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05-11-2008, 11:51 PM
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Their house had a large living room with sliding doors to the dining
room. The dining table had been moved into the living room and laid out
with snacks and drinks. A mattress had been laid on the floor of the
dinning room for me to let Phil sow his wild oats. All was ready and I
was a nervous wreck. Gina had given me a few drinks to try and calm me
down. We heard the guys coming in, so we both went into the dining room
and pulled the sliding doors closed. We could hear them chatting away
and getting some food when Tom slid open the door and said ‘Show time
ladies. Where's that lovely stripper?' Giggling, Gina said ‘I'm ready
big boy, go put on some music.' Tom closed the door again, then we
heard him announce. ‘Gentlemen, straight from Las Vegas, Ingrid the
Swedish Love Goddess.'

All the guys cheered. Gina turned to me and winked. ‘Good luck,' she
said. ‘And good luck to you too,' I replied.

I slid open the door a crack, so that I could watch. Gina danced like a
professional, I wondered how many times she had done this. The guys
seemed to be enjoying it. Egging her on with salacious remarks. ‘Take
it off Baby.' ‘Show us your tits Sweety.'