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Another from the GA. Part 2 will be submitted under 'Fetish' since it contains a piss scene.

Madison heard the muffled tones of voices in the anteroom where Mrs Barton, his PA, usually kept guard. He cursed inwardly at the imminent intrusion. He'd lost track of the time and realised that it must be about eight thirty, time for the cleaners to appear.

He quickly logged out of the system and switched his laptop to shut down. There was no way he could afford to allow any busybody cleaning scum to see which sites he visited – no way on this earth.

He fixed a convincing smile to his face and looked up as the woman entered.

'Oh!' the woman cried, startled to find anyone in what she'd presumed would be an empty office. 'Sorry, sir,' she offered when she'd recovered. 'I didn't think anyone was in…' She stood awkwardly: 'Shall we come back in a little bit?'

'Nope, no need,' Madison said brightly. 'I'm just packing up… all yours.'

'Thanks,' the woman said. Although why she was thanking Madison for the privilege of cleaning his office was beyond him.

The woman moved further into the spacious office, and Madison ignored her as he clicked the clasp on his laptop. Then just as he picked up his briefcase he saw a second woman enter, another cleaner, but this one caught his attention instantly.

The second woman wore the same shapeless overall as the first, but immediately Madison could tell she was hot underneath and that she possessed a killer body. Even with her straight blonde hair tied carelessly up away from her face, Madison easily identified the potential in her. He had a… a nose for these things; an instinct you could call it.

Madison shrugged inwardly; he didn't give a fuck what it was… this girl was the one… he could almost smell it.

Madison sensed that the younger woman was feisty, just as he required. Even her movements suggested she was a confident, self-assured product of these times. Her challenging, almost insolent stare was enough to send a frisson of arousal through Madison and he felt his penis stir.

'Damn,' he thought. 'She has to be the one…' He smiled wryly to himself, 'I've been searching high and low for the right one, and what happens? Bang – she walks in as a cleaner.'

Madison's agile mind sifted through the numerous scenarios in the instant it took him to lift the briefcase from his desk. He decided to play it cool. He knew where to find her. Another day or two wouldn't make a difference…

'Goodnight ladies,' he called nonchalantly, and apparently indifferent to their continued existence, he left the pair to their work.


Two days later Madison waited for the cleaners to arrive. He was patient and waited calmly until he judged that it was time for the women to appear. Eventually, the door opened and the older woman walked in.

'Here again?' she joked casually, obviously prepared for Madison's presence this time.

'Yep,' Madison responded in the same joking manner, '…no rest for the wicked.'

The woman looked at Madison and asked uncertainly. 'Should I come back? Are you busy?'

'No,' Madison answered, 'same as the other night. I'm just going.'

The woman walked further into the office with her basket of rags and tins of polish. Madison assumed a nonchalant air but inwardly, his stomach churned with anticipation. After several moments his anticipation turned to disappointment when it became obvious that the cleaner was working alone that evening.

'Alone tonight?' he asked.

'Oh yes,' the woman replied as she begun her routine. 'Selena was just giving her old mum a hand the other night; she does that from time to time. She's a good girl.'

'So it's just an occasional thing, her helping out?' Madison cursed to himself, disappointed that the girl wasn't helping her "old mum" tonight.

He left the woman to her duties and drove home brooding over the missed opportunity. Okay, it was a minor setback, very minor. He knew that the cleaner was the girl's mother and all he needed now was to find an address so he could engineer some other means of setting his plans in motion.

A day later and he had the information he needed. He'd phoned the agency and used the ridiculous pretext that he was so pleased with the work that the cleaner had done in his office that he wanted to send her some token of his appreciation.

All he needed was her address.

What? Yes, he realised that the agency really shouldn't give out addresses, but they knew him, he was a client…

He charmed the girl on the other end of the line and – Hey Presto! There was the address.


It took another couple of days of clandestine manoeuvring, but eventually Madison was ready to make his move.

It may be apparent that Madison was going to unnecessary lengths to strike up a rapport with Selena, but he couldn't take any chances… if he got it wrong, the whole house of cards could easily come down – and that would be personally catastrophic for him. Financially serious and, potentially physically risky as well - some of his… associates? Well if Madison chose the wrong girl… He shuddered at the thought of what could happen… If the money wasn't so bloody good he'd have nothing to do with the whole deal, but the money was more than good…

Madison followed Selena as she left the family home. He had an idea of where she was going, but was resolute that there would be no further problems. He wanted to use the girl at the earliest opportunity and he needed to get a realistic idea of how receptive she was to the idea of kinky sex. If he lost track of her tonight the frustration would be almost unbearable. No, tonight, he'd stay close.

