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05-09-2008, 09:49 PM
I was chatting with a woman named "Sam" on the internet, on and off for a week or so. I contacted her because her profile said she was over 35, married and in my area. I'm not that discerning when it comes to the women I chat with since I almost never get to meet them. But Sam was different....

Sam: Ugh, I have to go to the Gym tonight and I don't feel like it.
Me: Well then blow it off and chat with me :)
Sam: No, I have to go, I told my hubby I would.
Me: OK, then tell him your going and then meet me.

There was a pause and I knew that I had crossed the line. Sam and I had talked about sex and meeting people, but she said she was married and too scared to anyway. When we talked about sex she said that she didn't have much of a sex life even though she was on the pill. She had a child, so that took a lot of her time, and otherwise it was just her husband hoping on and getting off. No real romance.

So I thought I had scared her off, but to my surprise...

Sam: Really? Do you want to?
Me: Sure, why not?
Sam: cause I'm ugly!
Me: I doubt that

Sam told me she was a "little big girl" she said she was 5'2", curvy with a big butt. That sounded good to me, but I had never seen a picture. She might have a face that would stop a train, but I figured what the hell, if she's really ugly I can say that I have to be somewhere later and leave. I'm sure she was scared to meet some strange guy, I could be a mass murder (or even just a beginner muderer!) but hey, I was nervous too. I'm married and I want to stay that way. She could be a fatal attraction. So before she could answer I said

Me: Don't worry about that. Worry about being safe. Lets meet at the Mall in the food court. That way, there'll be lots of people around and if either one of us gets uncomfortable, we can just leave. No expectations.

There was another long pause before she typed

Sam: How about in front of Panda Express?

So it was set. My wife was out of town so as long as I was reachable by cell phone, I could go whereever I wanted. I was nervous about seeing someone I knew at the mall, but I figured that I'd just look like I struck up a conversation with a fellow shopper.

When I arrived, she was already there. I recognized the workout suit she said she would wear. She was indeed a big woman. She had a large chest and a bit of a tummy.

If she had the body of a short curvy woman, she had the face of an angel. Her curly shoulder length blond hair framed a gorgeous face with clear skin and high cheekbones. She had full lips, a cute nose and sparkly blue eyes. For a moment I thought that it was too bad that she was so big.

I said hello and introduced myself and we sat and talked a little. After a short time I told her that I was getting nervous sitting here in the middle of the mall where someone I know might come up to me at any moment. She agreed so she told me where she was parked and what kind of car she had. We agreed to meet at her car and I got up and left. She left soon after.

I parked next to her and got into her car. We talked some more about how awkward this was but agreed that we were both happy we came. “I’m not scary am I?” I asked, “No” she said “and am I too fat for you?” I smiled and said, “You’re a real person and I like that.” Then I leaned over and kissed her. She was a little startled as I was getting closer, but when my lips got close to hers she leaned into me and we kissed.

The kiss was light at first, and with our lips just touching; I maneuvered so that I could get my arms around her. Once I was able to hold her, she reached around me and pulled me in tight. She opened her mouth slightly and I felt her tongue exploring my lips, looking for mine. We tongue kissed for a while and I rubbed my hands up and down her back. Then I disengaged our lips and kissed up and down her neck. She moaned softly and I bravely moved my hand around to her front and caressed her breasts through her warm-up suit.

She grabbed my hand and pressed it to her breast and hungrily kissed me. She moaned as I felt for her nipple through the fabric. After rubbing her breasts through her clothes for a bit, my hand went south between her legs and I pushed it up tight to her pussy. She moaned again and hugged and kissed me harder.

After a little of this we both got self conscious and looked around at the parking lot. There were people off in the distance but we both got nervous that someone might see us. “Do you want to go somewhere?” she asked. “Sure” I said, “someplace a little more private than this.” And then I added, “Only if you’re comfortable with me.” “You’re sweet” she said, “I’m comfortable, but I’d like to do more than make out.” I agreed, but I had no idea where to go.

After some thinking and talk of a motel she lit up and said, “I have an idea! My uncle has a condo he’s selling and it’s empty now. I’ve got a key so that I can show people, lets go there.” I thought it was a great idea so I agreed to follow her.

