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I've always been promiscuous. I adore men. I adore their cocks. I've opened my legs for more men than I can remember. Not that I'm keeping any kind of score, but I've been fucked by plenty. Slut is a name I've been called in the past. I love the sound of that word. I love the way I can roll it around my tongue, just like I roll a big cock-head around my tongue when I'm on my knees in front of a man. S. L. U. T. That word conjures up images in my mind of me being fucked hard and fast in an alleyway. In an alleyway, at night – surrounded by the filth of a city, rubbish skips, puddles of piss, and maybe even a few voyeurs tugging at their cocks.

God, the more depraved the better as far as I'm concerned.

Married? Me? Of course I am. Married to a weak man; a man who can't control me. No matter how many times he catches me with my knickers discarded and a cock between my lips, he always forgives me. Sad? Pathetic? Whatever... As long as he has me back, then I'll keep fucking around.

I'm in a bit of a situation right now though. It's messy; my situations usually are, but this time I'm on thin ice. This time it isn't a mess of man-goo over my face, I revel in that kind of mess. No, this time I have a real problem.

And it involves my son.

Not directly I hasten to add! I'm not that depraved. My own son? Yuck, no, not my scene, but it involves him indirectly. Or should I say two... No, make that three of his friends.

My husband, The Wimp – No, sorry, that's too cruel. My husband, Phillip, is quite successful; he's done well with his factory. We have a nice, big house in Buckinghamshire as well as a spacious villa in Spain. It was during one of my fortnights in Spain that I got into my current spot of bother.

Our son, David uses the villa from time to time when he's on leave from the Navy. Our visits coincided this time. I'd been alone in the villa for three days when David arrived, not unexpectedly, and with three of his friends in tow.

I knew immediately that one of them was trouble. I have a finely tuned 'Bastard-meter', and it nearly went off the scale when I first saw Craig. I knew in an instant he was dangerous. He's a good looking bastard – and he's one of those ones that are so aware of how gorgeous they are. Cocky, arrogant, self-assured, that was Craig. I noticed him looking me up and down, appraising me, and I saw the look in his eyes. I was on his mental list of 'to fuck' while he was on leave. What the poor lamb didn't realise that I was just the type to take him up on his offer.

I'd had a rule in the past about not shitting on my own doorstep, and David's friends counted in that category. Of course they did, I love my son and didn't want to compromise him with his friends. I mean how many men could keep quiet about fucking their friend's mother?

You'll notice I used the past tense there? I'd had a rule...

The other two boys were nice. I mean they were nice to the extent that if they did fancy me, then they wouldn't act on it. Respect, that was it, they had respect. Craig however, was a different animal altogether. He hid behind a very thin veneer of courtesy, but I didn't trust that façade at all. I could almost smell the wickedness on the man.

Two days passed before Craig made a move. He'd tested the metaphorical water as we lounged by the swimming pool and flirting mildly with me when the sporadic occasions arose that we were alone together.

"May I say," he began, "that you have a gorgeous figure, Karla. I assume you go to the gym and all that?"

I let the silence hang before I responded. "Purleeze," I remarked, lifting my sunglasses and looking directly at Craig. "Complimenting me on my figure?" I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "I'd had you tagged as using a better opening line than that, Craig." I replaced the glasses and settled back on my sun-chair. "You'll have to try harder than that to impress me."

"Really?" he grinned, obviously assuming I was bantering with him. "I'll have to try harder, eh? OK, I'll bear that in mind." He stood and stretched, giving me time to appreciate his physique.

"You look like you spend a bit of time in the gym too," I said, giving the boy something to work with.

"I like to keep in shape," he quipped. "I like to be in good nick for the ladies." He grinned at me and took off his sunglasses before diving into the pool.

"Cocky wanker," I murmured, but I felt the heat between my legs turn to liquid. "Sexy, cocky wanker," I corrected and indulged in a quick fantasy of Craig jerking his cock over my face.


The boys invited me out for a drink. I couldn't resist the opportunity to see Craig in his element. The other two, Aaron and Daniel, were politely attentive – sweet young men really – each taking it in turns to refresh my vodka glass whenever it emptied.

The club wasn't really my scene, being too brash, too loud, and too full of British holidaymakers on the pull. I noticed David chatting to a pretty, young blonde and wasn't surprised when he came over to me and made his excuses.

"Be good, Darling," I warned, but smiled to show I wasn't serious.

"You sure you'll be OK, Mum?" he asked with filial concern.

"I'm with these three lovely, strong men," I replied. "I'm sure I'm in capable hands."

David left, which meant Craig could use his charm on me uninhibited by my son's presence.

"You're looking edible in that dress, Karla," he grinned at me when Aaron and Daniel chanced their luck with a couple of girls on the dance floor.

"Edible?" I questioned and sipped my drink. "I like the sound of that."

