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This is my first time posting a story here. I wrote this for a friend of mine. She told me of some of her fantasies so i started writing. I hope you enjoy. I have part 2 writen but i will wait till and see what you think of this before i post it. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to reply. I would like any thoughts and suggestions.

Strangers Part 1

You're in the shower washing you body, too distracted to hear the door open. You don't notice the curtain move till you hands grab you. The first covers your eyes the second wraps around you. You hear a voice command you “Don't turn around.” The hand around you slides down and goes right for your clit and start rubbing before two fingers slide into you and start pumping in and out. The hand slide from you pussy and a cloth is wrapped over you eyes so you can't see and your hands tied behind you.

You feel a hand on your back forcing you to bend forward you body pressed against the wall. You feel the fingers start fucking you pussy again and rubbing you clit. They are removed and quickly you feel a long hard cock buried to the hilt in your now dripping wet pussy. The hands reach around and grab you tits pulling the nipples as the water runs down your back. Your pussy getting fucked even harder. Your body starts slamming the wall even time the cock is pushed into you, it slamming against the back of you pussy, stretching you so much. You feel the cock pulled from you and a hand let go of your nipple, and then you feel the cock put back in but it feels different this time.

It's bigger but feels like a dildo. It’s worked in and out of you, you feel the attacker get between you legs and start licking you clit and pulling the nipple as the dildo is shoved into you aching pussy. The attacker stands up and keeps working the dildo in and out of you bring you to orgasm. As you start cumming you feel his cock push into you asshole, stretching you, as he tries to bury himself in you again. He shoves the dildo deep into you and starts fucking your ass even harder, grabbing your shoulders and pulling you back against him. You cum again from him fucking you so deep and hard, your body shakes He then pulls his cock from your ass and shoves what feels like another dildo in your ass before forcing you to your knees.

He forces your mouth open and shoves his cock between your lips the tip touching your throat. He start fucking you mouth and then grabbing your hair pushing his cock into your throat causing you to gag at first till you get use to it. He then starts fucking your throat hard, first pulling all but the tip from your mouth and forcing it all back down your throat hard. Then he starts pulling the tip just out of your throat and then back in going fast in and out. You feel him grab more of your hair and push his cock down your throat, balls slapping your chin and he holds you there. His cock jerks as he start cumming down your throat.

As he’s cumming, he pulls out a so only the tip is in your mouth, filling it with his cum and then pulls out all the way, ripping the cloth from your eyes. You open your eyes just as he cums all over you face, your tits, hair and into your eyes. He unties your hands and leaves you kneeling. “Don’t move till I’m gone.” With that he you hear him start towards the door. You try to look but the cum in your eyes burns when you try to open your eyes. You hear the kitchen door open and close.

You stand up and start to move into the water to wash off but instead stop and find your self collecting the cum from your face and chest. You don’t notice till you’ve already finished that you had licked the cum from your finger. You step in to the shower and start washing off but as you run your hand over your body you feel your body tingle and responding. You realize that you organismed three times while being raped and that your body was still hot and horny.

You can’t understand why you are so excited by this encounter. As you wash your body you continue to fight you’re bodies’ desire. Finally you can’t take it any more and give it. As the warm water hits your sensitive tits and runs down you body you slide a hand between your legs and start rubbing you clit. You mind instantly flashes back to the event of tonight. In no time your body starts shaking as you cum the hardest of the night. Your legs give out and you kneel so you don’t fall over from the effect. You dry off and head to bed the events of tonight lingering in your mind as you drift off to sleep.

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Welcome aboard and thanks for the new addition

Dont get discouraged if you dont have alot of comments....also watch the amount of views the story has.

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good story

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Strangers Part 2

It’s been a week since the attack but you still feel the tingle in your pussy. You turn the hot water on for your shower as you think is seem like so long ago but at the same time the image in your mind are as if it was yesterday. You drop your robe and climb into the shower. You start washing off, feeling the water run down your body as you pussy start to tingle. You close you eyes as your hand starts to rub your tits. You can almost feel his hand reaching around while one hand covers your eyes. Suddenly you realize that it’s not just memories. There really are hands over your eyes and around your waist. He whispers into your ear “Hello again sexy thing. I had so much fun last time I decided to come back for more. I can see you enjoyed it to” you feel his already hard cock pressing against your ass check “I also brought a surprise for you.” You feel his hand around your waist move from you but you stand still. You feel a cloth placed over your eyes, pull tight and tied.

You feel him move to the front of you and start sucking on your nipples, nibbling and licking them. His hand slides down your body between your legs and start rubbing you pussy. He presses his palm against you clit and starts rubbing your pussy faster. You feel your knees getting weak as your pussy starts to drip with desire waiting for him to stick something in between your lips. You feel two fingers slide deep into your pussy with one push. He bite you nipples as he start pumping faster in and out of your pussy. He pulls his fingers all the way from your pussy and rubs your clit. You feel two fingers push deep into your pussy even harder and faster. You feel two fingers start pushing into your asshole and to your surprise you feel another mouth bite on your nipple.

