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I took Joy to a bar a few miles out of town. She was wearing a see thru blouse and mini skirt with stilletto heels no panties or bra.
Joy had told me she was ready for some hot dicks to suck and fuck. She wanted to feel them cumming in her pussy and mouth. We weren't there long when the bartender, Jack, made a remark about how hot she looked. Joy looked at him and asked if he would like to see more and maybe do a little more than just look. He looked around and there were a few regulars in there and so he went and locked the door and said to them that we were getting ready to have some fun.

Joy had already unbuttoned her blouse and her fine tits were on display as Jack grabbed them and began feeling her up. He soon pulled her blouse and skirt off and stripped down himself. He turned her where she was facing the bar and was running his hands over her ass and legs and tits.

Jack moved behind her and probed her ass with his dick. She reached back and took hold of it, rubbing his dick around her ass.. Jack turned her around so that she leaned against the bar and then placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy. Jack was rock hard and guided his dick into my wife’s pussy. He immediately went in to the balls. I looked up I saw that Roger was sitting on a bar stool behind me and pushing his dick into her mouth. Jack continued fucking her hard and fast. At last for the first time that night Joy had an orgasm, panting in pleasure as she reached her climax. Jack wasn’t far behind her and he grunted as he came. She continued to suck Rogers’s dick. Simon then took over and positioned her on the floor with some cushions under her head. He pushed his dick into her pussy while Roger, Mike and Andy knelt on the floor next to her face jacking off and taking turns pushing their dicks into her mouth.

I watched Simon’s muscular buttocks as he thrust his dick in and out of Joy; she put her legs over his shoulders and grunted with the force of his fucking and she had her second orgasm of the night. The three men around her face were masturbating furiously as they sought their climax and their wish to see my wife’s face covered with their cum. It all began to happen at once; Simon quickened his pace as he reached his climax, slamming into her as he pumped his cum into her pussy. He collapsed onto her but then at the shouted warnings of the other three he got out of the way just as they spurted their cum onto Joy’s face. There was a moment’s surprised look on her face but then she closed her eyes, as her face was covered with cum. There was an ocean of it. It covered her face and hair. It was in her eyes. Some of it ran down her chin onto her neck; some of it sprayed onto her breasts, as the guy’s aim was less accurate in the final pulses. They all sighed with contentment and continued jacking off until their dicks were finally empty. Roger said,” Now that is one beautiful slut.” Mike said,” One of the best I’ve seen.” Joy was wiping cum from her eyes and trying to open them. She said,” Where’s my husband, come here and help me out, I can’t open my eyes.”

I wiped cum from her with my fingers and rubbed it on her titties. She looked at me and laughed. She said,” That was amazing, don’t take it all off yet I want to see myself.” We went to the bathroom together and she looked at herself in the mirror. She laughed again. She said,” I loved all of that. My own cock was fit to burst. Joy said,” I suppose you want me to get rid of that for you.” I said,” Yes, please.” She said,” OK, then I’ll suck you off before I do my make-up.” She sucked me but I didn’t last long and quickly spurted cum into her mouth. She sucked me clean. Joy started doing her make up. She said,” I think that’s enough for tonight, we’ll go back to our hotel now.”

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