’s extremely hard erect cock; Laura can’t help but notice that the brunette’s pussy is very wet as she is sat upon the cock.

Then Laura can feel a well manicured finger slipping inside her own wet pussy, causing her to moan “Ohhh” aloud and hears the woman murmur softly in her ear, “Yes, I think you are ready now” then shifts the brunette so she moves down the front of the woman’s body slightly.

She feels her pussy lips being opened by the woman’s fingers, then something very hard and familiar slide up into her very wet pussy. She realises too late that this woman is also a sexy hermaphrodite – in fact, the very same one in the video they are watching!

Her hips lurched, and she groaned deeply under the full-powered impalement of the sex organ. She squeals “Oh my god!” as the hard cock is fed into her very moist pussy, then she orgasms almost instantly from the shock of being so extremely turned on by the woman, and not even knowing or realising just how aroused she actually is.

The knowledge that it was a woman stuffing her so full of hard cock has left the beautiful brunette paralysed with pleasure; her pussy was sopping from the excitement of it. Then she cried out in a startled, whimpering gasp!

The woman is fondling Laura’s beautiful breasts and tweaking the nipples as they heave with the orgasm, loving the feeling as it wracks her young sexy body while the blonde stranger pumps her cock into the young sweet pussy.

“What's happening to me?” Laura asks her self. The realization that the woman behind her, her sexy body and her sex-deep in the wanton lust of her sex, wasn't her husband racked her mind. She finds herself listening to her own sounds and yet wanting to do the stranger’s bidding; she watches the video and finds herself climaxing while watching the young brunette on the screen being made love to by the blonde stranger.

Laura places her feet so they are on the floor on either side of the blonde’s legs and her hands on the blonde’s upper thighs while the hermaphrodite pumps her cock into Laura’s sweet pussy. The woman is kissing and nibbling Laura’s ears and neck the whole time, encouraging the aroused brunette to keep pumping her pulsing pussy up and down the hard shaft.

The stranger has her hands caressing Laura’s full breasts, pinching her nipples until they ache with desire, tweaking them until they feel like they are on fire. Laura climaxes again while still riding facing the screen; she has orgasmed almost at the same time as the brunette on the screen does while she rides the blonde’s cock.

This time she just about screams with the pleasure of it; then the woman reaches down and rubs Laura’s clit gently but firmly. This sends the voluptuous brunette over the edge; she bellows out loud “Oh god!” and her pussy clenches around the hard shaft in orgasmic bliss while she blacks out for a long moment from too much pleasure.

She felt as if she were sinking into a cloud of hot, velvety softness, consumed by a tidal wave of sweet aching wetness. “I'm coming! Oh God, I'm really coming,” she thought, amazed that it could happen with a woman. It is during this time that the sexy brunette falls sideways off the blonde’s cock onto the rug, resting her head against the pillow that the stranger has placed there for her to rest on.

The blonde moves Laura so she can still see the screen, then moves herself so she is at the top of Laura’s head, and places her still hard cock that is covered with their combined juices right at Laura’s pretty lips.

Laura is shocked to find a hard cock shoved in front of her face; as she opens her mouth to say something, the woman slides her cock into Laura’s pretty mouth, stopping any words from coming out.

The aroused voluptuous brunette then notices that the blonde is wearing a sexy garter belt with light black hose attached to them, and the pumps are shiny black 3inch ones – and Laura is strangely very aroused seeing this woman dressed like she is.

The blonde reaches down and inserts a finger into the brunette’s wet pussy very slowly; Laura moans with pleasure from the finger entering her, and starts sucking on the succulent hard cock. She ends up doing what she knows to do so well – giving the blonde pleasure with her pretty mouth from the cock-sucking talents that she has learned so well in the past.

For almost a moment with her eyes closed, Laura imagines that she is sucking a cock and nothing else. She is shocked again when she opens her eyes and sees that the cock that she is sucking on is attached to the gorgeous blonde stranger, who is a very beautiful woman.

To her surprise, Laura discovers that she is rather turned on by this fact – plus she can still see the events as they unfold on the TV. She can feel her pussy burning with desire and then sucks even harder on the cock sliding in and out of her pretty mouth, sliding her hands under the garter belt to grasp the blonde’s butt cheeks and helping slide that hard cock.

