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05-09-2008, 10:08 PM
[I started this on another site...]

After dinner with the client I was back at the hotel by 8PM. When I'm on business I rarely do anything but sleep at the hotel, but when I booked the room I saw that they had a nice pool and spa so I had thrown a pair of swim trunks into my case. Since it was still early I decided to hit the pool. I put on my trunks, grabbed a towel an walked out my patio to the pool.

As is typical at a business hotel, there was nobody using their great pool. I dove in and swam a few laps. I'm no fitness nut, so after about 4 laps I was done and I hung on the side of the pool catching my breath. As I was recovering I noticed that I was no longer alone. There were 2 women sitting and laughing in the spa.

I got out of the pool and while I was running the towel through my hair I spied on the women in the spa. They were on opposite sides, facing each other and I could see both of them in profile. One was older, appeared to be in her late 40s, tall and thin. The other looked younger and was shorter and bigger, but I couldn't really tell. So I walked over, said a courtesy "hello" before slipping into the spa.

I let out a sigh as I relaxed in the bubbles and the older one said "feels good, doesn't it?" I agreed and we just started talking. It was the usual traveling conversation, where are you from, what do you do, how long are you here, etc. It turned out that they had arrived yesterday and we staying together. They were from a company that sent them here for some kind of safety training. I didn't quite understand what they were supposed to be learning, but they both made fun of their boring instructor who was too enthusiastic about whatever it was they were supposed to be studying.

Martha, the older woman was thin in a modest two piece yellow and white bathing suit. She had short close cropped red hair, high cheekbones and a very wide mouth with thin lips and very white teeth. She very talkative and outgoing.

Beth, the younger one appeared to be shorter and larger. She had on a black and red one-piece suit that showed deep cleavage around some very large breasts. She had light brown hair to her shoulders and a beautiful round face, with chubby cheeks, dimples and full lips. She was shy and more reserved than Martha.

As we were talking I made sure to make eye-contact with both, but I was always aware of Beth's breasts, just under her smile.

They were making fun of their poor instructor, and said that he probably wasn't married, because he was too into this safety stuff and with that, Martha asked if I was married. I had my ring on so of course I said yes and asked about her.

Neither woman were wearing a ring, but Martha said she was but that Beth had recently broken up with her boyfriend of many years. It was clear that Beth wasn't all that comfortable with Martha telling me about her private life. Sensing this, I turned to Beth and said it was none of my business. She smiled a tired smile and said that it didn't matter, and besides, Martha likes to blab and cannot be stopped.

"Oh, you're unstoppable huh?" I said with a smile and Martha gave be a determined grin and said "yes, I usually get my way!"

"So do I." I said talking up the challenge. Beth laughed and said to me "good luck with that. Once Martha decides something, she usually does it." We all laughed and things seemed to be more relaxed.

We talked some more and Martha brought back the subject of Beth's old boyfriend. She said that Beth stayed with him much too long and asked why? Beth only shrugged and Martha boldly said, "It must have been great sex then huh?"

Beth blushed and said, no, that wasn't it to which Martha said, well too bad, that Beth could get any guy she wanted to which Beth said, "No I can't" and then turned to me for help. I cocked my head sideways a little and said, "Well, I have to agree with Martha here. After all, you are a very beautiful woman."

Beth blushed again and said, "yea, a fat woman" Martha and I both said "No" at the same time. Martha said "You are what you are, and besides, with those hooters, you should be able to get anyone!" She laughed and turned to me "Am I right Dan?"

I nervously laughed and said "Well, she's gorgeous, but I'm sure she doesn't want to talk about it." I made sure to look Beth in the eyes and gave her a smile that said "sorry"

"Well she certainly deserved better than her last boyfriend" Martha said. I nodded not knowing what I was agreeing to and we lapsed into an uncomfortable silence. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but I wanted to find out.

While we were all just relaxing there I said "Boy, I could use a beer."

At that, Martha came alive and said "Me too."