'Hi, fancy meeting you here,' Madison said when he 'coincidentally' found himself at the bar just as Selena was available to serve.

'Sorry?' the girl asked, obviously bemused by Madison's apparent familiarity. 'Do I know you?'

'Oh,' Madison feigned embarrassment. 'My mistake, I thought I recognised you from last week… At my office.' He paused to give Selena time to make the connection.

'Office?' she responded dully as a blank look fell like a blind over her truly striking features.

'Ah,' said Madison taking a chance. If he blew it at this early stage… 'I thought you looked like a girl who was in my office… Last week… Erm…' He played the embarrassed shy guy card to the full. 'Look, I'm sorry,' he apologised, 'you look like a girl who was cleaning in the building… She kind of caught my eye… That's all.'

'It was me,' Selena said. 'I remember now. Late, it was late and you were still at work… Mum got a fright.'

'That's it, you've got it… I'd been in late and… Was it your mum? Yes? Well, she was a little startled to see me there that late, but I was right, it was you?'

'Yep, it was me. …Now, what can I get you?'

Madison paid for his drink and moved away. He made several return visits to the bar through Selena's shift and slowly, painstakingly even; he built up a rapport with the delectable blonde.

As Selena shrugged into her coat and she prepared to go home at the end of her shift, Madison moved quickly and offered assistance.

'Thanks,' the girl offered graciously. Then added, 'Are you still here?'

'Looks that way,' Madison replied. 'But, to be honest… if you weren't here, then neither would I.'

'Oh God,' Selena muttered, 'another one.'

'Pardon?' Madison responded. 'What do you mean?'

'Look,' Selena sighed. 'Don't get me wrong, but it's getting late and I'm getting tired and it's the same old story. All I ever get is men… They tell me this and tell me that…' She faced Madison and held his eyes with her own light-blue gaze. 'What do you want? Why are you here?' She shook her head in exasperation. 'You want to fuck me? Is that it? You want to fuck my tight… Sweet…' Selena moved close and whispered in Madison's ear, '…Creamy little cunt.' She pulled back and laughed contemptuously. 'Is that it?' Selena groped at her crotch and the look of contempt was a sneer that distorted her face. 'I've been fucked by more men than I can remember… I don't need another… So just fuck off.'


Was that it? She was the sweetest honey in a small hive.

So what? So she'd been turned over by a few small town Casanovas… Madison was supremely confident that whatever Selena had experienced in the past, he could match it for sheer depravity. But… Would Selena be inclined towards the same tastes? Madison felt that she just might be amenable. All that was left for him to do was to convince her of his interest; of how different he was compared to the dross she'd known previously. He could use the great motivator – hard cash – to persuade her if it came to it, but he needed her spirit, a pushover would be no good for his clients, he needed a girl with a strong mind.

'Hey,' Madison retorted. 'I couldn't give a fuck about who you've met in the past, or who you've fucked.' He matched Selena's coarse language with his own. He wasn't comfortable with such a base tone, but he needed to exercise some level of control and by using a similar vocabulary to Selena's, Madison hoped to achieve his aim. 'Jesus,' he continued. 'If I'd known what a prissy bitch you'd be…'

He took the biggest gamble so far and turned away from the girl as though he was leaving in disgust. Madison was hoping that she would be sufficiently piqued to call him back. If he was any judge of character – and Madison knew he was, then Selena would kick back at his aggressive response.

'Prissy bitch!' Madison positively grinned when he heard Selena's outraged cry. 'You uptight prick,' she called. 'You call me a prissy bitch… you… you…'

'Well, I got a response from you didn't I?' Madison chuckled. 'Hey,' he continued. 'I came here tonight for a drink… I thought I recognised the barmaid…' He shrugged his shoulders, 'I thought she was a babe and I used the fact that I'd seen her before as an excuse to make conversation… Soh-ree.'