"Really? Craig studied me for a moment. ""How much do you like the sound of that, Karla?"

"You'd have to keep your mouth shut as far as David's concerned." I leaned towards Craig and noticed his glance at my cleavage. "But," I continued, "you can use your mouth elsewhere, since I'm so 'edible'."

"You're so sexy," Craig croaked, his cool façade cracking now. "I wanted you when I first set eyes on you. And when we were by the pool... God," he ran his fingers through his hair in a gesture filled with desperation. "I had to take a swim to stave off a hard-on."

"You filthy man," I smiled at him. "I would've probably sucked your cock right there."

"Shit," Craig swore. "Let's get out of here."

"Fine idea," I acquiesced, "but first I need to powder my nose." I stared into the young man's eyes. "Would you like to watch?"

Craig swallowed heavily. "Watch..? You mean..?"

"Come on." I stood and walked towards the ladies. Craig hesitated but followed nonetheless.

I led him by the hand with indecent haste and virtually dragged him into the cubicle. A couple of tipsy British girls giggled when they saw Craig and I disappear behind the door, but I was in no mood to care about them. I lifted my dress up above my waist and showed Craig my bare pussy. I'd taken care to shave that very afternoon, and my mound was soft and hairless. I sat astride the bowl, my legs spread, and I held my labia apart. I heard Craig's deep intake of breath when I exposed the hot pink of my sex to him. I heard him mutter some obscenity under his breath as piss squirted from my opening and tinkled in the water below.

"Kiss me," I growled at him. "Kiss me while I piss." I pulled the front of his shirt and sucked at his tongue as the hot stream spattered and died. "I'm a bad woman, Craig," I whispered. "I'm a cock-hungry slut. Do you think you can handle me?"

"Karla... I..." Craig groped for the words.

"Let me suck your cock," I demanded. "Let me suck you right here. Come on, show it to me."

I wasn't disappointed. Craig unzipped his flies and I assisted by reaching in and pulling his erection out. He was a fair size, not the biggest I've ever seen, but he forced my lips tight as I swallowed him that first time. I slurped and slobbered over his penis, fingering myself at the same time. The disgusting setting only inflamed me. I was behaving true to my nature. I was being a slut, in a public toilet, with a new lover's cock jammed in my mouth.

"Karla, I want to fuck you," Craig groaned. "Please, let me put it in you."

I loved the desperation in his voice. I adored the power I held over him. He was so eager to get at me.

"Not here," I hissed. "You're not going to stick that cock into me until we're in the villa, perhaps by the pool?" I added as an afterthought. "Would you like me to get on my hands and knees for you in the outdoors? Would you like to fuck me doggy?"

I felt my orgasm wash over me as I uttered those words and fingered my dribbling hole. I groaned around a mouthful of cock as I sucked on Craig's big dome and allowed my pleasure full rein.

"Karla..." Craig groaned. "Any way... Any way at all... I just have to fuck you. You're so sexy..."

"Come on then," I said abruptly and let his stalk drop from my mouth. "Let's get back so we can really have fun."

I smoothed my dress down over my hips, and ignoring my smeared lipstick and Craig's shocked expression at being so rudely abandoned, I slid back the bolt and left him behind with his cock jutting hugely from twixt his flies.

Craig was all over me in the taxi during the journey back to the villa. I let his fingers roam between my legs, and was delighted to hear his hiss of approval when he found my hot, swollen, and sodden sex.

As I'd suggested earlier, we hurried to the poolside. I wanted Craig to take me outdoors under the soft, Spanish sky. I watched him rush to disrobe, and I giggled as he struggled with his socks and trousers. He hopped around comically and came perilously close to taking a swim so frantic was he to be naked and at me.

I pulled my dress up to reveal my pussy. Lowering the thin straps down over my arms, I lifted my breasts free of the restraining cups. Then, as Craig finally kicked himself free of his trousers and tore his shirt off, I lay back on the lounger and opened my legs.

"Lick me," I whispered. "Come and lick my filthy cunt."

Craig's eyes went wide as I uttered that obscenity. I deplore foul language in normal conversation, but I have a wide and extensive vocabulary when it comes to sex. Used appropriately I feel filthy talk can be so wildly erotic.

I had time to savour the sight of Craig's superb physique and proud, erect cock before he knelt at my feet and took a long, slow slurp at my pussy.

I could feel his hot breath on my sex, and I felt his fingers probing at my entrance as he dabbed quickly at my swollen clitoris. Craig pushed a finger inside me and tickled me with it, all the while keeping up his relentless assault with his tongue.

I gasped in delight when he lifted my buttocks and slid his tongue into the stain of my sphincter. The wet slide of him into my anus was divine and I heard my own deep groan of pleasure.

"Put it into me, Craig," I moaned. "Fuck me... Fuck my sopping hole."

