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I was 17 years old and was getting married to Phil in a weeks time. My
friend Gina, who is 2 years older than me and married to Tom who is 25,
is to be my Bridesmaid. Gina & Tom have a swinging lifestyle, wife
swapping, 3somes and parties. I know this because she has tried to get
me to go to their parties, she say's that Tom fancies me. I have always
refused as I believed that a couple should be faithful to each other.

Gina said to me ‘You know Pauline, the guys will be having a stag

‘Well yes, I suppose they will. It is traditional after all.'

‘Yes it is traditional, traditional stripper and traditional whore for
the 'groom to be' to fuck.'

Oh no! Phil wouldn't do a thing like that, he loves me.' I exclaimed in
my naivete.

‘If the guy's get him one, he'll feel like a wimp if he backs out. No,
he'll fuck the bitch, whoever she is.'

I just broke down crying, the thought of Phil being unfaithful even
before we're married.

‘Don't get yourself all upset.' said Gina, ‘‘I know how to prevent it.'

‘How? How, tell me.' I almost screamed.

‘You. You can be the whore.'

‘Wha.... What are you talking about?'

‘I'll fix it up with Tom, I'll get him to organise the evening's
entertainment. He can take them on a round of the clubs to see a few
strippers. He will make sure Phil has a few drinks so he's not too
clear about what's going on and then bring them all back to our house
where he will have laid on some food, a stripper and a whore.'

‘I can't do a strip, I wouldn't know how.'

‘No that's all right, I'll be the stripper.' said Gina.

‘But everyone will recognise you.... and me.'

‘Not if we dress as Miss Whiplash, it's part of the costume to wear a

‘Then Phil wouldn't be unfaithful would he. He'd be making love to me.'

‘Seems like a good plan to me.' Gina said with a big smile. I had to
agree, it did sound good, well better than Phil having sex with some

And so that was arranged. Phil, Tom, Stuart (who was Phil's best friend
and best man) and 4 guys' who worked with Phil whom I didn't know, went
out for the Stag night. Gina dressed me up in leather studded bra,
suspenders, black stockings, very high heeled shoes and a leather mask
and NO panties. The bra had lots of poppers, so no matter from which
way it was pulled, it would pop open and fall off. Gina was dressed the
same, except that she did have panties with large ties at the sides,
she explained that these where so that the guy's got an extra thrill by
pulling them open and baring her pussy. She took great delight in
showing me how it worked but I think it was an excuse to show me that
her pussy was shaved bald. I told Gina that I felt really slutty and
she said that she felt the same and we had a good giggle about it. When
I asked her how she felt about stripping, she reminded me that they
often had sex parties and it was nothing for her to walk around
completely naked in a room full of men, and women, she said as an

Their house had a large living room with sliding doors to the dining
room. The dining table had been moved into the living room and laid out
with snacks and drinks. A mattress had been laid on the floor of the
dinning room for me to let Phil sow his wild oats. All was ready and I
was a nervous wreck. Gina had given me a few drinks to try and calm me
down. We heard the guys coming in, so we both went into the dining room
and pulled the sliding doors closed. We could hear them chatting away
and getting some food when Tom slid open the door and said ‘Show time
ladies. Where's that lovely stripper?' Giggling, Gina said ‘I'm ready
big boy, go put on some music.' Tom closed the door again, then we
heard him announce. ‘Gentlemen, straight from Las Vegas, Ingrid the
Swedish Love Goddess.'

All the guys cheered. Gina turned to me and winked. ‘Good luck,' she
said. ‘And good luck to you too,' I replied.

I slid open the door a crack, so that I could watch. Gina danced like a
professional, I wondered how many times she had done this. The guys
seemed to be enjoying it. Egging her on with salacious remarks. ‘Take
it off Baby.' ‘Show us your tits Sweety.'

She went over to Phil who was sitting in an armchair. She bent over him
and dangled her large breasts in his face. Phil made a half hearted
attempt at playing with them but I think he'd had too much to drink.
She danced around all the other guy's who didn't hesitate to grab
handfuls of breast and even insert fingers up into her pussy. I was
quite shocked by that, as I never thought that she would go that far.

The dance ended and Gina came back into the dining room, she was panting
and her body was glistening with sweat. ‘God I loved that. I love
turning men on, it gives me such a feeling of power over them.' she
said. I could see what she meant. As she danced, she was certainly in
control, she'd let them go so far and then quickly moved on. I sort of
envied her. Her ability to control men and her lack of morals to be
able to dance like that naked in front of strangers. ‘I'd better go and
let you 'whore' for your fiance.'

My stomach heaved at the thought of it. I had been so engrossed in
watching Gina's performance that it had taken my mind of what I was
here for. It wasn't that I minded making love to Phil. It was that I
was to act the part of a prostitute and fuck him. Gina left by the
doorway to the hall just as Tom opened the sliding doors.

‘The Groom to be, is ready for his last fling,' he said in a loud voice
so that all he guys could hear. He then said in a whisper to me,
‘Pauline get on the mattress and spread your legs.' I got onto the
mattress but didn't open my legs too wide as I had no panties on.