I was trying to decide what to say next when Beth continued, "Lets just get a 6 pack."

Since they weren't looking at me, I wasn't sure where I fit into these plans. I didn't want to sound too eager, but I didn't want to leave these two intriguing women. Trying to sound neutral I said "I know where there's a gas station nearby that sells beer..."

"Great" Martha said, "If I buy, can you get it? We don't have a car."

"Of course" I said, "and I'll buy and put it on my expense account!"

Martha smiled, "How nice of you, you " We all stood up at once to get out.

Now that they were standing I could see them a bit better. Beth was no taller than 5'2" and while she was thick, she had a wonderfully round ass. Martha caught me staring at it, but didn't say anything.

Martha was taller, maybe 5'9 or 10", thin with no ass and little tits. "We're in 209, see you soon!"

I went back to my room, cleaned up and ran out to get beer. I bought a 12-pack and then loaded up on ice and headed to room 209. Nervously, I tapped on the door. I heard giggling and then "Just a sec." I felt a little foolish standing outside the hotel room of two strange women, but I decided that I'd just go with the flow and try to have a good time no matter what.

Martha opened the door in shorts and a t-shirt and before she could say anything I said, "Honey, I'm home."

She laughed and said "c'mon in dear. Oooo, a 12 pack, didja bring a friend?"

"No," I said, "sadly, you're stuck with just me."

"Well, we'll make do I suppose" she said with a smile. I stepped into the room and it turned out it was larger than mine. I looked around and it appeared to be a mini-suite with a separate living room.

"Nice Digs", I said.

"Ya", she replied, "When we checked in, we were supposed to get separate single rooms, but they said they were full and they were going to send us to another hotel, but I convinced them to put us together in one bigger room."

"More like forced them to" Beth said, coming in from the other room. "She kept after that desk person until he gave up and gave us this suite. I told you, she gets what she wants."

"I see that", I said, and then asked if I could put the beer in the bathroom. "I'll put it on ice in the sink" and as I went into the bathroom I could see that it was extra-large.

"Check out the tub" Martha said, and sure enough, there was an extra large and deep tub in the bathroom. It wasn't a jacuzzi, but it was definitely large enough for two.

"Sweet! Who wants a beer?" I asked as I brought our 3 beers and handed them around. I made a big deal of opening the beer and taking a big drink. "Ahhh, that's what daddy needed!"

Martha smiled, opened her beer, 'clinked' it against mine said "cheers" and drank. "So.." she said with a smile, "What would your wife say if she found out you were drinking beer in some strange women's hotel room?"

"Well," I said without really thinking, "I'm not going to tell her, I love her too much to want to unnecessarily hurt her like that." oops, I'm not sure that was the right thing to say and Martha looked at me for a beat, then smiled again and said

"Well we won't tell." and with that she started to ask me about work and my visit to this city. I sat on a chair and they shared the couch. We chatted all throughout the first beer, and Beth was getting warmed up and the two of them traded jabs and generally were having a good time.

Then, Martha brings up Beth's old boyfriend again and Beth said "Enough about him, why do you keep bringing him up?"

"Because, you should know that you can do better than him." Martha turned to me "Don't you think she's pretty?"

"Of course" I said "She's beautiful"

"And can you believe he didn't take care of her?" Martha said with a leer. I was pretty sure I knew what she meant, but I played dumb. Beth threw a pillow at her.

Martha then said, "Don't you like her tits Dan? She's got much better tits than I do"

I was a little shocked but before I could say anything, Martha reached over and hefted one of Beth's breasts and said, "nice huh?" and looked at me.

I was surprised that Beth didn't do anything but maybe the beer was getting to her. "Um, yes, lovely" I said. Beth rolled her eyes at Martha and I started to get a little uncomfortable.

"Want to see?" Martha said? But before Martha could move Beth pushed her hands away and grabbed Martha's shirt and said:

"Wanna see Martha's tits?" She started to lift the shirt and Martha said:

"Dan doesn't want to see these little ones, he wants to see yours!" but she didn't stop Beth.

