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From the pages of my wife’s diary, documenting our true sexual escapades.

Kate and I were out on the town, having a few drinks and talking with many people that we know in the local establishment were we go to have a few beers. Kate was looking hot in her skimpy top with no bra, and a pair of loose silky shorts.

It had been a while since we had any “strange men” encounters, or should I say strange sex encounters. Our strange sexual encounters started with people we knew for a while, that we had to feel out and eventually trust. Also we had to like them enough to consider an encounter. Strangely enough, this night wasn’t planed, as very few were, and most were not. They just kind of flowed from a good evening into some type of sexually charged moment, or talk that transpired Kate into going with the flow. She always seemed to know what to do, and when to do it, starting a memorable evening on it’s way. Although I have instigated a few encounters on my own, when the mood seemed right.

Now on this night we had been drinking for a while when a man friend of ours walked into the tap. His name was Will. He had always been infatuated with Kate from the first time she paid attention to him. At one time he was a drink slinger, and would always take good care of Kate and I, when it came to keeping our drinks fresh, and full of quality liquor. Once when she was feeling no pain, she was telling Will a story in a very expressive manner, using her hands and arms to get her point across, when she raised her arms above her head, it hiked up her short sweater, exposing her breasts to him in full view! He almost fell on the floor, as he gained the biggest grin I ever saw him with. It took a few seconds for Kate to realize what she did, and we all laughed about it. Will wasn’t a hunk or even close to good looking by most peoples standards, but his manner and friendliness made him an enjoyable person to be around. He always kidded Kate after that, asking her where his favorite sweater was, and when she was going to wear it again.

Now this night wasn’t too much different from any other night, and Will sat on the other side of Kate at the bar and they proceeded to strike up a lengthy conversation. I guess I was pretty horny and I had been prodding Kate with some sex talk and would feel her breasts when no one was around, looking forward to some foreplay when we got home. Feeling frisky, I put my arm around her back and reaching around, slid my fingers into the bottom of her blouse and started to slowly raise it upwards giving her a hint, to tease Will. She shuffled a little and turned to look at me, I winked at her and whispered in her ear, “show Will your tits when it was safe” and convenient. She smiled and nodded, letting me know she enjoyed the idea, I could see it in her eyes. She always got a twinkle in her eyes when she was about to do something naughty. When the opportunity presented itself she swiveled her chair around and discreetly smiled at Will, and slowly slid her blouse up showing off her fully exposed tits.

A large smile came over his face as she lowered her blouse back down, he immediately looked at me as to see my reaction. Being a fairly sized man most people did not know how to take me, until they got to know me. I smiled and nodded slightly shaking my head with approval to let him know it was fine with me. Well one thing led to another and we had his full attention, he knew Kate was feeling no pain and neither was I. So a little while later, I eased up Kate’s blouse and was feeling her right tit as I motioned for him to feel up her left tit. He gave me a funny look and Kate smiled at him to let him know it was ok. Will didn’t waste any time sliding his hand on to her left tit and began rolling her very large nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Little did he know that this was the way Kate liked to be fondled. We did this discreetly for a while, as we had to lookout to keep from arousing the suspicion of the other patrons in the bar.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom to relieve the beer that I had drunk throughout the evening. I came back and they were talking as though nothing was going on, and I sat down and started to instigate again. I was looking across the bar and talking to the bartender for a few minutes. As I looked back at Kate she had her hand over towards Will’s lap and he had a funny look on his face. As I looked around the backside of Kate I saw why. She had his cock pulled out of his shorts and was slowly stroking it. I felt this had gone to far in the bar, so I told her to leave his cock go that we were leaving and if he was interested he could come home with us, as we lived less than 5 minutes away. He almost fell out of the bar stool getting up to go. We headed for the car and I told them to get in the back seat, as they were far too hot to reason with. Will asked a few times on the way home if this was ok with me, and I told he definitely! They were all over each other and I had to tell them to break it up as we neared our home.