Madison held his arms wide in a 'what can a guy do' kind of gesture, and then he turned again as though to walk away, as though he was too tired to play the game. Selena looked at his receding figure and appeared to soften. Her shoulders slumped and her features changed from indignation to contrition. She sighed and shook her head. Was she about to make yet another mistake?

'Wait,' she called as Madison walked away. 'I'm sorry… Fuck… Wait!'


An hour later Selena was sat inside Madison's weekday pied-ŕ-terre sipping a vodka drink. Madison was at ease in his element and he appraised the young blonde as she sipped her drink.

He surveyed her high cheekbones and slightly slanted, Asiatic eyes. He noticed the full, twin swellings of her breasts under her soft, woollen sweater and he'd already noted how her rounded buttocks and shapely legs were perfectly encased in her jeans.

Selena was full of promise. She was ripe, feisty and oh-so-delectable… Madison basked in her sexual aura and his cock thickened suddenly as he studied the beauty from his seat opposite.

'This is a step up from the places I usually see,' Selena said, more to break the silence.

Madison made no comment, content to let the silence build. He wanted to keep the girl on edge. He didn't want her to get too comfortable too soon, that would just give her confidence. Madison needed control.

'Look,' Selena said apparently aggravated. 'Just what do you want? It's getting late…'

'I should have thought that was obvious,' Madison replied. 'I want you…' He gauged Selena's reaction to his blunt response. The girl appeared to appreciate his directness so he continued. 'I want you. I think you're stunning.' Madison stood and refreshed Selena's drink. 'A little… common looking, perhaps…' He held up his palm to cut off any angry response to his words. 'I don't mean to insult you. I do think you've got the potential to be truly, quite a devastating looking woman… not just pretty, as you are now, but I mean really sensational.'

Selena laughed but held her temper. 'That's a bit of a backhanded compliment, but okay, I'll let you have that one. Go on.'

Madison was relieved that Selena showed the intellect to see beyond what could have been easily taken as an insult.

'As I said,' he continued. 'I want you. I'd like for us to be… lovers.'

Madison let that information sink in and he moved to a position behind Selena's seat. He bent and pressed his lips to the side of her neck. Madison gently grazed the tender skin with his teeth and then tickled her lightly with the tip of his tongue. His reward was a satisfying groan of appreciation from the girl's throat.

'Jesus, you move fast,' Selena whispered and turned her face for the kiss.

Madison remained neutral as Selena pressed her lips to his mouth. Selena took the bait and pushed her mouth harder against the man's. Her tongue slid between Madison's lips and he felt his cock thicken and uncurl as he quickly became aroused.

Taking control, Madison curled a handful of Selena's hair in his hand and pulled at it with just enough pressure to show the girl he was capable of more. He wanted to demonstrate that he was filled with latent power; that he was capable of bursting into ferocious action if he desired, but that he was holding himself in check …For the moment.

Selena moaned when she felt Madison grip her hair. She felt the oily wetness between her legs, excited by Madison's increased ardour and the way his tongue was snaking around and around inside her mouth.

'Fuck,' Selena said quietly when the kiss eventually broke. 'You can kiss… Jesus.'

'The tip of the iceberg,' Madison said and Selena knew that the comment wasn't male bullshit and bravado; she knew that Madison would be a superb and skilful lover.

The man was confident, supremely confident. He was obviously loaded too, what a combination! He was a confident, moneyed man; a fucking good-looking, sexy one at that. Selena could do a lot worse.

Suddenly, Selena wanted him. Despite the late hour a pulse of lust burst outwards from her swelling, leaking sex. Her clitoris beat and throbbed and her nipples stiffened quickly. What was wrong with her? She'd never felt so immediately horny with any of her previous lover's. Selena felt a thrill of wicked excitement when she realised that she was actually lusting after a man she'd met barely four hours previously.

'How whorish,' she thought. 'What a positive slut I am!'

Selena didn't know it, but she was very close to the truth in her thoughts about her uncharacteristic, whorish behaviour. That was Madison's intent; he wanted her for his whore. He needed a whore who would be prepared to go that bit further than usual. She needed to develop special …tastes. His clients were rich, influential and, in some cases, well known. They were also kinky bastards and were willing to pay for their perversions. If Selena went for it she could end up very wealthy, but it was a tightrope for Madison. He needed a girl with the desirable qualities his clients demanded. It was essential that the girl had the ability to convince the patrons that she enjoyed their perversions, even if she didn't. She was also required to be discrete, very discrete for obvious reasons and finally, she needed to posses the indefinable quality of sex appeal, a vague mixture of physical beauty and sexual allure, a very rare commodity when all the earlier factors were considered.