She moans her desire wantonly for the woman’s cock while sliding her mouth back and forth like a possessed woman, filled with lust for the forbiddances of the act that they are doing. The woman is thrusting her cock faster into the brunette’s pretty mouth as her orgasm approaches rapidly, her own breathing becoming ragged, her legs tensing up as she is turned on by watching Laura’s pretty red lips slide along her shaft.

Laura moans as she can feel the blonde’s cock swell huge in her mouth when she starts to climax; the blonde places her hand behind Laura’s head so she can’t escape what is coming. The brunette sucks harder, then as the cock is at the back of her throat, it explodes deep in her mouth; she feels the hot cum juice spurting deep into her open throat.

She sucks out every drop, savouring the taste of it sliding down her throat, and enjoying the sounds coming from the blonde stranger’s mouth as she climaxes in the brunette’s pretty mouth. The only sounds after a short while are from Laura as she continues to suck every last drop from the head of the cock greedily, while the blonde is still fingering the sweet pussy.

Then the blonde removes her fingers from the pussy, grasping the glass of apple juice placed nearby for the usual dry mouth afterwards, and then gives some to Laura when she removes her mouth from the cock. After she has had long drink of apple juice, Laura lays there thinking about what has just happened between herself and the blonde stranger who has done all of these wonderful things to her body.

However, she doesn’t have much time to reflect on the events so far – the woman pulls her to her feet, and turns Laura away from the TV. The blonde then takes the two of them to Laura’s bedroom, coaxing her by walking behind and gently prodding the sexy brunette to move ahead; as they enter her bedroom Laura notices right away that several candles light the room.

She sees that there is some white lingerie laid out on the bed and a pair of white 3” high heeled pumps from her own closet next to the bed. In the light that was shed from the candles Laura can now see that yes, this is indeed the same blonde from the video that she was watching earlier in the evening.

Just before Laura can ask her any questions, the blonde saying, “I want to see you dressed in this lingerie,” which answers it; again Laura finds herself unable to resist what the blonde asks of her.

She reaches down and puts on the sheer satin teddy that is rather short, then sits on the bed watching the blonde, while putting on the white hose, and finally stands up and steps into the white pumps.

She has finally noticed that the blonde stranger is really quite attractive, and that she is dressed only in a simple garter belt holding up her black hose, and wearing shiny black high heels. Laura has also noticed that the blonde’s cock is a fair size – around 7 inches long, and a fair girth around; under that is her sparse pussy hair above the pussy lips. She feels quite unsure of what might happen next, but the blonde says, “You look very sexy like that”.

Laura does feel sexy dressed in this particular outfit, then the blonde steers her so she can look at herself in the tall mirror in her bedroom; she likes what she sees. The blonde tells Laura, “Watch what my hands do” then Laura feels the hands start cupping her full breasts through the satin material.

It feels very nice against her skin as the blonde fondles her breasts slowly, massaging them, playing with her nipples, getting very excited watching what her body is doing when the hands roam all over her body. The blonde has started kissing Laura’s neck, her shoulder area, nibbling on her ear lobes gently – all the while still massaging her breasts.

Laura is horny almost beyond belief: this blonde has her so unbelievably turned on, that it is almost incredible what she is feeling. She lets her hands wander behind her own body to touch the blonde stranger while her breasts are being fondled; she finds the cock – and it has grown hard again in the time they have been in the bedroom.

Then the blonde moves Laura forward to her bed so she faces the small headboard mirror, motions the brunette to bend over at the waist, and reaches down in between their legs. The blonde gets Laura to open her legs wider apart while resting her hands on the bed, then tells the sexy looking brunette, “Watch yourself in the mirror”.

Laura can feel the blonde start inserting her hard cock into her still wet pussy, then groans out loud “Ohhhh” as it slides all the way deep inside her pussy. She manages to keep her head up, watching her body as the blonde moves her cock in & out nice and slow, seeing her breasts as they start to sway back and forth. She can feel her nipples have become quite erect from the excitement, and she can see how erect they have grown from the thrusting motion as the satin rubs against her nipples.