"I'll see whatever you show me" I said, and with that Beth slowly lifted Martha's shirt, looking at me and then at Martha to see if she resisted. Martha didn't stop her and Beth was looking at me and didn't realize that the shirt was already up and Martha's thick brown nipples where already showing. She must have seen my smile because she looked at what she was doing and seemed surprised that Martha's tits were showing.

"Very nice" I said, and Beth dropped the shirt at little embarrassed.

"Thank you Dan" Martha said and gave me a big smile. "OK Beth, lets see yours"

Beth looked a little scared and I gave her a look that said "what can you do?" Martha grasped the bottom of Beth's shirt and slowly shimmied it up, drawing it out. She lifter her shirt up and there were Beth's breasts, being held back by a large bra.

"Dan can you believe he never paid these much attention?" Martha said as she reached into the bra and pulled out Beth's left tit. "He'd just maul them, then hop on for a fast fuck and go to sleep."

Beth had her eyes closed and she nodded agreeing with Martha. "That's not how you treat a lady is it Dan."

Beth's breasts were large and round. She had nice pink surround and a little cherry nipple. As Martha held her breast, Beth's breathing got heavier and Martha noticed. She gave me a surprised look and said "Would you like to kiss it Dan?"

I looked at Beth who still had her eyes closed but she nodded again. That was all the encouragement I needed. I walked over, kneeled down and with Martha still holding Beth's breast, I leaned over and kissed her nipple.

Beth moaned a little and I took out my tongue and circled her nipple and then sucked it in. Beth, put a hand on my head and pulled me in. Martha pulled her hand away and watched me suck and lick Beth's nipple.

I reached around and undid Beth's bra from the back. I then put my hand on one breast as I suckled on the other. My other hand found Martha's leg, and I just let it stay there.

Beth moaned as I licked and Martha seemed to be enjoying the show. Just as I was getting into it, Beth pulled my head away and said "stop."

I pulled away but Martha said "No, don't stop Beth, you need this, I can tell."

"I do, I do" Beth said, "but this is too weird. I mean, I don't even know this guy... "

I wasn't sure what to do next, so I just stayed there on my knees in front of the couch. Martha, then leaned over, took my chin and lifted it up to kiss me. Her lips touched mine and she kissed me slowly and gently. I went with the kiss and put my hand on her head and pulled her closer. Her wide mouth opened and our tongues explored each other as she moaned softly. She put her arms around me and I broke away and kissed and her neck.

"well," Martha said, "He can kiss..."

I smiled and Martha said "Kiss her Dan, show her."

I got up and sat between them. Martha put her hand on my head and pushed me towards Beth. I looked in her eyes, and got closer. I didn't close my eyes, until our lips touched and she moaned and settled into the couch as soon as we started kissing. I put my hands behind her neck and kissed her deep. Her thick lips were wet on mine and she pried my lips open with her tongue and lashed the inside of my mouth as I hung on for dear life.

I reached down and massaged her breast as we kissed. Our lips finally separated and I kissed and nibbled her ear and neck and she shuddered. I lifter her shirt and pulled her bra off and kissed down her neck to her nipple. I kissed and sucked her nipple while my hand stroked her thigh.

Martha had her hands in my hair and was moaning and encouraging me. "Go for her pants" she said "I'll bet she's really wet."

Again, Beth nodded and Martha got up, kneeled in front of Beth and grabbed her shorts. As I was kissing Beth's nipple I watched as Martha pulled down Beth's shorts and underwear all at once. Beth's pussy looked like a nice ripe peach with no hair on it at all. As I watched, Martha pushed Beth's knees apart, and reached in and put a finger between her pussy lips.

"oooh, she's wet" Martha said and then put her fingers up to my face and I sucked her finger into my mouth and tasted Beth. It was very sweet and as I sucked Martha's finger she moaned. I then looked into Martha's eyes and said "I want to lick her."