Madison took hold of Selena's hand and helped her to her feet. He kissed her again and felt the girl press her body against his. His cock was fully erect and Madison made sure that the stiff length was pressed between his body and the girl's belly.

Selena was well aware of Madison's hard cock. She kissed the man and let tiny mewling sounds slip into Madison's open mouth as their tongues slithered and entwined wetly. She unzipped Madison's flies and pushed her hand inside to feel the heat and stiffness of his arousal.

'Take it out,' Madison whispered and massaged Selena's aching breasts through the soft sweater. 'Take my cock out, I want you to see it.'

'Fuck.' The oath slipped from Selena's lips when she surveyed the terrible maleness that curved upwards from the open flies of Madison's suit trousers. 'How hard can it get?'

'Touch it,' Madison whispered so quietly the command was almost inaudible.

He watched Selena's face intently as her slim fingers closed around the girth of his cock.

Her mouth hung open and her eyes were huge as she squeezed the shaft. She'd never seen a cock like it before. It wasn't the size, although Madison was moderately well endowed, it was the just so fucking hard. Hard wasn't the word she thought. It was pliable to a degree; she could squeeze it – just. Madison's cock was firm, but that description fell way short of the mark as well. Whatever, it was a fine specimen, quite over and above any she'd ever experienced in the past. There was a quality about it that sent a trickle sliding down into her rapidly soaking underwear.

'It's only a cock,' she reminded herself. 'But, oh! What a fucking beauty.'

'You like my cock?' Madison asked unnecessarily; he'd seen Selena's face, and he knew she was impressed.

'God, yes,' Selena murmured and instantly, mentally berated herself. 'Don't give the arrogant bastard the ammunition,' she thought.

'Taste it,' Madison said in the same quiet tone. 'Suck me; put me in your mouth.'

'Oh, God,' murmured Selena, 'this is so sexy… I'm so turned on.'

Madison smiled at those words and the smile broadened when Selena sank to her knees and held his cock level with her mouth.

Selena looked at the lovely, thick cock as it hovered inches from her face. She took hold of it at the base and held it steady. Then, after a brief, savouring pause, she took the big, domed head into her mouth.

Holding the head of Madison's cock just inside her mouth, Selena tickled the sensitive underside of the glans. Her tongue swirled around and around the spongy bell end as she held the shaft steady and a trickle of precum slithered from the eye of Madison's cock. Selena felt to gloop slide onto her tongue and she swallowed heavily and pulled the cock from between her lips. More precum smeared Selena's forehead as she held the shaft upright along her face and licked down the length of it to gently tickle Madison's tight balls with her tongue.

Madison looked down at the girl's face and groaned when he saw her smile back at him and wink lewdly. Her lips were stretched tight around his girth but Selena let the cock boing from her mouth as she smiled up at her lover.

'You like that?' she purred as a silver thread of goo hung from her chin and waggled obscenely as she spoke.

'Very nice,' Madison whispered and used his fingertip to lift the thin strand to Selena's lips. He scooped it into the girl's mouth and then sighed with pleasure as she took him back between her lips.

Madison felt his orgasm threaten and he eased the girl's industriously bobbing head away from his cock.

He helped Selena to her feet and kissed her, heedless of his own juice on her tongue.

'Take your clothes off,' Madison instructed. 'I want to see your body. Strip.'

Selena pulled her sweater over her head immediately. She was totally relaxed about her nudity. She knew men lusted after her physically and that they devoured her bumps and curves with their eyes. She had no qualms about revealing herself to Madison; in fact the sooner she was naked, the sooner he could stick that beautiful cock into her.

'Beautiful,' Madison sighed and shook his head in wonder when Selena was fully nude in front of him. He was naked as well and sat in his seat and slowly ran his fist up and down the length of his cock.

She really was put together well, truly superb. Her legs were long and shapely. Her hips excitingly broad, he loved the shape of a woman's body, especially the broad hips and the sweep inwards to her waist. Selena's breasts were tight and round with sweet, coral pink tips that were slightly pointed upward.

'Turn around, let me see you from behind,' Madison growled and stroked his erection slowly.