Craig scrambled into position and nudged my sex with the dome of his cock. I eased my legs even further apart and felt him slip into me. His cock filled me and I gave another long, low groan.

"Karla," he grunted. "You're so hot," he swallowed heavily and looked down at our conjunction. "Damn, what a lovely, gorgeous woman." He rolled his eyes and moved in and out of me. "Fuck," he sighed, "I can't believe how good you feel around my cock."

"Give it to me, you dirty fucker," I urged, slipping into slut mode. "Don't talk to me; just fill my cunt with meat. Come on! Fuck me!"

I thrust and jerked my hips in an effort to get more of Craig's cock into me. I fingered my clit as we fucked and felt the first of what I knew would be a rolling wave of pleasure. I am a noisy girl when in full flow; sometimes I wonder what the neighbours must think? But right then, while being fucked by my young Adonis, I didn't care a fig for the neighbours. They could report a disturbance to the police, and the whole damn Spanish constabulary could turn out in force, complete with dog handlers and helicopters, and I would have probably taken on the lot – including female officers. I was just so turned on and horny.

"From behind," I urged during a lull in the orgasmic battle. "Fuck me like a bitch."

I knelt on the lounger and presented my arse to my lover. He moved quickly behind me and was very soon pounding into me, deep and hard. I was dimly aware of his fingers digging into my hips, but was heedless to any pain. I wanted fucking, and I wanted it hard.

Then, just as I was sliding down into the abyss once again, I looked up and saw both Aaron and Daniel gawping at the pair of us as we revelled in full rut.

I was in no state to question whether or not the pair would keep quiet about this sordid scene, or whether they'd relate what they'd seen to my son. I was beyond help, I was beyond caring. I was riding the crest of the wave, and it was unstoppable.

"Don't just stand there," I heard myself grunt. "Come here and let me suck cock while this beautiful bastard pumps me."

Aaron was the first to react. "Fucking hell," I heard him murmur. "David's mother..."

"Shit," I heard Craig groan. "Karla... Shit... I'm..."

I felt Craig's cock swell inside me before the first pulses of his ejaculation tickled my insides. He groaned and whimpered as he emptied himself, clutching at my hips and thrusting against my buttocks.

I left Craig with his cock still dribbling spunk and walked on my high heels towards the two dumbstruck men.

"Come on, boys," I whispered. "Please let me play with your cocks. I need more." I rubbed the palms of my hands over the front of their trousers, goading them into erection. "Don't you like me?" I chided. "Don't you like my body?"

"Mrs Braithw..." Aaron began. "Karla... I... We..."

I took no notice and was soon massaging two cocks into full-blooded life. Their owners may have been reluctant, but their penises were showing definite signs of interest. I squatted in front of them and took first Aaron, then Daniel into my mouth. I swapped and changed frequently, massaging one with my hand while I slurped at his friend, before switching to the other. As I fellated the men I felt the slide of Craig's semen over my thighs. I looked down between my shoes and several drops of spunk spattered onto the wooden decking. The depraved sight sent a surge of lust through me, and I experienced a sudden, irresistible urge to fuck again.

"Fuck me," I groaned. "One of you please fuck me. Stir my gooey cunt with your thick cocks."

I clattered over to my trusty sun lounger and opened wide again. Daniel was the first to arrive. He lay on top of my supine form and slid into the mess left by Craig. I turned my head and saw Craig tugging at his cock; he was already hard again. My view of Craig was suddenly cut when Aaron arrived and pushed his penis at my face.

Obscenities, groans and moans sounded loud by the poolside. My own grunts of pleasure were muffled as the boys fucked me in both my pussy and my mouth. There were ribald comments about what a slut I'd turned out to be. The men were surprised by my 'butter wouldn't melt' demeanour, and the contrast with what a harlot I was now.

Daniel added his goo to the porridge sloshing inside me left by Craig. Aaron let his load fly against my face, with Craig adding yet another load to mix in and cool against my cheeks, while strands of the stuff clung to my now ruined hair.

I tottered off on my heels, skirt rucked around my waist, tits swinging and spattered with semen, and left the boys to discuss my antics.

"Please, boys," I implored before leaving. "Please don't let on to David about how much of a slut his mother is." I grinned at them, "We can play again tomorrow if you like."

I rejected the idea of a shower, preferring instead to lie in my bed and savour the tightening of drying spunk on my face. I could smell the sex and found energy enough to masturbate to a squelching climax, with a final act of depravity being to lick my fingers clean of the mix of Craig and Daniel's semen that I pulled from my body.

I found the opportunity to have each of the boys again during that break. I fucked them singly, in pairs of various permutations, but we never did manage to repeat the first experience of all of them at once.

And my dilemma? Well, with all that semen squirting into me, one of them must have had nuclear sperm. I'm now two months pregnant – Confirmed.

I wonder who the daddy is?

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