Martha then kissed me and I could sense Beth watching. She then put her hand on the back of my head and pushed it down towards Beth's wet pussy. I slid off the couch onto the floor with my face getting ever closer to Beth. Martha never took her hand from the back of my head as I got on my knees and leaned over into Beth's lap. I kissed her thighs and then pulled them towards me so that she was halfway off the couch.

I kissed her pussy lips and licked around them before parting them with my tongue. I licked up and down with Martha in my ear saying "Lick her Dan, lick her good. Taste that juicy pussy."

And juicy it was. My face was wet and I was just getting started. I finally licked up to her clit and Beth let out a long, soft low moan. I licked around her clit and I could feel her squirming so I sucked it in my mouth to see how she reacted and she let out a louder moan. I held her clit in my mouth as I flicked my tongue over it. I reached up and grabbed onto one of her big tits and she arched her back and moaned again.

I had her slide sideways so that she was laying across the couch and I could get a better angle on her pussy. I licked down to her ass cheeks and then back up and she shivered. I then put a finger into her pussy and played with her clit while I moved back up to suck one of her erect nipples.

As I went down on her nipple she moaned much louder and said "Oh, god, that feels so good." I stopped and turned and saw Martha watching with a big smile on her face. I said to her, "Come here and help me." Martha came next to me and I held one of Beth's tits and said "Suck on this one and I'll take the other one."

At this Beth seemed to be more aware of what was happening and she looked a little apprehensive. Martha gave her a questioning look as if to ask if it was alright, but before Beth could respond I started to vigorously finger her pussy and rub her clit. She gasped, and arched he back a little. I took my other hand and this time I pushed Martha's head down. I pushed it down towards Beth's breast and Martha's mouth opened to meet her left nipple. I took the right and Beth started to moan louder.

With Martha still working on Beth's tits, I move back down and licked Beth's clit again. I kept two fingers in her pussy as I licked and sucked and her breath started to get ragged. Beth put her hands in my hair and pushed my head into her wet pussy and started grinding on my face. She moaned louder and thrashed under me as she said "Oh yes... that's it, oh god yes..."

I could feel her pussy tighten on my fingers as I finger fucked her and sucked her clit. She shuddered and bucked and I stayed with it as she came hard and fast. My face was dripping wet as she slowed down a little. I released the pressure a little and then started to flick her clit again. She arched again and again I could feel her pussy tighten on my fingers. She was crying out "Oh ye ye ye ye yessss!!!!" as she grunted and came again. Her bucking subsided and her hand pulled at my hair, pulling me away from her pussy.

Martha released her tits and Beth pulled me up to her face to kiss me. "That was wonderful" she said and kissed me deeply. She was still breathing hard and she looked over at Martha and said "You too..." She then started to pull my shirt over my head and with my help I took it off.

I heard Martha say, "Take off the rest" and she stripped in front of me as I pulled off my shorts. Beth sat up and pulled me down to the couch. I was seated next to her as she kissed me deeply. I was playing with her breasts when I felt Martha sit down next to me. Beth was moaning as I kissed her neck and she slowly moved her head down my chest. Her hands were already stroking my cock as she slowly moved in front of me and kissed my stomach and legs.

Then she turned her attention to my cock and kissed it lightly. Then she started to lick it up and down the full length and I moaned "oh yes, that feels good." I turned and looked over at Martha who was sitting sideways next to me with her legs spread open. She was fingering her pussy as she watched Beth go down on me.

Beth started to suck me very slowly using her hands to stroke it at the same time. I reached over to Martha's pussy and stuck in a finger and she obliged me by holding her lips open. She was sopping wet and I lifted my fingers to taste her wetness as Beth continued her slow suck.

I pulled Martha over and kissed her. Our tongues touched and I felt myself relax as I hugged and kissed Martha while Beth continued to suck.