Laura groans as the blonde reaches one hand under her voluptuous body and starts rubbing her clit while she pumps her sweet young tight pussy. It does not take very long before Laura is shaking as she is climaxing once again, her joyful cries of pleasure filling her bedroom, her body bucking under the blonde’s cock thrusts. She collapses forward onto her bed, pulling her pussy off the hard cock in the process, as her legs won’t support her activities now.

Then she can feel the blonde move her body forward further, so that she can climb onto the bed completely – which she does, and the blonde joins her next to her vibrating excited young body. The blonde stranger gathers Laura into her arms, hugging the sexy brunette to her, and starts French kissing her pretty mouth again.

Laura moans in reply as her mouth is opened by the blonde’s probing tongue again; this time she kisses the blonde back just as passionately as she is doing to Laura. After a short while of deep kissing and some petting, the blonde stranger tells Laura, “Roll on top of me” which the brunette does after a moment.

The blonde pulls Laura down to her face for some more kissing after when Laura has straddled the blonde quite expertly; she has made sure that her pussy lips are not in contact with the cock. Laura places her arms on either side of the blonde’s attractive face while she returns the blonde’s passionate kisses, moaning her lust for the blonde stranger.

The blonde cups Laura’s full breasts through the sheer satin material as they hang right in front of her face, and runs her fingertips over the still sensitive nipples, causing the brunette to shiver with delight again.

Laura raises her face up, closing her eyes as she lets her mind wander as the stranger gives her body pleasure, and then groans aloud when she feels the blonde place her warm lips around a nipple – right through the sheer satin material of the lingerie. The sensations are unknown to the brunette, who finds her nipples are incredibly sensitive from being stimulated this way; she likes it.

As she lay there on top she can feel the blonde’s hands start to caress her voluptuous young body again, and it does not take very long before Laura starts whimpering and moaning as if she wanted more. The blonde stranger is smiling at Laura as she has her hands on the brunette’s cute butt cheeks, spreading them as she moves and motions the sexy brunette back down her body.

Laura can tell that her pussy lips are wet with desire and want as the blonde is moving her gradually back to her still hard cock; the stranger tells her, “Sit straight up onto my cock”.

Laura is unable to resist the blonde’s words – she sits upright, groaning as the tip of the cock slides along her very wet pussy lips. She grinds herself along the length of it a few times, loving how strong and hard it feels to her body; then the blonde motions her hips upwards a bit. Laura can feel the cock rising on it’s own volition, then her hips being lowered down onto the hard shaft, her pussy lips spreading as the cock opens them up.

She groans out loud again “Ohhh” as her hips are lowered slowly onto the cock, her pussy burning with desire as it slips in so easily because she is so incredibly horny and turned on by this stranger.

When the blonde has lowered the sexy young brunette down all the way onto her cock, she gives one last upward thrust gently to ensure it is all the way deep inside; this causes Laura to have an orgasm right then and there on top.

It is at this time that Laura has caught their reflection in the mirror beside the bed; she can see how she looks, as she is dressed still wearing the white heels with the lingerie. Her hips start moving back and forth from the waves of pleasure coming from the cock buried inside of her pussy, and the blonde places her own hands under Laura’s full breasts, fondling them as the brunette climaxes.

Laura has her eyes closed while she enjoys the rocking motion from their now combined movements, her mouth is open, and it is very apparent that she is enjoying this rather immensely. The rocking motion causes Laura to orgasm again, this time more pronounced and louder than the previous one; her breasts are heaving under the lingerie, looking very erotic as they bounce, her nipples very erect, her breasts being fondled lovingly by the blonde stranger.

After she grinds herself into a brief oblivious orgasm and then returning to reality Laura looks down to see the blonde stranger smiling up at her as the waves of pleasure slowly ebb away. She blushes a bit when she realizes just how wanton and full of lust she must seem to be right about now, but then it goes away twice as fast when her body reminds her that she has needed something like this for a long time.

Laura groans out loud again, when she feels the blonde flex her cock, as it is deep inside her sweet tight young pussy, causing her to shiver with the delight of it. The blonde stranger tells her, “Ride me, Laura – and let yourself go”; the brunette pauses a moment upon hearing that comment, reflecting on it.

