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Neighborhood Whore
by Sean Renaud

"What the fuck is this?!" It was the scream heard round the world, or at least around the apartment complex. "Answer me young lady!" The voice was that of fifty three year old Gwendolyn Veracruz who lived in the apartment directly above mine. Gwendolyn was an avid church attendee and seldom user of the profane languages. She wasn't known for shouting but today she was easily drowning out the sounds of pouring rain.

"Nothing!" Came the response. That would be her daughter Crystal. Twenty three years old 36 D bra and size 10 pants. Her blonde hair would reach the middle of her back if she let it. Instead it was done up in a lazy lopsided bun on the back of her head. Her mother was holding a used condom in one hand.

"Don't lie to me young lady!" Gwendolyn screeched stepping closer to her daughter, close enough to slap her if she felt so inclined. Judging by how badly her hands were trembling the thought had definitely entered her mind. "I know what this is!" She screamed at her cowering daughter.

"Mom! I'm used protection!" She screamed back taking a step away from her mother at the same time.

"You had sex, in my house!" Gwen screamed raising her hand up over her head. Even at her age she was still a slender woman, attractive by most standards. She had an average bust and a slender figure that most of guys had given at least a second glance.

I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation from my room and Crystal couldn't remember enough of it to tell me later. The next important part was that in the middle of a screaming contest that rattled my windows a door slammed.

"Fine I don't need you anyway!" Crystal screamed at the top of her lungs before collapsing into a crying heap right outside my door. The rain had already soaked the black tee shirt she'd worn to her breasts.

This is the point of the story where every guy tells you that he went outside and the girl just tried to suck his dick right off. Either that or he was such an incredibly handsome man with such skills that he took an innocent girl and turned her out in a matter of hours. Well the reality of things isn't quite as glamorous as that.

We'll start with me. I'm barely six feet tall and I weigh less than one hundred eighty pounds. I'm skinny, like you can count my ribs if I position myself properly skinny. I don't have an amazing face and I wasn't popular growing up or at the time that this happened either. A lot of people consider me a major nerd though I prefer the term intellectual. The point is that I'm more comfortable playing Devil May Cry 3 with my brand new John Cena CD than I am playing football listening to 50 Cent. I've had two girlfriends and I'm turning twenty seven this year so figure it out, I don't have the super skills and I'm not Vin Diesel either. My only saving grace is that like most black men I have pretty big dick or so I'm told. I've been told eight inches is a lot.

Crystal just wasn't going to attack me out on the balcony by ripping off her clothing either. She usually didn't think of herself as attractive. Its part of the curse of modern society, any girl above a size six is considered fat. Its not that I didn't find her attractive, she had a great set of tits on her and a pretty face. Just that she wasn't drop dead gorgeous or anything even dressed in her black tee shirt and boxers beneath that. She hadn't even bothered to put on shoes before running out in the rain.

I still had a beer in one hand when I walked over and opened the door looking down at her. "Hey get in here, no need sitting out here in the rain." Crystal looked at me over her shoulder trying to quickly wipe away some of her tears before facing me. She sized me up for a moment. I was probably a pretty laughable sight at the moment, a pair of black boxers and a wife beater. No shoes or socks I was just staying at home drinking and playing video games after all. She paused slightly and then nodded and pulled herself to her feet and slid into my apartment.

Honestly calling where I live an apartment is a gross overstatement. I have a room that has a bed and a sink with a mirror attached and a stove. My television and my Playstation 2 sit across from my bed and along with my refrigerator make up the entirety of my belongings. I don't even have a dresser; I have a clean pile located to the right of my bed and a dirty pile located in the corner by my bathroom. My bathroom is just a separate room with a toilet and a stand up one man shower in it.

I barely gave her a second glance as I sat back down on my bed and went back to my game. I was in the middle of battling a three headed ice dog so I was only half interested in her. "If you want something to drink there is plenty of stuff in the cabinets. Crystal smiled slightly and walked over to the fridge as I went back my game. Crystal had made herself something with rum and fruit punch and started sipping at it.

"So what was that all about?" I asked without looking at her.

"Guess you heard that huh?"

"I think everybody did, your mother has quite a pair of lungs." I replied.

"My mother is just insane. She thinks that just because it's her house that I should do exactly what she wants and act just like she did when my was my age." Crystal shouted taking a swig of her drink.

"So that's what all that was about." I tossed the controller down and went for my beer.

"No she found a condom." She whispered lowering her head slightly. "She's fucking pissed, like she never had sex before."

"Well it is her house." I mentioned between swallows. When she started talking again I tossed my bottle aside and went for another. "You want me to get you something?" She handed me up her glass and I took it with me filling it back up with some more rum, mostly rum this time along with grabbing another beer and heading back over to the bed.

Crystal took her glass from me and took a single sip before setting it down her face twisting as she swallowed. "You know you don't have to do this."


"Get me drunk, I know why you're being nice to me and its ok."

I raised a brow as I looked down at her letting a slight smile curl over my lips. "It's ok?"

"Yeah it's ok. I know that guys are only nice to girls for one reason. I'd rather have sex with you than be out in the rain." Crystal said softly. "You can use me. I won't complain."

It only took a moment for it to settle in that I had a girl who was willing to let me use her for whatever I wanted. "So I can do anything I want to you?" She nodded. "Like make you suck my dick?" She responded by turning around and starting to tug at my boxers. "Whoa I didn't say suck, I was just asking. What about putting it in your ass?" She nodded again. "How long do you want to stay with me?" The ideas of what I could do with this woman were dancing through my mind.

"As long as you'll keep me." Crystal said.