Martha and I broke out kiss and she said "Well aren't you a luck boy" and then she looked down at Beth and said "And you're one lucky girl, look at you suck that cock like a pro!"

Beth laughed, pulling it out of her mouth and said "No Martha, you're the pro cocksucker!" and looked up at me. I said "mmmm lick my balls" Beth smiled and then pulled my cock up and leaned over so she could access my balls. She ran her tongue all over my balls and sucked them in ever so gently.

Martha reached down to my cock and took hold of it and Beth let go. While Beth was still licking my balls, Martha leaned over and put her big mouth on my cock. She sucked it in a little and then looked up at me with an evil grin and then put my cock in her mouth again.

I was amazed to see these two women working over my cock like pornstars. It was pure heaven. Martha let go of my cock with her hands and then shifted her body to a more comfortable position. She the proceeded to slowly take in my cock. She took her time and soon all 7 inches what in her mouth and down her throat. When she reached the base, Beth pulled back and looked astonished. "Holy Shit!" she said, how do you do that?"

Martha started the return trip, pulled my cock from her mouth and said "Practice". It felt so good, and I wanted her to go down again so I put my hand on her head and gave her a little encouragement. She pushed back on my hand and said, "oh, a little aggressive huh? I like that" and with that she slammed my cock down her throat. She started licking and bobbing on my shaft with my cock down her throat and Beth just sat there stunned. I had a handful of her short red hair and it looked like I was pounding her face into my cock, but Martha was doing that on her own and I was just hanging on for dear life.

Martha pulled it out again and her spit was everywhere, she grabbed Beth's head and guided it to my cock. Beth sucked it in as far as she could gagged a little and pulled it out. Martha got on the floor next to Beth and took it in deep and then passed it back to Beth. They swapped my cock back and forth several times. I couldn't believe it. Here I was in a hotel room with 2 strange women working on my cock.

Martha was then letting Beth suck it for awhile and then she'd pull it back to her. It felt unbelievably great and I didn't want it to end but I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. "I'm gonna cum soon." I said, and I could feel my balls contracting. I didn't know how they felt about jizz, so I said it again, but they didn't stop. Martha was stroking my cock while it was inside Beth's mouth when I finally had to let go.

I grunted "ahhhh" as I shot into Beth's mouth. Martha pulled it out and was pulling it towards her it as it shot across Beth's face and into Martha's mouth. She stroked it while I grunted out each stream. Martha eagerly took my cum and swallowed it and then when I grunted my last she took my whole cock back down her throat.

Beth watched in amazement, with cum dripping down her cheek as Martha throated me again. Martha then pulled it out and licked it all over, cleaning me off. She looked over at Beth, smiled and then licked the cum off of Beth's cheeks and lips. Beth let her and didn't move. I watched as Martha licked Beth's face and then came back to suck on my cock some more, stroking and coaxing out the last of my cum.

I was breathing heavily and finally I had to push Martha away. She gave my cock one last peck and then reluctantly let it drop from her hands. We all looked at each other for a second, and then I leaned over and gave Beth a deep kiss and hug. Then I turned to Martha and gave her a big wet kiss.

She smiled and they both got up off the floor. They sat on either side of me and no one said anything for a minute. I reached over for my beer and Beth said "Man, that was hot. I've never done anything like that before."

Sitting there naked with a tall thin woman with small tits and a short thick woman with large round breasts, drinking beer was surreal. Was I really here in this room with these two women? "Feel like you hit the lottery Dan?" Martha said, reading my mind.

"Well, I do feel like the luckiest guy I know" I said. "Sitting here, with two beautiful women." With that I leaned over and pecked Beth and then Martha. Beth laughed and said "Well I can't believe it either..."

Martha looked at Beth and said "Dan wanted you from from the minute he saw you ya know". Beth replied, "no way, you and he were flirting the whole time we were in the spa". Martha responded with, "yea, well he was seriously checking out your ass when we got out."