Once we got inside, clothes were flying off and they were exploring each other with a fever. Immediately Will slid off Kate’s silky shorts onto the floor, and laid her down on the recliner. Her moist mound was fully exposed, as Will found it with his tongue, and started to give it a good work out. Kate was moaning and wiggling her ass, all around on the recliner, as he found her love button and teased it sensuously with his tongue. He was slowing down the pace when Kate moaned very loud and spewed hot vaginal cum all over his face. Her body was convulsing as she crashed into a very powerful orgasm. She had almost slid off of the recliner during her orgasm. She sat up pulling her blouse over her head, also exposing her big nippled breasts to us. He sensed that this was no time to slow down as he stood up and slid his shorts down onto the floor, exposing his thick cock and balls to Kate. What a trade off. She reached out to cup his very large balls with one hand, while using her other hand to grasp his cock and steady it as she prepared to slide her mouth onto the large head of circumcised cock. He gasped as she slide her mouth down his shaft, and then slowly retracted her head letting his cock slide out of her mouth, just to have her start licking his cock with her tongue, up and down his rock hard shaft. After a few minutes of this teasing, Will could not take any more.

He pulled Kate off of the recliner and down onto the floor, he then put his hands onto her knees spreading her legs far apart, then moving forward positioned the head of his cock at the entrance of her hot and dripping pussy hole. She was ready as she ever would be as he eased his pulsing cock into her moist pussy. She let out a deep long groan as he started to push it in working it in and out, probing deeper each time until he finally reached the bottom of her pleasure hole with his long thick cock. He starting slowly sliding it in and out of her of her, but always hesitating at the very bottom to give it a small extra push to go as deep as he could and then slowly withdrawing it again, to start the process all over again. Kate was juicing up real good as he was picking up speed. I knew this was not going to last too much longer as they were both heading for oblivion. Kate started moaning at Will, “Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me deep”. Kate was meeting his thrusts as best as she could, as he fucked her harder and as deep as he could. Now their pace was at a fury, as they both exploded into orgasms of pleasure. Will was slowing down but not stopping. He was trying to prolong the pleasure as long as he could. It was hot in the room from body heat. I arose from my seat, to retrieve some cool washcloths and towels, for them. I also figured a few cold drinks were also it order.

As I came back, Will thanked me for the cool cloth and a beer. I leaned over Kate, and immediately gave her a long deep French kiss. She always felt a little guilty having sex with other men as I watched. It kind of reassured her that I was happy for her. I always enjoyed the view. As we conversed, we explained to Will that we enjoyed what we did. It wasn’t an every day thing but occasionally, with the right man, extend a warmer greeting to our guests if they seemed to be sexually open, and if we felt very comfortable with there company.

Slowly the air became charged again as Kate kneeled down in front of Will and told him she wanted to finish were she left off earlier. Her words were “I love the taste of your cock, do your balls taste as good”? He just smiled and spread his legs apart to accommodate her efforts. Soon he slide down onto the floor he spun around so his cock was pointing at her face as he lowered himself onto her cunt once again, and started to lick his way into her swollen folds, it was as erotic as it could be. Her pussy was still gleaming from the fucking he just gave her and now he was licking her pussy with wild abandon as he lapped up the remainder of their cum, that was oozing out of the depths of her cunt. It seemed to turn him on more. It was in no time that Kate had him on the brink of another orgasm as she was nearing the cliff herself, this time she could say nothing as his cock was it her mouth as he let out a long moan telling her to “Suck my balls dry, yes baby, oh yes”! Kate was bucking her cunt wildly as I could see the cum squirting out of her cunt onto his face. She flowed like a waterfall. I heard her gag a little as he was shooting large amounts of cum into her mouth as she tried to swallow it as fast as she could. Slowly they relaxed and fell apart onto the floor lying on their backs, trying to
Catch their breaths. Slowly he spun around and cradled Kate in his arms kissing her and thanking her for such a wild evening!

After several minutes of relaxation, Will said he should be going, and he thanked me, saying he would have never imagined that he would ever have a chance of having sex with Kate, even though he fantasized about it after seeing her tits that first time. Will and Kate said their goodbyes, and I drove Will back to the bar to retrieve his car, letting me know of his appreciation. Needless to say this was the first time, but not the last episode with Will…

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Thanks for the new story. Look forward to hearing more adventures. And if you and your wife want, post some pictures up. I am sure many more members will like them.

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