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05-02-2008, 06:58 PM
No (Goodbye)

Says who that
I cannot exist
Without you?

I certainly can.
I can, for the rest of my days,
Go with out your warm
Lips and swirling tongue
Rounding my rod and consuming its head,
I can exist with no need of your magical play on
My wind instrument to offer the thickness of day
A tune that makes it able to lighten up.
I sure can do without my royal lunching on your delectable, lubed and scented pussy,
I can spare that divine savory taste of your inner lips and clitoris.

I do confess that you made me this person I am,
This one who feels privileged to have been presented
To your paradisiacal grotto,
And Iím appreciative you introduced my senses
To that loftiness, and my awareness to that grandeur,
But, still, I will not do what you think Iíll do,
For the mere reason that I cannot,
I cannot tolerate imagining, even with him being your husband,
Other fingers going deep and twist inside you with a lube
To assert your convenience and that youíll be in a heaven of feelings,
Other lips and teeth sucking and gently biting your breasts and nipples,
Some other tongue going in and out of you, drinking
The joyful tears of your jovial and sweet pussy,
Or some other bow playing on your magical violin.
I cannot bear it, butÖ
I still can live without you,
The question is;
Can you live without your true self?

And irrespective of that and that,
I will never give up on you till
No light is seen by my eye,
Thus, I know, there will never
Come a time when, to you, I say (goodbye).
Because the moment I say it
Will be the same moment
I cease being myself.

05-02-2008, 10:25 PM
Very nice

thanks for sharing that

05-17-2008, 10:16 PM
Wonderful, great mental imagery too. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself! :)