I was looking back and forth as this was taking place and when Beth turned to me I said "Guilty as charged your honor." and Beth smiled a nice smile at me.

I got another round of beers and sat down on the chair across from the 2 women. "Why don't you sit here with us?" Martha asked.

"Because I just want to look at you both." I said.

"Ahh" Martha said, "and check out Beth's ass some more?" I laughed, "it all looks good from here."

Martha turned to beth and said, "so get up and lets see that ass."

"nooo" said Beth, but Martha was off the couch and turning on the radio. She found some 'lite' station that was playing soft rock and then she pranced over to Beth and told her to stand up. "Dan wants to see you dance."

"No he doesn't" said Beth, but I just smiled and Martha pulled her up. Martha started to dance slowly and Beth just stood there for a second, looked resigned, and started to dance.

I leaned back to watch. At first it wasn't erotic or anything, just two women dancing together like you might see at a club. Except of course that they were naked. After a short time, Martha guided Beth towards me and and turned her around so that her ass was waving in my face. I was admiring the roundness and the softness of Beth's ass when Martha gave it a good smack.

"Ow" Beth cried "What the fuck?" but Martha said, "C'mon Beth, shake it."

Beth started dancing again and Martha said "C'mon!" and was shaking her ass like a paint shaker. Beth watched her and then started to sway much more. She didn't shake it like Martha, but she did grind and bend in front of me and it was getting me excited. Martha said "Now that's more like it" and she watched Beth do her erotic ass dance.

Martha looked at me for my reaction and I was all smiles. She noticed that my cock was getting hard again and she winked at me and turned to Beth and said "It's working!" Beth then turned around, still dancing and looked at me, she saw my pole at attention and smiled turned around and swayed her ass towards my face.

I grabbed her hips and she kept up a slow dance as I kissed each cheek. I heard her giggle and I ran my hands up and down her thighs as I was kissing her ass. She stopped dancing and I pushed a hand up to her pussy and played it there while I nuzzled.

I stood up and with my hands on her hips, I turned her around so that she was facing the chair. I pushed her back so that she was bent over the chair with her luscious big ass sticking up in the air. I kissed her back and played my cock over her exposed pussy and ass cheeks. Then I got on my knees and kissed each cheek as my hands reached around to play with her clit.

Beth was moaning and Martha came over for a closer look. I kissed and licked all over Beth's smooth ass and then ran my tongue down her crack. When I got to her asshole, I licked all around it and she moaned loudly. I gave her ass a good rimming and she squirmed and breathed deeply. I ran my tongue over her ass and worked two fingers into her pussy and she started to rock back on them and I could feel her pussy tighten and her breath shorten as she cried out "oh, fuck yes, that feel so good. yesssss." I kept up the fingering and playing with her clit as I tongued her asshole while she quivered.

While Beth was cumming on my fingers Martha reached over was playing with my cock. While Martha was still holding onto my cock, I took my fingers from Beth's sopping pussy and stood up. Martha understood immediately and guided my cock to Beth's pussy. Beth reached down too and the two of them guided me in. Beth's pussy was warm and wet and as I was pushing in she tightened it. I let out a moan and said "oh god that feels good."

Martha pulled her hand away as I drove in deep. I stayed in deep and ground around awhile before starting some long slow strokes. I reached around and grabbed Beth's pendulous tits as they swayed to the rhythm of our fucking. Beth ground her pussy onto my cock as I tweaked her nipples and she made low guttural sounds.

While we were grinding away, I feel Martha moving behind me and the next thing I know, I feel her tongue on my balls. She has maneuvered herself between our legs, sitting on the floor with her head resting on the seat of the chair. She has one hand buried in her pussy and he tongue running over my balls and shaft as it emerges from Beth's pussy. The I don't feel her tongue anymore but I know where it is because Beth cries out and her pussy tightens. Martha is licking Beth's clit while I fuck her from behind and Beth can hardly stand it.