She drove to a condo complex and pulled into an attached unit with a for sale sign in the front. I got out and followed her in. The condo was empty except for a couch, a chair and a floor lamp in the living room. The rest was empty. There were some cokes in the fridge though so we each took one and went into the living room.

Now that we were alone in this empty condo, two people, married but not too each other, she started getting nervous. This was no longer just in the car we were alone now and could do anything. I sensed this so I asked her about it. She said she was nervous but determined to try and have fun. Instead of just moving in on her I sat back and away from her on the couch and asked what she wanted to do.

“I don’t know, I liked the kissing in the car…” “Yes,” I said, “That was fun, but do you want to go beyond that? I think we should talk about it so that we know what the rules are.” She looked at me a little funny so I added “and we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. We’re both in control here.”

She smiled at that and said “I know, I just don’t know that much. My husband it not into romance much.” She looked away and then back at me and asked, “What do you like to do?” “Well I like to kiss as you saw, and also I’m very oral. I love to lick a woman and of course I like to receive.”

“I’ve never had anyone do that to me” she said. “I can’t believe it” I replied, “How can that be?” “My hubby thinks it’s gross and unnatural, he just likes to fuck and sleep.” “How boring” I said, “does he at least fuck in different ways?”

“Nope, it’s always him on top” she said. “What about those great tits of yours, he ever fuck those?” I asked. “No,” she said, “he just plays with them a little.” “What an idiot” I said. “Well, would you like someone to lick you?”

“If you want to…” she said and with that I leaned over and started kissing her. This time I didn’t wait too long to unzip the warm-up jacket and reach under her shirt for her tits. She let me pull off her shirt and remove her bra and her big tits came tumbling down. I gently held one and brought it to my lips. She leaned back and had her eyes closed as I gently licked and sucked on her nipple. When I sucked it in hard, she gasped and her breathing became deeper. She was clearly enjoying it.

I played with her other tit as I sucked the other and I switched back and forth. She was clearly getting hot and bothered, but she didn’t make a move for me or ask me to do anything else. I sucked her nipples for a while and then moved back up to kiss her while my hands went further south.

I slid my hand into her waistband and then under her panties until I reached her pussy. I could feel the rough hair of her pussy on my fingers and when I pushed in, I found a really wet juicy pussy that was very hot. As I ran my fingers up by her clit and then down into her pussy she moaned louder and writhed a little on the couch. I kissed her deeply and coaxed her into lying down on the couch. I then pulled her pants down and off and drank in the sight of her thick white thighs and light colored pubic hair.

I still had my clothes on and she made no move to change that, so I pulled my shirt off and lay on her chest so we could share the skin on skin feeling. Then I slowly kissed down her neck, stopping at her nipples and then down over her belly to her thighs. I kissed her thighs and worked my way to her pussy. I was now on the floor with my back to her head and my head able to lick down from the top into her pussy.

I started to lick her clit and she gasped again. I slowly licked around it and it got bigger as I licked. Her tummy was in the way a little so I had to hold it back so that I could have unfettered access to her pussy. She put her hand on my back and I could tell when she was really ready as she rubbed my back harder and harder.

I sucked on her clit now and her hips were moving up and down into my face. I was having trouble keeping in contact with her clit, but I hung on as she built up her orgasm. When she really started bucking, I inserted two fingers into her sopping wet pussy and she pushed hard on my back. I finger fucked her while I licked and she was jerking her hips up and down and I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers. She really started to let go and I just held on for the ride.

Finally, she cried out and then pushed my head away. I continued to finger her until she told me to stop and she lay there breathing hard. I took my fingers out of her pussy and sucked on them and then I leaned down and kisser her. She was still breathing very heavily but she started to come down and returned my kisses.

“How was that?” I asked. “Wow” she said, “That was great.” “Thanks” I said, “I’m glad you liked it, you taste wonderful.”

She looked up and me and said, “I can’t believe you did that, and then you kissed me, that was weird, tasting myself on your lips.” “Did you like it?” I asked. “I’m not sure” she said, “but I loved what you did to me.”

