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04-29-2008, 10:57 PM
I wrote this little quickie about 4 years ago and just ran across it again today. Thought I would post it here --

As you wait, you wonder - - -

Wonder where I am.

Wonder when I will return.

Wonder if I will be alone.

Wonder if you have pleased me.

Wonder if I will please you.

Wonder what would happen if there was an emergency.

I mean, how would you ever get out of the house. Legs tied to each bed post at the foot of the bed. Hands tied to each bed post at the head. Naked as the day you were born. Your glorious slit open to the world. Blindfolded as well. Just thinking about it is starting to get the juices flowing again.

"God Damn you", you think. "Where are you?"

And then - - - the door opens softly. You feel the breeze cross your body. Footsteps - - lightly going about the house. Another door opens - or is it the same one? Who is it? Oh god, don't let it be a stranger. But just the thought makes your nipples jump suddenly to attention. Your breath quickens.

And then - the lights come on in the bed room.




You can hear footsteps as they rapidly approach the bed. You tense.

Ouch!!!! Someone is brutally pinching your nipple. Then the other one. Now both at the same time. Now a hand is encircling your throat. Slowly and gently massaging. It moves downward and now encirles your breast. Gently squeezing. Left one. Right one. Left one. Right one.

Hell, no need to twist a nipple now. They are so far extended they actually hurt.

A single finger begins to move towards your belly button. Stops and circles around and around. The finger leaves and you can hear as someone (?) licks his (her?) finger. The finger starts around the button again. Now entering. Now leaving. Fucking your belly button. As the finger enters and moves around it gives a tingling feeling deep within your body. Feels like that damn thing is connected directly to your G spot.

Your pussy lips are wet. They are beginning to spread on their own with the moisture. The finger is moving downward. Now at the top of your hairy pussy. Another finger joins the action. Then a third. They are lightly running through your hairs. Pulling lightly. Attempting to straighten them. Now all four fingers digging deeply in the hair. Pulling upward until they are cleared. Then back in for some more. You lift your hips to aid. And for more contact.

Movement to the foot of the bed. You feel weight on the bed. You feel a presence closing in on your outspread legs.


Someone is blowing their breath on your pussy. Blowing. Blowing. Blowing. Not touching. Just a gently breeze. Then the fingers spread the hair again and part your lips at the top. Exposing your raging clit.

Then the breath again. Directly on the clit. It goes crazy. It almost jumps completely out of it's sheath.

OH GOD DAMN!!!!!!!! He/she licked it. You cum with an amazing force. Another lick and your start the second orgasm in as many seconds.

That is followed by a single finger being inserted. As it enters, it twists and turns. Trying to give your lips the full feeling of entry. Finally it is in all the way. And the finger is curving upward towards your stomach. Scratching, feeling for that rough G spot.


God Damn. Whoever is doing this knows what they are doing. The finger keeps a constand ryhthmn on THE spot. As you begin your 3rd orgasm. It is intense. Your stomach muscles have contracted so tightly that a dime would bounce off. The tightness lifts your ass completely off the bed. You are cumming. Again and again and again. Oh don't let it stop.

And the finger is gone.

Silently footsteps.

The light goes off.

The door shuts.

04-29-2008, 11:09 PM
Very cool

Thanks for adding it