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05-08-2008, 05:15 PM
Something very strange happened to me the other day. I live in a family style apartment with lots of young children around. I don't have children so I don't really give them much thought.

There was this one young girl about 13 who I would see around the pool sometimes. What a body she had. About 5'3", beautiful little tits but she being so young they looked alot bigger, thin waist, a butt to die for, and beautifully shaped tan legs.

I would say hello to her parents, nice people, her mother was hot also but the little girl was outstanding, blond hair, blue eyes, pouty mouth and the sex appeal of youth.

Anyway one day I was following them down to the laundry area, mother carrying on basket and the little girl carrying the other, I heard her mom ask her if she had all her dirty clothes out of the hamper, and she said yes mom.
about that time she must have heard me because she turned around and said hello and her mom also turned around and greeted me.

About that time a pair of pick cotton panties fell out of the little girls basket and on the ground right in front of me. To this day I don't know why but I picked them up and could see the little lite pee stain and poo stain, I was shaking as I put them in my pocket.They were cotton and the stains had caked on.

I sprinted to my apartment, I sat in my chair and put that little girls panties to my nose and took a deep breadth and almost came right then I was so excited.I imagined where they had been on that young girls body and the sweet aroma of her body odor almost sent me over the edge. Then I started licking her stains wanting to taste the young girls juices, it tasted so sweet.Dreaming about where these panties had ben in my young beauties body and the sweetness sent me over the edge, and I came all over my chair.

Then I got scared, what if she missed them, I was the only one there, they might suspect me. So I waited until I saw them going back to put the clothes in the dryer and I walked down to the laundry room and told them I think you dropped them. The mother looked at her daughter and told her, thank Mr. Rollins, those are expensive, you have to be careful. The little beauty walked over and said thanks Mr. Rollins they are my favorite. I was flustered to say the least and then she noticed that they were damp in her private area and as I turned to look back at them the little beauty looked at me with a knowing little grin. As I walked away I thought, Did she know I licked and sucked her juices.I hoped she would leave me another pair.

I was hot for weeks and everyday I check the laundry room for dirty soiled panties.What has happened to me, but it sure is hot.

05-08-2008, 05:21 PM
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