The first guy releases your nipples to speak. “I hope you don’t mind I brought a friend along. I told him about you and he just had to try that pussy and mouth.” The first places his mouth back on your nipple as the second releases, you hear a deeper voice. “Mmmmm and it’s such a wet tight pussy, I can’t wait to feel that” The second goes back to suck a nipple before releasing. “I want to see if she sucks as good as you say.” The second man stands up and makes you bend at the waist. Grabbing you head he bends you neck, you feel his cock hitting you face. He tells you to open your mouth. As soon as you do he starts pushing his cock between your lips hitting your throat. He pulls in and out a bit before pushing into your throat and holding it there as you start to gag. He’s not as long as the first guy but he is thicker. He holds his cock there a little longer before pulling out so you can breathe. He pulls all but the tip from your mouth and then shoves it all back down your throat, again holding as you gag a little. He pulls out again and then starts slowly fucking you mouth now and then pushing into your throat. You feel his hands reach around and grab your tits using them to pull you against him and get his cock deeper.

Suddenly you feel a tongue licking you clit and then pushing into your pussy. You were so focus on the cock in your mouth you forgot about the first guy. He pulls hit tongue out of your pussy to lick your clit as two fingers slide deep into your pussy. He starts pumping them in and out timing his rhythm with the cock in your mouth. He pulls his fingers from your pussy and shoves them deep into your ass again with one push. You feel his tongue push back into your pussy licking deep down inside. He pumps in and out of your ass in time with the cock in your mouth so they are both inside at the same time. He starts rubbing you clit, pressing hard and rubbing faster every second that goes by. As you moan around the cock in your mouth you try to fight the pleasure your body is feeling but you can’t help it. You feel your body start to tingle in that uncontrollable sensation. Both men must feel it too as they both pick up their pace going faster and harder. As you organism over comes you, you tighten your asshole and pussy holding on to his fingers and tongue and you moan around the cock in your mouth. The first guy starts rubbing your pussy even faster and the second moans and shoves his cock deep into your throat. You feel his cock jerk and start cumming down your throat.

You hear the second man talk. “God DAMN she is incredible just like you said. Now I want to feel that pussy.” The men stand you up and the second man pulls you close, grabbing your ass. He lifts you up and sucks a nipple as you feel his cock press against your pussy. He lifts you up a little more and then slowly lowers you till the head of his cock pushes into your pussy. He holds you there for a second and then pulls you down hard on his cock. You feel his thick cock stretch your pussy. He lifts you up to just the top and brings you back down harder and faster each time. After a few minutes he lifts you up and holds you there with just the tip in you. You feel the first guys hand grab you ass checks and pull them apart. You feel his cock head press just into your asshole as the second guy lowers you a little. Once both men have their cock heads in you they pull you down hard, both cock buried deep inside your body. The first guy reaches around and grabs you tits while the second holds you ass lifting you up and down. Each time he pulls you down harder and faster. You feel their cock buried so deep in your body. It isn’t long before you’re cumming again. As you cum both men keep fucking you and with only last push down you feel them bury even deeper in you as they both start cumming filling you holes.

You feel both men pull out of you and they set you back on your feet, which take a minute to be able to stand. The second guy bends you over and in a flash shoves is cock into your cum dripping ass hole. He starts fucking you even harder, stretching you asshole as he slams his whole body against you. He reaches up and with one hand grabs your hair pulling you head back the other holds your hips. I start fucking you asshole like a crazed man, going harder with each thrust. As he pulls you head back you mouth opens and you feel a cock start sliding between your lips. You taste the saltiness of cum and the unique taste of your pussy. He starts pushing harder, forcing his cock down your throat. The second guy stops fucking you ass, cock buried to the hilt, so the first guy can hold his cock in your throat as you gag. The first guy pulls his cock so just the tip is between your lips. He then grabs a strong hold onto your tits and squeezes. The Second guy pulls harder on your hair and pushes you forward pulling his cock to just the tip. As he pushes you forward the first guys cock slides down your throat. He then pulls you back. As the cock slides out of your throat, his cock pushes into your asshole.

They start pushing you back and forth with one cock pushing into your body as the other pulls out, every time leaving just the tip inside you. They start pushing back and forth harder and faster. The first guy grabs harder on your tits, pinching and pulling you nipples. The second guy hold your hair tight, a couple times slaps your ass before grabbing you hips again. They keep going faster and harder. A couple times the second guy pulls out and shoves it into your pussy but finally decides to keep fucking you tight ass. You feel the first guy let go of you for a minute and then the second guy releases your hip. The first guy’s hand returns to your tits before you know what’s happening you feel something pushed into your pussy.

You realize that it’s a vibrator when turns it on high and shoves it deep in your pussy. They start fucking you again harder and deeper. This goes on for a few minutes, all you’re holes filled deeply. You feel yourself about ready to cum when both men at the same moment push themselves deep into you. They cock jerk and you feel both end of you body being filled with cum. This amazing feeling sets of your own organism off, like you’ve never have before. You only partly notice that both men pulled out of your while still cumming and forced you to your knees and removed your blindfold. Again you start to open your eyes but they become covered with cum, along with your face and tits.
The first guy speaks “mmmmmm you were even better then last time. I hope you enjoy” The second guy speaks as he walks away “I enjoyed it. One of the best fucks I’ve had.” First guy speaks again “You remember last time wait till we’re gone. You get better each time, and from your sound of it you enjoyed it too.” He leans down and kisses the top of you head “See you around” He laughs as you hear him walk away and the front door close.

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