While I fuck, Martha spanks Beth's ass and pulls it onto her face. Beth is cumming furiously and making all kinds of noise but I don't care because I can feel myself about to explode.

As I fuck faster, Beth lets out a cry and I groan in response. Martha says "Yes, Dan, oh yes, cum in that pussy. cum in deep" and then goes back to licking as her hand reaches up to stroke my balls.

That's it, I can't stand it any longer and I arch my back and start to cum. "Fucccckkkkk yesssss" I cry out as I can feel my balls unload deep into Beth's pussy. She's grinding back on my cock, milking it and saying "Yes, yes, cummm, oh god yes, cum" As I'm pumping in my last I can feel Martha's tongue on my balls again and she's gently licking them as I pump.

Beth lets out a big sigh and her pussy pushes out my semi-hard dick. No sooner is it out that Martha takes it in her mouth and sucks it all the way in. With Martha sucking my cock clean, Beth turns around and sits in the chair. She's watching me stand while Martha continues to suck me dry and I lean over and kiss her.

Damn it feel good but I can't stand anymore, so I crumple down onto the floor sitting next to Martha and I give her a big kiss also. We're all breathing hard and we just sit there, Martha and I on the floor between Beth's legs as she sits on the chair.

Finally I get up, go to the bathroom and get beers and a warm wet washcloth. I bring it back and offer it to Beth. My cum is dripping out of Beth's pussy and just as she's about to use the cloth to clean up Martha says, "don't you dare..."

Martha pulled the washcloth away, and pushed Beth back on the chair and then got on her knees in front of her. She lifted Beth's large legs into the air and dove face first into her pussy. I watch in amazement as Martha proceeds to lick and suck my cum out of Beth's pussy. Beth closed her eyes, and gave into the tongue-lashing and I hear distinct slurping sounds as Martha sucks. Then Martha got up and moved her face up to Beth's face. Beth opened her eyes and has a look of shock on her face as Martha started to kiss her lips.

I could tell that Beth didn't know what to do, but after a few seconds, she gave in and I watched as my cum and their spit is shared between these two mismatched women. Martha opened her mouth and I see her thin tongue, lashing Beth's thick one. It got a little messy, but between the two of them they swallowed it all and each other's tongues too. It was a sight to behold and when they finally pulled away from each other and Beth started to wipe her face with the washcloth I said "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen."

Martha kissed Beth on the cheek, got up and kissed me on the mouth, took a beer and said "OK, Bath time!"

Martha got the tub filled and while the three of us could all be in it at one, it was a tight fit. After relaxing and having a beer, we took turns taking showers while the others waited in the bath. It was a fun time of nakedness and water. We splashed each other, slapped ass and generally had good clean fun.

As the water was draining from the bath, we were all in the bathroom drying off. Beth was seated on the edge of the tub toweling off her hair, Martha on the toilet and I was standing. Martha said, "Hey Beth, remember how it felt when Dan was licking your ass?" Beth stopped and looked embarrassed. "Well, I'd say you owe him!" Beth looked at me and I smiled and said, "You don't owe me anything."

But Martha was insistent. "Oh yes you do." and with that she stood up and grabbed my shoulders and turned me around so that my ass was in Beth's face. She pushed me over so that I had to steady myself on the sink. Then I watched in the mirror as she firmly grabbed Beth's hands and pulled them behind her and held them together. Beth was immobilized with her hands held behind her, and Martha had her other hand in Beth's wet messy hair. She gathered up some hair in her hands I pulled her head back and then pushed it forward mashing her face on my ass cheeks. "Lick his ass like a good slut Beth. Lick him!"

I was taken aback, but I let Martha take the lead. If Beth fought back I would stop it, but Beth did nothing but whimper. Then I felt her lips on my ass and she started to kiss. "That's good, kiss his ass slut, kiss it all over" As she said this Martha pushed her face all over my backside, making sure that Beth kissed all over.