This gorgeous stranger has already made her climax numerous times so far, Laura thinks to herself, and she wants me to let myself go? Then the blonde helps her to make up her mind a bit faster by grasping the brunette under the breasts, almost as if cupping them, and starts encouraging the sexy brunette to start moving her tight pussy up & down on the cock. She moans at the feeling of the silky smooth pussy moving up and down her hard cock, loving it as the sexy brunette gasps when she sinks all the way down the first couple of strokes.

Then the blonde stranger takes Laura’s hands, placing them onto her own full breasts and massages them into her breasts, getting her to play with them while she rides that hard cock. She tells the brunette “Play with them” and lowers her own hands to the brunette’s hips then watches as Laura starts doing just that very act. It looks quite erotic seeing this short voluptuous and very sexy looking longhaired brunette, wearing really nice white lingerie and heels, sitting straddled on the blonde stranger, and having the blonde lift her hips slowly up then down.

You can see how wet Laura has become – the cock is glistening with her pussy juices with every stroke up and down, and her nipples are standing out quite nicely. Laura has started to move up & down the stranger’s hard shaft a bit more on her own now, as she has begun to enjoy this experience in a strange perverted sort of way. She is letting her fingers play over her nipples as her hands fondle her full breasts the way that she loves; the sight of this arouses the blonde stranger immensely.

Laura’s eyes are still closed as she rides up & down the hard shaft nice and slow; the blonde asks her, “How did you like the video we watched earlier?”

Laura does not answer immediately, thinking of how to phrase her words, then answers “I found it…exciting. I had never seen anything like that before.”

The blonde pauses and then asks, “Did you like it?” to which the sexy brunette gasps her reply “Yes” as she hits a particularly sensitive spot when sinking down onto the cock.

The blonde stranger then replies throatily, “Good – I knew you would” and makes the young brunette ride up and down faster & faster. Laura is breathing raggedly from the sensations coursing through her body; her full breasts are bouncing and heaving with the pleasure being given to her by means of riding on top.

She looks incredibly sexy and aroused, bouncing her voluptuous young body up & down the whole length of the cock, her eyes closed but her mouth open in total lust, and the room filled with her moans of the forbidden pleasure.

The blonde asks, “So what did you like about the video?” to which Laura shyly replies, “I dreamed that the brunette was me – I was fascinated by the thought of making love to a woman – who also has a cock.”

Just before she is about to climax again, the blonde stops her reluctantly as she sits herself up and hugs the sexy brunette to her. She tells Laura, “Wrap your legs around my waist” then when the brunette has done so, she shuffles the two of them towards the edge of the bed, and then places her own feet on the floor. As she is taller she has no problems picking up the smaller yet voluptuous brunette by her butt – with her cock still inside of Laura – and stands up.

She walks the two of them like that slowly, Laura wrapping her entire body around the blonde stranger as much as possible, and takes the two of them into the living room. They discover when they get there that dawn is approaching from the amount of light coming through the drapes, then the blonde very carefully sits them down onto the couch.

Laura is now sitting impaled on the blonde’s cock, on her lap, straddling that hard cock, waiting for whatever direction is given next. The blonde reaches down and starts removing the white lingerie that Laura is wearing, leaving her wearing only the hose, garters, and pumps - then placing it on the back of the couch out of the way.

The blonde asks Laura, “So is the real thing better than imagining it?” to which the sexy voluptuous brunette groans “Yes” in reply. She then reaches under Laura’s full breasts, cupping them so they stick out a bit, and starts motioning the sexy brunette to once again start moving her sweet silky pussy up & down the hard cock.

As Laura does this, moaning the whole time at the pleasure, the blonde presses the brunette’s full breasts together and starts licking her nipples. This causes Laura to gasp out loud at the unexpected pleasure of her body being pleased all over; she is moaning “Ohhh” as she rides slowly up & down while trying to keep her concentration.

The blonde is also thrusting up into Laura’s sweet pussy, making sure the brunette feels every inch of her cock, making sure that Laura rides very slowly – all the while sucking her nipples. It doesn’t take even a minute before Laura is sobbing with the waves of delight as she starts the first of many continuous orgasms. Her nubile young body is starting to bounce all over the blonde stranger’s lap, her wet pussy squelching on every down stroke because she is so aroused.

