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04-29-2008, 06:34 AM
I was 13 years old when I discovered the pleasure of sex. I started out by rubbing my “peepee”, making it tingle with almost excruciating, but pleasant sensations. I was too young to actually cum when I had an orgasm, but the feeling was one of the best I’d ever felt in my young life.
A few months after I had started masturbating, I realized that my butt was a very sensitive part of my body, too. I began sticking things in my butt, while I masturbated, and soon found out that the orgasms were much more intense. I started out by putting pencils in my butt, and progressed to felt markers, then to carrots(stolen out of the fridge), and eventually, cucumbers. As my butt stretched to allow each larger object into my butt, my orgasms increased in intensity, until one day, I actually came all over my stomach. It scared me. I thought I must have got an infection or something.
I asked my older friend, Angel(13) what had happened, and he told me to meet him in our tree house and we would figure it out. When I reached our tree house, Angel was already there. He said for me to take off my clothes and show me what I had done. I wasn’t too sure about telling him that I had been using cucumbers up my rear, but he told me that if I wanted him to get to the bottom of my concerns, I needed to tell him and take off my clothes to show him what I was referring to.
I took my clothes off, and standing naked in front of Angel, I began to get hard. I also noticed that he had a funny look on his face. It was the same type of look that he would get when he looked at a motorcycle that he was dying to have, but different. I began to tell him about how I started out by rubbing my peepee.

He said, “show me what you did.”

I began to rub myself, and I noticed that he was beginning to breath harder, with a lump beginning to show in his pants. He told me to go on, and I told him about me putting things in my butt. Almost breathlessly, he asked how big these things were. I told him I started out using a pencil, but had progressed to using a cucumber. We had a souvenier baseball bat from one of the pro leagues that we kept in our tree house. He asked if that would fit in my butt. I told him that some of the cucumbers I used were bigger than the knob at the end of the bat.

He told me, “show me what you do with it.”

So, I worked up a big wad of spit, rubbed it on the end of the bat, and proceeded to shove it up my butt. By this time, Angel had taken his peepee out of his pants and was moving his hand up and down on it. His breathing was very rapid, and before I knew it, he came all over the floor. I cried out that he must have an infection, too. After getting his breath back, he laughed and explained that it was an infection, but rather sperm. I didn’t know what sperm was, so he told me that it was the stuff men made to get women pregnant.
The bat was still up my butt about 8”, and Angel pulled it out. He asked, “Have you ever sucked on a man’s cock? I didn’t know what a cock was, and he told me it was the same thing I called a peepee. I looked at him with shock written all over my face. He said he had a friend that he and him would suck each other’s cock and cum in each other’s mouth. That sounded like maybe it would be very exciting. I told him I hadn’t, and asked him how to go about doing it.
I noticed that his “cock” was beginning to get big again. He removed his clothes and told me to get on my knees in front of him. When I was in position, and told me to open my mouth. He put a little of his cock in my mouth and told me to move my mouth up and down the shaft of his cock. I began putting it in and out of my mouth. He told me to suck it in and out of my mouth like a lollypop. As I did as he said, he put his hands behind my head and began to push my head down farther and farther on his Cock, until I gagged.
He kept pushing his cock deeper in my mouth slowly so I could get used to the size and wouldn’t gag so easily. He finally was able to put it all in my mouth and began pumping in my mouth. Faster and faster he pumped, his breath coming quicker. With a loud groan, he squirted something into my mouth and down my throat. I began gagging again, forced to swallow it, because he pushed his cock into my mouth as far as it would go. When he finished, he pulled his cock out and asked me how it tasted. I asked him if he had peed in my mouth, and he told me that what I had swallowed was his sperm. I told him it tasted kind of salty, but not really bad.
We did that on many later occasions. Sometimes he would suck me, and others I would suck him. But, one day, he brought a tube of lotion to our tree house. I asked him what it was for. He said that he wanted to put his cock in my butt, like I had done with the bat. We both took off all our clothes, and he put some lotion on my butt and some on his cock. He told me to get on my hands and knees.
When I was in position, he eased his cock into my butt. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but since I had been used to taking larger objects in my butt, it began to feel good….Real good!!! I began to moan and hump my butt back into his thrusting cock. He pumped faster and faster into my butt; just like he had done in my mouth. He kept going for about three minutes before he shot his sperm into my butt. It felt warm and squishy in me. When he pulled out, his sperm leaked out of my butt, and he bent down and began licking it out of me. That was more than I could stand and I came right there on the spot.
Angel and I had many such encounters in our tree house. However, one day, he brought and older friend of his(18) to the tree house and introduced him as Keith. He was a black guy from the high school. Angel had told him about our “sessions” and he said he wanted to see it for himself. Angel asked me if I had any problems with him joining us. I said as long as he doesn’t tell anyone else about it, it was OK.
We started off by taking off our clothes. Keith had a cock bigger than I had ever seen. It was at least 11” long and big around. He told me to get on my knees and suck him off. I put about 8” in my mouth before I began to gag. That didn’t slow him down. He forced more and more of his cock down my throat, until his balls were slapping my chin. I felt like I was going to throw up, but he kept pumping in and out of my mouth. He went on for about five minutes before he pulled out.
He said he wanted to watch Angel “fuck” me. I wasn’t sure what “fuck” meant, but I had a feeling he meant that he wanted Angel to put his cock in my butt. Angel laid down on the floor of our tree house and told me to get on top of him and face him. When I laid down on him, he put his cock in my butt, and began pumping up into me. We had done it this way several times and I kind of liked it this way the best.
Keith came up and began to rub my butt with his hands, spreading my butt cheeks wider and wider. Then he put a finger in my butt with Angel’s cock, then two, three. He pulled them out after a minute. I was wondering where he had went, when I felt him pressing his cock into my butt, too.! I felt like I was going to be torn apart! I tried to scream, but Keith put his hand over my mouth so no one would hear me.
When he forced his cock all the way in me, I felt like I was going to pass out. He pumped into me like he was mad at me. Thrust after thrust, it finally began to feel not quite so painful. After a few minutes, it began to feel good. I just wished that he wasn’t pumping so fast. Angel looked into my eyes and saw that I was beginning to like it. He reached up and kissed me on the lips.
After another five or ten minutes, Keith fired off into my butt, but not before Angel shot his sperm in me. I realized that I had spilled my sperm on Angel’s belly, but wasn’t sure when it happened.

(to be continued) Part 2 Keith’s friend join in for a gangbang

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