Well I kissed her some more but she made no move on me, so I gently moved her hand to my pants. I hate to do that, but I didn’t want her to have all the fun. She didn’t protest and she ran her hand up and down over my hard-on through my pants but she made no move to go any further. So I reached down, undid my pants and took them off with my underwear. Naked, I lay down next to her and we started kissing. Again, I had to move her hand over to my cock to get her to touch it and she grasped it loosely and pulled on it a little.

After kissing some more and getting this lousy hand job, I asked, “Do you want to suck it?” She said, “OK” and then asked how. So I guided her off the couch to her knees and sat down in front of her. She had my cock in her hands but didn’t really know what to do, so she bent down and kissed it. Pecking it a little. I didn’t want to be too pushy as this was clearly her first blowjob, but I was getting a little frustrated. “Lick it a little,” I said and she did.

She licked it a little, never getting much past the head. Damn, hadn’t this girl watched any porn? She has a kid for crying out loud. “Put your mouth on it” I said, and she did. Then she started to suck a little and it was getting better. She was moving her mouth over my cock and licking but she wasn’t getting any real pressure on it. Finally, I just grabbed my cock and started stroking it while she had the head in her mouth a little ways.

We did this for what seemed like a long time, her licking and sucking the tip and me stroking. Finally, it seemed to be working and I sensed that I was getting there. “I’m going to cum soon…” I said and she just kept licking and moving her big lips over my cock head. When at last I reached the point of no return, I groaned and my cock started to pulsate. Her eyes were closed and I looked down on her as I started to cum.

“Ahhhh” I cried as my cum started to shoot. It came out all over her lips and into her mouth and she pulled away a little. I continued to spurt into her lips and it sprayed onto her face and into her hair. I stroked it as I shot and it dripped down her chin and neck all over her tits. She made an awful face and then looked up at me and started to cry.

“Oh god, I’m sorry.” I said and she just started sobbing. Cum on her face and in her hair, it had been awhile and there was a lot dripping all over her. Crying quietly, she got up and went into the bathroom. I heard her lock the door. “Shit” I thought, I hope she doesn’t do anything stupid. She was in there for a long time and I called through the door and asked if she was all right. She said she was OK, but that was it.

I got dressed and sat and waited. Finally she came out of the bathroom, cleaned up and dressed. She looked a little worn out and she said. “Sorry about that, I guess we should go now.”

Not sure what to do I said, “OK” and we left and went our separate ways.

A few days later, she popped up on my IM.

Sam: Hello, are you still talking to me?
Me: Sure, but sorry about the other night.
Sam: Oh, its not your fault, I’m sorry for freaking out.
Me: No problem. Are you ok?
Sam: I’m fine. But I suppose you don’t want to see me again.

I hadn’t really thought about it, because I assumed she would never want to see me again. It’s true, that she was big and didn’t know what she was doing, but she did take a huge facial.

Me: See you again? Why not? Didn’t we have some fun last time?
Sam: Yes, you made me feel great. But there is so much I’ve never done.
Me: Really? Like what?
Sam: 69, that sounds like fun.
Me: GREAT! When would you like to?
Sam: How about tonight?

I couldn’t believe it, when I last saw here she seemed humiliated and stunned and I thought she hated me, and now she wants to see me again? Well, why not.

Me: Are you sure? I didn’t scare you last time?
Sam: Yes, a little, but I’m over that now. You were very nice to me.
Me: Well you’re a nice person. I like being nice to you.
Sam: awww, that’s sweet.
Me: You taste sweet too!
Sam: You’re not bad either, but keep it out of my hair, that was a bitch to wash out!
Me: OK, can do. You want to meet tonight?
Sam: Yes, how about 8 at the same place?
Me: Sure.

So it was on again. I still couldn't believe it, but what the heck. If she freaks again, I’ll just leave. I took a shower and went to the empty condo once again to see what would happen.

When I arrived her car was already there. I knocked on the door and she let me in. She was in her workout clothes again and I said “Oh, are we at the gym again?” She smiled “Yes, that way I can shower and there won’t be any questions.”

“Good thinking” I said. Not knowing what to do next, I leaned down to kiss her. She put her arms around me and kissed me deeply and let out a big sigh. She broke the kiss and said, “I’m a little more relaxed this time, I’m sorry about last time.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “so long as we communicate, we’ll be OK.” She agreed and led me back to the living room. We sat on the couch and started making out right away. This time her hands were all over me and I unzipped her top and she helped me get at her tits.