She finds herself losing her control over her muscles as a really big climax crashes through her body, her breath quite loud as she orgasms noisily on the blonde’s lap. She can feel in the back of her mind her body has just about lost all control of the way it is supposed to be like, plus she can feel the blonde tensing under her hips.

Laura’s pussy muscles are contracting around the hard cock as she rides frantically to orgasm after orgasm, making the blonde’s cock swell inside of her. The blonde is still sucking Laura’s nipples when she too, just about bellows aloud when she finally shoots her hot juices deep inside the brunette’s tight wet pussy.

It causes the two of them to climax simultaneously for a short bit, until Laura finally collapses against the stranger, her body too overloaded with pleasurable sensations. She wraps her arms around the stranger, clinging to her as she regains her breath, feeling the last of the hot sperm going into her hot little pussy.

They sit like that for a few minutes until they have both regained their breath, then Laura gets up on her very shaky legs – not too stable while wearing heels. The blonde also gets up, taking Laura by the hand to her bathroom, where they wash up using the sink and washcloths; when they are done, the blonde takes Laura’s hand, leading her once again out to the living room.

She hands Laura her bathrobe, then places her own raincoat on again, doing it up around her waist, and then saying to Laura, “I hope you enjoyed the real thing more that the video. I would like to see you again, too.”

She heads towards the door, Laura trailing her with mouth agape as she asks, “Who are you? Do you live around here?” to which the blonde replies, smiling at Laura “My name is Andrea, and I’m your next door neighbour. By the way I’d like to come over later to give you a massage – your muscles will probably be sore, and I can give you a very good massage.”

She leans down into Laura, placing an arm around the beautiful short brunette, and then opening her mouth and gives Laura a long passionate French kiss. She lets go of Laura reluctantly, saying “Bye” as she backs away then starts walking down the sidewalk.

Laura watches and listens in total amazement to the blonde as her high heels click on the pavement, her heels taking her right next door where she opens the door, and enters the house.

Laura stares for a long moment, and then remembers how she is dressed and goes back inside the house. She returns to her bedroom, removing her lingerie and placing it next to the bed on the chair; then after a long bath decides to retire to her bed, where the cat eventually emerges to snuggle with her. Laura falls into a deep sleep for a good 7 hours, having just simply collapsed onto the top of the bed and pulling the comforter over her body. She has pleasant dreams, surprisingly thinking mostly about the attractive blonde who seduced, licked, and made extraordinary love to her body as if she knew exactly what was needed.

Laura slowly emerges from a very fulfilling sleep quite satisfied, and looking forward to the blonde coming over to give her a massage as she said she was going to do. A short while later there is a knock at the front door, which reveals her next-door neighbour and a friend of hers …holding a bottle of scented massage oil, and has a smile on her face.

Laura’s young neighbour on the other side of the house comes home later that day to catch out the corner of her eye Laura through her front room window, dressed in sexy looking lingerie and heels, on her hands and knees before the couch. She can then see that there is a woman on the couch, her legs spread while Laura’s head is bobbing up and down, apparently as if sucking a cock; Laura is doing this.

And a woman – who also has her cock buried in Laura’s tight wet pussy, is apparently pumping her from behind!

The young neighbour’s curiosity gets the best of her and she goes closer to the window to get a better view; she sees that her eyes are not deceiving her one bit. Then she catches the fact that there are 3 cameras set up filming the sexual activity in Laura’s front room; then she is spotted by one of the…women?

The neighbour scoots back to her place, not telling her husband what she saw, but that night she ends up dreaming about Laura being made love to by the two women.

The next day when the neighbour is at home by herself she gets a knock at the door; she opens it to reveal both the women from yesterday at Laura’s. The blonde immediately moves in and pushes the neighbour against the wall, just simply holding her there while she asks, “So did you like what you saw yesterday? Did you want to try some of the same? I’ll bet you do – all you married women are so horny for strange cock. But you’ll never admit it until you actually have it inside of you.”

Judy was completely unprepared for the jarring events of the last two minutes. She had just been applying the last finishing touches to her make up before heading out to work. As the brunette closed the door behind her, the blond brought her face close to Judy’s.