"I'll keep you as long as you keep me happy." I said. "Now strip." She didn't waste anytime pulling her boxers off and throwing them aside revealing her thick blonde pubes around her fuckhole. I personally prefer shaved, there was no way I was going to eat her out with that forest on her cunt but it would do just fine for fucking. Crystal reached up and pulled her tee shirt off and tossed it aside revealing her melons. I'd personally never seen tits that big in real life. 36 D looks so much bigger than they sound, I could easily grasp one in both hands. To top it off she had dark silver dollar sized areolas capped with eraser sized nipples that right then were stranding and begging for abuse.

"You like what you see?" Crystal asked looking up at me and cupping her breasts for me. "Most guys like my tits. She let them drop back down and reached up for my boxers yanking them down to my ankles.

"Good girl." I could tell I was going to enjoy this. "Suck my dick Crystal." She opened her mouth in response wrapping her lips around the tip of my cock and bobbing her head slowly up and down. This was definitely not the first cock this bitch had taken back; I mean she was working her tongue all around the tip occasionally teasing my piss slit. "You slut." I whispered beneath my breath.

"Oh you can do better than that." She whispered against my cock head. "You've got a willing slut on her knees sucking your big hard." Crystal slurped noisily over my dick "Cock. And the best you can say is slut." She wrapped her fist around my shaft and started pumping slowly up and down. "I'm a dirty cock sucking, ball licking, cum swallowing, dick hungry sperm dumpster." She hissed before wrapping her lips around the tip of my pulsating dick again. "Go on, grab my hair. I know you want to." She reached up taking my hands and guiding them into her hair. I twisted her hair around my fists in two separate knots and started pumping against her face.

I felt my balls tightening as I pushed against her face harder trying to push my dick into this slut's voice box. I was almost halfway in when she gagged and pushed me back away from her coughing. The beginning of tears had formed in the corners of her eyes as she looked at me. "I can't." Later I would have forced her to do something, right then I was scared she'd leave if I hurt her so I just stopped.

"Let me fuck you in the ass then." Crystal eyes widened slightly as she stared at my tool.

"It's kinda big. I don't know if it's gonna fit." She whispered leaning close so she could work her tongue over my glistening tool. "I've never had anything like that in my booty." She teased raising her round ass up into the air and wriggling it enticingly. Like I said before, she's not a slender girl but the sight of her ass sent a nice chill up my spine that translated into my cock leaping. "It'll hurt so much." She whispered.

"Turn the fuck around you piece of shit whore." I hissed twisting her away from me by her hair. A pained wail parted her lips as she turned around but she didn't fight me either. Instead she spread her legs lewdly displaying her cunt for me. I wasn't the least bit interested in her dripping fuck tunnel though, I was staring at her tight brown shitter. "Pull your ass open Crystal." She rested her head on my thin stained carpeting and reached back with both hands prying her cheeks apart so I could get a better look at her little asshole.

"Fuck me. Go on fuck my booty." I didn't keep her waiting any longer. I dug my fingers into her backside squeezing her plump bottom. Her soft flesh gave way to my fingers as I guided my fuck stick into her anus shoving the first inch in past her resistance. I bet her mother heard her scream in response to that and I was barely past an inch inside her rectum. I almost felt sorry for the bitch; after all she still had seven more inches to go before I'd be finished. "It's ok. Don't stop." Even if she'd wanted me to I wouldn't have. Part of me wished she'd beg me to stop so I could hold her down as I raped her tiny shit hole. Instead I had to settle for a willing victim for this ass pounding so I pushed deeper into her. If you've never seen a girl's asshole stretch let me tell you it's an amazing sight. Her flesh was literally stretching out to try to accept my cock.

Crystal was twisting her face with pain as I pushed farther into her. "That's a good bitch take it." I pushed a little harder sinking half way into her now and barely pausing for her comfort. The pained look on her face as she grit her teeth was priceless. I've never seen a woman in more pain continue pushing on forward. When I buried the last of my cock inside her and my balls were resting against her cunt I could only smile. I felt her bowels loosen as she got used to having eight inches of dick inside her and relaxed. "You ok?" I asked. When she nodded I pulled back, nearly slipping out of her bum before plunging back into her. Each thrust bounced my hips against hers as I stretched her shitter with my hard cock. Her squeals were timed with my thrusts sounding like an abused instrument.

Crystal grinned at me over her shoulder and clenched her ass squeezing my cock with her ass. That alone made my cock pulse ready to shoot my thick cream into her. "Oh you like that? You like what I can do with my ass." She started massaging my pulsating cock with her ass, milking me until I buried a hot load of cum in her bowels thrusting against her. "I can feel it, spray it inside me." She begged thrusting her hips back against me as my cum oozed out and into her butt hole finally oozing back out to coat my balls.

I don't know how long I spent lying against her with my slowly softening cock still in her ass. The next clear memory I have is her looking back at me. "Can I stay?"

"Only if you clean me." I replied. She leaned forward letting my cock fall free of her ass. Crystal spun around in place leaning down towards my cock. I watched as her pink tongue slipped from between her lips and started lapping at my cum coated balls like it was an ice cream cone. Cum was gathered on her tongue nearly covering it before she swallowed and started working her way up my shaft. Little flecks of brown were worked into the cum coating my shaft but she didn't stop licking. That nasty slut licked everything off my shaft leaving it glistening in her spit.

"Can I stay?" The grin I had must have split my face in two. I nodded and then lay back on my bed staring up at the ceiling and trying to regain my strength.

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nasty story.... great stuff!!!

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Great story . Hope there's going to be a part 2,3,4 etc

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