I started kissing her nipples and she moaned and leaned back her head. She still waited for me to make all the moves. I had to undress her and then undress myself. I even had to move her hand to my cock while I was playing with her pussy. Finally, I thought, well let’s get this over with and I said, "want to try 69?"

"Yes" she said and continued to just lie there. I turned around so that I could get at her pussy and I started to lick her. Again, I had to hold her tummy back and really bend my neck so that I could get in there. She did taste good and her clit was ready for action. She moaned and rubbed my back, but didn't make a move to do her part of the 69. Finally, I straddled her face and fed my cock into her mouth and she sucked on it some as I licked away.

She did try to suck it, but I never really got the pressure I needed. I concentrated on her though and sucked her clit and fingered her pussy. Her breathing got shallow and I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers so I bent them up searching for her G-Spot and when I pressed up, she let out a yelp and then came really hard. She pushed up against my face and moaned loudly as her orgasm coursed up and down her body. My cock was just hanging in her mouth.

I sensed that she was getting too sensitive so I lifted myself off of her. She continued to lie on the couch panting and smiling. I leaned over and kissed her and while she kissed me back, she didn't seem interested in my pleasure. I looked at her tits and said "How about I fuck those tits now?"

"OK" was all she said, so I thought, fuck it, I'd better just do it, so I straddled her and put my cock between her tits. I grabbed them and squeezed it around them and started stroking as best I could. It wasn't working all that well and I said "It would be easier if you would hold your tits." She smiled and took hold of them and I was finally able to get to work.

I fucked her big tits and there was plenty of room for my cock. I leaned forward and pumped into her and she just lay there watching me. I told her that it felt great and she smiled, but that was it. It was a little frustrating that she didn't say or really do anything, but her tits felt great so I closed my eyes and just kept pumping.

As I was getting close I said "I'm gonna cum soon" and she nodded and said "watch out for the hair." and she let go of her breasts to gather up her hair and pile it up behind her head. Her tits flopped to either side and I waited until she was done. Then she gripped her tits yet again around my cock, and I fucked them harder.

I felt my orgasm coming on and I grunted. She could tell too and she tightened her titty grip on my cock as I started to shoot. My cum shot between her breasts and some hit her chin, but she kept my cock firmly planted between her tits so nothing got too messy. I pumped my load out and she just kept lay there with her tits in her hands. Finally, I pulled out and she let go. Her chest was coated with cum and since I was on top of her, she couldn't really move.

I said "That felt great" and she smiled and said, "Yea, that was fun." I wasn't sure what to do next and she didn't make any effort to move. Finally, I just got off of her and she got up and she used some socks from her workout bag to clean up. We kissed some more, but I wasn't really into it so I said I had to go and I left.

I didn't think I'd hear from her again. The last time we met, it was pretty mechanical and I just left. But, a week later and there she was again on IM.

Sam: Hello, are you still talking to me?

Now why would she say that again? I never stopped. I told her sure and we chatted a little bit and got around to the last time we met. She said it was fun and asked if we could "work out" together again? At this point I wasn't so sure. She didn't start anything and while I did get off, it seemed that I had to do all the work.

But a willing piece of ass isn't always so easy to find so I said "sure." Her uncle sold the condo so we'd have to go to a hotel. I told her that I would pay half but that she would have to get the room. I thought she might decline, but she said OK and we agreed to meet the next night.

I called her when I got to the hotel to get the room number and when I knocked; she answered the door wearing that same damn warm-up/work-out suit. I walked in and she said "Hi" I didn't say anything, but I closed the door and pulled her to me. She looked up and me and I kissed her. My hands went up and down her back and as I kissed her she started to moan a little bit. I reached up with my hand and ran it in her hair and it got caught a little bit. I pulled it away and pulled her hair some and she moaned louder.

I wasn't sure what came over me, but when she did that I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it down tilting her face up to mine. I kissed her hard and pulled her hair and she didn't react other than to kiss me back and moan some more. I then used my grip on her hair to pull her away from me and then pulled her down.

