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03-17-2008, 11:44 PM
Well since I am not very artistic...I will participate this way....:)

by steve porter

i had somewhat reluctantly
agreed to go worship today
but when she emerged from the bath
dripping fresh as morning dew
and smelling clean as sweet clover
my passion grew so suddenly thick
i had to grab hold of myself
and hang on for dear life...

the next time i saw her
she said she needed me to zip her up
but i said thats not what you need me to do
and then i grabbed her and
told her to go take off that pretty dress
and meet me back in bed instead
the lust in her eyes betrayed her faith
and she didnt say another word...

and then after that it got really religious.

03-22-2008, 04:28 AM
My wife and I began by hiding the Easter Eggs early in the morn;
I had to drag her away from her porn.

The children were asleep and it was the perfect setting;
For later her pussy would be deserving some petting.

I would have to hide some sperm with her eggs;
Right between her stocking clad legs.

I wanted to be quick with hiding them;
As I knew she had given her pubic hairs a neat trim.

Finally all were hidden and nestled away;
Now Mom and Dad could go play.

I carried her upstairs quietly as not to disturb the sleeping kiddos;
I was going to kiss her from her head to her toes.

I gently laid her on the bed and began stripping all her clothes;
I left her hosiery on her legs as I love pantyhose.

I just pulled them down to her knees;
As she looked up at me with her eyes saying please.

I looked at her neatly trimmed bush;
I put my finger to my lips to say shush.

I looked at her pubic hair in the shape of some easter eggs;
As I put my shoulder just under one of her legs.

I licked deeply and sucked her lips;
As she thrust up her hips.

Finally she whispered she was going to be cumming soon;
Then she screamed and when she did it echoed in the room.

I slid up to my knees and placed her legs on my back;
As I wanted to empty my nut sack.

I pumped her pussy with my cock for about thirty ins and thirty outs;
My cock only knew these special routes.

As I knew I was close I pulled my out my cock;
And I made her open her mouth and she closed it around it to lock.

She gulped down my juices and my sperm;
I decided for this performance she would get that perm.

She had wanted a haircut weeks ago and I put it off;
As I pulled out I started to get soft.

I kissed her and we began to fall fast asleep;
For it was her heart I wanted to forever keep.

By Archas 3/22/08