The doors where slid wide open and Phil was carried in by his friends.
They had already stripped him and he was completely naked. They laid
him on top of me but the poor dear had passed out. He just lay there
like a ton weight. ‘Not much action here.' I heard Tom say. Just then I
felt Phil's legs being pulled off me to the side. His body was still
laying across me and pinning me down on the mattress. I felt hands on
my legs pulling them open, then a finger found my clit and slowly
rubbed it. I tried to protest but the weight of Phil was squashing me.
Then the finger was replaced by a tongue. I had never been licked
before, thinking that it was a disgusting thing to do but it felt sort
of nice. Then the mouth completely engulfed my pussy and began to suck
me. That was like nothing that I had ever felt before, it was

Feelings where shooting through my body and I started to moan. They must
have realised that they had me now as they lifted Phil off me. That was
a pleasure in itself, having his dead weight off me, I could now
breathe. I felt my legs being raised and a cock touching my pussy. I
had been turned on by the sucking and my pussy juices were flowing, so
the cock had no trouble entering me. It did feel nice! It stretched my
insides as it went deeper and deeper into my young inexperienced body.
It felt much thicker than Phil's cock and longer. I opened my eyes to
see who it was and I shouldn't have been surprised, it was Tom. Gina
had said that he fancied me and I'll bet he was behind this whole
scheme, to get Phil drunk so that he could fuck me.

My resentment soon faded as the pleasure spread through me. 2 guys lay
beside me and pulled at my strippers bra and it just fell off my
breasts and they started to suck on my nipples. That really felt nice
and I surprised myself that I was really enjoying it. I was being the
whore that I was supposed to be acting. The part had taken me over and
I was a slut. Letting these guys have me.

‘I'd better not take too long. You've got a lot of cocks to satisfy.
Don't want you getting sore before they've all fucked you.' said Tom as
he started to shoot his spunk into me. No sooner had he finished than
Stuart (My fiancé's best friend.) was between my legs and fucking me
for all he was all he was worth. I thought, well he doesn't know it's
me with this mask on. But as he was coming into my pussy, he shouted
out 'Oh Pauline you fucking lovely slut.'

I felt his hot spunk shooting into my pussy. He was roughly pulled off
me and another guy was fucking me, a few thrusts and more spunk was
shot into my pussy. As they took turns fucking me, I got more and more
excited and I was moaning and screaming and shouting things that I have
never before even whispered. 'Fuck me! Shag me! More spunk! Got to
have more hot spunk.'

The guys were going around for seconds and thirds when I noticed Tom
bringing in some middle-aged men. I found out later that they were from
the wife swapping parties that Tom & Gina go to. I felt a little
frightened but this just accelerated my passion, it made me feel more
sexy! More slutty! I wanted these strange older men to 'have me' to
'use me' to 'take me' to 'fuck me'. Yes to FUCK ME whilst my fiancé lay
in a drunken stupor beside me.

They fucked me rotten. I had 20 men that night shagging me at the party.
I say at the party because when everyone was exhausted, Gina dressed me
in a mini skirt and very small top and 4 of the middle-aged men took me
to a club that was full of black men. They sat me in a booth with a
drink and the 4 of them just stood at the bar watching me. It wasn't
long before 2 black guys sat down either side of me. They didn't say
anything, just started rubbing my thighs. They lifted a leg each and
draped it over their leg. They started to finger my pussy and had me
climaxing in seconds. I closed my eyes as I 'came'. I tried as best as
I could to stifle the deep sexy moan that was coming from deep within
me. But I couldn't completely stop it. It was loud enough to attract a
lot of attention. Black men where gathering around to watch this white
slut getting used.

'Let's see the slut's tits.' someone said. They pulled the poppers on my
top and it just fell open revealing my small firm breasts. Just then I
noticed Tom & Gina walk in and stand with their friends at the bar
watching the show I was putting on. Then I nearly died on the spot as I
noticed that Phil my fiancé was with them and had seen everything. I
started to get up but was pushed back down onto the seat by a pair of
large black hands. 'Not yet sweet tits, you's gonna be fucked.' said
the large black guy who had been fingering my pussy.

'I can't, my boyfriend is here.' I pleaded.

'Then he'll get an education, won't he.' he said laughing. My top was
pulled off and my mini skirt was bunched up around my waist and I was
laid down on the bench seat of the booth. The guy got between my legs
and wasted no time in sticking his big black dick into me.

He fucked me very quickly and had no sooner finished filling me with
spunk when another guy took his place and fucked me. I was looking over
their shoulders and saw Phil smiling watching me. I strained my head a
little higher and saw Gina on her knees sucking Phil's dick. My
fiancé's dick. The cheeky bitch, she was supposed to be my friend. She
helped set me up for this gang bang and now she's sucking off my

I lost count of how many black guys fucked me. I was lost in a haze of
climaxes, cocks and hot spunk. When I sort of 'came to' feeling sore
and drowning in spunk, Phil was cradling my head on his lap. He bent
down and kissed my spunk covered lips. 'I love you.' he said.

'But what about what I've done, what I've become.'

'You've become more lovely and more precious than ever my Darling. When
we get married tomorrow, I do hope that you won't change. Don't ever
change! Stay as slutty as you are tonight, forever.'

And we are still living happy ever after. I have found my true vocation,
a slut for spunk and big dicks.

Though I do have a liking for black cock! ;drool ;drool ;drool

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And you enjoyed every white and black cock that entered your young 17 year old pussy.

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Thanks for the story.

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this just so fu*cking arousing, what do they say, (rocking)?

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That's the way to have a bachelorette party!!!

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good story