She didn't fight back, she just when down to her knees and I said. "Get my cock out and suck it." She looked up at me and with a little smile, and then she reached for my belt. I let go of her hair and I watched her take down my pants and underwear. She reached for my semi-hard cock and I swatted her hands away. "Don't use your hands, only your mouth."

She kissed my cock and licked it a little. Then she opened her mouth and sucked it in some. "Suck it damn it!" I said, but she really just licked it. Frustrated, I grabbed her hair again and pushed her face on my cock. "Open you mouth and take it in." I commanded. "Then suck it as you let it out!" I used my hair-grip to move her head back and forth over my cock.

"Look up at me" I said and she dutifully looked up into my eyes. "Now open your mouth and take in all that you can." She opened her mouth and I pushed her head onto my cock. About halfway down she started to choke so I pulled her off of me, not letting go of her hair. "Try again" I said and waited a second for her to catch her breath and then I pushed her head back down.

After a few tries, things were getting better so I let go of her hair and put my hands on my hips to watch. She sucked it down a few more times and then reached up and grabbed my cock in her hands and stroked it.

I firmly slapped her hands away and said "What did I say?" "No hands" she mumbled and I said "that's right." I grabbed her hair again and pulled her head down. "Lick my balls" I commanded and pushed her face into my nut sack. I guided her head to my balls on either side of my cock. Driving her with a fist-full of hair. I stroked my cock as she slobbered on my balls and I pushed her from side to side. Then I pulled her head back and guided my cock into her mouth. I pumped her mouth with my hand in her hair. "Now that's a good blow-job, that's what I want."

I was enjoying the sight of my cock pumping into her face and the wet sounds her mouth was making as she tried to keep pace and suck when I realized what I was doing. I was aggressively forcing her to suck me. I pulled her head back and held it away from me. I could tell she was waiting for me to push is back down, and when I didn't she looked up at me with a question on her face.

I pulled up and she got to her feet. Without a word she hugged me and kissed me deeply. Here I had forced her down on my cock and she was now happily tongue kissing me. I kissed her back and rubbed her ass and back. I was about to reach for her tits when I thought, why do I always have to take off her clothes. I disengaged from her mouth and told her to finish taking off my pants and to take off my shirt.

She obediently did as she was told and while she was carefully folding my clothes and putting them on the hotel dresser I sat down on the chair by the bed. As she turned to me I said, "Take off your top and show me your tits."

She smiled and without fanfare she unzipped her warm-up jacket and took off her top. She had on an industrial bra and I said, "take that off." When she did her large breasts fell to her belly. "Hold them up so I can see them,” I said, and she cupped them in each hand and lifted them up like a human bra.

"You like those nipples sucked don't you?" I said. "Yes" was all she replied. "I want you to suck them then" I said. She looked at me and then took one tit in both hands and easily brought it up to her down-turned face and started sucking her own nipple. She licked around it and then sucked it into her mouth. I was thinking that I wish she did that to my dick. After a few seconds she looked up at me and I said, "Very hot! Now come over here and show me close up"

She came over to the chair and while she was sucking one of her nipples, I took the other in my mouth and sucked it. I then bit down on her nipple and she moaned with pleasure. "You like that?" I asked. She didn't take her tit from her mouth, but she did say "uh huh" and when I bit down a little harder she moaned louder.

"You must be wet,” I said and she grunted in the affirmative. "Show me... take off your pants."

She stopped sucking her tit and took down her work out pants and panties. Then she just stood there, naked waiting for what I would say next. "Put your fingers in your pussy and show me how wet you are." She reached down with both hands and while one hand spread her labia the other dipped in a finger and she pulled it out, glistening. "Ohhh, that's wet... taste it!"

She hesitated for just a second and then put her finger into her mouth, closed her lips and pulled it out like she was licking peanut butter from her finger. "Now let me taste it, stick your finger in again and give it to me." She stuck her finger in again and offered it to me. I sucked it into my mouth and she moaned softly. "Mmmm, tastes good."

Then I leaned back and said; "Now get on the bed, on your hands and knees and show me your pussy and ass!" She didn't say a word, but she got on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees. She reached under herself and spread her pussy lips and showed me her wet pussy.