Selena turned a slow 360° pirouette; she paused briefly to allow the man time to appreciate the inverted heart shape of her narrow waist and delectable buttocks before finally completing the turn.

When Selena was facing him again Madison stood up and walked to her. His cock jutted hugely and bounced as he walked, but soon Madison was knelt on the carpet while Selena sat in the chair with her legs hooked over the arms.

Madison pushed his face into the heat of the girl's sex and used his tongue to split her surprisingly large labia. He held her open with his fingers and swirled his tongue around and around Selena's excited clit.

'Fuck. Oh, fuck,' Selena swore as her hips convulsed slightly. She humped against Madison's face as he lashed at the bump of her clit with his tongue. Then she sighed heavily when she felt Madison push his wriggling, insistent tongue into the gooey heat of her opening.

The man was good; damn he was good. That felt so fine on her clit… and he was using his tongue right up inside her too. God, she loved to be licked down there…

Then, Selena cried out as Madison used a finger inside her body. He probed at her inner walls with his finger as though searching for something, and all the time kept up his slavering and slurping at her clit.

Selena's body stiffened and she dug her hands into the upright chair back when Madison slid another finger inside her. He used his other hand to reach up and squeeze each of Selena's tight, aching breasts briefly. Selena then mauled at her own tits and pulled her nipples urgently as she felt Madison's fingers hit a magic spot inside her.

'Oh my God!' the girl cried sharply. 'What the fuck did you just do?' Her voice was high and shrill with the sudden burst of pleasure deep inside her.

'This,' Madison said when he momentarily lifted his mouth from Selena's smooth, slippery vulva. He used his fingertips against the sensitive spot inside the girl again and was immediately rewarded by her gasp of ecstasy.

'Oh God,' she called again. 'More; do it more…'

Madison rubbed at the spot vigorously and elicited more shouts of delight from the writhing girl. Selena squirmed and wriggled in the seat as her climax crashed over her consciousness. Her body reacted to the unusual sensations dramatically.

Selena's nipples grew tighter as her areola puckered, a pink blush formed on the upper slopes of her tight breasts and spread up along her throat as she went over into the abyss. She clawed and scratched at whatever her hands found. She ripped at the fabric of the chair and gouged vicious, bloody claw marks along Madison's forearm as she tried to pull his hand away from her body.

The girl's body stiffened with the intensity of her climax and her jaws were clamped tight as she grunted like an animal in the throes of her climax. Selena's eyes flew wide open as the first wave of her orgasm began to recede, then, after a brief pause, a second orgasm swept through her body.

It was this climax that produced the most dramatic result. As Madison continued to use his fingers against the girl's inflamed sex, he felt a squirt of liquid splash against his wrist. A semi transparent splash of syrupy cum jetted forcefully from Selena's tight body. Her cunt clenched around his fingers as several more gushes of the stuff washed over his hand.

He pulled his fingers out of Selena and watched her as she writhed and moaned. Her thighs were awash with the gloop that had pissed from her and the seat was sodden and stained as a trickle of her cum slid along the cleft of her arse.

'Good God!' Selena panted breathlessly as she slowly recovered. 'What did you do?' She looked down in amazement at the ruined seat cover and slippery thighs. 'I've never come like that before… Fuck, it pissed out of me… And… and it felt…' Selena let her head fall back against the chair back and then she shakily stood up.

'A drink, please, I need a drink.'

Madison passed Selena the tumbler of clear vodka. She poured it into her mouth and winced.

Later, upstairs on Madison's big bed, Selena looked up at her lover as he held himself over her supine body. She had cleaned the slippery mess from between her thighs and was now offering her hot sex to the man as he slowly eased his girth into her accommodating body.

Madison fucked the girl hard. He was excited from the earlier blowjob and even more aroused by the girl's physical display as she came on his fingers.

He pumped into her vigorously and even managed to coax her to another climax. This one was nowhere near as intense as the one that preceded it, but at least it signalled a release for Madison.

As Selena shouted her pleasure, Madison felt his semen spurt from his cock. He groaned heavily and fell against Selena's body as his seed washed her womb.

He had found the girl. She was all he required and more. She would need careful handling perhaps, but he was confident that soon she could be persuaded to be his willing whore and he looked forward to the coming sexual adventures with relish.

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