"Now lick it slut, lick that ass crack" and I could feel Beth's thick tongue licking over my hairy ass. Not too pleasant I imagined, but it felt very nice. As she started to lick from the top of my crack down, Martha let go of her hands and hair, and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. "Lick that ass slut, lick that asshole good"

Beth licked down to my asshole and as she rimmed it, I let out a moan "Oh, god that feels good." I said. Beth responded by licking it harder and faster. Martha let go of my cheeks and reached around to stroke my cock. Beth, grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart again and went back after my asshole. Martha straightened me out and started to kiss me as Beth continued to try and lick my ass. She bent over and licked my balls and I spread my legs a little to give her better access.

Martha was kissing my and running her hands over my chest while Beth continued to lick my backside. Then, Martha whispered in my ear "Fuck me... Fuck me now" and with that she turned around and bent over the sink, and reached for my cock. With her help I guided it into her hot, wet and willing pussy. As I slowly pushed in I heard both Beth and Martha moan.

After I was all the way in, I started pumping slowly so Beth could continue to lick my ass. She kept at it and licked my balls as they swayed back and forth as I slow fucked Martha. We did this for a few minutes, no one saying anything until Martha tightened her pussy around my shaft and said, "fuck me harder."

Instead, I pulled out almost all the way and I could sense Martha's frustration. I held there for a second and then I pounded back into her. She yelped and I started to fuck her hard. Beth had to lean back to avoid being hit in the face with my hard backstroke but she kept her hands in my balls and caressed my shaft when it was part way out of Martha's pussy. I fucked her hard, grabbing her hips and pulling her onto me. "Yes, oh fuck yes!" she called out and moaned and grunted loudly as I fucked her. Beth reached farther up between us and I could tell that she was playing with Martha's clit as I pounded her pussy from behind.

Martha's pussy pulsated and she cried out as I fucked away. I could tell she was over the edge but I had already cum twice and I wasn't sure if I could again. "Oh god!" she said "Oh god, fucking cum!, oh god I want you to fucking cum! oh fuuuuccck!" I pounded into her hard and she started to push back as I thrust deep into her.

She kept up her encouragement both verbally and with her pussy squeezing my cock. Eventually I started to moan and said "Oh yes..." and before I could say anything else she pulled away, turned around and knelt in front of me. She took my wet cock into her mouth and started sucking. After a few deep strokes in her mouth, I pulled it out and started to stroke it. Beth was playing with my balls and Martha put her lips on the head as I stroked.

Martha then started to tongue my cock head and I felt Beth tongue my balls as I continued to beat my meat. I could feel my balls start to tighten and I let out a moan that was answered by both women. I stroked a little faster and arched my back and let myself go. "Ahhhhhh, yessss.... " It felt like a dream to let go into Martha's waiting mouth, with Beth slobbering on my balls. Martha sucked harder on my head and I spasm out what little cum I had left in my balls. Martha sucked it all in and grabbed my shaft and I let go. She pumped my cock a few times and then pulled it out of her mouth and bent it towards Beth.

I was so sensitive and I gasped every time Martha moved my cock. She motioned for Beth to take it in her mouth and as it was getting softer, Beth sucked it in and took it all, she licked and sucked it while Martha and I watched and she really seemed to enjoy my semi-hard cum dripping dick. Finally, she pulled her lips off of me and Martha pulled her face close and opened her mouth for Beth and I to see. On her tongue was my cum and Beth leaned over and opened her mouth to lick and kiss Martha. They shared my cum once again and this time Beth made sure she got it. When some dribbled out and fell onto Martha's little tit, Beth leaned down and licked it off. She proceeded to make a show of swallowing and the looking around she grabbed my cock and started sucking some more. "What a cum slut you are" Martha said, "I'm so proud of you."

"I guess I am" Beth replied, "I didn't know it until now!"

"Well I think you're both cum sluts" I said, "and I love that about you!" We all laughed and the retired to the big bed where we watched a movie and fell asleep; my two new cum slut friends and me.

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