"Do you want me to lick it?" I asked? "Yes" was all she said.
"Well then ask me to." I told her.
"Ask you to what?" She replied.
"Lick you pussy! Ask me to lick your pussy." I stood up, "Ask me nicely."

She paused and then said quietly "Please lick my pussy."
"What? I could barely hear you, speak up."
She turned around and looked at me pleadingly and said, "Lick my pussy."
I put my hand on her back just above her ass.
"What?" I said again. "Oh, please lick my pussy, please?" she said.
With that I slapped her ass one time and said, "Beg me..."
She put her head down and said, "I beg you, please, please lick my pussy."
I was quiet for a second and when nothing happened she turned around and looked at me with a question on her face. There she was, on her hands and knees, her big ass in the air and her pussy wide open and her eyes were pleading me.

"No." I said and slapped her ass again. I watched her cheek get red where I slapped her and I could hear her breathing get heavier. Then I grabbed my cock and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. I put my cock onto her pussy lips and rubbed it up and down a few times. She moaned as I brushed her clit with my cock and then I started to push my cock inside her.

She exhaled and pushed back onto my cock and I slipped all the way in with no problem. She was very wet and as I hit bottom, she cried out in pleasure. I reached up and again grabbed a fist-full of hair and I pulled her head back as I thrust into her. When I pulled her hair she moaned loudly and I kept up my grip as I pumped into her.

As I stood next to the bed I fucked her doggie style for just a few strokes and I could feel her pussy tighten up on my cock. She was shaking and moaning and grinding back on me and I realized that she must be cumming already. I kept up the pace as she cried out and moaned and met my strokes. She was incredibly wet and I could feel our thighs sticking to each other as they slapped together. The feeling of her wetness running down my leg gave me an idea and so I pulled out but kept a hold of her hair.

I moved beside her and pulled her face onto my cock. "Taste yourself on me!" I said and she eagerly took my cock in her mouth. I pulled her head onto my cock and she had to get on her side to keep sucking me. I took my hand from her hair and reached down to her sopping pussy and started to finger fuck her. She moaned in pleasure with my cock in her mouth.

I then, pulled her leg and spun her towards me on her back, lifted them up and aimed my cock at her pussy again. I pulled her legs up to me and plunged back in, fucking her from the edge of the bed. I fucked her this way with her legs in the air and I tweaked her nipples as I fucked. I pumped in fast and deep and I could feel her pussy pulsating on my cock.

I fucked her this way for a little while and then I went back to her mouth. She followed my lead as I switched between her pussy and mouth a few more times. When I knew I was close, I went back to her mouth. When I cock was in her mouth I said, "I'm going to cum in your mouth."

She looked up at me a little startled but she didn't say anything or try to make a move, she just sat there with my dick in her mouth. "Suck it!" I said and she started to move her head back and forth. I put my hand on my hips and said "Suck it really good and you'll get my cum, c'mon suck it!" She looked up at me and kept moving her mouth over my cock. She was still not really getting it right but I pumped my cock into her face and soon I could feel my balls boiling.

"Oh yea, here it comes baby, I'm gonna cum" and I pumped a little faster. She kept up with me until I finally could not hold it back. "Oh god, yesss." I grunted and let loose. I could feel my cock shoot into her mouth. She quickly swallowed and kept sucking as I pumped. "Yes, oh yes that feels great" I said and pulled back farther and my cock fell from her mouth.

As my cock fell, I could see a string of cum follow onto her lips and she looked startled and moved closer and put it right back in her mouth. I put my hand on the top of her head and encouraged her to keep sucking and she sucked on my cock until it was truly dry and limp.

Finally, I pulled it from her face and looked down at her. "Did you like that?" I asked. She smiled and said, "Did you?"

"I don't know." I said, "Suck it some more and I'll let you know." I was still breathing hard and enjoying using her as my suck toy. She didn't hesitate a second and put my flaccid oozing cock back into her mouth and sucked it greedily. She pulled it out and held it, looked up at me and said "I don't know why, but I like it when you pull my hair and make me do stuff." and then she went right back to licking and sucking my limp dick.

This turned out to be the beginning of a great one-way fuck-toy relationship.

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