“You are they cute little thing aren’t you? And a newlywed I understand, so unsatisfied by your husband that you have to spy on your neighbour to get your rock off, sweetie?” Despite her threatening tone and manner, Judy found the blonde woman very beautiful, her skin was smooth and blemish free, like she stepped out of a cosmetics advertisement or something. Her deep blue eyes bored into Judy’s, and as the captive woman stumbled to get out a reply, the blond brushed her full red lips glancing over Judy’s. She shivered, and realized it was more from desire, than from fear.

“She is cute,” the brunette said as she stepped over to stand next to the blond, and reaching between her and Judy, unbuttoned her suit jacket.

“I have a thing for sexy girls” she added as leaned over, and trailed her tongue over Judy’s ear. Both of the women that pressed her against the wall were dressed in raincoats that fell below their knees, and high heels along with nylons. The blond woman who introduced herself as Andrea wore black stockings with shiny black pumps, the brunette was wearing white.

“I didn’t mean to spy on you and Laura, it just kind of happened, “ the captive woman gasped.

“You?” the brunette interpreted. Judy nodded. “You liked what you saw, didn’t you? It made your pussy all wet, didn’t it?” Judy had been very wet and very aroused by what she’d seen going on at Laura’s house, but she wasn’t about to tell her two kidnappers that. The blond, Andrea pushed her leg between Judy’s, until she was resting her crotch on Judy’s thigh, her skirt was stretched taut across her lap, and she jerked with a start as she felt the familiar shape of an erect cock through the coat and her skirt. Obviously she’s wearing a strap on or something Judy thought to herself.

“What do you want, I really am sorry, but I have to get to work” Judy said as she pressed back against Andrea, who shoved her back against the wall.

“We want you, and you know deep down that you want us too.” Andrea whispered before kissing Judy full on the lips, and slipping a hand under her suit jacket, kneaded her breast through her silk blouse and wispy bra. Judy shook her head back and forth as Andrea broke the kiss, and her carefully styled hair slipped, and fell in front of her eyes. Then, the cock pressed against Judy’s thigh jerked, and she knew that it was real, and not a strap- on.

“Surprise” Andrea said with a smile, as the brunette closed the curtains.

Opening the door to the fridge, Laura squints, as the harsh light from the appliance seems to beam straight into her eyes. Reaching into the ice bin, she grabs a hand full of ice cubes, and drops them into the red, plastic glass she’d taken from the cabinet just moments before. She shivers slightly, and her nipples harden as the cool air escapes from the refrigerator As she fills her glass at the sink images from the videos flash through her head, and with her free hand she reaches between her legs, and glides her middle finger over her sticky, moist labia. She gasps at her own touch and shuts off the water.

Setting the glass on the counter, she reaches down with both hands and pulls off her shirt, a few seconds later she unhooks her bra and stands naked in her kitchen. She runs her hand over her smooth, round breasts. Cupping them in her hands, and kneading the soft, supple flesh between her fingers She thinks once more of the brunette in the video, and pinches her swollen nipple in her fingers, pulling it gently. Her other hand moves back to her pussy where she idly plays with her sex.

Then as quickly as she had begun to pleasure herself, she stops, and leans against the kitchen counter, clearing her head. “I want to know what its like to be with another woman, to love her, kiss her, feel her hands and mouth on my body, licking me, sucking me, while I do the same to her. God I’m so horny!” she says out loud, exasperated at her own seemingly insatiable behaviour. As she padded down the carpeted hallway to the bedroom, she it dawned on her that she was more than just curious, maybe she was a real lesbian. She had to find out.

Pulling back the covers, and climbing into bed, Laura turned on the small lamp next to the bed, and pulled out a nine-inch metallic finish vibrator from the top drawer. She eased the phallus to the cleft of her pussy, and turns it on the lowest setting. It hummed loudly in the empty bedroom. As Laura slowly ran the vibrator back and forth over her wet pussy she thought about prospective female lovers at he workplace, and then the waitresses at the bar they go to many time after work. They made deliciously erotic fodder for her lesbian fantasies. After bringing herself to orgasm, Laura dropped the vibrator on the floor beside the bed, and fell quickly to sleep.

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